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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 7, 1898

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Daily Edition No. 181.
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, December 7, 1898.
Ninth Yea
Manager of Steamer Ainsworth Answers Accusers.
Courts an Investigation and Offers to Aid
tho Investigators in Every Way
Mr. E. J. Mathews manager of the
Steamer. AinBwortli, has handed to
The Miner a statement iu reply to
charges made at the meeting of the
Board of Trade Monday evening, relative to'the wreck of the steamer in
question.    It is as follows:
Nelsou, B. 0. Deo. 6, 1898.
In reaped to an article in your issue
of today regarding the wrook of the
Steamer Ainsworth and the aotion of
the Board of Trade Monday night I
wish to state:
First���That notwithstanding Mr. Hi
B. Thomson's unjust and indiscreet
statement concerning the owner of the
Steamer Ainsworth, I tiau say that lie
is amply able to discharge any financial liability in connection with tho
Second���That I reiterate unequivo-
oably that no offer was made by any
one whouisoevar to salvage the cargo
und the denials of my former slatc-
ineutB that "no snch offer had beeu
made" are ovideutly based on the
statement of Mr. Neil Campbol),
whioh I quote from yonr article:
"Mr. Neil Campbell, one of tho
passengers, told Mr. Mathews, manager of the Ainsworth, thut if they
wonld give him a few hundred foet rjf
line and some block nnd two or three
men he would take every pound of
freight ont of her in �� few hours. They
mad* no reply to this offer."
This statement was made to me on
Friday morning, Doc 2, at Pilot Bay
as I was on tho point of leaving there
with tho tug Kaslo and barge for the
soene of the wreck, and was made, I
think, iu the presence of Mr. li. .7.
Iiong. The reason 1 made no reply to
what is culled an offer to salvage the
cargo, was because I considered the
ntlcraace of Mr," Onmbpell an lrro-
sruui.iiMv statement, ns it must appear
on its face to a person familiar witti
such work as this, und furthermore
because I was, as stated above, just
leaving for tho wreck with tug, barge,
equipment, etc., aud crew of seven
Third���That as regsras the letter of
Mr. Geo. MoFnrlaml. stating that be
had sent some frieght down to tho
Steamer Ainsworth which was ut first
refused aud afterwards taken on, etc.,
the following are tbe facts: Capt,
Lean informs me that he had given
orders iu the afternoon to receive no
more freight for the reason thut ut that
time he oxpeoted to take enough wood
from tho Outlet for tho trip through
to Bouuer's Forry, not knowing for a
certainty that he would be uble to get
Wood at the Boundary, as usual on that
trip, and he wished to utilize the
freight snnco for stowiug wood. When
his attention was culled to Mr. MoFnr-
luud's consignment which consisted of
three or four boxes, weighing about
ISO pounds he ordered that sunie be
acepted, as tho space occupied would
be small. After leaving Nelson Cupt.
Iican uscertuiued that there was some
wood on the river bank at the Boundary lino and he then decided to taka
only wood euough from this end of tbe
lino to take him that fur. On the day
she was wrecked the Ainsworth left
Nelsou with two cords of wood,taking
on four cords at MeLood's ranch at
Nine Mile Poiut und one und one-half
oordB at MeRaerV at Ten Mile Point
and left Pilot Buy with less than seven
oords of wood.
Fourth���That tho total amount of
freight ou the boat when sue loft Nelson wus about four tons and thut no
freight wus taken on at any othor point.
Fifth���That the bout could havo
suliely carried twice the tonuuge she
had on when she left Pilot Bay.
Sixth���That as rejtardB the statement that the boat was leaking, the
captain, eugiueor. and pilot state thut
the bout made practically no water bo-
teeu Nelsou aud Pilot Bay. Captain
Lean states thut shortly after leaving
Pilgt Bay and, about 30 minutes before
the boat capsized he personally iu
Bpected the hold as was his usual custom before going to the wheel to Btand [
his watch aud that he found it dry,
and thut tho first intimation he hud
that the bout was leaking was while
he was at the wheel and word was received through the speaking tube from
the enginer that the boat had sprung
a.leak. This wus about five minutes
before she went down.
Seven���Thut as regards the letter of
Mr. R. J. Long wherein he states that
on the day after the acoident wheu tho
tug Kaslo returned to the wreck with
Onpt. Lean, himself and otliers, no
search was made on the shore for survivors or wreckage, ttc. Captain Loan
states thut on this occension he was
put ashore by a small   boat   from  the
washed at that time. Further on tbe
occasion of the second trip to tho scene
of the wreck when Mr. Long and
eight ethers, including myself were
present, a search was made for a distance ot twelve miles. This mnch iu
reference to the allegations in the article in your issue of Tuesday.
In addition I would ndd that tbe
hull of the Steamer Ainsworth wns
built of heavier material than there is
in othor boat on the lake and since the
bout was ovsrhauled last spring it has
been tight. Her hull nnd machinery
wore inspected in accordance with the
requirements of law in August last.
The boat was always kept in thorough
I court the fullest investigation on
the part of the Board of Trade, as well
as tho investigation that will be made
by the authorities under whoso jurisdiction such matters come. I intended
returning to Pilot Buy Monday evening but being informed of tho proposed meeting of the Board of Trade I
remained here expecting to have an
opportunity to be present. Just before
tbe meeting I iuformed a member of
the Board of Trade, who expected to
attend the meeting, of my wish to be
present and was informed that I would
be sent for if my presence was desired.
During the meeting I waited at my
hotel bnt received no word. I have today seen one of the committee appointed at Inst night's meeting and have
volunteered to do nil in my power to
facilitate this investigation.
E. J. MATHEWS, Manager.
Iu addition to the nbove Mr. Mathews desires to also publicly deny the
statement telegraphed to the Spokane
Sokcaman-Review aud Rossland Minor
to the effect that two Chinamen were
drowned iu the wreck.
Hours lixed a,t Whioh the Booms Will Be
Opened���Mr. HarriBon Appointed
The NelBon Free Pnblio Library is
now practically an established fact.
Tbo by laws and constitutions havo
boon passed, rooms tnkeu, a librarian
engaged, and it is expected that tho
library will bo opened to the public in
less than a fortnight. Tbe eoimnniit-
tee of ludius aud gentlemen who are
organizing the undertaking met yes-
tordny oveuing in the Bourd of Trade
roomB to consider the repcrts of the
by-laws, library nnd finance committees which were udopted after n little
Under the by-laws the library will
bo open for the exchange of books from
II to li p. m. and from 7 until I) in tbe
evening, while the reading room will
bo open from 2 till U p. in. It wus also
decided not to allow smoking in any
of tho rooms ns thoy wore small and
opened into ono another.
The choice of u librarian caused a
good deal of discussion, tho lady applicants wore Miss Terry. Miss McCreath
and Mrs. Cudaby, but it was generally
considered that they might possibly
liud tho position difficult ut times, so
it was decided to soloct a gentleman,
On u ballot Mr. Harrison was elected
to the position. The salary of the li-
bruriau was fixed at $15 u month, it
being understood that he might arrange for a substitute ou Sunday subject to tho president's approval. !
Mr. E. A. Grouse, Olmirmuii of the
Library Committee, then read a very
represeututivo list of periodicals and
papers, which thev recommended. The
purchase of the old lending library
books for $80, was also recommended
but tho committee did not advise ox
tensive purchase of books unless the
financial position was assured. Tbo
Library Committee was subsequently
empowered to make the purohuses they
hud recommended.
Mrs. L. P. Taylor, for tho Finance
Committee slated thut $��:!(). 715 hud
been collected ill cash, nnd ilia I a considerable amount more hud been promised. The $800 from the oity had not
yet boon paid, but tbat it might be
expected before long.
The taHk of incorporating the society
has beeu entrusted to Mr.E A. Crease,
who will proceed with it forthwith.
Suitable rooms have been engaged and
ure being fnruisbed, preparatory to au
early opening.
Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson wns in
tho chair and Mrs. McCullloeh was
secretary of tho meeting. The other
members of tho comiuitton present
were nlesdunies E. O. Arthur, S. S.
Taylor and W. Miller, und Dr. Hull
and Messrs. Kydd, Hedley.Holt, Crease
and Beer. The next meeting of the
committee will be bold at tho same
place next Tuesday evening.
Syracuse Dec. 6.-Tommy Ryan is
willing to meet Heavy Weight Champion Bob Fit-zsimmous, if tho latter
will agree to weigh iu nt 154 at the
riug side, the recognized middle
weight. Rynu suys this morning if
Fitz is willing to do this he will box
him twenty rounds before any club
that will offer sufficient inducement iu
the way of purse. He stands ready to
post a forfeit to bind the mutch.
Iroquois, Ont., Dee. 0. ���Ruben Cus-
sels, Isaac Mayers and Mason Floats,
left Sunday on u small limit to visit
tug Kaslo together with Mr. Long and friends ut Waddiugotn, N. Y., expect-
that together they searched tho bench ing to return in the evening. There is
for bodies and cargo as far as it wus a high wind und the men have nut been
likely  that   same  wonld  have beeu heard of since.
The Solicitor-General's Mission to Washington.
It ia Also Said Tbat He is Seeking Concession in the School Question
Toronto, Deo. 8.���A  speoial. to
Mail  from   Washington    Bays:
Gray of Quebec is hero  renewing
fight for the appointmout   us   medical
inspector of quarantiue.
The correspondent says also that
Solicitor-General Fitzpatriok is there
sounding an alarm about promised con-
cesions in the Manitoba school business. The correspondent, however,
adds that one of the objeots of Mr.
Fitzpatriok's visit is to consult with
his associates regarding tbe modification of a clause in the treaty of 1813
forbidding either government to con1
struct or maintain warships on the
great lakes.
May Take  Hope   Again���Reforms   iu
the Militia Department.
Major General Huttou, commmand-
or-in-ehief of the Canadian militia,
has announced his intention of making sevoral reforms, which may indirectly result in the South Kootenay
Uifies obtaining tbe uniforms and
rifles, which having been promised ever
siuco the Nelson company was raised
in April loth of tins year.
