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The New Westminster Times Feb 11, 1860

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["Y&UU.T  [St   XOVJ
"1 &
[Price Is.
[From the Victoria Gazette of Feb. S.]
■We have this day inserted in our columns
R-anililing letter from the Rev. Mr. Pringle,
Bin has now (Ii<clo-*cd to tlie public liisanony-
^B>''<'- signature     ■• *--.■■
■Tin-pui-jinfl of  tin-  communication  is so
lng"<.' . the want of point S3 lamentable, that
Hit-   c'li-'li'   Wnttbl   lll'ViT  llUVC   ln-i'll    i I.M'l'U'li-
ppit •: : for  impartiality
^B&. in this iiir-tancc overcome our iiicliiiiiti'ni
^B ileal with it as nut* editorial discretion
PPc>■;!'! nii.i'i' properly have induced ii;—tin-
columns of the Press should not be filled
t!i uniustructive and unintoresting effusions,
ie semblance of intent, contained in the
Gentleman's confused production is ap-
lir-t. tu show that Capt. -'iosst-t did
nis appointment to his own merits,
character ho acquired in the Lands
cs Department and Council of Cey-
ndly. to hint at disagreeables be-
Moody.and Capt. Gosset,—thirdly
of brotherly love, which well befits
English lergyman,) by raking up thc
iering embers of some past difference, l
ed that very hatred, malice, and all
ritablcncss, against which wesupposcdl
te to preach,—and by example as well
precept, to convert into Peacej and
to prove thai Capt. Gosset has done
gfor British Columbia, and Col. Moody
ii ('apt. (rosset has, or has no
i Columbia, it may be c
work  ^^^^^
those of an Entrinecr or Surveyor,
--- -'-"■
or IHE
American Temperance Hotel,
Vatcs street. Victoria. V. 1
0;'the  individual acts of valor and devotion with
which such a ■ is replete, how in anv i ^^ 	
servatlonl-whilst the mention of other; often Rives I>    «■ BACKUS will sell at Public Auction, on «c j*p0
.... J7. count of whom 11 may concern, at his sales-room,   I)   Board, per Week, wilh Lodgings.
est men, to whom the write] Ja(  ,.    Victorii       i Saturday, the 25th of "^
do honor.   At any risk, however, we musl  narrate an February next, at  )2 o'clock, noon, tbe British Ship
two, illustrative of the seal and devot   ti 521 tons register, with aU bcr appurtcnancw
glorious Bght.  When thc Cormorant:! as she now lies moored in Schick Harbor, W. T,
i   good  service of silencing, in four     Tsaus:—Ten per cent cash on the .lay of sale,
the i   itrc cavalier, the admiral, Ivine on his cot, ::-' balanci - i thi Monday following, when the bil
- .1..   .-Ill   I .... A~
I* Harbor, W. T
 ^^^^^_^^_ bill ol
was so struck with the accuracy ofthe aim that be >iih; will be ready.   ^^^ ,„-_«iu«,
. . sent an aid-de-camp forward to obtain th,      The Gomelta has a full poop deck, and a top-gallant
b     e   I thi captain of the gun.   The messenger found forecastle
worthy cor).oral Oiles at the full extent   of his triggt I
Inventory at the Auctioneers office.
Foi .-.ilc
Washington Restaurant,
fT\HE ABOVE RESTAURANT on Government street.
between Vatcs and Johnson streets, having lieen
prepared to supp
f all its old customers and such new one
3rough I
it done for
line, the gun 1 aded anil run out* his whole mind •.ins
intent upon one object—hitting his enemy. '-Muzzle
right!'1 said tbe honest marine. "Who fired those
inl sed the messenger, " the admiral wonts
to know." •• Well I" shouted the man to his crew, mi- -
ding, "I did, Sir" (to the officer). "Elevate!"
•■ What's your name ?" rejoined the messenger. " John ;
i'ilc:," sanl tin- marine. leaning back, shutting one eye,
am! looking along tbe sights of the gun, his left hand
_ ng up mechanically to the saluti—"John Giles, corporal. Weill" (this to his crew)—"Second company"
(to the officer)—"Ready!—Woolwich division I—Fire!
Sponge and loa I!—1 beg your pardon, Sir—No. 1275.''
We need ni i add that the worthy corporal was far
more intent upon his work than mindful of the kind
compliment bis admiral was paying him, and his best
reward was thc hurrah of hi> guu-mates as they
watched the shot plunge into the enemy's embrasure.
" Opossum ahoy 1" hails a brother gun-boat; udo you
know youi stern-frame i.- all on fire?"—for smoke and
flame were playing round one end of thc little craft,
whilst from the other end she was spitefully firing at
the foe. -- Bother the fire I" was the rejoinder ; " 1 am
not going to knock off pitching into these blackguards!
for any I irning  stern-posts.    No  men   to  spare,  old —■—
!.<,. |» - Worry hard hit, Sir!" remarks the boatswain fT^OWN LOTS IN VICTORIA AND ESQUIMALT, and
• thi Lee to hcr...gallant commander; •- the shipisj j« Farming Lfcud&dispo.$e.d.of &t public aud private
making a deal uf water, and won't float much longer; I Sale. Surveys, Plans, Deeds, Mortgages, and Agree-
;;.-• lonkey-cngines and pumps don't deliver one bucket ments prepared by competent parties attached to the
of water tor ten us comes into her!'' " Cannot do nice. Merchandise, Household Furniture, kc, dis-
morc than we nre doing," replies thc commander- ■• it  posed of
....§? 00
....  8 00
.... 0 50
Single Meals 	
Lodging  o r-.ii
Board, per Day, with Lodging  1
Board, per Day   1  00
Blof  Miners  accommodated  with   Mattress  a.,,i   t
place to sleep. Gratis.
• T-rv
corner of Yates and Government streets.
N'DERSIGNED beg? leave to announce to the pub
lic of Victoria and V. 1. ihey have opened th«
■d. is now prepared lo supply the wants
as may be
disposed to give it a trial.
Thc table is always supplied with every delicacy in
season, together with all the substantial requisites for
pood living.
Excellent Cigars always on baud. nH-lm
S E 1. 1 M    I' R A N K L I N    .t
VatCS street. Victoria.
C O.,
T. A. Monkhouse, P. Torquei.
S. Aitken, C. R. Sto-iger.
STEAM ENGINE   BUILDERS, Boiler Makers.   Iron
Founders, and General Engineers, Eirst Street, near
G»   Works. San Francisco.
Steamboat Machinery- built and repaired : also, Saw.
Flour, and Quartz Mills. Pumping and Mining Machinery, kc. kc.
Proprietors of Morse's Patent Eire Grates.
Right lo  Manufacture Tyler's  Patent  .Scroll Water
E. 11. King.
 Airent in Victoria.
impossible to get at the shot-holes from  inside, aim
lifficu.lt to define   ' will not order men to dive outside with shot-plugs, in
. .  .    this  strong  tide-way,  and  whilst I  am  compelled to
uf :i '.1 reasurer cannot be so visi- keep tlie ,,ri,,1(,i](.r revolving/    •■ There's no way to
till keep the ship afloat, Sir I" urged Mr. Woods, "and if
|you please. Sic. I'd  like to fro about that  ere job mv-
■• As yoii volunteer I'll not object, Woods," said I
•but remember, it is almost desperate
Advances made on Coxbicinsients
Gold Dust Purchased.
ire opportunities of judging of a man,'*
duties in thc  bureau,   or in  thc field, thee                    but remember, it,is almost.desperate |mHE UNDERSIGNED invites the attention of the
.    . ., , ,i    . l ;       j,   ,    work : vou see how lhc tide is runninc. and that I must,   f     .,.,, ,,n-   ,    „„i,ii i    .,„,„.,„.   ,-.     . ,„,:    i...
in anv   it  swell known, that   is i vu- ,         *             ,                -,-..■        «■      i         L   travelling    midic, and strangers In   particular,
"•••'.',,              •        I     ,i ,      k«=P jewing ahead to maintmn station.    ^'» I'^-'i to   the n.cii of   ,l,i.   inmse.     It   was established
 "•nmo-tbobi-iiscr river bv the esta-  the chance of being drowned, and. it caught by the|under tue   uftien,   raRnallementi on tll0   first  dlty
^     if n'li'llllii;'  tu-    l-'l-tlSl'l" 1'IVl'I
.'.-Blishlliel'.t  ul'll t'llstuliis    IIhUm'    nil it
i*|jjegan within six weeks nf his urrival   in   the
fnv—that ire bus never ceased to urge the
nva) nfTJntisli ('iiluniliinn officiara to their I
it the same time admitting, what   no
ider the present management, on tho lirst day
uf January, '56, as a FIRST-CLASS IIOTEL, in every
The Lessee-ad Manager, with a del' -ney not wishing
to encroach upon thc merits ot  other bouses, cannot
an contravene, t
1 Secretary and
he necessity for thc
Treasurer's presence
the chance ol being drowned, and if caught by the
screw-, you arc a dead man." " Well, Sir I" said Woods,
looking us bashful as if suing for some great favor—"I
knows all that, und as f. ras chances of death go, why,
it. is • much of a muchness' everywhere just now ; and
done.      wooos aceormng-y ..ruug.ii up l«h, u« »>»*-| h,u, been received bv it (Usain-^wtuig t
men s clothes, tore it open, wrapped frocks and trousers I ,,.„,,],. increasing patronage of the first respectability.
showing conclusively the superior mode in which this
;,t ] up mc sum notes.    Again aim again uic p„i„„ ,c.i„„ |     „ is contlgUOtlS to all of the  most popular places ol
you will keep nu   eye upon  mo.  I'll try what can boj but WSajfthe marked favor wilh which  bis enterprise
une.      V. oo.ls accordingly brought up a  bag ot sea- , ,,lls bwm nv)ivti ,JV , discrin-i-mting public, in n con-
I round wooden shot-plugs, lied a rope's end round his
C o- j waist, nud dived under the bottom of the Lee to stop -|'(')(
thc shot holes.    Again and agnin thu irallant fcllowl
I weiu down, escaping Irom the st
if the screw as it;
iiniiseinent. the principal thoroughfares, the fashioua-
t ofgovemmentr-that to Capt. Cosset |,;;■;,,;;,,,;:;,,".yrJK ,,11™ ™„c «,, »^r'V^^^1!ib!c'imm.^^^
I'itish Columbia entirely owe ner
' which   is  on  the   c
s;iv l.irain-li m
5tu enough  nl t'nis—liis broad views on
cts, generally have gained  him a  high
in the estimation of British Columbians,
pir object in this article  is  not   to
Iparisons  between   ('
surer—the  public has  formed  ;'    own
jinn nf both gentlemen, and re orded it—
WO eim]'iy wi-!i '" juiint   fill   that    the   Rev.
'ringle's epistle  is not   "Gospel" nor
it i s in danger of that intorprctaton, for
bitains but the sentiment of an individual
iscd in its whole tenor to tho views of tho
jses, and has so militant a smack about  it
^the Divine's .signature might reasonably
Jubtcd.    "We wish but to show that  these
mus did nol   err, when   they  spoke   the
les voice in former issues, ami that " Ten-
Itosquito" is not so  much   mistaken  as
h'inirlc dreams.
mint, I length of his line, having been swc|il tin-re by the tide
Hi- exertions, however, were not successful, although
he stopped as imui)  ns twenty-oight-shot  boles: und
I thc noble little Lee was soon found to be in a sinking
condition. The Kestrel, with her colors Hying, and
slill lighting under the gallant lieut.-commandcr Bcvan,
went down in her station at 5.40 p. in., and affairs began to look very serious: yet the last thing thought of
was defeat. One gun-boat swings en 1 on to a raking
battery, and a shot immediately sweeps away all tho
Moody   and   thc Imen from one side of her bow-gun, us il a scythe had
' passed Lb rough them.
" This is what they call a ratification, Billy ! ain't il?"
remarks the captain ot the gun lo one of the survivors ;
and raising his right arm, red with the blood of his
slaughtered comrades, be cursed in course but honest
phrase tho folly and false humanity which in tho previous year had allowed thc mandarins to march off almost unscathed, "whilst he was a-looting brass-guns
for the 'fooleries " (Tuilerios) Phirrl came along a bar-
shot and a mass of wood-work and splinters knocked
over and almost buried a commander and master of one
ofthe gun-boats. Tho remaining officer, a warrant ollicer, rushes up and pulls liini' from under the wreck.
Though severely bruised, neither was, happily, killed.
"All right, I hopes, Sir!" rubbing them down—" Iffrs
all sound, Sir!—ah ! you will got your wind directly—
but you must move on, Sir; if you don't, they arc sure
to hit you. 1 wasjusl telling the chaps forward tho
same thing—shots never bit a lively mail, Sir—and dear
mc, don't they work our bow-gun well: that's right, lads!
that's right I" urged thc outhusiastic gunner—"keep
horgoingl Lor I if old Hastings could have soon Hint
shot, Jim, hc'il have given you nothing to do at tho Admiralty for all the rest of your born day.-."
days since we published 11 brief synopsis of a
|e delivered by Professor Anderson,  the  Wizard.
his audience at the Upern House—tho subject
'Tho   Dumbuggcry  of Spiritism."    II  appears,
proclamation of Benjamin Franklin, transmit-
|oin the spirit land through the medium of Miss
May, that Professor Anderson did on thai oc-
jlve great offense to tho spirits composing the
er Central Circle," and it is proposed to assemble
|ievers in spiritualism at Musical Hull at. an curly
• consider a plan to avert the evil effects of 'flu's denunciations.   Aa live oojititto be gained is
great consequence,   the   distinguished  spirits
ling   Professor   Hare's  great,  circle at I'liiladel-
1855, will be present on tho occasion.    These
jiil lo bo the spirits of Georgo Washington, J. Q,
William Henry   fiHrris-on,  Andrew  Jackson,
IClay, Benjamin Franklin, Win. Channing, II. L,
I, Isaac Newton, Lord Byron, Martha Washington,
, C. Brodorick,
jinaiiilcslo is addressed to thc believers in spiril-
on the Pacific coast.    It says :
icy arc invited to take into consideration tho libel
ir faith, and malicious aspersions of their spirit
j uttered nightly by the magic man at tho Opoih
Very serious injury being likely to result from
nnd  violent attacks (mark  tho alliteration—
Krulont, and vicious vituperations would have
Biter,) on the. doctrines of the spirit world, and
spread of spiritualism, the influence of which
iI'ulure destiny of our race will be greater than
unity itself."
