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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 30, 1898

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 Dailj Edition No. 200.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, December 30,  1898.
Ninth Year.
Don't Like  the  Action of
Their Mayor.
Votei'B1 List Should Have Eeen  Open to
to the Publio Since Monday.
Deoember 10.
The unsuccessful efforts of a representative of the Nelson Daily Miner
and of several citizens to gain access
to the voter's list, bave caused a great
deal of comment throughout the city
and indignation has arisen to the
highest pilch. So far as conld be
learned yesterday the list is still in
the hands of the Mayor, and while he
is perfeotly willing to show it to his
friends, his opponents are 30m polled
to c.coept the word of tbe City Cleric ai
to whether or not their names appear
upon the list.
Tbe aot assumes that tbe list is open
to pnblio inspeotion nt tbe Oity Olerk's
office, after the third Monday in Deoember, whioh, in the present case,
was Monday,  December 19.
The aot does not provide for striking off names that have been improperly placed upon tbe list, so that if a
voters' list, were "stuffed" the pnblio,
not having access thereto as the law is
carried out in this oitv, would have
no means of discovering illegal con-
duct upon the part of the officials.
This state of affairs emphasises tbe
point already raised that the publio
should have a printed list in its hands
immediately after tbe thi.'d Monday
in December, and tbis the Miner has
endeavored to point out.
Men have been spoken of on the
street as probable candidates for aldermen ; hut it is essential that a candidate must be a voter, and as there is
no voters' list which can be seen there
is no means of learning definitely
-whether or not the gentlemen in
question are upon the list. The fnct
that people have been told they were
on the list is not a safeguard sufficient to entitle anyone to become a
candidate. They should be able to
actually seo their names upon it.
There is no city in Canada where the
voters' list is handled is it is in Nel
sou, where one man. a proba, le candidate for election, holds the list iu
his pocket nntil it suits his convenience to give it to tbe public. It is not
charged, of course, that the list has
been "stuffed." but assuming that it
has been, no better means conld be
taken to prevent the public from becoming aware of the extent of the
fraud, and tbe shorter tbe time given
the citizens to peruse the list, so much
less is the chance of discovering names
The Miner   is   asked to pnblisb  the
To the Editor of the Daily Miner:
Sir :���Mayor Houston seems to have
gone out of his wav, this time, to add
his latest insult to tbe people who pay
him 12000 a year for looking after
their business.* It is high time this
uncouth iudividual was taught his
place. Is there any other town in or
out of Canada, whose ohief officer���a
paid servant at that���would dare defy
public opinion in the insolent manner
Mayor Houston has done? Fancy
bim, in defiance of all law and common deoenoy, taking the voters''list
out of the bauds of its proper oustod-
ian, the town clerk, and putting it in
his pocket so as to prevent the electors
from seeing it until he has manipulated his own designs flrst? Besides
this, as a preliminary canter to with,
holding���I wout say stuffing, the lists
he orders himself to purchase large
quantities of material and engage an
unlimited number of men for the purpose of executing large pnblio works
that should be let by public tenders.
Will any person be deceived by such a
bare faced attempt to control that
portion of the electorate, usually employed upon such works, for the purpose of foisting himself once more upon the publio nt $2000 a year? The
idea of paying any man $2000 a year
to preside in the mayor'B ohair, in a
town of this size, is a fraud, and
should be stopped at once. Tbe city of
Toronto for many years paid no more.
The oities of Ottawa and Winnipeg
having a fopnlation of about 50,000
each, donate in lieu of salary $1200 for
tlio mayor's entertaining expenses.
Smaller cities pay nothing aud wh>
should we? I hope now that insult
has been added to injury, that it will
be the means of the organizing of a
ticket of respeotable business men nnd
turn the present gnng out. We are
all looking forward to Nelson holding
the lead as the great commercial centre of Kootenay. We wunt large busi.
ness houses and firms to establish
themselves here. How can we expect
large oapital to be invested in our
midst if we refuse or neglect to place
and keep our municipal affairs in proper hands?
That all may know  whether  or not
tboy are entitled to a vote in the coming election, The Miner states for their
benefit that voters must be British
subjects, 21 years of age, must hnve
paid their taxes, or in case they are
not asscsed for properly, should bave
paid tbeir license fees for the year of
not less than $5, or be householders in
the municipalities for a year proceeding tho election ut a ront of uot less
than $110 per annum. Tbese are briefly
tbe qualifications. Anyone coming
under the heads nud whose nnme does
not appear upon the list may apply to
a Police Magistrate or the judge of
tho County Conrt to be added, and if
additions be made in this way the
City Clerk is authorized and instructed to add such names to the list. This
can be done at any time up until tbe
day before election. The names of the
oandidates must appear npon the list
on nomination day.
The announcement made yesterday
in the Nelson Daily Miner to the
effect that George Neelands had announced his oaudidnoy for the mayoralty was received with a great deal of
satisfaction by the citizens of the
oity. Mr. Neelands was. in consequence
of the announcement, a very busy man
from morning until night. Old residents and others assure him of their
support aud many ndditiounl names
were added to the requisition papers
now being circulated. The general
opinion seemed to be that Mr. Nee-
lands would make a strong candidate
at the bead of a reform lionet aud that
his chances of election are very bright.
Cubans are as Muoh Trouble to Manage
as Their Former Oppressors
Havana, Dec. 29.���No processions
or open air assemblages of bauds of
Cuban soldiers will be allowed in Havana during the first week of January. The plans of the patriotic committees for a dinner to the soldiers in
the Prndo und live days of public de-
moustratiou will not be permitted.
No Cuban soldiers, except as individuals, can enter Havana. Should General Gomez and an armed following
large or small attempt to reach this
oity, thoy will be turned   back.
The Amerioan military administrations is determined not to allow conditions favorable to nn ebullition or
violence. It is pointed out that crowds
are easily loud and that if crowds
are permitted to assemble they will
develop into mobs. Gen. John E.
Brooke, the Governor General of Cubn
is determined that no outrages upon
the retiring or remaining Spaniards
will be allowed to occur and no Spanish stores will bo sacked if the Americans cau prevent it.
Bodies of American Soldiers and Sail
ors Will Be Returned   to America.
Washiugton, Dec. 29.���Gen. Lading-
tou.Qnartermnster-Genernl of the army
hns completed nrrnngments for bringing back to this couutry tho bodies of
American officers aud soldiers interred
at aud iu Ihe vioiuity of Santiago de
Cuba, Pouco and other points in Porto
Kico, Manila ami Honolulu. The
graves have been cnrefally marked by
officials of tbe quartermasters' department who have gone over the several fields and have succeeded iu identifying nearly all of tho American
dead. A lurge number of metallic ous-
kets are now being manufactured.
Tlie shipment of the caskets will begin about Juuuary 10th aud u force of
men will go with them to attend to
the work of disinterment, hermetically
sealing tho caskets und shipping thorn
back to this couutry.
St. Johns, Nfld., Dec. 29.��� It is
generally expocted hero that the
failure of the Canadians to secure a
fishery arrangement through the negotiations of tbe joint high commission
at Washington will result in the British Government permitting this Colony to negotiate a separate arrangement with the United States upon the
bnsis of the Bond-Bluiue treaty which
allowed Newfoundland fish free entry
to the American markets, American
vessels receiving free buit nud fish
privileges iu Newfoundland waters.
Belleville, Out., Dec. 29.���Fuller re
turns from North Hustings bye election for the local House cut the
Conservative majority down to 206
with still hulf n dozen outlying polls
to come in which will uot probably
innterinly alter the figures. This reduction, however, cuts oil' the entire increase which the Conservatives candidate   was supposed to have mude.
Rome, Dee. 29.���King Humbert hns
signed a decree manifesting for reducing the punishments of the rioters
who took part in the disturbances Inst
spring. About 700 persons who wero
sentenced by court martial and about
2000 who were condemned by civil
courts have been liberated. All habitual criminals bave been excluded from
tbe benefits of tbe decree,
Philippine   Insurgents   are
Quite Determined.
The New Cabinet is  Made up of Men
Who WUl Not Release Spanish Prisoners.
London, Deo. 29.���From a Filipino
sourse, a representative of the Associated Press is informed that the new
Filipino cabinet is muoh stronger from
the insurgoiit poiut of view than the
last, inasmuch as all the new ministers are pledged to insist upon the independence of tbe islands and to refuse
to liberate the Spanish prisoners. It
is added that the Filipinos will never
release the prisoners, "while thon
suuds of Filipinos nre dying in the
Spanish convict settlements of Fernan
do Po, the Lndrones and the Caroline
Mabiui, the new President of the
Cabinet, nud Minister of Foreign
Affni'S, is described us a notary living
in M-iUlla, of Indian descent, and as
having no Spanish blood in his veins.
He is an old uiau, partly paralyzed,
said to be a great patriot nnd counsellor of A-,'iiinuldo. Antonio Luna, tbe
uevv Miuister of War, of Filipinos,
was em..loved by the last cabinet in
tbe war department. He is editor
of the Manila insurgent paper Independencia, was ednctated in Europe
uud only lately returned to the Philip
pines from Puns. Rosario is probably
Or. Thomas Rosario, when was educated in Spain and it is supposed that
his post is keeper of the archives.
