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The Nicola Herald Aug 23, 1906

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Vol. 2.   No. 34.
$2 a Year
luvwy"   wwuu   __����___r_#  greater depth was gained the pine in-  ��"������*��_��"_#     vhihivii
creased over 200 feet, to allow for extra'
rods and the time consumed in raisiug I
and lowering   them, ten   feet   of  core 0BEAT Logs 0F U_B AT VALpA
luiii,; the longest campaign. Time consumed in going and setting up at a new
hole was paiU ior liy the employer.   To ��____^_____
penetrate the   wash gravel   a chopping ���
bit similar  to one  used in  a  machine New Battleships for Britain   A Splen
Difficulties ln Obtaining True Cores.
Results Satisfactory So Far Show
70 Per Cent.  Firm Coke.
A Oood Field.
rock drill was screwed on to the boring did Crop.  Indian Chiefs Visit
reds,   raised  an.l mopped  one or two King. Fielding Un
feet, when it cleaieu to bottom, by the seated.
hoist of Wt  machine   to chop  its way
Discussing the subject of  boring for down, being  followed   ta  1 'tween ten
coal with diamond drills in British Co- and live  feet 1 rum  the bottom  of the
lumbla, Mr.   R. C.  Campbell-Johnston hole by a thr M   .mi easing  enclosing
of Lower Nicola, writes to  the London i,ne oi two inches.
Mining Journal: ;    This work was, naturally,   most try-
Sir-All mining engineers  who have j,,. l0  thu b(jnng  rou..   und  Lwi;iU(1
had charge of diamond drills  to pros- j lht,m mtMj, also  jarring the  casing all>'   Mt  >n  thj  supplies    from   the
pect mining ground prior tt the actual L^ weakening  the joints, so thtt cn United States packing houses.
mining operations  for extracting the 0Ui. OC(.asion  .he thread half way down     Ever  since the    exposure  of    tin-
mineral,  encounter unlooked for local i n a dt;ep hoili  uroKo when  .hL'ca:ang
difficulties to  be alone  surmounted by ' was being raised  ior blasting in.ulners,
their own  experience and ivsourceiui-  .������, (..1USL,(1   a lonj, <ii;lay   hi opera mm..
ness,   combined  with  that  of  fellow j _,���., a hahim, tool   recover, d the lower
workers  whose success  they can It
Chehalls Enijulry Opened.
The Court of Enquiry into the (lhe-
halls disaster was formally opened ves-
terday in the Assize Room of the (___.
l.uii.r, Vancouver. Sir. Justice Mor-
n.oii is acung as chairman of the inquiry, and the oilier niemoers of the
commission are (\ip_ainCox and Coin-
���aadw Hum, EL,!..   Air. Jus.pii Mar-
tin, K.C., app. aivd n_ cuun.v I lur the
Union .Steamship Co., which he also
represented ai uie i once Uiurt investigation into the charges again.it I ID-
tain Uriiiin. l)__wr p__r_tM mtartMod
are aiao reprosuueu uy cuuiioei,
Fruit Growing One of Many Resources.
finest of Agricultural Land.  Un
rivalled Climate.  Homes
For Thousands.
To the average outsider the many re-
'" i ports from this district as to its  great
mineral resources,   might  lead him to
expect,   when he  visited it,   a barren
rocky   region  devoid  of  beauty   and
peopled only by  the miner and  pros-
|h , or.   That the entire opposite is the
ease, has surprised  many a   visitor to
The  amngem_n__  lor  Laoor   Day j this section, and  many and loud  have
methods  employed   by    the  Chicago ipor'ta Ai t__n-ii-iu ntw waQ wuumt way. j been the praises  ol a district, which ie
p.ckn;   houses  were    published  and  t-amioup- _u_ mus-ii .ne team to meet i unapproachable   for beauty of scenery
An invitation  has been  extended to
Canada by the British Government to
tender for the supplv of fre,h meat .r;l P8*" """ *��* -*** M a NP
cattle for the military district of Malta nu,lluer oi ""M**" io t_st,iy bttW.
for 1907.     No donbt this is due greailv ! ** ��������*_��_, auu |___   ���_.__*   is U-
to the want of confidence now gener
pect.- to ue a pro-uti^uu one.
Labji' cay al |_41___M||__.
anywnere in the province.
Farms', ranches and orchard meet the
of. The following brief experience is
recounted to help and to learn from
others how to overcome these difficulties, and is doubtless one common to
many. The literature on the subject
seems to be scanty and not always
written by those practically engaged in
this method of prospecting ground.
A short description of the geology of
the formation being tested will lie helpful. In the Nicola Valley of the Province of British Columbia ara  icdimen-
practically proved to be true, the ertOf-, l_uuctu_ua ui tne  pwtui  oia.cii  anu _A_
mous trade which these houses did with 'prize -m D_ a o.iv^r cuy.     uiia.esloi
I'.ui'tipean nations, has fallen off to an _o_ mug- tmtet are Cuiiuug in anu there c.,.t, 0f jhe inquiring visitor in the valley
mended casing being forced down again i enormous extent. Canada, among the lis _��__> _____-__��__ oJ a great days ami ���, the hms the finest of grazing
to  its  former  position.    A   nose ol |other colonies of Great Britain,  stands Iport _vlfl_ n___  o.i Handa/,   Kept, IL  land   for  cattle,   with the   delicious
ine |_u_,i_ui,iie oi the uay's sport is as; mm grass and tba succulent pea vine
portion of the casing, necessitating me
boulders would bend the rods and snap | a vt'0' promising^ chance of ^securing a
off the  chopping bit.   The  pump was
Continued on i-.i .-���.'
Victoria Eiilbltlon.
We are in receipt of the prize list of
the exhibition to be held at Victoria
from Sept. 23 to id, under the auspices
of i lie British Columbia Agricultural
i ui./ uiatch���iU-JJ a.m.   Prize, silver
tary rocks in strata  composed  of vol- ' Assodation>    The prizes in the various
classes are as generous as in former
years, anil a varied programme of at-
iraeiions is beinr. nrranged which
should make the exhibition well worth
a visit.
Antl Tuberculosis Society.
