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The Nicola Herald Dec 13, 1906

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 H K L-jUUtive Assembly
Ven 9.   No. t 0.
$2 a Year
lulJNllNU *0K COAL
Tbe Salvation Army  to tupply
When (Vmmissioni r Toombs leaves
British Columbia he will carry an agreement  with ihe i'rovincial government
I by which the Salvation  Aimy  under-
j takes to bring a certain number of de-
Hew Oompany Have Started Work on sirable settlers west of the Rocky Mts.
Ooal.   Seam -Expect    to   Have     ; at specified seasons of the year.    This
Plenty of Ooal Por Ship- ��� arrangement Hon. R. G. Tatlow minist-
j er of {[agriculture, and other members
"" ' ' �� j of the cabinet believe will result in  re-
_,  , , ,   . ���   , n ���      ! lieving to a material extent the incon-
Work has comm meed at Coal Gulley, I      .        , ..    ,, ,
i venience due to the scarcity of labor,
on the property of the newly registesed j   Akhough it wjl| hardly be possible for
coal company,  the  Nicola Valley Coal j the Salvation Ar.ny to direct a sufficient
and Coke C . I/d.  A'ex. Faulls, M. E. I number of emigrants to British Colum-
suprintendent  arrived last week and |bia t0 completely solve the labor quest-
���    ,   ,. .. I ion next year, their continued efforts
after looking over the property put sev-14        ,   '. .    .       . ,
towards bringing   homeseekers   west
eral men to work on Monday doing the | ghouid have results extremely.satisfact-
preliminary work in opening the prop- j ory to those most in need of help.'  In a
erty up in a systematic way and on a | word, it should give the managements
Profitable  Exploration  W-tW on  tha
Similkameen Mining Property.
V'lat is said by local mining men to
be one of the big rest ~tril.es of hi.ch-
gradc ore made in Hriiish Columbia in
recent years is r ported from RearCreek
in a letter received by W. H. Armstrong
Twice Fefore AU.mrted to Take T?(r i vice-president of the Similkameen Min- Important Question to bo Brought Be
Life.    Usrd   Fope   Made Cut
of Her Own Skirts.  Mind
large scale. As soon as work advances
so as to allow more men to ba put to
work they will be employed. The necessary buildings will be erected at once
for offices, boarding and lodging, and
tool and work shop. Thrje portable
houses have been ordered and with the
large quantity of timber and lumber to
be used considerable work will be going
on around the company's property.
During the erection of buildings and
bunkers, mining operations will be confined to gottin,' uu coal which is avail
able for mining now, the company figuring on having ready for shipment
of industries, the proprietors of large
ranches and farms an opportunity to
inerease their staff of employees materially. The outcome of this movement
on the part of the government is expected to prove beneficial to the piov-
ince as a whole.
Shareholders Liability
The following isquoted from the bunking laws of Canada to which unchartered hanks are amenable, in fact under
the banking laws only charterj.i i.mks
aro really allowed to use the   name
Last Thursday morning In lians
living at Sawmill Flat, near Petit
Creek, found the lifeless body of a
young squaw hanging from a tree,
across the road from the ranch-
On investigation it was found to
ing and Smelting Company from the
mine superintendent, says the Province.
A week ago the superintendent wrote j
that the vein had widened from four to
six feet, and that a decided change was
coming in the formation.   At that time
fore tou lnlon House to Regulate
Cr al Lends Owned by the
It has been ascertained from  Hon.
Frank Oliver that from April 29 to Nov.
he could not speak with assurance as to ^ lhe gea8()n of navigation on the St.
the ultimate width, as the change  was | Lawrence( thi, year> there arrived vis
not sufficently pronounced.   In the let- ^  104)0g6  immigrants  and
ter received last week, however, the I from the Uuited State8) g^ immi.
ore crossed to the foot wall, and the , grantg( making , total immjgration of
shaft is now in solid grade ore.    Thej137506     of thjs numberj 22,224 had
shaft is six feet across and there is still located in Quebec and t()e eastern prov.
he a ease of suicide the only marks | two feet of ore to the hanging wall, \ ^ ����� in Ontario. 26,394 in  Man-
in evidence around the tree being making a solid body eight feet wide.    ' itobg| 17581 in Saskatchewan, 17,157 in
her own, and tke rope used for the    The developments confirm the opinions Aibertap and 15>531 in British Columbia
deed was strips torn from her skirts. I "J Wilhar\ Yf"   Willia,r!s'    Walk", while 60 went to the Yukon.