Washington, Deo. 29.���The War Department is expecting definite word
from General Otis within the next 24
hours as to wbnt has occurred at Iloilo
for by that time Genernl Otis will
hnve heard from Genernl Miller, in
command of the American force seut
on this expedition. The officials about
the Wur Department do uot appear to
be apprehensive over the results nnd
there is no evidenoe of tension or
alarm, although it is recognized thnt
ihe situation nt Iloilo is ono which
may bring about a sharp nnd possibly
a decisive issue between the insurgents
nud the United State? forces. Up to
the close of office hours today it wns
said at the War Department that nothing bud been received from General
Otis bearing on the military situation.
All that hud come was a reply to nn
earlier despatch conveying orders,
the reply giving asnrnnce that definite
news could be conveyed within the
next 24 hours. What Genera] Miller
will do as to taking posession of the
city, either with force or without, is
not officinlly disclosed and indeed, it
is likely thnt cousiderable discretion is
lodged with the commanding officer
us to what steps sbonld be taken, but
iu tbe event of a clash between the
United States forces and the insurgents, War Department officials say
there could be no doubt as to tho outcome, as the 17th infantry are among
the regulars, having a reputation for
their fighting ability. The American
force numbers about 2B00 ns against an
estimuted force of some 10 000 insurgents, bnt no doubt is expressed us to
the adequacy of the American force.
Rome, Dec. 29. ���It is asserted here
thut a pontifical document concerning
religious mutters in America has bomi
despatched to Cardinal Gibbons uud
will be published in Europe as soon ns
it roaches him. Although dealing
principally with loeul customs and
modesof uction iu conformity with
the religious liberty accorded in tbe
United States, the document, it is
understood, warns Catholics against
the danger of certain unorthodox regulations touching mutters of conscience such us wero advertised by
certuin commentntors upon Ihe life of
Father Hecker aud the dangers of
doctrines like that of human evolution upheld Dr.  Zuhu.
Ottawa. Dec. 29.���Word has been
received in Ottawa thnt Sountor Mc-
Adams is critically ill at his home in
Hon. Mr. Dohell, who is now on
the ocean is expected to reach Ottawa
on January 4.
Sir Richard Cartwright arrived from
Kingston today and the council met
at 1! o'clock to resume the discussion
of the Washington negotiations.
Colonies Must Run   Their
Own Affairs.
Oolonial Seoretary is Strong in Hie
Defenoe of Oolonial
Now York, Dec. 29. ���Inspectors of
the Board of Health have confiscated
1,500 pounds of horse-flesh at the depot
of tbe American Express Oompnny,
48th street aud Madison Avenue, and
sent it to the offal dock. The meat
came from Roff & Gilford, Siduey
Centre, Delawure County New York.
The Bourd withholds the game of the
St. Johns, Nfld., Deo. 29.���Governor
Murray has made pnblio the text of
the message received by him from
Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State- for the Colonies, in
which the S-jcrotary finally and definitely refused to disallow tbe Reid
Railway ooutraot, or to interfere in
Colonial affairs, the purport of wbioh
previously was made known. The
message is regarded as a rebuke to the
Governor and is considered an important pronouncement on the constitutional nnd legislative control which
the Imperial authorities may safely
oxerciso over colonial questions. The
messages of the Colonial Secretary for
the main part, was as follows :
"To His Excellency Governor Sir
Herbert Murray:
Sir:���I have the honor to acknowledge the reoeipt of your despatch
No. 85, of October 6th, forwarding
copies of the resolutions passed at the
public meeting of the inhabitants of
St. Johns on the fourth of Ootober,
urging that Her Majesty should be advised either to disallow the act passed
in the recent session of the legislature
of Newfoundland to give effect to the
ooutraot with ":', Hcid, or that iu
any case, I should defer tendering advice to Her Majesty in regard to the
act until the people of the Colony
have an opportunity of expressing
their views on the quesiton at general
The step   which I am   urged to take
is one for which there is no  precedent
iu the history of Colonial  administra
The measure, the disallowance of
which is sought, is not only a purely
local coucem, but oue the provisions
of which nre almost explosively of a
financial and administrative character.
The right of complete and unfettered
control over tbe financial policy nnd
lrarngemenrs is essential to self government and has been invariably acknowledged und respected by Her Majesty's Government and jealously
guarded by the Colonies. The Colon
nil Government and legislature are
purely responsible for the management of its finances to the people of
the Colony and unless Imperial interests of great importance are imper
rilled, the intervention of Her Majesty's Government in such matters
would be ab unwarr'autnl 1" intrusion
and a breach'.)f the charter of the Colony. It is nowhere alleged that the
interests of any other part of the empire is involved or thut the act is in
any way repugnant to Imperial legislation. It is asserted, indeed, that
the contract disposes of assets of the
Colony over which its creditors in
this country have an equitable if not
n legal claim, but apart from the fact
thut the assets in question are mainly
potential, uud that the security of the
colonial debt is-its-general revenue,
not any purlicular property or ussets,
I cannot admit that tho creditors of
the colony have any right to cluim the
right of interference of Her Majesty's
government in the matter.- It is on
the faith of the Colonial Government
und legislature that thoy have ad
vunoed their money and it is to them
that they must appeal if they consider themsolvcs injured. No doubt
if it waa seriously alleged that the act
involved u broach of faith or a con.
fiseation of the rights of absent persons. Her Majesty's Government
would have to examine it carefully
and consider whether the discredit
which such notion on the part of the
Colony would entail ou tho rest of the
Empire rendering it necesary for them
to intervene but no such charge in
made and if ' Her Mnjesty's Government was to intervene whenever the
legislation of a colony was alleged to
affect the right of non-residents, tho
right of self-government would bo restricted to very narrow limits and
complications and confusion from tho
division of authority must arise. It is
not tho duty of Her Majesty's Government to attempt the tusk of deciding
whether the act of the legislature buB
been iu accord with the opinion of
the electorate. Even a Governor who
was to some extent with local opinion,
would be tuking a serious step if in
I response to petitions such as have been
| addressed to mo and against tha ad���
| vice of bis Ministers, ho refused to
I assent to a measure of local concern,
which has beon duly passed by the
legislature, and if he failed to find
other Ministers perpnred to assume responsibility for his action aud able
to secure tho support of the legislature, his position Would become uuten-
nble. Any such step on tho purt of a
Governor would have to be taken entirely on bis own motion. It is essen-
> tial that for every act of the Governor
In local matters full responsibility
should attnch to a Ministry amenable
to the Coloninl legisluturo.
Considerations which preclude me
from' advising Hor Mnjesty to disallow the act, apply equally to the
alternative request that I should defer
tendering advice to Her Majesty in
regard to it until the people of tho
colony have had an opportunity of expressing their views on the "matter.
The act is already in force and the
contraot to which it gives effect has
been in part already performed aud
the continuing obligation of the contractor would uot be suspended uutil
Her Majesty's plensuie was finally declared. It remuins in full force until
the act is disallowed or spueuled. It
wonld be unjust therefore to the
contractors and would oaly add to
the already heavy liabilities of the
Colony to acede to the prayers of the
My action has throughout been
governed solely by constitutional
principles on whioh I am bound to
act, and I think it desirable tbat it
should be made quite clear, that iu
accepting the full respousibities inseparable from that privilege, aud if the
maohinery provided for the work of
legislation and administration has
proved defective, or the persons to
whom it has entrusted its destines
hnve failed to discharge their trust,
they cannot look to Her Majesty's
Government to remedy these defects
or to judge between them and their
dnly cbosen representatives. I have
etc.     (Signed)
The Former Points Out How a Union of
Irishmen Oould  be
Dublin, Deo. 29.���Irish political
plans are the subject of much discussion at the present time and there i-
speculation as to the course of the fac
tions in the United Irish League
Ti.uOUij llcu*j, tl.t> ..'.iiti-I'nu;,il!'ti
leader, says in an interview that while
the old land question in Ireland wi s
prominent there would be land war.
He thought a greater toleration
among the party factions would adjusl
this question and would make way for
u union of Irishmen. When this union was secured Mr. Heuly said, Home
Rule was assured.
John Redmond, the Parnellile lender, says he rejoiced thut, ihe Liberal
party iu England was in ii disorganized condition. It wns ulliuuce with
the Liberals be said which has p e-
vented the growth of Irish nationalist
which nlone will bring Home Rule to
Ireland. As regards land agitation
Mr. Redmond snid. the only question
raised iu that regard now would be
an effort to divide up the grazing
Germans   See   Signs   of     An   Anglo-
American Union Hurting Them.
Berlin, Dec. 29.���There is muoh
comment hore nt tho reported arrival
of an American warship at Apia, Samoa, Tho newspapers regard it its a
sign that President McKinley means
to curry out the programme outlined in
his recent messuge to Congress.
The Vossiche Zeilung says: "No
doubt. Great Britaiu will support
America and thus parnlzyc the slowly
acquired German preponderance.
Thero is not u chance of Germany
securing exclusive control."
