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The New Westminster Times Dec 1, 1860

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Array I
Vi, a choict
/  >»'J1ERY-
3J» IL M iii
geto p^tmwk, gatotoi}, fmmte I, 18(50.
Inking of
ling of tlie
{From the London Times.)
The third anniversary of the
Delhi h.is passed, and nol a shi"
Indian prize money has yet been received by
its conquerors- The l.ritir,h troops, who
fought po well in India, have every claim to
consideration that can possibly be imagined.
They braved the Indian climate fit the very
worst period oftheyeai—atatirae, indeed, I
when the natives themselves wcre hardly capable of active service on thoso burning plains
under tbe rays of a vertical sun- Thoy executed inarches the length and Severity of
which posterity will deem hardly credible.
Tbey fought battles against men armed and
disciplined like themselves, where the disparity oi number seemed to render success hopeless, and yet. they gained a series of complete
rilliant victories-   On their bravery and j
a knowledge of the demand, in improving the
cultivation of the plant, and in organizing the
the trade; but, if English capital is carried
| out., and English agents are set to work, we
may be very sure that all the rest will spood-
ily follow. A few years will see us relieved
of our periodical cotton panics, and the chief
industry of the nation exempted from dangers
which nobody can contemplate without alarm.
—London 'Times.
a'.il <^__ _._.._..__._
steadiness, on their discipline, and on their
patient endurance of hardships almost incredible, depended the retention by England of
her .Eastern Empire, with all the ulterior
effects which its loss must have had upon her
position as a great Euro],can power. The
army was itself a very heavy loser by the
destruction occasioned by the mutinies. The
only indemnity of any consequence it could
obtain was the Prize-money which it bad
won under circumstances so unparalleled.
All the other achievements ofthe army, wonderful as the}* were, sank to nothing in comparison with the beige of Delhi- The stake
was not only tho existence of the English
Empire in India, but the existence of every
European man, woman, and child whose duty
had called them into the far interior, ll Delhi
bad not fallen, probably not a single English
man or woman would ever have returned
from the Punjab- Lucknow, certainly, would
■have fallen, and the brave garrison would
|iave perished by the
ind merciles enemy- N
take so manfully and so successfully played
ir-    Our army occupied a very unhealthy
M. Alpbunse Esquiros, iu the Revue dee Deux Monies,
commences a series of articles on the military state of
England, rrom wnicii we extract the following ;—" Thc
idea has been too lightly spread that Great Britain is
nut. a military nation ; the movement that has taken
place during the Inst year in the United Kingdom sufficiently confutes this opinion, which at a given moment
may become dangerous to the other States of Europe,
On what besides is based the assertion that England is
only a naval power of the first class? Have nol the
English soldiers, although never numerous, sufficed for
11 the great eventualities of history? Has not the
; weight Of their arms been felt for centuries past in the
balance in which arc weighed the destinies ofthe continent? Each time that it was necessary to conquer,
have they not conquered? I will not awaken irritating
recollections, I will not write thc name of a great battle so painful to our national self-love; it suflics to recall the fact thnt lately England, with a handful of men
re-eonquered India. Instead of denying history, it were
better to seek by what ties the liritish character is
linker! to the group of martial nations. The Englishman is not warlike from taste ; he docs not love war fof
war's sake, or maintain an army (br the ruinous pleasure
of seeing liayoucts glitter and banners flaunt. He has
an army to defend bis territory, his commerce, the immense network of his external relations and affairs. Experience has more than once shown him thc necessity of
pulling the pride of riches undci tie protection of'eour-
age. Thc English soldier lias less entbii.-iism than
coolness, On a battlefield he dies as he lives, with resolution and from a sentiment of duty. Immovable in
his ranks, he feeis that the responsibility of thc labor
which has made England an opulent nation rests upon
his arms, the military element presents, then, in Great
Britain, peculiar and interesting traits. And then quite
lately, besides  the  regular army, a  new independent
hit    FIRE-PROOF STORE, where  he   it con-
gtantly supplied with  New Goous by every
Steamer, and has always on hand a
gplendid assortment of
Silk, Velvet,  and  Cloth.    Also a large variety ef fine
Silks and Bonnets.
An excellent variety of Alexander'!
KID   GLOVES, and a full assortment of Gentlemen's Furnishing  Goods, tine Frock Coats ;   Drest
Coats; Over Coats; Vests and Puntuloons
of different colors;   Fashionable Silk
Hals.     Gilt Cornie-es, Curtain
Kings,   Window    Shades,
of all coli rs, French
Cussimeres, Broadcloth, Beaver, and Pilot.
Also—a  full  assortment  of iTailori'  Trimming..
army has arisen.
to-day it f.li.s the
Yesterday it existed but as a project,
with the   noise  of its clarions,
ood, and cov-
irmishers.   I
speak of the Volunteers, or Riflemen.    We must investigate the origin of this movement, and the influence it
nn/.a ni'   .,     /..„•..„ I!.-  ' to-il.1V It 1. lis the I0W.1S   Willi the    IIOISC   Ol
III,lis 01     .1    C0l\Ullli\   I ' . .     „    , , .     . ri   i
...     -   I passes reviews in Hyde park and at Homo.
.ever was so nigh   a j cr3 thc ,,-,,-„ with ,ho smokc of its ski:
bosition during  the most unhealthy
H tho year-    It was open to attack
months I '1!,s already exercised on the English habits ; but before
fi mt '< uilsJ nig ourselves wi'h  the army  anil the Volunteers,
,   . - , .,   -       .,, •!   i      • i    it will be vrell to study the military school and arsenal.
nd  in   rear,  and it was  ill  provided   with   Ataperiod when all the nations of Europe observe one
rtillerv and ammunition.    Uhe numbers of another, and whon, each mom-nt. rumors ot war arise,
1 small   propor- j die awuy, and then again are heard, it is not useless to
Shawls,  Alpacas,   Merinos.   DaLaincs,   Furs,   Gloves
Riding   Huts,  Gauntlets,  Cloaks,  Mantillas,   Velvets,
Embroideries, Ribbons, Laces, Carpets, Rugs, Druggets,
Oil-Cloths, Paper Hangings, Mattings, etc., etc,
and all other goods pertaining to the
business, at the lowest priest.
N. B.—All orders from British Columbia, Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by express or otherwise, will be
promptly amended to.
mlO-ly K. GAMBITZ.
I err
iho besiegingTirniy bore but
ion  to  thc numbers of tho army  -which it
besieged-     It  was   impossible to  Invest the
luce, and Delhi received continual reinforcc-
tients till tho very end of the siege. The
my had no basis of operations j the country
round it was hostile; it was new to its com.
landers; and tbey, with the brilliant excep-
a.ui of .Nicholson, inspired no peculiar
joiilidence. The artiljery ofthe town was
.umlaut and well served, and the supply of
ptnunition nnd projectiles,  thanks to the care of our
again are 	
Franco to know  the strength of her  neighbors.    It   is
tho l,ftrr-.„n,   tl.o  f,.l,l_,    Ll,_   ],.._.1._,   -»».,l uttli  llie ptTUlTO
streets, that we must henceforward visit to acquire a
complete idea of the forces of England. It seems imprudent for Europe to judge those forces on vague reports, which alternately attenuate and exaggerate the
character of the armaments I think Ihat the armaments ami military reforms ofthe United Kinilom aro of
a nature to make Europe seriously reflect. Every nation ofthe continent, no mutter which, that should feel
disposed to come into collision with Great Britain ought
to think twice about it. First and foremost she would
find before her the  old  wooden wall of Oltl  England,
•I'vernment. inexhaustible.  With all those discourage-   hitherto an impenetrable bulwark to her shores; behind
nts those brave men bore up month nfter month
ptiust sickness, weariness, numbers, nnd a feeling of
ulation and desertion.   Iu the face ofday they stormed
ily, fortified by our own engineers, with a loss
|rdly paralleled  in   the history   of assaults.     They
ive the enemy from street tojstreet with unflinching
illantry; every point of resistance and every strong
jilding was carried in succession bya scries of gallant
id devoted attacks' and, after a week of almost in-
ssant fighting,  our siniil; hand drcve out tbe Sepoys,
"hi iva captured, and India was saved. A service
prcely  lei's desperate was performed in the relief of
••know, n service in some respects even more inter-
ig to England, because in itSBiiccoss were involved
lives of so many gnlhint Englishmen, nnd of so
|ny women und children, who hud held out. under the
si appalling circumstances against a force and for a
ind which seems all hut inn-edible. Never was
I/e-money better earned than on these occasions ;
per should   it  have been more punctually or more
erfully paid.
lowevcr, tho manufacturers appear now to
-■onvinccd that the danger must he trifled
li no longer.    Even if no  other consider-
>n presented itself, that of our own inereus-
consumption would to sufficient to make
ion imperative.   Already we consume as
eh as  all  America could  produce   a lew
rt years ago, and  il the crop of oighteen-
idred and sixty-one should  happen to fall
low as that of oightoon-hundrod and fifty-
r the consequencos would ho truly formid-
As tilings now  Stand, with almost united opportunities, wo do next to nothing
ourselves.    In India the field is boundless
every   other   condition   favorable.    Of
I'JO, the Hindoo peasants would bo perfeet-
'citdy to grow cotton if they could be assured
remunerative price for it, and it can hardly
imagined  that, the labour of theso docile
patient  husbandmen  should   bo  dearer
ii that of slaves costing one thousand  dol-
ouch.    The only real impediment to cdt-
cttltivation in India is tho want of a steady
extensive demand, felt en tho spot.   Cot-
is grown  in many parts  of Central and
thorn India, but it is not grown regularly,
0 any great extent, or with any good or-
ization of that particular species of indus-
"s ministering to an important trade- It
•Jt grown as opium and indigo are grown,
the reason is that tho demand is not ofa
1 lo create such special efforts in the way
'l'l'ly- This demand, howevor, the Man-
,l>r people are now preparing to establish.
timet object of tho now Association is to
!' cotton in India of improved quality and
it to this country." If that design is car-
out on a scale sufficiently extensive, it
(Jt hedoubted tbat Indian cotton will soon
mong the chief imports of this king-
,son.c time will bo required in diffusing
tlie ships are soldiers, who arc daily increasing in numbers and improving in organization ; behind those soldiers stands the armed nation."
Tim UsiTSD Stateb.—Speaking at  Detroit  (Michigan)   on the 4th inst., Mr. Seward reviewed  the whole
course of United States' politics.    He begins by saying
that the Federal Government ofthe United Stales " has
failed to  secure  respect and good  will  abroad"   and
" gootl order, contentment, and harmony at home ; "—
" The  Canadians  certainly neither envy  nor love  us.
All  the  independent   American Powers from the  Rio
Gnind  to  Cape  Horn, while they strive  to  construct
Governments tor themselves after our models, fear, and
many  of them hate us.    European nations do,   indeed,
revere  our constitutions and admire our progress, but
they  generally  agree in pronouncing  us  inconsistent
with our organic principle, nnd capricious.    The President  inveighs against corruption among tbe  people.
The immediate  representatives of thc people in  Congress charge the President with immoral practices, and
the  President protests, against their action ns subversive of the Executive prerogative.    The House of Representatives organizes itself convulsively.)  amid confessed dangers of popular commotion,   The Sonatelistens
unsurprised,  and almost without excitement,  to  menaces of violence, secession,  and disunion.   Frauds in
the Territories are palliated anil rewarded.    Exposure,
and  resistance  to them are condemned and  punished,
while the just, enlightened, and reasonable will  of lhe
people there, though constitutionally expressed, is circumvented, disobeyed, and disregarded.   States watch
anxiously fii^Sttl^^u^iiti'iisitiu and invasion  by  citizens  oC^Hjj^i-jt.itc..,  while the Federal Courts  fail lo
Bnppress  piracies on the high seas, nnd even on our
own const...    Thc Govornmont of tbe Union courts nnd
sitlimils lo State espionage ofthe Federal  mails, while
the. Stt'es  scarcely attempt to  protect  tho  personal
rights of citizens of other States, peaceably pursuing
harmless occupations  within their fraternal jurisdictions.   The people are not satisfied,   The Republicans
are  not,   neither are the constitutional  Union   men,
Even  the  Democrats are ho less  dissatisfied,     They
certainly are dissatisfied wilh the, Republicans,   with
thc National Union men, ami with their own administration, with each other, anil, as I think, even individually amou^ themselves.   The North is not   satisfied.
Us   masses   want, a suppression of the  Africnn  slave
trade,   and an   effectual exclusion of slavery  from  the
terrilories,   so that all the new nntl future Stnl.es  mny
surely be free. States.   Tire South la nol satilafiod;••• Its
masses, by whatever means, and ut whatever cost, desire lhe establishment and protection of slavery in the
Terrilories, so that none of the new Slates may  fail   to
become  sl.ive  States.    Thc East is discontented   with
the neglect of its fishery, manufactures, and navigation,
and the West is impatient under the operation of a national   policy  hostile to its agricultural and social   developments.    What Government in the world but ours
has  persistantly  refused to improve   rivers,  construct
harbors, and establish lighthouses for the protection of
its commerce?   Xew  and anomalous combinations of
citizens appear,—in the North, justifiylng armed instigators  of civil and servile war, in tho South,  devising
means   for the  disruption and dismemberment  of the
Union.    It, is manifest, that wc nro suffering in tho respect and' confidence of Foreign States, ami that disorder
nnd confusion are more flagrant among ourselves  now
than  ever before.    The last forty years havo constituted a period of signal nnd lamentable failuro in tho efforts of statesmen to adjust, and establish a federal policy
for the regulation of the subject of slavery in its relations to thc Union.
