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The New Westminster Times Dec 24, 1859

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[Yearly- (ni ADVANCE,) £1 Os.J
[Price Is.
[From the Victoria Gazelle of December 21.)
i; nro on tho ovo of exercising that privi-
itieul   frocdom  of which  tin Eng-
ii n is ever proud, namely that of electing
icrs to  advance the interests of their
i'v   in   their   house of  assembly    At
i ;i time ;i great duly   devolves upon the
h of tiny nation und more particularly that
new colony where nil is in a chaotic and
slate; that   with,  cool,   calm and   lined thought; and more especially without
ral'id party spirit which animates some
us ; it   should judge   ami pronounce
of those men  who  are put forward
supporters, as desirous of taking upon
Sieir s
isclves the responsibility
ivuhlic weal, in the assein'
of Bci-ving for
ilv about to he
former issues we have given promi-
tlio names ot a few* whom we con-
lo represent the  community,  and
hope to see returned as members.
men with experience of the work-
licr colonics of Great Britain.  .Men
same time that they are loyal,
crime according to some here),
progressive in their ideas of
necessities in a new* colony,
bcral supporters in the mother
• tu
111 wo
of ol
at   tiie
lidi is a
iii'e  more
nn and it
its most 1
-1 electors little deem and lightly think of
sacred   duly thai   devolves  upon  them
in called upon to record their votes; they
un apt to  he swayed  by interest, either
may affect their public or private trans-
ions.     It  does   not follow that  because
enow .Mr. So-and-so intimately, that you
|ild support him.    lie may he a very nice
in a circle  of friends,  but   it   is not for
man you  vote, it is the principles he up-
s.    There is a cry which a party clique
[raising that,   if a man   does   not go witli
n he is branded with the mark- 11. B. C.
se  would-be autocrats   by  this unniean-
erv   endeavor   to   damn    in   your eye
truly independent mau j for you always
hat a man who can neither he bought
pecuniary bribes nor jwomises of support
:io   one   who    is   sure   to   receive   the
:est at tack from n self-styled reform party,
mado the object of intense aversion.
is no more than might bo expected as
independent man takes away from their
iinees what little chance they have of ob-
ing support, and at once exposes their
owncss. But there aro othor considerations
e than these which induce us thus to ad-
sthc electors of Vancouver Island. Do you
i to have laws made so that thc lander and  working man   may  he  equally
udited and protected ?
fpendent man as he is
If so, vote, for tne
tho only man who
mete justice to both sides.
o you  wish   the improvement  of your
, towns and streets? if so, vote for the
hieiidenl man.
po you wish your Government conducted
fair, 'honest, and upright manner? if so
for the independant man, as he will see
(li with clearer eyes than he who is blinded
party and prejudice.
fact, in all cases the independent man
lie man to whom your suffrages should be
tu,   and    to   whom   your   earnest   sup-
slnuild    be   accorded,  on   him   alone
you   depend,   for    no   douceur,    no
iise of  Government   employment   will
'   him   vote   for   the  passing   of  any
which    is  not   for   the    public   good.
men as Roebuck, Layard, und  Milner
Bon, are admired and supported, for that
fpcndonc.o which animates them, but they
neither prejudiced minds nor old logy
be man to vote for is the man who takes
ju'oad and  liberal view of tho country's
Us, not one who confines his ideas of re-
(>i to " death to the Hudson's Bay Com-
jy,"   and   brands   every   other   man   as
uuost, because he will not lose sight of
he other requirements of tho colony in
feuit of this wretched phantom.
vancing iu true virtue, and in moral and intellectual
energy. If wc pass over the improvements in morals,
the amelioration of war—the progress of political
science—and .In: redemption of the female sex from degradation aud from bondage.
We shall find in one great change alone, ample reason
lo rejoice iu the advances of lhc sciences. Thc simple
term Immunity, expresses the chief difference between
our times and the brightest of classical ages. In those
there was no feeling for man, as man—no recognition
ofa common brotherhood—no sense of those qualities
which all men have in common,  and of those  claims
Which   those   ivl re   "made of one blood"  have on
each oilier for justice and lor Mercy. Manhood was
nothing, citizenship was all in all. Nearly all the vir-
lures were Aristocratical and exclusive. The number
of slave-'. I licit'dread fit I condition, and the s.i net ion which
thc law gave to all the cruelties practiced on them,
showing thai lhc masters of the world had no sense of
the dignity of their nature, whatever they might feel for
lhc renown of their country, or the priviledes of their
Thc Spartan youths massacred their Helots, to mature
their valor; indeed Ihe barbarities inflicted on that
miserable race, by those whom we are sometimes taught
to admire, would exceed belief, if Ihey were not attested
by the clearest proofs. At Rome, slaves when too old
lor work, were often sent to an Island in the Tiber, and
left there to perish. On the slightest offence they were
frequently thrown into fish ponds, exposed to wild
beasts, or sentenced to die upon the cross; and in the
same spirit of contempt for humanity, and veneration
for the privileged orders, parents had power to imprison
their children, or put them to death, and wives were
left without protection, to the brutal ferocity of their
With what different feelings are the rights of humanity regarded in these happier seasons? Slavery is abol-
i.-lied throughout the christian Kingdoms of Europe,
and with few exceptions equal justice is administered
to all. There is no grief that do not meet with pity,
and few miseries which does not excite the attempt to
relieve them ; men are found of sensibility.—keen even
lo agony—who tremblingly alive in every fibre to
wretchedness, have yet the moral heroism to steel their
nerves to the investigation of the most hideous details
of suffering, wilh no desire of applause or wish for reward except that which success itself will give them.
Within a few short years what great moral changes
have been affected; thc traffic in human beings which
was practiced without compunction or disgrace, and
defended in Parlii'inent as a fair branch of commerce,
is now made a felony, and those who are detected in
pursuing it would almost be torn iu pieces by popular
fury. The most cruel enactments against freedom of
thought and discussion have been silently repealed,
while scarcely a voice has been raised to defend or to
mourn them ; and above all a moral elevation has been
given lo the great mass of Ihe rising generation by the
provision for their instruction of which no time, no
change, no accident can deprive them of. The more
we know the more wc feel there is yet to be known :
ihe mysteries of nature and humanity are uot lessoned,
but increased by the discoveries of philosophic skill.
A plastic superstition may lill a limited circle with
beautiful images, but it chills and confines die fancy
almost as strictly as it benefits the reasoning faculties ; when wc climb above the floating mists
which have so long overspread humanity, to breath a
pure air and gaze on the unclouded heavens, wc do not
lose our feelings of veneration for majestic errors, nor
our sense of their glories. Instead of wandering in
the regions of cloud, we overlook it all and behold its
gorgeous varieties of arch, minaret, dome, or spire.
without partaking of ils delusions.
olonies of Britain opening into existaneein an hour,
and peopled in a day. figuratively speaking, by giants
each iu his own individual capacity ; then why need we
wait for property, or any other qualification to commence our duties ; every Englishman has a right to vote
by being English; if he has nothing when he arrives
here, how much did il cost him to come here, for which
nothing is thought of by these narrow minded bigots.
i\ E.
' corner of Yates and Government streets.
'DER.SIGNED begs leave to announce to Ihe public of Victoria and V. I. they have opened the
magnificent Dry Goods store on the corner of Yates
and Government streets, where we are prepared to offer
a complete assortment of
Fancy aud Staple Dry Goods,
comprising Linens, iS'ilks, Delaines, Prints, Poplins.
il/crinos, Flannels, .shawls, Mantillas, Embroideries, of
every description, ami trimmings,
An  assortment  of dents' Furnishing  Goods,  carpets,
Drugget and J/utling, all of which will be sold at the
lowest market prices.
New goods received by every conveyance
The public nre solicited to call and examine our stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
Ex Brig Maimclla and Schooner D. L!
New Dry Goods store
ment streets.
.■orner of Yates and Govern-
SARAH FLOORS.—Should this meet the eye of the
above, who married Luke Mi'i,i.oy, on communicating with Edward Flooks, Melkshain, Wiltshire,
England, or with Job G. Flooks, II. M. s. Tribune, Esquimau, Vancouver Island, she will hear of something
to her advantage. dlO-3tt
71011 SALE—
(JUO lbs.  English cut Tobacco, chosen  by  the
Crimean   Army   Fund, frcm   Beynon   k
Stocken, Loudon, and bought when  the
troops '.eft Balaclava.
2-10 6-lb. tins Soup and Bouilli, from I. McCall
k Co., London.
20 Revolver Pistols, by Colt and other makers
100 tons British Columbia Hay, ut $20 per ton
on the Fraser River bank.
50,000 New Westminster Shingles.
Apply to HENDERSON & BURNABY. Victoria
dl 0-1 nit       Commission Merchant. New Westminster.
;     Ciinch,
3 puncheons Swaine, Board k Co.'s  Genuine
Tom Cat Gin, in bond ;
2 puncheons Harvey's Scotch Malt Whisky;
2        do        genuine Islay Melt do.
50 eases very superior Claret Wine, in bond ;
50 cases ordinary do       do
2 pipes extra fine Holland Gin,'in bond:
i casks of choice old vintages,' Martell, Maret, and
Snzerac Brandies in bond;
Barrels ol choice o'd Bourbon Whisky ;
Puncheons of choice old Jamaica Rum ;
Sair.cevain Bros, celebrated California Wines j
Clicquot and Imperial Champagne Wines;
100 cases Wolfe's and Yoldner Schnapps;
100 cases Geneva Gin, V. II. k Co.;
250 cases Old Tom Gin, various brands ;
100 cases Scotch Whisky,   do        do
100 cases Bokcr's. Seiner, and Hosteller's Bitters:
50 bbls. 05 per cent. Alcohol;
American   Brandy,   Gi  .and  Whisky,  in kegs, }
cssks, bbls. and pipe;.
Importer of Liquors,
n20-lin Johnson street, opposte Wharf st.
mo lf
X   to-
next OF KIN.
TJIERRE PRATT, Deceased. Information wanted as
■*- to the nexit of kin to Pierre Pratt, a supposed native
of Aubenas, Department Ardeche, France, who was
accidentally drowned whilst attempting to cross the
river in a small canoe, about three-quarters of a mile
above Cayoosh. Deceased had been working on
the river.
Communications  to  be   addressed  to the Colonial
Scrctary, Victoria, Vancouver Island.
LET—On Yules street.    The best position in tho
rnvn.    A large Building, lately occupied by the
Proprietors of the "New  Westminster Times," apply
at  thc  new  ollice
street, off Yates
rear  o'
Stationers'   Hall, Langley
Commission   Merchant,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia street, New Westminster,
British Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready for 500 to 1000
tons Merchandise; consignments received, duties
paid, and all orders for the mines for Flour, Bacon
Beans, and other goods immediately attended to.
Great advantages accrue to parties importing direct
to New Westminster, who will meet with immediate sale
for cargoes of staple goods. d"-tc
rpiIE UNDERSIGNED, has just received direct fr
JL    England, a large assortment of Hardware, co
Double barrel'd Guns;
Spades, Shovels, and Picks;
Horse-shoes aud Horse-shoe Nails
Smiths' Tools;
Rakes, Hoes and Forks;
Fry Pans;
Tin Ware;
Rim Locks.
Household Bellows;
And a variety of other Hardware
traders at less than San Francisco
t'p-River Traders will do well to examine the stock
before purchasing goods below.
iil-l'.ni Government Street.
'he 'offers to
is rumored that Mr. Langford purposes
ig his aid to Mr, de Cosmos,  at the ap-
irJMhg   election for Victoria town—but
liinnot bviiio- ourselves to think that he
d so far  forget himself.    Mr. Langford
nv certain of success, but let him take
li a false step as the. one spoken of, and
(firmly believe he will jeopardize his own
lion.    Sueh a courso will inevitably lose
the support of every Englishman.
Ex La'.i st Arrivals.
AMA1CA Rum, in puncheons and hogsheads.
McKenzie, & Co.'s  superior Scotch Whiskey, in
Stewart & Co.'s supcilcr Scotch Whiskey, in punclis.
Superior French Brandies, in qr. casks.
Byass, k Co.'s Bottled  Ale, in pints
Ind k Cope's Burton Ale, iu qrts and pints.
Tooth's Bottled Ale in qrts.
Oregon Cider, in cask nnd bottle.
Dull'Gordon's superior Pale Sherry.  ""
Gonzales, do       do       do
Superior London Bottled Port Wine.
Booksellers nnd Stationers.
DEALERS in Standard, School, and Miscellaneous
Books. Novels.
Staple and Fancy Stationery,
Blank Books,
Gold Pens, and fine Pocket Cutlery,
Drawing and Photograph Paper,
Tracing Paper and Tracing Cloth,
Gift Books, and Annuals.
Stationer's Hall, Y'atcs-strcct.
