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The Nicola Herald Sep 20, 1906

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SEP 241906
FrOR|A, B. C'
Vol. 2.  No. <sr.
$2 a Year
thousand tons per day but owing to the
unrrvtainty of the railroad being coni-
 pleted to the Diamond Vale in time for
na to hold this  business, our president
DIAMOND VALB PURCR .SB OOAL i ��*i manager, T. J. Smith, has decided
PROPLi.fl*. AT TB I PORKS        that we wi" ��Pen at CoWwater, on the
completed portioh of the railroad first
  jand every effort will be made to push
i the work energetically, and we expect
Omwmm rruiln, ana Development j ��� ^ shjpping coa| Jnm therc fc gU Qr
Work at One*   Shaft Sink ing Out
flt B*.. ��g Brought ln   Plana
Par Irrigating Lan 1.
eight months if it can possibiy be done,
j I received telegraphic instructions
1 last night to begin drilling at once and
we will commence to move the machin-
Fartic_lar_ are ju_l to hand of the c .' fr"ri U* Diamond Vale. It will
consummation of a large deal in well! I rot-My tak. sixty to ninety days to
W. R. P' A10E   MAKES   PINAL Ar
Sinking Pund Por Waterworks System
ln Agreement   Conference ln Van
oouver -Text Weak Will Fin
ally Settle Question.
known coal pmperties which will prove
of theutmost importance to thii district.
The Diamond Vale Coal and Iron
Mines Limited, during the past three
months, have been quietly negotiating
for the purchase of thi proved coal
lands'of Yale distrio and during the
past weekjhav- el.wj with the owners
of two thousam five nundred acres at
the confluence o* Coldwater and Nicola
rivers including ill the holdings of J.
Garcia and the W..'!iain Charters estate,
the very heart of tne Niccia-Coldwater
coal basin.
It will be rememb-tvd that in 1892-3
two holea were drilled on Garcia's prop.
get a thaf sinking outfit here and in
plic, tr it will require fairly heavy
machinery. On receipt of this we will
put on from 25 to 40 men on sinking and
conriiiiction wOrk. I understand ' The
Forks' will be headquarters for the operating department, which will be a
good thing for .he Nicola Valley.
The Coldwater basin has been already drilled ;:i so many places that we
will not require to put down more than
a few holes b��fove th I location for the
shaft and ,.;trfaee plant can be determined. Tlie coal seam underlying the
Coldwrtcr basin averages seven feet in
thickness and is of good coking quality.
Our holdings there are estimated t
erty with most successful results.  Coal,tontain * little over twenty million tons
was struck in one place at 1-Vi net and
in the other at 190 feet, the samples
obtained from these borings, yi dding a
good strong coke. Dr. Daws- .n commenting on these operations st..'. J that
the result of thei tests -.vent to show
that, a crnsideraole undi-tuiued and
easily workable coal field exists beneath the valley.
Since that da._ th. researches of tht
late Dr. Dawson I B_ those of Dr. Ells
of the geologicr.i survey who has made
quite extensive enquiries into the subject of the coel areas in Nicola valley,
have provided mi;rv. useful information
for the guidance of those prospecting
for coal with *he result that recent
operations have only further "mpha-
sized the good op nion of the Nicola-
Coldwater coal field .icid by many and
by these eminen', geok^i- Is fhei.n!elves,
and go to prove Or. Ells' r .marke in
his report of 19C4 ..hat th re were undoubtedly important deposits of Litutn.
nous coal of the greatest .aluelnthis
of coal."
With a company of this standing
���-.tarting up extensive development work
and plat, prepared to get out coal at
once, the advantages to the district are
obvious, and every one will wish this
company the best of luck in carrying
out their operations. It means, once
they have started work, quite an extensive pay ro' and the bringing in of
large supplies 'or the use of the mines.
The conpany his worked hard and their
perys ant "nd praiseworthy efforts to
loccte coal in the valley, now that they
are crowned with success, deserve the
thanks of th'j whole community which
will dii __y benefit from their efforts.
The Diamond Vale company have also
p'a.-s partly matured for the irrigation
of several thousand acres of their property neai Quilchena.     While  the land I
referred  to is high it is most suitable
for raising  hay  and grain,  being ex-1
tremely fertile and of excellent quality, j
The portion of the property not subject i
.0 irrigation  makes excellent pasture i
NICOLA    TOWN Sll E fo"owinK eveninK rePeat��l OA lecture
! at Lower Nicola. On Sunday large
audiences at both appointments were
delighted with his clear expositions of
Divine Truth. Special music waa rendered by the choir at Lower Nicola and
the clurches were artistically decorated
I with flowers, fruit, grain and vegetables reminding those present of the
wisdom and goodness of a kind benefactor in providing for the wants of
every living creature.
This is the first visit of the doctor to
the valley and he was very favorably
impressed with the natural beauty of
the surrounding country and with the
future hopeful outlook for material
growth and prosperity in Nicola Valley.
W. R. Pearce of Calgary, the assistant land commissioner in B. C. of the
C. P. R., arrived in Nicola yesterday.
This morning he interviewed the different owners interested in the Nicola
townsite and amicable arrangements
were come to whereby the townsite
question will be definitely settled in the
course of a few days.
A meeting of those interested will be
held in Vancouver next week and the
necessarv final arrangements made.
One noticeable feature of the agreements and one worthy of all praise is
the arrangement for the organisation of
a sinking fund for water wotks in connection with the townsite. It is expected that the way is now thoroughly cleared for tie placing of the townsite on
the market. We understand that Mr.
Pearce Iris gone to Douglas Lake today
to Make arrangements with regard to
stock yards and also some matters connected with the right of way.    ,
Propoaad Telephone Tolls.
A meeting of the local subscribers to
the government telephone system was
I held in the court house, Nicola, on Mon-
I day afternoon, when the matter of the
'proposed change in telephone rates
came up for discussion. The general
opinion of those present was that the
change would prove a decided hardship
to subscribers in Nicola and throughout
the valley and would I e a hindrance
rather than a help to the increase of
business. After some discussion it was
decided to wire to Duncan Ross, M. P..
calling his attention to the proposed
changes and objecting strongly to them
being made, full particulars of the matter to be sent to him by mail.