0, now ; is it not time that something should be
0 overawe Ihe Professor? As Mr. Rikor would
The Wizard, this sort, of thing has been going
enough, nud must be Stopped ; and it is lor
liison that it bus brcii resolved " to call a con-
if the superior spiritual circle, to learn from
through the best medio, present, thc antidote to
Igiclan's venom," and to smoke out '-ihe evil
I'ho have possession of Anderson's table."—S.
VATBS STIUSET, vieI'oui.l.
"\TT110LESALB   and   RETAIL   Dealers    in   Bonis
\\      Shoos, Leather, nnd Findings,of every description.    Also —Ladies' Shoes, of all kinds. n8-'lin
il at all limes, the most Hnsiii.uu.i: Srori'iNti Place roll
Kamii.iks ami Sinole iIcxtlkman. during their stay in
San Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, $'.l.Tiii per day.
The •' International Hotel Coach" is in attendance ut
all hours, lo convey Passengers to aud Iroin the Hotel,
lor SUHi each including baggage. ol8-tc
rl'ST RECEIVED and for sale
2500 lbs Hergius Celebrated Family Soap ;
400 lbs English White do
BOO lbs French Sperm Candles;
fiilil lbs New /.ante Currants ;
200 lbs candied itron ;
.SO doz. California Corn Brooms, assort'd sizes
Sail Salmon iu COlfks for export.
d.l-tc Cor. Govornmont and fates street
Salt Spring Island Store
ubscribor having received consignments of
Flour, Groceries, and Provisions, Dry Goods,
Hardware, &C, will open tt BtOrO at his Farm oil Si\il-
sprlng Island, about tlio 15th inst. All goods will be
sold for cash, at Victoria prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such us shingles, deer, grouse,
furs, kc, taken in exchange lor goods.
Positively no credit will bo given.
N. B. Choice  kinds of  Fruit 'frees, ki
hand and for sale at reasonable rates.
.1. BEGG.
., always on
[8UCCESSOR  TO  o'.MKAIIA  .1-   1'AlNTKIl)
rpitlANKFOL for tho past favors shown the latej
;j linn, would respectfully inform Printers that owing
to increased facilities, and recent Instructions from tho
Foundry, ho is now prepared to sell Plain and Ornamental Type, Presses, Printing Material, Paper, Cards,
and Printer's Stock generally. 133 Clay-street, near
Sttnsomc, San Francisco. j29-3m
JOHNSON STREET, near Colonial Brewery,
Skins of nil  descriptions carefully and quickly prepared, and made up.
Buck Skins suitable for Moccassins,
do do   straining quicksilver,
do do   lacing machinery belting,
Buck Skin clothing renovated.
T. J, P, ha- invented a process for taking thc animal
smell from skins and lius.
" We have used the lacing leather manufactured by
Thos. J. Pigott, and found it superior to anything wc
have used of Eastern nianul'actiire.
Pacific. Foundry, May ."ith, 1858.
Buckskin and nlber Leathers renovated.
Furs Bought and Hold on Commission.
Jf-jy* A Buck Skin Graincr wanted, t!12-tc
and recent arrivals:
50 boxes Candles,,
100 bbls .Self-Raising and Golden Gate Flour,
.'liiiio lbs Bacon (choice),
25 firkins Hope Butter,
20 sucks Java Culfee,
'.'."i bags Rio Coffee,
lu chests Superior Black Tea,
20 bids Crushed Sugar,
Lobsters, Oysters,
Worcester Sauce, ,1 i 11 Lard,
Pickles, Syrup, kc kc,
In store and for sale at low rates by
Yates street, near Waddington.
N. P..—A choice lot of Fiif.su Uutteii for Family uso.
rilHE Rkv. W. F. CLARKE bogs to announce that it
S is his intention to open on Monday next, thc 9th
list., in tho Congregational Lecture Room, near the
Episcopal Church, an Academy, where a limited number of Young Ladies and Gentleman, will bo received
for instruction in tbe ordinary branches of a thorough
English education.
The morals of iho pupils will be carefully guarded,
and while no denominational tenets will be inculcated,
'die religious faculty will not be neglected.
Hours of tuition 10 to 12, and 1 to 3.
Strict punctuality will bo enforced, and uo deduction
made for lost time.
Terms S1Q per quarter ot ten weeks, payable invariably in advance.
Victoria, V. I., Jan. 1st, 1860. 1'Mm
New style noiseless
F A M l L Y   S E W1 N G    M A C HIN ES,
From St.") upwards.
r|*MlEV were awarded Two Premiums at tbe Stale
\ Fair! One for Machine sewing, and the only
Premium for Fancy Quilting and Embroidery,
Tiiksf, Macuinss sew from two spools, as purchaCPd
from the store, requiring no rc-wlcding of thread, and
finishing each seam by their own operation .without
recourse to the hand needle, as is required DJ other
machines. On account of their simplicity, durability
ease of management, and adaptation to all varieties O
family sowing, llicy execute either heavy or tine work
with equal facility, aud without special adjustment.
The New Machines introduced by the
Are of elegant linisli, anil their operat' in is rapid anil
very quiet. The BASS with which thev -.an be managed
is a distinguishing feature, and the >'..ich is the strongest
handsomest, and most clastic of any made.
Send for a circular.    All Machines Warranted.
ILK,   COTTOX,   XKKDLB3,    BT0.,    foXSTANTt.V    OX   IIANP
R. G. BRTVWN,,Agent,
magnificent Dry Goods *tore on the corner of Yates
ami Government Street -. where we arc prepared to offer
a complete assortment of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
comprising   Linens,  .-''ilks,  Delaines,  Prints,  Pwpliftf
.Verinos. Flannels, shawls, Mantillas, Embroideriei, ot
every description, and trimmings.
An  assortment of Gents' Furnishing Coods,  carpels,
Drugget and /Watting, all of which will be sold at the
lowest market prices.
New- goods received by ev'vy conveyance
The public aresolii Ittd local! and examine our stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
New Dry Goods store corner of Yates and Government streets. dG-to
70R SALE, ox
Just arrived.
10 hhds Jeffry's Celebrated Kdinburgh Ale,
20 casks Bvass's Ale. in Pints.
till-1 m
18 Moiitgaiqery street,     \
fwtt Francisco
JL puny arc now prepared lo execute orders for Re-
liiied Loaf and Crushed Sugars for export, at the current prices ruling for Eastern Refned sugars, thc
purchasers receiving the benefit oT the tlrawba.'k allowed by the United State? Government of one and a
halt cent? per pound upon the quantity so exported.
Applv to BOND A HALF., Agents,
nl'i-tc fill and ill Sansomo st. San Francisco.
Under the especial patronage ol
//cr   Majesty the (Jucen,  II.   R.   II.   Prince  Albert,
The  court and   Royal   Family  of Great  Britain,  the
several sovereigns of Europe, nnd universally
preferred and esteemed.
Rowlands' Macassar Oil.
Is justly renowned throughout the world for its re*
uiarkiililc virtues in nourishing, preserving, and beautifying the Human Hair. For children it is especially
recommended, as forming the basis of a beautiful head
of buir, and rendering the use of tbo lino-comb unnecessary.—Price ,is. lid. and Is. Family Bottles (equal
to four small) U>.». Oi/., and double that size, 21s, per
Intkkkstini; Fact.—Tho following singular udau
tlicnlie 1 use of restoration of lhc human hair is vorlhy
of observation, more particularly as It relates to an article of high and universal h uite during the last hall
century.   Mr. A. Herrmann, 01'Queon street, Soho, had
been quite bald for some lime past. 1111,1 bad tried var'-
011s preparations for the recovery of his hair, but without any bonelioial result. Ilc was then induced tu try
the effects Of "Rowlands' Macassar Oil;" and after
daily applying il for about two months, he, much to
his gratification, had his hair quite restored, and now
possesses a beautiful bead of hair. This fact speaks
too strongly foi itself to require Comment,—Bell's Weekly Messenger,
Rowland's Hair Wash.
A preparation from the choicest Oriental Herbs, ol
peculiarly mild and detersive properties. It pleosltiglj
and effectually cleanses the hair and skin iif the Head
from scurf and ev, ry species of impurity, and imparts
a delicate fragrance, It is particularly recommended
to be used alter Bathing, as it will prevent tbe probability of catching cold lu the bend, nnd will render the
hair dry In a few minutes.     Price .'I', id, per bottle.
Rowland's Kalydor.
An Oriental Balsamic preparation of unfailing efficacy in thoroughly purifying the skin from all Pimples,
Spots, Blolclies, Redness, Freckles, Tan. and Discoiora-
tions ; in producing a healthy trcshness nud transparency of Complexion, and ti softness and delicacy of the
hands and arms. During thc heal and dust of summer,
or frosts and bleak winds of winter, und in cases ol
sunburn, stings of insects, chilblains, chapped skin, or
incidental Inflammation, its virtues have long and extensively been acknowlcdgad. Price 4j. (id. and 8j. 6rf
per bottle.
Rowland's Odonto,
A White Powder, composed oft thc choicest and
most recherche ingrcdiouts of the Oriental Herbal, of
inestimablo virtue in preserving anr' beautifying the
T*oih, strengthening the Gums, and in rendering the
b:".-a!!: Street Hnd pure.    Price is. fid. per box.
FOR the greater convenience of tho public, the
Vocno Mk\s' CnnisTiAN Association havo removed their Reading Room to the trout room on tha
ground Moor ofthe house of Dr. Dickson, opposite tho
Bastion. Government street.
The public arc invited to become subscribers to this
room, on the table ot which will be found the 7Vm«,-
Ttluttrttttd .'.',..-,«, Saturday Raiew, Athenaeum, Record,
Wiitchncv, Patriot, Scotsman, Melbourne Argus, A'ew
)' rk IL 1 old. Wttklg Bulletin, Montreal Witness, Victoria
Gazette, British Colonist, New Westminster Times, and
oihcr newspapers,
The room is comfortably furnished and will ho found
a pleasant resort iu which to spend a leisuro hour.
Open from 5 to 10 o'clock, every evening, Sundays excepted. Subscription six shillings, or ono dollar and a
half per quarter.
Tho Secretary* will be iu attendance every Monday
and Thursday evening, from 6 to Y o'clock, to receive
subscribers names,
N. B. Donations of Nowspnpcrs, Mngiuiuos, or Books
thankfully received.
dJ-lui" JOHN COOPER, Sec.
 .—   1    ■ ■         »^»~,—4m  ■- ■ m ■«,,
I   V V   \T£A-M ENGINE-
A  N 8-llornc  Power  High   Pressure   Engine,     Wi
j\    Boiler and Connections, complete,
For sale India ROBERTSON STEWART * Oo.
r[ 1(1 K Lower portion nf the Brick Building occupied
|^    by tho At:*-  IFii.-miwttr Titau Office, in rearol
Stationer's Hall.   Applv to
ns-tc Messrs, HIBBEN & CARSWELL.
QARAH FLOOKS.—Should ibis meet the eye oftho
j^ above, who married LOKN Mcllov, on communicating with Edward Flooks, Melksham, Wiltshire,
England, or wilh Job il. Flooks, II. M. s. Tribune, Esquimau, Vancouver Island, she will hear of something
to her advantage. dl0-3t t
Commission   Merchant,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia street, New Westminster,
^British Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always roady for 500 to 1000'
tons Merchandise; consignments received, duties
paid, uml all order! for the in,nes for Flout, Bacon,
Ik'iins, aud other goods immediately attended to.
Great advantages accrue to parties importing direct
to New Westminster, Who will meet with immediate salr
fur cargoes of staple goods. d7-tc
R. E. .M\LLAN'DAIMi, Architect, of ovor thres
 years' experience in tuition, son of tho late Col.
Jul)n Mullandaini', II. E. I. 0. S., takes tho opportunity of
Informing Parents and Guardians, and the general resi-
dents of Victoria, British Columbia, and California, that
lie has purchased the above School of Mr. J. Silversmith.
In assuming the sole direction, aud while culling attention to the great advantage of his central situation, Mr.
E. Jl. would state that it is his intention to receive, as
usual, children of both sexes—and instruct in all the
elementary branches of an English education : the girls,
in addiUOn, being 'aught Plaiu Xcile-Work, by a ccm-
petentteacher, whose attendances, M. has secured.
More advanced pupils will be instructed in regular
courses in Penmanship, Declamation-, Arithmetic,
French. English and French Composition and Grara»
mar, English and American History, Geography,
and finally, in the Elements of Euclid, Natural Philosophy, Chomisiry and Astronomy.
Private lessons in any of the above ; also in Drawing, Mensuration, Elementary Algebra, and the principles of Architecture and Design.
For terms and further particulars see Prospectus,
which ma v be had on application to
Ni B.—Evening School also from 4 till 7 p. m., and 8J
till 10, for tho convenience of adults, or children engaged during the day.
MM. les Prancais soot invites a fairs un cours d'Anglais le soir ou a envoyer a I'ecolo lours enfants, a quo
Ion aoprendra en outre, la GTcmmaire et rHistoiw
FrancuBU^B j-i-lm
important Information. j 'jtiftAV nvmew
Unprincipled Shopkeepers, for the- sake, of getting a I -IOOA1   vae r xv-x-,
triflo more profit, vend the most spurious compounds,', YATES STREET, VICTORIA, V. I.
under tbo same nnmes.    lt is therefore highly necessary I , „„ .,   ,,,
M?SihrtX*wJrt »Rowtod8," h,o-i th.-wn-.pr-t.*' a|.TITAB0HAND * CO, Amym of Gold, Silvered ,
each itruote,    eom-ty ••<■«>•*',  B^H
K. ROWLAND k SONS, 20 Hattc~, Garden, London
And bv Chemists and Perfumers.
ll_ . ores of every description, ^Go'l'd and Sifter
assajts made, and returns given wkiiiogjx hoiw*ia mint
or com, at. the eprios flf the 4*po«iW-.      .-.-dlS-f—
i    '
■    '•   '
~ '"%-'•
Sljipping Intelligence.
