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The New Westminster Times Oct 27, 1860

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■ ■
itf. g. hi iii
3* primrote, gstitiug, $Mn 21 1800.
{From the London Times.)
Tho only visible thing tliatis consistent with
lie almanac this season, and even that.atone
(timo was deviating into groat inconsistency, is
t in' I rouse of Commons.   When wc take up our
Mia],or  and   read "August''on the page,   and
tin- descending rain and feel the  nipping
,,-iinls, and look wistfully at the cold fireplace,
i. difficult to believo that tho pi-intei- has
I j,ni  mauo  somo glaring mistake.    Let   us,
however, turn over to the long columns  of
[Parliamentary  debate-    Wo can always  tell
j].-,' tho tone which we there find what time of
: i • year it is.    They oblige us to give up our
doubts, and  own that, after all, it must  be
[Inn'  that  wo are in the second week of our
autumnal month.    The season is a little late
even in the House of Commons, but thero tiro
all the usual symptoms of autumn there.    We
Diiivo  not bad an adjourned '!.;bato for many
■ j
I i
not ba.
■Ill's.      The
,ad  niornin
! debate
usual short,   sharp  battles,   iii
, li.obt, upon  adjournments of
Houso ceased somo timo ago; business is
through  with a decent, and  sometimes
even an indecent, speed-
■witli oven an indecent, speed-   Every night
point-thing is now cleared off which has   been
■ landing about till the  -Session,  encumbered
■with a hopeless mass of amendments.   Among
Ittber achiovomcn'.s of this character, perhaj s
■tin' most notable was that which occurred on
■Tuesday night, when the   European   Forces
Diill was in one sitting  debated, read a third
iho, and passed.
lie  sincerely  congratulate  the  House  of
ominous upon havinig got this Bill clean out
if their House,    while it remained there no
ne could predict what chance he had of ever
11ing away; but since that is worked  off
ivory jaded member ma}* look forward with
inine confidence to a holyday-    It is pleasant
0 glance back upon perils escaped; and now
hat we know that it did not end in an ad-
iirunient we can read withsome complacency
even   the  hist  discussion upon   this terrible
bill-    It   makes  one smile   to  observe   how
Constant the old names are in their old places.
k\v Henry Willoughby still complains on lohalf
those  neglected   notables  of the   Indian
'iiuncil.   sit- T- Colebrooko is once more garrulous in favor of the European  mutineers,
lir J. Elphinstono takes an opportunity of in-
t'oduciug Mr. Wilson and his Income-tax by
|vav  of a slight variation of the prescriptive
ijiics-    Sir Do Lacy Evans discusses the l.oti-
al Artillery and tbe sentiments ot the Duke
Wellington ; and ilr- Horsman tells an anec-
lotc about tt Commander-in-Chief being sworn
ii at the liielia-hoitse who was so infirm that
c could  not rise to return  thanks for thc
onor that had been conferred upon him, and
1 another who was so blind that he would
avc fallen over a chair on leaving the  room
.ut for  the interposition ofa benevolent eli-
L'ctur-     lint- how diflerent were all  those
leeches from all that had gone before upon
lie  same subject I    One roads them with nl-
ist a sense of enjoyment—not, indeed, from
Iny  intrinsic  merit th-*y havo, but from  the
lelcome  conviction that they are tho last of
Heir Kind-    These worthy knights and baron-
have no longer any amendments in their
j.kt'ls.    This time it is only blank cartridge
ley  are firing'    '"sir J- Elphinstono does  not
|tend even to divide against the third realtor the Bill-   Even Mr Uorsman  rises only
enter his final protest," and wo gladly
impromiso with him for an hour of protost-
g    Tho lire from till those Indian officers
••enihles, indeed, rather a "feu de joie" than
hostile volley; tliov arc so delighted at Imv-
g achieved  tlie  addition  to  the i-ill of a
luso declaring that the House intended to
ko from the local officers of India, whether
Hilary or naval, none ot tho rights and pri-
leges which they at present enjoy, butguar-
deed   to  them their present pay, pensions,
"1 allowances, with thoir old advantages in
'"'notions.   We do not wonder that this con-
ssion by tbo Government has very much
"Hied, although it has not eiitir.'ly satisfied,
o ruffled tempers of theso Indian M.  P's.   It
us always professed by the Govornmont that
eve was no intention of interfering with the
'vantages which any Indian officer had pre-
ously enjoyed.    But- this formal guarantee,
"■eh is not tjr-iWo.y _*dbe56n.3"3i.tt>ar™S!_rjg--'
practico, will probably give the object8 ot it
vantages,  and will certainly give them se-
>.iy, "which  thoy never could have had il
is Hill had nol passed,    By  this oompro-
iso and this expense w° have now got rid
ever of those weary weighings of conflict-
! testimonies, of those apologies for Euro-
l" mutineers, and those fierco defences of
Hilary sinecures and Staff pluralities with
Inch  wo wero so long afflicted-   Of course,
''whole thins at last resolved itself into a
under thc Horse Guards?" and he is answered
by the Indian Minister, "Certainly not." The
native army is to be officered from the staff
corps, which is to be entirely selected by the
Indian Government.   The  Governor General
selects the officers appointed to tho command
ofthe expedition to India, and the same power
in  all respects will remain with him under
tbis Bill.   We are not very likely to  advocate
any measure which would have the cficct  of
tin-owing additional patronage into the hands
of the IIor.se Guards, and  wo should not have advocated this amalgamation, or argued so strenuously for
the unity  of our  British  Army, if we hnd  not been
quite satisfied that the   Government scheme tended
rather to reduce military patronage to thc narrowest
possible Bphere, and to <rive the widest scope to competition.   This Bill may now be considered passed.   Lord
Derby hns intimated in the f.ortls his intention of facilitating its progress through that House, and although
it is in reality but nn indirect Parliamentary recognition of n scheme which  it lay within the  Royal prerogative to carry out, still it must be considered ns one
o:' the most important At-ts of a barren Session.   There
is n  great  deal, however, still to be done,     lt cannot
he expected that  immediately we  have swept away all
those  crying ahuses the  new  system will  come into
opeiation in sudden  perfection, nud will work in nn
oily nml satisfactory manner.    The Government has judiciously refrained from placing before the House  of
Commons all the minute details of the scheme they have
formed for creating a thoroughly good military service
for India.   Special knowledge will still he required, the
language of India must still be studied by those  who
are  to  conduct operations in that great  dependency,
and, although the liritish Army will henceforth be  one
and indivisible, such  arrangements' must be made as
will allure a sufficient number of our young officers to
choose for themselves an Indian career, ami to  apply
themselves to those studies which alone can fit them to
run  that career with credit.    For the present this  part
of the service will he supplied by the officers who have
served in the Company's Service, nntl all accounts from
India show that those officers are fully alive to the advantages that are opening to them, and very zealous to
seize them.    Now that we have put the Army of India
upon a sound footing, we may next Session go on to do
ns much  for the Civil Service, ami also to  reorganize
the whole system of Indian judicature, from the Sudder
Ailawlut itself dowu to the  kut.hcrry of the smallest
unlive judge.
THOMAS PATTRICK, & Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, .Mexico, the
Mcdittcrrancau, ami Van Dieinan's Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
CO, Fuoxt  Street,  Sax   Fuancisco, California,
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines,  Cordials,  Syrups, nnd
every article- in his line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, maj- rest as-
sureil that we will endeavor to give satisfaction in the
article, and dispatch iu forwarding. nlt)-tc
11.   WATERS,   TINSMITH,   kc,
INFORMS the Traders and  Miners of Fraser River
that  he  is   now   prepared to  furnish all kinds  ot
camping  utensils,  in  Tin,   Iron,  and  Copper, lit  for
Miners and Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to a43m
FniBT-STitE.T, San* Fuancisco.
Wc continue to manufacture, at thc above well known
Steaiu Engines,
Saw Mill,
and other machinery, of every description, and Iron
and Brass Castings of all kinds.
From the long experience we have had, nnd the superior tools and machinery, nntl thu very large collection
of patterns at our command, tve I'ceJ confident that our
facilities for tu.'ning out the best style of work, with
dispatch, and at the lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pacific const.
Russia Iron Screens for Qtinrtz Mills, made at short
notice. Orders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
jc20-Gm Lute GoDDARD & Co.
II E N D E It S 0 N    &    BURN A B Y
March 21, 1800.
Uter of pay and patronage, and these being
iarautood,  tbo real strife ceases, and tho
"owl of opposition rolls sulkily away.
Upon this subject of patronage a great deal
"(isiipprehensioii has occurred both inside
'I outside the House of Commons, and the
''.V small amount of sympathy which tho
position to this Bill obtained from the pub-
was grounded upon the mistaken  notion
I"! tin. Government proposed to hand over
Hie patronage of the Indian Army to tho
''so Guards.   Even at the last moment Mr.
P'suitm asks- <•-,. not tho native army to boj   iu21-3m
AYE Jt'ST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
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etc., kc, kc,
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dune 13th, I8P0. to
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Incorporated  by Royal Charter in  1840.
CAPITAL, .5.1100,0.0
Special Deposits received in sums of $100 and upwards, re-payable on demand. Charge for safe
keeping, one-quarter ok o.ve per cent, per month.
Cold Dust received tor safe keeping, at the rate oi
nvn CENTS per oz. per month.
Drafts Issoed on London GO days after Sight, at
the rate of $4 tlo per £1, stg.
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principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, nt
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Canada 4 ner cent, premium.
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at sight—par.
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Foundry, he is now pr«p«S--_ te> s-all Plain and Orun
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Chapin & Co.'s Male and Female Employment Office,
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California Bees, in every kind of movcable-frame
Hive woi thy of mention.
These Bees were bred in Alameda countv, under the
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The extensive manner in which I have engaged In
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Bees in stronger and healthier Swarms, and at a lower
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Full instructions Ibr the management of Bees, and
all particulars respecting them can bc had by applvine
10 J. Y. WILSON,
at thc Oregon and California Provision depot
No. 19, Commercial-street,San Francisco.
fiSS"' Parties wishing Bees can have them forwarded
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••"•■bi-1" " jul3-_m
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100 tons HAY for Sale.
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New style noiseless
From S75 upwards.
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PUBLISHED every fortnight in time for the California,
Mail .Steamer. The prices Current contains tho
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as invaluable as an index and commercial authority to
every merchaut and tradesman ns it is a desirable
medium for advertising. Printed for A. F. Main at
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tiT-?1(r.ife. ,_..:*., ...     	
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ends ;
Desks, with fall nnd door front? :
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Chairs, assorted sizes;
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best Feather Pillows, all sizes ; in the manufacture of
which we use none hut the best materials, and guarantee our work.  „_„
Broad-street, between Yates and View streets.
Victoria, V. I., April 11, I860. 8__,
Thi? journal is published every Saturday morning
m the office, Columbia-street, New Westminster, in
time for the up river and Victoria steamers. Single
Is., or ■-■"i cents.    Terms per quarter. 10s.,
copy, pric
or $2.50*   half-yearly,
£i  1"-.. or -rT.oO.
Subscriptions m
or  S..al
and  yearly,
in mutt be paid
One Inch, or
i'm.ei'.—(ine-  insertion..
" One month	
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Two Inches, on less—One  insertion..
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'. •' Three months...
« " Six months	
Fopr Inches, on lbsr—One  insertion..
ii » Un'.- month	
" « Three   mouths...
advertisements of larger  dimension
periods as per agreement.
5 cts.
A   I")
in 00
17  50
In a late nun:! er ol' the Colonist we have au article
on * Union with British Columbia,' infinitely more
abusing titan anything we have ever seenin the" pages
of our Victoria contemporary.   The Colonist says:—
1 The- moment union is broached, thnt instant we are
met with the question—•'Will not union with British
Columbia necessarily do away with our free port sys-
Jtt-ni?" We reply, no. 1' Iocs n :.: i c- ssity foil w
j thai there should be any alteralfon el our free port
j system. We may still c intiuuc to perpetuate free p >rts
; and direct tnxati -..■;.'■ I the same time enjo; the ad-
I vantages of union * ith British Columbia.-
Now considering that on'".- tna sation lakes-place, :
I Van-.aver Iri_.ii I immediat :'.y ' ber individuality—
1 into  British Columbia, end must submit
t countenance an i ujai
of taxation would bc fi on
at leas-*, n perpetual source
pop*lation9.   For it will
the Eli
s? soon as proj
laini i. With .i
lands ami «   rk:
ur colony to
uld bc the si
per cent. an.
. ...tb
.     . \ ere we t
, ha
.rdinarv  sch
Master.—Wc me happy to announce
• i ■. Cooper, ourhitlicrtoabseut'-e Harbor
-, ulleroau came here ou thur .day morning,
'.•. li i-mi. and intends bringing up bis tamer building accommodation can be
n sident industrious Commissioner
,'. tive treasurer, nud an intelli-
, .Master, we might ulmo.-t feel
ut the addition of n Legislature and
Roads prov the Capital
,t- in
l l.rin
  30 oo
or for longer
j she is mei*|
! to whatever laws the Legislature of the combined col-
: onies wonld enact : and also taking into consideration
the fact of tbis colony being much more populous than
the sister colony, and with the prospect of increase as
ten to one against Vancouver Island, tbe uccessity of
a comparatively larger number of rqwescntatives at
once displays itself: yet by sonic peculiar chara ' isti
logic of our contemporary, the people of Van. mvei
Island, even despite the majority of t'.te Le-,
t -ling British Columbia .-■■
I n rivalry exists., and  tiie  atti
, colony whilst a portion enjo)
; by the whole, would be to p.
■ government   experienced   at
| Governor can «ith a I   ;
! rule over lis at present, :.  I
' ditions our ..j:::■ ■:i*.j.  rar
sent prevails in mol around New
nnl of proper wagon road tliroughs
,e vicinity of the town.    Sn
!■_' farm produce one cr two
him thc iui' '■ of thc pr idu e
: much settling gong on in
W c are not advocates for thc
m New Westminst. r
Tbe ...until niel at the hour of seven o'clock
Members  present :   The President,  (Mr. hirji,
Messrs. Manson, Brown, Homer, t'ormaek, .\rtn_i' ?"'
and Holbrook. ' ^ttlro».)