This latest purchase therefore with jland for cattle beinKcovered bX the rich
the bonds recently sefi.ed ... Ui. only jbunch TO unexcaHed as cattle feed,
"workable" de^ .sits ot bituminous coa]
in the Tulameet un I Similkameen valleys puts the Diamo id Vale compary in
the enviable positi i. f controlling practically all of the bituminous coal between Vancouver tt and and the Crow's
Nest Pass, and frlr'ary to the two
principal railroads ;r. British Columbia,
the Canadian Pacific aid the Great
The total holdings of the company including its valuable timber limits are
now about 35,000 ai res, of which, over
one half has already b ^en prospected
and a large bod) of ooal underlies same.
During the past three seasons, diamond
drilling on the company's properties
near Quilchena has ^oen energetically
carried on and imm use d( posits of coal
have been four'. Plans have been
completed for opei.ir.g un *'��� mines but
Ip the present stagi 4 ra;' ._,d transportation the compf. liave uecided to
open up the Cold.. ter property first
and operations to that effect will be
commenced immediately. The intention of the compiiriy is to drill two or
three holes and t.'.'.--. sink a shaft and
open up the mine?
B. P. Little, the an.istant manager
and engineer of the I.umond Vale Company, waa in Nicola th is week and in an
interview yesterday sa
"Yes, it is true we h, n seared the
Garcia and Charter's property. We
have been offered contracts for coal
that aggregate considerably over one
In  addition  to these  resources the
company, in their 2,500 acres of timber j
lands near D'amond Vale, heavily cov-;
ered with large fir have  a  supply  of ]
timber that will   apply their mines for
many years to come.   Taken altogether
the company have a  splendid property I
which  has  a bright outlook before it I
and the success of the company will go I
hind in hand with the  rapid  develop-
me.it of the Nicola district,  which for,
resoi 1 "es and climate is second to none
in the pi%vtt____
Vancouver  Bra-"i of   .'.e Bank   of
Mi ..tie,-,'
With the arrival in Vancouver next
month of Mr. E. S. Clouston, general
m: i:.tger of the Bank of Montreal, de*
taili wi'l be arranged for the enlarging
of the bunk buildim on Granville street.
Just -'hat will b�� done has not yet
been definitely derided, but it is not improbable that Mart of the lot vacant on
the North iid-ol tb. building will be
"It has now u I* 'hatsomething must
be done, Campbell Sweeny, superintendent of B. C Branches, stated recently "though just whn.t form the enlargement will take has not yet been
decided. Mr. Clour ton will be here in
October, and this #ill be one of the
principal matter* wh:.h will be taken
up with him."
Well  Known  Kamloopa   Man   Meets
Death on the ��oad.
A serious accident attended with fatal
results occured this week on the Kamloops road about one mile from Mrs.
Palmer's ranch. John F. Barber who
hasbeen working for some time on Joseph Collett's ranch was returning on
Tuesday afternoon from a visit to Kamloops accompanied by G. McLean. Barber was riding some distance ahead of
his companion and when about one mile
past Mrs Palmer's ranch his horse shied
and he was thrown from his horse.
When McLean rode up he found Barber
lying in the road unconscious and his
horse some distance away, He did all
in his power to assist the injured man
and after tying up the horse went over
to Collett's for assistance. He returned
and Barber was removed to the house
where even 'Mn_ was done to restore
him to consciousness but without avail.
Dr. Tutill was sent for and on his arrival
a thorough examination was made and
it was found that the body was completely paralysed, death resulting at
5.45 on Wednesday morning. The body
was removed yesterday afternoon to
Kamloops for interment. The deceased who was 1 bout 45 years of age was
well known in Kamloops and district and
leaves a widow and several children to
mourn his loss.
Rev. Dr. Osterhout of Kamloops Lee
turea ou Northern Indiana.
Successful anniversary and harvest
home services were conducted during
the week in connection with the Methodist Church at Nicola and Lower Nicola.
Tha Rev. S. S. Osterhout, Ph. D., of
Kamloops, was secured as Fpecial lecturer and preacher foJ the occasion. In
Nicola, on Friday evening, he gave an
interesting and graphic account of his
eleven year's experience amongst the
Indians, of northern B. C, and on the
A. Jackson of Quilchena paid �� viait
to Nicola tt-day.
W. R. Pearce and Geo. Bent left to
day for Douglas Lake.
J. L. Richmond of London Ont. is a
visitor in Nicola this week.
J. M. Christian of Kamloops is in the
valley on a business trip this week.
A.   E. Howse left on  Wednesday's
train on a business trip to the coast.
Alex Gordon of Lower Nicola accompanied by Mrs. Phillips were in town to
Robt. Johnston of Lower Nicola who
has been unwell for some time is now
Mrs. Jackson and MissBullmanof the
Triangle Ranch accompained by the
Misses Myles visited Nicola today.
Mrs T. R. Hardiman, Miss Hardiman
Mrs. Percy Hardiman and Mrs.Rowe of
Canford Manor were in Nicola Tuesday.
Lakes ln the Vicinity Will be Stocke.
Wlth   Pish.-Obstacle, ln the
River to be Removed to
Olve Clear Passage.
C. B. Sword of New Westminster,
Dominion Fisheries Inspector, and J. T,
Edwards of Kamloops who is connected
with the department of fisheries, visited
the valley last week and made an examination of the river and its tributaries.
Mr. Sword after inspecting the river
at Nicola proceeded down the valley to
Lower Nicola and on to Spences Bridge
whence he went on to the coast. He
left instructions with regard to the various fish traps and other obstacles to
the free passage of fish up the river being removed and also drew attention to
the necessity of more watchfulness being required on the part of the authorities so as to prevent a repetition of
these reprehensible practices. J. T,
Edwards accompanied Mr. Sword on
his tour of the river and then proceeded
to visit the various lakes between here
and Otter valley.
The intention is to stock those lakes
that are suitable with fish and endeavor
in every way possible to make the various lakes good breeding grounds for
fish. Already, under the instructions
left by Mr. Sword the Nicola river has
been cleared of a lot of brush and rubbish which had accumulated for some
time. The alteration is particularly
noticeable above the dam where there
is now an uninterrupted passage for
fish going up the river. There are still
a few places further down the river
which require clearing and these will be
attended to without delay.
