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The Nicola Herald Nov 9, 1905

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 3    NOV 131905    h\
VoL I.  No. 26.
$2 a Year.
Kloola and ________ Dlatrieta to b*
th*  I���_d*r��   Center*  of  Larg*
Smelting Industrie* In the
ItW   F-tUT*.
J. West Colli* of Victoria, who it well
known in th* Nicol* district, contribute*
to th* B.C. Mining Exohing* in int*r**t
ing article on th* prtaent situstion in tb*
Nicolt tnd Sinulkamten districts.
Much ht* b*en written** to th* ooal
measure! of tb* Nioolt tnd Similkimetei
Valleys, tt alto of th* poMibilitie* of tb*
trtlutblt gold tnd copper proptrtie* sit-
usted within these districts. The latt
ftw iears hav* not brought forth much in
tb* way of development work in either of
th* above mentioned districts tnd thit
oan hardly be * matter of wonder to tn*
tt all familiar with th* ftctt. Unienain
ty at to time of starting construction work
on th* msny projected railroad* ha* kept
interested people from spending very
much money for development purposes
and ha* alto held back investor* from
putting much money into these district*
With the exception of the Dal* Redut
tion Co,, operating the Niekel Plate mine
at Hedley, no extensive development has
been -attempted. Tbe manarar of that
company has b**n in that happy potition
of having enough money at hit cnminmd
to pay the extra cost of freighting by wig
on on th* machinery necessary to tbe
development of hi* mine. That he ha*
don* thit it a tribute to the wctlth of th*
property ind speaks w*l| for iti future aa
a producer of th* precious metal.
Th* actual starting of construction by
the C. P. R on tbe long projected railroad into tb* Nioola country and th* forward rnov* in the 8imilktmeen by tb*
Great Northern completely ehtnge* th*
ispect of th* mining situation.
From a mining stand point it make* all
thing* possible. Th* opening op of Ihe
coal mines will take plare in Ihe near
futurt, for from fact* already esttbliihed
there oan b* no doubt as to th* eiiiUnc*
of * larg* body of valuable ooal with good
coking qualities id the Nicola Coldwater
field. When the necessary rtilwty con
ncction* tn mad* tbi* ooal will find a
mtrktt in tb* coast citiss and adjacent
point*, and Nicola coke, betides being
used to lupply local smelters, should alt*
tupply tb* Boundtry. It mty be a tor-
prite to many to learn that tha Nioola ooal
fields are nearer the Boundtry smelters
tban their pretent touree uf tupply by
netrly on* hundred mile*, with the additional advantage of easier grade for
The copper properties in th* Ten Mile
ereek and Aepen Grove tamp* will be
actively developed upon tbe completion
of tbe railroad to Nicola and already preliminary work i* being undertaken pre
ptratory to getting tbe neoeetary machinery in order to equip the mine* to enable
then to reach th* productive ttage.
Small ihipment* were aad* in 1903 from
tb* former camp of or* from a property
owned by the Bromhead Mining lyndi
cat*. Smelter return* gav* from 3 to 67
percent copper, bnt tbipmtnt* had to be
discontinued owing to th* h*��vy cbtrgtt
againat freight and trtntportttion. On
thit property it it expected work will be
thortly returned which will meaa coatidtr
able ore on the damp ready for ihipment.
In the stmt camp farther work thi*
tumatr on other properties, notably the
I. X. L group, ha* proved the exietanc*
of large bodiat of ore of much promise,
M-bttnt In fact to jutiify th* belief that
tht advent of a railway thould mean at?-
eral producing copper mtn**, ttch with
a larg* output. Ten Mil* creek camp
being only twelve miles from th* Nicola
coal fields it very fortunately situated; in
deed, tht natural conditions art to favor
abl* to th* tsltblishment of * smtlting
induttry thtt nrt can be fretted tt chttp
tt tt any other point in British Columbia
Th* Aspen Uruv* camp hit also t very
bright outlook ahead. According to th*
latest accounts from the C. P. R. engineer* tbe rail*ay survey tfttr leaving
QuilchM* foe* very near th* miners'
properties snd with thi* advantage, ner
yearihould sre much work undertaker
with th* best results.
No new district within th* laat f*��
yean hat been to much talked of aa th*
Simtlkam'tn Any on* who it it alt
feimilar with British Columbia mining
know* what transportstion facilities wil
mean to this wonderful country. Tht
long uphill tight for recognition will bring
ncti reward to th* men who hav* ihoweu
their faith and endurance by staying witi
that district. This summer more work
bit been don* on Copper Mountain tnd
it th* present time development is in
progress on the Sunset. Tht* work will
further prove that there sre larg* bodies
of low grid* or* which oan be fuelled s
l profit in tht immediate vicinity.
Besides Copper Mountain there ��r>
many camps in th* district which giv.
promiia of reaching the producing stag<
at an early date
Taking by comparison tb* history ot
what is commonly known aa the Bounder
district �� few years ago and what it ia a
th* present time, it should represent tt >
conservative ettimtte the position of tbi
Nioolt tnd Similkameen district! now an<
in reference to the future with r*ilw*>
construction, it in Htured fact: that ii t<
���ay th*se latter districts should in * fe*
years build up t tmilting induttry *��
large or perhtpt lirger than that of thi
Boundary distriot today. The poatibil
itiea are all there only awaiting tht ad
vent of the railroad.
The awakening ha* at last come, ind it
a very ehort time will bring increasing
prosperity to tb* mining industry of Brit
ith Columbia, tht eitent of which increan
is beet known to tbme who ire the most
familiar with itt minaral retourcei.
Moneer't Death.
At Ntnitr-o Thursday morning tk>
death oc*ur*d of Mrt. Hoaannab Will,
aged 08, widow of Thorn** Will. Sb>
waa a native of Staffordshire, England
tnd lived in Wellington tnd Northfieii
lor the put forty year*. She i* widely
connected with families at Naniamo and
Ladyemith. ThedectMed lady waa the
mother of the Wall brother who hive
been employed at the Diamond Vil
Ooal Mince netr Quilchena, tnd wbo left
laat Thurtdty for their mothers bedside
The Potato Market
The Vancouver Province of Thundtj
hu th* following interesting item. "Be-
mom of t report whioh reached the city
today that three hundred ton* of Ashcroft
potato** had been frown at Atbcroft dur
ing th* peat faw day*, tpudt today took t
jump of fS t ton. They bid been celling
recently for |22, and today lit and $35
I* being atktd."
