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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 19, 1898

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Dail) Edition No. 191.
Nelson, British Columbia,   Monday, December 19, 1898.
Ninth Year.
Spain's Offer Regarding the
Maine Disaster.
Senor' Bios Giveii the London Times an
Interesting Interview on the
Late War.
London, Doo. 17.���The following is
the full text of the interview between
Senor Montero Rios, President of the
Spanish Pence Commission and M.
Do Blowitz, the Paris correspondent
of the London Times published in
that paper this morning : Senor Mou-
ero Rios is qnotod as saying: "We
have fulfilled here overy painful mission in which it is impossibe to dream
of looking forward with any satisfaction but that of doing our duty. We
depart without other consolation than
the exclamation. 'All is lost, save
honor.' We know in advance that we
should have dealt with uu implacable
conqueror who would in uo way concern himself with any pre-existing
international law, but whose sole ob-
eot was to realize from victory tho
largest possiblo advantage. This conception of International law is n'isn
lutoly now. It is no longer a caso of
nrght against right, but of might
without right. As for ns we had only
to protect ourselves against the abasement which it was desired to inflict
upon 11s and to prove in spite of our
blunders and mistakes that we had not
compromised the proverbial loyalty to
the Oan till au fatherland.
"Misfortune also lias grandeur. Tho
Americans have acted as vnintpicros
parvonu (upstart conquerors.) They
do not yet know the misfortune of
defeat, but there are tilings whioh the
most fortunate nations cannot escape later on, when they, too, will
have had reverses. When they will
hnvo become homogenous, anil are no
longer obliged to satisfy tho exigencies of political parties, they will
form, like other nations with ii past,
a code of international rights and duties and be less Inflexible towards
those who have Buffered defeat. They
will better understand that a strict observance of conditions agreed to, even
iu the thick of a light, is a guarantee
and a protection for all concerned
for the conqueror as well as tho vanquished.
"Nations do not count by days or
weeks, but by centuries, and in the
course of their existence events ns-
Humii various complexions. We Higned
on August I a. a protocol suspending
hostilities, and it was on the Nth that
the American General demanded the
surrender of Manila. The nrohlpelOgO
had not been won and has not yet beeu
"The fule of the Philippines remained undetermined ami Spanish
sovereignty was still in force since
thoy were still waging war with considerable force lo suppress the insurrection, but after a journey across a
portion of the United States, President
McKinley changed his policy and decided upon id.inniiig the Philippines
by right of conquest. Yet, I repeat,
the Philippines even now are still UU-
compiored. The two chief Islands,
the two richest, Mindanao and Luzon,
are uot won. Mludauui and the Is
land of Ihe (Ileal Lake conta i a population of half-bredi, balf-iliilu' aud
half-Spanish, constituting a military
oligarchy which rules Ihe rest of the
islands ami occupies the richest portion of the territory on the shores of
thu Lake. I know the country and
its inliablliitits . They aro proud,
strong, and warlike, nnd not only are
they uncniiqiicrcil, hut their conquest will not be acoinplished quickly.
Yet the Hiul.nl States claimed them
as well as the other islands, as though
their conquest was complete.
"But what most pains me is that
in this great whirlwind by which we
have lost all our last Arinnda, that j
there hns been an attempt to deprive us
of our honor as well. In December I
proposed to the Americans to appoint n technical eoniniissionu tu examine the question of the Maine. Wei
said America should appoint nn American, au Englishman, und Krcnebmun,
and we would appoint u Spaniard, an
Englishman, and a Krenohninii, all
specialists   ami   that the Commission.
or the twi Governmental   appoint a
Uerniun, and thut these seven men
bring ill a verdict. If I bey should do
olare Spain innocent, the President of
tho United States should nddrcss a
message to the Semite declaring the
Spanish honor intact and that Spain
was falsely ireusoil of having betrayed the laws of hospitality by blowing
up n vessel i.t anchor in one of her
ports. It Spain should lie declared
guilty a Spanish ship should go lo
America, salute the United Steles Hag
and Spain would pay the costs. This
is the proposal we made on llcectnhcr
1. It could and must hnve been telegraphed, for il could be put into 'Jill)
words, oil Dec. nth, in his message
to OougresB.    The President mado   uo
allusion to our proposal, but described
the blowing up of the Maine as a
suspicious event.
"On December 0, the American
Commissioners declared thoy refused
to discuss this question. This is what
especially irritates us. Wo have great
defects, our hot temper and cruelties
even, but our national honor is donr
to ns. Yet, at that honor tho Amer
icans  wished to deal the rudest blow.
"Well, we are now going home to
help Spain staunch the wound. We
have, happily, at our head, a woman
whose virtues, courage and intelligence are our strength aud hope, who
is beloved and esteemed by all parties,
who henceforth, hns tho heart of a
"The latest news from the frontier
is that nil is pretty quiet. There
are moreover really no Carlists, but
the priests, who recall tho gloomiest
period in our history. Don Carlos
himself is no Carlist. He hns lived
too long in the most advanced countries to be so retrograded, and the
Carlist and the fanaticism have disappeared. Nor are thero any longer
men who want a Republic. Cnstelnr,
Piuy, Margal, and Salmeron aro loyal
opponents. Spain has ceased to be
Great Spain, but we shall abide by
our tradition of honor nnd soluiety.
Perhaps by the time onr young King,
who lias been brought up in the
school of adversity under tho eye of a
noble womnu, attains his majority,
wo will see the days of peace and prosperity return. "
Something  Coming   to   Light  About
a Deal in the Holy Land.
Berlin, Dec. 1?. ��� Particulars of the
acquisition of the legendary abode of
the Virgin Mary at Jerusalem by the
German Catholics, which the Emperor
announced during his stay ill Palestine, have thrown fresh light on the
recent scandal in connection with the
sale of the Amerioan cemetery at Jerusalem. Coffins were snid to have
been exhumed and the bodies dismembered nnd packed in small boxes nnd
reinterred elsewbi re. ..Tho names of
tho purchasers of tho cemetery aud
the particulars of the transaction has
been concealed. It- now transpires
that the cemetery formed pnrt of the
site of tho abode of the Virgin Mary,
and was brought by the German Catholics in confident anticipation of an arrangement by which tbe Sultan, in
order to oblige Emperor William,
would place them in possession of the
rest of ihe property, which v.Ks iu
tbo hands cf the Mussulmans, who
were forced to sell on order of the Sultan. The Catholic press notos, iu
mock Surprise, that while the Catholic
clergy unit press formally aud generally thanked the Emperor for what he
had done for them in Palestine, the
Protestant press and Episcopacy have
remained silent.
A recent London-cable says: A correspondent of the Daily News, sent
specially to various capitals for information, emphatically denies that the
ezur's peace project hns collapsed. Instead, ho says, tho full force of Russian
diplomacy is being concentrated for
the achievement of an international
conference, at which the nations promise to stop the increase of armaments,
and proclaim an equivalent to the
mediaeval" truce of God" for five or
ten years. At the conference also the
question of univernsl mediation and
arbitration will be raised. Cardinal
Kammpollo is quoted as saying that
tho Pope seconds the czar in his proposal for tho conference, and hopes to
see an international court for the
maintenance of peace before the close
of his pontificate, iu which all nations would recognize the principle of
mediation. It is recognized that Bril-
ish and United States public opinion
is vital to the success of the czar's project aud if aroused would be sufficient
to swing the sonle nnd bring peace to
the world.
Paris. Dec. 17.���Madame Dreyfus,
wife of the political prisoner is ill
with pleurisy. Her condition is seri
OU8. Colonel Pioquart still refuses to
sign an application for his release from
Imprisonment, but this fact  does not
prevent     the   revisionist   newspapers
from  attacking  the  Government for
persisting in his detention.
The Figaro suys that the Court of
Cassation hns cited Cupt. Lebruii Ben*
and to appear beforo that tribunal ou
Tuesday and testify in regard to
the confession which Dreyfus is alleged to havo made to him. Tho Court
of Cassation has authorized M, Merman!, who is acting as Dreyfus' counsel in the revision of proceedings to
examine all the eviueiice which the
Court bus thus far taken in (lie case.
This includes Ihe testimony of ex-Minister of War Cavnignue, Generals Pilot!, Zuiiinden. Chaiioinc, lioisdeft're,
iiml Clonsc, Oolouel Pioquart, nnd
Magistrate llertiilns.
Liberal Organs in England German  Statesmen Predict
Lecture Him. i   Its Speedy Termination-
Three Names are Mentioned for the Vacancy at the Head of the Liberal Party.
London, Deo. 17.���The sensation of
the political week has been Sir William Vernon Harcourt's trapdoor
speech from the Liberal stage, which
hns left his party in a broken-winded
oondition, a��d it is very olenr from
the speeches delivered nt yesterday's
meeting of the National Liberal Federation that the rank und file are seriously displeased with what is regarded
in the light of desertion. The letters
of Sir William Vernon Harcourt reveal
that a state of intrigue and internal
division has existed in inner Liberal
oirclos for the past year. But the
Libera] organs nud the Speaker emphatically deny that there is any desire
to supplant him. Now the Liberal
organs open up nnd give Sir William
a pioce of their mind. The Speaker
ns mouthpiece of the party, says:
"Neither the tone mr the aotnn] language of Sir Will mm Harcourl or Mr.
