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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 10, 1899

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 Dail> Edition No. 236.
Nelson, British Columbia. Friday, February 10,   1899.
Ninth Yea
The Battle With the Filipinos Last Sunday.
He Cables to the New York Journal His
Story of the Engagement"
The following story of the Manilla battle is told by Gen. Charles Kiug.TJ. S. V.
in a cable to the New York Journal:
You ask me for a story of our battli
with the Filipino insurgents ou Sunday.
lean tell you only of my own comman ,
for the zone of fighting was I
long and wide one. McArthur's div
ision is aorosB the Fasig river nod Ovei -
shines brigade is well out towards 01
Cavite. Moreover, we are so busy oi
our own front that we had no time to
ask questions, nor would tbe others have
had time to answer them.
For a month past we ha*e expeotei
this battle. The insurgents ou the eas*
front of Mauilla and across the Estem
Conoordia, a creek that empties into th*
Pasig. had been in close contact wii
the outposts of our brigade, and only tin
most positive orders have prevented ai
earlier conflict, for the temper of our nn*
has been sorely tried by their aggres-
Up to midnight of Saturday, Februai;
4, not a shot had been tired ou my fion
although theie had beeu some toilet*
aud-go wn.k all the earlier eveuiui
across the Pasig, Not until 2:40 n'cl* ck
.-nmiiay m.iruiug, r* uriiar.v 5, dm tne n -
suigents open fire on the first brigade i.
tbe first division, Our policy was one u
HulVeriiui"!". At that moment my line i >
tended from blockhouse Ncc. 12 on tin
extreme right along the Estero Oirooo -
dm tu the I'a-i*.; river, at tbe village o
Across Hum.arrow stream, for week
past, the insurgents bad been allowed ii
throw up earthworks and prepare for at
tack or defense. Our orders were practi
cally to submit to anything*1 rather iba*
to bring on a tight and both officers ann
men had been uuder a condition of se
Vere tension because of tbe insults am.
aggressions of the Filipinos.
It was busiuesB from the start. Ti.
first brigade of General Anderson's in
vision, consisting of the Fust Washington, First California and First ldah
regiments, Dyer's Hue battery ot tl*
Sixth artillery, and Hawthorne's sepeiat
mountain battery joined just after th
fun began,
The insurgents were iu force direct 1-
in front ou the Santa Ana bridge, whin
spans the Concordia creek and wer
armed with Mausers. The sky whi
clouded, but the moon, though waning)
was powerful enough to light tho way,
Colouel Wholley, with two battalion!)
ot his splendid rogimeut, the First Washington, defended the position ou this side
of the Santa Ana bridge, while Oyei't-
guns were being hurried to their station
ou his right, and Iho Hawthorne's mono
tain battery came clattering up aud wen
into action at tbe bridge itself.
In the first ten minutes' fighting oi
the right of the road, Company A of the
First Washington had two meu killed
and 15 wounded, their gnllunt Captain,
Otis of Spokane, losing much ot oue ol
his ears, but none of his nerve,
At4 o'clock In the morning the fight,
was general nil ahong the line.
At last enme the order to advance
General Anderson iu person directed
the attack in the direction of San Peu-
ro, a village lying back of tho insurgents earthworks, while the brigade
commander, with the Washington and
Idaho l-egineuts, made tho dash on
Santa, A mi.
This was about 8 o'clock. The fields
toward Kan Pedro were open and lightly held, hut to the left on the ro.cd
leading to Santa Ana, the ihsiirgc ts
had strong redoubts and eaithworks
and Krupp guns. Itniu-tlie co. fis-od
they fought with obstinate courage,
wilh no little skill���much mere c-kil,
indeed, than we had anticipated, but
their valor was of no avail against tho
determined insh of tbo Washington!
and Idaho:;.
Gallant old Major McCccnville of the*
Idahos got his last order frmn the lips
of the brigade ccimiimii Ier, as together
thoy rode across the Santa Ami br dge,
Knd Ids death won* d was received
trial* he wti 1-tauluR hi* m-Hi Into th*
attack of the crowding masses of Filipinos.
The fight was prnticulnrly fierce in
front of the left wing, where the insurgents doggedly held on to a redoubt
jn front of Pandacan until our line had
swept beyond their flank.
In the clash upon the earthwork, Captain Foitson of Seattle, commanding
Company IS  of the  first Washington,
led two companies across the Concordia, fording the stream, as almost all
the brigade hud to,waist or breast deep.
