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No. 25.J
[YlAKLT (IS   AhTANfL- ) fl GS.
[Prig Is.
[From the Victoria Gazette.
The theory of unjust abus
lse alniii',
Streets—and the erecting of public- buildings; I    Resolved, That it is totally irreconcilable with sound! been taken out, together with some twenty-five persons
,        r.   , ., t        mi i«i /.'laws and common  justice,Bat any man  should have
such as lighthouses &c.   Thc expenditure of| the power t0 levv t.*,xcs wl'tbout thc concurrence of the
bending the ignoring oi principles   Uie falsi- j Uiis sum in the colony at  the present crisisj majority of thc taxed or of their representatives
fying of statements, and tho suppressing
documents, was at one period known only to
the political writer j but it has found its practical application through every phase of opposition, from politics down  to  the  common
business of every day'life—perfectly  ttrnier-
stnoil  by the most bumble individual, and]
commands attention merely in the same ratio |*oro l,rol
as works of fictnn, according to the original
iiy and pathos of thc views which may be ex
pressed connected therewith.    I'njust   abust
may be, therefore, considered  a very iinpru
dent mode of obtaining a  substantial  result
as it always diverts th'e reader from a judi-|ul
<'inus view ofthe subject, and prevents right
and wrung being placed in their proper positions, which constitutes,  however,  a providential stumbling-block tothe must talented
cfliirts of abuse, as  no  organized  effect can
thus take place.   Let unjust abuse, therefore,
I'i:  banished  from all  argument  connected
with public meaures, and our young colonies will prosper more rapidly.   To present a
i   • • -i- ,,    I     rOnr CtniDOsitors had set un the two preceding reso
eyond improvimr our   position   generally •   •        ,',,,, •    ,    <  ,„,„„.  „„„,„ •„,„ ,„r
• i o _  i o        "'v iiutions, when Mr. Mmr. the! Secretary,  came into our
would lie the moans of giving employment to j office, and requested that ill* original   copy should be
numerous mechanics and  laborers—an  impe hftnde,| back to him, as Ml Copland, tie Chairman,
1     . wanted to make some slight  alterations,   promising  to
tus to trade, and be an   inducement to  imtni- return them immediately.   I'p to the time ot going to
grationan.l   S'-ttleinent,   which  would  omi. !iire,.s. they have not innde tBeir appearance—comment
, .      . - .     I on our part is unnecessary, a
nently tend to increase our present prosperity      Several   calls being mndj for some British  Colum-
and permanent stability.    We would  there- bians who were present, totcome forward and .-peak
, ,     .'. , on the subject before the meeting,
that the Governor be empower- j    yr Wrieht rose and said that he felt rather reluctant
but as they
etl by the Legis
mediately effectin
which could lie obtained in the English market for five per cent per annum, or six at the
very outside. The interest should be paya-
e annually, tho principal redeemable at the
expiration of 21 years, for which bonds under the public seal of the colony should be
given, and an imperial guarantee could doubtless be obtained. Having made this suggestion, we will reserve further remarks until a
future issue, when the possession of financial
statistics will enable us to show beyond the
possibility ofa doubt, that our scheme is not
only-jiL'rJiflBly practicable and highlyadvanta
mortally wounded, besides sonic fifty in different stages
of mutilation. Mr. Chase, the. agent of the mill, and
Mr. Howe, thc treasurer, escaped by running from the
falling building. It is impossible, as yet, to tell the
cause of the disaster.
Our reporter has just come from the ruins, and tbe
scenes there beggar all description. .Some two or more
acres of ground arc piled up with every description ot
machinery of the fallen buildings. Huge bonfires are
burning, to light some iwo or three thousand persons
who nre at work as if for thoir lives, to rescue the unfortunate persons, many of whom are still crying and
begging to be relieved from their tortures. Every few
minutes some poor wretch is drugged from his prison,
and it is heart-rending to hear their cries, as 'bey are
drawn out with legs and arms crushed and torn.    One
J   travelling
^^^^^^ Mr. Wright rose and said that he f
iture to tak/s measures for im-1 to come before them, being n American,  ._. 	
.ii . , , wished to have the views ofthe people of British Col'- man, shockingly mangled, cut  his  own  throat to end
uie ano\ c mi nuoneu loan, I „„,-,:,, lie col]1(i .o]1 thcm lWu thev wcre  01|c  mi(1 aI1_ his agony.    The whole city seems to be in mourning.
from New Westminster to Alexander, opposed to the tax  Many are running through the streets, and others with
—that thev considered it obiioxious and unjust in the frantic cries, are searching the ruins.
extreme.   That he for one, never heard of such an ar-      Temporary hospitals have been arranged for those
bitrurv  measure,   and  he  Juld  scarcclv  credit  that rescued.    Many stand by the wreck overcome with de-
Englisbmi-i* would put up with such a despotic, form oft spair.    Another terrible crash has occurred, caused by
iu   British  Columbia.    He had
men boasting of their freedom,
► I
prompt, candid view ot any subject
noun reasonable principles, according to
circumstances of the ease, is, doubtless, tl.e
proper course to solicit a public movement,
which in thc present instance we adopt with
reference to our immediate necessities connected with the introduction of progressive
measures to facilitate transit
of liritish Columbia-
It is suggested, therefore,
nriruinont, that a Petitioube
basecl geous, but can be most easily carriea out if
t]ie we arc properly supported in our endevors to
o so.
without further
put in progress
throughout flic milling settlements of British
Columbia, with .New Westminster aud Victoria, praying t In- Homo Government to grant
;.t specific and permanent men
ist-ruction of roads,  to
ure for the con-
facilitate transit   into I
the  Duke
On Saturday night, a meeting was held at thc Assembly room, Broad Street, ostensibly for the purpose
of obtaining the expression of the opinion ofthe iuliab-
ilito the intei'ior itants of Victoria on the tax nbout lo be levied on pack
anii,nils, leaving the towns of Douglas and Yale, for
the interior of Brilish Columbia; and to take action
thereon, (living, no doubt, to the disreputable and
ridiculous manner taken in the early part of the day to |
call public attention to the meeting, very few of the
respectable inhabitants attended. This is much to be
regretted, it^s. lit believe, had this class of our citizens
countenanced the meeting, something really tangible
and beneficial would have been the result. The tax
being so obnoxious and unpopular, we ure convinced
it only required un ("tiniest and respectful action on the
pun ofthe Inhabitants to have the impost either repealed, or greatly modified. As it was, public opinion was
represented by the same clique of political agitators
Excollcn-1 ,uid stump orators [now grown almost frantic since their
late defeat) that have hitherto infested every meeting of
any importance that lias been held in Victoria, to the
detriment ofthe public good, and who have undoubtedly
contributed morn towards checking immigration to
these Colonies, than all other circumstances combined.
Alter several gentlemen bad been called to the chair,
and each declining, Mr. Copland was ut length obtained,
and Mr. Muir acted us Secretary.
The Chairman, at som-i length, attempted to explain
the object for which the meeting had been called, stating
that a scries of propositions hud been prepared and
placed on the table, with a view to having them examined and reported ou by a committee appointed by the
meeting. A proposition was then made and seconded,
that it, committee be appointed to curry out this object
ivhich was curried; but as a number of gentlemen who
wcre proposed as u committee, for some peculiar reasons
of their own, declined to act, the business of Ihe meeting was brought at once ton complete deadlock; and
a considerable length of time was expended in useless
efforts (to the disgust of numbers who in consequence
left the room) to bring the meeting to some kind of
concerted action on the matter to be discussed.
Mr. Hicks al length rose and commented severely on
the  apathy of those present.    He,  however,  did  not
l«iok  upon tho Mule  Tax iu the  same  light as a great
number of peoplo  seemed to  view it.    Kvery one was
ion ofa Board oi Trustees, with am-1 convinced that the tux was wrong, iuasmuch as it pres-
tbe interior of British Columbia,
tion to be transmitted through his
cy Governor Douglas to his Grace
<if Newcastle,  Colonial Secretary,
Street, praying at tlie same time, thothisExcellency  Governor  Douglas will   reconsider
the  subject connected  with the  five dollar
mule tax, towards an equitable adjustment of
that measure, which, according to proclama-
leiit.'d  for tho construction ol
tho present emergency, occa-
basis of such
stated   thus-.   The
lion, is to he
roads during
.Muiied by extreme public financial difficulty;
the Home Gorerument bavin.',- declined to
malic direct advances for colonial improvements. Tlie description of measure which
iln- Homo Government is most likely to
grant, is one to which a precedent is attached.
I.ct it be further suggested, therefore, that
the petition .should specify the
it measure, which may be
pie authority to raise money in  England for
the construction of roads in liritish Columbia,
I at the average rate of interest—levying tolls
merely for the payment of interest, repairs,
and incidental expenses, with a sinking fund
to pay off the money borrowed in the cotir.se
I'a lew years. By adopting this scheme, a
source of profitable investment would be
created, connected with colonial improvement, which would command the capital required lo construct the roads in a rapid and
substantial manner.
'Should thc above course be approved of by
tlie public, towards immediate und prospective welfare, let action be at once commenced,
as time, at present, connected with the construction of roads is too valuable to be lost
with unproductive argument.    Tho people[
[must, therefore, be up and doing.
sed upon one portion of the population of liritish
Columbia more than another, and the class who were
thus injuriously effected were the only producers in
the country; but liritish Columbia must be taxed, and
Gov. Douglas hud the right to levy what imposts he
liked, from authority received from the Home Government. What he objected lo as he had already said, was
the nature of the tax. lie would suggest that, as the
whole population would benefit by the construction of
roads to the interior, taxation for that purpose should
be generally borne by the inhabitants, and New Westminster he considered tho proper place to collect it.
After a few sensible remarks, the speaker wished some
one, who understood British Columbian matters better
than he, would come forward and speak ou the subject,
hoping, however, that nothing of a disrespectful nature
might be said, believing that such a course would be
much more effectual in the end. He moved that llie
resolutions be rend to the meeting for discussion.
The motion being seconded and carried, the secretary
rend the following resolution:—
Resolved, That tlie minors of liritish Columbia are
the bone and  sinew of the  colony,  that they are the
only producers, and the principal consumers, who pay
almost, nil the taxes, and nre theicfore entitled to every
Y'hich was carried.
The second resolution was then read.
Resolved, That liritish Columbia has been and still is
[Upon the subject of a loan for the purpose of j most incompetently and arbitrarily governed; Unit the
'numerous burdens and restrictions heaped on miners
and the refusal to allow the public lands to be settled
on, are ample proof's of this tact, and contrary to the
express instructions from the Home Government, "That
a council of intelligent miners should be from time to
time assembled and consulted with."
Mr. Hiii-net objected to that portion of thc resolution
having reference to the " refusal to allow the public
binds lo be settled on," which he stated to be an untruth, as a proclamation had been issued a short time
since allowing the inhabitants to pre-empt the land.
A gentleman made some remarks about a tract of
bind opposite Fort Hope being sold by auction nt $25
an acre, only three months ago.
Mr. Burnet—That was some time before the proclamation, to which I have reference, was made.
The gentleman did  not care for that; he considered
that charging the px-oplo a dollar nn  acre more for I
land than they could  get it  iu the adjoining territory j
was tantamount to a refusal to allow the peoplo to settle on Ihe lands.
Mr. Burnet—I consider it*is worth a dollar an acre
inure lo have the benefit of living under the Brilish
flag,  (('beers and laughter.)
The amendment nml original resolution being put
to the meeting, the latter was carried.
The following resolution was then read a**,d passed
nan. ton.
carrying out improvements deemed absolutely indispensable, and to relieve us from our
present financial difficulties, all classes in
theso colonies appear to be unanimous ; tho
only question, therefore, which remains to bo
discussed, is thc best method of raising if, and
providing for tho payment of interest and
'thscquont liquidation.    Tho  House of As-
Isembly meets to-morrow, and we aro desirous
of directing tho attention of the Members to
lie paramountimportance of tho " Loan Question." Money is well known to be ten-fold
moro valuable in the infancy ofa colony than
at any bi,ter period of its growth. One hun-
-It-ed thousand pounds sterling, or five hundred thousand dollars, would, we think, he a
very fair sum to com menco with, and judiciously expended, would enable much to be
'lone towards the construction of roads and
Government as exists
always heard of Englisl ^^^
but be must confess his viei^s were not flattering, if
British Columbia was a specimen of it. Tbe speaker
went on to say that he was tlie more surprised at the
arbitrary nature of the govertiment, coming as he did,
from a country where every mini had a voice iu tbe
construction of thc laws, when he was interrupted by
cries of "Xo I Xo I! no such thing.'' He thought that
there was no necessity for sueh a tax as the one under
discussion—that a loan might be obtained if properly
gone about, and that England, with her vast resources,
would never feel the want of sosmall a pittance as would
sullice for British Columbia. He concluded by calling
upon the Englishmen to come forward and strive to obtain tbe removal of a Governor who bad proved him-
I self so incompetent, and not leave foreigners to suffer
1 under, anil battle against thc difficulties that beset everyone in British Columbia.
