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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 14, 1898

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Dailj Edition No. 187.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday, December 14, 1898.
Ninth Year.
Terrible and Peculiar Accident in New York.
Eight   Million Gallons of Water   Rush
Through Crowded Streets���Many
.   .    Dead and Dying.
New York, Deo. 13.���The great
steel gas tank of tbe Consolidated Gas
Company at Avenue "A" aud 20th
Street, the largest of its kind in the
world, collapsed at 6:S0 this evening.
It want down with a crash and a ronr
like a great explosion. Masonry,
granite blocks and bricks to the
height of 50 feet fell like a child's toy
house of blocks and eight millions of
gallons of water loosened from bondage
deluged the streets, and in it ten foot
tidal wave carried death uud destruction through the surrounding
neighborhood. It is not kuowu bow-
many were killed and injured but the
list will be a long one. Already tbe
bodies of Andrew Weudt. a working
man Pius Brum and an engineer in
au adjacent factory, huve been recovered. About twenty-five were injured
more or less severely or almost
drowned. All of the most severely
injured were taken to Bollevne hospital by n number of ambulances that
oome to the scene of the disaster in
answer to a general call. James O'Connor, foreman in Fuldner's factory ad
joining, aud believed to have been in
the basement with I Engineer Brum
who was killed, is missing. Many
peoplo were caught in the streets by
the rushing waters aud were burled
hither and thither reeeiviug injuries
of various kinds.
W. J. Logan, of the Logan Iron
Works of Greens Point, Long Island,
the contractor who was building tho
tank, arrivod^ou the scene within a
few minutos after the collapse and was
at once placed under arrest Win. H.
Bradley, tho chief engineer of the
Consolidated Gas Company, said to be
jointly responsible for the work with
Contractor Logan, was also placed miliar arrest. To make tbe scene more
terrible, the  rushing  waters tore  up
f;as mains and destroyed electric
ights, causing almost complete darkness. This latter was partially remedied, but the gas snpply below Grand
Street was almost totally shut off for
the night.
The plant of the Consolidated Gas
Company occupies several blocks in
the neighborhood of Avenue "A."
Beginning at 20th Street, is the live
story brick factory of Henry Fonld-
ner, manufacturer of extension tables.
The other half of the block is ooeupl ied
by five-story tenement*, the property
of the Gas Company and largely tenanted by its employes. Immediately
back of the factory and tenements was
the great steol tank, 178 feot iu diameter nnd 160 feet high. Rising out of
the ground aud to the height of fifty
feet wos built a groat circular wall of
granite aud bricks many feet in thickness. This was filled with 8,000,000
gallons of water. The tank was supported by eight steel uprights, 212 feet
high. Tho water in the pit fitting
against the tank made it "gus tight. "
A gang of men wero at work under a
foreman filling the pit with water
to mnke tho first water test. The
great tank with a giiB capacity of II, -
(ilii). 001'. cubic feet and onstiug $800,000
seemed to withstand the test well.
The representatives of the company and
the foreman iu churge were congratulating themselves upon the success of
the work. The luborers were even beginning to gather up their tools to
knock off. There were many people
on the streets aud crowded street cars
were coming and going. Fifty men or
more in the factory ndjoining were
finishing up their tasks. Then suddenly und without a moment's warning came an awful crash. The men
below had scarcely time to fly from
beneath tho falling walls ere they
were picked up by the maBS of rolling
waters and hurled hundreds of feet
away. Into tho basements, the first and
second floors of factories and tenements
rushed the angry floods, and with
them went death and destruction.
Workmen were, shot out of the factory windows and carried a block or
more as if mere straws on the crest of
the flood. Women were washed out
of the flats from the first floors and
almost drowned. Mary O'Connell
aud her four-year-old sister, Catherine,
were seated at the front window on
the second floor of No. 835 Avenue
"A." Before they could turn to flee
a rush of water struck them carrying
them both through the door and half
a block down the street. Both were
terriblv injured, the little one perhaps-
fatllly." Henry Fulduer was taken
up bodily und carried almost to 21st
Street. His son was also carried out
by the waters but was caught in the
debris and but for the timely arrival
of some wOrkmeu with axes ho would
/ have been drowned. Andrew Wendt,
one of the killed, was near the base cf
the tank when it collapsed.   He  was
oaught by the rushing waters and
borne un almost incredible distance.
His mangled and almost naked body,
was found against an elevated railroad
1 illar at 21st streot and First Avenue,
more than a block away.
Printers and   Machinists   Have a Dispute���American Federation of Labor.
Kansas City, Mo.. Doc. 1!).���At todays' session of the convention of
American Federation of Labor, James
O'Connell, of Chicago, Grand Master of Machinists Union, offered n res-
loution giving tho machinists jurisdiction over all men employed mechanically in the cure of linotype machines
Thero hud beou a controversy between
priuters and machinists us to which
union should control this particular
branch of labor. Tho resolution was
referred to a committee. A hot fight
is expeoted when it shall be reported
back from the committee. James Dun
can, a representative of tho International Granite Cutters Union, made a
report of his attendance as a delegate
to the British Trades Congress of Great
Britain last August. Mr. Duiunn declared that the English Trades Union
had mado splendid progress in procuring legislation looking to reforms
in different linos.
Tells Her Story to the Chief of Polioe���
Desires Work Until Hei Searoh
be faded.
The othor day a very prepossessing
young woman came to town accompanied by her little daughter, throe or
four years of age. She found out the
Chief of Police and to him unfolded a
pitiful tale.
It appears that last July sho WAS liv-
iug near Spokane with her husband,
aud nil went well till one day her husband announced his intention of going
over to British Columbia, where he
thought he bad a chance of getting a
position. Days went by, tho days
lengthened into weeks till at last tbe
unfortunate woman wns forced to the
conclusion that she and her babe hud
beon deserted. After a season of much
perplexity aud indecision, for the suke
of her child, a prottly little thing just
able to walk und prattle, the sorrowful mother at length made up her mind
to try and seek out tho heartless
father, and make hiiu do justice to Ihe
Rossland was tiro town in this Province she had heard most of, and to
Kossland, accordingly, she first bent
her steps. Whilo there sho was able
to find a little work, spending her
spare time in making enquiries us to
the whereabouts of her husband. At
the end of three weeks, she obtained
information which led her to believe that her husband was working
as purser on one of the boats running
out of Nelson. So sho packed up her
small belongings and came to Nelson,
only to find that sho hud beeu misinformed.
The girl, for she is little more, is a
Swede by birth, but ber husband is an
Alsatian, Louis Alexandre by name.
He is about medium height, thick set,
with dark complexion and a heavy
dark moustache. Mrs. Alexandre,
who is now staying at the Victoria
lodging house, is anxious to find employment so that she may be able to
support her child, and if possible get
together a little money so that she
may renew her searoh for the missing
husband  and father.
A Large  Congregation   Assembles  in
the Baptist Church.
At 7 o'olook yestedray evening Mr.
O. W. Rose wm ordained a minister of
tho Baptist church, a good congregation boing present. Before being admitted into tho mininstry Mr. Rose
wus called upon to answer questions
addressed to him by tho council and
members of tho church ou his doctrine, conversion and call to the ministry. Mr. Hose answered all the questions with fluency, earnestness aud
sometimes eloquence,
The quimiois and nuswois lasted a
con8.ooi.inln 11mo. and, when they
were ended the council retired to oon-
���ider their decision, tho congregation
singing the hymns the while.
When the couticil returned, the Rev.
Dr. Spenoer gave out the programme
of the ordination service of the accepted candidate, stilting that the ordination sermon would be preached by
the Rev. W. T. Stackhouse, tho ordination piayer offered ly himself,
while tbe huud of fellowship w.uld be
extended to the new minis.er by the
Rev. Mr. Best, cf Rossland, closing
witb a charge to the ohuioii to be de-
.ivered by the speaker.
The   council  which   was    presided
over by the   Rev.   Dr. Spencer of Ontario, tlie   superintendent   of  British
Columbia, cousisted if the Rev. W  T.
Stackhouse, the   Rev. Mr. Best, dele-
, gate* from the ndght oring   churches,
l and the representatives  of  tiie ohurch
here: Messrs. Stocks, Parkinson, Craig,
Lester and Wat unan.
I    The Rev. (J, W. Rose has been resid-
. iiig novv lor some time in   Nelson and
his ministrations   have   been  gieatly
appreciated   by the   members  of  the
| ohurch.
Fatal Accident on the New
York Central Road-
Stepped Aside to Avoid a Freight Train
and Were Run Down by an
ffalo, N. Y., Dec. 18.���Eight men
..r-'i killed and four injured at Wita
spar bridge near Corfu on the New
York Central Railway this morning.
They were>ll Poles, with the exception of John Warner, their foreman,
who is among the killed. The men
were engaged in shovelling snow, of
whioh there were numerous drifts on
the line. All were frightfully mutilated. The men stepped from one
track to avoid an approaching train
right in front of a fast express train
running in the same direction aud
were literally ground to pieces.
Engineer Smith, of tbo express, in
an interview says: "I could see nothing ahead of me, but I thought the
place looked bad and blew my whistle.
I bad let up on tbe whistle when I
heard my fireman give a yell. He did
uot call for brakes, but I slapped on
tbe air the minute I heard him. I
saw a man beside the track, though I
had not seen any one struck then. A
moment after I applied the brakes, I
saw a man shoot up into the air on
my side of the cab. He was as high
as' the smokestack when I saw him.
He came down on tho freight train
which was running along on, that side
and was carried a mile before he fell
off. My train stopped in about two
lengths and tho sight that I s:iw when
I got ont was the most horrible I
have ever witnessed. The dead and
mangled were lying on both sides of
the track ]ust as they had been
thrown. I did not see them until
after we had struok them. I did not
see them come on the track and nntil
my fireman yelled I did not know they
were there."