Mr. Edwards intends paying a further
visit hare later in the year and will
then make a strict examination of the
river and will go over the ground and
find out the most suitable lakes which
which will be stocked with fish.
Pastorate May Be  Extended  to  Five
The Methodist General Conference
liel.ljui Mount real last week dealt with
the question of the length of term of
Pastorates. The Committee on this
subject adopted a resolution favoring
five years as the limit instead of four
as at present. At the meeting of the
Church Union Committee, one of the
members stated that no plan of action
met with anything like unanimous approval. The fact that union might en- j
danger some of the fundamental princi- j
pies or doctrines of Methodism was laid'
stress upon and received a degree of
support. The decision of the conference
is likely to be similar to that of the
Presbyterian General assembly at their
last meeting.
Governor General Visits the Capital
Victoria was en fete last Friday to
welcome His Excellency Earl Grey,
governor general of Canada. Earl Grey
was accompanied by Lady Grey, Lord
Howick, Lady Evelyn and Lady Sibyl
Grey, Captain Trotter and Leverson
Gower, private secretary to his excellency. The party were met at the government buildings by Mayor Morley
supported by the aldermen of the city,
and an address was read welcoming
Earl Gray to Victoria. After replying
to the civic address the vice-regal party
were escorted through the city which
was brilliantly decorated for the occasion, and proceeded to Government
House. On Saturday the party visited
Esquimalt and on Monday evening a reception was held in the government
buildings. The vice regal party will
spend some time at the coast and will
visit different parts of Vancouver Island and the inlets on the mainland and
are expected to arrive in Vancouver on
Tuesdav next week.
Antl Tuberculosis Meeting.
A public meeting under the auspice*
of the local anti-tuberculosis society
will be held Saturday evening in Pooley1*!
Hall to discuss the advisability of draw-
the attention of the authont.es to the
advantages of this locality as a suitable
place for the proposed sanitarium for
consumptive patients. THE  NICOLA   HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance, $2 a Year
Nl' i'l I.  11 C. Kl-TILMHEH-O. KM
The law in RgUtl to the publication of land notices is at present
the subject of tome controversy  in
the Ashcroft anil Kamloops papers,
Htnl they are having a wordy warfare M to ulticli of them should re-1
cei\e notices r__r___U_f certain land j
in the I.illtH-t district. The law reads
thtt notices must appear in the pap
er published anil circulating  in the
district wherein such hind lies or in
the absence of such local  paper in
the one  nearest  thereto.    This is
definite enough but the interpretation of it is causing quite a flutter
in the local papers referred to.   We
have no wish to enter into a newspaper controversy but it seems to
u . that perhaps the Kamloops papers
are a little too greedy and we should
like to draw their attention  to thi
fact that both papers have been in
the habit of receiving and inserting
land notices which by right ought
to have  appeared in The Nicol;
Herald.    The notices were postei
up in the governmen. office hen
and yet were published in the Kamloops papers, and the land in question was most decidedly in theNicola
district.    Again by no possible stretch of imagination could either oi
the Kamloops papers make out that
Aspen Grove was in Kamloops district yet applications for the purchase
of land in that locality  were published.    It seems  to  us that  tin
proper course to pursue iu  a cast
of that sort was to return tlie notice
and inform theapplicantasto tin.
proper paper in which publication
should be made.   There should be
no question as to the extent of the
Nicola   District as the   northern
boundary of this district is the south
ei u line of the Dominion Railway
belt.   We are sure that we _____
only to call the attention of our
Kamloops confreres to this fact for
them to rectify any future occurrences of the practice of publishing
these notices iu the papers.   With
regard to our readers we should like
to call their attention to these facts
Utd also to the illegality of publishing notices in other than the district paper. We admit that this practice has possibly been continued
through ignorance of the law, and
trust that we need not again draw
attention to this matter.
district. While this is so however,
we think the possession of such a
institution in our midst would not
be the unmixed blessing that some
of its supporters would have us believe. However, there will be no
harm in having the discussion on
the subject, although we are afraid
it will take more than the usual
threadbare arguments to convince
those present of any material ad
vantage to be derived from the presence of such an institution in this
district. It is hoped that as large an
attendance as possible will lie pres-
In rk Estate or
Tenders for the purchase of the
bands of cattle and horses of the estate
of the late William Charters will be received bv Ihe undersigmd up to the
13th October, 1SW6. Theie are about
id horses, including a stallion, and
about .IK) cattle. The horses will be
sold as a band; the cattle at so much
per head, to include all calves branded
at date of sale.
Administrator Estate.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Order* thrnu|(-i.ut the D i-irnt receive careful attention and pn rtnpt   delivery
J t >n .   I .mm.I.. . -     .      I'roprirlor
<.ollrel< luTi'liy nil-en tint liadiija afieriinte
I inlt nil in H[iiil. tolle  fin. f rum' !���______ _f
'aii-N itn.l wnrkxfor ecriiiuaiuti I.i riiireh.iac Mil
a__t_  niiiii"  B_.1T.  lu"'I.   rniiii'il im
���'huii'TiVirk. hI-iiii 7 null, mirll   uf Me_��
cut to listen to the  arguments pro uk_��_____ rii.it ttntrnt m��_u_ KUT.
j *.���'. purnei; llii'ni'r i"h'SirlMinn, Ihnice ii"rtli
and con and for all time settle  this ' ""iiuin . thenc,-wet no rk_b_>; inmmtmotk
Mi .- ti._] li - to tn.il.1  uf ni!..111. ihtii.ci.i
The work about to commence on
the newly acquired holdings of the
A_K-u��t 2, won.
KIKIAltll. I'lMil.KV.
(fa. lot I* hPre'y sivc" th . find .y�� after date
Diamond ValcCoal and Iron Mines, I tofjW ������ tfVf '��*�� "'��;��� ""��� "":<���'.'���<>"'-
���iii_mi.iit nf I.mil- ana work- tm ner.iii_.inii lo
i eui-'liii-r Wnetm uf iiiiiiiiit.eii pHr-tiire ami
ii eni'iiiic nl >i   iiu-l   nnrkwl   -'.li.,  n.w
Limited particulars of which are announced in our columns this week
will mean much to the Nicola Valley
ind its residents. This Company
has so consistently prosecuted work
00 their properties at Quilchena
dining the last three years that it
is an earnest of what they will do
on their new properties at the Porks.