Mr. Davis rose to put the la«t speaker right with regard to Englishmen, and English institutions. If the
gentlennin had only given English hisorya slight perusal, he would have found that no other nation had ever
expended such an amount of blood in tlie cause of freedom—that they did not shrink nt decapitating even a
King, when it was found necessary; and the English
people here, hud. perhaps, as nice a perception of liberty,
and as strong a disposition to preserve it, nsthc gentleman who just sat down—nnd that consequently his
over-anxlousncss on that matter was entirely uncalled
for. (Cheers and laughter and cries of " Bravo
Mr. De Cosmos rose nnd thundered denunciations
against the head of the Governor, in a style that would
have done credit to Fox or Pitt He would strike at
the root of the evil, and remove for ever the great
cause of all their calamities—Governor Douglas.
Mr. Shanks followed, and in nn equally high nnd
classic style, interspersed with nn infinite degree of
scurrility against the Governor, which was considered
extremely humorous und effective by tho meeting,
with the exception of one or two gentlemen, who unfortunately found themselves in the midst of the delightful coterie. He said it was nonsense to send petitions to
England—they wanted a delegation; and he for one,
would contribute bis share out of a hundred persons,
towards that object.
Ilev. Mr. Clarke being called upon rose and said that,
on coining to the meeting he had no intention whatever
of speaking. That although he agreed with the resolutions that had been read, he wished it to be distinctly
understood that, so far as the hist speaker was concerned, he washed his bands entirely of what had been
said. Such gross attacks oo the Governor ho considered disreputable in the extreme. He was opposed
to the Mule Tax, but he wished to seethe evil grappled
with in a proper manner. He considered that the want
of representative government in British Columbia was
the fertile source of all the mischief; and when he
thought over the horrors which were enacted in Canada when she Buffered under the same description of
despotic government as that now existing in our sister
colony, he was constrained to have the most gloomy
forebodings of the struggles which he considered imi-
nent in the future of British Columbia, unless a representative system of government were at once granted
to the people. It was the basest libel ever penned to
say the people of British Columbia were not yet fit for
such a system. Wherever even a few Englishmen were
collected, a representative form of government was
pre-eminently the one suited to their desires and natural capacity. He did not seo why the mere fact of
crossing an ocean or continent should deprive an Kng.
glislunan of his birthright; or in fact any portion of
the privileges other than local, he enjoys as a British
subject iu the mother country. He did not think a
council nominated by the Governor would be any improvement—it would be simply the one-man-power in
another form. Anything short of proper representation would be entirely useless The speaker then,
after a few more observations proposed a resolution,
which, owing to the conduct of the chairman, before
alluded to, we cannot present to our readers.
A resolution wus then passed to the effect that a
delegate should be sent to England, incotijunctioiiwit.il
the inhabitants of the sister colony, to represent the
grievances of British Columbia, A committee being
farmed to carry out the objects of the meeting, nnd
the ltcv. Mr. Clarke's name being proposed, that gentleman declined to sit on a committee with Mr. Shanks,
on account of the language that had been made use of
by the latter gentleman, in his remarks on Gov.
Douglas. The meeting which had been undergoing a
gradual diminution throughout the whole proceedings,
nnd which nt its close comprised but a few individuals,
broke, up, without ever, thc usual vote of thanks.
The following are the names of the gentlemen who
were appointed a committee:—Messrs, Waddington,
De Cosmos, Hicks, C. B. Young, Shanks, W. Muir, W.
J. McDonald, John Copland, and Captain Cooper.
ltwas quite evident that tho Mule Tax was but a
secondary consideration to the cut-and-dried rcsolu-
tlonors who called the meeting, nnd that under cover of
tills grievance, their ambitious brains wore addled with
the grand idea of sending a delegate to England. What
n superb and sublime conception I We will wait with
the utmost anxiety to sec the necessary amount raised,
nnd the "saviour of his country," sont on his glorious
mission rejoicing to England's capital. If such a trip
will only have the effect of decreasing his bile, and
give him an idea of civilization and common deoency,
we think the money will bo well expended.
the clearing away, threatening death to all who may
still be alive in thc ruins. Gen. It. K. Oliver-is conspicuous and active in directing those persons who ure
endeavoring to rescue the victims of the disaster.
Gangs of men with ropes arc constantly drugging out
huge pieces nf thc wreck which imprisons so ninny.
Some of the rescuers were killed in their humane efforts. Since we left the scene of disaster reports of
more of the dead aud dying arc constantly coming to
us. Surgeons are coming in from all directions, and
everything that can be done at such a painful moment
is doing for the suffering Victims of the fatal calamity,
the mystery of which will have to be cleared up by the
UNDERSIGNED invito* thc attention of tho
g public, and strangers in particular,
the merit of this house. It was established
under the present management, on the first day
of January. '60, as a FIRST-l'l.ASS HOTEL, in every
The Lester .:id Manager, with a delicacy not wishing
to encroach upon the nierils ol other bouses, cannot
but recall the marked favor with which his enterprise
has been received by a discriminating public, in a constantly increasing patronage of the first respectability,
showing conclusively the superior mode in which this
hotel is conducted.
lt is contiguous lo all uf the most popular places ot
amusement, the principal thoroughfares, the fashionable promenades and steamboat landings: thus rendering
it at nil times, tbe most Dksi«mii.k* Stuitino Place rou
Families asd Sixolu Gi-ntleman. during their stay iu
San Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, $2.50 per day.
.101 IN J. HALEY".
Tbe ''International Hotel Coach" is in attendance at
all hours, to convey Passengers to and Iroin the Hotel,
tor $1.00 each including baggage. olR-tc
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Goods. Twines, Cordage, Shoe nnd Saddlery Thread.
Nets, Saines, Corks, Floats, Fish-hooks and Lines, aud
Fishing Tackle of every variety.
Agents for Barbour's Irish Flax Shoe Thread, Gilling
Thread, &c.
Agents for the American Xet and Twine Manufacturing Co.. Boston, Mass.
Agents for thc Dolphin Manufacturing Company's
Sail Twine, Cordage, kc
The whole comprising thc largest stock and best assortment of the above line of goods on the Pacific Coast,
to which they are constantly receiving large additions
by arrivals from Atlantic Cities. The particular attention ofthe trade is selieitcd to examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere, as wc are determined to sell
at prices to Defy Comcktition. j29-4m
T. A. Monkhouse, P. Torquet,
S. Aitkcn, C. R. Steigor.
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Founders, and General Engineers, First Street, near
Ga   Works, Snn Francisco.
Steamboat Machinery built and repaired ; also, Saw,
Flour, and Quarts Mills, Pumping and Mining .Machinery, Ac, kc
Proprietors of Morse's Patent Fire Grates.
Right to Manufacture Tyler's Patent Scroll Water
between Yates ami   View sts.. and  lacing  Trounce st
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f\_ habits van be accommodated with board and resilience in the bouse ofa private English Family ; whero
a good litble ii kept, in acem-ibmee with English
custom; and where they may enjoy all -.he conveniences aud comforts of an English home.
Married couples would lind the above a comfortable
and desirable residence. jl7-lm
BE PS constantly on   baud and for sale a largo assortment of
Subscriptions for II, il.tand 12 mouths, at reasonable
terms, and sent regularly by Post or Express lo any
part of this Colony, or British Columbia, according to>
the actual postal and express accommodations. Terms
invariably Cash, in advuncm^—............. -   »
Also,—A large assortment of good and late Novels,
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©n)"" Sole Carrier, and Agent ofthe Victoria Gazette,
for Victoria District
Subscriptions are respectfully solicited.
E. II. King.
...Agent in Victoria.
Lawronne, Mas,, Jim. 10,
One of the most terrible catastrophes on record occurred in this city, this afternoon. The Pemberton
Mills fell with a sudden crash at about five o'clock,
while somo six or soven hundred operatives were at
work. The mills are a complete wreck. Some two or
three hundred persons are supposed to be still in tho
New style noiseless
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Applv to BOND k HALE, AgeutH,
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(successor to o'heara A painter)
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tu increased facilities, and recent Instructions from tho
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und every article iu this line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, may rest as-
ruins.    At pi eseut it is impossible to give anything like   uced that we will endca vor to give sa«StftC&m ui
a correct statement of the loss of life, but, from the  article, and dispatch in {ufwarding.    ft hero tho cmn,
best authority, it is believed at least two hundred are] Hies arc sullicient of lormgtt Liquor--, wc will s.iip til
dead in the ruins.   Eighteen dead bodies have already >
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loth Feb. I860. flC-ct
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Packet Company, and the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, for the forwarding of treasure to the Hank of
England by the steamships of the two companies, by
means of through bills of lading to lie granted by tho
commanders of the ships of the Pacific Mail Steamship
Company, for the delivery \o William Perry, Esq., Agent
of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company,' to be sent
across the Isthmus, and embarked on board the ships
of the R. M. S. P. co. Ml parties who may wish to
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Further particulars, if required, will be made known
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Tlie steamships of the R. m. s. co., depart from Aspinwall twice a month, corresponding with the arrival
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T"\Er.TH   nnd I
I F    Houses and   l<sn<
i .licsted, Ac-ourrts :%$«$%
lor nale... "iloneyirtsic^u. j
SJI s;;* :'■..-.-^i—*■.:■.~-~-r > -<*-
i ■
~- -- * f^~ i,"' J  .' ~ *T" S*
5l)ipf)ing jnteUigcucr.
Iquermv occm on the part
Jt 24_B1O0P SLermaar A' " Mitf°rd' P°rt T< Government connec
I ered the administration ot progressive law to-|?ust expect no assistance from without towards de-
,    *' />   -,.■   traving the ordinary aud regular expenses of her gov-
  wards the j.roductiTo devebpement of  Sn- ern'TOe^t
Itish   Columbia.      On    the  first    tropc'traiiee, i    The amount of these expenses, and the salaries to be
' „ „. i • ?  ,,,„,- f__   paid in the first instance, is left to our discretion. Her
— |therefore, of any error of law, which may v&-\xqisfj*a GoTernme!:t ha7ing no w{sh to see any proof a yotUig colonial vision made beyond  what  the  limited means of tbe
will allow, for the  civi
er. and to appoint the officers necessary for the  proper
conduct ofthe business ofthe House.
J with the construction: J^J
Victoria Directory.—We havo been just presented,
by Mr. Mallandane, with a copy of a statistical publication  bearing the  above title.    It is printed at Messrs.
overnment of the' Valentine k Co.. San  Fransieco and its  typographical
I appenraiice is very creditable.    Ihe  Directory   evinces
much care and ability on the part ofthe  compiler, and
Feb. IS-Sloop LtonMl. C. F. Altai Porl To«n,««4, Itf promwuvt measurM, from the difficulty of    Tt.y, ban., tan, ih.l nm m s«,vi«, of »1 »«1> "" »»'« J "'tl' «»*'« "^JSkS «f\™.
luster. ' ! * the cry of despotism will be'uniformly  raised «,Aatorer rt«r amount may be, shall be fixed by law, and Colony s welfare.   Its price is *i*; subscribers, ipl jo.
Schr Royal Charlie, Jenkins, Nanaimo
Feb 28—Saucy Lass, Edward Mellington, Nanaimo.
Feb. I'd—Str Eliza Anderson, Bushnell,  Port Town-
Str Pacific, Patterson, San Frauciaco.
Str Panama, Dall. San Francisco.
Str E. Anderson, Bushnell, San Francisco.
March 1—Schr Harriot, Collin. Port Townsend.
March 2—Schr Langley, Delimit, Nanaimo.
Schr Lalla Rookh, Rogers. Port Townsend.
Bark Athelstan. Bracey, London,
Str Otter, Mount. New Westminster.
Str E. Anderson. Bushnell, New Westminster.
Schr Kossuth, Oliver. Porl Townsend.
Feb. 25—Sshr. Kossuth, Foster, Port Townsend.
One Canoe for New Westminster.
Feb. 27—Schr. D. L. Clinch, Blinker, Sail Francisco.
Str Otter, Mount, New Westminster.
Sloop Orient, Bourbon, New Westminster.
Schr Royal Charlie, Jenkins, Nanaimo.
Feb 28—Saucy Lass, E. Millington, Sooke.
Fonr canoes for New Westminster.
Feb. 28—sloop Josephine Hewitt, Cooper
str E. Anderson, Bushnell, Port Townse
Feb. 211—Bark N. S. Perkins,   Ritchie,
str E. Anderson, Bushnell, New Westminster.
March 1—Plunger Wanderer, Peterson, Port  Town-
schr Antelope, Kclsy, New Westminster.
Bark Jeanette, Havcrland, Port Townsend.
One canoe for New Westminster.
March  2—Schr  Lalla Rookh, Rogers,   Port Town-
Str Otter, Mouat, New Westminster.
Str E. Anderson, Bushnell, Port Townsend.
Schr Langley, Delholt, Manaimo.
without taking
n<r view ct'llic c
inn octed with  any '
od of our colonial
is certainly
by   many   individuals
i        •,     , •     , i . i-. 11 „
consiuerai wit in<- ionoi
that the fault or error
measure at the presont pen
history in the far North "West,
with the public, as there seems to be a com-
! plete absence of organized reason on the side
of tho public with  reference to progressive i
| measures, from  whose experience the  laws
connected with the progressive developement
I of our new country ought to be deduced .The
public would, therefore improve their position
of government
iu this town.
not u'.iT'-.'y-placed.otv.the ai'.'uutl esl
Such being the case, it becomes i
take the necessary steps for fiiisinj,
the colony to meet that expenditure: and I shall _not I jrr, Addams, who is on his way to Australia, will
fail, on such provisions being made, to recommend that play here for the first time, on Saturday (to-day)
the moneys hereafter derived from the sale of crown j night.
