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The Nicola Herald Aug 9, 1906

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Vol. 2.   No. 32.
'i ,
$2 a Year
Ptiles and Retaliations to Be Observed
in  the  Startlnir of Fires   Must
Be Watched by  Owner or
In lew of the danger arising from lire
a1 thie period of the year, when brush
aorl crass art' so lull.nun hi-., thu following excerpts from the amended Bush
Vires Act may [itove of interest to our
ri oiers:
It, shall not be lawful for any pet sou to
m i . ut, or cause t i be set nut or started,
any tiro in or near tliu woods, within any
tire diatrict, between tlie tir-t day of May
an 1 the first day of ( .toiler in any year,
except for the purpose of (-'caring lanil,
cooking, obtaining warmth, or for some
industrial purpose; ami ia case of start
m_ tires for any of the above purpose*,
the obligations tod precautions impored
lij the following sections shall be observed:
It shill not ha I.wf111 for any person to
Net out, or cause to be set out or started
batatta tbi -lift day ol May ami the
ttt! day of October iu each yuar, within
any hre district, any fire for the purp.^e
of clearing land, uuleBs lhe owner or
occupier of any land on which hre shall
be an made ur started for the |iiirp'n>e . f
cleiriug the same Bhall, by himself or his
servants, constantly watch over, nivivji.
nn I ru | f..r such hre, and obeatTI every
reasonable care and precauti >n lo prevent auch lire from spreading as aforesaid.
All locomotive engines used on any
rail-ay which passes through any fire
district, or part of a fire district, shall,
bl the coinpmy using tho same, he pro.
Tided with and have in use all the most,
approved and ellicient tin'iuis used to prevent the escape of lire from the fur'iaecs
or a-.h pans oi smoke slacks of auch In
couiolive engines, and tho company shall
see that same is ill perfect order It b'ast
once I day.
Whoever unlawfully neglects or refuses to comply with the requirements of
this Act iu any manner whatsoever,
shall be liaWe, upon Nummary conviction before a Justice of the Peace, to a
penalty not exceeding two hundred dollars and not less than fifty dollars, and in
default of payment thereof, lo imprison
ment for a term not exceeding six
months, and in addition to such penalty
shall be liable to civil action for damages
al the suit of any person whose property
has been injured or destroyed by any
such fire; and any railway company per
im'tinga locomotive engine lo run In
v niU-i.a of the provisions of section 7 ol
thia Ait shall lie liable to a penally of two
hundred dollars for each offence, to be
re._..____ with costN before any couit of
I .iiipcteiit jurisdiction, and shall also billable lo cuil action for any damages that
may have resulted from negligence in
thia regard.
Mrs. (J, 0. tom, who arrived some '
time ago in this districi, to be present at
tho marriage of her daughter, aud who
has been a resident of Nicola for the pa*t
few weeks, left on Tuesday for Vaneo.
ver, where she will be the guest of Mrs.
.1. A. Maedonell. Mra. Fuss will then
visit her daughter, Mrs. W. \. Mitchell
at Fernie, and will then return to her
home at Minneapolis, where Mrs. Mitchell will join her for the winter. Mrs.
Foss during her sojourn in the valley
hia niade many friends who will regret
hnr departure.
Will  Olve Selections at  Quilchena on
Labor Day.
The arrangements for the sports at
l.uilchena mi Labor Day are now well
under way. The Kamloopa Polo learn
will pay a visit to Quilcheua and play thu
Q .lichen. team on the morning of Labor
Ia addition to a large contingent ol
Victors from Kamloops, which may be
expected, the well known band of tho
ELM It will ho in attendance and give
-.tactions throughout Ihe day. It is also
expected that a very fair entry will be
received from Katnloo|is a id district for
the horse races.
K.erything points to a very successful
meeting being held at Quilchena and nn
doubt full advantage, will he taken of the
holiday by residents of the valley to support this gathering.
Entries for the   half mile  open, Quilchena  stakes,   and   three-quarter   mile
open, races,   must be   made to  Stanley
Kirby at Quilcheua. not   later than Sat
unlay, Sept. 1st,
B. P. Little Preparing  Plan,  for Further Development Work on Lai_re
Scale   Drilling Operati ns
Very Satisfactory.
From lhe results of the MOtiaaouS
work done this year on the property al
ihe Diamond Vale Coal Cot pan)- ou
Quilchena Creek, it is evident that a
very tine body ol bituminous coal is there
Chtu'K-fl Lntlrely I.. Je.   No Blame At
taches to Hon. R. F Green.
The enquiry i. r the charges made hy
I H_ Hi-gins, editor al the World, tf
.'irdmg the sale of the Lmrcl Point lot,
lasted three d.ys, and in l.is decision
Hon. F. Peters, K0��� ___.aaM__-.___1
appointed hy the aarHMMSt tu iuvei-
t.'iv ihe charges, says:
The charges made in that! articles may
be formulated as follows:
1. Tin t Mr .'.reuor some person in
the department gt 'e awiy tha amount of
the Polidray lender 1 Mia, -l.uiea Anders, ui or |o_M i.'.idip'ri) :, before U
o'l-lock on llni 't��� October, with the
oiij. ct of dai_.Bg Pendray.
;,. That Mr. lireon agreed  to lease the
awaiting transportation facilities, and we  	
understand siin^'aii'iates in alui',; ov.,y In*W question to Air. Pendray at a
particular the high expectations of tins .. ��� mi al run, uu.l.r a threat from Pen-
property held by iH owners. draf that unless ihe land " I given to
The drilling operations whi :h bava him he would expov the wl.oi, transac-
bflen carried on throughout ��he y. ., ,,'u-  i ��"_.
Otter Valley News
Haymaking is iu full progress throughout the valley. Ranchers, generally, are
congratulating themselves on excellent
cr.ps and the weather is ideal for the
purpose. Men are Ncarce hut our ranchers bava discovered the secret of get.
ting a g-iod day's work out of them.