The light Hour Law.
The provincial government hat deter
mined to ttrry out th* provition* of the
eight how law, and tlx information* hav*
been laid la Cumberland to come up for
hearing there on Thurtdty. Three of
the** ar* againat mra for remaining un
deground longer than the eight hour*,
and three againat th* nine manager for
allowing them to do to.
TO LAY THE RAILS   ng ^e*,iTe<, d��n"io|~ 'rom �����'��'��i
parti**, ind aa plans for * ao'id attociation
with club born*, etc, tr* to be ountidered
many new members will be added to tb*
lut, making on* of t.i* finest inttitution*
in th* province.
A football match will be held Saturday
afternoon between local tttmi captained
by W G, Murray and W. H. Kimpton
This match promt*** to be to interesting
A turkey (boot under th* *u*pioe* of
tht tttociitioa will be held tt Quilchra*
on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 26th when a
larg* gathering is expected. Later oo t
turkey shoot will also be held it Coutlee.
Mean- Ironsides. Rannie _ Campbell
Hav*   S*cur*d   the   Contract-
Construction  Work  Mow
Going on at the Fork*.
Work is going ahead rapidly on th*
Nicol* Railway and during the past week
the contract for the laying of the rails has
tieen let.
R. Marpole, superintendent the C.P.R.
with �� party sre expected over the Im* in
s few days to look ovar the prugre** uf
construction work.
The construction work is now on at the
mouth of the Coldwater river.
Meters Irontnis, Itaume - Campbell,
the c etitrsctort who had several miles of
oustruciioii w*rk, htve been awarded tbe
ottutract for trtckltyiug and balattiug the
tin* from 8panoe* Bridge to th* end of
'he contract. Tb* contract waa awarded
���y Messrs. Lou tnd Mtcdontll, the line
'���udders. Messrs. Ironside, Rannie A
Campbell will thil week commence a
nor* detailed survey of the ground thtn
*ea potsihlt before they tendered for th*
work. Th* grading of about four mile* uf
he road out from Spenret Bridgt hat-
���tow been completed. The contractors
nop* to have the rtilwty completed tod
rain* running over it by next May.
Ooal Land* Litigation.
A Fcrnie dispatch **y*; A writ ha.
���era ttken out in tht tupreme court ou
behalf of Lou Kenny md 19 other 8po
���cane men, against A. W. Vowtll, D T L
(jtlbrtitb, Judton B. Langley tnd ni
then, ill of Fort Steele. In the tutu
ury declirtion tb* plaintiffs aver that th.
lefendeut* hav* not in turveying kepi
liemselvet within the tecond ittking-
uade by them, but have encroached ami
���tvered the several tttkiugl made by the
plaintiffs. The retlqueetion to be decideo
ni thi* totion it whether after placing
heir stakes in tbe ground they oan covet
���ny land outside of tho** several tttkei,
tlthough within th* are* covered by th*
stake* they may not hav* the quantity ot
and which they would be allowed to take
up. There *r* tny number of d*citions
under the minenl tot covering etakingt,
but nun* it yet under the Coal Mine* Act
Chip. 137, ind amending act*. Sine*
th* tuit wu entered it it understood here
thtt tht defendeutt hive made over to D.
C. Corbin, til their right, title and inter
est in aaid land.
Atpen Grove Camp.
Meiers. J, P. MeOonncll and J. M
Millar war* in town Monday iraoHCting
tiusine** with J. E. Bat* and partntrs.
Meein. McConnell tnd Millar express
themselves tt mur* thtn ever pleaeed with
ih* (bowing in th* Atpen Grove Camp
tnd they trt unreiervedly enthusiastic
over itt futurt. They left Tueedty morn
ing for Spences Bridpe intending to re
turn to Aipen Grov* by th* end of th*
week. They expect to hare tometbiug of
intereet to report thortly.
Ow-eral If acting On Saturday ���veiling
November 11.
A general meeting of the Nicola Athletic
Attociition will be held it} tbe Btnk of
Montreal building on Saturday at 7.30
o'clock when all members ar* reqoeeted
to be In attendtnee at business of import-
will be trtntuted.
Tht aatocittion it in good condition
Death At Coutlee.
The death took place early Mondty
morning, at Coutlee, uf Richard Williams
brother of Mn. Jos. It. A, Richards of
Coutlee and Thomas Williams of Spences
Tha deceased bad only been in thit tec
for t ftw wwki, hiving com* up from hit
home in Victoria for a vitit, but feeling
unwell  remained,   {The cause of detth
���is due to Bright'i disseise
Re wa* 39 year* of ag* tnd t nttive of
Victorit, where lie hid relative! living betides those in the Nicola Valley.
Th* body waa taken to Victoria for in
ferment Tuesday afternoon accompanied
by hi* brother, Tho*. Williams tnd bit
brother-in-law, Jot. R. A. Richtrdt.
S. Tingley of Ashcroft wss In Nioolt
lerertl diyt thit week.
Dr. Sirgint, Ittt house surgeon of St.
Choreas h'ispital, London, Eg., who it
touring Britith Columbia with in id** ot
locating, ti viiitiug in Nicolt tnd mty
uostibly locate.
G. M Braah, accountant and auditor,
hei opened up temporary offiret in Stewarts sttge office. He will tlm tagag* in
real estate and insurance. Mr. Brash
onines well recommended tnd tny business
entrusted to hit ctre will receive cttteful
Hon. Edgtr Deadney pttted through
Nicetla from th* Similkameen tnd Allison
Monday evening on hii way tt. tbe coast.
Mr. Dewdney ia more thtn pleated with
the outlook for this aection of the country
snd uyt bis predictioni of yein tgo are
ooming about.
W. 8, Gort wtt reletved frern th* potition of deputy commissioner nf lands tnd
works lut Thurtdty tfttr 33 vein in the
service. Hit successor is Ntil McKay,
the premier's secretary, whilst th* letter's
pltot It tssumed by Lawrence Macrae, t
will known Victorit ntwiptpermin.
