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The New Westminster Times Jan 7, 1860

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No. 17.J
.[QllAlirllUI.V 'IN WlVANORl   iris.'i
[YvaHLY (IN   A'OVAVI.'l!, )   fl Ca.
[Pktce |&
I'-ou-tii   Vuilorio Gazetli of January/ 4.) system.    Th
. r , ■ i'i     swallovi tin
'ii contemplation of u man pun ami nuioeeiii,. like
in::-" magis'
thi spectaoli oi gome still mountain capped with virgin  nifiuc
know hif Californian habit* too well to
it. In proposes to establish a Btipoti-
■\ In- Mr. Langford, mid n numbor of
tin appetite!   of I
wro   fills the mind with n sensation of solemn gran-  porters,  e.aureiii   ani    all   (no  (fuustioni   asked   iu   I
ni-     Liki Adam in till gardoi     m ,- do Oosmnf gous -1'rCTioii* character),   fle would respool iln employment;!
lb does not I mow l"' I','",ll"'tivi' eapital   by Tofusing a loan, -which 'could
lie iiiiiin. ■•:•(   nifiKI   iii'oliriil.lv    fi.-il,,   i'i.,i,..,,    „../! :....!
last   we I
iIn iidut'i
X K W    .!"> 'R "$    (:J (") (•> T> S    S T 0 R 'E,
■i ". iii ii no1 a- bamefl ' I i
-w silly in i: '. : i. Satui
perjoiieod ii iti fnl fon-i il-i i"i
re  if no fool  like n fool ir-m
lie nriij
word In
inc.!   up
ui   king,  wi
•uo'iuiiiiuu  an
,' :■!: lo hie-i
stake Dot, vi.
not  *v-ji11  Amor  de Cosmos   to be
i'   wholesome 'fli'i'iol   of such   at)
uirficii    addresses, and -we  do toi
■ <■ i ■ ite-'imi-ne triefi upon us bi
i'i one in Question. KHfitors nre
I..I. i n internal li i hty produce a bad
:-".i.        i .'■ i n- hit uses
eornoT of Yates and Government streets
.   | T TM'IOK.v,'; iXRI'i bogt leave to announce to the pub-
. " l \J     lie of  Victorin  and \. I. ili'.y   have opened ihe
1 ' magnificent   Dry Goods   StOVO   on   the   OdMlOt ol  Yates
null ftovernmoril im-i-ctK. -v.-ln-i-e ti- lire pTOpWOd to ofrV-i
nosi   profitably   for iln   Colony, nnd in i
.' ted  siii-.li ii  eomploto  ignorance ol
ui  ol  Icgish tion, thai wen- he to flourish i   —   ■,      . T.    <--     i      .  u •       , 1 "r"iV. I'
' iii'ienilici'iii 1U'\ (roods  store on the corner ol laces
toi   toi     un'.- ui, years  longer, lie coul" i     ■   -
sen., amongst  our rem-i
1 it complete assol'tmorrl ol
Fancy and Staple Dr)* Ghwwfe,
' eornpiv. .in    !,.i-fi,..    .Wlcfc    I';"' -••-    Prints    PH
If/erinos   I  unriols   -1 •• ■■ Ifi   Mai lil W   I!   b 'Oil or ■
i    i   •   .'i Sl - p| ioi    :■,■•.  i ■ II ii   ll( •■.
V/,r S.,l<- by
0 ,TOTI\* T. IdTTI-E S CO.
Victorin Coal Oo.
d-'f'-re Wh'irf>ti-c"t.
man riiAveraeo,
jriin!-; rvi'.Ki:s[<:vi-:,-i \nsfat
to     ll,,
ol .biiiuii
the  attention of the
ravelling   pi/olio,  Pitii  strangers  in    pnrticiiliir,
fe""iiiei'it  of   thin    house.       II    was   eitnblishi'd
i    management,   on   the   lirs-l   dav
;i l-'lHS'l'-ri.AS''-'  irt'iTKh, in every
Tin- l-ci-ii'i' -:id Manage:-, -wild n delicacy not War/ink
to eiM'i'iiiii'li upon the merits of other houses, cnrinfii
but recMl  the marked faVrfr Wth -ivliicli his enterprise
)•■''■ I i   I'Cc'eiVOd by a disci'imiiiii'iii;; [iMldic, in n eon-
stantfj inci'ett.iiug ptifrdiHtge Of the'firyl re'ipei-tnbilily,
. I,,,v.;• i• ■■ eoi!.-!ii":'.'e|-. Iln nifierioi- Hindi' in wlih.'li nni
l-i.o-l i-   co'idiirrcd.
ll i" contiguous to nil  OT tlie   IrtOlrl [icunilfir pl;ice«: of
ini.'°iTiierit, the principal ilioiYiiitrhf'iu'eM. ihe fiifhion.-i
,,..i '       -
i:1   l.h(    li
for :i breat h of l!..'
mpetent a '*,'• on It i
nn him, bul  tvhethei
Ifler the usual ; relm
liy, we fear would 1
i.-iini- plunges in mi i
i : nd i"rnora*nce -
:c a jury musl acquit or con-
American  or Hriii.-ii  he best
•. «!:!.':: in his late adopted
; d<:. ii linati d bunkum, Mr
.'■ res, and he has hero again
■ tn thai shewn on romment-
J un the address of Mr. Cary. Mr. Cary as nn argn-
iii in favor of his admission into ihe Legislative
limbic, pointed out that if he failed to mniutniii thc
ilidence of the people he must retire tu favor of n
ler man—in oilier words that thc form of responsi-
govcnimcnl wns the best. Mr.de Cosmos in his
lirdny's editorial replied that Mr. Can- must have
in of resjionsiliiliii to Ihe Home authorities—and
i address wishes to exclude all officials, and obtain
{sponsible government. Does not Mr. de Cosmos
Hull the only way to obtain a government rosponsi-
to the people is by making tho duration of office
Cud upon two things—selection by the people and
iiiiiinti'iiance of their confidence, shewn by a resolu-
fnf tin ijority iii the people's own House.   And
lost amusing part of his theory is. Hint his objec-
jlu  their  admission  rests on  the fewness  ofthe
pliers.    We nil know Mr. de Cosmos's opinion (lint
[iu   do every thing better   than   any   one   else, bill
i he a carpenter working  on a  house at  the same
as n   painter, would he  take the  brush   from Ihe
'.ofthe  painter and  daub the color on wilh   uu-
.i-cd  hands, while the experienced artificer could  himself with directing simply, nnd   how much
ivould he do so, were there  two nrti/.tins only cni-j
id.   Mr. do Cosmos talks of the landmarks of our
tit iition—does  the Attorney General  obtain a seal
ie  House  of Commons,  nnd  does his  admission
a door to corruption, inellicicncy, und irrcsponsi-
(■? We will, next half year If a better boy, present
villi a copy of Dr. Johne's little work,
de Cosmos will favor a measure to euro the dc-
uf the Legislative Council, by rendering it elective,
however expedient such a measure might be, Mr.
>smos, versed as he is in the fundamental princi-
)f the British Constitution, ought to have known
jven should he induce the Electors of Victoria to
li him as their member, no measure can be enter-
I in the House of Representatives for the purpose
Bulging the formation of tho Council any more
lhc Commons in England can alfect the hereditary
I '.: i.i; i.lic head of'-Political ooqnett-j nnd meanness ' wc f'.rj-i scrr.'f remark* in vestorday'f Colonist
vrhii-h hardli flesern notici  nor iconld thej be notice
■i'. "i .1 nol   that '.-:.   .  i.. ■,; ing   bol  < nm ; i. vai-ds
-...'.: i   have con! inued to do so had he tu-.i
-.... i    :...>..:' " ;:  .--,  parti   guilty ui praciicrs  n:-..
. ki . up . as dangi n ..- precedent.' to estaWish in
bhis  .-. :.-,:.;   col :e.   Mr. Langford wis  dnry warned,
i'.-i:.:-:    and   has   no ground of complaint—fir \f
tl ..; !.f persis'ted  in a course which we have no donbl
will b(  fatal  to his prospects    we immediately sup-
p •;:.] i In-man. who excejiting Mr, l*YankSin is the only
stann h supporter of English principles, and who had
from ihe first sci his faceagainsi secret ineeiings. alias
/• cancusesv."   With regard to thc <»tefe-ttt-thc dark, wc
have onlj to remark Uiai if Mr. Langford published an
I address  which   laid  him  open   lo  relalial.ion.  yxe  in
jnowai leek  advantage of it.   Thc placard alluded to
having been   printed  at this offico,  in no way jiroves
that ii speaks our sentiments, and wc further disclaim
any knowledge whatever of the mailer; but al iho same
time wc have no doubt that our indignant cotemporary
would have been more ready to print il al Ihe Colonist
ollice than we were, had it only got the chance—we know
its penchant for dollars and cents, therefore speak advisedly.    Our  cotemporary having  been  so  long  in
another line of business  is ignorant of thc usages of a
priming ollice. or he would not attach any Importauec
M the  fuel   of thc  document  referred to having been
printed here.    If thc Colonist will  scud the  "elegant
extract" from ils own columns of Saturday week,  reflecting in smh gentlemanly terms upon Mr. King, and
request il to be made  up into  a poster four limes as
largo as tho one ii  complains of, il can be gratified by
paying for the same.    Mr. King being a Working man Is
not above pouting it himself for n consideration,   Our
cotompornry again shows ils ignorance l>\ calling upon
us in divulge the names of tho parlies who broughl il
to us.
An  assortment  of Oents' Pi
Drnggel and  IVa'tl int   al  ol -
lodS,   cai-pelv    " n IU     hy ,    ,:„„,, ,,„ ^ oZ'S'Z^^
It receive.! h\ c-en- convevanee I    OotnmiSffiO'n Mei-rhnm and Br.-ik.--i-. Vhai'f-i-iivet, op
rtrepnbli,     -'-.'.   K    to.", ,'''-.Vv-,mineo.„s.,icl,;P<"'si"';Vf""tlf"irf'Mi1"1"'11- «*»
ore purchasing elsewhere.
*Tew Dry Goods store cornel
a. I'livrrvw.
of Yates and Oovern'-
SARAH i"I.OOK>.-^Mi,,u|,-| |ihis mr-fi  ihe eve of the
above, who  married   l.i kk Mii.i.ov. on cornmn-
.  .-,    ,.   with   liiliciie/l  Flooks.   Melkshawi,  Wiltshire.
. . villi .'Ioi', G. Flooks, H. M.  is. TiiVmne. Ks-
,.i a '.iiriMiver Island, she will heav of sonvethiwg
ic- in-•; adx-antage.. die-:::i t
{""pfjll SALK
*     5,000 ]hf.   "Kngli^li  evil   Tobacco, ehosen   by   the
Crimean   Army   Fund, frcttl   Beynon   .t:
Sto'cken, London, and bivught when the
troops left Balaclava.
240 G-ll>. tins Soup and Bonilli. from I. MeC-nll
k   o.. l.ondiin..
2o luv.-.hn i'istols, by Colt and other maker*
liiii tons Britisii Columbia Hay. at $211 jiev ton
on the Tra-cr River bank.
50.000 Xew  Weslminsler Shinglr-s.
Apply to HKNDEIWON & Hrn\" VBV, Yictoris
ill0-1 nil       Commission Merchant,Neti Wettmiftster.
J. N. -J K F F R1 fi S.
Dealer and Impoi-ter of
P a  1  n rr 1: n B'
t)ils,  Tools,  Colors, and  Brushes.
\ New and Splendid A=;-iinmeni 61
W;ill  l^aper  and Borders.
Sihgtfc I'eorni. will, i'„h i,(,n,.,^ !K2.;,ev,.r<]m-
•Wll\ J. IIAI.KV.
-ri       ,  , f'rofu'ii.-tor.
,1?^"^ * -'"-""isinallendanca,
,',' ^■■■■^-^ to and from the 11,,,,-i
all 1	
I tor:«•'!. 1
li^jJHsh   and   American.
ul nient does this our Ciesar feed upon that he
trow so big? Mr. de Cosmos lays out the whole
lir the. formation of a Council, and  for docking
ower of the Governor, &c. It is very desirable
|nni-   revision of the Council  should   lake place,
.. de  Cosmos  evidently   knows   not  how to set
it; bus he never read  anything on the suhjcc'.V
ays were afraid his education had been neglected
I maternal relativi
Sin.—Since my lust wc have had otinsidiTiihlc ship-
inonls of gold dust from the Interior to Ibis place. 11
is estimated thai about SOO lbs. weight, or about
$-18,000 worth of tho precious metal, has arrived nl
Douglas within ihe lasi two months pasl—of this
quantity over UOOlbs. weight was iu the hands of (Jell,
I'lilincr, who has iignin lefl this place for California,
wilh (lie Intention ul  purchasing gnoiln fur Ihe purpose
iif trading iu Hie Interior of this country, From mv
conversations with this gonlloiiiaii, I learn thnt ha does
not. intend to forward Ills goods by the way of the
" Dalles," after the completion of Iho wagon road on
the first portage on Dnughis trail, ns hu nud tunny
othor traders profor this route.
