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The New Westminster Times Dec 10, 1859

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' 'S'l6s>
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\ ■
No. 13.J
[Ql-AItTEItl.Y (IS ADVANCE"!   108.]
[Yearly (in advance), £1 6a.]
Price Is.
(From the Victoria Gazette of Drcrmher 5.)
A modern writer, in speaking of the French
| "Revolution of 1789, declares that had it not
been for tlie bloodshed and horrors attendant
"ii the Reign of Terror, the whole proceedings would have formed a farce unequalled in
tho history of the world. In the same strain
might we assert, that but for the serious results attending the operation of our present
Franchise Act, that legislative enactmenl
might be considered a burlesque on statesmanship, equal in travesty to the most exaggerated of Planche's extravaganzas, It is
scarcely necessary, however, at this stage to
go into detail on the demerits of this piece
of legislative folly *, but we cannot help deploring that the colony should in ils present
critical position be deprived of tlie only
means by which the misfortunes of tho past
might be retrieved—wc mean a thoroughly
practical representative body. To enable us
to possess sueh an essential, nothing short of
manhood  suffrage and  the abolition of all
pvopi    ,
should have formed the foundation of our
elective franchise j as it is, tho most intelligent, and certainly not the least respectable
portion of our inhabitants are excluded from
thc political right of choosing their representatives at the, ensuing election; and the
stringent nature of thc qualification for members deprives the colony of the services oi'
men who would reflect not only some degree
of credit on our Legislature, but who possess
the determination as well as tlie ability to
remove the cumbrous obstacles which just
now impede our commercial and agricultural
Our knowledge of the population of this
colony teaches us that, generally speaking,
the men who are at present, in the possession
ofthe Members' qualification are, in fact, the
men least qualified to become represent u-
t ivos. In the members ofthe present Assembly
we have men who, however honest, and sincere they may bo, yet lack that practical
experience in political economy so essential
to the construction of proper laws; and, in
the   majority   of these who are aspiring to
which is " Manhood suffrage. " Any
extension short of this should be indignantly
and contemptuously rejected by the people.
Another and almost as vital a subject
should form part of the political programme
of the new House, and that is a Property
Tax. If there be anything more hurtful to a
new country than another, it is this inducement and stimulant held out to speculators
and jobbers in the public land. Had a heavy
tax been imposed on both unimproved town
lots and agricultural lands, the best portions
of the country would not now be in the
hands of a few selfish speculators who, to a
great extent, are not even resident amongst
us. If it were for no other reason than to
encourage bona fide settling in thc colony, tlie
passage vf such a law would be a much desired object, but when we are aware that
the great bulk of tlie inhabitants aro in favor
of such a tax in order that roads may be
formed and streets macadamized, no obstacle should stand in the way of its speedy
rty qualification on the part of members I enactment. This and a few minor laws should
be passed, when h dissolution ought to take
place, in order that tho inhabitants of the
colony should have a virtual as well as nominal representation. At such a critical juncture
in  our career  as thc present,  it  would he
He is a man of sense, local experience, and
principles, and having some stake in the
country, would, we think, give his hearty
support to all measures of reform calculated
to advance its prosperity. The second is a
man of tact, independent principles, and
great colonial experience, and we know that
he has tho welfare of the country at heart.
The other candidates mentioned in our
leader of Monday, as well as Capt. Cooper,
would be valuable acquisitions to tho new
.House. In these remarks we are influenced
by no part)* spirit, but by a sincere conviction that the abovo mentioned men are types
of tlie class which best represents the dignity and interests of this Colony, and conscientiously believing that they will give
their aid to the many reforms that are so
urgently required.
KSON, CAMPBELL k Co., corner Whurf anil
lmson streets—
Sheet Lead ;
l'ipe Lead;
Galvanized Iron for Roofing;
Galvanized Buckets;
Hardware, an assorted invoice;
Tinware, do
Cement and Lime;
Gunpowder, best Rifle;
Waning Powder;
criminal in any representative, body to legislate on subjects of more paramount importance without the people being fully and
thoroughly represented.
seats in the new House, we have unfortunately, it species of the lowest kind of political intrigue without tlie slightest semblance
of political wisdom—a class which is much
more dangerous to the welfare of the community, because infinitely more given to a
petty and selfish ambition and political jobbery. This is rather an unflattering and,
discouraging picture no doubt, but, we must
confess it is the only one at present pre
I seated to our view.
With the  exception of Messrs. Langford,
I Franklin,   Crease,  and Captain Cosset, we
I do not know a candidate amongst thc num-
| hers already talked of who is in thc slightest
I degree fit for thc position to which  ho is
j aspiring.   Wc might be content for a while
even   with   our circumscribed qualification
had we confidence in thc intelligence and
good sense ofa number ofthe voters; but
unfortunately,  the specimen  of vaccillation
and absence of liberal ideas which predominated at an important meeting on the Franchise question, some time ago, gives us littlo
[ground for hope, unless  indeed they have
[since seen the error of their ways.   We predicted then tho evil results which would flow
J from tho expression of such illiberal sentiments, and tho tenor of the Franchise Act
[has fully verified our remarks.    It docs not
[require  much foresight at tho present tinjo
jto point out the lamentable results which
j would certainly follow thc election of those
demagogues who make  " reform" thc clap-
itrap cry for election.   Who are these '* re-
(From the Victoria Gazette of December T.)
Twv, theory of Government and thc proper
representation  of the people  has for many
years puzzled the heads of the ablest men in
the British  Parliament,  and even  now  the
question of Reform still unsettled, remains a
bone of contention among all  parties, and is
the rock on which successive ministers have
split.    The most skilful  debaters, the most
eloquent orators, the most lucid rcasoncrs, the
most powerful statesmen, the most favorite
leaders, and the mosl popular demagogues,
some from devotion to the cause, some from
conviction, and others from the necessity of
their position, have all tried, and all'tried in
vain, to produce a hill that will  satisfy the
country;   the  most  remarkable failure was
that of the  great ornament to the popular
cause, who has long devoted one of the most
luminous intellects that thc House of Commons ever possessed, to the consideration of
this great measure.   With so many illustrious
failures before us, we did not expect to receive a perfect bill from tho collective wisdom
of Vancouvor Island, and we have not been
disappointed. The bill that has httcly become
law, is just what wo might havo expected
from thc men who passed it—narrow in its
views and exclusive in its privileges.    Wo do
not lay so much stress on  the presence of a
property qualification, though here tho Government   might havo taken example from
our noblest colony and adopted thc  grand
There is a class of individuals constantly met witli
in the world who entertain prejudices against every
person born to, or occupying a better position than
they can ever hope to aspire to with any chance of
success; and, in this little town there are not a few
who having exhausted every means fair and foul to
obtain employment under the Government, have indignantly turned round in true Wiscotint Williams
style and now think it necessary to abuse and villify
every one holding any position of profit or even of inadequate remuneration—who characterise all Government officials as ollice holders—and consequently fools
or dishonest men. There is something in this senseless
cry which reminds ns very forcibly of the old story of
Sour Grapes. We are not by any means prepared to
deny that there are many persons iu the colony occupying positions for which they are certainly not qualified,
either by habits or antecedents, but it must betaken
into consideration that at the time of lhc great rush
and consequent sudden demand for officials, the Government had a very meagre choice, and considering all
things we are surprised thai it was so successful iu obtaining the services of so many valuable officers as it
did, and many of those having held their positions and
discharged their duties with a fair amount of success,
and to the utmost of their ability. It would be manifestly unjust in our opinion to displace them now
simply because other men are desirous of stepping into
their shoes, unless we are prepared to make some
provision for them. But on lite other side if there be
any among them who have proved themselves totally
incapable of discharging their duties and whose thickheadedness is such as leaves no ground for us to hope
that they have improved by Hie experience they ought
to have gained, why let them by all means be at once
got rid of as their retaining their positions are acts of
dishonesty which are deserving of the utmost censure.
Post Often, Victoria, V. L,
October 22, 1859.
rpiIOSE MERCHANTS or residents who would dc-
I sire the advantage of private boxes at the Post
Office, available at all reasonable hours to the owners,
and who would be willing lo pay Ten Shillings per
Quarter, finding their own locks in the first instance,
are requested to subscribe their names at the Post
')llice or communicate their wish to me in writing, us
1 am desirous, in devising a new Post Office, to make
provision for, if possible, affording the public a facility
much approved of in New York nnd other American
Acting P. M. General.
JR.EGG, practical Gardener and Nursery-man, having
obtained the agency for the sale of Fruit Trees from
rime of the best Nurseries in Oregon and California,
will lie happy to supply farmers and others with tho
choicest descriptions of Emit Trees, at the lowest market prices. J. B. will also attend to the planting tint
of trees, if required. All trees planted by him will be
warranted to grow, and trite to name. For particulars
apply ut the office of the " New Westminster Times."
X. B.—Gardens, Orchards, and public parks, wall bo
laid out on the best principles, und most reasonable
terms. Thc fall is Ihe proper season for planting out
trees. sl0-3m
Vancouver Island Colony,
August 18th, lSut).
ON and after Thursday, the 1st September next
30,000 acres of AGRICULTURAL and MINERAL
LANDS, recently surveyed at Nanaimo, will be sold nt
the Land Ollice, Victoria, on the usual terms. If any
case shall then occur of two or more persons wanting
to purchase the same Land, such Land will at once be
put up to competition and sold to the highest bidder.
Colonial Surveyor.
WCArEL MORISON begs to acquaint the public
, of British Columbia and Vonconver's Island
that he has established the above ollice, forthe purpose
of facilitating the introduction of capital to Inbor, and
ns a inenii3 of assisting persons desirous ol finding
Employment on arriving iu this colony.
The extreme utility of such a medium as a registry
ollice in newly settled countries, has been abundantly
proved by the success thnt has attended their formation in Canada, Australia, and other British colonies,
aud the necessity of such an establishment here, has
become a matter of vital importance.
For all further particulars, apply at the office of the
"New Westminster Times."
October 25th, 1853. oc25-tc
idea of manhood suffrage with the same re-
jformcrs?" it might he asked—aro they not
■tho miserable clique who endeavored to foist
Ion a public meeting a scries of prepared
[resolutions, remarkable only for their bad
grammar and outrageous illiberality ?—tho
[individuals who opposed any greater extension of the Franchise, than, in fact, what is
Inow embodied in that Act, thinking no doubt,
■their chances of election would be enhanced
jhy such a restrictive qualification? This is not
|thc class certainly that would redound to tho
Id-edit or good of the community, and it is
jto be hoped the inhabitants will have tho
Igood sense to make tho best use they can of
|tho little political privileges which thoy
[possess, and elect sueh men only as will guarantee to use all their endeavors towards the
[accomplishment of those urgent require meats
cal condition—foremost anion
strictions as there exist.  In an old established
country, we are no advocate for so sweeping
a franchise * hut, in a new country like this,
wc have few, if any, of thc ignorant and debased pooplo which unfortunately distinguish
all old European communities* but the most
intelligent of the working population—men
who possess brains, and clear, practical common sense, as well as bones and sinews, and
so are deserving of every political privilege
—but we can forgive tho assembly for the
absence of so great and liberal a concession,
for wc can easily believo they never thought
of it, or thinking of it, could not understand
it.   But wo   cannot so  readily pardon the
presence of the "length of residence" qualification, which excludes many of the most intelligent and respectable  citizens, and was
wo have no doubt, introduced with tho object
of throwing political power into thc hands of
a party who aro  notoriously averse  to exercising it for  tho good of  thc peoplo  and
advancement of the Colony.    .However, we
must mako tho best of what Ave have got,
and if this bill should be tho means of introducing into tho House of Assembly a few
practical men who will honestly devoto their
abilities and experience to our advancement,
our gratitude will be due to it for somo good.
There aro some names mentioned which we
believe would grace any colonial assembly.
For this town, Messrs. Langford and Franklin are about to stand, and two better men
t would he difficult to find.    The first re-
Tiie almost impassable condition of the streets of
Victoria, after each shower of rain, demands some attention. Surely some means can be devised to obviate
the necessity lor a man leaving his boots behind him
or perishing in the mud, which altornativ* any attempt
to cross inevitably presents to the unhappy pedestrian
n tho present state of the principal crossings iu our
town. Unless immediate action be taken in the matter,
we fear that a few more showers will render it a matter
of impossibility to get from one side of a street to another. This is a matter in which we are all deeply
interested—for setting aside Ihe discomfort of carrying
several pounds of mud on ones lower extremities, the
loss to tradesmen is immense. Unless the people move
in the matter, nothing will be, done and it is high time
wc set about it. Thc responsibility of this subject rests
with ourselves, the surveyor general must be stirred
up, nnd if the Government have not the funds to
remedy tho defect, why let it devise somo means for
obtaining them—a direct tax for tho purpose no one
could object to. The fact is we want an Inspector of
nuisances, and tho street crossings ought to he his
especial care.
A correspondent has  favored us with the  following
important information :—
A joint occupation of the Island of San Juan has
been agreed upon. The preliminary arrangements are
already made, and the dangerous question settled at the
altar of Hymen. Paul IC. Iltibbs, Esq., U, S. Revenue
Collector for the Island of San Juan, on the part of the
United States, and Miss Flora Ross, a true and loyal
subject of 1 ler .Majesty Queen Victoria, resident of Bellevue, on the part of Great Britain, have agreed to enter
into a matrimonial connection, and jointly occupy the
Island. Therefore thc high and mighty dignitaries of
the two nations, may congratulate themselves upon so
happy a termination of that vexed and dangerous question, which threatened to involve two of the greatest
nations of tho earth in a terrible war. How long they
will continue to peaceably enjoy a joint occupancy depends entirely upon the affection and respect each shows
to the other. May thc question of their boundary line,
never again be misunderstood, so as to call for the arbitration of our countries' courts.
