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The Nicola Herald Oct 25, 1906

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Vol. 2.   No. 43.
$2 a Year
Valley May Yet Pro luct the
Banner Crop. 	
In view of the  increased acreage
which is being devoted to fruit culture
in this province the statement by the
j governor general while on his recent,
| visit to British Columbia seems no idle
prophecy. jw���
The fruit industry of this province is
yet in its infancy and looking to tbe
I marked progress which has been made
j in recent years he would be a rash pro-
At the meeting of the Canadian Club | Phet who would dare to state to what
held at Vancouver last week, Byron E. | proportions the industry may grow.
Walker, general manager of the Can- Not alone in proved districts is the _.
adianBankof Commerce, delivered a i <lu��try growing rapidily but in districts | net that it .9 time that the above
stirring address to a most enthusiastic jwnich tnl late,y were considered as to-; necessary and desirable adjunct to ���e scores judged on the next five shots
audience.    Speaking of this province tally unsuitable for the raising of fruit, j the business interests of the valley a Lulls e*e countin�� * inner4 maSPie3'
and its countless resources he said:-     * h" been shown with proper care and ! was ^ owx .^ ^  ^ ^
I would like to express some of the | judicious selection, it is possible togrow
Fin. Harbors A World of Valleys
Timber Resources Unrivalled.
Vaat Store House of Undeveloped Re.aiurees
Discuss Formation of a Badly
Needed Body of This Nature. I*
a Subject of Great Interest
to the Citizens.
There is a very general expression of opinion throughout the dist-
Oettlng Busy and Making Preparations
for Further Sports.
A football match between Married
versus Single will take place on Saturday
the 27th in Stewart's field and it is hoped
there will be a good turn out of players.
H. L. Roberts and G. A. Laffirty are
the captains on either side.
On Saturdry week the 3rd Nov. the
first of a series of monthly rifle competitions will be held open to members
of the association only. The distance
will be 200 yards and for this first competition any rifle may be used and the
firing may be done in any position.
One sighting shot will be allowed and
impressions I have formed of British jfr"'*- of the highfst standard.   The fact
Columbia.   It is a land of incomparable | iathatnoone knows the exact possibilities
beauty.   It has a great quality in possessing any kind of climata any person
wants. Great as the Anglo-Saxon is,
he deteriorates in tropical and subtrop-
ioal climates.
Washing the feet of your mountains
for hundreds of u'lesyou have the greatest ocean in th^world-an ocean which
teems with food products to a degree
equaled only by the Atlantic Ocean.
You have harbors literally for the
commercial navies of the world. It is
true that they are not developed to
any great extent yet, but the possession of those harbors is one thing that
British Columbia may be proud of, and
on which she can count for the future
of her transpacific trade. British Columbia is sometimes called mountainous;
I would rather call it a world of valleys.
In these valleys the richness and depth
of the soil, and in the great range of
the quality of the soil, you have a land
in which you can do anything from
raising cattle on bunch grass, to the
most highly developed cultivation the
world has known.
When one considers it, British Columbia has the vastest storehouse in
North America of undeveloped resources. In some of the great things British Columbia is to do she haa not yet
made her first start.
She has the greatest store of timber
in the world. British Columbia has the
last great store of dimension timber for
constructive purposes other than that
on other parts of the Pacific coast,
In your local areas and in the development going on in copper and in your
water powers and in your timber you
have the assurance in my mind that
British Columbia will some day be one
of the greatest manufacturing countries
in the world. Given, that in British
Columbia you have all these things,
nothing need worry you.
of this province and its advantages
have been under rather than over est-
mated, while in many parts of the province such as our own, want of transportation has been the cause of an apparent lack of appreciation of certain
natural advantages which otherwise
might have been taken advantage of
and utilised to the utmost.
Looking at the matter from a very
conservative standpoint there seems to
be a great future opening out before
this district and it ran only be a matter
of a few years before the Nicola Valley
will take its position as a producer of
as fine fruit as any grown in the
Advice to Fruit Growers.
The provincial fruit inspector has issued a circular in which attention is
called to the regulations of the provincial board of horticulture regarding
fruit placed on the market infected with
scale, insect pests or fungus disease,
which will be quarantined and if necessary destroyed. The circular draws attention to British Columdia's position
as a competitive fruit growing district
and advises each fruit growing district
to assume the responsibility of its reputation and the board of horticulture
will give some mark of encouragement
to the cleanest and best kept district.
Then follows the following timely advice:���
After the work of harvesting the
crop is over, the trees should be thoroughly pruned; cut out all the poor
wood and large laterals that are crowding the tree; this allows you to spray
to advantage'and gives the tree a chance
to breathe, and the sun a chance to
purify the wood and mature the fruit.
