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The Nicola Herald Feb 22, 1906

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- Cr
Vol. 2.   No. 8
$2 a Year
Ameiidmenu to Different Mining Actt
Bonn Of Labor art wall Deflned
The McOtll Ui.lverelty B1U
And Many Other*.
Our legitltturt It it) duty bound, his.
I but fir this session turned out t fair
amount of legislation���good htd tnd in
Ii will bt ootid thtt tha wttttrn boun
daryline of tbe rtilwty bait his been
defined For lomt time difference! ol
opinion had tinted between the govern
metitt nl the Dominion and of tht Pro
���ince, the bill lately ptsted dott iwiy
with future disputation.
Bill No 24 provides that MoGiil Uoiver
tity mty establish a college in thit Pro
vinet. In tht interests of higher education
this will be found a moat detirtnlt tntot
Bill No, 21. tntctt thtt:- Any period,
association or company opera'lug t telephone line thill hive tht right to connect
with publio company's telephone linet
provition ii mtdt for reception of mess
igtt from connecting linet tad also rate*
for such messagea,
Bill No 20 it ihort butswttt -it rtlatts
to houtt of labor, notably sinsUsrs. The
bill s<ys thtt no parson shall bt tmploytd
in or tbout toy smelter for I I ngsr
ptriod than tight hours tn tny twtnly
four hours���t suitable penalty it provided
for contravention.
No 29 enaott that every workman, employee ur servant, wbtrt tbt rata ol
wages does not exceed four dollart pei
day shall bt paid tt intervals not to tx
ottd two weeks.
Any servant ottting work or being discharged shall bu paid bit dues forthwith.
No contract for wtgta thall be tntertd
into thtt providei for the payment of
' wages it longtr intervtli thin two weeks
Penalty foremtrartntion |60.
No 30 it in amendment of tht "Coil
Mines Regulation Act." It provides
thtt no person ahall occupy any position
of trust or responsibility io or about a
nine if ht it uutble to speak Knglish.
No S3 it tn tet to amend tht "Plater
Mining Act." It rtlatts chiefly to tht
lite of the ertek diggings. Tbe full
ami ndraenf is publiahed in thit issue.
Bill No 36 lately passed by our ligil
Itture may possibly bt fir mort rcaohing
than wu anticipate- by iu promoter.
Clause 3 runt it follows:
"Licences mty be issued by tht (Intern
���tent Agent of tny dittriet to thoot ut
branded horses running wild upon public
Itnds with the portion of tht district dec
cribed in laid licence, upon such ttrmi
tnd tooditiont as inch government agent
mty Indorse upon suoh liecnct."
Nu provition is mtdt for ptnaltlet in
am of wilful or tccidtnttl shooting of
branded or unfranded tame borttt.
An. who ii to sty which borttt trt
wild tnd which trt not.
Supposing t branded horse it thot
tccidtnlly, whtt redraw hit tht owner
outside tht courts of Itwl.
Clauai 4 provides for the reporting of
tht "dtte of killing tnd tht locality whtrt
One mty luppot. without much feir of
contradiction, that certain people would
not go out of tbeir way to report tbt
accidental killing of t branded horse,
Tbe aoi will in toy cut add to tht
burdto of responsibility carried by the
agents if the government tnd will, in
cidently, add feet gtlort to th.se already
garnered by tht laaytrt of the province.
Litigation ii eiptntivt tny wty, horu
litigation piles up fee tnd lite quicker.
This district is lhe borne of boriet aod
the happy hunting ground of detlrrt tnd
tnd breedera alike, ytt thus fir com
ulainti ta tu wild huraei hart bean con
���pinions by iheir tbatuci.
Many yearling!, and often two year olds,
M bt seen on our raugts running with
their dams, are these to bt left to tht
mercy of the liaencrd shooter of tbe
uubranded wild horses.
Qanaral Improvements to Facilitate tht
Spring Work.
L. Price left on latt Friday's stagt for
K'.urnt. Mr. Price eipects to be in the
���aMej tgtin in two oioiuhi tune.
Louia Hohbint and partner trt busily
engaged in getting ont railroad ties, with
headquarters at Cuok, Quinn A Hrestey's
>ld camp, No 1.
Marcus Woodwtrd and W. 11. Gray
are busily engaged at the Lower Nioola
Saw Mill biting up in antitipatiot. of con
-iderable hutineii coming si ug in the
future. Numemui minor rtpairi htve
risen effected which will facilitate tht
Wm. McNeil wit io Lower Nitolt lut
week on t business trip.
Wm. Presley, wbo it in chtrgt of tht
rock cribbing outlt it Pttit orttk eipecti
to gel through tl thti point lo tbout i
Tbe rock encountered in the middle of
'he tunnel it Ten-Mile hill it proving t
htrd nut to crick.
The list will ind testament of tht Ittt
John Ogilvie ia in the htndi of t promt
>ient Vancouver husineu mtn. Captain
Flick who ii acting for leveral creditors
il ip communication with tht eiecuten.
Io in hotel io Mon tint there lit aign
thtt retds: "Hoarders taktn by tht dty,
wrik ur month. Thou who do not pay
promptly will be taken by the neck.
A Firtt Claw Tt*.
Q. B, Armstrong tht Genenl Merchant
at Lowtr Nicola hai juat imported a large
shipment of firtt elm itt. Dtckajulir,
the new brand it tome whioh he hat had
specially imported from the tet growing
planltti.iiia. tnd from a selected slock of
tine plants. It uiskeia decictous beverage
and it the price Mr. Armstrong it silling
it, it within reicb of all.
Judge Morrison a Ntw Appointment
Mr. Justice Morrison has heen appoint,
ed dtputy judgt of tht timiralty io Bri
tiak Columbia.
OatharlDg of Indiana
Noticu trt out for t grand gtthtring
of til Inditn rhitft in Britiih Columbit
to meat In Ktmloopt for t decision of
important matter*. The firtt dty of tht
muting will ba dtvotad to devotional
titrcicu according to tht rtligiont of the
different ohieft, tnd be on Faster Sundsy.
Thtn it lomtthing big on tht tapis and
it la believed a propone! will ba mtdt lo
���end t dilegtlt to lay thtir prnpoHli to
ling Edward in person
Reaolutloni Passed Aeklng For Appropriations for Roads ln tbt Nioola
Valley   Aspen Grove and
Coldwater Section!.
There wai a fair attendance at tht public melting held in the court huust in
Nicola on Tuesdty at ter noon. G. Murray,
government agaat ����s in tht chair tnd
called lhe meeting to order at 1.20.   Ric
\, Fra-er was appointed secretary f.<i
lhe meeting. The chairman then brief),
llplained t.ie object .if tbe meeting tnd
intimated that it wu now open for dis-
CUlaion The finr sunj-.c(. broached ����>
regarding that part of the Prmct'on mid
���etwetn tbe mill dim ind th�� HaimltoB
hill aod the necessity of a  belter grade
Afler some discussion, on the motion ol
A. E. Howie seconded hy A. K Carring
ton it was unanimously agreed that "The
.overiiiiient he asked tu ha��e survey
.na.lt uf a road from aome point near th.
mill dam, .Vela, tn tht summit nf the
Hamilton hill, and ihat a sufficient sun.
