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The New Westminster Times Feb 2, 1861

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20. toi iii
ptnA% |*Mtg 2, met
(5fa»» Thc London Times.)
.Anf-'tria-- obstinacy has hecm tried in old
times against the Tarii, the Prussian, and the
prenehman. and has come out of many encounters, if not conquering, at least nnoon-
quered- It is impossible to dispose of a
dynasty and a race -which has stood undismayed in so many disasters, and has stir-
mounted so many difficulties. "Within the
next few months, however, the antique -frame-
■work of .Le Empire- may he exposed to heavier shocks than it has hitheito felt. There
are some who are ineeduloas as to another
Auj-irian war That they have many argn-
nu-nts on their side ofthe question earn..,! !>e
doubted. All policy, prudence, good sense.
and military calculation tend to dissuade ihe
Italians fiom attacking their enemies in Verona. Even now the dominion of Victor
Eraaumael over the southern part ol the Po....
insula can hardly be called secure. He is
annexing great terrilories to his own under
thc hostil* eye ol the Northern Powers and
the capricious nonchalance of France. The
non-intervention which allows bim success is
only a sell-imposed restraint of one great
State, and might be discarded .lO-morroW, to
the uiter ruin ol Italian hopes- The Sovereign whom we may now call King of Italy
i> at the head of twenty-two million souls, but
this great dominion requires consolidation,
control, and instruction in all tbe duties of
citizenship. There is not. and cannot be for
years, a strong Italian unity- Tbe l'ie.itnon-
tese have beaten the foreign troop9 in tlio
sen ice of tho Tope, and they have defeated
the native armies ot the King of Naples. Al-
thoneb tlie great number of the Neapolitan
peopfe have voted the Crown to Victor Em-
manual, yet it would show ignoranco oi human nature to suppose that ihey can be free
Irom jealousy of the army which lias emtio
among them to finish llie defeat of their iate
t-'overeign. Although tlie ''iedmontese Gen-
rals have taken care to avoid as much as possible a contest witli tho Neapolitan forces,
they have been obliged to give battle twice,
and, .raving gained easy victories, they are
now driving tlie enemy into a foreign territory. With a powerful if not a numerous
section of the Neapolitan peoplo wounded in
their personal vanity, with the inhabitants of
Umbna and the Marches just severed from
thc oldest and most unyielidng tbrono in Europe, and with a great French garrison at
J-ome, it would seem wonderful thnt any politic Sovereign or thinking people should meditate a war against thirty-live millions of
Austrians, strongly posted in (he country
they occupy, and possibly supported by the
whole lorco of two other first-class Slates-
Bnt tho Italians in this matter Rro not a
thinking people. All accounts agree in representing that tho desire for war is so strong
that tho new King of Italy will have much to
do to restrain it. Success, wondoi'All,
unheard-of, has naturally rendered tho Italians incredulous o. defeat- After what has
beer, done with Garibaldi's ' Thousand,' they
may bo pardoned for believing that enterprise and courage may do anything. But
six months ngo a small party of ill-armed
Volunteers landed on the Sicilian coast, headed
by a partizan leader. This handful of men
had been condemned by tbe opinion of European Governments and disavowed by the
King whose flag they claimed as their own.
Daring has triumphed over every difficulty,
and before the year comes to a close the little
force of Garibaldi lando J from his two hired
steamers will have founded a great kingdom.
To tlio enterprise of one man, blamed, derided
and ridiculed in the highest place,., Italy
owes her existancc as a nation. Is she, then,
'lot justified in believing that her safety lie-,
in daring, and that no taint heart will over
achieve her independence or consolidate her
lilcrtics? It is almost announced that
Austria is to bo attacked in the spring. The
regular Picdmonteso army is large, and
Garibaldi on taking his departure told the
.Italian peoplo that they must prepare for a
great, war, for which a levy in mass would be
required. Theso various warning-i cannot be
overlooked- Wc do not pretend to penetrate
the secrets of Victor Emmanuel's Cabinet,
but, to do Count Cavour justice, be is not a man whose
•'hemes require much penetration. He has all nlong
had only one policy—to attack Austria at the. first favorable opportunity,—nml when he has made sure of
«* ranee he will assuredly hasten the conflict as mnch M
possible. The Cabinet of Turin may be depended upon
"y the patriotic Italians to make no delay in the prosecution of thc war. Everything which has recently
come from the Picdmontese Chancery,—every speech
nom thc Pie.imont«.„e Chambers, .show that the Italians
are determined to provoke their enemy to a new conv
oat. They trust in France, in the synip-uhy which
'heir name and history excite in Europe, and in tin na-
j"-e strength of which they can now bowl. U tu*y be
tout Italy unaided may not, be able to cope -villi the.
•orc.s of the Austrian Kmpire, bnt tha fr.-lra.n_3 are
fitaer not of this opinion or they expect, to be assisted
fa large foreign army, ar. any rate t.he.y -.re preparing
,r war, and the little State, of Sardinia has now an
»hM.0f *'W.'*00 mt:n> W'f'houf. counting the regiments
"ich may he rsised in thi new arovinefis subjected to
••"• national Kincr
■     .       . o.
yi,nr. >„,, i,. is i„ tin- nature oi military sei-viee to raise
tbt intono!-combatant to tbt It-vol of tbt iitxi, who Imk
bmttoi, bim, anil AiiBtriiii, olbcur.. though tJIUCtjbib „•
Blftgertta una .•o„f„..>.t m SolfaiiJno, i„„y ii,„igouiusitjod
rosolotion in ii„i'i,i,di,,j, „ grttfti eytitam oi foweswi
v.hir.l: ,.,'t i.li-,iig|,t ro >,,■ M,t l„>i, bliiwurk of clit Empire, if. thon, lbt•.■•hole AiiHti'iKi, nri.iv coiila bt
brought 'l"wi, iigKiiiHi tbt tr.tlians. if tbt' other province* could not only bt ti-ii-:.,.-! to rem.in ..,,i„., but
v.'oiiiti give i),tii- whole force to .be prosetMrtion d} the
wur. tbt pr«apetits ol tbt Tt-iliiuifi would otSt be clici'r-
i.ip i'lilt'.'. Trance ubonld interttrt — u thing not
iil.--.ly. should the Ifkliiii,.; begin the v.'fii'„ni„.t:ili„hlv—
n ci.mp'.ipi, might fcoSUW&e Hi, hope, ol tbt new kingdom foi miiFiy yew'.',, and. ptrbi.ps. diminish rt__ hiu-dh
-v.-r.ri len-itorv.
But  Hit   internal Sttute of Ansli-ia becomes ,verv day
more jrt-ee.iii-ioiiK.     The '.nrnwipmiWe  ihe  Tni.f.V  de-
1''i'm'n,t(i. t.honp-li tht mosl motlcnti-.   of rebel ..    They
do noi. like I lit T'rench   in   their various  revolutions',
seek   to ortrilin.« n dynwc .   or.   like the   li„li,,7,c   in
their   If.te   rti-iiggle.   to drive out the foreigner.     Thev
aire so far „eqr,;„.cer,l in the present dyrmsiy thnt thev
io riol v, ish for any oilier, arid, although tlie   (Jermnn's
are to tht Magyars at foreigner-.,   ye, mo toiim   oi   lhe
former race art settled in the eonnl.ry ___&.   no' ihonghi
of a general ft* puis ion can be entertained.    1.„l lhe  determination to insist on all'he old hit lorica! rights  of
the  coi'mm   is  as  firm as eve,, and.   in ease ol   iheir
Tie.ing refui-ed, the people are quite ready to assert them
hy font of arms.    Tbe eslirnale ofthe 'insurreciionary
impulse  of a   country  rmisl   \ary  aeeoriiint;   to   ihe
ti'ri'ip.ramenl of 1he obseiver.     li   mi,si   be   ackn..--
ledged.     lio-never.    thai    fieeonling   10    the     most
lrii>tw-,-,rlliy siiiVioriiy there i> less discord l>e,,v,-cen the
I races, a.nd less difference of views belwecn the aristoc-
: racr an.  the  peasantry,  than-w*fl? the ease  in   i*-.?!.
, Th.n there vrcre two widely sundered parlies  in  l.un-
: gary—Iheparly wliiefi msde the  eonstitntional  move-
: ment. and lbe party which -under Kos--ntii ciM-\e;-u,l it
j into a democratic experiment.    The ,]c-co\- oi   ihe^e   ri-
x.-.lri,-. makes Hnngaiy more p.nver'n! ilian e\er.  and n
more dangerons enemy to lhe kntVl i«» _ij -tcm of gov-
: eminent.      t'ulcss   flcTr.ly o; j;e*r-.],   Hnngarv  will  be
j certain to pre its assistance ,,* lii.i. ly « timely d,ver-
i sion. We en. indeed, see l,it one ,nre ior the evils
I of Austria,   one   escape   from the ir,:ir, fti-tigcra   "iii>!i
I threaten her.   Is is to ahamion the province which  is
her vulnerable point.   Should she give ,-,p VNmc.ia ar-
: soon as her dignilj will allow, and on term'- >'o.,v-lr,it
! nilh her interest, both l.n_.l..n,l and   l'"i*ii«c» would  be
: jjhid to fee her constitute herself ,\ really strcng   l'ower
| in Central Europe,    This sarrilice would allow the Km-
j peror to make tbe concessions to llungniy which alone
can Insure the Allegiance of that kingdom.    On the
Other band)  if Austria persists in  her  present  course,
j she must sink into bankruptcy under the burden of war
cxpcnccs,   wiih nn impossible position to intiintnln in
Veneliii.   and  nn impending iiisnrrection at her  back.
her ruin is n mere question of time, and is us .oilain ns
that of lhc vassal sovereignty of Naples.
t .   'I'I I. Til A X,
fir, BHtt--ry-sf.tMSt,
S,\>, P-iavc-hog,
SOLE Af'-EVr  for Tilfon k M.'P„r!„n .!b colebrntcd
Fire-proof and   Burgh,,' Sufes.    This Safe  is well
| known in th. market for if Kh_fti'_!pa_lSea Ilr*1 ;,root'q,ml-
, it.. Iiavinir witli«t-vid   in   Oalifoniii., re Veil as in tht
I East., ihe hoitest li,-,"- known.    *We can '^cr re ct:d!'""-
I eertilietites from [larties   in on,   mining .Wilts,  where
iln.",- ut-fes have hroi, • ubje-ted to tht moBt Btvert te>.',s
of its lire-proof(|„,,l,'lits.    _Thc Safes are #?.',,red >,•, our
CoiTibi nation   l,o,-lc.    This I'-ol' is Hi   fe.y   reip.'<*l the
I mo.t secure one in nSC ; Ti reqiiir,--  the V«^- rtnd eornl,:-
i natjictn to open ,|,t safe.    Tf the key should l" <•.*■,?(:•!,,-red
from the or, ne>'. ii would be perfectly offWEl to flu por-
! sessor without his  knowledge of lhe otimbin'iti'-n: or
; menial key, whi,-), 'the owner eaWres in hiwhead
To ihost ir, want ofa reliable safe wo .offer the above
I cheaper thiin any oilier in the lbe rniirk-t.'.
I 86aS" A large assortment on hand and to arrive.
V. 'Tl?, MAX.
<)ti 5&ft*t:t€T\* fft-  'Shr. !;,rfifi'''J__'0*o.
)M*   GIN   *%•'
,ir' .*>
.!.\MKSr.\Tltl('K. and f,v. ,vrtn Francisco,
mh'21 (< Sole Agents for (.'alit'o'-nia.
B K K S !    » i I ST.    n I K SMI
AjiniRAI.ni is ,1 tobll „bsii„enee man. Me never uses
ardent spirits or even wine. Vol be bus n clear head
nml 11 strong arm.
>»er»  Austria in raaiitiy what, ..he looks on tha map,
l ,. w^*lK'her r.hiet'men ara t*vfitht from  childhood to
i*ve.—the  union  of a nno.her of States  nnder ona
ynaaty, which eomiaands 'Ma affection of all by recoff-
hav"''!*0'1 ,''-8P'-c'!in'- '•hV.* d'We»Biliif,«—-Hhen we should
,   * .''ttt* hope of ffcily winning tha fjtivadi'ihit.C-.ai or
-■ -apug an   ijpiofflinnrt-i  defeat.    The Austrian 0«a-
a.s m.-vy have been wrefc.he.dly bud in tho wur of l*5t
AND FOtt f'.ll" l'fliK "I'"
Scrofula, Morourh, ili/ensos, Hl,,'iin,,',tl«,n, C„trt„ecu.
Eruptions, Btubbrwil Ulcers, bivcr Complaint. Pj-b-
popsia, Bronchitis, .nil Rheum, l.uinhiigo, Whito
Dwellings, Hip Disease, Enlni'gcniput nf tlio
Bonos nnd Joints, Fever BortlS, Fomale
Complaints, Krysipel,,-. Lot. nf Ap-
petite, Fimplea, Biles, Uoneral
Iiuhilil.y, kc, tie
tl. t,a« If.nj tirru n ,„i>»l llnpOttalll .lenlilerBtim, In '.he |i.ll-ti__
of i,„,,ll,-l„i,, to obtain a rcni-ilj- fltnllnr In tills, n,„l flrrnrilliitljr
we flml it rosortod t„ „i„„,-,i utilTsnslly i„ nil ti.r.«*. lurn.i.iitlns
dllOSSSi nf tlio Bkl,, pn trying ,« t!,o pfttlsiicei ftfnl lllttlfttiltl 10
tl^ licnltti.    It is, ft l.iitile, spoiiollt, ft,,,! ,ll«!„r,'f,li.,,l..    It n,'ls
itintilunootuly upon the stohaoii, tl,c oiiiouIiATIoi., a,,,! 11,.
hom vie. n,,,| tl>„ntlir«H> proseS-SB, ivltlol, ftre ,,,,ll,mrlly llie refill
,,r .in:,.,'. tiiti'iTcnt i.imi'i of tnodlolne, nrn osrrloil oil ai i\n*r ••>•!>
tlniii ll,n,„Kl, ll.., |ii-i,,i,„„ iilnliiv ,if Tin. ..nn i.-ni, ihnl ni:. 1,,.
lt« grant merit i>\ iimt it mei'ln „,„l neutralises the latlVS prill
clpl'i of dlfflllSS llJtoir, led wlton Ihnl Is gotlo, Hie pyiuptii,,,- no
ceMirlly disappear. The rapidity with whirl, th- patient rpr.>v
era licaltl, ami dtreitgth umlur thla triple liillnenrn la aurprlalng,
Ltkh (,'ok-.tt, (irejon Ter., Mnrol, 11,1V,h,
Mo«ara. A. B, ft. I). Sa-iiw, Haw Yuri:: (Ipiillama,,,—-In His
aprliiff ul \$tft, whlla <>„ ,1111 u ny from ln'llumi tn thla place, ear
aldtiBt tiny wm wliiiit will, a awelllnit »,„1 aerara |,alas In Iho
In",, whirl, day hy .lay ttraw wnrap, until hlo lae» rniilracltil,
an,l hrf-nuia so painful tlial l,a aniild net wall., am! wa lin il la
carry hi,,, ahnnt llki an Infant. Wo martini Alhnriy nn III. 0,1
of OOtobar, eompl-toly worn not l,y falline. Ily llila lima ho
wna rciliiwil to a parfntt akrlalen. Hern wa ware pnnhla.l in
BOMUlt a physician (Dr. Hill), win, bonaslfy rnnfraaail lm rniilfl
not cure 1,1,„, altlt'HiKh l,a cotiM Kl. n lilm rne,l|r|ne that wnitlil
Trllrve llio pal,,. I,, thla oaiit.acy KnTielblflj) BlIISI t.o tlnne, ta
tlealh vu Inavltahla. llntast rpn,rnma,,,lp,l to try yonr Rnraa-
harllla. I prnrurril a hnttln. Altar laklnit «,n,a, ho appparpd
werno' t,„t p-TSattflfli with It, I "Maine(1 p. aarnnil nnttla,
which MtOMd I" -rrappio with Iha dlpcaaa. a„,l ransail a miraad
linprnvrmrnl: Iho aw .IlInK anil pain In Iha Ian ware rp,h,ra,l,
bia appetite Ir,,proved, anil hln coi'if hegan to ratarn. Tbna pn-
eunragtli I pUfchaiid a third hnttla; white taki:i«[ It, the swell
intra In Ma lp«s broke, and soma plana ,,. bone ,>na-Pl_thfh of
an Inch Innit camo ont, ttltt which bia legs slralehlanad and
lirale." op. Ho la now parfectly tSSOfSTta, has no appearance:
af being a cripple, a,:,! can perform most kinds nf common labor,
aa all our UtttSbOH can ccril/r.    foiifn, raspeclfnlly,
CALfilJ I>AVI!l.
