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The Nicola Herald Nov 20, 1906

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Vol. 2.  No. 48.
����C 2, 1906
$2 a Year
Alexander  Faulds Will  Arrive   This
Week and Superintend Work In
C mnectlon With the Deva-
lopmeut of Property,
Alexander Faulds, M E. Inat. M. E.,
haa been engaged as superintendent and
mine manager of the Nicola Valley Coal
& Coke Company, Ltd., and Commences
hia duties at nne:. Mr. Faulda is a colliery manager of a very wide experience. He is a certificated colliery manager of Great Britain, and was the originator in 1878, and is yet a member, of
the Mining Institute of Scotland, and ii
also consulting engineer of several Pacific coast mines. He was selected by the
Government to inquire into the cause of
the explosion at Fernie, ti. C, in 190-1.
Speaking of the Nicola Valley Coal &
Coke Company's property at Coutlee,
B. C. to a Province reporter he said:
"The portal and outcrop of the Nicola
Valley Coal & Coke Company's Jewel
aeam is the key of ihe situation of the
entire Nicola Valley coal basin, and it
is from this seam that coal w.ii be mined ready for an assured mar.tei three
months from now."
"Then you intend to start operations
at once?" he was asked.
"Yes, F. H. Lana and myself
will leave for Coutlee next week to begin operations. We shall first erect
buildings and bunkers. K. Marpole of
the C. P. It. has promised to build the
spur, about half a mile, as soon us we
have five hundrad io a thojsind ions of
coal in the bunkera. We intend to cut
out sections of the different seam.., one
of which is seventeen l'eet thick, to send
down here to be puton exhibition. Later on we shall start building coke ovens
and we hope to be sending large quantities of coal down the Nicola branch before next fall."
Resigns as County Court Judge.
Friends of the Hon. C. F. Cornwall
will regret to learn that he has beeVi
compelled to send in his resignation of
the position which he nas held so long
as judge of the County Court of Cari Iwo.
Judical duiiea in a district so large and
in which travelling means hard work
have proved to heavy for Judge Cornwall, thence the action, ln two capacities as a public man Mr. Cornwall has
won ther espeet witn all in wtiom he
came in contact. Lieutenant Governor
of British Columbia from 1881 to 1887
and County Court Judge from 1889 until
1906 is a long record and it has been
worthily held.
British Labor ForB. C.
Twenty-five thousand of the laboring
classes of England will be brought to
Canada next year through the Salvation
Army. This announcement was made
recently by a Victoria representative
of the organization. Commissioner
Coombe is expected to arrive here early
next nn it i th u> enter into negotiations
with the provincial government with
the idea of arranging to bring a large
proportion of their emigrants to British
���������_   ^
Control at Esquimau
The Canadian Department of Marine
assumes control of Halifax dockyard on
January 1st. next, and is now negotiating to take over Esquimaltdock as well.
Halifax property is worth about three
million and haa been unused since the
withdrawal of the North A thlantic squadron.
Speech Prom Throne Forcasts Tariff;
The Dominion Parliament was opened
at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. The
speech from the throne remarked upon
the unparalleled prosperity prevailing
in all part* of the Dominion and the increasing volume of trade with British
and Foreign nations. In the course of
his address Earl Grey made reference
to his visit to the West, ln part he
"During the recess following the last
session I visited the four Western provinces and was much gratified in the great
advance that is being made in the development of the vast resources of those
highly favoured sections of the Dominion. I found the people of the West rejoicing in their prosperity and full of
hope and confidence in the future growth
of its agricultural and industrial wealth.
The other salient points touched by
the speech of Earl Grey were,
Increased representation for Alberta
and Saskatchewan.
Revision of the Customs tariff.
Ratification of the treaty with Japan.
Taking over of Halifax dockyard.
False representation in immigration.
Dominion revenue greatly increassed.
Provincial suusidy resolutions to tie
unit beiorethe House at an early date.
Amendment, to t'ostolbce Act, Election Act, Dominion Lands Act.
Report oi Insurance Commission.
Tne usual list ol notices oi motion
was presented lo the House. Air. Bergeron is after the Ross rules, and Co:.
Hughes will move mat tl_e interests ol
i/_U-_uiu and tne British Empire wouiu
M best served by a fun partnership ol
union among llriuaii and ner Colonies.
Speaker Sutherland announced lii.u
Hon. Mr. Hyman nas sent in his resignation of his seat.
With the retirement of Hon. C. S.
ilyiii.iii ftoiii p.iniir in.', ovvin,' to the
disclosures in the 'jjoroiito Puuee Court,
| a rumor, winch seems to oe wen lounu-
ed, has been set going lo the etfect lhat
i iiiioin ni ion will be ottered the Minister's seat.
Lloeral Candidates.
During the past few weeks the Liberal Association in some districts have
been gelling busy anticipating a general
provincial election.
At Vernon, Dr. K. C. McDonald will
contest in. Okanagan against Price Ellison Conservative, the pre_.eni,memb_r.
