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The Nicola Herald Sep 13, 1906

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 r ,J
Vol. 2.   No. 37.
Ollmate. Crops. Ooal   and Copper,   A
Unique Combination In Which
Future Possibilities of the
Dletrlct Lie.
There are few districts in this province which can vie with that of Nicola
in the matter of climate and varied resources both mineral and agricultural.
That there are enormous possibilities
before this district no one who has studied the subject and gone over the
ground, will deny, but for these possibilities to be realized, a few things are
requisite and necessary. One of these
ia transportation and this so far as a
railroad is concerned is settled and for
the shipment of produce of any kind, so
far as certain sections of the district
are concerned, it can be used for this
purpose now and has been for some
time, but it will probably be a few
months yet, before the railroad will tap
all parts of the district as far as Aspen
Grove. In addition to the railroad,
good wagon roads tributary to it are
also necessary for the hauling in of
machinery and freight. Nowhere will
this be more necessary than in Aspen
Grove and Ten Mile where the handling
of heavy pieces of machinery for use
in the mines would be an absurdity over
some of the present trails.
Of equal if not greater importance
towards the realization of the possibilities of the district is the temperament
of the residents, and their attitude towards the district itself. Capital may
interest itself in its resources and railroads may build, opening up new districts but if the residents are pessimistic as regards the future of their locality, it is very hard for the locality tc
go ahead as it should. While it is well
to be conservative as regards one's
opinions of the future possibilities of
the district, local residents should be
the very last to throw cold water on
any scheme which has for its ultimate
aim the good and prosperity of the district.
While some pin their faith to the coal
deposits, others to the copper and other
mineral resources, and others again to
the farming and agricultural possibilities, it can surely be seen that the success of the district does not lie in one
individually but in a combination of
these, and it is just this combination
that gives the Nicola district the palm
over many much advertised localities,
which have nothing like these advantages.
It is for the readers of The Nicola
Herald to think this matter over carefully, and if they once realize that they
have one of the finest districts in the
province to back them, the rest is easy.
What has built up the large cities and
towns of the Pacific Slope? What made
the nam j of the Okanagan Valley a
synonym for fruit, sunshine and health?
What is making Vancouver one of the
first cities in the Dominion? Nothing,
but the fact that coupled with its natural advantages the inhabitants of each
place havean abiding faith in their locality and do their best by advertising
and other means to bring these advantages before the outsider. It is to be
remembered too, that in some cases
there were no natural advantages to
speak of and the only thing that told
was the dogged pertinacity of the inhabitants who believed in their city.
There is no reason why the Nicola
district should be behind hand in advertising its advantages. That it has them
there is no gainsaying and if the inhabitants of the district like they can very
soon bring a large influx of population
to this district, which is one of the first
things desired
Th? lone i-cries of astronomical observations necessary to fix the boundry line
between Canad'i an 1 Alaska have now
been completed by Dr. Klotz, F. R.A. S.
the distinguished astronomer of the
Department of the Interior who has
been engaged for the last month at
Brocton Point on his work.
The observations have beed carried on
simultaneously with those of Mr. Mel liar
mid the observer at Boundary, a station
about ninety nines west oi  Dawson as
do .ie as possible to the anticipated line
of the 141st Meridian.   The two series
of observations will now be gjbj-.ted
to a process of calculation, wnich will
disclose not only the ..n^i.ude -i Boundary but also tne possible limit of error.
The systematic longitude work of Can.
.ula was inaugurated by Dr. Klotz in
1885 and the determinations which have
deen made since that ______  rank with
the best examples of such work in an.,
part of the world while to the expjrcaof
other nations the Canadian m;ttio_s are
models of convenience and accuracy.
Hunting; ln Nlco.a.
The season is still young and the bags
of those who have already tried the
hooting have been small. The change
in the weather will however make som-'
lifference for th. better more especi-
illy as regards duck shooting. Hunters
,rom the outside are beginning to come
n and doubtless will get their till be
.'ore they leave. The end of this month
should see the hunting at its best as
.here are sure to be plenty of ducks by
hat time, and those lucky enough may
'et a pot at the geese on their way
Everyone Works In Our House
In a letter to the Liverpool Daily
Post-Mercury, Miss Bert, who has just
���eturned from a trip across Canada,
Arams everyone going to the Dominion
that it is no place for those born tired.
All work in Canada, she says, from the
president of the C.P.R. down.
Well Known Lecturer Will Give Bz
perlence "Eleven Yeara Among
Indians of Northern P. 3.
and Alaska."
The race between crews representing Cambridge and Harvard
Universities took place last week,
at Putney England. The two boats
j got off to an admirable start the
light blues imniediat.-ly after showing to the front. At the one mile
post Cambridge was leading by over
a length and this was increased to
over two lengths in the next half-
mile. Harvard tried hard to reduce the advantage gained by their
opponents but it was no avail Cambridge winning by two lengths in
19 minutes and 16 seconds.
Experts say there is but one explanation for the result, that of
the superiority of English oarsmanship and of the English stroke.
: Harvard, they declare, was one of
I the finest crews physically, ever
seen on the river, but they were
unable to overcome the training
which English oarsmen receive
from childhood. The Cambridge
crew in addition had Stuart one
of the best strokes an English university has produced. In the evening tlie crews dined together and
many distinguished guests were
Dr. Ker, railway medical officer was
in Nicola today.
Frank Bailey of Hedley was a visitor
to Nicola last week.
B. Osen and Alex McPhaul of Aspen
Grove were visitors to Nicola this week.
Messrs. Lodwig and Guthrie returned
this week fromRevelstoke and went out
to Otter Valley.
It is reported that a handsomejaddition
will soon be made to the places of business in Nicola.
W. R. Maxwell C. P. R. agent at
Spences Bridge has been promoted and
will act as agent at New Westminister.
Billy Swakin was fined $20 and coats
on Tuesday of last week at Hedley for
being drunk on thg Chu-chu-way reserve
with liquor in his possession.
Mrs. Maxwell of Spences Bridge
accompaincd by her sister-in-iaw Nurse
Maxwell were is Nicola today, and will
leave shortly for New Westminster.
Well Worth Hearing.
Rev. S. S. Osterhout, Ph. D., of
Kamloops, who is chairman of the
District Conference of the Methodist Church, will deliver an interesting lecture on "Eleven Years
Among the Indians of Northern B.
C. and Alaska." The lecture will
be given in the Presbyterian church
Nicola on Friday September 14th,
at 8 p. m., and in the Methodist
Church, Lower Nicola on Saturday,
September 15th, at 8 p. m.