A meeting of ladies and others interested in forming an anti-tuberculosis
society in Nicola, will be held at the
residence  of Mrs. ,A. E.   Howse to-
large share of this trade  which is now
world   wide,   and   by    establishing  a
thorough and honest system of in.ipec- cup.   i\jiiiiu.j|is vs. i_uneheiia,
lion, will be  able to  show that  she is '    b_-_c_M_-_i uy o_.nu ot __,___,_{.
equal to the occasion and that she will'    noi_e race- .:m p,_a.
properly discharge any trust reposed in     H nine u_uut_i i___-_b., *7; Sad, $u
ner by foreign customers. i-_ wAtfitptB, t.tt______a sutxes, Ut,
.ji���u; j.u, v".
i-- lime, pony, 14 t-_ hands and  un-
Worst Fears foe Valparaiso Confirmed
tank pebbles (large and small) cemen
ted together by lime, forming a
conglomerate; limy grits and sand-
suines, some of them streaked extensively with thin lines of coal, coal
shales and coal. These s..rata, whith
fii.tn the surface outcrops exposed are
known to be of the eocene period, pass
to what it is expected holds the lowest
Mama in the cretaceous, similar to
oth. r age-Oast coal li-'ids of the province, 'lhese seuinuiuai'ies swim on
basins of vdcanic   rocks   (classified by j morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock.
the late Dr. Dawson as of triassic age) j 	
whieh  latter  had,   therefore,    ctased! Bl_: Deil Pending.
action prior  to the   formation of coal, j 	
whieh owed its origin apparently not to i Just at the time of going to prsss we
vegetation growing on the spot, but understand a deal for the sale of the
bear ihe signs of uried trees forming : Garesche Green coal property at
log jams. j Coutlee is going through, if it has not
The volcanic hills now overtower the already matured.    Capital in Montreal
sid 4 of the valleys by 1000 to M00 feet, j is at the back of the transaction.
though  originally    the   sedimentaries 	
0., riaid every other kind of rock from I a Splendid Crop.
mountain top to mountain top and have j
Latest news from Chili confirm the
worst reports of the earthquake. Fully
five thousands persons lost their lives
in the disaster. Santiago also suffered
severely and there was much> loss of '
life. Los Andes was almost totally destroyed. The disturbance has ranged
over a large territory but is confined to
the Pacific Slope of the Andes.
llel', is,, tl_.J -I.,., .....
for feed.
That our mines will be one of the
greatest resources is not to be doubted
tor a moment, but it must not be lost
sight of that we have as well some of
ihe tmesl agricultural land in the province, and this will prove a most valuable asset in the future. That this land
nas not been cultivated to any large ex-
i tent is true, but when it is considered
<H nine, ���,,.n race, 1st, W, ind, $10. | iha[ tk,re wajJ  praCii(.al|y  no lnduce.
t m,K, a��_i_______u'l    ii'iittin^' race,!
uoecrnMQ, j>..o.
Cowuoy race, uJ yards, d turns,  1st,
! ment to do so,  owing to ihe be. that
any produce raiseu would  have nail to
meet the strain of a lorty or fifty mile
fi; uid, $d. haul to the   nearest  shipping point, it
mu,an  Cowboy  race,   150 yards, I can easily ba understood why only pro-
Thei.-V  >a��le_hl;)s.
coma, tat, ,i, utd, $j.
entrance ice ten per cent, of purse.
Four  to enter,   three to  start  in all
tai.ii.s for t.uilchena stakes and 3-1
nine open, n.usi Le in the hands oi
Stanley Kiruy, yuiichena, not later
(baa Saturday, Sept. 1st.
Some particulars are now to hand regarding the Dreadniughc. The cost of
the vessel is estimated at ,��1,678,777.
Her armament  is composed  of  ten 12
inch guns and twenty-seven  lL'-pr Q.F.
, . i.i dra, one basket containing the picture
antt-torpedoboat   guns  and   live  sub- .. ,,,    , ,
,    . , ���,, in the son and  daughter  ot  thief Joe
merged torpedo  tubes.     lhe mam ar- ,, ...
,   ,. , r ,, . , JCapllano.    ihe Indian chiets expressed
mot- belt has a maximum thickness of
11 tapering to (I at  the forward  and 4
.,.,,,. ,      .       _  -.    high.y honored by the treatment accor
inches at  the after  extremity  of the,,   ,     ., , ., i_...i. ..
vessel.   The  redoubt  armor varies in
thickness from  11 to 8 inches; the tnr-
ret and fore conning tower  is 8 inches
Her designated  speed  is  21
still  left large  patches  on  the  high!    The following is the  estimated yield km)tg    she h.ls .,   |m|,klT  , lri.u.ily ,������ most loyal subjects.
places, which have not been reached by ' for Manitoba, Albert., _nd  Saskatche- %m ^ ^ ^ ^ m  ^ M
the glaciers and rivers,   to ba  eroded wan for 1905:   Wheat,   from  85 to ���L_t_MeJ.1h_*_k_W_W_-fa*ill.l
away to this depth  as in the valleys.! mi hon bushels: oats,   from   �� to ,8 j ^     gtowage fo. oj| fud  has als���
Tlie exact  depth of  the sedimentaries , million bushels;  barley,  from 16 tn 20
been arranged for.    The Increaaed ac-
is evident from the number  of  battleships    now   building.
The armored cruiser Invincible, now
left in these valleys is not yet certainly I million  bushels.    Harvesting  is  now
known, but  from dips,  etc.,   it is cal-. general, over 50 per  cent, of the crop
culated at from 1500 to 2000 feet in the \ being cut.   The yield per acre is expec-
__ apaat parts of the basins.    In a coal j ted to average; Wheat, 19.4; oats, 41.2;
gully near  Coutlee  there is a fault or | barley, 31.1   bushels   per acre.   Wheat, buj|(|m j^
sul.sid, nee of part of the sedimentaries, was quoted  at 74 1-2  cents per bushel I, ,,-.,,.,.,._ Ik.,. ���js|,1;ll,.1|,,nt hl,lll(:
showing several excellent coal seams of xt Fort William last week as compared
a coking  bituminous  kind, low   in ash  with $1.01 per bushel this time last year.
and moisture, a good steam raiser and
affording  good   ane.t_-g   coke.     The j No North Polo f.r Wellman.
,. .. Oh, he great   good man:   he speak so
tivity in naval matters in Great Britain ,,   ,     .,__,,        _     _..
sillily.      ln   bidding   the chiefs  good
higher seams frequently outcrop on the.
sids of the valleys,   butin  most cases I    Advices from Sp.tzbergen state that
WM ash is high so that the deep seams ^"K'   "
in the lowest strata hold the best conv
mercial coal, and necessitate deep bore- ���-�� Kecord-1 erald Arctic Expedition,
boles in the  valleys to  determine   the ' hlls abandoned the project of ballnoning
overlaying ground before sinking work-1to the North Pole thls >'L'ar'
ing shafts.    In the valleys the alluvial
17,250  tons, that a_ _M   Dreadnaught
being 17,900 tons.