On Monday me hamioops convention
met anu J. D. aawnson was chosen as
the Liberal standard-bearer.
ln Yale district Stuart Henderson w,l'
stand for re-election, in the Liberal interests.
Old Time Conductor Dead.
Thomas B. Harris, one of the oldest
i ������*] C. P. K. conductors, died in New
West. 'in��._r last Thursday. The deceased waa forty-six years of age, and
came here in the early days from Pembroke, Ont. He leaves a wife and two
children living in Vancouver. The funeral was held Saturday under the auspices of the Odd Fellows and the Order
of Railway Conductors.
���very Probability of a  New  Bridge
Across Nicola  River ts Connect
the Railway  Station With
the Town.
A public meeting to receive the report of the delegation who recently interviewed the governmenl with regard
to the proposed bridge across tne river
was held in Pooley's Hall on Friday
afternoon at 5 o'clock. H. H. Matthews
acted as chairman. The minutes of the
last public meeting at which the delegates received instructions were read and
on the motion of A. E. Howse seconded
by R. A. Fraser, adopted. A. E. Howse
then reported that the delegates met
Hon. R. Mc Bride, Hon. F. J. Fulton,
and Hon. R. F. Green at Victoria and
i placed the matter of a new bridge be-
I fore them. The ministers admitted the
| necessity for the bridge and would further in every way the wishes of Nicola
residents by the construction of abridge
at the earliest possible moment. They
would have an engineer sent in at once
to report on the matter and the people
of Nicola could rest assured that they
wouid do all in their power to further
the scheme and push it to completion.
A. W. Strickland said that the day after the interview he had seen Hon. R.
F. Green personally and Mr. Green had
assured him that the government would
push the matter through and an engineer to report on the scheme might be
expected in Nicola very shorlty. The
delegation had also seen R. Marpole of
the C. P. R. and he had promised to do
all in his power to further the scheme,
and any technical inlormation which he
could give was al the disposal of the
authorities whom he would help in every
possible way to further the construction
of the bridge at as early a date as possible. A. R. Carrington moved, seconded by 0. Murray thai the report of the
delegation be adopted and the best
thanks of the meeting be accorded lhe
delegates lor their successiul work.
The motion was unanimously agreeu lo.
Alter the bridge question a discussion
took place in reference to a report in
circulation in provincial papers that Nic-
dia was a likely place iur the sanitarium,
lhe reports were uiscredited and ai-
tnough no motion was inaue tne leeling
of ihe meeting was against the erect-
on of a sanitarium in ..i.ola.
The bazaar to be held iu Pooley's hall
on Friday under the auspices of the
Ladies Guild of St. John's Cnuivh of
England, commences at i p. in. and will
close al 5.30 o'clock, a choice lot of
fancy work will be for sale besides many
fancy articles prepared by the ladiea.
Refreshments will be served uunng ine
Falls Beneath Train Which Runs Oaor
Hln Arm
A serous and almost fatal accident
happened at Coutlee on Friday morning
last when Arthur W. Richardson conductor of the gravel train came near
losing his life but escaped with the loss
of his left arm. Conductor Richardson
noticing the air hose between a couple
of the cars leaking, stepped in between
the slowly moving cars to remedy it and
was walking along the ties in a stooping
position when one of his feet got caught
in the guard rail at the frog. Realizing
in an instant that it would mean death,
Richardson threw himself, falling between the rails, but in falling his left
arm crossed the rail and the wheels passed over it between the shoulder and
elbow crushing it so that amputation
was necessary. His foot was also in
jured by being caught in the rails.
The train was immediately brought to
a siand still and the injured man taken
from beneath the cars and removed to
Coutlee Hotel, where Dr. Ker and Dr.
Tutill were in attendance and did what
they could to relieve the suiferer.
In the afternoon Ur. Ker by special
train brought tne injured man to Nicola
and the same evening with Dr. Tutill
amputated the arm at the shoulder.
Mr. Richardson is at the residence of
Dr. Tutill and with the medical men is
being looked after by his wife wu. arrived a few days after ihe accident.
He i�� now resting easily and will in
the course of a few weeks be around
again minus an arm but with his life
During the tim.' he was under the
wheels and car and until the operation
he never lost consciousness and has
shown nerve and grit throughout.
Conductor Richardson is well known
along the main line where he was employed for some time and during tlie
past year has worked on the Nicola
branch, and his many friends will be
sorry to learn of Ins accident ani wish
him a speedy recovery.
Uuring the construction of the Nicola
branch this is lirst the train accident
to liap.ien, and this one is practically
when the work of the present contractors is on the eve of completion.
Mrs. Mickle of Quilchena spent a few
days in Nicola this week.
Mr.  and Mrs. Thomas Hunter left
this afternoon for a  trip to Kamloops.
R. B. Smith of the Diamond Vale
Coal Co., operating near Forksdale.
was a visitor to _\icola Tuesday.
