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The New Westminster Times Feb 27, 1861

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Array No. 23,     Vol. III.]        VICTORIA,   V. I.,   WEDNESDAY,  FEBRUARY 37, 186:.
[Price 25cts.
(/'Vow  thc.   London    'limes.)
The "affairs of Mexico" arc approaching a
crisis. We entreat the reader not to bedeter-
rod by this introduction from the perusal of
our story. We know how uninviting thc
topic will M" thought, and how profoundly unintelligible .Mexican politics must appear to
the British public. Nevertheless, what we
tiro now going to relate is well worth rending,
mul il will be presented in as perspicuous a
form as such matter will admit. Besides, we
have actually a substantial interest in these
affairs, though it is very hard to realize; and
we rccogni'-oa .Mexican Govornmont, though
wo don't know where it is. Inorganic and
shadowy as is the constitution ofthis romarlc-
nhlo Stale, and the strongest power in Europe
would certainly never have ventured to ln-
dulgo itself in such liberties at our expense as
have been taken by this phantom Government.
The liritish people, we regret to say, have
lent lhc Mexicans out of their private nurses
the sum of £10,241,650 on bonds. Of course,
the magnitude of the interest was to be inversely as that ofthe security, and therefore
considerable* but about ten years ago thc
.Mexicans suggested an arrangement, by which
the .security was to be greatly improved and
ihe interest proportionately diminished. In
short, the bondholders were induced to take
three per cent., tbe mere product of Consols,
mi the condition that punctuality of payment
should be absolutely guaranteed by a mortgage mi the Customs. How faithfully this
stipulation was fulfilled will be understood
when we observe that an arrear of exactly
14 half-yearly divisions will have accrued in
.[unitary next upon this eligible stock, and the
prospect of an instalment is in no wise improved by the little incident to be presently
narrated, However, for about threo years or
so the iii teres, thus modified was actually
forthcoming, but In 1854 tho remittances altogether ceased, and .Mexican stock became
wholly unproductive. J.y way of looking
after British property, Her .Majesty's sloop
Basilisk paid a visit, in the year 1857, to the
ports of Vera Cnv/. and Tampico, and the
sign ofthe Union Jack did undoubtedly produce an effect. The Mexican authorities, indeed, obeyed our requisitions in the matter,
but unluckily the affairs of the country had
then assumed so extraordinary a complexion
that tho concession was of no practical use.
Il'tlie factions by which .Mexico is distracted are tu he credited with any principles or
purposes at all, we may, perhaps, say that
there is a Constitutional Party and an Ecclesiastical Party. Tho Constitutional party
professes the doctrines of Liberalism, and is
assumed to adhere to a Republican Charter,
promulgated at one of the few intervals of
comparative order by which the chronic an-
sirchy ol the country has been relieved. Under this Charter, or some modification of it,
a popular leader named .htaicz claimed to be
President of the State, and lias preserved his
title, though he could not enforce it, for some
lime past. Thc Ecclesiastical Party professed
nlso to recognize a Republican Constitution
as that of the Mexican State, but it appeals
to an earlier ('barter, and is notoriously inclined to maxims of absolutism in practical
administration. Its distinctive principle,
however, and that which has preserved its
vitality, is this,—that, whereas the Constitutionalists arc for secularizing church property,
and converting the enormous revenues ofthe
old Spanish establishment to national uses,
the Church Party, as partizans of the hicr-
''hy, would protect ecclesiastical possessions
from any .such invasion. This principle, ol
course, secures them the support ofthe priests,
nud probably the sympathies of Spain, and
to such aids they owe, what has hitherto
proved the invincible strength of their posi-
fon. Before ti resolute exertion of popular
will they must inevitably have succumbed,
''Ut against the louse halt-organized party of
[he Liberals they fairly held their own. Per-
htips, on the whole, wo may say that they
•(-'l't the ascendency, for they bad the military
ils well as tho ecclesiastical authorities with
them, and in a country where all political so-
■-'ll-'ty has been dissolved the least element of
cohesion told with decisive effect.
, ft happened, however that when tho Basil-
•■jk showed herself in Mexican wfcters the
chief sea-ports wcre in tho bands of Juarez
anc tho Constitutionalists, though the capital
ill"l the adjacent provinces were still subject
■-11 "ie Church Party, under tho governance or
presidency of their loader, General Miramon.
Wow, Miramon, as holding tho capital or as
•living been in office, beforo Juarez, and never
laving been dispossessed, or in virtue of some
other preferential claim, was thought by all
tot'Cign States except America to bo tho dc
jacto ruler of Mexico, and it was to bim, and
"ot to Juarez, that tho diplomatic body was
■•-''''•edited. Him, however, tho Basilisk could
•ot reach. The only ruler within rango of
,,.°n SUIIH was Juarez, and though he was
j'-yh'd to account, sinco nothing better could
0 done, tho division of moans rendered a set-
mont impossible. Juarez, as reigning in
|10 soaports, had, of courso, tho control of the
••sloms' duties, and could givo effect to the
'noi'tgago.   But  he could  only do this on
lUll.rii,    E... , .. - ..•*..
'•'lH'r, for as ho alleged with perfect truth,
"01'0 was not enough specie in all Vera
A[v/'   to liquidato  tho debt due to the bond
holders. All tho hard money was in Mex
ico, and the utmost that he could do was
to give bills upon Mexico, which midit be
converted into cash. This he did, and thev
were converted accordingly; but there still
remained an obstacle more serious than any
How was this cash to bo brought from Alex
ico to Vera Cruz for shipment to England'
If sent down under escort, it would undoubtedly be stolen on thc road, and probably bv
government officers. It might be insured no
doubt, but only at so enormous a premi nn as
to make the bargain ruinous. So, from the
sheer impossibility of moving it, it was kept
at Mexico in store, being placed in a strong
room used by thc British Minister, sealed
with his seal, and protected by his represen
tative authority.
Now comes the catastrophe of the tale:—
A few weeks ago the British Minister conceived that affairs wero really going to fast
even for Mexico. Even at that place a man
■'must draw tho line somewhere," and the
point of demarkation had been reached. Self-
respect compelled him to withdraw and be
retired to .lalapa, leaving the bondholders'
dollars still under seal in his strong room, and
consigned to the guardianship of the British
Consul. No sooner was his back turned than
the officers of Gvernment marched straight
to the spot, broke open the strong-room with
saws and crowbars, and stole the money.
Never was a "loot" more successful. The
"swag" is said to have been close upon
81,000,000, all iu hard coin, and was no doubt
extremely welcome. The preceding seems to
to have been regarded as rather strong oven
in Mexico, for all tho diplomatists who remained joined tho British Consul in his protest; but protests were of no kind of use, and
the dollars wcre carried off.
We hope the reader will now think that our
introductory remarks have been justified, that
tho affairs of Mexico are really approaching
a crisis, and that the narrative of facts have
been not unworthy of perusal. Wc can bear
a good deal in the matter of foreign obligations. Wc have been accustomed to various
'transactions' and 'operations of State,' which,
honestly interpreted, were, perhaps, as downright acts of robbery as that just committed
at .Mexico. Still tliere is a difference between
actual stealing and refusing to pay, and though
we allow governments to persist in repudiating their debts, we cannot submit to be
robbed of property actually in hand. The
money thus stolen would have paid the Mexican bondholders one half-yearly dividend out
of the 14 that aro due, and now that very
moderate instalment has gone the way of tbe
rest. This outrage passes thc limits of all
forbearance. In international quarrels weakness is often strength, but no weakness or
strength cither, can dictate submission to
such conduct as this. If ample redress a3
well as prompt restitution bo not forthwith
secured, we shall forfeit all claims to respect
and consideration on the part of foreign
Known ns the Half-Way House, Situated between
Anderson and Lillooet Lakes immediately
on the Road, consisting of a
Ranch of 320 Acres fine Farming Land.
fT-HERE nre situated on thc property ono large two
JL   story House nnd kitchen, together with u liiirn en
palile of sloring 75 to 100 tons of liny, nnd accoiumoda-
lions for 7."i Animals ; also, Warehouse for storing goods
The grass is blue-top nnd makes  the best liny  in  the
market.    The Ranch is fenced in.
Thero nra a pair of good plough-horses IT. hogs, 100
chickens, beside sundry other stock.
The place is offered for sale with or without the stock
as the purchaser may desire, cheap for cash.
Address, J. HUGHES k CO.,
On the premises,
fel3-lm Wharf St., Victoria.
September 1st, 18G0.
SSAYS OF OOLT)   BULLION  are made  on the
following terms, nnd under.the  following conditions :—
1. A receipt, will be given to thc Depositor for the
exact gross weight of his deposit.
2. The resulting ingot will be delivered to any party
returning the aforesaid receipt, whether the Depositor
or any one else, and the party returning the receipt will
be reqtlirod to cancel it by bis signature at the time of
receiving the ingot,
•I. Each ingot will be stamped with its number, corresponding to its nuraoer in the oflicinl records, with
its weight in ounces and decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in tliousantlis; also with a Government iphcr,
at present n crown over the letters VR.
4." With each ingot will be given n certificate, signed
by a Government ollicer, of the weight of the deposit
before melting; its weight after; the fineness; the
charge for assaying j and such certificate will have
tables of British Mint valuation nud ot the latflSt'SftTl
Francisco valuations, whereby parties mny calculate
lor themselves the value of tho bar for English or
American markets. ,
. For all bars not exceeding 50 ounces in weight,
a .barge of seven shillings ami sixpence (7s. lid.) Sterling will bo made, and for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one shilling and six pence (Is. Oil.)
All .-lips are retained in the Government Assay ol ice;
but, on bars not exceeding 10 ounces in weight allow-
auces will be made olfthe assay charge, for the \alue
0<'a-SaCvs,'oi-  Oiiks  are  made  at tho charge of One
Found (£1.) for each specimen ™^um™\c<l"V°\vn
For a Complete Analysis of any Mineral, Two
Founds (£2.) is tho charge.^ ^^ ^^
B^ LATE ARRIVALS the undersigned have received
additions to their hitherto well assorted slock of
Furniture—and now offer
PAINTED SETS—ten pieces;
EXTENSION TABLES—8 and 10 feet long;
CENTRE TABLES—Serpertine and  round tops, assorted sizes;
CARD TABLES—Harp and square pillajs;
COMMON  "        2A, 3a__daj long, with drawers,
also Cherry, Walnut, and painted pine lent'tables;
BEDSTEADS—Mahogany,  French  Cottage,  double
and single ;
LOUNGES—Spring seats,  in  damask  and  leather
SOFAS—Spring seats,   hnir  cloth, with  round nnd
pillow end*;
DESKS—with fall, and door fronts;
CDEFFONIERS—Walnut nnd Mah'y carved fronts,
3 shelves, fret work ;
BUREAUS—one-half   marble.   Scroll  nnd  painted
pine, 4 and G drawers;
WHAT-NOTS—Walnut and mah'y, 5 and G shelves;
MIRRORS—In gilt nnd mah'y frames, assorted sizes,
for parlors, chambers, nnd saloons ;
CHILDREN'S—Cribs and cradles, also high and low
chairs, assorted patterns;
CHAIRS—Mahogany hair  cloth, spring seats,  Cnne
nnd wood sent, office, oak, dining, Grecian cine,
heavy bar room, and common wood seats ;
ROCKERS—Spring seats, mah'y and cane seats and
backs, sewing nnd arm ;
SINKS—Wash  stands,  chair   cushions,   coverlets,
towel racks, willow cribs, kc,
Pulil, Curled Hair, Moss, Wool, and Straw Mattresses,
best Feather Pillows, all sizes ; in thc manufacture  of
which we use none but the best material, and guarantee
our work.
North-west corner of Yates k Douglas Street.
Victoria, V. I. 8-3m
4 ST Oil E and dwelling house on the same lot,
_/jl with yard accommodations and never-failing well
ot water, for the nominal sum of $20 per month, situate
on Columbia street, opposite Holdbrook's Wharf.
Apply nt this office, or to
ja26-tc JAMES KENEDY, On thc premises.
It Expels Disease!
It is said that all productions of human skill have
their day, and are superceded by new inventions or discoveries. Not so with this remedy. "It is not for a
day, but for nil time nnd in all countries." And why?
Because it strikes nt the generic root of all diseases in
thc blood, and medical art can-, acc.inplisb nothing beyond that. The Ointment penetrating through flesh
and fibre, like water through a porous substance,
reaches the germ or disease, such as scrofula, erysipelas, cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcerous discharges in the circulation, and eradicates the taint at
once and forever in this climate.
Bad Legs.
This Ointment will cure nny case of Bad Leg even if
of twenty years standing, or however hnrd or discolored
the flesh may be, or il swollen the size of a person's
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into the
whole of the parts affected twice n day in large quantities, and the parts kept covered with linnen rags thickly
sprend with the Ointment; from this mode of treatment, a plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will
follow, until the wounds nre all healed on the leg, or
other parts assume their natural appearance.
Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
The most inveterate cases of bad legs, scrofulous or
other sores, nre cured, if of twenty years standing, by
the joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect ot
this unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores,
is almost miraculous. It first discharges the poison
which produces suppuration and proud flesh, nnd thus
the cures which its healing properties afterwards complete, are safe as well as permanent. It has a wonderful effect in the cure of sores occasioned by musquetocs,
sand-flics or giggers.
This Ointment will cure the worst cases of Piles if
used according to the printed directions even if of 20
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin
Blotches, pimples dry eruptions, and all irritations of
the skin, fade and disnppenr after a few applications of
Holloway's Ointment. In these coses brisk friction is
Indispensable. Many of the ordinary eruptions aro
caused by suppressed perspiration, and as this pone,
traling unguent at once opens the pores, and invigorates thc absorbents, it dissipates the intlamation by a
double process. Ladies whose faces or arms are dis
figured by cutaneous diseases, mny readily remove the
tiemish and restore to the skin its natural tint, flexi
ntlity, nnd softness by the use of this safe but powerful counter-irritant.
Kings Evil, Fever Sores.
In cases of King's  Evil  where medicinal waters, lotions, and every recipe of pharmacopoeia have proved
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough cure.
Fever sores heal quickly under its influence, and its re
taxing  effect upon   contracted  sinews is truly  won
Rheumatism, Scrofula' Ergsipelas.
These arc among the most terrible nnd agonizing dis
cases, yet in their worst forms, nnd when seemingly in-
durable, they invariably disappear under a persevering
application of this soothing, healing antidote to  pain
and inlinmmation.
Both the Ointment and the Pills should be used in the
following cases:—
Contracted and
Stiff Joints.
Glnndulnr Swellings
Yaws. .
Sore Nipples.
Had Legs.
Had Beasts
Bite of Mosquctocs
and Sand-Flics.
Corns (soft)
Sold at thc establishment of Professor Holloway
244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London; and by all respectable DrugSists nnd Dealers in Medicines throughout thc civilized word.
Jd-gp" There is considerable saving by taking the
arger sizes.
N. B.—Directions for tho guidnnce of patients in
cvory disorder arc affixed io each Pot.
Yates Street Victoria, V. I.
Bankers, Snn Francisco, AT PAR.
Furnish  Bills of Exchange in  sums  to suit, and at
current rates on New York nnd London.
Pay highest price for gold dust.
Make advances on gold dust for assay or coinage in
San Francisco.
Purchase Navy Bills and Bills on London.
Orpit-E—Cclumiiia Stiikkt,
New Westminster, British Columbia.
THIS Saloon having been entirely refitted in a most
elegant manner, and re-stocked with a choice assortment of
Is now open to the Public.
Thc Proprietors pledge themselves to keep on hand
none but the very best articles, and believe that all who
call once will be anxious to repeat their visit.
BSf* ICE constantly on hand.
*#* Attached to thc Saloon is a spacious Rending
Room, where all the latest papers may be found.
jyl l-3m
IS thc most valuable and unsurpassed remedy for
Rheumatism and Gout to be found in the world, or
known at present. The discoverer of tho above medicine does claim its infallibility in all cascs of Rheumatism and Gout—when used according to direction—und
does offer a reward of five thousand dollars to any
medicine that does supersede it, nnd is entirely vegetable. The Doctor is enabled to offer the above reward
on account of his having used the abovs medicine for
ten years in his practice, and has never known it to
fail in thc cure of the most protracted cases of Rliema-
tism and Gout, and withstood all known remedies to
the profession. Doctor Adolphus is known and rightly
celebrated throughout the State for his cures in Rheumatism, Gout and Chronic Diseases, and has only to
the continued urgent efforts of his patients, and through
the desire to help them who are no; enabled to see him
personally, or to spend a fortune to get rid ofthe disease,
which they have, contracted in the pursuit of their daily
calling; only this has been able to persuade the Doctor
to give thc above medicine to the public, and at such
terms that every suffering one should bc able to reap
its benefits.
As a Health Restorative its value supersedes all thc
mineral wealth nnd riches of California; nnd is creating a revolution in the whole treatment of disease
throughout the world.
In the prevention of diseases, as Scrofula, Enlargement of the Glands, Dropsy, and all Nervous and Cutaneous Diseases, and thc whole train of Chronic Diseases,
which withstand and baffle the skill of the most excellent and earned physicians in the world; in Chronic
Diseases, whose very name is a terror as well to thc
physician as to the patient, this medicine has proved to
be superior to nny in existence, and has cured in so
short a time thnt they appeared like being abolished by
magic influence, and in fact a few more such discoveries, and druggists will not need to keep a lot of useless medicines on hand, whenever they are prescribed
once in a ten score, they have lost through time their
properties in which their value did reside, if there was
actually any in them
Take this medicine when your digestive organs are
disordered and your blood is impure ; it will surely net
on your bowels.
Take this medicine when you have a cold, and it will
make you perspire freely.
Take this medicine when your urinary and absorbing
organs are disordered, and it will act on your kidneys
—it penetrates every part of your body, searches even
the most remote and secret recesses of your system,
and removes the disease located there—it restores
healthy action, nnd gives tone to every organ in the
human body—therefore it has righteously deserved thc
name it bears: Health Restorative.
The Doctor, who is averse to all patent medicines,
wishes it to bo understood that the above medicine is
no such thing; but that he has, through the introduction of this medicine with its treatise and directions for
use, made every sufferer to bc his own physician in thc
above-named diseases.
Thinking it under my dignity to follow the mode ot
quacks, hy appending certificates of physicians or private persons, which is too well known can be had for
certain remunerations, applications of friends, or by the
mode of boring a man half to death for even tho most
worthless trash, I will therefore leave it to those in
want of medicine to inquire personally of men who
have been cured by my medicines of the abovo diseases,
and who can bc found in almost every city and village
throughout the State. I consider such personal conviction far superior to certificates of persons that arc
far from being known to them in want of medical aid.
But should any one care for written testimonials or
certificates regarding the cures performed by this
medicine, they might call at my office, and I will show
them certificates of true merit, which have been sent to
me voluntarily, without applying for them, or by boring
individuals to get them.
To satisfy tho most scrupulous of men, also as a
guarantee to those that have not had the opportunity
of knowing thc Doctor by reputation or personally, I
have adjoined to every bottle of the Anti-Rheumatic
Cordial, the certificate, under oath, of ono of the most
celebrated analytical chemists in the United States,
that thero are no minerals nor poisons contained in this
medicine, although it is a very powerful medicine, and
has a very strong action on the human system, which it
necessarily must have, to overcomo the action of disease
of such malignant character.
46 Montgomery street, three doors from Bush
LANGLEY BROS., Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
Victoria. Agents for Vancouvor Island and British
Columbia. my23-3m
Sa JTranasto ^Hmertisemuts.
A few dooi above Montgomery street, San Francisccc
(Successors to J. J. Halev,)
HAVIN1 Purchased the interest of Mr. Hnley In
this H'U-known Hotel, lhe Subscribers beg to say
lo the old ptronsof the house, nnd the public generally,
that tbey nvc made many alterations and improvements, nn- refurnished and renovated the house
throughout in the most thorough manner, and have
added nn oegant Private Hall for thc entrance of ladies,
and arc dcermiwd that in the future thc house shnll
possess nil the  requisites  of a  first class hotel in
Our Mr. 'attcn has been Bookkeeper of the Houso
for the pas two years, and Mr. Foster has been connected witl the ocean steamers of this coast for the
past eight -ears, ns Purser, nnd cheerfully offers his
services to hmilies nnd others in procuring steamer
passages inidvance of their arrival here. No Advance
is Prices.  Coaches of thc Hotel always in readiness.
Put up in extra Barrels and Half Barrels.
In handsome Glass Jugs, one dozen in a case.
MY Twc above Brands of Choicest Old Rye Whiskey
stand unrivalled for Purity and High Flavor, and
will be founl far superior to any heretofore shipped to
Having now an Agency in  San  Francisco, my pure
Whiskeys w 11 bc for sale by Dealers throughout California.
fiSjT* I warrant none shipped under Four Years old.
jcl-Cm New York.
THIS Tonic is made purely from Roots and Herbs,
selected with reference to their strengthening and
invigorating properties, from an ancient Indian Recipe
in possession ofthe family of the Proprietor for over a
Century. As a morning tonic, it is unequalled. For
Dyspepsia, Cholic, Debility, etc., etc., a wine glass full
before each meal, will soon restore a healthy tone. It
is a certain preventative of Chills and Fever, and is
admitted to be thc finest flavored Bitters in the market.
It will bc for sale by all the principal liquor dealers
in California.
jcl-Gm New Haven, Connecticut.
HAS constantly on hand the best assortment of
Cooking Ranges, Cooking Stoves, Parlor and Barroom Stoves, Parlor Grates, Hard nnd Charcoal Furnaces of all sizes and thc best patterns, together with
all utensils necessary for household keeping, consisting
Also, an assortment of Mining Tools, Farming Implements, and a variety of GENERAL HARDWARE,
suitable for the trade, Wholesale and Retail, at the
most reasonable prices.
P. S.—Having received the Agency of Tilton k Mc-
Farland's Patent Steel Vault Fire and Burglur-proot
SAFES, I will sell them hero at San Francisco prices,
at my old Distillery, near
Renowned in Europe and the United States for nearly
twenty years, for Unrivalled Purity, and for Wholesome
Tonic Properties.
Beware of the cheap poisonous trash putup in square
bottles of late years, by so many liquor-mixers, to imitate my Pure Schnapps, nnd mv Bottles and Labels.
Sole Importer and Proprietor,
jcl-Cm        22, 24 and 20 Beaver street, New York.
OF nil the remedies for Coughs, Colds. Sore Throats,
Influenza, Croup, Whooping Coughs, Bronchitis,
Asthma-Phthisic, or any other affection of the throat
or lungs ; it is now generally conceded that Newell's
Couoh oa Pulmonary Syrup is the safest and beat.
lt is ngreeable to the taste, soothing and healing in
its effect, and has received more substantial testimony
in its favor during the past year than all other remedies
for pulmonary complaints combined.
Manufactured and for sale by WM. NEWELL, No. 70
Merchant street.
For sale by W. ZELNER,
Bep8-3m Victoria.
Wharf Strcot Victoria, V. I.
Jl. C, JANION, JANION, fll.EEN 4  CO.,
Liverpool. Honolulu.
rANION, GREEN k CO. Commission Morchants
foot of Johnson-street, near tho Bridge, Victoria
V. I. Agent for tho Liverpool Underwriters' Association. myl2-e
STORAGE by tho undersigned in FIRE-PROOF
Building, a', reasonable rates,  for 2,000 barrels
At Government streot, Victoria, and Wharf street»
Flour guaranteed free from Ratage.
scpS-lra WM. B. SMITH.
BBS ________
I  i
$ cts.
One Inch, or cn'oki.—-One insertion    1
One month     1 "0
Three months  l'> '»"
"                 "          Six months	
IT 50
Two Inches, or i.kss—One insertion	
2 00
"                   "            One month	
0 00
"                 "          Three momhs	
17 :>o
"                   "           Six months	
30 00
Fornix cues ou less—One insertion	
3  75
"                  '•           One month	
11 00
"                   "           Three months	
30 00
Advertisements of larger dimensions, or   r  longe
periods as per agreement.
From unit after tills data llie Nkw Westmi
Britlfih Columbian pul,f>t'rit,orPtlir>>.]>_:h thi .
nro not on our regular B-itaciiption list, and dcalrtng ilituper. must
fumiuimicHk- with tho publishing office, Oovtrnmijiit-Stlet, Victoria.
IIN8TEH TIMES Wl be sent to
the post only. |er«on« who
|to tSfoatmiitfiter Brow.
of every
circumstances would be hailed as the most
fortunate incident that lias yet taken place in
a financial point of view, since the first day of
the country's existence as a colony.
* Tiik spring-tide migration, whctlir large
or small, will shortly wend its way t > Fraser
river. Let us exert ourselves, no only to
diminish as much as possible the di wbacks
and impediments which have hithert crossed
its path, but to hold out every induce! cut and
encouragement, tor its more pcrmanoi tstay in
the country. Wc have from the rst gold
"rush " to British Columbia, been he creatures of hope and uncertainty. I'.v ry summer was to be the making or marr'uc; of the
country; and owners of town projerty antl
merchants yielding an extended ere it to the
interior trader, became on the arriva
boat, as excited as tlie most nervous
at routje et noir. At one time the fittc of thc
country trembled in the balance of t|o intelligence from Quesnelle, then from Kack Creek
and tho Shimilkomeen, and again themore distant Cariboo. On each and all ofthe so occasions, the fluctuation and unhealtlly excitement were owing solely to our want qf reliable
knowledge of the mineral resources pf British
Columbia.    The last news from tlifi Cariboo
has,  however,   been  so  confirmatory in its
flattering aspect, that public  confidence is at
present based on a comparatively firm foundation.   Still we can imagine the rclipso again
into commercial chaos which evil tidings from
this portion ofthe gold mines would produce.
