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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 16, 1898

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Dail> Edition No. 189.
Nelson, British Columbia,   Friday, Deeember 16, 1898.
Ninth Year.
Beth Speak at a Dinner in
The Governor Genoral Deals With it and
Lord Strathcona Talks of Immigration to Canada.
Toronto, Dec. 15.���At a dinner tendered Lord Minto last night nt the
Toronto Club, the following wero present ns invited guests: Lord Strath-
conn, Bishop of Toronto, Justices S.
Moss, Fnlconbridge and Lister, Premier Hardy and Sonntors Cox nnd
Melnues. Speaking did not begin
until n lute hour and tho offloial report
was blinded to the press at two in the
morning. Miilto's speech contained
little of note, save possibly the following reference to the military department. "I nm bound to say from
What I have seen, I fiel sure, there
is a great future for the militia force
of the Dominion, juging from what
I know of the Minister of Militia and
of the intention of tha general officer
commnmling flint force. I may Bay
General Hutton is a very old friend of
nine nnd if energy nnd tact nnd
knowing soldier's profession onu ensure success, he is bound to succeed,
but, ns I nm sure many of you know,
the npnoinlnient of n general oMieer
eonininndinii the militia is not n sinecure. It resls with tbe people of Onii-
nda to insist upon the fact thut to obtain military otiicion-v military ro��'
ohinery must 60 entirely iiiibnnipereil
by. political influence. (Great Applause.) Bnt, gentlemen, 1 bave already told yon that I do not, as yet,
feel (nullified to express opinions   upon
international affairs of fjan da ami
perhaps I have said enough." The
Governor Genernl contrasted the present conditions in Oanada with those
existing 16 years ago, when he was
here; when Heil wns in rebellion and
the 0. P. R. was building. Ho congratulated the members of the club on
its present prosperity. "I find." be
said, "increasing revenue nnd increasing trade and 111 very few days, now,
we shall commence to reap the benefit
of tbe new link which Hon. Mr. Mulock hns forged .in the Imperial chain
by his Imperial Penny Postage "
Lord Stralhconn in the course of a
brief reply to the toast of his health
touched on the importance of securing
immigration, He did not want to see
'lninigration confined to the mother
country or to getting back from ncross
ihe boundary those who had gone
there. He wanted such immigration
supplemented by still more from the
continent of Europe. Though such
immigrants might, be a littlo strange
to us ut tlie beginning, their children
will become good citizens. He continued: "1 heard Iho other day from
(he Deputy Minister of the Interior
that be, himself, having gone to our
Northwest to find out tbe result of
the emigration of Gulncians into our
country, felt so convinced thut thev
were valuable und would make valuable settlors that he would be very glad
to have more of them. Further than
that he said young men and women
already were so very fur advanced
that  they  could make themselves uu
derstood very well Indeed 111 the Eng-
11kIi language aud that they were
most aUXlOUH to become   good   English
mill gooil Canadian men und women."
Lord Strnthennu left the oity ou 11
spccinl train for Montreal this morning. 	
be negotiated especially with the countries  of the   American  continent-.    It
was also resolved   that in   the Board's
opinon the commercial manufacturing
and industrial prosperity of the  conn-
try would be greatly promoted by   the i
no.rest   practical   npp < neh   to the establishment    of   complete  reciprocal
trade   relations   between   the   United !
States, the   Dominion ot Canada  and!
the Colony of Newfoundland.
Alberni Bv-Eloetion Yesterday Resulted in a Win For Semlin.
Victoria, Dec. IS, ���Figures from Alberni indictate tbat tbe present government has been sustained in the by-
election in that constituency. Considerable interest attaches to the result
owing to the narrow majority of the
government in the legislature. Neill
has  23 majority now.
The Offiiinl count for Alberni City
gives Neil] 2!l majority. The other
coast polling places will not be heard
from till tomorrow. The general
opinion is that there will be no material change.
Complete Figures of the Contests in Eastern Canada on Wednes-
Montreal. Dec. IB.���The Liberals
hud a vory enthusiastic meeting in
all the Liberal chilis here this evening
in oelebratiou of (he Liberal victories.
Mr. Tnrto nnd Senator Dnndurand
were 'he leading speakers, \ conspicuous feature of tbe elections in tbis
province was the neutrality of the
church and tlie desperation with which
the Conservatives sought to regain
Bagot, thereby sacrificing what appeared to be a fighting chance in
Toronto. De" b", -Pnllowlna 11 a
synopsis of Ihe remit ot ..be by-elections yesterday, Bagot: Mnrcile, Liberal, defeats llroileur. Conservative,
by <i4 Tho ate member Dupnut, Gou
servarive, was elected by acolatnatiou
ill 181)6.
Montnagny: Martinean. Liberal
defeats Blouin, Liberal, by from
600 to 600. Ghoqnetta, Liberal,
was elected by 242 majority in 1896.
West Lam Of on : Johnson. Liberal,
defends Farrell Conservative. bv
WW. Lister now judge, wus elected
by 1,138, plurality in 1896,
East Prince: Bell, [liberal, defeats
Lafurgey, Conservative, Ity fifi. Veo.
Liberal, was chicled hy 117 majority
in 1896,
East Northumberland: For the
Ontario legislature, Douglas, Literal.
defeats Willougbby, Conservative, by
808, The same member was elected
last March by 421 majority.
North Simcoe: Laighton MoOnrtby,
Independent, defeats Martin, Liberal, by 21S majority, In 1896 Dnlton
McCarthy had u plurality of 1,100 in a
three cornered contest.
Colonist   Proprietors   Only France and England Have
Technically Guilty-
Another Good Excuse.
Mr. Justice Drake Would Not Consider the I 4
Validity of Mr. Martin's Appointment���Victoria News
Tho Grand Trunk Operators Will   Undoubtedly Bo Called Out.
Toronto. Dee.    15.���The   deputation
representing the Railway Telegraphers
of tbe Grand Trunk   waited   ou E   F.
Clarke,    III.    P.,    this   afternoon   and
begged    him   to   see   tfie members   of]
the Government and urge that in case I
a  strike   of  operators   occurs nnd the
Grand Trunk   seeks lo   import  assistance from the United Staves   Hint the
nlieu   labor   law   will   be enforced   10'
prevent this. |
From   a   private   message   received 1
11010   this   morning   from   Powell   nol
hope   is   entertained   that   anything
but  a strike   will   follow the negotin I
Nationnl Board of Trade   Would  Like
Very Much to Trade With Us.
Washington, Doc. 16.���The first
matter which came before the meeting
of the National Board of Trudc today
was tho report of the committee of reciprocity and export trade presented
by Mr. Ebersole, of Cincinnati, Resolutions embodied iu tho report and
which were adopred call attention lo
the gratifying increase in the export
trade of this country, especially in
manufactured products and recommended that reciprocal treaties should
Buffalo   Has   More   Wheat  On   Hand
Thuii the Roads Can Manage.
Buffalo, Dee. IT, - -The grain block*-
ade at tliin port continues and is uu-
predeoeuted. At noon today fully 80
large steamers were in Ihe river wail
ing lo be unlouded or fro/en in. They
curry about 9,000,000 bushels of grain,
while in the different olevntors ?.-
000,000 bushels arc ur present stored.
This total of Jl6,000,00,0 bushels if
grain afloat and temporarily in storo
is u record breaker of fbe firsl dimension. Ice is forming too rapidly lo
permit any of the bouts attempting
another trip up the lakes, consequently
this great fleet of grain carriers will
be forced to winter in ibis port. The
railroads are hampered in their efforts |
to gel tho grain to the seaboard 1
the <outlined snow blookadi-8,
They Will Softie Where  Tiny   Arc   lo
Play the Game.
The nostponed meeting of the Nelson Curling Club will lake plate al
the Board of Trade rooms ibis evening. It will he a most i nrortnnt
meeting and every member and prospective member should ninhe il a
point to attend. 'Ihe oiler ef th 1 proprietors of the new rink, as reported
in yesterday's Miner, will be considered and arrangements will bo made
for Ihe season's curling. Some of tbe
members are in favor of building 11
rink for the club ami sonic are in fa-
vir of other plans to secure accommodation for the winter, All these
plans and schemes will be considered
nt the meeting tbis evening.
One thing is sure, the curlers say,
and that is. that thorn will be curling
here this winter whether the club patronizes the new rink or nol.
Victoria. Dec. 15.���Judgment was
handed down this morning by Mr.
Justice Drake in the matter of the proceedings to commit tho manager and
editor of the Colonist for contempt of
court in referring to the hearing of
proceedings in election petitions by
a recently appointed judge who hud
taken nn .active part in tho political
ciutest. After reviewing the arguments presented, he said "Lord Jns-
tico Cotton in Hunt vs. Clarke, 870
law reports, says, 'In my opinion,
no application to commit for contempt ought to be made unless the
offence was of so serious n nature us to
render the exercise of this sum-.nry
power neoessary to prevent interference with the course of justice.' Applying this language to the caso before 1110, I do not see anything in Hi a
articles read which can be snid to
fall within the scope nf this language,
It is true a technical contempt has
been committed, but not nf such a
cbarnjler ns culls for the extreme mens-
nre of committing the iiurtifs lo prison. I think that this ease will lie
fully met by making no order on this
motion, the result of which will be
'hat oaeb nurty will have to pay its
own e sts. "
Dealing wilh the-point raised as to
the validity of Mr. Justice Martin's
appointment, he not having pruoticBe'd
;it the Provincial bar for ten years, as
required by tbe Supreme Court Act,
Mr. Justice Ir.iko snid, ���'Cuni.-il then
contended lhat Mr Justice Martin
was not properly appointed us he was
not of the standing indicated bv sec-
ion 10 of Chapter 66, This is u subject which I cannot riisouss, the appointment having been made by
ihe Oovornor-in-Couucil cnlin.lt bo
reviewed by this court."