We are glad to see this new company branching out and we believe
it is a question of a very short time
before they will be shipping bittim-
Tons coal of the highest grade over
the new railroad.
r.ii III", tin in'll rlldl WI chaina; i ll- lid-1 .11' Il l' ll
��� haiiia. mure or Ie- . in Ki*_ Lake iniriilii:
ilini'T ut-i alni.u liiku-h..n' t.ii.ut I'Miland
��� Inni* h-nnidari linn <.f aaui lol tn k.i'. comer uf
lait, l_.w; thence iiurih Iu initial p'��t.
Nicola, Auk. I. Ml
Nolire ii herebv iiiven lha' M ilaya af er
dite 1 iiitiiu' UiHpbl) in ih" iliiel iniiiiiii-
-inner of IhtiiIi- and wnrk-fur ptriiiewion tn
line h--e:_-l __t_ "f n.nillil:.iii |m- ure Itltiil
it, n nlii'H ���full"--: ''niniiieii'iiiKat u |iu-
riiivt k.-rt J.H.H . _W, cnriM-i, .h.'iiu' north I"
ham-: ihence ta-t Sllcha'ii-; ihetue��outh 10
i-halu. ihemc  Wrtt  Ml chums lo Initial nvt.
The-hotel o dia si inl'.u Ten Mile Creek,
east, uf Nii'i'la, S-v.iia .nail, and  uf J. Mil-
i-hell's aunli. ation 11 pun .i.i-r.
JtlllNH. I-YI.NK.
Vlrola, Jul) W, I'M.
Notice Ir liiTili; Kirn the sixt.v ilai-a after
rtili- I intcd in an ly In Ihe < hief G_-.rn.l_.
ui.niT fl.ni.- .ml H'uiks fnr ueimission lo
|.,n, li ,Hi.,T..i...ri'- i.f Lin.tai" p.slurc lawl.
-iluate In (to nte ralley, \irula llatrr,
iiml (li'M'H'ii- an full' -x C* inmencii.K al
* po-t inark.il H. I'. S. ��., _____ at lhe
s u ni net- t M. tlrqnhail's pie ii.p'i"ii:
���hence no iliHu chains; thciire we-l in i hiiin-:
ll.r it -null. Kllihnli-i ill l.l e ea-l 41) chnill-
t ��� pmn' nf ni"   ' tieeiiu-n'.
H. Iti-.tH .IM
Thlrtv da.a fnvi date  I intend fnani'lv In
(,.. .���  i.f en   l-twU-H ' i.f l-lld- and ���erk- fnr ..
ren e I ' rot   and it   live ll_rV. f nn. the
.il'nw'nii d- aerihe I land.    !!.���_��� nnlnir a' a pn-i
hunt  nne nule wi-i nf totem i reek  linlie   \iM>i��� sel,'  12 IM
\l_la dni.in..' V le di .rh-t n-a'k.d   \n*.\
. ��� \'c(Inr��ii- \. vv. en.i. iH-dj ii.i-Kastakn   ���
ti   Doniiiiii'i   biiiv y   marked   9i:i-2<    and M/iTli'i
nllovrlt.*  "lint   il.nnln uti    -u ve    K.ni'h  SOI IN I M  ILY..
halnp <���--.' H i eh iiii .   nrh 811 "hi'n��. w.-l  Hi
���in . hl.iii"i I   f tie.inniiii'. aiOiiere* .    No ice i�� hel. h) iiiven Ilia*, rixt) daj�� afle
Henitiiii'i a' i he �� w . nrner .i ah 'e l'��-a- ,| ,ie | ,|,iend luiupi In ihe f'hi. f unities
i'-nun fnlu'v n ��� liu'iinhm mirvev h 'Or', ai. n I .���������rnf I m__ and ��..rk- foiha'.- 10 pui
���.���nn ehai'i-, �� '0 I'h'iin . vv 8H ��� hains In point ,|ia-o lhe fo limiiiKlnii'l, heimt 48'i aerea. mm
if h__!nrilM_ _H trf* 'n'j.a    I'.in   en n._t hi a |.-t  planted at th"
* pi W, IM AMiUrW Ve'loHAN, \ i\- rmneriif |_ii llil Klhf VII, ihenee trrf
1,'ii'alnr.      Sll chaii.a. ill.'i.if will! li ttt el inns,  il.ri.re I a
Also  Oonoral Livory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nioola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every 1 hurt-lay lor Mcola lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave  Kamloops
Every Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
I-very   >unday   6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Hridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and  Friday for   Spences
Bridge nt 6 a. nv
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. in.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. BTKWART,    -    -    Proprietor
.1. F. Shlvel. AKftlt
lilrtl.i'a. Ilieuer iniih lllrlliin-, tl.cnee t'.-I
111 ehaina. Ihenee nni'lh in thiina In p..in' at
c BI_.-aC-__.__,
I'itC.L. Flick, Aifeni
Tj|ir'v data frnm da'e I inlend Inap iy tn
���h, chief r mn.isHi.iner nf I.anda mid i\ "tka
f,,r a lieenae t" nil and ri'iiiovelinherf''niii Lower Mcola, Aug. 17, l!K_.
ihe'o'l'initig de-eiil't" land. Heitln'in" at a
tan.) nn e ��t hank nf "Dlnii- ereek ahnul ei .lit
uiliM from  iiinii h nf rreek a'd abmr three
i>w a vv nf WIwi*h * e'idnwN In N'inila Hvlf
nnnf Yaleanrt I'linnlngaOD haina. it Wi chain ,
a HO chains, w 80 ehalna. lo point of hffltm!ng
an a'rra.
Heginninit at a. w rnrner nf ahnre l"rati"n
md running n 'Oihaln-, ��� Sdehiiin- aHOchaina.
w HO chaina tnpninl nl heiftnnlnit. fii" a-rea.
-lept 10.1MB.      BlBitnta Ciii.i.inh, Lo'-ater.
