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The Nicola Herald Oct 5, 1906

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/    ,<V-J ���*���" '1/
Vol. 2.  No. 40.
$2 a Year
District Wants Thoroughly Prospect
log.-Railroad Will   Soon Help.
Some furface Indications
of Minerals.
The Nicola Herald has every reason
to believe that several large deals are
pending which will be largely to the advantage of the residents of the Nicola
Valley. Just at present negotiations
are in such a state that it would bu unwise to give full particulars of them as
yet as this might hamper the completion of tnese negotiations which are now
being brought to a close, On the surface and to outsiders things may appear
quiet and stagnant but to thos:; in the
inner circle who keep their eyes opw
the signs are not wanting to show that
we may expect in the near future a
decided quickening of the interest which
is being taken in this locality and itf
resources. With regard to these latter
it might be well to state that although
something has been done in the way of
prospecting, the bulk of this mining
division is still a term incognita to all
but the deer and th-' coyotes, and other
wild animals. One has only to take the
map and mark the position of tha different camps to notk' I th tt though widely apart they are all with tho exception of perhaps one or two individual
claims near the road or trail. The
search for mineral has been spasmodic
and by no means carried out on anything like a systematic basis, it bein.'
partly a case of one mineral find leading
to others located near. Thar, are in
this mining section deposits, undoubtedly of the rarer metals and a knowledge
of these and of their location might lead
to a still further interest being taken
in this mining division.
As this is a matter of general inter
est a few remarks on this subject may
not be out of place. As a rule the superficial appearance of the outcrop of a
vein indicates the metals it contains.
The presence of fluorspar indicates metallic associations wherever found. A
brown powder at the surface indicates
iron and often tin; a pale yellow powder
lead and green copper. Gold and silver
are found in primary and transition
rocks, porphyry quartz, syenite and the
lowest sandstone occasionally in coals,
and abundantly in the sands of rivers.
Mercury is found in slate, limestone
and coal strata. Copper in primary and
transition rocks, syenite (sometimes
sandstone) coal strata and alluvial
ground. Iron is found in every kind of
rock, tin, granite, gneiss, mica slate
and slate, lead and zinc in primary and
transition rocks (except trap and serpentine) porphyry, syenite the lowest
sandstone and occasionally in coal strata.
Metals are always found as alloys, sul-
phurets, oxides or salts. Gold and platinum are found only as alloys. Silver,
mercury, copper, iron, antimony, arsenic and cobalt in all four states. Lead
and zinc in the three last. Tungsten,
uranium, lithanium, chromium and tan
taliuin only as oxides.
Few metals are found pure or native
Th'' ground in this district has hardly
been scratched and yet it has already
shown that we have one of the richest
mineral districts in the province.
With the railroad now at our doors,
question of transportaticn has been lar-
gely solved and the discoverer of a
I good thing need have no difficulty in
j obtaining the necessary assistance to
help him open up his property. It will
I be onlv a question of a very short time
before prospectors and others from outside localities will flock in on the look
out for properties that might well have
been taken up by those who have waited so patiently for the advent of the
iron horse, and to whose faith
in the resources and possibilities of the
Nicola district the locality is indebted
for the first opening up of this fine mineral section.
D A T f P H A 1_     WAD V , more quickly from or. place to another
KAILKUAJJ   WUI____;lhan^r      mn^jf he ta J
  j tranaient.or one looki.it; into the prosp-
| ects of the locality. We venture to
state tnat there are places in the west
that have well organized publicity bureaus that have not a first class country
hotel. If you want business men and
good settlers to come into your town,
don't forget that an unplesaent lodging
house may so disgust them in one day
that they will take the next train for
gome other place. We claim then, that
every section of the country should see
to it that there is at least one up-to-date
hostelry, where  new comers and visit-
P. R. Engineers Pay Visit of Inspec
Hon.  Survey  Party at Aspen
Orove Will   Shortly Fin
Ish Location Lin*.
Best of Sport for Rod and Oun   Fruit*
of All Kinds Thrive Wonderfully
Owing to Situation   An
Ideal Locality.
Assumes Possession of Cuba.
On Saturcay last U. S. War Secre-
ary Taft issued a proclamation declaring himself provisional governor of
The proclamation is as follows:
"To All People of Cuba:
"The failure of congress to act on
the irrevocable resignation of the president of the republic of Cuba, or elect a
successor, leaves the country witnout a
government at a time when great disorder prevails and requires that, pursuant to the request of Mr. Palma, the
necessary steps be taken in the name of
the president of the United States to
restore order and protect life and property in the island of Cuba and the islands and keys adjacent thereto, and
for this purpose to establish therein a
provisional government."
The terms of the proclamation caused
.eneral satisfaction especially on account of the moderate terms in which
it was expressed. No one appears inclined to doubt the good intentions of
President Roosevelt and his representatives and there is no apprehension of
any serious trouble or resistance "to the
nrovincial government in any part of
Babine Indians are Fined.
Last week Big George, chief of the
Babine tribe with eight of his Indians
surrendered themselves on the charges
preferred against them in connection
with the recent trouble with the fishery
guardians at Babine lake. Six of them
were found guilty and fined on two separate charges. Tne first charge was
that of having unlawfully barricaded
certain streams in violation of the Fisheries Act for which they were each
fined $20 and $11.75 costs or one month
in jail. The second charge was that of
resisting and obstructing officers in discharge of their duties. On this charge
they were each fined $100 without costs
or six months in jail.
Tlie construction cf the grade is
now almost complete, one or two
places only having to be finished
and this will de done in the course
of a week or so.