The scaling fraternity are happy
today because nf the receipt of advices
from London that sealskins roalizcd
bigger prices than in many seasons
east at Lmupson's snlo which took
place this morning in London. Alaskan skins sold for three per cent
higher than last year nnd the coast
catch tor fie per cent higher than at
the last side. The average price realized per skin is placed nt from J!) :S(l
to $10. All the skins sent to London
were sold at this Bale. A number wore
to have been offered this afternoon at
the Hudson's Bay Company's sale and
a number wonld be left for tho spring
The (billowing Provincial appointments are gazetted this week. Win.
P. Robinson, of Nelson Sheriff in
Slocan, Nelson und Rossland ridings
and (he South riding of East, Kootenay
vice s. R. Redpafh: Joseph Deer Graham, Stipendlry Magistrate for the
County of Nanaimo nnd Gold Com
missioiier for the Bennett LnUe
and Atlin Mining Divisions aud a Notary Public for the Province. Capt.
Itaint. mining recorder in Rennet I
Luke Mining Division : Harry Rhodes
of Vancouver Notary Public for the
Big   Strike   of   Silk    Workers
Germany ��� A  Jack-the-Bipper
Working in Felgium.
Winnipeg. Dec. 16.���Municipal elections were held in towns of tlle North
West Territories this week. Jas. Rielly
was elected mayor of Calgary by 1H
majority over S. A. Ramsay, For
Lethbridje Dr.'Mewburn was returned mayor by 82 minority. In einrly
nil th" other towns the elections were
by acolamation.
A Canadian Correspondent Ilea's Vi ith
tho Adjournment
Toronto, Dec. la.���A Canadian correspondent at Washington discussing
the question of ihe adjournment of
the Commission suvs : "As a matter
of fi.ct, at least one of the Am. rieans
still cherishes the hope thut business
can be close I oaf aud the treaty drnft-
.'(I I I'fo.e Friday 38rd iustnut. Even
if the proposals to le submitted by
lln- Americans on Friday next are as
satisfactory as it is hoped ihcy will
1 e, it seems s areelv possible to
close un the work and put the committee reports into the articles nf 1!,,.
treaty iii 11 few duys Canadian Commissioners regard tbe adjournment
ns inevitable, but they agree Hut if a
treaty is to result from the work of
ihe commission, it would be absurd
in keep it hanging OVI r Coiroe s and
Parliament during the coming your.
iJmglev holds the snme view quite
strongly and is confident that the results will be as good now ns they
would be after u long adjournment,
perhaps belter. Under the circumstances the announcement of n lengthy
recess of several months' duration
would simply mean that irreconcilable
differences had been developed and
negotiations were nt    an end."
New Y r'-, Dec. IB.��� Silver certificates, 69)^ 'Oil.1,,. Bar silver. 611) a:
Mexican dollars, 47. Government
bonds steady.
London, Deo. 15.���The six mouths
protocol between France and England,
delineating tho Niger country expired
yesterday und a treaty concerning
this territory has not been signed.
This opens another dangerous topic between tho two nations.
Rome, Deo. 15.���The Carlist movement in Spain is evidently beginning
to lose ground. As a result the Spanish Government hns become more aggressive. It is now endeavoring to
locate Don Curios who bus slid out of
view since his reported appearance in
Europe. Spain has asked the Italian
Government to prove its friendship
by watching   for Don Carlos in   Italy.
Veinnti, Dee. 15.���The Tngeblntt
hears thut Count Tolstoi tlie novelist
is shortly to be expelled from Russia
because of social disturbances, which
have been  attributed to bis teachings,
Rome, Deo, 15.���Minister of Agriculture Fortis, last evening in the
Somite, affirmed the right of tlie
1 row 11 li, seuue.-i.H clinvch property and
to revoke exequatiivus both for moral
and political reasons, whenever Iho
ecclesiastical power forgets its duty
of the country. The position of the
government is likely to increase the
tension between church and statu.
London, Dec. 15.���It is said on good
authority 'hat the commission which
bus been investigating Indian finances
hns determined against re-opening
the Indian mints to silver or renown)
of hi niotullism.
Krefeld, Gerninny, Doc. 16,���About
16,000 silk workers in the Rehine Province have gone out on strike. The
trouble begun in tho factory of Eng-
lador & Co., und spreud to nil the
silk manufactories, The authorities
are investigating and will endeavor to
settle the difficulty.
Brussels, Dec. 15.���Madame Grunn,
well known demi-monde, was choked
and stabbed to death in tho street
here last night. Tho body had been
mutilated afterwards. Five women
were murdered in a similar fashion
iu Amsterdam recently, evidently by
tbo work of a Jackthe-Ripner. The polioe suspect the Ripper is now doing
business in Belgium.
Glasgow. Dec. 15. ���A thousand tons
Of ship plates   have   just been   landed
rii from Norfolk Virginia. The
event was more notable, however, by
the fact tbat tlie ship which brought
them was flying the American flag,
which is itself 11 rare sight in the
Paris, Dec. 15. ���The Chamber of Deputies today almost tiuunimously
adopted a bill loaning two hundred
million fi'ancs'for the   construction   of
il ouiis in lurio-Cliiim, guaranteed
hy ihe government of Intlo-Obina.
Tho^War Department Has Made   Pub-
j  lie the Formal Order Concerning it.
I Washington, Dec. 15. ���The war department today made public the formal order providing for the military
government of Cuba. The notable
i f'entnre of the order is that Major Gen
1 era! Lmilnw. who is designated asmil-
itary Governor of llavnnu City while
nominally   subordinate to tlie division
commander, Genernl   Brook, is appnr-
enty charged to exercise all the civil
functions in thut place under the direct authority of Hie President. Gen.
Leo's funtions appear to be limited to
those of a strictly military government
although it is said at the war department he may eventually be charged
with all tbe duties, civil as well as
military of the governor of a Province.
Half of the amount wns taken by Mr
Ge \ W. Young, president of the fj.
S Mortgage und Trust Company, Senator Smith, of New Jersey, Peroivul
Farrpihnr, F. S. Pierson, Colonel C.
B. VI. Harvey. Hanson Bros, of Mont-
ren). The other was ta'ren
nnd Sons and T. W. Todd, bankers of
Londun. Captain General Oastell has
issued an order stopping work on the
railway concessions without prejudice
to the rights of any of the parties interested, until the Americans tuke
control here. This prevents the Atner-
io in Indies company from beginning |
the construction under u disputed eon
Tho St. Scholnstique Murder Trial Was
Terminated Yesterday.
Saint Scholnstique. Que.. Dec. 16,
���At 7 :45 p. m. Hon. Judge Tascher-
enu pronounced the sentence of death
on Cordelia Viou to he hanged on
the 10th day of March, ISO!).
The crime for which Mrs. Viau will
haug wns the murder of a French
Canadian named Poirior, Inst spring.
Sum Pnrslow, an nccomplico is now
in goal.
Iu Business Circles the Opinion   is That
he Should be Lord Etratkcona's
Herr Bebel, Socialist, Speaks
Plainly in the Reichstag.
Thinks That  the Havy, Army and
Colonies Oost the Fatherland too
Much  Money.
Loudon, Dec. 15 ���Among Ihe business men here,interested in Canadian
trade, the opinion is universal lhat
if Lord Strathcona retires from the
High Oommisaionership, Hon. Wm.
Mulock is just tho mail to Buoceed
him. All agree that 11 live, energetic
Canadian, possessing nil the qualifications needed for the exalted nnd important position can be found iu tbo
present Post-MaBter General of Ihe
A Yukon Man Says a New Gold Bearing Country Has Been Discovered,
Ottawa, Dee. 15.���O, II Norria,
ex-trailic manager of the Seattle Yukon Transportation Ocniuuuy. says thai
another gull bearing district whioh
will surpass the Klondike has been
discovered in the mountainous country, not far from Oleoma.
John A. Turner's   Marked   Cheek   for
|1,000   is Missing.
Mr. John A. Turner, of Nelson, is
mourning the loss of a marked cheque
(or J100G mailed   by   him, Nov.   16 to
his brother, P. B, O. Turner, a music
dealer, of Winnipeg. The check wus
on the Bank of Montreal and disappeared somewhere between Nelson
and Winnipeg. The matter has been
kept quiet until but a few days ago
when if leaked out at Ihe Winnipeg
end. Seen last night by 11 reporter
for The Miiner. Mr. Turner said
that he hud taken th<' question of his
loss up with the Postal Department at
Ottawa, and had yesterday received a
leller from Ihe Department informing him lhat a tracer bad been sent
after tlle leller, with which the
cheque was enclosed. So far ns Mi.
Turner knows up to the present the
cheque has not been presented at any
bank for payment. 11 is not likely
therefore thut, if the cheque hns been
slnlen, tlle thief hns been able to
realize it. Mr. Turner is assured by
the Postal Department lhat every effort
will bo made lo run Ihe letter down.
