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The Nicola Herald Jan 11, 1906

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Vol. 2.   No. 2.
$2 a Year.
Townsite Once Registered Can Not Be
Cancelled   Unless   Owner  IB   ln
Possession of Every Lot ln
the Townsite,
The mttter nf the assessment of derelict towiuitei hit been sgitated in the
court! of revision in the Kooteiity, it well
ti eltewhere but there Ihe appellants
do nut teem to have fired is well ti tho,
did at the com. Indeed on their own
showing, in at lent one case reported,
there wis nothing that could l��e done for
i lii-iii, linn- they idmttted thtt they
would not sell the lots enept tt an id
vauce on the uiiniuuiu limine of the inbunh
incut tet. Tint does nut mean, however,
thtt the avenue Kootenay townsite ranks
higher iu value than itt abandoned cm
temporary ou the coast; hut probably the
explanation is to he found in the fact
thtt a townsite in Knotenay whosi valu>
ii bel it $25 a lot has _������ -no so hopelessly
had that no one would take the tmuhle t
appeal igtiuit vsbatever assessment might
be levied.
The Nelson N'ewi etplaining the situa
tion points out thtt while oi e secttun ol
the statutes directs assessment null
sinners to dtteruiine the value according
to fair market prices, nut at forced sales,
another closet with the words "but in n<
ct'-e shtll the assi-sied value of any lot in
a townsite be less than $.5."
Formerly many were assessed tt $5
As lhe tax is only 3 5 of 1 per cent it
would amount in the cue of the i wner ol
i single lot to 3 cents which wss wiped
out hy the postage. Hut ths remedy provided produces some curiout results. The
News proceeds:
British Columbia conttins towmites by
the score. Many of them, probably a
majority, contain not a single inhabitant.
There is cases where tnwiisitemf lOOUIots
could be purchased tt present for $1,000
or even less, but even hy the mo nd, d
law they must be assessed at $25,1100 and
taxes paid accordingly.
Moreover a townsite once registered
caunot be cancelled unless the registered
owners is still in possession of every lot.
The rale of one lot precludes cancellt'iuu,
sml few townsitcs are all in the control
of any individual or corpura'ii n, Thi
C.P.H. company happen to be the nut
uf many such properties. Tney htve ��p
pealed in e> ery case from the asseieuieii
commissioners tu the court ot revision
Only one revising i fficer iu the province,
C. W. Mt-Ann, of Kaslo, his allowed the
appeal in spite uf the statute. In th
other catei the company will probably
tppetl to the Supreme court for t ruling
ti to which of the two conflicting sections
of the offending chapter is the law.
Some lime tgo the C. P. R. company
give notice of appeal from thu assessment
of the Kitchener towmite. Basil O
Hamilton, of Calgtry, who has special
charge ef the company's laud iu British
Columbia, arrived from Roisltud Wed
tiesday night, and the court convened at
11 p m. in the office of the gold com
missumer. A. Jowett presided. Mr.
Hamilton presented hit appeal and Assessment Comroi ttioners Alex Lucat tnd
R A. Renwick opposed.
Mr. Hamilton -Your Honor, I tppetl
from the assessment of all lots in Kitchener townsite tt $26. The figure it too
high. There tre no offers to purchase at
thtt price. The company is considering
tn offer that will not amount to $101 lot,
ind will accept it if lott tlready sold otn
ba repurohated tnd the towmite ctnoelled.
Mr. Hamilton���No.
Mr. Renwiok -You have sold intiiy it
higher figures)
Mr. Hamilton��� Yes. By the company
schedule corner lots can only be sold tt
$75. inside lull tt $50. A few were told
at those pricei.
Mr. Renwick���If the selling price below which you will not consider an offer '
is $50 or over, I ctnnot see any grievtuce
in an assessed value of $25,
Mr. Lucas���Unless the court decides
that it has the power to overide the statute, there is no object hearing evidence
or argument. One court hat so held. All
oihuis have held the contrary.
W. A. .lowett���As the statuie is deli
nit*, tnd Kitchener is a registered  town
-He, 1 think this court   mult  dismiss  the
appeal.   The assessment stands.
Mr. Hamilton remarked that the assessment uf Gerrard and Robs ni sites had
been reduced to the $25 limit, and appeal
had beeu filed inctBe the of Nakusp. The
court remarked feelingly that it luo
bought a lut in Nakusp at $200.
A. Jtokton of l^uil.hent wti  in   town
on Mondty.
Stanley Kirby of Quilrheus Ion wu ��
visitor to Nicula thtt week.
Financial Panic Imminent.
Lyman J. Gage former tecretary of the
United States Treasury, said that
Im agreed with Jtcob H. Sohiff in the
opinion that a great panic is inevitable
miles* steps are taken to remedy the in
-lasticity of the existing currency system
"I agree positively with Mr Schiff,''
.aid Mr. (Jage, "that the money condition
which has existed in this country during
rhe last sixty days tre disgraceful to us as
a nation, and I further agree with him
that a stunning panic is but a milter nf
Mine unless something is don*. The more
properly and effectually thil it done the
Peters for Governor.
It is now Dated on good authority that
I1'red Peters of Victoria will be the lien
Leiutenant governor of British Columbia
n succession to Sir Henri July. Mr.
Riley has been urging his claims at
Ottawi, and friendi uf VV. C. Wells havt
a<so been pressing the government to
appoint him.
So far nu decission has been announced
but it is regarded is almost certaiu that
Mr. Peters will get the office. Mr, Peters
a as tt one time premier of Prince Edward
Island, and was formerly! law partner of
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper.
Work Commenced on Monday and tbe
Ralls to Be Laid to the Tunnel.
Engine No. 25 to Be Used
For Construction.
The work ol tracklaying on
the Nicola railway commenced
on Monday from the Spences
Bridge end and will be laid out
as far as the ''Tunnel," about
ten miles from the Hridge.
The completion of the first
bridge is practically finished
���md will permit the running of
trains over it.
It is expected to have the
tunnel finished by March, sn
by having the track out that
distance and trains running the
Material for the bridges and
other construction work will be
conveyed to that point by train.
fhe first engine to run on
ihe Nicula branch has arrived
it Spences Hridge, having been
-.em up Irom Vancouver last
week. It is No 25, which has
been in use around the Termi
"al and will now be used for
construction work. Conductor
vlackie will be in charge of the
The work of grading has
progressed well and the contractors have endeavored to
have everything done in first
class shape and in good time.
As soon as the tunnel is com
pleted the balance of the road
will be in readiness for the laying of the rails, which wiih the
up to-date   method   used  will
Miss Becky Munro left today for  Vin.
couver in company with Mrs. Pooley.