Ilirlcy ripe and hops make i wll.-i.t
We had a visit fr mi .lack Frist on
three nights of this week hut he did
little damage. Old limers tell of the
time when it was impossible to n_M I
[intato, proving lhat steady cultivation is
Mr. Frost's bitterest enemy.
A most enjoyable surprise party took
place at Mr. and Mis. .1. II. Thyniie's.
ll was �� lirewell tothe V.V. _ K. survey party whieh was well attended and
greatly appreciated.
The V. V, __ K. survey party, under
���I i -. Aiiihourne, has now left for more
southerly climes, having completed the
survey of the Tulameen as far as I'.agle
Cnek. Ono and all of the party pnocd
themselves real good fellows and they
will he missed very much.
The Bear Creek road is now completed
up to the mines and a better built road is
not to he found in trot province, reflect -
ing the greatest credit upon Supt. Kirk-
pitrick   and   his men.    ('has.   Law   has
 n  building cabins   for his   miners, so
larger development work may he looked
for this winter,
N.-gotiattoos are iii progress for a bond
on some ..[ the Hear Cre-k claims involvings large sum of money.
Dan Itoss has returned fr..m Summit
Oitf bringing some ipe-iffleBI of galena
ore of amnileinl quality, ss a result of
his work.      He reports glorious weather.
A mysterious disease haa broken out
among a few pe .pie aba indu'ipd jn ng*
potatoes. As a rule the scute symptoms
gndiially subside into a profound melancholia.
that the company have the pusN-ilif.es
of a tine property. From analy��������
from lhe coal showing by its _n -i uvr
and chemist, it is apparent that an ex
cellent quality of coking cual i. Co-re:,
lir.e quantities, which with further j_-
velopment will soon become an inipo taut
.'!. That the tender put in by Mrs.
1, .gtie was not really hers but, that her
name was only used as a blind and that
i\ lentil rer was Audtrsou.
After caretul'y considering all lhe e��i-
il.-nre adduced, and I have been careful
to obtain   every  witii'sa   who could give
Claim   Located  Between   Coajuahalla
and  Coldwater Rivers  Assays
Being: Made   A Valuable
John Walkins of Coutlee, and Chas.
Stirling of the Coldwater, uncovered a
fine body of dry silver ore between the
Coquahalla and OoldwitM rivers last
week. The ledge ie over four feet in
width and the ore looks to be of excellent quality.
After doing a little work on the claims
located, they returned lo Coutlee. Mr.
W i-kins is at, present at the coast having
assays made, and reports received states
that parties are being interested who will
put up the neressary money fur development purples. There is every indication of the property proving to be a good
factor  in  the  supi.ly  of coal (at tba | any ...format, I am clearly of opinn-n
smelting of ore and other purposes.
The following analysts is from an average sample taken fr .in a 16 foot show
ing on Palmer Creek:
Moisture,  4 per ceut.
Volatile matter 32   "
Fixed Carbon 5fi   "
Ash ._.   "
Plans are being prepared bv B. P.
Little, engineer in charge, for the fir-
ther do""l.ipn_eut of this prop My on a
largi     .m in the near future.
The management of the inpiiny a,e
to be commended for the manner in
which, in spite of grave di-.-_.ltel, they
have proaecuted   work   on thu   prof)*..)
tl-1 ..'i ul thi charges are true, and
that tba avtdanci gives vefj cltarlyes-
tahli ihi n tt-e.r 'alsitj, and with regard to
lh�� nole rsi ��iction i ching has been
mn bj Mr. tlreen or any official in the
lands Htld works department, in the
al'gntest degree worthy of censure.
Geolo,; "1 Work toBuExterded.
The geological survey hai done good
work in the past, but this has been
largely ah ng the \iv i ut pure scientific
work rather than i economic geology,
and the re��ubs tha.ef.__a have not ap-
pea'ed, as   they othc-i'-e    night  do, to
  the hard-headed  praci'C.' menwhoha'e
during the   past  four  years,   and   now he(M,   resl,linsjh|. f ,r tho  discovery and
their efforts  seem   to be crowned   with ������-,(,,]   develop,.,,-  of   Marly   all   the
success, no  one   will grudge than   the  ' minPS M��� ���umtui! m this province.
financial benefit that will no doubt ae
crue to them for their entetprise in
opening up what is perhaps tho Lrge-t
deposit of high grade bituminous c. al in
Southern British Columbia.
Coal Drilling.
The coal drilling mentioned last week
in the Nicola Herald, will h| commenced in a few day-ion the pi i ie of
the Coldwater Coal Co., who owi 5,720
acres of land in the M dd ,j Va'h
Dtn Mi-lnnis of Lower Nicola i' larjaly
interested in the property. T_ 'vcrk
will be carried on hy A. Adams . -lull.
etta, Idaho.
II. S, Cleasby i f Coutlee,  paid   a
to Nicola yesterday.
.los. Marshall and Mrs. Mir ' X of
Forksdale, were visitors to Nic a on
New Store.
H. L RoWts, who was till lately iu
bt___a*_ at Spences Bridge, is opening a
general store at Nicola. The new store,
which is rapidly being completed, will
contain a first-class and up to date assortment uf goods, and Mr. Roberts hope to
receive a share of the patronage of
Nicola residents and of buyers in the
district generally.
.Ins. (Irahaiii of Cmitlee, visiled
Nicola on Monday. He reports Heady
progress being made ou claims _n Ten-
Mile Creek, some of the showing"- ' ...g
very tine.
M. Dolaney of Kamloops,   istakiuga
ttiu throii-h  the district   this w-ek and 	
will probably  remain some   timo   in the     shorMy tn make arran/eir- -.,.��� for exten
Tin, experienced pro-"-Mtoi is seldom a
r.-il i_is', although he possesses a knowledge of r cks and ores and formations,
as well as a kt oaledge of the wo..<ls and
m inniains, [_ his, however, the will
to face and overcome difficulties, which
!-',' even greater value In him than a
desire.- from a university would have,
unaccompanied as it would be by the
practical qualification! that all successful
plon. rs in mining have possissed.
