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'/ lso all sorts
/he shortest
v /■ Times,
/   "-tj-tc
No. 16.]
[Yearly   (in advance,) £1 Cs.
American Temperance .Hotel
Yates street, Victoria, V. I.
j J    Hoard, per Week, with Lodgings	
Single Meals	
Hoard, per Day, with Lodging	
Hoard, per Day 	
B@P  Miners  accommodated  with   Mattress   and
dace to sleep, Gratis.
,l:i Proprietors
17 oo
8 D'l
(i 50
il r.o
I on
.   I.   All stipendiary Magistrates und Assistant Gob
■Commissioners, or oilier persons lawfully exercising th
■jurisdiction of Justices of lhc Peace in British Colum
■1,i.i. nre hereby authorized and  empowered to act a
[Deputy Registrars of ibis Court.
II. All writs and uppearances nnd other proceedings
..ccording to the practice of the Supreme Court are to
B,e iniide returnable at New Westminster.
All wriis of summons issued after thc 'list day of
..larch, and before the 1st day of October, in any year,
shall be made returnable on the loth day of November,
iu thc same year.
All writs of summons issued after the 30th day of
^September in any year, and lie,ore the lsl day of April.
In the ni-Nt year, shall be made returnable on the first
uv of .linn', next ensuing.
I All plaints in suits for sums under £50, commenced
mder the General Order of the 4th July Inst, shall bo
nude returnable before the Court al its nest sittings for
he place where it may have been issued.
III. All affidavits, depositions, and declarations, re-
(uired in any suit or action iii this I 'ouri. mny be made
nd  taken before any person lawfully exorcising the
risdiction and authority of n Justice of the Poni u oi
fcri'ish Columbia.
IV. So much, of thc General Order of the 31st De-
•riiihcr. 1858, ns relates lo the fees of court upon issu-
-,,_. entering, and filing, writs of summons and suli-
lunas. is cancelled, and in lieu thereof it is ordered
pint there shall be taken as the court fee for issuing
|ml entering any writ of summons, the sum of 12s., nnd
br tiling the same when  returned, the sum  of 2s, and
br issuing any subpoena the sum of is.
(V. So much of rule 1 10, of the General Order of
lie Supremo Court of Civil Justice in Vancouvor
eland, us declares, that "the days from nud including
lie J lib day of July to the 13th day of October, inelu-
ive, in each year, shall not be reckoned days within
I'hich any \\ nt of summons, defence, or other plead-
ig shall lie filed, nor shall any such pleading bo tiled
r received upon such days, except li plea of confession,
r consent for judgment," is hereby cancelled, so far as
elates to the practice in this Court.
I VI. The Deputy Registrars will be furnished with
lank forms of writs of summons, sealed and numbered,
•liicli they are to issue to any person requiring the
line, taking the fee and '-■''. extra for the summons,
self. But any person is to be at liberty to take a copy
f the writ gratis.
\ II. Every summons issued and appearance or oilier
foceeding had or taken, is to be forthwith communi-
ptcd by post to the Registrar, A. T. Bushby Esquire, ut
in Westminster, stating at length the names and
Iditions of every plaintiff and defendant, and the dale
issuing or entering the summons, or other procecd-
irs us the case may be.
I New Westminster, B. 0. 2nd August, 1850,
11AKE Notice that Ihe Reviser will  hold  his C
for the  Revision of Votes
for the Town of Victoria, on   Wednesday, the -lib
day of January,  at the Sheriff's Office, Victoria;
For Esquimalt Town, at "The Royal Oak," on Thursday l lie 5th; """ '
fur  the  Victoria   District   al   the   School  House,
Victorin  on  Friday the 6th :
for Esquimalt  Town   District, at Craig Flower, on
Saturday the 7th. and
For Salt Spring and  Chemayncss, nt the Sheriff's
Ollice, Victoria, on Monday the 9th.
,    On each day ut 12 o'clock,at which times and places
Iboth the objectors und thc voters objected to will have
to attend.
And take further notice, that all   Electors who have
not complied with the terms ofthe "Registration of
Voter's  Art. 1859," will  be expunged from the  list of
, Voters   without    further notice,   unless   their   quali-
1  licalions are amended   before  the  termination  ofthe
e [ Court for the District in which thc Voter has claimed
to Vole. d28-i
Under the especial patronage of
\ller  Majesty the Queen, II.  R.   H.   Prince Albert,
lie  court   and   Royal   Family  of Great  Britain,  the
several sovereigns of Europe, and universally
preferred and esteemed.
Rowlands' Macassar Oil.
Is justly renowned throughout the world for its rc-
[irkalde virtues ill nourishing, preserving, and beaii-
ying the Human Hair. For children il is especially
commended, us forming the basis of a beautiful head
hair, and rendering the use of the fine-comb un-
cessury.—Price 3a. lid. and Is.    Family Bottles (equal
four small) 111*. Grf., land double  that size, 2is. per
IsTKiiKSTiNi: Fact.—The following singular    ml an
cntic ruse of restoration of Hie human hair is worthy
1 observation, moro particularly us tt relates to an uric of high and universal repute during the last half
tittiry.    Mr. A. Herrmann, of Queen street, Soho, had
en quite bald for some lime past, and had tried vari-
s preparations for the recovery of his hair, bul with- j
any beneficial result    He was then induced to try'
_  cll'eets  of " Rowlands'  .Macassar  Oil j" and   aftoi
ply applying it for about two months, ho, much to 11
I gratification, had his hair quite restored, and now
lsesse3 a beautiful  head  of hair.    This fact speaks
I strongly for itself to require comment,—Bell's Week-
'"'Rowland's Hair Wash.
,. preparation from Ihe choicest Oriental Herbs, of
(uliarly mild and detersive properties.    It pleasingly
ii effectually cleanses the hair and skin of tho Head
ii scurf and every species of impurity, und imparls  .
.dicatc fragrance.    It is particularly recommended  ,,
io used nfler Bathing, as it will prevent the probn-
ly of catching cold in the head, and will render thu
' dry iu a few minutes.     Price 3s. di. por bottle.
(Rowland's Kalydor.
n Oriental Balsamic preparation of unfailing etlicu-
n thoroughly purifying the skin from all Pimples,
Is, Blotches, Redness, Freckles, Tun, and Discolora-
s; iu producing u healthy freshness and transpnr-
• of Complexion, and a softness and delicacy of Ihe
ds nnd arms. During the heat nud dust of summer,
rosts and bleak winds of winter, und in cases ol
burn, stings of insects, chilblains, chapped skin, or
dental inflammation, ils virtues have long and ex-
lively been acknowledged. Price 4s, Grf, and 8s. Grf,
Rowland's Odonto,
I Whito Powder, composed of the choicest nnd
t recherche Ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, of
liniiildo virtue in preserving nnd beautifying the
h, strengthening the (linns, and in rendering tho
th sweet and pure.    I'rico 2s. Hrf. por box.
1 8 G O.
A Beautiful Assortment
j? J! E S E S T A T J O N   BOOKS,
For the approaching
Annuals for 1860.
Diakijs vou 1SG0.
Almanacks for 1KG0.
du-lm Yatcs-street.
For sale,
C U R E I)     F I S II     M E R C II A N T S,
Merchants and shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms Cash. da-tc
For sale,
corner of Yates and Government streets.
ITNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to thc pub
J      lie of Victoria   and V. 1. they   have opened   th
magnificent  Dry Goods  store on  ihe corner of Vale
and Government streets, where we are prepared to oiler
a complete assortment of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
comprising Linens, .S'ilks, Delaines, Prints, Poplins,
il/eriuos, Flannels, shawls, .Mantillas, Embroideries, of
every description, und trimmings,
An  assortment  of Gents' Furnishing Goods, carpets.
Drugget and .'fulling, all of which will bo sold at the
lowest market prices.
New goods received by every conveyance
The public are solicited to call and examine our stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
A. HOFF-il/AN.
New Dry floods store corner of Yates and Government streets. db'-tc
SARAH FLOORS.—Should this meet the eye ofthe
above, who married Luke Mri.i.ov. on communicating with Edward Flunks. Mclksham, Wiltshire.
England, or with Job (I. Flooks, II. M. s. Tribune, Esquimau. Vancouver Island, sho will hear of something
to her advantage. dl0-3tt
1710R SALE—
J     5,000 lbs.   English cut Tobacco, chosen  by   the
Crimean   Army   Fund, frcm   Bcynon   k
Stocken, London, and bought when  the
troops left Balaclava.
210 G-lb. tins Soup aud Bouilli, from I. McCall
&    0., London.
'20 Revolver Pistols, by Colt and other makers
100 tons British Columbia Hay, at S2(l per ton
on the Fraser River bank.
5(1,0110 New Westminster Shingles.
Apply to HENDERSON k BURNABY, Victoria,
di 0-1 ml       Commission Merchant, New Westminster
C'6 in in i s s i0 n   Me rchan t,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia street, New  Westminster,
Brilish Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready for 500 to 1000
tons Merchandise : consignments received, duties
paid, and all orders for the mines for Flour, Bacon,
Beans, and other goods immediately attended to.
Great advantages accrue to parties importing direct
to New Westminster, who will meet with immediate sale
for cargoes of staple goods. d7-te
Havauna Cigars, (choice brands.
t f\f\f\ Havauna Cigars, (chon
OU' 'U 20,000 Manilla Cigars.
' Cheroots.
H.1,1100 do
October 25th, 180. lm
rr.HK UNDERSIGNED, has just received direct from
I England, a large assortment of Hardware, coin-
Double barrel'd Guns;
Spades, Shovels, and Picks;
Horse-shoos and Horse-shoe Nails;
Smiths' Tools;
Rakes, lloes and Forks ;
Fry Pans;
Tin Ware;
Rim Locks,
Household Bellows;
And a variety of other Hardware; which   he [oilers to
rinlers at less than Sau Francisco prices.
I'p-River Traders will do well to examine the stock
icl'ore purchasing goods below.
lil-.'lm Government Slroot.
Important Information.
fnprineiplcd Shopkeepers, for the suke of getting a
e more profit, vend tlio most spurious compounds,
jprthosamo names, li. is therefore highly necessary
to that thc word " Rowlands," is on the wrapper of
1 article. Sold by thc Proprietors,
tillWLAND ,t SON'S, 20 Hatlon Garden, London
And by Chemists and Perfumers,
Ex Lakst Arrivals.
AMAICA Rum, in puncheons and hogsheads.
McKenzie,  k Co.'s  superior Scotch Whiskey, in
Stewart k   o.'s snpciior Scotch Whiskey, in punchs.
Superior French Brandies, in qr. casks.
Byass, k Co.'s Bottled Ale, In pints
Ind k Cope's Burton Ale, in qrts and pints.
Tooth's Bottled Ale in qrts.
Oregon Cider, in cask aud bottle.
Dttif Gordon's superior Palo Sherry,
Gonzales, do      do      do
Superior Loudon Bottled Port Wine.
Yntcs street, opposite the Express Offices,
WHOLESALE   and   RETAIL   Dealers   in  Boots,
Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of every description.    Also—Ladies' Shoes, of all kinds.
j(|g***»Boots and Shoes mado to order, and Repairing
done'at thc shortest notice. n8-3m
Triiett, Jones, & Arlington,
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
und Domestic Liquors, Wines, Cordials, syrups,
and every article in this line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, may rest as-
ured that wo will endeavor to give satisfaction, in the
article, and dispatch in forwarding. Where the qiuin-
ities arc sufficient of Foreign Liquors, wc will ship in
Hibbcn  &   Carswell,
Booksellers and Stationers.
DEALERS in Standard, School, and Miscellaneous
Rooks. Novels.
Slaple and Fancy Stationery,
Blank Rooks,
Gold Pens, and fine Pocket    utlcry,
Drawing and Photograph Paper,
Tracing Paper and Tracing Cloth,
Gift Books, and Annuals.
Stationer's Hall, Yates-street.
October 25th, 1859. lm
DICKSON,   CAMPBELL k co., corner   wharf and
Johnson streets—■
Brandy, 35 hhds Martell, Marett's and Imperial;
Do     2oo eases Imperial;
Do     100 ditto cognac;
Rum, 25 \ csks fine old Jamaica;
whisky, 2 puncheons Irish;
sherry, 114 \ csks medium and superior;
Port," 28 J     do do
Do 23 do   do fair;
10 cases, a choice article;
champagne, 05 cases qts and pts;
claret, 100 cases ;
Alo, 25 hhds Buss No. 3, new brew ;
Do Burton Brewery CO., and Morice Cox k co.
in bottles
Porter, Morice Cox k CO., do.
nl-1 in
Salt Spring Island Store
ri^HE subscriber having received consignments of
JL Flour. Groceries, and Provisions, Dry Goods,
Hardware, kc, will open a store at his Farm on Salt-
spring Island, about Iho Ifith hist. All goods will bo
sold for cash, ai Victoria prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such as shingles, deer, grouse,
furs, kc, taken ill exchange lor goods.
