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The New Westminster Times Feb 13, 1861

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No. 21,     Vol.  IIL]        VICTORIA,   V. I.,    ATEDXESDAY,  FEBRUARY 13. 1861.
[Price 2&ct«,
PRESIDENT BUCHANAN'S MESSAGE. laws be faithfully executed-    Mr. Buchanan  puts
[from the London  Time.) lbe question  plainly  enough:—"Has the  Constitution
We have had in our time Royal  Speeches that  were        legated to Congress the power to coerce a State into
sufficiently  ambiguous,  bu.  Ihe  __«*p. of President tShSS 'hSott SP"* l^^T"'  °' hv*
. . ■ wiuiarawn, trom the Confederacy?—andbe c,,n-.ir.-.-.f.-.
Buchanan certainly surpasses any of them.  The danger  "I ba. t arrived al the com lusion that no  sue:
which,  temporarily at^ least,   threatens  the ....  10 Congress, or to
seems to have deprived the first Magistrate of the de- meat of the Federal Government." Tl:fe is the lame
termination which belongs lo his office and to his in-laud impotent conclusion of a lone tr* n of uvument
dividual character. The Constitution of the United South Carolina may one dav in certain cont.nxencie_
States, as understood by the great body of citizens, in- be justified moraUy, though nol I, -.." .... secession but
trusts very large powers to the statesman who is chosen she is not justified now either morallj or legally rel if
President. He is invested with an authority far more she chooses io secede thc Executive 'can and 'wi'll do
extensive than thai which belongs  lo an English Pre- nothing.
mier, and almost approaching in  character u.  thnt of   Mr. Buchanan is an able man. and no doubt sect clearlv
n Roman Dictator.    He is elected  by  the  i   leg.tcs  of | that inactivity is for the present the best policy.    Hut i'i
Dictator. He is elected by tl;
every State t>> carry on the Federal Executive for four
vears. in spite, possibly, of an opposing Congress, and
in .-]>iie. too, >>! .my subsequent change in popular opinion, He may and actually dues pat his veto on any Hill
he pleases.    In foreign  Affairs he is  almost  suprem
is unfortunate that he should have to give a reason for
the curse he takes. Many of the wisest deeds in historj
have been defended in the most illogical documents,
and Mr. Buchanan's purpose of letting South Carolina
alone will be an addition to the number.   The President
for though the Senate have a co-ordinate authority to > knows that he can do nothing, that public opinion
which theie is no parallel in our system, yet their ac-1 would not tolerate the invasion and conquest of the
tion is practically far less continuous and effective than Southern States and the holding them as conquered
that of the House of Commons. More than this, the provinces, and therefore he declares thai the Federal
President is expected to be a man of self-reliance, to IGovernment hns no such right of coercion. Rut tilts
have his own opinions, and to carry them boldly into is is a dangerous admission, and pregnant with weighty
practice. In the history or the Onion the personal consequences. If coercion ought not to be used in case
character of the President., has hnd the greatest inliu- > of secession, it is still more unjustifiable in case of sim-
enr.e on the course of events; the acts of their terms of pie nullification. If a State may without hindrance vio-
ufli.e are properly nnd justly attributed to them, their , late the sacred Constitution ofthe Republic, it may cer-
maxims and dicta are constantly cited, and anyone of tainly set aside an ordinary Federal law, such as the
tlicm who should allow himself to be dictated to by his j Fugitive Slave Itill or a protective tariff. In fact, the
cabinet would excite the contempt of every party in the! opinions ofthe President amount to this,—that no Fed-
State. We can well conceive, then, that the Message ofer.il obligation whatever cau be enforced on any rccus-
Mr. Buchanan has given dissatisfaction both to the! ant State
Southerners aud their opponents. Of the politicians i
who hav
President   since  Qeaeral
ked upon as possessing the
held the  office  of
Jackson, Mr. Buchanan is loo
most vigorous mind. He is one of the eminent men who
have in later times attained to tlie highest ollice in the
Republic. He was always outspoken and uncompromising, and before his elevation might have been reckoned an extreme politician. One would expect that such
a man would enunciate some clear doctrine, and take
fnine decided course in n crisis like the present. When
General Jackson was President. South Carolina played
n similar game to that she seems now to be prosecuting j'
so .successfully. Jackson brought the "iiullifiers" to
reason by the threat of using the Federal forces against
them. On the present occasion either thc South has
no cause of discontent, or the Ninth has not acted in
tlie spirit of the Constitution. In either case the
President, who is the Chief Magistrate and the sworn
guardian ofthe I'nion, would seem bound to express his
opinion boldly, and use all the means ill his power to
curb the headstrong and bring the unjust to a sense ol
their wrong doing.
But the Message is apparently nn.evasion of all rc-
sponsibility. The President knows that his term of office is near it? close, and he is determined  to take  uo
P. I. A L E S T A T E A G E X T.
East side of Government st. bet. Yates ,t Johnson st
J y puchasing. and leasing property, to negotiating
loans and transacting everything connected with Ileal
Estate business.
Maps of all the different Districts on the Island may
be seen at his office, Parties desirous of purchasing
■omestends, .,r making investments, will find on his
bulletin Board, Town Lots on nearly every street;
farming or Gardening Land iu every District, some of
which afford a rare chance for  investment.
Conveyances, leases,  kc,  drawn   up  it reasonable
rates. n,v1l-;ini
II 0 L L 0 W A Y' S    0 I N T M EXT.
lt Expels   Disease!
It is said  that all   productions  of  human skill  have
sups which >-an embarrass his successor or give either j their day, and are superceded by new inventions or dispart.-the power of saying that he complicated matters
nml made reconciliation impossible. Perhaps this
course may be the wisest in the end. There are times
when the most masterly policy is to do nothing, and
Mr. Buchanan may be right in p.caching non-Intervention. Bat. though the policy of thc President may
prove worthy of his reputation, it is impossible to
praise the document in which he propounds it. The
Message is not only nugatory, but contradictory. Not
only does it announce that the Executive is powerless
to control either of the contending parlies, and preserve
the most cherished possession of the American people,
but it at once charges the Southern States with n political crime and declares that they may be justified iu
their conduct. It is, in fact, plain that this part ofthe
document hns been thc work, not of n single man, but
ofthe Cabinet. Mr. Buchanan, whose opinions nre
said to be strongly in favor of preserving tbe Union,
and who mny possibly have leant toward, the use of
vigorous measures, has been forced to adopt a milder
tone by the remonstrances of his Southern advisers, lt
is well'known that at least two of the cabinet are extreme Southerners, nnd disposed to further secession
should the North persist in its Abolitionist Legislation.
After several long and lively debates the Message has
been brought into its present form, nnd as is usually the
ease the emendations nnd corrections have left it weak
in   purpose nnd  almost unintelligible in argument.
First we have a declaration of opinions in which the
Governor of Georgia himself might agree. Why is it,
asks Mr. Buchanan, that while the country is eminently
prosperous in all its material interests, the Union, the
»..tree ot these blessings, is threatened with destruction? The cause, he answers, is to be found in the
bmg continued and intemperate interference of the
Northern peoplo with the question ol Slavery nt the
South, which hns given rise to servile insurrection,
and inspired the slaves with vague nqtions of freedom.
"It is," says the President, "a mistake to suppose that
Hit only grievance of the South consists in the endeavor tn exclude Slavery from the territories and to do-
leat the execution of the Fugitive Slave Law. The
peril arises not so much from these causes ns from the
"'"'-sunt, and violent agitation of the Slavery question
foi lhe last quarter of a century. In the South a sense
ol'security no longer exists around the family altar.
"Many a matron throughout the South retires at night
In dread ot what may befall herself aud lior children beforo the morning."
The President lays it down that, there is nn express
provision of tho Constitution requiring that fugitive
slaves who escape from service in one State to another
Shall he delivered up to their masters. Independently
therefore, and antecedently to the Fugitive Slave Act
Massachusetts is bound to arrest and give up every
legro who escapes within her limits.
. The South, therefore, is morally in the right, but can
11 legally nnd Constitutionally secede, even in the face
of'lii' greatest provocations? Thc President holds
Hint it cannot—that a sesession though justifiable, must
•x* revolutionary ; that is, that the Constitution does
not recognize lhe disruption ofthe Union, and provides
n" machinery by which n State can quit the Fdcra-
•j0"- This indeed, seems clear enough. No Constitution since the world began over contemplated its own
Violation. We in England hold that tyrannical Princes
mn.' be resisted, that soldiers are not bound to slaugli-
,cr their fellow citizens nt the bidding of authority, nnd
"'•my more doctrines, without which society would not
use above the level of Oriental servility. Yet there is
"a recognition of these moral rights in our law, which
attributes to the Sovereign theoretical perfection and
Plenary authority. The question accordingly is, what
llje the duties of the Federal Executive when a State
like South Carolina commits a revolutionary act, in violation, or at least in disregard of the Constitution ? If
the Carolinians hnve rights thev hnve nlso duties. They
owe something to thc American nation, to which their
forefathers subscribed, to the States which, by their
own admission, hnve faithfully kept their engagements,
t0 the Suites which have sprung into existence inland,
'.ml which the secession of Soulh Carolina will shut off
bom the Atlantic. It is evident that though South
"Molina has her rights as a Sovereign State, yet having
'ntered into a federation with others, sho lies given
mem claims on her which she cannot shake oil ftt will.
."hat then, is the President to do—ho who is ''bound
solemn oath before God and tho  country to see thai
coverles. Not so with this remedy, "lt is not for
day, but lor nil time and in all countries." And why?
Because it strikes at the generic root of all diseases in
thc blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing beyond thnt. The Ointment penetrating through flesh
and fibre, like water through a porous substance,
reachcR llie germ or disease, such ns scrofula, erysipelas, cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcerous discharges in the circulation, and eradicates the taint at
once and forever in this climate.
Bad Legs.
This Ointment will cure any case of Bad Leg even if
of twenty years standing, or however hard or discolored
the Hesh may bc, or it swollen lhc she of a person's
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into the
whole of the parts affected twice a day in large quantities, and thc parts kept covered with Iinncn rags thickly
spread with the Ointment; from this mode of treatment, a plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will
follow, until thc wounds nre nil healed on the leg, or
other parts assume their natural appearance.
Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
The mosl inveterate cases of bad legs, scrofulous or
other sores, are cured, if of twenty years standing, by
thc joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect ot
this unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores,
is almost miraculous. It first discharges the poison
which produces suppuration and proud Hesh, and thus
the cures which its healing properties afterwards complete, nre safe ns well ns permanent. It has a wonderful effect In the cure of sores occusioned by niusquctoes,
sand-flies or giggcrs.
This Ointment will euro the worst enses of Piles if
used according to tbe printed directions even if of 20
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples dry eruptions, and all irritations of
the skin, fade and disappear after a few applications of
Ilollowuy's Ointment. In these enscs brisk friction is
indispensable Many of the ordinary eruptions are
caused by suppressed perspiration, and as this penetrating unguent at once opens the pores, and invigorates the absorbents, it dissipates the inlhimation by a
double process. Ladies whoso faces or arms are disfigured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove llie
blemish and restore to the skin its natural tint, flexibility, and softness by the use of this safe but powerful counter-irritant.
Kings Evil, Fever Sores.
In cases of King's Evil where medicinal waters, lotions, and every recipe of phnrmncopcoln have proved
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Rheumatism, Scrofula' Erysipelas.
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enses, yet in their worst forms, nnd when seemingly incurable, they invariably disappear under a persevering
application of this soothing, healing antidote to pain
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Roth the Ointment and the rills should be used in the
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Contracted and
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Thinking it under my dignity to follow the mode Ot
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at mv old Distillery, near
Renowned In Europe and ihe United Suites for nearly
twenty years, for Unrivalled Purity, and for Wholesome
Tonic Properties.
Beware nf the cheap poisonous trash put up in square
bottles of late years, by so many lli'tinr-mlxers, to Imitate my Pure ovlmnpps, nnd my Dottles and Labels,
Hole Importer and Proprietor,
Jet-nm       33, 34 and 98 llenver street, New York.
Honlth. Strength und ltaj.plness are obtain.
ed by cleansing the IIIikhI nf Its impurities, lllood, we
nre told, on lhc IllgllOtt authority, Is tho " t.lfti," or at
least ihe medium or lift.otije body I and It Is, we know,
the great feeder nf cvory part of tlio frame, Thus tbo
lilm,-! iu the great channel of disease) eotisc.|itcntly, a
good or bad state of the system, or constitution, is no
mnru made the composition nf the blood. Wo havo
made the composition of the blood otirconstnnt study,
nnd nre satisfied thnt two thirds of all the diseases aro
caused by Its impurities.
