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The Nicola Herald May 25, 1905

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Vol. l. No. 2.
NICOLA LAKE, B. C, MAY 25, 1905.
$2 a Year.
History of This Camp and How It Was
Discovered Reads Like a Fairy
Tale.  Review of the Work
on Various Claims.
The Aspen Grove Copper Casap is situated in the Similkameen mining division
of Yale district of B. C, ��t the summit
of a range ��f mountains, part of which
forms the Cascade range, and is located
on the divide between the watersheds nt
the Similkameen river t�� the south, and
the   Fraser  and   Nicola  valleys  to the
The history of this camp and how it
was discovered reads like a fairy tab).
C. H. Schmidt, a North Diko'a farmer,
came out to Aspen Grove in the summer
of 1890 with a rough sketch of pun of
the topography of the camp, win. li In
said was given him by an old prospector
who died at his ranch in North D.kota,
and told him of extensive copper out
croiipings which were uulocsted H"
stayed several weeks at A. B. Roberts'
ranch, and finally, after much search,
discovered outcmppings of rich chalcocite,
which is now known as the 'Big Sioux"
mineral claim. He also looated ib
"Giant" and many other claims, and on
doing surface work uncovered ton de
posits of rich cupriferons ores; proipoo
tors began to flock in from all points i.
1900 and 1901, and have stayed wnh kW
camp ever since. The more development
work done the better ore the cuppriferous
deposits defined.
The geological formation of this di ���
trict is probably the same agtasthe
Cache creek series, ascribed by Dr. Da��-
son to the California furmation. The
fnrmat'rins represented in the ramp snc
sists of four distinct classes of rock,
though the sub divisions are numerous.
Tiese principal group*  are the tr��ps,
amygdaloids,   conglomerates   and   lime
stones.   The oldest  recognized  rooks in
this district are the sedimentary and crys
���   t illiuu rocks.   Beds of volcanic rocks are
.   Mind   at  several  points overlaying the
e  rocks already referred to.   This series is
probably of early  tertiary age; howevei,
j  at I am not claiming  to  be an authority
on geology, the age and formation of thi*
Terre Haute  mining company of Terre
ll.iute, Ind.    Here they Irnve a large de
p .sit of cupriferous  ore with a silicious
gmgiie, the ore occurs in in altered dia
bisH  dike  many hundred test in width;
i mie'ims it  is found in the congloimr
ate*, which  run  parallel to the dikes of
diab .**. amygdaloid* and limestones; the
I i��ft is down over 200 feet in ore, beside*
they have several hundred feet of cr as-
cutting; the workings are close to their
north line.   The "Tom Cat" group which
adjoins same, as the north extension, has
lately opened upsiiteen feet of chalcocue
(copper glance), some of whioh runs from
15 to 25 per cent in copper (Cu.).   Nst've      Victoria Day ha* come and gone and
cot per is often met with, ass ciated with ' the citizens of Nicola and a number of
tha chalcocite.     On the "Nighthawke'   re8ld(mt8 of ldjoining vl)|(lgeai ce|ebruteri
claim, which is situa'ed about half a mil
Magnificent Open Air Dinner Prepared
by the Ladles.  All Events Were
Keenly Contested.-List of
the Winners.
o i the northeast slope of Dodd mountain.
A d is one of the properties included in
tie "Tom Cat" group, rich copper M>
it in royal style on Mr. Winny's ranch
Wednesday afternoon.
For several days past heavy rain fell,
bmates   are   exposed   in the lime dike,   and all were doubtful of having the best
new camp is open for discussion.
! The mineralized mm of Aspen Grove
.is many miles in extent, to the south of
p whioh are large hematite iron deposits
laying dormant for capital to develop.
The cupriferous z me is notited by
I several parallel dikes of altered diabase,
breccias, amygdaloidi, i igi..m, rates an I
limestones, which run in a northeast and
llulhwestly direction, v.irying in thick
ness from a few f.-el to several hundred
feet in width Dikes of trap rock* are
Common in H. mineralized portions of
the district, though wanting in the iinmin
eralized. While the mountains are not
at all rugged, and the western and southern slopes are open and covered with
bunch grass, prospecting has not heen
easy, on aocouot of the covering of drift
which conceals the rocks over a considerable portion of the surface, and on account of the oomp'nx geolo^i.V structure
of the district.
I have sampled the lajmn drove camp
many times, but as no great depth has
yet been attained, it is practically impossible to ascertain the value and extent of
these cupriferous outcroppings from surface sampling.
The Portland mine, which is centrally
located in this eamp, has the most development  work  done, and is owned by a
part of which is dolmite. To thesoub
of the Portland gr mp are many important
properties, on both Dodd mountain ami
Rear mountain. Among olhen is the
"Queen   of   Hearts" group, which t* |m
uteri on tii> headwaters o/ Oner creek.
On this property -mall Hssure vein* He
in metallic copper, are often met wit li in
the amygdaloids, besides ther<- is h ���(-(..
of altered diabase which carries a low u ���
i-eutage in copper, A tunnel is being
r.in in on the east slope of Otter creek to
crosscut at depth the deposit exposed on
he surface.
A ��� u'  a mile to the northeast ��f th
'Tom Cat" group the amygdaloids ar.
mi'st notice iole on the "Little Lottie"
group, where there is a small mountain
or hutte rising -everal hundred feet, pn ���
ically   slandin; alonv,    b-ing half   *ur
r unded by small lakis or springs, wive������
ii cur st intervals  from   one hu idred '
si v ral thousand feet apart.   N .n��'e cop
ier is found unevenly diNtnout *l through
the amygdaloids.   The dike of OMglisM    Tue ladies   one  and   all  deserve  grsa
of   weather for  the sports, but the day
loomed  up fair but cloudy, and nothing
daunted the energetic Committee started
up the days entertainment and sports.
