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The Nicola Herald Nov 1, 1906

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���.' .
-J. 2 a Year
Vol 2.  No. 44.
Contractors Erecting Telopbone Polet.
Bear Creek Camp Setting Busy.
Accident Near Granite
New Road Advocated
The different contractors have now
gangs of men at work getting out Telephone Poles. James Brown has the
section between the snowbreak on Hamilton Hill and Dan Munre's. Max
Eckar from Munro's to Thynne's. J.
Amberty from Thynne.s to Granite
Creek and J. Bromley from Granite Ck.
to Bromluy,s. Considerable difficulty
is being met with in securing poles of
the specified dimensions.
Heavy rains were responsible for a
great freshet on the Tulameen river
this week. In one night the river rose
about six feet, producing a condition
such as is only seen in spring time by
the melting snows. Granite Creek
bridge was in extreme danger for a
time; one of the piers having been undermined and the ballast rock was being
washed away. Superintendent Holmes
was to the rescue however with willing
workers and the damage repaired.
Over 1,000,000 ft. of logs, the property
of Messrs. Stewart &, MacDonald of
Hedley were lost and much sympathy
is felt for thu owners.
Be:ir Creek Camp is getting into
shape for winter. Comfortable houses
have been built for the men, and development work ia to begin at once on the
Properties of Messrs Armstrong and
/illiams respectivsly,
A first payment has been made on
the group of claims bounded by T. J.
Smith, Vancouver. It is anticipated
that this group will be worked with the
energy for which Mr. Smith is so justly
esteemed, next year, Mr. Little of the
Diamond Vale Coal Co. conducted the
inve tigations lead.ng to the I owl.
The road leading to the camp suffered
considerably frum the heavy rains but
is being put in a state of repair:
Otter Flat Hotel, recently taken over
by Henderson of Hedley is being greatly
improved and enlarged to accommodate
the influx of mining speculators and
prospectors who will be on the trail
next spring. They will be sure of a
hospitable welcome from the successor
of the genial Charlie DeBarro, who has
returned to his old stamping ground at
Granite Creek.
While a Siwash freight wagon was
negotiating a difficult turn near Granite
Creek one of his horses became restive
and a squaw the wife of Louis Canis-
tinion was thrown out; a wheel passed
over her arm >nd 1 g both of which
were fractured. She was removed to i
Granite Creek and Dr.Schon of Princeton skillfully set the broken members.
The injured woman is at latest accounts
making good progress.
Sunday, October 21st was the birthday of the versatile Judge Murphy and
a few friends helped him celebrate the
occasion. The judge's powers as a raconteur of entertaining anecdote show
no signs of diminution. It is whispered
that he is engaged in the preparation
of a volume dealing with the "Spiritual
Essence and Man's Dependence thereon
a subject of immense interest to a largo
part of the world's population.
A petition is being industriously signed
to have a road built from McCullough's
ranch to Voght Valley.    If this were
. His Stand at Ottawa Upheld by Repre-,
sen tat I ve Citizens.
An enthusiastic reception was given
to Hon. Richard McBride in Victoria |
last Friday evening. A large crowd on
the wharf awaited the arrival of the
Charmer from Vancouver, and on its
arrival escorted the premior to the A.
O. U. W hall, being greeted with cheers
on the route.
The hall was packed by an appreciative
audience, present to do honor to their
representative at the conference of
i provincial premiers held at Ottawa.
All classes of the community, irrespective of party allegiance were represented at the meeting.
Cheers greeted the premier as he
took his seat on the platform. He
spoke for a little over an hour and gave
an account of his stewardship and during the entire speech, not one dissentient voice was heard as to the statements he made and his explanation of
his position.
That his course at Ottawa was an
honorable one, that he acted in the best I
interests of the province, and that he I
took the only course open to him in re- j
fusing the pittance offered this province
in respect to its claim for better terms
was the emphatic opinion of all present
and the meeting constituted a veritable
triumph in its emphatic vindication of
the charges of incompetency and neglect  of duty   preferred against the
At the conclusion of the speech the
meeting was addressed by Hon. R. G.
Tatlow, Dr. Elliot S. Rowe, W. Blake-
more, D. M. Eberts K. C. who were all
unanimous in complimenting the premier on the stand he had taken at the
"Rod and Gun."
November issue of "Rad and Gun and
Motor Sports in Canada" is to hand
and keeps up the reputation of this excellent publication. Dr. Franklin Haw-
ley gives an instructive monograph on
"Some Common Mistakes of the Deer
Hunter," which should be read by all
prospective hunters of deer. Among
o her interesting articles are "To Ab-
bitibi with the Prospectors," "The
Golden Eye," well illustrated with
photographs that, must have cost their
owner some trouble to procure, "How
we found the Alpine Club Camp," "The
Progress of Game Protection." The
reader who cannot find in "this number
something instructive and interesting
must be indeed hard to please.
