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The Nicola Herald Jun 29, 1905

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<!   <
Vol, I.  No. 7.
$2 a Year.
Annual Report of the Minister of Mlnet
of British Columbia Haa Just Been
Iiraed and Showt In create
Over Preceding Tear.
The annual report of the minister of
uiinte for the province, for 1904, hat
jutt been iiaued. The production, according to the minerala, ia given at follows for the year:
Gold (placer), 65.765 oat) I 1,115.300
Gold (lode). IB,0�� oat  I.HO.AOt
Silver, 3,18 Ul on  1,7111.516
Copper. 36.7I0.1W Ihe  1.578,037
Lead, S6.a4l.lU Iba  I.4JI.874
Coal, 1143,628 ton* (2240 lbs)  . 3,700,884
Coke, 334,102 tone liMO It*  1,102.140
Other minerals  800000
Total t��,��77,S��
Thit thowa quite an increase over tht
preceding year. In plaoer gold f 1,060,
420 waa recovered in 19U3, while in 1904
there wat 11,115,300 taken ont. In the
lode mines there wat alto a good inoreaae,
althongh under the head of gold there
wu a tlight deoreate. There were 222,
042 ounces of gold valued at 14,689,608
in 1904, compared with 2118,831 ouncea,
valued at 14,812,1)16 in 1903. Id silver
there wat tn inoreaae latt year. There
were mined 3 222,491 ounces valued at
���1.719,616 Id 1904, at compared with
1,996,204 ounces, valued at 11,621,472
tbe year previous. In lead production,
however, the great inoreate occurs. In
1904 there wat produced 36,646,244
pounds, valued at (1,421,874, at compared with 18.069,283 pouuda in 1903,
valued at (689,744. The copper production in 1904 wat 36,710,128 poundt,
vtlued at 14,678,037; in 1903 it wat
34.369.(21 poundt, valued at (4,647,636.
Tht coal production of the province in
1904 increaaed somewhat over that of
1903. Latt year it totalled 1,263,628
tons, valued at the grime value of the
product, a distinct gain over tht preceding year, and at a matter of fact, it the
greatest ever made by our mints, eioept
that of 1901. Tills gross value fur 1904
it (18,977,350, and represent! an in
create over 1901 of (1,481.406, or about
8 6 per cent.
An analysis of the returns for tht
whole province showt, however, that thit
inoreate hat ��ot been general or equal in
Ihe various districts, or at to the variout
minerals produoed. Tbe placer gold output thowt an inoreate of (44,880, which
it mainly attributable to one district,
Ailin, the other district! only about holding their own; while in those districts
where the plaoer gold it obtained from
the river ban, exposed only at lowest
wtter, there it thit year a marked falling
off in production, tince the spring opened
up early and the (3,760,884; in 1903 it
wat 1,168,194 tons, valued at (3,604,582.
But th* industrial life increased the
coke production very materially. In
1904 there were 238,325 torn of coke
produced, vtlued at (1,192,140, while in
1903 there were 166,543 tont, valued at
It's No Mistake.
No man can make a mistake in helping
i church. Whatever mistakes may be
made by church members now and then,
the church at a whole stands for good
and the elevation of mankind.���Crsn-
brook Herald.
Interesting Time Before Escapl ng With
Hit Charming Bride.
The Herald hat received by wireless
telegraph from its tpecial representative
in Toronto a fsw heretofore unpublished
details io connection with the Howte-
Campbell wedding. Tht fragmentary
nature of our wirelesa report it due to the
newness of the tervice.
So ftr as can be made out Fred had an
interesting time before escaping with bis
oharming bride, and had to run the
gauntlet of all the old and numerous,
entirely new and original devices calculated to edify the newly married and
entertain their friends. If Fred had but
had hit tix thooter there might have been
a different story to tell, but he hadn't.
Rice and confetti ahowered copioutly
around the New York pullman, by a
thoroughly live party of farewellera, it
not calculated tn improve tbe appearance
of the car, the equimanity of the porter,
or leave in doubt the newly marnediiete
nf the departing couple.
It it a good plan to keep your suit
tiaes locked, confetti bat tuch a way of
sticking, and rise ia so embarrassing, but
then you know bridesmaids will Cud out
a way. They go on the principle of
"spare the confetti and spoil the honey
moon " From til appearance that honey
moon mutt have been a success by an
overwhelming majority.
It wat a great day for the cabmen. In
fact thot* cabbies wore the "smile that
won't come off" To be 6rst "fired"
by the open handed British Columbian
on tbe undemanding that there should
be no fust and feathers or nonsense, and
later "persuaded" by the best man and
hia bunch who coveted tht impish delight
of decorating the bridal carriage with
white ribbons and old shoes. What more
could the cabbies desire.
After all, if tbe easterners know how to
throw rice and confetti, the westerners
know how to reoeive such honors with
all due equimanity. The collected de
meanor and smiling countenance fails
them not; rising indeed to the stern
occasion even of frock coat and -;,k hat,
or replying to that strangely new and
embarrassing toast, "Mrs. Howse and
The east withet the young couple every
success.   Can the west do better i
Nioola    Liberal    Association    Wires
Ottawa Asking for Increased
Mall Service  Will  Start
Latt Thursday the Nicola Liberal At
sociatinn wired D, Rasa, M P., asking
for an increaaed mail service between
Spences Bridge and Nicola Lake, to take
effect immediately; and that the present
contractors wert willing to carry same.
Yesterday (Wednesday) George R.
Philp, secretary of the Liberal Aasocis
tion, received a dispatch from Mr. Riss
to the effect that the nail eervioe was
granted and would go into effect tin
Mr. R its, although having a big fight
on in railroad committee, lost no time in
bringing the matter before the post-
master general's department, and in lets
than a w��ek after the message waa sent
tbe eitra service waa granted.
Yale Cariboo's member is certainly
looking after the needs of his con
si ituenoy, and hat tbe thankt of all reti
dentt of Nioola fur tbe prompt manner in
which he secured the increased mail
Happenings In Nicola and Throughout
ths District.
James Corbett waa in from Courtney
Lake on Wednesday,
MissORiorks Itft Wednesday for a
visit with frienda at Quilchena.
Apartments to let adjoining the
Metropolitan meat market. Suitable for
office, confectionery, drug and stationery
ttore. Apply, Metropolitan Meat Marktt.
Queen of Hearts Group.
