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The New Westminster Times Mar 10, 1860

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 '•r *rm +■ mt,o, w^i^y* {j   n^is
No. 26.J
[QfAKTEUI.V |'lN ■ABVA.VCI''   10S.]
[Yearly (is advance ) £1 Os.
[Price Is.
[From the Victoria Cazetii..] Itbat this little spot will permit such a stigma
The fii-sl iiK-t--tin(rt.f'i,!ie  House  oi  Asaem- to attach to it, as that of "being the last re-
ly   has, we regret 1o   say,   been  illnstrated fuge of religious persecution. illflrR. "W. H. BTPJl, Teacher of lit* Colonial School,
.y a motion tvliich ciuiruil  be   aTivtlimrr but!    We doubt-tlie local i It of the T-rriceedinj-rs in | 111 of    ctoria, is now-prcpa-rea^ receive into his
H disgrace to 1ho  Houso.
be  anything but'    We doubt tlie U-galilv of the proeeedincs in,_
■    1..° ...   . , ■' „       ->r   | family four  additional  Bootdinj P<|ip|ls,  to whom a
Mr. Waud-mgton, this instance; the .motion was put after Mr.]80U.„a English Education will fl8teij£>i»-
he -member for Victoria District, has chosen jPranklia    had   twice    taken    the     oaths |   Ttoms.—."Per BonTd and Wasliingj}$20.oo per month,
period when re45«OTis differences liave been as administered to him, and  been duly  de- \WMe half-yearly m sdva-noe.     1
I        ., .        ',        , v   . •   ,   !    I,, _   , , /.^i     -it ii Hoarders  furnishing thoir own Wcd-clothes, towels, i
happily terminated—when religious mtole. clared a member of the Ho*ose.   lie was even X(.  kl.
nice has ceased to prevail—to-revive a ques- J permitted logo so far as to join in tbe eloc-
ion, which has been st-t, at rest in England tioffl of tbe Speaker, and wo cannot suppose
ly the good sense of all parties, and to doubt that the House will permit its own acts to be
abrogated in the off-hand manner of ibe motion. Again, we are not aware that tliere is
any local Ail determining the  oath, and if
'the propriety of admitting a Jew to a seat in
Hir Colonial Legislal ure.    We  are  sorry  to
it thai he has found in the House, men fresh
■ in the roost si.lcmfi protestations in  favor j there be not. nn prftce.de.nl. will avfiilto justify
civil and religious liberty  to rapport him. the   proceeding   of   Thursday    for    unless
we fear, almost in vain U.  recall   to the
there  is   some  clearly   defined   local   law
corner of Yates and Government streets.
UNDKR.SIfiVED begs leave to announce to tbe public of Victoria -and V. I. they have opened the
magnificent Dry Goods store on the corner of Yates
and Government streets, where we arc prepared to offer
a complete as;--ortme!*>t of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods.
comprising   Linens,  Silks, Delaines, Prints,  Poplins
Street, lately occupied by the linking Co., of ihe j Merinos, Flannels, shawls, Mantillas, Embroideries, ol
Bunk of Britiah North America: cewi.-osing a large front every description, and trimmings
room and two  print-ions'  Attics  nnd Kitchen.
Apply to the Law Chambers of
Vates Street, Victoria, Feb. 8 th. fl-l-lc.
Colonial School. Victoria, Feb. 2, KM.
npilli best portion of tbe Build iv,.-; on Government
|;inds of sueh men, the arguments thai have on the subject, we must be guided by the lm
i-en so repeatedly used in favor of the Jews, perial Acts, which the "Proclamation" says
l\ the best and wisest in the Empire, or we; apply in all cases to this island when no local
villi] point out to them that it is'nticrly ab- acts have superseded them.
ird to object to any man's religions opinions, The Member ior the District has made a
nless they interfere with his civil duties—strange debvi as a liberal member. It is idle
Ind i*. cannot be asserted that a Jew's to say that he and his supporters were actua-
It is much more probable that, a fio-ltedby a wish to uphold the law—few know
ii Catholic's might, yet he is admitted ieven now, if there be any local law on the
bout hesitation. If this ground is nut subject, and none less so, we believe, than
pted by  those  who   have   opposed   Mr. tho member for tho district.
If Mr. Fran Iclin be prevented from   voting,
we see the germ of much future altercation
and bitterness, and for all we shall have to
delight   iiijthanka Houso, who, in tlie free spirit of liber-
a  past and ty, will have perpetrated an act of barbarous
franklin's taking Ids seat, we are at a loss to
:-■- vt-r what other reason could have deci-
l-jLthe sapient supporters of the motion.
■'e can but suppose,  that   they
loining forward as thc relics  of
larbarous system,by which all who refused to persecution,
■licve the doctrines of one set of men   were
eated as unworthy of companionship.   It is    t„e
jainful to suppose that such foolish  preju
D. EDGF.R, Mastkr,
Will be at Esquimalt on the arrival of the Steamers
from Snn Francisco.
Freight for Victorin will be taken at the lowest ra es.
A'ictoria Februarv 3, I860. fo-?
An  assortment of Cents' Furnishing Goods,  carpets,
Drugget Hnd Muting, all of which will be sold at llie
lowest market prices.
New goods received by every conveyance
The public are solicited to call and examine our stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
Xew Dry Goods store corner of Vales and Government streets. dli-te
res can cloud the minds   of  men   in   the
Nineteenth  century, but to this  supposition
are forced to resort,    2so man has a right
p meddle with another's belief in the great-
jst and holiest of mysteries.   This is a sub-
got that remains sacred between our Maker
id   ourselves, and   we have nothing to di
iiii it, suve as it.  may  applyln "its  active
principle to tbe  welfare of society.   An at-
in-it to convert  (praiseworthy in all sects)
imite distinct from a desire to persecute}
■.ml depriving a man of his civil rights on ao-
t-mnt of his faith is persecution.   A'o doubt
lie very men who have raised their voices in
ie House against tho Jew have recoiled with
uxor from the memory of tho scenes that
nice defaced the history of the  world—and
history more than our own.    They have
iddcred at tho thought of the scaffolds oi
lenry, tho faggots of  Mary,  and   the   pro-
t-t-iplionsof Elizabeth ; nay, probably at alator
■tii'id they have disapproved strongly of the
liitholicDisabilities bill, yet they cannot see
pat even now, they are adopting the same
ii ri t—setting themselves up ns judges where
■o human being is competent to docitle, and
iiMi.o- tht'ir backs upon a  man because  he
intiot believe that which his reason—educa-
'd in a certain faith—refuses him to allow,
e would venture to remind our  Christian
•elhi-en that tho great principle oftho  faith
0 love, and follow,    is Charity—the   higb-
i   virtue   that    has   ever   been   inculca-
'1 by Iho inspired writers,  is  Charity—the
c ofthe Holy Founder of our creed hitnsell
as ono long, and beautiful lesson ot Charity,
lis virtue docs not alono consist in a roadi.
an to give alms, but in gentleness to our foi-
w-nii'ii in respect for their opinions—in tcn-
itiics.s for their errors—in anxiety to avoid
Jving them unnecessary pain and offence.
this duty, we would ask, fulfilled by a wish
close tho doors of the .House of Assembly
gainst une, whose fault is, that ho does  not
soss our faith ?    Certainly not—if wo  can
|vo a Jew tho privileges that a Christian en-
lys, without hurting our own  religion,  and
hacrmhung our political Government, we as.
|iredly ought to do so.    Our religion  cannot
affected by it, for that is supported by vo-
Intavy contributions, and is entirely apart
Join tho state.   Our form of Government can-
It be endangered, for a Jew's political opining are tho same as our own—he will legis-
Ito for the prosperity of tho island with as
luch zeal as a christian j he has no prejudices
satisfy peculiar to his creed—no hopes to
Utter on the part of members of that creed.
His Excellency the Governor was
looked forward to with more interest than addresses of
that description usually are; inasmuch ns it wns thc
Inauguration of our civil liberties in this Island, lt
commences with a congratulation on our commercial
prospects, and then slightly touches upon the Snn Junn
difficulty; nnd we nre glut? to learn that the conduct of
both Governments Is still conciliator]*, and such as to
hold out n hope of an amicable adjustment of the af-
fajr. ll then announced the necessity of providing
ways i-.ii-l NMMts to "ie<i ihe espensos of Govcr.iiiicr.i.
as lhc Hudson Buy Company has ccasod to be liable for
them. The great doctrine of the Home Government
was distinctly enunciated, that this Colony, like all
others of the liritish Crown, must be self-supporting,
It is, therefore, idle for us in future to look for nny monetary help from home, and we musl make our way
in tlio world by our own unaided exertion.*. For this
we must be contented to be taxed, nud no fair nud just
imposition will be grumbled at by tbe people ; but their
representative!, have a great responsibility ou their
shoulders.   We hope they will discharge il faithfully.
Wo almost think that, ou the whole, il Is well for us
at once to learn self-reliance, ami not become enervated
by constant dependence on subsidies from without.
The amount of our official salaries is left to our own
discretion', but it is wisely recommended that the salaries of Governor, Chief-Justice, and other chief offi-
eers of the Government, be fixed by law, nml not
placed on the annual estimates. A revision ofthe existing colonial laws was recommended, and a selection
from the Statute Laws of England, of such ub would
apply to this colony, advised. The address enlarged
most, properly on the benefits of schools, nml we perfectly ngree with His Excellency, Hint the salaries o
Teachers should be raised. Thc education of youth is,
without any exception, the most Important and responsible ollice that man can uspirelo. It should also be
imiilc the most honorable. A right step in this direction will be taken by giving our public schoolmasters
salaries such as will tempt an cllicieut, and high order
of men to fill those positions. We simply repeat, a
truism when wo say that tho schoolmaster has more in-
fllienco on society than any man ; for he. it is who forms
the minds thai govorn men.
Tho encouragement of immigration was earnestly
commended to the attention ofthe House, und we hope
that it will bo tine oftho first subjects to engage its attention. A liberal Inml system, wu are happy lo say,
was supported, and the Island nt large congratulated
on its enjoyment of the principles of free trade. We
iiru itgreeiilily surprised to hear that, n proposal will, in
a short time, bo laid before the House, from Capt.
Stamp, tbe representative of nn influential company, to
form settlements at some eligible point on llio west
coast of tho Island, for the establishment of fisheries
and export of deals and ships' spurs. This proposal
will, we have no doubt, receive favorable consideration. It is willi no ordinary feelings of pleasure that
WO contemplate the probable founding of such an establishment, here. Our const and forests arc abounding with iish and timber of grout value, nnd the sooner
an exportation of them, on a proper scale, is begun, the
better for the colony. His Excellency drew thc House's
attention to the importance ofthe question.
The Address concluded with a fervent prayer that,
the, blessings of tlio Almighty mny rest on the proceedings of thc Houso.
The stylo oftho Address was distinguished by groat
simplicity and clearness, and  waj(  delivered in a dis
JOHNSON" STREET, near Colonial Brewery,
Skins of all descriptions carefully And quickly prepared, and made up.
Buck Skins suitable for Moccnssins,
oo do    straining quicksilver,
do do   lacing machinery belting,
Buck Skin clothing renovated.
T, .1. 1'. has invented a process for taking the animal
smei! from skins nnd fins.
" We have used the lacing 1 .ther uianufnciivrcd by
Thos. .1. Pigott, and found it superior to anything we
have used of Eastern manufacture.
GODDAM) k Co."
Pacific Foundry, May 6th, isr-8.
Buekskiu ami other Leathers renovated.
Furs Bought and Sold nn Commission,
glay A Buck Skin Grainer wanted. dl 2-tc
EX B1UT1SH  BARK  SKA  NYilPH, from London
Pale Brandy, in cases ;
K. Porter ,t Co s London Stout Porter, in cases,,
3 doz each;
Bass' Ale. in cases, 3 do* each ; [
T,"i cask.' Iflblirft'K UOtUW rWBr^S dil'2 each;
2 cases Fancy Clay Pipes;
0 Clocks, and 100 cuses  assorted Jams and Pie
fii-t.tg-lni Corner Wharf and Johnson str.
. Salt (Spring Island Store
rjpilK subscriber having received consignments nf
JL Flour, Groceries, and Provisions. Dry Goods,
Hardware, &c, will open u store ut his Farm ou .S"iilt-
spriug Island, nbout the 15th inst. All gootls will be
sold for cash, ul Victoria prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such ,as shingles, doer, grouse,
furs, kc, taken in exchange lor goods.
Positively no credit will be given.
N. II. Choice kinds of Fruit Trees, kc, always on
hand and for sale nt. reasonable rates. <i-t
Yates Street, below Wnddington-strcet, Victoria.
1A11K subscriber offers lor sale a birge  assortment of
all  kind? of Boots and Shoes, received by
recent arrivals,, including Men's,
Ladies', Misses' and Boys'
Boots and Shoes, at the
Cheapest rates.
Findings of all descriptions.
Parties wisliing to purchase will fined it to their advantage to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
EDKIYKD per »ark  '• ANNA KRELL " from London. SO ('uses Mitekenzies famed Old Tom.    For
bale cheap for cash.
corner Johnson and Government Street.
IB Feb.. IStiO, fla-tc
"VTEW WKSTUiySTF,*"*..    A few Lot-; to be dispowd
X^i     of at the price paid at the Government Sale.
j-.-O-tc SF.L1M FRANKLIN & Oo.
ICT0R1A  PHOPKRTV—-Improved and Unimproved, in various parts of the Town,
For Wit* -by mm fcRANWM'K » Co.
HAVANA CIGARS, <7f the following brands, viz.
La Ville de Gigon,
Ends ii I'm'.- Terfiftft'e
Washington Irving
Lit \ ictovia
Kl Volcano
RegHlia Britnnicft.
I'riorte " •'
Kl Valor de la Raina " "
Kl Triumvirato " *'
This invoice of fine Cigars in offered for snle by the
undersigned at very low prices, by cases, or small lots.
The brands are nil warranted to be genuine, and expressly selected in [Tavnna for this market, by Messrs.
Rousset, Auger, k Co.. well known importers of Ha van*
Cigars, in San Francisco^ Galutbrnia.
Johnson street, opposite Wharf st.
Cigars and C'lgariloe of new brands received per every
ail Steamer. dlO-tC
"li TAKCHANH & CO., Assnyers of Gold, Silver, nnd
|^|_ ores of every description. Gold ami silver
Assays made, and returns given within six hours in Burs
or coin, ut tbo option of llie depositor. dlO 3m
^1110 Lower portion of tho Brick Building occupied
by Ihe AVm   Westminster  Tinim Ollice, in  reur ol
Stationer's Hull.    Apply to
ntt-to, .Messrs. III1IIIKN k CARSWELL.
C o m m is si 0 n   Me r c h a n t,
Liverpool Wliurl, Columbia street, New Westminster,
British Columbia.