A Urge gathering of native* took place
it Indira Stm't "illahit" netr town to
take ptrt in i potlttcb given by Sam.
Tht ceremony luted tbout two dtyttnd
two nightt. A number of tpectttor*
witched proceedings with reach interest.
"Cultut Charlie" hu enlargement of the
heart and will entertain hi* brother tb-
orginie* at Sholooohe reserve next week.
Rev. J. P. Bowell, buretr of tht Columbian Methodiit Collage wu in the
Nicolt Vtlley thi* week bringing tbe
oollegc before the public tnd receiving donttiont toward* itt maintain-
ance. He ii well pltucd with bit teur in
in thi* aection. Mr. Bowell wu in Nicola
over twenty year* ago having prtacbad
all through tht upptr country.
Mo Meat-ree Mar b* Introduced Without HI* Authority   Oon*ld*r*bl*
Orttlclam Haa B**n Aroused
to It* Working
Th* Imperial decreet creating tb* otbi-
net remitters, under th* imperial manifesto granting a couititution to Rutin
���as gazetted Thursday morning tnd bu
troused criticism at tht machinery it extremely complicated and smack* of the
old fashioned bureaucratic regime.
The relatioiii of the cabinet to the cabinet, I* the c 'Uticil of tb* empire, or upper chamber, and the imperial douina, or
popular chamber, tre not clear becauie
the pi were of the** bud im are yet to be
defined under the manifesto.
Two feature* are especially unsatisfactory While tb* cabinet hu authority to
���lecide matters en Inn the competency of
the legislative bodie*, n>> measures of
general importance can be introdueed
lulu the chaintiare without the sanction of
th* cabinet. Another pr visum require*
that when the cabinet is uninitnoui th*
premier must go tu the emperor and receive initructious, Thu wuuld ��eem to
make the final authority go back to hi
Moreover, all question* affecting tb*
imperial court tnd domains, the army and
navy, and foreign affairs are (pacifically
excluded from th* competency of the
cabinet, without direct imperial authority.
By implication tha great questions in
which the nation i* vitilly interuted ar*
alto outtidt tht competency of th* legislature snd therefore tre bound to prove
unsatiifrctorv to th* representatives.
Nothing is said in the decree tbout th*
premier or minister* being reipunaiblc to
the national usemnly or responding to
interpellations, but oare ii ttken to consolidate the power in the hands of the
premier, or tt he is termed, president of
th* cabin*!, and especially to prevent individual minitttn guing to the emperor
with t report without previously submit
ing it to the premier.
Should tbe litter not tpprove of a report be hu the privilege uf being preeent
when th* minister presents it to hit majesty tnd ttating hit objoctiont. Thit
provition it designed to put in end to the
practice of one minister undermining
mother which hu been one of the moat
vicioui featurei of the old regime and tbe
cause of untold confution.
Touring The Inter! or.
Hon. Richard MoBride it on tn
extended tour of tbe loutheutern districts. Ht will proceed direct to Revel-
stoke from tht cotst, thane* through th*
Trout Itk* country and th* Lard, tu to
the Boundary country. Ht will be net
at Hedley by Mr. Stafford, member for
Southeast Kootrnty, who will accompany
him to Prinoeton. Hon. R F. Gram,
chief commissioner of It ndt tnd workt,
who it now in Southeett Kootraiy, will
meet th* premier at Nation. Before hit
return the premier hopu to viiit the
Okanagan, Penticton, Kelownt, Patch-
land tnd Summerland, and finally Koder-
by, tnd it it likely thtt tt eome poind
public meeting! will be held. The premier exptcte to be tbarat tbont ten day*.
Tbe Midway Star it authority for tht
atttemtnt thtt the Greet Northern hu
juit made an offer of $130,000 for tbt
British Columbia smelter, tnd adds thtt
it would not b* surprised if tht offer turnout to bt in abtolutt porch ur. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Publish*- Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. 12 a Year
Nicou, ac. Novum��� 9. lie-
Mr. Justice Hall of the court
of queen's bench at Montreal
last Thursday violently assailed
the grand jury system claiming
that it was a useless expense to
the country and that its work
could easily be done by exam
ining magistrates. Probably
the judge has been reading
accounts of the Clinton assize.
In every place there is liable
to be devastation caused by
fire, and this is the season of
the year when fires are kept
going constantly. To take the
necessary precautions why not
organize a fire brigade in Nicola. While the developmei t
of the town has not reached
such proportion as to have a
regular fire fighting apparatus,
a volunteer bucket brigade with
a few ladders would not come
amissi f a fire was to break out
in our midst. This is a matter
that should have the earnest
consideration of everyone.
Arm. This change says the
the Rig Bend of the Columbia
following the Columbia river
all the way round to Revel-
stoke. Either route says the
Province, would give the easiest grade across the continent,
and place the C. P. R. in a
position of being able to compete with any other transcontinental line
To Hunters
Notice ia hereby given that hunting or
"hooting on the property of the Douglas
Lake Cattle Company is forbidden. Any
person or persons hunting or thoottng
on tht ibovt property will be prosecuted
under tbe sections of the Osme Aot.
J. B. Gbiavid.
The following is t boys competition on
"head''; "There it i lot uf heads, bald
heads and so 4th. Fa, he's got nne. Ma
the's longheaded and Pa he's hullheaded.
I'm redheaded. The smart end uf a boy
is his head, but the smart end of a bee is
not there. Oh, no, Pa tays if a feller hss
a head he can get ahi sd in the world, but
1 don't want a head like he geis when he
goes out with the boys".
Thorn wtio denounce capital alt curve
tUaysieem anion- to have the curse
ootne home to them.
MOTICE is hereby given that all placer ruin-
11 Inir claims legally held ln the Kamloops,
A-he infi. Yale and HimIlkameen Min ug Div
i-ioes will be laid ovi.r from the let day of
November ensuing In the III day nf May. 1901���
Oold Comniiseloner.
Kamloopa, October 16th, I wis.
Official Administrator's Act
In re Eitate of
Mm Houston, the member lor Nelton     TIN DIM will be received by the under-
who is now living in Oolilfleldi, Net., hit' ��'��"������� f��r ""> purchase of the rattle. Hors.s
,                                       ..     and other personal property, and the real es
���o intention of rtsigntng bit sest in *W  _.   r._..   Terlns0Mll
provincial house,   but  will be on  hand     Particulate* thereof may be obtained from
��h��n th* next .eisto* open*. j Peter Marquart, Nicola, K C.
