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 Dailj Edition No. 201.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday, December 31,   1898.
Ninth Year-
Uitlander Sentiment   Was
y      Strongly Opposed.
There is Great Exoitement in Johannesburg Caused by the Tyrannical
Actions of the Eoers-
Pretoria, Dec. 80.���Strong representations have beon made to President
Kruger, urging him to forbid the proposed celebration on January 2, ot the
defeat of the Jameson raid, when,
at the suggestion of the Pretoria Volk-
stein, the projeot was to burn Dr.
Jameson in effigy. Owing to the pres
ident's action, the celebration has
been abandoned. There is no doubt
that such an observance of Jameson
day as had been planned, would have
led to serious riots.
London, Deo. 80.���The Johannesburg
correspondent of the Daily Mail, who
utters a warning against the optimistic reports cabled to London iu
the Kruger interest, says:
"I have interviewed the British
consul, who said that Saturday's demonstration impressed him as based unon deep public feeling, while the deputation which presented the petition
was, to his presonal knowledge, composed of men of high charaoter and
standing. Signs nre multiplying that
the Uitlander sentiment has been
raised to the point of asserting claim
for justice. The ex-reforji leaders
are debarred under pain of banishment
from interfering in politics, but they
claim, despite Pretorian terrorism,
they will not keep silent much longer.
The present temper of the community is such that oppiosiug demonstrations will almost inevitably be followed by serious riots. I learn ou
high authorities that during the negotiations at Pretoria regarding Saturday's demonstrations the British
agent carefully avoided any admission
thnt the British government assented
to the publio meetings act. He even
suggested that Great Britain might
test the legality of that measure under the Loudon convention.
"The present position has aroused
the deepest public excitement siuce
the Jameson raid, aud it is plain
that something must be done quickly
to terminate a humiliating and intolerable situation."
The Cape Town correspondent of
the Daily Mail says:
President Kruger. iu the course of an
interview, Iiiib asserted that he depreciates the warlike article published
on Wednesday by the Boer organ, the
Hand Post.
London. Deo. 80.���The Johannesburg
correspondent of the Times, telegraphing, Thursday, says:
Yesterdays' issue of the Ri.nd Post
contains further inflammatory articles.
The paper called Saturday's proceedings rebellious plots against the existence of the repnblio aud styles the petitions "lying and libelous documents
compiled in conjunction with the British agent's ollice. It suggests that if
a couple of wiro pullers were shot it
would avert a formal war, and Bays
that Greut Britain should be required
to appoint a new consular stuff, failing in immediate compliance with
which request, tho exequators of the
present members of the staff should be
Two Railway  Companies Are   Using
One Another Very Roughly.
Wellston, Ohio, Dec. 80.���A railroad
war is on here between the Columbus
Hooking Valley and Toledo, and Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern roads.
As a resalt the Hocking has a torn up
switch nud several mined cars and the
Southwestern has a probable damage
suit on its hands. The Hooking Valley road built a Bwitch on private
property along the Southwestern track
and have held it down with loaded oars. This morning a gang of
Southwestern truckmen overpowered
the Hocking Valley employees and
tore up one rail of the switch, and
then a switch engine with a chain
completed the work. A lot of cars
loaded with pipe iron were backed on
the disputed track by the Hocking people but were ditched and smashed,
blocking botli roads. A large forco of
Hock;ug Valley men came in at noon
and regained possession of the disputed
territory. The Southwestern officials
wired for additional meu uud more
l trouble is expeoted tonight.
R Rhol, Fraucia Copla and the American Indies Company to compel them
to turn over the franchises for constructing the street railroads in Ha-
vanu. Todny ex-congressman J. J.
Adams, representing Oeballs and
Rhol, made a motion before Jndge
Scott to compel the plaintiffs to disclose their authority for bringiug the
suit and also to state where Hugh
Alexander and Eugene Sweeny, two
of the members of the said Havana
Street Railway Company, reside. Decision was reserved. Mr. Adams in
his argument said thnt Havana Street
Railway Company had been organized
in the state of West Virginia in 1804,
with a capital of $1,000,000, ten per
cent of which had been paid in.
They had not paid any taxes in that
state from that time to this. He had
also been unable to find them registered in this state. Mr. Ceballos, it had
been alleged, had in his possessioin
papers transferring the franchises from
the original owners to the Havana
Street Railway Company, and since
tbe end of the war Ceballos with
others had organized the American
Indies Company, with a capital of
118,000,000 and that it was the new
company's intention, if possible, to
get control of the franchise.
A Law Suit Has Been Instituted to Secure the Franchise.
New York, Dec. 80.���The Havana
���City Railway Company has brought
o suit  against Juan M.   Oeballs, Fred
Official Receiver's Report Will Shortly
Be   Published.
London. Deo. 80.���The Official Receiver's report of the banlrnptoy it
Earnest Terah Hooley, the company
promoter, is shortly to he presented.
It will show that Mr. Hooley'snet loss
in the flotation of 20 companies was
��190,000. Various offences will he
charged, including insufficiency of assets to pay 10 shillings on the pound,
imperfeot books, rash speculation extravagance in living, and possibly,
serions allegations in connectiou with
missing books and papers.
Some  Colombians Insulted Italians and
the Latter Want Satisfaction.
Colon, Colombia. Dec. 80.���The
Loyal press referring today to the report that the Italian second class
orniser Fiernmoeon under comamnd
of Amiraglio di Brocletti, has been ordered to Colombian waters to demand
satisfaction for alleged recent insults
offered to Italian naval officers, says
that Colombin "Should act with dignity, prurience aud forbearance, so as
to attract the attention of tlio nations
of the world to the repented display
of might versus right. " "The insults"
of which the Italian government is
snid to complain, grew indirectly out
of theCerruti affair last summer, when
the Italian squadron under Amiraglio
di Cnndinni went to Colombian waters
to enforce President Cleveland's
award. It made n diversion into Venezuelan waters and tho Venezuelan
government conferred certain honors
and decorations npnn Candiam and his
officers. Several Colombian deputies,
upon whom Venezuela had bestowed
the since decoiatinns, returned them
to Venezuela with the statement that
they considered it a disgrace to wear
decorations which bad been bestowed
upon Italians. The Italian government culled upon llio Colombia Government to disavow the net of tho deputies, but the Colombian executive
declined. It was announced a few
nights ago from Rome thnt the Fera-
inoooa would be seut to demnnd nn
Washington, Dec. 80.���The department of state recently received from
the Uuited States Minister at Constantinople information that the Minister
of Foreign Affairs of Turkey had informed him thnt the Turkish Government had no intention of preventing
American citizens, whether Jews or
Ohritnins, coming ns individuals and
not en mnsse from visiting Svkrin or
Palestine ns travelers or visitors, the
only object of that Government being
to prevent further colonization of Palestine by Jews as the settlement there
of religious bodies in prepondering
numbers might lead to political complications, which it is the purpose of
the Ottommun Empiro to avoid. The
foregoing ofliciul announcement appears to ha.'e a direct bearing on the
Zionist movement for the establishment of a Jewish nation in   Palestine.
France Has Another Chinese
Under Existing Oiroumstanoes Great Britain Will Gain Nothing in
London, Deo. 81.���The Shanghai
correspondent of the Times says: "It
is officially asserted here that in spite
of the protests of Sir Clande MacDon-
ald, the Birtish Minister at Pekin,
China acceded to the demands for an
Ofiension of the exclnsivsFrench settlement in Shanghai. This result is
due to pressure exercised at Pekiu aud
is likely to hamper the negoitations
for the extension of the cosmopolitan
settlement in regard to which the vio-
ero*. of Nnkin is disposed to meet the
views of the British, Amerioan and
German consuls.
"The Viceroy is greatly ohngrined at
the failure of Great Britain to support
his determined policy in the valley of
the Yang Tse Kiang at any important
crisis. Satisfactory conclusions are
not likely to result from British negotiations any whore in China so long as
the personnel of the Tsnng Li Yanien
remains as now, actively hostile to
British interests."
New York, Deo. 80.���Frank J.
Gould, youngest son of the late .Iny
Gould bought n seat on the New York
stock exchange yesterday, for $850, ���
000, the highest price paid for a sent
on the exchange in mnny yenrs.
All his brothers are members of the
Rio Janeiro, Deo. 30.��� Parliament
olosed today. The budget expenses are
Has. 000 centos. The reoeipts are estimated at 351,000 centos. Extradition
with the Uuited States and other Republics was approved.
New York, Deo. 80.���The failure of
Miss Julia Arthur to appear at Wnl-
lnck's theater since Mondny afternoon
has resulted in the issuance of nn attachment ngainst the property of Benjamin P. Cheney, the hnshmid of the
nctress and the proprietor of the Julin
Arthur Company. Tho attachment
wns obtained by Theodore Moss, the
proprietor of Wnlluek's Theatre. Mr.
Moss claims $10,000 damages for breach
of contract.
Pretoria, Dec. 80.���An official contradiction is given out todny to the report that Bubonic plague has brjkeu
out in the Delagoa Bay distriot.
Fire   Brigade  Entertainment  Pleased
The Nelson Fire Brigade as an entertainer is a snecess. The concert
given last night in the Are hall under
the auspices of the tire laddies was one
of Ihe best entertainments of the kind
ever given in Nelson and great credit
is due to all of those who were instru
mental in arranging it.
A crowd is always essential to success
and this wus one of the fentnes last
night. The hall was filled and their
was standing room only nnd little of
tbat, The programme was excellent.