1J0NDED STORAGE always ready for MO to 1000
j tons .Merchandise; consignment,-* received, duties
paid, uml all orders fur tbe..nines for Flour, Bacon,
Beans, and other goods Immediately attended to.
(trout advantages accrue to parties importing direct
to New Westminster, who will meet wilh iiiiracdinto salo
for cargoes of staple goods. dV-tc,
ei«  nn   Englishman,   descended,  perhaps, t-nctam- forcible manner.   If the Assembly carry out
jl-oiigh many generations, l'rorn an   English lne measures that have been  so ably brought before
Imily; he is as loyal to the Crown, and  in them, we shall have-every reason to be satisfied.   In
jet, ii) every respect save one, identical with
V' christian.    In all countries Jews are ad-
|ittcd to the same political rights as chris-
"18; in England herself, and in all ner co-
ties the same.    It is intolerahle to suppose
the Address, everything was dilated upon that would
be of present benefit to tho colony. There is not one
great question raised* in it that the members of the
House have not bound themselves to support, and we
trnst, that all its recommendations may rersive careful
N 8-Horse  Power High   Pressure   Engine,   with
i.>.i.i.e.i-..Hiiil.,(io.nn.';''-.n<ins, complete,
For snle by
V LATE ARRIVALS tbe undersigned have received
additions to their hitherto well assorted stock of
urnituie—and now offer
PAINTED SETS—ten pieces:
KXTI-'NSION TABLES—S audio feet long;
CENTRE TABLES—Serpentine and round tops, assorted sizes j
CARD TABLES—Harp and square pillajs :
COMMON  " 2.V, 3 and 3£ long,  wilh  drawers,
also Cherry, Walnut, nnd painted pine leaf tables:
BEDSTEADS—Mahogany,  French Cottage,  double
ami single ;
LOUNGES—Spring seats,  in  damask  and leather
SOFAS—Spring seats,  hair cloth, with  round aud
pillow ends;
DESKS—with fall, and door fronts;
CHEFFONIERS—Wtilnut  and mah'y carved fronts,
3 shelves, fret work ;
BUREAUS—one-halt   marble,   Scroll  and  painted
pine, 4 and 0 drawers;
WHAT-NOTS—Walnut and mah'y, ii and 0 shelves j
MIRRORS—In (fill and mah'y flames, assorted sizes,
for parlors, chambers, nnd saloons ;
CHILDREN'S—Cribs and cradles, also high and low-
chairs, assorted patterns:
CHAIRS—Mahogany hair cloth, spring seats,  Cans
and wootl scat, ofliee, oak, dining. Oreciaii cane,
heavy bar room, and common wood seals ;
ROCKERS—Spring seats, inah'y and onne seats and
'       backs, sewing and arm ;
SINKS—"Wash  stands, chair   cushions,   coverlets,
towel racks, willow cribs, kc,
1'iiln, Curled Hnir, Moss, Wool, and Straw Mattresses,
best Feather Pillows, nil sizes ; in the manufacture of
which we use none but the best material, and guarantee
our work.
North-west comer of Yates k Douglas Street.
Victoria, V. 1. f8-lm
The " Victoria Gazette "
Published every
Priie 121 civii s.
DYEKTTSKUS in tbe Victoria G.M'f.ttk, will h»r»
the privilege of advertising in the Nkw West-
MiNSTKn Timks, which now has the largest circulation
of any paper in ;be Colony, upon payment of one ha
extra. It is pci'tieulorlv rei-uested that advertisements
sent in may be distinctly marked with the number o
nserlions required, also whether for one or both
Advertisements for long periods inserted upon  the
most reasonable terms.
No advertisements received after T p. in., the day pre-
vinos to publicmiou.
WIIOLEXALK   nnd   RKTA1L   Dealers   in  Boots
Shoes, Leather.
ion.    Also-
, and Findings, of every descrip-
-Lndies' Shoes, of all kinds. n8-3m
fllKNUlOliS nre invited for BILLS in sums not less
J- than X2.-.0. drawn on the LORDS COMMISSIONERS
of Her Majesty's Treasury, London.
September ith, 18ii9. Treasurer.
DEBTS   and Rents collected,  Accounts   adjnste
Houses nnd Land lor sale.   Money to loan.
American Temperance Hotel,
Yates street, Victoria, V. I.
BOARD, PER WEEK    $7 00
Board, per Week, with Lodgings  8 00
Single Meals  0 60
Lodging  0 50
Board, per Day, with Lodging   1 50
Board, per Day  3 00
j-j-ja-T" Miners accommodated with Mattress aud a
place, to sleep, Gratij.
A3 Proprietor**.
Established in   183G.
lncorporntcd by Royal Charter in 1840.
CAPITAL $5,000,000.
Si'Ecut. Dr.rosiTS received in sums of $100 and up-
wnids, repayable ou demand. Charge for safekeeping,
one-ipiurlcr of one per cent, per month.
Gom Dust received for safe keeping ul the rate of
Five cents per oz. per month.
Drafts issued on Londou,
80 dnys after sight,  at the rate  of   $1 95 per £1 stg.
3 days after sight, (in sums ofloOand upwards) $t> 00
per XI stg.
.'! days after sight {in sums under £50) $5 10 per £1 stg.
Draws on  demand or at short, sight,  issued on the
principal Cities nnd Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at,
the rate of $5 10 per £1 stg,
Diiafts on the Principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, (if, 3 dny3, as follows:
Canada 4 per ct. premium.
New Brunswick 4 por ct.       do
Nova Scotia 2j per ct.      do
Drafts on Now York, (S) 3 days, "3 per cent, premium."
"      " Messrs. B Davidson k May, San Francisco,
at sight—par.
Office hours 10 @ ^—Saturday 10 © 1 oelock.
—WlbL BS—*
$8 00 PER   WEEK,
ayable in AdvanC*,..
I "v>>;- fi»-l»
Under the especial patronage of
iffftf Mi{icsly the Queen, H.  It.  H. Prince Albert,
The  court ainl   Royal  Family of Great Britain,  the
several sovereigns of Europe, and universally
preferred and esteemed.
Rowlands' Macassar Oil.
Is justly renowned throughout the world for its remarkable Virtues in nourishing, preserving, and beautifying the Human Hair. For children it is especially
recommended, ns forming the basis of a beautiful head
of hair, and rendering tbe use of the fine-comb unnecessary.—Price 3». lid. and ts. Family Bottles (equal
to four small) 10,i. lid., and double that size, 2U. per
Interestinu Fact.—The following singular nd au
thentie. ense of restoration ofthe human hair is worthy
of observation, more particularly as tt relates to an article of high and universnl repute during the last half
century. Mr. A. Herrmann, of Queen street, Soho, had
been unite bald for some time past, and hud tried vari-
oiir preparations for the recovery of his hair, but with-
oul nny bene'icial result. lie wns then induced to try
the effects of " Rowlands' Maeussnr Oil;'' and after
daily applying it for nbout two months, he, much to
his griililieiitioii, had Ilia hair o,uile restored, and now
possesses a beautiful head of hair. This fact speaks
too strongly for itself to inquire, comment,—Bell'sVfeck-
ly Messenger. .
Rowland's Hair Wash.
A preparation from the choicest Oriental Herbs, of
peculiarly mild and detersive properties. It pleasingly
and effectually clennscs the hair and skin of the Head
from scurf and every species of impurity, and imparts
n delicate fragrance. It is particularly recommended
to be Used after Bathing, as it will prevent the probability of catching cold in the head, and will render the
hair dry in a few minutes.     Price Mj. 6if, per bottle.
Rowland's Kalydor.
An Oriental Balsamic preparation of unfailing efficacy in thoroughly purifying the skin from all Pimples,
Spots, Blotches. Redness, Freckles, Tan, and Discolora-
tians ; in producing :i healthy freshness fend transparency of Complexion, and a softness and delicacy of the
hands and arms. During the heat and dust of summer,
or frosts aad bleak winds of winter, and in cases e!
sunburn, stings of insects, chilblains, chapped skin, or
incidental inflammation, its virtues have long and ex*
tensively been acknowledged. Price is. 6rf. and 8».6d
per bottle.
Rowland's Odonto,
A White Powder, composed of the choicesi amd
most recherche Ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, of
inestimable virtue in preserving ami beautifying the
Teeth, strengthening the Gums, and in rendering the
breath sweet and pure.   Price 2*. Orf.-jper box.
—*—i *-*-* :	
Important Information.
Unprincipled Shopkeepers, for the sak« of getting *
trifle more profit, vend the most spurious compounds,
under the same names. It is therefore highly necessary
to see that the word "Rowlands," is on th« Trapper <at
each article. Sold by tbwProprieterii,
A ROWLAND k SONS, 20 Hafctoa GardM*, Loadoa
And by Chemists an<J Perfum***.-
-8      ! "*,^T T
j ■■MMM.f *rr*>tr»»'t
g-■«■!■>. f.'»l V1^      '■'
rwa-ni' r-jr-i*--—t
' .   '* '
SSjly.pinq Jntclltgence.
I tho ii
■ i- -ilHiA,
March'-—Schr Coll ii '. Sham, Port rownsei
Schr Marion   Bo; lc, Sooke.
Ship Gtiorgina, Matches,      n Frnuci  ....
March 5—Si hr Marion, Bi ylc   Sooki .
Str Otter, Mouat, Ken Westminster.
Schr IT C Page. Oburg.Port Town end.
Sloop Dashaway, Burnev, Port Town end.
March 7—Schr Flying  Mi i   Berrv, !' rl Towt
Bark Gold Hunter. Brown   San 1 ranci    ..
March 8—Brig Gleneoc, Bro • :..   * in 1 lunci   o.
Str Otter. Mount, Nev, V.    tmin tcr.
Schr Get-up-and-gel   Lloyd, Porl fo   n end.
March 8—Schr Amelia, Thornton, Port I'ownsi
Sel r Kossuth, Otis, l'"'i Town t    I.
March 3—Schi Marion,  Boyl.i 'I   •
Schr. Kossuth, Fostt r, I'orl Town ■ ml.
Three Canoes for N'ch Wi stniinslcr.
Schr C S Kidder, Stowell. I'orl Town end.
Schr Elizabeth, Mvllviu, I'orl T-iuineud.
Schr Harriot, C11IU11, Port Towiiseiul.
March i—Ship tienrginnn, Mutches, Nnnnimu.
Sir li. Anders  Wright, Port Towuscud.
imbia to st*
IF. B. (1—bul
Jn. Thain,
de Cosmos,   A.  Waddington,  John     The  "Princess  Royal" will leave for
ed thai
erinan hpuzzem rwll
• "h'"\l fifteen.mii'
»Uive anydeicri
ii, and miuMfeGn no,£
1 am, however, i„i*0,„u
encry.-nud ofthe coUntl
! he must
thai  •;•
if hi   I.
I--. <l Wi.
3 would sacrifice thc
lid honorable position—
position which has cost him u life timo ol
.. i) [nation, uprightness, and discipline to
acquire, hy committing himself to any line of
",1- conduct i" suit the purposes of any Company,
however powerful tbey may be, which may
nol bo strictly  in   accordance  with justice.
1   a   iert i Copeland, J. lm T. Little.
Victoria, M neb 8th, 1 ut).
room.    A
IMonday, with a cargo of Fur.', valued at o'e
shipped by thc 11. B. company.
—■**— Thanks.—We are indebted to  the Limine'.- of Mr.
•><..........-.. if,,/,,,,/., ., "report" of Monday  even Lowell for exchange papers from the Sound.
Mule Tax Meeting occurs,  in which  it  is stated     General Annual Meetixo op the   Pmlhaumosii
he reporter of the Gazette was ejected from  the Societv.—On Monday eveuing,  the  members ol   this
I.■,- im  individual  Society met for the election of officers I".' th"
'n™.       fciu.-r-.lly, fr  Yale to Cayoosh, or even lo Al^?
'*-•-"■ •  is identical with that   I  have  described.    The v» '
Utile fitted  I'
! venr, and examination ol financial affairs ol thc Society
whose pre nt occupation - ems co oe as ume .me, t"| „,,;,.,, w,n. f()UI1,, ,„ be -m ., mos, satisf.n lory condition,
his mental capacity as hi late grocery speculation 'Jp The balance in hand of the Treasurer was over S:;00.
the river, it is not to be Wondered at that be should besides property of the value of $700. The members
make such a blunder as to sny that Mr. Davis is our re- "Umber over 90, and are daily increasing.    The Ibllow-
|T1, • members of the Executive Government, porter.   That gentleman has never officiated in such  |i*,;';'";"i,;"|"niv'^ '■"■".".■ '^T m, iTi'v,.   k'm"
1 h dent, Judge Begbie ; \ ice President, John u lilies, r..-.q.,
and lioth llotlSi J of  Parliament  in   England, a capacity al any public meeting in Victoria, nud, with  Directors, Messrs.   Watson,   Luiuley   Franklin, Pearse,
'are watchin<t   narrowly   every circumstance the exception of having some weeks ago  furnished Wallow, \Vnddington, Selim  Franklin, ami I). Bnb'u.g-
.    ,     '.' ,   ,,      ,,   ",       .     t,        ,, tbe paper with a Tew police items, has never been con- ton Hiug; Secretary, Robt. llomfrny, Esq.; I n-nsurer,
I'utinectcd with the Hudson s   Uay  Company       -  ' '      ,      .'..., ,  ,,      ,. |l-;,ii. Jackson, Esq.   A specinl voio was given to the
  ',    . nectcd with thc Gazette,    llie tiidiwduul,  w lut ln-i-  his „     .,    ,   ,..     ,,   '.,    ,   '    , ,,      l.     ■   ,■ ,. ,,.	
and Hi.  settlement and   liquidation   of  their Ionbri llM ,%,W„, or Muggins   who "reports"  for ' •'e'***lc" V ice-1 resident, nml Hon Secy >. oi tin !"■
veurj much regret was  expressed nl il"-   tvitlnlrnwiil ol
ehr Flying Mist, Berry, Porl Townsend.    accounts, and WO may rest assured   Hint   pur the Colonist, woffliWind it   much  moro to his  benefit,
Str Otter, Slouat, Han .limn.