MH1IE subscriber having received consignments of
_£_ Flour, Groceries, and Provisions, Dry Goods,
Hardware, Ac, will open a store at his Farm on Salt-
spring Island, about the 15th inst. All goods will be
sold for cash, at Victoria prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such ns shingles, deer, grouse,
furs, kc, taken in exchange for goods.
Positively no credit will be given.
N. B. Choice kinds of Fruit Trees, Ac, always on
hand and for sale at reasonable rates. 6-t
ed for
nor of Government and Yates street, near the "Colonial
Restaurant." W. J. McDONALD,
2G-lm Wharf street.
TENDER",*? will be received by the undersigned
tho removal of the Dwelling House on the i
Importer nnd Dealer in Messrs. Davis' and Jones'
L. Atkinson's Improved Shoulder Seam Patent
SHIRTS, of Philadelphia.
TUST received the latest styles of BALTIC SHIRTS
*J   direct from London.     Also,   a   fine   lot, of pure
Baltic Stockings and Ilosc, gent's Shaker Flannel, Undershirts and Drawers.
A magnificent assortment of gent's silk Scarfs,
A full assortment of gent's superfine   Manchester
Opposite the Bank of B. N. A.,
VICTORIA,    V.    I .
He is now prepared to offer the largest assortment
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latest styles of the celebrated Davis and
Jones superfine patent white and colored   SHIRTS.
And  is  receiving by  every  steamer those   beautifu
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Ladies should call soon and examine those superior
Orders sent through Express—by sending the size o
the neck for Shirts, we will guarantee to fit.
I shall receive Fresh Goods by  every arrival from
Ladies and Gentlemen's Kid Gloves.
Business hours from li A. M. to 10 P. M.
October 4, 1859. tc
Yates street,
Third door above Freeman k   Co.'s Express, Victoria, V. I.
-^-*-   description, promptly   and faithfully made,, anil
returns given within six hours, in Bars or Coin,, at tlie
option   of the  depositor..    ADVANCES   MADE   ON
COLD DUST FOR MELTING.   We would respectfully
solicit from .Miners and Dealers their patronage:.
As vouchers for the correctness of our Assays, we
refer with permission to the following Bankers, who
for nearly three years have snipped Bars Assayed by
us (in California.) to Europe and the Eastern States :
B. Davidson, Sun Francisco ; Sather k Cunncii) San
Francisco ; Tai.lant k Wilde, do.; Aiiel Guy, do.;
Parrot & Co., do.; Wells, Faiioo, k Co'., do.,and Freeman k Co.'s Express.
Also, by special permission, we refer to the-Bank ofi
Brsh North America, in Victoria.
olO-tc MARCIIAND', Jr., AGb
MR. COOTE CHAMBERS begs to inform the-public-
that, he is ready and will be happy to take charge-
of any number of cattle on his and his brother's Farm
at Rocky Point, where it is well-known cattle and
Horses thrive well, and thc finest grazing on the Island
is to be had at the low rate of $2 50 per month pec-
Mr. C. has men whose sole business will be the carts
of (he Stock entrusted to him.
Orders for cord wood solicited, which will be delivered in Victoria upon most reasonable terms..
For particulars apply at the ollice of the "New Westminster Times," nlD-tc
WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in Hardware).
Agricultural Implements, Bar Iron, Stecb and
lron-Mongerv, and stove and Tinware of every description. Glass and Crockery Ware, Wood and Willow-
Ware, Ac
Begs to  inform  his friends and the public that he
has the largest assortment of the above ou this Island,.
which he oilers for sale at the lowest rates.
October 4. 1S5'J. o4-3m
NUMEROUS copies ofthe " New Westminster Times'
of the   llh  October,     Any  person  having  the |less sell it: ho would not therefore  claim, but  leave to
same will confer a l'.ivor bv bringing them to the office, the bona fide settler a fair proportion ofthe useful land.
Colonial Secretary's Office,
Victoria, V. I.,  19th November, 1859.
The following opinion of the Attorney General upon
the subject of the lands allotted to settlers in the Che-
manis District, is herewith published for general Information.
By Command,
William A. G. Yoinh,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
I AM of opinion that the contract disclosed by tho
correspondence concerning the Chemanis settlement
contains nothing which clothes a petitioner or claimant
with the right to] sell his allotment. I am further ot
opinion that the vendor loses his claim by selling, and
that the purchaser, from such claimant, would take
nothing by his purchase ; and I would recommend that,
at some future period, a right to sell shall be given
to every settler who has improved and settled his land
to a certain extent, and that bona fide settlers should he
confirmed in their claims. But in order to prevent the
laud from being taken for speculative purposes (which
has already occurred to a great extent.) I would suggest that the license in question should be retained at
present, and thai a registry of claimants should be at
once opened. If such a courso as I have suggested is
taken, the speculator cannot, any moro than now, hold
his land without settlement, and  improvement,  much
Ex GOMELZA, and other VESSELS..
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THE Lower portion of the Brick Building- occupied
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Stationer's Hull,   Apply to
n8-tc Messrs. niBHEN A CARSWELL.
JT_ Standard and H
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Humbolt streets.
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•Ijipping   jjutelligfiire.
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Dec, 5—str   Eli/.a "Anderson,   Wright.   New   Westminster.
sToop J C Caswell. Taylor, Port Townsend.
schr Victoria Packet, Cole, Nanaimo.
schr Unmet, llewett, Nanaimo.
sloop Comet, Simpson, Bellevue.
str Otter, Mouatt, Port Townsend.
sir Pacific, Patterson, Port Towusent.
Dec.   V Wilson (I. Hunt, Welch. Port Townsend.
schr II (.' Page. Oberg, Porl Townsend.
Rchr Wild Duck, Skill', Port Townsend.
Dec. 8—schr Kossuth. Foster, Pott Townsend.
schr Flying Mist, llerv. Port Townsend.
Dec. tt—schr Amelia. Thornton, Port Townsend.
schr Speck, Clarke, Port Townsend.
Dec. 3—sloop Uncle Sam, Brown, San Juan,
sloop Flying Cloud, Isaacs. Salt-Spring Island,
sloop .1 L Caswell, Taylor, Port Towhsond.
sloop Comet, .Simpson, Bellcvuo.
schr Harriet. Collin, Porl Townsend.
sir Pacific. Patterson, Son Francisco.
Dec. ,r>—schr Lnlla Ilookli, Rogers. Porl Townsend.
sir Eli/.a Anderson, Wright. New Westminster.
Dec. **—sir Otter, Mount, New Westminster,
schr Elizabeth. Mcrvin, Port Townsend.
Dec. H—schr Victorin Packet. Cole, Nanaimo.
Dec. 0—schr Wild Duck, Skill', Port Townsend.
schr Kossuth, Foster. Porl Townsend.
schr Lnlln Rookh, Rogers, Port Townsend.
schr 11 C Page, Oberg, Port Townsend.
schr Flying Mist, liery, Port Townsend.
Ut jfffo JKistoiMtr Ernies.
To advocate thc principles of free trad-
tin Engli
as to prove that oui
if'or political purposes, reciting historical examples to prove tho dangerous and suicidal
consequences of such influences in thc guiding and governing of a people. We might
have added another, and more modern illus-
l colony, ought to bo as superfluousUration in support of our position, and one
• earth moves round the mor0 immediately "within the
sun. Yet we blush in being
own that thero arc certain,
minds among us so Mini
compelled to
even to their own
interest, as to urge the adoption of a la
for tlie protection of our farmers. "VYo b
to assure this useful class to whom we are
largely indebted for the essentials of a
table, of a heart}* wish for their prosperity;
best evidence of our sincerity is that
i rill
knowledge of
our readers, and particularly applicable to
the present occasion. Wo refer to tho rise
and fall of tho*"Know-nothing" party, of
America—a secret society expressly organised for the purpose of controlling the elections
—professing patriotism, but selfish, corrupt,
and most illiberal in its practices. Being on
the eve of an election in this colon}*, the lirst
to bo held since an enlightened and unfet-
Georstc Macnuley was committed lo gaol by W. R.
Spalding Esq., J. P. New Westminster for attempting
to murder by .-hooting at William Young ofthe above
town ou the 22nd of October last.
Peter Brown was arrested by i Iflicer Davison for being
Trunk, and unable of taking care of himself.   Sentenced
I!. C. Str Labouchere, arrived yesterday even
Inn Francisco, bringing later intelligence from
ic States und Europe.
ing from
the Allan
The steamer Cortes had  arrived at San Fra
to BvoWs imprisonment with hard work, being known  bringing tho mails and passenger.-' of the missingsteam!
by the police as a vagrant.   «hip A'nrlh Star.   The North Star ran on a coral reef
^^   ill the Bahama Islands, where she lay for six days nm]
Harry Wane, charged with riding over Now Victoria
Bridge at a faster paci than a walk : disvharged.
T. Dunlop, fined ten shillings for same offence.
December Silt. 1853.
Stamlnus, an Indian arrested by virtue of a warrant i
by the Sheriff, charging him wilh the wilful murder of
Oliver Dauphine, was brought up before Mr.  Pemberton.    D.   11.   Ring,   Esq.,   defended   ihe prisoner.    His I
Worship  dismissed the charge owing lo want of proof.
December 9th, 180£>,
E. II. Jackson, wag charged by officer Morgan, with
ridingou the footpath in Yates-strcot.    Fined lis.
John, an Indian, was charged by officer Davison with
selling liquor to Indian-:.    Fined   C10, nnd committed
Tin: Gold Di'.st Uoiirery on the [Ibnhibtta.—.'
wo earnestly hope the policy established by u.rC(1  population inhabited the  Island,  wc
SirEobortPeelin 184G, which has proved so hnvo naturaiiy) sorac English notions am
mighty an antidoto to social distress and so pi-odilections on thc subject.   AVe had heard
splendid a source of commercial greatness in of Amcricai, caucuses and primary elections,Itional evidence husl ., brought forwardnguins
England, may become moro fully applied in L,llcroat tj10 demagogue or professional office |l,nker' vvho w,ls c01umiUl!l1 ''•"' "■»»• '"' ">'
her colonies.    Jt can   no longer  be doubted! ,,,,,i. ,,.
o seekii
that the interests of consumer and Drodueerl
ten hours. After thowing overboard some four hundrej
und fifty Ions of coals aud lightening thc ship by landing ihe passengers on Ihe island, she finally gpt 0j
leaking considerably. The ship then proceeded to
Kingston, Jamaica, for coal and provisions, and finally
arrived al Aspinwall, on the Hth of Xovember. Cant
Ritchie, with lite ollicers and marines of the If. S, Fii
gato Sarauac, were on board, bound for Panama, and
were of the greatest service in getting the vessel off
and maintaining order.
'flic Pacific Mail str Sonera, had arrived at San
Francisco with New York dates to Nov. 5th, and 2 davi
Inter advices  from Europe;  she  brought about ln'oo
in default to 2 months'imprisonment with liar   (    ^^   MnmttaJ BCntlcmcn  connected with the
Vddi- Panama Railroad and tlio Pacific Mail Companies in.
lend applying to tho Nicnraguan Government fora
transit grant, in order to prevent that strong position
filling into tho power of their mighty foe Commotion
Vamlerbilt—N. V. Herald.
charge;  two   men,  Louis   do Cnstl'0 and   Peter A
manages to get  himself nominated, I have appeared against him, the latter nfflrinini
tho gold, bill llml
hat Ilc
BniTisu Bank or North
On London, GO days	
" 3 days;
In sums of £00 and over,
In sums under £50 	
On Scolland,.on Demand,	
" Ireland, " 	
" Canada,   3 days,	
" New Brunswick,   3 days, ..
" Novu Scotia,   3 day.-',    	
" New York,   3 days ;
In sums of $50 and over.
In sums under $00	
" Sun Francisco, at sight,	
Victoria, 20th Xovember, 1859.
I   A Ml. Ill I
..$•1 1)5
£1 si,
,.S.*i 00
..SO in
..§5  10
..SO  10
... -1 per
. prcin
... 4     "
...   2\    "
...  3      "
...  4      "
aro eventually one. Even tlie small minority
which is still opposed to free trade in tlie
mother country, would be ashamed to whisper! i,011G ,i    \
bv means of "wire pulling," and of tho evilIf,1'**30
1 ,      . Iihi'v could not prove il imam I him.
consequences  of  sueh   elections • a
which   none  condemn   more  heartily  than
'Vstein i bound  over iu their own rci
£20, lo nppcnr ul the trial.
We   had
the unworthy sentiments on this point  that
arc openly advanced in some quarters here.
Defenders ol' protective duties are justly
regarded by men of common sense as curious
fossil remains of a bye-gone period of ignorance and superstition—clogs to our progress
heard from an undoubted source, of primary
election meetings having been held here, and
of tlie nominations ofthe several candidates,
and we thought proper to expose and denounce this un-English system, yet witli an
effrontery and coolness which really makes
I'licso no a wore
giiisuuiccs in  the .-inn ol
has   hi en ap I pi
if Vancouver '-i
uglicc of lhc Pciu '   |,
llsh Columbia, and  R
—unfit associates for tho enlightened citizens|us *iiugh,  the Colonist of Tuesday  charges us
2D i
Do by private ship
from San Francisco
Belgium, via France.
British North American
Cape ol (lood Hope
Ceylon, via England
East Indies, by Prussian
Mail, via Trieste
Gorman States,
Gibraltu, via France,
Great Britain and Ireland
Holland, via France,
Hong Kong,
Portugal, via England,
Sandwich Islands,
Spain, via France,
1 \
West Indies,
In all oases in addition to Ihe above rates, the Colonial postage of 2ld. is added lor every half ounce.
s.   d.