The Inflexible and Indomitable building at Clydebank and Fairfield, on the
Clyde, have the same measurements as
the Invincible and are  locust   _1,7_6,-   blWlg-t to  a close
Justice Weal In I'lu
dace sultieient   to siasfy  the local demand was raised.
The question of fruit growing has not
been followed up by those in a position
to cater for this tiaue. That ihis district is suitable tor me growth OJ fruit
is unquestionable, and there is no doubt
that had facilities lor transportation
oecn better, this muustry would have
assumed greater proportions in this
valley. As it is at present, even the
local demand is hardly met, a fact
which we think will be rectified in the
very near future.
Looking at the future of the district
one is compelled to admit that hardly
anywhere in the province can one meet
with a locality so varied in its resources
or one with such a bright outlook before it. When we have in addition to
this a climate unrivalled anywhere else
in the province, it needs no great
strelch of imagination to see this valley with its many orchards and homes
peopled by a population happy and con-
bye, Lord Strathcona, as a memento of [ tented and supplying ouisale and less
their visit, presented each chief with a favored districts with the products
small silver box containing a sovereign. \ which it is possible by the aid oi a
(In the ltd ul the souvenir was em- bountiful nature and one of the best of
bussed a purl rait of Qsaen Victoria.     ! locations to produce.
themselves  as    delighted  and    most
ded to them, and they will go back to
their people with glad hearts and with
the greatest of good words to say for
the King, of whom their people are the
His Majesty, through an interpreter,
said a few kind words to the chiefs.
When asked U to what be thought of
the  King,   Chief Joe  Capilano  said:
Finance Minister  Fleldlns  Unseated.
Advertising the Province.
Walter Wellman, the chief of the Chi- j "�� aml ^.W.     The date of com-
1 pletion of the three is lOll.vll.
drift is from 100 to 400 feet deep when
tha ancient river beds are pierced, but
King Edward Receives Indian Chl.fs.
Chief Joe   Capilano,   Chief  Tsilpay-
The trial of the   Fielding  case  was
a,t week, Chief1 At a meeting of Ihe Vancouver Tou-
and Justice Rus- rist Association Committee held lately,
ssed personal charges of cor-1 the extended work that this association
ruptic- which had been made against intends doing m the advertismg of the
Mr, fielding. The emit, however, province was discussed in detail, and it
found that one week before the voting was decided to advertise in the Far-
s,interne working in  Fielding's  behalf mors' Advocate, winch  was considered
T. J. Smith, president and  manager milt of Cowichan, and  Chief  Basil' of had paid one  Seldon  $550.    The court the best   medium for reaching all who
of the Diamond Vale Coal Co..  passed j Kamloops, were  received  by the King was  therefore  obliged to  unseat the are  interested
tin se leave the best  seams of coal un- i through Nicola yesterday on his way to! at Buckingham Palace last week. They finance  minister.   The  by-election  It ^a,h*^1 **_"**'  Sa9katchewan and
touched, which are deep seated.
The machine used in this instance
was a Sullivan diamond drill plant, capable of deep boring, run by contract
with a pro rata higher charge as depth
was gained, and to be supplied by the
coal company with fuel and water. To
700 feet the charge was constant over
Quilchena to visit  the coal  properties j presented an address  to His Majesty,  Queens-Shelburne  will be  brought on  Eastern Canada.
NOTICE-To all whom it may concern: On and after Aug. 16, for 10
days more or less, I will take from
Clapperton Creek what water I require
for irrigation. I will release water
Aug. 28th.   R. H. Winny.
pleading  for the  restoration of their immediately, as the finance minister is;   The  line of appeal  to prosjiei-tive
hunting rights and certain native cus- anxious to begin the work  of tariff re-: settlers will be the fact that  British
toms which they allege  have been cur- vision,
tailed by  Provincial and  Dominion enactments.
They also presented three beautiful
Columbia presents the best field in the
Dominion for the investment of capital,
whether in mining,   farming or  manu-
Indian work baskets to Queen Alexan- Office.
Sec our new line of Imperial Linen-,
���tie paper and   envelopes.     HERALD , futures.   The daily press of Winnipeg
| will also be employed in the work. THE  NICOLA  HERALD
The Nicola Coal Beds
Continued from page 1.
kept washing to try andform a large
\ su that the broken bit and
bC-Uan should fall to one side and
Lave the course of the hole
Eight sticks of 40 per cent, dynamite
were lied double lines, let down the
hole, secured to electric,'vires insulated
and tired by an electric battery. This
i,nlv broke up the glacial boulders
ml allowed _____ to fall aside more
easily into the washed cavity. D_)
waterproof seams of line hardened clay
packed around the outside of the casing and gripped it M tightly that endless turning backward aud forward by
long wrenches had to be resorted to
!��� force it down. When bedrock is
v .i lhe rods are often not lit after
this treatment to bore a straight hole,
and the shear legs for raising the rods
and the foundation of the drill are in a
wobbly condition, but cannot be moved
or the hole is out of plumb. Probably
a drill of the Keystone pattern would
he a better machine to reach bedrock,
but for speed later in rock, this would
mctnttltl two complete plants, one
for each variety of drill.
Even when bedrock  is reached, casing   discontinued,   the    diamond bit
screwed on with  a core barrel,   and a
core lifter  fixed  to bring  up the perfect core,   other  innumerable troubles
are experienced, and  the result looked
fnr, namely,   a complete core of coal,
uncontaminated by overlaying rock, to
permit ��� true analysis of the coal as it
exists in the seam, is unobtainable,
and wastage invariably happens.   In
the soft rocks, owing  to the rotating
core barrel,   the pressure of water,
owing to depth, standing in the hole,
the activity of the pump forcing water
down the boring rods to clear the diamond bit and bring the  sludge to surface outside the   rods,   these latter
crumbled the core,   washing away all
the soft particles and preventing a true
sample  for analysis.   On coal particles beginning to appear in the sludge,
which     happens      some      minutes
-according   to    depth,    after   the
bit      has        struck       the      coal
seam, since the wash water takes time
to  return to the  surface  against  the
down pressure, the rods are drawn up,
the core barrel cleaned, the hole washed
out with the pump, the rods that were
down carefully  measured,  and every
precaution taken to secure an exact result.    However,    the   core   mostly
crumbles as noted above, and not being
complete will not give a true analysis.