Berin, Dec. 15.���During the debate
011 the estimates in the Reichstag today. tHerr Bebel, tho Socialist leader,
O'iticized Emperor William's acts and
home politi OS Baying it was a pity the
revenues of the German empire were
swallowed up by tbe army, and navy,
nnd the colonies nnd that he understood that there wns nn intention in
influential quarters to introduce still
larger naval programme. Herr Bebel
referred to the expulsion from Prussia contrasting ihcm with the conciliatory utterances nf Emperor William
iu the church nf the Redeemer of Jerusalem. Herr Bebel then proceeded
to criticize the Imperial remarks nmid
considerable    uproar    nnd    cries  of
'Shame" Finally, ho wns culled
to order. Herr Bebel thon denounced
the anti-Sociiilistic police measures and
referred to secret police orders said to
hnvo been issued by Generals Brom-
Bort Von Schellendovf and Von Huhnke
fir the arrest of Socialist leaders, in
ihe event seemingly of revolutionary
ilistnrbouces.    He said such   measures
d,d not arrest tlie growth of Socialism,
whioh fiimbniieutnllv differed from
Anarchism The Socialist leader afterwards  dii TjflBoi    internal  questions,
in i-��� .1:1:. ��� ,,i,:i.eg .'.m.on.un'protest
f   m the rightists.
The minister of war. General Von
f3e-nler, replied do daring that the
orders mentioned by Herr Bebel did
mil exist. The secretary of state for
ihe Interior Count Besndwsky Webner
stroke ironically of the Social demo-
c iitieatate of (he future. Ho snid the
exfsle lee of ihe Social democracy wnB
the best proof thut Gerninny wus a
country of freedom.
Ihrr Lei her tho Centrist lender,
emphasized the loyalty of tho Centrists who would ever lend their cooperation to the welfare, honor nnd
���real ness ol the empire. Tho estimates
were then referred to the budget com-
nillco and the House adjourned until
January m.
Toronto, Dec, 15.���The Mail editorially says that the Liberals won Bagot
by the race cry and that the Hardy
Government carried East Northumberland by the liberal use of money. No
explanation is offered in oither constituencies.
Ottawa, Dec. I.',. ��� Provincial DetOO-
tlve Rogers is conducting un inquiry
into the mysterious disappearance of
Hnikemnu  Suell  of  the  O.   A.    R. j
lleiiort Harbor,    who    is   believed   by
his   relatives   at    Brookvillo   to   have!
been   murdered.      Snell.     with   some:
fellow railway men, was drinking nnd
next morning   his   hut uud coat   were [
found   beside the river.     Rogers,   who |
is here, bus nut   discovered   any   evidence to support the murder  theory or
lo unravel   the   mystery   surrounding 1
his disappearance.
Washington, Dee. 15.���The House
today surpassed all previous records
iu the expedition wilh which il pnssed
Ihe Pension appropriation bill. This
hill in days gone by has been one of
Iho must fruitful themes of uerimon-
ious pnrtisun debate, hut today although calling for an appropriation
ol $14,600,000 nn increase of 1400,000
over the nol for the current year, it
was passed in 30 minutes without a
word of criticism.
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 15.-The
Evening Telegraph publishes 11 story
today to the effect that the "preliminary plans were laid in ibis city today
for  the  Information  of a   powerful
combine lo control tho street lighting
business, now in the hands of private
companies all over the United States
east of the Mississippi river." Tho
amy continues: "The deal will affect
seven companies now controlled by
the Pennsylvania Globe Gas Light
Company, the controlling 11 stock of
which is owned by United Gus Improvement interests uud the Kilson
Inoaiisdoscout Light and Gas Co.,
Ibis city. The deul provides for a
capitalization of |1,SOO,000 nnd it is
proposed thut it shall go into effect
January I. 1899, The Companies involved nre the following companies
controlled by the Peniui Globe nnd
Gas Light Co. T. W. Elsnneh Street
Lighting Co. 1 of Chicago, The N. Y.
and N. .1. Globe and Gas Light Co.,
of New Pork, The Chicago Globe
and Gas Light Co., of Chicago, The
Canton Globe nnd (ias Light Co.. of
Canton, Ohio, The Penna Globe and
Gas Light Co., nnd two other OOm-
1 anies not yet named nnd nlso tho
Kitson Incandescent Light Co."
TopoknKiis., Doc, 15.���The pro-
el. imuliou calling for an extra session
of tlie Kansas legislature to puss
"Suitable legislation for the regulation of railroad charges." was issued
today by Governor Leedy.
A Strong Amerioan und English Company Hnvo Taken Over the Line.
Havana,    Dec.     15.���At   a     genernl
meefing of file   stock    holders   of   the
Ferro   Carril   Urbaiio   yeslerday.   the
sale of the entire stock   amounting   to
11,(100,000   wus    authorized     nt     4IM. I
Ottawa, Out.,    Dee.   15���A   private
telegram received here staio' thai the
condition of J. 8, Willison, nlitor of
the Globe, is much improved und
that the reports of his illness have
been exaggerated.
Boston, Mass., Dec. 15.���Henry A.
Rice, ex Governor of the Common-
wcalth and formerly a member of tho
firm of Denny, Kico and Company,
woo] commission merchants, of this
city, died at his home here today aged
H2 years,
The outlet to the Cedar Street sewer
has been niude, und the Koolenay Lake
General Hospital has already made
connection. The only thing that remains tn be done is   to   lower the pil 0
below the bed of the lake to prevent
any danger of injury to the pipe from
New York, Dec.  16.���Copper,    UJfj
exchange, sip.1.75 to 118.90. Lead
strong; brokers' (18.60; exchange, $.''. 75
lo   s?:i. 77'.,.     Tin dull,    Straits,   $17.00
to |18, Plates, quiet, Bpelter, quiet.
Domestic ffl,Ho to $6.36. IS**
Nelson Daily Miner
Pu .lished Daily except t?urday.
buon Miner 1'rintino Publishing Co.,
D. J. BEATON, Man gmJ, Director and
ALL COMMUNICATION   to the IMltor must
bo iccompvnied by Uu name and address
of tho wi iter, not ii?G6ssarlly for publica-
n, but as evidenco of nood fuitlv
SupsciuPTiiiN Rates,
Dally per month by can'or % If*
per month by mal     100
per half yeer by m '1    600
per yoar ���  1000
per year foreign  18 00
Nklson Whkkiy Miner.
Weekly, pot half year $ 1 2,i
per year    2 OO
per year, foreign    800
Subscription! nvarfiibly in advanoo.
Notices of Births,   Deaths, nnd Marriages
Inserted for 50 cents c,ich.
Advertising tt tes made Known on application
Nelson Miner Printing & Publishing^
Copy for < Iiiiiiuih o Advertisement inii-l
lie In Ihe om c by 4 o'clock p.m. to
Insure chnnjrt
As the present year of grace is now
rapidly drawing ro a close, it may not
be amiss to take a glance back nt the
work accomplished in some of tho
prominent mines in tho vicinity.
It is difficult to say anything very
fresh about the Hall Mines without
going into a mass of technical detail?,
That great mine has, however, been
���hipping an average of over 100 tons a
day nil the year. Tbe company has
also purchased more machinery for
the mine, which will bo operated by
electricity, and, it is understood, un
elaborate plan for the further development of the deep levels of the mine
was drawn up last summer and is
being actively prosecuted. Tbe Last
Ohnuce mine, on Toad Mountain, wns
taken hold of enrly in tbe spring by n
���troug English Company, nnd a considerable nniouut of development work
bus been done, details of which ap
penred in n recent issue of this   paper
The English company operating tbe
Athabasca mine, enrly in the year,
put aside the sum of (50,000 for development work, nnd the erection of a
mill, etc. The result of the season's
operations has been the erection of a
first class 10-stamp null nnd tramway ;
the mine has nlso beeii thoroughly
opened up, nnd there is enough ore
now in sight to keep the stumps
busy for six months to cone.
The mill is crushing 3fl tons a tiny,
making about one ton of concentrates
in thut timo. As previously announced the cleanup last month
amounted ns nearly ns possible to$N. -
000,and still better results accompanied
by dividends are looked for in the near
Development wns begun this full
on the Exchequer, nnd the results nro
most eneourugiiig to the management,
while the California group was recently acquired by Mr. Hugh Sutherland, on which development is being
vigorously pushed, and a large amount
of high grade ore is being sneked
ready for shipment. These properties
which nro situated close to the Athabasca carry high grade free milling
ore. A large amount of work has also
been done during tho past season on
many other claims iu the vicinity of
the above, notably tlie Juno group,nnd
the results in every ense have been such
as to warrant lite contitlenco felt by
their respective owners, that in the
near future there will be a large group
of dividend paying free milling properties quite close fo town.
Great mining activity  has also been
displayed this year iu Ihe region of
Forty Nine, L'agle, and Hover creeks.
Iii the Nelson-Poorinnii a great ileal or
the solid development work tbat wns
so much needed iu th.it rich properly
bus been done, and (he etintinuanco of
the ore bodies has been proved at a
great depth, The Granite and Royal
Canadian, which were taken over by
tho Duncan Syndicate iu the spring,
have had a large force of men nt work
OU them nil the season, and with such
good results thut tin- management has
mado every preparation for the erection of a stump null in the spring.
