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The New Westminster Times Jan 26, 1861

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5ik 19+ fail iii.
whttiiw-fer, gatetatj, January 26, 1861
pw, h
(From The London Times.)
It is beyond a doubt that on tlio eighth of
September last the allied British and French
forces bfgan their march on Pekin, and that
this advance is the last fact oi importance
ivhich has been communicated to thc authorities at home' We have now, from official
despatches and irom the letter of our special
correspondent, an accurate account ofthe proceedings up to the eleventh oi September,
when the allied army was at a place only
forty-five miles from Pekin, with the intention
of pushing on immediately for tbe capital
It is pcrfocty plain that at this timo tliere was
not the smallest chance uf a successful negotiation, the former overtures having come to
nothing through tho evident duplicity and
bad faith ofthe Chinese agents. The history
of these transactions is interesting, as showing the character of the people with whom
English traders have had to deal for so many
years. The outcry against tho Chinese War
of eighteen hundred and fify-seven has now
almost died away; even faction is ashamed
to repeat the charges which were advanced
against the European in tho East less
than threo years ago- Kvery succeeding month
has brought to light fresh proofs of the degradation aud wortlilessncssof the Chinese Government, and bus shown that, if Europeans
are to remain in safely in its territory, we
must mako up our minds to resent every insult and to punish every offence committed
against us. Such ns was Yell, such is Kweiliang, and such is Eangki. .Mandarins, whether at the north or south, are not to be
trusted, inasmuch as sincerity in dealing with
1 ai'barians would bo the greatest of crimes in
the eyes of the central (ioveriiinent. If Eng.
lish readers wish for a specimen of the manner in which their countrymen have been
treated in every matter, small and great, for
the last eighteen years, then let them listen
to the history of tbo negotiations tit Tientsin-
At the Tiiku Forts lhe less inflicted on the
Tartar army and been considerable, but the
terror spread among them by the attack and
the murderous anus of the Europeans was
more important. They fled, the officers theni-
Behea making no halt until they had placed
a great distance between themselves and the
Armstrong guns. The letter we print to-day
speaks of the difficulties in the nature of the
country to an advancing force, and the little
use which had been niade of these obstacles by
thcCliine.se. Ilia ing retired from the held in
such haste as to leave every bridge standing,
the Tartar Generals, no doubt, sent such ties-
patches to Pekin as induced the Chinese
Court to feign a desire to negotiate. AVe
heai much of barbarian cunning, yet it would
seem impossible tor a civilized plenipotentiary
ot average capacity to be inveigled by such
shallow devices ns thoso to which tho Imperial Mandarins had recourse on the present
occasion. These personages seem to have
considered that we wore still the English of
eighteen hundred and forty-two and eighteen
hundred and fifty-eight, and that all the ok!
tricks concerning a reference to Pekin and
the limited nature ot their own authority
would succeed in delaying us, ns they had
done before- With these views they began
prevaricating at their very first interview,
in the earl)* part ni' September, Possibly,
the)- may have at lirst obtained some credence, and it may have been under the influ-
enceof Kwciliang's first blandishments thatSir
Hope Grant sent off the despatch which was
the cause of the recent false anticipations of
peace. However, wc are glad to say, for the
credit of our negotiators, that the Mandarins
were quickly made sensible of their mistake,
and taught that when a country like England
is forced into a third war within a term uf
twenty years the consequences are likely to
bo serious to the State whose weakness and
j perfidy provoke the conflict.
As  we have said,  the news of the capture
of tlie Tiiku Eorts  having been carried   to
I'ekin, the Emperor immediately despatched a
Commissioner  lo  tieat for peace'   in  other
j words, to stop the allies at any cost of false an-
Isurances,  or promises intended to bo broken.
■Immediately after the battle the advanced guard of the
JAllics hnd marched up to Tien-tsin, und with it had arrived Lord  Elgin nnd Hi,roc Gros.    On  their arrival
Ithcy wore informed Ihat Kweiling, who hud negociated
file  treaty   of 1858, was coming  down   from   Pekin.
finis ollicer was represented as being intrusted with the
(ugliest   powers.    On t'-is Lord Elgin  wrote  to  him,
pj-'ing the demands of England, the principal nrticlc of
•'Inch   wns   the  payment of 8,000,U0O   tads,   about.
.--,•111(1,Ono sterling,    When Kweiliang arrived at Tien-
|sin  he informed the Allies that he and H.uig-fiih,  the
I.ovcrnor of the Province, had been appointed to treat,
Tint  that  thoy were icatly to commence  ncgociations.
peril E|gjn returned tin answor that negociations coulil
lot take place until iho Commissioner, had accepted the
jnlish   proposals,  which they accordingly  declared
fcmselves ready to do.   On the (lib, it appears, every-
P"'B bad  been  settled,  and every one  in authority
P°"glit that there was nothing more to do but to  send
fp army buck to India or to England,   Then the Com-
f,S8 oners begun to equivocate.    Tbey had no power to
Pneliido a treaty. Their credentials wore not sufficient,
l'u they must, refer to the Imperial Court.    Lord Elgin
landed  that one million tools -should be paid before
°n-tsin was evacuated by tb   Lsrltlata troops.   This
•mition, which   bad been accepted by  thc  Connnis-
n°rs,  was  an   evident sourco  of embarrassment to
>m.   They were ready to subscribe to anything the
I mrraanoe of which was fixed at n distant date, when
r .WOWltthi  would be far away from the  noighbor-
loa  ofthe  Imperial  presence,     but  tho  immediate
kment of one million tuels was like taking so  many
drops of their heart's blood. The despatch of Lord Elgin has been published, and, in case there should be a
party willing to centime the continuance ofthe war wc
point it out for perusal. Hi_ Lordship soys that having demanded a million tuels before the evacuation of
Tien-tsin, 'after-some conversation, in which they betrayed manifest signs of uneasiness, they announced to
my jecretaries that they could not stipulate that the
convention should take effect without previous ratification, and that, so far from being ready to sign it on the
8th inst., they could not do bo till it bad been submitted to tbe Emperor for bis approval.' Much discussion
followed, in which the Chinese showed such evident
signs of duplicity, that, 'to check this poliry bv an net
of vigor was manifestly indispensable, unless we intended to forfeit all the advantages secured by our advance to this point; ' and, accordingly, orders wcre at
once given by Lord Elgin to advance to Tnng-cbow,
and ' to enter into no further communications with
them ti ntII I had reached that place.'
Unusual promptitude seems to have mrrked the conduct of the authorities on this occasion. The rupture
of negotiations took place on tbe 7tb, and on the 8th
the army moved forward on Pekin. On the 9th
Lord Elgin followed, and on the 11th the outposts of
the allied force had reached a place called Yung-tsun,
45 miles from Pekin. We may presume, then, that by
the middle ofthe month the English and French were
under the walls ofthe capital, and that, if the Chinese
wcre disposed to resist, another battle must have been
fought about this time. The anticipation in camp
seems, however, to have been, that the Tartararmy had
been too much frightened to venture on any further resistance. The country people, who received our troops
hospitably enough, reported that the Tartar army had
been entirely cowed by the European artillery, and it
is most probable that the appearance ofthe allies in the
neighborhood of Pekin will be the signal for other overtures on the part ofthe Imperial Mandarins. Il is possible Ihat ncgociations may have taken place which
will allow the army to re-embark before the approach
of winter, but, on the whole, we cannot be sanguine of
any such issue of the campaign. It seems far more
likely that the capital has been taken and occupied,
and that it will be held through the whole winter.
Nor can there be any reason to anticipate danger from
such n proceeding. The enormous city into which the
allies will pen,-irate is capable of giving shelter to
fifty times more than will visit it. and it Is
to be hoped for the credit ofthe Commanders, that they
will not scru;,lc to take possession ofthe best quarters
lor themselves and the troops under their command.
Thc Chinese Government has no claim on i ur forbearance. Its conduct has been marked throughout by
every form of duplicity, and il is our duty to teach the
besolled Emperor and his favorites that the rights of civilized nations cannot be violated with impunity. Wc
trust to hear by the next mail thai the two Generals, in
full occupation of Pekin. have imposed such terms on
the enemy as will ensure its good behavior for many a
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tbe lioalth,    It is a tonic, aperient, and disinfectant.    It acta
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'WW, ami tlins tlirce processes, which nre ordinarily the result
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time through tho Instrumentality of this one remedial agent.
Its great merit Is, that It meets and neutralizes thc active prln
clplc of disease Itscll' acd when thnt is gone, tlie symptoms no
cessarily disappear.  The rapidity with which tho patient recov
era health and strength under this triple inlluenco is surprising.
Lv.v.N Countv, Oregon Tor., Mnrcl, 11, ISM.
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iprlng of 1888, while on our way from In,liana to tills place, o„r
eldest hoy wns seized with a swelling and severe pains In tho
legs, which day hy day grew worse, until his legs contracts,
and became so painful Hint he could not walk, nnd wo had ta
carry I,Iln ahout like an infant Wo reached Albany on the Rd
of October, completely worn out by fatigue. Ily thia time ho
wna reduced to a perfect skeleton. Here wo were enabled tn
commit a physician (Or. Hill), who honestly confessed ho could
not cure him, although he could give 1,1m nicdicino that would
relieve tho pain. In thifl exigency something must bo done, or
death was inevitable. Being recommended to try your Siirsa-
parilla, I procured a bottlo. After taking some, he npnenred
worse: but persevering with It, I obtained a second bottle,
which seemed to grapple with tlio disease, and caused n marked
improvement: the swelling and pain ill the legs were reduced,
tils appetllo Improved, and Ilia color began to return. Thus encouraged. 1 purchased a third bottle; while taking It, tho swellings In his legs broke, nnd some pieces ot bono one-eighth of
un Inch lwifc eamo out, after which his legs straightened and
healed up. ilc Is now perfectly recovered, has no nppearance
nf being a cripple, aud can perform most kinds of common labor,
as all our neiirhbois can ceriliy.   Yours, respectfully,
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ovincea tlio strongest predisposition to attract to Itself humors
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Immed ,ato relief In all cases, tho earlier this remedy ls applied
the o.iL'r.
Nkw York, July 15th, 1856.
Messrs. A. B, & D. Sards : Gentlemen,—I We bcon troubled
for vears with an affection ofthe eyelids, and hare tried a number^, remedies without experiencing any decided benefit A
few weeks since 1 obtained some of your It .man l'.vr. Balsam,
ami applied ft nccordine to the directions. The lirst application
produced a decidedly benofloial effect, and I had uot mod It
I eek, beforo my eyelids were entirely free from inflnmrnatl ,
which lind not bcon the caso before for many years
Years, kc. G. Bi WILLIAMS, 262 BttOADW    ,
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WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
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Dcalors who may favor us with orders, may rest assured that we will endeavor to giye satisfaction in the
article, and dispatch in forwarding. nlO-to
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jtehninstei.   %i\\m.
However unfortunate New Westminster has been in
her late attempt lo elect delegates ton Rritish Columbia
Convention, the blame is  not for a moment to be attached to the great majority of her resident inhabitants,
nor the recent proceedings considered ns unfitting her
or the  people of Rritish  Columbia   Cor   representative
government,     The  whole  secret of the  failure of the
elect',,,„ rose from  llie  want of a  recognised power to
regulate  its details.     The absence of governmental
authority   threw    the    proceedings    into   the   hands
of a mob, iho majority ot' whom ha,I as much right to
vote as thoy had a knowledge of those for whom they
voted.    In  the  most  orderly country  or  town in the
world  the   same  irregularity  and  gross   misconduct
might just as readily,  under similar circumstances,
have taken place.    If the proceedings in question have
ut ail attracted tho attention of government, we would
wish to impress on its attention the facts we have just
stated.    Wo nro well aware of the interpretation which
a stranger taking a cursory glance at the affair would
naturally  put upon   the  whole  transaction,  and  the
caution, as wo have already stilted, the government will
be likely to evince in graining legislative powers to the
colony ;   but much   as  wo condemn the unscrupulous
means practised at the election, wc entirely acquit that
class, ivhich, had wo representative government, would
form nine-tenths ot the voters, of any participation  in
the disgraceful conduct which  characterised the partisans of one or two of the successful candidates.    AVe
bring forward these statements to prove that, however
much appearances mny have told against us, the claims
ofthe liritish population ofthe colony to representative
government uie nol a whit injured by recent events.