Rev. S. S. Osterhout has a well
deserved reputation as an able lecturer and we advise everyone who
can possibly attend to do so. On
Sunday, September 16th, Dr. Osterhout will preach as follows: Lower
Nicola at 11 a. tn. and .1 p. m., and
at Nicola in the evening at 7:30
The Dominion Government exploration party, which has returned to Edmonton after a two years campaign in
the Peace River country, brings a story
of gold discovery which bears every, indication of being the biggest thing
ever struck on this side of the divide.
Crude assays made with improvised j
mortar, quick silver and nitric acid, indicated values running all the way from
I7.S0 to $32 a ton. A. J. Macdonnell,
leader of the party brought out several
sacks of rock, which he is taking to
Ottawa to have subjected to an accurate
laboratory test. Mr. Macdonnell describes the dyke as being eight miles
in length, as far as the explorers were
able to learn, and he believes that it
extends back tothe old river bank at the
foot of the hill, in half-moon fashion,
at a width of nearly 5,000 feet. It ranges
in thickness from 50 to _tw feet, with
gravel above and below. The rock is very
soft, crumbles freely in the hand. The
theory is that it was a silt deposit which
The mission of the explorers was the
selection of4,500,000acre.ot land, which
the Province of British Columbia ewes
to the Dominion Government. Their
work kept them in the neighborhood of
Peace Kiver for many months. In April
of this year they made ,ne discovery.
They found that a large dyke of sedimentary slate situated beloiv Port John, 17
miles on the British Columbia side of
the Provincial boundary, was gold-bear-
ng. An immediate stampede followed.
The members of the exploration pari;,
headed by Mr. Macdonnell located seventeen claims along the river, where the
dyke out-crops. Members of the Mounted
Police party, who are putting the Peace
River road through toAtlin.also located
claims. Mr. Macdonnell believes that the
discovery outrivals the Rand.
Information regarding this gold bear-
���ng dyke was in the hands of the provincial department last spring, but it
was thought advisible to dispatch mineralogists to the scene before making
the news public. Prof, kobertson has
accordingly been there all this summer.
The location of the shale deposit is shown
in one of Dawson's reports cf twenty
years ago.
An important point to remember in
connection with the discovery, is that
while the Dominion owns three million
and a half acres in this valley, this does
not atfect the rights of the Province,
which has control of all the precious
metals. There is plenty of timber and
coal in the neighbourhood so that all
facilities are present for makingagreat
gold field, should the accuracy of the
report be establishhd. News is expected
daily from Prof. Robertson.
A meeting of the executive committee
of the Nicola Athletic Association will
be held in the Bank Cottage on Tuesday
evening the lSthinat, at7.30 o'clock. A
full attendance of the committee is requested.
Australian Duties
Canada will be the chief country
affected by the increased duties on
agricultural implements, the duties
being increased in many cases 25
per cent. Very few orders are going forward for agricultural machinery except from Australian branches of over-sea manufacturing
houses. Owing to premature disclosures, the government has determined to increase the duties from
seven and a half to twelve per cent
above the rates hitherto ruling on
agricultural machinery.
The Golden Sovereign.
L. Hibbert of Montreal, who is interested in the liolden Sovereign copper
property paid a visit last week to this
Metisil and made a trip to Aspen Grove.
He made an.inspection of the Golden
Sovereign while there and was well
pleased with the development work already done on the property. After a
brief stay in Coutlee, Mr. Hibbert accompanied by John P. McConnell left
for Vancouver. It is the intention of
the owners to at once commence extensive operations on the Golden Sovereign
and it is mainly with a view to this that
a visit to the coast is being made.
Sir Thomas Shaughnaasy May  Pay a
Vlilt to This Section -Line Oom
pleted to Nioola Early ln
There is evidently an intention on the
part of the contractors to push the work
on the railroad to an early finish so far
as regards Nicola. Men are being brought uq on almost every train and yesterday about seventy meu came up, and
were distributed over the various camps.
J. A. Maedonell the head of the contracting firm made a short visit over the completed line this week, and inspected the
progress made.
The fencing gang are within two miles
of Coutlee now and the ballasting of the
already laid track is well forward. Track
laying on part of the grade be j ween the
Forks and Nicola may be expected to
begin very shortly, and there is every
reason to believe that the whistle of the
locomotive will be heard in Nicola early
next month.
As regards the completion of the line
to Nicola the date already given in these
colums early in November will see the
practically completed and long looked
for line to Nicola. There isa probability
of Sir Thomas Shaughnessy paying this
district a visit in the near future if his
engagements permit, and there is every
ikelihood of him inspecting part of the
line at least on his next western tour.
The engineering party under H. Carry
are now at Aspen Grove and will shortly
have finished the survey of the location
lineasfarasW. A. Dodd'sranch. Ther*
is an elemant of uncertainty as to future
movements of the survey party but we
are advised on fairly good authority
that a preliminary survey will be made
from Aspen Grove to some point near
It is very evident that the C. P. R.
intend carrying out th?ir plan of being
the first railroad in the Similkameen,
and from the progress already made, we
may be sure that this will prove no idle
Cloudburst on Howe Sound
A very heavy cloudburt was reported
on Howe Sound last Friday night. Several houses were overturned by the sudden rush of waters at Brittania. No
one was hurt. The water on Saturday
lay twelve feet deep on the Squamish
Valley road and people were traveling
over it in canoes instead of wagons.
The Origin of "Bridge."
Some twenty years ago, when tht
game of bridge was unknown in London
clubs, two families, who played the
game under the name of "Russian
Whist," were living in neighboring
houses, near Great Dalby in Leicestershire, England. They were in the habii
of visiting each others's houses on alternate evenings to play this fascinat
ing game, and the only road of communication between the houses lay ovei
a broken down and somewhat dangerouf
bridge, which was very awkward to
cross in the dark. It was a frequent
occurrence for the departing guests te
say to their host, "Thank goodnesa, ii
is your hridge tomorrow," meaning that
the other party would have to cross thi
dangerous bridge the next night. Henct
is said to have arisen the title of
Quebec Bridge.
There will be66,000,000poundsof steet
in the Quebec bridge, which when com
pleted will be the largest bridge in thr
world, it will be ready for traffic next
year. From the water tothe top of tht
centre span of the bridge the heighl
will be 410 feet Inthe work of construction an electric crane standing 300 feet
high is used. This is the largest cram
ever built.