The  most important event of th- day
MM tnt, m.re takng par' ini'thah
hi any oiher event of the day. It was
tai magnificent and sumptuous open air
dinner prepared by the Ladies Aid of tin
Presbyterian Church, who had charge irf
t ie refreshment booths on the ground*
The cooking was eiddlent, for whict.
Nicoia ladies hold  the  banner, plenty to
at with attentive ladies always in readi
���less to see that every one was cared for.
made   it a grand success, which was evi
Ijimd by the pleased   expression of the
Olfuliai the Victoria Day dinner ami
the list results of the day, which amount
ed  to   $80 for the dinner and   booths
-Tales la practically covered up m wash,
���iilt are found on a claim tdj'lohlg th.
Lo tie fraction. The cupriferous or-
found in the conglomerates are m.si ly
The most sinking feature in th* ore
deposits of this camp is the lack of sur
fine oxidation or gossan (iron bat). A
few feet, below the surface of the grown'
the i re exhibits the same character ���*
are found in depth, but ii yet no great
depth has been attained in this camp
(water level) In my opinion, the rich
chalcocite, copper oxides and carbonates
exposed to the surface in many places will
presumably change at greater depth (be
lo r water level) to rich copper sulphides,
chalcopyrite and sclt-Hiijring cupriferous
ores will in all probability he found.
D k s of amygdaloids, conglomerates, al
tTed dia a��e, and sometimes felsite dikes
are usually to he found in close pfiiimity
to the ore deposits. The "Golden Sot
eieign" claim, win.'li i* situated at ill-
northern end of this camp, is exoepti n
a'ly rich in native copper.    Tin workings
redit for the manner in which they con
'ucted their p'rtof the day's uuterUin
All the sports were keenly contested
oid much interest taken in every event,
'he tug-of war especially, Nicola ��s. 0 ii<
-ide, was good, and the enrhusia-in
ar used in the men was douhly so in the
ladies who cheered and coached their res-
ective team. I. Kisfwoud was captain
of the Nicola team and W, Snee  for the
< 'iinaman's race, 100 yards, 1 Joe Yap,
2 Joe I nig.
L idles wheelbarrow contest, 1 Mrs. W. !
Clark, t Miss Ruckle*.
luttnigtheshot, A   Raspberry. CONSTRUCTION  TO  START  AT  AN
Tug-of. war, N toil v. Outside, Nicola.   ; BARLY DATB
Thread the needle  race,   1   Fred.   A.
Victoria cross race, 1 Fred Collett.
addling race, 1 W. Snee.
Cowboy race, 1, J. F. Murray
Indian nice, half-mile, Aaron Gilmore.
Klnr'chman's race, half mile. 1 Mar- & Similkameen Coal & Railway Com-
gin-rite Maloney. pany's lino from Spences Bridge, on the
Indian race, quarter-mile, 1 Gilmore, main line of (he 0. P. R. to NicoU Lake
2 S'lesleeche.
Party of Engineers and Surveyors to
Arrive at Spences Bridge on Saturday.  C. P. R. Expect to
Operate Jan. 1st, 1900.
Construction on the Nicola, Kamloops
Half mile gentleman's, open, 1 Johnson
2 Menzies. /
a distance of forty-five miles, will be
started within a few days. A party of
engineers, snd surveyors have left for
Spences Bridge and are expected to arrive there on Saturday.
While the building uf  the railway will
I  All mining licences expire on M��y 31st. J be  done  by C. E. Loss, owner  of  the
Have you renewed yourt? chsrter for ^ ^ oonstruotion wll| be
carried out under the direction of the C.
P. R , H J. Cambie of Vancouver will
superintending engineer of the construction on the road.
The Atlantic Construction company of
*hich Mr.  L 'ss   is president, has been
awarded the contract for ihe building of
Y. Boekmier of Sp kann, who is interested   in  coal   properties   in ���he Nicola 'ine """"J' whlcL   w"'  "teiy be carried
Send   your 82 along and receive The
Nicola Herald for one year.
A. G. Collett of Lower Nicola was in
town on a busines* trip Monday.
came in on todays stage to Oouflee.
Mrs Raspberry and Mrs. Curry,
mother and sister of the Raspberry Bros
a'rived on todays Ntage and will leave for
Minnie lake in the morning.
Last evening a social dance was held at
���to home of Mr and Mrs W. A. Dodd.
A��pen Grove, where quite a number ha 1
nthered to take part in the event A
very pleasant time was spent hy all in
An order in council has been passed
appointing Mr. Hyman as minister of
public works in place of the late Mr.
1 an east and westerly direction, and
.��ill average about six inches in width.
Splendid specimens of metallic copper
hive heen taken out, some of which went
o cr 100 pounds iu weight.
The "Big Sioux" claim has about 100
tons of chalcocite ore piled up for ship
m 'nt which will avetage 15 per cent copper and small values in gold and silver.
Several other claims and groups of
in noral claims have good surface showing*
in this camp, but are too numerous to
n at several points The 0 P. R. expect to take the line over by the hist of
tht year.
The mad is in receipt of a Dominion
subsidy arranged on a sliding scale according to the cost of construction. The
-cale is from $3,200 to Jo inn per mile.
The nature of the country through which
he road will run in many places is such
>* to justify the opinion that the government will be called upon to psy the full
iiiiount of the subsidy.