Steel Now Laid to Nicola.  Ballasting
aud Fencing Gangs Well Ahead.
Stations Will Be Started
ln Short Time.
The laying of the tics and rails, on ,
the already completed grade will be
brought to a conclusion tonight. At |
the time of going to press steel had
been laid to near the forks of the Y J
at P. Marquart's place, and if not fin-'
ished tonight will be tomorrow.
The ballasting gang are now near'
Coutlee and the steam shovel will be I
brought up to the gravel bank opposite
the old Chapman ranch at once and work
on both sides of it will be proceeded
with. The ballasting of the whole line
will be completed in the course of the
next few weeks and tht contractors arc
taking the necessary steps to get this
work pushed through without delay.
H. A. K. Drury, Dominion railway inspector, is in the valley this week and
is makings to.irof the line accompanied
by H. J. Cambie, consulting engineer
of the Pacific division of the C. P. R.
The fencing gang under W. H. Presley are near Garcia's and are pushing
;ihead with the work as fast as possible.
Arrangements ar" being made by thi
contractors for the erection of station
buildings which will be started i.i the
course of a few weeks.
The contractors are making a special
effort to have all their contracts completed at an early date and are using
every means to finish up the work by
he end of this month.
The surveying party under H. E.
Carry are on Quilchena Creek and an
making a last strict survey of the location lina which they have bettered iii
many places so that a little over om
per cent grade between Quilchena anu
Aspen Grove is still within the boundt
of possibility.
A Pleasant Evening Sp int   i y Nioola
}: mi dents.
A most enjoyable dance was given at
"Liberty Hall" the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Howse, yesterday even- [
ing.   Shortly aftereight o'clock a stranger to town would have been s! artled
by the appearance of hooded figures
wending their way through the streets
of Nicola, and might have been pardoned if he had expressed the thought of
there being a mona-tery in town.    The
monkish figures arrived at Liberty Hall
and amid a deep silence except for the I
music and a few suppressed giggles the
dancing started.   Mistakes of identity
were frequent and the spectacle of two j
men waltzing together in the dim re- j
ligious light, that heightened the weird
effect of the  hooded figures,  was a
common one.   The unmasking after the
third dance was  the cause of much
merriment and many surprises.    Dane-1
ing soon started again and  was kept
up till an early hour this morning, when |
the strains of "Auld Lang Syne" and
"They are jolly good fellows" brought a
very pleasant time,  which  had been
thoroughly enjoyed by all, to a close.
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Riley a taffy pull brought a large
number of the young people together.
After some time spent in games and
ind intt resting word contests, the taffy
was brought in and pulled and was the
cause of much laughter. More frolics
followed and after refreshments had
oeen served the party broke up.
Rifle Competition.
Owing to the difficulty in obtaining a
���suitable ground it has been arranged to
hold the rifle shoot on Saturday on the
same place as the last turkey shoot,
namely to shoot into the hill behind the
manse. The distance will be 200 yards
ind the conditions have already been
,'iven. The shoot will start at 2 o'clock
sharp. This combetition is open to
members of the association only.
Disaster at Atlantic City.
A terrible disaster occurred at Atlantic City, N. J., on Sunday. The electric train on the West Jersey and Seashore R. K. jumped the track and three
coaches plunged into the sea. Fifty-
three passengers met a horrible death.
Heroic attempts were made to effect a
rescue but without avail. The unfortunate victims of the disaster had no
chance to save themselves. Twenty-
five bodies have been rescued. A strict
investigation is being made into the
cause of the disaster.
Steam Shovel Arrived,.
Information is to hand that the first
of the two large steam shovels to be
used by Maedonell Gzowski & Co. is on
the ground of the Cariboo Consolidated
Co. and the second will arrive in the
course of a few days. These shovels
are the largest made and will do the
,       .     ...        ,       -,..     ��� ���     work of a host of men, thus enabling
done the distance from Otter Valley i., TT*. T. ,   .
,,, .      .     , ��� I the contractors to finish the work in
would be much reduced. ,     ,,      .,     ..   , . T..
n ...   , ���   . i less than the stipulated time.
Game is very scarce this fall due no i
doubt to the dry Spring and Summer,   j	
Harvey Hall will winter at the coast, j   Messrs. Rannie, Bright and Czowaki
Donald McPhail has left for Hedley ��� of railway construction visited Quilchena
for a few months.       * ' section yesterday.
Foss and Bright Will Build Eleven Miles
lor V; V. & E.
J. B. Bright, who has had several contracts on the Nicola, Similkameen &.
Kamloops branch of the C. P. R. has
completed his contracts in the Nicola
Valley and last week accepted one for
eleven mi.es of the Vancouver Victoria
& Eastern from Ironside Rannie & Campbell. This firm has 23 miles of the V.
V & E. The section taken by Mr. Bright
is that lying between Blaine and Olivers
Mr. Bright will move his outfit down
from the Nicola and commence work at
once. Messrs. Ironsides, Rannie and
Campbell will probably complete their
contract themselves.