October 25th, 1859. lm
DICKSON,  CAMPBELL k co., corner   wharf and
Johnson streets—
Brandy, 35 hhds Martell, Marett's and Imperial;
Do " 200 cases Imperial;
Do    100 ditto cognac;
Rum, 25 \ csks fine old Jamaica;
whisky, 2 puncheons Irish ;
sherry, 34 } csks medium and superior ;
Port," 28 \     do do
Do 23 do   do fair;
10 cases, a choice article;
champagne, (55 cases qts and pts;
claret, 100 cases;
Ale, 25 hhds Bass No. 3, new brew;
Do Burton Brewery co., and Morice Cox k co.
in bottles
Porter, Morice Cox & co., do.
N conformity wild (he Treasury order of the 30th
August 1850, all debts and contracts made aud
entered into in dollars and cents, of the currency ofthe
United State* of North America, may be delivered for
and received at the rate of one pound sterling, for five
New Westminster, 8th September, 1859.
IHE UNDERSIGNED invites the attention of the
travelling public, and strangers iu particular,
In llie merit of this house. It was established
under the present management, on the first day
of January, '66, as a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in every
The Lei'seecnd Manager, with a delicacy not wishing
to encroach upon the merits of other houses, cannot
but recall the marked favor wilh which his enterprise
has been received by a discriminating public, in a constantly increasing patronage of the first respectability,
showing conclusively the superior mode in which this
hotel is conducted.
i. is contiguous to all of the most popular places of
amusement, the principal thoroughfares, the fashionable promenades and steamboat landings ; thus rendering
it at all times, the most DESIRABLE Stowing Place foii
Families ash Single Gestleman. during their stay in.
Sau Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, $2.50 per day.
The " International Hotel Coach" is in attendance at
all hours, to convey Passengers to and from the Hotel,
lor SI.no each including baggage. ol8-tc
Importer and Dealer in Messrs. Davis' and Jones'
L. Atkinson's Improved Shoulder Seam Patcrn
SHIRTS, ot Philadelphia.
TUST received the latest styles of BALTIC SHIRTS
"   direct from  London.     Also,   a   fine   lot  of pure
Baltic Stockings and Hose, gent's Shaker Flannel, Undershirts and Drawers.
A magnificent assortment of gent's silk Scarfs,
A full  assortment of gent's superfine   Manchester
Opposite the Bank of B. N. A.,
VICTORIA,   V .   I.
He is now prepared to offer thc largest assortment
ever exhibited in Victorin, comprising all the
latest, styles of thc celebrated Davis and
Jones superfine patent white and colored   SHIRTS.
And  is receiving by every steamer those   beautlfu
BYRON SHIRTS of all sizes, running from 13 to 20
inches around the aeck.
Ladies should call soon and examine those superior
Baltic Stockings for Winter Wear.
Orders sent through Express —by sending the size o
the neck for Shirts, we will guarantee to fit.
rpiIE ABOVE RESTAURANT on Government street,.
I between Yates and Johnson streets, having been
thoroughly refitted, is now prepared to supply the wants
of all its old customers and. such new ones as may be
di- posed lo give it a. trial.
The table is always supplied with every delicacy in
season, together with all the substantial requisites for
good living.
Excellent Cigars always on hand. n8-lra
Waddingt on-street, near Yatcs-street.
rptllS HOUSE has been newly fitted' up'nnd entirely
■*■  renovated, and is conducted on the European Plan. -
The TABLE will be supplied with the best thu market)
Board and Lodging  $7 00-'
Single Meals    0 50'
Thc travelling public arc requested to call.
olO-lm John NiciroiiAS & Co.
Di Kg
WEBSTER k    O.,
Yates street, opposite the Express Offices,
nnd   RETAIL
To the Editor Victoria Gazette.
-Your article on " Manhood Suffrage," caused
In select from Talfqurd's miscellaneous writings the
[wing gems of classic eloquence for the benefit of
on manhood suffrage principles. When the
I the lofty, tho pure, and \\\o jusl, agree on the subject
fliat, class can you place '.he sceptics.
Ilfourd .-ays : We are prepared clearly, though brief-
show, thai man has been and is, on Ihe whole, ad-
Dcalers   in   Boots,
Findings, of every descrip-
nll kinds.
JBifg-Bools and Shoes made to order, and Repairing
done at thc shortest notice. n8-3m
Salt Spring Island Store
rTVIE subscriber   having received   consignments of
|J Flour, Groceries, and Provisions, Dry Goods,
Hardware, &c, will open a store at his Farm on Salt-
spring Island, about the 15th inst. All goods wi'l be
sold for cash, at Victoria prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such as shingles, decr^rousc,
furs, &c, taken in exchange for goods.
Positively no credit will be given.
N. B. Choice kinds of Fruit Trees, kc, always on
hand and for sale at reasonable, rates. 6-t
By the Undersigned,
■K A A Mats Batavia Rice.
t)vU 50 1<CES Scotch Oatmeal.
200 casks superior Salt Beef.
'hoes. Leather, and
lion.   Also-—Ladies' Shoes, of
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines, Cordials, syrups,
and every article in this line.
Dealers who mny favor us with orders, may rest as-
ured that wc will "endeavor to give satisfaction in the
article, and dispatch in forwarding.    Where the quan
ities are sufficient of Foreign Liquori
- nl9-tc
HAVE just received a very Choice Lot of Groceries,
and are constantly receiving fresh goods by every
steamer, which they offer nt very low rates.
Families are especially invited to ca'.l, as every thing
is selected with great care for Family use.
Verv superior Teas, sugar, Coffee, and Butter.
shall receive Fresh Goods by  every arrival from
Ladies and Gentlemen's Kid Gloves.
Business hours from 6 A. M. to 10 P. M.
October i, 1850.
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Victoria, V. I.,  19th November, 1850.
Thc following opinion of the Attorney General upon
the subject of the lands allotted to settlers in the Chc-
ninnis District, is herewith published for general information.
By Command,
William A. G. Young,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
I AM of opinion that the contract disclosed by the
correspondence concerning the Chemanis settlement
Contains nothing which clothes a petitioner or claimant
with the right tn sell his allotment. I am further ot
opinion that the vendor lo. ea his claim by selling, and
that the purchaser, from sv. •".; claimant, would take
nothing by his purchase ; and I would recommend that,
at some future period, a rig"..; ;.; sell shall be given
to every settler who has imprc.w.". and settled his land
to a certain extent, and that bor?n fide settlers should be
confirmed in their claims. But in order to prevent the
land from being taken for speculative purposes (which
has already occurred to a great extent,) I would sugB
gest. that the license in question should be retained at
present, nnd that a registry of claimants should be at
once opened. If such a course as I have suggested is
taken, the speculator cannot, any more than now, hold
his land without settlement and improvement, much
less sell it: he would not therefore claim, but leave to
the bona lidc settler a fair proportion of tho useful land
(Signed)        Georgo Hunter Cary.
SOX,. AMPBELL k c,  corner Wharf ami
hiison streets—
Sheet Lead;
Pipe Lead;
Galvanized Iron for Roofing;
Galvanized Buckets;
Hardware, an assorted invoice;
Tinware, do'
ement and Lime;
Gunpowder, best Rifle;
Blasting Powder;
S E L 1 M   FRANKLIN   k   C O.,-
Yates street, Victoria.
JL Farming Ltvnds disposed of at public and private
Sale. Surveys, Plans, Deeds, Mortgages, and Agreements prepared by competent parties attached to the
trice. Merchandise, Household Furniture, &c, dis~
posed of.
Advances made on Consignments.
Gold Dust Purchased.
J BEGG, practical Gardener and Nursery-man, having
obtained the agency for the sale of Fruit Trees from*
ome of the best Nurseries in Oregon- and California,
will be happy to supply farmers and others with the
choicest descriptions of Fruit Trees, at the lowest market prices. J. B. will also attend to the planting out
of trees, if required. All trees planted by him will b»
warranted to grow, and true to mime. For particulars-
apply nt thc ollice of the " New \\< stminster Times."
N. B.—Gardens, Orchards, and public parks, will bo
laid out on the best principles, nud most reasonable
terms. The fall is the proper season for planting out
trees. sl0-3m
npENDERS will be received by the undersigned for
JL    the removal of tho Dwelling House on thc cor
not 6f Government and Yates street, near thc "Colonial
Restaurant." W. J. McDONALD,
26-lm Wharf street.
NUMEROUS copies of the " New Westminster Times"
of the 4th  October.     Any person  having  thc
wc will ship in j same will confer a favor by bringing them to the office
HOLESALE and Retail Dealer in Hardware,
Agricultural Implements, Bar Iron, Steel and
irnn-Mongery, and stove and Tinware of every description. Glass and rockery Ware, Wood and Willow-
Ware, kc
Regs to inform  his friends and the public that he
has thc largest assortment of thc above on this Island
which he offers for sale at thc lowest rates,
October t, 1850. o4-3m
Corner of Yates and Government streets.
Mock Turtle, Clam Chowder, Ox Tail and VcgetaM«
Soups every day.
inc, English Ale and
lortcr, on draught and in bottles, together with a
choice selection ot all kinds of Liquo.s.
Those that arc fond of a choice Havana will do well
to call. A choice selection of Scotch, Irish and Bourbon Whiskies always on band to make Hot Punches.
JB&gf-Io:. Tom and Jerry every day, and a pleasant
Room lo sit down and b<- happy.
Call and seo.    Yours, &c,
d3-lm T. II.McCANN.
For Sale by
Victoria Coal Co.
<U6-te Wharf street.
Slipping   liitfUigeiiff.
Her. 19—str Pacific, Patterson, San Francisco,
schr I.alia Rookh, Rogers, Porl Townsend.
schr Elizabeth, Meivin. Port Townsend.
schr Harriotj'offin, Port Townsend. .._._
sloop Sherman. Whitford. Port Townsend".
schr Royal harlic. Jenkins, Nanaimo.
sir Oiler. Mouatt, New Westminster.
sloop David, I.anc, Ni'W Westminster. •
schr Victoria Packet. Cole. Nanaimo.
Dec 20—schr Morning Star, Spring, Nanaimo.
Dec. 21—str Eliza AndeTSon,  Wright, Port Tcwnr
bark Jeanncttc, Howland, San Francisco-.
schr Surprise, Brown, Port Townsend.
schr Kossuth, Poster, Porl Townsend.
schr Wild Pigeon. Sanders. Port Townsend".
Dec. 19—sir Pacific, Patterson, Ssan Francisco;
schr l.alla Rookh, Rogers, Port Townsend.
schr Amelia, Thornton, Por) Townsend.
sloop Indian Queen, Foster, Porl Townsend.
sloop David. I.anc. New Westminster.
20—str Oiler. Mouatt, New Westminster.
Dec. 20—str Eli/.a Anderson,  Wright.   New
22—schr Pistagtia, Smaller, Sow Westminster,
sclir Kossuth, Foster, Port Townsend.
colonists, who have  bo  long fruitlessly re
monstrated   by -oetition and   through   the
petition  and
'(Tljc |tclu Sfetnunstcr (Linus
There is scarcely a political snbjecl connected with Vancouver Island,upon which it is
possible for a statesman tojthink or n jour,
nalist to write correctly, without considering
the influence of the points involved upon thc
sister colony of Brilish Columbia, or of thai
colony upon tho question under review.   For
although two distinct colonics, British (lolum-
bia and Vancouver Island present (he peculiar    nnd     unprecedented     anomaly,     nol
creditable to those sanctioning it, of laboring
under the disadvantage in common, of being
ruled over by one Governor, und possessing,
in   most, cases, tho   same  staff of officials.
