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The Nicola Herald Mar 8, 1906

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IMP 10 190''
Vol. 2.   No. 10.
$2 a Year
Vancouver Tourist  Association Have a
Sample or Nicola Coal at Their
Booms so That Visitors. May
See Onr Product.
The tpi'i linens of Nli-ola Coal no* on
eihir.ition in the rooms of tho Vancouver
Tourist Association is one more evidence
���f the quality of coal to he found in the
Nicola country. The vein from which
the specimen it taken is 187 inches in
thicknils ami it is hut one of _vt inch
aenni in tht property of the Oarachee
t .re-en Syudicttt. It ia only one from
whi.il. enal has been taken during the last
tsnnty years. This dial makes first class
oka and as soon as transportation is
I ",i -lied, a large trade will he worked
up in ci.lie for imelriiig purposes, Aa
steam coal, it ia of the highest quality,
being similar to Cnrgoi cotl. There it no
doubt thtt tht Canadian Pacific Hailway,
i' nii|iaiiy will use Nicola coal on the
Pacific division ai the property lies mid
way between the coast and the mountain
section tad is admirably suited to serve
the line from the mountain tn thi set. I)
t estimated thit then is about one hun
dred million tons of coal in the property,
and when developments are well under
way it will ht easily p -siH. to mint
I.OOOtoni aday from the vtluei already
The extension of the 0 P R. into the
Nicola, when it is completed will mean
the opening up of a most valuable and
attractive stretch of territory for the
purpose of industry and settlement. The
climate ia the finest in the province and
in such a climate the art >f the husband
man will find congeniel eiercise in the
rich soil of the valleys. The most important development industry will follow
the completion of the railroad. The enal
mines will then he opened and the output
will gradually be increased till it tttains
the maximum indicated. The railway
is expected to be completed in two
monthi time.
There is every prohthility that Nicola
will become a most important smelting
center. Ores are present in great quantity
snd rich variety In the surrounding
country, with all the fluiing qualities
necessary, Ores are present in tome
instsnces in bodies much larger than in
the Boundary country. With mineral
wi.llh ao eitensive ind i climate which
picknicini can be indulged in with comfort in April, settlement will be contin
gent nn the introduction of the railway
and the establishment nf a largt town al
the in uth of thecoldwtter river il almost
inei Table.    News Advertiser.
Happenings Toward tht Lowtr tnd of
The Valley/.
Robt, Johntton of Lower Nitolt hit
I decoriied his hi use ��ith tbe tid of loini
' smart looking teruidah brackets
The Italian construction  carat  will be
, slrii.k wiihm the neit   few   days   hiving
uniiipli ie.) their work.
Last Sunday (.apt and Mrt. Hick,
ace ui|.allied by Misi Hardiman, Mr.
Otint tnd Mr. Apenei, ptid t viiit to
Sunlight Valley to inptot their completed house.
Dan Mclnnet tnd James .Shaw were
were at the former's rauch in Midway
valley early in the week.
Butttrcupi, robins, crowt tnd bluebirds
ara hen to hertld the coming of tpring.
Contractor Bright haa left hii camp
and outfit in charge of a caretaker, he
prefering to await the train rather than
face tbe outlay entailed by freighting.
William Smith nil gone railroading in
John It iyle hit quit tht Charles
Collett ranch, where ht haa hten em
ployed during the winter, Johnny is
now looking fur another survey party.
His many friendi will he gltd to Ittrn
that Jesut Garcia is out and about again
after a fortnight's lidknett.
M R. Woodward waa in Nicola Tuesday
on buaintss connected with the preier
t ation of the peace.
The residents aroundJr.tit Creek south
of ihe Nicola are anxiously awaiting the
advent of a bridge Kane. They are still
hopeful fur Stuart Henderson haa written
Capt. Flick that he has worked hard in
the settler, interests. The Hon. R. K.
(Ireen haa also written saying that the
needed money haa heen included in the
estimates for Yale district and the
estimate! hive hten passed.
A. Jackson of Quilehent was in Nicola,
E A. Jukes and Jos, R.  A.   Richards
of Coutlte were in Nioolt on Wednesday.
J. Flanigan and wife arrived on Thurt
day's stage from Vancouver. Mr. Flani
,-n ia in charge of the Priard Hotel.
Bridge  Men  Rushing   Work  and at
Soon  as  Tunnel   It    Completed
Tracklaylng Will Oo Ahead
Thi bridie contractors with tht pile
driver tnd a irang of men have arrived at
Petit Creek tnd earnest preparations are
now in progress towards building isf what
will be the longeat bridge in the Nioola
Within t few wieks from tht date of
���his issue the ballast Ham will belt tht
Coutlee forks, then all things will hs in
readiness for tapping the Urge coal dt
The tunnel will he completed hy the
time these lines appear in print, io the
construction triin will soon '.������ upon the
bridge gangs.
The Nicola Spences Bridge wagon road
while not in the best nf ooii'liiinii  tt tht
present is not all the fault of the railway
contractors.    At several points the n.ad ]
has been improv.d on the older one, and
���I mi D as used to any ei'ent will  bt all
right.    At Petit Ci-sk and from Coutlee
and along  hy  t'h.pinan's and at other j
places  where  necessary tbe contractor! '
will widen  out the preatnt places with
the steam shovels    Iu many placet the
mail is badly cut up  with  heavy loaded j
wagons and with the soft weather makea j
heavy traveling.    Aa mon is the roads
dry out, wnh the exception of tht newer
places built, they will be quite passable
The road especially from Lower Ni.ola
up lo Nicola could well  atand graveling.
K. P. Lowe who has been employed in
Nicolt during the winter left this week
for Aspen drove where he will resume
work on his mineral claims.
Hon. Wm. Templeman.
At Iht byt election held in Virions on
Tuesday resulted in the election of Hon.
Wm. Templeman by a majority of over
teven hnndrtd.
Thi rigular meeting nf Court Nicolt
A. 0 T. will be htld tomorrow evening.
J. W. Ptterton leaves fnr the coast
today and will return to the northern
districts for tht inmmtr months.
Notice of committee meeting Nicolt
Athletic Association 8 p. m. Wednudiy,
14th, Mirth tl the Btnk Ootttge. Important bosiniM. t fad ittendanoi it
The health officer asks the Nicola
Herald to request the parents keep their
children at home as much aa possible
during the olostng of the school.