The Attorney-General Made
a Mistake.
On the Ohirge of Stealing $1150���Had Insufficient Salary���Theftg Cleverly
Believed   to Have  Been Lost   in   the
Gale Two Weeks Ago.
Philadelphia, Deo. 18.���Three'vessels
which hailed from this port before the
big gale of two week* ngo baye not
been beard from and are believed to
have been lost. They are the schooners Howard H. Hanscomb of Provi-
denco, tbe James B. Pace for Boston
and tbe Ida H. Mathias for Lynn. The
four masted schooner Mathis Bordia.
Capt. Ezea Norton, which sailed November 20th. from Portsmouth, N.
H., for Philadelphia is believed to
have foundered with oil hands. The
schooner City of Angusta from Boston
to this port is also missing. The
Borrta carried a crew of nine men,
tho Hanscomb nine men, tho Pace
eight men, Mathias seven men and
Augusta eight men, involving in all a
sacrifice of 41 lives.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 13���Mom-
bers of the corporation of Yale Uui
versity held a meeting today aud no-
copt-od the resignation of President
Dwight. Official iuformamtion was
refused to tho newspapers, but from a
member cf the corporation it was
learned thoat President Dwight had
refused to accede to the request made
by the corporation to defer his resignation nntil after the bi-centonniul celebration in 1001 and announced his
purposo of adhering to bis previously
announced determination to resign at
tho end < f the present academic year.
The resigtiat ion wbb also received of
Professor George Brush, director of
the Sheffield scientific school.
Marseilles, Deo. 18��� \t a meeting of
French Imperialists here yesterday
a letter was read from Prince Victor
Napoleon, in which bo remiuded his
hearers that the day was the 50th anniversary of the accession of Louis
Napoleon to the throne of France. He
said a similar BonapartiBt triumph
alone would now put an end to anarchy and restore order to France.
Numerous speakers at tbe meeting
denounced the present form of government for its laxity and clamored for
another Napoleon.
Victoria, Deo. 18.���Coroner Oromp-
tou having been notified by the polioe
of the finding of an old man dead in a
ditch on Oswego Street, Sunday,
found that though an Inquest appeared to be advisable, the circumstances
were not such as to justify him in
making the declaration recently ordered by Attorney General Martin as a
necessary preliminary. A cord i ugly.
be proceeded to hold the inquest by
Virtue of the superior authority of the
ooroner, and he has notified the Attorney General's Department that the recent instrucitons are in conflict with
the act and it is understood that the
Department has replied admitting this
fatal defect.
Mr. Justice Martin today dismissed
the priliminary objections on the part
of Mr. Prentice, to the petition filed
against his return as member for East
Lillooet. The case will therefore
proceed to trial.
Kenneth A. Finlayeon, olerk in tbe
Dominion Government Savings Bank,
was this morning arrested on a
dinger of stealing $1,150. The
young man came up for preliminary
hearing in the city police court a few
bours later, the oaae being adjourned
until tomorrow. The information is
sworn to by Joseph Hugh McLaughlin, the manager of the saving's bank,
and the action is taken as tbe result of
the visit from Ottawa of the Inspector,
Mr. Fraser. Finlayson has been in
the employ of the Department for several years, is of good family and popular about town. He was the principal
support of his mother and several
brothers. His salary was only $44 a
month though he had repeatedly asked
for an advance. Inspector Fraser arrived in the city on Sunday night and
at once set to work to ferret out tbe
cause of the leakages in the savings
bank. With such expedition was his
work conducted that before 11 o'olock
on Monday morning he had collected
sufficient evidence to satisfy him who
was responsible for the discrepancies
alluded to. He found that in the confusion attending the transfer of the
savings bank from the old building to
tbe new, unusual faoility had been
afforded for tampering with the deposits. Tha presence of both McLaughlin and Mr. McConnan, was often required down stairs, and the accused
was loft alone iu tho bank. It was on
one of these occasions iu the month of
Murch this year that tho first amount
is said to have been taken. From time
to time amounts, varying from $40 to
$100, are said to have been misappropriated but so cliverly were men selected who would be unlikely to suspect there was anything wrong, that,
although 12 different deposits were
unacknowledged from Ottawa, nn complaint was received.
run into the proportions of a riot and
post many lives. With only a small
force of American soldiers in Havana
Province, and these removed at such
��� distance fiwj the city as to make
it difficult of access iu time to be of
service to the American element in
the o I', now swollen to large propor-
tona'by the odvtnt of many hundred
commercial men and others seeking
opportunities for employment, the
necessity fir some proteotiou was apparent.
Banquet Givon in Honor of the United
States Ambassador.
Paris, 13.���The United States Peace
Commissioners gave a banquet Monday evening at the Hotel Continental
to the United States ambassador. The
banquetting room was festooned with
flags. The ceremony company included, in addition to General and
Mrs. Porter and all the Peace Commissioners aud their wives, Miss
Grav ; John Bassett Moore, Secretary
of the American commission, and
Mrs. Moore; John K. Gowdy, United
States oonsul general, and Miss
Gowdy ; Henry Vignaux, first Secretary of" the legution ; E. T. Soott, second Secretary of legation ; Lieutenant
W. S. Sims, United States Naval attache ; General and Mrs. Bates and
General and Mrs. Whit-tier.- The company toasted President McKinley.
Ambassador Porter and tho United
States Peaoe Commissioners.
A Seattle Story iu   Regard to British
Columbia  Affairs.
A Seattle despatch says: The British Columbian government has made
a crown reserve of all townsites and
lands outside of raining fields in the
Lake Atliu district. This was recently announced privately by F. C.
Semliu, premier of British Columbia,
to Gold Commissioner W. J. Runt,
who has just arrived in Seattle from
A Dominion surveyor has beeu sent
north to survey all townsites already
laid out and find feasible locations for
now townsites. The reserve includes
a district five miles wide clear around
Lake Atlin. Atlin City, at tbo mouth
of Pine creek, which has a population of 800; Discovery, 10 miles further up, with 400 people: Surprise
Oity, at the west end of Surprise lake
where 200 are spending the winter.
and numerous other town locations
.am ive'uded in the reserve.
Chairman Mott, of tbe Racing Board,
Issues  a Bulletin.
Baltimore, Dec. 18.���Chairman
Mott, of the L. A. W. Racing Board,
today issued a bulletin showing all the
professional records accepted by the
lacing board up to the preeont time.
Tho competition standing start pro
fessiouul record for a third mile is
held by E. E. Schetski, who did the
distance in 4S seconds. Fred Sims
holds the half mile with Bfi 8-5 seconds,
0.;R. Coulter, the 2-8 mile with 1,81
1-5, while Jimmy Michael did the
mile in 1,49 and holds the rocords for
everything from that up to 12 mileB,
when Tom Linton takos it up au d
holds the banner from that up to 24
miles which ho did iu 40.58 4-5. The
25 mile record is held by D. D. Hikes
at 42.42; the 50 miles by Frauk Waller,
with 2.11.00 8-5 and the 10 miles by F.
A. Baranby who made   it   in   4.83.52.
Manchester, Dec. 18.���The Man-
Chester Courier says that February 25
is the date fixed for tho marriage of
Madame Patti to Baron Von Ceder-
strom, which will take place at, Neath,
Wales. Immediately nfter the ceremony, the pair, accompanied by a
small wedding party, will take a traiu
for Loudon. According to present arrangements, a wedding breakfast will
bo served iu a special salon car. Baron
Von Cederstrom is about to become
> a naturalized British subject
American   Warships Will  Anchor   in
Front of Havana.
Washington, Dec. 12.���Four U. 8.
war vessels, the Brooklyn, Texas, Cas-
tine and Resolute, have been ordered
to Havana. While there is not the
faintest desire to convey a threat in
the despatch of those war ships to
Havana, it may bo noted that when
they lie within tho harbor they will
hold the town in perfect Bubjectiou.
It is surmised that the suggestion
came from Admiral Sampson, who
is now in one of the suburbs of Havana
as a result of au uufortuuate eruption
: u idav night at the hotel Iugla
Terra." At any rate the event brought
the authorities to a sudden realization
ot the exact state of affairs in Havana
and the irumenent danger of another
' suoh outbreak  which   perhape  might
Can Not Pass the Franchise Ordinance
Over the Mayor's Veto
Chicago, Dec. 13.���Tho ordinance
extending the franchises of the Chicago street car companies for 5(1 years
oame up in the city council Monday
night and was referred to tho council
committee on railroads. On all votes
touching the ordinance the friends of
the measure were a strong minority,
and unless they can muster much
greater strength there is no probability
that they will ever be able to pass it
over the veto of Mayor Harrrisou.
Montreal, Dec. 13.���Three days ngo
Charles Hosmer, Manager of the Canadian Pacific Telegraph arrived homo
from Paris, where he had placod his
daughter at school. Yesterday a cablegram was received here staling that
Miss Hosmer was ill of typhoid fevor
and upon bearing this unwelcome
news Mr. and Mrs. Hosmer at ouco decided to return. They will sail ou
the Majestio from New York today.
Vancouver, Dec. 13.���Cracked by
recent frosts a piece of hillside about
three miles above tho narrows gave
way Sunday and 110 feet of earth descended on the big water pipe through
which the Capilano river supplies the
city. As a result the water pipe
hangs suspended iu the air for HO feet
aud another 100 feot of pipe is iu a
dangerous situation.
Paris, Dec. 13. ��� M. Antide Boyer.
the Radical-Socialist Deputy, and
M. Dcroulede, the Revisionist Deputy,
fought a harmless duel with pistols
today at Tour de Villebon, near
Meudon, as an outcome of yosterday's
debate during which Deroulede and
(iauthier, another Revisionist Deputy,
challenged by Boyor, referred to M.