Mrs. Barnard arrived ni Mondty* itage
I 'mm Aspen  drove on  her  way  to  her
home at Ducks.
L McKay returned from Ashcroft nn
S.turday and resumed work at Btrwick'���
Harness and Saddle Kmporium.
The regular meeting ol fhe Whist Clubj
��� as held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs j
V. A. Howse on Wednesday evening.   A
���nod number were in attendance.
J, P. McConnell aud .1. Millar met Mr.
I'arn of Toronto at Coutlee on Friday
���vi-tnng and left the next day for Aspen
drove where they will look over some
mining properties.
At the meeting of the Ladies Aid toci
'ty of the Presbyterian Church it wis de |
������ded to have a railway social in the etrly
���art of Fehrury. The Ladies are tlready
nakiog plans to make the evening a most
oleasant one for a'l.
An impromptu dance was held in the
H I' on Monday evening and a large num j
her were in attendonce. .1. ri. Thynne
of Otter Valley 'urnished lhe music whioh ,
*as firtt class, Nicola residents not hav-1
<ng the privilege of enjoying such it ill
'heir dances. During the evening refreshments were served, and altogether *
very pleatant evening was spent.
���lamet Chenall leaves on tomorrowi
stige for Lm Angeles, Cat , where he will
visit for several weeks with friends. He
nil remain in Vancouver and Seattle for
i few days on his way down to the sunny
south, ".limmy" will he missed arminl
he express office where he has heajn sup
nntendent 'or n-me time, but hit holiday
trip will bring him back with renewed
rigc fur the spring work.
Fisheries Commission.
Announcement is made that the joint
-ession of the fisheries commission from
Tie state of Washington will not be held
until the laat week in February. This
ad inurnment is rendered necessary by the
detth uf the Hon Raymond Prefontaine.
The session was originally arranged tn be
held in Vtncouverat the olose uf the present month. It will prubtbly last three , railway train,
or four dtya, aia number of important
matters will come up for discussion tnd
not take long to   Cover  the en- [    At the  meeting  of Court Nicol* to-
tire distance with the Med.       ,norr7 "��mn��<h��r<"'"hfl ��in"��''��-
rion of officers the same having heen post-
Trams will without doubt be'  Mined unri| thenexl meeting on the 211'h
running over the road to CoUl     'f this month.    After the business of the
I      i      ,i     r I M evening and the initiation of two candi-
lee by the fisrt week in   May, " _ ..
��� '     dttet on   rndty a social evening  will   be
and Nicola residents will ba' ���ir|���iKH1) jn, rril, menders and their mti*
Time Something Sould be Done.
Iu chambers laat week Mr. Justice
Morris hi entered a vigorous protest
againit the habit of lawyeri in delaying
cases tnd piling up costs. He slid he
had no patience with the practice spinning
out inconsequential cases, and it was no
wonder that tht impression got abroad
that there wis a praotice of running up
the costs.
Vancouver Poisoning Case.
Mn. dimes and Mrs. .lickson will come
up for trial before the Hon. W. Normtn
Bole nn Jtnutry 17 it II a. in at New
Westminster hiving been lent up on the
charge of perjury,
able to see the long-talked off; <">"** uk,n�� *** '���'�� "���"inker".   D.H.
C. K., Andrew Thompson, of Kamloops,
will be at the meeting on the '-'Uth to in
stall 'lie officers, when a lull attendance
of members it requested,
Tni-teee  And  auditor to Conduct the
Buslnets  Under the New  Act.
$175 to Be Raised For the
Nicola School.
At the general meeting held today under the regulations of the new act the attendance wai not very large, which wuuld
u.dicate that the people of this section ire
satisfied with lhe assessment tu be levied
for school purposes besides the govern
uieot grant.
It iv. George Mas m wat called to the
���hair and A It. Carrington acted ai secretary, after the mm ites of the previ uj
meeting! had heen read and the financial
report brought up the nominations fur
tustees took place, the follovmg name*
ii-iog put up: Dr. Tutill, Walter Clark
md Ric A Fraser, were the only three
lames put up and when the nurolma-
i uis closed the chairman declared th*
hree to be elected, .lames D flillie was
e'ecied su btor lor the coming year.
The terms for the truttees ire Dr.
Tutill, three years, Walter Clark, two
ye*rs, Ric, A. Fraser, one year.
A short discussion took place on th*
financial assessment that would htve to
ne made for this school dialrict, and it wat
.rived tud tecooded thtt the sum of
4175 be raised for that purpose. The
district is about 12 miles square and when
the assessment is made it will unly cum*
to t small tax un each.
The Nieolt school district it ti follows
Commencing it the southwest curner of
Section i. Township 91, tbout one mile
s uth of Cjuolizeskat Reserve on the west
side thence due north 12 miles, tbout 9
miles nort.i of the Nicola river, thenct
due etsl 8 miles, about S miles up Nicolt
Lake and north 5 miles being the N. K.
corner of Township M thence dut touth
12 miles to t point one half mile south of
Lundhum Lake, thence to point of commencement.
;At Lower Nicolt (he school meeting
paised off very quietly and the following
are the truttees elected. D. Mclnnei,
los. Cleasby ind lam��s Smith; H. D.
lireen Arrrytage being e'jcied as auditor.
The financial arrangement has not
heen completed ai yet hut it was decided
that an assessment uf (75 would be necessary for inatntaintuce, tnd that $100
would be necetsary to repair the uid
school for a residence for the teacher.
The funds for salary to he arranged liter.
Lower Nicolt District: Adjoins Nicola
on Ihe west and runs II miles along the
east line of Murray's pre-emption to t
point about 5 12 miles nnrth uf Army-
tages ranch, thence due north west tu tht
boundary line between range 21 and 23,
Kamloops division of Yale district; thenc*
due south 12 miles thenee in ad red line
to point of commencement.
Hon, R, G. Tallow, minister
of finance and agriculture has
received word of the awards
given for collection of British
Columbia apples at the Colonial Fruit Show held by the
Royal Horticultural Society in |
London, Eng., on December
5th and 6th, 1905.
The province of British Columbia received the gold medal.
T. G. Earl of Lyttonand Mrs.
J. Smith of Spences Bridge,
both received Silver Knightian
Wild Alec Hanged.
More 8mokere Now
The Inland revenue department report Kamloops Jinuary 5th. Inditn Wild
shows in increase in tie mtnuftoture of Alec wtt hanged in the jail yard tt Kim
cigareltet ol eleven millions ovtr tht pre- kopt on Friday morning at 8.30 o'clock
ceeding ye.r. Lut years output wis f���r tht murder of i fellow Indian tt
253,624,037. , okanagan Lakl.
Plenty to Drink.