���,     , ,,-,.,        ,   ,.    ' Harvey and other experts that ores of
The deceased lived with an Indian. this  character increase in My an(J 	
named Aleck, and twice before had. value with depth.   At the present rate I On Coal Landa.
tttempted to take her life,  having | of progress the company will have at!   An important question is to be brought
some time ago tried hanging at her least half a million dolliirs worth of ore ' before the Dominion parliament at an
blocked out within the ntxt six months, ear,y date by John Herrori| member for
"Bank" which is supposed to Btand for
three months time from 500 to a 1000 j financial steadiness and resources at a. y
tons of cual. j time,   h io.Iiio ��oa, uiaK.a .ne Cunuu-
"In referring to the coal properties
in the Coldwater section, Dr. Ells ol
the dominion geological survey says in
his last report that there are four separate seams of coal in Coal gulley on
the Green estate, that the thickness of
the lower seam, worked from timj to
time is five feet coal, 1 1-2 feet sandstone and 13 feet 7.inches in commercial
coal. This coal averages from three
set of samples and is over 55 per cent
carbon and high grade coking coal."
Another seam on the property about
one and a half miles from Coal Gulley,
on the banks of the Coldwater, Dr. Ells
thinks is separate and distinct of any
seam yet opened in the gulley, and it
will be possible without the aid of one
dollar for machinery and equipment,
other than rails and cars and a couple
of mules for haulage, to mine at the
present time from 100 to 200 tons per
day. Thit production could be increased within twelve months to 1,000 tons
per day, which would supply a town of
5,Win people. This is a possibility of
only a small portion of the field and the
property of one company, and a great
many more interested in this section
will strike the same seam and the coal
products increased beyond expectation.
No part of the country is to well situated for development and smelling industries, and the time is not far away
whin the prophecies of many, that the
ian banking system ahead of ail oilier.-,.
"(1) Banks are forbidden to lenu
money on the security, mortgage or
Hypothecation of real estate, ships, or
io engage in trade generally. (.) The
purchasers of bank stock assumes a
double liability���Lhat is, if in winding
up proceeedings the entire capital is
wiped out and a deficit remains the
-hareholders are liable to the extent of
un additio al amount equal to the amount of the shares they held; this is for
the security at the public. t3) A holder is not relieved of his liability by selling his shares, if ihe sale is made within 60 days of the banc's suspension.
By our banking laws the public are
amply protected. Note holders and de-, .
positors are absolutely safe; in case of! Jure(1 n"'
failure these liabilities are a first charge
on the assets of a bank, our banking-
laws which are recognized as the best.
in the world are so flamed as to ensure the most absolute security to the
old home at Kanaka Bar bttt without success. During the past sum -
mer she attempted to throw herself
in the way of the construction train
hut was frustrated hy friends, last
week she was successful in the attempt. While perfectly harmless
her mind was more or lens unhinged.
The body wrts taken to Lytton to
be interred ill the Indian cemetery
at that place.
the head of exploration ratiur cnan
mining. The exploration wort is in itself representing a handsome profit, as-
although the present works come under j M(Le< Alta    lle will move .That in
the opinion ot this house, the coal lands
owned by the government of Canada
should only be alienated under such consulting the fact that when stoping   and ; djtion3i and subjeet t0 such contro| an(j
shipping commence these profits can be Lgulaliun> a8 wi)| onawt for an im-
increased immediately. Average as- f mt,aiale 8Upp|> 0l tual auequate at all
says show the ore to run about $70 per allle8 l(J Ull, lvquiiemeius of the people
ton, fifty dollars in gold and ten dollars aL reasullabie ommt tu the consumer,
each in silver and copper. and lhac m N^���, t��� coa| |andsg|rtady
alienated legislative provision should be
made fur such control and regulation, in
Railway Work. ^^ of ��� >uwl|   a8 WO in future
Before the next issue of this paper it prevent loss and suffering to the people
is expected that work on the station \ "i ihe western provinces through the
E. Larsen of Aspen Grove  was
Nicola on Tuesday.
Drowned at Ashcroft.
At the bridge now under construction
at Ashcroft across the Thompson ltiver
three men were drown"d last Wednesday.
The accident occurred through the
James Woodward and family arrived
to-day from Lower Nicola and will reside in Nicola.
James Murchison, foreman at the
station buildings has been confined to
ihe house the past few (lays with an in-
The Young People's Guild will have
their next meeting at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. ft VV. Jackson, Triangle
ranch, Quilchena.
buildings will be completed. The carpenters under the direction of F. Hoy
the superintendent, are pushing the
work ahead and a few days will see the
lack of fuel supply."
The Cnrtstnias Rod and Oun.
Bristliest and earliest amongst the
completion of the Nicola station ready j a,lMmi numbt,ra, with a new colored
for the occupation of the C. P. II.