Prci«<r«<l Oi sold by A. B. *-- tf. HAXtfH. Wholaaala
trmtfMS, Wi Knllon-atrppt. corner of William, New York.
For sale hy DEWITT. KITTLK fe Co., II. ,I()1fSSOJU * .:•
and UKDINOTOSf fc Co., San Kfaoclseo; KICK ft COFfIS
Marys»ille; R It. MoDOSALD St Co., S-Kiramanto; and br
DfSfgf-41 generally.
eomanTeye balsam,
for JIFLIIfED r.\Kum.
TV> dolicat* ftnwtam of U» ayalld r«nd«rs It peculiarly son
sit.lv* and llahla tt> diseaao. When, from any cause. It bacorr.es
tlfotiti, tho Innar momhrano rapidly mflamoa, and tbe eyelid
avtncM the atrongast pradispositinn tft attract to Itoclf hnmoM
from all parta of tbo body. Jfirodrads of parsons of aerofnlmw
baMt a»a dlaftgnrad by rawoass or radnosa of o.« eyelids, com-
moniy called sora oyaa, and tortured with spprohenaions of hw-
pairs,! vision, who, .ly nalnjt thla 8AtM$k\mf obtain almost
immad .ate reltaf. fa all listen, .»« ©writer tbla romody is appllad
tha Mt_.tr.
Jfaw Toair, .fnly 1S*, TSIML,
Afsasra. A B *. D. Santh: fkntlomcil,—t hare boon troiiblod
Ihr years -vlrh an fflSeHfal of tbo eyelid.., and h.we.Me*' » J."";
bor of ramedtea wltbmit axpei'lonolnir any deddod benotlt. A
few weak" since t obtained soma of yourKgMAj E*s B\raa*
and S «awar#J to the .lira«'i.„a Tho drat applloattot.
rroiSd an,-,ol,lodly iWnallolal rifej. Mid *»■« *>;>« «**J
fcalt beforo my eyelldawcM entirely nm team .iifla_utt.aU   r
PBIfc-t, i* COTS P«* **«■
froparod and sold by A. B. *%£™^TjT*
jriiaslat*. l'«0 tf,ilt_Mi-»l-_et, cornor of William, New Terk.
Per sale by DltWITT, KWTW * <>■> KJ™™* '■£$(&'
m,1 MtT>TN<*,Ti1*S' fe Co.. Sail ltm\-\sm-,t\(.h * WTO
Marysvlllo; ".. K. MoDONAtD * C*, 8s«ra«: ^i.^t*
Driigitista 0* 'Mil}*.
~ run =..I.R hy-—
,1.   y .    w ii, sod,
I",,.    10.   t'l.MMKIli-IAl.-STHRI.r,  iM.V?t   PftASt'l.r'O.
1 I'KKIi tot ittlfe B, lni'tre iiiimlior of line sivnriiis uf
r.M.irmiMi 11 .En, in everv kiinl i,l'in,,venl>lR-fi-nine
HlVg wm thy ,,f i„e„H„„.
These Iters were l.|e,l In A!,\,„,,,ln emmlv. uiuler 1'ie
?,l|,ervi=i,m of Mr. N. AV. 1'nlmer, une ul Hie tilnpt s'nill-
tn   Apitll'lstS in Hie flute.
The e.\!ensive ninnlier Hi wl,i,li 1 linve en-jntjpil in
the lire bUilltdB8gtve§ ine .■*_Ir;i l'„,'ilili-a f',,r fttFBiiblrlg
lleea in alriiutfei' „„,l lieiillhinr Mwtiriiis, nml nt ft L6WBH
1, in! Ihnn fitly nllier ilenler in the sliile.
Plill Itlstl'lietlO-l- fin- lhe li,i,imire,ue„t nf Heps. nn,1
nil 'ini'lii'iil-ir*. inopoetiii-j fliem im, Il8 Imil bl fl|i|,i.ii,_r
to ,1. V. W!t,Hir.,
nl lhe (l|-eir„,, „„,1 r,,lif,irnin l'i„vi=i,,n QfiBBI
Kl.i HI. ('„li,li,,,'i'l„l--.|ieel, i.i,„  l?,„„,-io,.„,
BkjT" Pnilie? Wisllifig Hrr*. enn linve lliptn fi,iw,n,lf',l
hy Welln Pftfgfl   ilt Ufli I I'...],re*.*, I„ ni'i- \inii   nf (jnll-
fiii'iiln, (irefi-nti, Wii-hinglijil Tenitnry, or  llrilisli (h.i-
lttmbln. jiii3-oin
AT!f> the mosf refreshing t.n.1 •.tfreeahle to-nie ever
. j>rodi,cerl, being manr,fi.<'t„rat- frmn the pnrs
.Inice of the ('rupe.'imptrrts tn the wf,i>l_, r,y,fen.
heulth. vigor snd strength. It is a ..nre preventive of
all disease, ot a hiilions niture. Costiven-ss,'.ndi-
gesfion, Fever and Agne, and reynoves frotW tho
st.iin._cl. all dullness of action.
For Sulo by all the Druggists and fjif[i»cr-filers
throughout tho United Statos.
Am Francisco.
Polo Agent for San Francisco.
mmm. w. s. mtm*wp & co1.,,
7, King Wil'lium S'ti'S^t, Strand,
doj-DO*., asoiiXiny,
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ossays, correspondents' letters, and news of " The
T-ttWB-'' I/Ottdo'V neWspiiper, everything bnt the advertisements, aim can bo sent post free to all parts Of
Vannon-vor fsiand, British Columbia, and California,
via tho I'lnilod States, for £,1 Is per qnttrter, or £4
per annum, paid in advaitcc; tliiis being " The'Timeti*
at HA'I.iT Pitict.
Subsoriptions rccoived at the oflice of the ''New
Westminster    Times,"    rtovr   Westminster,   British
> ColumMa,. ' m'i-Xj
tor r«Rirvii\« thu m,ooi»f
avd tor *rrn_ <wmc o*
Scrofula,  Rhevrnfrtfum, RHtbbofn   Utctr*,   7)yifi*pitta,  8qA
Rheum  Vt>vfr Soivx, Ei'yrtpefn*., IVmplfln. mtHh, ,*l/-»rV?«-
itylk T>hcnw\, CikHHtibHik ffritptitfhs,   Lfver   qB&C-
fiktittt, UrHiuchif-fn, Fftriftff ^nm-pfrtinU, lost of
Appetite, Oentfnl f>eh1Uty, rfe.
A plenHfnl sopply of pnrc l-.ofifi is as csscritlitl to im.mft. fm
1* l^fht, "htftt. nnfl ^ehftl (JWo^'ifi'i arc to the Vop'tahTe MntrflOrft.
When t.if proper rirrnlnHcn rf. thf vitnl flrrtf. ifi fmpcflrrt, side-
ripfs is Vhfo in^\-it!-M(. (!<AYc^rtft_^k the aecfrtfons Hocomo xin-
heftft^y, tlie IiV-T vti&olifxsb cI6^w) ^.ith impn^e T.i!e, which,
forced into the sj'Sfom, ^ftflftJft and inflnrne*; the bfOOrJ, 'cngeV.*
h&fitifc ^'TofnTa nri'l fn'finr.mf; anrl t/f". rnTV m^tfraini    The rJrpo-
Tifnrt'Of »-1xtepfi yenrs has t*nily estaMi^hftl the hijrh rcpT-tfttfOn
of this InvalnahTe mcflfcinr:   its enrative povers have heen
tV-ronehly te*«te<*l in Iting-^ranfiinfi: and oWinite cases, viit^
snch I'nvi.rinbV IWrttftS-. ft'> rr> caH Wm, tho most flattering coffi-
fnendatiOnS from eminent physiefans thtYmcrhont the cottnti'-v,
l"hc following r^commcntVitior. ii frr.m one of tho oldest physician* in N»'W London, Oonii.
Mc*:rs. A. R <t 1>. Sa-vtis; GentTertien,~Vonf Parsaparilla
has h-'cn V'ty cxrensirelv nsod in this city and the neiffhri'iring
.•Mvns. and Ko fftr as my fcnowJV-di^e t'Ttrti-.s. nnifM-miy ftdra suc-
•:'•*•. In a great vartety of diseaVea of Tone standintr. and of ft
very distress!nc and d^'ngfeWn^ character, vnich have resistt'd ft
Inn* list of rt'med.al ftvent^, it has been nsed-in many o1 them
with complete *m:ccss. and in nil with decided benefit." H Is re-
jfarili-d by the mediral ^ofeWort ns fl medicine of great efficacy
in annmeroos class oifnfteteeJS, snch a* inveterate constitutinnal
con.pla.nt*. when tbe system has been Tone mSciSco; in eases '(Sf
Ion* rise or ahnse of merenry; in rh'-nmatism of lonp standipg*
in obstinate diseases ofthe skin : In etifoehted eundltlofiS Of tfie
system; iii chronic abscesses, attended Tith proviso discharges;
d'-sen-es of tl\e brtneS; obstinate nicer*; chronic pnlmonftry ntVec-
ti'^n*; enlnrc'd if lands, and various other maladies eonticcted
Mith a depraved state of the system. Its nse Is nsnnlly fpilottTd
witli improvement of af'jvtitt* and digestion. inrW'n*;c of strergth
snd flesh, hotter rrst at ni^ht. the pro'dnction of a itaoro healmy
state of..:' M, and complete mttontMh to health.
Ivniy j-oni-s,       WM. STEftHR, M. _>.
. Trepan^ And sold hy A. R. iV tt. feANBSl Wholesftla
i)ruprists 10.1 Fulton-street, corner of WllH&m, Hew Vork.
For sale by UEWITT, KITTLE * Co., b. TOfttfSOJS 4 Ca,
sm. nKlilTN01T>-S ft-, t'o.. Sta Franciscd; IllOE it COFfclN,
Marysville; It. H. McUOSALtt & Co,, Sacramentot and by
JOh-gftlsts gynertlly.
ffElMlM MGffi S2TBI1
rnii the i-mre or
Or «ll tlie rr>m»_ll.« t-ei ,li.fe_v_,W,i iln- SUeli r .mnlnlni*, kills IS
tin- niiwt i-r-rtnlh. Sn>l l__tVU nn l",|,irio,i>, em,.t..
U ni-,t*.i-_ a ...pnitr anil p-ttnatirnt enre, xi'llh,.nt the least ro-
rtrli-tl,», t„ ,l,i.'t, ilrtnlt, ertpMurb, or i-Ha .go In n|,j)llrattbt, td
l,,uln.ss. Ont bottle Is cenemlly -iHllrlotit to enre nn.ordlnSry
trwe, n 1,1.1, ,.,„t unTt ptjneiitly illntppean after six or eight doses.
PFSBIfld end sold br •»■ R. *' ». SANps, trh„!-S_.!e
Dr,,p,|s», 10. Fnlton-S-fent, corner or WIIMam, Ne«- Tori!.
For Mil t-r DE WITT. KITTLE A t*,v, H. JOENBUN & Qo^
tint Ut.im.0TU_. Sr. llo., .an Frnnclsn,; RttlE ft COFFU.
Marr.rllle, B. H. MoDOSAliD A Oo.j Saersmento' and hj
Urunlsb genernllr.
Tffi. bu_.b_#_.g W akkivk
K 0 % L 0 'W X V '' %    1> 1 % 7. %; .
,Why arc Diseases so Fatal in Tropical Climates f
Merely bocnase,tVe. pr«_icrjbe fbr thpir effect, Ins
of their ennse, and try to relieve sytript_it^a.ii-3.t-it4 trf
ti-fkii-gnt their root..' The action of ttjesoPills fs^fe-
ciscly the reverse, They expel froth the sec'nili.VVtf-'-
ynw nnt't the fircnlation the mnrbM matter which pro-
rluces irrflammntion, pniri^ fc-vcr, debility, nnd phys-ical
flccay : nnfl rh< f'-,"i« r,f flHrasfe bfc-fig rcmoverl, fe
mnriife.tntion . vnnish. While orflintin,- rx-metlieg only
nfforrt a temporhry reiipfte to the sntfcreriVhtrrt-tStlreiie
Ptllfi annihilate the disorfler.
Ill Health in Hot flmmtries.
Preqnently arise, from   nervrms  disorders   r.-T-ictftig
the p.tion of tho honrt atifl..-lcrantrfhg ttrp .Wh titk iriii-
tnrf. '-T'-ir/ftrnV ; fheSe fine T'iHs •n'rlfrelfiiire tf/e 'tnttvtios
systom ho-ia'cver flcranj/ed, and brihf; buck health fi._Vd
spirits vhen all other 'medicine has faile"-l.
Bilious and liver 'GtiittpMHh.
Frennently leafl to thc WArst phnSeS of httttttiii tfttf-
fering. yd how many in tbe East, and West Ttittfeji, irtM
most of onr TYircign T'osscssions, are .hns afflicted, 'trti-
Tc'n'ftfring 't-Ti't. Wfflh '<>f 'Hfttc ^.ii'eefl. *iitTii-i th'c*irffra'9^;
sn^h shonld take a few bbVeS _rf theso^PillS. ftcccrrVfi'tif
to the ilu'ei'tioris .riven iVitotomS, and 'therr ailments
will qniekVy leave thcift.
Dropsical, Swellings and Turn of Life.
This is a most flisftsti-ons Vtcriofl in wmnsm's MstcnV,
it destroys thousands, the Vhole of the gross burners
rolled logitTier. and like a tide sweep tivrivy health'ftVi'd
life itself, if not timely and powmYnlly-chec-ted. Wie
most rcrtnin remedy f_.'r -ail these djW-.ronS symptttrjfl
is Holloway s Pills. Armed with tn'ft grWit nnti^tdte',
the fiery ordeal is passe'd thrbtsgi., nnd the s-r-Terer if
6'n'_fe more restored to the possession of TinViio'Jtli-'eia
health. These P1II9 are eqnnllj-efflencions in all female complaints, and obstrncti-mS at t-S'e dawn oif
Stomach and Liver 'Complirin'fc.