The  sludge,  therefore, is run into a
clean tub as it comes up, and an analysis taken from this.   As on the surface
the fact that the coal seam has been
run through is not apparent for some
minutes until the wash water shows it,
the sludge is vitiated for determination
of ash-the great essential.   An examination under the microscope of the
sludge, also shows that there are white
particles of   lime   conglomerate and
sandstone present from  higher strata,
jarred down by the rotating  bending
rods, facts also falsifying  an ash test.
Then, again, when the rods are lowered
in deeper  strata,   bits of  coal broken
loose from the upper seams by jarring,
fall down ahead of  the rods, and show
coal particles in the sludge till they are
ground up by  the bit,   and part taken
into the core barrel.    The question is
how to get a complete  core of the coal
���loams  pierced   that   will   exhibit   the
true state of affairs, and whether even
a high ash result at one place in some
coal seams should be taken an condemn-
natory of the whole seam when formed
by driftwood dependent on water currents?    Special  bits set  with equal
size, and. therefore,  equal cutting diamonds, selected  and  carefully  placed
with as little copper foil  as possible in
cavities partly drilled, partly cut. in the
malleable iron crown bit, have been reserved to bore the coal seams, so as to
make a better core, but they are only
partly  successful.    The  machine has
been run slow and only sufficient water
poured  down to clear  the bit, but not
with complete success, the pressure of
water being still too excessive for the
coal to hold together.   There  is a so
called stationary core barrel worked
under ball bearings at the top, instead
of the plug connecting barrel and rod.
This kind was not tried in this instance,
but in other parts of the province it
Full Mo. k of Iimm'.-'i.and Iiiumrt-dClgari.
.out the liti-l -tlliikltiK lobar��� .ilu.i)- ..n li.inil.
I Imp ni-ml enjoy a quiet game nf Hilliard-
Agent fur the P_MMM -__Mi |_M-_-T, Van.'.iii
ver.   Laundry _Up___l every Bal unlay.
has been discarded as not overcoming
the difficulty. In boring in soft rock
justice cannot be done to the coal or
mineral sought till these adverse results have been overcome.
Another difficulty is to ascertain the
direction of the dips of the strata in
each hole. On the core the number of
degrei s from the horizontal or vertical,
of course, is determined by a clinometer, but the direction, even by comparison of several holes is not possible
if two sides of an anticline or its opposite have been bored, or ifdipscon-
811-   iuie   utti    ����i  , I T7-AMI.IH1IS ll<ii:SK. I'. HiTiid. iiriiiniil.ir.
form   to  the edges  of the   basin   and  IV  __w____k _|��____,__non aad dfanla
_..���._���   ��_,   H,���   ���-���(,,,      -fr_l_   un- ' ll"' Interior.    Jw-t the ni for * ale* coolr_
converge  to  the  center.   Strata  en    ,,,,���,,,���,, ^ ���, b���r   w,���,n ,��� k,ui,I._.>.
casing different coal  seams are similar .all in.
and not sun.ci��nt to identifv  the same
_��������      ��-___ __��� _._._.__.  flHAHD PACIFIC Horn.. _Um___f_. The
seam in different holes, especially when   _j |11I|1P|��� hllM ,���lhc.milvvil) _���,���,���    rh(,
1   iinh   i..-. iiiiili'iii   hotel  fnr  tr.iveh'i.s.     (iood
room-, KDotl tat_k go'id llq_af_,    Two large
Mimili- room-   I' A. Bafafcart, prourletor.
IliHid KiahliiiK in coiineetinn.
the corresponding layers of coal am
shale in the same seam also vary, as
they would in a driftwood composition
dependent upon their existing currents.
The rods when hoisted or lowered by a
screwed in plug attached to a swivel
hook, rotate and cannot be made to go
in a stationary vertical line to locate
the line of the core barrel, and so,
though a plumb line is used on the rods
and the joints marked by a file to keep
one line throughout their entire length,
a base line taken and a true connection
with the bottom of the hole sought to
be established, the resnlt is uncertain.
A report of an apparatus to photograph the bottom of the hole has been
heard of, but without guides down the
hole, or a crosshead to overcome rotation, it is uncertain whether the results are more accurate than those
already obtained. These recounted
troubles are probably common to most
drillers, and if they have been overcome, accounts of how-generally accessible to the profession-seem hard
to get.
It is regrettable that a continuous
bore hole completely piercing the whole
sedimentary rocks carrying the coal
measures and overlaying the volcanic
rocks, has not yet been put down in the
Nicola Valley, as several coal seams
exposed-15. 5 aud 4 1-2 feet through-
are good, being low in ash, sulphur and
moisture, and affording around 70 per
cent, of firm coke. There is a splendid market for a large tonnage of, say,
500,000 tons at present per annum, to
be worked up even to a greater amount by supplying large American
towns outside of Canada, lying nearest
these extensive coal fields.
Yours truly,
R. C. Campbell-Johnson.
Lower Nicola, B.C.
ABHOBOFT HOTEL The most convenient
ho'el for visitor" in Athcroft, The bnt nf
table hoard. Mm anu cold bath*. Our retire
_iiintive meet* all trains. John _jn& I'erkinii.
Mop nt the
Hour  loon, Propria--.
When traveling on the Nicola road.
C .iiveni-iit jilace for travelers, with good
Unequalled as a
5uii)-iter Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
Ranches and Town Properties for Si'e
List your Properties with me.
It will pay you to call and
Have  you   heard the  Wonderful
new Aluminum tone-arm
The most perfect talking machine
yet prnducod.
Prices, fib, 850 and 880
Old style talkers from $5 up.
For Prices and TerniH Write to
M. M. WAIH & CO.
IW7 Granville Street
v-ANCOUVER,     ���     -     ���     B. C.
Nurseries and Seedhouses
1802   1905
Rev. W.I, SimiKii., H. A , 11.1).
Rev. J. P, BOWttL, Riirsur.
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $ic,ooo,ooo
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Tot.il Assets        ....        $158,232,409.51
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, O. C. M. O.
PRESIDENT,        - -       Sir Oeo. A. Drummond. K. C M O
Head Office���Montreal
Deposits received from   $1.00   and  upwards.      Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail. '   Out of
town accounts receive every attention.
Polo Match
Horse Racing, Gymkhana Events, Trotting, etc.
For full list of prizes aud events see programme.
Large stuck of HOME OROWH Fruit
mhI Ornamental Trees now matured for
ihp fall trade.
Nn expense, loss or delay of fnmiga
tion or inspection.
Headquarters fur Pacific Coa��t grown
Garden,   Field   and   Flower    Seeds   in
Whale Oil Snap, Ureeiihouse 1'i.uts, Cut
Flnwers, Bulbs for fall planting.
