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The Nicola Herald Oct 11, 1906

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$2 a Year
Increased Revenue From Traffl..  Land
8ales Increasing. -Last of the
Land Grant Bonds Redeemed.
The twenty-fifth annual meeting of
the Canadian Pacific Railway was held
at Montreal recently; and for various
property. Thus far in the preseut year
your revenue from traffic shows a large
increase over the corresponding period
in the previous year, and while it is
entirely probable that later on the weekly comparisons will not be so striking,
there is every reason to anticipate improvement. Indeed, although neither
effort nor money is spared, we find it
almost impossible to provide cars and
locomotives rapidily enough with which
to meet the requirements of the business
development along your lines, in such a
manner as to satisfy with desireable
promptness, the demands of your patrons. At the special general meeting
held on March 1st it was  decided to
reasons was something of an event. As [ supplement the proceeds of the issue of
ordinary capital stock then authorised
by an appropriation from surplus earnings of five million dollars.
No portion of this appropriation had
been expended prior to June 30,   but
every one knows the building of the
Canadian Pacific Railway was undertaken by the Dominion Government as
a work of political necessity on the admission of the Northwest and British
Columbia into the confederation.   The |vour directors have caused the amount
Government struggled with the project t0 ���" 8et aside in the accounts of the
down to 1880, when it was taken over
by a syndicate, which, in 1881 was incorporated as the  Canadian    Pacific
Railway Company. In these twenty-five i Property. Early in July
years the company has had its ups and
downs, but is now one of the largest
and most successful institutions in the
world. Last year its gross earnings exceeded by $7,000,01X1 the revenues of the
Dominion from Customs and excise
taxation;and were greater than the entire revenues of the Dominion as late
as YM2. The net earnings were so large
that providing for certain special funds
and lor a dividend at a rate of tt per
cent, on the ordinary and 4 on the preference stock, there remained a surplus
of over eight and a quarter millions.
During the construction of the main
line it Was obliged IB-borrow $30,0000011
from the Dominion Treasury. The debt
principal, and inteiest, was promptly
repaid. All its land grant bonds, endorsed by the Dominion, have been paid
out of the sales of land. The Canadian
Pacific is by odds the best investment
Canada ever had to do with. The subsidy of 25,000,000 acres was a bagatelle
in 1880, when the land really possessed
no value beyond such as the prospect of
the railway gave it. As a land grant
it was not comparable to the 45,000,000
acres granted to the Atchison road or
to the 17,000,000 acres given to the
Northern Pacific. The cash subsidy of
$25,000,000, together with the $35'000,
000 represented by the Government
built sections of the line, most of which
had to be rebuilt, was not large by comparison with the bonuses given to rail-
rays of purely local importance by some
of the American States. Anyhow, for
all that it has received from Canada the
Canadian Pacific has rendered a splendid return. We owe to it, besides the
opening of the Northwest, the remarkable progress that has been made in
Hriiish Columbia, and in lesser measure
that which has taken place in the last
quarter of a century in the older  prov-
current year to be employed from time
to time as circumstances may warrant
in additions and improvemenss to your
the balance
required to redeem your three-and-a-
haif-per-cent. land grant bonds was deposited with the governmant, and the
requisite instrument has been executed
relieving the company for ever from
any liability in respect of the principal
or interest of the bonds, so that all
your lands are now free from all incumbrance whatever, Since June 30,
.HOI, you have redeemed the funds to
the amount of $17,831,000 out of the
proceeds of the land sales, and during
the same period the balance due the
company on acconnt of land sold has
increased from $3,468,000 to $16,382,000
on which you are receiving interest at
tt per cent, per annum.
Tnd principal sum realised from the
sale of your lands should in the opinion
of your directors be permitted to accumulate and be invested so as to give
you the best interest return consistent
Annual Meeting of Nicola Athletic Association Elect Officers.  Paper
Chase Thanksgiving Day.
Tennis Tournament.
A turkey shoot under the auspices of
the Nicola Athletic Association will be
held at Nicola on Saturday the 13th inst.
at 1:30 p. m.
The executive committee have made
arrangements for the shoot, considering Saturday the most convenient date
before Thanksgiving Day, and offeri.ig
a chance of winning a turkey for the
Thanksgiving Dinner. A fact which
would lead many to enter the competitions. Eight plump turkeys have been
obtained and will be competed for over
various distances.
Any rifle may be used and any sights
(except telescopic.)
One shot only for each person in each
Shots must be made from standing
position only (no rests.)
The decision of the commute in all
cases of dispute to be final.
