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Daily Edition No. 183.
Nelson, British Columbia. Friday, December 9, 1898.
Ninth Year.
Furness    Line    Steamship
Londonian Goes Down.
Orew of the British  Steamer Vedimore
Does Heroic Work in Rescuing
the Unfortunates.
Baltimore, Dec. 8.���The Johnston
line steamship Vedamore.of Liverpool,
Onpt. Robert Burlett, for whose safety
fears were beginning to be felt, us she
wus several duys overdue, arrived this
morning with 45 shipwrecked mariners
which she had picked up at Bea.
Twenty-five others went down with
the ship. The men lauded are surviv
ors of tho British steamship Loudon
ian of London, bound from Boston for
Loudon, with a large general cargo
and b'50 cattle on deck. She left Bos
ton November 15th and ou November
22nd iu a violent gale her cargo shift
ed and sbe almost capsized finally
restiug on her beams ouds with big
sea breaking over her. Her crew were
helpless to right, ber and for two duys
sho drifted about at the mercy of the
winds aud waves. Assistance came at
5 o'clock on the morning of November
25th. The Vedamore hove in sight live
miles distant, and as it was still quite
dark the Londonian burned signal fins
aud fired distress rockets. Tbe sigunls
were seeu by the officer on the Veda-
moie's bridge aud reported to Captain
Bartlett, who gave immediate orders
tha* the Vedamoro's course be changed.
It did uot take 'he Vedamore loug to
Gover the five miles that lay between
them, and as soon as she arrived along
side, she was signalled to stand by.
"Do you wisli tn abandon the slnpV"
was signalled from the Vedamore and
Capt. Lee, of the Londonian, replied
that he wanted the Vedamore to tow
his ship, Capt. Bartlett saw at a
glance that this was an impossibility
und refused to attempt it, as it would
endanger his own ship. Capt. Lee
soon afterwards signalled "Will abandon ship," and at uoon, in tho teelh
nf :i stiff gale. Smtnd Officer Hobbs
i,,.i, a mI n*"i'r I'i'v,, launched oue of
the Vedau.oiu a uuats and attempted to
reach the sinking Londouiau. For
three hours the sturdy Britons battled
with the wind and tho waves iu a
vain attempt t.c reach her, but were
finally compelled to return to their
Capt. Bartlett then returned to
windward of the doomed steamer and
tried to firo rockets with lines attached over the wreck, hopiug by that
means that the seamen in peril could
be saved. After a uuiuber of vain attempts this idea wasabaudoued and as
it grew too dark to do anything more
Capt. Bartlett signalled "Will stand
by you until morning. "
The piteous signal "For God's sake
dou't leave," came back iu reply anil
every man of the crew of the Vedamore pledged his life to rescue the
helpless. During the night tbe wind
increased and by morning it was blowing very hard. Then it was that another menus of rescue was decided upon. For hours life buoys, with lines
attached, were floated to tbe London-
ian and at last, the crew succeeded in
getting ouo aboard. A heavier ine
was stretched between the vessels und
one of the Vedatnoro's lifeboats was
improvised as a life car to be hauled
between the two ships. It mado a
trip successfully, aud 22 half frozen,
exhausted men were hauled up over
the high side of the Vedamore and
given every comfort the ship afforded,
As the boat was going back to the
Londonian a big sea broke over it and
capsized it. Another broko over it
and demolished it. The lines were
also carried away and the communication broken. Chief Officer Doran of
tbe Vedamore then stepped up to Capt.
Burlett aud volunteered to launch another life boat to attempt the rescue.
Another set of brave seamen dropped
into her as she touched the water and
she sped away through the waves.
The seas were by this time terrific and
that she lived five minutes seemed a
miraclo. It was only owing to Ihe
plendid maimer in which she wns
handled that she lived it out. For
two hours the boat's crow struggled at
the oars, but could not get closer than
sixty yards of the wreck. They were
nt last forced to give up aud return to
their ship and in doing so the boat
was smashed against the ship's sido
aud lost. Thoy nil came near drowning but wi re hauled aboard with Hues.
The night of peril and fear passed.
The next morning 28 men of the Londonian succeeded in lauuchiug one of
their own lifeboats and reached
the Vedamore in safety. Their
boat was also lost and all that day was
spent in trying to again establish communication witb the wreck. The gale
was constantly increasing and all
efforts to save ' others were in vain.
Even after uight had fallen, the Vedamore was kept cruising about in tho
vicinity, but when day broke next
morning, the Londonian had vanished.
The Vedamore tin n proceeded to Baltimore. Tbe wrecked steac or was fust
sighted in latitude 4K 80, longitude
15.10. On Nov. 2(llh the day after the
Vedamore lost sight of her the steamship King Arthur paflid her in lat.
45, long. 46, She was I hen abandoned
aud all her boats were gone. It is supposed the remainder of her crew attempted to leave her iu their own boat
aud all hands perished. Capt. Bartlett
was given an ovation by his friends
upon his arrival and his hand was
shaken by the people as he passed
along the street. Capt. Bartlett took
(lie honors modestly and said he did
but the duty of one man to another.
Tho survivors of the wreck aro warm
in their praise of his treatment of
them and say he did everything in his
power for their comfort and welfare.
His officers are also highly praised.
The Londonian was a flue steel vessel,
built at Glasgow in 1896 and registered 5,5)12 tons gross. She belonged to
the Wilson-Furness-Leland line, her
original name was Idaho, which was
changed to the present name about a
year ago.
London, Dec. 8 ���A lifeboat, apparently belonging to the lost Furness
line steammship Londonian, has beeu
sighted. The boat was seen on December 2nd in lat. 48, long. 14. There
were some oars on board but' no signs
of life.
Lennox Athlete Club of New York Offers
a Purse of $20,000 for
tho Mill
New York, Deo. 8.���Articles of
agreement for a twenty round
boxing contest between Tom Sharkey
aud Kid McCoy, to take place at tbe
Lennox Athletic Club this city on January 10th, were sigued today by bolh
principals. The men are to box for a
purse of |20,000 and 50 per cent of all
receipts exceeding $40,000. Tim Hurst
was agreed upou us referee.
In order tbat tbe fight could not result iu a fiasco like the Shurkey-Cor-
hett affair, the interference of any of
the lighters seconds or their iuvasion
of the riug will no slop the contest.
The articles of agreement aro very
clear on this score and any second or
outsider who tries to invade tho ring
daring the contest will be immediately placed under arrest aud expelled
from the club house. The men will
box under Queensbury rules with the
exception that they will not be permit
ted to hit in clinches or break awavs.
A few minutes after the fighters had
sigued the articles of agreement, Shin-
key and O'Rotirko went up town to
meet Corbett by appointment. As
soon as Corbett heard that the fight
had been arranged between McCoy and
Sharkey, ho said : "I wish you hick
Sharkey. I have no hard feelings, but
I want to meet you again, just to
prove to the public who is the better
I dou't wish to play second fiddle t >
anybody, so I will go to the Pacific
coast aud try my luck with Jeffreys.
I hope yon will beat McCoy "
Corbett then sent a despatch to his
brother in California, saying:
"Sharkey aud McCoy matched here.
I will take on Jeffreys. Match me to
meet him in February."
O'Kourke and Corbett had a long
talk as to the promised meeting ot
Sharkey and the big Oalifornian and
O'Rourke said "that as Sharkey was
going to (he Pacific coasr early iu the
omiug year Unit a bout between them
had belter take place ou tbe coast
rather than in the east.
Washington. Dec. .8.���Senator Vest
today followed up the debato in executive session of yesterday concerning the appointment of Senators and
members of the house to positions on
Presidential Commissions, by tho introduction of a bill prohibiting the
practice of making such appointments,
The bill is as follows: That no person,
while holding a judicial or legislative
illice under the United States, shall
be appointed by the President, Oom-
niissiner, or agent of the Government,
uor of any department or bureau then -
West Superior Wis., Dec.8.���The fire
department is unable to control tbe
fire on the coal dock, which started
yesterday and assistance has been asked from St. Paul. The loss already in
estimated at $150,000. Four hundred
feet of dock have gone into the lake
and 200 feet more are so badly burned
as ro require rebuilding. Only one |
man was saved of Ihe four carried into j
the lake  by the falling coal yesterday, j
Thereby Referring  to the
N. & F. S. Road.
The Depot Will Not Be Moved Near Town,
No bpur to tho Smelter���No Road
for Boundary.
The Nelson aud Fort ShepDard railway is a "sloppy lino," quoth Mr. J.
J. Hill yesterday evening at the Nelson
& Fort Sheppard depot. Mr. Hill and
a party consisting of Mr. Hill, Jr. and
Messrs. Shields, Ward, Miller and other officials of the line, arrived in Nel
son about 7 :45 last eveniug ou a special
train, this being Mr. Hills first visit
to Nelson.
Mr. Hill seemed uoue too contented
with things, and when asked by a
Miner reporter whether the management intended to build a spur to the
smelter, ho asked: "What smelter?"
On being informed, ho replied that the
line was a 'sloppy" oue and that they
wonld have to lay out a good deal ot
money on it, aud were not going to
make any additions.
"What is there to build for?" aBked
Mr. Hill rather truoulently, "Nothing
but a few things brought out of the
"Are you goiug to bring your depot
nearer town?" asked the Miner man.
"No," replied Mr. Hill, "if we
move it at all we shall move it further
out. There is nothiug to come in for.
The people of Nelson don'c care about
the line."
Tho reporter hazarded that it would
be a great couveuience to the people of
"lt would only be R convenience to
a few passengers," responded Mr.
Hill, "aud there would lie nothing in
it for us."
When questioned as to whether the
Nelsou-Bedlington railway would get
running rights over a portnifl of the
Crow's Nest Pass lice near Creston,
Mr. Hill displayed phenomenal ignorance of a subject in which hu is usually credited with beiug deeply interested. He bad heard of the Nelson-Bed
lingtou line, it is true, aud believed
that it belonged to Loudon parties, but
beyond that his knowledge did not.apparently exteud.