Morley is what we bad a right Is expect from thorn. Tiny have bet n regarded as shining examples and we
are sorry they have now fallen -short
of their own reputations. "
The Liberals seem quite divided on
tho subject of Kir William's successor
and the tone of their press is marked by an embarrassing conflict of conferences for Mr. Morley. Mr. Asqnith
aud Sir Heury Caiupbell-Baniicriiiaii.
Mr. Asquith, perhaps, has a slight
lead, nnd if he should consent to sne-
rilice his practice at tho bar. v. hich is
inconsistent with the duties of the Liberal leadership, he would undoubtedly
bo selected. Hnrconrt will remain a
private member of the party, aud as
soon as the Liberals come into power he
will receive n peerage and' practically retire from   Parliamentary  life.
The Irish members of Parliament
affect to be highly pleased at the disorganization of the Libornl party.
Tho Freemans Journal nits home when
it says: "The Liberal wise men for
years past have been lecturing the
Irishmen on the subject of dissensiou.
which they gave as justification for
their postponement of Homo Rule,
but they completely ignored the beam
In their own eye." The Freeman's
Journal then declares tbat the disruption of the Liberals enormously enhances the power of the Irish party:
"For it prevents such a triumph of
the hostile element in the Liberal
partv as to render them independent
of Irish power. "
A Gambling Soawtal Will be Aired in the
Courts���England and the
A Shareholder  in   t e  Le   Roi   Who
WantB to Hold On.
"Five years ago Le Roi stock went
it begging in Spokane at 2% cents a
share, "said a man drossed iu workman's clothes last evening, to a Roc
ord man. "'ion see," he continued,
"I was working in Spokane, and had
a little money. All the Le Roi peo-
plo were on the hog train. They were
ruiiuing after people to buy Le Roi
stock for 2J.j' cents a share. Everybody
thought the Le Roi was a "wild cat"
in the wilds of British Columbia. I
was offered 1000 shares for |50. It
wasn't much, and I bought it and
hnvo it yet. I advised a friend of
mine who had some money to buy
luOO shares ut the same price, audi
got a telegram from him today, saying that his stock staid with mine.
Our stock has never been in any pool,
and I do uot think tho B. A. C "people know who has it. "
When asked if he did not want to
sell, he answered: "Oh, it didn't
cost much, and I guess we will hold
it a while longer. I understand that
under the laws of Washington, a coin-
puny cannot disincorporate without
the consent of all the shareholders. If
that is so the B. A. C. peuple cannot
go on with their Incorporation of the
new Lo Roi company, and cannot deliver tho goods to their new subscribers without our stock, so we will hold
on a while und see what happens. "
This man bus been working in Rossland for Ihe past three years.
This is au interesting story, and is
probably only the liist chapter of it.
���Rossland Record.
John, Port Vermillion. Fori  Cthippey*
an. I'm! Smith, i'nn du Luc. up the
Albubasea   to    I'ort   MeMurrav,   Wa-
bniofl Lnlie,   nud  bnok  to   Athabasca
Luniling. unit the point of stnrting.
The member! expect to return by tho
Dliddlt Ol September,���Manitoba  Free
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 17.���Au united
assault against the Luke Erie ice by
nil tbe iae breaking boats nnd nearly
-III down hound steamers is planned
to begin tonight, by which time nil
bouts bound below arc expeoted to be
siisembled in Detroit river.
Berlin, Dec. 17.���The sessions of
tho Reichstag during the past week,
though not sensational, ns expected,
wore very interestiug trom several
points of view. The debates were notable for giving rise to the first official
utterances on the Lippe-Detmold
affair, Emperor William's Oriental
trip, the Anglo-Gennnn union, and
the peuding German-American tariff
negotiations. Some of the statements
were significant. Thus Baron von
Thielmauii, tho Minister of Finance,
though the snhjeotdid not come within
his province, speaking of the Spanish-
American war, said : "While it is true
that during the war the sympathies
of our nation���I admit it quite freely
���were ou tho weaker side (Loud Leftist cries of No) yet, the attitude of the
Empire through rot was perfectly correct and statements to the contrary in
the foreign press are malioious inventions. " Herr Richter, leader of the
Opposition, while confirming the correctness of Germauy's attitude during
the war, remarked: "I do not see
why the sympathies of the German
people should have been as overwhelming as they were on the side of Spain.''
Another remarkable feature of the
debutes was tho references to the
Dreibund and Anglo-German union.
Neither Baron Von Bulow, Minister
of Foreign Affairs, nor any othor Minister, nor the Emperor himself in confidential talk with tbe presiding oflloer
of the Reichstag, has been explicit in
respect to either. The Berlin Tnge-
blatt commenting upon the speech of
Baron Vou Bulow says: "The speech
wns more remarkable for its missions than for its contents."
The impression left in the Reichstag wns that u deep and lasting fissure has been driven into the Dreibund,
aud it is siguiflceiit that Herr Basser-
mnu the spokesman of national Liberals and hitherto the stoutest friend of
the Dreibund said: "The provocative tone of Count Thuu-Hoheusteiu
towards Germany is unjustifiable.
It is apparent that Germany must bo
strong enough to stand on its own
bottom." A number of speakers expressed themselves similarly and in
the lobbies the opinion was repeatedly
expressed that the days of Dreibund
are numbered! On the other hand the
press has much to say on revival of
good feeling towards Great Britain
and the United States. Nearly all
the oomment is distinctly friendly,
The Socialist faction has introduced
in tho Reichstag a number of motions
in favor of tho abolition of lese ma-
jeste p ragraph in the criminal code
abolition of rho dictutor parngra] h
respecting Alsace-Lorraine, the legal
establishment of an eight-hour working day, and tho widening of the
present rights of political nssociutions.
These matters will como before the
House after Christmas adjournment
Several of them hnve not a ghost of
a chance of adoption, but they will
lead to lively debates.
k gambling scandal affecting u number of aristocrats hns beeu brought to
light and has created a sensation in
society. A "Smart" club called the
"Jovial Club," frequented by the officer-! of the guard of Cavalry and high
Government officials, bankers, and
members of the Roichstag, has oxistod
iu Berlin for some time. A stranger
was recently introduced by two highly
respected members and soon became
n favorite. All went swimmingly
until rumors about his antecedents
began to circulate, and it was noticed
that luck invariably favored him,
The Berlin Tageblatt suys the stranger
got'many young men of the best
families In his power. Tho wholo
affu1* will shortly be sifted in the law
courts. Several club men lost immense
sums, nnd the affair is likelv to have
serious results for tho military officers
iu favor ot Emperor William's determination to suppress gambling in tho
The Italian papers say they learn
that Emperor William will pay a ten
days' visit to Rome in January,
and give a magnificent fancy dress
ball nt the German embassy in the
Priazzo Caffaiolli.
Best oigan on the  market, 10 cents.
Nelson Cigar  Co., Opposite  Dover's.
The Nelson Fire Brigade Put in Some
Quick and Effective Work.
' On Saturday morning tho Sayward
Lumber yard went up in flames and
the Fire P.irgadc was hastily summoned. The alarm was Bounded at
7::i0*a. m., and tho firemen wero on
the spot iu about   three   minutes, not-
1 withstanding the fact that only  three
of tho   volunteers   were  iu   the  Fire
Hall at  the time.
Two streams of water wero brought
to bear on tho buildiing, and, though
nt one time it seemed as if it could
not be saved, the tiro was extinguished in less than half nn hour. An inspection of the building would indicate thnt tho fire started in the room
used us nn office, the flames rapidly
spreading to the dry lumber stored
in other parts of the building. The
exact origin of the lire is unknown
though it is supposed that it started
from a stove. Thanks to the exertions
of the firemen only about. $200 worth
of damage was done. The buildiing
und its contents wore uninsured.
London, Dec. 17.���For the first
time since his memorable fall on the
marble staircase, resulting in the injury to his knee cap, Ihe Prince of
Wnies is spending a fow days in town.
Accompanied by the Princess he
came in from Windsor yesterday,
where a couple of days had been passed
with the Queen, and tho residence to
Marlborough House will probably continue three or for days and possibly
longer to give tho Princess an opportunity to do her Christmas shopping.
They Have Disoove'ed That Englishmen
do not Approve of Everything
London, Deo. 17.���It is doubtful if a
more bnsiness-liko, hard-working body
than tho American Peace Commission
which sailed this afternoon for New
York ou tho American Liner St. Louis
from Southampton, ever represented
the United States abroad. On tho arrival of tho Commissioners nt Pnris
they immediately soitled down to
work. Between the joint meeting
the Americans spent their duys cou-
fwrinj in regard t;; their poii-jietn
Theso conferences developed wide
differences, tho quintette of Commissioners roproseutiug every shade of
opinion on the policy of expansion.