The laying of steel on the grade
is expected to commence very
shortly and the contractors hope to
have trains running into Nicola
by the end of the present month.
The report made in these columns
some time ago as tc further coir
struction has been corroberated and
work between Nicola and Quilchena
will be commenced very shortly.
A party of the C. P. R. engineering staff composed of H.J.
Cambie, C. E. Cartwright and H.
B. Walkem, paid a visit to the coir
struction last week. They also
made a close inspection of the completed line from Spences Bridge to
Coutlee, and expressed themselves
pleased with the progress already
The survey party under H. Carry
are still at work near Aspen Grovt
and have now almost completed
the location line to that point.
Some difficulty has lieen found in
getting the required grade near the
falls, but it is hoped by putting in
a loop, to get the necessary grade
and also avoid some tunneling. A
few days will see this part of the
survey finished and the surveying
party will then return to Nicola and
go over the location to Quilchena
once more.
The line at Aspen Grove has
been located to a junction with the
line of the old survey down One
Mile creek. Everything points to
further construction being gone
ahead with and once this is so, one
of the finest mineral districts in the
province will lie open to traffic.
No one who has travelled over this
district can have  failed to notice the
ors may be helped to form a good im- unique advantages enjoyed by Quilchena
pression of the community. We have
found hotels in different towns that are
a credit to their localities, but in very
many instances the proprietor pays
more attention to the liquor department
than he does to the comfort of his guests.
An Interesting Magazine
One of the most interesting numbers
yet issued is the October number of Rod
and Gun and Motor Sports in Canada
just to hand. Hunters of big game will
find much that is interesting in this
number while the tyro may learn much
lseful hunting lore from a perusal of
its pages. A graphic account of mountain climbing is the description)of theas-
���ent of Mount Vice President by certain
aspirants for membership in the Alpine
Gab of Canada. Quite a large proportion of this excellent number is demoted to deer and moose hunting experiences and which are illustrated by
ome excellent photographs. Disciples
of Izaak Walton are not however forgotten and some thrilling descriptions
of contests with the flnny tribe in various parts of the Dominion are given.
Taken altogether sportsmen of the most
varied tastes will find something of int-
rest in this well edited magazine.
Barwink Block
Construction of this new addition to
the buildings of Nicola is going ahead
rapidly. From its present state some
idea can now be formed of the accomodation which will soon be available.
On the ground floor there will be three
large stores well lighted and of good
proportions. Up stairs there will be
accomodation for suites of offices. The
Nicola Herald understands that already
most of the building has been appropriated by intending tenants and it is expected that the building will be ready
for their entry about the beginning of
next month.   N. J. Barwick is to be
close to Nicola Lake which at this point
has widened out until a body of water
is available for the purposes of boating
etc. which is unexcelled in ' any
other part of the district. The fishing
in the lake here is of the best and one
has not to go far before being able to
get the summum bonum of a lively fight
with fish that are as sporty as they are
me best of eating. Then the shooting
in the vicinity of Quilchena is such that
io lovers of sport in this upper country
the name is synonymous with good game
large bags and a thoroughly enjoyable
Nor are the advantages of Quilchena
applicable only to sport. Fruit thrives
there as it does in no other part of the
valley perhaps, due no doubt to its position as well as to its natural advantages. The climate here seems mil der
and the soil more suitable to the growth
of the more tender varieties of fruit.
Apples thrive well and one has only to
look over the garden of S. Kirby the
well known host of the Quilchena Hotel
-o realize what a variety of produce
can be raised there. With the railroad
now projected to Quilchena the day is
not far distant when this beauty spot
will become the natural resort of thos*
in want of a change of air and scene.
A. Jackson of Quilchena was a visitor to Nicola, today.
S. J. Bate of Aspen Grove came down
yesterday on a visit to town.
R. J. Armstrong of Aspen Grove is
visiting at Kamloops and Vancouver.
Rev T. H. Wright will hold service
in the Methodist Church at Ixiwer Nicola on Sunday afternoon   and evening.
In view of the recent effort to have a
first-class tourist hotel established in
Kamloops, the following comment on
"Country Hotels" by the Winnipeg
Commercial is worth perusal says the
Inland Sentinel:
In \iew of the recent effort to have
H. J. Cambie, C. E. Cartwright and
H. B. Walkem of the C. P. R. came up
commended for his enterprise in erect- j over the line on a motorcar |ast we.k,
ing this block which will prove a most |and vjsitwl NJColai returnih~ down tht.
desirable addition to the present build- ���.rade fn,m Nicola to Coutlee and thence
ings of Nicola. 110 the coagt by way of Spences Bridge.
but usually in ores, gangues or compounds, combined with oxygen or acids
often two or more  resulting metals
with sulphur arsenic Ac, in veins of
rocks, the foreign bodies being called \
mineralizers as sulphur is to lead form-!
ing sulphuret of lead, called galena.
The question of the  rarer  metals Judge Kersten in
Of Interest to Prospectors.
Copper is still king. It is quoted at
19 cents with low stocks. The consumption would seem to be increasing
with greater rapidity than the production of the metal, and the day when there j a first class tourist hotel established in
will be a glut is very remote. I this city,   the  following comment on
Lead continues to advance in price j " Country  Hotels" by the Winnipeg
and its production has become profit- j Commercial is worth persual.
able in   British Columbia.   Gold,    of'   Occasionally we hear complaints of
course, holds its own aud will continue j poor hotel accommodation in the smal
to do so unless Bryan with his 16 to
1 policy should attain to power and
impart to silver a fictitious value.