The geological survey, by oacoming
more practical, can be made if en irmoiis
valno to the milling industry, which is
Trowing, perhaps, more rapidly than any
other. It d^i" ��_t need tn sacrifice or
impair the M wtt ie -.aloe of the work it
it doing, but t in bring !,J scientific
knowledge lo thi lltaaoi nf an industry, lhat above a' o'hers, requires
aid of this kind.
A little more knowledge of reology on
the part .1 the working minor and mine
owner, ind a little more k ' vledjjiol
tba ,n-t'"ieal side of mining '.-v ill, _"o-
legists is what is wanted. (.oa lhat the
il survey has been incorporated
.md r a new .1 ���, srtmen*, namely that of
nines, there is .very hope for good and
practical work haJi ; done.
Director Iiow, who is in charge, of the
new department, will   11 in tbi province
The local polo team means business
evidently, they are practising .limit
every evening now.
W. EL and Mrs. Presley,  whose   mar-
ria_e look place at St. Alhan's,   Ashcroft, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
two weeks ago, are now residing at Petit .  hmiscs there, arrived  in  Nicola yester-
Cieek, daJ-
Alf lloodisson, who h.s   been at Co   ���
lee forthe past   two nr  three   week-'
perinleiiding the  cmistructi >n   of ware-
ded woik on practical 'i -s, .iii with a
coadjutor like R. W. l-o-l. who was
.nhinly responsible for till .xcellent
wmk dona last winter in the Itossland
district, it is hoped the resulip will he of
lasting hptiefit to the mining industry in
tbli province.
W. Voght of the Forks Ht a visitor
to Nicpls yesterday.
Thistle Prev^ition Act.
Several complaints having been made
regarding thistles iu ditlerent parts of the
valley, the Nicola Her.'d thinks the time
opportune forgiving lo its readers a
short resume ot the Act for the eradication and to prevent  the spreading of the
If any   owner,  lessee or  occupier  of
land, upon which   land   or upon the half
of any read   adjacent   thereto  such perennial thistles as are   known as Canadian
thistles shall he grov ing,   shall not within fourteen days after   any notice in writing, signed by any .lustice,   or officer in
charge nl the Department of Agriculture,
er oSeat   or person   duly  appointed   hy
him for this   purpose,  and   containing a
description of  the land   intended   to be
affected   therehy,    that   such   perennial
thistles are   growing upon Mich  land, or
upon such adjacent half of any road, shall
have   been   served   upon    such   owner,
lessee or occupier, or left   for him   at his
usual or last known place of abode, effectually destroy all such perennial thistles
then growing or being upon such land or
upon such adjacent halfof the mad, every
such   owner,   lessee, or   occupier   being
convicted   thereof  shall  be   liable   to a
penilty not exceeding twenty dollars and
su h penalty may be   recovered   and the
matter thereof heard and   determined hy
two or more Justices in a summary way.
Provided, that it shall he   lawful for any
such Justices  -ompaad   any conviction
upon its being   proved to   their satisfac
tion that the  person so   receiving   such
notice has  used and is   using reasonable
exertions   to   wmAHf    ____     perennial
thistles.     Provided, fun I,, r, that no information   shall   be  laid    against    any
owner of  lands  until  the   provisions of
this Act shall have besn _________ against
the ocenpier or lessee (if any) of nn.-h
land upon which such perennial ihisl'es
may or shall be found.
Tho Act goes on t. sta'e Imw notice ia
to he served in cat e of owner being absent from land ant if owner refuses or
neglects to destroj the thistles, it shall
he lawful for any pM_oeia.ba.__-d by a
Justice to destr.y them at the expense
of the owner
It is also lawful for any authorized
person to enter upon any lands for the
purpose of ascertaining if perennial
thi��tles are growing upon such land and
to take necpssary proceedings.
When any thistles arc found upon
C.nwn lands, it is the duty of the gov-
erntient agent or other official to employ
the necessary labor tu destroy the said
thistles and the expenses "f sucn shall be
paid out of the revenue  of the province. THE   NICOLA  HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, in Advance. $2 a Year
Xioou, B. C. Al'BlHT >, 1-fl-
The loss to this province
every year from timber fires
is quite consideralilrHinl is one
which takes years to recover
trom. At this period of the
year when everything is dry
md the materials for a huge
conflagration so ready to hand,
the necessity for stringent precautions against the spread of
fire among the timber in the
district will be obvious to every
line. Carelessness on the
part of travellers and others
may lead to consequences that
might become very serious. _i
lighted match, a half smoked
cigar or the ashes from a pipe
may become the origin of a
fire which might easily prove
disastrous to life, not to mention the damage to the standing timber and buildings.
Already, this year, there has
been one or two disastrous
fires through part of the finest
timber in this district, though
happily no other damage was
done. Settlers throughout
the district will find it to their
advantage to help in every way
to check the outbreak of these
fires and to notify the authorities at once when they have
knowledge of one, and it will
also be beneficial if they will
see that the precautions which
are necessary under the Bush
Fires Act in clearing brush are
observed, and that this clearing
is done at the time of year
when the spreading of such a
fire can be easily checked. In
another column we give a
synopsis of the Act with regard to this. A bush fire or
forest fire is in many ways a
more serious matter than a
prairie fire, rhe latter may be
stamped out after it has once
started, but if either of the former get a firm hold, very little
can be done but allow them to
burn out. As this matter of
good timber is one ot the district's most profitable and necessary resources, it is with
pleasure we note that the provincial government have seen
fit to appoint a fire warden to
look after this matter, and it is
hojied that settlers in the district will combine in their
efforts with him to prevent the
outbreak of fires which would
soon lessen the amount of
available timber in the district.
Northwest wheat is ready to
move, the company will have one hundred additional engines and over eight
thousand new cars which will be used ex
clusirely for handling the crop.