One of MeConvili's companies attacked the redoubt at the same moment from the right, and between the
insurgents were driven out of their
shelter, heller skelter, across the inter-
lying country and inio the Pasig river,
leaving 40 dead and many wounded in
their wake.
Just beyond the redoubt, and close to
the river, the insurgents had a strong
earthwork defended with two Krupp
guns. These they handled with skill
and coun-ge to the very last, when our
cheering lines swept over them with
the bayonet,
Meanwhile, and in the face of a heavy
fire, the right wing drove squarely in
to the village of Kanla Ana, the insurgents holding on pluckily and leaving
many dead and wounded among the
Nipa huts.
In just one hour after the order tn
advance had been given the first brigade had captured Santa Ann, wit lithe
guns, reserve ammunition and supplies
of the insurgents. The Filipinos can
indeed tight.
Iu another h ur the e.xtiemc right
had driven the enemy through Sai
Pedro, and by no in of Sunday the
church and catli* d nl at Guadeloupe,
hich is situated four miles up the
I'asig, were in our possession.
There is now nothiug else on our side
if the river worth the taking.
Our losses wire heavy, because we
tad lo attc ck over open field-, whli li
he ei emy h. d been allowed to fortify
'.ul he i\y as cur lo-ses unfortunate)
were, they an* slight in coinparisoi
villi   tli we   of   tin1  insci'gei t*s.      Our
hundred and ten of lhe latter we ���
luried by our men this morning with
hi BOO yards of the Santa Ann hid.e.
it which they m idea stubborn, desper
ate and valiant stand.
Let no man say tint the Filipino*
���an not fight. They aie brine at
killful warriors, As for the Oanfurtii ���
Idaho aud Washington rcgimentt-.
and Dyer's and Hawthorn's gunners,
���v. nils ore Inadequate to describe then
pluck and discipline and lighting
Brigadier Gener I,
O.S. N.
Washington. Feb. 0.���All that Gei*
I'ral Otis has to report to the War De
*ai- in'nt today relate,I to the i iisiia i
lies that occurred thu-* far among t i
American troops as  the  result of lie
id ion since Saturday night.   Ma .er.-
in Luzon are now in a state of tempi
mi') quiet apparently, and one  of tin
ollicials who knows as well as  auyon
vhat is going on,   said   this afteriiom
aat he did not expect to hear i*f nn
portant development in   the  Phi ip
lines lor the next lour or live days.
Secretary Alger repeated his slate
ment made yesterday to the effect thai
ho had sent no Instructions to General
Ot's, and in answer to an inquiry as to
the projected movemens toward a
landing at [lolllo, added that If General Miller bad been ordered lo make a
landing the order must have heen
given by General Diis,   for it had no
gone from the War Department.   Tin
impression prevails, howcvi r, thai this
movemeul is already under way and
it has been exeouted. Admiral Jlewej
was heard from ihis morning to tin
i-ITeel tin t he had found ii Dooessaiy
In clear out. nil ,'u-meil insurgent.B at a
ittle   village   which   commanded  Ih
1 n d approaches to his naval station at
Cavite. The action was thoroughly
approved of at the Navy Department.
Washington, Feb. 0.���Probably within forty-eight hours General Otis wil
hav* begun the a tempt 0occupy iloilo
on the Island of Pima. No special or
ders on this score have been sent t
him since the ba tie of Saturday and
Sunday, nor has he been heard from
directly respecting lhe mallei', i ut It i-
hiK known Intention to make this Important movement as soon as he felt
th t conditions warranted it, and state-
me .Is contained In the press reports
from Mania convince the olllcial here
that Oi" oral Otis has at inst authorized
that step.
Appointments Made in the
Provincial Government-
Legislature  Considers  Anti-Chinese and
Japanese Legislation���Bill Affecting Assay erf.
Victoria, Feb. g.���The official
Gazette today contains notice of the
following  Provincial  appointments:
Edward Mallandaine, of Creston,
West Kootenay, to be a coroner for
British Columbia.
John S. Morrison, Vancouver, to
be a notary public for British Columbia.
Campbell W. Sawyers, of Vancouver, to be a notary public for
British Columbia.
The Atlin Placers, Limited, has
been incorporated with a capital oi
$50,000 and has registered at the
office in Victoria.
