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The New Westminster Times Dec 24, 1860

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 ia 10, fool iii
$jfe pMimwte, latutkg, IJafemfei, 24, I860.
(_Fj--.ni thc London Timet.)
At intervals of twelve months we are c-ener-
ally favoured with a communication from
that benevolent Society which stands in permanent antagonism to Slavery throughout
thc world. Sometimes we get a formal but
rather objectless "report;" sometimes an indict ment of thc West Indian proprietors, as
if they wero slaveowners still; and occasionally a tirade against free emigration equivalent to a denunciation of _Nogro labour under
any form, these communications wc generally submit to popular judgment, and givo
Ihcm, at any rate, tho desired publicity if not
the desired support. To-day wc find ourselves at tho old work again, with an energetic ' appeal' before us and a summary of
facts which are certainly ofa most notable
character. Up to a certain point, ind, d, *s
is impossible to do otherwiso than concur in
tho views which - the Committee ofthe British and ' Foreign Anti-slavery .Society ' have
Incorporated  by lloyal Charter in  1840.
CAPITA!,, '. $5,000,000
Special Deposits received in .sums of $100 and upwards,    re-],avable    on   demand.     Charge   for   safe
keeping, one-quarter op one per cent, per month.
Gold Dust received lor safe keeping, at the rate oi
fivk cents en! oz. per mouth.
Drafts Issued on* London (JO days after Sight, at
the rale of ?4 !'.", per £1. stg.
II days alter sight, (in sums of £50, and upwards)
85, per £1 stg.
'J days after sight (in sums under £50) §5 10, per
£1. sterling.
Diiafts on demand or at short sight, issued on tlie
principal Cities and Towns in "Scotland aud Ireland, at
the rate of 85 15 per £1 stg.
Diiafts on the principal Cities in the North American
Pro'vinces, nt'■'• days, as follows :—•
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick, 4      " "
Nova Sco.in _!J    '• "
Drafts or. New York, at 3 days, ll per cent.pretr." .nu.
''     "    Messrs. II. Davidson & May, San Francisef
nt sight—par.
Office hours lo a. m., to 3 p. v.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
F. \V. WOOD,
Victoria. March 1T, 1RD0. tc
.San  Fuancisco.
by the slave dealers to escape detection. Such information is perfectly unnecessary. It may be taken for
granted that we shall bc always outwitted in a contest
like this, where we have nothing but force to oppose
to self-interest and cunning, and where force cannot be
exerted except under embarrnsing restrictions. So long
as Cuban planters arc ready lo buy, people will be
found ready to sell, and slaves will make their way to
Havannab as surely as cotton does to England.
This brings us, then, to the point ofthe present appeal. What does the Anli-slavery society propose to
do? ''The time has arrived." says the committee,
"when something must bo seriously attempted to put
an end to this n*ful state of things." We nre much of
that opinion, but what form is the attempt to Jake?
That is what we now learn. The committee, wc are
told, " have suggested to Lord John Russell to demand
of Spain ihe immediate cessation ofthe slave trade, or
to intimate that Great Britain will require the reimbursement, willi interest, of lhe £400,000 compensation
money paid to Spain in 181', for her discontinuance of
the traffic, and the cessation of diplomatic intercourse.''
There is lhe course chalked out for us, but we must
needs say that we cannot look upon it with any great
aim,unt. of confidence. We doubt if Spain would either
assent to our proposition or bc much alarmed at the alternative. We do not think we should very easily get
the £400,000, and interest, .ind it would bc a poor setoff against our £40,0110,000 if we did. Thc scheme is
so far good that it proceeds on the right principle. If
lhe importation of slaves into Cuba could bo effectually
prohibited by the Spanish Government, or actually prebend placod before the country. "Since 1851 vented by the authorities of tbe colony, ihe slave trade
Great Britain has expended, upon an average, ' would be lU an end' anu witn H our expenditure also;
more than one million pounds sterling annu- ,!"" ^ T'1'10'1. b*v ^hmb this consummation is to be
,, ., .   i .,        ,   o .,   I brought  about is   precisely    he question  winch   has
ally, or, in other words, moro than forty mil-! never yet been solved,
lion pound* sterling, in attempting to put an
end to the Slave Trade.' That is the first point
taken, f here, in its own words and its own
typo, is tho estimate formed by the anti-slavery society of the burden which our policy
has imposed upon the British taxpayer. It is
not the estimate of any grudging economist
or eoldhearted financier anxious to alarm his
countrymen by the enormity of tho accouut,
lut a simple piece ot reckoning, calculated by
thc very people with whoso special sympathies the money has been spent, and placed
at the head ofthe appeal which they have addressed to the public. The figures arc certainly conside: a'lo. We had never, for our
own part, put them quite so high, but tho
Committee knows what it is about, no doubt,
and perhaps, in one way or another, the outlay may reach really this incredible amount}
Imagine our taxation lightened by a reduction
bfa million. Imagine that sum spent annually upon public works or institutions! Imagine all that might be done lor education, zc'r
ence, public health, or public advantage, if
such a sum wcre available for those objects,
and it will soon bc felt how very substantial
is the sacrifice thus made.
We next come to the results, also estimated
on the same partial authority. A Commodore on ths African Station writes to the Admiralty the slave trade 'is conducted on a
scale as formidable as it was ten years back.
A lieitr-Adiuiral reports that 'for many
years tho prospect of putting down thc slave
trade has seldom been less encouraging.' Tho
British Commissary Jtidgo at ilavannah
communicates to the Government at home,
enormous increase ofthe slave trade ■' within
the year this day ended' ( December thirty-
first eighteen hundred and fifty eight). Lord
Malmesbury writes to thc British Minister at
-Madrid that the slave trade is undoubtedly
carried on in Cuba " to an extent little,"if at
all, inferior" to that which prevailed beforo
its abolition was agreod upon ■ and, finally,
Lord John Russcl gives as the latest statistics
on tho subject, b}* declaring in the House of
Commons this very session, that from thirty
; to forty thousand slaves aro imported into
Cuba every year from the coast ot Africa, in
despite of all our endeavors to intercept thc
| supply by our eternal blockade.
Hero, then, is an account ol our investment
as rendered by the Anti-slavery society itself.
The reader may safely accept tho word of it-
It is all as true as gospel Wo havo said the
same thing ourselves fifty times over; in fact,
we have said a little more- Thero aro still
ono or two items to bc added to thc wrong
side of tho account. Wc observe, indeed, that
the committee docs oo this occasion condescend to add to the forty millions sterling sunk
in this enterprise tho ''loss of thousands of
lives" as woll as of numorotiH costly vessels ol
war: and it might havo been further stated
that tho sufferings ot tho Negroes themselves,
as thc Anti-slavery society has elsewhere acknowledged, have been actually aggravated
bv ti;c operation of the, system pursued. JJis-
hearteniiig, too, ?.s these results aro, they aro
perfectly natufjl. Rml mn8t bo c-*Pcetei1 t0
continue without chu.nge so Iong as tho conditions of the caso remal.n tho same Cuba
provides a market for slaves' in which the
price is so high and the demand so ^tendy as
to make the trade infallibly remttnei.'.'-ive'
Wo need only extract the statements of t'tiC
appeal before us to show thc reason why the
slave Trade flourishes in spite of all we can do
to put it down- A negro can be bought on
the Coast of Africa for four pounds; ho can be
sold in Cuba for two hundred. Our cruisors
generally capture about thirty-three per cent,
ofthe voxels engaged in the traffic ; sixty-six
per cent, mako a safe run ot it. Anybody may
computo tho profits of such a business- Tlio
committee puts them, for tho year eighteen
hundred aud fitty sevoft, -vt one thousand
four hundred per cent- oftho capital embarked.
They are prodigious enough, at any rate, to make it
absolutely certain that so long as they can bc realized
the trade will be carried on. It is equally certain that
they will continue, to be realized, for anything we can
do in the way of blockade. Thc appeal before us enters with superfluous detail into thc maneuvers adopted
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momentous question, and we are glad to  o .-   and will be about twelve n
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be $10 per day when the water is once i   w
Dry Diggings and Dutch Flat will pay al
amount.    A  ditch is  also being ted on th
other side of the river, from a creek ai the I    ctain
es long, runni -  I     '
Tnr. r-vi.T
irer lastSa
'   Tbe Hope p
[ope.—-This  s-teamer, on her trip up  the
::.. ;\. broke down when .some little  dis-
..,-,_',, v and returned to the  latter place
aired the slight damage sustained,   llcr
ssengers were taken up by the Henrietta.
e led up lhe river again yesterday.
ts-iT Ol FICE.—The Inrg, .-i amount of gold that bas
, ..;■ ed in New Westminster, was received at
•'■ P
tho various
United Stales recieve Mr- L/indsey's  offer  in
been discovered along this
benches and flats. Several
being made. The priees f ;
range as follows :—Beans, li
cents; rice, 20; bacon, 38 ; -
75 ; candles, 02 ; nnd pol„u
successful Snuw Shoe mine
the Lilloet. A Michael V R-
six , u
ts   per
■ eite
lbe  i
it ".:.','
wcck etnti
- Revenue.—The Customs receipts for the
!:g N,,v. 17th are:—Duties, £778 2 4; Tonnage
s 4 : Harbor dues, £11 10; Head money£3 4;
-, Inland Navigation Licenses J.8 4 ;
Warehouse fees J.
Tola',. jCt-M lo S.
T :z Talis. This Btenmormade her first appearance in
>,",-.,• Westminster yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. As
toon ns she approached the wharves she was saluted
with an enthusiastic cheer. She is a beautiful model
and glided over the water at a much more rapid pace
than the general run of our river boats. She starts to
ilav for Vale where she will no doubt meet with a warn,
i Mr. Billon furnishes us the
llowin_' .—7
a   reasonable   spirit-    we publish nn   extract I pressman arrived at Fort Hope from Rock Creek and
from  the   Select Committee on  thu   shipping   Shimilkomeen, a few days  ago, on foot, his horse not
interest   which   shows  the   absurdities   with ; heing able to come through on account of thc snow
I in many plaees being six r.r.d seven feet deep. A nuni-
ber of wagons travelling from the Dalles got frozen between that place and the boundary line.    The majority
America tries to evade following out
It is as
the couj.gO which was expected of her
All Advertisements for insertion in the -ftew Westminster Times must bc paid in advance. 'I hose for lon-
jrer periods than one month are required to be paid lor
each month in advance,
As regards the government of thc United States your
Commitec feel deeply disappointed that they have not
taken a more Liberal course in   regard lo their Casting
of tbe miners at Shimilkomeen nnd neighboring diggings ate doing well, and intend to remain during thc
winter. It, every portion of the country in both l'ri:-
Trade. Tho expectations entertained tint the United I isl> 'lml American territory, thc greatest preparations
States government would yield the point nowconteuded i are being made for packing operations in the spring,
for, provided we ceded our Coasting Trad,- t„ American i T|10 .„„•,.". h..ve all been turned out for the winter on
vessels, have  resulted  in  disappointment.    So strong     , ... ,,..,,, e ■    ,,
is this fueling, that it bas been pressed  upon the attcn- | tho "»'?••'"«'•< pasture l«id m the valleys of tne bona
from various quarters, that n
lion of your Committee
the American.- did not possess any colonies and consequently gave no equivalent in return for the cession
of our Colonial Trade to the,,,, and that as the trade
from the eastern coast of the United States to California, either by way of Panama or around Cape Horn,
has no analogy to that which is deemed a Coasting
Trade, we ought to have no hesitation in excluding the
ships ofthe United States   from our Carrying Trade,
How unapprcciativcis humanity of that liberality and charily which begin abroad but which
never approach our own  fire-sides-    Tn what
an inimitable manner has   Dickens portrayed
that philanthropic lady whose bosom yearned
for the heathens of Southern and Western Africa—whoso heart bled  for those races  with
the difficult names—and whose whole life waa
.pent in  missionary  efforts to supply  them
with blankets    Were she  asked for her mite
to ameliorate the condition oftho poor in her
neighborhood, her vision which   was continually on the stretch so many thousand  miles,
could never bring itself to so confined a range.