The Americans are greatly indebted
in all stages of the learnings to Professor Moore, Secretary of the United
States Commission who participated
iu the conference und whose advice
was often u fuctor in the weighty
The American Commissioners also
pay a high compliment to Arthur Ferguson, tho interpreter attache to the
mission. Tho Spaniards, they say, although ho was an American attache,
trusted him to represent both parties,
After the treaty wns signed and when
tho farewells wero being- exchanged,
Senor Montero Rios, president of the
Spanish Commission, seized Mr.
Ferguson's baud and iu a courtly
Spanish manner exclaimed: "I am
sure you must have a fellow feeling
for Spaniards. for yon speak our
language, not only with the head,
but with the heart." Mr. Ferguson
is gifted with a remarkable  memory,
He would listen to u spi cell from tell lo
twenty minutes long and would repent its substance in the other language. The noouraoy of his translations was never questioned.
The shrewdest member of the returning party is Edward Savoy, the State
Department messenger, who delivered
the ultimatum of tbe United States
Gvernuient to the Spanish   miuisur ut
Washington, Senor Polo  Y   Bernabe.
Savoy is currying the American copy
of the treaty, and Is guarding it us
carefully ns thoimh he hud crown jewels in his possession, The Amerioan
Commissioners return to the United
Slates with their eyes open in regard
to the Anglo-American union. They,
like tlie majority of Americans, arrived ill Europe with the idea that a
sentimental fraternal love for America
prevailed all over Great Britain.
They return with the knowledge that
exoept in public speeches aud public
prints America is almost ns much criticised here us on the continent.
W. P. Robinson, whoso appointment
ns sheriff in tho south riding of Fust
Kootenay nnd in tho Nelson, the Ross-
hind und the Slocan ridings of West
Kootenay, wus gazetted yesterday, has
appointed ns deputy sheriff his son
Walter J. Robin-nii of Rossland, says
the Rosslund Miner. The commission
of the latter covers Ihe entire territory over which Sheriff Robinson
is in charge. The appointment of
Walter J. Robinson will meet with
genernl satisfaction, He bus been a
resident of Rossland during the past
three years, and bus a wide circle of
friends all over tbe Koolciiays. Under
Stephen Redgrave, the outgoing
sheriff, be held the lame office ns tho
ono to which he has been appointed j
by the nowly gazetted Incumbent. |
Deputy Sheriff Robinson will continue |
to make Rossland bis headquarters,
Great Showing of Ore in the
Slocan District.
Men Were Working into the Bank of England Olaim and Made the Strike
���Mining News.
Berlin, Dec. 17.���The semi ollicial
Post tonight publishes an inspired ar- \
tide saying: "It is an enjoyable fact i
that tho United Slates bus resolved
to favor us much as possible Germany's
commercial interests In re-organising
the affairs ol' tbe Philippine islands.
There is no doubt that a modus viven
di will be found satisfactory for a number of years to both nations. "
Slocan City, B. C, Deo. 18.���(Special to the Miner.)���A rich strike of
silver-bearing galena ore was made
last evening on the Two Friends mine
by tbe lesees of the Bank of England
mineral claim E.M.Teeter,A.L.Teeter,
J. A. Foley, and A. York, who had
secured the right-of-way through the
lower workings of the Two Friends
and tho right to extend aud use for
working purposes the drift from the
Two Friends tunnel into the Bank of
England mineral claim, The ledge
was encountered after driving about
25 feet and close to tbe Bank of England
claim. E. M. Teeter who is responsible for the location of this new
strike predicted such results for some
time. Both the owners of the Two
friends and lesees of the Bank of England are to be congratulated on their
good luck and tho lessees have reason
to be gratified in this eonhrmation of
their mining judgment. Both the
looal owners of tbe Two Friends and
lesees of the Bank of England start
in tho morning to mako a thorough
investigation. .Tohn Foley n prominent man m-re v.us an eye witness to
the strike and vouches for it. He states
that a vast amount of ore will be accessible to the new workings. He says
they have already penetrated ubout
thirty inches nud thu end is not in
The Two Friends mino has had a
checkered career. Nearly four years
ago Con Murphy, Peto Sohomberg
and George Gormeley, woll known
prospectors, discovered it and staked
out the claim. They sot to work at
the mine, took out thirty or forty tcus
ot rich ore, nnd then tied it up. A
company, with Mr. Innes us president,
stocked the mine, tho prospectors retaining n big interest. The company
run ii tunnel '100 feet into the niouu-
tain to tup tho vein which ran east and
west. A shaft 110 foot deep was sunk
and the nre stopod to tho surface.
The mine provod very rich nnd it was
not long before tho company bad
shipped 144,000 worth of oro. That
was all they did for the rich ore had
run out. Working wost on the vein
the company found that tho rioh
Ora terminated nt a wall of blank
porphyritie dyke, This was about 40
feet from the shaft. To the oast and
tin feet from tbo shaft, the ore split in
seams und becmne less mineralized,
the vein having swuuij off in some direction. Work waB then commenced
to locate the vein again und four different tunnels wero run north into tbo
mountain, ranging from inn to 160feet
in length, unci drifts from these were
run hut nil lo no avail as the vein wus
not found. The company's experts
thought the ore had originally slipped
down from tbe mountain huucu their
endeavors to locale tho vein again
above the flrst find. Meaiiwbilo a fine
camp bud been built and tho company
made expensive arrangements for a.
long and prosperous run. But the
failures discouraged them, the mine
was condemned and the company -
threw it up.
lint Ihe original owners were not altogether discouraged, They had confidence In the Two Friends and did not
give it up. After it luy idle for some
time they commenced to work and
went at it intermittently ever since.
There wns nothing to reward their
efforts, however. This fall thoy ran a
tunnel to tap the ore and have been
confident all along that they would
strike it rich.
Immedulelv to tho west nnd adjoining the Two Friends mine is situated
the Balk of England chum. The -
hsees of this clniiii were confident that
the vein from tho Two Friends ran
into their property aud to get it as expeditiously us possible commeiicod to
run a tunnel from the lower workings
of the Two Friends. Alter driving
through the porphyritie dyke they
encountered tbo ore body and made
everybody happy.
The Slocan district undoubtedly hna
a great future before it. There aro
some llltltl claims recorded in the Slo-
oan City ollice. Evening Star and
Columbia, Arlington, Regiuu, Black
Prince nnd other well known properties contribute to Slocan City which
is growing rapidly. The greatest excitement wus caused here by tho uows
of tbe rich strike and the owner* of
the properitei that will be effected by
the find are receiving iho congratulations of their friends. Con Murphyy
who found the Two Friends and
still owns a hirgc pert of it was
working at it whon (ho strike was
made,    Ho has been  rewarded for   Ins
Continued on Fourth Pan*. NELSON DAILY MINER, MONDAY,   DECEMBER 19,  1898.
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aserted for 50 cents onch.
Advertising r. tos made Known on application
NeUon Miner Printing & PublishingC >
Nelson, which is pre-eminently a
City of homes, should be a laggard in
this Important respect.
Copy for Change* o Advertisement niusl
be lu the oil! e by 4 o'clock p.m. to
Insure changi
Slocnn City hns been passing through
that season of depression, whioh is so
common a phase iu the early life of a
western mining camp ; but, once tint
period is successfully passed, tbe permanence of the camp may bo usually
looked upon aB assured. It wonld
seem that this is the case with Slocnn
City. Several of its leading mines
became involved in litigation, business
got stagnaut and many lost all faith
in the camp. News, which we print
elsewhere, seems, however, to shed a
new light on the scene. A special
telegram, received ou Saturday,
contains the aunonucemeut that a
rich nnd important strike has been
made in the Two Friends mine, while
we are also able to inform our readers
that all legal difficulties in connection
with the Arlington mine have heon
smoothed away; nud that property
will shortly start np again with every
prospect cf a successful future. Snch
news would mean much to any camp.
To Slocan City it means that the publio will regain much of that confidence,
which was never lost by those reallv
cognisant of its resouroes and possibil-
The Time
Open evenings until after Xmas.     We carry
line of Jewelry  and   Watches;   also a
few   Choice    Diamonds.
West of Bank of B. C.
The Publio Schools of the City have
closed for the Christmas Holidays,
i nd the review ' of the last month's
work, whioh appeared in Saturday's
issue brings the question of the education of our children again before the
publio. The schools of Nelson are
doing a good work and doing it well,
'he increased attendance being a sub-
st t.al testimony on the part of the
p .euts of their appreciation of the
e  orts that are being made.
The educational facilities to be found
iu Nelson are, however, sadly inadequate yet. They do not even suffice
for present needs, much less for the
increasing requirements of a growing
oity like our own. To begin with,
th( staff of teaohers is much too
sin ill, and has attained its preseut pro-
pori ions thanks only to tho vigorous
effoi ts the trustees have made in the
past to overcome the vis inertiae of
the educational department. Matters
have improved 'of late in this respect,
and the trustees may be relied upon, by dint of constant importuuing,
to keep the authorities up to within
m asurable  distance   of   tbe march of
A Publio School training is uot, unfortunately, the be-all and end-all of
-ducation, and many parents feel very
Penury the impossibility of having
their children instructed in the higher
b 'nnches of knowledge without sending them away to a distance. At
pr sent, scholars who wish to take
tht High School course are compelled
to , o either to the Coast or to Spokane. The latter course is, in many
resi ;cts. naturally repugnant to Cau-
adi n parents, while the former entails a heavy expense which many
fatiers of families find it difficult to
he r. In either case the boy or girl
lev :es that home training, whioh many
J rents consider the moBt important
v .ijunct of his or her education.