The iniuiites of the meeting held on October un,
not having been signed by tho chairman (Mr.Armst
presiding at the last meeting; objections havin.h*'
raised by that gentleman with regard to a re-.. r"1
contained in Hie minutes, having reference to swe- >'">
in lite sureties of the municipal officers, lie-in,. „ -
stitutional.     The.e  objections gave rise t0"a nutl
it all the member
ers of
•■"' council
irmac serontied a r.t,
1 •" "gn the minute,*,
an esca.j.
rpejuate t
th-  prese
Victoria—W. E. IIbhuh, Vales-street.
V.u.i:—Mr. LIumpiirev.
Port Douglas—Mr. Thor. Coor.'it.
Fort IIo.k—Mr. J. 11. Merrit.
Siiimh.kohf.es asd Rock Creek.
S.-N FitAN.i.-.'o—Mr. Thos. Bovcr, corner Monigom-
ery and Washington-streets.
Cayoosh—Mr. A. Mat-Donald.
Nanaimo—Mr. M'Innes.
Lo_.no".—Messrs. W. L. Kirkland and Co., (Evening
Mail) No. 7, King William-street, Strand.
'.■iiiicrr-—• On thc other ! i
.he British Columbian I Americans' attempt
colony to thp  1
stature, The : Occasional
j -may still continue to perpetuate free port- and direel pamphlet ' containin
! taxation, and at the same time enjoy the advantages of British Columbia to
j union with British Columbia.1 j Deraers,' on the subji i
But we have another choice specimen*^' On the other j mo t extraordinary i
I hand,' says our contemporary,  ■
; will ask—■• If we consent to union, will British Colum-
I bia retain her  turili* or  adopt the free  port system."
I We nre  afraid  the ' Victoria  Bricks'have  rather ob-
I strncted  the   Colonist's vision.    What a lofty position
inti-t it assume-, to fancy British Columbia like some
awe-stricken, helpless school boy kneeling tremblingly
before the mighty • we' of the- Colonist and asking will
it retain its : tariff or adopted the  free-port system.'
From one absurdity it is an cu-y step to a greater.    We
can imagine with what .-tateliiiess ftnd majestic serenity
the oracular • we' replies :—
intended for ti
nected  from  other part
j fairly represent the   mil
We answer—Retain  vour tariff bv a'l  means, till j to be misun It rsti
lll.l (les- I ther. he sufficient permanent wealth in the country to
gradually reduce it. so that eventually British Columbia
may repeal it entirely, and enjoy the free port system as
well as Vancouver Island.'
(Hi thrice happy British Columbia ! what a future is
in store for you—:to enjoy thc free port system as well
as Vancouver Island.' To have your fertile valleys and
arable plains retained as pasture ground fur thc deer
and elk—to import everything you use or consume—
from the timber for building your boats atvl bouses, to
the feed for supplying your cattle—from your potatoes
and cabbng.s, to  vour flour and oat-meal.     What a
>Vc might ..arch thu world over.
pito all thc hard names that have at different
times been hurled at British Columbia, in
vain disc-over a country more prosperous in
its financial condition than this colony. After paying our Government officials, and the
current year's expenses for public works, we
shah have, before.- the last day of "eeeinber. a
surplus of some twelve thousand or thirteen
thoiis-.it'' pounds—or about one-fourth thc entire revenue. Now, however much this fact
will be a source of congratulation to the inhabitants of this colony, the result will be far
from satisfactory, unless seme efforts be made
at once on the part of Government to expend
tho balance on works of utility before the
year expires. If this be not done we .hall
in all probability have thc disagreeable consciousness of thc Home Government with its
paternal hands scraping the money into its
own coffers. There are many not only legitimate but absolutely essential schemes for Unemployment of this portion of the public
money, and which would redound immensely
to the benefit of the colony. We shall confine ourselves at present to the desirability of
establishing a Light-ship at the entrance to
Frascr river. It is only a few days ago that
the new buoy on the North Sand Head disappeared, since Capt. Richards laid the
buoys down in the fir.it place, about a year ,
ago, the one on this pot-lion of the Sand Head ;
has since been twice replaced, and another
wil now require to be sunk,  making four
buoys for the one locality during the year I time, the question brought before thc Assembly of the
The expense of sinking ono buoy- is almost sister colony. In what manner, however, any member
as great as placing half  a dozen, for a vessel I of that Legislature could now reason ns he might have
done a year ami a half ago, .nil as many then did. wc
are puzzled to perceive. At that time it was considered by the Legislature of the neighboring colony as
pregnant with direful evils to Vancouver Island.    Now.
I'ai'ki:.' — We have received -
two letters from the Bisliop •:
the Rev. E. Cridge and Bishi ;■
.•f tin 'Occasional Paper.' The
rt ul  thti  pap-.r, relating  to the
the Vi. toria election to ai
•   ; St it -. h explained by his
in the fi Bowing paragraph :—
arse thc allusi n to "annexation'' was a mire !
pleasantry, which, in a letter lamiliarly written, conveyed no more serious intention than do remarks often
made in conversation with our republican brethren, in
friendly reference to their enterprising love of territory.'
A general explanation is also given of the other rather j
exaggerated statements, in the tallowing language :—
• Private  letters are not always so  care
- those intended for ti.e public, an. , The CovebsjikxtA
wc believe, about to h
dust may be exch tngci
debate in wl
j joined, after v. hi. li
Mr. Hon,-i ii.'.'.i-.l and Mr. C
j lutioii iri'i.i Stil g .In.   I'ri" i'!
I question, which was enrri d.
lntry.    t> c are not nuvocuu-s     imc j --,.,.,.„, So. , am,   ,    „  tvsAxtA  fl.
e instruction of half-a-dozen roads from .New Westminster   ,,.(. Govcrnor    By_.law No. 3  wns returned um.  J
to Burrard Inlet, but we really think some steps ought   it bc;     consi<icrcii i,v tuc Attorney General .sunerif '
io be taken by Government to not only enable the far-   „ .-    ;,„  ,,,,,-,.,-„„ *,„.-„,,  ilU lhot ia n.cessarvf„,M|
ruers, who are already cultivating land some little tli--   cxtendtng ,,,t, tlme ,„r lhe payment of the taxes
t.mce from the   town to bring their produce with la-       Mr  ,,,;,,,„ mom,  .,,„,  M).   i,ro„ „ .econeleil t'u, „
cility to Xew Westminster but, also to encourage num>   teildcrs ,-,„. lllL. chopping of tho trees on the
hers of those who at present in consequence, arc deter-   ftnd      kg 1|(. „,„.,„.,-, whic|, wng cai.ri(1
red from settling to become  bona jidc occupants aud
cultivators ot the soil.
1 s .uarci
jt the specifications was then called for
i- fn!n
.': ities and other ...
ted at
Si n  IVi stiuinsl r, fu
e wee
ss end
i' :. 2 *.li respective!.
10   T
1! trb r Dues
! 1
; :   :•
Head Slonev
II    1
Wan-house Fees
S     I.
Tonnage Dues    -
8    0
ii  11
Harbor Dues
lu    2
Head Money
ii    ii
Tonnage Dues     -
tl    n
Warehouse Fees -
S     II
ire the amounts of
the Custom House,
in- Oct, 13th, and
iiui ri'iid. mid awarded to John
Sutherland- Thomas Wooilsi.,
£053 (.' 4
Total for two
extracts, discbn- ]
if a correspondence, do not |
of the writer, and are lik.lv
AVe are glad that this course has b
Bishop.    It is  easily understanding
on 1
-•  ri -.    ll.it much
pursued by t
Englisll clerc
a stranger to  new countries, being pounced upon . u'1
s  arrival  and
made the  victim of mischievous !
s wc regret thc publication in th
prosperous colony you wil! iu time become!—how populous   and  bow   productive :   and all through the far-
seeing, scheming brain of that Colonistic * we.'    Verily
a greater thau Pitt or sir Robert Peel is here.
Again our contemporary remarks :—
1 Tlore can be  no solid  objection against uiiioii, be-
I cause thc idea of '.■.', o i.,:"!-..* ■•.! raising revenue, in two
different parts  of thc snmc country, is ne.v.    Many of
the most Useful inventions ofthe age were new.'
Wc  might  search  Socrates, Aristotle, and  Plato in
' vain to discover such au instance of profound reasoning
i as this.  The idea of • many of the most useful inventions
I of '.he age' being new. is certainly rather astounding,
| but to draw the deduction that everything new is useful
i is we tiiink  coining to rather exaggerated conclusions.
For instance it would be a very new idea of ascension
i to climb up a beam of thc sun's rays, but we scarcely
1 think it would be found useful or practicable.    It would
be  also  something  new to associate the Colonist with
reason   or  common  sense, but  it  would by no means
follow that the association would be correct.
Thu above are fair specimens of the spot ious and
logical arguments set north by our contemporary of
Vancouver  island.    Although the "subject of nnnexa-
first place of several portions of the • Occasional Paper,
we regret still more ihe rather un-Christinn delight
manifested by a large number of both clerical and lay
members of other denominations at the idea of thu
Bishop, as we have heard some parties classically remark, ■ putting his foot in it.' We a.-c of opinion that
ii.tn h better for tlie- spiritual as "_"ell as the
■iirts of tin Ionics, however horrible it
may appear, to be deprived altogether of clericnl in-
| strtiction, if bigotry and a kind of business huckstering
! competition and childish spitefulness should be its per-
j petual accompaniment.
v Officii.—Arrangements are,
a.'.e by the Treasurer whereby
ir coin ai the Assay offiicc, and
bars,  assayed at the fJovcriimeul
eived iu payment of Beveinie.   To
like interference with   private eu-
.• so,   ii would st ■. :,i to   h..\ i-  been
(;,,.--it by thc altetnp
•tv'il parties to d.nnag
(I'iv. riiuicnt < - i'i.-
v hi. m liuvi
lie Value ol
iver which
to effect the
lli.CT h.ld-
II woulu I i.
temporal i'
'. i (' A I.
he prcsiai
cuiit.iiiplaletl arrangement every inincr
ers of dust will be benefitted both by the convenience
of being able lo cash it in .New Westiniusler and hy the
gain  in so doing, as thc Govirnmcut Assays appear  in
lie always higher iu value than those hhidc by a  private
parly iu Victoria,  and parties exchanging dust for coin
with the Government would profit by the higher degree
of fineness of the Govcruiucut Stamp-.
Tiik Ccnss of iYpathv.—due of the ;
we believe, most potent reasons given Ir
no nt for not granting a I. igislnlttre to Bri
The reading
after which
It was moved and sccniided that the specifirnlion.
for chopping tho trees on the squares and parks be
ap| roved ot.    The motion was carried
The tenders  were then read
Vin  . .1.  Stratford,  II
and .laiuis Ki nnedy.
Moved by  Mr.H.lbrook, Seconded   by Mr.Homer
Thnt the Clerk of thc Council be instructed lu write
to the Harbor Master and bring to bia notice the.-j_ri
ofthe buoys at thc entrance of tho rh'cr being waty
away, end thnt application bc made to the proper in,
thorie- for fresh buoys to bc immediately laid _„„,'
a- frreal liangei  maj hnppej to vessels  entering ib.
ri'vi i from thi   cause, and the trade ofthe
red iu con i qm nee.   I carried.)
Xi'th i:s cr Motions.—Mr. Holbrook gave notice oft
| motion to be introduced nt next meeting ofthe Coin-til
for- tiiki-ig all the stumps out  of Uol>inibia>-&trect between  Merchant Square and the second bridge. Also
1 for a.-.-' rtuiiiii g tin opinion ofthe council ns t» «bti
' tin r it i- inaccordann with the Proclamation fur font
members  to  be a sufficient  quorum to Kdvcrti«i(_
Tenders.    Further, n nu.lion to ascertain the epiiiicD
of the  council   in reference to the enormous tax pro.
|.,.c,„i ,„  ,.„ icvitrd on the Trails to thc Upper Fraier
a- being likely to injure lb" trade in that direction,
Mr; Malison  gave  notice   ofa moiiuti for having i
. roadway cleared on Agncs-strcct.
Council ndjouVncd until Monday evening, tbe 2PA
inst. nt (J o'clock.
I viitinjt.
rincipnl and,
tlie Govern-
tah Columbia
I     The following is a comparative statement of the Cut |
! torn receipts  tar tin lit-t three quarters of 1859, ui;
; thc similar pi riod of 181.0.—
I'i..in Jan. l.t tu Sep. 31 th, 1850, £1_.4(*,7 1« 91
,-.        do do 1800, 25,081 15 Vi\
,      PriBciot's   Freiout.—The steamer   Caledonia,   on !
Wednesday  last,    took  down  about  100  passengers, j
'among whom  Were a number of the most succesfnl of ■)
I the Curriboo miners.    Those pioneers of the Northern
Min's,   as   near  as could lu ascertained, had   iu   tb.-ir
possession   .iioOfeOOO  in  dust.     Mr.   George   Ilarvey,
the first '"prospector"   intli.it portion of the country.
was   among them  whose claim paid, in the aggregate.
som. thing over $13,000.
The Govehnor's Hocsk.—His Excellency tho Cioc-
\ ernor, we believe, intends having his British Columbian
residence  built in thc conrsc of some weeks on   that
portion  of Xew Westminster allotted for the Government offii '■-.    We think this arrangement will be much
better than the one originally intended of pulling the
, house in thc park towards the Camp.