Between Winnipeg and Medicine Hat
the road bed is being straightened aud
the grade reduced to four fifths. Neir
W innipeg wurk is being rushed on a cutoff from the main line, which is to do
away with the necessity of bringing
wheat trains bound for the Oreat Lakes
through the city. This will hasten delivery, hecauie in the past considerable
delay *as cau-ed f,i gram trains while
passing through the Winnipeg shops and
So greatly has the roadbed been improved that this year, engines that previously had difficulty iu drawing live
hundred tons will now be able to com
for'ably handle fifteen hundred tons or
Already cars are being got iu leadmen
to handle the harvest and it is eipected
the present season will see the greatest
rush in railroad circles ever experienced
*eit of tbe Great Lakes.
Regulating Sale of Liquor.
A number of the citizens of Los Angeles have become converted to the Got
henhiirg system of regulating the sale of
l'quor and the municipality is shortly to
vote upon a by-law intended to give the
experiment a fair test. Its principal
features are: No treating; only the
purest liquors to be sold; bartenders
given a [erceutago on all "soft'' drinks to
further the sale of non-intoxicants; no
violation of existing laws; no liquors
sold to minors or drunken men; no
women allowed iu saloons; and the city
to obtain the profits. The plan has been
proposed hy certain men of means and
lnrlueiice, who, if the city gives authority,
will organize to acquire the saloons and
turn them over to a holding company. A
novel provision in the municipal cons'! ���
tutiun of Los Angeles provides for a vote
on any by-law for which a petition has
been sigucd by fifteen per cenl. of those
voting at the last general election. The
petition is accompanied by the legiila-
tion propose I, and the city council may
either pass the legislation forthwith or
call at once for a special election. If the
petition is signed hy more than seven
pit cent, then tho subject must be voted
ou at the next general election.
gixty days after date I Intend to apply tothe
chlelcoinniis-ioner of lands and works [or per
mission In pur Iiu-ii Ktctttot mountain past-
Hue I md, i-oiiiiiieiu'iiiK-i U.e a i. corner of my
pre-emption, raaublg '!" i liaiiiH south, thence
In elm ns west, thenee -" ' nttm north, thence
II' chains east lo starting n'.int.
Lower Nioola. May 31,1W--
Not lee I. hereby (riven that WI days afterdate
I Intend I4i apply tn the rki.-f eoiii'"i��siuiier of
lands and Works tor pcnni-ainn to pirchane tHO
u.ie.nf mniinuin pasmre land, situated ou
Ship |er Creek, about 7 miles uorth of Nicola
Lake, cnmmciir!n_ at �� aoal marked K.H.T..
s.w. eornm; tinmen east su chains; thence north
sn. hains; ihence wesi SO chains; ihenee south
SO chains lopuint nl e.niiiii.-ie enn-nt.
_._gaatt,_M Locater
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
Orders throughout the District receive careful attention and  prompt   jali.ny
Jills    MMII.I   . .      ���        I'ropn. lor
Noli.a- Is here.y _iven that IK) days after dole
I  in;....I to apply to the Hon. tba oluef commissioner of lands and works for permission in
to WI.'-He S" ner.- of iiiiiuii!sin pasture land
cnmmencitiK ui a po-t   marked   VV.H.,  n.w.   I
conicr, 1 hence easl Si) chains; liicnce south ten   j
chains,  more or le-s. in  1'i-h   I.hki-  niai_in;
Ihen-a- west along lake share  to I .ut   I:in and   .
nl..i.u I. -ii nidi in line of said Int to s.e. corner of
Lot l'.Vi; thence north to initial post.
Nicnla, Aug, I, IflNi.
Notice Is hceby (riven that, do days after
date I intend to apply lo the chief ennoni--
sioncr of lauds and works for pornii-sion to
ptir-'hiw :__ tomt nt inniintain pasture land
ili-s. :ilid <s follows; Coiiimencingat a post
marked .1.11.U. s.w. corner, thence norih 111
chains: thence east Kllelinins; theme south 40
chains; thence west HII chains to initial p i-l.
The above land is situated nn Ten Mile Greek,
east of Nicola, Savona road, and of J. Mitchell's application to purchase.
Nicola, July __,_���_,
Certificate of Improvements.
Wants Foreign Labor.
Premier Walter Scott of Saskatchewan,
who is in Toronto, thinks that the admission of all comers into Canada is the
only possible solution nf the scarcity of
labor problem. Whilst admitting that
the Asiatic invasion has its bad side, he
points out that certain lines of labor are
readily given over by Canadians to the
foreign element and lhat needed work
is thus been done with good results snd
without injury to anyone. "We ��'���'
going tn have a lot of work between th"
lskes and the mountains in the next few
years and unless ��c get. foreign lab. r
there will be great o'Dimity in the way
Tho Province Mineral Claim, siluate in tho
Similkameen mining division of Yaleriis-
trict.   Located on Gody'si reek, about seven
miles from Nicola Lake.
Take notice thai I, Frederick ()enr__ Paige,
free miner's cerlillcate No. it_-.il intend UI days
from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose nf obtaining a crown grant of the
above claim.
And  further take notice that action, under
scciinn ll,, u.list lie commenced before Ibe issuance of inch rerttficatl of improvements.
Dated this Uth day of May, 1-0(1.
KkKocmrK Ukohok PitOf,
Agent for J. Vi. Collis.
Notice is hereby given that, within sixty
days after date I intend to apply to tne
chief coinmissinncr of lands and works for permission tn ntircliHse itl'i acres of pasture land
situated ;is follows: Commencing at the N. a.
corner Let IB., thence west 4(1 chains, thence
north ll) chains, ihence cast 40 cliiiins, thence
south 10 chains to point of commencement.
Notice is hereby given that within ficdajs
from date I inlend making application tothe
hon. chief roinmis-ioncr of binds und works for
permission tn purchase ll_0 acres of pasture
isnd adjoining Lot pis. on west siile. eoinmcn
clng at a post marked A. Et. fl.. s.w,corner,
tlienoe west lOobaln���, thence north 41) chains,
thcnoceasi so ch-dns, thence south 40 chains,
lo point of coninencemcnt.