Nothing can  bc more detrimental to our
prosperity than this utter dependence on some
particular mining locality, and nothing more
effectual in keeping away a mining population.     Unless   Government does something
the coming season, to induce more extensive
explorations  in  the  interior, avc despair of
any great progress being made in opening up
our mineral  resources.   AVo have over and
over again advocated the propriety of awarding premiums to miners who might  discover
payable gold fields.   We have shown tho unbounded   success    which    attended   similar
schemes in other mineral countries; but we
are  sorry to  say the Government has, with
one exception, evinced but littlo  disposition
to carr}* out such suggestions.    It is true His
Excellency did organize a company of miners
at Hope to explore tho Shimilkomeen the early
part of last summer, and it is  equally true
that the result wag the discovery of payable
gold mines; but so far as gold  is concerned,
the stimulus for exploration hero ceased. Now
it is well known,  and by no one better than
Governor Douglas, that the difficulties in the
way ofthe individual explorer in British Columbia, tire almost sufficient to deter even the
most  adventurous   private  enterprise  from
going    in   quest   of   new   gold-fields.     In
countries liko Australia and California, where
At a sitting of the nliove Court yesterday, Mr. C. 15.
Young appeared to Answer ft charge of contempt of
court preferred against liini by the Attorney General.
The contempt consisted in Mr. Young using threatening
language to the Attorney General on account ofa qucs-
liv lit in in Court
answer to the charge, aflirming that the allegations in
the charge were not true, and ihat no contempt of court
was intended.
On the affidavit being read and presented, Mr. Young
addressed the Court and comutented on the time that
had elapsed before the charge was preferred against
him. It was usual to bring forward a charge like this
without delay, as malice might be imputed to thc Court.
No contempt of court could be charged against him
in this instance as the Attorney General had resigned
his post for British Columbia and had not yet received
his appointment for this Island, lu thc courts iu England counsel were not allowed to badger witnesses.
There was no occasion for the question put to him bv
the Attorney General, whether he was a pawnbroker
in San Francisco? It was a gratuitous insult. No
one in court at the time could have entertained any
other opinion. He would call Mr. Gordon the Foreman of thc Jury to state to the court their opinion of
the questions.
The Chief Justice said ho could nol permit any witnesses to appear in the case.
Mr. Young continued : Thc question was a malicious
Tiik conveyance of American mails over- -io1' asked   .
j.i»j_ vv/      m Mr. Young who defended himscif, read n 13 amuaMt
land, however partially it may have succeeded
during thc summer months is decidedly a
dead failure in winter—indeed amounts to
what may bc termed a froide plaisanterie on
(he part of that government. We learn from
good authority that'not one half the letters,
and certainly not one quarter ofthe newspapers arc now received monthlj- at thc Victoria Post Office, in proportion to those that
formerly arrived by the northern ocean steamers, and many of the letters that do reach
their destination arc so soaked and oblitera
ted as to be indecipherable. Letters which
formerly occupied a week in their passage between this place and San Francisco are now
frequently from fifteen to twenty days on thc
road.    There is no   reason   to    suppose   that lone.    Malice was borne towards him  by  the  Govern
. ,  ment, ami if his Honor would permit it he would prove '
any falling Oft has taken place   in   our "SU"' that even the court had an nnimus ngainst him
Douglas, who deemed it their province and theirs only
to conduct the affairs of tbe colony. That Douglas
wns entitled to two delegates and that only two were
sent. He was proud of being delegated to the lirst liritish Columbia Convention not by the votes, not by the
scheming wire-pulling ofthe gentlemen of the "whitewashed" fraternity, who arc ( God savo the mark )
Britons to-day and anything tomorrow ; but by the voice
of British subjects. Iu conclusion be deemed it his
(Mr. Cs) duty, on behalf of his constituents to protest
against the whole proceedings of the Convention as
not being in accordance wilh the desires ofthe liritish
people. Mr. O. then left the room amidst the loud and
prolonged cheering of the audience.
correspondence with tho Atlantic States, but]    The Chief Justice answered  Mr. Young that he wa
mistaken.   The court had no prejudices.
Mr. Young said it was impossible  il  the  Court wa
composed ofthe same materials as  inortnl  men were
... ii,i i    li       f 'hat il could be without malice towards bii
fact plainly proved by the  greater  bulk  «<; i„.,,n ,l,,,„..,,1 ()f w.ri,ing against the government and
our outward mails, so that this state of things'against the authorities.   The articles in the liritish
ii      ,. -i        i .   ,\      „„• i -„, „i ,,„ :,, \ Colonist were believed to have been written bv him. In
can only bc attributed to the accidental or in- .^ ^ ^ odUor of thft. [)ftpc|. who dW m*t.,,..., ti)
tontional loss or destruction ofthe mail-bags en j be robbed of his laurels, he would publicly state that
'ie was not the nuthor ol anv of those articles,    Tho
on   the contrary,   a   considerable   increase,|
within the last few months has occurred—a1
route. Serious complaints and remonstrances
havo been made by our neighbors of Washington Territory and Oregon against this new
system, but wo can only hope, for thc sake of
our social and commercial interests that our
own government will take somo steps to secure us better postal regulations and enable
us to be less dependant on the very slow and
imperfect means of mail communication under
which we at present  suffer.
£0Cftl llltclliflCUfC.
(From Our Own Correspondent.)
New Wkstminstkii Municipal Cocnctl.—In consequence of the recent resignation ofthe President of this
body several of thc members have refused to attend
until such time as the vacant seat in Ward No. .'! becomes tilled. At a meeting un Wednesday lust an attempt was made to place Mr. Ramage in the presidency
which, however, failed in consequence of Mr. Urowii
rather suddenly vacating the Chair, and Mr. Holbrook
leaving for "home" to the no small discomfiture of the
nominee, his mover, Mr. Manson, and seconder Mr. Cormack, who it appears had made no calculation on such
an emergency. The writ for thc election is issued, the
polling to take place on the Kith March. We are likely to have a "stirring time" again, as parties are preparing for the contest.
The Governok's Arrival.—Governor Douglas nnd
suite arrived l>y the Otter on Wednesday evening. He
certainly will find no reason to complain of the want of
" go-a-headitiveness" or energy ou the part of the inhabitants of New Westminster, in improving the town
by the erection of new buildings, or of the Council in
the economical outlay of the funds committed lo their
charge. Possibly the long talked of Executive residenci
may receive new impetus from the visit of His Excel
leucy, and its erection finally determined on. Surely
this is not too much for the citizens to expect at the
Governor's hands; and this being accomplished, he
will see the necessity us well us the propriety and good
policy of spending at least one-half of his'time iu the
colony from which he derives two-thirds of his salary.
Tim Bridge over the Fraser at Cayoosh will not be
finished this year owing to the ice not being strong
enough to bear the scaffolding.
Worlds Exhibition Committee.—A public meeting
is couvencd for Tuesday evening, the 26th, for the purpose of taking the necessary steps towards having
liritish Columbia represented at the Great Exhibition
of 1802, in London, Considerable interest is taken in
the matter.
Customs Revenue.—The following are the dues collected during the week ending 16th February, 1HUI:
Duties, £566 G 2; Harbor Dues, £7 10; Head-money,
£12 12 0; Warehouse Fees, 4s; Tonnage Dues, £40 5 0 ;
Total £626 Ss fid. The Customs receipts are rapidly
increasing, but not quite so fast as the total amount of
the week ending 16th February, in the British Columbian
indicates. A discrepancy of more than £i0 a week ie
something rather startling. IJ, C.
Attorney General had said Ihat he was a wire-puller,
lie wished to show the animus that existed, lie had
used no threats towards Mr. Cary, and if he had intended to insult him publicly he coulil have done so, there
being plenty of persons there at lhe time.
The Attorney General addressed the Court, and pointed out that although the affidavit of Mr. Young was to
the clt'cct that the charges were untrue, yet it carefully
abstained from stating any particulars part to be untrue.
The question he asked Mr. Young was one materially
bearing upon the case at issue, s'vt.., a knowledge of the
quality of goods. He had been informed that Mr.
Young was a Pawnbroker in San Francisco, and wished
to know whether he was a judge of such things. Witnesses can claim the protection of the Court if they think
they are asked improper questions, lie must call upon
the Court to check this intimidation of Counsel, otherwise it would be impossible for him to conduct tbe bus-
iness allotted to him. Mr. Young was astonished ihat
any one should have told the Aitorncy General that he
had been a Pawnbroker. During the ten years lie had
lived in San Francisco, he had conducted business of
great importance, andconsideriug the times, lie believed
his career had been as bright as fill men out of I Oo.
Pawnbrokers did not know the value of goods, as by a
statement in the House of Lords, he found they always
lost money by their unredeemed pledges. The Attorney General was a Political pawnbroker, he had made
plenty of pledges to the people and had not redeemed
them. He again disclaimed anything like intimidation,
and assured lhc Court lie was quite calm at the lime.
' Thd Chief Justice.—Do you disclaim all intention of
Contempt of Court'.'
Mr. Young.—Most sincerely I do.
The Chief Justice said he would discharge thc ordci
The steamer Eliza Anderson, Capt. Fleming, arrived
from Port Townsend yesterday. The following items
are collected from Oregon aud Washington Territory
The Indian Agent at I'matiHa reports that several
settlements between the Dalles and Wallawalla have
suffered from the depredations of Indians and many
entile have been driven awuy.
The Portland Times has received very good accounts
from the N'e/. Perces mines. Rich diggings were reported on Canal Gulch and Oro Fino Creek. The
claims arc said to pay from live to twenty-live cents to
the pan. Trouble is anticipated with the Indians, who
arc opposed to minors coming ou the Reserve.
A large number of pack trains have started and are
ibout In start from the Dalles and oilier parts of Oregon
I for Rock Creek and the Northern mines. Five trains
consisting of 160 mules wero bound to Rock Creek, and
six trains, the number of mules not mentioned for the
Cariboo country, Beside these two or threo trains are
getting ready for Colville and Nez Perces. Over 29O0
,11 head of beeves will bc driven lo tin- Northern mines
this spring. The gold fever appears lo be gaining
ground in Oregon and the rush to lhe mines this year
will evidently depopulate several portions of the State.
The Santa ('it/, was to leave Portland lor this port
on the arrival of the Pacific.
Gov, McGill had decided that the authorities of
Washington Territory can colled no duties from either
American or liritish  subjects ou San Juan Island.
The Advertiser gives the following as ihe population
of Honolulu :
Native Hiiwaiians and half-caste, 12,408; Foreigners
and their children, 1,616; Chinamen, 285. Total.
14,300, The foreign population consists of males, 1,180;
femalcs,430; under '_'u years. 458; over 20, 1,157.
Within lhe limits ofthe city proper, it says the population must exceed 10,000.
Commerce op the Islands.—There has heen a decrease in imports, says the Commercial Advertiser, for
the year, of $332,000; in exports of 5123,000; in domestic produce exported of §148.000; in revenue receipts, of nearly $15,000 : a large decrease in the transshipments of oil and bone; and a decrease of 22 merchant arrivals, with a t.milage of 18,000 tons.
A falling off in our importations was anticipated as
a result of thc changes in the new tariff, which went
into effect June 23d, I860. This decrease bus been
large, although the importations during the tir..t two
quarters of the year were fully equal to those of previous corresponding terms.
Cm.VA.-Thc news of peace between China and th.
lies has been confirmed.   Bv the treaty Emrkn-i    U
trom the Celestials some $12,000,000 onM'n i'1'1*
which goes to indemnify the British merchant*lat'n °f
ton. and the balance to pay the expenses ofth, '"
An English military force is to occupy four of tl! 1V-"r'
cipal cities until the money is paid. * Accord!,,,, i",""
terms of the treaty, England gets anotherflS.™*1
opened to commerce, and ii cession of part of u,_. ''ort
ship near Canton. M,?WW_.