Did her children   tumble down stair*-, or  exhibit indications of hard knocks,ragged clothes
and dirty faces, was not her whole mind taken
up with the spiritual  and  social welfare ofa
people whose claims on her  charity  were of
infinitely more  importance than   that of her
offspring.     What a  masrnaiiimoue creature!
exclaims the philanthropist ofthe outer world
—what a stupid, unnatural fool cries those acquainted with her domestic "regime*'    How
typical is all this of" Mother England "   and
her colonies.    Building up other nations  not
only at the expense of her shipping  interest,
but to the ruinous detriment of her  colonial
possessions.    Wc can understand that nation
which,   unapproachable    in  its  amount   of
wealth,  unequalled in its commercial   talent,
and placed, through years of energy, in a position far beyond competition, magnanimously
throw its trade open tothe eon,Lined world-
like a knight  armed cap a-pie   hurling his
gauntlet into the ringasa challengetoa number ot   ragged and balf-htarved  competitors.
This  is certainly not difficult of comprehension, for wc see al once its immediate results in
a vastly increased trade and the obtaining  of
all  the  credit that can attach   itself   to  the
name  of being  liberal-    But to sacrifice  an
interest  which   has  been the nursery of   her
navy in the time of war, and the perpetuation
of hor commercial supremacy  in   time    of
peace, and   to throw her colonies helpless on
the  tender mercies of rival countries,  ie  an
act, not only of the. most unconscionable folly,
but of tho rankest injustice to every depend-
ancy ot the Britisli Empire.   In what a pros-
petoaft* position would we.have been to-day
had cither tbe navigation laws been repealed
or the Americans compelled to  reciprocate.
We  ehould then have had a line of British
steamers and British sailing vessels, and English  immigration would have found as great.
.British Columbia its destination, as it has  in
tbe unequalled liners to the Australian  colonies.    But what are our present prospects,
when even  a very ordinary  English steam
vessel, though  certainly superior to  any of
her American competitors on the Pacific, was
obliged  to haul off through the opposition of
two or threo miserable tubs that take actually
moro  than  twice  the  number  of hours   to
accomplish tbe same distance as thc  Colonial
steamers  running  between   Melbourne   and
Sydney. And so will iteontintio until British
.vossels aro allowed tho privilege ofthe American  coasting trade    Let ns onco  obtain
that,   and thero will  bens little  American
Btoa-i. opposition on the Pacific as there is at
E O C A L    1 S T E L L I G Ii N C E .
Improvements.—It; a few inure week:. New Westminster will present an appearance l!,al the most sanguine
inhabitant could not hare anticipated even three
months ago. Tha construction ofthe road on Columbia
lU'cet is done in a manner highly creditable to tne contractors,   ami when Col. Moody, who has  commenced
1 fromtb
parte. Nicholas, and other river- whose margin wear
a perpetual grocn during the .thole year. The canoes
have already commenced to run through t'ne Kanyon?,
and a lar^c amount of boating is anticipated _i-.n-.iijr tbe
winter. A Frenchman named I'etc was drowned a few
days ago, out of a canoe, at the Three Rifles, a few-
mile? above Yale. It is estimated that at least 4000
miners will remain in the colony during the present win-
of what is due to our friendly reel;,,,, itions. ter—thus presenting an exceedingly prosperous condi-
I'.ut, thoughyo r lommitfeoare not prepared to recora- tion as compared with last year. The large number of
mend-be adoption of this course, they are of opinion ditches being brought to the various benches and drv
ih.it lhe unren, ttinir attention ot  her Majesty s govern-    ... , ,    ,. .,,    ,-   ,
ment should he directed to this important question, with I <%g»>g-i alo.:- the l-rnser will afford remunerative cm-
a view to remove, if possible, the last and only obstruc- I ployment to tenmincrswherconlyonecouldobtain wages
tion to a more free  and   unrestricted  commercial and i heretofore.
maritime  intercourse between the  United   Stiles and
this country.
So completely isolated as we are, this want
of navigation privilege will prove on,- greatest drawback; not only will it continue to
cripple our energies in the extension of trade,
commerce, and immigration, but it will have
the most ruinous effects on boat building tn the
llrilisli Possessions on tho Pacific—for who will
ever think of building a vessel under a flag
that boasts of so few cimmcrcial privileges?
We arc sorry that Britisli Columbia can not
make her voice beard through a Legislature
on this question, and itis also a source of regret
that the Assembly of the sister colony found
it more in consonance with its aspirations to
devote its time to Stove ripo Bills, and such
like, rather than to affairs of such nation.il
importance we aro certainly wo"se _>ff in
this matter than any of the other British
colonies. Canada has her reciprocity treaty,
and thc Australian colonics have numerous
direct lines of vessels running to England, but
here wc are, as we have repeatedly said before, at the mercy of foreign steam companies
as disobliging to our public as their ships tire
dangerous  to  our  lives  and property.    We
instead   of being retained in the colony, onJTwTT
build up neighboring countries—that although _01 ,0
of lhc precious metal bad been obtained from th-   •
in iiriti=b Columbia we bad scarcely unythinir to T"
for it.    He did not wish to depreciate gold minim,  i
it was to agriculture, and to it alone that anythhfj ri"
a permanent  prosperity could be obtained.    K ! '
witnessed  hundreds of men return from the mines
leave the country in disgust, because being misti.."1"1
ful  at the diggings tbey bad no opportunity of settr""
upon the public lands through, principally,' the want",
roads to  open  up  the farming districts.    ne -jj1*
pretty (rood experience ofthe country surrounding \f*
Westminster, having been constantly over it dnriue ikl
greater portion of last year, and be could safely say it'!
a better farming country did not eiist in the world
The resolution was put und carried Unanimously
Mr.   Ross  ruse to propose a resolution which h.'i,,.
no doubt would meet with the sanction ofthe meetin
lie could fully bear out what the last gentleman statj
with regard lo the capabilities ofthe soil On largo trw
of land  between  this and Burrard  Inlet,  havincr i \
r, ception.    As another instance ofthe want ofa Light- , abundant experience in that portion of the colony   i,
ship we learn that the Yale went considerably out of  estimated tbe extent of land in that direction nt ab
.her way on her trip to New Westminster. j 120,iiij u acres, .0,000 or SO.OOO at least, ofvrbioli «""
The Water FronTS.—In another column will be eminently adapted for farming purposes. Thousand'
found an advertisement for the rale of tbe wharf privi- of tho.-,.- acres were so little encumbered with, tin.,!
leges. We arc glad to observo action taken at last on that it would be difficult to obtain even a euflicient
this matter, and hope that the conditions of sale arc quantity for thc construction of fences. All that wt
such as will c impel .,',1 parties purchasing the lea-e lo ' wanted wns roads. Without the,,, the most sanguis,, '
build a uniform levee within a specified time after the son could scarcely hope to make farming a profitabu
sale.   Otherwise no one but an  owner of a water lot   occupation, and tbis large and valuable tract of countrt
was consequently as so much waste and de.cri ]]lnj
I people   being  deterred,   owing  to tbe want of roads'
from settling upon it.    lie would,  however, vlthost
; any further preface read the resolution :—,
•' Resolved—Thnt, ns there is a large tract of land iQ'
' the vicinity of New Westminster—especially betweea
j the  Fraser  river nud Burrard Inlet—fit Ibr immtdUte
i scttlenienl n ere there two wagon roads constructed oo«
j running from New Westminster to English liny sidik '
i oilier from the Camp to the head of tl|» Inlet—it li df. '
sirtible that  Ihe Government of the colony should dt-
i vote a portion of tho revenuo of the country to the <-«.
rying  out of this object,—so essential to the existtn«
! of a farming community,   which in its turn will be _.
j necessary  to New Westminster, thc capital ofthe col.
The motion was seconded at some length hy Mr. Anq.
! strong, who brought forward figures to show'bowmuch
i tlie general revenue was losing by keeping the lands ia
I quostion so completely locked up,    The construction of
I a road b\ tlie north line to Burrard Inlet would costb.l
little  nu,re   than  £1000, and the one to  English B«r
about  £2000.    Taking  the sale of laud,  which would
i immediately take place, once means of communication
I were  opened and the greatly increased number of itl-
tlurs in consequence, end be would be bound to sav tit
I augmentation in the revenue would cover tbe expense!
ten  times over.   The speaker concluded by descanting
largely   upon  tbe benefits which would accrue to Xei
i Westminster, and the people of this purl of the country
' generally  by the construction of roads as mentioned in'
: the resolution,
but an   owner of a
will attempt to bid at the ensuing auction.
C.u>T. Rise.—Wo nre glad i>, see that Ills I'.in llency
has excercised that virtue which " becomes trie Monarch
better than his crown" and pardoned Capt King. This
act of justice wns certainly in consonance wilh thc feelings of 99 out "i every hundred nf the population.
Tins Cii'.uN.i l-LKCTiox.—Wc are glad to learn thnt i' is
the intention ofthe electors of Columbia-street to place
Mr Holt in nomination ns a candid:,ie ai the en-cing
Municipal Election. We have no other gentleman be-
ter qualified to represent the interests of this portion of
the city than Mr. Holt, n>.,l we consequently look forward lo hi. return with little or no opposition.
 » «   »	
The following business was transacted at the
Ni w Westminster Municipal Council on the 12ih, I3ih,
nud 15th inst. Member.- present being Mr. M'Clure
(President,) Messrs. Armstrong, Holbrook, Cormnc,
llrown. and Manson. Communications were received
from ihe Colonial Secretary relative to the "llemoval of
British Columbinn prisoners from Victoria to .V w
Westminster," "The construction of u Post-office,"
"Prep ration ofan otlicinl map of New Westminster,"
and   ".'u the subject ofn bnoy being placed ou a  rock
in the canal de Aro.''    A letter was also r; ived from
Mr. Homer announi ing his resignation as a member ol
the council. The Report of the committee on amending
and revising the Municipal Act was adopted. A petition was received Iron, a number of agriculturists praying that a pub'ie meeting should be convened in order
lo draw the attention of Government to ihe necessity
of constructing roads through t!,e agricultural districts
surrounding  New  Westminster.    The   Report  of the
■ilired t.
rin't the t
11 have   cm
leted  sc
with his Royal Engineers to con
end of the city to the camp. s!.
desirable an enterprise, wc shall have a good carriage
way from the lower extremity of tne I ,wn to the residence ofthe Rival Engineer
ni I
1 Engineers.    . fi, principal  port,
of Douglas, Mary, Agnes and Black ivood-strects will
the con: e of a few months, be also graded.    When  w
add to these arrangemtnts a number of other importai
Municipal works which arc at present in projection, w
think New* Westminster will exhibit an appearance th^t
with   all   its former draw
Harbor  committee was
lf,0 copies  sent  to   tb
throughout the world
lows:—Grading  Marv-strect,  Pidwell, Sllr,
Douglas-street, McLennan, S2.5; grndiug Ag
Hodgkinson, S40 ; an 1 grading IJInckwood-si
ert-on, ?'.'*i.    Tenders for grading Severn
--Ir -I.
el. Rob-
1 other
The question was put and carried as in thc former
I case nem. coa.
