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The Nicola Herald Apr 19, 1907

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i itrn
ft R Lr|i i-tive As.t___!y
1 1L..1
Ctohia. &���
Vol. 3.  No 16.
$2 a Year
New Licence Act.
Under the provisions of the
Municipal Trade Licences Act 1907,"
which came into force on 27th March, t
few changes will be noted in the amounts
of fees to be paid for trade and other
With regard to the licences under the
new act, the periods of the licences run
concurrently with the fiscal year, that
j it, where they are for six months, for
I the periods from 1st January to 30th
| June, or from 1st July to 31st December.   Where existing licences are cur-
The Diamond Vale Coal 4 Iron Mines , rent under the old acts,  these will re-
A., are still busy improving their prop- main in force until the period stated
A Lark (?)
Harry Shrimpton came down
Diamond Vale Coal & Iron Minns, Ltd
tre Improving Their Property it
Ditmond Vile.     A Dining
Hill Opened.
Force of Mtn Under R. Troddin Sitting Out Piles -Bridge will Probably  bt  Finished    Befort
Hlgb Water.
erty a staff of men being engaged this
week in putting in telephone poles to
connect with the trunk line on the wagon road. Besides carrying the telephone
wires, the poles will also probably carry an electric light cable, and supply
current to the various business houses
and dwellings in the vicinity. A good
road is being built from the wagon road
through to the shaft, and the varions
buildings of the company will front on
thit road. The new dini.ig hall is now
in use, although the inside finishing is
not quite complete. This building will
furnish accommodation for a large force
of men, and a separate dining room is
furnished for the staff.    There is a
thereon expires.
The following statement of license
fees will probably prove of local interest:���
Item 1.-By each person keeping a
hotel, saloon or other building where a
billiard table is used for hire or for profit, $5 for each table for every 6
Item 5-By every person carrying on
the business of a wholesale or of a
wholesale and retail merchant or trader,
$50 for every 6 months.
Item 6.���By every person carrying on
the business of a retail merchant or
j trader, $5 for every 6 months.
Item 7.-By every person owning a
large and roomy kitchen in connection | pack  train of six  or more animals,
nnd everything possible is being done
for the comfort of the men employed, a
feature of this company's undertakings
which might well be copied by other
To lhe Editor Tbe NlnoU Herald:
As on several occasions parties have
been hauling earth from the street,
(Dalley street), notice is hereby given
that those who have done so are requested to fill the excavations made-
and that such interference with the
roadway may result in prosecution.
-One Interested,
Rights of way on both sides of the
river have at last been settled and instructions to proceed with the work
were received from Victoria. R. Trodden, who has charge of the work, at
once started men to work getting out
piles, and getting everything in readiness for a start. There is every probability of the bridge being finished before high water, aa with the present
cool weather it is hardly likely that the
water will rise enough to interfere with
the construction.
The Methodist church receives from
the owners of the townsite two choice
lots facing on Dalley street, on the east
side, and a short distance north of the
Church of England. These lots and a
certain sum in cash from the provincial
government, form the "quid pro quo"
for the right of way through the Meth-
ouist church property.
The right of way on the other side
of the river has also been arranged and
there will therefore be a road from the
station, round the Y of the railroad, to
fee, $5 for every six | connect with the Princeton road, and
thit is sure to prove a decided convenience for the many people using this
the solitudes of Aspen Grove Monday, j
and by way of relaxation, took on an in- \
ordinate cargo of coyote booie. During ]
the still watches of the night, he arose
from his dusty roadside couch opposite
the hotel and turned loose upon the
calm ozone such a series of howls and
yelps that one traveler, awakened from
peaceful slumber, insisted that pll the
inmates of the Vancouver dog pound
had escaped. Constable Clark heard
this awe-inspiring serenade and soon had
the tumultuous Harry and his jag gathered in. Next morning Magistrate
Murray gave Shrimpton a severe talking to and allowed him to depart on a
suspended sentence.
Foresters'  Dance.
Contract For Further Tunneling Let.
Pipe Line Being Laid - Coal Min
Ing Machinery U Already
On thi Way.
Developing operations on the property of the Nicola Valley Coal & Coke
Co., Ld,, still continue, and a further
contract for tunneling has been let.
So far the development work has been
highly successful and proves up a very
large body of excellent coal, all of which
taken from the tunnels is finding a
ready market, and is giving great satisfaction. A pipe line from the Cold-
water river is being laid snd fast progress is being made with this necessary
auxiliary to the property of the company.   Machinery for the mines is now
Want Arbitration
The coal operators at Calgary are
freight wagon, stage coach, omnibus or
other vehicle of locomotion used in
transporting goods or passengers, for
hire or profit, a distance beyong ten
miles from the boundary line of any incorporated city or town, and who is
not liable for a wholesale or retail mer
chant's licence
Item 8.-By every person owning a
pack train of less than six horses or
other animals, dray, wagon, omnibus
or other vehicle of locomotion, used in
transporting goods or passengers for
hire or profit within a distance of ten
miles from the boundary line of any incorporated city or town, and who is not
liable for a wholesale or retail merchant's license fee, $2.50 for every six
Item 9.���By every owner or keeper of
a livery stable who is not liable for a
Perhaps the most enjoyable of all the
many dances held under various auspices in Nicola was that of the Foresters
last Friday evening in Pooley's hall.
The decoration committee of the order
especially are to be congratulated on
the tasteful and chic manner in which | on the way and very soon a large body
they carried out their work, which reflects the greatest credit on those who
had charge of it. There was a large
attendance of the members and friends
present, and dancing was kept up till
an early hour in the morning, refreshments being served during an interval
in the dancing. It it hoped the order
will benefit by an increased membership
for their labors on this occasion.
Thaw Jury Disagrees.
of men will be employed mining coal on
a commercial basis, contracts having
already been arranged with this end in
Alex. Gordon, of Merritt, visited Nicola yesterday.
J. Chapman, of Lower Nicola, visited
Nicola Wednesday afternoon.
sending forward an application to the I who|esale or retai| merchant-s licence
labor department for a board of arbi- feei jio for every b months.
tration to consider the matters which
are in dispute, and upon which they
failed to come to an agreement recently-
J. Graham, of Coutlee, returned from
a visit to the coast on Monday's train.
The results from the car of ore shipped
to the smelter are so far very satisfactory.