It appears thut 40,000 of the new
rifles are storod at Ottawa, only tho
city regiments have been supplied. It
would now soem from remarks of General Hutton, that those arms are to be
served out to the troops, who will now
have au opportunity of learning how
to use them. It will be remembered
thut tho South Kootenay Rifles were
originnllv promised a distinctive Khar-
ki uniform, but tbat subsequently the
department decided to clothe them in
rod, although they are riflemen. General Hutton, however, prefors Kharki
to tho ordinary cloth used in the uniforms, both because it is more serviceable and because it, is cheaper���it coiis
$3.50 as against $7. Thus there does
seem some prospect thnt after months
of waiting aud uoglect, the South
Kootenay Rifles may obtain after all
their uniforms und rifles, though it is
as doubtful as ever whether they will
ho provided with tha machine guns
and two Maxims with which oach
company was originally to have beeu
Thoro Is Difference of Opinion Among
tho American Peace Commissioners.
Pnris, Dec. 8.��� It is learned toduy
thut there were differences ot opinion
among tbe American members of the
Peace Commission ou tbe shipping
question und numerous telegrams wuie
exchanged with Washington. Fiuully
the American commission wus in-
si meted to refuse, the principal reason
being thut Porto liico is about to bo
declared within tho coast line of the
United States, while as regards Cuba,
the authorities at Washington would
make no promises us tho American
ooupation thoro is uot fixed and tha
future Cuhun government must make
its own trouties.
Exactly what Spain requested was
(hut her ships and products should be
acorded the same privileges iu Cubu
und Porto Rico for u period of tnu.
years, us hud beou accorded tu Spain
in tbe Philippines. This reqnpst wus
supported by the precedents iu the cuso
of Louisiuu und Florida when i lie products und ships of France and Spuiu
wore nmditted to the ports of New
OrlouiiB, Pensacola and St. Augustine
fur 13 years the suine ns those of tbo'
United States. In the caso of tho pur��
chase of Louisunu, the samu privileges
were extended to the products and
ships of Spain because slie bad ceded
Louisiana to Franco three years previously.
British Investors Asked to
Subscribe for the Stock.
London Pinaiic'ers Eipeot Great Things
for the Future of British Columbia Mining.
London, Deo. 6.���Tbe long looked
for Le Roi mine is at last'before London investors. The Loudon Globe aud
Corporation and British America Corporation today invite subscription for
300,000 shares of five pounds eaoh in
the Le Roi company, Limited. The
purchase price is 950,000 pounds payable in cash, fully paid shares, leaving
50,000 pounds for working capital.
The direotors are the Marquis of Duff-
erin, Lord Loob, Whitaker Wright and
H. Andrews of Sheffield, the three
first named being direotors ot the
British American corporation.
Great things are hoped for in the
way of a British Columbia mining
boom here. The Le Roi is well placed
ou the market.
Much amusement nnd some indignation has been caused in Canadian circles here by a New York message in the Morning Post, alleging
tbat well informed oircles in Quebec
believe tbat Mr. Chamberlain's enquiry respecting Anticosti foreshadows
the intention of the British government to seize the island in event of
war with France. Prominent officials
here when shown tbe telegram today
declare that no oue knowing anything
about the question, or desiring friend
ly Anglo-French relations would entertain, much less, pulbisb snch mis-
cbeivouB nonsense. Not a hundred
Meniers could lessen Great Britain's
absolute and irrevocable sovereignty
ovor AnticoBti.
A Strange   Woman   Tells   of  Strange
Deaths of Strange People.
Walkerton, Ont., Dec.86.���A strange
woman, claiming to come from Maui-
towunting, Manitoulau Islands, tells
a story to the effect tbat 43 years ago
Dr. liiown, his wite und two children
moved from the county York to Inver-
niay. She was one of those children
and was at the time three or foui years
old. Thsy went to a stranger's house
in Invermay. The strange man weut
with Dr. Brown and his wife to tbe
woods. Shortly after she heard
screams. The owner of the house returned alone and would not tell her
where her parents were. Not long after another stranger called at the house
one night and he never left alive. She
claims that be was murdered and his
body buried at tbe end of the house.
A few years later nuother stranger
disappeared in the same way
The Governor General of  Cuba  Calls
on Secretaries to Vaoate Office.
Havana Deo. 6.���The official Gazette
today published a deoree signed by tho
governor general disolviug the colonial
cabinet on Dec. lfith, assuming personal control of all brunches of tho
civil service and directing the preseut
secretaries to prepare, between December 15th and December 31st, complete
inveutories of their departmeuts, to
arrange all the archives, to classify all
tbe documents iu their respective
offices and to figure up the pay rolls to
December 81st iu order that the employes may be immediately paid off.
Superintendent Fell Brings it  to  Town.
from a Twenty-Eight Day
Clean Dp.
Lord Miuto is Formerly Welcomed   by
the St. Andrews Society.
Ottawa, Deo. 8.���The St. Andrew
soiety of Ottawa presented au address
nf welcome to Lord Minto today. The
address was road by W. H. Hogg,
Q. O., Prerident. There were also Sir
James Grant, Sir Suuford Flening, ex-
mayor MacLeod Stewart, Dr. johu
Thorburn aud others preseut.
The Board of tho Home for Friendless Women have decided to send a
protest to the Ontario Medical Board
against having Dr. Lambert ou the
stuff of the physicians of the Water
Streot Hospital. This is on acconut of
the recent case brought against the
doctor by Nellie Christopher employed
by the American Bauk Note Company.
Inspector Scott of the Railway and
Canals Departments making a tour of
the St. Lawrence canal works today,
Several  Chamber Motions  and   One
Case Decided by Justioe  Irving.
The whole of yesterday morning was
occupied with chamber motions and
owing to the absence of one of the
principals in the case of Jones v. Don
aldsou, there was some delay before
the case came on. The plaintiff was
suing for specific performance under
two different agreements affecting tbe
Carbonate and other mineral claims.
After argument bis Lordship granted
an order for specific performance with
costs under one agreement, but decided that the plaintiff had forfeited his
rights under tho other by reason of
non-payment of thu installments on
tho property. J. H. Bowes and G. E.
Marl in appeared for the plaintiff and
F. L. Christie for the defendnat.
Tho first caso this morning will be
Turner v. Kootenay Air Supply company.       	
Toronto, Out., Doc. 6.���The Globe
says that the Bristol Chamber of Commerce is urging tho appointment of a
Canadian agent to reside pormsuoully
at thut port. In addition Bristol will
probably soud a commercial deputation to Canada uext spring.
The Canadian Britiuh Columbian
nnd Duwson Telegraph Company will
issue its prospectus shortly. I understand Sir James Grunt, Sir Adolpho
Carou und Hon. Mr. Turner aro ou tho
bourd of directors.
Lord Mouut Stephen has been appointed a member of the council of the
Gordon Memorial College.
Columbus, Ohio, Deo. 6.���The supreme court today handed down its de-
isiou in tho contempt case brought by
tho attorney general against the ofli-
oiuls of the Standard Oil Company, for
refusing to produce their books at the
recent investigation of tbe alleged
violation of the onion . f tho supreme
court by the trust. Tho court ordors
the books produced, but suys nothing
about the contempt features.
St. Johns, Newfoundland, Dec. 0.���
Tho French cuble repair ship Coutro
Admiral Coubet has been working on
the Grand Banks for the last two
weeks changing the position of French
trans-Atlantic cables thereby reducing
tho liabilities of being destroyed by a
foreign powor iu tho ovont of hostilities.
Washington, Dec. fl.���Sonutor Hale
today introduced a joint resolution
authorizing the secretary of the navy
to erect a monument iu Havana, Cuba,
the memory of the sailors aud
soldiers who lost their lives by the explosion of the Maine. The bill is recommended by the Navy Department
Mr. E. Nelson Fell, superintendent
of the Athabasca inine,caine into town
yesterday, bringing with him a gold
brbA 'f most respect.tVe dimensions,
representing the bullion derived from
a 38 days' run of the mill. Mr. Foil
informed a Miner reporter tbat the
new 10-stamp mill was giving every
satisfaction, as was the new tramway.
Tho necessary water was obtained at
Give Out Creek, and thoy had not
been, and did uot expect to be, troubled
with a shortage in their water
Although the mill had run 38 days
last month the first eight days the
work had boon experimental, us tbe
machinery, which was supplied by
Fraser & Chalmers, Chicago, wus new
to the mou. The mill had been crushing 38 tons a day, but owiug to tbe
difficulty aud expense of sorting the
ore, a good deal of couutry rock had
beou ruu through. The ore itself averaged about $30 a tou, of which about
95 per ceut was saved on thu plates.
Tbe clean-up for lust mouth amounted
to nearly $8,000, which was contained
iu gold brick aforesaid, and there was
also about u tou of concentrates that
would be shipped to the smeller.
Mr. Fell considered that there was
fully euough ore in sight to keep the
stamps druppiug for at least six mouths
to comu. A most encouragiug feature
of the time was the way the ore retained
its values with depth. At the 330-
foot level, the values were as good as
ou the surfaue. There are two veins
ou the propetry, both free milling, one
of which is being developed by a shufl
and tbo other by a tunnel. Tho vein
vurries from eight inches to eighteen
iu width.
Whut   Possibilities   lOngiuoer   Pearue
Sous Ahead of It.
Ottawa, Out., Doc. 8.���When Hou.
Johu Costigan wus out west recently
he met J. .!. Peurco, engineer of the
far fumed Carnegie Iron Works, who
imparled to tho ex-miuister u most
encouraging estimate of trudo which
could bo done by tbe Georgian Buy
Canal in carrying iron oro from Lake
Suporior deposits tu the immouso iron
and steel works of Grout Britain.
Pearce explained thut tho domestic aud
adjucout foreign sources of supply of
oru were -within measurable distance
of exhaustion and in consequence iron
mauufuoturers of tho Old Couutry were
ou the lookout for others. Iron oro om
be more cbeiiply miued and loaded iu
Lake Superior regions than iu uny
otber country known, but tbo present
cost of trans-shipment from tbe luke
to occau going craft, added to the
freight charges, pluces it   beyond   tbo
ach of the British iron manufacturers. Witb the constructiou of tho
Georgian Bay canal, however, vessels
could load direct ut Lake Superior
mines and carry cargoes clear through
to Manchester aud other countries
without breaking bulk. This would,
n l'eurcu's opinion, solve tho problem
of tho ore supply for Groat Brituiu aud
assure to Ottuwa uud Georgiuu Bay
cuuul a traffic of splendid proportions.