Work on the ballasting has been gohig
ahead despite the snow fall and the
short distance yet to be completed will
not take long.
The fencing on bolh sides of the track
is now finished and every lining is in
readiness for the C. P. K. to take over
the now completed line. This they will
do at the beginning of the year and the
iroiuispiece and illustrations that ar**
really beautiful, comes the December
issue of "Kid and Gun and Motor
Sports in Canada," published by W. J.
l.iylor, .a Woodstock, Dm. With every
���IM) a stunt; one, ihire are several
dial havedisiinci force. Nosportsnun
ian fail in experience thrids as he reads
of lhe desperate p.i.Jil  of  a  party  of
Mrs. .lames Chapman of St. Monans
Cottage, Lower Nicola, returned homei
Saturday after spending a few days in
Nicola visiting with friends.
Owing to the indisposition of Alec D.
Macintyre, judge of the court of revis-
..\plorers who were lost in the Canadian
"'l8: woods only a  few  weeks ago.     This
" sion ol a strenuous iilp" is   lolu   in
vivid lanyuu.e  bj  J.   liussell touiia.
Christinas s.ories are in evidence vylule
I not too olisliusiw, aim lhe stories oi  a
Avery enihusiaslic general  meeting  ,,;,.���, arisma, m lb, Ca,ladi,���  i;���,k-
f the Nicol, Valley Conservative  ht,\m mjm t>Wm,   (o .m aa.ilK,|U|   l|w
three times a week after the 11th Jan.
Consi'i'Vutivo.H ^eet
social ion was held at Nicola on  Friday
afternoon, representatives being in attendance from ilill'erent parts of the
A number of new members were ad-
breaking of the tackle holding one end i ion the court will not meet  to-morrow i dod t0 ,^. r,,|| mAkm a lot of routine
Christmas dinner had to be adjourned
till midnight; and a Christmas Hunting
[Trip, which has its scene near Granite
Creek which nearly ended in a Christmas
tragedy; are not only interesting,  but
of a scow to a cable spanning the river.
Nicola Valley will have a population of ! The scow was swept against the false
IU'000 will come to pass.
A Poetical Appeal.
The following poetical appeal won fnr
its author, the editor of the Rocky
Mountain Celt, the prize of $1,000 for
the best appeal poem to newspaper men
to pay up their subscription.
"Lives of poor men all remind us,
honest men don't stand   no   chance.
The more we work, there grow behind Died at Tor��nt��-
us bigger patches on our pants. On j Mrs. (Rev.) T. H. Wright, of Nicola B.
our pants once new and glossy, nowiC, received word last week that her
are strips of different hue, all because mother, Mrs. Dunlop, had died at Tor-
work of the bridge,  and tipping over
threw three men into the water.
Carl Gregory and John Smith were rescued after being in the   water some
The drowned men are L. McMillan
H. McMillan and A. E. Etheridge.
The search for the bouies has as yet
been unsuccessful.
as advertised but on Friday the 21st.
C. T. Apcnes who was connected with
the engineering department of the railway was in Nicola this week. Mr. Ap-
enes is rapidly recovering from an injured limb having lractureda bone in
his foot.
convey morals to every sportsman.   The
five minutes dream of a Nature Student
on Christmas eve, the story of an Indian's
shortly to select I candidate to contest, vengeanci, andiu result told in fine vers,
I business being transact,-tl.
I    A convention will be held at Ashcroft
Yale riding in the Conservative  interests  and  (lie  following were elected
and a ladies exploring trip only slopped
from going tothe  'furthest norih" for
subscribers linger and don't pay   us
what is due.
Then let us be up and doing, send in
your mite, however small, or when the
snow of winter strikes us we shall have
no pants at all."
onto, on Dec. 1st.    The deceased
The subscription list for the annual
Christmas tree has reached a considerable amount and the committee are now
securing presents for the young people.
A programme will be remit red during
the entertainment.
delegates: Ceo. McCullough, Wm. Mc. ..^ ^ by ^ fact thalthl, |iruad
Neil, Ric. A. Fraser, H. S. Cleaeby, | Sagklltchewan wa8 in n,^, told in the
E. Walker.^. II. Owen, Alex Gordon, brighest yejn by Mjs8 TuM| plV8ent
1    '   ' with the many other stories, a mine of
good things which not only sporlsmer
but the whole family circle may enjoy.
A wide range is covered in this number
Messrs. Crook and Aya of Portland, ;and a��� m departments are aa interest-
On..., were in Nicola the first of the jng 89 mm whi,e the who]e number
week.     They are interested in coal, demon8trates the high ptaw th; pub|ic.
lands in the Coldwater section, being , atJon h&g uken throughout Canad8p aIMj
I directors of the B. C. i^pMM ImmtOOf wmtrAaJmt tht ******* *t the
B. Armstrong the Lower Nicola Coal Company.
Interested In Coal Lands.