.1. ��, -hl.el. Agent
Lund Mining and General Supply Agt��
Mining cnnirai'tora, farm niachinery, buggha,
eu'ler, ali'iidiau'r. M'nd f.r-nir li��l at farm
and mining iimpi'iti---. Hei.urla un mining nro-
|i T'iea Ihrniigh thu Kial.rlr . fable a'ldre-a
"Aiini'ii." Count Hion iiall. MoreiiigSt Nial,
A. ��. i'. 4th.
Warehiiii-i!- I an'oid, Nicola Valley, H. C.
NOTK'Ic. la hcranj given that un Vnnday.
the lith day of Noveiiiber, A ft., 1(0- '���
Ihchonrof lna.tn., In Ihef'niiri Hoii-eai \*rr
einft, H, C. I ahall hold anoint of r. vMnn f r
ihe nirpone uf hearing and determining an)
nhjee'lon tn thrr tenthm of an) name-in'he
Hfglitrr of Volerafor the Yale Heclotal Dia
lleniity H.'itlatramf Vnlem.
Aahcro'i, B. <' 16ih Augna', lWHi
Nntic.-ii" hereb) given that thirty daya aftei
it.ite I in end tn aiin') totha I linl riimni ���
sinner nf Lund und Work* fur a perniil Incii
and len.nvc Miiher frnm the f.-lluwlng de--
crihd tract i.fl.in.1: Heginning ai a unal nl
the N.K ei.riiir nf U. ItH. m th'' Vienl'
Mining Ihvi innif Yule, iheiii-e ea-l KOchiiiiH
thenee Hinnh*)chain-, Ihnui' weal H)ehaina,
Hull' c nui'.li SU i haina lo point nf ciiiiiineliCL'
Aug. Hi. l-.ll. H. B. SMITH.
Notice ia hereby given lhat lliitly dnjaaflc
date 1 inlend in aniil) tu the ihlii^ Ciiiiiini
-inner oi Latula and ^'ntk- for a pennii tn cn
and   'einme  limtier frnin  ihefo I .wing lie-
crilied irncl of land:   Kiginning at a  ,oa'a' .
.lie  N.i'. e.iiner o'  Ln   llfll ln lhe "vienln
Mining I'ivi-iun nf Yale, lhei.ee i ial Hlchatna.
���hi'lii'.' annlh *'i tlaill-,   Ihimewe-I Hlrhvin-,'
ihenceniirtli 80 cli iiii- tn pnint of I'linmeii"
m-ni, eiolndlng   iheteft. m, however, all ih
ri'.i.'   Minimi nf  Lol ,'A'l Ijlng within mid '
Aug. HI. Iimil. K. B. V-IIT'l.
General Blacksmith
Hurae Sliueing a p|>i'ci.lty.
i li it is. <>l ��� ill ll
A. It. I'. f'c. I..mil.in.
KamlnnpH, U C.
A'-hiii and -.nftlys-t.   tf Ores, Coal and In
(.u. trial prxluotH.
__Mip4M by mail or *.��_.����� receive prompt
Is preiiared to take contracts for
ai*n _ lumher and getting out
tun her.
i.iiiirnl Hill �� iiiilriirtH Kxrrutrd
Parties wiahing   wu-k can  Icive   miu-
(irumpily aliended tu by applying to
Lower NicnU
N. .1. BARWICK. Agent. Nicola
Tlif question of the advisability
of drawing the attention of the
authorities to the advantages of this
locality as a suitable place for the
proposed sanitarium for consumptives will come up for discussion on
Saturday evening. There is no
doubt that a considerable amount of
unreasonable prejudice is responsible for the misapprehension which
is prevalent with regard to having
an institution of this nature in this j
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
toii.no. i��k .itD-M, -i.._i._. m>m i:<tiom:uy.
K I'.li I.KI\k_.
Everything  New and    First CI-8*
All kinda uf Watch, _-_��_
and .lociry t.', una ii. in- in
lir.l claaa order and WttttnW
Iiml L'UirHiiteeil. All Worth.
eiiltuaied tn uur Cire *ill lie
cninpleted and returned ��iih-
MM delay.
... ni. < Ani'iiiix a v,tt���
('. P. It. Time li.'pectoi-, Kamloopa
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Country Work a Specialty.
W ii..' for Falimate on all Klndi ot Work
I P. O. Boi 186 KAMLOOPR, B ''
118 Cordova St. W.
All kiiidn of  Watches, Clncka, Jewelry.
etc., kept in stick.    Wedding pro*
ent* a ��|i,'i'ialty.
Firnt claaa renaira done on ��hort notii.
and retiitueil at once.
Subscribe for The Herald. THE   NICOLA   HERALD
Fire at Ottawa
The Oilmour HoUil Ottawa, urn-at the
An Invention to Revolutionize the Ait  i,,r .,.���, jn the ,.apjtal, was destroyed by I
By Compressed Air. Im, dl midnight Saturday.   The house!
in, invention which should ''.'itnpi.t It v..n crowded with exhibition visitors and .
ilutiuni^ethc art of butterina-iiu-. _M -__������ spread v.ithstartlinj. rapidity I
incidently make the l'n-.'.i ies ol'tin- ami th-re were many narrow escapes. ;
J. A. SCOT rs
inventor   ___   manufacturer, ha. just, __���_��! were injured by jumping.   Some I J^^12_____t___&Sr��A__-.
cupe to the notice of the patent office,  of the guests are believed to have per-1   Dropinandonju} aqniniwneof Billi.rds.
It is an apparatus,  the simplicity   nl  ____> Af* .er ifcs Wu i_r ______ Umnir,, ������___-��
A. .  ,t . . .        .    ' nr.   laundry ahipoed ever) si* iirday.
wrjich I. supnsing and yet it has  never  ssk���: ������       - -���^^   	
before been dreamed of much less has QEC.RGE    McDONALD
ant attempt ever been made to con-
Boots and Shoes Neatly Repaired. New
Work   to Order.    Pricey Reasonable.
lion : .
tTAMLOOP- HOI.'SK, P. II,md. proprietor.
���T*- l__i sUick --f wiiu--, liuu.ira and t igars hi
Interior,    Juat Ihu ��pm f ira nice.iiiil re
In -funic k'aas ol  beer.