Mr.  Hodgkinson    then  proposed  that tt Commitit
should be  appointed to draw up a petition ia accord-
ie pit ilislicd, And , rincc   w-v^   tj)C  r,:s,,;,u-nns t|mt -,.u- i,;.,,,, plt!Sfd] a.nd
e   .arious commercial Homes   ttfter uk,Bg it round to the inhabitants for niguat.re,
lender- were l'iwu out as  f> - i ,■ , ., ,    ,,■    i-      n << „ ii     ,
,_.  .    ,,. , ,,    _.IIr.       ..!.,'...   forward the same to llts Excellency Governor 1)i„i(..m,
Mr. Kennedy would wish to make a few rcmnrti,
He thonght the parties who drew up the resolutio.i
acted in a most illiberal manner in not makingproYisiot
for the c ,Hirudin], of roads in other localities whidi
he contended needed them most. There were settlers
in the direction of Pitt river, and other? across the I'm.
ser, but no mention ofa road was made to op-oi up
cither of those portions of ths country. The want of.
liberr.lity appeared more glaring, when Ihe bulk of thi
one would have ever dreamed to find for some years to I ;ur6p.!oetd«nrr^ '.fe'""' I M ul'rs 'n tllis l'Llrt oftho «-'0»1',r.v W!--*- wilh.ut o"1-1",
come.    Private enterprise, we are happy to say; is keep-   [ft . .     h ' nt.r  ' "'^, °''" ". ^ ' ^  '• '^n]>  '"' : resident in .he localities alluded to.    The whole coon-
ing pace  with the efforts of the council.    Upward,  of I    !7.1 ttiillnt    h    W-P™ of    , ' '* ,   "' ! tr-r &1*nost bct«'ccn «>-» «"> B<"-fwd «»■<■» was pre-omp-
te-. .Uings have been constructed within ,h. last si,    ^ ^^J^'J^lftoo^to \ ^ £  ST**" ? M» ™* ^  «""•
weeks, and quite a number are in course of construction   ,  , .   i     ,,,,,,,., ,    ,- .     ,*,,     ,   , r , .        ' '   '
',. , ,.,.,.,, .Council   and that   il be ir, vet, to II,e clerk for any    lot
at  present—loremost amongst which is tbe oakery  ot   , „ ,,  ,., ,  ,,,„,i   „„,!,_, ,,      ,      „   ,-      , ,*.   e
not cleared, to be charged to the owner ot such  ot  for
u cr
ordered to be advertised. An appropriation of
£50 was made to defrnj tho cxpcnccs of printing, stationery, kc A vote of thanks was given to Col, Moody
for presenting lhe council with n design fornMunicipal
... ■■.■■1-.,.r..i.._.  no,. , SMl     ,lml tQ C() .., wbu     R   g     for cxecuti ,^|(1
back, and bad      atment,  no I ^^ „ slighta!temtion] however, wnsmnde ii.it, and I
lope llie Legislature of Vancouver Island
will take hoiiil- steps in tlie mutter, and that
Ilis Excellency, as Governor of Iiriti-Tti Columbia, will also interest himself to obtain for us
such a treaty as will enable Rritish,vessels to
enjoy the American coasting trade on tho pacific- AVe arc quite certain that the boos
would be obtained without any difficulty if
England only showed a little e&rnestness in
depriving America, (in default of her granting such concessions) of the coasting trade
with the r,riti»h colonies. Our Republican
neighbors would think twice before they would
bring such irrotrivableruin upon themselves
—creating a panic from ono end ofthe country
to the other, and causing thousands ol their
mercantile marine to lie and rot in tlie docks
as so many structures of ingenious folly.
As tbe winter approaches thc miners arc gradually
deserting the more mountainous portions of tbe interior nnd by degrees augmenting thc population of less
frigid regions. Cayoosh is, peihaps, the most fortunate town in this respect, its population having increased fully 600 during the last few weeks. Three
hundred of those are, however. Chinamen. The miners here are doing ns well, taking the cheapness of
provision into account, ns the mucli-tnlkcd-of pioneers
of lbe Curriboo. Thc average rate of wages is about
$7 per day. One company of Cornisbmcn are making
from S15 to §20 per diem. Tbis party came down
from the Upper country a year ago last August, with
hut a few dollars in their possession. Getting sullici-
eicnt credit, however, they commenced cutting a ditch
ahout the beginning of October, to bring water from a
creek between French liar and Rridgo river. The work
wns completed at the latter end of May, when two of
the party, which originally consisted of eight, sold out
their interest tor S_000 each. The ditch contained
about twelve sluice-beads of water, which was rented
to the miners at 25 cents an inch per day. The comiiany have paid over $6000, which they had entailed
during the progress of the work. Another race is in
course of construction from a creek two miles from
Texas Bar, and will measure, when completed (which
it is expected will take place in April, nbout fourteen
miles. It is intended to bring the water through Texas
Rar, Dutch Flat, and the Dry Diggings, the latter place
being thirteen miles farther down the river than Texas
Bar. The ditch will carry ai 'cast 80 sluice-heads, nnd
will be the largest work of the kind yet constructed in
t on the Atlantic, and Commodore Van- j the colony.    When brought to the diggings mentioned,
Mr. Hick. This building, which ii almost completed
is three stories high and built in the most substantial
manner. It is the large.t house that lids been erected
in New Westminster. .Mrs. Lawless has also extended
her premises from tbe water front to Columbia-street,
and a neat-looking saloon with a very friendly lamp
give an appearance of cheeri'uln-s1: to this part of
tiie town thnt it had sadly wanted before. A v»ry
large building has been erected on thc water front by
Mr. Harris, which bas already In en rented by several
business occupants—a store by Mr. Herkimer—a restaurant by Mrs. Lawless, end another store will quickly
be occupied. A two story building will shortly be
built by Mr. Clnrkson next to the one occupied by-
Mr. Tilley and Mr. Herkimer. Mr. Holbrook intends
erecting, iu the course of a few months, a large brick
warehouse. A number of private residence, will
also shortly be erected—the most important, of which are
'.apt. Cooper's and Mr. liitsbby's. Upwards of twenty
substantial cabins have been recently put up by tbe
miners who intend remaining in New Westminster
during the winter, and the workmen employed on the
streets. We hive also a large numb.r of Chinese encamped on Victoria Gardens who ., 1 no doubt add to
the business of the place so far ,: a consumption of
rice is concerted. Altogether v. i have obtained at
least 300additional residentsduringtholasttwo months;
and we believe that next winter will see ten permanent residents in New Westminster whore one exists at
the present time, if we may take such an increased confidence in the resources ofthe colony (as is everywhere
apparent) as a truthful indication..
Saw-mill,—We understand that thero is a second
saw-mill about being erected at Cayoosh by Mr. James.
The number of buildings ,it present going on in that
town make such a step a matter of necessity to supply
the demand.
Tm: New Cncncn.—Tho Episcopal church will, wc
are informed, he opened on Friday the 30th inst ,
when Ilis Lordship thc Bishop will be present. It has
been an event long-looked for by every member of the
Episcopal persuasion in and around New Westminster.
The church is certainly the finest architectural building
of lbe kind in either colony and its interior iu no way-
belies its outward appearance.
Assault.—A charge of assault was brought before C.
Brew, Esq., yesterday morning, by Mr. Ritchie, of Cayoosh, against, tbe captain ot the Henrietta, Mr. Ins-
well, or more commonly knowu as Delaware, for striking the complainant, while on hi' passage, in libit
steamer from Douglas to New Westminster, on the,
bead with a pitcher. Tbe defendant was lined $25 and
Municipal act.—The following amendments have
been adopted bv the Municipal council, and will bc forwarded to His Exellcncy for approval by the next
steamer :—
Qualification of'.f.m'->>w.—-'Being seined or possessed
in his own right, in fee simple, ofa Town Lot, irrespective of value ; or an interest ofthe marketable value of
Xr,0, in a town lot in the city of New Westminster," in
lieu of the qualification at'pres(,ut in t,ie "Municipal
council Act."
Qualification of X'olers.— 1—" All persons who have
already paid taxes, or who may bo liable to pay tuxes
on tbe'ensuing Assessment, subject to none of lbe hereinafter mentioned disqualifications, shall bo qualified to
vote, providing they are residents of the city of New
Westminster one month previous to July 25tli."
2—"The  council  shall on or before  the lath  July
furnish  the Returning Ollicer with a List  of Qualified
Voters—said list to bc publicly posted ; ant
to bc h
the necessary cxpcnccs ot" looking after the same. Pro
vided that lhe whole clearing and expellees do not exceed £7. A by-law wns iutroduced for tbe purpose of
organizing a Fire company. The Finance Report was
received ; and a number of other useful resolutions v., re
carried, when the council adjourned till the 22nd inst.
Thursday, 22nd inst.
Members  present—Mr.  M'Clure (President), Messrs.
Armstrong, Holbrook, Cormnc. and Manson.
The following communication was read : —
f Govenjuicnt Hou^e,
1 Quebec, Oct. '_i,d 1850.
Rm.—I am directed by Ilis Excellency the  Governor
General in acknowledge your letter ot the 22nd of August with ils enclosure.
Ilis Royal Highness tbe Prince of Wales bad left Canada before the arrival of your despatch, but His Excellency has forwarded the address to His Grace the Duke
ofNewcastle to be laid before the Prince.
1 have the honor to be
Yonr obt. servt.
11, T. Pi:X.ST.K.-T!!'*n.
Gov. See.
Leonard M'Clure, Esq. kc kc
A motion was carried to re-ndvcrlizi. the tenders for
Douglas-street, owing tt, the party who obtained thc
contract refusing to perform it at the [trice. A resolution was passed to remove the money received from the
taxes to tlie Treasury until a satisfactory arrangement
could be made about tbe bonds. A committee was appointed to memorialise the Governor on thc question of
a grant for an additional £1000, After passing a few-
more resolutions of less importance, the Council adjourned till Monday, November Vi,
A meeting wns held on Tuesday evening at the. Courthouse to take into considerati n the best means to be.
adopted for the construction of roads through the agricultural districts round about New Westminster. The
President ofthe Municipal Council pursunnttopotitlon,
called the meeting together, staling that tbey had met
tha', evening to exercise a legitimate, and peaceful method
of persuading or otherwise influencing the Government
to adopt, certain measures, which it was believed by the
inhabitants of this portion of British Columbia were essentially necessary to the welfare of the colony. Those
mca'suiti'M, in the present instai'.r-s-v/.e.ro.'Jw coiistwuition
of highways through the agricultural districts in tho vicinity of New Westminster. Oilier subjects, he bad no
doubt, would also be brought beforo the tbe notice of
those present before the meeting closed—foremost
amongst which was tbe establishment, of a Light-ship
al the entrance to Frascr River, lie then reqnesled the
meeting to elect their chairman
! and he did not sec how th i matter was to be mended
by constructing a road through that district—more especially to English Bay.
Mr. liiiiui r wished to mr.kc the following nmeadmenl
which, after some confusion and luisuiiderstnnilinj
about whether the meeting had power to entertain «,;
Other thun the road question, whs carried by a majority.
" Resolved—That, a committee of seven lie appointed ]
to draw up a petition to Ilis Excellency Governor Roiij-
las, asking him to appropriate a sufficient sum of money I
lo open the trail-, mentioned in lhe resolutions passed
this evening: als», the establishing a Light-ship on tbe
Frascr river .S.tn.l Heads;  also, the repeal of all dutiei |
hearing  upon  all material required for ship-building;
also, thc repeal ofthe Tonnage dues on all n,erel,iiiiiii« |
leaving New Westminster for the interior of the colon;;
also, the Mule t;,x lately imposed upon the ncwtmilsi' I
the interior.'
Mr.  Scott brought forward tbe following resolution,
and spoke nt considerable length on tbe dangers attending  the  present unsatisfactory method of making oot|
the North  Sand Head,  contending that tbe evidence i
the most competent surveyors and pilots went to provt I
thc absolute necessity ofn Light-shin. [
'• Resolved—That, we, tho residents of New WmKI
minster beg leave to submit to Ilis Excellency the ni-l
cessity of placing a Light-ship on the Sand Heads attti I
mouth of ihe Fraser, the want of which is so much ft»l
by our merchant flcot on account of the outside bnjl
being washed away. From the report of Captain Hi* I
ards, R. N., Onptain Cooper. Harbor Master, and Mr. I
Titcomb, Pilot, wo aro of opinion that thc safety ofM'j
mercantile fleet depends on a Light-ship being inimedhI
ately ,ilaced on the Sand Heads; and, believing tWj
tbe Government has a surplus of some JC15,000d«iI
rived from thc revenues of the colony, we humbly te I
quest that an appropriation bc made, necessary in'j
the purpose of purchasing asuitablu vessel for a LiglJ-1
ship to be place! on tbe Sand Heads at the mouth t«|
Fraser river."
Mr. Holbrook seconded the resolution, and also **\
iiuadrcrted severely on the present system of lnji'M
down buoys at the entrance ofthe Frascr, when it **''!l
found from practical experience that they would onl'l
be .swept away again. He also stated that a large pi* I
mi,in, was demanded by insurance offices for vessel* I
going to Fraser river on account of tht stories that W*
been told ofthe "bar," nnd he considered it to be tw I
duty of Government to seo that these I'oundationleKj
fears were at once dispelled, by paying a proper ftU™*|
tion to marking out the channel and establishing*!
Light-ship at the entrance. ,  I
Tbe  resolution was  carried   without a disscntmill
voice. .1
bjed 011
Mr. Kennedy regretted exceedingly that tho sue
schools was left completely out of the discussions <     .
He had understood that Mr. Clarkson WH» I
OVOtling.     nu uuu uuuu, .mihu .inn ,111, uitiinau-  -     ,
have  brought  the matter forward, and he wns cons''
erably dis-ipnointed.    Quite ii number of chlldron n'c
now in New Westminster, nnd it was, he thought, o
 Mr....M'Clure..being proposed, declined lo act or  take | of tbe foremost  duties of Government to  take bob
any part in tlio"mbctihg'," as' h6"t'bdtfg_it'*SSiin."i;6ipK'f yitopa tfl'fiii'iiitaU' their education. By-and-by (■"•fji
Councillors should, us much ns possible, hold them- lish language will he comparatively forgotten, i""""
selves in the back ground nnd allow the general public   Chinook  would reign in its stead.    lie thought, weir
to carry on the proceedin
Mr. Holmes, a respectable farmer living on the north
lino to Burrard Inlet, was then voted to the chair,
After some pithy obsrvatious mado by Mr. Scott, Mr.