Victoria has withdrawn from th* boy-
ctt on the C.  P. R. Co, with regtrd. to     si_ _;,���������_ ni_. mmM ._d t
freight ntei.    They notified th* T__f I0_r proof gtllon. of .pint, w.re produt-
vonver people to thtt effect this week.       rf jn c,nad. jn sj^ ._ mmu q{ m
  i871gillon*.    Of  thi*,   211,525  gallont
_,,���... , , I were exported.
W. II. Kimpton leavet on the itage in
the morning for Vtncouver. On his return he expects to remain in Kamloopa
for some time.
Yon   need visiting cirdi.   (let your
\ mpply it th* Nicoli Utrtld offic*. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Publlihed Eve ry Thursday
���nbecrtptlon, ln Advance. $2 a Year
_ ._  ������
NlOOI.l, R.C.. JANUARY 11. 1-6
To Hunters
Notice is hereby given thtt hun'-mx o*
shouting on the property of the Douglas
Lake Ctttle Company is forbidden. Any
person or persons hunting or shooting
on the ibove property will be prosecuted
under the sections uf the Oame Act.
J. I!   Criavks.
Presbyterian Church, Nicola Lake:  8er
vices every ftahnath at 11 a. in. and 7:3u p.m.;
Hible class and Sabluitli School, ������ p.m.
���IT, (jkiiiiii��� Mason,
Presbyter���a I'astor.
Itiv. John I've,
Methndisi I'astor,
Methodist Church. Lowtr Nicola: IMviric
-ii \i. i every lord* Hay at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
-uii.Uy si hoolat 2 p ill.
JllllS   I'VK.
Mioliodiel Minister.
Gcnitiii. Mahun,
PreehyUfU* Minister.
NOTICK is hereby given thtt til placer min
Ing claim, legally In-!Id in lhe Kamloops.
A hi-riift, Y��le and Similkamn-n Mining 1)1 v
si ins will be laid over from Ik* 1st dty or
November ensuing In Uu- tat day nf May. MOti.
Gold Commissioner.
Kamloops. October Kith, 1905.
All interested in school af
fairs should take an interest in
the administration of the school
business.     Under the new aci
more power is given to and
more responsibility rests upon
the people.    The   board   ol
school trustees have power to
employ and dismiss teachers,
but their acts must conform to
the requirements of the School
Act. Certain duties are laid
down for them and certain
duties are given for the teacher
It will be the duty for the trustees to uphold theteaiherin
the maintainance of proper discipline, for without which there
can be no successful teaching.
We believe there is no cause
to complain in the manner in
which Mcola schools arc con
ducted    either    by   teachers Or     Notice I, hereby given, that application wi
' be made In the legislative assembly  of lh<
trustees.      With   regard   to the, Province of British Columbia, at its neit ses
, aion, fur in act In incnruurale n company with
trustees it no doubt TMlIn Pf �������� �� **Mimn.i.*l* ���tni-i- **1 i>��r
��� i    ���     i i        .        ���     1 r  ate a line or lines or railway of simulant or
advisable   to  induce some of,nlkr <clvilh���,ki,ldll,m���lllMm,r(or
those on the present board or '* �����r_��� ��t>*-y**���*���ttmjm,turn
1 some point a' or near OaoyooI on the I   erna
those who have had previous -*__ ttnmtttt,w��__t _*��xrilnrty*_***��� I
.. . tion nl m_ ur ie-it l,:il,c Okaimu'in to ;a itoinl at '
experience in  this work to ac   _��� __*mmtnt.ttmmtm*��*.-iiT���ii,iio_
ri-i t nfi_r_s       C nnA m   n arp ri-"   ' *�� * 'w'11'' *' or n"'ir K,""'"0I'S' ������_���! i"11 'of the I'rovince of Hriiish Columbia at its next
ct.pi omit-    uoou men are rt.- ���,,-,tl,.riy ,ii,-,-,-ii,,M ri>ii��<->-in_c t_*e*-r**M �����**���___*_��� Act to _s_*fp*fat* a company
Qllired    for   with    the* increased ^'or,u  Thompson river, thmm  by  the must ! withpowcrto .fiiuire. purchase, cousiruct and
* feasible roule to tj��� ii-inlli' ami Kmrt "lenrgi-.   operate the   tud*iiakiiig. of the Vancouver
administrative     pOW' rS      giV'i'll iiUofruiuu pnhMai *������t Kn-li-rby m u n .ri li    a _  Coast Koo enay Railway Company; the
i . , -   . erly direction tea piiul a'or neir Sici -    vlberni ami Cuwieliitn Railway Company; thi
tne trustees, close and carelui along ihe towtmtt i__iwiiimnaee* urti; >���mi���ta_ and __m Ran**; i ompany; iii
attention shall have tn he criven   "" ,r""' ' ' "' "r """ **'l**m* '" "
attention sna.i nave to De given Hfl1lL[ierlV(lir,...lion ,��� a p���in,,���, ���r���,ar(.���ii,i,
tO the business    of   the   School.   ena,thcn.cinAsn,itherlydir,-.ii.i,liya'e..ilil.
The Largest and Most Complete General Stock in Nicola
This is Stock Taking time with us and
you can get all sorts of bargains iD many
lines.  We are selling
Official Administrator's Act
In re Katate of
TKNIIKHS will be received by the undersigned for It��� purchase of the personal properly, and the real estate of the late Anloim-
Gr_���f,   Terms rash.
Particulars thereof may he obtained from
I'eter Marquart, Nicola, II. C.
OlhVal Administrator, Couniy of Yale,
Kamloops, II C.
L. 1
NOTH'K IS HEREBY UIVKN that an appli-
-ation will be made lo the Legislative Assembly
at prices never known in Nicola before. Call
aud satisfy yourself.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
careful anentinn tud promptly delivered
Mldvvayand Vermin Itailway Cnnipany,a"d io
���equiie all the rights, power, and privilege-
if Ihe said companies; and vtiih power to
���-xi-rcisnull lhe powers contained in the act. of
oie, eporaion of Ihe said companies; with
power to acquire, purchase, construct and
iperalethe under! ikings of any other Kail    Orders throughout the District  rei
Fresh Fish Every Friday
issue will be found the bound
aries of .Nicola and Lower Nic
ola districts.
.���AIHi:��i   POOLKV
roMe to n itniut, at or near I'rince'ou; __e*fr*n.
A he amount   necessary to be * Mutator Mar Q��tici-��a *f**h -tatartk.
,    i- ,        ...     . ,        . | erlydirin Hun alui< Nii'iliLise I" upper Nicnl
raised  lor the  Nicola school 'rivt.r; ������.���,,. ������.������.,.,,,.���. .,,��������� rta ���,,,���,.
will be about $150 or $175 a %**"*"*",* ?J nr'v"r,!