The Water Froxtagf..—We are glad to find that it
'■ is the Governor's intention to place the water frontage
■when leased under the control of thc Municipal t.'oun-
i cil. who are requested to forward to his Excellency such
regulations with regard to the breadth of the levee,
tion has. however, been but lately disinterred from the j the price bf wharfage, kc. which they might consider
Oblivion into which it fell after the declaration of New judicious, in ordi r that ihey may be put into thc condi-
Wcstiniiistcr as the capital of British Columbia, and I tion of sale when the auction lakes place,
the investment consequent upon thc sale of the site of
i that capital, wc should irjt be surprised to find, at any
ha.-*, in citlicr (j.is-c, to bo chartered for the
purpose; wo are certain, therefore, when
taking these circumstances into proper con-
stik'i'atiiin, that but very little additional expense will he required to maintain a Light-
rslvin-. In the first place we believe the vessel can be laid down and efficiently equipped
•for little more than twelve hundred or thirteen hundred pounds. Three men will be
a sufficient force to man the ship—a master
at about one hundred and twenty pounds a
year, and two seamen at one hundred pounds
each per annum. Their rations will conic to
about one hundred und twenty pounds a year
collectively' Oil, about forty pounds, and tho
wear and tear of the ship, say one hundred
pounds, making in all a yearly outlay of live
hundred and eighty pounds- For such a paltry outlay, wo do not see how Government
can any longer postpone such an invaluable
undertaking. It is absolutely useless attempting to lay down any moro of tho outer buoys,
The Post Office.—A more unfortunate department
does  not exist in the colony than our Post-office.    Not
only is it put into jail but its visitors from  the   upper
part of the town are compelled to make their way across
a lather primitive district of country,  crossing ravines
on  planks,  and  undergoing, in other respects, n great
amount  of personal  inconvenience.     We  have  seen
post-offices in gold count-ifs, besc.gcd before now  and
I we consequently imagine that the strung military posi-
I tion  taken up by this department In New   Westminster
is to  render nugatory all attempts on the part  of the
populace to approach it.    We hope, however,   that the
1    Government will,  as  soon as  possible  have
favorable opinion ofthe people and place such
any period in the history of both colonies when annexation would have proved a -vise stroke of policy it
would have been at the time to which wc allude. The
burthen of paying two governmental stall's was found
to l>e almost insupportable at such an early stage ol
the existence of the two countries. Hut Vancouver
Island, through some extraordinary nnd exaggerated
ideas of her importance, would have nothing to do
with Britisli Columbia. Montlis elapsed, and thc revenue of liritish Columbia assisted, in a great measure,
to support officials who were doing the work ot Van-
cover Island. However absenteeism has begun gradually to give way, and Vancouver Island officials are
being  appointed  by degrees  to  do Vancouver  Island
a more
an important institution as the post-office in a place less secluded from public observation, and more accessible to
the inhabitants of New Westminster.
The Cai.eihin'i.v.—This little steamer has been lately
undergoing repairs aud is at present capable of carrying
■Id pounds more steam to the inch than formerly. She
intends running from Victoria to Hope, and connecting
with Port Douglas by the schooner Lady of thc take
which the owners intend shortly to convert into a
Steamboat Inspection,—Wo hope Government will
adopt, shortly, some means by which otff ritpidly increasing licet of steamers may undergo regular inspections, ll is not only due to the people Whose lives
may be frequently imperilled through negligence on the
part  of stoiim-boat owners, but it is also  a mutter  of
is the apathy that exists amongst thc principal towns
in the interior iln the subject of local government.
When New Westminster, by dint of n proper system of
agitation, obtained a municipal council, running ahead
of its -1 iwer competitor Victoria, lhe win was made
clear and easy for ail the rest of the to'., ns in the colony
to obtain similar privilege—not only ibis but his Excellency had actually recommended the formation of these
local institutions to thc various towns, raiher an extraordinary step of liberality lor a governor. We rIso
urged nt the time upon the inhabitants of Hope, Vale.
Douglas, und Cayoosh the absolute necessity, for the
sake of concentrating public opinion and bringing to
bear on thc actions of government nn influence not to
be despised, the immediate formation of municipal
councils. Hut apathy was all-powerful — nothing ol
the kind was done, and the result proved as we had
predicted—an all powerful weapon in lb-* hands of
Covernment to crush in an apparently legitimate and
reasonable manner any attempts on the part ofthe population of this colony to olitam Representative Government. We resemble too ninth the colony of Victoria
in our political affairs—tnik a great deal, get up gigantic petitions and there the matter ends. Talking U
a thing by no moans to be despised, and petitioning the
or more than In
The Treasure
thc year, "I  - 12.
evidently, ' C . x.
up to la^. S,,,ir,
to £28,27
iii it c
-. £H
Increase       £13,219 14
1 p..r c nl.
's estimate,  made in the beginning cl |
id   for custom   re .',pts fur lsiitl will
ceded by probably £1,000,* the receiptt.]
nt evening the 20th of Oct. niiiouiiiiii( I
The receipts for Land sales arc
.0,  the estimate for the year vu; it I
or £11,000 ; there is time yet fur lhii|
i to reach the anticipated figures.
c ii H l; K SI' 0 N I) E N c 1:
Under this head we shall allow our readers .fulliibWfi
express Hnir sentiments mi nil tpirsttons pertaining but
public good or interest, whetiicr in coincide with tk<»
opinions or not. We ivill, consequently, nol '■•' mj*
tible for anything contained in our •■ corretpomirua:
We would, at the tame time, however, rtniurk thel &
communications' must have iiona file signuluw, •*
written mi one side of tlie papir only. Brevity uliDsW
ie adhered to.
To thc Editor of the  Niw Westminster _Tta».
Sin.—"Omniiim"  Slithcrum,  the Rip Van Vflrfi
i.-t. the liltle Naiiiiiuio SP8
Home Government is a very legitimate way of protest
ing against abuses, but if the inhabitants of liritish I correspondent or the Colonist, the litUe Miniumo ii»
Columbia imagine that this is all that is requisite to ui»N*t, who received a rather justifiable W
obtain thoso rights which other British colonies have oinB ''''"■■' '•"-• N*;'v West-iixster 'I imks wIkii l*
been obliged to shed their blood pelore poscssing, thev i lisuci1 '" ^ .''"'''•'• tot first bending ■■> siaiciiiuit as
are very egregious ly mistaken. Petitions are but poo*r j certain instances barbarity on the part of t.c
weapons unless sustained by substantial '>cts: And we \
have no idea  of the   English   Govern,ue      listening to i
Petitions nre but puu . ;
unless sustained bv substantial nets.    And we   ••*•'••'-' -'■■)' Company, and then in his usual muiinieii*
'   tvle,   swallowing llicln again—this l'rttlc  enterprise
our prayers tor representation- when such an important
individual has been in New Westminster in all JT«j
argument as we have stated will undoubtedly be used, [ ■■'".''t0 convert thc heathen and blow lbe |ioor  W«i#|
lather used up trumpet.    He has discovered on im
tbority  of some impudent wag who has been lioM'J
him.    or  Mime silly   Siwnsh  that the  Colonist IS"
'people's  paper,"   that its circulation is  greater tl
at once bestir itself and set an example lo the others I »•'»' "•'•■": N*-'v Westminster Times—that in fact,?
by applying   immediately to the Governor for such   cepting the Toronto ^/»Ae, noUiing lu.Uie Bliapet"
powers as "i-"  i.oss,.ssi.,i'i,v iln. i',,i,n,.ii ,,,- \*,.„-u'..,._ i mi*  aud printer1! '•
if necessary, against us. Vale, we believe, is the only
one of the several places we have alluded to that has
made anything like an attempt at obtaining Municipal
Institutions.     We hope that ibis energetic town will j
minster. ' Wc wish to see Road Hoards formed that will | T»ia WR3 -■ li!,u' •'■• brb6th ififormation and nmMOJ
take in a great measure the construction of these means    ■'"■'. ••"- N("'v Westminstcrinns.    1 hat a copy ot ll • i
work. At the present time the relative positions of the I justice to those who may possess boats in every respect
two colonies are simply these.     British Columbia will   staunch nud  seaworthy, yet,  through  inuentl.ies and
n,ia  ,.„,„ ,„„.„  ,•„„,„   ,.,,  ,.    . ,        '; statements, thrown out bv interested parlies, will be in
this ycaiha e f.o.n all sources a revcntio ot at least L,10 c01I1ing seft3on of extraordinary steamboat compc-
£50,000, With a prospect of from perhaps 50 tn 100 per I tition, seriously injured in their occupation and reputa-
ccnt.  increase  cm  this  amount during the next year. | tion.    Wc have, in another place, noticed the repair	
of ..-omnuiiii cation out ofthe hands of the Government,
and do away with the dissatisfaction ihat will always
prevail under the present system. Bul neither this
desirable object, nor representative government will lie
obtained until the inhabitants of the colony show
themselves alive to their political and materia! interests
as to grasp at local government when il is offered them.
McsicipaIi CoxTnACTS.—At the last meeting of the
Council the following contracts for chopping the timber
on the publh Squares nnd Gardens, were awardedi—
To Hugh Sutherland/ Section No I, at S95, Xo 2, $55;
John Vine, Sections No. 8 4 Band tl, at $90 $35 $37
and $25, fespcctiVolyj Joseph Stratford Sect. So, 7, at
§25; John Woodside Sect. No. 8, $10. The Bridge
contract was allotted to Janies Kennedy at $205.
Tin*  iSii.vF.il   Mixes.—Two  new silver mince  linvt- I
just been discovered on the banks ofthe Harrison  and [
Lilloet Lakes by a Mexican employed by a COlfipitny  of
30  Victorian Merchants, under the charge of Mr. U.  Ii.
Voting, of that place.     Assays were made on (he spot
as tllCV Will be Continually swept away,    Thu ! The official salaries may amount to about £15,000, thus I tllc Caledonia—considerable sums have also been a lit-    ,„„•• indicated a payable richness.    The mines are  sup-
ropoatod lossoi thc North Sund   Head ' buoy   leaving a bc__.no of something more thai, £35,000 to   %T_^"d!ff.uk_l»S p.0Md ,0 '", m™ "'' " T-y fxtcns.iVo lc'u,1'    ('!>m>-
1   t    „   ■!.„.,   „, i  ,1 I',.-,.,,,, i. ■ v   i <i   ,   i i  ,     ,, ,,,,..,-   ,        „„ ,s t0 ,t*1 appearances, with-the exception ot the .unci, a   tonsure to be commcficcd in tho spfirije.   These are no
can bc easily accounted for froln tho .net that , be expended solely on  Public AV.qrks.    The colony of j stronger built I  tin.., any that have, during the pre-! ,,„„,„ lho mincs we „„„,-,„ „, _01'1K, ,-„„„,, , ,0n"°
it is sunk in (juiek-saiKl.    llie trcshots ot the I Vancouver Island has not up till thc present time proved j sent season,  plied between this port and Victoria.-    It l (tQm „.;ml Vl!- ,a„ learn thev may b«. .expected to nrovo
  —.... i.... . i....... .-I. . I.,. ,., ,    .....          .  i.i   .i. ...__>   i ..»«_.. ,.i'.-., i ;_■ i'. ,,,i !,,<> I,, tl,., i. .<■,._      .       .     .,      ,  , *       • i   " l
Fl'ascv running llirt,uoli the cUatincl create a
knoll of sand at tliis point v. hivl, i._ e!xiiij...cil tu
the strong winds of thc Gulf both from u West
and Easterly direction, and thc action of the
rough sea on thc steep bank of sand is continually carrying away what tho fresh water
from the l'l-ascr creates. A continual and to
a certain extent useless expenditure will
therefore require to bo kept up, unless something of tt more poi'tnanent character is es^
tabliehcd. New Westminster is not tho only
place that would bc benelited by establishing
a Light-ship on thc spot in question. Victoria would be alirost an equal participator,
and every .:esstd running from the latter port
to Nanaimo or up Xo'-tlr, would shave in the
beneficial results. The inconvenience of
steamers being obliged to lie  in plumper's
would, therefore, be a matter of satisfaction to thc own
ers Of Mich vessels, after having gone to considerable
c .pence in inip'-". ing and repairing, to have their boats
viduuls whom sho intends taxing lor their support begin I thoroughly inspected by ft person appointed by Govern-
that sue can even pay
understand- that thc f;
;  and we can readily I
.1 Jive hundred indi-!
to find lhe shoe pinches, anil to desire, if they dare express it, that recourse should be had to less direct taxation in the form of customs which fall more equally
upon relative wealth, and which in their effect embrace
all classes—thc dram-drinking drayman, or the blanket-
buying Indinn ; nnd that our island friends aro also
discovering that, notwithstanding their direct taxation,
over and above their revenue after defraying the expenses ofthe Government Departments, there will but
little left for Public Works. It ia therefore not to bc
wondered that a VancoiTr rite journal should sudenly
advoeau- an alliance with a richer neighbor, but as in
every friendship there must be cordiality on both sides,
it would he ns well were the now affectionately-inclined
Pass din-in-' tho  night would ho  av&idcu, as  writers of the lesser colony to consider thc effect of an
vessels cojild enter the Fraser at any period
n tbe twenty-four hours, with all the advantages wo have enumerated, wo cannot see
how tho government, can with jnstice to this
colony, d"lay a moment in establishing a
Light-ship at tbo eutrtvaeo to tlio 1-raser.
nexntion on the more wealthy and more populous
country of which they desiro to become integral parts.