When the trees are thoroughly pruned
there should be no delay in its formation. Valid reasons for the ab"
solute necessity of such a body have
already appeared in these columns
and there is hardly need for there
repetition. To be successful however at should be clearly understood
that a body of this nature will be
of the utmost value not only tothe
business interests of the district
but should appeal to all residents
who will derive as great benefits
from it. A board of trade can be
of inestimable value to a district,
but to be so, all members must
never lose sight of its purposes,
whieh are for the advantages of the
llistrict first last and all the time,
Petty jealousies aud personal feeling
should be thrust ou one side and
every one should endeavor to do
their best to further the interests of
the district, whose success can in
great part be due to the united efforts of a corporate body of this
nature. As will be seen in another
column a meeting of those interested will be held tomorrow afternoon
to discuss the matter and it is hoped that a large number of the residents will attend.
outer 2 points.    The  winner of each
competition will receive a silver spoon,
and at the end of the series the scores
of each competition will be added together aud the best aggregate will entitle the winner to hold a silver cup for
the following year.   It is hoped that all
the shots of the district will turn up for
this competition and enter for it, as
should they enter later they will have
to start with a decided handicap against
them.   The comittee of the association
are prepared to do all in their power to
create interest in the sport and it is up
to those interested to show that their
efforts in this direction are appreciated.
The paper chase held on Thanksgiving
Day was a great success.   Twelve ladies
and gentlemen started on the trail left
by the hares, G. A. Lafferty and J. F.
Murray, who laid out a good course,
which was however rather difficult te
follow in some places.   The hares had
12 1-2 minutes start but were not pressed and increased their advantage at
the fii i-sh by over ten minutes.   The riding crops presented by A. W. Strickland were won by Mrs. F. A. Howst
and E. Riley.   After the paper chas
tea was served in the Bank Cottage by
the ladies auxiliary of the Association.
On Saturdrv a very enjoyable  afternoon was spent at tennis on the Association Grounds, quite a number turning
out to take part.    Some very good
games were played and during the afternoon those present enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. 6. Murray at whose residence tea was served.
Survey Party Have Located Basy Grade
at Aspen Grove.  Not More Than
One and a Quarter Per Oent.
Easy Acccess to Mine*
No time is being lost in tne laying of
steel on the now completed grade. Already rails are laid to Tamerton Ranch
and it is expected that the first train
will arrive in Nicola on Saturday night.
Trains are now running every day bringing ub materials for the track, and the
ballasting gang are now in the vicinity
of Lower Nicola.
The survey party at Aspen Grove are
still busy on the location line there and
by means of two loops, one near Quilchena Falls and another near Pothole
Lake, have made the grade into this
rich mining camp an easy one. It may
be stated on the best authority that the
line from Quilchena to Aspen Grove
will give a grade of not more than one
and a quarter per cent. The survey-
party intend going over the line from
Aspen Grove to Quilchena and will then
look over the line from Quilchena to
Nicola, where they expect to be in
about a weeks' time,
Sandon Banquets Its Mayor.
M. L. Grimmett who has lately opened
a law office here, was the recipient of
a handsome gold mounted cane and the
hearty good wishes of a host of friends
at a banquet held in his honor at Sandon
about two weeks ago. ln proposing the
health of Mr. Grimmett, the chairman in
an excellent speech assured him" of the
heart felt sorrow of every citizen at the
departure of himself and family. He
make a clean job of gathering together | spoke of his connection with the dis-
B 0. Fruit for England.
Secretary Richard N Palmer of the
provincial Bureau of Information, and
one of the expert fruit men of British
Columbia, left Vancouver on Saturday
with a car of fruit to reap another harvest of medals in England.
The Empress of Ireland, sailing from
Montreal on November 2, is scheduled
to carry the consignment of the best
fruit in the world, to the metropolis of
the Empire and the horticultural foot of
the throne.     It will   be recalled that
all the brush and rubbish cut from them
along with all the windfalls and decayed
fruit that may be lying around, and
burn it, the ashes of which will make a
better fertilizer than the old decayed
matter reeking with fungus spots and
dormant insects.
trict and of his great zeal in carrying
out his onerous civic duties. He but
expressed the wish of every one present when he hoped that Mr.Grimmett
would succeed in his new home. Mr.
Grimmett suitably responded and thanked them for their kind words and pres-
British   Columbia
prizes last year.
brought  back    five j
Then get a spray pump to work,cap-1 entation. At the conclusion of his
able of developing a good high pressure J speech the roof rattled with the singing
tnd apply the lime, sulphur and salt, I of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Other
or lye and bluestone formula, which j toasts followed and the proceedings
ever appeals to your judgment, and! terminated witn the singing of "Auld
make sure that you cover every part of Lang Syne,
the tree.   Repeat the operation just be-
Rallway Contract Let
Ironsides, Rannie and Campbell the
well known contractors, and the British
Columbia General Contracting company
have been awarded the contract of constructing the New Westminster-Blaine
section of the Great Northern railway.
The new line will be built by way of
Cloverdale, but will lessen the distance
between New Westminster and Blaine
by several miles as well as passing
through a more settled agricultural
Adopt Metric System.