______________________ ��� AIM D. MACINTYRK,
----- Offllral Administrator, Cowry of Yale,
 Kamloops, B. C.
THAT   '
There is talk ol an early closing movement for the business
places in Nicola. It has been
suggested that for a starter
that two or three nights a week
the stores close, and eventually,
if possible, close every night at
some stated time. During the
winter evenings there will be
amusement and recreation going on and by closing the busi-!
ness houses, the . proprietors
and clerks will have nn opportunity of joining in such sport.
The general public will not do
their shopping in the evening
if they are aware, that the stores
will be closed.
The normal eye should be
���hie to do a normal amount
of work. If your eyes readily become tired it is because
teeing calls for abnormal
effort. This is eyestrain and
if neglected may end in
complete loss of tight. We
can give you eye comfort.
I Sixty rlayei after date I intend to apply to the
chief commissioner nf lands and works for permission to purchase Mil aires mount .tin pa-lure
land, described as follows: commencing at po-t
Nn. 1, VI K Tlnnne's 8. K. corner, thenoe N 80
chains, thence VV to chains the ne'e 8 801 hains.
thence K 8(1 chains. The Isn't Is si mated ln
Otter Vullcyand adjoins K. Dndd's pre-emption.
j    19th Oct. 1905. M. K. THYNNB.
A.   O.  -P\
COURT NICOLA, No Ma, A.O F., meet*
second and fourth Frldav In each month
at 8 p.m., In Pnoley's Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
Pic A. Fhahfr. f\ R.
A H. Cariiimiton. Sc ���.
0. P. K. PLANS.
The Vancouver Province,
usually well informed as toC.
?.. R. affairs, announces that it
is the intention of the railway
company to lower the heavy
grades in the Rockies so that
its freight hauls may be more
profitable. One of the plans
mentioned by the Province is
|p continue the Crow's Nest
road round the north end of
Kootenay lake, connecting with
the Lardo railway, and to extend that road from Gerrard to
the north arm of Arrow lake,
connection being made with
the Arrowhead and Kootenay
line at Arrowhead by means of
a.steam ferry over the North
Nelson News would cut Nelson off the main line and entirely do away with the hoped for
through line by way of Nelson,
Midway and Penticton or by
Spences Bridge. Another
plan is to build from the pres
ent main line at Beaver round
���MUMS. OI Till IT
A It. I'. 8c. I * union.
Kamloops, B. C.
Assays and analyses of Ores, Coal and In
dust rial prod nets.
Samples by mail or stage receive pn-mpt
HIS HONOUR tbe Leintenant (Invernor In and
f er the province nf Hrltlsh Columbia make*
the following appointtnent;-
Octiher 2nd, 1905.
George Henry Tutill. of Nicola   K quite, M
D. C. M��� to be a Coroner in and for Ihe pro
vlnce of British Columbia.
Th* public wid plans.' take notice that
n and after Ntivemha-r, l���t all mt'saages
and conversations on Oovernnient Tele
pVine lines will ���_ sent and receive.!
through Central Orri** at Nice.lt. The
public business heretofore done at th*
rtiret nf A. R C'arniiKton and A I
Howie A Co., will he discontinued aftet
that date
1 American Ham wagon '.\\.
1 American Bam trucks 3<J (new).
6 set heavy work harness
1 Houey harness snd Buggy.
1 Oang Plough.
1 Pair Bob sleds.
For particulars apply to
R. H. WlKNY.
Notice is hereby given that Dodays after dst��
I Intend tnapplv to the Hun the i hief Co",
mi-sinner of Lands and Works for permission
tn purchase the fnllnwing described Imd d'tinted one mile and one half N of the l/iwor Nic la
po��t office.
Commencing atatost markedC.F.thence W
forty chains, t hence South fo tv "hains. thence
Kast forty chain", thenoe North i-��� point of
i oinmeiii-enieiit, and ennta'ning forty acres
more nr less.
Hated at Lower Nioola this 21st day of September, I��i5.
 o,ru K.
Thirty days after date T Intend to annly to
the chief Cnmmissineeer of lands and works for
i licence to prnsneel for coal nn the follnwm/
described lands, ''omineneln* at a post marked
H. ��. Arguat 8. VV. corner, being at the 8. _.
corner of A.��. Jsenhacna^ claim Ihence Nor'h
80 ch line thence Kast 80chaina, Ihenee soulh 80
chains Ihence West wi chains to point of commencement.
���   ., B. F. Argust, Locator.
Coutlee, B. C. Oct, 4 1903.
Commencing at a post, marked A. S. Jacobs
being at the V.K corner of it. U Harrow- coal
claim ihenee running North flOchains. thence
W est 80chains, thence 80111 h 80 chains, thence
Ksst 80 chains, to point of ee'tninini ement.
A 8. JAC0H8. locator.
,     ��� H. F. Argust. Agent
coutlee, Oct. 41904.
Commencing at a post marked. R L Harrow 8. K. 1 orner, bolng at the N K corner nf R
H. Trnnibu'l claim, 1 hence running Nnrth 80
chains, Ihenee *ViM 80 chains, thence South 80
chains, thence East 80 chains to point of commencement.
h. L. HARROW, Looator.
B. �� Argust, Agenl.
Contlee, B. C.Oct, 31905.
Commencing nt a law marked M. Harrow N.
w, enrne", being at the 8 W cetrtier of Mrs. R.
Tru'nhull'scal claim, thence running soulh
St chains, Ihence Kast 80 chain;, thence Nnrth
80 chains, thence West, >0 chains to point of
comnii nenment.
M. HARROW. Lncatflr.
H ��. Argust, Agent.
Coutlee, R C. Oct. 4 1905
Commenting at a post marked IF, R. Stewart
8. W. corn-r. being at the 8. K. car er t.f B ��
Argust coal claim thence running80 chains.
Ihence Kast 80 ch .Ins. thenee dentil BOihalns to
the N. K. corner of Indian reserve near C'uilJee
R. Bi thence We��t 20 chain , thence 'tilth 20
thence West60chains to point of commencement.
W'. R, Stewart, Locator.