The contract for the line was signed
Ust March. Aetual construction could
not be commenced until the federal
authorities had settled various questions
in connection with the charter of th*
Russian Fleet Gives Togo the Slip. company. The final measures being only
��� I assented to at Ottawa a few days ago.
Outside. After along, hard pull the I A Hong Kong despatch says it is re While the C. P. R. will only build a��
Nicola team took the tape across the line, j l)or'��l 'hat Rojestvensky's fleet has sue- , f���r H, jilcu|H Lake at the present time,
The gymkhana events went oh* well and | cessfully navigated the Bashi channel. If j u w certain that before very long plans
a very good exhibition of equestriaiuhip true'"'""hows that the Russians have : w,n (,e perfected lo carry the road oa to
was given by the contestants. ] eluded Togo and are now in the Pacific  tne ,outn ���|U| Nwing i' around la Midway
The horse races were held on the main' �������n.   The Bashi channel lies directly ' ;(| the g ,und,rf district.   The C. P. R.
street of the  town and created the usud ; *'Uth of For . oaa. branch hue from Procter emli at Midway
iiiereat. The Urge nuinher of Indians; A Paris despatch ssya it is asserted ,lhd ��hen that line was buiit it* future
present wlw believed they each had the HkH R qestvensky worked a clover ru" cm|tKmed provision for its ultimate ex-
winning horse  made the rices very keen,   on Togo and is now   well   on  his way to  te,���|���n to the coast.
The committee  who arranged the pro    Vladivostok, having elu >ed  the Japan. | ���|	
Wiped Out by Fire.
Whit* Horse. Yukon, May 23-Fire
last night clcined our the town. Prao-
tically the whole business section went up
in smoke. The loss is over a quaater of
I million. The conflagration coming just
at the opening of navigation makes th*
oalamity a double one.
are mostly done   on   a fissure vein which  gram and   carried it out so satisfactorily  ese trap set f>r him      He   has  left his j
hs been traced for several hundred fe�� L, ��� bt c���lll(I.a,u|���ed on their success   ��e��ker vessels behind and  is now steam-!
elfirts and the day's pleasure  was due to  i��g  at   full speed towards Vladivestoek
theii good management.
Below is a program uf the sports with
the successful contestants:
Girls race, 12 years and under, 1 Lena
Black well, 2 Dorothy Carringlon, 3
Madge Gillie.
Buys' race, 12 years and under, 1 I >bie
Murray, 2 Johnny Smith, 3 Tommy
with his hattlo��hip" and cruisers,
Tom Cat Group Sold.
The copper is found in a chemically j    1,ldian r,c* 10O*8rd,'l Joe>
Mens race, 100yards, 1 John Chapman
Ladies nail driving contest, 1 Mrs. E,
pure or native state, sometimes in the
amygdaloids and conglomerates and some
times in the traps and altered diabase.
lOntlnuedon Page Three.)
Woodward, 2 Mrs. Riley.
Mens race, 220 yards, 1 John Chapman,
t John Liudley.
Laat Saturday a deal for mining property in the 4spen Grove section was put
through, the price being 115,000, with I w w R Mn|>M, M p. p., for x���.
81,000 cash. Tne property k^WMtto 1^ ��� hethe neX( ������. ,|���|M|
is the Tom Cat group, near the Portland | ^ ^^ Rn sp[)0,ntmeD, h���g heen
property, and was owned to��. B. Am- L^ ^ ��� ^ ^ MMj tn.
strong of Lower Nicola and Wm. Murray, j ^^ ^ ^
Frank Bailey, M. E , had charge of the ,	
deal, the purchasers being California men, | (*lark | Stewart's stage line brought in
who we understand will do considerable j a special stage load of passengers'his
work on the property. I evening. THE NICOLA HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, in Advance. $2 a Year
Advertising Hates on application. All advertisement* charger] tor until ordered out and
paid for
Address all communicatious and make remittance* to
Nicola Lake, B. C.
Nhou Lake. B.C., May 25. 19(15.
nicola Railways. *
Now that the railway for the Nicols
district ha* about become a "sure thing,"
a great many people will turn their attention to this rich section "f British Col
umbia and speculating m the possible de
velopiuent ill the future of the country
between Spences Bridge and Osoyoos,
the route to be eventually covered by the
proposed new mad.
That the whole country and more es
pecially that part nt it known as the
Nicola district, is rich, goes without say
ing. Everybody at the coast cities hsi-
seen exhibits of fruit and minerals from
this region and a great many Vancouver
mining and business men are already in
terested In fact there are few of a spec
ulative turn of mind who have not taker
a flying trip into the Nicola and Similka
meen on the chance that transportation,
when it finally came, would make their
inves'ments remunerative.
p may be said that, now that transpor
tation seems assured, the greatest wonder
of all is that such a beautiful and remark
ably rich country could lie dormant *n
long for no other reason than the need ol
a railway. Yet such is the case. With
resources of timher, mineral and pastor*
lands, the best that the sun ever shone
on, and all with'n 200 miles of Vancouver
and less than 200 miles from the Boundary camps, the Nicoh and Similkameen
Country has lain waiting all these year*
for the march of progress and the thundei
of the iron horse. Railroads galore hav.
been projected to open it up and ever)
promoter who has ever become acquainted
with its riches has become infatuated:
but lor one cause or another nothing ha-
been done.
Now comes the C. P. R. from the
Spences Bridge end, and the V. V. & E
continued through the Similkameen with
out a doub', both roads having already
got past the paper stage.