Notice is given that the official
title of the sheriff having-jurisdiction
within the Slocan, Nelson and Rossland Ridings of West Kootenay and
the South Riding of the East Kootenay district will hereafter be
"Sheriff of South Kootenay."
The Atlin Lake Lumber Co., Ltd.,
lias been incorporated with head
offices at Vancouver and a capitalization of $200,000.
The Acme Gold Mining Company
is registered as an ex-Provincial
���onipanv with head office at Spokane and a capitalization of $600-
100. The head office for the Province is in Greenwood, with J.C.
Haas as attorney.
In the Legislature this afternoon,
Mr. Helgeseil moved, seconded by
.lis colleague from Cariboo, Mr. N.
ICinchant, a resolution directing the
mention of the Government to the
employment of Chinese and Japanese
oy the Cariboo Hydraulic Company,
111 alleged violation of the spirit of
heir le'ise, which permits the employment of Oriental labor only
when white labor is not available.
lix-Premier Turner said his Gov-
Ttiment shortly before their retirement had received a complaint to
he s:ime effect as this resolution,
and had notified Mr. Hobson, the
company's manager, that white
aborers must be employed. Mr.
Hobson, in reply, had stated that a
sufficient number of while men
:ould not be secured. The resolu-
.ion was adopted.
Mr.  Neill's bill,   respecting   the
lureau    of  mines,    providing   that
assayers must  pass an examination
s    lo    competency,   was   read   a
second time.
But as Usual Did Not Decide
to Fight.
What Must be 1) me to  Make   England
and the U. S. Friendly.
London. Feb. 9���The President of tin
0 camber ot Shipping, at the annual meet
i k of I bat body referred lo the excellent
eolations between (Jreat Britain anil
America, hut suid that thore were cer
tin questions Whioh must be faced, fin
i stance that of   the neutrality   til   tin
Nicaragua canal.   He trusted  that  the
V neigu Olliee Would untagiea to the 11I1-
rigauonof the Cliiytiin-riiilwci- Treat)
Unless the neutrality of the canal and
non-preferential rates In its use were
New York. Feb. 9���Paulina 11 indeler
and Julia Sooner, two domestics In the
employ of Isadora Zeiuler if Newark,
N. J., were sulTiioalid by gns in their
rooms daring Inst night.   They failed lo
1 gilt all t'.t! jels of their gilt   ii.iV-    aud
waut.tu linn-, with gat tseauiug)
Uhioago, 111., Feb. 11.���The American Steel and Wire Oo. bus decided to
advance the wages ol its 86,000 employees from five to ten per cent. Tha
Increase will mean Increased dlstrlbn
thin in wages amounting to between
|7BO,000 and $1,000,000 yearly. If tbt
extra pay to labor should amount to
$1,1)011,0(111 per annum it* would he
equal to 21,., per cunt on tho preferred
stock ot the company Whioh represents
money invested. The total capital is
divided into $40,000,000 of preferred
and $50,011(1,(100 of common. The preferred pays 7 per cent. No dividend
as yet has been paid on common.
Montreal, Feb. !��� -Tlie residence of Ihe
late Sir  John   Abbott on   Nhcibrooko
street WOS bought  by a syndicate ywster-
day foi 910,000.   ll will be used as  club
Fitzsinimons and Sharkey Oould Not Ocme
to Terms, so Jefferies Will Take
the Champion on-
New York, Feb. 9.���The chances
for a meeting between Bob Fitzsinimons and Tom Sharkey in a 24-
foot ring for the heavyweight championship of the world are rather
remote. It was generally expected
that they would be matched this
evening for a limited round or finish
contest, but after parleying for over
an hour Martin Julian and Tom
O'Rourke failed to agree on a date
and the negotiations fell through.
Julian immediately began to arrange
a bout between Fitzsimmons and
Jefferies and soon had the matter
well in hand. Jefferies was represented by J. P. Eagan, who acted
on behalf of W. A. Brady, who is
now in San Franciswo. The meeting was attended by a large
gathering of sporting men and newspaper representives. Julian arrived
late in the afternoon from Detroit
but prior to his arrival O'Rourke
announced that he had signed Sharkey to meet Tom Mitchell of England
for a purse of $1 i,ooo, the bout to
lake place before the Bolingbroke
Club, of London, May 29. Julian
opened the proceedings by stating
tbat he was ready to match Fitzsimmons against Sharkey and was
anxious to have the contest take
place as soon as possible before the
club offering the largest purse.