G. O. Foss who has also done some
work on the Nicola railway has accepted a contract for six miles on the V.,
V. & E.
Diamond Vale Coal.
The Diamond Vale Coal Company are
busy drilling on their property at the
Forks. No time is being lost and two
shifts are kept continually on the work,
with indications of good coal measures
gone through on the way down.
James Laird the foreman of the work
who is also a skilled diamond setter
came up recently from Vancouver Is-
| land to take over his duties.
The management of the company are
naturally reticent as to the results obtained from the drilling operations but
there is no doubt that there are good
indications of a large body of coal
awaiting development
Guy W. Walker of Delta was in Nicola this week.
Representative   I lgna.ures   Required
For Petition   Low Membership
i ee   Direct Advantage to
Every Resident.
A well attended meeting of those interested in the formation of a Board of
Trade was held in the Court House Nicola on Friday afternoon at four o'clock.
A R Carrington was voted to the chair
and G. M. Brash was appointed secretary of the meeting. In answer to
the chairman's request for information
as to the methods to be used in the formation of a board of trade, M. L. Grimmett sketched the necessary steps to
be taken and also the necessary information required by the Secretary of Stat*
as to the district, its geographical position, area, population and the objects of
the proposed body. Mr. Grimmett suggested that the district covered by the
Nicola Mining Division would form a
suitable area and give the necessary
population and he would suggest that
ihe name of the proposed body be "The
Nicola Valley Board of Trade." J. A.
Rennie also gave some useful information on the formation of the proposed
ooard. The following resolutions having been moved and seconded were then
put to the meeting and unanimously
agreed to. Thai a _tun.il-.jl Trade be
formed for this dictrict and that the
ooundaries of this district for this purpose be those of the Nicola Mining Division, That the membership lee be $2.
That the Board of T rade be an incorporated body under the name of The Nic-'
ola Valley Board of Trade. That a com-'
inittee ol three be appointed to draw
up a petition to be forwarded to the
Secretary of State and also arrange
preliminaries for organizing a board of
irade in the district mentioned. That
the committee take '.he necessary steps
io obtain signatures to the petition and
incur any necessary expense connected
therewith. A, W. Strickland, M. L.
Grimmett and the Secretary were appointed a committee to carry out the
instructions of the meeting.
H. S. Cleasby of Coutlee was a visitor to Nicola Tuesday.
Fred Lauder arrived from Springbank
ranch yesterday nnd,will be employed
on Tamerton Ranch.
S. J. Solomon was a visitor to Nicola
yesterday and attended the Hallowe'en
dance at "Liberty Hall."
Miss Allan of Vancouver arrived on
Monday's stage from Kamloops and is
visiting with Mrs. A. E. Howse.
A Grand Ball under the auspices of
the Nicola Athletic Association will be
given in Pooley's Hall on Tuesday evening November 27th. Tickets will be on
sale shortly.
Telephone Charges Objected to.
At the close of the meeting for the
purpose of forming a board of trade, a
meeting was held with reference to
the altered telephone arrangements.
R. A. Fraser was voted to the chair.
The meeting was unanimous in its opinion as to the hardships incurred by the
subscribers from the new arrangement.
A. R. Carrington, R. A. Fraser and H.
L. Roberts were elected a committee to
draft a resolution objecting to the
changes made and have it forwarded to
the proper quarters.
Football Match.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Presley arrived
in Nicola and are camped at No2 camp
below the Tamerton ranch. Mr. Presley is superintending fence construction
on the railway.
H. J. Cambie Consulting Enginesr on
the Pacific Division of the C. P. R.
accompanied by H. A. K, Drury the
Domicion Government R. R. Inspector
came in to Coutlee on Tuesday's train
and are making an inspection of the
railroad from Coutlee to Spences Bridge.
The football match on Saturday wa��
a huge success although owing to several defaulters the original scheme war
not carried out, It was found impossible to have a game Married versus
Single, so sides were chosen by the respective captains and a very enjoyable
game was the result, neither side scoring a goal. After the game the players had tea at the residence of M. P.
Stewart, who kindly invited the teaim
Defeated ln House of Lords.
A London despatch of the 29th, say*
the Campbell-Bannerman government
were heavily outvoted in the House of
Lords on the subject of religious education. THE NICOU HERALD
Published Every Thursday
Subscription, ln Advance. t2 a Tear
Nicola, B. C, November 1,1906.
At the public meeting, particulars of which will be found in another column, held last Friday in
Nicola, it wxs decided to organize a
board of trade for the district and
a committee was appointed to draft
the necessary petition, and obtain
signatures. As this petition ought
to bt one representative of the district which the proposed board of
trade will cover,signatures from all
parts of the valley will be required.