Keep in mind the football game billed
for tomorrow afternoon.   The men with
the care-worn features believe they al- ,.���...
.   ,        _.     ,    ,    .���        . Ice, $25 for every ti months,
ready have the single fellows beaten,   ;       .���   ���   '
to a whisper.
Item 11.-By every person carrying
on the business of banking, whether
the same be private banking or a savings bank and whether the same be
carried on under a Dominion or Provincial charter or under the name and
style of an incorporated company, or on
account of a private firm or individual
at one place of business, $400 for one
year; and for each other place of business in the province other than a municipality, $100 for 1 year.
Item 12.-By each person practising
as a barrister or solicitor in the provin-
Detd Cattle In River.
Kamloops people are very greatly exercised over the alleged dumping of 100
head of cattle on the ice of the Thompson river above the town. If what is
claimed is true, the action is nothing
short of criminal, for these carcasses
are sure to contaminate the waters of
the river, which are used for drinking
purposes for more than one town along
its banks. The man who could be guilty of such an action should be very severely dealt with.
W. H. Armstrong, of the Nicola Valley Coal & Coke Co., Ld., paid a visit
to the property of the company last
week and expressed himself as well satisfied with the progress of operations,
The jury could come to no agreement
in the famous trial of Harry K. Thaw
for the murder of Stanford White in
the Madison Square roof gardens, New
York, last summer.
It is stated that the jurymen stood
seven for a verdict of guilty and five
for acquittal. Although out for 48
hours they could come to no unanimous
Justice Fitzgerald expressed no surprise at the outcome, and after dismissing the jury, committed Thaw back to
the Tombs to await a new trial.
There is little hope that the Thaw
case can be lesumed before next fall,
owing to other homicidal cases to come
up that have precedence.
S. J. Solomon, of the Diamond Vale
Supply Company, paid a visit to Nicola
Frank Hardman and C. E.
Tacoma, have been added to
of Matt. Stewart.
Elms, of
the staff
Mrs. C. Barbour, who had been nursing a very sore hand the past week, is
now convalescent.
Alexander Faulds, M.E., superintending engineer and mine manager of the
Nicola Valley Coal & Coke Co., Ld.,
|iaid a short visit to Nicola on Monday,
returning on the afternoon train.
The Ladies' Aid of St. John the Baptist church will meet at the residence
of Mrs. Fred. Howse on Friday, April
26th, at 2.30 p. m.   A full attendance is
.quested.-Mrs. Pooley, Secretary.
Item 13���By every person following
the occupation of a conveyancer, real
estate or land agent, $25 for every six
months. Provided that any person may
without being liable for this licence fee
transfer, sell or expose for sale any
property of which he is the absolute
Item 16. By every person (other
than a fanner or orcharuist selling pro
duce grown by him upon his own land
in the province) engaged in peddling or
hawking any merchandise, fish, game
or farm or orchard produce, $20 for
every 6 months.
The new store at Merritt, which is
being built by D. Mclnnes and I. Eastwood, is rapidly approaching completion and will be occupied by them in
the course of the next two weeks,when
they will open tip a first class and up-
to-date meat store.
Mrs. J. Wilson and son G. T. Wilson,
of Vancouver, are spending some time
visiting in Nicola. G. T. Wilson will
shortly accept a position on the staff of
a surveying party here,
W. Murray, of Lower Nicola, returned on Monday from Aspen Grove, where
he has been having his mineral claims
Another lot of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at Leonard's Friday. It
J. A. Meldrum, of the Diamond Vale
Coal & Iron Mines, Ld., was a visitor
to Nicola on Sunday.
A. W. Strickland, of the Bank of
Montreal returned from a visit to the
coast on Wednesday's train.
Gilbert Blair, of Blair & Co.,Coutlee,
is visiting in the valley. He paid a visit to Granite Creek this week.
For Sale.-Seed Peas, Cabbages and
Parsnips; also a few Yorkshire Pigs
about April lst-R. H. Winny.
Dr. Curry and Mrs. Curry went down
on Monday's train to Lower Nicola,
where they will remain about a week.
Comfort is produced by using
tobacco and the  "Shield Brand'
Our readers t_H by J. A. Scott, tobacconist,
Rev. D. K. Allan will preach in the
Presbyterian church on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. and evening at 7.30 p. m.
W. Strachan left Nicola on Tuesday
for an iiid.'tiiiite stay at his old home in
The Diamond Vale Supply Co.  is in
the thick of its clearing sale this week,
and judging from the shelves it has
been most satisfactory.   The new goods
are now on the way and a large and selected stock will soon be on view,  second to none in the valley.   The new     A. Jackson, of Quilchena,  is rapidly
company is slaughtering prices on the; getting his stock opened in his new
old stock with a view to clearing it out, 8tore  t Merrju    h     h     jn b
and those in search of bargains should. .,,..., .   .
not miss paying the store at Coutlte a manently located m the course of the
visit before they are all gone. next two weeks.
will be interested to know that Mrs.
Wilson is a sister of W.W. B. Mclnnes,
ex-Govemor of the Yukon.
Settings of eggs from pure bred Plymouth Rocks for sale; orders taken now;
price $1.00 a setting. E. G. Walker,
No. 1 of the Bulkley Pioneer is to hand
this week. Its purpose is to exploit
and call the attention of the reading
public to Bulkley valley and northern Eccs for Hatching. -Thoroughbred
British Columbia. The paper is well Barred Plymouth Rocks a winter lay-
edited, and judging from its first issue, ing strain bred' for egg production
shonld prove of great benefit to those and beauty. $1.00 per
who are interested in this practically, thews, Kamloops.
unknown land.   An interesting sketch
13.-F.  Mat-
F. D. Woodward, late of Lower Nicola, and now of Salmon Arm, is in the
valley this week looking up many old
H. L. Roberts has improved the appearance of his store property by the
erection of a neat verandah in the front
of the building.
of the Bulkley valley and its large mineral resources is given by the editor,
E. Morrison Grout, and there are other
articles on similar subjects relating to
the district which are worthy of perusal. We welcome the new addition to
the B. C. press and wish it every success.
Mrs. Chapman, of Lower Nicola, accompanied by Mrs. D. Mclnnes and
family, left on Monday's train on a
. visit to the coast.
