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The Nicola Herald Aug 31, 1905

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 _ r'   | gi&litiVrj ^
_^A//< \t
Vol. I.   No. 16.
 . _   .    . _.       *vayp*���   -laltNfc, <:��� *w*_tJf_-,*>-iJ1-pji_-gJ_i___(
$2 a Year.
Tha Geology of the Nicola Coal Basin.
Coldwater, Ten Mile and Quilchena.
Specially Written For Th*
Nicola Herald.
Dr. Ella describing the rocks of the
Nicola Basin, says: "They are divided
into two group*, valcanic and sedimeut
ary, the former consisting io Urge pari
of di.ba.e, porphyntee, rhyolite, andesite,
felaite and agglomerate with which in
places large masses of "ramie of late date
The sedimentaries comprise conglnm
eratea, aandatone audgril shale and bed
oi coal, which are partly a lignite of fair
quality,aaal Siindkaineen, but in (brother
places pass into the bituimuoua variety,
aa ID the Nicola Valley and form import-
and drpoeitH of great value.
Although on some point*, Dr. Ells
dillrr.s from some coiicluannia drawn by
previous geologists, [the late Dr. Daw
���on included, on thia particular question
he agrees with the late lamented head of
the survey, viz: that 'he Nicola coal is *
bituminous coal,
I have invariably entertained this po
aition when discussing this subject in
Lower Nicola and iu other portions ti
the valley, and it is for this reason I have
maiut .iii.cl there is a ditforence, and a
very strong one, in favor of the NifliU
coal as conjured with the varieties fouuo
in the southern interior. In making the
comparison of Nicola coal with Rialyn.
Washington coal, I am fully iirotecred hy
the analysis. The highest infused carhm
in the trial made by the Provincial assay
erin 1904, was 63 9 from the nppai
bench, N". 4 Coldwater, while Reiiyn
coal shows 60 6, though coal from No 3
mine, Wilkesou county, Waihington,
shows 65 20.
The figures given by Dr. Ells as to tbe
analysis of Nicoit coal shows 52 05 lor
Coal Gully, 56.25 from Coldwater, ;r d
another sample 54 24 Quilchena creek
coal shows 47.95 Tne coke yielded in
each case was tirm and coherent���fast
Now permit me to say right here that
with a coke oven test results would ahow
much better.
The necessity of having more light
thrown on, the centrequestwnnf oocurence
is thus summarized hy Dr. Ells hnnaelf
in his own report, and I must ask  per
A Correction ln the Comment on Dr.
Ell* Report.
To The Editor The Nicola Herald:
Juat t word uf correction on page 3 nf
my comment on the above report a* published in your issue of the 24th inst.
The following ia the paragraph that I
wish to amend: "The late Dr Dawson
had aome doubta, in the first instance,
when the Nicola ooal of the Coldwater
group was classified aa oligocene tertiary.
Oligocene means lower miocene, and
lower miocene tertiary meant middle
tertiary." The concluding portion of
this paragraph ia evidently an error
What I intended to say is that lower
miocene ia practically eocene or early
Now, air, perhaps it it juat an well th*
this error ocurred since it emphasises the
necesity of having all  doubts removed a*
to the exact age of the Nicola! Coldwater
coal and its correlated beds.    I am firmly
of tbe opinion thai the better fuels of this
group occupy a horizon between the cloa.
of the ctetaceous and the beginning of the
tertiary.   Specially favorable oondiinns
evidently accompanied the laying down al
these fuels and those conditions were no
limited to the character of the vegetaiion,
hut also included the important factor u>
geological time.   When  I am convinced
that  there could he no sich interval a
that which I contend elapsed between th
close of one geological age and the begin
mug of another���and  I uu* th* word ag
in it* broadest sense���then  anl  not  n I
i hen, will I admit that rhe lower tue a iH
the N<Cola Coldwater group are early (er
(iary and  were not laid down under the
speciallyeiceptionaloonditloiis that I have
mentioned.    Even as early mrttary fuel.
1 hev must he   classed   aa   etcepti<��all\
good, but sir, we must have more hgh' in
this subject and I shall do all I can to si
in this research.     It ia of the highes
economic importance that  more informa
tion of a decided character should be fur
nished  in connecticn  with thia very nn
portant economic subject.    H. F. Evans
W. J. Sutton  Representing  Mr. Duns-
mulr and Stuart Henderson tbe
Owners, Close Deal for Coal
Land*.-To Start Work.
During the last week arrangements have been made
for coal rights in the Nicola
Valley, which looks as if Nicola
is beginning to get the prominence it is entitled to.
hor sometime a deal has
be�� n pending to secure the
properties and on Wednesday
tin- papers were signed in
which James I lunsmuir, British
Columbia's coal  king, has ob
Passed Away After Four Day* Illnefji   ���������-
on August 2Sth. 	
The people of Nicole .ere  very much ' WKammB N0W MAKING RRELIM-
shocked when the telephone throughout
the   valley conveyed  the sad  news that
William Charters was dead. 	
The unfortunate event took place at J
4 05 p. -., Frid... August 25.h. wiihin . | * V,rify Mr Camb,es ���      '"'
year uf the death of hia brother Robert
The late Win. Charters was born in
Liverpool, England, (il year* ago. In the
year 18(14 he came round The Horn to
Victoria and remained two years there,
hen came to B 'Ston Bar where he stayed
a Few Weeks Ago.-Railway no ,
Doubt Will Take This Pass
To th* Similkameen.