Only local talent was pressed Into service but Nelson has plenty of the
best. The entertainment began about
9 o'clock with Aid. Hillyer in the
chair. The first number was a selection by the Nelson Orchestra which
was very well received. Songs by
Messrs. Colwell, Winter and Baker all
received encores. Then followod an
exhibition of club swinging by Mr.
Forrester and a boxing contest between Jeff and Thompson which wns
declared n draw. "Blnndon" Downs,
old in the art of entertainment, delivered a recitation and wns accorded
n hearty reception. Mr. Bakor's song.
"Old Buck Joe," was oue of the most
pleasing uumbors on the programme
mid was vooiferously applauded. Then
enme one .if the stur events of the
evening. "Blnndon" Downs,'attired
iu a pair of over alls and a much
worn sweater, with his 50 yenrs or
more of age, nppenren iu his slack
wire performance. The old man was
still himself upon the wire and performed feats which opened the eyes
of the audience. His exhibition was
certainly a good ono. A recitation by
Mr. Slntter n guitar solo by Mr. Shaw
and a song by Mr. Winter, iiccompnn-
Iied by u buujo, preceeoed the next
! boxing bout between Messrs. Pnrt-
j ridge and Thompson which was a vory
lively one indeed. This was followed
! hy n recitation by Mr. Downs nnd a
tug of war contest between companies
I No. 1 und No. 2   of   tho   lire   bridnge
I which wns declared n drnw. Club
swinging by Mr. Forrester nnd n gni-
tnr solo by Mr. Shnw precoeded nn exhibition   of fents   of   strength by Mr.
!john Campbell, another one of the
leading   events   of   tho   evening.     A
II oxing match betweon Messrs. Davis
aud Jeffs, a song by Mr Colwell an
u recitntion by A.L, Davidson conclud-
; ed the very enjoyable programme.
j The nffuir was n finnneial success,
the hoys of the fire brigade realising
perhaps $200 profit. Aid. Hillyer was
quito nt homo nt master of ceremonies
nn added muoh to the   success   of the
, evening.
"Manifest Destiny" of English Speaking Peoples.
News Hopes to   See the United States
Working in  Harmony With
,      Great Britain
London, Deo. 81.���By common consent all tbe annual reviews in the
morning papers regard the year 1898
as memorable for the Hispano-Amer-
ioan war and the "Manifest Destiny"
consciousness of tbe English speaking
The Daily News referring to President McKinley's speech at Atlanta
says: "We may approve or disapprove
the President's sentiments, bnt in any
case they are one of tbe now most
memorable facts of 1898. It is devoutly to be hoped that tbe United
States, as a world power, will be found
working in harmony with Great Britain." Tbe Srtandard refers in similar terms to tbe advent of a new
world power and to the "mighty
change which the war has effected in
tbe aims, polioy and public sentiment
of the United States."
Is Likely   to  Absorb    the   Richelieu
and Ontario Transportation Co.
Montreal, Deo. 80.���There is evidently something in the wind in concoction with tbe Richelieu aud Ontario Navigation Oompany. For weeks
past it has been whispered around tbat
un American syndicate from Chicago
nnd New York had eyes on the big inland steamship company ; thnt is it a
few days since a proposition has been
made to certain shareholders with s
view of extension, if not completed
absorption of the R & O. by American
capital. It is understood that parties
who are instrumental in bringing
about these negotiations are the same
which brought Senator Forget and colleagues to meet the Toronto men a
year ago, which finally resulted in
Ontario capitalists going into the
Richelieu on a -large scale. Directors
of the R & O. wonld say little or
-."thing about the negotiations in
quest ion. but it is understood that a
square proposition has been made to
the large shareholders here nud that,
while some of them are against haying nuything to do with tbe Americans, others look with mi n favor on
the scheme and nre willinr to tnke n
good price for their very 1 rge holdings.
Great   Prepnrations   Being Made   For
Next Year's Traffic.
Montreal. Dec. 80.���Tha Canadian
Paeitic Railway are already making
great preparations for next year's
traffic. In the first placo they will
run a rapid train across the continent
calling it the Imperial Limited. The
company have just turnoi out two
new dining cars named Merrimac and
Millnrie. all of the Q. P. R. dining
cars being named after plnees in Europe. They are also completing 10
inrge compound consolidated engines
weighing 15,000 pounds each besides
10 tenders. These locomotives aro being built at the Hnchelaga shops while
six of tho same kind aro being built
nt Kingston. These nre nil for the
company's freight sorvico, but they
nlso havo iu hand six li rg I locomotives
for fast express trains netweon Montreal and Detroit. Six standard snow
ploughs and two large rotaries nre being built there by the C. P. R. these
being especially intended for clenriug
out cuts and it is said they will do the
work of a thousnnd men. The oompany am also turniug out 500 box
cars nt n rate of from 5 to 10 por dny.
Piano For Its  Organization   in   Newfoundland   Sent to England
St. Johns, Nfld., Dsc. 80.-Sir Herbert Murray, the Governor of Newfoundland, despatched by the British
curiser Pelican, which sailed yeBter-
duy for England, complete charts and
data respecting - the proposed fortifications here, nnd the establishment
of a naval reserve among the fishermen.
The French Government, following
Breat Britain's example will strengthen its squadron iu Newfoundland
I Waters next season, nppointing to the
: command Commodore Hennique, n
i bureau chief at the French nnval by-
drogrnphic office.
Will Bo Lowered   Tomorrow  in Cuba
nud tho Snrs and Stripes Raised.
Hnvann, Deo. 80.���At 10 o'clock on
Sunday morning, January 1, tbe
United States troops will  occupy   the
plaza in front of the Captain-General'
palnce nnd the adjacent streets, the
Spanish sodiers withdrawing and pro
coeding to the transports awaiiing
them. Captain -General Cnstelunos
and the members of staff will remain
in the Captnin-Gonernl's apnrtmeuts.
Early in the morning, details of
United Stntes troops will enter Mono
castlo nnd Cabanas fortress, the Spanish troops thereupon withdrawing to
the transports, with the exception nf
a detachment of artillerymen who will
remain behind to fire a salute to the
American flag.
The United States military commissioners and their staffs, Major General
Brooke, Military Governor of the Is
land. Major Genernl Lee, Military
Governor of the Province of Hnvann,
Major General Ludlow. Military
Governor of the City of Havana and
Commodore John W. Phillip, commander of the United States naval
forces at Havana with their staffs will
join Captain General Castelnnos, towards noon, in the state salon of the
palace. On the pnlace roof will be n
Spanish officer, probably of captain's rank, sergeants, and a guard of
privates with Mnjor Butler nnd n detail of United States infantry. Immediately following the boom of the
American salute to the red and golden
fl ig of Spain, the Suanish officer will
lower the flag nnd Major Butler will
raise the Stars and Stripes, the Spanish guns saluting.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Deo. 80.���Eight
men were entombed by a cave-in, in
No. 8 shaft, of the Lehigh and WilkeB-
barre Coal Oo., nt Wnnnmie this afternoon. After a heroic rescue, five of
the men word taken out alive. The
other three nre still shut in bnt it is
expeoted they will be renohed in a few
hours. There is more thau a possibility that they may be alive.
Goyemment Was Not   Pleased   With  a
Report to the Contrary.
London, Doc. 81.���Tho Pnris corre
spondent of the Mnil nsserts that there
is no renson to believe the French
Government contemplate making any
proposition regarding French shore
rights iu Newfoundland, the article in
this morning's Matin suggesting that
France would probably be inclined to
renounce ull rghts along tho Newfoundland French shore, provided thp
compensation was large enough, is
regarded as a Ballon d'Essai and docs
not pleaso the Government. The Li-
borte snggests that England should
give the whole riuht bank of the Niger nnd certain territory toward Lake
Tschnd as compensation. Meanwhile
the St. Mnlo lisbermen are preparing
for their annual season in Newfound
land waters.
Jnry Has   Given   Its Decision in   the
Famous   But kin Case.
San Francisco, Dec. B0.���Tbe jury
in the BotKiu case, after being out
about three hours,brought in a verdict
of murder iu the first degiee with the
penalty fixed nt life imprisonment,
Montreal. Qne., Dec. 30. ���The will
of tbe late Baron de LiOUgeueil, who
died suddenly iu New York, will
shortly be probated. The executors
chosen are Justice Wurtele, Baroness
do Longneil aud Capt. Matthews
The title goes to tbe half brother of
tbe deceased, Reginald De Longneil,
uow in France, then reverts to Ins eldest son, John de Longneil, who with
bis brother is now attending school in
tbe Island of Jersey. These boys will
como to Ciinndn in u year or so to attend the Kingston Military College.
The estate of tho tnmily is entailed for
threo generations and goes with tbe
Montreal, Que., Dec. 30.���There has
been uo improvement in the condition
of the foreign live stock markets since
Monday. A private enblo received
from London yesterday reported sales
nf Canadian ranch cattle at ten to
twelve pounds per bead, sheep at 2S
shillings und tid. and lambs at 23 s.
each. A cable from Manohestnr reported snles of sheep at 30 s. each aud a
o.ible from Liverpool gave the sales of
lambs, 28s. (Id. each All the abo\e
prices, shippers state, are below cost,
consequently some smart losses are
being mude and on the whole trurie
is In very unsatisfactory slato at present.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dee. 80.���Frank
Wobr, a nioullcr, today struck His only
son,Frank, aged 12,on the bead with a
hammer nnd cnisheil the skull. Tho
crime was committed at bis home ou
Pine Btreet. Wehr laid been drinking heavily and hud robbed his child's
bnnk to procure whiskey.
