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The New Westminster Times Feb 4, 1860

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No. 21.J
[QlAIlTF.nt.V (in- aovaxckI   10s.]
[Ykaiu.y (is auvaxck ) £l Gs.
[Price Is.
ing feeling having now subsided, we may
justl}- call attention to the important subject
and invite suggestions, by which our Legislators may possibly be aided. To Legislate to advantage, members oi the House of Assembly
should be well acquainted with public opinion
and though much information may be gained|as she now lies
by individual members
their constituents, yet the Press offers a  m
by   mingling   with! , Terms:-
*      b | the balance
[From the Victoria Gazette of January 30.]
At all Egyptian feasts, it was the custom
o enthrone a skeleton in a post of honor, and
rown  it with a chaplet oi   flowers; thus it
as hoped that each guest, even in the  flush
f the highest revelry—elevated   and dazzled
y the sparkling of wine, the smiles of beauty
the sound of music, the fl)w of wit, should
ear in  his   memory the sobering thought
hat he   was mortal.    Now, though no such
ikeleloti assists at our banquet to cast a gloom
ver enjoyment, ycl il would appear that its
■lace is here taken by a mischievous demon
who, hovering about, is ever ready to pluck
Boison from the most innocent and genial
Brought. This demon has been known in
Bther lands beside this. It is malignant above
Hi others—fruitful in ugly thoughts—wicked
Bisconstruction^and wrong inferences—quick
R> sow strife—unwilling to abandon prey.
Kfiolhin"; too much or too little—too dirty or
too clean for its capacious maw; from the
destruction of the nmst spotless reputation, to
Bic pettiest, and meanest scandal it can find or
■vent. Insinuations and rumors are the sauces
■fhich pique itsjadedappetite. Itsmosl palata- story, and enquire into our wants. The pro-
Be morceau is a well dressed untruth. It is in- sent annual expenses of Vancouver island,
Byibleand felt only in its effects, which havo salaries of Governor, Colonial Secretarv.
Bit iiu frequently been the cause of disunion of; treasurer, and so forth, with their establish
Bin'tln*-*, and wreck of friendship, the growth
diim for acquiring knowledge, uuequalloi
any other.
Direct taxation is a  broad  term—it  maj
include an income tax—a real propcrcy tax—IrTVOBACCO and TOBACCO PIPES—
a tax upon trades or professions—a poll tax,' ' For sale
or a tax upon porsunal.pi-opei'ty   and   effects,
as WO believe is levied ill San   Francisco.    It
Ol'   THK
M. BACKUS will sell at Public Auction, on account of whom i; may concern, at bis sales-room.
un  Yatcs-street,  Victoria, on Saturday,  trie 25th of
Fcbruafj next, at   1-  o'clock, noon, the   liritish .Ship
Gomelza, 621 ions register, with all her appurtenances,
moored in Sebtck Harbor, W. T.
Ten per cent cash on  the day of sale, and
n the Monday following, when th
sale will be ready.
American Temperance Hotel,
Yates street, Victoria, V. I.
Board, per Week,.with Lodgings  8 00
•single Meals   0 50
Lodging  0 50
Board, per Hay. with Lodging  1 60
Hoard, per Day   1  00
JSk?"   Miners  accommodated   wilh  Mattress  aud
The Goniclzn has a full poop deck, and a top-gallant
Inventory at the Auctioneer's office. janl2-tc
bill ot | place to sleep, Gratis.
may be five percent, often times that amount
it nut)- produce hundreds, orlhousands. Yet,
the choices, though they seem many, will be
found few enough, when curtailed by the op.
position which each will certainly meet, and
tho necessity of relinquishing some, it is not
too soon to consider the details, and to enable
the public to do so, we may perhaps commence Hibernian like, at the other end of the
Washington Restaurant.
rpiIE ABOVE RESTAURANT on Government street,
|    between Vatcs and Johnson streets, having been
thoroughly refitted, is now prepared to supply the wants
of all its old customers aud such  new ones as may be
disposed to give it a trial.
The table is always supplied with every delicacy in
season, together with all the substantial requisites for
good living.
Excellent Cigars always on band. nfi-lin
STEAM  ENGINE   BUILDERS,  Boiler Makers,'
Founders, and General Engineers, First Street
T. A. Monkhousc, P. Torquet,
S. Aitken, ('. R. Steiger.
  t, near
Ga  Works, San Francisco. ^^^^^^^^
Steamboat Machinery built and repaired; also, Saw,
Flour, mid Quartz Mills, Pumping and Mining Machinery, kc, kc
Proprietors of Morse's Patent, Fire Grates.
Right to Manufacture Tyler's Patent Scroll Water
E. II. Kin
.Agent in Victoria.
Hyears. Its name is Party Spirit—against
Mis monster wc would fain warn our readers.
Hid not before tlie warning is required, for we
Hin assure them that it would be far better to
Hcrish the ancient skeleton (repugnant as
3 is to our ideas of civilization) than the
Hindu! spirit we have endeavored to describe.
■ c have been led into these remarks because
He have notified an attempt to make political
Hqiital out of so bumble tin occurrence as tho
■felebratioii of Hums' birth-day. " It is rumored
Bhciv was an inclination to Ircat labor with
aBOuili'iiijit in some ofthe nrranp-iucnts COnse-
J^ent upon  thc festival."    There, were   two
pnera given, and we really arc at a loss to
tecover to which the rumor applies ; but we
Hosumeit is levelled at the five dollar affair.
He .shall be told, nodoubt, that the presence
<«.Major Downie and others relieved thoColo
liial  Winner of so gross an imputation.   The
Si-anircnieiit-s lor both dinners, as far a.s we can
HVlerstanil. wereeonductodin a fair and liberal
■mnuiT, and no spirit of cxclusivcncss wan
MW<i)itoil at oil her.
*H npportiniily to
$hg the i-ai'iii-sl pnueMations on all sides that
nopnlitira] feel in-;, at least on thai   occasion,
<0xisle<l tu mar tlie good fellowship that should
Bn~c  been  there; no sooner is Ihe   celebra-
itiou over, than an unfounded ;-u;«or is made the
fjjBndation   by ihe  party Spirit  of Jl certain
«lque,<ifun attack upon an evil that is purely
iHgiiiary.    We deny that labor has been in
.jjpiy degree despised, and no  gentleman, who
H| the  necessity  of his  position,   has  been
god to labor hard to earn his bread, has
ir been treated with one iota less respect than
ecoived before.    We have heard of ahull
in: attracted and maddened by red cloth,
icons that a decent coat has the samein-
nco on a certain class of men.    But this
tion moods but little discussion, the attack
obviously the result of party spirit, that
lutes itself.    Wo can only regret that an
sion on which we were all united in doing
■hHage to the genius of one who was essen-
tiHy the •' pooplo's poet," should be chosen its
tijjgi'ound-work for an attack, as untrue as
However, it was loo good
ie lost, and notwithstand-
incuts, and individual expenses ofthe Police,
Harbor Master, Survey Department, .School
Teachers, and so on, cannot fall short of
£] 0,000 or £12,000. These figures probably represent the charge very tolerably. We start
then, with a roundly sum of £12,000 to be
provided for—this, however, takes no account for improving streets—making roads—
erecting buildings, or constructing bridges.
To adjudge the amount that should be expended on such services, will be the duty of
the House of Assembly, aided by the reports,
recommendations, and estimates of the various public officers, whose opinions on the
requirements of the colony may be worth
Assuming it at
Fur 15 miles of road
" streets
•' other works
.total £28,000. . AVe thus bring tho amount to
be required for 1860, to £35,000.
Against this, assuming (hat receipts under
existing collections in I860, will not fall short
of those in 185!)—we may show in all proba.
Liquor Licenses
Harbor Dues
Fines, Fees &c.
leaving 20,000/ on the wrong side.
Land receipts are variable, but placing
them at £2,500, there would yet remain 27,-
000/ to be met by direct taxation, on which
Honorable members have so much descanted.
The question is, should this sum bo raised ?
and if so, in what manner can it be, levied, to
be equitable in its effects. We invoke aid
from onr correspondents, for the problem is
one to which thoy would do well to apply
themselves diligently, and   at once.
S E L I M   I' R A N K L IN   k   C O.,
Yates street, Victoria.
*! Farming LmuIs disposed of at public and private
Mule. Surveys, Plans, Deeds, Mortgages, and Agreements prepared by competent parties attached to the
nice. Merchandise, Household Furniture, kc, disposed of.
Gold Dust Purchased.
> 1,000/.
rill IE UNDERSIGNED invites the attention of the
p travelling public, and strangers in particular,
lo Ihe merit of t|iis house. ll was established
under the present management, on the first day
of January, '."oi, as a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in every
The Lessee "nd Manager, with a delicacy nol wishing
to encroach upon the merits of oilier houses, cannot
luit recall the marked favor with which his enterprise
lias been received by a discriminating public, iu a constantly increasing patronage of thc first respectability,
showing conclusively the superior mode iu which this
hotel is conducted.
ll is contiguous to all of the most popular places of
amusement, the principal thoroughfares, tho fashionable promenades and steamboat landings; (bus rendering
il at all times, tlie most Dksiu.uii.e Stopping Place run
[•'amii.ihs a\o Single Gentleman, during their stay in
.San Francisco.
Single rooms, with full board, $2.Til) per day.
The " International Hotel Couch" is in attendance at
all hours, to convey Passengers to and Irom the Hotel,
for Si.DO each including baggage. olH-tc
New style noiseless
From $T."i upwards.
"1IIEV were awarded  Two   Premiums at the State
Fair I    Ono for Machino  sewing, and  the  only
Premium fur l'«Ri^>.Quiltiiig ami Embroidery.
These Machines sew from two spools, ns purchased
from the store, requiring no re-windiug of thread, and
finishing each scam by their own operation .wilbiiul
recourse to the hand needle, as is roquirod oy other
machines. On account of their simplicity, durability
case of management, and adaptation to all varieties o
family sewing, they execute either heavy or line work
with equal facility, and without speciul.niljiistiiient.
The New Machines introduced by the
Are of elegant finish, and their operation is rapid and
very quiet. The ease wilh which ihey can bo managed
is u distinguishing fonturo, und the siiicli is the strongest
handsomest, aud most elastic of any unfile.
Send for a circular.    All Machines Warranted.
ILK,    COTTON,    NI'.EIILI'.S,     ETC.,     CONSTANTLY     OX    1IANII
It. G. BROWN, Agent,
N I-: \\r    DRY   Q 0 CDS   S T O R E,
comer of Vatcs and Government streets.
UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to the public of Victoria and V. I. they have opened the
magnificent Dry Goods store on the corner of Yates
and Govornmont Streets, where we nre prepared to oiler
a complete assortment of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
comprising   Linens,  .xllks,  Delaines,   Prints,   Poplins
l/eriiios. Flannels, shawls. Mantillas, Embroideries, ot
every description, and trimmings.
All assort ment of Gents' Furnishing (J nods, carpets,
Drugget and .Valting, all of which will be sold at tbo
lowest market prices.
New goods received by every conveyance
The public are solicited to call and examine our stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
New Dry Goods store corner of Vales nnd Government streets. ibi-tc
Jusl arrived.
Ill hhds Jcfl'rv's ('elcbraled Edinburgh Ale,
20 casks Itvass's Ale. in Pints.
128-41 SOl'Tlli'ATE k MITCHELL.
• lm
18 Montgomery street,
San Francisco
JUST RECEIVED and for sale
2500 lbs Ilergin.s Celebrated Family Soap ;
•too lbs English White do
BOO lbs French Sperm Candles;
Mill His New Znntc Currants ;
-.'Oil lbs candied it roil ;
50 doz. California Corn Brooms, assort'd sizes
Sail Salmon in casks for export.
d.1-tc Cor. Government and Votes street
{From the Victoria Gazette of February 1.)
S must have boon observed by tboso who
|ie.il thc addreses, and listened to the
ches of candidates before the hiLc clcc-
with what caution, whilst expatiating
direct taxation, those gentlemen abstain-
onv indicating any express mode of levy-
uch taxation. Thequestion of how best to
our hand into tlie pockets of a communis puzzled more experienced men than
who solicited the suffrages of the Van-
er Island Voters, and wo havo no reason
stonishraent, that the delicate tonic was
ed with hesitation, and dismissed in generalities. The lime, however, draws near,
'v?wm\ those who have been honored by thc
BHdence of iWpcii'ile, must approach the
question willimit reserve, and wc can but
i, that much time wasted upon elec-
ci-ing squibs, retorts, and high-flown
eal propositions, (tho latter not of mo.
in our infant condition) would have
better expended in discussing measures
vicling ways and means.   Electioneer-
On Wednesday last an overwhelming congregation
assembled ai the churchof St. James, Piccadilly, to hear
the farewell sermon of Ihe Right Rev. Dr. George Hills,
the newly consecrated Bishop of British Columbia. The
Bishop preached an admirable sermon, in which lie described the safety us well us the danger of a missionary
life, concluding with an eloquent appeal on behalf of
his new mission. The Holy Communion was then administered by the Bishops of London, Oxford, and Columbia, lu the afternoon a large meeting, specially
culled by the Lord Mayor in aid of the work iu llritisii
Columbia, on the, requisition of many of the leading
merchants ofthe city of London, was held in the Egyptian Hall, Mansion House; and the chair was occupied
by the. Lord Mayor, who could not. have more appropriately inaugurated his period of office. The. Bishop oi
British Columbia gave an interesting sketch ofthe history of that Colony, and an account, also of the various
classes of which its population is composed. He described the natives as being a more settled and hardy
race than Red Indians generally are ; and for this reason
he expressed a strong hope that, if the influence of civilization were brought to bear upon them, their extinction might be prevented. Tbe Bishop of Oxford delivered a very fervid and eloquent speech, in which he
advocated the introduction into the colonies, at their
very beginning, of the full .system of the Church of
England ; and delivered nn impressive appeal on behalf
ofthe Indians, towards whom, lie said, our past policy
bad been  fraught   with  cruelty  and  injustice.    The
Salt Spring Island Storo
rrVIE subscriber   having  received   consignments of
I Flour, Groceries, and Provisions, Dry Goods,
11 a rd ware, kc, will open a store at his Farm ou >S'all-
spring Island, about the 15th inst. All goods will be
sold for cash, at Victorin prices, cost of transportation
All sorts of produce, such as shingles, deer, grouse,
furs, kc, taken in exchange for goods.