B. Haddad, traveling jeweler and
watchmaker, of Vancouver, will be in
Nicola the first week in May. Parties
requiring jewelry or watch repairing
can have s tme attended to by Mr. Haddad at coast prices.
Rev. James Thompson will conduct
divine services in St. John the Baptist
church next Sunday both morning and
evening, at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. THE  NICOLA HERALD
Published Every Fridty
Subscription, ln Ad vines, S2 a Tear |
Nicola, B.C., April 19,1907.
It is now over a month since attention was called, in the columns
Of this paper, to the _______ of the
townsite owners with regard to the
Nicola townsite. Evidently nothing lias been done in the matter,
and it is a moot question whether
anything will he done. It is certainly a most irritating state of affairs when the townsite owners pursue the short-sighted and unbusinesslike policy which they are doing, and one too which is in the
highest (or rather, lowest,) degree
selfish and unfair to the general and
business interests of the community.
It is an open secret that the owners are unable to agree as to what
action should be taken in the matter, (the water-works scheme evidently being the stumbling block),
and while they are deciding what
they should dc much valuable time
is being frittered away and valuable
opportunities lost for want of a little common sense and ability to realise and grasp the possibilities of
Notice is hereb) given tha' thirty dsyssfier
tits *t intend to apply to lhe eliief loninii-
moni-ri flsndi. snd work* for �� special liii-ne
10 nn and carry away timber timt the follow ink Described land.-, mtimle in Vale district
im tin- province of lirili.li I oliimlii i:
I. t <iiiiiiienrni_ at a |��st marked J, E. H., J
P.O., 'nil J tta, " w corner planted al ihe n
i I-..I ner of Lol M. about en, Mile . net ol lhe
( ulil w, iter river, i In mi- V ilmiiir imitli, Iheuce
Sll chain east, tin-iiec WI chains .nulli. Ihenee su
chains wesi. to point nf eninitienieiil..
t   lo Ming al tne h I corner of no. I.
Ibc_c. x Su chain-, tl encs 110 chains thence
s It chains, thenee w tt) chains to poiut arena
mom ��� incut.
.1. i oiiiiieiiciiiu ��t lhe S T. cornerof no. 1
i hence Mill chillis. I heme W It chains. Ihence \
mh liaiu- ihence ��. su chains to point uf uom-
lllclli   mem.
I.   I oniiiieiicinK ��' Hn- * a corner of no :t.
II, in. i. mu -hain-. i inn ' s HI chains, thenoe 9
hu chains, thence N Ml ilu.ni m nilnl of com-
riit'in emenl
,i. doe niendiiK m Hi" v wr corner, nf no, 4.
ll,. l,, c .-Mlcli.iins. ih. I, c N Mhhilin-. lie ii c t
ID eliains, Ihence I ���<__&��� lo polnl of nun
(i I'oinniencliiK at Ills N�� corner of no. .i.
I heme I Ml Iihiii . thenee I Nl chains, Itienrc s
'Hi ham-. Ilium- �� NIcImiiih hi puUll of inni
nicici meul
7. Conin.eneinii at the b k corner of no I.
iln nick sochai..-. Hi ooesSOohslis,then .- a
Wi rhalns. ihence K Su chains ahin|[ the easl liit
of timher limn no. SUM to point of uoiniiience
X Comineie Iiik at tht I r cornernf no. I
Ihence sNl chains, theucc tt 10 chains, III IC'cN
Slli hains, thenee K St) chains to poinl of roni
9. Commencing at the I w sornor of no. s
..hence s 80 ehains. th.-nc.- h SU chains, thence tt
11 eliains, thenoe N SO ehaius to point of coin-
III. (iiniiiieniinK at 'he IW Corner of nn !l,
thencen Mi rliaiu-. thence i SO chains I liei.ee n
'*) chain-. Ihenee k Si eliains to point of com-
I    II.   Ciiminencin_ at the SK corner of no. 111.
ihence s R< bains, tl ence w Nth .in-. iIm-ihts
80chains, UiMKS k 80 chains lo point of coni-
li   i lene ii_ at tht I 9 cm ner of no. II.
Ihence- Mlchains, theirs w SU chains, I hence N
mi chain ���, ihence K Mlchains lo point of coin
Kl. Couiincni inn at the I K. corner of no. 12,
ihence I Ml chain., ihence w SU chains, iheine
�� Mich.iin . ihence KSU chains to poinl of com
It. Ciiiniiiencinu al the I 9 corner of no. 13,
Ihence K 80 chains, thence s SU chains, Ihenee w
Sll ihains, Ihenee N Sll chains Ul poim of cumin- ncenicnt.
15. Commencing at the N w eorner of no. II,
i l.enci msi, hains. ,h< ncc �� Ml, hams, thenee N
at once placing the townsite on the ^wwiu*"'"KS0''"""" * mal uf """
in-irl-i't       Alrcidv in niitcirlp rirrtp_      ���*���   Honimeneini! at the N K corner nf no. I.i,
______   rtin.Kiy in otitsiaecircles ,heoce��� nd^S, ihciie��N80cb_i��.ih_ic��
there is felt ��� want of confidence in | S*__*|_ H*>*��'��������<*���*�� toxamtWaam-
I", i onimenciiiK at the N ��, corner nf no. 1(1.
ihemie w SO chains, ihence N Su chain-. tlienee
i; So chains, Ihenee I sn chains lo noiut of eom-
18.   Commencing at the N K t nrner of nn. 17.
thence w BO chilis, theuce N Su chains, thenee
K su eliains, ihence I SO ehaius io point of om
W I iiioiineucin.' at the N K corner of no, 18,
tin in c i Mlchains, thence B su cha lis, theniew
the townsite, owing to the inefficient and procrastinating way in
which the townsite is being handled
and further delay will only accentuate and encourage this feeling,
One   Which   should,    by   the    IllOSt I���' ,'m""s <h,iiee.s tfl chain- to point uf com-
' ; inciicunienl.
strenuous and expeditious measures    ��  ( __���,_*_! tht aw orner of no. a
' Ihence.N MJehains, iheine t Micluiiiis, Ihence s
be avoided, or Nicola will receive a ������ * l'llHIIIS-lheDa! * * *'""" ,0 point of m"'
n eiiceinnit.
blow from wliich it will take
11.   I'onimciinn_ at the \ Vi corner of no -.11
ih- nci | 8(i i hain-, thonee w Mi chains. theuC
s SU chains, theuce k SO chain- lo poim. of com-
nu ncen hii!
ti, Coiniiien' inn al the N ��. corner (if nu 21.
them* w Ml chains, ihe ee fc Siichains, the. ce
k Su chums, theuce 180 chain? to point of coin-
si ��� rmiiint'ieinu al the b K corner of no. 22,
, tlienee N Nlehaiiis. ihence kmiehai.--, ihcun^
a rank pity that they can come to *> >'"��'"-��� u*��rt " ��<*ir-�� w pomi of coin
no agreement on the subject. Sure-1  *��� tommsnciniiittbe he oorner of no. A
: the _s N Hllchniii-. ih-nee f HUcuaui-. iheine S
|   Mlchains, ihenee w SOcliainslo point uf pari:
menceim nl
her I
long time to recover.