John M. Milltr of Mesiri M.Conntll
... Millar, mining operators nf Coutlee re
turned from the Coait on Friday. Mr.
McConnell is on a business trip to
James Chenall returned last week from
t two month'i trip to California and tht
coast cities. "Jimmy" htt not been in
the beit of health lately and will rertiper
ate t ftw wtekt before returning fo his
Town at the Junction or the Nicola
and Coldwater Rivers.
Our readeai will notice from our advertising columns that lots are being offered
for sale in Forkulale. The railroad is
already graded to Chapman's bridge and
ordtis have heen issued from headquatera
to continue grading for a further mile and
a half which will make Forksdale the
terminal point, (ieographically For-i
dale ii an exceptionally fortunate position
being right in the centre of tht coal belt
will prove the best business tnd supply
point for tht mining camps in thi vicinity
Besides town lots, the owntr is prepared
to sell tcre lots adjoining the townsite,
and no doubt this off.- will appeal to
many who consider the ordinary town
' lot toe small for ordinary resideutal pur
j poses. Thit lection of tht Valley haa
| other adrantagea which place it in a
! peculiarly adventageoui position whioh,
the railroad terminal at the towmite will
eiichance tbt vtlue of property in tht
locality. f
Tender! will be received up to Saturday noen, lOtb inn. for the piinting of
thtinterioroftliescho.il house, 0. H
Tutill, M. D, Seerettry.
T. J. Smith vice preiident tnd general
manager. f the Ditmond Vile Cotl torn
pany tt Quilehent it expected in in t few
dtyt. Work will bt resumed on the
property thoat tht Int of nut month,
tfttr t thai down of ttvertl wtekt,
Three Applications In Otter Valley are
All Rtrused.
A special meeting of tht Nicola Lictn
cing Court wai held in tbe (lovernment.
Office, Princeton, on Saturday latt whin
thru application! for new hotel licenaee
In Otter Valley were up for consideration
Tht commi-iioiitri midtnt in Ihe
wtstern portion of thi district ii well ts
the Chief Liotnct Inipector, wished to
have tht matter dealt with by a full board
and consequently all the member! made
an effort to bt present.
The first to tpply wis D. Cameron who
I'tme from (irand Forkt wilh tht V, V.
t K. surveyor! and cooked most of the
fall and winter with thi survey camp
He spotted .ut what he considered wta
I likely looking place for running i road
house during construction. A good rotd
house had been kept for years by J. U
I'hyn.ie without a Irence, in which the
���rev-Hug public had been ic-nmodete I
and Mr, Thynue felt that if any licences
were grained in the valley he should net
ne i,verb, .ked and he also put in an appli
cation. Myren had also in the past been
forced to all oil accommodation to those
travellers ��hn were benighted and often
orok", and he coosl lered that if other
licences were groi'ed he might as wtll
havt the benefit as ..thera.
While the board wert disposed to con
cede the reas liable** of tht positions
taken hy Messrs. I'hynne aud Myreu.
thty had alsoto consider a wrpleu reguest
from the A'loruey Oeneral to grant n<>
more licences along thi line of railway construction, aa such house* were
responsible for most of the trouble whicb
oocurred, to the dinger ind annoy-
anct of the general puinc with attendent
direct lose both to con'raof trs an I the
government as the Coat of policing the
district would he increased to a point beyond any pecuniary benefit derived from
tht licenses
With thu wish onmmunicated to theni
the member* of ihe board felt that it was
up to the applicant! to show sums very
ttcrptionil reasons why ihi li.euoei-.iul-
be grauted in ihe face of this, and aa such
reasons were not forthcoming ihe appli
cations were all refused and no licences
were granted.
It also oame out very plainly in the
hairing that public sentiment in the
valley and at outlying points in r
or leas directly interested, was oppoaeo
to the granting of licences and showed
heir opposition hy counter petitions
Ail things taken together made the course
of the hoard reasonably plain in the premise! ami were unanimous iu the view
i hat no licences should he granted. I
i* hoped that parties will take this ts
a precedent so far aa the present board
are concerned, and that nootheri will go
>o tbe expense f fitting up house! fnr
which they havi ini reason to expeot that
licences will bt granted them. Hedley
Recommtndatlona Placed   Before the
Government and Portion of the
Work Will be Constructed
This Season.
Tht delegates appointed It tht public
meeting in Nioola who vitited Victorit
to iotervitw tht ministers of the provincial government have returned home,
having accomplished sums of tht objtctt
afttr which thiy went.
Owing to being late in irriving tt tht
capital they fouud tht general estinitet
had been made up, but, not wilhitanding.
the tumnliM intimated thiy would en-
leavor to havt appropriation! pot in tht
aupplementary estimate! for t portion of
whtt wis asked for,
Tm wagon road through tht Aipm
i irove mining oamp waa forcibly put before the government tnd there it tvtry
probability that work will be started early
.hit summer, ti both the miniiter of
mines and chief cummissionir realned the
importance of the work,
The Hiieinainii of the Coldwater roid
will no doubt receive consideration tnd t
start will bt madt to ettend the preienl
road a few mile* further on.
The rotd from the mill dim np tht
Hamilton hill wat also favorably comider-
ed by tht government.
The needed improvements of the main
wagon road from Lowtr Nioolt aettion up
to Nicola will ht tikin out of tht gtntrtl
Tbt appropriations in the genera)
eitirna.ee far Yale district ire 110,000 for
roadi, trails, bridges, ttc, tnd $30 000
tort new bridge aerosi tht Thompion
river tt Aihcmft,
Thi matter of miking Nicolt into t
mining dittriet instead of t sub office to
Princeton ind Kamloopi was favorably
received by the government tnd tht
minister of mines will take the question
up in a few weeks, while reconstructing
'her mining districts in the province,
In thi istimttei is a contingency or
miacellaneout fund for roads, bndgia,
etc, tnd if th* needed improvement!
aaked for do nnt appear in tht tupple-
meniary estimates thi government itated
they would in all probteility bt taken out
of that fund.
Diamond Drills.