>f money hs appropriated to Construct
the timt at lhe earlieit pouihle data"
On thi motion of M. P   Stewtrt, tee
nded by A E Howse it war unaniinoual)
.greed "That tht government be request
ed to make in sppmpriilwn lo eontinu.
'he road up the Coldwater, now terminating at Dell Kin.'a to the survey lint nl
tht Grett Northtrn Rtilwty"
On t motion by A E. Howse sue .tided
hy A R Carringii.ii it wai agreed that
"the government be requested tn renew
the appropriation made fora road int..
tnd through tht Aspen Orovt section tnd
that the engineer laying out the road be
instructed to consult the inieresti of the
Aspen drove Camp generally with regard
to tht aituation of the mad."
On t motion by N J. Barwick seconded
by M. P. Stewart it ��ta agreed that "the
government he asked to appropriate a
sufficient sum of money to repair the
main wag.n road fr-m a point near Black
w..lls to Charters hill and to gravel tarn.
��� here neoesaary."
A K Howse then tddrested the mritin.
aato the belt meant of placing the reinlut
"ons before the governmeut and thought
he boat way would he hy a delegation
H..  moved that a  subscription  bit he
pened tn defray the eipin.es of dele
���.'.tea to ba sent to Viotorit to niak.
strong representations on behalf of thes.
"soluti ni, tnd that Maura. Strickland.
WoCiinell and Frutr ba appointed aa
ielvgatu with powtr totdd to thair iium
' <-r In feiplanation he said that as II. S
Cleaihy of Cut lea would h* in Victoria
on behalf f tha Farmer't Iostiniti it
would he well if ht tould join forces with
he other gentlemen namtl and so form s
���trong delegation fairly representative nl
'he distnti.
Mr. Pytthen brought up tht question
of the condition of the road along th.
rt lwty line tnd A. E Ho��ae tuoved
thtt t resolution he forwtrded to Mr
Stevenson that it wu the wish of those
resident in the Valley that the road hi
filed up. Mr, Pye moved seconded h)
Mr. Barwick that ihe delegates bring th.
matter of the Spencet Bridgi mad bnf r.
tht government tnd impress upon then,
'ht necessity uf such work tnd tht dinger
to travellers in its present tttte. Ou ���
nioti in hy A. R. Canngton secunded by
(i. M Bruh it ��ss resolved that the del*
gatei place before tht government the
necessity of making Nicolt t separate
mining district. (I. A. Lafferty tnd G M.
Bruh wen i| pointed to take oharge of
tha subscription lilt. Afler t fott of
thtnkt to tht ohtirmtn tnd secretary the
meeting adjourned.
T. M. Mcheon paid i hurried visit tt
towt oa Wednesday.
W. H. Kimpton wai in town on Monday un business.
Miss Jotie McKitrick is visiting fritndi
at Lowtr Nioola thit wetk.
A. W. Johnstone emit in no tht Itigt
from Ktmloopt on Mundty night.
Frank Whttewood was a Nicolt visitor
from Douglaa Lake yesterday.
Mott uf thi uteri of ice in Nicolt htvt
their luumer'l supply of thtt article.
Mrt. Robi. Johnston nf Lowtr Nicola
��as visiting in town this week.
N. J Btrwick tnd Wm. I. ce left this
nnrmng on t business trip to Douglu
F. W. Zeigler and George Murray wen
ip ti fir aa Slump Lakt with tumt ttock
ast wttk.
A. H. Owen la a visitor io Nicolt this
���eek. He Itavet form extended visit tu
".astern eiti.i.
R J. Armstrong wu in tnwn on Wtd-
lesdiy and pulled out for Aspen Grove
he lame day.
K F. Gaine wai in luwn on Saturday
and ipend tht week tnd it (.uilcheni, re
uriung toCauford no Monday,
Quite t ftw of the resident! of the
vtlley hive gone to Kamloopi to ttkt io
he Matonic Ball held there to-night.
There it some chance n-.w of our roads
bain, put in repair, Havt yuu put your
ulna on the subscription lut to deftiy
tht delegates' eipens.il
Thi rigular meiting of Court Nioolt,
... O F. will be held tomorrow evening
0 Ponliy'i Hall. A full attendance ol
member* is requested.
It won't be the fault of the Mimtrel
roupt if you don't htvt i good timt oa
Mi.ii.iay night. Cnroe prepared lo bavi
��� g��od time and you till git it.
Owing to i typogripical error It wu
'tited in the hetding nf in article lut
��� e.k that R. P. Inglii had purchased
be Copper Standard, thit should hiri
read Golden Sovereign,
A very enj yahlt evening wu ipent tl
hs horus of Joseph l.uichnn on Friday
iivatiog whro t noiiilier of friendi from
all over the valley paid t visit. Dtnalog
��u ktpt up till t Ittt hour'
Tht St. John't Ladies' Guild which was
to havt nut it Mrt. Broad bent's Ftb. 23.
hai heen postponed until tbt following
week-Fridty, March 2nd. at . o'clock.
Mrt. I'oolsy, St-'y.
Miss C. Murrty left on Mondty after
noun fnr Lower Nicolt on her wty to tht
c..wt. Miss Murray hu -toured t potition
in tht Sonomos school, mar Duncaoa, on
Vancouver Island. Shi hu t holt of
fritndi in tht Valley who join in wi
her every sooceu.
Largaat Steamer in World Being Bull.
Old Cariboo Mining Men Organlaa
Editor of Punch Resigns
Af Ur long Servle*.
Sir Frtacit Burntnd hu resigued tbt
editorship uf Pouch. He hu been u
���"listed with that periodical for 44 yun,
and edittd it for t quarter of i ttntary.
Hi will bt succeeded by Owtn Seaman at
present assistant editor.Burntnd'l ruign
ttion is dut to old tgt.
Word semes from tht upper country
thtt t movimtot u on foot tmongst tbt
old Cariboo mining mtn now resident ia
thtt itctioo lo form in urgtniutitn on
tht li.iei of tht Pionttr locitty. A call
for tht muting hu hten issued tnd it it
likely there will ht t conference in Ash-
crott. Tbt membership will be limited
to thou wbo wert io tht country in tht
eirly dtyt.
Anothtr shipping record is being uttb-
'nhed hy Harland and Wolff of Hal fait
The While Star liner Adrittio, now under
c instruction it (.uttni Island will htvt I
..milage uf 25,000, length of 710$ foal tod
depth of 60 feet. She will be the largest
vessel in tbt wurld. Tbe record wu previously held by the Baltic, built fur tht
White Sttr Lint by Harland and Wolff,
��iihe tonnage of 23,176, 1240 toot lut
than tht new vessel which iht eiottdt in
length howivtr by fiftttn bet.
Washing!'ii, Feb. 17���At noon today
Miss Aii, e I. louvtlt and Repruentttivt
Longworth of Ohio wert mtrried. Tht
ctremony took place io the eaat room uf
he White II use Rev. Bishop YSameries
officiating. The guests numbstrd shout
1000 Immediately after tht rtocptioaof
ihe gueiti by tht hridt and groom t
tiutfet wedding breakfast waa served io
the state dining mom. The White Houu
grounds tre cloud except tu thou invited
ai gueiti.