The Prize Money at Pbkin.—The  prize mono
ken in the Emperor's Summer Palace (aecordinirtLk
London and China Telegraph) amounts to about £23 nn
and is mule   up by u sum of £14,Olio, in
which the French handed over (in accordant ''
terms of treaty) as the  Britisl
found iu the Imperial   Treasury
"-c with t|„.
share  ot what they
,—i' had
used by the sale by auction in the camn ol'-,w'°i00
i English oUicers had looted, and ■-'
Grant made them giv
I'he nrtii
which Si,- Hop,
i>■. ■ s, and as Sir Hope  Grant  nn.l his two ginenfo*'
•''•''tiirlit I
's of
division, Napier and Michel, gave up their shares"*!
lowed   for   the army   the following   scale:    *"'
field olh'cers, £00; second-class field officers  •'   ,
lahs, £40; lieutenants, £30; ensigns,  £20; scnV.'l
kc, £7 10s.; privates, £5. °  "*-*>
Japan.—Intelligence from Japan furnishes the infer
mation that a high  Japanese  official  had been shot 1
an Englishman, who had taken a hunting excursion    '
Iran to the local laws of that country.   Tho account"?
the affair is very lengthy.   The Englishman got sevcrel
handled in the excitement that ensued, and wag .,]«-1
in prison, from which confinement lie was only »____•-
through the  threat oftlu-  British Consul that aw
steamer, then in those waters,  would attack JIio nfaco
unless he was given   up for  trial   under English !««-,
A curious rumor is afloat  lo the effect that theTttli
Vico-royalty will   bc   permanently  conferred
Prince of Wales.
upon flic
Launch of
Warrior,  was
e  steamship   .Etna
January,   bringing
arrived at
New Yorl
news   lo
, on   tin-
In the Court of Queen's Bench. Edwin ,fames applied
for a writ of habetis co.pis, in lhe case ot .ndersoii,
.the fugitive slave in prison at Toronto. The motion
or Court as no contempt wns intended, but must can-1 . ,ouml(.d „„ IU, limilavit „,- the Secretary of the
tion Mr. Young about such proceedings. Questions Britisl, ail(1 Foreign Anti-Slaverv Society. The Court,
which out ol Court might be deemed irrelevant, audi ,.,.,,. a (.unsill,.lli()ll- ,,,,„,,,„• ,* writ. * Chief Justice
tending to a breach of the peace, were often necessary Cock,mrn a(1.nilted ,|„lt (Ioing sn might be regarded ....
in Court.    Witnesses feeling  themselves aggrieved can  incompatlblc  witll Colonial independence, but still the
claim protection.    The power ofthe Court is ample to
protect counsel in the discharge of their duty.
the natural obstacles are tlio exception
instead of the rule, prospecting is but a
trifling undertaking; but in a colony whore
tho lii^h price of provisions is assisted by
precipitous mountains, beaver swamps, and
impenetrable forests, something more than
the mere hope of finding diggings that will
pay must actuate tho miner iu his search of
the precious metal.
Nothing, wc are convinced, will over display to the world that mineral wealth which
even tlio most skeptical believe still waits its
disemboweling in the hills, ravines, and rivers
of British Columbia, but a substantial pecuniary inducement. Let suitable ro wards be
oft'ered for tho discovery of dry diggings,
bench diggings, river diggings, hill diggings,
&c, and we havo little doubt that before three
months elapse, gold mines will bo discovered
that will absorb a mining population of
thousands. Ilad some such plan been adopted a year ago, there would have been tit tho
present moment, inducements sufficient to
have drawn ten miners to tho country where
there is but one. All this may jar a little on
the nervous sensibility of red-tapeism, but
there will be many a vital attack on this
favored institution before tho colony is ena-
bli . . . :.;i!;.' .ni' the torpor attending its pre-
.i ; state. I'hcre is no useless ex-
pi ..I tho public money in tlio scheme
vo have boon suggesting. Until payable
gold mines a.'o found, the money would re-
uom safely in the coffers of tho Treasury; and
tho necessity lot; expending money under the
The California Grain Tiiade.—Several large clipper
j ships have left Sau Francisco laden with Hour and
grain for England during the last two months. At the
latest dates tlie Flying Childers kail sailed and the Aurora and the Chariot of Fame were nearly laden.
Freights were at £2 10s and tonnage wanted. The
Great Republic had been chartered by a largo house
in trade to convey grain to Australia.
Captain Kino, who has been absent for the last seven
weeks, in 11 small .schooner, cruising about the southwest part of the Island on the lookout for stolen goods
from the N'annette, is reported by Indians to have been
nt Nittcmit a few days ago. lie is said to havo recovered in his search a large number of blankets.
Foil Nkw Wkstmisstkr.—The steamer Otter will
leave this morning with a full cargo, the largest that
has left this port for some time. She was to have
started yesterday, but was detained owing to the non-
arrival of part oftho freight.
Wind-bound.—Several small craft that have been
wi nil-bound in the harbor for the lust two or three days,
left yesterday fur their respective destinations.
Tiik excess of tho number of passengers who left
San Francisco during the month of January for this
port over those who arrived from Yictoria during the
same periud amounted lo IU.
Accident.—One of Bowman and Hulsey'.. four-horse
express wagons was overturned ou Wednesday on
Vales sireet, through the horses taking fright' and
running away.    Fortunately no one was hurt.
Gold.—Nearly $10,000 in dust came down by the
Otter on Thursday.
Tin; opening Ball of tho Excelsior Gymastic Club
was a complete success. The arrangements reflected
great credit 011 the managers.
Philips et al. vs. Green.—-Tt is reported that the
Attorney General, acting for the defendant has entered
an appeal to tlie Court in England agaiust the decision
oftho Supreme Court, in ihe above suit. Sureties nre
required for the payment ofthe costs to the amount of
Thanks to Captain Fleming for, his kindness in supplying papers from ihe Sound.       >
Thanks.—To messrs. Ilibbcn and Cat-swell for Harper's Magazine, and a large assortment of California and
Atlantic papers, and to Mr. Moody, Victoria News Depot, for Illustrated London News, London Dispatch, Punch,
and numerous American journals.
Ladv Franklin arrived here on the Steam ship (begun
from San Francisco on Friday last. Her Ladyship
visited the towns on the Sound, and while ut Olyinpia,
rode out, to Tuniwatcr accompanied by Governor, und
Mrs. McGill. Her niece, Miss Crnycrol't, is travelling
with her.
Tiik Colonial Hotel, which has been closed for a da)
or so owing to legal proceedings iu lhe case of Greeley
vs. Kraft, is now reopened.
Tim II. B. Co.'s Ship Princess Royal left this hnrb01'
on Sunday morning, during a heavy gale which
from ils direction, must have taken her out of the
straits iu a very short time. The steamer Otter towed
her out. and experienced somo difficulty in getting back,
having one of her sails blown away. The Princess
Royal takes the usual algebraical quantity of furs for
thc Company, and is noted for the excellent time she
invariably makes between this place and London. The
trip out was accompliscd in 1 IS days.
Tiik U. S. Revenue Cutter Jelf. Davis anchored iu
the outer harbor on Sunday morning. The U. S. District Attorney Anderson, was on board, and waj occupied during Monday in investigating several cases of
smuggling and illegal wrecking Irani the Nannetto.
Tiik Ollice ofthe Industrial Exhibition Committee is
on Government street, two doors from the Nkw Wkstminstkii Times office.
 ROULXSU-I-XS lin.-iov —TjiiP_P bun tiff   who   8110(1 tllC
proprietor ofthe Colonial Theatre, ToFTalso "rriTprison---
meiit. obtained a verdict.    Damages $2500.
In a case of Ciisson vs. Little, in the Supremo Court
on Wednesday last, a verdict was given for the Plaiulilf.
who sued to recover the sum of $l_!'_'ii,H.) thc amount
of an old debt contracted in California.
To the Knn-oit ok tiik Nkw Wkst.mi .stkii Times—
Sin :—The following is a statement of facts connected
with lho above, which you would oblige the British
subjects in Douglas by publishing:
To tlie Members Elect of the llrilisli Columbia Convention—
Gentlemen :—At a meeting ofthe British subjects of
Port Douglas, held on Saturday thc 1Mb inst., at the
■'What Cheer House'1 for the purpose of electing a delegate to the "British Columbia Convention" lo assemble at the Capital on the lath instant,—-and for minutes
of said meeting we respectfully refer you to the newspaper published nt New Westminster—the result oftho
proceedings was the election of Thomas Cooper, Esq.,
as a candidate to said --British Columbia Convention."
lo represent the people of this place: Carrying out
therefore, gentlemen the instructions of the meeting, we
take great pleasure in introducing ou
Cooper, to  the Convention.
Wm. Macdonald,
delegate   Mr.
\\ (ll. MACDONALD,    I
R. Macdonald,      >-
Alex. Biiown,      J
Wm. Macdonald, John Gibson, Harvey McNab,
.Eneas Macdonald, Thos. G. Marshall, John McDonald
George Oaxon, O. B. Humphreys, Andrew M. Jameson,
John Giscome, Joseph Waters, D. J. Williams, (.'. Simp-
kins, Daniel Blooiiiliebl, A Brown, W. Burgess, llenrv
Batson, Charles Thomas, Robt. Young.
The above comprises two thirds of the British subjects resident at Port Douglas, and foul of those not
signing this document, are ollieials, whilst the nationality of others claiming to be such is very doubtful.
Mr. Robinson the other delegate from Douglas objected to Mr. Cooper sitting in the Convention, and a committee of three decided iu favor of the objection.    Mr- I tells Iliiyno to wait a reasonable time for an answer to
Cooper then left his,seat and staled  that  his election  this final demand | then if refused, Fort Sampler must
was hy the unanimous wish of the  Britisli people of lbe taken,    The legislature endorses this action.
Queen's Bench bad jurisdiction, Anderson bcin
ed as a liritish subject.
It is stated that several rilled cannon have been shipped from Liverpool for Charleston.
The weather was again quite severe throughout England.
Count Pcr.-igny had ordered the free circulation of
all foreign journals throughout the French Empire.
Hostilities wcre suspended al Onctn, Part ol lhc
French Heel had already left, ami all would leave on
the Hub.
Prince Carignan had arrived at Naples and was
warmly received.
Victor Emmanuel had issued a proclamation, calling
on the people to show towards Carignati, that they desire a unity of Italy.
It is asserted that King Francis wrote In ihe Emperor
of Austria, declaring his intention to defend Oaela lo
the utmost.
The Prussian Chambers were opened by a speech
from Ihe King, lie said that friendly relations between
lhe great Powers were being strengthened by the recent
A political amnesty had been proclaimed in Prussia.
The financial pressure iu France is reported to continue.
The French Funds had risen ou report that n Congress is to meet in Paris forthe settlement ol'tbe Italian
Humors were afloat that lhc Bank of France had effected some arrangement-- to meel its  present  requirc-
.EUDIt&i l_U..£I-IJLU.'..!J.!Uir!_i:t..it .y.U3.Jtutcd, '''at.ii s us pen...
sion of specie payment was contemplated.
Florence Nightingale was quite ill.
The Paris correspondent ol the Loudon Morning
I'osl says Ihat the people seem fully convinced Ihat lhc
armistice will expire without any decision, ami that
Francis II. will surrender Uaela.
It was reported that Gen, Turr had consented to act
as mediator between Cavoui'iiiid Garibaldi, with a view
to persuade the latter to postpone n threatened attack
on Venice in the spring. On the l.'ith January, the
Pays, (anli-ltaliau journal,) and the Opinion Nationale,
(the earnest advocate ot Italy,) had both articles headed
'• Peace or War'.'" Both came to the same conclusion,
that Italy must postpone the acquisition of Venice. 'I'he
Opinionc of Turin, Count Cuvour's journal, had a leader
which shows that the battalions of Austria cannot be
put to flight hy a lew bands of volunteers, nor can the
fortresses bc taken without Immense military effort.
Lord Pa.linci'sloii, in a speech at Southampton, had
referred to the situation of all'iirs in America, lie said
that tin re was too much reason to fear that the t'nioii
which had conducted to so much prosperity and happiness, was iu danger of disruption, lie expressed fervent hope that whether the Union was maintained or
dissolved, it would be accomplished by amicable means,
so that the world might be spared the afflicting spectacle ofa hostile conflict between brothers.
Vera Cruz advices lot.be 10th are received. It was
reported that some of Mirunion's principal ollicer.-, including the Minister of Foreign A Hairs, had been captured by the Indians; also Miramon himself, who
subsequently escaped, Killing three Indians. Juarez
departed ou the 5th for the Capital, to establish the Liberal Government.
Rather Cool.—The correspondence of Mr. Ilayno
and Governor Pickens, of South Carolina, while
the former was at Washington, was considered
Executive session, ll appears Ihat, the ultimatum of
South Carolina was the surrender of Fort Sumpter, and
tho withdrawal of the Federal troops ; that South Carolina promised to pay for the forts ; and that Mr. Ilayno
in deference to the wishes of Southern congressmen,
withheld the proposition. Gov. Pickens now tolls
Ilayno to make a final demand forthe forts, repudiating
the President's position that he has not power to give
them up, but must leave it to Congress,    Gov, Pickens
tiir " Warrior."—The firstarnior-p|ni,,|
in the  possession of Great Britain, th.
launched from the yard of the Thame.
Iron Shipbuilding Company ai Blackwall, on Sutuntu-
last.    Despite the  frost and tho cutting wind, peverul
thousnnds were present, and among them a considerable
number of ladies.   Sir John Lawrence was there G.n.
oral Peel, tin- Minister uf War under Lord Derby1! Gov.
eminent, wilh his colleague, .Sir John Pakington, the
First Lord of the Admiralty, who ordered the lirst batch
of iron-plated ships, 111 * - Persian Ambassadors and their
suite, Sir George Bowyt r. and many person., well known
in various scientific  and  engineering  profession.--.   \
platform was erected under the bows ofthe ship forthe
Lords of the Admiralty and the friends of the contractors,   and a shed near the stern for the accommodation
of several hundred persons.   At half-past two Sir John
Pakington advanced in  the front of the platform, ami
performed tin- baptismal ceremony, (usually done by a
lady) of breaking a bottle of wine ou the "ship's lions,
wishing as he did so, "Success  tothe   Warrior."   For
sunn- moments the Warrior remained  immovable; the
hydraulic pumps were worked with vigor, till the r.lin.
