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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 15, 1898

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Dail) Edition No. 188.
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, December 15, 1898.
Ninth Year.
bod. When Einil Marx entered liis flat
in Brooklyn lost night, he saw a pair
of legs disappear under the bed. He
ordered the ihtrduer to come forth and
When llio hitter obeyed, Marx fountr"-
himself gazing into the penitent eyes
; of a young woman, who said she was
I Mrs. Pauline Bergman, Unon invosti-
  I Ration   Marx   found   that   the  pretty
burglar had packed rip  all   his  valuables.    The woman was arrested.    She I
Annttim' flrmnrpr rf a Tfllp nf t"'1' il  pitiful  story   of  desertion  by
Allutnei Uliaprei Gl a 1U.1B Ul ber husband.   She  said  bertwooblf-
dren were starving and she had to
steal. The police found and eared for |
the ehiltlren.
were in line and all beautifully decorated ill   an     elaborate   manner.    Tho
' ladies of   llio   oity Tied   with one an-
! other in   their   efforts   to put up   the
most beautiful carriage.
the Sea.
One Hundred Thousand Soldiers Will be Needed
Reciprocity Not Essential to
Canadian Prosperity.
Steamship Maria Riokmers Arrive* in Port
With Eight Additional Survivors
of tho Wrecked Vessel.
Baltimore, Dec. 14.���Eight additional survivors of the crew of the lost
steamship Loudouian were brought
into this port tonight by tbe North
German Lloyd Searusbip Maria Rick-
mers. They aro Capt. E. B. Lee,
Third Officer Joseph Pottlier, Boatswain T. Behui, Quartermaster F.
Carlson, Able Somen, J. Webb and
W. Carness, Second Steward D, Dar-
noll ami Second Cook W. Martin.
These, with Jo rescued by the Johnston line steamer Ycdcmore, complete
the list of survivors, IS having been lost
iu au attempt to leave the disabled
ship in ouo of her small boats. Of tbe
latter, two wero cattlemen, who perished and ihe balance were members
of the crew. The names of the cattlemen who were lost were Daniel Cov-
onty, of Boston and Thomas McCoy,
of Worcester, Mass., and,those of tbe
crew who met the same fate were
Chief Officer Murray. Chief Engineer
Stafford, Third Engineer Wm. Slater,
Carpenter Weigmann, Chief Steward
Harry Waterman, Fireman K A.
Shaford. Seamen Johnson, Neilson,
Peterson, Heudriokseu, Crowley, Williams, Hennessj ami I Inward and a
man whose name is nnkuoVn tnd who
was working his way In England.
The Londonian left Boston on November Kith, loaded witb general out
chandise and oarrying 600 cattle bound
for London. How sho became helpless through au aooident to her steering gear and wallowed in the trough
of the sea from November 2-'. to No-
vermber 85, how site was sighted by
tho Vedimioru who lay alongside for
three days and after heroic efforts succeeded in taking off 4."i of those ou
board and how beforn Ihe balance
could be rescued tbe two strainers separated in tlie darkness aud finally lost
sight of ono another, has already been
told. On November 89, tbe Loudouian was again sighted by the British
Steamship King Arthur and a olnse
inspection of ihe wreck showed uo
signs of life. A few days later one of
the Londonian's life boats with oars
in it, was sighted, but nothing else
was there to indicate what might have
been the fate of its occupants. A
week has elapsed since tbe arrival of
the Vedamore and during the interim
but little hope has beon felt that any
of those who remained on board tlie
Londonian when she and tho Vedamore parted company, would over be
heard from again.
That  another  obapter  ofjjtliis tnlo
of the sea is to be told seems little
short of miraculous. The thread nf
the narrative is again taken up on
tho night, of Holiday, November 30,
just before midnight, when the Riok-
mcrs, bound from Bremen for Baltimore, sightod a steamer burning a
Hare light upon her bridge. Capt.
Paul (iroseh. of the German liner,
altered the course of his vessel and in
tho moonlight made out a large steamer with sih'li a list to starboard as to
throw her ou her beam ends. A hail
from him and an answering shout
from the wreck showed that there was
life aboard. Second Mote I'- Lenz,
of the Rickmors, together witl) six
menfput oil' to the rescue. For more
than three hours, owing to the heavy
swell, futile attempts were niaile to
reach the wreck which by (his time
was ascertained to be that of tbe Londonian. Finally, tis a last resort, tho
rescuers got in close to the stem of
tho disabled craft and shouted to those
on board, all of whom were huddled on
the bridge, (o make their way aft. and
throw them a line. This being complied with, the ship-wrecked sailors
were instructed to make the line fast
about their bodies and throw themselves into the water. One after another they obeyed and were thus
drawn aboard Ihe life boat. When
the rescuers and the rescued reached
the side of the Kickmers it was found
that the sea was still so high as lo
make it impossible to bring tho boat |
close alongside, undone after another I
the occupants of the little craft were
hauled aboard with lines anil the lifo-
boat sot adrift. The wreak of tbe Londonian drifted away in the darkness
and those who had been aboard of her
have little doubt that she ultimately
sunk.The Kickmcrs resumed her course
and tonight brought to this oily Capt.
Leo and his seven shipmates none of
whom had ever expeoted to reach laud
after losing sight of the Vedamore.
Col. Domville Does Not Believe in Sir
A.   Caron's Company.
London. Die. 14.��� Col. Domville
Member of Parliament for Kings, N,
B.. has written a letter lo tbe Financial Times which appears today, concerning the prospectus,recently issued,
of the Canadian British Columbia and
Dawson City Telegraph Company of
which Sir Adolphe Caron is a director. Col. Domville is of the opinion
that ihe public should lie in possession of accurate information before
committing themselves to any scheme
not based on facts. Ho expresses regret that a prospectus containing such
misleading statements should be issued.
Was Known as James Houghton, James G.
James and \ustraH.m "Billy"���
Dynamite Exploded.
by a
Fein ale
An explosion of dynamite by which
James Houghton, known' also as James
(i. James ami as Australian "Billy,"
was killed,occurred at the Ooxey mine,
near* Rossland, Tuesday afternoon.
Houghton lived til out IB minutes aller
the aooident. He was formerly a
resident of Nelson.
Of the unfortunate affair, (he Kossland Miner says:
"James, who had a contract for
driving ."ill feet df tunuoling on the
Ooxey, was working on the day shift.
About 4 :80 o'clock be came uut to get
his obarges for the evening blasts. Al
the blacksmith shop he met the
smithy, (1. W. Oheuuwetb, and while
talking to him James capped his fuses
aud lighted his pipe tit the forge.
Then lie walked away to tlie powder
warmer to get his dynamite. A few
minutes afterwards there was a terrific explosion. Mr. Ohenowetb hurried
out of the shop to the powder warmer.
20 feel away. There buried in Ihe snow
lie found .lames. The left arm bad
been blown away, and the left thigh
was crushed in, while the inoulh was
also cut Ho was still alive, ami,
groaning deliriously, be managed to
sit up. The other millers were hastily
summoned and Willi they were con
veying James to a sled be died. The
remains wero brought to town and
taken to tho Police Station, but as Ihe
accident occurred outside of the city
limits the care of Ihe body was entrusted to Provincial Constable Hooson.
"There were about 111 sticks of powder iu the warmer, ami all of them
went oil'. The cause of the explosion
can only be guessed at. Perhaps
some glycerine had leaked from the dynamite, and dropning ou tlie grouud
exploded. Perhaps a spark from
James' pipe set the fuse and (lie caps
afire, and tbe explosion of the caps resulted in tbe explosion of the dynamite.
"James was born in Victoria, Australia, and was about '.12 years old. He
had a wife in his native country, bnl
her address is not known. It is coil-
jectured that there were family difficulties between Iheni, and that he
Consequently made Ihe frequent
changes of name to which ho resorted,
in order to prevent her discovering
his whereabouts lie had been ill
America about I wo years and a half,
and came to Kossland four months ago
from Nelsou. lie fli'sl worked in the
Giant, and then took Ihe contract on
the Ooxey, at which ho was working
when killed. He wore a Masonic pin,
and was believed lo have been a member of Ihe order. The members of Ihe
order will probably take charge of the
body, and bury u witli Masonic honors. ''
The Gallant Southern   Colonel is Governor of the Province.
Havana,       Deo.     II.���The   United
States Transport, Panama, with   General  Fi'zbugh Lee   and   his   stall'  on
board, entered   ihe   harbor this morning.    (leneral   Lee was   informed  by
I a correspondent of the Associated Press
i of his appointment as Governor of tho
Province of Havana.    He   said he was
much gratified, hut   had only  wished
for military   command.    The   general
added   that   ho   was   simply in   command   of bis soldiers, that bis duty is
to preserve, life and   properly and that
ho proposes to  do so   with   equal .justice to   all   nationalities.    Lee   added
' that he had   nothing to   do  with   tho
: establishment   of   any   sort of government and   that   his  duties   were con-
lined to Hying the   ilag   of peace   and
order.  The headquarters of the General
will be established at Queniado, Camp
Fifty Thousand Will bo Required in Onba
and Half That Number in the
Washington, Deo 14.���Ad]!.-General
Corbiii appoared today before the
House Committee on Military Affairs.
His statements attracted unusanl interest because of their direct reference
to conditions in Cuba,Porto Rico and
the Philippines aud tho military requirements ou which the war department wns acting as to the need of an
increased army, General Curbin said
thut was a most serious proposition.
He proceeded:
"The Cuban Evacuation Commission has submitted a statement that
in oilier to preserve order and restore
order in Cuba it will require the pres-
onco_of au army of o0,1)00 men.
"It was ou my recommendation"
said General Corhin, "that (he plan of
sending troops to Cuba was based,
li might be found that DO,000 men
would not be absolutely requisite but
we aro holding 50,000 men iu readiness
to go if required. As to the Philippines, Gen. Otis in command there
had recommended that 2."),000 men
were required. In Porto Kico the officers in command recommended that
the force now on hand is about adequate for the requirements. Tho pro-lent force thero is about 6,000. Thai
made 81,000 men, 60,000 for Cuba, 86,-
ceo for the Philippines and about 6,-
0(0 for Porto Kico, leaving an army of
100,0(10 wilh about 18,000 for reserves
at home. "
"Do you think 60,000 men for Cuba
a conservative estimate?" asked Mr.