On this point liritish Columbians may be permitted a
voiccf and we may confidently assert that were the
people canvassed to-morrow not six men out of the six
thousand which form our population would for an in-
ment for tlio purpose.-
The WiutiHT-'iey, Scott', aSt> Xei.sox.~1ii the absence of lbe editor last week our "devil" assumed the
somewhat responsible task of inserting a stupid and impertinent communication from this celebrated linn, and
also took upon himself to write an addenda to the letter,
ll is easily understanding that a person of such Satanic
characteristics should make u "d 1" Ofa job of the
abundantly ric
Fun: Lake.— \ number of rich specimens of silver
ore have been recently taken from the vicinity of this
lake, which is situated some 40 miles N". \V. ol' 1'ort I
Douglas, and excites the superstitions awe of the In- _
ili,,„.s in that region by its luminous appearance The
neighborhood of this singular lake is said to very rich
in various kinds of minerals.
omXcould lie found any where here,   except ncflmp
stray  number in the Btationcr'sMiop is a fact too «
Icnown—that not a single house ill New Westmiii-lt"
without the Times is also; for thc credit of thc tdtt*.
pretty well established circumstance. Little "Oinni"
Slithcrum  informs the Cblbnitt of tbe itnj.orf.iiit»
that Columbia-street is to be graded from end to t«£
a  circumstance  known only two  months  ago—n"
enterprising correspondence.    If the little uiiiii .Hid
panileil his optics lie .wml'l ha'-c found tbe street all?
j already graded,    lie says also that '-.Mny  and iWI
streets arc to lie cleaved from thc river to the I'"!1]
Avenue.'"    1 suppose "Omnium" means Mary-slrM1
I an, nut aware of .May-street belonging to New ™*
minster.    However this information is like the ollnj
a little behind the times.    1 wns only astonish-- .''
not inform lhe Colonist that New Westminster id «W
to havo a Municipal Council.    In what a hopeless *
of paganism  and exile he  previously cousidW'
when he quite patronizingly says-.   The inhabiti."1--
New  Westminster "are buth intelligent and cnergo
nnd  so fair from being in a slate ofbftt.isbni0.it! tn
many respects comfortable and contented.''   Who
tlie little man from Nanaimn thnt, we were inns11'11
banishment.    Did he learn it from the intelligent m
giiie before alluded to, cr was it only ono of hisB'P
Winnie  dreams.    - C«iw\.w«-F>,tr>_(i«pJja{LfiS
Fort Hope, but I shall htfunt the little fellow liKi-a.1^
after every out. of his "corresponifcftee" coin''1	
tinns: so luok out '-Omnium
JIkxtoiim"ji C .-•
Oath of Ai.i.k.iiaspi*.—It is stated that 0. Brew,
Esq., refused to grant a few days ngo n resident of New
Westminster the privilege of pre-empting land, although
affair. We wish, however, to inform .Messrs Wright, he had in accordance with the Proclamation', taken tho
Scott, anil Nelson, or any other Company in Britisli oath of allegiance previously. The ground of objection
Columbia, that when any authentic information reaches I was stated to be that the applicant must have taken the
us of attempts to monopolize such au important line of j oath three years beforo such privilege can be granted. |
travel as the Douglas route, or in fact any place or We hope if the cftBO we have stated bo true, that the!
thing whereby the interests of the colony may be seriously injured, nnd tho miners compelled to pay a higher
price for provisions than circumstances should warrant,
we shall hold them tip in thc most public manner to
public censure, whether they write impudent, bombastic letters or not. We publish this journal for the benefit ofthe colony, and, while willing on all occasions to
correct an error or misstatement when proved to us in u
civilized manner, we feel far from being disposed to allow personal cupidity, or aggrandizement to thwart the
progress of the country, or permit any one, even if he
may on some occasions Ueii'right, toabusO Ujj iu vur own
columns aud get off .Stuff-lice.
mistake will be at once rectified, and the Proclamation
carried out.
Tub Minks.—A large number of miners came down*
this morning by the steamers Henrietta lind Moody from
thc Curriboo and Upper Fraser. The majority of them
have succeeded extremely well. Four miners brought
down Slfi,0(j() the result of thoir mining operations this
Thanks—To Jerry Sullivan, of San   Francisco, fiir u
supply of eastern papers, to S. T. Tlllcy, of this town
for illustrated  and ollu-r popera, and to Bnllou's nmi i
Jell'crics' expresses for various; favors,
Oct. 22—sloop J.J, Kviius, Kerfficr, VictoriO'
Oct 24—sir Otter, Mouatt, Victoria, genendfii'E j
2-1—str Caledonia, Frain, Victoria, general vmj
26—Btr F.lb-n Anderson, Fleming, victoria, g '
2,*,—ennoe Topny., Sorrel, Victoria, flour.    . .,jM
21'—schr Kcstlip, Uieltter, Port Towirseml, yl'i.c
2G—sir Caledonia, Finiii, Victoria, general .«8'
20—selir I.ndy of the l.nko, West, Victoria.
Oct. 27—sir Henrietta, Inslcy, Douglas.
V>bi.lA—str Col, Moody, Irving, Fort Ho.'0,
Oct. '.T—str Otter, Mouiilt, Victoria, nuW]h *
22—Cftr.oo Greyhound, O'Neil, Victoria. „
22—bark  Nftratnissic,   iVilloughby, Port
24—str Caledonia, Frain, Victoria. rJ,
Oct, 21—str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria, pass..,.
24—str Col. Mnodv, Irving, Fort hope
Oct. 21—eh- Henrietta, Inslcy, Port Doug,'""'
20—sir Bliz.iv Anderson, Fleniyngj-Vlctoi*
m-   \ . T HE  N E W   WE ST M I X S T E R    TIMES
V. Such portion as shall bc thought fit. nol exceeding one moiety of any fine which maj h. imposed under
Wc hastily glean the following items of news from this l'roclaniation may by the convicting Justice in ant
, (.alifonria papers by the Oregon i tasc *"' -Greeted to bi paid to, ..r fli-irii,uie.i in such
manner  as   be shall ii.ini. in. amongst the  person   ot
The Pontifical A. G , re .....1 on,   pvmg evidence «Wfonnatkmleading to Hie
1       ■■' '    tht. result of vhichwai the transfer to  U.c   J ul„ :;ljl,n ln ;,,;, ,,..,,
"  ■.'■'■■■• Jftupvholenomauten-itorj*,^*^      vi.   All monies receivrf trader tbfe Proclamation at
each of-thi said three Towns rl.,iH be carried to sepi rate
accounts, entitled respectively thc  '-Yale Fund,"  thc 1 T>EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners,
plas Fund," and tiie Fort Hope Fund,"  and shall   ±j   lie generally, that they now have ou
Liverpool V. barf
I   ■:   thousand Papal tr ops ■were clo?e>y hcseSfed al
K E W      W I: STMIXST5»,
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, and the p,,b-
liand a large
!   1,  .... .'/
mnnifesto i
and  tl
I,.    ol Rome.
!,if   1 ■■.-
oocopj   tiie
I u\t a   oi   1 ui 1.-1.1 -
" ithin ,1 radius
'! .' 'i ■-. 1.   • ■   "   .
. ni ■ :•• ■<■..•■!::    1 t::
foi    :! •   -;.-"■"    ' _!•_>
tflc Trail I
isc> a' ■'■'-■ii.1
i .ii       :'..:•!.1 ii:.i :  ill    tllC-
1 to  include  all   places
, thcC   irl Bouse there.
us the River -ii"-"'. ni'1
the Bridge I-;...'.'-" ;-•-
■■      Thi Town of Fort
Mi MC1P U     S'(''' 1, I.
...   .hall include ail the space between rrasc-r Kit cr,
,      . , , th,  giicqnca!!a iunl;'i-,c Mi'tri,.'.-'.it i'liii lliipc.    Thccx-
1 'Tl. I, is hereby givn, to owners of town loU m |    ,....l,„/..?(,oa, • ,hall in,,,i(!, ,v(.rv jc^ption of in-
in New Westminster that  unless they hate their   ;U|illi:i|i, p£rsona] ,„,,,„.,.„-. except such as shall he actu-
lasf day of October, the     „        £0^  f{J_. ^he purposes of carriage of other
,.  ,.!_,. ..11   1,   1.   .......    .... - *       • '        ' 7
goods: us Waggons, Drays, lacksaddlcs in actual u-c. and the like,
VIII. There shall bc exempt from all duty payable
under this Act :
1st' The 1'in'l. necessaries, tools aud material. /.. na
fide iak* t. and supplied to persons working on >:.i. 1
..   ,
2nd. Miners' packs carried by the owners and nol
1 acceding 30lbs avourdupois in weight fwatch man's
load, Providi 1 always that it shall be lawful for thc
Km . ntive to direct that thc duties imposed bj this Proclamation shall iini be levied on goods actually belonging (0 and borne by Indians, or bona fide belonging to
and taken bi tho occupiers of any lands within two
miles nt Fort Yule, Fori Hope, and Douglas tor bona
fide use upon such lands,
IN. Thi' Proclamation may on nil occasions lie cited
as the -J: tads Toils Act, I8G0.'"
■v ui, ipal Council will proceed to clear all lots remain
■j".- uncleared, at tlie expense of the owners, without
Ij rl icr notice. And further that all treei falling from
I- ■ •! lots 011 Hie streets, squares, or other public
■1 ■ iiertv, must l"- removed at the cxpence of the
!:. i rdcr.
New Westminster, Sept. 29, I860.       Town I Icrk.
|VT0T1CE i- hereby given to the ratepayers of New
l^ Westminster thai by a resolution passed by the
nil ipal coom il on the 2-ith inst it was ordered that
• \, - must be paid to the collector on or before the
. S ivcmber, without furthci notice, otherwise they
. become liable to the penalties provided in the New
I.', ■ -iininster Council Act.
New Westminster, Oct. 25, 1 SCO; Town Clerk.
(iiivcTiiin.-iit Notices and Proclamations.
Colonial Secretary's Office, 31st Angus!. 18G0.
KWE GOVERNMENT GAZETTE for Brilish ' olhm-
I bin, heretofore published in thc Colony of Van-
1 ; ei Island, hnving been discontinued ns a separate
j nphlel, notice is hi reby given that from this date and
1 ■ -.; further uoticc nil Covcrnuicut ndvertisemt'nts .1111!
I'roi lamutious, und other mutters hsefn! and necessary
Ibr general information and guidance, will bo publish, .1
i lhc column.- ni" tlie Ni:w YVEST-tissTEn Times news-
H| 1' r; and such publication shall in nil cascs bc
taken and deemed as publication in the Government
t, izelle,
;   Jiv command of his Excellency:
Acting Colonial Secretary.
§!;. Ilis Excellency JAMES DOUGLAS, Cdm'p'ariio'n of
file most Honorable Order oftho Bath, Governor and
Commander-in-Chief of liritish Columbia, Vicc-Admi-
,.il oi tlie siiiiic.
\f_JEREAS, under nnd by virtue ofnn Act ofPnr-
liaiuei.i,   iiiailc   and passed in   lhc   session   of
B'.iiliiinienl licbl in the 21 si ami 22ndycnrs of the Reign
mil' her Majesty Queen Victoria, entitled an Act to pro-
Ivide for  tlie "Government of British   Columbia,"  and
|by  a   Commission under the Great Seal of the   L'nited
(Kingdom of'Grcnl Britain and Ireland, I, JAMES DOl'G-
,AS, have been appointed Governor ofthe said Colony,
lind  have  been authorise 1 by Proclamation  under the
ublicSenl of the snid Colony, to make  laws,  instil, -
(minus, aud ordinances; for the peace,   order and good
Kuverumcut of the same, and
WHEREAS it is ol great importance to proceed with
nil piis-ilile expedition with tlio construction of the
lloads now iu progress from Kent Vale, Fort Hope, and
liuiiglas through the several passes of the Cascade
ingo of Mountain?; viz., from Fort Vale, along the
uii'SC of lbe I- in sir River ; and from I'orl Hope along
jibe course of tin: CJucqiioalla River, and from Douglas
iilonp lbe course ol lbe Lilloet River.
.'ind whereas as well for the mnintenanco of llie  snid
cveral Roads considerable sums of money are required.
And whereas; in the course of llie pnsl year,  lbe cost
kit' carriage  to points beyond tho said  Mountains has
Vcii lessened by fully the moiety thereof (ti/..,) by sums
■drying from sixpence to one shilling 011 lhc carriage of
each ponnd weight avourdupois.
Aud whereas petitions have been presented from Port
|l"|ie 1.ml Fori Vale praying that such a Toll as herc-
■ii'i'T mentioned may be established and levied, and
llial the money su raised may be applied in forming,
liiiiintainiiig and improving tho mentis of land communication from tho points at which such Tolls may respectively be levied ;
Now, therefore, I, JAMES DOUGLAS, do hereby
eilarc, proclaim and enact as follows :
I. There  shall   be levied and paid as. anil from  lhe
ciiib   day of November next, unto and to tho   u-c  of
llcr Majesty; Her Heirs anil Successors, the sum of one
■hilling for every Fifty pound; weight avoirdupois of
|ll goods (ami so ill proportion for a greater or less
Jiiniility than 50 pounds weight of goods) taken or enr-
fied beyond Douglas in tin direction of.Lake Lilloet.
rhcthcr on the Lilloet River un the Trail or Road'
Ind upon every fifty pounds weight avoirdupois of
fll goods taken or carried beyond Fort Vale by land or
'liter in tbedireclion ol'Spuzzem, andof all goods taken
j>r carried beyond Fort Hope by land in the direction of
"-inn Bar or thc Shimilkomcea.
II. Thc duties hereby imposed shall be deemed to
J'.' Customs i'liiics ftiidrshall bo under tho care and
Inanngeinont of the Collector of Customs for the time
V'ing for the Colony, who by himself, and bis officers
[ball have all the powers and authorities for the collection, recovery aud maiingomctit thereof, as nro under or
V virlHc.of thc Customs Consolidation Act 1853, and
tlie Supplemental Customs Consolidation Act, 1835,
ur either of them, of any other Act or  Proclamation,
te.d in the said Collector for tho collection, recovery,
(ind niuiingCDient ol Duties of Customs,  and  all other
mvers  and  authorities requisite for levying  the said
— ■— Issued under the Public Seal of ihe
( 1   said Colony, at Victoria, Vancouver Is-
-.    L. S. -  land, this fifteenth  dai   of October,  in
( J   tho   year   of our Lord  one   thousand
1—,— eight hundred and sixty, in tho twenty-
fourth year of Her Majesty's reign,
Iv ine,
B\ His Excellency's command.
\\ 11,1,am A. G. Yoi'm;.
Acting Colonial Secretary
~        ^ I   ^       f.'
'~   0
-• 5
B  O 2 0
7 "2 .t
2 0
- "H.
2 s       1?
r  - r
v  '*"'   *   ^*
.'■ 0
—. •"•_ ..
•rr   —» :;
t     -*. tt
z       -
*T\ .
~ —
-" - r
— '
— —1 ■
tt   "*
0 %
"  Z-
,  ft
III. Kvery infraction or attempted infraction of this
proclamation shall be deemed an act of smuggling, or
pttomptcd    siiiii""l'ii,"'.  as the case mav be,  and  every j     Assavs of-  Oaua  "re ma.
ii". of the Pence in the Colonj effiil) ha •.."ST:* 1 ucii | Pound {£1.) for uaJ'^iteinien csporimentcd-.spaB^
"nib August, I8U0, Received ill   15 ft.
(sigued.) K.  F .