Paul Bockmier of I'alouse, Wash , this
week purohaied an interest in the Queen
of Hearts group of claims in the Atpen
Orove camp from Frank Bailey. On thit
group considerable work hat been dine
thit season which showed the property up
in good shape. Mr. Bockmier it heavily
interested in ooal property on the
Cold water.
The C. P. R. hai acquired a controlling
interest in tbe towmite of Allison, three
milea below Prinoeton. Allison haa not
the commanding position held by Prinoeton; but it might become as large and
lively t place at Similkameen City.
Vancouver Chinamen have subscribed
(1000 to fight the United States in a boy
oott '..r treatment dealt out to emigrating
celestials. It's all off with Uncle
Samu-'l now.
The government telephone line it to be
extended from Kelowna to Pentioton via
Peachlaud a- d Summerland.
General Sevenyearioh would be the
man to bring the Russians up to tbe
"Ask and ye shall receive"���advertise
and you will get business.
Peace Negotiations
A St. Petersburg despatch aaya: There
is not likely to be any further move in
the direction of an armistice until the
plenipotentiaries are appointed and the
time of their meeting it definitely fixed,
apan seems unwilling to discuss any new
issue until those two quettiont are settled.
Thit does not necessarily mean that all
hope of arranging a Ntspeniion of hostilities before the meeting hss disappeared, but at an indication of Japan't
mood it increases the doubt at to whether
the could be induced to relinquish temporarily the strategic advantages which
ahe evidently believes the enjoys,
O.   Dodding tnd daughter of Lower
Nicola wert visitors to Nicola Wednesday.
E. B. Knight and  James  Smith  of
Kamloopt were in Nicola Wednesday.
Boat   races,  athletic  sports,   etc., at
Quilchena on July 1st.   Don't miss it.
T. O. Townley of Vtncouvtr and H. 8.
Cleasby of Coutlee were in Nicolt on
H. S. Cleaabv and Mr. Cleasby of
Coutlee were visitors to Douglas Lake
hia week.
J. McQuiaton and Wellington Douglas
returned yesterday fp in a week't vitit at
Quite I Dock of drummers wire callers
in Nioola thit wsek, tome who had never
made tbia point before.
Application for liquor licence for tbe
21-Mile Hnute it being applied for by
Johnston 4 Ward of Ashcroft.
J. B. Tsnnihill and tiattr in-law, Miss
Ryder, were iu Nioola from the Cold-
spring ranch on Tuesday.
Born���At Victoria, on Thursday, Juna
22nd, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Williams, Spencet Bridge, of a daughter.
Frank Lambert waa in town Monday,
returning from hit claims up tht creek,
wherehe had been doing assessment work.
Bank of Montreal
The Bank of Montreal will be open for
business in Nicola on July lat. G. A.
Henderson, manager for the Okanagan
district, will arrive in a day or two with
the staff to take charge. The tafe,
weighing four tont, will be in Nicola this
week. Mr. Henderaon will remain for t
month until tbe bank it opened and run
ning in good thape. The office of the
hank for the pretent will be in the A. ��.
Howse Co'", Ltd., dry goodt department,
a portion of �� hich haa been partitioned
off for that | iirp,ise,
V. V. A E. Passes Committee
Word wat received by wire Tuesday
evening from Ottawa that the V. V, A ��.
railway bill had been reported complete
by a majority of eighteen in the railway
committee. A railway into the Similka
���sen it now assured. Great credit it due
Duncan Roes, Ytle Cariboos member, for
the good fight he put up in furthering
thit project.
Dominion Day Celebration
Saturday will be Dominion Day, and it
will be royally celebrated at Quilchena.
Boat races, horse races snd athlstic
sports bars been arranged and a good
time it promised all who attend. In the
evening a Cinderella ball will be held in
the hall. Refreshment booths and lun h
rooms havt been erected to accommodate
the visitors.
F. W. Jackson, manager of the Triangle
ranch, left yesterday morning for Kamloops with two carloads of cattle for the
B. 0. Cattle Co. at Victoria.
James Pooloy, proprietor of the Metro-
politsn meat market, hat just completed
a large new slaughter house to meet the
requirement! of  hia growing  business.
Chtrlie Howse will trrive from tht
coast thit evening on t visit to hit parents
for the vacation. He has been attending
the high school in Vancouuer for the past
R. Blair of Kamloopt left Nicola Monday morning for Spences Bridge, with
Ire'ght outfit, teams, etc. He wai accompanied by John Skinner and A. W.
Fred. A. Howse and bride will arrive
on this evening's stage via Spencet
Bridge, from tht east, having vitited tbe
principal eastern cities and the Portland
W. H. Will, engineer in charge at the
Diamond Vale ooal and iron mines, near
Quilchena, returned from Vancouver
Tuesday, accompanied by hit son. Work
will be continued on the drill.
Send your (2 along and receive The
Nicola Herald for one year.
Sir Henri to Remain'
The term of Sir Henri July's appointment as lieutenant-governor of British
Columbia expired last Wednesday, bat it
it the intention to retain hit services at
leatt till after the opening of the Dominion exhibition at New Westminster
Patronize Herald advertisers and you'll
���ot gtt buncoed.
Agreement  Entered  Into for   Option
to Purchase  Land  Through
Which the Railway
Will Pass.
Ths Nicols railway it now practically
under construction tnd it is expected by
tht contractor that twelve months will
elapse before the road ia in good working
thape, tlthough traina will be running
before thit time.
J. G. McLean bat teams tnd men it
work in the neighborhood of the rock
work, I few miles out from Spences
Bridge, preparing the ground and right-
of-way to put on a large gang of men io
another week on hia portion of the work.
Messrs. Ironside, Rtnnie A Campbell,
a well known contracting firm of Vancouver, have aigned a contraot for the
construction of considerable mileage on
the Nicola railway alio.
The firm will commence work at s point
about sixteen miles out from Spences
Bridge, tnd will work towtrd Nicola
Lake. About four milea of heavy rock
work ia involved it the commencement of
th.i firm's tube nliact with Messrs. Lots
A Macdontll, builders of the road, it out
from Spencet Bridge for twenty miles the
work will be nearly all through rook. In
about tso weeks' time Messrs. Ironside,
Rannie A Campbell will havt all tbtir
men it work. Operations will be tuper-
intended by D K. Campbell.