Relieving the above facts, wemadeonrselvesacqunlnt-
rd with the BLOOD ciikmi.ai.i.v with a view to a relln-
hli- medical agent, thut would correct all the impurities
ofthe blood, and at tho same time ofTectnally euro alt
discuses nii'Uliig therefrom. Wo have succeeded beyond
our most sanguine etipectations, ns thousands can tes-
lily who have tried the virtues of the preparation known
by all professional men an
Ilcwnre of Ignorant Imitators, Tho gminlno Is sold
everywhere by cetpeetablo dealers in preference to all
others. It. HALL & CO.,
Sole Proprietors..
nng 11 • 1 m 1 >t3 and 14") Clay atreot..
COMrillSl-H   EVEIlV   DESCntfTION   Of
CUSHION CAi'S, as originally invented by them,
nre particularly adapted for use in Indln, where the
enps nre often allowed to remnin a long time on tho
nipples of rilles und fowling pieces, the ignition Uciug
nt nil times safe and certain, whilst in humid weather
tho discharge is as instantaneous as with ordinary caps
on the driest day, For testimoninls as to their vnluo
for shooting in India, seo Col, Jacob's Work on 'i Rille .
and Projectiles,"
Por killing game at long distances; also the CfeEEN
CARTRIDGE, made with  the largest drop shot and
mould shot, will be found very effective at large game,
where tho sportsman has not a rifle in the field,
Also, chemically preparod Cloth and Pelt Gun Waddings, to prevent the loading of guns. Cartridge Cases
for breeoii-londlng shot gnus, and Bull Cartridges for
I'i'inoe'g and nther breech-loading Rifles, Muskets,
Pistols, etc.
sols Contractors to thbwaj. pkpartment,
Fo. Watotproor-tlmidi-v Caps, Cartridge!}, fed Caps for
Colt's, Ada-is'" aii-I other Revo-Ver»,:4*rob>:
''B_fle'Shells, Tubes, etc, et».t'^b„   '
$ cts
One Inch, on rsnEB—One in?ertion	
ii » One month	
ii " Three months	
u " Six month-	
Two Inches, on less—One insertion	
,. ii One month	
ii .' Three mon lis	
ii " Six months 30 00
Four Inches ob less—One insertion    3 '•'
« '' One month  u uu
» .< Three months  30 00
Advertisements of larger dimensions, or for long
periods ns per agreement.
1 25
4 00
10 00
17 50
2 00
r, 00
l*i 50
|to ^sfoimstcr Sim
On Saturday last, Mr. Potter of the theatrical troupe, was arrested and imprisoned for
a deht contracted in California. Our intention is not to inquire into the nature or circumstances of the liability—it is sufficient for
the purpose to know that a person contracts
a debt, or assumes its responsibility, in a
country where imprisonment for debt is unknown—visits in an unguarded moment Her
Britannic Majesty's Possessions on the Pacific
and at thc instance of his California creditor
is at once incarcerated in gaol. To imprison
a man for debt at all unless it he shown" that
fraud was intended, is simply to commit an
act of barbarism; and the law is one which
should, and doubless will, in a few years, be
swept from the statutes of Great Britain;
but to imprison a man for an act which was
not punishable by incarceration in the country in which the transaction took place, is to
perpetrate an injustice that even savages
might falter in contemplating. Punishment
by an ex post facto law is nothing in comparison to this. Were such a principle curried
out by every civilized nation the effect would
simply bc to either entirely destroy travel, or
reduce every country to thc level of the one
in which thc laws wcre most despotic and ty-
ranical. The man guilty of high treason or
ie lition would meet a similar fate in any foreign country in which he might take refuge
as he would in his own ; such a knowledge in
itself would tend to destroy both freedom of
speech and liberty of action; but justice
would be more outraged by hanging a man
in one country for an offence committed in
another where the legal punishment might
have been only tlio infliction of a fine, or a
few months imprisonment.
Wo question very much whether we have
any legal jurisdiction in this matter at all;
but if such an outrageous absurdity be in accordance with the laws ofthe colony it cannot be abolished too soon, lf we are to become the jailers of every unfortunate Califoi
nian who may set loot on our shores we shall
shortly either be reduced to bankruptcy ourselves by feeding prisoners for the benefit of
.San Franciscan or Saeramentau creditors, or
become insolvent by chasing every foreigner
away from the country. What man will attempt to visit these colonies who has had the
misfortune during the last few years to contract a debt in cither California or Oregon,
and who has not thc mean., of liquidating it ?
When we consider the enormous number of
this class, consequent not upon any dishonest
disposition, but owing chiefly to the speculation and fluctuation of business in the neighboring States, the injustice as well as the folly
of our present mode of dealing with such cases
is surely abundantly apparent. Life and
property under the English law are. protected
to a degree unknown in any other country;
but the protection which the law as administered in these colonics affords to property
is much moro than counterbalanced by the
inroads it makes on personal liberty. We
do not wish to take away one iota of the necessary protection which property in every
commercial country requires, but wo cannot
help thinking that unless some steps bc taken
to remove thc impressions which late events
have created, thc country will be looked upon
by every ono with thc same horror as that
produced in Naples under the reign of king
rush into thc lowest description oi personality ami
abuse, falsehood and tergiversation, and make alament-
uble whine about an attempt being made to injure its
circulation. We are willing to make a great allowance
for our cotemporary's want of experience in journalism;
for its two vears' existence in Victoria has evidently not
made it acquainted with much ofthe etiquette or courtesy of the press ; but we certainly do expect in civilized" society, to see a little attention paid to common
decency in the columns ofa newspaper.
Let our contemporary learn to know that in the absence of ability to criticise the arguments of a journal,
personal scurrility is a weapon that displays more than
any other a sign of incompetency and weakness. If
wc nre a Government organ and allied to all the powers
of evil, why docs the Colonist, in its honesty, not point
out such indications in our columns. This would be
a manly and straight-forward course ; but to shelter
itself behind the miserable egotism and vanity of pretending to be a "people's paper" evinces a sign of moral
poltroonery and imbecility that wc are sorry to seo in
connection with a public journal. To say that we are
under the influence of the Government or nny particular party or individual, is simply to perpetrate a falsehood lor selfish purposes. We have bean solicited by
a large number of the respectable inhabitants of Victoria, for some time past, to start a paper in this town—
not with a view to support this class against that, but
to advocate the general interests of the country—in-
teresls which have never received thc attention due
them by the journals of the place. Wc have responded
lo the call, and intend in thc course of a fortnight issuing a paper to be called the Viotobia Pbess. Wchope
therefore, shortly to prove to the inhabitants by something more tangible than mere assertion that the people's interests, so far as we arc concerned will be properly attended to.
This is the want which the people rf Victoria have
long deplored, and however much our modest contemporary may arrogate to itseif high-sounding names the
deplorable fact stares every right-thinking man in the
face that from No. 1 to the last issue of the Colonist its
stupendous efforts have not produced a single result
beneficial to the colony; and all this with thc disagreeable reflection that almost every class of the community has been at different times ignorantly insulted in
its columns. Now it is the colored population, then
the Hebrew merchants, and again respectable and intelligent jurors. Who has not noted the change in its
line of abuse which characterized its columns the last
few months ? Surely it was not the Vancouver Island
Government Printing that caused this metamorphosis.
We hope not. We ourselves have a higher idea nf a
"people's paper.'' We fancy that it should on uo occasion allow itseif to degenerate into vulgar abuse, that
it should devote itself consistently and conscientiously
to the discbarge of those duties pertaining to its office
iuul should prove itself capable not only to discuss measures of legislation but bring such schemes before the
notice of the public. When our contemporary reaches
this stage in journalism, we shall bc the first to exhibit our appreciation of the change, but till then we
are afraid we shall be compelled in duty to the public
and ourselves, to entirely refrain from bandying words
or otherwise noticing its scurrilous effusions.
It has been an immemorial practice with timid boys
to whistle up their  courage when  passing  at night a
grave-yard  or  other locality  of dismal  associations.
When tbe Colonist g.ts frightened a somewhat similar
course is adopted.    It frantically dubs itself thc "people's paper,'' and like the valiant individual in the farce
who persists in pooh-poohing the existence of the at
parition, but who trembles  so that tbe  candles be is
holding break in pieces, our bold contemporary exhibits
the most frightful trepidation at the appearance of it
paper it cries is defunct.  Neither moral nor political integrity is of an obtrusive nature, and when we bbservi
a person making great claims to either wc may safely
put him down  ns  destitute of that particular quality,
This has become so proverbial that  we are astonished
that even our contemporary cannot sec its force.    If the
Colonist contains all the virtues  which its editor seeks
to display before thc public  like a quack with bis nostrums,  surely it would bc only evincing a little good
taste and exhibiting a deference for public opinion to
allow its angelic nature  to be  eulogised by the people
whose mouthpiece it modestly asserts it is.    But at nil
events how is it that a journal with such an everlasting
foundation as the popular will, should at thc reappearance of thc Naw Webtmihstbb Times, in Victoria,
The prorogation ofthe House of Assembly and Legislative Council took place on Thursday last, when his
Excellency delivered tbe following speech:—
Hon. Gentlemen of the Legislative Council and Gentlemen ofthe House of Assembly:
In releasing you from the labors ofthe session. I desire to express my satisfaction at the result of your deliberations.
lt ia indeed impossible to review tbe many important
measures which you have passed this session without
feeling that yon applied yourselves to the performance
of your arduous duties with a degree ot zeal and assiduity worthy uf the highest praise.
Those measures embrace almost every department ot
the public business. The Free Trade system, before
initiated, has been confirmed, and become an essential
part of our policy : you have also been careful in providing for tlie better administration of criminal justice:
the formation of roads ; the improvement of the harbor
of Victoria; the Registration of Titles to real estate,
and other useful measure have been passed, which will
no doubt tend to promote the permanent interests ot the
Thc interesting experiment of defraying the expenses
ofthe government by direct taxation so propitiously begun will I trust not disappoint the anticipations ofthe
Oentlemen ofthe Legislative Assembly.—f have to convey to you my wannest thanks for the supplies which
you have granted for the services of thc year, and for
the erection of public works essential to the progress of
the colony.
I sincerely hope that the blessing of Almighty (!>>d
may rest upon our labors, and render them subservient
to the substantial prosperity and well being of thc colony.
Chief Justice Cameron then gave notice Ihat the
two Houses would stand prorogued until April 3rd.
Tin* Steamer Eliza Anderson arrived from lhe Sound
yesterday, but brought no later news from Sau Francisco thau that obtained by thc Panama.
The Gymnastic Club.—A grand Pall ..ill l>" given
bv the Excelsior Gymnastic Club on the 20th inst, to
commemorate the opening of their splendid Hall on
I.rou"ht,m street. A large attendance of the beauty
and fashion of this city is expected. Tickets may In-
obtained from the Commiltee, oral Messrs. Ilibben $
Owing to the want of Compositors in our ollice. we
are compelled to beg the kind indulgence of our patrons
for the small amount of reading matter contained in
this issue, as a number of important articles are unavoidably left over.
chased under the provisions ofthe said Proct
tarnation, should be ofthe same form as Inn,]
acquired by pre-emption bv virtue of the mm
And, whereas, it is expedient that persons
acquiring land cither by purchase or pre-enip
tion, should upon payment ofthe price of the
land acquired, be enabled to obtain a conveyance thereof. '"
And, whereas, it is expedient to make fur.
ther provision with regard to the form of land
acquired under the provisions of the said
Proclamation as well by pre-emption as pur.
£oca. ih.te...gcn...
A Public Meeting assembled nt thc Court House,
James Bay, yesterday at 2 P. M., to takejnto consideration the expediency of the Colonies of Vancouver Island
and British Columbia being represented at the exhibition in London ofthe industry of all nations, which
will take place during the ensuing year.
His Excellency Governor Douglas took thc chair.
Alfred Waddington Esq! was installed as Vice President.
The following gentlemen addressed the meeting: The
Bishop of Columbia, the Rev. Mr. Garrett the Rev. Mr.
Woods, Major Foster, and .Messrs. Coles, Crease, Franklin, Burnaby. DeCosmosand Pendergast.
It was decided unanimously that steps should betaken to collect specimens of the principal products of
the co'onies to be sent to the Exhibition.