The commercial community in
What Is First Class Ore?
Mining men and others will be interested in knowing what brand of copper
ore in the Butte district is considered
smelting or first class, and which second
class. John Guillie, general superintendent of Amalgamated Mines, in his
testimony in a recent mining suit, stat-
d that ores running in the neighborhood
of 6 per cent copper or more than this
quantity were called first class or smelting ore, meaning of course, that such ore
was usualiy treated or could be treated
at a profit without first passing through
the process of concentration.
There was a time when 6 per cent
copper ore was considered low grade in
Butte; so low, in fact, that not much of
it was used for any purpose save that
of filling old stopes. Where no stope*
were to be filled it was thrown over the
dumps, which is the secret of the present value of some of these scrap heaps.
In some of the mines the old stope
filling is giving way to barren material
and is going to reduction plants for
treatment. It is much better than the
ore coming from some of the veins.
Ore rnnning as low as 1 per cent will
yield a profit at the present price of
copper, while ore that averages from .
to 6 per cent is considered choice. The
stopes in the Speculator mine are full
of ore of this class. It was used ir
filling them years ago.
Britain is greatly interested in the decision announced recently by Kynochs,
Limited, ammunation manufacturers of
Birmingham, to adopt the metric system, both in weight and measure and
monetary dealings,
Princess Victoria Ashore.
Misfortune seems to follow the C. P.
R. Company's boats on the coast this
year.   Last  Tuesday night the well
n  England the ! known passenger boat Princess Victoria
A social will de held under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church on
Friday Nov.2nd in Pooley's Hall. Refreshments will be served. Admission
2.5 cents.
A bunch of keys, on or about Tuesday, the 23rd inst. Finder will be liberally rewarded by bringing them to
this office.
fore the buds open in the spring
The success of your lime, sulphur and
salt formula, depends upon thorough
mixing and boiling, and applying at a
temperature of not less than ninety degrees just as hot as you can bear your
hand in the spray tank; "Whatever you
do, do it thoroughly."
Nicola Visitors.
A party composed of H. J, Cambie
Consulting Engineer for the Pacific Division of the C.P.R., J. Maedonell, Mrs.
Maedonell, Dr. and Mrs,  Weld, Miss
Cambie and Mrs. Carry came up on the
train last week and spent a few days
at Nicola.   H. J. Cambie, J. Maedonell
and Mrs. Carry paid a visit to the engi-
H, Steffens of Mamette lake suction neers, camp at A.spen Grove on Friday,
isin Nicola receiving medical attendance | H. J. Cambie and J. Maedonell left
for his hand in  which he  has blood ion Saturnay's train, the remainder of
poisoning. I the party stayed over till Tuesday.
metric system is permitted legally, but
it is not compulsory. Fruitless efforts
have been made to get parliament to
make it compulsory. In editorial articles this morning the newspapers express keen interest in the experiment.
ran on the southern extremity of Fiddle
Reef, near Victoria. The 120 passengers
were safely landed and the following
day the steamer was pulled off the rocks
by the steamer Salver, the steamer R-
P. Rithet and the tug Lome, and was
taken to Esquimalt under her own steam
to enter the dock for repairs.
Western Australia Will Secede.       ~I ; , 	
The steamer has not taken any water
A Perth despatch says the Legislat- ^jng ^eft dry ^y her numerous water
ive Assembly Wednesday, by a vote of j tj���ht compartments>  DUt it is known
19 to 8,  adopted a motion  that the that there aresorneofher plates broken
State of Western Australia secede from
the rest of the Commonwealth,
cause of the dissatisfaction in Western
Australia is the indifference of the fed-
Dr. Sergeant who has spent the past
several months in Nicola Valley left
eral authorities to questions of vital last week for Kamloops where he will
importance to the state.
open an office. THE NICOLA. HERALD
Published Every Thursiay
Subscription, ln Advance. 12 a Year
Nicola, B. C, Octobkr 25,1906.
There is too much reason to believe that an endeavour has been
made In some quarters to manufacture political capital out of the result of the negotiations at  Ottawa.
At the outset, the question is too
broad and of too much  importance
to the inhabitants of this province
to be treated as a political matter.
The matters which the conference
was called together  to  consider
concern Liberals as well as Conservatives.   But liefore even the conference opened attacks on the premier were begun by dispatches from
the province to the press of Eastern Canada in an attempt to dis
credit the provincial representative
to the conference.   Not  only was
it said that lie was not sincere in
his demands but that be was  more
anxious to find a grievance,and return with something on which he
could base a plea for an appeal to
the electorate than to get substantial recognition of the    provincial
demands.    Commenting on these
facts the News Advertiser says;
Fortunately these despical man-
oeuvers miscarried. British Columbia's case was so strong; the unfair
position she occupied under ex s ng
arrangements was so apparent, that
the representees of the sister provinces were prepared to recognizt
that fact and to do something n
ameliorate the situation. That
they have not gone far enough in
that direction, few will dispute.