Mr. Hill also scouted the idea of applying for a charter .uto the Boundary
country as too ridiculous lor discussion.
"What should we go in there for?"
said Mr. Hill, "There is nothing there
but woods, und a few prospects. Sir
William Van Home can have it if he
wants it."
Mr. Hill disclaimed all belief iu the
great mineral wealth of that promising district.
"Is there any truth in the report,"
wus the uext question,"that the Great
Northern is about to extend its line
from Everett into British Columbia to
Vancouver or New Westminster?"
"The Canadian Pacific is already
there, "was the reply. "It is a very
well managed line and they are not
making money there, so what would
thero be there for us?"
The reporter timidly suggested thai
Mr. Hill was the best judge of that
anil received a grunt in reply.
M. Hill said that his party would
return to Spokano, whence ho would
go east. He was not goiug to make
any stay in Nelson.
After hoping that ou his next visit
to Nelson Mr. Hill would be better inform ed, the reporter took his leave.
Lnndou, Dec. 8.���According to n
special despatch from Paris a telegram
has been received there from Brussels, I
declaring tl at Belgium cannot obil^e
the United Sta cs in Ihe matter of admitting American preserved meatli un-
til the American government shows a'
willingness to reciprocate by relaxing
the heavy duties if imposes upon Belgium cloth and oilier wares.
Senator Vest Would Have One   to  Investigate Charges for Corruption.
Washington, Dec. 8.��� Senator Vest
today introduced in the Senate a resolution providing for the appointment
of a joint commission to investigate
the charges of corruption in the war
with Spain. The preamble to the
resolution recites that "Charges have
been made in public press, over the
smgaturcs of responsible parties, that
improper and corrupt means have been
used to secure contracts from the government for the purchase of vessels for
the navy and for tho furnishing of
clothing and other uer'essary articlos
for the army of the United States during the war with Spain, at excessive
and exorbitant rates."
The resolution calls for the appointment of three Senators and five members of tho House aid impose upon them
the duty of enquiring as to the truth
of all such charges and make report by
bill or otherwise.
Canadian Commissioners Becoming Discouraged.
Submit a Counter Proposal Whioh is Far
Prom Meeting the Views of the
Washington, D. O., Deo. 8.���A
shock of contact between the American and Canadian Commissioners over
reciprocity came this afternoon and
now the Canadians are talking about
what stubborn, uuyeilding men their
Yankee brothers are. The Americans
submitted a counter proposal at the
joint session this morning. It came
nowhere near what the Canadians expected and the Liberal Canadians
found the hard headed Yankees quite
different when taking business seriously, than when they entertained
them in their drawing rooms.
The details are very meager but the
Canadians are disheartened and dis
couraged. There is no disguising the
fact that the Americans were much
more severe than was expected. Reduced duties are offeied on some pro-,
ducts, oue man said tonight, on live
animals. Another authority which
appears to be reliable, although contradictory to the statement in last
night's dispatch, says lumber was not
mentioned in today's American proposals and it is about as good as settled
that there can be no agreement to free
lumber, hut possibly a reduced duty.
Mr. Mulock is Still Working on  Some
New Ideas.
Ottawa, Deo. 8.���Post Master-General Mulock announoes that he is con
sideriug a scheme for utilizing tbe
street railways in cities for the distribution of letters. He proposes to
adopt a system by which, on a payment of a small extra fee,letters posted
after the close of the mail will be taken to the train by special carriers. He
has also in contemplation a system for
the insurance ef letters containing
money and valuables. Thb imperial
penny postage will be inaugurated on
Christmas day by an exchange of letters between the Governor General
uud the Queen and the Postmasters
General of Canada and Great Britian.
Sameul T. Stuart has been appointed
to first class clerk and assistant secretary of the Department of Indian
Affairs in succession to the late A. N.
McNeill, J. J. McKenna, secretary to
Mr. Sifton for the Indian department,
has been made a first class clerk in
that department.
was said by Tony Johnson,'his trainer
shortly afterwards that Hale was disheartened and was reluctant about go
ing on the track again. Hale then had
1157 miles to his credit. "Teddy"
Edwards later had a talk with Hale
and finally induced him to make another effort. Plasters were put on the
Irishman's bands and he again mounted, riding after the others at a good
pace. He seemed strong enough to
ride many miles yet. The four leaders in the six days event t higgled continuously for the lead.
With the exception of Foster and
Miller, the rides are husbanding their
strength and make few lengthy spurts.
Pierce rides a steady pace, seldom increasing his speed when pushed by his
opponents. Waller had Nevoid brushes
with Miller, who was trying to get
back to the lead during the afternoon
and the Madison square garden rang
with cheers. Waller, however, managed to hold bis man and keep the
Pierce held his steady clip that appeared to be at the rate of between 16
and 18 miles an hour. The 8 o'clock
score was:
Waller, 1480 miles; Miller, 1403
miles; Pierce, 1890 miles; Albert,
1860 miles; Stevens, 1320 miles;
Gimm, 1263 miles; Auronson. 1230
miles; Lawson, 1241 miles; Nawn,
1288; Hale, 1185; Forster, 1167;
Sohiner. 1163; Joyeux, 1088 ; Turville,
1082, Julius,  1048
Nothing Has Been Heard in Nelson Yet
in Regard to the Running
of Trains.
An   Interesting   Blackmail    Case   in
Which Jay Gould Figured.
Albany, N. Y., Dec. 8.���Tho jury
term in the Cody blackmailing case
after being out twenty-four hours has
failod to reach an agreement and has
beeu discharged. The jury stood 9 to
3 for conviction. The accused, Mrs.
Margaret E. Cody, is a gray-haired
woman between (in and 70 years of
age. She was indicted some months
ago for blackmail in connection with
her uiiBuccesful attempt to prove that
the late Jay Gould married Sarah Au-
gell in 1853 nt Rouses Point and that
a child was the result of tho alleged
union. The indictment for blackmail
was based on two letters written to
George J. and Helen Gould by Mrs.
Cody, in which the Goulds contended
that Mrs. Cody offered to settle for a
These letters were written to Mrs.
Cody after Mrs. Angoll had confessed
that the attempt, to prove she bad been
married to Jay Gould was a conspiracy.concocted to secure some of the
Gould millions. Miss Helen Gould has
been most persistent iu trying to bring
Mrs. Cody to justice for her part in
the scheme to besmirch the family
name of her father.
The passenger traffic that will go
into effect with the navigation of the
regular service over the Crow's Nest
Pass railway has been prepared, but
the rates will not be announced until
the line is opened. The freight tariffs
will probably be received here in a few
days. The steamers Moyie and Nelson
will connect this city and Kootenay
Probably only at the head offloe iu
Montreal has anybody any idea of just
when the regular trains will be put
on the line. As yet nothing has been
received here that would give any indication. It will probably be some
time, however, as the ballasting on
the road is yet far from completed. A
large staff of men, in charge of engineers, is at work constantly and no
time is being lost in making everything ready.
As soon as tbe line is opened, mails
will be carried to i nd from the Crow's
Nest district. There will most likely
be a tri-weekly service, passengers aud
mails leaving here on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays and continuing
east from Cranbrook on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
It is not probable that any trains
will be run over the line this winter,
so passengers will have to spend the
nights at Cranbrook. The westbound
trains will arrive here on Tuesdays,
Thursday and Saturdays.
Washington, Deo. 8.���The steamer
Ruomania sailed today from Savannah
carrying tho entire First Regiment of
North Carolina, with their transportation, to serve ns part of the garrison of
The Second Illinois Regiment was
loaded today at Savannah for the Bame
Washington. Dec. 8.��� ieueral Garcia
of the Cuban army, who has boeu confined to his hotel for s.x days, is announced to be seriously ill. There are
some tears of pneumonia.
New York, lire s.���Bar silver,
59 9-16; Mexican dollars, 48)$ i silver
certificates, tio'a to 61.
Washington. Dec. 8 ���Cardinal Gibbons in behalf of himself ml the
Arh bishops of the Catholic ciurch.
in America, has submitted a pititiou
to Congress, asking that the question
of the contract school system be reopened and that Congress again go
over the whole subject of Indian education.
The Big Contest in New York Attracting Jlit ii Attention.
New York,-Dec. 8.���Great interest
continues to be evinced in the six-day
bicycle race which commenced at mid
night on Sunday last, and finishes at
midgniglit next Saturday. Fifteen
men are undergoing the terrible grind,
They represent all nations and Waller
of Eugland is now leading with the
Americans Miller and Pierce next in
Teddy Halo, the  veteran   rider   left
the track about one o'clock today.     It
Toronto, Doc. 8.���The election in
West Huron caused by tho appointment of Garrow to be a minister without portfolio iu the Ontario govern-
niout resulted today in tho return of
Mr. Garrow by 113 majority.
Chebourg, Deo. 8. ���M. Lockroy,
Minister of Marine, has announced the
resumption of the custumary furlough
to sailors which were suspended during the crisis in the Anglo French relations.
London, Doc. 8.���Truth anouuees
that tbe Queen mother of tho Nether-
land has written privately to Qneou
Victoria informing Her Majesty of
the bethrothal of tjueen Wilhemina to
Prince William of Wied.
Loudon, Dec. h. ���. a Henry Irving
arrived in the Cilj i ill Glasgow. He
shows tho effects of bis illness but assured his friends that he was steadily
Tho authorities at tho Provincial
jail aro taking advantage of the idle
labor ut their disposal, aud yesterday
set a gang of six men to work on the
street. They are employed iu digging
a trench down Ward street, from Ver-
uon street to the jail, where water
connection has been so long ueedod.
The city will supply a 4-iuch pipe,
which will connect with the (i-inch
pipe on Vernon street, the jail supplying the labor.