Positively no credit will be given.
N. B. Choice kinds of  Fruit Trees, &c., always on
hand and for sale at reasonable rates. ti-t
By thc Undersigned,
*AA Mats Batavia Rice.
<J\f\ f 50 kegs Scotch Oatmeal.
200 casks superior Salt Beef.
HAVE just received a very Choice Lot of Groceries,
and are constantly receiving fresh goods by every
steamer, which they offer at very low rates.
Families are. especially invited to call, as every thing
is selected with great care for Family use.
Very superior Teas, sugar, Coffee, and Butter.
rUST RECEIVED nnd for sale,
2500 lbs Bcrgin s Celebrated Family Soap ;
400 lbs English While do
500 lbs French Sperm Candles ;
500 lbs New Znnte Currants ;
200 lbs candied itrou :
50 doz. California Corn Brooms, assort*d sizes
Salt Salmon in casks for export.
d.l-tc Cor. Government nnd Yates street
For Sale by
Victoria Coal Co.
dlfl-tc Wharf street.
I AAA BUSHELS POTATOES constantly on hand
Commission Merchant and Broker, Wharf-street, opposite Southgate Mitchell. glni
Dealer and Importer of
Oils, Tools,  Colors, and  Brushes.
A New and Splendid Assortment of
-   Wall Paper and Borders.
English   and   American.
Roiled and Raw Linseed.
Turpentine, Varnishes, Japan, and Gold
Yates street, next door to "Wells, Fargo, & Co,
Sign Fainter.
Sparkling   Champagnes.
Johnson street, opposite Wharf street,
—Has for Sale—
Cliquot Champagne;
Heidsick       do
Imperial        do
Sunsr.vuin Bros' celebrated California Wines;
Old Tom Gin ; Scotch Whiskey ;
Old Jamaica Rum ; Syrups, Cordials;
Bitters, &c.    ' d23-6i
rilHE UNDERSIGNED invites thc nttention of the
_|_ travelling public, nud strangers in particular,
to the merit of this house. lt was established
under the present management, on the first day
of January, '50, as a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in ovary
The Lessee and Manager, with a delicacy not wishing
to encroach upon, the merits of other houses, cannot
but recall the marked,favor with which his enterprise
bus been received by a discriminating public, iu a constantly increasing patrenagO of the lirst respectability,
showing conclusively the superior mode in which this
hold is conducted.
It is contiguous to all of the most popular places of
amusement, the principal thoroughfares, the fashionable promonndes and steamboat landings; thus rendering
it at all times, tl* most Dksiuaiii.k Stopping: Plach pop.
Families and Simile Gentleman, during their stay in
San Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, $2.50 per day.
The " International Hotel Coach*' is in attendance nt
all hours, to convey Passengers to and from the Hotel,,
for If 1.00 cavil including baggage. ol^-to
(Established 1852)
Cimi m i ss icn    Me r c h ant,
tj'l California street, between  Front and  Battery,.
San Francisco, Col.
Brewers', Soda, and Tanners' Materials
Drugs', etc.,
Constantly on hand.
Also chowe iroi's in Bales, Half Bales and Zinc.
- OrdcM-from nny-purt of the State pvunKptij-irtteivdwl'
to. Prices, given, (and; samples sent—if desired,) per
return Express.
Jdfejy" Refer to tho principal Brewers, Druggists, kc,
throughout the Statu. d9-tc
Washington Restaurant.
rpiIE ABOVE RESTAURANT on Government street,
|_ between Yates and Johnson streets, having been
thoroughly refitted, is now prepared to- supply the wants
of all its old customers irvd .such now ones as may be
disposed to give it a trial.
The table is always supplied with every delicacy in
season, together with all tho substantial requisites for
good living.
Excellent Cigars always on hand. n8-lm
I HEREBY authorize and empower JOHN BOOTH
of Victoria, V. I., to  act as  my attorney, during
my absence from the Colony.
Victoria, V. I.
Dec. 7th, 1859.
Importer nnd Dealer in Messrs. Davis' and Jones'
L. Atkinson's Improved Shoulder Seam Patorn
SHIRTS, ot Philadelphia.
JUST received the latest styles of BALTIC SHIRTS
direct from  London.     Also,   a   fine   lot  of pure
Baltic Stockings and Hose, (rent's Shaker Flannel, Undershirts and Drawers.
A magnificent assortment of gent's silk Scurfs,
A full  assortment of gout's  superfine   Manchester
Opposite the Bank of B. N. A.,
VICTORIA,    V .    I .
He is now prepared to offer the largest assortment
ever exhibited in Victoria, comprising all tho
latest styles of thc celebrated Davis and
Jones superfine patent white and colored   SHIRTS.
And  is  receiving  by  every steamer  those   beautifu
BYRON SHIRTS of all sizes, running from 13 to 20
inches around the neck.
Ladies should call soon and examine those superior
Bailie Stockings for Winter "Wear.
Orders sent through Express—by sending the size o
the nock for Shirts, we will guarantee to lit.
1 shall receive Fresh Goods by  every arrival from
Ladies and Gentlemen's Kid Gloves.
Business hours from G A. M. to 10 P. M.
October 4, 1850. tc
WHOLESALE nud Retail Dealer in Hardware,
Agiio.ultural Implements, Bar Iron, Steel and
Iron-Monkery, and stove and Tinware of every description. G'ass aud rockery Ware, Wood aud Willow-
Ware, kc]
Begs to  inform  his friends and tho public that ho
has the largest assortment of thc abovo on this Island
which ho oilers for sale at thc lowest rates.
October i, 1869. ol-3ra
Wnddington-street, near Yates-street.
THIS HOUSE has been newly fitted up and entirely
renovated, nnd is conducted on the European Plan.
The TABLE will be supplied with tho best tho market
Board'and Lodging  $1 OO
Single Meals....     0 50
The travelling public, are requested to call.
olO-lm John Nicholas & Co.
ICKSON, CAMPBELL k Co.,  corner Wharf mod
Johnson streets—
Sheet Lead;
Pipe Lead;
Galvanized Iron for Roofing;
Galvanized Buckets;
Hardware, un assorted invoice;
Tinware, do
Cement and Lime;
Gunpowder, best Rifle;
Blasting Powder;
Yntcs street, Victoria.
Farming LmiiIs disposed of at public and private
Sale. Surveys, Plans, Deeds, Mortgages, and Agreements prepared by competent parties attached to the
ffice. Merchandise, Household Furniture, &c, disposed of.
Advances, made on Coxsiunments.
Gold Dust Purchased.
J BEGG, practical Gardener and Nursery-man, having
obtained the agency for the stile of Fruit Trees from
nine of tho best Nurseries in Oregon and California
will bo happy to supply farmers and others with the
choicest descriptions of Fruit Trees, at the lowest market prices. J. B. will also attend to the planting out
of trees, if required. All trees planted hy him will be
warranted to grow, and true to name. For particulars
apply at the ollice of the " Now We stminster Times."
N. B.—Gardens, Orchards, and public parks, will be
laid out on the best principles, and most reasonable
terms. Tho fall is thu proper season for planting out
trecs- sl0-3m
Comer of Yntcs and Waddington streets.
Mock Turtle, Clam Chowder, Ox Tail and Vegetable
Soups every dny.
THIS FAVORITE RESORT keeps constantly on
hand a choice selection of French Brandies, English and Spanish Wines, Cliquot Champagne Wine,
Sainsevain's Native California Wine, English Ale nnd
Porter, on draught and in bottlos, together with a
choice selection ot all kinds of Liquors.
Those that are fond of a choice Havana will do wefj
to call. A choice selection of Scotch, Irish and Bourbon Whiskies always on hand to make Hot Punches.
JO©"Hot Tom and Jerry every day, and a pleasant
Room to sJt down nnd be happy.
Call and sec.   Yours, kc,
d3-lm T. H. McCANN.
1' i
THE    NEW    W
riiljipfiiiiij   JntrJligcncf.
One Inch, or v'
u ec 24—str Columbia, Dull. San Francisco.
Jfi—brig Persevere. Cupel.ind. Sun Francisco.
sloop Comet, Melutiro, .Sun Juan.
wo fxcu    16—bark Naliumkeng, Sun Francisco.
Dec. 21—schr Mary Ann. Jones.. Niinaiino.
sloop Ludovico. Carr. Sooke.
"        Doc. 28—sir Eliza Anderson, Wright,Port Townsend.
barkentinc W I! STcmnton, Cathcart, San Francisco.
schr Lonndo, Keller. Honolulu.
schr Marion. Boyle, Sooke.
schr Nanaimo Packet, Walker. Nanaimo.
sloop Leonede, Allen. Porl Townsend.
barge Henrietta, Moore, New Westminster.
Dec ■in—schr Lnlln Rookh. Rogers, Porl Townsend.
schr Thorndike. Winsor, Port Townsend.
schr Indian Queen, Rouse, Porl Townsend.
ship Georgiiuia, Mulches, Sau Francisco.
Dec. 2 I — sir Columbia, Dull, San Francisco.
2G—brig Persevere, Copelund, New Wi ■tminsler.
Dec. 27—schr Pronto, Church. Port Townsend.
schr Wild Pigeon, Saunders, Port Townsend.
str oiicr, Mouatt, New Westminster.
schr Reporter, Elger, Porl Townsend.
schr Mary Ann. Jones, N.iniiimo.
Dec. 28—str Eli/.n Anderson, Wright, Port Townsend
schr Nanaimo Packet, Walker. Nanuimo.
Dec. 29—schr Thorndike, Winsor, Port Townsend.
ship Georginiin, Matches, San Francisco.
schr Osprey, Gardner, Nnniiimo.
sloop Leonede. Allan, Port Townsend.
Its presence on tho foreign coin in u
as the|PaScs with
ut  good breeding
1 so long as ho can
.-. , u"iam   sin
but its real living presence is as dear        s ag }
lis issue of Sa
circulating medium,  we certainly|*b'J^sUX°WelVkno"wn worthy and respectable coad-
turday indicates—so long will
We would
; iiviiria ui   .ijiii^iiiMiuivii »*■-    » .:   — iiw uumiiuiiuiu auj  »s  .
Oil flic face of tho globe : for it WO have made merely, however, remind the parties concerned in t ns
aciliccs  such as! other people would at-J ^^f^^Z ^^^1 nS
to the hearts of Englishmen as to any nation he be gafe ,Vom ,U1V retaliation on our part
i      ..1- Af thev mar be in the use of such elegant diction, an into
ti,n,,t; to it America owes the groundwork ol, Jj*^ ^ apprcdate their efforts, Il0r wouli
t0r 's.K-l, a stvle of writing redound greatly to the moral
%k Stfo Sil:stmiitsttr %\\\m.
Colonial Mint,'
■ssuveil In prove
In a long article, hoai
tho Colonist, sonic days a
that sueh an establishment here must, of necessity become a failure. Now, from this proposition, in the lace of tho appalling amount
of figures brought to hear against it, wc entirely dissont. Assuming that our cotempo-
rary's figures are correct, wo think  Ihe con-
hcr liberal government and institutioni
glisli law is American law ; but we candidly
confess we prefer liberty in its good old English garb,  than  when   dressed in   republican
garments.     But though the  Colonist is the
originator and possessor of everything honest,
good, and pure—editor included—still wo cannot help thinking we  know something about
colonial matters, after fifteen years' experience,   not in Nova Scotia, but every colony
ii#»ler the  British Crown—not even excepting   Hong  Kong.      AVe  therefore  meekly
cling to our own ideas upon the matter, and
to our love for the'dear little island-' and wc
are afraid that in  this respect we shall get
credit for that John Bull obstinacy so much
spoken of by foreigners.    Wc shall continue
to nurture these feelings, and abOVO all this
[.one—that we dont like tu sec our money going into other people's pockets without receiving some equivalent  in  exchange,   and
dependence on other powers or places, is a
proposition that sounds not prettily in our
ears; therefore  in despite   of our eotempo-
rary's sentiments upon this subject it is probable that  we shall support our. " Financial
.Myths,'' in  their determination  to face the
propheciod ruin, and confer a lasting benefit
ou the colony.
or intellectual well being of the rising generation of
these now colonies-and we would further remind them,
that neither bluster nor gratuitous disgusting epithets
on their part u ill ever afford the slightest obstacle lo
our determination, as independent journalists, to expose either secret conspiracies against the liberties o
the people, or infamous plots against the rights ot individuals.
£ocal IntrHifjcittc.