We are inclined to think that some
of the members of the conference
realized this .while Mr. Fielding if
correctly reported, actually suggested that something more might
be done. In the face of these facts;
of the recognition by outsiders of
British Columbia's claims not for
generosity, but for simple justice in
tlie relative apportionment of the
amounts of the subsidies, what must
be thought of those in our own
province who for petty partisan
purposes, and the meanest and most
sordid of motives, used their utmost efforts,puny though they may
have been, and impotent as they
proved to be, to thwart Mr. Mc-
liride's proposals and to discredit
him with his colleagues in the conference? It seems to us that the
members of the Provincial Opposition will have a difficult task to
clear themselves before the electors
for this deliberate attempt to betray
Provincial interests for party purposes.
The Copper Market,
Indications point to a still higher price
for copper. The consumption of the red
metal during the past year has been
greater than the increase in production,
__nb the search for new mines is becoming keener. No copper is being sold
below 19 cents a pound for any time of
largest assortment of hats, caps,
gloves and sweaters ever offered in
Nicola Valley on sale at G. B. Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Notice is hereby given to all creditors
and others having claims against the
estate of William Charters, rancher,
I late of Nicola Valley, province of British Columbia, oeceased, to forward to
either of the undersigned on or before
the 15th day of December next, full
particulars of their claims and the nat-
j ure of the security (if any) held by
And that on and after the said 15th
! day of December, the undersigned will
proceed to distribute the said estate
having regard only to the claims against
1 the same of which they shall then have
had notice and will not be responsible
for the payment of any claims, other
than those of which they shall have re-
, ceived notice as aforesaid.
Dated at Nicola Valley, this 25th day
of October, A. D., 1906.
Alec D. Macintyre,
Official Administrator.
H. D. Green-Ariiytage.
I Attorney for the heirs of the said deceased.
Ijlllll'lllllil III1
U'.cquallcd as a
Suii,ii.lt Retort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class   Accommodation.      Terms
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
(.I'lLCHENA, B. C.
Cap'tal, all paid up $14,400,000.   Rest, $10,000,000
Head Office:   Montreal.
Interest allowed at current rates.
.11 kind- nf W.icn, Ci .It
and ,le*��lry rm _ir�� d-.ne m
lir��i tkmt nrdiT mid K.tiM.-c-
ii'ii I'liirmiiffii. X��l _"it
eiitnimeii i" Ml c.ri- "ill '�����
ciiliiplrtnl and rr urn..1 ��ltli-
��� ut del .y
W. _. ��__... MX A 411.,
C. 1*. K. Time lii-pei lur*. l..ni,loiipN
Watchmaker, Jeweler
K .ML. Mil's, B. C.
All kindi of W��irh! _, Clucks, Jewelry,
etc, kept in Wiail    Wedding fires
enta h up null).
First i-hrb rep.irK dune nn short notice
and returned -��� .Hire
Boots and Shoes Neatly Repaired. New
Work  to Order.    Prices  Reasonable.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the chief commissioner nf lands
and works for a licence >o prospect fi r
coal on the following, described land
commencing at the N E corner lot KI4ti.
at a stake marked F. ('. Tingley and
running S 80 chains, E 80 chains, n SU
chains, thence w 80 chains to initial
post, 640 acres. P. C. TlN-LEY,
Nicola, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt.
Also commencing at a post marked P.
Tingley, N w corner adjoining F. C. T.,
N E corner thence s 80 chains, E 80, N
80, w 80 to point of commencement.
Nicola, '    P. Tingley, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt.
Notice It horcb) given Ih.t niit. dayf. afler
d te I Intend lo amly tin he ( hief Commi.
Hlnnrr ��� r l.-ii-- nil Win k- nir immii-iinn tu
piinhiwe.-jl mn�� nf ������ nlliitain ii mure In mi.
.ilUHtr ill Cinnle __.t-f, Nii'ula ll-trr.
and duwiilii-i a_ lull w-: < .innii-iioing n
,i po-i mm ki d H. V, it. ��. curlier, at thi
...��. corne if H. Urquhail'. ore nu-imi:
Hume ii" ill -'��� Iiiiiiih; thenc. we-t {ll ehain.-;
the i re -onlli 80rh mi .  ���" nee ear. 411 chain.
t< mini' nf ei nenintni.
Nicola. Sept. 12 I-.. II. UMJUHAR.
Nnice i�� her. b) i_i��en lha nix') day* nf.e
dale 1 inlend In a i> > in the I'hl'f' nniini,
-iiiiitrnr I ami- nnd Wi.fc_ for lean, lo pun
1 li e lir f>, In.Mii-lui'1 hem. IH'' lu'riw. iiiiim
nil"-- i tn ell ii n -ii a |i i>l iiii.nieilal Hn
N W nine' of l_n llil Kll nf YH, ihenee We.