Positively no credit will be given.
X. B. Choice kinds of Emit Trees, kc, always on
hand and for sale at reasonable rates. li-t
pnny are now prepared to execute orders for Re-
lined Loaf uml Crushed Sugars for export, at tbe current prices ruling for Eastern Refined sugars, the
purchasers receiving Ihe benefit of the drawback allowed by the United .States Government of one and a
halt cents per pound upon the quantity so exported,
Applv to BOND k HALE, Agents,
nHi-lc 50 and 01 Sansome St. San Francisco.
ind recent arrivals:
60 boxes Caudles,
100 bbls Self-Raising and Golden Gate Flour,
.'jiioo li - Bacon (choice),
25 firkins Hope Butler,
20 sacks Java Coffee,
25 bags Rio Coffee,
10 chests Superior Black Tea,
20 bbls Crushed Sugar,
Lobsters, Oysters,
Worcester Sauce, J * H Lard,
Pickles, Syrup, kc kc,
In store and for sale nt low rates by
Yates street, near Waddington.
N. B.--A choice lot ol" Fuksii BUTIBll for Family use.
"MIE Rkv. W. F. CLARKE begs lo announce thnt it.
is his intention to open on Monday next, flie 9th
inst., in the Congregational  Lecture  Room, near thc
Bishop of London and Governor Grey were among the ,   ^     , Ohnrch? an Academy, where a limited nxw,
ieding^peakcrs, «f^«oi|J«lri in tothe; J,r otfYmng Ladies and Gentleman, will  be  received
succee ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
amount of more than ft thousand pounds. It should be
stilted thnt Miss Burdctt Coutts had endowed tho Bishopric, with £25,000.—From the, Canadian Netcs, Nov.
During thc war, an Irish peasant, who wns posted,
with a musket, on duty, and had wandered a little out of
his position, was accosted by nn officer with " "Whait
are you here for?'1—"Faith, yonr honor," said Pitt,
with his accustomed £rin of good-humor, "they tell me
I'm here for a ccnturi."
for instruction in tbe ordinary branches of a thorough
Knglish educntion.
The morals of the pupils will bo carefully jriiarded,
and whilo no denominational tenets will bo inculcated,
the religious faculty will not be neglected.
Hours of tuition 10 to 12, and 1 to *t.
Strict punctuality will be enforced, and no deduction
made for lost time.
Terms $10 per quarter of ten weeks, payable invariably in Advance.
Victoria, V. I,, Jan, 1st, 18U0. j2-liu
Under the especial patronage of
Her  Majesty the Queen,  II.   R.   II.   Prince  Albert,
The  court and   Royal  Family  of Great  Britain,  the
several sovereigns nf Europe, and universally
preferred and esteemed.
Rowlands' Macassar Oil.
Is justly renowned throughout the world for its remarkable virtues in nourishing, preserving, and beautifying the Human Hair. For children it is especially
recommended, as forming the basis of a beautiful head
of hair, and rendering the use of the fine-couib unnecessary.—Price lis. lid. and "ts. Family Bottles (equal
lo four small) 10». lid., and double that size, 2Is, per
Intkukstimi Fact.—The following singular ml nu
thentie. case of restoration of tlie human hair is worthy
of observation, more particularly as tt relates to an article of high and universal repute during the lust hall
century.    Mr. A. Herrmann, of Queen .street, Soho, hud
eu quite bald for some time past, and had tried various preparations for the recovery of his hair, but without any beneficial result. He was then induced to try
the effects of " Rowlands' Macassar Oil;" and after
daily applying it, for about two mouths, be, much lu
his gratification, hud his hair quite restored, and now
possesses a beautiful head of hair. This fact speaks
too strongly for itself to require comment,—Bell's Weekly Messenger.
Rowland's Hair Wash.
A preparation from the choicest Oriental Herbs, of
peculiarly mild aud detersive properties. It pleasingly
and effectually cleanses the hair and skin of trfo Head
from scurf and every species of impurity, and imparts
a delicate fragrance. It is particularly recommended
to be used after Bathing, as it will prevent the probability of catching cold in the head, und will rendertbc
liuir dry in a few minut'W.     Price 3s. lid. per bottle.
Rowland's Kalyilor.
An Oriental Balsamic preparation of unfailing efficacy in thcnmgb'y purifying the skin from all Pimples,
Spots, Blotches, Redness, Freckles, Tun, and Discolora-
tions ; in producing a healthy Ireshness and transparency of Complexion, and a softness and delicacy of the
hands and arms. During the heat and dust of summer,
or frosts and bleak winds of winter, nnd iu cases ot
sunburn, stings of insects, chilblains, chapped skin, or
incidental Inflammation, Us virtues have long and extensively been acknowledged. Prico 4s. lid. and 8s. di
por bottle.
Rowland's Odonto,
A While Powder, composed of the choicest and
must recherche Ingredients ol' the Oriental Herbal, of
inestimable virtue in preserving am; beautifying the
Teeth, strengthening the Gums, nnd in rendering the
breath sweet and pure.   Price 2*. DA per box.
1"V)R the greater convenience of tho public, tho
' Young Mkss' Ciuiistian Association have removed their Reading Room to the front room ou tho
ground Hour ofthe house of Dr. Dickson, opposite thu
Bastion, Government siieet.
The public arc Invited lo become subscribers to this
room, on the table of which will lie found the Timer,
Illustrated Netat, Saturday Review, Athenaeum. Record,
Watchman, Patriot, Scotsman, Melbourne Argus, New
York Herald, Weekly Bulletin, Montreal Witness, Victoria
Gazette, British Colonist, Neto Westminster Times, and
other newspapers.
The room is comfortably furnished and will lie found
a pleasant resort in which lo spend a leisure hour.
Open from a lo in o'clock, every evening, Sundays excepted. Subscription six shillings, or one dollar aud a
half per iitiui'tor.
The Secretary will he in attendance every Monday
and Thursday evening, from (i to 7 o'clock, to receive
subscribers names.
X. It. Donations of Newspapers, Magazines, or Honks
thankfully received.
il:i-lm JOHN OOliPEH, Sec.
AN 8-Horso   Power  High    Pressuro    En gilio,   v
Boiler and Connections, complete,
For sale bv
rilllE Lower portion of tlio Brick Building ocoopie
J[     by  tho  New   Westminster   Times Ollice, in   rear i
Stationer's Hall
Applv li
nr ol
SARAH FLOORS—Slionld this meet the cy(
above, who  married   Li kk Mi.i.i.ov, un (
e of thu
  —, -■• communicating wilh Edward Flooks, .Melkshnni, Wiltshire
England, or wilh Job G. Flooks, 11. M. s. Tribune Esquimau, Vancouver Island, she will hear of somethiiiir
to her advantage dlo-att
Commission  Merchant,
Liverpool Wharf, Columbia street, Now  Westminster,.
'British Columbia.
BONDED STORAGE always ready Tor 500 to 1000-
tons Merchandise; consignment* received, duties
paid, und all orders for the mines for Flour, Bacon,
Beans, ami other goods Immediately attended to.
Great advantages accrue to parties importing direct
to New Westminster, who will nice' with itiuncdinlo salo
for cargoes of staple goods.
Important Information.
Unprincipled SliopljcaScrs, for |he sake of gelling a
trifle more profit, vend tlVe most spurious compounds,
under tlie sumo, names, it is^Weture highly necessary
to sec that the word :: Rowlands,"'is on the wrapper of
each article. Sold by the Proprietors,
Sc'ltOWLAND k SONS, 'j(» Ration Gardsi., London
And by Chemists and Perfumers.
—.i '
MR. E. MALLANDAINK.'Aiicimtkct, of ovct three*
years' experience, in tuition, sen of the bite Gob
.lolin Mitlliiiidiiine, II. E. I. O. S., takes the opportunity of
informing Parents ami Guardians, and the general residents of Victoria, liritish Columbia, and California, that
lie has purchased"tho above School of Mr. J. Silversmith.
In assuming the soli, direction, and while calling attention to the great advantage of his central situation, Mr.
E. M. would state that it is his intention to receive, as
usual, children of both sexes—and instruct ill all the'
Tlcinentiiry brunches ui'un English education : then-iris
in addition, being taught Plain Needle-Work, by a competent toucher, whose lit'ondauce E. M. has seemed
Moro advanced pupils will be instructed iu regular
coitises in Penmanship, Declamation, Arithmetic,
French, English and French Composition and Grammar, Knglish and American History, Geography,
and finally, in lhc Elements of Euclid, N»tuud I'hiioso-
phy, Chemistry and Astronomy.
Private lessons in any of the above ; also in Drawing, Mensuration, Elementary Algebra, and the principles of Architecture and Design.
For terms and further particulars see Prospectus,
which may be had on application to
N.B.   -Evening (School also Ti-oih 4 till."t r. jc., and «J
till 10, for the convenience of adults,, or children engaged during tho day.
MM. les Framjais sont invites a faire nn cows d'Ang-
hvis 1c soir.ou a envoyer a l'ecolo Ojio-s enfant*, a quo
Ion npproiulra en- outre, ki Grnm'nnirc et I'HListfrire-
Frangaises. )4-lmi
M"ARCHAXTD- k CO., Aissayers of CJoId, Silver; ma
ores of every description. Gobi ami silver
*smay<; made, and returns giver, -within ?R lioiifitn Bare
or coin, at the. option yf the depositor. dIO 3m,
I; l
. SI
SS ■ >
,-t Govern.
But  the  p
aughly in- ompetent
i holdii
iiuld  have remembered, that \,t
:-u 1 thai he has lost no time
Jan 26—Am. berm.  brig W D Bice, Ruddugh.
schr Nanaimo Packet. Walker. Nanaimo.
Jan 21—str Otter. Mount. New Westminster.
Jan 28—steamer Julia, Moultain, 1'ort Townsend.
Brig Persevere. Copeland, Nanaimo.
schr Royal Charlie, Jenkins. Xanaimo.
schr I'riiiito. Church, Port Townsend.
Jan no—Sir Panama. Whiting, San Fran
str Otter. Mount. New Westminster,
schr II C Page. Oburg. Port Towusen
schr Harriet. Coffin, I'orl Townsend.
schr Marion. Boyle. Sooke.
sloop Midnight Cry. i'.-i-l. Port Townsend.
Jnn .'1—schr Petrel, Taylor. Port Townsend.
Feb 1—Str Eliza Anderson, Bushnell, PortTuwnscn '.
Bark ('bars Devens. Hovy, Purt Townsend.
schr Rover. Johnson, Port Townsend.
schrPisqnntiqua, Allen, Port Townsend.
Feb 2—sehrJCadboro, Briggs, Nanaimo.
Feb 3—str Eliza Anderson,   Wright. Xcw   Westminster.
str Otter. Mount. New Westminster.
Jnn 26—schr Xanaimo Packet, Wakcr, Nauaimo.
schr Potter. Howard. Porl Townsend.
schr Thames, Ogelvic, Xanaimo.
shcr Surprise, McKay, N. W. Coast.
schr bulla Rookh, linger.-. Port Townsend
sloop Dashaway, Custleton, Sookiv
sloop Ludbvice, t'arr. X\w Westminster.
Canoe Perseverance, McDonald, New Westminster.-
Saner Jack, Caragherj New Westminster.
Jnn 28—Brig   W D   Rice.  Buddington,   Port  Town
schr Pronto; Dwyer, Port Townsend.
sloop V Sherman, Whitford. Port Townsend.
canoe Cowell, Sullivan. New Westminster.
Jnn 30—Str Panama, Whiting. Sun Francisco.
sir Otter Mount. New Wi -tmii   '■ r.
Bark Senator, SI h imb, Sh i ghai.
sloop Leoneda, Allen, Por   T
canoe Blue Lead. Insram. New '.'■' -tn i ister,
Jan 31— Midi..,.: Cry. Peel, Port Towuscnd.
icr. Xnnaimo.
. Brainer, No" Westminster.
Charlie. Jenk
not for how  short
thnt a man reclaim.
,.(...;..;|(.i;!tr u similar period
tent from the amusement ami recreation afforded I-, him bv a constant attendance at the
lashavay Hall and meetings, will probably
icsitate civ he- again enters upon a life of dis-
'    -r m wliicb will  re-plung3 him iuto the
;ptbs of degradation from which this exeel-
nt institution may have rescued him.    We
The foil
by the m
Gazette in Portland,
have notice.
utM j'U j
' cation.
Vict >ria
' .■-■■*'■-]
- •.
■ V  lor
• <7 ■:■"■.
lenti d i ■
e British Co-
ing fish
..-,   :,   1,,
so assi
luonsly, and
lest  anv  one
were incoi
ent  men in th
ipeteut, and appojnt*n
Ball and Elwyn as Justices of the Peace are much ^
■ted hy all  classes.    But depend upon it thts v
croakers, and <*■
i.uit over many envious
weii ai
vcruor Douglas ivili^l
nl ai
will settle n
reign triumphant over many envious and hiddenenj.
inies. Mr. !•'.' yn is, next to Mr. Nicol late of DongU,
,;,,. m03| popular magistrate in British Colombia.
We British Colnmbians hope that the most libenj
hand system will be adopted. Land at one dollar hik
a Quarter an acre, and we will prosper in spite of OU
ai,urobilins epithet of j jjarry himself, and all the sneers of the paperling g( |
:,.,i even of wearing a yict0ria.
iilurms seize him—be Very little snow has fallen this winter, not newljB
into "Johnson" 1 find|mucna3 lust year. A second wharf is to be made-';»,.
mediately, and a subscription bus been raisei to de&y
" * in here to Cayoojh L- in(,'.
•'•'cs of provisions aredjj.