Vtntouvtr, Fab. 14-Harry Hauard
who claimi tn bt tn insurance iftnt Iron
Ntw York, cooftaaed today tn complicity
to the diamond rubbtry tt McMillan s
atort lut Saturday nigbt. Ht declares
that t third ptrty smashed the window,
and that ht tnd t man named Berriigton,
for whom tht p ins trt now looking
hought thtm from thi thief. Suteen out
of the thirty two diimoods were recovered
this morning. Nine were io the butt of
Hsuard'i lotded revolver, while the remainder were this morning tiken from
ihi safety deposit in tht Roytl Bank.
Vancouver, Feb. 17���It ii reported
here that tht Grand Trunk Pacific Rail
way hu purchased fourteen thousand
acre* more land in tht vicinity of tht
proposed terminus at Ktitn Itltnd.
Tht detl hu bun mtdt with tht
Inditnt of tht north by E. G. Ruistll,
rtprtunlttive of the Grind Trunk Pacific
For these fourteeo tbonund acres
the railway company will pay |7 60 per
acre. Tht Indians wish to htve t part ol
thia amount dividtd inning themselves
almost imroedutely In order to carry
out tht detl on tmicablt terms tht nil-
way company will probably meet this
Remember the Coon Show. THE   NICOLA  HERALD
Fnkllihed Ever- Tburaday
tabKi-ptlon, ln Advance. $2 aTtar
Nioou, RCTttKranT-, l-��
As ��� result of the recent agitation to put bffore the govern-1
;iit'iuthe needs of the  Nicola j
district   a public meeting was1
held in the court houseon Mon
day afternoon when discussion
mi the venous badly needed
improvements took place. The
opinion of the meeting wis that
strong  repre-icnutions should
be nude to the government
and besides petitioning them to,
have a delegation go and inter-
view them peisun.illy.   !)��� lent, were chosen and lelt this
week   on   rheir   errand,   and j
while tiicy may not accomplish j
all that they went after, it is to j
be hoped that ihe mo>t needed
work will be commr-nced as a
result '-f the delegation's visit
to the ministers.
If   MM   ivi-ll   Matt   1.1 I
oughly ."0"ir wtal'
that trill U"' il f0_
cannot our 8tt-_���_
wiU mil you.
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
That more than a million in
LS. Montague  a SOU Of Sir' U8 Cordova st w.
Samuel   Montague,   the   well
known   banker,   will   be   the MH'ICK
Liberal candidate for the  city
1   Thirty days after .Int.- 1 Intend to apply tn
,.f I ,,.,,1.���,   ..,nm_�� -an-isar   Pre    th'eh ('f.iiiiniiisMiiie'-.f Inn.-tinrl w.nk-f"i
ol I oiulon against lnrmtr ire- ��� H,,,,IS,,,0 ,������������,,.. f���r ,���ai ,���, ,h,. f���ii,i�� in.
ii- '"""'
mier nallour C_i��M_-*al eaM in.iike.ic I Steven
sun  then e   ninein     Ml (thall���   S., thenc.   M
III.ne.-M). .Pin- W , lie ii" ID chains S  bt. k 1'
ill|li��l|il-t W I'laee . f e....i|.,en.emen'.
Il, K. *��teve__-ie lor,a or
Jiui.ffl'li, IK.. J. ('. Adair, agent.
coiii'in'ti -in. ii' ii post marked T LMurdotT.
mil runDUig iliee..' >o elmin- K, thence H
tants have  been  sacrificed to ch_��a ���- ihence a w. tkaa>. w s ta initial
post er place ut conini'n.'ni'eni.
the various concoctions known ,������ m ,,���.       J jj %$$��?*���
as  soothing syrup-,  and   pain    r-mavancini at * postmarked ��.. J. "an
1 , f l...i t. m ;_i,.l running trW-eM i.ll.l.ll- K Iheni-
killers    and    over    twice    that e.h��lniMheiice��chain; ���.tbt-ne��ih_4n.
1 N, 10'III! ial |l st or place if colli    ellecli.elii.
number killed by impure milk, Jhb ��� ��� m     jft &*�������- r
is   the   declaration   made   by    i. ���.��� ,���. .t ,|,..Htm,.u.-i i> o wtfiUms
llllliill.  Ihenee 8.1 ell.illis  K. I IllUC'e Sll ellllill- >
Prof.   H.   VV-   VVileV,    chief   cf   ihencea.ch_.rnaVv.the Wclialu NioInitial
J j plist air p�����* uf . on.niol). emeu'.
the   chemistry  bureau of the   ^m     ^?&*%*?"<
United States department  ol    cm,, in_ at a-*. wew��e_ i, Fre-eriei
Murli ..  un . nt .!.'��� ���'��� 90 -1. ..ii- ��. ihenee Mi
Agriculture.       "We    do     Hot   ��.tiw-B_e*.lse,B�� W,i_��n.----hainiN,htf-h
o to thi initial |K���tnr place uf i*nniinenc men
know anything about the null.  ,������ ,��� ,,���.    lift****-1 '
we have left at our homes   or    r,,iiimeii<ingat ais.s'tiiark'o (:. J. Wnmici
....   ! snrl nieiiiiix iLncHiieliiiii.-1 ,'li.i.e. sii.h . ii-
the Conditions  under   which   It   ' thencs*.rha'i_<v>  thmcein.hslnsNtothe
iiiitnil past or place Of (' nmieiie. n cm.
way produeed," he says. There hin ail, ,,���.        ��;* JE***,-*
area thousand and one  possi ' c,,,,,,,,.,,,.n_ at _ peat marks, jo-ephcos-
,,ii    .       I lillmn iilill rnilii ng ���' e   . .  NJ eli .li.- \\ . II.. i.  .
bllities which  mi_ht have Com    *ii-*lnsB inrow_n.h��ln.K, thence fs-ehaini
�� I N', tu iliiliill ln'hL or |.l..iv i.f e.,iiilii..|ie|.|i.ei.l.
bined to make what nature in-, J"n������*���""     *a_��r-rt-��ui_w_, ta__*.
il. e      ,    _s_ ('iiiiiiii"nciii|r at a t"ist marked .I. c. Adair
tended   lor   a   food   the   most,..,, then..'   mining ��i chain* W, theme a.
���        i        i        ��� Oh��lm��, thence M hains h, thence j) chains N,
virile posion that chemistry can I iohini*iio.torpi f ��*��*.*��t* ttw.
'                                     '           .lau __ 1906 .!('. Ail.nr looator,
produce.    I  have found  that,  (,���n iiHn. Ht a uns, ���mrk���d J# A Kennin(r
,      r      i 1-1 anrl   running  thenee ��fl   rhain-   vl, thenee NO
the loods we daily consume are   , ,���, , .n,:,.,���,  k._i ��� ����haini s, to
.... i-r        r       lnili..l piisl nr pia. e nf eo .ititeiiceiiieiii.
so frauiiht with ���erm hie of a I j. a. Kcnnm.. met.,.