Feb T—schr Marion. Boyle. Sooke.
schr Speck, GriSth. Por; Townsend.
schr Lizzie Roberts, Ure, Port Townsend.
str Eliza Anderson tJushnell. Port Townsend.
Feb S—sir  Pacific. Patterson, Sau  Francisco   and
Bark Senator, Slocoiab. put back water-logged.
schr Carolena, Jones. Port Townsend.
schr Flying Mist. Berry. Port Townsend.
Feb 9—sloop Get-up-and-Ger,  Lloyd,  Port  Town-   ,
schr Gen. Harney.Roeder. Port Townsend.
Feb 4—schr Langley, Dolholt. Nanaimo.
schr Kossuth, Foster, Port Townsend.
Feb 5—schr Victoria Packet. Cole. Nanaimo.
schr Colonist. Thain, Port Townsend.
schr Amelia, Thornton. Port Townsend.
Feb 3—schr Lalla Rookh, Rogers, port Townsend.
Feb 4—schr Cadboro, Briggs, Port Tewnsend.
Feb 7—schr D L Clitch. Bunker. New   1\ <.:*.:...*.-*
schr Speck, Griffith, Port Tow.-. -
Feb 6—str Pacific, Patterson. San Francisco,
bark Chars Deveus. Hoag, Port Townsend.
str Eliza Anderson, Bushnell. New Westminster.
16 skiffs and canoes, with  upwards of 90 nun I
for Xew Westminster.
Feb 6—schr Kossuth. Foster. Porl Townsend.
Feb T—?tr Otter, Mouat. New Westminster.
str Eliza Anderson, Wright. New Westminster.
Fab a—Lalla Rookh. Rog< rs, Port T< n i send.
Feb 4—schr Langley, Dolholt, Nanaimo
schr Eoss ith, Foster, N ... limo.
schr l> ii Clinch, Banker, San Francisco.
(appeared that tae compl
! shelter, bnl not being coi
he decani] - '.. * iking th«
■ Dempster, and
i and beans of Mr. D.    li?
: bacon tl
to  Mr.
Shirper,  the   -Cheap John"
i ::e I;
auctioneer c:i Johnson
.tree*, and ^ve them to him to sell by public sale. Thejnnderg    .
i rifles were identified, btu "Cheap John    found  il core fresh s«
i rather a dear transaction,  having to  pay  over   the  is nndersi
amount a sec ad :::ue tor which the rifles were sold,    |tbc w-.-.
The magistrate committed ihe prisom r,    who made      ***...
j no defence e-tcept that Binder b  .  lent him bis rifle, fcharge ofthe
I but did not direct him to -.     it,   '   be tried al the from 1   ■• I v
.-.   •-.-  .- -..       .    .  having stolen J persons
- --..::. i teriai :■ .'    -
a -.-.:•: r. nrsES and en ' sin
The plaintiff in this case sued for $37  for labor on (faction at thi
the schooner  Black Hawk, as a caulker.    Hynes whoItorn Hon    .-
I was the conlracter,  employed  Home, and after con-j things I    tl
I siderable demur admitted  the  debt.   An  appli ation  heard mecti
outer things, wi
icy are  waiting  * -
oronern in
ears lo  oe .
i which the busim
was made f-j
- Artachm
beries. wr.
-:. -   .
_■-: - -= •
I Victoria  <
an i
immediate p-nment.  but the defendant
I  the owners nf the  Black  Hawk
was allowed 9 days to pay it in.    H  rne,
"... I—from information he \.
H   -     •■ ...  -    and like mar.;       -  -
.-. .....*. I an indulgence, le.i\-.- the .-.:.:-
I our Legislature will enai *
La   .   *    * will prevent these petti t    -
Wednesday, Feb. -*h.
ith.-. was brought  up th
■r concerned in ihe  robbe
iu our issue of last We
who has
i      I, .v.. '. wi:
I fiudtl
ill I)
the meeting of only one as compared to
f them both.
-. : r • olareing the court house, or. n bat
proper, to erect a new one. is evident to
man here,   as the  present   fantastn
>ioking arbor of a court house, [ol      irse
e to the prisoners io be there,) is most
II   ing nearly surrounded "by tries, re-
. -   all summer retreat in Kensington, or
I :.     ■:- but little on the  discerning
...r.    Fancv  setting a trellis Bark
private r    ■:.-   I th    Magistrate, in
:      -'•'■. being built of wood, can be
-    that  trans* ires  in.  the court- (alias
refi  suing to a family to be obliged to
as they are brought on. more particularly
them  be for criminal  offences, and it
. ever .--. im    ! b diere there are
reside it magistrate  yon go, still you
hearing the trials.   The court. (I mean
arbor about   12 people, and should any
'.   .- of ..  irii g tl    ■ . :- they have to
•    -rails  . . :  *.  His    ■ irk. much  tothe
there were about
ind I c
i take
can be
illjc litto aOLstminstcr turns.
o a
ge preferred by an
indigested conclusions, simple assertions, b-.-enmade in tl
ii        •   _ ,*• -      •       .- a .sufficient.    Wei
and vulgar invective are no en tenon of sound1
'1 he question which has agitated the public of Victoria for the last  forty-eight  hours
is whether the tax ot live dollars per head on   v':
all beasts of burden laden with merchandise, ,;..-.
leaving Yale and Douglas for the interior,  i>  ",A
justifiable or not, under present circumstan-  , feces.
Circumstances, indeed, crcs
and what may be exeeedinglj
British Columbia may not suit
land—this tact appears to be lost sight of by
the Colonist, and a vast number of our fellow-
citizens, in at   once  denouncing a measure
affecting British Columbia, before the opinion
ofthe inhabitants of   that colony has been
heard on the subject.
The merchants of Victoria feel indignant
The main proof rested upon the evidence of - ::.
Carey, who had taken tbe boots ofthe  pris  ner,  ai
: compared them with the foot prints on the groan .  a .-
"join interlinr house.     *** **•
ted. and set the e*ri-
impression  hac
Mr. Ring. Barri-t
' dence at *■-.-.-:.  bi as
ring? The answer No I was
es Street, sells at least 500
ne man in five treads his
he heel to the bull of the
pair ot m::::'■-::.:: - -.
boots.from the out.-: le
His Worsii"o intimated that he would se
the cue
y.-.   w:.:i.h Mr. Rirfg strenionsi;   >!>j,
-*   *::emode of arrest: but the Cl
Mr. .-^r.iith. being directed to read :.
o<   the   Peace."  Vol.   I it.    page
bavine   reasonable   groun
goods is by Sei
Sum.iss and tin
Moxdav 30th
Warner R. Sp il
wiiii a - :. .- . .
dent "hivon
td jiirv
iv morning earlv. tc
j! P, presenti I "bei
-:   kes thetl rd   I *'
-. i..- wh i are en le
:ir fitil le  region.   Ma
,te necessities.
desirable  in
Vancouver Is-
! snspec
commif.ed is authorized
without a warrant,  and tn
ouah no felon** bad been commi
Feb. 3 I.—1
ch hied value: when  i
r< p rted in mv last, will not
"In tfcecase ofr-Hobbs-aad-B-sanseomb^" smsm •■ .'
page 420, it is laid down that -if a constable, of hi:
own head takes ft prisoner into  custody or.   snspi ioi
be must, like a private individual prove that a  ■.:..-..
was actually committed by some one.
Mr. Ring contended ihat there must be " reasons^ I
ft   tads 'and that the reasonable grounds, must b«
the personal knowledge of the constabie.  not restin;
:. mere b ■■..-- iv ..- in this case.    He further arg .-.
that the arrest was illegal, no information having
taken upon oath, and no warrent having been  issue
„ I !K'.!
\ lATOK,
. le from th
We have been  furnished by Mr. McDonald with
ng     rresponden e :—
:   ".:■-. c. ii.
*■ Briti h Columbia, kc.
i Continued.)
Albert's flat i3 terminated by a roekr ht„*
Albert's head; from this point I which there hi
ficulty in rounding) to Yaie, a distance of 4 J?,"-
river is very rapid, und  has to be cro«e(j ™ *!
-. e to avoid dangerous spots.   Half an bon^'
■ rings you well  in view of Hill's bar. fkmo,.  !"
rly  history of Fraser   river roininir    Th; \'!
what wns ?ce the bar.  for little remain.^!
been washed and rewashed into Fraser rir»    • '
in  iengi'n, aud at one time supported quite a'
uus community, and a town of no inconsiderj
sprang up on the banks.   The wealth it has
is fabulous : it is quite impossible to <n>» g-™
ofthe pay dirt prospects or the wages attained "
one man -.ybo has stuck to this bar has failed/
ing his pile.    Two large ditches, constructed a
h.-.lvy oatlay, pay well and support 50 sluice-h^
w.it-r   the  bar has  been worked and reworbT
time a greater depth of dirt being reached.  ?, ■
. many that a layer of pay dirt still ei;U
neath the lowest level yet worked, "and that thton
I presume, be acted on in  thc spring.   Kothin?'i
bar now remain? br.t an   unsightly heap of nj.'1
trees; it was also proposed to work the flai M|
back of the bar, as the prospects  of the pav <t"
rt    . lepth promised  well.   .Since  that ev
ever, the .:    in I has been surveyed and toldiaj
:   - .  ly, the work of destruction ^flUj^
--' '."    ■■/■•ci argument which tuJ.,
■    :' theHiU's bar wealth.   BWyJS
■   ,v:i the iry, and as :•-■> men yon meet, wui»«J
: tint.    Hill's bar is  situated  about Ja,iii|(
mile below tbe point where thc entrance to the 1
ir gorges of tbe Fi      - commence, and above tki
■  -'    er i    for many miles  confined
w        .if  rock,   and  both   at Mfi]
■ui Is very rapid and,
lent of gold or a!hr
I the gold fei.
i ; the large4
. the mouth'of He,
-■ depojitirfj
. by the deposit-
■oni its  prison, and,
! began to mwJcri'i]
io its turbid bosom 11]
ning the holder j]
the gold, opinion in
Rocky Mountains! 1
is or passes of the fa
n • -.    Tliis theotT i
boat gold.  Where :>
ind on thc lofty f*L:.
.in I whence that fm{|
- River and  even  to  Langley'
more plausible theory is tb3ii!s>
he Fr.i-t-r  has its  matrix stir, r
■ '■ ■   ring  pold in  niinute ptr.-A
along the  banks of i'i* ri.tr. «•.
•in  which the ^tiM irfoii'uil rij
mpregnated with smiiH graiesofj
why should not this be the 1
linens  ol -,:.:'.?.  which on bei»!
ic;: of gold isjl
s. tbe cun
to have I
emerging fi
ter t.-.iveik
:ie -:iy from
idea of tbe Ca
from other s
: thecri*
r  a   ive L  ti
: iw as the ;
•ither and u
•   mdaUa!
distance.   C
.■-.:.  1 fit
in the matter, perhaps justly so, supposing     CaB0SEBS ts^m^Dr. Dickson,  tbe corone
that tne imposition 01  this tax   wiil  deprive! Vancouver Island, held an in--uest. on Monday las
them of a lar-je portion ofthe trade with  the ;""',L   "    ■ * :-'*:i.*;"v;-'*. ,;-;-—!-u"---,-  - -
0   l had deserted from H. M. es. Tribune.    It apoe.tred
mines, by enabling packers to send in  provi-jdeceased was engaged in the Lake District fell
sions at a cheaper rate to the upper coimtrv!tree5 ■ha,vi?2 cutawajthe roo
J   ascended tee wee tor the d^
1 Wc
to   pull  it dbwn.    H
>ose ot hsi-i-f a rope 1   ind
weight   caused   the   tree
the zrounl with it. re-
and Land offic
ion would t.i
ith the e.vcr-:
..: ten shiUu
se all your i
■nl-* shall we ~et
by way of Ori-ge-n  and the Dalies, but   we ;-
think, that had the possibility oi such a  cir-(wTa---*nil hgfas dashed to
11     -  l  "j-    i  J r. -rs dying suchjWuries that death resulted.    A verdict o
cumstance  existed, the inJla*itantsrof Doug-;acc*.iemal death was returned.   Thedeceas lissai
las, Yale, and other places in British   Colum-.» fa^ve been the son of a butcher in Sussex, E igi
bia who  petitioned for the  construction   of!    B-jiwtajaT.—Another attempt tras made a night
1 two since, to plunaer tne house of Mr. !. ox near L
tlus trail, ana snggested the levying of this. Dodd's. bat fortunately nothing of conseqnen .
toll, would have been the first to have   seen5 ~ke=-   The entrance was effected by forcing    •
.... , . , , , ,  back door,
the disadvantages which such a  tax  would     _    _   .   . .,„,     IT  .,    „
!    The Enzine house 01 tae Hook ani Ladder Companv
place them under, it they Were SO great as we u certainly a pretty building, but of what nseis the bell
are told in the Col-jaini they are.     - enclosed so that three-fourths ofthesound is wit his
„.,     T-        .        , - . 1 , . I the belf.-rv.