.'oing up, but  most are now stored  at  Cayoosli
wards me
that is nn*
entire ini
■, 1 hopi
^^ 'Johnson " I  find
,  . , •• gentleman " defined to be -- a man above the
, j vulgar;'' now if it had been below instead of   " above,'1. ti    ,.v„,..wC
ii should have known where to have applied it. particu- j ceiient* or jer
Ilarly after an article or two which appeared in that
journal,  the   British  Colonist   of to-day's
The trail fn
l.ar-'e Quantities
Dear Sin.—I left Fori    -
hurry, and was so badly scared that 1 have not quit
yet recovered, but nevertheless I am well enough t
write and express my sincere -.banks to you. an,! als
Mr. Gilbertson, for die svmnuthy vou manifested to-
' departure.    But I have one  >«'.v ?«« Mbtuem w  '««   «—■-  •-.-■--— .   , BV.„B ,.,  	
dred you to understand and abominable journal, the  Bnttsh Colonist  ot  to-day s i ^ approacb of gpring permiu of their jd-^
tat affair ni Portland. I iss"e-     •.        ,...,,... . I to Fort Alexander.
i      to prove myself so to     There" a'-dignity m labor,    but not  m any ever,    We ,ook      on b
nv friends, but whether or undertaken by de Cosmos.    I learn thatthe manua la- thc Col ^   iV      *  *fjlnc       >, .   "■a* I
uple of|,,<,r he originally pursued,   and ol which he  talked soL ht heart   wckom^
^_^_      e mv respects io m, ...,-,.,.,,.. •  much at the Elei lions, the exert,.,,, ol  the b-o-o-o-n-ej   *, h:iv„ jugt ](.ar,., ,,mt a Bhi   ,e mftchin
Who Und any, which I verv much doubt. and sm-ew was bv no in 	
"' And believe mc, kc, were it the low™   _.       .
—       [so low as he does now in the estimation ol bis  fcllow-
| men, and let u- charitably hope, of his own.    Let   Mr.
de Cosmos le.irn that the first symptoms of gentlemanly
'character are truthfulness, I on  sty, and decency.
Yours. trui>.
Otium cum digging-a-taty.
Victoria,  Feb. 2nd,  181
are not members ourselves, but, notw
ing we have carefully watched, and with much' an(i in0ru
gratification witnessed the stead)'advance of]tne entire  . ^^
,       ,.    , , , ,  not, vou will sec me over in the course of  a
Jhe  Dashaways,   and   strongly   recommeod m0nths.   Give my ropects to my friends, if you can
; their principles to the notice of all those who! find any, which 1 very much doubt,
find "tho evil creeping upon    them."     To| "'    Thomas Babtcis.
, clu-ek intemperance entirely, is wo mv afraid],I    it „•••■ be observed that this letter is signed B irton,
I beyond the power of mortal men, vet greatdr while the  name he  signed in a very different style in
.*......, , i- i    ,   i        court, to his (Barton's) statement, was Thomas Sprague,
improbabilities have been accomplished thap evidently in a feigned hand, but perhaps being a little
I even victory over this terrible evil,   nor   need j " scared." although appearing very cool, he formed the
,„     i   ,,.-,.  .„i„. -. .ii   -l     letter II. in both signatures exactly alike.    Dr. S. B.
. ue despair so long US   we  Witness  the   daily \Casln> gaVc his lestimony that the prisoner slept in the
I increase of societies like the one under notice room adjoining the one occupied by him: that he heard
■ liiin enter at the time that the dog barked, seemingly
in haste, - breathing laboriously." but be bad no sus-j
epenil npe,,,
is (.'01,12
l nam juoi rnptu,   ...... ■ i—  -- .- b«.uj;io
no means of a dignified nature, but   oe  added to  the splendid mill of Messrs. MiiciiomilJ j
• st ottue uniier  uCBVen,   lie never   snnkl"..       n»u: i, ,,,. I.,.,.,, I  in need of. flnd alth ii.
schr Osprcy, Om
canoe Flying Cl
Jan 31—schr lb
whose advantages we feel out-selves incajiablo
adequately to describe. The growth of a re-,
medial idea is as natural as the growth ofa
moral cr:!, and the means will never fail to
come ' those who seek them with ardor and
faith in their success. Let all unite, for to
him who knocks at a difficulty it shall be
opened; but  to  him who knocks not, it shall
Co.    Tl
owners every
have been long in need of. and wish It)
ucocss—their liberality deserve? it.
Tothe-Edilor Victoria Gazette.
Our alliance with the   Government of Napoleon]];!
To the Editj
Douglas, 11. ('.. Jan. 1-tth,
d no sus-'    With regard to the subject of Justices oftho peace, I of en
etimc.    Mr. Gambitz of Yates- Upon which 1 wrote to you privately, 1 may inform you  belli
lie alsu testified to I 'hat Ihe up countrj ones  now iu ollice  are a great im- of ci
provement,  in my estimation  (and I judge from tbeIcountenanci
opinions 1 hear expressed) upo ' ' —   ■'• ' ■
ceded them.    However,  there i
picion of the cause at
street, slept in the room opposite, he i
thc same effect.
Wednesday, 1st. Feb.. 1SG0.
Thc nb
re case which has been remanded from day
to  day, wis
brought  to a close
this morning.    The
those who   have [ire- j doi
a recent appointment i linj
must not be approved with the frank cordiality of vM
reserved  friendship.   To allow the  despotism of tjl
French Emperor to be forgotten, wbonld havetbe efti|
iiraging tyranny in all   Kuropi
lat our own tendencies un ^^^^^
ititutional  rule, and  this instead of alfrf.i
uid mural support to the diuusiunuffel
ion, and liberal ideas,   we should m;M
trument? of di-prc-s-iug ]iri.;:-,!
by induciw
osed tolhefrtu,
which   will   not   be
can In
from their general practice,
no | and of exalting absolutism. The necessity of loa
France with a jealous suspicion—as having il
esigns in the English alliance, to proinn'c >;
i can find but little  sympathy in liritish hi-an,
tne oest quaimeu men. iuum» >. .,—.   - . een already very forcibly demonstrated.   Wce
stipendiary and resident  magestrates have been in the guard with all i
  f',nr   SI! donbtthatall those who"have been officers in the British n-
ouuger Hoffman not being able to prove that the door & themselves well, and their populariti   rl
,-as locked on the night a person was found in««J       '      tjie rainCrs is the surest guide of their beingIw
rother's rooms, and the elder brother onlj   tes ii% ;     ,,„ulilied men. In oilier colonics the majority Ol   li
Barrister   King coiiteinteit.'".--"-.; i ,       .,  ,...,„ , i,„v„ ;,,.,.,, in tbe I or
A; ll
lenkins, Sa
New  Wes
, nu Mioiiwii'-i, "■■  iiuiu un'" gvi.t.... ,   , i jinienuini \  uuu imuu..    e-  ,. .     ,        , ,.        ,     „. ,
, -i ■!■»,.   „*• thai no burelary bad been commuted: that no pro i    v j service    Their habits unality them | French alliance to
JC ever shut.    We can see  the possibility   of ^   no onrg    ; ^ ^  ^ ^  ^ Uad mil.tan audnaiat
...i, •   ..    r....„, '      • ..        ,        ,   .-. .:,i..., nf tli»  lliiti'iiians  identi-,Ior  lvl
rt To
the eventual extermination of this vice   from
[our midst,  and place our confidence in  the
Feb l—;
schr Marion, Bovle, :
schr Petrel, Taylor. 1
schr Langley. (i&udy'-ifcw Westmiust r.
schr Prospector, Duran, New Westminster.
>-i br Rover, Joyce, New Westminster.
canoe Jupiter, Fontaine. Xew Westminster,
Feb'!—sc Curcesc, Smith, X. W. Coa«t. . i
Several canoes, and n large number of miners lcfi for -mil almost impossible ends advocated by 01
New Westminster.  ,-,,.;.,,;,.,^.   ,.,.„   ,imil,i-l
schr Harriot, Coffin, Port Townsend.
Feb 3—str Eliza Anderson, Wright,  Port Townsend
schr Rover. Johnson, Port Towuseud.
! been forced, and  that neither of the Iloffmans ._	
^^^^ lied the accused.    His Worship felt that there was uot: col
i,,..-.n   u-1. ..<-.. 1 ,- .1, . ii.. i .........       l. ..,        •   i sufficient evidence to send the case to a jury, but duty
iiu.in~ \\ iieieii\ the I) isliawav s seek to   o-ain  .        ■ ,,  , , ■      .      ,,        ■    .,'       ■      ■   ,„,;
• fa   •  I to society, compelled him   to call   upon  the prisoner '-"!
support, having more  faith   in the   practical to find  sureties (two) in  $50  each, himself in $100.   los
I morality of abstract ideas, than  of common- If people «lct int0 l,his police court vhey must give an
I    . . account   ot   themselves   before  thev    get  out.     lne
I place projects without    them.    Ihe difficult, leniency shown to crime, or tbe suspicion of crime in
' ■        ,,if_! other countries, will, not be the rule in Victoria.  Every
,     ,   ,        case shall be thoroughly sifted,
nary temperance   associations   are   doubtless      Two    charges  for'selling  liquor  to  Indians   were
' ' "'''urly proved.    Penalty. £10 each.
Rolling   ix tiik  Mud.—The above
for knocking about in the
n v.
nm infi nncd that ou
ig home; 1 am sony
him from the coloui
districts  ol a new
n .
lad th rt
or the i
d is n l.i.i
ses main
-.-   1 -
I most valuable; but easy ones judiciously se-
peurs t'i
the charge
lected, prepare the
way for their ultimate ac-
madc by a policeman, a sou of Hibernin.   " Fast asleep
His Worship could not un-
comphshment, and therefore are most worthy ana foiling in the mud.
,,, . , ,      , ,. " Iderstand this feat of somnambulism,  lie dismissed tl
ot the support ot the moral public,
We cannot close this short notic
Acapuleo, 20
Aspinwall. 20
Australia, 33
Do by private ship
from .snn Francisco 10
Austria. 35
Belgium, via France.        'J I
Brilish North American
Provinces IS
Cape ot Good Hope 38
Ceylon, via England        20
East Indie?, bv Prussian
Mail, via Trieste
France, 'Jo •■   per
German Stales. :;.'i -   per
Gibralta, via France,        20 ••   per
Great Britain and Ireland 23 •■   per h oz.
Holland, via France
Hong Kong,
Peru. 27
Poland. 42 '
Portugal, via England,     03 *
Prussia. 35
Russia. 43
Sandwich Islands,. 10
Spain, via France, 43
Sweden. IT
West Indies, 20
mentioning that we are indebted i^ Mr. J. A,
Mct'rea, thc auctioneer,for the speedy intro-.
(Auction ofthe Dashaway principles into Victoria, and we wish the association every success, and trust they may long enjoy the advantage of his advice as their President.
case, reprimanding the ollicer for not giving bis testimony in a proper manner. The drunkard saved five
shillings, but the policeman perhaps, saved his life,
for the fact is he was laying in the middle of the road,
and if a waggon bad passed, a limb might have been
broken, or bis bodv seriously injured.
Thursday. Feb. 2.
BcRGL.vnv.—Another attempt was made last nieht
Chief Commissioner talks of
i hear that we arc likely to
although 1 11iii.-1 confess ihat
- a [irospect ofa change in-thc Depart
ictivity existing is inexplicable. The
who i; much respected, nnd no doubt
I'uluable aud excellent qualities, iu well
but from unaccountable causes he ap-
at the head of thc Department in tbi.-
'.i Grant is spoken of as likely  to auc-
.-.  in the event of u -chanire.    lie i	
and   would   no   di
ling out our resources,; but  fi   ui one i n
Iuiubi.i to thc other, the name of C ptain
■ktd upon as that of a man who-" untiring
in   t!
are in llu
cannot I"
cced Col.
towards o]
of British i
Gosset is lo,.,^„ ..,.„ _.
energy, and business like habits, render him par ■-> I
Unci the man for cutting roads and trails. I have heard
irom tnose who have cou versed with him, v. hat his ide is
upon the subject ure, and I am coin ineed he i- thoroughly
practical, and that his head i- screwed on right side uppermost. 1 hear that he is going fo stand lorn Victoria
constituency; 1 hope not, for although he would make
valuable member, we llritisii Columbians do not
mil the iie
ore--, that opinion
■ arbitrary : iilc un;
lance, agaiiii-t permitting the Xtii-M
be drawn closer than may be cornel
lf we do not, the storm now jjik-B
•ii. Bhall burst forth in all in :>1
only until tbe plans of Na|«,!inB
.lured, lt is Hot the Freurli Iv.'U-B
ect any sinister design; theyd,iia|
e! Tlie power and wealth ol tnxM
t a .-ingle individual*, public a\iwm
tnong them, for all freedom of i-iprJ
ipressed, even in their I^-gi;'lntivi.'J
:ir courts of justice. We art ini'.-B
ie desperate > nci giea exerted tof*
aliiii>-t iiniversally, is hosts
MrWcfc-Fawre Eroam
t deal   the imperial leader that demaiuls
ie end   nol the people.    Bill leaving the
Ptain I government ihey chose,  it will be
the poiicy of Sn'pulcon  III. ns n d
bis uncle, anxious for extended -v
war  with EngU--
Frcnch to Wuta*!
wise in US to irji-J
inti n nance of t'i
av.   and tlelennj
if possible, to ci
out Europe as
Icon is Engl.in.
with her deadlii
Anion;.--! man}
adulation bv th
BcKGL.vnv.—Another attempt was made last night,
..  ,       ..  ., , , .', I a valuaole lueiiilier, we Wi ilisii Columbians do not li-el
bv Robert Xailsou, a short, thick set young man, wear- ,,   ,       ,   ■ ,,. . .   ,      .       ,, ,,   .   ,
.•,,,.,. ,-      -p.,      . „ verv well pleased al our othi-iais devoting all then-linn
ius a blue shirt, who arrived yesterday tu thc steamer ,   *.,     . ' ,    ,. ,. . .°   .