Madrid, Dec. 29. ���The newspapers
here oxpress the opinion that the decision attributed in this city to Pres-
dent McKinley to have the treaty of
peace ratified iu January, alters the
aspect of political affairs in Spain.
Ministerial circles think it better In
postpone the settlement of the crisis
until the treaty is ratified. There are
mysterious rumors of u recent meet
ing of a dozen generals, the object of
which has uot beou divulged. Hut, it
is said, that the meeting may Importantly affect the situation. The government is lielieved to be awaro thut
the meeting has taken place and is nn-
dersti od to bo taking the steps nee s-
Bury to prevent undesircd developments.
Washington, Dec. 2!).���The postmaster general today signed nn order accepting us private mailing curds both
the Canadian mailing cards bearing
United Stntes stamps and mailed on
this side of the lino and the Uuited
Slates cards mailed m Canad i with
Canadian postage. This is the result
of a   reciprocal   arrangement   between
this und  the Cumlaiaii Governments
looking to   avoid   considerable annoy
unco in   refusing   postal   transmission
where     travelers     both   ways,   write
homo on curds of their own country.
Toronto, Dec. 29.���The mayoralty
contest is already bnlf over before there
is any sign of its existence, Not one
public meeting has been held and only
one has been called and that iu behalf
of E. A. McDonald, who has reserved
tbe Massey Hull for Friday evening.
Tbe general opinion is that Mayor
Shaw will be re-elected.
President Waited Upon by
a Deputation.
Universal  Disarmament end an Anglo*
Amerioan Understanding
Washington Dec. 29.���A delega.
tion presented to the President today
two petitions, one from the great ma-
jority of the organized Protestants
Christian churches of the world and
the other from the Pun-1 ,i.,nyteri(in
Alliance. Both petitions 1 1 been
pluced in charge of the hev. IVu,
Henry Roberts the Amerioan seorciary
of tbe Pan-Presbyterian nllianoe and
with him the Rev. Wallace Rudoliffe
and the Rer. A. W. Pitzor of Wash.
ington D.C., Rev. W. W. Bnrrof Philadelphia and the Rev. J. J. Drury
of New Brnnswiok N. J.
The first petition was signed by representatives of 145 national and denominational churches existing on all
the six continents. It asks for the reduction of the heavy armaments main-
tenained by Christians nations,
'' rendy upon provocation to go to war
and settle their disputations by
bloodshed.'' and also reqnests the influence of tbe Government of tbe
United States in favor of international
arbitration n�� a substitute  for   war.
The secoi.d petition is from the
"au Pi '.j tc.'.an ullinuoe ;vhiah is
also united in the first petition and
which includes eighty national and
denominational churches tbronghont
the world. This second petition asks
for '' A permnnent nnd peaceful method
for the settlement of nil controversies
arising between ihe people of the
liritish Empire and the republic of
the United States." The President
was congratulated on the result of the
rightful wur recently waged by the
United States iu the cause of justice
anil humanity and the divine blessing
was invoked upon him ns the man ordained of God iu n great crisis in unman history to be the leader of the
people und ulso to be instrumental
through both war and peace for the
.ii bringing of Christ's universal kingdom. The signers of these petitions
represent more than eighty milium) of
L'hrislaius iu all parts of the world
i wenty-five millions of whom are Presbyterians.
The president responded cordially to
the delegation saying that he favored
arbitration ns between Great Britain
and America. He also said tbat he
hud responded promptly to the Czar's
proposal for disarmament bnt that under present circumstances tbe armaments of the United States conld not
he now lessened but wonld in any
event be less than wonld satisfy European nations.
A dressed    Y ostomy's   Session   of    the
Amerioan Historical Association.
New Haven. Conn., Deo. 29.��� One
of the features of the meeting today of
the American Historical Association,
wusun uddress delivered by Prof. Cun-
inghuiu, of Cambridge University,
England. Prof. Ounuingbam's name
wus not down ou tho programme but
he appeared hy invitation and gave an
address which was enthusiastically received uud which treated informally of
the difference between American and
English Historical study. The distinguished Cumbridgo professor paid
America high compliments in bis
win iu enroll in in to the keen interest
shown iu this country to the study of
Hamilton, Eec. 29.���Mrs. Farr, of
St. Catharines who has been visiting
her daughters, Mrs. D. liodd. fell in
the buck yurd last night and broke her
neck. Death wus almost instantaneous.
John Higbum and Albert Smith,
two young lads, went into an air
hole while skating on the bay last
night. Both were drowned. The
bodies have not been recovered yet.
Guelph, Deo. 29.���Mrs. Wilson, wife
uf Cornelius Wison, fell down the
stairs of her house last night. Her
skull wus fructurod by the fall and she
died this morning.
Madrid, Dec. 29.���Tbe Minister of
Foreign Affairs. Dnko Almo do Var
del Rio und the Minister of the Interior, Senor Cupdepon have thought
it advisable to denv us absolutely unfounded the stories of the Republican
and Carlist press affirming that a foreign power is preparing to intervene
in the event of the international and
financial affuirs of Spain taking a bad
turn and thut Great Brituin has designs on tbe Baelearic Islands and tha
Straits of Gibraltar. NELSON DAILY MINER. FRIDAY,  DECEMBER 30, 1898.
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put in a word for us at the right time, |
or iu the right place.    A   word   from
Mr.   Mulock   has sent the   authorities
looking to Canada for   telegraph poles,
and a year ago  a   Canadian   telegraph
pole wns   not   thought   of.    It  might
have heen as ensy if,   as   many think,
we had not thrown our chance  away, '
to  get   preferential   trade  by Parlia-
mentury   enactment, in roturn for the
prefereuce  which our Parliament wub :
glad to vote to   Great   Britain.    It   is j
by no menus clear thut everything thut
enn  be done has   been   done, or that
everythinsg   that   has   beeu  done has
been done right.
For a strong partisan paper, the Toronto Mail and Empire iB unusually
generous when it says of^Mr. Mills,
Minister of Justice, that his "constitutional law is of a high character,
and every deference is due to his opin
ion." The remark is a true one, but
as in Canadian politics it is a deadly
sin to speak well of an opponent, it is
none the less creditable because true.
It was made in connection with Mr.
Mills's published opinion that tbe
British Columbia Aot defining the
qualification of Judges is ultra vires.
Tho point raised in those contempt
proceedings in Victoria the other day
is not settled because Mr. Mills Bays
this. He is probably correot in his
opinion, for he is a man of great con
stitutional knowledge aud of excel
lent judgment, but it requires the pronouncement of a Court to put it beyond further questioning. Mr. Mills's
opinion does not make Mr. Justice
Martin a Justice if he is not a Jus
The Minister of JoBtice holds the
local law ultra vires for the renson
that it ii beyond the power of a Pro
viuoial Legislature to define the qual
ificatioiis of u Judge. Those qualifl
cations are set forth in the British
North America Act. To the ^Provinces
aro given the right and power to constitute the courts; appointments to
those courts rest with the Dominion.
When a Province assumes to dictate as
to quuification it is interfering with
the appointing power of the Federal
Government, to whom that power is
exclusively given by the constitution.
If it can dictate one qualification it
can dictate a dozen; it can so restrict
appointments, in fact, us to confine
them to some oue or half-dozen per
sons whom the Legisuture may favor. That is clearly opposed to the
common sense of the constitution. As
the Provincial statute is a direct interference with thi! Federal power of
appointment, the wisest thing to do
now would be to act on the suggestion
of the Torouto Mail aud repeal it.
Unless, nf course, it is thought desirable to obtain a judicial opinion,
which would be a trouble and expense
that really do uot seem necessary.
When Mr. Mulock was lust iu London, so it is suid, he ascertained from
the officials of the PoBt O lice thero
thut tho annual requirement for poles
for the telegraph system in England
was very large, and that thesnpply was
Obtained chiefly from Norway and
Sweden, Thinking to do a friendly
turn for thu timber interest of his
own country, he suggested that the authorities should look to Canada for
their poles. Recently ho received a
letter from the l'uginncr of tho Post
Office, saying that the specifications
would be changed so as to admit of
competition from Canada. That little
nfuir may insult in the annual sale of
fifty or one hutidred thousand telegraph
poles out from Canadian forests.
It is good business in one sense, and
Mr. Mulock's thoughtfulness is to be
commended. But telegraph poles are
made out of young trees, and it is
doubtful if it is wise policy to denude
our forests of young trees. They will
be worth moro to the country ten,
twenty, or fifty years hence, aud in
the meantime it costs nothing to keep
them. The cutting nnd slashing of
Canadian forests are proceeding at an
alarmingly rapid rute ulreudy; in a
few years wo shall be regretting our
prodigality in this regard. It is by
no means sure, thanks to Mr. Mulock
all the Bame, but that it will be better
in the end to leave this trade to Norway and Sweden.
The incident, however, shows how
ensy it is to improve trade with Great
Britain. The people of tho Mother
Country go to France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and Swedon for u
hundred   things which we can  suppy ,
An Ontario manufacturer, Mr. E.