These ave eompft-tiri-S of the inillion. ^artic_tl-iT-y W
those in wann latitudes; few escape them; ptiff,!-*
neglected, they 1'cftfl to i'ntirtnieTabl'e AA.^itinS WSM'-.'_fiW
But why neglc-'t them when Holloway's Pills Will ?ra4r
icafe tftcm as rertainly .ill \vater rtti-^rirt^e-i .ffHeV
They relieve the bowels, purify the flnii-j1, and ihvigttr-
nte tlVc system an'd the eonstitVition at the sivijii mo'c.
The}- iii'e ifltbittcd b3; Vihnc Of s'p'cci-i- 'd'c'creeS Vh-d VHt
■lohiinions 01' dcspo'tisril, and thus nATc n^BBKrtkf^EHtt
hooschold remedy.
Df/scn'tch/ and Botvcl Compltrmtr.
These famous l^ills shottin be token once or twice _.
week bv all classes In tbl$ part of the vrbfid, by which
mcartSi none need _*_•-._■ thie tt'ttticWs tif  .hiei'e alreifitti
A  Word fo Females,
'the lorAl dcblUtJ' 'fthd irrego!-.>-!ti'os >hic_l -iWthe
lil'TTRII, 1'1,1-Alt ItA.'U... 8IDRS, HAiMa, A1.I1 PORK
i.'A.Nl'lilOS,— IJrilt-attlic, i'ltsseil am! Aihimniitine.
IiAP.lt—",I. ii.'k t'o.'s"  Ifl-ltl t-niis, in  L§6-llj: 64-81:
f. AIL— 01,1 OelflHI ami Piiik--!- Mills, sssortfed si*.ti!
N. 0. SUUAU. half bitri-ls,
DillEl! Al'I'LR-*, !i:,lf lianels.
Hate for sale, In store Ma  to nfrl, _j tlie fblibwliig
treli known braiids of
VifldlNlA MA*. tiPAtil'tJi.titl *dMt(G0.
Tjiree-fourtlis  of tlieiil are direct from the iriBiiiifnc-
tiiiers, coiiseiiiiently can ai olfereti at
coinpafjlfirely lo'iv prlt6s:
Ifu If-}'a ii mis i
T. 4 R. Hardgrove's Ptat-ii
Turpi,, k Yarbrongli's Apricot;
J. 11. (Irenner's ('ride of the Uiiibri
A. (i. Iloysler's f'riii'.;
W. Orediier's Snn;
T. k R. Jtnrdgrovc' (lolden (.ate;
A. h. Royster's Invincible ;
A. Ii. l-oy.sfer'? Mary's &WH ;
Ilartey Rirch ;
Pomona and Queen of Hearts.
Ilrighl rounds.
pf,erlPss--t. k §. Hardirove ;
dold iienf— John H. Ofean'cr;
J. Mfe Langhorn _. Co.'s Extra;
..rewers ('.old Leaf:
-ifiu'relt A Rn/ke'.. -.'nn-Cired ;
Roekadny—Ooklen Seal ;
Giralda, Wine Sap, etc.
Bright Half-Pounds
Gold Leaf— ,f. H. Greaner;
Pippin—John W. Young;
Wine Sap--Georgo W Gillian
Fancy Tobaccos ,,
Invincible Twist;
Plnnter's Pride Twist, in foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cable Tw:st, in foil;
Perfect Love, snial. plugs;
Game Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobaeea,
Hardgrove's Peerless, Kiilikiuict and __.d,lick'S Gold
Fine Cat.
John Anderson & Co.'s-Solace.
Loiillaid's Coarse Etippee kind Miiuaboy.
For sale by siiiglv cuio or jiackage.
By each - Steamer wo Mv IB l'.e.oeipt of the Choicest
Brands of Havana Seftare, selected  by our houso in
HiiiY-inn (Patmoe y Ca.) especuilly for this tr.arket.
Tho. abovo goods aro offered to tho trade by th^ single ca.-6 or package, by   JAMES PATRICK-k CO.,
mlO-ly San Francl|_o. fe
special annoyance of the Weaker s.r, nnrl whi'chv whe_l
neglected, niways snortens life, arc. tcliteVed fet, ibt
tithe belhg and preV'chVca for, .li'e tithe ro cirai, nj ti
c.Mirsn of this mild but ilVrt.-c.hgt_ S_l.df4.-Vls-.
rtolioway'i PSHi are if>e best remedy Jbi'MWi tJl ffe vvr(d
for the following aHMisiii;~ . ..
Eryslttelks        BWno an_i Qt«rV«
mm mi- ww bm$mm
Fever? ttt* iali
gllloite Co-nplalnts
mtvti bft m
Bowel Complaints
ronsllpatlon bl the
Vettertttl Afret-ltdhs
fi'etfetitld-i bftlHM
.hvii      ,
Sbre  Thibi-ts
SitaBaflfl Syhipt
Jib BBBlOTffiw
tiibtiH UlceFfi
frbfWi bl* ail Wbpbtsii: frBffl
klHds f_iil._,W'&aii^*(
I   kc, kc
Sold at the estdttltsiltticHt bt* ?_tb^§i^ MbttBWifc
Hii Strand, fribitr TllrMI Bar) LbHIlb^i   MS-. 8£ 111
resp»cti.l.li'f)rnoglst,snri-i DSftllfltfl rtic_!lfc!-lfes thtdtigli"'
out tile 6IVlll_.la world. ,
SfnT-Tltd-H Is tt cbnsldpritblt! _5tt¥_tig ht titfelHg ilift
linger sl_il>j.
if. B.—DtWt-tldtls for. Hit gtiltlttiibb tif jiatlent. In
WW. disorder nte Hlft^a iU e»cH «_)*:
CbttTIS ft MOOl-iS; AfebiitS, t_lilss:g_:j Tlfc-bM.
MHI  t'tlA^i.bUALsm
DIRECT FROM NANAIMO In any tjtiitiitfty to Stttt
purchasers.   Fbr Saib by       .   _      . 	
*_.:.« Pionbcr Wharf.
#rt' Frib..t'  Strbi-T,  Sav  Francisco, California,
WHOLaSALB DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
aria Dotii-stic ITi;|nor3, Wines, GOftfials, Syrnps, and
fcvefy jtrticle ffi tils line.
ffealerS who may favor lis with orders, litay rest ai-
Stiftd that we will endeavor to give satisfaction in the
-iHib'ifc, and dispatch iii forwarding. nl.D-tc
BY LATE ARRIVALS, the undersigned havo re
ccived additions to their hitherto well-assorted
Stock of Furniture—and now offer
Painted sets, ten pieces ;
Extension Tnbles, a and 10 feet long;
Centre Tables, serpentine and ronnd ops, assorted
sizes;    .
Card Table, harp and square pillars
Common Tables, 2 J, 3, and 3 J long:
Bedsteads, Mahogany, French, Cottage, double and
Lounges, spring seats, in damask and .eatbfr covers;
Sofas, spring seats, hair cloth, with round and pillow
ends ;
Desks, with fall and door fronts;
Cheffonlers, walnut and mahogany carved front:,
shelves, fret work;
Bureaus, one-half marble top, scroll and painted pine,
4 and 6 drawers;
What-nots, walnut and mahogany, 5 and 6 shelves;
Mirrors, in gilt and mahogany frames, assorted sizes,
for parlors, chambers, and saloons;
Children's Cribs and Cradles, also High aud Loir
Chairs, assorted sizes;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-cloth, spring sotits, carle and
wood seat, office, oak, dining Grecian cnni?,. neavy barroom, and common wood seat;
Rockers, spring seats, mahoguny nnd cane scats snd
backf*- J?**.ingt and Mm;
Sinks, Withstands, Chair Cushions, Coverlets, lowol
Ra-kir- Willow Cribs, 4c.
' *     ; "' —ALS.O-*-
Pnfc C«-lcd Hair, Moss,Wool, -wft'jptmf .^attrfati/M.
best^oatftof Pillows, all si*se_r; infeth-ijiBJMwSSKittesi ot
which- waits;* _-,->aa but the bes£ _aat«a.lSf tuui ^isur-
ante.« onr work.
Bro-id-ifireet, betw-ivn Yitt_» snitj Vi««v strei^i.,.
Victoria, V. I., April li, 1880. Ifeij
i I fe
This journal is published every Saturday morning
at the office, Columbia-street, New Westminster, in
lime for the up river and Victoria steamers. Single
copv, price Is., or 25 cents. Terms per quarter, 103.,
or $2.50; half-yearly, 18s., or §4.50, and yearly
£1 10s., or $7.50.
Subscriptions must be paid in advance.
? cts.
Ovi: Inch, on c.vder—One insertion     1 25
', '. One  month     4 00
ii " Three months   10 00
ii ii Six months   17 50
Two Inches, or less—One  insertion     2 00
<< " One month     G 00
" •' Three months   17 50
" " Six months  30 00
Four Inches, or less—One insertion     3 75
,, " One month  11 00
.' ii Three  months  30 00
Advertisements of larger  dimensions, or for longer
periods ns per agreement.
Victoria—W. F. IIeiirk, Yates-street.
Yale—Mr. Humphrey.
Port DodolaS—Mr, Tnos. Cooper.
Fort Hope—Mr. J. II. Men-it.
San Francisco—Mr. Tnos. ISoycb, corner Montgomery and Washington-streets.
Cayoosh—Mr. A. Mn.-Donald.
Nanaimo—Mr. M'lnnes.
LONDON—Messrs. W. L. Kirkland and Co., (Evening
MailJ No. 7, King William-street, Strand.
Of every Description,
Posters,   Circulars,
Bill Heads,
We have heard ofa school-teacher whose  invariable
custom was to insist on every new pupil,  no  matter
how  far  advanced in scholarship, to commence at  the
primary stage of educationandgradually wade through,
in   proportion   to his aptness, hi3  oft-repeated  tasks.
The system of policy pursued in our colonies  seems '.o
be modelled after this exceedingly  enlightened plan.
Whether as a colony we come into existence in the year
of our Lord 1858, or a century previous, the same routine  must be rigidly adhered to.    Other systems  may-
arise and governmental machinery undergo as much modification and improvement as the numerous progressive
changes in the steam-engine, still wc must guard  with
the  utmost care  our antique policy  from  innovation.
From  our high pedestal of constitutional Government
wc look down wilh supreme contempt on the miserable
Bourbon  who is  obliged to fly  from  his  crOwn  and
country  through his obstinate adhesion to a barbarous
despotism,   and yet we cling ton land system which  13
just as barbarous, just as stupid, and just as great an
anachronism in tbe present age as was the late Neapolitan Government, With the unfortunate history of the infancy of every liritish Colony staring us in the face—with
all the evils arising from speculation in the public lands
—with the enormous strides ofthe neighboring Republic
consequent  solely  on   her liberal   land  system—■with
everything  in   fact  before our eyes  to  take   warning
and   example   from—we still persist in clinging to the
monstrosity  of selling  thc  public  land  in unlimited
quuntitles by auction.
When the * Pre-emption Proclamation ' was first issued, thc great outcry was against the field it opened
for speculators, lt was therefore natural to expect that
in any future Land Proclamation this auction clause
would have been repealed. The Proclamation !
which we publish to-day affords no such satisfaction. j
It is gratifying of course to see the land reduced to one
dollar an acre ; but this very reduction so long as the
auction  system exists  on
Governor's Visit.—It was His Excellency's intention to visit New Westminster as soon as the Housa of
Assembly in the neighboring colony would be prorogued. We hear on all sides a disposition to give His
Excellency a reception worthy a Governor vtho has,
since the Municipal council came into existence, bestowed so much attention and interest on the capital of
British Columbia. AVe hope, however, our residents
will press upon His Excellency's attention the necessity
of his affording them more frequent opportunities ot
coming into personal communication with him—or in
other words, the desirability of his taking up his residence in the colony to an equal extent as in Vancouver
A Presbyterian Minister.—We arc informed that
a movement 1ms been made amongst thc Presbyterians
of New Westminster and other places in both colonics
to obtain clergymen from Scotland of their own denomination. Requests to this effect have been forwarded
to the church authorities in Scotland.
Prorogation.—The Vancouver Island House of Assembly was to have b-en prorogued last Thursday.
The House it was expected would meet again about the
beginning of April.
CrsTOMS Revenue.—The Customs revenue for the
week ending Jan. 26th were—Duties, £175 11 8: Harbor dues, £i 17 2; Head money, £3 8 0; Tonnage
dues, £20 - 7. Warehouse Fees £1 0 ll. Total
£205 19 5.
Royal Tieatre.—The members of the Dramatic
club of the lloyal Engineers gave two performances in
this theatre <u" the evenings uf the 25th and 31st of
January. On both occasions the house was filled to
excess,"the citizens having availed themselves of the
almost general invitation extended by the members ol
the club to attend. Tbe performances passed off to ihe
entire satisfaction of the audience, ihe performers
I,nving acquitted themselves of their various roles in a
very successful and creditable manner, .-bowing a decided improvement on theirfirst entertainment. Friday
evening's programme concluded with Ethiopian mi„-
strel-y, and, although their first attempt at anything of
this kind, created a great deal of laughter by their
conundrums, jokes, lecture, kc, niter which the
audience dispersed highly pleased with the evening's
Tiik Esquimalt Murder Cask.—The  case of Win.
makes  speculation  more j Millington for the murder of Robt. Combs at Esquimalt
rampant  and  enables    the  land shark    to  purchase   on the 2nd January last, was triel at the Victoria Court
more than double the quantity he could buy under the   of Assizes on Tuesday 29th, and resulted  in  the oc-
.,_     ,        . „, ', ., , ' I qitittal ot  the  prisoner.    It appears trom the  evidence
old Proclamation,     lo  put the very mildest construe- , tha,  „10 nris011f.r nm, ,•,,,,,„„■ h;1,i been drinking  to-
Executed at the most moderate charges, in the neatest
manner, nnd with the utmost dispatch,
At the Ollice of the
fefa IP^tnttit.strr  Simes.
tion on a land system of this kind, it is sacrificing the
best interests of the country for the sake of getting
hold of the purchase money sooner than it would be
obtained under an exclusive pre-emption system. The
revenue even is no gainer by the transaction, more than
the inteicst on the money ; while it is immensely injured by the concentration of so much Unproductive
land in the hands of a few individuals who never intend
raising an ounce of grain or producing a single vegetable. Wc hnve not at present in the colony any great
number of men who intend becoming actual settlers ;
but we have unfortunately an influential class of individuals who arc intent on getting hold of every choice
available piece of land, for the exclusive benefit of the
newly.arrived immigrant, who will have the option to
lease it or purchase it at n price which will repay the
speculator some 300 or 400 per cent, on the original
cost. Our inducements to immigrants, we nre afraid,
will not be much increased by this fact ; nor will such
a landed aristocracy as the auction system invariably
engenders redound much to  the welfare—either pecu-
I that the prisoner and deceased had been drinl
j gether for sonic time previous to the fatal occurrence,
which resulted in high words and considerable quarrelling. The deceased got upon Millingtou's horse,
and on being asked to get off struck the prisoner
several blows with a stick when he obtained n pistol
nml shot Coomb-, the ball lodging in the spinal column
and causing death. The jury did not consider thc evidence sufficient to convict the prisoner ofmurd»r, and
consequently brought in a verdict of' Not Guilty.' The
trial created great interest in Court during the day
and the Court-room was crowded till its close.