...?     .    , .. .,       •*•.,•. -i-    to the  lmproveuient o    Vancouver  I.-luud—we  wain
11 "■"   tfithnnt a nennv in his    , ', ..,,.,, ,
ictniul doi s—thev can l'c
34 -
20 -
40 ■•
43 -;
per ]
per 4
optional.   ]
compulsory. I
compalsory |
compulsory. ]
£ocal intelligence.
iiug u uiue cu<.., ......-- . - , ....provement ui   vaacouiei   umuu—..t t
Eliza Anderson from Olymp.a   *«thput a penny ,,, h„ U      wrJh.cs mQn tll:lH the [slftul, ,,.,. s__t|„.v ,iln ?c,
■Vet.    Oihcer  McDonnell observed  a  person  at tne | ^^ ^ ^y ^ ;ip. ^j^ tQ t)u. ^..^ ^(l]Ji<v
sent oat to .-rive u—no, no. (':411am GossetJ Fair piny
is a jew# .' Stii k tu British Colum' '
Information has just arrived thnt an American Officer
named McKibben inarched with a .Sergeant's guard to
Langley, and arrested there two men whom he claimed
as prisoners, and took them with him over the boundary. He acted, be stated, by orders from his Commanding Officer, and was ready to resist any attack
made ou him. It is .supposed this violation of our territory is part of a system which Gen. Harney is pursuing for the purpose of forcing his country into a war
with England.
Tbe necessity of removing the town from Langley will be at once seen, and an immediate order ought
to be given to this effect.. It will be also seen how-
wise has been ihe choice of this place (New Westminster) lor a city by  our Lieut. Governor.
ed by jealousy;
the growth of
despise us now
then ■■ ii
In nil cases in addition to the above rates, the Colonial postage of 2.)d. is added for every half ounce.
pOCneu    ..u......  .
rear of the saloon corner of Johnson and Government-
streets,  trying to open the door, in which he failed, it
being well  secured.    Cpon the officers getting round
to the spot, be had disappeared, but they lay in ambush,
and in n short time they were called on by Mr. Francois Duvernois.    The prisoner entered his house, the 1
door  not being  locked,  and  began  to  rummage tlie!
room,   which   awoke   Duvernois,   who   immediately
uraped out of bed and  seifced him,   got  a  light and |
handed him over to tlie  two officers, who were on the!
look out.    Nailson said that he ,; was only looking for
a bed."    Pen,nude,!.
In this, as i„ many other cases, the caution so often j
given bv the magistrate and the Press, to the public, r'  "'.''''"'• •*•» •■"•   *-••"■"
,    ,*.. .,..,.. ., , ,„„„ „„i,„„i   1 conduct yourselves  like
1 -i.-.ii 1 .. '...1...., ,,„,i,,„ „,..
there    ,^_^_
this   demon.
but   the   lay
• w ill see
ca lly a- the hatsed
>t give any pret ext
Vancouver Islnm'l
is   not far  distant
when a deputation, the
her inhabitants, will pi
to look to their doors, was unheeded
learer ofa humble petition from
sent itself at New Westminster,
....   ...,«....   :u unite themselves  with us.
about howling wildernesses 1—Inhospitable
regions—lively inosquetos and thc much despised town
lots. No my V. !. friends, I would recommend you all
to lay low, as our  practical   neighbors say, and if you
..,,..  j --.   . '    ''"'    '"iunp.   you
shall be taken under our wing by-and-by. ipit in the
neantime. how much of the salaries of our officials
nre yon going to pay, who have been doing all your
work for nothing? Surely you cannot be so mean as to
ncc 'lit them without giving si,me equivalent? Yet you
even grudge us a share of your hospital accommodation '.
Now to return to our wants—wc rcrjulreamost liberal
laud system—pre-emption right acknowledged—laud at
Tiyolsciii-s, ou LESS,-
O.ne Inch, on undeii,—One insertion,	
11 " One month....'	
11 " Three months,....
" " Six months,	
One insertion,	
One month,	
Three months,	
" " Six months	
Foun Inches, ok less—One insertion,	
1 " One month	
' " Three  months	
Advertisements of larger dimensions
periods, as per agreement.
  0    5
  11 IG
   2    0
  3 10
   0    3
   1    4
   3 10
  (.!    0
   0  1a
   2    4
   6    0
(Before Justice Pemberton.)
Saturday Jan. 28th.
George Hunter Cary. Esq.. Attorney General, was
charged by Mr. W. II. Ik-vis. with an infringment of the
law ofthe Colony, by riding ou tbe side-walk. The
offence was admitted, and cause assigned ; but the power
ofthe Magistrate to deal with the case was denied, Mr.
Cary contending that an act applicable to " that part of
Great Britain called England," could not apply to Vancouver Island, unless accepted as a local act. His
Worship stated that there was no local act, the law of
England wns acted upon, and th.'t upon the authority
ofthe Governor.
Mr. Cary further contended that the law is the guide.
and the representative of the Crown could not alter it.
„ . He considered it ridiculous to try to enforcolaws.rr.a le
0 exclusively for England,'in this Colony, nnd that it was
Cavtios to Householdeks.—As hardly a night
passes without some burglary being attempted, it is
matter of great importance that all persons
take care to fasten and secure their premises ns much
us possible. In more than one instance have offenders
escaped punishment owing to premises having been left
Auction Sales.—This dav, at Capt. Stamp's building, die same price as on the other side—,10 enquiries
Government-street, at 12 o'clock, Messrs. Selim Frank- l° »'hnt nation, color, or party, but simply the sine qua
lin .t Co. will sell a number of houses and lots in Vic- 1 ""» "'' oeing a-6ona fide settler. Adopt this principle.
toria, and town lots in Esquimalt and New Westminster. I '"id PlPforfeit my bead (which between ourselves is not a
 Mr. McOren will sell, at his Sales lloom on Wharf-P'"? had onc)«if we don't go  ahead like a  house-a-fire.
treet, this day, Lard, Bacon, Beans, Flour. Caudles, kc \l''1'1-'1-' TrttQe •" "•■ tQings nnd no monopolies.    1 am glad
•you agitato tlie loan question; it isoneworthyofconsid-
_ _...    ... em agaiu " and again,  until we get funds
somehow to mala- roads and bridges.    1 cannot uuder-
tnnd upon what ground the government  hesitate—the
C.uiiiioN.—Why don't the Police  remove the dead]'cration,
which have been lying for the last week on   Yates
they are becoming a nuisansc.
.Street, near Government
Hotel Rouiiehy.—On Thursday night last, a daring
robbery was committed at the Hotel de France. The
room of 11 gentleman lodging there, was entered, and an
English  gold, double-cased   watch nnd  chain  stolei
for longer
At Xew  Westminster, B. C on the"20th ultimo, thc
wife of Captain Spaulding, J. P., ofa son.
&|c $fcb) frdl.'st.mnsieT (Times.
The growth and prosperity of the Dashaway association  in  this town   is  a  subject
which is deserving of some  notice.    The  extent to which thc debasing habits of intemperance were carried in California, previous to
the establishment of this Society were patent
to the world,  and we  can   but admit, that
there were many, even in our small  community who were fast hurrying themselves  into
a premature grave through an inordinate use
of intoxicating drinks.    Many of these, we
arc happy to hnd, have been rescued from the
jaws of destruction by the timely  institution
ofthe " Pioneer Dashaway Society" of Vancouver Island.    The principles of the  Dashaways differ but slightly from those of ordinary Temperance Associations, but in some respects they have improved  upou all others,
and adopted a system which renders them
more likely to obtain members.   With ordi
not the lirst lime the law had been  strained  when   he
was the parly charged.
Mr. Pemberton lined the accused forty shillings—the
highest penalty he could inflict—and further stated
that the law of England had been acted upon for is
years in Ihe Colony, and until acts are passed by the
local Legislature, be would continue to enforce them in I
that court.
Mr. Cary refused to pay the fine—considering that
his position necessitated his resisting the inlliction of an
illegal penally.
Tuesday 'Jan. 30th.
Daring Buhglaiiy.—An attempt to rob the house of
Mr. Hoflman, draper and ■silk-.iicrccr, corner of Government nnd Yates Street, was made a few nights since.
Hoffman stated that ho was aroused by some person
moving about the papers on tlie table near the head ol
his bed, be jumped up and asked who was there'.'
when the individual darted away and sprung down the
slops, but lie could not see who it was, it being about
3 o'clock A.M.
Sergeant Evans, who with another officer, was going
.... rounds, when lie heard a noise iu thc upper rooms
but not hearing any-indication of alarm, they concluded lo move on, when they saw a man rush down stairs,
who on seeing tbe officers, darted off at full speed.
Evans instantly turned tlie lenso of his lantern upon
his face und got a sufficient glance to describe him.
The officers gave chase keeping the light upon him :
turning suddenly round the corner of Moses' shop, he
.ran round tlio Colonial buildings twice, having evidently studieiftbc track which was strewed with rubbish and lumber, and entered the back part of the
Colonial Hotel, by climbing the fence. 1 here being no
other possible means of his getting to his bed room.
The mutter being canvassed in the morning, Mr. Croft,
one of the proprietors of the Hotel, gave such information to the police that thc prisoner was arrested in
his bed, and brought before his Worship, when the
following evidence was given :—
There was §130 in coin, a gold pen  and ease, pen
knife, and a dirty empty  money bag about 0  inches
long,   with n  circular* bottom; nlao  11
given verbatim below.
He gave his name as Thomas li. Sprngue.    After receiving the usual caution from tho court, he stated that
from the table; also fifteen sov
cts iif bis pantaloons.    This will act as a warning to induce unwary sleepers to lock their doors.
Anotueii Hoiiiieiiv.—The store of Mr. Hoffmann, on
country is good—money will be plentifully forthcoming
ifu guarantee ofa fair rate of interest be given, and the
loan will be repaid with ton fold profits in less than
ten veins.   All young colonies have hud their periods
»i ,ic|,u-.-.-,„„.     . „„ ,   Mr. editor,   how much tin.
colony of Australia had to contend with from personal
experience ; at one lime south Australia was considered
irretrievably bankrupt: even tbe Home Government
dishonored the bills of the Governor of the Colony, but
vaicn mm  ciiuiu  muicui
ereign-' out of thc pock-  of depression.    You know
'    ■     l™l,,,„- nf lualraliu had tt:
Yules and Government Streets, was entered a few nights ] look at her now ; she has paid  oil' her  debts,  and has
iuce, nnd a quantity of dry goods stolen.    Mr. II. had, Ln immense surplus revenue, and who is there will dare
m-lniiir  his I f„ „nif ti,„t smith Australia  nosscssed resources equal
to say that south Australia possessed resources equal
to those of British Columbia. Let us borrow fifty or
100 thousand pounds, even it we pay lo per cent, (we
can get it for 0) and lay out every cent in roads—•make
me Commissioner of Lands and if I don't make these
roads pay more than double the interest, "hang me up
on a willow tree."
By-the-by, I see you nre frcqncnly taunted with being
fed out ofthe Government crib; all   right say 1 it such
•£CS of I'oiir
        iuu  they would
lnoiitb'j February jaV? o'clock, to which all nre respect-1 bargain to effect ns much  good.    Why  vou  are  do-
fully invited.
il is said, also neglected the precaution of locking hi
doors. They bad swelled. We would recommend all
gentlemen whose doors are similarly circumstanced to
get the carpenter to work at once, otherwise he mny
lind his stock in trade diminished rather than swelled
some line morning, through the cxpertuess of some of
the swell theives now about.
Friends' Meeting.—Hubert Lindsey and Wife, ministers of the Society of Friends, from  England, intend,	
holding a mo ti ig for worship in the Music Hall, VrJilS true, I wish wo could get a few more ti
toria, on Fifth day (Thursday) evening, tlie 2nd"ol" 2nd|?°rt to feed out ofthe same crib, provive
1-    •-  ...1. !_l.   „ll ■*•.-..
u-c his will to !*■ recognited llm*.
the Bole   international law.   Ni
'-  bitterest foe,  and ye; she lm-.1
-t enemy with extravagant genersdi
significant  manifestations, why *
Imperial lender to the Czar?
Moiik Asm.
Before reaching Alberts Flat, you luive topnsi'fcrwj
.1 ,iii.isi dangerous rapid, near Eniery's bur.   The Fn
river nuikcs a 1 onsideniblc bend ben. and as the d
navigation is u-jisi difficult and dangerous, owing tu
river being toned by a perpendicular wall  uf rmi;
the east side, into a narrow channel over hiigeWaik
It is tive  dangerous  nature of this point of tlie riw
which prevents the steamers reaching Yale at tin- tr?
water sen.-ou : were  f mc  considerable sums spc
removing the boulders in question, and makm;.*"!
sli^'Hi improvements, it is probable that Yale ini:lii
the head of na\ igutkin during four or five month! ioi1
year ; ou the occasion.of my passing through thennj
in que.-tU *i. tbe  canoe  I wns  in  had a very muw
escape, and bud it upset-the cluinces of life woulttM*
been most problematical -. at the distance of half is
you can see the water surging through the nnriow p
sage and forming break':.- ol a most forbiddingwpd
imr dothe*, improve in appearance on a nearernppnflfl
It is of course, necessary to keep cLosc in there, anf
have a pole out Lire and alt iu tllOCanoc, paddlcsllB
useless, though they must be kept close at ImndfiTi.
emergency like  the one iu question.; we had '«=?
safely over about half the danger, and it was nu^
matter, as the canoe was heavily laden, both with la
and other freight, when thc head of our crattgot j«
tiu-d on a boulder lyingjust under water, the buL'1
the bow, instead of pushing her oil'again, tried t»fo
her over it, and using all the strength he bad. In*
eeeded iu   lifting  her  bend  half way over, but sit"
moment—crack—tho pole was in two. and bci re A
bad time to  wink,  tbe  bead uf the canoe KM &*
round, and we were  in the very middle of tlie m
with the short  angry waves coining clear oWU,
wetting ns throngt >i>i>st delightfully ; before,- IwH
one had lime to contemplate the dungcr (a lecling"i
not havii';- ...'.sn anything for soiin- days, otborin*j
strong sensation of vneuem in the abdorosnl&lrtM
being  lue  only unusual  symtom) we were once B'l
in a friendly eddy, for thc moment the pole broke- '1
four Indians, with a terrific howling,  seized tlu'irf
tiles, and with a few  most vigorous  strokes, phiccdj
..nt of danger,    lint I shudder now as 1 thiull of'
our lute would huve been in another minute.   Il n
fur the best plan to land, if any way practicable, «'!'.
sing these rapids, particularly if the canoo.il '"*
On escaping the dangers nnd rounding the r0'1'1
the Emery lur rapids, you immediately come in*1?!
of Albert's flat, which is situated on tho west banktPT
river, and is about three-fourth miles in length, cJ"1
ing about 11 half a mile back to the hills. There i||
very heavy stripping in this locality, but tho |,".v
is ofa satisfactory character, viz, two cents to tlieP
and ten to eleven dollars i.be wages per diem; the ""j
here are on 11 large scale, and testify to great eiii«l1[liH
The Steamship Panama arrived Monday morning
from Portland and San Francisco, and left at 2 P. M.