Iders were  nearly bursting, hundreds of hammers were
wielded at the "chocks" of timber and wedges, rone.
were strained,  ami blinks  ami pulleys urged the monster forward, nnd  at  length it moved,   but most relnc
tuiitly.    The grease  on   lbe "ways" was  hardeneil by
the cold, tin- ship's cradles were frozen to their timber-,
and after some lour or live inches had been passed over,
the ship came to a stand, and there was not a few pre.-.
cut who feared that  there was  to be a repetition of tbe
same lingering,   tedious  process as  that  of the Great
Eastern.    The tide bad nearly reached its highest point;
iu a few minutes il would be too late for that day.   Ar-
cordingly a powerful stciim-tng picked up a hawser from
ib>- stern, and with full steam lugged at the unyielding
hull.   Still there was no movement.   The men on board
the ship ran along the deck   towards lhe bows: tlie artillery band plim-d a lively   lune—but all  ill vain.   At
last th'- tng-stpiimer was itself taken iu low by two others, and the team of three tugs al last dragged lhe IMM
ol' ."iiui'i tons of iron  u   lew   im lies   down the incline.
Slow ly and cnutioilily the giaul hull crept on: gradually,
as if gaining confidence, il moved   less slowly, the timbers nnd ropes creaked beneath the enormous loud anil
strain upon them'  the speed grew every instant, till llio
sole piece lirst touched lhe water  ami then ihehWicrto
inert Warrior  rushed wilh a resistless  bound to its future home.    A dozen   hempen  cables sonic of tlicm»
yard in-circumference,   run out at lhe bows and male
last to mnssivc  timber,  sulb'ced  to  restrain  the ship
within bounds, and to bring it   up beforo it had run ils
slender-looking   stc'rnpost   on   lo   lhe-opposite  bn.il>.
When these-enormous cables swayed high in tliosir.ns
the .-hip passed mil of lhe   yard,   and afterwards, "lien
ihey .-1 ickcned, f,il heavily into the broken water, throwing up fountains of fo.iui, one could not fail to be striu'k
with lhc tremendous force in motion,and the enormous
power required for its control,    Stout varns, which ha.
lashed the cable at the port-holes tothe side of the sliif.
purled like burut thread; thc  huge  hawsers, lei loose,
seemed ns though they  would   carry  with them every
pile of timber that 3tood so near lo lhe sides of lhe hull,
As   the   Warrior  passed   down  lhe  "ways" the band
played the National Anthem, and the spectators cheered
lustily.    This monster ship, which  is nearly double llie
size and   tonnage   of  the   renowned   (lloire, is not yt-l
completely, plated, but ii is expected that she will b«
ready to make her first  trial-trip across thc Bay of Iti--
cay about lhc middle ol July   next.    The Black Prince,
a ship of the same class, is in course of construction at
tho yard of Messrs. Napier, of Glasgow; and a third,
said to be of still greater power,   bas been commenced
at Chatham.    In addition  to these,   threo moro vessel"
are contemplated.
Womks IX Fiianck.—A recent French writer described
the condition generally of French women as one of
education for them, no professional tuition, no public
life without marriage, uo marringo without dowry.—
They do not legally possess their property, they do ii"1
possess their persons, they cannot give, they cannot
receive, they are under the ban of an eternal prohibition,
Mothers—they have not the legal right to direct tbt
education of their children, they cannot marry tliotti,
nor prevent their being married, nor exile tlicm u'01"
the parental abode, nor koep thorn there. Members of
the com mon weal th—Ihey have no power to be guardians
of other orphans than their sous, or their grandsons,
nor to take nail in a family council, nor lo witness;
Ihey have not lhe right l.i testify in the State to Hie
birth of a child. Among Ihe working peoplo what
class is most wretched'.' Woman. Who are they tl'1'
earn from sixteen lo eighteen sous for twelve hours
labor? Women. Upon whom fulls nil the expense of
illegitimate children? Upon ihe women. Who boil'
all the disgrace of faults committed from love? AVonien.
Cf^f- Attention is called to the large Stock of Liquors offorod for sale by Messrs. Thomas Patrick <* c0,>
iu another column.
At  Milwaukie, Wisconsin, on Dec. 20th. Bunjami**
SlciOMORU  Esq., of Michigan   1'.   S.,   to Jenny, only
daughter of his honor J own. Rixu (lute of London) n*"1
niece of Mrs. John Coi'LA.n'1. of this town.
Apply at this Ollice.
Government street,   near corner1 of Broughton strCC.
piichnsiug, and leasing properly, to nego'L'^i*
loans  and transacting everything connected with
Estate business. ,   .-
Maps of all the different  Districts on the Islam! W)
be seen at his ollice,    Parties  desirous of ."••'<-*    ,|n.
homesteads, :>r  making  investments,   will find <*""
bulletin   Board,  Town  Lots  on  nearly  every sti" >
fanning or Gardening Land In every District, soni
which afford a rare chance for investment. ,
Conveyance-,  leases,  kc,  drawn   up ftfrMM""""
____■____________________________ THE
ve\j 20 Scbr Ebey, Hare. Port Townsend
Sloop Bellevue, Maddocks, San Juan
,,., .stmr Caledonia Frain, New Westmister
stoop Point-Lee, Selvie, San Juan
Str Oregon, Hudson, San Francisco
Str Otter, Mount. New  Westminster
23—Schr Flying Mist, Thompson. Port Townsend
Schr Colonist, Thain, Port Townsend
Sloop Alarm, Hollins, Nanaimo
05 Str Oregon. Hudson, Port Townsend
Schr Sarah Newton, Bynam. Port Townsend
Scbr Carolena. Jones, Race Rocks
„,; (*en Harney. Elbre.-hl, Port Townsend
Str Eliza Anderson, Fleming, Port Townsend.
(.-,.(, -jo—Schr Wild Pigeon. Atkins, Port Townsend
liark It W Wood, Geeiken. Port Townsend
Schr Thames, Ogilvie, Nanaimo
Sloop Bellevue. Maddox, San Juan
Schr Rebecca. McAlinoiul, Port Townsend
•j|__II C Page, Obery, Port Town-end.
22—Str Oregon, Hudson, Port Townsend
Sir Caledonia, Frain, Esquimalt
liark Princess Royal, Trivett, London
23—Schr Circus, Manning. N W Coast
25 Sir Caledonia. Frain, New Westminster
Str Oregon, Hudson, Astoria
Schr Ebey, Hare, Port Townsend
Scbr Restless, Richer, Port Townsend
Stmr Otter, Mouat, New Westminster
Schr Carolena, Jones, Race Rocks
2,;—Sloop Point Lee. Selvie, Sau Juan
Sloop Alarm, Hollins, Nanaimo
Sloop Rebecca, Kcnneckc, Port Townsend
Schr I lying Mi-l, Thompson, Port Townsend
Stmr Eliza   Anderson,  Fleming, Porl Townsend.
New Advertisements.
K\   "A I,MA,"  PliOAl   LONDON.
\{)[) 100 cases dark
lu casks U.  V. Proprietors:
300 eases McKenzie's Old Tom ;
10 cases       do do
1..0 cases        do Scotch Whiskey;
in casks       do do
Purt Wine. Ruin. Shrub. Burgundy, Brandy, etc.,
For sale by
i.'7-Iiii Langlev sireet, off Vates.
A I KSSRS, FRANKLIN arc instructed to sell by
lYl AUCTION on Wednesday, the I'th of March. .11
12 o dock. M., the well known resilience and laud formerly occupied by James Sam,.stkii. deceased, aud being
Sc, iion VII as marked on the official map of Esquimalt
District; said land having a frontage of 805 links on
Royal Bay, and containing about 20 acres, part of which
has been under cultivation. f'JT-td
received the appointment of Not-.i-y Public for
Colonies. f27-lm
New Advertisements.
EX "ALMA," and other Recent Arrivals
T ON DON DOTTLE PORTER, qnarts and pints:
-Li      do       do        Ale, do      do
Burton Ale in Bull.
Imperial Edinbragh Scotch Ale, (Voungers )
Hennessey's Dark and Pale Brandy .
Old Tom Gin in puncheons ;
Cases   do
"    Holland Gin ;
"    Orange Bitters;
"    Scotch Whiskey ;
"    Ginger Brandy."
"   Curaco      do
"    Claret Wine ;
"   Santeme do
'•    Devonshire Cider:
Bids  Monongahclii Whiskey;
'■    Port and Sherry Wines :
"    Oregon Cider :"
•-'-lm Corner of Govt, and Johnson street.
Gibson, Service & Co.'s manufactory, Glasgow, a
very superior lot, compiling SETTS, COLLARS
expressly for this sea ion's trade.
For sale bv
Langley street, oil' Vales.
MR. JulIN <'.)IM...N1).
fJT-1 in
New Advertisements.
-1 in
Votes-Street, Victoria,
HAVE received direct from London, a choice selection of
Cockle's Anti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Seidletz. Powders,
Essential Oil of Rip-tune Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberty,
Essential Oil Jargonel Pears.
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil.
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Cologne.-,
Gosnell's Cherry Tooth Paste.
Gosnell's Soups,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. sc22-tc
G.   V KiNOLO,
f'JT-Oui Brick Building, cor. Vales and Wharf.
A. .1. 111!UN N,
UAPEIt AND TAILOR, is constantly receiving
English and French Cloths. Cussimeres, Vesting etc; also, superior .'utility of Tailors' Trimmings,
which enables him to make Gentlemen's Garments in
tlie latest Fashion and most substantial manner.
Parties furnishing their own material, or Garments
>i! old fashion, can have it made up and trimmed at
reasonable prices.
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods and Hats and Caps
sold at low cash prices.
'Opposite Wells, Fargo A Co.'s Express office
f_'T On 1.
AIT!i.l. BE PUBLISHED at the office of thc New
y\ WkstminstkiiT1MB8, Government -tree..Victoria. 1
in it few days, a book containing Ihe Chinook, Ilydah
nnd Tshimscnn languages; together with a variety of
u.-eful in form 11 tion relating to British Columbia and
Vancouver Island,
TTTB„                             TT ' rilENDERS will be received up to 12 o'clock noon, on
__uj.__.__.j_   4   LAi-b./__..__., 1    Snlurdn-2nd March, for tho extension to English
II DDK S K I. I. E R S A N I)   S T A T I 0 N E I. S   -£y, „f the Road (ten feet wide) which has lately been
1-wri-i-nr innn>mvt> ,           . _.-,           ,    made by Messrs, Browse * Ross, from New Westminster
) i-.i !'.l\ L ADDITIONS bv nenrlv evcrv Steamer 1.1  .         ,• „        , . ,.
i   ,,                . ,             -, '      •        • towards Burrard Inlet.
\i lln-ir present large Mock ol
Payments to be made in 20 percent, cash, and eighty
I per cent. Laud Scrip.
'fenders to be made in starling money,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
For farther particulars apply at the Lauds and Works
Ollice. R. E, Camp, between the hours of 10 and 12, A. M.
By order of the Chief Commissioner,
Capt. R. E.
Department of Lands and Works, B. C. 1
Kith February, I8G1. j
Embracing most of the Modern and Ancient  Standard
Authors in
Poetry uml Fiction, Mechanics, Agriculture,
History,   IJiography,   Religion,
Law. Medicine, Sidiinrj;, MliyJP, p,r  _j
■mt:t;f-.-.;-HTMT"'".\Nir PRAYER   BOOKS,   MAPS
In Sections of both Hemispheres,
ST A Tl 0 N I. R V,
Consisting of
HlankyWork in grcal varioly, from miniature
to Counting House size,
Writing Papers uml  Visiting Curds, Lottcr,
Nolc ami OP'.-ial Envelopes,
Lands and WonKS Office, 1
Victoria, V. I., lath February, 1801./
1")LANS,   SPECIFICATIONS,    and    nccouipaiiyi
Tenders, will be  received  at this Ollice  Irom the
Music and  music Paper,   Drawing and  Tracing Paper
anil Cloth,  Drawing Books and Instruments,
I'ockctand Counting House Diaries for 18GI.
"1;'nk, Law  and Shipping   Forms,  Log  Books, Time
Books, Draft nnd Note   nnd Order Hooks,
"Piling Receipts, Copying  Prosso., Evict  Machines,
and a variety of oilier Fancy and Staple
Stationery, nml good assortment of
M. 12-11,1
40 Vates Street.
_ >th February to 4th March, for the erection ofa Pow
I dor Magazine. The contractor for the building to have
lhe privilege of storing all gunpowder, at the rate ot
twelve shillings and sixpence st'g. per ton per month,
for the space often years from'the completion and acceptance of the work by the Surveyor-General. The
site to he approved by the Surveyor-General, and to be
at 11 distance ot not less than .'I miles from either ofthe
Towns of Victoria and Esquimalt. All particulars to
bo obtained nt the above office, where a copy of the
Act authorizing the erection  and privilege,  may be
By command of His Excellency the Governor.
rjotd Acting Surveyor-General.