Tlie proprietor of the ' New Westminster
Times ' having disposed ofthe type and material connected with the office in Xew Westminster will for some time to come publish
that paper in Victoria.  All those whose terms ' niarl.v or politically—of the country.  The past, and in
some instances even the present, history of the British
colonics affords us abundant proof of the pernicious
effects of a monopolising landed interest. Independent
of the material injury which its presence at once inflicts
upon the country, a political influence i. created which
becomes henceforward the incubus—the Frankenstein
of the colony.
In no instances perhaps has this been more glaring
than in New Zealand and Australia, and we really think
that the experience of both these countries ought to
have taught our legislators a lesson in dealing with the
land question. An obnoxious Mule Tax can be repealed
and its . fleets speedily obliterated ;   heavy import and
ce,  lb
of subscription have not yet expired can have
their money refunded, or be Surnished with
the 'Times' as usual, as they may ieel disposed- Another paper will take tho place of
tbe ' Times' called the 'British Columbian.'
If it only advocate the interests which are
indicated i y its name, it will always have, in
our connexion with the * Xew Westminster
Times,* our warmest support; if on the contrary its principles be at variance with the
best interests of this  country  we shall feel
bound, on   the first request ofthe   people,   to \ other dues can be reduced or modified, and commerce,
with its elasticity, recover itself immediately ; but once
let our choicest tracts of agricultural lands fall into the
hands of speculators, and the evil is irremediable. In
tbis colony, with all our mineral resources, the effects
of sueh a scheme will be simply to blight our prospects
for all time.
Were wc on the verge of bankruptcy, nnd our credit
destroyed, there might be some shadow of excuse in
trying to raise money by the sale of public lands by-
auction ; but there is no country in the world in proportion to the population whose Treasury is in a more
flourishing condition than ours, and no country better
able to give away the lands for the purpose of obtaining
immigration. In fact we question very much whether
we shall ever obtain population in British Columbia
without some such inducement. When we consider
the question even out of the line of policy and discuss
it as one of right, the position of the land speculator
becomes as obnoxious to our sense of justice as it does
in the former case to our notions of wise legislation.
No man has a right to persist in holding land in its
primitive state to the detriment of the whole country,
nnd the immediate injury to the surrounding neighborhood ; but taxation is the only legal way in which he
can be punished, and a landed interest arising from the
system we have been condemning is generally found
sufficiently powerful to prevent any such hardship being
count .-minced by the legislature ofthe country.    If our !
remove the 'Times' at once to the scene of
its tormer labors. The change of place of publication is a matter of necessity with us at
present; but it will in no way alter our line
of conduct with regard to British Columbia.
We shall continue to advocate, as we have
always done, the rights and interests ot tho
people of this colony. We shall also be enabled to give our readers a much creator
amount of the general news of the day than
formerly. So far as Xew Westminster arrangements are concerned we shall be
placed in possession of local intelligence
equal in substance to any period of the past
history of the paper.
In a small community the life of an editor
is not a very enviable one, and he has very
often to suffer under the ill-will of individuals,
whose disposition is not always to sacrifice
personal interest for the public good. We
have made enemies frequently where we
might havo mado friends, but we have chosen
rather to look upon tho public interests as
being more in the immediate connexion with
tho duties of a journalist, than trying to obtain the good will of a certain portion of the
community. We arc glad to say however, des-
pite these small annoyances that the first paper
published in British Columbia has been a decided success. It bas brought tho attention
of Government to abuses which only needed
pointing out to be at once eradicated, and to
requirements which only needed urging in a
proper manner to bo at once satisfied. In
this respect our exertions present a favorable
contrast to the rather meagre result which
has attended the labors of the other journals
published at different times in tho neighboring colony, lt is in this connection gratifying
to say, in looki ng over the hst ten months' existence of the'New Westminster Times' that
there is not a word or a sentence which we
havo written during that period we would
wish to blot out or recall.
We cannot close our remarks without
thanking in the kindest manner tbo numerous friends who have always shown their
willingness to assist us in ovcry way.
January 28th
Members  present. Messrs.   Cormack,   Kami:
brook, Drown, and Manson.
In the absence of the President, Mr. Holbrook was
voted to the chair.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Communication from the Colonial Secretary read,
conveying the opinion ofthe Attorney General relating
to the office of Treasurer.
Moved by Mr. Brown seconded by Mr. Ramage, that
the tenders for grading Hall-street be now read. Car.
Moved by Mr. Brown seconded by Mr. Ramage that
the grading be awarded to Jehu Murray for the sum of
$23.    Carried.
Mr. Cormack explained that the special committee
appointed to report on the grade on Columbia-street
could not make their report until next meeting, in consequence ofthe state of the weather.
The  Council then Went into committee of the  whole
i on the By-Law repealing Clause 4 of By Law No. 1, Mr.
Ri mage in the chair.
Mr. Holbrook moved seconded by Mr. Brown that the
By Law bc adopted without amendment.   Carried.
Council resumed.
The chaiman then reported the By-Law adopted.
By-Law read a third time and passed.
Moved by Mr. Ramage seconded by Mr. Brown that
as this Council is now without a Treasurer, Messrs.
Manson and Cormack be appointed a committee to
wait on Mr. Cooper and ask him to act as Treasurer for
ti.e Council.    Carried.
Mr. Manson moved seconded by Mr. Brown, that the
Clerk be instructed to advertise for tenders for the purpose of clearing Agnes-street fro,,, Kl lice—street to
Douglas-street: also to clear Merivale-street.    Carried.
Mr. Brown give notice of motion for grading Douglas-street from the ravine near Agnes-street to thc travelled way on Columbia-stjeet.
Mr. Kaiiiage gave notice that, at the next meeting of
the council he vould bring in a resolution for grading
Agnes-street as far as Merivale-street.
The council then adjourned.
At a meeting of the inhabitants of Hope held Jan.
22n,l, 1861, to take into consideration the practicability
of keeping the Shimilkomeen rnule road open during
the ensuing airing, Mr. E. W. Crowe was appointed
chairman and T. llotchin Secretary.
Mr. O'Reilly J. P. informed the meeting that, the Governor had offered a donation of five hundred dollars to
assist in the undertaking, after which thc following re-
rolutions were unanimously adopted.
1. That Hr. O'Reilly be requested to inform the
Governor tkat a largely attended meeting of the
inhabitants of Hope has been held, at which
His Excellency's views ofthe importance to Hope and
the colony nt large of keep:ng the Shimilkomeen trail
open, were cordially acknowledged.
2. That Mr. O'Reilly be requested to inform His
Excellency that tbe inhabitants of Hope have exerted
themselves to the utmost in meeting his wishes.
3. That Mr. O'Reilly  be requested to   petition  the
, , , | the   Governor  to place at his disposal  jointly  with  a
government really desire the progress and prosperity of commiltco l0 be apposed such sums as may from
British Columbia they will at once repenl the system of time to time.be absolutely required to keep tlie trail
selling  ' country  lands'  by auction.     Some  chance I open.
might be made in the  Proclamation that would hold I „ 4', .T,!rit McMr*'- (.'Keil-v* Lf"dvoight, Chisholm, and
. ; I-Otchiii be appointed a committee to earn* out thc  ob-
out inducements to the raisers of stock ;  but for aught   ject embodied in the previous resolutions.
else the pre-emptive system is quite sufficient. Carried
out in its integrity, it enables every man desirous of
becoming a bona fide agriculturist to settle at once upon
the soil ; and we cannot, in looking over the world's
history as far back ns even the father of the human
race, disco* er any other legitimate use of this portion
of man's inheritage.
New Buovs.—We learn that seven buoys nre in
course of construction for the mouth of Fraser river.
It is certainly high time that some steps should be
taken on the matter, when a steamer like the Otter,
with all the great experience of her captain, was obliged
to knock nbout some four hours on her last trip without being able to find thc channel. The fog which existed nt the time no doubt lent its aid to the confusion ;
but had there been a buoy of some kind on the North
Sand Head the vessel would have been enabled to have
kept a more respectable distance from tbe sand bank.
We are convinced the Government will find, after its
expensive experience, that a light-ship will bc a much
more effectual and a less costly means of "narking out
thc entrance to the channel than the repeated reconstruction of buoys.
5. That a copy of thc proceedings of this meeting
be forwarded to Ilis Excellency Governor Douglas, also
to the New Westminster Times and British Colonist.
To the Editor of the New XVestminster Times.
Sir,—The inhabitants of Hope have, responded liberally towards carrying out the object of the above
meeting, thereby enablirg the committee to hnve the
work of opening the road commenced with ut delay.
And as Its success is of the utmost importance to the
whole colony, and particularly to the mercantile community, they trust the inhabitants of New Westminster
nnd Victoria will also contribute towards an enterprise
which, if carried out, will open the communication
three months earlier than otherwise, and prevent the
trade with that section from being diverted to the
Columbia river. T. II.
The following report has been communicated to us
by Mr. Druiffof Fort Hope : —
A mteting wns held at Hope on the evening of Thursday, January 24th, for thc purpose of electing delegates
to the New Westminster Convention.
Mr. Crowe was chosen chairman, and in a few well
delivered remarks stated the object ofthe meeting.
Mr. Chisholm  came  forward,  and  in a  very  able
speech detailed at some length the many grievances tbe
colony labors under, which could only be redressed by
representative government.
The Rev. Mr. Pringle being called on. urged on the
meetine not to let this movement fall to the gsound,
and advised prompt and energetic action io secure a
resident Governor, and representative assembly.
It was then proposed and carried unanimously that
this meeting proceed to elect two delegates to represent
Hope in the Convention to meet at New Westminster
on the 15th proximo.
In pursuance of which resolution Messrs. Cbisbo.m
and Thompson were unanimously elected delegates.
On motion, the chairman appointed Messrs. Recce,
Hart, and Buie, a committee to collect funds sufficient
to defray the expenses of the delegates.
(in motion, it was unanimously carried Ihat a copy
of the proceedings of this meeting be forwarded to the
New Westminster Times and British Colonist.
Messsrs. Chisholm and Thompson having returned
thanks tor the honor conferred on then,, a vote of
thanks to the Chairman and Secretary was passed, nfter
which the meeting adjourned, being the largest, most
respectable, and enthusiastic meeting ever held in
Hope. __
The following letter has been received from tho
Colonial Secretary relative to n second Municipal grant
for New Westminster :-—
Colonial Secretary.s Oflice, 20th Jan.. 18G1.
Sin.—I have had the honor to receive, and  place be- I possession   of  I'eki,
the Chinese asked was that thc Chinese Cooli^77~"
not be allowed to enter thc city • this was \c *'•'•
Diplomacy will again take the'place of war 8^'
shall watch with great anxiety and doubt the «... *«
result. It is reported that the General intenl 8Bful
turn to Tientsin in about a fortnight under anv V!,*°re>
stances, desiring not to be overtaken by the wint "
he does we lave no security for the fulfillmentTt' if
stipulations, and the war will have to be renewe,i ,•*'
the season. u "-nut
We might winter in I'ckin as well as in Ti,
on Its
S shall
are a..
our numbers  would be  but a small  per centarr,
population, said to be two millions.    It is said «■
not treat until  the  remainder  ofthe pri:
counted for.
The  plunder made  by the French was enerm
Some of the  privates sold   their shares for as mnk
30,000 francs, and the officers from the General dn
wards, had enriched themselves greatly.    Jn t|lc n , n*
camp all the plunder  had been" brought in for
,,-,-,   _.__,      ....
igni ii ;i snare
His Excellency  the Governor,  yonr letter  of th,
Inst.,  containing n statement of the  manner in
auction and equal  distribution.     The  General offI
had waived their right to a share. "
The Emperor is reported to have gone to hi. paiaw
Ze-hOl, in Tartary, where Lord Macartnay was ree„l, ,'
He hns thirteen wives with him. *UlJ-
The insurgents were proceeding on their side to dn
poil Imperial Crown of district after district and tt
whole province of Shanshl,  in the North, had revolt i
His Excellency Mr. Ward, the  United State. \m|
sudor to China, is going home  by thc Overland tout!
and will join his family in Switzerland. '
Siiaxiiiiak,   October 20.—The Allies wcre in actual
rude was dull.   Theohlrtea*
; aini siiks iii ine mantel were Ol Japanese growth i, I
i under existing circumstances were increasingno'ldlr
which the Municipal Council of STcw Westminster have There were ISO sail of foreign ship],ing in flTosiinj t\,.'
expended and applied tho grant made by tho Govern- er, and about 1,600 junk.", all idle. No freight'ofr.
ent towards the provement of the city, and lam desired I ing to the United States or Europe. Tin, Ilu^ia*
by His Excellency to request you will convey to Agents not being able to procure teas in Slntngliae fili
tho Municipal council thc expression of his lively gone to Nangnsakl to procure spring shipment's. ' I
satisfaction ..'. perusing this statement of important
public works effected through the judicious a],plication
of the funds entrusted to their disposition.
2. His Excellency desirous of extending the sphere
of usefulness ofthe council is pleased to place u further
sum  of tive    hundred   pounds  at   their   disposal  to
be  applied   towards opening the back streets,  and  in    , ,   .,.
such other improvements as may appear to the council | B';Jf1!,^,l!.°c/.^V_??-?_.^_?.I^l ^'"P""^ of
to be conducive to ihe public good.
I have the honor to be,
Vour most obdt. sent.
William A. G. Yo, vo.
To the President ofthe Monicipal Council,  N. w Westminster.
No. 2, A. lb. 1861.
the Mo.-t Uiinornble Order of tbe Bath, Governor and
Commander-in-Chief of !iriii>h Colombia,
TTTIIEREAS under and by virtue of nu Act of p„r
>V       linment made  and   passed  In  the session of
Parliament, held in the 21st and 22nd years of the Relirn
of Iter
arc not responsible for any communications undt
above head, as we are willing to admit to our colcmnsany
lilltrs pertaining t» public matters, providing they have
bona tide signatures attached and are  reasonably brief
To the Editor of the New   W.statins:
Sir,—'Another B. C,'  'barked   up  the   wrong  sup-
ling' when he supposed that the communication which
appeared  in   a   recent number of the  Brilish   Colonist
signed 'U. C.,' w.is either written or concocted by
E. W iiite.
To the Editor of the New Westminster Times.
Sin,—A communication appeared in the Inst number
ofthe New Westjiibsteii Times signer. 'Another li. C.,'
in which the writer undertakes to defend the character
of Govern ,r Douglas, and impugn thut ofu minister of
the Gospel.