The shoot will be held ti-'ar the knoll
behind Rev. D. K. Allen's house as
this is considered about as safe a place
as it is possible to arrange for while
being not too far from town.
successive meetings.   Tie office bearers
elected are as follows.
Hon. Presidents, Rev. D. K. Allan and
Rev. 1. II. Wright.
President' Miss H. I). P.obson B.A.
Vice-President A. R. Carrington.
|   Secretary-treasurer, G. L. Murray.
I   The President,  Vice Paesident and
j Secy.-Treas. with Miss Hunter, W. G.
Murray and Rev. D, K. Allan form the
I executive.
"Jimmy" Chenall Dead.
James C. S. Chenall well known to Nicola residents died at the Jubilee Hospital,
Victoria, on September 29th, from tuberculosis of the throat [and was buried at
Victoria. The deceased who was 44
years of age was engaged with M. P.
Stewart's stage here for some time and
was interested in various mining interests in Nicola and the Similkameen
districts where he was well known and
respected. He leaves relations at Clinton and a widow and three children to
mourn his loss.
On Thursday, the 18th in .t
giving Day a paper chase on horseback
will be held. The start will be made
from the Association Grounds at 2 p. m.
and it is hoped that a strong contingent
of members and friends will turn up to
make the event a success.
On Saturday the 20th inst., a tennis
tournament will be held on the Associa-
Flre In Armstrong.
On Thursday morning last week a fire
broke out in Armstrong and serious
damage was done. Eight buildings
were burned to the ground and it required the united efforts of the fire
brigade and of the citizens generally to
prevent the further spread of the fire.
Damage to the extent of $25,000 was
done which is only partly covered by
insurance. The origin of the fire is as
yet unknown. Temporary quarters
j have been secured and those burned
Thanks- out are resuming businers.
with safety, until such time as a definite I tion grounds, and it is hoped that play
plan can de evolved for its utilization-
but the interest both on the cash receipts
and deferred payments, which are increasing month by month, is available
revenue to b>" dealt with as you think
best. It is evident now that the receipts
from this source will during this year
be about equivalent to 1 per cent, on
the ordinary share catital. In the present year your directors propose to distribute this 1 per cent, to the shareholders in semi-annuai instalments of
half of 1 per cent, each, payable on
April 1 and October 1, 1SJ07.
New Contract Firm,
A new firm, which is in the field for
contracts, large and small, is that of
Messrs. Maedonell, Gzowski & Compauy
who have opened an office in Room 3,
Hank of British North America Building,   Vancouver.   Mr. J. A.  Maedonell
inces. In land revenues and revenues j '8 ti the firm of Maedonell, Loss & Com
from CustomB collected in the North-1 pany, who are just completing the con
west and British Coiumbia  alone the
Dominion Government receives fully 201 from Spences Bridge to Nicola Lake-
per cent per annum for all the money I r'or "'any years he has been actively
and money's worth it invested in the! engaged in large enterprises of a sim-
'ilar nature.   Mr. C. S. Gzowski is a
ers from Coutlee and Quilchena will be
present and an enjoyable afternoon he
spent. Full particulars of the tennis
tournament will be given in the next
issue of The Nicola Herald.
The annual general meeting of the
Nicola Athletic Association was held on
Saturday evening in Pooley's hall. G.
A. Lafferty was voted to the chair.
The Secretary-treasurer read the annual
report and also financial statement of
the association
were elected unanimously; Hon. President J. B. Greaves; President G. A. Lafferty; 1st Vice President R. A. Fraser,
2nd Vice President G. H. Tutill M. D.,
Secretary Treasurer G. M. Brash.
Committee: M. L. Grimmett; C. D.
Broadhent; W. G. Murray; Rev.D. K.
Allan; H. H. Matthews; H. L. Roberts.
The finances of the association are in
a healthy condition there being a balance in the bank to their credit of $74.
Wnny Townsite.
Lots in the Winny Townsite of Nicola
can now be purchased. Mr. Winny
having placed his property on the market again this week. Choice lots can be
secured at a reasonable figure. Interview or write to the agent, A. R. Carrington, Nicola.
Life insurance no doubt is a good
thing, but what the average man needs
s fire insurance-for the hereafter.
Meeting of Farmer's Institute Addre*
���ee on Varlo -s  Subjects   Town
site Agreement With C.P.R
Not Materialised.
Justice Irving presided at the  Fall
Assizes held at Kamloops last  week.
There were but four criminal cases.