Wii.i.iam Alexander Smith—wo beg the gentleman's
! pardon—Amor de Cosmos—by express enactment of the
California Legislature, seeks tho suffrages ofthe townsmen of Victorin.    The mighty word hath gone forth—
the "Caucus" hath proclaimed it.    Bill Sin—, pardon
! us again, Amor de Cosmos is the man.    So temperate
is his lunguiigi—so truthful his tongue—so modest his
° . ■""        •■...- .. demeanor—so unprejudiced his views—so brilliant his
mines now is 81,500,000, it is unnaturally in- intl>,iect_who Clin ^approve?   Authority, the autho-
fcrred that it will always remain so.    Yet, in ....
The Light erected by the Harbor Master ut the en
trance of the Harbor, wns lighted for the lirst time ou
Saturday last, and can be seen from the Race Rocks,
and is plainly visible a distance of twelve miles, dipt,
Nagle's zeal in carrying out this most necessary requirement, is deserving of commendation.
28th December, 1809.
(Before Mr. Justice Pkhiieiitox.)
.Mr. John Doran, carrier of the llrilisli Colonist newspaper, was brought up on a warrant, charged by Mr.
W. V. Ilerrie. with committing an assault upon him that
morning. Mr. Doran admitted the assault, but plead
in justification, that Mr. W. P. Heme's statements as
contained in the Gaz.tt? are untrue, consequently he
had a right to assault him. Mr. Justico Pemberton,
having heard thc eviil nee which went to prove the assault, (and that Mr. Heme's clerk had heard some one
threaten to kill him, \}ir. Ilerrie.] which threat Mr.
Ilerrie swore Mr. Doran had used to him.)—bound both
parties over to keep the peace for six months towards
all of her Majesty's subjects, and lined Mr. Doran 40s.
for tho assault.
proposed bills, the views taken by ihe executive of bills
introduced by private members, and answers to the
numberless questions of which notice is every day given
in the house of commons; it is scarcely possible to seo
how business can be carried on.
There is another important consideration on the
other hand, that if government ollieials are ineligible,
it is placed in the power of n dospolic executive, lo
nominate and retain in ollice, what tools it may think
fit, utterly regardless of the repugnance of the people,
who have then only the resource of ph eing themselves
in open and indecent opposition to the executive itself,
by votes of censure, addresses of disapproval, &c,—a
situation which tends to embitter, and render dangerous the conflicts, already sufficiently dangerous and
bitter, of political differences. If the government
official be in the House himself, he can bo thwarted,
and his measures outwitted; he nay even be rejected by
every constituency, and so prevented from being any
longer u useful tool, without any such indecent conduct
or embarrassing situation arising.
But if he be debarred from presenting himself before
n constituency for their approval, if he be debarred from
appearing in person to explain and support in tl.c House
the measures which he has introduced, it is evident thai
an unscrupulous executive may allege that there is no
lesi by which to ascertain the disapproval ofthe cle tors,
that he is misunderstood, und has no opportunity o'
proving Ihe benefits to be derived Irom his measures,
and retain him in power accordingly.
lelligericc, is sufficiently acquainted with the details„»
"printing," to know that wrong letters (literals)an
inseparable from the " art," (especially when composj
tors are lire 1 out by working from 14 to 18 hours il
day. fur some weeks past.) while any child knows thu
would should not be spelt with a b  , und any prim,,,.,,
, ,      ....     •!       1.1    ...11      f.......     Il.n  II nrtnln-ttl  ll.
school  pupil  could tell   from the " context'' thufyrff,
meant   "greet".    If a compositor should  Bpell "as»'
IICHllI glC'M     • "     "     ."■", ^   ■ -j.
iccording to cockney  pronunciation—"Aasa'-or
ramus, as " ignorarmus," then this gentleman with the
"University education," might show how "thatUn
school-master was abroad," and not. at home.
Whether this gentleman with the " University cduca.
tion,''who refers to Webster to prove thai "shonli" j,
not a word he can understand, ever ''Sported his oak'
at one of the Universities, or if he was ever "within
bounds," whether it was as bursur. or College trout, \
have very grave doubts, certainly his captious flfusi,',n
does not prove him possessed of that amount of com!
nion sense, or Yankee smartness, required in u fti.|ire.
scntative, whether of Salt Spring, or Salt River.
December, 27th, 1830.
The town of Hope is at present composed of one Ion.
»■--,    -.   ,.    •        ,„.„nlimrlv I street fiicinir the river, with a few isolated houses so«i.
MTW™^^ho^oPvcrthTSmS«of. neighboring "red   about  in different quarters ;  .he view from*
nation it will be argued, which has,like ourselves, free natural platform, which runs parallel to the river.au,
nation, it win ue ■l*V,__ ;■ ,.,,'.„,, |f rlnG3  0„CmteI fmnls the street, is most pleasing.    Opposite is Ore*
^^^^^^ a   luxuriant p,r,.,
otween which  and ihe town, the  Fraser riverruibti
along, forming a dangerous eddy, and by no menusi
plensine locality in an   Indian canoe.    On all sj,|
nation, it will i>e argueu, which ui», »....*	
and popular institutions ; and in which it does  operate i fronts the street, i< most plensine;
ns a disqualification of any candidate for the popular wood Island,  now converted inti
11 raw n
therefrom    a
the averao-e
e   altogether
yield ol' the
I rity of the " Caucus" bus removed th"  unpleasant re-
thc very same columns it  is asserted that tho sponsibility of selection.   Ought we not to be grateful
-grateful  to Hie eight or nine influential and disintcr-
Stcd Eontlcinen who have assumed our discriminative
hum ^^^^^^
yield is increasing, and expected  to inert
ton large extent next year.    The propriety I
of at once establishing a  colonial   mint  to'
keep pace with (lie rising wants of the colony
is at once apparent.     At present the strange
anomaly is presented of Government cqualis
incr our soverciiru with tin
powers, and dictated to us from their secret conclave,
the course we must pursue. In this instance, we are
willing to admit for tin sakeof argument, that an Editor
of a first rule impel', enjoying a spotless reputation,
calm and dispassionate, benevolent, unbiassed, and tal-
s qualifications, superior lo the common
ing our sovereign w nu un- American five del- ontcd, posse
i                       i  '",. , i          ,       (-iii        !•    • crowd; but wo have crave doubts whether Ihe prece
lar piece, and ol lhc mercantile body refusing ' ""L "*■        •-                                   '
,          ,       ,               ,       \-         •      i    '               ,.' deni be u safe, one—whether we may in this or iu lutun
to receive it, us such.    .Now, in the event ol a; ,
mint being established, Ihe colonial sovereign .,   ,j
could he made equal in   value tu  Ihe live do!
1 be u safe one—whether we may in this or iu future
lion.-, accept the nominees whom the "Caucus" for
being may think proper to cram down our
throats. It maybe hereafter, that the support ol Hie
lar piece, by putting more gold into it than " Caucus" may bo given for a consideration. Noiv, we
there is in the regular English sovereign, and know that the members of this body are purely disin-
the same wilh its aliquot parts. Thc'eoin 0f|tercstGd' wh° j," ,l"','° "irately acquainted with Hie
England anilAmerica—Ihe two great trading-
nations of thc Pacific—being thus equalized
in value, the only diliieiihy in tlie whole matter that wo can seo is dismissed ; lor wc presume that the Home Government would make
full allowance I'm- additional value nf our colonial coin. The advantages would Le immense
—a large revenue which, at present, finds it
antecedents of .Messrs. Duncan, Cooper, Young & Co.,
that can doubt il? Are they standing fur nny constituency? Are they endorsing each oilier—helping each
other'.' Of course nol. Have they entangled iu their
meshes any gentleman possessed of u reputation for independence, and pinned their nominee like a dishclout
to his tail? Do Ihey appeal lo a popular dislike, and
without reason brand their opponents with a hateful
name? Indignantly we say No! Their enemies nre
fools,   liars,    base, receivers of   bribes,   bondsmen   to
way into tlie pockets  uf jirivatc individuals, the H. B. C, silly, incapable.   The''Caucus" on
would tend  to enrich  (he Colonial  Tl
and the English Government won]
of the  fruits  of an   English gold
country,  instead of a  foreign country doing
so,  as at present.     The private circulation
•would  daily   increase  (it is put at the minimum  by our cotemporary), and  the advantages of having a mint of our own will be apparent to the people in  nil  these many ways
which   our  cotemporary   so  graphically   describes.    AVe venture to say,  it will not only
shortly pay its own expenses, hut will become a
source of revenue   to these   colonies, and we
sincerely thank  the   Hume Government and
our able and energetic Treasurer, for the zeal
and promptitude displayed  in the matter—a
boon, which Australia did not obtain for years,
has been accorded to us at once; and we are
well aware that to tlie Treasurer is tho credit
due.    Wc anticipate a rich harvest from the
mines next year, and were we to wait, as the
Colonist so prudently advises, we should see a
whole year's profit slip through  our lingers.
The taste in which the article we are commenting upon was written, was as had as its
lo"ic.   Our cotemporary cannot help always
protruding its disgust at any word, thought, or
sentiment English, and in this special instance
loudly and undisguisedly crows at tho hoped-
for fact, that we must always remain dependant upon San Francisco.     Were our cotemporary avowedly American  in  his feeling and
sentiment,  and  were   he to   come   forward
any boldly hoist his colors we could pass over
bis  partiality,   as wc  honor all   those   who
honor their country.    Tearing away a thin
veil of statistics and wretched logic, we discover nothing but chagrin and  ill-humor, at
the idea ofthe Queen's Head  usurping the
place of tho American Eagle, und the badge
of " Merrio England " that of the emblem oi
republican liberty.    What our cotemporary
means   by our  "objecting  to have  liberty
thrust beneath our noses," we cannot understand.    If it be an insinuation that wc dislike
liberty, we can only attribute it to his general
ignorance of English feelings and character.
silly, incapable. The"Uaucus" only arc
casury, pure, disinterested, patriotic. On this occasion there-
■;m one fore, let us bow down and worship the Golden Image
the " Caucus" hath set up. But how if tho Image be
brazen? How if vanity und a bilious temperament, ignorance, cunning, political dishonesty, unscrupulous
abuse, be the characteristics of the future Nominees?
How if the nomination be itself obtained by pledges of
a personal character to the members of the ''Caucus"—
little tit-bits for each of Ihe family? How il wirepulling, juggling, and duplicity, bo the weapons of the
Nominees'.' Suppose, for instance, the Town Candidate
were to cry up "Free Port, or Death," and the Country
Candidate ''Protective Duties in favor of Homo Produce." Suppose a popular member, armed with the
terrors of his Name, in combination with self-styled
11 Reformers," should menace with the vials of his
wrath, all those who dared to Ihink otherwise than he
chose- will it have been wise to have tamely submitted
to the infallibility of a creature who like (he monster
Frankenstein, may become our tyrant and haunt us to
our death. And suppose (and imagination can go no
further) suppose that a wolf—long, lean, und hungry,
who shall have forsworn allegiance to his Queen and
his country, were to conic forward in sheep's clothing,
and, under cover of the "(.'uncus'' Ticket, strive to sow
dissention between our Colonial and English population,
shall we then escape our deserved ignominy, and become
tho laughing stock of our enemies—the victims of our
self-created tyrants—bought, sold, slaughtered und devoured at shambles of our own erection—who shall pity
Cnpt. Gosset has received official intelligence from
the Muster of the lloynl .Mint, London, that the stall'of
the Assay and Refinery branch of the 1>. Columbian
Mint, have been selected and may be expected by the
next or Hie following mail steamer, ChomicalS for
analytical operations hud been sent by long i'co. route
some months prior to the Master of tho Mint's communication, as 10 thc usual factory. Captain Gosset intends adding a geological museum, and a Chemical
Department for the examination of all ores. The names
of Ihe officers now On Iho way are, Mr. dumb t. assurer:
Mr. Bacon, melter; Mi-ijBonsficld, assistant assurer; Mr.
W. Hitchcock, operative inciter.
Wit!!—Our cotemporary says "both good ideas and
good English, appear to be very scarce in the vicinity"
of this office. Wo hope our friends at "Stationers'
Hall," the " Boomerang," Messrs. Watson ,v Kane, und
sundry others, will not feel ugrieved at ihi- piece of
brilliant wit on the part of our cotem'pornry's funny
II. M. S. Ganges and Tribune.—These vessels nre
stated in Tuesday's Colonist, to be about leaving for
England with tho marines recently embarked. This is
incorrect; these vessels will not go home for some
months. The marines were embarked because the Co |
Ion sill authorities were desirous of diminishing the expenses of the Colony. Fur our purl we would have
retained this Useful body of men. and sent off the Sappers and Miners, us one Sapper costs more than three
Marines, and certainly the Murines have been mure
useful. Were the Chief Commissioner to employ the
skill mid talents of the fine body of men under his orders ill their legitimate duties, and for which thoy were
sent out, viz.. iu thc nniking of roads, we should not
object to their remaining, but under present circumstances we consider that they arc a useless burthen
upon the Colony.