The firm it busy making arrangements
to get itt conttruction raila, scrapers,
shovels, teams, etc., from the coast to the
scene of the contract.
Tuesday afternoon T. 0. Townley,
representing the C. P. R., met a number
of the owners of land through whioh the
railway will pan, it the Coutlee hotel,
After going into tht matter together an
agreement wat signed giving the company
an option for a period of twelve mooths
to purchase ths land to be used ssa
right of-way. The land waa was put into
three classes. First, cultivated or meadow
land; tecond, capable of putting under
cultivation; third, waste land or tide hill.
The price per acre agreed upon wat for
first class, (100; second clue, (25, ind
third class, (2.
The company makes compensation for
all damages to property; houses, etc., will
be moved to places satisfactorily to tht
owners; protect irrigation ditchet; build
cattle creeps and crossings. Any dispute
in any mattet to be referred to arbitration, the tompany choosing one, landowners one, aud both parties choosing a
third, the majority to rule.
The land owners rtterved all mineral
rights, and if company with to put in
tiding! the price of land to be at the
going rate, not the (rite made in the
It it estimated that the land required
by the railway tompany will be twelve
miles to the acre, having fifty feet each
side tht center of the track.
The following were pretent and signed
the agreement with the company: Joe.
Cleasby, G, W. Lindley, H. H. Woodward, C. Woodward, D. Dodding, R M.
Woodward, H. Lindley, J. Lindley, H.
S. Cleasby. William Vogbt, J. Garcia and
W. Charter!.
The present right-of-way hat only been
secured to ths flit at W. Charters' place.
Prinoeton now hat a triweekly mail
service, and it it reported that ere long
Nicola will have a daily service. THE NICOLA HERALD
Capital $8,700,000    Rest 18.500,000   Total Assets (Nov. 1904) $91,000,000
Baring* Bank De partment
Deposits of (1 and upwards received and interest allowed.    The depotitor
it subject to no delay in depotiting or withdrawing fundt.
Bnnkiag by Nail
Accounts of ranchert end othtr cuttomert residing out of town receive
speci.' ittention,   Fundi may be deposited or withdrawn by mail.
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, In Advance, $2 a Tear
Nicom Laki, B. C.  June 29,19ft'.
The residents of Mameite Lake, Coutlee aod Lower Nicola have forwarded a
petition to the provincial government
asking to hare the unfinished piece of
road between the Mamette Lake and
Ashcroft roads completed. There ia only
a few miles to make the connection and
something should be done to have it
completed at any early date. It would
give the people of that section more ac
cess and connect the Highland valley
with Coutlee and Lower Nicola. It it tn
be hoped the government will make the
necessary grant and finish the work.
Thirty dart after date I Intend to anply to
i the chief commissioner uf lands and works for
I permission to lease 1280 acres more or lesof
meuntaln pasture land for 21 yoar�� as fol nwi-:
Cfinimencii'K at a post at the north east corner
of Wm. falincr's purchase 1 !<9. Hinntiit X Wl
chains, thenee K 80 chair.-, threes N 80c>��in-,
Ihence W In chains, then'- N 8(1 ch .In-, thence
W ID chains, thence K CO chains, t .ence * 10
chains, thence 8 80 chains, then u K 10 chains.
thence 18(1 chains to start mn pu-t.
S J. I'. SCMTr,
Rockford, B, C, May 29th, 1905.
Thirty days after date I Intend to make application to the chief commissioner of lands
and works for permission to lease 1280 acres of
mountain pasture l��nii sitnMe at the further
end of Coyote Valley, near t he eiirht mile creek,
commencingat k post, mirkc R. H Wlnny-
N W corner, thence K 191 chslns, thence 8 80
chains, thrnce W160 chains, thence \ 80chains
to inital poeu R. M. WINNY.
Nicola Uke, J nneli, 1905
As an advertising medium the Nicola
Herald cannot be excelled -advertisers
appreciating the fact. A few weeks ago
a imall ad wai inserted in the Herald of
the finding of a watch and chain, and a
few days after the publication the owner
appeared and proved property. It pays
to advertise.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply tn
tho Chief Oommis.loner of Lands and Work-
for a special licence to Ml and carry aw*)
timber from Ihe following described lands,
situated on the east side of the Mamett lake
road, and commencing at �� post marked H
Armstrong, and running 80 natal eaei; 80
chains north; 80 chains west;80 chains south,
to point nf commencement. conUlnlrg 640 acres.
Also commencing at a post at 'he sO'itheast
corner marked K Armstrong and running east
80 chains; north 80 chains; Waal 80 chains; south
S'rimins, to point of commencement, containing MO acres.
R. ARMSTRONG. Locator.
June 1*. Ittf.       "i�� V'lim, Avciii
Thirty days a'ter date I Inten t io apply to
thecnlef commissioner of lands ana work- for
��� licence to cut timber nn the following described area. vl�� ; Commencing at a poet on
ihe ninth side of Smith's creek marked S'liih
east angle, running 80 chains west; thence 80
chain- north; thence81 chains east; thence 80
chains south to point of commencement; 610
acres, located June 16,1905
The mineral products of the Nicola dis
trict are gold, platinum, silver, copper,
lead, iron and coal. Betides thii, we
have the finest cattle in the world, the
very best of horses, vast areas of farming
lands, etc. Give Nicola the railroads and
it will give you the goods.
Cattle never looked better than thi y
do thit year. With the fine juicy fodder
on the ranges around Douglas lake, is it
any wonder that there ia a big demand in
the world's markets for Nicola cattle.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date we Intend to apply toth�� Honorable the
Chief Commi sinner of Lands aud Works for a
special licence to cut and CarrJ away timber
from the follow'ng described lands: Commencing at a uost set approximately one mile
north of Nicola river and east of Sptos creek;
thence fttchalns we-t: thence 80 chdns north;
thence 80 chains cast; thence80 chains south, to
point of c itnmencement.
June 11, 1905. I'. HARDIMAN.
A subscription today is worth two next
week. Send along the two dollars and
the Herald will do the rest.
Notice is  hereby   given that   thirty days
after date we intend >o apply to the  Honorable i he Chief Commissi ner of Lands and
works for a special licence to cut and carry
away timber from the   following described
land-:    Cnnviencin* -<t a post set approximately one mile north from Nicola  river, east
of Spfos creek; thenco 80 chain-north; thence
80 chains oast; thence 80 chains sninh; thence
80 chains west, to point uf commencement.