Stensland Sentenced.
Paul 0.   Stensland appeared before
the supreme court
must be left over till a later issue but at Chicago last Wednesday.   He plead
there is no reason for doubt that a systematic search, carried out properly will
ed guilty to the charges of forgery and
embezzlement.    The Judge sentenced
result in finds of mineral that will prove ' him to an indeterminate period in Joliet
of financial benefit to their discoverer. ' penitentiary.
Icr towns and in the larger ones too.
When a new town is started in this
country, one of the first buildings to be
put up is an hotel. It may be crude at
first, but it comes.   There is no more j fortunate
To Charge Manslaughter.
It is learned on good authority that
the attorney-general's department will
prefer an indictment before the grand
jury when it meets next week in Vancouver, charging Capt. Griffin, of the
Princess Victoria, with manslaughter,
as a result of his connectio.i with the
recent fatal collision in the narrows in
which several persons lost their lives.
Deputy Attorney-General H. H. McLean
will prosecute.
Gets Prize money.
At the races held in Kamloops on
Friday last S. Kirby of Quilchena was
enough to win tho second
alert business in the west than that of prjze in the one mile dash for Provincial
hotel keeping. Now, while the hotel is bred horses, with his horse Ginger,
nearly always a private concern,we are ' Ginger also won the special prize for
of the opinion that it should be under the best gentleman's saddle horse,
the eye of the authorities in more respects than its liquor licence. It should
receive more attention at the lodging I A. E. Howse returned from the coast
end.   There is nothing drives ��� man on yesterday's train.
L. Hibbard who is interested in the
Golden Sovereign accompanied by
E. Lalande and Aubrey E. Robinson ���
mining engineer of Wallace Idahodrove
over to Aspen Grove from Kamloops on
Monday. After an inspection of the
Golden Sovereign the party arrived in
Nicola yesterday and will leave for the
coast this evening.
A Heavy Penalty.
It may not be generally known that
the Dominion Railway act was amended last year, so as to provide for a five
years imprisonment or a fine not exceeding $400 for every conductor, locomotive engineer, train despatcher, telegraph operator, station agent, signal
man, bridge tender, switchman or anj
other person who is intoxicated or under the influence nf liquor, in charge of,
or in any employment having todowith
the movement of trains.
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THE NICOLA HERALD   'the Canadian  Forestry  association prices for thine "influence" for behold
1 ,   . _        , ���____      guile isin thine heart and the merchant
desires to reaffirm the resolution readeth it like an opt'n book, he laugh-
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. S2 a Year
Nicola, B. C, October 5,1906.
A most interesting resume of
the history of timber legislation in
British Columbia was given by Hon
R. I\ Clan, Chief Comiiii-iiuierof
laadt and works, in his address  tn
the Forestry Convention' In draw
tag the attention of the convention
to the immense timber wealth of
this province be gave statistics
which show that if the tvertge yearly cut for the last seventeen years
MM maintained for the next two
hundred years our forests would still
he far from exhausted. While this
ana so however he warned them [
against tliinkthg this treasure was
inexhaustible. Prudently managed
and conserved, the timber wealth
of this province would last an indefinite period but if wasteful lumbering metbodt were persisted in
and fires ailowed to run unchecked
our magnificent forest heritage
might be dissipated in I generation
or two. In commenting on the
legislation which lias been patted !
for the safety of this forest wealth
Mr. Green said it was most difficult
in a territory like British Columbia
to enforce the law as in the majority of eases evidence is usually difficult or impossible to obtain.
The following resolution passed
on the last day of the convention
illustrates the fact that the members of the convention realize the
necessity for the strictest safeguarding of the timber wealth of the
"That a through system of fire
ranging be established, The timb-'
end areas of the province be divided into districts in each of which
miller the supervision of one or
more chief wardens, two or more
salaried rangers be employed during the six summer months with
authority to make arrests for violation of the laws relating to fires, to
take immediate action and enforce
help to pot ont such fires as may
occur, also to issue or refuse permits to set out liies during the dry
season, and to supervise such fires
where nercssan on account oi the
possibility of danger-"
Following this resolution wire
others, all practically with the one
end in view, the couseiv ation of the
forest wealth of Canada. One resolution also was made calling the
attention of the authorities to the
desirability of taking steps to promote forestry through the schools
and educational institutions. As'
showing that tlie convention is not
a mere lumberman's aasociation
but has the interests of the community and of the country in general, at heart, the last resolution
passed at the convention of the
Canadian Forestry Association is,
evidence if such were needed.
"Resolved, that this meeting of
passetl at the Canadian Forestry
convention held at Ottawa in January last regarding the reservation
of the forests required for the protection of streams furnishing a supply of water for irrigation, and for
the prevention of destructicn by
floods; and specially desires that
sjieedy action should de taken in
the direction indicated by the resolution refered to and that this
matter be brought to the attention
of the proper authorities at as early
a bate as possible."
1. Thou shalt not go away from
home to do thy trading, nor thy son,
nor thy daughter.
2. Thou  shalt patronise thy home
eth thee to scorn and shouteth to his
clerk "ha, ha!"
6. Thou shalt do whatever lieth in
thy power to encourage and promote
the welfare of thine own town and thine
7. Thou shalt not suffer the voice of
pride to overcome thee, and if other
towns entice thee, consent thou not, for
thou mayest be deceived.
8. Thou shall spend tby earnings at
home, and they may return from whence
they came and give nourishment to such
BI come after thee.