James Corbett of Aspen Grove was *
visitor in Nicola yesterday. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. 82 a Tear
Nicola, B. C. 8_itimbu IJ. 1-06
It would seem that in the
type of bullet about to be adop
ted by the United States army
In re Estate op
Tenders  for the purchase   of the
The Nicola Herald is in receipt
there is a potent argument for j bands of cattle and horses of the estate
of the late William Charters will be received by the undersigned up to the
13th October, 1906.   There are about
peace. This bullet is a third ligh
ter than any now in use, but it
of a handsome brochure from the is {v more ^Hy.    Its pene-
pen of the well known journalist trating power is such that at the! per head, to include all calves branded
r.        ��^.   . ���'    ---       ����� e       -1   ��� ii ! at date of sale.
20 horses, including a stallion, and
about 400 cattle. The horses will be
sold as a band; the cattle at so much
Percy F. Godenrath.   The publica
tion is entitled "Canada's National
Playground" and  is a guide and
-ouvenirof Banff and the tourist resorts of  the   Rocky and   Selkirk
___________     The  publication   is
worthy of commendation and  re"
fleets great credit on its compiler.
Hon. James Dunsmuir, lieuteir
int-governor of British Columbia,
has offered to give $ 10,000 as a
donation to a Provincial sanitarium
for incipient consumptives, provided the committee now working on
the project are successful in raising
(50,000 for the building and equipment. This announcement was
made last week at a meeting held
in Vancouver in the interest of the
________ um.
An exchange has the following:
To run a newspaper without occasionally publishing an item that
is wrong or gives offence to some
one is like running a railroad without having accidents or smash-tips.
To do so is a physical impossibility. No man on earth is to so great
II extent constantly at the mercy
of both friends and enemies as the
editor of a newspaper. Pushed continually witli work' he must get the
most of information concerning
transpiring events second or third
hand or not at all. Frequently
statements are received from supposedly trustworthy sources which
are subsequently found to be without foundation. Not one editor iu a
thousand wilfully injures either
friend or foe by tuisrepresention.
The Dominion parliament will
probably be called for Thursday,
November 15th, which will permit
of at least a month's sitting before
the Christmas vacation, which will
be of not more than three weeks
duration. The government has
promised an early discussion of
their scheme of tariff revision. After the speech from the throne has
been discussed, the most important
Administrator Estate.
Noilce Ih herehy given lhat SO days after date
istance of a mile it would pass I
through fifteen men,  if these
had the mischance to stand in
fmnt of it.   At short range it
mill   nn    tbrmuth  in   inrtwe   rot' ' '"''nd toapi'K <������ th- chi'f cnm"n>i-al_ner nt
win go   mrougn 39 incnes oi. M���.nnn ___��__.��t_WM_____^e_-___��N_
irt'Nof mountain pn-ture land, limited nt.
���hiiitT Creek. hIkiui 7 mile- north of NicnU
Uki\ emninc. ilnif al a pi_i nmiked I H T.
w r.irni"; ili''iiri!t"'-'*lrlmlnB; thence nnrth
���"ich.ina; thenet" we-l HO chain . ihencenouth
-I chalni. tn .mint of commencement.
Locate i-
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Order* throughout the Di-trict receive careful attention and prompt   deliver*
JAIHE.  POOLEY ....      Proprietor
seasoned oak. At 500 yards
thirty two inches of white pine
fail to stop it, and at 1,000 yards
it piercrs lourteen and a half inches. The day when safety
lies in dodging behind a tree
seems 10 be passing
The strong point about the
new bullet is its flat trajectory.
With those at present in
army use, fred at a target 1,000
vards distant, one could stand
with perfect immunity at many
points between the muzzle and
the target, as at 500 yards the
missle would pass fifteen feet
over his head. The new bullet
shows only a ten foot rise at
this distance Almost the entire space between muzzle and
target would be a zone of dan
Thirty darn frnm da'e I Inlend tn ar.pl.. tn
htn'-\et roii.n'i-ilnneri f I .ml- and work* for a
1 ren-e in ru' and _-���___ timber f on. ihe
fnl'owinR d''.erlhe'i land. IW'Dotal a' a pn'.i
_____ one mile went nf -pinna ereek in Ihe
N'rnla diviainnnf Vile diatrict marked And.
<*ew Veftnritn'* N w. eorner a.H j jnlnifa alalia
nn Domlnon an my marked 9-13-2:1 and
to o_ii.tf --HM ilnmin nn -u ve antrh 80
���h'linn.ea.i Hieh.l-a. nnnh H)<--ln��, weal 80
chain* In pni-it i f heifinnlntr, 110 aerea
lleeiiinl'iv al ihea w eorner o ah ve lnea-
i-nan't fn'Io* n_ l)0'ninl"n anrve.i Rk_eh��lt.s
-80 eh-in . v *0 ehalna, w80 . ha na lo point
if tie_.'ii !!._��� fiiOaerea.
Sept. 10, 19-i. ANDRFW Mc_fllU-.
.1 K. r-hivel, AKent
Auirnat 2, I'M.
M_f___���-���_'I __Tt- thai 00day-afterdate
I intend In apply 'o the Hon. the ohief eom-
miHajnner of landa and wnrk- for permiattion to
lo punhaac 80 aerea nf mountain pasture land
eniiiuieneinK at a |ai-t marked W.ii., n.w.
mine''.thi'ineeaai HO chaina; theneeamith ten
��� haina, mure nr le a, lo Ki��h Uke niaridn:
ihenee we.i alniK Ink" -h. ire tn lot 1210 and
ilmn Ivimid .rv line nf aaid Int tna.e. copneruf
��� _r. I'.'.'i.i; thenet' north tn initial enat.
Xicoli-Auir, 1. I!_<1.
N'oliee U hereby ui\en that 00 daya af er
lat.' I intend In apply In the ehief ennilllla-
���inner ot landa and wnrka for permi-Hlon lo
uur lni.e_-l aero nf mnun'ain paa'ure land
l.aiiihed a f,ii)nw>: ''iniiuiencingat a po-
aia'ked .I.H.K. a.w eorner. ihenee north in
haina: iliene.. ea-t SOi-hn'ii-; |ti,-rne aouth 10
-haii. . ihem-e wiat -lehaina In initial pi-t.
Theahm-e |,nd i* -mated nn Ten Mile Creek,
eaat ,.f Nil-la, Savnna road, and of J. Mit-
ehull'aapplieation tn pun-haae.
Jllll-H, BYRNK.
Vkola, July 20. ltMMi.