We learn that a celebrated actor, who by bis talent
duty at once to I in delineating Yaikee peculiarities, has earned thc
revenue within j Soubriquet of Yankee Addams, hasarrive
at once by quitting theabuse
and adopting without delay, a system of organizing information of a practical nature,
with reference to the introduction of progres-
Salt Spring sive measures for the advancement of our co.
,,l lonial prosperity.    A mode of action indica-
San Fran-'ting the existence of a reasoning public,
which would, according to precedent, command the serious attention of both the colonial
aud. Home Govern ment, as they certainly
wish lobe informed of every practical view of
improvement, connected with our financial position, whether for temporary or permanent
relief. The above course would also neutralize the question with capitalists in England,
can we be trusted with money in this quarter
ofthe Globe for public improvement?
Previous to commencement of the above
mode of action on the part of the public, by
way of improving the courso, Ave take the
liberty of suggesting the following measure,
based upon the necessity of increasing the!
tially required previous to a healthy expan
sion of commercial speculation being esta
blished. The measure referred to, would pro
vide for the organization of an official valua.
tion ofthe mineral property in British
"umbia, including the Hydraulic facilities  for
Per Str Panama, from S.tn Francisco --11 Lever, J
Rosenfield, A Leclerc, Mr Bacon, Mrs Johnson, Mrs
Ackler and 2 infants. J A Harris, J King, J Griffith,
C Pitch, E Levy, E Lansing, A McLean, W Barman, C
D Easterbrook, John Brown, F Walker, Win N'ilcs, S
Bell, W Read, Geo Eiving, and GO Chinamen.
Per Str Pacifk-, from San Francisco—Mr Johnson,
W Pickett, DS  Gladwin, R  F  Smith,   J  Couch  and, . .
wife, N Moore, TELadner, P C Dari, M Myers and | production of gold in British Columbia
wife, CBogan, Mrs Foster nnd child, Win Montserret,
8 Hoffman, Mrs J Heimeivny, Miss E Lacy, Lu Chong,
J C Hellenberg, T Eiving, M Overbeck, C N Strovall,
L Willey, Mons Durico, L Savo, M Knlmer. Geo S
Wright, Capt Miller, T Pnttrick, John Scranton, D
Styles, Wm Lewis, M Silver, Mrs Mas and 2 children.
G Burns and wife, Mrs MuKenna, M Staggctt, M Silvester, M Glasgow. Mrs Kwong Leo and 2 children,' P
Wilson and wife, N Riley,   tleo Hicks,   S Htickc
uids within the colony, may be left by Her Majesty
Government ut the disposal of the Colonial Legislature.
I will cause the amount of thnt expenditure to be
hereafter laid before you, together with the estimates
for the year 18G0.
It will also be expedient, in course of the present
session, to revise the existing laws of the colony, and
to provide, by oilier enactments, for the '['lifting of
titles transmitted through alien.--, and for the registration of deeds, as the want of such laws is now felt to
be a public evil: a ad their enactment will lie a measure
of general utility and advantage, by adding greatly to
the value of real e.-lute, in facilitating its transfer mid I
conveyance, and by the security given to the title to
land. *
It will further be expedient to provide means for defraying ibe expense of making a selection from the Stu- j
tute Law of England of such  Acts as  may be adapted
to this colony.
The Public Schools have also strong claims upon
our attention, and provision should now be made for
• The Vermont Wool-dealer,'' and other anius
ing and entertaining characters will be represented.
Arrivals.—2 JO passengers arrived by the " Panama" nnd '• Pacific."
Ru.v Aground.—We learn that the "Athelstan" got
aground iu the outer harbor, bul uo injury resulted.
To Intemuni; Immigrants.—Wc have received several letters from English families in California, enquiring tor information respecting these colonies, they
their future support,   i think"  inquiry  will elicit tl
fact that tbe teachers' salaries are disproportionately I affectionate husband and  father to
small for their station in life, and inadequate in amount  and unexpected affliction.
been informed that British Columbia ami Vancouver Island arc not desirable places for settlement,
and that laud is not to be had. We cnu only say come
and judge for yourselves. We believe tliere never was
a young colony offering greater advantages to the
working man. The land can be had for Ills per acre
now, and we expect to see it shortly reduced to in.
Pre-emption is allowed, small capitalists ure much
| wanted, and would find endless openings in the farming and fruit growing business in liritish Columbia.
Melancholy Bereavement.—The young and respected wife of J. A. McCrea. expired on Wednesday
morning,  in  this  town, leaving u young family and
leploro their sad
for their support in a decent position; as. since th
rates were fixed, n great increase has taken  place in
the price of almost  every necessary of life.    A larger
salary, by making tho ollice desirable, will secure elli-
ciency and high attainments in the teacher
respect to the existing schools, may, by an
fees, be allowed without adding to the public burdens.
The moral and religious education of the people
being one ofthe most important duties deserving of the
attention of the Government, the present is a lining
time for the initiation of a system providing for the
erection and maintenance of places of Christian wor-1
In a new country, lo which persons of all religious I
per.-u a si cms are invited to resort, it would be impossible, without injustice to some, to establish an endowed j
church j but it is, nevertheless, the  duty of states to
protect the interests of   religion, and  especially when I
new settlements ure formed, to cause the uieaiis of religious instruction to  be  placed  within the reach of
every member of the  community, either by granting
assistance proportionate to, and in aid of private con-1
Lock Yoru Doors.—Thomas 11. Sprague having fallen under the displeasure of the Vigilance Committee
at Olympia, has returned in company with other suspicious characters, bul  Sprague has been lodged in
. nnd, with | Victoria Jail
increase of
out by the Hi
be erected on Douglas-street
CitCRcn.—The In
Imp. arrived in the
n Cathedral
and will
edging the receipt of your petition wirtr^T~~*
the occupation of the Island of San Juan bv an     "*
rty ofthe troops ofthe United States of America"^ '
I   llllVI*  till.   llf\nr,f*    1r\     ',.a       ...... I.........       	
....... „. ...~ ..„„,„, ki .us uuitcu uiaics oi America
I have the honor to be, gentlemen, vour most i
ient servant, William A.'g. Yoi--,-q    '
Acting Col. S^.
To Messrs. Selim Franklin and others, signers of ti
said petition. ''«
The Duke of Newcastle to Governor Douglas C II
[Xo. 22.]
Downing Street, .'iOth November I8'g
Sir,—I have the honor to acknowledge the ree'
of your dispatch Xo. 48 of the I4th of August last
closing a memorial from inhabitants of Vunc''" '
Island, respecting the recent occupation of SanT"
by United States troops.   1 request that you win"*11
form the memorialists that Her Majesty's Covernm"1"
highly appreciate their loyalty to Her Majesty's crow"
and  person;   that Her Majesty's Government deenM
regret the unprovoked aggression of General Barn
on a territory of disputed ownership ; that they art''' *
negotiation, however, with   the Government of a'
United States ou this subject, and wish, without im
rendering Her Majesty's rights, to maintain ainicatu
relations with that country.
I have, etc., Newcamli.
Town, aftf
of Assembly. — Dr. Helnicken was elected
Mr. Selim Franklin, member for Victoria
having taken tlio oath offered to him,
omitting the words "on tlie true faith of a Christian,''
und h-rriiig taken his scut and voted for Speaker, was
requested to withdraw by thc Speaker, the question
of the legality of his sitting in the house without inking
the usual oath, having been raised by Mr. Waddington,
member for Victoria District.
Fourteen days   are   allowed   lo  present   petition.;
against llie return of Member.-, uf the Hoiim-.
After a desultory discussion upon various questions
L Grecnhow, C Bicker, J Pike, and  74 China-
I do hereby notify that I have disposed of all right
and title to thc Newspaper called the New Westminster
Times to Mr. Leonard M'Clure ofthe Town of Victoria.
E. Hammond King.
tlie economical extraction of the gold; extent
  of gold fields &c, which appears to bo  in  the
T~      ~~        ~_     '. "first  place essentially  required  for  govern.
%\t   Itch)   MiStmmsfCr   (Itl)US.    |ment purposes, particularly to furnish  the
basis of law towards permanant equitable disposal ofthe mineral property of Brili-di Columbia] and in the second place, with the
view of constituting a reliable source of official
information, for the guidance of intending
emigrants at a great distance from the scene
of operations, who aro essentially required to
| work the mines, which are the most valuable
stock iu trade of British Columbia,  and like
In conformity with  the above  arrangement. And at    n    ,.1 .     i ii i i    • i   i
1      „ ,      , b        •:all other stock would be much   improved  In
surgent request of the inhabitants of British Colum-   ,    . .       P ,. ,   „, . ,       ,
bia, the New   Westminster Times will,   as   soon as the impression of an estimated oflicial   value,
the necessary arrangements   can  be   complete.!,   be !ancl introducing a regular Profit and Loss ac-
tributions, pr by some other method which may appear ; "'
more conducive to that end.
We have also to consider how   the   ci
the  country,   and  tlie developement   of
Co- can best be promoted.
With a pleasant, nnd healthy climate, which  on  the
whole may compare favorably with that   of any  other
House apjourned until'.
•Oiler''   returned
p. in., this ti
from  New
its rcsoun
count in thc colonial  Ledger,  to
down to future generations with
be handed
printed and published in New Westminster.     It is  not
thought necessary hero to enter into an elaborate prospectus of its future course, the conductor ra'.her pre- returns, as the improvements connected with
ferring to allow the claims oflhe Times to  public  sup- the extraction ot the  gnld from   the   Placer8
port to rest entirely ou it.-; general  merits, merely sta-        , /-, , ,     • ,      ,
♦t„„ w«i,.™> ih.»;.„ ii-« -r     j   i   -nt, ,i        n ianc Quartz, now classed with  the  great tilting, however, that its line of conduct will ne thoroughly \ c ' fa
independent, and devoted exclusively to the interestsjventions oftho age, established the fact that
and welfare of British Columbia. j gold mines are a permanent source ofproduc-
It is scarcely necessary to make the usual hackneyed tion.     British  Columbians must, therefore,
appeal to advertisers;-being the only paper published : take uie proper position at the source of gov-
in British Columbia, and *.he determination on the part | c..r ment *n a business Uke marmer.
ofthe conductor to mako it not only the voice of public
opinion in that colony, but tc have it circulated  from
New Westminster to Fort Alexander, should afford a
sufficient inducement  for this  description of support!
from the inhabitants of Victoria and elsewhere.   As  a
l of
source of authentic information connected with
mineral and other resource of British Columbia it ii
pected it will obtain that support here which tho
portance of such a knowledge to the inhabitant:
Vancouver Island might reasonably warrant.
New Westminster Times will bo in no way connected
•with any other publication.
All arrangements which have been previously entered into with subscribers and advertisers will be
punctually carried out.
Leonard M'Clcre.
At 12 o'clock yesterday His Excellency Governor
DOUGLAS, C B., accompanied by Rear Admiral
Baynes, Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's Pacific
Squadron, and other Naval Officers, and all the Heads
of Departments, attended at the New Court House,
James' Bay, to open thc Legislative Assembly. His Excellency was received by a Guard of Honor of the Royal
.Marines Light Infantry, commanded by Lieut. Sparshott,
After the usual preliminaries, Gov. Douglas spoke •
follows :
Cenllcmen of the Legislative Council and of the House of
It is a subject of congratulation, that the second
Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island is convened
at a season of comparative prosperity; when trade and
commerce have assumed a firm and settled character;
when the excitement and fluctuations which succeeded
the discovery of gold in British Columbia luiTe passed
away, and ever} d«u*T.v/oii of property has attui'U'Kd a
high but legitimate value; when population is increasing, ami enterprises, which must add largely to
the wealth, and promote the general prosperity of the
colony, are being set. on foot by t\e courageous efforts
of private associations; and wiieu a well founded feeling of confidence in the stability and progress of the
colony pervades the minds of all classes.
The only event which seriously threatened to Interrupt the prosperity ofthe past vein- was the occupation
ofthe Island of San Juan by tbe troops of the United
States; but ns that force has been sinco in part withdrawn, and all questions respecting the disputed tc-rii-
t.qr.y referred to Her Majesty's Government, it is hoped
from the conciliatory tone adopted by both Governments, that nothing will occur to prevent a peaceful
solution of the question at issue.
,        , ,       , I have, to inform you that Her Majesty's Government.
eminent SUCh as our own,   consequently   the.| bftvr announced their intention to enter into possession
cry of despotism may bo raised in  our midst iof Vancouver Island, and that the connection of the
I Hudson Bay Coiffp&ny -with the Island was to terminate
as soon as questions of account between the Company
and Her Majesty's Government were settled, and, moreover, that the connection must be regarded as already
terminated,—to this extent, that the Company aro no
Progress and Despotism—tho two prime
movers of all enterprise, based upon the assimilated experience of the most profound
thought, have, sinco the commencement of
"human action, been opposed to each other
•with various degrees of success, the events
connected with which, have furnished materi-
■ al for the history of all nations from■■ ancient
periods down to the present day; but fortunately for the permanent existence ofthe hu.
man race, we find a natural law on the side
of progress prevailing, a proof of Divine
origin, universally diffusod throughout the
masses, which ultimately overcomes all the
efforts of despotism. Despotic rule, however,
is always dreaded by the people ofa freeGov-
as a powerful lever for party purposes, with
out any great cause of complaint, particularly
■when the necessities of British Columbia (notorious for its difficult access) during the critical period of its existence, present tho opportunity of inducing a belief that despotic
government is the cause of. difficulty, notwithstanding what may be reasonably consid-
country, Vancouver Island also possesses a fertile
soil; forests of vast extent; a sea-coast abounding in
fish, and studded with safe and convenient Harbors;
extensive coal beds; and the unoccupied lands of the
Crown form a wide, and varied domain, and we have to
consider how those .sources of wealth arc to be developed and to be made of value to the colony.