June It, I'Mt. A. It. Godwin.
Very True.
There is in existence today hundreds
of small businesses which could been
largcd and the margin of profit gieatly
increased were fhe owners sufficiently
cuirageoiis to inaugurate effective ad
verlising campaigni.
N'olice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend lo apply tn the Chief Com Sill-
sinner of Lands and Works fnr permission lo
porcli isc 1IKI ncri-s nf mountain pasture land.
n}ru*__l about, eight mihis aaftbwra'. of
Nicola, described ss follows: Cnmnu-n.-ing nt
a jio-i marked ,1.1'.. S.W. corner, placed at
s.K. coniei1 of H. I'.unhurt- preemption;
tb. nc��� no lb Iflchiiiiis; ilienoe east 4" cliuin-;
He ie Ninth 40 chains; th-nro west 40 chains
t>> pint of cnmn encement.
Nn ..In, Jul} Hi, ____ JAMBS PC-UK Y.
Nnllce is hereby given thai thirty days after
datel Intend tn apply to lhe linn lhe chief
c.iiumlssioner of lands und work- fora license
lo pi'ospeo! for coal nn thi following described
landa rhr Nnrhtwest quartet He- tion I ll,
'I owusbip ill.
Nicnla, July __, ____, K. A.JI.'KK!.
C.PR   Making Every Preparation  to
Meet the Wheat Situation.
That the CI'.R. fully recognises t'e
prospect for a phenomenal crop is evidenced by the preparation now being
made by the company on all parts of ita
system in  the   west.   liy the  time the
Made from Fresh Fruit.
TOBACCO.  K lit UKA ..  CH.lltS. CO.-tl.CTIO.-_.l-V.
Ill* imiMis.
Cons gn.ncuts of Fresh Fruit Every Week.
U.     Ua      LLUllnllU    Everything  New and   First Class
8TEw_4 RT'S
_.'4\/ V_/ J
Also  General Livery
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every '1 hursday lor Mcola Lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday (or Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m,
Leave Princeton
Every  Sunday   6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Hridge at 6 a. Rt.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    -    -    Proprietor
Land Mining and General Supply Agts
Mininit rnntrarto.H,'f_riii iiiin-hinm.', .unlet,
cutter. sleiKhaeli'. bond for our lint of furin
and mining properties. Reporta aa mlalai ara-
|i��rr.ie* tliroii-h the IliKl.rii-t, CaM- a.l.lress
"Aiirum." CoiIi'k Urn nhall, _lore.nn It Ni-al.
A. H. 0. 1th.
Warehoiise-Canforcl, Nieola Valley. D. 0.
General Blacksmith
Hor-e Shoeing a apecialty.
(lilll, OlTHKTT
A. It. 0, ���_��� Ixmilon.
Kamlonps, H. C.
As-ays and analyse- it Ores. Coal and In
du-irin' i rod ml h.
taiopi-is by mall or Htage receive prompt
la prepared ta take contract* for
Hawing lumber and getting rut
lit-iit-rul .VIill t uiilrHcta hi<. .ili-il
Parties wishing wo'k can have _ai I
promptly attended to hy applying to
Nicnla, It. C.
Leaveyour orders with N. ���'. Uarwn k,
or lumher who is agent for the Nii'oli
Portable Steam Saw Mill ho can 'elpynu
plan out an order.
All kinda of Watch, Clock
and Jewelry repairs done in
first claaa order and satnfac
tion guaranteed. All _ rk
entrusted la our care will Incompleted and relumed with
out delay.
U. ii. C_____J_M_____i A VAX,
C. I'. H. Time Inspectors. Kainlnops
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
148 Cordova St. W.
Country Work a Specialty.
Write lor Estimate on all Kinds tt -Part
P. 0. Hox 18. KAMLOOPS, IU;
Watchmaker, Jeweler
KAMUml'S, B.C.
All kinda of  Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., kept iu ttock.   Wedding | m
ents a specialty.
Firet class repairs done on short notice
and n tui i.i-il a: mice. THE  NIKOLA  HERALD
" Will England Make No Sign '
The poem by hudyard Kipling ��� u the
g.iverii.neiit's haste to frame the new
constitutions for the South Afii.nii
.' lonies, by which Boer ascendancy may
a_.iu be estalii shed in lhe Transvaal
and the Orange River Colony, appears in
Saturday'* Standard. The po.m ia
��� (���loti-.l it. full :
The shame of a Majuba Hill,
Lies heavy on our In.t.
Hut there Is shame completer still,
And Kugland makes no ��i_o.
I tnti.illeiigiil, in the market place
(If freedom, chosen land,
Our rulers pats our rule and race
Into the stranger s hand.
At a great price y.iu loosed the yoke
Neath which our brethren lay,
(Your dead that perished ere 'twae broke
Are scarcely du*t today).
Think you ye freed them at that price I
Wiike, or your toil i�� vain
Oat rulers j i-_iu_l\ devise
To sell them hack again.
Hoik to the ancient bitterness,
Ye ended once for all���
Back to oppressioo noun may guess,
Who have not home its thrall -
Bu. to lhe slough of their despond
[Mots anew held fast,
By Kngland's "Seal upon the bond,"
Aa helots to the last.
What ii their sin, that they are made
Rebellion's lawful prey |
This is their sin, that oft betrayed,
That did not oft betray
That to their hurt they  kept their vjws,
That for their faith they died,
Odd help vou, children of our house,
Whom England hath denied.
B it we, what God ahall turn our dnon1,
What blessings dare we claim,
Wlio slay a nation in the wool
To crown the trickster's _ame I
Who comes before ania/.ed mankind,
F rsworn in party feud,
Ami search the forms of law to bind
Our blood in servitude 'I
Now, even now, before men learn
How near we broke our trust,
Row, ev.il now, ere we return
Dominion to the dust;
N 'W, ere the (fates of Mercy close
Forever 'gainst the line
That sells its sous to serve its foe��,
Will England make no sin.. '!