Tht ditmond drills have hten tt work
the paat few weeks . n the proptrty owned
by tht company which ii a subiidiatt
corporation to the Nioola, Kamloops ���
Similkameen Coal dt Railway company
It is the intention to push work all season
and thoroughly prmpect their ground
with t view to opening n np to bt t ship
per to the belt advantage. E. A. Jukei
one of the company it now miking hii
headquarter! tt Coutlte.
Assault Case.
The justice of the peace court wss busy
all day Tueidiy hearing an assault caie
whioh happened Itst week, E. Ooettlich
being chtrged by F. A. Howie, who wis
in chatga of the Driard Hotel, of intent
to do serious bodily harm by throwiug a
pitcher at him, said pitcher alto doing
damage by smashing t mirror, bottlet,
glaiies, etc. Pointl of law wire brought
up by couniel which tht msgistrates de-
oid. d to f .rward to tht attorney general
and on hii decision of tht pointl t verdict will bt rendered on the _0ih.
The Mutual Life of New York.
Stuyesvent Fish until recently trustee
of the Mututl Life will hetd tht policy
holders in reforming tht oompany tid
liberating it from tht truiti tnd Will
street. Tn* British shareholdtri will
heartily cu opertte.
Naval Estimate*.
A London drspitoh says in introdncing
tht naval estimates, Robertson, fintncitl
secretary of tha admiralty, laid that mice
the Hague peace looferenoe lhe expenditure by the great powers on their navies
hid inertasid 60 cent, rtichiag tht nor
mom totals of 1507,600,000.
Investigate Artillery Schools,
The miniiter of militit hu tppointed a
commiuion to investigate the charges
made agaitit tht irtllliry ichoolt. Tot
botrd wiil ilto investigate all ichoolt of
tht permanent oorpe.
Miu I Ptlmtr wtt t vititor to Nitolt
thit wttk from her homt on tht Nicolt-
Ktmloopt rotd.
Thtrt will be no Sundty tebool revitw
on Sundty tfttrnoon. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
Pwhllaked Bviry Thurad vy
ttabeerlptlon, In Advaree. ���_ aTear
Nioou. a C. H_k<_ x, i-,
Rootling seeaii lo be the order of the
dty, thtt It taking In aln.oet every when
in the weet. Commercial clubs tourist
tttocutloni, ett, in ill taking t htnd it
it, tnd ben of ill, thiy in making it tell
If my dittriet ever hid tomething worth
bootting, tht diatrict ii the Nicolt. Now
thtn, whit ii tht mttter with every
retldtni of Nicolt liking hold with both
kindt tnd bootting for ill ht it worth)
There it t lot mon in it thin there ii In
!F0R*4 "
If yon wtnt to succeed ts t onmmonity
remember your Intel paper lays tn tx
thange It f ghti for yon. tnd it really t
nirtmsry of tht ideal ol the beil people
in yoor midn A newiptper it entitled
le enme measure of success, even tt you
���re Moeeaif.l, il ku in ptrt to fight out
even tt yoi htvt yours. In tfort It tht
rottturt of yours to tht outsidt world.
Sir Wjllism Mtredith, chief juitice of
Outino, intimated the other dty thtt tht
���fgnlatureshouM consider and remodel
the preset! legislature respecting tolieitor
costs Rvfering to the cue before hia on
tht oeetation referred lo, he uid: Afttr
winning the cist tbt plaint iff waa wont of
than though ht htd not emitted tht
claim at til.
Te uy that your hoaineea cannot hi
advertise tdvtnttgeonily in vtrhtl id'
mission thtt to tell tht truth tbont it
would be damaging, that tht lets people
know of it lhe heller for you.
If you wish neat and thoroughly comfortable eyeglasses
that will not fall off, thtt yon
cannot shake off, oar Stt-Zon
trill tuit you.
0 Jicial Administrator's Act
In rt Estats of
TKNIIRRH will bt rat-rivet by Its seder
sl__ed far tba purchase of tbeaereeoal prop
erly, and tbe real estate ef the lets Aalotae
i.o-ev   Terse sash.
Par Uvular. H errnf mty be eMalat- frees
Peter Marguart, Nicole, & C.
Offlleel Admltlttrater, Ceutty et* Yale.
Kamloopa. B. C.
The Largest and Most Complete General Stock in Nicola
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
148 Cordova Bt W.
_A_. O. F.
CVM'HT NICOLA. No. ML A.O. ��.. sseeb
/ ee*on_ tnd fourth Friday It ea><b ���<-_.
at I a.m., la Pn_lev'. Hall. Visiting Irsthree
(vMtl__Uy lavlted.
Riv. II. M-toti, I ��� K.
W, Uoanow Mi easy, 8te.
NOTICK Is hereby given la accordance with
ths Bute taw. that I'm v in' ial He venue Taj tad
tU assessed taxes and Income tai. aasassel and
levied aider the Asaessmeat Act and amendment-, ire now due anrl piyable for tbi year
IM. All Uses collectable for the Nicola asses*
meat district are due snd payable at my office,
situate at Nirola. This notice, la terms of law
Is eeslvelant to a personal _.maud by me upon
all persons liable for taxes,
Assessor and Collector,
Nicola Assessment District.
Nicolt Pott. iffl.-e.
Dated tt Nicolt 6' 1. of rVbruarv, 1-OH.
Gall and examine our Goods before purchasing elsewhere as we are selling at your
own prices
Bring along the CASH and see what we
can do for you. No fake
Biggest Snaps ever offered in the
Nicola Valley.
Kamloops. H. ('.
Assays and analyeee ot Ores, Coal tid la
dnstria1 trod.ctt.
Hamples by mall cr slats receive
Tht Central Farmer a Institute petted
t retol.tlon taking tht government in
rtetrvt lands for thi Mtthlithiatot nf aa
���frienlMral eellege in  British C .lumhis.
Hlrry Orchard hit .unfilled to 27
morderi at Iht laittnee nf the Wtttern
Kedertlfoa of Miners Ht aays that ht
tipettt to be hinted.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply It
tbi-ohief noiiiiiiisaK.ner, / lands aod works (nr
a Urease to prospect for coal on the following
Commencing at a p..-t marked C. G. Steven
son thence runninK 80 chains SI, thence 90 is,
thence HO chein- VV, ihence 80 rhalns N. back tn
Initial post or plat, e i. cuiiunrnieiiirnL
I', K. fievensoD.looator
Jan. 39th, WA. J. C. Adair, agent.