June 11. 1!W5. T  R. H.\KI>I.VUN.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the1 hlef Comnilsslnner of landsand unrksfor
special lic-nse to cut limber on ihe following
aiei, ��� omniencinK at a no-' marked W s M.
N. W. corner thence S ion chdns, K 10. N
160, W 40 to initial post, Bl'i acres and adjoining
J, Cs on the K; also commencing at post maiked W. (J. M.'s N. W. corner thenc K 80 chain-,
S 80, W 80. N 80 to initi.d posi, 610 acre- adjoining J, C.'s nn 8. ��  O MUKMAk,
June 21,1905, J. Costillon, Agent
Thirtydays after datel Intend to apply t
thechief comnilsslnner of lands and works fo
a lb ence to cut timber on the following de
s'Tlhed area, vis: f'nmmrnolntr ��t a post
nn the north side of Smith's cieek marked
sou'hnest angle, running 80 chain-east; thi nee
gOcha'nsnorh; thence80 chains west; thence
80 chains south to point of commencement; 610
acres, located June 16.1905
By hi* airent, ('has. C. Law.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner f lands and works for
a licence to cut timber on the following de
scribed area, vis.: Commencing at a posi
marked southwest angle, on the eael b.nk of
the Cold water river running north 80 chains
to Costllllnn's ranch; thence 80 chains east;
'hence 80 chains south; thence 80 chains west
to point of commencement; 640 acres, located
June 17, 1905.      CHA3. F. LAW,
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
thechief o nimlssionpi'of landsand works for
a licence to out timber nn the following described area via.: Commencing at a post
marked north we.i angle, on the east hank of
tht Coldwater river, running 80 chains souih to
Olson's ranch; thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains north; thenoe 80 chains south to point of
commencement; 640 acres located June 17, liKij.
 By his agent, Ciua, K, Law.
Thirty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licence to i ut timber nn the following
described lands: Commencing at a pnst
marked C.S's northwest cornei, adjoinlnir H
Merrill's land on -onth side; thence south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; 'henc- west80chains to initial nost.
June 16,1905. CHA8. STIRLING.
Thousand! of Redskins Will Journey
to the Dominion Fair.
Through various Indian agents and missionaries representative of nearly all the
British Columbia tribes, the fact that the
Dominion Fair is to be heldinN>w
Westminster this year has become wdely
alvertised among the Indians if the prov
ince and the presence of thousands of
them on the haoks of the Fraser during
the great national exhibition is alreadj
The Fair management has set aside
$2500 for prizes for Indian eihinits and
sports and these promises to be something
doing in lively fashion among the redskins
every day of the big fair. The sports
will include all sorts of canoe races on the
river, foot and horse races and tug of fai
on land in which the femalea as well m
t le males will participate.
Ten Indian bands have already entered
the musical competition.
The braves and their wives and
families from the most remote parts of
the province will also come to New West
minster by their own primitive model of
conveyance and tn tome of them this
means perilous tripi by water that cannot be be made in lest than about tao
While here the Indians will be guestt
of the government and the managemet.t
of the fair.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry timber fiom the
following described lands commencing a' a
post marked F C. Tingley, situated two miles
south of Nicola river aud running 80 chains K,
80 chains 8,80 chains W, 80 chains N. to point
commencement 640 acres.
Also commencing at a post at the 8. W. corner and running 80 chains F, 80 chains 8, 80
chains W, 80 chains M to |,olnt of commencement 640 acres. F. C. TINGLKY,
Lo: ator.
June 20th, 1905. Dan Mclnnes, Agent.
Thirtydays afterdate I Intend to apply to the
chief commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away timher
from the following described lands commencing at pos' marked S J. vVoodward, about 2
miles south of Nicola river and running80chains
N. 80 chains VV, 80 chains 8, 80 chains K to point
of coinmencent 610 acres.
Also common* ing at a post at the north east
corner and west 80 chains, norih 80 ohains, cast
80 chains, south 80 chains to point of commencement containing 640 acres.
June N h, 1905. l/wator.
 Dan Mclnnes Agent,
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply fo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to
Mrohsss 1110 acres of niniiutain land, i-iinnn ���
ing at R. Onlllford's, sr��� stake, west corner;
running Baal 20 chain-; thence west 20 chains;
theme n ,rth 80 chains, more or less; I hence
south 80ohains, moreorless,
June 21,1905. R. OULLIFORD, Jr.
J. A. SCOTT, Prop.
Thirty days after o��te I intend apply
ing to the chief commissioner of lands
and works, Victor's, B. C . for permit
"ion to i ur base the following described
land in K<mloopa division of Yale district, commencing at ihe north east cor
ner of 1. ���' 164 thence eaat 19 chains to a
post marked Indian boundary, thence
south 60 chains more or leas to Indian
reserve post marked VI, thence east 9
chains more or less to Indian reserve
post on bank of 10 mile or Geshon creek,
thence along said creek to a point on
boundary line of lot 160, thence north lo
point of commencement 80 chains more
less. Jamrs Smith.
Lower Nicola, B. C, May 19rh, 1905.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands and works for a
special licence to cut timber over the tol'owlng
described area commencing at a post marked
J. Fraser's situated ten miles north nf Nicola
wagon road and running as follows, 80 chains
VY, 80 N, 80 K, 80 8, to initial post; also- ommen-
clng at a post marked J. Fraser's 80 chains W,
80 8, 80 K, 80 N to initial pet.
8, Tingley, Agent.
Coutlee, B. C, June 9th, 190S.	
Thirty days after date I Intend 'o aDply to I he
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licence io cut and carry away tim'ier
from the following described lands situated on
the cast, side Mamer lake road, and running
80 chains south, 80 chains west, 80 chains
north, 80 chains east, to point of commencement; containing 640 acres.
Alsii commencing al a post marked W. H.
Arm-trong, at the northeast corner, and running 80 chains north; 80 chains west; 80 chains
south 80 chains east, io point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
W. H. ARM-STRONG, Locator.
June 18,1905.     Dan McInnib, Agent.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands and works fnr
a special license to cut timber on the fnllnwlng
described lands situated rorthwest of D. Mc
limes' pre-empinn and running as follows 80
chains south, 80 chains east, 80 chains north,
80 ch dns west to point of commencement containing 640 acres: also commencing at a pott
marked 1'. Tingley and running 80 chilnsnorth.