A Legislature is an institution which  must be given
to us sooner or later, and it all depends upon the \icws
which His Excellency Governor  Douglas  may hold  of
our fitness for self-government, whether we obtain thc
boon iu 1801 or ISO'S.    One thing, however, is certain,
the colony cannot progress without it.     And whether
we are at present capable or incapable, we cannot hope
for any great degree of prosperity in  the  absence of a I
Legislative Assembly.    The lirst and paramount drawback to British Columbia is thc want of money on the
part oftho government.    This can only be remedied by
a loan ; and a loan large enough to be niade available
in the developing of the colony's resources can only be
obtained through u Legislature.     To say that tbe progress of a country is but the progress of an individual
in a collective sens,;, is only re-iterating a truism ; were
we, therefore, to   scan   closely the lives  of any of the
numerous successful men  of tho world, who rose from
a state of penury, wc would lind it to be invariably the
case that more time and labor was expended in accumulating the lirst few hundred pounds than in amassing
the whole of the subsequent wealth.     Wc nre just in
lhe position of the man with glowing yet feasible
schemes of advancement, but who cannot carry them
out for luck of means.    Had we proper communication
with the interior, so that provisions could he obtained
nt an ordinary figure, our mining  population would
number thirties where wc now have units—this increase
nlong wilh road facilities would create farmers on every
available  piece of  agricultural   land, nnd trade  and
ities than on Exchequer bonds or other securities of
the state ; but had we a Legislature, and were debentures to be issued bearing C per cent., tbey would
readily sell at par. By this means we could obtain with
the utmost ease the loan of $1,000,000, the interest of
which al i; per cent, per annum would amount yearly
to $00 000. In addition to this a sinking fund might
bo established at 2 per cent, to pay of the debt, and
which would amount Io $20,000, making a total of
$80,000 or £10,000 to raise annually—which in 25
years would pay the whole indebtedness. With one
million of dollars judiciously expended, the navigation
of the Fraser could be made equal to almost every necessity— permsncnt highways could be opened to all
the mining districts, nnd the country widely explored—
agricultural lands could be at once surveyed, and loading roads constructed through them inviting settlement.
Immigration could then be legitimately encouraged
with the knowledge that the immigrant on his arrival
here would witness such evidences of prosperity and
progress ns would determine at once his choice in making the couutry his home. With this increased immigration, our present tariff might be considerably lowered
and still a largo revenue obtained.
Rut let us glance at our present position.     Our income  last year amounted  to  about  £53,000, half of
which, or thereabouts, went towards the construction
of roads, bridges, and other public works.    The verj
temporary and imperfect nature of these works* through
the insufficient sums expended on  them, sufficiently
proves the extravagance of our present sys.em.   Heavy
outlays will be entailed each year to keep our recently
constructed roads in repair, and before live years elapse
we shall have spent an amount on our means of transit
that would in the first instance have enabled us to make
good substantial wngon-roinls   through  the  most important portions of the colony.    Want of money has
also necessitated the government to issue bonds for the
construction of public works, bearing au  exceedingly
high interest.    Tins in itself limits the competition on
the part of contractors to such a confined scale that wo
pay about 25 per cent, more than, had we ready cash to
offer the contractors, the works would cost us.    By obtaining such a loan as we have spoken of at (3 per cent.,
wc have no hesitation in saying that fully 50 per cent,
of our present revenue would bc saved in the construction of   our means   »f communication.     The   mere
'act of   so  great   an   outlay in   the   colony   would
give such an impetus to trade that we would have little
reason to complain of slow acquisitions to our population.    The unfortunate miner would have ample opportunity to recruit his finances and again essay his luck
on the gold fields, nnd an air of industry and prosperity would  nt  once be engendered that would give the
country a foundation and stability it can never hope to
obtain under the present circumstances.
Tn e more we look at the land question tho more  are
we  impressed  with  the idea that on the   forthcoming
Land Proclamation will depend in a grert measure  the
prosperity of the colony.    The Home Government, with
an enlightened  liberatity,  has given  His Excellency
Governor Douglas the power to reduce the upset  price
of land  in British Columbia to one  dollar—thus out-
stripping in magnanimity, by a quarter ofa dollar per
acre our enterprising neighbors of tho a,ljoini,iig Stales
and Territory.    We  sincerely hope that   our  Government  will not allow itself to be carried away with  the
idea  that tho sales of land are to bc only looked  upon
as so much means uf increasing the colonial  revenue—
j that cheap land will interfere materially with  this  ol,-
i ject and should  therefore bc,   as much  as  possible,
guarded  against.    To  carry out the liberal scheme  of
the  Home  Government and make a dollar an acre  the
upset price of land, will, wc feel convinced be the  only
way of satisfying the people of this colony on this   part
of the  land  question nud will be thi  only  moans  of
drawing that population to our shores, which for want
ofa liberal land system, have been so often driven  un-
j dor a  foreign  ll„g.     On the  Governor's  lust visit to
Hope    it    was   then  stated    that   the    upset   price
would be reduced to one dollar aud a quarter an acre.
We  can   scarcely believe  that  His  Excellency, whose
ideas on the land question arc liberal in  the extreme,
would fall into the error of embody! lg this statement
in the forthcoming Proclamation.   The mere advantage to the colony of one quarter of tl  dollar on every
acre sold, would be but tin atom in the scale against the
gain lo the population which the simple fact of being
below the American price would confer.     Our legislators have just one great object in view, and that is, to
increase as much as  possible our population.    Whatever scheme tends towards a permanent immigration
will be thc one  most  worthy the attention of government.    Cheap land and the facilities  for settling on it
will always  bc the  great attraction to  induce tho inhabitants of Great  Britain  to emigrate.      Let us but
show that we have land at a  lower  rate  than either
Canada or the United States, and the fruits will appear
in a rapidly increasing population of farmers.
January 21st 1801.
Members present, the President (Mr. M'Clure) Messrs.
Cormack, Ramage, Holbrook, Brown, Armstrong, and
Mu ii.-on.
Minutes read and approved. Mr. Armstrong asked
leave to postpone bringing in specifications for Agnes
Mr. Holbrook moved, seconded by Mr. Armstrong
that the tenders for chopping the reserved and forfeited
lots bo now read.
On motion of Mr. Holbrook. seconded by Mr. Armstrong, the following tenders were awarded :—Ward 1,
to (1. Urqnhart, $125 ; Ward 3, G. W. Hodgkinson,
•18 ; Ward 4, John Vine, 45 : Roval Avenue, John Hall.
On motion of Mr. R.image, seeon .led by Mr. Brow
tho following contracts were awarded for chopping lots
vi/. :—Lot 2, Block 8, John Hall. Slu ; lot 3, block 0,
<». Urquhart, S7 : lot 0, block 23, O. Urqubart, $7 ;
lot 7. i,lock 28, Urqubart $8; lol 12, block 28, Urqu-
hart, $7;
Specifications passed-at last meeting fo: constructing
a road in Provost street, reconsidered by permission of
the Council.
Moved by Mr. Armstrong seconded by Mr. Holbrook
that the specifications bo adopted.
Amen,led specifications brought in by Mr. Armstrong.
Moved  by Mr  Armstrong  seconded by Mr.   Ramage
that the amendment bo ijdqpted.
Moved in amendment by Mi" Brown, thut the roadway ou Prevost-streel its mentioned iu llie original specifications only go us far as the travelled road on Douglas-street from tl e travcllel road on Begbic-strcct, ami
not continue to Lot 11 in Block 11, as specified in the
specifications brought forward nl last meeting. Both
the amendments and the original resolution lost
The specifications wore then laid over for
Mr. Manson asked permission to postpone his notice
of motion with regard to Agnes and Clctncut-streets.
Specifications for constructing a road on Spiiutdiug-
strect brought forward by Mr. Armstrong road and
By Law introduced by Mr. Cormack for repealing
Cluus',' 4 in By Law No. 1.—Moved by Mr. Cormack
scconded by Mr. Brown, th.it the By Law for repealing
Clause 4, By Law No. 1. appointing a Treasurer be now
rend a first time.   Curried.
Moved by Mr. Cormack seconded by Mr. Brown that
the By Law be now read a second tunc.    Carried.
Moved by Mr. Armstrong seconded by Mr. Ramage,
that no moneys belonging lo the Municipality of the
city of Now Westminster be paid over or deposited with
any poison or persons without giving the bonds required
in By Law No. 1.    Carried.
Moved by Mr. Armstrong seconded by Mr. Cormack,
and resolved, that the President be aud is hereby requested to correspond with His Excellency the Governor to ascertain if lhe lots applied for by the Council
on the 16th of Nov. last, for local Schools, Town Hall,
Fire Companies' Hall, kc.. kc., be granted to the oily,
and also with regard to Ih:' lo approval or otherwise of
of the By Law No, 3. am! the amendment to tho Municipal Council Act.    Curried.
Moved by Mr. Ilolbmol- seconded by Mr. Ramage,
that the thanks ot this Council bo tendered to Mr.
Armstrong sen, for tho manner in which he has conduct,,I the busicess tof Treasurer I'i- the past six
months, ihat lie has at nil times shown tho utmost
readiness to attend to the duties of his ollice, und thnt
now as our funds are small wc think it advisable to do
away with tlie bfiice of"paid Treasurer, wc therefore
vole that the Bum of twenty-fife pounds bc now paid
bim for His sen ices ns Treasurer, and that the President write to him in order lo convoy the thanks of lho
Council for his services.    Carried.
Mr. Cormack gave notice thai at the next meeting of
Council he would bring in a By Law appointing an
Honorary Treasurer*.
Mr. Armstrong gave notice that at the next meeting of
the  council  he would bring in specifications   for  constructing a road from Columbia-street to the Church in
Victoria Gardens.
The Council then adjourned.
nard entered Mahia's hut, cold and wet, for  lhe  pur-   sixteen days h id elapsed since tliev
i of wanning himself.   That shortly afterwards Ma- | expected ]
came into the on-
Silvku Cots.—Wo learn that upwards of £7000 in silver coin is expected shortly from England by II. M, S.
Road to BintitAitD Islet.—The Royal Engineer., are
progressing rapidly with ibis work. The road has already reached tho Brunette and if we may judge from
the despatch already evinced, we may expect its completion before many weeks are over.
Last Yeaii's Expenditure.—The expenditure on public works last year by the British Columbian Govern-
mant amounted to £23,000.
Burial of a Roval Exgixkeii.—The funeral of the
unfortunate man Dully who was found frozen in the
snow on the first port '.go, and whose body was brought
to New Westminster, took place on Sun,lay last. Tho
deceased was escorted to the grave by the whole de-
dctaclimeul, the band playing the usual dirge.
Custom-; Revenue.—Tho Customs revenue for the
week ending Jan. 12th were Duties, £303 18 0; Harbor dues, f"l 14 8; Head money, £3 4 0; Tonnage
dues,    £24   6   0.
Ventriloquism.— Mr. Kenyon, the celebrated ventriloquist, gave the citizens of New Westminster one ol his
amusing entertainments on Thursday evening last.
He is certain)^ a groat adept in the art, and his appreciative audience wcre highly delighted with the performance.