. ui III.
W I, .1 iii Kamloopa
struct such a machine. The MM
ta( principal of the invention is compressed air ia factor which is plajin.r such
an important part in a great many in-
v^itiona.   This butter-maker, or churn,'      I'OOI.KY  BLDG.,   NICOLA.
or,whatever it may he cillul, fur it has   1 . ���        ' -������' '������	
not yet been named, was-ii..��",h'other j        NotiCe tO  HllllterS.
day tu a well known busiriir:;  man of I lt -    _,
Vancouver who was so strongly impn-s-     Notice is hereby given that hunting |
sed with the greatness of lhe scheme or shouting on the premises uf the un-, __.���������,    _L
dcrsigred,    without    permission,    is!AS"
GUAM) PACIFIC MOTH,, Kamloopa.   The
ncarisi lintel 'o lhe rail-ay Maliuu.    T__
null   iiiviieim-iit   hotel   f.ir  tr-._lt.i_      (J t
nanus, j. aal t.'t-le, K"'"l li'i'.ur ,     Two larg-
atuiple rooms,  iv a. Hantaan, prourhtar,
l J.sal -ii-tiliii_: in i in,nectinn.
strictly prohibited.
thai he has set about to at once form a
company fur the manufacture and sale
of the article.   It is claimed liy tne inventor that butter can be mail-' infn.m
20 seconds to a minute,   utterly irrespective of any conditiona��,��hich m.y
exhist in the cream.   This of course, will
make it a valuable asset to every farmer
in the country and it can readily be seen
what an enormous enterprise the invention willcall into being. In Canada alone
there are something like  _b hundred j    ,\ny person found in pursuit of game (
creameries, and each  of th'se will of j on any part of the Broadhent Estate,,
necessity be forced to install a complete without permission of the undersigned,
outfit of these machines. In addition to I wil1 hc prosecuted,
the tremendous saving  of tim.   which
this machine will  make possible, it is
ho cl fur visitor- in A-ln-mfi.   'I tie ln-si uf
j table laiard.   lint aim culil hatha,   nm i.   ..
ivaiatlV- meets all iraina.   Johnson \ Perkins.
I proprietor.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Winny Kstate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
R. H. Winny.
Mop al the
Rout  .i-ott, I'mprietnr
When   traveling   on   the NicnU road
Convenient place tor traveler . with good
ic i.nun.>.| .Inni.
claimed for it that, in churnin;', every
particle of butter-fat will be collected sn
that not. an atom will be wasted, a thing
Tn all whom it may concern:   On arid
after Sept. 1, I   will take   from Clap-
I pertOfl Creek,  having the  second re-
never accomplished l.y any clnii-nsu far ;,���rdthom/n>   fw ,,,���  l|;u.    more  or
invented as there has always been a
certain percentage lost in the forming
of the butter. Another advantage peculiar to this invention is that with it
the brine will be perfectly and evenly
ss, what  water I require   for irriga-.
tion.   1 will release water nn Sept. 11.
M. P. Sl-WAKT.
No Bodies Found ln Cave.
Bringing bodies of Valencia victims
exhumed along the Vancouver Island
shore, the United revenue cotter Grant
Captain Kilgure, arrived in Seattle Saturday afternoon. Ten bodies were recovered by the tug Sea Lien and the
Any person found in pursuit uf game
Oil any part of the Clapperton Kstate,
Nicola, without permission of the undersigned, will he prosecuted.
M. t. ST-WAur, Lessee.
ii c ii *
0_,e<i.i..lle.l nsa
S<in.n.-T Resort
Good Pishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First (lass Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
(_tl.__.RI_ 4, B. a
Sivtvil .v-i after dale I i, in.I In applj lo lhe
Hun. I he chief co iitiiissieii.Tuf I.i mi-a ml works
fir i_rml__ba to ttnm twn acrw__. land fur
iaw in II im limes, de.crilieil as folio-.: ���om-
meactng it .1. U. cluniic'. Nn. I m-and run
liiiKl'J'i feet, nnrth, Ihenee tin fi i -I. c.-i.t. thenee
The bodies will be held Bntfl! _��������rl>. ih_n-_i no went to inltml |km_ This
,      ���    ,        , .,,,,.   , -land is an iitisiir.cn- pari, nf I ulnnieen town-
September 2d when they will be buried . .iteat tliemuleiof Oner take.
in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. ;   mtft valley. Aug. ft Ml' "' TIIVN'NK'
Captain  Mar.ter of the tug Sea Lion   - ��� 	
says that the story of the fifteen ske!- NOTIPP I
etons being found to be lying in a cave
-,,.,,, ,,   . |    Sol Ice l�� hereby given thai sixty ilajs a 'ler
is not true. Captain M.inter says that .i,.,. | |_t__. tu apply t.mm chief roomli
u mi-.intinri; rennrtoil tn   him   th'it   he   mmottt land* mi  works fur permluloB  to
a missionary reported to mm mat tn ���������,.,,.,,., S(l���.,.,.������, ,,���.,���,, i,,mi i___t___-
had investigated and explored the cave, rlio't Mountain, Yale l>_irlrt, ooiimenrliigai
m,        ���   ��� ,. , ,-        , ��� a post placed on the -Anther- line  nf 0 N.
The missionary discovered a portion of  ,.���rL;n. __*_.���..,,_, ihenee 1" .haina wot.
a liferaft, but there was no bodies to be j ;["���""���,,"'"-...a south, I i��m* 41 akalai east,
' Hicnec 20cliaius north  tupniut nf niiniiienei!-
Auk. '���'-- I!**
To Raise Engines of Beaver.
An attempt is being made to raise the
boilers of the historic steamer   Heaver. '
No'lce la herehy ulven thitsi.'y days after
itt*I intend MianoU- In the Chief Cnmnils-
-ioncr'f Ijinds and Wnrks for Irevi   !.i!>t.r
The boilers and engines are themselves ehaaiikehtowlBJ monntMi pasture.  IW
ine ooutrs anu tiojwm an tntinseives  ������,n,,,)K ���, ��� v���sl ,.]._r,r..1 in the ��__n_,J nf
of historic interest.even wider than the N K. corner post, nf Imi r.15 Kaminops Divis-
, ,,   ,.    ,     .. ,   ...   ,    ; ii f Yale llistrict. Ihence west ill chains,
famous old ship,fnr thev Wett built by , >),___. north in chain-, Ihenee east in .hains.