Then You Can Use 2-Cent
The Post Office Department Has Gives
Notice of the Expeoted Reduction
in   Postage.
The ndvantages of the Penny postal
servioe will, from January 1, 1899, be
enjoyed by the Dominion of Canada,
nnd the anomaly of being able to send
a letter for two oents, and l'-.ving to
pay three cents to send the same letter
to Kaslo is thus done av.ny v. .ih.
Yesterday Postmaster Qilhor received the following telegram from Mr. E.
H   Fletcher,    Provincial   Post   Offloo
J.   A.   Gilker,    Postmaster,   Nelson,
B. (5.
The two cent domestic rate goes into effect January 1. Please notify
publio.    (Signed)
By this arrangement a letter can be
sent to any part of Canada for two
cents, as well as to any part of tbe
British Empire except Australia.
Letters to the United States, however,
will still require a three oent stamp.
At the last session of Parliament
an act empowering tho Governor-
General-in-Council to bring the two
cent domestic postal rate Into force
nt nuy time, was passed. It was ex-
P'tteJ i'ji ^-Vue postmaster general
would not deluy the inauguration of
the domestic rate long after Imperial
Penfly Postugo camo into effeot so
that the announcement, while very welcome, does not come as a surprise.
Letters can be sent after tomorrow
for two cents to any point iu the British Empiro or in the United States.
Ottawa, Dec. 30.��� It has been deoid-
ed by the Post Office Department that
u general rate of two cent of postage
will go into operation all over Canada
nn ,launary 1, and a proclamation to
that ufftct is uow in course of preparation. Two cents will then carry an
in nee of mail mutter to any part of
Osnadfl while the Imperial rate of
two cents will carry half an onnoe
io Great Brituin or to the colonies and
dependencies which have declared in
favor of it. The two cent rate will
apply equally to United States as well
as Canada.
Washington, Dec. 30.���The Canadian
Government in a telegram from Postmaster General Mulock to Postmaster
General Smith, announces that it
lias reduced the domestic letter rate
from three tn two cents per ounce,
���oinmening January 1. Under tbe
convention between the United States
and Canada, letters are sent from this
country to Canada for two cents,
the domestic rate of each country applying to each letter sent.
Tbe reduction now made its reciprocal and for tho first time permits
letters to be sent from the other side
nt two, instead of three cents. Postmaster Genernl Smith, nt the request
of tbe Canadian Government, calls
the attention of all postmasters in the
country through the Associated Press
to the reduction nnd to its taking
effect New Year's dny, with a view
lo prevent inn mailer so sent being
charged up as "short paid."
London. Doc. 80.���Among the first
batch of letters posted under the new
Imperial schedule at Christmas were
eight for Canada, one of which was
marked "Thank Henniker Heaton for
this." English newspapers generally
however, while giving much credit to
Henniker Heaton for his efforts in
connection with Imperial Penny Postage, say that the early realization of
tbe scheme is duo to Canada and Hon.
Mr. Mulock. Since tho new rate came
into operation 5,000, out of 41,000 letters to various countries effected have
been overpaid bnt 19-20 of Ihe letters
for Canada wore proporly stamped.
Providence, R. I., Dec. 80.��� Dan
and Shibley, brokers and bankers, of
this city, havo takeu charge of the arrangements to consolidate the paper
monufneturers of this conntry. The
deal will involve about $40,000,000,
aud will include the mills making
writing paper, bond paper, wrapping,
ledger, envelope aud newspaper.
Ottawa.,   Ont.,   Deo.   30.��� Captain
Bowie, who   hns   been sailing on   the
DREYFUS EN ROUTE TO FRANCE Ottawn river for the past  85 years and
is (14 years of age, died here this
morning, He hns been ill for several
weeks. Thu assistant Sergeant-at-
Arms of the House of Commons is A
sou of the deceased,
London, Dec. 31.���The   Paris cone
spondent of the Daily News avers thnt,
despite all  official  denials, Dreyfus is
already ou his way to France. NELSON DAILY MINER, SATURDAY,  DECErVlfeER 31, 1898.
Nelson Daily  Miner
Published Daily except Si rrtay.
D. J. BKAVCN. Mnn-.ging PirecLor and
bo \cconipaiiied by Lit 3 UtUUQ and addrcsn
of the wi iter, not n.ce^rtarily for publica-
11, but a^ evidence of good faith.
SurscRiPTioN Rates,
Daily per month by can'or t 100
per month by mai    100
per half yer r by mi 11    fi 00
* per year 10 00
per year foreign 13 00
Neiaon Weekly Mineh.
Weekly, pel half yoar  .$125
per year    2 00
per year, foreign    3 00
Subscription i nvarbibly in advance.
Notices of Hirths,   Deaths, and Marriages
oserted for 50 centH each.
AdvortUi'ig rt tes madf Known on application
Nelson Miner Printing & PubllshingCo
Copy lor Change* o AdvertUentent ninHt
be In the Oitl e by 4 o'clock p.m. to
luMnre Hums<
The Victoria Daily Times baB a
long leader on a longer leader in Tbe
Toronto Globo. The latter's article
was treating generally of our relations with the United States; pointing
out wherein we treated our neighbors
in a neighborly fashion, wherein they
were not as neighborly as they might
be. and wherein both might be more
neighborly than they are. The article
pleased and displeased Tbe Times���
in spots. For instance, The Globe
shook hands with itself over the fact
that Canada was so liberal in ber
mining laws and regulations, notwithstanding the mineral States were
so hoggish aa to keep Canadians out.
But we admitted Americans on the
same footing us ourselves���a "pleasing
contrast." Our mining laws, it said,
are conceived in a libaral spirit with
regard to tlio stranger within our
gates. This is one of the dark spots,
and The Times shows its ire. The
Globe ought uot to be satisfied with
our mining laws, but should u��e its influence to havo them changed, so
that Canadian minis should be reserved for Canadians.
So far so good. Moving on, we come
to another item,the Kettle^Siver Rail
way project. The Globe cannot un
derstand why Mr. Corbin should not
be given his charter. Here The Times
comes in with loud cheers. No more
can it. A groat mistake was made
last sessiou in refusing it, and the
mistake will bo repeated in greater degree if refused when applied for again.
Now, the curious thing about this is,
why The Times is so deadly opposed to
free mining while so enthusiastic for
free railroading. Wherein lies the
difference? If it is bad to let in Amer
icaus to develop our latent mineral
woalth, why should it not be bad to
let in Americans to build railways in
competition with our own? If it be
said that the wealth taken from nnr
mines ia carried nil to build up American cities, it can also be said that the
wealth derived from railway earnings
would be similarly employed. But
much worse than this; the truffle out
of which this wealth would be realized
would bo diverted from Canadian
channels iuto American, aud the country contributing it would virtually bo
foreign territory. Thero are at lenst
two excolleut roasous for excluding the
railways for (ivory ouo in favor of excluding the miners. Tho miners only
take their gains; the railways would
not only take their gains, but in addition the employment which should
rightfully belong to Canudiaus.
for   a  supply   from     Spokane.    That
was the understanding.    Ou the occasion referred to Tho   Miner wired   its
contemporary at Kossland.   which was
getting its service from Spokane, if  it
would not forward on to us.  The reply
was that it would if   we first obtained
tho permission   of the A. P.   Agent ut
Spokano.    That   dignatary,   on   being
appealed to, regretted   that   he had no
authority  to  furnish A. P. dispatches I
to the Nelson Miner.    That   ended it.
Why not to  The  Nelsou   Miner -as
well as to Tho Rossland   Miner, espeo
ially as it is all the one service?     The
question has proved too   puzzling   for
us.   Wo aro advised that the  Spokaue
Falls & Northern Company  refused to
band over the dispatches   to the C. P.
II. at Rossland, excepting at the regular  commercial   rate,    50   cents and
throe cents.   That would menu a lot of
money for  ono   night's news, and  of
course was mteuded to be prohibitive.
We are advised further  that the same
company   refused   to   handle the   dispatches for the Rosslaud Miner if The
Nelson   Miner  were   to  be furnished
with a copy. What this paper has ever
done to The   Spokano Falls   & Northern to deservo this  display   of vindio-
tiveness we are at a loss to conjecture.
There may   bn   a reasonable,   honest,
manly  explanation  ot the matter, but
we can  conceive nouo.    It   looks,   on
the face of it, like a slap aimed at The
Miner.     That is all right.    We shall
not    mind   slaps  verv   much,   come
whence they may; but we shall always
be  curious   to know   what-they mean
and wbat is at the   bottom   of   them.
A great railway company cannot afford
to be petty, and  tbis seems to be very
petty.    A   company   that  can so unjustly discriminate through mere feeliug, and without   the semblance of  a
business excuse, is  uot   one to  whom
the Dominion Parliament   can   safely
vote   increased   privileges  in  British
As long as present climatic conditions
endure, there will be heavy snowfalls
and consequent snowslides in the region lying between Vancouver and
Nelson. And it will follow naturally
aud inevitably that the telegraph
lines botween those points will bo snb
ject to accident uud the service to interruption. It wns owing to a too
oopioiiB fall of snow that the lineB were
disabled a fow nights ago, when The
Miner was obligod to go to press without its usual sunply nf fresh news dispatches. For that no one is to blame,
and to quarrel with the elements
would only be folly. But there wns
something else in connection with
the interruption to our news service
on that (ii'i-asinn that is of sufficient
public interest to require   ventilation.