In an interview, published some
i tine back in The Miner, Mr. William
-- urns, Provincial School Inspector,
oi plained the difficulties which Btnnd
between Nelson and the much needed
est 'ibliBhment of a High Sohool here.
Mr Burns stated that before the
Oo.ernment could make any appropriation for the establishment of a High
Bohtol, the town applying for the grant
mn��t be able to show a specified num-
bei of pupils who had paBsed the
Hi-h School entrance examination.
Ne ther Nelson nor auy other town
iu Kootenay has .so far been able to
produce the required number of quali*
flol pupils, and consequently there is
no High School iu the interior. The
renedy for this state of affairs, aa Mr.
Bui ns pointed ont, lies very largely
wit i the parents; the teachers are already doing their best. Parents are
but too apt to withdraw their children
wh'n they roach Division 6, and often
eve i before. The result is that the
da for the examination comes round,
ni ny of the most promising pupils
ar.j withdrawn, tho list of competitors
is all too short, and it is impossible
tc make an application for a High
School grant.
i he High School ontrance examiiia-
tio is held yearly, and Mr. Burns has
au .< unced his intention of holding
o e iu Nelson next Easter. Thus,
t i se who compete will not have to go
ti. the Coast for examination and no
expense need be incurred iu the matter. If there be any parents who may
be contemplating withdrawing children from the school who might go
up for the examination in'Easter with
a fair prospect of success, we would
urge upon them to allow them to re.
win and compete There is no reason why Nolson should not qualify for
a High School. The attendance is
large and has increased 59 in the pnst
two month s and a half. All that is
needed is the intelligent co-operation
of the parents. Other towns are
strainiug every nerve to attain the
position where they cun demand a
'���igb School, and it ia a  disgrace that
(Toronto Star)
" All Americans earnestly desire a
settlement of all . the questions before
the commission, but Canada should
not forget that she, as a dependency of
Great Britain, is in houor bound to
make no demands that she would not
assert if she could meet us as an independent power qualified to make a
treaty in her own right. This is a
wholesome, practical suggestion,
which is made because there are
indications that it is pertinent. Canada owes to Great Britain the obligation of a dutiful ward to a magnanimous guardian. " So says the Wash-
iington Post in reference to the negotiations for a treaty settling disputes be-
tweeu Canada nnd the United States.
It is to be hoped that the Post's pugnacious, in solent paragraph does not
reflect the view of the Government.
If it does, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his
colleagues have stayed too long nt the
United States capital Canada cannot
appreciate its Premier remaining the
the guest of a nation that tries to bulldoze and browbeat the Dominion.
Suitable Gifts for the
Holiday Season has arrived. We heralded its
approach some time ago
and told how well prepared we were to supply
all demands. We arc
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Each day has added
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ry, Silverware, Books,
Xmas Cards and Calendars.
p. BURNS & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Novelties suitable for Xmas presents
at Fred Irvine &  Co's.
Why pay 12'-: cents for a 10 cent
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West Kootenai Valley, B. C.
of C. N. P. Ky��� and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry.,  now  under
Information regarding Sirdar may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Sirdar Townsite Co.,
SIRDAR, B.  (!.
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Gilbert Stnnlcy
Thomson Stationery Co
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Cascade City
and   News   Agents
rains out of Nelson.
on   boats  and
I   HAVE   a Piano to rent for  the winter
months.   Apply Box 1-8, City.
FOB SAUQ-A  complet
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small nowspaper
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A Circus.
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selection of a suitable
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man In grocory or prov:'
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Bay Co.
Cox. Waxt> & ffiafter Sts.
Carload of the latest furniture on the market
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Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its'branches
We have our own Hearse.
Presents .
At Wholesale Prices should tempt purchasers. I have a choice line of Dress
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Sewing Machine ? I am agent for
the "New Williams."
I A. Ferland.
$6.75  PEK   TON,   DELIVERvD
Orders   received  at  Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner of
Kootenay   and   Baker   Streets.
W. P. TIEMEY,       -       General Agent.
The   Following  Direct  Shipments
Just Received
Cigars  From  Havanna���Bock  & Co's   Golden  Eagles,
Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,   Egypt���Hadges   Nessim    Egyptian
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Permanent Loan
Why pay Rent w^en yon
can own a home of
your own?
Loans nre made' on the security of
Improved Heal Estate, not mine tha��
sixty per cent, of the appraised easts
value being advanced.
The cute of Interest is 8J per cent,
per .-1111111111. Interest is stopped on
each 81(H) of tbe principal returned.
Illustration, showing the cost "in*
time required to pay nil a $1,(XX) loam
���it the following monthly payments :
of 1.0111]
810(10 IKI
1000 00
1000 00
10011 00
Monthly    Time Requtrod,    Cent.
$15 110
20 00
25 00
Yr's. M'lh-i. D vs.
7       tl 21
5      3 12
4      0 0
3       2 80
$111.1 4��
1207 ��2t
1200 M
1159 H
Our   monthly  payment   sysl
jinn ed to bo the surost and onslost way at
clearing oil' a mort gage.
Those loans may be repaid In full or in part
at any timo without bonus.
Gaijible &0��K**.,.g
Baker .St.   -    Nelson, B. 0.
M. meets second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
O. L. Lennox. Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodga
No. lti, meets orory Monday night,
at   their   Hall,   Kootenay strsefc.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
A. H. Oletnents, N. G.      Fred J Squires, Ueaj
QUKKN   NO.   Ml
second and fourth Wednesday
each mouth at I'. of P. Hall, Ma.
Donald Block, csr. Yernsn aaa
Josephine stroets. Visiting kretk-
rcu cordially invited,
Chas. H. Farrow,
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meeta
1st and 3rd Wednesday In each moalh (��� tis
K of H Hall. F W Swanoll, C. D. 8. C. R.J ( I
Green.O.K..: J. Furkiss,Seey.
every Thursday in the I.O.O.F. kail. 0 O
Williams, M.W.: W 8 Smith, Ree.-Seo.i4l. I.
Drisooll, Financier F. J Squire. Receiver sal
P. M. W.
NKLSON I..O.L. No. 1602 meeta !��� tks Ms
Donald  block  overy Thursday  evening si S
o'clock.   Visiting members cordially invited
"M.: V. J. Bradley. K.8.
JolinTovo W.i
.NKLSON   LODGK  No. 15, K. at P.
.vjlmcolH in Castle hall,  McDonald block
��� islevory   Tuesday  evening at f o'elock.
JA11 visiting knights icordially larited,
R. G. Joy, C. C.
18201 Geo. Robs K. of R. aid S.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O. Q. T.      Meets il
Castle Hall, McDonnld Block, every Monday
evening at S o'clock.  Visiting Templars cordially invited, John Telkord,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobsoi   Ser f
Ubo a first rluss lino in traveling between
Minneapoliu, St. Paul and Chicago, and
the prlucipal town*, in Central Wisconiin
Pullman Palace Sleeping  and Chair Can
Idervico        .....
Tlie Dining Cart, are operated in the interest t
ils imirniH, the iiiost elegant service otoi
inaugurated.   Mealg are served a la Carte.
To obtain first class aervieo your ticket should
read via .... ,
Direct connections at Chicago and Mllwauket
for all Ku.-u.ni points. .        .        .
For full information call on your nearest tlcko*
agent, or write . . *
Jas. A. Clock,        or       Jas. C. Pond,
General Agont, General Pass. Agent
240 Stark Street, Milwaukee, WU
Portland, Ore. V
orssfal business   trip down the  N.
V. S. Hiiihviiy to the boundary.
Next Wednesday the Ladies Aid of
the PreRbyteriau Ohtireh will hold u
stile of work in the leotard room of
their ohuroh.   Light refreshments will
be provided at the   snle, at which   all
tlin novelties of the season   are   prom*
i ised.
��� ,,      _   ,   _ ,      _   ,   .    ,,      '    Messrs. Griffin   and Morehead   have
Construction Work Being Pushed--Many purchased   half  of  Shannon's  ranob,
Jhiildings Goiug Up���Mining and       j about -10 acres in extent, opposite Five
���      ,      _   ..... ! Mile   Point,   where   they   propose   to
1 arming Facilities. 'establish a powder factory.    Tlie ereo-
j tion of the necessary buildings  begins
  at oneo.
think tramps   are nice,   but   I   never
saw one without the appetite. "
*   #   a
A street preacher, who had been a
printer observed in tlie usual harangue
"that youth might be compared to n
cumina, manhood to a semi-colon, old
ago to a colon, to which death puts a
Delineator  for  month   of January
now for sale at jfred Irvino ci Co's.