IRECT FROM NANAIMO in any quantity to suit
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al 1 -tt Pioneer Whan.
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Ill Health in Hoi Countries.
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Bilious and Livtr Complaints.
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to Ihe directions given iu the books, and their ailments
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Dropsical Swellings and Turn of Life.
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A Word to Females.
The local debility and irregularities which are ths
special annoyance of the weaker sex, nnd which, when
neglected, always shortens life, nre relieved for the
time being and prevented for the time to come, by a
course of this mild but thorough alterative.
Ohapin lc Co.'t Male and Female Employment Office,
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Association. Particular attention paid to supplying
private families with servants of all kinds.
Also, have a House Brokerage, and Real k'ltat.
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Bowel Complaints    Fevers of all     Piles
Colics kinds Retention of Urine
Constipation of thc Fits Scrofula, or King's
Bowels Gout Evil
Consumption Head-ache Sore  Throats
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&c-, on these means of transit- Every locality in British Columbia through which a
road runs will have to contribute especially
r, » .-. ,.,„.    ri,., f.r.t niirch'iias of I    A  communication having been received fbm Wm. I Municipal fundi from the Treasurer, and that the .„
gofdTyX'aU^e W^ ! B*^«» relating to his contract on Bl.ieUend-street,   mors mentioned in thepetition were entirely fa,3..\r j
goia ny tne  ejo.ernnieiii -.ri., «■       >*■    • . ,„...-,.,I   hv   Mr     _rin<!ruiii_*    eeeondel   bv   Mr.    resolution was earned. '
at the rate of 2 per cent ^^J^^*^ • £j^lffA^S2rffe.Wk W.J.E, and       Mr.  Cormac  proposed and Mr. Holbrook second
been taken to  A ictona, 2J oi 3 per cent would    ...» . jjrown , .      ,    contracuJ ul. some   that all orders of the President for payment of aeZ!_
been charged; the miners, thererfore,   gams by selling , is, here o rmpl r;.eVti^l",»vA,__"a felled | or Municipal work be made on  Mr.*JLm£g£g
ieen ciiavged; thc mi...
his gold here, and il is satisfactory to know that steps : •'•her person to remove
towards its ■import, and so far wo think  the I have been taken by the Government Assay office to put   on Backwoo trtmOH-'« V,
I'       ' ,, .,       a .-t„p to thc iiniK.-ilion to which miners were subjected   grading sam sirc-i «m  ici.
Government has done nothing more than  tho   f[.om- denja]     ' (,ie VK.U)1,m honSM ot a fair price for;    Mr. Brown was elected a member of the Ftnjincecom
ts made at the Gov- i mittee in place of Mr. Homer resigned.
contract for clthring and [ which was carried.
(carried.) The President was desired to a»certain the legality.,
certain resolutions which had been passed by the conn ei!
Mr. Armstrong gave notioe of motion to intrude,.*
.     _ _...:  i... ,    r. I...,:..!.: ., ...   ~'It
$ cts.
en, on uhdbk—One insertion	
" One  month	
" Three months..
" Six months	
Ihcdss, on less—One inscriiou..
One month	
Three months	
" " Six months	
n Incuts, on less—One insertion	
» " One month	
'' " Three  months	
Advertisements of larger dimensions,
liods as per agreement.
     1  25
     4 00
   10 00
    IV 50
     2 00
     C 00
   1.  50
   30 00
     ? 75
   11  00
  30 00
or for longer
i_t.«.t. oft.,. Colony denuded i„i 0,ing '^«^^^^^  ,,.;„_- ^^Kj^gBTCBj
the lm  Mulo  Tax.    tt0   b»v .   ropoatodly | EX,i»™U,o»Sa. 'y JrivM. ap cbtrtot, | Iwflto UUft, »:,, ,.:.r.l..n.. ,l«,...,I.M«*••> | paid Irmuror, ml forM.bU.bloglb.,,M,.t ,.,,.
adjourned till  Monday evening
atcd. however, that SO long at the  present   and now  that  the Government Assay office has com-   to Sir. McGregor who made a mstokeii ten*riug.
Btacea, nowever. fe i purcbasc,  we predict for the Depatraent that       Moved, seconded, and rained,-1 hat tie lina.ee
system oi making roads through the (. ulony , confldonceJwJ,.cl, is lt, ^ ni ,m institution that bene-! committee be requested to report to the- council at the
tliere  will   always   bc   imperfectly   at the Working man more than he is generally aware.   | next meeting the state of the finances of t»e ilui
The Council then
"•Vlll.-iT   GllOWlSO  IS   TUK Ul'I'IIl  ColNTItV
completed  contracts,   badly  finished  work,
and thcirconcomitants, general dissatisfaction
throughout the country.    The only method of ' that gentleman bus given this portion of farm produce
*'h attention in his ensuing crop that lie  intends  dii
1 An account of W. Dosier amounting to $£V00 for ecr-
.il roo.li,   was  01-
 ,     '..,.. ,,- ,.     ,   .,   i      Au iifcmiiit of \\. llo>ifr:iiiioiiiiliiig
extraordinary* successful trial of a sum I crop of wheat i   . ,    ,     ;      ^ ^^
on Mr. Davidson's farm, near William's lake, this year,    .,_,„,,.   ,       .,,
i ■ i * i *        _._•••_      _>***•. ■.   inn      utriiiioiiciiiini.
VlCTonu—W. F. Ill-Hi:;:, Yne-'-.trcet.
Yale—Mr. UttjiriiBi v.
Pour Doi-in.As— Mr. Tnos. Ccorrn.
Port Dope   Mr. J. n. Mm it.
Bhiuilkomeeh ami Rock Creek.
Sa:,* Fiukcisco—Mr. Tnos. Boyce, corner Montgomery and Washington-streets.
Cayoosh-Mr. A. MncDonnld.
Nanaimo—Mr. M'Innes,
London—Messrs. W. L. Kirkland and Co., (Evcniug
MnilJ No. 7, King William-street, Strand.
warding off these evils is by the immediate
establishment of Road Boards, or similar
representative bodici that will have the
power to tn-; thc inhabitants of tho locality
for the construction and repair of roads.
Tliere  would  then   be no  erics  about  such
„,'l, attention in v.
ring the curly part of next summer erecting n grist-mill.
Wc may, there fore, look forward with some show of
reason to a period not fur distant when Quesnelle, the
1'iirril on, anil all thai Iruet of country above Cayoosh
will bc supplied with tlour the growth and manufacture
of lhc Upper couutry.
Sites fcr   Puulio   Buildiugs,  kc—The appended
list of lots have been selected by the Municipal   council
eminent Ollice Gardens. For local schools, in Ward
No. 1—Block 22, Lot 29; Ward No. 2—Block 13, Lot
10; Ward No. 3—Block 29, Lot 15, and Block 31,  Lot
All Advertisements for insertion in the New West-
nir.ster Times must l,e paid in advance. Those for lon-
per periods than one month tire required to bc paid for
each month in advance,
Taxation has, from the earliest, days, been
tho most important pari of legislation- In
•what way tho greatest revenue could bo
raised with the least pul,lie, dissatisfaction has
troubled the brain of the most astute .statesmen in all a^es- Society may bc divided
into classes socially and politically— party
feeling may embitter to almost a savage extent the relations of individuals, but a call on
the public purse will alway effect amost rapid
and startling unanimity of feeling; and induce
the divided hosts to make coin mon cause against
tho arch enemy of mankind, the Government.
British Columbia owes, perhaps, its unanimity of sentiment more to theso frequent
raids of Government on thc pockets of thc
it-habitivnte limn to any eitVicr ooureu- Moil
of a quiot, plodding temperament aro converted by a Mulo Tax Proclamation into
infuriate politicians, and an extra percentage
on import duet throws Now Westminster into
a ferment. It is nothing new, therefore, or
unnatural to find the recent Tolls Proclamation the subject ofa great outcry and considerable censure, although it is something rather
novel to discover an attempt made to throw
all thc taxes of tho country into one heap to
be collected at the Tort of Entry- Arguments
aro brought forward b» tho inhabitants of
Douglas and Cayoosh against tho justice of
tho "Tolls Act," and wc must confess with,
to a ccrain extent, a show of reason, it is
alleged that tho road recently constructed
from I'ort Douglas to Lilloet Lake has been of
litllo use to tlio traveller or packeron account
of slides from the side cuttings having made
tho lino of travel impassable; and wo also
learn that through the withering of the leaves
of tho brushwood used in building tho road,
and the late heavy falls of rain, tho gravel
has dropped through—leaving, in some places,
nothing but tho side-logs remaining- At
Gi. raltnr Hill the road has been in a frightful
condition,—after considerable delay and loss
of time, however, in travelling, private enterprise removed all thc obstructions and otherwise ropaired tho road so as to make it
passable; yet these very same parties ar#
charged a heavy toll (or travelling on a road
that up till tho present has been actually
kept ir, repair through their gratuitous services. It is not surprising, therefore, to find
much dissatisfaction prevailing; but it is
unfortunate that that feeling should have
been directed against tho principle of levying
Tolls, than which a fairer or wiser method of
raising revenue does not exist. The original
Mulo Tax was bad on principle. It attempted
forcing the population to pay lor what
was not actually in existence; but tho
present impost, though certainly rather
heavy, is nothing more than carrying out the
name method of maintaining roads that is
practised by almost every civilized country.
The expenditure oftho Colonial revenue will
havo to be devoted for many y_ars to the
construction of means of communication
throughout tho country, and it is only fair
that thoeo who aro immediately benefited
by such public works should contribute to
thoir maintenance. It is rather fallacious to
suppose that, because tho Colony in general obtains an advantage by tbo formation of every trail or line of route through
the interior, that the Colonial revenue should
Institute—Block No. 21, Lot I I. I'm Fire Department— Ward No. 1—Block 22, Lot 21; Ward No. 2 —
Block It, Lot 3 ; Ward No. 3—Block 30, Lot 1; Ward
No. 4—Block 19, Lot M.
Government C.ii.st to Nkw Westminster.—The
folio A'ing is the Memorial of tho Municipal council for
u further -.'runt of _£1UOO :—
Your Memorialists would beg leave to inform  your
Excellency that t_i__.l_.00 which you so kindly granted j wl,ich wnsudopte
works tumbling to pieces a few months   after   as s'u.-s for school houses, public buildings, kc. :—
., .        • i i !•  „ »,,..,....<       For Public Seminary—live acres in tho rear of Gov-
thc contractors got paid,  and tiovcrnmcnt
grants would, under tho immediato supervision of the people for whose benefit they
wero intondod, go inure than twice thoir
j,resent extent. Putin this, as in other neglects, the inhabitants of the interior havo
themselves to blatno. They had every opportunity given them by the Governor to form
themselves into legal representative bodies
whi h would, in the course of a little time,
havo changed the whole face of affairs in the
Upper couutry. Thoy have not done so, and
thc result is they arc compelled to pay heavy
Tolls on roads that have turned out more like
pitfalls than highways for waggon transit.
This is a subject which every day increases
in importance- Next year we hope to see nut
only the completion of a good waggon road
along tbe remaining port ages between Douglas
and Cayoosh, but tho establishment of an arterial highway from Cayoosh to Alexander. The
nature ofthe country between tho two latter
places would mako such tin enterprise comparatively!, inexpensive, and the neccsity of
having a grand trunk road throughout the
colony, not only connecting with our principal gold fields, but intersecting upwards of
one hundred and fifty miles of open agricul-
ctiral land, certainly makes itself apparent.
We learn, from miners just returned from tho
Upper country, that more than one hundred
parties are pre-ampliiig claims and making
arrangements for immediate settlement in
various localities along this route, and there
is every indication ofa large fanning population becoming resirteui. ;,. a,;^ puiuun „r ei.~
country. Put ws hopo thai in the future
construction of the much-needed roads
throughout the colony the work of contractors will bc supervised by BCientitic and
practical men b-vforc thc public money is
paid away.
Thc news from Cariboo, even at this season of the
year, is highly exciting. On the North and South
Forks nf Quesnelle River thero are upwards of loo
miners who intend remaining during thc winter season,
in order to be on the ground at lhe earliest favorable
period for working. Between fourteen and (iflncn miles
on the North Fork of Qui'snellc, ICeilhly, of Cariboo
celebrity, lias again been favored by fortune. Willi
two of his partners, in six working days, $1,335 were
washed out by a rocker—one of those days 21 ounces
were obtained out of 200 buckets. At Keithley's Creek
on the Cariboo, Black's claim still continue., to pay
from §25 to i?35 a day. Edward's purl-r wore luiihing
about, a similar amount, llnzeltino k Co,, working in
lhc celebrated Weaver's Hill claim aro milking an ounce
a day to the hand tunnelling, with every prospect of an
increase. A prospecting parly composed of Messrs.