List of Provincial Appointments Gazetted Yesterday
Several Offices Filled and Notices of Two
Companies Seeking Incorporation���A
Ooroner Resigns.
Viotoria, Deo. 8.���The following are
among the provincial appointments
gazetted this week: George Christie,
Tunstall, government agent at Earn-
loops to be registrar of the court of
Yale, holden at Kamloops, vice O. T.
Pearce, resigned; Martin Beattie,
assessor and collector at Kamloops to
be clerk of tho peace for Yale county
and mining recorder for the Kamloops mining district of Yale electorial
district, vice E. T.W. Pearce resigned,
James Anthony Turner of Nelson, to
be gold commissioner for the Nelson,
Ainsworth, Arrow Lake and Goat
River mining division of tbe West
Kootenay district aud government
agent, assistant commissioner of land
works, judge of the court of revision
and appeal, to receive applications for
registration and record, vice O. G.
Dennis, resigned.
Incorporation is to be applied for by
a company to build and operate a railroad from Revelstoke thence northerly
along the valleys of the Columbia and
Canoe Rivers to the 58rd parallel of
The Lieutenant Governor has been
pleased to accept the resignation of
Jacob Edwin Bruce, M. D., of New
Denver, as a coroner for the Slocan
mining division of WeBt Kootenay.
McPhillips aud Williams will apply
for an amendment to tbe '' Kootenay
and Northwest rail\,������-.��� company's aot
of 1898,"by consolidating in the Kootenay and " Northwest Railway Company all the franchises etc, granted
by the "East Kootenay Railway aot,
1897." and the "Southeast Kootenay
railway ant of 1896." aad purchased or
acquired by the Northwest Railway
Compcany and to extend the time limit in the said acts.
Josheph Stcokham, Hurfh MoAhearn,
Geo. Smith, Grant Oox, Wm. J. Gar-
but, Robt. McLean, James W. Penning, Michael Kirlinn, Geo. MacDon-
ald, give nofice of their desire to incorporate as tbe "Sandon Miners'
Union" for mutual protection and assistance under the benevolent societies
Count Von Goetzen  Tells   the   Berlin
Colonial Society About the War.
Berlin, Dec. 8.���Count Von Gootzeu,
former military attache at the German
embassy in Washington,who was commissioned by Emperor William to accompany the United States army during tho Hispuuo-American war for
purposes of observation and official re
ports addressed a large and distinguished audience tbis evening at tbe
Kuiserhof on "The Newest Colonial
Power" Although most of his hearers
wore mem hers of the colonal society,
there wure Bouie three hundred military men present. The locture, whioh
dealt largely with the war, was illustrated by photographs which Count
Von Goetzou took personally, views of
the embarkation at Tampa, the camps,
the landing iu Cuba aud of scenes in
the lighting around Santiago. The
lecturer spoke sympathetically of tbe
American army ami navy except so
fur as tho volunteers wore concerned.
Ho siud the only good volunteers were
the Rough Riders. He severely condemned the insurgents whom he said
rendered little, or no, help to the
Americans. He did not see a single
white among the insurgents, except
among the officers.
Couut Von Goetzen said- the dynamite guus proved ineffective because
they lacked distance apparatus. He
praised Gou. Shatters' treatment of
the foreign officers who accompanied
his staff. The United States regulars
were characterized by the leoturer as a
most excelleut body of troops though
small, aud their uniform as "practical. '' A portion of the leoture was
devoted to a description of the difficulty with whioh the American and
Spanish troops were provisioned.
Couut Von Goetzou prophesied a
greater future fur the new American
colonist because he said tho Americans
are "prime colonists." The lecture
was frequently applauded.
Yokohama, Deo. 8.���The government
has introduced iu the diet, a bill providing for increasing the land tax by
fourteen million yen, towards tbe estimated budget deficit of thirty million
you. The rsmumder of the amount
required will be raised by other taxation. It is belived these proposaals
will lead to a rupture of the understanding between the Cabinet and the
Liberals. MfiUON bA!LV MMfeR, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1898,
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���nid as long us our
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Hut the United States is not so foo
,sh as to think   of   anything   of   tbi
kind.   It may require a navy, but net
oue for useless show on the Lakes.  The
talk, now, us in tbe past, is owing   to
the pressure of Lake shipbuilders to le
considered in connection with naval
contracts. They have facilities for
constructing many of the smaller vet-
sel required for the United States navy
and they want a chance for employment. Porto Rico, Cuba,and the Philippines bat'o opened the eyes of Ihe
Washington authorities to tho naval
necessities of the country,and they are
probably anxious to avail themselves
of every facility for building warships,
Tho Commissioners at Washington are
not considering the question ot inland
navies. What has been suggested is
tbat Lake shipbuilders be employed to
augment tho navy of the United
States, uud that the treaty of 1817 be
stretched to permit of vessels built on
tho Lakes to be taken through our canals
to the Atlantic. If nothing more disturbing than this bo put into the proposed treaty, Canadians will continue
to enjoy their sleep o' nights with the
same peacefuluess as iu the past.
The Loudou papers do uot know
what to make of the speech of Sr Edmund Monson, delivered at the British Chamber of Commerce in Paris the
other night. They cannot quite convince theniseiveB that it was made
with the knowledge and approval of
the Foreign Office. and>ro utterly at
a loss to accouut for it on any other
hypothesis. They' will not be far
wrong in assumiug that so careful and
steady a hand as the British Ambassador to France would not adopt so
unusual a vein without a more or
less direct assurance from headquarters in London that it would be eu
tirely satisfactory.
Lord Salisbury himself, with that
excellent tasto and moderation which
oharaterise all his public utterances,
has taken more than ono occasion lnfc-
ly to warn France that she must not
push Great Britaiu too far. With his
greater blnutiiess and directness, Mr.
Chamberlttiu has been saying much
the same thing. These have been
official declarations, but from a distance. Now comes the Briitsh Am-
basador with another warning, delivered in Paris itself, the very heart of
France. His language has come home
to the French people with the shock of
a near explosion, "aud it is little wonder they are startled by it. He tells
them in effect that his countrymen
have come to the end of their patience,
" and will stand uo more uousense on
the Nile. If there is anything in
those regions thut France covets, she
must fight for it. Great Britaiu is in
Egypt, aud will uot be driven out.
Egypt includes all the Upper Nile, and
whatever is necessary to British security will be maintained, Frauce or no
France. This is uot the sort of language to provoke war; on the contrary,
it makes for peace, and it was good
diplomacy to employ it. The French
may work themselves into a condition
of excitement for a few days, but the
influence iu the cud will be sobering.
If this tone had been taken some
years ago, thore would have been no
Fashoda incident to alarm the timid.
France has no desire for war with
any nation and least of all with Great
Britain. Sho is not prepared for it;
aud more evon tha.i that, the great
Exposition of HlOU is coming aud Paris
will not stand the disappointment of
losing it.
In his message to
lent McKinley says
revenues during the
have uearlv doubled.
Congress   Presi-
that   the   posial
past   ten   veins
As a   two-cent
postage rate has been in efftot throughout that period, perhaps the Canadian
Postmaster-General will take odurnge
to execrise the authority giveu him
last session aud introduce without delay a two-cent ruto in the Dominion.
The Time
pHWM *..:���....-; :..... 8*1
.   .    AT   .    .
West of Bank of B. C.
wimm^^vr:''"':''/'r''-1 ���'���-'������������������'���-���;.. \
The Provincial Finance -Minister,
through his newspaper, says that Mr.
Turner's admitted deficits of (800,000
for the last and current fiscal years will
grow to be a milliou by the time tbe
accounts are made out. The Minister
is in a position to know ; but like oilier Ministers ho may desiroto put bis
predecessor in tho worst possible light,
and for this purpose may be milking
out a worse condition of things than
really exists. A better thing than
putting Mr. Turner in the wrong
would bo to put the finances right.
(Monetary Times Toronto. )
How often do wo here write that
Mr. So-and-so has been in business in
suoh ami such a place for many years,
has made no more than a living, and
now makes an assignment. If merchants could only have realized that
the law of the times is progress, and
that there can be uo success where
I here is not progress, maybe some of
those who fail would have hustled
more than a living
* * *
(Inland Sontinel, Knmlooqs.)
We publish among onr telegraphic
despatches today n synopsis of President McKinley's message to Congress.
It will be seen that the President informs Congress that the International
conference is tending to a favorable
conclusion. It is to be hoped the conclusion will be as favorable to Canadian interests as President McKinley
apparently thinks it will be those of
the Uuittd States.
Until the Toronto Mail sees it with
its own eyes, it will not believe that
the British Conunissiouer will concede
the United States tho privilege of
constructing warships ou the Great
Lakes. There has come out of Washington a report thai au agreement to
this effect has been reached, und the
Toronto paper professes to be alarmed at
it. At intervals for years past thero
have beeu reports that tho Washington
Government would abrogate the agreement of 1 SIT, under which both Powers bound themselves not to maintain
a naval force on tho inland waters
oommon to the two countries. This
could easily be done at any time by
giviug tho stipulated notico. Then it
is said that it will bo done through
the treaty which the Commissioners
in session ut- Washington are endeavoring to   negotiate.
The Mail will hardly Bnccced iu
crontiug a scare over this matter.
There wonld be nothing in tho concession to oause the slightest apprehension to any Canadian or British
subject. In the first place the United
States is not seeking to create an inland navy. It bus no use for one, for
trouble with Great Britain is uot anticipated ; and if there wore trouble,
permission to build warships at Cleveland or Detroit would not bo necessary. A declaration of war would put
a summary end to the Rush treaty of
1817, and both Powers would use their
right to do us t:-oy pleased In llie riat-
t'-r. And iu nuy case.if the restriction
wero removed und the   United   btutes
^���������������- ���������������������������������������������������������������43
f zs
��   1
%   I
II) Rooms
H Rooms
7 Rooms
ft Rooms
o Rooms
TBRHI to si it.