H. J. Cambie engineer m charge of tho
construction  on the Nicola  railway was
,   -i       ���...   ..,,   , ,m   iinjoc*   raljwav  * is
��.  year" more ,n 18,i8 erne (o Nicol.  at Coul.ee Tuesday ���,er a short Up
V alley and settled on his present property \ Aspen fir,,*, and the f. ��������� d,. J.."
patched a party of men in charge of Eu-
the Coldwater riv��r, where he has re-. ���. r-nj uc men in cnarge i
sided ever lince. His brothera Robert gineer Hazen to go over the route which
and John, also old residents and pioneers , was looked at a few weeks ago. The
of the valley pre deceujed him. Ano'her party will make a preliminary survey, se-
brother <s still liviing hi England a* arc- cure elevation*, arid to verily inure closely
alio two daughters of John who reside at' lie examination made by Mr, Caiuoie.
Carlisle, E'ig., and who visited this sec | During the week eugiueers have been
ruin a short nine ago. ' investigating    the    route    through   the
Mr   Charters had  accummulated con-   Pooley farm and along up the lake, tak-
sidei .ble property aad only the week be    ing elevations and gathering information
tore he died had made a deal  in Victoria  tor thechief engineer.
f ir the sale of his coal rights which male ;    There is now very little doubt but that
tallied    the   Cnal    rights of    thel1""1  *  ������*��-���  """'���    He w��i returning line   railway line   will   run   on the level
I h one from th��t city when he took sick : with Nicole and follow up ihe east pa**
late   Wm.   Charters, the late J 4nd on|y resoh(.d jjic-.u. and died after'    "
__________i      B****^^^
John Charters, Wm. Voght
and Jesus Garcia, in all 2,800
acres, near the mouth of the
Coldwater river. \ cash payment is made ami a two vear
bond with interim payments.
Work is to commence as
soon as possible and to continue during the life of the
bond. The necessary plant to
prospect and thoroughly open
up different parts of the property will be on the ground
There is other property in
the immediate vicinity which
an illness of four days. He was a man
of sirong intellig-nce and character, keen
but kin liy ami benev dent, and will b.
missed hy a host of friends and hy noli,
more than his nearest neighbors wh.
ko ���*  bun the longest and the best.
The funeral was held Irom Pnoley's
Hall on Sunday afternoon st 3 o'clock to
ths Church of England cemetery, Rev.
W, (icivier officiating. A large attendance
of old-time friends and acquaintances
from all parts of the disttict attended to
assist in the last sad rites.
The pill hearers were: J, B. Oreaves,
P. Marquart, James Chapman, William
Voght, Wm, Rdey and George B*nt.
11 Quilchena creek, aud  as outlined in
he Nicola Her aid of Aug. 3rd, and copied
so frequently 111 the provincial press.
Fine Strike on the Aberdeen Group of  will also be sci III I'd.
Mineral Claims.
II. W. Sutcliffd was 10 Nicola this week
and reports a big strike on the I. X L
and Aberdeen group during the past
week, development work has shown up
an exceedingly tine improvement in the
ledge already uncovered and developed
This group of damn is now beyond douot
a producing proposition. J. W, Colin
the owner is continuing work.
Work on the Golconda claim adjoining
the (ireat Western group on Broom creek.
mission to refer to it here as it is quite  - Prt,mK  verJ ���*ti��f��ci..ry.   The work
j..��� -__�����_*���_s_k��������,���a___
appropriate at thia point.
"Generally   speaking it may be aaid
thai the borings recently made in the
Nicola Coldwater basin have been of little
practical value, from the fact that mosi
of these have failed to reach the under
lying rock, they afford 110 clue as to the
actual sructure or lay of the coal in this
direction, and of the two holes bored in
1892 93, the luge of which are appended,
are of any value it would be desirable
that others ahould be put down which
might show whether the thickness of the
aeveral seams there reported ia continuous throughout the basin, or whether
these may not increase in workable thick
nesa at different points. It is therefore
much to be regretted that while the drill
waa in place during the past summer the
hole was not oarned down at least to a
depth aufficent to determine th�� extension
eastward of the Coldwater seam.
In order to ascertain the value of the
district as a future coal pMducer.it will
be necessary that a number of holes  be
Continued on Page Three.
Lawn Tennis.
Owing to the inclemency of the weather
the   tennis   tournament   held  at Nicola
th<s week was not a< well attended as nn
s uiie former occasions but iii spite of the
The deal is in the hands of'0"1" "ir "fM enthusiasts turned
,.   . , I out and a series of well contested inaiches
W. J. Sutton representing Mr. j ���ere ���,���_���, ���ff  The fmm ___ ____.
Uunsmuir and   StUart Hender-  ged   by Rev. lien. Maaou and James Mc
^^^ Qghtnn and the even  play proved the ef
ficiency of the work.   Messrs. George R.
I'hilp and Gart.  Grahauie won  the finals
done this season consists of an open ou
across the claim, which  uncovers 1 Inn
body of mixed rock with a streak of 18 before    many   months   other
inches of black oxide.   Mr. Sutciiffe the, properties besides those of Mr
son representing all the othe
interests.  Mr. Sutton will go
to the Coast and return in a few j after a hard game against Mm Tutill and
weeks   with   completed plans I Mr .M,8"n   Dur,l,�� ,he "f,ernoon re"
^^^^^______H  _������-i r f   shmeiits hy the
the club at the residence nf Mrs. Murray
to 'he players and onlookers. The prizes
were presented In the winners at the
1 * 11 social ai the Presbyterian manae iu
the evening.
for the development work.