" - j Jan. 1BI h, WOti. J 0, A.lair. aK��'nt.
harmful nature that  I am most;   r*_Mi��_rf____t^��_j__ Wjt Finn.
r     * j  _. _.__._. TL      '-rfrl' nnii ruiitiinar tli�� lit** WI rnuhm \V. tlinn-r
alralU to goto the table.       1 hr  Kch��.niKlth-ncen h*'ii  K thenw80chains
, ,     i,   |     NU Initml iohl oi pfeeflf MtfnilHH retnMit.
buttrr is painted; there is little
Notice la beivhy giVa-n, (hat appli ation will
���e made to the lem^Uiivu _ws#rfi.'l, uf'he
ryvn.reuf HriHr-h ( ultnnhU, al iu next t-e.
.��m. for an act to tftcorporalal riOotnpHti) wiib
p.wvrrto ouD-Untl, eg tip, tnaiotaia and oper-
a'e a line or linen oi raiUay of Mandard or
otbergua.ee, wit*- any kind uf minor puwcrfiM
thoconveyanotxif PMN-nJOT and fr__g.lt, from
��o'iiH point at or near Onojot-. on the litafnt
nonal Houndkir), ru' nlog in a norherl) dim-
nun Hlnhp.' nr MM Ukkt OkHnft^Mi. 11 a tiini al
or MM Kndarby, Ifc���rl In a wV.Merljrtire. t-m.
m> a point at or |M b-_lMMi H-MM in at
tiorthily dlrectii'ii foiliiwinit ilm cuuri..'or Mir
Noilh ThoinpnuL. nv. r, ih��� ..'t b> Hie Ml
feHKib'e route  tn tjiir-ni !!������ ni.d ftti llMIM.
i iilfifrom h pout ui ��� MM KMM-f >ua u->vU
��� rl> dirtutioti to a punl v MflMtf MMj____Mi
ajflMJ 'he MtNwi flic r��, mlijtio'1:., ., ri\f>,
..Ian from a .mint __t or near ^ a hI>m,; . [i ,.
-O'ltht'.l) i! if ! M Ifl h pofaU at oi neartjiiili'li
on ���,' lien,., in * mi ithi-rly dlraett n by a f>-r_-ilil.
route to n roinf at or near I'rini ��'<n.; aUo It-Wi
��� point .if or ne.ii  (jiiilrli-'tia ni.-ek  in t, north
! erly direction alon,; EflaolalM.9 In BMM Nieoj i
river; tln-inn j.orttii a-ttrly hIo-k Id*' Ipttli
Nirolu rivi��r t>> a .�� mi' h' or n"ir MhImmik river,
follow)-ig thf ( 0'ir-tf >f ih* river to \ p_rit1 'it
or near  ___W_M   Arm.   nil   in ihe (..
| Hriii-hCol'iinhl.!.
And with  power  i i  i-ori-tni i, oprr ite am)
maintain  all   MMMVf   liritlut^,   rootn. aaj
und  fenie��t, and  'y  b_ I<1   bOqutfe, own  ��� _ ]
fiialntain   wharvc-   ind  dork I   In  t'Odiu'ctloii ���
flu* ewith. ami l�� build, "'qiir, n"ii, mjm ;���
and   mmntiiiL  KtMl   and   oth��'r VO-Mfci a_w_ |
fctoitn, and U) 9Jm%fm  tlMluni on an\ nnvi,.
MM  Write g; an) with   p  W*h t_t baUd. equ-p
upertite aut inttintaln t> -I'-grtph and t�� l>p!	
line- In I'ufii.ci'iHM with th. -��_id r-_-il*a\ M_l
hirtiiclic-  Mni to trt.o-1'ii. iiiaaaafM oreoin-
meicirtl puip'-e-.,   .nd   .'I.Hrrf.' toth tb rafo
nod  t'i MMfata -���!��� .'tfi-.i. far 'lie n ipily <f
light, I,rut   tnd  | nn I , -ind   with tm MT tnev
oropriatelandia for ihe parp ������<  f tMCPmpM)
*nd io acquire 'aid*, iiion.y bott-AaM, privi
lege* nr ni.ht-r uid ��fro n any gOMHUPt-d itiM
ip-tl BOfpnr iM"ii, of otlo-r ps-foaM cy boHtoa,
uid to lev; nod >��� ���Vrf\ tn!U from gll t-ttf-M
iisirn; ai d o ���! f> ht paHdng orar ��n\ a
���iirti - old* ra*l a aj , f rri#< arlnrVM aad **������
_nli bnltl b. '  i i'i\ ��� i.id with p iwer ii
mi'��.���(��� aiib md maka tralfloor o'herHrrang''
ment- v\j 1, raU#aT, M��amh____| or oihe   corn
a-f-, and to ueiciH ittch  poweri t����i  XU
^ran'ed by  Part* IV, mid  V. nf th���� '���'.ate
i'lu'iKe* t'ttnMili itiin .\m;" nn 1 fTHlloihe'
ner. ttaapy nrln -dwalrlfr."1, power" aad privi
leye-in ihnl brbt-f,
H ted t e'��l1  ' '  o*' .an iry, A 1>. IW
TUPPRM & Qiiirrltf,
Holieli H--- for thu *,D[��1 oaa i
Ksi AHI.ISHEl) 1882
The Largest and Most Complete General Stock in Nicola
Call and examine our Goods before purchasing elsewhere as we are selling at your
own prices
Bring along the CASH and see'what we
can do for you.   No fake
Biggest Snaps ever offered in the
Nicola Valley.
K AMU I"I'M.   A-ll('l!i.n,   YAI.K AM)
Kiss UK _AU bWTI-h'T,
VTiiTlCK ishn. ii; nveii that sll I'larsr min-
a-1    in. i Itilii- ISysJT)   I.eM  In the  K .nl ni,
.A-hiT..fi. Ytlt sinl >l   ilk..n..'e.i aim dk Uiv
si lis  _i'l  i,- I,,i,| .v.r fi.ni idr l>t da.. ..f
v'orsnibfi en uln_ lo i'e ui day f vi.). jnoti.
U. li, ii NUT ALL,
(Jn1'. i'nmnilsslaaar,
Kanil,i��|.s.... t. l.rr IftN.lM
.NO i i* K
Official Administrator's Act
In re Battl. nf
Prime Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork
und Sausage
Orders rhm'ighmi' tht Hisinel  r.CHive carslul tCltatisa  and   prompt   'deliver*/.
Fre'ih Fish Every Friday.
JAMs^'si    pttOLKt        ��� ....        l-roi.ilrtor
,    TKNIif.lia villi lie  iicmved b) llie undcr-
si^rned for the (inrrhitse of thejiersoiml proje
��� ��-n>, and tlie real estate of tho Lite Ankiine
Qodty,   Terms cash.
1'airlieiilnis thereof   may he obtained from
Peter Marquirl, Mr ..la, H,.'.