During this year the C. P. R. will in
all probability only ouild a distance of 45
miles, but it is the starter of a through
line to Midway. With the completion n(
the first section it will open up the Nicola
to such an extent thai, within a very
few years the Nicola will be the leader Of
the producing districts in the province.
Let the railways come and let them come
Don't Pull Down Your Sign.
In all towns where a newspaper is published, every man Bhoiild advertise in it,
if nuthing more than a card stating his
name and the business he. is in.     It
Chance to Compete For the St. Charles
British Columbia r hVuien will be
pleased to hear of the trophy the St.
Charles Condensing Company has pre
sented to them to he competed for at the
annual shoot of 'he British Columbia
rifle ass.,cute n.
As there is no shield  in the possession
f the B (!  R fl-Associ.t   to he shot
tor, the donors have t'lat the trophy he
termed a Challenge Shield.
The St. Charles Shield will cost some-
��� herein the neighborhood of I'SO^and
*ill be quite the hand*ome*t shield in
Capt. John S. Tait of the Duke of Con
naught* Own R flus was instrumental in
'.ringing the natter up,
Hoch. who by his own confession is a
polygstnist and who is i harged by the police ��oli having married at least foity
'omen in the la*t fifteen years, was on
Saturday at Chicag >, found gunly of mur
lenng hi* wife, Marie Welcher Hoch.
I'he jury recommended the dealh s. n-
Everyone needs glasses whose
eyes are not perfect! v forussed
for seeing distant objects, or
easily H.IjiistaMe for near work.
We can give you perfect ��ieht.
Our Sta-Zon Eyeglasses pleaae
the particular
Presbyterian Church, Nicola Lake:  Sir
vices every eabbuth at II a. m. and ':�� p.m.;
.libie class and Sabbath School, 2:30 p.m.
Hi.v. Gkoiiok Mason,
lYobileriaii I'astor.
Rkv. John Pye,
Mclhodi*! I'astor.
Methodist Church. Lower Nicola: Divine
-cruce eveiy Lord* 1 lay at 3 p.m. and 7:30 iuii.
-unday ��choolat. 2 p m.
Jons Pi a
Methodist Mini tor.
VMaM Mason, *
I'loliylcrian Minister.
1SH COLl'MrllA.
In the matter of
The "Official Administrators' Act."
In the matter nf
Notice is hereby given thai by an order made
in this honoii'ahlecourt dated the lilihdaynf
May. A. II.. 1905, the undersigned was appointed admini-tmtnr with 'he will annexed of all
and singular the sal at�� of the above named
itobert Charters late of QuhYh. na. in the district of Yale, in Ihe province of 'Titi-h Colon)
hia. gcnlleman. deceased, who tied on or about
the 4th day of DON .her. A. I).. I%l
All persons having claims airainsl Ihe said
dsmssad are required toaend Nimc with full
particular* thereof, duly verified, to the undersigned on orhefnre the lit dav "f lugusl, A I)
IWii, and all (arsons indebted to the -aid deceased are required to nay ihe amoiinl nf such
indebtedness to ihe undersigned forthwith.
Official Administrator, t'oim'y of Yale,
Kamloops, Ii. C.
In the Matter if Antonio Godey
Notice is hereby given I hat by an order made
oes i hv His Honour W. Noiman Hole, local judge ol
Will We Have a Railway This
We Don't Know, but at all events we
are taking time by the forelock and making
preparations for a busy season. Our customers will get the benefit of this. We have
a greater assortment and a better class of
goods than ever before and at prices that are
right.   We guarantee satisfaction.
< iuii|> OnOiK Mining atopfUM Hardware
Dry <ioo((n Itoois ami Khnm Urorr ri<pit
Hi ii  s A Sliilioniry   l.cnts I iirnisliiiig Flour A Iced
and Saddlery
Now is the time to buy your Harness and Saddlery. I have in
stock a full l:ne o goods suitable
to the trade. Sa isfaction guar
anteed.   All kind* nf
Harness, Boots, Shoes, etc., done
neatly and promptly.
NICOLA LAKE,      -      -      B.C
i n
Forwarding Agents from Spences Bridge to all
points in Nicola and Similkameen.
Agents Nicola Townsite, Insurance Agents.
First class hoard and lodging by the
lay week or mouth. Every attention
given to the travelling public.
Mks. Rii.ey, Proprietress.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
I he chief cominishioner of land-and works for
ii special licenco lo cut timher on the following
��� les'Tibed area commencing at a postmarked
8, Tingley's 8. K. corner, thence N HU chains.
I hence V, 80 chains, t hence S SO chains, thence
K 80 chains to initial post, NO acres.
22 I 51 05., Nicola.
( ommencing at a post marked S. T��� 8. W.
corner, Itienee N HO chains, thence K HO chains,
I hence M 80 chains, thence W 80 chains, to initial
post, NO aorta,
22 | 5 I IB.. Nicola, S.TINGLEY.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veil, Pork
and Sausage
OrderB throughout the District receive careful attention and promptly delivered
.1 \ vii.s   POOi.r.l Proprietor
Thirty flap after dale. I In'end 'nappply'o
the chief coiiiiiiH-ioner of lands and works for
a special licence to cut timber over the following described area, commencing ni a post
marked J s, n. K. comer, thence N 80 chains.
VV 80 chains, S 80chains, K 80 chains to initial
po��t. WO acres.
Also commencing at a post marked J. H��� 8.
VV. corner, thence SOchains. K 80 chains, thence
S 80 chains, W SOchains, lo initial post, NO acres.
22 i ii | 05., Nicola J   K. SH1VKL.
