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The New Westminster Times Dec 8, 1860

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io 12. .ol, iii.
$}A pfslmiiislfi*, latm-Ustf, fitnubc S, IMift.
«», i»
(/Vom . .<■ London   Times.)
.diojju.   camp, -were  enough lo tun. it inside out.  and
that   they   would   even yet be heard of marching  to
The Pope is not happy in his appeal to tbe ! ^h^&}$^StocS*^»a?»aa(}s&b»lai*™,
and pushes his successes. In a pitched battle
under the walls of Ancona bc has defeated
Lamoriciere, and shattered to fragments that
mercenary force which was thc last hope of
the Sovereign of thc Pontificial States. Lamoriciere, whom thc last accounts described as
seeking a junction with the Royalist Neapolitan troops, and threatening a southward
movement upon thc Garibaldiana, had ap-
suiidenly before Ancona; Cialdini ac-1
cepted the offered battle, and the event has
boon that the African General was totally and I
entirely routed. Those bands, from whom so
much was expected, seem to be of no avail
whatever against Sardinian soldiers. This
fire-eating and pious soldado, who had fulmi-
jiated such dreadful threats, who was known
to have done such strong deeds among the
Arabs, has really done nothing in Italy which
might not have been done bv one of the Col- '
lege of Cardinals- With eleven thousand
men and the vigorous aid ot the garrison of
Ancona he has simply marched up to a signal
defeat, lie has been beaten upon his own
ground, and upon a field of his own choice,—
as fairly and as innocently beaten as a young
ensign might be in his first skirmish. If
Lamoriciere do not effect sotnctliinir better
than this to justify the noise his name has '
made in Europe wc shall begin to believe that
lie has been rated by comparison with a different enemy to that with whom be now has
t and with Cialdiri and Garibaldi in their train aspnson-
Cialdilli   retains   his   good   fortune, ' ers.    Other very different and very distressing,  not to
say impassitle reports, are dropping in while we write.
i It is even aveni-d that there is no account of any groat
carnage  to be received, and that there are no deeds  of
Irish  heroism  to be recorded, and that these  heroes. I
blessed   by   the Pope,  and relied upon   for   desperate
fighting, gave in wilhoul an; thing worth the name of |
nn engagement,   and have ail been taken in  a   heap. |
huddled np together like so  many of their own pigs. J
even from the refuse of the  population, who. be  the I
cause what it mny.   would surrender without a light. J
Thc Sardinians are treating their prisoners with a con-
tempt which seems to favour the idea that they obtained !
then without much trouble.and that they do not reckon
I the captivity of 600 of thc Pope's Irish as an  achieve- I
pared suddenly before Ancona; Cialdim ac-1 mcRi.   Conking Count Catoct tried to make favour to I
England ol'giving np these valuable acquisitions to lhe
British Minister : but Sir James Hudson d d not think j
that these chapfallen heroes enme within the definition
of'• distressed liritish subjects" whom it is part of
his duly lo help towards their homes. They arc thc
Pope's soldiers, not onri. We never had nny Irish in
our service who behaved with the cowardice these men
have shown. »r who have so softened under the tuition
of tht-ir priest. Hut then, indeed, we'never sought out
the class of Irishmen fit for the work to which these
wero destined.
So ends the Pope's Irish Brigade, It is n disgrace.
The country must feel rather as a family feels when a
mauvais sujei whom Ihey knew to be a ruffian turns out
nlso to bc a sneak. Six hundred men ought to have
made a fight for the Pope after taking his money.
Much as we hate their cause, we have a natural interest in their pluck. They had no right io go abroad and
disgrace the name ofa Briton in t.iat respect. We all
expected nt least some good rough fighting from them.
Perha],s. however, we ought to have Known better .
Human creatures who could have been the offscourings
of lhe island which gave them birth. They could hate
had no confidence in each other, or in their cause,or in
their leaders. Ireland, brave, loyal, and sound-hearted
Irland. proud in the memories of a thousand battles,
where shoulder to shoulder we have togelhcr gained re-
to cope, and that he is only good to Sinokc \ nown. can well afford to look without much "emotion,
out Arabs and drill Irish mercenaries. i ••Pon tno shame of these outcasts.   But we wish she
However, tliere must have been  one other   llad "", P"™ded them before Europe to her own and
,i ,.:. ... , .i   i .   c .. .i „ .   , ,   .  ,, .■    , [ our discredit.    If tliere is no market in Europe for such
obstinate fight, for the telegraph tells us that 18ervices „ thev ,„, „„.,„. tlie begt thin£ th     ..„
::; '.'iiidred prisoners Of war taken at , now do is to steal back to their homes and hide themselves: they will serve as n warning lo Ihcir neighbours
against temptations by recruiting priests.
WHOLESALE   DtAtttia    AK*0   WPOltTTItS  OT
Liverpool Wlaif
Spoleto are Irishmen I"    We have not yet re
eeived thc account of thc great  battle.    The
struggle was, so desperate and the carnage, so
tremendous that all hands are too busy turv-
ing the slain to snare time even for working
thc telegraphic  wires.    Spoleto is, of course,
a mass of ruins only there is no one jiisTfiow
at leisure to tell us.tho fact-     Spoleto was famous lor her defences-    She gave the first repulse to Hannibal, and emblazoned  the boast
upon h»r gates.    But what could that fight
with Hannibal fresh from  Thrasymcno  have
been tothat last scene which has been so curtly
l yet so fully described in thc sentence wc have
] above quoted? " The six hundred prisoners of
war taken at Spoleto arc   Irishmen      What
Icompveaeibn  there is in this  laconic phrase I
H^W it opens out into a thousand details as
j wo meditttto over it!    The comparative  anatomist looks upon tho tooth, and the whole
{creature becomes shaped forth  in his  mind.
We   look  upon  this telegram,  and wo ask
{ourselves what must havo been  tho preceding circumstances  to  such   an   event  as is
jhere chronicled-     What noise and bloodshed
Idoos this result involve!     \\'e  remember thc
Irish" of whom  this  telegram speaks arc
jtho Irish heroes who went forth inflamed  by
Iroligions   zeal,  t3 champion   the rights of
It licit* Holy Father, and to  trample out  tho
■discontent of his rebel subjects.   Theso ho-
|i*ocs were a mixture of the swashbuckler and
he saint.    They wcre  fighting Irishmen, carer to cut tho throats of Italians, and  pious
irishmen, hoping for heaven and good pay
lor their pains.   All Ireland  looked to them
Jvith pride, and the  Pope and   his  Cardinals
lielterod   themselves   under thoir   shadow,
vow, that tho Sardinians should  have made
fcix hundred of theso heroes prisoners involves
Jill the antecedents  ofa tremendous fight, en-
Induring so long that, after seeing all their
intrudes fall around them, the remainder of
•no  sacred  band,   fatigued   with  slaughter,
|mist have sunk down  exhausted  under tlio
tu-e.ssuro  of overwhelming numbers.    What
fu-tive deeds have been  done for  tho honor of
Id  Ireland 1    How  bright tho valor of tho
fish will shine among the nations l   iloiv ardently other distressed tyrants  will  now bid
ir such a profitable and stedfast guard!   Al-
lough all elsewhere is going wrong, although
jiunoriciere has been routed  before Ancona,
Ind guns, arms, and Generals aro among tho
poils, yet there is a resting-place of satisfac-
lon in tho  closperato gallantry of tho noblo
ish who havo made the defence of Spoleto,
disastrous, still illustrious.
™ e must luive n statue erected to Ireland's fhvn  Pn-
hl   Brigade,   and  especially to   theso   six   hundred,
(here la a procodeu. for it.   Mercenaries nre not geno-
II,ought to have ranch to do with glory or with
pnor.    When they nre paid their wages ot blood, and
en they have earned it by the animal courage of the
fund, whose instincts they imitate, accounts arc quit
ptwecu hirelings nud master.    But even low  qualities
l''.v he intensified into granduer; nnd when our Kng-
|h tourists  go splashing up the little back  paths  to
"k at the Swiss Lion nt Lucerne tliere is nn  inclinn-
Jn among them to believe that even foreign  hirelings
10 died  nt their post, nnd disdained to surrender  or
feat, deserve nn honorable memory.    It would bc an
"Ut to the braggarts of the Irish people—who, as dis-
gittshod from the Irish people themselves/ have been
powerful promoters of this papal Brigade—to doubt
»t the nctions of the Irish at Spoleto ha1.)  been at
s' equnl to the devotion of the Swiss  in Paris.    So
US set nbout getting up thc statue.    If a sito be
''ting Mr. Smith O'Brien will perhaps be able to nc-
•late the purchase ofthe cabbage garden of that lone
'ow.     Since  the  telcgrnin flashed the fact of the
at Irish  captivity upon this metropolis its  inhabits have, 0f course, been impatient for further news.
»e  sanguine Irishmen have insisted that the  rtholc
"g is a ruse; that six hundred Irishmen, In any Snr-
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In re the 'Town  Lots LoHsos Relief Act, I860.'
Exparte Peter O'Riclly, Petitlonor.
TO O. Copp, William McC.hie, Robert T. Smith,
Joshua Anderson, John T. Smith, Patrick Everett,
and Samuel R. McDole—-Tako notice thnt the Petitioner
will at thc next Assizes nt Fort Hope move the Court
for a declaration of title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 4,
iu thu town of Fort Hope. That at tho same time he
will move for a declaration of title, in his favor, to thc
southernmost half of lot. 4. block 3, in the said town ;
and for a declaration of title in his favor to lot 2, block
10, in the said town. And take notice that in the absence of any person appearing to oppose tho said applications they may bc granted ex. parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Ynle, Nov. 3d, 1800. 3t
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In re thc Town Lots Leases Relief Act, 18G0.
Exparte John Fredirck Mitchell, Petitioner.
rpo George W. Bood, Joseph Coyne, Willinm T,
I Hurlt, J, Li Harris, Donald MrBritle, and .Villiam
SIcGhie—Take notice that the Petitioner will nt tbo
next Assizes at Fort Hope move tho Court for n dcclnr
atinn of title, in his favor, to lot 1) block 12, in tho
town of Fort Hope. That at the same time tho Petitioner will move for a declaration of title, in his favor,
to lot r>, block 12, in the said town, And for a deelar-
tion of title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 12, in the said
town. And take notice that in the absence of any
person appearing to oppose the snid applications, they1
may bo granted ex parte,
Counsel for Petitioner.
Yule, Nov, 3d, 1860,     .
Liverpo' - VYharf, Columbia-street, New Westminster,
British   Columbia.
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\J   {i".-il Engineers, Drtimghtsmen, Ac.    Machinery
of every description made to o-der.
Agent in British Columbia, Sir. W. Wiannnl, Land*}*,
1     agarch 21, I860. 4m
' tf
| ■
;  •
• I
THE NEW WESTMINSTER TIMES. I tho insertion of a pick op phovel.   The best
.    I portion of Br-itisb Columbia—in both agricul-
;! tnal and minerals-will thus be brought into
Single j immediate practical  operation, and a  basis
103..   will be at once laid   ior  the  construction  of
This journal  is published  every
at  the office,  Columbia-street. New Westminster, i,
time for the up river nnd Victoria steamers.
copy, price Is., or 25 cents.    Terms per quarter.
or §2.50;  half-yearly,   18s., or §4.50,   aud yearly,   tbe numerous branch   roads  which  the c:_i-
| gencies of the future will gradually develope.
Over ll,e  second portage and as far as the
! Pavilion  the  Royal  Engineers should  with
£1 10s., or 37.50.
Subscriptions must be paid in advance.
ockets  and time of the
and thus  further  spare thc
community  to  the  value  of many  thousand
sterling per annuiun.
Gothic arches between, a series of arches ; Victoria : previous  to  entering upon thc mi«ri«(?
i the Nave and giving a rich and ccclcsias- I and hardsliips(?l of this Colony; so aptlyf., descrit,
a ho
S cts.
Ox*e Inch, on cxdeii—One insertion     1 25
„ ,• One  mouth     4 C
ii " Three months....
>< " Six months	
'iifo Inches, or. less—One insertion	
" " One  mouth	
'i ■' Three months	
". ii Six i„c„,ths	
Fori. Inches, or less—One  insertion	
., '• One month	
.. " Three months	
Advertisements of larger  dimensions,
periods as per agreement,
   10 00
    17 50
     2 00
     G 00
    17  50
   30 00
     3 75
   11  00
  30 00
or for longe
Next to the intelligence that Garibaldi has succeeded
iu entirely routing the Papal and mercenary hordes oi
the '-States of the Church," the announcement ofa
.-learner to run between Portland and New Westminster,
connecting with those from Sau Francisco at thc former
plac*., is perhaps the mosl gratifying piece of " foreign
i news" that wc have lately received.   If wc nre not to
e-asc   complete  in    18G1   the    Cayoosh    line. „      Francisco  lor
I ,,    , r l    have  direct   communication   turn  ouii   _i.uu_.ii
This is a work which should be pertormc.l some months yot) wc are likely to have the nest thing
at all hazards, even if WO have to go to L0 it The Sail Francisco steamers that bare plied be-
tho London market for  the   loan.    To  carry   tween that port and Victoria will henceforth make Port-
land tbe terminus of their northern route—thcpropeller
i Santa Cruz taking their freight and passengers to New
' Westminster, calling nl Victoria on her way to this port
and on her return. In all this we see
an immediate and immense benefit likely to
accrue to this town and the colony generally.    We had
thc  i
pillars. With
Ucal^ant-earonce to the Whole.  'The inter jal fittings   by our absentee Attorney-General as
are of the handsomest description.   The-scats, which   derness."      _ .
ceu presented bv various individuals whose As misery is said however Io like company,Hist.0rd
warmed towards'the completion ofthe good ship must not be surprised at the urgency displayed iL
rc of fir trimmed with tbe famous California red the speakers lust evening, to havo him as a resid,"
The lectern or Bible-desk (a gift) is of fir and : amongst us.
I, the poppy-heads of red |    Allow me to observe that it reflects to some extent!
ol  maple r
vc.l.'   The Pulpit,  also a gift, | His Lord.hip's position to reside  in tlie  pinafColon.
to British Columbia; instead of rearing bliPaW,-
imoinn  cotton wooa, tne poppy
1. arc excellently
.,1 w ,od, and cotton wood, skilfully con
trusted,  and preset
appearance.    The
ival Bng'u
le  bulletin
trescntcd h
is nn exceedingly rich and elegant
'um,,,union rails, designed by one
eers i= also admirably executed.
jt rcllecis lbe high, st credit both
• Committee who approved ol the
lin ... It. Lempricrc It. E.) and
-  Manson k White,   who have
Si I
and  skil-
VioToau— W. F, lli-nni*, Yates-street.
Yale—Mr. Ik IMPBREY.
Pont Douglas—Mr. Tnos. CoorcR.
Foiit Hope—Mr. J. II. Mcrrit.
Shimilkomeen anu Rock Cheek.
San Fbasoisco—Mr. Tnos. Bovce, corner Montgomery and Washington-streets.