Resolutions were then passed appointing a General
Committee to take charge of the proceedings. Committees were also appointed to collect and take charge
of the following divisions of products.-viz: Minerals,
Agricnltural Products, and Indian Curiosities.
Before separating the meeting, which was well attended, passed a vote of thanks to the Chairman.
New Westmixstkh Mcnicipal Cocncil.—At the
meeting of this body on Monday the 4th inst, contracts
were awarded for grading Agnes and Ellice streets. A
letter was read from Col. Moody remonstrating, as a
property bolder on the water front, against Mr. Philip
Hick erecting a platform and verandah over a portion
of Colnmbia street, which was intended to be converted
into a right-of-way to the river. The Council decided
that no such right-of-way was laid down on the ollicial
plan, and they consequently could take no steps in the
matter. A communication was read from the Colonial
.Secretary relating to some imperfection in the Fire
By-law, and also one informing the Council that
His Excellency had granted thnt body £500 for im-
improving the streets, ic, of the city. After some important matters were transacted, the Council adjourned. A large number of the inhabitants then came
forward and deputed Mr. Holbrook to present Mr.
Leonard M'Clure a Testimonial befure his dcpajtitre
from New Westminster. Our spare precludes our giving
the address or reply in the present issue.
Sodden Death.—The proceedings of the Coroner's
Inquest sitting on the body of Edward 11. Portnian Esq.
who died suddenly under peculiar circumstances, were
finally brought to a conclusion on Saturday; a verdict
of death from natural causes being relurned. The deceased was taken with a fit in the American Saloon
and was attended by Dr. Rurascy, who administered
laudanum to relieve him. The deceased then went to
sleep and appeared to be sinking gradually. He expired the next day. A post mortem examination was
held by Dr. Forbes and other gentlemen. The medical testimony went to prove that death resulted from
apoplexy, the body was iu a, very henlthv condition
with tho exception of thc brain which was" congested.
Several friends of the deceased were examined and
gave evidence ns to his habits nnd that he was not addicted to intemperance. The deceased was formerly in
the Royal Navy and latterly had been acting us Crown
Surveyor nt Fort Hope. His loss is universally regretted by numerous friends both in this Colonv and in
British Columbia.
The Schooner Rebecca.—Capt. McAlmond appeared
at the Police Court on Friday to answer a charge of
stealing goods from thc wreck at Race Rocks. The
principal fact brought against tho defendant was his
having taken out a clearance for Burt Townsend on
the 2Uth of December and his arriving at Victoria on
the 2d of January from Race Rocks without having
taken out a clearance for that place. Further evidence
wns not gone into, the principal witness being absent
on a cruise after the schooner Ino. The case was
adjourned for thirty days to ndmit of his attendance.
Jewelry.—Attention is called to the large and varied
assortment of jewelry, now for sale by Mr. Birnbnum
at Urn Drug Store of Dr. Zolnor, on tlie corner of Government aud Vatcs streets.
Theatrical.—Some very good performances have
been given by the Stark company during the last week.
Othello was acted on Saturday last. A benefit wns
given to Mr. Potter on Monday night, when nearly all
the actors in town volunteered their services, that gentleman being unfortunately imprisoned for a debt incurred at Sacramento. The "Merchnntof Venice'' was
the piece chosen, the principal characters wcre well
maintained; the house realized some $325. The theatre
recently erected by Mr. Robinson iu one of the 11. B. Co.s
buildings, has been pulled down, owing to the property
changing hands. The Stark Company left yesterday in
the Santa Cruz for Portland.
Affray at Lotett's Saloon*.— A fight took place at
the Bank Exchange on Vates street, yesterday morning
about 4 a. m. It appears some of the theatrical company who were going away iu the steamer Santa Cruz,
were taking a parting glass together with the captain
of the steamer and other friends, when an American
named Kennedy entered the Saloon and begun the disturbance, lie was however badly beaten by some parties. During the skirmish, part of the front window
was knocked out and Special Constable Shepherd received a kick in the face, ashe was looking through the
aperture, by an actor named Townsend. Both Kennedy
and Townsend were arrested by the police and brought
before the Magistrate. Townsend was fined fifty shillings for the assault, nnd Kenedy was remanded he
having been concerned hgforc iu an attack on the police.
The Captain of the Santa Cruz slipped his cable in a
hurry aud remained in thc outer harbor waiting for the
Accident.—The 2nd officer of the British ship Anglo-
Saxon, has been seriously hurt through falling down
the hold ofthe vessel, which is loading spars atTccka-
ici.—P. T. Northwest'
A Hebrew Traveller.—Mr. L. Benjamin a distinguished traveller arrived here on the steamer Panama.
The Hebrews of Victoria held a meeting at the Royal
Hotel on Thursday last and presented him with an address of welcome nnd sympathy.
The Legislative Council.—Mr. A. J. Langley, of
the firm of Langley Bros., wholesale druggists of this
town, has been appointed to the vacancy in tbe Council caused by the absence of Mr. Donald Fraser. Il is
scarcely necessary to observe that this step has given
general satisfaction.
Parliamentary Dixxee.—Tbe members of the Honorable House of Assembly entertained his Excellency
thc Governor and the Legislative'Council at a banquet
given nt tbe Colonial Restaurant ou Saturday evening.
Covers were laid for twenty. The dinner prepared by
that talented chef tie cuisine, Monsieur Dried was most
satisfactory. The company did net separate until a
late hour.
Abusive.—A man named Robert Wilson was arrested by Mr. Superintendent Smith for following him
on the race course and using abusive language. Wilson was brought before the magistrate on Saturday and,
thc Superintendent not wishing to prosecute, was dismissed with a five shilling fine and a caution.
The Turf.—Racing appears in vogue at Victoria at
this season of the year, nnd a large muster ofthe sporting fraternity from the neighboring Republic are at
present giving us the benefit of their presence. The
result of thc match for S4000 between the dark Oregon
bor?e and thc Island pet "Moustache" does not seem to
have damped the ardor of our sporting citizens, although they must have been milked to a pretty considerable tune by that operation. Gn Friday last another
match came off between Gray Billy and Punch for
$1000. The latter horse won the first he it, but came
off second best, Gray Billy going in for the last two.
The Retail Liquor License.—A meeting attended
by nearly every one engaged in the above trade took
place on Friday evening nt Wilcox's Hotel. Resolutions were passed pointing ont the grievances under
which they were laboring and the necessity for an immediate alteration. Owing to the squabble between
the House of Assembly and the Council on the Liquor
Bill we do not sec how the trade will obtain redress
until next session.    Their case is certainly a hard one.
The wreck of lhe Britisli bark Nannette was sold
yesterday at auction for the benefit of the underwriters,
and realized $050. Capt. Reid was the purchaser.
There is still a considerable quantity of valuable goods
on board, but it is doubtful whether they can be got
Contempt of Court.—On Monday morning, at the
Court of assizes, the Chief Justice granted a summons
for contempt of court against C. B. Young,
at the instance oftho Attorney General, who complained that he had used threatening language towards him
on account of some questions asked in Court.
The steamer Santa Cruz left here yesterday at about.
5 o'clock a. m. for Portland witli a cargo of coal for
the Gas Company at that place.
Export of Coal.— Vancouver Island Coal appears to
be in demand at Sim Francisco, thc Barques Frances
Palmer, Haiiptmaii Von Sildcmor. and Cleopatra, arrived here in ballast on Sunday, and cleared the following day for Nanaimo. The Ship Gcorglnna is also reported to have sailed up the Straits ou the same errand.
As she did not call in here and take out a clearance, it
is probable she will have to return for one before loading.
Coort of Assize ..—The Court was occupied yesterday morning with the case of Hughes, who is indicted
for perjury. The perjury is alleged to have been committed during the trial of the celebrated case of Phillips
and others v. Green. Only one witness was examined
before the court adjourned.
The Steamer Otter arrived from Fraser River on
Monday, uo news of importanae.
The Steamer Oregon inny bc expected from Snn
Francisco during the week.
Rock Cheek.—The latest news from this quarter
represents the Collector stationed thero as being unable
to collect the duties from pack trains crossing into
Brilish Columbia. It, is believed that a request has
been niade to the Governor lor assistance.
Consolidated Gunpowder.—Up to the present time the received opinion among the several authorities on gunnery has been that
gunpowder must bo presented lo the action
oftho tiring material in a granulated condition, in order fo make it explode readily.
Great care has always been taken to propor-
! tion the size of the grains to tbe wants of each
I gun, it being supposed that the powder would
'burn more or less rapidly in accordance with
the size of the grains. Capt. Brown, of Woolwich, has, however, apparently upset all previous calculations, for he produces a powder
consolidated into a somewhat porous cake,
but eorapressed into a space one-fourth less
than it occupied as ordinary powder. Tlie
process is patented and we do not therefore
know how the consolidation is effected; but
as the compressed powder explodes at u
slightly lower temperature than ordinary gunpowder, we conclude that some solution of an
explosive compound, similar to gun-cotton, is
employed. We nre assured that the cylinders
which have been given us for the purpose o
experimenting on, are composed of Govern
ment powder ; and undoubtedly their appearance is exactly liko that which might be expected from this well-known material, sup-
sin_r it  to  be  compressed and   united   by
 - •-—.-,■■- —  — ••"I",,,.", uiuicr
base or pre-emption, under the provis-
ihe said Proclamation of the 4th dav
        1 wi-l k      ..1...11    1 C   ..      . .'J
some adhesive substance. They are of the
Enfield bore, containing 2\ drs. of powder, ca-
.able of resisting any ordinary force and not
..roaking to pieces without being submitted
to some strung cutting or crushing instrument. Eenco they may be safely carried in
a cartouche box divided into compartments,
and they each may be readily united to a ball
by means of any gummy water with or without paper or patch. We have tried these
cylinders, and find thein to explode just as
sharply as ordinary powder, and apparently
with the same power and with us little residuum. On placing them on tin iron, heated
over a coke fire, side by side with ordinary
rifle-powder, they explode a few seconds before the latter, showing that a lower temperature is sufficient for the purpose; but tho
difference is so slight as to load to no practical result. The compressed charge is not
easily affected by damp tin,I may be fired immediately after having been rapidly passed
through water. AVe tire informed that the
process to which the powder is submitted is
very inexpensive, and as soon as ariange-
ments are made for its preparation and sale,
it will bo brought into the market at a price
very little above that of ordinary gunpowder.
If so, lt will be a great boon to thc rifleman
whether he loads his piece at the muzzle or
the breech. In the former case the solid cylinder will he rammed down entire, with very
little adhesion ofthe grains to the sides ofthe
'.arrel, and consequent injury to its explosive
Now. therefore, I do declare, proclaim and
enact as follows:—
Lands "purchased ns well as lands pre-empted
shall be of rectangular shape, the shortest side
being one-third tin' length of the longest side.
I. That land sought to bo acquired, either
by pure!
ions of tl
of January, 1860, shall be of a rectangular
form, and the shortest side ofthe said rectangle shall bc two-thirds the length of tlie Ion".
est side, as provided in the said Proclamation
touching land sought to be acquired by pre-
The boundaries shall he nearly as may acconl-
ing tu tlie cardinal points ofthe compass..
II. The boundaries shall also run us nearly
as possible by the cardinal points of the com-
Natural boundaries may be taken, in certain
III. Where the land sought to he acquired
is in whole or iu part bounded by mountains
rocks, lakes, swamps, or the margin of a river,
or by other nut lira! boundaries; then sueh
natural boundaries may be adopted as the
boundaries ofthe land sought to be acquired,
and in such caso it shall be sufficient for tho
pre-einptoi* or purchaser to show to the satisfaction oftho magistrate in the said Proclamation last mentioned, that the said form con
forms, as nearly as circumstances permit, to
the provisions ofthe said Proclamation.
]Vltcn land is bounded by a purchased or pre-
empted claim, the line of such claim may be adopted notwitlistanding any irregularity in said line.
IV. If thc land sought to bo acquired he
bounded by a purchased or pre-empted claim
the lino of such purchased or pre-empted claim
may be adopted by the person so seeking to
acquire, notwithstanding any irregularity in
Isuch line which may have been occasioned by
the person's adoption of a natural boundary
by the purchased or pre-empted claim,
Land enclosed partially or entirely between tin
or more claims nntl nut exceeding 160 acre* in
area, nitty be purchased or pre-empted notwithstanding irregularity of form or disproportion in
length of sides.
V. Where a piece of land not exceeding 1G0
acres in area is partially or entirely enclosed
between two or more claims, the person seeking to pre-empt or purchase may pre-empt or
purchase such enclosed piece notwithstanding
any irregularity of form or disproportion in
length of any of the sides.