Jott. of Illinois.
"I think it is," answered '.lie Gen-
"And how long will that last?"
asked Mr.  Hay.
"I wish I could say," answered
General Oorbin, "But'no nun can
say. You cannot view conditions in
Cuba as you can iu Ohio and Pennsylvania. For 100 years the people there
have been accustomed to bo ruled by
force. Tho officers there fear that
with these conditions and habits if
troops are not there trouble may occur. "
Present Indications, at Least, so Foint"
Toionto Globe Deals Editorially
With the Question.
Convenience of Canadians   as Well   as
Americans Must Be  Considered.
Toronto. Dec. 14.���The Globe's Ottawa correspondent, discussing the
question of adjournment of the Washington Commission as bearing on Ihe
session of Parliament, says: "It is
scarcely possible to believe that Canada's representatives will agree to a
resumption of the Conference at the
beginning of March when in the ordinary course of events their presence
will be required at home. If is not
likely they will ho asked lo agree to
a suspension of negotiations during
tlie time that wonld suit the convenience of the American Comiiimissinncrs
without equal considerations being
shown lor their own. However unimportant tlie session may be it could
Scarcely be expected lhat less than a
month or six weeks would suffice for
the transaction of tho business of
Parliament. Members could not be
called together before February,having
regard to their own convenience and
to the state of preparedness in the
dilfrent Departments, and if the Commission resumed work early in March
there would not be time (o dispose of
ordinary sessional routine, to say nothing of questions that will provoke
Toronto, Dec. 14.���James McPher-
son, while Postmaster at St. John.
(.Inc., defaulted to the amount of
$4,888. His bondsmen were the late
John Black and the lutter's son, Henderson Black. The suit is proceeding
in the Exchequer Oourt to recover
(1,300, halfI from Henderson black, individually, and half from Henderson j
Bliiok and Jane Black, beneficiaries!
under the will of the late John  Black. |
Toronto, Out., Dec. 14.���The Globe's
leading editorial today deals with the
Conference at Washington and the possibilities of a treaty being effocted.
Speaking of the possibility thut U.
S. Republicans in the Senate may reject frea lumber on strictly protectionists grounds, it says: This is a matter of American domestic concern, in
which we,as Canadians, have no right
to complain and about which we are
growing less concerned every year.
This country has never enjoyed more
prosperity than has been vouchsafed
to it since tho Dingley tariff, with its
high and in some cases almost prohibitory duties against Canadian products, has been in forco, and the situation instead of growing worse, has
been improving every day. The people of this country would be glad to
extend trade with tho Unitod States
upon . fair terms; but the time when
the markets of the United States were
essential to their prosperity, if it ever
existed,has gone hy. And if our neigh
bors do uot believe that reciprocity
would be profitable to themselves they
are welcome to go their own way in
peace, while Canadians will rolurn with
renewed energy to the development
of their own resources and industries on independent lines. If reciprocity alone were under consideration,
and the American Commissioners felt
nothing could be done in that way,
there would bo no reason why the Conference should bo protracted for another day. But the Conference is considering tho whole subject of tho relations between (he two countries and
it may bo lhat Americans are working
for some concession for which reciprocity would bo regarded as an equivalent.
Lord Herscbell is thoroughly acquainted with tbo policy of tho Imperial Government and possibly there
is somo reason, Imperial rather than
Canadian in its character, for his anxiety to conclude a treaty. Upon this
point we are not qualified to speak,
but may say, with certainty, that Can
ada would be reasonably satisfied with
Ihings as they are. and tbat thero will
he no great disappointment in this
country if tlie Commissioners part
without accomplishing anything but
an exehang of good wishes. And we
should think lhat tlle best interests of
ihe Empire ought (o bo identical with
ours in Cannda. We cannot help the
Empire   better  than  by helping  our-
Canadians   Would   Operate   Havana's
Street Car System
Tononto, Out., Dec. 14.���A number
of Toronto capitalists are said to be ut
Havana, Cuba, today endeavoring to
secure the control ot tho Street Railway franchise, there whioh wns to be
disposed ot today. The capitalists
ooncerned are said to be William Mac-
Kenzie, Fred Nichols S. F. Madden and White Z. Lash, a lawyer, who
is said to be thore also as solicitor for
MacKenzie. At present thero is only
a senile bus lino of cars in Havana,
but it is intended to introduce an electric system while the franchise will
also include the existiug steam railway
to Matauzas.
Bagot Wrested From  the
,uid we shall only injure the
Empire if we consent to anything
which may impair our own Strength
mill independence.
New York, Dec. 14.���Bar silver,
1)0}.,,; Mexican dollars, 47. Copper,
a diet; brokers', l'.,:l, ; exchange. $1176
to (13.86. Lend, very firm ; brokers',
(8.60. ; exchange, (8.70 to (8.76 Tin,
easier. Straits, $17.00 to (18.06.
Plttles, quiet.
Tho   Pitiful   Tale Told
New York,Dec,14.-At hist the tables  Marianuo.    Many prominent-
have  been   turned.    A    woman   bur-  friends called on the General when  he
glar has beon  found  under  a man's tarrived here.
New York, Dec. 14.-Capt, E. W.
Bhaokford and the crew of eight men,
belonging (o the lost, schooner Johanna
Swan, which was abandoned a( sea on
December 2. arrived safely in port today.
President MoKinley'S Greeting lo   the
Georgia Legislators,
Atlanta. Ga , Die. 14,��� President
McKinley, the members of his Cabinet, and a party nf prominent military
men, reached Atlanta this morning.
They came to participate in tbe Peace
Jubilee to be held here. At noon
the President addressed the members
of the Georgia Legislature now ill session. In the course of his speech, the
President said :
"Sectional lilies no longer mar the
map of the United States. Sectional
feeling no longer holds back the love
we bear each other. Fraternity is the
national anthem, sung byj a chorus nf
46 Stales and our territories at home
and beyond tbe seas. The Union is
once more the common Atlas of our
love and loyalty, our devotion and
sacrifice. Every soldier's grave made
during our unfortunate Civil War is
a tribute to American valor, and while
when those (.oaves were made wo
differd widely obout the future of this
Government the differences were long
ngo settled by the arbitrament of arms,
and the time'now comes in tho evolu
ion of sentiment and feeling under tho
providence of God when in the spirit
of fraternity we should share wilh
you iu the care of the graves of Confederate soldiers. The cordial fooling
Which now happily exists between
the North and South prompts this
gracious act, and, if it needed further
justification, it is found iu the gall-
i nt loyalty to the. Union and the flan,
so conspicuously shown in tho year
just passed by the sons and grandsons
of tb' se lieroio dead. "
The President's reference to the
Confederate   dead   was   greeted   with
the  wildest  applause.   The prettiest
and most novel event of the day's festivities occuried during Ihe afternoon.
It was Ihe floral parade, in which all
the prominent people of the city took
i part.    Carriugos of  every  description
Supremo Court at Ottawa Upholds the
British Columbia Court.
Ottawa. Deo. 14.���Before the Supreme Court this morning the appeal
of Cole vs. Pope, from the Supreme
Court of British Columbia, was dismissed with costs. It was a dispute
over miming proporty.
Subscribed by the Board of Governors at
a Meeting Held Yesterday
Montreal. Dec. 14,��� MoGill University is again the recipient of a magnificent gift. At a meeting of the Board
of Governors yesterday Ihe financial
position of the University and, in particular, the extent to which the general funds of the University have beeu
encroached noon by a reourring defioit
in th- eveuue.and increased expenditure, were discussed and, as a result
the members of ihe Board themselves
subscribed (180,000 at the meeting.
The Royal Victoria College for women, erected by Chancellor Lord
Slrathcona, at a cost of over half a
million dollars, has been ready for occupation for some time, but the University is not in a position finaneiallv
to accept such a gift and conduct il
on a suitable scale. Lord Ktralhcona,
in referring to the institution, said it
wonld be open for the reception of
students on Sept. 1, 1890, and added
that the endowment with which Ihe
institution would commence, would
amount, including the existing Don-
alda fund of (100,000 to (1,000,000.
There will be no separate stall' of professors as the lecturing will be done
under the direction of (he present professors and lecturers of MoGill, with
snob additions as circumstances may
require. This will really make over
(1,600,000 whioh Lord Slrathcona has
given for higher education of women
m MoGill.
Mr, W. O, MnoDonuld, who has al
ready given upwards of two millions
nf dollars to the University, called at
tentinli to the inadequate endowment
of Ihe faculty ot Arts and expressed
Ihe intention of endowing the chair
of history and honed it would in some
way bo associated with the name nf
the late Dr. William Kingsford of Ot-
Steamship   Registation Bill is in  the
Interest of   Monopoly.
Washington, Dee. II.���In the Senate this iiftenoon, the bill providing
regulations for registration nf foreigu-
hinlt vessels wrecked on the Ameri-
jan coast and repaired in the United
Slates, was taken up and Mr. Oaffrey
addressed the Senate in opposition to
il. saying that under Us provisions
vessels would he wrecked in order lo
secure American registry. He attacked the navigation and tariff laws
of the United States, saying they had
practically driven our merchant marine from Iho seas. He contended
that the bill was prohibitive in its
terms and intended to remove the   last
stage of competition in the matter
of snip building. There was no necessity for Ibis under present conditions.
"We may bold the Philippines, Cuba
and Porto Rico," lie said, "hut if we
adopt the oontrnotive policy nf tins
measure our balloon will be s��.n collapsed and our expansion policy comes
to an end. "
Tbe bill was in absolute inhibition
against the importation of a ship,
making that the only article tbnt
could not  be  imported.   He   thought
the bill in the interest of monopoly,
At the close of Mr. Caffery's remarks,
the bill went over until tomorrow.
