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The New Westminster Times Jan 21, 1860

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No. 19.J
[Quarterly (in advance! 10s.]
[Yearly (in advance ) £l Cs.
[Price Is.
New York, December 8.
The Persia has arrived with Liverpool dates to the
20th ult.
Austria is reported to have raised another difficulty
regarding the European Congress, and the invitations
to various powers were in abeyance. The regency
question, it is said, causes Iho difficulty. Lord Cowley
is reported lu have boon authorized by Napoleon to
propose to England a general and simultaneous disarmament.
The London journals treat the idea as absurd. Lord
Cowley was, however, in London.
The English army will be increased by additional
battalions equivalent tu 11 new regiments.
The Paris Bourse was reported linn at "of. 20c.
Thc French journals have been instructed to encourage iho idea nf a general disarmament.
Italian affairs are unchanged.
The Sardinian Government has issued a circular do-
feuding its course regarding the Regency of Central
Spain was chartering steamers nnd contracting fur
.-lures in   England tu  prosecute the  war against  Sfor-
Nothing decisive has yet occurred in Slorocco.
Austria grants a full amnesty to all compromised in
I Italian affairs.
Tin- Bombay mail of the 12th November has been
I telegraphed tn London. The reported death of Nona
B Sahib lacks confirmation.
China.—Bis Excellency the American .Minister nrri-
fved at Shanghai on the 22nd of August, after visiting
11'i-kin. when-, however, tho Mission appears to have
been all but prisoners. Personal communication with
[the Russians was denied them, and some of their corres-
1 pondence was detained fur many days by the Chinese.
| Tin- Emperor refused tn see Mr. Ward unless tho latter
t consented to perform an act of obeisance, nnd, as he
I'clinod tn do so, it was notified that the treaty would
I nut be ratified at I'ckin biftat Pehtang a t'fWf^irdri the
i Gulf of Pcchidi, at the entrance of that stream by which
j the Americans performed their journey to the capital.
| 'I'lii' Mission accordingly left Pekin, and on its arrival at
fPehtnng thu ratifications ivero exchanged without any
The t'Ama   Mail gives n  detailed account  of Sir.
[■Ward's visit to Pekin, from which we extract the  folding:—
"About 11 o'clock next day, Sir. Ward, attended by
i only three of his party, went to the public hall, where
jibe Imperial commissioners' met him, surrounded by a
[jreat crowd of officials of every shade of button, all
iresscd in their easy summer costume. Kweiliang look-
■d more hale than when at Shanghai; and said that his
■journey of 30 dnys had been on tho whole pleasant.
: He soon began, however, upon weightier matters, and
vindicated iho late acts uf his Government in respect of
its plans fur the exchange uf thc three treaties. He
then proceeded to state that as the Emperor had a regard for lhc Americans, he wished In do them honor by
Granting them an audience, and it only remained fur the
parties then present to settle upon the manner of np-
laching tlie throne. Without going into any need-
s details upon  the   interesting  conversations  which
I ensued un this topic, at this and subsequent interviews,
ii will be better to recapitulate tho main arguments used
iy the Chinese functionaries in explaining and urging
their views, as these show more clearly the real nature
bf the ceremony n<cd ai tho Chinese Court. The diff'e-
I'l'iil estimation iu which the Emperor regarded a friendly
und equal nation like Hie United States,' Whose chief
Magistrate was iu every respect equal to himself,
Irom tributary nations like Sinm, Corea, Lewchcw, or
JiVnnam, was repeatedly referred to by Kweiliang. lie
■sometimes styled the President tii-hwuugti, or Great
[Emperor, and  sometimes president  (a word  he  hail
'.lined i. and uccasiunly kiuu-chu, or princely ruler, to
prove his respect for him. Such being the relations
between ihe two countries, the kotow or regular form nf
bbeisnncc required of envoys from those nations—1.4.,
Biin-kwci-kiu-hoh, ' three kncelings and nine knocks,'
|would mil be expected ; 'but,' said the Judge 'one
kneeling and three knocks will dn fur a friendly Power.'
I'bis remark was not taken up by the commissioners,
nor was the ceremony, oven  in  this  mitigated form,
ruin referred to; so that it cannot, bo said (hut the fco-
ow, in any shape, was demanded of Mr. Ward by the
Chinese as a preliminary to his audience of their Sove-
reigr. To this Mr. Ward replied, that while ho entertained the greatest respect for his Majesty, and in that
(inly tell what the i'residcul himself had expressed in
he letter of which he was the bearer, he wished to declare in the plainest terms thill, highly as he would retard nn audience, and Important as ho deemed it under
iUc present circumstances, still he had never asked it,
find ihe treaty said nothing about it, but he would not
kneel when he came before the throne ; ho could only
Inlutc his Majesty as he did his own ruler, and as Slin-
Btcrs oftho United Stales did the Sovereign of all other
lotions when thoy saw thorn j he knelt only he an act
if worship beforo God, and would never do so before
Iny man. They were subjects of tho Emporor, and
mist obey his ritual; but ho represented a nation
vhose dignity he could not compromise by such a com-
SHonee; ami furthormoro, true respect must always
l'liieed from tho heart, and if the outward ceremony
ins nut voluntary it was hypocrisy,   lie would bow
Iory low, nnd oven nine times if that would add to the
nlcmnity in thei • view ; or ho would stand uncovered
iiring  the  whole  audience, while the  Emperor sat.
lore than this ho would never willingly perform; while
iiis form of salutation exhibited nil the respect  he felt
Dwards the President, which they must themselves uc- J
juowlcdgo was quilo ns great as lie could fee! towarc
he Emperor uf China.   The Commissioners answered
bat if they were in the United States thoy would con
JBrm lo nny requirements made of them at an audience
till; the President, and the An. -«.***.--nK-rant-or ought
act on that principle  in  their country ; that they
Diild not show  respect to  their Sovereign  otherwise
by kneeling, so anything short of that was  abso-
P.M. BACKUS will sell at Jir.blic Auction, on ac-
, count nf whoiu-i^-rnTiy concern, at his sales-room
nn Vales-street, Victoria, on Saturday, the 25th of
February next, at 12 o'clock, noon, the British Ship
Gomelza, 521 tons register, with all hor appurtenances,
us she now lies moored iu Sobcck Harbor, S\\ T.
Terms :—Ten per cent cash on the day of sale, nnd
the balance nn the Monday following, when the bill ot
sale will be ready.
Thc GomellSB has a full poop deck, nnd a top-gnllnnt
Inventory at tho Auctioneer's office. janf'2-tc
Washington Restaurant.
THE ABOVE RESTAURANT on Government street,
between Yates and Johnson streets, having been
thoroughly refitted, is now prepared to supply the wants
of all its old customers and such new ones as may be
disposed fo give it a trial.
The table is always supplied wilh every delicacy in
season, together with ull the substantial requisites for
Ignod living.
Excellent Cigars always on hand. n8-lm
Truett, Jones, & Arlington,
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines, Cordials, syrups,
and every article in this lino.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, may rest as-
ured that wo will endeavor to give satisfaction in the
article, and dispatch in forwarding. Where the qnun-
ities are sufficient of Foreign Liquors, we will ship in
For Sale by
Victoria Coal Co.
dlC-tc Wharf street.
1 i \f\l\ ]5rsl,1':LS POTATOES constantly on hand
Commission Merchant and Broker, Wharf-street, opposite Soutbgate Mitchell. glin
S E L 1 SI    F R A N KLIN    k   C 0.,
auctioneers anu land agents,
Yates street, Victoria.
Farming LmiiIs disposed of at public and private
Sale. Surveys, Plans, Deeds, Mortgages, and Agreements prepared by competent parties attached to the
lliee. Merchandise, Household Furniture, kc, disposed of.
Advances made on Consignments
Gold Dust Purchased.
(Established 1852)
Commission    21 e r e h ant,
G2 California street, between Front and Battery,
Sun Francisco, Cal.
Brewers', Soda, and  Tanners' Materials
Drugs, etc.,
Constantly on hand,
isn rtini^n hops in Bales, Half Bales and Zinc.
Orders from any part of the State promptly attended
to. Prices given, tand# samples sent—if desired,) per
return Express.
ggy Refer to the principal Brewers, Druggists, kc,
throughout the State. d9-tc
Dealer and Importer nf
p a. r 1ST T E R S'
Oils,  Tools,  Colors, and Brushes.
A Now nnd Splendid Assortment of
Wall Paper and Borders.
English   ami   American.
Boiled and Raw Linseed.
Turpentine, Varnishes, Japan, and Gold
J IHE UNDERSIGNED invites the attention of the
travelling public, and strangers in particular,
to the merit of this house. It was established
under the present management, on the first day
of January, '5(1, as a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in every
The Leesep".nd Slanager, with a delicacy not wishing
to encroach upou thc merits of other houses, cannol
but recall the marked favor wilh which his enterprise
has been received by a discriminating public, in a constantly increasing patronage of the first respectability,
showing conclusively the superior mode in which this
hotel is conducted.
It is contiguous to nil of the most popular places ot
amusement, tho principal thoroughfares, the fashionable promenades and steamboat landings; thus rendering
it at all times, the must Desirable Stopping Place for
Families and Single Gentleman, during their stay in
San Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, $2.50 per day.
t        Proprietor.
The " International Hotel Coach" is in attendance nt
nil hours, to convoy- Passengers to mid Irom the Hotel,
American Temperance Hotel,
Yates street, Victoria, V. I.
Board, per Week, with Lodgings  8 00
Single Meals   0 50
Lodging  0 50
Board, per Day, with Lodging   1 50
Board, per Day   1  00
Jjlrif"  Sliners  accommodated  with  Mattress  and  n
place to sleep, Gratis.
d.'t Proprietors.
T. A. Moiikhouse, P. Torquet,
S. Aitkcn, C. H. Steigor.
STEAM ENGINE   BUILDERS, Boiler Makers,   Iron
Founders, and General Engineers, First Street, near
Gu   Works, San Francisco.
Steamboat .Machinery built and repaired ; also, Saw,
Fluur, and Quart/. Slills, Pumping and .Mining Machinery, kc, kc
Proprietors of .Morse's Patent Fire Grates.
Right lu Slanufacturo Tyler's Patent iS'oroll Water
E. H. King Agent in Victoria.
corner of Yates and Government streets.
UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to the public of Victoria and V. I. thoy have opened the
magnificent Dry Goods store on the corner of Yntcs
and Government streets, where we are prepared to oiler
n complete assortment of
Fancy find Staple Dry Goods,
comprising Linens, Silks, Delaines, Prints, Poplins,
.l/eiiniis, Flannels, shawls, Mantillas, Embroideries, nf
every description, and trimmings.
An  nssortment  of Cents' Furnishing  Goods,  carpels,
Drugget and /flatting, all nf which will bo sold at tho
lowest market prices.
New goods received by every conveyance
The public are solicited to call audexamiuo our slock
before purchasing elsewhere.
A. 1IOFF.1/AN.
New Dry (Joods store confer of Yates und Government streets. dll-tc
Yates street, next door to Wells, Fargo, & Co
Sign Fainter.
IIOLESALE nnd Retail Denier in Hardware,
Agricultural Implements, Bar Iron, Steel and
Iron-Mongery, and stove and Tinware of every description. Glass and rockery Ware, SVood and Willow-
Ware, &c
Begs to inform his friends and the public, that he
has the largest assortment of the abovo on this Island
which ho offers for sale at   ho lowest rates.
October 4, 1850. o4-3m
nnd  GROCERIES.—An   assortment
for Sale,
For sale,
ttti-ly nothing in their estimation, and would be deemed
by the Emperor.    He would regard it us an indignity
i>r 11 minister from a friendly nation to come to his cap-
' and   refuse to seo him, when he  required so much
fss of him than ho did of his own courtiers ; besides
llich the President world bo offended with him for not
liuwing propor respect to his envoy.    In some Europo-
In Courts, evon iu the English, persons knelt before the
faveroign when presented to him, and it was no moro
progatory to do so hero than there. They did not beside to say they regarded the homage paid their Slou-
fch as of the same sort as thnt given to gods, and
ould oven burn incense to thc President as well as
iko tho kotow to him, if required at Washington, in
Nor to manifest eniire respect. 'You are a Plonlpo-
Iiitiary,' said Hwashunn, turning to Mr. Ward, 'and
plainly have full power to do such an act.' 'I mil-
pt invested with power sullicicnt to change the laws
id usages of my country, and cannot do anything to
grade it,' was Mr. Ward's reply."
[,"11)11 SALE,
.lust arrived.
10 hhds Jcffry's Celebrated Edinburgh Ale,
2(1 casks Bynss's Ale, in Pints.
J BEGG, practical Gardener andNiirsory-niaii, having
obtained the agency for the sale of Fruit Trees from
ome of the best Nurseries in Oregon and California,
will bo happy to supply farmers and others with the
choicest, descriptions of Fruit Trees, at the lowest market prices. J. 11. will also attend to the planting out
of trees, if required. All trees planted by him will be
warranted to grow, and true to name. I-"or particulars
apply at the ollice of the " Now Westminster Times."
N.B.—Gardens, Orchards, and public, parks, will be
laid out on the best principles, and most reasonable
terms. The fall is the proper season for planting out
trees. sl0-3m
tor §1.00 each including baggage.
FUST RECEIVED and for sale
2500 lbs BergllijS Celebrated Family Soap ;
400 lbs English SVhite do
500 lbs French Sperm Candles;
500 lbs Now Ziinte Currants ;
200 lbs candied itron ;
50 doz. California Corn Brooms, assort'd sizes
Salt Salmon in casks for export.
d3-tc Cor. Government and Yates street
Salt Spring Island Store
TIIE subscriber having received consignments of
Flour, Groceries, and Provisions, Dry Goods,
Hardware, kc, will open a store at his Farm on iSalt-
spring island, about tho 15th inst. All goods will be
sold for cash, at Victoria prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such ns shingles, deer, grouse,
furs, kc, taken in exchange fur goods.
Positively no credit will be given.
New style noiseless
/' .1 M II Y   SEW I N G   M A CIIIN E S,
From $75 upwards.
THEY were awarded  Two  Premiums nt the State
Fair!    One for Machine  sewing, and  the only
Premium for Fancy Quilting and Embroidery.
These Machines sew from two spools, as purchased
from the store, requiring no re-winding of thread, and
finishing each seam by their own oportitio* ,without
recourse to the hand needle, as is required oy other
machines. Ou account of their simplicity, durability
ease of management, and adaptation to all varieties 0
family sowing, they execute either heavy or fine work
with equal facility, and without special adjustment.
The New Machines introduced by the
Arc of elegant finish, and their operation is rapid am
very quiet. The ease with which they can be managed
is a distinguishing feature, and the stitch is thc strongest
handsomest, and most clastic uf any made.
Send for 11 circular.   All Machines Warranted.