: 01 III     VII TOKII ST., ON lllttlK.i:
WANTED���\ Piano to real for tbo winter
months,  Apply Box 1 �����. city.
TO   LBT���Furnished  Bodrooni   in   Private
Family, olwo to town,   Apply Miner Otllco.
FOR RENT  A four roomed oottago.   Apply
to it. Inconttho Nelson Cigar Storo. St
FOR SALE A ocmpleto Btnall newspaper
out tit Willi Washington Hand ProSS. Address
Hex HI. Nelson.
MU8I6 LESSONS,-On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. w, .1. Aslley. [tolison street
two doors WOSl of Stanley.   P. 0, box 130.
WANTED -A home in a refined family
where thoro Is anotnor ohild, for a seven year
old girl,  Apply to t lie Vienna Bakery on linker
Creel, 111.
e  VNTKD���A situation M houaekoepor or
g.- or. 1 li:puM.woi k In a sn all f unity,by iniddlr-
gged lady. Apply to Mrs. Clunus, opposite
Roisterer's Brewery. 2t
Suitable Gifts for
Holiday Season has arrived. We heralded its
approach some time ago
and told how well prepared we were to supply
all demands. We are
doubly prepared now.
Each day has added
something new to our
stock of Clocks, Jewel
Xmas Cards  and   Cal
Good as
A Circus.
Our Toy
Store ,,
Garland's Old Stand,
Will give the greatest
pleasure to the young
folks and interest their
elders. Every animal,
every novelty, and every
kind of doll is represented, and the stock is as
good as it is varied. The
selection of a suitable
gift for young or old can
be made here, and the
value given for little
money will be a pleasant
Book Co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Official Directory.
Governor-General - Earl of Aherdcei.
Premier - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
.Member House of Common.?, Dominion Parlia
merit. WckI Kootenay Hewitt BoRtoek
Dep Col. Inland Revenue F W Swannell
Lieut.-Governor - Hon T U Mclnne*
Premie- - Hon Chas Senilln
Allnrney-fiencral        -       Hon Joseph Martin-
Minictcrof Financo - Hon F C Cotton
MinisterMInesand Education   Hon J F Hume-
Pres Executn <��� Council      Hon Dr MoKcchnio
Member Logical ivo Assembly tor Nelson Hirl-
inie - Hon.I FHume;
Mayor - John Houston*
Aldermen-< I n- IWIyor, W F Teetzel,  J  A
<iilker, J J MttlbUO, E P Whalley. Thoa Mtid-
City Clerk            -            ��� J K Straohan
Police Magistrate K A Crease-
Chief of Polios                . A  FMcKinnon
Chief of Fire Dopartmont .    W J Thompson
Auditor                   ��� John Hamilton
Water Commissioner -           TM Ward
Health Ofttoer          - -        Dr. LaBnp
City Engineer             ��� A. L. M'Culloc,h
('ity council ineet-s every Monday, ,'i p.;n., at
oity hall, cor Victoria and Josephine sL
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. G A I* Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal���J.   Hostley   Soady. B. A.
President ��� J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President ��� James Ijjiwrence.
Seey-Troas. ��� John A Turner.
John A. Tumor
Vice-Pros.         j|
W. A. Jowett.
F. W. Swannell
J A Forln
Medical Sopt.
Dr. G. A B Hall
The   Crow's   Nest   Pass   Coal   Co.
is now prepared to receive orders for
Domestic and  Steam  Coal  and  Slack-
smith's Fuel.
PRICE :    Domestic   and    Steam   Coal    $5.75   per   ton.
Blacksmith's Fuel $10.09 Per ton.    Delivered $1 per ton
Orders   IfeceiVedl at C. W. West & Go's. Office
CHARLES ST. BARBB, General Agent.
��� Christmas   Gifts,  Toys,
ancy Goods.   New Stock
opening up daily. Call and
see us.
Thomson Stationery Co.
L'd, Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO.
dor. mnai-o �� Baher Sts.
Carload of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering"   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
$0.75   PER   TON,   DELIVER   D
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay   and   Baker   Streets.
Sewing By The Day.
Hotel Hume
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and see   us.
B. C
All account* not paid 011 and beforo tho fifteenth day of December will bo put, In tbe
handwof a lawyer for collection, kindly pay
A. G. 8HAW.
Datod this 26th day of Nov. 1898.
Permanent Loan
Wh" pay Ee it when you
cv\ ow i a home^of
youc own?
Loans are made mi tha security of
Improved Ittml Estate, not more than
sixty per cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced.
Tho rate of interest is 81 per cent,
per annum. Interest is stopped on
each $100 of the principal returned.
Illustration, showing the cost and
time required to pay on a $1,000 loan
at the following monthly payments :
nlTcmi'l Mnnlli'v I 'l'l,lul K��|ulrcil.|   Cost.
glum fin
1000 l��l
liiini mi
li.n.i mi
|1�� (HI
ii (iii
BO (Ml
Yr'B. M'Uffi Dys
7      ��        21
5       3 V!
4       0 II
3       2 in
turn U
1207 02
1200 OU
Our niim'iily payment KVBtom has boen
P'o.rrt in bu ill; Kiii'oKl and OBileat way of
rlmirliiK oITh nioniftige.
I lie.i louna may be rupald in fa . or in part
ntfiny liinu without bonus.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Bakmu St.
Nelsun, B. C.
Warden Capt, N. Fitzstubbs
First Jailer -                               R. Llddell
Second Jailor Goo. Partridge
Third Jailer -                  John McLaren
.Senior Guard R Inoe
Surgeon -                     Dr. Symonda
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepcl
Gold Commissioner �� O. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col        ���       R F Tolmie
Collector of CuHtoms       - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judge - J A Forln
Registrar - E T H Slnipklns
Inspector of Schools - William Burne
8.00 p.m.
S.30 a.m
6,00 p.m
United States, Ontario,Que
hecand Eastern Provinces
Points on N. & F. S. line.
Victoria and Rossland.
New Denvor, Sandon and
locan Lake Points.
ICaslo aud Kootenay Lake
Rossland. Trail, Nakusp,
Robson, points on main line
0. P. R.. Vancouver and
5.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.45 a.m.,
7.00 a.nx
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General]
Delivery, 8 n,m,  to 8 p.m.;   Registration, 8.30j
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank,
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster/
CBUBOB op England���Matin 11 a.m.; Even
Song, 7.;'0 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in (he month aftei
Matins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m
Sunday School at 2,80 p.m. Rev. H. S. Ake*
liursl. Rector.   Cor Wnrd and Silica streete,
Phksuvtkuian Ciu'itcH���Services at It a.m,
and 7.80 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m..
Prayer meel ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m.!
Christian Endeavor Society meets ovory Mon<
day evening at 8 o'clock. Rov. R. Frew,
Methodist Chuhcii���Corner silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at Ham. and 7,30
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.' Prayer meeting ou Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League C, E., Tuesday at 8 a.m, Rev. John
Kobson. Pastor.
CATHOLIC Cnui<cn-Mass at Nelson, first
and third Sunday at 8and 10.00a.m.; Honedie-
tlon nt 7.;i0 to S p.m. Rev. Father Ferland
Hai-tiht Chitkcii ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.IW p.m.; Prayer moot-
ing -Vednesday evening nt 8 p.m.; tho B. Y.
P. U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed.   Rev. C. W. Rose, Pastor.
Salvation Akmy���Servic s every evening
at 8 o'clock in barra.cks on Victoria street.
Adini ant .M illner in oharge.
M. meets second Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
jj^aki..    I- O. O.  F.     Kootenay Lodga
2?5ip^ No. 1(1, meets every Monday night,
'<t^!"**      at   thoii   Hall,  Kootenay Ht'-oot.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
A. II, elements, N. G.      Fred J Squires, Seo.y
k NKLSON   LODGE  No. 25, K. of  P.
/;'/��\ftiiU'ets in Castle hall,  McDonald block
i;'.5?.J4'v0iT   Tuesday ovening at 8 o'clock.
IA11 visiting knights .cordially invited,
II. G. Jov. O. O.
(820) iIkii. ltuss K. of lt. and 8.
NKLSON   LODGK.   I. O. G. T.      Meets in
Castle Hall, McDonald Block, overy Monday
,'Voning at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially invited, John Tklfukd,
Chief Tomplar.
J. F. Jacobson   Soc'y
second and fourth Wednesday
each mouth at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald lllook, cor. Vernon aad
Josephine streets. Visiting breth-
dially invited.
Chas. H. Farrow,
COUKT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meoUl
tsi and 3rd Wednesday in each month in the
l< of 1' Hall. F W Hwanell, C. D. 8. C. R.; J R
Qroen,O.R,i J. Purktas. Secy.
NKLSON LODGE. NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet
avery Thursday in the I.O.O.K. hall. G C
Williams, M.W.: W sSmith, Hoo.-Seo.; J. J.
Drlsooll. Financier F. J Squire. Receiver and
I'. M. \V.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1(102 moots in Ihe Mo
Dunuld  blork  every Thursday OVlntiigl at ft
o'clock.    Vi-iting nirml,'���!',, <mi.Ii.iI >   invited
re  CM, I F   "
K. .1. Ilradley. ��.-.
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Wesson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelson and KoBsland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p-nj
"   12:05 "  ROSSL'D   "  11:20
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p-m
Trait) Unit leaves Nelsou nt 6:20 a.m
makes close connections ut Spukune foi
nil t'iiciile, Const Points.
FasseuKors (or Kettle itivur uud Boundary Creek,couueot ut Mhious witliStage
C. G. DIXON, G. P. &, T.A.
Spokane  Wash.
AgeBt,Neliion, li. 6,
iHi NkUOn iUitV MiNlBfr, PRIDAV, bECEMBER % i��<>i,
:.'. .