9. Thou shalt not bear false witness
against the town wherein thuudwelli'st,
but speak well of it to all men.
10. Thou shalt keep these command-
nii nl.-- and leach them to thy children
to the third and fourth generations, that
they may be made to flourish and grow
in plenty when thou art laid to rest
with thy f alters.-Exchange.
and  d*__rlb-d  us folliiW-    Commencing  at
���  poet marked   H,  V.,  ft, K, corner, al, the
ome'  nf H.   Crquhiut's  preemption:
Nutico ll ItiTi'liy given tint rixtrdtfl afler
d ta 1 intend lo aptly to the Chief Commissioner nf l/iiid* and Works for permission to
merchant, and  thy home  printer, for ini_-hi_c3___rro_ of niMntaln pasture land,
1 r situate   in   (ovule  Valloy,  Nicola   District,
yea, verily, doth not thy home printer
spread over the glad tidings of thy
goodness and greatness and they shall
patronize thee.
1 Thou shalt employ thine own mechanics that they may not be driven
from their homes to find bread for their
lii-nce fioiIh So ehains; thenee west 411 ehaini
bene, south SU ihains; I hence east 10 chains
t" point of coiie"i.icemuni,
: Nicola, Sept. 12,11116. H. URQl'HAKT
NoMcoIr herehy given thu' sixty days afler
little ones.   Thou shalt   also  consider date I Intend loa.ph  tothe chief i omnns-
him as thy neighbor, above all of them  '^t r.i. I-ii?i!,-*!t_.a_1_T_S__._5_.-
that dwelleth in a strange town. __ I*.��   ''���"��  ';"'"' .,>','.,�� )"-< pl_wit-___l at the
,   , ���    . ... N W.cnrnerofUl Itll klinf YD, ihence west
4.   Thou shalt not ask   for credit as 80ch__o_,theiice_nnt'i *�� natal, I bract Mil
tho    irnnHa    enct   mneri   lnnnov nnrl thp   l"ellHii.H,  Ihene.   I."   ll Meh ___���, Ihenee eel
tm   goods  cost mucn  money ann i in   {llllliull. ,]���.,,,, n���,.|, in ,h,.ins io point of
merchant's brain is burdened with bills,   e �� tueneement
His children clamor daily for bread and I BARCLAY BOUTO
his  wife abideth at home for lack of
I'erCL Flick, Agent
Lower Nieola, Aug. 17, KKKi.
such   raiment as  adorneth her  sister,	
Blessed, yea, thrice blessed Is the man N        It  [.,
that pays cash. i    VoMeeis herehv given thilsixtv days after
5.    Thou   shalt   not  ask for reduced ���<1."'1 in'cnil to.in|.v to the Chief .'omniis.
see ei'   f l.tiii't- itnu \\ ork- for have bo par
rliu-e i-���. t ��� )owin_ mountain pasture.   f'om-
.   ing al   i |;"St planted iii the vicinlii of
!   < mn, i   [ik-i if  I,.1  Ut.  K illlllinps llivi-
.   nf   V l|t   lli-trlot.    llene.    wttt   III  rliien-.
i   ii'i'iiniili ill ehain . thence east id chains.
. e Hunt h In chains lo point of e nience
Boots and Shoes Neatly R; pair tl. New
Work  to Order.    Prices   Reasonable,
M i m
JOHN T, H__i__W__U_
I'ert'. U Flick, Agent.
Low. r .Lulu. Auk. 17. Mt
ftlso  General Livory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nirola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday lor Nicnla Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton  und way pointl at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 __,___,
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
I. very  Sunday  6 a. m., arriving Spences
! Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -    -    Proprietor
Land Mining and General Supply Agts
Mining contractor- farm machinery, buggies,
etil tor-, sleighs etc. onti fur 'iur list uf lann
and mining properties. Keports on mining properties through the District.. Cable address
"Auruiii." Codes: Biomhall, Morning & Meal,
A. It. 0. llh.
Warehouse���t'anford, Nieola Valley, B. C.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a specialty.
Notice is herehy given that 110 da ys afterdate
'Ihirtv days from date  I inlend In apply In
\ () |  |( 11 o e'oef commissioner of lmds and works for a
1 cciim! to ett'  and re1 ove limber frnm tlie
fol'owing described land.    Beginning al a post
Thirty days after tliile I intend to ap- about one mile west of Speous creek in the
ply to the chief commissioner of lands   Ni ��'R division nf Yale district niiirkid Ami-1 | Intend io apply'to the ehief commissioner nf
imi vni-lra for ������ licneo in nrn-noet foe   '''* v'e(loran's N. w. corner and joining a Rtako j lands and works for permission tn purchase lilll
MWworKiior a licence to prospect tor ������ i)0���lin������, HUm.y niarkl,, a.^  Bml      .��� ���f ��� lluin j___tore ton_. dtnaud on
coal on   the   following dcscnliod  landl following aloBi Domln on   ibt��i loath 10 shutter Oreek, aboat "miles north of Nicol*
commencing at ihe N ��. corner lot lH4(i, ' 'twins, east mehnins. "orth 8(1 chains, west   BO Luke, commencing at a post  marked K.H.T..