The Ferry boats on the two upper lakes nre generally
owned by boardliig-hoiiso keepers, nud froi'iiontly tho
traveller Is delayod, from Ihe fact that thoy havo only
sail bonis, and consequently cannot cross ihe lake, unless the wind is fair. It is really n phuiioiiiunoii, Ihnl
the trade winds prevail for sovorill days, nnd though
headwinds they nro peculiarly a windfall for tlio owners of lhc bonis, as tho minor, or Othor traveller, i-i
obliged to remain until Hie change of Iho wind : in |lm
meantime, Ihey pay one dollar per mini!, which usually
ci nsisls of biicnn, helms, and Ine11.1l.   Tills is a nuisance
which, if nut. taken iu hand by the Government, will
lake travel away from this route to another lrn« oxpeii'
siv* one. Why Ihis, wliin wc havo thu best rotlto yet
known to the interior'.' Lot til0 Oovorillnonl license
these bonis, then the pi'i'.-uns who own tllOtri will be un
der propor restrictions und  regulation-!.    This done
Co m m i s s i ii n   M e rch a nt,
Liverpool AVharf, Cuhinihio street, New Westminster.
British Columbia*
1J0X0ED STORAGE al\\a\s ready for 800 to 1000
) Ions Merchandise; eoniigniuenie i-ei-r-ived. duties
paid, and all Orders for the mines for l'lonr. Bacon,
Beans, and other goods Immediately attended to.
iiicai advniititgcs accrue to parties importing direct
to New woRtiniiister,avIid will moot wilh (lUmettinte sale
for cargoes of staple goods, d7-ic
Jlilibon   &    C-irswoll,
Uookscllet'S and Stalioners.
DEALERS iu  Slanihu'd, Sehuul, and  Miscellaniuiii-
Honks. Novels,
□tuple and Fancy Stationery)
llliink Hunks.
liiild I'ens, and line t'ocket    uilery,
Drawing and I'liotogfnpll Paper,
Trticing I'liper and Traciun (.'lolli,
(HU  Hooks, and  ,\nuuals.
Station*, p Hall, Vules-street.
Oolohei' aoth, 1850. lm
Roiled and Raw I.inseed.
Turpentine, Varnishes. Jftpan, and Gold
Vatei' t'ti-eet, next door to Wells, Fnrgo, & Co
1naler11.il relative. uer proper   re-irii lions   nun   rcguianun-!.      1 ins ilonn,
tie Cosmos, of course, is in  favor of bi-cnnial Douglas must soon load all tho other towns  In liritish
nents. there would be more advertisements lo bo Columbia,
,r l.i- ...m,II,l,,t,.3  mure  eaiicusiiii/-. morn ImiiL-iii,, iii:*riK.4.
vow haiJ'l in:
pvlOKSON,   OAMl'ilHtiL k CO,,  t'OfllCt1   wharf and
j_/   Johnson slfoels—
lliiiiiily, .'in hbds Mnilidl, Mnrell's nud Imperinl;
Do     200 cases Imperial;
I'n    loo ditto cognac'
Hum, BO J csks Hue old Jiunnicn j
wlllikv,   y JillDihoniia Irish;
phony, 34 \ csks medium and superior j
I'ml,' 'IH j     di'i do
Do L'.'l llo   do rill?;
in cases, it choice nilicle ;
chiinipiigiii', Hfi cases qts nud |ltsj
olnrel, tun case? ;
Ale, 2fl Idols Hubs Ifd, :•', ie - hrew •
Do liurlun I'rewi'iy CO., and Morice Cui k co.
in butties
Porter, Morice Cox k en., do.
(Salt Spring Island Store
rillfK sulisi ribi'i    having   received   'Onsigriinerils of
l'lonr,   GfOCorles, and   I'l'ovisions,  Dry   Onods,
Mifiii Fiiiiilei'.
Sjuirkling   Chamjifighesi
IMPORTER   OF  fctQttOttg}
Johnson street, opposite Whnrf street,
—Has for Sale—
Cliiiunt Clmnipagne;
llBiustck       do
linpiuiiil       do
Saiiseviiiii Urns' celebvaled I'lilifnrida, Wines
Old Turn (Hit: Heoleh Whiskey ;
Old Jiiinaiea Ruin : Pyrupp. t'nriliiils ;
Hilters, kc. ih'il-iii
.1 O II X      \Y 1 X 'fER,
(K-1:'iblislied \Hr>2)
C e, 'in 711 i S s /'.' n     Met c h a n t,
Hi (-.ilifni'iii.'i i'l-ci 1. liehvcen  front arid  RiiHory,
,V.-„   Fro/leieea,  Cat.
Hukwkus', Siiivv, mill   Tan-nms' M.atkRiaIvS'
Dhvas, i-:re.-,
Consiamly  on  hand.
Also i'uok k noes ;n Rales. Half Bales and Zinc.
Orders from any part of the State promptly attended
10.    Prices given, (and_ samples sent—if desired,) per
ri'inrn Kxprcss.
ftercr t.i (|>e
throughoul the Sin.t,
princijial llrewers, Druggists, kc,
Washington Restaurant.
rpilK AilOVli liKSTArHANT-m ('overmilont street,
|_ bi'twci'ii \atcs and .luhnson siyei'ts. Imviiig been
iTiorouphh i-iiitii-d. is now prepared lo supply the wants
of all ils old I'lisliunin-s and such new ones us Bia)' he
ili-poscd to gh e il 11 li'hll:
The tabic is nhvilys slijlllill'd wilh evefy dtdicacy iii
si'iison. logi'tllfi with all ihe siibstaiitlal rei'Mslies filr
giiinl llviiigi t
l'jxcl.-llciil I'lgurs nlwavs on hand.
tiS-1 hi
11IHIII?I!V aiUtlOfise" Hiirj empower JOHN ItOllTH,
Of Vicliirin, V. I., tt)  net ns  my attorney^ during
my nhsence from Ihe (.'ninny.
Vielnrin, T. I.
Dee. ttli, IK.n!).
Importer nud Dealer in Messrs. Davis' ntill Jones'
I'ATKNT SHIRTS, of New York,
 .AS II—
Li Atkinson's Improved Shoulder Seam Pnlern
SHIRTS, of Philadelphia.
I"f*KT  received (be latest styles of flAf/NO SHfRTS
**  direct  from   fiondon.     A.iso,   a   fine   lol  of pure
lialtie Stockings and Hose, gent's Shaker Flannel, t'ndershirts and Drawers.
Ir by candidates, more caucusing, moro bunkum
nun for demagogues,
e Cosmos  is opposed to an Educational Fran-
ftcr such a display of want of education, who
loubt it.   Mr. do Cosmos would be a law amen-
statute consolidate^ and would  exclude thc
rson in the Colony capable of pointing out the
' spots in our proceedurc and remedying them.
„ Cosmos  shews  his usual ignorance, on  the
ntoject of the land question, by supposing that
s" of Assembly and n^ttbe C—jfji cn.n revoke
..ion Bay Comp*nT,ls sr.ra.nt. and he then goes on
late the scheme which  he  has cabbaged  from
, by selling the land and advancing the surplus
.; monies after making roads, towards immigra-
j if the grant of the lands with a deferred pay-
Jroubi not  more  readily  produce   the desired
1 Cosmos proposes to advocate the passage of a.
nation law. A law prohibited in direct terms
tome Government in iheir instructions to the
f Cosmos may bring the question of the itml-
Dompfttry to a legal settlement without obtain-
eat, hy going to the Attorney General and
limse.lf an informant, and the Uw officer '.-an-
1 the application.
(Cosmos to crown all his errors, talks of the
ly of our entire free port system in conjunction
eciproc.ity treaty with the States. As Lord
Ion has justly observed -We have shot our
g nf equivalents already," what duties would
le Cosmos reduce in favor of tlie States under
e free port system and what would he expect
Hardware, kc, will opott a store nt his Farm on .%t(-
spiing Island, 11I11111I. (lm liMh insl. Allgoods will be
sold Ibr cash, ul. Victoria prices, cost of traasportation
All sorts of produce, such ns shingles, fleer, grouse
furs, kc, taken in exchange for goods'.
Positively no credit, will be given.
3, FiBW*.
N. li. ('hnirp kinds of  Fruit Trees, fee, always on
hand and for sale at reasonable, rates. fi_t
Never since duties were first levied in llrilisli Columbia has so much dissatisfaction been manifested, as at
the present time. The whole, country Is loudly eorn-
plainirig, and demands that a proper system be adopted, such as exists in Kngland or her provinces. (/nduT
thc present system, if a person be shipping goods from
Victoria, and the invoice happens lo be lower In price
than, in th': opinion of the. Collector, is right, he nf.
once, seizes the goods. Does he properly understand
the English Revenue Laws, under which be pretends lo Ry the Undersigned,
act? f imagine not.. The revenues of Rritish Colurn- e\t\l\ Mats fiatavla. Rice,
bin. having been defrauded by various persons, instead t/\)\f •"''' keKs Scotch Oatmeal,
of finding out. the real smugglers, he seizes the goods
of every person shipping to Rritish Columbia., where
the price in the invoice is nut, sufficiently high to suit
the Collector. If he understand the English Revenue
Laws, ns he. shonld do, he would have an appraiser
competent, to perform that, duty, who would value articles shipped, not by the, invoice, lint, would pur. a proper valuation, according to his own knowledge of the
markets, and the current prices ruling on the various
articles shipped Why does the. Collector ailotf flour
of the same quality to pass for $\e, a barrel, and the
sums day the one who pays duty for $ 17 per barrel, and
same quality of flour, has his goods seized. The pve-
nt system is entirely wrong, and should be changed,
^00 casks superior Salt Reef,
- -7—    -     .. "',;-
so an to deal with every man alike.
Of local news, we have hut little. Several buildings
ate going up and the. town is improving. Tho residents
of the. place, have made up a piu-se of $150, which is
to be presented to Mrs. Oammage., the wife of our worthy and much respected pastor, Kev. Mr. Gamma-go.
as a Christmas present. Wishing yon a " Merry Crist-
mas and Happy .^ew Year,'' and many returns of the
Cosmos  next makes a. hid for the support of season.
Ed   population   by  proposing to allow  their Yours respectfully,
:o participate in the benefits, of his free school OBSERVER.
HA VB just received a very Choice Lot. of Groceries,
and are constantly receiving fresh goods by every
steamer, which they offer at very low rates.
Families are especially invited to call, as every thing
is selected with great care for Family use.-
Very superior Teas, sugar, Coffee, and Butter.
A magnificent assortment of gent's silk Scarfs,
A   full  assortment of gent's  superfine   Manchester
Opposite the Bank of S. N. A.-,
V ICTORIA,   V .    f.
HV is no-w- prepared to offer the largest assortment?   ;
ever exhibited  in Victoria, comprising all tho
latest styles of the celebrated Davis and
Jones superfine patent white and colored   SHIR T S.
And  is receiving  by every steamer those   bflaufifu
BYRON SHfRTS of'all sizes, running ft">m M to '2D
inches around the neck.
Ladies should call soon and examine those superior
Baltic Stockings for Winter Wear.
Orders sent through J'xpress—by sending the size o
the neok for Shirts, we will guarantee to fit.
I shall receive Fresh Goods by every arrival from
Ladies and Gentlemen's Kid Gloves.
Business hours from 6 A. M. to 10 P. M.
October 4, 185a. tc
Winldiugl'i!!-street, nem' Vatcs-street.
flllllS   HlirSB has been newly fitted up and  entirely
«-  leniivati'd, and is conducted on the Kuropcan 1'lnn.
Tin- T.\H1,R will lie* supplied with the best Ihe market
mini ds.
Hoard and bodging :: ..-.  S7 00
Single Vieitls     0 'i'i
The travelling public are requested to call;
nIH-lih .IioiN' Nioh'obAS k Cij.
Fill? Fl.AliR BV
DICKSON. t'A.III'lll-M.-b k CO.,   col-nbr Whnrf and'
.Inhiis'oii slri'i'ls—
Slice! bead j
Pipe bend ;
(hilviliiized It-011 for Robflnj];;
(lalviiiiized Hili-kets;
Hardware, it 11 assorted invoice;
Tinware, do
l.'eineiit and Llnlc;
filinpowder, best Itiflfc;
Ulnstilijj Powder; j
111-1 in
S rj L I M    l<" If A NT K; le I .N'   &    0 O'.,
Yates street, Victoria.
J Farming Ltinds disposed of nt public and private
Sale. Surveys, flans. Deeds, Mortgages, and Agreements prepared by competent parlies utlached to tho
(fife. .Mieri-handise, Household Furniture, &o., dis-
iiosi-d of.-
Anv.lXCIIS   MAUI,-   ox   CoXSIfiNNn-'XTS
Cold Dust Purchased.