II. G. BROWN, Agent,
18 Slontgomery street,
d3-lm San Francisco
* puny are now prepared to execute orders for Refined Loaf and Crushed Sugars for export, at the current prices ruling for Eastern Retried sugars, the
purchasers receiving the benefit of the drawback allowed by the United States Government of 011c and a
half cents per pound upon the quantity co exported.
Applvto BOND k HALE, Agents,
nl9-tc 50 and Gl Sansomc st. Sau Francisco.
N. B. Choice kinds of Fruit Trees,
mud and for sale at reasonable rates.
kc, always on
Xiuigloy Hotel.
WWINNAHl), PnoriiiETon, Fort Lungley, British
.    Columbia.
The Proprietor of the Langley Hotel, having re-built
and enlarged his establishment, nnd furnished it so ns
to afford First lnss Accommodation to the travelling
public, respectfully solicits a continuance oftho liberal
patronage hitherto bestowed on him. His table is always supplied with everything the market affords, and
served iu the best stylo. Single rooms can always be
had. The sleeping apartments arc furnished with
good beds. The host liquors will always be found at
tho Bar. Travellers passing up or down the river, may
always depend on finding the best accommodation at
the Langley Hotel. »
B^"Storagc for merchandise on reasonable terms.
Fort Langley, B. ., Oct. 29, 1859. no-ltc
and recent arrivals:
50 boxes Candles,
100 bbls Self-Raising and Golden Gate Flour,
3000 lbs Bacon (choice),
25 lirkius Hope Butter,
20 sacks Java Coffee,
25 bags Rio Coffee;
10 chests Superior Black Tea,
20 bbls Crushed Sugar,
Lobsters, Oysters,
Worcester Sauce, J k II Lard,
Pickles, Syrup, .tc. .tc,
In store and for sale at low rates by
Yates street, near Waddington.
N. B.—A choice lot of Fuesh Butteu for Family use.
'[SENDERS are invited for BILLS in sums not less
A than £250, drawn 01. lhc LORDS COMMISSIONERS
of Her .Majesty's Treasury, London.
September 1th, 1859. Treasurer.
1",HE Rev. W. F. CLARKE begs to announce that it
is his intention to open on Slonday next, the 9th
111st., in the Congregational Lecture Room, near the
Episcopal Church, an Academy, where a limited number of Young Ladies and Gentleman, will be received
for instruction in the ordinary branches of a thorough
English education.
Tho morals of the pupils will bo carefully guarded,
and while no denominational tenets will bo inculcated,
thc religious faculty will not be neglected.
ifours of tuition 10 to 12, and I to 3.
Strict punctuality will bo enforced, and no deduction
rmide for lost time.
Terms S10 por quarter of ton weeks, payable invariably in advance.
Victoria, V. I., Jim. 1st, 18G0. j2-lm
Under the especial patronage, of
Her  Majesty the Queen,  II.  R.  II.  Prince Albert,
The  court and Royal Family of Great Britain, the
several sovereigns of Europe, and universally
preferred and esteemed.
Rowlands' Macassar Oil.
Is justly renowned throughout the world for its remarkable virtues in nourishing, preserving, nnd beautifying thc Human Hair. For children it is especially
recommended, as forming thc basis of a beautiful head
of hair, and rendering the use of the fine-comb unnecessary.—Price 3». Gd. and Is. Family Bottles (equal
to four small) 10». lid., and double that size, 21j. per
Intebestint, Fact.—The following singular nd au
thentic ease of restoration of the human hair is worthy
of observation, more particularly as tt relates to an article of high and universal repute during the lust half
century. Mr. A. Herrmann, of Queen street, Soho, had
been quite bnld for some time past, and had tried var1-
ous preparations for the recovery of his hair, but without any beneficial result. He was then induoed to try
the clfocts of " Rowlands' Macassar Oil;" and after
daily applying it for nbout two months, he, much to
his gratification, had his hair quite restored, nnd now
possesses a beautiful head of hair. This fact speaks
loo strongly for itself to require comment,—Bell's Weekly Messenger.
Rowland's Hair Wash.
A preparation from the choicest Oriental Herbs, of
peculiarly mild and detersive properties, lt pleasingly
nnd effectually cleanses the hair and skin of the Head
from scurf and every species of impurity, and imparts
a delicate fragrance, lt i3 particularly recommended
to bo used after Bathing, as it will prevent the probability of catching cold in the head, and will render the
hair dry in a few minutes.     Price 3». lid. per bottle.
Rowland's Kalydor.
An Oriental Balsamic preparation of unfailing cllica-
cy in thoroughly purifying tlie skin from all Pimples,
Spots, Blotches, Redness, Freckles, Tan, and Discolora-
tions ; in producing a healthy freshness and transparency of Complexion, and a softness and delicacy of the
hands and arms. During tho heatand dust of summer, |
or frosts nnd bleak winds of winter, and in cases ot!
sunburn, stings of insects, chilblains, chapped skin, or
incidental inflammation, its virtues have long and ex- j
tensivcly boon acknowledged. Price 4*. 6d, and 8s. lid
per bottle.
Rowland's Odonto,
A White Powder, composed of the choicest and
must recherche Ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, of
Inestimable virtue in preserving and beautifying thc
Teeth, strengthening tho Gums, and in rendering the
breath sweet and pure.   Price 2s. f)d. per box.
Important Information.
Unprincipled Shopkeepers, fur the sake of getting a
trifle more profit, vend tho most Bpurious compounds,
under the same names. It is therefore highly necessary
to see that the word " Rowlands," is on lhc wrapper of
each article. Sold by the Proprietors,
V ROWLAND k SONS, 20 Hatton Garden, London
And by Chemists and Perfumers,
IjlOR SALE, Si! Ions ol'Nunuinw ('oul, just received,
'   ex schr Osprcy, delivered in the harbors uf Esquimau or Victoria, if required.
jiml I -3t Victoria.
FOR the greater convenience of thc public,, the
- YinjNO Mbns' Christian Association have- removed Ihcir Reading Room to thc front room o« the-
ground floor of the house of Dr. Dickson, opposite the
Bastion, Government stueet.
Thc public aro invited to become subscribers to this
room, on the table of which will be found the Times,
Illustrated News, Saturday Review, Athenatum, Record,
Watchman, Patriot, Scotsman, Melbourne Argus, New
York Herald, Weekly Bulletin, Montreal Witness, Victoria
Gazette, British Colonist, New "Westminster Times, and
othor newspapers.
Thc room is comfortably furnished nnd will be fonnd
a pleasant resort in which to spend a leisure hour.
Open from 5 to 10 o'clock, every evening, Sundays excepted. Subscription six shillings, or one dollar and a
half per quarter.
The Secretary will be in attendance every Monday
and Thursday evening, from (i to 1 o'clock, to receive
subscribers names.
N. B. Donations of Newspapers, Magazines, or Books
thankfully received.
d3-lm JOHN COOPER, Sec.
N 8-IIorsc  Power  High   Pressure   Engine,   wi
Boiler and Connections, complete-,.
F'or sub- by
TIIE Lower portion of the Brick Building occupied
by the New   Westminster  Times Ollice, in rear of
Stationer's Hull.   Apply to
118-te Messrs. HIBBEN „fc CARSWELL.
SARAH FLOORS.—Should this meet tho eye of the
above, who married Luke SIui.i.oy, on communicating with Edward Flooksr Mclkshnm, Wiltshire,
England, or with Job G. Flunks, 11. SI. s. Tribune, Esquimau, Vancouvor Island, she will hear of something
lo her advantage. d!0-3tt
Commission   Merchant,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia street, New Westminster,
British Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready for 500 to 1000
tons Merchandise; consignments received, duties
paid, and all orders for tlie mines for Flour, Bacon,
Bonus, and other goods immediately attended to.
Great advantages accrue to parties importing direct
to New Westminster, who will meet witli immediate sale
for cargoes of staple goods. ,     dV-tc
MR. E. MALLANDAIME, AnciiiTECT, of over three
yours' experience in tuition, son of the late Col.
John Miilhinduine, II. E. 1. C. S., takes the opportunity of
informing Parents and Guardians, and the general residents of Victoria, British Columbia, and California, that
he has purchased the above School of Sir. J, Silversmith.
In assuming thc sole direction, and while calling attention to the great advantage uf- his central situation, Sir.
E. M. would state that it is his intention to receive, ns
usual, children of both sexes—and instruct in all the
elementary branches of nn English education : the girls,
in addition, being taught Plain Noodle-Work, by a competent teacher, whoso attendance E. M. has secured.
More advanced pupils wilt be instructed in regular
courses iu Penmanship, Declamation, Arithmetic,
French, English and French Composition and Grammar, English nnd American History, Geography,
and finally, in the Elements of Euclid, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry nnd Astronomy.
Private lessons in any of the above ; also in Drawing, Mensuration, Elementary Algebra, and thc principles of Architecture and Design.
For terms and further particulars sec Prospectus,
which may be had on application to
N. B.—Evening School also from 4 till 1 p. m., and 8J
till 10, for the convenience of adults, or children engaged during the day.
MM. los Francriis soul invites a fuirc un cours d'Ang-
lais le soir on a envoyer a l'ecolo lours enfants, a quo
Ion upprendra en outre, la Grammaire ct I'Histoiru
Francoises. j4-Im
MARCIIAND k CO., Assaycrs of Gold, Silver, and
ores of every description. Gold and silver
a: says made, nnd returns given within six hours in Bars
or coin, at the option of thc depositor. dl0-3ra
EfflH v
>» *
,-j >>
ThiTTew weTtminster times.
5l)ippiiui JntciTujeiitt.
Jan 12—Sloop Young Growler, Miller, Whitby Island,
str Eliza Anderson, Wright, New Westminster.
Jan 111—schr Harriot, Collin. Purt Townsend.
str Otter Slouat, New Westminster,
schr Kossuth, Foster, Porl Townsend.
Jan ID—Str.  Eliza Anderson, Wright, New  Westminster.
sir Columbia,.Dull, San Francisco,
schr Amelia, Thornton, Port Townsend.
schr Wild Pigeon. Saunders, Port Townsend.
schr Lone Star, Kimmel, San Juan.
schr Lizzie Roberts, Ure, Port Townsend.
schr Lungley, Dolhnlt, Salt Spring Island.
sloop Sherman, Whitford, Purt Townsend.
Jan. i'i—Sir Eliza Anderson, AV right, I'orl Townsend
Sell I.alia Rookh, Rodger*,, I'm", Townsend.
.Ian. 18—Schr Royal Charlie, Jenkins, Naiiaiimi.
Jan. 19—Schr Black Hawk, Kennedy, Sooke.
Jan 12—str Labouchere, S'waiison, X. \\". Coast,
sir E Anderson, Wright, Port Townsend,
schr Pilot, Hanson, San .lu.in.
schr Carolcnii, .June-. N'liuaitno.
Sluup Dnshnway, Costello, Sail Spring Island.
.Ian 1,'!—Schooner Voung Growler,  Slider, Whitby
Schr  Cadboro. Briggs, Naniiinio.
.Ian 10—Sir Columbia, Hail. San Francisco.
str Otter, Slouat, New Westminster,
schr Lizzie Roberts, Ure, Sau Juan,
schr Langley, Dolholt, N'annimu..
Caime Victoria, O'Neil, San Juan.
,Ian IT—schr Furl Hope. Colston, New  Westminster.
schr Lnlln Rookh, Rogers, Port Townsend.
sir Eliza Anderson, Wright, New Westminster.
Jan. 18—Schr. Royal Charlie, Jenkins, Niinaiino.
nnd nre charged colonial postage on all letters leaving
the colony, but have to pay nothing for letters arriving
in it, which appears to  us as rather weak legislation
Supposing the expresses were to pay 10 cents on letters and 2 cents on papers leaving and arriving, it would
raise the revenue to nearly double, or making duo allowance for the small amount of papers curried by the
companies, £123 per month, this would give a yearly-
revenue of £1,500. To this must be added the proceeds
of the now private boxes, which■ would raise it to £1530.
The expenses ofthe department, cannot at the outside,
exceed £000 per annum, and a surplus would thus be
left of £950, which might be devoted either to-the general purposes ofthe Colony, or to-become, (as we think
would be far better) the nucleus ofa sum to be devoted
lo tho encouragement of a mail, service between this
and San Francisco. Supposing we have (there is a
demand for them) double the amount of private boxes,
and were to raise the postage to 25 cents for a time (as
has been proposed) the clear profit to the department
would he £2,500 per annum, a respectable sum. No
matter to what purposo Iho surplus proceeds of this department are devoted, it is the duly of Government to
obtain all the revenue from it possible; und the only
way In make il speedily effective, is In make it capable
of supporting itself and tho country, in the true sense
of the word.
Iu these few remarks, we have only taken thc statistics of the colony as it is, but in the event of its bccom-l
uig rapidly populated, to which we all look forward,
such figures would vanish, and bo supplied, we trust,
by others which would enable the government to lower
the rales of postage, and obtain largo returns.
Election, having rejoice
had been taken care of
Fined five shilling-.
Wages.—The owner
summoned by Peter Slyer
The testimony as tu acnutrac
Ta7 the result a little too freely jy  Sir. Hum]
irey sworn.—On the night ofthe 24th inst.
by thoganrdians ofthe nij
lit." iI was  called   u]
tn arrest  a  man  for  shooting at
of the Schooner Fort Hope, was | who called upon me to ar
for fifty three days wages, house; kept   by i^ma.i
ther.    I wont in search of the prisoner, with the ma
est him.    I found him in a
named Clnriss; Iwent up to
t, was very unsatisfactory,
him and told him I wanted him to go with me to jail
id his SVorship advised ils settlemcn
tout of Court.
Mr. P
for the defendant.
and told him t
hat if he resisted. 1 would shoot him ; he
tive with increased power to use thc army and nav
discretion; und "enlarges upon Harper's Ferry anI.f I
Union. e'
The Herald's correspondent says that Messrs. B1--
nnd Howard are in Washington to contest the seats"",
Barrett, of the St. Louis, -Missouri, district, and Conn
of the Detroit, Michigan, district.   ""
Mr. Bayley the Superintendant, applic
.immediately produced a pistol and said, " I will shoot
d for a further'you."    Sly pistol was out ot order, and I could not fire j
They are boft:'
the case o
f Becker, othor ca
ies having  been  '
t.   I then requested Mr. Sherrntt the tailor, to assist
iscovcrcd, in which he is implicated.
His Worship named 10 o'clock to morrow.
bo did so and I conveyed  him to jail.    I took my
itisc I  had heard that thc prisoner
1 pistol  with me  In
' had, on several ucca
Ions, threatened my life.   I knew case of an em
Wednesday Jan. 18th.
The Court mctpersunnt to adjournment, at 12 o'clock.
The Magistrates on the Bench, were Messrs Langford,
Pemberton, and Naglo.
After a lapse of half an hour, tho Attorney Cenrrul
made his appearance with the papers, and at 1 P. SI.,
the pannol of the Grand Jury was called. A number
of them did not answer to their names, ami lhc list had
to be filled up from the Potty Jury sheet. Mr. 0. B.