The Tietenans have, mstandy condemned    Weare gfad to ^^ in fle ......   ?.._.;
this tax with loud lamentations of the injust-ira/a a iettersigned **>yen!o"   condemning, in st
ice which would be done to the miners by its Krm* theeondwt of Gen. Ffan-evinthe San Jaan^
caitv. There is no doubt, someof our neighbors mw
entorcement, without reflecting in the least ington Territory are beginning "^ view the proceed
on the ultimate benefit which both parties":01'thii- her0 mlhi-7 Pr■:-"-"
may derive from ameasure, though sudden, an-j & ^w^eS^m^wtth^e-TpaSengtS « .
apparently arbitrary, and  promulgated at   a (considerable quantity of gold dnst   The feeling up the      Wedsesday Feb. 1-t Lastnigh* athalf pa=t =ix
period which we Cannot help regretting has: C0?^yW"5 P><^min*r?'*erearriving in large numbers the Steamer Otter. Mouat master, arrived in port, and
* r   ,. v . .    °  Tr.    *='       ,   •1"i'J thv Governors Proclamation granting privileges oi; landed 43 passengers at Liverpool wharf, nearlv  all  of
lt appeara i.wnicn we glean Irom Ills Excel- pre-emption, had given general satisfaction and would 'whom were returned mrhers. which an<**urs well for
leucv's reply to ilr. McDonald, published to- doabUeas be of ?reat a'^^tage '"»the settlement of the another trial of luck. She also - ..:.: A ■ tons of
,     ,       .      .lt.. , .       j country. freight for here and Langtev. Ior which place- she  left,
day: met with the consent and approval of The cows-st Right foe Oscn.-We are happy to this forenoon with a U^ passengers and 15 tons ofthe inhabitants bf that portion of British Co-[find that the Colonist admits the soundness of •• Anglo I freight. Xo mail w.\* on board, or any of yonr papers,
l.,.-]-:,  ~u:,v, ;. ^»   -.    *»v,.- 1 „•_ Sjion's" anrumeats in his   letter   contained   in  our:whv do vou not   send    them   by   the,   express? and
lumbia which it most affects,  and whose   re- S tan* « hope aU classes wiH carefully peruse thus ensure theirs
quest was the immediate origin of it. The crvine that letter.
necessity for roads or traits by which &'tners|    The Topaz.—This magnificent Screw. Frigate may
could travel, and receive provisions at a rea-i
sonable rate, is so sensibly felt and urgently
demand.d. that measures which miirht other-'
,.        ... , On Sunday, the 29th ult.. the rector of .St. John's.
wise appear premature and impchtrc, may be-] Derby, opened a District Church for this part of the
• itons     r that yon      re just
mtry is depopulated and rnined,
ed as the cause.
ihemine-:-::i i ni:;:i-r-of f'ri-i:': 1' luntbia, '--pends
to the ton, when examined carefully with tflas
rio sign uf tbe presence of gold. The gold t
thi refore, in tiie minutest particles, and this is a
the character of the gold foond in the barsinqaM
with aa 0 inal exception of a lulerabl; sini uj
ret (5 which  goes  far to pro-re 1
nei - trai died Q    1 the Rocky MonnUins.   tt 1
Incnbratioas of eminent geologists before eteas Iii
ably sustained theory as to the matrix of the 1
established, but I think they will one and ail moil
.-.ingiy reject the Rocky Mountain theory.
"irese::* ipenty of tl;
1:1! if thisc
Sir, *..;-. i: ; in pursue your hitherto
of that country through  the  rued  im  i :'
Per. Str.  PACIFIC, from San Francisco—Unl
Kennon and 2 children. O A Reynolds, Capt A*«»|
A 1* Cranor, .lames Morris, ladv and  child,'! E »"i|
!' il Quid-.-. J Russell, M Brown wl ladv.  Vr* On
wood.  Mrs  TOdd, W   Westwood and lady, i W Tsj
wood, lady and 3 children. Miss Westwood, Illlirji
l.i-!,- and child, J M Jones and lady, V Francis,J0«i
T P   Hill,   M St t'liir and Inly, Miss St  Clair, hf
St Clair, J ii I.i:h.ir.i. Jl Tomas, wife and 3chilii
ner ii--nnett.i
led to Mr. W. Hales Fi ml in v .   . \.. ..
5y comin*r in contact with the ice in Harrison I
some little trouble he was pi ... I  ;•, ; ■:• bi *
j he had received the fall benefit of a cold bath, and 1
.  thU experien eli     ei-rie he will not became a n
maotc one-
bign etinii-rn. 1
be. bold out I
i be dailv expected to arrive.
The necessity of removing all the people from Langley. or stationing a corps of Marine, th : for protection,
as the Royal engineers cannot be spared from iheir
dnty will, be at once seen, and also !. .w^ood the choice
of this site for a town, being on tii site side of the
Th» Steamei Henrietta left to-day for Hope nnd other
ports, with a  few passengers-and some freight.
There is a    lesti   .on which I shall make a few  re-
COme justifiable under such  pressing   wants. Parish with fall episcopal service.       _   _ marks m my next, m u> the course'pnrsned by aUowine
-rt- r ,      , , ,  I    This  church was  buiit   bv  subscription  from   the     . . 1  '     1 • ...,   ... :„i ...1 ... .    *     ..,."-
We must say, for our part, we  should much LrUhonTrs under Uie contract of Mr. SbeHev, cam   - *jm ves ,d to narigate our inland waters, which a
e ,      ,. .       , p.ir-!nonera. unu.r uie couiraii. ui jie. ^ii-:ii-.<. lai-ica imw more prominently brought before ns br the Ameri-
.!.._' and induslrioi
-    I lb -.. ;i verv  CO
v.    If a toll is net
:- per head would
My bnmble  opinion and o-ivice wou
very indu   1     tl   people to come into the country,
.   . :.rti once here, let the laws be sach that I -ej
ran lit and by having a population  ol
15 or -• inhabitants, the   10 per. cent   dnty,   01
what they would consume, would raise a rerenui
(juate to  the wants of the Government, and  besides,
there wouid be many other sources of revenue, such n-
property, and income   Li%. and the proceeds of hsnd
sales ami  royalties.    But  if your Excellency -   -■'.-■■.
in grinding and squeezing the last rent onl Ol I .   ■
now in the colony, the detrimental conseqnen -.■.- are
but too evident.
I do not own one inch of soil in Rritish Columbia,
nor do  I derive any direct benefit from that colony.
'....! anything ihat will injure the prospects, or re lard
-3  of the  =:-tur colonv,   will effect  Vancouver
■    st seri   ;-!y.
I :  In le by praying  your  Excellency to take
inl 1 — i   is 1   nsideration, this lastlawof yours, and if
•    de, Lave the •• Toll" reduced from $5, to a reason-
ub;e r.ite.
I remain,
Your Excellency's   most Respectful, and
obdt. sent.
W. J. McDonald.
''  C Bonnell, D Cameron, lady and-4  children. J Jrfq
-  I. Todd, James Refferty, O.V Boyd. Mons Petit, J Ss,
son, L  Morgan, J   Wilcox,   W Williams, T Cmnl
'■ Wilde, -i V. inn 1 gbam, F D.iv   1* BiicUer. J l-ratj
el|Xicholas,MHilbara,J   OriliV, D Mcintosh. CII -tal
strong, M Mi Crea '.;-. Mr- Jones,S W Tatem, WF*C|
Express M-•.--• ngi r. and 15 Chinamen.
We have received a copy of the Port To«n«
Register of Feb. 8th, with regard to. the arrest of Ar*
• .ii deserters ut Langley, the  Register has the folio*
- We see that the Victoria papers are makingip
outcry about an "Outrage at Langley f" as tiicy «-■
Thi whole sum of which is, that Lieut. McKilil«i|
the Boundary Conir.iission. at Sciniahmoo, on BnS
11, !•;.- 1 msent,—took a fite of soldiers and went)"
to Fort Langley, and  arrested two deserters from'
company ; which he bad as much right to do, as ill
. affair had transpired  on American soil insieadol*
j Bull's, as this is .1 privilege that was conceded W»
joint Commission on both sides."
Thc inhabitants ot the Sound are busy disc"'!
the best route  tothe Si-milkameen mines.   Acon(
pondeut of the P. T. Rtgisttr affirms   that the ew
'ami best road is by theSnowqualoinmeRiverswlpj
'The titer is navigable for IS or 20 miles for steansl
..- large at the Julia, while the pass is 2000 feet lo'J
than the N'achees, and U the one that has been sei«j
as the most feasible route for a railroad.    ThejoH
from Seattle lo the mouth of thc Semilkaraeeo R^
is about ioi} miles over a pretty good road.
prefer to see tlie  Government abandon all|ier and builder, of Upper Derby, and though of n:o-ier-!^'n'0^{j.!1v{.e'.u
schemes of taxation, open out British Colom-**  £i?ea:Von*   ?]**  feal   sa^fe^tioa   'rom jJi!    Ten canoes and over a hundred men. came in to-dav.
1   tastefully simple interna_t arrangements. _ Tnjs is tne, all bound for the Canal river,  which is   evidently   the
second church built in the colony, the nrst being at | favorite miuin, region.
was deferred for a weeV
bia to people of all countries, and of all colors,
and give away the land, had we the means of ^iSpei,** the opening
supporting ti;e Government for   a few   vears'that tbe Lord Bishop of the Diocese might arrive in
without tunds derived from the colony, know- lime to Per-'°rm Jh>!- inIi,uf,nrf.tio.*1 ceremony, but the
- •"   ■*""*  j reported arrival of his Lordsmo in tne caoital proved
ing full   well, that population   will    bringfto be without foundation.
wealth j but as we are told it is impossible to]
raise money as a loan for public works in Br
ti*?h Columbia without the consent of the
Home Government and the Local Government having no other means of/obtaining funds
immediately required, they must take Hob-
boii's choice, which as far "as we can judge appears to bo the case in. this instance.
"Without pretending to defend the tax, we
think that the opinion of the colony in
which his to be levied should be heard
and the wishes of its inhabitants consulted
before we form a definite opinion of our own
We are not responsible for the opinions of our c&rrttpond-
tntot. Ertry communication must hare a bona jide
signature attached, to ensure publication.
Titi-HSDAV 2nd;—A surveying party of the Royal en-j
gineers under Captain Parsons left early  this morning;
tor B'jrr.iri's Inlet,  to survey thc pre-empted h.c. ':.   -
that the pre-emptor; will shortly have to come forward
and pav their half,  which will show who are  specula-
* re. and who are'actus! scttJ-jrs.    I  hear gseat   -rati -
faction expressed with this proeianmiipn, atiff'tu'S'-finiin-
imous view is that itshouid have been promulgated earlier, and the price red;*.' -1 to five  shillings,   bad  iii\--
i been the case, the settlers that, we mieht hrTe had  can
hardly 'be conceived''  Tarn informed thai his K\ :ellen-
cy has referred the matter to the Home ' rovemnsent,  if
it be so. it evinces a great desire on his part to meet the |
wishes ofthe people for which so little praise is  given
Otter just arrived from Langley, so must close mv
Mr. Scott, publican, keeping the saloon at the rear of
New Westminster.
Tiil-rsdav.   Jan.   26tb.—The   Steamer    Henrietta.
Moore, master, left for towns up the River, with about I his wharf, was brought before Mr. Justice Spalding
thirty tons of freight.   Some casks of pepper were seized 1 by a  man named Frederick Crawford, charging him
by thc Custom House officers;previous to  her starting., with an  assault r knocking him down,  kicking him
collar bone.   It would seem,
oxicated that be was nnahle I
and that the Press of anv country should  re ■ *" laeJ" hrtd neeu underfalue<-'   Tbc".v" werc returned at 1 and iherebv breaking his
frainfromjumpingtohastv conclusions and ^,vUlingST^r>CaSe' ^to^eirreidvaluewassixteen that the man was so int
«wT.IT>>r i.n.-n.»:«nM. a   _..i1   ._      . , auu j shillings.   Tins is one ot the very many cases  whi.li, to recollect who was nea
the Collector of Customs is  always  finding,  viz. false j the assault, and had no fr
returns: and in my opinion it is a subject that retiuires 5 time was given him br the magistrate to brine nn iu'.
immediate attention.    It cannot but b<r uiueu regretted! witnesses he could not do so.    The  .
Victoria, Vancouver 1-laud, 9th Feb.. 1SG0.
Sib,—I am directed, by His Excelltncy.the Governor,
to acknowledge  the receipt of your letter of the  8th
instant,  having reference to  a  Proclamation levying
a •• toll on  Pack animals  leaving Port Douglasand
2. His Excellency, so fir from entertaining the alarm
: express on the subject, is firmly persuaded that the
■ ire -.: I be attended with tbe happiest effects, both
to tbemwb'ntjsnd to thc s^asy-swd vO! y-y »• &&&
greatest benefit, by the reduction of tho cost of transport, coose-iiient on ihe improvement of the commoni-
:. His E~ e8 .. y •.could also remark, that the measure in question has been well considered, and is not
only indispensable to the prosperity and development
ot the country, bnt is desired, beyond all other measures, by the miners and merchants o! Upper British
1    . . ..'uia.
I have the honor to be. Sir,
Your most obedient servant,   .
Charles Good,
Actg. Private Sccretarv.
V.". J. M.D-.aald, Esq.
♦ k« ,, - - , t'  iininetiiiol - t '   v..*v. i io reco     i wd       is near at the time and witn'
the use Of   UUJllMinable and   vulgar epithets,! the Collector of Customs is  always  finding,  viz. false the assault, and bad no friends with him, and altr"
byway ot giving weight to its arguments.
£afal intelligence.
(Before Justice Pemberton.)
Monday, 6th Feb. 1S60.
SXXaLlS-3 FIK£ A..jl.-.
James  Wallace alias Millar,  was  brought up this
morning on a warrant which was issued last October,
I that ah example was not made iu   the   first   instance, I ingly   dismissed.   Scott.  I  belli - ■  :- •   red *f!
when this practice was the cause of the late  action  i:i  necessary, with about ■ dozen witn • re thai
reference to the Customs trauds, iu which  the  defend-j he did not commit tlie1 aasanlt,     tt ft       |
ants were acquitted.    I venture to predict, that should j character the iwiise bears 1  think
such occur again, the persons implicated will not come an assault was committed.
off scot free, more particularly so, if the cases  be tried      As the Otter was preparing to  leave, and after the
here as unquestionably they should have been, by Otjr! mail bs<n wer? on i Bill
Judge of liit: Supreme Courl. with   ci -*ut   or  uin«   »   --• ■,,-'.
Fbsday 27th.—Two of the privates of the  Royal  en-j Judge rfegbie. and~A. T. Uu.-Lbv. E-i   i;
gineers are lying dangerously ill at thc Hospital, onejall tii^ English flags were hoisted,   i was very gUd to:
A person* being asked what n ghost said to him.
wla.-h he pretended to have seen, answered. " How
should I now what he said? I am not skilled in the
dead language."
The Broderick Moxcmext.—Some $C,000 are said to
have been raised towards the monumeut for Broderick. It is to be erected on one of the highest points
in Lone Mountain Cemetery.