W. Rathbuu, wrote the Cnuudinu Commissioners nt Washington, suggesting
that the timo was opportune for the
abolition of tolls on the Welland and
St. Lawrence Cnnnls. This course, he
maintained, was indispensable to
cheap transportation, and was necessary to a realisation of those national
results that were expeoted from tbe expenditure. He made out a strong case
iu support of his proposition, and
u Toronto paper backs him up in a
long and able leader. Tbe Erie Canal,
it is pointed out, goveriiB the through
freight'rate during the season of navigation, and if the St. Lawrence route
is made cheaper, us it can be when
the cunul system has a uuiform depth
of fourteen feet, it in turn will govern
the rate. With cheaper rates to the
ocean from all Lake points, and with
the increased oceau tonnage aud consequent reduction from Montreal, matters would be in u satisfactory condition. In all it "would mean a saving
to Canadian producers many times
greater than the revenue lost by the
proposed sbolitiou of the carul tolls. "
Outnrio aud Quebec art naturally
anxious to see the St Lawrence route
bocome the grout highway for Western
traffic. It is not bo now, as much
the larger quantity of ocean-bound
traffic is diverted to the Erie canal.
Make our system free, and this will
change; more than that, railway rates
will have to come down. Ontario
would then enjoy cheap transportation. To adopt this policy would no
doubt be a blessing to that Province,
sufficiently ample and more to compensate for tho loss of the tolls. But it is
not sure that the full measure of the
blessing would be extended to Western
Canada. The canal system is a competitor with the railwuys, and in season can doubtless force rates down.
But the railways have to earn their
dividends, aud what they lose at one
time or nt one place thoy make up iu
another. Perhaps increased traffic
would suffice in this case, but that is
not to be reckoned on with certainty.
If Ontario is to be given its "cheap
transportation" there is too much reason to fear that it will be at the expense
of the West, where rates are already oppressively high. Who supposes for a
moment thut the abolition ot canal
tolls along the St. Lawrence route
would lower the five-cent rate for passengers in the far West, or reduce
freights iu British Columbia to the
extent of one poor farthing? There
may be a transportaion problem, but
it is not iu the East; the seeker after
truth hus no difficulty in locating it
from Winnipeg west. It is here the
shoe pinches; not aloug the St. Lawrence, whore they have competition
that competes.
Considerable comment hus taken
place with regard to the change made
by the government in removing Mr.
W. A. Macdonald, Q. O., from the position of License Commissiouer and
appointing in his steud Mr. John A.
Turner, Government Agent. No reason hus been given by the Government why thu change has taken plnce.
It is a matter to bo regretted th it
when a citizen of the standing of Mr.
Macdonald is willing to net, especially us his anointment brings with
it uo emolument, tint the Government should make the chunge. Il is
oluiincd by some of Mr. Mucdonnld's
friends that his removal has been
brought about because of u recent dis-
agreeinent in regard to tho granting
of a oerlain saloon license, it is
hardly to be credited, however, that
any government would lend itself to
such a move. Others olaim that it is
Bimplv an exhibition of political feeling on the part of the Government.
In connection with the change it might
bo mentioned that a carious anomaly
exists. Mr. Macdonald bus boon dismissed from his position of License
Commissioner, but still retains his position of police commissioner.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
Kiillar, by Mrs. W. J. Aslley, Kobson street
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
WAN TED��� A position as manager and book!
keeper for un hotel, Hus hud good experience
and can give good references, Apply Minor
WANTED���All Intelligent boy to study law.
Apply lo Billot & Lonnlo, solicitors, etc., Nelson, fl. C.
WANTED -A young man to work in factory.   Apply at Nelson Soda Water Factory.
During the
Days of
1898 . . .
We will sell
the balance
of our Xmas
Novelties, , ,
Dolls, Toys
and Fancy
Goods, at
You Know-
that any reduction on
our already
low prices
A few pieces
unsold will
be included
in the above.
Book Co.
Established 18711.
The Brackman & Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House  in  Nelson and
will Carry a Full  Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Flom, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:���Turner, Beeton's  Warehouse  on C.
P. R. Siding, below Gray's  Pinning Mill,
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write for Quotations in Car Lots.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton, Nelson.
Give Thanks
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
New Year Gifts.
A full line of goods specially  suitable  for   the   New Year.
Pocket Diaries for 1899
In  Choice   Bindings, Bill Wallets, Purses, Writing Cases,
and all  kinds  of Leather Goods.       .   .*.
Office "Diaries for 1899.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  L't'd,
Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO
Cox. Waxo & Bahcr Sts.
Carload   of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering-   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its   branches.
We have our own Hearse.
The   Following   Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From   Havanna���Bock  &  Co's   Golden  Eagles,
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Hadges   Nessim    Egyptian
From Reims, France���Pommery Champagne, Quarts  and
Painting and
Drawing Lessons
Given by MB. FENWIOK. For terms,
etc, address P, O. or Thomson Sta-
tlonery Oo.
Taking Effect iioooviock u. in.,SejHemlifr
1st,   ItMMt.     Paclllc   or   l.'lllli   Meridian
West Bound
First Class
Loaves Daily
8.30 a. in.
8.55 a. m.
9.45 a.m.
10.110 a. m.
10.08 a, m.
10.20 a. in.
10:34 a. m.
10.35 a. in.
10.46 a. m.
Arrive Daily
Leaves Daily
11:00a. in.
11:10 "
11:25 "
Arrive Dal
2641 G. F. k
Timo Curd Nn 2
Sept. Int. 1808.
South Fork
Boar Lake
Paj ne Tram
Cody Junction
Cody Junction
Kabt Bound
First Class
Arrivo Dally
3.30 p.m.
3.05 p.m.
2.10 p.m
2.00 p.m
1,60 p.m.
1.38 p III.
1:23 p.m.
1.22 p.m.
1.15 p.m.
Leave Daily
Arrive Daily
11:59 a. m.
11:30   "
11:36   "
Lcavo Daily .
lias taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  hy latest methods. .  .
Itrnki'n lllll Black linker ��1.
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
nre niif Hi mis.    Smoke   tbeiu  und
you will like them
i". o  Mix ijii
mi so V. |t. v.
To the many who favored
us with their patronage
during the past season
we desire to express our
deep gratitude,at thesame
time asking their kind
consideration forunavoid-
able delay in filling orders
through non-arrival of
part of our Xmas Goods.
We have on hand a
small lot of Turkeys and
Geees of which we wish
to get rid, in consequence
of the present mild
weather. They are now
in prime condition and
till disposed of
We Offer Them
* BUY IT   *
The Miner is on sale at   the   foi-
lowing news stores at five cents
Tl i��
M.ililllH'IV   l'(
��� ft II- ok I
Notice of Application For Liquor License.
Take notice that I. Charles Olson, will apply
to the Gold Commissioner of VV, st Kootonnv, j
B. C , thirty days after ilato, for a lieen-n till
soil liquor by retail at my hotel, located ut I
Slrdnr, on lot 1, bloik 50. In Ihe West Konloiuiy i
dlstrlot. CHARLES OLSON.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 16th day of Do.
comber, 1806, 063 I
lime  ItllllH
I1   Oathiiljull
O, K. Nelson
J. F Dolanoy
Slocan News Co.
.1. 1. Mcintosh
Slooan News Co.
w. Parker
Thompson Bros,
lintel Spokane
Mi \v. Simpson
M. Anderson
o, \v. inn
N. Kim
V ..Ir
N'uwDuui' r
Slocan City
Slocnn Crossing
Cnscado City
Turkeys      15 cts. perlb.
Geese 13 cts. perlb.
this Morning
(A little late for X'mas,
but in time for New
Years) Plum Puddings
and Tom Smith's Crackers	
Wishing you all happy
returns of the coming
New Year
Hudson's Bay Co.
Permanent Loan
Why pay Rent w^en you
can own a home of
your own?
Loiuih ore made on the security of
Improved Real Estate, not more than
sixty per cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced.
The fate of Interest is 8J per cent
per annum. Interest is stopped on
each 81IH) of the principal returned.
Illustration, showing the cost and
time required to pay off a 11,1)00 loan
nt the following monthly payments :
ofLoS Month!* | Time Required. I  Cost.
SI' 00
lllllll {Ml
20 00
1000 00
ii 00
10011 IMI
30 00
Vr's. M'ths
11 VS.
7      9
SI 105 49
5      8
1267 92
1      0
1200 00
3       2
1159 00
Our monthly payment wyntom haa been
Itro.utl to be tlio mircHt and oanleBt way of
clearing oiTa mortgage.
Tlu'-r loans may be repaid in full or in part
ul ;ui)Milne, wit limit bonus.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baker Kt.
Nelson, B. O.
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions,etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
Tho Miner to have these prices corrected nverv week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the coBt
of living iu tho city:
Ogilvle's Hungarian por 50 lb lack..
Luke of tho Woods "
Snow Flake por 50 lb sack	
lirnlu ���
Wheat per ton  32 00940 00
Hmn por ton  2n0o\<��22 00
Ground food per ton  260092800
Corn (cracked)   "   '   27 00930 00
OillB "         280093000
Oatmeal por 10 lbs       409    60
Hulled nms (B & K) 81ti sac*  M
Hay (baled) per Ion  23 00324 00
Potatoes por 100 lbs	
Boots por lb	
Cabbage per lb	
Onions per lb	
.Salmon (smoked) por Ib      12'(JC
Oysters lOlympliinlpor qt	
Oysters iKiistorn) por tin	
Cod per It.	