JlffiGO, practical Gardener and Nursery man iWi
obtained the agency for the sale 0 ?pr'      t ,' S
omoof the best  bursaries  iii'(IrcMn      ii        'r0M
W be  hnppy to- supply farmers  S 0U   rs    ' U,'tbe'
JUST RECEIVED and for sale
2500 lbs Bergin,s Celebrated Family Soap ;
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500 lbs PrWe.h Sperm Candles;
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Salt Salmon in casks for export
d3-'.c Cor. Government and Yates street
W"HOLESAJ>E and Retail Dealer in Hardware,
Agricultural Implements, Bar Tron, Steel and
Iron-Mongery, and stove and Tinware^of every description. Glass and rockery Waro, Wood and Will ow-
Ware, &cj
Bogs to inform his friends and the public that ho
has the largest assortment of the above on this .Wand
which he offers for sale at the lowest rates.
October 4, 1859.      ti>.*\ oi*am
Comer ofYatos and Waddington streets.
Mock Turtle, Chun Chowder, Ox Tail and Vegetable'
Soaps every day.
THIS FAVORITE RESORT hoops constantly on-
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Those that are fon j of a choice Havana will do well
lo call. A choico selection of Scotch, Irish and Bour--.
bon Whiskies always on hand to make Hot Punches.
gtjjrHot Tom and Jorry every day, and a pImbmU"-.
Room to sit down and be happy.
Call and see.   Yours, kc,
d3-lm T. H. SIcOANN.
\   1
hi B
■\ -J
foi FltOM
Auslralia, 38
Do by private ship
Irom San  Francisco HI
Belgium, via France,
liritish North American
Cnpo ul (loud Hope
Ceylon, via England
East Indies, by Prussian
Mail, via Trieste
German Slates,
Gibraltn, via France,
'20 els.per
•JO "
21 "
15 -
:;s ••
■j 11 "
l-l-l •■
•jo ':
40 ■•
43 "
211 -
nlidales would  take place
that  hour; lm
('.ri'nt'l'lrit'iiin and Ireland 'JO "   per J-
j   07..
03 '
per \  oz.
per j oz.
G recce,
Holland, via France,
Hong Kong,
Portugal, via Enghuu
Sandwich Islands,
Spain, via France,
West Indies,
In all cases in addition to the above rales, the Colonial postage of 2Jd. is added for every half ounce.
ll z.
not until past 11 o'clock Ihat tho hustings wore completed. Thc Sheriff having road the proclamation,
calling upon the Miters to elect two members to serve
in the next House of Assembly; and considerable difficulty in getting any voter to propose a candidate, Mr.
Duncan proposed Mr. Selim Franklin, who was seconded by Mr. Shanks, and who came forward and in a
clear, sensible, and straightforward manner, reiterated
the opinions previously expressed in his address, and
at his meeting, and having answered numerous qucs-
tious put to him most satisfactorily, retired, Whereupon
Mr. Amor de Cosmos was proposed by Mr. King: and
seconded by Mr. Rabson, but did not come forward upon
the hustings, and Mr. Cary was proposed and seconded,
and upon being loudly called lor, did not show being
desirous, and considering it only fair that Mr. Do Cosmos .should speak lirst, as he had not yet been heard:
lut Mr. De Cosmos did not conic forward, whereupon
the sherilf proceeded to take a show of heads, which
terminated in favor of Mr. Cary, and Mr. De Cosmos.
Mr. While then inscended the hustings, and informed
the public that Mr. De Cosmos had tu send to Esquimalt ioi- a reporter, who would not be up before 3, V. M,,  Free Port.
■a.,..!.„■< nl that, hour : at i „^ it
i ven—
lie domain.
Vancouver Island a refuge for fugitives from justice, wc I
would rather be spared the legislation of Mr. Amor de
Cosmos kc Can any act of Mr. Amor dc Cosmos &c.
make British soil more free ?
Tlie Hud son" Bay Company's claim is then labored at1
but this chime has been rune       ' --1 -- • •<••....  ii.nt I
llllce slllltilini   ioi nm ,,. ,...
for the benefit of our own population and funnel
Victoria, V. I., Dec.
To the Edito
21st. li
nf the Victoria Gazelle.
p„,.i.n in iui-...,»»»>■ ■ "Tr n:;;,T„;,,i» >■ » - «^ M'r':rt^c«^SSI*»:rS*L;i,'".;;S~,Si,»S'.ki"X
paration of all   the  Ads  of Parliament,  and   i   those
Vets   (in.heir  passage)   required  alteration, wlow
tbcre could make the desired alteration as we las the
author of them : without his presence or the pros, m
of some other official, thc Government was .rrospo -
=ible,   When he lost the confidence of the  pooph hi
must retire, and if elected, who could With  siicitotw
... „ 1 press   upon   the   other   authorities   the _ nocossi.,    oi
wo are sick of it, and no doubt our readers also.    \\ ell; ^ ch ,   j ,,, tl0  pooplcis repr^i ta-
i -. that without any intorferanci from Mr. tivog.   As to the II.   B. Co. cry, all he coi iu say wn
assured are ■■e, that    itho^a ^ ^  ^     , ^      ^ «     ivith thnt body; he hnd been
. , ,       . i  .. t >..:*:   i.  i*..,-.. i nil tin I  till I'll ui   .ii   lliiliii    t ■>>''■■ •
Vancouver Island, will ever be •
—Were  it   not  derogatory   to tho dignity i\
usand excitable Frenchman, any longer In i.
id reiterated lies with which yom
, long and so often, that
ued \\ hencvcT nnv waeds ait
'-"""" ;:iU ,ver be paid by the British Oov-lan old ,,u,.U u. ^0 "BVlver ^o"n' in his mouth had, he
eriiment  to  the Hudson  Hay  Company that  they are •, .,   , ,lv ,„,„• one.    It would never
i the nialigiianl
your papi r ai
: lions form  the subject of i
i sny you  have been bringing
now much more frcqiieutly than 1 like,) I slim
! liko in point oul to you the most dreadful lie that
iiuenl. (and  I am i-nml
mo before tho \«Mx.l
inbI  have  i-oaiairii
assured them, been a pretty rusty one.
] not justly entitled to. I p„y i,;,,, i„ become thc nominee of any set of men. and
I    Next ourattcntion is drawn to thcncccssity for an entire it would not  suit the tl. B. Co. to select him ns their
t upon this point,  nominee.    With   reference to the question of taxation,
he was in favor of a direct taxation bearing equally on
lllt .„,.,„.     ,       , ,   r   „ -   u  \i     i-i-i-e i on..    We believe all arc agroct     . no was in iavur ui » ....>•■  -       .    .-      ■     .
mrtl,\ur a reporter who would not be up be »rc ;';   '.^j   u       uow s0 become by Imperial authority, the voice I   „_    „0   wmlM  ,      nIl Mlrn   burden  on 'inwnproNcd
bavc felt indebted to Mr. de Cosmos kc  if he had con-] ■■  :
coii'ldnot speak in the openair,' owing to ill health, and'
begged ofthe public to attend the meeting he proposed
convening for 7 P. M. Mr. Cary then presented himself, and made a most brilliant and witty speech, in
which he pulled Mr. De Cosmos and his address all to
pieces: and having answered all the questions put to
I him, in a manner which gave general B.itisfactiou, de-
I scended—nnd was  -eceived  with general  applause.
against him as n
emolisli  tl
iiniiiee of th
.    Mr.
bsurd   cry  niiscd
11. B. <'o-. and us an
town : am
descended to stoop from   the  pinnacle of his  inflated  ''7'."."'"' "' " "  "
1 official advocated  the incorporation  ol the town ; ami
eloquence, and had explained to us what he meant by a  ahcr detailing many schemes of improvement com bided
'■•'.n  ..viuiii-.i]   his address bv calling upon the electors to return  him,
8|je |Wu ffibtnunster (Limes.
eloquence, and had cxplainea 10 us wum ut ......	
Reciprocity Treaty, and had given us a  little  practical his address by calling upon the electors to return  him,
insight iuto the nature ofthe articles he would  suggest an independent and  honest   man that he  might fairly
., .,     -,■•, ,,   , ,, ,„, „„,   „.„ „-,.,„,„ be enabled  to  perform  his dutv, and that   lie  might
should compose it.   Vhat advantages can we gneto          .   .      1 ■...     ,.,.,
! c guard their interests to the utmost of his ability.
the   t'uitcd  States  over  those  already  possessed  by|    Mr. Cary after n hearty  cheer proceeded to nnswei
though your stupidity and that of yonr readers.bj
ultrn-nsininc and your moral perceptions so sln|>.
Icthe. thai perhaps you would nol be aide tosecil vr'
is pointed out,—no matter! The great Americ.uil
shall scream.
In \oiir paper of Monday hist, inn comtnunic
which you pretend war- sent to you by son-.clowfrl
vnu say thnt 1 sold out of the boot o-nd shoe lini
small way in Sn: Fmiu-iseo, in 18-1~>, Sow mer
show you thai everything yon have heard nrrf
about nie must 1"- us '■foundntitMilo.ss'' ns ft did
I will only call the attention of your renders to th
'Ihnl it was nut tin- bout and shoe line, but thet|»l
Hour  business, that 1 quilled somewhat  sudili-.i:;J
i that year.
I remain, Sir. your mosl obd't serv'l,
William S:i-u|
Alias Uii'iii
To the Editor Victoria Gazelle.
Mn. ElUTon,—There is one r.ubcr rciiiuikiibU'tiyi-i
:':;  which  wc should imagine must  even esc
ruriosity of the admirers and snppoi'tcrs nf Mr.
1 do Cosmos.    Ho bus had a'nuinpic <-|n»ntimity,ul:
that  the  proceedings   were i'"-' >»  detail the poblicul  opinions of his oppo«
i..r ..,,,.ii-jm.r timni. nnd criticisinc their defects. "1
,,-    .,,nu„.    w" nuoYe'the followfng lUms from I asrist la imp^ bappy  lo  say  that  the  1;";^""^ *T™ jiirnm.lv^ng'iucui: and criticUing their di'lec.slc
:,vi„,., steamci.    Ac quote b lie approaches thereto M/e «      /   r*uvdc of Lindley marked with  the greatesl decorum, and tin  1.>  pt have Ween only a  popular niensuro on Ih
the genera! news :— \ f;ll /,„„.«   and skilful pilots.     u 1   b> ' addreis and rep es leaves no doubt bul I . .-.,....    • :.m,,U
Join Brown, the abolitionist, was oxecuted_at_Char- ^ ^^aalLem it not | tta U niu^t btreturned at tlio head of the
Mr. Amor de Cosmos ^\11«.;UV.„,  ,.,„ „.■,.  ,,,.,-anibula-1
TiifiisoAY morning, in common with all others, wc
wero surprised by an announcement that Mr. Langford,
the once popular candidate, had withdrawn from the
contest, in  favor of Mons.  Amur do Cosmos.   Ofthe
former gentleman, we speak more in  sorrow  than in
anger—he   has  permitted  himself,   with   astonishing
weakness, to be. hoodwinked by the undisguised machinations   of u   worthless   clique.     That   ho has   dis-
appuintcd   us   is  true; our  support  was  frankly and
unhesitatingly given him in full confidence of his political integrity—and how have we been treated in spite
of repented warnings ?—he has Hung himself into the
arms of 11 party with whom  we have nothing in common, and who, holding the reins of power, would hold
them only to abuse thorn.   His last act has completed
the talc of his apostucy—after repeatedly assuring his
supporters  that  he  hud not leagued himself with the
party flint hangs upon the smile of do Cosmos, And pins
its faith to  the  doubtful   witcheries  of 11 caucus,    lie
vacates his posl lis  candidate for private reasons, and
earnestly exhorts his followers to assist tho man ho has
acknowledged, and denied lo  grasp that power which
without  him   ho  had   no  chance   of  obtaining.    Hut
enough over this picture of hope defeated and trust betrayed—we will draw 11 veil—nor should We even have
alluded  to it but that it is our duty to point out to the
1 that we wero justified in tho course
leston, Dec. 2nd.    There  was  no  disturbance on
spot.    Bells were rung and minute guns discharged by
^patbisers with B^V^Wrf^nJon. I "^^^ K no Sard!   Th. 'Idiots In.
Indian  fiom Liverpool   to New York,   tin
"^^nnvfcomostliogcmofto whole composition
And »o^c°™g08v^0gr?a will hav?  British  Columbia
have Ween only n  popular niensuro onus
nit one of even-handed justice, to have giro
 .».  . similar opportunity in return.    H will hardly r:^
Many inquiries have been made us to the precise '" his credit that this reformer of abuses—this
,. ,. r, ,, 1 1 r . „ 1 „ .l.i.:, 1, 1 tor of ullu-r men's grammatical nnd political bH
moaning of Mr. Sm—ths last alias, under winch be . . , ,, . , • 1 1 .- ■ 1 ,, 1 ., iJ
'"        r ,      lu fact; this colonial Justinian should be tlie oul;]
claims our suffrages. After some trouble and collating amongst tho aspirants to senatorial fame whofwffl
dictionaries of three different languages, wo arc still at meet thc public with a fair and honest disclosure*
—" ...in.,.,. .. ii„. n„r-iii" I intentions.
iiossiouity of giving  11 up    ------       ,,-,,    n  o
title  to any  yet soon, bu brought forward by thc U. S.