80 ea-t, 80 south, 80 west to point of corrtnence-
ment, containing 610 acres.
8. Tingley, Agent.
Coutlee, U. fl��� June 10th, 190(1.
81 x f ydays after date I intend to make application t i the chief commissioner of lands and
works for per nisslnn to purchase 80arosof
mountain land starting at R. Qulliford's stake
No. 913 running 20 chains east, 40 chain > north,
20 cbalns west, 40 chains south to starting po-t.
Aspen Drove, B. C, June 15, 1905,
Come to us for the latest and freshest goods.     It is
a pleasure for us to do business.     We
guarantee satisfaction.
< aiiip OutniH Mining Snpplie*
Dry dioitdR Bool* and Kline*
l��ni,> A MuliontT)   l.viils. Fnruiahinf
Flour <t Feed
Hi 11
Forwarding Agents from Spences Bridge to all
points in Nicola and Similkameen.
Agents Nicola Townsite, Insurance Agents.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Twice a week delivery to Lower Nicola, Coutlee, way points
Orders throughout the District receive careful attention and promptly delivered
JAMKS   POOI.EY Proprietor
Unequalled as a
Summer Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
#��>���>e'���J'���^���^l^*--'���>���>���>���-> *>��^��>*>���>!>���>��>��>*>*>���>t> ���
ANDREW SMITH, Proprietor
All kinds of Blacksmith work and Horseshoing done in
first class shape. Leave your work here and it will receive
prompt attention.    Satisfaction guaranteed.
and Saddlery
Now ia the time to buy your Harness and Saddlery. I have in
ttock a full line o goodB tuitable
to the trade. Saisfaction guaranteed.   All kindt of
Harr.est, Boott, Shoes, etc, done
neatly and promptly.
NICOLA LAKE,      ���      ���      B. C.
General Blacksmith
Horse Shoeing a specialty.
All kindt of Witchet, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., kept in atock.   Wedding presents a specialty.
Firat elaat repairs done on ihort notice
and returned at once. THE  NICOLA   HERALD
-4 OFF
It the event of Kimloopt
itr.l dittritt tt pretent.
People know a good thing.
They ire netting good
(toods cheap. Re:neruber
It ii, 25 cents nff evory dollar anil the terma are ipot
Our ttock it all new. No
old goodt to ��"ik off.
New gooda are arriving
daily to keep MB atmrt-
rnent up.
Mail orders filled the day received.
Ejsluslve Outfitter to Men and Boys.
Bank of Montreal
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000 Rest, $ic,o 0,000
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $373,988
Total Assets        ....        $^5, 24,452.74
PRESIDENT, Rt Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, 0.0. M. 0,
VICE PRESIDENT,       ��� ��� Sir Geo. A. Drummond. K. 0. M. Q.
Head Office���Montreal
Shipped by J. B. Hull to Caljary
on Wednesday, June 21.
Brown stud, H right hip.
Bay mare, A left sh��� H on r. hip.
Bay mare,  H on  right  hip.
Brown  mare,  barred L   on   1.   hip.
Grey geld. L quarter circle 1. hip;
H right hip.
Bay mare H right hip.
Brown mare bar L on left hip.
Sorrel mare A left Bh., H r. hip.
Bay mare H right hip.
Bay mare H rljht hip.
Bay mare F left hip, H r. hip.
Roan  geld.  H right  hip.
Bay mare H right hip.
Sorrel mare H right  hip.
Bay mare  bar L left  htp.
Brown mare H r. hip, R r. ah.
Bay filly  bar L left  hip.
Brown mare H right hip.
Bay mare H r. hip, R r. ah., M lsh.
Grey mare, V? on left sh.
Grey mare ED monogram over quarter  rlrclc  on r. eh.
Black ma-e H r. hip, fire hook on
let hip.
Sorrel mare A 1. eh., H r. hip.
Che3tnut mare, H r. hip, M left sh.
Sorrel ma^e, H on right hip.
Brown filly H on  right hip.
Bay mare i on left eh.
Bay ma'e H right hip.
Bay gelding, H right hip, A 1. eh.
Black  gelding  H on   r.   hip.
Chestnut  geld.  H on  left   hip.
Bay mare bar i on  left hip.
Pinto geld. X on r. sh., H on r, hip.
Whit  geld.,  diamond dot  1.  ���!).,  H
on right hip.
Buckskin geld., H r. hip, H r. ah.
Bay mare H right hip.
Bay mare H right hip.
Grey geld. H on  r,  hip.
Chestnut mare H on  r. hip.
Chestnut mare snake H on r. hip.
Sorrel mare H on r. hip.
Bay mare bar L on let hip.
Black mare H on r. hip,
Cream .naie bar L on left hip.
Fay ge d.��� bar L on !e't hip.
Sorrel mare quarter circle V on 1. h.
Eay geld. H on r. hip.
Sorrel geld, H on r. hip.
Brown geld., H on r. hip.
Brown mare H on right hip.
Buckskin mare, JS on 1. sh., H r. h.
Sorrel mare  1 on  right   hip.
Buckskin mare H on right hip.
Grey mare, H on r. h��� bar W on r,s.
Roan geld., bar L on  1. hip.
Buckskin geld, H r. hip, CC 1. sh.
Sorrel mare H on right hip.
Bay mare  bar L  on   left  hip.
Frown mare, 2 bar on left hip.
Bay mare H r. hip, A left sh.
Buckskin filly, H on right hip.
Buckskin mare, bar L on left hip.
Chestnut geld., bar L on left hip.
Sorrel mare   quarter circle V 1. h.
Bay filly, bar L on left hip.
Sorrel mare, H on r. h., M r. sh.
Black filly, bar L on left htp.
Chestnut    mare,  strip on   Jaw,  no
Sorrel mare, H r. h., M 1. sh.
Roan   filly,  H on  right  hip.
Sorrel mare, H on r, fi.
2 sorrel mares, H on r. h., M 1. sh.
White  geld,  H on  right  hip.
Brown mare H on right hip.
Bay mare, diamond on left ah.
Bukskln mare, bar L on I. hip.
Bo n geld,, H r. h., pothook on r. sh.
Biown filly, H on r. hip.
3 cheat nut flll'ea H on r. hip.
Bay gelding, H on  right  hip.
Bay geld, bar L on left hip.