Schr Gct-up-niid-gct, Lloyd, Porl Ti
March 9—Sloop  Leonidi,  C. F. Alb
One c.inoc for San Juan.
ind to thnt of Hie paper wero he   I
vale i-   little A'T* ''":•''?.'.''."I"
ial  duties rei|tiire h
interests as colonists    will    not   bo    shelved.  trulIl aud more rapid pcntnauship; but at all events to »«■«■««> in British  Columbia; and was  imu.iiiuo.ish
I,,,,,,... ,    . ,, • i   .      ,. ■ ,i • i-   i i     elected an Honorary Member.
rown- ITho Ilukcol Newcastle IS personally   respon. avoid attending nicotines with n. ream u. ioolscap under ■
j  ., , ,        ,        ,.    ,, .,,"., his arm and ii  look which  would  be deemed serious       Handsome   Doxation.—His   Excellency    .overnor
i hi I •!.- I" Iln- C-Olouy lor the equitable SCttlemeill Lvere -M ||ut jmbcci*e) ,„n\>-« ■„. ,.„,, s),ow „  greater  re- Douglas has presented the hand ome sum of S-siiO to the
 of our atiturs, and wo are contented to believe Unit   thnn   the   bnre   resolutions   of   llie  meeting, Philharmoiiic Society,
!,,       ,,     ,,    ,       -I,      /. -ii       • ami     a     few     lines     of    stereolvped      comments.
|thai Hi'- Hudson s Lay ( ompany will pun no|Wo canno| (.,„|,.h„l„ ,„„. remnrk3 • >,„„„„ g-vh,rmi
for go/nl-sizei
that pari of ii
from il< ugi ici
inentione I, bin
worked, but th
Tin: Hark  Gold Hunter, nrrivod on   Wedncsdny,   11
dins Iroiii San Frnneisco, with an nssiirtnd cargo,
advantage- over  thc   Ooveniment; and   until  extract from the brilliant report alludi d to.    Did il np-  reports the Glcuc is having left the sumo day for this
1 do hereby notify that I have disposed of all right, the 1'esulI of the deliberations 110W going on
nml title to the Newspaper called the New \\ iistmim cbk *n England upon the question bo known, it is
Times to Mr. Leonard M-Clurc of the. Town of Victoria. UT)ncc°ss,UT for US to agitate tho matter, and
unbecoming to impugn the intentions of the
In conformity with the above arrangement,,, nnd at head of tho Government whose address contains such numerous indications of thc ul mosl
'oliciludcfor our prosperity—Mural, Social,
i in 1 Financial.
the urgent request of the inhubiimiU of British Colum.
bia, tlie .Sew Wkmtmisktiiii Times ivill, no: l Saturday, be
priiil'd nml published in New Westminster. It i.-1 nol
thought ueci .in", here to enter into an elaborate prospectus of its future course, the run.in. lm ra'.her preferring to allow the claim ofthe Times to public support to rest entirely ou its general merits, merely stilting, however, that il.i line ut'coiiduel will be thoroughly
independent, nnd devoted exclusively to the interests
and welfare ot British Columbia.
It is scarcely nee sary to make the u mil hnckneyed
n|i|ieal to ndverli;
Cecal JntcUiflcnce.
Wi.iim:sii.\v, March 1, 1860.
House met nt.  'J  o'clock,  and  comprised the
r,   Messrs.   Cary,   McDonald,  Toliuie,  Crease,
pear in any other piiblienliuii but the Colonist it  would
certainly bo-styled ti '■ literary curiosity."   The Italics
are our own :—
'• Mr Robert Burnn,by was called to preside, who
Milled tli.it lie would throw himself upon the meeting for
support, as be fell himself iuiidequate to perforin the
duties, [What duties?] and recommended that n paper
be drawn up and signed by the people, asking that sofnc
other bo adopted By the Government to meet the ends
desired by llie levying of the nuilc lax."
liritNs' Kkstivai. at tiik Colonial Hotel.—We are
•'bul to see that thc Cuinuiittcc of the above  Festival.
port : also a number of Chinamen in another vessel
'1'hk ship Georgiann cleared on Wednesday for Niinaiino In lake in u cargo of coal. We beliovc this will
be the largest vessel that bus yet left our shores loaded
with this valuable commodity.
Cnuors LniEiui, 1'ahtv.—The so-called liberal party
have lately given the public, through their mouthpiece
the lion. Member for Victoria district, a very good idea
of their free und enlightened views. Firstly, the privileges of the colored population excite their bile.—
Secondly the civil liberties of the ,l«ws nre nttneked;
busily,   poor  John  Chinaman  must  not be tolerated,
bus handed the balance of funds in their hands, ns a owing  to a want of producing powers on his part
y paper published  i iooper, Waddington, Cole, Gordon, and Foster.
in British Columbia, nnd -he deterniiiintion
ofthe conductor to make it nol only lli" voii
opinion iu thai colony, hullo have it eirculuted from
New Westminster to Fort Alexander, should nflbrtl u
sufliciunt indiiceiiieiit for this description of support
from the inhabitants of A'ictoria and elsewhere. .\s n
source of niithtjiiUc information connected with the
mineral and oilier resources of liritish Columbia it is expected it will obtain Ihat support hero which the importance of such a knowledge to llie inhabitants of
Vancouver island might reasonably wnrrant. The
New Westminster Times will bo in no way connected
wilh any other publication.
All arrangements which have been previously entered into with subscribers nnd ndverli ers will be
punctually curried out.
Leonauii M'Ci.iiiiE.
Previous  lo cumtii
%fo llclu S&l-:stmhtstcir &\cs.
VIOTOIM V. SATrilli.W. \| MICH  io,    l-i'.'i.
A NEW QUAltTEU will cominenco on the 17th
J\. inst., when llie Nkw Wkrtsiixsteii Times ivill L
published, for the lirst lime, al New Westminster, and
become.a llrilisli Columbian paper. Victoria Subscribers will receive their copies through the agent, Mr
George Harnett; anil all persons desirous of subscribing will plensocall upon Unit gentleman al llie office
of the Victoria Gazette.
Leos Mil' M'Ci.ure.
Victorin, March Hili  i^ CO.
'Shy, Speech ofthe Governor ofa Colony is
sen orally considered an iiuiiortatii ilocttmcnl
but the speech of Governor JJouglas, th-li-
vered lo the House of Asst-inlily on tho 1 st of
March, must not only bo considered an important, but most able one. Full of forethought,
indicating tho most deliberate and well-directed study, foreshadowing a courso of policy
which must, if bin Excellency bo supported
byiho mombors of tho houso, inaugurate a
now era in our History, and open nut u field
of employment for all classes of the colonists-
Even the political opponents of tho Governor are forced to admit the ability ami lilio-
rality which arc displayed throughout bi>
speech. Wo go further, and assort that it is
worthy of being placed in the important
position of a progressive guide, not
only to these colonies, but to oU'ier Governors, organizing new colonies ol Britain,
and will, doubtless,clcvato Vancouver Inland
and her Executive, much in the r'writ.nrfioii >il
the Ministry, the Loader of which—Lord
Palmerston—is not tho man to throw any obstacles in the way of the entire Self Government pi a Colony which shows that loyal devotion to the Crown of England, Progress,
and tho utmost liberality of thought and action can bo combined.
Notwithstanding our conviction that (.overnor Douglas's administration is so highly
approved of by the Home Government as It.
be proof against all opposition—his Excellency has so so clearly shown in hi* addrcsi that
he is ready and must anxious to give bin
sanction to any measures of the new llouse
calculated to advance the interests of the colony, that wo foci certain lm will shortlylmvo
little or no opposition to contend with. Jl
may be, however, as well to caution the public as to party aspirations when tho conduc'
Excellency is called in question wit
. ,.   Iceeiled to  Ilis Excellency, the Governor, and presented
ilieir rrpli t i Ilis Excellency's speech.
The coiniiiittcu appointed to report on the Members-'
Disabilities question, decided thnt the outh of nllegiance
along with Hium., contnined in the Franchise Act, alone
wire necessary. The House adopted the report. Mr.
Fraiiklin. consequently, takes his- rent again.
Mr. Waiiiunutox gavenotico that he would introduce
n bill in rngiilate llie manufacture, carriage, deposit,
and snle of gunpowder in llie Town  of Victoria.
Mr. MuUoxali) gave notice of n bill having reference
to the construction of chimneys iu thc Town of Victoria.
Mr. AVadointitos moved that the House bud reason
lo believe that n gross attempt bud been made by
Chii I .lu.-l.iee Cameron, to smuggle Mr. Selim Franklin
into tin: .House, by administering to him a faulty
oath — an tuiili which was not in accord-mice
with ihe sttilute—that such condttcl wns unbecoming n
i 'iii'-f .lii-ii' c, ntnl llnil n commit Ice of lhc be appointed
lo enquire into Ihe manner in which the first oath was
administered, and report to the House according to the
facts, lb; considered that a gross error committed by
n. Supreme Judge, on such n subject as tlii-\ was worthy
of Hie severe?! censure, nnd Unit it wns due to the dig-
uilyof the llouse to have lhc matter thoroughly explained.
Mr. Cni.i: • seconded the motion.
Major Foster distinctly dissented from the expressions contained in the motion which lind just been laid
before the House. With regard to Judge Cameron, he
considered ilia] ih" Attorne/rleiienil gave the House
sullicient information to prove that there wns neither
participation nor connivance ou tho purl of the •v-u-
premc Judge, iu the matter, lie believed the Chief
Jusiiee took a legal view of tin: ease ami acted on that
view, and thai he (Judge Cameron) was convinced lie
was right in administering tho oath be did. lie (Major
Foster) thought thai the members ot llie llouse must
In; fully aware of the high character borne by Judge
Cameron, (hear, hear) and that it was highly censurable
in muko use of such unbecoming expressions ns were
used iu Ihe motion, (hear, bear.) Tliere was no
reason in make such exaggerated statements. He, however, believed if Mr. Franklin bad come forward ami
Staled bis objection to the ordinary form of oath, it
would have been more becoming that gentleman, lie
would propose as an amendment simply that a committee of live be appointed to enquire bow the faulty
form of oath was laid before Mr. Franklin, and report
in ibis House accordingly.
Mr. Gordon seconded the amendment, nnd said that
lhc motion before llie House mighl be divided into two
lie.ids. It begun—" Whereas this lhuii-c bus reason to
bolievc Hint a gross attempt has been made.'' He did
mil sec how nny one could say so. No gentlemen h ul
a right lo so pre-judgc the feelings or opinions of this
House. Thero wns a singularity about tlie wording of
Hit; motion also that made it very peculiar. Il commenced wilh the. I'n-l person singular and glided iuto
Ihe lirsl person plural. (Laughter.) If a motion is to
lm [nit before the House on ibis Bubjcct' let it bo done
properly, and not, ns be bud already said, prc-judging
llie sentiments of tho House. In fact, judging from
lhc manner in which Iho hon. member expressed the
million, one might be inclined to believe that it proceeded from outsiders. It was unfortunately the curse
of liiis colony that every mini's motives and purposes
were suspected ; lie. therefore, thought it was llie mure
necessary that the House of Assembly should set un
example to the country in this respect, (hear, hear.)
The liiii-riinge of tbe motion he considered extremely
unbecoming, and be would, therefore, second the
Mr. Crease considered that no person could desire
iiiJil}'C.s!igation into the matter inure than Judge Cameron himself,
Mr. Waddishtoh withdrew his motion, staling that,
under llie excitement ol the question, be bad made
use of ruthor warm expressions, which might bo considered unwarrantable.
flic amendment, then becoming tbe motion, was
carried, nnd Messrs. Gordon, Coles, Crease, Foster, and
McDonald, were appointed the committee.
Mr. Cary moved that all documents and papers connected with the financial affairs of the colony should
be laid before the. llouse, as without them nothing
could be done.
Mr. Crease gave notice of motion that tbe election
uf officers should take place at the next meeting of
the House.
Cnpt. Cooper gave   notice   of n   motion   lo   decide,
what number61 members should forma quorum.
The ll'io-e then adjourned till 3 o'clock on Monday.
The Deputation appointed nl the p
. ' ,     ,   ,- .  i-. ™ ii..
Iiiiiiilioii In llie lioynl Hospital; and that all parties are satisfied with the able manner in which llie
whole affair wns conducted, which not only throws
great credit on thc Scotchmen ol Victoria, but also on
their guests, who so warmly co-operated in commemorating the birth of Scotia's Hard, llie immortal Burns.
The meeting of Scotchmen at thi-; festival, was instrumental in forming the St. Andrews Benevolent Society
of Victoria, worthy of all praise.
Anothbh Whatcom Hoax.—We have heard that it is
contemplated to get up an excitement wilh regard lo
the position of Seattle us a starting place for the Si-
milkumecn mines. Several persons, some of whom arrived by the Inst steamer from Sau Francisco, have a
speculation on foot to build up a town on I'uget Sound.
In the event of a rush from San Francisco to the above
mines, these speculators would, no doubt, make It good
thing of it; but we should think the experience of the
Whatcom sufferers will prevent the public from being
gulled again, lt is absurd to suppose that Seattle, or
any oilier place on the coast, will be able to compete
(should the Siinilknmcen mines turn out trumps) with
Fort Hope. If half the capital on the l'aeilic const was
employed, it would not be able to divert the course of
traffic to these regions. The distance from Fort Hope,
by the Brigade trail, to Camp de Femme, is about 00
miles; thence to tbe Siinilkanieeu river about 30 miles.
Important Request.—It appears that, upon the arrest of n person for debt, on Monday last, by the Slier-
ill's clerk, the publisher of llie British Colonist sent for
" particulars of tho debt," and wns very properly refused. We shall have this individual next inquiring
what each individual resident of Victoria jail has had
for dinner. In criminal cases, tbe press have certain
privileges; but the request alluded to is about tlie
coolest we ever beard of. The idea of the Colonist designating another man ns a bear!!!
I'im'ku Portion of Government axu Jonxsox streets.
These portions of the above named streets nre in nn
almost impassable condition, it is imperatively necessary that immediate steps be taken for their improvement.
Mile Tax Meetixo.—A largo nud respectably attended meeting took place on Monday evening, ut half-
past T I', si., to consider the adoption of resolutions
upon the sulijt-ct, of the Muln Tax. The suggestions
repeatedly made in Ibis journal, regarding a respectful
address upou the subject to His Excellency the Governor^ were adopted, and the loan question,
after some discussion approved of. We have no
doubt beneficial results will follow upon lhc labors of
tho proposers of tlio resolutions passed by the meeting.
FrenchBexbvolent Society.—The French residents
in this Town, who, like Frenclnnent in all foreign
countries, form an orderly, industrious, und highly
respectable body, have established a mutual relief
Society in this Colony. The public should encourngo
and support all sin-li useful and charitable, institutions,
for they do an incalculable amount of good in all communities.
Deputation oe CnixKSH Inhabitants.—Vie. "Wight
and Mr, Pcarkes introduced to his Excellency the Governor Mr. Quotig Let: nnd other Chinese gentlemen, who
were desirous of having an interview with lhc Governor upon the subject ofthe proposed tax ou Chinamen.
Sheriff's Fees.—Tbe Fees iu this Ollice must be reduced; Ihey are enormous, and totally unreasonable;
£,"> 15s for nu arrest and Bail bonds!!!
'• Sniooixs," the Imiiecilk.—Wc are glad to find that
our exposition of this creature in our last issue bus
bud the desired effect, and that in fiilurc the editor of
the Colonist will combine with his many other qualifications, tho occupation of '-reporter."