1   '•-: n..-A3LE or a Doct'MEXT.—A monster document
.  Inst Coolyism in California, was sent to the Califbr-
• :, gislamre,  il was two hundred and  forty  feet in
length, and is estimated to contain uooui eleven thousand signatures.
DURING  the   temporary   absence   of Mr. *
CiltKEN". persons having business with the*
dersigntd, will please apply lo Mr. Sl'LLOCK.stll
Stamps' Building, Government-street. . ,
A. R. GREES tCo-|
Victoria, Feb. 10th, 1SG0.
~FOii S-kLE.
assortment of
- -KFTK-.tnT*-: A\*n EooxosnoAL
From thc- Manufactory of S. W. Silver k Co.,
North -Woolwich,
Consisting of the following:
Non-absorbent Perflated Coats;
do do do   with Capes;
do       buttoned nnd plain Leggings j
Cambric Sheeting and Alpacca Coats, wilh and***'"1
Leggings; . M
Silk Sheeting   and Alpacca Coats with and r.J^
Hoods and Capes;
Driving Capes with and without Hoods ;
Water-proof and Sheeting Hats and Caps:
Sou'-westers, Napier Hats, Storm Gaps, Sheeting11
mcts and Knapsacks ; _ .,
Vnlcauized Water Bottles. Brush   and  Soap 1W
Buckets and Basin ; in
Sitting Bath, Wood side aud framed do, Foot
Circular do; „ a ii
Mole, Jean, Reeded, Chintz and Pillow Beds, Bed
lows, Silk Beds: ,       vj
Sheeting Bags, Trunk Cases, Haversacks, Ant-grop*
Circular Pillows, Bath Sheets;
Reeded, Divided nnd French Air Cushions;
India Rubber and Canvas Hose.
The above  invoice is open for examination »
office, and will be disposed of at n moderate ndT*1)f:
the sterling cost. SAMUEL PRICK 4 Co*,
corner of Wharf and J*01}!? ,B
Victoria V. I. Jan. 21,13S0. iil
N.   M 0 0 R E & C 0..
Have J-^st  Received tbe
F c i: X 1 T d i: E .
By late arrivals -.....-.
- :   ::.:.: ..i*:.;r*.- m vY. ..--. ::■ .  •.
i Furniture—and now offer
TT "ST T TPT?        C: T- **-* r- 1 -     PAINTED SETS—ten pieces;
-1"^>    -1-   J- J-v Jli ^ JL  L>» <^   IV      EXTENSION TABLES—« and 10 fee!
New Vork Retail Dry G< ods House, which :r.ey *.*•
at al    .:
Charged :"-...- such Goods in this Market.
Print?. De Lanes.
Merinoes, Embroideries,
Laces, Hosiery,      Gloves.
Bleached   and| Brown    Muslins,   Linen   and   Cotton
Sheetings, Tal le  Damask and Cloths, Doileys
and Napkins, Silk Handkerchiefs and
i rarats, i^:;. Shirts and Drawers,
i...  ies1    mid    Childr :. -
Merino Vests.
A Variel) ol Trimmings.
Wk To all of which they would  respectfully call Public
l. at! tin '.hoi
N. MOORE .v CO.,
fin.im Yntcs Street. Victoria.
jrpilAT   LOT   AND HOUSE  containing  five  room
CENTRE TABLES—Serpentine and rour.: :
sorted su  - .
CARD TABLES—Harp and -      -   • Ihus;
COMMON  - s, with  drivers,
also Cherry, Walnut, and paint
BEDSTEADS—Mahogany, Fi n ..  C Uag .  double
and single :
LOI'N'iiES—.-*: ring  >,.-.*-.   in  damask  and   leather
SOFAS—Springs ..*-.  hair  cloth, with  round  and
pillow ends:
DESKS—with fall, and door fronts;
CHEFFONLERS—Walnut and mah'y carved fronts.
:; shelves, fret work :
BUREAUS—one-half   marble.   Scroll and  paintedi
pine, 1 and 6 drawers;
WHAT-NOTS—Walnut and mah'y, 5 and 6 shelves;
MIRRORS—In gilt and mah'y frames, assorted sizes,
for parlors, cham
CHILDREN'S—Cril ,; and • * ■ Ih -   also high and. low
■ !:.\ir-. assorte ! ; attl ms: ■
CHAIRS—Mahogany hair cloth, spring seats,  Cane
and wood seat, ollice onk. dining, Greciau cane.
and common wood seats ;
ROCKERS    ■~:,     gsi its, misli'j and cane seats and
backs, sen ing nnd arm :
SINKS—Wish  stands,  chair   cushions,   coverlets,
towel rack?. willow cribs, io..
Pulu, Curled Hair, Moss, Wool, nnd. Straw Mattresses,
-    Burl :   \U
HHDS. London Portw ■■  I SI   it
BARRELS i ! bris. Oakley's Cider
PCXCHEOXS Booths I   i I
BRLS. Monongahela       ditto.
MARTEI.I   ...
BSTIC  lin '.
BARRELS Port Wine ;
ditl       Sherry ditl     	
CASKS Sir Robert Burnetts Old Tom :
ditto.    Duff Gordon ^ Sherry ;
London Peck Porl ;
Margani Claret Wine;
Scotch Whisker:
Holland  Gin; "
Absinth ;
Orange Bitters;
Seed Wheal  from Australia,  Sonorian, Chili, Medi-
:      . . ..:,. ..::.! i ther cht :. c lots for sale by
C -ni r of Government and Johnson Streets.
Victoria Febuary 6th.
A iV.-uiifui U>4 of
Gentlemen's   Dreeing   Robes,
—a: so—
Of high K. »
A i"..".'. assortment of Gent's Snpcrfine
wni T k   siii irrs.
  a New Style of
B V R 0 N   C 0 !. 1 A ;: S
- ISO—
li A i: B OTT K     CO LLAES.
The Latest Styles of
I M P F. R 1 A L    CRAVATS.
situated in a central nnd dry part of tbe Town.' hc.;.',.'; ..';; p^j ~^ ],., 's{t^V'ia Jhe^mannTacture  of
rth-west corner of View and Douglas Streets.    For|which we „M ll0ne bnt the best material, nnd guarantee
Bi   .■-..■■ apply to
D.F  ADAMS, Builder.
Douglos-St-Teet, Victoria-H-rT^^
They arc- to be had
:  -2w Yates Street
"VIVINE SERVICE  in the  above plate of worship
/    will  be held,
."-I /    will  be ^t^^ ■  the afternoon,  for a few
Hi,:, i.ns, instead ol rorfr^riig umi  ievening,  dtiriug the
^pHM* Mnitlii.-w   M-irtic.    I'ue* liotice will
l given of return to the usual hours of public worship.
Iervice lo  commence at  .'i o'clock, when the  Rev.   Dr
vans «i!l kindly officiate. flu-td
our work.
North-west corner of Yates k Douglas Street.
Victoria. V. I. 1*8-lm
From thi Government G :■
Jlis Excellency James Douglas, Companion of the Host Honorable Order of
thc Bath, Governor and Commander-in-
Chief of Her Majesty's Colony of British
Columbia and its dependencies, Vice-
Admiral of the sumo, kc, kc.
7"HEREAS, by virtue  of nn  Act  of Parliament,
made and passed in the -1st and  i-'Jud years   of
'Che Reign of Her Must Gracious Majesty the Queen, und
Ha Commission under the Great Seal  of the United
•'■pi-'doin uf (Iri-ni i'ii::'i  nnd  Ireland, in  conformity
'"■rewith I. JAMES DOUGLAS  Governor of thc   Coil' British Columbia, have been authorized by Pro-
;cd under the Public Seal of the said  Co-
BBBy.  to make   laws, institulions, nnd ordinances, for
:j5|U) !"■■!• ''■-  'ir-b-r. and ■_- '   g-Acriiiueiil  id'  Hie  .same:
-^■I'iiiTi-n-, il i- expedient to raise further revenue for
BB ]uii|nisc of opening und improving the communica-
.-flp*- and roads from Port Douglas and  Yale  with and
BBhc iiiining regions beyond those places.
^fe" ■ then-tore, 1 do hereby  dechire, proclaim, nnd
cnac .i ■ in!! c\- : —
QBBpui. fruin und after tin: 1st tiny of March next, every
lorse,  mule,  or  other quadruped, leaving  Port
fclus or Yule, or the neighborhood of Porl   Doug-
ior   Yale, for the purpose of currying  a  loud  or
firdcu I" nr tnwnrd :   I!n-   liiiuiii.-   regiuii.-,   beyond   the
jiblcr   ul'ii'i'-uid -bull In'  cburgi-d   with   u   toll   of  une
-j»uad sterling fur t'urli journey, to be paid   previously
::v|p Star:ing.
Established in  1836.
Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1840.
CAPITAL $5,000,000.
Special Deposits received in sums of $100 and upwards, repayable on demand. Charge for safekeeping,
one-quarter of one percent.per month,
Gold Dcst received for safe keeping at the rate of
AVm cents per nz. per month.
Drafts isscbd us London,
GO days after sight,  at tbe-CTte. of   $A.a& per £1 stir.
3 days after sight, (in sums of £50 and upwards) $H uo
per -1 stir.
:t days after sight (in sums under i.'uii J.", in per £l slg.
Drifts on demand or at short sight, issued on the
principal Cities nnd Towns in Scotland nnd Ireland, at
the rate of $5 15 per t'i stg.
Drafts on the Principal Cities in the North American
Provinces. @ il days, ns follows:
Canada t per it. premium.
New Brunswick...-..-! per ct. do
Nova Scotia -.) per ct     do
Drafts on New York, (■• 3 days, "3percent. premium."
" Messrs. 1! Davidson k May, Snn Francisco,
at sight—pur.
Office hours 10 (ii '.',—Saturday 10 (31 1 orlock.
Victoria, Feb. 3d, lSJO. t&g-tc
1 am mm prepared to supply the numerous calls for
Gents'   Night   Shirts.
Call nnd examine nt
d'JSlm N   PiMM'KUS.
SPOHHOlUi    <fc    CO.,
Wharf Stroot Victoria, V. I.
!   Received ex Saiiin^ Vessels *«d Steamers a gtineral
assortnicnt of
(^ ROCSBIES, Boots, Shoot, Clothing. Nttfctto- •«.?
X    Domettk   Dn   :',-.-..!.s.-l-.ich thry crTo.- tX rs=
jdveed privts to the Trade.
.    9 .--is Golden Got* Flour,
'     * Act;     do,
IOM   ■• Sell EUsina     do
MO -.nn-.s China Sugar,
100 hf bis ti  o do,
£89 *'   "    S. i. do.
WW sks BOuw.
100 beif* Rio CoAO,
.'".' '"rkins choice Butter.
50 case* Bacon.
50    •   I r Lard,
50 chests Black Tea.
so     ••    Qioea do,
500 boxes Candles,
Oysters:       Chickoai;        Tuikief:        Snirdines .
Pilot Bread: Raisins; ChocolUOJ
Pewdored Sugar :        ^ t*:i5t Powders:
eti'.,        etc .        etc.
:.e bahti assorted Blaakets,
SPO&60RQ t Co,
ElBA   NVMPH. from London,JmgNDERS nre invited for BtLLS io sums nol  lost
25,  English building bricks, very superior :< A   M\ £250, drawn on tho LORDS COMMISSIONERS
2 tons ass'd English Cordage, from l J to 4 in.;Lf iu-r Uajcsrr's rreasnrr, London
^^^   lilds Irish Pork ;        ^^^^^^^^^^
•;:• tons West Hartley Steam Coals.
Corner Wharf and Johnson Street. fG-gat-lm
rler. in casos,
EX  URlTlSl.i   KAHK .Sj-LU^V-uTll. from I
Pale branny, in cases :
It. Porter & Vo'i London Stout
:> dos each : ^L^^^^^^^^^^
1';!.-^ Ale, in eases. ;t doz each ;
T.*i casks Hibbcrt's Bottled Peer, i! do?, each :
*J cases Fancy Clay Pipes:
li Clocks, and 100 cases assorted Jams and Pic
f6-tAg-lin Corner Wharf and Johnson sir.
— AIS,'
iVn Invoice Floor Oil Cloth.
W Kl.l.s.   PAROO,  ft  Ott,
September Ttb, 1859. Treasurer, ^^^^^^^^^^^^
OUC.AM-tKll   MAV.   1S5*!, I'ArlTAL. $600,000,
Ih :':e Editor of thi Victoria tiaztite.
Sin,—Will you hare the kindness to publish tho ru-
Ciosed Subscription  ListruuifrrrriTiiig  to $334.50 ~tie;i:g':'Trrrilofi'c-;'T\lfd  SviV 1'Yai'f
of roguln Messengers, to Oregon nnd Washington
liwro ■-.iTruPeung' vriTfi
ill! that has been subscribed towards defraying the tv-jour inicrtcr Kxpresi to all ports of C&ltfornla, and to
pensc 1 have been at, in eroctinx the liclu m the en-   ,, r.i   ,-  -.  i ^-. .        -in      i-    i.i>^„
1 ...•.,.. ,,._-.. .. .i. . . .. .i . . .  ..-...,.:.,. ...mi .....   ,! all purls ol tbe I nitcd States nud l unndiis. na Punr. ..m.
trance ofthe Harbor, the total cost of which will exceed
uml Tcliiinnlepec nud Southern Overland routes.
rill.) BE SOLD by private bargain, the House, and Lot
3      No. 627 on Herald Street, near Douglas Street.
110 SELL OR LET.—The   valuable Property  next
thc Post Ollice, with i-iO feet frontage, on Govern-
CM—Jamaica, n superior article:
Port, in 1 dozen cases:
Sherry,      tlo        do
Champagne, in quarts and pints ;
Pickles. Pie Fruits. Sauces^*-., R. Thin's :
'     S,i'ip.""oist English, aSlusT'BuXes.
For Sale bv
jl3-lm Corner Johnson and Wharf Streets.
V PERSON of much experience offers her assist
mice tc those requiring tho same.
For further particulars und recommendations onqnir
j'JO-lm Johnson street, Victorin.