Darcy Island Lazeretto Is Said to Ba
The care of the lepers in British Coin ulna having been assumed by the
Ottawa government, better arrangements
than have hitherto existed have to he
made for housing and caring for these
unfortunate!. The agricultural department of the D minion Government,
which has control of quarantine, will
tako charge of the lepers.
Dr. Watt, superintendent at Williams
Head, has been asked to report on nee-
ceiary changes and improvements. The
provincial government has transferred
1> t-.-y Island to the Domini, n for use as
* lazeretto, hut as the station will be
under Dr. Watts' supervision, and as
Darcy island may be found to he too far
a*ay from Williams Head to permit of
fr.ijuent visitation, the snitahility of
Albert Head is being considered, lf it
can he made available it will probab'y
b ��� adopted and the Darcy island colony
removed thereto.
Colonel Baker Dead.
A cablegram announcing Ihe sudden
death of l.ient t'.i .lames Baker, at
I'aikstown, Dorsetshire, England, hy
heart failure supervening an altaek of
pneumonia, was received laat Wedms-
d.yat Cranhrook. Col. Baker, who,
probably, more than any other man, was
i.lentihed with the upbuilding ol .he
prosperity of East Kootenay in which he
waa very lareely interested. He wai
associated prominently with the early
history of the development of the coal
industry in East Kootenay and to him
may ba attributed in a large measure the
construction of the C.P.R. through the
Crow's Neat Pass. He represented
Cranhrook, called after the name of the
o .1 Baker home in Dorset, in the British
Columbia legislature from the time the
ci'y had a name up to 1-00, and was
provincial secretary in the Turner gov
eminent. He occupied many offices nf
trust and responsibility in the British
Columbia government and waa a man to
whom tne province  ae a  whole  owes a
heavy obligation of gratitude. The
keened*, regret ia expressed by representatives of every class for the comparatively early demise of Col. Baker,
who was in the prime of his intellectua
I e in his 72nd year.
V. Hyde Baker and Lord Cobham are
the eiecutors nf the will of the deceased
colonel, uinlei winch Mr. Baker, it ia understood, will benefit very largely.
Fire Warden Appointed.
It bert Pollard of Nicola, who is well
known to residents of the valley, has been
appointed fire warden for this dittriet,
and entered on his duties Monday
The appointment is one which will
meet with approval from settlers
throughout the district generally, and iu
view of the forest fires which have been
prevalent near Iron Mountain thia summer, will tend to prevent the outbreak
of such fiies in the future and to conserve the fine body of limber which is
one of this district's natural resources.
Started Work on Big Canal.
The firm of Maedonell A. Czowski are
already at work at Bullion inconneetion
with the great canal which is to supply
water to the workings of the (Jnggeii-
h im Exploration Company, of wh ch J.
11. Holism ii the representative. The
traction steam ihovils for the firm have
armed at Kamloops and will he t.k n in
at once. The prodigious weight of these
necessitate precautious being taken m
con lying them into the country, and
certain bridges not strong enough to
carry the   machine, have to be avoided.
Transvaal Reconstruction.
Winston Spencer Churchill, parlia-
ui.-ii ary secretary for 'he Colonial olti.e,
In. ou lined in the House of Commons
the government proposal rcgtrduig the
reconstruction to be granted in the
Tra i-vaal.
The guiding principle, he said, would
be not to make any difference between
Briton and Boer, but to extend to both
ihe fullest privilege* of British citizen-
All males, 21 years old, who had resided in the Tratisvaal, would be e.itltlrd
to .ote. It is the intention to give the
Rand ,'!2 seats, Pretoria (i, Kru_ersdorp 1
a nl the rest of the Tiausvaal .'ill stats.
The members of parliament will be elected for tive years and will be paid for
their services.
For the Hrst parliament there will be
a second chamber of 15 members, nominated by the Crown. During the first
session arrangements will be made for an
elective second chamber.
The constitution will contain a clause
abrogating the Chinese labor ordinance
after a reasonable time. The receiving
of Chinese labor will cease entirely N.����
euiber 1st,
Henry's Fruit Trees.
The largn orchard planted out by H.
Colbeck on the Big Bend road, is looking
well, says the Revelstoke Mail-Herald.
The trees were supplied by M. J.
Henry's nursery, Vancouver, and out of
4<i!) trees supplied, all are doing well except two. Mr. Colbeck isdelighted with
his results.
Collins Admitted to Ball.
On Ihe -t.-nutli of his appeal to the
1'nited States supreme court on the
ground that he was not tried for the
offence for which he was extridited from
Canada, (leorge D. Collins was at San
Francisco last week, admitted to $10,000
bail by Judge Hubbard. Collins thinks
he can supply surety.
Full stork of Donicstie and Inipnrled Qg_f-
and the ht-si mhoWiiik toh.e��� ....I.\ ,:- on hand.
Drop In and enjoy a quiet Kameof liilliards.
Ax. nt for I he Pioneer Steam Ijiundn. Vancouver.   Lau_drysliip.ed every Sat unlay.
Nothing Wonderful.
A report comes from a small town in
England of a drug, the product of India,
the taking of which will enable one tn
Bee Ihe events that happened centuries
ago and the secret of which is carefully
guarded. We have no drug like that in
this country that we know of, but we
have a liquid, the product of Canada,
equally ai potent, and which
anyone can get who has the "necessary,"
the name of which is "Joeseagram," and
as for making one see things, this liquid
can put the Indian drug completely in
the shade.
KAMLOOPI II'M'SK. P. Herod, proprietor.
Hi. I >\t. k . I wine-, [fquoni and ei_ars In
the Interior. Just lhe spot for n niee .iiolre
freshing ulass of beer. Whoa iu Kamloops
cad in
GRAND I _-(_I.O H0T11��� Kmnlonps.   The
nearest holel lo lhe railway -int ion.    'I M
only eoineiiienl   liun-l  let  Iravilii-.     flood
rooms, iioisl tuole, itoisl honors.    Two lar���->
sample rooms.   P. A. Harnlian, proprietor.