Doubtless the writer in question h.is read tl, ,1 pari of
the Bible which forbid., our speaking evil of • dignities,'
but he has omitted to rend, or else forgotten that portion which snys ■ touch not mine anointed, do my people no harm.' I cannot think your correspondent has
come to that time of life which his grey hair-, betoken
without knowing tin,i the character ofa minister Is as
sailed as that ofa Governor, and 1 think you will admit with me that while he takes an individual to task
tor writing what lie suppose-' to be untrue, he should
be careful not to fall into the same error, as he has
most grievously done on this occasion ; for llo- Rev.
gentle,nan referred to by your correspondent did not
write the article in the Colonist over Ihe signature ot
B.C., nor hud lie anything to do with it whatever.
•Trusting that • Another 11. C will be more careful in
trusting to his imagination in the future.
I remain, Sir, Yours kc,,
A Third IJ. 0.
New Westminster Jan. 30th, 181*1.
By way of II ikodadi and Honolulu, we have clippings
from the Hongkong Chum Mail on the 28th of October.
A severe battle had been fought at a place called Chang-
kia-wnn where the allies had routed the Chinese General San-ko-'in-sin, and proceeded direct to I'ckin. On
the 6th of October, the Emperor's summer palace, a
short distance outside of Pekin, was taken and sacked,
and the following is thc writer's description of that affair:
The French column, together with Col. Puttie's Brigade ol'Cavnlry, advanced on Ynen-niin.yuen, the English column rather nearer Pekin, a large body ofthe
enemy having been observed (near the village now occupied by us.) The French entered with only two cas-
ualities, t^-o officers being wounded by the Eunuchs of
the palace. On the following day no signs ofthe French
being visible, the Englisll fired 21 guns to attract attention, and later in the morning the Commander in chiet
learned where they were. Lord Elgin, Mr. 'Wade, Sir
If. Grant, Sir R. Napier and their respective stuffs proceeded to the palace, and found the French had been
comfortably established there, and thnt a great portion
ofthe more valuable moveables had been already taken
away, leaving the heavy, but valuable nrticles for the
Englisll, or nt least what things the French could not
carry, they left for us.
On the 12th, nine Sowars of tho Sikh cavalry were
released and came into camp. They bring the distressing news that Capt. Anderson nnd Mr. dc Norinann
died from the effects of the brutal treatment received
from the Tartars, the former ou the 8th the latter on
thc 11th day after they were captured. The wounds
caused by the cords binding their wrists, insufficient
food and other inhuman tortures, having caused their
death. Oneof these Sikhs, a sergeant, was bound with
them, but survived, and has made a deposition ofthe
facts. They are all suffering much, and it will be long
before they can return again to duty. They were
brought from a town some 30 or 40 miles off, to which
they were conveyed soon after their capture. No information has been obtained about the two Eiiropcons,
Capt. Brabazou and Mr. Bowlby, the Times' special correspondent.
The Emperor accedes to all demands. Harry Pcrkes
and Col. Stephenson went to a hall of race],tion outside,
this morning, to confer with Hung Key, late Hoppo of
Canton. They told bim the city would be bombarded
if it was not surrendered at noon.
Thc siege guns were in position and other artillery
ready to open fire at the time appointed, when at a
quarter before twelve, Hung Key came out and said nil
our demands were acceded to, thc gate was open and
tl'ere would be no resistance.
The Generals and Staff, with the Punjiiubces and (.7th
Regiment, then entered the outer and inner gates, and
ascended to the ramparts and took possesion ofthe gate
and a number of brass guns, (30 1 believe,) and mounted our guns in their place. The British Jack and the
French Tricolor were hoisted, the former on a high polo
by thc side of thc gate, the latter out of one of the port
holes, where they show that Pekin is in the occupation
ofthe Allies, and that the vaunted invincibility ofthe
Imperial Celestial City was a myth.
The wall is 60 feet wide and paved, and the troops
inside have their tents pitched on it.    Thc only thing
i- Reign
Majesty Queen \ ictoria, intituled'An .Ut in
for thc Government uf liritish Columbia,'and
j n commission under llie Great Sea] of th. {foiled
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, I, JAMK3
DOUGLAS, have been appointed Governor of the Mid
colony, and have been authorised by Proclamation under the Public Seal of the said colony to mako law.,,
institutions, and ordinances lor the peace, order ani
good government of tbe same,
And  whena-. by a   Proclamation  issued under He
Public Seal of Ihe said colony, on the Ith day Of Jan.
u.iry. I860, tin: price of iinsurveyed land acquired bv
pui-chin- or pre-emption under lhc 'provisions of lliV
I said Proclamation, was stated to be at such micas
I might fur the time being be fixed by the Government of
I British Columbia, not exceeding the sum of ten shilling*
> per acre.
And whereas, by n   Proclamation issnwl trader tbe
! Public Senl ofthe said coliuiy, on the 20th d:,vof
' January, I860, the price of agricultural land, surveyed
I by the Government Surveyor, which may or jbajl bafe
i been offered for sale at public auction nnd remain on-
sold, was fixed at ten .-hillings per acre payable ont-
| half in cash at the time of .-ale, and the "iher Indf at
■ the expiration of t..,, years from the time of wile.
And whereas I have been empowered by Her Majesty'.
I Government  to  lower  the  price of country lands in
i Rritish Columbia, in all eases, to the sum of four shilling's and two peine ( -Is. 2d.) per acre.
Now. therefore, I do hereby declare, proclaim, nnd
| enact as follows :—
Repeal of so much of the I'ruclitmation of the 20th
January, I860, as fixes the price of land in Ii. C. at lllf.
i per acre.
I. So much ofthe snid Proclamation of the 20ft
day of January, I860, as lived tlie price of surveyed
agricultural land at tc.i shillings per aire is hereby
Price of iinsurveyed lands to be 4'. 2./. per acre,,
II. The price of all iinsurveyed country land in
Rritish Columbia, whether acquired by pre-emption lit
purchase under the Proclamation dated the 'till day of
January. I860, shall be four shillings and two pence
( is. 2d.) per acre.
Upset price of sitrreyeil lands -I... 2d. per acre.
III. The upset price of nil country hinds in British
Columbia exposed for sale nt public auction, shall be
four shillings and two pence (4s. 2d.) per acre.
Short title.
IV. This Proclamation may be cited for all purpose.
as the ' Country Land Act, 1861.'
Issued under the Public Seal of the snid colony nt Victorin , Vancouver Island, the nineteenth day of .Immnry
iu the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
and Sixty-one, and iu the Twenty-fourth year of Her
Majesty's Reign, bv ine,
By command of His Excellency.
William A. G. i'ouKO,
Acting Colonial Secretary,
Thanks.—To J. Sullivan of Sau Francisco. for/><*«*
Leslie's Monthly, Boston Journal, New York TribuM,
and a large assortment ot Atlantic papers.
On the 1st of February al.Ncw Westminster, thc wile.of
Mr C. Wyldc, ofa son
lying Dutchman, Moore, general cargo,
sir Caledonia,   Frain,   Victoria,   general
Ian 21—str Otter, Mount, Victoria, general cargo.
28—schr II C Page, Oberg, lumber.
Jn n   30'
31—str Otter, Mount, Victoria.
Jan. 2,..—str Hope, Millard Hope and Vnle.
Jan. 2.",—str Otter, Mouat, Victoria.
Jan. 30—str Caledonia, Frain, Victoria.
30—str Otter, Mount, Victoria.
Jan 30—str Yale, Jamicson,Hopo nnd Yale.
OST n COLT'S  SIX  SHOOTER, together wit*
sheath nnd belt, on  board the steamer Otter, tne
ii'in.g reward will be given to any person returning tn
above articles  to Mr.   Henry 1'olbrook at Liverpool
Wharf, New Westminster. >
A   MEETING of the. FREE  MASONS resident >n
New Westminster, will be held nt II. HolbrooKJ
store, at 8  o'clock, on  Tuesday evening next, to ws
into consideration the desirability of forming a lofl»
at this place.    All Masons of good standing aro invito
to attend.  ;
A STORE, and a dwelling-house on the same lot,
with yard accommodations and never-failing »
of water, for thc nominal sum of $20 per month, s«   ,
ntc on Columbia-street, opposite Holbrook's vVhan,
Applv at this ollice, or to
jn2 3-ic
On the premises.
m^sWKtwmamms^swmmswma ■______■
.TOv.imnK'Tii X-.ti.-cf arid Proci_ua__4ao_.s.
Colon',-,. Secret!, re's- Office, .-'.si Anpust, I860
THE GOVERNMENT* GAZETTE for British folum-
l,ii,., heretofore paMssheA it, Lbe Colony of Van-
<•£,_,vcr Island, having hcun Siscontinned as a separate
pampblet, ..oticc U hereby given l.batfrom this dati and
until further notice all Government advertisements i.nd
pro'daiuatioii-i, and other matters oseful and neeessarv
for general informal ion and guidance, will be published
in tbe columns of tbe Nkw VdeSTJOWUXB Tures newspaper; and snch publication shall in all cases be
lakcn and deemed as publication in lbe Government
ftc command of his Excellency.
Acting Colonial Secretary.
VTOTICE is hereby given that certain of the Sur-
i\ veyed Rural Lands in the Distrtci of New Westminster, including tbe larger portion of those sun eye.
near Semiahmoo. will be offered for Sale nt Auction' «l
tl,e Courl House., New Westminster, on Saturday the
Sub February next.
Bv Order of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
H. I.. J-tTAKD,
Captain R. E.
Land? nnd Works fHpr.nmc.it,   "i
Ind January, 1861, (
TyOTICE if hereby given that after tbe snle of RnrAl
1^ Lands on S.vurdny the f'l.h Inst... lliai portion of
Land. U'g'ilitr with the Buildings thereon, surrounding lbe old Hereon* Station on the hank ol the Frnser
River opposite thc I>. E. Cam;,. New Westminster, and
whi<h, uj, to the present lime has been occupied and
cultivated by Mr. S. W. -Taring, will he leased for lb-
term of seven years to the bidder ofthe highest annual
Parties obtaining the Lease to pay for such improvements ss may exist at tbe time r,f sale.
Bt order
Captain R. E.
Office of Lands and Works, 1
New Wc'lminster. Feb. 1st.  1861.   (
W -   S.   A R Ji S T It 0 N G    i    E R 0 ' Tt,
(opposite Liverpool 'Wharf,)
OOUramU   ETBEKT,   KEW  Y,*-*KT_-.7.,.T-'I'.   ».   0.
■Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
HAVE JT-ST RECEIVED and offer for sale.
200 bbls Extra Snpci-fjm Oregon T'iour
t>U boxes P. T. T-iln, Bread, '
•*"'"■ 'bs Oregon and Eastern Bncon,
_.     200 mats China >o. I Rice
2 bids; Carolina     do
108 matt China Sugar.
60 bbls Sandwich Island    do
60 mats do do
80 bbls; Crushed do
6   do    T'owrtcrcd i\cr
20  .(-gallon kegs Boston Home Svrun
2d .'-gallon   do do    "    *
20 ens," Chart.re*- Coffee,
20 firkins Isthmus Bui.rer,
15    do      Goshen      do
20 boxes Adamantine Can dice
Ml    do      Hill k F«j»s Soap.
15 chests best Green and Black Ten*
Also  Billings' and  Barber's  Hams. Pork. Salmon.
I orlfish. Cror.ke.n-. and Glassware, of every description
Cross-, in   snws.   Buck    snws,   Axes,   Hatchets.    Sieel
S'jii-u-r..   I :„rj„ eier-s    Hen; li Strews. Locks, Bolts. Iron
Screws. Dog Chains. Oil Stones. Paints. Oils. Potties,
and    Farming   Implements—in   shon   ar><iliing   nn,]
<■■<•*.■ thing. jMil»--hn
V A 1. K X I 1 X 1!     Q a L 1. .
New   Westminster,  Ti. C.
Seprombel Int. 1800.
ASSAYS   OF GOLD BCLLION  nre made  on   the
following terms, and  uudor  the  following conditions :—
1. A receipt will be given to tbe Depositor for the
exact gross weight of ho- deposit.
2. The resulting ingol will be delivered to any port.
returning the aforesaid receipt., whether the Depositor
or any one else, and the [.arty returning the receipt will
be required tn cancel it by bis (.igni.tnre at the time of
receiving the ingot.
8. Each ingoi will be stamped with its windier, corresponding to its number in the o.tio,i,,i records, with
its weight, in ounces and decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in thousandths : also with a Government ipher,
ai present a crown over the letters VR.
<t. With each ingot will be given a certificate, signed
by a Government officer, of the weight of the deoosit
before melting: its weight lifter ; tibe fineness, (he
charge for assaying; and such eortifn-l.tr' will have
rubles of British Mint valuation and of the latr'Sl San
Francisco val unt .ions, whereby parties mny ealonlntc
for themselves the value of the bur for English or
American tnnrkets.
6. Por all bars not eveeeding BO ounces in weight, a
charge of seven shillings and six pence (Vs. fid.) sterling will be made, inn! for every solditioniil 10 ounces n
fraction of same. on. shilling nnd six pernios lis. M.).
All clips are retained in Ihe Government Assay office;
bin on bars nol eveeeding 10 o uncos in weight, allowance will be mnde Off-he assay < I, urge, for the value ol
the clip.
Assays or OfiES f>re rn» <1# at the elwtrgc of One
Ponnd (i'i  ! for each specimen experimented upon.
Por  a    nT.ei.KTi.   Anai.vsis of  aw M_.ci.ral,  Two i
Pounds iXl'., is the charge.
TflE alwf Saloot, hns been rc-o'penod by P. M «-
nettft, who ruspcctflilly solicits a islmrc of ihe public
patronage. The bent wines and liqueurs nre constantly
kept, nnd the Billiard tables of the saloon are unsiirpns
sed mivTi'liore, n«24?)-m
WHOLfWALE   DB4L-PHS   AVO   mpon-rems OP
Liverpool Wharf
CO MM ISS I O N     M E It C H A N T,
CfVOOSlI,   B.   0.
ILL pay particular attention to consignment; of
goods directed to his enre. jnn! _:-Sin
Incorporated   by Roval Ohnrtcr  in   1840.
CAPITAL, ". $5,000,000
('HALS!    COALS!   COALS!!!
^IRECT FROM NANAIMO in nny .jii.nti.y to suit
rchaser...   For Sale bv
.1. T. SCOTT,
all-te Pioneer Whan.
Assays are made wilh thc utmost despatch.
Office  open   from   10, a. in., to .. p. in., except   on
steamer days, when deposits will be received for assay
nt 8, a. in.
New Westminster, Aug. 1, 18.10.
"•"11.1. BE SOLD st Auction, nt Scott's Saloon, on
the iStJb day of February.
one nn.i.i.inn, table,
" Phelao's Patent," in  good  order, with  tallies, rues.
Administrator of Estate of Robt. F. Cooper, deceased.
J.    A .   WE B S T E R ,
AS .It'ST RECEIVED, and will receive by every
steamer, a large nnd varied assortment of
Sr-EoiA-, Dnt-osiT. received in sums of $100 and np-
wnrds.    re-finynble    on   demnnd.      Chnrge   for   safe
keeping, onr-ocam-ek or ove per cevt. per month.
6oi/D Dust received for safe keeping, at the rate 01
five cents per oz. per month.
Drafts Iksieo on Lonpon 00 days after Sight, nt.
the rate oi' $,i  .,.*, per il, stg.