The Indians.—It is high time steps were taken to
prevent the recurrence of attacks on the purl of Indians similar to the one committed upon Captain Nngle
some short time since. We are informed that during
the past week several gentlemen have been molested on
the Esquimalt Road, and a naval ollicer had a pi-tol
discharged at him as he was riding home some few
nights since. They must be cleared out of the vicinity
of the Town, otherwise the scalps of some of our
worthy citizens may be non est before long.
The II. B. Co.'s Store.—The capacious new brick
store on the Company's wharf is rapidly approaching
completion.    It is  125 feet by 55, substantially bull ,
und a credit to  tho  Company,  architect, and builder
We are informed that Messrs. Langley k Co. purpose
erecting two fire-proof stores on Yutos street, one on
the site of their present store and the other on the adjoining lot.
pillion, ui mu  ...    ......
House, if he bold any situation under government,
This is certainly, in the United States, a disqualification
for Congress. But it is to bo observed that in the
United States. Ihe Senate or Upper House is not nominated, as in Groat Britain ami her colonies, but elected.and
elected by the same body 118 the Lower House: and il
operates as no disqualification for a seat in the Senate
to have a government office.
In effect, the principal Secretaries are, if I mistake
not. always Senators.
The reason ofthe disqualification in the United Statos,
therefore, fails here : andjl, for my part, would wish thai
the majority of the ollieials were eligible, which would
practically render it necessary that they should find
some constituency to endorse the appointment of the executive.
So far, therefore, from thinking Mr. Cary's official
Station a disqualification, it is in my opinion, his highest
recommendation : it will render him a much more useful Attorney General, if he be a member of the House
of Assembly, and a much moro useful member of thc
House, if he be Attorney General. As to its being legal
that he can sit if elected, there is, of course, not the
shadow of a doubt : as to the expediency of his being
there, i. e. Hint every Attorney General must possess
the confidence of somo constituency, I apprehend there
car, bo as little. 1 am Sir, kc,
A British Colonist.
majestic eminences, or rather mountains, rear to
pine clothed crests, alfording always a grand and pit.
turesquc scene, particularly when clad with theirwinta
coating of snow, and giving forth occasionally a gloi
of tints and colors as rich as Turner's wildesl Imam,
Here the fervent heat of summer is always tempertd
by a delightfully cool breeze,   which blows daily ftw
thc westward, nnd here no mosquetos are found enri
of one's comfort by day, and sleep by night.
Hope is commendable for the advantage it posseim
in the picturcsqness of its scenery, and its ttgreeatli
climate, bul it has other and more substantial meriti
in a commercial point nf view, it is a position of 11114
importance, being at present, the head of navigate
and likely to remain so for the future, the high walerw,
snn excepted, when Yale may he reached with difficult)
The situation of the town is in every way advantageinr
• ■ii a tine lint with adjacent nnd natural agriculturtl
lands, with very fair prospects of success in the warn
mineral wealth, and at the junction of four most impot.
taut roads, one to Boston bar. another lo Kumluopj
a third to the Scmilknmeen nnd Colville, and the fount
and no! least in importance, to Langley. It is possesstj
of line limber, with ample water power for sa wins li
  - ber and milling purposes, to lie drawn from the C'oqiit.
Sm:—Tlie subject of government has. more or less, I hulli river, which traverses the whole ofthe backoff
occupied the thoughts of every thinking man since the : flat on which lhc ton 11 is situated. A most iiuforliirnifc
days of Adam, and no run agree on any one point. It spirit of rivalry and jealousy exists between the inlini,:.
is Justus impossible to determine what kind of govern- tants of Yule and Hope: both towns have their gcrmrtf
ment is best suited to mankind iu g( neml, as it is to s iv j wealth irrespective of each other, if thev would oalj
what is the best shape ofa hat, or a coat. Tastes differ put their shoulder to the wheel and aid tbcmsclui;
as welt as requirements, uml we often see one govern- but on tho contrary, each is occupied in endeavoris
ment flourish with full success, iu one p.11". ofthe world,; to nhsti ml ihe oilier: every dollar expended on the Hop
ihat could nut exist nn hour in any oilier. But if it is and Boston bur trail culls down the rage of Vale, ul
hard to define "rood government, it is not so difficult lo ■ every proposition for thc making a road, from Yaleti
point mil what is bud.    Tlie  ruin or prosperity  of n | Lytton, the dissntisfnetion and ire ofllopc.    Mrnmvlii'i
bind still,  doing noting to MA
itheniselves,   ami    omitting   lo    make   thtsc   ■ :.\
niproveinents   in   their  neighborhoods  which would
prove of so much immediate and ultimate advantageu
thai in the coming year,  they will see thnt ilirirj
mir I
then expect to sec them turn out most flourishing MM
promising communities.
( To be Continued.)
country, generally depend upon  ihe  administration of both   parties nn
its government, and it dues not require  much political
sagacity, or any extraordinary depth of observation, to
-ee that the present  1111 satisfactory condition of these
colonies,  as regards the   "1.111111  System"   is iu a great [them, ,,,„, ,,, ,,,, ., B .^ ,   „
measure attributable to our present rulers. The remedy,! interests are not at variance, but identical, and wc
however,   rest-   with   the    people.     Return   good  ainl1*1  ..>•......1 1.. <..,. tl,,„,, t,,,-,, ,,,,,   ,„u<\   flniirishitu
worthy men to the Houso of Assembly; urge upon the
crown the transfer of its rights in the land of the colony
to the local Legislature. This once done, full faith in
the ngricultural prosperity of tlie colony will Ik- established, nnd tho present stagnant and melancholy state ul
I things ended. Shall these traits be suffered to remain
any longer impervious to colonization, und the requirements of civilised man?   Nol   The Home Government]    ijommouorc  > aniienmi mis w ,,   „„,  ,,,,,„..
shall insist upon such a disposition of these lands, as jmji Steamship Company: The English Ministry h
will invite capital, foster industry, encourage immigra declined to send the Mails to Australia rrm Pans;
tion. There can be no doubt, thnt she earnestly des- The first train ran over the Victorin Bridgevon J
ires iiilviinciBtr the prosperity of these colonies, and that ] November. Thc reports from Brownsville created
she will readily concede that agriculture is the basis of tBnse excitement thrrughoiil Texas. Mr. Caraol
wenlth and prosperity in all countries; of this, England ix-puty Sheriff, had been returned by Cortinas
M     ii-,,I,.,,„,! imliiRtrv form   the 11,,,,.„„.',1   mntnirv lo the wishes of his men.
Commodore Vanderbilt has bought   out  the
To the Editor    N ew 'Westminster Times.
Cato tho Censor, being ono timo scurrilously treated
by a man who led a dissolute nnd infamous life, answered and said:—" It is upon very unequal tonus that
I contend with yon : for you arc accustomed to be
spoken ill ot, and can speak of it with pleasure ; but
with 1110 it is unusual to hear it, and disagreeable to
spaak it." Such, also, is our reply to the polite epithets applied to us in Saturday's Colonist. We deemed
it our duty, as journalists, to expose an attempt to corrupt the purity of our elections, nnd a design to introduce un-English systems and sentiment into these now
colonies. These charges, although applicable nnd
truthful, wero directed against no one in particular,
and an innocent person would certainly have had no
grounds to come forward in refutation; the public will
consequently easily understand the adaptation of the
saving—"Whom the cap fits," .vc. A respectable col
orod man brought us a letter, which wc published, reflecting, in a political light, on tho editor of the Colonist; we had nothing whatever to do cither with tho
sentiment or circumstance therein contained. We do
not think it necessary lo touch nny further upon the
subject, and so long ns our cotemporary dignifies his
. in :—It is with surprise that I have heard Ihe objec
tion raised against the eligibility of Mr. Cary to a seat
in our House of Assembly, that he is a government ol
ficinl, I mention this gentleman's name, ns the objection
is raised quite generally, apart from any personal topic,
favorable or unfavorable to Mr. Cary himself. It is laid
down broadly, that no government official ought, to be
a member of that body: iuasmui ii as holding an ollice
may be presumed to have a tendency to influence his
views and his vote in the House. That this tendency
may well be conceived to exist unknown, nl all events,
in a great measure unknown, to the member himself!
nay, the more honorable his disposition, the less likely
ho would be to suspect himself of being liable to such
1111 influence. It is agreed, therefore, that he cannot
have, or carry into clfcct an independent opinion, nnd
that thei nfluenco thus exerted on his views, will be so
much thcjinore irresistible, usi [isless suspected by himself. These views are, I havo reason to believe, entertained by honest electors, and are not put forward for
more parly purposes; they seem, therefore, to deserve
to be discussed.
The first observation I shall make is, that there is no
popular constitution in the world, nor can there well be
conceive,), to be any, in whichjsuch a reasoning is allowed
to prevail. To commence with the constitution of thc
mother country, the lode-star and model from which
every other is derived, it is quite notorious, not only
that government officers are quite clegible to sit in ihe
House of Commons, but that the most influential government officials must necessarily be there; if they do
not, no ministry could stand for a month. The chancellors of the exchequer, and two at least of the Secretaries of State must iu practice find constituencies to
ratify the selection, and confidence of the sovereign—or
the ministry must fall. In all Ihe past ministries, since
thc Reform Bill, all the leaders have been in the Lower
House. Sir Robert Pool, tho greatest of them all, it is
well known, was so fully 11 varc of the necessity of. n
scat in Ihe Lower House, for the maintenance of his
power, that he repeatedly refused a peerage, and in his
wi 1 laid his i ;j unction upon his sons lo follow the same
policy In the present ministry, what would become of
Lord Palmerston's or Lord John Russell's influence if
they were in the Upper House? And so iu nil the colonics of Croat Britain—whose Constitutions are modeled
from hers ; all, or most of the principal government
officers arc eligible to sit in the popular Houso—tho
House of Assembly.
Unless the executive, whose ollice it is lo originate
measures of legislation, have so,no recognized spokesman in the House, to afford explanation, asked or unasked, of the policy of the govornmont,  tho objects nf
is a notable example. Her trade and industry form the
basis of her power, yet the revenue of her manufactures,
commerce, and personal capital, does nut exceed two
thirds of thc revenue demand from her agriculture alone.
This fact surely points out how important it is to encourage fanning pursuits. In this noble art, Great
Britain has taken the lend, and we find as the result, a
corresponding nmotit of intelligence and civilization.
The United Slates. Russia, Prussia, and othor nations
alike testify to the degree of pre-eminence, attributed
to Ihe agricultural element of national wealth. In the
Slates of America, the wise policy is pursued of inducing immigration by making concessions of land, concc 1-
ing to them the exclusive possession by pre-emption.
This cxcllent system gives In everyone who is the head
of a family, the right 10 inn acres upon paying the minimum price of one dollar and a qunrtor an acre, about
live shillings English currency, nnd the iminigiaiit may
settle 011 land at once, whether Surveyed or mil. This
privilege has been of Ihe greatest possible advantage
to the immigrant, und has done much towards peopling vast territorial posessions, besides tending largely
to the expanding of the country—tho happiness and
prosperity ofthe great masses of the people, and it has
done more towards the promotion of settlements, and
the developenient of their agricultural resources than
all other causes combined. Tens of thousands of wretched indigent families, have by this superior law, been
enabled to obtain comfortable homes, und vast wilds
have been subdued into civilization, exhibiting tho
peaceful homestead ofa prosperous and happy people.
Sueh is the condition of things in the neighboring .slates.
How do mutters stand with us? What I ai been done to
settle up the country'.' The answer is short and simple,
nothing. What has been dune to discourage the pooplo-
ing of the vast surplus which still lies invnlulesi waste?
The answer is equally brief—everything. The policy
pursued has been disasleruiis in Iho extreme, and unexampled in the history of any other dependency of the
British crown, and pcrtcnucioudy persisted in for
reasons as yet unexplained to the public, and to them
incomprehensible. Grievously indeed havo those persons who have given consideration of the subject of colonization, and who have felt deeply in the future ofthe
colony complain, but to no avail. Every obstacle has
been cast in the way ofthe agriculturalist, who desired
to settle in the colony. This I testify to as a fact, and
I ilo not think that any conscientious man can he found
to gainsay it. The inflexible, reply to one and all, has
been that land could not be had even at govornmont
price, or upon any terms until lirst surveyed nnd put up
to auction, and that * squatting or pre-emption would
not only not be tolir.ited, bul, such aggression would be
visited by the summary process of ejectment by the
stern arm of the law. Such has boon the discourng-
1 ing announcment which greeted hundreds of emigrants
| who were anxious to settle in the colony, nud who had
a lull knowledge of all the natural obstacles incident
to such settlement, and amongst them wero many who
had ample moans to improve their allotments, and provide for their immediate support. Has not the colony
boon all hut strangled in ils infancy V Electors beware
who you return to thc Bouse of Assembly ! Yours  kc,
More Axon.
harmed, contrary lo the wishes of his rnen.