Of local interest was the case against
Ike Swite for horse stealing. A true
bill was brought in against Ike by the
Grand Jury. Ike was charged with
stealing a horse last June the property
of George Kilroy. Both men liveon the
Shaloose reserve near Coutlee. The
case for the Crown was that Ike took
the horse from Shaloose to Lillooet and
tried to sell it there but was promptly
arrested. For the defence A. D. Macintyre who represented the prisoner,
put his client into the box and examined
him. He said he had gone to Lillooet
openly without any attempt to avoid
people taking the horse with him to
jell at Kilroy's request. Hewastosel)
the horse for $80 and his commission
was to amount to $10. In the cross examination, Ike admitted that he had
been seven years in the penitentiary
for shooting and had served another
term of three years for horse stealing.
On both occasions the charges had been
false and witnesses had lied about him
as Kilroy was doing now. The Jury
retired and after an inteveral of three
hours handed a verdict of "not guilty".
His First Street Car.
Among the visitors to the city says
the Vancouver World man of Saturday
is Mr. John Peterson of Kamloops and
this is his first visit in 21 years. Mr.
Peterson is a very extensive farmer
and rancher having a large estate a
few miles from Kamloops on the Nicola
road. Until his arrival here this time,
Mr. Peterson had never seen a streetcar or an automobile, but he enjoyed a
ride in both, and the chauffeur would
have been in trouble with the police if
he had satisfied the old gentleman's desire for a "bit of a fast run." Mr. Peterson came down in company with Mr.
Dowswell, formerly proprietor or the
Angus McGillivary, dominion fire ranger for the Ashcroft section, and form-
Tne following officers erly of Coutlee, received the sad news J [dand h^i"vancoVer," but now" pr..
last week of the death of his mother prietor ���f the Le)and jn Kam]oopg
at Durham Ont.,at the age of 103 years.
T. O. Townley of Vancouver spent
yesterday and today in the Valley in
connection with the right of way of the
railway. He interviewed parties concerned in the vicinity of Nicola.
Farmers Institute Meeting.
Canadian Pacific, to say nothing of the
immense moral and political gain resulting from the transportation of a fiv. scattered provinces into a united country,
animated by a common patriotism.
In moving the adoption of the report
the president said:
It is unnecessary to dwell on the twenty
fifth annual report now submitted for
your approval and adoption. No doubt
the result of your opperations is as
136.   Against this there are still two
u...-i.."M.r.l.   '       I- n; .'.   C. p^R j P��y"i���^ t0 be made on the lot pur^- ^/ horrtt,8 whjch h_T shipped from r
ased, adjoining the one donated by  K.
H.   Winny, on  the   Winny   townsite.
Allowing for this there will be still a
small balance on hand.
Subscriptions for the new season are
well known engineer who has been
associated with Mr. Maedonell in the
work of railway construction and has
had considerable other practical experience.
The regular meeting of the Lillooet
I Farmer's Institute will be held as follows:-At Nicola on Tuesday, October
: 16th, at Coutlee on Wednesday 17th and
| at Lower Nicola on Tuesday the 18th.
There will be three sessions at each
G. Ferguson, was in the Nicola Val-, omt,   The morning session at 10 a. m.
ley last week and purchased a number being a stock judging class,  the after-
loops this week. j session at 7.30 p. m. being addresses on
_____________ , Stock, Soil and Cultivation,  seed and
Vernon last week where they had been
now due and as tha annual subscription visiting with friends,
is only $2 it is hoped that an increased
. ..  ,.        , .    .,      ...       weeds, by Dr. S. F. Tolmie, W. C. Mc-
J. Lindley and family returned from j n  ��.  i ,,  .   ���
,   ; ,   _..,.��� .u__ u-jl   Killigan and t. M. Ix>gan.    Admission
membership will enable the committee
to carry out certain plans  which they
gratifying to you as it is to the direct-1 more water for mining purposes, and
ors.   The increase of more than eleven j the firm haa a large number of men en-
million dollars in gross earnings marks [ gaged in the work,
the progress and development of the
territory served by your lines, and a
very satisfactory net revenue remains     Next to falling off a log the easiest
after a liberal allownce in your working thing is to tell other people how to
.xpenses for the maintenance of your bring up their children.
A large contract now being carried I""���* [* *��� advancement of
outbyMes_-_.MacdonelIGzowski_.co__>,     '! "'a"'1"1"'  !  r
pany, is the construction of the canals
for the Guggenheim Syndicate in  Cariboo.   These are being built to supply I    At a meeting held on Tuesday even- j
ing a Young People's Guild was formed
Young People's Guild.
is free and all including ladies are cordially invited to attend.