In the Colonist of Saturday, wo find the following announcement :—
" We issue to-day a Supplement containing thc address
The address of Mr. De Cosmos
;,: r ssv.t.«» i—i-—.. b»ita«"Iii"'
,  11,. ^nilomonlv deportment, Interesting appearance,
HSH^^^-,%^- ■ ■
of Mr. Do Cosmos .t1
What did this mean ! " 1 no aoore« u.  ~* —- , Kxceuoncy   ».«  "'"V", ., ftc(,omplish the  reforms r,
kc" The ridiculous and I'antasticjian.e was not   U.lfa- j Cosmos^•J.f^^ja,   as  well as in   Vancouver
miliar to us, seeing that it headed tho column in which
occurred the above sentence, and that ils owner was
there described as the editor of the British Colonist newspaper, published every Tuesday, Thursday, und Saturday, price twelve and tihulf cents ; but what was the
address? Another appeal to the sympathies oftho public, to support his fast sinking paper? and what wore
the ct cetera?—all of which required a special supplc-
Douttlasl   vVith
/.ami.    01.1   UWi^J^^^^
V   now happilv approach the conclusion 0    the ad-
A few weeks ago our readers were amused by finding
from the pages of J'uneh, that Zoroaster Zadkiel, the
astrological humbug, who assumes to be the editor of
Zadkicl's prophetical almanac, was in reality quite an
everyday individual (viz. Samuel Smith of Laburnam-
street, Islington. We are not surprised (but similar
quackery among members of the sumo universal
family of the '• Smiths" should be found here.
Tun Inconstant—ou now to Wis Him.—Wo nro informed that Cupid, envying young ladies Ihcir peculiar
privilege of changing their names, to Iho exorcise of
which lie so often incites thcin, is about once mure to
change his own ; but ns ho is very particular about
doing this by an act of the legislature, ho will wait
until constituted dictator.    We understand   the ultcru-
-"' 1  -u~i, 1
electors uf Victoria u..... .. ^  t	
we pursued respecting Mr. Langford, and that our con-  "" ,v -	
duct has not been false and fickle as  our cotemporary ment for their  publication.    We know not.    Sonic exilic Colonist  insinuates,    llow  lie has been induced to *  ' ■     '-- —' - i.-.ir .„„i<   anil nroe.i
crown bis career  by  such an act as that dictated in
yesterday's Colonist,  wo do  not wish  to know,  nur
will we pause to inquire.    It is sufficient that by it Mr.
de Cosmos  hopes  tu improve  his  position, and  place
himself where otherwise he could not have been.    Wo
hope and  believe that ho will tail—fail ignominiously
and completely.    In  hopes of fortifying  himself with
the good opinions of the electors, Mr. de Cosmos presents us with n regular Irish slew of politics, in which
he attempts  to ridicule the claims of Mr. Franklin and
Mr. Cary.   The  first gentleman is  facetiously termed
the object of our first unfaltering choice—such indeed
he is—and  his  declaration of his views on Thursday
evening, has only confirmed our constancy.   There was
a plentiful  sprinkling of critics,  inlluenced  doubtless
by the gentle spirit ofthe true reformer, but truth boldly
and frankly  uttered,  entirely  disconcerted  them, and
they wore  heard no more!    His speech was certainly
nol  characterized  by thc wealth of imagination and
brilliancy  of wit,—such  as  that which adorned   Mr.
Cary's—but it was plain,  honest, and to tho purpose.
The Colonist biliously calls it a rehash uf his address.
The truth is, since the address was written, Mr. Franklin has  not changed any  of his  opinions—rather 11
novel thing wc apprehend in our true reformer's experience—he, alters his opinions hourly, with the vague hope
that he  is  reforming them—hence  his  extreme partiality for the title with   which  ho has dubbed himself.
After one or two more hits at Mr. franklin, the Colonist
has a bout  with Mr. Cary, and  here like a bee turned
loose amongst thc flowers, our cotemporary positively
revels, sipping  "sweets  from every plant,"   but  by a
process unknown to bees, turning the honey into gall.
Wc cannot re-discuss all the poiuto that wc have al-
lr       mV there is but little loft worth notice      no; un,,,    ,.,       .. ^ ^^ wiu bo VMy ,llght
>'"^\ ?f jttSiTrLtffiK *„,,, A- tat- »« ^e de Cosmos.
te vital importance s npnoiu, an« '„„••(•       .. _ -.r     ,... \v,„i,,„c,i,,v   .1,1, i„si..
ponded twelve and a half cents,  and procured a copy ;
and, as most probably thousands of our readers may not
feel inclined to  expend this amount of capital in such
nn investment, wo will proceed to enlighten them as to
the subject nnd .miture ofthe "address."    We find it to
be to the Electors of Victoria Town District, \s ho in the-
opening paragraph are somewhat awkwardly thanked
for their promises of support to the writer,  one Amor
do Cosmos, who, it appears, is a candidate for their suffrages at the approaching election.    We then learn, and
wo must say,  with deep concern,  that thc writer has
risked his health, und above all, his means in endeavoring to write himself into notice, or in other words, in
carrying Oil n speculation.    After an obscure allusion to
some abortive attempt to injure his speculation, thc
weighty matter of Reform is at once entered upon ; and
here we cannot help admiring the rare courage of Mr
Amor dc Cosmos kc ; 110 hesitation, no shrinking, but
wildly, and recklessly, does ho plunge, head over heels
into the dark and troubled waters of Reform.    Verily,;
it brings to mind  thc old adage " whore angels four to
tread," kc, nnd with reason too, for by the time we have
completed the perusal oftho remarks, wo find ourselves
in an absolute maze with the words " British Constitution," "Legislation," "Executive," "Responsible Government" Hunting wildly beforo our mistiliod senses-
tn short, a number of high sounding words are  struu
- 1 - 1 1
US  > lllu  mi,... 	
prebend that the writer spooks feelingly.   The quuli
cations for a representative  in the House of Assembly,
are then enumerated ; " known and fried men 1 Capability,
holding  practical views of public   policy ! Ready  and
willing lo labor for the good of the country, und nut for
personal   aggrandizement—or  pure party ends! I    We
agree with Mr. Amor de Cosmos kc, such are the qua!-!
ilicalions requisite ; but we fancy that here Mr.   Amor]
do Cosmos &C. chants his own requiem.    Are his antecedents, is what'is known of him now, in harmony   with
such requirements 1 -"»•• - - ■
We will Bum up by remarking that the pompous, and
lengthy address of Mr. Amor de Cosmos &c. is no more
than an inflated bubble, of which nought remains the
instant it comes in contact with practical common sense.
The stylo of his composition may be termed spasmodic,
while the grammar is not ofa high order, and the ideas
nro for the most part, devoid of originality; although
cxpressod in a coxcombical, pragmatical manner, amusing to be hoard. .We havo been unable to arrive at any
elucidation of the&c. at theend ofthe name, and therefore, can only presume the addrcBS to be the production
of Mr. Amor do Cosmos und the rest; that is the rest of
the " caucus " eentlcmcn—unless, indeed, &c. wns used
Sin.—Would yon please publish the fol'.owin?.ll
benefit of Hie New York Herald, which says (Su''.!H
speaking of llayti) that tin? negro lias nut. not -
can have, tho capacity to unik-rsland the diflorcntl
Iweeu a despotic nnd a rcpresentntivesystetB<if|
eminent. On reading tlie above one would n-»-^
sweet and bitter How frnin the same foiinliiiii'-
when Bonnet accords justice to the colored WCtl
such a phenomenon may be seen, bul not tilltliM
FTeraldis sold to do tho dirty work of the wholeW
Tho Kditor knows well that the descendants w
have bad 11 splendid career—enjoying in GgypU"'
al greatness rarely excelled.    I will inform the!
Ihat, with her incapacity, kc, llayti has not OIUJ
lowed in the footsteps nf her former mistrCBS (Pro
now an empire, then a republic, and vice versa: w
has held her enemies at bay for 00 years. A
would remind the Herald of the growing and f
rims Republic of Liberia (West Africa), foundw'
mid whoso national independence is now iiokiu'''"B
by eight dilferciit Governments; nnd during ''0J!™
years Ihe l.iberiaiis have never experienced Ml
npiy 110111 ..I..  .graceful scenes us have often been onnctodftWOtlJ
Rkvision op Votes.—On Wodncsdny, 4th inst., Mr tore nnd Congressmen in Washington (D. 0.),
Drake, revising Barrister, held his revision at the Court I noll'i' - ,,,l""t shooting and killing onch other 11
House, when the following were objected lo:—Amor
do Cosmos, objected to by T. Estall, as not being a
British subject and being under 1111 alias. The following gentlemen wore objected to by E. II. King ns nol
being British subjects—Thomas I'hclun, John I). Carrol, Charles 11. Young. The three first named gentlemen were permitted to have their names retained on
the list of voters, and the latter was struck off, it having boon-ruled that he was an American citizen. Mr.
Carroll admitted having signed tho celebrated John
Nugent manifesto
more nnd Kansas. Speaking of the Baltimore W
long since, I think tho Washington Statu sivy.-.'l
periment of self-government of this Slate is'I
failure, so far us Baltimore is concornod, but, si'-'l
not extend this idea, in view of your valuable ffU
will simply add that the slime and tillh of the Nf
Herald do not only tlow freely, but Gordon B"
callous heart seems peculiarly fitted to slander'*
lify the colored man.
in ignorance for alias, to which em-
Mr. Do Cosmos has a
,n undoubted right.
Wcwcro informed bite last evening that some of tbo
friends of tho independent reformer Mr. de Cosmos have
made overtures to Mr. ('ury to induce him to allow Mr.
do Cosmos to be pinned to his coat tails.    Alas, poor
fellow! he  is indeed  reduced  to extremities to obtain
support.    Wo nre glad Mr. Langford has saved himself
the honor of running  in the same traces as this great
and unrivaled reformer.
ndced, kc wns usodl    The Str. Eliza Anderson arrived from Now Wcslinin-
icndago to his name stor yesterday evening.    Only three or four passengers
'  ....:.,  1,,.,.     Wnnnwa from   un   river.    About
TOG HOUSE.—Wanted, u Hog House built, >|
j    miles from town, in the Hake District.   Afl
'• N," ollice New Westminster Times.    Also,
I    a good hand who understands his bristoff
be made comfortable, and iiavoaperiuaiionl si tun";.
ply as above,
came down in  hor.    No news from   up  river.
1 -IOO miners are staying at New Westminster.
NO caucus!!
No  Primary  Elections, no   sneers at our   beloved
Queen    milnr tu those Mr. do Cosmos published; -no
S   .    Indentions lor colored  men; equal rights   equal
'   ■'   and equal justice to all.   Cary and !• ranklin ha c
,"a.     ,be nselves to advocate those principles.   Wee
To the. Editor Victoria Gazette.
Sin— Mr. Copland is again making himself conspicuous • iny patience wi'i bo  soon  exhausted.    If he is
a good "boy   1 will not   split, but if ho is presumptuous
/ loiU.    A nod  is us good as '•   wink to a blind horse.
^  nnd perhaps to another quadruped; ho had bettor nol
Carv and Franklin havo I meddle in politics.
J ... I |>A1-|,   l'nv.
together after the fashion ofa six-penny novel
but the Kf Victoria be at your post to-morrow morning.
John Copland's particular friend from Australia.
THE following named gentlemen have forme it
selves into 11 Committee to promote tl'e c'|
of Mr. Crease, as a member for the County orl'i: j
Victorin, iu the House of Assembly. ■
Capt. Joseph II, Doane.
Alex. Kennedy,
W. Leigh.
.1. Sebastian Ilelmckon.
John Tud.
Thomas 'frounce.
I1. Mi'ininiln.
Win. McNeil.
Mathius Rowland. THE    NEW    WESTMINSTER    TIMES.