These should not be difficult to obtain when on a carefui considerat-
��� ion of the subject the decided advantage of having a public body
unfettered by political bias and
working for the good of the whole
district can be seen. There is a
very prevalent opinion that the
time is hardly yet ripe for the formation of a body of this nature.
No greater mistake could be made.
It is just at a time like the present
when railroad transportation has
reached the valley that a strong
united effort on the part of those
interested iu its future should be
made to attract attention to the
boundless possibilities of the Nicola
Valley and its Mining Division.
There is no reason whatever, when
every other district of any importance has a representative body advertising its resources and calling
attention to its mineral wealth, that
this district should lag behind and
for want of a little enthusiasm and
public spirited enterprise on the
part of the residents see other localities with not one tithe of the
natural advantages of this district
attracting settlers and others to
make homes for themselves in their
midst. One great necessity of this
district is population and the addition of more homes and the attracting of settlers to this district
would alone be a sufficient reason
for the existence of a board of trabe
not to mention questions of general
public utility which are sure to crop
up and which a representative body
of this nature could handle.with
tact and to the general advantage
of the community. If the matter
is looked into carefully, it will be
seen that it will lie to the decided
financial benefit of every business
man, be he farmer, miner or store
keeper to place his name on the
list of signatures.
Death of W. T. Jennings 0. E.
Word has been received of the sudden
death at Lansing, Mich; of W. T. Jennings an eminent civil engineer of Toronto. Mr. Jennings left for Michigan
last week to inspect some railway properties there for Toronto capitalists.
He had not been in good health for some
time, and was taken ill shortly after
going to Lansing. Mr. Jennings was at
one time resident engineer of the C. P.
R. at Yale B. C.
In the Matter of the Estate op
Notice is hereby given to all creditors
| and others having claims against the
| estate of William Charters, rancher,
late of Nicola Valley, province of British Columbia, deceased, to forward to
either of the undersigned on or before
the 15th day of December next, full
particulars of their claims and the nature of the security (if any) held by
And that on and after the said 15th
day of December, the undersigned will
proceed to distribute the said estate
naving regard only to the claims against
the same of which they shall then have
had notice and will not be responsible
for the payment of any claims, other
than those of which they shall have received notice as aforesaid.
Dated at Nicola Valley, this 25th day
of October, A. D., 1906.
Alec. D. Macintyre,
Official Administrator.
H. D. Green-Armytage.
Attorney for the heirs of the said deceased.
Unequalled us a
S-iii.ii.cr Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting. Guides and, Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class Accommodation. Terms:
8. KIRBY, Proprietor
yi'lLCHENA, B. C.
K\ML(H(PS, B. C.
All kinH�� ..I  WmtAmx, Clucks, Jewelry,
etc.. kfpt in >i.ik.   Wedding pres
. it.. . tpmwttf,
Fir��' i'l." n U.IN _MM mi ��ho.t nolici
.till  If'I    ' life
Noiiii' i�� hi'ii h; gli en Ih il Bixtv <i-ffc after
d ti- I iiiHid io mn ly hn hi' I hiet Oommli.
s____>< f l.iiiH- wt Wink* tor iniiiii-Hiiin to
pun -Iihw Ml Hirei. ��f Mountain p-muri- limit.
-IuhIc in Ciiii'i I'nlli-j, Nlnula IMrr,
anil rttM'tiiH'ii a* full, w-: <'i>itiih_iciiig ai
i po-t mm loll H. I', It, ��.. iiiiner, at th.
H,��, conn' if H. UrquhaitV pre ni.'.ni;
| In lire ti" ill t' i h��l_m thence we-t VI chains
theme ���oulli-Oihmii . Hi nee m,i I'l rli���i,;-
t> ("iiii'uf (-un   . nii'iinni.
.11 kimii. .1 _ .cn. Ci.ck
slid .le-eliy te .ii" d"hi" in
lim' i'Ihhh i'r'l.r .mi hh'ihFhc-
ti'ii tUir.nteeil. .il w<>rk
t-iiiiiisiril in i.ui c..f will be
ii'in|iifti'il ami re'nnietl * ir till' did..
W. 51. <_ .I'll-I.I, A ttt..
0. Y. It. Time In-pei'turn. Kamlonpn
Mi ola. Sept. 12.1!*-.
Vni|_31. hereby niven that CO day* af ei
(lateI Intend Iiki|i|iIi In ihe chief eonimli-
-inni-rof imill-und wnrk* for pcnni-ninn to
imc'li i-i' _}_ am-i. nf pi" ure land, joining It.
Oulifor . i>'��� .mini ���eni'iiiK al It. Gulllfnid '.
t uke No. Ili -outh ��ait c rner running
n rili 3 rh -in . llifi.ee ��e_ 80 . ha i��-.
Hi- nee-o iiii 3i chain-, ihence ikBi H___M to
point nf co'iiiiii'iii ��� nii-iit.