St.Andrew s Ball.
Friday evening will witness the first
ball under the auspices of the Nicola
Athletic Association. Arrangements
have been made by the committee for
everything for the pleasure of the dancers, and this dance should be the event
of the season. Quite a number will attend from the surrounding district.
Railway News.
Alec McAdams engaged on construction work near Nicola, fell and injured
his shoulder blade this week necessitating his stopping work for a few days.
Messrs   Krumb  and  Coleman of the
Guggenh.lms and C. B. Brash of
the Dominion Copper Co.,
on tbe Ten Mile.
That mining properties in Nicola mining division are attracting the attention
of capitalists is qjite evident from the
number of men representing capital
visiting the Nicola Valley during the
past few weeks. Now that Nicola district has transportation facilities it will
only be a Bhort time until some of the
promising mineral claims will be developed and in shipping condition. There
are numbers of properties close to the
railway awaiting capital and it is confidently expected that next year will see
the Nicola Valley with many mines in
Nicola coal lands are also being put
in shape aad the owners of the different
lands are putting forth eV'Ty effort to
ship coal al an early date.
This week C. B. Brash representing
ihe Dominion Copper Company of Greenwood, spent a lew days ai Coutlee, and
v.siud the Ten-mile ,-eciion with Jos.
Graham. Mr. Brash will report to his
company the results of his investigations
The Guggenheim* also had representatives in ihis week. Messrs. Henry
Krumb and R, Prcwitt Coleman of Salt
La*. Ciiy, wi.h R. C. Campbell-Johnston on Thursday made a trip to the Ten
mile camp to look at properties which a
representative of Guggenheims inspected some lime ago. Messrs. Krumb and
Coleman left Tuesday evening for Spences Bridge.
The Diamond Vale Coal and Iron Co.
who have been drilling on the Garcia
ranch near Forksdale, remjved their
drill ihis week io a location on the
Charters ranch. While not giving out
any infornation as to the result of their
drilling operations it is generally known
that their efforts have met with success.
Operations on the Coal Gulley seam
will be commenced about teh first of the
month by lhe parties who have secured
the property. The development work
will be on a large gcale.
Be sure and attend the St. Andrew's
j Ball on Friday evening under the ausp-
' ices of the Nicola Athletic Association.
Work on the railway buildings is progressing rapidly. Theengine andsecuon
house and tank are about completed and
the station well und-ir way. VVork has
also been commenced this week on the
cattle corrals, The fencing gang are
camped at Nicola and will have the wire
strung in a very short time.
Ballasiing of the track is keeping a
train and gang of men busy between
Nicola and the Forks
I There is every likelihood of the road
being taken over by the C. P. R. by the
first of the year as the work of the contractors will be practically finished by
that time.
Mrs. Wm. McCullough Qf Otter Valley
left last week for a trip to the coast
Work on the Barwick Block is suil
gon_i ahead and it is expected that in
a couple of we.ks iline to have the
building completed ready tor occupation.
The men engageg along the telephone
line for the past few weeks digging new
post holes, have been called off until
spring when the ground will be in better shape for working.
Angus McOillivray of Coutlee is at
work on Lindley creek, near Lower
Nicola, on the land owned by the Nicola
Coal Mines, Ltd., of Spokane. He has a
contract from the company to run a
Calumet and Hecla One and One Half
Miles Deep.
It is probably a fact not generally
known that the Michigan Copper Co.
possesses the world'sthree deepest vertical mining shafts.
The deepest of these is No. 3 at the
North Tamarack property, its meas-
. urement being 5,200 feet, 80 feet less
than a mile. To the soulh at adistance
of 4,000 feet, is the number five shaft'
of the same company. This ranks as
the second deepest vertical shaft on the
globe, its measurement being 5,080 feet
from the collar to the bottom level.
Second only to these great opening.
| is the Red Jack -t shaft of the Calumet
and Hecla C mp .ny, which is down 4.
900 feet, and im whicn the copper lode
was not encountered until a depth of
3,300 ft had been attained.
The deepest incline shaft in the world
is the No. 4 of the Calumet and Hecla.
This shaft itself, from the collar to
the lowest level, is sunk on the plane of
the lode for a distance of 8,100 feet
while from a drift at the bottom a
winze extends downward 190 feet to the
boundry of the property, giving a meas
' urement of 8,290 feet from the surface. Strike at Oreenwood.