.EAR SIR.—We,  the  undersigned voters of Che-
mainas District and Salt Spring  Island,   request
to allow yourself to be put in  nomination  us a
Representative  in tho Legislative Assembly for the
above mentioned District, and we pledge ourselves  tu
our Utmost endeavors
Silas James,
Charles Bloomfiold,
George Watson,
Thomas Cunningham,
Robert Elford,
William Robertson,
Burgess Milton,
J. Ij. Willson,
I, M. Sparrow,
John J. Moore,
to  secure   vour election  fur
Robert Watson,
David Cunningham,
James Myers,
Thomas Martin,
Cooto Mutiny Chambers
E. B. Holt,
Isaac Gohagans,
F. Smilheii,
Robt. Layzcll,
John Booth. j4
*-i ENTLEMEN,—I hcg to respond to your
forward a.-
I I vitalion. requesting me to cnini:
Candidate for your suffrages at the ensuing Election,
,| should I have the honor of being returned as your
Uenrescntativc, I pledge myself to advocate such laws
ns may bo most beneficial in the development ofthe
resources of your district, and the colony at large, so
• i: to merit the confidence placed in mc, Thanking you
for your kind support,
1 have the honor to remain,
Your obedient servant.
:rs. Holt, Elford, Cunningham, Moore, Spar-
Wlltsoil, Chambers, and twelve others.
To  Me
To tin
O  Qu
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i .
PURE BAY RDM at 7.". cents per quart bott
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R E M E M I! E R
e ils pro
all  the
iiiiuu-' improved; and Hi
icr authority and function!
things, ua well i;
W  Field seeds to grow.
Fruit, Flower, and
illons ALCOHOL for sale b-
Editor iif the  Victoria Gazette.
Sin—Our active and  respected  Police  Magistrate
jm's ,',',,t yet been troubled by application either against
).;   E   L-ngf-rd Esquire, or .1-lin  B-tts, Esquire, of no-
hnll-iio-wherc.    The whole affair will probably end in
bill-sticker's paste.    I understand Mr. L-ngf-rd intends
instituting legal proceedings for libel against  the printer ol the late poster, and that he has instructed steps
U, be taken for n  criminal information,   The first fur-  To Till
militv will be for Mr. L-ngf-rd to deny upon oath .the
iruth'uf (ivory portion of the alleged libel.    This little
preliminary settled, no difficulty will  be found  to im
peile   his  course.    1  understand that
also taken legal advice on the subject
HAVE removed into my NEW
STORK, which is open for all. I
ivo mc a call.
ope you  will
Mr,  B-tts lias
" LllOKEIl ON."
rrtllE above place of Worship will bo opened for
I Divine Service on Monday, the 8th inst.', when
seriiums will bo preached by the Rev. Matthew Macfie.
Service lo commence in the morning at half-past 11,
and iu the evening at hillf-pasl 6.
| .(Victoria. Jan-ii., 1'*"''",-..... . _h"_.
; M I C AL S,
and   Toilet   Articles,
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tilass, Putty iiiiil
17IELL0W COLONISTS:  Having received an Address.
j     signed by several of the Electors in our District,
Paints,  13rus
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roniptly dispatched.
coal  Oil iinJ   Burnin
tfce. ii'-c. iStc.
uwest  market rates, and
W. THOMSON, Returning Ollicer of the said District, do hereby give public notice that 1 shall
proceed to the election of a person to serve in Parliament for the said District at Bannock Burn Farm, on
Thursday the 12th January next, nt nine o'clock in tlie
Dated al Bannock Burn Farm this .Mb day of January
1800. •'• W. THOMSON.
Ship and Steam Boat Smith, near of Assay OJice,
Yates Street.
IT    OiiKl'R PROPRIETOR, having had lone; oxperi-
\i    eiii'i'. both iu New fork   and San  Francisco, is
coniidenl ho can givocntiro satisfaction in the execution
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lit Luugloy.   Apply to
b  *        '" J F. V. LEE,
Hotel do France.
requesting me again to become a candidate for vour
suffrages, I acceded at once to tlie invitation, and hope
the step will meet with your approval.
Before proceeding to lay before you the course I intend in future to pursue, should yon think lit again to
confer the honor of election upon me, 1 will briefly
give a. chapter ofthe past.
After inquiry has been made by the House of Assembly into the financial condition of the Colony, it was
lenrncd that the only funds under the control of the
Legislature were those raised by taxes instituted by
its authority, and that thc revenues received from lands,
royalties, .vc. wWCiippropriatcd b\ the proprietors ofthe
island to defraying the expense of the civil authority,
surveying, church and school, as well ns the making oi
roads, erection of bridges and buildings—in short, that
the Hudson Bay Co. bore tlio whole expense of the
By referring to the deed of grant of the island to
the II. 1!. Co., il was discovered that Ihe island had ben
given to that body, upon condition lli.it they should
colonize it and bear the civil and military expenses:
and that if at any time the Crown wished to resume
possession of thc island it could do so by repaying to
the company the money theretofore expended, as also
the value of their establishments. Such was the agreement between the two parties.
Knowing then that the II. li. Company were obliged
to bear all expenses, il was determined, supplies being
asked, not to grant any " until the entire revenues of
the Colony were placed at the disposal of the Legislature, and town of Victoria represented ; " by tiii.-: constitutional means it was hoped that tlio control of the
I colonial revenues might be obtained—but that hope
. was not realized.
As. the House uf Assembly had not power over the
colonial funds granted, it was further resolved, that as
they cm Id nut couini.iii'l, ,-o " they would not recommend any appropriation therefrom:,' in order that the
House inie.1.1 i.ot be a party to the contraction of any
debt ; and that if expenses greater than the income
were incurred, to leave the 11. II. Co. to get the same
repaid to tin in by the Home Government, according to
the agreement existing between them and the Crown.
Tho resolutions, together with the reason of their
adoption, were sent to Governor Douglas, nnd by him
transmitted to the authorities nt home, ns well as a subsequent one recommending "that Commissioners lie
sent to examine into the accounts before releasing the
Hudson Bay Company from their responsibities."
Ih-r Majesty's Colonial Minister ennnotthereforohave
been ignorant ofthe determination of the Assembly, and
could, had he chosen, have taken steps to counteract it.
By maintaining this policy to the end of the session,
the House of Assembly never became a party to the contraction of any debt, and therefore tbo people are not
responsible for any. The 11. B. Co. then have no claim
upon this colony ; whatever liabilities may have been
incurred is a matter to be arranged between the If. B.
Co. and the Hume Government, according to the deed
of grant.
The Homo Government, having paid the just claims
ofthe Company, cannot afterwards fairly, either be
might or right, compel the payment by thcColony.furthy
simple reason that it cannot tax Colonies possessing a
Legislature; however, so far as my knowledge of thd
colonial accounts, and the stale of accounts between
the Crown and thc II. B. Co. extends, the latter can
have no great claim against thc former; and the Home
Government, having first examined the account nnd
agreed thereto, must, in eoimnon justice. Bay it, and wo
shall hear no more about it ; but if wc do, the remedy-
will be in our own hands.
I have entered thus fully into this subject, because
statements have been industriously circulated of heavy
tuxes being about to be thrust.upon the Colony to pay
for certain claims of tho Hudson's Bay Company. Those
statements, I have shown, lnue no foundation in fact,
and will turn out to be as untrue ns many others of a
similar nature, designedly got-up for a particular purpose.
For the, measures nnd principles I have advocated, I
must refer to tho records of the day; but to preserve the
Free Port system has been my constant object; this
System, now consontod lo by the imperial authority, has
become nu institution of our Colony, und is the very
foundation of its prosperity.
1 have advocated tho extension of the reciprocity
treaty of the United States to this island, and Governor
Douglas had previously entered into a correspondence
upon this subject, but without Iho desired result.
To foster tho rise and progress of Victoria, appeared
to me ofthe utmost importance, in that tlie existence of
a largo commercial town could be not otherwise than of
the. greatest benefit to tho agriculturists, Unfortunately
the superiority of Esquimalt was overlooked by merchants.
The limited authority of the Assembly prevented
alterations in Ihe Land System, but a petition has been
sent home lo the proper authorities soliciting "that
power be granted to institute a land system commensurate with tho requirements ofthe Colony."
I would now observe that the price of land was fixed
at twenty shillings per acre by the Home Government,
for the purpose of maintaining the civil authority, the
formation of roads, .fee.    The laud fund being tho  chief
revenue, it. follows that whilst on the one hand it  gave
to those having the  control thereof almost  unlimited
power, on Ihe other it deprived lhc Assembly of its legitimate authority and means of effecting many  desirable
improvements nnd reforms.
So much for tho past.
Nevertheless, Vancouver Island prospers.
Iu  order to increase this  prosperity,  inducements
must be held  out to  immigrants ; settlement encouraged ; our natural resources developed; commevco fOS-
1 i
in every  department, and  improvement
but   I c mdidly confess, that under the present Bystem,
and whilst the colonial revenues are withheld from the
jurisdiction ofthe  Legislature, ilu.se reforms will be I
almost beyond its reach.
The obligations of the Iliidson Bay Co. tn this Colony have ceased, but 1 am not aware that this change
will make any difference to the Legislature, as th» liu-
pcrinl Government will now appropriate the land fund
and apply it iu lie lirst place to Ihe payment of the
civil list, and to the support of any institution it may
deem lit.
To extend the power of the Legislature is therefore
essential : but ilii-* can only be obtained by supplying
funds for the maintenance of the civil officers It will
therefore ben must important question for the Assembly in i on siller,— whether the expenses of the civil list
can, -hall or ought to bo guaranteed or not, and a responsible government instituted.
The Governor has already declared lii^ intention of
introducing many reforms in the land system, and
other matters, as well as measures calculated to encourage the improvement of stink, and promote the
prosperity of farmers. Upon the liberality and completeness of tlu-sc measures very much depends the
answer to the former question.
If the Colony, however, is to be Belf-snpporling, the
colonial revenues must in cessarily be under the control of the Legislature.
Ii may be considered that too great stress is laid
n]ion the jurisdiction over tlio revenue from land, kc,
but it must be recollected that Iho expenses of vnrious
departments are paid therefrom, and whilst an independent   fund   exists  for   that   purpose,   any   n ssnry
reforms in those departments cannot be compelled.
Tho strength nl tho Commons exists in granting or
withholding supplies.
Tho present land system is the root of all evil-, not
only is it obstructive to settlement, but it supplies a
fund which renders the Executive independent, and
thrusts the expense of Government, which ought to be
contributed by every one. upon the few; in fact, the
landowners have hitherto paid nearly all the colonial
expenditure. If power be granted to the House uf Assembly to institute anew system, I would advocate that
land be cheaper, speculation discouraged; districts
laid open to settlement, occupation and improvement,
only giving a pre-emption title to a liberal portion at
the lowest rates. In the new system should also be
included provision for leasing tracts of timbered lands
al nominal prices, in order to encourage ihe erection
of saw-mills, kc. ; Ian.Is upon Ihe coast fur fishing
stations, nnd rocks for quarries; reserves fur schools
and hospitals ; the revenue derived from land should
!i" applied to defray the expense of surveying and
the making of roads only. Il will be seen Hint such n
system will destroy the present source of evil and of
revenue andlhollou.sc. of Assembly, i. o. the people, be
placed in a more commanding position.
The question as to how revenue is to be raised, very
much depends upon the amount and for what purposes
required : being ignorant of these, and of the future
intentions of the Imperial Government, as also thc
want of statistics, renders ii fnii an?,.'WrT-Yinpossible. .. I
would however remark, ihat if a good land system bo
instituted, and the Colony bus to bear the expense of
tho civil list, I shall be in favor of a direct system of
taxation ; but if otherwise, I contend it would be bulb
unjust »nd ungenerous to tax agricultural lands and
improvements for the general purposes nf government;
ungenerous, because they have hitherto supplied nearly-
all the expenditure in the Colony; unjust, in that the
money paid and still to be paid (instalments) for them,
is in iicu of taxes. It must also be borne in mind thai
the revenue. derived from licenses is applicable to general government purposes: an extension of this system,
and the compulsory employment of Stamps to render
valid receipts, kc, would afford sufficient supplies to
meet the demand. I need not say how dangerous it
would be to enter upon a general system of taxation,
whilst the Home Government can do what it pleases
with the oilier revenues.
Export duties must not exist.
Under present circumstances, Hospitals fur thc sick
ought to be supported by voluntary contributions.
Victoria can and must in future bear her own expenses.
Thc payment of members fur their services I shall
A dominant church cannot he maintained.
i shall strenuously oppose any attempt of the Home
Government to impose upon us any debts we have not
of our own accord contracted.
The improvement of our roads is absolutely necessary. Although the expense of opening main roads is,
according to agreement, to be paid for out of the hind
fund, the improvement of roads I consider to be incumbent upon the holder of property, who should supply
either money, or what is equivalent, labor, for the purpose, in proportion to the stake he possesses.
The union of districts into counties, and the appointment of unpaid and resident commissioners to assess
ns well n.s direct the most important deviations and
parts to be improved, would aid in obtaining the desired result. Of course, a more rapid and permanent
improvement could be effected by raising a loan or letting the roads out to companies, but to these there ure
many objections. Main trunk roads are required to
the northern and southern settlements, and such roads
must pass through our district. A ferry at the Saanich
arm would not be so advantageous or convenient.
Tho Cold Fields of British Columbia will supply us
wilh immigrants.