One Inch, on under,-
One insertion  0   5
« » One month,  0 1(1
" " Three months,  2    0
" " Six months,  3 10
nciii'R, on less,—One insertion,  0    8
" " Ono moiill   1    -I
" Threo months,  3 10
,: " Six months,  «   o
Foun Inches, on less—One insertion,  (I 15
' " One month,  2    4
' " Three  months,  ii    0
Advertisements of larger dimensions, or
periods, as per agreement.
Victoria, 4lh Dec, 1850.
MR. I'f'ORiiK BARNETT, is authorized to collect
Subscriptions und oilier amounts due to the
ollice of the Nkw Westminster Times, nud to receipt
for the proprietors.
AGENTS and Subscribers of lhc New Westminster
Times, anil Victoria Qazhttk, In British Columbia, will oblige by ftll'itlslilug Ihe ollice wilh instructions ns lo how thoy may wish these papers sent to
them as postage of 5 cenls por copy has lo be paid.
PERSONS wishing lo subscribo to the
VlCTOltlA GAZETTE, are requested to leave orders
wilh AV. F. HERRK, News Depot, Vales street, near
AVharf, ns wc have conceded to him the sole right to
carry that paper und to furnish it to subscribers.
IT is requested that those Agents of the Nkw Wkst-
junster Times, who may have buck numbers of
that paper still unsold, will return them by the first
favorable opportunity,
of a new and rising country.
The causes we can imagine for this
Rip-Vaii-Winkleism are two-fold. Tho majority of our population styled "old settlers"-]
left home before the renowned struggle and
triumph of the free trade movement. Others,
again—British-born subjects, as well as foreigners—who are alike concerned for the
progress of thc colony, may have imbibed
the idea of a protection during their sojourn
in the neighboring Republic. Now none are
more willing than ourselves to admit the
spirit of liberality—sometimes -perhaps, too
rampant—that pervades most of tho laws in
force on American soil. But strange though
it seem, thc sun of free trade has hitherto
failed io thaw the icy chain of protection
that has yet to be broken, oro tho United
States can be declared thoroughly free.
The ablest American statesman, John Calhoun, preached free trade more than .'10 years
ago, but being ahead of his age, was stared
at* by many as a visionary. Unhappily, our
neighbors have been too much diverted from
this vital subject of late, by barren discussions on slavery, so that up to thc present
hour protective principles and laws have continued to lead captive a largo majority—
especially in the Northern States. 2his is
tlie only plausible explanation Ave can divine
of the remains of protectionism being still
found among us.
Somo  of  our  farmers  are   apt   to   complain of being thrown in competition with
those on the American side, and therefore
cry in alarm "protection!"   But avc would
simply say to all such : if you cannot compete with men who have tho disadvantages
of a  further carriage—and the  chances of
winds and Avaves,   and the uncertainty of
meeting the   favorable moment  of  a high
market,  you  aro not fit for tlio occupation
you havo choson, and thc sooner you sell out
and turn your hands to something more Avith-
in the scope of your abilities the better for
yourselves   and thc country in Avhich you
live.    Talk of imposing duties, and that, too,
on the very staff-of life !     Are you  awaro
what would be the result Averc your Aviskes
complied Avitli ?   Why, you Avould rob us of
tlie  most precious  commercial boon Providence has accorded to us—a free port.   Let
duly lie raised on  a single commodity and
farewell to tlie grand key to the success avc
fondly hope for.    Only let thoso greatest of
all foes to any trading community—Custom
House officers, get a taste of blood—thc life's
blood of commerce, and it Avill soon be found
necessary to levy duties, not on one but  on
all foreign imports.'   For if would take more
t'lian imposts on farmer's produce to satisfy
and support these drones,    lie Avho gives a
iino'er to the Bark Angel will soon lose his
whole body.    Our free port system once gono
and all attendant privileges would soon follow.    AVe should be reduced to the level of
the smallest village that struggles for an existence on these Avaters,   Our stores Avould
become  rapidly  empty; grass   would cover
our  Avhecl-tracked   streets;   real   proper!v
Avould descend below tho A-altie it had before
the rush flooded Victoria a year and a half
ago ; our farms would become valueless, und
instead   of having   a   largo   market   in   a
nourishing commercial town to supply, you
would be left to consume your oavii produce
in comparative poverty.
—♦ ■» ♦—
willi being privy to such practices in connection Avith thc gentlemen whose names avc
published as eligible candidates. For our
part, all that Ave desire and aim to accomplish in this respect, is that the election shall
be conducted in an open, straightforward, and
honest manner—leaving the electors themselves to judge of, and choose their men
without dictation from any clique or party
Appointments.—W. M. T. Drain
pointed   Reviser  of tho   List of V
! Island.    John Boles Guggin, Ksq.,
for tho District of Porl Don las, 11
1 Samuel Harris, i on tnble of Cowil
Appointment.—John  D'Ewcs, I'.
appointment    of  Deputy   Postmit
Island, lice Tuiite. who has resign
The "Gomelza."—We learn thn
left this port some few days b'i
Hood s Canal, Pligel Sound, v, in
during ihe night and having her p
been i ui to admit lumber, filled and went down i
fathoms water. The crew who were all asleep tt
aroused by tho water ni
The American Minister McLnno loft Washington on.
route t'ni Mi sico, with full Instructions on ihe subjects
ol transit, protection, and a general  rociprocity treaty.
Tho director  of tho Great Eastern have resolved to
rtponc her departure sine die, and orders have been
veil that all passage money should be returned. Tho
n oil n signed for this is licit the contractors Soon
i--ell k Co, have nol placed the ship in thorough sea-
condition.    Tho  ship would proceed to South.
her litliiiL's.
had  given  100.0M
li's subscription for the purpose
.-'III s
to  save   themselves,   and   report
Slump, of this town, who was eng
had a  very  narrow escape of bei
supposed that   she can  bo raised,
charterer, had left Victoria to make   arrangements   in]
the matter.
p, has roccived Ihe nmpton to complot
lor   of  Vancouver     Tho common  council of Milan
'• francs toward i Garibald
Iho Gomelta, which of buying muskots
ce,   and loading at     Pbtbr Burns  who left  Victoria in the Laboiicliem
struck  by a squullUvas shotb) a man named R, Hobinson, in bis dririkini
rts open, which hid   ifUoon on ihenorth Bide of Jackson Street.   Thepartlei
had   worked  together ut  Hills liar last summer, and
nslecp vvcro nuarrclled there about a woman  named Margaret Mc-■
d barely timo| fjormick,  whom   Robinson  afterwards  married.   The 1
Mr.   Kdwnrd niurdcrer has been arrested.
drowned, "ll   is     Tho barkNahiimkcng, Reed, cleared for Victoria, Dec, |
I Mr. Mortis,  ihe 2nd, and the Urig Persevere, Copeland, sailed Dec, lit
for the same de tinntion.
Amongst nil the charges that have from time to time
been brought against Government organs, that of being
too liberal, is certainly the most original.    Iu fact to a
person who   has studied the course pursued   by this
class of joui.ials, iu all countries, the want of liberality
seems to be their besetting sin.    Governments, even of
the most liberal nations, are essentially more conservative than the people, and an organ, to represent Government views, must partake  largely  of a  conservative
character,    Now, when the Colonist, in the plenitude of
its wisdom  and logic, charges  us wilh being a Government organ, and insincere in our liberality of sentiment,  it evidently reasons from its own innate want of
independence of principle.    We have nol the slightest
doubt that it finds it somewhat difficult to imagine that
a paper, emanating from an ollice in which the Government printing is executed, should be other than u Government tool—Such ideas are quite rccpucileable with
the course of action of a certain class amongst us, and
tho [charge of being an organ of Government simply
springs from the conviction that were they in a similar
position, they would drop into their aptitude for toadying, as rapidly as an obsequious flunkey does to a new
master.    It is scarcely necessary on our part to mako
any refutation of this silly charge of thc Colonist.    Uur
line of conduct is sufficient proof of our independence
of principle.    If the Colonist feels agrieved at our advocacy  of " Manhood"  Suffrage,"   and  other   reforms
which  we  consider necessary, it  is  certainly   to   be
pitied, and we have no doubt the public will condole
with it on the unfortunate position in which ils predilection for old fogyism has placed it.    Its line of reasoning must certainly be of the Socratic school, lo arrive at the sage conclusion thnt because we oppose in
the severest manner, an illiberal Act which passed Ihe
House of Assembly, and received the sanction of the
Council and the Governor, wo must consequently bo under the influence of the Hudson liny Company and thu
Government. Tho whole article is so full of childish
stupidity, that it exposes in thc most glaring manner, not
We learn that the prorogation of the Assomhly is
merely a matter of form, and that a dissolution will
lake place 'nim< dhitcly,
Coroner's Inquest.—The necessity for an cflficicnl
coroner is a matter of paramount Importance a- murders are becoming so frequent, aid the irregularity
with which inquests have been hitherto conducted in
this colony, ure so well known that we shall cor, nder ii
our duly lo make a icw remarks upon the subjocl
Steamer Northern left San Francisco for Victoria
on the 1st. of December.
Treaty hktween France and Ai-stria.—The princi. j
pal points of tho treaty of peace between the above ■
powers, .-i-.rni'd by the plenipotentiaries, but not ret
ratified by tjto government are as follows:—Austria
gives up Lombard)', except Mantua and Pcschiera, to
Franco to transfer it to Piedmont. Piedmont is to par
Austria forty millions of florins, and to be responsible
for three-fifths ofthe debt of the inontc Lombard
Vcnetin, making the debt in all transferred to Sardinia
Ballou's Exprkss—Wc understand that Mr. Ballon' V™, lu,"dr,G'* '"V1 ,,if,-v »'il^"^>.cs (fifty millionsof
sbec, carrying the malls to  all parts of Ihe  Upper dola"*)   r>w rights of the Dukes of   useuny■, Modem,
nnd f'nrmn, arc expressly rescrvedto thetwo BnrpTSfdrl,
who will ns.-ist with all their power in the formation
of a confderjiliun of all the states of Italy. Venclis
under Austrian rule is to form par', of the confederation.
Mar-hall Vaillant. is reported to have written to the j
Emperor, suggesting the occupation of the duchiesliv|
French troops lo prevent civil war from breaking out.
Spain had declared war against Morocco.
Frascr for some mouths, and that up to the present
lime ho has n :eivi I no Kind of recompen o for so
doing. The dang r and difficulties attendant upon tho
faithful delivery of tho mails nru of too sorious and e.v-
pimstvo a nature to permit of Mr, Bnllou continuing to
carry papers free during the winter months, and lie lias
therefore notified that he must charge ■> cents for each
paper, and we think that it would ..be nothing more
than he is deserving of; und in common justico the
Postmaster General ought to enter into some .-oil of a
contract with him.
Tub OvBRLAxn Route to Canaoa.—Sovoral parties
of emigrants arrived at Fraser Rivor from Canada via, j The Worcester Herald records the following trirk —
Red Kiver Settlement during Ihe past Bummer. From Somo lime after dinner, a stranger walked Tnto one of
nil the particulars ihat we could gflthor from those who! the inns; he was genteelly drossod, nud professed to 1*
have crossed this way, il would appear that the country tired. Having taken refreshments, he said lie would
through which tho trail passes, between the Rod River take n nap for an hour. To sleep he went inarerr
and the Rocky Mountains, consist I chiclly of line level j business-like style, in his chair, and a long nap he up-
plains intersected by tributaries of the north and south | poured to enjoy. Beforo it expired, the usual smoKO-a-
branches of tho Saskatchewan Rivor. A narrow belt of pipe compnny began to drop in : and amonc othcri.
timber clothed tho banks of these streams, which two strangers made their nppcaranoc
aro easily forded.   Hay and grass nro found in  nbiin- ...
dance ; lnrgo herds of Buffalo roam over the rich and
fertile prairie-: in fact nothing is wanting in these regions to attrai t the settler.   Tho Rocky Mountains are
One ot the cotn-HI
puny remarked that it was unpleasant to have a ruacS
sleeping in a public room with valuable property abnnll
him. such as (he sleeper, who had a  fine-looking gold5
guard chain displayed on his waistcoat, and apporcntl'B
gcnernll)  consult red to form im almost impassable ob- connected with a watch in one of his pockets.    To tlii'-1
stacle lo the traveller, but we believe pusses can easily remark, one ofthe strangers replied—"Pooh! that's nol
bo found which inn) be adapted through the medium of |gentr»ian, I'm sure ; he's more likely one uv them c-rel
an utter imbecility to advocate any thing having
the semblance of reform, but lays Ihe writer deservedly
open to the charge of being the ''dog in the manger
We would sincerely advise our coteinporary to gel rid,
as soon as possible, of those antediluvian Nova Scolian
ideas against progression, nnd remember he is in n now
and enlightened colony, where an impotent organ ofa
wretched political clique, cannot be appreciated iu ils
fourteenth century policy,
swell mob as is ahvaso taking of peoplo in f   I dure sail
he has no watch at all; but I'll soon see."   SuitingtM
a  little  engineering  ^Kiil, lo thc  purpose either of a
Rail Road or u good Roman wagon road.   One parly of
men that  we know of informed us they were  only 12 j action, to the word, the'sti'iinger sollly drew forth out.of
days crossing from the eastern side ofthe chain to Port 0f (he sleeping man's  pocket n peice of wood   round",
Colville    Thoy found a spot after a days search which nnd about the size of a wuleh.    " I thought so "'snid lie,
was extremely easy of access.   The hills were  formed u there's a pretty watch for vou," holding it up that tut
with smooth sloping sides, and roso gradually oneaf'.er1  * ■ .       ..
another  until the summit was attained.    The journey
wo trust
from Canada occupied less than two month
the Government at home, after receiving the reports of
Captain Pallisscr, will lose no time in forming another
expedition lo thoroughly explore theso parts, and that
sonic scientific men will accompany it in order to express tin opinion us to the feasibility of a railroad being formed from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is extremely probable, that Ihe continued cheering accounts
from our mines, and tho discoveries which nre certain
'., I to take place In the course of the next year, will cause
a greater emigration ihnu ever to How from Canada,
ri'a the Red River and Rocky mountains.