We 1I0 business M our own grounds-
no rent to pay and are prejared to meet
all competition.
Let. me prioe your list before placing
your order.   Catalogue Free.
.1010 Westminster Road,      Vanoolvkb, B. C.
A complete commercial and business
course. Students prepaicd to gain teach
ers certiorates of all grades. In univer
sky work a full course fur the B. A. de
gree of Toronto University.
In-ruction given in Music, Art, Phyi
cal Culture aud Elocution.
Send for Calendar.
C-.OUHT NIOOLA, No. mi. A.O. F..meet*
) Mega, and fourth Kridav in each month
at 8 p.m., in I'uoloy'n IIhII. Visiting 'irntliren
cordiully Invited.
A, It. Oarmitotw, C.B.
W. GORDON Mt'kK.iY, tm.
Set our new line of Imperial Linen-
ette paper and em elopes. HliRAU)
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you.had one-now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best and at fair prices. THE   NICOLA   HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. S2 a Year
________ H. ('. Al .ll'rfl'S3, 1WU
Sixty days after dn'e I intend to apply loth.-
chief r__gni___OMT ol laadt ma work- for a-i
bear ol this, and now that this
is an   accomplished   fact  it is
.    ..      .          _           r ��� L     L        L tni-doniopur ha*.  Macieauf __MM_a_apa4
indicative of the faith that the uu#_i_-A_-_��_--_s-n��-ti--_i��.---___r��cimj
pre .nintioD. ruDoiiig   0 rbalM eonih. tii.   c_
nrr-sfnf    tiwnern h;ivf    in their ��^*��w*,__��_�� le ��____��� ���_Kfc,lk_��_-
|��IC5CIH      UWIICI5 lldVC      III   II1CII ,���, !,_,������,.,_! ioM.iil.ng I. int.
.1    ,            !���            r Uiwer Nieola, May :il, l!����i.
properties,  that machinery lor uhmuw smith.
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
and Sausage
ja .1:. i'ooi,t:v
Eui.hquake at Valparaiso.
��� iii iht   lurther   development   ol
lew people  realize   the ex    , ....
,       , ,      these    properties    is    being
pt'iise incurred  and  attendant,        ,    .        ,.    ,        . .���.    ;. voiir,. i- t.,-r-.-... ���_��� .,������ i', .1 >^i __3h _n.-r .r.r.
brought in     rurther  dnlliii" ii��'��x"��M_ifi��t|>i rmr< _w_M_rnf
difficulties   arisiflt/   ill  OlieililiL' ' - * *?* "*-*'"* yn"1-1'." f I *rfB*   Orders throughout the District receive careful attention and  prompt   delivery
"'        U"L        "IWHIg      HI    W  l-lllll^     , ,        ...      11 HiHM.f   llli.lllll.OII    |.,-li,|..   I.eil.   -I'll., ..I   ,.., '
.                   .      ,            Mir Coal Will    be prosecuted    111   ,__t...rO____ -it.,... :..���.,_ mint   at _lc>_
III) IlIlll'S.     .'\    IieriJSal   ol   our    , f. , ,.        _____ nu la* at* pott marked EM
, , ,      .,,    ,       the near luiure and everythmi' -�� cor 1 _k_m_.*____���)������:  m
columns this week  will  show      .                     ,              , 5chataes ___�����_�����-�� ���i,.i.,.. ik____a_
, , points to   a steady   growth of ������*���'������ ******* ������������*
that even to expert-there are IV.     ������       -MABanifOLiY,
, , ,      ,.rr   this mmine district
almost   uiisurmount.ible   dilh-
cultics to he overcome before'
nal  development  work  can
Commence.       Even   th___    Ob       Valparaiso, the most important com-
st.ules     Of     one      kind    antl  rn^^ialcity  of the  western  coast of
��� ... . j South America, was badly damaged by
another,    Wllich     Rf��     almost  earthquake last week.   Many buildings
heartbreaking,   present   them-  i" the city were destroyed and fires oc-
1 .1 1    ' curred in different parts of the city.   It
selves   to   the operator,   who,. .        ���_________!
1 I is feared that the situation may prove
miUt be possessed ol th. high* j as serious as the San Francisco disaster.
est   technical   knowledge and Cablu tteUitit-n a,v' interrupted und
... communication con only be had by way
skill to overcome them.   Out- ofLisb���n.  Thelossof hie is
yet un-
Ni.i'Yc l<kfr-*v__re_ ih 1 ���__�����_ tltmittt
I inlenil lo apply'11 Die Hon. the nliief eom
nn.-i.i erof land* and work* for permUton In
10 i.iir Im-i- VMniTi- nt mo'11 it.,111 paati ir ...
eommeneiriK al a __l in.tki'l -*." Jf.. n.w
corner, thi-ine Mil Wahain*; 'I. n >��� * >.i'h 1.1.
. ___1M, more or li ... In Keh l.nke lnirifil.:
tlien.-e-e.f aIon_ Ink-'-li ir-1 lo l,ol I'.Miiali'1
Hlniitf li'iunrl.irv line ..f laid lot to -.e.t___f of
l_K I'.'.'.'i: thence north to inilial po-,1.
Nicola, Auk, I. Ml
side ol   mining   circles a very
popular idea is prevalent,  that
it is only necessary to stake .1
claim and  immediately  begin
to get returns from it.     Whtk.
luch is   actually   the case in a
very few instances   v\ here the
ore is   exceptionally   rich  on
the surface and conditions are
favorable, in   the majority   of
cises   it     takes   considerable
time   and   much  money and
labor has to be expended  be-
1 IN u 11 _ h
lore adequate   returns areob-i  ..���   ____, ,, .
1 No'lcei-lierohy Kiven iliatnixly davaafier
t'ilne.1  fnr thp   r-mil il  invMtvrl    ���V**" "llc'"' ^'apfivio Hie I hief euuimiv
L I .loner ..fi.ai._H ana Work- for Ita.. lopur
elia-Mtie Io.Iowiiik  nio.i.iiiiln  pa.lure.   I.u.it-
a p_B( il.tnl.il in the  vi.-.inl) of
.   potto! Lut l-'i-i lv  111 oi.pn Jlivi_
lutiirc dividend ""' u' ^"'u "**""- uhm*_ *__. iu i______,
I illelii'e norih 111 .Inline,  lIlLll.e M__t 40 i.i.iln.
in it but  before <Sm>Vwm'""""""l0 M"'"t l" ���*���-*-��
A sittiiiK ot the Couiey Court el Yale,
���vill be held 111 the t uit lioune, Nicula,
B. C, on
Monday, Oct, __9, 1906
a' 10 a. m.