Hover Creek bus received a great deal
of attention from prospectors this sum
mer, nnd a large number of claims
have been staked there, on many of
which assessment work has boon dono
Tho Fern Mine has preserved its
reputation for richness iu the most
substantial mannor, namely, by distributing dividends among its shareholders.
Messrs. Campbell and Finch have
beon developing the Second Relief, on
the north fork of the Salmon, nil
tho season in the most conservative
manner,   nnd  about   1600 tons of ore
have been Ink ml in  the  course   of
development,     which   is   now   bring
Shipped.    The   owners   will   erect    a
down the creek, a largo force of men
have beon at work nil the year, nnd it
bus been stated that the Dewdney
Syndicate, to whom the property belongs, will put in n cyanide plant next
The Porto Rico mine is nnother.i'i'O-
perty which the year's work hns elevated from the rank of a prosnoct to
that of u mine. The management
has installed a 10-stamp mill and compressor plant, which .opened up on tlie
6th Instant, nnd is giving every sntis
faction. Those in churge announce
that there is plenty of ore in sight for
an extended run of thu mill.
The great wealth of the Ymir mine
is so universally recognized that it is
hardly necessary lo say much about it.
It may be mentioned that a large
foroe of men hnve been nt work thero |
day nnd night nil the year, that during
the summer it was officially nn-
nounoed that'll,600,000 worth of ore
was then blocked out, nnd tho management hns ordered a 40-stirup mill,
which should shortly be in operation.
Tbe Dundee mine, has showed this
year, too, that the confidence reposed
in it by the shareholders of the company was not misplnced. The best
proof that cnu bo given of this ie,
that the directors, instead, of putting
the stock on tho market, hnve token
up sufficient themselves to purchase a
concentrator and mill, when it is expected that the miuo will pay dividends.
Yet another stamp mill is in process of erection on Six Mile creek,
where the Oro mining aud Milling
Company consider that the result of
the season's work justifies them in
incurring a heavy expenditure in this
respect. The Mollie Gibson is another
mine that has been steadily worked all
this season, and so successfully, that
the management has paid the very
heavy payments necessary to take up
the bond.
No attempt has been made here to
givo an exhaustive review of the sen-
son's work in the mining districts
tributary to Nelson. Such a re\ iew
would be beyond the scopo of n short
article. Nn reference whatever hns
been made to the hundreds of properties in thu initial stages of development, nor to ninny indeed which may
fairly claim to have passed out o"
those stuges. Enough, however, has
"been said lo draw attention to the
prosperous and promising condition
of the mining industry in tho Nelson
Mining Division, Never before have
such bright prospects heralded a new
$*<^x.^    ���
The Time
.......   .......
���..���    ���.���    En    o ���   ���'.������    .���������    v."    ���.���    ....    ���.���    .-.-    ',���.    ���"    .'.���
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i^Hi' ...   .,'������
After Christmas Day Onmitlinns under Mr. Mnlcok's Imperial Penny
Postage scheme can send letters to nil
parts of ihe British Empire for two
cents. The following is nn official
list of the places other than Great
Britniu, lo which letters can be sent
for two cents : Aden, Bahamas, British Central Africa, British East Africa," British India, Ceylon, Cyprus,
Fulkland Islands, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Lagos,
Leeward Islands, Natal, Newfound*
land, Niger Const Protectorate, St.
Helena, Seychelles, Sierra Leone,
Straits Settlements, Trinidad, Tobago,
Turk's Islands, Uganda, Windward
Islands. Meanwhile if you wish to
send a letter to Knslo you will have to
put a hree cent stamp on it. Can
adinus who do not write letters for
distant parts of the Empire will not
receive Ihe benefit of the two cent
postage ns yet, but it will now likely
be only a mutter of time until tho
sumo rate is adopted in Canada,
Homo wns not built in a tiny
neither can Nelson aoquile all the ear
marks of n oity in such a short time
hut before wo go much farther in
building up the metropolis of ihe
Kootenn.vs something might be done
in the way of numbering the slrnets.
To advertise one's business bouse us
'next to Smith's" or " in Ihe premises recently vaoated by Jones, Robinson and Co,," is ii long way around
and conveys no intelligence to ono
uoi thoroughly acquainted with tbo
oity us it wns before .Jones, Robinson
and Co., moved. Tlie Utile work
attached to putting lip the numbers
is n good reason why there should
be little more delay in arranging
matters so that a man can tell yon
just where he lives without making
use of the names of  nil his neighbors.
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NELSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. ft A.
M. moots second Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
O. L. Lennox, Secretary.
jS*ii*fe.     '���  "���  ��.   F'     Kootonay Lodge
^Sjft^c  No. Ill, meets every Monday night,
mw*&    al   theli   Mall,   Kootenay street,
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invltod.
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o'clock. Visiting members cordially Invited
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Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without oliang
of cars between Nelson and Boailaad aad
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.��
"   12:05 "   KOSSL'D    "  U:20
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p.m
Train thut leaves  Nelson at 6:20 a.M
makes close connections nt Spokane toi
1 Pacific Const Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, conneot nt Mnrous with Stage
C. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Agent,Nelson,  B, 0, NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16,  1898.
the assembled m.iltitu le and
to nnl u in nn envelope bnt
lv 11 sliirlit nf linnil trick nt winch lin
is an adept lie deftly substituted a oue
dollar bill for tbe one of lnrser denomination and put it in the box. The
drawing then commenced and the
stranger bought five dollars worth of
envelopes���eight���thereby spending the
Ave dollars given him. Bnt he drew
0 ily seven from the   bore   find   Flipped
Archde.eenFenti'.athantl Several Other ^ffi^fe^^
Visiting I lei'gymen Present���Ihe
Opening Services.
Tile banilsoine new stoue church
erected by the English Ohurch people
of Nelsou was opened with fitting ceremony yesterday two speoial services
being held in lienor of the occasion.
Both services were fully choral. In
the morning Mr. Frank Oliver sang
"Arm, Arm yo Brave" in superb
fashion. Archdeacon Pentreath
preached nn eloquent sermon in which
he deplored the waning of the religious spirit which is so noticeable
uow-a-days. He congratulated the people of Nelson on their new church and
took occasion to compliment Mr. Curtis, the architect of the building.
Holy Communion was administered
after the service, the music was Dvkes
iu P.
At tho evening service, whioh was
attended by a large congregation, the
music for the Magnificat and Nunc
Diuiittis was Tours in F. the am hem
being "O Taste nnd See" by Goss.
Mrs. Melville Parry sang before the
offertory "Angels Ever Bright and
Pair," with beautiful effect. The
acoustic properties of the church are
very good, and her rich voice filled
it to perfection. The accompaniments
were played ou two organs, Mr.
Haines presiding at one nnd Mr. Jow-
���ett the other. The singing by the
choir and congregation was exceptionally hearty,
The Rev. H. Irwin delivered tbe
���sermon. The preacher commented on
the fact that the first Episcopal
church in Nelson is built of stone.
He characterized this as unpurralleled
in tho Colonies, nnd as speaking volumes for the earnestness of purpose of
the congregation. It must lie remembered tlfiit the building which has
Jiiiherto done duty .as a ohurch, is ill
reality only a mission room.
Tbe idea of building a suitable
church was mooted nearly two years
ngo, but it wns not until last BDring
that the work- aclualiy commenced.
t Grent credit is due to the Rev. 11.
S. Akehurst for tho untiring perseverance with whioh he hns pushed on
the work, aud also to tlie ladies of the
congregation who bave been unremitting in their efforts to raise the
uceessarv funds.
The building eommitteee was composed of the following gentlemen:
Mesrs. P. Irvine and II. K. Croas-
daile, the ohurch wardens, and also
Messrs. Crease. Gamble, llatiningtoM,
Christie, Newliug, Tlll'tO, Deacon Jowett, Bridges, lieaslc.v. Applewbailo
and Hodge, ami Ihe lighting committee nf Messrs. Newling, Hodge and !���'.
Mr. A. E. Young secured tbe contract for tlie erection of the building,
the price being $8,61)0, but sublet the
stone work. The building lias been
delayed to a eorlain extent by the illness this autumn of Mr. Curtis tbe
architect. Subscriptions have been
coming in fairly well, but tbe
amount necessary to open the church
free of debt has not beon raised, Of
the total amount required about |8, ���
600 has been subscribed, and about $800
more promised, thus about $760 is still
needed, a sum which should be easily
obtained in a city nf the size and
opulence of Nelson. Tho Ladies' Guild
raised about *!J00 towards the providing of new pews.
Several members of the congregation
provided necesary articles of church
���furniture in lieu of or in addition to
cash contributions. Among these are
a curved oak pulpit, whioh is being
built by G. li T. Freeman who is doing nil the carving work in tin
church, presented by Mrs. Day, the
altar given by Mrs. Akehurst. aud the
font, donated by the children of the
congregation, Mr. Nowl ing presented
the acetylene gas engine, by whioh
the church will bo illuminated, and
���the heating apparatus was put in bv
Mr. Ball.
Some disappointment hns been
occasioned by the fact that the windows have, not arrived. This was
occasioned by a misunderstanding wilh
a Spokane firm froia which they hud
been ordered. Mr. Young has now placed
the order wilh a Vancouver llrm. and
he hopes to have them here by Christmas.
The present chancel is only intended
for temporary purposes. Later on,
ns more accommodation is required
and funds flow in. transepts and a permanent channel will lie added.