On l'l id 11'. Dei
Mary Anno Avery,
a native ol
£ocul iutfllifjcitcc.
" Let tho gnll'd jade wince,
Our withers nre unwruiig."
Ah public journulists in u  British Colony,
Shipments of Qold Dust.—Tbo gold dust exported
from Victoria .-luce thu Isl of la I month, Including
the shipment by tho Pacific, amounts to $210,100,
making a total for Iho lost quarter of $451,800. Of
course no correct ostlniato can bo givon of tho amount
taken  down   by  private  Individuals,   which however.
must have  been   considerable    Dividing Ihe ami I
which we know to havo boon shipped nmiiiig Ihe 1600
minors said lo bo up Frasor River, nt the commencement of the   quarter would give nu   average   lo  each
mm, of S:  per quartet', or $1200 a  year.    (Jf COUl'SO
a groat many of ihe miners still up country, are libpr-
ally supplied' wilh Ihe precious metal, so thai ihe real
iiveruge would bo much greater. However considering
tho Frosor Rivor gold ininos lobe a "delusion and a
snurc" (vide California prORS,) WO ure quite satisfied nt
being able to prosont the above figures lo our readers,
which nm"! provo consolatory to thoso men (and their
name Is legion) who aro slill sceptical in their belief as
to the riches ol the mines in British Columbia.
Port op Victoria.—The estimated value of tho itu-
ports for ihe month ol November amount to $163,807,
The Imports lor the previous month amounted to
$163,870. The principal items ure—Malt liquors,
$7830; spirits, $0776; wines, $0002 ; dry goods,
1-1,307 i hardware, $4081 j lire bricks, $800; slates,
$1000; sheet iron, $1400; lumber, $7003; shingles,
$607; Hour, $10,507; baric)', $005; oals, $108;
potatoes, $080 ; vegetables, $7'.!."i; hay, $G0O.
Inquest.—A Coroners inquest was held on«Ttiesday at
bailey's Hotel, on Ihe body of a half breed, who was
found murdered ou Monday morning, stabbed iu seven
or eight places.
The route travelled by that enterprising pioneer Maj,
Downlo to Fori Alexander, via Nans River and Stuarts
Lake will, we have no doubt, bo opened curly in the
ensuing spring. The advantages that it offers for the
transport of goods Ate, over tho ono now in use, must
be considerable, the portage required being estimated
at not more than 40 miles, and that over country very
easy to travel. Should the men who intend carrying
out the plan of forwarding goods by this route, be successful in t'ueir enterprise, a great revolution iu the
pi" seal stale of things may be confidently expected;
t.." mule packers on the lowsr Frascr, who have had
all iheir own way during this summer, must make up
Ihcir minds to encounter serious opposition from the
supporters of Ihe new route. Now Westminster will
not gain much by Iho change; as parlies forwarding
goods lo the upper country, via Naas River will escape
for some timo ai least, tlio extra taxation lately levied on
goods ontoring British Columbia from that place. The
minors at Ft, Ooorgo, and Ihe Qiiesnol! River will, wo
trust, not bo able lo complain next year, at the exorbitant price of provision; with cheap provisions we may
reasonably expect that the country surrounding these
regions will he thoroughly opened and prospected; and
thai the six miles of diggings, of which wo havo heard
so much, and which we know lo exist, will find plenty
ol men ready to occupy thorn,
'I'm-: second meeting of the Philharmonic Society, wns
held at the Attorney General's late ollice onWodnosdaj
evening, when nine new members were elected. The
president intimated his intention of publishing a financial statement of (he society. AVe hope that it is the
Intention of the members to give ns a concert or two
this ivlnter.
Tin: II. 11. Co's Steamer Otter, arrived yeslerdity from
N'ew Westminster; nothing now from British Columbia.
The 131 iza Anderson is oxpectod to-day, Saturday.
company  might see it; and then he returned it to thc|
owner's pocket.
Hy-nnd-by the sleeper awoke, nnd cnllcd briskly foil
a glass of brandy-and-water. He assumed quite a p»M
ronising air to the farmers, which soon raised a dcsifll
to put him down. Accordingly one of tho seniors »\
quired to be informed ofthe time of day?
11 Why," said the gentleman, " the fact is, I had a dropl
too much last night, and forgot to wind up my watch."
"Just sol" ejaculated tho senior, "you forgottnl
wind up, did you ? You'd be puzzled to do that 1 dar)|
say, wouldn't you, now?"
"Well, sir, you seem to take more notice of suchil
trille than there is any call tor ; but thc truth is I have!
not a watch-key About me, and mine is rather a ncculiail
watch." * '
Here a burst of laughter ensued, nnd a number ol
jokes were passed about Ihe very peculiar style of thi
watch. At lust one of Ihe company roundly told bin
that he had no watch at all about him ; whereupon tin
amazed individual hastily clapped his hand tohis waistcoat pocket, having previously declared that, unless tin
watch had been stolen since he hnd been iu the room,
he hud one. Satisfied apparently, by the external application to his pocket, ho snid—"It's all right; mj
waleh is here. I thought you hud been playing a trick
upon me."
" I'll bet you £5 ns you've no watch," buwlod out
one of his tormentors ; another offered to bet him £10;
and one of the strangers said ho "hadn't £5, but there
were two soverigus which he would like to double in
the same way.
The awakened sleeper looked at them with astonish-
ment, nnd asked if they were serious ; they nil stuck to
it that he had no watch ; and then he lookout his purs'
and produced live and ten pound notos equivalent to 111'
bets offered against him. The stakes were posted; an'
then the thoioiighly-nwiikeiied sleeper coolly pulled o"1
the piece of wood, at which a horse laugh aroso ngiiii'*1
him ; bul Ihe laughter was soon on the other side, when
touching a spring in the bit, of wood, it Hew open awl
displayed a very handsome gold watch snugly cncnseJ
within It I The gentleman gave a plausible reason'"
preferring so odd-looking a case for his watch, wit»
which his dupes might either feel satisfied or not. fl(
had received their money to the extent of £20; and they
had bought a knowledge of thc "timo ofd'ay."
Of courso tho very suggostivo strangers lost nothinjf I
by the business— thoy in fact, wore accomplices oft'1"I
clever sharper; and it is possible that more than on,|
attempt may be made to repeat tho experiment.
Weaiunii  out a  Cannon.—At. Fort Mpnrb.c.f...Ya.,.tv
Ijiiii'Iv of l'. S. soldiers nre  oligngcd in tho business of
wearing out an  old gun, which weighs 16,000 pounds.
Ten pounds of powder, and a ball weighing 123 pounds I
Tiii-\Vi:hki.v.— Our  colcinpornry  is   iu   error
i Victorin Qatellc is published  three limes a week, and nol
WC considered it. our duly to expose andde-|onc0 ;„  every threo weeks as " tri-wcekly" implies.
I  ,i.|.,.,.i   miTim-si'l'lii Colonist assorts it is
Tun Hongkong Press of Sept. 6, says that there's'
dried specimen of u real mermaid in thnt city. '''.
about two   feel  long,  hits a head like a monkey, *)'•
constitute Ihe charge, ami with this tremendous'load il j j"*'1,' <»" ib/inns and jingers also liko a nionkoy.^ ^
bus been lii'i'd over two thousand limes. The object is
to test the durability of the iron'; and, us to ascertain
till . the gun must bo worn out, the soldiers arc destined
to hear ihuuder for Bomo time.
back is scaly and the tail precisely  like that of
ii'iiugnt Irom
who hiivee
ed it, sny there is no mistake about it.
AVhcrc is
DR IT IS II    COL I' M lil A.
From the middle of this prairie there is a trail leading
directly to Ft- Hope, and it would well pay the trouble
fa ride in Ibis direction; the road passes through sue"
-give woods of gigantic pines and cedar-, and cosy
'prairies, abounding iu wild fruit trees, ferns, and rich
nss, till you come to the Chilwayhook river, u distance of about twelve miles: the path follows the bank
of this river in its course to within a mile of its junction
with the Fraser; and then it has to be crossed by swiin-
Ine the horses. The depots ofthe English and American
Boundary Companies lie directly iu your path, and the
ride overthc prairies will have doubtless fitted you for
doing ample justice to the hospitality you will surely
meet hero, whatever be your nationality. About twenty-
live miles from the mouth of lhc Chilwayhook is a
.pot known as theBed Scaur: the. mountain range for
the first time closes in on Eraser rive, Ihe space that
runs backward to the moiiih of the Chihvayhook and
then to theVpperCasci.de range, forms lhc Chilwayhook
prairie In the autumn, when the niotquitos arc not in
existence, and providing the weather is hue and you
have a good horse under yon, I know ol no sport in ihe
world so beautiful, and no ride so exhilarating as one
on this noble tract of land. Far away ihe distant snow
clad tops ofthe Cascade range tower in ihe blue sky,
sloping gradually downwards, in the rudest und most
grotesque shapes that volcanic works can assume, to the
plains lying calmly and placidly below: nor is the plain
9.RCHAND k CO., Assayers of Gold, Silver, and
ores  of  every  description.     Cold   and  silver
assays made, and returns given within six hours in Harbor coin, at the option of the depositor. dl0-3m
Published every
Price \2\ cents.
JOHN     W I N T E R,
(Established 1812)
Com m i ss io n    Mc r c h a n t,
C2 California street, between Front and Battery,
San Francisco, Cat.
Biikwehh', Soda, and Tanners' Materials
Dittos, ETC.,
Constantly  on  hand.
Also choice Hors in Bales, Half Hales and Zinc.
Orders from any part of the Stale promptly attended
to. Prices given, ynid samples sent—if desired.) per
return Express.
fci-.T" Refer to the principal Brewers, Druggists, kc,
throughout the Stale. dll-tc
'$usi,ttss .Director]].
ADVERTISERS in the Victoria Ga7.kt.tf., will have
the privilege of advertising in the New Westminster Times, which now has the largest circulation
of any paper in the Colony, upon payment of one half
extra. It is particularly requested that advertisements
sent in may be distinctly marked with the number of
insertions required, also whether for one or both
Advertisements for long periods inserted  upon  the
most reasonable terms.
No advertisements received after 7 p.m., the day previous to publication.
COMMISSION    MKRCflANTS,   Corner   Wharf   and
Johnston-streets,   Victoria,   V.   1.    Dickson,   De
W'oi.k .v. Co., Merchant-street, San Francisco.    sllJ-tc
OBOAKIZBD   MAV,   1852. CA1-ITAI/, $600,000.
Dec. 5, 1859.
1 ENTLEM EN :—I beg to thank you for the honor Ihat
  you have done me in your request contained in the
one continued or monotonous prairie; there are streams I card published in the Nm-' Westminster Times, of lhc 3d
and lakes: there a tangled bottom; now about jo acres (inst., and in reply, to inform you that in consequence
of rcgulnr bowling green turf of the most varied colors; of your solicitation, and that oi'many others with whom
patches of mighty ferns, shadowed by mightier pines 11 am acquainted. 1 intend lo oiler myself as a candidate
stretch here ami there. In tho spring time too, it is to represent the Town of Victoria, at the next general
carpeted by myriads of bright colored flowers of every   election.
Wilh my general politicarprinciples you are no doubt
acquainted, in due lime and place, I shall be ready to
detail, them ; but as an old and well known resident on
Vancouver Island, I feel that 1 can with propriety take
this opportunity to impress on all who hold ihe suffrage
in Vancouver Island, the responsibility that is now
about to devolve on them; at the polling booths must
C\ ORRESPONDENT for the Victoria Gazelle, in
/ British Columbia. Oregon, and Washington Territory. To men of ability, Ihe ntost advantageous terms
are offered.    Apply to the Editor,
Yates street,
Also responsible and energetic agents.
Dec. 1, 1850.
cisco, California.
ind Battery-street, San Fran-
COMMISSION   MERCHANTS,   Victoria,   Vancouver
Island. ucl-tc
Yates Street, Victoria,
IS PREPARED to furnish designs for all kinds of
public and private buildings.
Superintendence, valuation, and measurement of the
different  descriptions  of mechanical work connected
with building. oc25-tc
JD. CARROLL, Yatcs-strcet, between
• Goveriimeu
^^^^^^^^^^ Wharf sin
ut-strccts, Importer and Wholesale and
Retail dealer iu Wines and Liquors. tc
lit colored Mowers of every
Isize and aspect. Rut 1 am forgetting altogcthermy agriculture in my love of scenery, however, as we are soon
leaving these tranquil scenes: and as.I have endeavored
heretofore, to be most quiet and utilitarian in my descriptions I hope I shall bo pardoned for such an outburst' so lot US send scenery to the dogs, nnd enquire how
this prairie would grow "turmils." ,,-,,,,,
] can hardly give any notion iu ivritillg, of the beauty the battle be fought, there must the liberal electors De
oftho Chilwayhook Prairie; il requires a personal visit truo to themselves;; and there vote for men of whose
to be able lo gel an idea of the charm of the scenery, honesty of purpose and sound, liberal, and indepon-
nnd the delight of a gallop over thc smooth greensward .lent principles they have no doubt, men, whom they
that forms one of its chief elements. I am told that fee! certain will not bo shaken iu their stern detcrmina-
intlie spring, the prairie is ono bed of vurcgatcd flowers tion to carry out in the new House of Assembly, those
of every hue and specie ; wilh regard lo its features in measures oi' reform Hint have been so long called fur.
on agricultural point of view, 1 can only speak cursorily. I have the honor to bo. Gentlemen,
flM...    ...II o   1..   1...   -i   i-l.-li   I.I ,el.-     n.,",,,], I     willi   n   .-,,',_
The soil appears to be a rich black  mould  with a subsoil of loam,   varying here and   there with a stiller sur-'
(fiice soil.   It would be cosily cultivated, as you might
run the plough over hundreds of acres,   without meet-
ling a stick to  obstruct  your course.    The next poin of
: land that attracts your attention, after leaving the Chilwayhook   Rivor, is the largo tract of level hind,  at tho
mouth oftho Harrison River.   This spot will he hereafter known as Carnarvon, (formerly called Scownlit/..)
ns Ilia Excellency the Governor, on his late trip up the
country landed  there,    hoisted   the flag, and opened a
bottle of wine to drink the health ofthe future  settlers
at Carnarvon ; the toasl was heartily responded to by tlio
I boat's ciew. and Ihe surrounding Indians : and the name
Iiis carved in legible letters on one of the Indian huts.