Meteorological   llcpiiil.
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdich.
DATE DAY niCII-    LOW- SNOW     liAH-
KST        KST     l-'AI.L   nMKTKIt
Work is well under way on tho Nel
sou and Betlliiigton Railway, and is
being pushed simultaneously both from
the   international   Boundary nnd  the gum���
Kuskonook   ends.    Contractor Carlson   as soon as the  conditions
already  has  the  right-of-way cloared  permit.
from Kuskonook to tho main line of
the Crow's Nest Pass Railway, a distance of three miles, whilo Breokeu-
ridge and Lund are engaged on Ihe
same work near the International
Boundary line.
The contractors,Messrs. Foley Bros.,
Larson and Halverson, have fixt-d upon
Sirdar as their main distributing
point���Sirdar was originally known
as Fved Little's ranch, and then as
Creston. Sirdar is situated about the
middle of the construction work, and
there the contractors have already
erected three large warehouses adjoining tho O. N. P. Railway station,
which is itself on the townsite. The
sawmill there. owucd by Messrs.
Byersmd Bigelow of this city, is
turning out 16,000 feet of lumber a
day, but even then cannot keep puce
with the demand so great is the building activity. Seven hotels aro iu
course of erection aud five general
stores are going up as well as a large
number of smaller   buildings.
Sirdar is exceptionally well situated
as regards railway connection, ns both
tbe Crow's Nest Pass Railway and the
Nelsou-Bedlington Ruilway pass
through it. There is also a promising mining district iu the vicinity.
There are numerous claims on Goat
Mountain with excellent surface showings, some of which have had a good
deal of development work done on
them with encouraging results. A
trial shipment from some of these
claims is to be made this week to the
Hall Mines Smelter, so that a reliable
estimate of their values may be obtained. Sirdar is also a center for a
rich farming district, fruit and vegetables being extensively and profitably grown near by.
JJ It is expeoted that the Nelson-Bed-
lington Railway will havo no difficulty
in obtaining running powers over tho
Crow's Nest Pass Railway, as it is
stated on what appears to be competent authority, that the plans of the
former lino wore tiled at Ottawa before those of the Crow's Nest Road,
and that the Crow's Nest Pass line is
now running over the Nelsou-Bodling
ton's stakes.
There will bo no double daily train
sorvico between Rosland and Nelson
until tho track between Rossland and
Trail has been widened to standard
The change Will be made then
of  business
The Opouing Serv oes woro Continued
Morning and Evening Yesterday.
The opening sorivces in the new
church of St. Saviour's were confined yesterday. In tho morning there
was a good congregation, Archdeacon
Pentreath preached au eloquent sermon, upon witnessing for Christ, contrasting the difference between things
of the faith, and the opinions of men.
Many people had tho Faith uecessary
to Salvation, but had different opinions in minor matters. In conclusion
he expressed his thanks for the opportunity of being presont at tha
opeuiug of the first stoue church in
In the evening, the sermon was
preached by the Roctor, who is concluding returned his personal thanks
to all who had in any way assisted
in helping to build or open the church.
He had received much help from
some couected with other denominator, and he wished to thank them all
for their asistanco; also the choir and
organists, for their work iu practising aud rendering the musical portions
of the services. He also wished particularly to tbiiuk Mr. Curtis thearch-
tect of the church for the pains he bad
taken iu the erection of the  building.
Tho service was fully choral and
very well rendered, the largo congregation singing their portion of the
service very heartily. Tho Magnificat
and Nunc Dimittis woro Simprin F.
The anthem,"O how Amiable are Thy
Dwellings" Baruby. Mrs. Melville
Parry sang before the offertory " Abide
with me" by Sulley, in most artistic
manner. She was in splendid voice,
and her hearers had a great treat.
Tho accompaniments wore played ou
two organs Mr. Haines presiding at
one and Mr. Jowett at tho other. The
voluntary played as a duet on both organs before the sorivce, was "I waited for the Lord. "   Mendelssohn.
It has been decided to continue
permanently tho tourist car, which
for the past few weeks has been attached to Iho trans-continental train
of the C. P. R. which leaves Vancouver on Thursdays, The ear goes
right through to St. Johns, New
Brunswick, where is oonneots with
the Domiuiou and Allan line ocean
The Nelson Lodge of the Sous of
England attended divmo service yesterday morning in St. Saviour's
church. Archdeacon Pentreath in Ihe
course of his sermon welcomed the
lodge, remarking that it was fit and
proper that they should attend the
church which was one of the chief
mainstay* of the country from which
they come.
Tbe O. P. R. has announced that
round trip tickets at single fare rate
will be sold between all Kootenay
points south of,and including, Nakusp,
from the 80th to the 86th instant, inclusive. Such tickets are good for
return until January -1. Round trip
tickets will also be sold under the
same conditions on Dec. 80 and 81,
and Jan 1st, which will also be good
for return until January 4.
Work on the rooms that hnve
been engaged for (he purposes of the
free Library is proceeding rapidly and
they will be very attractive when
the opening takes place next Saturday.
The reading room, whioh is freo to
the public, will be in readiness by Saturday bnt the lending of books will
not commence until the first of the
year. A yearly snbsoriDtion of, two
dollars per year entitles one to the
uso of the good assort men f of books
that the Library will have ou its
shelves. The directors wonld like to
receive books and magazines from the
citizens. Those who have any to spare
can scud word to Mrs. J. Roderick
Robertson who will see that they are
called for.
Yesterday afternoon at 2 :30 a large
Dumber of mourners assembled at the
Roman Catholic Church, when the
funeral service was held over the body
of the Into Mr. John O'Leary, whose
sudden death by accident on Friday
Inst created such consternation among
his uunierious friends. The deceased
was well known and deservedly popular, and consequently, notwithstanding the shortness of the notice, there
was a large congregation at the
church. Tho impressive ceremony
over, tho cortege porceeded to the new
cemetery, when the remains were interred in tho portion set apart for the
Roman Catholic. Church.
The Swells all do it���buy their cigars at Nelson Cigar Co's Store and
save 2l/2 cents each.   Opposite Dover's.
The Phair-W. Washburn, Spokane;
W. A. -Aiiderson, Vancouver: J. B.
Barclay, Victoria; T. P. Mclutyre,
Winnipeg; J. Ripstein, Warrtner;
W. Walcott, Fort Steele; E. Jougall,
Brooklyn ; G. H. Williams, Spokami;
O. R. Simels, Portland; H. B. Perkins, Sandon.
Tho Hume���E. L. Hutohins. Toronto; Mrs. F. R. C. Beer, Robson;
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Garnett, Piuchcr
Creok;R. E. Smith, Kamloops; 10.
O. Davisou, Kamloops; R. S. Burton,
Burton Citv ; O. H. Taylor, Montreal;
Miss E. M. Harris, St. John; F. F.
Spencer, Spokane.
The Queen's���T. Stevenson,
P. Chapman, Revelstoke; J.
Dormott, Whitewater; A. D.
C. &. W. Railway.
S. Mo-
Dan McGillivray, the well known
contractor, is at the Phair.
Mr. and Mrs. Egan left for Winnipeg on yosterday evening's train.
J. F. Stevens, a member of the contracting firm of Foley Bros., Larson
and Halverson, leaves for St. Paul in
the morning.
There will be a full rehoarsnl of the
Nelson Musical Society this evening
at Mr. F. Brougham's residence at 8
p. m.
The Ladies Aid of tho Baptist
Church hold a reception this evening
at 8 p. m. iu honor of their now pastor, the Rev. C. W. Rose.
Notwithstanding tho complications
that have arisen, Abe Johnson intend!
to open up his now saloon on Baker
street, ns soon as he lias everything m
" The pile driver has beon brought to
the spot, and the work of driving in
the piles for the now spur to the O. P.
R. wharf begins today. D. MoArthur
& Oo. huvo tho contract.
Mr J. McLaren, manager of the Nelson Soda Water Works Company, returned to town on Saturday after a very
An extravagant man is always
pleaching economy to his wife.
* *   *
A small man and n small flog aro
always ferocious behind a fence.
* *   *
With the exception of man the zebra
is the most contrary of all animals.
* *   *
Tho tailor tries to suit his crowds
and the lawyer tries to crowd his
It's only in a crowded car that tho
standing of a well-bred man is never
#   #   *
Amateur photography as a   financial
investment   compares   favorably   witb
a   penniless    girl   for   her
Ada���"She refused him as sho
thought he would propose again."
Polly���"And did he?"
Ada���"Oh, yes, but it was to another girl."
*   *   *
Doctor (after a hasty examination;���
"Prepare for the worst. "
Patient���"Oh, I did that whon
they told me they were going to send
for you.''
���"Are    yon   satisfied
of   your   daughter's
Dec   <i   Monday 24.1)
Dee 13   Tuesday 25.0
Nov 30  Wcd'dny 35.0
Deo  1   Thursday 35.0
Duo 18  Fi (day 3?.o
Deo 17   Satin-day 35 0
Dee 18   Sunday 30.5
of poor quality comes soon.    It hasn't
got the toughness  to  stand  everyday
wear, and succumbs lo the inevitable.