O-mmeSicingat a post marked �� I,. MurdotT,
and running thence so chain.. K. thence a-
chains ri. Ihence 80 VV, thence 80 N lo Initial
post or place of commencement.
F. L. Mui-dolT, Incawr,
Jan. Uth, 100S. J. C. Adair, agent.
Commencing at a pn��t ���-r' :i ' . J. ���rn
llmiieii arid running t t'eii'i ��� sit chain- K thence
80. hains ., thence A chain* W, then e80 chains
N, lo inn lal p '��t or place of con. .nccmen'
W.J ������
Watchmaker, Jeweler
All kinds of  Watches, Clocki, Jaeelry,
ett., ktpt in truck.   Wedding pret-
tntt t specialty.
Firtt elaas repairs rlnot nn ihnrt nollee
tnd returned tt unci.
Jan 29 1..1-0-
Van Hniiit'ii, local- r
Aoati,   sen>.
Mr. Mason Reel pit.
At a epecial meeting of thePreihyttrian
���ongreg atino convened in the church In!
Nicola on the evening of 97th Felirusry,
Ihe Rev. O. Maton fnr five years niisi.in
try in tbit Valley intimated thtt owing
to enfeehled health he felt .impelled tn
withdraw from totivt service for t time
and reluctantly sever hit connection with
tbit million tield. Regret wu etpressed
by Iht Betting at tha entiounoeroent
���arts by Mr. Masnn and particularly re
girding the ciuae of hit resignation an'
eernest hopt intend thtt t sets in i|
of rett would result in reiloriag ptrfect
Tha appoiasment of t taceetior is in the
btodt of tht Presi.y'sry at tbt field it
a Hume Minion charge, i committee ol
threeoooiiitiog of Mn. A. K. Mown, J
D. Oilllt tad Oeo. M array wirt tppolnted
to ooaiB-.Dicate witb tht Prtibyttry eon
ot'aieg inpply when Mr. Miteo't retig
nttlot Uket effett.
Commen'ingatapostma.k-H 11. O Willi .m,
running I hence 80 chains K. I heme 80 chains >
Ihence H0.-liain�� VV , Ihence 80. l-aln N -a. initial
post nr place nf uomnieni eweni.
I). . v\ il|i��in��. lo- ator,
Jan.'-'h. IISKI J. C. Adair, asm'
Commenclnir at p.st m��ri._d J. frederic-
Morley, running ihen.l 80 .-ham- K ihenre 80
M, thenoe 811 chaln�� VV. I Ic nee 80 chains N l��, ���_
to the initial post or idacsof ,-,i..-n ,-n-   ..n-n
J. Frederick vici,ley. locator,
Jan 29'h 1906.     J. I . Adair, emin
Commencing at a prw' msrked 0 i, U nn.l. r
and running hence 80chaliis K, lim, .��� hii rh.n-
*, ihence 8o ehalna vt, thence 80. hains N to the
initial p.s.t or placeof ( mlueiic. i. Mil,
O. J. Wonder lo ator,
Jan, _!ltli. !'.��.. J.C. Ad��ir.H_.nl
Commiiiclng at a post marked Jo-eph Cos
lillion and running thence 80 chain. VV. Il.enn-
80chains-1. thenc-Mchaln* K, Ihence 8Uchains
N, to Initial txisLor ph���v nf coiimieiiceinoi.t.
Jan. 29 ih, ItDMi.        Jowpli CohiIIUoii, lis-alor, ���
Commencing at a post marked J.r Adair
and  Ihence running 80 chains  W, llien<eKII
chains ti thence KO.iliaina K, th. lire HO chains N.
... initial >n-i or placeof comma, ne   enl.
Jan _ 1-00. _. C. Adair, locator.
Commencing at a post marked J. A. Kenning
and running thenoe BO chains �� , tbenre sn
a, thence 80 chains K, thence 80 chains N, to
inn ia I post or I'laa e of. ..tniiienreii .nt.
J, A. Kenning, looator,
Jan, 29 h. no;.       J.C. Adair,agent.
Commencing at a post msrked W. K. Turn
crfelt and runnlnir thence WcnainaW, thence
80 chains tt, thenoe 80ehalna ��. Ihen.e 80 rhalns
N to Initial post or placeof commencement,
W. K. Kl.i.nerfelt locat"r,
Jan. -9th, 1908. J. C. Adair, agent.
'     NIOOLA
li prepared tn take cn'racti for
tawing liiiniier and getting oat
Vtiaer-l Mill . oni.~, l, Dirrnlod
Parties wishing  wnrk ran htvt same
promptly attended In hy applying to
Niels. B 0.
Ltiveynur orderi with N, I,  Berwick,
fnr lumher who is agent fnr iht Nienlt
Purtible Hteini Saw Mill hi ean ktlpyn.
plia nut sn order
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
iMart throughout tht Dittriet receive eareful attention and proapt   delivery
Freah Pish Every Friday.
���     ���     ���     ���      rraatrlnur
JJAaM .   r<>OI.Kf
A Relic ef the Aateoe.
An iattresting diteovery hai beta made
���I Bttrer Mills, Stikatcbttrtn. It ton
tiiii ot t rettngnlar limtttont, 3 hy 1 \ti ,
and thoit tig inchee thick tnd wit foand
<m the top of the highest hill oa the range
tlmoit buried in bird toil.
On oa* tide wis chlttled in Image
muoh like thti of in Aztec sun god. The
rtvertt tide tbowt tht rtprnentition ��� I
the letting tan. Oa tbt top edge the
figure ii to veitberbetteo tt to bt iodu
Notice d btreby given that (Mays after date
j I Inlend to apply to the Hon, the chief com.
I mlasloner of I and* and Works for permission
j to purchase IdOaoi-sof pasture land situate.
I at voght creek, in the Nicola Hi vision of Yale
I it-irn I. situated as follows: commencing at a
I oo I marked J. C. 8. south east corner, planted
j about two miles and a half up Vngkt crerk
and about 10 cbalns west from Thompson's land
I thence running west (0 .halts, thense north
ft chains, thence r���st 10 chains, thence South
[ 40 chains to point of commencement containing
I an area of 100 acres more or less.
Fshuary 13th 1906       .
Subscribe for The Herald.