Wo do not know that blame attaches
anywhere or ro auy one, but in respect to this tho farts must speak for
themselves. The regular uight service tor the Coast newspapers is relaid
at Vancouver for Tho Nelson Miner
aud Tho Rosslaud Minor. Tho C. P.
R. telegraph authorities, who take
over the Associated Press dispatches at
Montreal, know that the lines from
Vancouver are subject to Interruption,
especially during the winter months,
and to provido against this an arrangement was supposed to  have been made
Says the Rossland Record: "To
write up the mines aud mining of
British Columbia without including
Rossland would be like trying to bave
a wedding without a bridegroom."
That is quite true. It is equally true
that to write up the mines and mining
of British Columbiu without including
tbe Nelsou district wonld be like a
wedding without a bridegroom, yet it
is what Rossland is constantly disposed to do.
The Spokane Spokesman-Review
does not know the Toronto World, or
it would have spared its intelligent
readers the sensational dispatch iu yes-
ttirday's morning's issue about the .absorption of Canada by the United
States. The World knows a great deal
better than to fear anything of thut
kind, bnt it wonld use that or anything else within the range of the
liveliest imagination if it thought by
doing so it could embarrass its political enemies.
Mr. Walter Townsend, general manager of the British Columbia Development Association, recently returned to
London from the Coast, says in an
interview in The Colonial Gold-
fields Gazette that not less than $12,-
000,000 have been takeu out of the Yukon oouutry this year. He quoteB a
business man in Victoria, having con
nection with Dawson, as sure cf over
116,000,000 being taken out. He adds
that the output will be doubled as soon
as tho royalty of ten per cent is le-
ducod to two, "or some such reasonable amount," many claims now remaining uuworkod because of the "excessive tax." It would be intereating
to know on how much of this twelvo
or fifteen million dollars royalty was
collected. Mr. Townsend thinks n
great part of it was "smuggled out tn
avoid the iniquitous Canadian duty of
ten per cent." Would there not bo
wisdom iu a smaller royalty?
it ii (in- i iiiiiidiiiu i'aihlon,
The Provincial Government has
published u notice in Ihe official Ga-
zotto calling upon the lifTcrent parts
of tho country to inform the Depart
ment of Lands and Works of audi pnblio works us are desirable iu their
neighborhood, that they may be
taken into consideration and attended to, should it be deemed necessary. It will bo remembered
that tho Somlin Government camo iuto power on a cry of retrenchment, and
one of the chief cm iplaints levelled
against the administration of Mr.
Turner by the supporters of the present
Ministry was that the ex-Premier had
engaged in a ton lavish policy of public works.���Colonial Goldfields Gazette.
#   #   #
six Month*, nuil is HiilDg Well.
Unquestionably tlm commercial relationship between the Dominion
and the Unitod Statos will horeafter
largely bo influenced by the woik-
iugs of the proferenetial tariff. From
the American point of view it is
sound polioy for the British Empire to
have iiiefcrontial tariffs among its own
members over thnso maintained toward the outside woild. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that Canada
will ono day deem it more advantageous to cultivate trade Intimacy with
this country than witb Great Britain.
The result of tho present experiment
will determine that. But such results
must bo observed during a longer period than a month or two. When the
tariff has l'BPii iii force for u year we
shall know much more about its workings than can bo learned from the
present conditions and indications.���
Now York Tribune.
During the
Days of
1898 . . .
We will sell
the balance
of our Xmas
Novelties, , ,
Dolls, Toys
and Fancy
Goods, at
Established 1878,
The Brackman & Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they huve opened a Branch House in  Nelson and
will Carry a Full Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, Rolled Oats, Graham
Floui, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE:��� Turner, Bceton's  Warehouse   on  C.
P. R. Siding, below Gray's Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker    Street.
Write foi Quotations in Car Lots.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New Westminster,
South Edmonton, Nelson.
Give Thanks
You Know-
that any reduction on
our already
low prices
A few pieces
unsold will
be included
in the above.
Book Co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
fe��g> ������������������������ "iSvfl
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
New Year Gifts.
A full line of goods specially   suitable  for  the   New Year.
Pocket Diaries for 1899
In   Choice   Bindings, Bill Wallets, Purses, Writing Cases,
and all  kinds  of Leather Goods.
Office Diaries for 1899.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  Ltd,
Nelson, B. C.
D.   McARTHUR   &    CO
dor. Ware 8. Baftcr Sts.
Carload   of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering"   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its   branches.
We have our own Hearse.
The   Following   Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From   Havanna���Bock  &  Co's    Golden  Eagles,
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Hadges   Nessim    Egyptian
From Reims, France���Pommery Champagne, Quarts and
Painting and
Drawing Lessons
Given by MR FBNWIOK. For terms,
etc, address 1'. O. or Thomson Stationery Oo.
Taking Street lilHIo'cloek n. m.,H<*|>lriiilM'i*
���nl,   IS98.     rurlllc   or   I'HIIIi   Meridian
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and   is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Broken mil lllm'k linker hi.
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
Wkst Bound
First Class
Leaves Daily
8.30 a. m.
8.55 a. in.
9.45 a.m.
10.110 a. in.
10.08 a. 111.
10.20 a. m.
10:31 a. m.
10.35 a. in.
10.45 ii. m.
Arrive Daily
Leaves Daily
11 KM a. in.
11:10 "
11:25 "
Arrive Dal
2611 G. F. &
Timo Card No 2
Sept. 1st. 1898.
South Fork
Bear Lako
Psjnc Trnin
Cody Junction
Cody Junction
East BouKd
First Class
Arrive Daily
3.30 p.m.
3.0i p.m.
2.10 p.m.
2.00 p.m.
1.50 p.m.
1,88 p m.
1:23 p.m.
1.22 p.m.
LIS p.m.
Leavo Daily
Arrivo Daily
11:59 a.m.
11:30   "
11:35   "
Leavo Daily
nre t'tir  I'r nils.     Siu.iki'   them   nnd
vein will like tin-in
1* o mix inn
m:!><>\. i;. ��'.
4   BUY IT    #
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
itice of Application For Liquor License.
Take notice that I, Charles Olson, will apply
to the Gold Conimis sioner of W. st Kootenay,
13. C, thirty daj s after date, for a licen-o to
sell liquor hy retail at my hold, located at
Sirdar, on lot 1, block 50, in the West Konlenuy
district. OHARLBS OLSON.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this loth day of December, 1898. 953
Gilbert Rianlur
Thorn-am   Ih'iioimii
i n min Drui <; Hi
lima Hum. News
l��   Campbell
s'. K. Nelson
J, F ltcliinoy
Slocan News Co.
J, I, Mcintosh
Slocan Nuws Co.
W. Parker
Thompson Pros,
lintel Spokane
.11. w. Simpson
M. Anderson
O. W. Hill
v I'o        Nelson
ok !���".     Nelson
���Hand      VI...M
V" Ir
KewlK-m. r
Slocan Oity
Slocan Crosslin?
Cascado City
To the many who favored
us with their patronage
during the past season
we desire to express our
time asking their kind
consideration forunavoid-
abledelay in filling orders
through non-arrival of
part of our Xmas Goods..
We have on hand a
small lot of Turkeys and
Geese of which we wish
to get rid, in consequence
of the present mild
weather. They are now
in prime condition and
till disposed of
We Offer Them
Turkeys      15 cts. perlb.
Geese 13 cts. perlb.
this Morning
(A little late for X'mas,
but in time for New
Years) Plum Puddings
and Tom Smith's Crackers	
Wishing you all happy
returns of the coming
New Year
Hudson's Bay Co.
Permanent Loan
Why pay Rent when yotA
can own a home of
your own?
Loons urn made on tho security of
Improved Real Nstate, not more than
sixty per cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced.
Tho rate of Interest is 84 per eent
per minimi, Interest is stopped on
I'lich SIIK) nl' the principal returned.
lllustnitiisji, showing lln' cost and
time required to pay on a $1,000 loan
nt the following monthly payments :
of Loilil.
SIOOO l��l
llillll  II
tlily I Time Required. |   Cost.
tI.. OU
ill 110
81 00
30 IKI
I) ys,
SllO.i 45
1207 92
1200 00
1159 110'
Our monthly payment systom has been .
pro.ed to be the surest and oaslest way of :
clearing ofra mortgage.
Those loans may be repaid in full or In pare .
at any time without bonus.
Baker St.   -    Nelson, B. O.
The following are the prions of grow
ories, provisions, otc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected everv week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in tho city:
Ogllvie's Hungarian per 50 lb sack,, 1 50
I .like of iho Woods " ,, 1M
Snow Flake per 50 lb sack , 1 S3
Wheat per ton ,.,,. 88 00940 00
Bran per ton  90 00992 00
llroinid feed per ton  8600928 00
Corn (cracked)   "        tl 00930 00
Oals "         880083000
Oatmeal per 10 Iba      409   50
Itollud oals 111 & KI 811. saok  40
Hay (baled) por ton  23 00024 00
Potatoes por 100 lbs  1 U .
Heels por lb	
Cabbage per lb	
Onions per lb	
Salmon (smoked) per tli      12)0    15;
Oystors (Ol yiiillimn por qt	
Oysters iKastern) per tin	
Cod per tb	
Halibut por th      12j<9
Smells per It     12J9
Farm Produce.