Tins day—Saturday, March loth, at tlicAVareliou.se
ofSam'l Price & Co., at 1.1 o'clock a. si., a most valuable
consignment of necessary and useful articles, Provisions, Groceries, kc
Deputation.—?.A deputation consisting of Messrs.
Thain, DcCosmos, Copeland, nnd Waddington, waited
upon His Excellency ihe Governor, Thursday, upon
tho subject of the Mulo Tax, suggesting that it should
In; repealed, and n loan raised lo carry out certain arrangements With regard to llie improvement of internal
communications in British Columbia, His Excellency
received the deputation favorably, expressed bis earnest
solicitude for the construction of roads and other improvements, but informed the deputation that he had
uo power to raise a loan. And woliear that be further
suggested Unit be should be happy lc receive a loan,
lf the merchants of British Columbia would obtain it
on their responsibility, tho Colonial Government would
be happy to guarantee it. And concluded by assuring
the geiilleni'iu Unit the Mule Tax is only a lempornry
, AxotttER Deputation—consisting of Messrs. A. C,
Anderson, H. Burnaby, Drake, and Crease, bail nn interview willi i In- Governor Thursday, and presented a
petition, numerously signed, suggesting that nn in-
creosed duly of 5 per cent, should be levied on nil goods
going into British Columbia, Ibis extra duty to be set,
aside lo form a road mud, and llie Mule Tax to be
abolished; We nre informed thai His Excellency's reply-
was such, nsto lend us to nnllclpute some change in
lie mpctinir  on I''"' ''l0''': l!' ll vying this obnoxious tax.
Verily, if this crusade continues, lhc French, Germans,
and other foreigners bad better prepare Ioi the worst.
Gen. Haumiv Nominated for the Presidency.—At a
meeting held in Washington Territory, on the 2l!rd
January* Inst, General Harney was nominated for the
Presidency of the United States, by a large majority of
the Legislative Assembly.
Tun II. P.. Co's. steamer Heaver, has been fitted np in
mo.-t comfortable style for tin- conveyance of passengers to und from the Fraser, and will shortly be put on
the line.
Tbe II. ]!. Co'-,, steamer Otter arrived from Xew
Westminster on Wednesday niriit. '
We are not responsible for the opinions of our correspondents. Every communication must hare a bona jid,
signature attached, lo ensure, publication.
[From the  Victoria Gazette.]
Flin'l I ask the brave soldier who li'.'iits by my side
In the cause of mankind if our creeds agree.
iVoorc-Ji J/-/*.-
Sin.—Liberal ideas flourish in Great Britain, they
nlighten America, and Ihey are nationalized in France;
nnd this mny be called the tripod whence issues the
light of the world. Liberal opinions will rule the Cui-
verse. Tbey will become tho Faith, the Religion, the
Morality of all nations in spile of nil that mny
be advanced to tho contrary. Do wc carry liberality,  if we distranchisc the Jew?
Bending the liberal views of English Statesmen  and
lawyers of llie present day,  with  regard  to  governing  i
young colonies, we find the following language:—
We wish to establish universal liberty of conscience,
perfect liberty of speech nud thought. To make nil
men equal, whether Protestants, Catholics, Mahommc-
diius, Deists, or others, so thai religion shall have no
iiilliicnco in getting them employment under the Government.
Now, Mr. Editor, how could these classically educated Statesmen ofthe present day who nuike the science
»3 its ivnj the whole ol   the   distance  tbronah
ni' r n unll of fearful rocks, forming in its pasjatre of
most diei led canons, or passer—terrible iu tlic"rai,i,i
:"!'! •'"»"" *  passage  of the  waters.    Hiuuy.^'"
mountains rise precipitously from llie river bunk, lMl
iug here aud there small indentures, or recesses which
me always iturib runs. Sometimes' a succession t
benches rise oue above the other, till they reach il!
base ofthe hills, li must not, however, 'be sum,,, J
that tins i- the character of tbe whole country Ialliii
merely to the immediate vicinity of Fraser river itself.
nriiiin.l Cayoosh, Lytton, nnd Alexander, nre fine tract'
of arable nnd pasture land, which I hope, some liar i
be able to describe I" yon : and the Eraser river ia 'not
all rooks, rapids, nml canon-; above Alexander foi
l is a line open body oi water, navigah),
1 steamers, und great tilings are beard of
e country, not only from its mineral, l,ut
ltural re t.urees. Theso bonches, ab«»6|
I. at present, been very coiiif.iettW
Iter no common prospcctortuniiWieitj
once sufficient water for working litem properly can>
be proeun I, llici will form, as ii wen-, bo" piece de re.
si'tnnco" oflJritish Columbia, and will afford most re.
inuut-rntivc i mploymcut for thousands of inintrj fw
years to come.
I think ii will be generally admitted thnt the \m\(t
yon proceed on Eraser river, the better the prosiitcii
become, and Un- larger llie wages obtained; for it.
flame, below Hope Uie average of daily wages is abo«
four dollars, between Hope and Vale seven dollars 1*.
t'.veeti Yale and Lytton twelve dollars, undgrailimlh-j,
an ascending scale till yon reach Alexander, where'Ir
nil accounts the returns nre something fain, litis. fj«
these advantages of rii It diggings are almost more tin j
counterbalanced by the price of transport in the LieAtr
country, the dHliciiltics and dangers that meet one ii
every turn,and the hardships to be undergone: soiln
in reality, one may not be far from the truth in bajbc
that at the end ofthe year's work, the four dollar liti |
man, bus the best ofthe bargain.
One of the gn ntest evils contingent to the formntiM|
and early progress ol i -.;. gold country, is founditit]
wandering and unsettled habits nf the miner in gftimlj
and the California miner in particular.- The retuntsofI
gold loiind. uml the benefit done to tho country al lurgt,I
mid 11 the miner individually, would be tenfold what it I
i- but for this. A miner settles to work at 4 oriido!-!
lar diggings, and in the course .of a few weeks has.snrll
his §50 in §100, he hears of some richer diggings InI
or three hundred miles away; off he g.H".- and mimm-ril
to reach the new El Dorado, after groat difficulty, linti!
ship, and waste of time. Ilis pockets nre empty,bewil
no ind- or food, he cannot get a good claim, licii|
thoroughly disgusted, and by the time he returns tu 1ml
old claim, it lia-- been tnki n up, or the mining seas-*!
is nier. Then lie returns to Victoria, gives llie coiintrtl
a bad character, curses thc taxes, idles, drinks,mil
Otherwise abuses himself and the country, lki!
different hnd he remained for the si a on at the sceneofl
hi3 first labors. Winter's approach would have fomrfl
him master of several hundred dollars, witli «iiici,|
judicially laid out, he might in the ensuing se-wvn,!
reach ?10 or $20 diggings ; and thus in Uie courseulil
few years, be would lind himself n prosperous nmlcon-l
tented man. And there can be no doubt ns totliop!i|
to the country al largo of such men as these.
It i.-. however, absurd to expect too much, arnlill
must be to every right thiuking person a source ol" lb j
grcntest gratification nnd even astonishment, nlltnl
very small amount of crime, or even di-onlerly I'oii'iiifil
cxistingeithcrin British Columbia or Vancouver Li-toil
It inns*, probably iri-ts Ion He hard and (ln-Ftml
nature ofthe country, which demands constant occewl
tion and severe struggles both of mind and hotly to get■
through the ordinary business of life, but wlu-n m-nlil
are opened, and the country settled, nnd etumiuiiiiri-l
lion and population increased, we cannot expect Ml
great an immunity from these evils. Vet we luail
started admirably, and il will no doubt havrtijMll
t on these Colonics; and we may ciuifKli-ntijI
anticipnto that thu statistics of crime, will show rt&l
country inn more favorable light than any otherjai|
of her Majesty's dominions.
The following petition to the C.ovfrnmeul, suntM
London Times, in favor nf the sailors sentenced to i«|
prisonmont for tbe disturbance on board Her M'-jcst'l
of Government their study for the benefit if 105,000,000 ship Prim-ess Royal, is in circul»tion ninong tliewl
of British subjects of all creeds nml colors, scat
tereil troin England tothe Poles, bow could they, consistently wilh liberal views use nny other language.
Vou see they don't wish a man's conscience to be like a
lawyer's wig—removable at pleasure.
Statesmen know that the Surgeon with his scalpel-
knife, dissecting the human frame for the-benefit tf
science, never yot came in contact with soul or conscience, Tiny also know that men destined for high
duties and authority, never consider persons; Ihey only see things according to their weight and conse-
quonco. They ulso know, that in their dnily walks of
life, thoy como in contact with men like some in Victoria, of small minds and coarse habits; then tbey lay the
fault to the man's education—his swaddling cloths having neither been line nor clean,
Yours tV-c
T. E.
P. S. Enclosed is an extract from the A*iiri!/i Brilish
Review or INH), criticising illiberally, the public_Education system. Vou will see the tlilference of views in
1800 on the same subject, and probably by the same
Review. Comment is'needless. Illiberal views of conscience, or anything else, nre not for tlio Ago of Progress.    Onward- forward.
T. E.
Those who have watched the workings of Public
Schools, long and close at hand, are inclined to attribute much of that uselessnpss and discontent which is
one, ofthe most striking features, nml which is the despair both to the friends of order and the friends of
Freedom, to tho National system of Education. Members of various grades and classes in the social scale
are instructed together in thu same Behoofs, in the
same mode, and ou the same subject, to a degree of
which, we have no example here.
If tho peasant, tho grocer, or the tailor, can scrape
together a little money, his son receives his trniulng in
the Piimo Seminary as the son ofthe proprietor whose
hind he cultivates, whose sugar and coffee lie supplies,
and whose coat he, liiukci.
The boy who ought to be, a laborer or petty tradesman
sils ou the same bench, and learns llie siime, lesson, us
thc boy who is destined for tho bar, Ihe tribune, or Uncivil servicoof the state. This system arises out of Ihe
passion for Equality, and fosters it in turn. The result
is that ench one naturally learns to despise his own
destination, and to aspire to that of his fortunate
schoolfellow. The grocer's son cannot see why he
should not become an advocate, a journalist, or n
statesman, ns well ns the wealthier and nobler born lad
who was often below him in the class, whom ho occasionally threshed, and often helped over the thorny
places of his daily.jtask.
Advices from Japan slates that the American Minister lnis visited Yedo, and was the guest of Mr. Consul
General Harris, During his stay, ho was invited by the
Prime Minister at Yedo to an interview at the ball of
io hi, before his E
nil    hi
I tho " Prohibited Palace," which ho accepted, ami where
Icncy the Governor,      A • •.• •■■'.: r. ','    iklLai ichep   -Mr. Elder, of this lown, some of ihe chief pursoiingcs o? tho realm were nssum-
e to reports     _     launched tin second vessel within n week, oh, Wcdncs- bled In moot him.   Mr,  Ward  has biiico relurned to
-|day morning,   She Is 00 tons burthen, adniirabh con- Shanghai.   The Japaneso Govornmont has intimated
Monday In
Ihe resolution i ii:' re |
That the re olutiom
cellency, who, though ho expre    d no imtn dialo in- strucled," and a credit to our coluniul shipwrights. This to Mr. IInrr'i3 that tho Japanese Embassy "will, be ready
tention of rescinding ii nilc tat, assured the   do- vessel, and the one launched last Monday, will be lowed to embark for Iln; United States in Uie Spring, and the
putation, tnat I!
is  and    Yalo
u.i lo .i,i:i:
by the Labo r.h.u
Powbattan has order*, to receive thorn.
chants and bunkers of the city, and seems likely Wfl
signed by almost every firm:
"To the Qcuisii'B Must Exoem/knt Majesty.
"The humble petition of the undersigned bnukonr,-*!
chants, and others in tin; city of Loudon iiml<<J
neighborhood, humbly showeth,—
"That your petitioners have observed with deep1!
grct tbnt'u body of seamen belonging to your Majei,'«
navy, upwards of ono hundred in number, and wlm-i
ccntlv composed a portion of the crew serving on toni
your Majesty's ship, the Princess Royal, arc now vsim
going Imprisonment in the county gaol at WiiicutsKr
for mi offence ngainsl discipline;
" That yonr petitioners do not desire to ivnpnjjnP
justico or propriety of the sentence pnascd upmiS
'individuals in question, by ft  court  of adequate'
competent authority and jurisdiction ;
"Bul your petitioners are under the conviction IB
the oH'cnee which gave rise to the proceedings wm'l
Iho result of a mutinous or insubordinate spirit "ll
ing on the part of the men previously to its coni-ij
simi, but of momentary disappointment at tlie tj
nonnccment of the. recall of an order for leave unSf
very trying circumstances;
"That your petitioner's, entertaining these s""|
incuts, humbly hope that your Majesty will be of'fi
ion that the cause of order and dis'ci\iline has been "J
ficiontly vindicated by the imprisonment which "f
heun already undergone by the offenders, and lli'i' !°1
Majesty will ses lit to exercise your Majesty's royiilP-J
I'Ogat'lVO of mercy in their favor.
"And your petitioners will ever pray," kc
Nkw   United  Status   Sknatoks..—James
has been re-elected United Slate.. S©0At« H
Iowa, his term to com menco March t, 1801. Tlicj -
of nineteen other members of the present Semite iv'1/!
vacaiilinlHiil. One of these has already been l'l
that of Mr. Orilleuden by Mr. Breckinridge. Tlie*|
expired terms will be those of Mr. l-'it/.pntricku! 1
hninu, Johnson of Arkansas, Gwin of Cnlil'onii.'i''°j
of Connecticut, Ynlee of Florida, lversou of 'j1'0'?!
Fitch of Indiana, Trumbull of Illinois, SlidcH oli'•"!
innn, l'. arco of Maryland, Green of Missouri, Cl*1*!
New Hampshire, Seward of New York, Cling--1"!
North Carolina, Pugh of Ohio, Bigler of Penny1'-11
Callaincr of Vermont, and Durkoo of Wisconsin-    I
Tun Gibraltar Chmnir.lexnys the attention of tin! j]
eminent of Morocco has been oflkially called t0''*il
article ofthe treaty existing between tho Unite <l> 1
nnd Spain, which prohibits llie citizens of one w 1
from excepting foreign Jotters of marquo t<j ,1
against the coiumei-eo of the other. It was sn T
'Change at Liverpool on tho 21st ult., that »"\JjJJ
Government have entered into n contract wti-'-l
English firms for Uie supply of 200,000 six-P011"" J
of preserved meats, and that a portion of the I
bus been tuken by a Liverpool firm.