Rtv. W. I. Sirraiu, B. A., B.D.
Rev. J. P. Bowiu, Bam..
A tompltle eommereial tad hulnm
eonne. Siudenu prtptted lo gain Inch-
trt cirtl-catei of all grtdat, In aalvtr-
sity work t foil eoarte for tht B. A. dt
grtt of Toronto I 'niunity
Inttraetion glvtn is Mule, Art, I'hyl
tal Oalttrt ind Elocatlon.
Rind for Calendar.
BibwHbt for Iht Ht.ild, || parytu.
mTEiwA. nrs
_��-l-ao Oonoral Xjlxrery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. O.
TiOave Spences Bridge
Every   1 hursday for Nicola lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday (or Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday   6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    - Proprietor
Banks and Mortgages
Fn.m time tn time nstuen i f (impart,
wanting tn raise money |.. imprnve isms,
cnmiilaiH 'hat hanks refuse tu xjve then
nc in y and take the deeda nf a nmrtgag
fnr security. Iu this re.inl D Ste*art.
of the Sovereign hank, at Toronto in ��
in a recent ad.lress referring tn real asiai,
investments said: ���
The law in Canada ami lhe Unit-it
Stat-1 is tht same as re|{sr.la leodtnt
money ..ti mortgages anil speculating it
real estate. Roth these practices are
a'ts ilntely prnhih tail, hanks being oult
alliiave.il tn take a in rt^a.i as sscinty
fnr a past due debt ami In online their
real estate inves'.iiients tn the actual Ian'1
tnd buildings require I fur bank premise
Tins in whole* .no- .11.1 perfectly (*���.���*
rastric'inn, which reinoves Iroin our ban11
at least the temptation to 'mi/ building
Iota and t iwn-it.a, nr to Und ilteir moue)
un such Unrealized securities
j. r. McGregor
Lower Nicola, B. 0.
in, ..ing th. mt,i. ,o d.fr.u.. ___��. J Ig prepared t0 examine coal
have been an even  tm.re cou.iilete  hum _��� j   _>        ���  ���
hug than was iupn���..d.     In . c .rner .11 PrOP-MeS   and   fUTIllSh K.-
tht oo.up.iiy', .(he. waa a barrel of city j POKS On   SaiTie.       TemiS  tO
water and a boy.    Orders were  tiled by j Sllit all.        NiCOla, B.  C.
the boy  from   the   barrel.    Due   victim
'"'k tht Force of Lift for seven mmiths
and would havt cuutiuurd nil  today  if
the post..(Ecu   dsiiartmeat   bad  tint  re
fmed to allow his order to  |>aas through
tht mail.     Diagm.sess were made by lour
young women   who kusw aa little ahoul
medicine as  their dupes     Dr.   Iladley,
who "diaonvtred" Fores ol Life, the four
young women,   the  boy  and  tht  barrel
aeiiuetl tu have   been  almost   the  entire
labratory force, medical stall and   e<juip
ment uf the concern.   The exposure uf
this rank  fraud  ought to teach  fin.li.-h
psnple not tu believe everything regard
ing purported remedies that ih.-y may be
told by thosii who are trying tfl sell them
The ligger the claims ihat are made f..i
a nostrum the more likely it   ia  in  aj_f
worthleia if nut injurii.ua.   (Jul rtunatel)
the raceuf dupei ihuw u.. ai^ii of lu.nin.
out, and the next nr unteliaii. whoenmt.
ilung pretending tn  wnrk miracle*   my
reap as large profits as did ths'diacoverei _N(.y 1  I v.  |_.
of "Force of Life."- The World. Noticei Is hereby g van that thirty days sfter
date I intend In -apply 'o ihe Hon tin. rh ef
''omii'l sinnei nfl mils am) work* for a ljce<<*e
in anxptel fur .���mil nn the foil..win. tlsa. rib. d
Commencing at. a po-t. marked A. H. Cm
n n VV ������nf running Km SI cha as, ihcnc
imtliHil rhuiiia, Ihi.nci- *e��i (tilc'iilnu, the.ee
V.rlh SO chain-, p.m'lla po-l.
A. H.CKO-SMAN, l/..itlor.
IV. 0. Murray, Agent [
t'lildeatcr, Nicola, Feh. 10, 190-1.
i.i.mtncnclngatani.al ma'ked Jas, I'orbeit V
��� . rmrruniiliM We* -Ufhaja*, then e -..u'li (
sn chains thenoe Kaar vn th. nr- n.rtn SO
rli.liiaiinnitial pn l. .AS. I nltKKIT. Laswl.ir.
W II Mu raj. Ageui,
Oldwtter, Nicola. Keb. in, WOii
('"...mencing at a post marked-S S l*niont
st, W, ''inn r. riiiniinn ea-t Sll ruin , ih e
-niiih Mii'im i.i-, -.-hi hUchain Ihence iiottl. Sti
chahta, to i nt'slpiis.
M.H. LAMONT, l-KBp.r.    |
B. 0   Vttiriiy, Agent.
Coldwater, Nirola, K.h. in, IM
Comnieneingal a |.n��t marled Rafaa Hart-,
>nau N ��.. .ie' er .iiiiiiiiik It,-- Htl rliaiu-,
Ihence ao.ilh SOrhaiii-, thci.i'e hast so chains,
ihence North HO chain-, to 1 iiial p. art.
itAOUA HAKIM   N, Locator.    I
i .ii. Mm- ay, ak. ni
Coldwater, Nicnla. r". It. 10 19>��.
Co - in tc in. ai a i ii-' marked _aa_s��a B >d-
'len N. W. '"inter uiiiiw.g Ku-t HO .hains
In nee -outIt SOi'haina, lhence Wes 80 chains
hence Snrth sn chains in initial pos1.
Qsl  ItUK BOIXMAV. I   catnr.    I
VV.li Mu ray. -gent |
oldwatcr, Nicola F.-li  II VAX
Commencing tl a uo-t marked V K. Co.licit
N. _ corner running  Wot HO chaw* thence
mitli siicl.Bii.s ih ic .��� Hast HO chains, theme
North HO ch.lhs to initial p.-i,
M. K. rtlKlRTT, l-ientor.
W. (1   Murray, Agent.
Coldwater. Nicols. Keb. 10.1006
Comnenclngat a post marked W. O. Mur-
ay's, N. W. inrn r, lunliig Kast SO chains.