Good slahlinK in eniiiieelion.
AIHCROIT HOTEL The most ronvmieni
ho'el for visitors in Asherofl. The h.-sl nf
tabic himrd. lint ana i-old luitbs. Oar lafra
scntaiive iiieetn all trains. JoIuikoii __ Perkins,
Nto|�� al the
Roirr. Scott, Proprietor
When   traveling   nn   the Nieola road
Convenient place tor travelers, - liti | 1
A     '
Unequalled as a
Sun.ii.ei' Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First (lass Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
Have   you   heard the   Wonderful
new Aluminum tone arm
The most perfect talking machine
yet producud.
Prices, RIS,  850 and $80
Old style talkers from $o up.
For Prices and Terms Write to
Stf Oranville Street
VANCOUVER,      -     -     -     B. C.
1892   1905
Rev. TT  ? III HII I, 1. A. H.D.
llev. J. P. I'owm.L, Uursar.
A complete commercial and husiness
course. Students prepaied to gain teach
era certificates of all grades. In univer
sity work a full course forthe 11. A. de
gree of Toronto University.
Instruction given in Music, Art, Phyi
cal Culture and Elocution.
Send for Calendar.
Advertising is a mighty good umbrella to carry along with ynu at all
times���through sunshine or rain. Under its far reaching shelter you will never
get scorched by the sun of indolent pros
perity nor be drowned by the flood of
business adversity.
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Bakace Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets       ....       $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord StrutIieona and Mount Royal, O. C M. 0
PRESIDENT, -        -        -       Sir Oeo. A. Drummond K C. M. 0.
Head Office-Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00  and  upwards.      Interest
credked twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.     Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
Grand Polo Match
Horse Racing, Gymkhana Events, Trotting, etc.
Fur full list of prizes and events aee programme.
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one- now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best and at fair prices. THE NICOLA HERALD
J. Garcia of the Korku, ��a�� a viaitor to
Nicola on Saturday.
H. .1. Cambie waa in Ni.ola last week
and paid a viait to the eoniitruction
.1 Sliuel nf Forks.Ule, paid a business
visit ti. Nicola on Friday. His house it
Forksdale is Min.lly  Hearing completion.
S.   Kirliy and  0. A.   LaHerty   paid a
visit to Kainlnops last week.
Geo. Munri, C.l'.H. r..al superinten-
dent of Kamloopa division, waa at
Coutlee thia week looking over railway
work going un from Sp.n.es Bridge. The
Nicola railway haa heen placed under hia
Mra Mickle of Quilchena, wan a .isitnr
to Nicola on tsiuiday and attended
divine service at St. John's Church.
W 11. and Mrs. Presley, arrive! in
Nicnla on Sat ur Uy evening and re
niained over Sunday as guests of G 0
aod Mra. fmm, the parents of Mrs.
Presley. Mrt. 1'iedey will be MM
bend hy many as the only lady who
took up lhe mil engineering course at
Ihe State luiversiiy of Mnun -������' ���.
Miss Lawrence, who has been visitmsj
in N cola ihe past few week", wai the
guest of Mra. Mickle of Quilchena, thia
ft. It. Kowden, representing Mack-ay,
Smith, Blair A 06., was in lhe valley
this week _)<>������>_; business.
Mr. and Mrs. .las. Chapman moved
into their new cottage "Billochiuyle" at
Lower Nicola this week.
Geo. B. Armstrong returned to Lower
Nicola last Thursday evening from Victoria, where he hail I.ecu during the sick-
nest of his wife.
A dinner was given at the Brian!
Hotel on Sunday last hy (J. 0, and Mrs.
Fuse iii honor of Ven. Arclides-oii and
Mrs K.r of Montreal, parents nl Dr. H
Ker, physician and surgeon in charge . f
the h ispital in connection with the ton-
siruction camps on the railroad. Tho-e
present were: Ven. Archdeacon and
Mrs. Ker, Mrs. Petitf, Br. and Mrs.
Tutill, Vi. II. and Mrs. Presley. Dr. H.
Ker, V. Czowski, (i. 0. and Mrs. F.us.
The table was daintily decorated, aud
after dinner the guests enj .yed a musical
A sitting of the County Court will be
held at Nicola on Monday, October I'll.
Judge Clements will preside.
A meeting of the Fanners' Institute
will be held at Lower Nicola on Friday
evening at 7:-0 o'clock.
D. H. Ker, physician and surgeon for
rail-ay construction, was a viaitor to
Nicola this week.
Capt. C. L. Flick, with Mrs. Flick ami
daughter, tuovc.l fr.nn Lower Nicola to
their ranch near Pel it CVeek  this   wetk.
The pool tables at Leonard's are kept
busy iuruig the evenings hy exponents
of the game Sume of Hi- boys are
geiliigso expert that they now know
the rake from the cue. ll is said that
one young man, who had the pool halls
placed in such a position that the cue
Could not be used to advantage, and a*
he looked puzzled, someone told linn lo
use the "rake" which he proceeded to do
by dropping his cue and trying to ma -e
the shot with that necessary adjunct to
pool tables.      He knows better now.
A. Lyall of Coutlee, will shortly move
|0 Lower NieoU, -here he will beem-
ployed in II. Woodward's  general (tore,
It. C. Campbell Johnston, Mra. and
Miss Johnsionof Forksdale, were visitors
to Nicola Monday.
200-__re ranch,   100 acres
! under   cultivation.     Fur particulars  apply  tn  Ciias.   D.
COLLETT, Lower Nicola.
Lawrence Lambe, of the geological department, O'tawa, and E Wilson of
Armstrong, passed through Nicola lust
Friday for the Similkameen district,
where they will continue investigations.
They visitej the Quilchena coal sections
and also Coldwater liver.
Secure vour stationery at the Nicla
Herald office. Fine line of letterheads,
billheads, envelopes, business cards, etc.
Everything in the priotiDg line.