Halibut per tb      12)9
Smelts por 11.      1213
Farm Produce.
Kkkhpit doz       25
Butter (Creamery).       25��
Butter (Dairy)        209
1 25
Cheese 'Ctiiuidlnn)..
Cheese  Swiss)..	
Ham I \ nicricnn) por tl	
Hani i('iiuadian) pit tb	
Huron (American,) por lb���
Uncoil H 'uiiiidian) perlb	
Bitron (rolled) per lb	
Baoon llong clear) por lb	
shoulders per lb..	
Lard per lb ,	
Beef per lb	
Mutton por lb	
V'ci'l per lb.
13��   174
Perk per lb     12j9
Spring Chickons each 	
Turkeys per lb.	
Ileeso por lb	
Ducks per lb	
Lemons (California) per doz      3i
Ornllgoa (Californiasoedllngs). ....     1)
I'oiiru l-mall grconl       06
Notice of Application for Liquor   License
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
rains out of Nelson.
NOTICK Is hereby glvon that I, the under-
igncd, Hubert K. Lemon, intond to apply to
the Board of I.ieonsing Commissioners of the
Cily of Nelson, II. Cat their next sitting on
the Will day of January, A. D. 181)0, for a retail
liquor license lo sell liquor by retail In the
room on Ward street, being the second door
from the cnrnor of Baker and Ward streets, In
Ihe building situated on lot 12, bloek 1, City of
Nelson, 11 C.
Dated 14th day of Dec. A. D��� >H NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1*98.
The   Mayor Still  Refuses to  Sign the
Lioenae���Mr. Johnson May bo
There is liable to be trouble in Nelson today. Abe Johnson, to whom
was awarded a transferred saloon license at a recent meeting of the Board
of License Commissioners, but which
action Mayor Houston refused to ratify, will opeu a saloon on Baker
street, betweea Ward aud Josephine,
this morning.
In doing so Mr. Johnson is acting
upon the advice of his attorneys who
olaim that as their client was awarded
the lioense by the Board of License
Commissioners, he is entitled to it.
Tbe oiroumstauces in connection with
the oase will be remembered by readers of Tha Miner. Mr. Johnson went
before tbe License Commissioners and
asked tbat a license held by Mrs. Mallette be transferred to him, as be had
purohased it from Mrs. Mallette. He
also stated that the in lyor had told
him to go ahead with his arrangement and when he was readv to open
he would be given a permit nntil such
time as the Commissioners met and
finally awarded tbe license. Mayor
Houston denied that he had made any
such promise, but Mr. Johnson stuck
to it and offered to bring witnesses to
prove bis assertion. The matter finally came to a vote and Mr. Johnson
was awarded the license, the mayor
alone voting in the negative. His worship then anounced bis intention of refusing to sign tbe license.
This is the situation as it is at present and it is under these conditions
Mr. Johnson will open bis saloon. He
expects trouble; in fact be is prepared
for arrest, as ho has been warned by
the Chief of Polioe that if be attempts
to open his place of business he will
be considered as one endeavoring to
run a saloon without a license. Mr.
Johnson is satisfied, however, that
he is in tbe right aud says he is determined to fight tbe matter in the courts
if he has to. If he is arrested, as soon
as be secures his freedom he will return and reopen his saloon.
fork of Lemon Creek. He positively
reports tbat five feet of high grade ore
carrying golil and silver has I een
struck at a depth of 80 feet while oross-
cutting from tbe main shaft. Mr. D.
K. Macdonald is the owner of tbe
This is considered to be one of the
most important strikes ever made on
Lemon Creek. Superintendent Seeley
starts for Spokano today to make further arrangements for tho development of the property.
The Proprietors of the New  Rink Got
iu Ahead of the Curlers.
At the meeting of the Nelson Curling Club held hist week the proprietors of the new rink being erected ou
Stanley street were present and learned that the club intended to purchase
eight pair of curling stones from Spokane, an offer of $60 for them being
decided upon. The proprietors, as
soon as their terms to the ourlers were
refused, went straightway to a telegraph office and sent an offer of $100
for tho stones. The offer was accepted and tbe stones were shipped at
once. Thus it is that the curlers of
the city will have no game on New
Years day on the lake as they intended. And furthermere it will no doubt
hinder them from enjoying games at
surrounding towns as thoy had con
templated. Had they procured the
stones they could have had a fairly
good season's sport bnt the rink people spoiled their prospects by stepping
in and grabbing up the only stones
that could be obtained promptly and at
a low figure. What will be done with
them is the question that is now being
asked by the members of tho club.
Ourlers would not object to paying a
small fee for each game to curl at the
rink but if the rink people are goiug
to let out the stones in this way they
will never receive $800 for the season
as the club offered them. The action
of the proprietors has determined the
ourlers uot to patronize the new rink
and to erect oue of their own next
summer. A joint slock company
will be organized and a cou.fortable
rink erected.
Officers Eleoted   at  the   Last  Annual
A large number of the Sons of England wero present on Wednesday evening when tho officers for the ensuing
year were elected.
The following wore chosen: Rov.
H. S. Akehurst, President; Bro. J.
Scolemy, Past President; Bro. T. Morley, Vice-President; Bro. W. J. Ast-
ley, Chaplain; Bro. O. Farrow, Secretary ; Bro. T. Sherwood, Assistant
Secretary ; Bro. H. Joy, Treasurer;
Bro. J. Watson, First Committeeman;
Bro. W. Hall, Inner Guard; Bros. E.
A. Crease, H. W. R. Moore and Soho-
fleld, trustees; Bros. E. A. Crease aud
Schofiold, auditors.
During the procoeedings dainty refreshments were served, provided by
Bro. Joy.
Bro.   F.   Starkey. Deputy  Supreme
Grand Lodge, presided over the balloting,   while Bros. G. Steele. J. Hatch
and T. McGnire  acted  as sciutineers.
A Sick Italian Was Allowed to Remain
Unattended for a Week.
On further inquiry it transpires that
the Italian Antonio Columis whose
death was chronicled in yesterday's
issue, was only in the Kootenay Lake
Genernl Hospital about twelve hours.
It seems that about a week before his
death, the city applied to have him
admitted to the hospital, but were refused owing to lack of beds.
About a week afterwards a bed was
vacated and the man admitted, but
in a dying condition. Dr. Hall expressed the opinion that the man's
death was hastened, if not aotually
brought on, by neglect during the
week he remained ill in his shack.
Five Feet of High   Grade   One Struck
in the Alexandria Mine.
Slooan Oity, Deo. 29.���(Special to
The Miner.)���Superintendent P E.
Seelev has just returned from tbe
Alexandria mine near the second north
Tbe Fire boys will give one of their
ever popular entertainments at the
Fire Hall tonight. Tlie programme
is varied and should suit all tastes,
while a glance at its contents shows
thut somo of the best local talent has
been pressed into service. Arrangements huve beeu made for suitable refreshments, and u good and enjoyable
time is guaranteed to all who attend.
The programme is as follows:
Overture by the Orchestra ; a song by
Mr. O.-Prosser; a comic song with
banjo accompaniment by Mr O. B.
Winter; elnb swinging by Mr. Jeffs;
n sparring match between Messrs.
Chambers and Partridge; a song by
Mr. G. L. Lennox; a recitation by
Mr. Blondin ; a selection of orchestral
music. After the interval there will
be a soug by Mr. Colwell; a slaok wire
performance by Mr. Downs; a harmon
ica and guitar selection by Mr. Shaw;
another boxing match; a selection
from the orchestra; a recitation by
Mr. Downs, and a tug of war between
No. 1 Company and No. 2.
Albany, N. Y., Dec. 29.���Comptroller James A. Roberts, has received
from the comptroller of New York
City one of the largest sums ever collected from an individual estate under
the provision of tbe taxable transfer
aot. The sum was paid by the estate
of William Whiteweight of New York,
and union nt ed to $22,683.
San Francisco, California, Dec. 29���
Jim Jeffreys, the heavyweight fighter,
has beeu matched to box 20 rounds
with Joe Kennedy, of tins city, nuder
the auspioes of the National Club, ou
Jaunary 27. Tho p.ir.ie will consist
of 110 per cent of tho gate receipts.
Bombay, Dec. 29 ���Baron Curznn, of
Kertlestone, tbe new viceroy of India,
aud Lady Ourzon with their children
arrived here today ou the Peninsular
and Oriental Steamship Arabia, whioh
lett London, December 9.
Police Magistrate E. A. Crease had
no prisoners to try yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Ross Thompson has withdrawn
from his candidature for the mayoralty of Rossland.
A turkey shoot will be bold next
Monday, January 2, oi the Lake shore
below the Provincial Jail.
There    will  be   a   meeting of the
Board   of   the   Nolson   Public School
Trustees this evening in Dr. E. O. Arthur's office.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald, Q. C, returned Wednesday night from a professional trip to Revelstoke and other
poiuts north.
Mr. aud Mrs. Bruce White have
taken up their residence in the baud-
some house of Hon. J. Fred. Hume
on Ward Street.