A   N EXCELLENT assortment of Pocket Cutlery, in
J\_ u variety ot styles, to suit nil tastes.
jl-t-l m
Stationers' Hull.
Previous to commencing it. 1 was assured by numerous parties in this town Hint there would be uo difficulty, in raising sufficient funds to pay for nny outlay
thnt  would bo  rei-ms'otl.     Acting B   ibis  nnd  their ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
urgent solicitations, I  undertook tbo work, and nowI Aspinwall,
find nivsilf liable for some $500. „, ....      ,      , . ,   ,, ,
„,    *.. ,.,,   ,     ,.      , Treasure Shinned nnd insured nt lowest mlta>
Triis'.inc: there   nniv  still   be  found   some  persons' '■
Unsurpassed facilities (br dispatching freight ami
packages to all parti of Europe,
Shipments direct from England \in Southampton mid
sufficiently Interested  In this gnat undertaking, to re-
mmember me, 1 remain, Jto,,
.'. N.MH.K.
Packages nnd Letters tttolvod up to latest hour ot
Checks on our ollice in San Fraacino,
Exchange on nil the principal cities tn the I'nited
jUBSCRIPTION LIST. [-States andfCanada.   Also, ou
ft is intended by the Harbor Master to erect a light atF'V0 ^NION HANK OF LONDON, and
the SouUi . #aacc of Victoria Harbor, during thi»j Mim     ROYAL RANK   DUBLIN.
*   week.    Persons   intorostod  in   ibis  iro requoated to      Recelvo Deposits, gTiiernl nnd IpOOlsJ.^^
subscribe toward defraying the expense. Buy Cold Dnsi, Land Warrants, Treasury Warrant*,
Steamer Elian Anderson S 25.001 Bills on London und CertlficatM on Snn Fruncisco
Steamer Pacific    10.001 Hunks
rpo SELL OR I.F.T.—The valuable Property in the
Town of Esquimalt, at thc junction of Wharf nud
Hospital Streets, being Lots 17 and ]8, on town maps.
ms nt
rPO SELL AND LEASE Valuable  business
New Westminster.
T|"iO LEASE.—The first class business Lots on corner
of Government and Fort Streets.
.The -.iid loll .-luill be p-iid bv lhc j" r-ou l„ -Marge of
aid quadruped to thc Magistrate of the place from
Ji such quadruped shall start.
tr person willfully evading or attemptng to evade
)I1 aforesaid shull be lined treble the amount of toll
sum not exceeding £ 1 UO at the discretion of the
penalty under this Act mny be recovered and en-
beforc nny Magistrate in British Columbia in a
Issued under the Public Seal of the said
Colony, ut Victoria, Vancouver Island, this
thirty-first day of January, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty, and in tho
twenty-third year of Her Majesty's Reign,
by me
j Command of IIi.s Excellency.
To LEASE —Lots on DouglaStreet, Collinson Street,
adjoining the Parsonage, the Avenue, View Street,
and near the  Public Buildings, at James Bay.   Apply
JOHN J. COOILIiAXI-;, ("'. i;..
Land Agent. Government Street, near the Post Ollice.
Temporary Ollice, View-street,' opposite 11. 11. Barns.
Victoria, Feb. 8th, I860. fB-g&t-lm
All  of our Seeds arc WARRANTED of Lost Year's
Growth!    Fresh and True lo their Names.
Yates Street, Victorin. ffl-g&t-t
rpiIE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully inform his
I   friends aud tho public, that Melius removed to his
Nkw Fiiik-Piioiik Stoiik, corner of Yates and Government streets, where he is constantly supplied  with
NEW HOODS by every   steamer, und bus  always
ou  hand ti
S P 1. F. NDID   A S S 0 R T M E N T
Also a large variety of FINE SILKS, nnd BONNETS.
An excellent variety of
nnd ii full assortment of Qentloroon's Furnishing Goods:
Fine Frock fonts; Dress Cunts; Over Coats; Vests
nnd Pantaloons of different colors; Fashionable Silk
Huts. tiilt Cornices, Curtain Kings, Window Shades
of all colors, French I'nssiincres, Hroiidcloth,
Beaver and Pilot.
W. Skill, schr Wild Duck	
II. Myers, Myers' Wharf	
II. W. Berry, schr Flying Mist	
D, F. Foster, schr Rosalia	
O. A. llillinglinin, agent P. M. S. S. Co	
Victorin S. N. Company	
John T. Little, .x Co , agent Victoria Coal Co....
Dickson, Campbell, it Oo	
Thomas Thornton, schr Amelia	
Hugh  McKay	
.1 nines Truhey	
Southgato & Mitchell	
,1. Duels Oushcon	
W.  Church. Promo	
Frank Saunders, schr Wild Pigeon	
W.   II. Ollivcr	
P. Poarks	
O. T.  Allen, sloop Leonede ,	
II. Collin, schr Harriot	
Lloyd, schr (let  I'p  and Gel	
Daniel Elger, schr Reporter	
Sam'l Price k Co	
Jnn ion k Green	
J. Rogers, schr Liilbi Rookh	
Also—n full assortment of Tailors' Triinmi
TfttLlA*-! A. (J. Vor.\.;,
KActiiig Colonial Secretary.
best portion of the Building on Government
treet,Jiitely occupied by the Dunking Co., ofthe
[British North America; composing ti lingo front
ml two  spacious  Attics  and Kitchen.
• to the Law Chambers of
Street, Victoria, Feb. 8th. f8-tc
W, J. Wii.i.iAMii, Muster.
2,"ii; Tons Burthen, 450 Tons Capacity,
Will take a Charter to any part of the Globe.
For further particulars apply to
SAM'L PRICE .-v CO., Consignees.
Cor Wharf and Johnson strs.
Victoria, V. I., Feb. lith, I860. fu-gJkt-Im
Shawls,   Alpacas,   Merinos,  DeLaincs,   Furs,  Gloves,
Riding Huts, Gauntlets, Clonks, Muntillas, Velvets,  Embroideries, Ribbons,  Luces,
Carpels, [Jugs, Druggets, Oilcloths, Paper Hangings, Mattings, etc, etc.,
And all other goods pertaining to the business, at the
lowest prices.
.. LO.OO
.. 10.00
„    10.00
111IE NORTH DAIRY FARM, within four miles of
Victorin, on the Saanlch road, consisting of about
su acres enclosed, and -.">o acres pasture land, with
dwelling house, capacious burn, &c, kc
Apply to
W.   F. TOLM1K,
j.'tl-lc Hudson's \\i\y Co
5,00     Advances mado on Cold Dust,
io,iio     Purchase Goods of every description,
10,00      Execute Commissions Ot nil kinds, nnd iiutkn Collec-
10,00  'I'*'1**  nt nny  point  in  tho t'nited Stales, Cuniidu, or
10,ui); Europe.
H5.001     Office, Vales Street, between Whnrf nnd GoverniiKMil
36,00 roots,
20,00 d I-to 0, C- PEN DEI-OAST, Agent.
"^ Royal Hotel.
Board, per week S'i to $8 00
Board and Lodging, per week $10 00
Wine. Ales, nnd Liquors of tilt) best description.
Private Rooms lor Families.
Ifc-lV  A   Iiuge  HALL suitable  for "Hulls  or  Public
Heelings. JAMES  WILCOX,
d.l-li: Proprietor.
N. I!.—All orders from British Columbia, Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by Express, or nth or wise, will
be promptly attended to.
J20-tc K. GAMBITZ.
whom it may concern, that they will pay no light-
erage and no wharfage on their good? from Esquimalt
to Victorin, unless the same are delivered by the parties
holding their orders.
Southgate & Mitchell,     Cairo .t Gntiicini,
Picket k Co., A. Martin k Bro.,
Kwong Lee k Co. J. D. Carroll,
A SESSION of this Court Is appointed to be holdc-n
on Monday, the Pith day of February, instant at
eleven o'clock iu the forenoon.
Sheriff' of Vancouver Island.
I). ELGER, Master.
|e at Esquimalt on the arrival of the Steamers
, for Victoria will be taken at the lowest rates,
u February 1, 1 Sfiti. fO-,''
Edgar k Aime,
(luild, David k Co,
Curtis k Moore,
Pease k Boyce,
J. Marks k Co.,
A. Sutro t. Co.,
per Jiilcn David,
K. Gambits,
Unas k Rosenfleld,
per S. S.
Victorin, February 3, 18fi0
Reinhnrt k Bro.,
Koshliind 4 Bro.,
Peter McQunde k Co.,
Sporborg k Co,
Recti .1 Mncdonnld,
Harris Cohen,
M. Pregg, per J. My
Langley k Bros,
Siuu'l Price k Co,,
per Jas. N. Thain.
WANTED.—Female Servants, Housemaids, Cooks,
Nurses ; and also Gardeners, Grooms, and all
clnsses of Domestic and out-door Servants. Apply nt
this office.
Sr/MMAIIY Couiit of Civil, Jhhtice.
A SESSION of this Court is appointed to be boldcn
on Monday, tho 20th day of February instant nt
eleven o'clock In the forenoon.
Sheriff of Vancouver Island, and "I
High Bailiff of the said Court.    /
to wit;        j"
A COURT of Assize and General Gnol Dellvery
appointcd to be lioldtn at Victoria, ou Mondu
tho thirteenth day of February instant, at the hour of
ten in thc forenoon, befwe the Houoiabio Chiet Jnstica
Cameron., a Justice of our Lady (he Queen, assigned to
enquire, hear, aud dctcrmiiio of nil trCiiiiO,l.'li'i,'..pri;i!o.is
of treasons, Felonies, misdeeds, offenses and injuries
whatsoever within thc said
C H E M I O A I, 8,
Perfumery    and  Toilet   Articles,
Of reliable qualities.
I'iiintH, Brushes, Window (iltws, Putty and
Raw and Roiled Linseed,  China, Sperm,
Lard, Polar, Netttsfoot, Coal and
For   coul Oil and Burning  Fluid,
&c. &c. &c.
Orders  executed  at  the  lowest market rates, anil
promptly dispatched. dUMm
ON the lf.th of MARCH, I860, will bo sold at Public.
Auction, the Lot fronting Govrnment street,
and known as the Hudson's Bay Company's Garden, if
not previously disposed of. Plan of sub-divisions may
be seen at LD. LOWENBERG'S Office,
Government street, bet, Yates and Johnson st.
N 0 T I C i-]
To Bar-keepers, Hotels, Restaurants,  nnd  Private
1) El'EIVED in bond bj bite arrivals, und for sale by
\ the undersigned, a lew invoices of line Wines and
Martell Cognac lloniot Cogiine, 1851
Siizerne Cognac, Seiguette Cognac,
Hoiiicllcuii Cognac, Jules Robin Cognac,
Chiinipiigiic, Ciiracoii,
Martiskliio, Anlsetto,
llostelter Hitters, Povl Wine,
Sherry Wine, of the lies!  tjunllty
Also,-- loo cases of Mum-ui's London Cider,
lt;-:tm J. D. CARROLL.
between Yates nnd   View sts., and 'facing  Trounce s
vtCToniA, v. i.
A FEW GENTLEMEN of quiet and domesticated
luibits cuii be accommodated with board und residence in tlie bouse ol a private English Family; where
a good table is kept, in aci-orilunce with English
custom l nnd where Ihey may enjoy all -.lie conveniences and comforts of nn English home.
Married couples would Hnd tho  above a comfortable
and desirable residence jl"-lm
NEW WESTMINSTER.   A few Lots to bo disposed
of at the price paid at the Government, Sale.
t30-iO SELMIrKANKLlN k Co.
\V.  6\ llFJtliK, NEWS  DiOALKH,
T EEPS constantly on   hand and for sain a Urge »»-
ortllli'lll of
Subscriptions for :s, ij, und ll! months, at rcnsouablo'
terms, and sent regularly by Post or Express to any
part of this Colony, or British Columbia, according to
theaettial |>o"iel and expr"** flccomimadatioos. Tjrms
inv.irlalily Cash, in advdneOt
Also.—A large assortment "f good und lute Novels,.
Songsters, or Song Books, Writing Materials, Blank.
Books, und u splendid selection of French Literature,
JSaT* Sole Currier, and Agent of the Victoria Uatette,
for Victoria District
Subscriptions are respectfully solicited.
fl^HE Dashaway Association, No. 15, of Victoria, V.LT
_j    would beg to call the allontion of residents on this
Island  and British  Columbia to the  undermea&iQ'Ki-diJ-,
power to grant Charters, received from the Parent Association, in San Francisco.
At a meeting of the Parent, Pnfhn-tyji}' ,*;<;ocir.ti:*iE,
hold on Christmas evening, Deceitiber 2b, 18./.'), the following re.-io|iitio!i was wnftiiioionsly adopted.
Resolved, That the Pioaeat Dnshflwa> AoDooiation v('..
I Victoria, V. I., be autho-isedandempowerBdtoinstitute
VICTORIA PRGPERTr-hnprovcd and Unim- ;,uov"1' v-1., oe autno^eaanaempowerefltotnstrrute
proved, ii. various parts of tho Town. "ra*ic'*cs ^ P** Charters to all brutes lormug-pi.
For sale by SELIM FRANKLIS k Co.    I Vancouver Island, and  thnmgliwt British Ooltimbia,
.,„„.. ...   ; •'.,....„,: ... "a'ivisia-^thiS'ASSOcJiXUou of all charta*ii»..«o granted.,..,
I     j2H-tc.
Further information can be obtained on application
February 6th, IfiCO.
>4«Cda, otrenses and injuries j-JAA raRHELS of British OolurabmFrosh CORNED)    vir)nri,   ,„„„.„ „ ,sfi0
.1 colony committed. \ l{}{)    A, e,T,t qayite ,;.u-,wn fe the Coia^::,-',      X KloTui' Ji(nua" ^l1860"^
CEO. W. 1IEATGN, •^"fc^S^-^.^  > H' d^*a C^»^ *d CART HARM
-riff of Vancouver Island.    |  '      .*$?'.:."}™ *) ..    -•?. *v^-XS3fe^'stO      '-or ?»!•>, : .._,	
Shwiffs Office,
sii, r
February :trj, I860
Hotel de Fraoi
So"3rJRfSB3l^^iiBfe ..'