The owners of the townsite
their    individual    capacities   are
shrewd business men and it seems
ly something can be clone to end
the present deadlock, and place
Nicola where she will receive her
share of the prosperity which is rapidly spreading over the province.
It would be amusing, were it not
so sad, to look at the situation from
an outsider's point of view, and see
a town, the terminus of ��� new line
of railway in the far-famed province
of British Columbia, and yet a town
lot cannot be bought from the owners of the townsite.
It is to be sincerely hoped, in the
interests of the community in general and business houses in particular, that an agreement will be arrived at soon, or some suggestion
made by which lots can be placed
on the market and the growth of
the town no longer held back.
2.i. eoiunieneinK ��t 'lie N ��. turtle of no 21,
Hi. ic c �� Ml lh,in��. Ihenee N *i i hams, IhiuecK
SO chain-, ihenee I Ml chain, iii point of com
in. uc.iiicnl
2li   c meii'in_ .I lhe R W nirn. rnf no. 2.i,
i In i.re -SO eham��. I heme w 80 cha n-. Iln nee N
Slli hains, fence K such uiis to poiut of eoni-
27. coiun ei cinn al the S W oorner of no. 2ii.
them e itOehtnis, thence W Jo chains, thence n
Mjti.ams, ihenee i: 80 ehainH to point ul coin
mo. rem. nt.
28. ciitiiineni'ing at the N K comer of no. 27.
thence w 80chains, thence N 811 chains, Ihenee
I siichaiii-. Ihenee I siichnins to point ol commencement.
20. I o-iibk<ncinif at the \ K corner no. 28.
thenee H Ml chain-. Ihence R .mj chains, Lhem e
K Su ehain-, thence s 80 Htalns io polnl of commencement.
:in. commencing at the N Winner no.2!i,
thence s Mm hain-, tience w SU chains, [.hence
N SO chains, thence K 80 chaius to point of coin,
meiiceni nt.
ill ro.i.iiitn'iiiK at tbtt w oorner no.:io,
tlienee w 80chains, thenot >" Su chains, Ihsnos
K Ml (hams, Ihence h ,Mj chain- lo puiui of cum-
men enient,
tt.    f ineiicitiK it thes !���: corner of no. :n
tIm im c- k Mi chain-. Ihenee s Ml Vl.ain-. ihenee
w 80 ehiins, thence N SU chains to puinl of coin
33 I oi encinK at Ihe I �� corner of no. H,
Ihence w Mieliniii-. thcin e N mi chains i���,.,, ,.
I MM hams. tin.iii e I Sll ch.cn- to poinl or com
34 CommeBclngst thtt B corner of no :u.
Ihence s.80 eliains, thenee -mi. hun.-. thenee ��
mu ham-, th ai.. Mlriuin- in po ill of con
  In   ic eiiient.
 '��� .l.i.   i . iiillllll- niK a' lie- s M c Tiierof n    ill.
Hi nil u Ml -I,  .ii- I i N   Ml, h.ins. lhem,
"Rctter late than never,   m;y bet i * chilis, thsnots an btiw 10 pout of oo_c
itil   r.iui in inn nt iln  -��� comer if to. K,
lli.i.ce I Ml chlin-. Ihen c I B0chsins, lhen-e H
HI ,i ii i mi,. N -oi ham- In puinl of com
i!7 i oinineii(.iii���iil iln- s a cm tier uf no. .si,
II...nc w Ml i hai"-. isuci S Miihain-, Ihcnc
K Ml eliain-. thenee 180 (-'.11111-10111111110110.11
mem ciueiil.
38.  Comraendng it thi xk corner of no. 37.
theuce K 80 chains. Ihence s.mi chains, limine
w Mi chains, Iheine N su 1 h iln-.tu point of coin |
3!l.   Coinmeneinx al the n 9 eorner of nu. .'IS,
thence w 80Chtlns, Ihene- .\ Mi chain , tneiiee
E 80 chains, thence h 811 eliains to 0 lint of com- j
in.  Cirnimtjclng it thi I k corner of no. 33,
then' e K 80 chains, thci.ee ri Sll chain-, liicnce .
w 80 chains, thence  HM chains, to polnl of I
11.   t'ainimeneing al the S W corner nf no. 10,;
hence w 811 chaius, theme N mi eliains. Ihence ,
ISlO chains, ihence 8HI chains to pmil of coin
12 Commencing at. the 8 E eorner of no..'lt,
thence F.80 chains. Ihence S80 chain-, thence
w SU clem-, thence N Mi eh ilus to noini of com
m-ni cm-m.
43. Commencing at Iho S W cornerof no. 42,
thenee w su chains, thenoe N nil chains, thence
good maxim, but "never late" _ 1 in-i
ter one, and applies appropriately to
Occident insurance. You shonlu investigate this matter at once. Full particulars and rates from (',. M. Hrush,
C>lOURT NICOLA, No. 8031, A.O. ��.. meet*
J second and fourth Friday in each month I
at 8 p.m., in Pooley's Hall.    VisiliiiK brethren
cordially invitad.
Wai.tkk Ci.akk. C. It.
ltnd Mining tnd Oeneral Supply Agts
Mining contractors, farm machinery, buggies,
cullers, sleighs etc. Send for our list of farm
and mininn properties. Reports on mining properties through the District.   Cable address | K lib"chains, thence! 8 80 chains lo point of coin
'1 iKiim  "     fV-lnw-    IJs-lliii li 111      \l iidi. till &.'   V_iul     I  |i|ii|i 1  ..  .  iii. I
II   Commencing at the S K comer of no. 43,
thence 18O chains, thence 8 80 chains thence W
Aiirum.    Codes: Bromhall, More.ugk Ncul,
\. B. C. 4th.