H. S. Cleasby of Coutlee spent a day
in Nicola this week driving home by
the railway grade.
for the purpose of mutual improvement
on spiritual, intellectual and social lines
for the winter evenings. Meetings will
be held every two weeks on Tuesday
evenings, the first meeting being at the
Manse on Tuesday evening October the
23rd and every one is invited to this and
Three cars of fine cattle and horses
were shipped from the Tamerton ranch
this week.
H. P. Christie, assessor, is again in
the Valley on government business.
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Townley of Vancouver were in Nicola this week.
No Deal With O. P. R.
The deal between the land owners of
the Nicola townsite and the C. P. R.
has fallen through. The Nicola Herald
announced a few weeks ago that there
was a possibility of a deal being made
whereby the railroad company would
secure a portion of the townsite property. The owners had a session with the
company's officials at Vancouver last
week and the Nicola Herald has been
informed that negotiations are off. The
townsite parties holding their land and
the C. P. R. their railway. THE NICOLA HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. $2 a Year
Nicola, B. C, October 11, 1906.
Casey-An' whoi did ye name th'
baby afther th' Czar?
Corrigan- Well, he don't know a
dom thing abont anythin' an' sthill he's
th, boss.
All the  fall  fairs in  this province
have now  been  brought  to  a close.
With one  or two exceptions all have
been conducted  to  a successful issue
and great  interest  has been taken in
the  exhibits of  produce   which were
shown. As a rule this district has been
represented at one or other of these
fairs by some exhibit that usually called for more than passing mention.
This year however, no exhibit of any
kind has found its way to any of the
fairs. This is not as it should be.
There have been several examples of
various kinds of produce raised in this i
locality which would undoubtedly have
secured some recognition of merit had
they been shown at any of the various
exhibitions held in the province, and it
seems a pity that the attention of the
outside public should not have been
drawn to the varied possibilities of the
Nicola Valley, It is to be hoped that
ere another twelve months roll by, some
arrangement can be made whereby a
representative collection of fruit and
products can be formed and sent to at
least one of those provincial exhibitions.
There is doubtless a considerable amount
of worry and trouble attendant on a
scheme of this nature but surely a
careful consideration of the resultant
benefits which might be derived from
this source should make our local farmers institute for instance, the best possible collector and care taker of such a
All kinds of Watch, Cluck
and Jewelry repairs d<me in
tint class order and ashsfac
ti 'ii guaranteed. All wnrk
entrusted to our care will he
completed snd returned without delay
W.   -. f______P______ A CO.,
C. I*. It. Time luHperto'-. KamlCHipn
The following from the Phoenix
Pioneer is no doubt experienced in
all quarters. It is considered quite
proper to get free ads from a paper
and secure the printing at other
Every day or two the Pioneer is
favored with communications from
this or that concern or body, with I
request that we give the same an
insertion in this family weekly.
No mention is ever made of a quid
pro quo in this connection, but we
are asked to do it for the good of
the cause, what ever it may happen
to be. This week we received one
of these letters with a nicely printed story which would occupy about
three columns of this paper, and be
of no special interest to tlie majority of our readers. We are willing
to do our share and a little more in
assisting any worthy, object that is
not operated as a money nuking
enterprise, but we draw the line
somewhere, and we do it right here.
To such COBcerill, working
schemes of their own, our advertising rates will be furnished on ap
The man who said tomorrow never
eomes did not have a note to pay which
������II due in 24 hours.
GEORGE Mcdonald
Boots and Shoes Neatly Repaired. New
Work   to Order.    Prices  Reasonable.
Unequalled as a
Suii._i.ei* Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
yniLCHKNA, H. c.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands
and works for a licence to prospect for
coal on the following described land
commencing at the N E corner lot 1346,
at a stake marked F. C. Tingley and
running s 80 chains, E 80 chains, N 80
chains, thence w 80 chains to initial
post, 640 acres. F. C. Tingley,
Nicola, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt.
Also commencing at a post marked P.
Tingley, N w corner adjoining F. C. T.,
n E corner thence s 80 chains, E 80, N
80, w 80 to point of commencement.
Nicola, P. Tingley, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt.
Notice In hereby __ven thai sixty day a'tor
���iaiel Inlend tu apply tothe chief cnni-iif
-inner ��f lands mil wnrki. fnr nerni'mnm to
purchase 80 acre* of pa-til o land Hltutied on
Pike'- .Mountain. Yale Hialrli-t, ru uiieui'intlat
i po-t placed un ihe southern Woe i. o N.
"erkinx' preempt! ui. thence |u nhain-   want,
heni'i- HOchairm hiiuili, t .ence III ctianiH mm,
��� home 2" chains north lopuiil of commence-
u tent.