Black geld.,  H on  r.  h.,  1 1  .sh.
Bay mere H right hip.
Bay geld., M on left sh.. H r. hip.
Grey filly, H on right hip.
Ba;   yearling     H on  r   hip.
Chestnut mare, M 1. sh..  H r. hip.
Bay geld.  H on  right  hip.
Brown mare, M on 1. sh., H r. h.
Deposits received from   $1.00  and  upwards.     Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals on demand without delay
Banking business of every description solicited.
Special attention to Mining, Ranching
and Mercantile Interests
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail-
town accounts receive every attention.
Out of
The Nicola Lake Branch will be opened in
a few days.
Superintendent of B. C. Branches.
also General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every Thursday for Nicola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a.m. ,
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday  6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
Thirtydays after date I intend to apply to   TviMUJinv u, ,, ,    ,    ,
the chief commoner ���f land* ��nd work/for   D��,t3n 'mr" r�� ror\*feaTtrf..?ZXi
? -JHdal liee,,-, to eat sod esnj sway tlinb,,  ���< ��� ��� 1'��eor he M , a   ^ k
from the following .oWnirt iWs.sUrting J for tl,ve,HrH a���d ,mZoreM men.   Kxi'ellen'
'able and well htockeil bar.   C. J. Robinson &
(,'u.. proprietors, Kamlnuiw
Bt a post marked A. MrUillivray's N. K. corner
planed at 'be Chiner- corraL 'lodey i re- k,
thence 80 chmnsso ,th, 'hm-e Wl chains west,
thence 80 chainH north, thence 80 chains east to
miliil i o.t WO acres
Junel. 1905, A. McGIMJVRAY.
Thirtydays after da'o I In'��nd tn apply 'o
th" fiiief 0 ��mml- si >ner of lands and works foe
a special license to cut and carry away timber
fi.ni the following described lauds, star' Ing
from h post one mile smi'b rll from the ihur-
ters Corral, (lode) Cr ek, ihinre south 80
chains, ih-noe wes 80 i-liains. thoiic nonh 80
chains, thence east 80 Obiins to initia1 post 010
acres. JOS OltAHAM.
June 1th, 190.1	
Thirty days from date I Intend to apply to
'h Chief Commissioner nf lands and works for
a special lioeuse to uiit and cai ry i way timber
f o'li Ihe full 'Wing land Parting it * o< st al
the uharti re rorrsl, Godey Cr ok, murk' ,1 K.
MrKtntte, N. W. corner, thence 80 chame
south, thence 80 chains east, thence 80rhai ,s
north, thence 8o chains west to initial post 610
acres K. McKKNZlK.
June4, 1903.
Thirtv daysfrom date I Intend t" apply to the
thief Coni'iiis-ioner of lands and wn,ks for a
lie�� Use to cu slid carry aw ,y timber from the
following land, si art ing at a post on- mile sO'Mh
from the rh.irtoi'sOuiral, (j dee reek, mi k-
ed *. C.'s N. VV. comer, thenc 80 clwins s,,u h,
thence 80 chains east, thenc 80 chains north,
thence80 chains west to iniiial pi>.i. filO acres.
Junel, 1903. A. Cul.idCTT.
Thirty days from date I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands mid Work-
fur a special license to cut and stm away timber from the following land, ftiirtinsr from ��
post placed one mile casteily fro u the Charters
' orral, Godey Cre k, ma'ked M J, i leasby N
W. corner, thence 80 chains nilh Ihence *'
chains east, 'hence 80 north. Imiice 80 w st (u
initial pint BIO nf. St, M   .1 ULK.ISBY.
June 1, 1903.
lUTONTRKAL Hll'I'KI,, Kamloops, Napoleon
lvi Latremoullle, proprietor. Hrst class in
eveiy particular. Good wines, Liquors and
cigars._ S:abliiiK In c 'nnection.
AMl.OOPS IfOUisR, H.Herod, proprietor.
Best stock nf wines, liquors and cigars in
��� li" Interior. Just ihe spo' for a nice cool refreshing glass of beer. Whoa in Kamloous
call in
GUaNI) PACIFIC HOTKL, Kamloops.  The
nearest hotel to the railway station.    The
only coynenlent hotel for travelers.     Good
moms, good ta'ile, good liquors.    Two large
simple rooms.   l\ A. Barnlmn, proprietor.
Good stabling in emoiectlon
QUKKN1 HOI'KU Kamlooiis, B.C. On1!
brick hotel in the nil). Fine wines, liquors and cigars. Hates. |i ���,, f.'.vi p. r day.
liver) thing in connection with this hmel l��
Hrst cluss i.'d ui-to-date. HeidqusrU'rs for
umspecors tnd miners rwer.mccon.limitation
for guests. Quiet reading and smoking rooms.
Good ��� i aiding nn the ere ��� s.s.
AlHCROfT HOI'KL The most, convenient
���"��� ho'el for visitors In Ashcroft. Theb-stof
table board. Hot ana eold liaihs. Our re ire-
scntative moet* all trains. Jobnsnn It Perkins,
Is still doing business at the Old Stand. A
good stock of Lumber constantly on hand.
Orders promptly filled.
Lower Nicola,      -     -     -     B. C
Rosedale ftotise, j^oWcr Nicola
erythlngtiptn-date. Ibt house has lately
been remodelled and is now under new management. 'Ihe bar Is supplied with choicest
brand! of wines, liquors and cigars. When in
asle 'lift Hop at, the Grsnd Central, George
Wa:'!. proprietor, 	
Thirty days from date 1 im 11 to ���"' far to
the Chief '.niionissi,.ner of Lsui s ami i orks
for a license to i.ut am) carry aw j tim r from
the folluwlng de-orihed land.., s.arlin^ fi-nm a
tost one mile so'tiierly from M J.CIeasb.'s
p >st marked E. R. N. i\. corner, thence soulh
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence imrth
80chains, thence west 80 chains!" initial post,
Junel, 1905.