Young Foreman. A. Waddington, J. Southgate. J.
Correy, A. J. Langley, Robertson Stewart, J. D, Gush-
eon, A. F. Slain, 1). Lauevero, J. Caswell, B.'Griffen, J.
Wilcox, J. Reed. Alex. Edgar, anil J. W. Mackay.
The Attorney General then informed the Court, that
he withdrew the charges against Carroll, Jones, Rou-
cheir and Robarl : there not being sufficient evidence
lo ensure a conviction.
The petty jury were then called and dismissed
10 o'clock, Thursday.
! his application foi
; - ,:.    SI''. Ril
him to be a desperate character, and that in California
if desparadoes culled Joachims
■\\mal  Intelligence.
£   s. d.
One Inch, on under,—Cue iaserUon,  0'   5 0
"              "            One month  I) in i)
"             "           Threo months  2   n o
"             "           Six months,....  .'! 10 0
Two Inches, oh less,—One insertion,  0   S 0.
•'               "            One month   14 0;
-  "                         Three months  ,'1  10 0--
"              "            Six months  (I    0 (I
Font fxciii-:s,\)u less—One insertion  0 15 0
'               "            One mouth,  2    -t 0
'               "           Three  months,  ii    0 0
Advertisements of larger dimensions, or for longer
periods,, ns per agreement..
%k Itch) ('UbtininsfiT ones. |
11. SI. Ship " Tribune " Captain Hornby, will sail for
England on Tuesday or Wednesday- next. The departure nf Ibis vessel will ho much regretted by all classes
of the community. The "Tribunes" will long be remembered, and thoy will take with them the hearty
good wishes of the Colonists.
cencc for i
it, on ill.-;
sioil a I ' '
sion I'-jin,.
from iho I-
ihe applici
other side
England could not I
ferred to the lota'
have, heretofore act
•n ron
was one ofa gang of flcs^
gang, and I deem it my duly to state, that from what I
know of him, 1 believe that the first opportunity he gets,
ho will try to kill mc.
Court.—had he his pistol in his hand when yon
entered the house ?
Cross-examined by prisoner.—You (old me that you
would shoot me. You did not resist while iu the street,
but I thought you would, and I struck you un the head
with tho butt of my pistol. I knew him tn be a desperate character, and was determined to kill him, rather
than lot him escape. I shot at you twice to make you
keep quiet, ns 1 heard some Mexicans behind, and
thought a rescne would bo attempted. You did not
resist at that time.
Sir. Sherrett, the jailor, wns also sworn, nnd corroba-
riited the cvidenca of Sir. Humphrey's. Tho prisoner
was cuininittel for trial, and sent to Victoria for safe
guine of success, whatever the organization maybe
That blasphemous old  wretch, Parson Brownlo
who is constantly saying  hard things of the Nort!'
inini,. rnmoi-l-iji', that he intended to give his famil
; to bury him in a Yankee coffin • b
orgency should they be forced to d
that they must leave both ends open, so that when t? I
devil or Abolitionists came at one end he could
out at thc other.
cram I
il hail not
Sir. Cary
11   qu
-1 laid
;in   Ai
jC'occil intelligence.
Tin; appcaruiico of an advertisement, in our
issue of Wednesday, calling for Tenders from
those desirous of oBnlji'ticting for .currying out
certain improvements necessary to render
the Harrison river nrtvigfiblo for small Stcam-
ors, such as the "Col. .Moody" and "Gdvernor
Douglas," appears to havo given some dissatisfaction, and tho Colonist yesterday, has an
article upon the subject, in which various insinuations arc thrown out, which arc not, by
any means called for. The British Columbian
Steam Navigation Company, some'timo since,
made proposals to the (iovonimcnt to carry
out the required improvements, which -would
open out. the Navigation so as to enable
Steamers to reach Porl Douglas at all seasons
of fcho year, the Company guaranteeing to convey freight, from Victoria to Port Douglas and
Fort Hope, lor twenty-five dollars a ton, and
carry out certain other most advantageous
arrangements, Considering the circumstance
that freight lias hitherto rarely been taken
up the Fi'iizer river at a less rate than §70 or]
§75, thc terms proposed by the alcove-mentioned Company appear to be very lair. The Government, however, are desirous of receiving
tenders, with a view of ascertaining whether
any other parties can undertake the works,
required, upon more advantageous terms to ilie
public, and by so troiiig appears to have called
down the indignation of the Colonist, which cha-'
ractorizes this straightforward proceeding as
"another job." We are abovo all things del
siroiis that none but tlie most liberal measures
should bo adopted with regard to the river
navigation iu llrilisli Columbia, and therefore
as there appears lo be some difference of opin-j
in as tii the desirability of accepting thc jm*< -
posal of tho , Company, we refrain from recording our ideas un i ho subject, with a view
to giving further timo for tho expression o*'
public sentiment.
Assay Offioe.—We are informed that the assay office
will be  established at Now Westminster, and thataj
fire proof building will in all probability be shortly
erected for this department.
Xavioation or   Harrison ' River:—We  understand
that ii proposal has been made to the  Government,   by.'
the liritish Columbian Steam navigation Company,  to
undertake the outlay required to open  up  the liavig.".,,
tion of Harrison River,  so  that Steamers  may reach
Port Douglas at all seasons ofthe year,  and the Company will guarentee to convey Freight from Victoria  to |
Port Douglas, and Fort Hope, at a rate not exceeding
§25 a ton, upon  condition of the Government paying
to the Company, for a certain period all tolls that may ,
be levied on Steam Vessels  to reimburse  the  outlay.!
We notice in our columns of to day, no advertisement
for tenders for the work in question, and soweprcsume
tlio Government has not closed with the offer made,!
and perhaps, wisely so, although we trust,   it  will not)
bo hastily refused, for with past experience  before  our
eyes ofthe evil effects of undue combination, by which
competition is rendered inoperative, and the country, in
the end   impoverished,  the certainty of providing a
c leap rale of transport us far as Douglas and Hope, is a
matter not to bo lightly dealt with.
New CiiCRCH.—Il is with great pleasure that we have j
to announce tluitit is tho intention (D. \'.) uf His Lord- j
ship the Bishop ot liritish Columbia, to proceed shortly
iu New AVestminstor, tu choose n site for the iinmcdiutb
erection of a  Church for that City.    Wc have  hoard
mentioned the names of several gentlemen who have
handsomely come forward with  subscriptions of §100 i
each, to  aid in that christian  object.
Slu. PiI.oomeiei.ii the unfortunate gentleman who was*
■drowned in his endeavors to reach tbo  shore  from tie
wreck of the Northerner, wns the son ofthe late Bishop
of London.   Ho purposed settling in this Colony.   I!l-;
f'. ■ jumping overboard, he requested that, if any of tho
passengers  should survive,  he should feel obliged by1
liiein mentioning io Colonel Moody, or Captain Torrens,
nt Victoria, that he had lost his life—in case he should
perish in his endeavors to reach the shore.
The election of a representative for the lake district':
.took plaec yesterday, when Major Foster was returned
by a 1 rge majority: There was a groat deal of excitement and fun going on at the poll, among other things
two fair stand up lights wore noticed. At the close the
numbers  were :—
Foster ,*12.
Duncan 7.
,-n, that
On the
llu • tho l.i'ens o law of
to this olouy, and re-
ictoria, upon which they
,vhich gave them large discretionary power. Alter ninch learned consultation the
Court decided, under lhc special circumstances ( which
ere already before the public) tn grant the License.
The Chairman enforcing the determination of the Magistrates nm to give any moi
table Hotels.
Sir. Wight then applied for a license on behalf of Sir.
Lee, who is about to erect a Family Hotel after the English style. The plan of the building was showu in
Court, which agreed to grant a license provided the
[dan was carried into effect.
Thursday Jan. 10th.
The same magistrates appeared nn the Bench.
lieker, for stealing gold dust from the Schooner Henrietta, was arraigned and pleaded guilty, by the advice of
his council, Sir. Ring, -who made an appeal to the-beneh,
nut only on account ofthe prisoner's long confinement
in jail, but for the contrition he had shown, nnd its
being his first offence.
The Attorney General, however, regretted to inform
the court, that his knowledge of him in liritish Columbia, led ton suspicion that he hnd been engaged in other
affairs nut very much to his credit. The Court domerrcd
the sentence.
E. F. Boycc, charged with knowingly using r. Ise
weights tu weigh gold, he acting as purser on bonrd
the Eliza Anderson, llo pleaded not guilty to the indi '-
ment, when tbe following jury were .-worn ; Mr. McKay,
(foreman) .1. 1). Carroll, J. D. Richardson, .1. J. Crosby.
,1. Warner, J. Parker, T. Phelnn, 11. Lewis, AUx.
Phillips, J. G. Wilkinson. Jacob Roiktnan, John Unwell.
The Att. Gen., who prosecuted fur the Crown, laid
the case before the jury, which has been fully reported
in our Police records.    Arthur Todd   proved  th.it   he
We a
nol responsible for the opinions of our correspond,
ents. Every communication must have a bona fide
signature attached, to ensure publication.
To th,
Editor Victoria Gazette.
Victoria, V. I., Jan. 18G0.
Sir,—The recent proclamation granting the privilege
of pre-empting land, has mot wilh n gnu ! reception,
nnd ill it wants, in my opinion, is that the price of land
should be fixed, nt one dollar an acre. If this be dune,
icenses, except to respec- j we shall doubtless have a large immigration into llrilisli
I Columbia, but otherwise, I fear wc cannot show suf-
ciont ground upon which to convinced people that thoy
should pay 10s. perae.ro fur land which certainly is nut
better than that in Washington Territory or Oregon,
ivhich can be had for one dollar an acre.
Yours obediently,
British Columbian.
[We perfectly coincide with our corresponded* and we
will iln all in our power to got tho price of laud lixed at
one dotlarpcr aero. It is absurd lo suppose ..thal.any
man will pay twice ns much for land in British Colum
bia as he can get ii for in the adjoining Terrii
fancy this needs only to bs pointed o'.'.t to be
.ry.    We
To the Ed
Sin :—SVe
Shears' " sic
i..    I i witm
a re
d with a few more of
is. It is perfectly horrify -
llounderings in his muddy
in , [physical dissertation in yesterday's Colonist of some
coiiiinii and u hulf, to prove that social rights were
entirely distinct from political ones. Poor fellow, his
■•dipping ' into Blackstonc, has only exemplified thc
saying, that a •' little learning is a*dangcrou iinng."
Would he only pay a little more attention to syntax,
eschew California pawnbroking experiences, and take
the oath of allegiance to Great Britain, he would, in
ivoii! giving the editor ofthe Colonist a
severe hit, which wns intended for Ihe editor nf the Ga-
A great hue-and-cry has been raised because Sens,
tor Seward said there was an irrepressible conflict ht
twecn free nnd slave labor. The same thing has bee' !
said in substance for years by tho leading editors an!
orators of the South, nnd yet our Northern dounl
faced democrats never dared to say a word.
St. Louis, Dec. 12, 1859
No Speaker lias been elected ns yet by the Rouseo,'
Representatives, and consequently the Message of |J
President bus not been made public. Tbe Speakers^,
contest has been prolonged by the fUlibustering of ii,.
Southerners upon Helper's book, nnd thus fur ihd
have succeeded in defeating the organization. It I
now generally conceded flint a majority vote mart,
had for a plurarity rule, and under its operation&V.
mill' will most likely be oloeted.
The debates in the Houso during the week harebceil
very violent, and a resort to blows has only been ore.!
vented by the cool headed upon both sides, n.
Southerners nre doing all they can to precipitate a Hi
and linger A. l'ryor oven intimated that they vronU
prevent Sherman's election to the Chair by all th*
means in their power. It was supposed that he mean i
force, but he explained by staling that he referred onhl
to all proper parliamentary tactics and rules. l'rv'^l
was badly worsted in a contest on tbo Union wlttaTu.
nosseo Nelson, n South American, who said that |£
South would not regard the election of a Black 1*
publican President as a signal for dissolving tho Unlet
but would wait son. net of oppression towards 4
South. l'ryor took the opposite ground. Nelsui
quoted Pryor's editorial article, declaring that thm
was "a stench upon the highways and byways frm
Democratic corruption." This quotation turned lanA
ter upon Sir. l'ryor, in the midst of which be quietli
subsided. The Republicans are. allowing tho Souther!,
uers to exhaust the slavery agitation, though there hn
been some cross-firing between tho two parties. II
Greely recommends the Republicans not to discuss ill
matter now, but to insist first upon Iho organization
The loss of Briggs and Carter, of New York win
claim to bo North Americans, though elected by lit.
publican votes solely upon a direct ballot, will It
counterbalanced by their votes in favor of n pliwilin
in tho manger" with regard to the colored
A.  I!
o of
It is a conceded fact on all hands that Itevcnuc is
required iu cany on iln- Guvernmeut of this Colony,
and ihat ut once. The only way in which taxafion can
be made practicable by any people is by combining
comfort-with the necessary evil ns. much as possible;,
or in oilier words, giving an equivalent for thc nioncv
idrawn from individual purses. In considering this
great question of taxation, il is obviously ihe duty ol
Govornmont to neglect no object, however small that
may contribute lu ihe grout cud iu view. Anion .;
other things, wo think thu Post office might bo mado
the source of a much larger Revenue than il. i^ at
present. Tho rale uf colonial postage is comparatively
low. Five cents is u coin thnt is uot easily attainable.
Why not,, therefore, nt once raise the rate of pi , ig .
and see that il is iu nu instance avoided. As nearly
as wo can gather, tiie statistics nro as follows:—About
2200 letters arrive here every month un an average,
with 2000 newspapers. And about 1400 letters, with
about 000 newspapers are despatched. On every letter
o cents colonial postage is paid, whether it is received
or sent away, and 1 cent ou every newspaper. Raise
the rate to 10 cents (which even hero is loss than the
price of a drink) on letters, and 2 cents on papers and
allowing for letters free nnd unclaimed, wo have a
monthly revenue uf illi'l. To this must be added tho
postage on letters dropped, and taking them at thc law
average of 100 per month, wo should make tho monthly
revenue £05. Now, tbe expresses carry, we imagine,
about the .smile number of letters as the Post office,
Loss of the Northerner.—ltcv. W. F. Clarke
improve this sad event by a suitable discourse in
Congregational Lecture Room, next Lord's Day oven
n.t half past six o'clock.
The now steamer Henrietta, belonging to Sir. SI
of Ibis town, went on a trial trip yesterday. Thc re
was very satisfactory.    The Henrietta  is designed
the, Fraser River navigation.