Sworn Surveyors.
VT. The Chief Commissioner of Lands Hnd
Works may, from time to time, appoint Sworn
Surveyors to survey the pieces of land acquired under the pro. isions of the said recited
Proclamation and shall  administer to them
that the advantage ivill bo chiefly felt, as, in
till cases where the cartridge can be readily
introduced, this compressed powder may be
used without any covering whatever. Thus
the skin and gossamer cartridges, as well
well as the paper envelopes now adohted, will
bo entirely superseded, and miss-fires with
breech-loaders will be still more rare than
with the muzzle-loader. Wc hear that Mr.
Whitworth, after a severe trial of the merits
of the invention, has taken out a license to
work it: and so far as our experiments have
gone, wo aro led to anticipate that it will be
of the greatest use to his rifles as well as to
his large guns. Indeed, unless some disadvantage attends its employment which we have
not discovered, wc expect it will almost entirely supersede tho ordinary powder.— The
London Field.
power.    It is, however, in the breech loader! lhe oath set forth in the schedule hereto, and
shall also require from each of them security
to the value of £10(1 that they will well and
efficiently survey such pieces of land as they
111:13* be required to survey.
Application for sworn survey may be made
to Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
VII. Any person desirous of paying for any
land acquired by him or her may apply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to
appoint a 'Sworn Surveyor' to survey the
said land at the expense of thc applicant.
Sworn Surveyor to make survey and report, on
which a conveyance may be issued.
VIII. Thc 'Sworn Surveyor' shall mako an
accurate survey of the said land, and report
thereupon to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works,  and the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works may, if the tittle of tho applicant be clear and  undisputed, reccivo payment for tho same  land, and a  convoymwo
may thereupon bo issued to the applicant.
Sivorn Surveyor may report on imjirovements.
I X. The reportof a 'Sworn Surveyor^ may
also be received as evidence upon an application for a certificate of improvement.
Scale of remuneration.
X.  Thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works may issito a scale of remuneration to
be paid to'tho 'Sworn Surveyor's.'
Short Title.
XL This Proclamation may bo cited for
all purposes as tho Pre-emption Amendment
Act, 1801.
Issued under tho Public Seal of said Colony
at Victoria, Vancouver Island, this nineteenth day of January, in tho year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-
ono, and iu tho Twenty-fourth year of Her
Majesty's roijni by me,
fe        JAMES DOUGLAS.
By His Excellency's command.
William A. G. Young, .
Acting Colonial Socrotnry.
P lt O C L A M A T I O X ,
NG 1. A. I).,  1800.
By Ilis Excellency JAM BS DOUGLAS, Companion ofthe Most Honorable Order ofthe
Hath, Governor and Commander in Chief of
British Columbia and its Dependencies,
Vice-Admiral of the same, &c, &c, &C.
WHEREAS, by virtue ot an Act of Parliament made and passscd in the session
of Parliament hold in tno 21st and 22d years
oftho Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria,
entitled an Act to provide for the "Government of British Columbia," and by a Commission under the Great Seal ofthe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, I, JAMES
DOUGLAS, have been appointed Governor of
the said Colony, and have been authorized by
Proclamation issued under the Public Seal of
the said Colony, to make laws, institutions
and ordinances for the peace, order, and good
government ofthe same,
And, whereas by tho second section of the
Proclamation issued under the Public Seal ot
the said Colony, on tho 4th day of January,
18G0, it was (amongst other things) provided
that the piece of hind therein authorized to be
acquired by pre-emption, should be of a rectangular form and the shortest sido of the
rectangle should be at least two-thirds ofthe
longest side.
And, whereas, it was also provided by the
seventh section of the said Proclamation, that
any person authorized to acquiro land under
thc provisions of tho said Proclamation,
might purchase, in addition, any nunibor of
acres not otherwise appropriated.
And, whereas, it is expedient that land pur-
 do hereby mako oath thai
I will, whilst acting as Sworn Surveyor, malto
I, A. B. of
tho survovs which" I may bo appointed to
make by the Chief Com missionot* of lands ftlW
Works in a true, faithful, and accurate manner, and will report in liko mannor the siU'
veys so made.
WANTED.—Two good Compositor,. cat! obtain con'
stunt employment at tlxirf ..(lice.
Feb G—Stmr Santa Cruz. Staples, Portland
Scbr Rebecca, McAlmond, I'ort Townsend
^,-lir Colonist, Thain. Race Rocks
Feb 1—Stmr Panama,  Watson,  San  Francisco, via
Feb 8—Schr Marion, Arden, Sooke
Scbr Meg Merrili.-s, Pamphlet, Ilnrcley Sound
Sloop Petrel, Taylor, Port Townsend
Feb 9—stmr Panama, Watson, Port Townsend.
Sloop Lucy Morris. Flasket. Race Rocks
Feb 11—Hark Francis Palmer. Perriman, San Francs
Sloop Rebecca, Kerinecke, Port Townsend
Hark Hanptman Von Sildemor, San Francisco
Dark Cleopatra, Smith San Francisco
Hark N. S. Perkins, Hunker Sau Francisco
Scbr Lallfl Rookh, McCorroack, Port Townsend
Stmr Santa Cruz, Staples, Nanaimo,
Slmr Otter. Mouat, New Westminster
Fob 12—Stmr Eliza Anderson, Fleming, Port  Town-
Feb G—-Stmr Eliza  Anderson, Fleming, Port Town
| tend.
Srlir Colonist, Tliain, Port Townsend
Schr Restless, Richcj, Port Townsend
Si-lir Nanaimo Packet, Jackson, Sau Juau
Schr Page, Hi,erg, Port Townsend
Feb 7—Stmr Panama, Watson, I'ort Townsend
Stmr Santa Cruz. Staples, Nanaimo
Feb 8—Stmr Caledonia Krai,,. New Wcstmister
Schr Rebecca, Mi-Almond, Port Townsend
Sclir Amelia,   Gemini, San Juan
Schr Roval Charlie, Walker, Nanaimo
Sloop Petrel, Taylor, Port Townsend
Sloop Point Lee, Silvie, San Juau
rpiIE! ABOVE: mentioned firm have just received the
Aax\o:iLafor       l  maCl,iner-V'  aQda-I-paredto
At the shortest notice and most resonable rates.
A large and fresh assortment constantly on hand.
Per Santa Cruz.—Miss D Brian, DrLayza, M Gibson,
11 Law, W Irving, Jas Hell, J Graham, M Chambers,
Mis? Davidson. M,lm llenata, J Lyons. P McQuade, W
Sortlicroft, J II Ferwell, M Breuliani, Ah Chin, and 10
nlliersin the stearage.
Per steamer Panama.—D Mart-hand, D Fellows. Mi
Tripp. Mr Birnbaum, Mr Smith and wife, Mr Buckley
■mil wilt-, Mr Collins and wife, Mrs Samuel, 11 L Davis,
J Klilert, Molilirop, J. J. Benjamin, J Wolf, and 8 in
"Per steamship PACIFIC, from San Francisco—Langley Bros. 5 cs drugs, do coal oil; J ti ranter, 34 pkgs
hardware, 2 do pick handles, 1 do grindstones; Eck
stine k LcLaine, 2 pkgs wine; Curtis k Moore, :t pkg.
ilrug>. 1 do paint, 1 do coal oil, 1 do lamps, 9 do seeds;
A .i: A Fellows, 1 pkg sheet lead, 8 do hardware, 1 do
anvils; S Price & Co., 6 pkgs types, 1 do wares; M
I'r.ig. I pkg iron : L R Holster, 7 bgs coffee, two pkgs
spices : Jas Bell, 22 kgs nails, 1 circular saw, 1 bx mds
\i /.iliii'i'. 1 cs drugs; Order, 20 mats riee, 1 do sugar
1" p'kl*s candles, 9 do Chinese vegatables. Value
•?_U_ 14.
Per steamer SANTA CRUZ from Portland, Orcgon-
Guild David k Co.. 123 kgs bran, 400 qr sacks Hour,
.'.."> pkgs bacon lard and eggs; R Brodrick, 10 pkgs eggs
butter and bacon : F ,1 St. Ours, 1 bx eggs, -JO kgs but
ter, 15 cs bacon; Lester k Gibbs, 23 pkg eggs, wheat
Inliter and lard ; I' O'Dwyer, H.'l sks flour, 1 pkg skins
Jus Low, :i trunks: G Sutro. 138 pkgs Hour, meat,
I,utter and eggs; N Koshland, ;iij pkgs bacon, lard nnd
egg-—value, $5,C97.
Per steamship PANAMA, Irom San Francisco—Ilib-
l,en ,V Carswell, 1 pkg books, 2 do paper and stationery;
A Hoffman, 1 rs dry goods: Cairc k Grancini, '1 pkgs
hardware : D Marchnnd, 3csassayer's goods; A Gilmore
2 cases .■!,,thing, P Lewis, '_! I l,x confectionary; a & a
Fellows, 10 pkgs hardware.   Value, 8271'.' 2:i!
New Advertisements.
Government   Stuket,   between   Vates k   Johnson.
MEALS FURNISREDat all  hours on the shortest
notice and best style.
The finest Wines, Porter, Ale and Si gars.
feb 13-1 m
W M.    C U L V E R W E L L'S
I 1ENERAL AGENCY for the collection of Rents
\ J and Debts, and for the Leasing of Houses and
Office, corner of Yntes nnd Langley streets.
He is prepared to transact all business which mny be
intrusted to bis care, in a correct manner.
Attached to the Agency is an Intelligence Office, in
which persons wishing to Engage help or seek Situations, may record their names.
Money Loned on good security,   Notes discounted.
bookkeepers'  Accountant,  Documents  Copied,  kc
ln eases requiring a power of Attorney, security will
be furnished. febl3-3m
Notice !     Notice ! !     Notice ! ! !
J.   F R I E I),
T E N T   M A K E R!
1'' A M I L Y    S K W I N G    M A CHINES
Next, Wells, Fargo & Oo/s Express,
BOrCall and examine for yourselves.
Corner Vates and Government Srects.
IN ORDER to make room for my large stock of
Spring nnd Summer goods now on the way, I am
■Ictenniuod to sell for the next four weeks my entire
stock now in store nt great bargains, Call soon and
be convinced of the truth of the above assertion.
Just received, per last steamer, a beautiful assort-
j»i nl of ladies' head dresses and chemille nets, of the
latest style. Also those very fashionable gold-worked
"Hiiblioiis, black silk velvets, ladies' cloth, black rib-
™tl silks, and gross d'Naples, all of which I will sell
fcl31m. A. HOFFMAN.
New Advertisements.
Corner of Yates and Government streets,
■WE now ou hand, and offlcr for salo,  in lots to
suit purchasers, (Retain and Wholesale,) 0-4, 5-4
New Advertisements.
T 0   RE N T.
A STORE, and a dwelling-house on the same lot,
with yard accommodations and never-failing well
of water, for the nominal sum of $20 permonth, situate
on Columbia street, opposite Holdbrooks Wharf.
Apply at this office, or to
ja2G-tc JAMES KENEDY, On the premises.
RECEIVE ADDITIONS by nearly every Steamer to
their present large Stock of
Embracing most of the Modern and A_wient  Standard
Authors in
Poetry and Fiction, Mechanics, ^Agriculture,
History,   Biography,   .Religion,
Law, Medicine, Science. Music, etc.,
In Sections of both Hemispheres,
Coniisting of
BlankfWorkin great variety, from miniature
to Counting House size,
Writing Papers antl Visiting Cards, Letter,
Xoto and Official Envelopes,
Music and  music Paper.   Drawing and Tracing Paper
and Cloth, Drawing Books and Instruments,
Pocket and Counting House Diaries for 1801.
Blank, Law  and Shipping  Forms,  Log  Books, Time
Books, Draft and Note  nnd Order Bonks,
Snipping Receipts, Copying Presses, Eylet Machines,
nnd a variety of other Fancy and Staple
Stationery, and good assortment of
stationers' hall,
•10 Yates Street.
AT   FRANK'S   (formerly   Miner's)    RESTAURANT.
On Waddington Alley, near Yates street
I].RANK FABER having greatly enlarged bis Culinary
. Department, takes pleasure in informing tbe
public generally that he has opened his Restaurant
in an entirely new style. He will hereafter lay on his
Tables, a bill of Fare, so that his customers can eat
whatsoever suits their taste. Having had many-years
experience in his business, and taking the bead' of tbe
Cooking Department himself, be feels assured that none
can give better or cheaper meals than him. All the
delicacies as well as the stibstantials of thc season at
from 6J to 12} cents a plate. feb!2-tf
N E W    J E \V B L R Y    S T O R E.