,': s Far as Heard From Liberals Have Been
Returned in all but North
Toronto, Dec. 14.-���Returns received
thus far from tho constituencies in
which by-elections were held today
indicate a clean sweep for the Liberals excepting North Simcoe, where
the Iudependeut will probably be
elected over the Liberal candidate
In Bagot, Maroile (Liberal)was eleoted ovor. Brodeua, Conservative by
48 majority. The vacancy in Bagot
was caused by the death of Dupont,
who was elected in the Conservative
interests in 189(1 by acclamation. This
is an iinporlant victory for the Liberals.
In East Prince the poll at 9 o'clock
stood Bell (Liberal) 1863, Lefurgey,
(Conservative), 1738. There are threa
places yet (o henr from. They will
probably reduce the Liberal load of
125, bnt Bell's election seems  assured.
Tho seat was held before by Yoe,
who was elected in tho Liberal interests in ISOli by 117 majority and was
this year appointed to tho Semite.
Twenty-two polls out of 41 in West
Lamb ton give Johnson (Liberal) 483
majority over Farrell (Conservative).
Johnson is no doubt elected. West
Uambton has been "Jim" Lister's old
. onatito.r1 ���������..-\ that egtrriable gentleman's elevation to the bench rendered it vacant. He was elected iu
1 stiij by 1,168 majority. Tho Conservatives made a hard iiudit (o capture
(ho sea( today, Hon. Mr. Foster being particularly busy iu tbo riding.
Leigh ton McCarthy looks like a
winner in North Simcoe. With 22
nulls out of 41 heard from his majority
was bill and further returns will likely
increase it. Martin (Liberal) ii
his opponent. D'Alton McCarthy had
represented North Simcoe in the
House of Commons from 1878 until tho
time of his death this year. He was
elected in 1800 by 1.1C7 mujority. The
constituency always supported ins independent ideas aud it was generally
predicted that his nephew, who has
inherited his policy, would also inherit his seat.
In the by-election in East Northumberland for tho Ontario Local Houso
I lunulas will ho elected by a large majority. Willi 25 out of 30 polls heard
from, bis majority was 447, over Dr.
Willougbby, (Conservative.) Douglas
successful candidato today was
led at the last Provincial eleotions
170 but was suhsoqueiitlv unseated.
Willougbby i us his opponeut on
ihe former ojnasiou also. No returns
from Montagnay wero received here
up to the present timo. Two Liberals
are contesting the seut.
Was Appointed to the Senate in 1870���
Conservative in Politics.
Halifax, Dec. 14.���Senator MoFar-
laiic died this morning at his home at
Wallace, Cumberland County, Do-
ceased was appointed to tho Semite on
October 10, IH70, uud wus u Conservative in politics.
Algiers, Dec. 14.���Trouble botweon
Jews and (ho anti-Semites is
id for here. The suspension of
inn Semite   miiyor,    Max   Regis,
attacking  the  administration of
province, has thrown tho city
into an uproar. The antis uro making
threatening demonstrations iu tho
streets, and troops huvo been cnlled in
to prevent uu outbreak against tho
Jews. Tho city government has resigned.
Brussels. Dec. 14.���Advices received
hero from the Governor of the Upper
Congo confirm tho news that four
Belgian traders have been killed uud
eaten by tho natives of Uppor
Ubanghi, The governor adds thut the
Iraders' escort of thirty soldiers was
also massacred, und that another detachment nf soldiers in charge of two
white officers who were proceeding to
the assistance of the traders, were surprised by the natives and put to death.
Paris, Dec. II. ��� Antonio E. Terry,
formerly of New York.died here today
of   liver   complain!.     He   was   twice
married, his Becond wife being  Sybil
Sanderson, the opera singer. Terry
was one of the sons of Senor Tomaso
Terry, who left a fortune at his death
in 1S8H. estimated to amount to from
(26,000,000 to (60,000,000 to be divided among his six  surviving   children.
Berlin, Dec. 14.���Thero seems to be
a prospect of (ho removal iu tho uear
future of tho restrictions placed upon
American Insurance Conipuuios in
Prussia. Upon the request of ouo of
the largest companies the Minister of
the Interior has decided to send two
representatives to Now York to
investigate whether the Americans
are able to comply with the conditions
of tho Prussian authorities. NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY,   DECEMBER 15, 1898.
Nelson Daily Miner
Pu .uished Daily except i'urday.
D.J. UKAll.N. Man gang Director and
Edi.or In-Chief
ALL COMMUNICATION*   lo the Editor must
be looonipintod by (In r.ainc and address
of llio witter, nol nie-viHly for publloft-
11, bul as evidence of (food faith.
D.iOy per month by oarl'or 8 1 (XI
per month ity inn I    1 c*1
oor half yuf r by in 0    oOO
per yoar  10,lu
por year foreign  130i
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Weekly, pel half year 3 1 M
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per year, foreign  800
Subscription i avarlubty in advance
Notices of Births,   Deaths, and Marriages
Inserted for 50 cents eaoh.
Advertising n tcs miuli Known on  application
Nelson Miner Printing &PubllshingCo
Copy for rhaiiKi". o Advertisement musl
lie In Hie mil c l>y 4 o'elock P.m. I"
liiNiire clinngi
Shall we encourage the investment
of foreign capital in the development
of the resources of this Province? If
the question were put directly to the
Vancouver World, it would almost
certainly return au affirmative answer; yet in a paragraph in a recent
issue it advances nn argument that
is cnlculated to discourage enterprises
fouuded on capital obtained ou the
other side of the line. It observes
with annoyance that the Spokane po-
pers are congratulating themselves ou
t he fact that the purchase money recently received iu connection with
the Oorbin-Hill railway deal is being largely expended in that city.
Some of this money is received for
railway property on tho Canadian side.
It is also complained that tho money
passed from the British America Corporation to tho minority holders of Le
Roi stock is similarly employed. All
th ese, it is said, and witli much
bitterness, "made their pile in this
Province, and yet, the moment thoy
are able to command a considerable
sum in bard cash, it is invested by
them in properties outside British
If this is a grievance them, is ono
wuy, and ouo way only, to put u stop
to it. The Canadian Parliament cuu
pass a law absolutely prohibiting
Americans from putting a foot in the
country, or investing a dollar of capital in any sort of Canadian enter
prise. That law could lie passed, und
if passed there is no doubt it could be
enforced. But if we allow Americans
to come into the country, and to bring
oapital with them, and lo engage in
railroading, mining, or other oocupa
tion, we cannot prevent them from
increasing their capital, we cannot
prevent them from disposing of their
interests, and we cannot prevent them
from taking away their gains and
investing them in Spokane, in Hu-
vuuu, in Manila, or anywhere they
The whole matter, therefore, reduces
itself to the simple question, Shall
wo admit Americans and Amerioan
capital to aid in developing our ro
sources? The World will hardly say
that we ought not to; and if it does,
it will find it exceedingly dillicult to
get any one to agree wilh il. What our
contemporary complains of is one of
those things thut are constantly happening all over tho world, It has been
so from tho beginning, and will so
continue. We would prefer to see the
men who come into British Columbia
and make money out nf our mines,
sottlo down as citizens of Iho Province
and invest and enjoy their gains iu
our midst. Bui we oiiuuol so oitler
it | and failing that, we would prefer
to linve those niioes develuped anyway,
oven if the gains have tn go out of the
country. If we do not got a share of
those gains, wo at least profit indi
reetly, which is muoh bettor than to
have those resources lying idle, of benefit to nobody. All Ibis is so elementary, us n principle in political economy, that we wonder what our contemporary was thinking about when it
published its paragraph.
ago an coming homo to roost. It has
beeu a most ambitions town, so muoh
so that in its haste to become great it
never stopped to count the cost. The
result huB been that it piled up del is
which it is now finding itself unable
to moot with any sort of convenience,
and the ugly word repudiation has
been suggested in connection with its
difficulties. It is understood thai a
special assessment litis been regarded
as a necessary preliminary to an enforced arrangement with some of its
Municipal extravagance lias brought
it to this unhappy pass. It spent beyond its means, with the inevitable
result thut financial troubles have
overtaken it. Taxation has reached nl
limit beyond which it is impossible to
go. An expensive sewerage system
ami extravagance in civic buildings
were the last���not straws, but sheaves.
There may be u lesson in this to Nelson, aud other promising communities
ambitious to get ahead. Hero there
are improvements that must be made
and conveniences that must bo had;
but iu providing them it will be tbe
highest wisdom always to keep in
sight tho fact that a day of reckoning
is ns inevitable us death itself. Lei
us keep well within our means, Judicious municipal enterprise pays, as
well as judicious enterprise of any
kind But it is easy to run into municipal extravngance, end once taxation becomes pinching thero is but a
step to its becoming ruinous.
The Time
-During his stay in Winnipeg, on
tho occasion of his latest visit, Mr.
Siftou wus obliged to receive the usual number of delegations. Among
them was one composed of oity hankers, who were understood to have been
interviewing the Minister in connection with the proposed appointment
of a special assessor for the city of
Brandon. It is possible tn imagine
why Winnipeg bankers should have au
interest iu n special assessment for
Brandon, although by uo means easy;
but what authority or control tn tho
matter an Ottawa Minister can have
is beyond the reach of ordinary understanding. According to published
reports, Brandon is finding itself in
u bud way financially. The chickens
it hatched so  plentifully u  fow yours
Yesterday wus a Liberal day. The
Liberal candidate carried Bagot, ouo
f the dozen or so constituencies left
to the Conservatives iu Quebec after
that disastrous June day in 1890. The
victory is till the more significant because of tho fact that Bagot litis been
Tory for long years past. West Lamb-
ton's majority was quite emphatic
enough for all purposes. Mr. Hardy
scored a pronounced success iu Enst
Northumberland, where the old Conservative member, Dr. Willougbby,
wus a second time defeated. North
Simcoe remains loyal to the lute D'Al-
ton McCarthy, by electing his nephew
on the McCtc'thy platform. Thoro is
a gleam of sunshine in this, howevei,
for tho Conservatives, as the nephew
is more Tory than Liberal in sympathy.
Little wonder, indeed, Lord Kitchener is succeeding so well with his
Soudan college, which requires ��100.-
000 for its establishment, lie appeals
to the generosity of the British pub
lie in the name of Gordon; Her Majesty has consented to become patrBil
to the movement; the Prince of Wales
is vice-patron, and Lord Salisbury
has token the unusual stop of writing
a letter for publication, strongly committing the Government in favor of
the scheme. With suoh aids as this
at tho back of a man as popular as the
bero of Khartoum, anything ought t
bo possible.