The schr. Flying Slist, Berry, master, with a carg
live stock from Port, Townsend, was reported on si
oil' Ross's farm, yesterday afternoon.   A sloop im
dlately put out of the harbor to her assistance,
were  unablo   to gather  further   particulars   of
Opknixg Services.—The New Congregational Church,
Fiirt Street, wns opened for divine service last Sunday,
the LOtli inst, when suitable sermons were preached in
the morning und evening, by the Rev. Matbow Macfie,
and in the afternoon, hy ihe Rev. Dr. Evans, stiperinlen-
" ,t nf lb Wesloyan Coloninl .Mission. Largo and
respectuuie congregations were prsscnt nt each service ;
in addition to tlie ordinary hymn music, anthems were
sung iu admirable taste by the choir, wilh the accompaniment of the nielodion, ou which Sir. Bailey, Jr.,
performed with superior ability. The church and lot
are said to be valued at ^2,700. The structure is 30
by 00 feet; with a vestry attached, 10 by 12 feet. Tho
pulpit is decorated with Gothic tracery, and the pews
are made tn accommodate above IJ0I) persons. There
is un elegant porch iu front, approached by a flight of
steps ot some distance from Ihe side walk; Iho front is
lighted by two gothic windows, and the sides by eight;
neat palisades inclosing tlie premises before and behind.
II is only intended this edifice should be temporary, and
givo plucc, when the colony advances, to one ofa larger
und mure substantial order.
paid $8 for his passage in gold dust at thc rate of Sl„„,
per ounce.    Thc dust was weighed with a lead  weight, Illl(J ,lrst P'ace
with which be did not feel sntislicd, and consulted with .
some n.-' his fellow miners who had been similarly treat-   ~"k;.™ "« second pl»ce, gel more credit for honesty :
ed.    Having his -eye open" and thinkingthut the "bigiau(1 i'"-' tlurd> cease to be in the pus, i uf ihe - dug iu
light weight was only lit for a shot bag," he was determined to test it, and entering the ollice when the Purser's buck was turned, ho took the opportunity of putting it into the scales, and found it equal to Sll iu dust,
llo then put it into his pocket.
Sir. Wight who appeared for the defence, upon eross
examination, elicited from Tudd, that Boyce asked him
tor twenty five cents tn niuke up the difference between
S7,7 5 at which he valued tho dust. A scuille eusued
to recover the weight, which was resisted by the miners.
Boyce offered to return any deficiency if they would try
it with the half ounce nnd grain weights.
Peter McDonald proved that ho objected to the weight,
and that Boyce was anxious to settle the matter, not
wishing his character to be brought in question, as he
only acted for another. Sir. McLougblan, the Purser of
the Col. Sloody, had assisted Mr. Stark, the regular
Purser of the Eliza Anderson, and used the leaden
weights, one representing SO, and the other S8.
The defence proved, that this was the first trip of
Sir. Boyce, and that the weight, wa.s handed In him us a
representative of the sum of $8, to avoid t! o use of the
smaller weight, and that he was ignorant uf the fact
that it was false.
Thc jury retired for consultation,.and returned a verdict of Nut Guilty, the accused having nu knowledaffl
that the weight was false. Thejury also stated throiijPI
their foreman "That wc are of opinion, that lliuso
weights have boon used fur the purposo of defrauding.
Attorney General:—When this ease came before mo,
I thought it tho best thing I could do to protect the
character of Mr. Buyce, wa3to bring him into Court.
Sir. Langford :—Sir. Boyce leaves this Court without
any stain upon his character.
Alex. SIcGee, of Johnson-street, was charged with
striking an Indian and otherwise assaulting him. If
appeared that the Indian had been in tho employ oftho
accused, and a quarter dollar not being forthcoming,
he was charged with theft, the rod skin gave the " lie
direct" lo McGec, who look the law into his own hands.
Iu consideration of the ].r (vocation. His Worship fined
him in the mitigated penalty of $2, with a warning nol
to bo so rush another time.
Applied for warrant against the Indian, but found
himself too late, fur the abovo reason.
Hooker's ease was again remanded.
The SIanktta Gambling Case.—Theappcal in
Case from the Sbigislrate's Court was successful
decision of Sir. Pemberton being rescinded.
The Court then adjourned.
This person writes a second loiter of his series from
Paris to the Irishman, counselling tho "nationalists" of
Ireland " lu be prepared." Ho expects ore long to SCO
Gibraltar, as the key of the .Mediterranean, and San
Juan, as the key of the Columbian archipelago, wrested
from " the swindler and usurer nf nations"—England;
then, ho adds, on behalf of his brother " Celts"—
" happy if we can but prepare ourselves tn rise to our
own feet and stand erect upon our own soil when the
felonious gripe is loosened from our throats."—Illus.
Lon. News.
Thames Tunnel.—J. R. Maclean, Esq., is busily on-
gaged preparing plans, and is going to Parliament for
a Bill tu convert the Thames Tunnel into a railway
with branches to unite all the railways on each side of
Iho river. Un the Surrey side ho will come out at
.Sew Cross. If it be accomplished, and there is no
dniibt nf it, it will bo a great boon to nil Ihe companies
and docks. SVe are indebted to this information from
a private source.
Iu tho London Times, advertisements appear that a
society has been formed (French and English) for procuring essays on the necessity of peace between France
and Engb'iul. TJio judges on the part of France nro
headed by SI. Thiers, and on that uf England by Lord
Brougham. Kach branch of thc Association oilers
£50 to the host essay.
The total number of vessels lost in tho late lfi day's
gale on the English coast previous to the Kith of Nov.
amounted to the large sum of 400.
A gentleman who arrived a few d.vysu age m-fe
schooner Junictta,  from   La  Paz,  Lower  California,
brought up wilh him thirteen sacks nf silver ore, being
from  certain   mines ho has  boon  working for several
yours in that  country.    These mines, some of whick
have boon worked by the Spaniards  many years ago,
are situated eight miles from Sfuertos Bay, a small but
excellent harbor, 54 miles south uf  La Paz.    Thialnr
is well protected, being' next ti) that of La Paz, the Wit
on the cost of Lower California, having an average depti
nf seven fathoms nf water.    The  mines  are severalli
named GltasilVO,   .Minn, Rica, Lu Fiirtuna,  Santa Cmi
and Nacinmentn, the three last mentioned being of modern   discovery.    The gentleman  in  question—who, ii
addition to a thorough scientific knowledge of miners'.
ogy, has had a long experience in ihe practical workio»[
of mines in various parts of Mexico—assured us thai]
with suitable machinery, this  nre  would  pay wellfml
smelting on tbe ground, ns it yields from $80 to Jlvl
dollars per ton.    It  can be  reduced,  under favoralilsl
circumstances, for $35 per ton,  there being an alnm-l
dance nf water in tho mines.    Peon   Labor can6e WI
at S3 dollars per week—SI extra for rations.    Fertr.tr.
seers and the like Si per day is paid, they finding themselves sin h provisions as the country produces, Deans,,
corn, panoche,   Beef. Ac,  are cheap; imported goodil
dear.    This ore could be d( livered iu S.m Fruui-isi-iifutJ
about $40 per ton.    Freight rom La Puz to Sun Francisco is $8 per ton; for   ore  in quantities it v,-ni:ld
hardly be S(i.
The ore is easily raised—large quantities being obtained at n depth of thirty or forty feet below the surface. From one of those mines live tons can bo ensilr
obtained. There nre, besides silver ore, sulphur, ulura
and copper, to be found plentifully in that part of Lnw-
er California, all of which our informant is of opinion,
might be shipped with profit if the business of colled'
ing thcin wore properly entered upon.
very eo
used iu
deuce I
that he
('',.,!: of Slu. Boyce :—It will bo soui by our re>-
th • cases tried by tbe Court nf Quarter Session".
■. Thomas Boyco, purser of Iho Eliza Anderson,
in acquitted ofthe. charge preferred against h..n
in    incc.   The verdict was,  in our opinion,  a
..   ;  one, viz.    "That  the weights had  been
r purposes of fraud, but that there was no ovi-
hat Sir. Boyce had any knowledge of thoir ille-
Slr.  Justice  Langford  informed  Sir.   Boyce,
left, the Court without the least stain on his cha-
and fully acquitted ofthe charge.
Gambling Affray at Pout Douglas.—The inhabitants of the above place were alarmed on thc nighl of
the 25th nil., by Ihe roport of lire-arms, and un hastening to the spot, found a Spaniard in the custody of Sir.
Humphrey the constable of the district, for shooting
at a miner wilh whom he had just then been gambling. The next morning the prisoner was brougbt beforo J. B. Gaggin, Esq., tbe magistrate, when the following evidence was given, a Sir. Bar acting
pre tor.
John Cloitgston being sworn, deposed us follows:—I
was at Dodge's Saloon on Saturday night playing
cards, when the prisoner came in ; ho was under tho
influence of liquor, he im ted on playing with us and
no objection was liiade; we played on for some time
when ho and me got into a dispute ; ho rose from the
la'olo and struck mo on tho bead with his upon hand,
tho third time he struck I pushed him nwny ; he then
The Stephens on her nrrivnl at Acapulco found Hint
it courier hnd arrived an hour previous from the oily of
.Mexico, with news to the effect that the famous ultimatum treaty of Sir. Ministor SloLunc, had been duly
ratified and signed at Vera Cruz. By its provisions, as
our readers are already aware, the U. S. Government
espouses the cause of the liberal party, and obtains
thereby its cordial co-opcrution in carrying out the
terms of the treaty, ft is agreed Hint Mexico shall
cede to the United States the right of way over the
Tehuantcpec, route nnd certain lands on either side,
free of all costs ; also Lower California ; a portion of
Sonora, as a foothold for the protection of American
interests in thai quarter; also, the right of our Government to introduce troops into thoir country, nt,
their option. The sum of Si0,000,000 is to bo paid by
tho United Slates, a groat portion of which is to be
retained for the purpose of satisfying claims, and to
as inter-1 provide munition for the use of such citizens ns shall
' enrol themselves in the army of the Liberal party, in
accordance with their pronnnciamontos. The news of
the signing of thc treaty caused great rejoicing among
Iho Juarez adherents throughout the country.
The courier also brought news of the imprisonment
at the city of Mexico, of Genornl Marquoz, for tho murder of Ormond Chase, of Maine, who was killed whilst
defending the person of the British Consul nt Topic.
There seems from reports by the overland mail to be
still some doubts as to thc final signing of the treaty
( Before Mr. Justice Pemberton.)
Tuesday Jan. 17th.
John Jones was charged with using threats to  Sergt.
Morgan of tlio Police, iu iho execution of his duty.
"When I catch you "said Jones "out of town, I'll fix
Bound over lo keep the peace.     Mr. Wight for  the
An old settler, who had been at thc Lake District
came after me and drew bis revolver, I stumbled over
I some person who was lying on the floor and ns 1 fell I nbovc named, but wo are  inclined to believe the stnte-
1 beard lhc report of a pistol.   I then crept under tho ment by tho Stephens is correct.
j billiard table, there were several persons under there. politics.
I board tbo prisoner come round the table enquirina _,,    r.           «.   v ,.      , ,-, .A„(i«. n««,™i».. i
1 .             ,   ' ,           ,   ., „ i,,,,, „f ,i,„ ,„i ,„ r..         * The Democratic NaUonal Executive Committee nave
1 or me, when he gor to the back ot the table 1 ran out ,      ,   .,   .   ,,      v ..      ,   „ „„„„.:„„   i„  i,„i i    ,
., ,,   ',              b ordered  that   the   National   Convention   be  held  at
ol the door.
Com i. —Did you strike him before he struck you
the prisoner bore is thc man
Court.—Are you sure
tkat fired nt you'?
No, but I saw him draw his revolver.
Cross-examined by the prisoner.—Thc difficulty commenced about tho cards—I was sober, you were drunk.
Charleston on the 2'Id of April next, and appointed a
committee on Printing, kc, to organize for the cam-
Mr. Creely telegraphs to tho Now S ork Tribune that
the President's Slossage fills seven columns of tho C'oii-
siiiution. It practically repeats the recommendation of
last year concerning Mexico, by investing tho Exccu-
1. Wearing thin   shoos   and  cotton stockings on
i damp nights, and in oool, rniny weather.    Wearing in-
sufficient clothing, and especially upon the limbs and
1 extremities.
2. Lending a life of enfeebling, stupid laziness. Ml
keeping the mind in an unnatural state of excitement
by reading trashy novels, Going to theatres, parties,
and balls iu all sorts of weather, in thc thinnest possible dross. Dancing till in a complete state of perspiration, and then going home, without sufficient over-garments, through the cool, damp air,
3. Sleeping on feather bods in scvcn-by-nlno bedrooms, without ventilation at the top of the windon'Si
and especially with two or throe persons in the slum
small, unvcntllntod bod-room.
4. A surfeiting nn hut and very stimulating dinner*
Eating in a hurry, without half masticating the food,
and eating hearty before going to bed every night, when
the mind and body nro exhausted by the toils of the
day, and Iho excitement of the evening.
5. Beginning in childhood on tea and rnlfee, nnd
going from one step to another, through chewing a*"1
smoking tobacco, anil drinking intoxicating li(l'|ori'
By personal abuse, and physical and mental excesses
| of every description.
ti.   Marrying in haste and getting nn   uncongeinn
companion, and living the remainder of life in meow
I dissatisfaction.     Cultivating jealousy   and   domcsWH
I broils and being always iu mental ferment. ,M
7. Keeping children quiet by giving paregoric an"^
I cordials, by teaching them to suck candy, and by ';UP'
plying them with raisins, nuts, nnd rich cake. SMiW
they are sick by giving mercury, turtor emetic nnd W*
sonic, under the mistaken notion that they arc ra"1'1'
cines, and not irritant poisons.
8. Allowing the love of gain to absorb our mind?i
so ns to allow no time to attend to health. FolIowinS
un unhealthy occupation because money can bo m™1
by it. ,
11. Tempting the appetite with bitters and nicctie*
when the stomach says no, and by forcing food into i
when nature does not demand, and even rejects it. «or*
niniidizing between menls.