All kinds of  Watches, Clucks, Jewelry,
etc., kept in stuck.   Wedding pr.a-
enti a sp.'cialty.
First class repairs dune on short notict
tnd returned hi nnce
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
d te I intend to api ly in the I hief Commit,
sinner ��� f lands snd Works (or permission lo
purchase 320 aires of n niintain pasture laud.
situate in Cowite Valley, Nicula Dmtrc,
and described as fol 1. ws: Commencing ai
a po-t marked H, U., s. K, corner, at the
���S.U. come- nf H. Urquhart's pre mptinn;
thence mi Ih 8uchains; thenoe we-t 411 chain-:
thence -outh 80 chains in-nee east 4U chain-
tn point of cum .neeim-nt.
Nieola. Sept. 12, lilt... H. UK QUHAI.
Aug. 22, 190..
Sixty days after dale I Intend in apply tothe
chief commissioner nf lands a- rt wnrks fnr per
mission lo pur hasi 320we ei.nl n "iiutaln p.in'
luielmd. slmaid uim-u .i, miles wesi of
^ic la,mil adjoining.I ��. Shiu-I's ��.. 'Ill", Ce.
cribi-d a. fulluA-.' > iimuienciiig at a imsl
marked it._._'.,  .limn*,  ihence north _���'
hain~, thenceeast .nchiins, ih-mc south 80
���hains, ihence wist Inch-tins, lo mini of commencement.
tig. 22, l'JO-i II, H. i INNY.
Notice Is hereby given ihai slxlv days after
late I Intend toapply t-- Uu- -tu.f i-minli-
��� limes nf lands and w-rks fir p-tints ion t.
uurt-hase 120 acres -f pasture hnul in Ihe
Nicnla IHvi-iouo' Yale l.-irwi. ��H0ftl_1 ��-
follows; Cnniiiien'-ii-g nt i M__p at l_a _,K
-inner nf l_>l 715. thenee west _��___!_*, ihence
���on h2��ch ins. ihence eas' Iticlulns, Pinec
unlit ill chain-. Ill-nee ins!   Iiii.ib'n. -hence
.nnli In chains, il  e cast 20 ih-uiis. thence
north 20 chain., i-otiiaiuiiig lit) cres.
Mcola, Aug, 28, UKE M. K. UO_MT_
HdtwHU hervhj given ihut <*ix��> OOfOOltm
1 .It* I iuten<1 to Hp.it)   i�� Ihr chief ��onimi_-
.! _ __#      1-     _1 A        I...      *__     I	
-tntMT.rf Ih du huH "(irkl fnr 'ftftfl u)p.r
��� ���ha*!* the f-lloivinrf land. Msf .��� .My arm. of
tuMiniH-n pa-ture land, nwi.t. ���pwinjf at a p'-t
nlaowi al the s.V\, enrner nf l.m 12I.i, thence
400th 11 chain*, 'hence cast  -Ddia-nc, liicnce
.,,,. , l, '_i . I,., ;.,      i l  .,_..    >_i   tot,    tm     __���_ __________i
NoMre Is hen by given thai sixty days afte-
date I Intend tuaiply tothe Thief inmmis
-inner of Ijtnds and Works for leave to put
��� ha-e ihe fa-lowing land, beinx 18" acres, mon
or less fi-nc- en-ingal a pnst. planted at tin
V VV. come, of Lot 101 Kldf VII, Ihence wes
80 chains, I hem .south 80 elialns, thence cas-
lOch'iiis, then i 'hlilchiins, thence e-tst
10 chains  thence iin-lh 1(1 chains to point ol
I'erCL. Flick, Agen'
l.iwer Nicula, Aug. 17, 1906.
Nn Ice is herehy given thit sixty days aflet
dale I intend loanplv tu lhe Chief i otntni
sioner - f Lam's and Work- fnr leave to pat
chase die f.i.luwing mountain pasture,   f'om
lining at a post pliiiiied in the i-icinltj it
\ K,corner pnsi if l,oi 1215 K-mlisips llivis-
ion of Yale llistrict. ihem-i- west. 40 chain.
iln-iiie nnrth 411' haiii-, Ihence ea-t In chains
I hence stiuth Id chains lo point of commence
Jitliv T. H____W_U_
I'erl'.L, Flick. Agenl.
\tamer Mcola. Aug. I". WW
Thirtv days fro-, date I Inlend tn apply I-
<bee ief i-io uiis.ioni i nf linds and wnrk* for.