Ofniesl Ailininistrat.ir, ( o'ln'y nf Yale,
Kamlnops. R. (',
Jan. ilth, I'.mtl
J. C, Adair, aiteni
other to be found anywhere
Canned goods are kept  years
and sold for the genuine article,   *';'> __g._!*_.*_i*..l.l_*"_L>! T1/. I0���,'
o ch.ifenmniissloser of limits and works for par
I  .���_..L ---,--_-,..1   J.. ���t _,.,,!_,., nii.sinn'n ti'.ref.ase'tjiiaeres moiin'aln pa-ture
I S[)eak particularly Ol COIUleil- u���d,eoiM.ienrln_ a. p.-t mark.��l A. J  M s s
,       ... .. . .. ��.. eomer, ttene��>w8" chains, N 40 rhalns. K Wi
sed milk.    II we know not [imp iwci-uis, to initial post, uod situaird in
0   >i. iniij of In Mile, roes, easterly of J. K. Mur
ol the fresh milk we wet surelv r��y'��presnptioQ        a. j. mitchkix.
Ol U1C IIC.ll II1IIK WC gri, ���.uiri) . v !,���!���._,, nD^jjoS.       John (I. Adair, Ageal
our knowledge is more limited
as to the product that is put up
in cans. The Lord intended
us to resort to cans only to tide
us over one season, until green
fruits could be had again, but
the canneries don't know this.
There is no law requiring them
to stamp the date upon their
goods; if they did it would kill
their sale.
Accumulated Assets $140,000,000
The Oldest Life Insurance Co. in America
Manager for���The  Nicola, Okanagan and
Siinilkame.n  Districts
W. H. KIMPTON, Nicola, B. C
Notiee Is hereby Klven that OOdaya after date
liniend to apply to Ihe Mon. the chief Own.
tni-sioner of Unds and Works for permission
topurrhasr lfiOaercsnf pastnrt lan.1 sltnaUs.
on Voghtcrttk. in the Nicola Division of Yale
llistrirt.sltiiatod as follows: coninienciiiK atn
po-l marked J. 0, 8. south enst eomer. planted
about two miles and a half up Voght. nrerk,
and about II) chains westfrom Thompson's land
thenee running treat 10 chains, thenee north
HI chains, thenee Kast 10 thains. thence Mouth
Ulchalns to point of commencement containing
an area of 160 acras more or less.
JAMK.S C. 811111.118.
Febnary 13th 1906.
Subscribe for The Herald.
NOTIf E Is herehy given In lewei.ttai with
IheStatntea. that Provincial Ueveniic,Ta�� and
all ai-sc.wd tan" and laMM l��* ISWtawl 1 and
levied usder Ihe Assessni. ni Act and amend
IMHis. are now due and payable for Ihe year
IM All taxes collectable for the Nicolaassesi-
ment district are due and payable at my offlre,
situate at Nicola. This not ice, In UnastflaW
is equivalent lo a personal demand by me upon
all parsons liable for taxes,
Assessor and Collector.
Nici-la Assessment District.
Nicola Post Office.
Dated at Nicola 6th of February, VM.
Matt days after date I Intend to apply to
tht  hi'f comniiseloiier of lands and works fwr ]
permission to perchast WO aces of mountain |
Slstareland ciuniiieneingat* post marked J. i
. Mcl/s. V, W. corner thence 8 80 chains. ���
thence V, SO chains, 'hence N 80 chains, thence
W 80ch .Ins to inilial post. This land lies south
and adjoia" preeiuptinn of Win. McNeill aad J.
(1. Mel,..,,i in th. Aspen Orove locality.
Nicola, Die. ���, UN, J. O- MoLKAN    (
1892   1906
RtV. W. J. SlrTKtLl, B, A. B.D
Rev. J. P. BowtLL, Burs.r
A ooraplaitt 1'mmer.ial aad hnsinssi
ooursa. Studttits prapntd t.. gain Itaeh-
irs , ertiftcstes of all frra.laa. In nnivar
sity w..rk a full .corse for the B. A. de
gret n| Toronto Univenitv.
Instruttiiin (Wen in Music, Art, I'hri
ctl Callure tnd Kli'di'ion.
Reii.l for Calendar.
Is prepared In take uiniraclIt for
sawing lumher and getting .tat
1.,-ni rul vi it I �� ontrarla lirrolrt
Parties wishing  wnrk can htve sams
prnm|itly attended tn hj applying to
Nicola. B. 0.
Leave ;nur ordera with N. I. Barwick.
for lurulier wh" is agent for tht Nicola
Pnrtable St-am Saw Mill ha oan kelp jo_
plan out an order.
S'i-.'-nlis  for tha Herald, |t par year THE  NICOLA   HERALD
p���Po��, to mm**** o, oree- MINIKffENGINEEH COAL&OILEIPERT Watchmaker, Jeweler
The amendment whioh Dr. us. Young 's prepared to examine coal KAMLOOPS, B c.
of Atiin, has introd.... t�� tha placer properties and furnish re-
Mining Att in tht Provincial Legislgture  pOftS Oil   Sail-6.       TeriTlS  tO
is calculated, he says. W, give creek claimi  SrJJt al].        NiCOla, B. C.
s much longer lease nf life  than at  prt
stnt. The life of t creak claim is at pre
sent limited to 250 fee' n.uaru [>r.
V.'ung points out in eiplanatioti of thia;
amendiiieiit that in raie nf the distance
bit ween the beuchei Ling iiatrow and
consequently tin ground tick, the present
aize ol the claim is eatislaotory. Ot the
"ther hand, however, where the gravel
eiteiids over a wide irea between benches
'he '.'oil feet square is not sulfictatit.
Ha propose! to makt it 2M) Ittt long in
the directinn nf Ihe itriam.    It will now
evereitend 1000 feet wide.  600 leel on,
each side nf the center of the etriam.   Hy .
this t-ysteui  Dr,   Young  p _*_M_ out,  tht'
miner wh.. stakes the  claim  wtll have  a!
fair chatiua to get at the itch streams. Hy
limiting it to 250 feet  in  width a iiiim-i
might carry on his wnrk in t  Inw  grade
dirt with nn prospect of reschiii. the pay
streak in the limited  width.    I'nder the
system  he proposes the chances sra al
together altered.     It  w.'iild  remit,  he
thought in miners taking  up their residence on the claims fir  years.   This  if
of importance,  the  meuher  Irun Atlin
points out, ln his district, and points  mn
that it is in line with tho pr >| nsal m��d.
fnr the Yukon.   The Yukmi claims i nt
ever, is proposed In he 500 f'et   mi   ea.h
side nf the central line.     UovatVor M"
limes, �� l:n Is. ii In. w��y  t.i  Ottsws,   in
eludes this prop'ital amn g  uthen whisht will Kutimit for approval to the Dmuin
l.lli (i���IViTt.llllllt.
All kinds  of  Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
etc., ktpt in stuck.    Wedding (relents a specialty.
j. r. McGregor
Lower Nicola. B. C.
First class repairs dnnt nn short notice
and returned at .met
J. A. SCOT rs
full Hoe, nf II _a��|ct_��� Imported cigars,
and lhe hesi _____!_��� l.��lsiecoalw.,)e >>��� hand
I    Drop ln and enjoy aq'il't game if Hnh.rds.
. Agent forthe Pkmecr���.team _____ry, ^'atcou-
! ver.   I���uiidry ship ed ever) Mei_r_af,
Ml) I I I H
Where Canada Leads tbe World.
Canada has the largest cmtinU'ius
wheat fields in tho world,
Canada produces the finest wheat in
the world, No. 1 Manitoba hard sitting
the world's ittndard.
Canada's average wheat yelid per sera
for ten years was the greatest on tht
American c.uitiiient.