To encourage and enable settlers to occupy th" lauds
of the Crown, und to bring those lands into a productive
state, are the lirst and obvious steps toward.- thai great
end. But its full attainment is impossible with our
present small population : therefore, inducement should
be held out capable of attracting emigrant) to the coi-
ony, as it is chiefly to such means that we must look
for an increase of population : and, ns without attractive
inducements, there u ill probably lie no large emigration
of liritish subjects to this pari of the world.
The system of Free Trade already established in the
Colony is one singular advantage enjoyed by the producing classes of Vancouver Island, and it-; usual ell'cct
in reducing the prices of foreign necessaries, must ultimately enable them, in this market, to compete successfully in our o.vn staples with thc producers in other
Pursuing that course of policy with respect tu the
general trade ofthe Colony, I am prepared also to concur in any measures which may tend more directly to
encourage settlers to occupy and cultivate the country ;
and i believe that the cheap and easy acquisition of
ie "Utter ' returned Irom .New Westminster,
I on  Thursday.    Among the passengers were the Bishop
of Columbia, Judge Begbie and Collector llamlev. The
; Fraser is covered with canoes containing miners bound
I lu Fort Alexander. The suppers and miners, UO in
I number, left in the steamer Henrietta for the Harrison
i Kiver. Thoy will be employed there two or three
j months, removing the obstacles to navigation.   Several
large stores are in  course ot construction on thc lots'
with water frontage at New Westminster.
The Treasurer ofthe Royal Hospital desires u> to acknowledge the receipt of eight dollars from Mr. Cope-
land, being a donation from the Committee of tbe Hums
festival held at the Colonial Hotel, of ihe balance of
funds on band.
Postage Stamps.—These necessary articles arrived
by the  last  mail.    Moro  are  expected  by   the   next
■Mi anier.
lie are not responsible for the opinions of our correspondents. Every communication musl have a bona fuh
signature attached, lo ensure publication.
To the Editor V ir toria Gazelle.
Dates to 11th January.
Advices arc received from Liverpool to the 11th Jan
nary, by the Steamer Nova Scotian.
A Paris despatch says that it was becoming everr
day more doubtful whether the Congress would assn,'.
bio. The Paris correspondent of the Times says il^i
the chances of the Congress meeting were of tbe am
shadowy kind.
A French journal, the Opinion Nationals, nupposed to
speak willi some authority, believes Hint it the Italiu,
decide for the annexation ofthe north and central pel
of their peninsula, England would gludly accept -j.
combination, whilst France would accept it with sijj
greater satisfaction, on condition that Savoy anil Sit.
would be restored to her (France). The Opinimto\
not anticipate that the cabinet of Turin would otijtci-
and after arguing that Austria, Russia, and Prussia, htvc
no power, will, or right to interfere, says tbatitiiu.
sured that this combination is seriously entertained br
the government of London and Paris.
The funeral of Lord Miicaiiley took place at Westmin.
ster Abbey on Oth January.   Among ihe pall-beutn
were the Lord Chancellor, the Speaker of the Iluusebf 1
Commons, Lord John Russell, the H.irl of Carlisle, 1. f
The funeral, although divested of all pomp and cere-
niony, was, very impressive,
Tlie Loiid-in News comment* on a summary of Preti.
dent Buchanan's message,   it says there is no "reaitt I
to complain ofthe manner in which tin- President detk
wilh the general   relations   between   England and theI
United States.
lie i
not a
till he
and the construction of road.-', to facilitate ought l
Mr. While  [Wright] the   Packer says
citizen of England, has  no property here
would like to have a road to pack his mules, so that he
might travel   with ihein : bill still, he  don't think he
longer required to provide means for defraying the
penso of tlie civil administration of tho colony.
public land
and reduce  the cost  of transit to and from the settle- j
menl-', will lend materially to Ihe advancement of those
Should it appear that greater inducements are necessary to aid the settler in his early struggles with the
difficulties, which nature everywhere interposes to the
fruition of his hopes, it will be our duly to consider to
what extent, and in what way that aid should be
I will, hereafter, lay before you the copy ofa corres-
pondc co with Capt. Stamp, a gentleman representing
a highly respectable English association which propose
to form a settlement at some eligible point ou the West
Coast of Vancouver Island, for the purpose of establishing fisheries, and of entering largely into Ihe manufacture and export of deals aud ships' spars. An enterprise so desirable and important in all its bearings with
respect to lhc Colony, that I did not fail, by such inducements as I could offer, to confirm tho association
iu iheir purpose.
If the results obtainable through those industrial
pursuits maybe estimated fr""1 the number of ships
employed, and tho amount of capital invested in the
fisheries and timber trade in the British Provinces of
North A-merica, we shall at once perceive their extraordinary value and importance. Fortunately, the growing
trade of Niinaiino, where, as appears by the Port returns for the month of January last, ft number of
vessels forming an aggregate tonnage of 2000 tons,
were then employed in taking in coal for exportation,
furnishes a ready illustration* of tlie subject and of the
results that may'be expected from judicious and well-
directed enterprise.
I<ff««ld further ••ahsaa.--sour atteation to the great
national object of establishing fisheries on the coast of
Vancouver Island, in order that the subject may be
brought thoroughly under review, and that measures
may be adopted to attract attention to a branch of industry of great political and commercial importance,
and ihat is capable of adding so largely to the wealth
and future power of the colony.
ltis in contemplation to bring forward many useful
measures in course of the present session, but especially
an act for the incorporation of the Town of Victoria,
which will speedily be laid before die Legislature for
their consideration. The native Indian liibes continue
in a perfectly tranquil state, and the. assurance received
from them universally, profess scntiineulsuf loyally and
of devoted submission and obedience to the government,
The House of Assembly will have to provide menus
for extinguishing, by purchase, the native Title to the
Lands in the districts of Cowitchan, Chcmainis, and
Sail Spring Island, which arc now thrown open for settlement. The purchase should be effected without delay, as the Indians may otherwise regard, the settlers as
trespassers and become troublesome..
In conclusion I havo to express a fervent, hopo that
your deliberations may be guided by the wisdom which
coinolh from above, ns that alono can savo  from  error
Her Majesty's Government continue to express the and direct the councils of nations to  those measures
most lively solicitude for tho prosperity and well being| wIlicll wiu p(mdcr th|,m ^.^ prpsporous, and happy,
entlomeh of I lie House of Assembly, the Chief Jus-
of the colony, but have, nevertheless, aiuliori/.etl me
distinctly to state, for your information, that Vancouver
Lland, like other British coram unities, however small,
ticc has been njipoinled to receive your declarations of
■qualification, you mny then proceed to eliooue a Speak-
pay anything towards making the same,    lie
iin-.i it might be made, so that it would not
feet him by borrowing money from Rritish Capitalists,
as one way. The gentleman Pucker did not say whether
after the money was borrowed and expended on the
road, and a toll on it, if the road did not pay the in-
terest, that he would * * * * * * *
Not that there is thc least, fear of any British money
going through his hands for road making. Mr. Wright
must know that if he refers to his own country he
will find that public loans are the life blood of corruption, and as such ought never to be advocated. Wc do
not wish to saddle our children with a debt, but maybe this gentleman has none, so that his thoughts are
only for thc present almighty dollar. If the. gentleman had proposed a tax of $50 on every Chinaman
landed here, for the purpose of road making, every
Englishman in the room would have coincided.
l' do not know whether Mr. Wright was ever in
San Francisco or not, but ho alluded to the way the
roads wore made in his country, nnd being an American, that is part and parcel of his country. The gentleman
Packer says the property holders ought to make the
roads for him to travel "on. I will ask tho Gent If thc
properly holders on Folsoin-stroct made the plank road
to the Mission Dolores, or whether it wns not a company who got a charter for 7 years to put the road
through without being bound to let vehicles pass except, at certain rules. What was the consequence V
They assessed a most exorbitant toll for all horses,
waggons, cattle, sheep, pigs, kc, and wauled to make
foot passengers pay also,  and funerals.
My contract to deliver coal, sulphur, hay, nitrate of
soda, anil other materials to tbe Acid Factory, for the
Sau Francisco Miut, was at one time as high us $4.50
per ton of 21100 lb.-,.; oul of which for each tiara l bad
to pay 7"> cents guing loaded, and 7G cents coining back
loaded or empty. No matter, the toll was collected,
the road wns kept in repair by the company, but thoy
could well afford to do it. If the same had been done
hero, it would have been a British outrage.
I had three teams on the road, making four I rips each
daily, which cost rae §1.50 a trip, making for three
teams toll, the nice little sum of S18.00 per day.
I had tho contract with Dr. Coon k Co.,
for nearly three years, how 1 kept it, being a foreigner
was a mystery to thc Americans, and my secret.
I think a good Acid Factory would pay here
at $5.00 per ton for coals. Nitrate, of Soda, from a
place called Iquiqne, in Peru. Sulphnto can be obtained at Milium Loa, Hawaii S. I., or probably there is some
round Mount Baker.
P. S.—-If he uses thc road mako him pay for it, but
it ain't made yet.
T. E.
Mb. SbTjIM Franklin has funished us with tho foli
Colonial Siccuetaiiv's Oi'PtOK,        "(
Victoria, Vancouvor Island, Feb. 24, I860. •'
Gentlemen,—1 have tho honor, by direction of Ills
Excellency the Governor, to forward herewith, for your
Information, n copy of a dispatch from Her Majesty's
principal Secretary of State tor the Colonies, ueknowl-
The bark Comet, sixteen days from Honolulu, arrittdl
yesterday, bringing later news Irom the Sand-rid"I
We have now, says the Polynesian, three Riisjiu I
men-of-war, propellers, in port, viz: thc Kynda, 101
gun.- ; il.c Novik, 10 guns; llie Plastoon  5 gun«.
in- Majesty will receive Admiral Popotr, eoinmandin; I
the Russian squadron now iu port, uml bis oQicert,il|
the Palace, this morning, (Jan. 21,1 at 11 o'clock.
Thc brig Consort, lately from  Port Madison, with 11
load of lumber; and no iv lying at the esplanade,m ]
formerly in the United States service.   She was store-
ship for Commodore Wilkes in his exploring expedition, I
being at that time bark rigged.    Thc vessels of ilicji-
pedition caused much excileuiont, ami left a jjieiit -tret
of money here; but the old Consort now looks uii|>rt.
tending enough, aud is not likely to create much Mir.
Mtii-tlcr.i and tragedies, "ays the Commercial Aden-
User, appear to bo the order of the day. and while iti>
so, we must record them. The friends of John Itich-
iirdsoii, Esq., Circuit Judge for Maui, will be pained to
hoar that he committed suicide, Friday Jan. ft, in company with Mr. Cbnilcs Lake and some natives, lie null
to his cattle range in Kula, on East Maui, and while
tic men were driving in the cattle, he parted compnni
from Ihein. rude lip to u tree, tied bis horse und bong
himself. Search was made/or him, and about midnight be was found suspended from a limb sbou*.
iwflve feel high, and lifelessi His horse was found
tied about lour rods from the tree, llis bend v.»<
covered over with his poncho, ami the slip-noose ovn
that. IPs body was taken down and carried to his l»f
residence at Waikapn. A coroner's jury was cullH
and the verdict rendered was, that be came tobis (Ic-iU
by banging himself, while in n slate of temporary insanity, lie bad been laboring for some lime und'.'
mental aberration, caused, it ia said, by domesik
troubles. He applied recently for a divorce, which lm!
been denied. Mr. Richardson was about 'V> vearioi
age, aud one of the most intelligent and promising«l
his race. He bad been a member of the House "i
Representatives ever since its organization, wc believe.
and was recently promoted by the King to a seat ia tin
House of Nobles, lli.j death will be dcuply regretted
by all who knew him, while the Government will lo«
a cordial supporter and faithful servant.
Skxator Brodkrick's Will Found.—They have.it
appears, found at Washington city what you failed to
discover in San Francisco, namely: a will of the law
Senator Broderick. The fact is stated by one of the
Washington correspondents. The will was madeii
1856. It awards ten thousand dollars to John A. Me
Glynn, of Sau Francisco, and the remainder to Ceo
Wilkes, of New York. It is estimated—I think largely
—that the whole estate of Senator Broderick, after
paying his debts, will amount to between eighty ami
nineli thousand dollars, The executors are John A
McGlynn, Of California; Geo. Wilkes, of New York,
and Andrew Butler, of California. It is snid the generosity of Broderick towards Wilkcr arose from the fait
that they were tried personal friends of long standing,
and Mr. Broderick was induced by Wilkes to acquire"
taste for literature and devote himself to the study oil
history, which Broderick afterwards acknowledged to I
be the best, advice he, ever received. The discovery of I
this will must interfere greatly with tho calculations of
those who have labored so oumcstlyto settle thoir fi-to?"'' [
as heirs of the late Senator. Mr. Wilkes will, iti'
thought, proceed at onco to Han Francisco. Alia correspondent.