H. ��. Argust, Agt,.
Coutlee, B. C. Oct. 41905.
Commencingat a post marked B. ft Trum-
hnll, N K. corner, being nn Ihe west line of
l.d lleaerae neart'oinlee,'hen running weetto
the N ��. corner f coal pvatlnn No. llil.'t thence
-niiih 240 chain", thence Kast to Ind Reserve,
thenra Nnrth 20chiiii" llience tiaM in et-alns,
thineeNor h I20chalna tn point nf commence.
itient, being a'l the land between 11-I claims
Nils. 10I.S, 1617, 1619 and the Indian reserve,
Consisting of about 610 acres.
B.H. TRUMBULL, Locator.
B. �� Argust, Agent.
Coutlee, B. C. Oct, 3 1905.
Commencing al a post marked Mrs. R ,priini
hull 8 W corner being the N. W, corner cf M
Harrowcoal location, thence North 80 chains,
���n the 8 W enrner of 8. A. Cobb's coal locatl n
Ihence Bast, 80 chains thence South so chains
thence West 80 chains. In point nf beginning.
Mr". B THUMHULL, Locator.
B- V. Argust, Agt.
Coutlee, B. c. Oct. 4 1905
Commencing at a post marked 8. K. Cobb,
being at tbe N. K. corner, of Indian Iteserve
near Coutlee thetfee running North 60 chains,
thence East. 80 chains, thence South 80 chains,
thence West 80 chains thence North 80 chains
to point of commenctnent.
8 K. Cobb, Looator.
B. ��. Argust, Agt.
Coutlee, B. C. Oct 41905.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Venl, Pork
and Sausage
Orders throughout the District receive careful attention and prnaptrf delivered
JA*IK��   I'OOLKY Proprietor
Twice a week delivery to Lower Nicola, Coutlee, way points
ANDREW SMITH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and   Horscshoing done in
first class shape.    Leave your work here and it will receive
prompt attention.    Satisfaction guaranteed.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a specialty
Notice is hereby given that within sixty days
from date 1 intend mailing appli'-ation to th
Hon. Commissioner of Landa and Works for
permission 0 purchase MB Ml���I of pasture land
In the Kamloops Division of Yale IHdrict;
situated as follows: Commencing at a stake al
the 8 W cornernfthe land; running Ihenee
Kast Nlrhiuni, thence Norlh 411 chains, thence
West Hi chains, thence South 40 chains, to the
point of commencement.
September, 22, 1905.
Notice Is hereby given that, within silly days
from datel Intend making- iippl'eilinni to the
Hon Commie-luner of lands and works for per-
uiis-lon to purchase ill" series uf ih.hi.���rv land in
the Kanilooie Division nf Vale I ((strict, situated
aa follow -: I 'oiniiiencmg at a slate sj-i It* N. W.
corner of Indian Iteserve on Quilchena. Cri-eii,
running theme 8nath 80 eharhs, thenee West
BOchaltig, thence N��rth 80 chain-, thener ha-l
80 chains 10 the point of eommencenient.
.1'. II. JUNKS.
September. SOth, 1905.
Nnllce Is hereby given that within 60 days
from date 1 Intend making applieatton'tn the
Hon. Commlsaloner of Und-e and Works for
pepels-lnn to purchase .1611 acres mnr�� or less of
mountain pasture land in the Kamloops division nf Yale District, si'uati-d as follows, com.
mencing ataa akelO chains W. of the N. K
earner or sec. 10 f. 100: running thence R, 60
chains, 1 hence N. 40 chains, thenee K. M chains
thence N. 45 chains more or less to wtump Uke
t h' me 8 W. along tbe K bank of Stump Lake
100 chains to the point of cotninecement, containing W acres more or les��. Also; Onmnn-nc-
Ing at 8. K. corner of I, 999 tl. 1. thance North
15.75 chains, Ihence Ka��t 40 chalns.thence Sou' h
15 chains to the N. bank of Stump Lake, thenee
Weel along Stump Lake 40 chains to the point
nf commencement, containing 60 acres more
September, 30th, IM.
Uertilicaie of Iinpnivements.
Aberdeen, IMymoulh Queen. Manchee-ler, Lon-
d n, Conner Hello and   King  Soloman's
Dream Mineral Claims     siiuate In the
Nicola-Kuuilonps Mining Division of Yale
District   Claims located -ear 111 Mi eCreck,
Nnrth Mcola.
Take notice that 1, .lohn Clapperton, free
miner's certirlca-e Nn. H76993. intend,fiti days
from the date heron', to apply to the mining
recorder fur a certlflcateof Itnprovonienis, for
the teurnoKeof obtaining acrnwn giant of the
abtv* clniins.
And  further take notice that action, under
section 3". must ha eomnenced before the issuance of aiu-heirt ideate of Inipruveinents.
Dated thi- 15th day of September, inns
Certiticate 1 f Im roveruent*.
Copper Standard and Amelia Mineral Claims,
slfuatn tntlie Slmllkaiiieeti Mining DlvWoa
pt.Yale Dialtiiu \yhnr*located: ln Aspen
Grove (.'anip.
Tike noilM iriKt i, F. W. Droves, acting aa
agent f.'f I*-:'.. r-et wooi r'ree Miner's eertifla
oale Nn 1187330. J. c. Cauuhell free miner's
. rtitt iiie >o, trvMe.'ii John Mnlionald. free
miner's cerlidcte No, H2261.1 Char'es J. t:hris-
ilerl, frfe tititteril rertlrlnaletlo. ��22fjlt9.1 flu is J.
Hall, free miner's ceriilleinti N��. H2 509, and
I'rlee Kllison. free miner's certlfli Ue No. h2_-L
intend, sixty days from the die hereof, to apply to tho mining reoordei for a certificate ot
improvement*, for the purnom CfobMinlng*
crown grant*of.the aimve claims,
Aad fuither take notice that action, under
section .'17, mutt be commenced before the lssu.
anet of such certificate of Improvements.
DalasUhls 18th day of .-<eutcmber, 1105.	
Subject to the Dominion Homestead '
Thirty days from date hereof I Intend to take
possession of the following described lands.
