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The Nicola Herald Jul 5, 1906

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ve Ad
Vol. 2.  No. 27.
Horae Racing,  Athletic  Rventt.  root
Racing, etc . Made Up a Moat Bn
JoyableDayt Sport   Bventt
.     Wall Oantaatad.
A glorioua day's sport ! Such wai the
geaeral eipreuion of opinion regtrding
the celebration on Mondty. Tba weather
wu all tbtt could be denred but waa per.
bapa rather warm for those engigtd in
tha sport* duriog the tfterno. a Etrly
in tha morning rigt of all kinds oame into
town bringing their lotdt of pliaiure
seekers from til parti of tha dittriet.
The Inditnt turned out in full ttrength
���nd the bright colon and gtudy trapping* of the klnotchmeu lent t bright
sparkle of color to the tarroundingt.
The tennii tournament proved tn ex
oiting contest, moat of the gtmei being
ver* dote aad evoking much spirited
competition. Tha athletic tportt tnd
foot racet were entered into with great
vim, tome of the eveati causing t great
deal of eicitement and ltughter. The
klontohmen't event wu. it atutl, a race
right from the ttart, the winner being
decked ont in colors thtt would htte
caused t petoook to turn green with envy.
The egg tnd tpoon rice for ladiet wu
quita u eioiting for the lookers on m for
the competitors, and the novel method of
im|iroviting a human whaainarrow
greatly tickled the onlookers. After
partaking of lunch, excellently served by
the Ltdiet' Guild of the Church of England, the crowd proceeded to tbe other
end of town where the horu rtcet were
to be run. Then proved fall of competition at ututl, thare being no difficulty
in obtaining entries, mort especially for
the Inditn raeea, in which eight and nine
entriae were common. On the return to
tbe groundt the gymkhtna events were
proceeded with and were, ai usual, full of
inttrett tnd excitement. All were well
eontetted tnd run through without t
hitch. An exciting finish to the dty's
tportt wuthe tuguf war between Inditn
taamt from Shulot tnd Douglas Like
the Shulut Indians pr iving lhe winners
in t well polled contest
The committee ia charge of the iporti
tre to be oongratulited un the tuceeii ot
the day't entertainment, the eventa being
run ott without accident or hitch of tny
kind. Thanks are due to J. Tnynne, F.
Jaokaon apd H. Mttthewt, who tbly
tcted at judgea, and to Alex. Gordon,
wbo proved a mott efficient tnd capable
Tbe following ii the programme of
events tnd winntrs
ftO-yird rice, boys 1, 0. Murray, 2,
J. Cltrk; 3, J. Cltpperton.
100-yard raee, men���1, J. Lindley, 2,
��. Auvtcbe.
..leggedrue 1, Woodwtrd and Wallace; 2. 0. and J, Lindley.
Klootchmin- raoe 1, Mtgdalene; i,
Potato Ract I, John Moon; 2, Wallace.
Ladiet' egg tnd tpoon rtce 1, Mitt
Bella McKittrick. 2, Miu Jotie Mc
Wheelbarrow race -1, Wtllaoe and
Chtpman; 2, Woodward and Auvaibe.
Half mil*, free for till���1, Coltut
Charlie; 2 Ohm. Christie.
Quarter mile, Indian-1, Billy Swikim;
2, W. McNeil.
Quarter mile, Inditn    1, Billy Swaklm
2. Johnny Jaokaon
Quarter mile, kluotcbinen���1,   Jennie;
2. AI*oa.
Half mile, Indian    I,   Billy   S-ekim.
1, Johnny Jackton.
Quarter mile,  gentleman -   I,   Angus
Nelson; 2, A. MoGillivrty.
Quarter mile, _________*������ 1,   Liuie'
2, Mtry.
Thretding the needle rtce 1, A.
Nelson; 2, J. Cltpperton.
Cowboy race 1 A. Nelson; 2, J
Cigir tnd toda rtce- 1, A. Nelson, 2.
W. Murray.
Inditn cowboy raoe���1. Johnnie
Moore; 2, Johnny Harper.
Till or WAR.
Shulut vi. Douglat Lake���Shulut won.
Men'e douole���J. Thynne and A. W.
Men's singlet -J Thynne.
The Ltdiet' Guild of the Church of
Engltnd ire tn be congratulated on their
splendid catering for the Urge crowd
thtt wu present tnd it it expected thtt
their effort! will be rewtrded by the tarn
of tbout one hundred tnd tixty dollan
being handed over for the purposes of tha
W. Voght of the Forki, wtt a vititor
to Nieola on Tuesday.
E Walker of Cnldwtter,  wu t vititor
to Nicolt on Tuetdty.
Joe Graham of Coutlee, wu t vititor to
Nicola on Monday tnd took in the celebration.
H J. Ctmbie trrived in Nicolt on Tuetdty tnd paid t vitit to tha turvey camp
netr Quilehent,
H. Ctry trrived in Nicolt on Tuetdiy.
He will tike control of the survey
ptrtiet now working between here and
Aspen Grove.
Archdetoon I Wreath of Vancouver,
will arrive in Nioolt thit week. He will
conduct eervice on Sundty tt Nicolt in
tht morning tt 11 a.m. tnd tt Coutlea in
the afternoon.
M. I-. Griairaett, barrister, of Sandon,
it t vititor to Nicolt thit wuk. He it
looking around the district tnd extreme
himeelf u well pletttd with tbe proa-
pectt of the vtlley.
In the lut issue of the B. C. Gazette,
George Murrey ii tppointtd deputy is
tutor tnd collector for the Nicolt As
leument District from the firtt dty of
July, 1906.
Mra. H. L. Robert! of Spencet
Bridge, trrived in Nicola on Tueedty by
ipecial itage.
Allan 8. Laeat, jr��� of Vancouver,
trrived in Nicola on Tueaday ia oompany
with H. Carry.
.loa R'ehirdi tnd W. Newberry of
Coutlee, war* viaiton to the celebration
oo Monday.