"(it,--. Ciuisiiii du MniitaiihMi," says the 0)>W«
tionale, "tnkes his family with him to China. ■!
receive during th« '' ••(,U: oontinuenco of the u i J
nn annual pay of 100,000f. As no Europeanj jt
current in Chin.-, the. expeditiQO.has <-'••■'*;.,,-t|
gold und silver ingots for the payments, w.niv
have to muko in the Oolostial Empire TIIE    NEW    WESTMINSTER    TIMES.
from   Iqu
, ■ . ! ,51 I, l'J9  quintals,
. loin I-;-.    Of intity 447,887 was  ship-
. li;;. land, i""1 "■"i 1125 lo France.
linjj ii;- v.- nth i I I' i her -1 vessels  of 21,21.'I
■    I       ■    .     •   ■  Chiui ha  ! hinds.    ":   :
■ ■    Ifi.r.Oflt   .   i      for Europe and thebalanei :,n
\, I'ni'tcd Stab -.
The Lima correspondent ofthe Panama Star and He-
,,/  pives Hi'1 following additional intelligence:
.. Dictator of Ecuador,  end  lien. Franco  is
ci mi ::. ready to obey Iii.- orders at s moment's
tice.    'Ihe  Peruvian   papers say   that  their  whole
;   i nil!  hein   Pnitfl on tbe   20lh   ii:-1..   which   ol
nob id;   ' ■ li< vi ■.    Costilla gave l""" muskets
, 100,000 ball cartridges,  two  howitzers  nm!
.. i. ono dollars iu cash, to pay the troops to Franco;
,:.■ liately afterwards an Ecuadorian division of 1000
cu, infantry and some artillery, Icftfor the interior,
, • .   ii.. the country, nnd their barracks in Guayaquil
ere occupied by a Peruvian   division.    Guayaquil   is
nv in possesion ofthe Peruvians, whose  intention  is
•Iiiji- to hold it for ever.    Franco keeps now a  very
t-it police by order of Cnstilln; ihe prisons .ire full of
ilitical suspects, and nobodj dares to express hisopin-
n for fear of getting imprisoned  immediately.    The
vernment uf Quito (Garcio Moreno)  sent two Com-
. -i.iiie:-- to Guayaquil in order to trcal   with   Franco
id Castilla nboul the settlement ofthe afl'airs nnd  the
ipulation ofthe peace.    Thev could not agree together,
id Frau o tried to force them to sign   n   paper which
had drawn np.   lb obusi d tbem terriby, threatened
banish them   lo   Panama,   kept   them   afterwards
isoners   under a strong military guard, and  only b\
ie intercession of Mr. Cope, the English Charge  d'Af-
, they in re rch ase I and allowed to return to Quito,
bad to leave Guayaquil directly.    Ecuador i> in  a
unhappy state.
%tw     ^tocrtiscnicnts.
Ri-1 E1VED  by  lhc  undersigned, per "Emit) Far-
ii.iiii." n complete Saw Mill, of the manufacture
'1 Ceo.
4 Co., BalUmore, wilh all the nccessarv
larriagc Iron , Gumming Machine, extra
1WS, Mule
IN the United State Court ,i id in the State Supremi
Establi hedin San Franc: i     incel848. Has removed
his Chambers to No. 148   <  ..; Street, Sam  Francisco,
California. in7-lm
;■ tl Head . locks, 54 indu* ircnlar Saws, Mnlcy haw \f\a FRIDAY EVENING,  in   Vates sireet. between
Mill Irons complete, extra Mnley Saw. Cant-hooks. Files, \J Government and Wharf streets, a Russian Leather
ana all othcj gear requisite, together with
An 80 Horse power Steam Engine, (actual capacity
120 Horse po-n i r, i with a patent Cut-oil' Regulator, two
large Steam Boilers, 30 fnct long by 12 in diameter,
Steam Gnage, Water Guages, Shafting, Hand Wheel,
Connection Pallics, Belting, Bolts, 2 Steel Saw Mandrills, India Rubber Packing, tc, kc xc, and forming
a Saw Mill with a capacity for working 50M feet ot
Lumber per diem,
Battery street, San Francisco.
The Stenm Engine will be sold separately, if terms
"•greed upon.
Particulars of Invoice will be given at the oflice of
Corner of Wharf and Johnson Streets
m9-l*m Victoria, V. I.
[i... laymen recently preached in the Hon. and Rev.
•ii -• .\. n!'s chapel.   One of them was Mr, Radcliffe,
: solicitor, nnd the other Mr.Brownlow North,
hew ofthe Earl uf Guildford.
|a ini.i.ioN.MKK in  Kent,  (Eng.,)  and a large land
■ -. had b daughter upon whom he was prepared to
(ok his fortune.    The young lady waswooed and won
the curate of the parish in which she rcsidi d.    Thc
ftert-nd gentlemnn wished to make her his wife, bul
|t       ier  resolutely refused, and eventually she was
iuced i" marry ..  rich Dutch  merchant.   Cpon her
kri-inj     her father settled £100,000 on her.    The lady
ii,. , .   ■ • 1 ..ii,mi four years, and a few   weeks  ago.
- i v, nil her former admin :-. '.lie parson.
issiox to BniTisn Coi.t-unu.—The following pas-
; letter has been issued by the Archbishop of l)nl
o the clergymen of bisdioceses:—■• 1 wish  to  re-
tuend strongly to tlie clergy ami laity of my dioceses
claim ofthe new mission to Rritish Columbia,
hit li appears tome peculiarlj entitled to sympathy
liin  the mother country, till the infant colony shall
become sufficiently well established to supply ils
in pastoral wants.    The rapid growth ofalarge pop-
tii n of our own race, i gether » ith the presence of
■ native Indians, must require a supply of clergy -
:i. which Uie funds of our existing missionary society
not   provide.   The  noble  example of Miss  Burden
,-.--. ivho has endowed the mission with llie miinili-
; ofi 15,000, deserves to be followed up with
ii additional aid as is required for insuring success.
-.. li be glad if any encouragement I can give towards
important nn object should induce you to offer your
pi-raton to thc committee which has been formed in
is  diocese  to collect contributions, during the  few
irs  the colony is dependent  upon external aid.—
chd.  Dublin,
IA Fearful Was Missile.—For many days past, says
English paper, a sharp lookout bus been  kept
the movements ofthe Stork, screw boat, tendered
the exi client Captain Richard S. Hewlett; C. B.   We
'!. some time since, that the Shirk,  Bcrew-gunbi at
.■!■ was fitting at Portsmouth with a furnace for fil-
holloiv  shot  wilh  molted   iron, and thnt the t'n-
i   itcd, IG-frignte, had heen prepared with iron plates
su< !i thickness as to render her proof against n 08-
iiiiul shot at 400 yards range.   Recently the Stork
cut up the harbor, and moored off from the starboard
de ofthe Undaunted 400 yards.    A little before 12 nt
I on, she hoisted a red Hag, another being also placed
board the frigate to warn nil boats oil'.    At 12:30 the
=l hollow shut, tilled with molten iron, was discharg-
litini the Slink, and went through   both iron  plates
In! wood  into the body of the ship,  about four feet
ovctho water-flue.   A second shot was tired al a short
.•vi'.!. when  smoke  was  seen to burst through the
"- nnd hatchway, and in a few minutes more a body
Hume.   T'ne ship was on fire.    As  .-non ns  the tire
is observed,  the Storlt  shipped  her mooring, and
•.un'-'!  up  tothe head uf the Undaunted, set the lire
cine lo work.    Signal was also made to send a body
men  from the  Excellent to man the large  floating
c engine, and to thc Comet. Government tug, to tow
i with all haste to tho rescue.   Sueh. however, was
'estructivo nature ot the molten  iron, Unit the
d vessel was Minn one ina»s of flame, and it was
hisidcred by Captain Hewlett, expedient to scuttle the
This  was  accordingly  done.    After firing six
Minis into  her between wind and  water,  down  she
pnl  al   her mooring, leaving only the tuprnil  of her
■ ecnstlo,  deck  and  poop  visablc,    The wind being
p-li  from  the S. K., caused the poop to take lire, but
'this lime  Ihe powerful limiting engine,  worked  by
in hands,  poured tuns and  tons of water  upou the
ruing timbers, and in twenty minutes tbe fire was
"hnd.   It is impossible to attach too much impor-
|ii" l" ibis undoubted proof of what a gunboat, fitted
• ih? Stork, can do against the enemy's line-ol-battle-
lii.—Sun Francisco  Herald.
I TAVE some cboite lots on hand from  Australia,
PURSE, fastened with an elastic band doubled. The
Purse contained money, a few trinkets, memorandums
and pens. Whoever has found the same will be handsomely rewarded, lo leaving it at the office of thc
"Gazette." m.'i-lw
N O T 1 O E .
CCONSIGNEES p<-r Barque " Gcorgiana," Captain
j Matches, are requested to call on the undersigned.
pay freight and wharfage, nnd receive order for delivery. StUTHGATE k MITCHELL.
Neither tbe Captain or Agents of the vessel will be
responsible lor any debts contracted by the crew.
TT"T    WALKER, r.ieker, etc, at Fori Hope, is pre-
y\ # pared to convey Goods and Passengers, at thc
lowest rates, to any point on the Upper Frascr Kiver.
The  Cameron's  Bar  Mining Oompany, Hie greater
part ol whom relurned  with Mr. Walker  last Fall, de-
Mesico, the Mediterranean, and Van Dieniann* | 'We *°«p«» •■•«■■' »»>«*• for iho civility a^d atten
Farmers nre invited to inspect samples.
Ail  of our Seeds  nre  WARRANTED of Last Year's
Growth!    Fresh aud True to their Names.
"VTOTICE.—The annual general meeting of the Soci-
;i^j ety will tata p-ace on WEDNESDAY evening,
[jiM-ch ttfa, a: half past saves o slock, it like Hall ofthe
Hudson B.v/ Co., fovebe purpose or electing oScets to
serve for the ensuing year, and c.th»r business. A roll
list ofthe members can be teen daring tne week at the
Acting Secretary's oflice. Government Street.
Yates Street, Victoria.
Fur sale by
Corner ol Government and Johnson Streets.
| tion which they experienced at his hand
Mr. Walker, from being several years  in the employ
of the 11. B. i 'oinpany, is well acquintcd with the Frascr
Liver district. mn-lm
RTNG my absence from Victoria,  Alexander I).
McDonald will act ns my Attorney in fact.
Victoria, 7th March, 1SG0. m9-3ilaw
R E M 0 V A L .
HAS REMOVED from his old stand on Government
Street, to the Store formerly occupied by Wkhstkh
.v. Co., between  Kaindlcr's  Warehouse  and Webster's
new brick building, on Vales Street, Victoria,
NPKUS are hereby  solicited  for the advance of
2Ccm   ^oiuTtisciiUiits.
J.   A.   McCREA,
At the Warehouse of
S A M ' L   P ll 1 0 E .$■ C 0 .,
nt 11 o'clock a in.
silivo anil peremptory sale to closo Consignments.
I'l'lie attention of the trade is particularly culled to
Jis Sale.   The goods are mostly in line order, anil will
i offered in liberal lots. . .
fio Goods consisting iu part as follows:—
8 bbls Corn Meal; '
ll chests sup. Green Tea, 24 lbs each, 1 lb endirs
[15000 IhsOolomo Beans;
3 bbls Horace Hilling's sugar cured Hums;
10 kegs 1 ih canister Gun powder;
15    •• Blasting Powder j
C500 lbs Middlings;
.CO empty Bbls;
I ease assorted fmo English Perfumery;
1 case heating's Lozenges;
Ml cases assorted English Pie Fruits, 2 doz each :
:iii cases    " "       Jams 8 "      "
ifiO    " " "        Pie Fruits,   2 "       "
50    <« t. « Jains, 3 "       "
25 enscs Glenllvct Scotch Whiskey ;
"     lslav "
"    Bridge's superior old Port, Wine ;
20    "   Grape " " "   •
|Tho attention of connoisseurs Ib particularly called
J the Wines, ns Ihey are fur superior to any ever of-
(■'-•d in this market.
1 case Letter Paper; 5 ollice Clocks.
IHi^'-Sale tnisilive.—Terms Cash.
500, for the British Hark SEA NYMPH, 250
tons register, Walter ,1. Williams, Master, now lying
at this port.
The Captain is prepared to pledge, as security, the
freight for the voyage, as well as the keel, or bottom of
the vessel. The bottomry to be canceled at the port of
discharge ill China, 20 days after her arrival nt Hongkong or Whampoa.
This vessel was built nt Weymouth England, and
registered at that port on the 1st day of November, 1858,
and is now in a perfectly sea-worthy condition.
Parties willing to offer, will please state what rate
percent, they will charge upon tbe above sum, to be
advanced forthwith.
Tenders to be scut in lo the undersigned, within the
next three days. SAM'L PRICE & CO.
Victoria, V. I,, March 5th, 1S00. in7-2i
rilllE undersigned having received for Sale a small
I quantity of the valuable Seeds of the world
renowned Tree, which were carefully selected in the
fall of the past year, from the famous Mariposa Grove,
will accommodate any friends who may desire lo obtain
These noble Trees, as is well known, ntlnin to a height
of 300 feet, with a corresponding circumference.
The climate and soil of Vancouver  Island arc peculiarly favoViihltt to their growth.
Oflice  of Sam'l Price & Co.,  corner of Wharf and
Johnson Streets. ni7-lm
Where they are constantly supplied  with
NEW   COODS by   every   steamer, and have  always
on hand a
Also a large variety of FIXE SILKS, and BONNETS.
An excellent variety of
and a full assortment of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
Fine Frock fonts: Dress Coats; Over Coals; Vest
and Pantaloons of different colors; Fashionable Silk
Hats. Gilt Cornices, Curtain Rings, Window Shades
of nil colors. French Cassiineres, Broadcloth,
Beaver and Pilot.
Also—a full assortment  of  Tailors'  Trimmings.
Shawls.   Alpacas.   Merinos,  DeLaincs,   Furs,  Gloves,
Riding Hals, Gauntlets, Cloaks, .Mantilla?, Velvets,  Embroideries, Ribbons, Laces.
Carpets, Rugs. Druggets, Oil-
Cloths,  Paper •Hangings,  Mattings,  etc. etc.,
And all other goods pertaining to the business, at the
lowest prices.
ORDER OI*  l-i.'lllT.
milE SPRING Assi7.cs will be held  at the following
I      places on tin' following days, (viz:)
At Port Vale, on Monday, the. nub inst.
At Fori Hope, on Friday, the 23rd inst.
At Douglas, on Thursday, the 29th inst.
At New  Westminster, on Tuesday, the .'rd April,
At 11 oi lock in the forenoon,  nt each  place, or on
sncli days immediately following the  above mentioned
days, as the nature ofthe communications will permit.
Assizes  will lie held at Cayoosh and  Lytton, in the
month of May, of which further notice will be given;
l.ut any matters nl Cayoosh, now desired to he brought
before ihe Court, will be taken at Douglas, mid any
such matters al Lytton, will be now taken al Fori 'Sale.