Boyer as a "Whitewashed Panuniist. "
Kingston, Dec. 13���In accordance
with arrangements made ut the annual
meeting of the Kingston Reform Association some weeks ago,accompliineiit-
ary concert and presentation to E. J.
Peace took place last night in tho
Whig Hull.
Montreal, Que., Dec. 18.���Major
Walsh has made a statement to the
effect that he had advised the Government to sell at publio auction iu
Dawson oil claims and fractions of
claims which bo hud reserved while in
the Yukon.
Torouto, Dec. 13.���The temperature
took a sudden drop this morning and
registered five below at eight o'clock.
The bay is frozeii over to a depth of
two or three inches and several mon
walked over to tho island.
SirWm. Harcourt Tires of
the Liberal Leadership.
Could Not Lead the Party Either With
Credit to Himself or Advantage to
the Country,
London, Dec. 18.���The Rt. Hon.
Sir William Harcourt, member of Parliament for WeBt Monmouthshire, and
since the resignation of the late Mr.
Gladstone, tho official leader of tbe
Liberal party in the House of Commons, has addressed a letter to Mr.
John Morley, Liberal member for
Moutroseburgh, announoing his resignation of the 'leadership.
Ho says: "Tho Liberal party rent
by sectional disputes and personal
interests is one which no man oan
consent to lend with credit to himself or to tho advantage of the country. "
Mr. Morloy, iu nis reply, expresses
sympathy with Sir William Vernon
Harcourt, and suys he is not surprised
at the letter's decision.
What a Well   Managed  Company
Do in British Columbia.
The Nelson office of the London
& B. O. Goldfields Company has received a telegram anuouueiug that a
cash dividend of 20 per cent has been
declared, and that 20.000 shares of the
Yiii: M; h lire also <o be divided among the shareholders; and. when
it is remomlired that these are ��1
shares, quoted at a premium ou the
London Stock Exchange, it will be
seen that the dividend declared really
amounts to over 40 per cent. A cash
dividend of 10 per cent was also declared rather less than a year ago.
This is probably an unparalleled
showing for a British Columbia mining company. Capitalized for ��200,-
0(10, of which sum only half has been
called for, this company has, in barely
two yours of active operation, paid
dividends amounting to a little over 50
por oent of the capital expended, and
still retains a controlling interest in
such mines as the Ymir, Whitewater,
and the Slocan Boy, uot to mention
numerous valuable properties whioh
nro Rtill in tho more initial stages of
It is small wonder that, though
tho shares of the company are quoted
on the London market, it is practically impossible to buy them. People,
if there still are any, who do not believe that mining in British Columbia propei ly conducted, is immensely
profitable, should consult the balance
���beets of thu London aud B. O. Gold-
Twenty-five  Minors   Imprisoned  in a
Burning Mine.
Potea, I. T., Doc. 18.���Au explosion
in the liiilianola and Hathaway mine,
three miles from bore, at 9 o'clock last
night, caused the deuth of at least fivo
men. Twenty'five others are imprisoned iu the mine, which is ou fire,
and it is feared that few of them can
be resetied. The disaster was caused
by an explosion of dust following a
blast. One hundred men wero at
work in the mine at tho time.
The greatest excitement prevails in
the vicinity of the mine, and the
names   of   tho  dead  aud  imprisoned
iners can not be obtained.
St. Johns, N. F., Deo. 18. ���Tho
British admiralty is distributing circulars all around tho island of New
Fouiidlaiiil, inviting the fishermen to
enroll themselves in the naval reserve,
for which special inducements nro
offered. If called out in war tinio
they will be paid tho samo as the regular blue jackets. So desirous is tho
admiralty to secure tho colonial fishermen for this service that the drilling periods and tho warship cruises
aro to fall during tho autumn an winter months so ns not to iuterfere
with the regular fishing operations of
tho colony.
New York, Dee. f3���Bar silver,
69%; Mexican dollaia 40^. Copier,
firmer; brokers' $3.50; exchange, $3.05
to $3.67>f Tin, quiet. Straits, $18
to $16.10.    Plates,   quiet.
Antwerp, Doc. 13.���The Steamer
Leo oldvillo, which has just arrived
here from Africa with Congo advices,
reports that four Belgian traders
have been killed and eaten by the natives of Upper Ulmnghi. "A, punitive
force, it is also said, has been despatch) d to that district.
Oltawa. Dec. 18.���Contracts have
been awarded M. Connolly for St
John harbor improvements at a price
of $820,000. A proclamation will appear in the next issue of the Gazette,
declaring Monday, Dec. 20th a holi-
1 day, us Christmas cornea on Sunday. NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY,  DECEMBER 14, 1898.
Nelson Daily Miner
IVjlishod Dally except fc'iiritay.
D.J.  UK A PCS'. Man ginu   Director and
Edi.or In-Chief
ALL COMMUNICATION;   to the Killtor must
be icconipiuled by th: name and address
of the witter, not utcessarlly for publics- i
n. but ais evidence of (rood tiilth.
Supscription Rates,
Dally per month by can'or I 1 00
per nionlh by rnul    100
per half ycr r by nl II.    �� ��0
per yoar  1�� 00
par year forciirn  t3 00
Nblson Wkekiy Miner.
Weekly, pel half yoar ��� I25
per year    2 00
per year, foreign    800
Subscription) nvarhibly in advance
Notices of Hirths,   I)3aths, and Marriages
inserted for SO cents each.
Advertising B tes ruudf Known on application
Nelson ;r Printing SPubllshlngCo
Copy Tor flinuxra o Adverllseuient musl
be Iu Hie on c fcy 4 o'clock p.m. to
Insure change
While the people of Nelson are enterprising aud pushing in all other respects, it is most remarkable how little
paiuB they have taken to make known
the advantages and prominence of Nelson as a mining centre to the rest of
the world. The average stranger who
conies here from the East, has heard
of Nelson frequently as the commercial,
judicial, and railroad centre of the
KootenayB, but he usually remarks
with surprise after a few day's sojourn "I never knew that you had
any mines in Nelson." A partial explanation of this state of affairs is
that the Nelson Mining Division, is
only beginning to become fashiouable
as a field for investment; but that does
not account for the faot tbat many of
the residents themselves do not leem to
realise the mineral wealth of the conn
try round Nelsou, and more especially
of the districts tributary to this town.
Let us glnuco at the miues which are
dependent on Nelson as their base of
supplies. First and foremost there are
the Hall Mines on Toad Mountain,
���which, besides having paid dividends
to the extent of fifteen per cent within
the last eighteen months, have built
nnd equipped the finest aud most complete smelter in Canada entirely'out of
the profits of the mine. This company
has on its pay roll over three hundred men. Ou Toad Mountain too the
Last Chance is being vigorously developed by a strong company, while
thore are also promising prospects innumerable which only need capital to
make them miues. On Morning Mountain, which is really a part of Toad
Mountain, we find the Athabasca,
provided with the best machinery, and
whose stamp mill is crushing rich
ore night and day. Close to the^tha-
basca is the Exchequer and adjoining
the Exchequer, the California group.
Both of these properties are free milling, and aro being aotively worked
witb the best results.
A few miles down the river is found
tbe rich district around Eagle Creek
and Forty Nine Creek, where the Nel-
son-Foorman and the Granite and
Royal Canadian mines are located,
and also the Toronto group, which is
under bond to a strong English company, and partially developed claims
too numerous to mention. Another
dividend payer nnd also a free milling
property, is tho Fern mine on Hall
Siding, less than ten miles from Nelson. The Fern also possesses a stamp
mill ami tramway of its own.
The mining districts down the lino
of the Nolson & Fort Sheppard Railway may also bo oonildered tributary
to Nolson, as all the unpplioi for tho
mines are bought here. This rich district includes such mines as the Sec
ond Roliet und the Arlington, uear
Erie, the Salmo Consolidated near
Saline, tho l'orto Rico near 1'orto Kico
Biding,and last but not least tho Ymir,
the Dundee, and llio Tamarac uear
Ymir. This does not protend to be a
complete list, but is representative of
those properties which may be called
There aro numerous other properties
dependent on Nelson, which cannot
be referred to hero, though the Mollie
Gibson on Kokanee Creek, aud the
Golden Wedge on Six Mile Creek,
must not be omitted; still enough
has been said to demonstrate how,
apart from her other ndvautages, the
prosperity and wealth of Nelson is
enhanced by the surrounding mines.
Were the facts about tho country really
known to the investing public, there is
no doubt but that Nelson would be
now enjoying the doubtful blessings
of a boom.
In Bagot,   Quebec,    Brodeur   will   be I
the Conservative nnd Marcelle the Liberal candidate.    Dupout, the late Conservative member, was   elected by acclamation in 1898 and died   this year.
In Montmagny two Liberals will content
the seat, Martinenu  and Blouin.   Cho-
quette,   Liberal,    was   elected   in this!
constituency 181)0 by 342 majoiity   and
has   recently   been   elevated     to   the
bench.    In North Simcoe,   Ont.,   Dal-
ton    McCarthy's    old     constituency,
Leighton McCarthy,   the  Independent
nephew of the late Independent lender,
ill   contest   the   riding   with   Martin, Liberal.    At the last eloctiou Dnl-
ton McCarthy   was   elected   by   1,10?
majority.    Iu   West   Lumbton     there
will be a straight  party fight between
Farrell,   Conservative,   and Johnson.
Liberal. The vacancy in this constituency  was  caused by the  elevation to
tbe bench of James  Lister,   who  was
elected in 1896 by   1,158 majority.   In
East Prince,   P. E. I., Lefurgey, Conservative, and Bell, Liberal, will fight
it out.   Yeo, who  was elected in   the
Liberal interests iu 1896   by   117   ma-
jority.is now a Senator. The Conservatives have been making n  determined
effort to  capture   West Lambton, and
the fight there has been waged fiercely.