Cayoosh—Mr. A. MacDonald.
Nanaimo—Mr. M'Inn
i the idea of a trunk line of communication to
I the principal mines into pra tical effect should
' be  our steady and adhobivo policy.     Every
I step gained in this direction raises our revenue
and increases the yield of gold ; every hour's
delay adds to the miner's discomfort and dissatisfaction, and retards the progress of thc
At least fifteen of tho remaining thirty
odd thousand pounds should bo devoted to
the river route -• intersecting the numerous
milling localities between Vale and Cayoosh—
ten thousand to improving communication
between Hope, tho Shimilkomeen, and Itock
Creek—and the balance to promote prospect-
performed  ihcir part in n truly worknianliki
nil manner.
At 11 o'clock the Bishop, preceded by the Clergy and
followed by the Registrar, proceeded from the Vestry
to the Porch door where they were met by ii body ol
the inhabitants. The petition for consecration having
been read and assented to by the Bishop, hi- Lordship
followed by tho clergy proceeded up the middle aisle repeat;,,••■ the xxiv Psalm.   The deed of consecration wns
H-cd that the mere, ts and fader, of Victoria would I then  md^ ^f^^S   -d'i.a^g
have taken some steps ere this, to unite their onor"s b(!el, s'-,pncj by the Bishop, was handed to the Uegis-
with the inhabitant" of Now Westminster and other |ri|. ff*lie consecration service was read by the Bishop,
towns alone the Fraser to establish an independent line [ and the Morning Service by the Rev. .1. Sheepshanks,
,„ bet,veen San Francisco and Victoria. ! M. A., Rector,     The  Psulms and  the   Hymns   ■•    cm
1 Creator," and 100 Psalm were heartily sung, the whole
congregation joining in : and Richardson's beautiful
Anthem •• Oh bow amiable " was rendered with a taste
and  precision  worthy  of many a Cathedral.
Colony   fie m which   bis  See  takes  its m
British Colcm^'
—♦ » ♦	
To the Editor of the New Westminster Tim».
Special Assizes iicldlierVagcntit.
-At the lat
o had served
,. grand juror wa«
London—-Messrs. W. L. Kirkland nnd Co., (Eveniug (ing and other plans for the development of the
MailJ Xo. 7, King William-street, Strand
All Advertisements for insertion in the New Westminster Times must bo paid in advance. Those for longer periods than one month are required to be paid tor
each month in advance.
Of every Description,
Books, Bill Heads,
Pamphlets, Cards,
Posters,   Circulars,
Labels, &c., &c„ l which we have good
Executed nt the most moderate charges, in the neatest
manner, and with the utmost dispatch,
At the Ollice of lhe
country's resources. By following out such
a scheme as this, Government would destroy
every reason for dissatisfaction—so far as the
expenditure ofthe colonial revenue is concerned. But the two great ncccssitics.-ti
Leg.sli.turG and a resident Governor—will still
force themselves with unabated impetuosity
on the Colonial and Home Governments. AVe
may advance in prosperity, but through the
want of necessary funds to construct the immense public works required by the interests
ol the colon}*, our progress will be slew.
Our present revenue, and the colonial income
grounds for anticipating
the coming year, are no doubt unparallclled
instances of a prospering country, but even
these will go but a small way towards carry-
out in a proper manner the development of
thc colony. A loan is absolutely indispensable. We are well aware that our government
have applied for fifty thousand pounds; but
a sum lour time*; that amount would scarcely
cover our immediate requirements. A lean
of one hundred'thousand pounds has been
already refused—for the simple reason that
we have no representative government. The
Home Government will never guarantee a loan,
nor will art}'commercial firm advance one,
without the people's sanction. The risk of
repudiation by a Legislature, when it does
Conic into existence, will always preclude the
possibility of our getting any reasonable sum
under our present condition- But with representative government we could obtain in the
London market to-morrow one million pounds
sterling, at what would be considered in this
part ul the world a merely nominal interest.
praise must he bestowed upon the voluntary Choir.
chiefly ofthe Royal Engineers, assisted by ladies ofthe
congregation, for the care which they bestowed upon
their .part, and thus making the thanksgiving portion
of the services truly joyful and heartstirring. The 1-'
Lesson was red by the Rev. A. D. Pringlc, M. A. ol
I'orl Hope, and the 2ud by the Rev. A. C. Garrett.
The Cm,ununion office was read and lho Holy Communion administered by the Bishop. The Epistle was
I bv tho Rev. l'l." Cridgc,  and thc Gospel by  thc
of steamers to ri
! nml thence to New Westminster. Victorin w<
| doubt, have experienced by such a course n certain
, munition of her British Columbian trade, but in other
j respects her commercial prosperity and intercourse
| would have been greatly increased—the present feeling
of jealousy would have been entirely obliterated, nnd a
much more dangerous injury to her interests—an independent direct communication between Snn Francisco
and New Westminster—"warded off for years. Wc have-
shown in previous articles the disadvantages under
which we labor wilh regard to the present double transhipment of goods coming via Victoria. Wc might
challenge ths world to produce a community placed in
n more ridiculous position than our own in this respect.
To have our goods, through the shallow .vater of Victo- ■ neither reason
ria harbor, taken in lhc first place to Esquimalt, from
thence in small boats to Victoria—subject then to
wharfage charges and drayage, and re-shipment again
by steamer to this port, when the very same steamers
which in thc first place landed their cargoes at Jtsqui-
mult   co,ild have as easily and will, certainly  as  little
danger brought liritish Columbian freight to the  port j quently pointed out how tlicgift and work of Christ wire
I'New Westminster.   Such an extraordinary state-  of   the grandest manifestation of the attributes of the Deity-
must   have   been   considered   by  any  person
Jeed—still Vic-
moned to sit on thc petty jury. This is considerediB
Canada the greatest insult that can be offered to .
party, and if done without the person having htm'
guilty of some offence, entails a line of £50 0n u"
Sheriff. We should like to have informationfroi'som
of our l.-gal gentlemen, or any other person possessin
the requisite knowledge of the point in queMion
whether such is the law hero. If such be the pug ,,.'
think tbe government ought to punish ihe guilty m.,,.
as our rights us British subjects ought not to &
trampled on with impunity; if, on tho other hand i>
be show,, to have been an oversight, or done is |»»o.
rnucc of the lav.. steps should be token t„ prevent
such an occurrence in future. The following is |u
Canadian lav, :—
• Any sheriff or other officer mating any nltcrotion io
Hi. r.,11-. lists oi panels i except in compliance witim,-,
act), or neglecting to prepare lbe jurors' book „„d ■„■.
lots, or .uniting to return tho Fiimo to tho court or to
perforin any other duty required by this net. ordolni
anything Incon i-icnt with tills act, shall for every such
offence forfeit £50, recoverable in any court of '
tent jurisdiction,'
Max* Giuxd Jcbosi,
Rev. R. .1. Dundns, Rector of St. John's Victorin,
The consecration Sermon was prencbed by the Rev.
A. C. Garrett, B. A., Principal ofthe Indian School,
Vivtoria, from' St, John in, 1G. Having shown thai
philosophy, nor speculation conld ascertain the cause and origin of Christianity which our
eyes behold existing »J a fact, thc Preacher went on in
clear nnd forcible ten,,-, to point out the cause, the
price, nnd the object of Iltuunn Redemption. Having
shown the perfect freedom ofthe Deity as being bound
by no necessity to save mankind, the Preacher dwelt in
glowing language upon the vastness of Divine love a_
exhibited  in the  Redemption of man.    lie then elo-
To the Editor of the Netc Westi 'Ulster Tints,
Sin.—Will you allow me through the median) of your
columns to inform miners and others who inaydeilte
(o avail themselves of thc opportunity, that 1 bavei
small collection of books suitable for general reading
which I shall lif happy to lend to ,-.11 who will apply t>
me. They are not numerous, bul such as they are ther
arc heartily at the Bervice of any who may desire some
profitable mode of spending their leisure hours. Ism
Vour obodicut servant,
Jon:; Siitti-siiASES.
New Westminster. Dec. 7th.
Tuixtss to Jcffrny's and Uallou's expresses for sundry
§*fo P&rtmittirtM   Kims*.
In tho absence of a resident Governor or a
Colonial Legislature, the press has no option
but to take tho initiative, and, in default ol
estimates and a programme for the coming
year—documents invariably made public before each December—to form conjectures embodying prevailing sentiments on these ini-
po'-tant points—our probable revenue and our
proper expenditure of tho same for the ensuing twelve months. One thousand eight
hundred and sixty-one is close at hand. The
discussion of our circumstances is therefore
not premature, nor  is it at all pragmatical.
The revenue of 1800 will reach the nVurcs we |
. ° I  isb Cuiiiiiihia to aci'iuirc coinlor bullion tendered nt the
predicted in a previous issue-namely, at least, | Treasur, occu.,ics an important n)che inthe still too
fifty thousand pounds. Ol this sum about
thirteen thousand pounds will remain on
hand at tho end of the year unexpended.
This balance, then, it should be our lirst and
immediate care to appropriate to certain services; for, let us but show one farthing to out-
credit, and the Home Government may come
to the determination to cease defraying the
military expenses of the J.oval Engineers,
which, commissariat included, cannot rate I
at less than twenty-live thousand pounds a
year.    The apportionment, therefore, of this        , .       ,     , , ,  .
r, '' • we have an important portion of such an establishment
balance might be immediately, applied to our ( •„ the sbape of a Government Assay Ollice, every one
most urgent requirements. Wc cannot agree is well aware; and that webivre hitherto Fullered noi
with   our   correspondent,   'British Colonist,'   merely  extreme  inconveuiunce, but very serious loss
which the universe affords. It was shown in the most
conclusive, manner that sin existing as a fact, ,. sucri-
not blind to reason as very temporary indeed—still \ ic- j |i(,p hecamc :,i,,,,',lt,,iy necessary Irom the very nature
toria persisted in fancying that our relative positions in j of the case. Were man punished according to bis dc-
this respect were as unalterable ns the laws of the   sort, the man would be the saerilicc.   Were man pardoned
.,  , , ,,    ■ .i-  ,       ,, ,i ,,,„„.,>,->.,,■„ ,'„,     absolutely, the Justice would be the sacrifice.    Were
Modes and Persians.    Yvc nope that the scales Have lal-    ,     .       • .   . . , ,   ,.,
*'L1 ' , Justice to remain intact and yet man saved, n substitu-
lc.i from her eves and that she will evince in the future ■ tim, must ,,(. snci.*fiCed. Such is thc plan laid down in
a desire more to co-operate with our inhabitants ! the book of Inspiration. The Preacher then mado a
in obtnining a proper line of ocean steamer., cal- powerful appeal both to the fears and to tho gratitude
ling at both colonies than to thwart as much as possible ! f his hearers.    "Shall Justice demand such a  sneri-
I lice,   and vet v,-,lt thou (i sinner despise that   sacrifice,
aud commercial interests. | .„,,■ ,U)t ,■..*.„. tna, Justice .'   Take h --.I lcsl ihat Justice
------- | ni,;,.', spured i,"t Jesus spare not thee,  il thou despise
Jesus. Again..—. hall Cod so love ihce, and shall Jesus
so suffer for thee, and yet si.alt ihon remain indifferent V
Impossible ! Awake to a senB» of thy responsibility, to
a sense of thy danger, to a sense of thy rare ami unexampled privileges, and driven by the one and drawn by
thc other, close with the offers of thv Saviour." II iviug
our .-li p|
At'n special meeting of this body on Thursday evening,
the following te„d«rs were awarded  for  chopping the ,
private lotsstill.rcmainkg uncleared contrary to tiie or- | observed tliat.it was for the worship of Almighty  God,
dersofthe Conncil:—
lilo, k I.—John P.obson—■ lot 7. S, and 20, one dollar .
each,     nodgkinson—lot   12, §2.     M. Nicholson—lot j t!f,*.u*"   •■H'"  replied to  objections  sometimes  alleged
tl   S2    J   Hall lot 10. S'i. against the consecration of churches,  ami showed  un
and for the advancement ofthe Kingdom ol'the Saviour
that this church was built and dedicated, the Rev. Gen-
Block 8.-
I'lock '.).-
-O. Urtphuart—lot 2. S3.
-Hodgkinson—lot 8,' §2.
Crawford—let 3,
The recent action of the Government in ennblincBrit-
'ury occupies an important nu
numerous blanks where monuments of Legislation should
stand ; the- credit, however, which is due for so useful
a measure we are prompt lo acknowledge. In all civilized nations the supplying of coin has almost invariably been regarded as a duty of Government—the prerogative being held in the crown, and rightly—for all
commerce hinges upon the initial value of tbe tokens
adopted, so il is of vital importance that the most minute
exactness   should exist in each piece.
The supplying of coin lo the  peoplo has  ever been
held to be the duty of Governments,  and that duty has
been always performed by creation of coin thro.igh lhe in-
titution of mints.     That we have yet no mint, though
Block 11.—Hodgkinson—lot IT. S3.
Block 22.—John Robson—lots 6, 7, 10. S*> each and
12, $6. Hodgkinson—lots 9, 10, U, §4, So, aud $G,
respectively, and 20 and 31, $3 each. Nicholson—lot
20, Si.    D. McDonald—lot 23, $2.50.
Block 23.—Hodgkinson—lot 23, §5. Crawford—lot
7, §5.
BIock 24.—John Robson—lots 4 and 5, S2.f>0 each,
T and 8, §3 each, HI, 11, 14, S2, §2,50, and §7.50
respectively.    Campbell—lot 9, §2.
Block 28.—John Rotbson—lot 14, $7.50. Hodgkinson—lot 13, §6, and lots 15 and -4, §9 each.
Crawford—lots 7 and 12, §G and §7.
Block 31.—Ilodgkiuson—lots  1   nnd  2, $0 each, 10
nnd 11. §3 each.     Nicholson—lot 3, ?G.    Campbell—    '     ;;
lot 5, §2.
Wc extract the following summary of news from the
San Francisco Bulletin of Kov, 24th.
DATES   TO   28rll   OCTOURn.
Tl,!• steamship Persia from Liverpool to Saturday thi
2Vtil October, and from tj iCenstown, Ireland, tu the
28th, was intercepted al Cape lluce, and her news telegraphed to St. Louis, ns follows:—
The Warsaw Congress of Urownod Heads nbrnptlj
terminated ou the 20th October, owing to the illness uf
the Dowager .impress of Russia. The royal parties
and their ministers held a conference on the 2.ith.
Nothing authentic transpired, but lhe si.,tract w«
afloat that the principle of an European Congress bad
been adopted,
The Opinione Naiionale, of Turin, caused considerable
sensation in all quarters, by publishing nn nrticlehrasd*
ing the Warsaw meeting vis nothing but a conspiricr
on the part of Governments represented there ,ig.iii>4
France, aud charging England with being a go-between.