London, Dec. 8, ���Tha British foreign office has received news thut
Lieuts. Keating aud Gale uud twelve
native soldiers who were massacred in
Otcober last, were killed while parleying witb tribesmen of the Magur
territory between Johns aud tie.
Sir Edmund Monson Pleads
for Moderation.
He Paid a Glowing Tribute to U.8- Envoys
at St. James���The Paris
Paris, Deo. 8.���At tbe silver jubilee
banquet of the British Chamber of
Commerce the British Ambassador Sir
Edmund J. Monson, referring to the
"New Dipomaoy" which is said to
have come into fashion during the
past year, said it was ohiefly due to
tbe enterprise of the press bnt also it
was in a measure due to "Mother
Country Innovations, and to the originality of American mind���ever rest*
lessly watching to improve everything
���whioh will perhaps end by improving
tbe diplomatists of old school off the
face of the earth."
The ambaaador added : "I am qui to
ready to acknowledge that there is
much good in the particular innovation occupying my mind at the preseut moment. America has invnrably
seut to Englaud the finest representative of her intellect and culture aud I
think we may attribute to no little degree the happy developmeut of friendly feeliug between Great Britain nnd
the United States to* the manner in
whioh the representatives performed
their tasks especially in the public
utterances on both sides of the Atlantic, I wish I possessed  the   faculty
"    -       a^gn an(i the oomrnund of ap
propriuto uriguage, whioh distinguished Col. Hay, the lute Mr. Buyard aud
their eminent predecessors at the court
of St. James. Suoh oratorical gifts I
have uot, but I feel the strongest desire to say a few words which may
work towards the eud for which a
British ambassador is sent abroad. It
has uot beon without much reflection
aud anxiety that I decided to depart
ou this occasion from the traditional
limits, by which a diplomatist is
Sir Edmund Monson, then proceeded to dilate ou tbe recent remarkable
outburst of public feeliug in Great
Britain provoked by the Fashodu incident aud said he ventured to express
the hopo thut the idea of Groat Britain
being unduly squeezable aud prone to
make graceful but impolitic oonces-
sinos is thoroughly exploded.
After rofernug to the " Mischief
wrought by reckless journalism, which
is too apt to forget it oan never be ��o
acuratuty informed ue the foreign
minister" Sir Edmund eulogisticaily
referred to tho Paris exhibition of .1900
whioh bo desoribed as "one of tbe
most significant factors in restraining
the oombutive elements uow menacing
the peace of the earth.'' He appealed
to Francs to disabuse herself of all suspicion of unfair iutentiou on the part
of Great Britain to try to believe there
was no general animosity iu England
toward Franco, and to moot England
on overy question at issue witli au
honest uesire for an equitable arrangement, ttir Edmund concluded as fellows : "I would earnestly ask officials
in power aud unofficial exponents of
public opinion to discountenance and
abstain from a continuance of a policy
cf pin-pricks, whioh, while it oan
only procure an ophemeral satisfaction
to a short lived ministry, must inevitably perpetuate uoross the obuunol au
iutollorublo irritation. I would en-
treut them to resist the temptation to
thwart British enterprise by petty
uiuuoeuvers suoh as the proposal to
sturt colleges as rivals of General Kitchener's projected institution in tho
reconquered Soudan. Such ill considered prov ocatiou might huvethe effeot
of converting Great Britain's present
policy of forbearance in Egypt iuto the
udoptiou of measures at which I presume French sentiment is not aiming."
Ottawa, Deo. 6.���Nominations in
live constituencies for tho Dominion
elections take place tomorrow. Two
elections are in Ontario, two in Quebec uud one in Prince Edward Island.
Iu Outario there are West Lampton
uud North Simcoe, iu Quebec Mont-
maguy uud Bagot aud iu Prince Edward Island, East Prinoe. Three of
tbe constituencies were held by Liberals, one (Bagot) by Conservative and
one (North Simcoe) by au Independent, tho late Daltou McCarthy. There
will be a contest in each constituency.
China Must Release a French Missionary Hold Prisoner by Rebels. ,j
Pekin, Dec. 8.���Tbe French minister, M. Gerard, has seut an ultimatum
to the Chinese foreign office threatening thut uuless the French Missionary
how held prisoner by the rebel* in tbe
Province She Chuen be released within ten days, a force of French troops
will be ordered to cross tbe frontier. NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1898.
Nelson Daily Miner
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be accompanied by the name and address
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
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Advertising rates made known on application
Nelson Hlner Printing otPubllshlngCo
pictures are the work of Canadian ar-
lists end the literary matter is fro-i
the pens of the Mail and Empire staff.
The edition reflects great credit on the
management of the bright paper the
Mail and Empire now is.
A vast amount of reading matter,
over three hundred half tone engravings, and excellent press work combine
to make the special business number
of the Montreal Herald, recently published, the largest aud most comprehensive issue of its kind ever published in Canada. It is devoted to the St.
Lawrence route aud Montreal, and
every business that makes the great
waterway Canada's chief artery of
commerce is treated intelligently.
<!opy for Changes of Advertisement must
be la tke Once by 4 o'clock p.m. to
Insure change.
A subject of much importance to the
business men of Nelson was brought
np in the Board of Trade meeting reported in our last;- issue, namely the
mail service between Nelsou aud'points
���n the Crow's Nest Pass railway. At
present all-blotters addressed to Goat
Kivsr Landing, and points east of that
place, make an immense detour, going
round by Golden and taking; several
(lays to reach their destination. This
. delay causes annoyance to all aud a
loss of bnsiness to many; and now
tbat tbe railroi d is completed and the
country is being opened up, the
prompt action of the Board of Trade
is to be commended.
There is no reason to suppose, however, that this state of affairs will be
allowed to oontinue much longer. A
regular passenger train servioe on the
Crow's NestjiPasa road is now only a
matter of days, and the small initial
outlay expended in establishing the
service will be speedily recouped by
tbe revenue that service will iuovit-
nbly briug. Moreover, the mail can
be to much more cheaply carried by
the direct route, than by the meandering path now used, that the saving
directly caused by the change should
be no inconsiderable set-off to the ex.
pentes of installation.
When all this is taken iuto consider
���lion, and when it is remembered
that there is already a mail service between Cranbrook and eastern points,
there seems to be no room for doubt
that the Postmaster General will accede to the very reasonable request of
the South Kootenay Board of Trade,
���nd that the last obstacle which hindered the bnsiness men of Nelson from
reaping the full reward of their
enterprise iu reaching out for the busi-
nesajof East Kootenay will be speedily
Tbe varied resources of the Province
ef British Columbia are being brought
prominently to tbe attention of the
'world with the result tbat capital is
flowing in rapidly and population is
following in its wake so quiokly tbat
almost each day brings the tidings of
��� new town springing up. Not the
least important of these resources is
the game with which nature has
stocked our forests and streams, and
we have but to look at the revenue
ether Provinces and States have derived from this asset to reali-i how
judicious advertising of our ox u attractions for sportsmen will profit
Biitiah Columbia. The Stat) of Maine
for instance, bus an annual revenue of
113,000,000 as a result of the visits of
the thousands of sportsmen who fleck
each year to her hills aud pluius and
lakes aud streams. Both New Brunswick and (Quebec aro now coming into
prouiiaenoe among those whose love
for tbe rod and gun lead them from
the heart of the cities a short period
each year. Those Provinces are spending money geuerously to advertise their
game and tho result has been most satisfactory.
In connection with the mineral display that this Province will make at
the Paris Exposition in 1900, it would
be wise to also bring before the eyes of
the world tbe game weulth of British
Columbia. Trophies of the ohase make
one of the most interesting exhibits,
and one that would attract tbe attention and please tho eye of every visitor
could be secured in this Province without difficulty. Other Provmces have
already commenced to prepare for the
great Exposition, and will tuke advantage of it to advertise their game.
British Columbia oan provide sport
that few other spots in tho world can
equal and no opportunity to bring this
fact beofre the public should be allowed to past unheeded.
Of all the handsome Christ urns editions that the Toronto Mail and Empire hat published none surpass iu
beauty and interest the one received at
The Miner office yesterday. It is a
tlaaadian production throughout;   the
(Chicago Journal.)
Once when "Long Johu"Wentworth
was mayor of Chicago a hot campaign
was in progress. The rough element
was showing signs of turbulance and
"Long Johu" knew that the police
force was totally unable to oope with
it if there should be a riot. There
wasn't much of a police force in those
days. The few officers that there were
did not have any uniform outside of
a plug hat. On the front of this was
a semi-oirole of tin with the man's
number on it There was no money to
pay for additional officers so "Long
John" bethought himself of a bright
scheme. He had a figure "O" added
to the number on every one of those
On election day the different members of the force were stationed conspicuously where the trouble was most
likely to break out. The roughs saw
tbe numbers "850," "290," "860."
etc , where thev had beftvre seen only
" 25,' " 29' and"" 35,'' The word went
around that "Long John" had added
several hundred men to the police
force, a/id tbe tough crowd wac so intimidated that they never dared do a
* *   ��
(Minneapolis Tribune.)
The Tennessee Supreme Court has
handed down a decision holding that
a man who had arrived at a conclusion
through a newspaper article, believing
the same to be true, wns not disqualified as a juror. Iu other words, a man
mas be intelligent and at the same
time fair-minded enough to render au
honest verdiot. The courts are rapidly drifting away from the theory
tbat a hopeless imbecile is the ideal
* *   #
(Anaconda Standard.)
Our valued but intermittent contemporary, the Congressional Record, will
positively resume publication this
week, the editor doubtless having se
cured enough cord-wood for the
The Time
Suitable Gifts for the
Holiday Season has arrived. We heralded its
approach some time ago
and told how well prepared we were to supply
all demands. We are
doubly prepared now
Each day has added
something new to our
stock of Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Books,
Xmas Cards and Calendars.
B                     Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 2
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""":                               8 years by monthly instalments. 3
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
1 House
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For One Cent a Word? |
You can Hud a buyer for "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise.
I'lasHltii'd Advertisements.
All advertisements in this column are
1 cent a word eaoh InsorUon.   No ad-   X
verusement Uiken for loss than 25 cents,
MUSIC LESSON'S. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Antlcy, Robson street
t wo doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
Good as
A Circus.
Our Toy
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Garland's Old Stand,
Will give the greatest
pleasure to the young
folks and interest their
elders. Every animal,
every noveltY, and every
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WANTED���A homo in a roflncd family I
where Ihere is another child, for a seven year I
old girl.  Apply to the ViennaBakery on Baker |
strMt, 01
Book Co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Order* by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt 'attention.