Canada leads tht world in dairy eiport.
Canada's trade in tin ytars has increas
ad more rapidly than any other country
in the world.
Cauada hai the must valuable white
pin* forests on the American continent.
Canada has the meat valuable nicklt
deposits in the world.
Canada li ih the greatest system of fresh
water navigation in lhe world.
Canada has a greater water p.iwer than
any other country/ in the world.
Nnti.:,) Is hereby g ven that thirty dnyt. afler
date I intend to apply io the Hon. Ihe chef
eoniuii-Kionei of lauds and works fora license
to prispect for 'ual on the following dsscribe.
Commencing at a post nursed A. H. Cross
sti V W cirner running Ka^t 80 chaiis, thenc
with an chains, thenoe w.-i sOc '.lii��. theme
North lid I'tiains, to iii'iiav post
A. H....O-HMAN, Local or.
W. O Murray, Agent
I'oldwai.r, \k"i].i, Feh. 10, 1901.
i ommeneingsta.iOHl ma.ked Jas. Corbett S
- .' rmr riin.'liik. VVe.s 811 .'lial'i\ then e-uii'h
so c ; ins 'hence Ka-t '0 ih ate n. rth ,'0
chains oinltlal |s. t, JAS ' 11ItHKIT. locator.
W 1 Mil 'ray. Agenl.
o'nunte-. Nicola. Feb. Ill, UN
('""iinencingal a post marked H H. l.nnioni
N. W, 'orn r. running ea��l 80 main-, ihenee
ii ti Wcna us. west n) chain- thence north 80
'htins. io i..n .ilp... .
f.ti. LAMONT, l,oc..tor.
W. O  Murray, Agenl.
( o'd water, Ni-.da, TA 10, l!J0r>.
Ct elnell'ing ..' a pus'  milrSed   ItagUH  Ha't-
��� "li N ��.. . or' er ninnuu vatst 8n chain-.
'   enci South 80 chains.  lhel.Ce M��sl HOcln.ill-,
iht���ce North88chtina, no i'ial post,
i.AGI A HAItl'.il   N, locator.
���V.H, Mur ay, Agent
''o'dwater, Nicola. K.b. 10 IS"..
. iiinoieneingat t la���1 uiarked (ieorge I. ->I
man N W, ...ruer iiinnmg Kast 80 chains
.hence aonthWchains, 'licniy vTes 8ii rhalas
ihei.ee North Si chains mini lal ana',
Us:  RUB BOlXMAV I.. cat.T.
W.ii  Vliinaj, ,gent
cold wa'or, Nicnla Feb  10 IMA
Commencing si a no I marked M K. Co licit
V. ftt rncr runnlag Wt < N 'hums !,'��� -ce
���iiin 8' il.iiii. ihui. c I _��| Ml chain-, tneme
North 80 ch ins to inilial post
M, K. ('nlt'.KTT, Locator,
W  fj. Hurra), Agent
Col.l water, Nicola. Feh. Ill, IM
lVAON'I'ltKAL H'lTfl,. k'atnlnnn. KMsvfi
x'x l���tremouilie. proi.riet.n. Vim cl��*s in
eveiy parileiilar. O.shI wines, Liquors and
cigars,   si.ihling in i ...i... i,.1 n.
���r-AMI.OUI'S II'IISK, P, Herod, proprietor.
���*���*��� Hesi st.s k "f wme-. liquors aid i igars la
���he 1'iierior. Jii-i 'he sp.n fora nice cool re
freshing glass of beer. Wile, In Kamloops
call In
flltANI) PACIFIC Horn,. Kami-apt Ih.
���'   n.-aresr naval to Iht railway slatloa.    lhe
��� nly eoincnient hotel f,t traveler!, Gia.il
rooms, good tunic, iroa���I liquors. T��n l.ig.
sample ro.i!m..   K A. rlarnhar1, inoiei.-tor.
0'ind stabling ill CO.,I.e. Hon.
AbHCR.is'T HOTEL.   The n..is, n.nv. nieni
ho'el 'or rtHrni- in a-hernf'.   The h. s. at
table beard.   Hot at��� col.l ba'bs.   uur re-ire-!
-. ii ni e meei-all irains.   Johrisnn It Peiklns
General Blacksmith
H .r.e 8ll"el..g  ,   -I ...Malty.
stop mi Hat
BoM   Hoott,  l'n.|iiieii,r
When    tranling   nu   Hie  Nicnla mail.
Ciinvenieiit plaoa lur travelers, tllhiuod
nicola lake, h. u
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000 Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss Account, $801,855.41
Total Assets ....        $i58,23_\40Q.<;i
Rt. Hon. Lord Stnithcuna and Mount Royal O. C. M O.
PRHSIDBNT. ..���        Sir Oeo A Drummond K. O. H O.
Head Office   Montreal
Deposits received from  $1.00  and  upwards.     Interest
credited twice a year.
Withdrawals without delay
Banking Business of every description
I 'cposits may be made and withdrawn by mail
town accounts receive every attention.
Out of
First class Isasrrl  a
Jay   week   nr  tinmih.
Advertising Is Broad.
Advertising in  itself moans publicity,
MM,   I'll.KV,   l'.ii|iiietress.
Coinmeneiniriit a pn-t n.arke.l W. if. Mur
&y*. N.W...inir. ru ninsc Ka-i   UcbaiM,  iflvtO tt) tm trtvellinK public
tticnri-onh "Oehaini. tlieno�� Wt-sl HI.'hains, |
ihence North 80ohains lo initial peat.
'. W. G. MUWIIAV, I/.i'iitnr.
Coldwater, Nioola, Keb. Ill, IS06
CommencinK at a post marked R, ��. Ko-k
N K.comer raanlag west in ol���in', thenco.
Smith SOchiin-ihein-e Bast HO chanw ______
Norm M0 ohains to initial pan.
& K. ItOSS, |_,o ,tor.
W, l>  .Murray, A_t)iit
1   Indging 1 iv I'if
Kieij   attiBtimi
-DlA-IM I.V-
General Merchandise
Coutlee, B. 0
Resident Agents ln Nicola for tbe
I .'ommaticlnir at a [lost nuirkml J. M, Crook
H, W porntir runninK Kasi M0 ell.ins Ihonce
s.iulh K) .-bains, �� i'si HO ehains ��it'iicc North
.11 .bains to initial post.
J. Vt.CHOpR, Unator.
VV, O   Murni), Agent.
UK) publicity is a broad and  ,��� .1U(,r.'lieii   (
aive term.    It dues   not   mean   a
whispered to a favored few.    It is, rathir,
lyiinnyninud   with   a   general   broadcast
declaration, and lhe broader the acope t'f j i'ddwater, Nicola, Keb. Ill, 1S>_.
theannoiincsiuent the  listter the adver-     rommenelnK a' s post marlicd .1. s  AiiHiln
-Una      No   occniiiKd   si.bcp  that   dirscta   N' K   c rn'r finning  West   SO,hains  thenee
tiling,    nn nccuptea  space tnat  airtm HonthWeha'-*, thenee KastMO cliain., tneiiot
Ittsntion alniig given  and  desired  lintt  NonliKU chains Ui mtial p si.