STBw_& nrr's
Noileelaherelij given lint aixtv daya afler
d'le I intend to am ly tnihe Chief O-mmia-
ainneref l/inrta and VVnika (or perinlatinn to
purchase UK) acre* nf inniiutam paature land,
aim led about e (.hi milea nnrihwes nf
N'i'.ola. deacrined aa follnwa: Cnninien'-lng at
a po*l marked J. I'., H.W, eorner, plaeed al
���a.I", comer nf li. llrquhatl'a pro mp!inn;
thenee nnlh 4" ehaina; thenee ea-t 40 chaina;
llie.ee aouth 40ehalna; ihuice weal 40 chaina
I i pnint of com 11 nceinenl.
Skola, July 111, i��_. JAMK_ I'OOLKV.
Thir'. daya from da'e I Intend toap.iyto
'he chief c mmiaalnner nf Landa and WnrkB
for a lieenae tn eut and remove timher froni
ihe'olln-inif deaerlbo-i land. Heitlnninir at a
noat on e*8t bank nf -nlnu- creek H.hnut ei.'hl
milea from mouth of ereek and abnti' three
���iillea a w of>*iwaah Veadnwa In Nie"la divia-
nnnf Yale and ninnlni. - (10 halna. rSOchain ,
a an ehaina, w 80 chaina. lo point of l>p_innlnK.
lilt aerea.
ll.Kiiiiiini; a' a w corner nf aho.e lneatinn
md runnlnx nHOihalna, ��� 80i'hiln�� a80ehalna.
w 80 chaina top nil nf heiriiininif. 640 area,
���lept. 10,1906.      SebiBTU^ Collins. I.onater.
I. R shivel.   .Kent.
II. 0. KAY_0\,
Denuty Reiilatrar of Voten.
Aahcro't, H. 1.16th AuKuat, l*.
features of the session will be the |
departmental estimates, revision of j N0^,!" ^!&___-__. ~txmtli
the Electoral Act, amendment of S^^^klftS-H mtV&tor
the   Insurance   Act   and   the   re- ' ]n" lnT"' ��' hetnnit and determlnlnK any
nhjee'inl in iho n lentlnn of any namea on the
ddjustment of the  provincial sulr  ttmrmtmot Tttmtmt Wm Inm ���_��_���_. Ott
.... _-_.
sidies, in case the government ac- j
cedes to the demand. The minister
of finance, the minister of customs
and the minister of marine and
fisheries are now at work on the revision of the tariff, assisted hy John
Rain, secretary of the Tariff Commission. The sub-committee to
meet the provincial premiers on the
subsidy question will probably consist of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the
ministers of finance, customs, marine and fisheries, and justice.
also  General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. 0.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every   I hursday for Nicola lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a,m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
Fvery  .Sunday   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STKWART,    -    -    Proprietor
Nn'iee la hen by given that, alxtydaya aftei
dale 1 intend tumpf tothe Chiefiommia
-inner of Landa and Wi.rka for leave lo put
chit-e ibefu.|ii��lnKland, beinK 18'iacrea. nunc   -��� ������ ���������       ,, ,.,���., ,   ,  _,      ,,    ,   ,
irl-a   ���   in  en n._.,t a.,.. planted at the Land Mining and General Supply A_ft��
V W. nu ner of l.ol lltl KDi.f YD, ihenee w.
SO Ohaiin. Iliein-i!_____ ku ei.uina, ihenee MD
iOehiina, themv no'th IDeh lina, theneo oiat
10 ehaina thenee nnrth 10 ehaina to point of
conn.lenceini nl
Per CX. Flick, Agent
Lower Nicola, Aug. 17. lllOii.
Mining eontraetors, farm machinery, bugglea,
eutter , Hleighaetc. tsend fnr nur list, ef farm
and milling proportlea. Kenorta nn niinlng i.rn
P'Tiiea through the Dlatrlrr, (table addreaa
"Auriim." Codes: Bronihall, Wore.ng k ____,
A. H. C. ith.
Warehouae-ranford, Nicola Valley, B. O.
\.l;enl�� herebi given that thirty daya after
dnlel in'end to atiply in ihe  Chief (oi I -
-"in r nf i.iiiul ��� Hii'l v\'urka for a permit lorn'
aid lomove timber frnm the following df_>
erib.d tract nfland: lleginning al. a pn-l ��'.
the N,N corner of I/H 1271, In the Nicola
Vlinug Divi-loni.f Yule, ihence eaat 80 ch lins
thenee anuth 811 chaina, Ihinee weat 80 ehaina,
thence norih 80 chaina to point of commencement.
Aug. 16, HM, R. B. SMITH.
Notice la hereby given that thirty days after
dale I Intend to apply to the Chief C.Miini-
ainner ot Landa and works for a permit to nil
and remove timber fmm thefo'l iwiug in*
ri itii'd tract of land: Heginning at a tiOar. ai
Ihe N.K. eorner of Lot 127U In the Nicnla
Mining HivMon nf Yale, thence eaat 80 chaina,
thence anuth 8H ehalna, thenee weat 80 chwin-,
thence nnrth 80 chaina lo pnint of co'iiinenee-
Hint, excluding, therufrnm, however, all Ih'
eerlain tairtion of Lot 53,. lying within aaid
Aug, IK, I'M. It. B..SMITH.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a epecialty.
A. It. ('. fc. lamdnn.
Kamloepa, R. C.
Always and analyses if Urea, Coal and In
dualrlftl pr.alueta.
ramplea by mail or stage receive pr-mpt
Fiur Tears For Agent Hobbs.
David M. Hobbs, theC. P. R. Customs
agent at Montreal, who was recently
found guilty of defrauding the company
of $60,000, has been sentenced to four
years in the penitentiary. Hobbs was
traced for months by a corps of detectives, and finally located in New York
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
Ui     Ui     LLUIinilU    Everything New and   First Clam
All kinds of Watch, Cluck
hi..I .leoelry reiaira dune in
first class order ami satisfac
Iiml I'll .rui'. eil. Ail ��"ik
entruaii"! tn our Care will lie
completed and rvlurneil with
>ut dcl.y.
w. m. < iniMiu.i, a co.,
C. I'. K. Time Inapeetore. Kamloop-
Country Work a Specialty
Write for Estimate on ail Kinds of Work .
P. 0. Roi IDS KAHI_H)P8, BO
la prepared to take contracts for
_-*ing lumher and getting out
i.. ihtbI Mill contra-.* Execute*
I'ariiea wishing  wo*k can  have timt
promptly ittended to hy applying to
Lower Nicol*
N. .1. BARWICK, Agent, Nicola
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
148 ConioYB St. W.
All kino- of Watchei, Cloeki, Jewelry *
etc., kept iu ttock.   Wedding pre*
eott t ipe-ialty.
Pint elam repair* done oo ihort nolle-'
ind returned at onoe.
\ ��� hi.