Tho same journal gives the report 'hat Ills Government of Austria proposes to negociato with Francs for
a pacific solution ofthe Italian question,
IT..I.1 -,-.   AVK-MIIS   ETC.
Affairs in Italy remained without much chanp.
Some details of voting confirmed previous reports, anil
answerably that such an act is neither unnecessary, superstitious, nor it mere formality. The Preacher then
concluded  a  most able ami  impressive'  discourse  by
urging a twofold duty  upon  his audience.—1st, To j that the result was almost unanimously in favw.of ss-
maintain in a stale ol beauty and efficiency thc  build-    nexntion.
ing  so  happily completed and to  solemnly dedicated ;
2nd, To attend with constant regularity the  means of
grace thus brought within their reach.
A collection omounting to 6125 was taken up after
the sermon in aid of defraying the debt still upon thc
church.    The debt we are- happy to say is only   £228—
The British legion in Italy had a snwt encounter
with royalists at Capua, but we-ro victorious, \riih »
bus of three killed aud thirty wounded.
It was said thai the lingiisl, Admiral was goinR to
Gaeta, lor the purpose of protecting the flight of the
King of Naples.
Spain had withdrawn its Ambassador nt Turin, leaving its affairs in the hands of the Charge.
The text ofthe Russian note to Sardinia, protesting
against her course relative to the. affairs of Italy, sad
ordering her legation to retire, was-published.   It i*
SiiirptN".', Accommodatiok.—The want of wharfs along
the water front of New Westminster is every day becoming more urgent. On Wednesday hist, there were
| eight steamers lying opposite the town and only three
wharfs to accommodate them. The inconvenience that
is thus experienced by both sailing vessels and steamers I
in tidvoctitint; :i New Westminster monopoly
of the expenditure- "Wo would Btiggest tlio
following* us being tbo most just and at the
Btvmo timo the most economical method of
devoting the sum alluded to :—
To each of the towns of Hope, Douglas, Yale
Cayoosh, Lytton, and Alexander, for public
works in lhe shape of roads, streets, or
bridges, X7n() each
Governor's resiti_„ce in New Westminster
To the Town Council        ....
Colonial Secretary, Audit, and Attorney General's  Offices .....
Harbor Master's Office      ....
Light-ship at the Sand  Heads
Conversion of one half ot the trail to Burrard
Inlet into a waggon road (thc remaining portion to bc constructed by tne H, y,,| Kngi-
neers) .       .       .      . . °     £1,200
To Yale, Hope, Lytton, Douglas, Cayoosh,
and Alexander for Magistrates' residences,
or Public Offic.s £200 each        .       .       .    £1,200
upon every ounce of gold raised by our miners, from
the want of coin, nnd the obligation to resort to another colony, or another country for a convenient circulating medium, most persons are equally aware.
Express charges on a journey to Vancouver Island or
San Francisco, whenever a miner or trader wished lo
convert his inconvenient bag of dust into coin, with
risk, dclentivn, and liability to be imposed upon in thc
conversion, had been sufficiently long endured when the
Government Assay Oflice—a branch of British Ooium-
bia's future mint--was established in Now Westminster,
a fact which rcllects the greatest credit upon tlio energy
and liberality of our citizens.
In the afternoon the Litany was read and an infant
baptized. The Sermon was preached by t'ne Rev. A.
D. Pringlc, M. A., of Port Hope. The preacher, as the
foundation of his excellent discourse,  selected  Psalm 1 very strong ir  ts tons.
. 18t- Warlike preparations were being extensively inc.eased
In   the   evening another large congregation  was  a=--    on the Mincio.
sembled lor Divine worship.    Evening prayer was read j     The Emptror Napoleon bcld a military council retain- lhe Rev. R. Dundas.    The Psalms, canticles, hymns,   tive  to  the formation of n new plan of an army of re-
("Nearer my Cod to Thee " and "Glory he to (lod  on   Borvc.    All thc Marshals attended.
high")  nnd  Kent's Anthem "Sing 0  heavens'''  wore       An Imperial doereo rnised the price of tobacco 20 per
admirably  sung.   The  sermon was  preached by the 1 cent, in Prance.
Rector from the text, II Chron,, VI, In.    The collection       Xn order bad been issued at Vienna lo prepare for the
amounted to $27. coronation of Francis Joseph, as King of Hungary, nett
Tho  crowded attendance nt the services spoke  well j spring
will surely be a sufficient incentive to some of those   for tbo interest taken in tbe success of tbis the first nn-      Victor  Emanuel   had arrived at Dentfca,  in Naplei
who purchased leases at the recent sale to  commence   dertuking of tho kind  in   British  Columbia;   and,   if I The   Royalists had evacuated Oajnzzo mil   the vici-
the immediate construction of quays or wharfs  along
the water front.
CusTOJta Revenue.—Tho Customs revenue for the
week ending Dec. 1st were—Duties, £770 19 2 ; Harbor dues, £0 14 1 : Head money, £1 1 0; Tonnage
dues. £140  10 0; Total, £040 7 3.
The Maria.—This steamer is now thoroughly repaired and will commence running up the river next
..(TiiiKXT.—On Tuesday last as Mr. John Robson
was engaged in chopping a small tree, the nxe slipped
and went with considerable force into his instep. The
wound though very severe, is we are glad to say. not
Iloin to the Camp.—Wc aro glad to state that the
Royal Engineers have completed thc road from thc city
limits to the Gamp,
Postponed,—Owing to want of space we are com-
! pelled to hold ..vera report of „n important meeting of
j the members of the Episcopal Church  held on Wodnes-
judging from thc present instance wc might venture to
predict for tho future, we should say that as wo earnestly hope, so we confidently expect, that ere long
many other towns in this vast colony will follow the
example set by this capital and speedily erect buildings
ofa character similar to that which wo so happily possess, for the worship of Almighty God and thc advancement of the best interests of man.
Thc dedication services were continued en Wednesday and Friday evenings, when sermons wcre preached
by Rev. K. Dundas, and Rev. A, C. Garrett, nnd will be
brought to a close to-morrow (Sunday) tt ben the morning sermon will bo preached by tbe Bishop, and the
evening sermon by the Rev. A C. Garre t, on each of
which occasions the services will be choral.
Befori ins Hoxoii Judqb Begbie.
day evening last.
By this establishment alone, however,  but 11 part  of |     t.ianks.-To Messrs. Ilibben and Carswe
the  evils were remedial.    Thc chances of i
Total        £13,000
For the  ensuing year, if useful works  be
prosecuted vigorously and tit once,
The revenue  may be  estimated  at,       -       £100,000
Gf this the various offices and their establishments will nbsorb  about
Payment of Bonds,        ....
Due on trail from Chapman's Bar,
Leaving available for Public Works about, £ .4,000
Les& than forty thousand pounds of tbis
Bum will mako a really good wagon road from
the Pavilion to Cariboo; for at least fifty
miles of the two hundred and fifty—tbe distance between tho two places—will not require
A Special Assize was held on Thursday, In the Court,
. House, lo try the enso  of Jiegi,,,, vs. Tranfield  for an
for Illus-   alleged  felony for  shooting Iwo  pigs, stated  to have
mposittons , traled and other London papers, to Mr. tV. F. Herre of j trespassed on the defendant's turn and otherwise dam-
'    Victoria, for Eastern and  Calforniit papers, and to Mr. | aged his crops.    Thc  pigs  belonged  to  n   Dutchman
S. T. TilUy, of New Westminster, for similar favor..        nntned Julius  Voight, living in the Indian lodge  ad-
meltings and assays-b.t ior the procura. of coin in   CONSECRATION OF THE CUURGH-OF THE HOLY   ^^ V^n^ 7ciA Slfe^^rcd %
IRlNITi,  NEW WESTMINSTER. Crown prosecutor in the absence of the Atlorney-Gcn-
.     '      ,      , ,    , oral.    'The evidence of Julius Voight and that of several
On bundny last (Advent Sunday) the interesting | Indians was presented, but being of a most contradict-
£2,000 !
20,) 1
£1 200 i aucl 1,u'lting down were certainly removed—and
I it is generally acknowledged that excellent effects have
I already resulted from the i icgrity of tho Government.
ou of dust or bars, British Columbia was still obliged
to resort lo a distant place. Thc risk, thc insurance,
and freight ofthe vnlue to nnd fro, loss of time in realizing, and the agreeable reflection that money changers
had them entirely at thoir mercy—demanding 2 per
cent, discount to-day and 4 per cent, the next—were
evils we nre astonished were not remedied before. The
chief duty of Government—the procural of coin—wns
still left to private individuals in another colony or a
neighboring Stale.
Here it is then that the measure we chronicle steps
in with a salutary nud sound effect. British Columbians need no longer bc at the risk, expense, nud loss of
time of going beyond their own capital to procure coin
for bullion—lhe government hnving rightly nsinmed
their proper function of finding money for the people's
gold. And we trust that ere many months ellipse such
reliable information may be obtained as shall warrant
the colony in demanding a complete mint of its own
ceremony of lhc consecration of our Church took place.
The edifice, whicn commands 11 lovely view of the river,
mountains, and surrounding scenery, is built in the
early style of Gothic architecture, and, thanks to the
skill and watchful care of our enterprising fellow-citizens, Messrs. Manson & White, to whom the. building
was entrusted, it presents the fullest richness of appearance ns well ai the closest consistency with the rules ol
ecclesiastical architecture. Externally the Porch, Belfry, East and West Windows, and general appearance,
at ouce convince the beholder that he is viewing a
building created foiyip ordinary or secular purposes;
while the interior immediately confirms that, impression, bidding you with silent and solemn power to
leave thc world without, and to prepare for the worship of Him whom the Heaven of Heavens cannot contain, and yd, Inimbl.tl, Himself lo dwell in the midst
of His people. The interior consists of a Nave, two
aisles. Chancel, Vestry, und Recess for Organ, The uprights nnd rafters arc of fir, and thc walls of tho best
cedar,  The roof is supported upon two rows ofmassivo
ory nature, the Grand Jury immediately ignored the bill.
After which some slight altercation took place between
Mr. Walker and the jurymen with regard to certain remarks which had been niade by tho former, and about
which lhc jury felt much aggrieved. Thc Grand Jury
wished to make a report in reference to certain abuses,
but were informed by his Honor that, as thc Court was
only a (Special. Assize they had no authority to tlo so—
a piece of information evidently by no means pleasing.
Thc Court then adjourned.
To the Editor of the New Westminster Times.
SlB,—The attack made upon His Lordship the Bishop
last night, I—and  no  doubt  ninny   others,—consider
most unwarrantable, for  every one from  lho Trader io
thc Lieut. Governor, has resided for a  short period in
; it-, .     The line of the Vol1.,,run bad been abandoned
lor" that of Gorglino.    Garibaldi lind entered CapuH.
Victor F.mamicl would bc in Naples on the 2Hth Oct.
The proclamation ofthe vote would bc made the follow:
ing day.
Gen. Lamoricicrc will return to Franco.
Enlistments fer the Papal army had cased. It Ml
said that the ambassadors of Prussia, Spain, and Portugal were preparing to .'„it Turin.
The vote of Sicily was almost uuinamous for annexation.
Gen. Benedick was appointed Commander-in-Chitl
of the nrmy in Italy.
It was confirmed that Austria has 100,000 men in
Verona alone. Mantua nud Poschicra were likewise
strongly garrisoned.
Thc Pope hud assured thc Representative of-Francs
nt Rome, that he had no Intention of leaving.
A semi-official article in the Paris Consiiiutioncl,snp
that an organized and powerful Italy is henceforth f°r
the interest of Europe-. Tbo part of Francois that ot
non-intervention. When the revolution is accompli"-"61*
it should bc consolitated by act of au European Congress.
A despatch from Ancona says voting on nnnexah011
was decreed for Ihe 4th and Mb of November.
The   Papal Nuncio had left Paris in consequence
orders from Home.
The Sardinian Ambassador has been ordered to leu*'
St, Pctersbui'gh.
The Emperor of Austria had agreed to a new charU-f
making immense concessions to Hungary. Thoclinrlc,^
was favorably received at Pestli, and Biida was ill"01'
nated by order ofthe municipality.
Napoleon had received a letter from thc Cznrt° u"1
effect that nothing hostile to France should bo ontor-
tnined at the Warsaw meoting. , . f
Advices from Constantinople say the Grand vizi
n-as favorable to a forced loan. All Pashft was nana
for Foreign Minister. Thc witbdriiwcl of Uiza »asn
from lhe Ministry was expected. A great tightocc'!,'
at the election of Greek Patriarchs. The British '»»
eminent proposed to tbo Porte a taad-ifimtion 01
commercial treaty of I808. ,, ,,c
The English squadron hnd left Syria for tho A<W"
Two French vessels remain ul Beyrout.    It ««
ported that agitation prevailed in Damascus, and in
were made against Christians ou account of tbo tax
Fuad Pacha has returned there. . _j jn
The ship Bed Jacket, from Melbourne, had arm
England with £UiO,000 in gold.
•"I,, Bbi- Dii-riK. v, bod Inn r,    « Bieliland, stranded
,   .'insaii, flu;. «,i. tin■ L'Utli '. i.-.'iilie;      Tin    e'.r.'W   were
•.: tin Sowmmdcol races Sfo. IV,,  BroeoVi   i„,pire
inMii. Tom Boortb . in ,. mtftdh tor 1.1,1,1, sovosekms
..    reoatff   c-unsu- ol Kusflin shot.-   n  po,mi,,turn   of
' ,    Hill.  Illll.
ti vi,.- wn.orted that (bc_.-moio.il Madrid bad c.o!-
:■••■! within n tov Si •-,.■■..mm real* tor tlie Pope
, 1.  -I  hai  beoii Eutsofl by the Rmlinp.
I...S "'UI.:.   ,'...-■'•».
..,■••■,.1 hn_ ."it-rn'il nil in, fro, Sti '■•• t. n}pt JJofl
. ■ ■ v bori Iw -i: iii : m, |nr ; i ■■ lint) Relet 'an
Mil    '.,,:'.i.   .ii.-.,. i.i    -,.-,   foi   Breckinridge    iron    tin
f,,,,- )-_st.r f'a'ledonin. I';-,in. Victoria.-ffonon.1 cargo,
•i — sir Cl. Ifoody. Irving. Bode
-I—str llo,ie. Milh.r.I, flop, „„,! Yule.
■I—»t!'Viilc. Davis   fin,,' all,: Yule.
f—Jt: Otter. Alouiifi. Victorin. griu'rul cargo.
(.—chiioc Sen Bird, llonell. Victoria.
D—Str fli'iirii'ttn, JnSlej. Iiniigl,, •
mglan. i.i,iu,ci ,,-•
:,-.   :- uliantt, in. so in'   in Louisiana.
I ■• , ",,« Emm .-'."i.1.us:.1 ,.-■: li vonibli !l  Btill.