•Hotel de fraistoe
I n*- Proprietors of the above Establishment having
-feain"i"'1' "'"' '"'I'i'oved their Hotel in the most sub-
„ *•■ lllJil elegant style, it. is now 1 .--opened for the
0,'ii.,''l"   l"'""  "'' dwellers,  and   of  the   public   in
I'llinin        so "as 1h'('"  extended, the  rooms  enlarged,
]iro    e.vs put up, a parlor added, and many other im-
'I'uir n01.11?''""'''"'. altogether otio ofthe most commo-
j, •** notels in this city.
in,,''.' -'""''vuieiiee 11111!* comfort, thev can boast ol luiv-
T|„ p!""1.0" Vancouver Island.   "
•fiction ,ll'l'|''";ll)''s feol conlident of giving entire salis-
Tlio ini r "' ""*•"' pxU'1"1 l|iuir patronago to them,
'''ith Hi "1 '''••'''■of the Reslauraiil will be provided
cook-.li    i1 tllal t,'° """'ket affords, and tho Meals
L,,,',,"'1!"-'11"'^ approved style,
on I,,?,   l'1Vfttc Booms for Parties, and Dinner Parlies
•-'"' "I'on the shortest notice s-l-lm
and General Oilman's Stores.
Purveyor to His Excellency the G overuor and to II. B. M
Opposite thc Colonial Hotel, Victoria, V. I.
Kffi-Offico of Wilby's Victoria and  Esquimau  Ex-
* ■" fe2-to
press, _ _
VVENBERG   E   II.,   Watch Maker and   Jeweler
' Vales street, opposite the Hank. AO-lm
AT A PUBLIC MEETING held at Nanaimo, V. I.,
011 February 8th, 1861, a Committee consisting of
Chars. S. Nicol, Manager, I     A. R. Benson, M.K.C.S.
« • H. Franklyn, .1. P.       ;     Peter Sebiston,
nnd Rev. R. L. Lowe,
Were selected   to consider the best method of raising
funds to erect an Episcopal  Church at Nanaimo, the
want of which has been much felt.
The  Committee  earnestly appeal   to the Christian
1 uulic tor their sympathy and aid.
Subscriptions will be thankfully received by
Tbe Lord Bishop of Columbia,
1 • J. Skinner, Esq.,
. Thomas Harris. Esq
P. M. Backus, Esq.,
Colonel Moody, R. E.
J. .Scott, Esq.,
J. Trutch. Esq.,
.1. J. Cochrane, Esq.,
at Victoria.
H. Holbrook, Esq.,
at New Westminster, B. C.
J, P. O'Reilly, Esq., High Sheriff, nt Hope.
Saunders, Esq., J. |>. & <;. (j., at Vale.
J. Ji. Gaggin, Esq., J. P., at Douglas.
Thomas Elwyn, Esq., .1. p., at Cayoosh.
Captain Ball, at Lytton.
J. Ilnynes, Esq., Rock Creek.
Incorporated by lloyal Charter in 1840.
CAPITAL, , S5,UU-0,000.
Special Deposits received in sums of Si00 and upwards, re-payable on demand.    Charge for safe keepiog,
Gold Dust received for safe keeping, at the rate of
five cents per oz, per month.
Drafts Issued on London tiO days after Sight, at the
rate of $4 95 per £1, stg.
3 days after sight (in sums under £50) $."> 10, per
XI, sterling.
Diiafts on demand or at short sight, issued on the
principal Cities and Tows in Scotland nnd Ireland, at
the rate of $5 15 per XI stg.
Diiafts on the principal Cities in tlie .North American
Provinces, at 3 days, as follows :—
Canada i per cent, premium.
.New  Brunswick 4        •• "
Nova Scotia >\      " "
Diiafts on New fork, at., days, 3 per cent, premium.
"       Messrs. 1). Davidson k May, San Francisco,
Office hours lo a. ti., to:: v. k.—SaturdnvlO to I o'clock.
Victoria. March 17, l_u',. tc
 -       v  J-.-IV       IIV-I,.U     III.
Latest  and best  machinery,  and are prepared to
' jjillE ABOVE mentioned firm have just  received the
lill all orders for
At the shortest notice nnd most resonable rates.
A large and fresh assortment constantly on hand.
AT   FR-INK'S   (formerly   Miner's)    RESTAURANT.
On Waddington Alley, near Vates street
I7RANK FAISER having greatly enlarged his Culinary
Department, takes pleasure in informing the
public generally that he has opened hi.s Restaurant
hi an entirely new style. He will hereafter lay on his
Tables, a bill of Fare, so that his customers can eat
whatsoever suits their taste. Having had many years
experience iu his business, and taking lhe head* of the
Cooking Department himself, he feels assured that none
can give better or cheaper meals than him. All the
delicacies ns well as the substantial of the season at
from il] to llli cents a plate. febl_!-tf
L E V I    k   I! 0 A S,
offer for sale
500 bids G G Flour,
250 bids S R    do
loo bids Maker's extra Flour.
::iin bbls Oregon and Indian Flour,
loo boxes P T Pilot Bread,
5,000 lbs Oregon nnd Rasteru Bacon,
200 mats China No. I Rice,
2 bids Carolina do
15o mats China Sugar.
100 bbls Sandwich Island    do
20    ••    Crushed do
20 boxes powdered do
150 sacks Bnyos Beans,
incases J A II Lard.
5 bbls Oregon    do
lu chests Green and Black Teas,
15 lirkms Gnshani Butter,
5 cases Oregon       do
lo boxes Chatres Coffee,
lu bags Rio and Java do
in half-barrels Extra Clear Pork,
25 boxes Adamantine Caudles,
lo boxes Extra Sperm       do
lo bids S I Syrup,
20 kegs E 13 "do
00 boxes Hill k Fay's Soap,
10   "   Chemical Olive do
5    "    Castile do
10 half-boxes Rasins,
20 qr-boxes        do
15 boxes Zanlc Currants,
5 gross P & M Venst Powders.
HARDWARE, a general assortment.
CLOTHING of every style and quality.
BOOTS* SHOES of every description.
Hats, Caps. Wall Paper,  Druggets,' Carpets,  Blankets,
Drilling, Sheeting. Powder, Shot, Tobacco,
Digars, Matches, Ac;
Commission Merchants, and aro  prepared  to store
200 ions merchandise.
fl£}f Orders from any part of the country  promptly
attended to. janl2-lm
W.   d.   A R M S T It 0 N G   k   IIRO'll,
(opposite Liverpool Wharf,)
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
AVE JUST RECEIVED and offer for sale,
200 bbls Extra Superfine Oregon Flour,
50 boxes P. T. Pilot Bread,
4000 lbs Oregon and Eastern Bacon,
200 mats China No. 1 Rice,
2 bbls Carolina       do
100 mats China Sugar,
50 bbls Sandwich Island do
50 mats do do
30 bbls Crushed do
5    do Powdered do
2(1 8-gallon kegs Boston Honey Syrup,
20 5-gallon   do do do
20 cases Cliartrcs Coffee,
20 firkins Isthmus Butter,
15    do   Goshen    do
20 boxes Adamantine Candles,
30    do    Hill k Fray's Soap,
15 chests  best Green and Black Teas.
Also Billings' k Barber's Rams, Pork, Salmon,  Codfish, Crockery,  and  Glassware,  of every  description,
Cross-cut saws.   Buck saws,   Axes,   Hatchets,   Steel
Squres, Carpenters' Bench Screws, Locks,   Butts,  Iron
Screws, Dog Chains, Oi! Stones.  Paints,   Oils, Putties,
and Fanning Implimouts—in short, anything and everything. janl9-3m
D O M M I S S I O N  Iii E R C H A NTS
Whnrf Street Victoria, V. I.
Notice !     Notice ! !     Notice ! ! !
•I.    FRIED,
Next Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express,
JJSSyCnll and examine for yourselves.
jal -2m
Corner Yates and Government Srects.
IN ORDER to make room for my large stock of
Spring and Summer goods now on the way, I am
determined to sell for the next four weeks my entire
stock now in store nt great bargains. Call soon and
be convinced ofthe truth ofthe above assertion.
Just received, per last steamer, a beautiful assortment of ladies'head dresses and chemillc nets, of the
latest style. Also those very fashionable gold-worked
bellribbons, black silk velvets, ladies' cloth, black ribbed silks, and gross d'Naples, all of which I will sell
fel3 lm. A. HOFFMAN.
Corner of Vates and Government streets,
HAVE now on hand, and ofller for sale,  iu lots to
suit purchasers, (Retail: and Wholesale,) 0-4, 5-4
and 4-4 Checked, White and Figured Matting.
fl 3-1 in
W ASIU N G T O N   R E S T A (J R A N T.
Goverxmest   Street,   between   Yates A   Johnson*.
"V/TEALS FURNISRED at all  hours on lhe shortest
1YI     notice and best style.
The finest Wines, Porter, Ale and Si gars.
GENITAL AOENCY for the collection of Rents
nnd Debts, and for the Leasing of Houses and
Ollice. corner of Yates and Langley streets.
He is prepared to transact all business ivhich mny be
intrusted to his care, iu a correct manner.
Attached to the Agency is au Intelligence Ollice, in
which persons wishing to Engage help or seek Situations, may record their names.
Money Lonko on good-security.   Notes discounted.
Bookkeepers'  Accountant,  Documents  Copied,  Ac.
In cases requiring a power of A ttorney. security will
be furnished. febl3-3m
Broughton street, on
Thursday  Evening, February  20th, 1801.
Committee'of Aiiuaxgements :
S. L. Kelly, I S. Goldstone,
F. P. Gerry, | J. L. Smith,
J. F. Hawks.
Invitation Committee :
J. A. McCrea, I
E. 11. Jackson, | J. L. Smith,
G. 0. Webster.
Recf.i'tion Committee :
L. Lowenberg, | J. F. Hawks,
P. P. Couch, | F. P. Gcrrv,
D. A. Edgar.
Floor Managers:
M. C. Morsnrrat, I Robt. George,
Frank Tnrboll, | W. T. Moore,
S. Goldstone.
Tickets So: to bc had of cither of the above Committees.
BfcjjT'Onrriages, free: will be In attendance at seven
o'clock, l'. M. fl3-2t
N.   MOORE  & CO.
Direct from Glasgow, Scotland ; a large lot of new
Consisting of
Also, a large stock  of DRY GOODS, Gentlemen's
Furnishing Goods, Men and Boy's
Clothing, jo,, Ac.
f20-lm Yntes street, opposite Langley st.
NE HUNDRED   ACRES of splendid  Priu-ie lant
situated in North Sannish.    Terms reasonable.
For particulars enquire of
Druggist, corner of Yntes A Government streets.
ABOUT nn acre of land, not half a mile from Victoria,
tilled mid fenced, with a House and good well of
water upon it.    The ground is ready for planting.
febl3-lm Apply at this Office.
HENNESSEY'S    mid   KARTELL'S    Fine   Darls
Braudies. in wood ;
Medium qualities of other French Brands of Brandies, Pale and Dark :
American Brandies am] Whiskies}
Jamaica Bum, high proof;
Superior Scotch Whiskey, in wood and cases;
Holland Gin, "        '•        "
Old Tom Gin,       "        "        "
Wines of every description :
Pure Devonshire Cider, in t. 2 and I doz .packages ;
Burton Ale. in fine condition, (hhds);
Edinburgh Ale. "
East India Pale Ale,     '■        . in 40-gal. bbls ;
Jefferies Strong Rich Edinburgh Ale, in stone jugs;
Allsopp's and Byass' Bottled Ale, in 1 and 4 dozen
Barclay A Perkins' Porter, and Maurice Cox's, in 1
und 4 dozen packages r
Whitbread's Porter, in hhds,'
Syrups. Bitters, Ac , Ac.
('inner ol' Government and Johnson streets,
jyl-.'Jm Victoria.
From Ihcir position nil the largest Manufacturers of
Cocoa iu Europe, are enabled to supply all kinds (ri
Cocoas and Chocolates on thc best terms.
Taylor Brothers Patent Lenti.izod Cocoa
Is pronounced by Proi;sesor Lctheby and Dr. Bassall
to bc superior in nutritious elements to all others; sec
their Report Printed on the labels of each Canister.
Price ls. 0d. per lb. Also a good quality, adapted tot
the working classes, at ls. per lb.
Taylor Brothers Homcepall-fc Cocoa
Stands unequalled as an Article of Diet for llomtepnthio
Patients.    Sold  in  Tin Foil Packets, at Is. Id. per lb,
Taylor Brothers Sluble Cocoa
(hexagon  PACKETS.)
Pearl Cocoa and Soluble  Chocolate.
Are articles easy of Solution, and being very moderate
in Price, are well adapted for economical Housekeepers.
Sold by all GROCERS and TEA DEALERS.
Health, Strength and Happiness are obtained by cleansing the Blood of its impurities. Blood, we
are told, ou the highest authority, is the " Life," or at
least the medium of life to the body ; and it is, we know,
the great feeder of every part of the frame, Thus the
blood iu the great channel of disease ; consequently, a
good or bad state of the system, or constitution, is no>
more made the composition of the blood. We have
made the composition of the blood our constant study,
and arc satisfied that two thirds of all the diseases are
caused by its impurities,
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My cottage home is lill'd with light
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For eve restores ine one whose smile
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And when he leaves our garden gate
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Then patiently till eve await
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Concluded from our last.