When I sit by my fire, in a bachelor's state.
And view the red  coals as they gleam through my
. grate.
Then full oft in my mind with myself I debate—
Shall I marry?
When I think ofthe screaming of children, and when
I consider the tri-*ks and intrigue? ofthe men.
And that some wives prove scolds. I determine it then—
Not to marry.
When I think of the couple whom nought can divide,    |
Of my children grown men, of a fond loving bride.
And often thousand dear tittle pleasures beside—
I must marry.
But then, when I sit with a friend o'er my wine,
And its blushing iips kiss till my soul's all divine,
With a bachelor's state I can never repine—
I'll not marry.
But when I consider that friend prove unkind.
And thnt youth with ils pleasures nre soon left behind.
Oh, then l determine, and make up my mind—
That I'll marry.
Then bless me, ye g  Is! with a fond loving bride,
Who will sooth every cure, every ;orrow divide,
Who, in life's ups an,-' downs,  shall stand  fast by my
When I many.
To the Editor Victoria Gutzette.
Sib,—I have recentlv noticed several  letters, published in the columns ofthe Victoria Gazette   wfl ■»"
nth Colonist newspapers,  signed "A.  U, -^nD^-
should be much obliged if you will inform me "™™
this gentleman is one of tbe Bishop i;Chaplainsi; :for ss
we have been » dunned " pretty considerably Werj,upon
ecclesiastical account. I think these letters evince pretty
e'ear'r H-at we have too raanv Parsons among--' ns  already", when one. instead of confining bimselt to to
own'high calling, steps out of his path to meddle with
secular matters in a way for whicn no one thank, him.
I remain, £c..
Victoria. Feb. 6th. 1-360.
YORK   and  BREMEN, via
STEAM  between  NEV
The screw steamers of the North German Lloyd .
WESER .—*..",  :',
Run regularly between New lOrK, )>
ampton. carrying the f. s. MaU.
Taking Passengers
H. Wessels.
H. J. Vonsai
Southampton at the folic
To the Editor  Victoria Gaiette.
Sib.—I am obliged to you for inserting the letter of
" Spes." in to-day's Gazette, in reply to that ot your
correspondent " Tenass Musquito." published on the 3d
My opinion respecting British Columbia's view3 of
Capt. Gossctt. may go tor what ii is worth: but as I
believe it is correct, i now affix my name instead of
Capt. Gossett. it is believed, owed hi3 appointment
to Brilish Columbia to the friendly offices of Colonel
Moody.   How far he has been the coadjutor of his
iteerage, Soo.
and Hutt, for
Bremen. Havre. London
ing rates:
First Cabin, $100; second Cabin. S
These vessels take Freight to Lor _^
which through bills of lading are signed.
An experienced surgeon is attached to each vessel.
All letters must pass through the Post Office.
No Bills of Lading but those ot the Company will be
"^"Specie taken to Havre. Southampton and Bremen
at the lowest rates.
For Freight or Passage, apply to
No. 84 Broadway.
patron—how  far he has worked for himself—or h
[From the Victoria Gazette.]
Tc ■'■■■ Edit ■ l
■ Hsr -E-K- o r. —*?'-: R,—A-va
na Gazette.
leal of sophistical, .dig
in  our d
I tar he has followed Col. Moody's example '-in going
: where he was sent.'' is well known—but what he has
; lione for British Columbia is not known, unless he will
j tell us himself. No one denies Capt. Gossett a head.
! even better than " Tenass Mosquito's," which accord-
! ing lo himself •• is not a very bad one."
It is uot what I should have wished, to appear in a
j letter like the present, or to have to come so publicly
forward, but the cases of "British Columbia versus
Vancouver,"  "the Lands and Works versus Victoria
.   [ GovernffiCnTffWi^,'' have gone by dssValt long enoogV
"'| and what is even* British Columbian's business is no
owj^  W
En Manuella and D L Clinch,
1WAIN. BOORD. it Co.'s OLD TOM in puncheons
cj'.-jion  has  lately  appeal
uudcr tbe head or* the "dignity of labor,*'  or in more I body's, judging by the quiet way in which misrepre
comprehensive  terms,  the   respect  due  to  that pre-1 sentations, roughriding. and insidious puffing are re
eminently inteiiir-:-:.
sans and mechanics
population.   The ■• I
a social question, anii
tiaction to what  be
consider the questioi
both as to the thi   is
The Col sis/has    .
"esse.''  iiu:   ssil .-.
of classes or    lies—a
before us. ni *. ■ alj -
and couL*.:.-.--.:: ; :   '•
simple term gent!
or that be has :.
iaierrretaiion of the -
that it implies J
I ceived.
between    two    colonies.
..  ; ceneu.      aucn    questions
lever, and active society of arti- constitntcd   like British   Columbia   and   Vancouver.
arm  a large portion of our !a5SUme a totally different character to home and col-
'*...-■   i   \onui" treats it as onial  questions  discussed  in England.     They  carry
■ •  this  i.-.ssin  contradis-'with them important issues to individual British sub-
terms '• gentlemen."    I Meets, for here the welfare of the individual is bound
.   en inilirectlv treated.: up inseparably with the welfare of the body politic.
ntithesis. j    Another fact which 1  allege  in defence  will not be
I a  lo trine imoossible in: overlooked  by the candid, viz*.  Those   who  would
—that of the equalityUpeak  on maiiv questions agitating the two colonies
which wi h    i the evidence just now. and'who are very competent to do it. but
ages - canuot do it from their peculiar portions.
' "    j    This state of society we believe is only temporary.
; Should the abuses which now exist continue, it will be
Torthington i Co. s
Irish Whiskey,	
Martell and Marett Brandy in hhds :
Port and Sherry in \ casks :
Bass & Cc.'s No. 3 Ale. New Brew :
Burton Brewery Co.       do   do;
Jones' Sparkling Devonshire Cider in cases :
Assorted Invoice Liquors &c.
For sale by DICKSON, CAMPBELL. £ CO.
dl2-lm cor Wharf and Johnson sts.
of one of our
ocaac tney are eqi
tri .:-. the most al
tact.   ^^^^^^^^
intuitive, and in most   '... ■
whai is delical       s v    I
mean : •■••   endears
him now, a,- :: has
coun;ri»s.  : ■;. .  ted    .:. I
form o: gove  nl  I
wiii be still . .   -.. ..
perience. ia none   . .
brethren of I ie   ::..	
(if be possesses them  ■   .
meet diffic altii -.       : '
courage an i rest .
In all our rol inie   -'
endured the hardest trials
new country, : >t   ly
manual 1 bor; .-.: .  as I
fering and  self- lev ti -.
h ese of the best blood   i
shall only quote  the   ::.
" In rags or b
der ihe greatest
the very absenc
these indivi . .
stamp of ladi ;
The mechani
of men we * •  *.
of oar res**: t
as practically u
the great sot ial
parcel of their I
former  class.
would on!- crea
though '.z:i-..i. i
the  best o:' :"ri€
Every livir.r t
has a law of bi i
forraity wi:h w^ ^^^^^^^^^
an individual, and wbi '.. is :. = .
rendered inoperative than it •..
Contemplate : :r. its :r. )st { srtit ul
operations, it is *.....*. whi b regi
virtues   :' the in tivi I   -.'. . '... othei
of that  •:-■■■ . *.:. nee where
subsists.    On a higher levei in th
duais may cease to be units and combine as parts with
others to form higher individuals according to a gen-
'.    It appears that the
.:■-• offensive to him
o arrive at the exact harder work to eradicate them hereafter, but as time
he is i^aor.th: of the
:<::   -. . . : : .-.*:..:.. :,:.
.n hereditary sense of I
norable.  a dignity of'
and easy de- Hope, and the Boston Bar Trail, an important typo-
..   lasses,  r.-..i makes'graphical error appears.     The  inhabitants of  Hope
all  times and  subscribed $1000 to the Trail, not $100.    There is also
rhateyer ., 5'j -;.,t error in tbe concluding phrase of " Spes
THIS HOUSE has been newly fitted up and entirely
renovated, and is conducted on the European plan.
Tne Table will be supplied witb ihe best the market
Board and Lodging	
Single Meals	
The travelling public are requested to call.
gjes-on, abler and more numerous pens will doubtless,
make  their argun.ents fel".  and none will rejoice in
uch advocacy more than myself.
In my letter on the positions of Douglas. Y'alc. and
HEREAS it  is provided  by the Gold Fields Act
1-rJP. that the Governor, for the time being, ot
British  Columbia, may, by writing under his bund and
the Public Seal of tbe Colony, make rnles and regula-
i tions in the nature of by-laws, for all matters relating
_^^^_^__^_^^_^^^__ I to mining.
These very qualities ^ *D   PptsGLE Axn Whereas, in conformity with the said Act, cer-
im to combai'dongers,    "   ' tain rules  and  regulations  have  already been  issued
>*..*■ umstances with a ... , ^ ,.-lng ^^ {j,e -tn Qf September, 1859.
itsnperiorto others.; TflK SEMILKAMEEN MINES. Asn Whereas, since tbe issuing of such  rules ex-
. .-rademen who 'ere ,   j tensive mines have been discovered on tbe high level
Beers and settlers in a. Although we do not hear so many reports at pres- j benches, king on either side of Frascr River, Thompson
med to anv previous '■ ent relative to the riches of this river, there is scarcely ,,pv*Vc-r. and other rivers, which benches are generally
:ro:c instances of suf
i. I nder whatever a 5;i -;,( error in tbe concluding phrase of *• Spes'" let-1
e, his social position ter. I give it at length, for it is bound to be-verified '
a : I  fr: m  actual ex- - —Magn i est cerilas et prsevcdebU.
I an Sir.
rours obediently.
A.'D. Prixgle.
any doubt of the fact that gold has been obtained terminated by abrupt and steep descents or cliffs, the
long the <nn;ler sex. and '"rora 'here. Whether it exists in sufficient quantities general direction of which is parallel with the general
:..  -* refined education. I'-W pay for digging, or to induce an emigration thither' direction of tbe Rivers.
greatest remains to be proved, but  we certainly think that inI    Axd Whereas, such mines cannot be conveniently
*.he event, this Spring, of a rush from Washington Ter-1 worked in small rectangular subdivisions, but the eon-
gTea:: vet ua- !0T- -t ,x''* ^e l'ie ^ut.v °^ Government to send a small I venient working thereof requires a large size of claim.
soven v; even surveying party in that direction. It is not generally land, mar. in some cases, require that each claim should
of civilization.: known that the head waters and the greater portion of; reach from the cliff in front of each bench to the cliff in
this river are in British territory, and although we are ' the rear, or when there is no cliff in the rear then to
■not aware of the exact psrt ofthe river where gold .tbe general slope of the mountains in the rear.
was discovered, yet should the lower part prove to be |    Asn Whereas, it is nlso  expedient to make further
auriferous,  there can  b
extend to the upper porti
 ...h  unchangeable]
larly that fine class
. are equally worthy
their own way quite
form a great link in
:r-^r:or.5—their edtt-
no  doubt the deposits will j provision with respect to the regulation of claims and
m** in our territorv.    Owing to adopt one general rub- tor deVermining the measure
to the difficulty of obtaining anv information from our j ofthe quantity of water in any ditch or channel.
been ascertained and laid  down at any
river.    In  the  even; of any  emigration
Boundary Commission, we are unable to state whether
the line has
p intof the
from the neighboring States in that d:re-:tion it will be
and disgust to both al-1°' Is*™* importance to have this  matter finally setted
their separate cai acities,; *-nd understood. ,.„..,
ould  cea=e to  be  so col-i    From Fort  Hope the  distance to the  Semilkameen
\ River cannot be more than 100 miles, and the Hudson
r individual. | ^a.v Brigade Trail to thc- Okanagan Lakes strikes some
iural uni
of organ
ization in con-; l»rtion of the river.
maintained as j  -»•	
verthrown and | LATEST FROM EUROPE
exist as such
the particular
= the character        ,        .    ,„..
pool on the 18th
Halitax. Jan.—The Canada brings advices of the arrival of The Canard steamship Africa.
Now, therefore. I. JAMES DOUGLAS. Governor, fcc,
do hereby make the following Rules and Regulations
accordingly :
I. The "mines in the said level benches shall be
known as " bench diggings" and shall for the purpose
of ascertaining the size of claims therein be excepted
out of the class of - dry diggings." us defined in tbe
Rules and Regulations of tht 7th of September last.
II. The ordinary claim; ou any bench diggings, shall
be registered by the Gold Commissioner according to
such one of the two following methods of measurement
as he shall deem most advantageous on each mine, viz.:
One hundred feet square, or else a strip of land 25 feet
deep at the edge of the cliff next the river, and bounded
by two straight lines carried as nearly as possible in
i  the   individuality
scale these indivi-
Count Cavour is to represent Sardinia in the coming
eral law " "      : Congress.
,'-,... .     . ... Ii is reported that the Emperor Napoleon will  iuau-
Inequality in the sense of unjust privilege, 0r nn- te y,^ rearbjtMlivA important pacific de-
rtghteons exemption is intolerable.   Inequality which *,on«tralions. which shall unmistakably indicate his
wantmgiy subjects tbe poor, the weak, or the ignorant,      ,.
to the tyranny of the rich, the strong, or the cultivated, '■ P -
or whkh opposes  artificial barriers to the  legitimate
be had arrived a: Queenstown and sailed for Liver- CaCh ca=e perpendicular to  the general  direction of
i such cliff acro:; the level bench up to. and not beyond
The Pari? Congress was to have met about the  20th j tne foot 0f the descent in tbe  rear, and  in  such lust
of December. I msntioned case, the space included between such two
boundary lines when pi-o-itreed over the tace o. t..c
cliff in "front as far as tbe foot of such clnl and no
farther, and nil miues in the space so included shall
also form a part of such claim.