Just the same as throwing money to
tho dogs when you buy such stuff.
Perhaps flu ordinary observer will
say that our Hard ware doesn't look a
bit better. But our word is worth
something, and we assure our customers that there is good value in every-
\lmm Harawer^] Co..
importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hard ware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
To gather fruit, is when it is
ripe. If you wait too long it will
become decayed and worthless.
The Right Time to buy Christmas Presents is n.iiv. We have a
full lino of Fancy Perfume
Sprays, Cut Glass Perfume Bottles, .Shaving and Toilet Outfits,
Perfumes in Fancy Boxes, etc,
etc. Oun Pmoks Abb Right.
Call and see our stock before
buying elsewhere.
. 2
Taking Effect. 1:00 o'clock n. m
i September
���at,   isns.
I'lirllic or  linili  .llrrliliiiu
VV'kst Bound
East Bound
First Clans
Time Card No 2
Sept,. 1st. 1808.
First C'lii-u
Leaves Daily
Arrivo Dally
1,30 a. m.
4.65 a. ni.
.115 fl. in.
lo.iio a. m.
10.08 a, m.
10.20 a. m.
111:31 a. in.
10.85 u. in.
10.45 fl. ni.
South Fork
White wutor
Ileal- ljiko
f'uj nc Tram
Cody Junction
3.30 p.m.
3.05 p.m.
2.10 p.m.
2.00 p.m.
1.50 p.m.
1.38 p m.
1:23 p.m.
1.22 p.m
1.15 p.m.
Arrive Daily
Leave Dully
Leaves Dally
Arrive Dally
11:00a. in.
11:10 "
11:25 "
Sin don
Cody Junction
11:30   "
11:35   "
Arrive Dal
Leave D illy
UOI IT. IHVIVO.               . F. ClOPELAND,
'Mil           G. 1?. &                  8uoertntoadeol
24 Pages s Weekly i Illustrated.
MINING ^sd^ntiflc PRESS
Mrs. Browne
with tho result
j course at college
j     Mrs. White.���"Quite. Sbe is goings
to marry ono of tlie professors."
*   *   *
Jimmy���-"Don't  you   think a  nice
tramp gives one a good appetite?"
Waily���"Well,   I   can't say   that I
Take notice that I,Robert Median.will apply
to the Until Commissioner of West Kooleliay,
It. 0., thirty days afier date, for a lloense to
sell  liquor by  retail  at   my  hotel,  located at
sirdar. 16 miles from ttuskonook, in tlie \\'i*t
Kootenay district,       IIOIII'KT .MF.KIIAN.
Doled ul, Nelson. II. ('., this 1st day of December, 1808 HID
Sewing By The Day.
Hotel Hume
We Wish to remind the Public
that our stock of these goods is
very complete.    Our regulation
Men's Hockey Shoe at $3.50
is a beauty.
Brinp- your skates to us and  we
will attach them   to  your  boots
while you wait
Aberdeen Block
Make Your Fruit Selection First, then
Make both of these properly and you'll be pleased   with the
Below we give a list to choose from :
Raisins seeded, Seeded Raisins, Raisins without the
seeds, Seeded Raisins, Raisins with the Seeds and Seeds
with the raisins.
Currants, all cleaned, ready to throw in the cake.
English Peels, mixed and chopped ready for use.
Spices, Icings and extracts. Plum Puddings, Fruit Cakes,
etc., etc.
We have all the latest specialties. If your cake is not
a success don't blame us,
Christmas Candies Arriving.
M. DesBrisay & Co.,
Aberdeen Block. NELSON, B. U,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Gamps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, 81,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Mniiland, N. B.
Mencton, N. B.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, Went Knd
Montreal, Wcstmount
Nanaimo, B. O,
Nelson, B. O.
Newcastle, N. B.
Pictoti, N. 8.
Port Hnwksbury, N. S.
Rossland, B. O.
Antigonish, N. S.
Bathurst, N. B.
BridKowa'er, N\ S.
Charlotte town, P, H. I.
Dorchester, N. B,
FYedericton. N. B.
Uuysboro, N. S.
Grand Porks, B. C.
Halifax, N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry. N. 8.
Luncnbcrg, N. 8.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling:
and Sold, tetters of  Credit, Etc.
Accouuts received on the most fcivomlde terms.   Interest allowed  on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East Etui,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Savings Bank department baa been established in connection witb the Nelson branoh of
thl�� bank. Deposits of one dollar and upwards received, nnd current rate of interest allowed.
at present 3 per cent, per annum.
Sackville, N, I).
Shubenaoodie. X. S.
Summerslde, P. E. I.
.Sydney. N. S.
St. John, Nfld.
Truro, N. S,
Vnnrouver. II. ('.
Vancouver, Hast Knd
Victoria, B. O.
Weymouth. N. s.
Woodstock, N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
Bills of Exchange  Bought
, Negotiated.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another Carload of
now in, consisting of
A  Large .Mock.
Prices away Down and You Know Where
To Come.
Applewhalte Block, linker St., corner of Kootenay St.
^�������������� ���������������������������������������������������*��������:
ZZ Real Estate and Insurance Agent. Z2
EH Cheap for Cash���A valuable lot on   Victoria   Street   adjoining    ZS
g; business portion of the city. 3
| The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 1
% and Savings Co. %
t* advance money on Improved Real Kstate.     Repayable in 5 and    *"*S
f��r 8 years by monthly instalments. ;--g
b arthur r. sherwood, ag't. %
��             FOR SALE
f"  1 House
10 Rooms
\^_   1  House
H Booms
^-   1   House
7 Bo 1ms
y 1 House
0 Bo mis
*��z 1   House
5 Booms
Sp:               TKttws to suit.
** fc^AAAAA-**--**-'^-*--'*--''--*--'**-'^-*--*-*- -*.*���-"
p        SEE ANNABLE       l
t" <>l���TM'K �� II I OKI I ST., ON lllt.lM.K Z
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and see   us.
B. C.
NOTICE is horoby given Lhat the partnership
her. toforo aubniHtinK boi ween us the undersigned, us Hotel Keepers in Brooklyn, County
of Ivooteimy, Btlttflh Columbia, has this day
boen dissolved by mutual consent. All debts
owing to said partnership ni'e to bo paid to
Louis Peterson at Brooklyn aforenaid, and all
claims .Lguiimt tho said partnership are to bo
pre.sen.ed to the said Louis Peterson, by whom
the samo will be settled.   iSignodl
Dated at Boooklyn this 3rd day of December
A. D��� I8!f8.
Witness as tn signature of I^ouis Peterson,
W. IL Cooper, J. P., (signed).
Witness to signature of O. O. Fredericks, J.
IL (Jowl, tsignod).
(AIMM. MFIME., M Mid. Assoc Cornwall,
Opposite Phair Hotel,
P. O. BOX 583.
Kxtended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Iteports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
Up by contract.
All accounts not paid on and before the fifteenth day of December wdl be put in tho
hands Of a iuwyer for collection. Kindly pay
Dated this 25th day of Not. 1808.
II II I'lKISi: NO. 31.
Manufacturer of
All carbonated waters.
Ilillryiui  Hill Xnrlnga   Walrr  A. rnlr.l .nd
Midi.Hi il lo I Ik- Truilr.
ViilimliWitikei' Street and  other ex-
ePflcnt property for iale.
Office  I ii nil r-llnrchh Rloak, NrLon, II. <'.
t'liriiCiioK Knoi.and- Matin lla.ni.; Even
Bong, ;.:<<> p.m, army Snndaj. Holy Communion on l��t mill Uril Similar* In ilie month afloi
.Matins: on 2nd and llh Bandars, nt 8 nm
Sunday Hchool at. 2.80 p.m. Rev. H. S. Ako-
hurst. Itoi'tor.   Cor Wnnl and Silica utrcoUi.
I'HK.suviKiUAN I'lii'iirii- Services at 11 a.m.
and   1M   p.m.     Sunday  School al 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society mectn every Monday  evening   ut 8   o'clock.    Hov. It. Frew,
Methodist   CHcnon-Oomer silica and
Josephine sircets. Services at II a.m. and 7.30
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2,80 p.m.: Prayor meot-
Iiikoii Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Kpworth
League O. ft, Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev, John
Robson, Pasior.
I'ATiuii.ic l.'lluiicn-Mass at Nelson, first
and third Sunday at Sand lu.00a.ln.; Benedic*
turn at 7.80 lo  8 p.m.   Rev,  Father Ferland
Baptist OirtmoH - Servicon morning and
evening at II a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Praver meet-
mi.- Aednesday evening nt 8 p.m. tho B. Y.
I'. I . Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed. Itev. ('. W. Itose. Pastor.
su.vation Akmv-Sorvic s every evening
at 8 o'clock in liarnwcksou Viotorla street.
AdiutAnt Millner In charge. NELSON DAILY MINER MONDAY, DECEMBER 19. 1898.