Wareboune-Canford, Ni-ola Valley, B. C.
SO chains, thenoe N 80 chains to point of commencement.
45. Comiiieneingat the 8 K corner of no. 44,
Ihenee S80ehiins, Ihence w Su eliains. ihence
N su chains, thenee K 80 chains to poinl of coin
Ili. C ei'iiiencing at the X V rorncr of no. 4j,
1 hence 8 Ml chain-, ihenee rt HI ehim-, theuce
M mi chain., tnence K mi rh iiii- to poiiii of com-
17. ('niinicni'ing al the N ��. cenrnerof no. 40
He ice w Mi chain-, ihen.. N 80 i In in-, then. *-
K NO chains ihence SSOrliams to ooint of com
lu   ii  emenl.
I-   0 ioencin_ at Ih- MV corner nf no. 47
iheuce ri ion chains, iheuce rt' III chains, thence
N IDi eh,ms, ihence g H chains lo point of
i    40.   i o cueing at the \ I'corner of no. is
thence W III chain., thence N nm chains, thtoes
K In chains, ihence i lit) chains Ui point of torn
' in -cineiii.
hi. i iiiiiincncinK al the N F. cornerof No III,
I hence w 10 chains, thence N 100 chains. Ihence
K UL h.ins, i hence S |H ham- to poinl of coui-
.... in cue it.
| 51 I'n.ii'iienrhgat the N K cornernf no. 50,
ihenivtt in i hain-, Ihence N liluch iins, thence
I In chiilii-, i hence 8 lisi i hains lo point uf com
 nl emenl
W i 'iimoieiielngiil the X E corner uf no. 51.
hence u Mii-ham-, ili'-iee N Ml eliain-, ihenee
K HI chains, hence S 80 chilis io puinl of com
,i:(. i 'iiiiiiiieiu'lng at the X I. corner nf no. 52.
Iheine rt Ml. hum-, ihence N 80 cliiiu-. ihenia
K such un.. ihence 8 Mi chains lo point of coui-
iiiein enient.
li i oiniiieni jig at the X Eeorncrof no. i)3,
'I.eiceKMi chains, ihenee 8 Sll chains. Ihene*
rt snih ii-, I heme N Ml cha us In point of com
to.   C nencingat the X Ke Tncr of no. 51.
Uu nee K Soi hains, theme 8 Sll chains. Ihenee
W till chains, theuce N SU chain- to point of com
melu enient,
56. Coiiimcncitip; at the n e comer of
no. .ii, theaee w so chtint, thence n so
cliiiins, tlienee t Stl cliiiins, thence s tfl
chains to point of ooinincnceinent.
57. Connnefldng it the I w corner of
no. 56, tlunce w SO chains, thence n SO
chalni, tlienee e 8U chains, thence s SO
chains to pnint of coinnieiu'cnient.
5S. OiininenciiiK at the s w corner of
no. 57, thence w Sll cliiiins, tlienee n 80
clinins, thence ��� 80 chains, thence s Sn
cliiiins lo point of commencement.
59. Coniinencine at the n e corner of
no. 58, thence I H eliains, thence e Sll
chains, thence s SU ehains, thence w 8(1
chains to point of commencement.
60. Commencing tt the n w corner of
no. 59, thence I SO chains, thence 9 hi)
chains, thence n 80 chains, thence c B0
chains to point of commencement,
61. Coinineiieinj. at the n e corner of
no. 60, thence w 80 chains, ihence n B0
chains, thence e Sll chains, thence s 811
chains to point of commencement.
|- bi. Commencing at the n e corner of
no. 61, thence e 80 ehains, thence s 80
chains, thence w 80 chains, thence n 80
chalni to point of cotiimcticenient.
j 63. Ciinimencinc; at tlie n e corner of
no. 6.', tlienee e 40 chains, thence s 160
j fhains, tlienee vv 40 chains, thenee n 160
chains to point of commencement,
I 64. Commencing at the n w corner of
no. bi, thenee it SO chains, thenee e 81)
chain-, theuce s  80  chains, thence w 80
chains to point of commencement
I   65.   Commencing tt the s w comer of
j no. 64, thence w 80 chains, thence n 80
eliains, thenet  I N chains, theuce  I 80
eliains to point of commencement.
66. Commencing at the n e comer of
no. 64, thence n 80 eliains, thenee e 80
cjiains, thence t 80 chains, thence w 80
chains to point of commencement.
67. Commencing at the n. e. corner
(if N'o. 66, tlienee vc. SO chains; thencen,
Sll chains, theuce e. H chains, thence s.
80 chains to point of commencement.
6S. Commencing tt the n. e. corner
of no. 67, thence e. 80 chains, thenee s.
HO chains, thence w. 80 chains, thenee n.
80 chains to point of commencement.
69. Commencing at the B. e. comer
of no. 68, thence w. 16U chains, thence
n. 40 chains, thence e. 160chains, thence
s. til (hains to point of commencement.
70. Commencing at tht i, e. coma
of No. 69, tlienee e. SU chains, thence
s. 80 chains, thence w. SO chains, thence
ii. 80 chains to point of commencement,
71. Commencing tt tbe s.w. corner
of no. 70, thence e. SO chains, thence s.
80 chains, thence W, SO chains, thence
n. Su chains to place of conuneticcincnt.
72. Commencing at the l, w. comer
of Xo. 71, thenee w. SO chains, thence
n, SU chains, thence e. BO chains, thence
s. sii chains to point of commencement.
73. Commencing at tbt s. w, comer
of no. il, thence s. SU chains, thence w.
Sll chain-, Ihenee u. SO chains, Ihencee.
80 chains to point of commencement.
74. Commencing at tht a, e, corner -
of no. 73, thenet t, SO chains, thence s.
Sll eliains, liicnce w. Sll chains, thcin c n
sn chains to point of commencement.
75. Commencing at the n t corner ofj
no 74, thence e 80 chains, thence ��� BO
chain-, thence w 80 chtint, thence ii BO
chains io point of commencement,
76 Commencing tt the i w cornti  ol
no 75, thence ( 80 chains, Ihence I 80
chains, theucc 9 hn chains, thence n BO
chains to point ol i���oniiiieiici-meill.