Kggspor doz       35
HuHcr (Creamery)       269
linltor (Dairy)        209
Cheese ("Canadian)       139
Cheese Swiss)      209
Ham (A merican) per tti���
Ham (Canadian) per lb���
Baron (American; por lb.
Hncon ���' nniulian) por lb...
Huron (rolled) per lb	
Bnoon, ilong clear) per lb..
shonldt" s per lb	
La,W per lb	
Ilerf perlb	
Minion per lb	
Vccl per lb	
Hi rk per lb	
Spring Chickens each   509
turkeys per lb  20��
Oeosoporlb  169
DuokspeHb  18��
ino's California) per doz  3i
lli-inros (California seedlings)  1)
e 1 rs 1 - mall green)   06 ���
and   News   Agents   on  boats  and
rains out of Nelson.
N'oliet of Application for Liquor   License
NOTICE Is hereby given that I. Ihe under-
i mod, Robert E, Lemon, intend to apply to
ihe Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of tho
City of Nelson, II. 0,i at their next sitting on
the 14th day of January. A. 1). 1899, for a retail
liquor license lo sell liquor by retail in the
room on Ward street, being the second door
from the corner of Haker and Ward streets, in
the building situated on lot 12, block 1, City of
Nelson, B, C.
Dated Hi h day of Dec. A. I)., 1888. Kelson daily mIner, Saturday, December 31, 1898.
��� .
Large   AsBombl)   in   the    Presbyterian
Ohuroh-All the Children Get
tion anil tried to prevail upon his
physician to allow him to remain and
be treated at the hotel but (be doctor
! insisted that tho hospital wns the pro-
I por place and its he had the last move
I Aid. Mnlone hod to go.
The Alderman is now very thankful
to the doctor. He feels that if he was
in the hotel at the time ot the Are he
might have lost his life, or at least
have had to hnrry to the street with
bnt little of his personal property.
Mr. Maloue spent three weeks in the
hospital and left it very much improved.
That Chirstimts festivities aro not
yet over was fully shown last night
when the school children of the Presbyterian Church assembled in the
church for their annual Christmas
tree.    The edifico which was well  flll-
A Hockey  Match   Arranged
New Rink on Monday.
The efforts of the Nelson Hookev
club to arrange a game for Monday afternoon have been successful and yesterday word was received that the
I Rosslaud club would send its team
I down for the first nf the scison's
ed, was very prettily decorated, but I games. The match will take place in
the centre of attraction, was, of oourse ! the new rink at 2 :80 o'clock. Ice will
a gigantic Christmas tree which stood
near the lecturo  room   door,   all blaz
ing with caudles, and burdened
down w ith tha presents. The tree
was surmounted by tbe Union Jack
-. and the Stars and Stripes.
The programme opened with a hymn
"Bethlehem," and then the Rev. R.
Frew offered up a prayer. The prayer
��� over, the school childreu joined in
singing a carol, and then followed
recitations and songs. Leslie MacBeth
and Flossy McVicker both recited
very nicely, and then Nina Hopton
sang a clever lullaby song. Gordon
Hallington and Johnny Bell gave a
very funny and clever recitation called
"a ohoice of trades." After a good
recitation from Mabel McVicker, Emily and Beatrice Gilchrist sang a duet
most charmingly and then Velraa
Ironsides recited "A Bad Oase" with
;good effect. Then followed two more
���recitations by Ernie Shaw and Alice
UfaoBeth, after which another carol
from the children olosed that part of
the eveniing's entertainment. The
music over, the prizes and presents
were distributed and Alice Peterson
reoeived the prize���a book���for bring-
ling the most new children to school.
All the school children preseut were
given presents, but the measles epidemio kept a good mi ny children away
thus there were a large number of
presents undistributed. There are
about 80 children in all on the rolls.
About 9 :!10 the   gathering broke  up
and the band  of tired, happy children
went home to dream about- the   happy
, evening they had spent.
probably be ready today so that the
Nelson club can have a much needed
practice before the game which will
undoubtedly be au exciting one. The
Nelson tenni will labor under Ihe disadvantage of being entirely without
practice but there are lots of good
players in the ranks of the club aurl
a team that will do the city proud will
be ready to do battle against Ross-
land's representatives on Monday afternoon.
The game should attract a large
number of people to the new rink
where there is ample accommodation
for a thousand spectators
The Nelson Orchestra will play at
the rink during the match.
Meeting   at   Rossland to  Arrange the
Yoar's Matches.
F. W. Peters, vice president of the
Kootenay Curling Association, came
in last night from Nelson, and played
-A niatok against J.S. 0. Fraser, of the
Bank of Montreal, says the Rossland
Miner. The contest resulted in a win
for Mr. Peters by a score of 17 to 12.
jLater a meoliiig was hold in Mr. Fra-
ser's rooms, to arrange the bouspinl
.events and to olect a secretary. Among
;those prosout were: J. S. 0. Fraser,
F. W. Poters, W. A. Carlyle, R. D.
.Morkill aud J. S. Paterson. After
discussing the situation it was decided
ttjhat fivfl.events ,<K)uld be brought off at
the bonspiel. Mr. Peters reported
that up to date five clubs had affiliated
with the Association aud that several
more were expected, Tbe clubs include Nelson, Rossland, Sandon, Easlo
and Revelstoke. Representatives
from Golden and from Calgary, N.
W. T., are expected at the bonspiel.
The meeting adjourned until 10
o'clock this morning at Mr. Fraser's
room. H. W. 0. Jackson's name was
proposed as secetay of the Association
and he will pobably be the choice at
the meeting today.
Districts will be arranged today and
the distict medals offered by the Association will be played off in the different disticts previous to the bonspiel.
The finals will take place here during
the bonspiel week.
Freight at Sirdar  Being Nightly Carried Off.
News has reached town that an organized hand of tbeives are committing depredations at Sirdar, the new
town on the Crow's Nest Pass line.
The accommodation for the large
amount of freight that is daily pouring in is wholly insufficient, and the
cars are being robbed nightly.
A large number of mattresses, were
stolen the other day and also large
quantities of hay and oats. The 0. P.
R. authorities yesterday telegraphed
to MacLeod to the North West Mounted Police authorities, and a detective
will be sent down who will try aud ferret out the criminals.
people of this Coo-teuay district are
a stiff necked nice and must be ruled
by force as they are likely to cause
trouble before long and may eventually
disturb the status quo of our possessions. "
Amongst our harsh rulers was one
Lieng Lung Marting who spoke scornful words regarding our people which
same did make ub mad. Then we
(us of West Coo-tenay) along with
several other tribes did rebel and after
awhile chopped tho heads clean off our
harsh rulers at Victoria and appointed
new and mild men to govern us.
But alas! a man also of the name of
Marling. (Fi Ting Marting from the
Province of Mauohora) did somehow
get into the council of rulerB. and he
being a strong man, even as a beai
amongst gnats, did upset everything
In the council room and caused much
trouble even piling the mild men of
the conncil together and sitting upon
However as "the Gods" of this
land will not permit one man to govern more than a portion and as the
mild men of the council are besoming
stmnirer and fiercer from eating of
rich diet the man Fi Ting Marting
will in time be subdued.
Meanwhile, our old rulers hnve obtained now and smaller headB and using the same hnve discovered wherein
they did offend ns bo greatly. Therefore they are now coming before ns
saying "We have seeu the errors of
our ways and can now with your
kind permission, rule very wisely also
we see that ye are the people."
However, the people of this country
being now very numerous and nc
longer afraid of their rulers, say to
both (he old and new councillors,
"You may fight for the privilege of
governing us but we must have justice even 'a square deal' no matter
who wins." HARDPAN.
To  Every One
Aberdeen Block
Opening  of the Bodega Saloon Passes
Off Without Inoident
Another and a decisive move
was made yesterday afternoon in the
difference of opinion that exists between the majority of the License
Commissioners, Aim Johnson and
Mayor Houston, when the Bodega bh-
loon opened up for business.
Punctually at fi o'clock p.m. Mr. John-
iion, acting under the advioe of his
solicitors, threw open to the public his
new saloon which he has christened
the Bodega. Mr. Johnson has been
notittod by Chief McKinnou that
Mayor Houston had given orders for
bis arrest, should he attempt to sell
liquor, and accordingly found tlie
Chief of Police as soon as the saloon
opened, and offered himself for arrest.
The chief, however, said that he did
not wish to make the arrest without
the orders of the Police Magistrate,
whom he went to oonsult. Thus the
opening of the saloon was not marred
by any untoward accident.
Later, however, the Chief of Police
returned and served Mr. Johsnon
with a summons to appear before the
Magistrate to answer to a charge of selling liquor without liceiiBe. Mr. Johnson
will therefore make his appearance in
the police court, accompanied by bis
attorney, at 10 o'olook this morning
and the first move in what promises
to be a very interesting legal contest
will be made. In the meantime Mr.
Johnson will continue to dispense
liquid refreshment.
Aid. Maloue Just Missed  the Baldwin
Hotel Fire.
Aid. J. J. Malone is back in Nelson
trom hiB recent visit to San Francisco.
It will be remembered that Aid. Ma-
lone's friends and relatives here were
greatlv exercised at the time of the big
Baldwin Hotel fire because of fear
that the Alderman had perished in the
disaster. Mr. Mulone came very nearly
being in the hotel at the time of its
destruction and it waB only because of
the advice of his doctor that he was
elsewhere. At 4 o'olock iu the afternoon of the day of the lire Aid. Malone
left the hotel and wos tuken to a hospital to be treated for his ear trouble.