8 days- nfter sight, (in sums of £r,0, and upwards)
.*■*>. per £1 stg.
S days nfter sight (in sums under _C.0) $.', 10, per
£1, sterling,
Dhaits on demand or nt short sight, issned on the
principal Chics and Towns in S,••',,lurid nnd Ireland, at
the rfife of $..  IS por :U stg.
Drafts on the principnl Cities in the North American
Provinces, nt 3 days, as follows :—
<"iHnndn 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick 4      '•
Nova Si'o'ia, i\    '• "
Drafts or. New York, at ?, days. 3 per cent.pren;' nm.
"     "   Messrs. B. Davidson k May, Snn Francisc..
at sight—par.
Office hours 10 a. M.,to3 p. »i.—Saturdav lOto 1 o'clock.
Victoria, March 1Y, IS60. tc
T 0    C 0 N T R A C T O 1. S.
Tenders will bo received until Monday the 4th Feb-
rin.ry, at 1. o'clock noon, for clearing the timber nnd
brush off Agnes-street, from Ellice-street to Douglas-
street : also, to clear the timber and brush off Merivnle-
,-ireet from Colombia-street to the Royal Avenue.
Any further information required regarding the
aforesaid work can be obtained by applying lo the undersigned.
Town Clerk.
New Westminster. Jan.29th, 1SG1.
In re the "Town Lot? Lease Relief Act. 1 SCO.*1
Fx parte .lohn (I. Wirlh aud Lojls Reel., Petitioners.
TO II. T. Smith, J. Ilcrron.  Churl, s [laker,   Wilson
Waddinghatn,  and  John limn?—Take notice that the
Petitioners will at the m-xl Assises at Fort Hope  move
the Court for a declaration in title in their favor, to '-'u
tt. by 120, being one-third portion of Lot 4. Block 1, in
the Town of Fori Hope,  and beginning  twenty  feet
Southerly from thecorner of Water and Wallace-street,
Ir.iuting  twenty feet on Water-street.     And  take  no-
lice that in the absence of any person appearing to oppose the said application, it may be granted ex parte.
{ Fort Hope Jan. 2nd, 1801.
MAYER.    R K I N II A R T,     *    CO •.
HAVING concluded arrangements for a regular line
of .-tssels, to run twice a month direct, from
ISan Francisc to this place, would be please! to receive
I orders for British Columbia.
Letters addressed  to us in  care  of Messrs. Mayer,
Rcinhnrt, * Co., Victoria, V.  I., John Dewnr, and' 0.
j"-  Gchricke, Sau   Francisco, Ca., will   meet with
|prompt nttention.
m21-1 in
Now opening nt
n splendid assortment of
l> Lnrger Number of Volumes, nnd upon n greater vn-
I'ety of subjects, than has ever yet appeared iu this niiir-
[Those interested arc respectfully invited to cnll and
past their eyes to  their   heart's content—Gratis—
S T A T 1 0 N ERS'    II A L L.
C 0 U M I S SI 0 N    M E It C II A N T,
|ivcrpool Wharf, Columbia-street, New Westminster,
British  Columbia.
KTHARPAGE on nil goods landed at bis wharf will
FT      he at the rate of" 25 cents per ton, such being
lii..v flllc r,-te fixed by govornmont.
IHUNDED and FREE STORAGE ready for SOO tons
1 foods.
[I'or.Saie ex recent arrivals—
50 sacks Bran,
L"'00 sacks Barley,
80 sacks Wheal,
100 half-sacks linker's Extra superfine Flour,
Pacific Mills,
20 sacks Beans,
"0 kegs Butter,
20 cuses Pilot Bread,
5 do  Soda  do
10 cases Starch,
6 5-galIon kegs Syrup,
10 coils Baling Rope,
00 gaLons China Oil,
Vnii i>    kef<s Pnints and boilet* I-,insce(1 oil-
.     V'pcr, kc, kc, nnd  a general  assorlnicot of
",-   SI,lint,,.   /, ., I     .-•    . w .	
— TO   n,T.—
N O T 1 C K .
t LL PERSONS, owners of Real Estate in this Dis-
- *- trict.are required to make a statement in writing.
according to the Form A hereunto annexed, of wh.it
Real Estate ihey hold, and where situated, to describe
such Rc.il Estate, giving the admeasurement thereof:
to st-'ite wh.it its actual market value is. and Ihe value
of the improvements thereon ; and to deliver such
statement at the oflice of the Treasurer of Vancouver
Island and its dependencies, on or before the eighth
day of Fchrmry. One Thousand Kight Hundred and
Sixty-one, thirty days from (he date of the advertisement.
Owner's      Place      Amount   of     Admens-   Market
of property and    ItrcillCUtsJ   value,
name,    resilience, where situated.
By order of the Assessors,
A. lb MelNNl-S.
January 10th, 1861.
INFORMS the Traders and  Miners of Frascr River
that  he  is  now  prepared to  furnish all kinds  ot
camping  utensils,  in  Tin,  lion,  nud  Copper, lit  fur
Miners and Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to n43m
"suitable for the market.
Sun     r   nnd RETAI-''  Dealers in   Boots and
U01"S, Leather, and Findings, of every de
ll.0   . senption.
* -Udies' Shoes of al! kinds.
A SAFE and certain remedy for coughs, colds.,
hoarseness, and other all'eclions of tho throat
and chest. In Incipient Consumption, Asthma, kc,
they are unfailing. Being free from any hurtful in-
grc'dietit, they may bo taken by the most delicate
female or the youngest child.
The following is nu extract from a letter received
from New Zealand.
' Auckland, N. Z , Nov. 10, 1880.
* * A lady to whom 1 gave some of your
invaluable Cough Lozenges, and likewise several uieiii-
bers of her family, who were troubled with severe
coughs nnd colds, (especially the youngest child, who
had a hard croupy COUgh) have experience,) great relief,
and speak of them in the highest terms. One of my
children, too, who was troubled in a like manner, has
taken them with the greatest advantage. On m-count
Of their pleasant taste, children will readily take them,
when they will not take other medicines. I may add
that the lady above referred to, Informed me that she
hnd frequently pin-chased them, when residing in India,
of Messrs. Treacher k Co., Bombay."
Prepared and sold in boxes and tins of vnrioilH sizes,
by Thomas Keating, Chemist, 70, St Paul's Clinch-yard
London. Retailed by all Druggists and Patent Medicine vendors, in the world.
N. B.—To prevent spurious imitations, please to observe that the words " Kkati.vu'h OoUOII Lozknokh,"
are engraven  on  tho government stamp of ench box,
without which none are genuine.
Agent for Vancouver Island, i_. M. SKAKHY.
jiinl9-.1m Victorin.
cons, .ling of
English Don'.eslie (.on,.*.. English Dress Goods, Hosiery
and Clove?. \\ iiollrvi and Merino 1'i.der iiar-
nienl*.  Pbiids. Scarf",  snd  Mufflers,
C,ill's   Furnishing   Hoods,
Hi'indkerehi, -li-.
English Ba Die Shirts (assorted colors),
Towels and Towelling,
Ac, kc, kc''
A splendid lol of
("   I    O    T   H   1   N   G .
MAl.s:   IX   TIIK   1.ATKST   1.0X110X  ANn  NEW   VOWS    I'ASHION,
conip rising
Fine Black Dress Coals. Fine Black Frock Coats
Fine Black Sack Coat*, Business Coats,
Raglans. Shooting Jackets,
Riding Jackets,        Extra Fine Overcoats,
Extra Heavy Ovrivoals,        I'ino Black Pants,
Fine Cassimere Pants,        English Doeskin Pants,
English  Tweed   Rants, S,ot<.i   Tweed  Pants,
Plain and Sporting Ve^is
Plush ••
Velvet "
Satin , "
Cassimere "
Tweed "
II.iT.s am. Caps IS Guicat Vaructv.
An extensive atsorlnient of
Fine Water-iu-oof Call'Ore-s Boots, Fine Water-proof
Double-so,ed Calf Dress Bonis, English   Balmorals,
! English Water Tijjlits. English Napoleon Riding Boots,
j Kngllsli Shooting Boots, English Wnier-proot Leggings,
India Rubber Bonis ami Shoes, Hood English Mining
IIih.is, Heavy Napoleon Nailed Boois, Heavy English
Kip Boots.
A full assortment of
ftmong which will be found
Ladies' English I'runella Gailors.
"       English Double Sole Call' (.'niter...
"        ••       Kdt Unlt.rs,
"       "       Dancing Sltppors,
"       Lenlher nud Carpel SllppefS)
"       India Rubber Over Shoes,
Children's English Balmorals,
" "       Kip Boots,
" "      Anklets,
" "      Bootees,
St-^T*  I'lease   cnll  and  examine.
Coluiiibiii-itrect, New Weslniiiister,
JONAS    O.   CLARK    k   CO.,
IJtrol.TKIl.S   ANI)   MANI-l-ACTI'llKIt..  Ot
of every  description,
128, ■Washington   streeet, Snn  Francisco.
40 and 5'., Fourth street, between J. and K streets,
Hunter street, between Main nnd Levee, Stockton.
And First street, Sun Jose. jc20-3m
R A L L O V ' H   EX P Ii B  . S .
from all navigable points on Frascr R.vcr to
Victoria nr elsewhere bv the Pacific Lvsiibaxck Com-
PAjtvand Nkpti*..e Lvsiiiaxcb Company,
ToZ^oTZut be made to the New  We'tminster
Hon',. Yale, Douglas, and  Victoria offices of Bnllou's
Exf'n:-0-lm W. T. B..LLOU.
L E V I     k    B 0 A S ,
oiler for sale
tiOO bbl< O tl Flour,
2fi0 bbls S R   do
loo bbls Baker's o.-tfit Flour,
1100 bbls Oregon nnd Indian Flour,
100 boXOI. P T PllOt Bread,
r,,(MI0  lbs Oregon and l.nscl'ii Bacilli,
lilit) mills China N". 1 Riee,
_l blil.i Cnrolina ib
ISO mills China Sugar,
100 Ibis Sandwich laland       do
20   "    cruslieil do
20 boXOfl powilireil do
2.*>0 siii'ks lltiyos llenns,
10 cases J & 11 Lard,
f> bids Oregon   do
10 chests Green nnd lllnck Tens,
Iti firkins (ioKlinm Butler,
fi cases Oregon tlo
10 boxes Chattel Coffee,
10 bugs Rio and Jnva   do
10 hnlf-biirrcls Extra Clear Pork,
2fi boxes Adnmiintiiie Candles,
10 boxes Extra Sperm   tlo
10 hula S  I Syrup,
20 kegs E 11    do
f»0 boxes Hil k Fay's Soap,
10   "     Chemical Olive   do
5 " Castile Toup,
10 half-boxes Raisins,
20 iii-bo.xc.. do
15 boxes Zante Currants,
6 gross P * M Yeast Powders.
HARDWARE, a general assortment.
CLOTHING, of every stylo and quality.
BOOTS A SHOES, of every description,
Hats, Caps, Wall Paper, Drnggets, Carpets, Blankets,
Cri'-ing, Sheeting, Powder,  Shot,  Tobacco,
Cigars, Matches, &c.
Comm.i-V.-ii. ).I«y_ihants, and aro prepared to store
200 tons merchandise.
Keg' Orders from any part of lhe country promptly
attended to. jnn 13-1 in ■
IRON    W O 1. K S ,     VICTORIA.
DOI l'ALL .. SON. Iron and Brass Founders, prftc-
t'"al Engineers, Draughtsmen, kc    Machinery
of every description made to e-der.
Agent in British Columbia, \e. W. Winnnrd, Langlei
March 21, ISRO. Sm'
Fmsr-STRKET, Sax Fra\cis',.'o.
We continue to ninnufactiir-', at the above well known
J?team F.nginos,
Saw Mill,
and other machiwry, of every description, find Iron
and Brass Caslings of all kinds.
From-the long experience we have bad, and the superior tools and machinery, and the very large collection
of pattern* at onv command, ,ve feel eontident that our
facilities for tu-ning out the best s(vie of work, With
dispatch, and at :) dowest rates, are not surpassed on
lhe Raeilic coast.
Russia Iron Screens for Quartz Mills, made nt short
.lolice. Oid"rs for all kinds of work will receive prompt
|e20-i5m Late liomunn * Co.
\TW      WERTWIV8-"Un,
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, and the public generally, that they now have on Tiand a Xnigc
suitable for
Thoy will htTeafter receive all their goods direct from
San Francisco,
and be enabled to sell at Victoria Psicbb.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;
100  do Golden Gate   do
68   do Eureka do
B0   do Eclipoe do
26  do Self-i'lsing      do
200 -.nek . Bftrley ;
fi60 sacks Beans *
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Sngftf.
Als-o for sslo, Pork. T. .con, Horns, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese, Coffee. Tens, N. <V and S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Cnished Sugars, Boston Svrups, Assorted Syrups,
Mil and Collins'
Wrought nnd
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, end
Perenssion Cap-., Pitch nnd Tar, all ekes
of Rope, and Boats' Oars.
Cnpn.      Roots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,        Fancy,       and       Millinery        Goods,
A large variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and Dress Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints. Oils, and Dye-staffs,
Carpets, DRrooErs   Mattivo,  _cc, kc.
8 T A T 1 O N K R V !
STAl't.K   ANH  FAM'Y   I*ILA\K Wimk,  Ptintflig,
School, and Law Niationery.
A beautiful assortment of
with all thc recent improvements III styles and
Mathematical  instrntiienl?,   irater Colors, Portfolios,
Checker Boards, Chess. Dominoes, etc., etc.
dcc22-lm Stationers' Hall.
THOMAS PATTRICK. ,'i Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, Mexico, the
Medillerrnncnn, nn.l Vnn l.'ieinnn''. Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale l,\-
Corner Government and Johnson slreels, Victoria.
mill. HUBhCRIBBR beg. to Inform the public ot
|^ British Columbia that he will be nt New Westminster on or about Hie lirst of Febrnnry, with ft
choice selection ol Fruit Trees nnd Small Fruits, which
he will dispose oflow, tn suit the tii.les. All trees will
bo warranted. The subscriber will attend to planting
out fruit trees if rei-uired. The subscriber has also a
quantity Of line Early Cabbage I'lnnls, which he can
puck to go nnywhero In Britisli Columbia.
Orders left nl the Nkw Westmi-vsteii Times' Ollice, or
with Mr. Arnislrong, ini'iehnnt, or with Jeffries' express
will receive prompt attention.
Bnlliioi-nl Nurseries, Suit S. Island, Dec. 3, 18(10.
,1.    II.   PAINT I. It ,
f80PCEPSOIl TO  o'meara * painter)
THANKFI'L for the pnst fnvors shown the late firm
would  respretlully Inforin Printers  thn.  owing  to in-
eri'iiRid fneililies, nnd recent Inslruelioiis from the Foundry, he ll now  prepared   to sell Plain  and Ornnrnentel
Type,   Presses,  Printing   Mntrrinl, Paper,  Cards  and
Printers' Stock generally, l.!2,  Clay-street, near San
0me, Snn Francisco.