Official Directory.
Governor-General        -        Earl of Aberdeen
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Commons, Dominion Parlia
merit. West Kootenay    ���    Hewitt Bostock
Dep Col. Inland Kevcuu. V W Swannell
Lleut.-Governor - Hon T R Mclunes
Premiei - Hon Chas Semlln
Attorney-General - Hon Joaeph Martin
Mlnisterof Finance . Hon lrC Cotton
Minister Mines and Education Hon J P lluino
Pres Eionutivo Council Hon I)r MoKechnie
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Riding ilea J r Hume
Mayor - John Houston
Aldermen���Chas Hlllver, W F Teetral, J A
Gilkir, J 1 Malono, E P Whalley. Tbos Madden,
City Clerk ��� . J K Straohan
Police Magistrate E A Crease
Chiof of Police .        A F MoKlnnou
Chief of Fire Department . W J Thompson
Auditor John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - T M Ward
Health Officer - .        Dr. LaBau
City Engineer - A. L. M'Oullooh
City council meets every Monday, t i.ia., at
city hall, oor Victoria and Josephine at
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall. Geo John
stone.   Principal���J.   Hoslley   Soady. B. A,
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
Secy-Treas. - John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vico-Pres. W. A. Jowett,
Seoretary F. W, Swannell
Troas. - J A Forln
Medical Sept. , Dr. G. A B Hall
Warden Capt, N. Fitestubbs
First Jailer -                              R, Llddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer ���                 John McLaren
Senior Guard R Inc.
Surgeon -                    Dr, Syinonde
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
The  Crow's   Nest   Pass   Coal   Co.
is now prepared to receive orders for
Domestic and Steam Coal and  Blacksmith's Fuel.
PRICE :    Domestic   and    Steam  Coal    $5.75   per   ton.
Blacksmith's Fuel $10.00 per ton.    Delivered $1 per ton
Orders   Received at C. W. West A Go's.  Office
CHARLES ST. BARBE, General Agent.
Christmas Gifts, Toys,
Fancy Goods. New Stock
opening up daily. Call and
see us.
Thomson Stationery Co.
L'd, Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO.
Cor. Waro & Bancr Sts.
Gold Commissioner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of CuBtoma
Provincial Assewjor
County Court Judg*
Inspector of Schooli
O. O. Dennla
R F Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
Johu Keea
J A Forln
E T H Simpkln.
William Burnt
8.00 p.m.
6.80 a.ro
1.00 p.m
6.00 p.m
United States, Ontario. Que'
bee and Eastern Provinces
Points on N. fc F. S. line.
Victoria and Holland,
New Denver, Sandon and
Slocan Lake Points.
Kaslo and Kootenay Lake
Rossland. Trail. Nakuap,
llobson, pointaon main line
C. P. R., Vanoouver and
7.1S a.*.
7.0* a.u.
Iiobhy oponedfrom 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery.�� a.m. to 8 p.m.; Registration, 8.30
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Saving! Bank
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.in).
J. A. ULLKEK. Postmaster
Church or Enhland���Matin U a.m.; Hvru
Song. V''() p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month aftei
M.uins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at $ a.m
Sunday School at 3.30 p.ro, Rer. H. B. Ake*
hurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Pkkshytrrian Church���Serrlceaat 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 3.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday ereoing at I p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Fro*.
Methodist Church--Corner Silica an4
Josephine Street*. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.8t
p. 111. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday evening at I o'clock; Epworth
League C. V... Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor.
Catholic Church -Han at Nelson, first
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Boncdlc-
Hon at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Rer. Father Ferland
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
evoningat 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet.
ing Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; the B. T.
P. U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangera
cordially welcomed.   Rev. C, W. Rose, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Serrio s every ���Toning
at 8 o'clock in harracckflon Tictorla street.
Adiutant Millner in eharge.
Carload of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all  its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker   Streets.
Sewing By The Day.
Hotel Hume
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop iu  nnd Bee   us.
B. C
AU accounts not paid on and before tho fifteenth day of Docomber will bo put in tho
hands of a lawyer for collection. Kindly pay
Das** vM* MA day af Nsv. 1888.
Permanent Loan
and SavingsCo.'s
Why pay Kent when you
on 1 own a home of
yom' own?
Loans are miido on the security of
Improved Real Estate, not more than
sixty per cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced.
Tho rate of interest is 8J per cent,
per annum. Interest is stopped on
Bach $100 of the principal returned.
II lustration, snowing the cost and
time required to pay off a $1,000 loan
at the following monthly payments :
M. meats secona Wednesday la eaok
month. Visiting brethren Inrlted.
O. L. IiBhkox. Seoretary.
I. O. O. P. Kooteuy Lodfe
No. 16, meet. eTery Mondaynlffhl,
��t their Hull, Kooten.y sf.o>.
Sojourning Odd Follows eerdUkUy i*TlM.
A. 11. Clement., N. 9.     Fred / Sqnlret, See.y
��NELSON LODOH N.. K, K. ����� P.
meets 1* Castle h.ll, UeDonaldklook
every Tuesday .Toning at I o'clock:.
All visiting knights fcordially Invited.
R. 0. Jot, C. C.
(&M Quo. Ross K. of R. and ��.
NBLSON  LODGE.   I. O. Q. T.      Meet, la
Cnstle Hall, McDonald Block, every Monday
vening at 9 o'clock.   Tlalttog Templars oor-
illally I
Chief Templar.
J. F. iacobson  lee'y
second and fourth Wednesday
each month at K. of P. Hall. Ma.
Donald Block, cor. Yemen ana
Josephine streets. Tisitlnghreth.
reu cordially invited.
Cha*. U. Farrow,
1st and 3rd Wednesday la each month la tha
K of 1' Hall. F W SwaneU, (J. D. a. C. R.i i ��
Qruun. O.K.: J. I'arklss. Scoy.
(if l,onn.| ATnrttlilv |
rime Kcqulrod
M'ths. D ys.
$1000 mi
%U> 00
9          21
Hhl'l  Ml
20 00
3          12
11X1(1 00
2j 00
0           0
IlilXJ (XI
;w oo
2          20
9141)5 45
1287 ��2
1200 00
1150 00
Our monthly t"lytnont HVRtom has boon
proved io i>u thu mirutJt and ouriludt way of
cluiiriiig offu iDoriffdge.
'those loann may be repaid in full or in part
ot tuiy time without bonus.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baxbb St.   -    Nkuh>n, B. O.
evury Thursday in tke I.O.O.F. kail. U O
Williams, M.W.: W �� ��lu>it��, ltee.-Sen.; I. I.
Driscoll. Flaanolor I\ J Sqniro. Itecelvei aaa
P. M. VV^	
NKLSON L.O.L. N.. 1IVJ ateeU Is Ik. M.
Donald  block every Thursday ovmlng at t
.'Clock.    Ti-iiiun;   mriu.'T.   rni'ittill,   i iviteA
JolmToyo VT.lf.1 V. I. Braal.y. K.*
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson 4c, Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
Tha only all rail rout* without ohanjj
���f oars between Nelson and Ksulnnd ud
Spokane and Boasland.
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"   12i05 "   BOSSL'D    "  11:20
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 *m
Train flint leaves Nelsoa at 6:20 a.m
makes olose oonneetious at Spokane foi
all Pacific Coast  Points.
Passengers tor Kettle River and Boundary Creek, oouueot at Murous with Stag*
Daily. \
O. Q. DIXON, G. P. * T.A.
Spskaae Wank.
Afnnt.IMaoa, ��. ���. NELSON DAILY MtNfifc/WEDNESDAY, D����fikB��R Jj 1898-
FORMAL OPENING, moal and personal
Over Eighty of the  Leading Citizens  of
}       West Kootenay Will Visit the
1 .       Goal Mines-
���, The formal opening of tbe Crow's
Nest Pass railway' takes plaoe today
aud the event will lie appropriately
Qelebrated by an excursion over tho
fin�� to wJiich the Canadian Pacifio
Railway Company has "invited tho
representatives of tlio Connoils and
Boards of Trade in West Kootenay.
The oocasion will also be made additionally important by the fact that the
party will leave Nelson in the handsome steamer Moyio which 'will be
put on the regular service.
At 8 o'clock this morning about
ninety of the leading oitizens of the
West Kootenay will board the. Moyie
Which will leave immediately for
Kootenay Landing. Ou the way the boat
will call at Pilot Bay and take on the
Kaslo contingent. About noon the
Moiye will arrive at Kootenay Lauding and after the party has been lunch
ed by the O.P. R. on board the steamer, they will take a special train of
three sleeping cars and leave for the
east over the new line. Cranbrook
will be reached at 0 p. m. and later in
the evening the citizens of that town
will entertain the party at a banquet.
Wednesday night will be spent on the
cars and on Thursday morning after
breakfast the train will leave for Per-
uie ami at ll a. m. will arrive there.
The coal mine and coke ovens will bo
visited and after everything of interest there is shown to the visitors the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company will
entertain the party at lunch.
The return journey will be com
nienced immediately after lunch and
Craubrook will be reached at 4 p. m.
The reception committee of the Fort
Steele Board of Trade will meet the
party there and drive them to Port
Steele where a banquet takes place
tomorrow evening. On Friday morning
the party will drive baok to Cranbrook and the cars will be boarded
again on the trip for the west. Moyio
City will be reached Friday morning
and the St. Eugene Lake Shore and
Moyie Mines visitod. Luuch will be
at the mines aud at 4 p. m. the train
will roach the Kootenay Lauding
where the Moyio will be again boarded. On the way up Kootenay Lake
dinner will be served on the boat aud
the party will be landed at Nelson ut
6:80 p. in.
Th��0. P. R. officials who will ae-
company the excursion and administer to the comfort of the company1!
guests will be Mr. F. W. Peters, District Freight 'Agent; Capt. J. W.
Troup Superintendent of tho Steamships; Mr. F. P. Outelius Superintendent of the Rossland branch ; Mr. W.
' J\ Anderson Travelling Passenger
Agent and Mr. H. E. Beasloy Superintendent of Kootenay Branches.
The Kossland, Sandon aud other contingents arrived iu the city lust evening and filled the leading hotels.