'■I promise what you ask," she said  with a (lash of
triumph in her eyes.   "The phial contains only an eyewash."
The valet shook his head.
•■Vou cannot come into my master's chamber again
madame; If you do "
lie paused and returned lo  the president, who  had
seen the begining of the affair, and who now sat up in
the bed trembling with anxiety.
"Again?" he asked.
Again; but i have explained to madame that she
must conic here im more." Thc wretched old president cast himself down on the pillow, moaning. Calm
yourself, monsieur, said the valet; '-I will not say anything of this, unless it should become necessary.'1
Tlie president made no reply, and Servin proceeded
to arrange the room for lbe night: taking his own place
in un arm chair beside the bed.
The night wore on, and when the old man fell asleep
at about midnight, Servin fell inclined to follow his example. Yd an undefined fear warned him to be watchful. He arose from the chair, and moved about the
room, opening the curtains and gazing ou. into the
dark and stormy night : he stirred the lire and placed
himself beside it, trimming the lamp ami taking up a
book ; but he could hear Angelique, whose apartment
joined that of her husband, moving cautiously about,
and he was unable to lix his attention on the pages.
Presently, the sounds in her chamber ceased ; nothing
was to be heard save the moan of the wind without,
and the crackling of the fresh wood lie had piled on
the hearth, lie felt that the desire to sleep was over-
coining him, and, casting about for means of rousing
himself, il occurred to bim to make some coffee. Noiselessly opening the door, he listened for a moment at
Angelique's door: all was still there ; he peered through
the keyhole, but there was no light, within, except from
the flicker of her (lying lire. Feeling that all was safe,
he returned to his master's chamber, and taking a light
trod carefully along the corridor, and down the staircase to the lower story to get thc articles he needed.
Scarcely had he reached lhe lowest step when Angelique's door opened without a sound, and she looked
over the balustrades al. bim : she bad cither been in bed
or was ready for bed. for a long white night-dress was
her only covering. She entered her husband's room.
Approaching lhc table on which his drink for lhe night
was set she removed the stopper from the carafe, and
poured into it the whole contents of a bottle she carried,
at this moment she heard Servin approaching; he was
ascending the stairs, she saw thc reflection from the
light, he carried, on thc ceiling of the room. She could
not regain her chamber unobserved, but remembering
that she had pulled her door close as she came out, she
darted towards a large closet iu her husband's room,
lined with lixed wardrobes, and opening the door of
one of these, stepped lightly in.
She had scarcely shut the door upon herself when
Servin entered Ihe outer room and shut himself in.
She drew before her some ofthe garments which hung
from the pegs, aud cautiously settling herself into an
endurable position, could hear Servin making and
drinking his coffee. Presently Monsieur Tiquet began to mumble indistinctly, and 10 toss his arms and
head. Anon the mutterings became incoherent sharply
uttered words; at length a fierce delirium came on.
Servin took his master's hand: it was like fire to the
touch. The sick man called for drink, and Servin who
had taken especial care in '.he preparation, hastened to
give him sonic—but to his surprise found the stopper
out ofthe carafe!
Now he distinely knew that he had replaced this
stopper; a slight circumstance had impressed the fact
on his mind ; it had fallen from his hand,upon the table, and had made a noise, which had startled his master from his lirst sleep.
He laid down the half filled glass, and filled another
with pure water, which the president drank eagerly.
Then, going into the coridor, Servin went to Angelique's
door; il was closed, but not latched and yielded to his
touch. The lire was nearly out when he looked in,
but as his eyes became, used tb the half-twilight, he saw
that the bed coverings wen; turned down, and thnt the
bed was unoccupied. lie called to his mistress supposing that she might be in Ihe dressing-room, but when
no answer was returned, he came back. He was sure
that Angelique had entered her husband's chamber
when he was lirst absent. He looked under the heavy
valance of the bed, and examined every portion of thc
furniture, under or behind which she might be. Last
of all he went to the closet, and as if by instinct, pulled
open the leaf of the wardrobe, and drew aside thc
president's robe of ollice, under which the guilty woman
Her eyes met his and without, a word she rose and
stepped from her hiding place to the floor.
"Madame you have broken the agreement." You
cannot blame me if I now take measure., to prevent
nny injury either lo my master or myself. You must
not leave this room till the physician, for whom I shall
instantly send, shall have decided whether or no there
bc poison iu the carafe the stopper of which I know
was put in by me, but which I found lying upon the
Thc most abject entreaties succeeded Angelique's first
speechless terror, but Servin was deaf to he.-prayers.
In the rage which quickly supervened, when she llnng
hersell on him iu her endeavors to escape, her strength
was no match for his ; yet the struggle was long befoic
lie at last got her into the closet, which had no window,
and there locked her in.
As soon as he had done that, he proceeded to
awaken one of the men-servants, and sent him for the
physician. His muster was alarmingly worse: his thin
voice was raised in fearful scream..; his whole frame
was agitated by vain struggles to get up.
"Did you dare  to kill my beautiful wife?" he asked.
"Lie down, monsieur.    I assure you that madame is
safe.    She prefers to await the doctor's opinion in your
Wardrobe .: .oset; she is too much agitated to come near
your bed."
The. president stared at him, as if trying to comprehend bis words, and then with a heavy sigh sank back
t-ilmlisted.    Dawn was breaking when Ihe doctor  arri
ved. Ilavng first attended to the patient, who was
quiet though still wandering in mind, he listened while
Servin detailed his suspicions and the causes which
had aroused them, and finally produced the carafe,
filled with clear amber fluid, at the bottom of which a
white sediment had settled.
Ry noon on the ensuing day all Paris was in a ferment. The intelligence was in every mouth that Mad-
dame Tiquet for an attempt upon her husband's life,
was in prison and awaiting trial. The Chevalier Mongeorge, also, who had been until near midnight at the
Hotel Tiquet. was under an est and so was Angelique's
maid. The girl had in terror confessed all she knew,
which was not a little. She declared that her mistress
had frequently gone, accompanied her, to the cabaret
of Cattelain, whence she brought sometimes powders,
sometimes liquids, which she told the girl were cosmetics that Cattelain's mother had taught bim to prepare. But the woman had watched, and had seen her
mistress put portions of these things into the food of an
Angora cat, and iuto the drinking-vessels of birds : and
thev had all died. On one occasion, the girl had been
about to drink some soup which stood in a bowl on her
mistress's table, but had only taken on* or two lnouth-
fuls, when the lady came in,"and was greatly enraged :
throwing away the remaining contents of the basin.
Thc maid was terribly ill for two days after that. At
another time, Angelique had sent her to Cattelain's
with a sealed letter, ou receipt of which the man had
delivered her a bottle which was the one now produced.
It had been full when .she gave il to her mistress; now
it was empty. Cattelain had said to her, "be discreet,
and vou do not know what a great lady you yet may
be. Some day, soon, that old fox Tiquet will die, and
I shall marry madame. We shall find you a good husband with money." She had believed him to be jesting, and had laughed : on which he hud seemed angry
and iold her to make haste home.
When she gave the bottle to her mistress, the latter
had kissed it and said, " I have herewith to punish all
mv enemies and make myself free. Have a. care that
you do not offend inc.'' The girl had then asked her
niistre.-s what the phial contained? On which she
replied, " Enough to prevent half a dozen men from
ever Iceling a headache again. Something to cure
Monsieur Tiquct's asthma and jealousy, at one draught."
This had occurred five days ago. She said she had
been afraid to tell, although she knew that it was poison
which Cattelain had sent. On the day after the scene
nbove described, she said to her mistress that she
thought she must tell some one of what she knew, for
it lav heavy on her conscience ; ou which Angelique
had'made her swear to keeep it secret; telling her that
if she did not do so, she should have some of the poison
herself; nnd that it she told, she would bring punishment on her own head, for she wa: now in the eyes of
thc law as criminal as herself. This, she said, had kept
her silent. On her deposition, Cattelain was arrested,
lu his house were found poisons of various kinds. In
one bottle, from which she said he had poured what he
had given her. was a preparation of arsenic and aconite,
which the physician who attended the president declared lo be the same that was contained in the curate ot
night drink. The girl was asked whether she believed
Monsieur Mongeorge to be cognisant of Madame Tiquct's
intentions? She averred that he was not; on the contrary, mailamc had told her that if Monsieur Mongeorge
knew, he would cast her oil', much as be loved her. As
for Cattelain. he firmly denied all the accusations, and
then relapsed into a dogged sullenness, from which
nothing could rouse him.
Angelique, who quite recovered her audacity and self-
possession, resisted all entreaties to confess her crime,
avowing that nothing should induce her falsely to condemn herself, and cast a stigma on her child. She declared that the whole charge was a conspiracy between
Servin and her maid, who had an intrigue together;
that Servin had ruled his master before marriage, was
jealous of her influence, aud had taken this meehod of
getting rid of her. The torture by water was applied
to her, hut she bore its agony with firmness, In thc
same chamber Cattelain was stretched on the rack, and
for some time bore tne torture without flinching; but
as greater force wns applied, he yelled, and made a full
confession. Ilc avowed thai madame had promised to
'marry him when her husband should be dead, and that
jas he himself was jealous of Mongeorge, he had meant
jto poison that person, as soon as he could find an opportunity.
It was plain that Mongeorge, who had been arrested,
was only guilty iu his love for Angelique, and he was
at once set free, lie immediately repaired to the Hotel
Tiquet, nnd enforced admittance to the president, who
was restored to his senses, though prostrate with shame
and grief. To him Mongeorge confessed that he loved
Angelique, and swore never again to see her, if lur
husband would aid him to endeavour to procure her
pardon. The president agreed, His passion for his
wicked wife was strong, and Mongeorge drew up in his
presence a petition, which he signed. Then the chevalier departed to seek audience of the king, with whom
he wns a favorite.
It was of no avail : the king was kind in manner, but
inflexible. The crime of poisoning had fearfully increased, and he was advised most urgently, to punish
the fust poisoner who could be brought to justice.—
Moreover, Mongeorge's relatives, who were of great consideration, having learned that the chevalier was about
to intercede for Angelique, had been beforehand with
I him, and had besought that the law might bc enforced,
j Pitying the young man's dispair, the king again sent
I him from Paris, that he might not be in the way, to witness Angelique's trial and execution. Perforce, Mongeorge departed ; but, in a few days, an old man, emaciated almost to a skeleton, his hair white, his limbs
tottering, and supported by a grey-haired valet, demanded audience of the king. The petitioner held by ono
hand a lovely little girl, and, on being presented to the
king, knelt, and made his little daughter, kneeling nlso,
join her tiny hands in supplication for her mother's life.
The king raised him and embraced the child, but assured him that pardon was hopeless.
Thc day of trial came. The most untroubled innocence could not have displayed an eye more cloudless,
a brow more unruffled, than Angelique's. Her matchless tresses were fully displayed,, being arranged in
clusters of heavy long curls, crowned willi a chnpclct
of white roses. I ler robe of pure white was confined at
the waist by a cincture of turquoises and diamonds. Madame de Remonet, who had escaped on the I'rst alarm
of her niece's detection, had been apprehended, and Angelique knew nothing of this until she saw her aunt led
into court, prisoner like herself. Cattelain, who was
carried in to give his evidence, fired when he saw the
elder prisoner, and declared that it was she who had
taught him to prepare the poisons, and who had eotin-
celleil her niece to administer them. Sentence of death
was passed on all three. The waiting-maid was pardoned in consideration of her voluntary confession, but
condemned to retire for life to the convent of St. Agathc
Cattelain managed to drag himself to the feet of his
mistress nml implored her pardon for having criminated
her. " I forgive you, ray poor Cattelain," she said ; "it
wns pain which forced you to belie yourself and tne.
Let those who have compelled the false confession, answer for it to God."
Although everyone was certain of Angelique's guilt,
yet, the sympathy excited by her strange beauty and by
her fortitude, extended far and wide among all classes
in France. To add to the dramatic effect of her trial,
by a strange coincidence it happened that the judge
who condemned her was her former lover, Henri St.
Chaubert. She listened without faltering to the words
ut the sentence, and then looked up at him with a smile
saying loud enough to be distinctly heard by all, so
awestricken was the silence in the court, "Ah! Monsieur St. Chaubert, is that yon ? Formerly our positions
were reversed : you were the trembling culprit, I was
the judge. I hear your sentence to-day with more
j courage than you heard mine." St. Chaubert turned
! ghastly white, and was obliged to lean back in his seat.
I For many minutes he could not control his feelings.
Redoubled efforts were made to procure Angelique's
pardon, but the king refused to receive any more petitions in her favor. Although tothe last she encouraged
herself with the idea of ultimate escape from her terrible doom, the day of her execution found her (as may
be supposed) still under sentence of death. Dressed
as she had been at her trial, and   accompanied  bv her
aunt, and Cattelain, and attended by a priest who vainly
implored iierto confess, she was borne on a cart through
the streets of Puris, exposed to the gaze of thousands.