Tangled Up in Bop*.
Indian Joath, who Htm nur Shulus,
got tangled up ln a rope which wu it
ttched to a ciyase thit week, and the
animal feeling fritky dragged Joath ovtr
tome very rough ground. Joath it now
undtr tha dottor't ear*.
Brothler ln VaoouTer.- Refuted Par
mlaalon to Land.  Another O.P.R.
Greyhound.    Northwest
Polio* for B.O.
A delegation consisting of Chief Joe
Capiltno, Chief John hillitter of Nioola,
Chitf Louit of Ktuiloops tud Chief
Chtrlie of Ouwichtn left Vancouver on
Tuetdty, their intention being to pty a
visit to King Edward.
On Tueeday, the chieft tccomptnitd
by the Ind una from tcrois the inlet tnd
the visiting Inditnt, headed by t bind,
paraded in Vancouver, ending up at the
C 1' It. station, where it 6 o'clock, the
���tart of the chiefs on their long journey
wu made.
Chief Joe laid they would ttop over
tevertl dtyt in Ktmloopt tnd tlto vitit
Chief Lturier at Oitawt. He it extremely reticent at to the object of the
vitit of tne Indiab chieft to the King.
"It will til come out in the papers afterward*," he atid. He added that tome
people thought he wu foolish to go tinoe
the King would not ue him, but he wu
not of that opioion.
Brothler Again ln tha Tolls
Vancouver, June 30���Detire Brothier
arrived tbit morning from Seattle on the
steamer Ramon* tnd upon hit arrivtl t
strenuous fight took place tt to hit laud
ing. Dr. Munro, Dominion government
immigration officer, refuted to allow
Brothier to lend tnd 8upt. Huuey of tbe
provincitl police wu tent for. He hurried down, went on board the R .tnona,
tnd after placing Brothier under trrett
took him uhore. Dr. Munro still objected and ttated that 8upt. Hussey wu
liable to t fine of one thouttnd dollars
(or bringing Brothier tenure tgtintl the
will of the Dominion government agent.
Brothier it now in jail in thii city.
New Posts to Be Eatabllshed.
Col. Saunders of the Nortwest Mounted
Polioe it at Htzelton trrtnging for tb*
establishment of Mounted Police pottl
throughout the dittriot from Edmonton
to the coast. The country will bt opened
np by police trails which mty be liter
oonverted into wtgna road*, tnd will be
patrolled by the foroe for over * hundred
mile* both north md touth of the line of
the Grand Trunk 1'antic.
Another Greyhound.
Liverpool, June 30-The C.P.R. Co.'t
new ttttmer  Empreu of  Ireland uiled
on her mtiden voyage.   She hu 1,200
ptltengen on botrd.
Some of th* Exemption  Amendments.
-Amendment   Accepted    Granting
Power to Province* Under Oar
tain Condition!
An important development in framing
tbe Lord's Dty Aot took place todty
when Hon. Mr. Ayletworth accepted an
amendment granting power to the prov-
incet to enact farther legislation with regard to Sundty observance provided they
do not touoh ou th* Criminal Cod*. Mr.
Ayletworth Mid th* prnvincei had coordinate jurisdiction with the Dominion
Parliament to  pits Sunday  Oburvenoe
legiilttion within certain limits la
order to receive moral support and active
lympithy for the Lord's Dty Act, con
ceuioni would htve to be made to some
people of the Dominion, He wu in
dined to be generout in thii respect
without doing violence to the principle
of the Bill. Owing to thit Mr. Ayletworth uid he would tccept the amendment.
Good Sport
Joteph Richardt, proprietor of tha
Coutlee Hotel, Coutlee, B.C., and W.
Newberry, assistant clerk in the money
order department of tbe poatoffi,*,
Victorit, B. ('., ipent a few
dtyi lut wetk tt Mtmmette like,
tickling the ptlttet of the speckled
beautiis with "Mtreh Browne," "Coachmen,1' etc., tnd tt t retult tbout eighty
of the finny tribe were ufely tended in
the fiihetmen'i baskets. We would advise those who ire interested in the
piscatorial trt to call on the genial "Joe"
tnd talk it over tnd possibly learn tome-
thing tbout the rapid growth of th* fithet
that disport themselves in thtt beautiful
body of water. It l> understood tbtt
when cauiiht they tre tbout thit size -
tod on latching home elongate them
selves to tbrut thit ���	
Fisheries Commission.
It it reported from Vancouver, where
the fisheries commission it holding fusions, that the joint sitting of tne com-
niiHsions representing British Columbia
tnd Wuhington State will hive to b*
pottponed until September or October.
Mtny of tbe gentlemen sitting on tbe
commission in Wathington ire engtged
in the ulmon fishing industry tnd can
not leave during tbe season. Th* Canadian commissioners alio hope to devote t
contidertble part of the season to per
tonal inspection of the fishing grounds,
to thtt in all probability the internal tonal
conferenoe will he deferred.
Wouldn't It Be Spicy.
A mtn told ut the other day we did
not publith all the newt. We thould My
nit. If we published ill thtt happened
we would he with the angels. In order
to please the people we mutt print only
the nice things said of them tnd leave the
reat to gossip. Yet, it'i t fact, we don't
print til the newt. If we did wouldn't it
be tpicy reading 1 But it would be for
one week only. The next week you
would retd our obituary and there would
be a new face in heaven. All the news is
ill right when it is tbout the other fellow
J. B, Grtrei of Douglat Like, ptid
mother visit to the Oktugtn lut week.
Un hit formor visit Mr. (iravu aeeured
tome fiOO head of cattle. Thit time he
hu purchased George Wheltn't fine
herd, something over five hundred
George Ludbury Hilltard of Nicolt,
tnd Mils Annie Ktwton of Lanark, On ,
were married on Tuetdty tfternoon at
the Presbyterian Manse, Kamloopa, hy
Rev. W. Wyllis. Mr. and Mrs W.