Deputy Collector.
rflEXDERS   are   invited   (to be sent   to me not later
^     than  thc  31sl  of the month) for the supply* of
the Camp, Sow Westminster, of aboitl 301) tuns more or
less of best Naiininio   Coals, or   coals   of equally good
quality,   Tl mils nuisi   have ueeii screened through
a hvo-iuch riddle, and they will  be allowed lo cuter
duiv free.
Address to
Ailing Colonial Commissary.
New Westminster, Oct., 15, 1800.
rpF.XDF.RS are requested for tho crect'On of n Canteen
J      in lbe Royal F.ngineers   Camp, New Westminster.
riaiH ainl Specificaliohs to he seen in the Camp.
Tenders must be seal in before noon 011 Tuesday, tho
'tilth October, udilresstbl to tho ollicer commanding the
troops,with the words ''fenders  for  Canteen' written
on tlie outside of the envelope.
Tbe lowest, or any tender not necessarily accepted.
It, (.'. MOODY,
Colonel It. ]..,■ commanding.
Hnvnl Engineer Cam,),      V
Xew Westminster, B. C., Oct, 10, t800fe f
OFFICIAL Nli'flCl'i.
September 1st, 18G0.
ASSAYS   OF GOLD BULLION  arc  made 011  the
following terms, and  under  the  following con-
1. A receipt, will be given lo tbe Depositor lor the
exact cross weight nf bin deposit.
2. Tbe rcsiilliifg ing'il will be delivered to nny party
i-ct'irning the aforesaid receipt, whether the Depositor
or anv one else, und the parly returning tho receipt will
be rci'iiircil to cancel it by his signature lit the time of
receiving the ingot.
3. Each ingot, will be stumped with ils humbefj corresponding to its number in the Official records, willi
ils weight, in ounces nnd decimals of ounce*, and its
fineness in thousandths ; also will, a Govornmont Cipher,
at present n crown over the letlcrs VR.
4. With each ingot will bo given a certificate, signed
by a Government ollicer, of the weight of the deposit
before melting; its weight after; the fineness; the
charge for assaying; and such certificate will have
tables of llrilisli' Mint vultuilion and of the latest San
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculate
for themselves the value of the bar for English or
American markets.
*,. For all bars not exceeding 50 ounces In weight, 11
charge of seven shillings anil six pence (7s. lid.) sterling will tie made, nnd for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one shilling and six pence (ls. (Id.).
All clips are retained in the Government Assay oflice;
but on burs not exceeding 10 minces in weight, allowance will be niadc oil'the assay charge, for the value of
thc clip. .....    , ,
de at  the.  charge of  On-
A S S O RTF Tt     M E R C I! A K D I S E,
suitable for
t They will hereafter receive all their goods direct*_ro__3
San Francisco,
and be enabled to sell at VICTORIA PniCES.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flotir;'
) lo Golden Gate   do
,*>.*i   no Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
25   do Self-rising       di?
200 sacks Barlej ;
850 sinks Be(.l_s j
_iio mats China, No. 1, iuc'<-;
200 ilia1-  China, No. 1, Sugar.
Also for sale Pork. Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese, Coffee, Tens. X. O. and S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed S«gai*s, Bos»
ton Syrups, Assoltcd Syrups,
Hunt's  and Collins'
Wroughl and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Caps, Pilch and Tar, all sizes
of Rope, and Boats' On!*.
A   l.AItflK
ASS .0 R T M F. X T    0 F    C 1. 0 T III N G
Caps,      Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck. Drilling
Dry, Famy, and Millinery Goods.
A large  variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and  Dress  Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints, Oils, ami Dye-stuffs.
Caiu'i'ts. DncoGETs, Matting, kc, kc.
ill 21 -1 ill
11  13 X 1! v      11 (I L II R O O K,
C 0 M M  1 S S 1 0 X     M  li II C II A X T,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia-street, Xew Westminster,
britlfch   Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready for aoo tons of
g.Hids,  and   every  accommodation   for   landing
iiiei't'biiiiili.-e on his wharf:   whi'.i'fage 2j cents per ton.
For Sale C.. rt'cCiit arrivals—
IHO sacks Bran.
]t„, bales California Oat liny,
50 sacks Wheal,
loflo sucks BarleV;
10 sucks li:i,*b"'i'*> Sv>ffiir-rHl'eil Hams,
20 firkins Unite,',
in casks S. 1. Molasses,
20 cases Preserved Chicken,
•JO c'ascl Hoi't Million.
10 cascs San Frtincisci, Pilot Dreadf
,j cases Java Ground Coffee, \c, kc,
and  a  general  assortment of goods si'litnhle lift this
market. se'Jti-ln,
P 11 ILL] P      11 I C K .
Government Bakery;
Das the best quality of Breads, Pies and Cakes-
J7"E1.PS  on hand  a  goo.1 assortment of Plonr for
^_ cc.ii.rtry Trade also Pilot Ri-csi), Soda, Sugar, and
W-iiltcr CracKers. ,   •
A goorl assortment ftf family Groceries, and everything necessary I'm* Bakers' use in the Tipper country,
SUeh as Fntic Lard, kc.., kc.
Fur the cure Of Disu'psiu   Indigestion, Constipation
Loss of Appetite  i'.f  any Bilious Complaints
arising iron, a morbid notion of tlio
Stomach or Bowels.
All of Ihese diseases you will soon be roliuVed of, by
use of these Bitters, us per directions on lho Bottles.
This great unli-ilyspcplic in the result of profound and
elaborate study of one of the most celebrated physicians
oftho present cenlury. Ill the accomplishment of which
he hits spent bulb lime and money. We do not hesitate
to iillirnt Ihnl where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
aro HSi'd, n disc of Fever ainl Ague cannot ocfllir. lt
has been finnlyzeit by the mosl scientific chemists iu
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed hy nine-
tenths of the Physicians of tho bind. Try thoi—tost
then—on your constitution, and go your way rejoicing.
Aro you dyspeptic?—take these Stomach Bitters.
Are you bilious'.'—try one of these bottles and be re-
lieted lit Once.
A'ro 3*011 annoyed by Indigestion nr constipation?—
remove' the cause by n free use ofthe Bilters.
Ilaie you lever nnd itgtie'.'—cure ami prevent this
destroying disease by the free USC iif these. Bitters.
Tlie superiority of'these Bilters has Induced ninny to
pill tip ft spurious article. T" pre.ctM deception 111
future, each cork will be brai.ileil, "N. B. Jaciiiih k Co.''
And the labels will bear our own signature, without
which, none arc genuine
Cai.Tio''..—Cons',,,,ers  of Rosenlmiitn'..  Bitters  nre
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afloat tb
the market, nud especially against, a cheap nntl worthless article called Roseiisclif's Bitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Uro.'s, will, the avowed intention ol
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenhnunrs
Bitters, as a remcdlnl agent in all cases of Dyspepsia
nnd similar diseases. The genuine Rosenbiiiin, bus our
name branded on each cork, nnd our signature on each
N. B. JACOBS & Co., Proprietors
ni21-0m SlUiSOmn st., corner Ciiinmei'eiaL
Columbia Street.
TTTHOLEKALK uml RETAIL Denies in nil sorts o:
kc Have, always 011 hand a large assortment of Provisions and Groceries direct from Sun Francisco, will
soil them al the lowest market prices.
All orders from tlie country will be promptly attended to.
m28t 3m
JUS 1' .V......T,
C O ■
L A X G L E V     BRO T II E R S ,
1 M p o n T 1 x fi     n n r n 1; 1 » t > 1
Yates-street, Victof.fl,
HAVE received!, direct  from Loudon, a choice se-
lection ot
Cockle's .' nli-Bilious Pills,
KeatiOg's Cough Lnr^tvge*,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Seidlcta Powders,
Essential Oil of Rip stone Pippin,-
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essentia] Oil of Raspberry,
Essentia] Oil of Jargon el Pears'-,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Row land's Macassar Oil,
Rowland's OdontO)
Hew land's Kahilor,
GOSn'cll'a Colognes,
Gosnell's Chc.ry Toeuh Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Blushes. se2_l-tc
li.   v iu N 0 L o,
IMPORTER and Dealer in Havana Cigar--, nnd
J_ Cigaritos, John.on-sti'ccf, opposite 'Whiu'f-stveet,
Victoria. ml.-:hn
C ll O 1 C E   O L D  W I X E S A N D  1! R A X I) 1 ES.
W .    II .    OLIVER,
Johnson street, opposite wharf street)
Is in constant receipt, by every nnival. of new and
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in bulk and cases.
Trailers, dealers, and Proprietors of Bars, are invited
to call and examine iny stock, where they will lind a
most complete and full assortment of everything comprised iu the Llqttor line, and at the lowert prices.
s U P B it 1 0 11   0 AI. I 1*0 11 x 1 A   w INK,
a  very choice, lighL and pure wine  for family use, in
eases and packages,     lis purity can be depended up>.n,
and is worthy the ottenlloii of all connoisseurs.
E It X E S T
0 11 T ,
B R E YV E It,
X K W    W E 8 T M I N S T K n .
Ills    FIRE-PROOF STORE,  where  he   is constantly  supplied  with  Nkw  Goods bv every
BicahlCl',  and has always on hand a
splendid assortment of
Silk, Velvet,  nnd   Cloth.    Also 11 huge variety of fine
Silks ami Bolltintsi
An excellent variety of Alexander-s
KID   CLOVES, and 11 full assortment of Gentlemen's  Furnishing  Goods,  line Frock Coals ;   Dress
Coals: (lyei'Coiits ; Vests nnd Piinliiloons
ijl'ilillerenl colors;   Fusbionalilc Silk
Hals.     Gilt Cornices, Curtain
Rings,   Window    Shades,
of ill! col. is. French
CnsslmereSj Broadcloth, Beaver, and Pilot.
Also—it  full  assortment  of  fuilOrs'  Trimmings.
.Shawls,   Alpacas.   Merinos,   DeLaines,   Furs,   Gbives,
Riding   Hats,   Gauntlet...  Clonks.   Mantilbis,   Velvets,
Embroideries! Ribbons. Luces, Carpets, Rugs, Druggets,
Oil-Cloth-1, Paper Hangings, Mattings, etc., etc.,
nnd nil other goods pertaining to too
business, at the luwest prices.
>,*, it.—All orders from Brilish Columbia, Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by express 01' otherwise, will be
promptly amended tu. ..
mlOfif, Kfe- tiAitBtT*..
N E W     G O O IJ S 1
RECEIVED nt Statioskus' Hai..,, a large addition to
our stock  of
carefully selected Iroln a well-filled market, coiitifining
many New and Popular  Books  among  them.
S f A T I O N !•: R Y,
both low pricod nnd superfine, of every di scriptiOti, in
lots, to wholesale or retail.
A   Beautiful   _tsst,rtn,cnt   of
•101.1)    FUNS,   AMI,    FIXE    POCKET    tTTt.EltV.
Also,—Many articles  of .S'taple nnd Fuficy .S'tntionery,
and .S'tiindnrd  and Miscellaneous Books heretofore not to be had in this market.
jtlia-lm Yates'-street, Victorin.
Opposite   Liverpool   Wharf,
Columbia-street, New Wet .minster
Provisions,   Hardware,  Orockcrywiirc,  Paints,
Oils, Farming Implements. Mining Tools,
Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes,
kc, kc, kc
Agent JEFFRAY k CO.'S Fraser River Express.
100 tons HAY fit Sale.
V v R y 1 T E R E .
BY LATE ARRIVALS,  thc  urrdersig-i.e..  fcate *e
ceived additions to their hitherto well-assorted
Stock of Furniture—-and now offer
Pitinted sets, ten pieces ;
Extension Tables, S and 10 fet-\ long ;
Centre Table*", serpentin* ami round ops, assorted
Card Table, harp and sfinare pillar.
Common Tables. 2k, 'A. nnd ?.}, long:
Bedsteads,  Mahogany, French, Cottage, double and
K,no-le •
Lounges, spring seals, in dnmnsk and it-ntht-r covers;
.Sot'iiR, Bpvingsi".'-, le-ir .-loth, With rnnnd and pillow
ends •
Dt-SKS, wilh fftl1. ami door front? ;
l.'heil'oniers. walnut and mahogany carved froWsy 3
shelves, fret" work ;
Bureaus, one-half marble top, scroll and painted pine,
4 and 6 drawefs ;
What-nots, walnnt and riinbiigany, fi and C shelves ;
Mirrors, in gilt nnd mahogany frames, assorted Bizey,
for parlors, chambers, and saloons;
Children's Cribs end Cradles, also High and Lovf
Chairs, assorted sizes ;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-cloth, spring seats, cane and
wood seat, ollice. oak, dining, Grecian cane, heavy barroom, and common yood sent ;
Itnckeis. spring seats, mnhoginy and cane seats s%d
backs, sew ing and arm;
Sinks, Wasbsianil., Chatr Cushions, Coverlets, Towel
Racks, Willow Cribs, ie.
Piilft, Curled Hair, Moss, Wool, nnd Sti-ar >lnftresses,
lie.-l Feather Pillows, nil sizes ; in the manufacture of
which we use none bnt thc best materials, and guar*,
nnlee our work.
Broad-street, between Yates and View streets.
Victoria, V. 1., April II, 1RS0. 3m
ESTABLISHED   IN*   1113ft.
Incorporated  by Royal Charter in  1840.
CAPITAL. '. $5,000,000
SrECi.M, Dnrosirs received in sums of $100 and up-"
wards, ie-paynlile on demand. Charge for safe
keeping.- oxE-gi'AKTER ok one 1'Eii cest. per month.
Gold Dust received lor safe keeping, at the rate ol
five cents rr'.R oz. per month.
DnAri'9 Isst'Ei, on London «0 days after Sight, at
the rate of $4 BB per .tl, stg.
3 days after sight, (in sums of £50, nnd upwards)
$5, perJ.1 stg,
:i days after s't-ght (in Biims under £50) S£t> TO1, pet
£1. sterling.
Dhaetr ou ilemanil or nt short sight, issued on the
principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
thc rate of $5 15 per £1 stg.
Diiafts on the principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, at 3 days, us follows :—
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick, 4      " "
Nova S.o'iii .2.1    '• "
Doafts or. New York, at 3 days, 3 per cent, preri:" jffl#
"'     "    Messrs. B. Davidson <- May, Htm Francisc*
nt. sight—par.