And while tho possession of a representative
institution  is  accorded    to the lesser,  thai
of even an  executive   council   is denied  the
groator, and the Governor witli the principal
officials of Ihe latter colony are  resident in
the. former.   Such a complete and ill-devised
scheme,  it' shemo it can bo  termed,  which
merits more the epithet of chaos, would be
scarcely   conceivable   were   we   riot   made
aware of its possibility by its existence, and
this anomalous condition   reflects  ou cvery
measure proposed  or instituted, and affects
even an editor's pen—for example lake any
Vancouver paper; since the time of thc Victoria
Gazette, the lirst, that  was  established, and
scan ils columns—hall'of its intelligence is oi'
thc mines in the othor colony j consult tho
miscellaneous portion of the news  in other
journals and nine-tenths  will be  found  to be
llrilisli  Oolumbiau gloanings.    To this may
be attributed much of tho otherwise inexplicable lone of tho press, professedly organs ol
the island colony, and  be ascribed the difficulty of examining  questions  effecting one
colony without seeming lo be aiming a blow
at what many consider the other's rival.   This
difficulty we are not insensible to when advocating the   necessity of   having  a   resident
Governor for British Columbia and Ihe early
removal  of all British  Columbia officials to
their proper sphere at New Westminster—a
measure which wc regard  as essential to the
progress of the colony and but an act of common justice   towards   those who   appear   to
have been misled by (lie authoritative assertion contained in the proclamation constituting .New Westminster the Capital of British
Columbia, invested their  11101103'   illl(l  paid
high prices for town lots there at the sale in
June last.    In this it may be said wo aim a
blow    at     Victoria,    and    may     be   wilh
some plausibility  argued,  deprive   Victoria
of the presence of many officers   and their
establishments,  and  thus  rob thai  town of
some .1:8000 or £10,000 por annum, which Ihey
probably personally cxpond in it, and of the
collateral advantages derivable from the outlay of their departments to  benefit   British
Columbia's capital.   7To this, however, an incontrovertible answer may be made, that Insomuch as such u measure would,  by  giving
British Columbia  a government capable ol
exercising more immediate supervision  over
its wants, improve, the progress of thai  colony—by such would Victoria lie more largely
the gainer than the loser, in tho increase ot
trade wilh   British   Columbia,   which would
result from the more vigorous development
of tho consuming colony's wealth.    The task
of  governing  two   such   colonies   as   these
efficiently is growing beyond the power of one
man, be  he ever so able, and wero  British
Columbia's Governor resident at New Westminster, and a council, consisting of the heads
of departments  and others, established, the
services of tho officers sent out from England
to   be  thc   Governor's   advisers,   could   be
brought to bear in tho development of British
Columbia's resources, instead of being, as at
present,  thrown away, to  tho injury of the
Certain unprincipled parties having fao
fated reports calculated to injure ihe circulation ofthe Victorin G'Kittc,hy representing
that it is opposed to the interests and rights
of the American, and other foreign residents
of this colony.    We think  it but justice to
ourselves to  state  that  such  assertions are
entirely devoid of truth. The Victoria Gazette
has been, and will  continue to be, conducted
upon the principled set forth in our first numbers, and it   will  be   ever our study to endeavor  to  render   it,   by   its   impartiality,
equally acceptable»to all parties.   The proprietors  can   readily   fathom the   source of
such rumors, but even  a rival if honorable,
would scorn to avail himself of the private
actions of any one connected  with  a newspaper, as a foundation  whereupon to work,
to injure that publication,  even  if those actions were blameablo; but we are not afraid
to own that one  gentleman  connected  with
the paper, whose   whole energies  have  been
dcvoied to the  advancement of lhc interests
of  these   colonies,   and   to   the   exposure
abuses  and   prevention of illegal   acts,   ii  ■.  ,
spoctivo of pecuniary considerations, thought
fit to object to the names of several parties,
being retained on the list of voters, and we
feel  confident  no  honest   man  exists   who
would  hesitate  to  applaud   such   a course.
Wc refer to   those  who, like the  canieleon
change their color as it suits their pockets—
who in England were Englishmen or Irish,
men; in America, the  fiercest  opponents of
England and Englishmen, and are now found
registering their names as voters, as though
(hey had never sworn  allegiance  to another
power.    We  should   be rejoiced  to sec  the
Elective   Franchise  extended  to the utmost
in these colonies, but when we find large mini
bers of citizens of America and Prance, who
honorably  proclaim   themselves   such,   unable    to    vote,    and    these  eamelcons   uii-
blusliingly    thrusting    themselves   forwardi
our honest indignation led us to enter protests
which   our   enemies   are   laboring to distort
into acts of enmity and illibcrality towards
foreigners.    No man can serve two masters,
and we leave it to the public to judge as to
which characters is the most honest—that of
one. who openly avows his predilections or lie
who hides under false colors, hoisting whichever  suits   his  pocket   best.    In conclusion,
wo must impress upon the electors that it is
their duty equally with ours, to sec that no
man voles who is not qualified to do so.
America would have ensued, il is also believed that upon Captain Hornby becoming
senior officer a i'cw days prior to Admiral
Baynes' arrival, he boldly refused to adopt
,.*_ any steps which could have rendered a collision probable. 7 hey well knew that the local
interests at stake were of little moment, as
compared with the ultimate effect of one
angry shot fired between two powerful and
kindred nations—but conceived thai there
were oilier parts of the globe whose interests
were of equal magnitude with 'hose of this
[gland—and our fine old Admiral—the highbred English courtier, with a breadth of
view, world-wide experience induced, refused
to have hand, act, or part in creating a rupture between America and England. All
honor to these brave gentlemen to whose
chivalry and forbearance (the true index to
that valor of which many of them have on
various occasions given noble evidence,) we
owe so much—England and America owe so
much, as all right thinking Americans, Gen.
Scott included admit—all gratitude to men
like these whose prosenco in Esquimalt is a
guarantee of strength, honor, and peace.
The above remarks havo been called forth
by the unjust comments contained in a recent
number of the United Service Gazette, which
has presumed to speak ofa matter with which
it is totally unacquainted, and dared to cast
a slur upon the fair fame of officers whose
honor is " sans reproche."
Painful AccmEXT.—On Tuesday afternoon, a little
boy the son of Mr. William Brown, of Pioneer-street!
ivasseveroly, if not fatally injured by thc accidenta,
burning of his frock. The poor little sufferer was
most dreadfully burned about the neck nnd arms, bul
is. wc arc happy to learn, progressing favorably.
Hook axii Ladder Company.—We hear incessant
complaints against thc Hook and Ladder Company.
It i< reportedin yesterday's "Colonist," that it was on
thc ground at the" late fire. We arc glad to hear it as
we were not aware that it had arrived. The President
of the committee, who has been doing nil the subsequent bus'ness of the company un athorized by the
subscribers, and who by-thc-byc as effltor of a newspaper might be supposed to he able to keep ns enlightened ns to its movement- and progress, keeps us completely in the dark.    Why?
£ocal 3ntclli(jcncc.
colony, and  contrary to the wishes of the not have been countermanded, and war with
To our guardians in these seas—ournava
commanders—who, on lhc occasion of the
late San Juan difficulty, so nobly despised all
Ihe chances of honor and eclat which might
have accrued to thorn from adopting a policy
promising professional active employment,
and gave Ihat counsel which kept peace between us and our neighbors, it must be
gratifying to learn, that their statesmanlike
conduct was not alone the subject of admiration by the people at home when the las
mail wc received left, but had elicited thc
approbation of the highest authority in the
.Realm. To their dignified conduct do we
owe not only our dignified position, but
security in our homes.
The steps taken by Gov. Douglas on
the occasion of thc occupation of San Juan
was no more than might have been
expected from a high-spirited gentleman, the
honor of whoso country had been assailed;
and our feelings ou learning of the landing
of thc United States troops would have led
us in the same direction, and there is no
doubt the removal, or destruction of
ihe w/ioie of Capt. Pickett's force would
have met. with the support of nine-tenths of
the population of this Island at the first outburst of popular indignation, but that the
course finally adopted was the noblest and
wisest for the occasion, there can be no doubt
—as had one shot been fired at San Juan
lighting would not have been confined to that
Island, but British Columbia and Victoria
would have witnessed the horrors of warfare
and the progress of this colony would have
suffered a check by the derangement of trade
and insecurity of lite and property, the effect
of which would havo been felt for many
years. What must be the disgust, therefore,
of Gov.. Douglas, as an honorable man, to find
ascribed to him by some toady reporter of an
influential journal in England, Ihe credit of
that temperate policy which was due to
Admiral Baynes and tho Captains of his
fleet. It is generally believed that had not
Captain dc Courccy of thc Pylados, and
Captain Richards of thc Plumper, waited
upon His Excellency one evening, and remonstrated with him until a late hour that
the directions just previously dispatched to
Captain Hornby lo use force in the arrest of
Captain Pickett of tho U. S. Army, would
In the name of numerous electors, wo call
upon Mr. Langford to refute the charge that
parties are circulating, to the effect that he
supports -Mr. de Cosmos and others of the
secret-mceting-primary-clcction clique, and
we again caution him as to the consequences.
The rapidity with which substantial buildings are springing up is amazing. The fire
proof granite building, erected by the British
Bank of North America, is an ornament to
any town, ami the stores of Webster k Co.,
and K. Gambit/,, both brick buildings, are
quile encouraging in their appearance. In
addition to these the new Music Hall on
Govornment-strcct, will be shortly completed, and also the magnificant Billiard
Saloon ou the corner of Yates and Government-streets. Mr. Howland has also nearly
completed two very neat ten-roomed brick
cottages immediately in rear of Rev. W. F.
Clarke's new congregational Lecture Room.
Tu the Editor Victoria Gazette.
Sin.—Would yon be so kind as to insert the following
in your invaluable paper. I think it should not go unnoticed. The editor ofthe Colonist, tor the lust two or
three days, has altered considerable his suuviter iu
modo amongst the colored citizens of Victorin (particularly on Tuesday.) bus guarded me mack against sueh
two faced philanthropy; it is absurd for him to think
that nny of the above citizens will ever tender him a
vote. 1 only advise my friends lo shun nny oily conversation,or any zealous cauvassing, which, to much extent
helms been guilty of. He has pledged himself i. e. il
h ishould be'clected (01 he will ignite Victoria harbor.)
nnd murk you. Mr. Editor, he is identified us chairman
of ihe Hook und Ladder Company's meeting, when it wns
moved by some gentleman, thill two ofthe colored citizens be pi.iced on the committee, be voted against iI
with his usual amount of partisanship. I sny, down
with such "California dodges," we want no such
"white-washed candidates " to be iu the house—give
us a man like Justico Langford, of stem reform principles, nn upright and intelligent Englishman, wlio never
attempts to establish, or exibit any of these tyrannical
slave holding oppressive prejudices in Victoria.
There is another candidate in the Meld now, who has
solicited votes from a few men (colored)—he has regrct-
ed much his insult offered to a respectable man of color,
in the Philharmonic Society, sometime buck, in selling
a ticket of admittance lor the performance, nnd then
neglected him at the door. By the by, I am prepared
in aid in my subscription towards Ihe " brass monument''
on Wharf street, after the election Yours &c,
II. P.
[Our correspondent is in error as regards the locality
chosen for the monument, it is to be erected at the corner
of Waddington and Yntcs-Strect.—El).]
Lord of life, and light, and love
Bend in mercy from above ■
From thy radiant dwelling there
Listen to thy people's prayer!
And accept the hymn of praise
Which, with grateful hearts, we raiii!
Now, again, thy day of birth
Comes to glad the joyous earth-
Rising on devotion's wing,
Song of joy we gladly sing.
While the sound of mirth and glee
.Speak of earthly revelry I
Once of old a seraph choir,
Swept the cbords with hallow'd fire-
When their choral anthems rang
For Redemption's work begun-
Humbler is the earth-born lay
Springing from our hearts to-day.
By the sweat of blood, which pour'd
From thy spotless body, Lord!
By thy sinless spirit's pang
Ere the strife of death began ;	
By that hour of darkest woe,
Let our hearts with fervor glow I
By thy resurrection hour.
Full of victory and power.
By thine upward flight above,
Fiiiish'd all thy work of love;—
Let our incense to the skies
Mount a graceful sacrifice I
(.'hasten all our hours of joy,
Every thought of sin destroy;  „
While on earth we thus adore,
Let thy holy spirit pour
O'er our hearts, ulicensing love.
Till we join the Blest above I
Oca cotemporary was very wroth some time since at
the idea of Mr. Cary pining himself to the coat tails of
Mr. Langfoi d at the'ensuing election: but with boast-1 issued,  and  asked  him to recommend me ns carrier
ed consistency thc editor of the Colonist is himself try- perfectly willing  to buy tho   old  Gazelle   route,   Mr
Yates Street 22nd Dec, 1839.
Sin :—About four weeks before the late Victoria Gazette ceased to be published, Mr. Riley, the late carrier
of that paper, came to me and offered me his subscription list and route for $400. I replied I would think of
it, and I saw Mr. Williston about it, inquiring if the
Gazelle would continue to be published, bereplicd there
was no doubt the paper would be continued ; but notwithstanding this assuranoe of Mr. Williston, I refused
to buy the route on account ofthe change in his line of
conduct, ns shown in his editorials; and did not think
any more about it until the Victoria Gazette Announced
itsA'/i/.i: I heard Butts announce on the same day that
the New Westminster Times would issue a paper three
times a A'eek, under the name ofthe  Victoria (Inzette; I
A few miles above Sea Bird Bar, the whole cl,..
of the scenery of the  Fraser changes; the nnmqj
which have  hitherto been separated from llic rii-M
extensive tracts of level land,  now closed in mM
side, rearing their rugged crests almost perpendic J
over the bed of the river, here and there a few bsmj
covered with cotton wood trees, intervene bctwetil
river and the  buses of thc inountins, which art j
untouched by the destroying hand of the miner. "
of the most extensive of these flats, i3 nt the back].
bar, formerly known as  murderers' bar,  (this t-lrl
name bus fortunately been exploded, and the spot\,T
known as Cornish Bar:) it is situated about six e
from Hope, and extends hack into the ravine tomtit
the junction of two mountains; about  hslf nmiiej
is altogether an extensive flat, und from the prospe
of gold I saw taken there, and Ihe thickness Of llitj
slreak. ihe former -1 cents to the pan, and the Uij|
feet,   I am   strongly  of opinion that  most Mircta
mining  operations  will be carried on there next J
The stripping and trees are heavy, but the whole (I'M
Hat prospects well, and a fine stream of water froi
ravine above mentioned, is being diverted frotnitscoi
for the  purpose of  carrying out  slucing optrai.<B
which   wiF   no doubt  prove  highly  successful. !H
Frenchmen with rockers were making $6to Ssmliufl
man, this summer.    From this point to Hope iIiit-I
no mining operations of consequence ; here and \h<9
solitary  rocker mny be. seen, who on  enquiry, infuifl
you he     making Si lo $2 a day, a fact you areratiB
inclined to  doubt,  as it is probable he would 1
immediately (the same day) went to Mr. Williston, and
told him that I had heard that a new Gazette would he there under such circumstances.    I should lm
tinned Ihat a lillie below the Red Scuur, thc inonnfl
ing to enter lhc  house of Assembly under thc wing 0
that gentleman, notwithstandinging his holy indignationf
at, the similar condubt of Mr. Gary.