Hargretvee, jr, tupported the hippy
Couple, who ire now enjoying t quiet
The mosquito fleet tre ve>y much in
evidence these ctyt tnd the tittle* p. tta
teem highly __-t___M in making life
miserable. Some young lidies were
noticed on Monday making vicious slaps
tt their rosy cheekt every little while,
tnd it is supposed it wu the ubtquitout
ikeeter they were tfter. Bit you . n't
blame the tkeeter if he likes tweet
Beat Caused Suicide.
New York, June 3tl Janiet Scheur,
t young banker who retidei at 30 Weit
97th Street, while suffering from th* in
tense heat todty, sent t bullet into hit
hetd, Muting probably t fttal wound.
$2 a Year
Only a Matter of Time Before Prince
ton Will Be Reached and May Continue to a Junction With tha
OPR. at Midway.
The e��tension of tbe Nioolt, Ktmloopt tnd Similktmeeu railway te Nioolt,
on Nicolt like, it to be undertaken immediately, the work hiving been author
lied by tbe management of the Ctntditn
Picific Rtilwty tt Montreal. At tht
pretent time the road, which runt from
Spencet Bridgi on th* mtm line of tht
Ctntditn Picific, it tome an miles short
of reicliiug Nioola like.
Announcement that the construction
of the externum htd been authorized
wu made todty by Mr. K. Marpole,
general superintendent of the C.P.R.
The den ra bill ty of putbing the road
right through to Nicolt hu been under
consideration by the C.P.R. for tomt
montht, ind while it wu generally
thought the work weuld be carried out,
there wtt no certainty tbout it u tht'
government subsidy on the line did not
extend to Nicola.
Mr. Marpole ttated todty that the line
thould be completed from Spences
Bridge to Nicola by the end of Ot
tolier. When Messrs. Lut A Mac
donell, oon.rac.ort for the road, htvt
completed their work th* line will b*
taken over and operated by the C PR.
By the end of October it it expected tbtt
both passenger and freight traint will
be running over tbe rtilwty, which tips
t very rich agricultural and cotl mining
dittriet, and renders it tributary to Van
.ouver. Some small tmount of freight it
now being handled over tbe forty-one
miles of road tlready built. It ia being
ttken in limply for the convenience of
tettien along the line.
Will the rotd be extended beyond
Nicola? Thia quettiou is agitating tbe
minds of hundreda of people along the
route from Nicola to Princetou. No definite information on thit point can be
secured from the CM'. R. authorities. It
it ttated that Ihe old surveys run from
Nicolt to Princeton, but it is tpparent
thtt the C.P.R. hu yet res-hod no determination u to building beyond
Nicola. It it believed, however, thtt it
it only i mttter of time before Prinoeton will be retched by the railway tud
pns-ilil) it mty continue to a junction
with theC.PR.it Midway.
At pretent the grtdu tnd bridges on
the line from Spencet Bridge tre being
finithed off tnd btlluting completed.
It will not be long before moat _. tbt
activity will ba centered iroun! tbt
Nicola end of the road.
Mr*. Mickle of  Quilehent, is tinting
Nioola thit week.
Mn. A R Carrington left for ibe
coatl on Tuesday anj will proceed to
Eden Vale, Ctl., where she will spend
the summer.
There it tome talk of forming a polo
team it Qu ohent. Thota tn.eri-.t_d
might communicate with 11 ��� ������ Kirby.
Construction towtrdt Nicoli has commenced from the bridge toove tbe junction of the  Nicolt tnd Coldwater r.v.rt.
!     T. Bright, the railroad contracti ���. waa
a  vititor te  Nicola  on   Monday      Hi
I thoroughly enjoyed the dayt sport. THE   NICOLA  HERALD
Pnbllthad iTery Thoraday
avtaeerlptlon, ln Advance. Xi a Year
Niouii, B.C. JULY-.   IM.
__*_~t '-' i. -���  	
In another culumn particulars are given ol the amount of
Iruit shipped from the province
last year. The fruit industry
has certainly made great progress in the last few years in
this province and when one
considers the high quality of
the fruit shipped and the comparatively short period in
which the industry has conv- io
the front, one is compelled to
wonder what the output in the
next few years will amount to.
It is an admitted fact that fruit
may be grown in almost any
part of the province, climatic
and geographical conditions
necessitating a choice ol the
hardier varieties in some cases.
That fruit growing will be
another of the many resources
of the valley must be admitted
by anyone who has studied the
facts. While, perhaps, not so
wel' suited for the growth of
peaohes, apricots, etc, there
are quite a number oi excellent
varieties of apples, pears,
plums, cherries, etc., which
grow to perfection in this district, besides many varieties of
small fruits, while in a few favored spots, peaches, grapes,
etc., may be grown to advantage. A choice of some of the
hardier varieties of tbe tree
fruits may have to be made in
some parts of the district, but
if the peculiarities of the soil
moisture, position, etc.. are
taken into consideration and
intelligently utilized in a common sens'!- way there need be
no fear of failure.
The question of irrigation is
one of the most serious considerations in a district like this
a9 it would be almost impossible to raise crops without an
abundant supply of water
That the supply of water from
mountain streams for irrigation
purposes is limited, should
always be borne in mind and
care should be taken to see
that a sufficient supply of
water is obtainable and the
legal right to use it secured.
There need be no fear with
regard to water for irrigation
purposes in the Nicola valley
as with the exception of a few
outlying places, water in plenty
can easily be brought on to
those lands requiring it. It is
only a question of time before
practically the whole of the
valley will be one large orchard supplying fruit to the
mines in the vicinity and shipping high grade fruit to less
favored localities.
Getting Better.