Wm. Birnbaum.
BEGS LEAVE to inform the Ladies nnd Gentlemen
of this city and the interior, that  he has  opened
his splendeil stock consisting in
SILVER WARE, kc, kc.
At the Dnro Store op Messrs. Zki-ner k Co.
Corner of Government and Yates street, and offer the
same for Ten Duns only in thi* Town.
Please give mc an early call, and judge for yourselves.
N. B.—Balance of Goods not disposed of until then,
will be sold at Auction, J. A. McCrea, auctioneer.
Thc goods are all of best description, and fully guaranteed, by permission, Mn. Birnbaum refers to Mcssers.
Edgar k Aime, M. Mayer, S. Goldstone & Co., Sutro k Co,
ABOUT nn acre of land, not half a mile from Victoria,
tilled and fenced, with a House and good well of
water upon it.    The ground is ready for planting.
febl3-lm Apply nt this Ollice.
Broughton street, ou
Wednesday Evening, February 20th, 1861.
Committee op Auiiaxoements :
S. L. Kelly, I S. Goldstone,
F. P. Gerry, | J. L. Smith,
J. F. Hawks.
Invitation Committer :
J. A. McCrea, I O. W. Wallace, Jr.,
E. II. Jackson, | J. L. Smith,
G. C Webster.
Reception Committee:
L. Lowcnberg, 1 J. F. Hawks,
P. P. Couch, j F. P. Gerry,
D. A. Edgar.
Floor Managers:
M. C. Morsarrat, I Robt. George,
Frank Tnrbell, | W. T. Moore,
S. Goldstone.
■•"ll '-I Checked, White and Figured Matting.
S E L 1 M   |>* R A N K I. I N   k   C O.,
AUCTIONEER., and land aobnts,
Vatcs street, Victoria,
■"p'WN" i,0'|*S jjj VICTORIA AND ESQUIMALT, apd
jA Funning IyMi.1.. disposed of at public and private
' ■»«*. Surveys, Plana, Du-xis, Mortgages, and Agrec-
<mts pv.p'tred i,y computunt parties attached to the
''''•   Merchandise, Household Furniture, &c, dig-
Advances made on Consion.mi.nts
»,    , Gold Dust Purchased.
Web loth, 18ijq, jclO-'lm
Tickets $5; to be had of either of the above Committees.
fligfCarriagcs, free; will bo In attendance at, seven
o'clock, r. m. fl3-2t
Ih re the "Town Lots Leases Relief Act, 1860."
Exparte John G. Wirth und Louis Rceb, Petitioners
TO II. T. Smith, J.  Ilcrron, Charles Baker,  Wilson
Waildinghani, and John Burns—Take  notico that, the
Petitioners will at the next assizes nt Fort Hope move
the Court (or a declaration in title in their favor, to 20
ft, by 120, being ono third portion of Lot 4, Block 1, in
tlie Town of Fort Hope, nnd  beginning twenty feet
Southerly from tbo comer of Water and Wallace-street,
fronting twenty feet on Water-street.   And take notice
that in the absence of any person  appearing to oppose
tho said application, it may bo granted exparte.
Fort Hope Jan. 2nd, 1861.
Opfice—Columbia Stuket,
New Westiuiiistcr, Britisli Columbia,
Which we oiler to Dealers nt our  usual  Low  Rates.
300 bbls Golden Gate Flour ;
300 bids Eureka Mills Flour;
100 bbls Self-Rising Flour;
250 mats China Sugar;
200 bbls Sandwich Island Sugar;
70 cs and hluls Choice Bacon :
75 half aud whole bbls Extra Clear Pork ;
40 firkins Choice Butter;
50 cs Jewell k Harrison's Lard ;
2,100 sks Havo. Chile and White Beans;
50 chests Choice Black Tea;
50 chests Choice Green Tea ;
200 boxes Adamantine and Sperm Candles ;
100 do.. Blue Overalls;
100 doz White Overalls;
100 doz Fine Grey Oversbirts ;
50 doz Cassimere Pants ;
100 gross boxes Smoking Tobacco ;
50 bskts Champagne, favorite brands;
100 cs Wolfe's. Russ' and Voldncr's Schnapps ;
50,000 lbs  Chewing  Tobacco, nssorted brands, at
New   Westminster,   which   wc   ofler   to
dealers at low rates :
All  of which  will be sold
REINHART. MAYER & Co.  Victorin,
MAYER, REINHART k Co., New Westminster.
(Opposite Wells, Fargo k Co.'s Express,)
my9-3m Victoria.
LEVI    k   BOAS,
ofTer for sale
500 bbls G G Flour,
250 bbls S R    do
100 bbls Baker's extra Flour,
300 bbls Oregon and Indian Flour,
100 boxes P T Pilot Bread,
5,000 lbs Oregon and Eastern Bacon,
200 ...nt? China No. 1 Rice,
2 bbls Carolina do
150 mats China Sugar,
100 bbls Sandwich Island    do
20   "    Crushed do
20 boxes powdered do
150 sacks Bnyos Beans,
10 cases J .til Lard,
5 bbls Oregon    do
lu chests Green and Black Teas,
15 firkins Gosham Butter,
5 cases Oregon       do
10 boxes Chatres Coffee,
10 bags Rio and Java do
10 half-barrels Extra Clear Pork,
25 boxes Adai'nnntine Candles,
10 boxes Extra Sperm       do
10 bals S I Syrup,
20 kegs E B   do
50 boxes Hill k Fay's Sonp,
10    "    Chemical Olive do
5    "    Castile do
10 half-boxes Rosins,
20 qr-boxes        do
15 boxes Xante Currants,
5 gross P k M Yeast Powders.
HARDWARE, a general assortment.
CLOTHING of every style and quality.
BOOTS k SHOES of every description.
Hats, Caps, Wall Paper,  Druggets,  Cnrpcts,  Blankets,
Drilling, Sheeting, Powder, Shot, Tobacco,
Digars, Matches, &c.
Commission Merchants, and are  prepared  to store
200 tons merchandise.
flSjyOrders from any part of the country promptly
attended to. janl2-lm
AV.   J.   ARMSTRONG   k   B R 0 ' R,
(opposite Liverpool AVharf,)
AVholcsale and Retail Dealers in
HAVE JUST RECEIVED nnd offer for sale,
200 bbls Extra Superfine Oregon Flour,
50 boxes P. T. Pilot Bread,
4000 lbs Oregon nnd Eastern Bacon,
200 mats China No. 1 Rice,
2 bbl3 Carolina       do
100 mats China Sugar,
50 bbls Sandwich Island do
50 mats do do
30 bbls Crushed do
5   do Powdered do
20 8-gallon kegs Boston Honey Syrup,
20 ..-gallon   do do do
20 cases Chartres Coffee,
20 firkins Isthmus Butter,
15     do   Goshen     do
20 boxes Adamantino Candles,
30   do   Hill & Fray's Soap,
15 chests best Green and Black Teas,
Also Billings' k Briber's Hams, Pork, Salmon,  Cod,
fish, Crockery, and Glassware, of every description,
Cross-cut saws,   Buck saws,   Axes, Hatchets,  -Steel
Squres, Carpenters' Bench Screws, Locks,  Bij.ts,   Iron
Screws, Dog Chains, Oil Stones, Paints, Oils, Putties,
and Farming Impliments— jn short, nnythinganilovei'y-
thint', *■'- jonl9-3n»
Scrofula,   Rheumatism, Stubborn  Ulcers,   Dyspepsia,  SaA
tthtnm, Fever Sores. Erysijielas, PimpUs, Kites, Mercurial Diseases,  Cutaneous Eruptions,   Liver   Com-
plaint, Beonchitis, Female Complaints, Loss of
Appetite, General Debility, .to.
A plentiful "apply of pare llool Is as essentia! lo animal life
«s ll^lit, heat, and p>nlnl showers are to the vegetable kingdom.
When the proper circulation of the vital fluid Is l,„peile,_, -.ck-
ness Is the inevitable consequence, the secretions become un-
hea'thy, the liver Leeoinei, closed wilh  Impure  hile, which,
forced IlltO Hie system, vitiates and Inflames the blood, engendering scrofula and cutaneous and biliary disorders.   The experience of sixteen years has fully established the high reputation
of th!- invaluable medicine:   Its eurallve 'lowers have b-on
thoroughly tested In long-standing and obstinate cases, with
such Invariable success as to call forth the most nattering com-
ineiidaiions from eminent physicians throughout the count"*.
The lollowlng raoommendaUoc Is from one of the oldest physicians in New London, Conn.
Mes-rs. A. B. ,fc n. s*s,w: Gentlemen,—Tour Banaparilla
has been very extensively used In this cltv .-,id the neighboring
towns, and so far aa my knowledg. extends, uniformly with success. In a treat variety of discuses of Ions standing, nml of a
very distressing and dangerous character, which have resisted a
long list of remedial agents, It has bee,, used—in many of them
will, complete success, and iu all with decided ben,'lit' lt Is regarded by the u-.c.li ...I profession aa a medicine of great efllcacy
in n numerous class of diseases, such as Inveterate constitutional
complaints, when the system has been lo„_ diseased; in cases of
long „>e or abuse of mercury; In rheumatism of long standing;
In obstinate diseases ofthe skin ; In enfeebled conditions of tiio
system ; In chronic abscesses, attended with profuse discharges;
diseases of thc bones; obstinate ulcers; chronic pulmonary alfee-
lions; enlarged glands, ami various olher u-aladio. connected
with a depraved state ofthe system. Its use is usually followed
will, improvement of nppetite and digestion, increase of strength
and desh, better rest al night, tho production of a more healthy
state of niliul, and complete restoration to health.
Truly youra,        Wit STICKS E, tl D.
Prepared and sold by A. It. ifc 1). SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, 1„„ Fulton-street corner of William, New York.
For sale bv DKW1TT. KITTLK .fc Co., II. JOHNSON !_ Co ,
and REDINGTON !c Co., 8an Franc I mo ; HICK & COFFIN,
Marysville; E. II. McDONALD tc Co., Sacramento; and by
Druggista generally.
Of all tlie remedies yet discovered for such complaints this ls
tho most certain, anil leaves no injurious ellects.
It makes a speedy and permanent euro, without the least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to
business. Ono bottle Is generally suttlcient to cure an ordinary
case, which not unfrequcntly disappears after six or eight doses.
Prepared and sold by A. II. .V- 1). SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, 100 Fulton-street, corner of William, New York.
For sale by DEWITT. KITTLE 4 Co., II. JOHNSON A Co.,
and UEDINGTON k Co.. San Francisco; ItlCE & COFFIN
Marysville; K. H. MoDONALD J_ Co., Sacramento; aud by
Druggists generally.
AND FOE 'f.lE CritE OF
Scrofula, Memirii! lii-casos, Bhrumatisin, Cutaneous
Eruptions, Stubbn'-n Ulcers, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, oaii Bheum, Luuibt-gu, TTliito
iiwollings, Hip Disease, Enlargement of tho
Bones and Joints, Fever Sores, Female
Complaints, Erysipelas, Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, &c, &c.
It tins long been a most important desideratum in the practice
of medicine, to obtain a remedy similar to this, and accordingly
we find It resorted to almost universally in all thoso tormenting
diseases of the skin so trying to tho patience, and Injurious to
the health.    It la a tonic, aperient, and disinfectant.    It acta
ilmultancously upon tho stoma™, the ciho.ii.atio,., and tho
bowki.8, and thus three processes, which aro ordinarily the result
of tuuke different kinds of medicine, are carried on at tho snino
time through tlio instrumentality of Tins onb remedial neent.
Its great merit ls, that It meets an,', neutralises the active prln
clplo of disease Itself, and when that Is gone, tho symptoms no
eessarlly disappear. The rapidity with which tho patient recov
era health and strength under this triplo inilueuce is surprising.
Lvni. County, Oregon Ter., March 11,1866,
Messrs. A. B. & D. Sands, New York: Gentlemen,—In the
spring of ISM, while on our way from Indiana to this place, our
eldest boy was seized with a swelling and severo pains ln tho
legs, which day by day crew worse, until his legs contracted,
and became so painful that ho could not walk, nnd wo had U,
carrv lilm about like an Infant We reached Albany on tho 8d
of October, completely worn out by fatigue. By this time ho
was reduced to a perfect skeleton. Hero wo wero enabled t»
consult a physician (Dr. Hill), who honcBtly confessed he could
not euro him, although ho could givo lilm mcdlclno that would
relievo tho pain. In this exigency something must bo done, or
death was Inevitable. Being reeommomled to try your Balsa-
imrilla, I procured a bottle. Alter taking some, ho npnenred
worse; but persevering with It, I obtains., a second bottlo,
which seemed to grapple will, tho disease, and caused a marker.