Holidays.—Monday and Tuesday the '20th and 2 7th
inst-, and Monday ami Tuesday 2nd nnd 3rd proximo,
will be kept as Holidays at the public ollices.
Coarse Gold.—We are informed that there is to be
seen at the ollice of Messrs Muedonald k Co., on Yates-
strcct, several nuggets of gold from Quosuell River, all
aversging between one and three ounces iu weight.
Lucky Minekb.—Out of one party of eight miners,
who arrived by the Eliza Anderson on her hist (rip, the
least gold that each had was S2,000, which they hud
obtained a few miles above the Forks; not so bad considering the price of provisions, and that they had only
been working since the beginning of last summer.
Mail for Australia.—Wc are informed that a mail
bag will be made up and despatched to Sydney, by the
" Princess Royal." Due notice will be given by the Post
Ollice department.
Rkiiits of Voters.—It is not generally known Ihat
each voter can vote for the two Representatives of Victoria Town, or any other town or district which is entitled to two members.
Mu. Franklin's Address.—In another column will
be found the straight-forward, practical, sensible address of Mr. Franklin. If we may be allowed to say it,
he is the only person who has, in his address, dealt
with all our wants. Wc sincerely trust he will be returned, as in the House of Assembly, his commercial
knowledge, known integrity, and independent character, would be of inestimable value. Independent. Reformers, support Mr. Langford and Mr. Franklin, and
wc shall have two representatives of which any town
might be justly proud. Victoria is a commercial town,
and above all requires a commercial man to guard its
Tlio Victoria branch of the Dashaway
temperance Association is daily increasing
the number of its adherents, and musters at
present about fifty members, The Society
have a comfortable reading room on Wharf-
street, which with a commendable spirit of
liberality is thrown open to the public generally. Wo learn that the members intend
having a public meeting as early as possible.
Our attention has been called to an article.
in thc United Service Gazette which refle
most unjustly upou the conduct pursued by
Admiral Baynes with regard to tho San
Juan affair. Wo, however, know too well
from experience, tho violence with ivhich
that journal frequently takes up subjects of
which it is entirely ignorant, and therefore
can make allowanco for the want of regard
to truth displayed throughout the article.
Political IntbllioJBNOE.—A certain half-rend gentleman, n well known benefactor to Printers, was observed on Monday, going quietly across thc new bridge
in company wilh a government official. Oh horror of
horrors, the worst is yet to come—for he was actually
seen to enter the Government offices!! We understand that he condescended la shake hands witli a certain
learned gentleman. We much regret that so ardent 11
Reformer could not resist thc wiles of the tempter!
True Reformers will rejoice Unit an occasion has transpired for proving his strength of purpose, while the
"Old Fogy,'' element, we beg pardon, the "Young
Fogies," will weep bitter tears of sadness at this sudden politicnl suicide of one of their party. It may he
Unit noun-day walks arc found to be more beneficial to
tlie cause than " midnight sleepy thoughts."
Christmas Day.—In order to afford those engaged
in this oflice an opportunity of enjoying the. festivities
of Christinas, the Victoria Gazette will not be issued on
Monday next.
Williston told me that he did not know anything
about a new Gazette, and had no transactions with Mr.
King, I accordingly renounced iny idea of carrying the
papers. Four days afterwards (Wednesday) Mr. Riley
came to mo and asked for a private interview, proposing
to sell the subscription list to me, I told him I wou^d
if I could obtain from the proprietors of Lhe new paper
the sole right to carry—agreed to price wilh Mr. Riley
and settled Ihe transaction on the following day, (Tuesday) which I can prove by my books, my clerk, nnd Mr. F.
B Peterson, who witnessed the transaction. lam willing
to swear to the truth of tlie above.
I am, sir, your obedt. sent.
W. F. Hcrrc.
[We beg thc public to give this letter a careful perusal, and at the same time we cannot help remarking
upon the consummate impudence with which this infamous and scandalous transaction has been persisted in;
we have 111 hesitation in classifying this attempt to extort money from us the most barefaced proceeding that
was ever perpetrated. The assurance Mr. Williston is
said to have given Mr. Hcrrc, thnt the late paper would
be continued, when trying to sell the route to him, wc
are at a loss to understand.—Ed.]
Victoria V. I., Dec. 20th, 1859.
Mr. Editor:—The candidates for Legislative Honors
aro out with a grand flourish of what they intend doing
when elected to their scats in the house of Assembly.
:. .ac.ards headed with the startling announcements,
Reform, Free Port, Free Cl'.urckes, Free Schools, Free
Love, Free Drinking, Free ;i;,'.:!::g, and the next thing
we suppose will be Free. Lnn Grabbing, no protective
duties, no ad valorem tax on foreign goods, in foreign
Now Mr. Editor, we Britishers know this tobe'nerfcet-
ly in keeping with electioneering trickery in all >arts of
I'.io civilized world, and on this coast particularly, every
e.Mididate must say something till he obtains his seat,
and then—what, why, h'.ighs at the fools who put him
there against their own individual intorosts, according
lo the announcement of some of lhc candidates. All
the orcigncrs, merchants, '.'ousters, farmers, tradesmen,
and miners will have an exclusive right to do us they
please hero subject to no duty or taxation, to the great
detriment ofthe liritish resident taxpayers, merchants,
farmers, and tradesmen.
It seems to us, Mr. Editor, protection is required to
foster liritish skill, or liritish capital, whether invested
in merchandise, coasters, steamers, mining, mechanical
or'ngriculturnl labor.
Our neighbors make our coasters pay for the privilege
of visiting ono port alone, having no right nl lowed to
visit, the second, thanks to our diplomats) it is to be
hoped the members will introduce an act for thc especial protection of our coasters, fisheries, mining nnd
agricultural land not yet developed.
Voters wish to inquire of the candidates ho v are thc
funds to bo raised to pay the expenses of a colonial
government on the most economical plan. Do they
suppose the few merchants, shopkeepers, tradesmen,
und others who hold title property are able to bear
alone the taxation required for the support of the
colonial government; if so, ihen will the foreign merchant, constor, farmer, and tradesman, be in that position of society long expected by thc visionaries of
pave government.
In fact they will derive all the profit, without any expenditure invested in the colony, to the great, disadvantage of thc tux [layers; and protection from land griib-
ers and jobbers is very much needed. Also protection to our fisheries and coasters, mining and agricultural hinds, protection fo gold dust shipped in
sh ape of duly 011 exportation, protection from fraud
ulent weights and measures, protection from fraudulent
foreign contractors. Verily, we say unto you Mr
Editor there is great need of protection in mailers lo=|
sight of completely by tho reformers, and we do not intend to vote for any candidate who intends to leave the
skill, the capital, und the resources ofthe colony wlthou
a protection. Many Voteks,
mentioned in my lust, lhc Chilwayhook prfliriceaH
toan end, and there tlie trail from Seiniuliuino lor, J
lirst touches the Frascr, following the bunk of tlie«
the whole of the way to Hope.    A trail  From I,.i«
to communicate with the one in question, the jutiiB
being on thc Sweep prairie, and near the lake of M
name, is now being made, and in the early spring. (A
may be transported by mules, from Langley lo Alofl
der ;  the road  being open the whole way,  and in;fl
condition.    One would be glad to hear of some tern
prising trader proposing this trip  the coming year:!
finer depot than Langley could be found for siartinrj
train of mules from ;  from   thence to Alexander!
Boston bar, or Mousours mountain, forage can befo^
the whole way (particularly  by tlio hitter goinj
the prairies by  Kamloops,) and the journey coiilJl
easily performed in 14 or 20 days,  the only dllol
being the two   mountains between   Ft.  Hope Mill
prairie, the rest of thc journey being nearly a plftitl
whole  way.    ll is by  the latter route, in myopic*
that the most of ihe supplies for the upper cnuutrv'
be introduced,    the road by  Vale,   and following!
course ofthe Fraser is too precipitous ever tn conii"|
the main road.    Ft. Hope also is the head ofnarlgw
and freight can   be packed  there  and taken din
away, avoiding the difficulties anil dangers of the ri*{
to Vale, and the mountain passes beyond it.
Hut to pursue our narativo; a bend!of the riverbrii
one in  sight of Ft. Hope, and  given a  fine AarM
quite sure that the most saturnine beholder would (I
his gloom  away and  confess thc  charm of the I1'']
The site of the town of Hope, is romantically mostf
picturesque, it is on nn extensive flat of about onciij
long by two broad, positively embowered in mount!
which townr over your head, and which arc lost M
ft/.urc depths of the unclouded  sky above; positkj
there is some truth iu the  remark   made upon them]
na Irish friend of mine, that you have to look twicer
a half before you can sec the tops of them.
(To be Continued.)
Mu. Lakoford having publicly announced that]
supports Mr. Do Cosmos us n candidate for a seat in'
nexl House of Assembly, we cannot refrain from eip'«
ing our regret that he should have identified bind
with the party who have been guilty of such 1111-Enpl'
practices as the holding of caucuses, and Primary &
tions, and whose opinions cloaked under tho g^
liberality and reform, are well known to be antc-p*
grossivc, illiberal and inimical to English laws and1
stitutions. Mr. Langford occupied n, proud posili
which he has most foolishly sacrificed to grntifi
weak and impotent political clique whose machnni
ons will us assuredly bo frustratodfas that Mr. Langi
will have cause to repent the step he has taken. S
upon this subject shortly.
Office of the New Westminster Tim1'"
ANY person or persons Printing or Publishing <
Paper under the name, style, nnd title, of (
Victoria Gazette., will be prosecuted for so doing, ns tl
Title belongs exclusively to the Newspaper public
at this office. E. HAMMOND KIKdJ
Victoria, Dec. 12, 1850.
rpiIE Government Gazette will hereafter be publifkj
J_     on every Tuesday, instead of on every SaturW
us heretofore.
Dec. 17, IH50.
Coi,o.Ni.\[i"'-SEcnETAnv's Office,
Victoria, Vancouver IstA.vn,
10th December, 180H
Monday and Tuesday, thc 26th and 27th inst, "1
Monday and Tuesday, the 2d nnd Mil of .Inniiiuy, Pr0If
will be kept as Holidays nt the Public Offices, THE    NEW    WESTMINSTER    TIMES.
i ESPEC'TFULLY inform the Public thnt they have
been appointed agents  for the sale  of Garden
eds from the most celebrated Gardens of California,
the Atlantic Elates, and Europe,
Purchasers of those Heeds can rely on the certainty
of their growth. We guarantee them fresh and true
to their kind.
The largest stock and greast variety ever imported
into these Colonies.
Fine Bathing COLOGNE at "5 cents per quart
ELL PURE BAY RUM at 75 cents per quart bott
Just Received by Pacific.
Fresh Cnrrnnt3,
Layer Rusins,
Dairy Fresh Butter and Cheese,
Lard, Candles,
English Bacon and
F'ine Family Tea.
Colonial Produce Store,
Comer Yates and Government sts.
,121- T. PHELAN.
Ill: Wc, the undersigned, electors and residents in
Victoria, feeling confidence in your ability, inde-
pe'nilenc.e, and integrity, are anxious to secure yonr
return for this constituency, and have accordingly formed
ourselves into a Committee for the purpose of attaining
that end.
Edw. Stump,
John Miles,
K (1 Alston,
G T Cordon,
Kenneth McKenzie,
John Pnrk«r,
Robertson .Stewart,
K Hammond King.
Victoria, 21st Dec, 18r.fi
AVe are, Mir,
Your obedient Servants,
J. J. Soutbgatc,
J N Tlniin,
Robt Burnaby,
J Gastiueau,
A R Green,
A F Main,
E Green,
:<ELL the  celebrated FRANGIPANNNI  and Kiss Mc
Quick Perfume, und Pomades.
■—.—  ■ w ■	
±J &e. &e. '
13th Dee. 1859.
IR:—We, the undersigned Electors for the District
of Esquimau und Metchosen, are desirous of being
again represented by you in the ensuing Parliament
and having every confidence in your liberal views, parliamentary experience and integrity, desire you to allow
yourself to be put in nomination as a Candida e for the
representation of this district, and engage to do everything in our power to fuvt'jer yo:ir election :
W R Parsons
Major George Foster
John Parker
John Russell
Edward Green
James Wilson
M tthew Francis
Matthias Rowland
Jos. Montgomery
Edward stump.  dl4-G
ELL all their   GOODS at San  Francisco   prices.
ARRANT all their GARDEN, Fruit, Flower, and
Id seeds to grow.
(,)   AAA Gallons ALCOHOL for sale by
fflENDERS are invited for  BILLS in sums not le
than £250, drawn un the LORDS COMMISSIONERS
of Her Majesty's Treasury, London.