He stated that the conditions
should be Marquis of Queensbury
rules to govern with the exception
that there should be no hitting in
the clinches or breakaways. No
bandages were to be worn by either
contestant and the men should box
25 rounds if the contest occurred in
this state, but if a club could be
found which would offer a larger
purse than any other, and a finish
light could be arranged, then the
principals would accept that offer.
He said that Sharkey could not
meet Fitzsimmons before November next. Julian then said he
would extend the time until  June.
"That is impossible," said
O'Rourke, "as Sharkey will meet
Mitchell in    London  on   May   29."
"You had no right to make that
match." was Julian's hot retort.
"Well, we a e out for tbe money,"
said O'Rourke, "and you would
have taken the same offer if it came
your way."
A war of words ensued, during
which O'Rouke said: "Look here
Julian, I'll put up a forfeit ol $10,-
000 to bind Sharkey to meet your
man in November and you can
make any matches you see lit for
Fitzsimmons in the meantime."
"I know your reasons for not
wanting to light  now," said Julian.
"Well, I can tell you," replied
O'Rourke, "1 know Sharkey is improving while Fitzsiminons is standing still, and as your man has not
fought in two ycass, I feel that
Sharkey bas a right to dictate terms
and should get until November."
"My money has been up for a
long time, and yours has only up
for a couple of days," remarked
More followed. Julian made
several references to tbe meeting of
I'itzsimmons and Sharkey in San
Francisco, and finally said:
"I drop all negotiations wilh you
and Sharkey and will take on Jeffries." J, P. Eagan representing
Brady stepped forward and said:
"Jeffries will meet Fitzsimmons on
the terms you have just stated but I
cannot cover your forfeit of $2,500
until tomorrow morning."
Julian assented and agreed to
meet Eagan at the Union Square
Hotel tonight to sign the articles.
It was mutually agreed that the
chilis that wished to bid for tho contest should have two weeks to do so
uud the bout will take place on June
Martin Julian representing Robert
I'lUsluiuiouS aud It   P<   Kazan,   rep
resenting W. A. Brady, manager of
Jeffries,met at the Union Square hotel
this evening and settled upon a light
between Jeffries and Fitzsimmons.
The articles will be signed tomorrow.
The declare that the fight is to take
place before the club offering the largest purse not later than May 20, the
day before tho Brooklyn handicap.
The tight is to be of 25 rounds if
brought off in tho .State of New York,
to be a finish in other place. Thore
will be no hitting in clinches and the
men must break at the word of the
An Amendment Concerning the Church
Question Was Rejected.
Loudon, Fob. !). ��� In Hie House of
Commons today after a long debate,
the amendment to the address to the
Throne relating to the "lawlessness
iu the church" which was proposed
yesterday by Mr. Samuel Smith, Liberal member for Flintshire, was rejected by 221 votes against 83. In introducing the amendment, Mr. Smith
had declared that the subject was exciting the greatest anxiety throughout
tho country.
Today Mr. A. J. Balfour, Government lender iu the House when asking the rejection of the proposal counselled "the preservation of that broad
toleration which has been the distinguishing mark of the church of England," and deprecated any legislative
attempt to cure the evils complained
of by the mover of the amendment.
Meeting  in   Hotel   Hume
Hall Last Night.
Bothi&ddresB the Eleotors of Felson���
W- A- Macdouald Makes it Embarrassing for Mr. S, S- Taylor.
The English Champion Will Fight
Thomas Sharkey.
New York, Feb. !).���Sharkey and
Mitchell have been matched to meet
iu a 20 ronud bout at tho Bolingbokc
Club, London, for a purse of $11,000,
May. 38.
The Turner and Province Libel Suit
���"Vine to nu End Yesterday,
Vict iiii, Feb. I).���The criminal libel
suit brought at the instance of Messrs.
Tin", er and Pooley againsl Editoi
Niohol, of the Province, resulted in a
disag cement of lhe ju y after they
had been out four and a half hours to
dav. They si ond nine for acquittal
and three for conviction.