Stram Waoon in Camkoii.vu.— A correspondent o.
the Petaluma Argus says :
Mr. Duncan, of Salt Point, has rented a mill-se.il
from Mr. Wright, at the mouth of Russian river, and is
now moving his mills from thoir present location to
this. There is a largo quantity of excellent timber in
the canons up the rivor, which he will float down «t
high water. The lumber will be shipped from Bodeg*
port. He is having a s team-wagon built at thc Vulcan
Foundry, Snn Franoisoo, on the same plan as the one
built for tho Arizona Mining Company. Mr. DuncanM
tn pay $10,000 for thu wagon, provided it will boar up
thirty Ions, and haul ten tons up a grade of one foot in
sovonj failing to do which, tho builder is to pay all
duiniigcs accruing thereby.
A Yol-no Ladv Burned to Death.—Miss Lucy PlxIe.T,
residing with her brother, some threo miles from Independence, Mexico, was burned so badly on Sunday .'as1!
as to cause her death on Tuesday. A pigeon flew into
the room where the members of lhc family wero sitting]
ami in endeavoring to drive it out, it came in contm*
with a bottle of turpentine which sal on tho raniitl""
piece, upsetting ii and spilling it ou the dress of I'10,
unfortunate victim. She was horribly burned. Htr
brother was also badly burned, so unioli so as in •"
probability to lose thc use of his right arm- THE    XEW    WESTMINSTER    TIMES
The phrase " from the cradle to the grave," is now
rendered, -'from the baby jumper to the jumping-off-
B I RI H .
At San Juan, Feb. 8, the wife if Mr. Francis Campbell, ofa daughter.
D 1 r* r>.
In this city, Feb. 29, at 9 o'clock, a. k-, Geobciajia
I'dRTEB McCbea, aged 2.1 years, wife nf J. A. McCrea,
and daughter of Capt. Porter, of San Francisco, Cal.
At New Westminster, B. C. of canker, Mrs. Cakolise
S.,^ife of Wm. K. Kilborn, aged 4.", years.
Oregon and Massachusetts papers please oop*y."
Nttn   3f)ncrtisrmcuts.
Bankers. San Francisco, AT PAR.
Furnish  Bills of Exchange in  sums  to suit,  and at
current rates on New York and London.
Pay highest price for gold dust.
Make advances on gold dust for assay or coinage, in
San Francisco.
Purchase Navy Bills and Bills on London.
Ntm   vlbiirrtiscnirntg.
By thc arrival of the Panama, the fint-rt White and
ever exhibited in Victoria.
No. lCi WHITE SHIRTS, are the finest Shirts
we have ever offered, with
French k  Polka Cuffs,  No. 'J4H   Extra Superfine, No.
472, No. 27C, nil of these Shirts have come
direct from the factory, with
all the improvements of 1860.     These Shirts
for style mid ease are unsurpassed.
s full assortment ofthe improved late styles of
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
SILK   l" M II P. E L L A S
Of High   finish.    Shirts  with   Byron  Collars,    and
without Collars,
('nil and examine at
in-Min X. POINTER'S.
TENDERS wanted for the Haulage of thc material
comprising the Iron Church, ex " Athelstan,"
from Union Wharf to the Site ofthe Building in Block
R .Douglas Street.
Tenders also wanted for Excavating the Foundations
of Church, and the clearing and levelling of the ground.
Plans n<sd  Specifications to  be seen at the office of
JOHN J. COCHRANE, C. E. Government Street,
to whom the tenders are to be addressed.
felTX. B.—Tcudcrs received till Gth March.
OTICE.—The annual general meeting of the Society will take place on   WEDNESDAY'  evening,
IHE STEAMER OTTER, now lying at Myers'Wharf,
will leave punctually for the above port, at 4 p. m.
Fur Freight or Passage applv on board.
W. A. MOUAT, Master.
Victoria, March 2, 1 SOO. ni2-lt
N.„  ,„.,    .,,,„„„,	
March 7th. at half past seven o clock, at the Hall of the  v .«.'. .  ».   .-,i \i    - •  «
rr a       n     n     *     % r    ,   .-        j>- I New -^papers and Magazines.
Hudson Bay Co., for the purpose of electing officers to'
serve for the ensuing year, and other business.    A full
list ofthe members can be seen during the week at ihe
Acting Secretary's oflice, Government Street.
Punctual attendance is requested.
THIS well known Saloon is celebrated for kenping
the best Wines, Liquors, and Scgars; the patronage this Saloon receives, and the business it is
doing, is a sufficient guarantee for thc reputation of
lhc House.
The proprietor, thankful for the very  liheral patronage he  receives,  would  say that he is continually receiving, from the Importers direct, the Choicest Brands
of English and French Liquors,
Such as Marlcl Brandy ;
Suzcrac     do
London Dock Brandy;
Duff Gordon's Sherry;
Old Spanish Port;
Champagne, Eugene Clicquot;
Sparkling Catawba, N. Long-north ;
("al. Wine, Sansevain Bro.;
Swaine Bordcs Old Tom Gin;
Wolfe's Schnaps;
Joe  Bowers'  Whiskey;
Dunlop's Scotch Whiskey;
Fine Old Burbon       do
tc,       &C,       kc
Those wishing to buy a bottle of genuine English or
FrenehJLiquors will please call, and they will buy of
me again.
The Oyster Saloon is supplied regularly with Fresh
Oysters from Sooke; epicures can depend on getting
them done up in eiery style to their satisfacion.
Genuine Havana* always on hand; attached to thia
Saloon is a Reading Room where my patrons will
always find files of the Latest European and Amercan
WELLS,   FARGO,   k   co.,
r.irtTAi„ SCfWi.OOO.
a. & a. Yellows.
--IK —
regular Messengers, to Oregon and Washington ' XTAV!- on hand, and  are rcgulfiry receiving  direct
of regL...
m j o      n ,i ... I       •      from Ens-land.  Smith's Tools of all kinds,  Iron
Territories and  Snn Irancisco. there connecting with  -ft*--       /-. •   V /,    ,,,   ■        d „„,•   v„i
■ i Chains,  Grindstones.. Ox  (bains,   Bows  and   i okes,
our interior Express to all parts of California, and to j Galvanized aud Japanned Buckets. Milk Pans, Hollow-
all parts ofthe Vailed States and Carrsdas, via Pane. .id. j ware, and all kiiidi ol BViiderg, and General Hardwares.
and Tchuantepec and Southern Overland routes. ! w,lic1' thc.v wil1 »*1I «
Unsurpassed  facilities  for dispatching  freight and | ' PRICES.
packages to all pans of Europe.
Victoria, Feb. 29, 18C0.
Acting Secretary.
Pilot Trowsers and Vests ;
Fancy Doeskin and Tweed Trowsers ;
Fancy Drilled Trowsers;
Drab Moleskin Trowsers ;
Men's Overcoats;
Drab Cord Vests, with sleeves ;
Serge Shirts and Linscy Drawers;
Reversible Water-Proof Coats ;
And a general assortment of Men's Clothing.
For sale By
Fx Athelstan.
Dining Room Chairs, in Hair and Moro
Easy Chairs;
Sofas :
Dining. Consulting, and Loo Tables ;
Toilet Tables. Basin Stands ;
Tray Glasses and Mirrors:
For sub- bv
m'.!-ltn HENDERSON" k
Fx Athelstan.
jit)    (Vino tie Pnstol:
Su cases fine « years old Pale Brandy;
99 cuses C. Tanquerny & Co.'s Ginger Brandy.
in'.'-1 in
Fine Black Congou ;
SOAP—best English Yellow and White ;
SALT—in jars;
TOBACCO—best Caveudish ;
BUTTER—best Irish;
CHEESE—superior English ard Dutch ;
HAMS—fine York;
Congreve Matches;
For sale bv
Oh) SHARES of lhc British Columbia and Victoria
?)£■ Steam Navigation Company. Liability limited
by Act of Incorporation. Can be bad at par value, on
application to
At the office of Sam'l Price A* Co.. Agents.
Wharf Street, Victoria.
Feb. 29, 1860. f29-lm
Port Townsend Register, k Colonist copy.
RANDY—18JS, United Vineyard Proprietors ;
RUM—fine old Jamaica ;
WHISKY—Irish and Scotch, in bulk and bottle ;
PORT—verv superior, in ease;
SHERRY,  " do       do
CLARET. tlo       do
CHAMPAGNE,     do        do
For sale by
tTTT ANTED.—A Young Man of steady habits, ofa
I \y trade or without, for general help, for ivhich
piiinleraU. wages and lioard will be given.
Particulars at   J. X. JEFFERIES, ,Si<Jn Painter,
m'2-li Y'lttes street.
J_l Sheet Lend ;
Ind L ATKINSON'S Improved Shoulder-Seam Pattern
Shirts,  of Philadelphia.   Just  received,  the
latest style of Baltic Shirts, from London.
fine lot of pure Baltic, Stockings and Hose ; Gents'
fliaker Flannel I'mbrshirts nud Drawers.
. tine lot of Derby and Saxon Wool Shirts and Drawers,
White and Colored Marseilles Shirts. A full assortment tif Gents' Superfine Manchester Gingham
Shirts.    A magnificent assortment of
Goats' Silk Scarfs.   A new style
of Gents'  fine  Cnssimerc
Comforters   and
Opera Scarfs
A superior article of Children's Woollen Hose of all
biers and sizes; Umbrellas and Carpet Bags.
FACING BRICKS—hard white Essex ;
For sale by
7"ILL attend the Sale at New  Westminster, ofthe
Reserved Lots there, on 5th April, and will make
purchases on the usual commission.
J. J. G, while employed as Town Surveyor at Xew
Westminster kept a careful Register ot the quality and
value of each lot, whether wooded, untlerbrushcd,
cleared or otherwise, and will give the necessary information on application at his office, Government Street.
Very valuable water lots and first class business lots
on Columbia Street, Douglas Street, adjoining thc Court
House, the Market, kc, kc, at New Westminster.
In Victoria, Lots No. 297, and No. 298 on View
Street, very good situation for building purposes ; both
Lots are fenced in.
Lots No. 919, and 920, near Government Buildings.
Lot Xo. 7 block 12, on View Street, fenced iu. A
very desirable site for a private residence.
5 large sized lots  on Ihe  Church  Reserve.
A very excellent lot ou Fori Street, lately part of H.
B. Co. garden ; and lots in various other parts of Victoria.
Several eligablo lots in Douglas, B. C.
To be sold by private bargains by
Land Agent, Surveyor, and Auctioneer of Real Estate,
Government Street, near Post Office, Victoria, V. I.
Shipments direct from England via Scmi'tiair.pton and
Treasure Shipped and Insured at lowest rules.
Packages and Letters received up to latest hour ©1
Checks on our office in San Francisco.
Exchange on all the principal cities irt the United
.States and Canada.    Also, on
Receive Deposits, general and special.
Buy Gold Du»t, Land Warrants. Treasury Warrants.
Bills on London and Certificates on San Francisco
Advances made od Gold Dust.
Purchase Goods of every description.
Execute Commissions of all kinds, and make Collections at any point _in the United States, Canada, or
Office, Yates street, between Wharf and Government
dS-tC C. C. PENDERGAST, Agent.
AVhite tieaa;
Assorted Paints;
Putty; For Sale by
POWDER—Blasting and Rifle :
SHOT—Assorted sizes;
For sale bv
between Y'ates and  View sts., and facing Trounce st
victoria, v. i.
A FEW GENTLEMEN of quiet and domesticated
habits can be accommodated with board and residence in the house ofa private English Family; where
a good table is kept, in accordance with English
custom ; and whero they may enjoy all :he conveniences and comforts of an English home.
Married couples would find tho above a comfortable
and desirable residence. jl7-lm
i H »TS AND SHOES—A choice assortment;
For sale by
ASS ALE—60 hhds. new brow;
For .sale by
pposite   Bank of British North
He is now prepared to offer the largest assortment of
Ever Exhibited in Victorin,
■uprising all the latest style of the  celebrated Davis
Jones' superfine Patent
And is  receiving by every steamer those beautiful
I'ron   Shirts,   of all  sizes,  running  from  13 to 20
lies around the neck.
■Ladies should call soon and examine those superior
Baltic Stockings for Winter Wear.
jOrders sont through Express—by Binding the size of
le neefcfor Shirts, we will guarantee to fit.
(Orders  filled  for all parts of British  Columbia and
fget Sound.
|1 shall receive FRESH GOODS by every arrival from
INGER BRANDY—160 cases Swain, Boord k Co's;
For salo by
m2-lm Sole Agents.
11HE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully inform his
friends and the public, that he has removed to his
Nkw Firk-Pboof Store, corner of  Yates and Government streets, where he  is  constantly supplied  with
NEW GOODS bv even*   steamer, and has  always
ou  hand  a
Also a large variety of FINE SILKS, and BONNETS.
An excellent variety of
and a full assortment of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
Fine Frock Coats:  Dress Coats ;   Over Coals ;   Vest
and Pantaloons of differeut  colors;   Fashionable Silk
Hats.     Gilt  Cornices, Curtain Rings, Window Shades
of all colors, French Cassimercs, Broadcloth,
Beaver and Pilot.