Subscribe for The Herald THE  NICOLA   HERALD
A Philadelphia Concern Defrauds De
positora Wholesale
I Friday evening, of John Bowron the well T
known Cariboo pioneer. Deceased had a
' most interesting careir being lor.'i*years
gold commissioner for Cariboo A widow,
C_._r._J vith having defrauded the. three daughters and two sons mourn his
depodtors tH the Real Estate Trust i j,,,^ The funeral announcmeiit will  be
Company of Philadelphia out of many j ma<j,. |ater. KAMI, iors
million dollars, Adolpli Sepal, a promoter  ��� ;   Knll-inknf limn, k tai lau_��___l_lMr.
of many ent"rprisi-,; William ��. North, I
the treasurerof the Tru'I Company, and
Marshall    C.   Collingwood,   As. istant
treasurer, were uiMad la_t Thursday
J. A. SCOT rs
george McDonald i &_*_������____��-$*��� <<_-��������� _*_��*____
\��i nt fur tin* \*mmmW __-_._____ Ijiiiitriky, V__M_-__.
; v-t.   I-jtuiiilrj'hhi|j'��'.! iv�� i> .- t i_nt,.y.
at Ihe instance of District Attorney Ki'll,
who has spent nearly a wee]; in in.c.tt-
iga'in: Ihe afl'airs ol'the wr.cked in-
Se_;.il was held in , .'"> 000 bail, and Ihe
two Trust Company oliicer.. in $10,000
each. They entered b.md sand were given
a hearing on Thursday.
Yvi". itli"���'. Ilupple's plainlivecry from
liis gr;i\e, "Se,,al got all," h-is aroused
the uepoiit.rs to a hi^h pitch of indignation. Lawyers representing many hundreds of them ar.' tilting an active pan
in the __VMt_fltion of the attain of the
Company and facts are comiag tu light
almost hourly reve.ili'i, luw forms oi
duplicity o.-i the p.r. of the MO _;>
trusted wkh the depositors, money aid
the trust funds of large and small M I
Investigation shows that the looting ol
the Trust Company will cost the Pre.iby
terians less than 1100,00-. The kwdan
of that church are congratulatin,' ihem
selves that their fundi anddeposits weri
low at the time.
To determine the responsibility of tilt
directors of the wrecked Real Esta.t
Trust Company, the attain nt which hav
aiforded sensations for over a vveel,
State Ii inking Commissioner Herkey hy
appointed as special Ilii-.k Examiners
Ch-ifles M. Vulliim and Meyer Go dimith
e\n irt registered accoua tnts, who wi I
the consent of Receiver Eerie, will begir
a thn i.'ii exarobi ition ton.irrow of the
_JM_ and litiib i lei of the concern.
Receiver Earle after a consultation v.ii
th direct-*- to d iy lamed a st itemen
thi- he ho;)'* mioi to reopen i s do m
and that all d ipoeitori will bep.o.ecled
Mr. fork says th:? directors have responded to hta solicitations to help tt
organize the Company, He would no
state what amount of money they hav<
To Brii?e Seymour Naaraws.
Interviewed at Ihe co:i.< ryarding
the question of bridging SeymourNar
nws, Hon William Templeman said:
"Foor months a'o th i mini i er of nl -
ivays and canals authuris'd II. P. Bell
the engineer, well known to Victorians
to prepan a repori and an es Imate o
cost on the construction of a railway
bridge between the he ad of Bute Inle
on the Mainlan I and V meoaver Island
Boots and Shoes Neatly Repaired. New !
Work  to O.der.    Prices,  Reasonable.
Notice to Hunters.
K4_.I_C-.P- II'H'SK, P. ll.md. proprietor.
M.-i Klnrk  -Iwill.'-, Iu|||��i.h ai.ii niguntn
I..-Inli rinr.     Jiir.t tin- isjini f.ira lilieiiHilrc
'm-Iiiiik _|.i_ ,tt  in rr.    Whtt in Kamloops
, nail in.
shereby given that hunting : Q.i=am�� i;a<'IKIc ilnrn,. k�� net Tha
.,'  ���        ��� ,,, "    KJ   nearest li���Ta-I oi i In. nut a iv slali ni.    'I lie
von the  premises ottheun-| ,���|, ,.���v,���.ni,mi i,..i.i fm  i t . v. I.._.    (1.h_
Notice is
or shooting
(lers"tied,    without
strictly prohibited.
Capital, .ill paid up, $14,400,000 Rot, $ic,ouo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $^01,855.41
Total Assets - $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Stratbcona and Mount Royal. O. O. M. O.
PRESIDENT, - - -       Sir Oeo. A. Drummond. K. O. M. 0
Head Office  Montreal
permission,    la
Kwm! la At, _���'""!  liij'.ors.     Two LtrK-
* nit.le r ".in-.     '. A. Han.l.iir . |.in . i.lnr.
li.md I'MbtillK ill 1.1-1,. 1 II..11.
A Slll'IOirr MlllK'l..   Tie 11,0-1. nimiiieil
"���   hn nl fnr vi-imr-in A-liir..fi.   Thr li ��� hi nf
r.ili1.-ti..i'.l.   II..' .nn ml.I be he,   "ni' iv .iv-
Anv person found in pursuit of game "" '"."'��� ���*_������_ "��>��-��� ***_���* Parkins,
on any  part  of  the  Winny  Estate,   ur"1"'"'"*-	
N'icola, without permission of the un-!
lonigned, will be prosecuted. *<<>.> ���� ">��'
NOTICE. "'""' 'S,L'"1"1' ,'r"i"u''''
  When twt-Mg  1* the Nnoli n..il
Any person found In pursuit of gUM �� '��"*>*��' i'1'"* t'.rtr.iel.. . -M.���	
m any part of the Broadhent Eatate, | ���eeo*w_i_-<_.
.vithout permission of the undersigned,
.vill he prosecuted.
Harold Matthews, Lessee.
Tn all whom it may concern: On and
tfter Sept. 1,1 will'take from Clap
-trton Cre 'k, having th I second record trrreon, for ten days, more or
ess, what water I require for irriga-
ion. I will release water on Sept. 11.
M. P. Stkwart.
lit J
(J..e<|.Killed ns a
S<inni.er Resort
Gnnd I'i.Ihiil;
in^.    Citii'l'S
Depotits received from   $1.00   and   upwards.      Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits maybe made and withdrawn by mail.     Out of
town aco .tints receive every attention.
NTOOLA   _Or_.____VC.T__
A. VV. ST 1.1 CM-  ND,
Any pereon found in  pursuit of game
���ii any part of the Clappertofl Eatate,
-licola, without permission of the un-
lenigned, will be prosecuted.