Hudson Bay Sale.—The sale of Hudson Ray lots at
the Port, Victoria, took place on Wednesday last, und
brought the large amount of $120,000.
hia heard the cries of a squaw at some distance and
immediately got out of bed and in company with sonic
Indians and ihe half-breed Bernard proceeded to where
the squaw was. Tliere thoy found the body of Quam
lying with his face on a pool of mud and water nt the
head ofthe'lagoon ' amidst a lot of logs and slicks.
The party removed the body to Mahia's hut, Bernard
bearing up the head. To bring back life lho usual Indian remedy of applying fire to the most sensntivc parts
of the body was then had recourse to and lhc body in
parts showed the evidence of this treatment.
Ur. Benson, the coronor, sworn by himself, stated
that he had examined iho body and found four scalp
wounds and several cuts upon the nock nud shoulders,
but in his opinion not sufficient to cause death.
Tho room was thou cleared that lho jury might eon-
si,ler tlioii verdict when all at once they discovered
that thoy were only eleven ; one having slipped out and
gone to dinner. When the missing juror was brought
back tho coronor proceeded to work just as he had
commenced in the morning, the jury was re-sworn, lho
evidence gone over, and again the jury got lho case to
themselves. A verdict was quickly returned,—-Died
from blows Irom a club and stabs I'rojti a knife.'
The constable was the first while man who saw tho
body, and, although in attendance was nol sworn !
On Tuesday Bernard was brought up before Justice
Franklyn for examination, as being implicated in causing the death of Quan,. The evidence was similar lo
that brought forward at the inquest wilh the exception
of that given by deceased's squaw, who now prevaricated, contradicted her former statement, and oven refused to answer questions put by his Worship.
Constable Gotigh now for Ihe first tune sworn, stated
that on Sunday morning when he first saw the body,
found only Iw,, small wounds on the scalp, and that
having visited thc place where the body was found in
company with some Indians, was shown a log wilh two
throe ! protruding knots, which ho thougth corresponded wilh
tho two wounds in deceased's head, but that on a subsequent visit t,, tho body ho found several other wounds
on iho so,dp and .houlder3 which Wore uot there when
ho first examined it,
During Mahia's examination tho Rev. Mr. Robson
asked permission of the Magistrate ti put some questions, when some disc, -ion arose as to iho propriety
of this. The Rev. gentleman staled that whore he had
boon acting in his missionary capacity it was usual for
missionaries to put such questions as ho was about to
propose. Justice Franklyn Ihcn asked bim whether
his questions wore for the prosecution or defence, when
ho stated that thoy wcre lor lhc prosecution. Wilh his
Worship's sanction the Rev. gentleman then asked thc
prisoner if his sleeves were tucked up when be entered
.Mania's hut, and whether Ilis hands had not boon recently washed? Prisoner answered that he did not
know. Tho Rev. gentleman also nsked witness Mahia
where prisoner's cap was found, aud was answered,
about a yard from where deceased was found.
Mr. Purqunr then claimed as his right, that as the
Rev. Mr. Robson had boon allowed to put questions for
the prosecution, bo should be allowed to put a question
for the the prisonor, and asked the witness Muhi.i whether there was moro than one cut on deceased's head
when the body was removed to his hut? Witness answered, no.
The prisoner was thou committed to lake his trial for
murder or n, inslnughter.
The prisoner throughout has asserted his innocence.
On the afternoon of Saturday the 13th,  the Rev. Mr.
Robson   lodged  information witli Cap.   Franklyn  that
two Indians wore drunk and lighting in a chiefs house,
and  otherwise  disturbing the peace,   when   constable
Gough was immediately ordered to proceed to thc place
and take them into custody.    After being locked up in i
the   bastion till Monday afternoon,  they wore  brought
beforo the magistrate, but ns not the slightest  evidence
was produced to show thut  the peace   had  boon   disturbed, his   Worship acquitted them of thc thc charge,
bul lined one of them $10,   the value of lhe eon-table's
coat which had boon destroyed in resisting thc arrest.
His Worship passed a reprimand on the Rev. gentleman for laying au information which ho could mil instantiate. In the meantime tho Indian, who has heon
long a valued servant of the Hudson's Bay Company
here, not seeing tho philosophy of having to pay sio
for defending his liberty against „u encroachmemt
'which he cannot understand, is packing np his nil with
the intention of finding u place where there will be fair
[day for Iii in or law for none.
li  is a  pity thai tho Rev. gentleman should  not  be
satisiiod with  what he was  licensed  lo do in oilier
countries,   namely pulpit nnd oar practice, but that he
must go fishing for cases for magisterial enquiry.
I remain.
Yours truly,
.A. D. McInnis.
pected position of delegates, and had they not  h ™
etr ability since that time in  the prent ffl^.
l"gs they
ni.i  ,i,„o.    urn .they not confirm their truly BrtnX
lOSitlon by sending instructions to the different .«
-  ■'/..<> people  of whatever no ^ZB!>
, in the colony, the"SJ
commanding all white
vote, but excluding
numerous colored
f,oexc!.",U'!. may.b.e Priti8h BabJectel And nil this agahj"
■   _ - ■
rather untenable did
so they content themselves
ciples, at least opposed to auti.slavery doctrines
shall have these Solons prescribing to the „«»».,_
if the latter should ,„• foolish enough L3L^
at ,,11-that the qualification for delegates should bl fl,
capacity to inscribe their names   in  the  >*tvle nf i„V
Smith It his mark.     Y,„, win i.« - .-V'i: °L.Jot>n
the resolution which was passed bv the peo„le 'J
Westminster to regulate the election, that only'
subjects  should vote.     But  their  position  would
cognise this"foolishSd«
liey content themselves with proving that the - _ '
'democrats,' and if not attached to English j£
You will be surprised," Mr. Edit.,."
that even tne Seminhmooans nre getting disgusted abi!
their unknown delegates,
sgnsted with
uid express themselves In ti,.
language ot iiiania in ' Midsummer Night's Dream
' Titonia—My Oberon !  what vision have I seen   ~
Mcthought 1 was onanior.d of an n3s. '
Oberon—There lies your love.
Titania—How came these things to pass.
O, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now.'
Vour obedient servant,
.,        .,-    .    . , *f""x JOBNBOH.
Mow Westminster, .Ian. 24, 1801.
Victor Emmanuel
lowing .-ketch of lho
Alexandra  Dumas,  appeal
pies :—• Victor  Emmanuel
and Ai.Kx.ixiiiiE Dumas The foi
King of Sardinia, from the pen ."f
in the Independents of Na.
'ooks like
Registration  of Dked3.—Some little time ago we
mentioned it was tlie intention of Government to establish an ollice in New Westminster for the registration of
deeds.    We are sorry that sueh an institution lias been
so long delayed,  and only  hope that  the Government
will lose  no time  in making amends  for past neglect.
The necessity torn registry office is becoming every day
more urgent.    Both seller and buyer of landed property
in the colony, arc placed nt immense  disadvantage in
their business transactions.    Witli an office for the registration of deeds, mortgages, judgments &c. how much
easier it would befor those who desire to borrow money
on their freeholds to obtain it, und at a much lower rate
of interest than they can under the present mode.    The
liability of  pioperty could bo easily ascertained,   and
those who desired  to lend would have  no excuse for
charging an  additional   percentage  for risk,  over and
above the actual value of money.   It is well known that
in the neighboring state of California,   the high rate of
interest at  which  money  is  held,   and at which it is
loaned, are almost altogether caused by thc insecurity of
property. The same causes produce the same effects here;
but while  in their case   the cause is almost irremediable,   in  ours  it  becomes a matter of very simple
solution.     All payments of the courts for which real
estate  could be held  liable  should be also  registered
against sueh estate, so that purchasers cou'.d be aware
of every incumbrance affecting their intended purchase
commerce would shortly flourish to nu extent unknown , Tll-rc ;g ]10 CXC1]8C m the
Wc arc not responsible for any communications under the
abovje head, as we arc willing to admit to our columns ting
letters pertaining to public mailers, providing ihey have
iioxa l'l iie signatures attached and are reasonably brief.
in any other new country. To accomplish all this is,
we think, no very difficult matter. Money at present
in England is only worth on English securities 4 per
cent, per annum. Of course capitalists in Great Britain require a higher rate of interest on colonial sccur-
part of government for delaying the establishment of these offices throughout
the colony. They are entirely devoid of governmental
expenditure with the exception of a small sum for fireproof B„fes, and hooks ; and we, consequently, look
forward to immediate steps being taken for their general
establishment in Britibh Columbia.
Ou Saturday night our harbor was visited by II. M.
Gunboat [forward from a cruise round the Island. She
was short Jf provisions having taken on board the
crews of two wrecks amounting to forty-two souls,
whom she had picked up during the course of her trip.
After taking in fresh provisions and coul she started
for Victoria about midday on Sunday.
On Sunday morning the quiet of our town was disturbed by the intellig .nee being brought in that the
body of a Nanaimo Indian named Quam had been
found with such evidences upon it as left liltle doubt
that foul means had been used, and from what transpired during the day, a half-breed named Bernard from
New Westminster or Langley was taken into custody.
On Monday an inquest was held before acting Coronor Ur, Benson.
Williwitsa squaw oftho deceased, stated that, on Saturday, Quam and Bernard hud been drinking together,
nnd thai later in the day Bernard had tried to take improper liberties with her.
John Duncan, a white man, stated that deceased
came lo his house about half past .leven o'clock on
Saturday night. Duncan's squaw went out for the purpose of conducting deceased home, and was, in about
ten minutes, followed by Duncan, who, ou overtaking
the party discovered a third now struggling with Quam
on the ground—Quam being under—both appeared to
be usi'ig their hands violently, but whether for offence
or defence he wns unable to say. Saw no weapons of
any sort. Only flashed his lamp upon the two struggling and immediately returned home with his own
At this stage of the evidence Bernard wns brought
into court and identified by Duncan as Quam's opponent in the struggle.
The evidence of Mahia and other Indians wont to
show that about nine o'clock on Saturday night Ber-
To the Editor of thc New   Xi'eslminster Times.
Sin,—A letter signed, ' B. C.,' appeal's in the Colonist
of Tuesday, January loth, requiring some notice, iu
consequence oi' au untruth it contains, which, if uncontradicted, is calculated to injure the reputation of
the Governor of this colony. The writer states the expression ' white-washed Yankees' is a favorite term of
Governor Douglas applied lo Canadians and ortier
colonists. Iu common with all to whom I have, spoken
o„ the subject, I venture to assert, that such words
have never been uttered by thesGovornor. British
subjects, whether Canadians or oilier colonists, have
always been equally welcomed by him.
II ' B. C would altoiid to his ministerial duties, in.
stead of writing one-sided reports, it would redound
more to his credit, and be more in accordance with the
tone of his letter which appeared in your issue of the
12th inst., over his proper cognomen.
Another B. C.
 1  ♦  «	
To thc. Editor of the New Westminster Times.
Sin,— Tho  Semiahmoo  elected delegates  of  New
Westminster to the Convention which was to have been
but  which  they destroyed, have  begun  to  give  us a
specimen of that, transcendent ability which every one
was expecting.    They have got a secretary to do what
was found impossible for the ' delegates' to perform—
write a legible hand.    So far thoy have achieved a decided success.    They have met secretly and silently iu
a room  8  by,10, and  practised oratory to  two  office
stools and a broken chair.    On each of these occasions
they have reiterated an oath—a fearful oath  over the
bones of a defunct  bullock—that as Brutus rid Rome
of the tyrant, Julius Ciesar, so even they—they thc foreign ambassadors from Semiahmoo—were determined
by  fi.reo invective, threatening denunciation, and, if
necessary, although the euro would be an extreme one,
subscribing four bit., each a week to start a paper for
the destruction ofthe fell tyrant, the Governor of British Columbia.     As  I  looked through a cranny in the
door of the building—my curiosity being impelled by a
fearful suspicion that something was going wrong—my
blood ran cold and my heart almost ceased  to beat, as
I   saw   Cassius — the   real, genuine   Shakespearian
Cassius—lift the thigh bone of the departed ox, amidst
the su],pressed sensation and applause ol the oilier conspirators—and whirling the relic, of by-gone strength
round his animated head, poured forth such a torrent
of what must have been,   from thc enthusiastic gestures, living eloquence, although lhc languago was  in
a tongue  not easily understood by II. B. M. subjects.