PUBLISHED every fortnight in time for the California
Mnil i-fienmer. The prices Current contains the
correct nnd niiihcntic rates and prices of nil descriptions of articles in Ihe Victoria market, as well as reliable reports of the state of trade, shipping, kc It is
ns invaluable AS an index uml commercial authority to
every merchant and tradesman ns it is a desirable
medium for advertising. Printed for A. F. Main nt
thc office of thc V. I. Gazelle, Victoria.
.in cases 1
HAVE JUST RECEIVED,'ox Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port If ine, choice, In cases;
Hennossy's Brandy *)
McKensie's Small Still Whiskey/
Vino Growers'- JJrandy, in bulk;
T-inqueruy's Ganger Brandy, in casr,s;
kc, kc, kc,
which thoy offer for solo on tho most reasonable terms
Juno 13th, 1860. to
Corner  of -Wharf  and Johnson.-sIiSjUj
H. N. Diqssoi. k Co.,      - -      «.      London,
Diokson, DbWolf, k Co.,       -       -       Sau Francisco
H E N N E ST1.      BR A N D Y,
IN    ONE   nOZE*.    CASBR.
\C-_A_-F-BTBKBT,       VlCTOftlX.
T THE STOttE OF A. R. GREEN, near the Steam
Navigation Compnny's Wharf, West end of New
Westminster, the following English goods, Vis;:—
Blankets, white, red, and blue.
Sti'ouds, red, and Green.
Blue List Cloth.
Drillings, stout Norway:
Coats, ll.Toninn. Paletots, and Reefing Jackets.
Shirts, fine striped.
Resist SbnwiF.
Ankle Boots, stout,
India Rubber Goods, aft assortment, including
Air Beds.
Hardware, a few articles'.
Ten, Imperial and Oo!o.i„.
Whisky, Islay, Glettlivet Campleton, aii'd Old
Irish malt, in cases of one dozen each.
Brandy, MentieBrtyiMnHeH, Bellamy, ant! Ginger,
in enses of one dozen each.
Rum, Jamaica, In casks and cases 1 uoz. each.
Geneva, do do do
Old Tom, Swaine, Boord k Co., do drt
Port Wine, Sattdeman's, do do
Sherry, in casksi do do
Porter, London, pihtst do     4 doz. each.
Porter, London Stout, in qtmrts, do
Jams, In cases Of 2 dozen each.
Pie Fruits, iu cases of 3 dozen eaeh,
Oil, for machinery and burning.
Tobacco, Twist, Orouoke, and Plttjf.
Corn Meal, in bbls.
Biscuit, -tc:,        Ac;, kc
For the cure of Dys-iepsiit, Indigestion, Constlpntioh
Loss of Appetite cr ftliy tlilloits Complaints
arising from n morbid action of the
Ekorti-leh or Bowels.
All of these diseases you will soon be relieved of, by
itse of these Bitters, ns per directions on the Bottles.
This gi-ent rthti-ilyspeptic Is the result of profound aiid
elftbofftle study of one of the most celebrated physicians
of the present century, In the accomplishment of which
he lifts spent both time and money. Wc do not hesitate
to nftlrm thnt where Dr. Hosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
ate Used, a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur. It
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed by nine-
tenths of the Physicians of the lahd. Try them—te3t
them—on your constitution, and gil yonr way rejoicing.
Afe you dyspeptic ?—take these Stomach Bitters.
Afe you bilious ?—-try one of these bottles and be relieved at oncoi
Are yon annoyed by indigestion or constipation ?—
remove the cause by a free use ofthe Bitters.
Have you ferer nnd ague ?—chre and prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
The superiority of these Bitters has induced many to
put, up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will be branded, "N.B.Jacobs & Co."
And the labels will beer onr own signature, without
which, none are genuine.
Caution,— Consumers of Rosenbaum's BittCTS are
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afiont ip
the market, and especially against a cheap nnd worthless article called ItosenschFs Bitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed intention of
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbaum's
Bitters, as a remedial agent in nil cases of Dyspepsia
and similar diseases. The genuine Hoscnbautn has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature on each
N. fi. JACOBS k Co., Proprietors
m21-6m Sansoine St., corner Commercial.
npHE   Largest CLOTHING  Establishment
I In the Union!
Prices fi.tud at New York Rates,
Goods Custom Made.
Known Thvoughont thc State
as Unrivalled in this Mo.
Established in-the Pioneer Days
\ of California.
And now Occupying the Largest
Salesroom in San Francisco.
Strangers visiting the\,ity
\ will find this one Of the
And tho Only Clothing Mart
\       at MftnUc Prices.
ITS OUS7.0ME.1.8,
&n Diago to ShemW,
Scno their orders to this FAMOC/-_tvB>I»OBIUM;;  >
The dirccrion is QUINCY HALL ,_%. lit, l(*9fH_t
151, Washington Street, MoMgosfiwiy 'B-fckf Btfti*_&*_»«
clsco. " «   *->:* pf>X9"S*fi.
■- .
"'.  ;
Last night the snow was failing,
It fell throughout the night,
I woke this morning, mother,
And saw the ground was white.
White were the peaceful meadows,
And white the tall, dark pines ;
And white was yonder mountain,
On which the sun first shines.
And in our own dear valley
The snow was lying deep ;
And in the quiet churchyard
Where my little sisters sleep.
And o'er their little tombstones
The snow-flakes formed a wreath :
But naught are flowers or snow-flakes
To those who sleep beneath.
We deck'd the graves last summer
With many a primrose gem ;
But whether flowers or snowilakes
It matters not to them.
But, oh 1 the snow ia lovely,
So beautiful and bright;
Pure as thc little spirits
Who wear their robes as white.
But in our valley, mother,
The footsteps come and go ;
And then how soon they sully
The pure new-fallen snow.
The trace of earth is on it,
On earth nil soiled it lies;
How soon it lost the beauty
It brought from yonder skies.
My child, on yonder mountain
The snow lies pure nnd high ;
No foot of man invades it,
It is so near the sky.
It sinks not to the valley,
Where earth's dark traces are,
And naught can soil its whiteness :
'Twas Kept from falling far..
Wrouldst though be pure and holy,
Remember, 0 my child I
That an earth-seeking nature
Must be by earth defiled.
Then let thy childish spirit
Stoop not to things below ;
Live in the light ot Heaven,
Like yon pure mountain snow.
The Hebo of Lccknow.—The following is the concluding paiagraph of an interesting article in a late
issue of the London Times on the life of Sir Henry Hav.
clock:—'On the morning of thc 24th the garrison of
Lueknow, the troops he had so often led to victory, and
the army of Sir Colin Campbell set out upon their return to Oawnpore. In the midst of their stormy march
was borne a doolie, followed by a few mourning soldiers ; few, perhaps, knew what was shrouded by its
curtains; thc dead body of Havelock lay inside. At
the Alumbagh the bearers turned through the portal
and bore their burden through the trees of the garden
to a spot surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. A grave
was dug there into which was lowered, amid the tears
of a few friends, the remains of the good soldier. The
letter " H,'1 cut in the bark of a sheltering tree, marked
the spot where he lay. Outside the garden walls rolled
all the thunder of an Indian march, and many a soldier
in that long column has since passed away on the field
of battle or jn tbe bospiial tent j but though friends
and country mourned them all. there was an unequalled intensity of grief for Havelock. because the nation
had just found out its aero when it learnt that be was
gODe forever. Tbey inquired into his past history, and
found he was a man of great military endowments, who
bad been distinguished in many fights, but bad till this
terrible time been depressed under the cold shade of
adierse influences. The record of bis life is, as we have
said, full of great lessors. We hope among them there
mar be one—not to the nation, for all the country needs
is knowledge.—but to our rulers, who do know tbe
value of her servants, inculcating their duty to those
who have entrusted them with power, and warning
them not to neglect, because they may be destitute of
interest or of wealth, soldiers who. like Havelock, may
Etalk out from beneath that •■ co'.d shade,'' under
which they have been lying so long, in the moment of j
the nation's agony, and leave to the country they
served and saved only the barren satisfaction of lavishing regrets and honors on tbe tomb which hides them
from us for ever.'
A White Captive among the Savages.—Many of
our readers may remember the massacre, last Fall, by
the Sioux Indians, of a parly of emigrants journeying
from Iowa to Oregon, the expedition, we believe, numbered scveuteen wagons, and all the travellers were
said to have been killed with the exception of two men,
who fought their way through, and two women, one of
whom was left for deal at the foot ofa precipice, but
was afterwards recovered and restored to her friends,
and the other taken into camp and compelled to adopt
the savage life of the Souix. This summer, when the
half-breeds from Pembina were at the Yankton camp
on the plains, some of them, as they allege, saw this
poor hapless woman in the wigwam of her captors.
They say that they conversed with her, and that she
was anxious to get away, but was unable to effect her
escape. Whether there is any truth in the half-breeds'
story we cannot say, but it is worthy of being enquired
into, and it found to be correct means ought to be
taken by the American Government for rescuing a woman of their country trom a position of misery nnd degradation which she must feel to be worse than death.
—Nor' Wester.
The Hrho and the Ariadne.—The account in The
Times of tbe relative behaviour f Her Majesty,s s'-ips
Hero and Ariadne ou their voyage home from America
la suggestive of several important considerations bearing
upon naval tactics with steamers. Suppose the Ariadne to be an enemy's frigate, name uuknown, and
being sighted by tbe Hero, and a chase commenced,
the former running at quarter or two-thirds speed
against the wind, thus forcing the Hero to follow at her
full speed, also under steam, just keeping out of her
reach till her smnll slock of coal is exhausted. The
Ariadna then turns upon her with her whole steam
power, iH-t-mancevering her, and raking her ns sh,j
likes. Would not the Hero bc, practically, a sailing
vessel against a steamer in such a case ? And of what
ri al service can the ' auxiliary screw ' be to a vessel
like the Hero, which steams very slowly at best, and
can only carry a week's coal ? Will not frigates like
the Ariadne be really more formidable than liue-of-bat-
tle ship, that can nekber sail nor steam better than thc
Hero ? Also, how .Wuld the Hero be able to cope with
such a vessel as the La Gloire ?—Army and Navy Gazette.
' Two- young ladies of Fairhaven recently fell equally
and deeply in love with a gentleman who visited them
very frequently. Being mutually acquainted with each
Other's passion, and being withal strong friends, they
romantically agreed to'draw lots' to decide which
should have him. The fortunate one lost no time in
making known to him the result ofthe drawing, nndlie
then informed her that he was already engaged to a
third lady.
Ninety-six thousand buffalo robes, worth $250,000,
have been brought from the Upper Mississippi this
year. They are all tanned by squaws, the Indian
braves never stooping to do such menial work. In
suite of this large number, prices will be remarkably
high this winter, as there are fewer old ones in market
than common.
Straw Paper.—A young Chemist of Toronto, C. W.,
a Mr. Clemo, about a year and a half ago discovered ft
chemical agent by which straw can be converted into
pulp, and made available for printing paper I After
vainly trying to get Paper manufacturers to make use
of tbis discovery, Mr. Brown was informed of it and
being convinced of its immense value, became a partner, nnd patented it in England, France, the United
States, and in Canada. Mr. Brown has recently visited
New York about the matter. He was met by a number
of American Capitalists—prominent among whom
was Cyrus W. Field, of Atlantic Telegrnpn notoriety—
and it is said an arrangement has been effected by
which Messrs. Brown and Clemo are to receive some
When the Rev. Henry Grattnn Guinness was lately
in Philadelphia, a young lady ' of wealth and position' made him an offer of her hand, heart, and purse
The minister replied—' I came to America not to
seek a wife but to preach the Gospel. Your note
strikes me as much out of place, and my advice to
you is that you give the money which you seem willing to bestow on me to the poor, your heart to the
Lord, and your hand to the first gentleman that asks
for it.'
Love Will Find out the Way.—There is a Cockney
youth, who, every time he wishes to get a glimpse of
his sweet-heart, cries ' Fire !'directly under her window. In thc alarm of the moment she plunges her
head out ofthe window, enquires ' Where'.'' when he
poetically slaps himself on the bosom and exclaims,—
' 'Ere my Hangelina, 'ere in my 'art.'
The following is an alarming evidence of tlie photographic art:—A lady last week, had her likeness taken
by a photographist ; and he executed it so well, that
her husbnnd prefers it to thc original.
A country parson had a singular peculiarity of expression, always using tie phrase ' I flatter myself,'
instead of ' I believe.' Having had occasion to exhort
his congregation during a revival, ' he flattered himself that more than one-half of them would be damned !'
Whfn F.rskine was in full tide of success as a barrister some of his fallow lawyers, wishing to annoy him,
hired a boy to nsk him, as he was going into court
with his green bag stuffed with biiefs, if he had anv
old clothes for sale. ' No, you young rascal !' said
Brskine : these are all new suits.'
'Hallo I I say, what did you say yonr medicine
would cure?' ' O, it will cure everything—heal everything.' 'Well, I'll take a bottle ; maybe it'll heel my
boots—they need it bad enough.'
Queer Game.—' I say, my friend.'is there anything to
shoot about here? ' enquired a sportsman in Kentucky
of a boy he met. ' Wal,' was the reply, 'nothing jest
about here, but the school-master is down the hill yonder—you can pop him over.'
established in 1836.
Incorporated  by Roval Charter in  1840.
CAPITAL. '. $5,000,000
SrECiAL Deposits received in sums of SlOO and upwards,    re-payable    on   demand.      Charge   for   safe
keeping, one-quarter op one ter cent, per month.
Gold Dust received for safe keeping, at the rate o.
five cents per oz. per month.
Drafts Issued on London 60 days after Sight, at
the rate of §4 95 per £1, stg.
3 days after sight, (in sums of £50, and upwards)
§5, per £1 stg.
3 days after sight (in sums under £50) §5 10, per
£1, sterling.
Drafts on demand or at short sight, issued on the
principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
the rate of S5 15 per £1 stg.
Drafts on the principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, at 3 days, as follows :—
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick, 4      " "
Nova Sco'.ia 2J    '* "
Drafts or. New York, at 3 days. 3 per cent, pretr.' am.
•'     "    Messrs. B. Davidson k May, San Franciscr
at sight—par.
Office hours 10 a. m., to 3 p. m.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
Victoria, March 17, 1860. tc
DOUGALL & SON. Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers. Draughtsmen, kc    Machinery
of every description made to o-der.
Agent in British Columbia, Mr. W. Winnard, Langlej
March 21, 1860.  . sm
Fr.csT-STtiEET, San Francisco.
We continue to manufacture, at the above well known
Steam Engines,
Saw Mill,
and other machinery, of every description, and Iron
and Brass Castings of all kinds.
From the long experience we have hnd, and the superior tools and machinery, nnd the very large collodion
of patterns at our command, -ve feel confident that our
facilities for tu -ning out the best style of work, with
dispatch, and at ,1 .lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pacific coast.
Russia Iron Screens for Quartz Mills, made at short
..otice. Orders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
je20-6m Late Goodard _. Co.
School, and Law .Stationery.
A beautiful assortment of
with all the recent improvements in styles and
Mathematical instruments,  Hater Colors, Portfolios,
Checker Boards, Chess, Dominoes, etc., etc.
dec22-lm . Stationers' Hall.