,, -lm ,j
REPORT ACTIVITY'moal and personal i^^;0��^0-^?jxJS;
I l       '    .     __ _ .1 with the finest trophy that  hooVeyisti
As a Silver-Lead Minirg Camp Its Bids
Well to Surpass tho Most Sanguine
1 xpectations
Under date of Dee. 7 n Fort Steele
correspondent writes ns follows to the
Spokesman Review of .Spokane :
Little has ever been known of n district that promises to equal nnd perhaps exceed the mrtsl Rndguino expectations of any silvoi'-lcad mining oamp
in British Columbia, botb in quantity
and quality of its ores This vast territory lies about midway between Golden on the north and Fort Steele on
the south, and is n as the Wind-
mere mining district. Its resources
havo been known to a few old time
prospectors for a number of years but
its real merits did not 1 ecoine nppiir-
eut until the summer of this venr.
The mineral u" tbe country consists
'of gold, silver, copper and lead, and so
far shows nn excess of galena. Tbe
leads are generally'large and promise
to be strong, nnd like (be Slocan. the
���ore is clean and rich at tbe grass roots
many assays running $400 to Ihe ton.
Considerable development has been
done on properties during the past two
mouths, both by companies and original owners, and great activity is expected next season.
��� An English syndicate has bonded
and is working the Pretty Girl group
of eight claims and besides sinking a
testing shaft is driving a crosscut tunnel to tap the lead at a depth of about
200 feet.
The Hot Punch group has been bonded by a Montana syndicate and a shaft
sunk 05 feet, opening a fine body of
solid galena carrying a good percentage of gray copper. Tho values ran
from 40 to 800 ounces of silver and $3
to $1S iu gold. The company will ship
next spring.
Messrs. Starke and Kinipton own
the Delphine group. This is au excol-
lont property, the values ranging from
100 to 000 ounces in silver, with a
large per cent of lead and copper. They
have been working with a good force
of men aud are now packing oro with
40 horses to tho Columbia river.
A Nelson company has bonded the
Batiieso group aud is pushing development work.
The De Los property shows a fine
body of mineral, and 20 horses are
pifckiug ore to the river.
The Sitting Bull group,consisting of
four claims, has been bonded to a Nelson corporation, and they are now
working. This is a valuable property
of high grade copper carbonates. Tbe
lead is three feet wide and rims 742
ounces silver, besides a big percentage
of copper.
On tho west of tho Sitting Bull
group lies the Alps group, one of the
most promising discoveries in the
country. There are four claims with
two rich and well defined ledges running through them. One of the leads
is -solid galena from three to four and
a half feet wide, carrying 75 to 800
ounces in silver and 60 to 75 por cent
lead. The other is carbonates and galena SPYWI foe! wi In The holders of
tins rm p irry -vi'.! rpmmeuoo vigorous
operations in tna spring. Seven feet
of solid galena ore has beou uncovered
on the Dividend group, the values
ranging from 40 to 180 ounces iu silver an 75 per cent lead. It is rumored
that a Montana syndicate has secured
a bond on this property.
A Rossland company has secured it
houd ou tho Swansea group and has
been working a largo force of men all
Besides the abo.'fl mentioned proper
ties there are quite a number that the
writer did not investigate for want of
time, but, was told that they coutained
good values and great promise.
One of the best features of this country is tho easy means of shipping. The
nearest railway is 75 miles north, at
Golden, but tho ore can be hauled by
wagon from tho mines to the river, a
distance of 20 miles, there loaded on
steamboats and barges and floated to
the railroad. As yet thero aro no
wagon roads excepting the stage road
from Golden to Fort Steele, but good
ones cnu be built to the mines for
11,000 not exeooiliug $2,500.
A meeting of the Nelson St. An
drew'B and Caledonian Society will be
held this evening at 8 :i!0 o'oclock at
the Phair hotel.
The O. P. R. has changed the name
of the new town of Creston on lie1 C[J
P. R. railroad to Sirdar in honor of
General Kitcbuer.
The time of the court waa occupied
yesterday by chamber motions exclusively, and Mr. Justice Irving returned lii Ihe coast by thi<1l:10 train.
By special request those gifted little
musicians,the Misses Zillall and Beryl
Kincrsou will sing and play at the
Methodist sale of work this evening.
The rink is being flooded and
pn pared for skating and if tbe frost
holds tbe proprietors expect that there
will be good BaktiflR by Monday eveu-
The C. P. R. are making a large excavation just above (heir track about
2!HI yards west of the city wharf where
it is intended to erect a cold storage
The desks and seats for the new
school aro expected to arrive in a few
days and will be placed in positiou for
the opening of school after the Christmas lioldiays.
In the Police court yesterday afternoon Malcolm MnMurray was charged
with vagrancy. He had no money ,o
pay a fine aud was given until this
morning to get out of town.
Public School Inspector W. Burns is
visiting the different dopartments of
tho Nelson public school this week in
his ollicial capacity and reports everything running satisfactorily.
Tho handsome and commodious
new sample roomj whioh havo beeu
erected at tbo Phair hotel are uow
completed. Tho new steam heating
apparatus which is being placed iu
((very room will be in working order iu
about a week.
Tho first meeting of the Kootenay
Teacher's institute will be held in the
Nelsou publio school on January 2 and
8. A good'prograuinie of essays and ad-
drosses by prominent educationalists
has been prepared and all teachers iu
the district are expected to attend.
with the finest trophy that hockeyists
have ever played for. His would be a
good example for some of Kootenny's
monied meu to follow.
Tbe junior teams bave been provided
forJhyAld. Ross Thompson of Rossland,
who has presented a trophy for the
juniors to contend for. The Nelson
juniors have challenged the Rosslands
and as soon as the season opens the-
two teams will meot.
FARRQW.���On Wednesday night   at
thoir homo ou Stanley street, the wife
of Mr. C. H, Farrow of a   daughter.
/nleraafal Navigation 4 Trading Company
Summer Card.
Meteoralogleiil itcpori.
(Obsurvatlons taken hy A. II. Holdicli.
Fi iiluy
. nn.n-
0.05 ,
We Wish to remind the Public
that our stock of these goods is
very complete.    Our regulation
Men's Hockey Shoe at $3.50
is a beauty.
Bring your skates to us and   we
will attach them   to your  boots
while you wait
Aberdeen Block
Make Your Prult Selection First, then
Effective June 20, I88B
Subjeet to change without notice.
How a Newspaper Man Tried to   Join
the O. P. R.   Excursion.
Fow people havo any idea of (he
trials and niisfortuues that dog the
steps nf the knights of the quill, or of
the strong glare with which the unreasonable and inexorable editors meet
the unfortunate reporter when ho happens to be iu error, ami consequently
thoy will hardly appreciate the real
depth of the misfortune which befell a
fellow scribe Wednesday.
The unfortunate in question left
Wednesday morning ou the Movie
with tho other excursionists,
some reason which does not concern
the story ho lay down to rest awhile,
and dream, no doubt, of glowing aud
graphic stories ho was going to send
his paper auont tho incidents of the
"Tho best laid plans of mice nnd
men gang aft aglee.'' Blest with a
good conscience nnd a sound digestion,
our journalist slumbered peacefully.
Kootouay Landing was reached, aud
still ho slumbered. In duo courso the
Moyio returned to Nelson bearing the
sleeping scribbler. The boat Stopped
and he awoke with a start. "Is this
Kootenay Landing?" Ou receiving
tho answer the wretched man slunk
secretly up town where ho was seen
once or twice during the noxt
hours.    Then ho disappeared.
Tho Phair���J. Andrew Baker, Port-
laud : S. S. Finney and Q. E. Martin,
Kaslo; Phil McAnlle and Leo Parker,
Spokane ; K. Bell, Ladcuers Lauding ;
Mr. O. Olson, St. Paul; aud C. Armstrong, Quebec.
The Hume-J. C. Blaudy, Kaslo; J.
,1. Smithcraft, Victoria; C. D. Mo-
Keuzie and \V. M. Trelhewy, Kaslo;
A. J)1. Geister, Vancouver: D. E. Carman, Toronto; Mrs.Catherine Leuyou,
New York, and P. N. Lonyon, Peterborough, Out.
Tho Queen's���J. Wilbur and Mrs.
Cedar, Spokane; and D. McLean, Calgary.
Tho Ladies of  the   Methodist   Ohureh
Hold a Successful   Bazaar.
The sale of work now being held by
tho ladies of the Mothodist church in
DesBrisay's old stand on Baker street,
is boiug well patronized. Tho room
has been very tastefully decorated and
the stalls present a very attractive appearance The building was thronged
yesterday with eager buyers, but. the
stock ofjiisefill and dainty articles is I y
no means exhausted.
The luueh counter was a special feature of the bazaar yesterday aud wus
very largely patronized, very tasty
lunches and suppers being put up. Tin?
bazaar opened yesterday at noon, and
will be continued throng),out today.
The results so far have been satisfactory to tho management, and it is to
bo hoped that the public will continue
their patronage of such a deserving
Items From tho   Mines���Curling
Skating Going On.
The aerial tramway at the Last
Cbanco mine near Sandon is completed and Engineer Riblet, who has been
iu charge of its construction, will
hand it over to Manager Wood today
or tomorrow. Ore has been rawhided
from this property ever since the first
of tho month.
Tho Idaho mine, owned jointly by
J. W. Hughes and sonic Edinburgh
capitalists, has been shipping heavily
of late, about KIM) tons having been
shipped since Nov.   III.
Tbe Ivanboo is expected to start regular shipment any day now,and a concentrator and tramway will be erected
on the property this spring.
There is over two feet of snow in
Sandon just now and curling and skating are iu full swing. Tho curling
riii'j opened up last Saturday ami tbe
skating rink on Monday. Business is
good now in Sandon owing to tho increased activity iu mining circles and
but for I the prospects for tbo winter aro very
 I encouraging.
Deo. 7.���
Big Dipper���O. B. Dunning, on w
si of Salmon R Opposite Chenango.