10. Contriving to keep in a continual worry al)""
something or nothing.    Giving way to fits of anger.
lt. Being irregular in all our habits of sleeping »n
eating. Going to bed at midnight and getting "P ".
noon. Kating too much, too many kinds of food, lin
that which is too highly seasoned. ,
12. Neglecting to take proper care of ourselves, an
not applying early for medical advice when disease firs
appears.   Taking celebrated quack medicines to a
groe of making a drug shop ofthe body. ,^
The abovo causes produce moro sickness, sunerlll»
and death, than all tho epidemics, malaria, and con' ■
gion, combined with war, pestilence and f.imlne. He
lyall who live long havo been remarkable for eipi""1"
ily of temper, correct habits of diet, drink nnd res'-'
temperance, cheerfulness and morality.   Physical pi
ishment is sure to visit the transgression of Nntn    i
laws.    All commit suicide, and cut nir many ycn.rs    '
their natural life, who do not observo tho means ol P
venting disease and observing health. . ■
some of the Aldermen, has freely given bis £20—ia
quiet hint to the stingy Council of Guildhall, to open
their purses more widely. But all thc money in the
world will be of little use, unless it is strictly applied
to tbe purposes for which it is contributed. There
must be no thought of such  things n3 bands of music
On either side of thc Frascr Kiver, from Hope to Yale,
lore are continuous bars nnd flats, and it would, there-
re, be well to give a brief diseription of them.    The
trie of mining pursued in the various  localities, the to tilke Part in civic processions, till the business of a
neral rates of profits, and the  number of miners at ri"e corP3 is secured.    Buglers arc of course required,
cork. I nnd every officer and man should be acquainted with
The bar differs from the flat in this respect, that thctllosc sounds ns applicable to field movements; oboes,
rmer  ba3  little  or  no  top dirt to be  removed, but clarionets, and French horns are rather de trap.    They
crely requires the large  stones ',o be picked out,   and ure suggestive of grand public dinners, balls, and pro
lie dirt underneath is ready for tho rocker; by a bar, is cessions of which   there are already enough,  and to
Iciierallv understood, an elevated part of the bed of the 8I»arc, in the city.    Ii is true, my Lord Mayor Wire
Ivor, which is only covered nt high water,  about two suggests a separate fund for the band, but as there is !
|r three months in the year; it is only at certain  times, "ot tu0 much money accumulated for other purposes,i
■berefore, that the bars can be worked, and attention it were-wiser not to push the matter until the essentials |
Ins to bo turned to the Hats.   These comprise tho banks art' provided.
If the river, nnd the land that runs back from the river,      We llrc Bmd to sce t,,1't thc costume of the companies
■ml which, unlike the burs, is generally covered with a ls generally regulated by the county choice,
■orv heavy coating of sand,  sometimes  twenty feet in taclllt'i-te combined  action as  battalions.
;cpih, ami covered  with a growth of large trees, and grey are the favorite colors.   Grey perhaps is the worst
jick underbrush.    All this  bus to be removed either
A PERSON' of much experience offers her assistance tc those requiring thc same.
For further particulars and recommendations enquire
Johnson street, Victoria.
,    A    RESPECTABLE young woman  as servant in a
. J\_ private family.    Apply at this Office.
This will
Crcen and
between Yates and  S'icw sts., and  fac ing Trounce st
ANTED.—A good ordinary]
and Bridle.    Apply tu '
ditch is
>ly ten
y stripping by the bund, or by washing down by hy-
raulic power, and then the pay streak is*reached ; after
Hie immense labor thus expended, tho pay dirt is found
Hcrlinps only a few inches thich, und it is a matter of
■I'liculty to knnw whether it is worth the trouble uf
ti.diing; this of course, must be dune by sluicing, us
■poking would not unwscr; at thisjuncturc, however, the
■ni' er, perhaps, finds that no water is to be had, and
ftp.iin time is lust till the rainy season sets in, and
Hhi- ditches are filled. It will be of the utmost value
H. the future mining operations on tho extensive
tits nud the benches ofthe Fraser, to introduce stenm
jwer, whereby ample supplies of water may be obtained
fiiui the river itself, and forced to any distance or anv
;ht. l)n tbe present occasion, every locality visited
111 tliis in the month of September, was suffering from
want of wuler ; perhaps I hero were eight or ten
juices on one spot, nil idle, where one powerful engine
iu!d ' me supplied waler enough to keep twenty
lire- nt wink, a-id would pay both the minor aud
iprictor handsomely. On thc way from Hope to Yah'
[• next ! ni' in order is St. Clara; hero are about thirty
in ts at work, and the pay streak from 3 to 4 fee'.
Hjii k, prospecting 2 cents to the pan. und give a return
figs to $10 to the man per diem,   The cost of water
three bits  an  inch ; one mny, therefore   calculate
apiM the pri fits of water produced at all times by ste
^Twcr would be
ftrb" average uf wages, nnd the depth of pay  dirt,
Atn1 'i■■''".u bar. are the same a? at St. Clara; till
isfi..''u li nidri-d yards in length, andean  si
^p, e heads nf water.
Ml Paget .Sound bar. the pay d'rt decreases in t'.iick-
Hksto three or four inches, but will pay three dollars
^Bhiv with the rocker. A small Island called Straw-
HBitv Island, is , iie next scene uf mining labor, it is
^Biaii'.tcd from he main hind by a small arm of the
9|i r, which becomes quite-dry at low water, and
Be  miners--ft-W"thus ena-blcd-to-work-tlie- bed-of tho! \JT
well; a flume has been carried wilii'dueod prices to the trade,
sland, where the pay dirt is reinuner-
4 cents to the pan; as much as S'JO ! us been made
fei'dit buckets of earth washed, of course, by sluicing'
[At Texas lmr, en extensive wi rk has been carried on
iiing in water ; the whole length of the ditch is si:t-
n hundred yards, calculated at cost of £9,0!)U : this
■I'll can supply 25 heads of water, nnd from return
■rry Island is supplied by a broad ditch ; the w.-yrci
SHined on Texas bar were not, nt the time I wns '.'9ft':-'
K, so large us at ni.ier places, though new ^'iV;:
IKv have been struck. One cannot help romnrkiiijHfco
amount of labor, skill, and capital expcndetTon
D •erii'.io is, but they aie trilling to some that nil
now carried on in the neighborhood uf Boston
ir, und on to the upper Fraser. others which aro eon-
Tiplated in various parts ofFroscr River,
the great difficulty is the want of water, particularly
■the lofty benches which run along the Kiver in the
irb.borb.ood of Lytton, nnd nn amount of capital,
till in proportion to that now expended in construc-
ditches, laid out in introducing Steam power,
uld. 1 am assured work mnrveloiisly in   the Fraser
gold n i'les.
Libert's Flat, noil Hill's Bar complete the mining dis-
ip iu Yale, but as Ihey arc particularly notable in
annals of Prazcr flivor mines, 1 must do us the No-
lists do, and defer a notice of them till my nextCIinp-
for wear,  though the best for invisibility.   We hold,
however, that attempted  invisibility is  a delusion.    If l
troops are not to be  seen by an enemy they will not    A    FEW  GENTLEMEN*  of quiet and domesticated
easily  be  distinguished by their commander.     And  XX habits can be accommodated with board and rosi-
uftor all, Ihe smoke in which thoy  will be enveloped in  douce in thc house ofa private English Family;   where
action must answer all  the purposes of concealment a  good table  is   kept,  in  accordance   with  English
quite as well ns a particularity of color. The best
dress is that which is the mo3t durable.— United Service
DIVINE SERVICE at the above Chorch,  will  be
held on Sunday Evenings nt half past six o'clock,
to commence o i Sunday re.vt, Jan. 22nd,
The morning and evening services ut II   A. M.,  and
! P. M., will be bold as usual.
EowAno Cri hie.
The Parsonage, Jan, loth, itico. 4t
custom ;   und where they may enjoy all -.he  conveniences und comforts of an English homo.
Married couples would find the above a comfortable
and desirable residence. jl7-lm
To Bar-keepers, Hotels, Restaurants,
and  Private
For sale, •
Perfumery   and  Toilet   Articles,
Of reliable qualities.
IBusnrctf $traf(rm
^ Johnston-streets. Victoria, V. 1. Dicnox, De
Wolf k Co., Merchant-street,. San Frmu-isco.   »T0-tc
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Albert Whnrf, Victoria,
Vancouver  Island, and Battery-street, San Francisco, California. slO-tc
COMMISSION   MERCHANTS,   Victoria,   Vancouver
Island. oc4-tc
CONTRACTOR   AND   BUILDER,   Douglas   street,
Between Yates and View, Victoria.    Sashes, Doors,
Paints, Brushes, Window Glass, Putty and ?ud?""*- ™**%«*» ^J^X^SSt
' ' ' « [ Lumber for sale.    Eastern \\ biro Pine, ltcuwuousiuiiig,
"Raw and Boiled Linseed,  China
00KBIND1NG dune Cheaply and executed in the
neatest manner.   Orders left at the Victoria Ga-
ZBTTH Ollice will be punctually attended to.
RECEIVED in bond br late arrivals, and for sale by
the undersigned, a low invoices of fine Wines and
Martell Cognac
Sazerac Cognac,
Bontellenu Cognac,
Hosteller Bitters,
iding HORSE. Sad-
N," at this ollice.
SPORBOEG    &    CO.,
Wharf. Street, Victoria, V. I.
Received ex Sailing Vessels and Steamers, a general
assortment of
ROCERJES, Boots,. Shoes,.
-Domestic Dwr_Gnods_whLcb. tin
Blankets, nnd
' offer..at .re-.
un which pays
h skill tothe I
201)0 sks Gulden Gate Floor,
•-(IOO    "       "     Age     do,
1000    " Self Rising     do,
fiOO mats China Sugar,
100 hf bis N. O. do,
100 "   "   S. I. do.
looo sks Beans,
llll) bags Rin Coffee,
50 firkins choice Butter,
50 cnse> Bacon.
60    "    I U. Lard,
50 chests Block Ton,
50     "     Croon do,
500 boxes Candles,
Oysters;        Chickens;        Turkies;        Sardines;
Pilot Brond ; Raisins ; Chocolate ;
Powdered Sugar;       Yeast Powders;
etc.,       etc ,       etc.
50 bales assorted Blankets.
Boniot Cognac, 18j
Seignette Cognac,
Jules Robin Cognac,
Port Wine,
Sherry Wine, of the best quality
-100 eases of Marretti's London Cider.
RUM—Jamaica, a superior article:
Port, in 1 dozen oases;
Sherry,        do do
Champagne, in quarts and pints;
Pickles, Pie Fruits, Sauces, kc, R. Thin's ;
Soap, best English, 261bs. boxes.
For Sale by
Carner Johnson and Wharf Streets.
AN EXCELLENT assortment of Pocket Cutlery, in
a variety of style
j 14-1 in
to suit all tastes.
Stationers' Hall.
Lard, Polar, Neatsfoot, Coal and
For   coal  Oil  and  Burning Fluid,
&c. &c. d-c.
Orders  executed  at the  lowest market rates, and
promptly dispatched. dl2-lm
COO sacks Extra Superfine Flour,
50 bis Haxall do.
050 sacks Barley,
100   do   Oats,
500 mats Batavia Rice,
In Lots to suit.
j'9-tc Union Wharf.
OG FOUND.—Last week a small Bull Tarrier fol-
owed the advertiser.    The owner can obtain it
by calling ut the Gazette Ollice and paying expenses.
Redwood Floorini
attended to.
. nnd Redwood scantling
-Builders', Agricultural, and (lone ra
Jnhnsun street.
Votes Street, Victoria,
S PREPARED to furnish  designs for nil] kinds of
public and private buildings.
Superintendence, valuation, and measurement of the
different descriptions of mechanical work connected
with building. oc25-tc
kEBTS   nnd Rents  collected,
Houses und  Lund for sale,
Accounts   adjusted
Money to loan.
— M.SO—
An Invoice Fluor ('il Cloth.
To the Editor Nkw Westminster Times.
—Vou will please correct an error in your paper
Ibis morning,  made by your reporter  in  his   state-
Bit uf my evidence yesterday in the cise Rcgina  vs.
. v hero he makes me state, that while once assist-
Ir. Stark, tbe regular Purser of the  Anderson, I
i hot . the leaden weights, one representing six, nnd
u 'ut e'Tht dollars.   This is incorrect.   What I did
was, that in assisting Mr.  Stark, he gave rue the
fen weight representing six dollars at  $l*i.50 ;e
|cc, the rate of passage then being six dollar...    Tl e
\r weight I did  not use, nor did I  stale  in my
Imony. that Mr. Stark represented it to :.ic as being
ivnlcnt to eight dollars, or any other amount.
Yours respectfully,
James McLaughlin'.
fictoria, Jan. 20  lf,G0.
ON the loth of MARCH, 1800, will be sold at Public
Auction, the Lot fronting Government street,
and known as the Hudson's liny Company's Garden, if
not previously disposed of. Plan of sub-divisions raay
be seen at LD. LOWENBERG'S Office,     *
Government street, bet. Yates aud Joanson st.
"VTEW WESTMINSTER.    A few Lots to be disposed
_j_^|     of at thc price pnid nt the Government Sale.
the care of burses
Apply at this Oltice.
an out-door man-servant, accustomed to
SELL r<feaAtthing COLOGNE at 75 cents per quart
C1ELL PURE BAY RUM at 75 cents per quart bott
ECOKER, Proprietor, having had long experience
# both in New York and San Francisco, is confident
uml nc can give entire satisfaction in the execution ot
all work intrusted to his care.
Second hand anchors and chains bought nnd sold.
YANTED.—A Gentleman of experience and ability,
to  conduct the Editorial   Department of the
Victoria Gazette  or New  Westminster Times.    Apply to
E. H. King, ollice, Lauglcy-stroot Victoria.
THE REGULAR WEEKLY MEETING of this Association will bo held at the Dashaway Hall, this
evening, at 7 o'clock.
Punctual attendance   is  requested, as business of
importance will be laid before the meeting.
Victoria, Januaoy 11, 1800. Secretary.
ELL thc celebrated FRANGIPANNNI  and Kiss Me
Quick rerfume, and Pomades.
&e. &e.
ELL all their   GOODS at San  Francisco   prices.
ARRANT all their GARDEN, Fruit, Flower, and
ield seeds to grow.
Jl). CARROLL. Yates-street, Aetwccn  Whnrf and
• Government-streets, Importer and Wholesale and
Retail dealer in Wines and Liquors- tor
Liverpool. Honolulu.
JANION, GREEN k CO. Commission Merchants
font of Johnson-street, near the Bridge, Victoria
V. I. Agent for the Liverpool Underwriters' Association. , nl2-C
LESTER bogs  leave to  announce  that   she
give instruction on the Piano.   Residence,
Vancouver-street, between Belot and Belcher.
November 4th. Mm n8
• will j
PHELAN, cornel uf Yntcs nr.d Government-streets
ictorla, dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Crockery,
ud Glassware
• Notice.
Office of the New Westminster Timf.s.
NY person or persons Printing or Publishing any
Paper under the name, style, nnd title, of the
Victoria Uazette, will be prosecuted for so doing, as that
Title belongs exclusively to the Newspaper published
at this office. E. HAMMOND KING.
Victoria, Dec. 12, 1859.