Ramage rose and, in a few appropriate remarks, propose,'
"Resolved—That,  ns Agriculture is tho permanent,
mainstay of all new countries, it is desirable that every
effort should  be made on the part of tho Peoplo  and
Government of this colony to encourage in the most eu-
n revision j ergetic   manner the   developing  our  agricultural  ro-
icld by tbe J.ijiuj-ning Ollicer on the, 26th of July j sources, not only as a means to Increase our population
......sion of said ollicer to be final and conclusive."      ! by i'mUi-Aug Uvstnigrfttioii, but in order to keep the gold
Duties if President.—"Tbo President of tho Muni- produce of our mines, as initeh as possible, in the co|-
cipal council to bo appointed an ex officio Magistrate to ony, and to be lens dependant on foreign countries for
co-opernle with the other Magistrate qr Magistrates in   our necessaries of life."
the adjudication of all matters relating to.Municipal of-      The motion was seconded by Mr. Hodgkinson who
fairs." came  forward, and at some length, stated to tho meot-
Fire Prevention.—That the following words bo placed   ing Ibnt tbe colony wns undergoing a gradual impovor-
under tbe schedule of appropriation:— ishing through tho want of nn agricultural population.
" F..—The preservation of said city from fire." | that the gold which was so hardly-earned by the miner
fore,  that such a prospect as that should ccrtainlyh
sufficient incentive to stir tho people up to some tn l
like  action on the matter.    After a few humorous
pertinent remarks the speaker snt down amid m
laughter1. ,     | „|
Mr.  Clarkson coincided with Mr. Kennedys ti
but be  did not remember promising to bring the.
ject beforo the meeting.    Several interesting, ana   .,
portant subjects were then touched upon by tho spe
who doubted very much that tbe petition would.06,
vorably   received by the present Government,    ^
looked forward to tho necessity of transmitting    o
something similar to the Homo Government.   J1°    ^
wish to bring before the meeting rather a strange,
cidence—whether  it hooded good or ill—that c     ,
two years from that night Governor Douglas pvoci»
British Columbia as a colony. .    H0df
After a vote of thanks to tho chairman, Mr. ^
kinson, and other agriculturalists, the liicctiug, ^
was one of tho mosl quiet and respectable cna.<"
Under this head we shall allow one reader fall liberty to
express their sentiments on all questions pertaining to the
public gcod or interest, whether we coincide with those
opinions or nut. Wc will, consequently, not he respon-
liblt for anything contained in our "correspondence.''
IC, at,old. at the same time, however, remark thai all
communications must hare hona fide signatures, and
v-rillrn on one side of the paper only. Brevity also should
le udhcrcd lo.
To lhe Editor of the New Westminster Times.
Sir.—May I l.ike the liberty lo enquire of your cor-
■i Hied   t.
ndent a  '• British subject," who seems to  be  i„-
lvisc tbe Government bow they are to   distil t- surplus revenue ofthe colony, and ask,   bv
Kvltal  right or show of justice lie has in daring to  sug-
■cc't  that   the revenue that lias been collected  off thc
■)ir>:ul   'hat  enters   the month of eery mnn above  New
■YV.'-tiniii-itcr, should all be spent for the benefit of New
■\Vc-tinin..ter.  which pays no Tonnage due.-,  and consumes  so small  a portion of dutiable goods?    Is  not
liinc-tcnths of lhe revenue paid by people in tho   Upper
(country?    And pray    what  benefit   are   Ihey   deriv-
from any expenditure   that   they  are   now  being
tasked  to pay  enormous extra taxation for?    Arc  not
the  pcoplo  of tbe Upper country asked half a cent per
niiud as toll over bad and insufficient roads, while the
L'opleofNew Westminster pay  comparatively nothing
,r the benefit ofthe colony at large; and by what right
brjustice docs the Gtc'ernment of liritish Columbia now
kaddli'  the people here with  the Tolls Tax  when tbe
hiave already payed so largely into thc Treasury of thc
(colony that there is a very considerable surplus  revenue on hand.
I am Sir, your Old. Sorvt.
Now opening nt
II I 11 13 B N   k   CARSWBLL'S
a splendid assortment of
A Larger Number of Volumes, and upon a greal'-r variety ol subjects, than has ever yet appeared in Ibis mar.
Those interested are respectfully invited  to  call and
I feast their  eyes  to  their   hearts  content—Gratis—at
S T A T I 0 N E R S '    HALL.
To the Editor of the New  Westminster Times.
Sin.—A few years since, when transportation to
in Diemcn's Land ceased, lhe name of that Island
is changed, in cot,sequence of its convict association:'.,
'r.un Van   Diomen's   Land   lo   Tasmania.    As we now
ud our convicts  to tho adjacent Island. 1 would pro- I
iose  that  it be called Van Dieraen's Land, aud retain
he name until it ceases to   be  be a rccr
i-hins, when   it  might   again   be allowed
name it now bears—Vancouver Island.
A. R. G.
staple and fancy
A large addition  to our stock.
Among them some  very handsome
A beautiful assortment of
With all thc recent improvements in styie and patterns-
Mathematical Instruments, Water colors, Portfolios,
Checker-Boards, Chess, Dominoes, etc., etc,
Stationers' Hull.
N 0 T I C E .
TnK CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
the undersigned, doing business at Cayoosh under the style of Nr.i*ri*i.!)E,i. Pearson, k Co., is this
day dissolved bv mutual consent.
Cayoosh, B. 0., Oct. 18th, 1800.
The business will be carried on by I*. Niu?E__Dlt_t,
who ii authorised to collect all debts due tbe late lira,
and pay all claim,.
no!7-3in GEO. RUSSELL,!
PROSPEI! k FRANK GRELLEY, would respectfully
inform the public that they have just opened
their New Hotel, and are ready to accommodate travellers or residents of New Westminster with the choicest
eatables the market affords. The sleeping apartments
are fitted up in a style that neither Vuncouver Island
nor liritish Columbia Can excel, nnd tbe wines and
liqueurs, while enumerating all that a first-rate bo'*l
should boast of, ate ofthe very best and finest description.
Private dining rooms can be always obtained,
dinners, kc, gotten up on the shottest notice.        3m
1 HEREBY give notice that Mr. Joshua R. nomer, a
member of the New Westminster Municipal Council
for Ward No. 2, having resigned,
An Election will be held at the County Court House,
New Westminster, to choose a councillor in hia stead,
agreeably to Section 20, of the New Westminster
Council Act, I860.
Nomination will take place at noon on Monday the
l1. th.pioxiinu, and Polling will commence at 11 o'clock,
a. m., on the following day.
C .     B R E W ,
Chief Inspector of Police.
New Westminster, Nov. 17, 18(10. td
We take thc following items from the Alia California.
In the battle of Volturna, Neapolitans numbering 30,-
D00, attacked Garibaldi with  half that number, under
pover of a thick  mist,   and   succeeded   in driving  him
nek.    Garibaldi rallied  his men.  and with a revolver
;n band, and after a desperate fight of eight hours, com-
letely routed the Neapolitans.    He pursued  them liner ihe walls ofCapua, cutting oil'a brigado of Germans
ml driving  them   lo  the mountains.    The   Royalists
ade n sortie from  Capua lo re-cue tbe   Germans, but
ere repulsed.
Thc King of Naples and  brother wcre present at the
The Neapolitans lost five thousand prisoners,   three
indrcd  killed and wounded.
Garibaldi's loss is between twelve hundred  and four
lousand. ['.']
The lin* of Volturna is strongly protected,  and tbe
etpjlitans prepared to defend their positions.
Some Sardinian troops assisted Garibaldi in the bat-
The Picdm .nte.e troops have entered theNeapolitan
crritory.    The three great powers  protested  against
e entrance.
Garibaldi had asked thc King of Sardinia to go to
aples and lend him one hundred and forty thousand
Unauthentic rumors
THE CHIEF Commissioner of Land-. & Works hereby
gives notice that the right of constructing and maintaining Quays or Piers in front ofthe Water Lots in
front ofthe city of New Westminster, nnd of demanding
certain Tolls snd Rates for the use thereof tor thc space
. ; of seven years, will bc  disposed of to the bidder ofthe
'. '   ,        ..    Ihiebest Annual   Rent, at Public Auction, in the Court-
to   have tl,,' r-.,6 ..        nr   _   - L   ■»-»     i .    i
House,    New   Westminster, nt   11   o clock  a. m.    on
Saturday, the 1st December next.
Parties obtaining the Lease to pay for such improvements as may exist at the time of Sale.
Further Particular may bc obtained at the office of Lands
and AVorks, Royal Engineer's camp,   New Westminster.
By order
i     H.W. LUARD,
Royal Engineer  camp,
New Westminster 23rd Nov.
R. E.
announced   the  surrender  of
Thanks.    To S
T. Tillcv, foi Cum
lian ,
nd Calif.
npers; and to li.illou's and Jefl'ray's
[THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore exi.
ting between
kter M.iuette. Le
nice Sutilee,   and 1
.   m
»e El Dorado S„
oon,  has been dis,.
.    All  ,1
[ill be  collected
bv Peter Mancttc.
all  accounts
[ill be settled by
Dated 19th Nov
COLI--iniA-.TIll*r-T   SUM-  WESTMISSTl.il.
| TIIE above Saloon has been re-opened by P. Ma-
Ctta, who respectlully solicits n share of the public
(ilronage. The best wines and liqueurs are constantly
Ppt, and tbe Billiard tables of tbe saloon are uusurpas-
|d anywhere. no24 3-m
| THE SALE of tbe Eldorado Saloon, New Wcstmin-
er, advertised to take place on the 28th inst., is post-
Dncd until further notice.
[New Westminster, Nov. 22nd 1860,
.HE Officer  Commanding the Tioops gives notice,
that Tenders will be received  up till   12 o'clock
noon,  on  Saturday, thc  8lh December next, from persons willing to
nt tho Royal Engineer Camp, New Westminster.
The lease to be for two year renewable at the option
ol lhc commanding ollicer, but the lease may be cancelled by either party giving three (3) months notice to
The annual rent, of the canteen premises lobe forty
(£-8) eight pounds sterling per annum paid quarterly
in advance.
Persons tendering for the  canteen  will send in price
lists in sterling money, and samples  ofthe liquors and
other articles io be retailed by them, such as:—
Malt Liquors,
Groceries  nnd  Provisions  of all  sorts,   such as:—
Sugar, Loaf,   Crushed, nnd moi*t.
Hams, Bacon, Cheese,
Bnlter, Pickles,        kc, kc, kc
All of which are to be of the very best quality.
A hydrometer to be furnished at the expense of the
contractor for the  purpose  of testing the   strength  of
spirits supplied by him.
The regular duties upon all articles imported by the
contractor will have to be paid for by him.
Further particulars  may be obtained nl the camp.
The lowest or any  lender not  necessarily  accepted.
(Bv order.)
Capt. R. E.
R. E. Camp, New Westminster, Nov. 22, 18(10.
P U  li L I O     NOTICE.
hereby gives notice that Tenders arc requested for the
supply of 3o,i,n,j (thirty thousand) best red cedar
shingles, within three weeks of thc acceptance of the
contract, and to be delivered at such place or plat'cs iu
the cam], above high water murk as may bc pointed
The shingles to be of tbe best description, closely
packed in \ bundles of 20 courses, l(i incites in length.
not less than 1 inches in breadth, properly dressed,
edges shot off even thickness, aud to gunge tl roe
Bhingles to the inch.
Payment of 'JO per cent, to be made for every 10,000
shingles delivered, and the balance at the completion
of the contract.
Tenders will be received up till 12 o'clock noon on
Wednesday the 21st November, 18,10, to be endorsed in
tbe leftbnndlower corner ' Tenders for Shingle-,' and to
be addressed to the Chief Commissioaer of Lands and
Works nt his office in the enmp.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily nccepted.
By order of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Royal Engineer Camp.       \       XX. XX. LUARD,
New Westminster, Nov. 10. / Captain, R. E.
In re the ' Town Lots Leases Relief Act, 18C0.