The Grand Forks Gazette believu that
the world, tt leut the Englith .peaking
world, is improving rapidly in the matter
of temperance reform. One reason for
thit  it  that, in antgeof intensity  of
i   business, ell-ieney and reliability demand
men who  keep sober tt   night u well u
' daytime, tnd is, therefor.-, largely a
business as well aa a moral reason. It
says reiniiiiscently That in this whole
inaitur of intemperance the world it
getting better no careful scholar of to-
Otology -ill doubt. Si .nstict, of courte,
cm be manipulated, ami while tome will
multiply lean* to thow ihat druukunnesa
it iiicr.-Mini, oiherB will prove the reverse V ,t ourselves we have no doubt*.
in the r.o_iaii. of _ihi years ago It w_s
potsiMr to see ��u h in invitation ts the
fol|o_<n_ on a publican's place of bum
nets: "Drunk for t penny. Dead
drunk for twopence. Drunk with straw
to lie on, threepence." Towards the end
of last century Johnson, talking with
BoBwell on the change in public manners,
observed: "I remember when til the
decent people in Lichfield got drunk
every ni-Ju, tnd were not the worse
thought of." Much later than thit, however, the habit wtt widespread tod regarded with an etsy and tolerant good
humor. We were especially struck when
reading Pickwick some time tgo to note
the extraordinary facility with which the
England of lhat day drank itt brunt
away on the slightest provocation.
Tbe Hazelton Murder.
The hunt for Simon Gun ah noot, the
murderer of Mat LeClaire, well known
ln thi. district, is still going on. There
tre several parties, including* detachment of the Northwest Mounted Police
on ihe trail of the murderer, tnd it may
tie several days before news is received
from any of thete. The country towtrdt
which the murderer it hetding it practi-
otlly a howling wildnerness for hundreds
11 miles tnd is tottlly uninhibited, save
hy some of the Yukon telegraph service
Half and these it would be an easy matter for the fug tive to troid,
Most of the press of the province have
been wrong in their reference to Max
LeClaire, who waa recently murdered
near Hazelton. Hit mother wu a
daughter of tht fatuout Peter Grant, of
the Hudson. Bay Company. She waa a
ward of Sir Jauiet Douglat and Dr.
Helmcken LuClaire't mother residet in
Kamloops, a brother in St. Louis, one in
Circle City and the lait time the third
wat heard from he wat in Astoria. A
lister, Mn. Carrie Walker, livet in
N.iiaiuio. The other sister, Mrs. Rowland Green, mentioned as living in Van
coever, hat bten detd for many yean.
Subscription List.
The following   is the  subscription list
for the sports held on Doiuiuion Day:
A. R. Carrington 115 00
W. H. Brant  1 00
Mrt. Mickle  5 00
8. J. Bate  2 00
Oeo. Murray  3 0(1
W. Clark  8 00
N.J. Barwick  3 00
LO. Riley  IN
G. H. Tutill  510
J. <_.   Leonard  10 00
A G'odision  2 00
Jat. Pooley   3 00
John McConnell   6 00
(1  A.Laflerty     5 00
I  W. (J. Murray       3 OO
CD. Broadhent  3 00
j  O.M. Braih  5 00
R. P. login.  5 00
I  R. H. Winny   3 00
I  Ric. A. Frtter  500
[ C.T. Aptnei  300
Y. M. Smith  100
Geo. 8chou  2 00
!  R.S.Smith  200
A. Jonet  6 00
| H. H. Mttthewt  2 00
i  A. W. Strickland  5 00
! T. Heelop  800
R. McKen-ie  2 00
___*_. Clark     2 00
1 F. McK-own  16 00
-Mis. oi'tiiitt
A. R. C S-. l-a-oa.
tualo-pa, B. C.
Aa_ayt and  mu)<- t( One, 0**1 ut II   i
tutrlal pro-Beta.
i-ampi-a by mail or ���___��� raoeivi pt-aat
______  O.  F.
C.OURT NIOOU. No. Ml, A.O. F., ttteH
/ m-.hi. and fotrth Frldaj le st-.it nnatt
tl I a.m., In Himlei's Hall. Vlsitta* Srtt-u-sa
cer-lall* Invited.
N. J. BiKWica, C R.
W. Uoaooa Mrsiii  St*.
General Blacksmith
Horn Shoeing t apecialty.
Watchmaker, Jeweler
All kindt of  Watches, Clookl, Jewelry,
etc., kept in ttock.    Wedding prss
tntt t specialty.
Pint tint reptin doni on ihort not to*
tnd returned tt once.
Ii preptred to tike contract* for
rawing lumber ind getting oat
Ueoeral Hill �� onlrn. I. t.itcwtnd
Part let wiihing wn��k can htve ttaa
promptly attended to hy applying to
Nicolt, B 0.
Lit?* your orderi with N. .1. Btrwick,
or I am her who it tgent for the Nioolt
Portable Steam 8tw Mill he ean ktlpyou
plan oat IB order
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Angui McOillivray of Coutlee, left for
Ashcroft thu week. Hi haa been appointed forest ranger in the Dominion
belt between Stronas snd Spenoet
148 Cordova St W
Country Work a Specialty.
Writ, (or Rstlniate on all Kinds of Work
p.o. Hoi is. R4__.t_MV_.--C
Bee Supplies
FI.OWKIl and   VK'.KTAULK   plants,
Krtnt   ind  Ornamental  Treet,    llulbe,
Seedt for Fall Pltnting.
Cttilogut Fn*
U. 1. HBNRT,
Mil Wtttaltittr Ko*_,      Vtaooovaa, fi. 0.
Notice i* hereby given that within sixty
day* after date I intend to apply to tne
chief commissioner of lands and work* for per
mission to purchase 16. trres of pasture land
situated as follows: Commencing tt the N. E.
corner Lot, 1327. thence west 40 ohains, thence
north 10 rhalns, Ihence east 10 chtlns. thenoe
south 10 chains to point of commencement.
Notice is hereby (riven thtt within 110 days
from dtte I Intend making application to the
hon. chief commls-lnner of lands and works f or
permission to purchase 3-0 acres of patlure
nind adjoining Lot in?-on west side,coiumcn
ring at a post marked A. K Q��� e. w, corner,
thenoe west Ml chains, thence north 40 chains,
thencccast 80 chains, thence south 40 chains,
to point of commencement.