From Wm. Murraj'e N w post, situated at
the point of junction of Petit creek and Nicola
river, thence is 811 chains mnre or le-s, to 8. W.
corner of Indian reserve thenc�� 40 chains more
nr lees to po��t on bank of Petit creek, thence
follow .bank of Petit oreekN to point of commencement.  Containing ln all, 100 acres nor*
(Signed) Sept,, iith UU.        ���    ,
Text of Tb* Czar's Radical Manifeeto
To Th* People.
Russia hss joined the ranks of eonati |
tutionaly governed countries, anil the
death knell of the autocracy, was sounded
when the Czar placed his signature to a
manifesto granting, to his people the
foundations of future civil liberty.
Although the manifesto hss not been
received with unmiied acclaim, the great
majority r? the people are rejoicing at the
evident dawning of a new day for the
Empire. It is only the extremist* yhn
remain dissatisfied and are holding Oil'
fora straight republican government.
The feiliowing is the teit of the imper
ial manifesto grauting a constitution to
We Nicolas II, by the grace of God
autocrat of all the Russlas, fcrand duke of
Finland, etc., declare to our faithful sub
jects that the trouble! and agitation in';
our capitals and in numerous other places
fill our heart *i It excessive pain aud
"The happiness uf the Russian inveriegn
is iiidiessoluhly bound up in with the hap
pincss of our people, and the sorrow of
our people is the s Trow of the soveriegn
"From the present disorders may arise
great uatjonal disturbances, to the 1110111-
bera of the integrity of our empire.
'Tht supreme duty imposed upon u>
by our stiver* g 1 office requires ur to effac
ourselves and use all the force and means
at our ciiiumatid to hasten in securing the
unity ami 01 ordination of the power ot
central government and to Assure the
success eef measures feer paoification in al
circles of puh'ic life, which are essenita
to the well being 1 f Ihe people.
We, 'h��ref .redirect our government tn '
carry out our indelible will in the follow
ing manlier.
"First, to extend t" the population thi ,
immutable   foundations   of civil  lihert}
based 011 the real inviolability of person,
freedom of coiiecience, speech and association.
' Second, without suspending the tl-1
ready ordered elections to the stat.
douma, to invite to participate in the
dnuinn, as far a9 the limited time before
the convocation of the douma, thoai-
clastteH of the population now completely
derivkd of electoral rights, leaving the
ultimate development of the principal 1 f
the electoral right in general to the newly
established Itgish-if��� order of things.
"Third, to e ti't ish an um hangable
rule that no lair shall be enf treed union
the approval of the state down0, and tha;
it ahall be possible for the elected of thi
people to eiercise a real participation in
. the supervision f 1 he legality of the acts
of the authorities, appointed hy us,'
"We appeal to all the faithful sunt ol
Russia lo remember their duty towsrn
the fatherland to aid 111 terminating these
unprecidented troubles and to apply all
their forces in co operating with us, for
the restoration of calm and peace upon
our native soil,
"(iiveu at Peterof, October ,'IOlh in the
eleventh year of our reign.
Generally speaking the manifesto has
produced a deep impression, but the dia
trust of the government is so deep seated
that the liberals declare that not until the
promises made are seen to be actually
fulfilled will there be confidence restored
Bank of Montreal
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $373,988
.Total, Assets        -       ���   ���   -       ���   .     $135,124,452.74
���������   PRESIDENT, Rt. Hon Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, 0.0. M. 0.
'    VIOB-PRBSIDENT. ��� Sir Geo. A. Drummond. K. 0. M 0.
Ifead Office���Montreal
t '______     ___
Deposits received from   $1.00   and  upwards.     Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn bv mail.     Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
also General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     ���     Nicola Lake, B. C.
Led?. Spences Bridge
Every   I hurt-ay lor Mcola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton  and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
tvery   humlay   6 a. m.. arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and  Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. nl.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
"p^cial trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STKWAUT,    -    -    Proprietor
John Wanamaker's Opinion.
About advertising, John Wanamaksr,
the millionaire merchant gives the following snund sdvice; "I do the heaviest ad
vertiaing in dull times Then it when
people ^look more keenly for btrgtins,
anxious to know how much things cost
tnd how thej can save money. I advtr
tise particular things, give prioes and take
as much pains with my announcement! ts
I do with rov stock. I never permit my
announcements to lie tnd never mitt tn
issue nf my chosen publications. Advertising made my store���it will make others
grow to enormous proportions. My advice to merchant!, no matter how small ia
to advertise, tnd keep everlastingly tt
it���tuccMs ii sure.
Some fellows who never seem to be in
hurry themselrti, are tlwtyt ready to
ruih the growler.
--fALBR- IN-
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for tbe
Is still doing1 business at the Old Stand. A
good stock of Lumber constantly on hand.
Orders promptly filled.
Lower Nicola       -     -     -     B. C
Rescdale jftoiise, [_oWer _\Tleola
AND TELEPHONE OFFICE.       -      ���
Is prepared to take contracts for
sawing lumber and getting out
l.'rillTHl Vlill < Ollll-CtN lAll ltl����l
Parties wistung  work can  have sami'
promptly attended rn by allying to
Lower Nicola, B. C.
Full -stock of Humes fr and I in ported TOfirv,
iindthe htmtmWtmihKtftlMflOOllwijl on hand.
Drop in And enjoy a q nipt irnmoef IM trtfi.
Agent for lhe i'lumuTSteam Laundry, Vancouver.   I-Anndry whip vd every Ha'nrdiiy.
E. J. Martell.
Every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, 7 a.m.
MONTREAL HUTU., Kamloiep*. Nunoleon
1���tri'imiiiilli'. prourlrtnr. rlrtl class In
every partlrtl���>, I its��� mines, Liquors anil
cigars.   Slabllng In connection.
KAMLOOPS 11'H'f.K, P. Htm*, proprietor.
Heel aloik nf wnes. liquifw and cigars in
the Interior,    J'let IB* spo1 furs nice coolre-
Thirty days after dale I intend to apply totli
chief cumminaioner nf landn and work* fora lit
huso tn prospect for oal on the following dee    ,    . -    L ���-������.��..-, ���M,,
crilied land, -tarling from a post III chains wc-l   freshing glass of beer.    When in Kiimlooi.
of (he S. K. corner of John Corbeli'e prc-etup   call in.
tion, then o N. 8(1 chain., thence k 80 chains,
thence S S(l 'bains, then -a \V SO chains to place
of beginning. V.. A. CLKI.ANII.