Bristow���} . Young ou w si of Bull
Dog Mt.
Florence���Same on w si of same.
A Sheot of Ice ou the Lake   Guod
Hockey Practice.
The young men who intend to
hold Nelson in Ihe hockey world
winter would do well to got their
skates on and bave some preliminary
practice on the sheet of ice on the lake
near the boat club bouse, The ice is
in fairly good condition and many
have beeu skating ou it during the
past few days. Tho sooner tho hockeyists get on their skates the easier it
will bo for them to got in condition to
make a good showing in their matches
with outside i lubs.
A scries of games will likely be arranged between tho Sandon, Rossland
and Nelson hockey teams and some
good exhibitions of the gnmo may
thereloro he expected ns soon as the
new rink is ready. Some mining
magnate might make himself popular
in this region by giving the clubs
something else to play for besides honor, by presenting a trophy of some description to be emblematic of the
Kootenay   championship.    John   Ross
of poor quality comes soon,   lt hasn't
got the toughness to stand everyday
wear, and succumbs to the inevitable.
Just the same as throwing money to
the clogs when you buy such stuff.
Perhaps the ordinary observer will
say that our Hardware doesn't look a
hit better. But our word is worth
something, and we assure our customers that there is good value in everything we offer.
Mew Harflware Co..
importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
24 Pages i Weekly : Illustrated.
MINING ^sdtJntiflc PRESS
Make both of these properly and you'll be pleased   with the
Below we give a list to choose from :
Raisins seeded, Seeded Raisins, Raisins without the
seeds, Seeded Raisins, Raisins with the Seeds and Seeds
with the raisins.
Currants, all cleaned, ready to throw in the cake.
English Peels, mixed and chopped ready for use.
Spices, Icings and extracts. Plum Puddings, Fruit Cakes,
etc., etc.
We have all the latest specialties. If your cake is not
a success don't blame us,
Christmas Candies Arriving.
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Aberdeen Block. NELSON. B. U,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Loivee Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
The Mriliflh Columbia Southern Railway
Company wil' apply in the Parlinnirnt of
Oartadn ut lis next session fnrnn Act author*
izing tho Company to proceed to construct its
������nsleri' section aw described in tho Ad 60(it
Victoria, Chapter 80, until the 1st of January,
1001; nnd to anthorizothe Company to construct
or acquiro and to operate a railway between a
point on its line of railway in the neighborhood
of Kort .Steele and a point at or near Golden on
the Canadian Paolflo Railway, by a route hav-
ng tbe same general direction as the valleys of
the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers, and also
branoh lines therefrom not exceeding in any
one case thirty miles in length.
By Order of I he Hoard,
Montreal, 30th November, 1898,
Manufacturers of
iiuirroii Hot Spring* Water Affmled and
Sii|��i��lli'(l lo Ihe Trail)'.
IAIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite Plmir Hotel.
P. O. BOX 583.
Distended experience in Chile and German
Bouth Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports nnd valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mino plans kept
up by contract.
Fancy Drew Goods nt Seduced Prices.
Stylish Dressmaking at
Mis. McLaughlin's,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
( ; ]    Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Antigonish, N. S.
Diuhnrst, N. B.
Brldgewater, X. S.
Clmrlottctown. P. B. I.
Dorchester, N. B.
Krederieton, N. B.
Ouysboro. N. 8.
Grand ForkB, B. C.
Halifax, N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. S.
Luncnberg, N. 8.
Mai I land, N. B.
Moncton, N. B.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, West End
Montreal, West mount
Nanaimo, B. O.
Nelson, B, (!.
Newcastle, N. B.
Pictou, N. S.
Port Haivksbnry, N. 8.
Rossland, B. C.
9ackvillo, N. B.
Shubenncadie. N. S.
Summorside, P. E. I.
Sydney. N. a.
at. John, Nfld.
Truro, N. S,
Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver, East End
Victoria, B. O,
Weymouth, N. 8.
Woodstook, N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   IntoiTst allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Tmir.
.A Having* Bank department has been established in connection with tho Nelson branch of
this bank. Deposits of one dollar and upwards received, and current rate of interest allowed,
at present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Big Furniture Sale
Ollor their Whole Stock during December at Cost, for
"CASH" ONLY. You cannot do better than by furnishing your home before Christmas,
Parlor Sets
(110,00 ling Set for (76.00,
75.00 " 50.00,
70.00 Silk Set for 40.00,
(B.Oll Sideboards for 815(H).
'MM) Hair Mattresses for 818.00.
Support Springs 82.50 each.
! Bed Room Sets
It-piece $60 qtr, out oak sets for $45
8-plece $18.00 sets for $13.60.
8-pleoe Kt.oo     ������      1260,
8-plece 23.00     "       10.00.
All other goods at equally low figures. Conic early and  secure bargains.
All sales of $5.00 and upwards delivered free. Applewhait Block,
corner of Raker and Kootenay streets. Special attention to Undertaking and Embalming at especially low rates.    Call and see us.
�����-   Cheap for Cash
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
-A Valuable lot on   Victoria
business portion of the city.
Street  adjoining
�� The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
and Savings Co.
5^   advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and
\^z 8 years by monthly instalments.
W llflfffifllfflffffvlffffflffiffffflfl T VVvVVVWVW
South b'nd.   H. K liiKmatlonal.   North b'nd
Head down Road up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar  3.45   '*     Kuslo     8 00   "        "    Lt
Boat Lvb. 3.30 a.m. Kn*lo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    4.30   " Ainsworth 7.30    "        "    "
"      "    6 00   " iMlot Bay 0.45    "        "    "
"      "5 30   "   Balfour   6.10	
*���    Ar   6.40   " 5 Mile Vt. 6.25    "        "    "
'"      *'    7.15   "    Nelnon    4.45    *'        "   Lt
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'lhport 1.55    " Train   M
'*     "   11.20   " HoHsland 12.05 a.m.   *'        "
"    "    3.10   " Spokane   8.30    " "
Sandon-KoHlo  train daily.   Boat and
kane train daily except Sunday.
8. 8. Alberta.
Traiu H��ndon 10.50a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar  S.45   "     Ka*lo    8.00   "        "    Lt
Boat Lvs 5.00   "     Kanlo    1.00   "      Boat A
"     "    6.20 "AInMWorth 11.40 p.m.     M      "<|
"     "    7.00   *'Pilot Buy 11.00   "        u      * m
"     "   10.00   " Kuskonvk 8.00   <���        "      'I
"     "   12.00 m. GontHiverfi 00	
"     "    1.00a.m. Honndary5.00   "       "      "
" Ar      8.00 " B'rn Kerry 2.00   "        "     Lt
Train Lv 11.40 " H'r* Kerry 1.15 " Train Ar
" Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m. " Lt
Sandon-Kaslo train dally.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays and   Saturday!
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Koi.ii-iiii> take Service.
CommciicinK :'n June. 1898.
On  Monday, Thursday   und   Friday   8.
Alberta will leave Ka*\o 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and NolBOti,
Leaving Nelson 8 ii.m., Tuesday. Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Hay, Ainsworth and Kaalo*
calling at all way points.
(All times arc subject tu rhunije without notio
Meals and berths not inr-luded.
Passengers on S. S. International from Ne
son,  Spokane,  etc..   for points on   Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot  Bay, will connect at that
point with theS. H. Alberta.
Passengors for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points -until of IMlot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purser, havo stopover at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S- International
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with all points In the
United States and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenay River.
Tickets sold and  bnggago checked  to
points by purs th ou steamers or at our office
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo. B.C
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoka dnilj
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto;
Thursdays for Montreal and Boston;
Fridays for St. John, N. B.
To  RoKsIand
nnd Main   Line point*
Koolenay Lake���Kaalo Keule.
Sth. Kokankk
Rsccpt Sunday. Kxcept Sunday
4   p.m.���leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Kootenay River Itoufe,
Stk. Nklhon.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon��� Wed., Frl.
7 a.m.���Leaves���NK1*SON--Arnvea--6.30   i��.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee in both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes or" ���>*.
principal landings in both direction* ai 4 aa
other points when signalled.
Trains  to and from  Hlocan Mly.
and Hloran   Lake  Polnta.
{Sundays  Excepted)
9a. m.���Leavos���NELSON���Arrives���2.20p.m.
Aboehtain Rates
and full Information    by  addressing nearest
local agent, ('ity Ticket Agent, Nelson, or
Trav. Push. Agent,
Diet. Pass. Agent,
II la Ihr MuhI Modern In Equipment.
II Ixihr lln rleil Railed Line.
II ha, n mirk.milium Koadlted.
II CriMnen So Sand Den��rrtn.
II In ibe Only Line  Banning   l murium
Club Kooni Car*.
II l�� .N'oted Tor Ihe Coiirtriy of Its Employe*
���I In Ihe Italy lln.  Serving Meala  an
a la Carle  Plan.
Attractive Ton��� daring Season of
Nnvigntiou on Great Lnkea via Dulatb in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For nuipR, tickets and complote infoimatlon
chII on or addrciw Agonts, K. & S. Hy.. 0. S K
S. Nav. Co., N & P. a. Ity., or
li. A. ill k.iiv tieaeral Ageal   _
Hpokane, Wn
t. 1. WHITNEY, ��. r. m T. A.,
The Drummer From  New York Narrataf
a Komantle Experience,
'. Iitdrunmiur had just finished roadlng
��� story of a troin hold up and lot bis newspaper fall into his lap.
"I had a rathur romantio experience ones
with train robbers," he said, "which I
think I won't ever forget. I had been laid
up sick for a week at a tavern In a Kansas
town and my attendant had been a very
sweet and gentle girl, who was a.relative
of the landlord. She was suob a nice girl
that I was In do hurry to get woll, nnd
while I was putting It off all I oould 1 was
���a Industriously putting on the ohalni ot
love. At tbe end of ten days I was able to
take up my sample case again, and when
I left tbe town my gentle nurse was on
the same train, In my ebarge, bound for
Kansas Utty, whom she was to be mot by
friends. I bad nevor talked love to bor,
and I fanoy she didn't suspcot me of anything exoopt a desire to flirt a little, but I
had mads up my mind to talk aurlously to
her before I let her friends take her away
from me.