June m. 1806, A. R. Godwin.
Subscribe for the Local Paper
Gives all the news of Nicola Valley and
the country in general. Everyone in the
valley should subscribe for The Nicola
Herald, the local paper.
The Nicola Herald
NICOLA, fi. C.
Telephone Na 7. Mam Street
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Orden throughout lhe Dittriet receive careful attention tad prompt   dallvtr/
J AMEN   rOOI.KT rrapi-otow
_9T_t__-W____ IIT'S
W li
ii m
���tlso  General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nioola Lake, R O.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday lor Nicola Lake,  Kamloopa.
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 ah.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridgt
at 6 a. tn.
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday  6 a. m., arriving Spencet
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m_
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and  Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -    -    Proprietor
JOB WORK Brttlab Columbia Fruit
Although it it leu thtn mteeu jeirt
���iace the firtt full carload of fruit wtt
ehipped out of British Colunihii, progrew
htt been fairly rapid tnd people tre no*
beginning to realise toinething of itt pot
tibilitiet at a fruit growing province.
In the seaton of 1904. the fr.it nop of
Britiih Columbii wtt valued tt *W),000
and the area auder cultivation tvtimttid
tt 14,000 acrte.
In 1905 the tret under fruit htd been
increased to 20,001) .ens, tnd the total
revenue derived therefrom wtt netrlr
one million dolltra. In the timt yj.tr
���omeihing like 1500,000 wu upended
in the purchaae and improvement of
fruit 1 _iid-i, and the average price received for grade No. 1 tpplet from 0_*
tober I, IM,., to March ft, MM, wat
H _7 per 40 Ih. hoi, f.o.b. ahipping
point. The early varietiet .-Uriel out at
$1 net, tnd during the Utter part of
February and March at high aa ti por
box wtt bting paid for ttrictly No. 1 in
carload lots. The tvertge price* of other
fruitl for the teaaon of 1905 were;
Petri, 1.38 per 40 lb. boi; prune* aid
plum*, 75c. per 201b. boi; petchet, I 15
per 201b. box; ttrawberriet, 2 30 per
.4 lb. ba*ket; rttpberriea, 2.19 per 24-lh.
banket; blackberriet. 2 40 per 24 11..
baaket; gooaeherriei, 5 1 2c per lb.; crab
tpplei, 2 1 2c per lb.; tomttoet, 5 1 2c
per lb.; curranti, 7c per lb.; cherriei, ��c
per lb,
Out.irie of the .piintitiei conaumed in
our own citie*, the ehief market for
British Columbia fruit it thi prairie province!, eut of the Rocky mountain*; a
market which will al* .y. demand tha
beit that the fruitgrower can produce
and in ever incretamg quantities to thtt
British Columbia need have no fetr, no
mttter how rapidly the industry de
velopt, of an overproduction of gnud,
clem cnmmer.iil varieties. The province is most favorably aituated, in being
contiguous to the vast plains to the east,
where fruit growing ou a commercial
basia is not likely ever to bt I succeis.
The territory it bound to liter-Mi rapidly
in population tnd the consumption of
fruit will be enormous. It it t cum nt
ftet thtt the tvertge family on tbe
prairies of tht Northwest consume more
fruit than do thoae of Britiih Columbit,
and it is quite nttural also tc expect that
It the fanner* of the prairies succeed
within t comparatively few yetrt in laying by auhVient to keep them iu comfort
for the rest of their lives, they should
look to British Columbia with itt congenial climate, magnificent scenery tnd
tremendous unexplored and undeveloped
nttural resources as a place in which to
spend their declining years.
There is littl* need for thit province to
tpend money II trying to induce itnmi-
grtntt from oil cr countries to come here j
tnd settle. 1 lie best immigration work
that British Columbia can do is to develop tht fruit gr. wing industry aud io
tend large quantities of tirst-rlati fruit
properly grown, hat *_���____, packed and
shipped int. the N'orthweit; thit will
judiciously advertise the proviuce and
bring our own people here at soon as they
become tired of the more rigoroui climate of the prairies. -B.C. Kovi.w
ween Lethbridge end McLeod. Tha
pltn of the new structure Is to conttruct
t double bridge, the rtilwty bridge being
above witb a traffic bridge belew, at ia
the caaa of t-.ephensuu'i bridge over tbe
Tyiie. It it believed thtt there it no
doabt regarding the adoption of thit pltn.
The cott nf the new bridge will be between 9500,000 and $1,000,000.
If you will it. p in tt Arnitlrong'i wkta
it Lower Nioolt, ynu will be convinced
thtt he oarrnu the lat ���*' tud mott complete line of Kent* furnishing*, including
summer top shirts, ftney vetta, httl and
cap*, til kind! tud shade* collar-, tiei, etc.
The Hudton Bay Railway
The long looked for nten��mn nf the
lludaoii Bay Railway to tht shores of the
Hudton Bty it tn be realized within the
. near future, if the statement* in regard
to Mr. William McKenzie's trip to England ire correct.
It ii reported from in authentic
source thtt Mr. McKenzia of the Canadian Northtrn Railway ii going abroad
for the pntpo** of floating eapittl for the
I Hudson Bay road, in which he it t hetvy
! stockholder, tnd thtt if his mistinn
prm es successful the work of extension
will be begun within t ihort time.
The line nf the  Hudton   Bay extendi
fid milet northwest of   Erwood,   Sasktt
I cbewan.     Between    Frwood   tnd   the
;  shore! nf the hay   lies t   tract   of   level
land   almost   perfectly   tdapted   to  the
laying nf the railroad,
A detpttch from Toronto htt corrobor-
tied the statement! made regarding
Mr. McKenzie's trip tn England,
A realizitioii of the Hudton B.y
scheme would mean that traffic would he
diverted from the roti'c now taken by
the wty of the east, to be oarried by the
lew and shorter route from the theres of
the Bay tn Europe.