Wished averyThur8.ay f.0nReh^redmenwen7o7strike at NoTJCE
for increased ware, in J..-  ,   man. i ,^.mmissi0"er of J,St,(ffi _����������*
 1   Notice is her. by given that 30 days       ^ *+ mmt 1 r   *^4>    J^T _��. _____ __L ____�� ^%. mm I
 *�� ...c Driusn Columbia Copper Smelter at J after date I intend to apply to the Chief      j   1^1 I | ��4    111     /     I fl II I   ���   _T^_T1 I
Subscription, ln Advance $2 a Year    Greenwood last Wednesday.   A demand , Commissioner of Lands and Works lor      JL-*C�� 1 I I\   V/I    1     I  -_/I I  L 1    -Wdl
  for increased wages in fifteen classes of ^'icencv to cut and carry away timber ^
 ~  i.t-t-it.-?-.^ ,���,     ,, j'rom the follow nu��le.scr.OL-lands, s.t- Capital, all paidjip ?14,400,000.1Regt.'*in n��� ���
labor had been demanded and refus.'d I uated ln thc, yalt. jj,^,,,, WmjghCo). ' ''..��,' ���"_ ���
NlCOLA, B. C, XoVh'MBKK -.X 1906.     by the officials of the copper company. : umbia; begiuning at a post marked R. ,
       The head office in New York was  in-' & Smith north- west corner, adjoining I
formed of the situation and wir.d  that ^;����'-lesSterli.i);'sSouih-westcorn,r and
about one halt mile Mil  ot  the  Coiu-
U-TU; SHOI'T.UK. they were consul Tin,Mhc matter.   Lo-  mm lint,   ___KM  south  80  chains ��
cal officials of the company  would Ml   tJi-tice east 80 chains, ihence norih oo
a\m^^^*^^^ submit to the demands unless instructed ; chains, thence west Ml chains  to point,'
from New York.   The k��	
^P'tal.allpaid^pj^^ .
amense furnaces il a
PltlfKII ainl is applicable tO lle.irlv Development work will de continued
.,._..-.....,.:... ���<��� .i. at the eompiny'i five copper min.'s, but
every .section of tile country: .,,'     ,.
������a--"~' no ore will be shim...'
K- ji- bwiiii, Locator.
;i Nuiiti, |l NICOLA BRANCH
at tne cimipaiiy s five copper mines, but       ,   . , I
, no ore will be shippe.l, no attempt being ' .. N��t,CL'ls, *���* **�� ,th:it 'f *�� ���'	
u-   ,      ,,    t i-..i      i        T rf   ��� ,     .      after uaie 1 nut mi to apply io the Chiel
Ucu.uitto  Havt  I   little  mop made to work non-union men.   1'eritct Lon,iniasioiier ol (.alius a.ul Works l.,r
!k with our readers,  advertisers ���*r ***** ��l___w _���.��__._��_'
(1 non advertisers.
..  u  nine IBop made to wo _  ,���r
talk with our readers   advertisers ��*rw_P* ^��*���" ^cjt and carry avvay tnnoer
    Horn the lOil.wuig utsciibto lanas  sil-
.nid non advertisers, uauu in ihe ki*trii_ri_t oi liruisliCoi-
m    r     TRf IWr'TTT    II    R      "iiioia, n/iiiii.u.ciiig at a post marked It.
In the tint place we wall to re    ����� L* U-u__i_i_._-.__., i_i_. d.   a mutk, mMhtukcorner, adjumuw
,. ,   , ,     , Lharies biL'ri.iig'sMiuih-wi.t.r *���������-
i oft-repeated remark, that; jiakkistick, soucitok,
��� to give Enderby the h<-
"__- _____���j^*�����t
HCOLi RP^^HE"S  ,�����OU-T��0.
. ���     ��� _%   niMi to   r...
,tmte ;"' ^^ted remark  ���lat,      	
a"u"<- ��ne h_u :���llt. "* W^' fbrneranu
**"���'" rinr,   h n,-   l "_ tfte ^W
, .   i   ��� --���.nit, uiat
sir""' *�����**?
f)ort ��W We reeeiv,. f '
 -'-:::;:;.:.";;;: ss_s^	
"I""" �� '�� m_��� llia, ���,. ���,  -���___*-.-.-.
1 _ ii.i. ��� t   __.  ._       _ i
J'��hn D Swanson, 15. \.
| B.rn.i. i.  S,,h, if, .1  .ni   N i oy  1'iH'H
..-.--vliltll 111 till   I .,,.,, ,      _     ,
^^^^^^^m. r lilll,',;     t:��.|   I.f   I III-I  HI, llll.II.   Ili.llJi .if  I'mi
advertising coliinin? of the I. -o��re,ss.  ""'"���'���/"""��� -w.-r vi. ���.,,;,-i  -,.,|	
Mull..) iiilnunoii lull i nldli -n iirl)
We are giving the people of finder- - ���������   '"
by and district and the, Norther
(>_A__gan generally, ttjmd a fAp- ���
er as onr business income will  ad-1 j
mit, and whieh will compare modi
favorably with any paper published mm3ammm _
m a town of this size.    If we essay- i    ���,, ���������,��� m, ,,,,,. So. \.M, A.o k. ��� ���
,        , ul*       i-o.iiifl ui- r.nii- .1 K'ri.i.    in i-hiIi ii.iiiiil,
ed to do any more the office would i iixp,   ,is Km*-)', uai.   vH,i,������ *..,-.i,,.-
iinjiiillj iniiicd.
not meet expenses. '���l; oa_��i����m��i ' -l('
1 w  liiii:iui\  \|. HHAt.ttac,
There are litit few-editors in tin.