77 Commencing tt the I ��� corner of
no 76, them e e 80 chains, thence s 80
chains, Iheuce a Sn chains, thence u Su
chains to point of commencement.
78 Commencing at the u w corner of
no 77, theuce s SO ehains, thence ��� 80
(hains, thence n Sll chains, thenci e HO
chains to point of commencement.
79 Coinmeuciiii; at lhe n e comer of
no. 7S, thenet �� SU chains, thence n HO
chains, thence e HO chains, thence s 80
chains to point of commencement.
80 Commencing at the I w comer of'
no 79, thence w 80 chains, thence n 80
chains, thence e HU chains, thence s Sll
chains to point of commencement.
r\\   Commencing at the I, e corner of i
no SO, thence s HO chains,  thence w SO1
chains, theuce n HO chains, thence e 80!
chains, to point of commencement.
82   Commencing at the s e corner of I
no 81, thence s 160 chains, thence w 40,
chains, thence n 160 chains, thence e 40
chains to point of commencement.
83 Commencing at the s e corner of
no J, thence e HO chains, thenee s su
chains, thence vv 80 chains, thenee  n 80
chains to |x>int of commencement
Nicola, B.C.. March 21st, 1907.
Capital, all paid up $14,400,(KIO.   Rest, .11,000,000
Head Office:   Montreal.
Interest allowed at current rates.
The Nicola Valley
Coal and Cot\e
Company, Limited
are nnw working itt their Miiltlleslnini' Colliery
at Coullee, H. C, in a team of eighteen feet ol
solid coil, ol the finest qu.ility, for steam, coking and domestic purposes.
Shares in this Company are being sold
at par, $100 per share
These shires are the sort of investment
which careful people like to mike Ir is a sale
one, and one with splendid pfiWpectt for the
fii.ure. It is not merely a coal mining Company on on paper.
The Company is a solid, substantial
concern, composed of leading
men in Vancouver.
Oeneral Agent lor the Company
mmtmi &��T__Piim
(or  the   farm.  gurdsD, lawn, or
Rough and Dressed    N0 ***********  no ,,.i,^
I plains.   NO coblfM ran.   Just the old
reliable, approved   varieties,   at   rca.011
! alilc prices.
lice Supplies. Spr��J Pumps ami Sprav-
iny, Material. Cut I-'loucrs, etc
Is prepared to take contracts for
snwint; lumlier and getting out
UfM__l THII ( oiili-ai-lN _MC���t*_
Mail orders promptly attended to
J. A.  MENZIES,     -     LOWER NICOI.A. j 3100 Westminster Hosd,      Vancoivhr, B.C. THE   NICOLA HERALD
Successors to Blair & Company
Extra Japanese Matting, per yd.   $ .35; former price $ .50
Stetson Hats, Cowboy
Fodora Hats
Cowboy Hats
Grey Fedora Hats
Black Fedora Hats
6.25; former price 7.50
4.00; former price 5.00
100; former price 2.50
1 50; former price 2.25
2.25; former price 3.50
ssSHOES ss
Light Working Shoes
Coin Toe Dress Shoes
Extra Grade Russet Shoes
Artisan Working Shoes
$4.00; reduced to $2.75
4.00; reduced to 3.00
5.00; reduced to 350
4.50; reduced to   3.50
These are going fast; only about two dozen left.
Gents' Underwear
Rather than carry over our heavy Wool Underwear  until next
winter, we are closing it out at less than cost.    The $1.50
and $1.25 grades reduced to 85 cents and
others in proportion.
25 Per Cent, off all Dry Goods
Our new stock is beginning to arrive.   Men's Shirts, Collars, etc. are
1907 New York spring fashions, just one year ahead of
any other store in the valley.
NOTICE is herehy given that on Monday, the 6th day of May, A. D. 1907, at
ten o'clock a. m., at the Court Hou6e,
Ashcroft, I shall hold a Court of Revision for the purpose of hearing and determining any and all objections to the
retention of any name or names on the
Register of Voters for the Yale Electoral District.
mr7 Registrar of Voters.
Ashcroft, R.C., Ii.th Fcliruary, 1107,
"Liquor Licence Act, J 900."
OTICE is hereby given that from
the Nicolu License District there
has been taken all the territory
draining into the Nicola River, except
that portion thereof for a distance of
thirty miles from the mouth, and that |
the said territory so taken from the
' Nicola License District has been added
to the North Yale License District.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
28th February, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that CO days after
date I intend to apply to the chief commas-
ainner of lands and works for permi-slon to
purchase 280 acres of pasture land, joining K.
Oulllford sr��� commencing at K. Uullifbrd's
stake No. 112 south eaat c rner running
north 3,i chains, thence west. 8(1 chains,
Ihence south li chains, thence eust 80 chaina to
point of i oniniencement,
Aspen Orove, Mar. 15,1907.
Thirty days after date I intend to ap
lily lo the chief commissioner of landi
and works for a special license to cut and
cany away timber from the following described laud on the Coldwater river.
Commencing at a pott al the N Ecorn-
;r if L"i 3H running south 80 chains,
hence east 80 chains, iheuce north 80
chains, thence weit 80 ehiins to initial
post point nf commencement.
March 21st, 1907.
J. F. MlRRAY. L*��t.ir.
Commencing at a post, at the S W
corner of L t 745 running sou'h 80chains
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chaina,
thence west 80'thaiui to initial post point
of commencement.
Maicb 21st. 1907.
J F. M. MAY, Locator.
In the Estate of James Charles
Stephens Chenhall, Deceased
x TOTICE is hereby given that all
|V creditors and others having claims
A " against the estate of the late
James Charles Stephens Chenhall, who
died on or about the 29th day of September, 1906, are required on or before
the first day of May, 1907, to send by
post prepaid or deliver to the undersigned their Christian and surnames,
addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, duly verified,
the statement of their accounts, and
the nature of their securities, if any,
held by them.
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date the Executors
will proceed to distribute the assets of
the said deceased amongst the parties
entitled thereto, having regard only to
the claims of which they shall then
have notice, and that the said executors
will not be liable for the said assets or
any part thereof, to any person or persons of whose claim notice shall not
have been received by them at the time
of such distribution.