Stephen White, proprietor of the
Nelson House, loaves today for B inff
where he will spend a vacation of
three weeks or u month.
The tug Ymir which is being constructed at tbe Nelson Sbip Varils is
very nearly completod. Tbe house iB
all that remains to be built.
Miss Tuttle, the well kuowu society
belle of Rossland, is to be married to
Mr. W. H. Aldridge, superintendent
of the Trail Smelting Works, on January 11.
The hookeyii-ts have not yet arranged a match with au outside team for
Monday afternoon next but it is still
probable tbat either Kossland or Revelstoke will play here.
Mr. G. W. McDowell and a surveyor
will start for Rosebery iu the morning
and the construction of the sample
works, previously mentioned in The
Miner, will be procooded with at once.
Mr. Frank Tamblyu, of the Nelsou
Wiue Company, recently picked up iu
tbe street, a broach of peculiar design.
Mr. Tamblyn is holding it uud will
be pleased to deliver it to its proper
Tbo members of the Presbyteriau
ohuroh will hold their annual Christmas Tree this evening iu the church.
All the novelties of the season are
promised and no collection will be
taken up.
Creepers are a very essential article,
at the present time. The streets ure
coverod everywhere with a layer of
ice and in order to retain one's balance something that will take a good
grip are necessury.
Messrs. J. McKane, and N. F.
Townseud return to Rosslaud today
with Mr. J. F. McRue who hns
greatly recovered from his sudden ill
ness. Mr. McKane will start for
Scotland on January 8.
J. F. Weir, the Baker street merchant, leaves next week for a two
months' visit iu the East. Mr. Weir
will spend a few days in tbe commer
ciul centres and the balance of the
time with bis family iu Toronto.
The flume which is being built by
the city to carry additional water iuto
Ooottouwood creek is to be pushed
to completion as fnst as circumstances
will permit. A gaug of meu under
foreman R. Shields huve already completed the bunk houses.
Freddie Emory, the eight-year-old
son of A. D. Emory,   the  gent's  fur
nishing man, suffered a very painful
accident Wednesday. He was out in
tho yard of his father's house and
slipped and fell upon au axe cutting a
deep gash in his face. Seven stitches
were necessary to draw the wouud
The tug Sandon which is boing bnilt
at Rosebery on Slocan lake is all but
finished. It only remains for the
cabin fittings to bo completed at the
Nelson Sbip Yards. The work on the
construction of the smaller scow, 100
feet in length, it now completed.
Work on the larger scow, 200 feet in
letngb is rapidly progressing. These
scows are intended to assist in carrying the freight between Nelson and
Kootenay Landing.
The Phair���J. Gillespie and G. B.
Wright. Kalispel;E. A. Paterson, Silverton ; A. B. Carrol, Spokane; R.
A. Corbett and F. Anderson, Vancouver ; R. Smith, Vancouver; Mrs.
and Miss Pnrker, Winnpeg.
1 he Hume���C. A. Wing, Oro; F.
Y. Spear, Spokaue; J. E. Williams,
Spokaue ; V. C. Rackliff, Sirdar; J.
H. Spear. Spokane.
Tlie Queens���T. F. Gaine, Cascade;
R. D. Kennedy and J. B. Campbell,
Slocan Oiy; G. H. Scott aud Miss
Mario Fry, Fort Steele.
Slelerologlcal It?port,
(Observations taken by A. H. Holdlch.
Dec Id Kiid.iv 23.0 16.0 0.00 28.45
Dee 2 Saturday 2'J.5 19.0 0.07 28.45
Dec 25 Sunday 83.0 27.5 0.42 28.20
Dec2o Monday 39.0 32 0 0.58 28.00
Dee27 Tuesday 33.0 4>.o 0.10 27.50
Dec 28 Wed'day 25.0 46.0 0.00 27.80
Dec 59 Thursdaj 2'.0 18.0 0.C0 27.85
Some peojile thiuk that a Hardware
store is a poor place to look forsuitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
lm\ e a line of goods amongst which
will be found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation pur-
noses. Their value is not fleeting.
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gift.
importers ot
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Today.. .
W'e are selling the
Balance of Our
Christmas stock
PkIcE>.   .   .
Opposite Queen's  Hotel.
TAKE NOTICE that I, V. O. Rackliff. will apply to the Gold Commissioner of West Kootenay, B. O., thirty
days ufter date, for a license to sell
liquor by retail at my hotel, located at
Sirdar, 1 fi miles from Kuskonook, in
tbo West Kootenay district
Dated at Nelson, B. C., this 9th day
of Dec, 1898
If not, kindly notify us, and
we will call for and have them
promptly attended to. Satisfaction guaranteed or money
Patenaude Bros.
BAKER IT. ���       Weil of B. of H. C.
To  Every One
LILLIE BROS. Aberdeen Block
Thanking our many customers for
their liberal patronage during the
year 1898, and asking for a continuance of the same during the year
1899, we wish you one and all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats aud supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Mnllliiml, N. B.
Moncton, N. II.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, Went End
Montreal, Westmount
Nanaimo. B. C.
Nelson, U. C.
Newcastle, N. B.
Pie ou, N. S.
Port Hawksbury, N. S.
Ro ' Und, B. C.
Antigonish, N ".
Uathurst, N. h.
Hridgewaier, N. S.
Charlottetown, P. IE. L
Dorchester, N. B.
Frederlcton, N. B.
Gujsboro, N. S.
Grand Forka, B. C.
Halifax, N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry. N. S.
Lunenberg, N. S.
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling
and Sold, L.lcrs of  Credit, Etc.
Accounts received on the l.i   -t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit j *nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Tmir.
A Savings Bank department has beon established in connection with tho Nelson branch of
this bank. Deposit* of one dollar and upwards received, and current rate ot interest allowed,
at present 3 por cent, por annum.
Snckvlllo, N. B.
Shubenncadio. N.8.
Sutnmerside, P. K. I.
Sydney. X. S.
St. John. Nfld.
Truro, N. S,
Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver. East End
Victoria, B. O.
Weymouth, N. S.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
Bills of Exchange  Bought
, Negotiated.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent. _
jt"              Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash. ^
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security i
%              and Savings Co. %
���C=   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and ""S
����:                               8 years by monthly instalments. _^
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.    .
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
>fr- Cottage in good locality f 14.  _\
��_ Shack .    |i.  "5
House 10 Roomi J
House 6 Rooms 3
House 7 Rooms 3
House 6 Rooms JJ
House B Rooms 3
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. O.
West Kootenay Valley, B. 0., on Ktie
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson k Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Sirdar may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelsou, or from
Sirdar Townsite Co.,
(AIMM.  MFIME., M Min. Amm. OorswtiU
Opposite Phuir Hotel,
P. O. BOXS83.
Kxtondod experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analyst, of .res.
Reports and valuation on mineral properties
Underground surveying and min. plans k.pk
up by contract
Manufacturers of
Halcyon Hoi Hprlag*  Water Aerated aad
supplied lo Ihe Trade.
l!i;ll.   ESTATE   ANB    IVHIIIIMI:   AtlKNT
Valuable Maker Street and  other excellent property for aala,
mil. i Tururr-Boeekh Block. N.lwa, B. C.
CHURCH OK I'Mil.ami- Matin 11 a.m.; Kvou
Hung. 7.K0 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Commun
Ion nn 1st and 3rd Sundays In the month aftei
Mi it ins; on 2nd and 41 It Sundays, at I a m
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rev. H. 8. Ako-
hurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica ��t reels.
IMtKHnvTKHiAN CnuRcn���Services at 11 am
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayor mooting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets overy Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rer. R. Frew,
Pus tor.
Mktiiodist Church���Corner Silica and
Joxcphine Street.. .Services at 11 a.m. and 7.S0
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League C. K., Tuosday at 8a.m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor.
Catholic Church-Mans at Nelson, first
and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Heno.lL:
lion nt 7.30 lo 8 p.m. Rev. Father Ferland
Haitibt OHUROH ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. the B. Y.
I'. U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed.   Rov. C. W. Itos��, Pastor
Salvation Ariiy���Servlo a every evening
at 8 o'clock in barra.ckson V.ctoria airaet.
Ad intnul Mlllnor In charge.
Notice of Application for Liquor Lictosc,
Take notice that I, Robert Froy, will apply
to the Gold Commissioner of Wost Kootonay,
B, I'., thirty days nfter date, for a license to
sell liiguor by retail at nil hotel, located at
Mountain Siding. In West Kootenay dlstrioL
Hated at Nelson, B. C, this 10th day at Da- NELSON DAILY MINER FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1898.
*V^��V��V��V��V%^*  P
Mining Stock Quotations.