��>��������� ������������������������������������������������������12
���^ 35
mm��� ��������
S- ������������ -i
1 House
I House
I House
I House
1 House
lo Rooms
)��� Ro mis
7 Ro mis
(i Ro ens
5 Rooms
S        SEE ANNABLE       _%
Mice of Application fur Liquor   License
NOTICE Is horoby Riven thai I. Mil- undor-
signed, Robert K. Lemon, intond to apply to
tho Board of Licensing Oommirwlonora or (no
City of N�� Noil, m. c, id  their nnxl Bitting on
tho 14th day ol Juu ���>. .\. D. 1800, fora retail
liquor license to roII liquor by retail In tho
r.tnin on Ward street Doing tho second door
from tho corner of Bakor and Ward Btreots, in
Uif building Bituatod on ioi 12, block I, Oity of
Nolson, U. *-.
Datod llth day of Doc. A. D��� inns.
1 havk a Piano to rent for the winter
months.   Apply llox 1*8, City,
U'ANTKl) Gonoralservant tn small fiLiitily���
P, 0. Box683.
LOBT-An nndroBHod marten skin, Kinder
will be reworded by returning to T. Morloy,
Tlioin.-uii Stationery Go.'s storo.
FOB SATjE a comploto small newspaper
out lit with Washington Hand Prose, Andreas
llox 84, Nolson.
MUSIC LESSONS. ���On pinuo organ or
I guitar, by Mrs. \v. j, Astley, Robson tercet
, i .��� i doora wrot of Stanley.   J\ 0. Box 130,
|    A   SNAP   Two  Intn cornov Josephine and
��� Unison -liv.1-, liiw'vt view   in   ii|y.   cheap   for
cash.   Apply box 23 J post office,
j Lost a -uiiill fox terrier answering to tho
name of Ifco. Last seen al corner Victoria and
silica Btroeto, A reward will be paid to anyone
finding and returning same to Bank of Mont-
I real,
.   .   AT ������'.
-M  Open evenings until after Xmas.     We carry   a fine   m?
line of Jewelry and   Watches;   also a
few   Choice   Diamonds.
6       ���
West of Bank of B. C.
|^,::/,.: ............   -.   ..,,.���.   .,-.-......   ..................... ,:.;^
Suitable Gifts for the
Holiday Season has arrived. We heralded its
approach some time ago
and told how well prepared we were to supply
all demands. We are
doubly prepared now.
Each day has added
something new to our
stock of Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Books,
Xmas Cards and Calendars.
Good as
A Circus.
Our Toy
Store ,,
Garland's Old Stand,
Will give the greatest
pleasure to tlie young
folks and interest their
elders. Livery animal,
every novelty, and every
kind of doll is represented, and the stock is as
good as it is varied. The
selection of a suitable
gift for young or old can
be made here, and the
value given for little
money will be a pleasant
Book Oo.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ex2> ���������������������� gsivS
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, Few Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Christmas   Gifts,  Toys,
ancy Goods.   New Stock
opening up daily. Call and
see us.
Thomson Stationery Co.
L d, Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO.
Cox. Mnxo & Saber Sts.
Carload of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upliolstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
$0.75  PEK   TON,   DELIVER   D
Orders   received   at   Frank    Fletcher's    Ollice,   Corner  of
Kootenay   and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent,
The   Following   Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars   From   Havanna���Bock  &  Co's   Golden   Eagles,
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Madges   Nessim    Egyptian
From Reims, France���Pommery Champagne, Quarts and
��� NELSON .
REISTERER & CO.,   archbold&pearson
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  nnd see   us.
B. C.
lAfliM. MHMB., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall.)
NOTICE la horoby given thai tho piu'tnoralilp
horufeoforeBttbstKltag bofwoon u . llio undersigned, na Iloi.-l KooporB in Brooklyn, County
of Kootenay, Blllbll Columbia, has tills day
beon dlssolvod by mutual consont, All dobtH
owing to said partnership nro to bo paid to
Louis fvterson nl Brooklyn Aforesaid, and all
claims against tin; said partnership nro to bo
nresentod to tho said Louis Putorson, by whom
Iho -samo will bo BOttlod.   lSie;iicil)
0.11. PIlEDKrUOKS.
I>ntK;d at Boooklyn this 8rd day of Dooombor
A. I)��� 18118.
Witness aa to slgnaluro of Louis Potorson,
W. H. Cooper, J. P., (Signed),
Witness to HlKimturw of O. U. Fredericks, J.
H. 9m4, (signed).
i isllo Phair Hotel,
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extended oxporlonoe In ('Idle and Gorman
South Africa. Assays and analysis of orOH,
Reports and valuations on'mineral properties
Underground snrvoylng aud mine plans kept.
Up by contract.
Life may be compared to the
fire in a stove with food as the
To have your Hits burs clearly and brightly you burn the
bral fuel you can procure; in
like manner, that your body
may be properly nourished and
the Are of life bum evenly, use
only the best fuel iu the shape of
Our Grocery and Liquor Departments are both well filled
with choice assortments of the
best in each line, and we will
be glad at any time to quote
you prices or (ill trial orders,
trusting that having once had
the pleasure of supplying you
we may continue to do so.
Uo not order your Xmas dinner  before   seeing our  list of
All accounts not paid on and before the fifteenth ritiy nt Dooombor will bo put in llio
hands of a lawyer for collection. Kindly pay
Dulud thU 25th day of Nov. 1898.
Bay Co.
Permanent Loan
Why pay Rent when you
can own a home of
your own?
Loans are made on the security of
Improved Real Estate, not more than
sixty per cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced.
The rale of interest is H\ per cent,
per annum. Interest, is stopped on
each Slllll of the principal returned.
Illustration, showing tlie cost and
time required to pay olf a JI.IKX) loan
at. tho following monthly payments :
ef !.Oiin.
I Tinio Hcqutrod
|  Coat,
11)1111 m
$15 no
211 IKI
'J.'] IKI
:io iki
Yi-'s. M'th-j, 11 vs.
7       fl         21
6     :i       u
4       0           0
3    2      ai
Sims 45
1287 92;
12(10 m
ii5o m;
Our monthly payment system lias beo��
pro��ed to l��c the sureot una easiest way of
clearing off a mortgage.
These loans may lie repaid in full or in p��rt
at any Lime without bonus.
Ganib.e& O'Reilly
Baker St.
Nelson, B. O.
NKLSON LODQK, No. 23. A. F. * A.
M. meets Hecond Wodnosday tn each
month.   ViniUng brethren lnrftod.
O. L. Lknnox. Secretary.
-.���jzf_$L:      1.  O. O.  i\     Kootonay Lodge
:Mj��jES.^ No. Hi, meets overy Monday night,
^^^^   at  thi:ii  Hall,  Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially inrited.
A. II. Clements, N. U.       Fred J Squires, 8oo.y
second und fourth Wednesday
each munth at K. of P. Hall, Mao
I inn.11,1 ltlock, cor. Vernon aad
Josephine streets.   Visiting breth-
ren cordially invited.
Chas. II. Farhow,
COUUT KOOTENAY, I. O.K.. NO. 3138 meets
Isl and 3rd Wednesday iu cueh month In the
li of I' Hull. F \V Swanell, U. 11. S. O. It.; 1 K
Qroen,C.H.i J. Fnrklss,Soojr,
NELSON LODQK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet
every Thursday In the I.O.O.F. hall. G O
Williams. M.W.S W s Smith, Heo.-Seo.;J. J.
In-iHcoll, Financier F. J Stiuiro. HoeeiTer and
P, M, W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 16112 meets iu the Mo
Donald block every Thursday e\'3nlng at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invited
JolinTove W.M.I F. J.Bradley,KB,
Spokane  Falls A
Northern R'y.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountaln R'y.
The only all rail route without olmng
of cars between Nelson and Boaelaad aid
Spokane and Kossland.
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"   12:05 "  ROSSL'D    "  11:20
"    8.30am. SPOKANE   "   3.10��.*
Train tbat leuves Nelson at 6:20 h.u��
lunlicH clnuo ciiini' rliiin.'i nl Spukuim foi
nil 1'ncific Coast Paints.
I'liHHbUKerij for Kettle Bivernud Bound-
arv Greek, oouueet ut Mmous with Stage
C. G, DIXON, (i. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Waek
Agasit,N*U*B, B. 9.
At �� meeting of the directors of ttie ' NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1898.
Mayor Houston Refuses to Sign it After it
Has Lewi Awarded by tbe
Tlio meeting ot tbe License Commissioners yesterday afternoon smocked strongly of tbe palmy days of the
Oity Council, though the results
thereof were rather contradictory and
unsatisfactory, as Alio Johnson \v:<s
awarded his license hy tho commissioners, hut, nevertheless, was not
successful in obtaining it.
Those present at the meeting consisted of tho three Commissioners, Mayor
Houston. W. A. Macdonald, Q. 0.,
uud Police Magistrate Crease ; the rival
applicants, Messrs. Abe Johnson aud
K. B. Lemon; and their respective solicitors, Messrs. P, Wilson and B. S.
Taylor. There was also present a
small knot of interested spectators.
Tho question to he decided was the
destination of the spare saloon license,
held hut nol used by Mrs. Mallette,and
hoth applicants claimed to havo a
transfer which they desired to havo
confirmed by the hoard.
Mr. Johnson produced a written
transfer of the license from Mrs.
Mullet to, and Mr. Lemon also stated
that Mrs. Mallette had transferred
her license to him, und thai he had a
receipt for tho consideration paid
therefore. Mr. Lemon, however, did
not produce any documentary evidence
of the transfer,and it was also elicited
that his transfer was subsequent 10
that ot Mr. Johnson's, and was in
fact given after Mr. Johnson hud engaged the building in which he proposes to open his saloon, though Mr.
Lemon stated thut ho was not at that
time aware with what object tho
premises had been acquired.
Iu support of his application Mr.