Toronto, Out., Feb. 9���The Toronto Globe says : "It has been
very often charged that the railway con.-
cuittee of the Privy Council ia only a to
nstitution and makes no serious attempt*
to use the powers conferred ou it h*
parliament for tlie rectification ot railway
gcievnuce* and abuses Tbe independent oil refiners are asking this body Co
c impel railways to withdraw their dis
criminatory rates from the Standard O 1
trust, Tbe action of tho committee in
the petition, will prove whether it is a
real presence or a shadow, wbether it i��
a registering mnohine for railways or
wheiher we really have somebody wilh
authority to prevent discriminatory
charges of railway corporation and with
a will to exercise that authority.
New York, Feb. 9���New Yorkers ex-
nerienced tbe c* ldest weather in five
years today. At Brooklyn bridge this
morning the thermometer registered
���even below zero. This however is the
'oldest spot in the city. In several
places the mercury was at from two to
four below zero, throughout the city this
morning. About the suburbs of New
Ycnk the cold was very much more severe than it was iu the cily and storieB of
destitution and hardships are told in
abundance, lull' a score of people were
uiketi to various hospitals badly frostbitten.
Paris, Feb. 9.���The document
comprising the report of M, Mazeaui
first president of the Court of Cassation upon his enquiry as to the
truth of M. DeBaurepaire's accusations against certain members of
the criminal section of the courl are
published here this morning. They
consist of summaries of tbe evidence
given by anti-Dreyfus witnesses,
Complaining of the hostility of President I.oew and Councillor Bard to
award them and the testimony of
others, affirming the correct and
impaitial attitude of these gentlemen .
Toronto, Feb. II- -Tbe public accounts
aud estimate! were placed on the table of
the Legislature today. They show a
very favorable state of affairs, though
the expenditure is somewhat In excess of
th* receipts:
The first public political gathering in
connection with the contest for the seat
in the Provincial Legislature, vacated
by the resignation of Hon. J. Fred
Hume, was held in the Hume Hotel
Hall last night. The large attendance
was an indication of the interest being
taken in tbe campaign, despite the fact
that matters political have been apparently very quiet. Mr. Farwell and Mr.
Hume both received flittering receptions, and with the exception of an ac-
casioual interruption by some one in
the audience who knew no better, the
meeting was a very orderly one.
Dr. Forin presided and with him on
the platform were lhe two candidates
and Messrs. Frank Fletcher, W. A.
Macdonald, S. ti. Taylor, James Wilkes and E, V. Bodwell. While speak-
rs of bolh candidates were supposed
to received impaitial treatment from
lhe chairman, the friends of Mr. Far-
wed were invariably cutoff when their
time limit had expir* d, while, on the
other hand, Mr. Hume's supporters
were permitted to continue as they
pie sed. In ju-tice to Mr. Hume's
speakers it is fi*ir t'< ��ny that the blame
I tor the treatment ot the opposition
speakers alone attaches to Dr. Forin.
the chairman.
Mr. Hume was the first speaker.
He was pleased to mret the electors of
the Nelson Riding. He explained why
he had resigned his seat. He had been
advised by some of the solicitors whom
he asked in regard to his standing that
lhat he was secure in his seat, others
had told him there was a doubt and he
bad determined to return to the electors of Nelson Riding and again ask
for their support. He waa well bc-
c|it inled with Mr. Farwell, for whom
he had a great deal of respect, but he
lelieved he had been forced by others
1.0 enter the field aud this against his
better judgment. He had entered the
11 Id, however, and the contest was on.
He (Mr. Hume) had beeu acoused of
bjiug a tool of Mr. Martin. This he denied most emphatically. He had never
been under the control of Mr. Martin or
any other man. Referring to the Placer
Miuiug Bill, Mr. Hume acknowledged
that he had fathered it. If any blame attached to any oue because ot its passage
ihe blame attached to him. Mr. Hume
referted to the Chinese and Japanese exclusion bills and argued to show that
thoy were right and proper. He referred
also to the matter ot the Land Registry
office in Nelson and explained why lt'.had
uot yet beeu established. He said he believed appropriation for tbe erection of
the building would appear in the estimates this year, but did not make any
promise or definite statement to this effect.
Mr. Farwell followed Mr. Hume. He
expressed his pleasure at tho opportunity offered him ot addressing so large a
I meeting of t he eleotors,    He was pleased
i hIho Iiiiii tin- campaign up to  date  had
j been a dean ono. He did not believe io
luudslinging or in personalities. It was
simply a question as to   whether he or
! Mr. Hume could better serve the inter-
.- .!:* ..liln" Nelson Hiding. If the pen-
plu believed that Mr. Hume was tbe man
', who could best lepreBent them they
s could vote for him, but if they believed
shut he, (farwell) would serve their in-
tc rests better, theu they  should so   cast
j their votes. For himself, however he
did not think the return  of Mi.  Hume
1 would be conductive, to the best interests
��� of the Hilling.