In   Ontario   there   will also   Bb  au
election today   for the Provincial   legislature.    Watson,   the   Liberal    who
was elected in East Northumberland at
the last Provincial eiction was unseated but goes up for election in the Liberal interest again today.    He  will be
opposed by   Dr. Willoughby, whom he
defeated, aud who has represented East
Northumberland in   the Ontario house
for several legislatures.    Douglas' majority at the last election was 179.
The Time
It is hard   for  the   politicians���the
professionals, that  is���to   be    honest
with each  other.    The  Toronto Globe
says:   "Mr.   Fosier   goes   about    the
country saying   that the reduction   in
the tariff is only ono   per cent.    Now,
the reduction   of the tariff on   British
goods is 25 per cent. There is no doubt
of that; it is down in the statute book
iu black and white.    If, therfore,  Mr.
Foster is right, the   reductiou   of   the
tariff on British   goods is 35 times   ai
great ns the general   reduction."   Mr.
Foster may   be wrong, but  the  Globe
certainly is.    Our tariff   will average,
say, 30 por cent.    Mr.   Foster says  it
has been reduced ono point,   or   to  29
per cent.    What    the   Globo   says   in
the   words quoted   is that the duty on
Rritish   goods   has   been   reduced   25
points, or to five   per   cent���"twenty-
five times as   great   as tbe general reduction," is   it)   manner  of  putting
it.    This   is   entirely wrong. The reduction on British   goods is one-quarter of tho duty, or  seven and ono-half
per    cent   on   au     average   of  a 30
per   cent   duty.    It costs just ai little
to be honest, and   pays better   in  the
The citizens of Nelson who are interested in the curfew by-law and
tbe prospect of its working out successfully will not be cheered by the testimony of Mr. J. J. Kelso, superintendent of the Children's Aid Societies in
Ontario. Mr. Kelso has devoted years
to the study of children nnd the best
manner in which to handle them, and
what he says along tbat line cannot
fail to carry weight. In an interview
in the Ottawa Free Press Mr. Kelso
stated that his observations had shown
that of the forty towns in Ontario that
had adopted the curfew by-law every
oue had turned out to be a failure.
The theory, he said, was all right,
but iu practice tho by-law never failed
to be a failure. Mr. Kelso thinks the
reform aimed at can best be handled
by Children's Aid Societies, which
have been very successful in   Ontario.
(Cascade Record)
Tho Nelson Daily Miner, now only
two weeks under tho new manager,
Mr. Beaton, la showing uniiii.-takablo
signs of Improvement, Already it has
leon decided to mako it a 7-columii
paper in tho near future, the same size
as the Rossland Miner. It certainly
makos a most docided difference when
u newspaper man of experience and
ability is at the helm of such a concern in such n field.
The battle of by-elections for the
House of Commons commences today,
when there will be pulling iu live cou
atituenoies. Great interest is being
taken iu tl:�� contests, especially
three of the ridings where there will be
straight party lights. Only oue of
the seats was held by  a Conservative, i
To supply material and build two
barges 2(ixfli) feet, Plans may be seen
on the Hercules, Tenders open until
20th December. Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
I   HAVK   a Piano to rent  for   tho winter
months.   Apply Box U& City.
WANTED���General servonl tn small family*
P. o. Box 583
LOST��� An uhdreuod marten wkin. Kinder
will bo rewarded by rotnrning io T. Morley,
Tnomson Stationery Co, Vat oro,
for BAtiR���A oomplete small newspaper
(iumIi with Washington Hunt! Press.    AddrcjHS
Box 81, Nelson*
MUSIC LESSONS. ���On piano   organ   or
?altar, by Mrs.  W. J.  Astluy, Kobnon wtruot
wo doors west of Stanley.  P. o. Box tao.
I    A   SNAP���TWO   loin corner Josephine und
ill   Kobson streets finest VlOW In  city,  cheup for
Apply box L'Ji post ollice.
Open evenings until after Xmas.     We carry  a fine
line of Jewelry and   Watches;   also a
���   , few   Choice    Diamonds.
West of Bank ef B. C.
Suitable Gifts for
Holiday Season has
rived. We heralded its
approach some time ago
and told how well pr��-
pared we were to supply
all demands. We ar��
doubly prepared now.
Each day has added
something new to our
stock of Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Books,
Xmas Cards and Calendars.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail te any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Christinas   Gifts,  Toys,
ancy Goods.   New Stock
opening up daily. Call and
see us.
Thomson Stationery Co,
L'd, Nelson, B. C.
Good as
A Circus,
Our Toy
Store ,,
Garland's Old Stand,
Will   give
the greatest
to the young
folks and interest their
elders. Every animal,
every noveltY, and every
kind of doll is represent
ed, and the stock is as
good as it is varied. The
selection of a suitable
gift for young or old can
be made here, and the
value given for littl��
money will be a pleasant
Subscribe for The Miner
Drug &
Book Co.
Life niay be compared as ten*
lire iu a stove witb fond M tha
To have your free buraclemr-
ly und brightly yon. burn tie
best fuel you cau procure] ut
like maimer, that your boAy
may be properly corn-ink** aad
the flic of life burn evenly, ns.
only the best fuel la the shape ot
Our Grocery and Liquor Departments are both well filled
.with choice assortments of th*
best in each line, and we will
be glad at any time to quote
you prices or fill trial orders,
trusting that having once had
the pleasure of supplying you
we may continue to do so.
Do not order your Xmas dinner before  seeing our list of
Bay Co.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO.
Cox. "CWarfc & Baftcr Sts.
Carload of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
ill  its  branches.
Undertaking and Embalming in al
We have our own Hearse.
Orders   received  at  Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
W. P. TIERNEY,       -       General Agent.
The  Following  Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From   Havanna���Bock  &  Co's   Golden  Eagles,
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Hadges   Nessim    Egyptian
From Reims, France���Pommery Champagne, Quarts and
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
IAIHM. Ml'IMi:., II Min. Aim. done-ail.)
Opposite Phair Hotel,
NOTICK Is hereby glvon that tho partnership
heretofore tmbfliHliiig between U��, tbe under-
Hianed, as Hotel Keeper* tn Brooklyn, County
of Kootenay, Biitiah Columbia, haw tbis day
beon dissolved oy mutual consent. All debts
owing to auld partuernbip hit in be paid to
Umiri Potoraoa at Brooklyn aforesaid, and all
cleiiuismgainst tbo suid partnership are to be
pruneat.ed to tbe uaid Louis Peterson, by whom
the nun. will be net lied.   (Signed)
Dated at Brooklyn this 3rd day of December
A. D��� IS!*.
Witneub an to rttguuluro of Louis Peterson,
W. H, Cooper, J. P., I^nod).
WtufSI to ns nature of O. <*. Fredericks, J.
P. O. BOX 5*9.
Extended experience In Chile and German
South Africa. Assay a and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plane kept
up by contract.
All accounts not paid on and before the flf-
tcenth day of Deeombor will bo nut in th*
hands of a lawyer for collection. Kindly pay
v A. Q. SIU.VT.
Dated tki�� 251* day of Not. 18S6.
Permanent Loan
Why pay Rent when you
can own a homo of
your own?
Loans are made on the security ef
Improved Heal Kstato, not more than
sixty |vr cent, of the appraised cask
value neing advanced.
The rate of interest is 8, per eene.
per annum. Interest is stopped o��
each 8100 of the principal returned.
Illustration, showing the cost and
time required to pay off a fl,000 lone
at the following monthly payments:
of Loan,
1000 00
1000 00
1000 00
I Tims Required. I  Cent.
20 00
25 00
30 00
Yr'��. M'thg. D yi
y    o      ii
i    i      it
i    ���       ���
I      I        N
proved to bo
monthly  . .
the surest ani
payment   system   has  Veon
nd osnlo���� war el
clonrlng oft* a mortgage
These loans may be repaid In rail at In *M)
at any time without bonm.
Ganible AO'WeillU
Bakbr St.   ���    Nii.eotr. B. 6.
NKLSON LODGK, No. %% A. I. * A.
If. meeta second Wednesday In ����������
month.   VIMtlne brethren Inrltai.
O. L. Lennox. Seeretasy.
^mfjfcfrt,   I. O, O. r.     Kooteaay Leegs
4E    Ht No. 16, meet* even/ Ifonlay night,
^marmW^ at  their Hall, Kootenai- if-es*.
Hojeurninn Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
A, II. Clements, N, O.      Fred J Squires, geo.y
xecond and fourth Wednesday
oach month at K. ef P. Hall, line
Donald Mock. eer. Ternen �������
Josephine streets. Tlsitlng hretfc-
rcn cordially Invited.
Cms. H. risiov,
1k| and 3rd Wednesday In eaoh month In the
Kofi* Hall. I" W SwanelL O. D.O.O.B.I* S
Qruen, (Ml.: I. Pnrklss, Bcor.
NKLSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.tT.W., meet
every Thursday In the f.O.O.t'. hall. ��� 0
Williams, M.W.: W M ttinlln. Kee.-Siw.; f. I.
Drlhooll, Financier f. I Satire. Receiver eel
P. M. W.	
NKLSON L.O.L. Ne. 1��H meets in tke Me
Donald block every Thursday evening et I
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invitee
John Tove W.lf!; F. 1. Braaler. B.8.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'y.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ekkif
ef oan between Nelson and Eoetlaei tmi
Spokane and' Bosaland.
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.3i ���������
"   12:05 "  BOSSL'D   " U:M
"    8.30a.m.SPOKANS   '*   110 fm
Train that leaves Helios at 830 a.a.
makes close connections at Spokane foe
all Paoiflo Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Greek, connect at Marous with Stage
G. G. DIXON, G. P. * T.A.
Spokane Wat*
Agsntt.Melsee, U.I.
-��� v..
clean up at tlio Athabasca?''