ExpmteAVilliam Anderson, Petitioner.
UtMi G. W. Lee. Thomas J. Stoyell, and L. B. White,
I Take not'ee that the Petitioner will nt thc nex;
Assizes at Fort Hope move the Court for a declaration
of title in bis favor to lot 3, block 10, in the town of
Fort Hope. And take notice that in the absence of any
person appearing to oppose the said application it may
be granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Nov. 3d, 1800. 3t
ALL PERSONS having elaims against the estate of
Robert T. Cooper, deceased, will please present
them for payment; persons indebted will call and settle
their claims.
ARE   llEUCLA.'.'.Y   IS   THE   KECk'.PT  OF
CANDLES,—Hydraulic, Pressed and Adamantine.
LARD—"J. 11. k Co.'s" 10-lb cans, in 120-lb. cases.
NAIL—Old Colony nud Parker Mills, assorted lines
N. O. SUGAR, half barrels.
DRIED APPLES, half barrels.
Hare  for  sale, in store and  to  arrive, the following
well known brunds of
Three-fourths  of then, are direct from the  mnuufac-
turers, consequently can be offered at
comparatively low prices;
Ha If-Pounds.
T. k S. Hardgrove's Peach
Turpin & Yarbrough's Apricot;
J. 11. Greaner's Pride ot lbe Uuiox
A. L. Royster's Fruit;
W. Greaner's Sun;
T. k 3. Hardgrove' Golden Gate;
A. L. Royster's Invincible;
A. L. Royster's Mury't Own ;
Harvey Birch ;
Pomoua and Qu-cn of Hearts.
Bright Pounds.
Peerless—T, k S. Hardgrove;
Gold Leaf—John U. Greaner;
J. M. Langhorn k Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Gold Leaf;
Murrell k Burke's Sun-Cured ;
Rockaday—Golden Seal;
Giralda, Wine Sap, etc.
Bright Half-Pounds
Gold leaf—J. H. Greaner;
Pippin—John W. Young;
Wiue Sap—George W  Gillian
Fancy Tobaccos
Invincible Twist;
Planter's Pride Twist, iu foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cable Tw'st, in foil;
Perfect Love, smaL plugs;
Game Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco,
Hardgrove's Peerless, Killikiuick  and RiddicV*  Gold
Visit Out.
John Anderson k Co.'s Solace.
Lorillnrd's Coarse Rappee and Macaboy.
For sale by single case or package,
By each Steamer we arc in receipt of tbe Choicest
Brands of Havana Segars, selected  by onr  house in
Havana (Patrick v Ca.) especially for this market.
Tbe above goods are offered to the trade by ihe single case or package, by   J AMES PATRICK k CO.,
mlO- ly San Francisco.
Columbia Street.
WHOLESALE and RETAIL Dealeis m all sorts ot
&c. Have always on hand a large assortment of Provisions and Groceries direct from San Francisco, will
sell Ihcm at the lowest market prices.
All orders from tht country will b» promptly attended to.
n.28, 3ra
THOMAS PATTRICK, A Co., have Some choice loU
of Seed Wheat ou  band from  Australia, Mexico,  the
Mediterranean, and Van Dieman'i Land.
Farmers »rt invited to inspect sample*.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
I .       HERKIMER,
IT* EEPS constantly on hand a well selected stock ot
^   Family Groceries aud Provisions. «*22-te
Yates-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choice ■•
lection ot
Cockle's    nt;.Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnilia,
Superior Seidletz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstone Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargonel Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
.'   Gosnell's Hair Brushes. l«22-_c
Liverpool Whart
'OTICE is hereby given to whom it mny concern-
that at a special meeting of the Municipal Colin,
held on tho 10th September last, it, was resolved,
{That al1 parties removing earth from their town lots
J the streets, shall apply to the council lo know where
pd earth should bc deposited ; otherwise the earth dc-
Jsited in the streets will bc removed by thc council at
fe expense of the party removing the dirt or the party
" wh.se instigation such dirt is removed."
IBy order of tlie Municipal council,
|New Westminster, Nov. 22, 1800. Town Clerk.
IE N D E R S  will  be recei,-ed  until  Monday next,
|e 2fith November, for thc grading of Douglas-street.
Specifications can be seen at tbe store of W. J. Arm-
iVong, Esq.
[Tenders to be. endorsed, 'Tender for Douglas-street,'
pd addressed to the undersigned.
(By Order.)
Valentine TIall.
Town Clerk.
|New Westminster, Nov. 23, 1800.
T E N 1) E R S will be  received up to 12 o'clock noon,
on Tuesday next, the 27th Nov. 1800, for the
required for  the  service of tbe Royal Engineers  from
dale of signing contract until the 31st march 1801, inclusive.
The lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.
For   further particulars apply  at  Ihe ollice  of the
Officer Commanding nt the camp, New Westminster.
By order.
Cnpt. R. E.
R. E. Camp, New Westminster, Nov. 22, 1800.
from all navigable  points on Eraser  River to
Victoria or el.'where by the PlOIFlO Insiranc* Company and N .l'Tt'NB Ik'iuiu's'oi Company.
Application must be made to tho New Westminster,
Hope, Yale, Douglas, and Yictori* offices of Ballou's
uolO-lm W. T. BALLOU.
90 Battery-street,
San Francisco,
JOI.E AGENT for Tilfon k Mc.Farland's  celebrated
Fire-proof and  Burglar Safes.    This safe  is well
vn in the market for its unsurpassed fire-proof qnnl-
having withstood  in  California, ns  well as in tlie
1st, the hottest fires known.    Wo can refer to endless
piticatos from parties  in our  mining towns,  where
pse safes havo been subjected to the most severe tests
(its lire-proof qualities.    The safes nro secured by our
P'ubination  Lock.    This lock is in   every respect lho
J>st secure nno in use; It roquiros the key and combi-
I'ion lo open tho safe,.    If the key should be abstracted
Sin the owner, it would bo perfectly useles to the pos-
Ps,1r without bis  knowledge of (''^^omhinnfion, or
lutal key, which tbe owner carries ih his bend.
'n those in want ofa reliable safe wo offer the above
ij'er than any other in the the market,
5* A largo assortment on band and to arrive.
30 Battery St.. San Francisco.
ELAU    it   HOWES.
4,   CLAT  ITK11T,-• ONI   DOOH   riiOll   Till  KORTH-WHT
corker or front strisit,
IMPORTERS and Wholesale Dealers in Wood and
Willow-ware, Fancy House-keeping Goods, Twines
Cordage, Shoe and Saddlery Thread, Nsii, 3*inoi
Corks. Fioaii," Fish-hook* and Liucs, and Fishing
Tackle Of every variety.
Agents for Barbour's Triih Flax Shoe Thread, Gilling
Thread, kc
Agents for the American Net and Twine Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass.
Agents for the Dolphin Manufacturing Company's
Sail Twine, Cordage, kc
Tlie whole comprising tbe largest stock and best assortment of tbe above line of goods on the Pacific Coast,
to which they are constantly receiving large additions
by arrivals from Atlantic cities. The particular attention ofthe trade is solicited to examine our stock before
purchasing elsewhere, ai we am determined to sell at
prices to defy competition. J20-4,
In re the 'Town Lots Leases Relief Act, 1860 '
Ex part James Edney, Petitioner.
PT.0 H.  T.  Smith, J.  Herron,  Charles  Baker, and
_|_     Wilson Wnddingham—Take notice that the Petitioner will at the next Assizes at Fort Hope move the
Court for a declaration of title, iu bis favor, to 20 feet
by 120 being the southernmost J portion of lot 4, block
1. in the town of Fort  Hope.    And take notice that in
lhc absence of any person appearing to opposo the said
application it may be granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Yale, Nov. 3d, 1800. 3t
In re the 'Town   Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.'
Exparte Peter O'Rielly, Petitioner.
npO Oi   Copp, William  McGhic,   Robert  T.   Smith,
J_   Joshua Anderson, John T. Smith, Patrick Everett,
and Samuel R. McDole—Take notice that thc Petitioner
will at the. next Assizes at Fort Hope move the  Court
for r declaration of title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 4,
in the town  of Fort Hope.     That at the same time he
will move for a declaration of title, in his favor, to the
southernmost half of lot 4, block 3, in tbe said town ;
and for a declaration of title in Ilis favor tn lot 2, block
10, in thc said town.     And take notice that in the absence of any person  appearing to oppose the said applications they may be granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Ysle, Nov. 3d, 1860. ,'t
In re the Town Lots Leases Relief Act, 1860.
Ex parte John Fredirck Miicbcll, Petitioner.
ri*.0 George W. Rood, Joseph Coyne, William T.
| Hunt, J. L. Harris, Donald McBride, and iVilliam
McGhie—Take notice that lhe Petitioner will nt the
next Assizes at Fort Dope move the Court for n declnr
alion of title, in his favor, to lot 1, block 12, in the
town of Fort Hope. That at the same time the Petitioner will move for a declaration of title, in his favor,
to lot 6, bli.vk 12, in tbe said town. And for a declnr-
lion of title, iu his favor, to lot 8, block 12, in the said
town. And take notice thnt in the absence of any
person appearing to oppose the said applications, they
muv be granted ex parte.
Couu.el for Petitioner,
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, and the pub-
'ic generally, that they now have on hand a large
suitable for
They will hereafter receive all their goods direct from
San Francisco,
and be enabled to sell at Victoria Pricis.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;
100   do Golden Gate    do
55   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
25   do Self-rising        do
200 sacks Barley;
350 sacks Beans ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Sugar.
Also for sale, Pork, Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Stap
Cheese,  Coffee, Teas, N. O. and S. I. Sugars,
Powdered aud Crushed Sugars, Boston Syrups, Assoitcd Syrups,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Caps, Pitch and Tar, all liiei
of Rope, and Boats' Oari.
NFORMS the Traders and Miners of Fraser River
that he is now prepared to furnish all kinds ot
camping utensils, in Tin, Iron, and Copper, fit for
Miners and Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to a4Sm
highest price for Gold Dust. Issue Sight
cheques on Messrs. Tallant k Wilde, San Francisco, at
'-par.' . m!0-3m
Incorporated  by Royal Charter in  1840.
CAPITAL, ,.$5,000,000
Special Deposits received in sums of $160 and upwards,    re-payable    on   demand.     Charge   for   safe
keeping, one-quarter of one per cent, per month.
Gold Dust received for safe kcepingj at the rate ol
five cents per oz. per month.
Drafts Issued on London 60 days after Sight, at
the rate of $4 96 per £1, stg.
3 days after sight, (in sums of £50, and upwards)
$5, per £1 stg.
3 days after sight (in sums under £50) $5 10, per
£1, sterling.
Drafts on demand or at short sight, issued on the
principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
the rate of §5 15 per £1 stg.
Drafts on tbe principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, at 3 days, as follows :—
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick, 4      " "
Nova Scotia 2}    " "
Drafts or. New York, at 3 days, 3 per cent.prent am,
"     "   Messrs. B. Davidson k May, San Ffancisc*
at sight—par.
Office hours 10 a. v., to 3 r. u.—Saturday 10 toi o'clock.
Victoria, March 11, 1860. to
Caps,      Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,        Fancy,        and        Millinery        Goods.
A large variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and Dress  Trimmings, Musical' Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints, Oils, and Dye-stuffs,
Carpets, Drugoiits   Matting, kc, kc.
DOUGALL k SON, Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, kc    Machinery
of every description made to o'der.
Agent in British Columbia, l_v. W. Winnard, Langley,
"March 11, 1.80. 3m
Corner   of  Wharf  and   Johnson   streets,
H. N. Dickson k Co,,       - -       -       London.
DiritsoN, DiWolf, k Co.,       -       -      San Francisco,
H E Sit y     11 O L K R 0 OK,	
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia-street, New Westminster,
British  Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready for 500 tons of
goods,  and   every  accommodation    for   lauding
merchandise on bis wharf;   wharfage 25 cents per ton.
For Sale ex recent arrivals-—-
100 sacks Bran,
100 bales California Oat Hay,
60 sacks Wheat,
1000 sacks Barley,
10 sacks Barber's Sugar-cured Hams,
20 firkins Butter,
10 casks S. It Molasses,
20 cssv* Preserved Chicken,
20 cases Roast Mutton,
10 cases San Francisco Pilot Bread,
5 cases Java Ground Coffee, kc, kc,
and a general assortment of goods suitable for this
market. ■•_.'9-lni
MAYER,    REINnART,     *    CO*,
HAVING concluded arrangements for a regular line
of vessels,  to run  twice a month direct, from
Sau Francisc to this place, would be please i to receive
orders for' British Columbia.	