, Dominion in the many parts of
68 years of age and a member of the j merchant, has his store tastily decorat-1   They stat.d that it was the intention t worid ^ whjch it now p^^tes.
Methodist Church.   Herbody was taken ! ed, and with some of the choicest and I of the company to incorporate under the
to Belleville, Ont., where interment
took place beside her late husband Archibald Dunlop who died 28 years ago.
best Christmas goods ever brought into B. C. laws at once and early next sum-
the Nicola Valley his establishment mer drilling and development work
produces a sight worth seeing. would be commenced on the property.
Jos. R. A. Richards and Mrs. Richards of Coutlee were in Nicola Sunday THR NiCOI.n HERALD
Notice is herebv given that sixtv davs
Publlihod Ev��ry Thursday IlAKKISTliK, SOLICITOR, afier dale  I   will applv  to Ihe Hon.
Subscription, in Advance. 12 I Year NOTARY   1-nu.lC,   CTC. Chief Commissioner ol Lands niWoriu
,v w u ����'��m��. �� ��� i f(pr a |lcensi. t0 pr,,s,M et lor coal on the
 . __ So>lc'torf,,r the Bank of Mwtreal.    (M\m*W described tract of land:
Beginning at  a posi  mark d B.   P.
Nicola, B. C, December 13, 1906.
H. C
Barrister,Notary Public &c L1liam8i thm.e ^ in ^ tht,nce
"IlegavcliisoiiK begotten n."
The world stands ujKmthe tiesli
old ef that KMM of the year when
;he thought of Christendom LtftitK      Jollll D. SWHMSOII, IL A.
ti\cl\ turns to the  most  gladsome  rmrtwm*. Womw<* am*   iV.ury I'iiMh
Little, South West corner said post be
ing located at lhe South west corner of
Section 24, Township III,  in the  Kamloops Division of V,,l-District,   B.   C.
Thence North 40 chains, ihence Kast 40
Official Ailmiiii-irmnr West 4�� chains lo point   of  lommence-
(iHlce.   n ���IlllIM  I I lllf rs^tWl     ment,   saitl  desclioidliind  b. ing   the
Ka'iili��i|��. II. I
South-West quartei of t*ki section 24.
B. P. Little, Locator.
Dec. Hth. 1!KHJ.
Notice is hereby git en that thirty days
ll) in the annals of recorded   time    "������*  ���*���'. !���","-:." �� MikoM',,,,,   afi. r .jut. I inlend ,o a)Pl> U, the Chief
iiiitiv. Miiiihi.nli.iif Vii.H.i -tnwi. kauiloo|w  (ummissioner of Lands and Works  tor
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up $14,400,000.T Rest, $10,000,000
Head Office:   Montreal.
Interest allowed at current rates.
���the birthday of the Saviour of the
We mav not lie able wifii out finite understandings to comprehend
���he height and depth of the greal
plan which come forth from the
mind  of the   Infinite and  which
Mnm-y lo limn un n t1 mtHti- -i-nintt.
.* :c"UufitMr,C<Miiiiii h ,m, ItHNftMl
Hurt (ifihT i' Al" ii'.
Mnin tftfMfl ��� Wfl!nl(ni|H
j��.o "F
compreheiitleil  the  redemption  of   fwmiefaS'fcw ^K,,'i'!!','?,'earii'i"'"'i'
.    .    il.8 p.'tt, in I'.inli't-II ,11.    Vj. k Srelhreii
the entire hiimaii race, hut we find  witiaiij turtle*,
A. II   Ctltll|\(IT"\    I'll.
ii  iloitoov  Ui uit.n.-t'i'.
a licence lo cut and tarry away timber
from lhe following distrili.il lands; Situated in Ihe Valedi-trid of B, C. com-
-  in. Defoe at a post marked T.J. Smiih's
North Kast  turner and adjoining  the
.Coldwater I. R. thence \V .-i ni chain.-
thence South Ml chains, ihence Easl  Hi
ehains, ihenee North HU thaind to point
of commencement.
Dated Noveraberl7th, IHU6.
T. .1. Smi i ii. Lucator.
K. B. Smith, Agent.
X      I   K.