.lames Watt, the inventor of the steam | th���,-*"**- iu chains to point, nf commence-
Whatever can be obtained of
Have   Jul   heaid the   Wonderful
new Aluminum Innii-arin
The m .it perfect talking machine
yet produced.
Prices, ..Ij,  Ji-O and .Si)
Old style talkers from ?."> up.
Kor Prices and Tenna Write tn
M. M. WAIT. & GO.
ftB7 Cranville street
VANCOUVER,      ���     -     ���     B. 0.
Bank of Montreal
Capital all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets        ....        $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, 0. C. H. 0.
PRESIDENT, -Sir Oeo. A. Drummond. E. 0. M 0.
Head Office-Montreal
Deposits received from  $1.00  and  upwards.     Interest
credked twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail,
town accounts receive every attention.
the engines will be raised from the spot j
where they have lain for lSyearsat the |
bottom of Durrani Inlet.
bower Nicola, Auk, 17, 1_��KS.
I'urO. U Flick. Agent.
Kamloopa Exhibition.
Entries for the Exhibition c'ose on th.'
25th September.but those  who  intend
������king them should not wat until that
day but should make ______ without delay.
If full entries arc made in nil lines space j
can be filled to advantage and the Hall
will   consequently   appear  attractive.
ltnd for a prize iist and if you have any
thing to show send in your entries.        I
A sitting of the County Court of Yale,
*ill bo held in the Cuurt House, Nicola,
II C, on
Monday, Oct. 29, 1906
At 10 s. m.
Geo, MriiK.v,
('. 0, EUiirtrM.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.  When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one-now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best and at fair prices.
Nurseries and See'dhouses
1802   1905
Street Cars Colli dt.
| l_.ti_h._t slid Tumi I'ropi'rli..,   I..r  ShIo
List jotir IVnpiitiii'. with tue.
Three street ears, one loaded  to the
tfuards with passenKers.eollided on First ���
avenue Seattle last Saturday and more '���
than a dozen passengers and car employ- jT( I  PEOSPIOTOIH  AND  OTHIBfl
ees were injured.   Three of the passen-
NuiI.T h hrn liy itrtn Hint niitv day- nflrr
lUii'I inirml toapply in ihe itiii. eomnlt
. inni" .if IiiikIk anil work , '..r p'Tim .-inii |.
iiuri'hair l'-fi scret if HuHnre Imul in lhe
-ii'ol.'i llirlaion ot Vain PUtrirl. _l___i__ h~ \
followt: Coiiinii'in ii'K at a stK.i* at ii.i. 8.B,
101 HI nt IjOt Tl.Vlhi'iii'O wimt 40 chain*, thunrii |
wiiph __���h.ln��, tlii'WT e��.i 111 clmiii��, tinnri' i ,   _ ii   ��    n n
>nu<-<.rhaini. thrt-cemsl lOohalaa, thnwel Rt��. W, i, Sii'i'iiKi.i., it. A . i-i'.
norih III t'liaiii>. ilirni t rant '.II < li.iin��, Ihenee j i.       i   ii   Rovnj   l.ursar
norih'.-chain". i..iiliiluiii|{ I/Omiri'M. ,w ' ������    '
Nirola, Auk. W I'M. M. K. C-KHICTI.
Large stock of BOMI GBOtTH Trt*
and Om.mental Trees now matured fer
! ihf fall trade.
No r .pi-iiM", loss or delay nf fui_i(t��
i inn or iii-pection.
Ili'.ilipiarterB for l'arific Ootnt itnwO
O.rden, Field and Flower S.eds in
BH Sll'l'LlKS, Spray I_mn_
_ tmle Oil Soap, __IM_-MM l'lants, Cu��
Flnwert, lliiliii. for tall pUuting
We do bu. iness on our own grounds-
Uers ara not expected to survive. Rus-
sel Hall, manager of tne Seattle baseball
club ,was a passenger and was cut about
the head and bruised.
No1 lro Ih hero-)- irlviin Hint, titty -a.vmiflrr
date I Inten-in tpolj  io Ihn chief I'liinnii,    gity work �� full course for the  D. A. de
.ionirof la'(tn and  wnrks for leave lon'ir- . _,       .    IT  ,
iha��eihef .llowinit land, belnir fnrlyai'rm of! _ree nf Toronto I nuersity.
niniinlt n na��lureland, ramnienoinu at aP'i_       , .����������������     ...   ni,.:
i.la'i- nt the S.w . oorner of Ui 121.. theine     Instruction given in  Music, Art, I nyi
i     _ k...:_��� I no rent to pay snd are preiared to men
A complete commercial and Mw j^Jg^
course.   Students prepsied to gain teach-j    L_t me price  your list  before plscin.
ers certificates of all grades.   In univer I your order.   Catalogue Free.
1 handle all kinds of building material, j
lumber,    doors,   windows,    shingles, I
paint, oil, etc.,  and also carry a fine
range of wallpaper.   G. B. Armstrong hkrjlp okfiui
It will pay you to call and
smith ?lichiln. thenceeast 9(1 chains, thence
north 201 iiuin . thence west 20 chains to point
of commencement.
Lower Nicola, Aug. 28,1906.
cat Culture and Elocution.
Send for Calendar.
Secure .our sta.inn.ry st the Nicola
Herald office. Fine line of letterheads,
hillheids, envelopes, business cards, etc.
Every tbing iu the printing line.
,-HO Woetininster Road,      VnNCOl'vsK, B. C.
Sixty days after ilnlel intend to applytothi
chief commissioner nt lands and works for per
mission to pur kast M act es of mountain pa��v
tuieland, siiuaied about six milos west o'
Mc la and adjoining J ��.. Shivel's K. linn, dee
eribed  as fnilow-:   ronnneniing at a Doe)
 .. ,   .     ��.      onoi    1   n   V   nMl.    Crioca    as   Illlio--     . unnui.-ii.iiia   ��f   -   P.��.f
/-.OURT NIPOU, No. SMI. A.O. ��.. meet* : mMM K.HVl-., S.K. corner,  then.e north,.