Georgo Weaver and Martin started from Cariboo and
made a lour throii;;!, .hut roprio,, of country, touching
at Bcnr River, Swamp River, and several other of their
tributary streams. They were absent sixteen days, anil
reported the whole couutry which they traversed as
being highly auriferous. Their statement is considered by every one as mo«t authentic, coming as it
does from such experienced prospectors, At, Rich Bar,
above Alexander, a party of miners are engaged in
bringing-in a water-ditch from a small lake about IV
miles distant. A tunnol about a mile in Icn^lb is also
being cut through a mountain, by ih« same party,
through which lhc ditch will pass. When this ditch is
completed, the miners on Rich Bar will obtain a result
commensurate with the greatness ol the undertaking.
At no period during the present year has so great, nn
amount of confidence and good spirils existed amongst
Hie business and mining community than .it present -
every one looking forward to the spring -witli strong
anticipation of n golden harvest. Letter.- arc dispatched
by almost every mail to relutlvcs nnd friends in California, persuading them to come to tho Upper eon,,try.
A party of men have left Alexander for the purposo of
exploring a suitable line of route for a trail connecting
that place with the coast. Indians bring salmon frequently from the coast, in about five or six days ; and
il is expected that an available route will he discovered
which will enable packers lo bring provisions from the
coast to Alexander nt ns cheap a rate as they are
now brought from New Westminster to Lilloet. It is
worthy of remark thut miners in the Carrihoo and upper
counlry have been enabled to work up till tho loth of
November this year, fully six weeks later than at
Quesnelle last season.
The President having decided that tho By-Law  for
organizing a Fire company, not hu.itij been passed in
strict accordance with the Municipal Act, ivas null ami
void ; Mr. Armstrong gave notice that Ue would, at the-
next meeting i f the council, introduce a By-Law granting certain privileges to ihe- people to organize Fire-
companies in the cit) of New Westminster.
The- council then adjourned till Friday Evening at 0
Noveii,her 30th. 18C0.
Members present, the President i Mr. M' Clure, )
Ifcssrs Armstrong! Holbrook, Cormac, Brown, and
A litter was read from Mr. Cooper of the Treasury,
IS; Ward No. .—Block 27, Lot 10, ami Block 21, Lot ! in reply to » eorannicntiou from ii,» Cmmetl, uiioui.'-
1.    For Town Mull—Block 13, I.ot 3.    For  Mechanic's    ing his willingness tn accept thc office  of Honorary
A petition was presented by several inhabitant, requesting information with regard to the office ofthe
Treasurer, in consequence of rumors being circulated
that that gentleman had rolu<ed to give up the rnouc)
to the clerk ill accordance will, the order ofthe council.    The- petition was received
The   Finn,,re   committee   brought    iu    their   report.
to the city of New Westminster bus been expended—
that n large portion of this sum hns been devoted to
chopping and clcaring'tiovcriiuicnt squares, parks, gar-
tit'.s and forfeited nml reserved lots—thus enhancing
considerably the value ofthe town property Mill in the
bauds of Government unsold. For this rcuson nnd for
carrying on works oflgrcut public utility at a period
when such labors can bc performed at n lower Ih.'iire-
than at any other seuson ofthe year, your memorialists j
would respectfully request thut a second grant of £1000
bc made It, the city of New Westminster in a similar ;
manner as lhe former grunt, wilh the exception of the ;
privilege on tho part of your memorialists of devoting a
suinnot exceeding £200 towards the erection of a Town
Hall—a building very much required by thc inhabitant..
ofthe town ; ami your memorialists, as in duly bound,
will ever pray, kc.
Nkw Wkstminstku Veoetaiii.es.—A  very fine  cabbage bus been  recently presented  us by  Mr. Trait- j
field,  of Iiikcrmnn farm,  weighing something over  IT
pounds.    Tbis   specimen is  only one among  a   great j
many,   equally  as large raised by that gentleman  Ibis
BitinfjE acitoss nn Phaser.—Messrs Kirkman k Co.
A motion was then brought forward by Mr. Cormnc,
seconded by Mr. Manson, that the office of paid Treasurer should cease from the present date, on account of
insufficient municipal funds, and the moneys to be
handed over in Mr. Cooper, of the Treasury ; und that
a vote of thanks be given to Mr. Armstrong, senior, for
bis services.
Mr. Armstrong, junior, opposed lbe motion on the
grounds that it wns gotten up through tho influence of
an outside and vindictive clique. From what be could
learn, be believed four-fifths of the few residents thnt
signed the peiition which wits presented io the council,
did so through falsehoods that had been circulated
about the actions of tho council. Resolutions hud been
I brought into the council lime after time for the evident
purpose of insulting the Treasurer nud his bondsmen ;
but none of the gentlemen hud evinced thc moral
courage to refuse the bond, which were given to the
council, and which hnd, up till the present time, bee,,
retained by that body. When these parties found they
could uot refuse tlie bonds, they passed a resolution requiring the bondsmen to take an oath which they must
have   known   Would  hate   been
ul proceeding.
The bondsmen refused to   take  the oath on lbe ground
ihat Mr. Brew had not the power lo administer it.    The
have con,ine,iced constructing a waggon bridge across i speaker, at some length and with considerable warmth,
animadverted on the conduct of the members who hud
so frequently introduced measures to confuse the business of the council, and opposed the motion on the
ground that it would require it, by-law to rescind any
portion of it bj -law.
Mr. lloi ->k also opposed the motion, and tooit n
similar view with Mr. Armstrong in refereuceto the attempts niade to niino.i the Treasurer and his bondsmen.
The Town clerk wns allow ed to collect moneys and fulfil the duties of hi. ollice, but ibei-e intelligent and consistent members had never yet called for his bonds.
111- was willing to have placed the   amount of his secu-
the Frnscr, about four miles above Cayoosh, The span
ofthe bridge is 142 feet—crossing one of lbe narrowest
portions of tho river below Alexander—nnd tho width
will be about twelve. A waggon road will br carried
from the bridge on the opposite side ofthe river a lit * lc
more than u mile towards lltu Fountain. Not only will
there be nbout 50 per cent, saved to the travelling and
packing portion of the community by this enterprise,
but, the present inconvenience in crossing the Ferry
will bo avoided. A saving of two miles will also he
effected by tbe arrangement. Pedestrians will be
l1'"^"1 a- —'•- nnp.li—Imlf thi, nuimipt ut i,resent levied by the Ferry. A charter, we believe, is solicited
for a term of seven years, on the expiration of which
the property will tall into thc bunds of Government.
'I'm Lilloet I.akf..—We lenrn from Mr. Myers the
Expressman, thnt the little steamer Marzcllc is now
counecti'ig the two hikes to the 2X utile House at the
end of the Douglas road. A great saving iu time is
Ihus effected as travelling over the pnrtugo is avoided,
and almost a day gained by the operation.
DouOLAS aho Cayoosh.—The journey between these
places is now made by Mr. Myers, the energetic Expressman, in 30.hours.
Tiiasiway.—The tramway between Anderson and
Seaton Lakes was commenced by Messrs. Callbreatll k
Co. on the 15tb tilt., and will, it is expected, bc completed ahout'tlie middle of January.
Thasus. To Jeffrny's and Ballou's e.presses and
to Myers' Cayoosh and Douglas express for numerous
Customs Rsvikce.—The Custom receipts for the week
ending Nov. 24 were—Duties, £G4. 17 5; Harbor dues,
£8 9 S; Head money, £2 10 0; Tonnage dues£.l 0 0;
Total, £.'_:« 3 1.
Sale of Wiiatif Leasis.—Tbis sale took place today, Mr. Dewdney as auctioneer The amount realised
was £432 us.   The number of leases sold was 37.
Valuable Ciop.—Mr. Davidson of William's Lake
ntiseil on his farm this year 80,000 pounds of potatoes,
over half of which he sold for 13 cts. per pound.
Heavy Fiieicht.—The Col. Moody took up the river
on her trip before lhe last upwards of 100 tons of freight.
The'Hope' and'Vale' "darling about thc sainc time
had nlso considerable cargoes.
POSTI'II.. (-.MIST  OF   Till CoNSFXtATlO"..—OwiOgtOtbC
non-arrival of hi. Lordship tbe Bishop of Columbia until late in the afternoon of yesterday, the Consecration
ofthe New Church is postponed till to-inorrow morning.
Divine Service ,o commence ut eleven o,clock.
Presidential Election Dimonstiiation.—An ardent
admirer of Democracy on hearing, last evening, that
the Republican canditnte for the Presidency was elected, concluded to relieve bis disappointment by partaking rather freely of "Jersey lightning." After
muashing several panes of glass in Mr. Brown's establishment, he crossed over to the store of Levi k Bnns
where ho behaved very obstreperously until he wns ultimately bound blind and foot and conveyed to jni 1 on
n hand-harrow. He was set at liberty this morning by
paying the fi ic anil damages
To the Editor of the. New Westminster Timtt,
Sir.—Friend "Lilloet' before rushing into print
should litivc made himself acquainted with the true
state ofthe revenue of thi. colony for the past and i,,c.
bfnt year; had he done to, he would not have -written
the letter which appeared in the Times of lust week
If "Lilloet" will refer to my former letter he will
find only £7000 was proposed lobe spent on n0re|.
New Westminster local improvements ; viz, fot ,„J
roads to Biiiraid Inlet aud a grant to thc Municipal
The remaining £8000 was proposed to be spent on»
Light-ship, Governor's residence, and other worki
strictly of a general colonial nature, and all urgently
required ; and if the colony Is to progress rapidly then
work- .-lioiild be proceeded with forthwith.
•• Lilloet' very indlguntly asks, " Why duties pal j u
the inhabitants ol the Upper country should bis expend.
ed in New Westminster?" The writer had n„ iurt
idea, whin he wrote the proposed expenditure; iico.b
wished that a portion ofthe revenue derived from the
sale uf the tow,, site and suburbs of Nor \Vestinin-
ster, should be expended for the benefit of the hW.
It may astonish "Lilloet" and his friends to be |g.
formed that thu sale of town lots lu New Wostmliutg
realized as under: —
1st sale .      '. $80,270.
2nd sale        .       .       §25,646.
Total   Si 11,015. or £23,373.
Add lo this say, £3000 for the sale of suburban lands
and we have,  in round numbers, the sum of £25,00}
contributed  to  the revenue by the town and suburb,;
exclusive of duties, licences, Ac.
The revenue of the colony since June 1st of Inst v.u
(the date of the first sale of New Westminster Urn
lotsj tu the present time is nbout £74.000 ; it trill lho
be seen that upwards of one-third ofthe revenue of lit
colony has been contributed by this town ;—and I
therefore think lhc Cloven,ment is bound in justice to
contribute lhe inotiev asked lor.
Bhitisii Cowsist.
Dr.ATii nv Poisoniio,—A Frenchman mimed Jourdnn
at. William's lake was poisoned on the Kith ult., by
eating wild parsnips—death resulting In about liflceii
minutes after partaking of the puis us plant. An inquest wns held by Mr. Nind, J. P, and a verdict returned in accordance with the facts adduced.
November 26, I860.
Members   present,  tbe  President  (Mr,   M'Clure,)
Messrs. Manson,  Holbrook,  Cormac,  Armstrong,  and
An account from S, T, Tilley for Stationery, and one
from W. J. Armstrong k Bros, for miscellaneous articles read, was ordered to be paid.
Council moved into committee of the whole on the
By-Law for organizing u Fire Company, Mr. Ilo'liroiile
in the chair.
The By-Law, ufler being considerably amended, wns
adopted in committee, and subsequently read the third
timo in council and passed.
Tenders were read for constructing Douglas, Begbie,
nnd Spaldiug-Strccts. Sp.il.ling-street and bridge wns
awarded to, Samuel McGregor at $123, Begliie-strcet
to John Robson for $48. Douglas-streel to .lohn Rob-
ion nt $395. The Section known as tho Pleasure
Grounds was awarded to A. fabler at SI75.
Memorial to His Excolloncy tho Governor for a further grnnl of £1000 adopted, and the President requested
to forward the same to His Excellency by the next
Moved, seconded, nnd :*-<.'i»:.«w>- C.i*t (he council meet
every Monday Evening for the next three months, nt
tbe hour of seven o'clock p. m. from tho rtrd Dec. I860.
Thc council then adjourned till Thursday next at 7
o'clock r. m.
November, 201b 1360.
Members present, the President (Mr. M'Clure,)
Messrs. Armstrong, Holbrook, Cormac, Brown, and
lily tor Urn 'treasury ,n castl in mc ltnu.la or tl._ .ouiioil,
but it was refused, and lie was asked to take nn oath
which no magistrate unless having extrajudicial function? could give. The motion, although meeting in
some portion his snuctlon he would not vote for on tbe
ground of its being illegal.
Mr. Manson supported the motion because be considered the Treasurer had not fulfilled his duties in accordance with the by-lnw appointing him—inasmuch
as no quarterly report was given to thc council at the
quarterly meeting. Willi regard to the Treasurer's
bonds, lie did not think the council ever entertained
tliem on account of the non-compliance of the bondsmen with the resolution requiring ihein to swear thev
were worth their respective securities. He believed
thc Treasurer hnd forfeited his ollice. In fact bo did
not look upon him n* Treasurer nt all.