Thirty days after date 1 intend to
apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worki for I liceiice'to pros-
pjet for coal on th.- ioiio.vin,' lands,
starling at a po-t on section 4 township
in ihe Inspired Word this passage
��� f iiiiiiiistakahle import: "For Got':      HARDIMAN & CO
so loved Ihe   world  that  He  gav.   Und Mlnlns and Oeneral Supply Agts ����� ^
His only lit-otten son, that whoso-1 mii,��� ,.,,,,,���,,,,,,,<"!������ < *b*f>.k**W jW" ***>   ""J" f   |"*" ���"��*
���ti'ii-i-, ��imuIi.i.-c. -i-ini f .t-.in-i^i ..f mm. thence weit to point of commencement.
e\er helievetlt on Him  should  no!  notminimiimirrtK k.i.���,i.oi, .. i nnm- November25th. Iliwi.
iinrit-. iliiniiKli ii..- Iii-'.i,-.   ��� hIii.. a.iilri-- Jus. I,UAIIAM, Locator.
perish, hut have everlasting   life.      '*',',","."    ' **** "'������������������". Moit,mks Smi.
W.ircliiiii.i'--i iin'ont. Menh v'hIIii), H. I',
Iii thus.- wouls we find an epitome- of the I) vine plan, The motive and  the  reason  are both  se'
Thirty days after date I intend toap-
.     ply to the Chief Cotninissioiierof Lands
iof ari.-i   r t.
Vnlii'cl-  hereby  uiicit Ilia1   ��
���Ui.-I 0,1,-nrt i���,,,,,h in ike riiicf ,-������,���,i- , and wmks lor a license i�� eutandt.tin
forth, and while we mav mane!   j \t"' J��""-'  *"rk- 'ur P'.nni-sin,, i��� away limber frum tho following land*;
.iie-\,..,-m tm* nt p.- un- land.j mi;, stailiiii! al a post on the  left  bank  ol
over what   was comprehended   111 '��� \",k',  v..'ni ^iVeut c Lr  rlun'Z <-��'<kv Creek near lot M A running HU
Inrih    :i   ekiliM,   Ihetmi   ��i-i m rh��in., chains Well,   ihenee  su chains   north,
that plan, we except it as a grea1 |ih"hf����HiihJioimlos thtooe ��*ti����i*e'B��U) thence SO chains oast, ihence tSU chains
mini 11 coiiuii^iiri-nifnt. .,,1, ,    .   .,,.    i ,,���,,��� ���,������������.,
i! (iL'Li.iFoi;ii su sotitn to point oi commencement
inpeniirovf, Oct 30. Ii����i
truth and know that   the merging
of lhe world  from darkness into
light (l.t'es from the hour when tin
Star of Ileihleliem flashed across th
Jtideati sky.
Jesus Christ was therefore God'*
first Christmas gift   to a sad and   K\\ i,,.,,!, ���f w,,,!,,,,, ttUmha, .\e*eh\
November iWh. IW6.
Jos. i.itAiiAM, Locator.
i    n   I
'    WtltCllllKllvCr    leWPlCr     Thi|,ly day "for date I intend to ap-
m uitiniuii\i.i,.n.��t.ici   ^ mAttWCummliiionaof Lands
..,.,,,������.    ,, ��� anil work.-lol .i iieeiiM'to cut and earrj
KC\II.imiI'\ |i. C
Id.    No wonder  that
etc., kept in si.'ilk.    WHiding ,,rrK
HIlM H s|i ���l-IHl' \.
weary   world.
Heaven's joy-hells rang! No won
tier that the gates of Paradise seemed   to  open   while  angels  looked j	
down upon Ihe scene.
In that hour was horn the spirit
of cheer, peace on earth, and good
will toward men which has never
died out during all the centuries
which have passed. There have
been times when its splendor has
seemed dimmed, and when men
appeared to forget the sentiments
of that first Christmas message, bill
on Christmas day itself, few there
end work.- im ii Iicviiki to cut and cut)
awa.i liinber Irom ibe following lauds;
siiirtin. at a pi is i on lhe left bank ol
Codiy I reek and running bO chains
souih, I hence mi cheine west, thence Mj
chains north, tht nee Ni ehains east to
point of commencement.
First fUss mmrs ilmtp on ��hort no'ic. ' November tfilh. IHWS.
Jus. liKAHAM, Locator.
All ktIMb of Wi'ch, Ci-ek
hi il .I* .elry rnt mrs d"lie ni
firs' rlw�� iinlt-r hiiH HutisfHC-
in.ii eiMmnteori,    a.i wrk
piitrns'e'l In om ore *ill he
BnlM|ilHted hiiiI re'uriied * H '
out dclny.
H. 'I. < tMi'lil I.I, .v �� o���
(!. I'. It. Tunc In-pci-tors. K*mlm|*
nlso  General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Mirola, Lake, B. C.
I leave Spences Bridge
Kvery  Thursday  lor Mciila lake,   Kamloops,
Princeton antl way puints at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave  Kamloops
Kvery Monday lor  Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
hvery   Sunday   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicol'i
Fvery  Tuesday and  Friday  for   Spences
Hridge Ml 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
S|)'cial trips made by appointment.