The invited guests were :
Rossland���Hon. C. H. Macintosh,
Hon T. Marti" Hnlv. Mayor Wallace,
Aid. ySodevp. Aid U��"i3 Thompson,
Aid. J. B. Jumiatuu, Aid. ,T. S. Cluto.
Jr., J: S. C. Fraser, President of the
Board of Trade; William Martin, Jas.
Hunter, J. Fred Ritchie, J. Kirkup,
J. McMillan, Mr Hart, J. B. Hastings, J. D. Sort, Jas. Martin, M. P.
P. ; A. B. MoKenzio, J. G. McLaughlin, Dr. Amstrong, A. R. McDonald,
K. fT Bellairs, Percy Godonrath, P. A.
O'Parroll, W. T. Olliver. Mr. Smith.
Trail���Col. E. S. Topping. Mr.
Yuengling, E. T. Daniels, Dr. Corsin,
J. M. Worth.
Kaslo���Mayor McAnu, J. D. Moore,
A. W. Goodenough, F. E. Aroher,
Geo. Whiteside, E. E. Chipman, G.
0. Buchanan, President of Board
Trade; A. McCallnm, A. 0. Burdiok,
S. H. Green, Chas. Colwell, J. W.
Cockle, R. F. Green, M. P. P. ; J. F.
Mcintosh, E. D. Roid.
Sandon���Mayor E. R. Atherton, J.
M. Harris, G. W. Hughea, 0. Cliffe,
Osoar White, P. Patterson.
Other Points���J. T. Wilkinson, William Hunter, R. O. Matheson, A. L.
Knox, A. B. Buckworth, A. R. B.
Hearn, T. L. Haig, J. Markson, B.
R. Atkins, Mr. Thuis, Mr. Think,
R. T. Lowery.
Nelson���Mayor and council represented by Aid Teetzol, Whalley, Madden, Gilker, Ward, McOulloch. Wallace. Board of Trade: J. Roderick Rob
ortson, Presidunt; H. B. Thompson,
S. S. Fowler, M. DosBrisay, W. H
Grant, H. J. Evans, J. Buuuorniau
and Messrs. A. H. Buchanan, Geo.
Kydd, G. V. Holt, J. M. Lay, Hon.
J.Fred Hume, Judge Forin, Dr. Quin-
lan, Rev. Mr. Frow, Dr. Symonds,
Hugh Sutherland, Geo. Johnston,
Frank Moberly, C E. ; D. J. Beaton,
Capt. Hodgius, Frauk Fletcher, Halifax Hull. O. E., O. Ink, D. Oarley,
D. R. Young, J. A. Turner.
and   Rowell
Their   Seats.
Will   Retain
R. O. MOtheson, editor of the Silver-
Ionian, paid a visit to the Miner yesterday.
Mr. A. C. Gait, who has beeu in town
on logal business, returned homo to
Mrs. Jones, the recently appointed
court stenographer, entered upon her
duties yesterday.
Mr. P. F. Godonrath, travelling cor-
roBpouedent of the Spokesman Review,
is in the city.
Provincul Constable A. Forrester, who
has beeu spoudng a moith's vacation
in the Northwest, retnrud yesterday
evening to his duties ut Brooklyn.
Police Magistrate E. A. Crease, who
again had no prisoners to try yesterday, is beginning to think that he ia
entitled to a pair of while gloves.
The blast, rousting and reverberating furnaces at the Hall Mines'' smelter are all being operated, and the com
pnny is shipping anodes of copper bullion right along.
Mr. J. T. Wilkinson, well known
all over Canadu as the "World man on
the wing" but now with the Vancouver Daily Province is in the city. He
will accopmany the Crow's Nest rail
way excursion to Foruie in the interests of his pnper.
Mrs. W. A. Macdonald. who has
been seriously indisposed for some
time, was taken to Miss Criokmay's
hospital yesterday evening. An oper-
ntion was performed on her last night.
So far as could be seen it was a success.
One of the first car loads of general
freight to arrive iu Nelson over
the Crow's Nest Pass from the
East reached this city Monday, con
signed to D. McArthur nnd Company,
the furniture dealers. The car came
through in much better time than has
been usual over the other route.
A man complained yesterday to Police Magistrate E. A.Crease, that he
had been knocked down and robbed of
$40 on Sunday, but did not give his
name. Patrolman W. J. Thompson
investigated the matter, when it appeared that beyond -the fact that the
accuser an i accused had been drunk
together, there wns nothing to connect
the latter with the crime. No warrant
was issued aud the matter has beeu
Rov. Mr. Frew returned yesterday
from Suudnu whore he delivered a
lecture ou Monday evening under the
auspices of tho Ladies Aid of the Pros-
bytoriau church Lust your Mr. Frew
lectured at Sandon and ou his way
thoro tho traiu broke down, seriously
delaying him. This week the train
wus again delayed and to add to hiB
troubles tho fire bell rung wheu he was
in the midst of his lecture. A general
stampede on the part of his auditors
delayed matters ugaiu but it wus only
a burning chimney aud the lecture wns
soon ressumed without further mishaps.
The Phair���F. Riffle, Whitewater;
W. F. Newell, San Francisco; E.
Ehrouburg, Montreal; C. Cumtuings,
Grand Forks, C. Thess and aud H. D.
Fiach, Spokane; R. K. Russol, Ottawa ; W. R. Angus, Toronto; A. R.
Macdonald, A. B. Mackenzie. G. S.
Armstrong and J. J}. Sword, Rossland; J. N. Millzuer. San Francisco;
J. B. Johnson, Rossland; D. Carsou,
Trail; R. Marsh, A. L. Goodove, T.
Towuseud, W. M. Harp, 0. 0. Lu-
londo und J. W. Heutter, D. B. Bogle,
J. Kirkputriok nnd J. D. MoGaughey
Rossland; Col. E. S. Topping, J, M.
Worth aud J. P. Gutelius, Trail.
Toronto, Ont., Dec.0. ���Election protests iu tho ense of tli6 two Ottawa
seats held respectively by Lumsden,
Liberal, and Rowell, Conservative,
were dropped at Osgoode Hall. A
protest was entered this afternoon
against the return of Hon. Johu Dry-
don, at the recnt byeeleotion in South
Ontario. Besides "the usual charges of
corruption, it is alloged that the eleo
tion triul by which the late Conservative member, Charles Oalder, was unseated, was illegal, having been held
during the coutiuuance of the session
of the legislature commenced in August last, and that Calder, Conservative, is therefore, aud always has beon
since March last, the legal member for
the constituency.
Sixty union carters engaged in the
removul of snow went ou a strike this
morning iu the midst of their work
because the street commissioner had
engaged some non-union men against
them. After a conference with the
mayor, the men were persuaded to re-
i��n�� work.
The Hume���F. J. Donaldson, Sandon ; E. Mansfield, Loudon ; W. J. H.
Holmes and J. B. Wilson, KubIo ; S.
Mnyall, Cnscudo;D. B. Crockor, Walla
Walla; J. F. Collom, Wellesley, Mass..
D. McLeod, Brooklyn, Mrs. Lnugdon,
Spokaue; E. H. Smith and G. R.
Gregg. Winnipeg! S. D. Stewart,
Montreal; J. Ross, Toronto; J. Burns.
Vancouver; W. T. Andrews, Victoria;
H. Y. Poolor, Toronto, R. T. D. Ames
and D. J. Dewnr, Trail; T. L. Hart,
Revelstoke; W, McKechuio, Rovol-
���toko, A. B. Clubon aud A, McMillan,
The Queen's���J. Snnten, F. Fullmer
and W. Wnldrum, of Brooklyn ; H. W.
McMillan and D. Haggerty," Ro.islnnd ;
J. J. Murphy, Cranbrook; aud A. B.
Buckworth, Ymir.
Paris, Dec. 6.���The Liderte referring to President McKinloy's meSBge
to congress says; "The message which
under the circumstances wus   awarded
with natural Impatience satisfied all
curiousity. It constitutes a true muni
festo of tho new Imperial policy of the
United StatCB. The American republic, which bus hitherto been voluntary
isolated, outers and intends henceforth
to bo hoard uud will make its intention felt wherever it seems good to do
Madrid, Dec. 6.���The semi-official
Liboral regards President McKiuloy's
message ns"au additional affront the
discourteous conqueror" aud udds:
"The wholecoutry will protest against
tho repetition of the culumny in rogurd
to the Maine."
Provinoial Constable J. H. Smith, of
Ainsworth, who wus instructed by the
authorities here to niuko a search for
any bodies of tho victims of the disaster that mny huve been washed up
from tho lake, has sent iu his report.
He states that his search hns beou
unsuccessful, and thut there iB very
little likelihood of tho bodios over
being found.
He niakei ono statement which is
interesting in viow of tho assertions;
nnd thnt is, thut when the Kulso made
her first trip to 'he wreck, those ou
board of hoi made ns thorough n Beaton
for bodies iu the wreck us wus possible
under the circumstnucos, by searching
all the cabins with pike poles, but
without success.
claimed that the Liberals have been increasing the debt nt a rate of three
million dollars a year since the .government has-been' elocted. Taxation
hns increased he said, the national
policy has been retained ; the Government has failed to get new markets
aud has lost the German markets to
Canada. Mr. Foster called for supporters to rally around Farrell, the
Conservative candidate for West Lamb-
Dec. 2.���
Blizzard���Angus McMillnn on (dope
of Dog Creek adj. Snowstorm on e.
Snowstorm���W. A.. Jum.es, same.
Dec. 3.���
Faith���Oscar.Anderson, 2% mi up
u si of Barrett Ck. adj. Hops on e. J
Dae. 5.���
Bluebell���H. N. Merriam on Bull
Dog Mt. 100 ft. s. of e. entrance to 0.
and W. tunnel.
Moutaua���M. E. Adie on divide bet.
Lost Ok. and S. Fk of Salmon R.. 2%
mi. from mouth of S. Fk.
Iduha���Same, same, formerly Henrietta.
Dec. 6.���
Orinoco���T. 0. Collins and S. E.
Emerson, 2% mi. S. of Nelson, 1000
feet east of Cottonwood.Ok., adj. Free
Coinage on S.
Where no consi Jeration is named in transfers
the nominal sum of SI is to be understood.
Dao. 8.���
Merry Christmas���D. Y. Mowat and
R. E. McGawley, Sidney Oliver, %.
Malwaaz���H.   E.   T.   Haultaiu    to
John MacLarun and G. T. Fnlford.