Improvement: tho swelling and pain In the legs woro reduced,
his nppetite Improved, and his color began to return. Thus encouraged, I purchased a third hottlo; whllo taking It, tho swell-
lues ln his legs broko, and somo pieocs of bono ono-elghth of
an" Inch Ioiik came out, after which his lega straightened nnd
healed up. llo Is no ,i- perfectly recovered, has no appearance
of being a cripple, and can perform most kinds of common labor,
as all our neighbors can oerllfy.   Yours, respectfully,
C \Lhll DAVIS.
Prepared antl sold by A. B. _fc D. SANDS, Wholosalo
Druggists, IOO Fulton-street, comor of William, New York.
For salo by DEWITT, KITTLE fc Co., B. JOHNSON & 0#.,
and I-KDINOTON tc Co., San Francisco; ItlCE lc CO!FIN
Marysvlllo; It. II. MoDONALD tc Co., Saoramonto; and by
Druggists generally.
Incorporated bv Roval Charter in 1840.
CAPITAL, $5,000,000.
Special Deposits received in sums of $100 and upwards, ro-payabjc on demand.    Charge for safe keeping,
OSE-Ql AKTKn OF ONE TER CEXl\ p<T month.
Gold Dust received for safe keeping, at the rate of
five CENTS per og, per month.
Drafts Issued on London 60 dnvs after Sight, at tho
rate of $4 95 per£l, stg.
3 days nfter sight (in sums under £50) $5 10, per
£l, sterling.
Diiafts on demand or at. short sight, issued on th_f
principal Cities and Tows In Scotland and Ireland, at
tho rate of *?5 15 per £l stg.
Drafts on the principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, at 3 days, ns follows:—
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New  Brunswick 4       " "
Nora Scotia 2.J    " "
Drafts, on New York, at 3 days, 3 per cent, premium,
"       Messrs. B. Davidson k May, Snn Francisco,
nt sight—par.
Ollice hours 10 a. m., to3 p.m.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
Victoria, March 17, 18C. to
Liverpool Wharf,  Columbia street Now Wcstininstor,
britisli Columbia.
WHARFAGE on nil goods landed at his wharf will
bc nt the rate of 25 cents per  ton,  such  being
one-half the rate tixeil bv government.
BONDED and FREE STORAGE ready for 500 tons
of Goods.
For Sale ex recent arrivals—
50 sucks Bran,
1500 sacks Barley,
50 sucks 'Wheat,
100 half sucks  Baker's Extra superfine Flour,
Pacific Mills,
20 sacks Beans,
10 kegs Butter,
20 cases Pilot Bread,
5    do    Soda    do
10 cases Starch,
5 five-gallon kegs Syrup,
10 coils Baling Rope,
100 gallons China Oil,
100 kegs Paints and boiled Linseed Oil.
■\Viill Paper, kc,, kc, nnd  a general  assortment of
goods suitable for the market. ja2(!-3m
THE Largest CLOTHING Establishment
In tho Union
Prices fixed at New York Rates,
Goods Custom Made-
Known Throughout the State
as Unrivalled in this lino.
Established in the Pioneer Days
of California.
And now Occupying the Largest
Salesroom in San Francisco.
Strangers visiting the city
will find this one of tho
And the only Clothing Mart
nt Atlantic Prices.
San Dingo to Shasta,
Send their orders to this FAMOUS EMPORIUM.
.-The direction is QUINCY HALL, Nos.   147, 149 and
151, Washington Street, Montgomery Block, San Francisco, ja 13 3iu
Known as the HalMVay House, Situated between
Harrison and Lillooet Lakes immediately
on the Road, consisting of a
Rnncli of 320 Acres fine Farming Land.
THERE nre situated on tho property one large two-
stoi'v H.-uS" "**** .-j*--.--" *.T7-*!*,-- tt-tih -* »>---—*_
pnblo of storing 75 to 100 tons of hay, and accommodations for 75 animals ; also, Warehouse Cor storing goods
The grass is blue-top and makes the best hay in the
market.    The Ranch is fenced in.
There arj a pnir of good plough-horses 75 hogs, 100
chickens, beside sundry other stock.
Tho place is offered for sale with or without the stock,
as the purchase- may desire, cheap for cash.
Address, J. HUOUES k CO.,
On thc premises,
fc!3-lm Whnrf St., Victoria.
Tho dellcato structure of the eyelid renders It peculiarly sen
slttvii anil liable to disease. When, from any cause, lt become*
affected, tho Inner membrano rapidly inflames, and the eyelid
evinces tho strongest predisposition to attract to Itsolf hnmort
from all parte of tho body. Hundreds of persons of scrofulous
habit are disfigured by rawness or redness of tho eyelids, commonly called soro eyes, and tortured with apprehensions of Impaired vision, who, by using this BALSAM, may obtain almost
Immed ,ate rollet In all cases, the «arUor this remedy ts applied
t.l.e »0tl.'r.
Naw Yobjc, July 1W_), 1888.
Messrs. A. B. 4* D. Biinw: (fentlemen,—I have heon In-uhled
Ibr years with an alTeollon of tho eyelids, and have Wed a number of remedlos without experiencing any decided benefit. A
few weeks slnoe I obtained some of your Kouan Evk Balsam,
and applied ft according to Uie directions. The first ,>ppll.-UI,>D
pfoduced a decidedly beneficial effect, and I bad not usod it
•M'ek, before my eyelids were entirely free from tnflammstl ,
which bad not b-en the ease befuro for many years.
YC-,,»s, ice. Q. B. WILLIAMS, SI6SI BwUDW    ,
J'reparcd anA sold by A. lt. -b D. SANI»H, *«"•*,««--_«
_>tiigjlst», 1011 1,',,1,0,,-Klrtc.t, cornev of "William, Now Ywlf.
For ante by -"-".WITT, KITTLK & Co., li. lOttNS'JN k Co.,
and KWMN(.TON tt Co., San F.-anctsoo: JUC'E 'i <*.0KFI_.
Marysvlllo;   »;. 1!. MclHCJALP'&- tie,, Sacrou"   '0*   .1.4 6V
September 1st, 1800.
ASSAYS OF GOLD BULLION aro made on tho
following terms, nnd under the following conditions :—
1. A receipt will be given to the Depositor for tho
exact gross weight of his deposit.
2. The resulting ingot will be delivered to any party
returning the aforesaid receipt, whether the Depositor
or anyone else, and the party returning the receipt will
bc required to cancel it by his signature at tho time of
receiving the ingot.
4. Each ingot will bc stamped with its number, corresponding to its nuiiiDcr in tho official records, with
its weight in ounces and decimals of onncos, and its
fineness in tlioiisantlis; nlso with a Government iphcr,
at present a crown over the letters VR.
4. With each ingot will be given a certificate, signed
by it Government ollicer, of the weight ofthe deposit
before .ncltiiig; its weight after; the fineness; tho
charge for assaying; nnd such certificate will havo
tables of liritish .Mint valuation nnd of the latest San
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculato
for themselves the value of the bar for English or
American markets.
5, For all bars not exceeding 50 ounces in weight,
a charge of seven shillings nnd six ponce (7s. (3d.) ster.
ling will be miide, and for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one shilling and six pence (ls. 6d.*l
AU clips are retained in the Government Assay office;
but on bars not exceeding 10 ounces in weight, allowance, will bc made off the assay charge, for the valuo
of the clip.
Assays of Orks are made nt the chargo of Opo
Tound (£X.) for each specimen experimented upon,
Fon a Complete Analysis of any Mineral, Two
Pounds (£2.) is the charge.
WILL BE SOLD nt Auction, at Scott's Saloon, on
the 28th day of February,
" Phclan's Patent,"' in good order, with .(vllles, cnos, 4c
Administrator of Estate of. Kobt. F. Cooper, decewed
O FoilAGE by the nnderslgnerf in HRE-PROOF
>3 Ruilding, at rMisonablo rates, ff-r, 3,000 barrels
capacity. •'■'■"
At Qovrera-uent atreet, Vinton-., wud WhaxJ streft,
Flour cunrttntecd free from Ruir.go,
sepy-lm WM.B.SMtT...,
tf!    * /■'
The Star-spangled banner that blows broad and brave
O'er the home of the free, o'er the hut of the slave—
Whose stars in lhe face of no foe e'er waxed pale,
And whose stripes are for tboje that the stars dare assail
Whose folds every year, broad and broader have grown,
Till they shadow both arctic and tropical zone,
From the Sierra Nevada to Florida's shore,
And, like Oliver Twist, are still asking for more—
That banner whose infantine bunting ran boast
To have witnessed the Union's great charter engrossed :
Which nt Boston saw Freedom's stout struggle begun,
And from Washington welcomed its victory won—
For our fathers in rebel defiance it spread,
But to us it waves brotherly greeting instead ;
And Concord and Penro, not liellonn and Mars,
Now support England's Jack and  the  States'   Stripes
and Sturs.
Can it be there arc parricide hands that would tear
This star-spangled banner,so broad and so fair?
And if there be hands would such sacrilege try,
Is the bunting too weak the attempt to defy'?
Alas! while its woof Freedom wove in her loom,
She paused in her work, and the Fiend tool: lier room.
And, seizing the shuttle that freedom had left,
Threw Slavery's warp across Liberty's weft.
How the Fiend laughed and leaped, as the swift shuttle
With its blood-rotted threads,  the  fair weft running
" Now cut out your web—it is broad, il is long—
Twixt Fiend's work nnd Ficedom's let's hope it is strong"!
And now that the blood-rotted warp is worn bare,
The flag it is fraying, ihe flag it may te„r :
For the Fiend cheers on tlinsc who to rend it nssny,
And the work he's hnd hand in is apt to give way.
Now Heaven guide the  issue 1   May  Freedom's  white
*Ere too late, from tlie flag  pluck these blood-rotted
And to battle and breeze fling the banner in proof
That 'tis all her own fabric, in war], as in woof.
If this mny not be, if the moment be nigh,
When this  banner unrent shall no more flout the sky.
To make fitting division of beams nnd of bars.
Let the South have the stripes and lhe North have the
stone that coulil be had, which was pretty
well used up when he <rot it, But he rigged
it up ship-shape and Bristol-fashion
up a grinding business, which brought him in
from twenty to thirty dollars a day, till nothing was left of tho stone. Now he was hound
to Placerville in search of a good one, with
which he intended to return immediately. 1
wished hint luck and p.-oceeded on my way,
wondering what would turn up next.
At the first   tinkle  of the   hell   thc   door,
was burst open with a tremendous crash, and
for a moment no battle-scene in Waterloo, no
charge at Resaca de la Palma or the heights
of Chapultepec, no Crimean avalanch of troops
dealing death and destruction  around them,!
could have equaled the   terrific  onslaught ofl
the gallant troops of Strawberry.    The whole)
house actually tottered and  trembled on the
occasion, as if shaken  by an earthquake.—
Long beforo the main body had assaulted the
table the din ot  arms was heard  above   the
general  uproar;   thc   deafening   clatter  of
plates, knives, and forks, and the dreadful cry
of   ''Waiter!   Waiter!    Pork    and    beans!!
Coffee, waiter! Beef-stake!   Sausages! Potatoes! TI nm an,.! eggs—quick, waiter, for God's
sake !"    It was a scene of distraction and eat*-:
business ffincfoii
When I sav I   know wanton, I mean I know
t that I don't know them. Every sinde woman Auctioneer and Commission Mcr-
I ever knew is a puzzle to me, as I havo no gAcCh^'TPa^8'8tteet »»S* ---'-■
doubt she  is to  herself.   Say  they  tire not
clever? Their hypocricy is a perpetual mar
vel to me; and a constant  exercise of clever-
of the first sort,    You see a demure look-
ELL  JAMES, Importer of Builder's  Agricultural,
ness i
• tore, Yates street.