Brutus' speech to the mob was then rehearsed with
some slight variations.    A division of sentiment, however,  occurring between thc conspirators, Mark Anthony's oration was looked upon  with  favor by some,
and Mark came forward, a plain, blu.it man :   ' Friends,
Indian whisky-sellers at Point Roberts, nnd countrymen,
lend me your cars—' ' Hullo !   old fellow, you have no
occasion to call for cars, nature has  been sufficiently
bountiful to you on that ' head.'   (Loud cries of traitor!
turn  him  out 1   intermixed with classic sounds resembling ' You  bet,' here  caused unutterable confusion.)
A little more rehearsing was done, and a resolution was
passed congratulating themselves upon the energy and
rapidity with which they had gone to work.   Scarcely
about 10 years of age, is frank, sincere, vigorous, temperate, an early rise,-, and a keen sportsman with Run
and dog. lie bears lho fatigues of a long day's shoot-
ing better than meny of the most active mountaineer!
and he generally stalls on sueh excursions before sun'
rise. Ho makes a light breakfast, merely a piece of
bread and a slice of cold meat or cheese which In, M|S
like a peasant without soiling at table; but he aliraw
makes a hearty dinner, laying aside all ctiquotte, with-
out court or chamberlains. On Sunday, the 'day of
general receptions at the palace, the doors are thrown
open at 11 o'clock, and anybody who feels disposed
may enter till three, If any person desires a private
audience he must npyly by letter, and on the morrow
or following day ho will surely obtain it, for Victor Emmanuel opens nil his letters himself. One day, when
out shooting, he met a peasant, who, on seeing the
King bring down two partridges, right and loft,"with
his double-barrelled gun, went up to him and snid,
1 You shoot well, you do.' ' lt was not amiss, was it?'
I responded tho King. ' Perhaps you could rid me of a,
I fox which steals my hens'.' ' ' Most willingly,' 'If vou
1 do, I will give you two muttoe.' |Tof.) 'Agreed' said
; the King.   • I will come to-morrow morning with mv
■ dog and shoot yonr fox.' ' Give mo your hand on iij'
: said the • nn, The King immediately shook hands
I wilh him. and true to his word,   went 'next  morning,
found   the fox,   nnd shot it.    ' Thank God for that I1
exclaimed  the peasnnti  • Vou have fairly  en rued your
j two mint -0. and there Ihey are.'    The kin;, took tlicm,
nud   said,    ' This is the first money   1   ever  enrnc-d.
■ Then in..sing up the pieces In his hand, he nddeil,—'Il
i-   a pleasure to receive money one has  fairly earned.'
| Tho next day, in exchange for the two lnutiee, His He-
i jesty sent a iliess, necklace, and earrings for the pens-
ant's wife. It is impossible to bc more easy of eccesi
than Victor Emmanuel.    He goes out alone on foot nnd
j enters the theatre at the public door, tine day, the portress of tho Theatre caught n gentleman in the ait of
j pulling the .-moke of his cigar at boreal, which he had
found in n corner and kept there. Rushing forward
to rescue hor favorite, sho seized the tormentor by the
j arm, and on his tun,ing round recognized the King.'—
I Galignani's Mess nger.
Ax Im'iiu;,, Pkoimikcv.—Nearly a hundred yenrs ngr,
Voltaire resided at Geneva. One day he saiil to some
friends, in a boastful, sneering  tone: " Before the be-
i ginning of thc nineteenth century Christianity will hew
disappeared  from the   face  ofthe  earth I"    Well,in
i that same l,o,i-e. iu that same room where these impious words wcre spoken, what think vou there is to-day?
A largo deposit of Bibles. The sacred books fill the
house from lho Moor to tbe coiling! So much for Voltaire's prediction. The Bible Society of 'Geneva held
lis forty-third anniversary on tin: lHth of June last.
I'll Risk the (loos.—I, o Ting, a convert and preacher
ofthe Methodist China Mission, while preaching in the
streets of Full Chan, wns surrounded by a crowd of Chinese, who snid : '• Vou say you are not afraid of idols;
we will take you to a temple, and you shall break one
ol the idols to pieces, and then we snail see whither it
has not power to revenge itself." While Ihey wore hurrying him along, with insults nnd derisive shouts, be
said; "I do not four yourt idols of wood, and stone,
and mud, and will show you that I do not by smashing
any number of them to pieces, if you will give men
written agreement that I shall not bo harmed by nny
mail for so doing. "77/ risk the gods, but I dun n't
risk gnu.''    Tho crowd dropped off, and let him go.
At Nanaimo, on the lGth  inst., the  wife of Mr. Matthew Millar of n daughter.
Jan. 20.—str Hope, Millard, Hope nnd Yale.
Jan 111—str Yale, Jnmioson, Hope and Yale.
Jan   23—str Caledonia,   Frain,   Victorin.  gcncnl
Jan 21—sir Olter, Mount, Yictoria, general enrgo.
.Inn. 2-1—str Caledonia, Frain, Victoria.
21—str titter, Mouat, Victoria.
il E N R Y     II O L 11 It O O K,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia-street, New Westminster,
British Columbia.
WHARFAGE on nil goods landed at his wharf *fijj
bc at the rate of 23 cents per ton, such beitf j
one-hall'the rate fixed by government.
BONDED and FREE'STORAGE ready for 500
of goods.
For Sale ex recent arrivals—
50 sacks Bran,
1500 sacks Barley,
5(1 sacks Wheat,
100 half-sticks Baker's Extra superfine FIobM
Pacific. Mills,
20 sacks Bciins,  .
10 kegs Butter,
20 cases Pilot Bread,
5     do   Soda   do
10 cases Starch,
5 5-gallon kegs Syrup,
10 coils Baling Rope,
100 gallons China Oil,
100 kegs Paints and boiled Linseed Oil.     ,
Wall Paper, kc, kc, and a general assortment •
goods suitable for tho market. jn26-3ni^
T O    R E N T
lol, I
A STORE, and a dwelling-house on the same m
ith yard accommodations and never-failing
of water, for the nominal Bum of $20 per m?»'B,f    |
ato on Columbia-street, opposite Ilolbrook's « ban-
Apply at this office, or to ,„„wrnv
ja26-tc                                          On the premises- -.' "' "  -—
w     J.   ARMSTRONG    k   B R 0 ' R,
(opposite Liverpool Whnrf,)
AVholcsale and Retail Dealers in
HAVE JUST RECEIVED and offer for sale,
200 bbls Extra Superfine Oregon Flour,
50 boxes P. T. Pilot Bread,
4000 lbs Oregon and Eastern Bacon,
200 mats China No. 1 Rice,
2 bbls Carolina    do
101) mats China Sugar,
50 bbls Sandwich Island   do
511 mats do do
ISO bbls Crushed do
5   do    Powdered do
20 8-gallou kegs Boston Honey Syrup,
20 5-gallon   do do
20 cases Chartrea Coffee,
20 firkins Isthmus Butter,
la    do      Goshen      do
20 boxes Adamantine Candles,
III)    do      Hill k Fay's Soap,
15 chests best Green and Black Teas.
,\lso Billings' ami Barber's Rains, Pork, Salmon,
Codfish, (.'rookery, and Glass ware, of every description,
Cross-cut saws, Buck saws, Axes, Hatchets, Steel
Squares, Carpenters' Bench Screws, Locks, Butts, Iron
Screws. Dog Chain*., <*il Stones, Paints, Oils, Puttier,
inid Farming Implements—in short anything and
everything. janl_i-3m
Government Notices and Proclamations.
V A L E N T I N E     !I A L I. ,
N e w   Westminster, B. C.
P 1* B LIC   S A L B .
TILL BE SOLI) at Auction, at Scott's Saloon, on
the 28th day of February,
'• I'll elan's Patent,'' in  good  order, with  tallies, cues,
Administrator of Estate of Robt. F. Cooper, deceased.
—TO   WIT,—
N (i T 1 C E .
R E. I /,   ES T. I TE   A SS ESS MEN _".
ALL PERSONS, owners of Heal Estate in this Dis-
- *■ trict, are required to make a statement in writing,
ncr.ording to the Form A hereunto annexed, of what
Ileal Estate thoy hold, and whole situated, to describe
such Real Estate, giving the admeasurement thereof;
to state what its actual market value is, and the value
of the improvements thereon ; and to deliver such
statement nt the ollice of tho Treasurer of Vancouver
Island and ils dependencies, on or before the eighth
day of Fo'otuiry. One Thousand Eight Hundred nnd
Sixty-one, thirty days from the dale of thc advertisement.
S.'IIKI.l'I.K    A.
Owner's     Place
limne.   rosidence.
Amount     I'
property and
where situated.
Bv order of the Assessors,
A. D. MclNNES.
January 10th, 18C1.
SEALED tenders will be received up to the 31st inst.
for the construction ofa Wharf at New Westminster, about 1150 feet front, with roadways kc
Plans nnd  specifications to be seen at   Harris & Co.,
Queen's  Market,   New Westminster, and Queen's  Market Victoria,  V.  I.
Now Westminster, Jan. lltli, 1800,
NKW   WKSTMINSTKll, 11. I'.,
INFORMS the Traders and  Miners of Fraser River
that  he  is  now  prepared to  furnish all kinds  ot
emu],ing  utensils,   in  Tin,   Iron,  and  Copper, (it  for
Minors and Family use.
Also, Gutters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to al3m
A SAFE and certain remedy for coughs, colds,
hoarseness, and other affections of the throat
and chest. In incipient Consumption, Asthma, kc,
they are unfailing. Being free from any hurtful Ingredient, they may be taken by thc most delicate
female or ihe youngest child.
The following is an extract from a letter received
from New Zealand.
< Auckland, N. 7, Nov. 10, 1858.
* * A lady to whom I gave some of your
invaluable Cough Lozenges, nnd likewise several members of her family, who were troubled with severe
coughs and colds, (especially the youngest child, who
had a hard eroupy cough) have experienced great relief,
and speak of them in the highest terms. One of my
children, too, who was troubled in a like manner, has
taken them with the greatest advantage. On account
»f their pleasant taste, children will readily take them,
When they will not take other medicines. I may add
Hmt tj.ip Judy above referred to, informed me that she
Jintl frequently purchased them, when residing in India,
or Messrs. Treacher k Co., Bombay."
Prepared and sold in boxes and tins of various sines,
by Thomas Keating, Chemist, 70, St Paul's Clinch-yard
London. Retailed by all Druggists nnd Patent Medicine vendors, in the world.
N. B.— To prevent spurious imitations, please to ob-
Berve that the words " Keating's Cough Lozenges,
We engraven  on  the  government stamp of each box,
Willi.nit which none nre genuine.
Agent for Ynncouvcr Island, A.. M. SEARBY.
jnmO-_m Victorin.
Tenders will be received until Monday the 28th inst.,
"t 12 o'clock noon, for grading Hall-street from the
travelled road on Columbia-sti-cot to the bridge, on
, Specifications can bc seen at the oflice of the under,
Town Clerk.
N'ew Westminster, Jan. 22rd 1861.
Colonial Secretary's Office, 31st August, 1860.
TIIE GOVERNMENT GAZETTE for British Columbia, heretofore published in the Colony of Vancouver Island, having been discontinued as a separate
pamphlet, notice is hereby given that Irom this date and
until further notice all Government advertisements nnd
Proclamations, and other matters useful and necessary
for general information and guidance, will be published
in the columns of the Nkw Wkstminstkii Times newspaper ; and such publication shall in all cases be
taken and deemed as publication in thc Government
By command of his Excellency.