Fall ttock ef Home. I. and Iiaearted Clfar..
and tht h_*t *uio_in_ tobacco tlwavt oa eat-.
Drop Is and enjoy 11tiltt taint o. BlUlarda
Agenl for tkt Pioneer H tram l__n__rr, Ttaeaa
vtr.  Lauidrr sklpied every HaianUj.
��� ��� I  -_ J- J.       L	
KiMI.Onl>H HOIIHK, P. Herod, oroprlMor.
l-��t *-.��'_ nl wine-, liquor* and cigar* In
il.e In'enor. Juat ilia toot tort aleeceolre
freahiuf gltw ot beer.    Whet ln Kamlooy*
rail la.
GRAM) PACiriC HOTEL, Kamloopa.  The
neareM hat.l to Ibe railway ttatloa.    The
only cornenient hotel for irtvelert.     Oood
room*, good tattle, good liquors.    Two large
limpl. rooms.   T. - Harnlitri, pr-prltlor.
Oood stabling In countction.
Going Soma.
Dan Kelly of Portland, last Stturdty
tt Spokane, won the American tmateur
championship for the 100 yard dath in
9 3 5 seconds, not only heating the
amateur record but equaling the professional record for thtt disttnee.
Certificate nf Improvement!.
Cirrington'i Silver Letf ttt ii tht but
Wot. let on   the market.   It  it t fine
orange pekoe, a tttight eiiini tei.
No home complete without it.
New Steel Bridge.
It it beliovtd to htve been practically
decided hy the Ctntditn I'aciln- Rtilway
to enter tt once upnn the conitruction of
t iteel bridge which will he one nf the
wonderi of the world. , The new bridge
will be tbout one mile in length tnd will
be about 300 feet in height. As compared with other bridges of the world,
the Hrr.iklyn bridge it not longer, tnd n
not more than one half tt high. The
wtll known bridge on the Tyne, in England, built by Robert Stephenson fifty
yetn tgo, it about one-half tt high tnd
me half as long tt the one proposed to
be built by the C. PR.
The new iteel structure of the Cent
iitn Picific will tptn tbe Belly river tt
Lethbridga, Alberta. Tha purpote of
the company in building it to ttrtighten
rhe  track and ihortan lha duttnee bet-
The Province  Mineral  Claim, situate In tht
Hiniilk-uicen ____t_g divi-inn of Yale district.   L-.-aledon(-o_,.creek,aboutueven
miles fmm Nicola Lake.
Take notice that I, Frederick George Paige,
frcemlner's-erlitlc-teNo. bW.V- Intend 6(1 days
from 'he date liereo', to apply to Ihe mining
recorder for a ..rl.i_r_.te-f improvement*, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the
above claim.
And  further take notice that action, under
section -7, trust tie commenced before tho Issuance nf such cerillieate of improvements.
Daled thi* _tlt.li da. cf May, ISO.
Fh_.OEK.-K (ihimilK " .HII.
Agent fur J. ,v\ Colli*.
Notice is herebv given that WI days tfter date
Hut end iu..upl) to the Hun. the chief <">"'-
ini-ilonor of Lands snd Work* for permission
to pur-haa-_.ua tre* of mountain pasture land
described as follow*, commencing at apoat
marked f K No. 1 post, N. w. __-_��_. ��ltu it>d
at or near Manieltr.^avima rind, about 1 mile
north of -|ulnville'�� raich. thence K. fMJ cli.tiiiK,
-ll chains, W So chain*, N tl chain* lo inilial
post FltANcl. HBY.
Nicola, April ..th. Ilfti.
N.ne 1* here' v given that tin diys tfter date
1 iu ��� mi to apply to lhe Hon. the obief com
nitniioDer of lainl* and work* fur permission to
to purchase ti_. acres of mountain pasture land
d.srribed aa follow*: roinmencliig at post
marked No. I, J E. M��. N. w corner adjoining
F ItV. s. w. corner, thenoe _ 80, H su. W so, N
*) to initial po��t J. K. MURRAY.
Nicolt. nth April, l-V.
ASHCRIirT HOTKL Tht mott convnlent
ho el for vititor* ln Ashcroft. The betl of
tabltbotrd. Hot ano cold baths, "ur iters
tenia.!va meets all trains. Johnson k Perkins.
Ntop si the
Ron. Scott, Proprietor
When traveling on the Nicola road
Convenient place t>r traveler*, with good
Unequalled as a
Su_i,uier Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
M Inn You .t Kilt ia a
To entertain and amuse ynu at home.
Hclier than a theatrical performtnee
and mile- cheaper.
For Prices tnd Terms Write to
Wi! Granville Htreet
VANCOUVER,      -     -     ���     B. O
1882   1906
Rev. VT. J. Sir.aiLL, B. A. B.I)
Rev, J. P   |towi_l, Bur-ir
8lity diva after date I Intend to appl _ to tht
Hot. the chief commissioner of ltnds and works
for permlision l�� pureha<o __U acre* of pasture
lupin Aspen Orove situated a* follows: om-
menelni at a post marked A. l(. C. plactd
about ��� rhalas east and 10 chtlns north of tht
s. tt, oorner of Im 90., thence 20 chains nnrth,
thence St chain* east, ___e_a 40 ci.ain, north.
thenoe 40 chains east, thsnee 40 chains south,
thenc. HO chains west, thence 20 chain* south,
thence 30 chtlns west te point of commenoe
ment, A. RCARltlNOTO!..
April 2��.l_. 1 WW. 8.1. Bate, agent.
Rtity lays tfttr dttt I Intend to appl; to tht
chief commissioner of ltnd* tnd works for per
mission to pur-base SO acres of mountain past
tore land, commencing al thee. K, corner of my
pre-emption, running .0 chains south, theaee
10 chtlns west, thence tt chalni north, thence
401 hains east to starting point,
Lower Nioolt, May 31, lffi.