T   tJ ���   'J        f..l owi 14 ||f nrir-ii. if (lu' riwr'o n punt _     ind    wiln    power   to     Mili-cribe    for    and
M MM HnltHW  Arm,  rill  in ihe provinre of   nnrrha-r ihi' Ntockn, hind-, iieblQtQfM or other
��� KriiMi Colinnliiu. | h curilhn ��-f ati>ollmr lUilwiiy ('oriiuaiiy; and
In   another   column 111 this     At4vi__ pnm im Ma4n r, hint up amJ  ta nc-wegi tki itirfc ar "iii��r initiiiH, de-
niriinl 'in nil MMMMy lirid^rs, roifls, *a.i>- 1 MMUfMOi ____] oth-rsijciirillo of Uiu cnnipany
land ft-rriiN, and lo build, m-nnirt', own h tf j lo tM inrorporalod, for the -hart'r., <)���'���
' main t m n whiru1- and dorku in fWMOltim T_Btlf tf.t-11-i if flthlf WnUfltll ofanyotlu'r
I thea'wiih, and to huild, M^tttflV, own, f't|ii>p i Kailway (-ouuiauy; and wiili poffM lo toflW__m
land initMiiiin wtMkVm and M_Hf vt'-��H<-_N -tin) 'herapitnl ����f the dutiinny to he iihorpo'-aiaiMi
j hoats, and to Of_MM  'he I imp on Ml MTtg' [ -ind with pOWM lo b4M ��� *fM awfully paid up;
; able wattMs; an I with  powi-i �������� tynid. t q>i ti \ unl to l��ir,ow moni!> on ihe eompunioH a��neirt .   -
loperairaiilnuin ;iu t*Mfi tub .md i-���h-pl.o ��� ' hy an) form if hwnril)\ iad wilh power to ' prompt attention.      hatlSfaCtlOll gliarailtt'Cil
IllM Id OMMOUoj with th�� -ttM rt4l����M ind   DM nott -\u\ 'tailway Company or Companie-i
hrati'hr-, and to MMm.   MMMM   (ir.i.n-    Of to atimlKrimaU* with any 0MJ-,Mf  or com- | NotlCC
riH-iciiil- M/poMRi   ti'i'i   eMJV    t'lll-. ill nt.      p nih'-.Hiid Atihall  the   other  and  iMMtf)
t.,.m^tim^   _i��r,.   Thw    Mlrnli   Mmmi  '������ K nite cLctriniy fof the mii.-i H <-f   ..owcist'ond.i.'ivu to thecarr. iiiguui of the Com-'    IMni i- hereby given thai fWdayN after datr
homLtimt   HgO    liie    NlCOU Jj r?iH _,  J   iinw,r|   !(],;ik|r^ limeiid to��p..U lo.he Hun. the  UiiefCom
ANDREW SMITH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and  Horseshoing done  in
first class shape.    Leave  your  work here and it will  receive
light, 1���at and u*v*cj it��� with in-i-' loi
Herald made reference to the _wi*_>itasief*r<*��� tnt*��m*���<theeo ���,.. ..
..... . .      .      and 10 a-ipure  laitils, uinie y  tsiniisi-. privi
needol a bridge over the NlO>la 1,.^- or*__m .u.i- r><> ������ mimwrn u   1
r n   _��_ 1 ii-      repel I'.iriiiir.i'iin. nr o'h.-r tftywDM or  b'sln-,
river east ol I "tit creek.     \v<-
nii-siuniruf Lands  nd Works for permission
learn that Koad Superintendent  **>���**
' siii-h roads,
Stevenso has been over the
ground and has e-.timated the
cost and the location ol the pro
and  In levy and  ��� ������ ��lI��� ������ '  lulK fr  nil |ier-nn
oil  all  fremhl   *_���_g il-ei- an. I
��� at]lany-, fi ri-ie-. sr|*_rv*t tad r*��
���th Imili iii 1 iiiiny: and wu H *uwer Ui
eoniii-'-i with and uuk'- tnniee. i Kei krrangs
meaU with mUmTi ttetm-nil nr *__i n i.
���auie-; and in exei'-ise sieh  imivurs aa art
gra*t*d i'>
. m-    uiidi 1 nkuiKs.
Dated al   ���'uniria. H.C., Ihi- _M day of   _n"pur-h__ts7t���^TtollovTliiailesnitu'-'d l'.iiii  iuiai
\im iii'uii. IM ed une nine and one half N of the Lower Klcolt
ROBKRWN & aOBKRTWN,        *"��%^ ��� Rpnht nl���kedr.K. ,���,������. w
fnriy nhains, tnem-e Soulh fuiy ��� hains. thtoct
General Blacksmith
rlulicilors for the Apullcanls.
K.i-i furt) Chains, thenee North 11 point of
I'OinnieiK emeiit and eimla nil | forly seres
in n- in k���a,
lialed at lamer Nicola this '.'1st day of Sept-
eiiili, r, IV-,
0. Kl.li'K.
Hiir.se Shoeing a specialty.
NOTH'K 18 IIKKKIIY UIVKN that an ap-
the "MM*    ����� ' "* '"��� ���**��� I" H't -tj-latl** As
rVTY-X. |ir|,|,,e   . - - r�����������liiati ,n Ael;' and f.rullmh,    <enihly of Hie I'nn im-e of Hriiish ��� nluniliia a.
llOStU   UriOI'C    aiHI   IIIUS  lilt    It  ID . s     ���      i.,r   ��� ��,i ...lemlini/    i. nn,
�� b ni"'-iry or in id al ntf'H-. puwersainl prin    "s nexl ^e.-ion rnr an m i ' nn iiui'iK me nun
within wlii. ii Iht Vane-niver and Cna-t Koole
ii ty R���UU ly e p__J li is lo e.iuililele its line
���f Itailw i).  mid mpowirl-gt���I said Kailwal
I'ouipauy to iiinld frnin sniue point on ilI line uf
railway to Kaiulu*f* in lhe I'ruviuee of lirili-h '
Il il at VnioriK, H. c., this ���'id day of I
S'oveinlii'l,  I'.SI.'i.
ItullKllTitlN & KOHKltTSON,
Soli��\IIIll-ii for thi' upplieallls.
-A..  O.  F
Notire is herehy given iha' within sixty days
from dale I Intend   inking; appli.ation lo tht
Han. Commissioner of Landa and Works for
I permission i>imti ha-<-3_0nirn�� of pa^Niri land
j ui the  Knmloop��  i ivision of  Yale lhstriri,
uat.ii as follows: I oonne&ctng at ��� ��uke at
���orner - f Ihe IhiuI;   running  Ihencr
/^>"UltT NH'Ol.A, Nn. WAX A.O. ��.. meet.