Victoria, V. I., 3rd March, I860.
■.r.ce i.- requested.
Victoria, Feb. 23, 1880.
Acting Secretary.
W A N T E D .
A GENTLEMAN who can command from one
thousand to two thousand dollars, to join the
Advertiser (who has had considerable experience in
nil matters connected with horses) ns a partner, in
establishing a Livery and Commission Stable, Farriery,
and Riding School business, in the ensuing Spring.
Applv personally or by letter to
"A. B."
Ollice of this paper. m7-lw
EMBERS are invited to nice', on Friday, Oth inst,
nt 8 o'clock P. M„ nt thc Police Court Rooms,
to nominate for the current year, 18('0, the Executive
Committee, according to the Constitution of said Society.
In the meanwhile, M. Perodin, Johnson Street, is
appointed by the last General Meeting, to receive subscriptions and donations.
Hy order of tho General Meeting.
mi-*2t L. A. HINCELIN.
TES SOCIETAIRES ot les pcrsouues desirant fuire
j parte de cette Socloto, sont convoqucs le Ven-
tlretli, !> Mars, fi 8 heurcs du soir, t\ hi cour de Police,
i\ relict de noinnier un Comite executif da 11 uiembres,
confbrmoment mix Statuts ndoptes.
Les Socictairos doja inscrits ot les personnel desirant
le devinir peuvent verser leur souseriptions et dons
vohinaires, eutre les mains ilc M. Perodin, Johnson
sireet, nomine a cct diet par L'nsscmblee generate till 11
Par ordro dc la Commission provisoiro.
Lo Secretaire, L, A. HINCELIN.
N. B.—All orders from British Columbia, Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by Express, or otherwise, will
be promptly attended to.
,u5-lin GAMBITZ & MEYER,
Fx Athelstan.
*     Dining Room Chairs, in Hair ami Morocco j
Easy Chairs ;
Sofas ;
Dining, Consulting, and Loo Tables ;
Toilet Tables, Basin Stands ;
Tray Classes and Mirrors;
For sale by
fllENDERS on  the  above conditions will also be re
I      ceived from the 16th inst, tothe 15th proximo, for
lilasling and  removing  the  rocks  which   impede the
navigation of Frascr River near Emory's Bar.
U. C. MOODY, Con. R. E.
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works.
Victoria, 13th February, 1800.
A.   &  A.   FELLOWS.
HAVE on hand, and are regulnry receiving direct,
from England, Smith's Tools of all kinds, Iron
Chains, Grindstones, Ox Chains, Bows and Yokes.
Galvanized and Japanned Buckets, Milk Pans, Hollow-
ware, and all kinds oi Builders, and General Hardwares.
which they will sell at *
All  kinds  of AMERICAN  HARDWARE at a slight
advance on
|@*-Up River Traders, and the trade supplied on liberal
Yates street, Victoria, Feb. 13th, 1SG0.
N O T I C E.
I HAVE THIS DAY Associated myself with Mr. M.
MEYER, formerly ofthe linn of Goblstone it Meyer,
of Portland, Oregon, and henceforth all business will
be conducted in the. name of GAMBIT/, k MEYER.
Victoria, V. I., March 2d, 18(10. in5~tf
TIGRIS well known Saloon is celebrated for keeping
j the best Wines, Liquors, and Scgars; the patronage this Saloon receives, and the business it is
doing, is a sufficient guarantee for the reputation of
the House.
The proprietor, thankful for the very liberal patronage he receives,  would say that he is continually receiving, from the Importers direct, the Choicest Brands
of English nnd French Litpiors,
Such as Martcl Brandy ;
Snzerac      tlo
London Dock Brandy;
Dull' Gordon's Sherry;
Old Spanish Port;
Champagne, Eugene Clicquot;
Sparkling Catawba, N. Longworth ;
Gal. Wine. Simseviiin Bro.;
Swnino Bowles Old Tom Gin j
Wolfe's Schiinps;
Joe Bowers'  Whiskey;
Dunhip's Scotch Whiskey;
Fine Old Burboii       do
kc,       kc,       kc
Those wishing to buy u bottle of genuine English or
Fronch'Llquors will please call, and they will buy of
mc again.
The Oyster Saloon is supplied regularly with Fresh
Oysters from Sooke; epicures can depend ou getting
them done up in every style to their siilisfacion.
'!-itiiue lliivuntiB always on hand; attached to this
Saloon is a Reading Room where my patrons will
always lind files of the Latest European and Atnercnn
Newspapers and Magazines.
. f2?-3m Pnoi'iiiKTon.
100 cases Superior Islay Scotch Whiskey, in cases
1 doz each.
"     GlenliYat Scotch       " «
1 doz each ;
Robt.  Porter  k Co.'s   quarts    London
Torter,  in cases, 3 doz each ;
"   Porter Cos pints  London Porter
in cases, 0 doz each ;
Robt. Porter Co's quarts Pale Ale in cases
3* doz each ;
75   «       Robt.  Porter k Co's pint Pale Ale in
cases 0 doz each ;
corner Wharf and Johnson Street.
fl5-lm Victoria, Feb. 15th, l.SiiO.
iMroRTj-.n 4xn.iWAif*5a jx.
And L ATKINSON'S Improved Shoulder Seam Pattern
Shirts,  of Philadelphia.   Just received, the
lale.-t i-tyle „| Baltic Shirts, trorn London.
A fine lot of pure Baltic  Stockings and Ilo.-e ; Gents'
Shaker Flannel Undershirts and Drawers.
A tine lot of Derby and Saxon Wool .Shirts and Drawers,
White and Colored Marseilles Shirts. A full assortment of Gents' Superfine Manchester Gingham
Shirts.     A  magnificent1  assortment of
Grills' Silk "Scarfs.    Anew style
of Gents'  line Cassimcre
Comforters   and
Opera Siarl's
A superior article ol Children's Woollen Hose of all
colors and sizes; Umbrellas ami Carpet Bugs.
Opposite  .Hunk of British North  America
lie is now prepared to oiler the largest assortment of
Ever Exhibited in Victoria,
Comprising all the latest, Btyle of the  celebrated Davis
i Jones' superfine Patent
And is receiving by every Steamer those beautiful
Byron Shirts, of all sizes, running from 13 to 20
inches around thc neck.
Ladies should call soon aud  examine lbose  superior
R-iltie Stockings for Winter Wear.
Orders sent through Express—by sending thc size r,f
the   neck for Shirts, we will guarantee to lil.
Orders tilled for all parts of Brilish Columbia and
Pup-cl Sound.
1 shall receive FRESH GOODS by every arrival from
'• WK RTt DV To rLBASB."
Star-Busines; hours from 0 A. K. to 10. I'. M.    m2-3m
J^lIE CNDEUSIGNED having n complete stock on
hand, is now prepared to execute any order
therewith, on the shortest notice and on the mosl reasonable terms.
Corner of Government and Broughlon streets,
mll-lc Victoria.
Have Just  Received the
New YoVk Retail Dry Goods House, which they will sell
nt about
Charged for such Goods in this Market.
Prints, De Lanes,
Merinocs, Embroideries,
Laces, Hosiery,      Gloves,
Bleached   aiulj Brown    Muslins,   Linen   and   Cotton
Sheetings, Table   Damask nnd Cloths, Doileys
and Napkins, Silk Handkerchiefs and
Cravats, Gents' Shirts and Drawers,
Ladies'   and   Children's
Merino Vests.*
A Variety of Trimming's.
To all of which they would respectfully call Public
flO-lm Yntes Street, Victoria.
IBOPOLD LOWENBERG, Real Estate Agent, has
j for sale until April 2nd, n number of eligible and
low priced Town Lots in Suburban Block, No. 19,
(.looks Street.
This fine property, within a few minute's walk of the
business part ofthe city, has been subdivided into convenient sized lots for Cottage residences, und the prices
uindc so low, as, at once to commend them to persons
with moderate menus to secure homesteads convenient
to their places of business.
A correct map ofthe District has been engraved, and
may be seen at the ollice of Mr. L., east side of Government Sireet, between Yntes nnd Johnston.
Victorin, March 5th. mB-lin
WANTED.—A Young Man of steady habits, of a
trade or without, for general  help, for which
moderate wages and board will be given.
Particulars at   J. N. JEFFERIES, Sign Paintor,
in'2-li Yates street.
"I1TILI, 1
YV dis
The vali
be sold at Public Auction, if not previously
isposed of at Private Sale,
valuable property on thc south side of Johnson
Street, between Government und Wharf Streets, being-
original Town Lots
No. 170,   No. ITS,   No. 114.
And part of Xo. 173, with a frontage of about 222 feet
These Lots will be sobl  separately, or in subdivisions
to suit purchasers.   For particulars apply to
Rkal Estate Aoent, Govt. Street, between Yates
and Johnson Sti-eclg. flO-lm
Perfumery    and  Toilet   Articles,
Of reliable qualities.
L'ttinta, Brushes, Window Glass, Putty and
Raw and Boiled Linseed, China, Sperm,
Lard, Polar, Neatsfoot, Coal and
^ Machine.
For   coal Oil and Btmiing Fluid,
&c. dkc. &':.
Orders executed at the lowest market rates, and
promptly dispatched. d!2-3m
Qfl SHAKES of the llrilisli Columbia and Victorin.
t)^ Stenm Navigation Company. Liability limited
by let of Incorporation, Can be bud ul par value, on
application to
At the office of Sam'l Price k Co., Agents.
Wharf Street, Victoria.
Feb. 20, 1800. flaVlni
Porl. Townsend Register, & Colonist copy.
\\t ILL attend the Sale at New  Westminster! of
y\     Reserved Lots there, on 5th April, and will m
1" the
purchases on the usual commission.
J. ,1. C, while employed ns Town Surveyor nt New
Westminster kept a careful Register of iho quality and
value of each lot. whether wooded, underbriisbed,
cleared or otherwise) ninl will givo the necessary information ou application at bis ollice, Government Street.
Very valuable water lots and lirst class business lots
on Columbia Street, Douglas Sireet, adjoining the Court
House, the Market, kc, kc, nt New Westminster.
In Victorin, Lots No. 297, and No. 298 on View
Street, very good situation for building purposes ; both
Lots aro leaned in.
Lots No. BID, und 920, near Government Buildings.
Lot No. 7 block 12, on View Street, fenced in. A
very desirable site for a private residence,
f> large sized lots  on the  Church   Reserve.
A very excellent lol ou Fori Street, lately part ol'H.
B. Co. garden; and lots in various other parts of Victoria.
Several elignble lots in Douglas, B. C.
To be sold by private bargains by
Land Agent, Surveyor, aud Auctioneer of Ileal Estate,
Government Struct, near Post Ollice, Victoria, V. 1.
I'29-1 ill
Kitchen, Garden, Flower, Agricultural, and the best
selected Grass Seeds.
Also a variety of
For sale by
fl5-lra     Wholesale and Retail Druggist, Victoria.
TENDERS will be received up to the 31st March
inclusive, for the building of a Church at Now
The OmmcH is to be a Framed and Stud building,
eighty-nine font long ; fifty-two feet wide; and thirty-
nine feet high: consisting of.Nave, Chancel, vestry, recess
for Organ, porch, and belfry.
The plans und specifications may bo seen on application to the Rev. J, Sheepshanks, Now Tjlestmini'ter, to
whom tenders are to be addressed; limine writton ou
left haiid corner, the words " tender for Church."
JOHN SHEEPSHANKS, M. A. >■ -,,   <- ,
WILLIAM H. MoCREA. / i,<*'* «£«
Feb. 27th, 1860. f27-3w
PERSONS -wishing to subscribe to the
YicToniA GAI5KTT-6, are requested to leave orders
with W. F. HERItE, News Depot. Vates street,, tteur
Wharf, as we have conceded to him the sole right to
carry that paper and to furnish it to sob5er|b»r».
1 I
'  !
..-■■' ■ vwm**m   *i tm^m
We are not responsible for I
ents.     /-.'. i ry  commit
signature attached, to ensure pul
Lord C * ley h
[From the Victoria Gazelle. • •
|_FItOM till: OWN rtESinES :' CORRESPOND!! ST.] | ,. I t-,
New Westminster, Tuesday, Fu ■ '- '■      10 ■•
Thc'"'Otter''arrived this evening, bringing nb nl IO     .   '
passengers, amongst whom were Colonel Mo ••'.;. R. E.,     . ,,
and his lordship thc Bishop. Th
Wednesday, 22a*.—Tho '-Otter" left for Victoria, and  maiid
the •• Eli/.a Anderson'' arrived from Victoria with scv- <aaru
eral passengers and much freight, part o. which was par;g ofter being open fortwo years, had been suddenly
transhipped in the '• Maria" and " Henrietta," Which closed bv tlie French authorities, it was belivcd, on nc-
sfcamers left for towns up river, tho "Maria" carrying < I  ofa  short servicehav ing been given In French
1   ,  ,,          ,„,                . ,, for the benefit   "t the  children ol British subjects who
the mails  for Douglas and Hope,    fl,'-  resl   ...   the do not uuJel.sUmd Englisll.
freight was placed in &frec warehouse until the duties italy.
were paid.   Thn duties the  Collector gave credit for Tho i>russinn Ministerial organ,  though .still of the
nt the end of December lust have been paid to-ua*j,-_ j 0piuion that the restoration of the Grand Dnko in Italy
I    Amekicaji Steamboats.—Going aboard at a late hour I
in the evening, the scene w lich presenti ■! itself to our|
.{eyes  was  very novel.    Painted   n   pure   white,    as
returned to Pari-,    llie  "<*/rw uearly aliAmerican river -tcamboats are (for the an-
' -in-; i . Lond 111 was truly one of  im- thracito coal burnt under their boilers male no  ,-niukej sax pbakcirco
by  "iie  in authority to  whatever,) the enormous muss of the vessel rose like  a
,    ;     ...       ki's retirement very Ljjant   iceoerg a*D0Ve  the  water.    Hurrying   over the
lilitated the relations between the Cabinet- j \n.0:ll\ gangw iv, we found ourselves iu a crowd of ncar-
!'.   ;land. _ _ ly 700 passengers, more than one-third of whom were
Foreign Minister was expect- j ladies.    We were upon thc main deck, although under
. ,    [from  Const nstinople,]  about theUloftycpiling, over which was ogrand saloon of pala-
I iiul proportions  ami  magnificence.     Looking aft,    a
land  has been appointed charge d At- broad entrauce, flanked with gilded columns andluxuri-
w, at Constantinople.    He.wns first, Sec- ous drapery, opened to ti"'  billies' saloon—a  sanctum
M. Thouvenel in Paris. \sanclorum not io be profaned by the footsteps ofa bach-
Oeueral  McMahon, to the com- clorj    although    steamboat   etiquette   was   not   so
y, numbering 50,001),  was re- ttr;c(.   Hor   regU]ati0ns    so    iuifexiblens   as to    forbid    the    momentary   presence there of  gentlemen
accompanying their wives or oihtir fair charges  to  be
Still Francisco Advertisement:-'.
a si"u i 1' warlike complications.