Ihence t-ou'h HOchaina, theme VV'.sl HOfhains,
I hence North 80 chains tn initial p' st
W. 0. MUHKAY, locator.
Coldwater, Nicnla. Feb. Ill, l(KW
( nmn.enclng at a post marked H. ��.. Ross
N K. c.rn.r running watt Sit chain-, thence
South 80 chain-I hence Kast SO chains thence
North Ml chains to initial p.M'.
S. 1 ROSS. I,octor.
W, f!  Mm ray. Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola, Feb. 10,1_MK3.
Cnmmsncing at a post marked J. M. Crook
V. VV corner running Kast HO ch dns thence
���'outh 80 chains, �� est 80 chains , .eno. North
80 chains to Initial post.
J. VI. CROOK, locator.
VV, O. M urray, Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola, Feb. 10, 1!��.
Commencing a'a post marked .1. 8 Austin
N, K. C' rinr running West Sn. hains thence
- uth HO chains, theme tutal 80 chains, thence
North 80 chains to initial p it.
J. 8. AUSTIN. I-Dcator.
W. (i  Murray, Agent.
Coldwater. Nicola, Feb. 10.I-UH.
.    Full stock of Domeeilc and Imported Cigars,
{ snd ths best smoking tobacco always un band.
|    Drop In and enjoy a quiet game uf Milliards.
Agent fnr ths Pioneer Steam Laundry, VaDC.il
ver.   Laundry shipped every Hai urday.
lis*! I 1.0
MONTRKA., H(ITK|��� Kainlnnpa. Nanoleon
lalieaiiiilln. i>roi.rii...>.   First   i.< in
eveiy psrllcular.    U.ssl  tvm.s,  l.iciuurH and
cigars.   Stabling In c I on
KAMl.OOI'S H'M'SK. I'. Iler-Kl. proprietor.
Hist st.K'k ' f wn<-��. liqiiics and cigars In
'he [ttterlur. Just ihe spni fora tlt-rttsft
freshing glass of beer. Who . in Kainlo...*
oall In.
GRAND PACIFIC 110TK1,. Kamloops.   The
neares' h��lel '.. the raiUay slatlnn.     'I he
only covnenlent hole!  fnr  traveler-     ({-h!
rtH.ms, g.svi t|. i|,-, _o'.d liquors.     Two large
sample rooms.   i\ A. Ha'-nhar, iiromletor.
li.ssl Hlahling in co..ne.ti..n.
t,. Appointment for Oeneral Butler.
T, I*. O'Connor the NitMiialisi mem
ber (or Liverpool, and one of the mot
brilliant writers in parliament draw-
attention to the appointment of lienenl
William Hurler, ai special cnmniissioiier
to the Tramvaal. Hu wife the celebrated
painter > f 'Roll Call,' '(juatre Bras' and
many other grand painting* will accoin
pany the author general. Whan the general was last in South Africa there was
t nice little aneodute going the rounds uf
locitty. A wtll known lead, r of fashion
of count a la ly, said to Butler; "General
what was the proudest moment in ynur
lifei' The answer came quickly; "When
(.ii.sii Victoria told my wift huw mud,
she admirtd htr paintings."
Haa Nevtr Advertlted. c���n m.nciiigat a post marked  I. K. Mur
, ,   , . ...     ! rat's. N. VV. corner   running Kast 80 chains.
A young lady  working  in a Ituokmg  th-m eHiuh so chains, iheni- '.eat ho chains.
fiotury, ...ring that her chanctt of mttri-  th""',! Norlh " "^^^ JVJ 'Ij0<,.t.r
mony wert small wrute tht fulluwing .nd
���lipptd it Int" tbt tut of t gentltmin'i
W. (1   Murray, Agent
Coldwater, Nicola, Feb. 10 M
VV.(..Murray, Agent
Coldwater, Nicola, Feh. 10. WW
Cnmn.. n.lng al a post marked II. |_ Cbapln
tuck. "A young lady good luokltlg and of; N. K  corner running west 80 I hains, theme,
..   in. j ! South 80chains, thence Kast 80 chains, thence
totnt mtini,  would like I.. MIHfliia ] laav--_��� -halatte la-tale el
with the wearer of thu suck, if he iii ''��� ���' ('h��"in' -ava-aT.
���ingle, with a view to matrimony.'    A
young man bought the suck, and uid;
"thirt'i my chance.''   He wrote to the
young lady ottering himself ai a suitable
party, and to his surprise got  this reply:
"I htvt bten married eight yean and
htvt a family of five children." The man
from whom he bought   the  mcks hid
never advertised tnd consequently  thty
hid la.n on tht shelves fur eight years.
Flour For Famine Stricken Japan.
Tht government his decided to ttnd
.6,000 poundt of flour to rtlitve the
suffsring of tht starving people in the
famine stricken districts. The tint ship-
mstts will letvt on March 6ih. Tit
flour will bt dont up in 49 lb package.,
together with the necetstry quantity uf
yeast and instructions how tu ait tht
the time for making brnd.
Unequalled as a
SO-owcr Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
ASHCWiFT H'.TKI.. Then.nai iniiv.nient
ho el for visitor- in Vhcr"ft. The b. st of
t-bieh.iard lint ano cold ba'hs. Iter reire-
sen-a'ive meet-all trains. Juln.M.n ft I'erkins.
Mop at i In
It.lHI     rVOUtt,   |>i,.i t'-r
When   t-    ebi.g   m    tie Niei.U mad,
C iivenien' phiai      ��� .. ....... anh g' id |
nconiiii".'." ".���.
General Blacksmith
'i rse 8h"ei..g . -i -d .In
NIOOLA ukh;. �� 0
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets        ....        $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Muunt Royal. O. O. M. O.
PRB81DBNT. Sir Oao. A Drummond. K 0 at. O
Head Office   Montreal
I)c|)usits received from   $100  and  upwards.     Interest
credi;ed twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Depot..* may be made and withdrawn by mail,
town accounts receive every attention.
Out of
'  S__ Ml   Bi    �����.___���    I
Fnrkt_H_S-1.f�� Is s^uated near the junction of the Nicola
rUiKaUalC anci Codwater rivers with the railro td grade
within one mile of it and the survey to the town limits It will
be ttie center of the finest mining district in British Columbia.