September 7th, 18*i9. Treasurer.
I have much pleasure in accepting Ihe kind assistance you have offered me, and can only say that, I
will, if relurned for your town, do every thing in my
power to justify your good opinion. I propose shortly,
in the most public manner to reiterate, the policy which
1 believe should be followed in this colony, anil in the
meantime 1 will say that we must keep Victoria a !*'ree
Port, never admitting the thin end of the wedge,
whether it comes in the shape of protective duties in
favor of home produce, or under cover of annexation.
Vie must settle up the available land in the colony,
nnd we can only effect this result by n judicious preemptive system. Our taxation must be direct and
equalized j unimproved lands must bear a special burden, and your town must be incorporated. The whole
procedure of the courts of Justice must he set on a
new fooling—cheapness, rapidity, and finality, must be
introduced. A Registration system, obviating the necessity of Deeds, must be carried through. The Indians must lietriedby Indian commissioners, unfettered
by the technicalities and refinements which render
their punishment so difficult and expensive. Law and
Equity must no longer '^e divided, and the time of
Jurors no lunger wasted. Your Mouse of Representatives must take upon themselves the civil expenditure
of the colony, ami exert their control over its finance.
With regard to the Hudson's Hay Company, 1 am not
disposed to join in any crusade against them in their
private capacity, any more than to allow them an advantage over the colony—ns to their alleged claim I do
not believe in its existence, or tlint it has ever been
ventilated except by the so-called " Reformers," nnd
when set up, it must tie tested Ul the manner usual in
any private case of contested account. Whenever the
interests of thc two colonies threaten to clash, I will
resign my official position in the colony, where I can
be least useful. In conclusion I can only thank you
again, und have the honor to remain gentlemen,
Your most obedient servant,
George Hunter Gary.
Victoria, Vancouver Island, December 22nd, 1859.
To Messrs. Stamp, Southgate, A. R. Green, E. Green,
Alston, Parker, Joim  Miles, Burnaby, Gordon, (lasti-
neau, Kenneth McKenzie, A. F. Main, James N. Thnin,
Robertson Stewart, and E Hammond King.
GOODS from the San  Francisco Steamers will be
received at Esquimalt, and delivered at Victoria
with despatch, for
One Dollar per Ton,
dlG-tc Wharf street.
fllllE following Gentlemen have formed themselves
3      into a Committee to promote Captain Gordon's
Election for the Town of Esquimalt:
Robert Burnaby, Ed. Stamp,
John Criddle, * Thos. Trounce,
John J Cochrane, II P Pellew Brease,
Lewis Davies, Edward Green,
John U Howard, John Parker,
Benj. Pearsc.
Decerabei  14th, 1859.
Gentlemen ;—Having already served as your representative in the House of Assembly, und having been
well known to you for n number of years, I feel proud
ofthe renewal of your confidence.
Conscious that I have fulfilled, to the best of my
ability, the promises made at last election, I accede to
your desire, and allow myself to be put in nomination
for the Esquimalt and Metchosin District, and hope,
with your valuable aid, again to win, and advocate, as
heretofore, Truth, Justice, Honesty, nnd Progress.
As soon as the House of Assembly is dissolved, I will
publish an address declaratory of my views and future
intentions.    I nm, gentlemen,
Yours, tc,
To W. R. Parsons, Major G. Foster, John Parker, John
Russell, Edward Green, James Wilson, Matthew
Francis, Matthias Rowland, James Montgomery, Edward Stamp.
beg to offer
GENTLEMEN:—I come forward, incompliance with
the wishes ofa considerable number ofthe electors of your District, ns a candidate to represent you at
the ensuing election.
I claim your suffrages as a liberal and independent
Every measure that will promote the rapid growth of
this promising Colony, nnd foster its real progress, will
have my warm support.
The present depressed state of the Finances of this
country, demands early and serious attention, and, in
order to keep taxation within the smallest possible limits,
the. utmost economy and prudence in administering thc
resources ofthe country, consistent with the efficiency
of thc public service, must be observed.
I am firmly convinced that the continuance of the present Free Port, in the face ofthe heavy duties imposed
on merchandise by neighboring countries, will so attract to our shores shipping and commerce from all
parts of tho world, as to render this place eventually
the emporium of the Pacific.
I am desirous of aiding nny feasible plan for the improvement of our postal communications, that will uot
prove a burthen on colonial funds.
I nm in favor of an assisted emigration of the industrial classes, to enhance the value of land and its produce, and to distribute the necessary public expenditure
over as large an area as possible.
I am opposed to the appropriation of State Funds to
the endowment of any particular religious denomination. Every church should be supported by its own
A liberal and well digested Land System, that will
open up the productive resources of the country, and
increase the number of bonn-firie settlers, will be
steadily advocated by every means in my power.
I shall he prepared to forward every measure that
pjll tend to the establishment of a large export trade
in timber, lumber, nnd the other staples of the island.
I shall steadily oppose all measures which would
tend to any combination of political power and privilege in thc hands of a chartered few to the detriment of
individual enterprise in the colony nt large.
If elected, I am prepared to introduce such Reforms
as nre necessary for the adaptation of English law to
the exigencies of the colony.
It is of the utmost importance that prompt measures
be adopted to improve the condition of our Roads,
Bridges and Harbors; and the purchase money of
public lauds should in the first instance be devoted to
this purpose.
I shall further to the utmost, all measures of a
sound liberal progressive nature, that will promote the
benefit of the polony j and the development of free institutions will eyer find in mc, should I have the honor
of being elected your Representative, a zealous nnd
hearty supporter.
I have the honor to be, gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
Henry P. Peuew Cri-asr,
GENTLEMEN: In compliance with the wishes of
several influential Electors of the Town of Esquimau, I have come forward to solicit your suffrages
at tlie ensuing Election. I propose doing myself the
honor of waiting personally upon each of you on the
earliest occasion, and in the interim I wish briefly to
explain thc principles upon which I venture to nsk your
1 am a reformer in the true acceptation of thc term,
(i. e.) I will at all times give my most earnest support
to every measure calculated to advance the true interests of the Colony, and am equally determined to
resist those of any anti-progressive tendency. To preserve Victoria a Free Port, I will use my best exertions.
As one who has the real interests of the Church at
heart, 1 wish in our young Colony to see her self-supporting.
Being fully convinced that the interests both of Victoria and Esquimalt, demand a well surveyed andsound-
ly built road from one Town to the other, I will do all
in my power to obtain that object.
Should you do me the honor to return mens your
Representative in the House of Assembly, about to be
summoned, I pledge myself to use every exertion to
further the welfare of the Town of Esquimalt and that
of the Colony at large, and
I have the honor to be, Gentlemen,
Your most obedient Servant,
\t the request of several electors, I
r myself ns a candidate for your suffrages at the  ensuing  election, to  represent you  in the
House of Assembly.
I advocate the thorough reform of nil abuses, and
earnestly desire to sec the colonization of this country
loyally and honestly encouraged.
Every church in my opinion should be supported by
its own members.
Every measure that will tend to develope the resources of this Island will have my cordial support.
As a landowner I shall strongly urge upon the Government the paramount and immediate necessity of the
appropriation of all moneys, derived from the sale of
country lands, to making roads, bridges, and other improvements in the several districts from which these
funds arise.
I consider thc success of this Colony greatly depends
upon keeping the ports free, and I am opposed to the
annexntion of this Island to British Columbia.
Should I have the honor to be elected yonr representative, I shall always be found at my post, ready to advocate all liberal and independent measures of reform,
calculated, according to my best judgment, to benefit
the colony at large, and more especially those tending
to prevent the political power of this country from being
made an engine of any monopoly or injustice nt the expense of our population at large.
I have the honor to be, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,
George F. Foster.
Vancouver Island, December 15, 1859.
The " Victoria Gazette "
Published every
Price 12? cents.
DVERTISERS in the Victoria Gazette, will have
the privilege of advertising in the New Westminster Times, which now has the largest circulation
of any paper in the Colony, upon payment of one half
extra. It is particularly requested that advertisements
sent in may be distinctly marked with the number of
insertions required, also whether for ono or both
Advertisements for long periods inserted upon the
most reasonable terms.
No advertisements received after V p. m., thc day previous to publication.
tasincss girtctorj.
PERSONS wishing to subscribe to the
Victoria Gazette, arc requested to leave orders
with W. F. HERRE, News Depot, Yntcs street, near
Wharf, as we have conceded to him the sole right to
cam- that paper and to furnish it to subscribers.
r-IOMMISSION    MERCflANTS,   Corner   Wharf   and
v    Johnston-streets,  Victoria,   V.    I.   Dickson,  De
Wolf k Co., Merchant-street, San Francisco.   slO-tc
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Albert Whnrf, Victoria,
Vancouver  Island, and Battery-street, San Francisco, California. slO-tc
COMMISSION   MERCHANTS,   Victoria,   Vancouver
Island. oc4-tc
Between Yates aud View, Victoria. /Sashes, Doors,
anil Blinds made to order with neatness and dispatch.
Lumber for sale. Eastern White Pine, Redwood siding,
Redwood Flooring, and Redwood scantling. Jobbing
attended to. d3-tc
AGENTS and Subscribers ofthe New Westminster
Times, nnd Victoria GAZETTE,in British Columbia, will oblige by furnishing the office with instructions ns to how they may wish these papers sent to
them ns postage of 5 cents per copy has to be paid.
CCORRESPONDENTS for the Victoria Gazelle, in
/ British Columbia Oregon, and Washington Territory. To men of ability, the most advantageous terms
are olfered.    Apply to the Editor,
Yates street,
Also responsible nnd energetic agents.
Dec. 1, 1859.
-Builders', Agricultural, and General
Johnson street.
Vatcs Street, Victoria,
IS PBEPARED to furnish  designs for al) kinds of
public and private buildings.
Superintendence, valuation., and mcnsiH'eiiM'iit of the
different  descriptions  of mechanical work connected
witli building. OC'25-tC-
LAW chambers,
DEBTS   nnd Rents collected,  Acconnt
Houses and Land for sale.    Money
connts   adjusted,
to loan.
JD. CARROLL, Yates-street,  between Whnrf and
• Government-streets, Importer and Wholesale and
Retail dealer in Wines and Liquors.. tic
GENTLEMEN :—At the request of several Electors, I
have resolved to come forward once more as a
Candidate for your suffrages to represent you in the
new House- of Assembly, upon the sound, liberal, and
independent principles I have ever advocated.
When the proper time arrives, I will lay before you
in full detail the mode in which I desire to see these
liberal views carried out.
I have the honor to remain,
Your obedt. servant,
Nov. 10, 1859. dl2-tc
A Beautiful Assortment
For the approaching
Annuals foe 1860.
Diarus for 1860.
d5-lui Yates-street.
Liverpool. Honolulu.
JANION, GREEN & CO., Commission Merchants:
foot of Johnson-street, near the Bridge, Victoria
V. I. Agent for the Liverpool Underwriters' Association. nl2-ft
Victorin, V
PRICE k CO., Merchants,  Wharf-streeo
'ancoiivcr Island. o4-tc
LESTER begs  leave to announce that   she
e  instruction on the Piano.   Residence,
, will giv
Vancouver-street, between Bclot and Belcher.
November 4th. 8m 118
T   PHELAN, cornei of Yntcs nr.d Government-streets
• Victoria, dealer in Groceries,. Provisions, Crockery,
cl Glassware.
Responding to the support proffered me by numerous
Electors, 1 am  induced to offer myself ns a Candidate
to represent your interests in the House of Assembly.
Impressed with the importance of the position to
which I aspire, and of the more thnn ordinary duties
thnt must devolve upon the members of the next Parliament, I shall if elected, endeavor to perform my full
share of the Public work, pursuing a perfectly independent nnd liberal course upon all questions, and towards all parties, seeking to effect a unanimity of
action in the adoption of measures of genuine reform,
to advance this colony, and render it what it is destined
to become, the future Great Britain of the Pacific.
Identified as I am with commerce, I earnestly desire
to see this port made a great emporium for British and
European manufactures, wdience the markets on this
coast, including also those of the Sandwich Islands,
Northern Chinn, and the Amoor countries mny be supplied. Our geographical position, with capital and
Free Trade to back it, I am satisfied would establish
that cheapness here which is the attracting and governing power of commerce. In our Forests, Fisheries,
Coal and other Minerals, we have resources to furnish
large exports, and to return cargoes ot our own producing, if properly encouraged.
The Reciprocity Treaty existing between Canada and
the United States, should be extended to this side, between us and our neighbors.
We need nn Ocean Mail Service.
This  Town  must be  incorporated,  with   Gas and
Water privileges reserved io.- its special benefit.
Our Island should be thoroughly explored, thc Government Lands disposed of liberally to actual settlers,
aud the proceeds applied to tlie making of roads, and
the aiding immigration, wilh thc preference given to
respectable females.
In dealing with our Finances, we must seek to uphold
and establish our colonial credit. I have heard it
stated that wc have ihe incubus of a debt to begin
with, lt is a British maxim that you cannot dispose of
a man's property without his consent. I nm not
aware that the Parliament of this colony hns ever voted
supplies for which il hnd not provided ways and menus.