Dated at Nicola, B. C, this 6th dav
of March, 1907.
Solicitor for Arthur Richardson  Carrington -md David A. Stoddard, Executors. mi-<
Thirty d��yi tfter date I intend to apply
to the chief commimiuner of land* and
worki for I license to prospect for cotl
mi the following described Und. Commencing at a port marked M. (>'�� n. w.
corner, being one mile iculh of the i. w.
corner ef lot 330, thence eait 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence ��est KO
chaini, theuce north 80 chaius lo point of
M. Olson, Locrtor.
J E. Kate, Agent.
April 2,1907.
Commencing it a post parked  a i . 11
n. e. correi, being one mile south of the
f. e. cornerof lot 329. thence 80 chains
west, iiieuce 80 than,- eouili, thence 80
chains part,  thence 80 chaini north to
point of .   ininei cement.
A. c Olson, Locitor.
J. E. Bate, Agent.
Ann 2, Ml,
i' iininen.'iiig at i post marked s, J. b'i
n w, corner, being the I. w. corner of M.
(Nm. cal ligation, thence 80 chaini
east, thence 80 chum louth, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chaim north to
lioiut of commencement
S. J. Bate, Locator.
.1. E. Bate, Agent.
April 2, 1907.
commencing at a post marked I, r.  us
o e corner, being the 8 e corner of A. c.
Olson's ooal I cation, theuce 80 chaini
west, thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains east thence 80 chaini north to
point of commencement.
.1. E. Bate, Locator.
April 2, 1907.
commencing at a post marked E. R a
n w corner, being the n e corner of 8. J.
Bite's coil location, thence 80 chaini
eait, thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chaini west, thence 80 chaini nurth to
point uf commencement.
E RitiiAKiis, Locator.
J F. bate. Agent.
April 2, 1907.
Commencing at a post marked j r a r's
n w corner, being the n e corner of M.
Olion's coal location, thence 80 chains
easl, theuce 80 chains south, theuce 80
chains weal, tnence 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
J. R A. Richariis, Locator.
J. E Bate, Agent.
April 2, MT.
<   iiini.'uciiig at a post marked J. A. it's
n e corner, being the ie corner of I   E.
Bite's  coal   location,  thence  80 chaini
west, thence 80 chains south,  thence 80
chaini east, thence 80 chaini north to
point of commencement.
j. A. Hinshaw, Locator.
J E bate, Agent.
April 2,1907.
commencing it i poit marked t. w. j'��
I w corner, being the s w corner of S J
Bale's coal location, ihence 80chains east,
thence 80 chaini south, thence 80 chaini
west, thence 80 chains north to point of
F. W. Qkilckiht, Locator.
J l bate, Agent.
April 2, 1907.
Thirty days after date I intend to
make application to the chief commissioner of lands and work for a license to
prospect for coal on the following described land, commencingata post mark-
i ed H. H. McD., N. E. corner being the
j S. E. corner of Lot 329, running south
J 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
, north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
i to point of commencement.
H. H. McDonald, Locator.
March 21st, 1907.      J. F. Murray, Agt
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to tne eliief commissioner of lands
j and works for a license to prospect for
coal on the following land situated on
Coldwater, commencing at a post marked F. D. L., N. W. corner, being the
S W corner of Lot 330 running south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
to point of commencement.
F. D. Lauder, Locator.
March 21, 1907.       J. E. Murray, Agt.
Certificate of Improvements.
Black   Prince  Mineral  Claim,   situate
ill the Nicola  Mining   Division   ul   Vale
Piatiict.    Where located--Aspen ('.rove.
Tike notice that 1. Ni.icKaaiwood,l'ree
[Miner's Certilicate No. IN.U.V, latend,
sixty days Irom date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder (or a Certilicate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the itxnrt claim.
I    Anil further take notice that action, un-
- der section .'7, must be commenced lie-
lore the issuance of such Certificate of
j    Datetl this 19th dav of March, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afler date
I intend 10appli tothe chief commissioner of
lands and works for permission to purchase 100
aero of mountain pasture land, situated ln
Kamloops division of Yale district: Commencing at Ihe SK corner of A. Anderson's preemption claim Ihence ea��t Id chains; thenee
north 40 chains; thence west 10 chains; thence
south 10 chains to point of commencement.
March 2ilth 1!��I7.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
from date I intend to apply to the chief
comini.s.sioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase 160 acres of
pastural lands, situated on Voght Creek
in the Nicola Division of Yale District,
described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted about
two miles and a half up Voght Creek,
and about 40 chains west from Thomson's land, thence west 40 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence south 40 chains
to point of commencement, containing
160 acres, more or less.
Dated this 16th day of February, 1907.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
D. P. Marpole was a visitor to Nicola on Monday last.
Rev. J. Thompson paid a visit to
Quilchena on Tuesday.
The nearest hotel to the railway station.
The only convenient hotel for travelers.
Oood rooms, good table, gissl liquors.
Two large sample rooms. Good stabling
in connection.
J. Guichon, jr., of Quilchena, was a
visitor to Nicola Monday.
Constable Walter Clark was a Quilchena visitor Wednesday.
S. Kirby, of Quilchena, left on Monday's train on a trip to the coast.
H. L. Roberts has been visiting at
Otter Valley a few daya this week.
G. B. Armstrong, of Lower Nicola,
paid a visit to Nicola on Tuesday afternoon.
Doc. Cameron returned to the coast
on Monday's train after a brief visit in
R. Worthington and F. Smith came
down from the latter's Coyote valley
ranch on Tuesday.
James Pooley went to Vanconver on
Monday to look after a bunch of cattle
he shipped to that city.
l scouutant,Commission,Insurance
and (Jew-ill Agent,
Main Street
Calls your attention to
the fact that you want
Robes and Horse
and the best place to get them is at
Harness and Saddlery
The most convenient hotel for visitors in Ashcroft. The best of table
board. Hot and cold baths. Our
representative meets all trains :  :  :
<t<X <w <_<"��__ <V<-_<V<V<-<_���<�����
Readers of The Nicola Herald will
note the change in the day of publication from Thursday to Friday. The
change was made advisable in order
to better meet the new mail service in
vogue since the trains started running.