He was verv muoh adverse to spending two or "there weeks in the institn-
There was another olean record at
the Police Court yesterday.
The sitting of the County Court,
which was adjourned for the Christmas Holidays, will be resumed on
Monday at 10 :I10 a.  in.
Work Is being pushed on the construction of the triune work of the
new opera bouse, and a large gang of
men aro at work.
Skaters ou the hike yesterday afternoon report that the ice is not good.
It is very much cut up, and there
are numerous large oruoks.
Services will bo hold   in the Presbyterian   church tomorrow at 11   a.   in
and at 7 :))() p. m.    Tlio Rev. R.   Frew
will preach twice.    His subject in tin
evening will be "A New Beginning."
Antonio Colombio, tho Italian who
died recently at tho Kootenay Lake
General Hospital, will be buried this
morning at ten o'clock. He will tie
buried by the undertaking firm of D.
McArthur & Co.
The Board of School Trustees
should have met last night in Dr. Arthur's office, but the other two truste* s
did not put iu un appearance. An
elfort will lie made to get together at
a special meeting   this afternoon.
Mr. G. F. Motion has taken over
the business of Mallette & Co. bay and
grain merchaut en Baker street Tho
deal was consummated yesterday,
and the new firm will get to business
at once.
There will be a lively six rounds
boxing bout at the Hotel Hume Hall nl
10 o'clock this evening between Frid
Ross of Colorado and Jerry Haley of
California. Tho former will give
an exhibition ot bag minohiug,
Mr. Alex. Stuart's numerous friends
will be sorry to hear that ho reoeived
a telegram from Kincardine, Out,
yesterday morning announcing the
death of his father, which occurred
the night before. The Rev. Mr. Stuart was 73 years of age, and had been
the Presbyteriuu minister of KincardJ
iue for some 40 years. ^
Another "New" Liberalism.
To set down the characteristics of
the older Liberalism is to reveal the
seemingly impassable gulf that separates it from the new compound of Imperialism and sooial reform that is
more and more succeeding it, and for
which Lord Rosebery, in foreign pol-
ioy, and Mr. Asquith in domestic,
stand. There is no resisting the
present Imperial mood among all sorts
and conditions of Englishmen or the
rising riesire for experiment in sooial
reform under the control and at the cost
of the State There is room for very
wide ai d important divergence between tbe two parties in the applica
tion of both. Sooner or later a regenerated Liberal party fraukly accepting
the new jonditions \viib bound to
come into touch once more with the
mood of Englishmen in general, and to
play its rtue part in publio affairs.
Sir William Hnrcourt's practical withdrawal from tht learderRhip has quickened the evolution. Lord Rosebery
and his associates have finally to
achieve it ���London cor. Boston
The Phair���T. B. Solvell, Frisco;
S. McKayue, Rathdrum ; A. Thomson,
Trail; J. R. Wright, Rosslaud ; 0. O.
Vnucanip, Craubrook.
The Hume���E. J. McHarey, Winnipeg ; E. Mansfield, Slocan City; D.
W. Moore, Trail; J. H. Critchett,
Spokane; F. R. 0. Beer, Robson.
The Queeua���C. Thompson, Wolslev ;
R. C. Dicken, C. & W. Railway ; W.
P. Paul, Robson.
To the Editor of The Nelsou Miner:
Sir���How wonderfully political conditions do change in West Kootenay.
Time was. not long ago either, when
this Hinterland was governed as wiih
a rod of iron by the Council Li Yo-
men at tne sacred City of Victoria.
Great and powerful judges came
hither semi-annually or ofteuor and
treated us as a people very lightly,
even railiug upon our Grand Juries of
chosen men. Occas:onally we receiveil
gifts from our rulers but as tbeRe always had to be piid for. sometimes before, sometimes after receipt of same
the net gain to this country has yet
to be figured out.
Oil the walls of tho Council room at
Victoria was a very large map showiug
the foreign possessions of that great
city. The Hinterland of West Coo-
tenay was shown and in form it much
resembled a Cow, or Coo iii the vernacular of (be natives; therefore our
rulers always referred to this district
.as "the milch cow' district. Along
tbe bottom margin of tbe map was
written in red ink the legend.   "The
Some people think that a Hardware
store is a pour place to look forsultable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will be found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not fleeting
Every dny the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gift.
Vancouver Hardware Co..
itnportei-fl of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Today. . .
We are selling the
Balance of Our
Christmas Mock
PKluES.    .    .
Dri Store
Opposite Queen's Hotel.
MUSIC LKSSONS. - On piano unpin oi
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astloy, Robson street
two doors wont of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
WANTED���A position as manager and book
keeper for an hotel. Has had good experience
mid oan give good references. Apply Minor
WANTED���An intelligent boy to study law.
Api'ly 11 Klliol & l.enaie, solicitors, etc, Nelson, 11. C
Thanking our many customers for
their liberal patronage during the
year 1898, and asking for a continuance of the same during the year
1899, we wish you one and all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelsou and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000,
Reserve, ��51,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Mnl'lund, N. B.
Moncton, N. B.
Mom real, P. O,
Montreal, Went Knd
Montreal, Wostmount
Nanaimo, B. C.
Nelson, B, C.
Newcastle, N. B.
Fie -ii. N. S.
Pori lliiwksbury, N. S.
Ro ' land, B. C.
Sackvlllo, N. B.
Bnubenaoadio. N.8.
Summerside, P. E. I.
Sydney X. s.
si. John. Nfld.
Truro, N. S.
Vancouver. B. C.
Vancouver, East Knd
Victoria. B. 0,
Weymouth, N, S.
Woodstock, N. II.
Ymir, B. U.
Bills of Exchange  Bought
, Negotiated.
Alltigonish, N   S.
HiiLliurst, N. h.
liridgewa'er, N. S.
charlottotown. P. E. I.
1 lorchester, N. B.
Kredericton, N. B.
Ciljslioro. N. 8.
Grand Porks, B. C.
Halifax, N. 8.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. S.
i.utienberg, N. S,
General Banking Business transacted; Sterling
and Sold, Lei.trs of Credit, Etc.
Accounts received on the in ���-I favoriihle terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit* Mid on Saving Bank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Vlcioria, Grand Forks, Tmir.
A flavlnifrt Bunk department has boon entabliHh��d in connection with tho N'clxon branch of
this bank. DopoalU of one dollar and upwards received, nnd current rate of Interest allowed,
ul present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
B Real estate and Insurance Agent.
~_ Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash.
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ��
and Savings Co.
5^   advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and
����� 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
young man to work in fur-
-A so    _
tory.   Apply at Nelson Bod a Water Factory,
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
Charles St.   Barbe,   Agent.
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
orders will be received.
Cottage in good locality $14.
Shack      -      -      ���      -    $6.
1 House
1 House
1 House
1 House
1 House
10 Rooms
R I looms
7 Rooms
0 Hooiiih
5 Rooms
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. O.
West Kootenay Valley, B. O., on lhie
of O. N. P. Ry��� and
Nolson k Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Sirdar may
bo had of GEO. M'PARLAND, Agent,
Nolson, or from
Sirdar Townsite Co.,
1A1MM.  Ml'IMK., M Min. A8��oo. Cornwall.)
Opposlto Phair Hotol,
P. O. BOX 683.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Afrk'O. AHRayH and analysis of ores.
Itoporta and valuations on minoral properties
I'ndcrground surveying and mine plana kept
up by contract.
illirnoM; no. 31.
Manufacturers ot
Halcyon Hoi Hprlngs Water Aerated and
Mipiill.il In ibe Trade.
If not, kindly notify us, and
we will call for and have them
promptly attended to. Satisfaction guaranteed or money
Patenaude Bros.
inkiit kt. WtMoTB..m.c.
Ciu,ucil ok KNOl.ANli-Matln 11 a.m.; Even
Song. 7.:<0 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion nn l.-l mid 3rd Sunday . in the month ajftei
Matins; on 2nd nnd Ith Sundays, at 1 a.m
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rev U.S. Ako-
hurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
I'liKHHVTKKUN Church���Services al 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sundny School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer ranting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Mon-
dny evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew
.Mktiioiiist Church-Corner Sllloa and
Joaephtno Streets. Services at 11 a.in. and 7.80
n. in. ; Sabhath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer meet'
Inn on Friday evoning at 8 o'clock; Kpworth
League (J, lv. Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Rohsou, Pastor,
Catholic Ciiuiicr -Mass at Nelson, flrst
and third Sunday at 8 and lo.no u.m.; Banedlo-
Rev.  Father Ferland
lion at 7.30 lo 8 p.m.
Haitist Chuhch - Services morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor ini-i t-
'   t Wednesday evening at 8 p.in.  the B.  Y,
U. Monday evening at 8 o'clock.   Strangers
Ing Wednesday evening at 8 p.
P. U. Monday evening at 8 o'olo
cordially weloomed.   Rev. C. W. Rose, Pastor
Salvation Ahmt���Servlc s  every evening
1 8 o'clock In ban- -������-���������
,    mi���oervio s  every evening
at 8 o'clock In harra.ckson Victoria.sarad. NELSON DAILY MINER SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1898.
\ MINES or        \
\        KOOTENAY I
4*aiv%%+*%,'\> -%%^%%^%^i
Mining Stock Quotations.
[Compiled by H. G. McCulloch, mining brok
Nelson, B. C. P. O. box 185.)
Name of Company Value.