It. OUi.l.nrORI). ___
Vapen Grove, (let 30, l-��;
Nnl.lre In hereby given that aixty _ay�� after
'Ih'i'I Intend tu appli in iin' ehief cnniniiK
-nmerof Iiml. mil wnrk" fur im pirn-mi to
iiiir<-i'at(i'80 tjtmtat pa-tn e land nitualed on
I'ike'. Mniiiiiiiiii. Yale I Hit rid, co nineiirlngai
a po-t placed nn lhe Koulhern Iin- nf 0 N.
I'lTkiu- preempli'in, thence i" rli.in- west.
hi'iic- aii'lnii- h mm h, t .'-ni'.'VI ciiaiiiN eaxi,
t hence 2" chain, north to point of commence
No'lce l�� hen by given lha' nljtydayH eftei
il.ile 1 inli'tiil In mi py In the < Im f i iiiinni-
-ioui-rof land- and Work., for leave to pur-
i li.i-i' ilir fu lowing land, neinw 4��n wtiw. moie
WM I in eningat ap".. iiliintedat the
\ _'. miner of Lot 16t Kllnf YD, ihence we.
HO chain*, iln i" ci mill rti t-i uiin-. i hence h
III'll.tii.h,   Ihetli'i    l,ii' ill III' h tin-,  Ihcnni  cihl
III'ham-   lliiiiri   ii I'h 10 i ln.in.   �� jiuintnf
I'limiiienceiiii nl
Per CL. .lick, Agent
Lower Nicole, Aug. 17, 11016.
N     IlK.
No Ice U hereby given ihuaxty days afler
ila'el intend |..imply tu lhe I "hi. f i iiiiilnl-
-iniiii' . f l.imil. and Work- for leave tn pur
chane die f,i,lowing mountain pa-lure,   Coiu-
i in ing at a |��'Ni |.| un. il in the ilrinli.i nl
V ��.. curiier pnKl i f Lut 1215 K-miltinp* IMvia-
ion of Yale l___!_St, them'" went 40 cha<ti-
ihence norlh 40 chain-, Ihence ea-l In ehaina.
Iht'iii-eH.iutli lllcliEiina lo point of eoiiiiiience
n enl
I'erC. L. Kick. Agent,
l/iwer Nicnla. Aug, 17, WOO.
Aug. 22,1900.
Notice i" hereby given thai aixiy daya after
date I intend to apply In Ihe i hief cnmniia
alone of landn and works fur pi mild-Ion (..
punhaac 120 aerea i f pant lire land in the
Nicnla I >ivi-inn of Yale llialrirt, alluated ��-
follow*: Commencing at a atake at the rt.K.
corner of lail 715. thence weat 40 chaina, I _____
*)ii!h_0('hiiii_ theses caa' II)rh.iitm, thinre
-uiiili 40 - Ihirr, ih' in c ma' lOchaina, thence
nnnh40 ehaina, theme eaal 20 ih-ltiM, thenc
north 20 thuina. runiaiiilug 120 acres.
Nicola, Aug. tit, I'M. M K. I -HiltKT I'.
Sixty daya after da'e I Intend to apply tothe
eliief ciimniiaaiiiiiei'uf Unda aid wurka for pel
MM  -inn'n ln,r  Ii;i-i  ;t.l in ��� I��� i.f  IrmililHill pun'
l.iuelind, ail ua ed about hu milea weal of
Mr Iii anil mij.'iiiiiig J K. Shivel'a ��.. lin-. ile-
rfii'd n> fullo->| nmiiieiieing at a tuiat
iii'uked 't.H.v\'��� -.K.. rnrni", ihence nnrlh*
��� hum-, thenceii.nl 4Hch-in_ ih me hiuiIIi 80
chain-. I hence m al 4" ehiiinx, to i uiui of 10'ir
I tig. 22, l!K_
It, H.    INNY.
Sixl; dv> --lifter date I intend In apply tothe
Hun. I he chief couiinlaHinner nt landa and workti
It ler'ui-aion in leu-c two aerea of land for I
aw m II nu tiuaea, dearr>bed an followa: i om
me' eiiig ni .1 O, 'h)nne' No. I oal nnd run-1
ning 420 fee' north, thence 2lu feet eaal, them-e I
420-ou h, ihenee 210 weal In initial poet. Thia
land la an un-in vi. ed pan of Tulameen town
-He at the millet of Otter lake.
J. (). THYNNK.
' Uter Valley. Aug. 25, 1S0H.
A circular letter has been issued
this week by the Nicola Athletic
Assentation calling attention to its
objects, and stating what arrangements are being made for winter
sports and rifle shooting. The
laudable objects of the association
entitle it to encouragement and it is
hoped that an increase in membership will allow the executive committee to carry out their intentions
to the fullest extent.
fibbfa ' ^PSf
1893   1806
Rer. W. J. . if.rbia, B. A . B.D.
Rev. J. P How km, Burmr.