Mr. llunii" had acknowledged that
he had been  the  father of the exclti-
I sioti act and this Mr.  Farwell thought
j very bad legislation.      It was simply  a
forerunner of the inclusion of aliens
f 1 (im quart, milling and already the
effects of it are being felt. Outside
' capital hud been intimidated and
' Kootenay would suffer. The speaker
referred also to the action of the Minis-
t. r of Mines ID having repealed the order in council proving that afreeiuinrr
who had allowed his license to elspes
could have   it   dated   back   upon   the
  ....-rf .'*--i -
((.010lllUMl OK fulfil M i
Pu ^lij-hed Daily except Barclay.
Nelson Daily M__l;*~?r_i_ -Z^Num B00kS.!KOOTENAY   SUPPLY   C0,
j prise and capital,   approves   of   it,
VYe are sure   Kootenay   does   not.
KI.  ON MlNKR l'KIXTIKO        HVBMSHING CO., "... ,
D. J.  BKAIXN. Man ��tng  Director and j Then let us vote  as   we    think   and j
Edi.or-in-Chief: keep ourselves right, whatever   the
AJX COMMUNICATION;   to the Editor most
be \cconipinied by th2 r.anic and ad*lre**
of lhe wi iter, not ii:Ce^arily for publica-
n. bul as evidence of ��ood faith.
Official Directory.
Dally per month hy carver t tti)
per month by mat    lWl
oerhalfyee   by m.'1    500
per year  tOOU
per year foreitm   13 00
politicians may do.
Nkiaox Wkekit Miner.
2 <""
..  too
Weekly, poi half year	
per year	
���       per y ear. forc'��rn	
Subacripcioai nvarbbly in advance.
Notices  of Births,   Djaths, and Marriages
nserted for 50 cents e.ich.
Advertising n tes roadf Known on application
Nelson Miner Printhig&PubllshlngCo
With Kitchener to Khartoum,  by Stevens, Si.50
Doctor Thorne,
H. Rider Haggard.
Grant Allen.
The Monetary Times, Toronto, is
not a political journal. It may have
its party preferences, but if so it is
successful in concealing- the:n. Its
mission is commercial or mercantile
as is sufficiently indicated by its full
title, The Monetary Times, Trade
Review and Insurance Chronicle.
Like every other well informed journal it follows closely all events oi
public interest; and often finds it
necessary to comment on them.
The legislation against alien placer
miners in this Province is a case in
point. Of the expediency of it, so
far as it effects our own interests,
the people of British Columbia musi
of course, be allowed to be the best
judges. But if opposed to the larger
interests of the Dominion as a whole
the question or its disallowance
comes up, and the right of the Federal authorities on the matter
is not open to dispute. Therefore Mr. Martin is clearly in the
wrong to defy that authority as he
has done.
This impartial, non-political journal goes on:
"By reflex action the British  Cc-
The   Miner has  every  reason  to
i believe that the  story of the North-
I in 11 _t
east    Kootenay    nomination,   pub-1 **-*��� '
lished  in  yesterday's  issue,  is the L^,,-- Roll of Gloryj
correct one. According to it, the :
Returning Officer did not put in an I
appearance    until   twenty   minutes ; _        ,      ���,
-       . ����� .u   1       Fiffhts For the Flagf,
alter    the  expiration   of   the   hour:*-   5 .
appointed   for   nomination proceed-1 W. H.   r itCnet
ings.      He  refused  to  accept  the j
nomination of  an Opposition candidate,    properly   prepared   and  tendered  him,   and   pulling   from   his
pocket the nomination papers of the j Whittaker's    Almanac   1899
Government candidate, declared him 1 	
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson,
B. C.
D. H. Parry.
Deeds That Won the
Empiie, W. H. Fitchet.
elected.      The   election   clerk  was
present during the hour, but refused   Q^qq ftftft PoC_et
to   reeoer.ize   the    friends   of    lhe
opposing candidate.
There can be no question, in view
of these circumstances, that th
whole affair was a trick to cheat the
Opposition out of a nomination. I
is a new kind of election fraud, and
for unscrupulous boldness beats the
record. That the Legislature will
permit Mr. Wells to take his seat is
quite expected. The Legislature
that seated Mr. Prentice and Mr.