���t   o   ctuWo m^el/orl   V  I'   Tinirlm. uiwl i eh.iins lo poi'it of beginning, Bid acres s.w. corner; thenee tottl sn chains; thenee north
at   a siaae m_r���eo r. v.  iim._> an       n_giBnt_�� at the l. w corner o  ah ve looa- mi chalni; thence want 80 _____ thence with
rJtinWj,   S  nil chains, i: Ml chains, N oil  i|��naa  fo.low ng Dominion sum. s00chains hii chains to point of coimneneoinent.
chains,   thence   W  80 chains to initial | k wi ehains. n   .1 chains, w 8fl chain, to point KI1GAH B TINGLEY
F. C. Tingley,     *__���_*__'*_"������"��__���.._, ���.__���___ August 2, i-JO-.                            __���*_��
post, 040 acres.
Nicola, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt
Also commencing at a post marked P,
Tingley, N w corner adjoining F. C. T.,
n e corner thence s 80 chains, e 80, N
80, w 80 to point of commencement.
Nicola, P. Tingley, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt.
NOTICE is herehy given (hut  on  Monday,
the ch in, ei November, A li., If____
the tour nf 10 a.m., In IlieCoorl  Hon I \��h-
eri'f', II. C, I sluili hold ��� i imrl of r. vision f ir
the pnrpoei of hcuriim and delormlntng an)
objection lo th i tOBtlnn of imi name, on 'he
HegiHler of Votirs for lhe Yale Klccloial Dis
DiimiIv Itcgistrarof Volcr_
A-luroft. II. C. WW iOIMt, KM,
S. pl. 10, KM.
,1. K. Whivel, Agent
N( tTlCE I
Thirty days from date I intend loapniylo
tin chief commissioner of Lands nnd Works
for a license to cut and remove timher front
the following described land, Beginning at a
pnst on esst bank of .neons creek about eight
miles from mouth of creek nnd about three
mlltf N \\ ot Siwash \1 endows in Nicola divis
ion of Yale and running n(KI chains. COOChalO���,
skii chants, \v HI chains, I o point of beginning
mn in H-.
Beginning a'  s, \v corner nf nhove local ion ;
and running N SOcbaln��, > OOehalnn.attohataw, ,
��� so ch,in- '-ni unl ot licginnicg, t!IO acres.
sc(n. in, nioti.     Bib ivrua Cotum, I ater,
.1. k -hlrel, Agcui
Sixty il iv after data 1 Intend In apply tn tha
Hon, the chief couimlMionef of landn no work*
for lermi-sion In ll Me two t) "   of land bt
���wm'll pvrno-en dwerlbed M follow-:  i oto
meneing at J. O. 'hi line- Vo,  I oosl and inn
ntng I2H feet norih t hence Jin feel eaat, tl e
I.'ii Ih, thence Slit weel ta Initial tiost.  Ties
in nd i- _n uii-ie V , t-tl pat i of Tolameen town-
-ileal llien'lllcl of later hike
,1. G. THYNNE.
Otter Valley. Aug. ���.-. UNI
All _____ of Watch, Clock
and ,le��elrj repaira done in
hrsl clafitt order and sattafac-
ti"ti tti.ratiteeil. Ail wmk
elltrilstl"! to our cire will lie
completed inni returned with-
i ut delay
tl. __ < Atll'lll I.I. tl <0..
c. I'. II. Tii'u, inspectors. Kamloopi
la prepared to t .lie contractu for
-awtiio lumber and getlitit; out
I.cm nil Mill �� uiitriu Is l\i i nd il
Parties wishing wo-k can have same
promptly attended to hy applying to
Lower Nicola
N. .1. HARW1CK, Agent, Nicola
In re Estate of
Tenders for the purchase of the
bands of cattle and horses of the estate
of the late William Charters will be received by the undersigned up to the
18th October, 1906. There are about
20 horses, including a stallion, and
about 400 cattle. The horses will be
sold as a band; the cattle at so much
per head, to include all calves branded
at (Ut. of sale.
Administrator Estate.
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
TOKAttO.  ____<_________,   .l_\KS. (0_ll.( IIO\i:itY.
If Kit I.KI____.
Everything New and    First Class
to.K       .^>��.:.-_.
1892   11)05
Rev. Vi. ,1. limit-, H. A, Ii.i)
Rev. ,1. P, Boti'km.. Bur_<r.
A coioiil-te cotntiieriial and Inisitns-
ooiir.-e. -tudents prepaied to uain teach-
' ers ci rlilicates of all grades. In utiiver
j sity work a full course forthe B. A. de
! _ree of Toronto Unueniity.
liisttuction gtvpn in  Music, Art. Pliyi
cal Cult'.te and Elocution.
Send for Calendar.
All  kl<)<.a   of   Watihrs, Clocks, .lowel.v,
etc., kept in slnek.    Wedding presents a specialty.
First titm tepiirs diinH on short notice
and roturii-tl ��t once.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
from date I intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase 160 acres of
mountain pasture land situated about 8
miles from Nicola, described as follows
commencing at a post marked J. C. jr.,,
n w corner, thence east 40 chains, thence
! south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of com-1
RWnc. ment. The initial post of land
applied for lie:, about one mile w of M.
Adams n v. comer post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept. 18th, 1906.      R. H. Winny, Agt.
Subscribe fc The Herald. THE   NICOLA  HERALD
The Imperial Limited.
It ia expected that the Imperial Limited transcontin'nal train service of
the C. P. R. will be discontinued on
October 14. When the service is reduced to one train daily each way for
the winter months, the rush of travel
through British Columbia will be about
over until next spring. However, owing
to the enormously heavy travel into the
Northwest, the C. P. R. will maintain
a double daily train service each way
between Montreal and Calgary. Last
year this double service as far west as
Calgary was in effect umil New Year's
Day. This year, however, traffic ia expected to continue heavy throughout the
winter.and the doubb service will be
maintained throughout the year.