The President asked leave of the council to make u
few remarks before the motion wns put, which was
granted. Dp agreed with tho resolution so fur as regarded economy, for the duties of lhe Treasurer were
really too trilling for a paid salary. lie believed every
mem ber of the council wits nlso of that opinion, although
at the time of appointment they considered a paid ollicer
necessary, lie, however, could not support lbe motion
from the simple fact that, as had been already slated,
it was illegal. An alteration or tin amendment to a
by-law coulil only be accomplished through another
by-law. Mr. Armstrong was to all intents nnd purposes
the Treasurer of the council, ns his appointment bad
been sanctioned by both the council and the Governor,
ami be bad discharged tbe duties of his ollice faithfully,
The whole confusion seemed to have arisen trout a motion which passed the council in the President's absence, requiring thc bondsmen to take nn oath. By
making this a foundation, which was certainly an illegal one, all the subsequent acts of certain members
based upon it were illegal. He believed the council hnd
no power to qualify a by-law by a resolution, which was
done in that instance, and be thought the members who
passed the resolution deserving of censure for not ascertaining, after all the bad ■feeling which it bad created,
whether or not it was legal. lie would support a by-
lnw far the abolition of tbe paid Trcnsurorship, but
be would necessarily opposo the present njption.
The motion wns then put .noimsmsimsfyiic Resident
exercising his second and casting vote.   Cdb^/J^
Mr. Dewdney, as one of the principal gcrillcinnn connected with the petition, obtained leave to innke a few
remarks, which were to the effect that considerable dissatisfaction prevailed at the rumors which hnd been
cicculiitcd in connection with the office of Treasurer.
lie thought it was the opinion of many thai the resolution, which the council bud passed, ordering the clerk
to take the municipal funds from lhc Treasurer
to the Colonial Treasury, sh.iil.1 have been carried out,
and he therefore considered the council blameable
for not doing so. Much more was said in reference to
the subject of the petition, when
Mr. Kennedy rose and said, ns Mr. Dewdney had been
allowed to interrupt thc proceedings in a verv irregular
and unbecoming manner, he. thought he might bo permitted to speak. It wns quite evident to ltiiiiar.il every
one present that the petition was gotten up by a disappointed and petty clique from the few names that had
been attached U it, nnd especially those bending it—
being ns Ihey wcre disappointed candidates at the Inst
election. Ilc was well awnre that this disappointed
party were doing their ui most to break up thc council,
if possible, and that great efforts would be niade to
effect that olijeet. Ho hoped, however, lhc council
would set its fnce against outside parties coming tu that,
room and interrupting the proceedings.
The President coincided with Mr. Kennedy in reference to the action of allowing nny neii-mcinberto speak
while thc council wns sitting, as being altogether irregular; but under thr peculiar circumstances of the cast,
he considered .«nme latitude ought to bc allowed ; it
wns his desire to have, the subject thoroughly ventilated, *s he felt the mors it wns discussed tlie injustice
which bad been done to thc Treasurer would betioaie
more glaring, and the false rumors which it had ur*.
pearcd had bee   in circulation entirely dispelled.
A motion was then hrought forward in answer to the
petition, to the effect, thnt no resolution wm ever passed
by the council  ordering lhe Town  clerk to obtain the
Victor F.iiiinniiiiel entered Naples, October 17lh.
Mar.ziui bus refused to leave Naples. General Gotoi
had occupied Vitcrbo. The vote on the annexation n
Piedmont was to be taken in Sicily, October Silt, il
accordance with the vote in the Sardinian Chambers.
It is asserted that there was great consternation it
the cabin.t of Turin, in consequence of the formal pi*
tests of the ltii>sii,ii und Prussian nmbas.a-tii.
uKiiiust Sardinian invasion of the Kingdom uf Xnpltt
The Russian ainbaisadur will demand hi* passport ii
no regard is paid to his protest,
Cannonading nt Capua was commenced October ?il,
by the (inribaldiaiis, who hud gained fresh positions.
The war was suspended twenty-four hours in order
to bury the .lend, ll lecoiliineuced October 10th, ui
was continued till October 12tli, when the royalists re
tired, as suposcd Indicia, which is a more foruii_a.li
Garibaldi's ministry and pro-dictator nt Naples _d
resigned on bis departure,
The sending of additional French troops to RoffltW
been postponed.    French fortifications were- atrengtb.
cued.    A French innil steamer was seized »t Naples.
Sheridan Knowlcs hud been drowned.
An army of 40,000 Austritins is suid lo have croii-1
the Po.
It is stated that Queen Victoria has returned Iron
her vi.it to Prussia;
An insane man attempted to shoot the Queen cf
Spain, but fulled.
Twenty-two ships had been burned at Constsnfr
Hon. Dclazon Smith, a leading Democratic editor ii
Oregon, died  nt  Portland, Nov.  20th, aged 44 ye«*
His remains were taken to   Linn county for iiiterni*
The steamer Elk exploded at  Oregon City, on is
ISlh.    Three persons were severely wounded
Upon the reception ofthe news of Lincoln's elect!*
tbe Republicans of Portland lired one hundred gum
Tbe returns of the Oregon election are as yet tocos
calif usi ..
It is generally conceded thut Lincoln hns carriedB
State by about 300 majority. The Legislature ati|
as follows :—Senate—Douglas, 9 ; Lincoln, 3 ; Bred
inridgcyt. Assembly — Douglas, 30 ; Lincoln, |
Breckinridge, 21,
The importing bouse of Bndimnn Brothers, cornet*
Buttery nnd Hal lock streets, San Francisco, wns bull*
on the 14th.   Loss, $25,000—insurod for $5,000,
Tbe wreck of the Grenada bus entirely disappear"
Edmund  Randolph is  named  for  D. S. Senator'
succeed ("win.
W, B. Fiirwcll, ex-editor of the Snn Francisco i*
ha. been appointed secretary to Col. Baker, 0,|
Senator from Oregon.
i:..STi:nv st.urs.
Lincoln is elected Presittent. He will have 1*
eleclornl voles, lie has carried every Northern Stall"
including Illinois—by ri,00i) majority. Douglas Jj
CCedctl in currying Missouri only by a small innjo*1'
The following is a summary of the election, so farn|
heard from :—
Iu New York the Republicans hnd 50,000 mnjo"1!
Massachusetts, .0,000 ; Pennsylvania, 70,000.
.to.iitio ; New Jorsy, 20,noo ; Illinois, (so fur nsH
from)5,000j Maine, '25,0(10; Ncw'llaiiip.hirc, IO,'1*
Indiana, 25,000; Rhode Island 50,000; Vernio"l|
4.0,000; Wisconsin, 10,000; Connecticut, 20,000; *
chignn, Iown, and Minnesota arc nlso largely KCP!
licnn. ,
Brockinrigo ii supposed   to   have carried >"
Southern States, with the exception of Missouri.
The President has made a decision in "lCCfs..
Gen. Harney. It is not jot promulgate*, though a
believed he violated the orders of Gen. Scott.
A  panic,  among Ihe   stock-brokers  in the c*!
thought to have ■commenced'.   Several have failw-
Marshal l.yndcrs has been arrested for MM»W
Lowis Tnppnii and his grandson, Silas Holmes, U"
York. j
Blondin having acquired a small fortune In the
ted Stntcs, has returned to Europe to enjoy it,     .^
Tbo  name of the person who revealed tho Sou
plot to dissolve the Union,  and declare BrM1*'":,,,
President, is It. J, Lackey, son-in-law  of M'"0'0ll
King,  Virginian  by birth, who wns recently rets
from oflice in the Treasury Department, on
grounds of Preference for Lincoln. ,   ,
Tho Louisville Journal announces a plan fWcfa
ngreed upon by Wigfall of Texas, Weeks of A»»dj|
and others, which is, that South Carolina,witine
days after Linco.n's c.ccVim., shnll declare- horse"
pendent and send ambassadors to WashinglW"
recognition.    If recognized,   others would foi    >.
nfier a sufficient, number are recognized a
Confederacy would he formed. 0jfini
The foreign Ministers at Washington nave
their governments that thc United Status IS °
of n revolution.
If I
It is reported upon reliable authority that several
Southern States have obtained a pledge Irom the Emperor Napoleon to protect Charleston as a free port, in
case of secession j also, that Johnson of Georgia, who
regards Lincoln's electioa as furnishing uo grounds
(or dissolution, says he would be overwhelmed were he
io resist the secessionists in his State as all three parties
harmonize on secession.
It is reported that the plan of the Administration is
to remove the deposits Stib-Trensury at New York, nt
an auspicious moment for secession, but this will not
be attempted. Thc papers are almost entirely occupied with the tlitcussion of the threatened Southern
movements, and the atmosphere is filled with rumors.
The steamer S. R. Hill exploded between Memphis
mul New Orleans. Thirty persons killed, and forty
Nov. 23—canoe Seventy-six, Riley, Victoria, rice.
23—canoe " " '       " "
Nov. 20—schr Harriet, Collin, Porl Townsend general
26—schr Restless, Richter, Port Townsend, Vegetables,
Nov. 20—str Henrietta, Insley, Douglas.
26—Str Hope, Millard, Yale.
20—str titter, Mouatt, A'ictoria, general cargo.
20—3lr  Col. Moody, Irving, Hope and Yale.
26—str Yale. Fort Hope and Vuie.
26—!,tr Caledonia, Frain, Victoria,'general cargo.
Nov. 27—schr Carolina, Jones, Port Townsend,
Flour, kc
Nov. 28—canoe Hudson, Hudson, Salt Spring Island,
2.— str Otter, Mouatt, Victorin.
Not. 23—str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria, passengers.
20—sir Caledonia, Frain, Victoria.
27—sch Carolina, Jones, Victoria, lumber.
Nov. 27—str Henrietta, Insley, Port Douglas,
27—Str Col. Woody, Irving, Forts Hope and Yale.
27—str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria.
28—schr Harriet, Coffin, Port Townsend.
28—ntr Hope, Millard, Vale.
30—Str Henrietta, Inslcy, Port Douglas.
C O L O N I A L     HOTEL,
PROSPER k FRANK GRELLEY, would respectfully
inform the public that they have just opened
their New Hotel, and nre ready to accommodate travellers or residents of New Westminster with the choicest
eatables the market affords. The sleeping apartments
are fitted up in a style that neither Vancouver Island
nor British Columbia can excel, and the wines and
liqueurs, while enumerating nil that a first-rate hottl
should boast of, are ofthe very best and finest description.
Private dining rooms can be always obtained,
dinners, kc, gotten up ou the shortest notice.       3m
col.-mbu-stiieet xew  Westminster.
TIIE above Saloon has been re-opened by P. Ma-
nctta, who respectfully solicits a share of the public
patronage. The best wines and liqueurs arc constantly
kept, and thc Billiard tables ofthe saloon nre unsurpassed anywhere. no24 3-m
Now opening at
II 1 B B E N    k    CAR S W B L I. ' S
a splendid assortment of
A Larger Number of Volumes, nnd Upon a greater variety ol subjects, than has ever yet appeared in this market.
Those interested ure respectfully invited  to  call nnd
feast their eyes to  their   hearts content—Gratis—at
S T A T I 0 N E It S '    II A I. L .
THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
the undersigned, doing business at Cayoosh under the style of NiutELDEii. Pearson, a Co., is this
div dissolved bv mutual consent.
Cayoosh, B. C, Oct. 18th, 1860.
The business will be carried on by P. NltrrKLBJB,
who is authorised to collect all debts due the late firm
and pav all claims.
nol7-3in GEO. RUSSELL.
WHOL1SAL1   DlttlKS   ti.-   IVI ..-.. ir.t or
Liverpool Wharf
The  consecration  of the New  Church has  been unavoidably postponed lill
Divine Service will be performed on Sunday morning,
at'll o clock, Consecration Service, Morning Prayer,
Consecration Sermon, Holy Communion.
The Consecration Sermon will bc preached by the
Rev. A. C. Garrett, B. A., Principal of the Indian
Mission, Victoria,
Anthem, ' O, bow amiable' (Richardson); Hymn,
• When 1 survey' (Rockingham) ; 100th Psalm.
Afternoon at 3 o'clock—Litany, Sermon, by the Rev.
A. I). Pringle, M. A., of Fort Hope ; Hymn, 'Sun of
iny soul' ;   'O, God our help.'
livening, nt half-past six—Evening Prayer, Sermon,
by the Rev .1. Sheepshanks, M. A., Rector; Anthem,
1 Sing O Heavens' (Kent | : Hymns, ' Nearer my God to
thee;'  ' Glory bc to God on high.'
Wednesday, Dec. 5th.
Evening Prayer, and Sermon, by the Rev. R. J.
Dundas, M. A., Rector of St. John's, Victoria.
Friday, December 7th.
Evening Prayer nnd Sermon, by the Rev. A. C.
Garret, B. A.
Sunday, Dec. 9th.
Morning, nt 11 o'clock—Morning Prayer ; Anthem;
Sermon, by the Bishop pf Columbia.
Evening, at half-past sii—Evening Prayer; Anthem;
Sermon, by the Rev. John Sheepshanks, M. A., Rector.
Copies of the Consecration Service can be obtained
of Mr. S. T. Tilley.
Collections will bt made after tbe services in liquidation of the debt sli 1 upon Ihe church*.
In re the Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.
Ex parte Arthur T. Bushby, Petitioner.