-.chains ih.'iiieMiutn NU el aim-. Hienee ck
HI. li i   . ihen >   li (Hi li iiii-. tnenrc Iw.
Kli ham- Ihenei n<i'li 411 i haina i_ pnint ol
i umnieneeiiii n'
H till ..AY HO-TH-ON.,
Per CL. Flick, Agen
Umer Nic-In, \n_. 17. 11KIC,
N     KU.
No Ice Is hereh) _rlven thitmxly ilav. afir
���la el inund tnaiplv to the Chief Uuniml-
sinner f l-aii-. and Work- fnr li ave to pu
ihaw il.e tnil"��iiiK niouniaiii pasture. Coin
niihW al a pnu pitnied in lhe vlpinlii i>
> K turner pnaiif Lut. 1215 K .iiiluup. llivi.
nn of Yule lii-lrei. thenee weat 40 iha'n-
ln no. noil li P ��� i ..i i ie, thence ea-l 4o chains
lieiieea-ulii 10 chains lo point of commence
I'crt. L Kick. Agenl.
!,,._. i Mi.iln   ���.  .. 17, UKKl.
R. al il Enres
Notice If hi'rehy t_ii.n tlml lUt) Hm_ ��/tmr
In In I i'neii't Po Hpi>h int i��' i hi. f (Mii.iiii-
���ii'iiit-rof I ind-t uid VnrtU IW i��tm* n - mm tn
piin-iiHH' 80 vrcmif p_.-ii_elAi.rt mli-tnlm.
*iktj* vuMiii'ain, Yule l*W'rn <_ _������* ti>t.iclii_t ��
��� p<> . pland <>n ihe h-HiilH.n  li'"     f (* N
erkin-*' utofffliiiH "���. IIh'Ih--' 4"   'luin-   ���������'.
hfliC'    __)'->l*tt MPHMl  ll.   t .������IU' ' I'l  i"<_.iliri   ��'M-  ,
lit'ti'e 2 i Imin. nnrth Immttl  uf om i*bO��
Auk. '-'-'��� 1905.
Slxiy days after d.'e I Intend hi apiilylothe
enlet eiimmissiiiner i'f lands a o work- rot am
mission in pur liiisell.-ne esnf lenuutatupal
1'iiel ml, ainia id al-iui si. n il.s wh.i nf
Mc la and adjoining J. E Shi'iT- K. in .ne-
er b tl a- fiillo->: ' nmuieiieiiiif ai a nnsi
maiked it. II.��'., ._. rune', ilienee n'rih*
i lialn-. theiieeeiat lileli nns, 'Imee _��� .111 li Ml
ehain-. ihence wt at 4iit'h.iiii_ to 1 uinl of POii-
��ug. __, KM It, H. '1NNY.
ll.iil.  itaj. f 11    da     I inlend In apply P
ilee  life-    ���. . ���      ��� ��� ef I ��� ll'l   aid wink-fin
1 cen ii  '    cu     I ic  ove 'im er f'om 'h<
fnl nvt nu d's. rihi lain!. Ite^ nninu at a pn-
..Ii.iiii , ne nil, we-i f Speous creek in the
Ni -..la Hit l_. n 11' Y   e ��� i-h 1 1 ���> m%t d   \ 1
ett      i Iii 11 an'. N, w. curie . a ��rl j  inni. a slltki
mi   lloiiiiii im   sun. >    imirkiil   9-13-21    am
fli   M��1i._    ullllls    llilllillllll     all   tl       sell  ll   HI
��� hains. eas  8'Chains,    ne h _)<hi in*, west   81
chama In pei i , f In uinnin., mo aires
lieamntie a'  the a w eocner 1   ah ve lia'a-
'i"ll 'II    fnlO^II      Hn ei|    -one, KsllCnaP -
p: Wi 1 li -''-.      0 ihaiii-. wKO 1 haina 10 polo'
nl iH'W'ini.'If. HI" a< res
rt pi  111, I'.Mi. imiiiiw M(-!iuit\.
 .1. K. -Iiml, Agenl
Thir't "'at- from -a e I intend toapiiiyln
lliechiefc mn ia-i'ner of l.ands and Wnrks
fnr a license t . ul and remove timber from
Ihe lo'l'itting deseriherl laud. HeglnninK at a
pnst nne al hank nf anemi- creek about eiahl
linles flooi liniu h nf ert-ek and abnlli thria
nil.". �� w nf "iwush Meadnwa In Nicnla 'Mvis-
iniiiif Yale and ninningN Gr_ haina. 1811 chain-.
-���ll chains, w80 ehaina, to point nf beginning
1 id a' re..
I'eginiiiiiK ai a. w corner of above Incallnn
and running N NOchaina, t Hit��� luin- a80ehaina
- 80 chains lopeiiit of iie_mninK. fi40 a res,
������('in   10, I'M,.        Sn: ,hiia\ I iiI.i.ivb. Ijimler.