His Own Coal
Two Irishmen were crossing the ocean
on the way to this country. On the
way over Patrick died. Preparations
were made for burial at sea, according
to the Magazine of Fun, but the lead
weight* c s o na i y used in such cas s
wer ��� lost. Chunks of coal were substituted. Evervthin.. w s Im ly r-ai y
fir the 1 u t rite*,and lo ig and earnestly
did Michael look at hiti friend. Finally
he blurted out sorrowfully: Well, Pat,
Oi always knew ye were goin, there,
bit Oi'm domm-d if Oi thought they'd
make yer bring yer own coal.
Goes up $1 a Thousand
At a meeting of the B. C. Lumberman's association and Mountain Man
ufactur rs' assiciaion held at Vancouver on Saturday it was decided to ad-
vauce the price of rough lumber $1 per
thousand. The scarcity of logs and the
high price of labor are given as reasons
for the advance, and as the winter season is coming on, and logs are hard to
get, a further raise is looked for in future.
Sun-ay Drinks
Magistrate Williams made it very
plain last week that in his opinion the
only legal way in which a traveller or
guest at any Vancouver hotel can secure liquor on Sunday is in the dining
room with his meals. The case before
him was that of the Yale hotel. One
of the propri"tors had served a guest
through a wic ,ef in the bar.giving him
drinks fer friends who were with him.
The propri 'tors were fined $20 and costs.
Dowie Leave. Zlon Olty.
John Alexander Dowie delivered his
parting message to his followers in
Shiloh house last Sunday afternoon.
He expected to start for Mexico the
next day. He talked of his plans to
return to Zion City next summer and
build a great mansion for the coming of
Christ and the dawn of the milennium.
But he said the Lord might call him
home before that time.
Lead Is $00 Per Ton.
According to advices received at the
trade and commerce department Ottawa
the current market price of lead in the
London market is �� 18 per ton. As according to Canadian law, no bonus is to
be paid to the lead mine owner ivhen
the price exceeds ��1610s. the suspension
of bounty will continue. The present
price of lead is the highest in several
Matron R I Hospital
Miss E. Barker, the head nurse at
the Royal Columbian Hospital, New
Westminster, and formerly on the staff
of the Royal Inland Hospital, was appointed matron of the latter institution
at a meeting of the directors held on
Saturday afternoon, vice Miss Matheson
Tha C. P. R Insurance Plan.
A Toronto dispatch says: Genera]
satisfaction was expressed by shippers
and business men over the action of the
C. P. R. inaugurating a scheme by
which every pound of freight and express on its lines is insured.
Tba Id l ton Snap.
Every once in a while aome cheerful
individual remarks to us, "Well now that
the paper is out, I suppose that you can
take it easy three or four days." Yes,
how delightful it is that a country editor has practically nothing to do between
press days. Business runs along automatically. When paper bills come due
money drops off the trees with which to
pay them. Subscribers vie with each
other to see who can pay the farthest in
advance. Advertisers beg for additional space, and the way the news hunts up
the editor is also pleasant to contemplate.
There is really something strange about
the way news items act. When the
paper is out the editor simply goes to
his desk and leans back in his easy chair
and looks wise and waits for next week 'b
press day. The day before press day
the people line up in front of the office
door and then they file past his desk and
tell him all the news of the week. He
writes it up in fifteen or twenty minutes
takes it back and hangs it on the hook.
The compositors take the copy shake it
over the type cases, say a few mystic
words, the type flies into place, and
after a few passes by the foreman the
f irms are ready for the press again.
And the editor g. ei down and deposits
some more money in the bank.   It is
he greatest snap in the catalogue.
Now, if the editor could only do away
with the press day,  his joy would be
���omplete. Marion (Kam.) Record.
Coke Ovens Closed
As a result of the strike at the Coal
Creek mines at Fernie, four hundred
coke ovens were banked and this may
mean serious inconvenience to the smelting industry if the trouble be contracted.
J. D. Townley Dead.
J. D. Townley, a pioneer of Vancouver, and formerly assistant to Superintendent Marpole, of the C. P. R. Pacific division, died in Portland. Ore, on
Friday night, after an illness of several
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Winny Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
R. H. Winny.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Broadbent Estate,
without permission of the undersigned,
will he prosecuted.
Harold Matthews, Lessee.
Vol ICE.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Clapperton Estate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
M. P. Stew__t, Lessee.
I.OT.C ���..
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the non. the chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission to
purchase the following described lands,
situated as follows: Commencing at a
post near the s. E. corner of lot 196,
thence north 20 chains, thence east 60
chains, thence south 20 chains, tbence
west along lake short; to point of commencement, containing 120 acres more
or less. G. M. Brash.
Nicola, October 1st, 1906.
List Your Property With Me
G. ffl. BRASH,        HERALD BLOCK        NICOLA, B. C.
Judicial Oh an fre.
Mr. Justice Duff has accepted the Beat
on the Canadian Supreme Court. F.C.
Wade.of Vancouver, will get the local
judgeship as already rumored.
Nolle In hereby given tlml sixty days a'tcr
��� in !��� 1 Inland m apply in tne chief coininls
-inner of land, tnd works fnr peruPariinn tn
pnr-'hasc HO acres of pa-il ii land situsled nn
I'lkc'- Mountain, Yale Dim rid, rn iniicm-ln. ai
i pn.i plai rd nn ihr snulhcrn line nf (1 N.