To L. Ilerron, II. F. Smith, Charles Baker, John
Byrnes or Burns, 0. Wilson Waddinghau)—Take notice, that the Petitioner will, nt the next Asiir.es nt
Fort Hope, move the Court for a declaration of title in
his favor to the Northern portion of lot -I, Block 1, in
the Town oI Fori Hope, facing lengthwise on Wallace-
Street, and extending from thc corner of Wallace-Street
and Water-street for thc space of 20 feet along Water-
street. And take notice that iu the absence of nny
person appearing to oppose the said application, it may-
he granted ex parte.
Nkw Westminster, 29th Nov., 1860.
THE STORE adjoining Mr. Tilley's, Stationer, now
occupied by J. Herkimer. Immediate possession given.
For further particulars apply to J. Herkimer.
The Subscriber will be happy to meet his old friends
nnd customers ut bis new store In Mr. Harris's new
building, Lvtton-squnre, near Scott's Wlinrf.
TENDERS will  be received  until Tuirlday   6th
December, at 12 o'clock noon, for chopping the timber
and    brushwood on  thc   undermentioned  town  lots,
the owners  having failed  to  comply with the  notice
given by the Municipal, council   under the  provisions
of the Municipal council Act; said notice  having expired on the 31st Oct. Inst.
Block   1, Lots 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, nnd 20.
8, Lot   2.
"      0, Lots 3, and 8.
"     10, Lot   3.
"     11,   "   17.
"     22, Lots 6,1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 23, 20, k 31
"    22,   "    9, nnd 23.
"     2t,   "    •!, 5, 6, 7, 8,0, 10, nnd II.
"     2H,   "    7, 12, 13, 14, 15, awl 21.
"      29,    "    7.
"     31,   "    1,2, 3, a, 10, and 11.
Each lot must bc tendered for separately.
Payment,   will  be mado three months after thc completion ofthe contracts.
Specifications can be. seen, nnd nny other information
obtained at the ollice ofthe undersigned.
Valentine Ham,.
Town Clerk.
New Westminster, Dec.   1, 1860.
Till. COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
[PeterManotte, Lconee Soulee, and Lewis Mars-hall, in
[the El Dorado Saloon, has been dissolved. All debts
(will ho collected by Peter Manette, nnd nil accounts
I will be settled by him.
Dated 19th Nov. 1860. no24-3t
NOTICE is horoby given to whom it mny concern-
that nt a special meeting of the Municipal Conn,
B»li held on the 10th September last, it was resolved,
" That aP parties removing earth from their town lots
^ the streets, shall apply to thc council to know where
said earth should he deposited ; otherwise tho earth de-
Posited in the streets will ho removed by the council nt
'be expense of the party removing the dirt or tho party
at whose instigation such dirt is removed."
By order of the Municipal council,
New Westminster, Nov. 22, 1860. Town Clerk.
S T A T I 0 N E R Y !
staple and fancy
A large addition  to our stock.
Among thein some  very hnndsome
A beautiful assortment of
With nil the recent improvements in style nnd patterns.
Mathematical   Instruments,   Water  colors,   Portfolios,
Checker-Boards, Chess, Dominoes, etc., etc.
Stationers' Hall.
THE CHIEF Commissioner of Lands & Works hereby
gives notice that the right of constructing nml maintaining Quays of Piers in front ofthe Water Lots in
front ofthe city ot New Westminster, and of demanding
certain Tolls sud Rates for the use thereof tor the space
of seven years, will he disposed of to the bidder ofthe
highest Annual Item, at Public Auction, in the Court-
House. New Westminster, at 11 o'clock a.m. on
Saturday-, tho 1st December next.
Parlies obtaining the Lease to pay for sueh improvements as may exist nt the time of Sale.
Further Particular may be obtained nt the office of Lands
and Works, Royal Engineer's camp,   New Westminster.
By order
Royal Engineer  camp, \      H. W. LUARD.
New Westminster 2:ird Nov. / Captain R. E.
rkIHE Officer Commanding the Tioops gives notice,
_J that Tenders will bc received np till 12 o'clock
noon, on Hnturdny, the 8th Deecmlicir noxt. £-MQ. persons willing to
at the Royal Engineer Camp, New Westminster.
The lease to he for two year renewable at the option
ot the commanding ollU-er, but the lease may be cancelled by either party giving three (3) months notice to
The annual rent of the canteen premises to be forty
(i'.8| eight pounds stcrliug per annum paid quarterly
in advance.
Persons tendering for the  canteen  will send in price
lists in sterling money, and samples  ofthe liquors and
other nrticles io be retailed by them, such ns:—
Mult Liquors,
Grocer!.s and Provisions of all sorts,  suchns:—
Sugar, Loaf,  Crushed, and moist.
Hams, Bacon, Cheese,
I HEREBY give notice that Mr. Joshua R. nomer, a
member of the New Westminster Municipal Council
lor Ward No. 2, having resigned,
An Flection will be held at the County Court House,
New Westminster, to choose a councillor in hi. stead,
agreeably to Section 20. of tbe New Westminster
Council Act, I860.
Nomination will take place at noon on Monday the
l7tll,piOXimo, and Polling will commence at 11 o'clock,
a. m., on the- following dav.
C .     B P. E W .
Chief Inspector of Police.
New Westminster, Noy, 17, 1860, td
hereby gives notice ihnl Tenders nre requested for the
I supply ol' 30,000 (thirty thousand) best red cedar
j shingles, within three weeks of the acceptance of the
contract, and to be delivered at such place or places in
thc camp above high water mark „s may be pointed
The shingles to be of the best description, closely
packed in ] bundles of 20 course.. 10 inches in length,
not less than -1 inches in breadth, properly dressed,
edges shot oil' even thickness, and lo gttuge three
shingles to the inch.
Payment of 00 per cent, to be made for every 10.000
shingles delivered, and the balance at lbs completion
of thc contract.
Tenders will be received up till 12 o'clock noon on
Wednesday the 21st November, 1860, to be endorsed in
thc lel'l hniidlower Corner • Tenders for Shingles.' nnd to
be addressed to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at his oflice in the camp.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
By order of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Royal Engineer Camp,       *|        II. R. LUARD,
New Westminster, Nov. IC. / Captain, It. E.
In re the ' Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.
Ex parte William Anderson, Petitioner.
fITO G. W. Lee. Thomas J.  Stoycll, and L. B. While,
£      Take notice that the Petitioner will  nl the ne.xl
Assizes at Fori Hope move the Court for a declaration
of title in his favor to  lot .'!, block 10, in  the town of
Fort Hope.    And take notice that in the absence of any
pel-son appearing to oppose the said application it maybe grunted ex parte.
Counsel fur Petitioner. „
Nov. 3d. 1860. 3t
ALT. PERSON'S having claims against tlie estate of
Robert T. Cooper, deceased, will please present
them for payment; persons indebted will call and settle
their claims.
kc,        kc,
All of which arc to bc of the very best quality.
A hydrometer to bc furnished nt tbe  e.tponse of the
contractor for thc purpose of testing thc   strength  of
spirits supplied by him.
The regular duties upon all articles imported by the
contractor will have to be paid for by him,
Further particulars  may be obtained at the camp.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
(By order.)
Capt. R. E.
R. E.Cnmp, New Westminster, Nov. 22, I860.
TENDERS will be  received up to 12 o'clock noon,
on Tuesday next, the. 27th Nov. 1860, for the.
required for  the  service of the Royal Engineers  from
date of signing contract Until the 31st march 1801, inclusive.
The lowest or nny tender not necessarily accepted.
For   further particulars apply at, the ollice  of the
Officer Commanding at. the cafhp, New Westminster.
Bv order.
Cnpt. R. E.
R. E. Camp, New Westminster, Nov. 22, 1860.
In re the 'Town Lots Lenses Relief Act, 1860#'
Ex part James Edney, Petitioner.
fino II.  T.  Smith,  J.  Herri,,,.   Charles   Baker,  and
il      Wilsou'Waildingham—Take notice that the  Petitioner will at the next Assizes nt Fort Hope move the
Court for a dccldrojtlpu of title, in his favor, to 20 feet
by 120 bcllig the southernmost ^ portion of lot 4. block
1. in the town of Fort  Hope.    And take notice thai in
the absence of any person appearing to oppose the. said
application it may bo granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner,
Talc, Nov. 3d, I860. 3t
»1W       WKSTUINST1R,
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, and the public generally, that they uow have ou hand a large
stocx of
suitable for
Tbey will hereafter receive sli their goodi direct from
San Francisco,
aud be enabled to sell at Victoria Fricis.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;
100   do Golden Gate    do
65   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do •
25   do Self-rising       do
200 sacks Barley ;
S50 sacks Beans;
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice;
200 mats China, No. 1, Sugar.
Also ror sale, Pork, Bacon. Hams, Lard, Candles, Seap
Cheese, Coffee, Teas, N. O. nud S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Boston Syrups, Assoitcd Syrup3,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Caps, Pitch  and Tar, all sixes
of Rope, and Boats' Ouri.
A   wi:i •
Caps,      Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,        Fancy,       and        Millinery        Goods.
A large variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and  Dress  Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints, Oils, and Dye-stuffs,
FRESH'   garden'   SEEDS,
Cakpets, Dii.iiuiiTS   Matting, kc,  4c.
S A F E S !    S A F E S I
F .   T I L M A N,
90 Battery-street,
San Francisco,
OLE AGENT for Tilton k McFarhind's celebrated
£5 Fire-proof and Burglar Safes. Tbis safe is well
known in the market for its unsurpassed fire-proof quality, having withstood in California, ns well as In thc
East, ;he hottest fires known. We can refer to endless
certificates from parties in our mining towns, where
these safes have been subjected to the most severe tests
of its fire-proof qualities. Thc safes are secured by our
Combination Lock. This lock is in every respect the
most secure one ill use; It requires the key and combination to open the safe. If the key should be abstracted
from tlie owner, it would be perfectly uselcs to tbe possessor without his knowledge of lhe combination, or
mental key, which thc owner carries in his head.
To those in want ofa reliable safe we oiler the above
cheaper than any other in the the market,
fifcjy* A large assortment on band and to arrive.
90 Battery st., Snn Francisco.
In re the 'Town   Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.'
Ex parte Peter O'Rielly, Petitioner,
rpO O.   Copp, William  McGhic,  Robert  T.   Smith.
|_ Joshua Anderson, John T. Smith, Patrick Everett,
nud Samuel It. McDole—Take notice that the Petitioner
will nt the next Assizes at Fort Hope move the Court
for a declaration of title, in his fnvor, to lot 8. block _,
in the town of Fort Hope. Thnt nt the same time he
will move for a declaration of title, in his favor, to the
southernmost hnlf of lot 4, block 3, in lhe said town ;
nnd fur a declaration of title in bis favor to lot 2, block
10, in the .aid town. And take notice that in the absence of any person appearing to oppose the said applications thev mny bc granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Ynle, Nov. 3d, 1860, 3't    .
from all navigable points on Frascr Riv*cr to
Victoria or elsewhere by the Pacifio Inicraxcs Company nml Nii'tvnb Insuiianck Company,
Application must be made to the New Westminster,
Hope, Yale, Douglas, and Victoria otlicci of Billion's
nolO-lra W. T. BALLOU.
DOUGALL k SON, Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, kc    Machinery
of every description made to e»»der.
Agent in British Columbia, l.r. W. Winnnrd, Lnngley,
March Jt, I860. 3m
Cofnc-^of Wiwrf aud  Juhuson   streets,
H. N. Dickson k Co.,      - -       _       London.
Dickson, DeWolf, k Co.,       -       -       San Francisco
Jn re the Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.
Exparte John Frcdirck .Mitchell, Petitioner.
rpO George W. Rood, Joseph Coyne, William T.
| llurtt, J. L. Harris, Donald McBridc, and .Villiatn
McGhic—Take notic-r-''thnt thc Petitioner will at the
nelt Assi7.es at Fort*llope move the Court for a dcclar
ation of title, in his favor, to lot 1, block 12, in the
town of Fort Hope. That at the same time tho Petitioner will move for a declaration of title, iu his favor,
to lot 5, block 12, in tlie said town, And for a deduction of title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 12, in the said
town. And take notice that in thc absence of any
person appearing to oppose the said applications, they
mav be grained tx parte,
Counsel for Petitioner,
Yale, Nov. 3d, I860.
   „ ,   ,  . ____________ , -I   „, _
H E N ll V     H O L B R 0 0 K,
OOMMISSlO N     M E R C 11 A N T,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia-street, New Westminster,
British   Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready for 500 tons of
goods,  nnd   every accommodation   for   landing
merchandise on his wharf;   wharfage 25 cents per ton.
For Sale ex recent arrivals—
100 sacks Bran,
100 bales California Oat Hay,
50 sacks Wheat,
1000 sacks Barley,
10 sacks Barber's Sugar-cured Hams,
20 firkins Butter,
10 casks S. I. Molasses,
20 cases Preserved Chicken,
20 cases Roast Mutton,
10 cascs San Francisco Pilot Bread,
5 cases Java Ground Coffee, kc, kc,
and a general assortment of goods suitable for this
market, se29-)m
F U R N lTl'KE.
Y LATE ARRIVALS, tbe undersigned have rs
i J| f eciied additions to their hitherto well-assortei
I stock of Furniture—and now offer
Painted sets, ten pieces ;
Extension Tables, 8 and 10 feet long;
Centre Tables, serpentine and round ops, assorts!