A complete commercial and liuiiiieca
course. Htudente prepaied tu g��tn teachers certificates of all grades. In univer
"ity work a full course fur the B. A. degree of Toronto University.
Instructiuu given in Muaio, Art, Phyi-
ctl Culture snd Elocution.
Send for Calendar.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
from date I intend to apply to the chief
commissioner of lands and works for
permission to purchase 160 acres of
mountain pasture land situated about 8
miles from Nicola, dcscrilted as follows
commencing at a post marked J, C. jr.,
N W corner, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of commencement. The initial post of land
applied for lies about one mile w of M.
Adams N W corner post.
J. Clapperton, Jr.,
Sept. 13th, 1906.      R. H. Winny, Agt.
Bank of flontreal
Capital, all paid up $14,400,000.   Rest, $10,000,000
Head Office:   Montreal.
Interest allowed at current rates.
ST_E_w____ RT'S
1. al ll Express
also  Oeneral ______ very
Head Office:     -     -     ���     Nicola Lake, B. 0.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every   I hursday for Mcola lake,  Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave Kamloops
Every Monday lor Nicola and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
.very  Ninday  6 a. m.. arriving Spences
Bridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
hvery Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday fur Princeton at 6 a. m.
Spi cial trips made by appointment.
Telephon- connection with Kamloops
M. P. ST I. WART,    -    -    Proprietor
Fresh Fruit
Arrives every week.    Secure your Fruit now.
Orders promptly filled.
TOKAUO,  ICt: | BKAJI,   .l.-AI-S. �� U_. M . IOM.KY,
II Kl* Itl-l-liN.
Everything  N. w snd   PimtClaBR
Thirty days after date I intend to apply to tne chief commissioner of Ian_B
and works for a licence to prospect for
coal on the following described land'.
commencing at the N E corner lot 1346, i
at a stake marked F. C. Tingley and ���
running 8 80 chains, k 80 chains, n HO
chains, thence w 80 chains, to initial
post, 640 acres. F. C. Tingley,
Nicola, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1906. W. Munro, Agt. I
Also commencing at a post marked P.'
Tingley, N w comer adjoining F. C. T.,
N E corner thence 8 80 chains, I 80, N
80, W 80 to point of commencement.
Nicola, P. Tingley, Locator.
Sept. 28, 1996. W. Monro, Agt.
Rough and Dressed
Is prepared to take contracts for
sawing lumber and getting out
lienrrul Mill . ontraetN I ik ulctl
Mail orders promptly attended to
J. A. MENZIES,   -   Lower Nicola.
Nurseries and Seedhouses
General Blacksmith
Hum. Shoeing a i|�� .i.lty.
I_r_�� .tuck nf HOMKUROWN Fruit
nnd QrM_M__| Tn �������� now mttured for
ili.- fall trade.
N" hu ��� ii-., ha or delay of funtiga
i inn nr injunction
RM-fiMftoN fur Pacific Cn��-t (ruin
i iml. ii.   Field  and   Flower   Seeda  in
Hi H""ll.
Rll SUPPLIKS, 8pr_y Pumi^
Whale (lil S. ��,., (inn iihi.u-i- PlmilH, Cut
Fli.wera, HuiI.k fur UU pl.nting.
W. do Iiumiii'hr nil uur n_n grounds���
no rent tn |.iy i.nd are pn[ired to meet
all -ninpeitttun.
I. t nm price your li��t. before placing
ynur order.   CaUlngue Free.
3010 Weftmlnster Road.     Vihouutek, B. C.
CiOIJUT NiriH..., No. ___, A.O. F��� meeU
/  aecond and foun h frldy la each nmuib
at_p,m,ln Hnoley'HHall.    TMling .rethrea
oonuall/ tayltad.
A. K C��RH1N8T-W,CR.
M. (Khukm MtnutaT, Be* THE  NICOLA  HERALD
List Your Property With Me
G. M. BRASH,        HERALD BLOCK        NICOLA, B. C.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the hon. the chief commissioner
of lands and works for permission to
purchase the following described lands,
situated as follows: Commencing at a
post near the s. E. corner of lot 196,
thence north 20 chains, thence east 60
chains, thence south 20 chains, tbence
west along lake shore to point of commencement, containing 120 acres more
or less. G. M. Hka.su.
Nicola, October 1st, 1906.
Notiee In hereby K1 ven that, _ixty days after
date I intend In apnly In Ihe ehlef eomiiiia
.inner or lardn and workn for leave u> peril.i . '>"��� f"Mna ink- land, being forty acren of
mountain pa-ture land. renmeaoUM at a pint
placed at lhe __ . rorner nf l,ni 121. tl.i-nce
-tuth20fhrtin . iltt'iiri''.i-i -01'hauiN, thcnue
nnrth 20 rliaiii", thence went 20 riinin- to polnl
Lower Nn-ola, Auu. 2. HM
Carrington's Silver Leaf tea ia the
I best 50 cent tea on the market. It is a
[ fine orange pekoe, a straight Assam tea.