Jfe) Wheelwright
,1 Genera] Hardware, Bar Iron, Steel, kc.    New
Brick S
•man. perfect in all her duties, constant j;^ - sK g   j H
Blacksmithing Horseshoeing am
Yntes street, No. 81).     sep8-lm
augl 1-1 in
in house bills and shirt  buttons,  obedient to
her lord and anxious to please him in all things;
silent when vou and he talk politics, or liter- HqegaN
attire, or balde* dash together, and if referred _D
to, saying   with u smile of perfect   humility,   -     V(.KMVN   v   Denier i   Stoves, Hardware, Agrs
» Oh, women are not judges  upon Bticb.and J-J -^^ ^ le'mentS) Willow and  Wooden ware, QTAMP, E. & CO., Commission Merchant.   .
such matters; we leave learning and P$litics|&^ 14, Yates Street, next Assay Office.       aull-lm     fe        t's(m.t angll-l
Domestic Groceries,  Provisions, .jr., Governtn
orw«n and
Albert Wharf, Victoria, Vancouver Island, an,] p"'
ten -street, San Francisco, California,
Mid liut.
CJPORBORG k CO., Dry Goods, Groceries and _e„^
O Merchants, Wharf street. aug"l_i
chants,   Langley   street,  Victoria;   und  Eg',,,,''
malt. „,.„,, , *"•
EGAN, FRANK. Boot and Shoe Maker, Yates street
SUTRO, (1. k CO., Tobacconists, corner Wharf
Yates street. augu.lm
/ flove
to men."      "Yes,   poor  Polly,"   says  Junes,
patting  the  back   of Mrs.  J.'s    bead  good
naturedly; attend to  the  house, my  dear;
that's the best thing you can do.  and  leave
the  rest _ to us."    Benighted idiot!    She --as L^OCIIRANE, JOHN J.C. I'... LAND AGENT, SUR-
lontratro taken your measure and your friends; yj Veyor,and Auctioneer of Real Estate only. Govcrn-
VRROLL   .1. P.. Yalts-street, between   Whnrf and
ni streets, Wholesale and Retail Dealer
iifWines and Liquors. n_24-3m
my2 i-
nage lonu; to be remembered,    I bad   never:
before witnessed a  battle, but I now understood how men could become maddened by the;
smell of blood.    When thc table was vacated
it presented a shocking scene  of desolation.
Whole dishes were swept of their  contents:
coffee-pots wcre  discharged to their  dregs;
knives, forks, plates, and spoons lay in a con-|
fused mass among  the bones and mutilated
remnants  of the dead;  chunks of bread and
hot biscuit were  scattered  broad   cast, and
nine pics were gored into fragments; tea-cups
and saucers were capsized; and the  waiters,!
hot, red,  and  steamy,    were    panting and
swearing after their superhuman labors.
Half an hour more and the battle-field was
again cleared for action. This was the sixth
assault committed duringtho evening; but it
was not the less terrible on that account.—
Inspired by hunger, I joined the army of invaders this time, and by gigantic efforts of
strength maintained an honorable position in
the ranks As the bell sounded—wc broke ! I
fixed my eye on a chair, rushed through the
stretched " like a trrcat snake dragging itslstruggling mass, threw out my hands fr an -
slow length alofeig" as far as tho eye couldIticaJly to seize it, but alas! it avus already
reach.   In the course of this day's tramp we
fassed parties of every description and color;
rishmen. wheeling their blankets, provisions,
and  mining  impliments  on  wheelbarrows
she knows vour weaknesses and ministers to met Street, near Post (iili.-e.
them in a thousand artful ways.    She knows       0LumL BBBWERygovernment
vour   obstmato  points, and marches  rouiiti I  ;
them with the most curious art and patience,, __
as you will see an ant on a journey turn round poLOXIAL RESTAI HAM, Government street^
an obstacle.    Every woman manages her litis- VJ
band; every person who manages another is v-^oKKR, I... Ship and Stcamboal Smith, ,t,,>l Uacli
a livpoerile'.    Her smiles, her submission, her \^, nist, Commercial street, rear of Assay
'lumor, for  all which  we value her—.street.
'>    We -
-1 i-l„,
.Hire. Yatc
,,,,gi l-l m
STRACHAN, .IAS., Billiard and Cigar Saloon WUf
.   8trcet* "ngll-lm
ST. OURS, FELIX, Commission and General JiT
chant, Wharf street. auU-lm'*
WATSON & CO., Ship and Steamboat Smithim
Boiler makers.   Langley street, ofi* YateajtreeJ
Shoe Dealers
k CO., Wholesale and Retail BooUnd
Company, Yntes street.
express and Baukin.
mi I Mm
UV  J.   IlOSS   BltOWN'E.
(From Harper's Magazine)
An almost continuous string of Washoeites
Retail  Spirit  Dealer. I'oven,-
Ullgl I -1 in
what are thoy but admirable duplicityi     ...  /^USHEONJ.
expect falseness from ber, and order and ed- ^ men- street.
iii-aie  ber to bo dishonest.   "Should  ho up-,-
braid,  I'll  own that ho prevail; say that ho|-pvICKSON,  CAMBKLL  k  CO., Commission Mcr-
th  -;.i, T,   _.,,,;i.-."     .vlmi ■ 11-.•   I 7 chants, corner Wharl and Johnston-streets,  Vie-
.'"W". I.11,.:1U".\°!.^U!.?..i ". 1 Zrlul"? io?ia, V. I. Dickson, De Wo,., .t Co, Merchant  street,
San Francisco. jel0-3m
BLNER, W.. Chemist and Druggist, corner Govern.
j  ment and Yates street. Sepl-lm
these but lies that we exact from our slaw
Lies, the dexterous performance of which we
announce to be female virtues ; brutal Turks
that we are! 1 do not say that Mrs. Brown
ever obeyed me—on the contrary; but 1
should have liked it, for 1 am a Turk like my
OWLIXG,  THOMAS,  Vancouver Bakery,   Yale?
street, above Douglas. scp8-lm
OUGALL   ,t   SONS, Caledonia Bridge   End  Iron
Works. Hope I'uiut, Vi,'toria. „,,ll-l„,
^j street, two doors above Broa
J .   II.   P A I N T E R ,
(successor to o'mkaiia a i'ainteu.) T~.lt VNCIS __ i:> '■::
THANKFUL for the past favors shown the lute   firm JH   visions,   Ale,   I
would respectfully inform Printers that   owing to str,.Pt.
increased facilities,  and recent  instructions   Irom  the -
Foundry, he is. now prepared to sell Plain and Ornamental Type, Presses, Printing Material,   Paper, Cards,
and Printers'   Stock  generally, 132,   Clay street, near
.Sansoine. Sun Francisco.
Empire  Bakery.   Yates
I, sepS-lm
RANCIS k ROBINSON, Family (Jrot-cries and Pro-
orter and  Cider.    No. 92,   Yates
J.RANKLIN, SELIM ,v CO., Land Agent and Auc
tioneer, Yates street.
augl 1-1 in
captured. A dark-visaged man. who looked
as if he carried concealed weapons on his person, was seated in it, shouting hoarsely the
battle-cry of ''Pork and beans! Waiter! Coffee,
waiter!" Vp and down the table it was one
gulping mass, jaws distended, arms stretched
out, knives, forks, and even the bare hands
plunged into the enemy. INot a spot was
vacant. I venture to assert that from the
commencement oftho assault till tho capture
and complete investment ofthe fortifications
did not exceed five seconds. The storming of
the Malikoff and thc fall of Scbastopol could
no longer claim a place in history.
At length fortune favored the brave. I got
a seat at the next onslaught, and took ample
satisfaction for the delay by devouring such
a meal as none but a hardy Washocite could j
be expected to digest. Pork and beans, cub-:
' aire, beef-stake, sausages, pies, tarts,  coffee
COLONIAL   11 0 T E L.
-JROSPER ,-_ FRANK GREELEY, would respectfully (^R{£fIN\?eCF
     inform the public that they have just opened their. \~*
Nkw Hotel, and are ready to accommodate travellers or
17.REEMAN, T. J . Grocery and Variety Store, Second
^   band Goods boughtand sold.    Waddington street
sep 1-1 ni
VICTORIA, V. I. '   '
P., Boomcraug Inn,   Langley Lnne. oil
nii'-i l-lin
American, French, and German foot-passengers, leading heavily-laden horses, or canying
their packs on their backs, and their picks' and
shovels Blung across their shoulders; Mexicans driving long trains of pack-mules, and
swearing fearfully, as usual, to keep them in
order; dapper-looking gentlemen, apparently
from San Francisco, mounted on fancy horses':
women in men's cloths, mounted on mules or
"burros;" Pike county specimens, seated on
piles of furniture and goods in great lumbering wagons ; whiskey peddlers, with their
bar-fixtures and whiskey on mule-back, stopping now and then to quench the thirst of the
toiling multitude ; organ grinders, carrying
their organs;   drovers, riding,  raving,  and
tearing away frantically through brush after: and tea, eggs, etc.—these were only a few of
droves of self-willed cattle designed for tbej the luxuries furnished by [tbe enterprising
shambles; in short, every imaginable class, proprietor of the "Strawberry." May every
and every possible species of industry, was blessing attend that great benefactor of man-
represented in this moving pageant. It was kind ! I say it in all sincerity, ho is a great
a striking and impressive spectacle to see, inland good man, a YVebsterian inn-keeper, for
foil competition with youth and strength, the he thoroughly understands the constitu-
most pitiable specimens of age and decay— j tion. I would'give honorable mention of his
white-haired old men, gasping for breath as name if I knew it; but it matters not; his
they dragged their palsied limbs after them.house so far surpasses the Metropolitan or the
in the exciting race of avarice; cripples St. Nicholas that thero is no-comparison in
and hunchbacks; even sick men from their tbo relish with which the food w_.s devoured,
beds—all stark mad for silver. In respect to sleeping  accommodations there
But the tide was not setting entirely in the: may he some difference in their favor. I was
direction of Carson Valley. A counter-cur-too late to secure a bed in tho general bed
rent opposed our progress, in the shape of]room up stairs, where two hundred and fifty
saddle trains without riders, long lines of tired wayfarers were already snoring in
pack-mules laden with silver ore, scattering! double shotted bunks, 2x6; but the landlord
parties of weather-beaten and foot-sore pedes-! was a man of incxhaustahlc resources. A pri-
trians, bearing their hard experience in their vate whisper in his car niade hint a friend
faces, and solitary stragglers, of all ages and forever. He nodded sagaciously and led mc
degrees, mounted on skeleton horses, or toil- into a small parlor, about 15x20, in which be
ing wearily homeward on foot—some merry,'gave my company of five what he called a
some sad, some eagerly intent on further spec- " lay-out," that "it is to say, a lay-out on the
ulation; but all bearing the unmistakable im- floor with our own blankets for beds and cov-
press of Washoe. ering.    This was a special favor, and 1 would
Among the latter, a lank, leatherly-looking! have cherished it in   my memory for years
fellow, doubtless from  the land of wooden had not a suspicion been aroused in my mind
nutmegs, was shambling  along  through the "
mud, talking to himself apparently for the
resident.- of New Westminster with the choicest eatable
the market affords. The sleeping npnrtments are fitted
up in n style that neither Vane,,aver Island nor Brilish
Columbia can excel, and the wines and liqueurs, tvliil
enumerating all that a first-rate hotel should boast of,
are of the very best and finest description.
Private dining rooms can be  obtained,  dinners,  kc
gotten up ou the shortest notice. niii,l-::,n
JORGE, ROBERT. Insurance  Agent, and Agent
Underwriters.    No. 7 Yates street.        scpl-lni
AVE ON  HAND AND FOR SALE, nndi.re._n.
_ stantly receiving by every  arrival from London
New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco, largeaddil
lions to our already extensive .Stock of
Benkert's Fine Dress French Calf Roots;
do do French Calf Bevel edge Boots;
do do       do   do   Square edge Boots;
do do Double Sole Water-proof Boots;
do do Quilted Sole Water-prool Hoots;
Fine Enameled Napoleon Riding Boots;
do   Calf Napoleon Hoots;
do   do   Balmoral !',,,,its:
do   Enameled Balmoral Boots;
do   Calf Oxford Ties;
do     do Double Sole Oxford Ties;
Ladies' Fine Wbiu- Kid Gaiters;
do        do      do    Satin Gaiters;
iln        .li>      do    Slippers ;
di,       do Glove Kid Gaiters ;
,(,,       ,ln Balmoral Hoots
Willi a lull assortment of Misses', Children's nnd Bui'-
G1 ILMORE, A., Merchant Tailor, and genera) Clothing l!""I*! lllld sllocs ; also, a full Stork of Oak and Hem-
I" Store, Yates street, below Government. Scpl-tc      lock tanned Leather; French   Calf Skins,  Kip Ski,,..