M. P, Stewart, Lessee.
W��tl a >v. after (late I ll lend In H|:|il) In till'
'lull. 1 lie > in- I i'<i >[."'>- .|ii"-1 it .oiil-1111.1 unr  -
fT |T'lli"HIII |.l l.'H-tl I'WII HI' Ihl.f iiuiil f .1'
,V It, II I.II IH.-,'., I'l IT'llllltl* ftllllrt's: I t>.i..
II.IM'i'i- Ut J  (i.     Ililllif'    Nn.   I  iin-l   .ii-iiui-
.,-��� i.'ii to* nnrth. lh>_< t II" trot mt, Ikrnm-
'll-ni li. li mi'-.'I'l wet 1 Hal 11.11.!.   Thin
mil 1* .11 iin-i'v.'.i'- tai'' nt   I Ilia >tf_U liiwn-
ilniit iIih.i 11 Ial of OUer Ink.
). 1.. TIIVNNK.
nl I it Vuliy. Auk. i'i. Wt
alw4y�� n-,i.i\.
connr_;ti'_i- all
l;ir-t     li-.s
MiilIlT itt'.
"II. ml
flephfi ������
Jir. rtions
I. rm.:
KIRBY, Proprietor
onu.cHB .,   1'.
e    1   oil   the
he* Atii'iiHiilui i"i
\niict' li le'i't'liy Rl.Mi ttnit si xl y Hav* a'l nr
la'ti I i'litm 1 tu aiiuli 1.11'in I'lii.'f i.ni'imiw
.inner uf 1 otili .nil ��v.irk* fer u -rui'^-iiii to
1 it- ii.i-.. Si 1-ri's nf in-ti) i> tiiml Hit.i-ili'.'l nn
'ike' MounialD, Vnli' f _.'ri. 1. r 1 iiiirm in. nl
1 |i.el iilniiil mi 1 lie Mather- lin.' nl" tl N.
nrklnV iir.i.'iiinii m, ihi'tii'��' I' 'tl ii h wntt,
li.M.e. fOrh-lr.nniinth, t -Hew id r'uium pa.i,
hi'in e I'ni'h.iiii-i nnrtti toputut of r.Hiiiiit'uo.-
B___hg Seym mr Nirrow . Mr 1 ell has   VuK.'.,..>, MM iiakvk'V I 1IAI.I,
li 'ti continously engaged upon this tasi I	
and before I left Ottawa  he inform d NO I ICE
me that lhe repor. would be ready for
,    .    . ,,        .  . ,        ,. No'Icr I* h'"-,'*ii ciii'n thiii'xtv iIiivhafter
submission to the nmns.er of rWlwaye   .__,] .,,.,.,,,1 ,.,;,���,,:,. ,��� ,|���, chK (:,,���in,is.
and canals in a  fortnight. He did  n >l   **����� !,f _.��'i"1wM Workn for leave in urn-
^ tin-'iliefn.Inwin. mnil'ilaiii pailiirrt.   i o n-
make a special survey forth"  purpose    .en in. ai n pott pltni__ in Urn ytttnlt, nt
* ., ,    ,    .  j, ,   ,     ���   l- ! V Iv .'iiner tin-i.f  l.ul  IflA Ivlll'.H'rH llivi--
of the report, but from data in his pi  s-   ������ ���f Y���u, m.,,.,,., lh  _.,,��� w ,.h,lillN
ession and that of   the  departHWat   he   '|k-i><-.> north in.-hnin.. iliciu-e ea-t Hi 'iiiiin .
1       . I iheni'i'suiitti IDi'liiinii. to puiiit nf coiiinicnic
feell that he can   make I   satisfactory   men..
report. Neaeeaarihr the coat of iuch an \ J"mJ "'L"_[n:u
j   , , . ,i ,      , I'erC. I* Hick. A_cnt.
undertaking would b'  large,  se.vn or  |--irr_Tt-_l. t_a_IT. lltl
eight bridges being required at a hi h 	
elevation for railway purposes. Accord
ing to Mr. Hell's view, t.h 'miin bridre
would have to be a suspension bridg .
When the report is   pr.se.-iled   to   thi
minister of railways and canals a c< py
will be forward.'d to the Victoria board
of trade at whose request  it  is being
The in .(i  iieileet r<ik"tf niHi'hiiie
yet prnill|.'i"l,
l'lic-, .*:;.. $ A nod %m
0  I kIvIh   t^l-er-   fi>.i��� i 1*5 ll|i.
Fnr P__a_ an 1 Termn Write to
M. M. WAIT. & CO.
1-7 llriuiville street
VANCOUVER,      -     -     ���     B. C.
A Nittiiii/ ol the Ooiiniy Court of Yale,
*ill be held in the C urf House, Nicola,
H C . on
Monday, Oct. 29, 1906 \ /jJgk
u 10*. in.
(Iko.  Miiiiuv,
C. 0 R.-_i_-nr
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local pap r you were
all wishing you had one  now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
I Let us have your orders for anything in this line
; and we will guarantee you wort? as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
The Bcotliler Case
Nurseries and Seedhouses
The V..iicoii.er Dni'y World in Ita
issue of f_M_BJ has th' followiii,r:
Desire Brothier appeared before ,hid'e ��� ���   .
Ileiid.'rsou thi"- nomine and changed Ua
elertioii. askiii,' for a speedy trial, and  Ren___M und  _____ Properties f.u  S.le
on Thussday he will airain app..'ar and a ' Uat Jnat |>r,,||l.r,jl>s vjt| ������..
day for trial will beset. 1). G. Maedonell,
Hrothier's eounsi'l, appeared andwished| ������
the trial to proceed at once, but  as no t
counsel was present to represent  thejT'J  PROIPKOTOB.   AND  0TH1RI
theerown, Jud_e Henderson decided to
Nntlee I-. heretiy i?ivn'hii s'viv .I.i). after
.Into I nil I   tniii'll)   Mi  U.e   illief   I'nnilliis
���Ind-Tnfliiuiln .ma _��� rki f.r prmlflM t.