Dg n group of 10 claims known as the
Ruth, Rnth Fraction, Wyoming
Hope. Despair, Aniora. No. 2. Aurora
Fraction, Yuma, Yuma Fraction aud
Suburban Fraction. These claims
cover an urea of about 210 acres, and
aro situated close to the railway at
Sandon. The principal work has been
carried out ou the Until and Hath
Fraction, bat another ledge has lately
been discovered on tlie Aurora and do
velopment upon this claim, as well   ns
j in the principal   workings, is now be-
[Compiled by H. G. McCulloch. mining brok-1 >��K actively   pr08eout��tl.    During   the
Nelsou. B.C.. P.O. box 105.1 12   mouths   ending   110th   June    last,
I (1,074 tons of oie carrying both silver
and lead, were shipped from the mine
to the smelters; and. the operations
of the company resulted in a net profit of ��89,788 ills. (id. An interim div-
was uaid
Niinie of Company Valuo.
Nelson, Slocnn und Ainsworth
Amerioan Hoy loo
Athabasca 100
Arlington Con 100
Dundee loo
Dardanelles (00
llellie 100
Klsio 100
Kxchcmier.  100
Fern G. M. Co   25
Gibson 160
Hull Mines  il
Idler 100
London  Hill    25
N'elson-Poorman    25
Kaslo Montezuma   100
Noble Five 100
Rambler Con 1 OO
Keco 100
Slocan Star     50
Two Friends   30
Wonderful  100
Washington 1 00
Trail Creek
Dutte 100
Caledonia Con  1 00
Commander 1 00
Door Park 100
Enterprise 1 00
Kurcka Consolidated 1 00
Evening Star...  1 00
Georgia 100
Good Hope 100
Grand Prize  100
Giant 100
High Ore 100
Iron Mask 100
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo 100
Lily May 5 00
Mayflower 100
Monlta 100
Monte Cristo 1 00
Mugwump 1 00
Novelty 100
Phoenix 100
Poorinan 100
Red Mountain View 100
Rossland HomoBtake 100
Kossland Red Mountain 1 00
Silverlno 100
Silver Boll 100
St. Elmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 1 00
War Eagle Con 100
West Lo Roi J osio 100
White Bear 100
lphaBoll 100
Cariboo (Camp McK| 100
Waterloo (Camp McK) 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channe      25
Qolden Cache 100
Occ.M.&M.Co 100
Old Ironsides 100
Smuggler   100
Tin Horn    25
Van Andn 100
Winchester   25
Firo Mountain 100
1 20
1 25
2 95
1 25
Copies of the annual report of thu
London and British Columbia Gold-
fields, Limited, were received in the
city yesterday. The directors' report
and the statement of accounts show a
most encouraging state of affairs.
The following extracts will be of interest :
Tha Ymir Gold Mines, limited, was
formed with a oapital of ��200,000, in
200,000 ordinary shares of ��1 each,
for the purpose of taking over the
Ymir Gold Mines, whioh had been
purchased and developed by the London aud British Columbia Goldfields,
Limited. The mines comprise seven
clttims and fractious amounting to 163
acres, together with mill site and
water rights sufficient for the mill.
This company has handed over to the
Ymir Gold Mines, Limited, Ihe properties, buildings, and mine equipment,
aud has undertaken to erect a complete
40 stamp mill for the treatment of the
oro. When the developments had
been extensively carried on, Mr. J.
D. Kendall was called upon to examine
and report upon this mine, aud this
report not ouly confirmed those of Mr.
Fowler, but stated that 93,000 tons of
ore of a value of fl, 123,200 (��232,000)
wero then actually blocked out. Since
this time development work has steadily advanced, largely increasing the
reserves and most satisfactorily proving tbe valuo of the mine at greater
depth. As this mine has sufficient
ore already blocked out to keep the
40-stamp mill supplied for' several
years, aud is particularly well situated tor exceedingly cheap working,
the directors consider this mine will
in a short time rank amongst the leading dividend paying gold mines in
British Columbia. This company sold
a quarter interest at a large profit,
retaining a  three-quarter .liferent.
Tlie Whitewater Mines, Limited,
was issued by this company, wit i a
capital of ��125,000, in February last,
for taking over and working the well
known Whitewater silver mines. After full consideration, aud thoroughly
studying tlio subject, the company's
engineers decided that���to ensure the
economy in working���it would be ad-
visablo to mine Ihe ore body in this
entirety rather than to select the clean
ore for shipment first. The shipments
to date have therefore beeu small, consisting only of cluuu ore recovered
whilst driving tunnel extensions aud
other development work. Development work, consisting of tho extension of the old tunnels, aud the driving of new ones, etc., has beeu vigorously carried out since the company
entered into possesion of the property,
with tho result that tho reserves ot
ore have been doubled, and are sufficient to keep the concentrator supplied for several years. It is extremely difficult to put a value on this
ore until the concentrator returns
are known, but every estimate reoeiv-
ctl from our engineers hus been such
that the Directors have overy confidence thut the profits to be deriTed
therefrom will be sufficient to yield
very large returns on the small capital
of the company. Since the Whitewater Miues, Limited, entered iuto
possessiou, the principal or Whitewater vein, has been proved on the
surface to run right across the com
pauy's properties from the portion now
being worked on tho Kast, to the Myrtle U. on the west. Two other reefs
have also been found, one on the Irene
north of the Whitewater vein, and
tho other lfiO feet from the Whitewater
vein on that claim, but as yet there
has not been sufficient development
work carried out to prove their valuo.
This company's interest iu the Whitewater Mines, Limited, is a large one
and has recently been increased
The Until Mines, Limited, is a com
deud of 8 shillings per share
in February lust, and a final dividend
for the year under notice will shortly
1 e declared. A concentrating plant
will bo erected upon the property
during the coming spring, aud a large
quantity of concentrating ore, which
has already been mined, only awaits
treatment to yield good returns. The
Alma group of claims composed of the
Alma, Inkerman, Alexandria, and
(libralter, adjoins the Ymir Gold
Mines en the western side, aud is
owned entirely by this company. Only
a small amount of exploratory work
has beeu carried out, but. judging
from surface indications, and from
their immediate proximity to the
5 j Ymir Mines, the directors believe that
13 this company has iu them a property
of considerable value, and they have
therefore decided to vigorously continue development work as soon as
tho season of the year  permits.
The Norfolk claims consist of two
adjoining claims situated in Atwoods
or Central Camp, Boundary Creek district, and is owned by this company.
Ab a railway will shortly be compa^d
to within some seven miles of these
claims it was considered advisable to
limit development work for the preseut. Judging from the results obtained
upon these clainm, as well as from
others iu the district, our manager
assures the directors that the Boundary Creek district is one whioh is rapidly coming to the front. He is
therefore, already iu negotiation for
the purchase of others, being fully
alive to the wisdom of this policy.
The Washington and Slocan Boy
Mines are situated iu the Slocan dis
trict about four miles from the Kalso
and Slocan railway, and embrace eight
claims and olaim fractions, and are a
combination of two properties adjoining eaoh other, the one the Washington group, and the other the Slocan
group. Without such amalgamation
it was impracticable to work the properties in the most economical manner,
as the lower levels of the Slocan Boy
can now be worked by tunnels through
tho Washington instead of expensive
shaft workiugs and cousequentliy the
cost of extracting the ore becomes very
much reduced. The option on these
properties hns been secured by this
company upon very favorable terms,
and judging from the reports received
from our enigneers, and from the work
whioh has since been carried ont,
this option has every prospect of proving an exceedingly valuable acquis!
From the accounts it will lie seeu
that with a paid up captial of ��!)(!. 181
os a profit of ��84.804 lis 4d. has been
made during the year ending 30th
September last, which amount���added
lo that, brought forward from tho previous year���makes a total profit of
��88,462 15 s. 3d. Of this stun the interim dividend paid in March last absorbed ��4, Hi)7 10s., leaving a net bal-
anceof ��83,405 5s. 3d. to be dealt with
at the end of this financial year. It
will also be observed that the oash at
Ihe bank, the amount on loau against
security of consols, the amount due
from sundry debtors, and unpaid calls
(the greater part of which have since
been received) make a total of ��55,992
18s. lid. In arriving at the amount
of ��140,612 10s., appearing as investments in various companies, the directors have adopted a most conservative and cautious policy���every core
having been takeu to state the value
of the shares at a figure which, in the
opinion of the directors, is considerably below their intrinsic worth. The
item of ��5,700 15s. lid, is the actual
amount expended on mining claims
and options, and does not represent
tho improved value following upon the
development work carried out.
The directors recommend that a further dividend be paid on the ordinary
shares which, with the interim div-
deud already paid, will make a total
cash distribution at the l'ate of 20 per
cent, por annum upon tho paid up
capital of the company for the past
year. It is also recommended that
20.000 fully paid shares in the
Ymir Gold Mines, Limited, be distributed by way of further dividend
which, according to the company's
memorandum and articles of association, will ho distributed in two moieties, one to the ordinary and one to the
deferred shareholders, the balance of
profit being carried forward to next
bigger dividend payer than tbe Le
Hoi. By mining and shipping 100
tons of ore a day it can make a yearly
profit of nearly $2,000,000. The
Payne is a small fissure averaging
not more than two and a half feet,
but every pound of galena taken out of
that vein will run over 120 ounces
of silver and over 60 per cent of
lead to the ton. One hundred and
twenty'-five men will break and Fmine
this 100 tons of ore and no power plant
uo air drills, or hoisting or steam or
electric machinery of any kind will
be ue ded for years. In fnct the Payne
justly ranks among the richest mines
ev ir discovered. The original discoverers of the group sold the whole
out for $6000. That was seven years
ago. The present owner can clean up
$6000 a day net profit.���Western Min
ing World.