Our present educational system is capable of great
improvement ; schools must be either moro numerous
and provision made fur boarders, or the teachers must
visit different places on separate days; I think, however, that schoolmistresses for the education of females
are still more necessary.
The introduction of " drill'' into our boy schools,
would instil into our youth patriotism, bravery, and
a martial character, and prepare them for the formation
of militia corps hereafter. Tho necessity of a militia
must be apparent to all and tho sooner commenced the
Willi a view to elevate tho aborigines, maintain
peace and check their depredations, I would favor tl
introduction of agents into their midst, who at the
same time should be teachers. Such a course would
be beneficial, ami if only one war prevented, economical. The Hume Government, ought however, to protect
us from foreign Indians, and supply funds for the
I go iii for the independence of Vancouver Island,
believing it to be our interest, advantageous lo British
Columbia, and beneficial to our Mother Country.
Nevertheless, I believe it would be of reciprocal advantage for British Columbia to admit our psoduotions free
of duly, and for the vessels of both Colonies io have
iccess to all rivers anil harbors free of expense,
A more extended Executive is now required, but in
so small a settlement us this the machinery of larger
colonies is unnecessary, nmrMioro musl be proportioned
to our means. It will therefore be my object to see
that an economy consistent, with efficiency bo used in
the public expenditure, and that reform shall not menu
the creation of ollices with nice salaries, nor sinecure?
for the incompetent.
Tho prevention of depredations upon stock would, I
believe, bo economically effected by agriculturists uniting for the purpose. Laws aro required for the compulsory branding of entile, relating lo eslrays, wild
cuttle, fencing, pasturage, &c. On these points I shall
be glad of your advice and opinions. Of courso many
other laws are necessary, such as for the naturalization
of aliens, the Registration ot Deeds, Births, Deaths
and Marriages, and regulating Joint Stock Companies,
and several others—too numerous to mention.
1 might extend this address indefinitely, but having
touched upon the principal topics of thc present, there
only remains to be said that it it should please you to
honor me again with your choice, unattached to any
parly, I shall, us heretofore, act honestly and independently, und whilst tho general good of our country
will bu my constant aim, your special interest shall not
bo neglected by
las reforms     4  X ASSORTMENT OF
everywhere ; | j_\_   Toilet, Painters', Stone. Shoe, Sc
rubbing, kc
For Sab- bv
r|"UIE Consignees nf the American Bark "NAIII'M-
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she will commence to discharge cargo at the whnrf nf
Samuel I.'kicb ,fc Co., this morning. All goods when
landed, aro at the risk of the owners. And all goods
remaining on the wharf after Five o'clock, will bestored
at thc expense of the owners. Shippers will please
call at the office uf Sam 1 Price k Co., pay their freight,
and receive the orders for their goods,
Victoria, V. I. Per N. HICKS.
27 Dec. 1859. d28-
for Sale,
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Lard, Candles,
English Biicun and
Fine Family Tea.
Colonial Produce Stove,
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SIR: We, the undersigned, electors and resident'in
Victoria, feeling confidence iu your ability, independence, and integrity,   aro anxious to  secure your
nl u ni fur i his constituency, and have accordingly formed
urselves into a Committee for ihe purposo of attaining
Edw. Stomp,
John Miles,
E 0 Alston.
(1 T Gordon,
Kenneth McKenzie,
John Parker,
Robertson Stewart,
E Unnimond King.
Victoria, 21st Dec, 18."i0
We are, Sir,
Your obedient Servunts,
,1. .1. Southgatc,'
J N Thain,
Rob't Burnaby,-
.1 Gastineau,
A R Green,
A F Main,
E Green,
I am now prepared to supply the numerous calls for
Gents'   Nitrht   Shirts.
Call and examine nt
business flirccforn.
ION    MERCHANTS,   Corner   Wharf   and
Victoria,   V.   I.    Dickson,  De
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COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Albert Wharf, Victoria,
Vancouvor  Island, and Buttery-street, San Francisco, California. slll-tc
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IS PREPARED to furnish designs for all kinds of
public and private buildings.
Superintendence, valuation, and measurement of the
different descriptions  of mechanical work connocted
with building. oc25-tc
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Houses and Land for sale.   Money to loan.
between  Wharf and
overiinient-streets, Importer and Wholesale nnd
Retail dealer in Wines and Liquors. tc
r   D. CA
" • Goveri
Liverpool. Honolulu.
JANION, GREEN k CO. Commission Merchants
foot of Johnson-street, noar the Bridge, Victoria
V.I. Agent for the Liverpool Underwriters'Association. "12-li
1 have much pleasure in accepting the kind assist-
unco you have ottered me, and can only say that, I
will, if returned for your town, do every thing iu my
power tn justify your good opinion. I propose shortly,
iu the most public manner to reiterate, the policy which
1 believe should be followed in this colony, and in the
meantime I will say that we must keep Victoria a t-'ree
Port, never admitting the thin cud of the wedge,
whether it conies in the shape of protective duties iu
favor uf home produce, or under cover of annexation.
Wo must settle up the available hind in the colony,-
ami wo can only effect this result by a judicious preemptive system. Our taxation must be direct ami
equalized; unimproved lands must hear a special burden, and your town must be incorporated. The whole
procedure of the courts of Justice must be set on a
new fooling—cheapness, rapidity, and finality, must he
introduced. A Registration system, obviating the necessity of Deeds, must be carried through. The Indians must betriedby Indian commissioners, unfettered
by the technicalities and refinements which render
their punishment so difficult and expensive. Law and
Equity must nu longer be divided, and lhc time o
Jurors no lunger wasted. Your lluuse of Representatives must take upon themselves the civil expenditure
of tho colony, nnd exert their control over its finance.
Willi regard lo the Hudson's Bay Company. I am not
disposed to join in any crusade against them in their
private capacity, any more than to allow them nn advantage over the colony—as to their alleged claim I do
not believe in its existence, or that it has ever been
ventilated except by the so-called "Reformers," and
when set up, it must be tested in the manner usual in
any private case of contested account. Whenever the
interests of the two colonies threaten to clash, 1 will
resign my official position in the colony, where lean
bo least useful. In conclusion I can only thank you
again, and havo the honor to remain gentlemen,
Your most obedient servant,
Gkorqh 1Ii;nter Cary.
Victoria, Vancouver Island, December 22nd, 1851).
To Messrs. Stamp, Soulhgate, A. R. Green, E. Green,-
Alston, Parker, John Miles, Burnaby, Gordon, Gastineau, Kenneth McKenzie, A. F. Main, James N. Thain,
Robertson Stewart, and E Hammond King.
SAMUEL   PRICE k CO., Merchants, Wharf-strcoc
Victoria, Vancouver Island. o-t-lc
SA. LESTER begs leave to  announce  that   she
will give  instruction on the Piano.    Residence,
Vancouver-street, between Belot and Belcher.
November 1th. 3ra n8
m    CHELAN, cornoi of Yates and Government-streets
m  pin
-!•• Viet
toriu, dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Crockery,
nd Glassware. oci-tc
ANY per;
Office of thc Nkw Westminster Times.
son or persons Printing or Publishing any
por under tho name, stylo, and title, of the
Victoria Gazette, will bo prosecuted for so doing, as that
Title belongs exclusively to the Newspaper published
at this office. E. HAMMOND KING.
Victoria, Dec. 12, 1850.
"TOE Government Gazette will hereafter be published
on every Tuesday,-instead of on cvory Saturday,
s "horetofiu'e.
Dec. n, vsay.
Responding to the support proffered mc by numerous
Electors, I am  induced to offer myself as a Candldato
to represent your interests in the House of Assembly.
Impressed with the importance of the position to
which 1 aspire, and of the more than ordinary duties
that must devolve upon the members of thc next Parliament, I shall if elected, endeavor to perform my full
share of the Public work, pursuing a perfectly independent and liberal course upon all questions, and towards all parties, seeking to effect a unanimity of
action in the adoption of measures of genuine reform,
to advance this colony, and render it what it is destined
to become, the future Great Britain of the Pacific.
Identified as I am with commerce, I earnestly desire
to see this port made a great emporium for British and
European manufactures, whence the markets on this
coast, including nlso those of tho Sandwich Islands,
Northern China, and the Amoor countries may be supplied. Our geographical position, with capital and
Free Trade to back it, I am satislied would establish
that cheapness here which is the attracting and governing power of commerce. In our Forests, Fisheries,-
Coal and other Minerals, we have resources to furnish
largo exports, and to return cargoes ot our own producing, if properly encouraged.
Tlie Reciprocity Treaty existing between Canada nnd
the United States, should bo extended lo this side, be
twoen us and our neighbors.
Wo need an Ocean Mail Service.
This Town must bo incorporated-, with  Gns and
Water privileges reserved for its special benefit.
Our Island should be thoroughly explored, the' Government Lands disposed of liberally to actual settlers,
and the proceeds applied to the making of roads, and
the aiding immigration, with the preference given to
respectable females.
In dealing with our Finances, we must seek to uphold
and establish our colonial credit.. I have heard it
stated that we have the incubus of n debt to begin
with. It is a British maxim that yon cannot dispose of
a man's property without his consent. I am not
aware that the Parliament of this colony has ever voted
supplies for which it had not provided ways and means.
If therefore the Hudson's Bay Company claim any debt
ns now due to them, thoy must seek redress from tho
proper quarter; for my part, I pledge myself most
emphatically to resist upon constitutional grounds, tho
payment of any such claim by tho people of this colony.
I advocate tho collection of Revenue by Direct Taxation, charged upon property, and not upon industry.
Our expenditure must bo regulated by strict economy.
The present Franchise Act I regard as a temporary
measure, wholly insufficient for the requirements'of a
new colony.
In relation to the many other important quostions of
thc day, such ns thc support, of Churches, Schools,
Asylums, and Prisons; tho adoption of a Registration
Act for Lands, kc, kc, I will postpone their discussion
until I shall have the pleasure of personally meeting
you, when I will explain my views on theso and other
objects in detail.
I am, Gonilomon, yours otc.
Victorin, Docombor 17,1859.
:   .
This poor old hai and breeches as you see were
Torn iu a scullic,
1 shall be glad iu drink your honor's health in
A pot of beer, if you will giro mc six pence—
Dul for my part I never loves to meddle
with politics, sir."
His story nobody insisted on: The six pence he
might pick up without asking, but why meddle with
politics? why how] nnd jibber as honest men, who
ride as serenely and securely above his senseless slaver
as the Queen"of Heaven above the hound thai bays
However, it is no use asking these questions: some
mysteries will never be cleared 11)1 in this world, ami
banks of the Fraser, altogether away from the intended [perhaps this is one of them. But the electors of Vic-
jites uf towns, and not mineral hinds, which indeed toria will not have Smith for their representative. V\e
had no peculiar advantages, and the extent asked em- w-nnt nun. uot names, and men witli real workday
braced more bone and sinew then lle.-h, yet tin- land notions, not enamored with mere names, especially
could not be obtained, and although many complained • such gimcrack, un-English, Aldeburontophoscophornio
of lhc impossibility of gelling even n smnll patch 01 hand Buiubastcs Furiosi) names as Smith has selected. II
in the colony, yet it appeared that the following clause | Smith's father had been culled De Cosmos, and he had.
taken   the  first   opportunity   lu get   his   patronyin
(Erom the Victoria Gazelle of January 2.)
To the Editor Victoria Gazette.
Sin :—Referring to my late communication, I will
now proceed to relate what came under my own observation.
Mr. Mncdonnld, C. E.. applied to the Chief Commissioner of Lands, under ihe date of 2.'ird March last, to
purchase on the government term.-, on behalf of 11 few
constituents a thousand acres of land  situated on the
ever, will bring Ihe reflecting portion ofthe community
toaright appreciation of events, and men who have
yielded to the prejudices of certain interested parlies.
nnd who have found it convenient to forgot for a time,
the sacred legation of office.       Yours kc.