TeJpphon - connection with Kamloops
M. V. KTIW'AKT,    -    - '  P.opnetor
ui iu-..
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works lor a lieniseto cut and carry
away timber irom the b 'I ��ing lands;
starting et ��� post at the wuth-eeH eta-
nor of Jos. Graham'i ind, location, nin-
iiiii(,r DO chains south, ihence Ml ehains
west, theme 80 chains north, thence hi) [
chains eut lo puini ol coiniiieiicement
November 2tith, IM.
J. K. A. Kkhakhs, Locator.
Jos. 'IKAHAM, Agent.
.   .,        : flllAVIt I'ACIFIt' IIOII-L. K.tiitl *   'Ih
wild do not count it a  privilege  ��   imrMeMel'nihKraHw*) -i:ii".n.   'Ih
���inly  cnvni-nli'iil  lnili-1  ht  irivil,
to iourncv in imagination with the """";��� k'""1 '^f*^ Hjioie.   Two Ur��.
1 suiilile rooms.   I', A.
. Itaritliiir . pro*' ii-tnr.
IjtNrfl si Hilling in fn..nri inni.
Manokaotohkk ami Ukaikk is
Rough and Dressed
Nurseries and Seedhouses
ukou *u ��� o7a.~^~,amt~rr~z.-ai'.Tr,;r-a
wise men of tbe east, to that humble
cradle in the manger which the A."?nBf,/!T ?!!TRI,* J***T ZX?:*1"*
Lx   hn cl fnr n-iiin-in A-lii-riifi.   I lit- b -i nf
Cliricf rtiil/l   mnAa   bull-   .i-itIi    bis   '��Wefc����*.   Ilnl min inld lut'lis   M���r ���. ,.,..
Llinst-tliiKl  main  noi>   uun   nis .,,���.���,,,��� ,,���,������,lM ir���in,. j���hnsUn& Purklex,
tni Ornmnental Tree* una Bmturtd  for
the f*l    tM(lf
No nj(inise,   loss or  delay of fumi((��
lion or inspection
Hev ipmneis for Pn.'ilic Coast   grown
liinli-ii,   FihIiI   mid   Flower   Heed*  ID
Thirtv davs after date I intend toap-i .! ��� mK    BOPPL1B,    Rprw   Punms,
ply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands  iti��'H��-riil Mill ronlniel. I \c< nled , i\ |1n|h 0,1 S ��,,, Unvnhous,. 1'i.uim, Cut
and Works for a licence to cut and carry ! ,���MrKS mooBKATU i Fl"*er"- |ll,l,w '���" ,hI1 l'|!",l,"��
away timber from the following lands; [ Wain hoMuamon our own urounds���
star'tin..'atapo.t at the south-east cor-; ' no r.nt to pnyitol ure prfj��rfd to meet
,,or of Jos. (baham's 2nd. location, run-:     Mail orders promptly attended to     ; M c���m!,e,iM������
J. A. MENZIES,   -   Lower Nicola.     C;t ��e imoj' your Ite b-foie pWeto|
y..ur order.   CnUlngae Free,
Is prepared to take contracts for
sawing lumber and getting out
mn..' 80 chains south, thenc W chains
east, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west to point of commencement.
November 26th. 11)06.
A.Collktt, Lica'or.
Jos. Cuaham Agent.
Dowie Raving Mad.
John Alexander Dowie has gone raving mad. His mind is now a wreck, and
it is believed that his end is near. Two
hundred of his followers inZion gathered
in Shiloh house, the Dowie home to hear
him deliver a sermon, and were confronted by a mad man. Dowie's delusion is thathe is a famous soldier. Weak Name of **&
physically and almost helpless, he incoh- cant
erently harranged of a battle, in which
General Blacksmith
.10111 W.slniiiiH'er lload,
Vanooivkk, B. C
The following  applications under the "Liquor Licence Act, 1900," have
been received by me:
Horse 8hoe|i.|( . ��|..-emliy.
Description of Licence applied for
his commander,  a  famous general   is Brennan, W. .I... Retail Renewal... Royal Hotel, Notch Hill;
killed.   Then he himself wonthebattle. Homfray, W. U.. Retail Renewal. . Adeiphi Hotel, Grande Prairie
"I  have broue-ht  the general's bodv Howse, A. E Retail Renewal... Driard Hotel, Nicola Lake
I have brought tne gtneral s body j'j  T K     Rt,tai, ReIuvlaL. Gold I)r.,djt. Hotel, N. Thompson Riv
here in my tent,   said he,    and   I am Kirbyi Stanlt.y... Retail Renewal... Quilchena, Hotel, Quilchena.
now makihg a funeral oration over it. padmore, F. W... Retail Reri'wal... C. P. R, Hotel, Sicamous.