, "��� " J. t, AUSTIN, Locator.
can  be reismiably   r.gard.d as  wasted; | W.U  Murraj, Agont.
nnr can any funds eipatuled to this end
be   adjudged   t
Msdical Journal
.'old wat or, Nicola, Keb. 10. ItaOti.
i    I'onini. nciiig.it   i wnt  narked  I. ��. Mur-
lie   adjudged   titravagance.     American | m% N. vv. enrner   running hast N .bains.
lb nccSeu'h MOeh'ilns, thenn �� n-t Ml eh ilns.
Ihence Nortn H Chains,U) initial pos .
J. ��. MUitKAV. Locator,
Y<   U. Murray, Agent.
Coldwater, Nicola, Keb. in 1906
Japan's War Costs.
The London Times  publishes a  des
patch from Tokyo saying thai   the   linan
ulal program nf the cabinet   ahich  has
pissed the Lower House will und'Uibtedly ��� roldwatcr, Nicola, Keb. 10, l��.
he passed by tha   upper hnusa.    Accord ' ____________________________
ing In tho program, deb's *hich aggregate
|:i|l.(H't),iniiliti 19(17, will be completely
paid .iff be 1930, during which intervale
there will by m operations of conversion.
The program shows that the domestic
liabtt now tmounting t.. ���._rt7,5(N>,000,
will l.s entirely discharged by 1942.
Commencing at a post marked II. L. Chapin
V I'    loner running Wesi Sll lliiiins, thence
South .an.'hains. thenoe Kast HU chains, thenoe
North Md chains to initial pjsl
, H. L Chainn, [>.. alor.
W, N,Hurray, .igent.
Horace F. Evans
Ashcroft    -   -   B, C
Mine tiamiHiti.ini aud  reports,   Qso-
| ngioal   eonditinos  of   Thumps..n  Kivir
A physician hai deolared that the chief country a specialty.   Diatnteresled and
cause of baldneai is inttlloctuality,   Tht i dependable report! furaished
litldheadtd   sinners have been looking
for inch i reaion for i long time.
Slilv dars after date I intend to apply!, the
���������.���       ������- [ ohlef commission., of lands and works for per
mission to pnr haaemOacas.. nountsin past-
Thwra ara two kinda of tialrinla thins ' '.ure '���'.'d' c��miiicnclng at a post marked IJ M.
intra ara two minis oi patriots   most (..'sapplicatloatopgrtlia eiS w eomer.thence
1 tO rhains, H ��0 ehains, W M0
post.   I-nd lssiiuate.1 invicin-
Ity of 10 Mile Crack ana west of J. .Mn.quart'1
Rreemp'lon. 1. H CHASTKrt,
loola.i. Dw. lias.
who ire ready to go to war when they art -1 ,M .'''*'"';��� ,K
'      " ' chains to initial p
ntedtd, md those who tre riady In go to
wtr when not nssded
}��� V. Adair. Afeat.
lji|C(j(iallc(l as a
Suiiimer Resort
Good Fishing and Shooting, Guides and Horses
always ready. Telephone
connections all directions
First Class   A.ciim-
modation.      Terms
S. KIRBY, Proprietor
(.riLCHKN A. HO.
I'HBIH. oi i in 11
A. H.C. Ba l-nndiin.
Rsiiiloops, H, C.
Assars and analyses   if lire.. Coal ami In '
duatrlal product*.
"ample* bv  mall or r'age lapfive if. mpt
A Stock Ranch containing
474OJsCres,situated near Douglas Lake, with all necessary implements am) also stock. For
particulars apply to
Quilchena, P. O.
Springbank Ranch, July l..h, l!*U6.    I
/���ISO  Gonoral  Livory
Head Office:     -     -     -     Nicola Lake, B. C.
Leave Spences Bridge
Every   Ihursday lor Mcola Lake, Kamloops,
Princeton and way points at 6 a. m.
Every Saturday for Nicola and way points at 6 a.m.
Leave  Kamloops
Every Monday for Nicola> and Spences Bridge
at 6 a. m.
Leave Princeton
fcvery   Sunday   6 a. m��� arriving Spences
Hridge Tuesday 6 p.m.
Leave Nicola
Every Tuesday and Friday for   Spences
Bridge at 6 a. m.
Every Friday for Princeton at 6 a. m.
Special trips made by appointment.
Telephone con__6ctioi_ with Kamloops
M. P. STEWART,    - Proprietor '-__
Wfcire trt ynu going on Monday tight?
Thi Minstrel Show  in  Pooley't  Hill.
W. Voght of Forksdalt wit in town on
Joatph Collttt of Rockford wit in town
Mi Tuasday.
Ja*. Riohsrds nf Coutlee wat in  town
>u Tueeday.
John P. McCi.nntll paid a visit to tbt
��� wa on Mondty.
J. Chapman of tht P.irki wit a visitor
to town on Satunlsy
Batlntat Ixx���1*.
You should att U. B. Armitrong't lint
of Halt ringing from id oenti to |7.
Ot-tWtnkvt for yoar Korea tt Btr
w-t'i Htrnttt ind Baddlary. Alto t
���totk of R. "��s. tie.
Try patcka.e of tht ctltbnttd Deck a
juli* Tea- S.dd only by 0. B. Armitronv,
Lowtr N.cia
If Naveralip Horta Sh ������ an your
h'.ii't tome nd PLKASI yountlf.
8IZK8 1 In ft ai F 0   Paige a, Niels.
S  Rirky of Quilchena paid t vitit tn
>'icola on Tuesday afttrnoon.
M1NSTRKL SIKlW-Don't forget it
id Monday the 2001, Boost it among
your friimli.   There will he a great unit.
Tht   Raspberry   Hn.thera  of   Minnie
Lake ware in town mi Tuesday.
Fmt Fresh Laid K__s only 26c t dozen.
0, B. Armstrong, Lnwer Nicolr.
F..r Bale Fairer Km. Otts, ont of thi
l.eit white ..a'B growa. Also Canadian
lleiuiy I'tas, gnnd crupper. D Dudding
L.wtr Nie'.la
0. B. Ar.u��.rn.i_ bas just landed a
fresh consignment ..fsalnn'ii nellies in kit
Yi.U sh.'U1.! _el Us prices.
If f.'tiri tnitikiii. ..f bull.ing now is
the lima t.. get y"ur ..rders cut so ar In
havt the lumber dry ��htn the l.mg days
MM and 1-t carpenters can wnrk with
nleature.      U.-iiiein'ier   the   name,   The
Nl"ill Portat.'e S'eain Saw   Mill.
For up I.. date jut. |.ri.it|n. lead ynui
nrdento the N.rol. He.aM office.
Where are y..u gnitiii my   pretty   maid?
Tn lha cnoii shnw in Nicnla, Sir, lha
There'll be   tinging   and dancing and
lots of fun.
On M..inlay night, an dnu't lonk glum.
But coal me mid take me  right   up  tn
the hall.
And don't stand nut like a blooming
rig dull.
Humour ln Br ItUsh Election!.
At a Tnry meeting III Whlt_church, a
speaker, aiimiyetl al a ch..rus of rejoinders
thnu'ed from the audience eiclairutrd,
"One favail at a time!" "Oo on Boas" an
th* response from "ne ��f thi opponent*.