Wolf���G. R. Mickle to same.
Yellowstone���same to same.
Dec. 5.���
Richmond; El  Mora���0.   Torslund
to 0. J. Mnray.
Deo. 6.���
Union Jack; Horseshoe���J.   Goodlad
to Dan McLeod, _%.
Queen ; Empross; Climax���D.   Cameron to same, \&.
King of the Forest;   Juno;   Kirwull
���T. RendalltoD. Mowat. 1-80.
BOY WANTED-Well educated imd
respeotable���To join staff of a local
bank, age about 16 or 17. Apply in
own handwriting. P. 0. Box 610,
Meteorological Report.
(Observations taken by A. H. Holdloh.
KBT        EST     FALL  0METK11
Nov 29 Tuesday 37.5
Nov 30 Wcd'day 35.0
Dec   1 Thursday 35.0
Doc   2 Friday 35.0
Dec 3 Saturday 31. i
Deo  4 Sunday .11.0
Doc   6 Monday 21.0
22.5   10.00
11.0    0.00
of poor quality comes soon,   lt hasn't
got the toughness to stand everyday
wear, and succumbs to the inevitable.
Just the same as throwing money to
the dogs when you buy such stuff.
Perhaps the ordinary observer will
say that our Hardware doesn't look a
bit better. But our word is worth
something, and we assure our customers that there is good value in everything we offer.
importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Take DOtloO that I.Uofoort Meghan will uppty
lo tho Golil ('oinmiHuloner of Went. KootoDDT,
H. ('., thirty days after date, forallnonsn u>
Bell liquor ny roti.il ut, toy hotr>l, located ut
Sinlur, 1.4 milui from KuflKOOOOK.  In ihe Wtist
KootenaydUtrlot,       itoi.KiiT mkkhan.
Dated tit Nulhon, H. (,',. this lut day of December. 181)8 DID
Notice is hereby giTen that the undcrRiijned
will, after the expiration of thirty days from
this dale, apply to the Board of Licensing OoQl*
mUalonera for the City of Nelson at their nejt
sittinK thereafter, fortho grunting to him of a
licence to sell liquors by reUtil on I he premise*)
known as iho Victoria Hotel and shunted on
lots 7 and 8 in block 15 on Ihe south Bide of Victoria street in the Hald City of NeUon.
D. It. TAYLOlt.
Dated at Neluon. U. C,,tliiu6Lhd-iy of Decern
ber, 181)8. 1*5-
Notice is hereby given tbatflOdayn afterdate
I Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase
16<)acrcHof land situated on Slocan Kiver in
West Kootenay District.
Commencing at a stake marked " K Chosley's
N. K. Corner, on tho south bank of the Slocan
Itivurbf tweon 15and KJmllo boards OH C. P, Ity
1 henoo south 40 chains ; thence west id chains;
thence north 40 chain**; thence cast following
wlocan river to point of commencement, being
in all 160 acres more or less.
Sept. 17th, 1898,
Forrest, Out, Dec. 6.���Hon. George
K. Foster,   speaking here last evening
NOTICE Is horoby given that tho partnership
heretofore existing botweon ns Itho undor-
��� k'.n iii as physicians and surgeons in tho city
of Nelson has been dissolved from tho thirty-
llrst day of October, 1898.
Witness, GkKO. A. U.HALL-,
W, A. GALLIHKlt.    H,   J. 1IAWKKY.
-   Dated at Nelson, B. 0��� this ?5th day of November, 1898.
We Wish to remind the Public
that our stock of these goods is
very complete.    Our regulation
Men's Hockey Shoe at $3.50
is a beauty.
Bring your skates to us and  we
will attach them  to  your  boots
while you wait
Aberdeen Block
Make Year Fruit Selection First, then
Make both of these properly and you'll be pleased  with the
Below we give a list to choose from :
Raisins seeded, Seeded Raisins, Raisins without the
seeds, Seeded Raisins, Raisins with the Seeds and Seeds
with the raisins.
Currants, all cleaned, ready to throw in the cake.
English Peels, mixed and chopped ready for use.
Spices, Icings and extracts. Plum Puddings, Fruit Cakes,
etc., etc..
We have all the.latest specialties. If your cake is not
a success don't blame us.
Christmas Candies Arriving.
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Aberdeen Block. NELSON, B. U,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Prices
Mail Ordeia trteire Careful attention.
Nothing but freak and wholeaoma meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets aft Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
hsawrsarata-i i8*f.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000,
riM�� ���fflM: lallfax, Mara *
Reserre, $1,175,000.
Antlgonisb, N. S.
Bathurst, N. B.
HridKowater, N. 8.
CharloUutown. P. B. L
Dorchcstor, N. B. ���
Kredericton, N. B.
Guisboro. N. S.
Halifax. N. S.
ULiiiKslon, N. B.
Londonderry. N. 9.
Lunenberg, N. S.
Matllaad. *. B.
Kauelaa, N. B.
Uomraal. P. Q.
MaatreaL West KaA
Itaatraal, Westmeuat
Nanaimo. B. O.
Kalsoa. B. O.
Newcastle. If. B.
PicKu, N. a.
Part Hawk.HlHirr, N. 1.
Rovalaad. B. O.
Saekrille, N. B.
Shabenaeadie. N. 3.
Hammerslde, P. B. I.
Srdner. N. 8.
St. John, Nfld.
Truro. N. S.
Vancouyer, B. O.
Victoria, B. C.
Wejmouth, N. 1.
Waoilstoek, If. B.
General Banking Buslnaai Transact**; Starling Bills of Exahaag*  Bought
end Sold, Letter* ef Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most farorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Suring Bank accounts. Branches in British Columbia:
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Victoria, Grand Forks;
Ymir open Tuesdays and Fridays.
ASavlngH Rank department haabeon ontablirihed in connection with the Nekton branch mt
thtH bank. Deposit*] of one dollar an* upwards recelred, and eurruat rate of latererit allowed,.
ut present I per cent, por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Big Furniture Sale
ALL NEW GOOD.*..        NO Ol.l) S'lOCK.
Offer their Whole Stock Uurint,' December at Cost, for
"CASH" ONLY. You cannot do batter than bj furo-
iahing' your home befor* Christmas.
Parlor Sets
4110.00 Rug Set for 475.00.
75.00 ������ 50.00.
70.00 Silk 3et for 40.00.
05.00 Sideboards for 845.00.
21.1)0 Hair Mattresses for 910.00.
Support Springs: 82.50 each.
Bed Room Sets
3-piece $00qtr. cut oak sets for 445.
y-piece $18.00 sets for $13.50.
3-piece   10.00       " 12 50.
3-piece   23.00       " 18.00.
All other goods at equally low figures. Come early and secure bargains.
All sales of $5.00 and upwards delivered free. Applewhait Block,
corner of Baker and Kootenay streets. Special attention to Undertaking and Embalming at especially low rates.    Call and see us,
SODA   WATER FACTORY.!   <*"����� **hcb..xnn.woonmuu
1 Ppi.mil0 I>lmlr Hotel,
All carbonated waters.
P. O. BOX 08$.
lulemalioual Navigation i Trading Company
s.iisraor Card. IffecUTa June ID, 1888
Subjoet to Change without notice.
South b'nd.   K H. lulrrualluiiitl.   North b'nd
Read down Read up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.90 a.m. Train Ar
Boat Ar
Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo     8 00
Boat Lvs. 3.30 a.m. Kaslo    8.30 p.m.
"      "    4.30   " Ainsworth 7.30	
'6 00   " Pilot Bay 6.16	
Balfour   6.10    "        "    *
SMUePt. 6.25    "        "    "
Nelson   4.46    "        *   Lt
Train "  10.05 p.m. N'thport 1.65    " Traim   "
"    "   11.20  " Rossland 12.05 a.m.   "       "
"    "    3.10   "  Spokane   8.30    " "
Sandon-Kaslo  train dally.   Boat and   Spo
kane train dally except Sunday.
t. S.  AlbrrU,
Trail Lvs l.oii p.m. .S union 10.60 a.m. Trala Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     '-    '       	
Boat Lvs  6.00
"      ������     8.20
"      "     7.00
"      "   10.00
Boat Ar
2  vj
Kaslo    8.00
"     Kaslo    1.00   "
'Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.
' Pilot Bsy 11.00   "
' Kuskon'k 8.00   "
12.00 m. GoiitlliverO00  "
"    1.00a.m.Bonndary6.00   "       "      ���
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Forry 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.40  " B'rs Ferry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"  Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m.    "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train dally.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for above  points Tuesdays and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Koolrnay take service.
Commencing 20 June, 18118.
On  Monday, Thursday  and   Friday   S.
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainswortb
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Day, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All times are subject to change without notlo
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on S. S. International from Ne
son,  Spokane,  etc..  for points on   Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Bay. will connect at that
point with theS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via 9. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purser, have stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with all points in tbe
United States and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenay River.
Ticket*  sold and  baggage  checked   to
points by pursers on steamers or at our oiflcs
0. ALEXANDER. Uftu. Mgr
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo. B.C
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoka daily
to St. Pavl; Mondays for Toronto;
Thursdays for Montreal and Boatoa;
Fridays for St. John, N. B.
To Rossland and Main   Line poism
steolenay latr   txl. 1.111.
Str. Kuiiifin
Kxcepl Sunday. E*eesi Soaday
4  s.a.-Leaves-NELSOlf-Arrlvss-ll   ��.m
������������easy River Keale.
Sth. Nklhon.
Un.. Wed., Frl. Mon��� Wed.. M.
f a.m.-I.eaves-NKI.SON~AimVM--*J��   s.at.
Makes connection nt Pilot Bay wllkltr. JT��.
kanoe In both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes *a" .1
principal Landings in both direottas a*4 as
other points whon signalled.
Trala.  I* nail fram  slorsa City, SaaSlaa
and Slaean  take  relau.
(Sundays Excepted)
* a. ra.-Iz-PiTCH - -NKLSON- Arrlves--I.M p. St.
and full Information   by  addressing nearest
local agent. City Ticket Agent, Nel.oa, or
JOHN HAMILTON, Age... Ifelsaa
Trar. Pass. Agent,      Diss. Pass. Ageas,
Ntlaoa Vaaomvar
TU   StBTHOB'S   CHAIN    Hill
mraraMTii   wan
II b Ik* IhI M*dera da M*l*a.tat.