Acting Colonial Secretary.
NOTICE is hereby given that certain of the Surveyed Rural Lands in the District of New Westminster, including the larger portion of those surveyed
near Semiahmoo, will be ottered for Sale nt Auction at
the Court House, New Westminster, on Saturday the
lull February next.
By  Order of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Captain R. E,
Lands and Works Department,  1
2nd January, 1861. j
Assays are made with the utmost despatch.
Ollice  open   from   Hi, a. m., to 4, p. m., except  on
Steamer days, when deposits  will bc received for assay
at 8, a. m.
New Westminster, Aug, 1, I860.
J .   A .    W E B S T E R ,
AS JUST RECEIVED, and will receive by every
steamer, a large and varied assortment of
consisting of
Englisll Domestic Goods, English Dress Goods, Hosiery
and Gloves, Woollen and Merino Under Gur-
ments,   Plaids, Scarfs,  and Mufflers,
Gent's   Furnishing   Goods,
English Baltic Shirts (assorted colors),
Towels and Towelling,
kc, kc, kc'
A splendid lot of
C   I.    O    T   II   I   N   G ,
Fine Black Dross (.'oats, Fine Black Frock Coats
Fine Black Sack Cont3, Business Coats,
Raglans, Shooting Jackets,
Hiding Jackets,       Extra Fine Overcoats,
Extra Heavy Overcoats,       tine Black Pants,
Fine Cassimere P.mis,       English Doeskin Pants,
English  Tweed  Pants. Scotch  Tweed  Pants,
Plain ami Sporting Vests
Plush "
Velvet "
Saliu "
Cassimere "
Tweed "
Rats and Caps in Cheat Variety.
Ail extensive assortment of
Fine Water-proof Call'Dress Boots, Fine Water-proof
Double-so,ed Calf Dress Boots, English Balmorals,
English Water Tights, English Napoleon Riding Boots,
English Shooting Boots. English Waier-proof Leggings.
India Rubber Boots and Shoos, Good English Mining
Boots, Heavy Napoleon Nailed Roots, Heavy English
Kip Boots.
A full assortment of
among which will be tound
Ladies' English Prunella Gaiters,
"       Englisll Double Sole Calf Gaiters,
"        "       Kid Gaiters,
11        "        Dancing Slippers,
"      Leather and Carpet Slippers,
"       India Rubber Over Shoes.
Children's English Balmorals,
" "       Kip Boots,
" "      Anklets,
" "       Bootees,
gfeg" i>'case   C;ill  mid  examine.
Columbia-street, Now Westminster.
L E VI     k     R O A S ,
oiler for sale
500 bbU G G Flour,
250 bbls S R   do
100 bbls Baker's extra Flour,
300 bbls Oreguu ami Indian Flour,
JO0 boxes, P T Pilot Bread,
5,000  lbs Oregon aud Eastern Bacon,
200 mats China No. I Rice,
2 bbls Carolina dj
150 mats China Sugar,
loo Ibis Sandwich Island      do
20    "    crushed do
20 boxes powdered do
250 sacks Bayos Beans,
10 cascs J k II Lard,       -
5 bbls Oregon   do
10 chests Green and Black Tens,
15 firkins Goshnin Butter,
5 cases Oregon do
10 boxes Cbtitres Coffee,
10 bags Rio and Java   do
10 half-barrels Extra Clear Pork,
25 boxes Adamantine Candles,
10 boxes Extra Sperm   do
10 bals S  I Syrup,
20 kegs E B   do
50 boxes Ilil k Fay's Soap,
10   "     Chemical Olive   do
5    it      Castile Toap,
10 half-boxes Raisins,
20 qr-boxes        do
15 boxes Zante Currants,
5 gross P k M Yeast Powders.
HARDWARE, a general assortment.
CLOTHING, of every style and quality.
BOOTS k SHOES, of every description,
Hats, Caps, Wall Paper, Druggets, Carpets, Blankets,
Grilling,  Sheeting,  Powder,   Shot,. Tobacco,
Cigars, Matches, 4c
Commission Merchants, and aro prepared to store
200 tons merchandise.
fj/sg" Orders from any part of the country promptly
,.«j„^ in janl2-lm
Incorporated  by Royal Charter in  1840.
CAPITAL, $5,000,000
Special Deposits received in sums of $100 and upwards,    re-payable   on   demand.     Charge   for   safe
keeping, one-quarter ok ose per cent, per month.
Gold Dust received ior safe keeping, at the rate o.
five cents per oz. per month.
Drafts Issued on London 60 days after Sight, at
the rate o,'$4 95 per £1, stg.
3 days after sight, (in 6>im3 of £50, and upwards)
$5, per £1 stg.
3 days after sight (in suras under £50) $5 10, per
£1, sterling.
Diiafts on demand or at short sight, issued on the
principal Ciiies and Towns in Scotland nnd Ireland, at
the rale of $5 15 per £1 sig.
Drafts on the principal Cities in thc North American
Provinces, at 3 days, as follows :—
Canada ..A per cent, premium.
New Brunswick, 4      " "
Nova Scotia 2J   •• "
Drafts or. New York, at 3 days, 3 per cent.pren:' Jin.
"     •'   Messrs. B. Davidson k May, San Franciscf
at sight—par.
Office hours 10 a. m., to 3 p. u.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
Victorin, March 17, 1860. tc
Liverpool Wharf
DOl'GALL k SOX, Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, 4c.     Mnchiucry
of every description niade to p-der.
Agent in Britisli Columbia, Mr. W. Winnnrd, Lnnglej
March 21, 18C0. 3in
First-street, San Francisco.
We continue to mnnufactur-., at the above well known
Steam Engines,
Saw Mill,
and other machinery, of every description, and Iron
and Brass Castings of all kinds.
From the long experience we have had, and the superior tools and machinery, nnd the very large collection
of patterns nt our command, ,ve feel confident that our
facilities for tu-ning out the best style of work, with
dispatch, nnd at the lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pacific coast.
Russia Iron Screens for Quartz Mills, made at short
..otice. Orders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
je20-6iu Late Goddard 4 Co.
School, and Law Stationery.
A beautiful assortment of
with all the recent improvements in styles aud
Mathematical instruments,  Hater Colors, Portfolios,
Checker Boards, Chess, Dominoes, etc., etc.
dec22-lin Stationers' Hall.
THOMAS PATTRICK, k Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, Mexico, thc
Meditterranenn, and Van Dieman's Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale bv
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
PUBLISHED every fortnight in time for the -California
Mail Steamer. Thc prices Current contains the
correct and authentic rates and prices of all descriptions of nrticles in the Victoria market, as well as reliable reports of the state of trade, shipping, 4c. It is
as invaluable as an index and commercial authority to
every merchant nnd tradesman ns it is ft desirable
medium for advertising. Printed for A. F. Main at
the office of thc V. I. Gazette, Yictoria.
J.    B.   PAINTER,
(successor to o'meap.a tc painter)
THANKFUL for thc past favors shown the late firm
would respectfully inform Printers  thnt owing to increased facilities, and recent instructions from thc Foundry, he is now prepared  to sell Plain  and Ornnmentel
Type,  Presses,  Printing   Material, Paper,  Cards nnd
Printers' Stock generally, 132,  Clay-street, near San
ome, San Francisco.
THE SUBSCRIBER begs to inform the public ot
Britisli Columbia that he will be at New Westminster on or about thc first of February, with a
choice selection of Fruit Trees and Small Fruits, which
he will dispose oflow, to suit the time's. All trees will
be wnrrantcd. The subscriber will attend to planting
out fruit trees if required. The subscriber has also a
quantity of fine Early Cabbage Plants, which he can
pack to go anywhere in British Columbia.
Orders left at the New Westminster Times' Office, or
with Mr. Armstrong, merchant, or with Jeffries' express
will receive prompt attention.
Ipilmornl Nurseries, Salt S. Island, D.c. 3, 1860.
BOOKS 1  BOOKS!!   BOOKS ! 11.
attended to.
Now opening at
a splendid assortment of
A Larger Number of Volumes, nnd upon a greater variety of subjects, than has ever yet appeared in this market.
Those interested nre respectfully invited to  call and
feast their  eyes to  their   heart's  content—Gratis—
HAVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port IFinc, choice, in cascs;
Hennessy's Brandy V.
McKenzie's Small Still Whiskey J
Vino Growers' Brandy, in bulk;
Tanqueray's Ginger Brandy, in cascs;
4c, 4c, 4c,
which they offer for sale on the most reasonable terms
Juno 13th, 1860. tc
Corner   of  Wharf  and   Johnson  streets,
H. N. Dickson 4 Co.,      • ...       London.
Dickson, DbWolf, 4 Co.,      •      •      San Francisco
• in cases;
EG TO INFORM Traders nnd Miners, and the public generally, that they row have on hand a large
suitable for
They will hereafter receive all their goods direct from
San Francisco,
nnd bc enabled to sell at Victoria Prices.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;
IOO   do Golden Gate   do
65   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
26   do Self- ising       do
200 sacks Barley;
350 sacks Beans;
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice;
200 mats China, No: 1, Sugar.
Also for snle, Pork, Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese, Coffee, Teas, N. O. and S. 1. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Boston Syrups, Assoited Syrups,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Caps, Pitch and Tar, all sizes
of Rope, and Bouts' Oars.
Caps,     Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,        Fancy,        and        Millinery        Goods.
A large variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and  Dress Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints. Oils, aud Dye-stuffs,
Carpets, Druggets   Mattino, 4c, 4c.
■Wharf-street,     Victoria.
AT THE STORE OF A. R. GREEN, near the Steam
Navigation Company's Wharf, West end of New
Westminster, the following English goods, viz:—
Blnnkets, while, red, and blue.
Strouds. red. and Green.
Blue List Cloth.
Drillings, stout Norway:
Coats, Oxonian, Paletots, and  Reefing Jackets.
Shirts, fine striped.
Resist Shawls.
Ankle Boots, stout,
India  Rubber  Goods, an assortment, including
Air Beds.
Hardware, a  few articles.
Tea, Imperial and Oolong:
Whisky,  Islay,  Glenlivet, Campleton, and  Old
Irish malt, in enses of one dozen ench.
Brandy, Hcnnossy, Martell, Bellamy, and Ginger,
in cases of one dozen each.
Rum, Jamaica, in casks and cases 1 doz. each.
Geneva, do do do
Old Tom, Swaine, Boord 4 Co., do do
Port Wine, Sandeman's, do do
Sherry, in casks, do do
Porter, London, pints, do     4 doz. each.
Porter, London Stout, in quarts, do
Jams, in cases of 2 dozen each.
Pie Fruits, in cases of 3 dozen each.
Oil, for machinery and burning.
Tobacco, Twist, Oronoko, and Plug.
Corn Meal, in bbls.
Biscuit, 4c,        4c. 4c.
CAYOOSH,   B.   C.
ILL pay particular attention to consignments of
goods directed to bis care. janl2-3m
JUST RECEIVED and for sale
200 bushels Ky. Blue Grass Seeds, very fine.
200 bushels Red Top grass seed,
20,000 pounds Alfalfa Cloves, pure,
3,000 pouuds Red Clover
1,000 pounds White Dutch Clover,
1,000 pounds Lucerne Clover,
2,000 pounds Timothy Grass Seed,
1,000 pounds Hungarian Grass,
1,000 pounds Millet Seed,
500 pounds Mixed Lawn Grass,
500 pounds Rye Grass,
500 pounds Sainfoin Grass,
1000 pounds Calitornia Wild Oats,
2000 pounds Hemp Seed,
4c, 4c, 4c, 4c
Also a large assortment of fresh Garden, Tree, Fruit,
nnd Flower Seeds, Dutch Bulbous, Flowering Roots,
Pruning and Budding Knives sold to Biiit purchasers.