��� uau mile east  of the Cold-
��� w_.._r river,    h.nce .-ouih so chains
iliuice east nt) i/iains, tnelice north W
chains, tiieiici' west 6(1 chains to point
C   ci coiiinieiitcmtiii.
Uitieu _.0Vchiljerl7th, ItfU..
K. I>. Mrni'H, Locator.
'iliirty uajs after (late  1  intend   to
appiy   io   ti.e Lhief tomniissioiitr 01
.   i.���, i.. in.ii i. i.i Kb ior a nciice to pro.- I
pjc. i'j.' cu. j.i tie UiMHtWf li.Ui,  i
ItWutla at a p.. I on S-i'iinii _ lownsnii-
a_, iuiaaiij} oo chains iiorai,   thence ou
i,.���itis ...ii,   tiiwiite oi> ciiaihs South,
tnelice w.st to point oi comnieiicem-iH.
ft��veini��r iotii. -WBi
jus. tiKAiiAM, Locator.
j��T13-w___. FIT'S j^^H
Thirty days alter dale i intend to apply io ihe Chief Cjm.iii.sioiiero- Lanus
KM works tor a license io cuianucairj
away timoer 1MB EM lo.iowm^ lauua,
staniiig at a post on ilie kit Paiiiv oj
(jouey Caek near lot dm a running ho . - ���-
��� La.lis w.st,   lh--ntv oj chains  north,      T   . Piiituui*/iti
,luice aj chains ease, th.nce oJ cnains      uOaVC    1  I llltLliul
oioii io | oitii ol commencement. ^���^���"
i,i un.ii.i ;Cdi. ..it.
Jos. Graham, Locator.
Head Office- livery
, STAGES N^'aUke'B-G
'��"��� Spences BH.W
"i-IT  l-U_l_y  |���r m?j    ,   !
_     '-ve-ry _;m,r,t.,y (,/_���, ' "��� * .
&����* Kamloops       !^**������*��
l-v.-ry Moinliiy l���r ��.;,.,,        ,
ai 6 ;,. ,���        '        ^"",,���' ���'"'<' SfKllea 11,1,1,,,.
l'ro\-ince who have not made a Vlg*   J n *���' m��i Hihrmil
Thirty oays after date I intend to ap- ,
... ply to t.-ic tniei Commissioner oi Lanut J
....,,-�� i_.i .uiu-i-iiiiTii'-uiiMii.'   tii ai.u works lor a i.teiisc to cutanucalTy
"i.i ""-"-I -i li".I fi ii-,'v.i-i-    u ii.i away limt.er irotn the following lanus;
��..-.is' it. in. in... ,���-n,.���, Ocwy  Creek  alio   running bt)   chain;
���  _oi.tii, ihinee 8.- chains west, iheiit, 11
.,...  nun-tii.-iii ihairs north, thei.t- oo chains east  it I
... r, ,.n i i.niir. in i.h_-_f', Tin. ii ii nf point oi ii mmci,i\ mem,
ib'ebmnl    II' in. .unt b, l,��.   M.,i-i-,, i...  ixovellihiribio. .loo.
li �� im-1- ,n ii    .inlii.-iii, k  Vikiii.. i   ,   , ,,,,,,���   r
^^i._^��^B1,^^^^l (jiiAHAM, Locator.
. .none a Vlg
orotis and continuous fiL.it agains
the city mail  order  house.     Tliis I _       '" " *'''' ** '"' ]
ha�� been done in the interest of the   A^Hi'-".. ii"Ki    	
"���    I fm - Winn-, iii i-li.-h.f1
honi| merchant, and without ill       ["������'���brami   ��	
and without price.    If the editors ^^^^^^ _
of tbe land  bad  received  pegulai I     HAKDIM    N  OZ 00.     j ^OllCh.
advertising rates for all  they   bav.   I,and Mmin.. and General Supply Ag-tK JThlrty days alter dale 1 intend to ap-
nm- "ly lo the Lhiei (.oniini-^'-���
said against these enemies of th.   _t��i��-    J   '
. v.r\'  Nuvbiv 6 _ m��� arriving Spencei
Hrkl^e I iif--d_y 6 p.m.
Leave McoIm
I very  Tiit's<l,iy a.itl  Fritl-i)'  fnr   Spences
I'.vcri I'Vnl.iv f.ir IVinccton ;il 6 ;i. m.
s|i- CU*. fjil'S niadc by ;i|i|iiiiiiiment.