Letters addressed  to us in  care  of Messrs. Mayer,
Rciuhart, k Co., Victoria, V. 1., John Dewor, and  O.
H.   Gehricke, Sau  Francisco, Ca., will  meet with
prompt attention.
80, Front  Strbet,  San  Fuancisco, California,
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foroign
and Domeb-ic Liquors, Wines, Cordials, Syrups, nnd
every article in his line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, may rest assured that we will endeavor to give satisfaction in the
article, and dispatch in forwarding. nl9-tc
HE N _. B S Y'S      BRANDY,
WlIA*»»-8Il-liT,     YlOTOBIA.
Y LATE ARRIVALS,  the  undersigned hav« TO
ceived  additions  to  their hitherto wtll-asiorUt
stock of Furniture—and now offer
Painted sets, ten pieces ;
Extension Tables, 8 and 10 feet long;
Centre Tables, serpentine and round   opi, anortel
Card Table, harp and square pillars
Common Tables, 2J, 3, and 3J long;
Bedsteads, Mahogany, French, Cottage, double ani
single ;
Lounges, spring scats, in damask and leather coven;
Sofas, spring seats, hair cloth, with round and pillow
ends ;
Desks, with fall and door fronts ;
Cheffoniers, walnut and mahogany carved front.
shelves, fret work ;
Bureaus, one-half marble top, scroll and painted pint,
4 and 6 drawers;
What-nots, walnut and mahogany, 5 and 8 shelves ;
Mirrors, iu gilt and mahogany frames, assorted sites,
for parlors, chambers, and saloons;
Children's Cribs and Cradles, also High and Low
Chairs, assorted siscs ;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-doth, spring seats, cane and
wood seat, office, oak, dining Grecian cant, heavy barroom, and common wood scat;
Rockers, spring seats, mahogany and .an* stall tn__
bncks, sewing aud arm ;
Sinks, Wasbstnnds, Chair Cushions, CoV*rl*ti, Towel
Racks, Willow Cribs, 4c.
Pulu, Curled Hair, Moss, Wool, and Stra» Mattr*ssei,
best Feather Pillows, all size* ;   in th* manufacture of
which we use none bul th* belt materials., and guarantee our work.
Broad-street, between Yalei and Vi*w street!.
Victoria, V. I., April 11, 18S0. 3»
WHOLESALE and  RETAIL  Dealer* in   Boot* and
Suuii*, Leather, and Finding*, of every description.
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kind*. -Ohl.-Sca
1 Cigarito*, Jo
d   Dealer  ia   Havana   Cigar*,   and
Johnson-itr«*t, oppo»ltt Wbarf-t-W-t,
_ ■
I m
Her I   nd« arc cold ;
No- more b.er puis-
Her eve* are shut to
Fold tl
o is white;
ind co;
light ;—
jow on snow.
And lay ber where the violets blow.
But nol beneath a
To plead foi t, n
A si, '    r cr,
il skies.
American Repu
libenv upou inl
claim to be ' *
di   ■   ■
vernment  implied  the ne-
ncitv  in every citizen, and
wer assumed
Ai I-rev old trees of huge t limb
Sballwhcel their circling shadows round
To make the scorching sunlight dim
Tbatdrink* the gr. enness from tbe ground,
And drop the dead leaves on her mound.
When o'er their boughs tlio nquirrels run,
And through their leaves the robins call,
And, ripen!ng in the autumn sun,
Tlie acorn-- nnd lhe ch. -nuts fall,
Doubt not that she will heed them all.
For her the morning choir shall sing
It   nn,tins from the branches high,
And everv minstrel-voice of spring
That thrills beneath the April e|\'*'
Shall greet her with its earliest try.
Whrn, turning round tin ir dial track,
Eastward the lengthening shadows pass,
Ht little mourners, clad in black,
Tliecrirkels, sliding through tbe grass,
Shall pipe for her an evening mass.
Atlnsl the rootlet of the trees
Shi.il find th,  ; ri-",, when' she Hi !,
And boar the buried dusl they seize
In leaves and blossoms to tbe skies,
So may' the soul that warmed it rise !
If any, born of kindly blood,
Should ask, What maiden lies'below?
Sav only this i A tender bud.
That tried to blossom in the snow,
Lies withered where the violets blow.
Oliver Wendell Hoi.mf.s.
Hudson's Bav Territory.—Public attention is again
directed to this interesting portion of British North
America, by thc publication of Captain Palliscr's report of the exploration made by him, at Ihe request ofthe
Colonial i iffice, of the country between thc lied River
nnd the Rocky Mountains, and between ihe northern
branch of the Sascatchawan River and the frontier of
thc United Slates. The Captain had to answer the
question, whether the Red Kiver settlement possesses
qualifications which would adapt it for an English
colony. Captain Pnlliser reports that winter last from
November to April; and that severe night frosts are
frequent even in June. Wheat would consequently be
a proci rious crop; but barley, oats, potatoes, and most
kinds of vegetables could bc grown in abundance, and
the summer, though short, being warm and fur ing.
fruits of all kinds ripen with great rapidity. But cattle
feeding would be the staple agricultural enterprise, the
grasses of a highly nutritious quality, being everywhere
met with ; crups of hemp, flnx, cud hops can also be
raised as in other countries in the same latitude. Capt.
Pallisser reports strongly in favor of comprehending
all the Sascatchawan district, as well as the Swan river
district, in the new colony. Red river district would
naturally be fir-t occupied, and as population increases,
the settlers wonld gradually proceed westward along
the banks of the Sascatchawan. Tin- Captain is de-
cidedlyof opinion that the Hudson's Bay Comp. cannot
provide a governmont that would meet the exigencies
of a growing colony. Ho also recommends that emigrant ."'should proceed via the United -States, the route
by Lake Superior being too tedious. Tlie whole territory from Red river to the .astern base of the Rocky
mountain* is favorable to railway oxteusior. dipt. Pnlliser has found two passes 11,rough these mountains both
practicable for horses. Of course he docs not regard
the question ofa road through the territory to the Pa-
cific ocean as one of immediate interest, and he add-
that the difficulty of direct common
will render the work of constnictiii
continent ns much one of Ai crii   ■.
to   th
ition by Canada
, road acro.is tbe
nl liritish enter-
n Blakiston, a- magnetic observer
oints out very* distinctly that the
I •-. ors thc p" sibility of ihe col-
uto nib ji..;,:"' wilh the Slates ra-
| to ;,-, "',it this he urge., a coin-
once made with Canada, via the
ike of tbe Woods. The first new
nks bc iu Manitoba by theWinni-
• • northern 'h,,te- of thi- lake.
ol tu'' SascaU-hiwnn, Captain,
levation above
•her thi!. '   i!'■'■■ t   I:'. I
mnnicali- n   being  at    i
northern i.'.'.i ofthe Laki
settlement -■■  :. he think
peg  lak =.    Fi   , the
along    ;-.-•■   p ■■'■'■'>'■'  '
Blakiston think . lhe cm
the  surface  of thc lake, will not be a popular place  of
settlement; bu' thc .•.■'. ol. region above the forks of the
river, kepi:.-' to the south, is fertile and pleasant; and
the t'i ifr..! •' j-,:-.- of progress will be direct west  from
Manitoba  to  the  upper  banks  ofthe  Sascatchawan.
Pasture   isa  andant, lhc rivers abound with  fish,  and
thc whole country  teems with animated nature fit   for
the use of man.—Manchester Guardian.
Steel-plated Ships or War.—The Tim's snys the
Emperor Napoleon appears to have definitively adopted
an entirely new principle in the formation of a fleet.
A line of battle ships are to bc superseded, and their
place will be taken by heavy frigates, so protected by
steel or iron armor as to In- pnu ticnlly invulnerable.
The construction of steam hips proved half ruinous to
us, but iron would bc worse. The expense ola man-of-
war in Nelson's timo was about £1000 per gun; it i-
now about C2000, and at lhe rate nf outlay actually
sanctioned on our four iron-cased frigates it would be
£4000, We have bul just super....led our Bailing navy.
If we are now to supersede our woodon navy, and at
twice the recent chnrgc, what will be the aspect of our
estimates tor some years to come? But, if the necessity exists, it must bc encountered, be the cost what it
A Royal Prooresb in Spain.—A Idler from Madrid
speaks of ihe great preparations making for tbe journey of Queen Isabella—a journey which it was lately
reported bad been altogether abandoned, hut which has
cert,inly been curtailed in its extent. The suite of Her
Catholic Majesty reminds one uf the pomp of past centuries rather than of lbe uiio.tentntious progresses of
modern sovereigns. In addition tn the numeious royal
carriages, the ielter says ihat 15 diligences have been
contracted for to convey lhe court aud thc ministers,
and that more than 1000 horses nnd mules will be required for Ihe ordinary service :—' Tbis luxury contrasts
will, the simpli ily of Queen Victoria and the Emperor
nnd Empress ot the French, whose suite is but of 30
persons, while that of the Queen of Spain will comprise more than 150. without reckoning servants, footmen, kc. This immense train is traditional, Spain is
still thc classic laud of etiquette.'
Captain  Clay's  Bnr.rxn-LoAniNO  Canon.—The results   of the  trial  yesterday  of   captain  Clay's  rifled
breech-loading   ordnance  indicate a revolution in our
gunnery   practice,   notwithstanding  thc great and important improvements which  have been recently introduced.    For Ihe convenience of the experiment the gun
wns removed lo the south volunteer battery, where, after being placed in   position, ten  rounds were fired in
forty-nine seconds I    This far exceeds anything yet obtained, and astonished nil  present except the inventor,
who is sanguine of obtaining  thirty rounds   in  a minute.    At tbe period of the working, tho speed of loading the gun was  at  the. rate of 20 rounds in a minute.
The man  who  worked   thc  gun  never before fired a
breech-loaded,  and thnt may account for the non-accomplishment of the number of rounds anticipated by
captain Clay.     Mr. Mallet the inventor of thc monster
morter,  was  present,  and speaking of the  invention,
said it " was the prettiest thing he bad yet Been        Up
to the present time the greatest number of rounds  obtained   from   any  pic-ce of ordnance was from   Whit-
worth's   three-pounder    at   Soiithport,    when   threo
round. were fired in a minute.—Manchester Guardian.
Monarchy and REPrBUCAHUM.—We extract the following truthful delineation of monarchy and republicanism from ihe Loudon Dispatch.--The founders of the
lie earlv perceived tbe dependence of
ligence. Tbey saw that when a people
._w unto tbemtelves," they could only
■ onerous a trust by education and reflection. They felt that .->.
cessity ol administrative
that ii, proportion to the extent ol tbe l
(,y e^ery subject wasAis obligation to wield it with
fe:' ' ,'."', ,'. fe ..','. :,,:,i. Thev knew that ignorance and
avc themselves by discovering nnd
adopting i ■■■'' r, and that freedom tothe unworthy
nndinca' I • nly end in realising the beggar on
]i(,r-,'. .:. This kingdom of ours is, with alliu faults,
the freest in the world. We can say, bear, print, and
and publish whatever we like. We even boast that
there i? no tyranny of public opinion; that not only society in the aggregate can do what s'eemeth good in its
own eves, but ihat there is virtue enough in it to suffer
thc unlicensed expression ofthe thoughts of any individual; forbvarance and toleration enough in the whole
body of citizenship to he put up with and give unrestricted charter to theopinions ofthe private and single
dissentient, even when be resisted and defied the most
cherished prejudices of the million. That, indeed, is
the nice and delicate, although infinitely important,
distinction between our limited Moinrchy and that Republican dispensation with which it has been so often
compared. In tbe United Stales the rights of tbe private subject are completely merged in the intercstsol the
community, lie has no'rights as a private citizen.
All tbe priviliges ho possesses nro concessions by tho
whole, of his millionth .-bare ofthe common stock of
power. Lynch overrules law wherever law differs from
Lynch. li is not enough that a jury finds a man innocent; he must bc acquitted by public opinion, or certainly he wi 1 be sentenced. It is not even enough that
the citizen holds property bythemost certain legal title.