Irene ti rui and ie ove lim'-i-r f om thi
fol owing d.-scrihc'- land. Meg nning al a post
abmil one mile west of Slpeous creek inlhi
Ni ula division nt Y'lei'i-linl mat kid _������
ew cllnran's n, w. conu-ia'id j .iiiingastalo
on Dominion suiviy marked 9-13-21 sulfa lowing slung il'imin un ttt re snu'h 8(
chiiins,east 8uchains, '-unli Nlehains. Watt I
chains Iu pni' t ef beginning, 810 acres
Regaining at Ihcs w corner ��i ah ve lora-
ii .ian fn low>n_ nonunion survej ssocnai--
1.80 ehnlns, v so chains, vv 80 chains lo poin
of heginnlng. 040 acres.
8. pt. 10, _M ANUUKW McOoran.
 J. E. Bhlvel, Agenl
Thirtv dais from da'e I intend Inap-iyi'
thr-chief c- mniisslnner nf Lands and Work-
"" "  " ' ' 'I""','h'i-'_.'U'" ,'oi," '_"���""���. '"TV   '"r �� ��mom I-mt and n-move timber Iron
non h 201 haln-, ihence west 20 chain-tn point ! ihe foil..-ing descrihert land,   beginning at i
"'���''""ii.cn mt pnst,one Miwnknf Snenu- creek aboutriah'
miles from ii-nii'h nf creek and about thre.
miles n w nf -ownsh vieadnws it: Nu-ola oivis
innnf Yale ami runningNtiOi hains. K 80 chain-
H80 chants, v, 80 chains, iu point of U'ginning
BIO at res.
Heginningai a. w corner if abovo Incatlnn
and rtiniiiiig n 80i linitis, i- 80chains. aSOchalns
w 80 chains tnpoitit nt beginning, 040 a< res.
.���Sept. 10, WOO.       Skiiihtun Cot.l.lNB, Loiater.
J. K Hblvel. \gent
f commencement
Ixiwer Nicola, Aug. ��. 1906.
Sixty days after date I intend to ap-
he rn
O. P R. Directors Appoint Offlcee*
At the meeting of the board of directors after the annual general meeting
Sir William C. Van Home was re-eleci-
ttd chairman of the board; Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, president, and Mr. David
McNicoll, vice-president of the company, and the executive committe was
ippointedasfollwos: Sir William C Van
Home, Lord Strathconaand Mount Royal; Mr. Richard B. Angus, Mr. Edmund
B. Osler.M. P., Sir Thomas Shaughnessy and Mr. David McNicoll; Mr.
Drinkwater secretary.
ply to the hon. the chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission to
purchase the following described lands,
situiited as follows: Commencing at a
post near the S. !���:. corner of lot 1%,
Ihence nnrth 20 chains, thince east lid
chains, thence south 20 chains, thence
west along lake shore to point of commencement, containing 120 acres mure
or less. G. M. liKASH.
Nicola, October 1st, 11(06.
A sitting ol the f'uutny Court of Yale,
will be held in the (' un House, Nicola,
B C, on
Monday, Oct. 29, 1906
at 10 a. oi.
0*0.   Murr.v,
C C. Registr-r.
S-'ixly day afler dale I inlend in apply to Ibe
llun. the chief inuiinisstuiiei-of lands and work-
fur lernil-stun In li n-e iwn acres nf land fut
.aw in || piii-ouses, ilc,crilicd as follows: l ten-
meiicingal J I), bynite' No. I oost and iun
iiiiik 1211 fee' nnrth. tin lire 21" feel east, tie net
I.'II ini'li. then.. -.'In I-., -t to miiiiil pnst. This
land is an uiisti. ve.icd part, nf Tulanioen liiwn
site at the unilel of llt'er lake.
.1. O. THYNNK.
"tier Valley. A-is M, IM
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
from date I intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lards and works for
permission to purchase 160 acris of
mountain pasture laiul situated ..bout 8
rriiif��� from Nicola, described as follows
commencing at a post marked J. C. jr.,
N w comer, thence cast 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of commencement. The initial post of land
applied for lies about one mile W of M.
Adams N w comer post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept. 13th, 1906.      R. H. Winny, Agt.
Capital, all paid up $14,400,000.   Rest, $10,000,000
Head Office:   Montreal.
Interest allowed at current rates.
STEw__!_ FIT'S
ri il km
ap Liics
Also  General Livory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nirola Lake, B. 0.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every   1 hursday for Nicola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday (or Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m. ,
Leave Princeton
[���very  .Sunday   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by tpp_.ilt_-._-t.
TelephoiiH connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -    -    Proprietor
Fresh Fruit ,
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
TOKU.O, K__ <KF.._.  <I_AK_. < U_KI..TIO_KI_V,
l( Ell DKIKKN.