The gold dust shipped by this  vessel  and the  Pacini
was .
Pacific $23,290.
Panama $3,700.
Pacific $0,500.
I bargain to etlect ns inucii  gooo.    ■rny  you an-  u«- here are on a large scale, and testitv to grei.i n—.
serving of a paddock to yourself for the remainder of Ti](, dilch hero is two miles in length   andcanSUI
your lite, even .1 only  lor giving  the Colony a  decent  a'fty  shliee beads of water iu spring and autumn,
Unw.rlliul ».hoother individuals ttimoar  ...„*.„...   :.,   ,i,„   ,,„,. „„„„;,■„'■ \ii„i„,Vm.hhiitolS«
Wells, Fargo k Co,
Mncdonnld k Co.
a Restaurant
at   Nanaimo.
which i:
Hotel at Nanaimo.—We learn that
nnd Hotel is about being established
This "accommodation wns much needed, mid the
necessity for its establishment pointed out in n
recent Kilter from our correspondent. The proprietor
will be Mons. August Pujol, well known in California,
as a Hoiel and lUistTuiravil keeper. This gentleman
leaves at once with all the necessary fixtures, material
&c, for commencing in this line. We wish him every
success, nnd congratulate the bonne people-of Nanaimo
upon their good fortuno in obtaining the services of sn
excellent an Host.
The Steamer Otter sailed for New Westminster al
7 A. M. yesterday, and took about 150 passengers for
Fraser Kiver.
Auction,—This day at 12 o'clock.   Selim   Franklin
*; Co. Yates Street.    Hooks, wearing apparel,   Pistols,
kc, kc.
looking paper. How riled the other individuals appeal
that you took the wind out of their sails. I see the California Bulletin, and several other papers, compliment
the Niic Westminster Times very highly—bravo New
Westminster!   when do you come up there.
If you  think this  worthy of insertion, I will write
again under the signature of
Tenass MosyfiTo.
To the Editor of the Victoria Gazette.
Dol'liLAS, January 10, 1800.
Sib,—We have now turned over a fresh leaf in our
history. May success attend us this year; and assuredly lt will, if there is any truth in tlie adage that
'• coming events cast their shadows before." Lotus
not all lose sight of our duties, as somo do, and make
up ior it by abusing the government, and working
against each other's interests. Let us work with a
long pull and a pull altogether, uiflthc Interests of every
colonist, no matler what part lit may belong to, aro
concerned in our working iu unison, for the advancement of the welfare of our common home. If any
editor of a Victoria paper has- any private (spleen
arising from envy, such as has b»en evinced towards
the Executive, let him not make bis paper a medium
for vile and uncalled for abuse,
Governor Douglas is now known,:and the more he is
known, the more will he be respected and valued.   Thc
twenty  in  the  dry season.    Mining  operation8'1™]
unusually  large  scale for ibis colony are also i» 1
gress  here ; the bank of thc river up to the Hat's 'iB
steep and lolly and the stripping of sand to bo rcino"H
unusually heavy.    The plan  pursued to obviate "
difficulties was "to bore a tunnel above high water Bj
inwards, til! the pay streak was reached ; then to •
a shaft till the two joins;  this object was not cW
without great  difficulty and outlay,  once or twice
tunnel  caved  in,  nnd on one  occasion an enorm
boulder blocked the way, and another hnd tube s'>''S
The cost of the tunneling alone is four thousandP1,
A sluice was then laid In the tunnel und a stronil
driiulic forco brought to bear down thc shaft, iii'tl*
Relent room was secured to allow the workmen too
who were then  engaged in  making a general cle»
for hydraulic operations on a large  scale.   1"lf**
debris of  washed   matter is   carried out nlll!. ,sll
through the tunnel.    The sluices are to be hi'iivi')''
plied  with  quicksilver to  save all the gold pO-j^
which will only be cleared out once a,month.   '''
possible to accord too much praise to Mr. Mack, »
other adventurers, in this arduous undertaking-     ^
not vet'iieiird the results obtained, nor do 1 iiuoK"1
the works will be in full operation till thc si)m^'{]j
I trust that a gulden hnrvost will reward then1'""
untiring energy nnd perseverance, ofe I
ST OF ALL   LETTERS nt  present undelivered,
j    that have arrived at this office  from all quarters.
!iin the period of tbe last two months.
l.]!en C
chibald L
Vd.itns  W
.fun.- M
Lugusta F T
jertrand J C
JuoS .1   I.
lenoit Mons.
lanister J
|rown W A
ailev M F
Icreth C
ill nil   (•
iimtield S
HllMllll    F.
lutein     D
Jl li
■loom K
Ul'.IM'l     ,1
Hpleton K
RfoxMU Mr.
ICah.ini'c A
Kritile .1
^■uiiiiinghum  I)
H|ll!l!lill'_'!iai!l   J
Hoi'iuai'k J
Kiok  M
Hu-tiu F w
B<vis F W
eighton J
nnulson J
pnnis W
"Bx- ' ■:   Sr
K. k-.-n. E
■ lllll'd-.    F'
■hi-:tt, W
■loi-l S
,8ili--. a
Poill.iti.  .1
in ,t Co.
I  (2)
HBli"-.T   (n)
^Hiii-i'ii. A
■el-mi. I' I.
Kii ;n..i
Kck-.m..l  P
■ ugall. C
Kliitidv. J
■low, (i
■Coombs, J C
■Jl'.l.:il,l.   I.
■liee, M
.Bli-ieur, A
:Blil'.*'Oiiei'.v. W
■Donald. A
■errec, W A
■rphv I' (i U
Ki.'inild. I)
ifttv. S r
-"■"Melt"!., ll
Maoi-. W
'ijginn-h. M
mild. J   I)
ler, S J
licnii, M
lonilrelt, C
mer. (I
tt. A    12)
ell, I!. II.
her, E W
4i..l.l.-s. G A
Ihiirt, F (1 (,'
|crl, T
cr, A
sorgo, S
van, J
bio, A
tt, I. II
rsinith, ,1    (2)
I, N* 11
, C  .
jo, A
Inoii, J
hie, C
hie, W
pson, J
bio, Cr
IJoouc, E S
inns, T 1|
fc-ks, ,U
*r, 11  (2)
h, C
Ion, A
It ofl.ice, Victoria
Anderson R
Archer J
Addison P F
Armstrong li II
Alexander C
Bishop M
Hunks J 11
Hell Mr.
Bell W
Bradshaw C W
Jirown K
Booth G
Burns A
Bonnctte A
lion,icv E
Bossi C
barrio L
Bourgeois C
Bourre Mons.
Crowell W L
CnstU M
Choleau II
Coleman C
Chisholm W
Crawford 11
Calimin K
Campbell 11
Deigliton 11
Du.-iin A
Dobbs F A
Davy.-, T R
Denman C L
Engrom, 11
Elricks, W
Elliott, I!
Elford, II
Elford R W
Francis. W P
Fay. J
Gould. .1 F
Giiodce, A
Graham, T W
Grieve, W
Garro, S M
Grele, T
Gordon. A (»
Hoi r. W 0
Hamilton, ,1 W
Harland, 11
Haulier, L
Hancock. 1! M
Hunt, J E
Jennings, .1 G
Johnson, F
Jones..] ('
Jerome, 11
Jackson. .1 ('
Johnson, J II.
King, R
Iter, It
Louis. A
l.i r, P
Lean, tl
Millard, CT
Mesen. W A
Moore. W     (2)
Milnlvre, I
Mclennan. P
McGownn, M
Mercer, S
McCal.e, P
Milford, T
McKean, 1)
McMillen, R
Meivin .1 A
Miller, W
Maun. T
Ockcndon, Cnpt
Oliver, 1) ll
Pinn, A
Perry, I L   (2)
Puree, T S
Poe, A M
Park, T
Polmcre, J    (2)
Richardson, J
liauglotcrre, L
Richards, F G
Reynolds, G
Smnlley, J
Staples, E II
Sivcwright, J
Stark, I! H
Smith, W K
Scott, W A
Smith, J 0
Silver, M
Stranahan, L
.Smith, J E
Shaw, W
Sprague, T
fShcppard, 11 S
Tilmnn, R
Thompson, C
Townsend, A A
Toche, .Simon Mini
Tolcsom, 8 B
Unis, E
Vioicnru, II
Vinignollo, G
Wude, J C
VOUo-jghby, Mr
Williams, C II
Willision, 11 C
Wall, W
Whitford, A
Wallace, G
Wujtson, J R
Yates, J M
V. I., Feb. ls.t.j I860.
0 X   M 0 N I) A Y ,
February 6th, I860, at 11 o'clock, A. M.
At the Warehouse of
MR. W. II. BURRS, Teacher of thc Colonial School,   J
of Victoria, is now prepared to receive into his  ■'*'
family four additional  Boarding Pupils,  to whom a
sound English Education will be given.
Tep.ms.—Fcr Hoard and Washing, $20.00 per month.
WILL Sell  at public  Auction  200 or. sks. extra payable half-yearly in advance,
superfine  Flour. (Rail  road Mills.) 100 qr. sks.      Boarders  furnishing their own bed-clothes, towels,
extra  superfine  Flour.   ^Alvcro Mills,) 40 sacks white  kc. kc.
Colonial School. Victoria. Feb. 2. ISuO. ]ni
Victoria, on the Saanich road, consisting of ahout    I j
20 bxs superior chemical Sperm Candles, in cartoons
of 6 lh? each
7 c=ks Cod Fish, in good order
20 bbls S. I. Beef
2o    "    Carlyle Beef
100 mats Batavia Rice
10 chests superior Green Tea
:i cases Hon- & Co.'s Yeast Powders
0 csks Berwick's Edinburgh Ale, in pints
10 csks and cases Burton Ale, in quarts and pints
2o csks Jones' mixed Brandy
C rolls China Matting
Sale—Positive terms Cash
iu the harbors of Esquimau  or Victoria, if required.
janll-::i Victorin
FOR SALE, 86 tons of Nanaimo Coal, just received
ix schr Osprey, delivered
84, CLAY STREET OX'K oooli Kit on TIIK KORTB-WBST cnil-
Wood    and   Willow-ware.   Fancy   Housekeeping
Goods.  Twines,  Cordage, Shoe and Saddlery Thread.
ml Lines, ami
I7R0M THIS DATE, the charges for Wharfage onU-,.  ^ •„ ,.  ,.',.,..  .-i    ,' '   •• i   ,     i '
4 .       ,.      ,      .   , o n    i i   n-i      .•    . i-       •     Nets, bailies, cork.-. Floats, rish-hooks il
:   merchaudize landed on Selleck s \\ hurl, at Esqui- ■ Fisul     Tftcku of V;1,.u,s.
malt, will be as follows:- Agen,s ,-„. Barbour.j ,,.;,,, Flas Slloc T1,ruiul- Gi!Ii
Si 50, per ton, for all goods shipped lo Victoria, with   Thread, kc
the privilege of landing at Kaindlcr's Wharf without
further charge for wharfage.
The goods landed on Sclleck's Wharf, and removed
by land, will be charged 7.") cents per ton.
The undersigned will continue, as heretofore, to de-
Agents for the American Net and Twine Manufni
tilling Co., Boston.  Mass.
Agents for the Dolphin Manufacturing Company
Sail Twine. Cordage, &c.
The whole comprising the largest stock and best as-
acres   enclosed,  and   2nd   acres pasture land, with
dwelling house, capacious barn. kc. kc
Applv to
W.   F. TOl.MIE.
j.ll-tc Hudson's Bay Co
liver at Victorin, upon A. Kaindlcr's Wharf, all sorts of 80rtt??"t "' •■"-••■•'"'"•-, hne of goods on the Pacific Coast.
g Is  landed  on  Sclleck's  Wharf, and  for which no J° w*"(l- ;iu-v are constantly receiving large additions
special order to the contrary has been given, at the rate I ->.v arrivals from Atlantic Cities.    Thc particular at-
of $3.00 per ton. lighterage and wharfage included.
All goods not, removed at 5. p. m.. will be stored, at
Ihe risk aud expense uf consignees.
fe'2-lm F. J. de St. OURS.
J EST RECEIVED per steamship Panama, a lnrcc
and well-selected stock of Fresh GARDEN, FRUIT,
FLOWER, and FIELD SEEDS. They have boon imported from the most celebrated Gardens of thc Atlantic
Slates and Europe.    We guarantee them fresh and true
to name.
for sale by
Druggists. Yates-street.
In connection with t!    United Church of England and
Ireland, and the Protestant  Episcopal Church of the
United States.
milE GROWTH OF VICTORIA, and the want of
J_ seat room in Christ Church, the wide extent of
the town, and the probability of a large and early increase in the population, renders necessary the immediate erection of n second Church.
In anticipation of the wants of the two Colonies, the
Bishop last spring undertook the responsibility of or-
dcringnn Iron Church. This wns shipped in September,
nnd mny be expected in a few weeks ; and is to be
placed at the disposal of the inhabitants of Victoria.