III. The Gold Commissioner shall have authority in
cases where the benches are narrow to mark the claim
Much excitement prevailed in Hungary owing to the j j"n"Such manner as he shall think fit. so as to include an
for mental eqin-.i
of conflicting e
meets man on n
of equality n tl
tlemanhood ; so
from good sociei
that constitute ;
gentleman, of thr
sist np'on the uuion      Auvices fr,jm India stote tnat the French had destroy-1 anv denomination where the pay dirt is thin or claim
in  all  circles man  e<1 -1 vlllaBe. on thc river Bengal, iu consequence of their' in'small demand, or where from any circumstances he
:. i z - -
e a perfect footing
- of a common gen- j
cause  of exclusion ,
sence of these qualities I
attempl to interrupt trade in that quarter.
The ship Sea Belle had been burned nt Bristol.
Prince Jerome Bonaparte's health is reported  to  be
in an alarming state.
-hall deem it reasonable, allow
Colosui Secretary's Office*
Victoria V. I., 13th November, 18JC'.
Th* following opinion of'the Attorney General with
reference to the transfer of real estate is herewith  pub-
ished for general information.
By command,
William A. G. Yocxo,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
"VfUMEROUS applications for Title Deeds to thc town
_]3| lots iu British Columbia have been made which
cannot, unfortunately, be granted: the English law.
which has ruled in British Columbia since the formation
ofthe colony, required that every valid transfer of an
estate in land mustJbe madc-by a writing, scaled and
delivered by the party transferring, and that tbe word
•• heirs " should be coupled with the name of ihe person
to whom tbe transfer is made, if any greater estate
than au estate for life is intended to puss. The
right to complete a purchase of a town lot commenced
by some other person, and the right to the land in full
by the person transferring, are both interests in land
requiring the above formalities for their valid transfer,
and in both rases the word '•' heirs." should have been
used. Hence I am unable lo issue rown Grants to
sub-purchasers who are unable to produce a Deed,
signed and sealed by thc origiual purchaser from the
A measure to remedy past evils shall be immediately
(Signed) George Hunter Cary.
For sale.
Bill Heads,
CUR E D     FISH     M E It C H A N T 8
Merchants and shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms Cash. j;.lt
No.   108   California-street,
WE bare the largest and mo-t variedassort«i(j|J
Fresh Field and Garden Seeds in the state. \<\
of our own importation-, from the best growers in jjj
United States und Europe, which we can warning
give just satisfaction to our patron'.
Uur stock consists, in part of Alfalfa of Chili Clortt
Seed, pure; Bed and White Dutch Clover;" Titnotb,
Gr.i--. lied Top Grass; Millet; Orchard Gran.
Garden Seeds—Cabbages, Turnips, Carrot;,/ie,,,
Onions, I,t-ttu- ••-. Radishes, Melons, Cucumber« Tom.'
toes. Squashes, Parsnips, etc.
Seeds put up  in boxes,  100  papers assorted iB.j|
labelled  for retailing, sent to order.
Fruit  Tree and Flower Seed.-.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Dutch bulbous and Hup Roots.
Budding and Pruning Knives.
Garden Tools.
A liberal discount made to thc trade.
..   HSBP.AILsbI&B ferwarded   by HaHjrjr Exprtii.»*;j
meet with prompt attention.
Address,      .1  P. SWEENY k Co. Seedsmen,
d21-3m No. 108 California-st., Sun Franciso, |
Legal Blanks,
Blank Notes,
any Free Miner to register two claims in his own name, nud allow -neb'
j period as he may think proper for non-working either j
one of such claims. But no person shall be entitled to
hold at one time more than tv.'o claims of the legal
size. A discoverer's claim shall for this purpose be
reckoned as one ordinary claim.
V.    All claims shall be subject to the public rights of
way and water in such manner, direction, and extent as
right to bear the grand old name of'!
ovaltv, kind heartedness, and liberal EUROPEAN" MATTERS.
         which were  once (and perhaps  not,     The London correspondent ot tbe New York Herald,
wholly without reason) ascribed to be the charocteris-  iu a letter nated Dec. 2nd, makes some highly interest-
tic attributes of those that were born of gentle races,     ing comments upon the affairs in Europe.   We present Commijsioner shall, from time to time direct;
Now ii is just ns probable that these separate castes some of his statements:- • „„ mine shall be worked within 10 feet of any road,
or classes of individuals may be met with in the The rumor that prevailed last week of a^disarma- no mm.' "g^ST^Son of tte Gold Commis-
neighborhood of the Colonial Hotel, or anv other hos-: ment on the part ot England and  France is  morally j unic.-s oy tne prev-ou
telries in our promising little city, as in any other part! true, for tne r.mperor has disarmed the French p:-a of B,0JLer*        , wextaia the Quantity of water in anv I
of the world    Some who labor hard and profitably in \ us belicose  propensities   and ue is doing all  in  his      vi. ^°™"   t,ic'following rules shnilbc  observed i
their  vocations as mechanics: others,  who  although j power to put an end in both countries to any idle ap- aitcn orsiuice,  tnt  -oi.o      -,
possessing a  prescriptive right to the objectionable prehensions of war.   In England, however, it is tbcUTjut.) ,„to a ditch, shall be  measured at
term -gentleman." yet " envieth nol." is not puffed Universal opinion that the country should be prepared "eJJ* ""**K^ water Bhall be taken into a ditch
up,-thinketh,ioevil.'   Why should these two classes against the sudden whim of any great Continental, htd.t »  nca ' . ' v, „„,, floor Bbal, be  hori-
be placed at variance with each other by tbe unfounded State, for it wonld be possible in these days of steam- ««Pl»n»«J«J *~ ',el vcnical lanes snch
and injudicious remarks of a press that can have but ships and railroads, for Russia as weUi as I ranee o, jonw plane ^l . d [ six ,im„s ^Vreadth in a
one object-to Batter the one at the detriment of the | descend in great force on unprotected England and do ™°|^ ^"Z from the point at which the water
other1 infinite damage before arrested.   The militia mania. | horizontal oirccurin iron ui--i        ti,e troneh to he not
Society is not a mere collection of individuals, a» fl  under the ,.vie and title of rifle  corps,  is.  therefore, j *n'£\hthe/JX; ^ftbe bottom of the trough not
heap of sand is the. aggregation of its particles, but is pervading over the country ai.p all elas,es-h,gh, mid-; more than 7 incnes, ana b .__ ^
a body, has an organised existence, and a life. That: die, and low-are falling into_,„ ranks. DnUinghas P~~»"^J XnWmonts being taken inside ihe trough
life does not interfere with the several lives of its mem-! become as popular a pastime here as among our target *£""•*■'*jJ^X^r drv reason. The area ofa ver-
bers. but rather, as they involve in their nature certain i and volunteer companies in New v one : and at no dut- ; ^/^^^"^ Uie trough, shall be consider-
social elements, completes and enriches them. To form ant day a force of several hundred thousand of the Jf**£™££a^e Quantitv of water taken bv
one   harmonious whole—to form a good front and spirit and muscle of the country wiU be organized and o<J "« uie measure oi  un. 4
background to the picture, the mechanic is quite as equipped "according to law," whowUl be ready^at a p"^* ,    f measurement shall be applied to
necessary as the gentleman,  the   gentleman   as the: moment's notice to meet the enemy from without, or to!     Ihe same moue oi measuic u
mechanic.    Far be  il from me either to compare with \ put down sedition from within.
thc former, or rank with the bitter the toi distmt gentle
„„„ „i,„ „«„«o-i< iv.-o  ...*..i-. -'-•> i   : L"
Way Bills,
Show Bills,
Etc., Etc,
Executed   in  the' neatest  manner,  and   with    the
greatest despatch, at the Office  ofthe -Nrw W fist
mikbtbb Times."
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. AgenttJ
TyTOTICE is  hereby given that  arrangements hi
_^j     been entered into between the Royal Mail Sita
Packet Company, and the Pacific Mail SteamshipC»
puny, for  tbe  forwarding  of treasnre to thc Itn-ii,
England by the steamships of the two comparia,!-
means of through bills of lading to be granted lituil
commanders of the ships of the Pacific Mail Su-ar-iikJ
Company, for thc delivery 'jo William l'crry, Esq..A-saJ
of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, to be HI
across the Isthmus, and embarked on  board t'lttii-J
nf the It. M. S. 1*. co.    Ml parties who may wi-rwl
forward treasure to Eu.jpe can now du ?o in thce-J
ner expressed.
Further particulars, if required, will be mailekatml
on application to the undersigned.
The steamships of tbe b. m. s. co., depart fromjbl
pinwall twicea month, corresponding with iheiirriitl
here of the Pacific Mail steamship co.'s -learners.
Freight on specie and Bullion from Panama ti&l
Bank of England, (1 2-10) one and two-tenths, per(MJ
Dupuy. Foulkes, & Co.,
d.'i-tc B iltery street, cor Pseik
MEMBERS are notified  thai tho  society will ital
its Regular Meetings every Wednesday ereoiEi
at half past 7 o'clock, in tbe building next to tbefK
Ollice. Government street, for tbe purposes of Reheu4
and general business.
A. T. BUSHi-V,
dO-lc Hon. fc
Tiuett, Jones, & Arlington,
II T HOLESALE DEALERS und Importers of fewBl
If    und Domestic Liquors. Wines, Cordials, synftl
und every article in this line.
Dealers wiio may favor us with orders, may re.-u-l
ured that we will endeavor to giu- satisfaction inIkl
article, and dispatch in forwarding. Where thee/iiT
ities arc sufficient of Foreign Liquors, we will sriijul
qiswr r
of the folloi|
Reealia Britanlca.
100,000 "iZZi&r;
Li Ville 'if 'iignn.
Espartero's Telcmaco
Washington Irving u "
La Victoria •• !'
El Vulcano " "
•'      •• ■•   Londres
Uriarte •'• "
El Valor de la Rama •* "
El Triumvjrato " u
This invoice of fine Cigar- is olTcrcd for sale U ft
undersigned at very low prices, by cases, or >ivwllk
The brands are all warranted to bo genuine,l»9
pressly selected in Havana for this market, by Uf*
Ronsset, Auger. iCo., well known importers oflUn*
Cigars, In San Frnnciscc, Calafornia. 	
Johnson street. op]>osite Whnrf it-
' —4X80—
Cigars and Cigaritos of new brands received per*1"
Mail Steamer. dlW' |
man who conceals false pride, sloth, and incapability,
under an affectation of social superiority, nnd pretends
to ridicule and despite the efforts of his brother colonists when directed either to the amusement or utility
of the mass.
A poem in n southern paper begins, "I've lived upon
thy memory." That is about as bad as Jerry Bryaut's
boarding-house feed, where they had nothing for dinner,
bad it warmed-over for supper, and what was left served
j up for breakfast.—Carpet Rag.
Caste in one sense of the word  may be injudiciously, crossing a field,  came in contact
encouraged in a small and "^^^^L^ i with a do keTwho was making  ■< day  hideous " with
c't ureal gentleman can  never be otherwise than am.. .. •. °
object of laudable ambition to all classes of individuals
throughout the civilized world.
1 remain, Mr. Editor, your*..
An Axeio Saxon
bis unearthly braving. Jemmy stood a moment inaston
iihment, but turning to Pat. who seemed as much enraptured with the song an himseif. remarked, "it's a
fine large ear (hat bird has for music, Pat. but sure he's
got an awful cowld.'
CCORRESPONDENTS for the Victoria Gazette, in
/ British Columbia Oregon, and Washington Territory. To men of ability, the most advantageous terms
are otTered.    Apply to the Editor,
Yates street,
Also responsible and energetic agents.
Dec. 1, 1859.
The " Victoria Gazette "
Published every
Price 12} cents.
old TOM.—Swain Board k Co. Worthtogtt'j
RUM—Old Jamaica.
PORT.—A Superior Article in half Casks.
SHERRY.—    -
SOAP 543 Boxes, 2!, lbs. each, best Knglis-
For Sale by
Corner Johnson k Wharf Street. J23-1"
Victoria.    J
I OTIS s. riEB«l
\    San Frs-n*!
ascertain the quantity of water running in a trough or
onl of any ditch.
: : Issued under thc Public Seal of  the   Colony!
:L.S. i     of  British    Columriin    at   Victoria,  Van-
i i      couver Island, this sixth day of January, in|
thc year of our Lord one thousand eight I
hundred and sixty, and in the twenty-third I
year of Her Majesty's Reign, by mc,
By His Excellency's Command
Acting Colonial Secretary
ADVERTISERS in the Victobia Gazette, will have
tlie privilege of advertising in the New Wbst-
Kixsrcp. Tisces, which now has the largest circulation)
of any paper in the Colony, upon payment of one hai
extra. It is particularly requested that advertisements
sent in may be distinctly marked with the number o
nsertions required, also whether for one or both
Advertisements for long periods inserted  upon  the
met reasonable terms.
No advertisements received after 7 p.m.. thc day pre-
011° to publication.
Pierce & Seymour,
North-westcorner of Yates and Douglas streets,Vic""!
ARE in regular receipt ot assorted FiiriiitirW0'*,!
stautiul quality, which .they offer at reason"!
rates, in purt consisting of j|
BEDSTEADS, all  sizes; Bureaus, plain nn<l *°1
front; Tables, assorted  sizes; hairs, cane and *lJ
scat, and office chairs; Rockers, eono seat ana »1
Looking Glasses; Cots, and other articles of in"11 ■
ate necessity. . tM
Mr. PIERCE—recently of J. k O. S. Pierce, ot m
Francisco—now residing there, will give his ntte«i j
to thc filling of special orders for any style of Fiirm 1
thereby saving time, trouble, nm! expense, to P8'"
Of this particular material for Bedding, w« "''J
ample stock in hand, which we offer either by to J
„. :_ n_j.i:...i „. ...„„,i.. „_:„„„    jt *s univcrsaUj ',j
or i'n Bedding, at steady prices.
ceded to be equal to leathers, and better ibbu qM
hair for this climate, nt half the price .0' el« ,-forrif
.rrangementswith the sole importer ot 'tlor V njtt|
ire such thai wc are enabled to sell Lower i» ,|
be had elsewhere. Straw Mattrasscs, w-10'"^^
Printetl for the Proprietors, every kAT''BPA^.J,»iii!»
ahii M.-Cliue, at the office ofthe -'New ",;•,!
Times," Langlev-street, off Yatcs-street, I
the Colony ->f Vancouver Island.


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