I No house complete without it.
NOI'P ��, Ih hereby kiv. ii Hint
>he J".
_ on  Monday
y i.f (ureutwr, a. I)., mon ������!
I hel our nf 10 ..in., in ih ir   Hou-eai A-h
iT'.f, ll. I'.. I -lii'i n.ild .. .inni nf i rlmm f r
lilt' l urii'i-t' "f  i.eaiilu   .nd ilplfriiiillilu. mi)
ulij_"l'in to the r> ti'i.ii'iii of any name- nn the
l_'_i-icrni \,i ii-.ii   .in- kn]_ Kleuloial D
II. ('. i; \\Sii\,
iii'i.ii i id'Uhirar of Voter*.
A-liTll   , H.I    Ili ll   lllcili , 04
Gives all the news of the Nicola Valley and country
in general.   When you had no local paper you were
all wishing you had one - now that it is here, help it
along and it will help you.
Let us have your orders for anything in this line
and we will guarantee you work as good as the
best ana at fair prices.
A. E. Howse returned from Princeton
"n Monday.
L.W.  A. IMd of Aspen Grove spent a
few days in Nicola this week.
No County Court was held on Monday.
The only cases on the list were settled.
Bert (ion.li_.son of Coutlee was in
Nicola on Tuesday.
Alex  Mrl'haul and R.  Gulliford of
Otter Valley were in Nicola on Monday
J. T. Edwards connected with the
fisheries department made an official
trip through the Valley this week.
Martin Oleum and family of Cold-
*;itiT wire visitor, in Nicnla this week.
M. K. Winiwdiiril of LiiWit Nirnla
and Norman Woodward were in Nicola
on Tuesday.
Thos. llyslop left for Kannieh last
week where he has secured employment
un a farm in that Beet inn.
P. Moore, C.I'.K. bridge inspector, is
making an inspection of brigdes and
culverts on the railroad this week.
H. Leaver returned to Nicola on
Tuesday and will assist in removing Q,
0. Fobs' contracting outfit to Cloverdale.
Jos. R. A. Richards and W. Newberry
returned from Chaperon Lake where
they spent several days on a shooting
W. Newbury and Mrs. Newbury
who have been visiting at Coutlee during the past two months leave for
Victoria this week.
John C!a|i]>erton of Colquitt, Victoria
arrived in town last Friday and has
spent the put week looking over his interests in this section.
Emory Rhineberger who has been em-
ployed with Stemrt'i Wmgt line left
Tuesday morning for Ashcroft where he
will remain this winter.
A. McCillivray has returned to Coutlee from Ashcroft where he had been
engaged during the season as fire ranger.
J. E. Bate and F. llenshaw of Aspen
Grnve were in Nieola Monday on their
way home fmm Kamloops where they
had been on a business trip.
The Ven. Archdeacon Small of Lyt-
ton held services in St. John's Church
on Sunday, and on Tuesday (veiling
held a Thanksgiving service.
B. P. Little in chargeof theDiunond
Vale Co.'s property at the Garcia place
was in town this week. On Monday he
left for the coast accompanied by Mrs.
Li. tie.
Rev. D. K. Allan will hold service in
the Presbyterian Church Nicola on Sunday, morning and evening, and in the
afternoon at Forksdale at W Voghts residence at 3 o'clock.
The early closing of the stores of We-
nit will go into effect on Friday evening.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday air
the evi ningl seleilnl and all places of
business will close at 6,80,
Wm. Godfrey, manager of the Bank
of British North America at Vancouver
lift Nicola on Thursday via Kamloops
for the coast. Mr. Godfrey had intended going through the Siinilkanieen but
postponed the trip.
A social will be held under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church on
Friday Nov. 2nd in Natty*! Hall. Refreshments will be served. Admission
25 cents.
Try Eastwood's Pork Sausages at the
Why should you gkt wkt when you
can buy a Haiti Coat for $2.50 at G. B.
Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
The Nicola Portable Sawmill is again
to the front. Send your orders direct
and save commissions. All orders promptly filled.   Address Lower Nicola.
Go to the M M M for your winter's
supply of vegetables.
Largest assortment of hats, caps,
���.'loves and sweaters ever offered in
Nicola Vallay on sale at G. B. Armstrong's, Lower Nicola.
For Sale. A New 5 Drawer Prop
Head Singer Sewing Machine for 186.00
"ash. H. L. Roberts, The Right House.
If you are looking for a choice selection of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, etc.,
1 have them.   G. B. Armstrong.
Comfort is produced by using good
tobacco and the "Shield Brand" pipe
.iliby J. A. Scott, tobacconist, Kamloops. 	
Just landed this week - a full and
complete line of stoves, ranges, etc.
My prices are the lowest and my stock
most complete.   G. B. Armstrong.