If therefore the Hudson's Bay Company claim any debt
as now due to them, they must seek redress from the
proper quarter; for my part, I pledge myself most
emphatically to resist upon constitutional grounds, the
payment of any such claim by the people of this colony.
I advocate the collection of Revenue by Direct Taxation, charged upon property, and not upon industry.
Our expenditure must bo regulated by strict economy.
The present Franchiso Act I regard as a temporary
measure, wholly insufficient for the requirements of a
new colony. ,
In relation to the many other important questions of
thc day such ns thc support of Churches, Schools,
Asylums, and Prisons; thc adoption of a Registration
Act for Lands, kc, kc, I will postpone their discussion
until I shnll have the pleasure of personally meeting
vou, when I will explain my views on these and other
subjects in detail.
I am, Gentlemen, yours etc.
Victoria, December 17,1859.
Many female servants are required for Victoria,
where good wages could be had. Also monthly nurses
and nurserymaids. The undersigned would b* glad to
communicate with any San Francisco Employment
Agency Office, upon the subject.
Office " New Westminster Times."
Received ex Pacific.
For Sale at ADOLPH SUTRO k CO.
dG-lw corner Yates and Wharf sts.
FIVE cents will be charged on all Newspapers sent
to Br'tsh Columbia by Express till further notice.
Merchants aud shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms Cash. do-tc
INGE PIES, OYSTER PATTIES.    Also all sorts
of Meat and Fruit Pies supplied on the shortest
Plnm Puddings and Cakes made to order.
Orders left at the office of thc New Westminster Times,
punctually attended to. d5-tc
Groceries and Provisions,
THE undersigned would respectfully inform his
friends and thc public thnt he still occupies his
old stand on Government street, where he would be
happy to serve his old friends and thc citizens of Victoria.   Me is constantly supplied with
And has always on hand a
Cloaks arid Mantillas,
A large variety of
An excellent variety of
And a full assortment of
Gentlemen's   Furnishing   Goods,
Of different colors;
Children's  Toys,
Of  all kinds,  India Rubber nnd  Wax.
WM. B. SMITH, announces to his Friends and Customers of Vancouver Island and British Columbia,
of having removed to his new commodious store, adjoining the corner of Yates and Government streets, and
respectfully calls their attention to his large and well
selected stock of
Which he is now prepared to offer at very reasonable
Finest qualities of Black and Green Teas, Rio and Java
Coffees, Chocolates, Preserved Fruits, Jams, Jellies, anda
choice assortment of general Italian and Oilmen's
Stores, selected with special care for family consumption.
Is in constant receipt of Fresh California and Oregon
Butter, Cheese, and Eggs, direct from the dairy.
All orders promptly attended to, and goods warranted
as represented.
Victoria, Nov. 25, 1859, d3-lm
English Blankets.
r*    B.U/ES—Yirsf Quality, Red White aaH Slue;
.) For Sale by
Wharf street, Victoria, V. I.
n2C-tc (Opposite Myers' IFharf.)
Royal Hotel.
Board, per week $7 to $8 00
Board and Lodging, per week „§10 0O
Wine, Ales, and Liquors of the best description.
Private Rooms for Families.
fjgg" A large HALL suitable for Balk or Public
d3-tc Proprietor.
Seamstress arid Nursery Governess
WANTED.—An intelligent Young Woman, competent and willing to fill the above  situation,
can learn of a good home, and a fair salary, by addressing "HOME,"
dlG-lw              Office " New Westminster Times.''
MARCHAND & CO., Assayers of Gold, Silver, and
ores of every description. Gold and silver
assays made, and returns given within six hours in Bars
Or coin, at the option of the depositor. dI0-3m
WELLS,   FARGO,   &  Co.,
N. B.    Due notice will be given before moving into
mv new and commodious Fire-Proof Brick store, ad-
TUST RECEIVED and for sale,
|      2500 lbs Bergin.s Celebrated Fnmilv Soap ;
400 lbs English White do
500 lbs French Sperm Candles;
500 lbs New Zante Currants ;
200 lbs candied itron;
50 doz. California Corn Brooms, nssort'd sizes
Salt Salmon in casks for export.
By W. B. SMITn,
d3-tc Cor. Government nnd Yates street
(Established 1852)
C o m m i ssio n    Merc h ant,
G2 California street, between Front nnd Battery,
San Francisco, Cal.
Brewers', Soda, and Tanners' Materials
Drugs, etc.,
Constantly on hand.
Also choice nors in Bales, Half Bales and Zinc.
Orders from any part of the State promptly attended
, to.   Prices given, (andj samples sent—if desired,) per
joining the Bank of British North America, Yatcs-street, return Express.
Victoria, B®° Befer to the principal Brewers, Druggists, kc,
d9-tc K. GAMBITZ,     throughout the State. (10-tc
ORGANIZED   MAY,   1852. CAPITAL, $600,000.
of regular Messengers, to Orcgou nnd Washington
Territories und Sau Francisco, there connecting willi.
our interior Express to all parts of California, and to
all parts of the United States and Canadas, via Panama,
and Tchuantcpec nnd Southern Overland routes.
Unsurpassed facilities for dispatching freight and
packages to all parts of Europe.
Shipments direct from England via Southampton nnd
Treasure Shipped and Insured at lowest rates.
Packages and Letters received up to latest hour of
('hecks on our office iu San Francisco.
.   Exchange on all the principal cities in the Unitnd
States and Canada.    Also, on
Receive Deposits, general and special.
Buy Gold Dusl, Land Warrants, Treasury Warrants,
Bills on London and Certificates on Sau Francisco
Advances made on Gold Dust.
Purchase Goods of every description.
Execute Commissions of all kinds, and make Collections at any point in the United States, Canada, or
Office, Yntcs street, between Whnrf and Government
d3-tc C. C. PENDERGAST, Agent.
i J4
MEMBERS are notifiod that the society will hold
its Regular Meetings every Wednesday evening,
ut half past 1 o'clock, in the building next to the Post
Office, Government 3trcet, for tho purposes of Rehearsal,
and general business.
do-tc Hon. Sec.
! kl
One Inch, or under,—One insertion,	
" " One month,	
ii ii
£ s.
. 0 5
0 16
2 0
Three months,	
" •' Six month?.  3  10
wo Inches, or less-.—One insertion,  0    8
" "■ One month,  1    ■!
" Three months,  3 10
" » Six months,  0    0
Four Inches,orless— One insertion,  0 15
1 " One month',  2   4   0
'. " Three  months,  (!    0    0
Advertisements of larger dimensions, or for lunger
periods, as per agreement.
ther issue of thc hitters newspaper—H was "iinpi,
announcement, und the proprietors would have n
perfect right lo have brought nut tlie I ictorta ly
■•    - - ■■ -!..-    '1'iic law  docs  not he
d n
si ne position in this respect—the assignee taking he
assignor's position with all its'equities—and contended
thatthengbt to relief arises not merely from a lega.
hut an exclusive legal title, citing some Americ .
horitics to support this point,    lie then proceeded
on the
An Eastern paper contains an essay on mu manners
since, which is full of admo-
Sixtv years make a
lit:on of the iudivi-
of society.    We
have been simply a rhetorical flourish on the
the editor ofthe lie;../." lo arouso the sympathies of its
readers, and his intention might have been to continue
|publishing his jounnl. The learned gentleman-then
some very humorous renin ks
:t i! tails, nnd asked his lord-
concluded  by  making
/■> i   *.,   .     ., i •    ,.,....,.,,
U v.mi iegaiu ,,» ucv,.-p-ii
'ship to coiitinuo the injunction.
Mr. V.'.v on learning thai his Lordship intended leaving the Conn at three o'clock, declined going any further into the cuse that evening, nnd his Lo snip then
adjourned tho further hearing until Saturday at 11
o'clock A.M.
Saturday, Dec. 11.
his  morning,  pursuant  to adjourn-
20 i
1    OZ.
Do by private ship
from San Francisco
Belgium, via France,
j   OZ.
British North American
i oz.
Cape ol Good Hope
Ceylon, via England
East Indies, by Prussian
Mail, via Trieste
.1 oz.
German Slates,
A oz.
Gibralta, via France,
\    0/..
Great Britain and Irelani
\ oz,
Holland, via France,
', oz.
llonc; Kong,
1 oz.
Portugal, via England,
Sandwich Islands,
Spain, via France,
• ,| oz
• \ oz.
West, Indies,
The Coui'l met
ment, and the hearing of the ease was resumei
Mu. Rinu, on  Iho  part of the defendants, rose am
said:—1 am here to oppose the motion oftho  plnintil
in continue an  injunction  to  restrain  the  defendant!
from publishing Iho   Vciloria   Gazelle.    Iu  support   of
this motion, many propositions were  laid before  your
Lordship nt the Inst hearing ot this case.   The first of
these propositions, was, that the phiintilf hud obtained
nn equitable assignment from Mcssors. Whilton & Co.,
of the good will and li,!c of lhc Victoria Gazette,   Now.
this is  the  main   nrguniPnl  brought  forward  by  the
oilier side :   but   yet  tho  legal    right unto thc  title
which tlie plaintilf claims,  has never, iu   the  slightcsl
degree,   been   proven.    Wo  contend   that there is not
the   slightet    s'.mdow    of    argument   before    your
Lordship from which you   could  fairly  conclude  that
such a lille does exist.    In fact, the  arguments  which
have been adduced by the other side are  mil only  the
best proof of this assertion, but, they afford ns good
grounds for asserting that this action is simply brought
against defendants for the purpose  of extorting eosis.
Why ivlial nre the fuels V   What docs lhc bill of complaint allege ?    ll slales Ihat up  to  the  fitter  end of
Ihe month of November three papers were published in
Victorin, named the  Victoria Gazette, the British Colonist, und the New Westminister Times,    Upon Ihe 26th of
November, an article appeared  in the Victoria Gazette,
announcing the intention, on thc part of the proprietors,
of discontinuing Unit journal.    Two days after this announcement appeared, the plaintiff purchased Ihe  title
and   gefod  will   of the   Victoria Gazette,  from Messrs.
Whitton k Co., und an advertisement was inserted the
following morning in lhc British Colonist, (o Unit effect,
and cautioning nny person  against  ndopting (he title
alluded  to.    Now this is the  substance  of the bill of
complaint, and in support of this bill, the article whici
piainti.. .  v....,.,.  , ..
lers, and mountebanks; neither did he (Mr. Ring) believe that that announcement was as thc Attorney
General had put it—a mere flourish, simply to 'mite
further support for the continuance of the paper, but
that he honestly and sincerely meant what lie said,
lie then contended that defend ts aeted in this
whole matter with good faith, and thai the law of the
Atf.-Gen. did not apply despite (he said) the legal
millinery by ivhich the eases cited were tacked together. The learned gentleman then wont seriatim
through the propositions of the Attorney General, and
the legal authorities cited by him, contending that there
was fallacy in the reasoning from the former, aud inapplicability of tho lattev to his (Ihe Attorney Gene.-.Ts)
disc, lie then alluded in complimentary terms to the
ability with which the late Gazette was conducted, and
relieved thc editor from the aspersions cast upon hi-
irutli by the interpretation which plaintiff's counsel
had offered to the court; and contended thnt thc words
"censed to exist" were not, as the Attorney General
said, a mere promise to discontinue publication ul n
future lime: nnd that he did not indulge in a rhetorical
flourish simply to arouse ihe sympathies of the readers
as urged, but thnt he honestly  and  truthfully mean'
and customs sixty y
nitiou to the present
.eat  change,  not only iu thc c
■nl, b ,t ii the habits a id  principles ^^^
make nn extract  for the  benefit of our readers, male
and female:
"When Washington was President h's wife knii
sti -kirns in Philadelphia, and made doughnuts and
-r  cs between Christina        " • ••..    .... n,„
Philharmonic Society.
Victoria, V. I.,
Friday 25, Nov. 1859.
%, it
o ,v
'linn Le
T a Meeting of the  committee held thi
was resolved as follows:
and  New Ye
married ladies rrrc ton proud to make doug
sides, they don't know how. so thev even send to Mud-
un Pompadour, or some other Frenc . cake baker, a ,.
buy sponge cuke for a dollar or .wo a poll id.    in those
days tlie city  was fuU of substantial comforts j now it
,'s full of splendid misery.    Then there  w   <■   no gray-
head.-:! spinsters, (unless they were ugly indeed,) for a
man could get married for a dollar, and begin lm isc-
kccpillg for  twenty, and in  washing his clothes  nu
cooking his victuals, the wife saved more mono ■  th
it took to support her.    Now. 1 have known a minis,
lo get live huudrcd dollars for buckling u couple—.he
wine. cake, and et celeras, five hundred more—wedding
clothes  and jewels a thousand—six or seven   hundred
dollars in  driving lo the Springs  or  some   desert d
mountain—then a lions') must he got for eight hundre
dollars per annum aud furnished nl an expense of Ibr e  j^
or four thousand—and when all is done, his pretty wife'
can neither make a cake, bake a loaf of bread, nor put
an apple in a dumpling.    Then a cook  must bo £o1 for
twelve dollars a month—n chambermaid, u laundress,
and seamstress at eight dollars each, and ns  thcfush-l
1st. The first Winter-concert for this Season shah
be given in the week preceding Christmas Day. Kioji
Member, in addition to a personal admittance, will be
entitled to a ticket admitting two friends.