Thirty days sfter dale I intend to apply loth-
I M Cominis-ioner of L nds and Works for a
sieciat licenc-tooutti" ber on the following
,d.-C'ibed lands: Commencing at s post
niurked 8 J. S's noithwest corner, adjoining
I. H , ^ec I ; thence 120 chains south, thence 1"
cln.iiis east; Ihonoe 120chains north; ihence III
nbalni we>t, to Initial post,
8. J  "iiLilMAN, Locator.
���lime IB, lOOii.     ( has. S'iiri.ino, Agmo,
Thirty days aft*r dale I Intond to apply
to the chief commitsionerof lauds and work
for ���> special licence to cut timber on t' e
following described area commeiieing at a posi
marked J. >'. N. W. corner, K side of Indian
re-eve. thence 8 100 chains, thence Kill chains,
thence N 160chain-, thence W 40 'o ini'ial post
comprising BIO acres; als i commencing at a
povl marked J. C 's N. W corner on K side of
Indian re-erve, ttumce 8 80 c ains, tbenoe K 80
ch.iius, thence N 80chain , thei.ee W80chains
to Initial post, comprising B40 acres.
Coldwater, Nicola, June j, 11X15.
Thirty days af er da*e I intend to annly to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for a lii'en.ie In cut ���d carry away timber f <om
thef ''owing described lands; Commonclngat
a nost marked Minnie Mclnnes. and running
4u chains n"rth; lflO chiin- east;IO chains tiuth;
10) 0' ains w��wt, io point of commencement'
containing 040 sees.
MINXIK MclNNHS, Locator.
June 15,1905.      Din McInnks. Agent.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands and works for
a special license to cut timher over the following described srea, commencing ai a pos'
maiked A. Tingley, 80chain E,80chains N, 80
W, 80 8 to initial post, 610 acres; also commencing at a post mark'd A. Tingley and running
80 chains W, 80 N, 80 K, 80 8 to Initial post, 640
acres. A. TINGI.KY,
-  8. Tingley, Agent,
Coutlee, R C, June 9th, 1905.
Sixty days sfter date I Intend to aoply to
the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works
for permission to purchase 80 acres of mountain
pasturage, being lot, No 186, township 91, Kamloops division, Nicola.
June 16,1605, GRACE D. TUTILL.
Stop hi I he
Robt. KooR, Pmurtffctf
When   ti-ivelmj(   ������>,   [he HWtli rnarf,
Cnriv^nifiif pUce li-r fr;t\elHr��t wirh  g���><���������
-iCcnMiM ^ 'i n.
Otter Pint Hotel
Charlet Debarro, Proprietor.
TULAMBEN CITV, ��� ��� ��� B. C
Headquarters for Summit, Rahhitt
iiinuiiiain, Tulameen river, Itmililer, Bear
and Kelly creek campt. Good Fishing
and IliiHtiii({.
P. O. Addrets;   Aspen Oro��e.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply tn the
chief (commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber of
the following described lands commencing at a
post one mile south west of Ihe second corral
marked W. Detmars and running 80 chains
east, 80 chains south, 80 chains west, 80 chains
north to point of commencement containing
040 ai res. H . ; IKTM A ltd,
June 19th, 1905. Dan Mclnnes, Agent.
Thirty days after date I intend to apply lo
thechief commissioner of land-and works for
a licence to cut timber on the following described area, vlt: Commencing at a post
marked northeast angle, on the east bank of
the Coldwater elver; thence crossing river and
running west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement; 640 acres, located
By bit agent, tins. F. Law.
We have secured for the pleasing of men of taste.
If you are one of the best dressers you certainly
will appreciate the style, beauty and quality of
everything in this stock of
Men's Furnishings
New stylt-s and colorings in Shirts, Neckwear
and Hosiery are prominent. Summer is crowding out Spring and already the lighter things,
from Underwear out, are coming in fast. Going
out fast too, because of these small prices.
E.BURNS   -      -   Kamloops, B. C.
The well known stallion,
Reggie M., will stand the season at the ranch of Peter Marquart. Courtnay Lake, B. C.
Terms: $20 at the end of the
season, pasture included,
Peter Marquart.
All kinds of repair work done in a
neat and satisfactory manner and in short
Capital paid up-B 05,000.00.   Reaerre Fund U,J3S,00D.00.  Total Aitets-lfl.OM.IIOUOO
Hl��i>Omr��:   Hjmutoic. J. Ti'UBi'LL, General Manager
87 Offices Throughout Canada
Collections made
A general banking business traniarted.    Kanchert'note, discounted.    C��
Drafts sold, payable at all points In Canada. Cnlted Statet and Eui
Savings Bank Department -DtposiU, of One Dollar and Upwards received, and In-
teiest compounded half yearly on Slst May aud JOlh Norember.
Current Accounts operated upon favorable term*.   A cancelled check Is the safe receipt tor money payments.
A B. SKBY, Agent.
Robert Clark returned the first of ths
week from a trip tu Kamloops,
Mrs. (Dr) Tutill, will be "ti home" st
Rue Cotttge on and after Tuesday,
July 11th.
Mitt D*lby, school teacher at Prince
ton, patted through Nioola Weduesday
to route to Victoria.
There it joy in the home nf Indian
Tim at the Springs. On Saturday twirh
���daughters���were horn.
Wentworth F. Wood hat been sworn
In as theriffof the county of Yale. He
will take office on July lit.
Mr*. Sterret and daughter! of Lower
Nicola left Ssiutdsy morning to tpend
ummer vacation tt Victoria.
Mre. W. R Macdonsld and family arrived at their ranch near Stump Lake
and will remain until September.
Q. B. Arinsiinng, general merchant nt
Lower Nicola, and Paul BocLmier of
Paloute, Wash., were in Nicola Friday.
Mist Miisgrm e, who has had chsrge ol
the Coldwater school, left for Vancouver
on Saturday, having resigned het position.
Haying will commence next week'
The tonnage to he put up thii year will
have all other yesre bucked off the board.
L��st Thursday was the longest d��\.
Soon the days will he to thort that they
will look like 30 cents with the three off.
Work has commenced on the addition
to he erected to the Driard hotel, which
will increase the accommodation con
Claude Snowden of Princeton, who it
interested in mining properties on Besr
creek, was a visitor to beautiful Nicols
Dm Mclnnes wat unanimously elected
trustee for the L'wer Nicola school district. Dr. Tutill wit alto unanimously
elected for Nicula.
Jack   Menzii-H  waa  busy mining this
week���ktlto mining
The Nicola public school ahut up shi p
last Friday, much to the pupils' delight
tnd the parents' disgust.
Mccormick mowers
A full line of the above alwtyi kept
in itock tt close priest tt
Graduate M. O H and W H., Montreal.