; this hunoiouab!" court, daled the 1*1 day of
not only pay to advertise, but It lets peO i ^ay. A ll, KM, th�� undesigned was appoint-
nla ��r �� rliafance know that the town in ���* administrator of all and singular the estate
pie at a distance now law tne town idu AntonloOodsy.iatooMY.ui
of Yale. In the prnvlnc
nf HrilUh Ciliimhla,
which  you reside is a prosperous com
��� r I rancher, dceca-cil, who died inlc-lalc on or
munity of businessmen.     As the seeds about the Ufa day nf March, A. n��� MM
��� v. All ucr-nii��� l.uviiiK clniiiisauaiiiM Ihe estate
are sown so the seed recompenses. Never nt ,|1() Hfti(j ,i,.IT���MI| ,��������� require to send the
pull down your sijjn while you eipoct to
do business.���Peter Coifper.
A Keremeos resident who saw for the
first time a railroad train -one of Jim
Hill's���while traveling through the district, naturally took to flight down the
track. The engineer stopped the train
and captured what he supposed was a
crazy man. Finding him sane, though
breathless, the engineer in anger asked
him why he did not get of the track.
"Get off the track," roared the Keremeos
man. "If I'd ever took to olowed land
the thing would have caught me sure."
The other day a procrastinator aaid:
"I'll do some advertising next month if I
live." He died. Another said: "I'll
see about it tomorrow." He's blind.
Still another said: "I'll advertise or go
to the devil."   He's gone.
same with naiihiil.irs I hereof dul> verified to
ihe iindcr-ig'ied nn or before Ihe 1st daj of
July, A. II., HUB, and all  persons indebted  lo
lie .-uid dec. used are required In pay the
amount nf Miehinilcbledncs lo the m.il, rsiga
cd forthwlili
Dated this 5th day of May, A. II, MM,
llthVinl   Administrator for the ('mini Court,
District of Vale, Kunloups, H. C.
Thirty day* After date I intend to apply to
thl chief cniiifninMion��T of landn and w��rkn for a
huerial licence to rut Umber on the follnwiiiK
QMortbH) area, rnnmienc.ir,jf at. a mt m irke-i
II. Mclimr-S. K. COTBtfi UMMI N SOrhaiiiK,
thence tt kii chaiiiH, theme s sil rhains, thenoo
K 80 chain*, to initial im-t. MO acrun.
CommoDolDg at a iinnt marked 1). Mclnnex'
S VV, O'-rntT. hence N 80 chain-. IB 80 chain*,
l hem4 B 801 hainn, thence VV 80 chain* to initial
port, MOaerw.
tl I5|05.. Nicola. I). McINNKS.
Notice Is hereby given that within thirty
days from date 1 Inlend 'o apply to the com-
BIHal tier of lands and works for a licence In
BfOspaot for coal on the following described
land situated on the west side of Lindley creek
ami . omiiieiieiiiK at the north east, corner posi,
jniiiinK the I'aul Mokmler claim, thence running 80 chains west, thence Ml chains south,
thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains norlh to
place nf beginning.
liOcated this 28th day of April, 1905.
Merel)ai}t Tailor
Now is your time to se'ect your Summer Suit. Nice
patterns of scotch, bnglish and Irish Tweeds. First class
fit guaranted.
All kinds of repair work done in a
neat and satisfactory manner and in short
Nolice is hereby niven that within thirty
days from date I intend to apply to the commissioner of lands and works for a licence to
prospect, for coal on the following described
properly situated on the west side of l.indley
creek adjoining Andrew Reynold's claim, and
commencing at, the souih east corner post,
marked No. 1, thence running 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains soul h to place of beginning
Located this 28th day of April, 1TOS7
Unequalled ns a   j
S'uimoci* Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
, First Class Accommodation. Terms:
Moderate.  '
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
ANDREW SMiTH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and Horseshoing done in
first class shape. Leave your work here and it will receive
prompt attention.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Whatever is correct finds
plsce hare. We've fresh,
exclusive novelties gathered from the products of
makers with a reputation.
Neckwear, bright with the
hues and freshness of the
spring season. Clothing,
New Shirts, new glows,
Hosiery, Underwear,
House Coats, Top Coats,
Shoes, etc. It is impossible to mention all the
Furnishings we have in
stock for the comfort and
adornment of Men and
Hoys who would be
Well and Comfortably Dressed
You'll find the exclusive
Haberdashers' styles here
but not his prices.
Mail Orders a Specialty
Kxslnslvc Outfitter to Men and Boys.
"Bobs" Coming to B. 0.
The Irish Guards baud of His Majesty
King Edward's Household Brigade, will
visit the Northwest Territories, Victoria,
Vancouver and New Westminster in
Lord Roberts is honorary colonel of
the Irish Guards and will he with tbe
bind on a portion of the tour n British
"Come, now," said mamma, who had
'aken ihe children for a walk through the
Z i , "let's go home and see paps "
"Oh! no," protested Klsie, "let's see
these other monkeys hrsi."
no11 is
Dorothy Goodwin, the five year old
daughter of Charles Goodwin, harness
linker of Victoria, was burned to death
r rniay night. She was playing with the
amp in an incubator and her clothing
ciught tire.
Agent: Madam, could I sell you this
book of fairy tales?"
Mrs. Muchwed: "No. I've been
married four times, and fairy tales are a
chestnut with me."
(Continued f otn IV' One.