I wns forced to iidmi t that I bad not,
I wondering all Ihe time what n "clean'
I -np" was.    I   hail   beard tbo   expres-
��� ��� 'siou lycd, but for the life of me   could
vi>r��n.;-oniiiinimr.ivmiir vv 110t  recall its significance. Intbeiir.it
HBLgON rnjLIO LlbKABY WILL LE pla0B T W.IS noth qn{te sure wllat tlle
I Atbnbnscn was. I had only been iu
j Birtisb Columbia a few days. It
'might be un hotel, 1 thought, uud
perhaps it had been burned out. Then
it suddenly struck me thut it was u
mine and hud been Hooded or something of the uort. Or pirhups it was
a steamer to which bad hapuened
some terrible accident. These thoughts
passed through my mind iu au instant.
"No, I haven't heard of it," 1 repeated,' in thu hope that my friend
would help mo out of my ditliculfy.
But he didn't. Ou, Iho contrary be
dragged mo down deeper than ever.
Ho told me be hadn't board Ibe figures
but be understood tbe clean up was a
most successful ono. The figures set
my   mind   ut   work again.    Was it  a
Meeting of tbo E'-ai-cl of directors Held
;Lnst Night���9ood-Progress
Beportod. '
Everyouo iu Nelson ie interested iu
tho success of the free Public'Library.
Donations of money have come iu
generously and on this score tbo com-
alttee.tb.at lias assumed tbe responsibility of tbo hard work neceseury to
get the, unilertakini,' under  wajj, Bmje|>>old-Bp, I wondered.
, .     ...       ,    ., I was suro  my tncud
to coniplam although  thiy
no reason
still hope to receive more cash contributions. But they make a further
appeal tbat should meet with a still
more generous and wide spread re-
spouse from tbe people of Kelson. Iu
almost every home tliere are u large
miuibiT of paper covered hooks, long
siuce road and thrown aside liy tho
owners, that would be of great use to
the directors of the Library. It will
be impossible for the directors to purr
chase a great many 1 ooks at tbo outset
und donations iu ibis line will materially assist those who havo generously
given their time to supply ono of Nelson's" lung felt wants.' 'If those anxious
to coniril.uto hooks will oin.l word to
Mrs. J. Hoderlok Robertson, president
of tho board ot Directors, she will see
that they aro culled for. Books'may
also be lett at Mr. Urease's office. For
tho opening; on December 24 it- is
particularly .'requested that ail December magazines and other periodicals
available he sent in this week as, the
subscriptions of the library date from
tbe first of January.
The meeting of tlle directors held
last evoning was attended by Mrs. J.
Roderick Robertson, President; Mrs.
McOnllocb, Secretary; Mrs. Day, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Medley, Mr.
Green,'.,Mr. Kydd, Mr. Beer, Mr. Robertson and Judge Forin.
Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson occupied
the chair, Mrs. McOullooh read the
miuutes;of tbo organization meeting
aud they were adopted. H. R. Harrison wrote accepting with thanks tbo
position of librarian.
Mrs Miller reported on behalf of
tbe furnishing committee. Progress
was being made rapidly aud when
opened the rooms will be well furnished. Mr. Lawrence donated livo lamps
for tho rooms and for his generosity
was awarded a vote of thanks. It will
take some, days yet to prepare tho
rooms for tbe oponing.
Mr. Beer reported that tbo papers
ond periodical committoe had'ordered
the list of papers and periodicals that
had been decided on and they would
be received shortly. This led up to
a discussion as tn tho opening dato
nnd it was decided to open on Decern -
bor 24 when tbe rooms and library
will bo in reudiiioss. The list of papers add periodicals ordered was then
read. It is an oxoollont list
and as tho reading room will he freo
to the public it should be tho popular
resort for those anxious to keep up
with current literature.
The librarian will bo engaged from
Wednesday 21st inst in order to get
everything in roadinoss for the opening. The magazine committeo was
voted $25 additional to complete its
���apply of reading matter for tbe reading room and $260 was voted to purchase now books. The library committeo will purchase, ns many as possible of$H�� hooks that, bava been puh-
lished at S recent date. Tbe book
eomm ittee is very anxious to buy the
books that will please the greatest
number of prospective members aud
are quite opou to receive suggestions
as to what books they should purchase.
They would like' to have these suggestions on paper aud will give thorn all
the attention that will be consistent
���with the economy they must practice
until the revenue becomes greater.
While tho opening is fixed for the
24th inst the library proper will hardly
bo in roadiues's by that timo as the
books to be ordered can not be delivered
so speedily. The reading ��� room, however, will have its full complement of
ourreut publications on tbe 24th and
the books will probably be in placo ut
least a week later.
The ladies of the committee will
make another canvas for the funds
already promised. Tho heavy expenses
incidental to preparing everything
for the opening make it necessary to
collect all available   rovenuo  at   onco.
While on the question of revenue tho
Indies and goutlemeii present dismissed informally tbe question of holding some fandango whereby funds
could be raised. The idea of a hull
was received favorably . and while
nothing deflnito was decided it is probable thut this winter Nelson society
will have an opportunity to oiijoy itself and at tho. same time assist a
worthy cause.
As the Christmas season with its attendant press ��of domestic duties, is
near at hand uo date was fixed for
the next meeting and an adjournment
was made until tbo call of. tho   chair.
my fnend wus not dis-
posad to eulightcu me, for I had sue
ceeded in hiding my ignorance. Therefore I determined to put uu eiid to the
conversation. I thanked him and told
him I would look it up and   he left.
A fow moments after I mot ii mining man in whom I could co.ilido ami
related to him my troubles. Now I
know all about tbe Athabasca and just
what a cleau-np is, and will always
bo pleased to hear , for the benefit of
the public through The Miner, of any
"remurkublo clean-ups" here ahouts.
Tbo Fire boys aro thinking of giving
a "smoker" in.the near luture.
Mr. E. J. Mathews has taken offices
in the McKillop block on Baker street.
Mr. W, A. Jowett returned from
Spokane ou yesterday afternoon's
It has been announced tbat the
Queen Bess mine will pay a dividend
next mouth.
Tho new plate glass window iu Mr.
S. Neel.ind's storo adds considerably
to the attractive appearance of the
The shooting season is rapidly drawing to a close, Ihe close season for deer
and cariboo beginning on Thursday
Deoember 15.
A freight car camo into Nelson yesterday 12   days   out   from   Montreal.
This is a record for  freight froiu eastern points to Nelson.
The -past week has been a very quiot
one in tho stock market. The only
stock for which thero has been any
demand being Iron Mask, which is
now quoted at 87 cents.
Work is progressing apace on the
new skating rink on the corner of
Houston and Stanley streets. The
walls are up, and tho building is now
being roofed in.
Mr. John L. Retnlla 'k, who has been
dangerously ill with typhoid fover iu
Bpokane for nearly throe months past,
is slowly convalescing, and bopos to
bo well enough to go to California in
two or throe weoks time.
Considerable activity is being manifested in mining circles in Silverton,
whoro the properties on Four Mile
Creek are showing up veiy well. Last
week 800 tons of high grade oro wero
shipped form that point.
Capt. Troup, Commodore of the C.
P. R. fleet, and F. W. Peters, C. P.
R. District Freight Agent, loft Nelson
Inst night for Robson where they will
meet Oeuorul Superintendent Mnrpole
and make a   trip up the Arrow Lakes.
A feature of this winter is the
amount of development work going ou
quite close to town. South of Nelson
near tho Hall Mines wagon road,
there are quite a number of claims
which are being actively worked by
tho owners.
A telegram was received vesterduy
by the Registrar stating that there
will he a sitting of the Supremo Court
at Nelson on February li, and at
Rossland on February lii. All cases
must be set down tor trial on the
first day of tho sitting.
Mr. J. Roderick Robertson, manager
of tho London und B, 0. Oold fields
Co., was able to ho at his ollice yesterday. Ho hns been laid up tor thi past
two days us tho result of his recent ae-
eidjitt, which was more serious than
he at first thought.
Thero was a friendly but a very well
000tested boxing bout yesterday oven-
ing at the Fire Hull, and after the
principals, Messrs, U. H, Williamson
autl 10. Hurt, had mixed it up in lively
fashion for five rounds, the contest was
declared a draw by the unanimous verdict of the spoctators.
John Wetllako, the miner who lost
his eyesight n couple of months buck
in an accident at the Hull Mines, left
for Montreal Inst night. Oonsideral le
sympathy has been manifested with the
unfortunate man, und a considerable
sum of monoy was raised in bis behalf.
The O. P. R. very kindly provided
him with a freo pus* homo, and a
half-rate ticket for tho comrade who is
accompanying him.
There is a grest difference between
newspaper work in a commercial cou-
tre of the East and the same character
of work in a mining centre such as
Nelson. Mines aud mining to the
average Eastern newspaper man constitute a mystery which to unravel
requires many -months of teaching aud
experience. The technical terms used
by the mining man are Greek to the
Easterner���providing of course he does
uot include Greek iu bis vocabulary.
To tbe tenderfoot they are like the
slang, of tbo Bowery tough to the
Philadelphia Quaker. They are of
It is uot strange therefore, that the
Eastern man, endeavoring to porform
his duties in a milling centre, 6hould
occasionally be placed iu an embarrassing position. A fow days ago, for instance, on acquaintance I had made,
rushed up to me, almost out of breath
and inquired
The opening of St. Savious's church
has been postponed until Thursday.
On that day there will be two services
iu the new church,ut 11 a. in. and 8 p.
m. In tho morning there will be a
choral celebration of Ihe Holy Communion, the sermon being preached hy
Archdeacon Pentreath, Mr. Frank
Oliver, of Rossland, will sing "Arm.
Arm ye Brave," from "Juihis Macca-
beeus." In the evening, tho service
will again he choral, nnd the Rev. H.