Ollice hours 10 A. II.j to 3 r, M.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
Victoria, March It, 1800. tc
Fiiist-stiieet, San Fuancisco.
M'e continue to maiiiifafclui'S, at the above well known*
A'tenni Kngitics,
Saw Mill,
and other l'niicbineiy, of every description, and Iron
and Bias's Castings of nil kinds.
From the long expeiiehie' we have had, and the superior tools and iiiiichin.i'y, and the very large collection
of patterns ut our command, tve feel confident that our
facilities for tuning „ut the-best style of work, with
dispatch, and nt the lowest rates, are not surpassed ml
the Pacific cinisti
Russia lion Screens for Quart-'. Mills, made at short
aolice. Oiilers for till kinds of wuik will receive prompt
je_i0-0m Late OoOU.tiuJ * Oo.
Goals i coAlSi Coals 111
1RECT FROM NANAIMO ih any quantity to suit
purchasers.   Fur Sale by
nlt-t.. Pioneer Wharf.
J ,      II K ft fe J M E It ,
coLtarniA street, new westmihster,'
EEPS constantly on hand a well selected stock of
Family Groceries and Provisions. se'_l2-tc
"I^OR SALE a large quantity of Pickled and Smoked,
tj   Salmon, cured this season in the best style, by tho
Pioneer fisherman.
Fort Langley,
Any  orders  left with   the Purser   of the   steamer
Col. jloody, will meet with prompt attention.     Prices
moderate. aul5-3im
m2S. ?..m
■vers  to deal with every person charged with an of- I     Foit a Complbtb Analysis of  anv Minkiiai,, Two     FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS
.Magi: - ' Pounds ('--.; is tlioohimgc. :.:■..,-,- wESTMixsniii n. c,
Metropolitan Di trie! in England has i" deal |
!i n person charged with  smuggling in sucit
IV. l.'jion payment of any Duties leviable under
Ibis Rroclamation, a receipt shall be given by the person
receiving thc duty, in which shall be given the nature
uf the goods, the date of payment, the name and ad-'
flress nf the person Irom whom payment lias been re-
f'eived,  and of thc person to whom the goods are con-
'Ip 1,  or (where there shall    be no consignee) of the
"''-"ii In whom llie same shall have been given in
•I'argc; und such receipt, may be in lbe form in the
f.'lieilule hereto', und oliall be signed by the person ap-
k'ointed to receive the said Duties j and it shall be lawful for any Constable, orfor any person thereto un'hoi"-
pzed by the saldCollector of Customs to demand the pro-
netion of such receipt by any person found iu charge
j'1 guilds upon any of tlie Trfli 8, Roads, nr Uiveis iTereirt
"ewe mentioned; and wherever any goods shall be
found without such receipt, or not. fully cove.id and
''escribed in such receipt, or without any person being
11 '-'barge, all the gootls so found shall, until the con-
mry be proved, he deemed to be Bmngjled goods, and
"'>' and all persons connected with the »am '. and tbe
Vcliicle.-! nml miinial.s on which the same may bo aden
fuall he dealt with accordingly.
AVsai'S are made with tire utmost despatch.
Ollice  open   from   Ml, ft. m.- tn  4, p, ,„.. except  on
StCatner days*, when deposits will be received for assay
a' 8' *' m'                           W. DRISCOL GOSSET.
New H'cstminster, Aug. 1, 1060.	
Colonial Secretary's office,)
l«lh .September, 1H00. J
THE Bt'OY on tbe Sortb Snird Head at- thc entrnuce
,., l-'i'.i'.ii' River having ili.-.tj.peiii-eiL.iii.'lire ii hereby
■ liven t'vit the same has iwti replaced by a new BPAB
III ov," painted in vorrical** lines black and white, and
surmounted be n basket, Beacon painted red.
Tlie buoy is in the same position as indicated in Captain Richard's notice, of 24th September, 1850, but ia
now in 12 feet water at low water. ,.^r.„„
5w Acting Colonial Secretary.
S| A VIN'Cr concluded arrangei-iciite for i> regular line
1 0f**essels, to run twice n. month, direct, from
San Francisc to Ibis pincc, wottbl be ploasol k> receivo
orders for British Columbia,-
Letters  addressed  to US in care  of Messrs. Mayer,
Rciuhnrt, k Co., Victoria, V.  1., John Dcwar, and  O.
II.   Gohricke,  San   Francisco, Ca., will   meet with
prompt attention.-
II F. N D E R SON   &   BURN A R Y
HAVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pule Sherry, in biflk f
Port- ll'ine, choice, in cases;
Hennessy's Brandy T'ti. v.'oiii .
McKcnzic's Small Still Il'hiskey /,n cascs '
Vino Growers'Brandy, in htslkj
Tanqueray's Ginger Brantly, iu cases;
kc, kc, kc,
which they offer for salo on thc most reasonable f.crmsj
June l.'th, 1860. tu -
C O L O N I A L il O T E L,
rni.i-Mi.tA stiiRET, sew west-*isrter.
,R0S.'I.R' & FRANK GRELLKY, would respectfully
iufoitn the public, that the.y have just oponed
their New Hotel, nnd nre ready to accommodate ti'uv-
ellersor residents of New .Vcstininstor with the choicest
eatables the market affords. The sleeping apartments
are fitted up in n style that neither Vancouver Island
nor British Columbia can excel, and tbe wines and
liqueurs, while enumerating all' that iv first-rate hottd
should boast of, ape of the very best and finest description. .
Private dining rooms can bo always obtained,-
dirnicr3,.*c* gottttt up on tho shoJtest no.icc.      3m
, . mOd
highest price  for   Gold  Ditst.       Issue Sight
cheques on Messrs. Tnllant k Wlld'c, tjan Francisco, at
ii ,„„.,> mi0-3ni
iFe N N E S Y ' S      B RAN D Y ,
Wu Alt if--Til BE T,     Yl'C I QIV1A.'
J..  B.   PAINTER, j
(scccKsaon to o'meara * painter)
THANKFUL for the past favors shown the late firm
would respectfully inform Printers thnt owing to in-
ereiwed" acilities, and recent instructions from tho
Foundry, he is now prepared to sell Plain andOrna-
lneulalType, Presses, Printing Material, Paper, Caf-ds
nnd Printers' Stock generally, 132, Clay-street, near
Sunsome, San l''runciseo.
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Albert Wharf, Victoria,
Vancouver Island,- aud Battery-street, San Fran-
eiM*o, Ci-Iion..!..   ■ l.m3m
Corner   of Wharf  and   Johnson   streets,
VlOTOlliA, v. i.
ti. N. Dk-K'SOS k Ca*,       - .-....._*       London.
Dickson, De Wolf, __ Co.,       -       -       Sau Francisco,
in 21-3ni
THOMAS PATTRICK, k Co., hate for sale in. store,
and to arrive,
Martell Brandy,
Booth's Old Tom,- in purtchcons,
Booths Old Tom, in cascs,
Burnett's Old Tom in eaies,
McK-cnzie's Old Tom, iu Jasca.
Trraqiterny k Co.'s Old Tom, in cases,        i     /
Scotch   ^Vlli8koy,   in   puncheons,    I   /
Scotch Whiskey, in cases I
Jamaica Rum, in puncheon^/
Wines of every desorif/jr
—ALSO-— it .
Tlie finest Burton and Scotch Alfit'"Jj .
Bottled do do        ft-
Dcvonshiic Cider, m cases.- / /     »
March 2U18110. *   I      ""
.'. ■..
iPi S£i
Pick and click
Go the types in the slick.
As the Printer stands at bis ease ;
His eyes glance quick, and  his lingers pick
The types at a rapid pace.
And one by one as the letters go,
Words are piled Up StC-adj and slow—
Stead-) and slow,
But still tbey grow :
And words of fire tbey soon will glow ;
Wonderful «ords, that without a sound
Shall iriin'T-i' '!)•' earth \-, il.- utoioRi bound—
Words that shall   take
The tyrant quake,
And the bonds ofthe slave nnd oppresaM shall break
Words that can crumble an ami) s might,
Or treble its strength in a righteous tight.
Yet the types, tbey looked but leaden and dumb,
As he put them in place, with bis linger and thumb ;
But the printer smiled,
And his work beguiled,
By chanting a song as the letters he piled :
While pick and click
Went the types in the stick,
Like the world's chronometer, tick I lick I tick I
1 o where ie the mnn, with simple tools,
Can govern tlie world like 1 !
A printing press, nn iron sink,
And a little leaden die :
Witli paper of while, und ink of black,
1 support the Right, and the Wrong attack.
I pull the strings
Of puppet kings,
And I tweak lbe despot's nose ;
Cr I lei bin, alone
Till lbe pcoplo groan,
When I needs must interpose,
Nor yet again
Do I e'en disdain
To talk of lowly woes;
Then where is he,
Or who may lie lie,
Thai can rival The rentier's power?
To no monarch., that live
Tlie wall doth be give:
Their sway only lasts for an hour,
While the Printer's still grows,
Ami Cod alone knows
When liis might shall cease to lower.'
Garibaldi's Monxisos.—I this morning (Aug. 2) accompanied Garibaldi in his usual morning visit to the
Faro. Whatever lie tlie season. Garibaldi gels up at
dawn, and it is these early bonis of the morning that be
calls Ids own, when he likes to indulge in his day
dreams, or spend the time in confidential conversation.
When at home or in the camp he likes to saunter about,
leaving no spot in tb" neighborhood unexplored, and
having, above all, a tendency lo ascend all high bills or
towers Irom which you have the most extensive view
in the neighborhood, ll was in these early morning
walks, near the village of Quarto, in the mountains
about Genoa, that be worked out bis idea of a descent
upon Sicily, and on the heights of tho l'izzo di Fico
that he decided upon thc bold blow at Palermo. The
tower ofthe light-house at the Faro is likely to become
the brooding place of another great idea, for uot a
morning pusses without Garibaldi being seen at this
chosen s.iot. Besides indulging in this favorite pastime
ol contemplation and concentration in himself, his presence at the Faro just at this time is required to vivify
and advance the works which nre being constructed
tliere. Like time, Garibaldi waits for nobody, so 1
took care to be there at dawn, lie lives nt the Royal
palace, close lo the villa, lbe little ornamental garden
in the main street. As usual leaving the larger apartments to his suite he retired into a small corner room,
which forms his bedroom, study, and private room ;
adjoining it is a small room occupied by bis private
secretary. Ilc bad just, done dressing when 1 entered :
lie walked about in the room, scarcely illuminated by
thc first grey light oi the morning, finishing his toilet.
Coffee and some hard biscuit were ready for breakfast
on a small table encumbered with papers, lying about
in picturesque confusion, other papers, model anus,
rilles, muskets, swords, aud revolvers, samples of the
soldiers' rations us they ought to he, nnd cigars. Welcoming mc with n hearty shake of llie hand, he continued walking about twice or three times across the
room, then stopping , he asked mc, ' Do yon remember
the "Carmo della Morto" of UgoFoscolo?' (hi confessing my ignorance be commenced to recite it to mc,
giving all the emphasis of which those sublime verses
ure capable. Having finished, we sal down to have
some coll'cc. talking of poetry and the superiority of
versi sciolti over rhymes. Tbe carriage was ready, and
we drove through the still silent streets toward the
Marina.—Cor.  Times.
Rei.kiion or the Japanese.—The orthodox religion
ot Japan is Sintoo—all worship the sun. Their belief
is that the world was regenerated through the instrumentality and appearance of a female, and after having
performed this great and good work for which by God
she was ordained, she ascended io heaven and became
embodied in thc sun. Their national Hug is emblematic of their religion, displaying as il does the sun in
all its purity upon the while field. There are other
seats, and among them the most numerous would appear to be the followers of Buddha. The statement so
often made that Christianity is not at present in any
way tolerated, is a mistake, for the Government is far
from being intolerant in religious matters. The people
of Japan attend very little to religious matters, lte-
ligion is a matter of business, which is attended to altogether by the Makado and his priests.
The Government has decided on having the whole
ofthe iron-plated steam-floating batteries, now in harbor at Chatham and elsewhere, put in a state of thorough repair, und ready for immediate service : ami
operations have commenced on several of that class of
Vessels at Chatham dockyard.
A court-martial has sentenced Privates Hogon and
Washington, R. M., to penal servitude for the respective
periods of life and twenty-one years, the former for
threatening tho life of ami striking bis sergeant, and
other acts of mutiny, and tbe bitter for threatening the
life of his Colonel.
The Army and Navy Gazelle states that dissensions
have sprung up among the members ofthe Royal Commission appointed to enquire iuto the slote of the 'Jock.-,
yards, kc, und that Mr. Ricurdo, M. P., the chairman,
has resigned. He will bs succeeded by Mr, F. Peel, M.lfe
Tbe remaining members of the commission are lor lhc
pretiuut pursuing their labors, wl'.ieli prom is., to Uts i -!'
u lengthened character.
There has been some fine practice wilh Armstrong
gnus this week at Eastbourne, in presence of the Duke
of Cambridge and Other military men.   An old Marlello
The Sky and the Wkatiieii. -Simple as arc the following maxims, tbe British Board of Trade have thought
fit to publish them for the use of seafaring men. They
will be found worth cutting out and preserving by other
classes than thc one thus benefitted,and though designed
for climates more variabl. than that of California,
they are none the less applicable as general rules to ibis
coast. We have so few lixed signs and arbitrary methods by which to frame our judgement of thc mailer,
that these may serve as n basis for further observations
The colors of'the -kt at parti, ular times afford womb r-
I'ullv good guidance. Not only does a rosy sunset presage fair weather, and a ruddy sunrise bad weather,
I-ut there are oilier lint, which speak with equal clearness and accuracy. A bright yell --' sky in the evening
in iicates wind j a pale yellow, wet : a neutral gray color
consiiiuie'sa favorable sign in the evening, and an unfavorable in-iu'ii" morning. The clouds again are
full of meaning in themselves. Iftheir forms arc soft
undefined and feathery, tbe weather will be fine; it tho
edges are hard, sharp; definite, it will lie foul. Generally speaking, any deep, unusual hues betoken wind or
rain : while tho more quiet and delicate tints bespeak
fair weather.—S. F. Herald.