Before tho offertory in'he coning
Archdeacon Pent real!) made au appeal
to the congregation for funds to clear
off Jtbe indebtedness. He said tlle
ohuroh people of Nelson should rise to
their opportunities. At a mooting of
tlie eominilteo appointed by the Synod
of New Westminster held in Nelson
the draft of the bill of the proposed
new diocese of Kootenay was agreed
to and tliis ohuroh should not only be
the first stono church in Kootenay,
but should eventually become Iho Cathedral,   Ho congratulated the emigre
Then he commenced to open them and
! Parker announced    what the lucky individual hud drawn.
Of course he got the fifty and everyone was surprised and thought he was
a lucky fellow. He also got a ten
dollar and one dollar envelope among
the rest. The bargain wns tbat be
was In immediatel.v bund hack to Ihe
assistant all be bad drawn with the
exception of live dollars which bo wns
to keep for his trouble. Hill tbe mull
knew a Hung or two and rolling up
one five and two ones he handed the
roll quietly to Ihe assistant and then
made slowly for Ihe door. The assistant was a little leary ot the transaction and examined tlie bills. As the
fifty was not muting them he gave
chase and finally ran the man to earth
at bis homo.
J "I Want that fifty dollar bill, "demanded the "Piofessor's" aide-de-
"You do, do you?" was tbe answer
"Well I don't do business lhat way
Yon just light ont of here or you will
lii't into trouble," and the mini "lit."
Tho "Proferssor" is consequently
out $64 on his deal and will probably
be more careful hereafter in his choice
of the lucky man to draw the fifty
dollar bill 'that never gets near tbe
box in which the public fish for it at
a dollar a cast.
Tho Conversion   of   Kootenay   Into  n
Separate Diocese is Assured.
The committee appointed to complete
tho details, and, with tho Bishop of
New Westminster's consent, to niak-'
application to the Provincial House
of llio formal formation of the Diocese
Of Kootenay, with the 120th Meridian
as tlie Western and tbe Kinkie.; to Mt
Hood as the Eastern Boundary,
met I'osterdny afternoon to consider
fbe Const section of tlie Committee's
report, with the Archdeacon of Columbia as Chairman of I be joint eirn
The report was adopted with a few
alterations ami agreed tn; so lhat nil
that is now needed in llio Bishop's cm-
-ent, to complete whai is a most
unique proof of ihe importance of the
mining districts of British Columbia.
This result may bo looked upon now
ns attained, ami. the appointment of
(be regular .officials will no doubt be
made early il tbe spring,
'the election of a Bishop depends
up m tlie neces��ary provision being
made, and in the Kooteuays it will
not be long delayed. Until'then tho
new Diocese wi.'l lie iu obnrgo of tho
II shop of New Westminster, who will
thus be Bishop of New Westminster
and Kootenay.
The electric lights went down yesterday evening at their usual hour
and the town was jn semi-darkness
nil night.
Mrs. If. W. Simpson wishes to return thanks to numerous friends who
were so kind in their offers of sympathy and assistance during her late
husband's illness.
Tbe water was turned ou again yesterday in the Vernon Street pipe.
The trench down Wind street in
front of the Court House has been
dug, and the pipe will   be laid   today.
The positions of inner and outer
guard at Ihe Provincial Jail still remain unfilled, though J. MoAlpn ha
been temporarily acting as guard
while the street gang has been working.
Mr. Frits Oirkel, M. K, left Insl
night for Vancouver. While at the
coast he will inspect some properties
li Harrison and Lillooet Lakes, after
Whioh he will leave for Montreal
for the Chiistmas vacation.
Mr. M. Cowan leaves this morning
lor Kuskonook to start work on lln
sub-contract be has secured from Folov
Bros.. Larson nnd Hnlverson. Mr. Larson also leaves for Kuskonook lb is
A telegram was received yesterday
by friends of Mr. Harry Wright, clerk
in tbe ollice of the Hold Commissioner
nt Nelson, who went east a few weeks
ago, staling tbat he bad undergone an
operation   at    the     Toronto     (ieneral
Hospital with satisfactory results, and
that he hoped to be able to return to
Nelson in a few weeks completely restored to health,
.A competent authority was remarking yesterday on i)������> low figure al
Which sewer contracls were let III Ibis
country, being even lower than in
Eastern Ontario, where wanes wore
lower and Ihe materials half the price.
Tbe solution be offered was that tb'1
men, being belter paid, worked harder
and also lhal the laborers in this country were more Intelligent.
gatinn on what had been done, and
urged upon them lhat they should use
the new church, filling it so that it
would be necessary to eulargo it bo-
fore loug.
He Selocted the Wrong   Mun   to Draw
the Fifty Dollar Bill.
A man who has recently- come to.
Neliou and who has not yet found
work ran up against a good proposition on Wednesday night. Ho was
thoroughly drilled in what bo bad to
do and tbis is just what happened. He
went to tho sale of pens that "Professor" Parker is conducting on Baker
street and took up his stand near
the "band wagon." He was handed
iui envelope, like those in the box,
by tbe young gentleman who assists
tho "professor. " But no ono was supposed to seo. this little transaction,
muoh less know that there was a fifty
dollar bill in tbo envelope. The man
wus also given a fivo dollar bill. Tbe
"professor"   displayed  a   fifty  dollar
The Phair���Frank Barnyard, Port
Los Angeles; Julius Hailbron, Port
land , G. P.  Simm.
Tbe Hnnio���W. Linton, Toronto; J.
Irwin, Portland ; ,f. L. Beaucbani, Slocan Oily; A. L. Davenport. Spokane;
G. Blath, Chicago; S. A. Kelly, Edmonton.
The Queens���J. S. McDermotl,
Whitewater; ,T. McCnllum, Kamloops ; G. W. Real, Rol son ; John McVeigh, Nakusp.
new ste.imship   lines,   having   Vladi-
vostock us a terminal   point.    Oue  of
these���tlie American-Japanese���has for
; its western terinmus San   Diego,    tbo
j most southern port of Cnhfornia,   and
will work   in   connection   witb    the
Atchisou, Topeku and Santa Fe   Railroad.    The   steamers will also call   at
Honolulu.    The second���the   English-
Canadian���will   work   in   connection
witli the Canadian Pacific By. Co. und
sjj] from   the cities of Vancouver und
Victoria.    Two of the large  steamers,
ubjut 6WIU tons each,will run regularly
from   these   cities   to   Hnkodudi   and
Vladivostok.    The   line is   controlled
by  the  Canadian   Railroad   and   the
Empress Line     Tlie reason for its   establishment   is said to   bo   Iho  rapid
development of   the    Russian   Pacific
const aud   the   Siberian   railroad   and
Ihe   demand   for   American products,
among   others   wheat,    flour,    timber
and materials for ruilroads and factories.    Tbo   third   line   belongs   to   tho
North German   Lloyd   of the Bremeu
Steamship Co.    It has not yet selected
its terminus; its directors aro   hesitating   between San   Pruncisco and   Los
Angeles.    The longer Russia  remains
inactive in this direction, tbe  smaller
are  her   prospects   of   occupying   tbe
place   which   is   due   her  the   traiis-
contiiieutal'iind  oceanic  traffic.    This
inactivity   will greatly   influence   the
fuiuro well being   of the   great Siberian railroad."   Passengers  and   muils
can reach Vladiyostock   vin the   Van-
conver route in thirty   days from   St.
Petersburg, while it   required  SJ5 days
via  the  Trans-Siberian route,   1,151
miles of which is   made   in   partially
closed   oonveyanos   on   rough    roads,
travelling night   and day.    By tho usually traveled route   tbe   trip requires
16 days.    The  Truns-Siberiuu railroad
will   bo   about  !J,H-I4 miles in  length
when completed; 2,015 miles are  completed   from St.  Petersburg   side   and
478 miles   from   the   Pacific const,   or
VJudivostock end. leaving 1,151   miles
to be built.  The   construction is going
011 at tbe rate of ilii! miles per year.
of poor quality conies soon.    If hasn't
got the toughness to stand everyday
wear, and succumbs to Hie inevitable.
Just tbe same as throwing money to
the dogs when you buy such stuff.
Perhaps the ordinary observer will
say that our Hardware doesn't look a
bit better. But our wind is worth
something, and we assure our customers that, there is good value in everything we offer.
ftcomr Harflware Co..
importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Winers' Supplies
I'o gal her  fruit   is   when  if is
$ln  gatlier   inut   is   wlien   it  is ��
ripe.   If you wail ton long it will _f
'��   become decayed and Worthless. J)
fl      The Right: Ti Io buy Christ- ��
fl  inns Presents is now. We have a fl
h full   line   of   Fancy    Perfume (R
$ Sprays, Out Glass Perfume But- if
<* ties, Shaving nnd Toilet, Outfits, A
"9  Perfumes in Eancy Boxes, etc, 'Q
$ etc   (>nt Prices Auk Right. *i
fl  Call  aud   see  our   .stock   before fl
f) buying elsewhere.
I Mole's Dm Store f
fi        Opposite Queens  Hotel. fl
I t
24 Pages  I  Weekly  :  Illustrated.
MINING-scientific PRESS
���#   BUY IT    *
The Miner is on sale at the following' news stores at five cents per
Qllbert Stanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery (lo Nelson
Cannda Drug & Book Co. Nelson
Hold Ihnnc News .stand Nelson
We Wish to remind the Public
that our stock of these goods is
very complete.    Our regulation
Men's Hockey Shoe at $3.50
is a beauty.