* ���   ���
All of the machinery for the 40
stamp mill being erected at th. Ymir
mines has arrived at Ymir and the
greater part of it has already been hauled to the mine where the work of
erecting the mill is proceeding rapidly. Four or five thousand feet of
flume are being constructed and the
water power will be connected with
the mill as soon an the latter is ready
tor operation which should be in
few weeks. Klectrio light is being
put in and telephone connection is being completed with the mill and mine]
An office building and bunk honne
are being erected.
* ���   *
Tne concentiator at the Whitewater
mine is now running very smoothly
having got over all the eccentrioi ties
characteristic of new machinery and
is treating over a hundred tons of ore
a day.
* ���   ���
The Exchequer mine on Morning
Mouutnin continues to Bhow np well
under development. The new shaft
is now down 25 feet, and the ore body
has widened to three feet wide while
continuing to carry the same high
values in gold.
�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ssessa-swssaawessseasseaeasssswea
Waldemar   Wallach &  Co.
P. O. Box 724, Rossland, B. O.
Correspondence  Solicited,
Turkey Shoot
Monday, Jan. 2
On Lake Front below Court House.
If weather is disagreeable a canvas
will be provided.     A rifle can be obtained on the grounds.
Great West   Life
Assurance Oo.
IC. D.J. Christie
A  3 Roomed and n 4 Roomed
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance  money  at terms  to
suit borrower. j
0. D. J. Christie,   Agent :
6:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane aud way points daily.
7:16 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way pointB
daily except Sunday.
7:30 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kuskonook and way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
8:00 a.m.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:00 a.
11:00 a,
2:20 p.
4:00 p,
4:30 p,
5:35 p.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
X     , ,    THE VERY BEST
\ Short Order Meals
X At Any Time���Day
T or Night.
-Train leaves C. P. R. station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
,m.���Train arrives C. P. It. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
,m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves foi
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points.
daily except Sunday.
m.���Trnin arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Kossland and way points,
6:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay   L'd'g and  way
Jioints,   Tuesdays,   Thins-
lays and Saturdays.
6:30 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kuskonookand way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. R. station for Robson, Rosslaud,
and all Main Line points,
10:80 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel
son, but have no regular times of arrival and departure,
Transportation Companies aro requested lo
give notice to tho Minor of any alterations In
tho time of irrival and denarture from Nelson
Tho wealth of the Slooan is thus described by P. A. O'Flirrell in tho Toronto Globe : I have referred so often
to the wealth of the Slocan that I must
seem tiresome to go ou repeating it,
aud yet I have never yet been able to
convey oven au idea of the boundless
wealth stored in these mountains between Kootenay and Slocan Lukes.
It is truo that wealth is not only in
lend and silver. It has not the glitter aud glamour of gold, but !g just as
substantial aud just as abiding, aud
slinulil I liko to have a kind of sledgehammer literary force to drive home
the knowledge of it to the minds of
the people and statesmen of Canada.
There is hardly a gulch, a creek, n
canyon or glen in the most of these
noble mountains where the Amerioan
prospector and the Amerioan miner is
not delving away for a living, a competency or a fortune. I know hundreds of elegant villus and noble ninn-
sious that have risen on the banks of
the Spokane, built hy men who found
the treasures of the Slocnn. You will
find magnificent homes among tho
orange grovos of California which
havo been purchased by adventurous
prospectors who chanced to hunt for
fortune iu the Slocan Mountains, I
have seen the wealth of this wonderful
country making smooth (lie way to the
United Stilus Senate. I have seeu it
usid to purchase grand estates in old
Virginia, and yet there arc Canadians
v-ho doubt it!
*   *   *
The   Payne   mine   near Saudou is a
1 he  i est Cook.
The Best Attention.
1 he best Meals
> Y. HOSHl        ���        Proprietor. I
��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������t
Fancy Drejs Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
Steamship Lines
From Ht John
Dominion Line���Scotsman Doc. 2P
Allan Line-Parisian Jan.lt
Froai Bontan
Dominion Line���Dominion Dec. ill
From Portland
Allan  Llne-Numidinn P.0,'i'
Iloaver Lino-Oaltia Duo. 2!l
From New York
White Star Lino���Teutonic Doe. 2S
White tftnr Lino���Britannic Jan.   I
Uunard Lino-Ktruriiv Dec.:)'
Canard Lino-Aoranin 'ian',',
Anchor Line���FurnOBSlft Jan- ll
Anchor Lino���Anoborlii P80. J
American Lino-Purls [��"��� ���
Allan Line���Stale Nebraska Jan.lB
Cabin, J45.00, tbo, ft*/, $70 *80 and upwards.
Intermediate, $:t'2..r>0 und upwards
Steerago, M8.S0 and upwards,
Passengers tiokotod through to all f'ftlni* 11
Great Britain or Ireland, and at spooiftllylow
iiilos to all parts of tho European oqntl aent,
Prepaid pnssaSsa arranged from nil point;
Apply U>0 P. lt. City'llckciAguiil, Nulson,
5541   General Agent. C.l'.lt. Onions. Winnipeg
General Teamsters.
for B. C. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
NrwIv Turn- Cut any length
l\eWiy lUm- to order.    One car  of Fresh
ished  B,00mS Spokane Lime just arrived.
At  the Carney  Block,  Baker street. I 	
Bath und electric light.  Prices reason-!
able. Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts.
MKS. E.   i.lDcOFF.      i Telephone   83.
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't oiler our Rood a below cost,
because we have no desire to lose
money. We sell ut prices which are
Bufflcient to pay for good material and
good workmanship. Thu mze and variety of our stock enables us to please a
customer both as to style and fit. Indeed we are particular on these points.
Wo rather lose ft [Bale than permit un
satisfactory garnienU to leave the
si oro.
These values cannot be surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
Groceries arje. Crockery
io per cent.   Discount  in   Our  Crockery  Department Till
ist  of   January.
Complete stocl' of Bar Glasses always on   hand.      Inspect
our stock of
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets  and Toilet  Sets.
"Full Stock of Groceries."
Compliments of the Season.
Groceries ami   Crockery.
Xmas Is Over
W* New Years Is To Come <^P
There may lie something yon have
forgotten,    Perhaps  we  have  it.
Come and see.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager     I    .,���.   -,-*��.,     ��->    ^
S. S. Fowler, E. M., J   NELSON,   B.C.
Mining lingineer
$(}.75   PEK   TON,   DELIVER   I)
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay   and   Baker   Streets.
General Agent
CAPITAL PAID DP   -   MiOOO.OOO. KEST,   -   $1,200,000.
H.  S.  HOWLAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. Catharines.
1). It. WILKIE, General Manager,    15. HAY, Inspector,
Itritiichcrt   In   Ontario!
NlAiiAlu  Falls ITORONTO, III  Wol'gtOD   SI.  E.
Pour I'm.iuihni: 1      ,. ,.,��� Vn,,..,. s. n..
Hat I'ohtaiik I      cl��       Cor. YongoipQueen
nmji.1, H.vri.TStic. .Maiiik     I       do        for. Yongu & Hloor   wuoustuci
ItraiirliiH in UnrliiT, Miinlluhii, Nqrlkweal Trrrlliirim ami ltrlil��h folunibljt.
WlNNll'Ko, Man. I    PQHTAQB I.A I'KAlltlK, Man.       | Hhandon, Maa.
Cai.iiauv,  Albta. I'lilNiT ALBERT, SuhIi.
Montreal, (Jog. I    Vancouver, 11. ('
St. Catharine
St. Tiiiimas
Kelson, ii. 0,
llBVBLBTORfl, li. (J.
Edmonton,     Albta.
South Edmonton, "
Snvinffs Bank Department -Deposits of si and upwards, received and Interest; allowed
Agents In Greal Britain -Lloyd'" Bonk, Ltd.] 7'.' Lombard street, London, with whom money
nmy be deposited for transfer by Iptter or cable to any of the above brunches.
Letters of Credit Ismiod on Alaska Oommorolftl Oo, payable ut Ht. Michael')*, Alaska, and
Dawson Oity,
Drafts sold, available ut, nil points in Canada, United States and Europe*
Money Orders issued payable ul any Hank in Canada.   Rates��� Undor 810, 8c; 810 to I20*10c
|20 to |80, I2e; 180 to 900, Uo. " '
J. M. LAY, Manager.
The Great
Short Line
From the   manufacturer
to   thu    retailer   direct,
means  close   prices    anil
, personal responsibility.
.nying from the manufne-
I urcr or milker of goods
means everything to the
purchaser, for it is in itself an Insurance against
Inferior Goods and Exorbitant. Prices, while the
customer reaps the immediate benefit
My'HtouB of Jewelry, Rings, Br 'Oohes, Scarf Pins, Lorgnottes, Lockets,
Necklets, (gentlemen's Vest ('bains, Watches, Clocks, Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Ware,  I personally selected from tlie immense stocks at the differ
Buy from JACOB  DOVER and Save Money.
Engraving  Free.


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