The prospects for the opening up of the coal areas of the
Coldwater is now assured and
owner, is highly  pleased  with  the Got
On Tuesday evening a very successful
"Cobweb" party waa held at "The Pines,"
the residence of Mrs. A. R. Carrington,
when a large number of friends enjoyed
rhe hospitality of the family. After es
caping from the tangle of the cobweb-
Uunsmuir will also be in op
the guests took part in music, singing and J Henderion   represented   the   parties on
An    Irish   slew   party   was broken Up
yesterday by the police.     Three undesirable characiers appropriated a quantity of
meat from the Metropolitan Meat Market
0 _ Ii11"1 s"me potatoes and  onione fron the
Stuart Henderson, M. L. A., sr-ived Driard hotel. They were caught taking
J special conveyance from Ashcroft on the vegetables, which they gave up ��nd
Monday and has been in Ihe valley dur-1 when approached ah.,ut the meat wisely
>H the week on private and buainesa in! paid for it. Individuals of this class
connection with  hia constituency.     Mr. | should keep going.
varioua games until midnight, when refreshments were served. Mrs. Carriug
ion was assisted during the evening by
Mrs. Ernest Woodward and Miss Mollie
Monday being Labor Day and a public
holiday the Bank of Montreal will b*
closed for that day.
O. B. Armstrong of Lower Nicolt and
Paul Bockmier of Palouae, Wash., was in
town n Friday.
he Cohlwater in connection with th. coal |    The young ���,.��� mnwA  I#B,io who m
ngh.s deal .���h Jams. Dunsmuir.    Mr.   injured by cutting his foot, while at w"k
Henderson h.s large ,nter..t. in ihis aec , o��� the survey near Cutis, last week w
Uon.n   ,. veryenthusiaati cover ,he fu   taken i��� the coast yesterday fo'r ��2
fur. of the Nicol. and  is of the opinion  attendance P
that Niool* is now on a fair way to
the prominence it deserves.
The following subscriptions towards the
Spences Bridge Indians were received at
this office: John Clapperton |6; Jap
anese 50 centa; John Gelathorpe fl.
Th* lswn social at the Presbyterian
manse last turning was well attended
tnd a very enjoyable evening spent by
those in attendance.
Irrigation Caused the Landslide la th*
Opinion of Mr. Cambie.
With reference to the recent latal lard-
slide at Spences Bridge, H. J. Cambie,
consulting engineer of the C. P. R , is of
the opinion that it was undoubtedly caused by irrigation. He says: "In the
press notices of the landslide which occurred on the 13th, iust., and which had
such a disastrous effect on the Indian village, various theories were given as to
the cause of the slide, none of which �� as
accurate, and as I have a decided opinion
as M the reason, I venture to give it, leaving you to decide whether it is worthy of
In 1896 the Canadian Pacific Railway,
having for years been greatly troubled
with landslides caused by irrigation in th*
neighborhood of the main line, decided to
apply to the courts for protection, and
had a suit with Messrs. Park and Pinch-
ard, which acquired a certain amount of
local celebrity.
In preparing for that suit, I was assisted "by two eminent engineers from the
1 'nited States and we found that the clays
of this dry and arid part of the province
wh 'h have been deprived by excessi<��
evaporation during many centuries of
nearly all their moisture, will take up
about 60 per cent, of their own weight of
water without ^changing their shape, but
if a trifle more ia added, they lose all cohesion and spread out quite flat. A lump
of such clay the size of one's fist can b*
placed in a soup plate and water dropped
on it till sufficiently saturated, and it will
then suddenly eollapae and flatten out a*
if it were all water.
No doubt this is what happened to t
bench about 300 feet above the Thompson river, which the Indians had been irrigating for months past, and aaturating
with water. Portions of the same field
slid in a similar manner in 1883 and in
1899, and there it apparently enough of
the same bench left to cause one more
large slide tt some future time, if sutfi
water is poured upon it."
Postmaster  Carrington   has  received
I instructions  that ��fter  Aug. 31st., th*
A   McPhaul  of 0Dter y.lley was in  post office will be known tsN.col.i_.
Nl0ol.thisw.ek. ste��l of Nioola Uke. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Capital $8,700,000   BMt ��8,600,000   Total __**_ (Mow. 1904) 101,000,000
Having* B__k Dep-'*""-*
Dep ana of II and upwards received and inlereat allowed.    Tb* depositor
ia auhject to no delay in depositing or withdrawing fund*.
tt-B-iag by Mail
Accounts of rancher* ��nd other customers residing out of town receive
apecial attention.   Funde may be deposited or withdrawn oy mail.
Published -very Thur*day
Subscription, ln Advance. 62 a Year
Niooi-, B. C. Acquit 31,1906.
The town known as Nicola
Lake officially by the post office department has been changed to " Nicola," the lake be
ing dropped. The provincial
government and individuals
have for some time called it
Nicola, and on representations
being made to D. Ross, M. P.,
and the postmaster general the
change was brought about.
The postmaster-general has
announced that the present position of British finances does
not justify Canadians in hoping
for an immediate future reduc
tion in postage on newspaper
from Britain to the colonies.
The Imperial authorities could
not cut this rate without lower
ing the domestic charge to the
same point.
If there's anything in your
store you think people ought
to buy tell them so and tell
them why
The things people want to
know most are usually none of
their business.
This tonic has Heen nn the
market for * hundred fears
tnd is the favorite, notwith
atanding the larite amount of
advertising done by patent
medicine limn. This is not a
patent medicine, but is a home
remedy originating in one of
the early ae'tlers' homes of
this country It contains the
s'rengthening primaries of
prime, lean beof, a soluble
salt nf iron, together with good
sherry wine If you are iun
down���feel had and rea z��
th*t you need a tonic���you will
tind in this long known remedy
t never failing rejuveiiatnr.
We put this up nurael-e ,
know the quality of every n
grnilieiit we put in it and glla-
ante* th��t there's no hof'.f
Beef, Iron and Wine on cfia
market.    Full 16 �� bottle SI.
SEPT. 26 TO OCT. 7
Stupendous .nd comprehensive array
of Eihibita representing th* resources of all Canada
In Prist* and
KAMLOOrS,     :
Enlarged grounds, new, hand
some and spacious buildings
World'* Championship events in ft owing
and  Lacrosse, Horse  Racing. Brunch
"Busting," Military Parades and Ex
It a si  Irish Guards and other Famous
(Jiniid W��t*r Carnival��� Parade of Fraser
river tishing fleet, patrol imaia, H. M
Warships, Indian war oaiioes, etc.