Also—a full assortment  of  Tailors'  Trimmings.
Shawls,   Alpacas,   Merinos,  DeLaiues,   Furs,  Gloves,
Riding Hats, Gauntlets, Cloaks, Mantillas, Velvets,  Embroideries, Ribbons,  Laces,
Carpets, Rugs, Druggets, Oilcloths,  Paper Hangings,  Mattings,  etc. etc.,
And all other goods pertaining to the business, at the
lowest prices.
All kind.'
advance on
1&°Vp River Tinders, and the trade supplied on liberal
Yates street, Victoria. Feb. nth, 1800.
their friend*, and tire public of Victoria, ihat
they have entered into partnership to curry on the
Hardware business, heretofore conducted by Almsd
A. k A. FELLOWS are in connection with the House
of F. P. Follows k Co., Hardware Merchants, Wolverhampton, and have consequently unusual facilities for
importing English Goods at the Lowest rates. They
have also made arrangmenls for a regular supply of
all kinds of American Hardware, and hope by strict
attention to business, and to the Wants of their
customers, to obtain » continuance of their tnvors.
fl3-lm Yates Street, Victoria, Feb. 13, lSUll.
1 EMPLOYMENT WANTED by two young  men who1
*j   have been Used to tbe  Lumbering business, and
have a general knowledge of accounts.    Apply by letter
to " W. K. G." at thc office of tbe Victorin Gazette.
X. B.—All orders from British Columbia, Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by Express, or otherwise, will
be promptly attended to.
j29-tc K. GAMBITZ.
100 cases Superior Islay
otch Whiskey, in cases
1 dor. each .
"      Glc/nlivat Scotch       " '•
1 doz. each ;
Robt.  Potter k Co.'s   quarts    London
Porter,  in eases, 3 doz each;
■'   Porter  Co's pints  London Porter
in cases, 6 do-', each ;
Robt. Porter Co's quarts Pale Ale in cases
3- do7, each ;
Root.  Porter & Co's  pint Pale Ale in
cases 0 doz each ;
corner Wharf nnd Johnson Street.
Victoria, Feb'. 15th, 18G0.
HOLESALE   and   RETAIL   Dealers   in   Boots
Shoes, Leather, aud Findings, of every descrip-
iVlso—Ladies' Shoes, of all kinds. n8-3m
MEN'S STORKS—A large assortment ;
For sale by
East side of Government st. bet. Yates & .lohnson st
puchnsing, and leasing property, to negotiating
loans and transacting everything connected with Real
Estate business.
Maps of all the different Districts on thc Island may
be seen nt his oflice, Parties desirous of purchasing
homesteads, or making investments, will hnd ou his
bulletin Board, Town Lots on nearly every street;
farming or Gardening Land in every District, some of
which afford a rare chance for investment.
Conveyances, leases, kc, drawn up at reasonable
rates. f24-3m
BOILED OIL—50 casks, each 6 gallons;
For sale by
"Business hours from 6 k. u. lo 10. r. II.
MIE UNDERSIGNED having a complete stock on
hand,   is  now  prepared   to  cxecuto  any  order
pfowltn, on the shortest notice aud on the most ren-
Pable terms.
NFORMATION WANTED of jVan Bai-tibte Mas-
J_ skxa, or MasBcnat, a native of France, by His
bxcellency Marshall l'elessier, Duke of Malakoff.
Parties aware of his ivhoareahouts will confer a favor
by addressing themselves to
Law Office, Victoria.
mENDERS aro invited (or BILLS in sums not less
1 than £250, drawn ou tho LORDS COMMISSIONERS
of Her Majesty's Treasury, London.
September 7th, 1859. Treasurer.
Kitchen, Garden, Flower, Agricultural, aud the best
selected Grass Seeds.
Also a varioty of
For sale by
assortment ot
From the Manufactory of S. W. Silver k Co.,
North Woolwich,
Consisting of the following:
Non-absorbent Perflated Coats;
do do do   with Capes;
do       buttoned and plain Leggings ;
Cambric Sheeting and Alpacca Coats, with and without
Loggings;      *
Silk Sheeting   and  Alpacca Coats with  aud without
Hoods and Capes ;
Driving Capes with and without Hoods;
Water-proof and Sheeting Hats and Caps;
Sou'-westers, Napier Hats,  Storm Caps, Sheeting Helmets and Knapsacks;
Vulcanized Water Bottles, Brush   and   Soap  Trays,
Buckets and Basin ;
Sitting Bath,  Wood  side and lramed  do, Foot and
Circular do;
Mole, Jean, Reeded, Chintz and Pillow Beds, Bed  Bellows, Silk Bods;
Sheeting Bags, Truuk Cases, Haversacks, Antigropebos,
Circular Pillows, Bath Sheets;
Reeded, Divided and French Air Cushions;
India Rubber and Canvas Hose.
The above invoice is open for examination at our
oflice, and will bo disposed of at a moderate advance on
the sterling cost. SAMUEL PRICE k Co.,
corner of Wharf and Johnson sirs.
Victoria V. I. Feb. 23, 1800. j21-lm
N.   MOORE & CO.,
Have J nst  Received the
New York Retail Dry Goods House', which they will sell
at about
Charged for such Go-oils in- thia Market.
Prints, De Lines,
Merlnoes, Embroideries,
Laces, Hosiery,      Gloves,
Bleached   anil   Brown    Muslins,   Linon   and   Cotton1
Sheetings, Table  Diimask and Cloths, Doilcys
and Napkins. Silk  Handkerchiefs aud
Cravats, Gents' Shirts aud Drawers,'
Ladies'   and    Children's
Merino Vests.
A Variety of'Trimmiiigs.
To all of which they would  respectfully call Public
fl0-1 in Yntes Street, Victoria.
Cliaplll k Co.'s Male and Female Euiploymcut
Ollice, under the supervision of the Young Men's Christian Association. Particular attention paid to supplying Private families With
Also, have a House Brokerage und RealEstata Agency
Office, collect Bills, Rents, etc.
f!5-tc N E cor Clay and Kearny street.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist, Victoria.
ANTED.—A  man  to Cook, and  mako  himself
.rtiiprally useful.    Apply to the
It.   LEWIS,
'.'irncr of Government and Broiighton streets,
1'"",t; Victorin.
LEWTS, Contractor and Builder, Cabinet Maker
and  Undertaker. Comer of Government, and
"SMon streets, Victoria; m2-3m
Scotch Oatmeal.   Pearl Barley.
INEST QUALITY, Fresh Manufactured, from thc
Craig Flower Mill, Vancouver Island.
For sale wholesale, by
Whnrf street, Victoria,
Where samples can be seen.       m2-lm
Fx Atholstuu.
For sal-by      HENDERSON k BURNABY.
■ YJ-lin
ENDERS will be received up to tho 31st March
inclusive, for the building ofa Church at New
Tho Ciiuacii is to bo a Framed and Stud building,
eighty-nine feet long; fifty-two feet wide j and thirty-
nine feet high; consistingol'Nave, Chancel, vestry, recess
for Organ, porch, and belfry.
The plans and specifications may be seen on application to tho Rev. J, SnieisrsHANXs, New "N cstminster, to
whom tenders are to be addressed; having written on
left hand corner, the words " teudeTfoi Church."
JOHN SHEEPSHANKS, M. A. 1 ff    •_
WILLIAM H. McCREA. f"     isee*'
Feb. 27th, It-Hill.
— WILL  1IH—
$8 00 PER   WEEK,
ifc^-Payable in Advance.
TENDERS will  be  received  up till Wednesday,
2Dth inst., for thc erection ofa Brick Building, on
^ ates Street.
Plans and Specifications will be seen at the office of
the undersigned.
Thc lowest tender will be accopted if otherwise satis
faotory. JOHN WRIGHT,
f22-to Arohitcct, Yates-street.
I PERSONS   wishing  to subscribe to
VlcTOIUA GazkTTK, are requested to leave (
with W. F. HERRE, News Depot, Yates street, near
Wharf, ns we have conceded to him the sole right to
carry that paper and to furnish it to subscribers.
r"|1ENDER8 Will be received up till Saturday, 25th
I Inst, for tho erection of a Frame Building, on
Government Street.
Plans and Specifications will be seen at the office of
the undersigned.
The Lowest tender will bo accepted, if otherwise
satisfactory. JOHN WRIGHT,
fSii-tc Architect, Yatcs-street.
riMIK A. 1 Clipper Schooner " Nanaimo Packet," Capt.
Hzwbtt, will sail for the above Ports Weekly
For Freight or Passage apply on board.
Perfumery   and  Toilet   Articles,
Of reliable qualities.
Paints, BraahoB, Window Glass, Putty and!
V arnishes.
Raw and Boiled Linseed, China, Sperm,
Lard, Jfolcir, Neatsfoot, Coal and
For   coal Oil and  Burning  Kluid,
cfec. &C; &c.
Orders  executed  at the lowest market rates, and
promptly dispatched. dl2-3m
TENDERS will be received up till Saturday, 25th
inst., for the erection of a Suburban Villa, on the
South side of James' Bay,
Plans and Specifications will be seen at the offic? of
tho undwsignt-i.
The lowest tender' will be accepted if otherwise-
satisfactory. JOHN WRIGHT,
f22-tc •, Architect, Yatss-streat,
TYTANTED,—Female Servants, Housemaids, Go'oki
W     Nurses; and also Gardeners, Groom*.-, and al!
classes of Dom«stic and out-door Servant*,   Apply at
this office,
February 6th, I860. •*. sS-le ■
■ i
'""» "«
We are nol responsible for the opinions of our correspondent*. Every communication must have a bona fide
signature attached, to ensure publication.
[From the  Victoria Gazette.]
Doughts, Feb. Mil,, I860.
Sir.—Having noticed several statements respecting
distances from certain posts to others in British Columbia, ami further, respecting tlie most practicable routes
■to the upper country, more especially mi article by iii"
editor ol the Colonist some short time since, headed the
"Routes in British Columbia." 1 send you a corrected
Table of distances from Douglas to Cayoosh, which
should stand thus:
Douglas Portage to Small bake Lilloet...
Across Small, aud Great Lake Lilloet	
Pemberton Portage to Auderson Lake...
Across Anderson bake	
Short Portage to Seatoii bake	
Across Seaton bake	
To Cayoosh	
28 miles.
18    -
24    -
HI    -
li   "
10   -
the same, yon will oblige me by inserting the following
corrections of that report. 1 didnotsay, "that 1 could
scarcely credit that Englishmen would put up with such
a despotic form of government as existed in liritish
Columbia." Still more unfounded is the statement,
that I " called upon Englishmen to come forward
anil strive to obtain the removal of a Governor who had
proved himself incompetent, kc, kc'' On the very-
contrary, I distinctly stated that, / would take no part
m the discussion upon the subject of the Government; that
I was a foreigner, and did not consider it within my
province, ami that in my opinion the only way to relieve
us from exorbitant taxation, was to impose a tax on real
estate, ami to remove ''ie impression ofthe Home Government—that the Colony of British Columbia is able
to support itself without  aid.
1 have the honor to remain.
Yours, kc,
G. li. WRIGHT.
[We have much pleasure in giving insertion  to the
nii.l entirely concur  in most of the  sentiments
e.-ril by'the writer.   His practical views are worthy
ii-ntii.ii. ainl do him inlinitc credit.—Ed.]
Total  1H7     "
From this Table it will be feen that liny miles of this
route can be accomplished by water, anil as n proof of
the ignorance of tho < 'olonisl, of thc subject upon which |
it professed to givo such accurate information,    i   may
remark ihat the editor rather condemned tlie water travelling as a disadvantage,   but lie does not know,  even |
with all   his colonial  experience,   that goods can   lie
transported by water for half the sum they cost by land.
lt is not improbablo that we may shortly see  steamers
ploughing these lakes, if so a great  reduction   in  thel
price of provisions   will   necessarily take place.    Tlie \
water carriage for the distances I have mentioned  only j
amounts to one and a hall cents a  pound.    Where  is j
the waggon road where goods could lie transported thel
same distance for a similar amount?    Tho inhabitants |
of Douglas do not ask that theirs should  bo  the only j
route supported, nnd wish Hope and  Yule every sue- j
cess, and that they may get a waggon road to tlie   into- j
rior, but do not want any more trails, they being of no
use.    The only cnance of cheapening  transport is by a
good system of roads, and let money be borrowed   for
their construction.    What would a debt of £200,000 Into British Columbia, witli ils vast resources, if they could
only be developed, nnd they never enn be,  until  funds
are obtained to iid the hardy pioneers now  struggling
under so ninny difficulties.    On the mule I have  given,
we have over fifty miles of ns good u irnil ns can be, and
five miles more are nearly finished, the trees being cut
away.    Ou the short portage the waggon   road  is also
completed, so that if this entire road is not  finished   I"
Cayoosh by next October, the  bands  and Works   Department deserve castigntion.    The Hudson's liny Company are now sending their goods by this route   to   the
I    see   by the    Colonist    I   nm    charged     witli
being   paid    for  putting.    1 rather smile   than    feel
hurt at the imputation, but can  only  retaliate   by  as-;
swing you that my knowledge of the honesty  of your.
cotemporary editor,   from   old   Califurninn   experience !
tenches me that he judges of me by bis own standard—
'a thief thinks that every man steals.''    Let him get  a :
bait and ho will puff any body, all he has  been   trying'
for is (liko many bullies nbout London) to frighten pec-;
pie into patronizing hitn.   But his head is not oji-thej
right calibre to cany ou so deep  a  game  successfully.