V /   second and foiirih.frlriai !.n._'��cJ_mn_.'._   chains, thence eaat 40 chains, thence south ��
nt 8 p.m.. In Pmiley's Hall.    Visiting .r___r_n
cordlallx Invited.
VV. (iohl)O.N MlKKiY, Sec
chains, ihenee w_sl N chains, to point of com
The threshing outfit are now at Quil-
J. Graham of Coutlee passed through
Nicola on Tuesday.
F. J. Flannagan returned from Kam-
oops on Monday's stage.
Joseph Moore of Kamloops,  was a
visitor to Nicola on Tuesday.
Mrs. Mickle and Mrs.Palmer of Quilchena visited in Nicola this week.
J. Garcia and Dell King of the Forks
were visitors to Nicola on Tuesday.
H. Irvine, road foreman, is busy re-
planking the bridges around Nicola.
A. Stevenson, road superintendent, of
Lytton, was a visitor to Quilchena last
Miu Myles and Miss Mary Myles of
Kamloops are spending a few days in
the valley visiting.
Mrs. Howarth and James Howarth
were in town from their ranch on Iron
mountain on Tuesday.
W. Pearce, assistant land commissioner of the C. P. R. came up on yesterday's train and is in Nicola today.
Remember the anti-tuberculosis meet-
ng in Pooley's Hall on Saturday evening. Come and bring some one with you.
The polo club is getting strong both
in talent and finances. J. N. Moore
has just donated a goodly sum to the
J. Forsyth who is employed on Mrs.
Palmer's ranch at Rockford, was in
town this week and left for the coast
Plans are practically completed and
construction will shortly commence on
a business block on N. J. Barwick's
Miss Wescott and the Misses Campbell who have been spending a few
weeks at Quilchena returned to the coast
on Wednesday's train.
Geo. Murray will conduct the morning service in the Presbyterian Church,
Nicola, on Sunday. There will be no
service in the evening.
The government road gang under
Foreman Dundas passed through Nicola
this week and will be engaged fixing up
roads in the vicinity of Quilchena.
E. J. McFeely and R. B. Skinner of
Vancouver, and Wm. Rannie the railway contractor were in Nicola last
Thursday and left next day for Aspen
Grove and Otter Valley.
age and leaves a wife, but no children.
Dr. Lefevre was always kindly and
courteous and had a host of friends
throughout the province. The funeral
was held on Monday morning.
Everything you buy from the M.M.M.
is home grown.
Why should you get wet when you
can buy a Rain Coat for $2.50 at G. B.
Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
Carrington,s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
by setting a DANDY steel wire
buna brush. The "Dtndy" remove! dandruff and louse hair,
leaves tha tLin in healthy c>n
dition tnd makes the hnrae feel
Full S-ock of
Harness and Saddlery
always on hand.
Secure y. ur supplies at
Largest assortment of hats, caps,
gloves and sweaters ever offered in
Nicola Valley on sale at G. B. Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
Direct from the range to the consumer at the M.M.M.
If you are looking for a choice selection of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.,
I have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington, s Silver Leaf tea is the
best 50 cant tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
NICOLA, - -       B.  C.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official Administrator
Office.--Commercial Block, east of Poet Office.
Kamloopt, Ii. C.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor snd  Notary Public
Office:  Eaat of tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce, son I h tide of Victoria at root, Kamloops.
Money to loan on real estate nocurily.
All orders for rough and dressed
lumber can be promptly filled by the
Nicola Portable Sawmill, Lower Nicola.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
sold by J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops.
Carrington, s Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Im-
norted and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
10 cents a pound.
Vegetables fresh from the  farm at
the M.M.M.
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea is the
best 50 cent tea on the market. It is a
fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Just landed this week-a full and
complete line of stoves, ranges, etc.
My prices are the lowest and my stock
most complete.   G. B. Armstrong.
Carrington's Golden Leaf tea is the
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed especially for us. Is
absolutely the finest tea on the market
60 cents a pound.
Accountant, Commission, Insurance
and General Agent.
Main Street - FTainloopti
We sre showing the nicest and
un st  up to date line of Hammocks   that   hss    ever  been
brought to Kamloops.
Prices  Range   from  $100   to   110.00
Baby Hammocks 50c to $2 60
Kamloops Vernoi
Eleven thousand shares in the Boulder
Creek mining Company (better known
as Cousin Jack) for sale. $500 takes
the lot,   J. G. Thynne,   Otter Valley.
A very enjoyable function was the
impromptu dance held at Quilchena on
Monday night. Dancing was kept up
till an early hour in the morning and
those present thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Dr. Lefevre Dead.
After an illness of only eight days, Dr.
J. M. Lefevre died at his residence
Vancouver Saturday morning. Dr. Lefevre came to the Terminal city in 1886
and was elected alderman in that year.
He became afterwards interested in the
telephone service,and it was largely due
to his efforts that the smaller companies
of the province became merged in the
British Columbia Telephone Company,
of which he was managing director.
He invested in real estate in the early
days, and with the increase in values
became wealthy, being rated as worth
$500,000. Of late he has been a sufferer
from Blight's disease, which was the
'���ause of his death.   He was 53 years of
A notebook about 4x6 inches, bound
in yellow leather, containing some survey notes and other memorandum, somewhere between Nicola and Quilchena.
A reward of $2 will be paid by return
to the undersigned or to The Nicola
Herald office. B. P. Little.
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner.   Care-
I ful attention given to this
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Tamerton Ranch with- j
out permission of the undersigned will
be prosecuted. Mrs. Pooley.
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Floor, Groceries.
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for tha
The price of all wool goods is
going up. Blankets will be
dearer this winter, I have a
full stock and offer them at
the old figures.
5 lb Grey Union Blankets $2 50 per pair
6 1b         -   -   -   3 0d     "
6 lbjAll Wool Silver Gray Blankets   3 75     "
Jos. Richards,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling ln Connection.
Telephone Connection
7 1b	
12 lb extra large all'woofGray
8 lb all wool White Blankets
4 25
5 00


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