Indian Sports.
F r all liifi.rma'ioti write W. H   Hear*,
8 e etarv   aud  Manager, New W stimn-
ster, B. C
Expiorrr and (ieologlit
Of the College of Liberal Art
Having made a careful exainir.atlnn of the
Thumps'ii, honaparte and Nicola division- of
Vale (Harriet, Hrinsn Oo.unibla, Is nn- ��������! lo
furnish investors and l'> ending inve mn with
reliable rep irt-.nii lie irfTinrenceof enetailifer-
on- n es, al n reals, lignite c oal and lignite
wli bin >he district indicated.
Having made a careful examination of the
Coin viaiir coal beds of the Mrnla Valley and
Hat creek ctititiirt, ve y dependable reports on
Ihe character of these coals and lignites will be
fiirni-h-d lo luveaUirsand nliers. These t
ainiiiHilonshave extended over many years and
the \ slue a> well as Rkt> nt of the coal measures
will he given. Kigular addrtss, A.I rcfl, I.(.
Cable and Tel adduo,''< alien."ishroft.
B. C.
To Hunters
Notice is hereby given that hunting or
���hooting no the property of ihe Douglas
Like Cattle Company is forbidden Any
person or persons hunting or shooting
on the above property will be prosecuted
under the sections of the Game Act.
J.  B.  (JREAVM.
Notice ii hereby given that within sixty day*
from date I Intend making application to the
honorable chief commissioner of lands and works
{or permission lo purchase 75 acres of pasture
land in the Yale division of Yale district situ
at'cl as follows: Commencing at a stake at. the
8. W. corner of Ut 716 running thence south 20
chains more or le-a to the N W. of Jae tktt-
belt's coil lease, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 2(1 chains to lot 740, thence west 40 chains
to the point of commencement.
July 30th. 1908.	
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Wnrks
for a licence to cut and carry away timber f om
the following described lands: Commencing at
a nost marked r". Woodward one mile H westerly from J. Coutlee's pre-emption line and running n<>rth 80 chains, east 80 chsins,soulh 80
rhalns. west 80 chains to point of commencement containing MOaces. Also commencing
at, a pnsi, marked f. Woodward and running
norlh 10 chains, west 80 "hains, s .iit.n 80 chains,
east no ch ins t,o point of commencement, containing 010 acres.
F. WOODWARD, Locator.
J. K. 8H1VKL Agent.
Aug. 7,1906.	
Notice Is hereby given that within sixty days
from date I intend making application to the
honorable commis-loner of lands and works to
purchase 480 acres of pasture land, situated on
voght creek, In the Mcola division of Yale district, situated as follows: Commencing at a
post marked J 0,8,'s, tt. W. corner placed no
the north bank nf Voght creek and running
north 40 chains, along the eastern boundary nf
M. P. Htewart's coal claims, number 329 and
33.'hence running east 120 chains, ihence south
*�� chains, thence west 120 chains to point of beginning. JAMES C. SHIELD:).
July 18,1905.
ll?l>C'l>a>t>'_'l.'-t"V>l; 1>t
'    N< 'TiCE.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to the
chief commissioner of lands and works for a lie-
en-e to pro-pent for ("ill on the following land
commencing at arsM maiked J. Aic"ahe, N.K.
corner, thence South 80 chains, thence We st.
80chains, ihenceNonh 80 chains, then e East
80 chains to point of con a i icement.
J  M. Med AUK, Locator
J,    s'lllinn Ai^ent.
Coldwater, Nicola, July 23,1905.
Commencing at �� post niack<d A O Me-
Cab*, N. W corner, running South 80 mains,
East 80 chains, North 80 chains, VtestDO chains
to point of oommenc emeni.
A G MoCABf, Locator.
I Cmtillion, Agenl.
Coldwater. Nicola. July 23.1905
( oiiimnnctmr at a iswl marked K Hmi h's.
N. K.i orner. runninif -outh 80 chains. vVest
80 chains. North 80 chains. Kast 80 chains to
point of commencement.
K. HMITH, IjKiat.r.
J. (vm.illion. Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola. Jiny 23 1905
Commencing at a oust marked It. Davidson,
N. W. corner, runnimi -on li 80 chains, last
80 chain , North 80 chains West so chains to
initial pout. K DAVIDSON. Lo af,r.
J. Cmtillion, Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola. July 23 1905.
Commencing at. a nosi ma ked 8. K. I'oss,
N. E. corner, running outh 80 chains, Ihence
We-180chain , thence Norih 80 chains, thence
East 801 h tins to initial posi.
d. K. ROSS, Locator
J Oostilllon, Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola July 23. 1905.
Commencing at a post ma ked R. J. Hew-, N
W. corner running ->ouili 80 chains Kast 80
chains, North 80 chains Wesi 80 chains to
initial post. K J. ROSS, Locator.
J. I'osti lion. Agent
Coldwater. Nicola, July 23.1905
Commencing at a post marked D Mclnnes,
N. K. corner, running South 80 chains, West
80 chains. Nortn 80 chains, Kast 80 chains tn
initial post. D. MelNNKS. Loca> r.
J. CiMiillion. Agent
Coldwater. Nioola, July tt 1905
Commencing at a post marked M, Mclnnes,
N. W. corn r. running South 80 chains. Kast
80 ohains, North 80 chains. West 80 rhalns to
inilial post. M. MclNNHH Locator
J  ('nsl.lllion, Ag.n .
Coldwater. Nicola. July 23,1905.
Commencing at a post marked W O. Murray's, N. K. come r. ru ning South 80 chains.
West 80 chains, North 80 chains; Kast 80 chains
to Initial post.     W. O. MURRAY. Locator.
J I'nst.illion, Agent.