I'erltins' preemption, thence 4" chains weal,
hence 20 chains soulh, t.ence IU chain" east,
1 tii-iii !��� a. i-liaiiiH mirth In pnint nl rnninirniv
__���._-, 1908. HAKVKY K. HALL
Sinty ii_>M afl.r datel Intend tn apply tothe
chief commissioner nf landn aid workH for per
mission in pur base 'MO. aci en ut mnuntain p__i
Inn'1 .nd. aitoa'cd aim it i-i\ miles went of
Mr la and adjoining J. K. Sh. d'n K. line, described an follows Commencing at a Host
marked K.H.W.,ft.lLcorner, ihence nnrth*1
chains, Ihence eaat 40 chaina, Hi ���mi' south _*
chain . Ihence wi hi 40 chaina, to point of commencement,
*o_. tt, 190- ft, H. �� INNY.
rlOURT NIOOLA, No. WW, A.O. ��.. niwl.
/ second and fourth Fridai In eachmnnth
at 8 p.m., In Pnoley's Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially invited.
A. R. C.rrinoton, O.R.
W. Coupon Mt'HRAY, Sec.
Capital, all paid up $14,400,000.   Rest, $10,000,000
Head Office:   Montreal.
TTAMLOOP- _.'____, P. Her id, proprietor.
����   MM stnek if wine-, liquors and rigam in
he Interior.    Just tho npni fnr a nienrool re-
resiling _lass of  beer.     Whoa in  Katnloons
all in.
_J.HANI) PACIFIC HOT--, _________   The
���*   nearest h��tel in Ihe railway staiinn.    The
nly  eovnenient  hole!  fnr  travclcis.     Oonrt
mms, good tann, goisl liquor.     Two large
< inple ronniri.   >'. A. Karnliari, pron'ietor.
Unnd .tabling in connection.
Interest allowed at current rates.
A SHCI-trr HOTEL.   Theninsi, ennv. nlent
�����   hn el for . isitnrs in A-hernft.   Tho b- at nf
ible board,   lint ano eold ba'hs.   unrrenre-
n iiiiie ineii- nil Irala.   Johnson &: I'eikins.
���lo|( Ht tilt*  ���
Robt  Scott. Pnmwmtttt
When   timeling   "ti   Hie Nicnli mad
!   nvetilen'  (ilare   ll* tr.lel. Is,  allhglNlfl
Unequal led as a
S-injiiier Resort
Good Fishing anil Shirting, Guides ami ' 'orst-s
alw.ys ready. T_l.|i_i_ie
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms :
8. KIRBY, Proprietor
A lilting nf the County Court of Yule,
will he held in the C< urt House, Nicnla,
B C mi
Monday, Oct. 29, 1906
at 10 a.m.
(.W,    Ml'RK.Y,
(!. 0  R-_iHtr��r.
Notice l�� hereby (riven that sixty days a'tcr
date I Inlend tn apply tothe < hit f cnmniis
slnnc of lands and wnrks fnr p'-rmis inn I
pin chase 1-0 aereH i f pa- ore land In the
Nieola IllvUinn o' Yale llistrict, -iniau-d ���_
follow*: Coininenelng nt a stake al toe H.K
corner of 1*1715. theme wont 40 ehaina, thence
nnn'h 2"oh'iiiH. thence east lOchttiim, t_noe
south 40 chain*. thenee cant lnrhain_ ihetice
north 40 chains, theiee east 20 chains, thenc
north 20 chain-, containing lit) acres.
Nieola, Auu. 28,1__H_ M. K. COrtRKT _
Notice is hereby Riven lhat sixty days after
date I Inlend In apply In the chief nomntis
sinner of la'ds and works for leave iop'r
elia-e Hie f lln-iiiiK land being forty aces nf
oi-iii nt am pa-lure land. commencing at a p -i-t
placed at Ihe S.W, corner nf l.ni 121., thence
soulh 20chain*, ihence east -Ochams, thence
non h 20 chains, thence west 20 chains to point,
of cninnienceioent
Lower Nirola, Aug. 28,1006.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one���now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
H-vtt  y.i'i   hc_n! tin-   -mid.rlul
lie* Aluminum tune-arm
The mmt perfect talking machine
yet produced.
1 Wes, $1...  $50 and $80
Old style talker, from 16 up.
For Prices and Terms Write to
IM Granville Street
VANCOUVER,     -     -     ���     B. O.
Nurseries and Seedhouses
Urge -tuck nf HOME CROWN Fruit
and Ornamental Trees now matured for
the fall trade.
No eipense. Inns or delay of fumiga
tion or inspection.
Headquarters fnr Pacific Coast drown
Harden, Field and Flower Seed, ia
BEE SUPPLIES, Spr-jr Pumpa.
^ hale Oil Snap, Ureenhnuse Planta, Cul
FlnwerH, lluilis for fall planting.
We do business on our own grounds-
no nnt to pay and ara prepared tn mott
ill competition.
Let me price your list before placing
your order.   Catalogue Free.
301(1 West minster Road,     Vmcuuvaa, B. C THE NICOLA HERALD
Jos. (iraham left on Tuesday for the
H. Stuittbulls was a visitor to Nicola
Geo.   Bent   returned
",11 ���!!(_'�� Bridge.
Sunday  from
B. Wilberg of New Westminster the
cigar manufacturer, passed through
Nicola Friday after a business trip
through the Okanagan and Similkameen.
-L. I
The open season
November 15th.
for trout ends on
Everything you buy from the M.M.M.
is home grown.