Maiiui.mii'. Statistics.—The tables prepared by tho
Registrar and his assistants for the year  1858 disclose,
as usual, some curious facts.    For instance, il  appears
that iu the year 1858 three girls of 15 were married to
youths of 18; ono of 10 to a boy of 17: a young woman
of 19 was   ivi'il'lcl   to a lad ol Id ; twelve girls ofthe
ngc of 15 were married to  men of 21 ; in all 20 of the
wives were only 15 years of age, 19. were 10 years, 101C
were IT.    The' agent which  the greatest number of
women   marry is 20.    A  greater  number marry  at 30
iban at in; indeed, more marry at 30 than at 25 or 'Jl
or 18.    Five  venerable  old   dames of 75,  all of them
widows, found husbands, one an active bachelor of 55.
A girl of 17 was "sacrificed' toa man of 02; aud another
young creature of 20 to an old fellow of 75.    Three men
in thc ugc of80 were married to woman of 50.    A spinster of70 was wedded toabachelor of i)5 ; but tlie large
majority of the  women who   marry at that period of
life of course arc widows.—London News.
Tliere will shortly lie snid in the Landed Estates
Court, Dublin, all thai celebrated locality known us the
• .Meeting of the Waters,' witli •■ a lull mile frontage on
the best purl ofthe Yale of'Avoca."
T.OR SALE a large quantity of Pickled and Smoked
^   Salmon, cured tbis season in the best style, by thc
Pioneer fisherman,
Fort Langley,
Any orders left  with   the Purser   of the   steamer
Col. Moody, will meet with prompt attention.     Prices
moderate. au!5-3m
AIM*.   IlElirl.AIII.V   I.N   TIIK.   RECEIPT   OP
CANDLES,—Hydraulic, Pressed and Adamantine.
LARD—"J. II. k Co.'s"   10-lb cans, in  120-Ib. cases.
NAM Old Colony and Parker Mills, assorted sizes
N. ii. SUGAR, half barrels.
DRIED APPLES, half barrels.
Have   for  sale, in store and   to   arrive, the following
well known brands of
Three-fourths of them are direct from the manufacturers, consequently can be offered ut,
comparatively low prices;
T. k S. Hardgrove's Peach
Turpin k Yurbrougli's Apricot;
J. II. Greaner's Pride ot the Union]
A. L. Royster's Fruit;
W. Greaner's Sun;
T. ,V S. Hardgrove' Golden Gate;
A. L. Royster's Invincible;
A. L. Royster's Mary's Own ;
Harvey Birch ;
Pomona ami tjueen of Hearts.
Bright Founds,
Peerless—T. k S. Hardgrove;
Gold Leaf—John II. Grenncr j
Gallego—Clopton ;
.1. If. Lunghorn .V Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Gold Leal';
Murrell k Burke's Stin-Gured ;
Rockaehiy—Golden Seal;
Giralda, Wine Sap, etc.
Bright Ualf-Pounds.
Gold Leaf—.1. life Grenncr;
Pippin—John W. Young :
Wine Sap—George W  (lilliuns
Fancy Tobaccos
Invincible Twist;
Planter's Pride Twist, in foil;
Whie Sap Twist ;
Atlnntir Cable Tw'si. iii foil;
Perfect Love smith plugs;
Game Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco,
Hardgrove's Peerless, Killikinick and Riddick's  Gold
Fine Cut.
John Anderson & Co.'s Solace.
Lorillnrd's Coarse Rappee and Macaboy.
For sale bv single ease'or package.
By each  Steamer we are  in receipt of the Choicest
Brands of Havana Sugars, selected   by  our   house in
Havana (Patbiok y Ca.) especially for "this market.
The above goods are offered to the trade by the single case or package, by   JAMES PATRICK & CO.,
mlO-ly San Francisco.
W I N I-: S, L 1 Q I'D R S , A I. K S , A N D C I G AR S
Liverpool Wharf
*)EG  TO INFORM Traders and .Miners, und the pub-
)    lie generally, that iln;. now have ou bund a large
stock of
a ss o i: r f :>   m e r c ii a n d i s /.,
suitable for
Tbey will hereafter  receive all  their goods direct from
San Francisco,
and be enabled io .-ell at Victoria Piuckb.
from San Francisco direct,
•-'no 1,1,1s Golden Age Flour;
100   do Golden Gate   do
bo   tlo l.urcka do
,.ij   do F.cFipse tlo
'j.*,   do Self-rising       tlo
200 sucks Hurley ;
;;.mi sacks Beans ;
2 ints China, No. 1, Rice ;
•Jim mats China, No. 1. Sugar.
Also for sale. Pork, Bacon, Hums, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese.  Coffee,  Teas, N. O. ami  S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Huston Syrups, Assolted Sirups,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Cups, i'itch and Tar, all sizes
of Rope, and Boats' Oars.
A l.AU.ii:
A S S 0 R T M E N T   O F    C L 0 T II I N G
Dry, Fancy, am
Duck, Drilling
Millinery        Goods.
IRECT FROM NANAIMO in any quantity to suit
purchasers.    For Sale by
all-t. Pioneer Wharf.
J .       II F, R K I M E R ,
"*--     o         .i ........ ..„„,.„„
lower was tbe target; the range was 1032 yards.
Twenty-three shots and shells were fired ; one shell
burst; all the other shots bit the tower within u space
of fifteen feet by twelve. At, the conclusion tbe tower
was found to be cracked from lop to bottom, and a
clean breach made in the side.
London, says the Registrar-General, now covers 121
square miles—a square ol eleven miles to a side, lt is
equal to three Londons of 1800, lt increases at thc
rac of 1000 a week, half by births (their excess over
dcntlis), and half by immigration (its excess over emi-
grankii). It is remarkable that in London one in six,
of thai* who leave the world dies in one of ihe public
institutions—a workhouse, hospital, asylum, or prison.
Nearly 0% in a eleven of the deaths is in a workhouse.
RhvRSM of Cheat Biiitain.—The revenue of Great
Britain basWiw reached the highest amount that it bus
ever attainettfa tbe whole annals ofthe country. The
return, for theft,!!- ending the ,'liltb of June last presents
a gross ilicoiiitto (he Slate of C71 ,-l lli,."iH7, which exceeds the higbesCl&iiiunt on record previous lo thc con-
dutiiun uf tliu lu^vifeiich nud American war.
EF.I'S constantly ou band it well selected stork of
Family Groceries and Provisions, sc22-tc
I R tl N      W O 11 K S,      VIC T 0 R I A .
OUGALL .. so:-,. Iron aud Brass Founders, practical EnginccY*.-' Diimghi .raw, kc.    -_.iitchii.ei-j
of every description made lo p'dcr.
Agent iu British Columbia, Mr. Yv*. Wiiiuiird, Langley,
March 21, 1800, ;jm
EL AM   k   II OWES,
IMPORTERS mid Wholesale Dialers in Wood and
Willow-ware, Fancy House-keeping Goods, Twines
Cordage, Shoe and Saddlery Thread, Nets, Snjncs
Corks, Floats, Fish-hooks and Lines, and Fishing
Tackle of every variety.
Agents for Barbour's Irish Flux Shoe Thread, Gilline
Thread, &c.
xjfents for the'American Net und Twine Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass.
Agents for lhc Dolphin Manufacturing Company's
Sail Twine, Cordage, kc
The whole comprising the largest stock and bosl assortment of the above line of goods on thc Pacific Coast,
lo which thoy uie constantly receiving large additions
by arrivals from Atlantic cities. Thc particular attention of the trade is solicited to examine our slock before
purchasing elsewhere, as we arc dctcrmiucil to sell al,
price, lo defy competition, J-.--J: i
A large  variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and  Dress  Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table nud Pocket Cutlery
Paints. Oils, and  Dye-Stuffs,
C.uii'KTs, Druboets,  Mattixo,  &C,  ..('.
AN    A S T ON S 11 I I N G    R E M I. 1) V I
II 0 L L 0 W AY'S     O I N T M E N T .
' Jt Expi Is Jiiscusc !
It is said that all productions of human skill have
their day. and me superseded by new inventions or discoveries. Not so with this remedy. •' It is not Corn
day. but for all time, and in all countries." And Why?
Because it strikes at the generic rout of all diseases in
the blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing beyond that. Thc Ointment, penetrating through flesh
and fibre, like water through a porous substance,
reaches the genu or disease, such as scrofula, erysipelas,
cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcen us discharges
in tlie circulation, and eradicates the taint at once and
forever in tbis climate.
Bad Legs.
Tbis ointment will cure any case of Bad Leg even if
of twenty years standing, or however hard or discolored
the flesh may be, or if swollen the size of a person's
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into the
whole of the purts affected twice a day iu large quantities, and the parts kept covered with linen rags thickly
spread with thc Ointment; from this mode of treatment,
a plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will follow,
until the wounds are all healed on tbe leg, or other
parts assume their natural appearance.
Old Wounds, Sons, and I'lccrs.
The most inveterate eases ot bad legs, scrofulous, or
other sores, are cured, if of 20 years standing, by ihe
joint use of thc Ointment and Pills. Tho ctfeet of this
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sines, is almost miraculous, lt first discharges the poison which
produces suppuration and proud flesh, and thus ti.e
ciiies which its healing properties afterwards complete,
nre safe as well us permanent. It has a wonderful effect
in the cure of sores occasioned by mosquctos, sand-
Hies, or giggers.
This Ointment will cure thc worst cases of Piles if
used according to the printed directions even if of 20
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, and all irritations
of tbe skin, fade and disappear after a few applications
of Holloway's Ointment. Jn these cases brisk friction
is indispensable. Many of the ordinary eruptions are
caused by suppressed perspiration, and as Ibis penetrating unguent ut once opens the pores, and invigorates
the absorbents, it dissipates the inflammation by it
double process. Ladies whose faces or aims are disfigured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove the
blemish and restore to lbe skin its natural tint, flexibility, anil softness, by the use of this safe but powerful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, Fever Sores.
In cases of King's Evil where medicinal waters,
lotions, and every recipe of pharmacopicia have proved
useless, the Ointment will accomplish n thorough cure.
Fever sores heal quickly under its influence, and its
relaxing ell'ect upon contracted sinews is truly wonderful.
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Erysipelas.
These are among the most terrible and agonizing diseases, yet. it; their worst forms, and when seemingly
incurable, they invariably disappear under a persevering
application of tbis soothing, healing tintiilotc to pain
and iiilliiiiiiniition.
Both lho Ointment and Pills should bc used in lhe following
cases :—
Bad Legs. [Contracted   and iScalds.
Bad Breasts. Stiff Joints. Sore Nipples.
Burns. jSlcphnntiusis. Sore-throats.
Bunions. Fistulas. ;.-i-iii'-lr,iseii.:.co.
Btcof Mosquctoes Gout. Scurvy.
and Siiii'l-Flic.-. Glandular Swel- Sore-beads.
.i.'.....'.:o.-l.';i.v. lings, Tumors.
Chiego-foot. Lumbago. Ulcers,
Corns   (seil'i t.        [Piles, |Wounds.
Cancers. Rheumatism. Yaws.
Sold nt the establishment of Piiokkssor IIollowav,
244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers In Medicines through*
out the civilised world.
ll-H'' There is a considerable saving by taking the
larger sizes,
N. I!.- -Directions for the guidance of patients ill
every d Border are nfllxod to each Pot.
CURTIS   &  MOORE, Agents,
Yiiies-siici'i, Victoria, V, I.
ALL PERSONS are hereby warned not to negoeiale
for any evidence of Indebtedness against the linn
of Tavi.oh k Co. It being apparent that forged and
fraudulent notes ure in circulation against said linn
nil persons nre cautioned not to ucgocinte for any such
claims. And all persons nre further notified that John
C. Callbrciith is the only porson authorised to contract
liabilities or collect debts for lbe firm of Callbrcath k
Co. TAYLOR  k Co.
CALLB11EAT11 k Co.
Short Porlagc, B. C, Oct. J, 1_... oc20-3t
\        '"' .'•'"'.•'' J&^^+W*  *&S%K        X''''*^-//'1
ms  ate'i^ll ^i
\M it
li -;J <-, '.lip x-\<~JJ'
mm    -^:iP vjm
1 Wk   '!-*2 -'j; ■'■!=.h x\\
|\W.   !*.{ £:■:.- ,$39   0^t$
Scrofula,   Rheumatism, Stubborn   Ulcers,   Dyspepsia,  SiW.
Rheum, Fecer Sores, Erysipelas, Pimples, Hi!'*, Mercurial Discaics,  Cutaneous  Eruptions,   Liver   Complaint, Rroncliili*, Female Complaints, Lot* of
Appetite, General Debility, .C-c.
A plentiful supply of pirni blood Is its .s.-i.;iti.-il to tinliiml lit.
»- light, hint, nml (.'iiiiiil .liuwcrs nro t.> tlio vegetable kingdom.
When tbo propor circulation of the vital llultl la Impeded, Blck-
lieu la Ihe Inevitable consequence, tho accretions hecomo unhealthy, the liwr becomes clogged with Impure bile, which,
forced Into the system, vitiates and Intlamos the bl I, oiij-en.
derlng scrofula and cutaneous nml biliary disorders. The i \j ,■■
Hen... of sixteen years has fully established tbo high reputation
of tin- Invaluable medicine: Its curallvo powors havo been
..jnroiighly leated in long-standing and obstlnato eases, wilh
such Invariable succcsa as to call forth tho mosl flattering commendations rnuii eminent physlolnns throughout tbe couutw,
Thc tolloning recommendation Is from uneol tbe oldest phyai-
clans in N.tv London, Conn.