Un, vii'Kit.Y,
('. U, ltctlKtlar.
Nnllec i* herehv  yiven Ilia*  I'M daf-  uf er
il 0- I intend  loanply In lhe chief enmmli
.inner of l.iii'l.anil   work, for ji.-ntii-Hiori  In
|elr I IlL'll nereN  of IllolOI'.iin   p_-ttll_  Iftn.l
il.M'liheil    .   follow:      .' iiieni'lll.;,!!    ui..
narked_.__,_.   .", .n-ne., ihoaoe norm P
'���lmi||<: then il-l   Sll,hen-;   i'ie outh I'l
.-li tin.; I Iii-M'-e  w. -.1   Hn.li.iii.  to inni .1 ;. .-���
The iiliove I.mI i. .in, iteil on Ten Mile i'i.   k.
e��-I of Nie.il,.   S.o.iij   ioii.I.   un-   of .1.   Mil
ob-U_ aiMiIi'-ation lo piireaaM,
Xieo]ii..Iiily'.i;. MM,
STEw__ n.T'S
ie capital invested
��� L II        I I euusu me ro.iowiliK  IHOilnUUU   pa.
A prospect  has all   tlie poten   ��__.iiw m a i_m i.um.u u. uh
' ��� ....       . ! > ��.. inner pn.i. I Lut l.'i.i li in
tialities  ol  a
(layer hidden
tlevi lo[
has"to be expended on L
Certlhea'.   nt [.o|fi..M.|iienl..
The Ptoritm  -Waefal Claim, situate In tha
Siinilkiliieen   mining  .'ivi-i..ii nt \t\v,\i-
tri. t    I geared on Oirdy'icratk, nhoiil ntm i
m_|_M fr-'iu Ni. nln I,.ike.
T.lke  lioliee   Ihilt   I. K'.'.l'ri. k (Jeorire I'lilK''.
free iniiir.  11 tt. ��� ���<- Mn, liST.'.SI intend lUil.ij.
fro .. i|ie dale leren.to n|n ly lo (he mining
recorder fw a fieri H.a'eot Improvement*,for
the l.iirnn.e'.f nh'iiini- K " itii-tl K'unl of Ih'
ah ��e el.in.
And f'irih��*r bike not lee tlnit action, irder
^ei'lion It", n.I he com', eni'i'.'l hefore ill is-u
an.r . f -Ill-It r.Tilrl.Hf r- of iuipr o ellleliN.
Dated tbUWhdaj .f May, i!>iii
fKHiKincK iinnioK Paten,
AKt'lll for J. W, I'olli-.
Kotlee i^ herein |iv-n 'hat  within  sixty
ling into such,  working 1Vrl t id.j. ���f...r d,.,- i i*i__d tn _��piy t.
,    . ' cli'ef eonnui-i-ionir of I mil-.mil works "
Also   Gcuoral Livory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nirola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every   I hursday  for Mcola lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton  and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave  Kamloops
Every Monday lor Nicola and Spences Hridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
Every   .Sunday   6 a. m., arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.ir
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and  Friday for   Spences
Hridge at 6 a, m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. rn,
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone connection with Kamloops
M. P. STEWAkT,    -    -    Proprietor
it to prove its worth. The
obtaining ot the necessary
capital is not always an easy
matter and it shows a peculiar and particularly human
trait that it is easier to obtain
Capital from the stock buying
public for investment in the
latest sensational camps, when
in reality the best propositions
Noticti _��� luT-li.. Kn'ni ilia' sixty day* nf[ui-
d-ilu I int-.ml tOappiy 10 the (Tii< f > nminis-
���HHHTof Land* anil WotiU for It-avo lo pm-
i li____4l lim f_.ilo.v_i_i_il.iti i, i.t.in_{ L8t.ft_-r._-- iiinjc
ur !��������� n.   iAiiii'iiui_<-int( hi. ii ii i-t   pi,iiiit-il af till1
s vV.ttHiu'i'ttf Lot ItU KlJuf YDttbt-Dce wont
80CliaiiiH, IhenceMWUi _U Ottain*, ineiire e-tR:
Hiiiiiius tbeaou uar\b iimIiuu-, fcaeod onA
inriiHiiiK, tbt-Mt noith in thiiniM iu puiuiof
1'orC.L. Klick, AfWt
IjOwtT Nirola, Auk. 17, l!Hi;i.
fnr per-,
inl��n)nn *n n r>4.Ma MJ'i aorni nf pastors iiml
-iMU't (I ns f i1'..\v>: ( otnorii imf hi Hi ��� \. k.
curticr |,ni I:.-.'", ilirncf weR< 4" 'h'inK, thenrj'
north hi ehM.ns. hen^e pantM rbalm. IhaaM
-onih 111 ''hfilon to pOtn< of I'OMiiiH-iMiMiiini.
May 11,KM WILU.W CHI8H<)t_M.
Vnticp N hfrfhy (riven lint, within (10dufl
from dart I In'Pnrl tnakifin rtm.i-... Ion tnlhe
hon.chnf'���ninniiv i ni" nf MikIshikI wmk- f-if
!_Hr��i-rt-i'��n to ptirchAM 8_R) otvfo ofpisinrc
1 nd Hrtjoim'ruf !_nt ins., nu west sii!<, pornmen-
I'inK it rt PO"' ���������'k*f. A, I. (i. s. w,.'Miner,
Imti-'i- wr.t sn rtitiin-, I banc* norih 40 rh .inn,
ih iiti'.i-' Ml cli-ii-., Hu'in'd smith In cbftilK,
in iiuiiii nf ��m iiiciiruniunt.
lune m. i!Mi, A. U. (ioi)wiN.
Land Mining and General Supply AgtH
Mining CMtraeton, hrm niHtliincry, bugfflea
cn��ier-, ilelghae^c, band ftir tot lw offarn.
li'id mining propertiw. Keaorti nn mlnlnf wo-
leriies tbfOQgh tbfl Dt_n_rter_ t'alile addr_M
"Auniiii." Codes: Hroinhull, _..or_>ii_g��[ Nt al,
A. H. 0. 4th,
W'Krchonst'���Ciinford, Nicola Valley, B. 0.
Notice li herehy given thtt thirty dart after
ilaie I intend m apply to tbe Cbtn Co.uml*.