Mining Stock Quotations.
[Compiled by H. O. McCulloch, mining brok
ir of Nelson, B- C. P. 0. box -105.1
Par Prleo
Namejof Company           Value.   Bid.
Nelson, Slocan and Ainsworth
American Boy 100 ���
Athabasca 100 ID
Arlington Con 100
Dundee 100 26
Dardanelles 100 9
Dellie 100 ���
Klsie 100 -
Exohoaucr 100 7J
FornlG. M. Co   25 50
Uibson 160 -
Hall Mines  HI 138
Idler 100 6
London Hill   25 18
Nelson-Poorman    25 38
Kaslo Montezuma 100 ���
Noble Five 100 IS)
Rambler Con  100 19
Reco Iu0 1 05
Slocan Star   50 96
TwoFriendB   30 5
Wonderful  100 -
Washington 100 -
Trail Creek
Butte 100 -
Caledonia Con  100 3
Commander 100 JO
Deer Park 100 18!
Enterprise ��� 100 ���
Eureka Consolidated 1 00 7
Evening Star .". 100 fi
Georgia 100 lj
GoodHope 100 1
Grand Prize  100 2
Giant 100 I
HighOre 100 -
Iron Mask 100 87
IronColt 100 J
Jumbo 100 40
LIlyMay 500 14
Mayflower 100 5
Monita 100 7
Monte Cristo 100 13
Mugwump 100 2
Novelty 100 3
Phoonix 100 -
Poorman 100 11
Red Mountain View 100 -
Rossland Homestake 100 3
Sossland Red Mountain 100 16
Sllverine 100 3
HllverBeU 100 3
St. Iflmo 100 4
Virginia 100 36
Victory-Triumph 100 8
War Eagle Con 100 8 90
WeBtLeRoiJoeie 100 87
WhlteBear 100 7
AlphaBoll 100 .   6
Cariboo (Camp McK) 100 182
Waterloo (Camp McK)  100 0
Cariboo Hydraulio Con 5 00 90
Channe      25 5
Golden Cache 100 4
Oco.M. &M. Co 100 ~
OldlronBldes 100 125
Smuggler 100 17J
Tin Horn    85 8
Van Anda 100 3J
Winchester   85 10
Fire Mountain 100 -
1 80
1 85
(Continued from First Paged
persevering work and the confidence
he displayed after the company threw
np the property that all the rich ore
had not been taken out. The men
���Who have always stuck to the opinion
}hat there was an abundance of rich
ore if it could only be gotten at h��ve
turned out to be miners of good judgment.
At thiB writing it could not be ascertained just who the owners of the
Two Friends are. Oon Murphy owns
as least a quarter, R. Marpole of the
O P. R. another quarter, A. York &
Oo. an eighth, Mr. Sloan an eighth
and the rest is divided up between Mr.
Cramm, banker of Slocan City, F. S.
Andrews, barrister of Nelson and
others. One thing that gives satisfaction here is that most of the mine
is owned by Slocan Oity people.
��   *   ��
News of the rich strike was first
received in Nelson about 1) o'clock on
Saturday oveuing, The Miner, receiving a telegram telling of it from a
correspondent in Slocan Oity, whose
news is always most trustworthy.
The Miner immediately hud bulletins
hung in the Hume and Phair hotels
and mining men generally hoard of
the strike on Saturday night. There
are many poople in Nelson interested
in the Slocan district and to them the
news was especially gratifying.
��   *   ���
New   York,   Dec.   17.���Bar   silver,
69% ; Mexicnn dollars, 47.    Silver certificates, 69U to 60M-
*   *   *
(Reported to Tho Miner by W'aldcmnr Wallach k. Co., Mining Brokers, Columbia avenue,
Rossland, tl. C.l
Rossland, B. C, Dec. 15.��� The
week in mining circles has been
rather quiet which is owing no doubt
to tho approaching holidays. Trading
was not very oxtensive in any oue
stock aud the few orders on tho sheet
were easily filled. Novelties headed
the list in activity and several blocks
changed hands at from three to four
cents. It is said the property is in
good condition and that the option
which a prominent Rossland broking
firm had on the proporty has been taken out of their hands, Hence the activity iu the shares. It is reported
that a Toronto Syndicate, headed by
Hon. George A. Cox havo secured au
option of a coutrolling interest in the
Jumbo (jold Mining Company. There
is some doubt expressed, however, as
to the authenticity of tho rumor and
until an official anouticciiiont comes to
baud it would lie well not to place too
much reliance on it. It, however,
comes fiom Toronto. The price of the
shares is around 50 cents. Monte
Cristo, which two weeks ago sold at
14^ is offered at 10'^ cents. As is well
known the property is closed down
pending au investigation into its
affairs and there seems no immediate
prospects of this taking place. Whether
the stock is worth the present price
or nothing at all depends ou the rosult
of tho investigation. Wo would, however, recommend buying it around 10
ns the chances me well worth Inking.
Toronto is still buying Deer Park but
the upward movement In thorn is
very slow, and tho prico is nrouud
19. A little has been ilono in Iron
Masks around H4. There has been little or nothing doing in Virginia and
the prico remains steadily about 40.
We think there is a gocil speculation
in these shares. The 400 foot level was
reached  sometime agq  and   work  ie
now being pushed towards the 500
foot level. A block of Goldon Gate
treasury stock is offered for sale at 5
cents and we can recommend them as
a first class gamble. Le Roi shares
(��5) are selling at % premium in London. This is certainly a favorable
sign and likely i;0 help the mining interests of British Columbia in England very materially. A strike is reported in tho No. 1 belonging the B.
A. C. and development work is to bo
pushed as rapidly as possible.
# *   #
The following story of a phenomenal find iB from the Winnixeg Froe
Press: Word was received in the city
yesterday of a very rich strike made
last Friday in the Mikado mine,
Lake of the woods. The men working
iu the drift from No. 2 shaft struck
a rich pay streak. The estimate made
is that the quartz will go $20 000 to
the ton. and mining men who have in
spected the strike state that it is the
richest discovery evor made in that
district. The company have men on
guard day aud night.
��� *   ���
News has been received in town
that the arrangement previously mentioned in The Miner, whereby the
enbarrassment undor which the Arlington mine has labored for some
time will be removed, has now beau
consummated. On Saturday tho final
papers were signed, and a strong syndicate headed by Messrs. Ross Thompson and Frank Watson, have assumed
control of the mine. Not only are all
the obligations incurred by the property wiped off, but a sum of no less
than $50,000 has been placed in tho
bunk, aud will be devoted to development purposes. A force of men will
be set to work at once developing the
# *   ��
At 2 o'olock ou Saturday afternoou a
freight train steamed into Ymir
consisting of seven cars loaded with
machinery. The machinery in question is destined for the Ymir mine,
nnd is part of the 40-stamp mill that
is to be erected on that property. The
Ymir ^people already have visions of
an endless series of gold bricks passing
before their eyes.
* #   #
A meeting of the direotors of the
Hall Minis Company was held in London on Saturday. It is not yet known
on this side if anything of moment
Butterieks Patterns for January,
1899 are now in stook at Fred Irvine &
Big reduction  in cigars  and  pipes.
Nelson Cigar Co., Opposite Dover's.
Has opened new offices in Broken Hill Block',
corner Ward and Baker streets, and has resumed practice in Nelson.
Ollice hours 10 to 18 a. m.; 3 to 4 and 7 te 8
p. m.   P. O. box 811
Fancy Dress Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin's,
Cigar   M'f'g.   Co.
are our Brands.    Smoke   them  and
you will like them
P. O. IIOX 110
M'l.oo*. B. ���.
��������������������������������������������������������������� ��� ������������
t    OYSTER HOUSE     1
Short Order Meals
At Any Time���Day
or Night.
'I he  t est Cook.
The Best Attention.
'1 he Best Meals
�����������������������������������������4 ������������������������������������;
L Y. HOSHI - Proprietor.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and   is   pro-
pared lo do all kinds ol Dental
Work  by latest methods.  .  .
Hrokm Hill llloeh Baker HI.
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoka daily
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronti.;
Thursdays for Montreal and Boston;
Fridays for St. Johi , N. B.
To  Kossland and  Main   Line po'nu
tUOp.ru.-Leavos���NKLSON���Arrlvea-1!).3> p iu
Ki-ufriiny l.ulii-   linxlo Itotitr.
Except Sunday. Kxcept Sund t\
���1  p.m.���Lea ves���NELSON���Arrives���11  a.tt
Hontruay trivcr Monte.
Btr. Nklson.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon,, Wed., Fi
7 a.m.���Leaves���NKIjSON���Arnres���A-SO f m.
Makes connection at Pilot. May with Str. Kt
kunco in both directions.
Sicamorson thf-ir respoclivo routes cal at
principal Landings in both directions an t
other points when signalled.
Trains   fti and from  Slocnn ('Hy. Pa il
and  Much it   Lake   I'olntfl.