Mrs. Johnson of (____���__, Mrs. Phillips and brother, Alex Gordon of Loser
Nicola, are spending a few days at Mam-
incite Lake on a listing expedition.
Eleven thousand shares in iht I! wldel
Creek Mining Company (Mter km mi i
the Cousin Jack)   f.r   sale.    $..00   takes
the lot.       J G. Tiivnnk, 0 ter Valley.
Haying is now practically finished all
over the valley and iu uiai y parts of the
district the grain is being cut. The
crops this year are exceptionally good.
The new bridge across the Nicola river,
being constructed hy the provincial government, is located about a mile above
the Petit Creek bridge at Cleaaby'a
The funeral of Bora Grace Armstrong,
boloved wife oflleo. li. Armstrong, of
1. iwcr Nicola, took place from the residence of Mr. Snider, Victoria, last Tuei
day, Rev. W. Leslie Clay officiating, the
following acting as pall bearers: J. A.
Bland, W. Bland, T. Geiger, C. Geiger,
W. Runnals and J. Fletcher.
D. Mclnnis and wife   were   at   Lower Comfort is produced   by   using   good
k   i   i         t     a       .i.          i.  ...,. tobacco and the   "Shield Brand"   pipes.
Nicola for a few days this week, return- ., ,,       ,   .    ���                                ',,
.,    ,     _ ,,          ���     , Sold by J. A. Scott,   tobacconist,   Kani-
ing to Midday \alley on Monday. f  i     _
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea is the hes'
oOct. tea on the market. B is a tin ���
orange pekoe, a straight assam tea. No
house complete with, ut it.
at the Nicola Portable Scam Sawmill,
Lower Nicola. Wages S_ per diy and
board. J. A. Mnv/.ltw.
Carrington's Golden Loaf tea is the
very titles! flowery orange pekoe. Imported and picked especiilly for us. Is
nbsolutel? lhe hnest lea on the maiket
fit) cents a pound.
BL Matthews, son of T. Matthews of
Nicola, met with a paiutul accident OB
Monday last, while operating a machine
in the works of the McClary Mfg. Co.,
at Vancouver, where he was employed,
four fingers of his right ham) were taken
off. The injured man was at once taken
to the hospital and his wound dressed.
Mr. Matthews has ju��t lately been married and his many friends will hear with
regret of thia accident which,will probably incapacitate him from wurk for
aome time.
Fresh Burnt L'me for nit at P. Mir-
quart's ranch. Price. II.INI per barrel at
the kiln.   P. Maiiojaiii A Co.
Carrington'. Golden Leaf tea is Ihe
very finest flowery orange pekoe. Im
ported and packed especially for us. Is
alsolutely the Hnest tea on the market.
fiO cents a pound.
FOR SAW���Two sets of second hand
single harness io first ,.|.8, condition, at
reasonable price. Baewioi'i Harness
and Saddlery.
Carrington's Silver Lest tea is the best
fillet, tea on   the market.   It is a  fine
orange pekoe, a ataight assam tea.
No house complete without it.
hy.ttting aHANBY sieel wire
horse brush. The "Bandy" re
moves dandruff and _____ hair,
leaves the skin in healthy Mi
dition and makes the horse feel
Full _____ of
Harness and Saddlery
always on hand.
S, i ure your supp les at
NICOL.. 1.0.
Rinches and Town Properties for Sile
List your Properties with me.
It. will pay you to call and
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
Official A-iniiiistrator
(Ifflce.   Commercial lllock. cast nt 1VI Ollice.
Kuniloops, H. C.
To Get Satisfactory Results.
A Carload of Lake of the Woods Flour Expected in a few days.
New Goods Constantly Arriving.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister,   Solicitor and   Notary   Public
Office:  Kast of Iht Canadian Rank of Com-
mere*, south side of Victoria street, Kimloop-,
Money to loan on reiil estate security.
Accountant,Cooiini-s.on, Insurance
and Oeneral Agent.
Main Street ���      ���      -amloops
I C ��� - J
���v. ' ��� > I
A sitting of the Couuty Court of Ya'e,
will be held in the C urt House, Nicola,
B  r.on
Monday, Oct. 29, 1903
We are showing lhe nicest and
meat up to date line of Hammocks    lhat    has    ever   been
brought to Kamloops.
Prices  Range   from $100   to   $10.00
Baby Hammocks 50c to $2 50
Kamloops Vernon
Honeihoing done in ;t
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
NICOLA, a c.
Ilia. m.
Carrington's ti olden Leaf tea if ihe
very Hnest flowery orange pekoe. Imported and packed c-penally f..r n- Is
absolutely the hnest tea ou the market.
till cents a pound.
(inn.  MpkiuY,
C. C. Hegikti-r.
Farmers' Institute Meeting'
A meeting of   tha   Lillonet   Fanners'
li simile will be held at Lower Nicola on
Friday, August 10th   IM, at  ":..0 p.m
I)   Union Nil, Pres,
S. .1. SihiiMon,  Sec.
Nurseries and Seedhouses
Large stock of BOMB GROWS Fruit
ami Ornamental Trees no* maiiir.il for
the fall trade.
No eipeuse, loss or delay of fuiuiga
tion or inspection.
headquarters for Pacific Coast grnwn
(Imlcn, Field and Flower 8eeds iu
BBS SUPPLIES, Spray Pumi.s,
Wh_t_ Oil S .ap, Greenhouse plants, Cut
Fl"Wers, Bulbs for fall planting
We do business on our own grounds -
no rent to pay and are prepared to meet
sll competition.
L t me price your list before placing
your order.    Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Itiiad.       Vancoivkr, B. C.
ClOUitT NICOU, No. KBl, A.O. F., meet*
i second ami fourth Friday in each mouth
at 8 p.m., In Pooler's Hall Visiting brothren
cordially invited.
A. It. Cahhi-uton, C R.
W. (JoiiiioN Muhiuv, Soc
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln  Nicola for the
Jos. Ricl.jmls,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood Stabling ln Connection.
Telephone Connection


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