Licentiate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Quebec.	
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator
Office.-Commercial Block, tsst of Post Office.
Kamloops, B. C.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor -wd  Nouiy PuMo
Office:  Ba��t of the Canadian Bank of Com
merce. south side of Victoria street, Kamloops,
Money to loan on real estate security.
Fint class bosrd and lodging by the
day week or month. Every atteDtini
given to the travelling public.
Mrs. Riley, Proprietress.
Thirty days aft* date I Intend to aoply tn
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and works
for a spe dal licon t to cut and carry awiij
timber from ihe following described lands:
Commencing at a po-t mar ed 0 H. Tingley
aid i mining Ml chains ea t; 80 chains souih; SO
cisins wesi; 80 chains north lopoint of commencement, containing MO .cre>.
Alt" com'iiencli.g ut I e BoflBtttt corner and
pinning 80 chains east; 80 chains somh; 80
chain-west;80 hslns north to point of commencement, containing lilOacies.
U H. TINGLEY. locator.
Jim" 15. lin.i        Dan McInnks. Ageni
Thirty days after date I intend to apply lo
the Chief i ommlssioner of l-ands and Works
for a special licence *o cut and carry awai
limber from the following dose lbed lands:
Commencing at a post marked K J Serett, aid
running 80 ch ins wesi; 80 chains south; 80
chainsoa-l;80chains north to point of com-
movement, containing MO acres.
Also commencing al northwest corner anc
running 80 chains wesi; 80 cbalns smt.n; 80
ch.Inseasi;80chains n"r h. tt point of commencement, Containing 61(1 seres.
K. J. ��KKMT, Locator.
June 15 1005.       Dan Mi-Inn eh, Agent,
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
Aocountsnt.Oommiss on. Insurance
and General Agent.
Main Street Kamloopt
J. II Graves of Douglas Lake wat in
Nicola for a short time on Monday in
connection with the business of his large
cattle and ranching interest
A. E Lewis is at the Contlee hn'e|
suffering from a severe attack of pneumonia. Be is receiving every attention
and late report of his condition is very
Rev, George Mason will officiate at tbe
regular service in the Presbyterian
church. Nicola, on Sunday morning, and
tt the Methodist church, Lower Nicola,
it 3 p.m.
A. W.Johnson, D. and P. L 8., re
turned from Kamloops Sunday where he
hid been called as a witnets in a fence
cut'liig case. Mr. Johnson left the same
day for Coldwater where his force of men
��re engaged surveying for the dominion
John Collum, well known among tin
ranchers ami farmers of the upper coun
try as "Apple Tree Jack," passed awa>
last week at the Royal Inland Hospital,
Kamloops. He had heen ailing for s
long time and his death wat not unci
George Bent returned on Monday from
s several weeka vitit with relatives in
Toronto. Mr. Ber.t also visited the
principal cities in tbe States and easterii
Canada Although impressed with the
beauties of the eist, Mr. Bent it wi 1
pleased to bu back iu the Nicola.
Th'r y days after date I int nd to auply to
theChlef Commissioner of lands and Work-
for a sieclal licence to cut and carry awaj
tlmh��r fro" the following described lands,
situated SSI the east. ��M�� of Mamett 1'ke roai.
and commencing at a u st m,,rked K. I onsln .
and running 80 chains smith; 80 mains ea-t;80
chains north; 80 i'h.il"S "tsfcta point of commencement, containing 010 acres.
Also commencing at a P'st marked E.
Cousins', at the northwest coiner, and running
80 chains south; 80 chains last; 80 chains norih;
80 chain west, to point of uoiuuie .Cement,
containing 610 acres.
K. COCS1N8. Locator.
June 15,1905.        Daw V'cInhm, Agent,
Prunes, etc
Leave your orders with us
and we will ship when fruit
is best and cheapest.
If Yoa Need Anytiiipfi
in the
Line, send your work to the undersigned
All  orders   finished   in a workmanship
manner.   Cabinet work a specialty.
Liwer Nicola. B. C
All kindt of Watch, Clock
and Jewelry repairs done in
hist class order and satisfaction guaranteed. All work
entrusted to our care will be
completed and reiurned ��ith-
��� ut delay
C. P. R. Time Inspector!. Kamloops
Meant you want t
1 ake pictures of the places
you go to and the people you
meet. Half the pleasure is
lost without one. We have a
complete stock.
Kainlnoi i and Vernon
Agents for Eas>mas Kodaks and Supplies.
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to
thechief commissioner of lands and works for
a special license to cut and carry away timber
from I lie following described area commencing
at a post marked S. T, Creelman two miles
south of Nicola river and running 80 chains N,
80 chains K, 80 chains south, 80 chains W to
point of commencement containing 610 acres.
Also commencing at a post N. W, corner, and
running 80 chains N, 80 chains E, 80 chains, 8,
80 chains VV to point of commencement containing 610 aeies. 8. T. CREELMAN,
June 20th, 1905. Dan Mclnnes, Agent
Thirtydays after date I intend toappplyto
the chief commis-iouer of lands and works for
a special licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described land, commencing
at a post marked Tlolph Kyall situate about two
miles ��� onth of the Nicola river and running 80
chains S, 80 chains W, 80 chains N, 80 chains E,
to point of commencement containing 610 acres.
Also commencing at a post at the 8. E. cor
ner, and mining 80 chains t, 80 chains W,80
chains N, 80 ohains I to po nt of commencement
610 acres. DOliHH FY ALU
June 20th, 1905. Dim Mclnnes, Agent.
We have constantly on hand
Hardware, Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Miners' Supplies, etc.
At Right Prices
A full Stock of the
on hand.   This is considered one of the best brands on
the market.
A few Pieces left of Blousings and
Bargains are still on.
General Agent Excelsior Life Insurance Co.
Notary Public.
We are in a position to show you one of the best assorted stocks ever placed in Nicola. We have secured
the newest and most fashionable goods, so you can depend on anything you see here as just right for style,
quality and value.
We lead and will convince you so that you will
leave us and be well satisfied with our goods.
New Dress Goods
New Skirts
New Silk Waists
New Shoes
All of the Best and Prices to suit the pockets.
See and be Convinced.
Lumber, Flour and Feed always on Hand.
, 111
Lower Nicola,        -        -       B. C.
Jos. Ricljards,      -      proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling In Connection. Telephone Connection


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