At ��� tariff ref.iriu snseting in East An
glta Ihe candidate was salted by a burly
tmtth'a striker; "I swing t sledge hammer sn days a week for 17a. Do you call
that a fair wage! 'No,' aniwered the
candidal* "Will your policy give me a
belter wsgel" 'Ytt' wis the reply. "Thtn
you'll have to get rid of that little dnil
ia the chair 'coi he's thi mm a* payt mi.'
At ont nf Mr. LL.yd Oeorge's mattings'
in Carnarvon Boroughs, according to the
the Liverpool p.,it, i heckler, with a view
of disparaging the origin nf tht president
of tht Board of Trade, asked him if he
reiiieinli-rad that his grandfather drove a
donkey and oart. "You will have to for
give me ladies tnd gentlemen," wu the
witty reply. The cart has quitt escaped
esy aaemory. I sea lhe donkey it still
At a Tory matting in tht Spaulding
division the chairman in relating hit can
vailing tiperitnce, aaid ht called it a
houtt tnd uw thi voter s wift. Ht in
quired at to tht politics of htr huibtnd,
'Will' sht rtplitd, 'whea hi gnu to Tory
meetings ht il iTory and when heg. es'.
I Libert! muting he is a Liberal." 'But
queried tht canvasser'��hai is be when he
ii at home?" And the lady gave the an
e_ptc.td reply. "When he it it home
kt ii t nuiunct."
Place your ,.nie.- wl ti The PorteM.
Slum Haw Mill, all wnrk guaranteed
.lust imved,fashionable .. iH.lt.i_S] knives.
Wh�� nied to leave ttagt hou-t unfinished
for wtnt of mouldings. Edge tnd gran.
flooring of firs' quali'v, will "t'aear three
Hours made of fl.i grain Window sasl
made to order
For the ha-st iii i be h .rnesaaiid -addlery
line,as- Kar.'.-k's '-test   nn i.itu.ent.
JUST KM t.l . ��:i.
A fall atock of up to date gondi In
���npply tht   Hirneu  ind Saddlery
trade of Nicnla dittriet. Call   or
und your orders for
Harness, Saddles,
Saddlery Hardware,
Horse Clothing, etc.
Specialty made of Cowboy Outfit..
Horseshoing done in a
first class manner. Careful attention given to this
branch of the business.
All Work Guaranteed
Don't   Keep Hens
 Make Then.   Keep You	
Chatham Iiiciihhtnra.irt' made In ttanada
and there arc thou-a.nl. in ll-t, giving BR.
tire saii-fnciio... Kvtry machine giurau
teed. Now Isihe time ti commence wnrk
and net your carl, chd kins. Hirds hatched
earlv in Marr.ii are worth Ihree times as
much as birds ha'i'N'd in Ma) or June.
Prices snd Catalogue nn Applicailnn.
Accountant, Coniniias.in. Insurance
and Oeneral Agent.
Main "ai reel Kamloopa
All kinds of Watch, Clock
tnd Jewelry reiaurs d ne tn
ti.st class order and satisfaction guaranteed. Ail mrtk
entrusted to uur care will lie
completed and returned without delay.
W. tl. ( Atiriil.1,1. A CO.,
C. 1'. R. Time Inspectors. Kamloops
A_ O.  F
COURT NICOLA, Nn. -SSI, A.O. ��.. meets
second and fourth Friday In each mnnrb
at I p...... In I'.mley's Hall.    Visiting brethren
cordially Invited.
R_V  (1. MiHOH. C. R.
VV. OoRiioN Murray, Sec.
Prwebvtertan Church, Nioola Uke-   8er
floes ever? Heboath et II a. m, aad 7 _��� a rr> ���
Mbit elase ant Sabbath Hrhool, ��:._) p.m.
Rav. (linnet Mstflw,
HresbvterlsD t asusr
Rav. Jomv Pra,
Methodist I'asUir,
Methodist Church, lower Nicola: Divine
service every lord's Day et I p.m. end T _t p.m
Sunday school at I p.m.
Joan Pra.
Methodist Minister.
Oaoasa ilaon.
Presbyterian Minister
Church of Bnglaod.-Chnrob of Ht. John
Baptist, Nioolt:
Morning, Holy Communion- II o'clock
livening prayer.   7.15.
Ash Wednesday
Morning prayer and Comrainatiwi service
II --look.
<_ttur_ar ssoraiug II a.m. Ht Malthais Day.
Accountant and Auditor
"-.niporary nlfice -Stewert't htaga   Rig
Barrister, Notary Public &c.
iirtii ial Administrator
Oflee.   Co'nmerelal Rlonk, east, of Poet Office.
Kamloops, B. C.
���010   Westn.luster  Road
Headquarters fnr
Oarden, Flower and Field Seedi.
New cpip nnw in s'.ck and on test in
..ur greenhouses. Ask your on reliant f. .i
���i.e.ii in sealed packages. If be doei no'
handle them, we will mail 50 asmttei'
j Si* packages nf vegetable and fl .��er seed-
(nur own a lei'iimi, suitable for B. 0 gar
lens) for e���.It} Special pricea m youi
''U'k seeds
II. <. Drown Slurs ol Fruit and
Orn-mrulHl Trrra.
Now ready f'.r spring ahi' men'.  Kitr-
nice stuck nf���
2 and 3 year old apple t reet at |_0 per 100
ll.ll per IIKIO.
Majn-rd I'l.im (1 00
I sllim Prune. 2 year fine f_5 per li.
rjiigur I'liini   2year, tine$.'t0 per 1011
Full list of other s'ock at regular price-
j No eipeiise, loss or delay of immigration
or inspection.
���    Dririilioi-e Plant". Floral Work. Ree Hup
i pile", fruit I'arkages, F. miners, etc.
Le' me price ymir lut before  ordering.
Catalogue Free
3010 Westminster Koad,       VanohUVIR, B. C
Every business man
should hriveone.
iqo6 All styles and
Canadian and Whittaker'a Almanac's
Uaeful iiifiiiuiation for all.
Kami.una and Vernmi
John D. Swanson, B. A.
Barrister, Solicitor and   Notary Public
Office:   Rest nf the Canadian Rank of Com
merce. south side of Victoria street, Kamloops.
Money to loan on real estale security.
Land Mining and Oenecal Supply ___rta
Mlalag eoBtraetore,!farm machinery, buggies,
entters, sleighs eto. Heed for our list of farm
and raining properties. Reports on mining properties through the District Cable address
'Annuo" Codes: llr-inhell, More.ug _ Neal,
A. R. C. 4th
Werehouse- Canford. Nicola Valley. B. C.
All kinds of repair work dona in e
neat tnd tatiifictory minner tnd io short
Wc are now prepared to take
orders for suits made by Campbell Mfg. Company, Montreal
See the   New  Goods which
have arrived���._____.
Ladies' Waist
Spot Muslins.
Dress Goods,
Table Oil Cloth,
ower Nicola, B. C.
Jos. Richards,      -      Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men for the Nicola
District.  First class accommodation
for travelers and tourists.
Oood stUMIng In Oa-U-ectlen Telephe-ie Ooaaeav���oa


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