PnrLr ft/fa Ip ^es *n ^ie center ��^fjne Goal Belt, which is
ruri\.��>UalC being developed and will soon be shipping
Coal.   Near this point the Nicola Va ley gets its Coal supply.
FUri\__>UcllC mining camps of Aspen Grove, Iron
Mountain, Ten Mile and the Coldwater, wnere many properties are being developed.
Get a Lot now
and flake Money
Terms can be arranged
Full particulars, prices, etc., on application to
G. M. BRASH,   -   -   Sole Agent THE NICOLA HtRALD
.1. (iarcia and Dell King ol Tht Forks
���era in Niclt ,.n Thcsday.
Wm. Voght, owner of tht Forktdtl.
townsite was in Nicnla mi Tuesday.
M. P,  Stewart and  wife returned on
Thursday l_���_��� a trip to Ashcroft.
A  I). Macintyre.'.arnst*r..f Kamlo..ps
atnu-.l in Nicole M lay and attended *
meeting of tht lawl justice of the pesce
court held on Tuesday.
CafitatJ-ta't II Men Leaf tea is the
vtry finest flowery orangt pekot. Im-
pi.rttd tnd packed especially for ut. Is
ahaulutel? the hnest ttt on tht market.
60ctntt a pound.
0. B. Armstrong has ju��t ltndtd a
'resh consignment nf salmon htllitt in kit
IM shnuld get hia i.rifft.
(iuy A. Lafferty, accountant in the
Dank of Montreal, Nicola, left last week
for his homt it. (\lgary owing to the
llloest of hia elder brother.
H. S. Clcashy who waa a de'egate In
the Central Farmer's Institute at Vict'.n*
last week returned l.,.n.e this week. He
wat accompatiitd hy Mrs, Cleasby.
0. B. Tutill, M. D. haa received notifi
cation of his appointment as a justice of
the peace and having aeeeiited same he
will be gazetted accoriitigly.
If yon trt thinking of twilling d��w is
the time l" get y.x.r ..rders cut so at It
have >hn 'U.nl.er dry whin the long .lay
'..me end the carpenters ran w.r_ with
..lessor*       It-tiiem*'*r    the   name,    The
Nicols p.tttoM* s-an It* Mill.
F--r upi.. ���<��'-j i. printing seed your
.rders t.. .he N���.- It H-re'.l "Nice.
Carrington * i;..ldeii Leaf tea It the
very linesi tl were ..range pekot. Im
li..rted an.I p.rlo-. 1 especially for Da, I-
alaolu'ely the hneat tea on tht marker
tiO cents t p..nod.
Place T'lii' . ..inra wi h The I'oruM.
Sttain Saw Mill, all work guaranteed
.Ins" srrived,fa*liimi��l.le -..nulding knives.
Wh�� nee.l In lea.e your h"ll-e untinlahe.l
fur want n( iiiioil<tiii_a Edge and grain
flooring nf rir*. quality, will . atwear three
fl n.rs made if fl.. gram. Window sash
ina.le to Md- r.
JIM    III i lllllt
A full stock of Up I., date (nods to
supply ihe Harness and Saddlery
trade of Nicla district. Call ur
aend your order* for
Harness, Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Horse Clothing, etc.
Specially made a. O.wln.y Ouitiis.
Mrs. D. McPhatl of Otter Valley, who
tpeor aeveral weeks w.tli her liaren's Mr
tnd Mrs Tsrell in Hedley returned home
on Saturday, being met at Princeton by
her huahand.
C.rr.ngtni.'a (i Idi-n Leaf tea is ih.
very line*t fl .��erv orange pek'.e. I���
ported and ptcktd .-penally for us. Is
absolutely the tiuest tea un the market
HO cents a pound.
Hof-ethotng done in a
^ first class maniicr.    Careful attention ^iven to this
iranch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
We are now prepared to take
orders for suits made by Campbell Mfg. Company, Montreal-
See  the    p.ew  Goods  which
have -arrival
Ladies' Waist
Spot Muslins,
Dress Goods,
Table Oil Cloth,
Mrs. Iitirney wife of Mr. Ourney fore
ma.i of lhe hridgta mi railway construction
trrived a' tht Rrirlfa I'auip, Petit ('reck.
on Saturday frmn S-.tt'e. alter remaining
a few weeks at the 22 Mile II..use.
Services on Sunday at the f hurch of
England are as follows; 2''d Sunday ill
Lent, Morning prayer. 11 a, n.. Evening
prayer 7 Sfl p. in. W-.ln.��day, Iiil.lt
ttudy and Evening prayer, ".30.
T'nk F'eorh-nd c - own rt wi1! begin
wnrk on the Jennie 8.Ikniaii in f.w .lata
with a view tn pr..vui_- the m N's . f tht-
fine mn eral pn.nerty located on C i|tfMH
mountain Th- S'lkmao is crown gra.terl
tnd perfect in title ��� S>miikanieen  Bur,
Don't  Keep Hens
 M*_I<h Them   Keep You	
Chatham Inri.V>._lnr��f_re mrnie in Canada i
und then-��re Mni'i-tn'!-. in n-f. giving in '
iii>' e..tii-f.iiiiiHi.    KvSf)   RMOhlnt k-U'trjit-.
Weil.    Now Iii lb* Minn i i roiim.cnrr  work
ftndcti y��mr curb chii kt ti>    Rtrdi .,ft.rh*>r.
i-i.rh in Min." an*  worth IbrM timet an
iniii'h h-. btrdn hs I   fl in Ma) nr June,
Pnotl ami C*UlOVt_��00 Appli....ton.
The Nicola Herald has received a lette.
froni  James  Pooley   who is at peet-n'
visititii; his old home in England. Ftmi
the tone ot "Jtm'a" letter one wou d
judge that be is more than ever inipr-aaeo
with British C.lumhia snd the Nona
Valley. He sends his regard, toad the
girls and h-iyt and will pstrmole honi.
in.l .��'ry in the matrimonial lint.
o. n. BrMSH,
Accountant and Auditor
reinporary othce���tUtS-talt'l  Stage   lllg
Bualness Locala
You should see (J li. Armstrong's line
of Hatt raniint, from 25 cents to $7.