Ilj H. Fallows. Agent.
September 22.1901.
Thirty days after date I intend lo apply to
the chief commissioner of lands and works for
a license to prospect for coal on Ihe following
described land, starling from a posi, Hi i Iihih-
westnflhee). K. corner of John ('nrheTt'spic
empiion, lheact  N SO chains,  thence  U  Sll
rhalns, Ihence S SO chains, ihence K so chains
to place of beginning.        U.K. s Alt(i k.N T,
By B. Fallows,
September 22,1904 Agent.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner!)! land- and works for a
llceiike to pro-peel for coal on the following
described land, starting from a pis' at the N
W corner of VV. A. Cle and's coal claim, thenee
N 80 chains, thence K SO chains, thence S 80
chains, thence VV 80 chains to point of begin
nlng. VV. B. JACKSON,
Sept. 22,1805. By B. Fallows, Agent,
inarcsi le.elcl lo ihe railway sialion.    lhe
only  covncnienl  hotel  for travelers.     0n*d
rniilns, good 'able, good liquors.     Two large
sample rooms.   P. A. Ilamhivri, proprietor,
(leieid staging in connection,
Watchmaker, Jeweler
All kinds  of   ii arches, Clocks, Jewelrt,
etc., kept in steeck.    Wedding presents a specialty.
First class repairs done on short notice
and returned at once
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
thechief commissioner of lands and works for
a license to prospect for coal on Ihefollotflng
described land, beginning at the N W com���1 pf
W. A. Cleiand's coal rlafin, thence N 80 chains,
thence W SO chains, thenee S So chains, thence
E 80 chains to place of beginning.
Bept. 22,1906.
By B. Fallows. AgV-t,
Otter Flat Hotel
Charles l)"h��rro, Proprietor.
1TLAMKEN CUT,       -   -       B. C.
Headquarters for Summit, Kabhitt
in iin'aii', Tulameeu river, I'��� ulelci. Bear
and Kelly creek camps. Gooil Fishing
and Boating.
P. 0. Address:   Aspen Orove.
Firtt okacs board and lodging hy the
day week or month. Every attention
given to thu travelling public.
Mrs. Rh.it, Proprietress.
SubKJrib. for the|iierafd, ii per yetr.
Unequalled as a
5U-q_qer Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
,<Vtop at flic
ltoiiT. Scott, Proprietor
When   traveling   on   the Nicola road.
Convenient place for travelers, with good
���eC'Minii ilati'io.
If Yoii\Tee(lA'>.vtlMi)._
in the
Line, send your aork to the undersigned
All   orders   liniehed   in a   wurkinaiiahip
manner.   Cabinet wurk a specialty.
,1. K. iVOREC.OR,
Lower Nicola, B C.
liioiiT ok Way for Railwiys, Etc.
Notice Is hereby given thtt all crown Landn
along the local ed lines of any railway, power or
tramway company, inceirporatod under the
authority of the Legislature of this l'rovin"e,
an i hivniga width of (ifly 1*0 fnetun each side
of -aid lilies, are reserved for right of way pur-
purposes nf such railway, powvr or tramway
W. S. GOH '.
Deputy Commissioner of Ijinds anj Works
Lands anrtWn k> I l-parlnienl.
Victoria, B. C., Oct., 3rd. 1905. THE NICOLA HERALD
A (������ young people spent a very pit*
tant evening Tuesday tt tht hum* of Ur.
tad Mn. Riley.
R **, Cull of 8h*rbruok*, Qutbec,
arrival in Niool* thi* week tad it engaged
with th* A. E. How**, Co. Ltd.
F. D. Woodward moved hi* porUblt
taw mill plant from tb* Murray plac* up
to th* Coldwater where ht will b* engaged
cutting lumber. Mr. Woodward lately
addtd t new ap to date planer to hi* not-
fit tnd it now turning oat lumber equal
to tny in th* country. Parties desiring
lumber cut for building in th* spring
should leave th*ir order* tt one*.
Emory Rhin*berg*r, formerly ol Ash
eroft trrlved in Nioolt Saturday evening
tnd mty locale in thit Motion.
Jam** McQuitton who hat been in
the Nicola Valley for tbout three years
left on Friday for tb* coaat.
Tb* price of lead on th* New York
market tdvtoctd 30 ce*tt t hundred
weight yesterdsy. Th* London price is
unchanged, tt art alto tbt price of silver
tnd copper.
Hilton Keith who hu been resident
*g*ni nf th* towntite of Allison trrived
on Mondty'i stags on hit wty to thteottt.
A number of A*p*n Grov* min* owners
were in town this west, Mr*. Hinshtw,
J E tnd 8 J. BtM tnd R. J. Armstrong.
Miss Evt Woodwtrd of Lower Nicol*
left on Mondty for Queentl where the will
take charge nf the public school tt thtt
Rev. Georg* Mason ht* been quit* ill
th* past week, having been ttken ill on
Sundty evening during the pretching of
hit ttrmon.
Frtnk Bailey tnd Hugh Campbell who
worked in th* Aspen Grov* for *on* tim*
thi* summer ar* now tt Hedley where,
they will winter.
8. J. Soloman of Bltir A Oo't general
ttore. Coutlee, left on M.mday for t
couple of wtek't holidty to Ktmloopi tnd
tb* coast citiet.
8mok* Interior or La Morena Cigtrt.
K*e th* (took of hetvy concord htrness
tt Berwick's.
Parti** deeinng ***d ottt should secure
ihein tt once. R. U. Winny.
When you wtnt t good smoke ask for
the Interior or Lt Morent Cigar, mtnu-
faclured by th* Inland Cigar Factory,
Inditnt never kin etch other. Hiving
setn ��ftw of them. We cannot blame
Dr. Tutill htt been tppmnted * coroner
in tnd for th* prorine* of British Coluni
bi*.    Ht tltn some time ag > received the
tppointment  at  health   officer for this
Rev. W. (Jovier it tt New WMtmintter
attending the meeting of the Synod uf
the Church of Engltnd. He expMtt to
return Saturday evening.