If the tenure be inconvenient io the majority, as *n the
caso of scigncuries of New York and Massachusetts,
the Stale Marshal will bc shot down in defending hiui
in possession, nnd it will be impossible to induce a junto pronounce a verdict against his assassins. The
most eternal truths, the best principles of virtue, must quality themselves to the taste ^ of
the many headed monster. You must say nothing
against slavery, else you will be tabooed in the east, and
tarred and feathered in lhe south. You must say nothing against the United States or against Republicanism,
if vim would escape general proscription. Tbe individual i- nothing—society is all in all. Mankind are there
reduced to an uniform rank and file that merge- the full
private it, his regiment—that tolerates no idiosyncrncj
—that has no charity for what is congenial. Everyman is drilled out ut the awkward squad of peculiar
manner, into the discipline ofthe entire mass of society.
He is a cypher that has value and denomination only
when plnc'-il beside the units of society at large.
A Royal Hoax.—On Tuesday forenoon a gentleman drove to the door of the comfortable inn or
hotel, known as the Grant's Arms, in thc centre of the
open square which constitutes the village of Grnntown,
the cnpit.il of Strathspey lie obtained audience of the
landlady, Mrs. Class, and said be wished lo engage the
whole house that nighl for a newly married couple and
their suite. The worthy hostess demurred, as she
might thus exclude some of ber best customers: but the
applicant was very civil as well as urgent, and gave assurance that the party were "highly respectable."
There was no difference as to terms, and Mrs. Class was
told that she would be glad afterwards to know that she
had stretched a point to accommodate the parly. In
t es-e circumstances an arrangement was come to, and
t ,e occupants of the house at the time were p ilitely requested to board out for the night. The prin dpals ar-
r v "1 in tbe evening—, pparcntiy quiet peop,e, satisfied
with everything and everybody about them, In a newly
married couple such equanimity might nave been expected, but Ibis part of the affair was evidently a hoax,
nnd had only the effect of raising conjectures as lo who
the party might be, but on ibis point all the attendants
were dumb. Next morning al ten o'clock the carriages
were at the door, and the strangers took their seats.
All being ready to start, Mrs. Glass was called for. and
Lord Churchill complimented her on thc cleanliness
and order of her establishment. The strangers, be
s..id. bad been very comfortable, and the lady said she
bud never slept more soundly in her lilc. I may now
tell you, said his lordship, as the principal carriage
drove away, that you have been entertaining ner most
Grin ion- Majesty the Qu en and the Prince Consort.
They do not wish this to bc known, however, unli.
about ten minute-after th •.. hid 1-ft. The royal party-
then drove towards Castle Grant, thc residence of lhc
Earl of Seafield, who, however, is at present at Balmn-
ea.in. in Glen Urquhart. They couid not have done
more thnn drive round the park, as I he carriages passed
back through Grantown and look the road lo T, m n-
toul, before the people recovered from their surprise it
hearing by whom they had been visited. The universal
regret here, sny.- our respected correspondent at (Iran-
town, -who sends us this piece of news, is that thesccret
w,i3 so well kept. Had ive got the slightest inkling ol
the honor done us, Her Majesty hnd not left Srantown
without hearing Strathspey voices bidding God bless
her. The 4th and 5th Sept. are be act-forth red day*3 in
onr calendar.—Inverness Courier,
English Voi.unti.ers fop. .Garibaldi.—Liverpool bas
responded nobly to the call made upon it for assistance
to Garibaldi, We understand that more gentlemen
have offered to join the excursion lo Naples than captain Hampton can at present accept. Amongst the
number who have enrolled their names are several naval and military officers. The real Garibaldi uniform
which is to be worn by the Volunteers, is a neat, com-
t,i!il,l-, and soldici-like costume, consisting of red
jacket with green f. cings. nnd cap to correspondent!.
The t,i,users n.e of grey linen, and the texture of the
suit is light,—Liverpool Mercury.
I) ECEIVED at Stationim' Hall, a large addition to
\   our slock  of
carefully selected from a well-filled market, containing
many New and Popular  Books  among  them.
S T A Tl 0 N E R Y,
both low priced and superfine, of every description, in
lols, to wholesale or retail.
A   Beautiful   Assortment   of
Also,—Many articles  of Staple and Fancy Stationery,
and Standard  and Miscellaneous Books heretofore uot to be bad in this market.
jul3-lm Vales-street, Victoria .
wiiAiir  street, tictoria,
HAVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port IKIne, choice, in casei;
Hcniiessv's Brandy ) .
McKenzie's Small Still ll'hiskey /m C"M i
Vine Growers' Brandy, in bulk;
Tanqueruy's Ginger Brandy, in cniei;
kc,, kc, kc,
which they offer for sale on lbe most reasonable terms
June 13th, 1800. tc
Government Notices and Proclamations.
Colonial Secrcury-Iofnce. 31st August  1SC0
bia, heretofore pub:
ciuver Island, having b<
pamphlet, notice is hereb
until further notice nil G.
Proclamation--, and Other
for general information ai
in lhe columns ,'t' the N::
paper ;    and  such   publi
taken and deemed   as   p
By command of his Ex
TE for British    olum-
fei '-u the  Colony of Vnn-
linne I as a separate
    :ii this date and
-nmeut advertisements and
tiers useful and necessary
- ii lance, will be published
rt'EsmissTEB Times news-
i m .shall in all cases be
cation  in  the   Government
Acting Colonial Secretary.
eld at
4    SALE OF TOWN LOTS at Lytton will be h(
-*-   that place on the 1st day of December next
The upset price of each lot is Twenty Pounds (£20)
and the conditions of sale are as follows .-—Ten per
cent, deposit on the purchase money to be paid ut tlie
time Of sale, and tho remainder in three monthly instalments, on or before the 1st day of March. 1861, by
whirl, date if the whole be not paid thc lots will positively he forfeited, together with all sums paid therein,.
Application for further particulars is to be made to
tbe  Assistant Gold Commissioner at Lytton.
11.  ('.  MOODY,
Colonel R. E. and _ \
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. ,
Lands and Win',.? Oflice, \
New Westminster, B. C, Oct. 24, 1860. J
September 1st, 1860.
ASSAYS   OF GOLD BULLION   arc   made  on  the
following terms, and  under  the  following  conditions :—
1. A receipt will bc given to the Depositor for the
exact gross weight of his deposit.
2. The resulting ingot will be delivered to any party
returning the afores. id receipt, whether the Depositor
or anv one else, and ihe party returning the receipt will
be required to cancel it by his signature at the time ol
reccii ing the ingot.
3. Each ingot will be stamped with its number, corresponding to its number in the official records, with
it? weight, in ounces and decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in thousandths ; also with a Government Cipher,
at ],resent a cow,, over the letters VR.
•1. With each ingot will be given a certificate, signed
by a Government ollicer, of the weight of the deposit
before melting; its weight after; the fineness; tbe
charge for assaying: and such certificate will have
tables of Brit-ib Mint valuation nnd of the latest San
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculate
for themselves thc value of the bar for English or
American markets.
5. For all bars not exceeding f>0 ounces in weight, a
charge of seven shillings and six pence (Ts. Gd.) ster-.
ling will be made, and for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one .-billing and six pence (ls. 6d.).
All clips are retained in tbe Government Assay ollice;
but on bars not exceeding 10 ounces iu weight, allowance will bc made off tbe assay charge, for the value of
the clip.
Assays or Ores ore made at the charge of One
Pound (XI.) for each specimen experimented upon.
For a Complete Analysis of any Mineral, Two
Pounds (£2.) is the charge.
Assays are made with the utmost despatch.
Ollice  open   from   10, a. m., to  4, p. m., except  on
steamer days, when deposits will be received for assay
at 8, a. m."
New U'estminstcr, Aug. 1, I860.
LANG L E Y     BRO T H E R S ,
Yatcs-strcet, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from Loudon,  a choice ■«
lection ol
Cockle's . nti-Bilious Pills,
Kenting's Cough Lozenges,
Mm ray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Seidletz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstonc Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essentia] Oil of Jargoncl Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. ie22-'tC
NFORMS the Traders and Miners of Eraser River
that he is now prepared to furnish all kinds ol
camping utensils, in Tin, Iron, and Copper, fit for
Miners and Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to «43m
Opposite  Liverpool  Wharf,
Columbia-street, New Wet minster
Provisions,   Hardware,  Crpckeryware,  Paiuts_
Oils, Farming Implements, Mining Tool.,
Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes,
kc, kc, kc.
Agent JEFFRAY k CO.'S I'r.uer River Expr.n.
ml*. 3m
100 tons HAY for Sale.
highest price  for   Gold  Dust.       Issue  Sight
cheques ou Messrs. Tallaut k Wilde, San Francisco, at
iu 10-3m
II E N N E S Y ' S       BR A N D Y
AV u a h r - s t r E e T ,    Victoria.
Corner   of  Wharf   and   Johnson   streets,
victoria, v. I.
II. N. Dickson k Co.,       - -       -       London.
Dickson, DeWolf, k Co.,       -       -       San Francisco
*—    ~~     PHILLIP     HICK,
Government Bakery,
Has the best quality of Breads, Pies and Cakei.
KEEPS  on hand a good assortment of Flour for
country Trade also Pilot Bread, Soda, Sugar, and
Buttct CracKers.
A good assortment of family Groceries, and everything necessary for Bakers' use in lhe upper country,
such R3 Fruit, Lard, kc, kc
i .-'"'9        _r*=5_      W*:'-":?--\
...,__. /        '■-■■??
FOll ^ukifvisu the bjlood,
Scrofula,   ffiuumtUiam, Stubborn  Ulan,  Dyspepsia,  5uJ
Rheum, Fever Sons. Erysipelas, PimpUs, Biles, Mercurial Diseases, Cutaneous Eruption*.   Liver   .Vm-
phtintj Bronchitis, female Complaints, Loss ./
Appetite, General Debility, ific
A plentiful supply of pure blood is .is essential to animal \\U
u light, heat, and genial showers art- to the vegetable kingdom.
"When the proper circulation of the vital fluid Is Impeded, sickness is tlie Inevitable co_.5eqnei.eo, the secretions become un*
healthy, tlie liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which,
forced tutu the system, vi. ates and inflames the blood, engendering scrofula and cutaneous and biliary d I Juniors.   Tho experience of sixteen years has fully established tin.' high reputation
of this invaluable medicine:   its curative powers bav<S been
thoroughly tested in long-standing and obstinate canes, with
such invariable success as to call forth the mosl flattering commendations from eminent physicians throughout the oouutw.
Tho following recommendation is from one nf iho oldest physt-
■feirvi-v ;T':i
.ms in Nuw London, Gonn.
Mcssts. A. R. &■ I). Sajcus: Oentlemon,—Tom
has been very extensively used In this city and th.
towns, an,I su far »** my Knowledge exten Is, unlfoi mly \\ Ith -1 >
ce.-s. In a preat variety of diseases of long standing, -. -i ol a
very distressing nnd dangi rous character, w h eh have resist*«l *.
lung list of remedial agi nta, it hai boon u-<* I - In many ol them
with complete success, an I In all with <!- elded bene lit. It ii r*i-
garded by the tnedi. nl profession as a mi Heine <<f great elllca- v
in a numerous class of ills, a- .*•>. such a-* Inveterate constitutional
complaints, when the system lias been long dls. am -1; in cases *>t
Ions use or abuse of mercury; In rheumatism ul long standing;
in obstinate diseases oftho »kln ; in enfeebled conditions of I <•
system ; In chronic abscesses, attended with prof:**' dta hv .-.;
diseases of tlie bones; obstinate ulcers; chronic pulmonary affections; enlarged glands, a;..l various other ma>AdIes connected
with n depraved state ofthe system. Its use is usually followed
with Improvement of appetite and digestion, Increase of strength
and flesh, better rest at night, tht* production of a more healthy
State of miii.I, and complete restoration t*> health.
Truly yours,       WM. STERNE, M. U
Prepared and sold by A. 15. *V _). SANDS Wholesale
Druggists, 100 Ful ton-street, corner of William, New York.
For sale by DEWITT, KITTLE A Co., IL JOHNSON v Co.,
and UEDINGTON A. Co.. San Francisco; ItlOJB fc COFFIN,
Marysville; R. H. McDONALD &. Co., Sacramento; und by
Druggists generally.
TOE THE <•_*•,•*. OF
Of all tlie rc.nedle. yet lii.i-ovoro'l for such oo,n|il»!„L», this li
th_ most certain,and I»'-,vr. no Injurious en>.■!,».
It'mitlces a speedy »nd permanent cure, without the lfa<t restriction tn diet, ilrlnl;, o..|„,-ur>,, nr i-hiuiiw in application to
Luiintr.'.. One buttle is cent-rally sufllclent i„ cure a„ oniit,srj
ease, which not iinfr.queutiy disappears slier 5i. or eit-hl ,l>,i.e».