Gallons ALCOHOL for sale by
lhc formation of rifle companies and corps goes
(rely on. In almost every town nnd village the sound
Ihe drill master's voice, and of the tramp of feet to
Isurcd military time, may be heard. In loss than
I months thousands of young men and country gen-
icn have gone diligently and conscientiously
(ugh all the preliminaries of drill, in their cvery-
(costume, and arc now gradually assuming green or
uniforms, nnd striving with might and main to
|e efficient use of the Enfield. We have had the
brlunity of seeing some of the companies nt work,
jof observing the c/mduct of tbe leading men in
din counties in reference to the formation and the
1 of those patriotic, assemblies, and wc confess to
been equally surprised and gratified with the
advances  of the  Recruits,  and the earnestness
intelligence of those by whom they arc clothed
■directed,    lt  is for no child's play  that lawyers,
jors, young tradesmen, farmers, and artisans, rise at
Vclnck and muster on a chosen piece of1 drill-ground
|e bidding of a Sergeant.    They nre obviously in-
|d by the conviction that the day is uot remote
they may have to defend thoir own firesides.    At
■rate, they cannot but be sensible that the mere fact
loir acquiring the art of using the rille effectively
t amazingly across the t hannel.    We have it on the,
jorily of accomplished  gentlemen of rank who
l just urrivcil from the continent, that a great moral
It is   produced by the daily record in our papers of
progress making in tho establishment of Volunteer
lory and rille corps.   Our  would-be-open enemies
to admit that the -'' people" arc in earnest, and
(England will be rather a harder nut to crack than
fit one time imagined.    We trust that there will be
luxation of purpose on the part of our Volunteers,.
Ihat thoy will become confirmed in their new-born
{lection for military pursuits,  and take as much
in their exercise as they arc wont to do in their
(as cricketers,  stroke-oars, archers.
1CT0R1A   PROPERTY—Improved and  Unimproved, in various parts of the Town,
For sale by SELIM FRANKLIN k Co.
TENDERS will be received up to Tuesday, 31st January, for the erection of a Stone House near Vic-
I lorin.     Separate   tenders   will   be. required for the
following departments i
No. 1—Mason and Brick Work ;
No. 2—Carpenter and Joiner Work ;
No. il—Plasterer's Work ;
No. 4—Plumber's and Tinsmith's Work;
No. 5—Painter's and Glazier's Work.
Plans and specifications mny be soen at the office of
the undorsignod.
The lowest tenders  will be  accepted, if otherwise
Architect, Yates-street.
Victorin, January 18th, 1860. td
*1HE Dashaway Association, No. 15, of Victoria, V.I.,
would bog to call the attention of residents on this
land and British Columbia to thc undermentioned
power to grant Charters, received from the Parent Association, in Snn Francisco.
At a meeting of the Parent Dashaway Assoeintion,
held on Christmas evening, December 25, 185!), the following resolution was unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That the Pioneer Dashaway Assoeintion of
Victoria, V. I., be authorised and empowered to institute
Branches und grunt Charters to all branches forming on
Vancouver Island, and throughout British Columbia,
advising this Association of nil charters so granted.
Further information can be obtained on application
to the Secretary.
Victorin, January 17, 18ti0. tc
I   HAVE   removed   into   my   NEW   FIRE-PROOF
STORE, which is open for all.   1 hope you will
all give me a call.
1 A A BARRELS of British Columbia Fresh CORNED
I \J\J BEEF, first quality (grown on the Company's
Farm), and preserved with great care. To be delivered
at Langley.   Apply to
b   J F. V. LEE,
Hotel de France.
EEPS constantly on  hand and for sale a large assortment of
Subscriptions for 3, li, and 12 months, at reasonable
terms, anr". sent regularly by Post or Express to any
part of this Colony, or British Columbia, according to
the actual postal and express accommodations, Terms
invariably Cash, in advance.
Also,—A large assortment of good and bite Novels,
Songsters, or Song Books, Writing Materials, Blank
Buoks, and a splendid selection of French Literature.      OEND EXPRESS BY EVERY STEAMER, in charge
JBf®°" Sole Carrier, and Agent of the Victoria Gazette, j J^   ot- rCgUbir Messengers, to Oregon nnd Washington
for Victoria District Tersitorics nnd San Franoisoo, there connecting with
Subscriptions nre respectfully solicited. I icriuurita »»u o o
 • _____ our interior Express to all parts ot California, and to
BARK « D M HALL," from San Franoisoo.     Con ! M l'^9 of the 0Btt?_f ^ on* Ca"ttd"' ^ PanB3W>
slgnoes by tho above Vessel arc requested to call' i*"d Tehuantcpec and Southern Overland routes.
WELLS,   FARGO,  &  oo.,
OHGANIZED   MAY,   1852. CAPITAL, $600,000.
THE Government Gazette will hereafter be published
on every Tuesday, instead of on every Saturday,
is heretofore.
Deo. 17, 1859.
Toilet, Painters', Stone, Shoo, Scrubbing, &c,
For Sale by
GOODS from the San Francisco Steamers will be
received at*Esqulmalt, and delivered at Victoria
Willi despatch, for
One Dollar per Ton,
dlG-tc Wharf street.
upon the undersigned, pay Freight and charges, and re
coive orders for their goods.
jO-tc Union Wharf.
Corner of Yates and Waddington streets.
N O T IC E .
pENDERS Willie received, by the Colonial Secretary,
"      for deepening the Channel of tho Harrison River. | RJm**' to" sit'down"and"be happy
Mock Turtle, Clam Chowder, Ox Tail and Vegetable
Soups every day.
THIS FAVORITE RESORT keeps constantly on
himd a choice selection of French Brandies, En-
I glish and Spanish Wines, Cliquot Champagne Wine,
I Sainsevain's Native California Wine, English Alo and
Porter, on draught and in bottles, together with a
choice selection ol all kinds of Liquors.
Those that nre fond of a ehoice Havana will do well
to call.    A choice selection of Scotch, Irish and Bourbon Whiskies always on baud to make Hot Punches.
8g-f"Hot Turn and Jerry every day, and a pleasant
bowlers, and I
kc  movement in  the  city of London,  under the'
The oust of the whole work has been estimated at
I £ii,()l)0, and tho first portion to bo executed, is a  brush
I dam ou thc eastern side of the Channel, of the length of
' 350  yards; breadth at base, 18 feet; at top, 10 foot; and
•ices of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, is marked j height; !) or 10 feet.
Tpingressive.   A groat deal of money is pouring     Tho Government is preparod to make ar» assignment
the treasury of the Brigade, though not to so pf the tolls imposed on steamers using the channel, as
j an extent ns wo should have expected, consider- part»payment io contractors.
tho wealth oftho bunkers and merchants whoi    Further particulars may bo obtained at.the- Colonial
on business at the other side of Temple-bar. Secretary's Office,
-notes of £100 would have boon more in keeping     if. B.—All tenders must be sealed, and sent in by
ithe reputed means of the citizens than the " ton- the 1st of February next;   and tho  Government docs
we daily road of.    His Royal Highness the Duke ! nct i.j,,,] itself to accept tho lowest, or any tender.
unbrhlgc, who, ulbeit a Prince of the Blood Royal, j    Colonial Secretary's Office,
supposed to  be quite so  much of a Cnesus as j Victoria, V. I., l( Jan., 18(10.
Cull and sec.
Yours, kc
Vancouver Island equal to any iu the
THOMAS ESTALL, M'Glure Street, Plain and Ornamental Plaster work done in Cement, Coinpo Mes-
tio or Plaster of Paris.    Stucco work for Paint.
Contractors supplied with'Vancouver Island Lime, of
Superior Quality, Sand and Water delivered at low
rates, lm.
Unsurpassed facilities for dispatching freight and
packages to all parts of Europe.
Shipments direct from England via Southampton and
Treasure Shipped and Insured at lowest rates.
Packages and Letters received up to latest hour of
Checks on our office in San Francisco.
Exchange on all thc principal cities in thc United
States nnd Canada.   Also, on
Receive Deposits, general and special.
Buy Gold Dusl, Land Warrants, Treasury Warrants,
Bills'on London and Certificates on Snn Francisco
Advances made on Gold Dust.
Purchase Goods of every description.
Execute Commissions of all kinds, and make Collections at any point jn thc United States, Canada, or
Office, Yates street, between Wharf and Government
d3.tc C. C. PENDERGAST, Agent.
RESPECTFULLY inform the Public thnt they havo
been appointee, agents for the sale of Garden
.Seeds from the most celebrated Gardens of California
the Atlantic Etates, and Europe,
Purchasers of those Seeds can rely on the certainty
of their growth. We guahaxtek them fresh and true
to their kind.
The largest stock and greast variety ever imported
into these Colonies.
dlO-tc Druggists, Yates street.
Royal Hotel.
Board, per week $* to $8 00
Board and Lodging, per week !t>10 00
Wine, Ales, and Liquors of the host description.
Private Rooms for Families.
Si*" A larce HALL suitable for "Balls or Public
d3-tc ' Proprietor.
Just Received by Pacific.
Fresh Currants,
Layer Rosins,
Dairy Fresh Butter and Cheese,
Lard, Candles,
English Bacon and
Fine Family Tea.
Colonial Produce Store,
Comer Yates anil Government sts.
KOSHLAND & BROTHERS beg to inform thc public
that they have taken the store lately occupied by
Messrs.  Trewoek & Co.,  in  Yatcs-strcet, where they
offer   all   descriptions  of CLOTHING,   BLANKETS,
CUTLERY, &c, at the lowest possible prices.
Jau. 14, 1800. im
the COLONIAL HOTEL to " T. 8."
STEWART'S Scotch Whisky,
Dunhip's Mountain Dow   do. '
French Brandy,
Dull', Gordon's; Sherry,
Bernard's Old Tom Gin,
Barclay, Perkins' Porter,
Allsopp's,—Mnir's,—kc Ale,
Champagne Cider,
For sale by
d28 Yates street.
K avnaaaamaaal
MV are not responsible far (he opinions of our correspond-
cuts.      I'.veeg   coumnuniciloin   must   bace   a   bona    tide
signature attached, to rnitire publication.
(ho in th,- Victoria Gazette ofJanuary 10.)'
To the Editor of the Victoria Gazette.
Sin. —lu i-muieiiii, doubtless, with nil who take nny
intorosl iu llrilisli Columbia, I have been long anxiously
expecting lli" promised boon nt u Pre-empt inn Land
System for thnt Colony, uml I, therefore, welcome- His
Excellency's Proclamation ofthe lib inst., us, notwithstanding ils great faults nud shortcomings, ll must desirable muic ni last iii the right direction.
Tho liiiii'-huuiircil mi;, lug, " better bile than never," is
ospeoinlly applicable tn (his I'roi'hiinution,   Yet [. cuuiiotiim> num-i m >.v..B.  ,---•■   .-, .
refrain fruin ouiilrnsling, wilh rogrol, British Coluiiibhi | iinsurveyed   lauds,  sons to render  it   v»w«e||» """
II seems unreasonable also to require such unlimited
continued occupation, where the government sureij
may bo sn long delayed. Imperative reusnns mny compel a claimant In leave his claim, idler having improved
and occupied it for years. On this head, too, there seems
no provision fur the case uf a person who, having recorded u claim, and  improved it to the extent of say i
shillings per acre, dies witlmnl heirs present lu complete
his occupation and improvement. W ho is to havo mo
benefit of his outlay 1 ,   .   ,.
The i Mb section provides ihat Hie Government shall
,,,„,... ,n„| uiko such portion uf pro-omption claim as
required ror public purposes, but is silent as to compon-
s„ii,.„- s„,,i\ tho claimant shall be paid an assessed
amount for damages, sevcrauco kc, as iu othea cases
in-"! bled in section 8th.
\H ilicr, if wo did not know lo Hie contrary, wc
might imngino from Iho details nf this measure, so
wanlini! mi- they in practical facility, that lhc intention
was rather to hedge round the privilege of Bottling on
us she is lo-dnv, wilh li.ii.lh an iicie  under cultivation,
iu»|ici';iti\ c ;   lu n, I ill fact as if jcslnus nf   the  8C
11 lor
gelling possesion nf 100 acres uf land un Ion easy tonus
'uilu-r ilinii in eueourago bv ever} possible, reasonabl'*
eighty-five cents-and   nothing  more.   The   fact   is
patent and cannot be gninsayed.
However, to put the case in a clear light. Did
- BriHsl Columbian," or any other .nan wish to remit
£100 in specie tn London, and were the option alio led
him of remitting in sovereigns or half-eagles at equa]
bieh   would ho select !    1  know
half-eagle in
rales nf purchase, w
not- but this 1 know-that upon every uaii-eagie i.
London, the exchange-broker to whom he m.gl..apply,
would allow a premium-.hat is. ha " B -tisl Co Ul -
bian" would in exchange fur his hall-eagles ., ene as
many sovereigns, with sn many six-penccs (or thereabout) in addition. .    , ,.    „   ,
British Columbia, however, it is consul.ug to reflect,
is mil the only colony in which financial blunders have
bocn n]adc, T,„. example of Hung Kong is one pregnant witi, instruction-instruction, hotis-ad emtan-
dum Sir John Bowring (and 1 need no apologise lor
quoting him as an authority on this subject) says ...
his work on a decimal currency, page 182—   luo cr-
wilb nu houieslends, nn ll.ied populntion, scarcely, in
deed, uiiv  une  having il pcriliiilicut  inloresl iu her ad
Viinoonient, with   wluil   she might, und   as   main ul   us u.ciins, that cullivr
think would have boon, hid mil hor farming lauds been, riiltiir.il lands nf It
until now, lienimliciilly scaled I'l'uiii solllenionl uml im givo  tlu-m mn   i
provenuuit. >" ! '" endeavor
When I  i til.-, t on Hie  ihonsniids who, fnreseeing for ihnl kind of digging
iliciiisclvi's a  nrusnoruiis  future iu  supplying Ihe in- the soil, in the sha|     •---.-.  . i*vi,,,, >■ in in noi-ren
ceasing eousu.nplion of « mining popukiHuu, have iu renders il rich,',',  year by  year; and  constitutes the | from - toi Ope. cu.
viifn sought iu lU'iiuiro  fanning  1.in.Is. :m 1  iu  make real pcriiinm;nt wealth of every countn
liirs nf legislation mny tn a great extent bo traced ...
ignorance or miscalculation nf tho powers nt legislation; und nn error is mure common than the supposition,  thai   lhc  exchangeable value  uf  coins and
courage by cvorj possible, reiisonnoioi jiumuuu, ......
vaiiiiu and improvement of thu ugri- currency can fo any considerable extent be regulated
llrilisli Columbia, which nlono will I by law. In Hung Kong, fur example, her Majesty's
nu in iie value iu invito population, order's in Council have proclaimed that o Spanish pil-
iu retain labor mid capital employed in lar dollar, and a dollar nf Mexico shall have the same
ing which whilst extracting gold from currcnl value—in lhc face uf a notorious fact, that a
ihupe of wheat, barley, potatoes, kc, Spauisb dollar is habitually received at a premium ul
;...,..., ,i,,, (mm -j til j,) ,)Cr CL.„t. above the Mexican.    A sovereign
therewith I, JAMES DOUGLAS, Governor of the Col-
imy uf British Columbia, have boon authorised by Proclamation issued under the Public Soul of thc snid
Colony, to niuke laws, institutions, nnd ordinances, for
the peace,  order, und good  government of the same.