.1. K Hhlvel. Agent
Notice is hereby given lhat aixlv days after I
date I intend   toapply  In Ihe  ihiif ennnuis
sioner uf lands and wnrks fuf permis-ion t
purchase 1,0 aerea 1 f pasture land  in the
Nicnla Division a* Vale  Hisirirt, sltnaied k-
follows:  1 nm im n iet; ii k slake at ine H. E
corner 0' l.ol 715, thenee weat 4n ehaina, Ihenee
soi|ih_nih ins, thence easi  10ehaina, titnee
soulh 40chain', theiiceeaat liirhams, 'hinci'
north 40 chains, then' e. east 20 ehaina, Ihene
north 20 chains, containing 120 aerea.
Nicola, Aug, 28. Ml M. K. I O.tB-TI.
A sitting of lhe County Court nf Yale,
will be held in the Cnurt llnuae, Nicola,
B C, on
Monday, Oct. 29, 1906
Oio. Murray,
C. 0. Regi-tnr.
Sixlt dsy.afierdale I inlend In apply tothi
Mun. the inof cnu.n'iasi'.iiernf lauds anil wnrk-
f ,r I ernii-smn In lin-e iwo acesnf land f'i
aw III II I'll    ���  -e-, ('���-er hell us filllowa:   1 om ���
iiii" i��� i"_r ii .1 (i.   h.tnnc'   Nn. I   nst end um
iiiii_I2ii fee  norih ' In nee SI" feet, easl, ih	
I I) u i h, hence 210 wesi :,. iniin.i pnst. This
lam' is mi imsii' te.icii pail of Tuliiieeii I ov. ii-
-iteat Ihil'i'illel of Otter lake.
"tler Valley. Aug. 2.'), HUH.
Notice is herehy given that sixty days
from date 1 intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase 160 acres of
mountain pasture land situated about 8
miles from Nicola, described as follows
commencing at a post marked J. C. jr.,
N w corner, thence east 40 chains, thence
eouth 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of commencement. The initial post of land
applied for lies about one mile w of M.
Aaams n W comer post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept 13th, 1906.     R. H. Winny, Agt.
Also  Oeneral ______-vory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nirola Lake, B. 0.
Leave Spences Bridge
fcv-.y   I hursday lor Nicola lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way point_.a. 6 am.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
.very  Minilay   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Hridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
hvery Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Hridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connectiou with Kamloops
M. P. STKWAI.T,    -    -    Proprietor
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
TOBAC.'O, ICE (HU.   .'I.ai._. (O.-I'MTIONKIIY,
II El> IMtlMiV
Ul     Ul      LLUIlnllU    FverythitiK  New mid    First CUni
Rough and Dressed
Is prepared to take contracts for
sawing lumber and getting out
i.-u.-rnl UIU t ontraet- I �������< uliil
1'.__����� MflDKKATK
Mail orders promptly attended to
J. A. MENZIES,   -   LowfiH Nicou.
Nurseries and Seedhouses
General Blacksmith
Hurse 8h"riiig �� ��peoi��lty.
I_,_,. .i.ek.. HO*.!(.ROWS F.u.t
ilifl Oiii-iii'titnl Trwt MM umiiirril tut
iIn- till irmle.
N" i'��i ''.   Ii.sh nr   ilfUv ii! fininui
tiim nr iiisiit-ctimi
HfHdnuiirtHrii f.r Piirific Coast nr, mi
(iip'i-n,   Field   ��ii'l   K."��er    8eedn   in
1 amatm,
HF,K    SUPPLIES,    8pr_y   Pumn-.
_ tinlr Oil S mii, Orm nh(iu��n PlnntB, Cut
FI"Wnrx, Ituilw for full plmiting
Wh riii Nu-int_t mi imr own uroundn-
! im r.in tu |.iy ��i'!i  _ri' prepared tn timv
| all ci'iii|i-iiii"ii.
L t lim pr'C��   ynur lint   hefure pUciii;
: your ord.r.   Cutal.'gue Free.
1 XI0 WommiiiNicr Itoml,       VlNQUUVIH, 11 C.
CtTlUKT MKXH.A, No. _oi. A.O. -..went*
' uriiiiiid ami fonr'li Kriiim in wh n nsib
al.il p.m., in Hooley'n Hall. VwilinK -eihrea
wir-iallj Invit __.
Vi. Ooboon MniuuT, Sea, THE  NICOLA  HERALD
List Your Property With Me
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the hon. the chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission to
purchase the following described lands,
situated as follows: Commencing at a
post near the s. E. corner of lot 196,
thence north 20 chains, thence east 60
chains, thence south 20 chains, tbence
west along lake shore to point of commencement, containing 120 acres more
or less. G. M. Bkash.
Nicola, October 1st, 1906.