Coldwater. Nicola. July 23,1905
('oinnii'ii cngal a post marked J. F. Murray's. N. W. corner running South 80 chains,
Easl 80 chains, Nort 80 chains, West 80 chains
lo initial pos .      1. r. MURRAY, Locator.
> J ('o-tilliiin, Agent.
Coldwater, Nioola. July 23,1905.
Commencing al a post marked J. Graham.
N. K. corner, running South 80 chains, West
SO chains, North 80 chains. East 80 chains to
Initial post. J. GRAHAM. Locator.
J. disunion. Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola, July 23 urns
Commencing at a postmarked D. Murray's.
N W. nornev, running South 80 chains, West,
80chain-. North 80 chains Kast 80 chains to
inilial poet. D. MURRAY, Locator.
J. CosUUio., Agent.
Coldwater, Nioola, July 23,1905.
Si> ty days after d*ie I intend to spplv In tne
ch if commissioner nf lands ind works for per-
Bmkim hi purchase Xjnacies, more or less of
iicociii'ain pa-lure land.snuaied on ih. south
-id i f ���" "mn Lake in lh�� Nicnl. v��|| ydivls
1 ii of Y cle d'strli i su-h l��nd being described
as foibews exclusive of mineral claims: v' VV,
1 Section 3. T 100 8 . } Section 10. T 100,
commencing si ihe outh eat corner nf Ihe
n .ii'i wesi) sectic n 3. T 10 . running HO chain-
north, thence 411 chains west, thence 80 chain
s ii li. thence 40 chains east t poini A com.
meiiciiiienc M. M. Kuwahub.
rtockfnrd H. C, Aug. II, 1905.
Certificate of Improvements.
Aberdeen, Plymouth Queen. Manchester, Lon
d n. Cnpner He lie and   King   Soloman's
Dream M neral Claims     situat- in (he
Nicola-Kiiciileiope- Mining Division nf Yale
District    riiiiiiiHl.Hstcsl  ear 10-Mi e( r.ek,
North Mrola.
Tske no'ice that  I, 'ohn i1ipuen��n. free
mlnei's ceriicae Nn B76993, intend,60 days
frn     lie date hereo', hi aptly tn the mlni.-g
rec   de* for a ceet'tica'eOf imuiDienients, for
the p ir|io-e of obMiniig a crown g am nf the
*b o 'cUims.
Ami fnr'h 'T lake nmlce that action, u der
-ectii'37, nsthe cone enc��d befoieihuissuance   f Hiichci-riihcsicof lni|ir"vemen,s
Dan-1 iin- 2siii,ia. of Jam, tM
JOHN I L    " KctT"N.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Order* throughout the District receive careful attention tnd promptly delivered
JANE*!   POOLE* Proprietor
' wice a week delivery to I ower Nicola, Coutlee, way points
ANDREW SMITH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and Horseshoing done in
first class shape.   Leave your work here and it will receive
prompt attention.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Sixty days at<er dale I Intend to apply to the
chief commissi ener of lands and works for per
mission to purchase <0 acres of mountain pas.
i u rage commencing at a poet, marked A. L'a
V >v corner thence 8 80 chains, thence EM,
V 20. thence along Pish Lake shore to initial
pa. lucres ANTOINNK LaMHKON.
7ihJuly, 1905.	
___. O. F.
C10I1KT NIOOLA, No. (Ml, A. O. F.. meets
/ second and fourth Friday In each month
at I p.cii., in Pooley's Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially Invited.
Rio. A. Kkamrr, C. R.
A H. Carrinoton. Sec.
The Deering
Ir has the lages* sale of any Mower in the market and is without doubt the
finest made.  Deering Binders are the best.
Deering Hay Sweepers you can't do without.  Deering Stackers can't be
beat. Deering Hay Rakes last the longest.   Write or call and see
W. HARGRAVES, - - Kamloops, B. 0. THE   NICOLA   HFRALD
Bank of Montreal
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000 Rest, $ic O'iO.ooo
Balance Profit ajid Loss Account, $373.9^
Total Assets        -       -        - $,35, 24,40.74
PRESIDENT, Rt Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal. 0 C. M. Q.
VIOE-PRBSIDENT,       - Sir Geo. A Drumm mkL T. 0 M ti.
Head Office���Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00   mckI   upwank
credi;ed twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
III 1 rest
Banking Business of every descriptor.
Deposits maybe made and withdrawn by rtuil,      I I
town accounts receive even attention.
put down at carefully chosen points, since
only in this way can the extension of the
���earns found on Coal Gully and oo tbe
Coldwater be determined owing to tbe
wide apread nature nf the drift deposit.
This w<H take several years to accomplish
tnd could be best dune hy a fusion of the
interests of the several cumpanie* owning
mining areaa in the valley." '
Dr. Ells is thus of the opinion that hy
���ysteuiatic and scientific: boring much j
mure light will be thrown on this subjeci
and il may be inferred from what he s��y��
experimental borings will result in He
discovery of much larger areas, and proh
ably additional aeams snme of whioh may
pnivii to contain even better coals than
are now known.
He says, "some confusion has resulted
from Ihe statement that certain portions
of the vulcanic nicks are newer than the
ledimentaries, and as a consequence sev
eral dial complines acting on the lug
gestion made in the earlier repnrts art
working on the hypothesis thit by bnriiiK
through tbe vulcanic wbioli surround the
Nicula Basin, they will reach at siiiih
depth the sandstone and coal which are
there exposed. This contention, how
ever, is nut maintained by a careful read
ing of ihe text in the report in question
since if the vnlciuies are nf Triassac age
and the dial and associated strata are vA
Tertiary age the latter muat of necesaiti
be of later date than the (miner. Mure
over, the sandstones are seen to reat o
the v id: inn's at a number of points aruum
the coal basin."