V      seiMiid and fourih frldiii in eai-h neiiith I ihe.s \V h    	
tt I p.m., In I'ooley's II..1I.    Visiting hri-ihrenj ��mat *�� chabw. t henei North 40 ilinius, thencs
satisfactory. One ranch owner
we learn has protested againsl
the proposetl locati in of tlv
bridge. Would it not be beltff
for him to consult with tho-e
who signed the petition as w<-
feel sure that any petition to
nriii.illy inviled.
egr. ill lint Isliilf.
II, 1,4 lhe j lid,tl tt .Uiiuuy, A II.. I'.nsl.
1'1,'l'i'S.it ,_ Oitll'l-'IN.
-sohi-|i m- fur 'h" asplloan s.
Itlr. A. Fiukih. r. ft
Wesi uu . bains, Uu me Souih 10 i hains, to lbs
point uf loiniiieiu'etiii'iit.
Geo. Hent.
I    Hepleriher, JJ. 190.">.
Sixty dty-, af it dale I inlend lo aoply In I or
rh ��� f 'iiiiuius.nut,-r of lauds ami works nir [ni
ml���sot n o ii'-'i i-i IJ i a'-res uiu iu aiu pasiuri'
I ,ii'l. ��� iiiuiui'i < i"_ ���' p'i-1 min ked \..l v| - s
���,. .oiii'i. I em e w Ni ili.iin-, h III iliaiii-, K sn
~|u eha ii-, lu iniiiil im.i, l.i'i'l siiiiiiuil in
vnl"ii.i uf l-i Milt i reek, t*M* Il of ,1. K Mur
ray's pri-e uu'iuii' A.J. vUl'rllKUL
change the location would have *-.*.,_UM-ml     .*taa_--(.ti_*-i
moJe weight with the govern- ������_,__
�� _s *) I 11. hi.
ment if it were backed by the1 _u��. ton___. Atmi h��i*4j*jgapttteiht
eniff eiiiniiiissiouer nf lands and works for per
signatures of seven settlers��� inW**tyii��r_Ma*to_!*t��f tn-MiaiaM.
o , tun- land. t-nuunitm'inK at a post marked i.l B,
m_t..i.l f��f nne       Thp rn ill vinn     C-'saopliealioninpur ha el-l.W (���'���rii.-r.ihen.i'
instead oi one     i ne ro ia suj)   N. m rlmin< K >m rtttos s ���, (.hHin. w ���
;   nam i" mi ial peat   Land Is situate'! in vie
iO west of J. Marqi
J. fj OHA-O'Krt,
J O. Adair. Agent.
Is prepared tn take contracts for
tawing lumher  and  gettw, "ul
j      , ��� i-r    I _        -i   ��� ehaiiisloinl'ial post,   band Is situate'! in vie n _____ __ m i    i
erintendent IS  qu lliried tO pick  lt< of 111 Hit. Creek and west of J. Hanjnut't' Went- ral .Hill lontracN l.xecuffd
, , iire-.'inii em.
oiJt a suitable crossing and be   ��_���_.���!>���*.___.
sides a bridge is wanted and if, NOTICE.
their    is    a    chance    tO  get  it. :   Wxly day. after datel IntendI to apply to the
O ehuf commissioner of lands and work-'or in r
"H/ancr   A,\n't L-nnrL- " mission to uurehase 40 aires of land described
DOC'bl, UOII I MtkWataa ! ��s foil .wk, ila-tinK from Ihe northweal con er
  |nf I_)ta7 0 I, in Utter Valley and runnln<e��st
_______Z 4'iehaliis to 'he norlhetst curuor of Lot B7, O. 1.
ttienm north 10 ohains. thencs west 10chains,.
Yon   need  vieitn I  isida    Oat Jour  ihnoe south 10 chtlns to post, of ������ommence-  Portable Steam Saw Mill he can help you
��� ���      ,,    _. ' m nt. J. O. THYNNK.    I   . . .
*nppl; ��t th* Nicol* Herald oftic*. | u*uA 8th Dec 1905. P'��n out ��n ord��r-
Parties wishing   wiifl  no  nave  tame
promptly atleiuled tn hy splicing tu
F. I). WihiDWARD.
Nicolt, B. C.
Leaveynur or.lori with N. I.  Barwick.
for lumher who it igent for the Nicola
1692 -1905
Rev. W. .1. Sii-1-kbi.l, B. A , B.D.
Rev. .1. P  Bowkll, Burtsr
A complete  c mmercial tnd business
course.   Students prepned to gain teich-
rs certificate, of all grades.    Iu  univer
-i'V work t full cmirse for the B. A. its
gree of Toronto University.
Instruction given in  Music, Art, Phyi
cil Culture tnd Elocution.
Send fur Calendir.
Suhtci'Le fur the Herald, $2 per jetr.
N'.ilire Is heiehy given lhat within slily dsys
from dale I inlend making appliiaiion tu ihf
-ion Ciiiiioiis-liiner of lands and workt for per
nils-Inn tu punhase Mn acres nf nnsture laoil in
the Ktnilooi s Division of Yale llistii''l.siiii��trd
asfnlluw.: Cumnienrlngat a slake ai Ihe N.VV
corner of Inditn Reserve on Quilchena Creek
riiiiiiiiigthenie South HO chains, theme Weil
kUrliains, them* N.'i'ih go chains, Ihence hut
KO chains lo the point of commencement.
Sentrmbcr, .'10th, lOttt.
Notice is herebv given thtt within 80 dtjs
from date 1 intend making application to Iht
Hon. Commissioner of Unds and Woiks for
permission to purchase 360 acres more or less of
mountain pasture land in Ihe Kamloops llivls
inn of Yale District, si'uated as follows, com
luencliig at a siake 10 chains W. of the N I
corner of sec. 10 I'. 100: running thence E ���
chains, thence N. 40 chains, thence K. 10 chtlns,
thence N. 45 chains more or less to ftump I iki
thence 8 VV. along the K hank of Stump L��k��
10u chtlns to the point nf oommeceeient, cot
taming Wi acres more or less. Also; onmnn nc
Ing at S. K corner nf I, 909 0. 1. Ihince North
14.75 chains, thence Kast 4>i chains,thence South
15 chains to the N. hank of Stump Uke, thtnet
West along stump Lake 4n chains to Ihe point
"f commencement, containing 00 acres mort
or leu,
September, Nth, -06.
Work of Department 0f Agriculture.