Carnarvon is in reality, the delta ofthe Harrison River,
.ns it is bounded on its east extremity-by-it-branch ot
I flint River, and on ihe west by the Harrison proper;
Inenr the mouth ofthe river there is about 200 acre< of
low wet laud, subject to a yearly inundation, put
above this, nnd stretching away to the hills which furin
the east boundary, is one of the lines! tracts of laid I
have seen in British Columbia: the soil is a rich blick
earth, covered willi line dry grass, interspersed l.ere
and there with scrub and scattered fir threes, lean
point to no more favorable place for settlement than this,
I situated as it is in the heart of lhc navigation, and wicrc
eventually must be a grand depot tor trade, as hen the
I boats turn till'lo enter the Douglas l...ke, and no diubt
a great settlement will eventually be made at Carnarvon,
the facilities of sending produce by either route into
I the interior of the Country will prove a [twofold uiirac-
Ition. On the same bank of thc Fraser, a few milesifur-
ther-up, and the oilier side ofthe hills which form the
cast boundary of the Harrison River, is anotliei lino
tract of prairie land of about 300 acres; this s|iot is
almost wholly unknown, except to Indians, it jj approached by a small stream which drains it a little
further on than the famous Umatilla Snag, and it
stretches to nearly opposite Sea Bird liar or the Red
Scaur. From here lo Hope, the mountains close n on
lhc river considerably, leaving however, large open
."paces or Hats of promising land, between then: aud
tlie River; these are covered with good sized cotton
wood trees, and if Ihe hind does not come under the
ravages of the miners, (which 1 fear it will, ayont-
unlly, as a good slucilig prospect mny be found everywhere ;j it will some day be motamorphised into u soiling
garden. About 15 miles from Hope, on the southbunk
of the Race, is the mountain called the Red Scaur, from
ils rough sides, this overhangs the lirst mined }nr of
the river, called Sea Bird bar, and as wo are no\< rapidly entering tho mining districts of Fraser Mvor, 1
shall leave lor the present, the consideration of Ue agricultural prospects of British Columbia to be considered
briefly hereafter, and enter with much hesitation on
the most iinpurtanl subject of tho mineral wc.ith o
this Colony, being ono beset with peculiar difficulties in
endeavoring lo obtain anything like a fair cstrrjnte of
its present success, or its future development, of ing to
the contradictory reports given of it. I shall onijuavor,
however, to confine myself to what 1 know to bi facts,
from personal knowledge, or what may be a matter oi'
certainty from reliable testimony.
To Messrs. Moses. Francis, Gardner, Saulay k Archer,
Smith, Robinson, Morris, and many others.        d'J-tc
EMBERS are notified that the  society will hold
_^ its Regular Meetings every Wednesday evening,
at half past 7 o'clock, in the building next to the Post
Office, Government street, for the purposes of Rehearsal,
and general business.
dO-lc Hon. Sec.
For Sale at ADOLPH SUTRO & CO.
dO-lw corner Yates and Wharf sts.
1~*5I\"E cents will be charged on all Newspapers sc:
'     to Brish Columbia by Express till further uutic
BREEDING SOWS for Sale.—A small lot of choice
Sows for sale.
Apply to View street Dairy, opposite  Crowther's
Buildings, or at Roussett's Warehouse. dG-2i
I)0TAT0ES and TURNIPS,—By the single bag, or
iu larger quantities.
Apply at Roussot's Warehouse.        d0-2i
(To he continued.)
India.—A private dispatch Bays lhc dislnnded
'.iiropcan troops had accepted the bounty and consented logo to China, instead of returning home, ll Is
supposed that the force to be soul would number ten
thousand; Disturbances wero imminent ou the coast
(of Knllywiir. lt was reported that the people of Jcy-
fiore would not comply with tho disarming order,
'iina Sahib and the liogum were in Nepaul. This government of India had increased the license ta>! to an
[tncomo tax of seven pence per pound on nil incomes
jovcr £25 per annum, officials und landlords tope excepted. Tho council refused to pass Ihe bill without a
clear statement of receipts, uml expenditures, nnd deuced the exomption of officials.
Ilavanna Cigars, (choice brands.)
20.000 Manilla Cigars.
10,000 do       Cheroots.
October 25th, 189. lm
5000 i
r|"VIE   undersigned  would   respectfully  inform   his
A/\   AAA HAVANA CIGARS, of the Mlo
\J\J,\J\)\J    ihg brands, viz.
La A'illc de Gigon, Regalia llrilanicn.
Espnrlero's Tcleinaco " "
Washington Irving " »
La Victoria '< «
El Volcano " "
ii       a
El Valor do la Rama
El Trluravirato
This invoice of lino Cigars is offered for sale b/ the
Indorslgnod at very low prices, by cases, or small lots.
ho brands are nil warranted to be genuine, and e.x
Iressly selected in Havana for this market, by Mfssrs.
|_0li8S0t, Auger, & Co., well known importers oflltviiun
'ill's, in Snn Francisco, Calafornin.
Johnson street, opposilo AVIiuuol.
Cigars and Cignrilos of new brands received por ivory
fail Steamer. dlO'tQ
ii.vw oiumnuns, yates stiikit.
DEBTS   and  Reals   coll
Houses and   baud  ft
Accounts   adjusted
Money to loan.
friends and thc public that he still occupies his
old stand on Govornmont street, where he would be
happy lo serve his old friends und the citizens of Victoria.    He is constantly supplied with
And has always on baud a
Cloaks and Mantillas,
A large variety of
An excellent variety of
And a full assortment of
Gentlemen's   Furnishing   Goods;
Of different colors;
Children's  Toys,    .
Of  nil  kinds,  India Rubber and  Wax.
N.B. Due notice will be given before moving into
my new and commodious Firc-1'roof Rriek store, adjoining tho Bank of British North America, Yatcs-street,
1 S G O.
A Beautiful Assortment
For the approaching
Annuals for. 1800.
Diaries for 18G0.
Almanacks for I860.
d."i-lm Yatcs-street.
Yates Street,
4   LARGE  Assortment  of WINDOW  GLASS,  and
-£*-    Artist's Tools and Colors.    Oil, Turpentine, Varnish Putty, Graining Tools, kc, kc.
Also  a large   assortment of WALL  TAPER, Bor
ers and Mixed Paints.
Yates street.
Victoria, V. I., Dec. 1, 1859.
To Ma. Justice Langforo.
You arc earnestly solicited to submit yourself
£")    as a candidate for the ensuing election, as one of
the representatives of the electors of the town of Victoria, an earlv response would greatly oblige.
Wellington D. Moses. AVilliam Burlington smith.
Jacob Francis. Henry W. Robinson.
F. n. Gardner. Henry Stamford Morris.
Saulay k Archer.
And numerous others. d3-
SIR: You
ns a cat
Bankers, San Francisco, AT PAR.
Furnish Bills of Exchange in sums to suit, and at
current rates on New York and London.
Pay highest prices for goW dust.
Make advances on gold dust for assay or coinage in
San Francisco.
Purchase Navy Bills and Bills ou London.
Liverpool. Honolulu.
JANHIN, GREEN & CO., Commission Merchants
foot of Johnson-street, near the Bridge, Victoria
V. I. Agent for the Liverpool Underwriters' Association. Ill 2-<i
QAMUEL   PRICE & CO., Merchants, Whnrf-strcoo
^    Victoria, A'aneouver Island. o-l-tc
TP1IELAN, cornet of Yates and Government-streets
• A'ictoria. dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Crockery,
nd Glassware. oc-l-tc
KT5 of regular Messengers, to Oregon and Washington
Territories and San Francisco, there connecting frith
our interior Express to all parts of California, and to
all parts of the United States and Camillas, via Panama,
and TchOantepec and Southern Overland routes.
Unsurpassed facilities for dispatching freight and
packages to all parls of Europe.
Shipments direct from Flngland via Southampton and
Treasure Shipped' nnd Insured at lowest rntct;.
Packages and Letters received up to latest hour of
Checks on our office iu Snn Francisco.
Exchange on all Ihe principal cities ill the United
States and Canada.    Also, on
Receive Deposits, general and special'.
Buy Gold Dui-t, Land Warrant.--, Treasury Warrants,
Bills on London and Certificates on San Francisco
Advances made on Gobi Dust.
Purchase Goods of every description.
Execute Commissions of all kinds, and make Collections at any point in tho United Slates, Canada, or
Ollice, A'ates street, between Wharf and Government
d:i-te C. C. PENDERGAST, Agent.
SA. LESTER begs  leave to  announce  that   she
, will give  instruction on the Piano.    Residence,
Vancouver-street, between Belot and Belcher.
November 4th. 3ni 118
&.RDWARE.—Builders', Agricultural, and General
nl-.'lm Johnson street.
Between A'ates and A'iew, A'ictoria. Sashes, Doors,
and Blinds made to order with neatness and dispatch.
Lumber for sale. Eastern AVhite Pine, Redwood siding,
Redwood Flooring, and Redwood scantling. Jobbing
attended to. d3-tc
Yatcs-street over Alessrs. Moore k Co.'s,
THE Committee of the Young Men's Christian
Association, have pleasure in announcing to their
friends aud the public generally, that the above
Rooms will bo open every evening (Sundays excepted,)
from 5 to 10 o'clock.
The Secretary will be in attendance every Tuesday
and Friday evening, from 8 to 10 o'clock, to enrol members and receive their subscriptions.
Subscriptions, six Shillings or one Dollar and a Half
per Quarter.
November 4th, 1859. lm 118
BALES—Firsf Quality, Red AVhite and Blue.
For Sale by
AVharf street. A'ictoria, V. I.
n26-tc (Opposite Myers' IFharf.)
Merchants nnd shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms Cash. d5-tc
of Meat and Fruit Pies supplied on thc shortest
Plum Puddings nnd Cakes made to order.
Orders left at the office of the New AVestminstcr Times,
punctually attended to. d5-tc
t**i.QE  CHINA   with Passengers  only.    The fine
|J     Clipper Ship
I C O N I U M,
CITAS. P. IIKUSTIS, Commander.
Will leave Pout Towksbnd nbout the 10th inst, has
superior accommodation for Passengers.
dO-Si Wharf street, Nictoria.
WM. B. SMITH, announces to his Friends, Customers of Vancouver Island and British Columbia,
ot having removed to his new commodious store, adjoining the corner of A'ates and Government streets, and
respectfully calls their attention to his large and well
selected stock of
Which ho is now prepared to offer at very reasonable
Finest qualities of Black and Groen Teas, Rio and Java
Coffees, Chocohitus, Preserved Fruits, Jams, Jellies, anda
choice   assortment   of general   Italian  and  Oilmen's
Stores, selected with special care for family consump
Is in constant receipt of Fresh California and Oregon
Butter, Cheese, and Eggs, direct from the dairy.
All orders promptly attended to, and goods warranted
as represented.
Victoria, Nov. 25, 1850. d3-lm
Y  THE   UNDERSIGNED, ex "Gomelza,"   from
Of the following well-known brands, viz.
Ilibbert's London Porter and India Pale Ale;
J. AV. Bridges k Son's Best Stout Porter;
Robert Porter k Co's. London Porter, in pts. & qts.
Jones' E. I. Pale Ale and London Stout Porter;
Robert Tooth's London Porter and Burton Ale ;
Saunders & Cameron's Bottled Beer.
Batger & Co's London Preserved Fruits, in bottles;
" "       Jams, injurs;
" Lozenges and Scotch Mixtures, in tins.
Superior Stout Red Port, in 1 doz. cases;
"        "       "     "    in 3 doz. cases.
A select assortment of Gosnell & Co's PERFUMERY,
consisting of Hair Brushes, Soaps, Perfumes, 4c, &c,
of the finest quality.
Minie Rifle Carbines, brass mounted, elevating sights ;
"       "       " with hair triggers,       do \
Revolvers and Holster Pistols:
Double-Barreled Carbines, steel mounted;
Rifles and Indian Guns, of various patterns.
Booth's Old Tom;
Burnett & Co's Old Tom, with patent stoppered bottles.
Also, received from London—
Capt. G. Rhodes' Patent Field and Guard TENTS, complete ;
Portable Chains, forming Bedsteads, with Mattresses, 4c,
Crimean Canteens, &c, &c, kc
nl3-to SAM'L PRICE 4 CO.
Corner of A'ates and Government streets.
Mock Turtle, Clam Chowder, Ox Tail and'Vegetable
Soups every day.
mills FAVORITE RESORT keeps constantly on
jj hand a choice selection of Fronch Brandies. English and Spanish Wines, Cliquot Champagne AV'ine,
Sainsevain's Native California Wine, English Ale and
Porter, ou draught and in bottles, together with a
choice selection ot all kinds of Liquors.
Those that are fond of a choice Havana will do'well'
to call. A choice selection of Scotch, Irish and Bourbon Whiskies nlwavs^n hand to make Hot Punches.
g@TlIot Tom andjorry every day, and a pleasaut-
Rooni to srt down and be happy.