TelpphoD  connpction with Kamloops
.....v.-i     Ul     till       Mmiii ��� _ ...��.l|il,IT,l, llll��iir
ii i.ir. sl.-iuii- .��� i.   -,ii-f ���!���-.in- |ki    f in,
(Olilitiy llltl'thailt tlitv  Could   nOW   ��"d ��ilmii�� pn*Htfc*.  -O-H,. r�� mi n./hll-t nr��
nr ii> iIiiihikIi iln- Hi. .nr
iewe_J_ng diamonds.     \ow tin
ilepartmeut store man appreci
a(iverti_pig space and is (villing to
take all the average country editor
has for sale, aud at a good  price,
but -hich advertising we have al-;
ways rt fused to accept when it com- j
petes with  local  business  houses.
W'l.at other class of business oi
rnr at _ _____f.?h 10"' wm,. iai;U.
oi- ii,-,, ,.^^������"""1''"""_..iM.,""'v.enn,-r,uii, -,k r,,']""v,u,,e��rry        >wi:|.>-.u   '   OHW
'"���o -. Vfc-i. e,,,,       Ull. w ,.t'_Jr-"1-"" ��� *na, .oca.io,,     ' '"���' ,M' "WtM r,
'Auriii,,'-   (
[J^^^ r.H(
K  1  -l.llll|>st   ({    Q
rt post at the south-east...,.
.or of Jos. Graham's uiu, ,oca,ion, run-
.inj, bo chains sou,I,, ibtnce to chain.
Wait, thei.ee bU Uiaiiis laitJ,, tluncebi
-   chains east io poin, ot comment', menu
November __-h 1W6.
e'c'. k ,- n, .,,.,.(,_
*""'" �� -P-cihIij
I    Pa    i     '���' ''���
J- K' A' Rkbarm, lomum
J��*- Ghaiiam, Agent.
Rough and Dressed
I J. Hf__rs
Series and w^r
 ���,���k.ss 01 I        -  - �����.   w���_m ���- and VV, r_s ,���; S^"�� * of LanS.
ProfeatJonal men would i��A__ . ""^ ��� -M*"J '^ ����fcar f��m^SL__?"Pd��n*
::.::,��� ^tlAfes -: ��� Ssl^-I
y!,S ma��>-  ��'*������   friends  never
It is one huni_ri.il ...
"fakhkinTh S 'S'"1'"  '������"
a_C hTMrj1: J*- )'ear.
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
D^��^in_Z?_.,iSdJocl"'1 -
Jrh,'M *eil to po in    ,    ihl  *��*��� N
i November ��*! lyw;    COnun*��nnnt,
A.('o,'.u,tTi L0(.ator
Jos- (.Wham Again
'���; ������ 4M r'-"""�� -Htured  f���r
-*J^S_!LI '**�����������%���
G,";;,',v,r;fr,,-^c,,ll��� ,r,)Wll
_________________Et . ft. -1    V/ ���*������_______________��� ���   nt
ft'^--Wl_rw7rj^*"* Cu'
"" r������" "'I.HV ���i,|    r^ " "r"ull(,��-
"" ""ini'HiIti,,,,, *" "r'iHrfd to incut
L "H" l>npH   v������,  k.      ,
**     ���'���** \dteiug
h ****** to take contracti iJ
�������lng lumber and J,
timber gett,l�� m<-
Mail orders promptly attended to
J, A. MENZ1ES,   -   Lower Nicola,
General Blacksmith
J Hi.r-f Sh'-i-i'K i ���!>��� cutty,
���       ������������     iic,.     VniP    im*
y"Ur���r,ler    n _-i        -
w.  t.t.i���KU frt|.
W-couv-k, B.C
j "M W' ir,��lcr |((,^1i
mite nundi
ago, in the r.i^n of Hi Hung,  a bank
failed.   Hi Hung had the failure investigated and to his indignation  found it
hail been due to reckless and shady conduct on the part of the directorsand the
president. Hi Hung at once issued   an
edict that the next time a bank failed
tht heads of its president and directors
were to be cut off.    This edict which
has  never  been  revoked,  has made
China's banking institutions the safest
in the world.
Z_; ;._a��� �����"���_
Ml Cordova St. W.
*u [to* of   Wntm, Cock
*"���'���'���-.���'..  rn,,^  dll|1B  ,n
(hr,'Cl' "I"��d������l,<c.
"���  """"Deed.     All   K,iTk
****** r.M,uft,rB.llUe
' ,,    ...   i .
^ over from the    t,I    % ��"  <��
"i-nay of May, 1907
ir____i ���__!_______��� 	
ct- 27th, l!i(H
S*m��H���P Re*,,!
Good j^''ng and Shoot-
'"g- Guide, and Horses
-'waysreatly.   Telephone
Pi��t Class  Accom-
'i9V W''^KBa.,,A.ItD
He'- J' �������� *���___, Bur9ii
I    A c' '^"'0 aremmmaU ,n, .    .
"""��<���   S'^e-pr,(Jll,l*"d.bu"n'��
S- KfRgy, Propnetor
/.im _���	
"" (fMes.    [,.