":i connection with the  English  church iu
most desirable solution of the
in', gives up the project as impossible j
uuexation to Sardinia is bv far the next
li Clo I ha-! entrusted to him, but that, like
or. Pius   iie .Seventh, he would sillier exile
nnrtvrdoni, rather than do so.
Mr. Justice Spalding has caused a notice to be posti I ,vould
to-day. ordering all parties to leave thc rcscrvrd lol . Italian
squares and streets, within  14  days.   However, tht '•-
parties who havo erected on tho quays to dou lc th       Then
si/.c of their lot- maintain that it does not apply to \^{KCI\ „
them.   Thi- cum., in justico to lot holders, should have ]r ,.
Immediate investigation.    The   question   of persons |m(j j
building beyond the quays is a fair question of right, m-ssj0!l
and no time should In- lost by the lot holders in pro- his |>rcil
testing against it, by  means  of a   meeting, and then | umj ^
make a direct appeal to Ilis Excellency t" i-  ie instructions by which lhc Resident Magistrate mny be justified
in taking such steps as the law of equity and right directs.
Thursday, 23d.—The "Henrietta" returned from the
Harrison Kiver with several passengers.    His lord-hip ,
the Bishop, accompanied by Colonel Moody, It. ii.. came i    betters fro
lo ihe town from the camp.    They visited the Livorp ioi  j.j,,. oc-u„ ,.
AVharf, Custom House, also Mr. Lewis' Hotel, erected papa] trotips, reinforced by the Anstrians, would enter
opposite said wharf, which Hotel is the best in thcL|je rjeo-:ition, nnd inAhat case, Sardinia would send n
place, and can accommodate n great number of people.; 0,xc |o ((jj t|]0 ;>.,,„,,_„ insurgents. The King of Naples
Mr. Lewis is well known on Eraser River for tne good , w,s rej»orted to iie largely increasing his army,
dinners and accoinmodntioii he gives, and deserves The Pope is said to have addressed another note to
every encouragement from the travelling public. _  _       ft]| t]l0 f;ttiiolio Powers, except Sardinia.
intrusted to the care of the stewardess.   On either side amusement, the principal thoroughfares, the fashiona
.HiL!. _     l._ 1       ....: ,     .1.. !:.,«.    ...     .  . '   . < i <*\. . .       .
of this entrance, wcre broad staircases descending to
nn immense lower cabin, along the sides of which were
more than 400 berth-:. The supper tables were then set
out with a degree of splendor for which nn English traveller would healtogether unprepared. Nearly amidships, on the main deck, a grand staircase, sweeping
both to the right and left, conducted to the great suit .tin, or stale room hall, nearly 300 feet in length, several yards in width, and having an upper gallery, with
a second story of state rooms—a lofty arched ceiling,
HE UNDERSIGNED invites the attention of the
WELLS,   FAB.CfcO,  &  co.,
ORGANIZED  MAY,   1852. CAPITAL, $600 000.
THE UNDERSIGNED invites the attention of the
travelling public, and strangers iu particular,
to the merit of this house. 11 was established
under the present management, on the first day
of January, '50, as a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in even
The Leesee£nd Manager, with a delicacy not wishing
io encroach upon fh"e""fflerics"'of^vrtht» -houses, cannot
but recall the marked favor with which his enterprise
has been received by a discriminating public, in a constantly increasing patronage of the first respectability,
showing conclusively the superior mode in which this
hotel is conducted.
' lt is contiguous to all of the most popular places of
jhused with ground and colored glass, and supported
of Count Walewski's resignation has pro- I by richly-carved cfflhuins, covering the whole.    In its
painful impression, and tho Pope had chl- construction this steamboat (ihe New Woitd) is totally
he principal members of tho Sacred College, unlike anything ever seen in liritish   waters.   It  is  of
I to them that he would  never fail in the enormous atee.   Originally 376fl.  long,  it was after
wards lengthened to 4G8ft. over all.    Willi n breadth of
beam of 50ft., the main deck is extended by means of
guards," projecting over the water to the full  width
li is naid that Franco supports the protest of Pied- across the paddle-boxes, 85ft., being thus wider than ihe
out ii'i-ninsl the enlistment of foreigners for the Papal' main deck of the Great Eastern.    1 cl the vessel, which
arm/ and particularly'against the wholesale introdue- » But bottomed, with bilges  nearly  or quite square
lion of Ustrian recruits' iuto Anemia. I ^*»ws only 5}ft. of witter, the whole displacement being
ide promenades and steamboat landings; thus rendering
it nt all times, the most Desirable Stopping Place kok
Families axi> Sixui.k Gentleman, during thoir stay in
San Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, §2.otl per day.
The " International Hotel Coach" is in attendance at
all hours, to convey  Passengers to and from the Hotel,
lor Si.00 each including baggage. uln-tc
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. Agency.
NOTICE is hereby given that, arrangements have
been entered into between the Royal Mail Steam
racket Company, and the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, for the forwarding of treasure to tho Hunk ol
England by the steamships of the two companies, by
means of through bills of lading to be granted by the
ommanile    of the ships of Ihe Pacific Mail Steamship
Friday, 24M.—.Mosl ofthe inhabitants have called on
tbe Bishop to pay their respects, nml mi address is hi
course of preparation to lie presented to bis lordship.
The '-.Maria'' arrived from up river with mails from
Douglas. The " Henrietta " has left for Douglas. A
robbery took place on board this steamer hist nighl,
from the Purser, of $500. One man has been arrested
on suspicion, and will be examined next Wednesday.
A very good .-how fur gold exisU in tho banks now
dry in front ofthe camp and New Westminster. However, people will mil try it this year; it is too near.
Han prizes nothing until he goes a great distance, or
perils his life in obtain ii.
The " M n-iii" has again left for the Harrison River,
after taking in freight nml passengers. Tliere have been
so many births hctu (il would thus appear the air is
fructiferous), that the officers in tamp have been obliged
to put over their quarters "The Jim-tor docs nol lire
lure," in consequence ot their having been culled up at
nil hours of thu night, iu inquiring for him. Dr.'Scd-
ditl bus been most kind and attentive to all, and as
there was no doctor here, he has at all limes placed his
services gratuitously for the benefit of the whole community, and it has great cause to thank him for his repealed acts of kindness, and sonic testimonial, if ho
would accept, I deem should bo presented to him : although, doubtless, as the distance from the camp is
so great, he will be glad lo be relieved when a civilian
doctor arrives
Saturday, 2-K/i.—Tho ".Marin" returned from Havri
sou River, having been only twenty-two  hours away,
in going, discharging freight I returning.   An engine      Charges were rife against Austria of( a disgu
intended for the Anderson Lake, has just gone up the
river.    Thc people here want lo know'il  foreign bot-
Rumors have been current of an intention ou the part
of the Pope to quit Rome, but the Paris I'atrie gives a
denial to ihe report.
The following telegrams indicate Ihe course of events
in Morocco  according io Spanish accounts:
Madrid, January 3.—The Spanish have advanced on
thc road to Tctuan without being-attacked.
Gen. Tnbala had recovered from his illness.
The Spanish loss in the action at Castiloqos wns 72
killed and 48 wounded.
Madrid, January 5th.—Yesterday the Spanish were
attacked in the Valley Negro by 2.DUO Moorish cavalry,
and 2.nn1) infantry. They were dispersed by tlie Spanish, who had ,"i men killed, and 15 wounded.
Tlie troops at the encampment at Serallo are improving.
Madrid, January 7th.—The whole army encamped
this morning to the north of Negro Valley, after having
defiled through the passes without opposition.
In course ofthe day a council of Generals was held
to determine upon a plan of operations.
It is stated that thc army in Africa will be considerably  increased.
The latest dispatches, dated Madrid, January 9th,
reported that stormy weather had prevented communications with the squadron, but the storm had abated
and communications were re-established.
The Spanish forces had again moved forward.
ised intervention in Italy. Tlie Austrian Government had
ordered Prince Maternich to declare to the French Cabi-
toms are to be allowed to ply on our inland lakes, net that it would declino to enter itito any negotiation
When is a tariff value to be fixed for custom, and a on nny other basis than Villafranca or the treaty ol
tariff also for these  lake', or common carriers'rules Zurich.
aid il'iwu, so that one man'.- goods in ly nol be taken and latest !
another's left, as has been the case, to drive certain \ telegram from Bologna, dated 11th January, says
panics away hi: l year? li is absolutely necessary thnl 111.11 tho revolutionary committee has organizod mani-
souie. law or proclamation bo issued in reference testations in the neighborhood of the Papal provinces,
therein. I Those which took place in the theatres of Aucoiia and
Monday, '11th.—His lord; hip the Bishop preached two I rtcsane nre especially mentioned.    On  the authorities
most, excellent sermons yesterday— one at the camp, in i appearing in their seats, the spectators left the theatres,
the morning, the other al  the Treasury, in lhc after- Us if ;„ accordance with a preconcerted arrangement,
noon, to large uml attentive audiences.   Tlie address     No pamphlets against the temporal power of the Pope
was presenti 1 lo him to-day.    I hear that a copy has i hinl been published in llie Legation and Tuscany.
been senf to the papers, so you doubtless have it.    A      The Univers was the only paper allowed to  publish
sapper descried  to-day.    He  was  under punishment.
He was the tinsmith of thc rogiiucnt.    His offence was
being out after bugle call.
of regular .Messengers, to Oregon and Washing-,,
Territories and San Francisco, tliere connecting ~-,|
our interior Express to all parts of California, u,j?
nil parts ofthe United States and ('anndas, via Pttnf.'
and Tehuautepec and Southern Overland routes.
Unsurpassed facilities for dispatching freight ami
packages to all part- of Europe.
Shipments direct from England via Southampton and
Treasure Shipped and Insured nt lowest ratC3,
Packages and Letters received up to latest hour ol
Cheeks on our office in San Francisco.
Exchange on all the principal cities in the United
States and Canada.   Also, on
Receive Deposits, general and special.
I'.uy Gold Dust, Land Warrants, Treasury Warrants
Bills on'Loudon and Certificates on Sau l-'rauci ■
Advances mnde "ii Gold Dust.
Pun base (bind- of ft cry description.
Execute Commissions or all kinds, nnd make t'oiw
tions at any point  iu the United States, Canada, 0,
Europe. '
Ollice, Vates street, between Wharf and Government
streets. '
d::-t<- r. c. PENDERGAST, Agent.
n o   An- rum recruits into .Anconil. ,-..., v,.,..,  ..,...«.  ..............     —-   ... , ... .^...t ., ..t,„n /...,.         nr tlio deli vprv *n William  IWi-i-  Ran     \.n.,,t
l'l,.. Tl.,.., ,v of V,.„i,-i. hid been   closed    owimr to about 2.000 tons, nm   the  immersed mid-section  27,". ,■''",• '   ,,,'•'     *    ,.           "        ■        '"; A"u"
Llie lhcnties ol   \ unit, n.ui netn ciostu,   owing io .                                                     „„,, ol the Royal Mail Steam Packet Companv, to be sent
llii.il oVmnntilrnt nntt M ll.ll'e ll.     -\1! Allielili'.ll limits Iia\e wuiileii nulls, nml i     , .,                   ,         ,ii           ,      '   ,    ,       , .
iticni uemonsttnuons. i                                             ci,.,n,,„.   .,.,,;   ,i,, , „ across the Isthmus, and embarked on board the slips
,ettcrs from Genoa speak ofthe possibility of hostil- how to stiffen such a \ ast nnd shallow   craft, Hat-hot- '
■ l,   „. ,•. ..incd in ltnlv     It was believed that the t"'"1-"'! as Noah's Ark?   There are no tubular cells, no "   lhc ,'• ,U* h* ' * c°-     V" P*1""39 " '" "':'••  ,""'" '"
- being lesumea m itniy.    it lias oeiievcu huh un.                                                            forwnril treasure to Eu.jpe can now do so m the niun-
•itouiilc skins, ' nor is tliere n hundred weight of boil
er plate, excepting in thc boilers themselves, in Vug
whole structure. As if to increase tlie strain, the boil?
ers, weighing, with water, 7"i tons each, are placed
upon the "guards" outside the hull, and of course several feet above the load line. To make the whole ns
rigid as a tubular girder, two enormous arched trusses,
placed one over each side ofthe hull, extend over nearly 359ft. of the length of the boat. These great bows,
like thc arches of a bow-string bridge, are connected to
king posts and queen posts, and snapped and fastened,
so that the whole is as stiff as a man-of-war. Then
there are four or five large king posts, or masts, stepped upon the keel, and carrying the weight oftlye projecting "gunrds" by long diagonal tension rods.
These masts curry no spar?, booms, or rigging of any
kind, all of which would he so much top hamper wor
ner expressed.
Further particulars, if required, will be made known
on application to the undersigned.
The steamships of the it. m. 8. CO., depart from As-
pinwnll twice a month, corresponding with the arrival
here of the Pacific Mail steamship co.'s steamers.
Freight on specie nud Bullion from Panama to tho
Bank of England, (1 2-1(1) one mid two-tenths, per cent.
Dupuy, Foulkes, & Co.,
d5-tc Batten- street, cor Pacific.
T. A. Monkhouse, P. Torquct,
S. Aitkcn,
C. II. Ste
worse  QTEAM ENGINE   BUILDERS, Roiler Makers,   Iron
These  ^ Founders, and General Engineers, First Street, near
than useless, at a speed of 2U miles  nn  hour,
posts, like nearly all the rest   of tlie  wood work,  are I Gn   Works, San Francisco.
painted a dazzling white  and  surmounted  by  gilded      Steamboat Machinery built and repaired; also. Saw.
the Pope's discourse
Thc impression produced by the Imperial  missive is
generally  favorably  regarded at Paris, and produces
Tuesday, 2.-'//'.— The ■■ llciit'iclln " arrived during the ! nearly n< much sensation as the famous pamphlet,  The
night. Slit: did not bring any mail.'. Tho sappers art
to go up to the Rapids by her, as there would appear
lo exisi some prcjitdii o on the purl of the camp authorities ngainsl sonic of the shareholders of llie Victoria
Sleain Nnvigaliou Company, who olfured to lake them
up for the cost only ol wood used in steaming, and
wages actually incurred during lhc trip, in order to
forward the public service. Th" men havo been ready
since Saturday, and asthc P.5 going up cost the Colony
BS. per diem, Ihey hare lost in tic fair days, waiting for
the " Henrietta," £104 ; and I also find the Harrison has
already risen eight inches, so it is expected but little
good will be dnne Ibis year, tltirrahl I say, fur the
dispatch of tlie drowsj Lalids and Works. No advance
bits been mado for erecting bridges across the ravines.
except putting in two stakes, which evidently inu^t Invvej Francisco Bulletin
been a mistake. The two bridges might have been finished by ten men, in fourteen days, by contract, who
have now left us  for up  river, every one going lo the |
Pope and llie Congress,
Tlie Independence Beige snys that there wns no foundation for ihe statement that .Marshal Canrobcrt was to
he sent ou an extraordinary mission to Rome, and that
he has already returned to his command at Nancy.