2d. A genera', meeting of the whole .Society for
musical practice, will be held in the ensuing week, m
a place and time to be announced in subsequent advertisement.
.".d. All Members nre particularly requested to attend
such meetings, and to invite such ol their friends us
may wish to become members of the .Society, The ut-
tendance of all persons proposing lo take apart iu [\w
performances is especially desirable.}
A. K
Hon. See
iomilile follv O
the day has banished the mistress from
id reign supreme
what he said—namely, Hint the   Victoria  Gazette had I the kitchen, those blessed helps afon
In conclusion   Mr. Ring and while master and mistress are playing cards in tlie
*' ' kitchen
the lute
thenceforth  .,...^.,  ...  ..,	
said that "it was a matter of regret that the ashes of parlor, tho servants are playing thc devil in the
ild not be allowed to roposo Thus lighting the candle at both ends, it soon burns
—that the friends of the respected editor, who  out.    Poverty comes in at the door, und drives love mil
entering the slate of blessedues3 j and hence
a longer record of deaths than marriages
vou find
iu ponce—      ...... . — l._ _
by his care, had cherished it in life, had embalmed its al tho window. It is this stupid nnd expensive nonscnsi
body in lhc spices of editorial culture, with which ho which  deters  so  many unhappy  old  bachelors  frou
graced it in his  farewell article,   and the fragrance of -•'  ' -•• n--'
which still lingered over its tomb, asked why—
" Its canonized bones hearsed in death
Had burst its ccarments, why the sepulchre
In which they saw it quietlyinurned,
Had ope'd its ponderous and marble jaws
In all cases in addition lo the above rales, the C
nial postage of 2jd. is added for every half ounce.
(Before his Lordship, Judge Cameron.)
Thursday, December 15.
John F. Dani'in vs. E. Hammond King and Leonard
This wns an action brought by Plaintiff to continue an
injunction to restrain the defendants nud Ihcir workmen from publishing or selling a newspaper under the
name nnd title ofthe Victoria Gazelle.
Mr. Cary, Attorney-General, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Ring, assisted by Mr. Pcarkes, for the defendants.
Mr. Cary, in opening the case, applied for a continuation of an injunction to restrain the defendants from
issuing a newspaper entitled the Victoria Gazette. In
support, of this application, the learned gentlemnn went
nn to sny that up till the 2iith of November, there were
threo newspapers in Victoria, named respectively the
Victorin Gazette, New Westminster Times, and liritish
Colonist. The lirst of those was published by Messrs.
Whilton, k Co., the second by the defendants, and the
last by Mr. A. De Cosmos. Upon the 26th of November nn article appeared in the Victoria Gazette,
headed "Finis," announcing tho determination of the
proprietors to discontinue the publication of that journal, giving for their reasons the insufficiency of the
population to support three newspapers, and intimating
to their subscribers und advertisers that all moneys
would be paid that might be due on the non-fulfilment
of the periods for which Ihey subscribed or advertised.
But two days after ihe nnnounceinont appeared, the
plaintilf purchased from Ihe proprietors the goodwill
and name of the Victoria Gazcltc. Now this transfer
placed the plainlifT in the exact position of Messrs.
•Whitton A; co., who made iho assignment. Ou Saturday the announcement was made of Ihe discontinuance
of the Gazette, nnd on Monday, but one clear day
after, the good will was disposed of to the plaintiff. A
notice lo this effect appeared in lhc next paper that was
appeared in thc last number ofthe  Gazette is  bro
forward,  and  your  Lordship  is  asked,   with  all
ravity imaginable, as n judge sitting in equity, to givo
a singular and outrageous interpretation of ihe English
language—to  distort   tiie    expressions  contained    in
that article.    Why the very heading itself—" Finis"—
is almost sufficient indication of the  intention.    I will,
however, read those portion bearing more particular])'
iijion the case at issue.    [The learned  gentleman  then
read the principal portions of the editorial in question,
contained in the last number of the  Gazette, and  laid
particular stress on thc part which spoke of tho  withdrawal of the Gazette, and ofthe opportunity afforded
ils cotemporaries  to enable them to become more worthy of the support of the  inhabitants, and also the closing portion, where subscribers  and  advertisers  were
requested  to call at the office to receive the balance of
money line ou their  subscriptions and  advertisements,
showing that the paper had, de facto, as well as de jure.
ceased to exist.]    But the representative ofthe plaintiff
with a great flourish, tells us  that  this announcement
merely  had  reference  to  its  discontinuance nt  some
future time,    lias language no  definite  meaning?    If
it have, what other construction can bo put upon  the
closing of the address than a clear intention to close up
thc business ulfairs of the p iper ?—or, in  other  words,
that the Victoria Gazelle had ceased lo exist.    Js il in a
Court of Equity, wc are asked to disentomb its remains
and bring its defunct body into  existence?      A little
galvanic battery is put into operation by  the  plaintilf,
and the whole body stands forth  in  its gigantic  proportions.    But despite all this the paper is dead, and I
shall tread  lightly  upon  its n-he.-.    I  do not  think,
however, (he plnintiff has trodden lightly. It seemed to
me that insulting reflections  were  cast upon the gentleman who penned the article  I have,just read, by the
manner in which the counsel for the  plaintilf put  the
subject before your lordship,  classing the  editor  as a
mountebank, as having the  prescriptive right to die  at
pleasure, nud revive ill the  same  manner—continually
making his last appearance, yet still remaining.    What
does he   mean,  my   lord?     Is that an   argument to
entertain a judge, sitting in equity?     The representative of the plaintiff comes forward to explain and exculpate the editor,   nnd  in  so doing  likens  him  to
actors or tumblers, jxpressing the  conviction   that tho
article before the court was written  in such n  feeling
as might actuate one of cither of  these  classes,  when
inking a pretended farewell of his audience—and th's
is the argument brought forward as an  excuse for that
article.    To explain the palpable meaning of the  lan-
| gunge therein contained, the learned gentleman says it
To cast it up nguin
The le .rued Attorney General breaking from   his legal
millinery, and trivial fineries, suddenly llings away his
distaff, like Hercules  of old, breaking   from tho trammels of Omphalc, und in a frenzy of heroism invests
the plaintiff with a military character and with thc ardor
of the leaderofa forlorn hope -'wrap around mc (he cries)
the Hag" which thc late editor carried, "and I shall do
battle in thc name of the Victoria Gazelle and stand in
tho breach."    His imagination carries him away,
" He listens till his fancy hears
The clang of arms the clash of spears,
This court—these walls, nil vanish then,
For the fair field of fighting men."
I must, however, remind the learned gentleman that
the   Hag-bearer  in  the  battle field  instead  of wrapping it around him, shakes the banner out to thc winds
—and leads the vay tip to the very torch that fires the
mine, nnd scatters his  limbs to tho winds of Heaven.
His military ardor sustained the learned gentleman no
longer, he hides himself like the plaintilf, in  his banner wrapped around him—he descends from his heroic
llight, and concealing himself in the   ilag.   sinks from
Ihe sublime into the ridiculous.  This reminds me of a
custom which exists in the Enst   at the time   of ripe
figs—n man then goes about with a pompous strut, and
cries with a solemn voice, and in tones as deep as if he
had a trombone  in his chest, In the name of the Prophet Figs !!    Mr. fling then argued that the first
'.ity of tlie court in a case like this, was to see that lhc
nl right is established before the equitable jurisdiction can interfere. That the title to the r»licf for
which the plaintiff sought, could only arise from n
legal right, which he trusted ho sufficiently bad shewn
did not exist in the present ease, and he concluded
his argument (which occupied about three hours,) iu
calling upon his lordship to dissolve the injunction
which the plaintiff had obtained.
The Attorney General, in reply, merely recapitulated
the arguments  which he put forward in opening the
(TEAM   between   NKW"
lie screw steamers of the North German Lloyd:
BREMEN Capt. II. Wessels.
NKW YORK    ••     II. J. Vonsanton
WESER     "    J. 11. Gatjcn.
Run regularl) between New Vork, Bremen and South'
ii in ] il on. carrying the i'. 8. Mail.
Taking Passengers to  Bremen, Havre. London and
Southampton ui ihe following rates:
First Cabin, $100 j second Cabin, $00; steerage, $35,
These vessels take  Freight lo London and Hull, for
which through bills of hiding are signed.
An experienced surgeon is attached to each vessel.
All letters must puss through the Posl Ollice.
No Bills of Lulling bul those of tho Company will he
flts^'Spccic taken to Havre, Southampton and Bremen
at the lowest rates.
For Freight or Passage, apply to
d.Vtc No. 81 Broadway,
Ier,   corner of
"In CnAsCBUY."—People often seethe words "In
Chancery.'' nnd liuve some vague idea of their meaning
Thev will be surprised to learn the enormous amount of
proper, v and tlie number of persons ruled over by
tho Court of Chancery. In the "Judicial Statistics "
already noticed in the Weekly Despatch, it is stated
that the money paid into Court of Chancery Inst j
592 year amounted to £13,000,152, of which £7
592  was paid  in   cash  and   £5,407,650  in  securitiesI riARPENTER,  Contractor,  and    Build
and effects.    The Suitors' Fund amounts to £3,904,989,^  Hhinchard  I  Kane-streets, near the church, is
vieldingau income of £l 12,982, to which £576 is to b ! prepared to contract for or superintend the erection of
added as rent of Master's ofiicicc. Oul of this large in- Brick Buildings, Frame Cottages, Wood uml Brick Fire-
come thc payments were £01,580, leaving a balance of Proof Stores iuid Dwellings, &c, nil in the best style of
£55,T89 lo lie added to the enormous fund. About one architecture and in the cheapest und best workmanlike
half of the fund may be considered public properly, as   manner.
the parties who invested the money have been long A long experience in Europe and the United States,
since dead, and left no decondiints. It Is proposed thnt and a perfect knowledge of his profession, are a gnnr-
a part ofthe Suitors' Fund should b( used lor the erec- nnlec thai any work entrusted to him shall be sutisfac-
tloii   of law  courts  nnd   offices,   a   large  sum   being! lorily executed.
V K 111! E V DEN,
/*"1ARPE*NTER,  Contractor
VJ Bhinchard and  Kane-sl
left to meet any claims that may be established. T
other fund, the Fee Fund, exceeds the charges upon it.
and further reduction may lie made. Thc total income
of the past year was £236,220, of which t'le fees paid
by the suitors amounted to no less a sum than $101,969.
Thc payments out ofthe fund were £156,216, leaving a
balance of $80,000. Ill respect of ubolishcd offices, the
annual compensations amount lo £75,533 ">s. 5d., nud
some of them very considerable. The petitions amount
to £9,(188 2s. Gd., and the salaried to til 1,054, 2s. lid.
There is a large sum uniinploycd, vested of course in
Ihe Funds ; and it is a matter for consideration whether
some of the Suitors' Fund and the Fee fund could not
be more profitably used than in Government securities
—in the erection of noble edifices for lhc admiration ol
law and equity.
Plans, drawings,  and  specifications,  made   in
style at the shortest notice, ocll-.'im
BOOT     M A K E II,
Government Street, opposite the   Washington Restaurant.
Every description of Boots mid Shoes made to order
in the most fashionable style, and at the lowest possible prices.
All articles guaranteed to be of the best workmanship.   Repairs executed. nl2-lm
Established in   1836.
Incorporated by Royal Chnrtcrin 1840.
CAPITAL £1,000,000.