I Irwin, of Rossland, will prouch,
' Mrs. Mollvillo Parry will sing '
j gels ever bright and fair. "
H. G. Middleton, Winnipeg; W. Gill,
Victoria; Rev. S. Rhodes. Vancouver,
and F. Watson, Trail.
The Hume���E. E. Reid, Spokane;
R. McLean, Kaslo; V. A. McRae,
Seattle; Dr. and Mrs. Frauharn, Spo
kane; J. A. Kirk and R. W. Smith,.
Rossland ; R. E. Cooper, Toronto ; J.
Dawlin, Toronto, and Mr. aud Mrs.
T. D. DesBrisay, Robson.
The Queens���W. O.'-MoAuluy, Lardo
River; N. W. McLellau, Slocan ; Q,
B. Matthew, Ymir.   "* "'
Meteorological Iteeort.
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdlch.
HATE            OAT         111011-
.   KST
KST    r.u.i.
Nov 30 Wed'dar 33.0
Ooo l Thursday 35.0
Deo 2 Friday 35.9
IICO 3 Saturday 31.5
Deo a Sunday 21.0
DoO    C   Monday     MO
28.0    0.00
28.0     1.05
21.0    0.00
20.0     0.05
20. u   10.00
ii.o   o.oo
20.0     0.0 0
Dec 13  Tuesday    25 0
of pour quality comes soon,   lt hasn't,
got the toughness to stand everyday
wear, and succumbs to the inevitable.
Just the same as throwing money to
the dogs when you buy such stuff.
Perhaps the Ordinary observer will
say that our Hardware doesn't look ii
bit better. But our word is worth
something, and we assure our customers that there is good value in everything we offer.
Ifeicoimr Hardware II
importer of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
To gather fruit is when it is
ripe. If you wait too long it will
become decayed and worthless.
The Right Time to buy Christmas Presents is now. We have a
full line of Fancy Perfume
Sprays, Out Glass Perfume Bottles, Shaving and Toilet Outfits,
Perfumes in Fancy Boxes, etc.,
etc. Oan PmcKS Are Right,
Call and'sec our stock before
buying elsewhere.
tele's DH Store
Opposite Queen's Hotel.
i i
g=           PIANO FOR SALE =3
E=            AT A BAROAIN. -31
E 3
. 3
S=             FOR 8ALE 3
1 House
1 House
1 House
1  House
10 Rooms
8 Rooms
7 Rooms
8 Rooms
5 Rooms
S^ ori iris vii'i'uiii t ST., on itmix.i::
We Wish to remind the Public
that our stock of these goods is
very complete.    Our regulation
Men's Hockey Shoe at $3.50
is a beauty.
Bring your skates to us and   we
will attach them   to  your  boots
while you wait
B BROS. Aberdeen Block
Hake Y��nr Frnlt Selection First, then B
Make both of these properly and you'll be pleased   with the
, results.
Below we'give a list to choose from :
Raisins seeded, Seeded Raisins, Raisins without the
seeds, Seeded Raisins, Raisins with the Seeds and Seeds
with the raisins.
Currants; all cleaned, ready to throw in the cake.
English Peels, mixed and chopped ready for use.
Spices, Icings and extracts. Plum Puddings, Fruit Cakes,
etc., etc. ��� . ���
We have!all! the latest specialties. If your cake is not
a success dou't blame us,
Christmas Candies Arriving.
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Aberdeen Block. NELSON. B. U,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
CvrflDS; supplied on shortest notice and Lowe? Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Tmir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
. Incoreerated i8*e.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
flea- ���fflce: Ifallfa*, Neva Atetia.
Antiganlsh, N. 8.
Biuhiirrt, N. B.
Brldgcjwater, N. S.
ClinrMtetown. P. ���. I,
Porchentor. 'N. B.
Krctlericton, N. B.
GnjBboro, N. 8.
Orand ForkH, B. C.
Halifax, N. 8.
Kindlon, N. B.
Londonderry. N. ���.'
Jjuncnborg-, N. 3.
Maltlaad, K. B.
Menctei, N. B.
Montreal, P. Q.
Meetrcal, VTeM Had
Moalrfal, Weftmouet
Naaalms, B. C.
Ntlsoa, 1. O.
Newcastle, N. B,
Pieteu, n. ��.
Pert Hawksbury, If. A
Ilosxlaad, B. O.
Saekvillc, N. T).
Shuoenacadio, N. S.
Summcrnlile, I*. E. I.
Sydney, N. s.
HI. John. Nfld.
Truro, N. S,
Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver, East End
Victoria, R O.
Woj-mouth, N. 8.
Woodcock, N. B.
Ymir. B, C.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
ana Seld, Utters ef Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bunk accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Tmir.
A Saving* Hank doiartment ha�� been ontnblinhcd in connection with the Nelson branch of
this bank. DopOHiU of ono dollar and upwards received, and cnrrcit rate of Interest allowed,
at prcucnt I por cont. per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another Carload of
now in, consisting of
A Large Mock.
Prices away Down and You Know Where
To Come.
Applewhnlte Block, Baker St., cornet1 of Kootenay St,
Application Tor Trnnnrrr of License-. Mnl-
It'll.' lo   l.< mon.
Notice is hereby given that tho undersigned will apply to tbe bourd of
License commissioners nt their next
sitting in the city of Nelson for the
transfer to him of the license to sell
liquor, now held by Mrs. Mnry Mullet te ou the premises situated on the
west hulf of lot 5 and the east hulf
of lot i, block 1, iu tbe oity of Nelson,
to Ihe i milling situuted on lot 12,
bloolcj,'fronting on Word street in the
city of Nelson.
Dated at Nelson tbis 14th day of
November,  1898. ���
Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
toMonal Navigation { TradiDg .tepiy-.
Summer Card. Effective June 20,1��M
-Subject to change wit him I nolle.
.'    ...     : ��� '     ,     -   .' ������   .'
South b'nd.' H. a. Inn rnnllonal.   North bad
Read down Road up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Bandog I0.50a.m. Train Ar
"  Ar 8.48   "     Kaslo    8 00  "       "    Lv
Boat Lvs. 8.S0 n.m. Kaslo    8.30 p.m. BoatAr
"     4.80   " Ainsworlh 7.30    " '���    '
"      "    .100   '��� Pilot Hay 0.45   "       "    "
"     "    5 30   "   Balfour   EM	
"     Ar   0.40   " S.Mllol'l. 5.25    " "     "
"       "     7.15   "    Nelson    4.15    " "   lv
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'thport 1.55    " Train   "
"    "  11.20  " RoealanJ 12.05 a.m.  "
"    "    3.10   " Spolmno   8.30    "
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat and   Spc
knno train dnily oxcopt Sunday.
8. ��. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train A
Ar  3.15   "     Kaslo
Boat Lvs  6.1*1   "     Kaslo
Boat A
3.20 "Ainsworth 11.10 p.m.
"    7.00   " I'ilot liny 11.00	
"   10.00   "  Kuslton'k 8.00	
"   12.00hi. Goat River8 00  "
"    1.00 a. ni.Homiilary5.no	
Ar      8.00   " B'rs Ferry 2.00   "        '      L��
Train Lv 11.40  " H'rs Kerry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m.    '*     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaalo
for above  points  Tuesdays  and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Koolenay LuLe Service.
Commencing 20 June. 1898.
On Monday, Thursday and   Friday 8
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Boy and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday. Friday and
Sulurday for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo
calling at all way points.
(All times arc subject to change without notlc
Meals nnd berths not included.
Passengers on s. 8. International from Ne
son, Spokane,  elc.  for points on   Kootenay
Lake south of I'ilot   Bay. will connect at thai
point with theS. S, Alberta.
"r'asscngcrs for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Hay, can. by arrangomout
with pursor, havo stopover at Pilot Bay ci
Ainsworth. or connect wilh S. S. International
at Kaslo.
Tho company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lako and Slocan points with all points In the
United States anil Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenay Rivor.       '
Tickets  sold  and   bnggago  checked  to
points by pursnrs on steamers or at our otflce
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo. H.C
Tourist Oars' pass Revelstoka daily
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto)
Thursdays for Montreal and Boston:
Fridays for St. Join , N. B.
To Rossland  nnd Main   Line pointa
6.40 p.m.-Leaveg���NELSON���Anives-lO.SOp.M
Kootenny lake���Ktulo itoute.
.Sth. Kukaxkk
Bhtoopt Suuday. Exoept Siud*?
i  p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11  n.m
Umilcimj   KJver Kttutv.
Str, Nklhon.
Mon., Wed., Frl. .Mon,, Wed., Ft .
7 a.m.- Le%ves���NKL.SON-Arnven--6.30   p m.
Makes ooimectton nl I'ilot Bay with Str. K< -
kanee in hoih directions,
Steamers on their ronpectivo routes eal at
principal l,;ui']in-- in both dlrectiontj an \ i
ol her points when -i^'nalli-d,
TrnliiK   lo iiimI from   Hlornn i'Uy. S��  d
ami   Moaiii   Lake   1'oIiUh,
(Sundays Excepted)
0 a. m.-U'avuH-NKLSON���Arrives���S.90 p. M.
AsoRKTArs Kates
and full information    hy  addressing ncara t
local agent, Oity Ticket Agent, Nelson, or
Trav. Pass. Agent,
1'ihi. 1*088. Agei.t,
1 Have von heard of the   remarkable   inn   mil c;     w
Tho Plmir���H. R. Porkins. Sandon ;
O. B. Smilos, Portland: L. D. Stryker,
Taoonia ; A. Jackson, Spokane ; Rev.
Dr. Spencer, Ontario; Rev. J. H.
Best, Rossland; Mrs Pratt, Mrs. Jack-
Sewing By The Day.
l_l���*~l   I
C Cheap for Cash���A valuable lot on  Victoria  Street  adjoining Z3
gE business portion of the city, ^J
I; The Birkbeck Investment, Security ^
% and Savings Co. |
^ udvance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and 2
\Xz 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
11 Is Ihr Miki limiiTii In Kqulpmeal.
II U I In' Hci viral Knllrd Line.