The Cmadian Geological Survey has
described the volcanic* as upper and lint
er. The upper series Cnrre-ponds wnb
the Tertiary age, and although this gcea
volcanic upheaval occupied centuries li
Tertiary times, it is iinw pretty well es
lalilisli.il that the volcanic evacuation
in Tertiary times. ' ������,. hy the Utu rfc [>,,���������
Tie Infer v iloanics occurred in th. S���nie*hat sarcastically Dr. EH- says:
secondary of \lns zoic age and they ante ���
date the coal of the Tertiary. These ��c
cuiiiulitiniis in ihe NicnU appear tu hie
orcured in the Triassic period .if ih'
MesiiZuic or secondary age Here "e
Dud the dial strata land down on thee
mcks, so that the confusion has really n -
suited from a  want of geological kuo*  1^ ���d ,he regular visits nf ihe  District,
'"dge. Qei.logisr, the people would  naturally le
According to the nnmenclaiere of II e | behind in their geol. my.   Thev  have not
United  States    Geological    Survey,   th. Ufa, v���ry BM|, M,|j8bt.D��l Until *ef| N
Tertiary volcanic series is kno*u as thr j cently. though  other and less desirahle J JTAMeUakVi II U>_, P. lj.r..d, M*rM.P
Columbian L.ra, while the lower series ��   p()rtj���n, ���f rhe pr������j|lci, h,VB hlid   ,,__��� !  ,.. , *
known ��s the M-oz nc P.erphyriie series. | Imivat ^0|���gl((ril ���,,������,��� them f.if years.
while the volcanic Hiiumeratins of earlier] H,d   ,���,,  ���ot  been so ne^lec'ed  they
ages are idemiheil hy the age in which   mili\A n����e a_Jnf��d the huh' th'at  the
capable geologist can always impart.
H  F. Evanh.
! i i
also General Livery-
Head Office:     -      -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
1-eave Spences Bridge
I very   l hursd.ty  for Nicola lake,   Kamloops,
Princeton and w;iy points at 6 a. m.
Every "viturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave K.imloops
i \'ry Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
���a 6 h. m.
Lea?_ Princeton
* very   >_ft<lay   6 a m��� arriving Spences
f^ruiye Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
I vt-iy Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
llrid^e at 6 a. in.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
���pccial trips mule by appointment.
Telephom connection with Kamloops
M. P. KTKWA1.T,    -    -    Proprietor |
The report ��� f Dr.   E"s Ones  n i   wive   THE    L'CE TO BUY YOUR
much hepe to those that have staked   ou  , 3M0KIN . GOODS IS AT
cualaieas on ihe high ground wear of the J   ^   SCOTT'S
  .. ..   ������. l Is still doing business at the Old Stand.  A
,urred i..^ middle Ternary .ud -teLg,^ ,.���,�� hy i.r Kns, im, [j CAR & TOBACCO STORE -food stock of Lumber constantly on hand.
Orders promptly filled.
''Bnriog  operation* are  Boa In proger**
KAM l,c ic I Pi
'ill' .leek of D.h.ik ic mH   1, ,rw| I'lgj,,,
ii 'lie   ,si -in..km" i. baecoattMia nn In ii
liceliei,.,|���l,|ij ,v ��� i, ,j  I ^..i f HI ||   r,|s
at several p'lints to deuieitistrste ibe ides; *kcii' ' " Ihe I' < r ~i ������.. n, Uumi i,**asM.
ver    Lamiiln sleiu eilev. ,, X, ,|���|���V.
(>>al the coda will be found   beneath   the I  ,���, ;	
vnlc��iiio hills." ( Mollis
It must be admitted that where an im-   _   .... ,,.., ..,,..,, ,   ,   .
n   \l|\|ci,s Hill I-1., th* best ho in to vi.
, portant  district  of the cnunlry,   hsving    ���^   llciriq melees for li   .Nn nln, |,,-�� i~.,... I,
,, ,   . . cnaOanne cfeek sisgec*    Kve'je m.ti..
! valuable  mmeral  deposits   has   not   re    !..������ Haiders and .em.   .coml iiu'ii.   KmOIih
���Me tan well ttarkeii bar,  I'.J Huhln-onli
.���   pmnrie'Ofs, g.inlouHi
V/filVTKK.U, Hii'I'i I.,  Kuinl.H.ps. Nanniei
'"���   lolieiiioiiil.e. im riei ...   Kir-i . I ss   i
Lower Nicola.
vi'iy  |isrii. ular.     K
i.nr-.   ���Mublliu ill i'
I  wines, l.ii|iors and
lie t nn.
Il" I'.le ricir.     J.i-l    |i.. spec'  fnr h nn Ill i.
I nesiwig ulass uf   heer.      V\ be i  in   luiml ���
call in
they possibly nC'iirred.
Triassic rocks are well represented ii
Nicula, but it must he borne in nunc
that all the Triassic rucks are not volcanio
products and judging from Dr. Ens ra
port it would appear that further investi
gation by the Canadian Geological Sur
vey are needed to identify the true ch��r
acter of the formations lying northeast id
Guichnn creek cistl areas. Much of the
formations there are drift covered, and
when the survey wan made some things
were taken for granted.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Ottieial Administrator
Omce.-ro.iinier.inl Hlisik. e-si of P_fl _f*m
Kamloops, H. ('.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister,  rieili.i'or and   N l��r*   I'u'lic
(IHAM) I'ACIKK' ll(H'H���Ks.nluci|,s.   Til
*��    inarcs' l,..i,.| hi ih,. reilway sistimi.     Hi
"lily  c'oviienieiil hotel  for  IrSTeWl      (i	
eonnis, (loori 'a J,., k | liquors.    Two biru
s.ninle renins,   i'. A, rtamhari, prourUtor,
U'C'd slalllilw 111 ceeuueclioii,
QtJh> %'.-* IKH |e; ,. Kamooii>, _ ('. (Ini
brick ho'el in the cii.i. fin*win**, nq
ii. hi.cI i-Kjam. Kates. |1 io I2.VI p. r day.