]..|rrll;l-e   U'n   ;|.'ir-   .f   | ;i-Hllc   lilllll   ill   llll
I Vienln Hivi.i..11 n   Vain   I'ilnil,  niinimd  ��-
fnllnw .:   Cmiilii.lt. i' _��� it >,  .'uke   ill   ll.eS.k
en. I., r nt l.'.t Tl.'i 'I.''... I l\.f\  lh ilmill  , llli'll'-e
I -in h '*' eh iln*. Iheliie en.'   Ineti.iin ,  tin life ,    .   _ ...
nm h ID. Iniiie. ih oii'iHdt, liiihuins .ileii.e   Re��. W. J. .NI'l'KBU, h, A
 '���'!' 2 ',h ���'' ���*���' I*** ***** _U_ ,1. P Howau, Bursar.
i imrili ��� Chain .' .iHiuihik I'll -iT-_
' -KoU, aaa R _M        M. _L OOftBRT,
wait until Thursday to fixaday fortrial.
Chief Constable Campbell stated that he
would be unable to fret witnesses by
Thursday, and the trial will probably
commence next Monday.
John Bowron Dead
It still pay you to cull snd
in ventilate.
The death occurred at the family res- j
idence No 40 Fernwood road Victoria,  WBAAM MM
Nn'I'YInInrel.) ^ ven iti.il ^i\ty rlajHAfler
ilnte 1 iuieiei in ii|.|.ly in the ehief eniiiinis   any ��ork s full course forthe  B. A. de
.-nnernf In itt und  'vnrkH fnr 'enie mp t-j ,-, tT
ilm-f thof ���Ito-'iiiK liiini. Ii.'tn- f.irlr_o__ nf   __!�������� of Toronto Unnersity.
m Minl.iin pu-inri'1-iiil. ooiiiiiieneiiiK utapi-l i     , ,, ,      D._.
nlaci-i nt  itios.-. eorner si l_M _H_, thenre      Instruction Riven in   Music, Art, I hyi
j.niih SOi-h.-iiiH, Ihenee ea-t ?(li'h��in. Ilidii'e      . ., , . r,      ,
norih 20. Iii.ii. . Hienee west 10 0___a. lo point   ����' Luk"re ��"d  *******
of .'oiniiieuceniont.
PAvii) oonniNO.
I��wor Nicol*, Auu. J. 1906.
l_-r_N)l_<__i_ HnMKi;KH-'N frwA
out OiiHiii.-ninl Trees now ni.tured fol
ih'' full trn.le
No -i|'.'ii��e,   baeet  delny of funtiift-
mi.ii or in .Hi'tioii
lieu ijiiTiers f..r l'.eilic Cni^t itr.i-ii
Oirilrn,   Field   snd   Flower    Seeds   in
MM   BUPPUI8,   wmmn  H ������
. h.le Oil Huap, llreiiih"ii-i' l'Onts, Cut
Flivrors, BuiliK for Nil pUntii g.
We do husiiiess on our o��n _roundN-
no r-nt to psy and are (>r>;ared to lines
all coniiieiiiion.
L t me price   your li*    before placing
ers certificates of all grades.    In  univer I your order.    0__akf-��F_��
JOIO Westminntcr Road,      Vamoi vtK. B. 0.
1802   1905
A complete cuiiiiu'rcial snd business
ci.iir .'.    N'udentH prepaied to 1,'ain tesch-
Secure ��nur atatinnery at the Nicols
Herald nrlke,. Fine line of letferheaila,
billheads, en.elopea, huaineas cards, etc.
Everything in the priming line.
X nd for Calendar.
Sixty day* after liitel intend lo applytolhi
chidrooi-iliwlo-er of li-udt.ai.n worki- for iht
minion io pur lia>. I-Jiaceti.if nioiiutain paat
lio.'liliil,   ��ril..iii   ntionUIX   milea   ��w  of
N ie la and adjoining J K. Shlvel'a K. line, dc-?
.    .-rill il  a" fii.lnv.��� ���    ��� miii'ii'nimn i.i  a n<>_
^OtlKT NIPOI.A, Nn. _tll. A.O. K��� mMs   ,,,,��k,d l( IPV   s K. .nm.", itienc,. n .rrh *
I      second and foiir'h Kriiiav iii raeh mnnlh   , hum- theneee.i_   4n chains, thsneo snuth M
atfp. in I', -ley - Hall.    VisiIibr   .rfllhrcn   (.h .._; |||(,noJ Wili| .��� .h.Ous, lo pointof com
cordially i-vlUXi. I n���.n,en.ent,
A. R. rARIIIMIT-l. r,H, P   H   WIKMV
W. UOKUO.N MiKKiY, See.    , Aug. 22- IWh K. ����� WINNY. THE NICOLA HERALD
. KAS-R. -At Nicola, B. C, on Thursday, September Uth, HM, to Mr. and
Mrs. Ric. A. Fraser, of a daughter.
S. Kirby of Quilchena was a visitor
to Nicola on Tuesday.
J. G.  Murray returned on  Friday's
stage to Otter Valley.
The regular meeting of Court Nicola
A. 0. F. will be held tomorrow evening.
C. F. Law passed through Coutlee
Tuesday on his way to the Bear creek
 I   J. VV. Bell, M. __., returned on Tues-
H. S. Cleasby. J. I'., of Coutlee was *f ��� *������ >" ***** s ***����� " rouU'
n Ni -i. a "ii Te -<i.i\.
for Montreal.
Captain Flick of Lower Nicola was a
visitor in Nieola on Monday.
,\l Im VVey of Vancouver who has been
vi-iting in Nieola left yesterday forthe
lli'iiieniber the lecture at Nicola Friday evening, at Lower Nicola Saturday
R. ('. Campbcll-Jolmstoti and fainiU
moved into the residence of J. Shivcl al
Moving On.
A striking tribune to thi��� progress ami
prospects of the Nicola district is found
in the announcement thai Mr. M. L
flit���Wtt, the well known and hi"hlv
iv.- p. '-led harri -ter of Saudi.I, has removed to Nicola, and will in future
practise there. Mr. (Irimuiett is a man
who can be Mate I.
hy ceiling ��D\MY sieel wire
home brush The '���Ditidy" removes dandruff and loose hair,
leaves the skin in lealthycn
'Inn.n and makes the horse feel
Full S'o.k of
Harness and Saddlery
-I A*)S   III    tl -Mil
fi mi- y ur PttMl in ht
NU'dl.A.  li 0
BARiitmi, dOLicrroi,
NOTA-tY   I'l nil.-,   (TC,
H. C.
Every thing jfou buy from the M.M.M.
is home grown.
A. R. Canington, general merchant,      If you are looking for a choice selec-
isona  busfoeta  trip  to  _V_p_B Grove  tion of duns, Rilles, Ammunition, etc.,
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Dilli'ial Ailniini Irmnr
lllll'e     C Iil'l'.ill llln.'k. e.st of  IW (MM
Kamloois. II. ('.
and Ott. r valley,
1 have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Mrs. Joseph Marshall returned last
Thursday to Poricadak after a visit with
t'rietids up tbe Coldwater.