.iinnerof Landi anil vv'.nk-' fora pennii to cut I    **,,,
...;... I .md i-moT. i _r f*__ thtfo. 'wiu_ d��< ; , f' ."'." Jh|'r;',b-v^'"/""V!   . .,v ','*," nf ''r
are   to   be  loiind    111    districts orlhKttraoto-l-nd:  t-.^ini.iu-r nt �� "-'-nt i'.���'������ I m.i.-.-I ��o ..... ly i��.t|,.. < m.r (o.n.ii,-
iliu  NIC   .'.iincr nf I 11  r'.i in the   .Ionia   "I"11""' _���_*( mill ��nrk- for permmlnn to
where wild excitement and hot -_-i_giiM.i_.nnf v,.ie.ih-uc. wunci _, H^'f^^"!^ ���K"!|Llai
������ .;"���,:;!,;-';"!:,.; __ _*sr_s__%^
apoal  ni irkrd .1.1',,  t,W. onrott,  plai't-il al
s.i-. inini'i- at ii.   tfrqihart'i  pre mpti-n.
ihrnic nn Ih inrlmin . Ilii'inn t-it-t in chain'.
air has not penetratei
In the Nicola Mining Div
ision we have one of the richest mining districts in the province, and although, still
young, development year by
year shows that its riches are ���
much greater than was estimated by even the most optimistic. There has been no |l
wild excitement and the wild
cat boomer and his attendant
satellites have been conspicn-
ons by their absence. While,
therefore, public interest in
this section has heen of the
slightest, expert opinion of the
future possibilities of the district has led to capital becoming interested in the mineral
wealth of the 'valley and
making efforts to develop it.
Want of transportation, however, has been, as in the case
of all new   districts,  the bug-
llli-lli'll III" 111   Mlrli nil- In (I .lill   uf   i'l) ll'iielt'O
ntniit,Md-dlni. iiiiT-frmn, however, all iii*'
curtail  I'liruunof |_ut IO ljing wiiliin ,.,ml
l> 'iinilarier.,
Nottotifl hereby giv.n tliatthirty ilaj's after
data] imend to auiiiy lotho UhW idinmi*.
.inner of Land ���'and Work* far a permit to cu'
��i d remove timher from lhe following de--
erihed inn.t of land: He^innin^ at a po_l at
tho K.R, corner of Lot 1-71, in the Nioola
Mining Divi-innnf Y'tle, iheneu ea<t Sll chiin_,
thenot flOtlth80ObaiO", tin nee waM HO chain-,
thenee north SO cliaiiif* to point uf coinmencc-
Aiik. Ifi, VM). Tt. H. SMITH.
the re aouth HIchftlD-i lh*-DCt WMl 4U chain.-1
to point, of anam (iicoment.
Nlt.o!a, July Hi. Mt JAMKS POOLIT.'
N'mii'p is linrphy n'ven Unit tliinv tlnyt< nfl-er
datatIntend In .t|.|ily lo iln- Hun. tb* rhlef
I'liinnii..i.ni.-r nf 1 inii-i mid \vnrk> fnr �� HretiR.
in prn.pert for coal oa the followloi de_3 1I1..I
landn. vtr;. Norhlwcet iinartt'r N0U00 11
Tovnohlp n,
N'ii'iila, July 2li, IM K. ... JI'KIX
General Blacksmith
Home Shoeing a ipecialty.
. niti_. 01 1111:11
A. It.l". tt, liuudnn.
Kmnlniip.. I'.. C.
AnHfly.s and unaljrics .if Ores, Coal and In
ilu.irial product".
..tinplff by mail or statfc rcrcivc pronipl
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
tobacco. kk(ki:a_. 0MAM, <omi:(tio\i:kv.
II Kit l>KI>kf..
.10 1 Fn__r.ll BILUAROS ADD POOL
Ui     Ui     LLUIlflllU    Kverythtiig New and    Fii-l Ciist
..11 kinds of Watch, Clock
and Jewelry rn, aim dmii' in
first ela��R nnlcr and salmfac-
tion L'luranlc.i'l. All work
entrumed to ..it. care aill lie
cuniplett'd iiml 1 .������ 11 riit-tl with-
out ilcliy.
.1. _. i'Ani>iti:i.i. A co..
('. P. It. 'I'inic In .lectins. K.inilonps
Is |ni.| and to take con'racts for
���awing liliu'ier an.I yetring out
l.t'iiciiil UU �� oiltriicl. ImiiiIi'.I
Parties  -i-iiiio   ttn'k  ran   nave  saint
promptly atiended to hy aiin'ying to
Lower NicoU
N. ,1. BARWICK, A��ent. Nicola
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Country Work a Specialty
Write for Kstlmate on all Kinds of Work
l>. 0. Box 183 KAMLOOPS, B.C
118 Cordova St, W.
All kinds of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., kept in stock.    Wedding presents a specialty.
First class repairs done on short notice
and returned at once.
Subscribe for The Herald. THE NICOLA HERALD
Celebrate Labor Day at Quilchena.
A. G.  Collett of Lower Nicola, left
on a visit to the coast last week.
W. M. Lauder of Springbank Ranch,
paid a short visit to Nicola on Monday.
Come and have a good time at Quilchena on Labor Day. Don't miss the
polo match and the horse races.
J. __!__��� of the Forks,   was a visitor
to Nicula on Friday.
J. A. Rennie of the A. E. Howse
Co., returned from Princeton on Monday's stage and brought his family with
Mrs. Murray returned  from Victoria
on Saturday.
A. Fyall of Coutlee, was a visitor to
Kamloops last week.
H. L. Robert., moved into his new
store this week and has opened up a
line srK'ctiini of dry goods, clothing,
lioots and shoes, etc.
R. J.   Armstrong of  Aspen  Grove,
was a visitor to Nicola on Saturday.
II. P. Little, engineer of the Diamond
Vale Coal Co., paid a visit to Nicola on
Rev. D. K. Allan's little daughter,
Crissie, whose tongue was injured
lately and had to be stitched, is doing
Joseph Guichon and Mrs. Guichon of
Quilchena, visited in Nicola for a todays this week.
.The R.M.R. band at Quilchena on
Labor Day is bound to be a great attraction.   Don't miss it.
Foresters Meet at Na' almo.
Saturday last was the day of the
Foresters'reunion in Nanaimo, and at
8 o'clock in the morning a large contingent of members of the order left i
the wharf at Vancouver on the steamer I
Joan, which had been chartered for the
occasion. A military band accompanied the excursionists and dispersed
music on the voyage and afterwards in
the parade. The visitors were received by the mayor and aldermen of
Nanaimo and the Nanaimo foresters.
Ric. A. Fraser of Nicola, represented
the local branch at the reunion.