His lordship then, after briefly referring to thc bill of
complaint, and the arguments on both sides, Dissolved
tub Injunction, stating that the title claimed by the
plaintiff was not clear, nnd he left the plaintilf to
bring his action at law, defendants undertaking to keep
an account of the profits of the newspaper.
published, which was the British Colonist, on Tuesday j.wns"o!ily a rhetorical flourish to arouse the sympathies
November 29, and also a caution ngainsl any one us:;. ,.f |bc renders ; while iu the back-ground of his mind
the name of the Victoria Gazette. There is no jircsump.; there remained tlie intention of continuing the paper,
tion whatever, thai tho defendants, being connected with i Sow. my lord, if there be one principle in the law belter
a newspaper, published in Victoria, should have been [ known than another il is this—thu', a right of action
ignorant of this announcement. Now, notwithstanding
this notice and without any communication to tho
plaintiff or Messrs. Whilton, k CO., the defendants publish a newspaper entitled tlio Victoria Gazette, on Monday
December the 6 til. The plaintilf then writes u note to
each ofthe defendants staling his claim to the title nnd
name of Victoria Gazette, and warning them to desist
from publishing any paper with such appellation. A
reply Is rccived from Mr. E. Hammond King, in which
plaintiffs exclusive right to the nnmo is denied, and un
intimation given that the law was open to him for re-
i|;\•". Now he (Mr. Cary) would prove tn his lordship
that his client would suffer materially from this illegal
assumption, on the parts ofthe defendants, of the name
of "Victoria Gazette." lie would show that it was
plaintiffs intention lo issue a newspaper wilh that title,
—to wrap himself in the standard which the editor of
the late Gazette, had carried, and boldly plant himself
in the dangerous breach, rash youth that he was—
bul tho proceeding of defendants had injured him to a
very great extent. The name ofa newspaper is always
associated, by its readers, with some specific, line of
reasoning, of ideas, or of politics. Now, those readers*of
Ihe original "Victoria Gazette*' who resided at, a distance, nnd were not cognizant of the discontinuance of
that paper, would certainly be startled at the line of
conduct adopted by the present " Victoria Gazette,"
published by defendants. The advocacy of such extraordinary and exaggerated doctrines as Manhood Suffrage, kc,kc, would have a tendency to militate greatly
ngainsl the name ot the " Victoria Gazelle," und he
would show his lordship by citing numerous cases of n
similar nature as the one now before the court, Ihat the
justice of the application could nol fo.i a moment be
doubted. The learned gentleman then rend some voluminous extracts, attempting to draw cases of analogy
between the assumption, on the part of individuals, of
the names of "omnibuses," 'Burgess fish sauce," "War-
ren'e blacking," .tc, kc With regard to the "fish sauce"
case, when tho older Burgess died his sou attempted to
carry on business with the title of "Burgess1 fish sauce"
but this was disputed by the executors of Ihe estate
of Burgess the older, and with success, llo (Mr. G'nry)
contended that tlio celebrity or notoriety obtained by
the.manufacture of articles of trade was precisely the
same as that attached lo the name of a newspaper.
With regard to the announcement of Messrs. Whilton
k co., that the Victoria Gazette, which they were publishing, "had censed to exist," that was merely a promise* no contract was entered into between defendants
nd Messrs. Wuitt.eu k co., Ihat there should bo no fur-
once existing, and by tho act of the party suspended
for never so short a time, is extinguished und gone for
ever. And from the moment of the publication of tho
article in tho Gazelle, in which it was stated the paper
had closed its oxistenco, its right lo tile name of Vic
loria Gazette was extinguished, and any one who chose
nt the time could have adopted ihe name. But the
representative of. ihe plaintilf tells us that his client
purchased lliis title, and spoaks in quite an admiring
lone of the extraordinary rapidity and dispatch with
whUh the plaintiff published the circumstance to the
world. After three long days from the decease nf the.
(lazette this notice appears ! What an amount of dispatch is here ! 1 always understood that the population
of Victoria were rather fast than otherwise, but
when wc are. told that the period of three days being
taken to publish nn announcement deserves the title of
rapidity and dispatch, what term, I ask, can bo ap-
plied to the manner in which the defendants published
their announcement, when but a few hours elapsed
after tho notice that the Gazelle had elose.d its existence, until the town was placarded with notices that
the defendants had chosen that name for their new paper. [The learned gentleman then ably argued
that lhc sale of the subscription list was in fact the
sale of the good will, and this was clfectcd by one of
lhc 00-purtners of (ho defunct Gazelle with the ngeul
of tho defendants, llo thanked the Attorney Oeueral
for Hiding him against his (the Attorney General's) own
ease—that gentleman's proposition being that the . Uc
ofthe goodwill carried the name; and therefore the
name according to that argument, passed to Ihe defendants;—and thus substantially and infercnlially charged
thc lute proprietors of the Gazelle with the concoction
of a fraud. Ho then dwelt upon the legal propositions
which the Attorney General put before his lordship,
commenting upon his citations from Story's Equity
Jurisprudence, and thc case of Sykcs v. Sykos, 3 b and
c, and the cuses about Omnibuses, Fish sauce, and
from the ease of the Groat Mogul, whom ho called in
lo dignify his cause, down to Warren's blacking, and
then urged from Hie case of Satindors v. Smith, reported in Mylne and Craig, that tho court ought to
refuse the injunction on Iho same ground ns was expressed in that case, namely, that the conduct of the
plaintiff was calculated tn induce lhc defendant to
supposo there would be no objection to his course, nnsl
showed from other cases which he cited that a party
may so encourage another iu Ihnl of ivhich ho complains us lo preclude him from relief in a Court of
Equity, Uml ihe assignee and assignor slood in the
n i n I-: c t o n s :
I John Bloxnm Elin, Esq.
I Oliver Farrcr, Esq.
Alex. Gillespie, Esq.
I Sir A. Pellet Green. R. N
Francis  Le Breton,  Esq.
| John Ranking, Esq
The Overland Mail arrived hero on Saturday evening,
about half-past eight o'clock.    We condense the following news matter from the reports received thereby.
The report that Governor Wise had issued a requisition
forGerrit Smith is unfounded.
Cortlnas still continues to commit depredations upon
Drownsville. Great panic exists nnioiit tho citizens.
A i appeal has been made, to the authorities of New
Means for troops, The guerrillas were receiving re-
Mr. N'ickelson our consul at Tunis, hnd arrived and
been received with distinguished honors by the Bey.
He is now placed on an equal footing with consuls of
the " most favored nations."
The propeller Ohio was blown up while on her wny
from Buffalo to Cleveland. There were seventeen persons on board at the time of the accident, two of whom
were lost.
Two slavers hnd been captured on the coast of Africa. One was the Stephen F. Townsend, of New
There arc apprehensions of a serious difficulty
between the United States and England, in relation
to the San .Juan Island affair. Thc conduct of Genera]
Harney is generally upheld nnd believed to be right,
under the Packcnham treaty. It is stated that the
President will, at the opening of Congress, ask for
means and men to cniiblo him to make a proper defence
of our rights in the promises.
The ship Royal Charter, a splendid vessel, had been
lost oil'Bangor, England. She had some four hundred
passengers aboard, all of whom wero reported lost but
ton. She had about a half a million pounds) on board.
No particulars arc given.
New York hud gone for the Republicans by a large
majority. Thc live State officers on the American and
republican combination ticket arc known to bo elected.
These are, Comptroller, tho Attorney General, State
Treasurer, Judge and Clerk of Court of Appeals. The
remaining four officers arc in doubt, but probably republicans. The Senate and House are republican by
increased majorities. New York city elects one rspub-
licuii Senator.    The vote in thc city was very small.
New Jersey has elected Chns. A. Olden, republican
candidate for Governor. The Senate is democratic;
House doubtful.
Bunks has boon re-elected Governor of Massachusetts
by a plurality vote 9,000. His majority over Butler,
democrat, is upwards of 23,000.
McCleniind, democrat, has been elected to Congress
from Illinois by a majority of 4,000.
Now Orleans has elected three democrats to office.
Tho Americans received the rest.
Copcluud, the free negro implicated in the Harper's
Ferry affair, has been found guilty of conspiracy with
negroes to rebel, nnd of murder. It is ascertained Ihat
under the laws of Virginia, tho Governor cannot pardon
a person covicte.d of treason without the consoul of general Assembly. This takes the responsibility of pardoning old Brown out of Gov; Wise's hands. Stephenson,
another of tho insurrectionists, had been handed over to
the Federal authorities.
The Now York Eve.nining Posl. of November 7th states
that tho Brodcrick obsequies which wore to have taken
place on November nth, were postponed to (Sunday, Nov.
13th, nn account of disappointment in regard to the
orator of the occasion.
Henry Barnownll, Esq.
Thomas 11. Brooking, Esq.
Robert Carter, Esq,
William Chapman. Esq.
William It. Chapman, Esq.
James John Cummins, Esq.
Charles M'N'ab, Esq.
The Bank of England,
Messrs. Olyn, .Mills k Co.
General Manaokr, Thomas Paton, Esq
QrniiEc, Canada, I Diikdas, Canada.
ICKSON,    AMPBELL .. Co., corner
Johnson streets—
Blankets, scarlel and blue;
Clothing, an assortment;
Boots and Shoes :
Cordage and Twine.
Wharf an
t    LARGE  Assortment  of WINDOW  OLA S.  and
-*-   Artist's Tools and "olors.   Oil, Turpentine, Yar-
Yates Street,
s!i I'utiv, Graining Toi
Is, &c, kc
Also a large   assortment of
ers nud Mixed Paints.
Yates street.
| BlIANTKOIIIl,     do
I London do
| St. JOHNS, New Brunswick,
I Halifax, Nova Scotia, and
I Victoria, V. I.
Messrs. R. C. Fergusson, F. II. Grain, k C. F. Smith
29 William Street.
Temporary Offices,  Government Street.
Gold Dust nnd Bills of Exchange Purchased.
New York,
San Francisco,
Nkw Brunswick,
Nova Scotia, and
On the Brunches of iho Provincial  Bank of Ireland,
nnd the National Bank of Scotland.
gfjay Office hours—ID a. m. to 3 p. m. ; nnd .Saturday
10 a. in. lo 1 p.m.
olO-lm F. W. WOOD, Manager.
|^   Blinkers, San Fraucisco, AT PAR.
Furnish  Bills of Exchange in sums to suit, and at
current rates on New York and London.
Pay highest prices for gold dust.
Make advances on gold dust for assny or coinage in
San Francisco.
Purchase Navy Bills and Bills on Loudon
V I O T O K I A,   V.
East side of Douglas street, between Fort and
250 Shares $100 each.
\ iew St.
The following is n Prospectus of the proposed Theatre to be erected by Mr. Vcrydhon.
nnilE Undersigned hereby subscribe for the number of
J_ shares affixed to their names for a Theatre, 120 feet
front by sixty feet deep, to bo built of brick, by Charles
Verydhen, according to plan and specification, an I lo be
delivered by him, wilh the ground and twelve sets of
scenery complete, and nlso a Concert room, 30 by GO,
for the. sum of $25,000, said Theatre to accommodate
about 800 persons,
Tho shares are payable in four instalments of $25
each; the first when | of the number of shares shall
shall have boon subscribed, and tho others on the 'list,
of March, 30th of June, nnd 30th of September 1800.
When j oftho number of shares shall have boon subscribed, a meeting of the shareholders shall take place
for the nomination ofa Committee nnd Treasurer.
Receipts shall be given by the Treasurer for each instalment, and the shares delivered after complete payment.
In case of non-payment iuto the hands of tho Treasurer of an instalment duo by a shareholder, his share
or shares shall bo sold at auction by the Treasurer for
the amount of said shareholders.
Much shareholder shall, in proportion to his number of
shares', have ownership iu the land, Theatre, concert!
room, and lo the revenue therefrom.
The contractor will commence tho building When|
of the number of shares are taken, nnd shall draw on
tho Treasurer Cor 1-5 only of Ihe work ns it progresses,
said work Io bo ascertained by n special committee of
three members nppoinlcd by tho shareholders; lin-
Sttid Contractor shall not receive the balance before the
first of October, 1800, ul which time the whole building
is to be delivered complete, and in good order, into the
hand:; of the CommitUC.
Jyangloy Hotel.
W    WINNAUI), Proi'rii'.tor, Fort L tu rloy, Brit!
^ y   #    <>l ii in Iii a.
The Proprietor of the Lnngloy Hotel, having re-built
and enlarged his establishment, and furnished it so as
to afford First lass Accommodation to tho travelling
public, respecHully solicits a continuance of the liberal
patronageIiithei-to bestowed on him. His tablois always supplied with everything Hie market affords and
served in Iho best style, Single rooms can always he
had. The sleeping apartmonts nro furnished ' with
good beds, The best liquors will always bo found nt
the Bur. Travellers passing up or down' the river iimv
always depend on finding tho best accommodation n't
the Langley Hotel.
Ifci'f'Storage for merchandise on reasonable terms
Fort Langley, B. ., Oct. 20, 1850, no-lto'
(IEO. T. SEYMOUR, 1 ( ()T|S „, 1MKIirR
Victoria.    / \   San Francisco
North-wostcorner of Yates andDouglas streets Victoria
4 RE in regular receipt of assorted Furniture of'sub-.
J\_ slantinl quality, which .thoy oiler at reasonable
.ales, in part consisting of
BEDSTEADS, all sizes; Bureaus, plain and scroll
front; Tables, assorted sizes; h airs, en no und wood
soat, and offico chairs; Rockers, cario scat and back!
Looking ('hisses; Cots, and other urtieles of iinniedU
ute necessity.
Mr. PIERCE—recently of J. k O. S. Pierce, of San
Francisco—now residing there, will give his n'ttentiou
lo the tilling of special orders for any style of Eurnitmo,
thereby saving time, trouble, and expense, to parties
Of this particular material for Podding, wc have nn
ample stock in hand, which we oiler cither by the hale
or in Bediliiig,4it steady prices. It is universally conceded In be equal to feulhers, and bolter than cmiwl
hair for this climate, at half tho price of either. Our
arrangements with the sole importer of it for Ouliforniii,
are such that we nro enabled to sell Lower than il ciin
be had elsewhere. Straw Muttrusses, wholesale and
retail. ,lS.:)m
Printed, for the Proprietors,' every Saturday, by
LuoNAim McOiiURK, nt tho Offico of tho "Now Westminster Times,'' Lunglcv-slreet, off Yulcs-strcet, Victoria, in the Colony of Vancouver Island,


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