Probably the copper was deposited by
precipitation in the cavities and strata
from the waters ol ancient sea abov., the
amygda'o Is containing a variety of gran
ular aud crystalline rock forms, the cal
cerous and silicious portions of which
were presumably powerfully impregnated
with salts and the holes left by the d'sso
lutinn of the calcite and chalky nodules
o' the amygdaloids, the copper was de
posited when precipitated from the wai.rs
above; then again, probably the cu,inf r
ous deposits of this camp are purely ol
igneous origin. Aspen Grove is, ��i<h
few exceptions, a prospector's paradise in
summer, with itB extensive ranges, where
(large   herds   of  cattle feed, it lakes and
streams, all more or less filled with trout,
i and game can be secured in season at 10
, great distance from the beaten paths of
Considering the  lack of  capital I g
expended, one cannot fail to notice tie
large amount of prospecting work done in j
[Aspen Grove, and still goes on with
good results. On nearly all the claims
held there i< tonnage in sight for the first
lucky railway that laps the camp.
The great advantage that this camp haB
over  other cupriferous   camps  in  th a
province   is   itB close proximity to large
beds of semi bituminous coal (coking coal)
now   being  developed by different com
pauiea in the Nicola valley, situated from
fifteen   to twenty miles north of Aspen
Grove, sb one of the most important feat
ures in the successful treatment of cuprif
erous ores of low grade, is cheap fuel and
fl nes, and   when transportation reaches
t e Sinnlk uneen, smelters will undoubtedly be   erected  and, with all the uec ���-
sary ingredients  close  at hand, the pro
duotion of copper matte should not cost
more than the present treatment of the
cipr'ferous ores of Ihe Boundary country
to the east, from 81 35 to 81 50 per short
ton.���Frank Bailey, ME , in the Mining
An old time darkey preacher was called upon to deliver the funeral sermon
over one of his Hock. "Bredr.n an' sis
tern," said he, "de decested we all knowed
nior'ii forty long years. En' durin' dat
time he wuz always mighty slack in his
pussonal conduct. He'd git drunk, he'd
lie, an' he'd cuss. He'd ateal, an he'd
keen in de jail lots o times. He wui too
lazy to wok, an' his wife had to earn de
cln'es an' de vhtals, and when de vittals
didn't taste right he uster heat de woman.
All dein things wc knows he wuz, but
apite'n all nary one can say he eveh loss
his 'ligion.
If you require a cheap outfit for the
coming Hay Season, call and Bee
at R  H. Winny's Ranch, also
While you are there you can secure a
Bale of Hay if you require it. For par
Honiara apply
R. H. WlNKY.
Nicola Lake, P. 0
K mill  at Nicola Lake  on April 28 > .
19il5, a gentleman's gold  waicll and   b ir
chain   aith   locket.        0��ner can  ha*
property by proving Ihe Bame and paying
cost of this advertisement.
N. J. Harwich.
Notice is hereby given that the partner
-hip heretofore existing between Jol I
Clark and M. P Stewart, known as Clark
Si Steaart, has this day been dissolveO by
mutual consent. All accounts owing lo
rhe said firm are to he paid to M P. Stew
art, who will also settle all dehtsagainni
���aid firm. The stage and ran. lung busi
UN will be continued by M. P S'uwart.
Dated at Nicola Lake, B. C, this U b
day of May, 1905.
John Clakk,
M. P, Stewart
The well known stallion Reggie M will stand the season at
the ranch of Peter Marquirt,
Courtnay Lake, B. C, Terms:
$20 at the end of the season,
pasture included.
Fetek Makouakt.
DOMINION HOTKL, the best house in town
Headquarters for the Nicola, liewis creek
and Granite creek stages. Kvery convenience
for travelers and commercial men. Excellent
i able and well stocked bar. C. J. Kobinnon IX
Co.. proprietors, Kamloop*.
���V/fONTIiKAL HOTKL, Kamloops. Napoleon '
*���**���   Latreinouille. proprietor.   Filial class in
every particular.    Good wines. Liquors and
cigars,  ^tabling in connection.
KAMLOOPS HOUSE, I>. Herod, proprietor.
Baal slock of wine-, liquors and cigars in
the Interior. Just the spot for a niceeoolre
freshing glass of beer. When in Kumloops
call in.
nearest Intel to the railway Kiation.    The
only covnciilent hotel for travelers.     Good
room-, gisnl table, good liquors.    Two large
sample rooms.   I*. A. He.nili.ui. proprietor.
Good stabling in connection.
ABHCROrr HOTKL. The most convenieni
hotel for visitors In Ashcrnfi. The best (if
table board. Hot ann cold laiths. Our representative meets all trains. Johnson k Perkins,
crythlngiiplo-datc, the lwii��e ha- Wall
been remodelled and is now under new nnih
agement.. The bar Is supplied with i hoi.e-t
brands of wines, liquors and cigars. W hen in
Ashcrofi stop at the Grand Central, George
Ward, proprietor.
M<>|> ill  Nil-
Robt  Scott, Ptopnetor
When   traveling   on   the Nicola road
Convenient place for travelers with goo.
Otter Flat Hotel
Charles Deharro, Proprietor.
TULAMEKN CITY,   .   .   ���   ���   B. 0
Headquarters for Summit, Rahbilt
mountain, Tulameen river, B ulder, Beai
and Kelly creek camps. Good Fishing
and Boating.
P 0  Address:   Aspen Grove.
I \|> ��r��T and <ieolOKi*t
Of ihe College of Literal -Art
Having made a en refill examination of rhe
ThoinpN ifi. Honajirtrie and Moolt division* of
Yale liiHiMicI, Hriiinh Columbia, In prapifHt. to
fur.iir.li inventor* and Intending In Teuton with
reliabli' repurtunn theOOOUrrtOUeof metHllifttr-
oiih oren, aUo coal*, lignite eua) and lignite
w(t bin I be disl ii��a indicated.