Ii pri'pured to tiilio conlncl* fnr
Miring lumher nail  K''"'''K '���'"
l.fiirriil INlll t -iilrii. I . ���___ iiti _l
Parties ��iRhiii|{  ��a*lt can  nive .ami-
|irumutl�� .ttend.d lu by ��ti|'yiii? to
J, A. MKN_I_S,
Loner Nicol*
N. .1. BARWICK, Agent. Cf__4_
Nurseries and Seedhouses
General Blacksmith
Home Shoeing . apocialty.
I_t_--i._k<. HOMKIiRUVVN Fiuii
,i,il OriiHooMiul Trees now matured for
lb. I ili trade.
N-..��|.. ii o, 1o��h or delay of fumi_;a
tion or inspection
lleai'ii'mrtem for Pacific Coast grown
(itr'iii,   Fn-ld   and   Flower   Seeds  iu
MM hUPPLIKS, Spray Puuiim.
^h<U (In Soap, (Jreeiihouxe plants, Cul
Flower . loiihs for fall planting.
W e do SuciiitB. on our own groundx-
iio r n' to pay aud are pre; ared to meet
all ci iniHfluim.
L t me pro. your lint before placin|
your order.   Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Hoad,      Vincouvkr, B. C
COtlKT NU'lil,-, No. ��BI, A.O.F., meeU
second and (nur'h Friday in each ninntb
at 8 p.m., in I'oolej- Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
A. II. Carrinoton, O.R.
���mWWAW&tz? ���
i_ii_"__ r	
Mirni _&sr
The Hub of the Valley
&   _��   Lots from $40 to $200   __t   ti
Thursday 18th of October is Thanksgiving Day.
Chas. Collett of Lower Nicola visited
town on Tuesday.
Jas. Chapman of Ixywer Nicola visited
Nicola this week.
J. Garcia of the Forks paid a visit to
Douglas Lake last week.
J. Stevenson of Douglas Lake was a
visitor to Nicola last week end.
A. B. Roberts of Aapen Grove arrived in Nicola on Monday's stage.
Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Newberry of
Coutlee were in Nicola Tuesday.
R. J. Armstrong returned to Nicola
on Monday after a trip to the coast.
H. W. Sutcliffe of Blair & Co., Coutlee, was a visitor to Nicola yesterday.
W. H. and Mrs. Brant returned on
Monday's stage from a visit to coast
R. B. Smith of the Diamond Vale
Coal Co. was a visitor to Nicola on
A.Stevenson of Lytton, road superintendent was a visitor to Nicola on
A. Goodisson returned to Nicola on
Satuaday after spending some time
down th-- v; Hey.
J. B. Greaves of the Douglas Lake
Cattle Company made a tour of the
valley this week.
Everything you buy from the M.M.M.
is home grown.
Why should you on wet when you
can buy a Rain Coat for $2.50 at G. B.
Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
For Sale.-A New.. Drawer Drop
Head Singer Sewing Machine for $3i>.IJO
cash. H. L. Roberts, The Right House.
Carrington.s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially fonts. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
Largest assortment of hats, caps,
gloves and sweaters ever offercl >n
Nicola Valley on sale at G. B. Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
Direct from the range to the consumer at the M.M.M.
If you are looking for a choice selection of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.,
I have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington.s Silver Leaf tea is the
best 50 cant tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Carrington.s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
Vegetables fresh from the farm at
the M.M.M.
Just landed this week-a full and
complete line of stoves, ranges, etc.
My prices are the lowest and my stock
most complete.   G. B. Armstrong.
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that hunting
or shooting on the premises of the undersigned, without permission, is
strictly prohibited.       J. Blackwell.
by getting ii DANDY steel wire
MN brush The "Dandy" remove.! dandruff anil -MM hair,
leaves the nkin in healthy cn
dition and makes the horae feel
Full S-ock of
Harness and Saddlery
al��ay_ i ii hand.
Secure Vi>ur cupp les at
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
NICOU, - -        B.  C.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator
Offlce.-Co'nmercial Work,en.of Poet Office.
Kamloops, B. C.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister,  Solicitor an<l   Notary  Puhln
Office:   Ka��t nf Hie Canadian Hank of Com
mere*, south _da of Victoria street, Kamloopa
Money 'o loan on real entitle MLWHf.
A __"Uiii��iir.() iW -'ti, ln-.iir.nce
anil (loner .1 Agent.
Main street ���      -     KamloooH
J.S. Gordon, school inspector has been
in the valley during the past week
visiting the schools.