The Harper's  ferry excitement  was subsiding.  Tn
report that Gov. Packet of Penn. had tendered to0w.|
Wise the services of 10,000 men, to guard thc Jails If
tween Maryland and Virginia, is incorrect.
The relations between France and  England are mil
sidorcd by the Times in an unsatisfactory condition.
The following interesting extract from the Timet •rill
throw some light on the most important question of rti
day—the Hudson Bay Company's claim :
The capital employed by the company is £1,263,06^
and consists of stock standing in the names of the pi*
prietors, £500,000; valuation of the  company's Inmls
and buildings, exclusive of Vancouver  'island ami Oregon, £318,884.   Amount expended up to Septemberh,
1856, iu sending  miners and  labourers to   Vancouvn
Island, in the coal mines, and other objects of colonlU'
tion, exclusive of the trading establishments ofthe company, and which amount will be repayable by the Got'
eminent if possession of Ihe island is resumed, £81,0il'
Amount invested in fort Victoria and other cstnbli*
incuts and posts in Vancouver Island,—this  amount"
not exactly ascertained,—estimated at £15,000. Anwml
paid to tho Earl of Selkirk for Red Kiver  Sctttoinem*.
£85,111,   Property and investments in tho torrltorj'
Oregon ceded to the United Stales by the treaty of lSI'-B
and   which are secured to the  company ns  pOSSOSSOr) ■
rights  under tho  treaty,  $1,000,000,—sny, £'J001H|llt
The distribution of profits to the  shareholders fori"
years 1H-I7 to lN,"ili, both inclusive, havo been,—1847,L
percent, dividend ; 1848, 10 percent. ; 1840,10 per ce*
1850, 20 per cent., of which 111 per cent,   was added'
slock; 1851, 10 per cent.;  1852, I fi per cont., of"whi«
5 per cent,   was added   to slock ;  1853,   .£ 1H 4s lid. A
cent., of which £8 4s l)d. wns added to slock;  I«r>4.Ifl
per  cent.;   1855,   111 per cent.; and  1856,10  per ce«B
The price of stock, ox dividend, was,—July, 1847, O-U
1848, £200; 1841.1, £200; 1850, £210; 1851, £210; V$m
£215 ; 1853, £225 ; 1854, £210 ; 1855, 207j ;  1856, i'W
Out of 208  proprietors  in July, 185(1, 106  purelu'H
their stock at from 220 to 240 per cent. '
Groceries  and  Provisions.
To the Editor Mew Westminster Times.
Sir,—Lnst Saturday's Colonist contains n very ignorant and stupid advertisement, signed "John Copland,"
and reflecting on the compositors in your office, charging them with not having 11 " University education,"
liecuuse some literals, appeared in Ihe previous issue of
your paper.
Xow sir, almost every man of any education or in-
W'L B. SMITH, announces to his Friends and Ci
toinors of Vancouvor Island nnd British OoluroW
of having removed to his new commodious store,''
joining Ihe corner of Vales and Govornmont streets,*";
respectfully calls their attention to bis large and 'vt'
selected stock of
SIONS, &o.
Which ho is now prepared to offer at very reason*
Finest qualities of Blnc.k nnd fii-eon Tens, Rio nnilJ""
Colfees, Chocolates, ProsorvodFruits, Jams, JellieSion"
choice assortment of general Italian and OIW
Stores, soloctod with special euro for family consnnT
Is in constant receipt of Fresh California and Orfff
Butter, Cheese, and Eggs, direct from tho dairy
All orders promptly attended to, and goods wurra'1
ns represented. .„
Victoria, Nov. 25, 1859. (1" *
Toilet. Painters'. Stone. Shoe. Scrubbing, kc,
For Sulc by
I TIIE Consignees of the American  Bark "NAHUM-
KEAG,   Reed,  Master, are hereby notified  thai
ie will commence to discharge cargo at the wharf of
'amii:i. Price .v, Co., this  morning.   All (roods when
milled, are at Ihe risk of thc owners.    And all goods
eniuiuing on the wharf after Five o'clock, will be stored
jit the  expense of the  owners.    Shippers  will  please
jrall at the office of Sain'l Price k Co., pay their freight,
tun! receive the orders for their poods,
SAM L 1'ltK'E k Co.,
Victoria, V. I. PcrN. HICK'S,
27 Dec. 18.19. d28-
(PROVISIONS   and   GROCERIES.—An   assortment
1       for Sale,
For sale.
A Beautiful Lot of
Gentlemen's   Dressing   Robes.
Of high Finish.
A full assortment of Gent's Superfine
\  New Style of
R ll OTT E     C OL L A US.
The Latest Styles of
ti A
ESPECTFULLY inform the Public that they have
been appointed agents  for the sale of Garden
Seeds from tho most celebrated Gardens of California,
the Atlantic Elates, and Europe,
Purchasers of those Seeds can rely on the certainty
of their growth. We guarantee them fresh and true
to their kind.
The largest stock and greast variety ever imported
into these Colonies.
tlli'-tc Druggists, Vutes street.
Junt Received by Pacific.
Fresh Currants,
Layer Basins,
Dairy Fresh Butler and Cheese,
Lard, Candles,
English Bacon und
Fine Family Tea.
Colonial Produce Store,
Corner Vatcs and Government sts.
SELL Fine Bathing COLOGNE at 75 cents per quart
SELL PURE BAY RUM at 75 cents per quart bott
ELL the  celebrated FBAN'GIPANNNI  and Kiss Mc
Quick Perfume, and Pomades.
&e. &c.
their   GOODS at  Sau  Francisco   prices.
R E M E M 1! E R
RRANT all their GARDEN, Fruit, Flower, and
ield seeds to grow.
A I.Cl.HII ll, for sale by
SIP.: We,
return I
ourselves iuto
Ihat end.
We, the undersigned, electors and residents in
in, feeling confidence in your ability, inde-
uiid integrity, are anxious to secure your
ii- constituency, and have accordingly formed
immittec for
Your obi
Eilw. Stamp,
John Miles,
E G Alston.
G T Gordon.
Kenneth McKenzie,
John Parker,
Robertson Stewart,
E Hammond King.
Victoria, 21st Dec, 1859.
lhc purpose of attaining
ire, Sir,
lieni Servants,
J. ,1. Southgate,
,1 N Thain,
Rob't Burnaby,
,1 Gastineaii,
A R Green,
A F Main,
E Green,
[1 am now prepared to
Cull and examine at
apply the numerous calls fo
Business Divtctoni.
sioN    MERCHANTS,   C
& CO.,
' Johnston-streets, Victorin, V. I. Dickso:
bi.k .v Co., Merchant-street, San Francisco.    slO-tc
ION  MERCHANTS, Albert Wharf, Victoria,
^->    Vancouver  Island, and Battery-street, San
mi. California.
0MMISS10N   MERCHANTS,   Victoria,
1 Between Yates and View, Victoria. Saslies. Doors,
lu.1 Blinds made to order with neatness and d spatcb.
Lumber for sale. Eastern White Pine,Redwood siding,
ledwood Flooring, and Redwood scantling
Mended to.
ARDWARE.—Builders', Agricultural, and Genera
'   Ilnrdwal'C' JAMES BELL,
Johnson street.
Vatcs Street, Victoria,
'S PREPARED In furnish design* for all  kimls ot
public and private buildings.
[Superintendence, valuation, and ««n™Bl_«™
liferent   descriptions  of
ith building.
mechanical work connected
)    lloui
and  R
iCS and
collected,   Accounts
1 for sale.    Money
to loau.
I'. CARROLL, Yates-Stroot, between Whnrf nnd
Government-sheets, Importer and Wholesale and
flail dealer in Wines and Liquors.
1 have much pleasure in accepting the kind nssist-
mce you have olfered me, and can only sny that, 1
will, if rcturne I for your town, do every thing in my
power to justify your good opinion. I propose shortly,
in thc most public manner to reiterate, the policy which
1 believe should be followed in this colony, and in the
meantime 1 will say that wo must keep Victoria a free
Port, never admitting the thin end of the wedge,
whether it comes in the shape of protective duties in
favor ot hotiie"*nT%jd^iairjrr_jjjidcr cover of annexation.
We must settle up the available land iu (lie colony,
and we can only effect this result by a judicious preemptive system. Our taxation must be direct and
equalized; unimproved hinds must bear a special burden, and your town must be incorporated. The. whole
procedure of the courts of Justice must be set on a
new footing—cheapness, rapidity, and finality, must be
introduced. A Registration system, obviating the necessity of Deeds, must be carried through. Th.' Indians must be tried by Indian commissioners, unfettered
by the technicalities and refinements which render
their punishment so difficult and expensive. Law and
Equity must no longer be divided, and the time ol
Jurors no longer wasted. Your House of Representatives must take upon themselves the civil expenditure
of the colony, and exert their control over its finance.
With regard to ihe Hudson's Buy Company, I am not
disposed to join in any crusade against them iu their
private capacity, any more than lo allow them an nd-
vantage over the colony—as to their alleged claim 1 do
not believe in ils existence, or that it has ever been
ventilated except by the so-called "Reformers," and
when set up, it must be tested in the manner usual in
nny private case of contested account. Whenever the,
interests of the two colonics threaten to clash, 1 will
resign my official position in the colony, where I can
bo least useful. In conclusion I can only thank you
again, and have the honor to remain gentlemen,
Your most obedient servant.
Gkorqk Hunter Cary.
Victoria, Vancouver Island, December 22nd, 1859,
To Messrs. Stamp, Southgate, A. Ii. Green, E. Green.
Alston, Parker. John   Miles, Burnaby,  Gordon, Gastineaii, Kenneth  McKenzie, A. F. .Main. Junies N. Thain,
Robertson Stewart, and E Hammond King.
ITIENDERS are invited I'm BILLS in sums not. less
A than £250, drawn on thc LORDS COMMISSIONERS
of Her Maje.-ty's Treasury, London.
September 7th, 1859. Treasurer.
13th Dec. 18.r.9.
IR :—We, thc undersigned Electors for the District
of Esquimalt and Metehosen, are desirous of being
again represented by you iu the ensuing Parliament,
and having every confidence in your liberal views, parliamentary experience nnd integrity, desire you to allow
yourself lo be put in nomination us a candidate for the
representation of ibis district, and engage to do everything in our power to further your election :
W R Parsons
Major George Foster
John Parker
John Russell
Edward Green
James Wilson
Matthew Francis
Matthias Rowland
Jos. Montgomery
Edward stamp.   dH-G
\ OODS from the San Francisco Steamers will be
received at Esquimalt, and delivered al Victoria
with despatch, for
One Dollar per  Ton,
dlG-tC Whnrf street.
nnHE following Gentlemen have formed themselves
|      into a Committee to promote Captain Gordon's
Election for the Town of Esquimalt:
Robert Burnaby, Ed. Stamp,
John Criddle, Thos. Trounce,
John J Cochrane, II P Pellcw Crease,
Lewis Davies, Edward Green,
John U Howard, John Parker,
Benj. Pearsc.
Decembei 14th, 1859.
Gentlemen :—Having already served as your representative in the Iluuso of Assembly, and having been
well known to you for a number of years. I feel proud
ofthe renewal of your confidence.
Conscious that I have fulfilled, to thc best of my
ability, the promises made at last election, I accede to
your desire, and allow myself to be put in nomination
for the Esquimalt and Metchosin District, and hope.
with your valuable aid, again to win, and advocate, as
heretofore, Truth, Jusl ice. Honesty, and Progress.
As soon ns lhc House of Assembly is dissolved, I will
publish an address declaratory of my views and future
intentions.    I am, gentlemen,
Yours, kc,
To W. R. Parsons, Major G. Foster, John Parker, John
Russell, Edward Green, James Wilson, Matthew
Francis. Matthias Rowland, James Montgomery, Edward Stamp.
of Meat and Fruit Pies supplied on the shortest
Plum Puddings *nd Cakes made to order.
Orders left at the office of the New Westminster Times,
punctually attended to. d5-tc
CORRESPONDENTS   for the   Victoria   Gazette,   in
British Columbia Oregon, and Washington Territory. To men of ability, the most advantageous terms
are offered.   Apply to tlie Editor,
Yates street,
Also responsible ami energetic agents.
Dee. 1, 1859.
i ENTLEMEN :—I come forward, in compliance with
Liverpool. Honolulu.
"VNION   GREEN"   k   CO.' Commission  Merchants
' foot of Johnson-street, near the Bridge Victoria
I.    Agent for tho Liverpool  Underwriters Associa-
nl 2-6
AMl'EL   PRICE k CO., Merchants,  Wharf-streoc
Victoria, Vancouver Island. °4-tc
A. LESTER, begs  leave to  announce  thnt,   she
will givo  instruction mi  the Piuno.    Residence,
ncouver-streot, between Bclot nnd Belcher.