11 has 11 ii". 1. Ballast KoedtK'ii.
II CrOMeS ><> Hand DcftNrrlH.
It la Ihr Only Line  Running   Luxarloaa
niii, iiiidiii Gars,
It is Noted fiir Ihr 1 ..un. sy nr lis Employee.
II In Ihr llnl) Llnr Herring Mrala  oa
n la f'urle   I'liut.
Attnietive Tours during Season of
Niivi|!iitioii on Great Lukes via I hilntli in
oonneotion with Megnifloent Passenger
8teamers Northwest and Northland.
For maim, llnkolnandoomplotolnfoimatlon
coll on or nililrcBS Agentn, K. & 8. Hy., C. & K
S. Nav. Co.. N & K. 8. Ity., or
II. A. .1 U KNOX <.riiir.il Ageat
Spokane. w��
fin in in hi nt in NELSON DAILY MINER WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1898,
\        KOOTENAY?
Mining Stock Quotations.
(Compiled by H. G. McCulloch, mining broker of Nelson, II. C, 1'. O. box 165.1
Par Price
Name ot Company           Valuo.   Bid.
Nelson, Slocan and AinsworUi
American Hoy 1 0(1 ���
Athabasca 100 lo
Arlington Cob 100
Dundee 100 33
Dardanelles 100 FJ
Dellle 100 -
Elsie 100 -
Excheouer 100 7k
FernO. M. Co    26 W
Oibson ISO ���
Hall Mines  ��1 13 6
Idler 100 5
London Hill   25 18
Nelson-Poorman   25 38
Kaslo Montezuma ��� 100 ���
Noble Five 100 16$
Rambler Con 100 ill
Beoo loo 1 05
Slocan Star     60 06
Two Friends    30 6
Wonderful  100 ���
Washington 1 00 ���
Trail Creek
Butte 100 -
Caledonia Con   100 3
Commander 100 10
Deer Park 100 18}
Enterprise 100 ���
Kurcka Consolidated 100 T
KveningStar 1(10 li
Georgia 100 1J
GoodHope 100 1
Grand Prize  100 2
Giant 100 ��
HighOre 100 -
Iron Mask 100 83
IronColt 100 9
Jumbo 100 40
LilyMay 500 11
Mayflower 100 5
Monlta 1(10 7
Monte Crlsto 100 13
Mugwump 100 2
NoTolty 100 8
Phoenix 100 ���
Ponrmun 100 11
lied Mountain View 100 -
Kosslanu  Homestake 100 3
Kossland Red Mountain 100 16
Silverino 100 3
Mirer Boll 100 3
St. Wino 100 ��
Virginia 100 10
Vlctory-Triuniph 100 8
WarKagloCon  100 3 00
WestLeltolJosie 100 87
WhiteBear 100 7
AlphaBell 100 S
Ceriboo iCampMcKl 100 122
Waterloo (Camp McK)  100 6
Cariboo Hydraulio Con 5 00 90
Channe      25 5
Golden Cache 100 4
Occ. M. &M. Co 100 ���
Old Ironsides 100 126
Smuggler 100 17J
Tin Horn    25 8
Van And* 100 3J
Winchester   25 10
Firo Mountain 100 ���
1 20
1 25
Exchequer Gold Mining Company
held yesterday afternoon at their, office
on Baker street, the directors after
congratulating themselves on the success which has attonded the development of the property, decided to push
the work and increase the force of men
as fast as room can be made for them.
Work on the property will be continued all the winter, and Mr. E. B.
Kelly, vice president of tho "company
will as before havo charge of the work.
The directorate also decided to
place on the market a block of 16,000
shares at a price of not less than 1%
1 25
Captain R. C. Adams, the well
known mining man and president of
the Midway Company of British Columbia, has returned from his annual visit to that Province, says an
Eastern paper. The captain reporU
an exceedingly pleasint; condition of
prosperity throughout the Pacific province. The coast cities, lie says, have
been Rreatly benefitted by the Klondike travel and business. Vancouver
is rapidly becoming a largo and important city, while Victoria also
shows signs of improvement, and is a
most attractive residential town. Along
tho southern border of the Proviuoe
signs of prosperity were everywhere
evident. The completion of the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway had provided many
facilities and given great encouragement to business enterprises. Nelson was assuming the aspect of a gen-
nine city, and Rossland was recovering from the reaotion resulting from
an overboom. The sale of its large
mines and the reported increase in tbe
value of other properites, where ore
was considered of doubtful grade, had
raised the spirits and hopes of tbe
e   ��   e
Mr. Bruce White, one of the leading
mining men of British Colombia, says
the Montreal Star, of recent date, arrived in the oity yesterday from Washington, where he spent some days.
While there he conversed with a number of people supposed to bo in tonoh
with both the Canadian and American
commissioners, yet he returns to Canada quite convinced tbat, apart from
a probable settlement of the sealing
question, the conference will have few
results that will in any way bo beneficial to the Dominion. In referring
to mining matters, he said that no ono
supposed it probable that the duty of
about 180 per ton which the Americans iniposo upon Canadian silver
lead ores would be repealed. However, he said lhat this would be cured
in time by tho erection of smelters in
Camilla, and neither did Mr. Whitn
think the mines of British Columbia
would suffer in the least if an export
duty were imposed nn gold and copper ores.
��   ��   ��
Arthur R. Brown, of London, repre-
entiiig The Smelter Corporation,
Limited, operating works in the Manchester Ship Canal in England, and
who hns been buying ores in the Kootenay'*, is quoted as follows:
"The report is (run I hat the smelling corporation I represent is buying
orojin Kootenay camps. I have purchased 22!) tons nf concentrates from
tho Highlander mill at Ainsworth, and
shall ship the same to Vancouver,
from thence around tho Horn to England. The value of these concentrates
will average 68 per cent load and 83
ounces silver. This will be, I believe
the first shipment made from the
Kootenay,of silver-lead concentrates to
an English smelter. We can save for
the mine owners about %v, por ton,
over American smelter charges and we
pay spot cash for our ore, which is
also a consideration. You see, we have
no large duty lo pay, ami besides, by
our own process for extracting the silver from zinc, wo make another saving
wheras American smellers are forced
to|charge higher for ores containing
a percentage of ziuc; iu other words,
the galena ores goiug to tho States
have to pay a highor penalty on the
��   e   ��
The Winnipeg Free Press says: A
prominent Kootenay mining man,
who was in the city yeterday, returning from the east, stated that the Canadian Pacific Railway company will
build fonr large smelters tbis coming
year in British Columbia at a cost of
over 11,000,000
e   *   *
Atit meeting of the direotors of the
(In London Empire)
Mr. Chamberlain once wrote a play.
Tbat waB in the days of his youth,
and it, needless to add, was unacted.
Now we are told he is writing a political novel, at the inspiration of Mrs.
e ��� *
The Dmhess Serge is a great favorite with the Queen. She is, in disposition and appearance, very ranch
like her mother, the late Princess
Alice. She always dresses with great
tasta, and possesses some matchless
��� *   ���
Miss Grace Hawthorne is, it is true,
no longer in the first blush of youth,
bnt it was certainly most nugallant
of that money-lender, against whom
she has jnst brought an action, to refer
to her in open court as " no chicken.''
* ��   *
Their Imperial Highnesses, the
Grind Duke and Duchess Serge of
RnsBia, who are Her'Majesty's guests,
have, I nnderste.nd, patohed up those
little domestic differences which
have been so much commented upon
in St. Petersburg. The Tzaritsa. I
believe had a good deal to do with
bringing this abont.
* ��   e
The Earl of Stafford who in going
to marry Mrs. Colgate a wealthy
American widow is said to have a
great dread of the American reporter.
His lordship is to be married in America and has booked his passage to that
country under an assumed name so
that he can escape the attentions of
those enterprising journalists who so
dearly lovj to interview a real live
*   #   *
The old adage "kiss nnd never tell"
is generally admitted to bo a good one
hut it apparently has no weight with
the Seaman Deignun who helped Lien-
tenant Hobson to sink the Merriniac.
He says he was kissed by 200 girls
in one week and by the prettiest girls
in Iowa too. 1 forgot how many
young ladies Lieutenanet Hobson himself admitted to having been kissed
by but I know that he ungullautly
admitted to several.
��� *   e
Ex-Queen Liliuokalaui of Hawaii is
making a claim against tbe United
States Government ou account of the
Crown Lauds which she says are
worth 5.000,010 dollarB. I presume her
dusky Majesty will be glad to accept
considerably less than this; but the
United States Government which has
treated her very badly can afford to
be generous. In Washington Society
"Queen Lil" as she is called is realy
quite popular, the usual exception to
color being excused in her oase.
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
North Bay, Ont. Dec. 13.���Charles
Lamarche, has been nominated as the
Conservative candidate for the Provincial election ou tho 29th.
IRVINE-On Deoember II, tho
wife of Mr. W. Irvine of a daughter.
*  BUY IT   *
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley Nolson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Cannda DrngAc Hook Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume Newt Stand Nelson
]>. Campbell Ymir
C. F. Nelson New Denver
J. K Delano? Konuberry
Slocan News Co. Slocan City
J. I. McIntOKh Silverton
Blooan News Co. Sandon
\V. Parker Hrooklyn
Thompson Bro*. Vancouver
Hotel Spokane Spokane
M. \V. Simpson Kossland
M�� Anderson Slocan Crossing
C. W. Hill Cascade City
and   News   Agents   on   boats   and
trains out of Nelson.