Curd Table, bnrp nnd square pillars
Colmnem Tuldes, 2J, 3, nnd 11J long;
Bedsteads, Mahogany, French, Cottage, double anl
single ;
Lounges, spring seals, in damask nnd leather coven;
Sofas, spring _ents, hair cloth, with round and pillow
ends ;
Desks, with full and door fronts ;
Cliell'oniers. walnut and mahogany carted fronti'
shelves, fret work ;
Bureaus, one-half marble top. scroll and painted pine,
4 and 6 drawers;
What-nots, walnut nnd mahogany, 5 and C shelves ;
Mirrors, in gill nnd mahogany frames; nssortcd si7.es,
for parlors, chambers, nntl saloons;
Children'.. Cribs aud Cradles, also High and Low
Chnirs, assorted sir.es ;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-doth, spring seats, cane aud
wood sent, oflice, oak, dining, Grecian enne, heavy barroom, and common wood scat;
Rockers, s| ring senls, mahogany and csns seats tni
backs, sewing and arm ;
Sinks. Washstnnds, Chair Cushions, Covtrleti., Towel
Racks, Willow Crib", kc
Pulti, Curled Hnir, Moss, Wool,.ind Straf Mattresses,
best Feather Pillows, til fizes;   in the manufacture of
which wo use none but the  best  materials, end guarantee our work.
Brosd-Mreet, between Yates and View streets.
Victorin, V. L, April 11, 1SS0. 3m
Incorporated  bv Roval Charter in  18.0.
CAPITAL, '. '. $5,000,000
Special Dbposits received in sum* of $100 and upwards,    re-puyable   ou   demand.     Charge   for   safe
keeping, oxe-quahter op OKI na csnt. per month.
Golo Dust received for safe keeping, ul (he rale ot
fivs cents per oz. per mouth.
Dit'A'FtS IssuS'n on London 00 dayt after Sight, at
the rate of S-l 05 per £1, stg.
3 days after sight, (in 1111111 of £50, and upwards)
S5, peril stg.
:   3  dnys after sight (in  sums under £50)  $5 10, per
£1, sterling.
Diiafts on demand or at short sight, issued on the
principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
thc rate of §5 15 per £1 stg.
Drafts on the principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, at 3 days, as follows :—
. Canada, , 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick, 4      " "
No.vaSco.ia 2J    '• "
Drafts or. New York, at 3 days, 3 per cent.premf am.
"     "   Messrs. B, Davidson k May, San Francises.
Offico hours 10 A. 11., to 3 r. u.—-Saturduv lOto 1 o'clock.
Victoria, March If, 1860. tc
I U T O B T I K O       D r. " Q c, I i 7 S ,
Yates-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choic.
lcction ot
Cockle's . nti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray'a Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Seidlctz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstone Pippin,
Essential Oi! of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargonel Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.t-y Tooth Paits,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Bru-hei. s«22-to
THOMAS PATTRICK, k Co., have soms choice Io*
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, Mexico,  tl
Meditterrnnean; and Van Dieman's Land.
Farmer, are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
1 .       II E R K I M t P. ,
EEPS constantly on hand a well  .elected stock e
Family Groceries and Provisions. s»22-te
H.   WATERS,   TINSMITH,   4c,
INFORMS the Traders and  Miners of Fraser Riv
that  he  is  now-  prepared to  furnish all kinds  '
camping  utensils,   in   Tin,  lion,  and  Copper, fit I-
Miners nnd Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to a4rj
mTcwnald k CO., (
highest price for Gold Dust. Issue Sig
cheques on Messrs. Tallunt k Wilde, San Francisco, 1
" par.' ml0-3m
AVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, fro» Lon
don :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port Bine, choice, iu casts;
Hennessy'i Brandy 1 .
McKcnzic'a SninH'Still Whiskey/'1
n easts
Vine Growers' Brandy, in bulk 1
Tanqueray's Ginger Brandy, in cists;
Ac'., 4c, 4c,
which they offer for salt en lhe acii reasonable term
June 13th, 1860. tc
Opposite   Liverpool  Wharf,
Columbia-strtet, New Wet niutter
Provisions,   Hardware,  Crockei-yware, Paint
Oila, Farming Implements, Mining Tools,
Ludiet' nud Gcut'i Boots aud Shoes,
4c.1 4c.., 4c.
Agent JEFFRAY 4 CO.'S Frastr River Expres*.
190 tout HAY fir Salt.
m28, Sra
LEVI   4  B(JAi.
Columbia Street.
YfTHOLESALE and RETAIL Dcaleis in all sorts e
4c. Have always ou hand ii large assortment of Provisions and Groceries direct from San Francisco, wil
sell them nt thc lowest market prices.
All orders from tbt country will be promptly attea-
ded to.
l«28, 3m
MAYER,    REINHART,     4     CO-,
HAVING concluded arrangements for a regular line
of vessels, to run twice a month direct, from
Situ Francisc to this place, would bc please! to receive
orders for British Columbia.
Letters addressed  to us in  care  of Messrs. Mayer,
Reinfinrt, 4 C«., Victoria, V.  1., John Dewar, and  O.
H.   Gehricke,   San   Francisco,  Ca., will   meet with
prompt attention.
IRECT FROM NANAIMO in any quantity to suit
purchasers.    For Sale by
all-tt Pioneer Wharf.
L10.UORS, 4c
THOMAS PATTRICK, 4 Co., have for salt in store,
and to arrive,
Martell Brandy,
Booth's Old Tom, in puncheons,
Booths Old Tom, in cases,
Burnett's Old Tom in cases,
McKensIo's Old Tom, in cam,
Tanqueray 4 Co.'s Old Tom, in cases,
Scotch   Whiskey,   in   puncheons,
- Scotch Whiskey, i:t c-iecs'
Jamaica Rum, in puncheons,
Wines of tvtry description
The finest Burton and Scotch Alts,
Bottled        do                    do
Devonshire Cider, in casts.
March II, li'j_0.  lot
60, Front  Street,  San   Fuancisco, California,
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines,  Cordials,  Syrups, and
every article in his line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, may rest assured that we will endeavor to give satisfaction in the
article, and dispatch in forwarding. nl9-tc
WHOLESALE aud RETAIL Dealers in  Booti and
Suoss, Leather, and Findings, of every de»
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kinds. »hl.-3m
and  Detler in   Havana  Cigars,  and
Johnson-street, opposite Wharf-streat,
Forbear 1 wrath only kindles wrath,
And stirs up passion's fire ;
While answering softly mildly tends
To check the bitterest ire.
Forbear; though some well-meaning friend
Perchance with good intent,
Should roughly crush some sanguine hope,
Or brilliant plan prevent.
Forbear: their wi=don may be far
Superior to thine own ;
They may have built some castles, too.
And seen them overthrown.
Forbear, when sickness claims thy care,
And murmuring accents prove,
Breathing, complaining, fretful tones,
Sad trials to thy lore.
Forhear: thou knowest not bow keen
The pain which seeks to find
Relief in feverish words, nnd yet
Means not to be unkind.
Forbenr, when childhood's noisy mirth
Distracts thy throbbing brain ;
Which, pressed wilh many anxious cares,
Seems bursting will, ils pain.
Fill-hear; 0 do not wound their hearts
Bccnuso thine is oppressed,
By careless or impatient tones,
When ihey would be caressed.
Forbear ; I know I'will cause a pang,
Ami in my n fervent prayer,
And mighty efforts, ere thou learn
Iu all things to forbear.
The Prince Pays His Way.—Some people when
they go from one place to another, calculate upon their
luck in putting them through ; others travel on their
"muscle;" others travel on their beauty; others on
their talents (very few in number) : others on Ihcir impudence : nud oihcrs on dead head tickets; but with
Lord Renfrew it can bc emphatically snid that he travels- on his money. From Cincinnati to Pittsburg, he
pays the modest sum of Iwo thousand dollars for a special train ; but while he pays in accordance with royalty, he expect." lo receive immunities not grunted to
ordinary men. The train which bears His Highness,
has the entire right of iho roads. An engine specially
detailed, precedes the train, to keep the track clear,
nnd look out for any imperfections in the road, that
would jeopardize the safely of the Prince and royal retinue. The ngent of the Prince who is a cousii to him
on Albert's side, nrrnnges all his travelling matters,
and stipulates in the bargain with railroad companies,
that, on no considarntion, shall any person be allowed
on board lhc trnin, except those necessary to manage
:t; and the.e are prohibited from entering the royal
cur. hut ride in one appropriated to their use near the
Tiik Gfo.h.ipiiy of Consumption—An Interesting
Statement.—The following valuable information if
co i ul from lhe manuscript of a forthcoming work entitled "Influence of Climate in North America," to be
compiled by Mr. J   Disturnell :—
''Consumption originates in all latitudes from the
equator where lhe mean temperature is eighty degrees
Fahrenbei', with slight variations, to the higher position of llie tempera! • zone, where the menu temperature
is fortv degrees,with sudden and violent changes. The
opinion long entertained, ihat it is peculiar In cold and
humid climates, is founded in error. Far from tbis
being the case the tables of mortality warrant the conclusion thnt consumption is sometimes more prevalent
in tropical than in temperate countries. Consumption
is rare in thc Arctic regions, in .Siberia, Iceland, the
Orkneys and Ilebiilcs; also in the northwestern portion of the United Slate. In North America, 'the disease's of thc respiratory organs, of which con-
snmp'ion ii ihe chief, have their maximum in New
England, in latitude about 12 dec., and diminish in a,!
directions from this point inland. The dimuuition is
quite ,is rapid westward as southward, and a large district near the . Olli parallel is quite uniform nt 12 to 15
percent, of deaths from consumption, while Massachusetts Virie3 from 20 25. At thc border of the
dry climate of thc plains in Minnesota, a minimum is
attained ns low as that occurring in Florida, and not
exceeding five per cent, of the entire mortality. It is
stil1 lower in Texas, uml ihe absolute minimum for the
continent in temperate latitudes i< in Southern California.' The upper pcnin-iila ofMichigan, embracing thc
whole of ihe Lake Superior region, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Washington Territory are all alike exempt, in
n remarkable degree, from the nbnve f.ttnl disease. In-
vilids suffering from pulmonary complaints and throat
disease are almost uniformly benefitted by the climate
of ihe above northern region, having a mean annual
temperature of from 40 degrees to 4o degrees Fahrenheit.''
Pleuro-Pn-eumoNia in Great RniTAi"..—Mr, A. Barbie,
w!io wis .ent to England from New Brunswick to purchase and transmit stock to Ihat province has returned
without bringing nny ne.it stock, lie found that the
pleiiro-pneumonia wns so prevalent throughout Eng-
l.ni'], Scotland, nnd Trelu id, that it was dangerous to
attempt to transport cuttle to the port of embarkation.
Th" existence of the disease is kept a secret as much as
possible by the farmers, but Mr, Barbie was furnished
with ample certificates to the prevalence of thc disease
by large breeders und gentlemen, as well as veterinary
A GusiUNO young lady who saw Lord Renfrew at
Niagara Falls, writes to the Newark Advertiser that she
ii "enchanted" with him. She say,; " lie is so modest,
so nice, so well brought up ; every look is n triumph
garland on the brow of his estimable mother; ihat rich
complexion—eminently Prussian, with line eyes sparkling wilh innocence and betokening nil the fresh ness of
adolescent interest in what was passing about him—it
was plain to sec Unit he had been taught his true position under hei v in nnd towards It's humblest fellow, and
that thc curse of satiety has not. blighted one well-spring
o 'his .oul.'' That female, si'ys lhe N. Y. Daybook,
ought to bc invited to open the Academy bull with the
"Lord ofthe Isles.''
Destructive Fire caused nv Friction,—A singular
and  distressing accident occurred lust Monday in   the
township of Mountain, county Dundas,    An eight horse
power threshing machine was employed in the barn of
Mr. Solomon  Jones:  about  80  bushels   of wheat  had
been thrshed and was on lhe floor.    The enormous, and
ns the result proved, dangerous speed which  this   machine  ntlnincd,   resulted in lhe   over-heating of some
small cog wheels.    These had been previously drenched
with  oil   for  n similar reason.     lu   some   mysterious
manner  fire  was communicated  to  the   surrounding
chaff; fanned  by  the  breeze which blew through  Unburn.    In an instant the spark became a Hume, nnd accelerated by lhc presence ofthe oil, it shot up nt  once
to the  very  roof.     Mr. Junes,   who wns on  the  mow
throwing down thc sheaves, had barely timo to escape
with his life.    Of the pair of horses nearest the  door,
one  wns almost  instantly scorched to death, and   its
mate was extricated with much difficulty in a sadly
mutilated condition.    In   twenty minutes nothing  remained of a large barn filled with precioui?grain,  but
n heap of smouldering ashes.—Broekville Monitor.
One hundred nnd forty-three bodies of persons who
perished in lhe steamer Lady Elgin disaster have been
recovered. It. is proposed to give the unrecognized
dead of thc steamer common burial ut Chicago, with a
monument commemorative ofthe event.