Anyone wishing i.. l.uy any of the
Manse furniture may see and learn prices
of the same any day during Mar.h.
Ctrriogtcu's Silver Leal tea is tht heal
60ct. tea on the market. It la a line
orange pekoe, a ttratght assam taa. No
houae complete without it,
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator
i Mtlce.-Co'i.menial Hloek. eaai nt Pett Oflce,
Kamloops, H. 0.
If Ntvertlip Horse Shoes ara your
choice cine tnd I'LEASK ynuis-ll
fil/F.S 1 t.. 5 at F. II. I'a.ge'e, Nicla.
Carrington't 8dver Leaf tst is the b. ���
60ct.  tea on the market,     Il is a fine
orange pekoe, a siraight   assam  tea.    N
houst complete without it.
Try package of the celebrated Decka-
,aii* Tea- Sold only by G. B. Armstrong
Lower Nicolt,
Carringtou't Silver Leaf tet it tht beat
50ct. tet on  the market.   It is t  him
orange pekoe, a tttight assam tea.
No houst complete without it.
For Bale Tarter King Otts, one of tht
best white otts grown. Also Canadian
Btauty I'taa, good cropper. D. Dodding
Lowtr Nicolt.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister,   Solicitor  and    N taty   I'uhlii
(Ifllre:   Rat, tt Iht rtnadlan Rank nf rom-
meri e. hoiitl. fill.-of Virtuna strati,    .. i Inopa,
_���s���f to 1..an on real ettatesarvf  >.
Land Mining ami Oeneral Supply Axis
-till... rontrar'.ira. f.r ai'hinrri. bliay1��*t
nuipsr*.tlel_-���tri btaqfornar li��l -f'sr.n
a'lil mliiiii. proptrtlte, III porta mi " M.iti- "i.-
it r lea  throilgh  the   llia.ru-'.     I'.l.le   ,..nl r',   -
'Aitr.m."  ('.ales  10 ball, Mor..u..v ^'^.
A.   i.e. I'h.
Wareli.niae- ('anford, Nlmla Valley, B.I'.
Miti days alter date I Intend to appli to I he
'i.i-f' iillinilsaloner of Urida and work- tor pe-
mi-Bl..nlopiir haa" 10 aces of BKmataio pasV
nre land slluai-. in Vspea Ofore, deerrlne-.
aaf.illowe; to���iraencl__! at a po-t. ntarkad I
Baal wool'- N >>'. cnriic- Ihtoct ^o.llh 'io .hains
lien.-.-caat. 20 chains, thence north 2U . h��iu>,
tlicncu weal 2D. It .iii^ to inilial post.
Aapen Grove 7th March, IDUI'i.
8010  Westminster  Hoad
II -a '.('Utters fnf
PACIPi^ t'dAsr URpWU
flarden, flown tnd Hell Seeds.
New cr"|. lint in ��'.a.k n.il ' n teat in
our Kreciihon .�����. A-�� w.ioi .... reliant for
.hem to n>al. I o'ka.ea It l.e .....s m.t
lalldle thesD, W' al'l illall Ml aa.'lte"
5.1 pa.'ka_e�� ill .e_etal.le ao-1 11 a, r Meil-
( .ur own s I'l'iiot', a.nt t'V f..r B t). _a.
Ieii��) lor ?1 ' 0 H nt i���<< m yio
'.ii k see.N
II. I. l.i on ii si... li  nl I'rult and
Or.iMlll. lllill   I'ri-I-H.
Now rea.lv tor -|.ri... ��hi ent.   Kn'r-.
nice ttock "I
2 and lytaroM .|.i.l.-1��� .-.���- -ii I*per Hf
IIWI l"T lissi.
Mavn.nl IMuin *1 ml
1 al'iiin I'nme. Ijearfine W-per Hfl
���__.r-.at)   Ij���tr, tlne$:s) p.rlOU
Fu'l It i nl ott.er s nek a   r._nlir |incea
No eipen-e, Ins* nt delay ol    ni.ratioo
or inspection,
Plants, floral Work, Nee Sup-J
p_J  -   IPrUll I'a. kauua. ����� rtiluers, etc.
Let me pritt )"iir Ha. tiflnre  i,rd��rlli_.
Catali.Oe Free
H, .!  IUSHY,
Dlt Wi's'l.lll.aler ll.l'ld, VaM'.I'VKK, II   ('
Accumulated Assets $140,000,000
The Oldest Life Insurance Co. in America
Manager for��� The  Nicola, Okanagan and
Similkameen Districts.
W. H. KIMPTON, Nicola, B.C.
All sti.rla .1 We'll., Clock
a'.fl .leaelrv re an- .1 oe ill
tlrnr ,-| ,.�� , ,.' , snH ssytttfta.
tu.11 L'tiaraiii.'.'.l. All work
etilriiated In "lit care will lie
completed and returned without delay.
... 'i. < -tirit-1.1. A VAX,
0, I'. K. I ilnc Iti'i.ei tors. kamloopa
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. 0.
Resilient Aitents ln  Nicola for the
Netloe Is hereby given that wlthlt  slit?
Hay* after date 1 Intend to   applv to   tne
ctii.-f oo���mlttte���tr of Uin1s and works for per-
nii-sion to p.irel.aai��� .'���'' acres of pa-ture laml in
^le Nicola dlvlaion of Yale District, sltvatedas
fellow.:   i-oiiiiiien.'iiiK at I atake al tbt N  I-
. oriier.ifl.it ll.-ii.i.nii.K north IDchaiusIhence
westlOchaiiia, thence south 40 chains, ______
east 10 chain-. containinK ltK) acres: alio com
tuencinitat theH. K, corner of lot 715 thence
srtsi 10.-hains, thenee south 10 .hains. thence
.���.i-t lit .I.,.uu thence sou'h 40 chains thence
east 10 cliaina, thence nonh 10 chains, thence
east 20 chains thence north 20 chains, con'-aiu
ink-120 acres. JAMKtfCORBKTT,
Nicola, MarehT, 11106.
Every business man
should have one.
1906 All styles and
Canadian and Whittalter's Almanac's
Useful information for all.
Kamloopa tnd Vernon
COtlTI.F.E. B C.
Jos. RiC-l&ftis,      -       proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling In Ootuae-tlon Talephtot Ooantetloa


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