Having nmde n careful examination of the
Ci'ldwaler coal bednof ihe Menla VaJbj and
Hat creek country, veiy dependable report* <>i\
th�� character uf llieKe coals and lignites will lie
furnished lo investors and oilier*. These ��� x-
aniinationshave extended over many years and
the value a-, well as extent uf thecual measures
will be g" ''M, Hi gular addrtm, AnhorofL B.C.
('able and Tul. add aw, "Cailon," Ash-Toft.
J. A. SCOTT, Prop.
All kinds of  Watches, Clocks, Jeweln,
etc., kept in stock.    Wedding pres
toils a specialty.
First class repairs done on short mili. ���
and returned at once.
John D. Swanson, B. A.      or
IWrihter,   Solicitor -ilid   N-tary   Public
Office:   Ka*t of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, smith fUU- of Victoria -trcut, Kainloon*.
Money to loan on real estate security.
Walter C. Clark
Accountant. Conveyancer and
Notary Public.
Office opposite Postoftlce, Kamloops
La Morena
J. D. Prentice, ex-provincial secretary
and minister of Inane*. ������� afi����tsf ��t
Ashoroft on Friday, char.'���' *ith ��ggra-
vated assault, the comii|��jn mi t.ein^ Mrs.
Duncan McGillivray of Casta creek.
Accountant, Commission, Insurance
and General Agent.
Main Street Kamloops
(I'NION  MA   K)
Inland Cigar Mfg Co.
In knitting a pair of socks it takes all
the stitches to eount for anything���i^'a
the same way with advertising���it's all
the adds together that count.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a specialty.
All kinds of Watch, Clock
and Jewelry repairs done in
first class order and satisfaction guaranteed. All work
entrusted to our care will be
completed and returned without delay.
C.)'. K. Time Inspectors. Kamloops
We have secured for the pleasing of men of taste,
li you are one of the best dressers you certainly
will appreciate the style, beauty and quality of
everything in this stock of
Men's Furnishings
New styles and colorings in Shirts, Neckwear
and Hosiery are prominent. Summer is crowding out Spring and already the lighter things,
from Underwear out, are coming in fast, Going
out fast too, because of these small prices.
F.E.BURNS   - Kamloops, B. C.
Our Motto:   " Always on Time."
loyal II, iii
m uuc
also General Livery
Head Office:     - Nicola Lake, B C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday  for Nicola  I ake,   Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephony connection with Kamloops
CLARK & STEWART, Proprietors
Iu This Space Next Week
Lower Nicola,
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling in Connection.
Telephone Connection THE  NICOLA   HERALD
C��pilul paldup-W.24a0nn.OO.   Rewrve Fund $2,100,000.00.   Toial Aw-et.   127,000,000.00
HiKvOmcs:   H miltiiN'. J. Ti'KNBru, General Manager
6? Offices Throughout Canada
A geueral b-uikinic tm-iin>s tr&nsarted.    lUnclicm' DOtex (Uncounted,    (ollwtions made
Drnf'M ro'd. pay iMe at all points hi Canada, I'nited ^tulrs and Kun-pr.
Saving* Bank Department-DvpmiU s( One Dollar and Upwards i-eceived, and in
teirwcuinpoiiiidtd li��lf jt*rtil> uu31cl .\Ihj and Mh Novi inlicr.
Current Accounts oi'iraied upon favorable term*.    Acanrellodcheck I* the taforeceipt 'or money payineDtn,
A H. SKBY, Agent.
A. R CarriiiK'on   re urned   from   th>
�����K Urn *jvt-��� 11111;
R  H. Winny tiHH an  ��l m rhisiiKie
which all -h ��� u!��� t r.'.il
E   B. Tiri({ley p f OtUI V��IU'y wan on h
businrru) trip bo Nicola thin week.
.1. H. MrGftgnrnf L'*er Nicola wr�� ��
visitor to NicnU mi Wwlne��day.
James Smith and  Mr. Li'dlny were in
town Mmiday from L >��er Nicola.
Rev  Archdeacon S.imll left last week
for a three months visit to England.
Mrs. .1. A B ns tv returned from
Ksmloops Monday on het way to Asp> n
F W .lacks.m mansi/er of the Triangle
ranch and Mn. Jackson spent Wednesils)
in town.
8. J. P. Sco't drove in from Rookfnfd
on Sunday with a special conveyance for
Mr. Voight.
S. Tingley who has heen lonkiny "ver
his interests throuiihout this section let
Tuesday for Ashcroft
J WalUce of Prii���ceinn leaven in the
inruing forth*' metJopolii.
Jamei Mun-hison after a weeks visit to
Kamlonpx is home again at Nicola.
D P. Mtrpole anil family Will arms
neit *eek and take charge of the (iordoo
F. W. QftrtM, P. L S , was Jin to��n
the fir8f nf the week uu his way t.. Princ ���
ion from Kami1 ops.
John E Rites returned from Kimlnm s
Hoodajr *nd left next day for the Pn t-
lind mine. Aspen Or ve.
A. T. and El. Etophtfrf of Minnie
Ln.e were in town Wednesday taking in
Victoria Day sports.
Miss  Nellie  Hunter returned Mo day
from Kamionps where she had been visi
iig with friends.
Mrs. Chapman and son of C'Utlee were
in town Wednesday taking in the Victori��
D���y celebration and viMtb g friends.