V.i'i.i' I. herd. fiVM lhat ai*ty da) a after
lale I i ih wi iu apnly n lhe i-hief iomiiiiIh-
-i'liiernt la'da and  ivnika for leave topur-
Im-. ii.i fi'llii-intf land. beinK forty aerea of
iii'iniiiain 1'n-iiire land, ia ninienriii- atapi-t
Iii'-ed Hi Ihe _V\, corner of lan 121 , tin lire
-Hiilh .lli'haiii-, ihence i--t '.'Ochama, Ihence
norih an bain., ihence mrt 20 chaina tn point
of commencement.
i.imim��� .i.-o-i. Aw, 2S, lih-
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea is the
beet 50 cent tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete witlu ut it.
MOTP'I. ia hereM mam lhat on Monday,
l' lhe 5ih day .if November, A. II., I'JUi at
iheloiirnf Hii.iii., In'Im  "ii-   iiou-.a< -���_���
iT'if , U. I'.. I -hail lluld a .!-������������ I nf ' vi-Mi, f r
'he yinronm 'tt lieaniu unl ileitu'ininintf any
nliji.ii Inn in Ihe r< leiiliun of any name-nn the
lti_i_i'r uf V.iii-i- nn lim Yale Klectoial Diatrict,
H. (i. __T_-��-,
Demry _._i-irar uf Voter!.
Aahcro'i, K ('. Ili'li Aiiku.', IIMi
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
���n general.  When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one  now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let U8 have your orders for anything in this line
md wo will guarantee .you work as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
< OU . _ _���       niO10   * h
_M__��m-,--_g_-5_Wl-��_*__=^ THE NICOLA. HERALD
Mrs Kirby of Quilchena visited Nic-
>la last week.
F. W. Jackson of the Triangle ranch
was a visitor to Nicola on Saturday.
A. E. Howse left on Friday's stage j
for Princeton.
J.B. Greaves of the  Douglas Lake
CiitL- Co was in this part of the valley
his week.
0.   Schubert of  Coldwater visited     A meeting will be held in the Court
Nicola on Monday. House, Nicola on Friday afternoon at
  13 o'clock for the purpose of organizing
a Board of Trade.   All are requested to
Mrs. Mickle of Quilchena was a visitor
to Nicola last week.
J. Garcia of the Forks was a visitor
to Nicola on Monday.
C. M. N-wkirk of Coldwater paid  a
visit to Nicola on Monday.
F. D.  Woodward of Lower Nicola
visited Nicola on Monday.
Jos. R. A. Richards of Coutlee was
a visitor to Nicola Tuesday.
A.  Jackson of Quilchena   passed
through Nicola on hi. way to Coutlee.
Mrs. Jas. Woodward of Lower Nicola
is visiting with Mrs. N. J, Barwick.
The regular 1.1 kiting of Court Nicola
A. 0. F. will be h. 11 M Friday evening.
Mrs. M. P. Stewart lift Tuesday for
Vancouver to visit with relatives for a
few weeks.
J. Chapman of Lower Nicola and Jo-.
M r.-liall ui ; rok.^dal. were in Nicola
Mr.. Roherts wife of H. L. Robert.
g. ieial merchant, arrived in Nicola 01
Ti ursday evening from Victoria.
C H. Park of Vancouver spent a few
davs in Nicola this week and visitet
A pen Grove to look at mining proper
E. A. Jukes who holds considerabli
coal lands in the vicinity of Forksdale
left for Vancouver last week on a busi
ness trip,
Wm. Murray, manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce at Vancouver
arrived in Nicola this week and wil.
spend a few weeks at Tamerton ranch.
A proclamation ll issued commanding
that salutes be fired at all military and
naval stations in the. Dominion on November 9th in honor of the King's Birthday.
Willis Jas. West and A. Mcl'hail of
the B. C. Express Co. with head quarters at Ashcroft were in Nicola this
week looking up horses for their stage
Messrs l.owe anil Brown of Asptn
Grove are busily engaged in digging
P'is'. holes alon r th:; trunk road, to be
use I for the new telephone poles which
am to be put in.
Trv Eiu-t wood's Pork Sausages at the
M M' M.
Why should you OR wkt when you
can buy a Rain Coat for .2.1.0 at G. B.
Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
The Nicola Portable Sawmill is again
to the front. Send your orders direct
and save commissions. All orders promptly filled.   Address Lower Nicola.
Go to the M M M for your winter's
supply of vegetables.
For Sale.-A New 5 Drawer D, p
Head Singer Sewing Machine for _-)5.0U
cash. H. L Roberts, The Right House.
Carringtoti.s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest f owery orange pekoe. Imported a id picked especially fonts. Is
ibtolutel) the .inest tea on the market
fit) cents a pound.
If you are looking for a choice selection of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.,
I have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington.s Silver Leal' tea is the
best 50 c_it tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, �� straight Assam tea.
No house complete _rltkfm  '���*.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kam-
Carrington.s (io'den L'af tea is the
ery finest flowery or in*   p''toe.   Im
port <d and pack d especially for us.   Is
ibselutely the finest tea on the matket
10 ants a pound.