A!l orders from the country promptly attended Jo.
Address by mail or express to
J. P. SWEENY 4 Co.,
no9-2m 108, California street, San Francisco.
For the cure  of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation
Loss of Appetite «.r nny Bilious Complaints
arising from n morbid action of the
Stomnch or Bowels.
All of these diseases you will soon be relieved of, by
use of these Bitters, ns per directions on the Bottles.
This great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profound and
elaborate study of one of the most celebrated physicians
of .he present century, in thc accomplishment of which
he lias -.pent both time and money. We do not hesitate
to affirm that where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
are used, a ense of Fever and Ague cannot occur. It
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed by nine-
tenths of thc Physicians of thc land. Try them—test
thein—on your constitution, and go your way rejoicing.
Are you dyspeptic 7—take i-Iicse Stomach Bitters.
Are you bilious ?—try one of these bottles and be relieved at once.
Are you annoyed by indigestion or constipation 7—
remove the cause by a free use of the Bitters.
Have you fever and ague 7—cure nnd prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
The superiority of these Bitters has induced many to
put up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will bc branded, " N. B. Jacobs 4 Co."
And the labels will bear our own signature, without
which, none are genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters are
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afloat ip
the market, and especially against a cheap nnd worthless article called Roscnschf's Bitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed intention of
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbaum's
Bitters, as a remedial agent in all cases of Dyspepsia
and similar diseases. The genuine Rosenbaum has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature on each
N. B. JACOBS 4 Co., Proprietors
m21-0m Sansome St., corner Commercial.
rpiIE   Largest CLOTHING  Establishment
I In thc Union I
Prices fixed at New York Rates,
Goods Custntn Made.
Known Throughont the State
as Unrivalled in this line.
Established in the Pioneer Days
of California.
And now Occupying the Largest
Salesroom in San Francisco.
Strangers visiting the city .
will find this one of tho
And the Only Clothing Mart
at Atlantic Prices.
Snn Dingo to Shasta,
Send their orders to this FAMOUS  EMPORIUM.
The dirccrion is QUINCY HALL, Nos. 147, 149 and
151, Washington Street, Montgomery Block, Sau Francisco. ja-12 3-m
importing    druggists,
Yates-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choice selection ot
Cockle's .' nti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrnte of Magnesia,
Superior Sc-idletz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstone Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargonel Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. se22-tc
JONAS    G.    CLARK    4   CO.,
of every  description,
128,  Washington   streeet,  San   Francisco.
40 and 51, Fourth street, between J. and K streets,
Hunter street, between Main and Levee, Stockton.
And First street, San Jose. jc20-3m
In re the "Town Lots Leases Relief Act, 1860."
Exparte John G. Wirth and Loais Reeb, Petitioners.
TO H. T. Smith, J. Herron,  Charles Baker,  Wilson
Waddingham, and John Burns—Take notice that the
Petitioners will at the next Assizes at Fort Hope  move
the Court for a declaration in title in their favor, to 20
ft. by 120, being one-third portion of Lot 4, Block 1, in
the Town of Fort Hope, and beginning twenty feet
Southerly from thecorner of Water and Wallace-street,
fronting twenty feet on Water-street.    And take notice that in thc absence of any person appearing to oppose thc said application, it may be granted exparte.
Fort Hope Jan. 2nd, 1861.
TENDERS will be received up to 12 o'clock noon,
on Thursday next, the 24th inst.,  for sundry al-
terations and additions to the Postmaster's residence,
New Westminster.
All tenders to be mode in Sterling money.
Plans and Specifications to be seen, and any further
information to be obtained at this Office  between the
hours of 10 and 12 a. m.
Thc lowest, or any Tender, not necessarily accepted.
By order.
Captain R. E.
Office of Lands 4 Works, )
New Westminster, 18th Jan. 1861. /
WHOLESALE nnd RETAIL Dealers in  Boots and
Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of every description.
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kinds. mhl7-3m
September 1st, 1860.
ASSAYS   OF GOLD BULLION  are made on tho
following terms, and under the following conditions :—
1. A receipt will be given to the Depositor for the
exact gross weight of his deposit.
2. The resulting ingot will le delivered to any party
returning thc aforesaid receipt, Whether the Depositor
or any one else, and the party returning the receipt will
be. required to cancel it by his signature at the time of
receiving the ingot.
3. Each ingot will be stamped with Its number, corresponding to its number in the official records, with
its  weight, in ounces and decimals of ounces, and its
fineness in thousandths ; also with a Government ipher,
nt present a crown over the letters VR,
4. With each ingot will be given a certificate, signed
by a Government officer, of the weight of the denosit
before melting ; its weight nfter ; the fineness, the
charge for assaying; and such certificate will havo
tables of British Mint Valuation and of the latest San
Francisco valuations, whereby parties may calculate
for themselves the value of the bar for English or
American markets.
5. For all bars not exceeding 50 ounces in weight, a
charge of seven shillings and six pence (7s. 6d.) sterling will be made, nnd for every additional 10 ounces a
fraction of same, one shilling and six pence (ls. 6d.).
All clips are retained in the Government Assay office;
but on bars not exceeding 10 ounces in weight, allow-
-ance will be made off the assay charge, for the value of
the clip.
Assays of Ores ore made at the charge of One
Pound (-61.) for each specimen experimented upon.
For a   omplete Analysis op any Mineral, Two
Pounds (£2.) is the charge
THE abovo Saloon has been re-opened by P. Ma-
netta, who respectfully solicits a share of the public
patronage. The best wines and liqueurs are constantly
kept, aud tho Billiard tables of the saloon are unsurpas
scd anywhere. no243^m
fe      14
I dreamed of bim :   bis wandering feet were failing
With journeying long, through wind and desolate rain
His lips made answer to the night-winds. wailing.
Willi tremulous sighs of prayer, awoke in pain.
The pathway led through forests deep before him,
Through  valleys  strange, and under stranger skies ;
Wild boughs .-hod all thoir gloom of darkness o'er him,
Thc owl's weird voice arose in lonely cries.
He beard the river's sullen lidos, that flowing
Seemed angry murmurs of some sooret pain ;
And saw. afar, the dim and fitful glowing
Of village lights, through autumn haze and rain.
At last his won, limbs failed : and. weary, leaning
Against an elm, bis pain was lost in dreams,
Asleep will, smiles lie know the joyous moaning
Of love's dream-voice, and home-fires—merry gleams.
For in his heart lhe memories that were .-looping.
Awoke  with  home-lights glittering ou their wings ;
And dear love-fancies bold lho Past in keeping—
Forgotten time, joy's uuforgotten springs.
He foil no moro the cold, with limbs n-shivcr,
Homo's threshold opened to his coming loot,
He beard no moro the coldly murmuring river,
Fond voices aud fond hearts gave welcome sweet.
His lips no more made answer to the sighing
Of vagrant winds, for mother's kiss imprest
Thoir silence with bright smiles : bis head was lying
At  homo, upon hor bosom and—at rest.
1 dreamed of him ;  and for my dream's fulfilling
We found at morning in the forest ways
A boy whose lips wero mute, whoso  heart was chilling
In some oulil sleep—a dream of endless days.
Around his brow the curls wero damp and golden—
1 severed one and hid it in my 1,roast—
I kissod tlio sad young lips: their smiles were olden
With life-long grief—death, joy's new youth imprest.
I touched his eyes with lips whoso reverent pressing
Seemed to awaken them as lips of prayer:
Thoy met mine, loving, smiled eternal blessing,
1. whispering, answered, • Love, await me there.'
1 was n child; be was my soul's Ideal,
I nm a child no more, yet si.11 I love
I call 'Anonymous'—the angel Real
Hoars me and. answering, waits for me abovo.
As American Opinion on tiik Prince of Walks.—
The New X'ork Evening Post thus gives the verdict of
the United Slat".- un Iho personal bearing oftho Prince
of Wales:—'The triumphant manner in which young
Albert Edward has pa.-.-od this ordeal has demonstrated
not only that his natural qualities are excellent, luu
thnt ho has boon subjected to a most excellent system
of training. Education, in its most enlarged sense, is
a result. Wo do not look ior ils iUustration in detail.
nny more than wo expect that a man's physical vigor
shall be estimated by thc viands and other nrticles of
diet on which ho has been roared. Tbo intellectual regimen should l,o apparent in the masculine, yet polished,
bearing of its subject, In this sense, wo repeat, the
young Prince who has just loft our shores carries wiih
him indubitable cvidonce of a rare and judicious cultivation, it is iufiuiUly to bis honor, nnd to the credit
of those who have moulded him, thai not one single instance has been recorded of a broach ou his part of the
courtesies ot life, or ofthe slightest display of unbecoming temper to any oue, His demeanor throughout has
completely realized the fair flower of the State, Cheerful, affable, modest, and quiet, he has nevertheless exhibited all thc manly qualities of a cavalier. A superb
horseman, bo out-tripped his companions in his Canadian gallops: a good shot, be bagged more prairie
chickens than the messieurs of his suite ; enthusiastic
in the ball-room, ho was the admiration of all the votaries of Terplschore who wore witnesses of his boyish
but well regulated delight : princely in his liberality.
he always did the right thing at tin- right time, and left
everywhere, whore humble service was required, striking proofs of a thoughtful munificence. In uo part of
the civilized world hns Queen Victorin l«oen hold in such
profound respect as iu ihe United States of America.
whore a regard for the virtues which adorn ihe female
character rises paramount to ail political prejudice.
We did uot believe it possible that ih, British Sovereign could have increased the admiration with *-..'
she is regardei i; the Now World. Bui the I iring
hor son has proved that ire had n t taken the fuU measure of her worth.    Th, O,. •        - _ ::.■.-* her   f B
as admirabh as -: •  ha.- _ ■* -.:        .-**'.*_ :  ::    .,-. i
the  hoi-  to the British Crown wc m»y now  say, with
A rather singular story comes to us from St. Domingo—viz., the discovery of a bust of Lord Nelson in a
remote district. The bust was found on a fe'isb altar,
whore for half a century it had been worshipped as a
I,call,en god.
Why is a person approaching a candle like a man
gelling oil his horse?—Because he  is going to a-light.
Ifa man reap " whatsoever he soiceth," what a harvest of ooats aud breeches the tailors will have one of
those days !
A gentleman having been jilted by his lady-love rc-
vcuges himself by serenading  her every night with a j
;- I know by a little what a great deal means," as the
gander said when he saw the tip ofa fox's tail sticking
out ol a hollow Iroo.
A Mr-. Davy, giving evidence to character in tho
caso of a woman charged with theft, said she was
•• a decent, honest, drunken creature."
11,- was an impertinent follow who said ofa daguerreotype miniature of a lady that it was not so natural
as a painted one would be.
Wo wore lately amused nt nn "art criticism " delivered by n raw unsuspecting Jonathan, who had been
quietly gazing at a garden in one of our suburban villages, which, among other ornaments, boasted several
handsome marble statues. '-Jest see whnt a waste,1' :
observed our rural friend; '• there's no less thnn six j
scarecrows in that ten-foot garden-patch, and nny one
of 'em alone would keep oil'all the crows from a live-
acre lot ! "—Humbler.
An old liquor-drinker, who had boon patronising one
drinking-housc for the la-t eight years, gave this as his
reason for joining the Sons of Temperance, in the presence of several persons. •• There." said he, pointing Io
the saloon. '• is a drinkin' establishment that 1 have
been trying to drink out for those eight years, and finding it impossible, have concluded to withdraw from the
Bi Id, ami try Lake Michigan ! "
Local politics run high iu the western country. A
candidate for county clerk in Tcxns offered to register
marriages lor nothing. His opponent undismayed.
promised to do the same, and throw in a cradle.