"I fooled along, as most men do under
tbe same olroumstances, v> it ing for a ronl
good ohanoe to come In, but before I reach-
ad the proper condition tbe train came to
a sudden stop In a lonely plaoe, and by the
time we bad asked what the trouble was a
kalf masked train robber stood In the aisle
of tbe car with a revolver covering the
contents. The girl turned as whlto as a
sheet and I thought she would faint, but
I told ber she wouldn't be hurt, and she
sat there as if she had turned Into stone.
As lt happened, I kept my wits, and when
a shot and a shout rose on the air outside
and attracted the robber's attention for a
moment, I whipped my revolver out of my
overcoat pocket and would have got him
sure, but as I brought the gun around the
girl at my side caught my arm and stopped me.    I looked at ber tn amasement.
" 'Don't!' she gasped. 'It's my fatherr
And then she fell In a faint, while the robber hurried out In response to tbe calls
from bis partners.
"As for mo," concluded the drummer,
'I thought probably lt would be just aa
well for me not to add to the poor girl's
troubles by trying to get Into her family."
���Washington Star.
���lateen Cents a Day Will Provide Nourishment For a Man.
Sixteen cents a day will feed a man at
moderate work and 13 cents a day is required for food for a woman, says tbe St
Louis Republic This Is the result of experiments begun by Or. H. B. Gibson of
the state university and oontlnued after
bis death by Professors Sidney Calvert and
David W. May. Many studies of dietaries
were made. Tbe actual amount of food
consumed each day and the oost thereof
have been actually determined Tha average oost per man per day at the University
Boarding club is 18 y_ cents: of this amount
Mr. May said probably 8 oents' worth Is
wasted. The cost In private families would
be smaller, with less waste.
In summing up the results of the experiments Mr May says: "When you buy, go
to the butcher shop and select what you
want Don't let the butcher seleot It for
you. You will soon learn to know the
best. Round steak la, all things considered, the cheapest There are better outs,
but, as a rule, not wortb the difference In
price. There Is more in the cooking of the
(teak than there Is in the portion of the,
beef from which it is out Make your own
bread. It Is far cheaper and should be better. Twenty-five per cent of water Is added to bread in mixing, and water at 5 oents
per pound Is not cheap A good vegetable
lard Is oheapor and healthier than hog
lard. Sugar Is a cheap food, (live the
children plenty of it Beans and peas are
vary nutritious and are muscle formers.
Tomatoes are of very little nutritive value
and are composed very largely of water.
Buy the best butter and take note of the
amount of cream that rises on your milk.
Buy fresh vegetables when you can get
them at a reasonable price.
"Above all, variety Is the spice of a good
appetite. Let there be anticipation at each
meal, and not have the same dishes day
after day. Even a Thanksgiving dinner
will become monotonous if served alike
for a week."	
The Fleet Bone In Poetry.
J". S. Dellenbaugh has an article entitled " The Quick Horse" in St. Nicholas.
It tellsof the trained horses that play such
a prominent part In the modern fire department.    Mr. Dellonbaugh says:
Mankind loves tbo horse, for the horse
has been one of man's most valuable aids
and oompanlons in all countries and in all
ages. But there are preferences among
horses. Some are prized for their steady
working qualities���their ability to draw
heavy loads. From time immemorial tho
quality of speed has thrilled humanity and
found an echo In many a stirring poem.
"How tbey Brought tho Qood News from
Ghent to Alx" makes the blood tingle In
one's finger tips, and we follow brave Roland across the dawn kissed Belgian landscape with swift anxiety. When Brow ing
tells us how "Muloykeh's" manor, rather
than win back his beautiful favorite by
defeating her in tho pursuit, shouts to the
fleeing thief tolling him how to call forth
her highest speed, our hearts go out to
him in sympathy as his pet steed In consequence vanishes forever from his fond
fight. "Sheridan's Itldo" wakes us up till
the thunder of hoofs is mingled with tbe
rattle of musketry and the oheer of the
rallying troops as tho gallant commander
���purs on to the front In other ballads we
dash with Kit Carson over the crisp, dry
prairies with the roaring lire demon In hot
pursuit, or we shoot our animal In "Las-
Oa," that stirring poem by Frank Denproz,
and take refuge from the stampeded cattle
beneath his poor body
What a   Man  Can   Dream   In a Cat   Nan
Lasting From 5:4? to fi:46.
Burton had set bis alarm clock for 5:30,
as he had some writing to do nnd know
thnt he couldn't steal time for that purpose at the offico during the day. Whon
the alarm clanged, be awoke, sat up in
bed, thought lazily for a moment and utterly forgot his writing. It was 6At���lot
he looked at tbe unwinking face of tbe
dial���whon he settled back for an involuntary doze, ono of those quick  little nape
j that overpower a  man In the short hours
of tbe morning.
;     A few momenta  later he was standing
In a small  lnclosure surrounded by log
| walls. A brown horse stamped beside
him, and a woman, bearing a marvelous
resemblance in face and voice to bis wife,
was trying to tell him something. He
shook his bead, disengaged his arm from
hor restraining hand and tightened the
saddle girth upon tbo brown horse. On the
horse's back he sprang, the walls openod
and he sped out, while behind him came
streaming a tumultuous rout of horse and
foot soldiery In blue uniforms, whom he
bad really failed to notice before, but who
evidently belonged to tbo walled lnclosure.
The air was cool, bracing, delicious,
the skies bright blue. To right and left
rolling hills of considerable height wero
crowned with underbrush and straggling
trees, while dooper woods extended to the
background. He noticed that the leavos
were resplendent in rod and yellow, and
he realized tbat October was in all Its
Somehow the ride must bave been short.
There was a whirl of dust and a coach
whizzed by, not a stagecoaoh of the west,
but one of those affairs with broad tires
and cushioned seats so much In vogue for
tallybo partios. Ho found Himself, horse
and all, by tho side of the log wall again,
and the coach passed Inside. Tbe next instant he noticed a puff of white smoke up
on tbe hillside, about 1,000 feet away.
Then came other white puffs, and the
leaves flew In spots on either Bide of him.
He called his men���called in a voice which
seemed to give no sound���nnd there wns
no noise accompanying the white puffings
up thore among the underbrush. His men
began to skulk behind trees and walls and
opened fire upon the places wbenoe the
white clouds kept rolling.
A man in black ran out upon the hillside, emerging from a dump of brush.
There was a general firing and the man
staggered. As he fell Burton noticed tbat
he bad ohanged bis costume In the moment of tbe fall and was now arrayed in a
blue gray uniform. He pioked himself up
and reeled back among tbe trees. There
was more firing, nnd Burton awoke.
Fully believing himself hours behind bis
office time, be looked ut his clock. It registered 5:46. All tbe events of the dream
bad passed before his drowsy mind In four
minutes of actuality.���Chicago News.
Great  West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 .per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
A Bad Slip.
Onenf our village young gentlemen took
iila nt'.lo sister with him while calling the
other other evening at a home whero be is
a regular visitor The little girl made bor
���elf quite at home and showed great fondness for one of the young ladles, hugging
her heartily "How very affectionate she
111" said the lady of the house " Yes, so
like ber brother," responded the young
lady unthinkingly 1'aterfamilias looked
sternly over the top of his spectacles, the
young gentleman blushed, and tbe rest
were silent.��� Shortsvllle Enterprise.
More Satisfactory.
Mlsa Wabash (of Chicago)���So you keep
boarders, do your
Miss Beaconhlll (of Boston)���No. in
deedl We merely have a few remunerative
guests.���Chicago News
Tb* battle ax was originally a Col tin
weapon. Tbe ancient Irish carried axes
as tbe men of other nations carried swords.
Thackeray and Blackwood.
The eldor Blaokwood seldom or never
missed a good contributor to Maga, but
the instinct of his sons was scarcely so unerring. In 1840 tboy received an offer of j
some papers to be entitled "Tbe World We '
Live In." "No politics, as muoh fun and
satire as I oan muster, literary lath and
criticism of a spicy nature and general
gossip," explained the writer and signed
his letter "W. M Thackeray." The"Yel-
lowplush Papers" had been published already. Nevertheless this offer was not accepted, and the "Roundabout Papers" appeared elsewhere.
The "Irish Sketch Book" and the "Great
Hoggarty Diamond" wore also offered and
met with the same fate, greatly to tbe
profit of Fraser's Magazine, where they
were gladly accepted. Th* greatest editors, like the greatest generals, are thoss
who make fewest blunders, but it is difficult to understand how the shrewd literary iustinctof the Blackwoodsfailed them
in this lnstanoe. Perhaps affection for the
traditions of Maga made them slow te
realize tbe change in popular taste. Christopher North bad enjoyed a tremendous
vogue, but his fantastic and boisterous
style was beginning to lose favor with tbe
publio. Nowadays few poople cars for tb*
"Noctes," except for their associations,
and Thackeray has a thousand readers for
every one of tbe great professor's. Tbe
reason for this is suggested in one of Mrs.
Ollphant's carelessly constructed sentences: "Perhaps a man cannot get so
much from his own nge, and at tho same
time from the hands of posterity."���Longman's Magazine.
Washington Was Fond of Danoipg.