Bring- your skates to us and   we
will attach them   to  your  boots
while you wait
Aberdeen Block
Make Your Fruit Selection First, then
Make both of these properly and you'll be pleased  with the
Below we give a list to choose from :
Raisins seeded, Seeded Raisins, Raisins without the
seeds, Seeded Raisins, Raisins with the Seeds and Seeds
with the raisins.
Currants, all cleaned, ready to throw in the cake.
English Peels, mixed and chopped ready for use.
Spices, Icings and extracts. Plum Puddings, Fruit Cakes,
etc., etc.
We have all the latest specialties. If your cake is not
a success don't blame us,
Christmas Candies Arriving.
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Aberdeen Block. NELSON, B. U,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lowes  Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paitl Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, 81,175,000.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Anligonish, N. S.
Ilnlliuivl, N. D.
Brldgowater, N. 3.
Oharlottetown, P. B. I.
Dorchester, N. B.
BYoderloton, N*. B.
Ouyshoro, N, 8.
lira nil tAirks, B, C.
Halifax. N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry. N. S.
Lunenberg, N. S.
Mailland, N. B.
Moncton, X. B.
Montreal, P. O.
Montreal, West Knd
Montreal, Westnionnt
Nanaimo, B. O.
Nelson, B. ('.
Newcastle, \\ B.
I'icton, N. S.
Port Hawksbury, N. S.
Rowland, II. C.
Snekvillc, V. II.
Shubcnaoadlo, N,8.
Summersldo, P. B. I.
Sydney X. H.
si. John, Nfld.
Truro, N. .s,
Vancouver, B, ('.
Vancouver, Kant Knd,
Victoria, B. ('.
Woytnouth, N. s.
Woodstock, N, U.
ymir, II. C.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,    Interest allowed nn speoial
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Ravings Bank depart tnont has boon ostabllshod in connection Willi tho NH-on branch nf
this bank. Dcpnsiis of ono dollar and upwards received, and current ratoof Interest allowed,
nt. present It pur cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another Carload of
now iii, consisting of
A Large Mock.
Prices away Down and You Know Where
To Come.
Applewhalte Block, Baker St., corner of Kootenay St.
B Real Estate and Insurance Agent. ZS
SZ.   Cheap for Cash���A valuable lot on   Victoria   Street   adjoining    ^3
E business portion of the city. 3
A Rusaimi Writer Urges the Estnhlisu
incut of a Russian Fleet.
A contributor to a Russian magazine
has published an article setting forth
the necessity of organizing a Russinn
Steamship line on the Pacific ocean, !
in order to establish communication
between'Siberin and ihe United Slates i
to connect wi'li the Siberian railroad.
The same author goes on to say "Foreigners have already established  three
I>. Campbell
Yin it-
<'. P. Nelson
New Denver
j. K Delano?
Slooan News Co.
Slocan city
J. 1. Mcintosh
Silver! on
Slocan News Co.
VV, Parker
Thomppon Bros.
Hotel Spokane
M. W. Simpson
M. Anderson
Slocan Cros-inif
c. W. 11 ill
Cascade City
��i The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 1
% and Savings Co.
^���������* ���������,�������������������������������������������"
10 Rooms
8 Rooms
7 Ro una
0 Ro una
5 Rooms
��        SEE ANNABLE       ^
E"~ OFFICH Hildllll mt., on llliux.l: r^
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and see   us,
B. C.
NOTICE Is hereby Klven that the partnership
TetoforeBubstBtmK between u-, tho under-
sfgned. us Mold KoepurH in Hrooklyn, County
of Kootenay, Hiiii-h Columbia, has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent. All dobts
uu intf io snirl partnership nre lo be pnld to
L"iil��* Prtorson al Brooklyn nfon-t-aid, and all
��� liiimw uftafuRl Ihe wild partnership nre to bo
pit-sen id to (besnid Louis Peterson, by whom
tho same will be settled.  (HUoic-i)
Dated at Hoooklyn this 3rd dny of Deoember
\. 1>.. 18518.
Witness as to signature ot Louis l'etorson,
W. li. cooper,.I. i'., (signed),
Witiie-K toBMJuatUro ol O. U. Frederick*, J.
II. Uood. iBigned).
lAIMM.  MI'IMi: , M Mii;. Assoc Cornwall.)
opijosiiu Phair Hotel,
P. O. BOX 583.
Rxtendod experience In Chile and Gorman
South Africa, Assays and analysis of ores,
tteportfl end valuations on mineral propcrliCH
Underground surveying and mine planu kept
nt. by oontraot,
All accounts not paid on and hoforu tho fif-
tcontll day of Dnromuor will bo put in tbo
handsof a lawyer for collection. Kindly pay
limed this 2oth day of Nov. 18IH.
Nolioo of Aj plication for  Liquor   License
NOTIOR Is hereby given that I, Iho undcr-
lunod, Roborl K. Lemon, intend to apply to
In. Board of Uoonsing ('ounnlsHioners of tbo
Illy of Nelson, B. 0., at their next sitting on
l>a nth day of January. A. II. MM, fora retail
quor license to sell liquor by retail in tho
��� i .in on Ward street, being  the second door
 II' rrier of Maker iiml Ward streets, in
lie building, situated on lol 12, block 1, Ciiyof
olsun, il. 0,
latod (till day of Deo, A. 1).. 18IW.
Tin: vANi:oi;vKit minkkai.claim.
ok wist KooraiMt District���Worn
thi ECaslo Trail,
TAKK notice that I. Wilfrid Francis Ilreug-
'���""','" ,;���''' N" In W"1 ,or (;linrle��
Klnglloy Mllbourno. K. M. 0. No. IKIOa, In-
. ...I. -Ixiy ilnjh from Ihodalo hereof, to apply
to the .Mining Hecordor for a Certiflcato of lui-
provi inenls, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Qrant of the above claim.
Anil further tako notice that net Ion, undor
lection 87, must bo commenced before tbo is.
���uanoe of such CerUDoateoi Improvements.
Haled this loth day of llccombcr. 1808.
Notice of Application For Liquor License.
Like nnl ten that I. Charles Olson, will apply
tp tho Gold Commissioner of W.st Kootenay,
H.C., thirty days after dale, for a lleensc to
nil liipior hy retail at my hotel, located at
Sirdar, on lot 1, blo:k SO, In Ihe West Kootenay
district, OHARLK8 0L80N,
limed al Nelson, B. C��� this lath day of Helen,her. 18118. 8J3
itt:ti,  ESTATE  ami  UrinUHCa A6ENT
IIIIM.V TO I <( A\ AT 0 rt'.lt CBHT.
Valuable Baker Sfcreet nnd other excellent property for .ui��.
Office Tiiriirr.Korr.kta ninth. Nelieii, B. c.
advance money on Improved Real Estate,     Repayable in 5 nnd
8 years by monthly instalments.
anu  News   Agents   on   boats  and
rains out of Nelson.
Has opened now offices la Hroken Hill Illoekl
 nerWard and linker streets, and has resinned praotloo in Nelson.
Ollice hours 10 to 12 u, iu.;
p. in.   P, O. box 211
2 to A aid 7 te 8 NELSON DAILY MINER FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1898.
t,<��w%%/%/%,<%, -%/%/%/��'%/%/
Mining Stock Quotations.
[Complied by If. G. MoOullooh, mining broker of Nelson, u. C, P. o. box ii;;..]
Par Price
Name of Company            Value.   Hid.
Nelson. Slocan and Ainsworth
American Hoy 1 fill ���
Athabasca 1 00 10
Arlington Con 100
Dundee 1 no 3.1
Dardanelles loo 8'
Ilellio 100 ���
Klsio 100 ���
Kxcheauer  ..loo 7'
Fern 0. M. Co   25 50
Gibson 1 50 ���
Hall Mines  1:1 13 6
Idler loo 6
London Hill    25 18
Nolson-I'oorman     tii 38
Easlo Montezuma  100 ���
Noble Five loo Ui'
Rambler Con 100 10
Heco 1 00 1 05
Slocan SUr    50 05
Two Friends    30 5
Wonderful  100 ���
Washington 1 00 ���
Trail Creek
Hutte 100 -
Caledonia Con  1 00 3
Commandor 1 00 10
Deer Park 100 185
Enterprise 100 ���
Eureka Consolidated 100 T
Erenlng Star i oo il
Georisia 100 li
Good Hopo 100 1
Grand Prize  100 2
Giant 100 i
HighOro 100 -
Iron Mask 100 83
Iron Colt 100 !)
Jumbo 100 10
Lily May.... 600 11
Mayflower 1 00 5
Monlta 1 00 7
Monto Cristo 1 00 13
Mugwump 1 00 2
Novelty 100 3
Phoonix 100 r-
Poorman 100 1".
Red Mountain View.... ...100 ���
Rossland  Homostnke 1 00 3
Rossland Red Mountain 100 15
Silverino 100 3
Hirer Boll 100 3
St. Bmo 100 I
Virginia 100 10
Victory-Triumph Kill 8
War Eagle Con  loo 3 oo
WestLe Hoi Josio 100 27
WhitoBcar 100 7
Alpha Boll 100 5
Cariboo (Camp McK) lull I 22
Waterloo it'amp McK)  100 li
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00 90
Channo     25 5
Golden Cache 100 4
Oco. M. & M. Co 100 -
Oldlronsidos  100 1 25
Smuggler 100 17J
Tin  Horn    25 8
Van Andn loo 3J
Winchester    25 in
Fire Mountain 1 OO
1 20
1 25
velopment of Ymir properties, but the
showing on the Spitzee is so encouraging that they hnvo taken it over
and intend to operate it vigorously.