Linery Skin, Altim tanned Leather, Harness Leather,
ami a lull Stock ul Shoe Findings, ivhich wc will ?oll
Wholesale and Retail, nt
sopl-1in Yntcs street, Yictoria, V.I.
HAGGIN Physician  nnd
Olli.-c 3d door from fro
nol   Surgeon, Trounce  street,
,,, Government street.
j'  BURNABY,   Merchants,   Wharf
ail'-1 l-l in
HEUSTON, J. T.. Gun Maker, Dealer in Guns, Am-
unition,  and  sporting  materials  of all kind...
augl 1
Xi'hg ore Diseases ro Fatal in Tropical Climates?
Merely because we prescribe for their effect instead of Yates street
their cause, and  try   t»  remove  symptoms  instead  of   ■
striking at their root.    Thc action of these Pills is pre- TXIBBEN* k  CARSWELL,   Wholesale   and   Retail
cisely  the   reverse.     They   expel   from  the  secretive   l 1   Book Store. Yates street. augll-lm
organs and the  circulation  the morbid  matter which
produces inflammation, pain, fever, debility, and physi-
tj   i"
OTEL DE FRANCE, Government Btrect,
augl l-lm
cal decay; and the basis of disease being removed, it,
manifestations vanish. While ordinary remedies only
afford a temporary respite to the sufferer, whereas thesel f EFFREY Mrs., Millinery and  Dry  Goods, Govern
ment sireet.
augl 1-1 in
want of moro congenial fellowship. I *\vas
about to pass him, when he arrested 1113*- attention;
"Look hero, stranger!"
I looked.
" You're bound for Washoe, I rocon !"
I was bound for Washoe.
"Whatline of business bo you goinrr into
there?" h
Was not quite certain, but thought it would
be the Agency line.
'Uo! tho Agency line—stage agent may
be'?  Burche's lino, I guess?"
That was not it exactly ; but no matter.
Perhaps I could do something for bim in Washoe.
" Nothing, stranger, except to keep dark.
Do you know the price of grindstones in
Placerville ?
I didn't know the price of grindstones in
Placerville, but supposed thy might be cheap,
as there wcre plenty thero.
« That's my hand exactly !" said my friend,
with an inward chuckle of satisfaction. I expressed some curiosity to know in what respect the matter of grindstones suited his hand
so well; when looking cautiously around, he
drew near, and informed mo confidentially
that lie had struck a "good thing" in Washoe.
He had only been there a month, and had
mado a considerable pile. There was a dreadful scarcity of grindstones there, and secin,--
that miners, carpenters, and mechanics of i~
before the lapse of half ;'an hour that there
wero others in tho confidence of mine host.
Scarcely had I entered upon tho first nap
when somebody undertook to walk upon mo,
commencing on my head and ending on the
pit of my stomach'. I grasped him firmly by
the leg. He apologized at once in the most
abject manner; and well for bim he did, for
it was enough to incense any man to bo roused
tip in that manner. The intruder, I discovered, was a Jew peddler. He offered mo a cigar,
which 1. smoked in token of amity; and in the
mean time he turned in alongside and smoked
another. When daylight broke I cast around
me to see what everybody was doing to create such a general commotion. I perceived
that there were about forty sleepers, all getting up. Boots, strongly scented with feet
and stockings of every possible degree of odor,
were lying loose in all directions; blankets,
packs, old cloths, and rugged shirts, and 1
don't know what all—a palpable violation of
tho landlord's implied compact. True, he
had not agreed to furnish a single bed for
five, but he had never hinted that ho was
going to put forty men, of all sorts and sizes,
in tho same general " lay-out," as he was
pleased to stylo it, and that only large enough
for half that number. Once, in Minnesota, I
slept in a bed with eight, and gave considerable offense to my landlord when I remonstrated against his putting in 11 ninth. He
said ho liked to see a man " accommodating"
—a reflection upon my good-nature wlnel'i"!
considered  wholly  unwarranted by tho cir-
~T7" US 11 LAND BROS., Wholesale dealer in  clothing, provements, making nltogc
|\   Dry Goods, and Indian Goods, Fire-proof Boil,ling, jdious Hotels iu this city.
Wharf street.
Colonial   Hotel.
11111.11 -1 in
IANGLEY BROS., Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
j Yntes street. augll-lm
Grocery,   Yates  street.
Pills anuihi ate the disorder.
Ill Health   in Hot Countries
Frequently arises from nervous disorders affecting the
action of tbe heart nnd deranging tbe whole animal
economy ; these fine Pills will restore the nervous system however deranged, and bring back health and
spirits when all other medicine has failed.
Billious and Liver Complaints
Frequently lead to thc worst phases of human suffering, yet how many in the East and West Indies, and
most of our foreign possessions, are thus afflicted, unknowing the means of cure placed within their grasp:
such sin,uld lake a few boxes of these Pills according
to the directions given in the books, and their ailments
will quickly leave them.
Dropsical Swellings  and turn of Life.
This is a most disastrous period in woman's history,
it destroys thousands, the whole of the gross humors
collect together, and like a tide sweep away health and
life itself, if not timely and powerfully cheeked. The
most certain remedy for all these dangerous symptoms
is Holloway's Pills. Armed with this great antidote,
the firv ordeal is passed through, and the sufferer is
once more restored to the possession or. unimpaired
health. These Pills are equally efficacious in all female complaints, and obstructions at thc dawn of
Stomach and Liver Complaints.
These are complaints of the million, particularly ofU -,   , -.,;..,   ,     ,„;: ,.,.,„,   ,    ;|  ,,,„   Mi
those ol warm latitudes ; few escape llicm ; nnd, if »eg-MyJ[ than!, Wharf sireet, foot of Yates street,
lected, they lead  to   innumerable dangerous   maladies.'
But why neglect them when Holloway's Pills will erad-
firc ?
LESTER .t GIBBS,  Family
near Waddington Alley.
LOYETT, J. Bank Exchange, Yates street,
augl 1-lni
LITTLE,  JOHNT. & CO., Whnrf and  Warehouse
Wharf street.    Commission Merchants, nnd Dealers in Coal, Wood and General Merchandise, aull-lm
MACDONALD >v CO., Hankers nnd Bullion Dealers,
Yates street. aull-lm
MASON  ,_ HALLS, Wholesale aud Retail Wine and
Spirit Dealers, Yates street.
ASON k HALLS, Brick Makers,
augl l-lin
lencon Hill,
augl 1-lni
Officii—Columbia Street,
New Westminster, British Columbia.
Cash ndvanc
es made on goods in store,    uugll-ln,
Y A T E S    S T R E E T ,
Has constantly on band
r- Bar Iron, Sheet and Ironmongery, and Stoves and T"1'
ware of every description ; Glass nnd Crockery
ioate  them  as   certainly  as water  extinguishes  tire VI -*yrEHULD, H., Clothing of nil kinds made to  order.
Ihey relieve the bowels, purify the fluids, and invigor-j jj_|_ j„i,ilS(„, Blreot) ftbovo Waddington
ate the system nnd the constitution at  the same  time
They are admitted by virtue of special decrees  into the
dominions of de.-po.ism, nnd thus have become  a great| p
household remedy.
Dysentery and Rowel Complaints.
These famous Pills should be taken once or twice  a
week by all classes in this part ofthe world, by which
means none   need fear the   attacks   of   these   direful
_-l XVord to Females.
The local debility nnd irregularities which aro the
special annoyance of the weaker sex, nnd which, when
neglected, nhvays shortens life, arc relieved for the time
being and prevented for the time to come, by a course
of this mild alterative.
Boris were hard up for something to sharpen jcuinstanecs.   But this  was  even a stron
their tools on, he had secured the only grind-1ca.*.e.
Holloway's  Pills are the. best remedy known in the world
for  the following  diseases:
Billions Complaints
Blotches on the Skin
Bowel Complaints
Constipation of lhe
Erysipelas       "Stone and   Gravel
Female Irrcg- Lfvcr Complaints
iihiritics       |Lumbago
Fevers of all Piles
kinds Retention of Urine
Fits Scrofula, or Kings's
Gout Evil
Headncho        jSore Throats
ndigestion      Secondary Sympt'.
Tic Douloureux
Diseutery I Inflammation
Venereal Affections Tumors
Worms of all kinds Wcnkness from whatever cause Ac.
Sold at the establishment of Professor IIom.oway,
24_-, Strand, (near Temple Bar London, nlso by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in medicines throughout the civilized world.
li&r There is a considerable saving by taking the
larger sizes.
N. B.—Directions for thc guidance of patients in
every disorder are affixed to each box.
CURTIS k MOORE, Agents Yates st. Victorin.
MARTIN  BROS.,   Wholesale  and   Retail    Grocer.
Fresh Invoices by every Steamer, Wharf street.
MORRIS HENRY S., Tobacconist and Fruit Store,
Government street. augll-lm
ORRIS, JOHN, Civil Engineer, and Contractor.
lt/TOSES, VV. D., Hair Cutting and shaving. Warm
JLtJL '""l Oold Baths. Government street, opposite
the Post ollice. 8cpl5-lm
THOMAS,  Saddler and Harness  Maker,
on street, near Government.      augl 1-1 m
OLIVER, W. IT., Importer and   Wholesale.  Dealer in
Fine old  Wines,  Brandies and Spirits.    Johnson
street, opposite Wharf street. uul8-lm
PATTRICK T. k CO., Wholesale and Retail Liquor
Dealers,    corner   Government     and     Johnson
boldt street.
CO., Soda-Water Manufacturer, Hum-
augl 1-lni
1)ICKETT, Wm. k 00., Groceries and Provision Merchants, Wharf street, aull-lm
above Store.
DE L'EUROPE,  Johnson   street,
STEPHENS, J. S., Victoria Llrao Depot, Yfttcs street,
_  above Broad. scp8-lm
SAV WARD,  W*.   P.,  Denier  in   Lumber, Windows,
Doors, Shingles, &c, Wharf street, opposite the Fort,
augl l -1 in
Ware, Wood and Willow-ware. etc.
June 1, 1800.
B.   T.
ritllE Proprietors of tho nbove Establishment having
g ri tilted and improved their Hotel in the most !..•'
stalllinl and elegant style, il is now re-opened for tlie
accommodation of travellers, and of lhc public iu
The House has been  extended, the  rooms  enlarge-,
chimneys put up. n parlor added, and  many other im-
dicrotic ofthe most rnrninO'
For convenience and comfort, they can boast ol having no equal on Vancouver Island.
The Proprietors feel confident of giving entire sati5-
faction to all who may extend their pntronnpc to Ikwn-
The Bill of Fare of the Restaurant will be proviilcl
with the best that the market affords, and the Meals
cooked in lho most approved style.
Large Private Rooms for Parties, and Dinner Parlies
can be got up on the shortest notice. *-t-,ni
No. 48 California street, San Francisco.
Offer for sale in lots to suit purchasers,
BT. BABBITT'S Pure Cream TarUir,  inbo:te30
#  12 one pound papers.
B. T. BABBIT'S Pure  Saleratus,  in  boxes of 12 one
pound papers, .   ,
B. T. BABBITT'S Pure Super Carbonate of Soda, in*.
Golden Gate Pure Saleratus,    do       do       do      «»i
Golden Gate Pure Saleratus, tn kegs of 50 cts each;
Golden Gate Pure Cream Tartar, In bxs 2o cts each;
Select Ground Spices, packed in tin foil, full nP
a new article ; ,
Concentrated Potash, for making soap, cleaning type, e
Newcastle Sal Soda, direct from the Manufacturers;
Select Pepper Sauce;
Manila Indigo, best quality ;
Babbit's Celebrated Soap Powders;
Saratoga Water, From Empire Spring, New \<>rk;
Flavoring Extracts, assorted superior quality J
Dried Cherries, Turkey Plums, etc., etc.
Best Double Anker Bolting Cloth, No 3 to 11, InoluilVf-
3 ply India Rubber Hose, 1 inch to 'I inch;
Grenoble Hemp Fire and Mining Hose; .,.
Barker's Donblo acting Force and  Lift Pumps, for m
Engines, Mining and Agricultural purposes; 1
Rotary Force Pumps, Pitcher Top,  and Bowl top ^
The above constantly on hnnd nnd for sale by
JOHN D. WING k 00.
■18 California street.
Printed and published  by   Leonard M'Clure, ft-H*
ollice, Government-street,  Victorin, Colony ol
coiivit Island,
■___■      .    ■


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