"The stately Washington had always
been known as a 'dancing man,' " writes
Mrs. Burton Harrison in Tbe Ladies'
Home Journal. " Ho was 'fond of dano-
ing,' says Mrs. Lewis, 'and had an odd
fashion of keeping time by waving hi*
arms before him till his hands almost
crossod.' At tho assemblies in Alexandria,
at the 'bread and butter' balls of bis earlier manhood, at country 'frolics' and at
headquarters during tho Revolution���he
had muny a timo aohleved what old General Nnthanael Greeno called a 'pretty little frisk.' And it was not until late In
life���until after bo had oeased to be president���that be wrote a letter to the managers of a hlrthnighi ball In Alexandria,
saying, alas I hiB and Mrs. Washington'*
'dancing days' wore over. In tho list of
queries regarding tho etiquette necessary
to his presidential state, which he submitted to Mr. Madison and Mr. Jay, hu had,
l%deod, asked, 'in what light the appearance of the president of the United State*
rarely at tea parties would bo considered,'
but bo bad suggested nothing about excusing himself from taking a comrade for
the cotillon or minuet."
Bring your
| Prescription
To Us...
no matter who your doctor is
Sick people can't afford to
take any chances when having prescriptions filled. The
best physicians in the world
can havo no success unless
the remedies prescribed are
made of pure drugs and put
up by a competent pharmacist. We take'tparticular
pride in keeping our stock
pure and in giving extra
care to the compounding of
prescriptions There is nothing fancy about our prices
���a fair profit is all we want.
Vanstone's Dm Store
Cigar   M3lJg.   Co.
are enr  1'r lids.     Sm.ike   them   nnd
yriii will like them
i\ o  t;<>.\ ins
.%'F.IjHOV  I!   < ���
���������������������� ���������������������������������������������*������
4- First Class in overy respect ���
��������������������������������������������������� ����>t4����47
f      Do you wan to Rood Square meal for
X     25 CENTS?
I _
t      DINNER 12 TO 8      J
I Eastera  Oysters ���
��� received daily ���
X *
1 Y. HOSHI ^^
��������-*������������������������������������������������������ �����������������
Nearly 1,000,000 telegrams pass through
Mm generai. naasaCto ol London naif
What He Askod For.
Once upon a time a printer brought to
Booth for Inspect inn the proof of a new
poster, whioh, alter the manner of its
kind, announced the actor as "tho eminent tragedian, Edwin Booth." Mr. Booth
did not fully approve of lt.
"I wish you'd leave out tbat 'eminent
tragedian' business. I'd much rather have
lt simple 'Edwin lionih,' " he said.
"Very good, sir."
The noxt week tho actor saw the first of
his new bills In position. His request had
been carried out to the lettor. Tho poster
announced the coming engagement of
"Simple Edwin Booth. "���Ilostou Budget.
Fanny���I wonder where Mr. Reggie got
hi* lovely English accent lie's an American born.
Quoonle���Why, I beard he bought hi*
teeth in London.
Fanny���How olever of himl���Philadelphia Call.	
Not Too Crazy.
Jones, the tailor, Is Informed tbat one of
hi* clients has suddenly gono lnsano.
"Oh, the poor fellow I But he'll pay my
bill, at least, won't hot"
"Oh, he Isn't quite Insane enough for
ttmt'"��� Onnliils
Cooked Any Style.
Proprietor. ���
���.���.���>��������������� v��v��HH��vHH>tv 6J9��S��SWW9SS��*��89SS��8S^
X   '
Valuable Bader Street and other ex
cellent property for sale.
Office 'I'liriMT-Horclih Block. Kelsan. B. <\
lias opened new offices in Broken Hih Block
Comer Word and Hnker streeiH, and has resumed practice in Xtdsou.
Office hours IU to 12 a. in.; 2 to 4 and 7 lo 8
p. m.   P. O. box 211
C. D.J. Christie I
A 3
Boomed and a i Roomed
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance  money  at terms
suit borrower.
0. D. J. Christie,   Agent i
5 I
of our Clothing 1h generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We dun't otter our goods below cost
because we bave no desire to lose
money. We BQll ��t prices which are
sufficient: lo pay for good material and *j.
good workmanship. The sice and vari- (��
ety of our stock enables us to please a f)
customer both as to style and fit. In- *T
doed we aro particular on these points. S
We rather lone a sale than permit un- w
satisfactory garments to leave the
Thuso values cannot be surpassed.
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It. is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected everv week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others inav be informed as to the cost
of living {n tho city :
OKllvlo's Hungarian uer 60 lb sack.. 1 W
Ukeof tho Woods         " 100
Snow Flake per 50 lb Rack..  150
Wheat per ton  X>m��15W
Bran perton  2" 001*22 00
(iround feed per 'on  20 00��28 00
Con, (wholol      "        26 00M28 oo
Corn (cracked)   "        WOapOOO
Oais                  ���'        30oo��:t2oo
Outmcal per 10 n.s  40��    50
llollod outs (B & El  05
(tolled oats (B & K) 8tl> sack  <t>
Hay (baled) per tons*  10 00@20 00
I'otatoei per 100 lbs  I 00�� 1 25
Beets per lb  2j
��� "ahbtiKe per lb	
Cauliflower per lb	
tlnionepcrlb  03
Salmon (flmokod) ptT It,  12J��*    15
oysters lOlynipianl por qt  80
1 'yftters iKastern) por tin  00
cod pern,  08
Halibut par lb  12k��    15
Smelts per 11,  12Jb��    15
Farm I'rotlure.
Kglis per doz  25       85
Hvter (Creamery)  SBSffl   *
Mutter (Uairyl   20��    28
I 'hceso fCaiiadisni  1H(*   171
chcc.-c Swlssi  20n*    80
Ham (American) per lb  .. I
Hum (Canadian) p. r It,  15
Bacon (American; porIb.i.i  15
Bacon (Cauadlan) per lb  14<?*    16
Bacon (rolled) per lb  121<*   III
Bncon (long clean por lb  124
.shoulders per lb  12*
l.nni per Mi  12i
Beef per lb  BO    li
Mutton per lb  10t!��    W
Veil) par lb  1*8    18
I'crkper lb  121<*    14
spring Chickens each  50
turkeys por lb  20t*    25
i i'm; per Hi.  10,rt     18
Ducks per lb  )8��    20
Frill I.
l-onions (California) per doz  '���) I       40
< Images (California seedlings)    ��� 10       50
ApplaB  01
1'cars (Bartlolts)  08       lo
'ears (small green)   06       08
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Broken Hill Block Hnker SI.
Notice is hereby given that John Boll, form
erly of the Nelpon Smv Mill Oo. hax been appointed Nelson agent for Peter Genello & Co.,
vice A. K. voung.  Contracts in the future are
   io be made with Mr. Hell or htn n^lstant, K. Q.
.f.     *_.      . ��� itu     c    -Ti-      iii^,  -   Beer, to whom all money due lo the firm is .to
Subscribe for The Miner s$w      PETBkaBamxK*co.
Stock of Crockery & Glassware
now on display at
Call and inspect our  Tea and  Dinner Sets.    The
greatest value  ever  known  for  the  money.    We
have the largest stock of Toilet Sets in town.
Upstairs over Grocery Store
^pgfe' A Full Line of Fancy Toilet
'<ffy iSoaps of all standard brands
If you want a sweet-scented healthful soap at  a  reasonable
price you will make no mistake by buying it here.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
0:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. & P. S
sua ion for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:00 a.m.���8. S. Nelson leaves for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.���S. S. Albeita leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
0:00 a.m.���Train leaves Q, P. It station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
,   except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���train ariives C. P. It. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
4:0U p.m.���8, S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:15 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:86 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
(1:30 p.m.���S. S. Nelson, arrives from
Kuskonook, and all way-
points, Monday, Wi dries-
day and Friday.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves 0. P. R. sla-
tion for I'obson, Rossland,
and all .Main Line points,
9:00 p.m.���8. S. Alberta arrives from
Kaslo and way points, on
Monday, Thursday and
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Herculea, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, hut have no regular times of arrival and departure.
Transportation Companies are requested to
Klve notice to the Miner of any alterntionH iu
the time of irrlval and doDarture from Nolaon.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Capital paid up - $2,000,000. rest, - $1,200,000.
H.  S.  HOWLAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. Catharines.
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.    E. HAY, Inspector.
KrimclieH   In   Ontario!
niaoara Faixs        I Toronto, 34 Woi'gton st. K. ist. CUthahikh
PORT COLBORNB 1 ,,,. mr   Vmnun �� Qiira.n    *'��� T|1�����S
Saui.t STE. MARIS      I      do        Cor, Yonge & Bloor | Woudstock
Briiiii-lM * In Iiik'Imt. .MiuiltoMii. S��rtlin<'-.t TerrllorlM anil lErllMi Colnmbla.
Winnipeg, Man. I   Portaqr i.a Prairie, Man.     ] Brandon, Man.
OALQARY, Alhta. 1'. INCK AI.BEUT, Sash. KliMONTON,        Albta..
Montreal, quk. I   Vancouver, n. c. I south kdmonton, "
Nelson. B, C. Kevklstoke, H. U.
Savings Bank Uepartmentr-Doposlte of Si ""id upwardH received and intercut, allowed.
Agents in Great Britain -Lloyd h, Ltd., 72 Lombard street, London, with whom monoj-
may be ct< pOBttod for transfer by letter or cable fco any of tho above branches.
Letters of Uredll issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael's, Alaska, and
Drafts Bold, available at all point? In OapadH, united States ana Europe,
Money Orders \hh\u-a\ imynbUi at any Hank in Camilla. Hates���Undor $10, 8c; $10 to |20, 10c;
$20 to ?:w, LSof *:w to 150, Ho,
J. M. LAY, Manager.
These make a very appropriate Christmas
Gift and prices are quite within the reach
of all. Aside from this. You require a
cane as the DANGERS of walking at present
are such as to DEMAND a good cane for
.-. .*. .-. your  own SAEETY.
Call Early and Secure One.   You Can Have It
Engraved Free.
Until further notice no  panrienu-crH   will  be
carried over tho line of the Crow's Nest  Pnea
railway between Kutdtonook and Cranbrook.


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