1 1."' !,.,,(     i.lif    .':";;,.::. i.*'i    Co.-.,    lillC    lllilll.-tlll.   |if-
,.,',,:.ii:'.l;' une HfenncgSBi Strongly uidicitt, toi Brill
Slissmiii  h :.-•;. 1 u..*.' - foi I<,■ .u_.-i.e-.
ill   .1   tlOUUtic!    1   '. -"! ,:-ilt--.   III:!!   ,r   I ..lllli lilirnl
1 w .les". 1 i-Spc.i.cr pennil,_*',,,. ii p"i,in.li!'
•lei.veil, y m", obb Worn.,: Kixoi Stnetoa,
.■■j      ,.", dkmtnd
ben    i>i>    ii jirdbiilily elerttefl
1      ,. iri ,    '.' 1   lm .   .'oohrniu.
I u    .,,.       I h:-,..,i_     , i.,,11,., .   .Ilivillli
. .::.. 1—i.illiOt —
I—■I'UII'll I ./l|>, S
I —St, flttU wil
■'--1,1   Ji   (     Puij
■      !0   Hen -•:.
1 —Str l 101.   ",'itn.
I -   ; '''1,:•„..
'■ ,  Jfiriu.
1,1   pimtnngeiv
■ h -" In luibiiur
flopi »nll totio.
■ttii fin,,'. Milium, flop,- nntl Douglas
Stl  \ ah    fii"!-.. f)i,|u uiiii Vtilo.
,.r* flennc*:,.. Iiwh.". . f'ov, J, on gins.
«v. Co. Vioini.. Irving, Bono.
str flop,:. Millard. Hojre una Yi.li>.
nn Knio, rinvi.. tin,11 ,,„,. V.tlf.
coin I:---1. :<.   Ci.'i,',"
."nno, Sn ■ -11.> 111,e, 0 Noil
:•   ,":••   \i.ii„iti.. Yicmri
MAVf-Jfl.  RKIN1IART,  k CO..
WHOLES,,!,!:   IM-ALHllS    AVO    fMT'Oi:TKl'.S  OF
K S  1.1 q r n i:.     •'. ; i> . a n r> c 1 <
Li'.*erpoo; Whuff
• 1 v      rr",: (iff rsn,
[•".IRM Tr„i<»:-. Hub MlM?
cne'mi:* . tin,; lhc   „,,v. Imvt oi: ),„».! !  iWsge
htock ui
A ."'■ $ 0 Ii T E IJ     M ;•' I: C Ii A N Ij 1 S'E
utlilnl,!,    Ci:
i.r::rrrsr:  ,'',',,.1 iifii%.
Tbey will borcnfl
tMt-; *vvvj-:vr. r/u-y-r or ecu. jftstioe -O
^^fc»««fe **. TilftyM, Static,'now \    % re ihe ^^^Sfe, 1«».
oeeHjplei ...   •  >'- ■:••„...■    ,,.,,„.,.;..., , :,. ,.■   ...
I"',? |,,r»l,"   „-"-*;",ilf •-   're'    |r, ,1. Hcrkitnrr
BT'h; TO IKPi'illM Trailci*: ;i„i; \|ii,.-r. .,,,,- ,1,,  ,,,,,..    bulkliUg   i.    toi - 1 --   1 geof
lie g
''Ex. parte Arthur ^.%^h,^i*ci\iWrit^
$0 I.. FK'rrtJh,  H. F. Smith,  .-'•:-!-.   P,..krr.  John
  ; Byrne.,   nr   .!•••-„ ;, <'. \Y\l*n'.-,  T,V-•i!'"t„.;h:tm— Take   tio-
"•1,. ^:,..,. ,-;,,„• ,■•;,   ,v htfprJ   '■  ••■-••  '•'   '•'•    frWtlcl     fide,   thiol   »',•' Putitiorter ivill. a; the  next  Arizes  at
FHrl  fbine. move thc ..'our: for a declaration of title   in
I    ,.,,.,,.,,,.,•       .,'     |.l     ,,r,       •■,'■      I,       l<"    fl'T.-l-'s    tK'TT
'Cfive nil  rh.'ir gt
Stfh fmheisco,
nnd be cnubled to s>cli ut A'dtoii:
T:f:i''f;ivF;ri f,x S.
from Sun F,.,,,i'iii'i, <ii
S.   r-Kf;K'i\>.   nn.i   V,
:'t from
*)P,',Sr'K'; &  ri: ■' 1   ■ .1 GI I I
Itll   -   Ehl   |iii..Hc   I	
tl,'/if '*-"'•    !!<■■■■ .   tj
'"'■'- '.• "- ■■ ■ ••   * ■ •   •".- in '-■' ndfl   ;-
"''''•     ll -■ ■■   affords,   The Sieoliiiigapnrtmcnis
(j ■ ..   ,.,    :,    I     |j   :,   ri,-"   ,,".-,,,,- \',ni,",i,\'i,|  /Hlf.1,1!
„',]■ British   ,-oh,„:'•!•   ci,: • _        toe   Witfal   n„'l
liipictii'-. Wliil ••    :•,•   all  '•'•.•   ti   i;--r-rnt,- i",*-»:
should Imt-.r:  e-i. • -• d    It.  ~:ur\ best anil liliest fleserip-
, ils   ('• -i>: tb Mi, Vorihcrt: pbrt^oh oi lot 4. (Slack 1,   in
HKKK!MF>l tin   Tn--,, 01 Fori Hope facing lengthtv: ■•■ nn  *W:,!!nCc-
Wretjt    ':'t"!:':'. r.-on, rbc corner of *tV:,ll.-,rc-«t>Tct
und '*\ratc!---;rci't fbr flic itnti.e n('"ii ri,". iiln,«r   Ws+er-
'"" ■       A,!.'!   '.r.V<-   tttitiee  thai it, flu-   f-1- .-.,.-.-   ,if nny
»vuiur".|ii"'::'"i.,    ,, ■   ijipearlitt '■  trjij  ttti '"''"i apiiHcrmn, it may
ccntnmodt'f,- ; ARTHUR T. BITHHBY.
$ '-£ :ii i V  " HO L Tl Tt (J ''0 %
r \ '. S B 1 0 N    « T, -S 'C H A K T,
i'i    Tovincio
BOO   >,),!.   ,"./,.,',„:    •.<•,   PlOHl
]l,li    (!.,  I'iol.l.,,: lltite    .lo
(',,',.,..i,;...,.Tr,,,.t   y(;T. •v.'estnrinete^
f'"!ri:-'h   ('Olurahin.
.• : .   Hi m   i   ■:.,  I :■"■,,:   f'■,.••: ingumi
,' ■■ I i{ .,:    , !■ . :, . ,   ,.:   I! i  [RflJI! !• i   BI I   :.":
v Howie   : ■ * ■ iii ■ .   E.i   .       ■ i :.,••  fla r-Jouf,.'   t
nihi im v-
;     ...      ...  |        | S y
■   :•       .'.'     .,_'_::,
,  :.r:.!
.    '.'■■>'.;    ;■■!■■■    : '
S ■ ': OmiTBnT.
, ., ,  .    .,....,, l
ii     I./ •■-■;:■
•'.:■..      J   :   :      "
Bi •   .   .. ■ ;.
 i . ■■
• I i T: ■
.- u ' " '.': ■ : ; :, .
: -.: :      raj : nr_a :• ■■■
Till '.VJf'I'PAI. KO'i'fOfO.
-,, ;,-:-,:^,,,
1   E *•   D f. h   .    v.',;.   Of r„."i' viM' on',: 'Moioi,,' I
;, .,,,•, 'iiiin'i. M i _.' i, iiini'i. iion,,  iVit ■ I'lt'ippirij -ti:.   dim hor
,.,'(        li--||-.l:V,-|„l_i    III;     .be     lll,.l.!!'ll„',llio,H',l    tO«-|:     Itttf
(•vine-   hr-vinc   toilofl   t':   ."r,i,i,e'  »i?lili tin-   utttiit»J
■ '■ *hr A! „i,,.-.pu.  cwiiiioi.    iiimIcI'  il,r   f.rv.- ,..■.•.,,-
id 'Diu'i.-c   ht.'ing  ex- i
(<f the "fllliiiicipal ,'!,,i„r;!  .',ri
,1   wm   rciM'i'.cl   ni    piir.l on tht .';lsu OJift. :bi«t
•■ ,. Si.i libera   '.".'...Ir.h-
■ ■ ":■••: ',•_.   v ,;l.  tttl-OKf
: "      .   fl ' It]    0-    [i|       | .
.... ...     ,      ..   '
l,f,i   2
'!,"*'' 4. I'.nfl .-,.
6 8, ant li.
I, «, .   ft, 3 ft, i 2   ; r.
l.    'ii.   <
.:.-1 bl   i.-rj.-:f-r-r-ri foi  »l|p_W.
iU'i, .
''   ■■:   COTl .   .-: ,",'i  V il.l.i,: On
." iiioni.li
f,r, .io l-;,ir"k.i
.,,/, m, (3d ipsi
':'.   fl,   v„:._..;,:;„j,
BOO  BttCkt  riiir!'.
8S0  BBiikl   fl.'lili, :
BOO unit-  Uiiii.,, So
200 ,,,„,.  6l.lt.ti  Vo
Ai-ii toi sale, r-',:'i.  fi',.'..,, ih.,..
Ol,,,,.-,..  Ooflt>6,  '"<■"- '•    '•
f-,', -ce -a   antl ,'i-n'.i'i"
IOI.   !?H*I'ttpS      ',•:■'/, 't,',(   i
J-!,.,/',  ■ •
*«*:■'>:;     ' '
f,,i \nil-.. T'-.iv.!.-      '
TW'.Uesioii (''dp,,. Pil, I:   nr.,;
of T.e,p(,, line!  I'-.'c■••'
A   LA10,Y.
A S S -0 E I M T. X T    .*i F
'"   t   •;" 'i   '■- ■'"••   hs '•<   'i ■ •'.   Ui   P  '''■ ■
■ "  ".   •', l" ■- ipi     '  . ■.   '" ••  '■   i	
• • ''• '■• ■  ■   • - m,(| li([.!i"i:'-■ nr,- <•'.,!-■?r,ntI*-.
i     ! .;.'... ficWic Btrloon arc':t^',:,-!i-i'
"■'ig, :
I   '•'• 1- N
A V. 9 I*." SH'S
      i ci-ttitiorlatlnh   feir  'ltfhdifi^
,...,.d,,,,, i;... ,.,, |.;.. T..t,.,,..' ,   r-l-r'.-fbff •_!■_, cents "per ttrh.
Yic- s„ |e es   "":'"!,i  tcrr-irals—
'/Mi   gj   ■,      :■ r   •
100 !•!:!/"   f" fftfrtrih Oct Har,
"     ': "I  ■  V "!."■ '.
;'l"/,     ..,.1 }[..-•, y,
1    Bl ■■••:',' >':,r!,i'.ctit"cdTfn-ta3,
"''   li "   "    1 ' ': ■"
1"   C!" If!   B.   I.   '•''<■' '■:.
g(|   ,„.,.,„   |-;.,.•(.....,.,,  (<|,-,.,l;(,f))
' '   •  ':'■<■■; Sfttjttrh,
!'' cl  "   " ■   ;' :   -■ l':;nt Utretid,
'• ciisel il-      i'iM-o. <;c... kc.
t-ral  at-.-oi-tmcnt of eootis stritntde- ftn- this
I   n
!'V/'I .
.." i. 0 *f -ii i x e
fl sple'ndid ns'/'/i'itr./Mii of
• Ai.KiVAfA Wt$<$Ei ^i>    .
i'-:0>.     -",<*> "R *K S ,     V.'OT'O'RtA.
,vr,*, m.. ,i; sr.v. },f,n ,,-•,. r>,-:„:E*i.-t,uo_lCrs,*prac-
:'"::    !■'.,..•:•.,..•■    ,->:•, „■■. i-rr.en,  kc      -tffteh'ft'ei'y
• •!■■;  /:—-:•;;.' <•■   n\:\'''- fi I ' ''■ .'.
A"-., i,', l-'.t-iti'-l, I'olnmWa. >__•. W". 'Wrrrhnrfl,
.1 Wia<3  :;;..
' i :i
; s:
1 ;m.'    &  •.. :.
■ ■■■   ■    ■  .-  Mjperii
.;•••'..,   :*•!;.-.
.'   '. -:•  g  • *    -"'
.. ..  ... j.   .
Nfw *\Yc*!
'I  V .1.1,,,: Oil.
:■ mo.
jWh fi
•cm the
;•.:••■•- "*.■'■ *.''h
s flTii
■r lb.
"   Ci'.Tfl-
n i '.:■<•/■
fStttteh, '            T
T('rr,.ime'.'y,'               lli.-.l..
!''.';           Tuney,        nr.-'i
■   '   .''. tiny i
A Ini'-re v,i'M--:- •••   ':'- '■ i-'r,.-. T-li-.:
,:rn;k'r> ifnc
fi ,
rr.;,-.t-.., Nr,.-.,-.'    , • -. - -'..'/.l-. ',",:!'
": \j
i:i U
f'jiir.ls. e'lilp.  .'. r (l   ■'
7. i .
I i. <"
"r..'i.M.     <-; A'F.f, kn
t   ■ - 1 '
rAsr'VTS. l->M*f:f.i.';'_   Ma1
. tnnrlsfj
G e
nnei. .'i
bee .,!*:,
r..*   P:v
:i T'o, k.
i i
,',• r.
P T A T 'I 'C X fi T; S
I. A'
■ i.T OF CIVIL ,11 SWC
1 COU \=.;:.A.
i.'!i-.-> 'i'ld.cl  A«SU l^fi-O
' :      I
-■.. • :', :
'•   ..   13
■- r..
;  • •':    ;»■•.•' *' ti   .
. -   : Ml*      I   .:.',
V,     M/'l.!:'/.     I.,'.1'/'!'!     T.      Sttt._l,
r.-.«rwi. .'I _*» I   "-;:;; ;*. T;.vv,c\ i.. ritii .
Mec .;.'.:.'/■-■ Ili.il i! e reii;:oi.fr
.-- ; s   :.:]'.;: .:.■!'.< iv.'.ie ihe   . , .   ,
, : ; ',:<. -,,, his ;.iV(\r, to lot S. Wocl. 4.
Ar,.i i.'.lc ii.*, 1 ]_ <-• ll_.il ir, the s1.-,-
!V.<':tTV|-ii:'  to   oppos« lhc «s.id ap-
C*':,M;e 1    /J  y',1-1'1.
AXDRKW i*. Ki.i.i.'.TT,
Counsel for I'ctitioner.
ESTARUSttHU IX   183d.
Incorporated  by Roy*! ('hurter in   1840,
CATITAl '. '. $.",.|..-.<.0..0*
■  •.    •-   ■'. -.  *--:':.:-.     Nr-. er: .•'.: >•.   ,>.■■■    s<   '■'   '. as  --, :,:i I
-.   e, i ;   they       . . _>(    v. -.  |   with   the    ' ■■'• ' * •', ■■• ■ : ■•'■'-■■ " •
.'.:'.",-i_i5mnodcoriiality.    !•.• » '   I  11 j   per-    • :  ■' ssw toiri..