Johnson stated that after obtaining,
tho license bo had approached Ihe
Mayor in the mitt ir, an I that His
Worship had told him to go ahead and
get his saloon ready, anil that he
would give him a permit until such
time as the License Commissioners
mot. Mr. Johnson also stated that on
tho strength of this assurance, ho had
engaged premises for which he was.
and bad been for nearly two mouths,
paying rent, anil had ordered har fittings and stock, hut tlie Mayor had
sinco refusd to grunt the promised permit.
The Mayor became very angry, ami
chtiraeleri/.ed Mr. Johnson's statement
ns to his promise as abaulutly   untrue,
Mr. Johnson replied and a warm
altercation ensued. Mr. Johnson
wished (o leave the question to Mr.
J'K. Btrochnn, the Oity-Cleric, whom
ho stated was present when the promise was made At this point Mr. \V.
A. Macdonald intervened, refused to
allow tho reference, ami insisted upon
due decorum being observed.
The Hoard then proceeded to discuss
the question as lo who should have
the license, hut Ihe .Mayor would not
hear of it lining awarded to Mr. Johnson, hut ho was outvoted by the other
two Commissioners on the ground thai
Mr. Johnson had tbe prior right by
reason of the earlier date of his transfer. Thus the matter was apparently
His Worship passed tho motion hut
absolutely refused to sign the transfer
to Mr. Johnson, a necessary formality
before a license can bo issued Mr.
Macdonald pointed out to the Mayor
that this was tantamount to putting
his authority above that of the majority of tho Board. His Worship, how-
over, still refused to sign, and thus the
maitor stands.
It is not known yet what course Mr.
Johnson intends to adopt, as lie has
placed himself iu the hands of his solicitor.
pie cull le seen g ling hike wards with
skates hinging over their shoulders.
�� This Benson tho hockey team will
, no much stronger (ban ever before.
Not only will most of the old players
show improvement but there lias been
j au influx of now blood that promises to develop into men that will
make the teams very different from
j lust year's aggregations. Capt. W. A.
Duncan and Jos. Thompson, of last
year's team wiit be in tlie senior
ranks, again but tho rest of the seven
will likely lie made up of new men.
Both Hell ami Wetmore of tbe Imperial Hank staff, were hockeyists in
Manitoba and should show up well
here. And there are several other
likely men among this summer's new
arrivals. As yet no matches have been
arranged but when tho new rink is
opened and the team properly organized the club will be going around
witb a chip on ils shoulder.
There will bo three foams from the
Nelson Hockey Club on the ice this
season. The Intermediates and Juniors will be relatively as strong as
the Seniors and will bo looking for
trouble among the clubs of tho district.
The Revelstoke people are already
in harness and will play Golden on
December 2(1. The club met the otber
night and tlie following officers wero
elected unanimously: J. 1J. Molson,
President; Win. Cowan, Vice-President ; K. D. Johnston, captain; K.
P. Pettipiece, Secretary-Treasurer,
Canadian Pacific Credited Witli
sire-to Get After Mr. Hill.
Martin Markson, of Slocan City, B.
C., is quoted in tho Spokane Daily
Chionielc as follows:
"It's all rigbt for Jim Hill to talk
about invading Canadian Pacific territory ; but while he is doing that the
C. P. ft. will not ho asloop. There are
strong indications ihal before another
winter begins the Canadian road will
bo cutting across the line and lighting
Mr. Hill in his own field.
"While 1 cannot slate positively
that (lie Canadian Pacitie will build a
new line into this stale in 1899," continued M'\ Markson. "I can stale positively that the plan is being considered by ollicials of tho road. They
talked about it quite freely while
wo were with them on the Crow's
Nest Pass excursion, and while perhaps they did not think about tbe publication of their remarks, (bey made
no attempts to pledge secrecy.
"Tho plan as discussed is to start a
branch from tbe new line near tin
town of .Midway, which is on tbe Kettle River, close to tlie International
Bouudury. This branch is to cross the
Boundary and run south and west, fol-
wing   tho   Okiiuagnn   valley   for  a
I'll  i
distance ami finally
Chelan country.    Si
see would tap one of
ing sections of   Was
same lime carry the
of tlie Canadian Pacific's   dearest
emv,  Mr. ,lames ,1.   Hill. "
ing   into   the
branch   you
I be rii best   min-
iinglon and at the
war into thu field
left   last   nighl
Mr. J.    Hanncrman
for Kossland.
There was a clean
Ihe Police Court,
lieet yesterday al
[Swart and Carrie have   taken oflicc
in ilio Aberdeen Blook,
Mr. J. E
Aiiiinhlu, real   estate   and
agent, visited Ymir yester-
The Eev. II. Irwin came in from
liiissland last night, and registered at
tho Phair.
Mr. W. Cookson loft last night for
Kamloops, where ho will spend the
Christmas Holidays.
The Nolson Lodge of the Sons of
England Benefit Society has decided
lo give a banquet on January 15.
Mr. Hugh Sutherland returned yesterday from a visit to the Evening
Star mine at Slocan City.
Tho   Rink   Proprietors   Havo  Stated
How Much Money They Want.
Tbe curlers of tho city are now considering tho offer made tho club by
the proprietors of the new rink.
Tho rmk people want $10 from each
player and wish to have a guarantee that
fill of these $10 tickets will he taken.
In view of the fuel that the subsorip
tion to the Culling Club has been fixed
at $10 and thai it is hardly probable
that BO members will bo onrollod in
the first season of the club's life the
curlers are at a loss to -tee how thoy
can except the terms of the rink. E.eu
if nil members were secured Ihe rink
tickets would eat up nil the revenue
of tho club anil there would be nothing
left for the necessary expenses attend-
nut upon organization. To raise tho
membership fee would in the opinion
of (he olllcers of tho club bo a wrong
step, as anything over $10 would be
considered too high as the members
will have to go to tho heavy oxpouso
of purchasing stones.
So as matters now stand something
will havo to givo ou ouo side or tho
othor. Just what will happen will
have to be settled by the rink people
and tho curlers. With the club organized it is to be hoped that nothing will
interfere with tho members enjoying
a good season's sport.
No meeting of the club was held as
intended on Tuesday but one will bo
called shortly to discuss tho matter.
M. W
at   thu
W. Beer has leased for the
the house recently erected
corner   of   Lake   and    Cedar
Tho Nelson Club a Strong Aggregaiton
This Season.
Tho young men of Nelson wh o aro
going to uphold the honor of tho city
in this winter's   hockey   matches   are
Mr. W. II. Bullock-Webster, Chief
of tlie Provincial Police of this district, left for Brooklyn on yesterday
evening's train.
H. D. Heck, caretaker of tho cemetery, came into town yOBterdny with
his" toes frozen. They will probably
havo to lie amputated.
Mr. George Tunstull, agent for Hie
IlamiUou Powder Company, leaves
Ibis morning on a business trip
through the Boundary,
Provincial Constable Don Hrisav yes
torduy brought iii ii prisoner from
Brooklyn named o'Donueil, sentenced
to three months imprisonment in the
Provincial jail for being drunk and
A gentleman who has just returned
from tho Boundary country reports
that business is nol quite so rushing as
it has beeu. The wholesale mon of
Greenwood City are, however, doing
a big trade witii tho mines.
Tlie members of Ihe Nelson Masonic
Lodge will attend divine servicu at St.
Saviour's church on Friday tho Kith
instant at H p. in., when tho Rev. G.
F. Yates will preach. Members aud
visiting brethcru arc requested lo meet
at the Masonic Hall at 1 ::10 p. in.
The McLean Bros., who have completed their contract on tho Kobson-
Petitietou extension, brought their outfit into town last night and will proceed today to the Nelson-Hedlinglnn
railway on tho construction of which
they have secured a contract.
| D. McArthur ami Co., who have the
fur it next week, aud yesterday the
husband received au account for tho
article that was to surprise him on
('liristmas morn.
The regular meeting of the Nelson
Lodge A. P. & A. M. was held yesterday evening in the lodge room, and
the following officers wero elected for
the ensuing year: Dr. E. C. Arthur,
W. M ; A. E. Hodgins, S. W. ; E.
A. Crease, J. W. ; W. B. Pollard,
Treasurer; G, L. Lennox, Secretary;
Chas. Maltby, Tyler.
At Hotel Phair Ibis morning steam
will be turned into fill radiators, and
the stoves which have done service for
so long will be laid aside. Tho work
of equipping tho hotel with the steam
plant Iris been done in a remarkably
short space of time, the material only
arriving in Nelson on (he 8th inst.
Tlie hotel is now thoroughly malum
ill overy respect.
"Yes" bo said as ho reflectively
stroked his chin while standing at the
corner of Baker and Vernon Streets
yesterday, "I think I have struck
something new in tho way of a Christmas present. I am going to present
my wife with a wholu bunch of mining stock. I am iu on a very good
thing and someday it will bo worth
quite a bit to her. I think myself,
that it is quite a scheme."
The opening of St. Saviour's Church
takes place today. There will bo two
services in the new church at .1 a.
iu. and 8. p. in. This morning there
will bo a choral celebration of the
Holy Communion, the sermon being
preached   by   Archdeacon   Pentreath
j lutefuatona! Navigation �� Trading tens.
Summer Card
Mr. Prank Oliver, of
sing "Arm, Arm, ye
evening the servico
aboral, and tho Rev.
Kossland, will preach,
villo Parry will sing
Bright aud Fair."
Kossland, will
Brave," This
will again he
H. Irwin, of
and Mrs. Mel-
'' A ngels   Ever
The Phair���Leslie Hill, Vancouver;
D. C. Johnson. Everett; T. Sweeney
Siiiidon; Phil MoArdle Spokane;
Hugh Sutherland, Winnipeg ; W.J. Mackenzie, Vancouver; J. P. Stevens,
Brooklyn ; P. Larson, Helena ; S. Samuels Loudon ; James Ganlt, Winnipeg;
Hugh Henderson, aud G. H. Green,
Tho Hiime-W. H. Olin, W. P
Buohboltz, and K. K. Neill, Spokane;
V. C. Kuckliff, Slocan ; G Stiachan,
Winnipeg; H. L. Knowles, Toronto,;
(!. H. Hurch, Houlton ; W. J. Hourko,
Toronto, and   G. Aftee, Montreal.