(Sundays  Ks< e-j.lod)
9 a. m.-U-iu 68���N KLSON��� Arrives���3.30 p. m
Asort.rwN Hates
and full information    by  addressing Dears.:
local a-K-'t't, Ci!}  Ticket Agent, Nelson, or
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, lMel.ro
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Disk Pass. Agei.1.
Nelson Vancouiur
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohaig
of oars between Nelson and EotuUnd mi
Spokane and Eossland.
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.36 i.a
"   12.05 "  ROSSL'D   "  11:20
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE  "   3.10 ������
Train tbat leaves Nelson at 8:20 ������
makes olose connections at Spokane tm
all Paoiflo Const Puiuts.
Passengers tor Kettle Hirer end Bournl-
nry Creek, conneot at Mnroiin withi'tagr
C. G. DIXON, G. P. JtT.A.
Spoka��e  Wash
Agent.Nclson, B. 0.
To supply material and build two
barges 2(1x1)0 [eet, Plans may be seen
on toe Heieules. Tenders open until
20th December. Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Steamship Lines
From Ht John
Dominion Line���Scotsman Doc. 28
Allan  Lino���Laurentian       ....Dec.21
From Host on
Dominion Line���Canada Dec. 22
From Portland
Allan  Line���Mongolian Dec. 24
Beaver Lino���Gallia Dec. 30
From New York
White Star Lino. .Germanic Dec 21
White Star Line-Teutonic Dec. 28
Cunard Line���Umbria Dec. 17
Cunard Lino-Lucanla Dec. 24
Anchor Line���Ethiopia Dec. 17
Anchor Line���Anchoria Dec. 31
American Lino���St. Paul. Dec. 21
Allan Line���State Nebraska Jan. Ill
Cabin, $45.00, $���">���>. ?���<���-. S70 $80 and upward**.
Intermediate $32.50 and upwards
Steerage. 922.50 and upwards,
Parft-entfcrri ticketed .through to all points in
Great Britain or Ireland, and at special) t low
rateH lo all parts of the European couti lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point.
Apply loC P. II. City Ticket Agont, Nelson,
or to
S3*)   General Agent, C.P.H. Offices, Winnipeg.
���*���� + ��+���� + ������ + ���$-if >������� + ������������+   S9i^ia^ia^&9SS4i��S9S^S969��SSS��96SSS6S��S
CD. J. Christie
A   3 Roomed and a 4 Roomed
The   Dominion   Permanent
Loan Co.
Advance  money  at terms  to
suit borrower.
:: CD. J. Christie,   Agent a
'. :���+��������������� ��� ������������������������������������������������t
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., as quoted by onr
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the oity and
others may he informed as to the cost
of living in the city:
OrIIvIo's Hungarian per 50 lb saok.. 1 50
Like ot the Woods        "            .. 150
Snow Flake per 50 lb sack  135
Wheat per ton 32 00@1000
Bran pirton atlOOiSSOO
Ground feed per ton  26 (Xkrt-28 00
Corn (craoked)   "        27 0O(g30 00
Oall "         2800(33000
Oatmeal pep 10 lbs       10��    60
Rolled oat* (BtcK)8tbsacK  to
Hay (baled) per ton  83 001324 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs  1 25
Beets per lb  2
Cabbage per lb  JJ
Ouionsperlb  0.
Salmon (smoked) per tb      12'8    15
Oysters lOlympian) per qt  80
Oysters (Eastern) por tin  50
Codpertb         ,     121
Halibut per Hi      12'��    15
Smoltaperlb      12J��    15
Farm Produce.
Bugs per doa       tb      35
Butter (Creamery)       25��    30
Butter (l)airyl       209    25
Cheese (Canadian)       139  17(
Cheese Swiss)       20��    30
Him (American) perlb  15
Ham (Canadianl per lb  15
Bacon (American' per lb  15
Bacon (Canadian) per lb       1M    18
Bacon (rolled) per lb       10O   12}
Bacon (long* clear) per lb  121
Shoulders per lb  12'
Lnrflperlb  12S
Boef per lb        8��    15
Muttonporlb       10��    18
Voalperlb       150    18
Pcrkperlb     1219    15
Spring Chickens each   50<a 60
Turkeys por lb  20�� 2j
Qieseporlb  Jo�� "J
Ducksperlb  18�� 20
Lemons (California) per don  Si 40
Oranges (California seedlings)  40 50
Apples  05
Pears (small greon)   08 08
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't ofl'or our goodi below cob*,
because we have no desire to lose
money. We sell ut prices whioh are
sufficient to pay for good material amd
good workmanship. The aiae and vuri-
ety of our etock enables us to pleau a
customer both as to style and fit. Indeed we aro particular on these points.
We rather lose a sale than permit unsatisfactory garments to leave the
Theso values cannot be surpassed.
Notice is horoby given that tho undersigned
will, after tho expiration Of thirty duys, from
this date, apply Lo the Board of Licensing Commissioners for tho City of Nelsou at their next
sitting thereafter, for tho granting to him of a
license to sell liquors by retail on the premises
known as th-> Victoria Ho;el and situated on
lots 7 and 8 in block 15 on t he south side of Victoria street in tho suid City of Nolson,
Dated at Nelson, It. C ��� thUGth. day ot Decern
ber, im. W-
We   Have Just  What  You   Want
For A Christmas Present For
Your Friend.
Dinner Sets,   85,   97,   100  and   115   Pieces
China Tea Sets, 40 and 44 Pieces. -----
Beautiful Assortment of Decorated Water Sets
Large Assortment of China Cups, Saucers and
Plates, Flower Tubes, Rose Balls and Fancy
Glass Baskets. Who ever will, come and inspect our stock before buying elsewhere.
China Hall Over Grocery Store
Groceries ai)d Crockery
Dp^ipvpt^ Those very fine Travelers' Dressing
DLii71L/Lii?  Cases  and  Manicure   Sets that   we
spoke of in The Miner yesterday  we have the very  finest
PERFUME that the world produces.
Is always a necessary article at a ladies dressing table, and
the handsome manner in which it is put up makes it a
superb Christmas Present. We have every variety and
prices to suit every purse.     Look at our Window.
While you are looking at the Perfume you will also
observe the excellent lines of FANCY GOODS that we
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
6:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. k F. S.
station for Kossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:00 a.m.���S. S. Moyie leaves for Kuskonook and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
7:15 a.m.���9. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:30 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kuskonook and way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
0:00 a.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives C. P. R. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
4:00 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:30 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
6:35 p.m.���Train arrives N. k F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
6:30 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kuskonook, and all way
points, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
6:30 p.m.��� S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kuskonookand way points
Tuesday, Thursday and
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves O. P. It. station for Kobson, Rossland,
and all Main Line points,
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angrrona, Red
Star, Hertulet., Surprise mid others
ply ou Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival and departure,
Tranaportation Companies aro rcquo-ted to
give nation to the Miner of anv alteration!) In
Iho tiro*of m-lval and deoarture from Nolson.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
NEL50N, B.C.
CAPITAL PAID UP   -   $2,000,000. BUST,   -   $1,200,000.
H. S.  HOWLAND, President. T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. Catharines.
D. lt. WILKIE, General Manager.    E. HAY, Inspector.
I'rnii'-hcM   In   Ontario*
Niagara Falls        | Toronto, 31 Wel'gton  St. E. I St. (utramxi
do        Cor. Yoniro & Oiiobi, I '?.T- Thomas
^PoKS��� j       lo        Cor.YonKofcQnconj*-^,.,
8AULT STB. MARIE      I      do       Cor. Yongo & Bloor I Woodstock
Itrinirlii s In Quebec, llanMiiiiii, Norlliwmt Terrllorlea and Itrlllsh Columbia.
WlNNrPRQ, Man, I    PORTAQB I.a l'KAiitiK, Man.       I Bkandon, Man.
OALOART, Alhlu. PHTNOISAtBBRT.Sash. KliMONTON,        Albka
Montreal, Qde, I   Vancouver, B. O, I south BSdhomtoh, "
Kelson, is. 0. hkvelstoke. B, c.
,VKon (.ity.
Drufta .--(.lil, available at all points In Oanad.i, Unlt-od States and Europe.
Money Order-* Issued payable at any Bank In Canada.   Hates���Under sio, 8c; $10 to IM 1A��*
|2010 f;*i), I2cj $w to ?5i>, Mo. '
J. M. LAY, Manager.
Until further notico no paHsenKers   will be
carriad over tbe line of tbo Crow a Neat Phbs
railway k-ofcwott. Kuskonook m! Cranbrook.
MY ��KlHflK.
The Great
Short Line
From the manufacturer
to the. retailer direct,
means close prices and
personal responsibility.
Buying from the manufacturer or maker of goods
means everything to the
purchaser, for it is in itself an Insurance against
Inferior Goods and Exorbitant Prices, while the
customer reaps the immediate benefit
My stock of Jewelry, Rings, Brnoches, Scarf Pins, Lorgnottes, Lockets,
Necklets, Gentlemen's Vest Chains, Watches, Clocks, Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Ware, 1 personally selected from the immense stocks at the different factories.
Buy from JACOB  DOVER and Save Money.
Engraving Free,


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