■   :..   ;■•-.- is mother's  loa     "-     '   i_k   sent.   .' :..- pensmi ,
,_:',''-r':i_:  Si..,:?;.    The •:-.:-.:..:.:-   ■'  Frenchmen   ; ..i:.::o:,, is., maj lu i
rill :':_•••: their ,■■.-._-'.:*. t   dot  ..v..o. in his person,   to
:!,» Government which allows them to eigoj :, liberty
t. complete th*te_nsn   pati   lis no loader to be desired,       ^ A'0- ^"l'v- M, I860.
fae Repnblicans will n it thi ik they are I etnayinjrtheir
birinelples by ap| landing \'.\c representative of n lihfml
Mo,i»TchT. which has profited by the lessons they in- j
tided  on it.    He mny even forget thai he is a   rrir.ee,
,r  nobody  will n-k him for anything.    No  accusing
jroice  will  be uplifted against slowness of administra-I
ion and abuses of power,  an I against  functionaries
nitbless   to their d,i!,t>.    None will implore   increased |
fberty  or subsidies from the English Parliament.     In
town will he find scandalous tri.ils nnd  burdened
Inances and urgent need of reform-..   Gigantic  mouti-
-:it_ will ntte-1 the power of .1 nation,   which   ntt.mis j
1  ape of virility, nnd which excrc'ses ils  productive
•ength in the construction of prodigious bridges nnd
railroads of immense length.   Everywhere be will I the rate of $-1 03 per £1,
In 1   Blenmboats,   manufactures,    science,   and   agri- I     :i  days nfter sight, (tu  sums of £80, And upvmi'ds)
kilinr.il  improvements.     The uncultivated lands   of  $S, per£l stg,
■snsda   belong  to nobody,  nud thee who desire to        1  days after sight (Id  sums under £50)  f'1 10,  pct
-irate  them find help, credit, and protection.    Xo i £1, stci'lltlg.
mality shackle*, the cultivators  energy, no v.rations j     biUPTS on den,and  or nt  shoil eight, issued on ,he
|ai,=es prevent him from sellinfr. or paralyze his   encr- i principal Cities nnd Towns in Scotland nud Ireland, at
An incessant current of emigration Hows to  these | the rale of $5 16 per J.'t sljr.
Iriiie shores, nnd enriches them with the surplus popu- j     Diiafts on the principal ,'ilies iu tho North Anierican
ition ofthe encumbered states ol old Europe,   Those   Provinces, tit 'i days, ns follows :--
lho once  set a font on litis fruitful land for  Ihe  mosl I Canada 4 per Cent, premium.
lift  remain there, nnd induce friends nnd relations  to j New llrnnswicl; I       " "
low their example.   They do not recross the Atlantic I Nova Sco'.ln '-•!    '■ "
\K. Ji. ....M-<ri.<vX<' .t Wi'1..
ilpposiie-   Live.-p.vil   \V;',stI.
■Ooilrii-'ii'.ia-sli'cel. New- Wi*  u-ii,.-...
11 - l.ill.KSAI... k 1.KTA11. P..AU.T.:--- in <-,'•' ■ n h
\f      Tro-.i'-icns.   l.src.w .ire.   . "r.',, K ,* r y v, arc.   Tftiiv
Oils. !fWf*.i__g In 1 picri'icr:l-. '•.ir.infi Tools,
Ls,5ies' srul Ivcni :- l.,-,-,r- r.vi.t Sl'ioe-;-.
A.'..   ,1,■..   ,.,-.
Ag-rnf JKn'KAY & CO. > I'lcser River Expire ss.
<.' '(  \ •; '; ,-, v 1,; T< y ;
:•■-•-■ '• ' '•'" ftWcy
A V-'p"' :•"•"'•■.'".   '- •".:■ *!,"n-k.
A ric. n _ 11'i "rr, •e-.r'tc   >'•■:;. Mi_msfO__.%
7\7.Air.' wf:ir;vc oh'SK*.
;   i';i'i7.Ti T'EX* AS'J'i 'I'.
v   ' "i the Tf-'-rii ir.-,!',,',*
'    ■ 1   1 ■ i'  •
i CI.eei.T-'l.u'rv...  ■':,.-    tl
■1 6l
KET cr'n.ERY.
, sty.* MS pan.-rr,'
X 0 T _ 'C E ■.
r|*.i::v ■( *0-T>AT.TXE!RSH!IT' hcTr*fofoi'e ex-tst-i-rrgW-fwceti.
I      1'." nn'!'-,*- =^-ru ei. fi_«!_% "hnsin'css %lt VaVUb^h ftf-
t'-.-r th,- f-'y le of Xt:r!-!.i.r,r:it. T'cahSON', ■& Vd., -is ftis
SVjf StsSiAVHo hx rrrt,1',inl <-crr,*.'crrt,
IK1.1X XEl-FEl,*DE_t.
irofrx %: ffikw&s-.
«--,.< .TOE   %.%t$SWlt.
i'twof-h. fl. r,. <1rt. li.'t'h. 1S'"0.
The T.Ti-iri.".« will We  t-orried  (m hy T*. XVrVfeLTrtni',
who ii ni'!!>ii-i.'i-T,'i.to collect nil debts'rl'ne .'h-eWi'fefefm
tctti pnv fvTl c-kitdf.
noK-'iin WW:  W$mk&,.
*>•« wt-STviMTtTt iirxitirii, corjreft'.-
100 loi-.s HA\
1115S. .-.iv.
lill-.Ri'A   A:   G UHSWKl.l,
'-T-i'.-.i'ii'Ts' Hall
v"!i AN*
M A V K R.    R EI XII ART.     &
VOi.W ARiViXG AX1* GO_4_i_i8l_i!0_. Vh
NVW   WFF-i V,esi,.:r..  !>..   I*..
HAVlNi. co-acVcU.'. M:a,i£o,M,-'.u foi :, re^ikt-Hi
of > *-s'f',s.   tt) run   1w i,',*' n   in,mill  direct, i'ro
San Kraiicsc to (M_ plnee. would '
orders for British Oolumhia.
l.olfei'p  addressed  lo us in  oai-e
i\ 0
Of Me
"'.*"• , OPARtN'EftSntP 't
)''■!,! Mfliirlic.  l.'..',n'.".' .-cMlel   	
,:.,   Kl r.-v:..'.,' '-'ilo.vi, ha.. Iveeh .lis .dl'Ved'.    All debts i
WIU    he    o'Hec'l'd    hy V'- fv  M.Vlil'lli*.   :,,vi   f:i!    :.«'■'■' ....*.-=
« ill be se-. .-•."_ 1', WW
Uatcd 1:''ih Vfe. 1-- ■'. «024-3t
VivXirir \i.
SPSCIA& DkcoSITS received in PUBIS of $1.10 and iip-
\,:'.,>ls. re-pnyftble on demand. I'hiii'tfp foi' safe
keeping, o.N'K-QDAliTRtl or oxk riat , knt. per month.
Got.U DltST received tor safe keeping, at the rate e>,
F1VS iknts I'Kn on. per month.
Diuft8 Issurd ox l.oxnox oil days after Sight, at
Rcinhatt. &- Cf... \'i.-foria* V.
II.   liohri'ko.  >an   I'rancir-ci
prompt atletuion.
. .loh-.i IV.,,.,,., „r,,1   ,,   1
Vi*...   wiil   mc-et   with
COAIif.1   niALP!  G0ALBU1
Utl.PT KliOM NANAIMO in any 4u.111.ity* to 6tt.il
purchaser.-*.    1'or Sale hv
l. T. scuff,
nl 1-te rb'iiecr Whnrl.
Irsinjf the day when they lirjt thought of confiding
cir families, their fortunes, nnd their future to the
untry which prospers under the reip,, of llrilisli laws.
lint has produced these marvels? Is it thc sacrifices
1 mother-country has imposed upon herself? By
means ; two very simple things, two inexpensive
lues,—liberalism and tolerance have sufficed, Such
I the talisman perfidious Albion hns employed in
!ociety in* Tasmania.—Tasmania has at the present
fe * population of 100,000. There are bishops mid
|rj.y of tho Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches,
'listers nnd congregations of the Presbyterian Free
urt'h of Scotland, and every shade of Dissent.
laols for nil classes abound to a greater extent, in
'portion to the size ofthe colony, than in any other
tion ofthe Brilish possessions, and the Legislature,
li a liberality which reflects the highest credit upon
h.i .   founded   several scholarships of £200 a year,
In  tenable for four years nt the universities   of this
ntry f,,r youths educated in the colony.    The   pub-
institutions embrace, in addition to those ofa c.om-
'ial character, a Royal Society, whose transactions
(published and exchanged with scientific associations
■.•,|flan,l, agricultural societies, public libraries, tcm-
*incc associations,  benevolent societies, hospitals,
jlian shools, infant schools, ragged schools, city mis-
colonial missionary societies, Ri 1,1c societies, 80-
|ies for the propagation ofthe Gospel, and mechnn-
institutcs, for one of which a hull, erected  at the
■ of £ .,000 has been recently opened.    A sum raised
private contributions to the same- amount was some
since   expended upon   n   proprietary   grammar j i;,hn'{f',''m,t)rtf
""' " '   Ct '
Drafts oi: Now York, „i ,'i days. ,'i per com,iirott;' ,nn,
"      "    Messrs. 11. Davldsou iV. May, San .'rant'ir-ve
nt sighi—par.
Office hours io a. m„ to ,1 p. w.—Saturday 1 o to I o'clock.
I', w. wooii,
ill A NAURU.
Victorin, March IV, 18(10. to
h A N l! L 1* Y      i\ 1! O T II li H S ,
I  N r I, II T I N .!       |, ,1 ,' ,1 „ I   . T S ,
Y,\!rs- = l!Pol. Victorin,
HAYR received) direct  lion,  London,  n choice 5
led ion ol
RATKNT MRDHMNRS. ami riilll' I'MKliY.
V V It N 1 T U I! I. .
Y RATI*. ARH1YARS, ihe undersigned ltavs re
  1 additions  to their hitherlu Well-assorted
stock of Piirnitiiri—and now oiler
Painted helH, ten pices;
Kxlcnsion Tallies, K nnd III feci long)
Centre Table.., serpentine, mid round   ops, nssorled
sixes ;
Card Table, luirp and SrjUAro pillars
Common Tables, 2J, 'i, and *:^ long;
Bedsteads, Mahogany, French, Cottage, double and |
single ;
Lounges, spring Bents, in dntnnsl; nnd lenthcr covers, j
Sofas, spring seats, hair clolh, with round nnd pillow '
ends ;
Desks, with fall mid door fronts;
Chcffonicrs, walnut and mahognnycttrvod front:''
shelves, fret work ;
Bureaus,one-half marblo top, scroll n„,l palntsd j.ine,
4 nnd li drawers;
What-nots, walnut, nnd mnliognny, r> nnd 0 shclvps;
Mirrors, in gilt and mahogany frames, assorted sizes,
Kdtttltlg's t'oujih lior.e„tiep,
Wurrny's l*liii,l Mngnnsin,
t'„ilii,|i> Spniklinir I'ilnile of Mau„p=in,
Superior Siiillel?. I'owilri'?.
Rssenlinl Oil nf Illpslone Pippin,
Kssenlinl (til of Pine Apple,
Rsseiilial Oil of Slrnwberrj")
l-ssculhil Oil of RospliPi-ry,
l.SBOlltllll Oil ofJni'iroitcl 1'enrs,
Kssenlinl Oil of Nectnt,
l(„wln„,rs .Macnssar Oil,
llovvll.Illi'a   Odollltl)
Rowland's Kalydor,
Odsnell's Odlogups,
flosncll'p I'hcry Tooth Pnsle,
(Inst,ell's Simps,
Otisnell'fl Hnir llrtishe*!.
THOMAS PATTltlOK, * (',.., iiiup sottie clioinelots
of Seed AY bent on  blind I'm,,,   Auslrnlin, Mexico,  Hie
Mcilillcnnui',,,,, nml V„„ Diemnn's Riiinl.
PniiiH'is nre inviled In inspect sninplcs.
Por Sale b#
Corner Oovernineiil nnd Johnson slrecls, Ti/.forin.
OTR'Kis b'l'chy eiven to whom it may conerrn-
^_^ th-i! at a specie.! im-eliuf, ol the- Mm,'"ipal I'm,,,.
ul. held on the 1,1th iScptcuhcr his,, it was vcsnlvi'l.
:- th:.! al' panics renn*'.'iii!.' ecrth tl-cm their town lot-
j to the- ptiTi-ts. shnll npjily 'o llife ci-imci! lo know wbcre
said earth should he deposited ; olherwi.. the earth ilc-
|in = ili"! in '.hi- stWSti "ill h<-..'■•'>,,)' ed lu the council at
ll,,. „>]„.,,»,. ,.(' ,l,„ ,,.,,,v ,..„,,,, i„a .1,., ,)*.,. „,.,),., j,.,...,
■i, „. || -c i,,?,ij',i!„,, S'lcb di-tis removed.''
IU orilc nt lhc Municipal con,!,.i!.
New \Vc-slmttister, Nov. il. i?'-,!. To.ui Clerk.
Prill.lc MH !''...
T 1. N D R R S will he  received „p !o 12 o'clock noon,
on '!'„»=,!:,i nc'.l. the __Ttli N," . ISBdj for the
lhiSPir.il. AM)  I'AKRAi'K   WASH1XO
,-i',|„i,ed 11,r  the  service of lhe ltcynl  E„giu,-crs  from
•laic oi*sisiiiiiig cotiti-iet itulll tbe Hist march tool" in-
The lowest or nny ISHufef not Btfi^SsilHtj' ncr-plcd.
Por   fmlher pariiclh,,? apply «l   lb,- oflice  of th •
Odlcer I'uuliiiniidliiir nl thc camp, New WSSlihilUlfF;
ilv ord.r.
W. It. HARD.
t'tipi. It. E.
Hi K. Camp. New Wf-lllBlilSUfi Nov. 22. l«,!n.
Lt I  L L U U ' S    kl I P § __ § ST7
1 It S I* 11 A N C K    U M    T ft 1 AS f fi E •
y\      friiin nil irii'lgahli.  p„i„ls on  Pntscr  llivi-f to
Yi,'toils or elsewhere by lhe Pici'il- Insi'I'Asi.'* Cou-
fixv and .N'ri'ii'Ni. iMSl'iilxeii Coui-ant,
A|,|ilication lliflll be made lo tbe Ncif AYe»lini„''t,'r.
Hiipi'. Yale, JioiighiS, and Vicloria olllcci of Ihtlloti's
I. J press.
iiold-lm Vi. T. IIALLOH.
I1.7'.R1-:T.V tire notice th-at Mt;. ioshwa. R. IToTrier, k
ln-.tinr ol ihe New YVt-stmirltiter Mtmicipal Cbnu1.:.5!