IC very thin* in coneeetl'* wiih iiushneir
(Ind elnM i.. el n .i.i-diiie. He.dqnarter> fpi
..r.-lu'i' on snd iniiii"- r very ace. in daiioc
lor Kins'-. Qiii.i reiielimjaiiel siiiokil'Kine'li.s
Bond -'aliiiii' ou ihe ��� S'>.
Oi Kb. 'Ihe ino.i I'oiiveiiieui
ho el for visitors in A-bcmfi. The b si. ol
lalilebiaid Hoi nun cold ba'hs. ��� Mai r* n
-en's'lve meets all iranis. Johnson ft I'cikn.-,
i roprlet is.
ftosedalc H()ils^ I;o\Ver _\Tlcola
TO  (Mil'  (>t]vS(()llj01(8
J    Offlce:   Kast if ihe ('anneiiau l-tnnk nt Com
Dr. Ella places the elevation of Niels ! mcrce. soulh side of Victoria-tree). K*uiloapa
Li.     . o toe? *    i     A ses h _i _.         .1              Money to loan uu re nl csiiilc security,
ake at _.1_7 feet and that, of the  valle\ ! . ; '	
near Cceudee, according to Dr.  Dawson,
is about 1,830 feet.
Dr. Ells arranges the coal areas into
the following groups'
1. That of the Lnwer Nicola or Ten
Mile creek basin, about three miles beluw
i. That of the Coal Gulley, containing
aeveral searss, one of which has bein
opened up snd mined locally for some
.'), The Coldwater scam about * mile
and a half to the east, wher�� on*, seam
is exposed in two outcrops on the banks
of the stream at ��n,interv��l between the
two exposures of neariy * fourth of a
Bile. These two are sometimes known
as the GarascheGreen area.
4. The (Quilchena Basin which is en
tirely separated fr> m the others and dis
taut about ten miles to the east.
He coneects the Lindley creek outcrop
with ihe Ten Mile creek beds, but th
hypothesis will be disputed by those that
hive studied (he coal strata, though in a
general way the group is doubtless all
one from the Coldwater to the Ten Mile,
���wording to Dawson,
Land Mining and General Supply Agts
Mlninite.'Klneers. Keisxtson mining prop r
llisiiii'c.   Alfcii s 'nc ei.initi
I'linlrai'ieeis, farm iiiaclihiprj, waifon-. buKiIic
lies thmtiKh the flisirti'c,   Akh(i s 'nc
al'iurs, fsrui
tc   c able, a'ldre-s.   "Auru
Codes: Hivii..
hall. Morning e^ N.���l, A. H. C. 41 h.
Warehguse���('au'0',d. Mcola Valley, H. 0.
UifCqUalled as a
Suiifiqei' Resort
Good Fishing and .Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms :
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
n.l(A\H ChVI'ltw. HOI Kl, Ashrrnft. If-
�� eryihiiig up 'o-daie. Ihe Iiqii-v; Im- lajl!)
been rcino'iellcsi aiid i- now uniler nef ufaii-
Kcineiit.   ihe bur is siipy|i,.|) wjih .hotce-l
linn.I- of mm'-, liquors anil char-     Wicnitl
cslicrnf. snip ni me (Irsnd Cuntial, ueorge i
VVuc-d, ineipiie'ur.
From Nicola aid the surrounding country
wdl find us in our new store in ihe Voble
Hidck, a few d"ors west from our old stnnd.
Our new store was fitted up specially fur us
with Clothing Wardrobes and fixings of all
the latest deMgni of a city store We will
have :i larger stock than ever, anv orders
entrusted to us will rece ve immediate attention,    heitisfaction given or money refunded,
F. E. BURNS   -
K.miloops, B. C.
M()|l Hi  III)'
KoBi.  ScdTT,  l'tcipriwtor
When   travellug   on   the Nioola road
C iivenient lilacs tur travelers, wiihg.eeio
Otter Flat Hotel
Charles Dc'.arro, Pripjielor.
TfLWIKKN CITY,   .   .   .   -   R C.
Ile.clijiiarters for Summit, llahhitt
in uu'ain, Tiilaiiieaii river, cjkcjlder, Bear
and Kelly creek camps. Good lishlug
and B.eating.
P. (t. Address;   Aspen Ore.ve.
\Icrcl7cii>t Tailor
Now is your time to se'ert your Summer Suit. Nice
patterns of scotch, t nglish and Irish Tweeds. First c ass
lit guanoisd
The well known stallion
Reggie \\��� will stand the season at the ranch of 1,'eter Marquart. Courtnay Lake, H. C.
Terms: $.0 at the end of the
season, pasture included,
Pi^R Marquart.
w. J. kerr       | if you Need Anything
Watchmaker, Jeweler fe*��
All kinds of Watches, Clocks, Jewelfy,
etc., kept in stock.   Wedding preB
ents ��� specialty.
First class repairs done on short notice
tnd returned at once.
Line, semi your ��ork to the undersigned.
All   orders   finished   in a workmanship
manner.   Cabinet work a specialty.
J. R. >lo(?REC.OR,
Loner Nicola, B. 0. THE NICOLA HERALD
Dell King of the Coldwater Motion waa
in Nicol* this week.
Jo*. Graham of Coutlee. waa it Douglas
lake this week returning Tueeday.
E B. Tingley. E tnd D. Nicol of Otter
Valley were all io Nioola thia week.
Mrs. Manuel of Laggan, pasaed through
Nioola this week on her way to Princeton,
H. Beamish arrived on laat Thursday's
stage from the coast and i* looking
over the Aspen Qrove section.
Frank McCarty, who has charge of P.
Burns & Co.* meat business along the
line nf railway conatruction, was io Nicola
this week.