Jos, Collett returned hmne Tuesday
after a few davs visit to Nie la, 0:iutlee
and Lower Nicola.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ami of Rnckfort)
were tn town this week and returned
home this morning.
Junes Chenall left for Clinton today.
Iiavini! r>c i ed word nf the illness of hs
S'-ter who was in a very critical condition.
Mrs. Mirkle of ^udchena and Mirl
L'ttuce of Victoria, who is visiting with
h.T. were visiting in N cla Wedresdsy.
Rev. Mr. Pugh of Lytton, will conduct
ihe service ill the Church nf St. John the
Biptist on Su'nlay morning at 11 o'clock
Communion at iS a. m
Minnie Marquart who has heen very
ill with pneumonia is much better and
will he about again shortly.
R. I!. Lee, D A P.L.S., of Ksmloops,
arrived in Nicola M' D'lay and is now en
���aged surveying coal property on the
G. B. Armstrong, general merchant of
Lower Nicola was in town on Saturday on
business in connection with his mining
interests in Aspen Grove.
J. T. Smith, managing director of the
Diamond Vale Coal and Iron Mines near
Quilcheua, retiin.al to Vancouier Saturday via Spenccs Bridge.
Alfred (ioddi.v-on who had been on an
ei'ended visit to England has returned
and is 'it present at Nicola, He expec s
to leave shortly for D iiglas lake where
he will be employed
A full line of ihe above always ke,t
ill slock at close prices at
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
If Yoa Need Anytime
Iq tlje
Line, send your work to the  under.ii(ed
All   orders   lini-hed   in a   workmanship
manner.   Cibioet work a specialty
J.  K. tMQMOQt,
Lower Nicola. B C.
Found at Nicola Lii-e on April 28th,
1906, a gent'eman's gold w.'eli and hair
chain with locket. Owner can hav.
property by proving the same and paying
cost of this advertisement.
N. J. Bakwiok.
George Bent who left on Friday's stage
for Kamlmps on his way to Toronto is
visiting some of the '4fler at the Inland
Capital before proceeding east
Messrs. Thompson and CooknfVar-
couver, who have Men looking over Bear
creek and Princeton recturned to Yancou
ver on Tuesdays stage.
Alec. D   Macintyre   of   Kamloops, has
been appointed administrator of the es j
tate of the Robert Charters of Quilcheua, i
and Antonio Godey of Cnutlee, notice of
which appears in this issue,
A   number of bachelor friends of Dr.
Tutill will  meet at his residence on Fri
day evening, June liod, to spend  a fare
well bachelors' party with the doctor, who j
is shortly to join the ranks of benedicts.
Ri)v. George Mason has been seriously
ill the past week with an attack of pneu
monia. His condition at the present
time is much improved although being
very ��eek.
Three hundred and eighteen acres of
land purchased by Senator Bostock at
Ducks from the dominion government at
S2 per acre has been relinquished, it hav
ing been now made open for homestead
Dr. R. W. Ellis, Ottawa, and Dr. Pool,
Halifax, members of the Dominion geo
log nl survey, were at Quilcheua last
Thursday and spent Friday at Coutlee in
connection with the coal deposit*. They
will spend a few months on Queen Charlotte island, and will return to the Nicola
district in September to continue their
G. Liwrence of  Kamloops was in town
last week with the object of  organizing a i
lodge of the Ancient Order of  Foresters]
in   Nicola.     He  secured the necessary
number   in   Nicola, Uoutleu   and Lower j
Nicola  to   start  a lodge.   Officers from
Ksmloops will be over shortly to institute
the lodge.
Emil K. Voight returned to Voight's
camp, oupper mountain last Sunday on
his return from Kamionps where had been
attending the assize in connection with
mineral claims in which he is interested.
Mr. Voight predicts a great future for the
SiiiiilUiinvn district.
David Lindley a lad of about thirteen
years had his arm dislocated and fractured
at the elbow joint last Thursday afternoon at Lower Nicola. He was riding a
horso when the saddle turned, with the
above result. Dr. Tutill was nearby and
set the broken limb at once. The young
lad Is getting along nicely.
We want to talk to you about
our Coffees. We handle nothing hut the best to be had in
the market, and as we buy
often our CoffeeB are always
frish. They come to us in
air tight drums and tins,
thereby preserving the aroma
and ftrength. We grind them
Our Maldi Tea
Is packed specially for us in
Ceylon by a re'iable house,
and we can honestly say it is
the best value at the price in
the country���60 c. per pound.
A trial in the cup will reveal
the whole story. You'll want
N & GO
A. R.
A full apd UP-to-datc Stock of
Groceries, Hardware, Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Miners' Supplies, etc.
General Agent for Excelsior Life Insurance
Co., sub-agent for Fire Insurance Co.
Post Office���Mail sorted for Aspen Grove, Princeton,
Granite Creek and way points at this office. Money
order office and Saving's Bank branch. Telephone
office in connection with store, connects with telephone office at Kamloops.
We are in a position to show you one of the best assorted stocks ever placed in Nicola. We have secured
the newest and most fashionable goods, so you can depend on anything you see here as just right for style,
quality and value.
We lead and will convince you so that you will
leave us and be well satisfied with our goods.
New Dress Goods
New Skirts
New Silk Waists
New Shoes
All of the Best and Prices to suit the pockets.
See and be Convinced.
Lumber, Flour and Feed always on Hand.
, Ml
Lower Nicola,        -       -        B. C.
Hardware, Farm Implements, Wagons, etc
KAMLOOPS,    -   B. C.


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