I for .Yard No. 2. t.nx tr,j> resitned,
j An Rlrction wiR Vic hcid at the v.^'ui.ty Cburt Rotise,
. Ni<\ \\'i-tiiin-'.cv. to choose a covir.X'iHo'r 1*0 his S-few,
| rt,j(.c'f'ril'.ly  1;',   S,n,on   20.   Of  the    N'ew   .. es.to._V_ife_-
' Ci'VIIH'l)   Ait.   * .1,0.
.■>,'.!,".' ..'MM'n-.p' i'l'iwccn I     Nomina'tioii wiil inke plarc  «t n''-:0-. t^-.  ^i^day tfee
and L'e'.vis Mahhi.H, it. J i^th.pioximo. andT'oRins: will Commence at 1*1 6'C1l.C_ti
;i. m.. on the .'ollowins' dAv.
C .     B1.EW,
Chirf ItlspectOf ijlf PrtlVce'.
_    _ Jfew Westminster, _Sov. H, l«fi0. ro ■
OtlCfe-. I IN THE SPPRKME  .".ICtlf ji* ^l_i itJS^ig&feQf
BRITON   ri1...**-.MA.
Tn Ye the ' TDwii Lots Lenses Itciief Act; 18'6&.
Ex forte \Yilliarrt  Ambr.-on, r'ctitione-r.
''jto it. W. Lee, Tivomns j. S.oyeli, ami Iv. It. Whi.^-
\ Take norcc that the Petitiimcr will nt ^be n.ci;
.\ssl7.cs at Fort Hope move the i\\\\n for a dcclar,l_ldH
oi till,-in his favor to bit 3: iilo.-k In, lit tile town of
Port Htipc. And take notice that in the ahse.ic.- bl'»IHV
person appearina' to oppose the said application it may
be errtilii'd ti pa'i-t'e.
Andrew- c. Etr_m_F_rv
Ctillh.el for t-*etltibti'_f'.
!,ov. 3d, 1880. 3t
S D T t C E ;
1  LI, PERP'INP havintt elaims nptnmst tlie  .
J\_    Rnnnnr '!. CoorKl'., deceased, will please
ctntn of
_^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^^_. | present
tflem for payment; persci,;:- ittde-hted will call and Settle
tlicir cli,itiis;
nuio-4in WiLLlAM il WodDBt.cR;
IN' THE Sl'PREAiE COt'ttf tfeli? C'lVIIi JUSTtGrJ OP
.fit FJ the 'Town Lots Leases Relief Act, iStio.'
Er part James Etlncy. PeHtionl'r.
rj*iO 11.   f.   Rmilll,  iJ:   H','ft.'.in,   Charles   Raker,  ajitl
JL     WllSbll tVnddinplinitl— -Tnk.   notice that the Pe-
lilloltcl- trill lit lhc next is-jjijeS nt Fort flopc more tbe
Court for * dt'chir.'ttinn of tit!.-, in his favor; to' 20 feel
hi* I I'll being the southernmost J portion of lot 4, block
I. ill the town of pnrt  Hope.    And take notice that in
the !,!,-"■••:■■' Bf e.ny person appearing lo oppose the' salt!
eppliction it Bidy Be grtthtcd ixp,arii\
Counsel for Petitioner.
Tale.- 1.0V. 3d, ISRfi. 3t
ffcini. (im.
P. Af.'.r-.   at
for parlors, clilouberH, ,',i,d SftlO_Ht_ , ,
Children's Cribs  nnd   Cradles, also High  nnd Low j |)!!ll],ISHRl; every fortnight in time for Ihe fenlifornir
,     -      ...-..-..-»         -   ,-              ru.iairt n.-orfed sizes; I I    Mnii e'ftenmer.    The prices Current  coninins ti,(
ana  upon the death of its  first master,   noon .......... .    ._, 	
r his arrival in the country,  a sum  of £800  was ,
ed by private subscription for thc benefit ol bis fam- i w
The contributions from the colony to tbt   Various j room
'"'"is  and missionary societies have heen in excess
»e  contribution-;  from other  place.,  relatively to   "S- t.   wD_S  .     i    _"n.__j. r«s__f/.«_ f«_-m.t*__, t„*.i
n n,t,i,,,       t' ' i-       .•_..;.•..,  ..  - J     ,-■     S",ks. .tn-'bstands, f.,|,a,r Cushions, Coverlets, towel
,. .piiiaiion.      I ue tiiitilic. «p,nt antl ubiiraiitr  o! i ,,    ,      ,',..,,       ,, .,      .„
,«op|e were attested in a remarkable manner during j fia(:ks' W lIi0W Cril'S' ^t v.„^_.
"I-..,an war, nnd the snm of £26,000 was contrihn- i f, y~u ij j tt n
w Md ofthe Crimean Fund.    Viewed  with   regard |    TnUt QmM Hair'M,lSS, YVool, mi Straf Mattresses,
best. Feather Pillows, all sizes; ir, lb*manufacture St
which we. use. none but the best materials, and guar-
aui.«e our work.
Broad-street, between Yates and View streets.
Victoria, V. I., April 11, I860. 3m
population, tbis was lbe largestasjcnmt conttibn
by any of our colonics. I;i Tasmania, as in other
Milan commnnif.ies, there exists free political in-
tions, and a system of representative and r--flpon..i-
t'o-ernment, and tbe re«.ilt of the deliberations of
legislature has been tbe passing of Tfirious local
*ell adapted for improving the. social and moral
ition   of  the   people.    Its   commercial   tariff is
upon   liberal principles,  and affords a   model
H<i may be profitably imitated by the neighboring
-Australian and New Zealand Otztlle.
•- 0 M .VI IS g1 o .V    M E B C HANTS,
Corner   of  Wharf   and   Ic&atSS   streets,
_ vicTona, v-. r.
ft" * <■«;       - -       -      London.
fe"; -^Wiwur, Jt Co.,       .       .       San Francisco
J O .V A S    O .    C L A B K    A    CO.,
utpoai'itita Asr> MAunfACTtii-i-iia oc
of every  description,    ,
128, Washington   strew., San   Francisco.
4D and K, Fonrth street, between J. and K streets,'
medium for ttdveTtlsinir,    Printed for A.
ths office of the V. I. (LMIle, Victoria.
/. ,■/' (lie Town Lots Lease. Relief Act, lSfif.
Er /cir'e John Frcdircl. .Mitchell, Petitioner,
ri 10 (.eof-gc   W.   Rood.  Joseph  Coyne.  AVilliam  T*.
_|      Hunt. J. ... Harris, Donald McRride, and iVillianl ,
\]ci:i,ii.—'ral(e  notiee  that   the Petitioner will at thc
tfext Assizes at Port Hope move the ''onrt for a deelar
ii tion of title, in  his  favor, to  lot   1, block   12, in tho
town of Fort Hope.     That nf  the same time ttifi Petitioner will move for a declaration of title, in his favor,
(0 hit 8, block 12. in the said town,     And for a dcclar-
linn ot title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 12. in the said
town.     Ami   take  notion that   ie.  the »*h_enee of ahy-
person sppearinfll to oppose  the .said application**, they
may be p-rautctl ex vartc.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Ynle, Nov. 3d,' Isiil).
J .       H B R K I H  K H ,
KEEPS constantly on hand a well selected itock of
family Groceries and Provisions. s..'22-tc
NKW WESTMi.'.S'f'F.R, B, C,
INFORMS the Traders and Miners of Eraser River
tliat he  is  now  prepared fo  furnish all kinds  of
camping utensils,  in  Tin,  Iron, and  Copper, fit for
MilVWS and Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
-f   Job Work promptly attended to • trtSm
Hunter street, between Main and Levee,Stoc.ton.
And First street, San Jose, ie20-3.« j
H E N N E S Y'S      B R A N D Y ,
lit One doxbj) oases.
W 8 A K y - 3 f * E E T ,■     V I 0 T O R r A .
II E N D E R f3 O N
'.vu.'.r.j-   STB
k   BUR N A li Y
ox Armistice, froni Loll
('oiniirMidl'iJj   the Tioops pives nol'tce.
|       Hint tenders will he  received   up till   12  fieloel.
ii /no,,   o„  Saturday, (he   SH, Dec/-,„!•"•■ nt-.t. from pcr-
-iins wi|li„c to
at the Royal P.ng'neer Camp, New Westminster.
the lease to m for two year renewable al the option
of H,e mi,,,,ii.-,,,dinar olTicer, but the lease mav be curt ii, d by eifhsr party glvitig three (,_t) months notice to
the sniiunl rent of lhc canteen premises to be forty
({'I"5) ei-fht p/.„,!*l- «ler'iir,!£ j,i«r ;5ihi,,,„ ii.tid quarterly
in advance
Person? tendcrimj for the  er-nfec-n  will .'end in price
lists in Mterling money, arid samjrfes  of ihe !;/(„i,r.. and
other articles io be retail:-,! by tbe-m, such as:—-
e Wines,
..  PPJ.il.t5,
Malt Licptors,
Groceries and Provisions of all sorts, such as:—«•
Sugar, Loaf,  Crushed, an-' mr„.t.
Hams, Bacon, Cheese,
Butter,        Pickles,       kc,        Ac,        kc
All of which are io bc of th« very best quality.
A hydrometer to bo furnished at the  expense of the
contractor for thc purpose of testing the,  strength of
spirits supplied by hi in.
The regular duties upon nil articles imported• l>y tbej TTTHOLESALE aud RET. \'«_,vW. _>_*._. sorts ot
coutractor will have to be ..aid for by mui. I • ^y   I)RT G00DS) ct0THlNG,;B.QQT£.,4!i4.SH0E^
Purtbc-r parttcifuiw may oe ohtained at the camp. U^,   ll,u*c always on hand a ttge assorttdent^f Pro!
The lowest or any tender not. necessarily acc-epad. i.v;sU,?,s _?1 Qr(,MriM direct frojn,SftU,.:jB'Kuici>,9, will
(By order.) se.ll them al, tho lowest mnrkft-prices.
^KB^^^K^K^^^^^^^^^^^e^^^^^^B    All ,/Mers from tho coutttiy will be proaipiiy tv.-ti.-,
Superior Pule Sherry, in bulk j
Port ll'inc, choice, iu cascs;
Hennossy's Hrnndy *| .
KoSenmVa Small Stii! IPhiskey /m caBCS '
Vine Growers' Brandy, in bulk ;
Tiui.jucray's Ginger Brandy, in cases;.    ,..;
kc, kc, kc,
which they offer for sale on the most 'usrjnable terms
Juno 13th, 1800. jts_f tc   :
h&NJi, * BOAS,
CWuii'lvY Siri.ct.
R, E. Cmiji, New \Ycstuiinii-_r, Nov< -2, I860
clod to.
i|     |
1 It;
fe   i
•,    ■
It stood bigh up on thc beetling crag,
The lighthouse grey nnd old,
And around it-- feet the sca-wccds wrap
Their curls of~rcen and gold ;
And wild dark waves of the- stormy sea,
Each crowned with a silver wreath,
Cast off their wreaths and how to thee,
Then sink to the depths beneath.
And thv forehead is kissed by the wheeling cloud,
When the storm goes eddying by,
But it cannot dim uor it cannot shroud
The light of thy steady eye.
And the- thundsrs burst in thy very face,
And the lightnings around thee play.
Bul the daikest night sees thy brightest
Though it never is seen by day.
When the storm is loud and Ihe night is dark,
And the angry wave, dash high.
And spectral   clouds arc hurrying fast
O'er the face ofthe frowning sky.
And the voice of the wind is high and loud,
As he sines in his savag* glee,
How dear to the mariner, tempest tossed,
ls ths lighthouse by lhe sea.
In the lull of tbe tempest a struggling light
Is seen in the iniiik. sky,
Ami il tells tbe bewildered mariner where
Through thc breakers and surf to Ily ;
It open, before him a path of light,
Prom danger of shipwreck lire,
And thank.- arise from his grateful heart,
For lbe lighthouse by the sea.
Oh the sea of life is a dark, rough sen.
With many a hidden reef;
And many a foe '-icall, its waters wild,
Concealed like the midnight thief.
And our barks arc fragile nnd leu,pest-tossed.
And we know nol where to flee ;
flow it cheers our hearts when we sec the light
In the lighthouse by the sea.
When waves of sorrow, and grief, and pain,
Arc surging over the soul,
And tho blinding mist of despair shuts out
The sight of the wished-for goal :
And blasts of adversity .-weep the hope
That anchored us into the sea ;
How shnll we escape from the treacherous rocks?
And whither for safety flee ?
0 1 look nloft—is there not a light
High up in the stormy sky?
How plain il si,iocs where the path of right
'Mid breakers and billows lie.
And as brighter ami brighter thc pathway glows,
Which by Inith through the storm we see,
Wc know that the Father's love is thc light,
As thc lighthouse by the sea.
.k artizans and
limy. Is this a
iv "visited  them
slnnd ex-
and   from   200
A New Cave.—A cav« bas been discovered in Alachua county. Florida, which is described as larger than
the Mammoth cave of Kentucky, nnd as having an anc-
i ',.t Latin ins. ription on thc walls, which states fiat a
party of Danes hnd visited this cave in lbe year 1050,
and that a priest who accompanied them had left this
memorial of their visit. The name of this priest was
Marcus Poleus. It also stated that those bold navigators had embarked on a voyage of exploration, and had
been driven far south: also that Ihey bad visited many
large islands, and finally had landed in a thickly populated country, where thc people had received them
kindly, thinking them superior beings ; that several  of
their number, together with some (ir   '- --■'• ■-  ""•'
two priests, had been left there as a i
relic  of the party that the- Mexicans
400 years before  Corte . landed ami taught  tliem  the
arts of civilized life, or is it a humbug?
The captain ofthe Chilian brig Tubal Cain, arrived
in Africa, bas made an affidavit that during his voyage
from the port of Valparaiso to Africa, in lat. 31 40 S.,
Ion. 73 25 W., he found himself alongside an i
tending X. and S. about 15 miles
to 250 feet high ; thnt the island Appeared to have bee
recently thrown np, and was ofa whitish appecrance: '
he furthermore stated that the water nil about was very
much discolored. They sighted the island early in
thc morning and remained in sight of it until nearly
In England, the business of operating tbe telegraph
has been, to n very great extent, placed in the bands ot
young women, who find it very agreeable employment.
The inland department ofthe Electric Telegraph Company in London, now employs one hundred young women, who receive nnd transmit the messages from all
parts of thc United Kingdom.
A HnMAN SaciuFICE,—A strange affair is related in
the Russian journals :—At Moscow, 10 nights hack, the
occupiers ofa vast house at the corner of Great West
Street were awakened by the glare and crackling of a
lire, and on getting up found that a vast quantity of
fuel consisting of logs of fir trees which had been collected from the courtyard, was in flames. The conflagration was extinguished ns speedily as possible. On
examining the remains of thc fire tbe calcined hones of
n woman wcre found, nnd it turned out that   a  widow
named  Tbelcska T . about 40 years of age.  who
1.    Nothing
Government Notices and Proelamations.