Already shares are moating with n
ready demand by people who ore fa-
n.iliar with the property and no diffl-
onlty is looked for in seouring sufficient funds to place the property on a
self supporting basis, if as the management believes, the Spitzee has tlie
moiling of a mine.
#   *   *
The property lies   in the south  belt
adjoining   the Fool Hen and the Derby,-and   is   close to Ross   Thompson's
residence.    Tbe full size   nnd   import-
unco of tbe ledge had   never been fully
appreciated    by   the owners nntil tlie
; recent  excavation   for   the   Standard
gunge Columbia &   Western   Railway
track exposed the ledge and .showed   a
; fine body of ore on tlie surface.    Since
then there lias been   much active   bidding for the property, and after quieting all adverse   claims   to   the ground
1 tb i owners, Kenneth L.    Burnett  and
I J.  A.    Webb, sold   their   intorestB   to
j Kennedy Bros., &   Purgold.    The hitter   are   now   floating   tlie    company
which will take over the property.
learned that I had shot my second assailant ; not very seriously, a fow
ptpcea of shot, only, entering his leg.
I 1 'dined also thai wbat I believed
was a command to discharge my gun
wis a warning that a blast was
about to go oil'; that the sernpuel
which tell about me was rock, and
generally speaki tig that I was a bigger
fool than I bad been previously lead
to believe 1 am writing this iu the
hospital where I have just had my
I wounds dressed and where I will re-
1 main over night. 1 want to got out
tomorrow, for a friend of mine has
put me on to ti goal story and it will
be necessary (or me to make a trip to
'a nearby mine to get it. My eyes
are still in pretty bad shape audi
wont go down town for several ilavs.
1 25
Toronto, Out., Dec. 15.���Tt is reported that Senator Cox and other
Toronto capitalists have .secured nn
option on Ihe controlling interest in
the .Itimlio mine on Red -Mountain at
Kossland. Should Ibis option lie taken
up another of the Rossland mines
witb immense possibilities will pass
into strong Eastern Canadian bands.
This investment is probably tbe result
of Senator Cox's recent trip through
Kootenay a few months back. The
way in which large amounts of
Eastern capital is being invested in
British Columbia mines bears eloquent witness to the richness of the
mineral resources of tint! country.
The Jumbo is one of tlie oldest locations of the Rossland camp, and a
large amount of work has been done
on it. Those familiar with the mine
are confident tbat that it will make a
big dividend payer, 'iho stock is
now quoted at 46 cents.
* a   *
The London Outlook iu its financial article, says:
"Those who are chary of superlatives tell us that British Columbia is
on tbe eve of big tilings. Wo bave
heard that prediction before, and wo
hnve Fesn lt followed by it season of
persistent llatness. Not that tbe mineral wealth of tbe Province lias ever
been in doubt, but rather that the
moment of a world-wide awakening
to its realities has always been deferred
by some cause or other. What, thou
is the new feature in tbe British Columbia outlook? Tbe accession of the
fuinors Le Roi mine to the Loudon
The paper quoted goes rn to deal
witb the events tbat led up to tho securing of tlie minority shares of tho
Le Roi Company by llio British America Corporation, and adds;
"Lei Ihe Le Roi get ils proper fooling iii the minds of the Investing pnb-
lie here and the district generally
will come into its own. One thing,
however, tho Le Roi proprietors
should tio. The dividends which have
been paid have, we doubl not, been
fully justified, but iu conservative
bands and with a view to Ihe future
Ihe mine should le  shut diwn for six
months, or the ontpui be ot least
greatly restricted, to' permit of thorough nnd  proper  development,   This
done, ami tlie future Ot the mine and
tho Rossland district wonld seem to
be assured.
. "Hut Rosslnud, is, as a sliuly of any
British Columbia mining map will
show, only ono comer of i rioh auriferous British Province, Kossland is
easiest of access and mines llrst; the
resl will follow if British Columbians
and their friends here do not spoil
their future by making too great haste
to be rich. In addition tn the mines
in the immediate neighborhood of
Rossland. thero are some tin or it) miles
to the west with iinmi use denosits of
low-grade ore aud copper in wbat is
known as the Umuiiiarv country.
Tlierr is ti great future before I hat region also. As jt i.-, tho Canadian Pn-
eille Railway is tapping its wealth by
a line of railway tube in operation
next autumn���an extension of the O.i-
ltimiiia & Western Railway from
Robson to Pentiutou on Okanagau
lake. And where the Canadian Paoiflo
Railway Company gnoB the public will
soon follow."
* *   *
The Rossland Miller say.".: The
Spitzee, in the south belt, whioh has
attracted so muoh intorost lately on
account nf the size nf the lead and its
excellent surface values lias been incorporated by Keinie ly Bros.. & Bin
gold, under the name of the Indian
Chief Gold .Mining Company,. The
capital of the new incorporation will
be $1,000,000 nil 11 liberal share of il
will be set aside for a treasury reserve.
The promoters havo in the post confined most   of   their   efforts Ot the de-
I News comes from Rossland that
itoss Thompson bus taken a HO-day
bond on tho Good Friday, owned by
the Rossland Good Friday Company,
and situated on tho northwest slope of
Red Mountain. Mr. Thompson will
begin the development of the property
about the first of the year. Tho Good
Friday Company held its annual
meeting Tuesday night in Trail, when
George Pahl of Spokane, was made
president and treasurer, and Barney
Barinds was elected secretary. Col, E.
S. Topping is vico president, and
the directors include the Officers and
Frank Watson and Frank Hanna.
*   *   *
The shipments from the mines of tlie
Kossland camp for the week ending
Deoember 10th were as follows:
Le Roi mine. 1,820 tons; War
Eagle, 1.100; Iron Mask, 40; total,
~',4G0 tons. The shipments for the
same weok last year were 637 tons.
The total shipments since January 1st,
1S98, were 181,481 tons.
Great  West   Life
Assurance Co,
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Well, here I am again, slightly disfigured, it is true, but still alive.' I've
had an awful time; I've been kicked
aud cuffed aud rolled about in the
snow in a most horrible manner, and
all because I did exactly as I was told
to do. Tbo other day I asked our
friend Phair. tho hotel mail, if there
was any game to bo found within
walking distance of the town. He
took me to the street and pointed to
Toad Mountain.
"Sou go u)i there," be said, "and
you'll find all the game you can carry
hack. The walk will do you good aud
you'll enjoy tha sport. "
I took him at bis word und yesterday I borrowed n gun, bought some
ammunition, riagod myself out in a
suit of elollies Phair said he used to
wear before be became u bloated bondholder and had aceummultited an un-
necessary amount of avoirdupois, and
started up Stanley street. By tbe time
I got to the last house on the hill 1
was nearly dead and compelled lo sit
down anil rest, lint I stuck to it. I
found tiie road 1 bad been told to follow aud between rests traveled on.
At times I was almost persuaded to
turn back, but tbe thought that I
bnd'nt even seen a bird urged mo on.
I was particularly anxious to shoot a
"fool-hen" I bad been told they were
very wild and thut it was but seldom
one could get within range of them. 1
knew that it would be improbable
therefore, that any wonld he found
near the road so I turned on alive-path
which Jed into what I thought was a
wilder country. I slipped and slum-
bled time after time but stuck lo my
tusk. I heard tlle report of what I
presumed was a gun in (be baud of
another hunter and was encouraged
thereby. 1 dreamed of returning with
ul least one, and perhaps two or three
"fool-hens" What a surprise it
would ho to Phair, I thought. I
wonld have him cook them foi my dinner the next   day.
But what was that? 1 was sure I
had heard something in a small growth
of underbrush a short distance away.
1 looked and the underbrush mined.
It wasn't a bird, ot tbat I was certain. Could it ho a bear? P,.air had
told me that some months ago. Dr. L;t
Ban, of Nelson, had been chased by a
hear, but that tho uninuil bad undoubtedly lclt '.lie country since then
ll'u near not tho doctor). 1 had almost made up my mind it was tbe self
same bear, ami was not sure whether
Hi run, roll or clnnli a tree when a
man appeared through tlie   brush.    As
soon as he saw me he lifetime apparently very much excited. Visions of
wild men passed before me ns he
waved Ins bauds 'Il Ihe air. I.'iiiu lie
hollered "liie" 1 didn't know' whether he wanted me in shoot him or
win liter ho imagined some wild animal was alioul tu devour him, so I
st oil calmly hy and wailed.
"Fire, yon blamed fool, lire!'   be ex-
claimed at Ihe top of his VOiuo, ami ns
he ditl so 1 saw n movement m tlie
brush in mi which he had appeared,
and 1 raise.I my run and Bred. Th re
came a yell nut! an instant iater II
terrific explosion.
"My God," I said to myself, "can
tbis ho war, or what,' ami i nit
that, it was war, for all about un
showered what 1 was forced to l.c-
lirve was shrapnel. Bat it was nil
o\er in an instant and the next I
knew I was pounced onto front behind.