J. A. Lnndy. who for some time conducted the Otter Flat Hotel, Wt for
Otter Valley on Friday's stage.
Joseph Guichon of Quilchena, accompanied by Mrs. and Miss Maggie Guichon
were visitors to Nicola and Mamm'tlo
lake this week.
Direct  from the range to the consumer at the M.M.M.
1 handle all kinds of building material,
lumber,   doors,   windows,    ahingjet,
paint, oil, etc.,   and also  carry   ��� ne
I wall paper.   G. li. Armstrong
Csrrinjt-nii's G.iM ���  L-.f 'en m ���__
veiy   Him.    llmei-V   oroi_e    pekoe.     llll
..irted ��iil pn k.n ,��� u i- i I)  t..r us.    I-
'.M.tllielv 'lie linos! ti .  oil   the   market,
til) Cellts ���   p..mill.
R. B. Skinner of \ .uicouver, arrived
in Coutlee on yesterday's train. He intends paying a visit to th- Beat creek
mines before returning.
All orders for rough and dressed
lumber can be promptly filled by the
Nieola 1'oi-table Sawmill, Lower Nicola.
ihe M.M.M.
fresh from  the   farm at
John I). Swanson, B. A.
B.rrister,   Solniior   >0u   Notary  Piil'b.
(Illiee:   l'n-1 s| ll.e' II tilt* ll.lik nf t'nli,
iihTit. -milIt Mile nf Vi. .:,. in -licet, Kainluu]'-
Money to loan on r. n' sstsle -e. urily.
Accountai.f,'. i, im- ��� on, Insurance
ami Gtai rui A_i lit.
Main Sire t ���      ���      -anilooiis
R. P, McLennan, of McLennan, Mc-
I'e '.\ Co., arrived in the valley yest- r-
ilay.    He will  spend a few days in the     |,u
diatrict and will vi: it Bear creek.
0 rre (ton's Silver Le.t t. i is lhe hes
-.11 ll,   tei   on    'lie    n. ilk. I |l    Is   H    fo.
n inn ��� Ink-..', i s'i on'.'   ��s,,im  tea.    ,V
.IHM coiii|.lete without if.
M. L. Grimmett barris'er and solicitor arrived from Saivlon last Week
and lias opened up I law office in Nicola.
Mrs. Grimmett and family will arrive
' ml ri is pr'i.iii.'ei! hi using (no.
mil iln- "Shield Br.ml' |il|i"-
I   A   S-.itt,   tolia.ci.ins',   Km,.
.old I
A Special school meeting was held in
the school house last Saturday and the
sum of $11(1 voted for salary and Incidental expenses from June -Oth to Dec.
:11st 190".
l!"v. Mr. Chalmers of Clinton has been
the guest of Rev. and Mrs. Allan for
the past week. Mr. Chalmers conducted
the service in the Presbyterian church
last Sunday.
Mrs. Thompson accompanied by her
niece, Miss liiggar of Hamilton, Ont.,
left yesterduy for lhe east. Miss Big-
gar has been visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
A. E. Howse at "Pinehurst" for several weeks.
J. N. Moore of Beaver ranch accom-
iiunieil by Mrs. Moore were in Nicola
this weak, With them were a party of
relatives from Victoria who are visiting
at Beaver ranch: Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Moore, li. Moore and A. Wbittaker.
C.rrini-on'n   Golden   Liaf  le* is  th.
erv   ti'n si   tt.wery   n._t.g_   p. koe.     In.
i . '������ '  in I |in'lie.|  e��|.ei'lillv   f *  lis.     1
h_ilar.lt tl'eliiost Ira "li  the   nnitki
h_l Ments .1 t.'.'ind.
Just landed this week-a full and
complete line of itovet, ranges, etc.
My prices are the lowest snd ay ttock
most complete.   CL B. Armstrong.
Wears .noting the ht st ind
mi st   up iii i ate   1 ne   ol   II nn
neck*    that     his     ever   been
1.r.'unlit ti. Kai.i!o..|is.
Prices Range   frim $100   to   $1001
Baby Hammocks 60c to $2 50
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Flour, Groceries,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
I'trr ii.i'.n s   II..'den   Leaf  ten   is  the
. rv Sliest   H ��erv  ornn..'e   | ikoe.    In
oorte.l hii.I |i,ek>iI especially  for  us.    I-
iUolii'ety the finest ten  on  the market
HO ecu's h pound.
FOR .ALE -T��fl "els of second hane
-nule hsri-iN. In hrs' stsst coiiilitioii, st
r-.H-.sh_l  irice,     Baiiwick's   Bar MS)
and Soldiery.
Carrington. Rilvwr Leal lea is lha heal
.".Oct. tea  "ti   tl:.-  market.    It   is a   tine
ranae pek.-e, ��� stHiaht _Ma_p tea.
No lioiise complete ��uho.it it.
Weven tho.is.ml shnres in the l-mtdei
Oreek Minim t' ininiiy (Sttftef ki ��_rn _���
tha I' u-in .lick) fir torn $.",011 ',|<es
the lot. ,1. Q  TllVNNK. O'ler Valley.
Hoi-_.sho.ng done in ;t
first class manner, ( are-
(nl attention given to this
branch of the business,
( BLAIR &7xP
ni'.Al.KUs IN-
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for the
! at ihii Nioola I'orlal.e Seam Sawmill,
Lo_>_f Nicola. Wagaa tf'i per day ami
hoard. .1  A, Miaum,
Mayor Gordon of Kamloopa and Gus.
Cowan of thi'firm of Lea &Gowan (rents
furnishers,   Victoria,   were iu   Nicola
yi strrday on their way to Coutlee. They
spent a few days at Minnie lake shooting, and will remain a few days around
Mamette lake proceeding to Kamloops
via Savona.
Any person fa '-'I  in |n:rsuil of [MM
on any pari of tkmTimeTton Ranch without |i"rni!:<s:li!i of the  undersigned   wi
in ptosicutiii. Mus. Poounr,
C. B. Sword fisheries inspector Ncw-
Westminserand .1. T. Edwardsof Kamloops were in Nicola Valley thi3 week
and investigated the different streams.
Pish traps were reported in the Nicola
river near Shulus and they made a trip
to that section. They will spend several days in the valley.
COUTLEE !|<)']'].h
,Jos. Rtctiards,      -      proprietor
_f :_-5I_
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists. ,
Oood Stabling in Connection. Telephone Connection
You doubtless wear a "boiled' shirt once in a
while.   Now's your chance to stock up.


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