THOMAS PATTRICK, k Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on hand from  Australia, Mexico, the
Mediterranean, and Van Dicnian's Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
THE SUBSCRIBER begs to inform the public ot
British Columbia that he will be at New Westminster on or about the first of February, with a
choice selection of Fruit Trees and Small Fruits, which
he will dispose oflow, to suit the times. All trees will
be warranted. Thc subscriber will attend to planting
out fruit trees if required. The subscriber has also a
quantity of fine Early Cabbage Plants, which he can
pack to go anywhere in British Columbia.
Orders left at the New Westminster Times' Office, or
with Mr. Armstrong, merchant, or with Jeffries' express
will receive prompt attention.
Balmoral Nurseries, Salt S. Island, Dec. 3, 1860.
Liverpool Wharf
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, and the public generally, that they now have on hand a large
suitable for
They will hereafter receive all their goods direct from
San Francisco,
and be enabled to sell at Victoria Prices.
from San Francisco direct,
20( bbls Golden Age Flour;
10C   do Golden Gate   do
55   do Eureka do
6C   do Eclipse do
23   do Self-rising       do
2C0 sacks Barley ;
3E0 sacks Beans ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Sugar.
Also for sale Pork, Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese, Coffee, Teas, N. O. and S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Bos-
ion Syrups, Assoited Syrups,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Caps, Pitch and Tar, all sizes
of Rope, and Boats' Oars.
A large
Caps,     Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry, Fancy,        and        Millinery        Goods.
A large variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, nnd Dress Trimmings, Musical" Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints. Oils, and Dve-stuffs,
Carpets, Druggets 'Matting, &c, kc.
H E N N E S Y ' S       BRAND V
W II A 11 F - S T II E K T
1,.* TORIA.
AT TIIE STORE OF A. R. GREEN, near the Steam
Navigation Company's Wharf. West end of New
Westminster, the following English goods, viz:—
Blankets, white, red, and blue.
Strouds, red. and Green.
Blue List Cloth.
Drillings, stout Norway:
Coats. Oxonian, Paletots, and  Reefing Jackets.
Shirts, line striped.
Resist Shawls.
Ankle Boots, stout,
India Rubber Goods, an assortment, including
Air Beds.
Hardware, a  few articles.
Tea, Imperial nnd Oolong:
Whisky,   Islny,  Glenlivet, Campleton, and  Old
IrUh malt, in cases of one dozen each.
Brandy, Hennessy, .Martell, Bellamy, and Ginger,
in cases of oift dozen each.
Rum, Jamaica,  in casks and cascs 1 doz. each.
Geneva, do do do
Old Tom, Swaine, Boord k Co., do do
Port Wine, Snndcman's, do do
Sherry, in casks, do do
Porter, London, pints, do     4 doz. each.
Porter, London Stout, in quarts, do
Jams, in cases of 2 dozen each.
Pie Fruits, in cases of 3 dozen each.
Oil, for machinery and burning.
Tobacco, Twist, Oronoko, and Plug.
Corn Meal, in bbls.
Biscuit, kc,        kc,        kc.
For the cure  of Dytoepsiu, Indigent i in, Constipation
Loss of Appetite ,.r  nny Bilious  Complaints
arising from a morbid action  of the
Stomach or Bowels.
All of these diseases you will soon bc relieved of, by
use of these Bitters, as per directions on the Bottles.
Tbis great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profound and
elaborate study of one of the most celebrated physicians
ofthe present century, in the accomplishment of which
he has spent both time and money. Wc do not hesitate
to affirm that where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
are used, a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur. It
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in
thc Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed by nine-
tenths of the Physicians of the land. Try them—test
them—on your constitution, nnd go your way rejoicing.
Are you dyspeptic ?—take these Stomach Bitters.
Are you bilious ?—try one of these bottles and be relieved nt once.
Are yon annoyed by indigestion or constipation ?—
remove the cause by a free use of tbe Bitters.
Have you fever and ague ?—cure and prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
The superiority of these Bitters has induced many to
put up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will he branded, " N. B. Jacobs k Co."
And thc labels will hear our own signature, without
which, none are genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters are
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afloat in
the market, and especially against a cheap and worthless article called Rosensehrs Bitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed intention of
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbaum's
Bitters, as a remedial agent in nil cases of Dyspepsia
and similar diseases. The genuine Roscnbaum has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature on each
N. B. JACOBS & Co., Proprietors
m21-6m Sansome. at., corner Commercial.
THE  Largest CLOTHING   Establishment
In  thc Union !
Prices fixed at New York Rates,
Goods Custom Made.
Known Throughout the State
as Unrivalled in this line.
Established in the Pioneer Days
of California.
And now Occupying the Largest
Salesroom in San Francisco.
Strangers visiting the city
will find this one of the
And the Only Clothing Mart
at Atlantic Prices.
San Diago to Shasta,
Send their orders to this FAMOUS EMPORIUM.
Thc direcrion is QUINCY HALL, Nos. 147, 140 and
151, Washington Street, Montgomery Block, San Francisco. ja-l_3-m
CAYOOSH, b.  c.
n>L pny particular attention to consignment* of
goods directed to his core. jnnl2-3m
JUST RECEIVED and for sale
200 bushels Ky. Blue Grass Seeds, very fine.
200 bushels Red Top grass seed,
20,000 pounds Alfalfa Cloves, pure,
3,000 pounds Red Clover
1,000 pounds White Dutch Clover,
1,000 pounds Lucerne Clover,
2,000 pounds Timothy Oass Seed,
1,000 pounds Hungarian Grass,
1,000 pounds Millet Seed,
500 pounds Mixed Lawn Grass,
500 pounds Rye Grass,
500 pounds Sainfoin Grass,
1000 pounds California Wild Oats,
2000 pounds Hemp Seed,
kc, kc, kc, kc
Also a large assortment of fresh Garden, Tree, Fruit,
and Flower Seeds, Dutch Bulbous, Flowering Roots,
Pruning and Uudding Knives sold to suit purcbasors.
All orders from the country promptly attended to.
Address by mail or express to
J. P.  SWEENY  k Co.,
no9-2m 108, California street, San Francisco.
IMPORTING       I) 11 U Q Q 1 S T B ,
Yates-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choice selection ot
Cockle's /.nti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Seidletz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstona Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargonel Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's MVassnr Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. se22-tc
JONAS    G.    CLARK    k    CO.,
F U R N 1 T V It E      A N I)      B E 1) D ING,
of every  description,
128,   Washington    streeet,  San   Francisco.
49 and 5', Fourth street, between J. and K streets,
Hunter street, between Main and Levee. Stockton.
And First street, San Jose. Je20-3m
In re the "Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860."
Ex parte John fl. Willi, and Lo lis Reeb, Petitioners.
TO II. T. Smith, J. Herron,   Charles Baker,   Wilson
Waddinghani,  and  John Burns—Take notice  that the
Petitioners will at the next Assizes nt Fort Hope  move
thc Court for a declaration iu title in their favor, to 20
ft. by 120, being one-third portion of Lot 4, Block 1. in
the.  Town of Fort Hope, and beginning  twenty  feet
Southerly from thecorncr of Water and Wallace-street,
fronting  twenty feet on Water-street.     And  take  notice that in the absence of any person appearing to  oppose thc said application, it may be granted ex parte.
Fort Hope Jan. 2nd, 1801. •  •
1 LENDERS will be  received up to 12 o'clock  noon,
on Thursday next, the 24th inst.,   for sundry  nl
terations  and  additions t.< the Postmaster's residence,
New Westminster.
All tenders to bc made in Sterling money.
Plans and Specifications to be seen, nnd any  further
information  t,, be obtained at this Office  between   the
hours of 10 and 12 a. in.
The lowest, or any Tender, not necessarily accepted.
Bv order.
Captain R. E.
Office of Lands k Works, \
New Westminster, 18th Jan. 1861. j
WHOLESALE and  RETAIL  Dealers  in   Boots  nnd
Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of every description.
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kinds. mhl.-3m
Septomber lBt, 1860.
ASSAYS  OF GOLD BULLION  arc made  on  the
following terms, and  under  the  following conditions:—
1. A receipt will be given to thc Depositor for the
exact gross weight of his deposit.
2. The resulting ingot will be delivered to nny party
returning thc aforesaid receipt, whether the Depositor
or any one else, and the party returning the receipt will
be required to cancel it by his signature at thc time of
receiving the ingot.
3. Each ingot will be stamped with its number, corresponding to its number in the official records, with
its weight, in ounces nnd decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in thousandths ; nlso with a Government iphcr,
at present a crown over the letters Vlt.
4. With each ingot will be given a certificate, signed
by a Government officer, of the weight of thc deposit
before melting; its weight nfter ; the fineness, tho
charge for assaying; nnd such certificate will hav*b
tables of British Mint valuation nnd of the latest San
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculate
for themselves the value of tho bar for English or
American markets.
5. For all bars not exceeding 50 ounces in weight, a
charge of seven shillings and six pence (Vs. 6d.) sterling will be made, and for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one shilling and six pence (ls. fld.).
All clips arc retained in the Government Assay office;
but on bars not exceeding 10 ounces in weight, allowance will be made off the assay charge, for the value of
thc clip.
Assays of Ores are made at thc charge of One
Pound (£1.) for each specimen experimented upon.
Pounds (£2.) is thc charge.
THE above Saloon has been re-opened by P. Ma-
netta, who respectlully solicits a sharo of the public
patronage.    The best wines and liqueurs are constantly
kept, and the Billiard tables of the saloon are unsurpas
scd anywhere. n,.2)3-m
Now opening at
a splendid assortment of
A Larger Number of Volumes, nnd npon a greater
rlcty of subjects, than has ever yet appeared in this in
Those interested arc respectfully invited to call    x
feast their eyes to  their   heart's  content—Graii^
MAYER,    REINHART,     k    CcT
HAVING concluded arrangements for a regular line-
of vessels,  to run twice a month direct fro
San Francisc to this place, would be please! torec.'^.
orders for Britisli Columbia.
Letters  addressed  to us in  care of Messrs. Waver
Reinhnrt, k Co., Victoria, V.  L, John Dewar, and (/
H.   Gchrickc, San   Francisco,  Ca., will  meet with
prompt attention.
I)ROSPEIt k FRANK GRELLEY, would reipectfully
inform the public, that they have just opened
their New Hotel, and are ready to accommodate trav.
ellers or residents of New Westminster with the choicest
eatables the market affords. The sleeping apartments
are fitted up in a style that neither Vancouver Island
nor British Columbia can excel, and the wines and
liqueurs, while enumerating all that a first-rntc hotel
should boast of, ure ofthe very best and finest description.
Private dining rooms can  be always obtained
dinners, kc, gotten up on the shortest notice.      3m
BALLOU'S   EX P R E 3 S.      ~"
from all navigable  points ou Fraser River to
Victoria or elsewhere by the Pacific Ii.BURA1.0I Cos.
pany and Neptune Insurance Company.
A plication mu.t be made to the New Westminster
Hope, Yale, Douglas, and Victoria offices of Ballou'j
noio-lm W. T. BALL0U.
C II O I C E   0 L I)   W I N E SAND   BRAN IBS.
W .    II .    OLIVER,
Johnson street, opposite Whnrf street,
Is in constant receipt, by every arrival, of ncw ntid
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in bulk and c&Wi.
Traders, dealers, and Proprietors of Bars, arc invited
to call and examine my stock, where they will find I
most complete and full assortment of everything .om-
prised in tbe Liquor line, and nl the lowest prices.
a very choice, light, and pure wine for family use, in
cases and packages.    Its purity can be depended upm,
and is worthy the attention of all connoisseurs.
je*. 0-1 in
A S T 0 N I S IM N G   It E M E D Y I
11 0 L L 0 W AY'S     OINTMENT.
Il   Expels   Disease .'
lt is said that all productions of human skill tunc
their day, and are superseded by new inveiiMons or discoveries. Not so with this remedy. "It is not fori
day. but for nil time, and in all countries." And Why!
Because it strikes at the generic root of all diseases in
the blood, aud medical art can accomplish nothing he-
youd that. The Ointment, penetrating through flesh
and fibre, like water through n porous eubsUnrf,
reaches the germ or disease, such as scrofula, erysipcUi,
cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcerous dischargM
in the circulation, and eradicates the taint nt once ani
forever in this climate.
Bad Legs.
This Ointment will cure any case of Bad Leg even It
of twenty years standing, or however hard or discolored
the flesh may be, or if swollen the sine of a person-
body, provided tho Ointment is well rubbed into the
whole of the parts affected twice n day in large quantities, and the parts kept covered with linen ragsthi.llj
spread with the Ointment ; from this mode of treatment.
n plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will folio*',
until the wounds are all healed on the leg, or othet
parts assume their natural appearance.
Old  Wounds,   Sores, and Ulcers.
The most inveterate cuses of bad legs, scrofulon",Of
other sores, are cured, if of 20 years standing, hy itt
joint use of the Ointment and Pills. Thc effect of to
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers aud sores, is'j-
most miraculous, lt lirst discbarges the poison white
produces suppuration and proud liesh, and thus IM
cures which its healing properties afterwards compltf,
arc safe as well as permanent. It has a wonderful tf"*'
in the cure of sores occasioned by niosquctos,snnH
flies, or giggcrs.
Piles. ,A
This Ointment will cure the worst, cases of PiW■
used according to the printed directions even if o'5'
years stnuding.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, and nil irritAt;™'
of the skin, fade and disappear after a few opplW1*
of Holloway's Ointment.    In these cases brisk iritt'M
is indispensable.    Many of tho ordinary eruptions «
caused by suppressed perspiration, nnd as this Pf"«"'
ing unguent at once opens  the  pores, nnd invigo™  I
tho  absorbents, it  dissipates  tbe  inflammation WI
double process.   Ladies whose faces or arms »re    I
figured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove   i
blemish nnd restore to tho skin its natural tint,*"  I
bility, nnd softness, by the use of this safe but po*-" J
ful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, Fever Sores. .
In cases of King's Evil where medicinal Wtwjl
lotions, nnd every recipe of phnrmacopioinhnvep I
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough ■ I
Fever sores henl quickly under its influence, aim I
relaxing effect upon contracted sinews ls truly won   |
fill. .   ,
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Erysipelas. .
These nre nmong the mostterrible and aBcn,zl'^1.j»|
cases, yet iu their worst forms, and when 6eeD"Lf^|
incurable, they invariably disappear under a perse*     ■
application of this soothing, healing antidote w r*|
and inflammation. ,   . ,i,,«l
Boththe Ointment and Pills shouldbeusedinthtjow •*■■
Bad Legs.
Bad Breasts.
Bteof Mosquetoes
nnd Sand-Flies.
Corns (soft)'.
Contracted and
Stiff Joints.
Glandular Swellings.
Sore Nipples-
Skin diseases.
Sold at tho establishment of Professor HotW J,
244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London •, ?n0 uL,iiS>
spectablo Druggists and Dealers in Medicines
out thc civilised world. loklnB ™
B©- There is a considerable saving by '***•
larger sizes. , nuticn"'!
N. B.—Directions for the guidance ot P-"*     «
every d.sordor are affixed to each Pot.
  Yates-stroct, Victor;
l~M'Tnt"cd~aiid published l^wyTSuiTdajThy _  In
MClurk, at his offico,  New Westminster,
Colony of British Columbia,


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