As I fell someone kicked me in the
ribs, and a second one jabbed mo in
tbe face wilh iiis fist. Thero were
Iwo of thorn, my crazy friend nnd another one who seemed to be suffering
great pain. For the life of mo 1 could
not understand why I was being
abused (lo vigorously. 1 bad been told
I to lire and 1 nad done so. in the firiii
belief tiiat 1 was saving not only tlie
life of the man who hud commanded
me to ljre, hut my own lite as well.
Bnt thoy gave me no chance to explain. They hammered away until
they were uttorly exhausted and then
stil down inside me. 1 tried to il up
but. couldn't. I felt that my eves
were black, knew that my nose was
bleeding and 1 was quite sure that
some ol my buties were broken. I
realized also thai one of my nssitil-
aiiis wns i i pain, 1 waited utitil one
ot them spoke, lie questioned me aud
I   replied   quickly     anil     meekly.    I
Fancy Dress Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs.  McLaughlin's,
.l��s| I'HIM   ST. NELSON
iii.i :i'iio\K no. 81.
Manufacturers uf
Halcyon Ho; Apriiitfa Wilier Aerated ami
Supplied to Ihe Trade.
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
are our  Brands.     Hni.ike   them   and
vou will like them
I'. O. ItOV  l.'ll
NKLSON, II. ��'���
������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������
! Short Order .Meals!
Al Any Time    buy
in  Night.
I he    est < oiik
'Ilv:  Iii'-;  .-Mceniion.
i he lJest Men s
X Y. HOSHI        -        Proprietor %
X x
lias  taken over the practice ol'
Dr.    II.   E.   Hall ami   is. prepared to do all kinds ol Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Itnihvii Hill Block linker SI
| CD. J. Christie
���       INSURANCE       f
��� A3 Roomed and a 1 Roomed ���
��� House. *
The   Dominion    Permanent f|
Loan Co.
of our Clothing jh generally sufficient to
niiike a lift; lony customer.
We don't offer ourKoodn below c-oht,
iiecnuso wo liavo no (lenirc to lose
money. We sell nt prices whioh are
sufficient to pay for good material and
good Workmanship, Tho size and variety of our stock enables us to please a
customer both* as to style and fit. Indeed we are particular on theso points.
Wo rather lose a sale than permit un-
t-ntisfnetory garments to leave the
These values cannot be surpassed.
= -J.
Advance   money   at  terms   lo X
suit borrower. *���
X 0. D. J. Christie,   Agent i
t ������������ ���.������������������������"������������������������������������������������$
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions,etc., as quoted by our
looal   dealers.    It   is   the  intention of
The Miner   to   have   these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents   of   the  city and
others may be  informed as to the cost
of living in the city:
ogilvlo's Hungarian por 60 lb saok.. 150
Lake of tho Woods        " ISO
Snow Fluke per 50 lb suck ��� ...... 1 35
Wheat per ton  32 OOtftlil 00
Hrun per ton  2" 00(922 00
11 round feed per ton 26 OOtfcB 00
Torn (cracked)   "        27 00(880 00
Oats "         28 00830 00
Oatmeal per 10 lbs  lots   sti
boiled oat8(B&K)81tisucK  HI
May (baled) por Ion  28 OOfflSH 00
Potatoes per 10(1 lbs  1 2S
beets por lb   2'
rabbagenerlb  '-'!
Onions per lb... i   oil
I Ml.
Salmon (smoked) per Ih  121(8     13
OystorR (Olympianl per qt  80
Oysters tKastorn) per tin  -50
Codperlb  12J
Halibut per lb  12!'*    15
Sraoltspertb  l-'iw    15
Farm Produce.
E <ks per doz  25       .'15
Hufter (Creamery)  28��    80
Butter (Dairy)  21**   -'.���.
Cheese (Canadlanl   188   17!
Cbeose Swiss)  20tJ    30
II un [Amerioan) pert!  15
H un ll'aniulianl p. r It.  18
Bacon (American,, per 111  15
Bacon (Canadian) per lb  He    in
Bacon (roilcdt per Ib  Ilk."   121
It icon (long clear) per lb  12A
Shoulders per lb  '2��
l.arii per lb  IU!
Beef perlb ,  8c*    15
Mutton per lb  Wi*     18
Veel per lb  1&"     '��
Perk per lb     1210    15
SpringChlckons each  60�� oi
Turkeys per Hi  W 26
(i cseperlb  1""' 18
Ducks por lb  )8*." 2ti
I in II.
Unions (California) per doz  Hi 10
Oranges (California seedlings)   .... I' 60
Alipics           , OS
1 'oars (small Krecn)   <H> 08
We   Have Just  What  You   Want
For A Christmas Present For
Your Friend.
Dinner Sets,   85,   97,   100  and   115
China Tea Sets, 40 and 44 Pieces. - -
Beautiful Assortment of Decorated Water Sets
Large Assortment of China Cups, Saucers and
Plates, Flower Tubes, Rose Balls and Fancy
Glass Baskets. Who ever will, come and inspect our stock before buying elsewhere.
China Hall Over Grocery Store
KlRKpAT^iCK & WlLS01>(
Groceries ai)d Crockery
F111-: Appreciation or a
Depends Upon its Usefulness.
We  have Travelling  Dressing Cases and
Manicure   Sets  that   are   both   useful   and
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Tn supply material and build two
barees 26x90 feet. Plausmity bo seen
nn the Hercules, Tenders open until
iitilb December. Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted,
6:20 ii.ni.-Trnin leaves N. & F. S,
station for Rossland, Spo-
kane and w.-iy points daily.
7:(K) 11.111.--S. S. Moyie leaves for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday anil
7:15 a.m.���S. K. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:30 a.m.���S. S, Alberta leaves for
Kuskonook and way points
Tuesday,    Thursday   and
0:00 a.m.���Train leaves Q. P. II. station for Sloean Oity, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 il.ni.��� S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2.2*1 p.m. : raiu arrives O. I'. It. sia-
tion, from Slocan t'ity anil
way points, dally, except
IsUup.iu, s. s. Kokanee leaves for
Knslo and way points,
dally, except Sunday.
1:80p, 111. S. 8, I11ie111.ilInnal leaves
for Kns o ami way points,
dailv rxi'ipl Sunday.
.->:U"i p.m.��� -Train iiitIvhm N. & I-' >
station, it < hi. Spoke C
Hill hiatal and  v,.,.   ,     nts,
0:30 p.in.   S. s   Moyie   iutIi i>h I'm
Ku.-koni o .   mid all  w
points,  Monday, \Y ib. -
day and Friday,
0:30 p.m���s 8. Alberta arrives Iron
Kuskontiok iu id way pom:
T.tcB.liiy, Thursday nin
0:10 p.m.��� Train leaves ('.  1'.   H    sin
li n for rinlwon, UuM-litiii
and all .Main   Line  point -.
10:3,1 p.m.���Train arrives (I. P. Ii. station, from all Alain Line
points, Rossland and Robson, daily
.Steam tugs Kaslo, Angeronn, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, butbave no regular limes of arrival 'and depiii'lttre.
TrnnBportatloii Gompiwlos nro requetttod iu
Blve notico to tho Miner of any altorntlonH in
the tlmeof wrlval anddooarture from Nolson.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson. B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General  Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mininc Engineer
t'.UMTAl, PAID UP   -   $8,000,000. MjST,   -   *1,200,000.
11.  S.  HOWLAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. Catharines.
I). R. WtLKIE, General Manager. ' E, HAY, Inspector.
Hrnnolies   In   Ontario:
Niauaiu KAU.S 1T0RONTO, 81 Wol'gton   St. E. | St. I'I\tiiaii[nb
-I.,       Tor. Vonne&Qucon   wkm.ani*8
Pout Coldoknu
Hat Pobtaok
s.u-i.t 8tb. Mario     I      do       Cor. Yonge & Bloor I Woodstock
llriiitolil I III Qiirbrc, .lluiiliolai, Nortltweiil Terrltiirlcit ami ItrlilNli Columbia.
Winnipeg, Man. l   Portaoh i.a Prairie, Man.     i Brandon, Man.
('ALUAItY,   Allllll. I'l.INl-K Al.lll-'.KT, Bftflh. KDMONTON, AlbtA.
Nkisiin. II. ('. KevBLSTOICK, H. (!.
Savings Bank Depart man I -Deposits of Si ind upwwlfi rooolved and Inloreol allowed.
Awn's in Qronl Britain -Lloyd* Hank, Ltd., 72 Lombard utroot. London, with whom money
iimy in* do poult od for transfer by iottoror oable to any of the nbovobr-inehos.
Lwirrs of oviiii iHsuod on Alaska Comruerotal Oo. puyuiiiu ai si, MiohaoVfl, Alaska, and
Urn flu -'"id, iiviiilnlili' ui nil points in Canada, United States and Kurnpe,
Monoy OrdorsIssnnd pnyabloal any Hank in Caundn.   Uutoa   Undorfl0,8o] $HUo$20,10c;
$20 to $30, !2o; |80 to |50, ll<'
J. M. LAY, Manager.
Those make a very appropriate Christmas
Gift, and prices are quite within tlie reach
of all. Aside from this. You require a
cane as the DANGERS of walking at present
are such as to DEMAND a good cane for
.-. .'. .'. your  own SAFETY.
Until further not loo no passonaera win ba
curried over tho lino of the Orow'a No.st Hus^
rallwa} outworn Kuskonook und Crnnbrook.
Call Early and Secure One.   You Can Have It
Engraved Free.
mi   m Mivum


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