In tb* tpring of 1905 two members of
th* tuff were tent to BritUh Coluabi* to
aasitt tht Piovincitl Department of Agn
oultor* io Institute work.    The districts
visited wtr*  tho** coniidtred   nutt in
need of kelp.    The itbjecti liken up
were  chiefly  relative to fruit growing
road miking ind inimtl husbandry.    A
large number meeting! were held tnd *t
t rula were well attended.    K ten interen
wit shown io th* *ddreites which inytri
ably tlicited kten diicuuioni.   In the*
diitrieta beef riiiing wu the genenl iu
duttry with here tnd there a dairy farm
Hugs tnd thiep tre alio raised un t limn
eil telle chiefly for local cniitu_j|ition. Ii
the Nioolt Lake dutrict especially, th>
cattle) raisers htvt mide good  progress
tnd judging from their htrd* they htve
high idetlt regarding tht beef type.   The
ctttl.- rtised ire chiefly Shorthorn gride,
tnd Hereford grides, brought up to the
present standard by Ihe ute of pure breo
sires, but here, u well is in mine other
dittricti visited, there tie evidences nl
faulty methods in breeding ind feeding
by many of  the  rtnehera  resulting in
much inbreeding tnd tlio breeding from
miniature   lenities.      Croti breeding is
also retorted to where it would have h en
better to hive tdhered to one breed. The
faulty method, in feeding are confined
chiefly to lick uf provision for sufficient
winter supply of fodder.    The delegates
dealt   especially  nn   th*  importance of
remedying these suit.
Sheep is i rule tre of eery indifferent
quality tnd in only ��� few places tre dealer" improving or mcrei.ing their .took,
although mtny district! are admirtbly
idapted to th* industry.
Here end there the farmers ire railing
improved clastei of horses. The brisk
deiitiiil thtt exists |. <spi cialiy tt th* coast
would seem tu warrant in increased it
temp.ii to this branch uf atock raising.
V. W. T IxUuUou.
Keepecting the Vancouver, New W��*f-
mintter A Yukon Railway eitrii*i<>n, the
Vmciuver Newi-Adeertiitr ttyi: "The
V. W. A V . which will tppty to the
leguliture ��t tht. tetii ui fur the line from
Vtncouver north, will nottik for is aiuch
as lut yetr. Tntn the nqieet wat fo.
16,000 icrei of land per mile but * re
luted irtnt will be asked for thit leetion
Th* propoiition to be placed  before the
dminiitrition will be, it it claimed hy
repretentttiv-i uf the company * v��ri
reitonabla one.
.11 kiodi of Watche*, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., kept in ttock.    Wedding presents t specitlty.
Firtt rl��et reptirs dun* on ihort notice
���nd returned at once. ,
Budnoet Locale.
(let i Minket fur >our horie at Bar
��ick't Harness and Saddlery. Alto t
"tock of Robes,  en
If ynu tr* thinking of huillmg now is
rhe time to get yimr orderi cut mi* to
have the lumber dry when the long diyi
come ind the ctriienteri cm work with
nletiure. Rememlier the mine, The
Nicol* Portable Steam Saw Mill.
Place your uiden with The Portable
Steam Saw Mill, all work guaranteed.
lust arrived,faahinntble moulding knieea.
Why need to letve your house unfinished
for want of moulding., Edge md grtin
flooring of 6nl qutlity, will outwear three
floori mid* nf flit griin. Window uih
iu*d* to order.
For th* beet in the harnemnd saddlery
line, nt Btrwick* litest coniignment.
J. A. SCOT rs
Fell stork of Domes |c and Imported i 'igar
and the best smoking pibai oo always on hand
Drop in and enjoy a quid game of Hilli nil.
tgenl forlhe PioneerHteam Laiind>-y, Vancou
ver,  laundry shipoed every rln urday.
(LTOfTH-Ai HOTKL, Kamloops, Napoleo.
L'x Latremouille, proprietor. First clan h
eveiy parllcnlar. Good wines, Liquors ana
cigars.  Mialiling in connection.
fTkUlOOPm HOUSE, P. Herod, proprietor
���*���*��� Beet stock nf wines, liquors and cigars in
he Interior. Just the spot fora nice cool re
freshing glass of beer. Wheo in Kamloops
call In.
������ nearest hntel to the railway station. Th-
���inly covnenient hotel for travelers. Gins'
rooms, good taole, good liquors. Two large
sample rooms. P. A. Harnhan, proud-tor.
Good stabling in connection.
Roait Mall Order Kan.
Everybody knows who William Allen
White ii, the editor uf th* Emporia (Kin)
_' Gtze't*, who mide himself famoor by
writing "What's th* matter with Ksnitt"
Mr, White discusses the mail order men
tnd it might be worthwhile for inercliinii
to let tbe public know what he hu to sty.
Here it ii: "The mm who buy* hiiguudi
Notice ii hereby given thtt I will nnt
be responsible for tny debt! or accounts
contracted in my name without t written
order tigned hy myt.lf.
F. 0. Paioi.
Nicoli, IRth Dec. 1905.
A 8HCKOFT HOTKL The most convenient
*-> ho'el for visitors in Ashcroft. The best of
table board. Hot ana cold baths. Uur reure-
seniatlve meets ill traint. Johnson k Perkins,
Notice is herebv given that Si days after date
I Intend to spply lo the honnrahle chief commissioner of lands and wnrks for i special license locut and carry away timber from the
following decri ed )inds. Commencing it 1
post on tne niu th side of Nicole lake tbout. one
mile from the sh^reand nearly opposite Sullivan creek and thence south 40 rhalns, th m i
wesi 40chtlns, thence soulh 4(i chains, thence
of i mill   order   house tnd  expeotl hii   * ���'-' *> chtms, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence norm 40 chains, I hence
east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dec. Knd, 190o.
Notice is hereby given that .10 days after date
I in1 end to apply lo the hon. chief com mis inner
of lands and works fir special licensetocut
���miliar.y away timber from t he following des-
cri led lands, commencing at. a posi on the nor' h
side of Nicolt I jake about one mile from the
shore tnd nearly opposite Quilchena creek,
i hence south 40 chams. thence west 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 80 chains,
t hence north 40 chains, thence east 4'i chains,
thence north 40 chains, Ihence east 80 chains 10
point of commencement.
Dec. -ud, 1905.
Otter Flat Hotel
Chsrlei Debarro, Proprietor.
rULAMEEN CITY, ��� ��� ��� - B. C.
Headquarter! for Summit, Rahhiti
mountain, Tulameen river, Boulder, Beai
and Kelly creek camps. Good Fishing
and Boating.
P. O. Address:   Aspen Grove.
Stop nt the
Robt, Scott, Proprietor
When traveling on the Nicolt mad.