'' r<ir������.��� it    . "��� ��
, si'y ��t.rk �� full
OlOl.ln  U,,,
List Your Property With Me
Sixty dayi tfter dttt I Intend to apply to the hon. the chief eonuniisioner
of lands and worki for permission to
purchase the Mewing deeeribed landi,
situated aa followa: Commencing at ���
post near the a. ���. corner of lot 196,
thence north SO chami, thenee east 60
chains, thenee aouth 20 chaina, tbence
weit along lake ahore ti> point of commencement, containing 120 aerea more
erleia.        any       q, w, Bmsh.
Nicoli, October let, 1**.
Notice I' hurbj iiiven tha' fl) da;* attar
date I intend Ui apply In Ihe eliief rnmmix
sioner of landn and workn for pemii-iu.in lo
piirrlM-c 80 teres of |n- 'irr land, toiling II.
Gul'iford nr., commencing; ni ll. Ou hfiird'a
��� ike Nn. HI nouth tail c rner rum.(ok
mrlh    3   -1. Inn,    thri.re    m-i  80 chain-.
thenee Ih 3> oh��in>. tblnce ml W ekatla to
point of ooiiuiimicrneal.
K. III'..i IKOHII. *k
Aipen Uro�� e, Oct 30,1MW
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Tamerton Ranch without permission of the undersigned will
be prosecuted. Mk.s. Pooley.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
from date I intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lands and worki for
permission to .purchase 160 acres of
mountain pasture land situated about 8
mil - lrmn Nicola, described as follows
commencing at a post marked J. C. jr.,
N w corner, thence mm At chains, thence
.sua.11 -tD chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 4u chains to point of commencement. The initial post of land
applied for lie* about one mile w of M.
Adams N w corner post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept, 13th. liXMi.      It. H. Winn , A t.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in generaL When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one-now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and wc will guarantee you work as good as the
best ana at fair pricee.
A. Jackson of Quilchena was visiting
Nicola on Monday.
John E. Bate returned from Kamloops
and Vancouver on Monday.
A. Kyall of Lower Nicola was in Nk-
���>la on abusinesatripTmaday afternoon.
Joseph Collett returned from the coast
to Fine Grove ranch on Sunday.
J. A. Menzie<, proprietor of the Nicola
Portable Sawmill, was in Nicola MSnday.
Wm. Palmer of Stump lake and Lawrence Guichon of QuiLhena were in
Kamloops on Mo.iday.
R.J. Armstrong arrived from Keremeos yesterday and with S. J. Bate is
in town.
The Young People's Guild will hold
a debate in the Presbyterian Church on
Tuesday evening DecembeHth.
C. S. Gzowski returned this week from
Toronto where he had been attending
the last sad rites of his brother, Vernon.
Be sure and attend the St. Andrew's
Ball on Friday evening under the auspices of the Nicola Athletic Association.
J. P. (Dad) Allen arrived from Asp:n
Grove Monday evening and after spending a few days at uiutlee left for Slo-
A. H. Hart of Portland, Ore., returned from Princeton on Monday evening
where he had been looking at mining
Constable Hewitt of Princeton passed
through Nicola this we.'k to Kamloops j
having  in  charge  a  | risoner for the
provincial jail.
Calls your attention to
the fact that you want
Robes and Horse
and the best place to get them is at
Harness and Saddlery
w. Rannie, the railway contractor Itft
for the coast thii week and will be eu
gaged at Cloverdale where his tirmhavi.
a contract.
C. B. Worinop r.'pres inting the Vancouver brewing Co. returned to the
coast Monday after a business visit in
Nicoia Valley.
Mrs. Richardson arrived from Vancouver Monday to be in attendance on
<jn her husband who met with an accident last week ai Coutlee.
Ven Archdeacon S.n ill will hold surv-
",ice in St. John's Church on Sundav
nn.iiiing at u o'clock, and at the residence ot H. h. Cleasby, Coutlee at 3.3u.
A. Whitiaker who ha.-' been visiting
at Beaver ranch 1. li u.r his home ir
Victoria the lirst of th week.   Mr. ano
��� Mrs. J. N. Moore accompanied him as
far as Kam.o. ps.
Rev. D. K. Allan will hold service in
"the Presbyterian Ciurch at Nicola on
Sundiy a. .. a. n. ail i.'IOp. m.    In
the afternoon at .1 o'ciuot  serv.ee  w.li
be huu at forksdale.
Johnny Stewart, a half breed living
on the Douglas lake rancher.", wastak-
tn to IttnuK.}! ii. baiuruy l.j itntt-
able Clark, b.e^art will ui.ueigo m o-
ical eAamination lor in.saniiy,
A very pleasant evening was sp n. pn
frilay evening oy memaers of Ciurt
jNicola A. 0. F., and a few \nt\i.A
jfriends. Son,'s, recitations and gamas,
jwith refreshments made up the programme.
A general meeting of the Nicola Val-'
ley Conservative association will be held
on Friday aftermxn at - o'clock, in
Pooley's Hall, Nicola. Ill Conaervat-
ives and members of the Association
should attend.