The nspect of the Italian question has caused much
rejoicing both at Venice ami Milan. The first Electoral
College of the hitler place chose Count Cavotir as its
candidate, alter previously obtaining his consent
The agitation against the concordat was increasing
throughout Austria. Tlie public openly speak of the
propriety of selling Vcnctia.
The employes and some government officers in Austria, have received orders not to lake part in public
conversation  respecting tlie events of the  times.—Sun
I fear much that the plan lo make a wagon road nl
Douglas will not answer, if the contractor bo not paid
in cash, upon which terms it could bo quickly cnin-
plclcd.    It is said half cash and half hind is olfercd.
The "Otter" arrived Ibis evening, willi about 120
passengers and I on Ions of freight.
Wednesday, 2f)lh. The •' Henrietta" lefl Ibis morning
with the troops lor Harrison River, ami the " Maria''
goes up with the freight ex "Otter.1' The latter loaves
to-day for Victoria. •
II is reported thai tin order lias arrived lo remove all
parlies who have, built beyond their lots on the wharves.
We shall see whether it will be carried into clfect.
"Wc have received lhc following curd from Mr. Scott
of New Westminster, and havotnuch pleasure in correcting any erroneous statement made, or impression created,
bv the. remarks contained in tbo letter of our correspondent "Viator"—
To the Editor of the Victoria Gazelle.
tjew Westminster, March 1st, 1800.
The undersigned residents ol New Westminster having read a letter signed "Viator" published in the Ni;w
Wfstminstkii Timhs. reflecting on the character of our
fellow-townsman Mr. J. T. Scott, by staling his house
to be "one of very tlnliioiis character,'' cheerfully give
testimony in favor of Mr. Scott; and thai " Viator" was
cither ignorant of Mr. Scott's character, or was actuated
*"tiy maVictt. N.bw V.iniKTv ok   Swrut   Potatoes.—A gentleman
D. J. Hamburger, Silas K. Greaso, M. R. S., R. Hick- residing in Smiih Alabama writes lo a friend, in Lonis-
South American dales received by Ihe steamer Golden
Age are as follows i Valparaiso, January I j Callao,
I Jilt ; I'aiiy, 16th, and Buenos Ayres, January 1. The
IluI'mer did not touch at Guayquil,
There is no political news ol interest. The country
is qttiet, and the people have settled down again lo
business, lu the South the. Indians still continue lo
give trouble; but in their late encounters wilh the Chilean troops, have been invariably defeated.
A destructive lire broke uiitnt Valparaiso., the capital
of the province of Unit name,  which swept  away  fifty
houses,    Most uf thc buildings wero wood, aim owned
by German sotUcrs.   The yearly budget has just bee
published.    It amounts to $6,405,610 56.
Tin- Meecuei'i published the following outline of rocks
and shoals recently discovered in the archipelago of
Chiloe, which will bo found of importance to navigators.)
In the crossing from English Bank to Point I'nfiiiinnii
there lies a rock which is not laid down on the chart,
about three miles to thc east ward of the point, in a
direct line between Point Curelmiipu and the eastern
end of Point Pechiira.
The rock on which the Prince, of Wales wns lost, is
situlecl aliinil n mile front Pechiira, in a line from Ibis
point lo Sebastian island. These are not laid down in
the eharlsiif I'il/.rov.
euson, II. Lee Alley, M. A. Redhead, S. K. Lydy, Kohl.
Wilson, James Collins, J. W. .Billiard, .1. F. Uhuinber-
lain, P. W. Bwett, S. D. Levi, P. Heck, Boyscios T. Mullen. Thoiniis'liriiwn, AV. McOrea, JohnStncaton, .lames
Coleman, II, F. Smith, E. .1. Stlttscon, Edward Call'urfy,
S. Bls'oper,  B. !•'. Muse--,  L. T. Marshall,  Barnes! Pich
ville, Keuliiiltt, concerning a variety of the sweet pota
lo, supposed to b6 from Peru, lie says:—"It is altogether different, and much superior, to any variety nf
this root hitherto known, ft is productive, nnd attains
a prodigious size, even upon tho poorest sandy land,
ind the finis remain, Without change, from the lime of
John McDonald, S. W. Herring, Mi' hi. MeNainara, Rich, Inking Ihein out oftho ground until Ihe following May.
Hullivau M. Hernandez, Robt. McLeese, James Boyd, I The plant is singularly easy of cultivation, ..rowing
fno. Rai'nagc, William Johnston.   <!. H. Armstrong,  T.  equally well from the slip or vine; the top or vineol'Jbc
B. Tomlinson, 0. H. Houston, C. S. Wilde, li. Nelson,
W. J. Armstrong, W. J, Crawford, E. Brown, L. lloyt,
T. Mulouv, G. W. Cook, William II. Woodcock, Joseph
K. Unborn. W. R Lewi*.
full-grown phnii being rema-jkably small; the inside 1
as while as snow. Il is dry und mealy, and the saccharine principle contained resembles, iu delicacy, the Uu-
vor of fine virgin lionoj,"
halls. The lines oftho hull are very sharp, and at 22
stalute miles an hour, a speed not unfreqiicntly attained, tliere is only a thin spurt of witter breaking into
snray to mark the keen entrance of the cutwater.— The
Tin: Lath Loim IIastixcs.—The great county event
in Norfolk during the past week has been tho death of
Lord Hastings, lu The Times of Thursday particulars
of the usual character appeared with reference to the
family, kc, of the noble lord, but some details from a
local print will probably be interesting. As Sir Jacob
Astley, his Lordship was returned for West Norfolk in
the first reformed Parliament, in conjunction with Sir
William Folkes, ofUillington, near Lynn; and be was
re-elected in 1SH5, in conjunction with the same lion,
baronet, although a spirited opposition was offered hy
Mr. W. liagge, who polled 1.880 Voles, while for Sir Jacob upwards of 2,100 were recorded. On the dissolution which followed the accession of Her Majesty, in
1K:s7, Mr. Bagge again came forward, in conjunction
with Mr. W. L. W. Chute, and this time the Conservatives, who had recovered the position in tho agricultural districts which they had Inst on iho passing of the
Reform Bill, were returned, llie polling concluded ns
follows:—Bagge, 3,178) Chute, 2,887 ; Folkes 2,838;
\stlcy. 2713. Sir Jacob Astley, who attributed this
result in uiipuiTullod "intimidation, coercion, and bribery," did not mako any attempt to rc-enie.- lh-- House
ofCommons, being in 1841 called to ihe Houso of
Peers, on the revival of the barony of Hastings, created iu the reign of Edward I. Tho Astley family have
for centuries played a leading part in Norfolk politics.
Thus, Sir James Ashley was returned for Ihe c'ounty in
1672 and 1678 ; Sir Jacob Ashley 1681, 1680, 1605,1608,
1700, I7D2, 1710, and 1713 ; Sir Edward Aside;, in 1768,
1774, 1780, and 1781; and (Sir Jacob Henry Ashley
(who died in 1817) in 1707, 1802, 1807, and 1812. Several amusing anecdotes arc related of adventures in
which the lute lord involved himself. On one occasion
he was holly engaged in thc pursuit of a "verniint"
when the progress of himself and his friends was barred
by a gate, guarded by n sturdy farmer, '-Open the
gate I" was the lordly command., "I shan't," replied
the fanner. Open tlie gate, I tell you!" repealed his
lordship. "Shan't" retorted Agricola, as doggedly ns
ever. "Ifyou don't" exclaimed thc noble lord, "I'll
Iny this whip about yon." "So will I my stick," responded his iimliiniitcd opponent. Without f'urthei
parley at it they went, no quarter being given on either
side. If one had the pen of a Washington Irving the
combat might he narrated, no doubt, in terms as laughter-moving as those in which Ihat lamented author linn
chronicled tho iniinorlul und fearless exploits of Peter
Sliiyvesanl ; but in the present case it must Biillice to
say that, after sundry hard whacks had been given and
taken, the opposing parlie^ drew off with n tolerably
good opinion of each other's prowess. Next day the
peer sent for the farmer, who boldly entered his presence. " Well," said my lord, ■• I didn't much like
what you gave nm yesterday." Didn't intend you
should" was the reply. More talk followed; but the
reader will hardly anticipate tho result—viz., tho appointment of the man of llie laud In u post of trust on
his lordship's estate—nr. net which certainly showed
considerable magnanimity. On a nol her occasion, about
three years since, Lord Hastings committed some men
for Inking rahhils on n piece of land near Holt, on
which it was contended the pnrlics had corlain rights.
Some of the papers, nnd moro particularly the Norfolk
News, took the matter up, and nn article appearing
which his lordship considered personally offensive, ho
proceeded lo the ollice of thc local journal with tho
wicw of inflicting condign punishment on the editor,
who is at present Mayor of Norwich. High words ensued, nnd al, last lord Hustings exclaimed, " Why don't,
you light, man? at the same time holding up a redoubtable whip in a threatening manner. " Fight," returned the editor, producing some silver; " why I could
get n man easily enough to thrash you for these two
half-crowns." An indictment was for ibis affair preferred ngainsl, the noble lord at thc Norfolk assizes,
but Ihe hearing of the case was postponed, and eventually the matter was hushed up in a Pickwickian
kind of fashion.
Un. Livingstone's Birkenhead steam launch having
proved ii. failure, lm lias sent home orders for thc construction of another, at nn estimated cost of £2,000.
This i-tisl Dr. Livingstone proposes to defray out of
his own pocket, from lhc menus set aside for his
children out of live profits of bis travels. "The edit
drcn musl, makeitup for themselves," was in effect his
expression in making tho order for appropriation of the
Tun freight list oftho Grand Trunk Railroad,  a few
days since, contained, among other items   of  irieroluin-
iso for Portland, L3,000 bbls of Hour, and from Cairo
1,700 bales of cotton. Wo learn Ihnl it is conleninlaled
by the western railroads to establish on the. Mississippi
River cotton presses, for compressing the cotton, when
it is believed a large business, especially during the
dangerous navigation of the winter, may bo done hi tho
transportation of cotton to New England, via the Grand
Trunk inul connecting railroads,
Flour,  and   Quartz Mills, Pumping nnd  Mining Machinery, &c, kc
Proprietors of Morse's Patent Fire (irntcs.
Right to Manufacture Tyler's Patent Scroll Water
TTTANTED.—A good ordinary Riding HORSE,S«|.
\V   ,lll'i ""'l Bridle.   Apply to •• N," at this office.'
1)A1.NTS and COLORS,
For sale,
G U R E I)    F I s II    M /•; R CIIA NTS,
Merchants and shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms ('ash. fc^r
S i; L 1 M    F R A N K LIN   k   C O.,
Vatcs street, Victoria.
King Agent in Victoria.
Bill Heads,
Legal Blanks,
Blank Notes,
"Wat Bills,
Show Bills,
Etc., Etc,
Executed in the neatest manner, and with tho
greatest despatch, at tho Office of the " Nicw West
H1KBTK8 Tim EH."
Farming Lands disposed of at public nnd private
Sale.   Surveys,  Plans,  Deeds, Mortgages, and Agree.
ineuts prepared by competent pariies attached to tin i
lllce.    Merchandise,  Household  Furniture, kc, di*-1
posed of.
Advances m.wk on- Coxsionments
Gold Dust Purchased.
ON ihcli
10th of II \RCI1, I860, will he sold nt Public
mu,  the I.ni  fronting Government strcti, I
and known as the  Hudson's 15a-,   Company's Garden,if;
not previously disposed of.    Plan of sub-division* wit [
be seen at LI). LO WEN BERG'S Office,
Government street, bet, Vates and Johnson it.
I "IROM Tills hat::, the charges for Wliarftwu
merchandize landed on Sclleck's Wharf, nt V.sqir..
limit, will be as follows :—
**-l 50, per ton. for all goods shipped to Victoria, wilh I
the privilege of landing at Kuindler's  Wharf without
further charge Cor wharfage.
The goods landed on Sclleck's Wharf, and rcmiivfrl
by land, will be charged T.'i cents per ton.
The undersigned will continue, us heretofore, lo deliver at Victoria, upon A. Kaindlcr's Wharf, all sorts of
guilds landed on Sclleck's Wharf, and for which no
special order to the contrary has been given, at the ran
of §3,00 per ton, lighterage and wharfage included,
All goods not removed at n. p. m., will be stored,il
thc risk nnd expense of consignees.
fc2-lni F. J. de St. OURS
TUST RECEIVED per steamship Panama, a ltirf
f) and well-selectctl stock of Fresh GARDEN, FlU'lt
FLOWER, and FIELD SKKHS. They have been in
purled from iho most celebrated Gardens of the Atlonii
States nnd Europe. We guarantoo them fresh and till
to inline.
For sale by
fo2-I tn Druggists, Vntes-strw
I.-IMI'LOVMENT WANTED by two young men rt
j    have been used to tbo  Lumbering business,im1
have u general knowledge of accounts.    Apply bylctn'
to "AV. E. G." at tho ollice ofthe Victoria Gazette,
DURING the temporary nbsonco of Mr. A. I
GREEN, persons having business with tlic»'
ilersigneil, will please apply to Mr. SULLOCK, at C»f
Stamps' Building, (lovernmcnt-slrect.
A. R. GREEN fc Co.
Victoria, Feb. 10th, 1800. tc
lloyul Hotel.
Board, per week §7 to §8 00
Board and Lodging, per week ,,S10 00
Wine, Ales, and Liquors of the best description.
Private Rooms for Families,
fey A large HALL suitable for Bulls or PubisJ
dii-lo Proprietor.
  -       ^>
WAOuih-UlW WKWIff',' -.i>:Aii-'VA-TES'STRi"-5r..
millS HOUSE has been newly fitted np and enti«l
JL renovated, and is conducted on the European PT
Tne Table will be supplied with the best the i"ii'*1'l|
Board and Lodging $7-"
Single Meals	
Thc travelling public aro requested to call
Jrj     25,000 English building bricks, very suP^j
a tons uss'.l English  Cordage, from If04 |
25 bbls Irish Pork i
40 tons West Hartley Steam Conls.
Co        Wharf and Johnson Street. f8 B*1'
Printed for the Proprietors, every SATURDAY, bj     1
Alio MoCuitK, at tho oflice, of tho "New "«««'■
Times," Langley-stroot, off Yatos-strect, View i
the Colony of Vancouver Island.


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