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that hunting
or shooting on the premises of the undersigned, without permission, is
strictly prohibited,      J. Blackwkll.
Any person found in pursuit of game
mi any part of the Winny Estate,
Nicola", without permission of the undersigned, will be prosecuted.
R. H. Winny.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Broadhent  Kstate,
without permission of the undersigned, j
will he prosecuted.
HAI. H.li Matthkws, Lessee.
Any person found in  pursuit of game
on any part of the Cltpperton  Estate, |
Nicola, without permission of the un-1
dersigned, will be prosecuted.
M. P. STH'.WAHT, Lessee.
Any person found in pursuit of game
on any part of the Tamerton Ranch without permission of the undersigned -ill
be prosecuted. MltS.  PoOLBY,
GUAM) PACIFIC MOTH,. Kamlnni-    Tht
in un-' lintil in lie rnil- i\ -iiiiinn.    The
only I'livniiiiini hotel tot travelen    deed
rnnui., nood luiili:, _ 1 llquofi     Two lino
litUipM rimni..   r. A. Il'iri'hari, prini'i'iiir.
(loud Mialiliii- ni cn 'iii'i'iinn.
bt Bettnig -DANUY Miel wire
bnree brush. The "Dundy" re-
ninvei dandruff and loi-e hair,
leaves the .kin in healthy c hi
duii'ii and mike, the borne feel
Full _____ nf
Harness and Saddlery
��l��i(. en hand.
St. era y'.ur nupp'ies at
NK'nl, \. I C
NOTARY   1,'III.IC,    lvTC.
Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal.
NICOLA, - I.   C.
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
inlii'iil Ailiiiiiii-ii'ninr
OIHce,���Co'iiineri-ial Hlonk. end of Pout Office.
Kainlnopn, H. 0.
John I). Swanson, 15. A.
B.rrn.1.1.   Si.li,it..i  .tiid   Notary  Puhln
Office:   Ka-I "f lim (aimdinn llank nf dun
metre, -nnili Mr ot 7|__nr_i -tree-, Kamloopo,
Mnni'y io Inan on n al V-tate . rniritv.
li _c"iiiiiaiit.("iiiiimMn-iii, lusur .nee
and (iener .1 A.ent.
-lainSii'i"! -      -      Kamloopa
UR Stock is now complete.
Having received the last
week Floor, Groceries,
Canned Goods, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes. ...
Everything Fresh   and Up-to-Date.
Our Fall and Winter Samples
are just in.
Call in and give your order.
Prices Right.
t-Ti-jw ___w__Mni��1_M_______-����-
Vie are nh"vtine the nicest MM
nu. t   U|) 'o cafe   line  of   H .inni ck.    iht'    htat    ever   been
tirouuht io Kamloops.
Prices Range   from $100   to   $1000
Baby Hammocks 60c to $2.50
Venn 11
Honteihoing done in a
first diss li-i'iiner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
ABHCROIT IIHTKl,. Tl.i. inn-ii. I'onv. nlenl
ho i'l fnr teuton in _<h<fnft. The li��� ki of
lull!.- iinanl. Hot mid ioil! tain. 'Hir reoft
si-iiiaiive niiieti. all tri-in... Julin-in _c I'.:ikirn..
Land Mining and Oeneral Supply A_t_ |
Hill .
MlninK I'onirH'-mr . f.in.i mwhleel* , DUftKli I,
I I'liiii'r , llrtjhiei     .-mil f,n   .ur li-i  .fi.itm
.mil mlnlnu prop rl i. . Hi pord on minim- nro ;
piTileH Ihroiiuli the llHlriri,    t'ahle ll'Mn--
"Aiiriliii"  t'mli-: Broil hall, MoreU-flt Nttl,
��� A. K C -Ih.
Wiirilinn-i'   I'iiii'n '1. Niiiila Valley. li. I'.
The Young Peoples' Guild will hold
literary  evening in  the Presbyterian
Church on Tuesday evening.   Different j
authors will be taken up and a vciy
pleasant evening  is anticipated.     Ail j
are cordially invited to attend.
C. L. Law who has charge of the
Bear Creek Mines arrived at Coutlee
Monday evening on hia way to the coast.
He reports work as going on very satisfactorily and had with him some of the
ore taken out of the workings which
was exceedingly good. The company
have a good property and have plans
made for opening it up in a workable
manner this year.
Ba_fi_a_:i-_r ___>;_w____-____.t. '_���__._
Jos. Rlcl.ar.ls, proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.   First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Telephone Connection
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. C.
Resident Agents in Nicola for the
Boot and Shoe Sale
1 find I have a number of broken lines in both
Men's and Women's Shoes, and ln order tc
make room for new stuck I will offer the whole
of my stock of
Mens, Womcns and Childrens
Boots, Shoes and Slippers
Come in and examine them, if there is a size to
fit you, there is a bargain waiting for you.
B. 0.
Good Stabling in Connection.


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