Great Britain's Colonial   Empire.—Great Britain
has at present no fewer than fifty-one colonies, viz :—
South Australia, obtained by settlement in 1845 ;
Western Australia, obtained by settlement in 1846;
Antigua, obtained by settlement in 1C31 ;
Ascension, obtained by settlement in 1827;
Barbadoes, obtained by settlement in 16 25;
Bermuda, obtained by settlement in 1609;
Bahamas, obtained by settlement in 1629 ;
Ceylon, obtained by capture in 1Y95; •
Canada  (East and West.)  obtained  by  capture   in
50-00 ;
The Cape of Good Hope,   obtained by capture   in
British Columbia,   obtained by settlement in 1868;
St. Christopher, obtained by settlement in 1623 ;
Dominica, obtained cession by in  1763;
The   Falkland Islands,   obtained by   settlement   in
18-12 :
Guiana, obtained by cession in 18u3;
Gambia, obtained by settlement in 1631;
Gibraltar (military) obtained by capture in 1704;
Gold coast, obtained by settlement in 1661 ;
Granada, obtained by cession iu 1S03 ;
St. Helena, obtained by cession in 1673;
Heligoland, obtained by cession in 1814;
Honduru.s, obtained by cession in 1670,  and  settlement in   1742;
Hong Kong, obtained by cession in  18-12 ;
The three Indian Presidencies,  placed under thc  direct domination ofthe Crown in 1836;
The Ionian Isles, obtained by cession in 1814 ;
Jamaica, obtained by cession in 1055 ;
St, Lucin, obtained by capture iu 1810 ;
Mnnlserrat, obtained by settlement in 1632 ;
Natal, obtained by settlement in 1824.
Nova Scotin,  obtained bv settlement nnd  conquest
Newfoundland, obtained by settlement in 1C08 ;
Nevis, obtained by settlement in 1828 ;
New South Wales", obtained by scttlem-nt in 1788 ;
New Zealand, obtained by settlement iu 18311;
Prince Edward's Island,   obtained by  settlement  in
Queensland,  scperuted   from  New Soulh Wales,   in
1859 ;
Sierra Leone, obtained by settlement in 1787;
Tnsmnnia, obtained by settlement in  1804;
Tobago, obtained by settlement in 1703;
Trinidad, obtained by capture in 1797;
Turks  and Caieos Islands, formerly included in  the
Bahamas ;
St. Vincent, obtained by cession in 1763 ;
Victorin, separated from New South Wales in 1850 :
The Virgin Island, obtained by settlement in 1766;
Vancouver Island, obtained by settlement.
Government Notices and Proclamations.
N o T I
The Prince's Personal Wealth.—It may not bc
uninteresting to know, that irrespective ofthe Prince
heing heir to the throne of Great Britain, lie is a 50 one
ofthe richest young men ofthe age, and his cash property at this time of over £700,000, irrespective of this
accumulating estate. This vast sum has arisen from
the furplus revenues from the estate of the Duchy of
Cornwall to which he became entitled immediately alter he was born, and whicli have been accumulating
with interest from that time, and this fund will still go
on incre-ising, until he, us other subjects of the Queen,
attain the age of twenty-one, so that by that time, tbe
amount of money he will stand possessed of, will be
nearly £1,000,000 sterling, in hard cash. It has been
usual to consider the Princes of the Royal Family of
age at eighteen, but the Queen, in this instance, has in
in all other matters as a good mother, not allowed
her children any more privileges than are enjoyed by
others ot her subjects.
Mrs. Partington says thnt she dont see why the
Orangemen -:an't be allowed to stand upon the docks to
see the Prince of Wales, just ns well as the peanut pedlars or the molasses candy boys.
M A Y E It.    REIN II A II T,     k     CO-,
NEW   WKSTMINSTKll,   lt.   O.,
HAVING concluded arrangements for a regular line
of "essels, to run twice a month direct, from
Sun Francisc to this place, would bo please X to receive,
orders for British Columbia.
Letters  addressed   to us in  care  of Messrs. Mayer.
Reinhart, k Co., Victoria, V.   L, John Dewur, and  O.
II.   Gehrickc,  San   Francisco,   Ca.,  will   meel wilh
prompt attention.
J A M E S PA T R1 CK & C O.
AIIE  regularly  in tiie  RECEIPT OF
CANDLES.—Hydraulic, Pressed und Adamantine.
LARD—"J. II."k Co.'s" 10-lb cans, in  120-lb. cases.
NAIL—Old Colony and Parker Mills, assorted sizes
N. O. SUGAR, half barrels.
DRIED APPLES, half barrels.
Have  for  sale, in store and   to   arrive, tilt following
well known brands of
Three-fourths  of them are direct from the manufacturers, consequently can lie offered at
comparatively low prices:
T. i; S. Hardgrove's Peach .
Turpin k Vat'iji'iiugli's Apricot;
J. li. Cleaner's Pride ol the L'uion
A. L. Royster's Fruit;
W. Greaner's Sun;
T. k S. Hardgrove' Golden Gate;
A. L. Royster's Invincible;
A. L. Royster's Mary's Own ;
Harvey Birch ;
Pomona mid Queen of Hearts.
Bright Pounds.
Peerless—T. k S. Hardgrove;
Gold Leaf—John H. Greaner;
Gallego—Clopton ;
J. M. Langluuii k Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Gold Leaf;
Murrell & Burke's Suu-Cured ;
Rocknday—Golden Seal;
Giralda, Wine Sup. etc.
Brig/it Half-Pounds
Gold Leaf—J. II. Greaner;
Pippin—John W. Voting;
Wine Sap—George W  Gilliam
Fancy Tobaccos
Invincible Twist;
Planter's Pride Twist, in foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cable Tw'st, in foil;
Perfect Love, sinal. plugs;
Game Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco.
Hardgrove's Peerless, Killikinick and Riddick's Gold
Fine Cut,
John Anderson k Co.'s Solace.
Lorillard's Coarse Rappee and Macaboy.
For sale by single case or package.
By each Steamer we are in receipt of thc Choicest
Brands of Havana Segars, selected   by  our  house in
Havana (Patrick y Ca.) especially for this market.
The above, goods are offered to the trade by the single case or package, by   JAMES PATRICK __"CO.,
mlO- ly Sun Francisco.
PUBLISHED every fortnight in time for the 3alifornia
Mail Steamer. The prices Current contains the
correct nnd authentic rates and prices of nil descriptions of nrticles in the Victorin market, as well as reliable reports of the state of trade, shipping, kc. It is
ns invaluable as nn index nnd commercial authority to
every merchant nnd tradesman ns it is n desirable
medium for advertising, Printed for A. F, Main st
the office (,f tht V. I. Gazette, Victoria.
Colonial Secretary's Office. 31st August, 1860.
bia, heretofore published iu the olony of Vancouver Island, having been discontinued as a separate
pamphlet, notice is hereby given that from this date and
until further notice all Government advertisement-- am
Proclamations, and other matters useful and necessary
for general information nnd guidance, will be published
in the columns of the New Westminster Times newspaper ; and such publication shall in all cases be
taken nnd deemed as publication in the Government
Bv command of hi* Excellency.
Acting Colonial Secretary.
A    SALE OF TOWN LOTS at Lytton will be held st
-£*-    thai place on tlie 1st day of December next.
The upset price of each lot i. Twenty Pounds (£2.1)
and the conditions of sale are as follows :—Ten per
cent, deposit on the purchase money to be paid at the
time of sale, and the remainder in three monthly instalments, on or before thc 1st day of March, 1861, by
which dale if the whole be not paid the bus will positively be forfeited, together with all sums paid thereon.
Application for further particulars is to be made to
thc Assistant Gold o.n missioncr at Lytton,
R.   C.  MOODY,
Colonel R. E. and 1
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work.../
Lands and Works Office, 1
New Westminster, Ii. ('.. Oct, 24, 1860, /
September 1st, I860.
4  SSAYS   OF COLD BULLION  are made  on  thc
J\_ following term-, nnd  under  the  following  condition'' :—
1. A receipt will he given to the Depositor lor the
exact gross weight of hi* deposit.
2. The resulting ingot will be delivered to nny party
returning the aforesaid receipt, whether the Depositor
or any- one else, nnd the parly returning the receipt will
be required to cancel it by his signature at the time of
receiving the ingot.
3. Each ingot will be stamped with its number, corresponding to its number in the official records, with
its weight, in ounces nnd decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in thousandths ; nlso with a Government Cipher,
at present a crown over the letters Vlt.
4. With each ingot will be given a certificate, signed
by a Government officer, of the weight of tbe deposit
before melting; ils weight after ; the fineness; the
charge for assaying; and such certificate will have
tables of Britisli Mint valuation and of Ihe latest Snn
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculate
for themselves tiie value of the bur for English or
American markets.
5. For nil bars not exceeding 50 ounces in weight, n
charge of seven shillings and six pence {la, (id. I sterling will be made, nnd for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one .-hilling and sii pence ( Is. 6d.).
All clips are retained in thc Government Assay office;
but on bars not exceeding lo ounces in weight, allowance will be made off the assay charge, for the value ot
the clip.
Assays or Ores nre made at the charge of One
Pound (£1.) for each specimen experimented upon.
For a Complete Analysis or any Mineral, Two
Pounds (£2.) is the charge.
Assays are made with the utmost despntch.
Ollice  open  from   lu, a. m., to  4. p. m., except  on
steamer days, when deposits will be received for assay
at 8, a. in.
New ITestminsttr, Aug. 1, ISfiO.
II E N D E It S 0 N    ii    B U R N A B Y
HAVE JUST RECEIVED, ti Armittice, from London :
Superior Pule Sherry, in bulk ;
Purl ll'ine, choice, in cam;
Hennessy't Brandy 1 ■
McKenzie's Small Still TThiskey / ln c**" '
Vine Growers'Brandy, in bulk:
Tanqueray's Ginger Brandy, in cniei;
kc, kc, kc,
Trhirh they ofTer for salt ou tht most rtasouablt itiai
June 13lh, 1800. tc
Opposite   Liverpool   Wharf,
Columbia-street, New Wet 'niuiter
Provisions,  Hardware, Crockeryware, Paint.
Oils, Farming Implements, Mining Tools,
Ladies' and Cent's Boots and Shoes,
kc, kc, kc
Agent JEFFRAY k CO.'S Eraser River Bxprtst.
100 tons HAY for Salt.
m38, 3m
Columbia Street.
7"H0LESALE nnd RETAIL Doaleis in all sorts o:
kc. Have always on hand a large assortment of Provisions and Groceries direct from Sun Francisco, will
sell them at the lowest market prices.
All orders Iron, the country will be  promptly attended to.
m28, 3ra
THOMAS PATTRICK, .t Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on  band from  Australia, Mexico,  the
Mediterranean, and Van Diemnn's Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
J .      H E R K IM E R ,
~7~ EEPS constantly on hand a well selected stock ef
Family Groceries and Provisions.
H.   WATERS,   TINSMITH,   kc,
INFORMS the Traders and  Miners of Fraser Hirer
that  he  is   now   prepared to  furnish all kinds  ot
camping  utensils,   in  Tin,   Iron,  and  Copper, lit  for
Miners and Family use.
Also, Gutters nnd Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to a43m
highest  price   for   Gold   Dust.        Issue  Sight
cheques on Messrs. Tallant k Wilde, Sun Francisco, at
1 par.' - •- * ml0-3m
II E N I. E S Y ' S      B R A KDY,
WllARF-BTRBBT,     Y I 0 T O R I A .
PI     fc-SBi?
fobs FLTicaFYix& the blood,
Scrofula,   Rheumatism, Stubborn  Vicar*,   Dyspepsia^   Sdtt
Rheum, Fever Sorts, Erysipelas^ rimjiUn, Iii!'*, .Vtrcu-
t'ial Diseases, Cutaneous Eruptions.,   f.iver   Com-
plaint, Bronchitis, Female Complaints, Lots of
Appttite% General Debility, a\s.
A plentiful supply of pure blood iaai essential to animal lift*
ai M^'l.-, beat, and genial showers arc to Ui« vegetable kingdom.
When tlie |>r*|».r circulation <»f tbe vital fluM i* Impeded, i»:ck-
neia is the Inevitable consequence, thi* secretions become unhealthy, the liver becomes clogged with  Impure bile, which,
forced Iuto the system, vitiates ami inflames ihe blood, engendering scrofula and eut.ineoua and biliary disorders.   Th* experience of sixteen years has fully establlihcd the high reputation
nf this Invaluable medicine:   Us curative powers have beon
thoroughly tested In long-standing and obstinate caws, with
such Invariable success as to call forth the most flattering commendations from eminent physicians throughout the count'-'-'.
MDDIOATj testimony.
Thc following recommendation ii fr.,.:i ono i»f tha oldest physicians in New London, Conn.
Messrs. A. n. J_ I>. Saxna: Oentlemen,—Your Sananarilla
has been very extensively used In this city and the neighboring
towns, an.1 tn far as my knowledge extends, uniformly with sue-
i*.-.-s. In a great variety of diseases of long standing, ami of a
very distressing and dangerous character, which hnvt* resisted a
long .1*1 of remedial agents, it has been used—in many of them
with complete success, an.I In all with tied dod benefit lt ia re-
garded by the medical profession as a medicine of gr.'at ein.-rvy
In a numerous class of diseases, such as Inveterate constitutional
complaints, when the system lias been long diseas. 'I; in r^«i'-* of
long use ur ubtise of mercury; in rheumalUm of long standing;
in obstinate diseases ofthe skin; In enfeebled conditions of tho
system; in chronic abscesses, attended with profuse discbarges;
d sejuci ofthe bones; obstinate ulcers; chronic pulmonary affections; enlarged glands, and various other maladies connected
wilh a depraved Mate oftho system. Its use is usually followed
with Improvement of appetite and digestion, Increase of strength
and lli'Rh, hotter rest at night, Ihe production of a more healthy
state of mind, and complete restoration to health.