Call and see.   Yours, 4c,
d3-lm T. II. McCANN.
A'ates street, A'ictoria, A". I.
....$7 1)0
....  8 00
    0 50
   0 50
....   t 50
   1 00
rUST RECEIVED and for sale,
2500 lbs Borgin,s Celebrated Family Soap ;
400 lbs English AVhite do
500 lbs French Sperm Candles;
BOO lbs New Znnte Currants ;
200 lbs Candied Citron;
50 doz. California Coin. Brooms,nssort'd sizes
Salt Salmon in casks for export.
d3-tc   * Cor. Government and Yates street
New style noiseless
From $T5 upwards.
rilHEA' were awarded  Two  Premiums at the State
1      Fair I    One for Machine sewing, and  the only
Premium for Fancy Quilting and Embroidery.
These Macihxes sow from two spools, ns purchased
from the store, requiring no re-wiiuling of thread, and
finishing each seam by their own operation ,without
recourse to tho hand needle, as is required oy other
machines. On account of their simplicity, durability,
ease of management, and adaptation to all varieties of
family sewing, they execute either heavy or fine work
with equal facility, and without special adjustment.
Thc New Machines introduced by tho
Are of elegant finish, and their operation is rapid and
very quiet. The kase with which they can be managed
Is a distinguishing feature, and the stitch is the strongest,
handsomest] and most clastic of any mado.
Send for a circular.   All Machines AA'arranted.
R. G. BROWN, Agent,
18 Montgomery streot, .
d3-lm San Francisco.
Board, per AVeek, with Lodgings..
Single Meals 	
Board, per Day, with Lodging	
Board, per Day	
jjgy  Miners accommodated  with  Mattress aud a'
place to sleep, Gratis.
d3 Proprietors.
FOR the greater convenience of thc public, tho
Yoing Mens' Christian Association have removed their Reading Room to the front room on tho
ground floor of the house of Dr. Dickson, opposite tho
Bastion, Government street.
The public are invited to become subscribers to this
room, on the table of which will be found the Times,
Illustrated News, Saturday Review, Athenaeum, Record,
Watchman, Patriot, Scotsman, Melbourne. Argus, New
York Herald, Weekly Bulletin, Montreal Witness, Victoria
Gazelle. British Colonist, New Westminster Times, and
other newspapers.
The room is comfortably furnished nnd will be found-
a pleasant resort in which to spend a leisure hour.
Open from 5 to 10 o'clock, every evening, Sundays excepted. Subscription six shillings, or one dollar and a
half per quarter.
The Secretary will be in attendance every Monday
and Thursday evening, from U to 1 o'clock, to receive
subscribers names.
N.B. Donations of Newspapers, Magazines, or Books
thankfully received.
d3-lin JOHN COOPER, Sec.
THE   undersigned aro now receiving a full and complete assortment of fine Liquors, thc following of-
which form a part:
Booth's Old Tom in puncheons.
Burnett's     do    in cases.
Harvey's Scotch AA'hiskey in Puncheons.
Holland Gin in Pipes.
Champagne Cider in bbls. and. kegs.
Younger Edinbro'Ale in stone Jugs.
do do in Bulk.
Allsopp's Burton Ale     do.
Salt's do do.
Barclay, Perkins k Co.'s Bottled Porter:-
Truman, Hanbury's do.
Allsopp's Bottled Ale.
And for sale by
n2C-lm     Comer of Johnson and Government s»«.
Victoria, 29th Nov. 1859.
To Mr. Thomas Kauris, Butcher, Victoria.
Dear sir :—I am truly sorry that any report should1
have been circulated (relative to my cattle) prejudicial
to your character in any way whatever, as it is evident,
and was clearly showu, that tho two cnttle wore delivered by Air. Williams to your men, he-(Mr. Williams)
having mistaken them for the cattle of AVm. Kohl, and
which cattle 1 knew you had purchased before the said
Kohl left A'ictoria.
In justice therefore to yourself as a respcctablo tradesman, and on behalf of myself and many friends I wish
hereby publicly to inform you that in all our dealings
with you, since your arrival in Victoria—and they havo
been many—we have found you honest and upright in
all your transactions, and therefore wish you every suo-
c 2ss-iu your business.
Believe me to remain yours most respectfully.
d3- James Too.
Board, per week ,.$T to $8 00:
Board and Lodging, per week $10 00
Wine, Ales, and Liquors of tho best description.
Private Rooms for Families.
Tho Restaurant under the entire management of Mrs*
flg*f° A largo HALL suitablo for Balls or Public
Meetings. JAMES WILCOX,.
d3-tc Proprietor.
MR. JEFFERIES ia author!
ing debts and scttlo nl
linn of
sell to collect ou Island-
all  accounts for tho late
Jsfferies & Banks.
■~% n"sna,fT-    • y THE   NEW  WESMINSTER   TIMES
The following notice ofthe British steamer Bogota is
aken from the Liverpool Albion.    Wc publish it because
of Ihe interest  attached to  every  improvement  in the
running of ocean steamers.    The Bogota belongs to the
line running between Panama and Valparaiso, touching
the prominent i
ami i
irts on ihe const,
so much  success
.f tl
ml which bus
urine the last
at all
been   condncted
ten years.
The Lima, referred to in the article which we quote,!
after being provided with an engine ou the double cylinder principle, left Liverpool for the Pacific in June
last, and her consumption of coal to Valparaiso was but
little more than half that ofthe passage from that port
lo Liverpool.
The Pacific Steam Navigation Company are now
building two screw steamships, to be placed on the line
between Panama and Callao, touching at several ports
not heretofore embraced iu the itineracy of that company.
Wc have had an opportunity of inspecting the Bogota,
a magnificent mail steamship,thc properly ofthe Pacific
Steam Navigation Company, now lying in the  Huskisson Graving Dock, and recommend her to the notice of
all connoisseurs in naval architecture.    Her cabins are
lilted up with great taste, and arc models of comfort nnd
good ventilation.    This vessel ha.-; been refitted by Randolph   Elder  & Co., hi the Clyde, wilh  engine-; on ihe
double c) Under principle, similar to those of the Lima.
Callao, and Valparaiso, which wo formerly described ai
i-onie length ;'and, in Ihe ease ol the Bogoln, Ihe success,
in point of economy of fuel, the great object ol this new
patent, has, we understand, been even more  successful
than her predecessors.    We are informed that ihe Bogota has been   ultogethei  about 37 hours  under steam in
the Clyde, on the run thence to this porl. nt the Admiralty trial-trip iu the Mersey on Friday aud ihe consumption of coal has been only  thirty-six Ion;. (Clyde description,) or something   under  n Ion   an hour, and the
speed  attained has averaged fully 12Jknots per hour,
or nearly 13 knots for every ton of coal consumed.    The
nominal   power  of  the engine is said to be  '.',20 horse,
worked   up to  1080 horse.    She. registers    1163 tons,
and   is   of   builders'   measurement    1050  tons.    The
run from  Clocll to thc Bell Buoy, with   head and beam
winds  was accomplish   in 15.' hours; und  during the
Admiralty trial-trip, which look place  immediately on
her arrival in the .Mersey, she got a maximum  speed of
131 knots an hour.    As will be perceived by our advertising coluins, the Bogota lakes her departure, wilh mails
uml passengers for the Pacific, touching nt Rio do Janeiro,  on  Saturday   next.    In the meantime wo would
advise Ihe public to inspccl  her.
We take the following extract from the San Francisco
Herald, Nov. 16th:—
Our American friend.; here, are so fully invar
wanl of truth in the statemenl respecting Admiral Bi
contained in it. that we are sure it wants no
evidence; and as lo the charge of falsehood brought
•gainst Captain Hornby, that officer's reputation is snf-
I ficient contradiction. We rather doubt that tho statement therein contained originated with even a subaltern
ollicer of lhc United States Army, much less, with an
ollicer of '• high distinction."
"The impression has generally obtained, that Rear
Admiral Baynes, commanding Her Britannic Majesty's
Meet nu the Pacific const, prevented a collision between
the naval forces of Great Britain and (he troops of the
United States on San Juan Island. We have the
authority of an officer of high distinction and reliability
in the United States Army, for stating that this impression is wholly incorrect. It is well known in military
circles in tho Department of tho Northwest, ihat colonel
Casey '.as officially reported to General Harney that Admiral Baynes was on board the Tribune in the harbor
of San .lit.in nl the time of Colonel Casey's conference
with   captain   Hornby   and Ihe   I
Siberia,   li
issian  Mini
rived wilh
e arrival
inns wer
i   Mouravieff, the
1  to   I'ekin on  a \
have iu
ll   !'    Ill
.'.-ed   l!
in   indi
itish and American
ommissioncrs,—notwithstanding captain Hornby told
colonel Casey, on being asked where the British Admiral
was. that, he was at Esquiniault Harbor, twenty-five
miles distant. Thc object of this concealment was to
avoid an interview which would be to the disadvantage
of tlie British:—andyet it is said lhc British authorities
prevented u collision, whereas il is quite clear Ihat
nothing arrested thai calamity but (he determination of
General Harney io protect American cilizcnson American soil from further outrage. As lo the good taste ol
the denial of the presence of Rear Admiral Buyncsfat
San Juan, of course nothing need be snid. AVhy the
denial was made is likewise sufficiently obvious.
isit  to the
nricrs   have also
line   destination,
uspicion that the
g the  Chinese to
assume that hostile attitude towards us. which resulted
in the disastrous affair oil' ihe Peiho.—Friend of China.
In the carrying trade with China at the latest dates,
there were 99 merchant vessels in Hongkong harbor.
Of these, 48 including steamers, were British, wilh nn
aggregate tonnage of 25,131.    American IH, aggregate
tonnage 1-|,696.    At Whampoa l!S vessels, of which 15
were  British  and  12  American; the tonnage of the
former amounts to 11,533, the latter, 14.400.
Our dates from China extend to August 21th.
The   Canton Government are  exhibiting the most
praisworthy endeavors to   ensure  British   favor.     A
fortnight ago the  Acting  Governor crossed
and paid an official visit  to Dr.  Winchester,
charge at llonani.    Bis Excellency was real
time,  but still, as In- had  announced his intention, he
insul iu
11 al Ihe
went through with it:—nn
ble.   Dr. Winchester appears lo have been ut
for a subject to talk about, for anion,
iold Peh's successor
Steam If
or, a they i
Norfolk, wn
uneven  tho
,bses.—Oneof the patent traction engines,
re termed bv the inventor, "steam horses,
■d bv Mr. Charles Dun-ell, of Thetford, in
'     lays ago tested over the sandy and
■es leading to  Plumstead common,
and was frei'hl. d wilh one of 95 curt, guns attached to
a  gun-carriage, together with a  train of waggons, kc
It is intended to work economically on common roads
and for agricultural purposes, and where no roads exist • and it is asserted that thc engine and railway are
capable of overcoming dilliculties which no amount ol
horse-power can possibly accomplish.    The engine lelt
Woolwich on Wednesday under its own steam, and proceeded from the Royal  Arsenal to the Niue-elms luul-
wav station for conveyance, via Southampton to Cairo.
It 'was  manufactured bv order of Col. Tulloh and Mr.
Anderson, of the AVar Depnramcnt,  at the request cil
the Egyptian Government, and was supplied with its
entire accessories—namely, the sender, capable ot containing a  supply of water and coals  for a days work,
waggons, &c, together with a gun carriage.    The new
engine is on the principle of Boydcll's patent, as employed in woolwich  Arsenal, and is littcd with various
alterations and nddiiions inventi d and patented by the
:r<jea" I manufacturer, such as an improved method of attach-
..        ,     ing the endless  railway to   the wheels by the instrn-
-  other things Uel»nt.     w]i;(,h (|)(, rn}] ;, lifte(j ,,assing through   the
that he thought Pell displayed ven j ^ (] -,,,,,..,,} „,- ,,, lll(, uilj(,, so tn(lt the endless railway
A'icToniA, V. I.
Friday 25, Nov. 1859.
AT a Meeting of the  committee held Jtliia day j.
was resolved as follows :
1st. The first AVinter-concert for this Season shall
be given in the week preceding Christmas Day. jr,^
Member, in addition to a personal admittance", will '„
entitled to a ticket admitting two friends.
2d. A general meeting of the whole Society for
musical practice, will be held in the ensuing week, at
a place and time to be announced in subsequent udver.
3d. All Members are particularly requested to attend
such meetings, and to invite such of their friends as
may wish to become members of the Society. The at.
tendance of all persons proposing to take a part in the
performances is especially desirable.
Hon. Ste,
bad judgment in  ignoring the ofl'onsi
word Franquie,and other words asap[i?iei
consul, and to convince
any more such bad lnngiiaf
put out a proclamation ti
refrain Irom usei
lenev  has   been
J ii n Into number of tho Orcgonian appoari
tlie following, referring to the Convention in
Sun Francisco:—
'•We  believe  that the northern route, starting nt. a
point north of Ih
sense of the
1 lo foreigners
Peh's successor agreed with toe acting
him of his determination to sto'i
he promised, forthwith, It
the people, directing them li
the word fanquie.    And Hi
s  been as good a- his word, for a cop
proclamation is now before us, and with it
epistle  from a native.    As Ibis  epistle tells all that is
ssary of ihe proclamation, there is no need
bv publishing it.—
he fragrance of thy benevolence has ex-
wide;— lo Thee all the inhabitant! ofthe
iok ns a protector, sheltering themselves
under th," shadow;  for  though, by nature, aFanqiiie,
re not the feeling- of your heart wilh the black  haircd-
Icaring of proceedings  destitute of all
ented ink'.'
O Friend!
tended far a
flowery land
i copy of tin
a humourous
I that i.-
tu laid
'flic following extract will show Ihat  A'ictoria is nol
thc only town where nets of vandalism  are committed.