There will be seat room for 650 persons. The original
expense, the freight and insurance to Victoria, and the
estimated cost of erection amounting to £2,600 or $12-
1100. Many ofthe interior fittings, as Organ. Bell, Font,
and East Window of stained glass, are the gifts of
It is proposed to raise the necessary funds by offerings and subscriptions ; $4000 lias been subscribed
and paid. An individual has offered S.jiiO provided
live other persons will do the same; a second individual has offered $200 to meet -1 other offerings of like
It is earnestly hoped that sympathy will not be
wanting, but that many hands nnd hearts will combine
to carry out an undertaking which has for its object
the Glory of (Ion and the advancement of the moral
and religious interests of this important and rising
Colony ot Britain.
At two preliminary meetings which have been held,
the Rev. E. Cridge in the chair, it was resolved,
1. That immediate steps he taken to carry out the
design of erecting u second Church in thc North part
ofthe Town.
2. That a committee bo appointed, witli power to ndd
to their numbers.
:i. That a Site Committee report upon the best situation for the Church.
■I. That a canvass be commenced, and that all persons
willing be invited to co-opernte."
5. That subscriptions be paid in three instalments,
during IS months if more convenient.
(1. That the Rev. B. Dundas and Mr. R Burnaby be
requested to act as Honorary Secretaries,and Mr. Wood
as Treasurer.
Subscriptions will be gladly received by the Treasurer,
at the Bank uf B. N. A., and by tho Honorary Secretaries.
Donations, in bind, cartage of materials, lumber, kc,
thankfully accepted.
Bv order of the Committee,
R.   DUKOAS, 1
It. Burnaby, i
Committee Room, Court House Jan. 31,- I860.
tention of the trade is solicited Io examine our stock
before purchasing elsewhere, as we are determined to
sell at prices to Dkfv Competition*. j29-3m
4,"i0 Sacks California Oils :
130    •• •• Middlings;
800 qr. Sacks '''lour, Golden Gate ;
aO Mats L'l,inn Sugar :
20 Barrels Corn Meal J
M) Cases 2-1 lbs each Grecnjca. 1 lb. packages.
200 Cases Chinese Fire-crackers
50 Cases American cut Nails;
2o Hhds. Teunents Ale XXX;
lo      •• •• Porter XXX ;
8 Barrels, Horace Billings, Hams;
13 Cases Jules & Harrisons Lard
Pugct Sound Lumber Assorted Sizes,  either by Cargo
or Retail. :
Mendocino Redwood Lumber (Vssnrted si-*es*
Mi Barrels Plaster of Parts;
50     -•       Roscndale Cement;
1500 lbs. Plasterers Hair;
For Sale bv
Whnrf &  Johnson-street,   V. L, Jan.  25th,  1860.
Colonist copy. j25-lin
Perfumery   and  Toilet   Articles,
Of reliable qualities.
Paints,  BrUBiiCS, Window <il:»ss, Putty und
Raw and Roiled Linseed,  China, Sperm,
Lard, Polar, Neatsfoot, Coal nnd
For   coal  Oil and   Burning Fluid,
<l'c. ,l'r. &C.
Orders  executed   nt   the  lowest  market  rates,  and
promptly dispatched. dl2-lni
assortment ot
From the Manufactory of S. W. Silver & Co.,-
North Woolwich.
Consisting of the following:
N..n-:ii-..-.iriieni Perflated Cor.Uj
do do tlo    with Capes;
do       htittimcd and plain Lc-riziugs ;
Cambric Sheei'.ng and Alpaeea Coat.-., -villi .£,! without
Sill* Sheeting   and   Alpareiv Coats with  and without
Hoods ami Capes:
Driving Capes will, and without Hoods:
Water-proof and Sheeting Hats and Caps:
Sou'-*.-.esters. Napier Hals.   Storm Caps,  Sheeting Hel
mets and Knapsac
Soap   Trays,
Vulcanised Water  Bottles.   Brush
Buckets and Basin ;
Silling  Bnth.   Wood  sid?  and  tranml  do. Foot   ami
Circular tlo:
Mole. Jean, Reeded. Chintz and Pillow Reds, Bed  Bellows, Silk Beds ;
Sheeting Bags. Trunk ('uses. Huversncks, Antigropcbos,
Circular Pillows. Bnth Sheets;
Reeded, Divided and French Air Cushions;
India Rubber and Camas Hose.
The  above  invoice is  open for  examination  at onr
ollice, and will be disposed of at a moderate advance on
Ihe isterling cost. SAMl'El. PRICE k Co.,
torncr Of Wharf and Johnson strs.
Victoria V. I. Jan. 21. 1SU0. )2l-lm
To the Editor ofthe. Victoria Gazette.
Sin.—Will you have the kindness to publish the enclosed Subscription List, amounting to $'484.50 being
all that has been subscribed towards defraying the expense 1 have been at, iu erecting the light at the entrance of the Harbor, the total cost of which will exceed
Previous to commencing it, I was assured by numerous parties in this town that there would be no difficulty, in raising sufficient funds to pay for any outlay
that would he required. Acting on this and their
urgent solicitations, I undertook the work, und now
lind myself liable for some SaOO.
Trusting there may still be found some persons
sufficiently interested in this great undertaking, to rc-
inmcmbcr me, 1 remain, kc,
J. Naiii.k.
8P0EBORG    &   CO.,
AVharf Street. Victoria, V. I.
Received ex Sailing Vessels and Steamers, a general
assortment of
/ 1 R0CERIES, Boots. Sluies, Clothing. Blankets, and
VjJ     Domestic  Dry Goods, which they  olfer at  reduced prices to the Trade,
2000 sks Golden Gate Flour,
2000    "        "      Age     do,
1000    " Self Rising     tlo,
f>00 mats China Sugar,
100 hf Ids N. O. do,
100 "    "    S. I. do.
1000 sks Beans,
loo bags Rio Coffee,
50 firkins choice Butter,
50 cases Bacon.
5o   "   I U. Lard,
50 chests Black Ten,
5U      "     Green tlo,
500 boxes Candles,
Oysters;       Chickens;       Turkies;        Sardines;
Pilot Bread ; Raisins ; Chocolate ;
Powdered Sugar;        Veast Powders;
etc.,       etc ,        etc.
5U bales assorted Blankets.
An Invoice Floor Oil Cloth.
• Don. See's.
rilllE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully inform his
£   friends nud the public, thai he hits removed lo his
Nkw Fiits-PiiooF Stouk, corner of  Vatcs and Govern*
incut streets, where he   is  constantly  supplied  with
NEW GOODS by every   steamer, and has always
on  band  a
S P L E N D ID   A S S 0 RT M E N T
—oi- —
Also a large variety of FINE SILKS, and BONNETS.
An excellent variety of
and a full assortment of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods:
Fine Frock Coats; Dress Coats ; Over Coats ; Vests
and Pantaloons of different colors; Fashionable Silk
Huts. Gilt Cornices, Curtain Rings, Window Shades
ot nil colors, French Cussimeres, Broadcloth,
Beaver and Pilot.
Also—a full assortment of  Tailors' Trimmings.
Shawls,   Alpacas,   Merinos,  DcLaincs,   Furs,  Gloves,
Riding Hats, Gauntlets, Cloaks, Mantillas, Velvets,  Kmbriiideiit-?,"lUliboiis,  Lnees,
Carpets, Rugs, Druggets, Oilcloths,   Paper Hangings,  Mattings,  etc. etc.,  ■
And all other goods pertaining to the business, at the
lowest prices.
It is intended by the Harbor Master to erect a light al
the South  entrance of Victoria Harbor, during this
week.    Persons  interested  in  this  nre requested to
subscribe toward defraying the expense.
Steamer Eliza Anderson $ 25.00
Steamer Pacific	
W. Skiff, schr Wild Duck	
II, Myers, Mvers' Whnrf	
11. W. Berry; schr Flying Mist	
D. F. Foster, schr Rosalia	
0. A. Gillinghiini, agent P. M. S. S. Co	
Victoria S. N. Company	
John T. Little, & Co , agent Victoria Coal Co....
Dickson, Campbell, k Oo	
Thomas Thornton, schr Amelia	
Hugh  McKay	
James Trnliey	
Southgato k Mitchell	
J. Ducle Cushcon	
W. Church, Pronto...	
Frank Saunders, schr Wild  Pigeon	
W. H. Ollivcr	
F. Pearks	
C. T. Allen, sloop Leonede	
II. Collin, schr Harriet	
Lloyd, schr Get  Up  and Gel	
Daniel Elger, schr Reporter	
Sam'! Price k Co	
J a n ion k Green	
J. Rogers, schr Lull;, Rookh	
ON the 10th of MARCH, 1H00, will be sold at Public
Auction, the Lot fronting Government street,
and known as the Hudson's Buy Company's Garden, if
not previously disposed of. Plan of sub-divisions mav
be seen at Ll). LOW EN BERGS Ollice,
Government street, bet. Vatcs and Johnson st.
PERSON of much experience  offers her'assistance tc those requiring the same.      >f
For further particulars and recommendat|B8 enquire
Mrs. PARKER,  ij^
j2l)-liu Johnson str     .Victoria..
llltiiAl) STUKKT,
between Yates and View sts,, and facing Trounces
VK'TlllliA,  V. I.    '
i FEW OENTl.EMEN of quiet und domesticated
_£\^ habits can be accommodated with board and residence iu tile house ofa private English Family; where
a good table is kept, iu accordance with English
custom; and'whero they may enjoy all the conveniences and comforts of an English home.
Married couples would lind the above a comfortable
and desirable residence. jl7-lm
To Bur-keepers, Hotels, Restaurants, tad Private
RECEIVED in bond lor bite arrivals, and lor sale by
the undersigned, ii tew invoices of line Wines unit
Mnrtell Cognac
Sa/.eriic Cognac,
Boiitcllcaii Cognac,
llostetter Bitters,
Hiiniot Cognac, 1.H51
Seignetle Cognac,
Jules Robin Cognac,
Poll Wine,
Sherry Wine, of the best quality
Also,—100 cases of MurrcUi's London Cider.
10-8m J. D. CARROLL.
of at the price paid at the Gover
ots to be disposed
rniiient Sale.
and  Uuim-
For sale by SELIM FRANKLIN k Co.
\     proved, in various parts of the Town
For sale,
I A A IJAK,!1':I'S of British Columbia Fresh CORNED
I'M' BEEF, lirst quality (grown on the Company's
Farm), and preserved with great care. To be delivered
at Langley.   Apply to
F. V. LEE,
Hotel de France.
I'M—Jamaica, a superior urticle;
Port, iu 1 do/.en cases;
Sherry,        do tlo
Champagne, in quarts and pints ;
Pickles, Pie. Fruits. Sauces, kc... R. Thiu's ;
Soup, best English, 2."dbs.- boxes.
For Sale by
jia-lm Corner Johnson and Wharf Streets.
N EXCELLENT assortment of Pocket Cutfery, in
iety ot styles, to suit all tastes.
jl4-lm Sliitioners' Hiill,
a vnrict\
EEPS constantly on  hand and for sale a largo as-
WELLS,   FARGO,   &  Co.,
niENDERS are invited for BILLS in sums not less
1 an £250, drawn on the LORDS COMMISSIONERS
of Her Majesty's Treasury, London.
September 7th, 1850. Treasurer.
N. B.—All orders from British Columbia, Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by Express, or otherwise', will
be promptly attended to.
j39-tc K. GAMBITZ.
A Beautiful Lot of
Gentlemen's   Dressing   Robes.
Of high Finish.
A full assortment of Gent's Superfine
A New Style ot
The Latest Styles of
1 am now prepared to supply the numerous colls for .
Gents'   Night   Shirts.
Call nnd examine at
ORQAKURD   MAY,   1852. CAl'ITAL, $000,000.
of regular Messengers, to Oregon and Washington
Territories and San Francisco, there connecting with
our interior Express to all parts of California., und to
all parts of the United Suites and Cumulus, via Pumvaa,
and Tehuantepec and Southern Overland routes.
Unsurpassed facilities for dispatching freight ami
packages to all parts of Europe.
Shipments direct from England via Southampton and
Treasure Shipped and Insured at lowest rates.
Packages and Letters received up to latest hour ot
Checks on our office in San Francisco.
Exchange OH all the principal cities in the United
States and Canada,   Also, on
Receive Deposits, general and special.
Buy Gold Dust, Land Warrants, Treasury Warrants,
Bills on London and Certificates on Sau Francisco
Advances made on Gold Dust.
Purchase Goods of every description.
Execute Commissions of all kinds, and make Collections at any point in the United States, Canada, or
Office, Yntes street, between Wharf and Government
d;i- tc C. C. PEXDERGAST, Agent.
KEEPS c.msti
sortmciit o
Subscriptions for '!, (!, and '2 months, at reasonable-
terms, und sent regularly by Post or Express to any
part of this Colony, or British Columbia, uccording to*
the OCtuill postal and express accommodations. Terms
Invariably Cash, in advance.
Also.—A large assortment of good and Into Novels,
Songsters, or Song Books, Writing Materials, Blank
Books, and a splendid selection of French Literature.
$kif Sole Carrier, and Agent ofthe Victoria Gazette,
for Victoria District
Subscriptions arc respectfully solicited.
BARK « D M HALL," from San Francisco. Con
signees by the above Vessel are requested to 0*11
upon the undersigned, pay Freight and charges,- and receive orders for their goods.
jO-tc Union Wharf,
Roj»l Hotel.
Board, per week.... ,,,.....5T to ?8 00
Board and Lodging, per Week .,,..$10 00
Wine, Ales, and Liquors of the best description.
Private Rooms for Families*
|®" A largo HALL suitable for''Balls or Public
Sioetings.       ' JAMES WlLCON,
iUJ-tc Proprietor.
Varitiouvev Island equal to any in the
rTIHOMAS ESTALL, M'Clure Stroet, Plain nud Orua-
X mental Plaster work done iu Cement, Cbnvpo Mes-
tic or Plaster of Paris.    Stucco work for Pniut.
Contractors supplied with Vancouver Island Lime, of
Superior Quality, Sand and Wuter delivered at
rates. ftfl.