Moiie Anon*.
in the proclamation of His Excellency the Governor, ol
date of l-llli February,.gave ample latitude for making
such arrangements as might have given immediate possession in particular localities, and in special circumstances. This proclamation set forth that " the price ul
hind, not being intended fur tlie sites of towns, am! mil
being reputed in lie mineral lauds, shall be leu shillings ; to be hi wn out nf the backwoods and the mines.    Tin.
per acres,  payable one half in cash at  Ihe lime of the realities of a young colony  must be incomprehensible
Maxt of our readers, unlearned in the art of political
cookery, us practised out of her Majesty's Dominions
have applied tu us to describe the nature of a '• caucus"
mixture. Wc. therefore, give the following recipe, extracted from the work of I He celebrated Mrs. Glass :—
First catch vour printer's devil (mem. those from
California to be preferred, on account of their giuney
flavor), whitewash him : then a funny man from Mexico
(these should be ofa bitter smack): an anonymous
bird from Australia (the best iu the market, have an
unquiet roiling eye)j a booby (there are many on the
sen-coast, which can be trapped with the greatest ease
a 11.nm
p radio
ne  i,rsi   oppoi-iuiiiiy   hi gei   ,.„   ,, »■'."_,, .;„, ,„.„ /„//, a„. „„„t palatable: and for gar-
•ed in Smith, there would, perhaps lave been ™°£»"^ ,, stl.ongcrftving for popular ap-
hingtobe Mi.dlur !„.,,. But a man who selects ; *^ ' ; ,.,. „,.. „ettor); mix well together, und
e  tony for the red-ribboned poodle of some lack- p-ause iint muiu ™ <=        1
oil  romantic schoolgirl, is not the ...an  for the pat away in a tork co™. r It ■   a d.i> 01   wo II
,,,1 common sense people of a country which has mixture ferment t. the flavor op tie .1—» •
, ,• ,1... I...', 1. 1.1,,. ,,.!„,.,    The quite corrected by the othor ingredients , th 11 spicnii
sale, and the other half at the end of two years fron
such sale. Provided that under special circum.stniicii-
somc olhcr price, or some oilier tonus of payment may
from lime to time be specially announced for particiiliu
Simultaneous with his application urged upon the
government official.*, thc dostiabili'.y of settling up the
country in the following terms : "I nee.I hardly sny
Unit the rapid settlement ofthe colony is an object to
be fostered, and as il is impossible to keep the survey
in advance of the demand, nt least for the time, 1 trust
that such measures will bo taken us may conduce ns
much as possible to this desideratum, nnc" by which my
constituents mny acquire an early possession ul Hie lands
in a man who evidently believes in tlie stuff which addled the brains of poor Dun Quixote,
Moreover, the electors of Victoria will not have
Smith as their representative, at least not this Smith.
because wo want 11 Briton, a man linn in brains, nnd
in fidelity to the great empire of which he ought to be
I mud to call himself a subject. And this Smiili comes
before us and claims our suffrages as one Amur de
1 ii-iiioi. ns the more creature and nominee of an act ol
.1 foreign legislature. He is nothing, if not that, lb-
is ashamed of Smith of Suva Scotia? lias he procured Smith to be asked to stand? Has one of us
ion canvassed for Smith of Nova Scotia?   The ques-
your mixture over your constituencies, nnd you will
thus obtain a line sticky "Caucus," nnd may season
it to your fancy with either a crn/.y Chiirtisl or an
onion (mem.—gently with tho Chartist us he is prickly,
and witli the onion, ns the effluvium may overpower
yonr ft litis.
The Pioneer and Democrat says:—"The Cabinet determined ibis morning, in extraordinary session to
invade Mexico and seize upon the Northern States.
Six companies of heavy artillery nt Fori Munroe, Old
Point Comfort, are ordered by telegraph, to hold themselves in readiness to leave for Brownsville as soon as
the Quartermaster in New York can obey the orders
which have  been given him  to charter a steamer for
tion is not whether lie ever foreswore his Queen or
they desire, ami not lose tin- advantage oi'another u ar. I swore short lived fidelity to n foreign .-talc between the
Every candid observer is now convinced that not gi\ ing hnnds of some county court, Judge or not: whether be
the bona fide settler n right to hind at 01,ce. is n most did it lawfully or not', whether he did it in 1851 or 1854, their accommodation. Two companies of light artil-
powerful obstacle to the development oi the colony, not being entitled lo do it as ho tells till 1850. Wc lory and threo ol fort artillery from Fort Leavenworth,
and that never can its- progress be sure or rapid, until (! know that it is the godchild ami bantling of a (.'alitor-1 have beeii^ ordered to proceed to ,,|*.j;""fS-'fr*°t^°
private enterprise flouts unobstructed—until tho country i nian congress who is thrusting himself on our repug-
is comparatively self-supporting,   and until thu   farmer
has provisions brought to Hie miner's dour"
To this coiiiuiiiniciitioii tho Chief Commissioner replied, that the parties wanting the bind must pny for
the survey, and that   one tin 11-and acres was t o small
nance—ami we won't, have him although he now
induces two gentlemen, who lie tells us were members
of the California bar. to state that they are not aware
of anything to prevent a foreigner from changing his
name iu that eounlrv,    Therefore, says Smith, I  was a
a quantity for him to do anything special in the matter, i foreigner when I changed my name. Did anybody ever
After having conferred with put-ties, Mr. Mncdonnld hear such stuff? Is this all the proof be can adduce
wrote again to the Chief Commissioner on thc Sth of for his.immaculate unswerving nationality with all bis
April: "My constituents are willing to be at the ex- anxiety ? What is it after all? What are Californian
pence of thc survey, rather than wail until thc govern- barristers that their opinions should weigh with us'.'
ment survey advances to Ihe place. They have request- We all know thai in California there are ns great fnci lied mc however, to ask lor leave of absence, (being in the ties for an ignoramus getting called to the bar ns for
employment of government, laying out the site of the ' getting called Amor de Cosmos. A man can be called
town of New Westminster) to enable mc to look over to the bar in California without examination or profile; kinds, after which they will be in a condition to vious study of any kind, any more than in England,
state the number of thousand acr.*s Ike): utoiM be nil-' Some mny be good lawyers many are not, some :,. m—
ling to purchase. The information I would acquire 1 opinions arc valuable, somo valueless. .Now us tothe
would be of value tothe government in any issue of brace of Solons whose views Smith has so carefully
the case." Two days would have sufficed for examining elicited, their answers amounts to no more than this—
and reporting  upon   those hinds,   but  permission was  that they have no knowledge on  Hie subject—and  r
steamer  at   that  point.    Tho companies of Captain
llaskins, Howe,  Gibson, Vodgcs,  Carlisle ami   Ord go
from Fort Munroe.
Tlio Cabinet was unanimous 011 tlie question.
Rumor had it, that the reason why leave had not been
granted, was that Colonel Moody fancied that the soil
contained sonic valuable mineral, m lie believed did 11!-
most the whole of British Columbia. Be that as it may.
I know not, but this I do know, that had not every difficulty been cast in the way. thosc-men would have purchased tinec thousand uerio paid down twenty shillings
per acre, being double tho government price, and have
had not only every inch of it surveyed free of cost to the
crown, but have its surface well slocked with cattle,
and many acres in a condition to receive seeds for the
incoming year. Whereas, at the moment I write, ihey
would not. give ten shillings 1111 acre for it, in consequence of thc depopulation of the country; knowing
ns they do, that of all causes instrumental in the rctarda
tion of .agriculture th 0 decrease of population is chief.
As inhabitants multiply, their demands fur the produce
of the earth'will increase, and.a corresponding tillage
will follow; therefore, without the population wo then
hud, the lands aro not now worth the same amount
A well known hind agent had instructions during the
early part nf this year, to piiri'hase upwards of twenty-
five thousand acres ; and in iv iy case lie was compelled to state that the lands could not be had at any price
until lirst surveyed and put up to auction. By far tlie
greatest numbers ofthe applicants for this extent, wore
able, active, intelligent men, who have since gone over
to the Slates of America, to Australia, and tu Canada,
whore ihey will lind land extended to them with a liberal hand. All that the govornmont can now do, will
never bring back those favorable opportunities for settling up the country.
The past, however, must bo tlie past. It will be quite
miracle enough if justice and common sense take the
lead for lhc future. So Into as thc 201I1 of last October,
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works writes in
reply to a question as to certain lauds: ''Having referred your application to His Excellency Hie governor,
I am requested by him to acquaint you that you
may either purchase or pre-empt lands,' according to
the terms of a proclamation about to be issued," Two
months have since passed away, tho aulhoratative public announcement lias nol yet appeared ! Byron has
snid, " imbecility may bo pitied or forgolton, but perverted powers demand tlie most decided reprehension."
Yours &c,
Moiib A.NOX.
we are not aware that any body ever accused or suspected them in particular of having any knowledge on
any subject, the result is what might have been expected. Thoy were just the men for Smith to go to.
And their opinions are worth just what we will be
bound to say Smith gave for them.
Biiowx, Jones and Robinson,
indignant at the desertion of Smith.
(From the Victoria Gdzitle of Januarg 1.)
To thc Editor of the Victoria Gazelle.
Sin,—In an nrticle in Inst issue of tho New Westminster Tiiius, I observe you make use of my name as
one uf a "Caucus" who have from their secret conclave attempted to cram their nominees down the
throats of yourself and friends,
I mil:!, however, for myself disclaim any connexion
with or knowledge of your imaginary institution, and
doubly so an Attempt of such a cannibal like proceeding.
Permit me to state thus publicly for yonr information,
that my antecedents to which you allude, embracing
many yenrs consistency of principle and honesty of intention, have been at all times advocated for the welfare of this colony, both here and in the Mother
Country, are well known and too favorably appreciated
for any prejudiced remark you may make, to injure or
in any way sully my reputation, and I feurlessly challenge you. or any one to call from my antecedents one
dishonorable action ; nevertheless I am aware that
a certain Wandering Jew, in his anxiety to introduce a
notable lion to the favor of many persons well known
to myself, has not been as particular in relation thereto
us tt gentleman ought to be, which I presume is considered by himself and party, fair in war or politics.
1 am, Sir, your obd't serv't,
James Cooper.
Esquimalt, Jan. 2nd, 18G0.
[Wo can assure our correspondent that ho has been
much traduced, if lie have no connection with the existing ciiiicu^, as one of that notable body was the originator ofthe report.—eo.]
"The Semite nnd people of tho State of California, in
11 Congress, do enact ns follows :—The person hcroto-
"fnro known as William 'Alexander Smith, shall
" henceforth bo culled and known as Amoii de Cos-
" mils." Laws of the Slate of California, A. I). 180-1,
chap. (10.—
When an aspirant for Thespian honors recited before
David Garrick, as a sample of his style, the young
hero's speech in " Douglas," (unfortunately omitting
the comma) " My name is Korvnl on the Grampian
Hills"—tho manager brought him to a sudden nonplus
by the question, '-Then what the devil is it at Drury
Lane?" But the power of clfroutery is in this generation greater than in the days of our grandfathers; and
n man whoso name is Smith on .Nova Scotian Hills, il
asked ever so suddenly " But what do you call yourself
nt San Francisco?" would answer as pat us 11 lib,
"Amor de Cosmos." "What's iuannnac? "A rose
by any other iniino would smell as sweet," says Shnk-
spenro, and so "thought William Alexander Smith,''
will I, and sweeter too : The " glorious emanations of
"my fancy shall bo recorded as the glowing words of
"de Cosmos; and my Christian name shall be Amor.
" Three languages shall pay tribute to my liomoncla-
" ture." My antagonists will fancy me, liko Cerberus.
three gentlemen at once, unif fair virgins of distant
hinds will picture me a hero of romance. These were
Smith's dny dreams, when he determined to sell out of
the boot and shoe lino in 11 small way, two lots from
the corner of Dupont street, San Francisco city, in
1854, and turn his attention to general matters,
Alas,  poor Smith I   nothing could ram  him  down
people's throats, if they did not quute his favorite Shak-
"You cram these words into mine ear, against
Thc stomach of my sense—"
They acted on the same feeling, and Smith resolved to
carry his high sounding nnmo and pretensions elsewhere, to some younger place, where ho hoped to find
men moro ignorant of tho world; where perhaps, notwithstanding his very suspicious ring he might pass for
a lawful coin.
Hither  accordingly  ho  came:   But why,  when   so
ready to act on the  former part of tho  knife grinder's
example, why did ho forgot the last part?
"Story? Lord bless you, I have none to toll sir,
Only lust nighl, a-drinking at the Chequers
MR. E. MAI.I.ANDAINE. Architect, of over three
years' experience in tuition, son of the lute Col.
John Miillnndaine, II. E. 1. C.S., takes the opportunity of
informing Parents and Guardians, and the general residents of Victoria, llrilisli Columbia, and California, thai
he has purchased the above School of Mr. J. Silversmith.
Iu assuming ihe sole direction, and while calling atten-
totrte Hi'' gnat advantage of his'central situation,..Mr.
E. M. would slate that it is his intention to receive, as
usual, children of both sexes—and instruct in all the
elementary branches of an English education : the girls.
in addition, being taught Plain Needle-Work, by a competent teacher, whose attendance E. SI. has secured.
.More advanced pupils will be instructed fn regular
courses in Penmanship, Declamation, Arithmetic,
French, English and French Composition and Grammar, English and American History, Geography,
and finally, in the Elements of Euclid, .Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and Astronomy.
Private lessons in any of the above ; also in Drawing, Mensuration, Elementary Algebra, and the principles of Architecture and Design.
Fur terms nnd furl her particulars see Prospectus,
which may be had on application to
N. B.—Evening School also from 4 tili T p. it., and HI
till 10, for the convenience of adults, or children engaged during the day.