" Soo there " exclaimed a returned Irish soldier to a
gaping crowd, as ho exhibited wit,, some pride his tall
hat. with a bullet-hole in it. '-Look at that hole, will
.Miu? Vou soo if that bad been a/out-crowned hat 1
should have boon killed outright ! "
" Mr. Smith, you said you suspected the prisoner was
a rogue the moment you saw him. Why did you suspect him '.' "—■• Becos 'o 'ircd my rooms vithout bentin'
down the price."—"Is this a rule without many exceptions ? "—■• Hit's a rule vithout no hexceptions yer vor-
ship : honest mon aro halways stingy, and never satis-
lied hunless they git a shilling's worth of anything for
Mrs. Harris snys il is not as much trouble for a 'nnss'
to take enre of sick people as sonic folks imagine. Tho
most of them don't want anything, she says, and when
Ihey do they don't get it.
This is a dangerous period of ihe year for colds—people should be careful. Mis. Partington says she has
got a romantic affection iu her shoulders, the neurology
in the head, and the embargo in the jugular vein ; ail
trom opening the window, ono cold night, to throw a
bottle at a couple of belligerent cats on the shed.
ESTAHL1SUE0   IN   183G.
Incorporated   bv Royal Charter  in   1840.
CAPITAL. '. '. $5,000,000
1* U R N 1 T U R E .
BY LATE ARRIVALS,  the  undersigned  have  re
ceived additions  to  their hitherto well-assorted
stock ot Furniture—and now offer
Painted ?ets. ton pieces ;
Extension Tables, 8 and lu foot long:
Centre Tables, serpentine and round   ops, assorted
sizes ;
Card Table, harp and square pillars
Common Tables. 2... :',. and
long :
The IU
ben. a ; o
elegant ri.:
itiug skill
ed with a
like mien
- •
— Prim    B  m-
ar—a bold and
i tn.-
tares and sw<
;r--.r.... :..:-.: ..:.:.::: ..:;:.:..- r:3r. t x.'-.i -
nJarance ii all manly exercises, end it-j
intenance. in which !_:• - . ..-.:-
father is blended with tbo delit ue fe i-
, expression ofthe mother, distinguished
by affable manuers and a sweet address—wins g '.■'. ::
opinions with thi multitude as be goes stonfe: the
thronged streets, bowing when bowed to. on his '.:_:,:-
grey Arab. Tin- seed which his father an ; grandfather
sowed in sorrow and in blood will hare grown up into
n full and glorious harvest by the time this fortunate
youth s«cceed_ to thc throne. That throne to which so
many of his race aspired in tho score; o! their hearts almost ever since the days of the first Uumbeit, will fall
tothe lot of this fourth Humbert, by a series of prosperous vicissitudes, than which nothing more raarvellou-
was ever woven in lhe mysterious web of Providence.
The fulness oftho time is almost at ban 1. vet tho final
issue still trembles ir. the scales ot Fate—L'tUr from
SiNoriAR Longevity of the British Peerage.
—It is not a little remarkable that tbe members of the
Peerage who have died sinco the year commenced, 2\ iu
number, b ire exactly completed, on the average, thc
full measure of the  allotted  span   of human  life, the
"threescore years   and to,,.''    Thoy   are  as follows:	
Viscount Arbuthnolt. 82 ; Lord Londe.-horough, .*>. :
Viscount Southwell, -.J: Viscount Gormanstou, B4;
Lord Oraumorc, 72 : Bishop of Rochester, 84 : Earl ol
Lougford. -42 : Baroness Strathedan, 63 ; L> rd Fiicgerald
60; Viscount Guillamorc, _!T: Baroness Wentworth,
67: Earl of Strafford, 82; Lord Hey tesbury, 80: Archbishop of York, Tt : Lord Sandys, 68 : Lord Elphiu-
stoue. 53: Rishop oi Worcester, 77 ; Earl of Lauderdale, TO: Earl of Cawdor, To: Lord Ffrench, T4 ; Euri
of Leven ami Melville. T.*>: Duke of Richmond, (3.1 ; Earl
Man vers, 82; Earl ot 'Dundonald, 85. Total of united |
ages. 1,680 years, which being divided by 24, gives exactly 70year- toeach. This result, it is to bo believed,
could not bc shown among any other class of men in
any r.mk of life.
Lor!> DcxDOXALD Axn Douglas Jerrold.—One of
the most kindly and qiieenlyact. ofonrSovereign Lady
was tbe restoration to Lord Dundonald ol" the
honors of the Rath of which ho had been unjustly deprived. It is a fact within our personal knowledge
that when this gracious message from Windsor Castle
reached ti.e Earl the tirst loiter of thanks was written—
not to tbo Sovereign or her Minister—but to Douglas
Jen-old, who, l,y his frequent ami masterly exposure of
the wrong in Ranch and in other quarters, had been the
chief meant under Providence ms Lord Dundonald
though!) of bringing the Crown to do him this groat
act oi justice.—Athenccum.
When Mr. Wilberforce w..s a candidate for Hull, his
sister, nu amiable and witty young lady, offered lbe
compliment ofa to » g ,wn to eaoii ofthe wives of the
freemen who voted for icr brother; on ivhich she was
saluted frith tn cry of' Miss Wilberforce for ever!'
wheo she pi.-...-a it. ■. U crved, 'I thauk yon, gentlemen ; out ' oasaiot agree with you—lor really 1 do not
wish to be Miss Wilberforce for ever.'
MAYER.    REINHART.     __     CO*.
HAVING concluded arrangements for a regular line
of "ssels, to run twice a month direct, from
San Francisc to this place, would be pleased to receive
orders for Rritish Columbia.
Letters  addressed  to us in  care  of Messrs. Mayer.
Reinhart, £ Co.. Victoria. V.   1.. John Dewar. and   O.
II.   Gehricke,  San   Francisco,  Ca., wjll   meet with
prompt attention.
THE above Saloon hns been re-opened by P. Ms-
netia, who respectfully solicit? a share of the public
patronage. The best wir.es and liqueurs arc constantly
kept, ami tho Billiard tables of the saloon are unsurpas'
sed anywhere. no24 3-m
J 0 N AS     G .    C I. ARK    k    CO.,
F V R N  1 T I' 1! E      A N D      BEDDING,
of every   desi ription,
128,  Washington   streeet.  Snn   Francisco.
40 nnd 51, Fourth street, between J. and K streets,
Special Deposits received in sums of $100 nnd upwards,    re-payable    on   demand.      Charge   for   safe
keeping, ONE-QOARTBR ok one PER cent, per month.
Gold Dust received tor safe keeping, at the rate ol
five cents i-kii oz. per month.
Drafts Issoed on London GO days after Sight, at
the rate of $4 05 por £1, stg.
3 days after sight, (in sums of £r,0, and upwards)
S">, per £1 stg.
3 days after sight (in sums under £50) $j 10, per
£1, sterling.
Drafts fen demand or nt short sight, issued on the
principal Cities and Towns m Scotland aud Ireland, at
the rate of 55 15 per XI stg.
Dn.tFTS on the principal Cities in the North American
Provinces, nl 3 days, as follows :—
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick -t      " "
Nova Scotia 2]    '; "
Drafts oi: New York, at 3 days. 3 per eont.prcir.'am.
"      "    .Messrs. '5. Davidson & May, Snn Francisco
at sight—par.
Ollice hour? 10 a. St., to 3 p. m.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
Yictoria, March 17, 1860. tc
DOl'GALL __ SI'.**:. Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, ic.    Machinery
of every description made to ."—ler.
Agent in liritish Columbia. Mr. W. Winnnrd, Langlej
March 21, 1860. 3m
Fust-street, Sax Francisco.
We continue to manufacture, at the above well known
Steam Engines.
Saw Mill,
and other machinery, of every description, and Iron
and Crass Castings of all kinds.
From the long experience wo have had. and the superior tools and machinery, nnd the very largo collection
of patterns at our command, ive fool confident that our
facilities for tn'ning out the best style of work, with
dispatch, and at tho lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pacific coast.
Russia Iron Screens for Quartz Mills, made at short
notice. Orders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
icCO-Gni Late Godoard a Co.
S T A T I 0 N E R Y !
School, and Law Stationery.
A beautiful assortment of
Bedsteads, Mahogany. French,  Cottage, double and
single :
Lounges, spring scats, in damask nnd leather covers;
Sofas, spring .-eats, hair cloth, with round and pillow
ends ;
Desks, with fall and door fronts :
Cheffoniers, walnut and mahogany carved front:.
shelves, fret work :
Bureaus, "tie-half marble top. scroll and painted pine. '
4 and 6 ,:r.'.w,rs:
What-n its, walnut  sn '. m .':: ".gany, 5 nnd 6 shelves :
Mirrors, in gilt and niab _**.:.y frame.-. assorted sizes, '•
for parlors, chambers, ..::: salo ns:
Cl    Ircn's  Cribs  and   Cradles, also  High  and Low j
C  airs, ..-•  rt   (sizes;
<":..::-  __ .'. _ .:. . H lir- 1 ■:'.'. ;: ring Feats, cane and f
1 seat, O-S    .    .1;. :.:..:._-  Grecian cane, heavy bar- I
'■'. eker-s, -: :::._■  seats, m&hogmy and cadc seats snd ,
: l< ks, s- ~.::*p and ana :
Sinks, Waihstands, Chair CushioLS. Coverlets. Towel
*::-.■... WRlow Cribs, -to.
R E D D I N G .
Pulu, Curled Hair, M •-.-. Wool, and Stra.  Mattresses.
best Feather Pillows, all  sites:   in the manufacture of
which we use none bu:  the  best  materials, and guarantee our work.
Broad-street, between Yates and View streets.
Yictoria. V. 1.. April 11, 1S60. 3m
with all the recent improvements in styles nud
Mathematical  instruments.   Hater Colors. Portfolios,
Checker Boards, Chess. Dominoes, etc. etc.
dec22-lm Stationers' Hall.
THOMAS PATTRICK. .ic Co.. have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, Mexico,  the
Meditterranean, nnd Van Dicman's I,ami.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
PUBLISHED every fortnight in time for the California
Mail Steamer. Tho [rices Current contains the
correct and authentic rates and prices of all descriptions of articles ia the Victoria market, as well as reliable reports of tlie state of trade, shipping, &c. It is
as invaluable as an index and commercial authority to
every merchant and tradesman as it is a desirable
medium for advertising. Printed for A. F. Main at
the office of lhc V. 1. Gazette, Victoria.
Hunter street,between Main and Levee. Stockton.
Aud First street. San Jose. je20-3m
In re the "Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.'*
Exparte John G. Wirth and Louis Recb. Petitioners.
TO H. T. Smith. J. Ilcrron,   Charles linker,   Wilson
Waddinghnm,  and  John Hums—Tnke notice that thc
Petitioners will at tho next Assises at Fort Hope   move
the Court for a declaration in title in their favor, to 20
ft. by 120, being one-third portion of Lot 4. Block I, in
the  Town of Fort Hope,  nnd beginning twenty  feet
Southerly from the corner of Waterand Wallace-street,
fronting twenty feet on Water-street.    And take notice ihat in lho absence of any person appearing lo  oppose the said application, it may be granted ex parte.
Fort Hope Jan, 2nd. 1601.
J.    B.   V A IN T E R .
THANKFUL for ihe past favors shown the late firm
would respectfully inform Printers ilia*, owing to increased facilities, and recent instructions from tho Foundry, he is ni w prepar . :• -• i! Plain and Ornamentel
Typo. Presses, Print ,g Material, Paper. Cards and
Printers' Stock generally, KI2, Clay-street, near San
ome. San Francisco.