She bore it unmoved, and her sole anxiety seemed to be
that her lovely hair should not be wetted out of curl by
a slight rain that was falling. When she reached the
place of execution, she said, peremptorily, tothe priest:
'■ Cease, Monsieur l'Abbe ; permit mc to die in peace.
Give my love to my husband and daughter. Tell Monsieur Tiquet I forgive him his share in the foul conspiracy which has brought ine to this; and to the chevalier Mongeorge give my kindest adicux, and my hair, if
it must be cut oil'. Su now, farewell, for I will hear no
Her companions in crime suffered first. In a few minutes she, too, ceased to live. The excitemened past des-
c ription. Women, and even men. shrieked und swoon
ed ; many fell and were trodden to death. The smallest
lock of "her hair sold for a large sum. As for the
wretched president, he retired from public life, and.
living a life of seclusion with his child, placed her,
when sufficiently old, in a convent of the Sucre Occur,
where she ultimately took the veil, about a year before
her father's death.
Ofthe poison spoken of in this true history, the worst
was surely that which the honest bookseller and jeweller gave to his little child when he first blindly suffered
the foul-hearted woman who became his murderess, to
drop her poisonous words into her car.
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the most certain, and leaves no Injurious eil'-cts.
It .nukes a speedy and permanent euro, without the least re-
atrictlon to diet, drink, exposure, or chango In application to
business. One bottlo is generally tmfliciont to cure an ordinary
case, which not unfrcquently disappears after six „r el_:lit doses,
Prepared and Bold by A. It. it I». SANDS. Wholesale
Druggists, ion Fulton-Btroet, corner of William, Nov York.
For sale by DKWITT. KITTLK. b CV >., II. JOHNS! IN A- Co.,
and REDINGTON «_ Co., San Francisco; KICK ,fc COFFIN,
Marysville; It. II. McDONALD __. Co., Sacramento j ami by
Druggists generally.
j  J"*gll-lm
"10KER, 1.., Ship and .Steamboat Smith. andM^
j mst, Commercial street, rear of A .say office v
reel. " „    .* '•••«
|_ "Ujfll-lm
DU'KSOX,   CAMBKLL   &   CO., 0ommi9L7T~
chants, corner Wharf and Johnston-street,  r
Itoria, V. 1. Dicksox, De Wolf k Co., Merchant '.t,^'
San Francisco. ^
; X_i street, two doors ..hove Ilroad. J'a  at(,»
TjlRANOIS JACOB - Family  Groceri^r^
X    vision-*, Ale, Porter and Cider.   No 92   v..
street '    '    lUe!-
|'     -  J»e|-8-im
piRAXKLIN, SELIM & CO, Und Agent and An.
I1   tioneer, Yates street. nugli-l
I .111 1.1-MAX, T. I'., (Iroeerv nml Vari.-tTstf.^'T"'"
1   I-hukIO Is bought and sold.   Waddington ,trc"t
 sepl-lm '
B. 1'., Boomerang Inn,  Langley Lane off
"'"''• "''111 1-lni
and >*oe r.tr. i ;*i:i: OF
Scrofula, Mcrcuri*.; iliscases, Rheumatism. Cutaneous
Eruptions, Stubb*v_i Ulcers, Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Sal' Rheum, Lumbago, White
Dwellings, Hip Disease, Enlargement of the
Bones nml Joints, Fever Sores, Female
Complaints, Erysipelas, Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, __c., kc,
II hns long been a most Important desideratum In lhe priv-llre
of medicine, to obtain n remedy similar to tills, nnd accordingly
we i.inl It resorted to almost universally In all those tormenting
diseases oftho skin so trying to the pat'ence, and Injurious to
the health.    It is a tonic, aperient, und      Infentant.    It acts
flinultaneously upon the btomai ii, the ckoulation, and lho
iiowkij., and thus threo processes,-which are ordinarily tlio result
of thrke different kinds of medicine, nre carried on at the snme
time through ihe instrumentality of tins onb remedial agent
Its great merit is, that it meets and neutralises the active prln
ciplc of disease it.-clf. ai.d when that Is gone, the symptoms no
cossarlly disappear. The rapidity with which the patient r,-c,,v
era health and strength under I his triple Influence is surprising.
Lynn Count.-, Oregon Ter., March 11,1855.
Messrs. A. B. fc T>. Sanhs, New York: Gentlemen,—In the
spring of 18,-8, while on our way from Indiana lo this place, our
oldest hoy was seized with a swelling and severe pains in tho
leg,, which day by day grow worse, until hi- 1,-i.s contracted,
ami became so painful that he could not wi,lk, nnd wo hnd u
carry him nbout like an infant Wo roached Albany on lhe :i,l
uf October, completely worn out hy fatigue. Ily this lime ho
was reduced to a perfect skeleton. 11,-re wc were enabled to
consult a physician (Dr. Hill), who honestly confessed he could
not cure lilm, although lie could givo bim medicine that would
relieve tlm pain. In tins oxtgency something must be done, ur
dentil wns inevitnblu. Itelng reeniiiinended lo try your Snrsa-
imrilta, I procured a buttle. After taking some, ho appeared
worse: Dut persevering with It, I obtained a second bottle,
which Bceined to grapple «ltb the disease, mid caused a marker!
Improvement: tho Bwoltlng and pain in lbe legs wen, reduced,
Ills appetite Improved, and bis color begun to return. Thus on*
ootiragcd, I purchased a third bottle; while taking It, the swell-
burs iu his legs broke, and some pieces of bone one-eighth of
an Inch long ciime oul, after which his legs straightened and
healed up, Ho is now perfectly recovered, has no appearance
nf being a cripple, ainl can perform most kinds of common labor.
tib nil our neighbors can certify.   Yours, respectfully,
I-rcpnred and sold hy A. II. ifc I>. SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, 100 Fulton-Strict corner of Wllllnm, New York.
For salo bv DKWITT, KITTLK «_ Co., M.JOHNSQN «r O,
and REDINQTON fc Co., San Francisco; HICK (_. COFFIN
Marysville-, H. 11. McDuNALD &. Co., Uacrnmcnto; and by
Druggists generally,
The dclicntc structure of tho eyelid renders It peculiarly sen
sitiva and llnblo to disease. "When, from any cause, it becomes
affected, Ihe inner membrane rapidly Inflames, and the eyelid
evinces lho strongest predisposition to attract to Itself humors
from all parts of the body. Hundreds of persons of scrofulous
habit are disfigured hy rawness or redness of tho eyelids, commonly called sore eyes, and tortured wilh appriihensioiiB of Impaired vision, who. hy using this BALSAM, may obtain almost
Itiiim-il.iite relief. In all cascs, tbo earlier this remedy ls applied
tho hctto..
Nrw York, luly 16th, 1S56.
Messrs, A. r,. k Ti. Saniw : Gentlemen,—] have been troubled
for years with an affection oftho eyelids, and bii^e. tried a number of remedies without experiencing any decided benefit- A
few weeks since I obtained some of your ItOMAl. Kvk I!ai.sam,
and applied It according to tho directions. The lirst application
produced a decidedly beneficial effect, and 1 hnd not used it
Jvcck, beforo my eyelids wore entirely free from Inllnmmatl ,
which hnd not been lhc. case before for iniinv years
Years, &a. 0.11. WILLIAMS, 202 I.'.i'.oaiiw    ,
Trepnred and. sold bv A. It. _fe I). SANOS, W'.oicsale
Jrilgglsts, 100 Fiilion-slrcel, corner of William, New Yjrk.
For salo by 1>KWITT. KITTLK ,lc Co., II. I01INS'_«. k Co.,
and I.KDI.NirroN (_. Co. Snn Franc).ou| KICK 'i COFFIN
Marysvlllo; ';. 11. McDONALD it Co., Bacrnm 'o; and hv
Urugglsti £•■>. irully,
t'i ILMORE, A.. Merchant Tailor.and general Cloth
X   Store, YateB street, below Government, Seni i
rniiieiit. Sepl-tc
•"rect*  "ugU-lm
H'MEN   k   CARSWELL,  Wholesale  amfta
liu.il. Store, Vates street. augll-lm
KOSBLAND BBOS., Wholesale dealer in ~cXomZ
Dry Goods, and Indian Goods, Fire-proofBoildino
u l,;"t Btreet'   sepi-im
1K.--TI.ll i GIBBS,   Family  Grocery, Yates"^
_. near Waddington Alley. aull-lm
f'TTLB, JOHN T. xi'ti.. Wharf and~wj^",e
j \\ hail Btreet. Commission Merchants, nnd Deal,
et.- in < "...I. Lumber, Lime, llinlilinj,' Stone, Wood and
General Merchandise, febI2-lm
ACDONALD k CO., Bankers nnd Bullion Denier.
Vlltcs street' aull-lm '
EIIOLD, II.. Clothing of all kin,Is mado to order,"
Johnson sireet, above Waddington,     scp8-im
MUSKS,  W, li.. Hair Cutting  and ..having.  W
and  Cold Baths.    Government street, opposite
Hi.- I'osl ollice,
BELL,   THOMAS,  Snddlcr and Harness Makei
Johnson street, near Government.      augll-lm
)ATTI-ICK T. & CO., Wholesale and Retail Liqnor
.fuel-   Govorument    and    Jolm-cn
SAYWA!U>.   W.   I'.,   Dealer  in   Lumber, Window*,
Boors, Shingles, kc, Wharf street, opposite the Fort
SMITH.  UM.   IHI'KIMTii.V. Dealer In Foreign and
Domestic Groceries,  Provisions, ftc, Government
utreet. nuj;ll-lm
SOUTHGATE \- MITCHELL, Co ission Merchant,
Albert Wharf, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Bat.
tcry-strcct, Sau Francisco, Culiforiiin. jylij-.lm
STEWART,   MELDRIIM   k  CO,   Commission ilct-
chants,   Jnhnson-strcet,   opposite  Wharf-street,
Victoria;   and   Esqui-malU f-blMm
ST. OURS, FELIX,  Commission  and General Merchant. Wharf street. aull-lm
ZKI.NI.lt. W.. Clicmi.'l and Druggist, corner Government and Vales street, sepl-lm
\K<   II ITKl'TS.
..trn  superfine Flour.
COM \I ! ,v..-^^***4hl E II C H A NT,
Liverpool Wharf,  Columbia street Now  Westminster,
lirlli.-li Columbia.
TTTHARFAGE on all goods landed at his wharf will
\\    beat iln-ran-,,r 25 cents per  ton,  sueh being
one-half thc rate li.vil by government,
BONDED and  FREE STORAGE ready for 500 tons
of (ioods.
For Sale ex recent arrivals-—
50 sacks Bran,
1500 sacks Barley,
50 sacks Wheat,
U.O  half sacks   Baker's
Pacific Mills,
20 sacks Beans,
10 kegs Butter,
20 cases Pilot Bread,
5    do    Soda    do
1 n cases Starch,
f, live-gallon kegs Syrup,
In coils Baling Rope,
100 gallons China Oil,
100 kegs Paints and boiled Linseed Oil-
Wall Paper, kc, kc, and  u gtmcrnl assortment of
goods suitable for the market. ja2C-3tn
No. -IH California street, San Francisco.
Offer for sale in lots to suit purchasers,
BT. BABBITT'S Puro Cream Tartar, in hoses o
.  12 one pound papers.
B. T. BABBIT'S Pure Saleratus, In  boxes of 12 one
pound papers.
I",. T. BABBITT'S Pure Super Carbonate of Soda, in do;
Golden Gate Pure Saleratus,   do       do       do      do;
Golden (lute Pure Saloratns, in kegs of 50 cts each;
Golden (late Pure Cream Tartar, In bxs 25 cts endi*
Select Ground Spices, packed in tin foil, full woignb
n new article;
Concentrated Potash, for making soap, cleaning typo, ow
Newcastlo Snl Soda, direct from the Manufacturers;
.Select Pepper Sauce;
Manila Indigo, best quality ;
Babbit's Celebrated Soup Powders;
Saratoga Water, From Empire Spring, New York;
Flavoring Extracts, assorted superior quality ;
Dried Cherries, Turkey Plums, etc., etc.
Best Double Anker Bolting Cloth, No 3 to 11, inclusive.
.'t ply India Rubber Hose, 1 inch to 3 inch;
Grenoble Hemp Fire and Mining Hose;
Marker's Double acting Force and   Lift Pumps, for rirc
Engines, Mining and Agricultural purposes; _
Rotary Force Pumps, Pitcher Top, nnd Bowl top b"
The above constantly on bund and for sale by
48 California street.
|—qowwii^ .mi nuiw.M.111 __!■ ii—ww—_—^m^mm^'^m^m^
Printed and  published   by   Leonard  M'Clure, at liU
ollice, Government-street, Victoria, Colony ot vw
comer Island.
\ i
 ->-_^_.-._,^__,.*__.-_.^.-___~r-~-^.    ■W-|..:rf.j.f->i ',r,- | , j.   ---       ■""■■   -*"-


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