November 4th. 3m 118
PHELAN, cornei of Yates and Govcrnmont-slroots
|» Victoria, dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Crockery,
Glassware.       • oel-tc
Office of the New Westminster Times.
NY person or persons Printing or Publishing any
Paper under the name, stylo, and title, of the
Ictoria Gazette, will he prosecuted for so doing, ns that
,le belongs exclusively to the Newspaper published
[this office. E. HAMMOND KING.
Victoria, Dec. 12, 1859.
WE Government Gnacttc will hereafter be published
on every Tuesday, instead of on every Saturday,
Joe. 17, 1859.
\J( the wishes ot a considerable number ot thc electors of your District, as a candidate to represent yon at
the ensuing eleelion.
I claim your suffrages us a liberal and independent
Every measure ihat will promote the rapid growth of
this promising Colony, und foster ils real progress, will
have my warm support,
The present depressed state of the Finances of (his
country, demands early and serious attention, and, in
order to keep taxation within the smallest possible limits,
the utmost economy and prudence in administering the
resources ofthe country, consistent with the efficiency
of the public service, must be observed.
I am firmly convinced that the continuance of the present Free Port, iu the face ofthe heavy duties imposed
on merchandise by neighboring countries, will so attract to our shores shipping and commerce from nil
parts of tho world, as to ronder this place eventually
the emporium ofthe Pacific.
I am desirous of aiding any feasible plan for the improvement of our postal communications, that will uot
prove a burthen ou colonial funds.
t nm in favor of an assisted emigration of the industrial classes, to enhance the value of land nnd its produce, and to distribute the necessary public expenditure
over as largo an area as possible.
I am opposed to the appropriation of Slate Funds to
thc endowment of nny particular religious denomination. Every church should bo supported by its own
A liberal and well digested Land System, that, will
open up the prjuiuctivo resources of the country, and
increase the number of bona-lido settlers, will be
steadily advocated by every menus in my power.
I shall bo prepared to forward every measure that
will tend to the establishment of a large export I rude
in timber, lumber, and the other staples of the island.
I shall steadily oppose all measures which would
tend to nny combination of political power and privilege in the hands of a chartered few to the detriment of
individual enterprise in the colony at large.
lf elected, 1 am prepared lo introduce such Reforms
as are necessary for the adaptation of English law to
the exigencies of the colony.
It is of the utmost importance, that prompt mensures
be adopted to improve the condition of our Roads,
Bridges nnd Harbors; and tho purchase money of
public lands should in the first instance bo devoted to
thi" purpose.
I shall furlhor to the utmost, all mensures of a
sound liberal progressive nature, that will promote the
benefit of tho colony ; and the development offroo institutions will ever find in me, should 1 havo the honor
of being elected your Representative, a_ zealous and
hearty supporter.
I havo the honor to be, gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
Hknuy P. 1'ellew Crease.
"N'TLEMEN: In compliance with the wishes of
oral influential Electors of the Town of Es-
[uimalt, I have come forward to solicit your suffrages
at the ensuing Election. I propose doing myself the
honor of waiting personally upon ouch of you on the
earliest occasion, and in the interim 1 wish briefly to
explain the principles upon which I venture to ask your
1 am a reformer in thc true acceptation ofthe term,
(i. e.) I will at all times give my most earnest support
to every measure calculated to advance the true interests of the Colony, and am equally determined to
resist those of any anti-progressive tendency. To preserve Victoria a Free Port, 1 will use my best exertions.
As one who has tho real interests of the Church al
heart. 1 wish in our young Colony to see her self-supporting.
Ileini;' fully convinced that the interests both of Victoria and Esquimalt, demand a well surveyed andsound-
ly built road from one Town to the other, I will do all
in my power tu obtain that object.
Should  you  do me the honor to  return  me as your1
Representative  in tho House of Assembly,  about to be
summoned,  I pledge myself to use every  exertion to
further tho welfare of the Town of Esquimalt and that
of the Colony nt large, and
I havo thc honor to be, Gentlemen,
Your most obedient Servant,
<*. T. GORDON.
GENTLEMEN ;—At the request of several electors, I
beg to oiler myself as a candidate for your suffrages at the ensuing election, to represent you in the
House of Assembly.
I advocate the thorough reform of all abuses, and
earnestly desire to see the colonization of this country
loyally and honestly encouraged.
Every church in my opinion should bo supported by-
its own members.
Every measure that will tend to dcvclope the resources of this Island will have my cordial support.
As a landowner I shall strongly urge upon the Government the paramount and immediate necessity of the
appropriation of nil moneys, derived from thc sale of
country lands, to making roads, bridges, and other improvements in the several districts from which these
funds arise.
I consider thc success of this Colony greatly depends
upon keeping the ports free, and I am opposed to the
annexation of this Island to British Columbia.
Should I have the honor to be elected your representative, I shall always be found at my post, ready to advocate all liberal and independent measures of reform,
calculated, according to my best judgment, to benefit
the colony at large, and more especially those tending
to prevent the political power of this country from being
made an engine of any monopoly or injustice nt the expense of our population nt large.
I have the honor to be, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,
Georqe F. Foster.
Vancouver Island, December 15, 1859.
The " Victoria Gazette "
Published every
Price  12.} cents.
Responding to the support proffered me by numerous
Electors, I am induced to offer myself as a Candidate
to represent your interests in tho House of Assembly.
Impressed with the importance of the position to
which I aspire, and of tho moro than ordinary duties
that must devolve upon the members of the next Parliament, I shall if elected, endeavor to perform my full
share of the Public work, pursuing a perfectly independent and liberal course upon nil questions, and towards all parties, seeking to effect a unanimity of
action in the adoption of measures of genuine reform,
to advance this colony, and render it what it is destined
to become, the future Groat Britain of the Pacific.
Identified ns 1 am with commerce, I earnestly desire
to see this port made a great emporium for British and
European manufactures, whence the markets on this
coast, including also those of the Sandwich Islands,
Northern China, and the Amoor countries mny bo supplied Our geographical position, with capital and
Free Trade to buck it, I urn satisfied would establish
that cheapness here which is the attracting and governing power of commerce. In our Porosis, Fisheries,
Coal and other Minerals, we have resources to furnish
large exports, nnd to return cargoes ot our own producing, if properly encouraged.
The Reciprocity Treaty existing between ( amida and
the United States, should bo extended to  this side, between us and our neighbors.
We need an Ocean Mail Service.
This Town must bo incorporated, with  Gas nnd
Wuler privileges reserved for its special benefit.
Our Island should be thoroughly explored, the Government Lands disposed of liberally to actual settlers,
and the proceeds applied to the making of roiids, nnd
Iho aiding immigration, with the preference given to
respectable females.
In dealing with our Finances, wc must sock to uphold
and ostablish our colonial credit. I have heard it
stated that wo have the incubus of a debt to begin
with. It is a British maxim that you cannot dispose of
a man's property without his consent. I mil not
aware that the Parliament of this colony has over voted
supplies for which it had not provided ways and means.
If therefore tho Hudson's BayOompany claim any debt
ns now due to them, they must seek redress from tho
proper quarter; for my part, I pledge myself most
emphatically to resist upon constitutional grounds, the
payment of any such claim by the people of this colony.
I advocate the collection of Revenue by Direct Taxation, charged upon property, and not upon industry.
Our expenditure must be regulated by strict economy.
The present Franchise Act I regard as a temporary
measure, wholly insufficient for tho requirements of a
now colony.
In relation to tho manv other important questions of
Iho day, such as the support of Churches, Schools,
Asylums, and Prisons; tho adoption of a Registration
Act. for Lauds, kc, kc, 1 will postpone their discussion
until I shall have tho pleasure of personally meeting
you, when I will explain my views ou thoso and other
subjects in detail.
lam, Gentlemen, yours etc.
Victoria, Decombor 17,1859.
G1 ENTLEMEN :—At the request of several Electors, I
If have resolved to come forward once more as a
Candidate for your suffrages to represent you in the
new House of Assembly, upon the sound, liberal, and
independent principles l have ever advocated.
When the proper time arrives, I will lay before you
in full detail tho mode m which I desire to seo these
liberal views carried out.
1 have thc honor to remain,
Your obedt. servant,
Nov. 10, 1859. (U2-tc
DVERTISERS in the Victoria G,w.ettk,will have
the privilege of advertising in tho New Westminster Times, which now has the largest circulation
of any paper in the Colony, upon payment of one half
extra. It is particularly requested that advertisements
sent in may be distinctly marked with the number of
insertions required, also whether for one or both
Advertisements for long pvriwls inserted upon the
most reasonable terms.
No advertisements received after 7 p.m., the day previous to publication.
I PERSONS wishing to .subscribe to thu
Victoria GAZETTE, are requested to leave orders
with W. P. HERKE, News Depot, Yates street, near
Wharf, as we have conceded to him the sole right ta
carry tluit paper and tu furnish it to subscribers.
Many female servants are required for Victoria,
where good wages could be had. Also monthly nurses
and nurserymaids. The undersigned would be glad to
communicate with any San Francisco Employment
Agency Office, upon the subject.
E. n. KING,
Office "New Westminster Times."
oi.onial Secretary's Office,
Victoria, V. I.,  19th November, 1859.
The following opinion of the Attorney General upon
the subject of the lands allotted to settlers in the Che-
manis District, is herewith published for general Information.
By Command,
William A. G.YouNO,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
I AM of opinion thnt tile contract disclosed by the
correspondence concerning the Chemnnis settlement
contains nothing which clothes a petitioner ur Claimant
with the right to sell his allotment. I am further ot
opinion that iho vendor loses his claim by selling, and
that the purchaser, from SBch claimant, would take
nothing by his purchase ; and I would recommend that,
nt some future period, a right to sell shall bo given
to every settler who bus improved and settled his hinds
ton certain extent, and that bona tide settlers should be
confirmed in their claims. But in order to prevent tho
land from being lakeii for speculative purposes (which
has already occurred to a great extent.) I would sug
gest that the license in question should be retained at
present, and that a registry of cbiimnnts should be nt
once opened. If such a course as I have suggested is
taken, thc speculator cannot, any moro than now, hold
his land without settlement nnd improvement, much
less sell it: be would not therefore claim, but reave to
the bona tide settler a fair proportion of the useful land!
(Signed) George Hunter Cary.
Received ex Pacific.
For Sale at ADOLPH SUTRO k CO.
dG-lVJ corner Yates and Wharf sts.
Times, i
I7IIVE cents will be charged on all Newspapers sent
">     to Brish Columbia by Express till further notice.
"WE undersigned would respectfully inform his
friends and the public that he still occupies his
Id stand on Govornmont street, where bo would be
nippy to serve his old friends ami the citizens of Vio-
,oria.    Ho is constantly suppliewwith
And has always on band a
Cloaks and Mantillas,
GENTS nnd Subscribers ofthe New Westminster.
and Victoria Gazette, in British Columbia, will oblige by furnishing the office with instructions us to how they may wish these papers scrtt io
them as postage of 5 cents per copy has to be paid.
Government Street, opposite the   Washington Restaurant.
Every description of Boots and Shoes made to order
in the most fashionable stylo, and at the lowest possible prices.
All articles guaranteed to be of thc best workmanship.   Repairs executed. ulli-lm
NUMEROUS copies of thc " New Westminster Times"
of the 4th October. Any person having the
same will confer a favor by bringing them to the offic*
NO.   49   ST.   JAMES'  STREET,
The Rt. Hon. theErirl Talbot, K. G. Ac.
A large variety of
B. B. Oabbcll, Esq.,
Henry Pownall, Esq.
Sir Claude Scott, Bart.
P., F. R. S., F. S. A.
An excellent variety of
And a full assortment of
Gentlemen's   Furnishing   Goods,
Of different colors;
Children's  Toys,
Of  all  kinds,  India Rubber and  Wax.
N. B. Due notice will be given before moving into
my new and commodious Fire-Proof Brick store, adjoining the Bank of British North America, Yatcs-street,
Chairman.—Lieut Col. Lord A. Lennox.
Dep. Chairman.—T. C. Granger, Esq., M. P.
John Ashbnrner, Esq., M. D.
T. 0. Batard, Esq.
J. P. Bathurst, Esq.
Sir James Carmichaol, Bart.
John Gardiner, Esq.
Charles Osborn, Esq.
Assurances granted on the lives of persons hi every
station of life, and every part of tho world, on peculiarly
favorable terms.
Every facility afforded to persons assuring the lives
of others, so ns to render such policies effectual securities.
Poisons proceeding beyond the limits of Europe may
effect assurances on payment of moderate increased
Immediate annuities granted on liberal terms, affording groat advantage to persons of limited income
Deferred annuities may bo purchased at rates which
socure a return ot the whole or pnrt of tlie premiums
paid, in caso the ago at which tho annuity is to commence be not attained.