One of the most delightful and attractive features of
Sacramento, and the one which most elicits the praise
uf visiters, is the number and luxuriance of the shade
trees which line the streets on either side, and cast
their shadows upon the sidewalk to shelter lhc passerby from flic burning rays of the sun, which would
otherwise become intolerable. Every Sacramental!
should feel proud of this pleasant feature of our city,
and endeavor lo ndd lo its attractiveness, that il
might indeed become the Queen city ofthe Plains. Bul,
strange as ii may seem, there is n spirit of vandalism
abroad which vents itself in the dcstroyal of the shade
trees in various parts of lhc city ; trees which have been
planted for years, and through care nnd attention, have
just attained sufficient growth to become valuable as
sun-screens. Yesterday we noticed no less than twelve
large Cottonwood trees, which would average a foot in
thickness, lying prostrate in Hie street, where they had
fallen through Hie blows of the axeman. Perhaps cot,
tonwood trees are not the best or most desirable trees
to line the sidewalk ot the street, but they are vastly
better than none al. all ; and it really seems lo be a very
short-sighted policy to cut them down after years if
growth, without first planting others by their side or
near them, so as lo be ready lo lake their place when
the cotton trees are removed. It was a sorry sight lo
Sec those thrifty trees hewn down and laying side by
side in (he street. Perhaps the property where liny
grew has changed hands, and the new owner, in order
to exercise some show of authority over Iho newly acquired premises, has gone lo work and cut down the
trees first, because he owned them and could do it.
There have been thousands of instances of the kind ;
whole groves of noble forest trees have had the axe laid
nt their roots for no other earthly puroso than because
the new proprietor wns anxious to show some air of consequence and ownership, and so laid violent hands upon
the trees which a lifetime could nol replace. (Jut upon
such vandalism! We desire not lo see il introduced in
our cilv.— Democrat Slumlord.
Missouri river, and entering the valley
if thc Columbia north of Ihe forty-seventh parallel of
latitude, offers the. greatest number of constructional
advantages, and that were the road built, by lhc Government, that line of location should be the one adopted,
if for no other reason than that the road could lie finished and in operation iu one-third lhc time it, must take
to construct it by any other Hue; yet, we have felt it
our duly as representatives ofthe interests of Oregon—
which interests demand an Atlantic and Pacific Railroad
—(o sink our predilection fora special route, nnd to
aid, as far ns we could, to gain the voice of the recent
convention in San Fmncisco in favor of the central
route—as indicated by colonel Lander—which so palpably secures to us the aid ofthe capital of California,
in  default of Government aid."
Xow, with till due respect to the opinion of
Mr. Dryen, we believe there are many practical reasons Avhy tlie northern route cannot
be built cither as cheaply or as speedily as
the central. After rending the able report of
Col. Lander, published in the volumes of tlie
Pacific Railroad explorations, and hearing
his late speech before the Convention, we
cannot see upon what grounds our friend
.Dryer bases his convictions. It will he remembered that Col. Lander has passed over
both of these routes. The report to which
we refer, is that in reply lo a resolution of
the House of Representatives, U. S., February 14, 1755, calling for the result of his survey of a railroad route from Paget Sound,
via Ihe South Pass, to the .Mississippi Kiver.
In it he recapitulates the merits of thc two
lines, and makes an engineering comparison
leaving tho southern branch of a central
route, forking at the South Pass, to be examined by other parties. Since the time of
making this report ho has himself explored
the southern fork, and spoken of it before
the Convention, as a portion of tho great
central route, of which it is well known he
is the principal advocate.
sons of lliini'.'
lao-li, will you not dip your pen in swee
i> il not so'.'
Trudy the ways of China are not Ihe ways of England, yet not iu nil things do they differ. Though a
horse is.not always nn ass, is not the whip efficacious
in all cases ? Speaking clearly and perspicuously, shall
I not illumine yonr mind'.'
Tlie  Sea is deep, nor are  mountains  easy to shovel
away, but far more so the thoughts of the mind,    did
established customs  are not to be renins
slant.    Do you vainly imagine Proclamatu
the current of our minds?    Surely not at all.
Now  the Pig's  tail being pinched,  he occasionally
squeaks, so says the Sage.    Mv mind bein
breathe forth harmonious
men to jar.
Tho Master says,—"Going back the further you ad-
vancc." Is not this saying deep and profound? Who
can doubt it?    Let us go back In the beginning.
Iu old limes it was the custom to call foreigners, Fan-
is balanced w! ilc being carried round on the wheel, by
which means tho friction and wear and teat arc said lo
be considerably  diminished.    The patent   wheels  nre
| also ofa i\c\v construction, being composed of wrought
iron welded together and are pronounced far superior
to thc wooden ones lirst introduced, and which iu
eastern climates are liable to be speedily  destroyed by
I the red ants and other vermin. Tlie rails and wearing
parts nre of steel, ond  the unwieldy appearance which
! the endless  railway formerly gave  to the engine, and
j which was   tin- terror of horses and   other
the road, is, under Hie  present  invention
concealed  by  compact   nnd light-looking
second engine ol a similar description is ordered lo hi
constructed for  India, at Ihe  request  ofthe war Do-
j partment.
I     FiNKii.ii, of Mu. Biirsi-'i,. CE.—On Tuesday morning
the mortal remains of fsambard Kingdom Brunei, Esq
were interred in   Kensal-grcen cemetery.    Tho
procession, which was ofa private character
limiils on
covers.    A
in in-
whispers, causing the teeth of
STEAM between  NEW   YORK   nnd   BBEMEN, vii
The screw steamers of the North German Lloyd;'
p,i: KM FN (.'apt. II. Wessols.
NEW YORK    ••    II. J. Vonsanton
WESER,     "     J. H. Gntjen.
Bun regularly between New York, Bremen nndSoiitli.
anipton. carrying the r. s. Mail.
Taking Passengers  to   Bremen, Havre. London nni
Southampton at the following rates:
FirstOabin, $100; second Cabin, $60; steerage, $35,
These vessels   lake   Freight to  London  and Hull.f«
which through bills of lading are signed.
An experienced surgeon is attached to each vessel.
All letters must pass through Ihe Post Ollice.
No Bills of Lading but those of the Company Will bt
ggjfSpccie taken to Havre, Southampton and Breimt
al Ihe lowest rates.
age. upplv to
No. 84 Broadway,
For Freight or Pa1"
left Dukc-
street, Westminster, the late residence of the deceased*,
at 9 o'clock, The cortege consisted of four mourning
coaches, containing the principal relatives of ihe deceased
ed and also the following gentlemen,   distinguished in
engineering science:—Messrs. Stephenson, Field, Hawk-   ^ at)t>i?vtitt>   r    ,     , i   i, •>, ,
, n     ... ,7      ,-,,,,,    , i ,i     .    I < A If PEN I 1.1'.   Contractor,   and    Binder,  corner o'
shaw. \\ alker, Kendall. Manbv, and   numerous   others, i I  ,   ., ,,,.,,  ,     ,   .. , '   ,   '    ,""-' ol
,„     ,' . ,   ,    ■   .      .',..,      ,..,       , i   ^   Idanchuid  and   Kane-Streets,  near    he  church   <
rwelve carriages belonging to  friends of the deceased!      ,      , . , .. '."    '■"■- «•>'"■■ a, ii i
,- ,, , ., • „,,        ,   ,      e .i      i    ,,     . ;.    prepared  lo contract for  or s'lipcrtn end the erection t
0 owed the   procession.       he iv hole of  the   houses ill   I,..',, „„ iM.      ,  ,.   ,       ,,  ,,      '    ...      ,      7,,.,,'     ,
,,     . i-  ,      ■  •   -,       r ,i      i o -i      „  •   I Uriel; buildings. I'rnme Cottages, \\ ooi   am   Brick 1're.
he immediate viriniv  of the  deceased S   residence, in   ,,      »„.   „.",,,     ,,. ?    '   ,,.      ,,     .   . .   ,.
,, , i      i *.i   ■     i ,    ■   i       •   , I. ., Proof Stores and Dwellings, kc, a   in the best stvlsd
Duke-street, closed  their shops and windows in token       ,■,,,„,.. i •   ,,     , .      , , ,   " ... i
,. ,      ...i . i i        i'       .i      architecture and ui the cheapest and best workmanlike
of respect.    At the cemeterv a large number ol gentle-i ■ iivmiimmini
,i     -i.i     c    • i      ?,.     i   i-     • •   lo'inner.
men connected with the Socielv ol (.ml  Engineers and        .  , . ■     ,. ,.,,-., r,        i
,, ,i '   , ,   ,       j   r ii        i <i A long experience ni   Europe and the  I uiled Statei
the profession generally assembled and lollowed the      ,       „.<•',,       i   ,      .-, •       V- ^bhh, i
, ,•, 1 =;,„. i„ n,,?,„.., ,.„ 'iml ,l perfect knowledge of his profession, nre n bum.
pi occ.--sion to tlie g a\c. .,   . , , .    , .      ,   ,, , v.
1 " hntoe that any work entrusted to him shall he aatisfao-
Nkw Ships at Pksiiiiioki:.—The building ol a perfect  lorilv executed,
squadron of men-of-war is being carried on with unre-     p]nnS| drawings, and specifications, mado In evcrrl
| milting activity at Pembroke Dockyard.    The most im-j „,yic „t tlio shortest notice. ocll-3m •
1 from now? Did|p0rtaiit vosscfon tl
pee.    How then can this be   departed   irmu uu» ■  *'••' j i
io! then, biting the tips of their tongues,   bear it | three-decker   of 121   gun
Howe, a magnificent
is over 4,000  tons
lashing out impotent!)' ? By w hat rule shall they be ar- j burden, and is to replace her namesake broken up some
rocant now? How utterly deficient in reason are thoy I years ago at Sheernc3S. This fine vessel is rapidly ap-
i.'?,'„'i „ ,.-nci,f.il rlrnirnn acnlv 7 Arc thev not utterly to  nroaehine completion, and could be got afloat al a very
Are Ihey not utterly to iproaching completion, and emu
remarked.—A   Donkey is ofa|si10rtnotice.    The Defiance  nud /.ealo
Biography of Siu John Fiiaxki.in.—The career of Sir
John Franklin, iu whose behalf so much exertion bus
been made and for whom the sympathies of lhc civilized world have been for ton years strained to the inmost, cannot fail to be of general interest, not only on
account of his melancholy fate, but because of the eminent services he rendered to physical geography and
science. John Franklin wns horn in Lincolnshire,
England, inlVsil. He was destined for the ministry,
but so great was his passion for the sea, that his father
reluctantly procured for him a midshipman's berth in
the British navy, and he made his lirst voyage in the
year lKOf). lie served through the Napoleonic wars
with distinction, being present, at the battle of Copenhagen, Trafalgar, and oilier important engagements,
lie was also engaged in the attack on New Orleans, By
this lime he had reached lhc grade of Lieutenant, nnd
soon after commanded his own vessel.
Taxation.—If the question wero pul to seven millions
of the Inhabitants in the several parishes of Ibis kingdom, whether they would prefer paying the following
direct taxes, instead of tho present indirect taxes, leaving a general i'rec trade, what reply would be mado 7
1 million to pay
0s. Gd.
y, would
1 million    ...
Is. Oil.
1 million
Is. (Id.
1 million    ...
2s. (id.
1 million    ...
3S. (id.
dr.. O'd.
1 million    ...
ss. (ni:
Is not a washed dragon
be despised 7 Confuciu
perverse disposition.
But I will enlcr more fully into the object of my letter, entering into the question as I go on. To walk in
Ihe streets is pleasant, but dazzling objects hurl the eyes.
Yesterday I was going to the Ta-ching-mao. Elevating]
my eyes, a proclamation appeared before me, bedaubed
with Vermillion, stamped with an awe inspiring seal,
properly pasted up, causing rage and spite.
Such were thc words of the proclamation "Tremble
and obey." Did I not tremble with surprise. But how
indeed still I obey?    Truly   it is  hard to call a dog a
"The English Consul having represented to inc. that
Hie practice ot applying offonsivo epistles lo the English is daily on the increase among Iho Chinese of lion-
am, nnd that, as he four.; disagreeable consequences may
result, lie would beg me lo issue a proclamation stringently repressing it, such being thc words ofthe coucul,
I have directed the practice to be prohibited.''
AVas there not cause for the disturbance of my calm
repose? Could 1 listen patiently shutting ray lips?
" The head nol properly .shaved.
"The hair shoots out in all directions.
Ofa truth, iny gull was excited, and my bladder like,
to burst. The arrogance of the red-headed ones, knowing that they have no stomachs, did not at all surprise
me ; but the conduct of the Fonloey, was il not pig-headed, nnd foolish?
The broken bamboo is no use. Tho cracked Man-
in is of little ability.    Has it ever been  tho custom
it at a very
two  of the
7 millions would pay, in lieu of all Taxes X 11,200,000
•      Twenty-one millions of children and  poor would be
free, and the burden light for seven millions.—Economist.