Whereas, it is expedient, pending the operation of
the survey of agricultural hinds in British Columbia,
to provide menus whereby iinsurveyed agricultural
lands may bo lawfully acquired by pre-emption in
British Columbia by British subjects, and in certain
cases to provide lor the sale of unsurveyod agricultural
nnd in British Columbia by private contract.
Xbw therefore, 1 James Douglas, Governor of British
Columbia, by virtue of the authority aforesaid, do proclaim, order, nud enact.
1. That from and after the date hcreuf, British subjects
PERSONS   vvisliinu;   to   sulweribe tort
Victoria Gazettb, are requested to leave oh*
with W.  F. HERRI-:, News  Depot, Yates street, n,
Wharf, <is wc have conceded to him the sole iLi^i
urry that paper and to furnish it to subscribers.
Merchants and shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms Cash. ^ l
For sale,
and aliens who shall take the oath of allegiance to Her     GARDEN AND    AGRICULTURAL
Majesty und Her  successors, may  acquire  unoccupied  f/)"T7,T.f'T~) "W* A "TJTT'T-TOTTJT
and unreserved, and unsurveved Crown hind in British! . ^-L.
,, ,    ,-,.,•     .,      •*.    .■ ■ , No. 10S   (.iililorinii-strect.
Columbia (not  being the  site of nn  existent  or pro- li
posed town, or auriferous land available fur mining!
purposes, or an Indian Reserve or settlement,) in fee
simple, under the following conditions.
2. Thc person desiring to acquire any particular plotI ______ ,    ,
  „        .,,,", . II rE have the largest and must varied iissortuiM'
! i-'unb-rcir ..'ikiss'iu,' four dollars and  eighty coins. I"1 lft»« °< ">° character aforesaid, shall enter int., pus-,  ^|/    ,,„.,,, Ki(.M ttnd Garden Seeds in foetal"
ivI though it s,miiciinns (gold nut  being current iu China)  session thereof and  record  his claim  tu any quantity|0f our own importations, from the best growenin
Ihtiiin-lvo*   heme's  in Brilish Columbia," bul havo now The object qf these remarks will bo  attained, if by  "«o»|f»'«;Xcowitl in 8 to 10 per cent of that value,  no. exceeding   160  acres  thereof, will, tho magistrate United  States; and Europe, which  wo cm,
U.,1 tlever,.fo.„-to romrii.   The present measure does your givi..*   ,,„■„,, P'^ i:V.;i;^;-" »,";::-1,:a,;'(,:,;i;:: I ™l i'„ 1,!,. ,„,,s ,„'I'hina. has b,cn knuwn ,u bo n, a  residing nearest thereto, paying to ^
Indeed soon, to pnrli.kool the nppeamm-o ol '• sl.ult.ng shall  be no di iu ii I to tho .uojcil-  ";         ..    p        diseou.tt of more than 20 per cent."                                the sum ol eight shillings fur recording such  claim. Seed   .„„,.   lled ftad white Dutch Clove!
^^^^^ Miin,,sni.ll,,yi,fnr,.,n,uliirfi,r,,
..ml sh.ikl.ign  lord  ol  on.s loom im buck.   Still, relinquish the- hopo that a land system is yet  in store mbeinfc an i»™J           learlr»M BBd fts far as the tho shortest side of .1.,-rectangle shall bo at least two Garden heeds- C. i» ...*gcs,      n ., .    ■ r
nltl th Iho lo.,g-f»,„ish„d i- hurso ",„ii, not venture to fur us',  ...fording nil the  facilities ...id n.d™. s n,,       . nuns.    N o^^ m^ injurionsiy exhibits Lirds of the  longcst  side.    Tlu,  c,ainmnt  shivll give Omonj, L=»ucos,R"^«,Jlelons, Cucum
Clnli CloiJ
lover;' TiraoiJ
rrots. i^
rcl,ii ii. iln'ic are  in nn
availing llu-inscb, • .•,' i
and   I,   fur une.   lin o
greiitness nnd prosporil
iu iny c-iiin.iii.'ii nu  pi
lend, as a   land -\   l.'iu.
basis, nud Ihorou fhl.i
system \\ mild be
Culiiuibin than i
pi'i's.'iii seem par
sail  measure mil
IllOnl ;   fur   howe
ull'.iiiicd hy llus u
cultural popul.iti
is hum nu longer
Whilst, lhcn, gnu 'full
provide for us," mi into
In Indicate \\ lin appear
nol despairing, since th
CrOM u hinds in ad\ nnoo
tftcli iiiv,W',Tmr..K!. ol'-t ,
■!<-■■ ftftbrtl'-ws a '. .11,1 .> .'.c
of 1, Mllllld ivbvn ,
The gnu,'^i   objection t - ii
purporting lo fo
tin- connliy. ii
up large n.i,:.- v
tn (he exclusion
the oooiUn
iiui.-i-   mu,, mu, u-iiiiiir iu im ui, ..^     -        ,,,;p,„,  i...   pvorv l.uhlic servico is  eoiicerncn, moro iu|uuuu=.j   >■■-"-"■■, tinr.ls ut tlie  longest  sole,    ino  ciaunaiu  sunn gnu ,       ,,       ■        .
' """ V," r '"' 1,V   1. fm',mUg   "nUBKMUtS S°   ttn,enl ulT,s,TcouM....tN  : 'be absurdity of attempting to, maintain, and the^ ''»- tlie bcst possibic description thereof to the magistrate r^S "t Jp * boxes,  ioo  papers assorted,
SnZV-h. "I"'"  •' '" *'' * V°™™\y '"' m«ln««"»»8- ^"?»" "X      ; will, when, his claim is recorded, together wilh a rough  labelled  Cor retailing, sent to order.
S   - ■ ;;':-;- «- S   i T. ," ;';.";T;,u', i G^,, IS^^^XC^-^- " ' «f pUt. thereof, and identify tho plot  in question   by „la-1    Fruit ^^^r^
llioasiliv   woulii   SO   ill i, Ii ' " ... ii ...',. l.- , ..In.r   ,,t   tin.   .'nriiiTi   ut' tho   land   four   l.usls. and   bv         , ..       ,.
Hum: Kong.
"S in ili'dobiils!'1 SucIm!  K|S"' i Kn7L^uVZilotnl^oJ7\lc moitl     1 •hull not dwell upon your m™^™1'* Pe "J" I staHng in his description any  other land marks on the i    B^in^ndFrumng Knives,
lo liritish I . ,". ,'.- i  " ,- ,i,ni„.l "dens eoneerning the "balance of trade.     Ate«   f^**;^ | sftid iGo acres, which  he may consider of a noticeable |    Harden Tunis.
cing nt  the corners  oftho  bind four posts, and  by j    Dutch bulbous and Hop Roots.
tn the trade.
by Mail or Expresui
,,.,,.,.,.. 1,   ,...,,,,,,,,,...,.,,.,.,.,     I,.,, , .1.  I                                                                        ,        ,.  .              ,        ,                ,             ,-    ,1, ,   1 ,,     '  IIU US  I I'll. I ' I' li'"- »"*         '                                         .      .    ,            ' S;HU    1','I  Ufll's,   IN 1 ill. II     11V   III.. .    v. V'li^.uvi   ui    ..    IIU.UI..UIV .ni'iui    iww,
•      hn- ii    in'  lo-ourc"    whicli .it  proimnont features m the life and cluu-actoi ol  th< in- (inK,rulllH,lu scnsoncd with a pinch or two nt Adam;                                            " A liberal discount made
iniom.l   ■,,•".'.■' '--'.''i'«"- mc ". ihe,. re- di.ni, may not be iiniutcrcstiug, I will go on   nnd do so.  g   ;„,   wouid  tend  greatly to  restore  bis   reasoning I cnaracier,                                             j®-All orders forward
I•    !  .viiarde! a* ni i.ceo.iablo ini.lii- Coneralh   it inav bo snid .1.,,.  thev entertain « bitter powers to a more healthy condition.   I proceed, .here-      3. Whenever the Government su ley shall ex end to m^y. ^ prompt attcnlioi
Vi*  slight  ,ho  on, .:,•.,,.:,:;,,;,.   roi.lh   ,,,„,,,,'  for each'otlicr   evinced  bv the  frequent feuds  fore, to remark on the "w.int of ami.il  -of =»»"«*« the laud  claimed, the  claimant  who has recorded his Addrcs3)       ,,   p. SW
ncasure   for lhc solllo.uonr nl ,.., „ tri- „!!',,   nHsa alnoi.gst lhc,,,,   and "which often end  in ; waul a mint.    And   why ?    •5™^.i^0Cl';;,ScC0,;\£ J^ \cUAn &S ttforesRid. '-,r his bcirS- 0r in C*SD ofthcSrftnt "' '1-'-:;"1          No* "'    ' "
'"• l" l!l jllsl1 >'""'"i"'1- st'" selilonieni moodshoi, rtud ,,,;llll.    Uc is extremely limy, and couse- ! no^e^.cr^re^^n'UTx'uries" ami young colonies ] certificate nf improvement hereinafter mentioned,  the
ltfKpds Luenth. has to emkire groat privations.    He is pnrticu- Llnnot 'indulge in   them  at. once.    Meanwhile   the assigns of such claimant shall, if he or they shall have R0yal  Mail  Steam  Packet Co. AgC'DK
v on, is j larli fund of tobacco and. ardent spirits, - lire water.' ; coin is wanted; and as coin is .1 marketable commodity,; becn in continuous occupaUon of the same  land Irom (       - 	
KF.NV ,<w Co. Seedsmen. I
ifornia-st., San Franci9.11
um in
1 ho 1
;■: in, ,
I' sun
'u' faults uf.iiis mensu'ro, „'s 'J ,orms „ am, U is needless ,0  describe  .he  evil just as bro««WoU. or ^^Zn^wcc!n Inl "ii! t»>o date of the record aforesaid, bo entitled tu purchnse
V".'" ««'«»«'» ';•«}" ; clloe. which in.odicating liquors produces noon  him.! ™*u*., «   bu^.l ru that market ^^ ^ ^. ^ . ^ ^ $q ^^ ^ ^ nUc M ^ ,„ ^ ^
• '"  u' v ',".Ul,.'q ,',v       iTiicre :iro still, unliappily. sumo inslniuvs nf cannibal- |^wi] kl ),uy  jj  tbere; wo  do  go to  jaf jmirrrn i-^;- '»- B>.^hv th» P.oyernment of British Columbia,
u""lV'."M'v!^.."'.„".'"■"'.'.ulvT"'*"" anS^st thi^ii; but suelilnliiiiiian conduct 'sutj-arej;^ '  ^    '^~ reason.   Let it be borne in  wind that | not cxcpedi»g the sujn of 10s. i)er_acre.._
"      ""          '"         penrmwer' TficfBHyo so'iiTHM ^»*iWWo^l»v                  j    ihoTwition on this coast,'that"SaTr    * - ^    -^;--  ;*   -.*'   -   H« ,.:  -^jre.
s niensurMs ih-il w|,i|,t  but his atlributes .u-c imperfect, and they, therefore, do  p      ,     nnce did-this alone excepted, that ban Fran-      4; *\°   U(ir. ; '   '   	
"VTOTICE is hereby given that  arrangement: l,ij
j_^     been entered into between the Royal Mail Sta
Packet Company, and the Pacific Mail Steamship t'J
iL'Jilpan^-fbr- the—fanrnrding i.>f tJSflsnre_to the luill
.[B.o.gJandL.byJlj^^mrnships of the ^wo i-oiupa-iit-iW
commanders of the ships of the I'a rific "Jail
,',•'.', .....„' .,,'•',.,; |„ ;..;„,,„, vl, nol  worship him.    Imbed, no roligious   riles   e.visl    .      ,wd „0, ti,Cn the  advantages ot rapid comiuuni- said, shai. betore   pa; 0    ,-    ■ -   Compan_ rortnC delivery to William Perry, Bsq^As
' '      ,.,'", .,'.'..,„.::,',;..   ;,'luls amonfs:   Iheiu, and although missionaries ol various c,„Joc which we now enjoy.   Coin had then to be im- ca,,able of passing to  a purchaser unless the vendor lf ^ ^^ yu,:[ s„.;n*li Packe, Company, to I* 1
lu< lands mosAmmodi-iudv-iv lihihl'o deiiominntions have exerted themselves, it is witli spare       ted at ft cost far exceeding that which it would now Lhall have 0Dtaincd  „ certificate   from   the   nearest across the" Isthmus, and embarked on bo, d thei
.hose who would be oVro-nl value .0 ''>'»'f : H^,' ;^ ^ ^ ™* \Z^cTZc ™« u, to Import from England.    By the ««*,l, is,mcn, ■;                              h^ ^^             ^n improvement,  0f lh, R. M. S. P. co.     VII parties who „,;■;:-■.
whose  libof would soon enrich tho v,ul t0 "" "*arml,.,g e:vt,                  ' ■      .      ,V , of a mint n San Francisco, a local coinage has been       .-                                      '                      '                  forward treasure to Eu.jpe can now do so io then
.. ,    ■ I   ,.'                   .. I,,                     " ■      , ' ■    , redeeming qualities, and tho most promincn. is. .hat in " ""d, Bnd ,h.u portio„ 0f tbe mining product of the  on the said plot to the value of  10s. per acre.                                   ^                   '
ln"Zw hvX «conu\or           '         l' "    '     ' their domestic relations, they appear extremely  fond of       ' ^'^ becu turned into money,  which must  else      5, Upon payment of the purchase money, a convey- j    Faru,„r particulars, if required, wUl be made to
I    ink also Hu 1 ,' ' :   11 inimmi of occitmmei and envlt other, aud thc parents.seem devotedly a tached to uave t^. cxported in « crude state, to pay fornnported            f h   lRn(] purchased shan be executed in favorj on ftppUcatton to the ondcrsigoed.
1 iiniiN 111     1. ... .1   ...      .nu. inimii   .,   ..     .ui 1 .   .    1 -n   u, nijboujjh   ihov  still  adhere to the un-              .   ,,,',. ,,, 1,., ,:..i,, 0f that we,  too, ii.irii.i-                       ,                                                                 ,    ,    -,,''   .,    ,.::,.    r ,1         I       ■■-   .i,n-rt fr~-
imnrorcmrnt of I      nm       tn nn .   hai. o   itsoll is l"u'-ll"*"ul'    . , „r ., v ,;,,,, ,„ , ,.,-,,,, ;„,-..,,, emu.   Let it not oe so»i >igni 01  iu»i    <.,         !           ■   f ()le Uurcbaser,   reserving   the  precious minerals,!    The steamships ul tbe b. u. b. CO., aepan itdb
...i   1,     ,,,.,,     ...    -,..,. 1... ,,.. ■. ,,',, natural custom of Hattenmg the bead ofthe mrant. „...„:„ ,i,e benefits, finaiica Iv considered, of this mint,01          1                       ,',,-.-         f .,     Dinwall twice a month, correspondlnjr w tb the in
di!'re d'si •;;,-. 1 K„« who lw™tow™m™£"lS- 1'ho war dance is  still iu vogue  with all  its dismal ;.- [l^J^ ... our Vin-V doors: and that, until our with a right to enter and work the same in favor of the  CSSSa'lte
per :ii;.. u 1
ii,'.. ;
the specuhil
or. u
<>; acres an
.1 all
If the oh
,,; ,
price >>; '.sv.