Just landed hi >v 1 i I full and
omilete Pn of sieves, rings, ate,
Mv 1 rices are the lowes'. and my stock
most complete.   G. B. Armstrong.
li) yct'lliK aDV.Nl'Y M. el wire
hi'.at) lirilah Che 'Dandy" re.
move, il.inlnitr and _____ hair,
leavea the akin in leal'hycn
ilnii'ii and n.akea iln-Iinrae feel
Full S nek of
Harness and Saddlery
al'aya ' 11 html
Si rui.- y, ur >nop le�� a'
R. A. Lnmbirt, and Thos Stewart of
Vai:c uver returned to Coutlee Monday
evening from Granite Creek und I'rince-
t n. The party were accompanied by
Frank Lambert and Thos. Hunter.
Notice to Hunte s.
Notice is h Teliy 1 iven that hunting
ir t-hooting on the prem;s;s of lhe un-
lersifmed, without perminion, is
strictly prohibited.       J. Blackwkll.
N   TICfi.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Wnnv Fstate.
Nicola, without permission of the un-
Jersigned, will be prosecuted.
K. Ii. WlNNY.
Any person found in pursuit of .time
on any part of thj Broadli nl Estate,
without permission of the undersigned,
will he prosecuted.
Harold Matthkws, Lessee, j
Any person found in  pursuit of game
on any part of the Clapperton  Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the un-!
dersigned, will be prosecuted.
M. P. Stkwart, Lessee.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Tamerton Ranch without permission of the undersigned will
be prosecuted. Mrs. Poolky.
GRAND I'.MlKir HUTU,, Kaiuloou- The
llriiir-' I" id n I in iail-aj Klalliin. 'the
only ciiviii'iiiii.i h"iil f-.r Invil.ia. IJ-aid
I i-i-ina, -iiml in <h', nnd Hqt-M* Two Urge
|tnin_ile ni'uiK A. M__ liar , iTiiuii'lor.
Ilivai xiati'lnt* iu cu iH'ilmn.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
NICOLA, ���      B. C.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Oillcial Ailiiiiiii-irainr
Oltlce,-('o.inier.i(l Mm . e.al of I'uat Office.
Kau'lnoiw. H. ('.
John D Swanson, B. A.
H.iH-i ���    Huh. 11  '   .11.1   N'taiy  P11I1I11
office:   Ka-I if ihe' a It** Hank nf Cone
iniTi-e. -nutIt -ill. of Vi, inna street, Kaiiiloop*
Mi'lli'l  'II I'.an oil I. ill ,-i .|.  mtrottW,
M B:<;ATrl__
. A.
Main -'rtel
. In-'iruii
. ainioopa
We are showing the nicest and
nn-1   up innate   line   of   11 on
in . U    that    haa    ever  been
hrini_ht to Kamloops.
Prices Range   from $100   to   $10 00
Baby Hammocks ���__ to $2.60
I liir-csh'linjr done in a
fir->t class m. iincr. Car.-
- fill attention gtVrn to this
1 branch of the b__tn___.
UR Stock ia now complete.
Having 1 ceived the last
week Flour, Groceries,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Dp-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
-I. _..____ .   -
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents in  Mi ".u for th.'
AlHCHufT It'll KL. Tl'en.n- i-onv-nienl
hn el fur 1 noun- in A-h.mfi. The b ai of
lalile hoa'il. 11"' nun i ulil liu'liw. IIN. Mint
aen'aiiie ineiUall iraina. .ohn*on_c I'erkina.
Land Mining and Oeneral Supply Agt* |
Mnum. rnnirariiii., farm iiiaihini'rj, bii|(ai'��.
I'll'ler , ali'l.hae r. .-elirl f>r'ilir ll-l I, III""
aod minimi iiiuiiiTlii'K Ki'i'iiilaim u IbIm ''"
p r'iea lliii'ii-li tin* lliairlc . Ijfbtfl ii'liln--
"Auriiiii" Ciaii- Itinii'lnill. MomiiK ii Si al.
A. H. C. tih.
VVarehnii-e- Can'oiit. N'iiola Valley. B. O,
Boot and Shoe Sale
I find I have :t number of broken lit) _-s in both
Men's tad Women'. Shoes, and ln order to
make room for new stock I will  offer the whole
of my stock of
M_ns, Womcns and Childrens
Boots, Shoes and Slipp:rs
It. J. Al-MtNtf of Aspen Grov-
left Nieola this week on his way to
Keremeos where his parents reside.
Mr. Armstrong who owns considerable
land in that section intends going into
the sheep business. He still has large
mining interests in Aspen (irove.
The first of the series of "At Homes'
under the auspices of the Young Peoples [
Guild was held at the f'resl yterian
Manse Tuesday evening. A very pleasant evening was spent by those in attendance. During the evening refreshments were served. A businc 11 meeting will be held at the Manse on Tuesday evening next. I
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stalling ln Connoctlon. Telephone Connection


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