PROSPER -v FRANK GRELLEY, would respectfully
inform the public that they have just opened
their New Hotel, and are ready to accommodate travellers or residents of New Westminster with the choicest
eatable- the market affords. The sleeping apartments
arc fitted up in a style that neither Vancouver Island
nor British Columbia can excel, nnd the nines and
liqueurs, while enumerating all thai a first-rate ho'il
should boast of. are of the very best and finest description.
Private dir.ing rooms can be always obtained,
dinners, Ac, gotten up on th? shortest nolioe.       3m
Now opening at
n splendid assortment of
A Larger Number of Volumes, and upon a greater va-
rictv ot subjects, than has ever vet appeared in this market!
Those interested arc respectfully invited  to  call and
feast  their  eves to  their   heart's  content—Gratis—
RENDER S ON    k    B O P. N A B Y
HAVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk :
Port Wine, choice, in cases;
Hennessy's Brandy . .
McKcnzic's Small SOU Whiskey / m cascs ■
Vine Growers' Brandy, in bulk ;
Tauqueray's Ginger Brandy, in cases;
ic, kc, kc,
which thoy offer for sale on the most reasonable terms
June 13th, 18(50. tc
Corner   of   Wharf   and   Johnson   streets,
V1CTOK1A. v. I.
H. N. Dickson & Co.,       - -       -       London.
Dickson, DkWolf, .S Co.,       -       -       Snn Francisco
Liverpool Wharf
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, nnd the public generally, that they now have on hand a large
stock of
suitable for
They will hereafter receive all thoir goods direct from
San Francisco,
nnd bo enabled to sell at Victoria Trices.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;
100   do Golden Gate    do
55   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
25   do Self-rising        do
200 sinks Barley ;
350 sacks (leans ;
200 mats China. No. 1, Rice;
200 mats China. No. 1. Sugar.
Also for sale, Pork, Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese, Coffee, Teas. N. O. and S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Boston Syrups, Assoitod Syrups,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought nnd
Cut Nails. Powder, shot, nnd
Percussion Caps, Pitch  and Tar, all sizes
of Rope, and Boats' Oars.
A S S O R T M E N T    O F    C I. O T II I N G
Cops,      Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Llrilling
Dry, Fancy,        and        Millinery Goods.
A large  variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, nnd   Dress  Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table ami Pocket Cutlery
Paints. Oil-, and Dye-stuffs,
Carpets, Drcoobts   Matti.no,  kc,  kc.
II  E N N  E S Y ' S       II R A N D Y ,
W ii A i>- s r it i: i: t ,      v a* t o it i a .
AT Till". STORE OF A. It. GREEN, near the Stenm
Navigation Company's Wharf, West end of New
Westminster, the following English goods, vi/. :—
Blankets, while, red. and blue.
Strouds, rod. nnd Green,
Blue List Cloth.
Drilling-, stout Norway:
Coats. Oxonian, Paletots, and   Reefing  Jackets.
Shirts, tine striped.
Resist Shawls.
Ankle Boots, stout,
India   Rubber  Goods, nn assortment, including
Aif Hods.
Hardware, a  few nrticles.
Ten, Imperial and Oolong:
Whisky.  Islny,  Glcnlivet, Campleton, and  Old
Irish malt, in cases of one dozen each.
Brandy, Hennessy,Martell, Bellamy, and Ginger.
in enscs of one dozen each.
Rain. Jamaica,  in casks and cases 1 doz. each.
Geneva, do do do
Old Tom. Swaine, Boord k Co., do do
Port Wine. Sandonian's, do do
Sherry, in casks, do do
Porter, London, pints, do      4 doz. each.
Porter. London Stout, in quarts, do
.lams, in cases of 2 dozen each.
Pie Fruits, iu cases of 3 dozen each.
Oil. for machinery nnd burning.
Tobacco, Twist, Oronoko, and Plug,
Com  Meal,  ill  bids.
Biscuit, kc,        kc, kc
For the cure of Dy_->epsia, Indigestion, Constipation
Loss of Appetite a any Bilious  Complaints
arising from a morbid action   of the
Stomach or Bowels.
All of these diseases you will soon bc relieved of, by
use of these Bilters. as per directions on the Bottles.
This great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profound and
elaborate study of one oftho most celebrated physicians
ofthe present century, in tho accomplishment of which
he bus spent both time and money. We do no! hesitate
to Hllirm thai where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
are used, a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur. lt
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed by nine-
tcnths of the Physicians of the land. Try them—test
thorn—on your constitution, nnd go your way rejoicing.
Are you dyspeptic ?—take these Stomach Bitters.
Are you bilious ?—try one of these bottles nnd bc relieved at once.
Are you annoyed by indigestion or constipation?—
remove the cause by n free use ofthe Bitters.
Have you fever and ague?—cure and prevent tbis
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
Thc superiority of these Hitlers hns induced mnny to
put up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will be branded, " N. B. Jacobs k Co."
And the label, will bear our own signature, without
which, uont an- genuine.
CACTIOS.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters nre
cautioned against lhe many counterfeits now afloat ir
the murk ft, and especially ngainsl a cheap and worthless article called Rostnscbfs Bitters, put up in this
' by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed intention ol
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbaum's
Bitters, as a remedial agent in all ea.es of Dyspepsia
and similar diseases. The genuine Roscabaum has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature on each
N. B. JACOBS k Co., Proprietors
m21-Gm Sanson*,*" st., corner Commercial.
THE   Largest  CLOTHING   Establishment
In  the  Union I
Prices fixed ni New York Rate.1*,
Goods Custom Made.
Known Throughout the State
as Unrivalled in tbis line.
Established in the Pioneer Days
of California.
And now Occupying the Largest
Salesroom in Snn Francisco.
Strangers visiting thc city
will find this one of the
And the Only Clothing Mart
nt Atlantic Prices.
Snn Dingo to Shasta,
Send their orders to this FAMOUS  EMPORIUM.
The direcrion is QUINCY HALL, Nos. 147. 149 and
151, Washingtc. Street, Montgomery Block. Snn Fmn-
i cisco. jn-)2 3-m
JUST RECEIVED and for sale
200 bushels Ky. Blue Grass Seeds, verv fin
200 bushels Red Top grass seed, *
20,000 pounds Alfalfa Cloves, pure,
3,000 pounds Red Clover
1,000 pounds White Dutch Clover,
1,ii00 pounds Lucerne Clover,
2,000 pounds Timothy Grass Seed,
1,000 pounds Hungarian Grass,
],0l)0 pounds Millet Seed,
500 pounds Mixed Lawn Grass,
500 pounds Rye Grass,
500 pounds Sainfoin Grass,
1000 pounds California Wild Oats,
2000 pounds Hemp Seed,
4c, 4c, Ac, 4Ci
Also a large assortment of fresh Garden. Tree P •
and Flower Seeds, Dutch Bulbous, Flowering Ito""1'
Pruning and Budding Knives sold to suit purchns
All orders from the country promptly attended to
Address by mail or express to
J. P.  SWEENY 4 Co
iiO-t-'-'m 108, California street, Snn Frandico
I. A N G L E Y     1! R OTHERS
IMPORTING       UltltliOIHTB        '
Yales-streel, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choicest,
lection of
Cockle's . nti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid  Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia
Superior S, idlolz Powders,
Essential nil of Ripstone Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jnrgonel Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macas, ar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Che.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. 8.22-tc
W .    II .    ul.l V E R,
John.-mi  street, opposite  Wharf street,
Is in constant receipt, by every arrival, of newaiitj
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in bulk and cs«t,
Tiailers. dealers, nnd Proprietors of Bars, arc invited
to call and examine my stock, where tbey will find .
most complete and full ussortmi nt of everytbinj ?om.
pri.-ed in the Liquor line, and at the lowest prices.
R r !• E II I o K    l' A I. 1 K o It X I A   WINE,
a  very choice, light, and pure wine for family hk,It
cases and package-.    It- purity can bc dependednp.ii,
and is worthy the attention of all connoisseurs,
11 U I. I, O VV A  Y  ' S     0 I N T M E N' T.
//  Expels Disease !
it is said that all productions of human skill hate
their day, aud are superseded by new invon'ions or ilii-
coveries. No, so wilh this remedy. "It Is not fori
.lav. bul for all lime, and in nil countries." Anil Win!
Because it strike.- at the generic root of all dlieSMlIt
the blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing In-
yond ihat. The Ointment, penetrating through flesh
and fibre, like water through a porous substance
reaches the germ or disease, sueh ns scrofula, erysipelas,
cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcer, us diachStgM
iu the circulation, and eradicates the taint at once and
forever in this climate.
Bad Leys.
This Ointment will euro nnj case of Had Leg even if
of twenty year- standing, or how ever hard or discolor.,
the flesh may be. or i:' swollen thc size of a person'.'
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into tlif
whole of ihe parts affected twice a day in large quantities, and tin' parts kept covered with linen ragslhiiklj
spread will, 11,,' Ointment: from this mode of treatmtw,
u plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will folio*,
until lho wound- aro „ll healed on the leg, or other
parts nssume thoir natural appearance.
uld   Wounds,   Sores,  and  Ulcers.
The most inveterate cases ot bad legs, scrofulous, or
other sores, arc cured, if of 20 yenrs standing, by tin
joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect of thi'
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores, isal-
most miraculous, lt first discharges the poison which
produces suppuration ainl proud flesh, and thus the
cures which its healing properties afterwards con!|>lctc.
nre safe as well ns permanent, li has n wonderful effecl
in the cure of sores occasioned by mosquetoS, sat..-
Hies, or giggers.
This Ointment will cure the worst enses of Piles1'
used according to the printed directions even It w"
yenrs standing,
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, nnd nil irritation'
of the skin, fade and disappear nfter n few applications
of Holloway's Ointment. In those discs brisk friction
is indispensable. Many ot the ordinary eruptions ore
caused by BupprOSSCd perspiration, and as this penetrating unguent at ones opens the pores, nnd invigorates
the nbsorbenls, it dissipates the intlamnintioii by •
double process. Ladies whoso faces or arms arc disfigured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove lhe
blemish and restore to the skin its natural tint, flexi-
bllity, and softness, by the use of this safe but power-
ful counter-irritant
King's Evil, Fever Sores.
Iii cases of King's Evil where medicinal waters,
lotions, mid every recipe of pharmncopceia hnve proved
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough cure.
Fever sores heal qnickly under its influence, and i"
relaxing effect upon contracted sinews is truly wonderful.
Rhcumitism. Scrofula. Erysipelas.
These nre among the mostterrlble and agonizing diseases, yet in their worst forms, and- when secmlnglj
incurable, they invariably disappear under a persevering
application of this soothing, healing nntidote to pS|n
nnd Inflammation.
Both thc Ointment and Pills should be used in thefoUounnS
cases :—
'Contracted    and  [Senilis.
Stiff Joints. jSore Nipples.
Elephantiasis. Sore-throats,
j Fistulas. Skin-diseases.
BteofMosquetoeslOouU Scurvy.
and Sand-Flies. Glandular Swel- jSore-hcails.
Coco-bay. lings. ITumors.
Chiego-foot. Lumbago. jl'lccrs.
Corns  (soft).        | Piles. j Wounds.
Cancers. ' Rheumatism.        (Yaws.
Sold nt lbe establishment of" PuorBssoa HoiMWlfi
244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; and by a" respectable Druggists nnd Dealer, in Medicines throngs-
out the civilised world. ,      ,k,
JJ^* There is a considerable saving by taking *a
larger sizes. ._
N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients i"
everv d.sorder nre afiixed to each Pot.
CURTIS  _.  MOORE, Agents,
Yates-strttct, Victoria, V-1-
Bad Legs.
Bad Breasts.
Printed and published every Saturday by J_>iosa»d
MCi.inr, nt his office. New Westminster, in W
Colony of British Columbia.
_______&_! \ ^
iV."' i»atm™m'titrf£M,iiti(litom*mBl'.;mik


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