Prepared and s„ld by A. IS. _fc II. SAMIS. Wholesale
Druggists, 1 fw Fulton-street, .orner of William, New York,
For sale by DEWITT, KITTLK M Co., II. ,li>IINr*.>N * iv,.,
ind EKDIJJGTON "c Co.. San Francisco; KICK ,V COFFIN
Marysville; K. II. McDONALD _. Co., Saerainent'.,; and by
Drub'j-tiiti generally.
-W .   XX .   OLIVER.
Johnson street, opposite Wharf strtet
Is in  onstiint receipt, l>y every arrival, of a.*...
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in hulk and CM_,
Traders, dealers, and Proprietors of liars, arc inviy
to  call and examine  my stock, where th_y will finj
most complete and lull assortment of everything(Jj
prised in the Liquor line, and at the lowest prices.
B l' I' U I O H   C A L 1 t O 11 S I A   WINE,
a very choice, light, nnd pure wine  lor family ttie,
cases und packages.    Its purity can he depended um,
ami is worthy thc attention of all connoisseurs.       '
r l*
J ii N A S    G .   t* I. A It K    __   CO.
It N I T U 11 E      A N D      II li 1) D i K
of every   description,
l'J8,  Washington   streeet,  San   Franciico,
4'J and 51, Fourth street, between J. and K stretti
Sacramento. '
A-vD For  f.lK <'*'l'.l. OF
Scrofula, Merenri**! ilioeases, Bhenmatism, Cutaneous
Eruptions, Stub-ii'-i Ulcers, Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, .a)t Rheum, lumbago, -Whito
dwellings, Hip Disease, Enlargement of tho
Bones and J.'nls, Fever Sores, Femalo
Complaints, Erysipelas, Less of Appetite, Pimples, Bile3, General
Debility, &c, &c.
It has Ir.n? been a most Important desideratum In the practice
of medicine, to obtain a remedy -imilar tu Ibis, s„d accordingly
we find it resorted to a!.„„it universally In nil those tonr,i-nti»g
diseases of the skin so trying to the paltonce, and Injurious lo
•.be health.    It Is a tonic, aperient, and disinfectant.    It acta
»i,„„llaneo,,5ly upon tbo stomach, tbo circulation, and tlio
sowei.s, a,,!, thus three proceasea, which nre ordinarily tbe result
of Tiinrr. different kinds of medicine, arc carried on at lbe si,,„o
time tl,rough iho Instrumentality of Tins osa remedial ncenl.
Its great merit i„, that it meets nnd neutralizes ".be active prln
clple of disease Itself, ar.d when that is gone, Hie symptoms no
cessarlly disappear.  Th* rapidity with which lhe pa,lent reeov
tn health and strength under tbis triple Influence is surprising.
Ltnx COUNTY, Oregon Tcr., March 11,1SSD.
Messrs. A. 15, & P. Bands, New York: Gentlemen,—In the
spring „f IS.'3, while on our way from Iniiiana to Ibis place, osr
eldest boy was seized with a swelling and severe pains In the
legs, which day bv day k,-_w worse, until his legs contracted,
tnd licranie so painful that he could not walk, and we had M
cam- him about like an infant- We reached Albany on tlie ,,<l
of October, completely won, out by fatigue. By ih,s tune ho
was rei|„c>'d to a perfect skeleton. Here we wore enabled o
consult a physician (Dr. Hill), who him.Hiy confessed lie could
not cure him, although be could give him medicine, that would
relieve tho pain. In this exigency something must be done, or
death was Inevitable Being recommended to try your Bnrsa-
parllla, I procured a botlle. After taking some, lie appeared
worse: but persevering with it, I obtained a second buttle,
which seemed to grapple with tho disease, and caused a marker'.
'•..movement: the swelling and pain in Ihe legs wero reduced,
i,,.-.m„.".o improved, and nla color began to return. Thus en-
., n -ed" I imrnia:"'* a third bottle' while taking it, the swell-
Inn In hit, legs broke, and B«na Pieces ol bone one-olghth of
_7ln,.h lo,,*.'cnme oSt, after which his .'"<*» stralgh one, and
healed np. Ho is now perfectly- recovered, has no -npearance
of being a crlpiile. a„,t can perform most kinds o, common labor.
as all our neighbors can ceriifj*.   Yours, respectfully,
Trepareil and sold by A. TI. <fc I>. SANDS, Wholesale
Druggist!, 1U0 Fulton-street, corner of William, New York,
For sale by HEWITT, KITTLK k Co..l!.,10HNSON s_ C>,
and RE I) IN (.TON Si <Y>,Sa,> Kranclsco: RICE & COFFIN
Marysville; K. II. McDONALD &. Co., Sacramento; and bj
Druggists generally.
The delleate structure of tho eyelid renders it peculiarly sen
sltlv* and liable to disease. When, fron, nny cause, It becomes
affected, tbe inner i.,-„,brano rapidly Inflames, nnd Iho eyelid
evinces tho strongest predisposition to attract to itsolf humori
from all parts .if the body. Hundreds of persons of scrofulous
habit aro disfigured by rawness nr redness of the eyelids, commonly called soro eyes, nnd tortured wilh apprehensions of Impaired vision, who, by using this BALSAM, may obtain almost
limned,tie relief, ln all cases, tho oarli.r this remedy Is applltd
the bctuir.
Ni.w York. July lfith, 1886.
Messrs. A. B. A; D. Sands: Oentlemen,—I hi.ye boon troubled
tin year., with nn BlU'Cltim nf Ihe eyelids, and h,.vo tried a n„,n-
ber'of rcmodioa without experiencing any decided benefit A
few weeks since I obtained some of your HoMAW Ryb Balsam,
ami applied It according to the directions, T'ne first application
produced a deoldodly beneficial etfOOt, and 1 had not used jt
i cek, before my eyelids wero entirely free from mllaminati ,
which lial not beon the c„«c before for many year,
Years, 8_c. O. B. WILLIAMS, 2G_ Uroadw    ,
Trepared and sold by A. H. & I>. RANI)!,, W».o,es«!o
druggists, 100 I'nlton-slfco., corner of William, New Yjrk.
For sile hy DEWITT, KITTLE ,t Co., II. lOHNS'JN it Co.,
and KKDHSitTON fc. Co..Ban Francisco: IttCE 'j COFFIN
Marysville; ',. II. McDONALD k Co., facrar-i 'o; and by
l'r„cglsl> get irsllr.
Hunter sireet, between Main nml Levee, Stockton.
Anil first sireet. San Jose. je^3»
Tor tlie cure  of Dytpcpsiu, Indigestion, Cohit|patlM
l.u..s of Appetite >.r nny Bilious Complain^
arising from it morbid notion of tlie
Stomucli or Bowels.
All ,,f these diseases you will soon be relieved of by
use ,,f these Bilters, as per directions on thcBottlci
This great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profound m
elaborate study ol one ofthe most celebrated pbysicim
oftho present century, in the accomplishment of tiM
he has spent both time and money, We do not heiiutt
to affirm that where Dr. llosetibaum's Stomach Bittnj
aro ,,-iiL ii case of Fever and Ague cannot occur. ]|
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists ii
ih,- Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed liynint.
tenths „i' thc I'hysicians of the land. Try tbciii—tm
them—on your constitution, nml (.o your way Mjoidttj
Are you dyspeptic''—take these Stomach Hitters.
Arc you bilious?—try one of these bottles ainl bt n.
licved ,,i once.
Are ynti annoyed by indigestion or constipation?—
remove the .■..„>,' by it free use of the Bitters.
Hnve you fever and ague?—cure and prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitten.
The superiority of these Bitters has induced man;it
put up ,. spurious article. To prevent deception ii
future, each cork will l>e branded, "N.B.Jacobs_;Co."
And the labels will bear our own signature, vitho^
which, none nro genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters ut
cautioned against thc many counterfeits now afloat it
lho market, and especially against a cheap and wort.-
less article called lloscnschrs Bitters, pat upinttii
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed inteniiontl
proving on the well-earned reputation „f Hoscnham..
Bitters, as a remedial agent in nil ,■„•.,•.- of Dvsuqisi-
and similar diseases. Thc genuine Bosenbaum liatoit
name branded on each cork, and our signature on eul
N. I'.. JACOBS k Co., Prnprieton
Siiusomn st., corner Commercial
in 21 - t~ni
A N   A S T n N S li I I N C.   REMBDYI
11 ii I, 1. 0 W AY'S     di N T WENT,
It   I'.ifiIs   Disease .'
li is «ni.l that „ll productions of human skillM
their day, and are superseded by new inven'ioi,. oH*
coverics. Not so with Ibis remedy. •• It i: nutftn
dav, but fur oil timo. and in all countries." And™
Because it strikes at the generic root of all diifSKli
lhc blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing.*-
yond that. Thc Ointnnmt, penetrating throaghflw
and fibre, liko water through a porous s„h*tantt
reaches thc germ or disease, such ns scrofula, crysi|.lu
cancer, tumor, and nil eruptive and ulcen us diichMfl
in the circulation, and eradicates the taint alonciw
forever in Ibis climate,
Bad legs. |
This Ointment will cure any case of Bud I.ege-oaj
of twentj years standing, <>r however hard or .lisi-oloiti
1 i,o flesh mnv be. or if swollen the size of n pencil
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into *
whole of the parts affected twice n day in largetm
titics. and the purt.. kept covered with linen rngsthukij
spread with the Ointment; from this mode of tri-ntmtt.
n plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will i"i,'"',,k
until the wounds are all healed on the leg, or olbn
parts assume their miturnl appearance.
Old   Wounds,  Sores, and Ulcers.
The most inveterate cuses oi bud lffrs, scrofulosM
other sores, arc cured, if of 20 yens standing,hj3
joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect olW
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sore?, u*
most miraculous, lt lirst discharges the poison *n| .
produces suppuration nnd proud lli-sh, and thus*
cures which its hcnling properties afterwards cotnpW
ure safe us well n. permanent. It has a wonderful eW
in the cure of sores occasioned by uios.pictos, m
Hies, or giggers.
Piles- .,_(
This Ointment will cure the worst cases of-Puf
used according to the printed directions even.u»fj
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, and all irrilljl
of the skin, fade und disappear after a few appllww
of Holloway's Ointment. In these eases briskftiCl
is indispensable. Many of thc ordinary eruptionsa
caused by suppressed perspiration, nnd as this pencf*
ing unguent at once opens thc pores, nnd invigot*
thc absorbents, it. dissipates the inflammation bo
double process. Ladies whose faces or arms nre *
figured by cutaneous diseases, may readily reiiioi'l1
blemish und restore to the skin its natural tint,"*
bility, and soilness, by the use of this safe but pofl
ful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, Fever Sores.
In  cases  of King's  Evil   .chore  medicinal W»t|
lotions, and every recipe of pharmacopoeia m"*e Pr0
useloss, the Ointment will accomplish a thoroughc"
;-'c.ver  sores  heul  quickly under  its influence, m
p'axing i "'-"*■- "Pon contracted sinews is truly ti"m
Rhaimai,-; Scrofula  Er^s„wm
These are among thc most i,:.rrible an „^
cases, yet in their worst forms, ana w"cn st''"
in.-iiraiile, they invariably disappear under a perse-
application o? this soothing, healing antidote t°
and inflammation. .. „
Both the Ointment and Pills should be usedin thefo"t
cases :—
Had Legs.
Bad Ill-casts.
Contracted    and
I    Stiff Joints.
I Fistulas.
Btcof Mosquetocs Gout.
and Sand-Flies. Glandular Swel-
Ooco-bay., lings.
Chiego-foot. Lumbago.
Sore NippW"
Corns  (soft). Piles.
Cancers. Rheumatism. ,
Sold at the establishment of Pnot-r.sson f°^0J#
244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; and by    \
spectablc Druggists nnd Dealers  in Medicines inr
out lhc civilised world. .., -,|
•JQp* There is a considerable  savinjj by tn1"
larger size... «ti-«tl'
N. B.—Directions  for the  guidance of P»"
every d.sordcr arc nflixcd to each Pot. ,,
CURTIS  k  MOORE, Agent',,
Yates-street, Victoria, »•
Printed  and published  every Saturday by ■"'  ||j
M'OtCiW,  at his oflice,  New Westminster,
Colony of British Columbia.


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