MM. los Frnncnis sont invites a fairc un cours d'Ang-
lais le soir ou a envoyer a l'ocole lours enfnnts, a que
Ion iipprendru en outre, la Grammaire et l'Histoire
Frnnnaiscs. j-l-lm
GENTLEMEN:—A Land Owner in three Districts of
this Island, my interests in the Colony can scarcely be doubted ; and lately n Slember of the Legislative
Assembly of a prosperous Colony ; if honored with
yonr confidence at the ensuing Election, I trust, by a
course of independent action, founded upon my Colonial experience, to be useful in advancing the immediate business of the House, namely, the practical questions of Revenue, Roads, and a reform ofthe Land System, and thus to prove myself, not by words alone,
Yonr faithful servant,
Windsor Lodge, Victoria,
Jan. 2, 181J0. jl
To the. Editor of the Victoria Gazette.
Sir :—Nothing has been done to promote the development of the gold diggings. Tho sumo short-sighted
policy phrsued in the Lands nnd Works department,
seems to have prevailed in that quarter also, nnd the
result has been aggravated by illiberal mining regulation,s to drive large numbers of miners from tho country.
Had roads, or even tolerable trails, been constructed,
different indeed would be the aspect of affairs at the
pirn nl moment. The money which should have gone
lu accomplish such works of utility hud been wasted iu
formings useless, expensive fancy walks through picturesque ravines, about the uninhabited City of Now Westminster, and other useless works. No reasonable excuse
can be advanced for not having long since developed,
ai least partially, our mineral resources by tho construction of roads, trails, and other channels of intor-com-
inunicnlion. The moans of internal access are at the
present moment miserably defective, unsurveyod, and
unexplored. Tho Sappers und Minors hiive constructed about five miles of road in twelvemonths! And
at what cost! Quadruple what civilians would have
done it it for ! Can any expenditure bo more reckless ?
The Government experienced some crnbarrasment from
the want of funds, but it is equally true that the monies
she bud were lavishly wasted, and used to cover some
shameful blunders, miserable incapacity, and venal patronage. These are wrongs which have set in nn atmosphere of gloom, and dissatisfaction, and have nil but
blighted our commerce and our prosperity. Have wo
not suffered much, and been impoverished by tho treacherous conduct of our rulers in regard to New Westminster? Inducements were hold out to the purchasers of
lots, that the streets would beat onccgraded,and other
important improvements carried on. Under these conditions tho sale look place ; but on receipt of our money,
tho contract was repudiated—the works wore stopped;
and to crown the faithlessness, a proclamation came
forth offering to one and all, lots on another part ofthe
rivor at ten shillings ground rent por month, rendering
our property at once comparatively worthless. This con-
duel of Ihe Government, has roused tho peoplo and swelled them with so great disgust, that many have .sold
their bits at less than half what thoy paid for them, and
curse the day that they hud boon duped.
The policy pursued in the conduct ofthe management oftho colony has been judged as impartial history-
will judge it. To the honor of the people be it said.
that they could not have brought mure marked endurance under thc groat difficulties and abuses. The continual planning of cities, without a population, instead
of developing the country, will bo lasting monuments of
imprudence and misjiidgincnt,    Public good sense, how-
I ALEXANDER Ml'NRO, Returning Ollicer of the
said Town, do hereby give public notice, that I
.shall proceed to the Election of a Member to serve in
Parliament for the said Town?at Esquimalt Town aforesaid, on Saturday next, thc 7th day of January current,
at nine o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated tho 3d day of
January, 18G0.
I ALEXANDER MUNRO, Returning Ollicer of the
said District, do hereby give Public notice, that I
.shall proceed lo the Election of Two .Members to servo
in Parliament for the said District, on Tuesday next, the
Huh day of January current, ut nine o'clock in tho fore-
Dated tho 3d day of
January, 1800.
L. S.:
At the Couut at Balmoral,
the 23rd day of September, 1850.
Present :
The Queen's Most Excel lent Majesty,
His Royal Highness the Prince Consort,
Duke of Richmond,
„        Earl of Elgin,
Lord John Russell.
TTTHEREAS, the Governor of nor Majesty's Islam
T T    of Vancouver, with the Council nnd Assombh
oftho said Island, did in tho month of April, 1850, pass
nn Act which bus been transmitted, entitled ns follows:
No. 1. An Act to provide for the passage of nn Act
for thc Preservation of Giutie.
And whoroas tho said Act has been laid before Her
Majesty in Council, together with a letter to the Lord
President ofthe Council, from the Must Noble the Duke
of Newcastle, ono of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries
of State, recommending that tho said Act should be
left to its operation. Her Majesty wns thereupon this
day pleased by nnd with the advice of Her Privy Council, to approve the snid recommendation, whereof the
Governor, Lieutennnt-Govcrnor, or Commander-in-
Chief, for the time being, of Her Majesty's Island of
Vancouver, and all other persons whom it may concern)
arc to take notice und govern themselves accordingly.
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Victoria V. I., 18th November, 1850.
The following opinion of the Attorney General with
reference to the transfer of real estate is herewith  pub-
ished for general information.
.,_ By command,
William A. G. Young,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
NUMEROUS applications for Title Deeds to thc town
lots in British Columbia have been mado which
cannot, unfortunately, be granted; the English law,
which has ruled in British Columbia since tho formation
of tho colony, required that every valid transfer of an
estate in land must be made by a writing, sealed and
delivered by tho party transferring, and that the word
•• heirs " should bo coupled with the name of the person
to whom the transfer is made, if any greater estate
than ail estate for life is intended to pass. The
right tn complete a purchase of a town lot commenced
by sumo other person, and the right to the land iu full
by tlie person transferring, are both interests in land
requiring the above formalities for their valid transfer,
and in both cases the word '•' heirs," should have been
used. Hence 1 am unable to issue rown Grants to
sub-purchasers who are unable to produco a Deed,
signed ami sealed by the original purchaser from the
A measure to remedy past evils shall he immediately
(Signed) George Hunter Cary.
1*jlOR the greater convenience of the public, the
' Young Mens' Christian Association have removed their Rending Room to the front room on the
ground floor ofthe house of Dr. Dickson, opposite the
Bastion, Government street.
Tho public are invited to become subscribers to this
room, on the table of which will be found the Tunes.
Illustrated News, Saturday Review, Athenaeum, Record.
Watchman, Patriot, Scotsman. Melbourne Argus, New
Vork Herald, Weekly Bulletin. Montreal Witness, Victoria
■Qazeltey-liritish Cokmht;- New--Wcstmimkr- Times-, and
other newspapers.
The room is comfortably furnished and will be found
11 pleasant resort in which to spend a leisure hour.
Open from "j to 10 o'clock, every evening, Sundays excepted. Subscription six shillings, or one dollar and a
half per quarter.
The Secretary will be in attendance every .Monday
and Thursday evening, from 0 to 7 o'clock, to receive
subscribers mimes.
N. II. Donations of Newspapers, Magazines, or Books
thankfully received.
iU-Iiu ' JOHN COOPER, Sec.
ri"VIE Lower portion of thc Brick Building occupied
|_     by the New   Westminster  Times Ollice, in  rear ot
Stiitionor's Hall.   Apply' to
118-to Messrs. HIBBEN k CARSWELL.
Bill Heads,
Legal Blanks,
Blank Notes,
Way Bills,
Show Bills,
Etc., Etc.,
Executed in the neatest manner, nnd with the
greatest despatch, at the Office of tho " Nkw We st
minster Timer."
AN 8-Horse  Power  High   Pressure   Engine
Boiler and Connections, complete, '      '
For sale by
FOR SALE, ex "NAHUMKEAG," ~     -
Just arrived.
10 hhds Jeffry's Celebrated Edinburgh Ale
20 casks Byass's Ale, in Pints.
Victoria, V. 1
Friday 25, Nov. lsjg
AT a Sleeting of the  committee held this ,*„,.
was resolved as follows : '< ]
1st.   The first Winter-concert for this -Season shall
be given in.ibe week preceding Christmas Day.   j.-a!
Slember, in addition to a personal admittance win' 1
entitled to a ticket admitting two friends.
2d.    A  genera',  mooting of the  whole SocietvT
musical practice, will bo hold in the ensuing week
a place and time to bo announced in subsequent uih-p
3d. All Slembers nre particularly requested tonttcI
such meetings, and to invito such of their friend/
may wish to become members of tho .Society. ti„, ,
tendance uf all persons proposing to hike a part [n a,
performances is especially desirable.!
m'r'-tc Hon. See.
CJTEAM  between   NEW   YORK   and  BHEMI'V ,1
O   SOUTHAMPTON. '     ' "
The screw steamers of the North German Lloyd*
BREMEN Capt. II. Wendi '
WGSER     ••    J, II. Gutjen.
Run regularly between New York. Bremen and South
nrapton, carry ing the u, s. Mail.
_.JLiKJn£±»^!igers to,. BreineivJIavi-e, London and
Southampton at the following rates:
First Cabin, $100; second Cabin, $00; steerage $35
These vessels  take  Freight to London and Hall for
which through bills of biding are signed.
An experienced surgeon is attached to each vessel
All biters must pass through the Post Ollice.
No Bills of Lading but those of tho Company will be
B!.-j'y"S|ioeie taken to Havre, Southampton and Bremen
at the lowest rales.
Fur Freight or Passage, apply to
,lr,-tc No. 8 1 Broadway,
rjARPEXTER,  Contractor,  and , Jlnilder, .corner.0
V>  lilanchard and  Kane-streets,   ir tho church, ii
prepared to contract for or superintend ihe erection of
Brick Buildings, Frame Cottages, Wood and Brick Fire.
Proof Stores and Dwellings, &c,iall in the best style of
architecture and in tho cheapest/and best workmanlike
A lung experience in Europe and the United States,
and a perfect knowledge of his profession, nro a gnaN
anlee that any work entrusted to him shall be satisfactorily executed.
Plans, drawings, and specifications, made in every
style at the shortest notice. ot| [_;;m '
ICKSON.    AS1PBELL k Co., corner   Wharf an
Johnson streets—
Blankets, scarlet and blue;
Clothing, an assortment;
Bouts and Siloes :
Cordage and Twine.* nl-nil
10,000 UK"
Yates Street,
i   LARGE  Assortment   of WINDOW  GLAS , 11111I
-T-   Artist's Tools and Colors.   Oil, Turpentine, Varnish Putty, Graining Tools, kc., kc.
Also a largo   assortment of WALL  PAPER, Bo:.
ers 1 Mixed Paints, l. N. JEFFERIES,
s!0-3m Vales street.
|^    Bankers. San Francisco, AT PAR.
Furnish  Bills of Exchange  in  sums to suit, nnd nl
current rales on New York and London.
Pay higlie ' prices for gold dust.
Slake advances on gold dust for assay or coinngo in
San Francisco.
Purchase Navy Bills nnd Bills on London.
Xiingloy Hotel.
WWIN.NARD, Proprietor, Fort Langley, Briti
,   olumbin.
The Proprietor of tho Langley Hotel, having re-htiill
and enlarged his establishment, and furnished it suns
to afford First hiss Accommodation to the travelling
public, respectfully solicits n continuance oftho liberal
patronage hitherto bestowed on him. His table is always supplied with everything tho market affords, and
served in the best style. Single rooms can always lie
had. The sleeping apartments are furnished with
good bods. The best liquors will always bo found nt
tho Bur. Travellers passing up or down tho rivor, innv
always depend on finding the best accommodation at
Ihe Langley Hotel.
BfifStorage for morchandiso on reasonable terms.
Fort Lungley, il. ., (let. 20, 1850. no-ltc
IIEO. T. SKY.M01.-R, *1 I 0TIH S- p,Bn0B)
Victoria.    / \   San Franclsi
Pierce & Seymour,
North-west corner of Yates and Douglas streets Victoria
ARE in regular receipt of assorted Furniture of substantial quality, which they oiler at reasonable
«vjUcs, in part consisting of.
BEDSTEADS, all sizes; Bureaus, plain and scroll
front; Tables, assorted sizes; h airs, cane nnd wood
scat, and ollice chairs; Rockers, cane sent nnd back;
Looking Classes; Cots, and other articles of immediate necessity.
Mr. PIERCE—recently of J. k 0. S. Pierce, of Snn
Francisco—now residing there, will give his attention
to the Idling ol special orders for any stylo of Furniture,
thereby saving time, trouble, and expense, to parties
Of this particular material for Bedding, we have an
ample stock in hand, which we offer cither by thc bale
or iu Bedding, at steady prices. It is universally conceded to be equal to feathers, and hotter than curled
hair for this climate, at half tho price of either. Our
arrangements with the sole importer of it for California,
nre such that wc nro enabled to sell Lower thnn it can
be had elsewhere. Straw Mattrassos, wholesnio and
stall. n8.3m
Printed, for tho Proprietors, every Saturday, by
Leonard MoOi.uas, nt the Ollice oftho "New Westminster Times," Lnngley-streot, oil' Yates-streot, Victoria, in the Colonv of Vancouver Island.


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