Also Endowments on Widows and Children.
Loans nre granted, on approved security, to parties
effecting assurances with tiie Company.
All the Company's Engagements aro guaranteed by
an ample subscribed and paid-up capital.
Prospectuses and tlie  necessary forms  of proposal,
with every information, may be obtained on application,
either personally or by letter, at the Company's offices
ocl8-tc Secretary.
For particulars apply to E. II. Kino, Victoria.
Colonial Secretary's OrricK,
Victoria, Vancouver Island,
16th December, 1859.
ii— ^^■DEHtt I
tit ~
ment in L85S, and was pvei
known in the colony; almost inim
arrival  he commenced ;i  corres]
The dissolution of the House ot Assembly. ,      „.. ,. ,,
having taken place, it is incumbent on me, V10   I".'"'* newspaper (one ot the most i
(having accepted your invitation to offer my-|1Iucntial ai,d Powerful lournala in thc wqrl
self as a candidate to represent you at the
next election,) to enter into detail  :is to my
political views and opinions; but in  doing so,
Electors, turn a deaf ear to all cajoling, and
!C.;ous  ,;.,,,, is, <. and vote a< your common
[»ason andeommon interest dictate, when the
victory must be y.ours.
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Victoria V. I., 16th November, 1859
The following opinion of thc Attorney General with
reference to the transfer of real estate is herewith puh-
{oiiticai views ana opinions; nm m  aomg so,
wish you to consider that I entirely disclaim
upholding the administration by representing I    December 26th, 1850.
difficulties that never existed, and villifying 	
tho character .of tho minors as support to his mriE undersigned are i  «
statements,  and  was then appointed to the   J.. .l'!etc
".I>\YA1M> E. LAXGFOED.     |ished forgeneral information.
By command,
AVilliam A. G. Yocso,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
. full and com
io following o
imre., u.««m..i| Coimeil;and vou  probably all  knowl^^10
any pretension to address you in the style of |, ^      Jf of \ho aecounts con.       ^
a practical political writer,  trusting in plain     •.,...,     , .     ■: +i.:.    .,,,.i ti...i
ami siinjile language, guided by honesty i ('
purpose, to impart to you my ideas. The fin e
is evidently approacliing when yon  will be
called upon to provide entirely for col al ex-| -, h       ,i(j .,_„*,,,;„,, that thousands oi
penditure: now, so tu impose taxes or dues', . '' , '. , . ,. , ,,..,„..„'•„.. ,,..,,,br
i, , , ' i r. • i , -ii oriirands and vcriniiioi tue mastuiiiu -i"'iu'
that they mav bear-as fairly and equitably as     ,o ,, .. :,    ....... \--...,....:..
in the
t polony, w ril
idenl   of  the   I
i'i el. and were I
by in
s hoi\
anu tin
special  c< ri''
.-  far  they   \v<
em-lit  these co
-. (oi 'j'
om in p
i' - .-'   •
h \\ ' '-'
ie? in Pi
id Gin h
. ■  ■ . | ■ |
ii   Ah
ofa r .in
wiin ua
^^^^^^ in \ ii'tni'ia.
I was likely to induce respectable settlers to
Iccimu from England, or elsewhere, 1 leave you
Lo form an opinion, bul a more wholesale and
foul slander never wenf forth to the world,
for a more orderly, finer, and well circumstanced body of men, never entered a country, tin u
the :J0,OU0 or 40,000 n in rs, who iii 185$.
landed on this Island and in British Columbia. Would Unit they could I e induce 1 i i return. It, was tlio Miiiir T'.,' - ci i'i'
dent, who, at the conference of the council
with the assembly, concerning thc franchise
hill, most stn nuously opposed any extension of
the same.
Gentlemen, you will judge for yourselves,
how sin li n council as 1 have di -■ rib d, is
likely to work in unison with a really liberal
house of Assembly.    Having adverted tothe
Barclay, Perkins k C
All oi •-'- B ittl d Ale
Botlled Portci
.En Marmelk and 1) L Clinch,
OWAIN, BOORD. k Co,'s OLD TOM in puncheons
>*>   Wi rthingi ui Jt Co.'s        do   do do
•| .;■, oo   ilo do
Irish Whiskev, do
iss k I
irton B
■s N'i
de, New Brew;
■yC .       do   do;
- .  Devonshire Cider in cases ;
ioo Liquors kc
cor Wharf and Johnson sts
n yi-ii my iipiiiein t;	
turn tn thai of justice, and I consider the]
ifagcn nil el ction, as a most appropriate
e to in .:' th   i   py of a portion of a|
possible on the different nieinl
munity ha.s always been, and  pri bably e\-i i-
will be the most dilficult (ask lor a legislature
to deal with.
Should you honor mo by returning me us
your representative, this important question
shall receives my nmsi careful attention, and
shall he fully discussed with iny constituents,
prior to my coming to any decision on the subject.
An alteration is al mire required in the
Bystcm of thc disposal of hinds, and without
entering into details will) which you are probably all acquainted, I say at once, lei us have
a system after the American one, as exorcised in their Territories, tlial is, not a jof less
liberal, bul if wo can improve on thai system,
let us do so. To rely upon the sale of land i as
a regular source ol revenue has be< n proved
to be fallacious; it is ton mnsic-'uus and flourishing body of settlers that a country owes
its prosperity. With good government population is tlie surest wealth ofa country.
A proper system of registration must I c-
established, so that land may be cheaply an 1
expeditiously transferred, whereby it- value-
is considerably enhanced.
The  fees   and  expensi - in   the  law courts
must be considerably reduced, and a rapid and
simple mode established of recoverin
debts. M
With regard to tho  endowment  of a State I    " It is, I confess,  not without a feeling of
Church, although I am, and always have been, dismay,  that J contemplate thc  nature and [Superior Stout Red Port, hi l doz. casc^
a member oi the Church England, I could nol amount of labor ami responsibility which will "     ' ^in 3^ doz. cases,
conscientiously,  (the fact   fieing clearly < vi- be imposed upon me in the process of carrying     t ^^ ... as=ortmcnt 0f Gosncll k o's PERFUMERY
dent   that it would be  utterly impossible to\oai   the  instructions  conveyed in  your dis   consisting of Hair Brushes, Soap3, Perfumes, &c.,&c,
of tlie finest quality.
Minie Rifle Carbines, brass mounted, elevating sights;
with hair triggers,       do ;
Revolvers and Holster Pistols':
Double-Barreled Carbines, steel mounted;
Rifles and Indian Guns, of various patterns.
Booth's Old Tom :
Burnett & Co's Uld Tom, with patent stoppered bottles.
Also, received from London—
Capt. G. Rhodes' Patent Field and Guard TENTS, com-
ilainly on the same, I T3Y   TIIE   UNDERSINED, ex "Gorach.
y    London:—
(If the following well-known brands, viz,
Hibbort's London Porter and India Pale Ale;
J. W. Bridges & Son's Best Stout Porter;
Robert Porter k   o's. Loudon Porter, in pts. k qts
Jones' E. I. Pale Ale and London Stout Purler;
l: ib it Tooth's London Porter und Burton Ale ;
Saunders & Cameron's Bottled Beer.
- irtanl communication, made by the
r i f this colony, to a late Secretary
Mr. Labouchere, oh thc subject ofthe
icral election.
Governor Douclas
Extract of dispatch from uovernor .Doup-iasl — -''--"—
to Mv lit. Hon. II.Labouchere, M.P., datedPatg°r kGo'5 L°;}don j^"?™"'*       °ttlMi
Yk-tori-i \ sr Island, May 22nd, 1856.J LozengesTrld Scotch Mixtures, in tins
"VTUMEROUS applications for Title Deeds to the town
_[_\ lots in British Columbia have been made which
cannot, unfortunately, he granted: the English bin-,
which has ruled in British Columbia since the formation
ofthe colony, required Ihat every valid transfer of un
| estate iu hiud must bo-rmroVtryn "wrtttng7 sealed and
delivered by the party transferring, and that tbo word
•• heirs " should be coupled with tho name of tho person
to whom the transfer is made, if any greater estate
than an estate for life is intended to pass. The
right to complete a purchase of a town lot commenced
by some other person, und the right to the hind in full
by the person transferring, are both interests in land
requiring the above formalities for their valid transfer,
and in both cases the word - heirs," should have been
used. Henco I am unable to issue rown Grants to
sub-purchasers who are unable to produce a Deed,
signed and sealed by the original purchaser from the
A measure to remedy past evils shall be immediately
(Signed) George Hunter Cary.
1""j10R the greater convenience of the public, tho
' Youxa Muss' Ciiiiistiax Association have removed their Rending Room to the front room on the
ground floor of the house of Dr. Dickson, opposite the
Bastion, Government street.
The public are invited to become subscribers to this
room, on the table of which will be found the Times.
Illustrated News, Saturday Pi cine. Athenaeum. Record,
Watchman, Patriot, Scotsman, Melbourne Argus, New
York Herald, Weekly Bulletin, Montreal Witness, Victoria
Gazette, British Colonist, New Westminster 'Times, and
other newspapers.
The room is comfortably furnished and wjj! be found
a pleasant resort in which to spend a leisure hour.
Open from ."! to In o'clock, every evening, Sundays excepted. Subscription six shillings, or one dollar and a
half per quarter.
The Secretary will ho in attendance every Monday
and Thursday evening, from (J to 7 o'clock, to receive
subscribers names.
N. B. Donations of Newspapers, Magazines, or Books
thankfully received.
d.'.-lm * JOHN" COOPER, Sec.
make legislative provision  tor the many dif-l pitch.
fereut  denominations of  the Christian   re-     ' Possessing a very slender knowledge oflegisla
ligion) single out one sect for special protoc-1 <'0Mj without legal advice or iiddlliicnt assistana
tion* it would be an invidious distinction, and
therefore one unjustifiable to draw.
I entertain the greatest respect and admiration for the members of other religious communities,- who by their voluntary efforts and
contributions are rearing places of worship in
these colonies, and otherwise-furthering tho
all-important. Cause of religion, and then- can
be no doubt but that the members of thc
church of England will bo oijually zealous
under the self-supporting system.
Gentlemen, we are much indebted to thc liberal members ofthe late House of Assembly for
tho Reform Bill, as passed last session;
but it is an incomplete and partial measure.
There can be no dispute, but that population is the natural basis of representation ;
nature intended that all men should enjoy an
equality-of political rights, and although in
days gone by restrictions have been imposed,
thc time is evidently fast
approaching when
they will be abolished. Now, it musl be cloai
to you, that thc more thc suffrage is extended,
the more is the power ofthe government in
the hands of I he people, and the less nre Ihey
liable to arbitrary legislation ; for it is far
easier to bribe, coerce, or influence a small
constituency than a large one, and you there-!
fore cannot, I fee! sure, bo content with the
modicum of reform obtained from the late
Legislature. Many intelligent men havo been
shut out from having a voice in the affairs of
f any hind, ! approach the subject with diffidence."
>,'. B.—At that timo tho present Chief
Justice was in office.
The admissions this extract contains were
mado after long and careful observation, and
therefore given after sincere conviction, and
wilhoui qualification condemn both council
and judicial'}- • comment on tho latter, from
personal feeling, 1 would willingly pass over,
but in the position in which 1 am now placed
by accepting your request to become a candidate, I cannot do so, without being liable to
the. charge of partiality, as well as moral cowardice.
The Chief Justice of this colony is invested
with till the powers of the Lord Chancellor ofI
pletc :
Portable Chairs, forming Bedsteads, with Mattresses, kc,
Crimean Canteens, kc, kc, kc.
Established in  183G.
Incorporated by  Royal Charter in IS-tO.
CAPITAL £1,000,000,
C O V II T    OK    I) I 11 E G T IIBS:
ElVgiand^and^oFtlm^ldgCsTf the Ecc'lesiasti-1^f^y Barnewull, Esq        I John Bloxam Elin, Esq.
i°     ,     ,, ,       P      ,. ,.  ,,     ThomasH. Brooking, Esq.    Oliver I'lirrcr, hsq.
ee.l and other  courts,   kc, kc;  cases ol   the Hobcrt Cnrtor) Es(,°' Alox. Gillespie, Esq.
most , abstruse    nature   may  at  any   time William Chapman, Esq.    | Sir A. Pellet Green. R. N
arise,   requiring profound legal acquirements William R. Chapman,Esq. I Francis Le Breton, Esq.
and acumen, Oil the part of the Judge,  beforo JamesJohnCummins,Esq. | John Ranking, Esq
whom  Ihey would come—acquirements that' secrbtah-v
can only bo obtained by years of study, it is
unreasonable to  imagine that the necessary
qualification for such a high and  responsible
ollice  can be intuitive, nor can it be right to
trust to chance for Ihe acquisition of knowl-
edge necessary lor a (duel Justice, or that heKr0;.TUEAIi       uo
should   exercise jurisdiction   at  tlio  risk of Ottawa, do
injustice, although unwittingly inflictec
Charles M'Nnb, Esq.