A court of the Ancient Order of For
etten htt bttn organised it Hedley by
Gilbert Lawrence, on behtlf of Couri
Thompaon, tha Kamloopt brtnth of the
order.     Mr.   Lawrence   also   organised
court Ni*olt I* June.
I* til alias and styles. Onaranteed
article. Our sales htve already
more than doubled those of last year
Our lender 1* tb* 6-hole Steel Rang*
for 146. manufactured by licClary
Mfg. Co., also a full line of
Air Tight Heater*
On Wednesdty evening th* home of
Mr. tnd Mrt. C. U. Brotdbent wt* the
Mine of gty feitiviltiet, tnd everyone
thoroughly enjoyed the evening. After
refreshments had been served the young
people departed for home, at t lite hour.
Pr*��byt*ri��n Church, Nicola Ltke: Services every sabbath at II a. in. tnd 7:3(1 p.m.:
Bible class tnd Sabbath School, 2:30 p.m.
Rev. Ukokuk Mason,
Presbyterian I'astor.
Rev. John I've,
Methodist Pastor.
Methodist Church. Lower Nicola: Divine
service every I ord's Day at 3 p.m. and 7:31) p.m.
Sunday school at 1 p. m.
John Pti,
Methodist Minister.
Gkoro* Mason,
Preehyterian Minister.
Ohurch of England.  Church of St. John
the Baptise.Nicola:
Evening prayer, Sundty I'.'i h, tt 7:13 o'clock.
 WM. UOVIER, Vletr.
W. Murray, manager uf the Ctntditn
Bank of Commerce, tt Vancouver, wbo
with Mrt. Murray hu been visiting with
Mis. Pooley tt Ttmerion rsnch, leives
today for Ktmloopt on his return to the
cottt. Mrt, Murray will remain for some
weeks yet.
Msears. W, J. Mantry ltd Malcolm
McAuley htv* opened * butcher thop in
the building on Webster it, Ittely or-
eupied by R. J. Wynne, tnd hive on
band an attractive looking tupply of me*'
of various kind*. M. McAuley is in
charge *nd tht becvM com* from W. J.
Mtnery't choict bird��� Hedley Ovette
Tbe quarterly meeting of th* official
board of the Methodist thurch wm held in
tbe ptrsontge. Nicol*, Tuetdty. After
tbe utuil busin*** had bttn trtnsaoted,
th* following were elected stewards for
the entuing year: H. H. Woodward, I).
Dodding, Mn. D. Dodding, Earnest
Wood ward, and N. J. Btrwiek with A R
Carrington a* recording ttiwtrd. Th*
tin too** aad general outlook for tht church
it cat-rectory.
-nbatcrib* fur the Herald, 12 per year.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator
Office. -Commercial Block, east of Post Office.
Kamloops, B. C.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor and  N"tary Public
Office:   Kast nf the Canadian Rank of Com
mere*, south side of Victorit street, Kamloops.
Money to loan on real estate security.
and   Saddlery
Now it tne time to buy your Htrness tnd Saddlery. I hive in
stock t full line o gondiiuitible
to the trad*. Stisfaction guarantied.   All kindt of
Hsn.ess, Boot*, Shoes, etc., don*
neatly ind prorrptly
NICOLA ��� ���        B. C
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
Accountant, Commission, Insurance
snd General Agent.
Main Street
8010 Westminster Road
B. C. Urow��� gtasok ot Fruit -���>-
Orn-mrutal Tre*-.
Apple Trees; i and 1-year olds: $15 to $20 per
100. eocordinu to variety. One year olds, 1 to 5
feet. $10 to $12 per 100.
Ritra nine stock ot Cherry. Peach, Plum,
Apricots, etc., now growing for fall orders. No
���expense, loss or delay of fumigation or Iniipec-
t ion. Let me price your list before placing your
order.   Catalog free.
Oreenhouse Plants, Floral Work, Bee Sup
plies, Fruit Packages, Fertilisers, etc.
3010 Westminster Road,      Vakciiuvik, B. C
Land Mining and Oeneral Supply Agta
Mining engineers. Reports on mining proui-r
lies through the District, Agst's for mining,
contractors, farm machinery, wagons, bugghs
etc. Cable address: "Aurum," Codes: Brum
ball. More.ng _ Netl. A. H. C. Itb.
Warehouse  Canford. Nicola Valley, B. C.
Spences Hridge
Sba-lng and Haircut ting.  First Class
Work Guaranteed.
Business transacted tt til hour*.  When In
Spences Hridge give us t call.
A Stock Ranch containing
4740 acres,situated near Doug
las Lake, with all necessary implements and also stock.    For
particulars apply to
Quilchena, P. O.
8pringbank Ranch, Jnly 14ib, 11(06.
All kindt of Wtich, Clock
tnd Jewelry repair* done in
first class order tnd satisfaction guaranteed. All work
entrusted to our care will be
completed and returned with-
out delay
C. P. R. Time Inspectors. Kamloops
Our Leaders in Teas are Marigold,
Nabob and Salada���all Favorites
We have constantly on hand
Hardware. Boots and Shoes.
Clothing, Miners' Supplies, etc.
At Right Prices
To arrive shortly���A Oar Lot of Groceies,
Provisions, Goal Oil &c. for fall and winter.
A. R.
General Agent Excelsior Life Insurance Co.
Notary Public.
Are Cleat- to H_u-i>
Doe* not letk, alwtyi ready for use.
Will not soil th* fingers. Fitted with
points to suit everybody. Positively
tbe best Fountain Pen that is made.
Kamloopa and Vernon
All kinds of repair work done in t
neat tnd satisfactory nunntrtnd in thort
Stoves, Ranges, Heaters,Granite and Tinware from the McClary Manufacturing Co.
of London, Ont. The best makers in
Shipments of Fall and Winter Goods,
Men's Underwear, Top Shirts, Suits, Overcoats, Reefers, etc, just received.
Skirts, Blouses, Golf Jackets, Walking and
Skating Boots, and all the latest in Dress
Goods, Silk Blouses, etc.
All kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber
in stock.   Flooring, Rustic, and Shiplap,
The best of everything that can be bought
at lowest prices,
Life and Fire Insurance Agent. Notary Public.
Lower Nicola,      -       -      B. C.
Jos. Ricljards,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood StabllBf in Connection. Telephone Connection


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