The foreign powers are sending repres
entatives to treat with me."    Nurses
carried him out of the room.
Also an application from W. J. Brcnnan, Royal Hotel, Notch Hill, to transfer to Sophie Sullivan.
A meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners will be held at the Court
A very successful turkey shoot was Houpe, Kamloops, at 11 a. m. on Monday, the 24th December, 1906.
held at Quilchena on Saturday afternoon. E. T. W. PEARSE,
About adozen turkeys werediaposcdoff. Kamloops, B. C, 6th December, 1906. Chief Licence Inspector.
Unequalled q��a
Sun}iper f$esort
Good Fishing ;incl Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
1882   1905
Hev. W. J, Bimuu, B. A.. B.D.
Rev. J. P HowKi.i., Bursm
A comi't'tc f turner"!*! snd hu^inen*
course Students prepeted to gain tench
��� rs ci-ii'i.-1'-��t' .ill grikdeii. In univer
nity work * full course for the B. A. de
ttet of Totonto Unbernity.
In'tructirtii given in Mnaic, Art, Pbyi
cil Culture and Klocutioo.
8end for Calendu. THE   NICOLA   HERALD
List Your Property With Me
G. M. BRASH,     herald block      NICOLA, B. C.
m'mm. -JHTPir~*'riy.n tmjt
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of I-ands and Works for
a license to cut and carry away timber
from the follow1! :g described lands situate! in the Y��le District pf Briti' h Col-
umlia, commencing at a poet marked R.
li. .Smith, north-west corner; adjoining
Charki Sterling's sout h- west corner ana
;ii�� i.i one half mile eaat of the Cold-
w.itir river, thenee south 80 chains
i te east 80 chains thence north 80
chai s, thence weat 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
lated November 17th, 1906.
R. B. Surra, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that ,'10 days
after date I intend to apply to theChiei
Commissioner of Lands and Works tor
i licence to cut and carry away limber
'mm h ��� fu'l-iwing descr > d lands, ii-
natedi'i 'h" Y-ilf>rii��'r       i'l! C I-
umbia; begiuning at a post marked R.
B. Smith north- west corner, adjoining
Charles Sterling's south-west comer and
about one half mile east of the Cold-
water river, thence south 80 chains
thence eaat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
Dated November 17th, 1906.
R. B. Smith, Locator.
. < J   .
Notice is h r . s n n.at sixty days
.'rom dale 1 int. i,u u app.i io lhe chui
oinnn.viioii.i nm   anu  works for
i rniis.-ioii    ��� Imw   ,i.u ucrcs ot
���i n ' ! )> f I - n. ted about 8
a- follows
commencing at a post marked J. C. jr.,
N w corner, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 40 chain.-,
thence north 40 chains to point of commencement. The initial post of land
applied for lies about one mile W of M.
Adams N W corner posi.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept. 13th, 1906.      R. H. Winny, A.t.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one  now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
�� .iiiitTm
E. Walker of the Coldwater was a
dsitor to Nicola this week.
Dr. Macphail of Otter Valley was in
Nicola for a few days this week.
Capt. Flick of Lower Nicola spent
few days in town this week.
A court of revision and appeal under
the provisions of the Assessment Act
will be held in the court house, Nicola,
on Friday 14.
Dan Roas of Granite Creek and Otter
Valley made a visit to Nicola  Tuesday.
The public schools will close on Thursday the 20st. for thelhristmas holidays.
Postmaster Carrington haa installed
twenty-four post office boxes and six
drawers in his office for the use of the
general public desiring a post office
box for their mail.
Jos. Guichon and Mrs. Guichon of
Quilchena were visitors to Nicola this
R. L. Clark left Saturday evening for
Spence" Bridge and Kamloops on a business trip.
Mrs. Pooley of Tamerton Ranch left
Wednesday for Kamloops and will leave
in a few days for Pictou, N. S. where
she will spend Christmas and New
Yeaas with relatives.
Calls your attention to
the fact that you want
Robes and Horse
and the best place to get them is at
Harness and Saddlery
B, P. Little manager of the Diamond
Vale coal drilling operations near Forks-
dale spent Monday in Nicola.
A. R. Carrington will conduct the
Methodist service in Lower Nicola on
Sunday evening at T.8H p. m.
Rev. 1). K. Allan will hold service at
Nicola on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
and at Lower Nicolu at ;t p. m.
S. Tingley of Ashcroft arrived in Nicola Tuesday afternoon and is looking
over his interests in this section.