The Queens���J. C. Shook, Slocan
City; J. ('. McLean, Brooklyn; G.
Sturgess, Brooklyn; G. N. Heaie, Ron-
sou; J. Jones, Kossland, and 0, A.
Kaokett,  Vancouver.
Constantinople, Dee. 14.���Accord
ing to reports received here, the outrages by Moslems on Christians in
Armenia, aro increasing. In addition, thero is great distress among the
Armenians, who in many places are
starving. Unless aid is brought to
i hem soon, the widows and orphans
who survived tho massacre, will be
wiped out.
of poor quality conies soon, lt hasn't
got the toughness to stand everyday
wear, and succumbs to the inevitable.
Just the same as throwing money lo
the clogs when you buy such stuff,
Perhaps Hie ordinary observer will
say that onr Hardware doesn't look a
bit bettor. Hot our word is worth
something, and we assure our customers that there is good value ill everything we offer.
Importers of
Paints, Oils, 8helf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
We Wish to remind the Public
that our stock of these goods is
very complete.    Our regulation
Men's Hockey Shoe at $3.50
is a. beauty.
Bring your skates to us and   we
will attach them   to  your   boots
while you wait
Effective June 20, H��
Subject to chango without notloe.
inst waiting     The now rmk, it is ox-1 contract for building a new spur to flu
" ho open by Chritsmas day |0, P. K. wharf, have already got   tin
ml. The cars will lie fl
this spur, ami thence /
utn   the   bonis.    This \ (t
pected, wi.
and until tho ice there is prepared no
systematic practices can be held. But
the sheet of ice on the lake is thronged
daily with skaters and among thorn
aro several of the coming champions
who are getting on   their   skating logs , -
again aud aro limbering up prepur.v | Tho reason u well known lady in
torv to the commencement of tho sea-' Nelson is angry at a merchant is boson's hard work.   Tho ice affords good cause    sho  purchased    u    handsome
piles on the gi'oun
switchrd   on to   t
unloaded direct iu
increased   accommodation will greatly
assist the handling of freight.
To gal her fruit, is when it is
ripe. If you wait too long il will
become decayed and worthless.
The Right Time to buy Christmas Presents is now. We have a
full line uf Fancy Perfume
Sprays, Cut Class Perfume Bottles, Shaving and Toilet Outfits,
I'erf limes in Fancy Boxes,  etc,
lo.   Orii Prices Ann Right,
all  and  see  our   stock
buying elsewhere,
Opposite Qi n's   Hotel,
Aberdeen Block
Make Your Fruit Selection First, then
Make both of these properly and you'll be pleased   with the
Below we give a list to choose from :
Raisins seeded, Seeded Raisins, Raisins without, the
seeds, Seeded Raisins, Raisins with the Seeds and Seeds
with the raisins.
Currants, all cleaned, ready to throw in the cake.
English Peels, mixed and chopped ready for use.
Spices, Icings and extracts. Plum Puddings, Fruit Cakes,
etc., etc.
We have all the latest specialties. If your cake is not
a success don't blame us.
Christmas Candies Arriving.
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Aberdeen Block. NELSON. B. U,
South b'nd.   s. s. International.   North fc'ndi
Read down Read up
Train Lvs I.OOp.m. Sandon 10.50 u.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   3.15   "      Kmlo     8 0(1   "        "     *j��
Hont Lvs, H.:��J u.m. ICiihIo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    J.30   " Ainsworth 7.30    "        "    "
"      "    5 00   "  I'ilot Buy 8.15    " "     ��
"    5 30   "    Balfour   (1.10    '��� "     ������
"     Ar   (i.10   " 5 Jlilu I't. 5.25
"       "     7,15   "    Nelson    4.15
Train "  10.05 p.m. N'thport 1.65
"     "   11.20   " Kosslui.il 12.1)5 a.m.
"    "   3.10   " Spokane  8.30   '���
Sandon-Kaslo  I rain daily.   Bout and
kiine train daily except Sunday.
'���   It
Train   "
s. *.   I Hurts.
Train bvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train A
"    Al-   3.15   "     Kuslo     8.00   " "It
Boat Lvs  5.00   "      Kaslo     1.00   "      Boat A
"     "    li.20  "Ainswortlill.40p.nl.     "      "
"     "    7.00   " Pilot Bay 11.00	
"   10.00   "  Kuskon'k 8.011	
"  12.00 m, Gout River 8 00	
"    1,00a.m.Boni.dary5,00   "       "      r
" Ar      8.1X1   "   B'rs Ferry 2.00   "        '      Lv
Train Lv 11.40 " B'rs Kerry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m.    "     Lt
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays und   Saturdays
ItetiirniiiK on Wednesdays and Sandays.
special Kootenay Lake Hervlee.
Commencing 20 June, 1898.
On  Monday,  Thursday  and   Friday   8
Alberla will feave Kasfo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Kelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday ana
Sal unlay for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo
calling at all way points.
(Ail times are subject tu change without nolle
Meals and berths not ii,eluded.
Passengers on S. S. International from Ne
son,  Spokane,  etc..  for points on   Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Bay, will connect at thai
point with IheS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points soulh of Pilot Buy, can, by arrangement
with purser, have stopover at Pilot Bay cr
AinswoMh, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
Tlie eoninany's steumers connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with all points in tho
United States and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenay River.
Tickets sold nnd  baggage checked  to
points by pars ire on Bteamers or at our otllco
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo. B.C
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Oatnps Bupplied on shortest notico nnd Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome moats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson nnd Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Keserve, 81,175,000.
Ilaaa Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Antlgonlsh, N. S.
Iliilhursl, N. B.
Iti'idgewa'er, N. 8.
Charlollelown. P. H
Dorchostor, N. B.
Krcderloton, N. B,
Ouysboro, N. s.
Ilraiul Forks, B.C.
Halifax, N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. 3.
Lunenburg, N. s.
Mail land. N. tl.
Moneton. N, B.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, West End
Montreal, Wostratnnt
Nniiaimo, B. C'.
Nelson, B. t'.
Newcastle, X. B.
i'irlou, N. S.
Porl Hawksbnry, M- S.
Rossland, B. <J.
SaekYillo, N. B.
Shubenaoadlo, N. s.
Siunmerslde, p. E. I.
.Sydney N. B,
St. John, Nfld.
Truro, N. S.
Vancouver. B. ('.
Vanoouvor, East End
Victoria, B. I'.
Weymouth, N. S.
Woodstook, N. B.
Ymir, B. O,
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts receiyed on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hunk accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Savings Bank devarttnont has been oatabliahod tn connection with tho Nelson branch of
this bank. l)enositH of one dollar und upwards received, and current rate of interest allowed,
at present 3 per cent, per annum.
Tourist (Jars pass Hevelstoko dailj
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto;
Thiu'.-dnvs for .Montreal and Boston;
Fridays for St. Join , N. li.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another Carload of
u wm j J J f Uj
now in, consisting' ol
KOOM  SETS,  at all Prices     CHAIRS,
A Large Mock.
Prices away Down and You Know Where
To Come.
Applewhnite Block, Baker St., cornel" of Kootenay St.
To Kossland  and Main   Line po.tifA
li. IOp.m.-Lfavos~NICLHON-ArrivoH-10.:iJ p m
Kootenay Lake���Kaalo itouie.
Except 8uuday. KxcoptSund.v
4   p.ui.-Li-nviw-NKLSON'-Arrivus-ll   a.m
koulYiiny lEIvrr lEoutc.
Btb. Nelson.
Mon.. Wed., Fri. Mon,, Wed., Fi .
7 a.m.���Louver-���NKLSON*���AiTivcn--8.30   p m.
Makes connection at Pilot Hay with Str. Kc -
konoo in imili directions.
Steamers on their respective routes cal   al
principal Landings in both directions ant   I
othor points when signalled.
Train*   to and  from   Macau  i'ity. Ha   d
mitl  Blocan   Luke   PotutM.
(Sundayn  Kxcepted)
0 a. m.���Leaves���NKIjSON���Arrives���2.30 p.m.
Asokhtain Hates
and full Information    by   nddronHlng neare, fc
local agent. City  Ticket Agent, Nelson, or
Tray. Pass, Agent,      Di��t. Pass. A��or.t.
Nelson Vancouvor
Sl'llYEYOU'S   CHAIN    MM    t
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
onuortiinities for both   hoekeyists  and  Christinas   present
gkuters and each   afternoon muny peo-  aud tuld tho merchant she.
her   hnsl
Sewing By The Day.-
Hotel Hume
sd   Cheap for Cash���A valuable lot on   Victoria   Street  adjoining    ZS
^ business portion of the city. "*3
�� The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ^
B and Savings Co.
��� I l�� Mi, n,i,i Modern In Equipment.
Il Is Ihe lln vlesl Hull. .I Line.
Il has n lliiikllallnsl Koailbed.
It Crosses .Mo Saml liesserls.
II Is Ihr .Siily Line  Bunnlng   Luxurious
Mill,   llooill   I'lirt.
ii I* Roted ror ihr Courtesy or its Employes.
II In Ihr Only Line Nerving Meal* on
ii ia 1'nrle   I'lnn.
Attractive Tours during Senson of
SBVignHon on Great Imkea via Dululh in
''"""ii with Magnlfleent Passenger
^  Bteamers Northwest and Northland.
����=   advance money on Improved Real Kstafe.     Repayable in 5 and    "^
tr 8 years by monthly instalments, E5t
For majn, tlokels aad oomplete lafoimatton
oall nn or nildriKs Agonts, K. & S. Hy.  C & K
B. Nav, Co., N fc F, 8. Rjr��� or
II. A. JACKSON (ieneral Ageul
Spohane, Wa
l\ 1. WHITNFV, U. P. m T. A.,
<a/1S%/*VfV%,%, %V��***V^
New Zealand mining company, thrums
that hy reason of its great oapaoity if
six cents worth of f.-ol(i can be got out
of every tun of material tbat it handles
great will he ihe resultant profits.
Great  West   Life
Assurance Co.
Mining Stock Quotations.
[Compiled by It- O. MoOulloch, raining lirok
���j of Nelson, B. 0., I'. (��. box lii.i.|
I'm- Price
Name of Company          Value.  UU.