Robt. Clark arrived back in town I n
Saturday after visiting the Exhibition
at New Westminster.
J. Graham of Coutlee was a visitor
to Nicola on Monday having recently
returned from the coast.
Hon. F. J. Fulton is a visitor to
Douglas and Chaperon lakes this week
on a hunting expedition.
H. Stumhulls has been making fre-
qmnt trips lately bringing up lumber
for the new Barwick Block.
R. H. Winny, wife and family returned to Nicola Saturday evening after a
ten days visit to the coast.
F. W. Jackson of the Triangle Ranch
Quilchena, accompanied by Mrs. Jackson was a visitor to Nicola on Sunday.
Robert Scott of Hock ford accompanied by Miss Kdwards left for Millars-
ville Alta. last week to visit relatives.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Winny Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
R. H. WlNNY.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Broadbent Estate,
without permission of the undersigned,
will he prosecuted.
Harold Matthews, Lessee.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Clapperton Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
M. P. Stewart, Lessee.
We am shining the n>c-s' mid
tlit-st   up-1" "ate   tne   "I   Ham-
ni'-k��    'ha'     hn-    ever   been
timughi '" Kauiiimp*.
Prices Range   from $100   to   $10.01
Baby Hammocks 50c to $2.50
K_ml""i_ Vann
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Tamerton Ranch without p'-rmission of the undersigned will
be prosecuted. Mrs. Pooley.
>___��'��� \tf
NOTIi'K is hcreU |iiri n that on Monday,
the ,. h d��y ef November, A II., t'NMi al
i he lour of Id a.m., in the i nun Hoiw-ni i-h-
ef f, It. P., I __���'! hold h i-iint of r< \ i-m. f r
the ,urti_.e of hearing and deteriniiiitu: t-ni
ohjecllon tn Ihe t> tenlinn of any name <>ii t.r
IteKimcr of Voters for the Yale Klccloiul District,
H. C. KAYSfl.,
D.-iiiily Kiylslrnrof Voters.
Ashcro'l, B. I. Kiih Annus', I9_l.
Horses. <>ing done in a
first class m; timer. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Flour, Groceries,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents in Nicola for the
Rev. T. H. Wright will conduct service on Sunday as follows: Nicola 11 a.
m. and 7.,%p. tn.   Lower Nicola 3. p.m.
flltAMI I'ACIKH' HOTH_ Kamloops.   The        TT A T_>T.T i\/. A M   _.    ft/.
vJ   near?.t h-trl in lhe rail--)'-ation.    'lhe        JlAJrCDIM AJN   &   UU.
nnly  eovneiilen!  hotel  fur  lr-rt-li.ru.     QnoA  . ._ .���       ,     .__
mom . koo.1 ti-ole. ko'_I Ikjnon,    Two 1 irg.  J*1"1 Mining and General Supply AgtB
���_���___ room-   i' A. l-tri'linr . iiroti'iiMor. nm   -
 Oood ��t_bllnnIn ( nertioti,   j  yin|llK mmttrmtntn, (arm tnmliinery, bii(_.ii ���.
'eilMer, Hlrlu-ne'c.   ,-ewl fo' 'Mir  li-l   of ftl'in
AKIICKHKT HOTKL.   Themnut rnnv. nient   and mlnloi propwtira, KepurUon mtnlnf on
ho el for vinilor-in A-hrrnft.   The le ��i of   aet'ltt ihronicli Ih" Dl-.net.    (labia ii'Mre-.
table board.   Ilol ann eoW hatha,   i-irraime   "Amurn."   0___M lliomhull. More.ng _e Neal.
wiiiHii\e mafia all timlaa. John.m& ParUaa.  a. ki1, 4th.
.roprietori., lf___|W  fufwll. Nirola Valley, B. C.
Geo. McClosky of the new Princeton
hotel was in Nicola for a few duys this
week and will visit Savona anu the coast.
M. L. Grimmett left on Friday's stage
for Kamloops on his way to Sandon.
He expects to return the first of the
J. M. Christian shipped a car load of
light and heavy horses from Nicola last
week to Saskatoon, Alta. He expects
to ship another car lot of mixed
horses again this week.
.Jos. ftid.-irds,
Boot and Shoe Sale
I find I have a number of broken lines in both
Men's and Women's Shoes, and In order to
make room for new stock I will offer the whole
of my stock of
Mens, Womens and Childrens
Boots, Shoes and Slippers
'Come in and examine them, if there is a size to
lit you, there is I bargain waiting for you.
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
. Stabling In Connection.
Telephone Connection
NICOLA, -        B. C.


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