A E. Howse left ou Tuesday morning
for Princeton in connection with his mercantile intnrestH, and will visit Hedby
before his return.
Mrs. Oiwald C'lulthard and family arrived by Monday's stag* from the Simil
k*meen and left on Tueaday for Belling
ham, Wash.
Mccormick mowrhs
A full line of  the above always kept
in stuck at close prices at
and   Saddlery
Now is the time to buy your Harness and Saddlery. I have in
stock a full line n goodssui'ahle
to the trade. Saisfaction guaranteed.   All kindt of
Hari.es*, Boots, Shoes, etc., don*
neatly and promptly.
NICOLA LAKE,      ���      -      B C
Graduate M. 0. H and W. H��� Montreal.
Licentiate of tbe College or Physicians and Surgeon* of the Province of Quebec.
Rev. tnd Mra. Gen. Masnn left today
for tbe Okanagan district via Douglas
Lake, where Mr. Mas n will attend a
meeting of the Presbytery at Kelown*.
J. ('ran, manager of the Bank of British North America at Ashcroft, wa, in
Nioola for a short visit this week. Mr
Cran is interested in coal property in this
Alec. D. Macintyre, harrister of Kam
lo ps, was in Nicola this week, and via
ited the Aspen Orove mining camp in
company with A. VV. Strickland, manager
of the Ban* of Montreal,
J. Met calf, of Palnuse, Wash., and a
director of the Nicola C *l Mines, Ltd ,
is at Coutlee, and with Paul Bockmier,
managing director, ia looking over the
company's interests in the Nicola district.
���  Stock Ranch containing
4740 acres, situated near Doug
las Lake with all necessary implements and also stock.     For
particulars apply to
Quilchena, I' 0.
Springbank  Rmch, .Iu \ 11 h, I H5
First class boanl aid hedging bv the
day week or month. Eery attention
given to the travelling public.
Mrs, Rilky. Proprietress.
G. C. Tmistall of Kamloops, gold com-
misaioner for Yale-Kamloops was in N'C
ola this week and left for Princeton on
Tuesday. The judge has aUava been a
great admirer of the Nicola and S in Iks
iiieen and predicts a wonderful future foi
Business Locals.
Smok* Interior or La Mnrena Cigars.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a specialty.
Summer applea, 2 cents a pound at R
H. Winny*.
Send  your $i along and receive The
Nicola Herald for one year
When you want a good smoke ask for
the Interior or La Mnrena Cigar, maou
factured by the Inland Cigar Factory,
Official Administrator's Act
In re Kata'e of
Is prepared In take cnnTacts for
tawing lumber and getting nut
Urne ral Mill (ontrartts Kipcuted
Parties wishing  wnrk can  nave same
promptly attended to by applying to
Lower Nicola. B C.
TKNDRRS will be received by the under
signed for the purchase of the Cattle. Horses
ando'her personal property, snd the real es
tale of the late Antoinn Oodey.   'terms ***_
Partlnilftts thereof may be obtained from
Peter Marquart. Nicola, t ft
Offlioal Administrator, Co.my nf Yale,
Kamloops, B. C.
8ITTIN0 of the County Oourt of Yale.
will be held In the Court House, Nioola
B.C., on
Monday, 9th October
.at 10 a. i
C. C. Registrar.
Should he bought when
they are at their best. We
advise our customers to
buy their Peaches, Plums
and Prunes now.
Peaches per box $1.00
Plums, " 75
Prunes per lb.  - 05
Send along your orders
Hor^eshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
_    _       -        _
Acn.niniaiit.Comings .hi,Insurance
and Oeneral Aifciit.
Main Street,                    ���      Vamlonns
8010 Westminster Road
H. <. Urown Ntock ot Fruit and
Ornamental Tree*.
Apple Teres; 2 and 3 year olds: MS to $20 per
100. a 1'iinluiK to vu-let v. One-)ear-olds, I tn 5
feel. |M to till perlliO
Rite* nice stock uf Cherry Peach, Plum,
Vpricnts. etc, now _ nwin�� forfall orders. Mo
��� xpense, lnssorrlelay of fuinissiinn or inspee-
lioii. Nn nir iri e your list before plaeins your
oder   ('stsios free.
Ureenhoiise Plant*. Floral Work, Ree Supplies, split Packages. FVrtllsers, etc.
3010 Westminster rtoad,      Vavo iuvkk. H
All kinds of Watcn, Clock
and Iclry re, airs el.iie in
tirs. class order and satisfaction t'UiraniHfil. All work
entrusted to nu> care will he
completed and le'nriied *ith-
c ut delay
W. II. < AMI'BMX A to..
C. P. It. Time 1 '-p.'i'liiis. Kamloops
We are headquarters for
School Books
Exercise Books
and supplies of every description
Give us a trial
Kamliio s and Vernon
LOWER NiroLA, B. 0.
All kinds of repair work don* In ��
neat aud satisfactory manner and in short
Our Leaders in Teas are Marigold,
Nabob and Salada���all Favorites
We have constantly on hand
Hardware, Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Miners' Supplies, etc.
At Right Prices
The Soda Fountain is now in full blast.
Ice Cream Daily.
A. R.
General Agent Excelsior Life Insurance Co.
Notary Public.
We are in a position to show you one of the best assorted stocks ever placed in Nicola. We have secured
the newest and most fashionable goods, so you can depend on anything you see here as just right for style,
qualitv and value.
We lead and will convince you so that you will
leave us and be well satisfied with our goods.
New Dress Goods
New Skirts
New Silk Waists
New Shoes
All of the Best and Prices to suit the pockets.
See and be Convinced.
Lumber, Flour and Feed always on Hand.
, D, xiltlVlkj I IXUll
Lower Nicola,        -        -        B. C.
Jos. Richards,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling in Connection.
Telephone Connection


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