WHOLESALE   and   RETAIL   Dealer*   in  Boois
Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of every description.   Also—Ladies' Shoes, of all kinds. nS-3m
- {ZVCC.TiZT-VR TO  0'5IK.tltA'"S  rzutSTtS} —	
rSlHANKFUL for the past favors Shown the Kite
1 firm, would respectfully iiitcrnrPriuters thnt owing
to im-reaued f-ieiUi,ies, and recent instruction'' from the
Foundry, he is now prepared to sell Pllllin; HttcT Ornamental Type, Presses, Priming Material-, 'f",tper> Cards,
and Printer's Stock generally, 1J'..' (Jla.v-I'treeL neat;
Sansome, Sau Front-h co. JtlMhu ,
and the clipper ship Robertson were lauding for this
Viscount Palmerston had joined the corps of London
Irish Volunteers.
Lord Elcho has been among tbe mo-t strenuous promoters of volunteering, and most diligent student tni-
conntry would have insisted -  in
of Canada, and cutting hero; ::•■:.. tbe immei
fit ofa lucrative commerce with the I
far from doing thi:-. we 1
exerted it successfully, t
can Confederation a mo:
for Canada, a treaty w '.-..
tion to the -trong i'roK
States.    With a fen
1 our infiuen
un the great
OTEAM betw
|>   SOCTHA1
der General Hay. at Hythe.   Lord Elcho is an old and phicalsituation, with  bourn
crack dtcr-stalker :   and to his  mortification he found, j liberal tarilf. ami a powerfu
at Hythe, strive as he would, he could not get into the  rjnjted Provinces of Canada
first class.   Among his  more  successful  competitors'
was a by no means distinguished-looking Londoner—a
true son of cockneydom—who gradually outstripped all
his fellow shooters, and ended by  carrying of the first
prize.   The Londoner was evidently no novice at baU jrernment in Canada has been how to obtain
practice, yet he was, just  as evidently, the last man in | ltt,n 0f t|le Lower, or French Province,  and  of sued  a
the world likely to have hnd any shooting in the deer-, minority of ihe British inhabitants of Upper Canada  as
a» t.ur a career as a;r.  • : '.
Cbowx.    How they !...-
and to what a pass ll
are unhappily only im nut-.
vernnient in Canada has beer, how to
mini    - ul
the   Br
i ges
oueht iht.
-.  "The pr
forest. Lord Elcho, curious to learn how he hat]
gained his proficiency, asked him how he had acquired
it. -Oh," was the unpretending reply,-oo cits, in
my garden at Brompton."
In a recent action f^r a divorce, the Marqnis of
Anglesea, who figured as co-respondent, was condemned
to pay £10.000 damages to the injured busluiud.
The U. S. Minister at Guatemala,, has written a pro- '
test to the Minister of Foreign Aifairs for that country.
complaining of the treaty lately completed with Great
A writer in thc Loudon Onet a Week, draws attention
to the swimming schools for women, in Paris, and advocates their formation in England.
Dr.  Achilles, the  Italian  ex-priest  of Newman vs.
Achilles notoriety, has  been arrested at Hoboken. and ,
oommitted. on a charge of fornication.
The Governor of South Carolina, recommends that
measures be taken for tbe formation of a Southern I b-
federacy and a dissolution of the Union, in the event ol
the election ofa Republican President.
Tbe Republican National Committee have nominated
ChieagoVgr the place of meeting for the  Presidi ntial
Convent*^, and the 13th of June  for the  day.    S me
fifteen onL^eiitv towns put  in  their claims
Over S.QWhieuers arrived in  t
last Overland Mail.   The Postu
structions to send all letters "Overland    hereafter, unless marked *• Via Panama."
An Irish paper, describing a late duel, says that  one
ofthe combatants was shot, thro
the thigh bone.
givo '
s a
that -
v >
but su
• .  if i
1.1 CI
n I
ed bv
'.:■ ■
s expe
.'!„ ?0
1 and =
: r :
._ np '
; '..
v.    T
ie rev«
e o
■ell ill
Uflii •-•
ajorityin  the  11    se
1TEAM  between   NEW   VORK   and   BREMEN, via
The screw steamers of the North German Lloyd :
Run regularly ..--..
ampton, earn ::._* the c
Southampton ai *.^.. :
First Cab ...>:    ; -
These v> ssels take 1
which through bills of
An experience i - r^
A'.! le*':-:r- must    .--
No B-ils of Lading I
fi©"Spe ie taken to Havre, Southampton aud Bremen
at the lowest rates.
For Fre!_  : or P isnge, apply to
d*,-te Xo. 64 Broadway.
...Capt. H. Wessels.
...   ••    H. J. V.m-anton.
•:. Havre. London and
Cabin. $ ; steerage, & *'.
it : - I. n Ion aud Hull, for
_r arc signed.
attached to each vessel.
..■'ti the Posi Office,
-i- of the Ci mpanywill be
r.iised br taxation from x'.;. mass >■: '-..•• peopl    for l
purposes of government and police.    While the pul
uiutn-v was forth jming the Government had :.
cully in finding supporters, and it is   not too  mu ..
sav that  iu  this  new  country Governm at . is
Ex Manuelh and D L Clinch,
SWAIN. BOORD   .v C ,'s OLD TOM iu puncheons
Wortbington .'. Co.'s lo    do do
Thompson's do    I > do
Irish Whiskey, do
V irtell and '■', ir tt Brandy in hhds i
1' i: an '. Shi rry in . e isfcs :
!'.. - a- Cc.'s No. 3 Ale, New Brew :
maintained by a corruption as gross and syste
was ever practised by W.upoli* or Xbwcastli
ruptioufrom which the England ot the pre
would recoil with  ILsgust.    At last it cam
vered that th;; ,.• •. is . une was ; rettj ::-:.;r.;-
out, ;i;.ii the rest .... - •-■: '■■.■: •
that either an increase o*t
penditnre und become ah
crisis the care of ihe finam
ed to Mr. Galt. and this
himself an advocate ofthe
gavi ffect to his convictio
_-.i the Colonial pari:
bv part of nil".   Thus countenai
der that the Canadian Pro
he ■ ■ . .try  were  ; restailt :
. ..- little indeed to show, and
.   : e or a diminution of ex-!
-■:.■ necessary.   At   this
:es ofthe colony was intrust-1
gentleman  at once  avow ed
trines of Pro*.'. *.:. :-.. .v.. I
-    . . top ising and carrying
Sp irk
ins Dei mshire Ci
lerin cases :
Ass r
!.;..■•. irs Sc.
For sale
d12-1 in
ind Johnson sts.
The employees of Well-. F.irj.- i Co. hoi I a n
on the 13th nit., and passed res luti    -    :' respt
their comrade Barry who v. ..-   '. --*.  ...     tai;
fated Northerner.
By the latest accounts from Washington, no s
had been elected.    Sherman, the Republican can
wanting   four votes  of  the  number   required.
stormy deputes between tlie North and South :*.:
tinned.    Mr. Smith of Virginia  complained bitti
the conduct of many members of Congress for having
indorsed a pamphlet, which he stigmatized as calc
ted to excite a crusade of blood, murder,  and  tres
against one of thc  most considerable  sections  of
Union.    Mr. Sherman he denounced, as being on,
the parties.
rg .:.- :n the
- led .: few weeK3 ag i ..
ernment and ]
eaker triucs and pra
.. --  lis . timing on
leople of Canada a rel
lice ofPr *, ti n, I i
the Gi - -
f Mr.[
THIS HOrSE ':. - 1 een newly fitted tip and entire';-"
renovated, and is ■ . icte '. on the European plan.
The Table will be supplied with the best the market
•' 'i-.r 1 and Lc :j;ug §7.00
The travelling public are requested to call.
jl7-3m Proprietor.
nial.    The to sfortun   is t
verv much to thwart the *.-
" ;..;.'•'-*■■  r        -
ions in the United Si it
in 1 to throw   doul *   - n   *.-.
parmanence of that ■
of Zolverein which we  had
been so fortunate as to est
.  lish ir, America.    We can-
tot     ; dve '.-:. Col   .   '.-
See from blame in this  mat-
*■ r.    The pr vin    -   fCai
ada may, if they please,  se-
par .*.-: th msel es fr :.; th
'.-:oins  of II -r  A     sty,
and whenever t;.- v I lease
:•-> do =o not .'. - '    *d will 1
Tlie notorious Rajah Jeylo
penalty of the law on Sa
1st of Oct.. at -the scene oi
this man redects the highest
iile bis
act ot:
i Singh paid the extr:-:
nrday morning iast. t
massacre.'" The trial
credit on the officers '■'•
tl -n decidedly constiti :
al administration. T..-:
ene the fund
come t',.. pan
the Crown sr!
treaties arc to be  made
of the Queen's doiniiiioi;
reference to the policy i
at targe.    Upon  thc sta
with, ■:  misgii insre.   E-:
Nor uo we
..    v
I obser
s *-j ac
mciits ot '...'
i] ire
: i".
tada we csnnot
:   :,
u scar.: ill
^ 5j
-t- ::i
an ci
ormoo? -.::•
'e  into a re
t:  -
.0   IS
"oresialling 1
vast •
r  nob]
e o*;.;--
•- *.
nr :.-•■
involvc-d in
.  -.
be  eurichec
conducted it. v
the most vigen
is  not a single  dissentient from the  sentence—:.
or European; all are agreed as lo the guilt of the Rajah,
and we have had too much of the fallacious ••;....:.  •
policy to have looked for an expiation of crimes   ' ...:
as Jeyloll Singh has been convicted of iu any punishment short of that ofthe gallows, aad it has  been fearlessly meted  out.    The  example is a terrible  and  an  unreasonably be e
awful one. but justice has  been avenged and  society   in the procet
satisfied.   By t> o'clock the arrangements for the execution were complete, under the immediate superintend.-me
ofthe Deputy Commissioner, assisted by the  Assistant
Commissioner.   To the police was confined the daty of
preserving order.   No other troops were out.   The assembly of spectators were  particularly scanty.   There of political corruptioi
could not haTe been more than 200 or 300 natives, and ami by that enonn   .-
about a score of Europeans,  chiefly  military officers,  and Protectionist |   -
present—Nawab   Moshun-ood-Dowla  being thc  only  resources, misapplytn*
native of distinction among them.    Before removing committing the Strang
the handcuffs Mr. Carnegy asked the prisoner if he had  position  that  a  comn
anything to say.   Jeyloll Singh  denied to the last bis  plunder in
own guilt, averring '.hat he was about to suffer for the that ";:es .it the .
crimes of others, especially of his  servants : that he of the State are unlim
was not present when the murders were committed, did  ridual can obtain fr-.
not even know the exact day. and thst ii was  only ou  povcrishing anyl
his return to the city after three days' absence that he at anv rate the merit "o
heard of what had been done the day before. He finally  sort possible.    It has now broken down under its own!
offered to pay any amount—from a iac upwards^—for a  iutrinsic vices, and we await with anxiety the next act)
commutation of his sentence, and begged that the  tiro-  in the drama.    The means of corruption can no longer
posal  might be communicated to  the Chief Commis- be found, and how is government to be obtained with-
sioner before he was hanged.   The death  warrant was  out it?   Can public spirit be called to life again after,
then read to him : after which the  handcuffs were re. so long a  period of intermission: and, if not, what;
moved,  his hands  were pinioned behind, *the cap put substitute can be found for the money which has been
over his head and face, and himself assisted to  mount  squandered and the public principles which have been
the platform.   He throughoct maintained the most per- • undermined?—L. Ti
feet composure, repeating to himself some prayers.   As
soon as thc noost- had been adjusted. Mr. Carnegy. in a ~
clear  audible  voice,  briefly  explained to  the  crown ;
around,   that   the  criminal on   the gallows    before j 	
them was the Rajah .levied! Singh, who on that very
spot, where stood before an outer gateway ofthe Kaiser
Bagh. had stationed aimse'.f on the top ot it, and caused
in its immediate vicinity the cold-blooded murder of
some 22 or 23 Europeans and other Christians—that
he had been tried  and convicted of the deed on the
■:.-. _■
;o W
g  '
ID   W
D   W
oiumoia, m y.
Seal of the G
ie nature of by-
■:'?■■•.■■' is in conf
an I reg     I
d by the Cold Fiel Is Act
ior, for the time being, of
riting under bis band and
rules and regula-
;. for all matters relating
:-.b tie
said Act. cer-
idi :-   a  issued
if such rules cx-
on the high level
it.- er, Thoi pson
. ■• are gi nerally
or cliffs, the
with the general
- ** th
lines   annot
. but tbe con-
-:. f claim.
i claim should
to the cliff m
i rear then to
. sir,... :■. ■ mgul r su mil isi
rking thi n   f r  . tin - a Inn
in some < ises, require th  I ■
n the cliff in from of each
>r when there is no  cliff in
ii slope ofthe mountains in t
iisaEAS. it is also expedient to make further
with respect to thc regulation of claims aud
me general rule for de>rmining the- measurt
..*;.. of -     er in any ditch or channel.
erefore, !. JAMES DOUGLAS, Governor, kc.
make the t Rowing Rules and Regulations
I.    The mines in the said  level benches shall be
nown as "bench diggings'* and shall for the purpose
D   W
and that whatever an Lndi-;
■ nricb.es htm without im-j
• -stem, I ad as it was, had
. ierii .- government in some;
[■'aims therein
ditrdngs," as di
be excepted
fined in  ihe
A lady, npon taking up Shelley's nove'.. The Last Mr>,
threw it'down very suddenly, exclaiming. "The Last
Man! Bless me' if such ing were ever to happen,
what would become of the women ?
An editor out west, -ays
that he hoped to be able to
clearest and most conclusive evidence, and that he hadI present a marriage and a death, as original matter for
been sentenced to death—to be hanged nt "toe-scene his columns: but a tiffbr be up the wedding, and the
of massacre.''    He gave the order for the withdrawal ol \ ,}octor feu s*ck. so the patient recovered,
the props, and a single jerk left the culprit swinging iu j
the air.   He died very bar 1.    It was a good five minutes]    •■ If there is any body  under the canister of Heaven
before life was extinct.    The body was left banging for I that I have in utter excresence," says the amiable Mrs. i
about an  hour,  after which  it was taken  down and ; Partington. " it is a slanderer,  going about like a boy
buried outside thc gaol.   Thus euded the days of Rajah constructor circulating his calomel about honest forks.