Nelson, .sioc-an mitl Alasworl-h
American Hoy ion
Athabasca 11*1 '<>
Arlington Con l��i> -
Dundee u*> S3
Dardanelles 1 ou ��'
Ilcllle I"" -
Klsic IHO -
Rxoheauer 1 "0 7*
Furn 0. M. Co   SB 50
Gibson ISO -
Hull .Mines  tl 130
Idler 100 6
London Hill  '-'���'> 18
Nelson-Poorman   '-������ -is
Easlo Montezuma  I oil ���
Noble Firo 1 OU ]*>'
Iliinbler Con  1 00 10
Keco loo 1 o-'i
Hlociin Star    50 '.'->
Two Friends   30 5
Wonderful  100 -
Washington - ��� ���. 1 00
Trail Creek
Butte 100 -
Caledonia Con   100 3
Commander 100 10
DeerPark loo 183
Enterprise loo ���
Knrokii Consolidated llio 7
Evening Slur loo 'i
Georgia 100 11
Good Hope 100 1
Grand Prise  100 2
Giant 100 i
High Ore 100
Iron Mask 100 SI
Iron Colt 100 II
Jumbo 100 40
LilyMay S00 U
Mayflower 100 ���>
Monita 100 7
Monte Cristo 100 13
Mugwump 1 00 2
Novelty 100 3
Phoenix 100 ���
Poorman ��������� ..100 11
Red Mouniain View 100 ���
Rossland  Homestake. 100 3
Kossland Red Mountain 1 00 15
Sllverine ICO 3
HilverBell HO 3
St. Elmo 100 ��
Virginia 100 10
Vietory-Trlumph 1 00 8
War Koglc Con 100 3 IK)
West Le Hoi Josio 100 27
White Bear too I
Alpha Bell 100 5
Cariboo ICampMoKl 100 1 i2
Waterloo iCamp MoK)  100 6
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00 00
Channe      25 5
Golden Cncho Kill I
Ore. M. & M. Co 100 -
Old Ironsides  1 IH> 1 2.1
Smuggler loo 174
Tin  Horn    25 K
Van Andn 1 00 3j
Winchester    25 10
Fire Mountain 1 ou ���
yesterday I told of my "olean-np"
experience. This is bnt ono of several I have had siuco coming to British Columbia. A few days ngo I
heard sonic mining men spanking of
"rawhiding" something. I wus not
quite sure that some, one about Ihe.
town had not been beaten to death. I
hud rend some time ago of some trouble in Ihe schools where a boy had
complained of being severely whipped,
���>���">! and I thought perhaps another boy
'yv ! had gone wrong and had been justly
��� attended to by the school master,
711 Somehow or other, "rawhiding"
'J]'] ��� look inn buck to my boyhood duys,
14s j when 1 was supposed to go to school
10 five days of tho week���six, including
?|i|! Bunday school���and only put in an
0 ;
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
1 20
1 25
3 05
1 25
iii tho camps near Greenwood Oity,
a great deal of solid development work
is being done Mr. D. C. Corbin is
having machinery hauled in to his
property, King Solomon, in Copper
Camp. The King Solomon, is just bo-
low the Big Copper aud is about seven
miles west of Greenwood City. The
mother lode in Deadwood Camp,
which is situated between Copper
Gamp and Greenwood City, is showing
up extraordinarly well. A tunnel nt
the depth of about ill) feel proved the
existence of au oro body U<7 feet wide.
A doublo compartment shaft is being
sunk ou tho lodo. and is now down
about lai) foot. Tho values in tho oro
havo iuoroasd with depth, aud now
average %2�� to the ton. lt is intended
to sink the shaft down to tho 500 foot
level, a depth which is expeoted to be
Obtained early next summer. The
mine, which is lighted hy olectrioity,
is provided with a 10-drill compressor
plant. All the machinery is of tho
newest typo.
* *   *
Tho Dominion Mining and Development Company has sent a force of men
to work ou the Groin well and Cham
pion group near Fit Lake, an extension
of their bond on the property having
been obtained. Tho Queen Bess,
near Three Forks operated by the same
company is shipping ore regularly nt
the rate of about U00 tons a month.
The ore has to be rawhiiled down to
Three Forks. The Dominion Mining
and Development Company is also
about to creel a huge power aud light
works at Cascade City, where there is
20,000 horse power available, Preliminary work has been going on for
some timo, but tbe oonstriiation of the
dam has now been begun. Mr. W.
Anderson, who superintended the erection of the works of the West Kootenay Light and Power Company is in
* *   *
It is  estimated   that  nil   the gold
mines of Ihe world have this year increased their tiitnl production of the
precious motnl by ho per 0ent, compared With fhe entire production of
the world live years ago.  The Director
of the Mint estimates thai this year's
inciease of production in South Africa,
Australia and America, will exceed
that of IS',17 by WO,000,OUO.
* *   *
Colorado mining papers are beginning to advise owuors of mines and
prospects who want to Si II to deal directly with the purchaser, to ignore
the "middlemen," and advertise what
they have to sell, Ihe same as everybody olse docs. It would also aid in
such a caso to he able to show a clour
* *   *
Ore Shipments from Silverton'from
Deoember 8 to December 12 mo report
ed as follows : December II, Comstoflk
Mines, Limited. Ill tous l0 Taooma;
Dec. 10, Fishcrmuiilon, five and a half
tons to Nelson j Dec. iu, Vancouver
group, 20 tons to Aurora ;Deo. 12, Oom-
sfock Minos, 24 tons to Tacoma
Total for four days, h!H��� tons.
pearanoe about twice a week. "Raw-
hiding" wus all tho rago with my
schoolmaster then aud ho vvas tho
most enthusiastic "rawhidor" since
tho demise of the man who invented
the instrument of torture referred to.
My immediate paternal ancestor was
something of a "rawhidor" too, and
he and the school master kept mo
tattoed in tho choicest blend of dark
blue-black nnd yellowish green colors.
It is not strange, therefore, that the
conversation 1 had overheard filled me
with feelings of sniynatby towards
the unfortunate being to whom reference was made. Perhaps, too, there
was a story in it. in any event I
made bold to inquire of one of the
gentlemen I had overheard if there
had boon any trouble in town.
"I believe I heard you suy something
about someone being 'rawhided,' I beg
your pardon for intruding but would
you mind telling me something of the
particulars, names, etc."
Tho words wero hardly spoken before I knew I had again made a beautiful display of my ignorance. Ho
looked at mo with a look akin to pity
and then called me away from tho
group and explained, and now I know
what "rawhiding" is. The knowledge is costly but we must have it.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Fancy Dress Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
.io-i'thim: ST. m i,so.m
���I KI.KrilOMi Ml. 31.
Recent Events   Have   Sent   Roseberry
Stock Up.
The London Spectator, in contrasting Lord Rosebery and Sir William
Harcourt, probably gives a better understanding of iho hitter's resignation
as Liberal leader than the gentleman
himself docs in his feller to Mr. Mor-
lev, whore ho attributes if to dissensions in the party. Tho (Spectator I
says in part!
Sir William Harcourt has lost nearly
as muoh as bis rival���wo had almost
written adversary���has gained. He
has, so far ns we know, been just as
patriotic. He haB supported the Ministry quite as fully. He has been, in
words at all events, as completely ou
tbe popular side. But he wns very
slow in declaring himself, He wns
known to be at least doubtful us to Iho
reeonqucst of tho Soudan, aud his
speeches have lucked something of the
ring which, when war is to be dis-
cussed, and especially when war is
to bo accepted, Kngishmen oxpeol
from even the most moderate of leaders. Tho Liberals friendly to Sir William Harcourt said he laid done everything rightly, and bad in no degree
lost their   confidence,    but they   were
disappointed all the samo.   They hai
expeoted that the great, athlete of debate would have shown them better
sport. He bad failed, in fact, to touch
tho imagination of a people which,
once stirred, is among the most imaginative on earth. He was not foil to
have contributed to success in the
same degree as Lord Rosebery, and
to have waited much more attentively
to.soo in which way opinion would
go. We dare say be could not help it,
for ho had to study iii order to be certain. Thut curious defect in Sir William Harcourt's great powers, his in
ability to feel precisely as his countrymen feel, was once more iu his wav.
Sometimes, no doubt, he can arrive
at English feeling very accurately, as
he did when he taxed the millionaires,
the universal sense, which mastered
all opposition, being that "they could
spare it," aud when ho betrayed his
respectful contempt for Bishops; b.it
he has little intuition, as ho showed
when he went so strongly for local
option, and when he delayed declaring
that England, having fought for the
Nil.- nnd won it. had no intention of
giving il up to anybody. If Sir William Harcourt bad been Premier when
Oiudurinnn was won be would, we
donbt not, have given sir Herbert
Kitchener his Peerage; hui the notion
of apologizing for an accidental delay
in telling him so. as the Queen, with
a fine lutntition, did, would never
have occurred to his mind. We
should doubt even If he quito understands why tbnt little incident touched
anil gratified millions of bis country,
men. He bus. in fact, during the
crisis lost gri und,
Manufacturers of
Al.L carbonated waters.
Iliili'yon Ilnl NprlHes  Water .In-Hied mill
Mipplli-il Iii I In- Traill'.
Cigar   l*H'g.   Co.
are our Brands.    Smoke   them   and
you will like then]
p. o. iso\ r.'ii
NELSON, n. t.
I Short Order Meals
X At Any Time���Day
t or Night.
I he  i-est Cook.
The Best Attention.
1 he Best Meals
I Y. HOSHI - Proprietor, a
$++������������������ ������������������ ttt ����/�����������>������
MOM V  ro 1.4) IX AT I) I'KB �� K\T
ami urn ut    -
ritivvii: am> looiMW itins.
a   in
Home, Doc,    14,���, here   have
numerous npplioatious   for sb:i
5he Hunk of St,    Peter,  newly founded
hero under Oatholio auspices in  opposition to the Liberal P.aubs,    Branches
In iho Henrietta shafl
giuin, at a di-pth of :!,77:
ors supply  IS,000   cubic
minute.   Temperature
bottom is uu  degrees  ]���'
degress   Fiihr,   at tho  t
in Pleun, Bel-
liet, ventila-
fi ct of air per
it the shaft
ihr. when ;J~
haft   surface.