Convenient place for traveler!, with good
neighbor* in Emporii to buy guodiof him
or to buy prufeuiotitl services of bim is
ii economically �� leech. He is tucking
industrial blood out of the town and givet
none btck. He studs hii profits out of
town like t ihinimin md hu no more
right to i stinding in i oommumty than
a foreigner. We trt ill neighbors in
iluMrllay in thii town ind th* nam who
sends amy for hit goods is nut one of us.
He is of mothtr industntl system tnd
deserves no mm. support in Emporia.
The fict thtt he is ecunomicilly wrung is
recognized by the mail order houses them
selves. They protect their cust. nuers *s
theivet by offering to keep people f.-om
knowing where the mail order houses ire
* "'pa-iure land commeniiiig at a post
by having no 'tig." on their good*. They ' '*. Mcl/s. N. W, corner thenco S 80 chains,
... , . ,       ' 1 thacce K 80 chains, hence N 801 hahis, theme
���ty in their cttllogue thtt no one knows ty Kkhslns to Initial post. This land 1 e�� south
where I hev are hou.ht If it* nrnnar l��� and ailjnms preemption of Wm. McNeill and J.
wnere tney ire oougnt.    it Itt proper to u. mh,_.u In the Asoen Grove locality.
hide the pltct uf purohue of an irticlt, it   Nicola. Dec.��, 1905, J. O. McLKAN
ii wrung tu buy the trticle at that pltoe.
Only a mm wbu steals ii ashamed to uy
Fint class board and lodging by the
day week or month. Every attention
given to tho travelling public.
Mrs. Rilkv, Proprietress.
Sixty diys titer date I Intend to tppiy to
the chief commissinuei of linds and work! for
permission to purchase 640 acres of mountain
lure land commencing at a post maiked J
where he got anything ba ha*. There is
such i thing ** "united" grocerie* md
"tainted furniture. All of luch article*
thit tr* not bought at home of men til {fit. m uiai,.,. inc.,,,- k��,i i��� i,���i i.v,.n,
whom you owe your living, ar* "tainted" H""106 N,nrth * ch��ln�� ,n,:n��� "i**1 ',_ l*_*!n"-
thence North Pal chains, thence Kast 10 ch��ln��,
Commencing at a post, marked H   H, Truui
bull. N. K. corner, being nn the west line of
Ind Keaerre neirCou'lee, -hen running west le
the N K corner of coal location No, 1645 thence
tin nee Nor. h 1.0 chains to point nf commsme-
ment, being ill the land between coal claims
Nn.s. 1616, 1647, 1649 and the Indian reserve,
Consisting of about 610 aires.
B. H.TKUMBULL Locator.
B. F. Argust, Agent.
Coutlee, B. C. Oct. 3 1906.
bectute they oume unfairly.
Tht trouble in Emporia i* tbi*: So
many merchant* buy their goods iwty
from home thtt i lyttemttic jeilou.y hu
tprung up. Tht furniture people feel
thit they don't hive tu buy thtir dry
goud. men's wire* buy their goods iwiy
from horn* ind the is me quirrel ttittt in
every line of trade. It is disheartening
tnd distressing to the business interests
of thi* town.   It i* tin* to change ind
get together.   It is tim* to begin to f*-< logical  eondition*  of  Thompton Riter
form ourtelvet tnd not onr neighbor*, by | country �� *p*ci��lty.   Ditintereited and
Horace F. Evans
Ashcroft   -   -   8. C.
Min* eitminttinns and reports,   Geo
Unequalled as a
SUhmijcp Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
Bank'of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets        ....        $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal. O. O. M. O,
PRESIDENT, ���    .   ���       Sir Oeo. A. Drummond. K. O. M. O.
Head Office -Montreal
Deposits received from  $1.00  and  upwards.     Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail,
town accounts receive every attention.
Out of
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. 0,
Resident Agentt ln Nicola for tbe
�� IIUIH. Ol Till I I
A. R. C. He. London.
Kimloope, li. C.
Assays md inilrses .it Ores, Coal and In
dustrlil product*.
Wimples by mall or stage receive prompt
fill li, Express
ni u-R
buying everything it home, whether the
neighbors do so or not, and now ii the
I tim. to begin.   The thing (or all of ui to
do ii to turn ovtr a ntw leil."
d pendible report! furnished.
For up lo data job printing seed jour
iordtfi to Iht Nioola Htrald office.
It urepired to tiamine coil prnpertiet
���nd furniih report! on lime, Terrai to
mit all   Add ten; J. C. Ad��ir, Nicola,
A Stock Ranch containing
4740 acres,situated near Douglas Lake, with all necessary implements ami also stock. For
particulars apply to
Quilchena, P. O.
Springbank Ranch, July Uth, 11106.
Also General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday lor Nicola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a, m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a, m.
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday  6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -    -    Proprietor THE NICOLA HERALD
Robert Clark left on Mondty for thi
oot-t with a ear load ol cattlt.
8. J. Kite left for Kamloopi tha fim
of tht week on a ihort viilt.
Jot. Costillion of tha Ooldwtttr wu in
Nioola for a few diyi thit week.
Mite Magf ie ind Gaorga Hurra* who
hat* been ill for tha pael wtek trt lomt
Jetetliircii tnd Dell King were la
Nioola from tht Forkt on a buiimee trip
on Wadneidiy.
Mn. Pooler will letvt tomorrow for
th* wviil where th* will visit with friends
In Vancouver tnd Victorit for a ftw
Mr. and Mn. .lot. R. A. Kichardi lift
th* firtt of th* week for an eiteaded trip
to tb* oout tod tnund nitin on * pit*
nr* bent.
Mr, and Mn. J. (1. Tbynnt of "Tn-
ttow* Rinch" Otter Vtlley, returned on
Monday from Kiralonpe after sartrel diys
mil to lb* Inland capital.
Died Prom Injurlea.
Willltm Rirkpatriek, wall kaowa at
Sptneei Rridg* and along th* road to
Nioola met with t aeeidtnt th* litter part
of th* week which proved fatal, he patting
�����iy Tutedty.
Il appaara that Klrkpatrtck waa in
ekarga of mmt dump can at Foaa' tamp
tad while taking th* tan to th* dump h*
lotieed lumething wrong with hit brtkt,
ht itttmpttd to fit it and while doing ao
fall and th* wheels of th* lad*n tan paie
ed over him inflicting injurious of inch t
terioui naturt that noted hit death.
Th* dmttad wa* about forty yean of
agt and wu born new Aiheroft, Hii
ftthtr aad brothan ire now living in
that vicinity, beeidea theee nlttivee ha
letvee a wife and several children to
mourn hi* low.
Daring tha mmair ha drora ttige for
a while for I. J. Martell and wu alto In
charge of a freight turn on tha road.