The Bank of England,
Messrs. Glyn, Mills k Co.
Gexehal Manager, Thomas Paton, Esq.
Quebec, Canada.      I Dux das, Canada.
| BllANTFOUD,     do
| London do
From thc importance which this colon} ,
a country, they have worked hard in assisting I has now assumed, thc highly  responsible of-' Hamilton
to build up.   Tiie giving the franchise to grad-j lice of Chief Justice  should immediately be
uates of the English  Universities would ap- filled by a duly qualified, legal practitioner,
 j.- i.- ..!......   ......    ,.   ...... •. 'and one of established repute in the profession.
To retain the present head of the judicial department, in office—is subversive of that res-
., i.
pear to be simply an act of patronage; it may
assume a different aspect, of this you will
judge when you seo how these gentlemen vote,
"but what claim they have to' tho privilegeIjiect and confidence that should appertain to
more than a respectable handicraftsman, I so high a functionary, is dangerous to thc
think vou will fail todiscovcr; they may prove | public, and, by Governor Douglas's own con-
tobomost valuable members ofourcommunity
but thc fact of their possessing the initials M
St. John's. New Brunswick,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, and
Victoria, V. I.
Messrs. R, C. Fergusson, F. II. Grain, k C. V. Smith
29 William Street.
Temporary Offices,  Government Street.
Gold Dust and Bills of Exchange Purchased.
New York,
S.\n Francisco,
New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia, and
fession, useless.
BCioiillenicn, much more might be said bear
A._ or B. A. is no criterion on that '•cure;  fori ing on thc question of reform, but  I fool surejon the Branches of 'the "provincial' Bank of Ireland,
this and   other incongruities  in   thc:reform that you must bo convinced of it--', immediate and tho National Bank of Scotland.
bill, we musl not attach blame to the   libera! j necessity iu the highest quarters, as being Ihe W Ollice hours—10 a. in. to 3 p. m.; and Saturday
members of the late House, we owe to them ground work of all others. 1 must now draw
the extension of the franchise, and, such as it towards a conclusion, earnestly reminding
is, it now gives the power to the constituencies you of thc importance of the com ing election
oi Vancouver Island, m a considerable degree,
to discriminate and to form a Legislative As-
What I have stated to you, I  trust you may
consider,  bears the  impression of truth anc
sembly, in part composed of such materials as I reason. I cannot see that I havo indulged in
will at least resolutely endeavor to resist all anything approaching to ambiguity, or any-
ittompts that may be made to  control  their|thing that can be construed into personality;
'it is only with men in  their public capacity
that we have ii right to deal.
undoubted privileges, or ignore their legitimate demands.
Referring to the stamp and character of|
men whom I trust may form the li bend majority of tho new House, leads mo tothe composition of the present council * on ordinary
occasions we mny deal in generalities, bul
this is a crisis in'the era of Vancouver Island.
Now is the time to lay bare the errors, short
comings, and improper composition of its
government' as Englishmen we have thc inalienable right to do so.
Gentlemen, I have bveii acquainted for
some years with all the members (save one,)
' ofthe council—must estimable men and profi-
cicntin the knowledge oi that peculiar business
and trade, in which almost from childhood,
they have been engaged—r, business which
successfully to follow, it has been imperatively necessary that they should be completely
withdrawn from the busy haunts of civilized
men. !No\v in addressing you, the electors
of Victoria, (1 feel that 1 am addressing as
intelligent a constituency as any in her majesty's dominions,) i ask you, can it be expected that the members ofthe council, to whom
I have alluded, who have been subjected to
such long and complete isolation, should be iu
any way impartial and practical Legislators ?
The other member of tho council arrived here
from California, at the period ofthe gold cx-
The highly important question of Education, roads, development of natural resources,
&c, etc., 1 have not touched upon, there can
10 a. in. to 1 p.m.
]?. \V. WOOD, Manager.
VIOTO Ii I A,   V.   I.,
East side of Douglas street, between Port und View st.
250 Shares SlOO each.
The following is a Prospectus of the proposed Theatre to bo erected by Mr. Verydhen.
rBHIK Undersigned hereby subscribe for the number of
I    shares affixed to their names Cora Theatre, 120 feet
front by sixty feet deep, to bo built of brick, by Charles
be but little effectual legislation in such mat1! Verydhen, according to plan and specification, ant to be
ters without money, which, with our limited
population, will bo the dillieult thing to procure, and should you fail in obtaining a
staunch, liberal majority in the House of Assembly, (but, on the contrary, should a submissive majority prevail,j you will have little
control over the system of taxation, and possibly less regarding the outlay of revenue,
iind.the important subjects above mentioned.
In conclusion, I would urge on you to strain
every nerve, in order legitimately to secure
a majority of liberal members in the new
house ; and then, with a thoroughly independent assembly, and let us hope, with an enlightened ami reconstituted council, with our
law courts presided over by an able and duly
qualified lawyer, we may claim to take a position in the world, worthy of a liritish
Colony; confidence will bo inspired in our
institutions, and then, we may reasonably expect that persons may be induced to visit our
shores, and embark their capital in such enterprises as the natural resources of the colony
encourage, thereby givingstubilityto present,
and promise for I'ui ure investments.
delivered by him, with Ihe ground au.d..twelve sets of
scenery complete, and also a Concert room, iiO by 00,
for tho sum of $25,000, said Theatre to accommodate
about Sun persons,
Tho shares are payable in four instalments of ?25
each; the first when'ii of the number of shares shall
shall have been subscribed, and the others on the 31st.
of March, 30th of June, and 30th of September 1860.
When 'i ofthe number of shares shall have been subscribed, ii meeting of the shareholders shall take place
for the nomination ofa Committee and Treasurer,
Receipts shall be given by the Treasurer for each instalment, and the shares delivered after complete payment.
In case of non-payment into the hands of tho Treasurer of an instalment duo by a shareholder, his share
or shares shall be sold nt auction by the Treasurer for
the amount of said shareholders.
Each shareholder shall, in proportion to his number of
shares, have ownership in tho land, Theatre, concert
room, mid to tho revenue therefrom.
The contractor will commence the building when ij
of tho number of shares aro taken, nud shall draw on
lhc Treasurer for 4-5 only of Iho work as it progresses,
said work to be ascertained by a special coniiuilloo of
three members nppoiuted by the shareholders j the
snid Contractor shall not receive lhc balance boforo the
first of October, 1800, lit which lime the whole building
is to bo delivered complete, and in good order, into the
hands of the Cojiimitluo.
rl"tIIK Lower portion of the Uriel; Building occupied
\      by the New   Westminster  Times Ollice, in rear ot
rj"tIIR Lower portion of the Uriel; Building o
■  Times Ollice, in
Stationer's Hall.    Apply to
n3-tc Messrs.
Bill Heads,
Leqal Blanks,
Blank Notes,
Way Bills,
Show Bills,
Etc., Etc.,
Executed in thc neatest manner, nnd with the
greatest despatch, at the Ollice of tho "Nkw Wkst-
minstisb Times,"
N 8-Horse  Power High   Pressure   Engine   w\li
Boiler and Connections, complete,
For sale by
Just arrived.
10 hhds Jclfry's Celebrated Edinburgh Ale
20 casks Byuss's Ale, in Pints.
Victoria, V. I.
Friday 25, Nov. 1853
AT a Meeting of the  committee hold this <Jnv •
was resolved as follows: •''
1st.   The first Winter-concert for this Soasonslul
be givon in the week preceding Christmas Day.  j-vj.'
Member, in addition to a personal admittance, will I
entitled to a ticket admitting two friends.
2d.    A  general  meeting of the  whole /Society f"
musical practice, will be held in  the ensuing week
a place and time to be announced in subsequent adr»
3d.   All Members are particularly requested toatteni
such  meetings, and to invite such of their friendi
may wish to become members of the Society.   'f||C,.
tendance of all persona proposing to take a part In nj
performances is especially desirable.!
nc.'i-lc J/o,i, ,S',,
STEAM between  NKW   YORK   nnd  BBEMEX vi,
The screw steamers of the North German Llovil-
BREMEN Cnpt. II. Wessels
NKW VDKK    ••     II. .1. Vonsantoi,
WESBI!     "    .1. II. Gntjeii.
Run regularly between New York. Bremen and South,
ninpton, carrying the c. s. Mail. i
Taking Passengers to Bremen, Havre, London anj
Southampton ui the following rates:
First Cabin, Si 00: second Cabin, $G0; steerage $31
These vessels take Freight to I, Ion nnd Hull, f«
which through bills of lading ure signed.
An experienced surgeon is attached lo each vessel.
All letters musl pass through thc Posl Office.
No Bills of Lading but those of the Company willl>
Iihjy-Specie taken to Havre, Southampton and Brcma
at the lowest rates.
For Freight or Pas-age. apply to
do-tc No. 8 1 Broadway.
CARPENTER, Contractor, and Builder, comer i
Blanchnrd and Kane-streets, near the church,ill
prepared to contract for or superintend the ercctionof
llrick Buildings, Frame Cottages, Wood nnd Brick Fire-
Proof Stores and Dwellings, &c.,/nll in the best style of
architecture and in the cheapcst'iind best workmiinlikt
A long experience in Europe nnd the United Ptnlei,
and a perfect knowledge of his profession, nrcagum.
antce thai any work entrusted to him shall be satisfactorily executed.
Plans, drawings, and specificfttions, made in everr
style ai the shortest notice. ocll-3m
ICKSON,    AVil'lil-'LL ,t Co., comer   Wharf ai
Johnson streets—
Blankets, scarlet and bine;
Clothing, an assortment;
Boots and Shoes :
Cordage and Twine."! nl-nil
1/ \  A A/ V    LBS- WHITE   LEAD.
Yates Street,
\ LARGE Assortment of WINDOW GLAS,ami
-Zl- Artist's Tools and Colors. Oil, Turpentine, Vm-
uish Putty, Graining 'funis, ic, kc.
Also n  large   assortment of WALL PAPER, Bor-
ers nnd Mixed Paints. I. N. JEFFERIES,
sl0-3m Vales street.
Bunkers. San Francisco, AT PA II.
Furnish Bills of Exchange  in sums to suit, ami.it
current rules on New York and Loudon. ,jj
Pay highest prices for gold dust. to'
Make advances on gold dust for assay or coinage in I
Sau Francisco. l^
Purchase Navy Bills and Bills on London. *•'<
d3-lra d«
jGiingley Hotel.
WWINNARD, PiioHUKTOii, Fort Langley, Briti
#    olll inbiii.
The Proprietor of the Lungley Hotel, having rc-hnilt
and enlarged his establishment, mid furnished itsom
to afford First lass Accommodation to the trnvellin.?
public, respectfully solicits a continuance ofthe liberal
patronage hitherto bestowed on him. His table is always supplied with everything the market affords, BWJ
served in the best style. Single rooms oan always Iw
had. Tho sleeping apartments nre furnished with
good beds. The best liquors will always bo fouii'l''
the Bur. Travellers passing up or down the river, UMJI
always depend on finding Ihe best accommodation al
the Langloy Hotel.
j(k,'}"'Stornge for merchandise on reasonable terms.
Fort Langley, B. ., Oct. 20, 1851). no-ltc
Victoria.    J \   ban Fr
Pierce & Seymour,
North-west corner of Yates and Douglas streets, Victoria,!
ARE |n regular receipt of assorted Furniture of substantial quality, which ,thoy oiler at roasonabS
rates, in part consisting of
BEDSTEADS, all sizes; Bureaus, plain nnd srroh
front; Tables, assorted sizes; b airs, cane und wooii
scut, and odico chairs; Rockers, ciuio seal and back;
Looking Glasses; Cots, and other articles of immediate necessity. U
Mr. PIERCE—recently of J. k 0. S. Pierce, of Sa«
Francisco—now residing there, will give, his attention
to the filling of special orders for any stylo of Furniture,
thereby saving time, trouble, nnd expense, to partlC
Of this particular material for Bedding, wo have a"
ample stock in hand, which wo offer either by the I"1''
or in Bedding, at steady prices. It is universally conceded to be equal to feathers, nnd bettor than curM
hair for this climate, at half the price of either. O"
iirriingeinonts with the sole, importer of it for Clllifnrn",, f
arc such that wc are enabled to soil Lower than itcl1"
be had elsewhere. Straw Mattrasses, wholesido »n
ctail. n8-3.u   I
Printed,   for  thc   Proprietors,   every Sat'iiu'AY,
.hi.xaui) McCniiu:, at the Ollice oftho "Now "£
insler Times," Langloy-Blroet, off Yates-strcct,''


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