A complete onmmer-iil tad liu.m**
tonne. Students prepated to gtln leach
���rt __r.i_-_.ei of ill grides. In unuer
sitv wnrk a full course for the B. A. de
gree of Toronto Univenity.
Instruction given in Music, Art, Phvi
eal Oaltun ind Elocution.
end for Calendar.
Sut j dart after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the chief commissioner of lands and works
for permission to purchase '.so acres of ptsture
land in A*pen Orove altntted ts follows: oom
mincing tt t post marked 8. J. II. tn the N.��.
lorntr of lot 720 thenc* 10 rhaini > tat, thence
41 chain* norih, thenet 20 chains east, thence SO
chtlns soulh, thenet 40 chains west, thenet M
ohains north to the point of commencement
April list, 1906 S. i. BAT K
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets        ....        $15H, 13j,4ot>51
Rt  Hon Lord Btrathoooa aad Mount Royal. 9. O. SL ���
n-flSTDBNT, Blr Oaa. A. ____________ K. O. If. *
���lOB-PMSn-BlTT AJfDHwHllRAl. M AB ACHR.   ���  B I OLO-t-TOB
Head Office���Montreal
Deposits received from   $100   and  upwards.      Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.     Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
Frank G. Benson,
Nicola Valley Clydesdale Horse
Imported Clydesdale Stallion
Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays A Nicola.
Wednesday noon and Friday BOOfl at Coutlee.
Wednesday nighl and Thursday at Lower Nicola.
Service Fee $30 for Season including pasturage
ia ii hot fii."i_li km y"ii |
- I
Dm Unmtoni  I'tier V_IU-y,  look io
rt. m M nl��y st Nt.'.la.
Wi)H��_i tnimm "I Omttml,  ����i�� ���
��� to Niccila on Monday.
i   N v- __ t,i 11 _���___,   Ml in   Ni"o!��
tBis Wrc- taking >n thr sporti.
.1 _ .NiariUii   sinl   Mt*.   Marshall  of
Pnr________, ���_._   ri_-��l-   H>   Nicoli   on
Mm diy.
I M M .;.���"���!.. I W IWI ��nfl
k__fM-Mm "f thi' (Joliirii letW-Sgi
Mn ������, ��.-r.' in N.,o'. l' Is "''I'll
Made of el.xint hard wood
and best hiiish throughout.
Etch one ni.kes a handmme
mmt t furniture. From
.III M to j-" each.
ICK CkI.UI   ?���_____���_>
N uiu ffUMIIIa keep out thr Hies.
tiCUCl Doou iii sll sizes from ti up.
O__o_ai    "i < '.I -i. Un ______) ��t
..HMiiislile prices.
KAMI   ril'S
Frank J-cks_fi. Mn Jlifcv-  i"'1 M-s
Id ii.ii of Mm l-tufta I'1''i ��� <_Jl1
.,    weir vl*Hors   to  Hh.ul.-_1 ���"���
oa). taking in thr s| ttt
II S. Clr��*l'V sod Mrs. C'le.��liy of
i'nn Im, Ml hi N mtt or, Monday
taking in the __-��_f_t_��t.
|   ran tl ail iht Bo-Mac
I'rn*    .inlligC   nipaiiy (o.otrr kno-o  .<���
tht 0 l in -I ��k)  l,r  sale.   t__-  '___.
fk. Ii i.        .1. f,   ! i,\ wi., Outf Vatby,
Accountant,!' ru in i -n .n. Insurance
ami lieni-ral Agent.
Mam sin   i Kami	
Next Thirty Days
For Cash Only
Business Locals.
Mm, H.niiiii.ii :inii Miss Hanliiiian of
I'anlnrd, MM-CWtla-l-M the spuria on
M ___������ and are visiting in Nicola this
Dm.   btfj -ii'l   nl   Ohmg"   canned
aitili-   thmt   Jim   Mi   |M    the   best
i   href, mutton, poik, etc., at the  M.M.M.
One of ______ days Nicela  will have its
"Pilic.    Hotil"  and   "lirand    Opm
Try liriftin's aumkeil sliouiden at the
Metropolitan Meat Market.
Land f_lnln_t and Oeneral Supply Ants:
MiniM- mf|_-._n, farm inailiiniT), _s_H_p_,
miiler-. sleigh* ���-'( ^1'inl f.u nir list nf lann
anil inii.iiiir pf_i*_._l-_, HUH-orU on mining i ro-
P'Tiir* through tin- Dii-rie. fable ftd_n��-i
"Allium." t'udes: Hromtnill. IfOfiiAg_t Neal,
A. ��i. C, lib.
Warthouie- Canforil, Nirola Valiry, H. ('.
For eiise and comfnrt for walking you
should always huy your hoots and shoes
at Arum rung's, they are "corn killers."
Leonard's new lulliard hall ii nearing
completion. The tables will be here in a
short while and everything will be put iu
tirsr class *_ ipr for the entertainment of
the I uhlic.
Carload of hrst ciass crdar shingles just
arrived. Prices reasonable. Nicola Portable Steam Sawmill,
Go to the M.  M.  M,  for hams and
Mr. and Mrs. Thynne and Miss Ethel
Thynue of Aspen Grove, were visitors to
Nicola oil Monday, taking in the ce'e
lu.vi 'ii r.ii'i renewing old acquaintance.
Mrs. M.cl.in,  Carnegie  Library,  will
be glad to hear of Thotaii Be ry, a_. d 22
years. He was working for Messrs.
Ironsides, Rannie & Campbell at
Sp,-nces Bridge, last October. IIi-
mother, who resides in L'verp ol, is
anxious to hear from him. B. C pipers
ph.nse copy - Niws Advirtiser.
Carrington's (Soldeti Leaf tea is the
very finest flowerv orange pekoe. Imported and packea especially for us. Is
absolutely the hurst tea on the market.
liO cents a pound.