I'V I'.'tMiiu a DANDY steel wire
hor��o brush The "Dandy" re
moves dandrulf and loose hair,
leaves lhe ��_in in healthy cm
diiiou and makes the horse feel
Full Stock of
Harness and Saddlery
al*ays on hand.
Secure your *upp les at
NH OLA. 1,0.
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Ottrhmt, Solicitor and   Notary Public
(Mm   K.a-1 I. the Canadian Bank of Com-
MRU, i-nuili fide of Victoria street, Kamloops.
Mnn.'j lo loan on real estate security.
Sabbath school will re-open Sunday,
4flf. 26, at 2:_-l) p.m. Lesson Mark IU,
Billie Swakim who had his leg broken
about three weeks ago, is now able to
ride around again.
Vegetables fresh from the  farm at
the M.M.M.
Accountant, Comniiision, Insurance
and General Ai^etit.
Main Street ���      ���      Kamloops
Direct from the range to the consumer at the M.M.M.
C. S. Czowski of the contractu!,' linn
of Loss, Maedonell & Co., paid a short
visit to Nicola this week.
Everything you buy from the M.M.M.
is home grown.
The school trustees have been unable
as yet to secure a teacher, but hope, il
at all possible, to have the school open
on or about Aug. Zl.
Ooinfiirt is produced liy |__M good
' It-OKI and the "Shield Brand" pipes
t-iiM tiy J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kam-
looj s.
J. N. Mooie and Mrs. Moore ol
Bmt_T Ranch, were visitors to Quilchena on Sunuay.
W. Hawkins and Mrs. Hawkins of
Coldstream Ranch, visaed Quilch.na on
J. P. McConnell  re.urned from  the
coast on Tuesday and visited Nicola.
J. F. P. Nash of  Quilchena,   was  a
visitor to Nicola on Tuesday.
Secure .nu. st.itnuieiy at   the   Nicola
He. tid office.     Fine line of letterhead,
ill-ends, euvel.'pe , liusineis cards, etc.
Kveij'   in, iu the printing line.
We are Bho-ing the nicest and
unit up to date line of Htm
ni . k,    that    has    ever   been
l-rini_lii to Kamloops.
Prices Range   from $100   to   $10 00
Baby Hammocks 60c to $2 50
I _____ thoustii.l shares in tlie B.ullder
Crook Minim 0"��|M_| (hotter knowl a-'
lie C 11 -II J.cs)   f.ir   sale.    $5(10   tnkes
the lot.       J. (J Ttiv.ssK. Oner Valley
Carrington's Golden Ljaf lea it th.
.erf lines! Rover, nrango pekoe. Im
ported ami packed e pecully f.ir us. I-
.-.-ilii'ely the linest tea ou the market
til) cents a pound.
Kamloops Vernon
Carnng'on's Silver Leaf I.a is the bos'
Met, tea on the market. It, is a rite
orange pekoe, a s'r.itfht assam tea. No
house complete without it.
Tom Swakim appeared before the
local J. P.'s and was fined $20 for
being drunk.
J. Maedonell of Loss, Maedonell &
Co., came up on Tuesday's train and
paid a visit to the construction camps
near Nicola.
4 the Nicula 1'ortahle S earn lawmlll,
L.-er Nicola. Wages .*2 per day anil
-lard. ,1. A. IfiniM,
H. J. Cambie, engineer of the Pacific
Division of the C.P.R., visited Nicola
on Tuesday and looked over the construction.
Mike Ward was up before J.P.'s
Murray and Tutill this week on a
charge of supplying liquor to Indians.
Sufficient evidence, however, was not
forthcoming, and he waB acquitted.
A. H. Carrington met with a painful
accident this week. While cutting a
tree down the axe slipped and cut his
foot, which had to be stitched. He is
able to be about.
Carrn_toti's  (.olden  Loaf Im is the
Hff   Huesr   Hn*ery  i.r.n_e   p.'k'ie.     Im
p trtel and picked especially  f..r Ba.    Ii
("���ollltelv the Unfit  lea  on  ihe   ii..,iki I
HO cents a pound.
Fre��h B'irnt L'nie   fur sale at P. Mar- '
qiart's r-lull.     Mm. 11.00 ter barrel *t
'he kiln.    P. Mah .MOT A Co.
Hor_(.'shoing done in a
first class manner. Care*
fill attention given to this
branch of the business.
Cirnn_ton .   lloldeii   Leaf  tea  is  the
very finest   H .-cry  oran.e  pekoe.    Im
ported Md packed especially  for  us.    Ill
aUolutely the hi.est tea  on  Ihe  market.
(10 cents a pound.
F. M. McKeown returned from the
coast last week where he has been arranging for machinery for the Golden
Sovereign Mine at Aspen Grove.
J. Conklin and son, who lately purchased the J. Charters ranch, were on
a trip through the valley last week
buying horses.
FOR SALK T*osets of second hati.l
stnole harnesi to tits' elssi condition, ��<
reasonable price, Hakwick'm Harness
and Saddlery.
Carrin_;li'ti's Silver Leal tea is the  hesi
50ct. tea on   the market.   It is a  fine
orange pekoe, a stai_ht assam tea.
No house complete without it.
Barrister, Notary Public &c. j
iutl. ;,tl AdmlniMrator
Office.-Cotiunen ial Mock, etstof Post Office,
Kamloops, B. C.
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Flour, Groceries
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes	
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents ln Nicola for the
2<)o-_cre ranch, iOO acres
under cultivation For particulars apply to Ciias 1).
Collett, Lower Nicola.
All nnlcrs for rough and divsscd
lumber can bt promptly tilled by the
Nicola Portable Sawmill, Lower Nicola.
The Quilchena Polo Club held a most
successful practice this week. The
ponies are getting on to playing the
game and with a little more practice
the club should be able to turn out a
very strong team.
J. W. Bell of the Golden Sovereign,
who has been away on business connected with the mine, returned to Aspen Grove this week, where he will at
once institute further developments on
this fine property.
Jos. fticl.m.Is,   , -      proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Good Stabling ln Connection. Telephone Connection
Overalls, Shirts, Underwear,
Socks, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps. Gloves,
Pants, Clothing, Blankets, Handkerchiefs,
Sweaters, go to the NEW STORE at Nicola
where you will get the "RIGHT" goods at
the "RIGHT" prices.
onepl AI A few odd lines of Wo0'
UI LUlnL Undershirts, regularly sold at
$1.00 and $125, going at -   -  -  50 CENTS
Also, about four dozen first rate leather
Gloves, just the thing for working, regular
price from $1.00 to $1.50.   While they last
can be had for-     -     -     75 CENTS A PAIR


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