1 she
li ;s a,i un
subv.1   W '
nunc: ll, ill
ol Ihe san,
e   . '■■
laces .".
I'ni:..;  Si ,
;   ,■ '•.'.
without du
« ."
Thev sutler mm h from small
mpani-.neiits.     nicy suiu-r mm u .™.u .-..m.,.  i'»-i|0W1) n,hu be  established—as established it sooner or Crown, iu assigns and licencees. Freight on specie and Bullion from 	
,.  « hiskey, scalping-knives, powder antt snot, ano exier- ^^ m^ ,, ,__we m., dtankfullj a\ ail oursetv es of the •    6    ,vio,;tv of title ;h,ul ho obtained by the person first  Bank 0f England, (1 2-10) one and two-tenths, pa
mination.    1 hej bv c c lie. y upon sa 111011, . cor.      _..     ^u^ nf nnr nalffhbors. ^ J ^ occupatjonj WQ0 .hM firs, re,ord his e!;lim |n manner | Dlipiiy, FulllkcS, & Co.,
Battery street, cor Psdfc
•knives,  powder anrt shot, nna cxier- -   --
ivc cbiellv upon salmon, deer, boars. liU<*r must be—wo mv. Hmnkfullj avail ourseivi
,.,   ....,         dmals, and prefer their meat putrid, coinage of.°"f neighbors.
' "  So'fond arc thc> of food in this state that thev keep ii      Lct " Br,t,sh folumbiau _ not trot  uselessly 	
.,  until it smells so stronc as to be disgusting,   this ens- ?,,''l'v;'   No argument of h,s, no enac ment ot any in- aforesaid.
7. .  torn ma\ in some measure account for the abominable '•iv"lu''1 °r »«y legislature, can a.lor the positive, rem-      j     A..v pcrsoa .Ulti,0ri7,:..i ,„ acquire laud under the
,.>,,.',,.-.,   .:,:..  1,   1:,,,,' .1,     in   ,,, ,„ .   ,  ,-,,„ tive value of tho  di-.lcrc.it   coinages ut  thc  precious ..        ...   _
re   ^"^■•;>;'r     ":":       .'."V; .. .■;'^\,:;': metals    Their  currency,  as  a  legal tender,  maybe  provisions of this ProclamaUon, may purchase in addi-
:- %".* -.,>  stands uuchancrcd.   Mer- lion to the land pre-empted, in manner aforesaid, any
English Blankets.
Red White ajd m
uid  number of acres not    th n\-ise  Bppr printed,  at such I
^-c as maybe fixed by th,   Go,      ment, at the time U^   ""»-«£ £?£'
when  such land shall come to be surveyed, not to ex- „_,  ,.  ,   „,.„,..,„.
■  ---     - u shillines  per ner-: t-.ve shilbnirs to be paid
-    ' '      ' vrh.w c»rPi.L Victoria,T.l
.„•>,; .. , ,   .       . , y....rc  ||-|
.11    p:
•.   -,   down, and the residue at tbe time of survey.
S.    Iu theeventof thi Crown, its .iss^nsor licencees,
The  availing itself, or themselves, of the reservation uicn-
un-  lioncd iu clause .'.. a reasonable compensation fur the
,  waste and damage done,  shall be paid by tbe person
I   ;.  entering and w  rking, to tbe person whose land shall
EMBERS are notified th.it the  six-iety wi
ra cwrv Vtedoes"
If lhc pi   .- of land
.-hto, it ccr:...",'.< she
anxious to in\.:.- iiu
now conntry shnnld h
this ."esiHV. « ::'.i lhc -■
prior 04 land tOs ;u r
must be allowtx. -: .
actual stiller ou .\".
labor s".,i v-.ipii.i. he t
iiu'rcssi-,; r.-\i.'.i'.i- mai
is rnliry'v a Icj >'. em
t.iwv,-:-s alone ' Xothi
us llm: .» l\ '.."..••'. .st I
^;s i/,\:\vn:s..v ■-: ot' 1
diittcl -i .'^> ; Si -
\\.- is nol rvM.. . :.
existence of .'. I ind I'
If no: therv-.>-,- ; 1 I
l-rwi.i^.^;:.'".     .   is
vrh ch -.--. -.st be so rs;
his c\p,-:.::-
. lgt it ex-
1  ciaim to
O.   P.   Q.
Ci">N'.''."£>s i"Ni.i:."AN,.:::i'
six   men lu   nl n-
; . I ind pre-empted as aforesai i. the Magistrate :
. ■ •. -.'.-.-• r — *. '." li.v '..1:'. i '.■.'. 0 .-.'..'. 1; in * s\;-..
way on being satisfied of such permanent eessa-
v..:.,s', the claim ol the person so permanently
._- 1 occupy the ^;>.:'.!--. aud record the claim there-
any other pcrsoa satisfying the requisitions afore-
iu Pvegnlar Meetings -
ifpast i o'clock, in the
Governmenl rtrev*. fur the purposes of llehtirai
ner.'.'i :c'.siiu-ss.
JOHNSON STREET, near Colonial DrciferT.
as he  :
the San Fr.>"-
ie present state 0f s
10. The decision of the Magistrate may be appealed by  FtTR-DEESSEB, OIL LEATHER TAKSi
her :..ir;v   to  the   decision   ot   the judire  of tt
ipreme Conrt of Civil Justice of Brilish Colnmbia.
11. Any  jx-rs-on  desirous of »pf>ealinc :n  manner  pared, and made np.
" "    hei-,:        Hi:- k-kin And other Leathers renovate,!.     	
Skins of all descriptions carefully *nd quickly
X^iis A\;\-.
i l"r\sTQ the
■   "AV
■-.-('.: talk  I
e ih
... ...... »f resaid, .-.-.ay be reonired before such appes
.  p _ to find such  security as may be bereaftw   ;.     ;i<-i ont
. .'■.'■. bribe rules or orders hereinafter dire led to be pub-   ,   -    -      -     . ,-v  h\Y\\
Sere- fched. ( )( )
.        12.    The procedure before ihs• M^'raw »nd Judge   iVVjV/yy   _   =
-,-,    „ respi tirely.snaR beaccording to snch1 rules and order
I be 1 il IUh« I I ■■ -■:• h Judge with the appr     •
U: ■ . '      . _'■..-
1*  .•  r.;v,.-vs-,   t» ., stl .tc  is .     .
: .   -       .    •     .    .     ...      \' . BOSl     •'     ' ' .
Mid .-. > . -»n...--:.-.
rijfci .      .  v    ...... ...
>; ...
I .:.;'.;. I.'   il « the I     -"    .-:..::-"..;>■
l.i virr.-.-.e arbiinri - .     Ta<-T. S. C
<  :._--.i;-   jln    1   >rt   :.•-.._    .    .—'.-.. I   - ..      --.-   .:•-:.:.
1 1   ..' peared in yonr paper,« -  -
.    ;     .; s  ;. ...   ti-i SO SiSt<    » ftV    .-.-.. :. i.'. DgM - -
• I ' ■  •• '
--■..-•;.-•..-,-_ McC .        "- ' r.^::;rs   '
c.  »s  cvttv        ■    ■ :..-■'- -        -   -
of S4.-?     tbe rectal .---''.-      V ..     1 • - -^ ... .       ...
_:_..». .       -        si Mnsjauut -At? can- poss^ssj
'. .■,.... ."--;-..      .   ■• . 1
.-. . . -   .    . -     - .- ,s.   '
trie v*ru>«
.. .. ,
v'...;-.'.A'.     . .  ■
asj  •«*■ - ■ .."..
'. . -. s ". . .      W
N« -       i 1 -
'    .     .  I
'■'■:'' "        *
; ■   -
:'..'.'■•: .:..     : - s     - • :  —*'■•- •
...s.;.-, ;,.. 1        :'-....', rernor for the time of British Colombia.  1
rerer,that      -       Whenever a person in occupation at the time of
..      ; L ... ;:.• record aforesaid  shall bave recorded s-  ^foresaid, and
.: •_ .  1    rest :. I s : ■■•*-•  --: assigns, shall have continued in perma-
to On   PODsiderati n neat oc< i| ition   f land pre-empted, or of land purchas-
tntrr     Then   srr ■ • •* i: iresai i be or they may. save as hereinafter men-
. .- - - bring ej<  tment or trespass against any intruder
.•'...--. -.     ■'        ■'   ■ ~    ]■-■■':'.    •*.-::     .-:'..:    :.•-.-■
:   wfll sack b;   -    .: eiteat as if he or they *were «   sed  ;:-■   eg    estate in
ss   -. . 1 -' ■    .   . •   pre-empt   .   r | . - based
ly wean rate of •>».?■». :  j succeed sa 1 . *   ."■>.-■        -    N '       ontoiaed shall astrued as
I . ...       ... .     '.   .   -      .•        j . . -       .  -     ;      j -.   _s .r. ■    ;   -. -- i-.uobs aforesaid
- _ . ■      i ..■".:         -... • 1.   ■ -      . -' • •   "     -  - . " • ■ =      r      nts       -    st&ndiag any claim
•   ■:-.;     I      . •   ..   :   :.   '.... -. ._    . S»i ■-.-•■■.■;:   -.;• " ■ ■■......-..   ■...-..;. .
^a*e CA.--. s -. . -.—   ?   tss  :&   ...  -     . . .... 3 z -    '       the-5 ;-.-■•••• — —pien or  p  rcnasr\.
.'       i-.;.'.-.7 :'        _-...:..:..:.      r-   .   .-       '■ :
teea      -   •        ... . - ;    ■- *; ■       "    • -" ' *     ■ .'    '■"'■• i*--- •   -
..    ;.      . . . . es .-. I ■>'••.    ii .?  r: •  * ■■ • •' ;   :   •--•-    *       ■"   -    e mfbres
.   .'    . .  . • . I . •. '.:,.-.: ;      said land h- \-t&-
-. .    :    -       •    _-  - -   ■    pw■'.   * :   " based is aforesaid by tree msers  re-
s.      .- . .   .    . . . : •        "        -      Bus the G   I C  sooner, and paring a rompeassatioi
Furs Bought and Sold 0:1 Curntuission.
HAVANA CIGARS, of tbe fi
s. vii.
La Ville de (iipin.        Regalia Britanica.
Kspar.cros T^iemsco
Washington Irving
U Victoria
El Volcano
El Valor de la Rama
EI Triumrirato
Pbe brands ire all war
.resslv selected ::	
. asset. A . •■: \'      •
> 1
-    .
..  jj   ,jt.,..,.i for sale bytl
.' ■, rases, or small Wf
ted ti be genautt,**1^
for this market, by Mes|
.-  in San Francises   Calafornia. ,„,„
g. vmsow
Johnson street, opposite ffb«rf»
Stars ajrfCJgaatosofBewbraatlsreodTen^ _
.. Stl imcr. '
Seamstress aud Nursery Governess
aNT*^;"1 — in in! Sis    ll
.' : s ■ s
-    - is »<- ss u
,.."-'.. ...
• . • ■ '-..-. ' . '    -.        . ...
'   . ..SB.
StvU-or. f, IS • . •      .-'■.'
* ».>S4   s'-;  . -     ■
»«»$wr o: aere*. mm ....     .....
lis* re.vd, •   .
»»*>   *-<   ;"~r.')jAs.   ■
tt w.vfi'i yi-trr.. : .. - • ' <.-,-.
- ''*'-'■..
c*r.«si p«Mi . . ■,
i\ty »*> atatn   ::.<  wrm  ■'■   to«5g* • .
SeetnM wyeiViawL** wawteA,eg-ttw .-. - . ..    f
s*e ix<^aarei£ *»»^ »
»*<*»*,. ■     - . .
I      .   ■     J   I -.*..-..-s ■     1    ■ 1 -    '      .    ■ .     . :
'.:.■...:■     --■   -'
..-..- . : - .    s   'e: r-S-^      -   -   - ■ ■
Uariat - . . - tea ■• ■   .
His cc;iT..vs,iB^iB j^a fw MBttv dttinr*.    '. .        —.-- :.•;..-•:    -    . •:  l»i   -i-   ;'!"Tr'
< ^-;; - . . I    -       .    -..  . ':: .' ?. BB.-. -s
*'""'-'■'■ :'i;" ,	
.-    •  j   -      a «      .    •"■       -: ■ '    al
. ,-   ... .. \y—"»i.cora
'  ■ . '   B»bow sit-rH
I, '•-: .'s,!srr.bvs<ia*1
•-HOMF..''      .
■     .
- -
-   ■
:      rres ■   -.-  - _•: ■    . . ■ -
": F.T.-V:-:    -"   IXV'i'-X.
1 ■    f 1
1   '
;,        ;:.;;.-    .:.".;-    UOBgUS,
*rf   *..C JliWi    II    -'•""--»■ •--   '.T.-.T*   .~~
ih. Gov*«itw ai* i Oraamander-ip-
■ -_:..- V..-,-.-s-.y s Ool  :;.-':■: RrilJ^h
a   and   i--" -    *
 :...   i ih? sine, A.   . A.
-   .   v   ^      ,      •-        f at Art nl
:::.':..:      rdes ia ."■•■■■. ata
:r   f>■:-:■-     :    :-■ -:■>.--   r-:
:..    '   ; •■-:   H   .  •
■ :    .       .■:.•..'..    . s
..--'--    r       nn;    ■■■■ .
it 3ns.y :.' '-r. '.-• ■ :4 ■   ll -;  same
.:.-..:   .-.:..". •--'..:.  1,.. _  .: . .  -...":.
Baraeti s
Barrel s SV
40    in * ;.-.■.
>lch Wbiskej ia r-;\chcons.
X   ,. (
.    ...; 1 ■
1 ia Pipes.
(Sde*     W ts snd keys.
■   - ■ ■
V. -..-.-..rer K.
•.-.-.-.'. -.    >.'.          -         .  .' ,.^S.
** 'r • *
io ia Balk
-V.'lSO-j.p's   B
irl m A'..-
Barclay, Te
do               00.
rkias .<t Oo i Boltied Tortcr.
Tr.-.raar„ H;
uibarj s                ds>.
t. :.-. ;
A tSOpp°t Iv.".
A ..: '. : salt bj
H> Extvllency,
I   V."; Y      SO,
.'..:    _• '.     .: .-.'. Sccn**tarr.
<    nlii-l
if IcdiBSOO a-.•..: lUwerumcnt
hm,^ "-caoftae    • V,, if
,;r lii-iud.
■Illl I lllalilllll


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