When   first   out, in sinking, the
temperature is iifi degrees Pahr.
of the bank
e lablisheil it
South Aiiievi
Peter  h
id  in
i.; I'.vu
Valuable Baler Street and  other ox
uellent property fur sale.
iMlli-i' Tiirncr-IEoechli Klerk. Nelson. R. <'���
CD. J. Christie!
A   3 Roomed and a 4 Roomed
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance   mo
suit borrower
ney  at terms  to X
X C.D.J. Christie,   Agent ��
The following aro the prices of groceries, provisions,etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
Tho Minor to have theso prices corrected every week hy trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may he informed as to tho cost
of living iu the city :
Oailvie'a Hungarian via- .V) lb sack.. 150
I.uke of the Woods         "             ��� - lJO
Snow Flako por 60 lb saok  135
Wheal por ton  82 00184000
Bran por ton  ���'��� 00@23 00
('round fowl Tier 'on  21! O0��38 mi
Corn (oraokod)  "       27 0n��30 00
Onls "         28 00i.��0 ibi
Oatmeal por 10 lbs      sOffl    80
Kollcd oats (B & Kl 811, sacK  10
Hay (baled) por Ion  23 00<t(24 00
Potatoes por 100 lbs  1 25
Beets per lb  21
Cabbage per lb ' 2s
Onions pet-lb  03
Salmon Smoked) per tb  12'@    15
OysterH (Olympianl per qt  80
Oysters (Eastern) per tin  50
Cod perlb  l'.'i
Halibut per ft, ,  12}i*    15
Smelts por tb  1213    15
Bai'iii rriiduec.
RgRsper doz  25     .15
Butter (Creamery)  25ifi   so
Batter lUalry)   20V    25
Cheese fCanadlau)   18(8   17}
Chee-e Swisai  20��    30
Ham (Amerioan) per tl  15
Ham (Canadian) p. r It  15
Bacon I American; per lb  15
Baooa (Canadian) por lb  Wffl    b��
Bacon (rolled) per lb  10��   121
Bacon (long clear) per lb  121
Shoulders per lb  125
Lard perlb  121
Boot per lb  8��    15
Mutton per lb  10��S    IS
Veal per lb  15��    18
Pcrlc.per lb  12'����    15
Spring Chickens each   60�� "''
Turkeys por lb  20�� 25
(ioese per 111  1U�� 18
Hacks per lb  >8���� 20
I lull.
Lemons (California) por do/.  3', 4n
Oranges (California seedllags)   ��� n 50
Apples ��� 05
Pears (small'green)      oo      os
CBuncuoF K.Mil.AMi -Mntln 11 a.1
Bong. 7.10 p.m. overy Sunday. Holy '
ion on 1st anil 3rd Sundays in llio month ilfto
Mdlitia; on 2nd and III, Sundays, at 8 a.u
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Kev II. s. Ak,
burst. Rector.   Cor Word ami Billon, streets.
I'ltKsiHTi-uoAN Ciii'itiii -Servlcusnt 11 a.m
and 7.31) p.m. Sunday School at 2.3;) p.m
Prayer mooting Thursday evoning ut 8 p.m.
Christian HndOUVOr Society moots every   Mull
day ovenlng  at 8  o'clock.    Rev, It." Frew
Methodist Clll-ltcu Corner Silica iinri
Josephine Streets. Services nt 11 n.m. nnd 7,80
p. m.; Sabbath Sohoo), 2,80 p.m.: Prayer meet,
ingon Kriduy ovenlng at s o'clock; Kpworth
League O, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m.      Rev. John
I Robson, busier.
Catholic ciiiiicii- Mass ut Nelson, first
und third Sunday al Band 10.00 a.m.; Benediction nt7.80 lo  S p.m.   Rov.   Father  l-'erhnul
I Priest.
Baptist Ciiuroh ��� Services morning'and
1 ovonlngatll a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Pravor meet.
Ing iVednosdoy evening at 8 p.m.; the 11. v.
1*. u. Monday ovenlng at 8 o'clock.  Strangers
j cordially welcomed.   Rev. C W. Rose, Pastor.
... i    Salvation Aii.mv���Ssrvlo s  every evoning
A Dunedin   firm, building at a cost   at 8 o'clock in  barraaokson Victoria su-eot.
of ��8000 a gold   dredgor  for an Utago, I Adjutant Mlllnor In charge.
Has opened new offices in Broken Hili Bloek'
corner Word and linker str.cis, and has resumed praotice in NVKon.
Office bouts 10 lo 12 a. in ; 2 to 4 and 7 lo 8
p. m.   I'. O. box 211
Alexander Dick, of Hi s;
Bossland syndicate, ih nj
purchased on a bond Die
iu Skylark camp. Tin
$15,000, five por cent of
paid in cash. The Ruby
by Messrs, McMnyne and Cook of Midway.
land, for a
irteil to have
Etuby claim
bond is for
which was j
was   owned
has taken over the practice ef
Dr.    H.   \i.   Hall and   is  prepared to do all kinds ol Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
���Iriikra lllll iiioi'h linker at.
of our Clotliing is generally riuffieient to
luiike u life long customer.
Wo don't oiler our goods below cofct,
because wo have no desire to lose
money. We sell ��L prices which are
BUfQolent to pay for good material and
good workmanship) The size and variety of our stock enables us to please a ,
customer both as to style and fit. In
deed we are particular on theso pointH.
We rather lose a sale than permit un-
siiiisfaetory garments to leave the
These values cannot bo surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
We   Have Just  What  You   Want
For A Christmas Present For
Your Friend.
(     Dinner Sets,   85,   97,   100  and   115   Pieces.
I      China Tea Sets, 40 and 44 Pieces,	
Beautiful Assortment of Decorated Water Sets
Large Assortment* of China Cups, Saucers and
Plates, Flower Tubes, Rose Balls and Fancy
Glass Baskets. Who ever will, come and inspect our stock before  buying elsewhere.
China Hall Over Grocery Store
Groceries ai)d Crockery
The Appreciation ok a
Depends Upon its Usefulness.
We have Travelling Dressing Cases and
Manicure Sets that are both useful and
W. F. TEETZFL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, F. M.,
Mining Engineer
6:20 a.ni.-Traiii leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:00 a.m.���S. S. Nolson loaves for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
8:00 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
0:0(1 a.m.���Train leaves C. P. B. station for .Slocan ("ity, daily
except Sunday.
UiOO a.m.���K. S. Kokanee arrives from
Knslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:2" p.m.���Train arrives V. P. 11. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, exoept
4:011 p.m.���S. S. Kol.'iuec leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
���1:110 p.m. ���S. S. International leaves
for KilB o and way points,
dailv except .Sunday.
6i8511.111.���Train arrives N. it F S.
slat ion, from Spokane.
Ross.liiiiU nnd way points,
0i30 p.m.���S. S. Nelsou, arrives from
KusUonoo , and mM way
points, Monday, W dries-
day and Friday.
(1:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. II station for Robson, Rowland,
and all Main   Line  points,
0:00 p.m ���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kaslo and way points, ou
Monday, Thursday and
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. V. II. station, from all Main Line
points, Kossland and Kobson, daily
Steam tugs Knslo, Angerona, Red
Slur, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to nnd from Nelson, but bave no regular times of arrival and departure.
Transports lion Companies nro reqaeslod to
givo notico lo tho Minor of any alterations in
tliotinieof irrlval anddcoiu-Luro from Nolson,
CU'lTAi, PAID If   -   $9,000,000. BEST,   -   $1,800,000.
II.  S.  HOW LAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. Catharines,
I). K. WTXKIFj, General .Manager.    E. HAY, Inspector.
ItrilllChCS   In   Oulnrlo:
NlAQAIU  K.ll.l.s ITOBONTO, III  Wol'gton   SI.   K. J St. ClTlUUI.VK
��� v������.vo n   ^HJJJJA.
Pbbqub Pout Communis
(Jai/i* Hat Portaok
[nourbolIi I s.\n:r stk. Marie     I      do       Cor. Vonge 8c Bloor I Woodstock
BrmiclttHIn (Iiii*bov, Mmillobiii Norlliwenl TerrUorteH ami itiMi-h oiinmiiin.
\VlVNll'i:o. Man, I    Pohtaod XiA Piumitfi, Mao.       I Bramdon-, Man.
('Ai-uAitY, Albin. PhtNOE Albert, Saah. I KdmontoNj      Albta.
Montreal, (ji'i:. |   Vancouver, m. 0. I South Kumonton, "
Nelson, B. ��'. EIkvblsi'orb, B, c.
Savings Bank Dopartmont���Djposlts nrsi and upwarda rooolvod nnd Interest allowed.
Agonfeln Orenl Britain -Llovtlx Hunk, Ltd., 72 Lombard utrooU London, wilh whomuionoy
inuy !����� <li poHltorl fur inuisiVi- hy letter or cable tn any nf Lho above brnnohoB.
Lctirr- of Credit lusuod on Aln-Uu Comniorolal Co, payable al si. Mlohaol'fl, Alawka, and
lirnfi- Hold, available al nil points in Canada. Unttod States and Eurpne.
Money Ontorn Issnnd payubio nt any Bank in Canada.   Rates   L'mior sin, Sot $10 Lo $20, lOa:
fin !()��:��>, Vic; ISOtoffiti, ii.-.
J. M. LAY, Manager.
and  (iOl.I) MOUNTINQS.
These make a very appropriate Christmas
Gilt and prices are quite within the reaeh
ol all. Aside from this. You require a
cane as the DANGKRS of walking at present
are such as to DEMAND a good cane for
.'. .'. .'. your  own  SAFETY.
To supply material and build two
barges 28x90 feet, Plans may be seen
on Ihe Hercules. Tenders open until
20th December. Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Until further no! ire no pansnnKorH  will  bo
carried over the line of (he Crow's Nest Pass
railway between KiiKkonook and Cranbrook.
Call Early and Secure One.   You Can Have It
Engraved Free.
Ai �� meeting of the direotori of �����


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