NO T I C E .
Colonial SecretaryToffice, 31st August. 1860.
THE GOVERNMENT GAZETTE for British Columbia, heretofore published in the Colony of Vancouver Island, having been discontinued as a --cpar. c
pamphlet, notice is hereby given that from tins date and
until further notice all Government advertisement, and
Proclamations, and other matters useful and necessary
for general information and guidance, will he published
in the columns of lhc New WESTMINSTER *«»""?•
paper; aud such publication shall in all cases be
1   v    '    -- ■ •■•■■ ..uion  in  the   Government
and  such   publi
taken and deemed  as   pu
By command of bis Es
Acting Colonial Sccre
September 1st, I860.
ASSAYS   OF GOLD BULLION  arc  made on  the
following term.-, and  under  the  following  conditions:—
1. A receipt  will he given lo the Depositor for the
exact gross weight of bis deposit.
2. Thc resulting ingot will be  delivered io any party !
returning the afore.aid receipt, whether the Depositor
or any one else, and the party returning the receipt will I
it by bis signature at the lime of
be required to cancc
receiving thc ingot.
.1. Each ingot will be stamped with its numhrr. corresponding to its number in the official records, with
its weight, in ounces and decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in thousandths ; also with a Government Cipher,
at present a crown over the let,ers VR.
.. With each ingot will bc given a certificate, signed
by a Government ollicer. of the- weight of the deposit
before melting; its weight nfter ; thc fineness ; the
charge for assaying; and such certificate will have
tables of Rritish' Mint valuation and of the latest San
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculate
for themselves  the  value " "   ''"
American markets.
6. For nil bars not exceeding
shillings and six pence (7s. Gd.) ster-
fry additional in ounces a
,1'IK'C (Is. (id. I.
of the  bar  for  English   or
50 ounces in weight, a
IX p>
had   lived   in   the   house had   disappearci
could he heard of this woman,   and she had repeatedly I charge of seven
said  that in these times the sacrifice of human beings   ling will bc made, and for ev
was necessary   to appease the  wrath   of God  against I fraction of same, one shilling at,     ^^_
sinners, tbe   conclusion   was come to  that   she   bad,     All clips are retained in the Government Assay ollice;
lighted the lire and placed herself in the midst of  it  to i hut on bars not exceeding  10 ounces in weight, allow
bc consumed.     In the  Russian  Empire, the   Moscow
journals stale! self cremation, from motives of religious ; the clip
J .    ' -. i  !.. .„   „(    AIaiiiI'I ,i .1- A  ._.«_:  I *»
fanaticism, is not rare. In the province ot Olemtz, for
example, in lhe course oflast spring, not fewer than 1..
persons, men and women, burnt themselves to death in
the belief that they wcre performing an act pleasing to God.
but on bars not exc 0   _
ance will bc made off the assay charge, for the value ot
:>f One
Oiies  !>re  m
Assays of
Pound (£1,
For a t
Pounds (J.2.) is the charge
adc  at  the   charge
.) for each specimen experimented upon.
'„.\ii'i.i*tk  Analysis op  any Mineral, Two
Inundation op titk Rhone.—The following details,
in n Swiss paper, of the recent inundation of the valley
ofthe-Rhone in the Valais are interesting :—
" At 7 o'clock on the 1st of September the telegraph
ofBrigue inf. rmed the authorities at Sion that the Sal-
tine had  overflowed  its bank., during the  night, snd
that  nn  avalanche   of   stone   had    swept    away  the
bridge of Brigtie.    Half an hour later it announced the
carrying away ofthe  bridge of Naters by the  Rhone,
and already the water reached us black and  thick—a
sinister  herald of an   inundation.     The waves    rose
higher and higher during the entire morning.    At  10
o'clock  all    the   harriers   were     under   water,    and
towards  noon  the  ever increasing  masses of   water
rushed past with a roar like thunder.    The  inundation
had  already reached the left bank on the  Champ-Sec
and  Chandolene,   near Sion. and. a breach  was   being
made above the bridge of the Rhone.    In a few minutes
all that bank ofthe river was a vast lake,  under which
the crops disappeared.    Thc Rhone continued its terrific ascension during the afternoon,   and towards  evening the  waters  reached the   parapet  of the  bridge,
against   which   bvnx pelc mele timber which bad  been
floated along the river—sleepers of the railway,   beams
belonging to the bridge,   the  woodwork  of dwelling
houses, and an enormous mass of other mat.rial,   with
entire  trees,    which  threatened   to  break  down  thc
bridge.    The  bed   ofthe river was covered with   field
spci's of every- kind.    It was a lamentable sight, particularly for nn exclusively agricultural  country,  and of
which  the most necessary resources were thus lost in
the waters.    Thc entire valid population, assembled by
the beating of drums, straggled with unheard-of efforts
at  the  places of the disaster, but uselessly.    Towards
eight  at night two   .normous  breaches  were opened
along the gardens on the right bank, and shortly afterwards vest masses of water had covered thc  cultivated
grounds on the plain ; the waves descended  nearly  to
the foot ofthe railway terminus, and the earthworks of
the  railway  in the Champs Xetif's having  been  swept
away  like  sand,  tbe inundation exttnded even to  the
high road opposite Corbussicres, from that moment the
plain disappeared entirely under the waters of the invading river,  nnd  night enveloped the valley  of the
Rhone  nmid  the   roaring of Ihe Hood.     The  railway-
train  was  able to arrive- with great difficulty as far  as
Ardor, and the entire line is since interrupted—-we are
isolated.    Since daylight this morning people arc occupied in saving the unfortunate persons who took refuge
on trees during tbe night.    Their cries of distress could
be heard at Sion from all parts of the country.     Tbey
had  passed   hours in their deadly terror, and daylight
revealed  to them th. river flow ing over the spot where
lately had stood thoir bumble dwelling. A poor woman
has just been saved who succeded in reaching the  lowest branches ofa tree with her baby at her breast, and
who passed the entire night in that desperate position.
At fifty paces from the bridge oftho Rhone two   coachmen   found  safely   on a  willow tree,   while their two
teams of horses were drowned at its foot,   The disaster,
in fact, is incalculable ; all lhe Indian corn nnd all   the
potatoes, which arc tho principal support of our  population,  arc losl,  and the earth is carried away over a
considerable extent of country down to the very gravel,
Nothing has been so terrific during the present generation,   and  cve.i the great inundation of lS.'U was less
disastrous.    The weather continues to bc threatening,
and, although the waters have somewhat subsided  today,   we feel great anxiety for to-night.    The  torrents
to the north have not sensibly swollen, but those on the
left bank, such as the, Borgue, the Ilgrnb, nnd the Salt-
inc are enormous.    The inundation is attributed to the
last rains and to the hot wind, which continue to blow
over  the  glaciers,   und to melt lho snow on  the  high
Beautiful ExTn._e-T.—You cannot go into tbe meadow and pluck up a single daisy by tho roots, without
breaking up a society of nice relations .ind detecting a
principle more extensive and more refined than mere
gravitation. The handful of earth that follows thc tiny
roots ofthe flower is replete with social elements. A
little social circle has been formed around that, germinating d i y. The Sunbeam nnd the dew drop meet
there, and tho soft summer breeze c.uue whispering
through the tall grass to join the concert. The earth
took them to tho daisy gem j and all went to work to
show that flower ofthe sun. Each mingled in the
honey of its influence, nnd they nursed the " wee canny
thing" with nn aliment that miide it grow, Aud when
it lifted its eyes towards the sky thoy wove a soft carpet of grass for its feet. And the sun saw il through
the green loaves and smiled as il'passed on ; and by-
starlight nud moonlight they worked on. A.,'i*"_T,e
daisy lifted up its head, nnd one morning while, the sun
was looking, it put on its silver-rimmed diadem, and
showed its yellow petals to the stars.
Captain Hinckley of her Britannic Majesty's steamer
Gladiator, who was severely beaten in a bar-room in
New Orleans, by a friend ofthe filibuster Walker, fired
a national salute on leaving port, which was done to
show that be did not regard tho attack upon him as a
national in.nil,
LANG L E Y      B R 0 T II B R S ,
importing    druooists,
Yatcs-strcet, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choice so
lection of
Cockle's . nti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Sfcidletz Powders,
Essential Oil ofRipstone Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargoncl Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's .Macassar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. se22-tc
ide with thc utmost despatch.
in., to  4, p. in., except  on
; will be received for assay-
Assays aro m
Oflice open from 10, a.
steamer days, when deposit
at 8, a. in.
THOMAS PATTRICK. k Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, Mexico,  the
Medittcrranean, and Van Dicman's Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
n,21-1 in
11 E N D E R S O N    k   R U R N A B Y
AVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port ll'ine, choice, in cases;
Hennessy's Brandy 1 .
McKenzie's Small Still R'hiskey J '" cils(iS '
Vine Growers' Brandy, in bulk ;
Tanqufray's Ginger Brandy, in cases;
&c, &c, &c,
which they offer for sals on th* most reasonable terms
June 13th, 1800. tc
Opposite   Liverpool   Wharf,
Columbia-street, New Wet. ninstcr
Provisions,   Hardware,  Crockcryware,  Painte,
Oils, Farming Implements, Mining Tools,
Ladi.s' and Gent's Roots and Shoes,
kc, kc, kc
Agent JEFFRAY k CO.'S Eraser River Express.
100 tons HAY far Sale.
m28, 3in
New Westminster, Aug. 1. 18G0.
AUK.  REGULARLY   IX  TIIK  receipt  op
CANDLES,—Hydraulic, Pressed and Adamantine.
LARD—"J. 11.fe. Co.'s" 10-lb cans, in 120-lb. cases.
NAIL—Old Colonv and Parker Mills, assorted sizes
N. 0. SUGAR, half barrels.
DRIED APPLES, half barrels.
Have  for  sale, in store and  to  arrive, the following
well known brands of
Three-fourths  of them arc direct from the manufacturers, consequently can be offered at
comparatively low prices:
T. k S. Hardgrove's Peach
Tarpin k Yarbrougb's Apricot;
J. II. Greaner's Pride of the Unios
A. L. Royster's Fruit;
W. Greaner's Sun ;
T. .<_ S. Hardgrove' Golden Gate;
A. L. Royster's Invincible;
A. L. Royster's Mary's Own ;
Harvey Birch ;
Pomona and Queen of Hearts.
Bright Pounds.
Peerless—T. k S. Hardgrove ;
Gold Leaf—John II. Greaner;
J. M. Langhorn k Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Gold Leaf;
Murrell & Burke's Sun-Ctired ;
Rockaday—Golden Seal;
Giralda, Wine Sap, etc.
Bright Half-Pounds
Gold Leaf—J. II. Grenncr;
Pippin—John W. Young;
Wine Sap—Georgo \V  Gillian
Fancy Tobaccos
Invincible Twist;
Planter's Pride Twist, in foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cable Tw.'st, in foil;
Perfect Love, small plugs;
Game Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco.
Hardgrove's Peerless, Killikinick  and Riddick's  Gold
Einc Cut.
John Anderson k Co.'s Solace,
Lorillnrd's Coarse Rappee and Macaboy.
For sale by single case or package.
By each  Steamer wc are in receipt of the Choicest
Brands of Havana Segars, selected  by  our  bouse in
Havana (Patrick v Ca.) especially for this market.
Tho above goods nro offered to the trade by the sin-
caso or package, by   JAMES PATRICK k CO.,
LEVI   k  110 AS
Columbia Street.
WHOLESALE and RETAIL Dealcts in all sorts o:
kc. Have always on hand a largo assortment of Provisions and Groceries direct from San Francisco, will
toll them al the lowest market prices.
All orders from the country will bc promptly attended to,
m2., 3m
CHOICE   ULD   WINES AND   B tt A.\*DlE fe
Scrofula,   Rheumatism, Stubborn  Ulcers,   Dyspepsia,  8a*i
Rheum, Fever Sores, Erysipelas, Pimples, Biles, JWercu*
rial Diseases, Cutaneous Eruption*,   Liver   Complaint, Brondtitts, Female Complaints, Loss of
Appetite, General Debility, .C--*.
A plentiful supply of pnro Wom] Is ru essenttal to Animal lire
a* light, beat, and penlal show* rfi are to tho vegetable kingdom.
Wbcti the proper circulation of the vital tlui-l is Impeded, sick*
m-.ss U lbe inevitable consequence, tbe iiecrctloni become tin*
healthy, tbo liver becomes clu/geil with Impure bllo, which,
forced Into tin' system, vitiates and Inflames the blood, engendering scrofula and cutaneous ami biliary disorders,   Tiie i \| o«
rlenre of Eixtecn yi ars hns fully estab kbi»! the high reputation
of this Invaluable medicine:   its curative powers havo beon
thorough!/ tested in  lons-standlng and obstinate cases, with
such Invariable success as to call forth the most flatter iny commendations from eminent physicians throughout tliu counlw,
The following rscommendatlon ts from 01
ii",f tlio oldest phyal-
r,- • _ ir. Now London, C
,'ii n.
Messrs. A. B. A I). Sands : Oei tl) m
n.— Vour Sarsflpnrilla
bos bi en very 1 xti nsU'ely us ■! In this clt
r ?."-\ ■!;•• !..  trhbtiring
towns, ami t-t* far a- my 1*: ■■<li Ice 1 stent
s. un formlv with sue-
cefs.    In   a ei sat vnr 11 f of d.s.   -  • ol It
r stand rig, and of a
very distress! .: ai d dam     ms   V_: 1 '■ r,
\\ h r!i have n-sM--'l a
hmc !i*-t «.f n medial :._' tits,  ' 1 a- been iv
f 1 —in in iny ■•( them
with complete a ict ess, a   '   1    1 n "1 di c
ided 1 oni EH.    It i* ro*
par.lt'-l l*y the ine ileal pi  fi sli 1 as .-. 1 •
.1 li e "f great 1 llicaey
in a numerous clas< of .lis a*es, such 1 ■ i'i
.■ • •"ii!'1 constitutional
complaints, when the system lias 1 >■- n loti
Bdlw_«,l: In CM.* of
lonu use or abuse of mercury: in rheutna
i-in ,'t long sund lie;
in obstinate (_isea«es 'if thc ►kin: i'i onfee
. lei!  Iltl, ni ,,f lho
system ; in chronic al sceasea, 1 ttend. d «
th [■:■<>!":.-,' dtschftrccs;
diseases of the bones; ob.itlnnlr. ulcers; cl
ronlcpn are nll.i'-
lion,*;  enlarged glands, and viuio ts nth.
- mnhulle. corinectrd
with a depraved state of the sj i»t in,   I*.'-
U  ■•  IS ll!  ,, IV I'.i.l.i'.vi.l
with improvement of op]   t te and d _-"-:;'
ami flesh, hotter rest nt night, the pr ulucl
.,,', of :, inure healthy
state uf mind, and complete restoratio 1 1
, Ileum,.
Truly yours,        \V_
Prepared and sold by A. R. & I).
s\M)S. Wholen),
Druggists, 100 Fulton-street, corner of W
llllam, New York.