II Is tke Hcvlest Hailed Har.
���I kaa a Kork Ballast Itoadbed.
II Creases N* Maud Desserts.
II Is  tke Only  Line   Kiianlag   Lazarleu
I'lub  Uixini Cars.
II Is Noted for Ik* t'oartesy or Its Kb. pi eyas
II Is Ike Only Use Hrrvlag Heals ������
* la Carte Plan.
���   11 I    Extended experience In Chile aud German
j South  Africa.   Assays and analysis of ores.
Haleyoa Hot sp.rl.es Water M��M a.d   Koports and valuations on mineral properties
[ Undsrground survey lug aad taias plans kept
SasivUsd I* Mm Use*.
*�� Sf i���Ssa.l,
Attractive Tonrs daring Season ot
Navigation on Great Lakes via Dulutli in
connection witb Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete lnf01 lastles
oall on or address Agents, K. fc 3. Ry��� O. at K
S. Nav. Ce., N fc F. S. Ity., or
U. A. JA< PMHOM truer.I Agesil
apakaae, Mm
Friends Find Means of Placing Letters in
His Handg���Various Methods
Resorted to.
William Bingough an American syndicate writer with the Peace Commission at Paris, sends his papers the following in regard to the Dreyfus case:
Fresh disclosures follow each other
closely iu the Dreyfus case. Yon will
have heard briefly by cable of the cnt-
ting down of the foundation ou which
the whole oase rested by the admission
of one of the men chiefly responsible
for the prosecution of Dreyfus that he
was in error when he asserted that the
latter was gnilty of treason. This letter is said to be th* possession of Mme
Dreyfus and will be brought to light at
the proper time. The friends of the
condemned man are acting with great
discretion, and his interests are tbe
best of hands.
Meanwhile what of the exile? Such
news as comes from an nntheutic
source concerning his life on the Island
of the Devil ig the most interesting
part of the story to the Parisians just
now. To relieve the feelings of those
American sympathizers who have
been picturing Dreyfus behind the bars
of a narrow cage in which he eats,
sleeps and takes what exercise he can,
it is as well to state here that he has
been so far released from the close confinement as to be allowed to take a
walk closely watched by the guards.
The watching, according to the man
who tells of the life of Dreyfus on the
island, M. Jena Hess, is very necessary.
Otherwise attempts wonld be made to
take Dreyfus from the island by force.
Strange to say, the prisoner wonld
bave to be carried away forcibly, as be
positively refused to fall in with any
proposition to moke his escape with
the assistance of friends to break for
freedom. He is so convinced that he
will lie released in due time without
snob a necessity that he steadfastly refuse! to listen to the entreaties of his
friends to break for freedom witb the
assistance of the Captain of one of the
vessels that trade in the quarter of the
globe where the island of his captivity
is located, and any one of whom for n
consideration, would be willing to have
bis ship used to take Dreyfus off. Tbe
only reply tbat Dreyfus makes to the
urgent entreaties of bis friends that he
accept,.their offers to help him escape,
is "It cannot be very long now. "
Letters are conveyed to Dreyfus
without trouble, and the captive is
kept well-informed of the goings ou in
the outside world. Nothing of interest
that happens in Paris Is unknown to
him. The greatest precautions are
taken to prevent corumuunatiou witb
the exile, but his friends contrive to
get letters to him in spite of all attempt* to prevent them. The letters
his wife writes are carefully examined
by a variety of experts, in case the apparently innocent writing may conceui
some acrostic or oypher that will mean
nothing to anyone not possessed of the
key, bat will be plain as print to tin
M. Jean Hess explains that he hat
talked with men who have been instrumental in conveying mussages' to
Dreyfus.    At one time, when Dreyfus'
&rison was located near tin
nach. the messengers would land ui
night awl conceal letters in the root
of the prison so tbat Dreyfus could gel
them when he wished. Tbis hiding
place being discovered, the letters
were conveyed to him hidden in tin
wristbands of his linen, which is taken to lie Royal* to be washed. Dreyfus would put on the shirt in which
the letter was concealed pick the
thread* of the wristbands, take out tin
letter, and theu,;whou alone, sew the
bands again. He answered the letters
in the same secret way. If this plan
were found out it would be an easy
iuuttar to adopt another, for the guards
around Dreyfus are very susceptible ol
bribery, and money will secure him
anything. For this reason it is all the
more exasperating to his friends thai
tbe prisoner of the Island of the Devil
maintains his dignified attitude and
refuses absolutely to avail himself of
their offers of assistance to escape.
He has been pleaded with from all
quarters but be remains firmly determined to return to France only after a
complete vindication, even if he 1 us to
remain in exile- for the rent 01 bis
Unless the order for his release
comes very soon it is stated on good
authority that Dreyfus will be released
from bis imprisonment by death, for
he is suffering from a liter complaint
that the unhealthy atmosphere of the
Island of the Devil aggravates. This
undoubtedly would be a solution that
would pleaso his enemies in Franco.
When word was seut to Paris that
Dreyfus was in danger ot succumbing
to his complaint, the answer returned
"If ho dies all you have to do is to
embalm the corpse and send it to
���ekMlglrl. Criticise a Had.
It I* Interesting to watch the attitudes
and th* expressions on the faces of the
multitudes of people who go to see the
Statin* Madonna of Raphael at the great
art gallery In Dresden. Ii Is perhaps th*
highest example of human art It represents th* Holy Virgin with the Child In
har arms appearing to St. Ulxtus and St.
Barbara, with two cherubs looking over
th* baloony beneath, says a foreign correspondent of th* Chicago Record. It brings
hundreds *f thousands of dollars to th* oity
���very year. It ooouples a room In a distant earner *f th* royal Ballery without
anything else to distract the attention, and
a*at* hav* been ylnoad around th* wall*
(or th* benefit of those who desire to study
It Sam* stand rapt Other* kneel to
���ray a* If th* Mather of Christ wen a living helng. Some kneel and oros* them-
aalvw, while others coolly Inspect the canvas with the air of eritios and connoisseur..
On* day a bevy of schoolgirls came to
see th* painting. They stopped suddenly
b*for* lt, and on* of them, mora lmpres-
���lonable than the rest, exclaimed, "Meroy,
lan'ttt beautiful I"
"Yes," niplied another, with a drawl,
"but don't you think It would look better
if th* Virgin were a little tullorr"
A ���mall Party sf Pirates Seek to Captor*
a Spanish Town.
"The Buccaneers of Our Coast" are described by Frank R. Stookton in St. Nicholas. In the story he tells of one of th*
adventures of two noted pirates who
thought they wruld vary their plan by
turning from tl - sea and making a land
expedition.    Mr. Stookton says:
The town which Hou and Trlbutor had
determined to attack was Merlda, In Yucatan, and, although this was a bold and
rash undertaking, the two pirates were
bold and rash enough for anything. Boo
had been a prisoner In Merlda, and on ao-
count of his knowledge of the town he believed that he and his followers could land
upon tbe coast and then rush upon the unsuspecting garrison, and, having annihilated these, make themselves masters of
the place.
But tbelr plans did not work very well.
They were discovered" after they had
landed by some Indians, who hurried to
Merlda and gave notico of the approach of
the buooaneera Consequently when Boo
and his companions reached the town they
found the garrison prepared for them, cannons loaded and all the approaches guarded, gtill tbe pirates did not hesitate. Thoy
advanoed fiercely to the attaok, just as thoy
were acoustomed to do when they were
boarding a Spanish vessel, but they soon
found that fighting on land was very different from fighting at sea. In a marine
combat it is seldom that a party of boarders Is attacked in tbe rear by tbe enemy.
But on land such methods of warfare
should always be expected. Now, Boo and
Trlbutor did not expect anything of the
kind, and they were therefore greatly
dismayed when a party of horsemen from
the town, who had made a wide detour
through the woods, suddenly charged upun
their rear. Between the guns of tbe garrison and the sabers of the horsemen the
buooaneera had a very hard time, and it
was not long before they were completely
defeated. Trlbutor and a great many ot
the pirates were killed or taken, and Boo
the Brazilian had a terrible fall.
This most memorable fall occurred In
the estimation of John Esquemellng, who
knew all about tbe attack en Merlda and
who wrote the account of lt. But he had
never expected to be called upon to record
that his great hero, Boo tbe Brazilian,
saved bis life after the utter defeat of himself and bis companions by Ignominlously
running away. The loyal chronicler had
a firm belief In the absolute Inability of
bis hero to fly from danger, and Esquemellng could scarcely believe that Hoc
bad retreated from his enemies, deserted
his friends and turned his baok upon the
principles whioh he hod always proclaimed.
Pletnreeqn* Costume. Worn at the Vint
Inaugural Ball.
Writing of "With Washington In tha
Minuet," Mrs. Burton Harrison gives an
Interesting description of tbe first inaugural ball in The Ladies' Homo Journal. In
telling of this memorable fete she gives
an Interesting peep at the costumes worn
by the belles and beaux of a century ago.
"For a hint of the costumes worn," she
writes, "we must furbish up tho Impressions of Colonel Stone, who, strange to
say, appears to be tbs chief chronicler of
toilets whose data are handed down' In
print: 'One favorite dress was a plain celestial blue satin gown with a whlto satin
petticoat. On the nock was worn a very
large Italian gauze handkerchief with
border stripes of satin. The headdress was
a puff of gauze In the form of a globe, the
headpiece of whioh was composed of white
satin having a double wing In large plaits
and trimmed with a wreath of artificial
roses falling from the left at tha top to tha
right at the bottom in front, the reverse
behind. The bair was dressed all over In
detached curls, four of which, in two
ranks, fell on each side of the neck and
were relieved behind by a floating chignon. '
"In color of attire the men of those days
were not, as now, simply a foil for the gay
tints of their womankind. 'A light blue
French coat, with high collar, broad lapels
and large gilt buttons, a double broastcd
marseilles vest, nankeen colorod casslmcre
brooches, with white silk stockings, shining pumps, and full ruffles at the breast
and wrists, together with a ponderous
whltecravat with a "pudding" in lt, were
then evening dress a la mode In New York.'
"Washington's usual costume on dress
occasions was a ooat and breeches of plain
black velvet, with a whlto or pearl colored
satin embroidered waistcoat, white or buff
gloves and a long sword in a scabbard of
polished white leather, whioh was worn
under the ooat Ho Invariably oarrled in
his hand a cocked hat, and his knoos and
feat war* adorned with silvor buckles."