Give him tether, and like many others he will hang him-!
self-hrtho noose prepared for his betters.    His   Idle   is
stirred up by the late Election, but will subside shortly, j
at least I hope so for his own  sake, for  he  is' niakin
himself very miserable about nothing.
Yours, respectfully,
Coca! Jntclliflcncc.
Tin- following reply to the Memorial  transmitted  to
the Queen by  the  inhabitants uf these colonies, upon
the occasion of the occupation of Sun Juan Island, has
been furnished to us by Mr. Dallas.
Downing-strect, 21st Oct., 1S50.
Silt,—I have received your despatch of the 27th
August, forwarding a Memorial to the Queen from certain inhabitants of Vancouver Island expressing their
feelings on llie subject of the occupation of Sau Juan
by t'ue American troops.
This address has been laid before the Queen who
has been pleased to receive the same very graciously,
and to command ine to express Her satisfaction at the
spirit of loyalty and patriotism evinced by the Memorialists.
It is Her .Majesty's hope that the Governments ofthe
respective Nations will be able to settle this question iu
a spirit conciliatory to the adjoining country, and satisfactory to the colonists.
I have, &c, kc,
i Signed) NEWCASTLE.
To Governor Douglas, G. B.,
kc, kc, kc.
To the Editor   Victoria Gazelle.
Sir:—Referring lo my laic communication upon the
decimal question, 1 would now proceed to show that
there would then be no difference between simple
arithemtic, and money arithmetic.
Our present account hook monies, aro pounds, shillings, pence, farthings; 20' to the pound, 12 to the shilling,  -1  to  the  penny.     The decimal  account  book,
monies would be-—pounds,  florins,  cents, mils.     Into
the pound, 10 to the florin, 10 In Ihe cent.    It would of
course bo open to every one  to keep   his  books in the
form  most  convenient   to himself.    Some would   use:
the columns as they are. nud under the decimal system :
would place pounds in the pound column, florins, cents, ■
and mils in the second; but the figures themselves would j
be  the same however written, and would stand in the j
same simple  arithmutical relation lo  each  other.    It
would not mailer  whether the figures we.e   written I
£l.252,or £1 211, a cents, 2 mils.
With the decimal monies of accounts, we should have
simple-arithmetic.  The figures o, -1, 5, 0, would stand in I
prosistly the same relation to each oilier, whether they i
were to be read as  three  thousand   lour  hundred nnd |
fffty-six, or as three pounds, four florins, live cents, six
mils.    If we had to subtract  from  lhc 3456  878,   il
would make uo difference whether the figures  were  to
be rend three thousand four hundred and fifty-six,   and .
eight hundred and seventy-eight, or three pound-;,   four j
florins, five cents, six mils, and eight florins, seven cents, j
eight mils.    The sum would oo worked iu precisely the |
fame way in both cases, and the answer (2578)  would;
be the same whether it were to  be   read  two thousand'
five hundred and seventy-eight, or two pounds, five florins, seven-cents, eight mils.    If we hud to multiply by
ten, we should udtl the  cipher  at  the end—the  3456*,
would, as-simple numbers, then be rend. 34,500, nnd as
money £34, 5 florins, 6 cents, 0 mils.   The change to
the simple decimal system can lie made nt once, without
anything either to learn or  unlearn.    Instead of compound arithmetic, wc should  have  simple  arithmetic,
which is decimal.    The change can be made  with   but
little disturbance of any existing ideas as to money or
value, and it will bo a disgrace to the age in which  we
live if the change no not instantly made.
Surely it is not without avail that, the decimalization
of our currency and accounts was urged by Lord Wroth-
esly, in 1824; by Mr. Babbage, in his Economy of Manufactures, in 1SD2 ; General Pascly, in 1834, in an
elaborate work detailing the numerous varieties, especially of measures In use throughout the Kingdom; by
Professor de Morgan, in his Companion to the Almanac for 1841—48 and 53 ; by the Commission for the
Restoration of the Standard Weight and Lineal Measure,
appointed by Lord Montreal in 1838; by Dr. Bowring, in
the Houstrof Commons in l84t,from which the first prncticl
steps in advance wcre taken by Ihe issue of the florin,
bearing on it tbe words, " one-tenth of n pound:" by the
Parliamentary Committee in 1853 ; by Sir J. Bowring
in his able work oiftjecimnls, published in that year;
and by the second Commission, n distinguished member of which, in 1853, wrote tothe Chancellor of the
Exchequer, urging the completion of our decimal system
of coins irom the pound to the thousand of a pound,
and who, in their report in 1854, felt it incumbent on
them, although the coinage did not form a part of the
enquiry referred to them, again to enforce llie importance of carrying into immediate effect a change in our
coinage, which would so much simplify all monetary
calculations and accounts. There can be no doubt
that the change would be hailed by the whole community as the greatest possible boon. Why, then, is not
the Proclamation trumpeted? simply because we will
live  behind  the ago I
I shall, in my next letter, advert tn ths subject as
taken up by yonr correspondents "British Cciumbian "
'.'O.'-P. Q:" and " Viator," although I confess that 1
should prefer meeting the statements authenticated by
the author's name, so as I may know what weight may
ie attached to his opinions.    Meantime, I remain,
Yours faithfully,
D. G.' F. M.icdoxali).
February 27th 1860.
To the Editor  Victoria Gazette.
Victoria, Feb. 28th, 1800.
gIX : As some misrepresentations of the remarks mado
by me at tbe mule tax meeting, occur in yonr report of
Philharmonic Concert.—On Monday evening, a
concert was given by the Philharmonic Society, in the
hall of tlie Court House, James' Bay, which was kindly
lent for the occasion. The room was tastefully arranged and brilliantly lighted. The Orchestra opened
the performances with the "Palmero" Quadrille, and
its improvement stneo the last concert was most
agreeably apparent: where all the performers acquitted
themselves so well, it would be almost invidious to
select any individual for particular praise, yet at the
same tine we cannot forbear expressing our approval
of the masterly manner in which Mr. Coote Chambers
rendered " Ah die la nmrte," that beautiful morcoau
from Le Trovatorc, on the cornet-a-piston. Considering it was this gentleman's first appearance before the
public, the self-possession, taste, and nerve that he
displayed were remarkable.
Madame Haulier's performance of "La Prima
Donna," and Madile. La Charme's spirited interpretation of •• Flours do Marie," were both excellent, and
deserved the encores thoy received.
The universal' favorite, Master John Bayley, added
ono moro laurel to his wreath, by bis execution of
•' Do Beriot's Solo'' on the violin. This young gentleman who. we are delighted to see has no less modesty
than gen-us, each time be appears affords more promise
of future excellence, and does the greatest credit to his
father's careful and valuable instruction. The chorus
emulates the Orchestra in n spirit of progression, una
we have reason to hope that the socictv, by practice,
and augmentation of its numbers will in timo, be able
to produce some of the great works of the first masters. Tlie female voices on .Monday ndded much to the
effect, and the encore of the. " Massauiello Chorus" was
well earned.
Tlie Governor and party, the Attorney General, and
most of the elite of Victoria wcre prescnl.
After the concert, nbout forty of the members of the
society sat down to an excellent supper at the Colonial
Restaurant. The host feeling prevailed, nnd many-
good things were both snid and sung. The absence of
the worthy President ofthe society was greatly regretted, but he was not forgotten ; his health and that
of their popular secretary, having boon amongst thc
honored toasts of the evening.
Free Stone.—Wo are informed that Salt Spring
Island free stone will be used in the construction of
the Assay Office at Xew Westminster. This stone will
prove a source of profitable investment before long,
unless we are very seriously misinformed.
BoiiiER Making in Victoria.—We nre pleased to hear
that this important branch of work is commenced in
this town. Messrs. Watson and,. Kane, have a new
tubular boiler, ofthe best construction, in progress for
the steamer Caledonia; and another in band for the
Julia. Wc hope before long, that any repairs, however
extensive, for cither steam or sailing vessels, may bo
completed here, and the necessity which now exists for
going down to San Franciso, will bo obviated.
Nkw Desobiptioii op Conveyance.—On next Tuesday,
the Colonist says " the, Policemen are going to Quesnelle
river ou next Tuesday!! 1"
Not Correct.—.V rumor obtained circulation that
Capt. Franklyri of Port Douglas was tho author of fl
letter which appeared in our columns, sighed "Tenass
Mosquitoe." We beg to givo it our unqualified contradiction, and further to say that Captain Frnnklyn has
never written a line for this journal, .under nny name
The Oomelza.—We are informed that this vessel
sold, by auction, for §3,000, and re-sold a few hours
afterwards, by private sale, for 8l,.'i00—good spec.
BENIGHTED.—Did the Colonist never hear ofa vessel
being on the berth several weeks before arriving in a
port? The editor will-jot be-Kn'ghtnl moro certainly by
going home ns a delegate ! ! !
We are indebted to purser Lowell, nnd Wells, Fargo
k Co., for Eastern, California, and other exchanges per
Eliza Anderson.
Washoe Mines.—-It is computed that 810,000,000 in
silver will bo extracted from those mines nt the present rate. "But" says thc Alia "most, of the mines me
of such a nature that they cannot be developed without
capital, and those who run about the country with their
blankets strapped to their backs, will find that thoy nre
in the wrong box if they come hero. Neither is it. worth
while for those who intend to spend thc summer in
prospecting, to come without animals, as avast amount
of dry arid country will have lo be travelled over before much can bo done, its most of the mineral ground
near the towns is now claimed, nnd can only be acquired
by purchase.
Baiiic Athelstan left the Downs Sept. 10th—touched
at, Valparaiso, and arrived here Feb. 28lh, in 170 days;
—brought a full cargo, und the following passengers :
Mrs. Crease, Sent, inid three children. Mr. B. Leonard,
Mr. Fitzstubbs,   Mr. Walker, nnd four in tlio steerage.
With reference tonn almost tvhintelligablolotter which
appeared in the Colonial yesterday over thc signature of
Wm. Muir, we have only fo sny that his statement is
entirely incorrect. The conductof all parties concerned
in tlio transaction referred to, in our last, wns
so highly straightforward, that we deeliuti any further
notice of it .
Tho Chairman of the Great Eastern Steamship Company, iu a report to the shareholders, says that tlft
all'airs of the company arc In a much better stale than
represented; much oftho present trouble arises from
dissensions among the directors.
The John Bull newspaper say.-: "The dissensions
j which we described last week as existing in the Cabinet have been but very imperfectly terminated. To
such an extent had they progressed at one time that in
ia few days the Duke of Newcastle, Mr. Gladstone. Mr.
I Sidney Herbert, and Mr. Cardwcll, bad actually given
in their resignations. We believe it is even now doubtful how far Mr. Gladstone is to be considered a member of the Palmerston cabinet. We believe that the
only way iu which thc conflicting Ministers could be
persuaded to adjourn their antagonisms was by determining on the production of no less than five different-bills, each presenting ils allotted portion of the
great Reform measure. We presume that the object to
be attained by thus splitting up the unfortunate Reform Bill is that some one or two of the component
measures may be treated as open questions, and thus
that Mr. Gladstone nnd his friends, if they and the
Russell section cannot agree in the minimum qualification foi u borough vote, may at least agree to differ
on that point without making shipwreck of the other
provisions of the plan, or compelling tho administration to abandon office."
The Right Hon. Lord Macauley, better known as
Thomas Babbington Macauley, expired in London on
28th December, of disease ofthe bean. In this accomplished noble man, thc world has lui-t its most brilliant
literary character as an essayist, political writer, and
historian, Lord Macauley was without an equal, England has bad cans'' to mourn the loss of several of her
mosl brilliant geniuses during 1859.
The remains of Lord Macaulay were lo be interred
in Westminster Abbey.
Alberl Smith has had an npopletic attack, ami ut the
latest accounts was in n precarious condition.
The Duke of Cambridge was at Ifoolwich, on the
18th nit., to inspect the troops and batteries of Armstrong's guns now ill store.
The approaching marriage of Miss Dolby with M.
Sainton, die eminent violinist, is announced in England.
The Diikc of Northumberland has given orders for
the construction of no less than a thousand new and
comfortable dwellings for laborers.
The city of London Court of Sewers have decided on
making a six months' trial of the orderly system of
street cleansing, commencing from the 1st of January
At Dargan, in Clare, a fox entered a cabin, seized an
infant from a cradle, and carried it off. The fox was
pursued, and dropped the child ; but so severe a wound
had been inflicted in the infant's throat that it soon expired.
The Limerick Chronicle states that an "orderhas been
issued to such commanding offiicers as are in the habit
of cursing and swearing when giving orders on parade,
to desist fron such vulgar and degrading practices, or to
retire from the service.''
A circular has been issued by the Admiralty directing that all subordinate officers (except clerks) serving
ou board her Majesty's ships having steam-power, bo
instructed in the knowledge ofthe component parts of
the engine and boilers, and in the practical working of
the machinery.
Two churches in London, viz., tho Church of St.
Stephen, Westminster, and Christ's Church, Broadway.