Expedition to Buitisii Columbia.—The non-com-
missionoi officers and men ofthe Royal Engineers who
are to form Ihe new expedition about lo bo despatched
to British Columbia have been selected from the Royal
Sappers and Miners nl head-quarters, Chatham, (ind
are now ready to tnkothoir departure immediately when
the order arrives for tlnir embarkation. In addition to
the handicraftsmen, several surveyors nnd draftsmen
have also been selected to proceed to British Columbia,
in order to prepare tho designs and surveys for tho
works about to be undertaken by thc Government. The
expedition lakes out with them a large assortment of
Sapping and mining tools, portable india-rubber pontoon-boats for crossing the rivers and streams, waterproof tents, india-rubber sheets, surveying instruments,
kc Two experienced photographers, from the Photographic* school ofthe Hoyul Engineers, at Chatham, will
also accompany the expedition, and these will bo provided with the bestnppnratus that can be procured, to
enable them lo take accurate copies of Ihe work to bo
undertaken and views in the colony. The expedition
will embark at Soiithompton, nnd procoed overland via
The Cheat Eastern.—It is reported on good authority that the direct, v of Ihe Great Eastern have given up
tlie idea of sending her to sen during the ensuing 12
mouths. This delay in her voyage will enable the directors lo exhibit her most profitably iu different ports
of the kingdom—-the principal railway companies being
willing, it is said, to allow the Great Eastern directors
it per centngc id' the cyur.-ijm lares to dijfercuj nnrl.i of
American Naval Intklligenck. — The
Washington Star says :—" Our various departments of the Washington Navy Yard, employing about seven hundred men, aro quite
briskly engaged in manufacturing equipment
stores destined for the several Navy Yards,
and to he used as the wants of the service
may require in fitting out thc ships of our
gallant little Navy. Largo quantities of sheet
and bolt copper are in process of manufacture for the Pensacola, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, (N. H.,)New York, and Boston Navy
Yards; tho engine and boilers oftho hcav
steamer Pensacola are likewise in course of
construction here, and afford additional evidence, by their beauty and excellence of
workmanship, of tlie skill and proficiency of
run* Navy Yard mechanics, proverbial tlie
world over for building the best ships afloat,
and for providing them witli anchors that
never break and cables that never part."
Tho U. S. frigate Wabash left Marseilles Oct. 10, to carry our new Consul, Mr.
Nicholson, in Tunis, and from thence she
will sail for Italy.
Killing Oxen.— 7'he recent cold rains
have been productive of some harm, as well
as incalculable good. Wo aro informed that
quite a number of cattle havo died from tlie
effects thereof. Mr. llontoon was so unfortunate as to lose somo eight or ten tine work
oxen. It is remarkable that many well-fed
and wcll-eonditioncd cattle havo diod from
the effect' of this sudden change in tho
weather. If exposed one or two nights in
the rain, cold seems to penetrate to and
freeze up tlie spring of life within them.
Persons should, therefore, if possible, place
their cattle beneath cover in tbo night time,
during tbo continuance of the cold rains of
ibis season of the year. Ample food will not
alone suffice; they must bo protected from
(old and rain j those of our townsmen who
keep cows should observe the same rule.—
Shasta Courier.
Neav Envelopes.—The Post-office Department is in receipt of the new self-ruling
stamped envelopes, and is now ready to furnish them in large or small packaged to the
orders of Postmasters; the Department is
desirous that the experiment, should be fully
tested as soon as practicable ; and il is therefore suggested that Postmasters having them
for sale give notice to the public by cards
displayed ut the Post offico deliveries am'
dari.. ..,  „
to listen to the petition of foreigners? Have. Ihey not
always been abused ? Is not the conduct of Poll utterly
contrary to Ibis? Is uot this conduct traitorous, truly
—calling for tho vengeance of Tien ?
The sage said.—"The barbarians arc to be kept down
by rugged words," How can we trout them with courtesy? Are we pigs to love so dogged a nation. If we
omit to call them Fanquie, will not. they think themselves
equal lo ns—how will Ihey respect us?
Besides, to accumulate reason on reason, do not your
books teach ns lo toll tho truth ? such indeed is not
the doctrine of Confucius. But shall wo not follow it
out with you. Are you not cunning Devils? Do you
not come from abroad ? Are not yonr black locks originally red?    Are you not by nature bristly?
But Confucius said. "It is little use to whisper to the
dead," arguing with the irrational it is waste of time.
Now will you allow Ihe truth I have propounded to you?
—will you see its reason,—why  should I wear out my
Thu ways ofthe dragon arc many, lias not a pen-
shooter two ends? Shall we not yet make ourselves
offensive,  showing the vanity of barbarian wisdom lo
1 IAO Pdte.
you?   Truly 1 have a plan.
Taking Notes.—A great many years ago, when
were slaves in Massachusetts, and some of the best men
in the community owned them, there was a clergyman
in a town in Essex county, whom we will call Mr. Cogswell who had an old and favorite servant, by the name
ofCulTec. As was often the ease, Ouffeo hadas much
liberty to do as he pleased as any body else in tho house,
and he probably entertained a high respect for himself.
Culfee, on thc Sabbath, might have been seen in the
minister's pew, looking round with a grand air, and so
far as appearance indicated, profited (piite as much by
his master's preaching as many others about him. Cuffeo
noted one Sunday morning that several gentlemen wore
taking notes ofthe sermon, and he determined to do Hie
same thing' So, in the afternoon, ho brought a sheet,
of paper, and peri nnd ink. The minister, happening to
look down into his pew. could hardly maintnin his gravity as he saw his negro "spread out" to his task, with
one side of his face nearly touching the paper, and his
tongue thrust out of his mouth. Culfee kept at his
notes however, until thc sermon wns concluded, knowing nothing, and caring as little, about the wonderment of his master. When the minister reached
home be sent for Cuffeo to come into his study. " Well
Cuffeo " said he. " vthat were you doing in mooting, this
I afternoon?"—"Doing mnssa? Taking notes I " was his
reply. " You, taking notes! " exclaimed the master.—
" Sartan, massa; all the gentlemen take notes." " Well
let me seo them," said Mr. Cogswell. Cuffeo thereupon
produced his sheet of paper, and his master found it
scrawled all over with all sort-'of marks and lines, as
though a dozen spiders, dipped ill ink, had marched over
it. " Why, this is nil nonsense," said the minister as hs
looked at the "notes."—" Well, massn," replied Oufl'oo,
/ thought so all the time, you was preaching.
Tin-: Hkiio.—We learn that the Hero, emigrant ship,
erroneously stated to be a vessel of war, some days
since, ill iho columns of our cotemporary, is coming
out with 1,000 emigrants, from this we are inclined
to believe that the English riovernmenl al hist sec lhc
necessity of directing thc tide of emigration Into the
proper channel.   The arrival of ibis vessel will form
new-class 9t's, are building.    There are also tlll'l
class-frigates—viz.. [mmortalito, Aurora, and Tw
eaeli mounting 51 guns, in course of construction, of
which the lirst two are far advanced.    The smaller ves
sels are five in number, some of which arc  progressing
The  Ciii-'.at  City  op Sixoaporb.—Singapore is the
great  focus of a commercial  system   whose radii are
ever extending, whose circle will soon include Tasmania,
British Columbia and the Amoor.    Next  to Constantinople, the one city unmatched for its position, Singapore
is   most  wisely situated.    No town   equals it  in Asia.
The same Wonderful imagination that led  Alexander to
fix upon  Alexandria as a site, led a mnn to  whom history has yet to do justice—Sir Standford Unfiles—to fix
i upon Singapore.   In  ism ho induced tho East  India
Company  to buy  whnt was  then a miserable  village,
whoso whole population was 150 pirates and fishermen.
Forced  by the folly of an   English  cabinet to give up
bis  favorite Java to the cruel mercies of the Dutch, he I
chose this as a substitute, ns the theatre ofhis civilizing
efforts among the Malays.    And if lhc faith that  turns
a mud  hamlet into a city, the entrepot of the wealth of
continents, is an evidenco of tho highest form of greatness,  then  must that greatness be Sir S. Rallies'.    He
lived but, a few years lo Iny Ihe foundation of ils commerce, and Mr. Crawford was not unworthy ofbeinghis
successor.    In 182-1, tlie 150 pirates of 1819 had becomo
nearly   1 1,000  citizens ; in 1836, they were 30,0110, and
in 1848 that number had doubled.    During the last official year, ending April, 1850, the value of tho imports
nnd   exports,  which  four  years ago was a little above
eight millions sterling,   lias risen to nbout eleven millions,  and this in a year  unusually  exceptional.    The
disturbance in Chinn, a check in the trade wdth Siam,a
scarcity of money, and a  panic in the Singapore market,  impeded a trade which in the  previous  year wns
upwards of twelve millions.    Tho European and American tonnage has for the last five years always exceeded
350,000; the native tonagc, TO.000. This   surprising result is but the beginning of the  career of Singapore.
As  a mere  entrepot, it is true,  it can never rise to the
rank ofa first class city,   but already its  trade is more
than a third thai of Bengal, and the  resources of the
whole continent, when developed must flow through it.
The harbor will soon be the station of an English Ileet.
As it already forms the great point iu the line of navigation from west lo east—from the Indian ocean to tho
Pacific—so will it in the line of telegraph from north lo
south—from Calcutta to Rangoon, south to Anjer, Australia, and New Zealand.    There exists no  reason why
the trade, which in forty years has increased eleven fold,
should not in the remaining forty years of the  century
be nt least tripled.   Gfoverned as a separate colony, with
a strong municipality, Singapore in 1000 may be th*
bonded warehouse of southern Asia, the exchange for a
trade of fifty millions a year.—Friend of India.
The Ovsteii hmnooiiiQ.—The oyster discovery in
Long Island Sound has aroused the most intense excitement in that quarter. Tho bed lies over the centre
of the sound, in a lino bearing from the Norwnlk to
Eaton's Neck Eight, and is said to be nol less than a
mile wide by twe miles in length, clustered wilh enormous bivalves in inexanstablo quantity, nt least to the
extent of many millions of bushels. Everything in the
shape ofa boat or oyster dredge has been put in requisition. The deptli of water where the oysters are found
is about, six fathoms. One boat went out from Stamford, CI., October IH, and relurned next day with over
one hundred bushels; another small boat, with a single
man caught sixteen bushels in half a day. The oysters
being worth two dollars a bushel, makes such fishing
us this profitable business.
The Naval Command is China.—We learn on good
authority, that Admiral Hope will he recalled, nnd Admiral Keppell appointed to thc command of the naval
forces in China.
The Commani)-in-Chiuf in India.—It is announced
Hint Lord Clyde will retire from the command of
the Indian army at the close of this year. Ceneral Sir
Hugh Rose is named as Lord Clyde's successor. Qen.
Mansfield will be appointod commander-in-chief of the
Bombay army.
A man at llowlcy Regis, near Birmingham, signed
himself " No. 1.—.Joseph .limes, alius Old Joe, bend, but
no members, a paradox, inflexible, miserly bacholnr, M.,
•Id, nail-buyer, ironmonger, nailor, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire." There were also some verses attached to
the schedule :—
" I have no wife lo vex and lease me ;
No child to trouble and displease mo:
No lodger to intrude his feet
Into my dwclling-lioiisc quite neat;
No visitor lo share my roof,
And after Ihat in stand aloof;
No servant keep, but save her pelf,
B 0 O T     M A K E
Government Street, opposite the   Washington Restaurant. I
Everv description-of Bonis and Shoes made to order ]
iu the most fashionable stylo, and at thc lowest possi-
bib prices.
All articles guaranteed lo be of the host workman-
i p.
Repair's executed.
ICKSON,   CAMPBELL .\i Co., corner
Wharf nn
John-oii streets—
Blankets, scarlet and blue ;
Clothing, nn assortment ;
Boots ami Shoes ;
Cordage and Twine.
(' il 13 A P
F t;
f[10 enable families to  supply  themselves with Fuclj
or lie approaching winter, we  shall, until further notice, sell tho best
in quantities of half a Ton and upwards at Twelve dollafij
per tbn of 2,210 pounds.
JOHN   T.   LITTLE   &   CO.,
Agent Victoria Coal Company.
Victoria, September 23,-1-859. nl-lm
langley; hotel.
"1 Tt    WINNARD, Puoi-iiiETOii, Fort Langley, Britist]
YV .    Columbia.
Tilt Proprietor of the Langley Hotel, having re-built
and enlarged his establishment, and furnished it SOU
to altml First Class Accommodation to the travelliiij
pubic, respectfully solicits a continuance of the liberal
putAoiage hitherto bestowed on him.    His table is al'
wnyi supplied with everything the market affords, nn'
served in the best style.    Single rooms can always 1
had.   The sleeping apartments   nro furnished  will1!
good beds.    Thc best liquors will always bo found ill
the tar.    Travellers passing up or down the river, majj
always depend on  finding the best  accommodation M
the lungley Hotel.
{jaJ'-'Stornge for merchandise on reasonable terms.
Folt Langley, B. ('., Oct. 20, 1859. no-ltc
f 0TI8 8. rlEKCB,
\   San FranciscO'l
Nortli-westcorucr of Yates nud Douglas streets, Victoria,|
lar receipt of assorted Furniture of sii^l
[Utility, which,thoy oiler at reasouoW'l
rules, in puC, consisting of
BEDSTEADS, nil  sizes; Bureaus,  plain  and sen
froit; Tables, assorted sizes; Chairs, cane and woo I
scut, and ollice chairs; Rockers, cano seat and lun'M
Looking Clusses; Cots, and other articlos of iixuneui*!
ato necessity.
jr. PIERCE—recently of J. k O. S. Pierce, of S«
Praicise.o—now residing there, will give his oltcnti'"
to tie filling of special orders for any style of FuroiMffl
thendiy saving time, trouble, and expense, to l»,r"e
0' this particular material for Bedding, wo I"1" J
ampe stock in hand, which wc offer cither by the '" f
or ii. Bedding, at stonily prices.    It is universally^,
cedul  to be equal  to feathers, and better than cur'
hub for this climate, (it half tlio price of either.
arrangements with the sole importer of it for Cnhlo'   i
are inch that we are enabled to sell Lower than n   ,
ho   ind  elsewhere.    Straw  Mutlrnsses, wholesale^.
Ob|. T. SEYMOUR, 1
.   Victoria,     j
ABE in reguh
slantiul  q
Prilled,   for   Ihe    Proprietors,    every   SaTOBM
I.ionaiu! Med,ni ii, ut Iho Ollice of the" Now w
muster Times," Lnnglev-slreet, oil' Vntcs-strcc'i     I


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