Truly yours,       WM. STERNE, M. I>.
Prepared ami sold by A. B. iV 1). SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, ion Fulton-street, corner of William, New York.
For sale by DEWITT, KITTLK .t Co., H. JOHNSON fc Co.,
ami UEDINGTON fc Co.. San Francisco; RICE a COKEUK,
Marysville; 11. II. McDONALD fc Co., Sacramento; and by
Druggists generally.
rem tub on its o»
Of >'l the remedies yot discovered for sue!, complaint*, thi. it
the most certain, an,I leavei m> Injurious elfecta.
It makes a apeedr and permanent cure, without Ihe Itast restriction to diet, .rink, exposure, ,,r chnng_ in application to
business. One bottle is generally sufficient to euro at, ordinary
tase, which not nnfrequently disappears after six or eight ,l,,t_.«r
Prepared and told by A. II. d.- I). SANDS, Wholetalt
Druggists, 100 Fulton-street, corner of William, New Yurie.
Fur sale by DEWITT, KITTLK .. Co., II. JOHNHON A Co..
and KEDLNGTON «. Co.. San Francltco; KICK _k CelFKIN,
U»rysville; K, II. MoDONALD Jl Co., Sacramento; aud by
Drug(t.tl generally.
Scrofula, Mcrcnriil illeeaaes, Rheumatism, Cutaneoua
Eruptions, Stubbi'.i Ulcer», T,iver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Salt Rheum, Lumbago, White
Uwellings, Hip Disew.e, Enlargement of tho
Bones and Joir.ts, Fevor Sora, Female
Complaints, Erysipelas, Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, &c., kc,
lt list Ir.nRheen a must Important desideratum In th* [rtetlea
of medicine, to obtain a remedy similar t,, tills, «nd accordingly
we find It resorted to almost universally in all those tormenting
diseases of the skin so trying to thc patience, and Injurious to
the health,    ft is a tonic, aperient, and disinfectant    ft aett
limultsneously upon tbe stomioii, the CMtcnLATlOK, and lhe
nowEi.fi, an,I thus Ihree processes, which are ordinarily the result
of timer different kinds of medicine, are carried on at the asnto
time through the Instrumentality of Tim on* remedial tore,,!.
Its great merit is, that it meets and neutralises the active prln
eiple of disease itself, ar.d whon that is gone, the symptoms ne
Cfssaiily disappear.  The rapidity with which ,he patient recor
ers health and ttrengtti under this triple influence is surprising.
Lt5» CoBT-TT, Oreeon Ter., March 11,1858.
Jtessrs. A. B. & D. Sands, New York : Oentlemen,—In the
spring of 1868, whilo on our way from Indiana lo this place, onr
eldest hoy was selr.ed with a swelling and severe pains in the
laps, whirl, day hy day ^rew worse, until his lops contracted,
and became so painful that be could not ..elk. and we lis,l tt
cany him about like an infant. We. reio'lied Albany on tbe ?<d
ot October, completely worn out by fatigue, fly this time he
wsa reduced t„ a perfect skeleton. Hero we were enabled to
.oneult a physician (Dr, Hill), who honestly oonfessed bo could
not euro him. although he could give him medicine thai would
relieve Ihe pain. In this exigency something must lie done, or
desth was inevitable. Ilelny reoommended to try your Bursa-
parilla, I procured a bottle. After takinc some, he appeared
wtr-r; but persevering with It, I obtained n second bottle.
whicli s,-, med to grapple with Ihe disease, end reused a marked
Improvement: the swelling and pain in the legs wen, reduced,
bis appetite Improved, and his eolor begun lo return. Tb„» encouraged, I purchased a third bottle; while taking Jt, tho swelling! In hi. legs broke, nnd i-olil* pieces uf bone one-eighth of
an ind, long came out, after winch his 1,-rs straightened and
hcalod up. Ha is n„w porfeotly recovered, has no appearance
of being a cripple, and enn perform most kinds of common labor,
at all our neighbors can certify.    Yours, respectful!.,
Prepared and sold by A. 1>. it T). SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, 100 Fullon-atr.et. corner of Willi.',,,,, New York.
For sale hy DEWITT, KITTLE _i Co., II. JOHNSON A Ce.,
and UEDINGTON fc. Co.. San Fr»„clsco; RICE «_ COFFIN
Marysville; 11. II. McDUNALD tc Co., Sacramento; and by
Driietrlslt generally.
The delicate Structure of the eyelid renders It peculiarly sen
sitivt and liable to disease. When, from any cause, il becomes
affected, th* inner membrane rapidly Inflames, ami the eyelid
e.intes the strongest predisposition to attract to Itself humors
from all parts of lbe body. Hundreds of persons of scrofulous
habit are disfigured by rawness or rodness of the eyelids, com-
■only called soro eyes, and tortured wilh apprehensions of Impaired vision, who, by using this BALSAM, may obtain almost
Immed.tte relief, ln all casts, the earlier tbis remedy Is applied
the oetior.
Naw Tow;, July 1Mh, 18.1).
Messrs. A. H. ,t D. Sanos : Gentlemen,— 1 lit,. e been troubled
fl,r year- with au altVeiloti of the cyeilds, and liu.n tried a number* of romcdlea without experiencing any decided benefit. A
-few weeks since I obtained some of yonr ttOMA!" Evi* IIa,,sam,
and applied ft according to ihe dlreotlons. Tiie first application
produced a decidedly beneficial eft'eot, and 1 bad not used it
, ,'i'k, l^ofore my eyelids were entirely freo from nilhimmnti ,
which ha I „,,t been tbe e„*e before for mnnv year,
Tors, (to, U. n. WILLIAMS, VMM lli-oanw
PRICE, '23 CENTS l'l.lt JAIJ.
Prepared am' sold by A. IJ. it I). SANDl,, W'.oicsale
Orugglsts, ".00 Fulton-street, corner nf William, New Yirk.
For sile hy DEWITT. KITTLE ,t Co., II. IOIINS'jN k Co.,
and KED1NOTON fe Co., San Francisco; RICE 't COFFIN
.Marysville; '!, II. McDONALD fe Co., Bacram 'o; and b7
Druggi6!t jt-, iralljr,
W .   If .   OLIVER
son street, opposite Wharf str,.„t    '•>
Johnson street, opposite wtiarf street
Is in coustant receipt, hy every arrival, of ne*
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in bulk and   '"'■
Trader.., dealt',.., and Proprietors of Bars are i*^
to  call and examine my stock, where they will"!*"'*"
most coni'iluc and full assortment of ererythino
in-i.ed in the Liquor line, and nt the lowest pricM  '"'
S 0 I- E BIO II    0 A I. I F O It s I A   w l.v2   ' '*
a very choice, light, and pure wine for famiiv,,
cases and paekaf""*     1l- ' -  '       } u"
.....   ,-.-     ,....,.    ,ur ,i,|Tl,|yUs    I,
. I""'.'*'.,?" be ^Penaed u_i„
worthy the- attention of all conno
J 0 N A S    a.   CLARK    k   C 0. ~~"
F U B N I T U R E      A N I)      B E D D I»     I
of every   description, "i S
128, Washington   stre.et, Han   Franciico        I
43 and 51, Fourth street, between J. and £ ttre,i.
Sacramento. '
Hunter street,between Main end Levee,,Stockton
And First street, San Jose.        j.oj,',
the cure  of Dytiepsiii, IndigcFtion, Conitlnaii
Loss of Appetite >r nny Bilious Oomplalnti "*
arisius rr,,,,, a morbid action  of tiie
Stomach or Bowels.
nf these diseases you will soon Lc rg|
All of these diseases you will soon Lc relieve, of i   I
use of these Bitters, as  per directions on uK. g0.li ' I
This great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profoundi«d
elaborate study of one of the most celebratedpbyiicl
ofthe present century, in the accomplishment ol whirl
lie has spent both time and money.    We do notheiiu^
lo ullirni ilmt where Dr, Rosenbaum's StomachBitt»!
are- used, a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur   1,
lias been analyzed hy the nmsi scientific chemists in
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed bynim.
tenths of the  Physicians ol  lhc land.    Try them—test
then,—on your constitution, und go your way rejoicing
Are you dyspeptic'.'-take these Stomach Ilitterg.
Arc you liilious '.'—try one of these bottles and .en.
lieved at once.
Arc you annoyed by indigestion or constipation»_
remove the cause by a free use ofthe Bitters.
Have you fever and ague?—cure and prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Hitter...
The superiority of Ihese Hitlers has ind,iced umnvto
put up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will be branded, "N.B. Jacobs ItCo,»
And the labels will bear our own signature.trithoiit
which, none are genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitten an
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afloat ii
the market, and especially against a cheap and wont,
less article called Rosenschl's Bitters, put up in tliii
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed inientic. ;|
preying on the well-earned reputation of Itosenbuum'i
Bitters, ns n remedial agent in all cases of Dyspepsls
and similar diseases. The genuine Rosenbanm has out
name branded on each cork, and our signature ou each
label. >
N. I!. JACOBS k Co., I'roprictors
m21-Cm Sansoine st., corner Commercial,
A N    A S T 0 N S III I N Q    R B M E D Y I
/( Expi,'.'  Disease I
iti. said that »ll productions of human skill bin
their day, and are superseded by new inven'ions or discoveries. Not so will, Ibis remedy. "It is not fun
day, but for nil time, and in nil countries." And Why?
Because it strikes at the generic root of all diseases hi
the blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing beyond that, The Ointment, penetrating through flak
and fibre, like water through a porous s,distant.,
reaches the germ „r .lis, use, such as scrofula, e rysipelai.
cancer, tumor, nnd all eruptive and ulcerous discharge!
in the circulation, and eradicate" the taint ut ones and
forever in this climate.
This Ointment will cure any case of Bad Leg even if
of twenty years standing, or however hard or discolored
Ihe flesh may be. or il' swollen the size of a per.on'i
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed*inlo thi
whole of thc parts ,,11'cclcd twice a day in large qti|ii-
tities, and thc parts ki j,t covered with linen rags thi.klj
spread with the Ointment; from this mode of treatment,
a plentiful discbarge of unhealthy humor will fohow,
until thc wounds are all healed on the leg, or oilier
parts assume their natural appearance.
Old   Wounds,   Sores, and  Ulcers.
Thc most inveterate cases of bad legs, scrofulous, ct
other sores, are cured, if of 20 years standing, by the
joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect of till
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores, is almost miraculous. It first discharges thc poison which
produces suppuration and proud flesh, and thus th«
cures which its healing properties afterwards complete,
are safe as well ns permanent. It has a wonderful effect
in tht cure of sores occasioned by mosquotOS, sandflies, or giggcrs.
This Ointment will cure the wont enscs of Piles'!
used according to the printed directions even if of 20
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, nnd nil irritntiom
of thc skin, fade and disappear after a few Application!
of Holloway's Ointment. In these cases brisk friction
is indispensable. Many ol thc ordinary eruptions are
caused by suppressed perspiration, nnd as this pcnctnil"
ing unguent at once opens lhc pores, nnd invigorates
thc absorbents, it dissipates the inflammation by »
double process. Ladies whose laces or arms are disfigured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove tl"
blemish nnd restore to the skin Its natural tint, flcii-
bilily, and softness, by lhe use of this safe but powerful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, lever Sores.
In enscs of King's Evil where medicinal wnler",
lotions, and every recipe of pharmacopoeia have proved
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough Ctltt,
Fever sores heal quickly under Us influence, and IS
relaxing effect upon contracted sinews is truly wonderful.
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Erysipelas.
These nre nniong Ihe most terrible and agonizing diseases, yet in their worst forms, and when Beomingv
incurable, they invariably disappear tinder n persevoiipj
application of this soothing, healing antidote to pain
nud inflammation.
Both the Ointment and Pills should bt used in (he follow*!
eases :—
IContrn.ted    and
Stiff Joints.
| Fistulas.
Bnd I.egs.
Had Breasts.
Uteof Mosquetoes; (.lout,
and Sand-Flics J Glandular Swel-
Sore Nipple!,
Corn-liny. lings.
Chiego-foot. Lumbago.
Corns  (soft). Piles.
Cancers. Rheumatism.
Sold at the establishment of PjlorBSSOR HoM.off**'.
24., Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; nnd by all rf*
spcelable Druggists nnd Dealers In Medicines throughout the civilised world. ,      .
JJfaT" There is a considerable  snving by taking
larger sizes. ..
I.. B.—Directions  for the guidance of patients
every d.sorder nre affixed to ench l'ot.
CURTIS   &  MOURE, Agenls,
yatcs-strcet, Victoria,
Printed and published every Saturday by ^K0!I1.J,
M'Cluiie, at his office, .New Westminster, in «"
Colony of British Columbia,


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