Messrs. A. It. ,V 1). Sami-i: Oentlemo,,,—Tour Sarsanarllla
has been very extensively used In ibi* city and lho nelghtmrlng
towns, and so far ai my knowledge extends, uniformly with success. In n great ran ty of discusi - of long Hniiillng, nml of a
very dlstresslni: and dangerous character, which havo r,«i-t.-.l a
1..1,... Hsi ,,,' remedial agents, it has hoc,, u«od- in many ol them
"i'i' '■ I'letc success, and In all Will, decided I.,-,,, lit.* It la regarded by the medical profession as n medicine of great eHlcary
in it numerous class of ills, ases, snch as Inveterate ewnillt_i.l_.iiil
complaints, tthen ,l,o system liaa been long diseased; In cases of
lung use or itbtisi of mercury; in rheuinntl.iii of lot - stand n ■ •
In obstinnio iii i-,- or lho skin : In enfeebled ( litli f the
BysUuii; in chronic nlaecases, attended with profuse dlsebarges;
lion-; enlarged glands, and vi.ii.ms other ma'ailloa connected
villi a depravod state ofthe system, lis a — is usually followed
with Improvement ofnppotlte and digestion, Increase of strength
and llesh, bcticr rest at night, the production of „ moro healthy
state of mind, and complete restoration to health.
Truly yours,        WM.  .ii.UNI.. M, I>.
Prepared and sold by A. II.  JL- I). SIMN,  Who'osalo
Druggists, luu Fulton-street, corner of William, New York.
For sale by 1>KWITT, KITTLK A Co., II. JOHNSON V Co
and ItEDtNQTON .v. Co..-mi Francisco; It ICE 4 1'uI'lTN*'
Mnrysvlllo; It. II. McDONALD __. Co., Sacramento: and by
Druggista generally.
Of all llie remedies yet discovered for snch complaints; this is
the most certain, ami leaves no iiij-iri-.u- . ii',.,.n.'
It mattes a spoody and permanent cure, without the hast re-
slrii-ti.in to diet, drink, exposure, or change ,„ application t.t
business. One bottle is generally suQlclont to cure nn ordinary
case, which not unfreqitontly disappears nll,r six nr eighl doses.
Prepared and sold by A. IJ. Jt n. SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, 10. Fulton-street, cornor „r William, New York.
For -a'.,- by DEWITT, KITTLE k Co., II. JOHNSON A Oo
siul ItEDlNOTON fc Co.. San Francisco: RICE & COFFU?
Uarysyillo; B. II. McDONALD Jo Co., Sacramento: and b»
Druggista generally. '
Scrofula, Merctiriil ili.cnses, Rheumatism, Cutaneous
Eruptions, S.ubhv-i Ulcers, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Salt Rheum. Lumbago, White
tlwollings, Hip Disease, Enlargement of the
Bnnes and Joints, Fever Sores, Female
Complaints, Erysipelas, Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, &c, &c.
It has lrng been a must Important desideratum In the practice
of medicine, to obtain a remedy similar to this, nnd accordingly
we find It resorted to almost universally in nil those torn,''tiling
diseases of the skin so trying to the patience, and Injurious to
the health.    It Is a tunic, aperient, and disinfectant.    It ai'ts
ittnilltanoously upon tlie stomach, the cuicui-atms, and tho
Bowels, and Urns three processes, which nre ordinarily the result
of tiii'.kk different kinds of medicine, are carried on nt tho Same
time through the Instrumentality nf this oxb remedial agent
Its great merit Is, that it moots and neutralises the active prln
olplo of disease itself, ar,e. when that is gone, tho symptoms no
cessarlly disappear.  Tli. rapidity with which tho patient rceov
era health nnd F'rengtb under this tiiplo Inlluence is surprising.
Lvnn Coi-x-rv, Oregon Ter., March 11,1668.
Messrs. A. B. k D. Sands, New York! Gentlemon,—In the
Spring uf 1 _t.*i:i, while on our way from Indiana to lliis place, our
eldest boy was seized with a swelling ami severe pains In tbo
legs, which dnv bv day grew worse, until bin legs contracted,
and became so' painful thnt ho conld not walk, and we hnd ta
cany hlui about liko an infant. We reached Albany on tho Bd
of October, completely worn out by fatigue. Hy Ibis time ho
was reduced to ■ perfeot skeleton. Hen, we wero enabled tn
consult n physician (Dr. Hill), who honestly confessed ho could
not rum him, although ho could give him medicine Hint would
relieve tho pain. In Hns exigency something must bo done, or
death wns Inovltablo. Botng reoommondod lo try your Snrsn-
pnrllln, I procured a bottle. Alter inking some, ho appeared
wots,,; hut persevering with It, I obtained a second bottle,
which seemed to grapple with tbo disease, and caused a innrkot,
Improvement: ihe swolllng nnd pain in ihe legs were reduced,
his appetite Improved, nnd Ids color began to return. Thus en-
conrtiged, I purchased it third bottle; while inking It, lhe swellings In his legs broke, ami sonic pieces nl bono ono-.lghtli of
an Inch Iiiiik ciiino oul, after which his legs straightened nnd
hciiled up. Ho Is now perfectly recovered, lias no appearance
of being n cripple, nu.! enn perform most kinds of common labor,
as all our neighbors can certify,   Yours, respectfully,
fAI.Iiii PA VIS.
Prepared nnd sold by A. II. A. T). SANDS, Wholesalo
Druggists, 1 in- Kiili,iii-slr,-el. comer of William, New York.
For side bv DEWITT, KITTLE k Co., II. JOHNSON k Co.,
nn-..- Ki'.t'il.Sii'-iiN' -:. c,...iK;1 .'r./icls.,,; IMOE k COFFIN
Marysville; n. II. McDONALD k. Co., Bacmuionto; and by
Druggists generally,
The delicate structure of the eyelid renders il peculiarly sen
sitlv.' and liable to disease. AVhcn, from nny cause, It becomes
affected, Iho inner membrane rapidly Intlamos, nnd the eyelid
evinces tho strongest predisposition to attract to Itself humors
from nil parts of tho body. Hundreds of persons of scrofulous
habit are disfigured by rawness or redness of the eyelids, commonly culled ..ore eyes, nnd tortured wilh apprehensions of Impaired vision, who, by using Ibis BALSAM, mny obtain almost
lunned.utu rulicf. In all cases, the curlier this remedy is applied
toe ui'tier.
Nnw Yoiik, -inly 16th, 185..
Messrs. A. IV A-, T). P.'.vra: Gentlemen,—I In.vo been troubled
Hir yenisjviih an nITeclton or tho eyelids, and lu.vo tried a number 'nl ''"neilios withniii experiencing nny decided benefit   A
few weeks since I olilni I sonic of yourlloMAN Kvi: IIai.s.m,
nml applied II at rdlng in Iln- directions,   Tiie first application
produced " dcoldcdly boiioflolnl offoot, and I luul not used it
i cek, lielnie inv evellils were entirely free from inflamtneti
which had not hi en the caso before for ninny vears
Vc.rs, kc. a. II. WILLIAMS, lill'J Hi-.ii.miw    ,
I'lllCR, !_.1 CUNTS PEH JAR.
Trcparod am*, sold by A. lt. dc I). SANl.tl, W'.mesale
JrugglsU, Inn ..'nlion-street. corner of William, New Y.rk.
For sale by DBW1TT, KITTLE k Co., II. HiHN .-,N & Co
and UI'inl.N'tiTtiN k Co., San Francisco: l'.H'lC '. CLlKKIM
M-.r-stllle; ';. 11. McDl,_S._LD 4. Co., Bucrtun 'o; aud by
M A Y !'. It,     I! B I N II A RT,     &    ,,,.
NKW   WI.gTMII.8TEB,  11.  C, 'fe
HAVING concluded arrangements for n. reguhirl'
of vessels,  to run  twice n  month ilircc, f""
"-in,, Frnncisc to this pluce, would be pleased to reiy
orders I'm' British Columbia.
Letters  addressed  tons  in   cure  ofMcssrs.Mnv
Ilciiihiiii, .. t'o.. Victoria, V.  1., John Dewar, and fl'
11.   Gehricke,  San   Francisco,  Ca., will  mCc.   . ■
prompt attention.
highest   price  ti.r   Gold   Dust.      I .,-,.: .   . I
cheques on Messrs. TaUant A: Wilde, "inn Frauci      ■
"par.'        '»l')-.u,J'
11 I. N It V     II O I, li It 0 (I K,
(' (I M M 1 S S I tl N     M E it (.' II A NT
Liverpool Whurf, Columbia-street, New Wcst_nin..-er
liritish  Columbia.
I-JONDED STORAGE always ready for 500 tons of
) goods,  nii'l   evev  accommodation   fur landin»
merchandise on his whurf;   wharfage 25 cents per toi
For Sale <-x recent urrivals—
loo sacks llr.tn,
I 00 bales California Out Hay,
r.n sacks Wheat,
1000 sinks Hurley,
Hi sucks Darber's Sugar-cured Hams,
■jn firkins Butter,
lo casks S. I. Molasses,
no cuses Preserved Chicken,
■_'., cases lloasl Million,
lo cases San Francisco Pilot Bread,
.'. cases ,I.i\ii Ground Cofl'ee, kc, kc.,
nnd  a general assortment of gootls suitable for iliii
market. seZWu
II i N N  K S Y"7^       li It A N I) Y~
IN'   ONH    llliZKX    CASES.
.V 11 a II F - 8 T It K K T ,      V I C T 0 D I A.
WHOLESALE and   RETAIL  Dealers  in   Boots ml
Suoes, Leather, and Findings, of every description.
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kinds. mhl.-3ni
MESSRS.   W.   S.   KIRKLAND k 0.,
V, Kino- William Street, Strand,
])l.t", to call the intention of rentiers of English new
) papers in Vancouver Island, British Colutnlih]
and California to thc udvautagc of Bi'hscrihing to the
"Evening Mail" newspaper, which is a reprint pub-
li.-lnil three limes - week, of all the leading articles,
essays, correspondents' letters, and news of "Tin
Times" London newspaper, everything but tiie aihir-
ii.-iiiicnis. nml can be sent post free to all parts ol
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Caiifomiij
via the United States, for £1 Is per quarter, or tt
per annum, paid in advance ; thu. being " Tbe Times'
ut Half 1'iihi:.
Subscriptions received at the oflice af the "Nt.
Westminster Times," New Westminster, llriiiii
Columbia. mMj
II O I, I, ii W A  Y
Why are Diseases so Fatal in Tropical Climatttl
Merely because we prescribe for their effect, insttiJ
of their cause, nnd try to relieve symptoms instead ol
striking nt their root." The action of these Pills Is pit<
ciscly the reverse. They expel from the secretive organs uii'l the circulation the morbid mutter which produces Inflammation, pain, fever, debility, and phjsiol
ileciiy ; nml the Ic-is of disease being removed,iU
manifestations vanish. While ordinary remedies oilj
afford n temporary respite to thc sufferer, whereas these
Pills annihilate the disorder.
Ill Health in  Hot  Countries.
Frequently arises from nervous disorders nfTectir."
the action of the heart and deranging the whole w
in,i 1 economy ; these tine Pills will restore the ncrvotl
,-ystoui however deranged, nud bring hack health m
spirits when nil other medicine has failed.
Ililluus und Liter Complaints,
Frequently lead to the worst phases of human suffering, yet how ninny in the Bast and West Indies,an
mosl of our Foreign Possessions, nre thus afflicted, unknowing the means of cure placed within their grasp;
such should Hike a few boxes of these Pills accordiiif
to the directions given in the books, und their allow'
will quickly leave them.
Dropsical Swellings and Turn of Life.
This is a most disastrous period in woman's bhtotJi
it destroys thousands, the whole of the gross hnmotj
collect together, and like a tide sweep utvny healthM»
life itself, il nol timely und powerfully checked. The
most certain remedy for all these dangerous symptom
is Holloway's Pills. Armed with this great aiitidci;
the fiery ordeal is passed through, nnd the sntTererij
once more restored to the possession of nnimpaW
health. These Pills nre equally cflicacions in all If
untie eon.plaints, and obstructions ut the dii'vn »
Stomach and Liver Complaints,
These arc complaints of the million, particularly'
those in warm latitudes ; few escape them ; snd,"
neglected, ihey lend to Innumerable dangerous nialiuli'''
But why neglect them when Holloway's Pills will cm';
ieitle them as certainly as witter extinguishes firt
They relieve the bowels, purify the llttiils, and invlfto''
nte the system and the constitution nt tlio sainetiti*
They are admitted by virtue of special decrees into tM
dominions of despotism, and thus have becomoagtt*
household remedy.
Dysentery und Bowel Complaints.
These famous Pills should be taken once or t'vi«-
wcek by all classes in this part of the world, by fflil*
means, none need fear the attacks of these din*
A Word to Females,
The local debility and irregularities which nre v>
special nniioynncc of lhe weaker sex, nnd which, v1'
neglected, always short'eii-i"lifts' live 'vcllevcd'^et'}\
time bohig and provontcd for tho time to COtB.i")
course of this inilel but thorough iiRofivvivo
 . -i
Hull own ifs Pi/Is a:e lhe best remedy known in tin •rW"|
far the fallowing diseases:—
Bilious Complaints   Erysipelas        i Stone milC*;
Blotches  on  the     Female  Irreg-  Liver Compl«llU |
skm ulni'itii'H Lumbago
Bowel Complaints    Fevers of all     Piles ,
""'■- '     ' Retention ofirir;;l
Sore  Thr.ml-'
.Seeon.h.r.;- SympH
Tic Doiiluiif-'-1-'
Weakness, frm1-
wl.utevei- ci"'=*.|
,    kc, kc
Sold nt thc establishment of PnoFEsSQit HolW«|i
244, Strand, (nonr Temple Bar) London,   also l'l    j
i'i'.spect.;tl,!c Dmgg\fl8 und Dealers in medicine*; tl,LoU° I
out the civilized worltL ,    Ml
ftrj)"- Tliere  is  a eoiiJiidcrablc  saving by taking    >
largor sizes. .  ;9j
N. B.—Directions for the gnidniico of patwnn j
every disorder nre affixed io each box. .     •.
CURTIS & MOORE, Agents, Yatos-st., Victor
Colics kiiitls
Constipation of the. Fits
Bowels Gout
Consumption Head-ache
Dysentery , o.o,,,,, .
Venereal Affections 1 Worms  of it
Printed and publishod every Saturday by   bKO ;;
.M'i'i.i-iik, at his ollice, New Westminster, »
Colonv of British Columbia.
■»-~.   .3—^
-'— —■■ ——__ra__rm


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