Provinoial Land Surveyor,
Church or Bnoiand���Matin lin.m.; Even
Sonj;. 7.TO p.m, every Sunday, Holy t'nmmun
Ion on 1st and Brd Sundays in the month aftei
M-iiinn; on '2mt und ith Sundays, at 8 a.ni
Sutidar School Hi S.80 p.m. Kev, II. n. Aku
horHt. Rector,  Covwnrd and Sllloastreets,
Presbyterian CnuRon���Services at n a.m
end 7.:io  p in.    Sunday School at 2,80 p.m
Prayor mooting Thursday evening nt 8
t'hrMinn EndenvorSociety nieetsovory Mon
day   crcniiiK   ut  8   o'clock.     Kcv.  It.  Frew
1*11-1 or.
Methodist CnoRon -Corner Slllcn and
Josephine Streets. Sorvtcosat 11 a.m. nnd ;.��
n. m.; Sabbath School, 'J.:io p m.i Prayer nicci
Inn on Friday ovenlng ai 8 o'clock; Bjnvortl
League O, K��� TtUuday al 8 a.m, Ituv. John
Kobson. Pastor,
Catholic Church -Mass nl N'elHon, flint
end third Bunday al 8 und lO.Wl n.m.; Honedln-
i ion ui r :io lo 8 p.m. ttev. Father r'urland
Baptist Church - Hen ices morning nnd
evening atlla.ni, and 7,80 p.m.; Prayor meet
lnif Wednesday evoning al 8 p.m.; the H. Y.
P. U. Monday evening ��l 8 o'clock. BtrangetS
curdiully welcomed.    Hev. ('. \V. Hose, Pastor.
Salvation AiiMV-Hervic a every evening
at 8 o'clock in barrnsokson Victoria, aired.
Adiulanl Miller In charge.
.NELSON   LOUGH  No   W, K. of  P.
kmreta In CuhiIc hull, McDonald block
livory   Tuesday  evening at 8 o'clock.
7-VH  limiting knight   . nnlmlly Invited.
II. O. Joy. C. a
(8'ini Geo. IIOSSK,ol It.awls.
Fancy Drcas Goods at Reduced Prices,
Mrs.  McLaughlin's,
��� ...i., ^kms-Jgtmmmmi
NELSON     ���
Ilnlryva Hot Spring.  Vtalrr Aerated >���.
Hnpntlril te tke Trnsle.
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
are our Brimds.    Smoke   them  and
you will like them
r. ���. box ne nelmh, av v.
f ��+�����������������������������������������������������������*;
Short Order Meals ��
At Any Time���Day
or Night.
1 he best Cook.
The Best Attention.
'1 he Best Meals
A*ft tirWAB     ���
NUTATE A\�� ������UTAH f��M.
Valuable BuVer Street and  other excellent property for sal*.
oner Tararr-Borekk Bleak. Melaes, B. O.
UaHOnened new offices In Broken 1MI Mock!
corner Wnrd and Kakor streets, and tiny resumed practice in Nel-en.
Odlcn hours 10 to 18 a. m.; 3 to ��� and T le I
p.m.   r. O. box an
has taken over the practice ��f
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Ilrekra urn ttlo��k Baker ����.
NKISON LODGK, I. O. O. T. Meets In
Caallo Hall, Mcllonald Block, every Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. Vlaitin^ Templars OCT*
dlally Invited, Johm Thmtord,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jaeobaea  Hae'/  be p��M.
Notice .!��� IhtqI'X plvi'ii thut John Bell, formerly of lit- Nel.mii Kiiw Mill Co. has been appointed Nelson uifent for Peter Genelle dt Co.,
vice A. E. vounir. Contrncta In Lbe future *re
to be made with Mr. Hell or !iin aMlitant, K. G.
i!C.D.J.Christie 11
A  3 Roomed and a 4 Roomed
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
J | Advance  money  at terms  to
suit borrower.
:: O.D.J. Christie,  Agent
< ���
! :�����������������������������������������������������������������������
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions,etc., as quoted by our
local  dealers.    It  is  the intention of
he Miner to have these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in the city:
Oeilvle'a Hangarlan por 90 lb aaok.. 19)
Ukc of the Woods        " .. 1 ��0
Snow Flake per 50 lb .ack  "139
Wheat per ton  W 0094000
Bran porton  S000I9M0I)
Ground teed per ��ob  8SOO4TMO0
Corn (crocked)   "        tiOOa.3000
Oata ������     asooaaooo
Oatmeal per 10 Sa  �����    50
Rolled oata (U & K) 81. sack  10
Haj (baled! per ton  St 0OB24 00
Potatoes per 100 lb��  115
Beetnper lb  2i
Cabbage per lb  JJ
Oniomperlb  03
Salmon (amoked) per lb	
Oysters (Olympian) por qt	
Oysters I Eastern) per tin	
Cod par B	
Halibut perk	
Smelts per t>.	
Farm rredace.
Kgas por dos	
Hutter (Creamery)       **���
Butter (Dairy)        ftkfl
Cheeee fCnnadiun!         13t)
Ohewe Swlas)       20<|t
Ham (American) per t>  15
Ham (Canadian) per t>  U
Bacon (American^ per lb  16
Bacon (Canadian) per Ib       Hej    IS
Bacon (rollod) per lb       10a   I2i
Bacon (long clear) per lb  i -'
Sliotililora per ib  121
Lnrdperlb  12|
Heefperlb.        8��    }8
Muttonperlb       10��    IS
Vcalperlb       15��    18
Pcrkperlb     12)0    15
Spring Chickens each  50�� 00
Turkeys por lb  20�� 25
Grose per lb  lofl 18
Ducksperlb  18�� 20
Lemons (California) per doa  ��'> 10
Oranges (California seedlings)  1) 50
Apples.  ��� <g
I'oars (small green)  00 08
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't offer our goods below coat,
because we bare no deab-e te lose
money. We sell at prices which are
sufficient to pay fer good material and
good workmanship. Tke slae and variety of oar stock enables ms to please a
customer both as te style and fit la-
deed we aro particular on these points,
We rather lose a sale than permit ee-
satlsfactery ���ameats te leave the
These values eannot be aaraaasad.
- - J. A. GILKER - .
We   Have Just What You  Want
For A Christmas Present For
Your Friend.
7:00 a.m.
7:15 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
0:00 a.m,
11:00 a.m.
2:30 p.m
Beer, to whom all money duo to tbe Arm is .to
���Train leaves N. k F. S.
stntion for Kossland, Spokane and way points da%.
���S. S. Nelson leaveB for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
���9. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way pointsdaily
except Sunday.
,���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from Slocan Oity and
way points, dally, except
,���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way poiuts,
daily, except Sunday.
���8. S. International leaves
for Knslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
���Train arrives N. & F. p.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
.���S. 8. Nelson, nirivos from
Kuskonook, and nil way
points, Monday, Wi dues-
day and Friday.
.���Train leaves C. P. R. sla-
tinn for Hobson, Kossland,
and all Main Line points,
9:00 p.m.���S. S. Alhrrta arrives from
Kaslo aud way points, on
Monday, Thursday and
10:80 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of ar-
rival and departure.
Transportation Companies are requested to
give notice to the Miner of any alterations in
Ihe time of urrival and departure from Nelson.
0:30 p.ro
0:40 p.m
Dinner Sets,  85,   97,   100  and  115 pieces.
China Tea Sets, 40 and 44 Pieces. ----,.
Beautiful Assortment of Decorated Water Sets
Large Assortment of China Cups, Saucers and
Plates, Flower Tubes, Rose Balls and Fancy
Glass Baskets. Who ever will, come and inspect our stock before buying elsewhere.
China Hall Over Grocery Store
Groceries ai)d Crocker^
*��grR$gs> A Full Line of Fauer Toilut
"��f ^ Soaps of all standard brand*
If you want a sweet-scented healthful soap at a reasonable
price you will make no mistake by buying it here.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
CAPITAL PAID UP   -   $2.000000. BEST,   ���  $1,200,000.
T. R. MERR1TT, Vice-Preside*
St, Catharines.
H. S. HOWLAND, President.
D. R. W1LKIE, General Manager.    E. HAY, Inspector.
Ilrumiirs   In   Onlarloi
Niagara Falm i Toronto, 31 Wcl'nton   St. K. I 8t. OaTHaUlM
PORTCOLBOHNE I        , c     VnanafcOnaan   ST. TnoHAl
Hat Portage i      ao       Lm' *<>��B*KiMeen 1 wkllakd
SaultSte, Marie     I      do       Cor, Yonga fc Bloor | Woodstock
KraiKlii�� In ilurlipr. Nunllnlin, Northwest Territories and Itrlll.a Columbia.
Winnipeg, Man. 1    Portage I.a Prairie. Man.      I Brandon, Man.
CA1.GAI1Y,  Alhtll. I' I ��� IN1 I. Ai.meiit, HbhIi. Kmiontox,        AlfctSb
Montreal, Que. |   Vancouver, U. O, I south Kohonton, "
NEI.MIIN.  II. C. Kevkijitokic, B. C.
Savings Hank Dopartmont��� Deposits of {1 and upward* roccivod and tntoreflt- allowed.
Agents in Great Bi'iuin   1 Juydv tliink, Ltd., 72 Lombard street. London, with whom money
may bo deposit cri for t ran*fur by lut t or or calile to any of the above branches.
Letters Of Credit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael's, Aluka, Mt
Drafts Sold, avnllnblu at all points In Canada. United Stnton nnd Kurope.
Monoy Orders issued payabla nt any Hank in Canada.   Kates��� Under $10, 8c; |10 to W��, UN
J. M. LAY,
Until further notice no pftssenKere will bo
carried over the line of the Crows Nest Paaa
rallwoe between Kuakonook u4 Cranbrook.
MX ���B��BB.
These make a very appropriate Christmas
Gift and prices are quite within the reach
of all. Aside from this. You require a
cane as the DANGERS of walking at present
are such as to DEMAND a good cane for
.���. .���. .-. your  own SAFETY.
Early and Secure One.   You Can Have It
Engraved Free.


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