Rev. Dr. White, Superintendent of
Methodist Missions for B. C. will visit
the valley in his ''icial capacity and
will preach at 21-Mile House at 10a.m.;
Lower Nicola 3 p.m., and at Diamond
Vale at 7 p.m. Services will also be
conducted at Lower Nicola at 7.30 p.m.
by Mr. Dodding.
Work on G. B. Armstrong's new
store at Merritt is going ahead fast.
The roof is now on and carloads of new
stock are arriving ready for the opening. The store is so far under construction that business will be under way in
about ten days. The intention of the
owner is to carry the best lines only,
and to sell at the very lowest possible
prices. Small profits and quick returns
will be the motto of the new store, and
when to this is added a stock which
for variety and quality is unexcelled in
the valley, a visit to the store when opened will well repay intending buyers.
To Charles Case, of Nicola, B. C.
Take notice that a plaint has been entered and a summons issued in the aliove
County Court by 0, B. Armstrong, of
Lower Nicola, B. C, merchant, for the
sum of J77.66 for goods sold and delivered and an order has been made that the
publication of a notice of the entry of
such plaint in The Nicola Herald shall Ik
Ail kinds of Watch, Clock
and Jewelry repairs d<>ue in
first class order and satisfaction Clinm'eeil. All work
entrusted to our care will be
completed and re nrned without dehiy.
W. .VI. < A III'IH-M, A tit.,
C. P. R. Time Inspectors. Kamloops
Certificate of luiproveinents.
Vernon Fractional Mineral Claim, situate in the Nicola Mining Division of Yale
District.    Where located���Aspen Orove.
Take notice that I, Isaac Eastwood,agent for  David 11.  Smith, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B9342H, intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 19th day of March, 1907.
All the new records received as issued at
Kamloopi Vernon
<JJ_J_<J<J__J__ J
Horseshtiing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
NICOI.A. a c.
deemed good and sufficient service of the Nicola Division of Yale District
summons upon you. cribed as follows:
Grand Central Hotel
Ashcroft, B.C.
��� Everything up to date.   Best cuisine in
Koto fa he^gtra thtt within 60 {town^ Bar 8uppiied with the best wines,
liquors and cigars.   When in Ashcroft
stop at the Grand Central.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor and   Notaty  I'uMic
Offlre:   Ka-t of lhe Canadian Hank of Commerce. Koiilli niiie of Victoria street, Kamloopi-.
Money lo loan on real enisle security.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a ipt-cialty.
days from date 1 intend making application to the honorable chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission to purchase 75 acres of pasture land in the Yale
division of Yale district situated as follows: Commencing at at a stake at the
s.w. corner of lot 746, running thence
south 20 chains more or less to the n. w.
of Jas. Corbett's coal lease, thence east
4(1 chains, thence north 20 chains to lot
746, thence west 40 chains to the point
of commencement.
Nicola, 11th March, 1907.
You are required to enter a dispute
note within eight davs from the 2nd day
of May, 1907, at the Registrar's Office at
Nicola; and if you do not so enter such
dispute note judgment BUM bt signed
against you and the plaintiff mav proceed to execution.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1907.
(Sgd)   GEO. MURRAY, Registrar.
To Peter Mertle, of Nicola, B. C.
Take notice that a plaint has been entered and a summons issued in the above
County Court by G. II. Armstrong, of
Lower Nicola, B. C, merchant, forthe
sum of $80.00 for goods sold and delivered and an order has been made that the
publication of a notice of tbe entry of
such plaint in The Nicola Herald shall
be deemed good and sufficient service of
the summons upon you.
You are required to enter a dispute
note within eight days from the 2nd day
of May, 1907, at the Registrar's Office at
Nicola; and if you do not so enter such
dispute note judgment may be signed
against you and the plaintiff may proceed
to execution.
Dated this 16th day of April, 1907.
(Sgd)   GEO. MURRAY, Registrar.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
after date I will apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of I ,ands and Works
for permission to purchase 640 acres of
land situated on Shootar Creek in the
Commencing at a post about f> miles
north of Nicola on bank of Shootar creek.
Thence North 80 chains, thence West 80
chains, thence South KO chains, thence
East 80 chains to point of commencement, containing NO acre0.
Feb. 26th. 1907.
M. V. Munro, Locator.
Wm. Mr nro, Agent.
Notice Is hereby iriven that sixty daya afler
dwd Itiicii'l  to apply to tba chief unmcl-
a ,-r iif l-oida .nd   works  for  BumlntiK  tn
pi.rcc.ae ai) >,. r.a i.f   pa-turf land  .lltlHtl'd nn
I'ike'  .Uoiii'iHiii, Yule IHnirict, rn i mc'CiiiK ai |
h |i<> t pi led  iiii I lie  soiitlicrn  line  if  Q N, i
I'eiki'i-' |irectii|ilinii. Ihence 41 chain-   weal,
ihene- ft)chalniauiiih. I'.eore III ohaliia eaal.
Ihcie c .11 chaina uur Ih   lo polul   of rniiiini'li'e-
Spring Goods
ir tf*
Just Arrived at the
People's Store!
Blouses, Silk Waists, Skirts, Waist
Lengths,  Children's Bonnets
Prints, Flannelettes.
The People's Store
Reading Crackers     -     -     -     40c a Tin
The most popular form of Cream Cracker.
Arampetti Tea 40c per lb
A Ceylon Orange Pekoe in hulk.   Kick,  well
/     flavored Tea, equal to any 50c package.
Fairbank's "Santa Claus" Soap   -   5c per bar
An unexcelled Washing .Soap.
Pitted Prunes (in packages)     -     20c per lb
These are very nice and one pound goes as far
as two of the kind with stones still in.
lie III
April 1(1. MR.
Jos. fticlj.ir.ls,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling ln Connection. Telephone Connection
Hyland & Gray
(R. M. Woodward's Sawmill.)
K .Minors, b. C.
All kind. ,,f  WtlUkm, CldctcH, Jewelry,
etc., kept in Muck.    Wedding presents * specialty.
First tama ivpmrs done on short notice
iinl returned m mice.
Barrister, Notary Public &c. t^     4th j
A sittinj? of the County Court of Yale
will be held in the Court House, Nicola
B. C, on
Official Administrator
Office.-Commercial Block, east of Post Office. [ a' 10 ����� ni
Kamloops, B. C.
Geo. Murray,
C, C. Registrar.


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