Nelson, Slocan and Ainsworlh
American Boy   1 on
Athabasca 100
A Hlngton Con 1 00
Dundee 100
Dardanelles 100
Dellio 100
Elsie 100
Kxcheouer 100
Fern G. M. Co    25
Gibson 160
Hall Minos  ��1
Idler 100
London Hill   25
Nelson-Poorman     25
Kaslo Montezuma   ...100
Noble Five 100
Rambler Con lot)
Reco 100
Slocan Star     50
TwoFricnds    30
Wonderful  100
Washington 100
Trail Creek
Butte 100
Caledonia Con  100
Commander 1 00
Deer Park 100
Enterprise 100
Eureka Consolidated 1 00
Evening Star 100
Georgia 100
Good Hope 100
Grand Prize  100
Giant 100
High Ore 100
Iron Mask '. 1 00
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo 100
LilyMay 500
Mayflower 1 00
Monita 100
Mon te Cristo 1 00
Mugwump 100
Novelty 100
Phoenix 100
Poorman 1 00
Red Mountain View 100
Rossland Homestake 100
Kossland Red Mountain 1 00
Sllverine 100
Silver Boll 100
St. HJmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 100
WarEagleCon 100
West Le RolJoBle 100
White Bear 100
lphaBoll 100
Cariboo ICamp MoKl 1 00
Waterloo (Camp MoK) 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channe      25
Golden Caoho 100
Oco.M. &M. Co 100
(Hil Ironsides  100
Smuggler 10U
Tin Horn    25
Van Anda 100
Winchester   25
Fire Mountain 100
1 20
1 25
1 25
New York, Deo. 80.���Bar silver, 59;
Mexican dollars, 46%. Copper,
strong; brokers $12.75; exchange. $13
to $18.25. Lead, firm ; brokers' $8. 70 ;
exchange, $3.S7>2 to $8.90.
*   ���   *
Where no consljeratlon is named in transfer
tho nominal sum of tl Is to be understood.
Dec. 22.���
Montreal���J. L. Stamford to D.
Utago���John Swanson toD.Darough,
J*, $50.
Same���Same to G. Holbrook, %,$150.
Dec. 28.���
; liiuii', Golden Chain, Golden Era,
"vV. E. Gladstone, M. Ross, Minia,
Pearl, Hecla, Glen, Robin Hood, Antonio, Rustle, Shamrock, O. K. No. 2,
Craigellachie���J. J. Driscoll to M. R.
Luckuow, Salisbury yi. More Day y%
���W. Feeney to same.
Golden Era���A. H. Kelly to J. J.
Driscoll, %.
Venus, Maima, Cosmopolitan, Metropolitan���R. Heddle to J. L. Stamford, %.
Saturn Fraction���J.Phillips to same,
% ' '
Urioii���fcanie to same, J-J.
Jupiter, Cambridge,   Orion, Maima,
Cosmopolitan, Venus, Saturn Fraotion
���J. L. Stamford to F. Fletcher, %.
Dec. 24.���
Copper Dell���M. E. Graham to Edward Cole, '.j, $5.
Little   Joe���Same  to  same, %,   $5.
Copper Dell���Same  to  J. Wostgate,
K. *<">���
Littlo Joe���Same to Baino, J-,, $5.
Monarch���E, Cole to   A. 13.   Irwin,
Copper Doll���Same to   same, \^, $5.
Little Joo���Same to same, 3^,16.
Monarch���J. WeBtgate to same, }3,
Little   Joe���Same   to   same,  ',,, $5.
Copper Dell���Same to same, jf, $5.
lli'lfast,   Royal    Sovereign,    %���J.
Harrison to W. Feeney.
Dec. 27.���
Meadow Lark���D. A. McKenzie to
W. J. HuglieB,  '���/..
, Silver King���W. F. Beadles to F.
Untried, !3, $100.
Colorado���L. Cnnoniica to same, yt,
Hecla, Gem���M. H. Driscoll to
P. H. Strong.
Golden   Eaglo,   Catherine,   Nelson,
24th of May-W. H. Howe   to   J. Mo-
Lellan, yt.
Dec. 29.���
Amphiou, Cross Bar���D. Lawson to
J. R. Simpson, Xi,
Caumore���J. Lindsay to same, %.
Deo. 30.���
Aspen,   Molly   Gibson, Little Fraction. I.a Plata   Fraction, Florence���R.
H. Pope to Molly Gibson Mining   Co.
a   a   %
The Miner's Exchange at Slocan
City proposes in the near future placing un oro cabinet near the depot,
that the traveling public may see that
Slocan City is not only the prettiest
townsite in West Kootenay, but that
it lus Ihe miuernl to back it up.
*   ���   ���
George Hughes was iu town on
Tuesday for the purpose of paying another dividend on behalf of the Idaho
Mines, this time amounting to $28, ���
000, Bays the New Denver Ledge.
Three-quarters of this amount he cablod
to tbo Scottish Colonel Goldfields,
Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland, that
company owning that interest iu the
property, while Mr. Hughes owub tho
remaining quarter. The Idaho Mines
have paid to date in dividends, inclusive of the  present   payment, tho vaBt
total of $292,000. This dividend will
give the Britishers additional interest
in the silver mines of the Slocan.
* *   *
The returns from a sample assay
taken across the lead in the bottom of
the shaft on the Exchequer have been
received, and give $118,23 in gold.
Thus the values of the ore are holding
well, and, if anything are improving.
There are now three foet of ore in
the bottom of the shaft.
* *   *
Superintendent P. E. Seeley, of the
Mexandra mine, siuated 11 miles
from Slocan iu tho second north fork
of Lemon Creek, arrived in Nelson
yesterday on his way to Spokane,
Mr. Seeley is enthusiastic over the recent strike made in the Alexandra
mine and referred to in the Nelson
Daily Miner yesterday.
He stated that the shaft was now
down 88 feet, aud there were six feel
of ore in the bottom of the shaft. .',
tunnel 88 feet long had been driven 011
the property which struck the ledge
at a depth of 00 feet Mr. Seeley was
on his way to Spokane to see Mr. D.
K. Macdonald the owner of the
Alexanilia, and consult him as to the
future development of the miue. Mr.
Seeley's plan was to run anoihor
lunnel in on the lead to tap it at a
depth of 280 feet. Mr. Seeley has
with him some rich looking specimens
of the ore, which ia a qnartz carrying high grade steel galena and pyrites.
* *   *
Under the oaptain, '"A Law Needed
to Protect Investors in Mines," the
Mining Engineering Review, nnblish-
cd iu San Francisco, has the following, which will be of interest to all
miuing men:
It is a curious and inexplicable fact
that although in other professions it is
legally necessary to pass a satisfactory
examination before being legible to
praotice, in the very important ones
of Mining, engineering and assaying
no examiuation nor diploma is necessary in California. Not only is this
state of affairs unjust to those who
have conscientiously devoted time and
money acquiring an education and a
praotical knowledge of the nature of
the work they have ohosen as a profession but it is a scarecrow to oapital.
That men who are enitrely ignorant
of the flrst principles of mining engineering are permitted by lax laws,
or rather the absence of laws regulating the qualifications for mining engineering, to practice, so to speak, on
the speculative public, is a bar, and
a serious one, to the investment of
capital   in the   mines  of  California.
Astounding as it may appear,
there is not a law upon the statute
hooks of California prohibiting any
one from using M. E. after his name,
nor from giving false reports on mines
which is often done by unprincipled
scalawags, some of whom have tot
even received a common sohool education, and whose appreciation of the
rights of man is of tho same quality
as that of the sandbaggor or highwayman. While not possessing the necessary courage to become knights of the
road, there is still left for these fellows
the vocation of the sneak thief, after
healthy legislation has driven them
from their present methods of robbery.
And this brings us to the point of
legislation. A bill properly drafted,
prohibiting incompetents from tbe
use of the names of Mining Engineer
and Assoyer. and hereafter requiring
all who enter the profession to pass an
examination, will no doubt meet with
the approval of the Legislature anil
become a law.
There are yet millions of dollart
ready to he expended iu the mines of
the States, bur the present state nf
affairs in regard to the lax laws for
the protection of investors is not calculated to inspire confidence. The
glittering misrepresentations made by
men who nre utterly devoid of either
honor or ability, are sometimes con
founded with reports made by honest
aud capable mining engineers, and the
latter, with the State, are the losers
through the ufortunate fact that it is
difficult sometimes for investors to
distinguish between genuine and false
reports. A bill should be drafted regulating the qualifications necessary
for Mining Engineers and Assayers
to possess, before being permitted to
examine or report on mines. It
should be accompanied by a petition
from some or all of the reputable Mining Engineers and Assayers of the
State, and be presented for passage to
the Legislature which meets next
We would suggest that some reliable
member of the Miner's Association
who ia interested in tho State's welfare
take hold of the matter and push the
The publication of such a protective
law having beeu enacted by the California Legislature would have a good
effect in financial circleB.
Mrlcrologlcnl Kr|i��i'l.
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdlrh.
Dec21 Saturday   80.8
Dec 25 Sunday
Deo 28 Monday
Dec 27 Tursday
Dec 28 Wi'd'dny
Doc 19 Thursday   27.0
Deo 30 Friday       25.0
LOW* SNOW       I1AII-
R8T      KAl.l.   OMKTK.lt
10.0    11.07
32.11     11.68        28/0
411.0 0.00
18.0 0.(10
14.0    0.00
27 85
Waldeiuar   Wallach &  Co.
P. O. Box 721, Bossland, B, O,
Correspondence Solicited.