Jeyloll Singh.    He was a middle-sued man.'well built, j     K ,ad    ulking over Mrs. Oakes Smith's lecture, and
rather above the middle-age, and of a dark complexion, \ *t/advnVfl,.v of woman"= votinir. the other evening said.
out of the class of -dryd
Roles ar.i Reg ilalions of tht Tth of Sej I     ber 1 ist.
II. The ordinary c;-iirns ou any ben .. laggings, shall
be registered by the Gold Commissioner according to
such one of ihe two following methods of measurement
as he shall deem most advantageous on each mine, viz.:
One hundred feet square, or else a strip of land 25 feet
deep at the edge of the cliff next the river, aud bounded
by two straight lines carried as nearly as possible iu
each case perpendicular to thc general direction of
such cliff acro=s the level bench up to, and not beyond
the foot of the descent in the rear, and in such last
•motioned case, the space included between such two
boundary line- when produced over the face of thc
cliff in front as far as the foot of such cliff and no
farther, and all mines in the space so included shall
also form a part of such claim.
III. The Gold Commissioner shall have authority in
cases where the benches are narrow to mark the claims
in such manner as he shall think fit. so as to include an
adequate claim. And shall also have power to decide
on the cliffs which, in his opinion form the natural
boundaries of benches.
IV. The Gc'.'i Commissioner may in any mine ot
any denomination where the pay dirt is thin or claims
in .-mail demand, or where from any circumstances he
shall deem it rcaso,        . any Free Miner lo re-
Coloxiai Sechetarv's Office*
Victoria V. L. 18th November, 1859.
The following opinion of the Attorney General with
reference tothe transfer of real estate" is herewith  pub-
ii-ht-d for general information.
By command,
William A. G. Yot.vo,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
"VTUMER0US applications for Title Dee-Is to the town
_^\ lots in British Columbia have been made which
cannot, unfortunately, be granted; tbe English la<v.
which has ruled in British Columbia since the formation
ofthe colony, required that every valid transfer ol an
est iti in laud must be made by a writing, sealed and
delivered by the party transferring, and that the word
■* heirs " should be coupled with tbe name of the person
to whom the transfer is made, if any greater estate
than an estate for life is intended to pass. The
right to complete a purchase of a town lot commenced
by - me other person, and the right to the land in full
by the person transferring, are both interests in land
requiring the above formalities for their valid transfer. |
and in both cases the word •• heirs.'' should have been j
used. Hence 1 am unable to issue rown Grants to
sub-purchasers whfl nre unable to produce a Deed.
si-riu-d aud sealed by the original purchaser from the
A measure to remedy past evils shall be immediately
(Signed) George Hunter Cary.
For sale,
CUR E D     F1 S II     M E R CIIA N TS
Merchants and shippers liberally dealt with.
Terms Cash.
Bill Heads,
l Pamphlets,
Legal Blanks,
Blank Notes.
Wat Bills.
Show Bills,
gistcr two
his own nan
with certainly  nothing villanous in his  countenance.
—Oude Gazette. Oct. i.
• ■-.-
re- anv women worth trusi-
,ke two men. at !cu;i. vote
•• La ! what's the use ?
ins with a rote who can't
i s she likes ?"
,   coveting the skull of a
1 a modern Athenian to
enl  him the head of an
dram-drinker,  who  never attended
Some German phrenologist
?cr.tch Puritan, comuussione
•apply his wish.    The  rogue s
may be asked, can be wanting to insure their pertua-  ;„„ u«wr« t
nent triumph and complete success >.    Unhappily some-     t>.:-.,...- -„.,
• i *      M„., •   „__»• i*i_. »i» [* riaoutr. ion
The principles of Free Trade have been established
by the most rigorous demonstration and  confirmed  by
the most ample experience : they command the willing I Irish Catholic  a
assent of ihe enlightened statesman, of the philosopher, j Divine worship.
and of the educated man of business.    What more,  it]    ;.priinner.*  sa*,i  oae of the  magistrates at a petty
Id a few day- since, not far from Banbury— |
ucr, vou are charged with aiding and  abetting a i
tiling more is wanting, and that something may, per-    rf c e„h^«_<. please, sir. 1*11 take mv Gospel oath I
haps, make all the difference in the hitherto splendid! llJnt bet a farthing upon it." was the reply,
career of economical  truth.   The doctrines  of Free I
Trade are not in accordance with  the  prejudices and j
presumption of narrow-minded and  uneducated  men. j
To forego a monopoly when it is within your grasp,  tot
know no distinction iu matters of commerc between fo- JOHNSON STREET, near Colonial Brewery,
reigners nud citizens, to renounce ail those short-si^h:.! , ..     .,,,  . Tr   r ci-rirrnirivvi'ii
edand selfish arts which seek iu vain to improve upon FUR-DKESSEK, OJJLi liHiAIUJiK 1AJNAJS.K.J
the simple and all-sunVmg laws which regulate profits j    «kilH 0f ,,u descriptions carefullv nnd quid;
and wages, supply and demand, seems to be n strain of I
magnanimity above tbe reach of almost all  Sovereigns!
and of almost all peoples.   Thus we find in this land df;
Free Trade our skilled artisans committed to a  system
of combination the principles of which may be defined
to be the acquisition of wealth by diminishing the efficacy of labor, and the  stimulating production by  depriving the capitalist oi every motive to produce.   Thus
vre see in the Australian Colonies a stroug party rising
up avowedly favorable to the doctrines of Protection.
and thus we sec the great  colony of Canada actually
committed to the narrowest and most retrograde principles iu its recent commercial legislation.
It is to this latter phenomenon that we would di-.iw
the especial attention of our readers. According to the
ancient principles of British colonial policy, tbe mother
Skins of
pared, nnd made up.
Buck Skins suitable for Moecassins,
do do    straining quicksilver,
do Uo   lacing machinery belting,
Buck Skin clothing renovated.
T. J. P. has invented a process for taking thc animal
smell from skins and fins.
•• We have used the lacing leather manufactured by
Thos. J. Pigott and found It superior to anything we
nave used of Eastern maniifulure.
Pacific Foundry, May 5th, '.-"-.
Buckskin and other Leathers renovated.
Furs Bought and Sold on Commission.
E*-3*y* A Buck Skin Grainer wanted. d!2-tc
period as he may think proper for non-working either
one of such claims. But no person shall be entitled to
hold at one time more than two claims of the legal
size. A discoverer's claim shail for this purpose be
reckoned as one ordinary claim.
V. All claii - - . .:': be subject to the public rights of
way and water in s'l'h manner, direction, and extent as
the Gold Commissioner shall, from time to time direct:
no mine shall be worked within 10 feet of any road,
unless by the previous sanction of the Gold Commissioner.
VI. In order to ..-certain thc quantity of water inany
ditch orsluice, the following rules shall be observed
The water taken into a ditch, shall be measured at
the ditch head. No water shall be taken into a ditch
except in a trough whose top and floor shaB be horizontal planes, and sides parallel vertical planes: such
trough to be continued for six times its breadth in a
horizontal direction from the point at which the water
enters the trough. Thc. top of the trough to be not
more than 7 in, he3, and the bottom of the trough not
more than 17 inches below the surface of the water in the
reservoir, all measurements being taken inside the trough
and in the low water or dry season. The area ofa vertical transverse section ofthe trough, shall be considered as the measure of thc quantity of water taken by
the ditch.
The same mode of measurement shall be applied to
ascertain the quantity of water running in a trough or
out of any ditch.
: : Issued under the Public Seal of  the  Colony
j L.S. i     of  British    Columbia    nt   Victoria,  Van-
' •     couver Island, this sixth day of January, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and sixty, and in the twenty-third
year of Her Majesty's Reign, by me,
By IPs Excellency's Command
Acting Colonial Secretary.
Etc, Etc.,
Executed   in  the' neatest  manner, and   with   the
•greatest despatch, at the Office  oftho "Nkw W f.st
minster Times."
CORRESPONDENTS for the Yieteo-ia Gazette, .in
> British Columbia Oregon, and Washington Ter-
ri'ory. To men of ability, the most advantageous terms
are otfered._ Apply to the Editor,
Yates street,
Also responsible and energetic agents.
Dec. 1, 1859.
The " Victoria Gazette "
Published every
Price \2\ cents.
DYERTISERS in the Victoria Gazette, will have
the privilege of advertising in the New West-
Kix*STcr. Times, which now has the largest circulation
j of any paper in the Colony, upon payment of one lint
extra. It is particularly requested that advertisements
sent in may be distinctly marked with the number o
nsertions required, also whether for one or both
Advertisements for long periods inserted upon the
most reasonable terms.
No advertisements received after 7 p. m., thc day pre-
iious io publication.
Xo.   10s   California-street,
1TTK have the largest and most varied nssortntiw
^| Fresh Field and Garden Seeds in ihe state. i>
of our own importations, from the best growers in *,
United States and Europe, which we can witrum,
give ju.-t sati-f.-.i tion to our patrons.
Our stock consists, in pan ol Alfalfa of Chili Q^.
Seed, pure: Red and White Ditch «"lover;* T'ffl(l
Grass, Red Top lira--: Millet: Orchard Groit.    ''
Garden Seeds—Cabbages, Turnips, Carrots, Em,
Onions, Lettuces, Radishes, Melons. Cucumbers,T^
toes. Squashes, Parsnips, etc.
See.is put up iii boxes, 100 papers assorted ul
labelled for retailing, sent to order.
Fruit Tree and Flower Seed-.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Dutch bulbous an I Hup Roots.
Bndding and Pruning Knives.
Garde:, To ds.
A liberal discount made to the trade.
gijjr*- All order- forwarded   by Mail or Express,
meet with prompt attention.
Address,       J  P. SWEEXY k Co. Seed-men.
d21-3m No. 108 California-sL, San Francis--.
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. Agenctj
"V^"<iTICE is hereby given that  arrangements iuJ
l^l     been entered intu between the Royal MnilSifJ
Packet Company, and the Pacific Mail Steamship Ci
pany. for  the  forwarding  of treasure to the i'uBsii
England by the steamships of the two compauiaj
means of through bills of la :';:._* t-> be granted bits
commanders \>f the ships of the P icifie Mail Stesrai
I '.nnpany. for the delivery *u William Perry. Esq. Aw
of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, tobes
across the Isthmus, and embarked    n board thu
of the R. M.S. 1'. co.     vii  parties who may trL-i]
forward treasure to Eu.jpe can now do so in then
ner expressed.
Further particulars, if rcquirc-i. will be made isA
nn application to the undersign   '.
The steamships of the b. m   s. co., depart from 1
pinwall twicen month, corres]   nding with tbearr,*d
her.- of the Pai ific M.tii steamship i o.'s steamers.
Freight on specie and Bullion from Panama Is ti
Bank of England. ; 1 J-liii one and two-tenths,pert
Dupuy, Foulkes, & Co.,
d*>-tc Battery street, cur IVinc.
1*111 LUAJRM i) XIC   SOC1BT Y ■
EMBERS are notified tli.it thc society will M|
_j_TX    '•-" Regular Meetings every Wednesday eras'
at half past  i o'clock, in the  building next tothe
Office, Government street, for the purposes uf Relicaral
and general business.
dO-tc Ilot-StSrl
Truett, Jones, & Arlington,
"CTTHOLESALE DEALERS and ImportersofPoid
yy    and Domestic Liquors, Wines, Cordials, lynd
and every article in this line.
Dealers who may  favor u^, with orders, may nsi:
nred that we will endeavor t>> give satisfaction'nil
article, and dispatch in forwarding.   Where theqiuf
ities are sufficient of Foreign Liquors, we will ship
iug brands, viz.
La Vi
de Gigon,
tero's Telcm
Iii V
ington Irvin
c toria
El Vi
Regalia Britanica,
I'riarte •'
El Valor de la Rama " "
F.i Triumvirate " "
This invoice of fine Cigars is offered for sale I***|
undersigned at very low price-, by cases, or small I*
The brands arc all warranted  to be genuine, anilii|
pressly selected in Havana for this market, by Mess,
Rotisset. Anger, & Co., well known importers offlswM
Cigars, in San Francisco, Calafornia.
Johnson street, opposite Wo-ulit-l
Cigars and Cigaritos of new brands received per"
Mail Steamer. • dlO-tf J
OLD TOM.—Swain Hoard & Co. We tilling''" |
REM.—Old Jamaica,
PORT.—A Superior Article in half Casks.
SHERRY.—   "
SOAP.—543 Bases. 2j lbs. each, best English.|
For Sale by
Corner Johnson i Wharf Street. JJ3-WI
GEO. T, SEV.VDt'R., 1
Victoria.    J
I OTIS S. rtKHf*!]
\   San Froncif-
Pierce & Seymour,
North-west corner of Yates aud Douglas streets, '»"*
ARE in regular receipt ot assorted Furniture oil"
stantial quality, which they oiler at reason'
rales, in pari consisting of
BEDSTEADS, nil sixes; Bureaus, plain and"1*
front; Tables, assorted sizes; hairs, cane ana n
seat, and ollice chairs; Rockers, cane seat and b*\
Looking Glasses; Cots, and other articles of iw111
ate necessity. .,.,
Mr. PIERCE—recently of J. & 0. S.Pierce, of»
Francisco—now residing there, will give his fttten
to thc filling of special orders for any style of Fur*it
thereby saving time, trouble, and expense, to P"
Of this particular material for Bedding, wc M'.
ample stock in hand, which we oiler either by U'e
or in Bedding, at steady prices. It is uuivcrsahy
ceded to be equal to feathers, and better than c«
hair for this climate, at half the price of cither.
.ri-angeineiits with the sole importer of it for C«i'•
ire such that we are enabled to sell Lower th'"nl fi
be had elsewhere.   Straw  Mattrasses, wholes*10
Printed,  for the    Proprietors,    every   SiTrtin-O'
Lkonauh McCi.irk, at the Office ofthe "Ne'V
minster Times,'' Langley-street, otf Vntcs-slrCCt,
toria, in the Colony of Vancouver Island.


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