Alf. Collett of Ixiwer Nieola
visit to town yesterday,
paid a
L. Hibbard of Montreal sjient a few
days in Aspen Grove this week.
Why MOULD vol' tn-:. wkt when you
can buy a Rain Coat for $2.50 at G. B.
Armstrong's, Low Nicola.
For Sale.-A New 5 Drawer Drop
Head Singer Sewing Machine for $.'15.1)0
cash.   H. L. Huberts, The Right House.
by getting a DANDY steel wire
horse brush. Thu "Dandy ' re-
nmves dandrolf mid Inns;, hair,
leaves the skin in healthy cm
dition and mtikes the horse feel
Full Sh.l'k Ilf
Harness and Saddlery
always nn hind.
Bat ure yi.ur M| p_t__i ��t
NICOLA. 1.0.
Ed. Cousins was in Nicola from
ranch at Coyote Valley yesterday.
P. Swanson and L. A. Manley of
Grand Forks have purchased the Jackson hotel Princeton.
Wm. Murray who has been in the
vicinity of Dry Lake, One Mile Creek,
was in Nicola yesterday
G. F. Ransom a mining man from Slo-
can is spending a few weeks with B. P.
Little of the Diamond Vale Co.
Carrington.s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe.   Imported and packed especially for us.   Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market NICOLA,
(Kl cents a pound.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
H.  C
Largest assortment of hats, caps, (Barrister, Notary Public &c
gloves and sweaters ever offered in
Nicola Valley on sale at G. B. Arm
strong's, Lower Nicola.
Direct from the range to the consumer at the M.M.M.
Official Administrator
Offl__.-Commerdal Block, east of Post Oflirc.
Kamloops, B. C.
Rev. D. K. Allen will conduct the service morning and evening on Sunday in
the Presbyterian Church Nicola.
J. Clapperton, driver on the Spences
Bridge run of Stewart's stage line is
spending a few days at the coast.
If you are looking for a choice selection of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.,
I have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington.s Silver Leaf tea is the
best 50 cant tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor *nd  Notary Puhln
��� mice:  Eaat nf the Canadian Bank of Com
merce. south side of Victoria street, Kamloops.
Money to loan on real estate security.
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Flour, Groceries.
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
C W. R. Thomson who has been visiting at the Douglas Lake Cattle Co's
property, passed through Nicola on Friday.
B. S. Kennedy of New Westminster
is now in charge of the Similkameen
Star at Princeton. Mr Kennedy is a man
of considerable newspaper experience.
The annual general meeting of the
Nicola Athletic Association will be held
in Pooley's hall on Saturday evening at
eight o'clock. Business: General and
election of officers.
George McCullough, who has been on
a visit hack east for severeal months
returned to the valley nn Thursday
afternoon last week, and after visiting
friends in the Nicola left for Otter Valley yesterday.
The many friends of James D. Gillie
of Victoria, formerly of Nicola, will be
sorry to learn that he is not improving.
Mr. Gillie has for several months been
under the care of an oculist, and for a
time his eyesight improved.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Carrington, a Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
Vegetables fresh from the farm at
the M.M.M.
A--'iutiiant,Coiiiiii!.Bi..n, Insurance
and General Ai(em.
Main Street
We are shn��iii({  the MM* slid
no.si   ui ute   I in-   nl   I! mini cks    iha'     has     ever   been
���   nnii' in Kauilonpa.
Prices Range   from $100   to   $10.00
Baby Hammocks 60c to $2.50
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea is thi
best 50 cent tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Just landed this week-a full and
complete line of stoves, ranges, etc.
My prices are the lowest and my stock
most complete.   G. B. Armstrong,
Carrington's Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
A sitting of the Supreme Court is
being held at Kamloops this week.
The Munro vs. Gillie case has been post-
(ionch owing to the illness of Mr. Gillie,
Ike Swike of Shulus, appears charged
with theft of a horse ('(instable Clark
and witnesses left Wednesday to be N
Alf. Goodisson who has been employ
ed at Lower Nicola for several weeks,
had the misfortune to injure himself
last week that laid him up for a few
days. While working on a scaffold at
D. Dodding's residence it gave way
with the result that "Aif" hit the ground
with the timbers falling on him,
Eleven thousand shares in the Boulder
Creek mining Company (better known
as Cousin Jack) for sale. $,-K) takes
the lot,   J. G. Thynne,   Otter Valley.
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that hunting
or shooting on the premises of the undersigned, without permission, is
strictly prohibited.       J. Bi.ackwki.I..
[lor-t-'s. oing done in a
first class manner, Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents In Nicola for the ,
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Tamerton Kanch without permission of the undersigned will
he prosecuted. Mrs. PoOLKY.
The price of all wool goods is
going up. Blankets will be
dearer this winter, I have a
full stock and offer them at
the old figures.
3 lb Ony Union Blankets ___��� 50 per par
fill)   "       " ���' .    .        3 oo
(i llifAll Woo! Silver (.ray Blankets   I 75      "
-   II " " " " A    <1C "
, 11) 4 25
S. Tingley of Ashcroft was in the valley the past week looking after his in-
t rests here. Mr. Tingley drove over the
recently completed Highland Valley-
Memette lake road to Nicola from Ash-
t-roft in a day. He reports the road in
very good shape and a great convenience to the public.
Subscribe for The Nicola Herald, $2
a year.
Jos. Nit'If-ii'ds,     -     Proprietor
12 lb extra large all wool'Oray
x lb all woo! White Blankets
5 00
9 00
5 00
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling In Connection.
Telephone Connection
NIOOLA, -        B. C.


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