Mattress Plnenshlons.
Mattress pincushions, says a writer In a
Philadelphia paper, can be mado in any
materials, may be embellished with more
or less embroidery, and are made in various sizes, oblong or square. Tbo smallest
that I advise making should bo 9 by 6
lnobes. Having decided on the slzo, the
stuffing and lining must be done, and for
tbis got coarse house flannel, which must
be out carefully aud exactly to tbo size of
the mattress. It takes several yards of
flannel, as lt must bo very firm and hard,
and when all pressed together should be
qulto an Inch thick. Tbeso layers must be
firmly sewed together, as the success of
those pincushions entirely depends en their
being firm and hard at top, at bottom and
at the sides. Another necessity Is the perfect regularity with wbich they are out,
the edges generally requiring to bo sheared
with very sharp scissors. It is possible to
stuff the lining with horsehair or bran Instead of flannel, In which oase tbo covering must bo mado first; otherwise, sew the
flannel into a case of cheap loose woven
calico, through which tbe pins pass easily,
using tape ono inch wide fur the sides.
Having completed tbis, the outer covering Is a matter of taste, but plain materials
aro best. A good satin, silk or molro looks
well, and indeed some of tho finest flax
linens of pale shades oomc out well when
ertibroldured In whlto. A small design in
ono corner looks nice worked in silks, with
gold and silver thread and a fow heads or
spangles If liked, but keep the embroldory
to one color. Thero is no need to describe
how to proceed, except that in putting the
side pieces on they must ho oven, well
stretched and tacked beforo oversewing
with lino silk. These mum-esses will take
pins of every size at the side, with ordinary
blaok and whlto at top, and the result
whon quite complete Is well worth th*
trouble of their manufacture.
A Great Financier.
|     Gholly���Harry 1b a great flnanoier.
Cholly���He borrowed sixpence from m*
yesterday to take him to tbo city to see a
man that he knew be could borrow a pound
from, and with tbat pound he flew off to
���tend a dinner to another man whom he
borrowed a hundred from.���London Fun.
Subscribe for The Miner
Great  West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on .straight
mortgages at S per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R,   Cameron
Bring your
To Us- ���
no matter who your doctor is
Sick people can't afford to
take any chances when having prescriptions filled. The
best physicians in the world
can have no success unless
the remedies prescribed are-
made of pare drugs and put
up by a competent pharmacist. We take particular
pride in keeping our Btock
pure and in giving extra
care to the compounding of
prescriptions. There is nothing funcy about our prices
���a fair profit is all we want.
tele's Dm store
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are roll*  r.r ml*.     Sin,ike   them   nn
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Do you wiin t a good Square meal for
DINNER ia TO 8     1
Eastern Oysters f
received daily J
Cooked Any Style.     |
kkal  estate am��  ismkiml a<;im
money to lo in at s feb i'e.mt.
ami iimtahos
Valuable Faker Street and  other excellent [property fur dale.
once Turncr.IJoiTl.il Block. Nelsua. B. ��'.
Has opened m;w ofllci-s in Hroken Hitt Block!
corner Ward and Baker Rtroois. and has re
BUtned practice iu NeNon.
Office hour* 10 Lo 12 u. nt; 2 Lo 4 and 7 to 8
p, m.   R O. box 9(1.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Ilriikrn lllll lU.uk Baker HI.
Notice in hereby ffiven that John Bell, formerly of Lho Nelson haw Mill Co. haw been ap
pointed Nelson agent for Peter (Jenelle & Co.,
vice A. K. Y.OUUK- Contracts in the future are
t o bo made with Mr, Hell or his assistant, JO. O,
Beer, to whom all money due to the linn in 'to
be paid. PKTKlt UKNELLfi It CO..,
fC. D.J. Christie
A  3 Boomed and a i Roomed
J House.
$ The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
X Advance  money   at terms  to
suit borrower.
i 0. D. J. Christie,  Agent
!��+-������������ ��������������>���������+���+�����������������������<
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the oity and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in the city :
Ojrilvie's Hungarian per 50 lb sack.. 1 60
Lake of the Woods        " 160
Snow Flake per 60 lb saok  150
Wheat per ton  S2 00035 00
Uran perton  ai00C.J22oil
(Iround feed per >on  28 00if<28 00
Cornlwhole)      "      2600��*28<Xi
Corn (oracked)   "        87 IKKS30 00
Oall "         S0O0G3200
Oatmeal per 10 lbs     iiiffl    50
Rolled oats (B & Kl  05
Itolled oats (B&K)8tt> saok  10
Hay (baled) per ion  19 00820 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs    1 00O 1 2:>
Beets per lb  21
Cabbage per lb  21
Cauliflower per lb  2\
Onions per lb  03
Salmon (smoked) per tb      121��    15
Oysters lOlymplan) per qt  80
Oysters lEastern) per tin  00
Codperlb  08
Halibutper*,      121Q     15
Smeltsperlb     12j��    15
Farm Predaee.
Kkkb per doz       V>       Si
Butter (Creamery)       259    80
Butter (Dairy)       20(9    25
Choose (Canadian)       139  17)
Cheese Swiss)      20*    30
Ham (American) per t>  15
Ham (Canadian) p< r lb  15
Bacon (American; per lb  15
Bacon (Canadian) per lb       119    In
Baron (rolledl por lb       12J9   16
Bacon (long clear) per lb  121
Shoulders per lb  12j
Lardperlb  121
Beefperlb.         89      J
Mutton per lb      109    18
Voelperlb        159    18
Fcrkperlb.     12J9    IS
P*Hi try
Spring Chickens each .   60
Turkeys per lb  209    2:��
Oieseporlb  169    18
DuckBperlb  18��    20
Lemons (California) per doz  3i       lo
Oranges (California seedlings)  10      50
Apples  01
I'uars (BartletW  08       1(1
I'ears (small green)  06       08
0:20 a.ru.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:00 a.m.���8. S. Nelson leaves for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
7:15 a.m.���S. 8. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
8:00 a.m.���8. 8. Alberta leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Fridiiy and Saturday.
0:00 tt.m.���Craiu leaves O. P. R. station for Slocan Oity, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���8. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. R. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
4:00 p.m.���8. 8. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way point?,
daily, except Sunday.
4:45 p.m.���8. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
duilv except Sunday.
5:35 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. 8.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:30 p.m.���8. S.Nelson, arrives from
Kuskonook, and all way
points, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. It sla-
tien for Ki.bson, Rosblatid,
and all Main Line points,
0:00 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives fiom
Kaslo and way points, on
Monday, Thursday and
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. It. station, from all Main Line
points, Kossland and Rob
son, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo,  Angerona, Red
Star,   Hercules,  Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel
son, hut bave no regular times of arrival and departure.
Transportation Companies are requested to
Rive notice lo I lie Miner of any alterations in
the time of trrival and departure from Nolson.
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't offer our goods below cost,
because we bare no desire to lose
money. We sell at prices wblcb are
sufficient to pay for good material aud
good workmanship. The sloe and variety of our flock enables ui to please a
customer both aa to style and fit. Indeed we aro particular on these points.
We rather lose & sale than permit ��a-
satisfactery garments to leave the
These values eannot be .surpassed.
-J. A. GILKER���   I
Stock of Crockery 6 Glassware
now on display at
Call and inspect our Tea and Dinner Sets,    The
greatest value  ever  known  for  the  money.    We
have the largest stock of Toilet Sets in town.
Until further notloe no passengers   will  bo
carried over the line of tbe Crow's Nest  Ppiss
railway between Kuskonosk an* Cranbrook.
Upstairs over Grocery Store
A Full Line of Fancy Toilet
Soaps of all standard brands
If you want a sweet-scented healthful soap at  a  reasonable
price you will make no mistake, by buying it here.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia businesa
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
CAPITAL PAID OP   -   *2.000,(K)0. BEST,   ���   111,200,000.
H. S.  HOWLAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President.
St. Catharine*.
D. R. WILK1E. General Manager,    E. HAY, Inspector.
ltrnurb.es   In   Ontarlol
Nuoaka Faj.lh i Toronto, 31 Wol'gton   SI, B. I St. OiXRaMn
PORT C0LB6RNB I        ,ifl c.r YnnoA Jtr Onaan   8T- THOU**
Sai'lt STE. Maihe      I      do        Cor. Yongo & Bloor | Woodstock
Kino. In s iu tturlirr. Multiloba, Norlkwtst Territories aad British t'alaaakla.
Winnii'KU, Mint. I    Pqi:tauic I.a Pkaikik. Man.      I Brandon, Man.
I'AI.OAIIV,   Alhlil. I'..INCH Ai.hkiit, Sii*h. EDMONTON, Albta.
Montreal, Que, |   Vancouver, U. C. I South Edmonton, ���'
Nblson, b. c.
Saving** Bank UeparlmunL-DopusilH of $1 <uiU upwards recdrod and lntorenl allowed.
Atfonu In limit liriuin    I.In) *1 - Bunk, Ltd., 72 Lioiibard t-treH., London, with vliom monoy
maf.De deposited for transfer by letter or tabic to any of tho above br.iuchos.
LetturK of CritdlL issued on Alaska (Joiiiuinrcltil Co. payable at at. Michael's, Alaska, and
UraftH Sold, available at all pnintH in Canada. United States mid Europe,
Money Orders ismicd payablo at any Uunk in Canada.   Katos��� Under $10, 8c; 910 to SW, 10c;
$20 to >:<o. 12c; $;to to 96", Uo.
J. M. LAY, Manager.
"Silver Plate that Wears"
The ImpoMifcte.
IT Is impossible to judge tk* ���.aatitf
of silverware by it* (pBaaramea.
The reputation of the maker ��***t to
the guide.
Th* Actual.
IN plated ware theMeridoa lrita��������
Co., by half a ceatury'* k*nopt
manufacturing has made its trademarks a guarantee the world or**-.
The Certain.
IF you   buy Meriden   Britannia  Co.
silverware, you will hav* tke beat
that is made in plate.
N.. 934
Coffee Sets,
Baking Dishes,
etc, are stamped ;���
Rogers Bros"
on Spoons,   Knives,  Forks, etc.
"1*47" idutifios lb* al* aristaal Ksgva viaUtf.


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