Westminster, nre open all day for private worship, or
for inspection. It is tho particular desire of the clergy
that no money be given to tbe attendants.—English
The Spanish Government are snid to have conceded n
grunt of 251} square miles of country on the banks oftho
(iaudalquiver, in the provinces of Andalusia and Estru-
iimdiira, "containing more than 160,000 acres of land,
of the richest quality," to be colonized In Irish settlers,
to whom groat privileges will be granted.
The weather had been unusually severe in London.
Water backs in kitchens were exploding in consequence
of water being let into them too suddenly while chilled,
and show bottles in chemists windows wcre bursting.
The Serpentine had been thoroughly bridged over with
ice, and it was recorded ns a remarkable,circumstance,
that 12,000 skaters should have been gathered upon it
at one time.
The New York papers publish tlie news of the rich
discoveries on the Upper Fraser River.
The Atlantic papers nre full of horrible details ofthe
catastrophe at Lawrence, Mass. More than 200 persons have lost thoir lives. A subscription of §1500
has been already subscribed for thc relief of the sufferers.
The United States Government have not returned (as
reported) the respectful protest of Miramon against
the McLane Treaty. The administration is nut. anxious
to hurry ou tlio Mexican affairs until il can foci its way.
The present prospect- is decidedly against the ratification of the above treaty.
A scheme for the conversion of the public float of
Canada into one consolidated five por cent, stock, has
been officially promulgated in London. The liabilities
of tho colony are stated at £11,500,000.
Through the kindness of Mr. Lowell, the purser of
the " Eliza Anderson," we have received papers in
advance of the arrival of tho mail*steamer " Panama"
Royal Hotel.
Board, per week 87 to 88 00
Board and Lodging, per week Slo 00
Wine, Ales, and Liquors of tbo best description.
Private Rooms for Families.
fgJF A large HALL suitable, for  Balls  or   Public
Meetings. JAMKS WILCOX",
d.'i-tc Proprietor.
S K L I M    F R A N K L I X    k   C O.,
auctioneers and land agents,
Yntcs street, Victoria.
|i Farming Lauds disposed of at public and private
Sale. Surveys, Plans, Deeds, Mortgages, and Agreements prepared by competent parlies attached to tin
llice. Merchandise, Household Furniture, kc. disposed of.
Auvancks made on- Consignments
Gold Dust. Purchased.
millS HOUSE bus been newly fitted up and entire 1
1    renovated, nnd is conducted on the ikropeWi plan
The Table will bo  supplied with   the best, the  market
Board and Lodging 87.00   }
Single Meals     50
Thc travelling public are requested to call.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership formerly existing botwooii Gboikib W. Peterson
und 'Lewis Cami'iii'i.C both of Lytton, British Columbia,
was dissolved ou Ihe27th January, 1860, by mutual consent, and from that .date, I will not be responsible for
debts contracted in the iianiu' of Peterson k Co.
' (1. W. PETERSON,    1
Lytton, Liritish Columbia, Feb. Gib, I860,     l'lY-'lt
1 TENDERS are invited for supplying either of the
following articles for the space of six mouths,
from uml after the first day of April; either at New
Westminster. Langley, or Douglas; in such quantities,
and at such times as may lie required.
The prices to be stated in English currency, and tenders to be delivered at the Office in Victoria, not later
than the 15th of March.
Fresh meat of good quality, to consist |
of four-fifths Beef, and  one-fifth unit- J-    per lb
ton or Pork. J
Fresh vegetables of good quality, to "|
consist  of nine-tenths  potatoes, and I U
one-tenth   onions, or vegetables   in
season, in proportion of one-tenth.      j
Bread of good quality. per lb
Xote.—The average supplies hitherto required, have
been about 12oii lbs. weekly, of each of the above
For the undermentioned  Groceries : samples  to be
sent nnd duly numbered to correspond «ith the Tenders.
Tea,   black ; per 1000 lbs.
Sugar, brown, do
Coffee, ground, do
Coffee lie.ins, roasted, do
Snap. English yellow, do
Pepper, blk grc d, per 100 lbs.
Pepper, do com-, do
.Mustard, (in tins) do
Candles, do
Matches, boxes, per dross
Oil, Lamp, (common) per Ion galls.
Tobacco, (shag) per luu lies
Bran, do
Currants, do
Salt. do
Vinegar, per luu galls.
Peas, split, per 100 lbs
Acting Colonial Commissary.
Victoria,  Feb. 27, 1800. f28
I  1ST OF ALL LETTERS   at  present undelivered I
j   that have arrived ut this office from all quart    I
up lo this date.
Angelo P
Allston Esq
Allot T G
Bridges T
Boyd J S
Brown R II
Brown T
Bunster A M
Brown W K
Bra.lv G W
Bans'J L       (2)
Buchanan C
Bean E T
Bouncy E B
Bloom E
Bourgeois C
Bell Mr
Carroll B
Cruwell W  L
Cormnck J
Coisholm W
Campbell 11
Caiman  X
Coxon  Mr
Caloanine A
Dennis W
Davis ,1
D.il,In F A
Davys T   I!
Di-nmaii  1'  I.
Deighton It
Deigliton .1
El ricks W J
Ellis C G
Elliot J
Erickson E
Fay J
Francis W P
Frasser D       (2)
Foulat Mons
George G O
Do Garro P
Graham T W
Gourly .1
SEALED tinders in duplicate will be  received  for u
Trail to be made from Xew Westminster to  Seroi-
ahiiioii, commencing at a point on the river bank oppo- j limit. .1
.-iie the City and proceeding in such direction, mid f jnn-  Hoev R
oil in such a manner as described in Specification which ! 11ant Cnpt J A
may be seen at the office of the Chief Commissioner  of How .1 II
Lands   and   Works,   Xew   Westminster,    between   the llumuhrcvs J 15
hours of 10 a. in, and 12  noon,  from the 24lb inst,, up  Hulincs J C
to llie lfitii March next inclusive, aftcrwhich  dale   nu I Hydo G N
Tenders will bo received.
The payment for the above named service to 1"- alto-!
gcther in Rural Land, valued at ten  shillings per acre Johnson, .1
witli the special privilege of immediate selection  from Johnson, Mrs F   (2)
surveyed or unsurveved hinds  (subject to  reservation Johnson, A
by Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for the Pub- Johnson, X C
lie Service) and the land so selected will be retained by |
Government for tho Contracting Party until the wjbrk Kirkwood, J
shall have been completed to the satisfaction  of said  K.'iinedy, J
Chief Comm.ssioiicr.
R. C. Moony,  Col, 11. E.
anil Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, li. C.    j Lipsett, R       (2)
Victoria, V., I. 20th Feb. 1800. ! '"v'""• ,Mra A
 ...                     . j Lenox, I'
SEALED TENDERS in duplicate will be received for!
constructing a Wagon Road, extending from Fori  Me-mier, 1.
Yale by  the  rocks  along  the first  pass, to " Hudges'  McCoinbs,        (2)
House,''mi Frascr  River, a distance  of about 5 miles. [Meldrom, T
more or less. i McDougnll, P M
Specifications  to be seen, and information obtained [ Midwinter, Mrs
at ihe ollice of the Chief Commissioner of Lauds  nml | Mit<-liell. S
Works. New Westminster: and at his office in the Pub-  More, Rev .1 T
lic Buildings,  Victoria, V. [., between the hours nf io  Marshall, 11 .1 K    -
and 12 a. m., from the U'dh inst, up tothe lath proximo, jMoore, W        (21)
nfter which no tender will be received.
Thel owest or any tender may be rejected.
rjM-'NDERS are required for the funds necessary  for
[j the construction of the road from Port Donglas
along tlie llarrisoo-Lilloct trail to Cayoosh.
The Amounts advanced will be secured upon Ihe tolls
levied upon the road, and will be repaid from time to
time out ofthe moneys received in respect of Iho tolls.
Further particulars may be obtained upon application
to the Treasurer of British Columbia.
By order of His Excellency the Governor.
W. Di'.istiii.i, Gosset.
Feb. 20| b,  1800.
r*pilE Government of British Columbia will give a
j' premium of one hundred and fifty dollars to th'
person who will first place a steamer for the carriagoof
I'a.-sengei's and freight, on Seaton Lake: a like amount
to the person first placing a like steamer on Lilloet
Lake ; and a liko amount to the person first placing a
like steamer on Anderson Lake.
By order of His Excellency, the Governor.
William A. G. Yorxri.
Acting Colonial Secretary.
.11 Xw,  I860".
NOTICE is hereby given to tho o persons who may
not have paid in full for Town Lois purchased
by them in the above named City, thnt the balance due
from thom on said lots will be received by thc Treasurer
up to tho 31st March inclusive, alter which all lots for
which the purchase money has not been paid iu full,
will bo forfeited.
R. 0. MOODY,
Col. It. E., and Chief Commissioner of  l
Lands  uml   Works,  Ii. C. j
Victoria, V. I., 18th Feb., i860.
ANY person or persons holding titles for town lots
at Lungley, may transfer the same in purt pay
iimnl for nny lot or lots they have heretofore purchased
or which they may purehiisc nt Now Westminster, at
tho forthcoming sale of Town Lois by Auction, on the
nth of April next.
R. 0. MOODY, Col. R. E.,
Chief Commissioner ol Lands nnd Works, B.C.
Victoria, V. I., 18th February, 1800.
rinE.NDl-'RS on the above conditions will also be ro-
_J_ celved from tlie Kithinsf, tothe lotli proximo, for
bias!ing und removing the rocks which impede the
navigation of Eraser River near Emory's Bar.
R. C. MOODY, ('tn,. R. K.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Victoria, 13th February, 1800.
A son of Erin once gave the following loast:—" Here's
wishing you may never die, nor nobody kill ye, until ye
knock vi r brains out against the silver knob of your
own door."
As- ingenious Yankee, has invented a whetstone to
sharpen thc appetite.
Mutches, Cnft J
McLenn. I>
Muv, S P
Mcintosh, Miss M
Montgomery. W
Marrlielte. Moil
Mclntyre, J
Niirrc. Mrs C
Norn. Mrs S
Ogiloy, J D B
Ochcner, K
I'ierben. Mrs
I'orter, J
Palmer, C \V
Potter. S J
I'igott, T J
PidWell, J
Quivers, A
Ron I ledge, J S
Rapelgeo, J W
Richards, S
Scott, W A   [2]
Sylvis, Nil
Silversmith, J   [2]
Shea, M
Suisse, Mons
St George, S
Smith, F E
Stickle, J 13
Short t, L II
Snialley, T
Sheppard, L S
Taylor, II B
Thompson, G
Thome, O
Thomas, G P
Thompson, J
Van Home, K S    [2]
Viacara, Mr
Wade, J E
Walker, II
Waters, T T
Watt, W
Walker, II P
Willoughby, Mr
Willimns, O II
Whitford, A T    [2]
Wright, W
Adams M (3)
Adams W (2)
Archibald D '
Bmmfield J
Bochon O
Bannister J Q
Bercher D
Bertcand J C
Bishop D M
Bell W
Banks J H
Broom E
Booth G
Bonnet Mons
Browne W A
Beaver J
Ccnie P Mrs
Carrigher J
Crtini J
Cohen II Mrs
Colo W P
Cooper II M
Cunningham J
Coleman C
Rudy J
Dominico Ferro Sip
Donnclan P
Donaldson J
Durro D
Downie Major
Edwards F
Elliot A
Exavier G R
Eugroin II
Frontin .1
Fonthcrstono Dr
Falker 11
Gould J T
Gibson J E
Gandeo A
Gloster E
Gerard J
Hamilton, J W
Handcock. Mrs H >I
llaviland, W II
Hoffman, A
Harris, Mrs T
llcw. .1
Hcrrc, Mr
Jessamin, J
Johns. T    (,'i)
Jones, Mr
Johnson. Mrs II J
King. R
Kellow, G
La eigne, M
Leuvitt, W IJ
Lis. M   .1
Murphy, •'
Markham, M L
McDonald, 1)       (2)
Melton. B
Major, O
MeDotigal, W
Mayers, Mr
M'iii.n.tld..! D
McKean, D       (2)
Miller. W
Meivin, J A
McMillan. R
Milti.nl. T
McGnrvan. M
McCube. P
Mercer, Miss G
Nelson, K G
Nottnieyer, F
Ocmi-ndcr. ('apt
Oman, O O
Phillis Randall, Mrs
Parks, T
Piiiini, A
Pierce, T S
Pelibcan, Madame
Palmer, G
Quoster, Nancy
Robert, S Mon    [2]
Ruiubobl, J
Richardson, J
Show, W    [211
Sheppard, 11 S
Smith. W lv
Scott, J
Saywnrd, P    [2]
Silcock, B
Snowtleii, J,
Slewnrt, A F
Smith, W
Sheppard, T
Toman*, L
'fay, G E
Tolesoin, S B
Toiiguo, W
Trognou, Mndumo
Victor, B Mons
Votriin, B
Webster, Mrs M A   [-t'i I C
Weir, J I !
Wallace, G
Wilcocks, A
Walton, J S
Wcenis, J
Wright, G B
Warner, J
WHOLESALE  and  RETAIL  Dealers  In """J
Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of evcryj">^' p
in .    Also—Ladies'Shoes, of all kinds.
Printed for the Proprietors, every Saturday, ■'> . J
Aim MuCluiie, at tho office oftho "New -We.«», ,,
Times," Liiiigli-y-Htt-oet, oft' Vntes-stroet, \W ■
the Colony of Vancouver Island.


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