Miss Quennell who had been visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guichon,
Quilchena, left for Nanaimo on Friday.
Bert Irwin who has spent the past
year at Hedley, returned from Kamloops this week where he had been visiting his parents. He expects to remain
in Nicola for some time.
R. H. Lee C. E. of Kamloops spent a
day in Nicola last week and made three
surveys of the river lor a likely place to
build the bridge, lie returned home on
Friday and will make bis report to the
Sell your hogs to the M. M.   M.  and
get spot cash.
Always acceptable.     Ivtusy to send
and a pleasure to give.
We have Hooks for  Kvtrylxxly at
Rev. T. II. Wright leaves for Vernon
where he is expected to preach nt th
Missionary Anniversary on Sunday next.
A meeting of the Licencing P.oard
will be held at Kamloops on Monday
De-ember the 24th. for the renewal of
retail licences.
We have 25.000 feet of 1x4 and 1x6
suitable for flooring, ceiling and rustic,
piied under cover. Also a large quantity of other building material on hand.
Send your orders while times are slack.
Nicola Portable Sawmill.
J. G. Thynne of Otter Valley with
Mrs. and Miss Thynne spent a few days
in Nicola this week. Mr. Thynne left
yesterday for I ngland nnd will spend
the hclidavs with his relatives.
Mrs. A. W. Richardson left for her |
home at Kamloops Saturday evening via '
Spences Bridge.   She had been in Nic-1
ola nursing her husband who met  wilh
an accident on the gravel train at Coutlee.
We still have a few Sacks of nice dry
onions left at the M. M. M.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Just Arrived
Fifteen cases of Rubber Goods, the i
best on the market.    These Rubbers
will be marked at the lowest possible
prices.   Call and inspect our stock before buying.   G. B. Armstrong.
Strayed to R. Gulliford's ranch Aspen
Grove, a cow branded B on side. Owner can hav ��� same by paying expenses.
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Floar, Groct'/ies,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes. ...
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
On Sunday December the 23rd. the
Rev. T.H.Wright will preachspec'al sermons hearing on the "Birth of Christ,"
in Nicola and Lower Nicola. Suitable
singing appropriate to the occasion will
be rendered.
Sleighing has been the order of the
day during the past week, which has
been very good. Quite a fall of snow
has been reported in all parts of the
district necessitating the ranchers to
commeace feeding their stock-
Grand Exhibition
Of  Fall  and   Win'er Clothing now
opened at G. B. Armstrong's.
J: M. Christian has been in the Val
ley during the week purchasing horses I
for the North west. Mr. Christian expects to ship his stock from Nicola
shortly, saving the long drive he has
hud to contend with.
There will be a Christmas tree and
entertainment in McGregor's Hall i/ow-
er Nicola on ("hristmas Eve. An interesting programme will be rendered and
refreshments will be served by theLat-
ies. Everyone will receive a hearty
Whjte gelding branded HV on off side
0 J \t near side (both rump).    Owner
can hfVe same by paying expenses.
Lodwick, Aspen Grove.
Notice is hereby given that all placer
claims legally held in the Kamloops,
Ashcroft, Nicola and Similkameen Mining Division of Yale District will be
laid over from the 1st day of May, 1907.
G. C. Tunstau,.
Gold Commissioner.
Kamloops, Oct. 27th, IM
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B.C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for the
-il  i_k>*fe<<l <**-.-�������>��*'
Notice is hereby given that Courts of
Revision and Appeal, under the Provisions of "Assessment Act, 1903," and
amendments thereto, and the "Public
Schools Act, 1905," or the County of
Yale will be held as follows:-
For the Nicola District, at the Court
House, Nicola, on Friqay the 14th dav
of December, A. D. 1906, at 11 a.m.
For the Princeton District at the
Court House, Princeton, on Monday the
17th day of December, A. D. 1906 at 11
a. m.
For Ihe Kamloops District, at the
Court House, Kamloops, on Thursday
the 27th day of December, A.D. 1906 at
11a. m.
Dated at Kamloops, this 10th day of
November, A. I). 1906,
Judge ot the said court.
Headquarters for
A. W. Richardson the conductor of
the gravel train, who was injured at
Coutlee by the train going over him and
losing his right arm, is about aga'n and
rapidly recovering his strength. Mr.
Richardson had a narrow escape from
death, which was owing to his quick
judgment. He will leave for his home
at Kamloops in a few days.
UOtf'i'liKti HOTEL
Jos. fticlniPds,      -      proprietor
Toys of ail kinds for the Children, useful and ornamental - -
Choice presents for grown [up
People. Get in early and secure
the choicest on the market - -
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling ln Connection. Telephone Connection
NICOLA. -        B. C.


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