_______ _____���
John Oorhett it Mill confined to th*
house and it itai| etted that an operation
-will ba neoeaearw shortly. Ht la at hii
ranch a lew milts front town.
Quit* a number nf Nicola Valley peop'e
were in Kamloopt thit wuk attending:
tha county court u witnutu and partaken ir. the tdminietration of tha law.
Oat a blanket for yonr bona at Bar
wiok'i Harneu and Biddlery. Alio a
itoek of Robu, at*.
If yoa are thinking of building now la
tha timt to gat your orden wat to u lo
baea tha lumber dry whan tha long dayi
onao and tha ctrpenten can work with
nleae.ro. Ilememher th* name, Tbe
Nleolt Pnrul.lt 8teem Saw Mill.
For .ptodatejoh printing uad your
nrdtri to the Nienlt Herald olu.
A fall itoek of op to diet goodi to
���apply th* Harneu and Saddlery
trade of Nicolt district. Call or
aead your orden for
Harness, Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Horse Clothing, etc.
Ipeeielty made of Cowboy Outfit*.
NIOOLA ��� . B. C.
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Ouarantaad
0. A. LefiVrtr and Dr. Sergeant returned from the emit oa 8atarday area-
ing where they had heen enjoying their
Hew Yun holiday* visiting with friend*.
Place your orden with The Portable
Stum Saw Mill, all work guaranteed.
Jut*, trrived,fuhionibli moulding knlvet.
Why need tn leive your home unfinished
for want nf moulding*. Edge and grain
flooring of first quality, will out weir thru
fliiori made of flit grain. Window nuh
���tde to order.
Aooountint.Commimon, Insurinct
and Oeneral Agent.
Mala Street
For th*hut in tht htrnewind saddlery
line, u* Barwick't litest i-nniignaiMt,
- Report! from Aipen drove ttt't that
Mr. Gulliford who met with a had accident to hia eya a abort time ago ii mich
improved, the pain hiviag pnctitilly
Frank Connnn who it tt the Riley
Houu with ahadly cut hind It getting
along fintnte and will be around thortly.
but will not be able to nu hii band fnr
Fnr a number nf yun the bachelors of
Nicola hirt entertained thtir fritndt tn
an annul ball. What't tht matter with
the young fellow* thia yurl "A flint
hurt," eta.
Genrg* MeCullnugh of Aipen Orovt,
who hu bun visiting with friendi in Vie
tone leveril week* left on Saturday fnr
the cut where he will remain the biltnce
of tht winter.
Byron Earnthaw ef Minnii Lake narrowly eiciued tnothtr attack of mountain
fever the put week, but by careful at
tention and medical attendtnce tb* at-
tack wu warded off.
In all ilies and styles. Gninntee.
arttele. Our salee have already
more than doubled thoee of list year
Our leafier 1* th* 0-hol* Steal Range
for $48. "innfirtiived by McClary
Mfg. Co. also i full line of
Air Tight Heatert
���010 Weetmlniter Road
H. C. Uriwa -toek ol frail aad
Ornamental Tree-.
Apple Trees; t ind S-year olds %lo to tM per
100. aooordlng to rarletj. One year olds, 4 to 5
feet, tit to lit per 100.
Bitta nice stock of Cherry, Fetch, 1'lum.
Aprlcota, etc., now growing for fall orders. No
eipeose, loss or delay of fumigation or Iniper
tion. Let me prl-e your list before placing your
order.  CtUlogfree.
Qreeahouse l'lanta. Floral Work, Bee Hap
piles, fruit Package., Fertllliers, He.
* M. J. HKNRT,
��ll Weetmlniter Road,      Vino-wtbh, B. C,
G. n. BRASH,
Accountant and Auditor
Temporary a_k_r_-Stawart'i Ktigt Big
Mn. Voght, wife of Wm. Voght of The
Fork* wbo hu bun ill for mmt time
underwent an operation for in abacui nn
Tueeday. The patient ia doing very will
and will be able to ba about in a ihort
Kimloopa ia getting quit* np to date.
Lut wuk it had a police investigate!
which ended ap in hot air tnd itrnet talk,
thou doing the talking not hiring the
und to huh it np when it came to a ihow
A mio by tht name of Smith wu badly
poUontd al Coutlee railwty camp thit
wuk by oomlag in contact with a quantity
of poeiooed iry. Bia right wm and left
band wu dwahled and hit feu inmewhtt
dlilgared. Dr. Tutill wu called ind re
lured the iajurtu
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator
OBea.��� -Co-nmen-lal Block, eiet of Post Office.
Kimloope. B. C,
All kindi of Witch, Clock
tnd Jewelry repair! done in
fint cImw order and utitfu-
tion guaranteed. All work
entrusted to our c��re will be
completed and returned without delay.
C. P. R. Time Inspectors. Kamloopi
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Rarriiter, Solicitor ind   Nntiry Publio
Office:  Bait of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, south side of Victoria street, Kamloopi.
Money to loan on real estate security.
Land Mining tnd Oeneral Supply Aft*
killing reetrartors.'firni machinery, buggies,
cutters, ilelghs eta md for our list of farm
and mining properties. Reporta oa mining pro
p -rtlee through the District. Cable addrem
"Annim." Codes: Bromhall, More���f k Neal,
A. M. g tth.
Waieaoaee-Caaford. Nleola Valley, a C.
(���prepared to ettmine coal propertlu
and furaiih reporta on wma. Term* to
���nit all.   Addreai: J. 0. Adair, Nioola.
Fur tha friends at home or abroad.
Toa cmnot und them a more In
Uniting Xmii re-omhranu than
Book of B. O. Ttawa
View Xmaa Oardi
BouTtntr Port Oarde.
See Our Selection of Goods
Kamloopi and Vernon
All kinds of repair work dona In a
nut and utiifactory minnartnd in abort
Haa been finished and I
beg to take this opportunity of thanking the
public for their generous
patronage. It has been
the banner year with us.
Our motto will be a
"greater trade than has
been "for
Our $26 Sutti, tailor aide, for |S0 00
��"__ 60 Suitt, tailor mad*, French uoiih  17 60
SO 00   "     going at  16 00
17 50   "         "      1460
1600   "         "        I860
IS 60   "        "  1000
10 00   "        "      7 60
760   -         "      6 60
Siau running from 36 to 44 in ill tht latut ityiu.
All Boy's snd Child's Clothing, 33^ off     This is the
largest and finest stock of Clothing ever placed
before the public in Nicola.
Overcoats, Reefers, Mackinaw Coats and
Pants all subject to a discount of 25 per cent.
11, D, MM
Life and Fire Insurance Agent
Lower Nicola,
Notary Pub'ic.
B. C.
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oeo- BtabUng Ln Connection. Telephone tJnaaawUaa


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