Turkey Shoot
Monday, Jan. 2
On Lnke Front  below  Court House.
If weather is disagreeable  a canvas
���will be provided.     A rifle can be obtained on tho grounds.
Newly Furnished Rooms
At the Carney Block, Baker street,
Bath and electric light. Prices reasonable.
MkS. E. viltDCQFF.
AND I I'Ullt     -
Valuable Baler Street and  other ex
cellent property for sale.
Ollice Turiirr-Uorckh Block. NrlHon, II. C
������������������������ ������������������������������������ ������������������
1    OYSTER HOUSE.     J
New Years Dinner
FROM 12 to 8
Sunday & Monday
JANUARY 1 & 2, 1899.
t,   Duck, X
Turkey,   Goose,
Chicken, and the best
of everything.
>�������������������������������������������������� ���������������������3
Y. HOSHI        ���        Proprietor.
laAAi   A A.  AAAAAAl
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Fancy Dross Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs.  McLaughlin's,
NOTICE is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Parliament of Canada, at
the next session thereof, for an act to incorporate a company to Ljnstruct, maintain and
operate a lino or lines of telegraph in Ihe Dis-
trictfl of Yale and East and West Kootenay, in
the Province of British Columbia, and Io make
connection with the line or tinea of any telegraph company in tho United Stales of America, or with any telegraph or telephone company which is now or hereaftor may bo empowered to carry on business in the districts in
question, or In any other portion of the Province of British Columbia, with power to Bell
or IcaBo the company's lino or lines to any such
compai y or io amalgamate the undertaking
of the company with that of any other such
company or companies, or to entor into any
and all such contracts, agreements or nrrange
11icnIs for the transmission nnd oxchango of
messages and distribution of rates of charge
with any other ��uch company or companies as
may be doomed necessary or expedient for the
purposes of the company so to be incorporated
as ufore aid.
Dated at Victoria, B. C, tlie 23rd of December, 1808.
.solicitors for the Applicants.
M. meets HQcoad WednowUy 1. .nch
month.   VlHiting brethren Invltod.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
I. O. O.   V.     Koolmtar IMi
No. 16, meeUevery Monday u\���~ ,
at   theil   "Inll,   Konura.r  it"��l
Sojourning; Odd Follow* oordiMly Inrltod.
A. II. Clements, N, Q.       Kred J Squire., 8w.j
second and fourth Wednesday of
oach month at K. of K Hall, Mac-
Donald Block, cor. Veruen iir
Josephine streets. Visiting bretL-
rou cordially Invited.
OUas. H. Kauhow,
COURT KOOTENAY, I,O.F., NO. 3138 mecL-
ls! and 3rd Wednesday In cucii month in tbe
K of P Hnll. F VV Swanoll. 0. D. S. C. K.; i R
Uruon. C.H.: J. F^irkiss, Seoy.
NELSONLODGK.NO. 10 A.O.U.W.. uerts
every Thursday In the I.O.O.F. hall. Q C
Williams, M,W.: VV S Smith, Ueo.-Seo.; J. .1.
Drisjoll, Flnunciur; F. J Suuire. Receiver, and
P. M. W.
NKLSON LO I... No. lliO" moot* in the Mao
Donald block < very Thursduy evening nt 8
o'clock. VisiLii.g members oordl.illy invited.
Johu Tovo. W. M.: F. J. Bradley; R. S.
NELSON LODGK No. 23, K. of P.
in. ci.. in Castle hall, McDonald block
���very Tuesdny evening nl 8 o'clock.
IA11 visiting knight- cordially Invited,
li. G. Joy, C. C.
Quo. Ross K. of 11. aad S.
��� ������������������������������������������������>�����������������������������
C.D.J. Christie,
A   3 Roomed and n 4 Roomed  ���
House, X
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance   money  at  terms  to
suit borrower. ���
I 0. D. J. Christie,   Agent 1
6:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:30 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kuskonook and way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
8:00 a.m.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:00 a.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives C. P. R. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
iM p.m,���S. S. Kokanee leaves foi
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:30 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points.
dailv except Sunday.
5:35 p.m.���Train arrives N. k F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, .Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays.
0:30 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kuskonookand way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. R. sta-
s tion for Robson,Rossland.
and all Main  Line points,
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives C. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Kossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Knslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and other>
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel
son, but have no regular times of arrival and depiirture.
Transportation Companies aro requested ti
give notice to tho Miner of any alterstlonfi in
Ihe time of krrival nnd departure from Nelson
Steamship Lines
From St John
Allan Lino-Paris! m Jim.   7
Allan Line-Parisian  Jan. 11
From Halifax
Allan Line���Parisian Jan.  i!
From Portland
Allan Line���Laurentlnn Jan. 21
From Ne��v York
White Star Line Jan. 11
White star Line Jan  18
Ounard Line-Aurnnia Ian.  7
Ounard Line���Umbrla Jan. II
Anchor Lino���Funiossla Ian. II
Anchor Lino-Ethlouln Ian. 28
American Lino-M. Paul Ian. II
Allan Llno-Suito Nebraska Jan. ill
Cabin, $45.00, 5��i. Sim, 170 $80 and upwards.
Intermediate, ���3S.B0 and upwards
Steerage 122.50 aud upwards,
Passengors ticketed through to all lialnc. Ill
Grent Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
nilos to all parts of tho Kuropean oontl lent
Prepaid passages arranged from all polnti
Apply loC P. II. City 'llckolAgunt. Nelson,
or lo
SMI   Ooneral Agent. C.P.R. Offlons. Winnlnog
General Teamsters.
tor B, c. Oil ft
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
NELSON   LODGK,   I. O. G. T.      Meeta in
i :n i In Hall, McDonald Block, every Monday
evening  al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cordially Invited, John Tblkobd,
Chief Templar.
J. F. JaeebMB  Oee'j
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   83.
of our Clothing is generally tMfllcient to
inuke h life long customer.
We <'��� n't offer our goods below cost,
because we have no desire to lose
money. We nell at prices which are
BUiHoient lo pay for good material and
good workmanship. The size and variety of our stock enables us to please a
customer both as to stylo and fit. Indeed we aro particular on these points.
We rather loscn f-ale than permit un
siitisfiietory garments to leavo the
Theso values cannot be surpassed.
KIrkpatrIck * WlLsort
Groceries and Crockery
io per cent.   Discount  in   Our  Crockery  Department   Till
ist  of   January.
Complete stocl' of Bar Glasses always on   hand.      Inspect
our stock of
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets and Toilet Sets.
"Full Stock of Groceries."
Compliments of the Season.
Groceries and  Crockery.
Xmas Is Over
<��?* New Years Is To Come <^P
There may lie something you have
forgotten.    Perhaps  we  have   it.
Come and see.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
NEL50N, B.C.
$0.75  PEK   TON,   DELIVER   D
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker   Streets.
General Agent
CAPITAL PAID UP   -   $8,090,000. HEST,   -   $1,200,000.
H.  S.  HOWLAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. t'nthai'iiies.
I). R, WILtCIB, General Manager.    E. HAY, Inspector.
llriuii'lM'H   In   Oiilarlot
hhskx Niagara Vaujb        i Toronto, :ii Wol'gtoo  St. K. i St. Catiiauixk
ffURaOS POKTCoLIlollNK I , (.      v ft ��� flj, THOMAS
Halt Hat PORTAGE ""        l or'YU"K0 &ti"e<m I Wki.land
INUKICKOI.L BAULT8tB. MARTfl      I       ill)        Cor. Yoiiko & Illoor I WoonsToCK
ItruiH'lKM In Iliii'lM'c, Mluiilloliii, Virlliwi'st TorrltiirlCM unit llrlilsh Columbia.
WXNNtPRQ, Man. I    PORTAQB I.A I'ltAllOK, Man.        I ItHANDON, Man.
OALOARV, Alblu. 1'i.lNUK Al.llKKT, Hiirili. I Ki.Mnvio.v       Albta.
Montreal, Que, I   vanoouvan, il. 0. I Boom uTduonton, ���"
Nelson, ii. ('. IIbvelstokb, n. u.
Savings Bank Ueparfcmont -Dopoilta ot $\ anil upwards received and intorcAt allowed.
Agents iu Grenl Britain   Lloyd* Hank, Ltd., 79 Lombard street, London, with whom money
may i��! d< pool tod for transfer by lotter or cable io any of the above brunches*
Letters of Oredll Issued on Alaska Commercial Oo. payable at hi, Michael's, Alaska  and
Dawson Olfcy,
Drafts Sold, available at nil paint* in Canada, United states ami tiurnpe.
Monoy Orders Issued payabla at any Dank In Canada,   KuIuh���Under $10, 8c; $10 to $2(1 "10c;
320 to $80, !2o| 830 to $50, Uo,
J. M. LAY, Manager.
The Great
Short Line
From the manufiicturei*
to the retailer direct,
means close prices aud
personal responsibility.
uying from the ninniifiie-
1 iirer or maker of goods
means everything to the
purchaser, for it is in itself an Insurance against.
Inferior Goods and Exorbitant. Prices, while the
customer reaps the immediate benefit
My stock of Jewelry, IUiiks, Br ocln s, Scarf Pins, LorgnetteB, Lockets,
Necklets, ilinllemen's Vest Chains, Watches, Clocks, Sterling Silver and 8\U
ver fluted Ware, I personally selected from the immense stocks at the differ
ent factories.
Buy from J\COB   DOVER and Save Money.
Engraving Free,


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