W. Fearce, assistan;. C. 1'. R. land
commissioner an.i s irv iyor, spent several days in Nicola re ��� in ly an I nade a
perliminary survey ..i ih i townsite sons
o secure the lay of the lan I which ih.
C. P. U. sicund. Itr. 1'earce left for
Calgary Monday.
Everything Up-to-Date and
all New Lines and Good
Lines.   Send in your orders
Mail Urut-ra Promptly
Attended to
I M. L. Grimmett returned on Thursday evening from Vancouver where he
had been on legal business. He was
accompanied by Mrs. Grimmett and
children and have taken quarters in the
Barwick Block, where Mr. Grimmeit's
law office will be moved very shortly.
The death took plae" near Granite
Creek on Fr day the I6i i, inst. of M. P
Bourassa an old tim i prosp ctor of thai
sec ion. He was about 84 years of agi
the cause of death b i ag Inflammatory
rheumatism. The funeral was held I
Granite Creek, T. 11. Mjrp.iy reading
.he funeral service.
Grand Exhibition
Of  Fall  and   W'n'ir Clothing now
opened at G. B. Armstrong's.
Try Eastwood's Pork Sausages at the
M M M. ]'    A
A few boxes of choice apples at Leonards $1.5o per box.
Oranges, Bananas, Grapes, Pineapples, Sweet Potatoes, and Celery at
L uiiard's this week.
Stall n BROS.
imWi M|i nm WORK
I lnr-t'Nt'.iii.y iliiiir in a
fiM cl toi in.'liner l.an--
ful attention ^i^i-n In tin's
branch id ihe4 I'IMih-ss.
GototheMMM for your winter's COURT OF REVISION AND APPJiAl
supply cf vegetables. ' COUNTY OF YALE
Dick Clark met with a nasty accident
on Monday last when his horse shud
and fell on the frozen ground. His leg
was broken and he will be laid up for
some time as a result. He is at the
Royal Inland Hospital and doing as well
| asmi'ht beexpeetei.-Kamloopsstand-
' ard.
I Those who may wish to appeal from
l the rates levied by trustees under the
9 "Public Schools Act" are reminded that
the appeal lies to the Court of Revision
just as ordinary appeals do under the
"Assessment Act." The next sitting
of the Court for Kamloops District will
be held at the Court House on Thursday
Dec. 27th. and in Nicola on Friday Dec.
Subscribe for the   Nicola   Herald
$2.1X1 a year.
We have 25.0U0 feet of 1x4 and 1x6
suitabl ��� for floi)rin?,.ceiling and rustic,
piled under cover. Also a large quantity of oiher bii.dinj mu'eri il on hand.
j end your otdc rs while times are slack.
Nicola Portable Sawmill.
For Sale.-A New 5 Drawer I rop
Head Singer Sewing Machine for $35.00
cash. H. L. Roberts, The Right House.
Nicola.  ���
Comfort is produced by usirg good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Jyst ArrU'il
Fifteen cases of Rubber Goods, the
best on the market, 'lhe.se Rubbers
will be marked at the lowest possible
prices. Call and inspect our stock before buying.   G. B. Armstrong.
Notice is hereby given that Courts d
Revision and Appeal, undtr the Provisions of "Assessment Act, 1903," ami
amendments thereto, and the   Publii
! Schools Act,   1905," or the County oi
I Yale will be held as follows:- .
|   For the Nicola District, at the Cour.
House, Nicola, on Friqay the 14th day
of December, A. D. liMS, atll a.m.
For the Princeton District at thi
Court House, Princeton, on Monday the
17th day of December, A. D. 1906 at 1.
a. m.
For the Kamloops District, at thi
Court House, Kamloops, on Thursda\
the 27th day of December, A.D. 1906 at.
11 a. m.
Dated at Kam'oops, this 10th day of
November, A. D. 1906.
Ai.kc D. Macintyre.
Judge ot the said court.
i FEonrs m
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Flour, Groceries,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes, .       .   .
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your .order.
Prices fright: ���
A. H CARRINGTON.    :*" "
-l'K*LKIt> IV-
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C
Resident Ajients ln Nicola for the
Strayed to It. Gulliford's ranch Aspen |
Grove, a cow branded ti on side. Own- j
er can have same by paying expenses.
CnUTLF.K. It C. #
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
2 Piece mits, size-. 30 and 32 onlyl
original pri< e $3       , j
3-ht-ce Sii.ts. 30-31-32 only, orig |
igal price $6 J
3-Piece Suits, sizes 30-31-32 only!
original j��nce.$S |
,t Dozen (.rey All Wool Shirts, sizes
i\/t to .7.. r\ Warm comfortable
winter shirt and a J<al  bargam at
A number of odd garments, shirts
only, original prices ranged fmm 75c
to $2.25 each.. Come and take
your choice for
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling ln Connection. Telephone Connection
NICOLA, -        B.C.      l
N.B, - A full line of Rubbers and Overshoes
in stock.  You will want a pair soon.


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