For sale 1 v DEWITT, KITTLK & Co.
, II. JOHNSON •; Co.,
««..! 1_1_1>INV,Ti»N **. I'-'.^nn Krancfcc
Marysvlllo; R.  11.  McDuNALD _t Co.
, Sncrauicnto; *,„_, by
Druggists gcncra'.Iy.
For. Tin: coni* of
Of nil the rcneiHe-. yet iliscOTeroil fur mio1, compl .int., tltl.. is
the i»o-.t L-ertni,,. r.„il leftves „,» injur'.,ms circcts.
It m-ik.-s a jineotly anil permanent cure, without Hie V-a^t re-
Itriction t>» diet, <lrlnU, o_*posnro, nr change. In application to
business. One buttle Is gonerolly sufUcient t'i r>,re an onlnmry
ta*e, which not unfrequently disappears all, r six ,,r eight doses.
Prepared and sold by A. II. ___ t>. SAMIS, Wholesale
Dru_r_:.st.-, 100 Kult'in-streru corner „f William. New Y,irk.
For sale by DEWITT. KITTLK le Co., lt. JOHNSON .<• Co.,
snd llKUlNCTiiN «. Co.. San Francisco! KICK It COFFIN,
Marysville; H. It. McDONALD i. Co., Sacramento; and by
W .   H .   0 LIVER,
Johnson  street, opposite, Whnrf street
Ir in   constant receipt, l>y every arrival, of nowi,,-
bulk and caiej
to  coll and"examine my stock, -where they willftnj
most complete .ind full assortment of cverything-oj
'.sed in the Liquor line, and nt the lowest price),
a r p i: n i o n California wikp.
very choice, light, and pure wine for family im',
Is in   constant  receipt, i>y ivory arrival, o
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in hulk
Traders, dealers, and Proprietors of liars,
Kan Francisco.
MAYER,    REINHART,     &     0 O',
AVING concluded arrangements for n regular line
of "easels, to run t.vlco a month direct, from
Snn Francisc to this place, would he pleasod to receive
orders for British Columbia.
Letters  addressed  to us in  enre  of Messrs, Mayer,
Reinhart, k O:, Victoria, V. 1., John Dowar, and O,
11.  Gehricke, Sua   Francisco,  Cu,, will   meet with
prompt attention,
u,21 -I m
IRKOT FROM NANAIMO in any quantity to suit
purchasers,   For Sale hy
nl Lta Pioneer Whan.
~ C.    VI GNOLO,
IMPORTER   and   Denier  in   Havana   Cigars,   and
Cigaritos, Johnson-street, opposite Wharf-Street,
Victoria, mlV-3ra
PUBLISHED every fortnight in time for thc California
Mail Steamer. " The prices Current contains the
correct and authentic rule- nnd prices of all descriptions of articles in the Victoria market, as well as reliable reports of lhe state of trade, shipping, kc. lt is
cf, invaluable.as-an.iadexnn.1.. uoiMtne.r.ci"-.! aiithority to
every merchant and tradesman as it is a desirable
medium for advertising, Printed for A. F. Main at
the ollice of the V. I. Gazette, Victoria.
J ,      II E R K I M B R ,
KEEPS constantly on hnnd a well selected stock of
Family Groceries and Provisions, se'22-tc
INFORMS the Traders and Miners of Fraser P.ivcr
that  he  is  now   prepared to  furnish all kinds   ot
catnping  utensils,  in  Tin,  Iron,  aud  Copper, fit  for
Miners and Family use.
Also, (1,liters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to
HENNESY'S      B R A N D Y ,
eases nnd packages.     Hs purity can be depended uw?
and is worthy the attention of all connoisseurs,
F i:
JONAS     G.    CLARK    k   CO.,
lt N 1 T U R E      A N 1)      li E ]j d I x c
of every  description, '
128,  Washington   strreet,  Snn   Francisco.
40 nnd .'', Fourth street, between J. nnd K streets
Sacramento. '
Hunter street,between Main and Eevce,Sto.kl.n
And First street, San Jose. ,,,,>„',
For the cure  of Dyspepsia, indigestion, Cotutijutio,
Loss of Appetite >r any Bilious Complaints  ' _
arising from a morbid action of the £
Stomach or Bowels.
All nf these diseases you will soon he relieved of. I,,
use of these Hitters, as per directions on tbeBottlu,
This great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profoundi'dj
elaborate study of one ofthe most celebrated physiciaaj
of the present century, in the accomplishment ol wl'd,
he has spent both time and money. Wc do nothcaiutt
to aflirm that where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bittm
arc used, a case of Fcvei and A-,'iie cannot occur. ||
has been analyzed by the most scientific chuaiitiit
the Medical Faculty, ami is now prescribed liynini.
tenths of the Physicians of the land. Try thcm-tsi
them—on your constitution, aud go your way rejoic™,
Arc you dyspeptic .'—take these Stomach hitters,
Arc you bilious'.'—try one of theso bottles and Leu.
licved at once.
Are yon annoyed by indigestion or constipation?-
remove'the cause by a free use ofthe Hitters.
Have you fever ami ague?—cure and prevent thii
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters,
The superiority of these Hitlers has indued man. to
put up a spurious article. To prevent deception io
future, each ,-ork will bo branded, "N.B.JAConsiC.,'
And the lain!.- will hear our own signature, ivi.lum
which, none are genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bilters u
cautioned ngainst the many counterfeits now afloat lithe market, and especially against a cheap ar„l wont. _
less article called Kosenscllfs Bitters, put up in tlii I
by Mcssr.-. Turner Urn.'.', with the avowed int.iitionil
preying on thc well-earned reputation of Hos.iibaira'i
Bitters, as a remedial agent in all cases of Djjpepsb
and similar diseases. The genuine Rosciihaum hasoti
name branded on each cork, and our signature on tltl
N. B, JACOBS & Co., Proprietors
m21-f*m Sansome St., corner Commercisl,
a"..d foe r.iK < ;ni: of
Scrofula, Mcrcuri i* Diseases, Rheumatism, Cutaneous
Eruptions. StuM*,' n Ulcers, Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Sail Rheum. Lumbago, White
(Jwcllings, Hip Disease, Enlargement of tho
Bones an:l Joinls, Fever Sores, Fenialo
Complaints, Erysipelas, Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, &c., &c.
It lias long been n most Important desideratum la ih« frnctlro
of medicine, to obtain h remeily Minilnr t<> tl,i«, nmt nocorilitiely
wr Anil it resorted to almost universally in nil thoso lorne-ntlng
discuses of the skin so trying to tbe patience, an,l Injnrlom -._
tl'fc health.    It Is -i tonic, aperient, mul disinfectant.   It acta
itinuttancously upon the ktomacu, Uie cincuLATioii, nn>l tlio
bowf.i.s, nnd llins throe- processes, which nre ordinarily the res,ill
of three tliflercnt klmls of medicine, are carried on at tin, same
time tliroucl, tho Instrumentality of this on,: remedial atrent.
Its jm-at merit is, that it metts am! neutralises '.lie active prln
ctple of disease Itself, ar.0, when that is gone, lhe symptoms no
cessariiy dlsappoar.  The rapidity with which the patient recov
ers health ami strength wmlcr this triple Inthienco Is surprising,
Lynn Cocktv, Oregon Tor., March 11,1865,
Messrs. A. V,. U I). Sanos, New York: Gentlemen,—tn tht
spring of lS'i.. while on our way from Inillnnn to this plai-o, our
eldest hoy was sclzod with a swotting ami sovere pains In lha
let's, which May by day grow worse, until his lees contracted,
ami became so painful that ho could nol walk, and wo ha,l Ia
carry him ahout like an infant, Wc reached Albany on tbo H.l
of October, completely worn out hy faiiene, Ily tills tlino ho
waa rotliiced to a perfcel skeleton. Hero wo wero enabled to
consult a physician (Ur. Hill), who honestly confessed ho conlil
not cure lilm, although lm could givo him medicine that would
relieve tbo pain. In tills oxlgcncy something must bo ilono, or
dentil was im". liable. Helng reinminenileil to try your Bursa-
pi.rilla, I procured n bottle, After takim,- some, ho appeared
worse; but persevering with It, I obtained a second hoitte,
which seemed to grapple with tbe disease, nnd rniiscl a mnrkei!
Improvement: tbo Bwelltng ami pain in the icgs were reduced,
bis appetite Improved, nml his color began to return. Thus en-
cunrngetV, I purchased a third bottlo j whllo taking It, tho swellings In hi. legs broke, anil some pieces ol bono .'.'c-oighlh of
nn Inch lonjt eatno out, alter winch his less straightened .,.,,1
healed up. He is now perfectly recovered, bas no appearance
of being a cripple, an,! enn perform most kliels of common labor.
as all our neighbors can cerlily.   Yours, respectfully,
TVp.iro'1 nml sohl by A. H. _fc T). SAMIS. Wholesale
llru-.'-tists, 100 Pnlton-strfot, corner of William, New York.   •
For sale bv DEWITT, KITTLE ft Co., II. JOHNSON In C*.,
ami REDnSQTON fe Uo., San Kranelsco; I:1<!1. fc COFFIN
Marysville; R. II. MoDONALD U Co., Baoramonto; and by
Druggists generally.
The delicate structure of tbo eyelid renders it peculiarly son
sitlv* and liahlo to disease, Who,,, from any cause, It becomes
Btfeoted, lbe inner membrane rapidly inflames, and lho eyelid
evinces tho strongest predisposition to attract to llsolf humors
from nil parts of tho body. Hundreds of person-- of scrofulous
habit are disfigured by rawness or redness of tin, eyelids, commonly culled sure eyes, and lorlurcd with appro),onslons of Impaired vision, who, by using this BALSAM, may obtain almost
lmmcd.ato rcllof. In all cases, the earlier thl_. remedy ls applied
tbo oatutr.
Nkw Yoiik, duly lath, 1S66.
Messrs. A. B, k Tl. Saw ■,: Gentleman,—1 lia>-o been troubled
for vears with nn nll'ec.linn oftho eyelids, and In..,! triad a „,,,,,-
ber'of remedies without experiencing any decided bench.. A
few weeks since I obtained some of your Komas 1'vr. IIa,.s .u,
and applied ft nooordlng to tbo dlracllAns. Tho lirst application
produced a decidedly bcnoflolal etfeot, and 1 had not used It
t eck, beforo my eyelids wore entirely fi-co from uillimnnati ,
which had not bean the esc beforo for many year.
Years, kc. G. 11. WILLIAMS, 203 llnoAiw    ,
rraparcd -.nr"1  sold by A. n. _fc I). SAM);,, M*'.oiesa!e
-".ruggists, ;nn Kulton-Btraot, corner of Willi,,),,, New Y jrk.
For s.lo by DEWITT, KITTLE ,t Co., II. IOIINS-/N fe Co
and KEiilMiToN fe Co..Snn Fraud ; RIOK 'i COFFIN
Marysville;  ',-  ll  McPGNALP & Co., Baoram   'o; aud by
Druggists aci iiuliy,
A N    A S T 0 X S II11 X G    It E M E D YI
II ti L L 0 \Y A V ' S     0 1 X T M I*. _* T,
lt Expels Disease .'
His said that nil productions of human skill hati
their day, and are supersede.! by neiv inven'ionsor .is-
covcries. Not SO with tills remedy. "It is not fun
day, bul for all time, anil in all countries." And WW
Recause it strikes at the generic root of all dlseatet.il
the blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing be)
yond that. The Ointment, penetrating through link
and fibre, like water through a porous substaatt,
reaches the germ or disease, sueh as Bcrofuln, erysip-liij
cancer, tumor, nn.l nil eruptive nnd ulcerous discharge!
in the circulation, and eradicates the taint ut once ind
forever in this climate.
Bad Legs.
Tins Ointment ivill cure any ease of Bad Lop oven if
of twenty years standing, or however hard or discolor.!
ihe lle.-b may be. or if s>* ollen the size of a person'i
body, provided tbe Ointment is well rubbed into it
whole of the parts nll'eeted twice a day in large qiim-
lities, nn.l the parts kepi covered with linen rags thick^
spread with the Ointment; from this mode of trentmem
a plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will follow
until thc wounds are ail healed on the leg, or othe
parts assume their natural appearance.
Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
Tbe most inveterate eases ol bad legs, scrofulous.™
other sores, are cured, if of 20 years standing, by t"
joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect of thi
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers nnd sorOS,"*
most miraculous. It lirst discharges the poison whla
produces suppuration and proud flesh, and thus til
cures which ils healing properties afterwards compla.
are safe as well as permanent. It has a wonderful CfM
in the cure of sores occasioned by mosuuetofl, sani
Hies, or giggcrs.
This O'ntnient will cure the worst cascs of P11.M
used according to thc printed directions even if.Oijb
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, nnd all irrilali"*1
of the skin, fade nnd disappear after a few application
of Holloway's Ointment. In these cascs brisk fricli*
is indispensable. Many of the ordinary eruptions "•
caused by suppressed perspiration, and as this pcni'M'
ing unguent at once ..[.ens the pores, and invigoraf
lhc absorbents, it dissipates the Inflammation bj j
double process. Ladies whose faces or arms nre dii*
figured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove ll*
blemish and restore to tho skin its natural tint, fl"1'
bility, nnd soilness, by the use of this safe tut poffllj
fill counter-irritant.
Ring's Evil, Eever Sores.
In cascs of King's Evil where medicinal *i'a'("'
lotions, nnd every recipe of pliarmaeop.ein hnve pro"*
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough curt
Fever sores heal quickly under its Influence, sm"
relaxing ell'ect upon contracted sinews is truly WOUW!
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Erysiprlut.
These arc among the mostterrible and agonizing"1
eases, yet. in  their  worst  forms, and when sccnunf1
incurable, tbey invariably disappear under a pcrscvcni't
application  of this soothing, healing antidote to I"™
nnd Inflammation.
y;of/i thc Ointment and Pills should he used in thefoUo^
eases :—
Had Legs. Contracted    and
Had Breasts. SUIV Joints.
Hums. Klepbantinsis.
Bunions, Fistulas.
Bte.of Mosquctoes Gout,
nml Sand-Flies.[Glandular Swel-
Ooco-bay. I    lings.
Corns  (soft).
I llheumntism.
Sore Nipple8*
Sold at the establishment of PnoFssaon ^n*
*2I4, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; nnd ")     .
speclnblc Druggists and Denies  in Medicines
oul the civilise.1 world. inltinc wi
{£.#" There is a considerable saving by t-11" »
larger sizes. ■**"» - nnticnt"1"
N. li.—Directions for the guidance ol p>"
every d.sordcr arc affixed to eneh Pot.        ,   ntg
' CURTIS  k MOORE, Ag»|[u
Yates-street, VIctorlM*
Printed  and published every S^^L^Ir^fl
M'Ci.ihii,  at bis  ollice,   New Westminster,
Colony of Prlti.ll Columbia.


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