All kinds nf Watch, Clock
and Jeaelry repass dmie in
hrst class ordrr and satisfaction kruaranteed. All work
entrusted to onr care will be
completed and returned without delay.
��'. M. ( VMI'HKI.I. A UK.
C. I". H. Time Inspectors. Kninloops
Crums Prints
Kingscott Ginghams
Swiss and Corded
Japanese Silks
Serges, Cashmeres,
Suit- Lengths and
Waist Lengths
Ladies Waists and
Skirts, Print, Silk
and Luster
Art Muslins,
Lm_)l3_i-n3, Oil Cloths
Japanese Matting,
Table Linens,
Table Oils and
Lace Curtains.
Apron Gingha.ns,
Oxford Shirting and
Men's Top Shirts.
A��k the 1'Uiclier to bring you a Griffin
Ham from the M   M. M.
Nicola presented quite a gay appearance on Monday. The colon of the
rainbow would hsve to take a back seat
when Compared to the makeup of some
ofthe dusky maidens from the re.erva
If you want high class up-to-date Boots
and Shoes uo to Armstrong's. Spring
stork just arrived.
forwent.    komKSIg. hilliard
nl Stabling for 4 hon. s. 1      ^S V__��   1
The Ladies' timid did a thriving
business at their booths on Monday and
everyone appeared well sat shed with the.
treatment received. We understand
one hundred and fifty dollars was realized as the result of their effort!. If the
ladies who had charge of the booths had
their lemonade and other soft drinks prepared a little earlier in the day there is
no doubt but that the treasury would lie
a little stringer.
If you ir. thinking of building now ia
the time to get ymir orders cul so as to
have the lumber dry whrn the long day.
come and the carpenters can w< rk with
pleasure. Remember the name, The
Nicola P irtabie Steam Saw Mill.
Good St;1
For particulars apply to
R. H Winny
Csrnngton's Silver Leaf tea is the best
..Ocl. tea on the market. It is a fine
orange pekoe, a straight assam tea. No
house complete without it.
Go to Armstrong's, Lower Ni.o'a, for
your suit for summer wear. He carries
the latest and most up to date line of
clothing of any business  house in Nicola.
There are some sports in this world
that a corkscrew would appear straight
alongside of but not so with the Indian
horse rscei. It doe* not matter how
small or how large lhe prizes, the races
are for "blood" just the same and there
is far more genuine sport in watching sn
Indian cayuse horse race M the pub'ic
highway than in the enclosed paddock
where often the best horse is relegated
to third place.
Io Thk Lamm:
Pot tbt latest and most fashionable
fancy collars and shirt waists, blouse sets,
belts, etc. You shonld take a look in at
-LfltrMf'-. No trouble to show the
Cirrington's GoldtQ Leaf tea is thi
very hunt flowery orange pekoe. Im-
ponni aud packed especially lor us. Ie
- Iisolutelv thr hiiest taa mi the marks!
10 units a pound.
Hie. A Fraser lift 1 n Tuesday on a
busines* trip lo the coast and incidentally to look into the matter of some
new machinery for hi* _____ here. If
business warrants if, Mr. fraser intend*
to materially increase the size of his
paper and to give the citizen* of Nicola
and  district   an   up to date   weekly   in
Carrington * Ooldw Leaf til 11 the
very lim-st fi-iry orsnge prkos. Im
poitid and packnl ispecially for ui. It
aUolutely the hnest tea on tha maiket.
60 cent* a pound.
The dance in Pooley's Mall on Moll-
day evening was I vi-ry enjoyable aflair,
a,d a large number of the devotees of
every rerpect. Mr. Fraser believes that Terpsichore were in attendance, uotwith-
wih'h> ad.en' o: 'he riwiyan era Handing the warm weather. The dance
nf prosperity will dawn upon Nicola and      was a little late in  starting but was made
newspapers as well as other industries
will have 'o keep pace with the new
order of thing..
Miss Laura Irwin, daughter of Indian
Agent Irwin of Kamloops, at the recent
annual examinations of the Toronto Conservatory of Music,   was the  winner of
the scholarship for highest standing with j one of our shady groves where those who
_retcliss honors in the piano depart- like to trip thi light fantastic in the
ment of the 6nt yen. |  "good old lummer time" could do so in
up for, as it was well into the "wee sma'
hours" before the dancers thought of
wooing the drowsy god. The music supplied wai excellent and all those taking
part were unanimous in their praise in
the way everything was conduited.
Would it not be a good idea to have a
nice little dancing  platform  erected in
Accountant and Auditor
MKlltl.li OKKIIK
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
OlM.-iiil Ailiiiiiiiftralor
______   Cinimerrial Hlnrl,. ri.-l of l'__l (irllrr.
KhI!||i'0|IS,   II. (',
John I). Svvanson.'H. A.
Barrister,   Solicitor an I   Notary   P il ' i>
Qf-M   Kast of IlirC-iiaillan Hank of t'oin
Bum, ��oiiih Mdr of \'i. torn itnM, KmiKwh-i
Monr) In loan on mil mMN srrurilj.
$5 to $100
It's "I laylight all the Way,
hy the Kodak lystem. Loud
ing,   unloading, developing���
all without a dark room.
Everything for the
K a in li "i, s and Vernon
Horseshoing done in a
first (lass m;>niier. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business,
NICOLA, b c.
-DliUtll IN-
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Hi-l.li-ni  Agent- In Nieola for the
comfort and not lis subject to i tempen-
ture of any-here from   fO to 80 degrees, ;
which usually prevails about this time of
the year in most of our dancing hall.!
Jos. Richards,      -      proprietor
The thermometer has taken a sudden
jump and Win the shade is where the
mercury is hovering at presint. Some
people wen heard to remark on Monday,
ifter mopping the prespiration from their
browi, words that soun led very much ike
"Oh, h .! "   Probably they hid
vinous of their future home.
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling in Connection
Telephone Oonnectloa


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