Deane is capable of doing anything;
no iniquity is too great for it. But
that Mr. Wells will ba permitted to
retain his seat by the courts is not
even supposable. In the meantime,
however, Mr. Martin, the promptor
and instigator of all these outrages,
will swagger before the country with
the pretence of a majority.
British Columbians must conclude
by this time that they are being introduced to new methods in politics,
as startling as they are disreputable. Government by the people
has  gone  out,  and in its place we
Diaries, 1899.
Annual Stocktaking Sale!;
Having just finished Stock-Taking, I find a few lines
which I want to clear before Spring Goods, which are now
in transit, arrive.        .������������.���
reg'r price, sale price.
Ladies' Wool Blouses  $2.00 $1.25
Ladies' Flannelette Wrappers     2.00 1.25
11 "       2.50 i-5��
"      3-5�� s2,25
Ladies' jerseys at 'J*1,25
The   Balance of Ladies' and Children's Jackets at   Wholesale Cost. ,
Men's Overcoats at   *b-���� Mixiicais,.pt,
Boys' Overcoats at     2-5��
Ladies' Felt Slippers      --00
Men's German Socks         5��
Figured Wool Dress Goods at Cost.
Come and g*et Goods at Low Prices while they last.
Governor-General - - I/inl Minto
Premier - - Sir Wilfriu I-uui i. r
Member House of Commons, Dominion Parlin
ni.-iit, Went Kooietmy Hewitt Rostock
Dep Col. Inland Revenue F VV Swannell
Lieut. Governor ��� Hon T K Melnnen
Premie. - Hon Chan Semlin
Anornev-Genoral - Hon Joseph Martin
Mlnlsterof Finai.ee - Hon F ('. Coiton
MinUtur Mines and Kducalion Hon J F Hume
Pre, K.:.-i-.*"u'ive Council Hon Ilr McKeclmic
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Rid
inn - Hon .1 t Hume
Mayor      -        -      Hnmilton George Neelands
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer. H B Tlin.ii-on. J
.'rnnk Beer, KrankFletoher, A. L. MdEUlop
j. A. Kiikpiitrick.
rity Clerk - ��� J K Strarhnn
Ponce MmM-driilo B A Crease
Chief.if Police . A   F McKinnon
Chief of Fire Department    .     W J Thompson
Andiior - John Hamilton
Health Officer - - Dr. LaBan
City Engineer - A. U M'Culloch
Oity council meet* every Monilav, 730 p.,u. at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine 61
Dr. E C Arthur. Ilr. G A 11 Hall, Geo John-
sione.   Piiiicipal-J.   Hostler   Soady. B. A.
President ��� J Roderick Robertson.
Seey-'treas. ��� F W. Bwannel
Vice Pres.
John A. Turner
W. a, Jovvelt.
V. W. Bwanoell
J A Forin
Dr. G. A B Hall
Humphreys & Pittock.
Best Candies, Fruits,   etc., delivered
to any part of the city.
Canadian   and American Papers al-
ways on Sale.
Npxt to Nelson Hotel,
Fir-t Jailer
Second Jailer
Thinl Jailer
Senior Guard
Capt. N. Fltsatubba
Goo. Partridge
Jos. Lvtilio
Fred Jarvis
John MeAluian
The following 8t'*ck is now in Ihe City
Pound, having been taken up by tbe City
Pound Keeper. Owners can have the same Improving ownership and paying all expenses :
1 Dark Bay Colt about 2 years old.
1 Chestnut Horse with while slrip in face,
7 or 8 years old.
have government by  fraud.    When
lumbia law excluding aliens    from  the   people   cannot   be   trusted to
taking up placer mines mav operate ' elect   a   Ministerial supporter. Min-
injury to Canadians, including resi-jisters   and  there   agents   elect  one  ^
dents of British Columbia.    A law I themselves  after  a fashion oi their
of Congress makes the mining rights j 0Wn.    One looks for   crooked-men 1 A      ,       ,
extended to   Americans   in   British; where   Mr.   Martin   rules,   but  he' Dominion Line
i I
Columbia and the Canadian   North- j somewhat   excells   himself   in   this ; Allan Line-Castilian
West the measure   of  those which j latest development of it.    But  it  is
Ashes of Empire, by R. W. Chambers,
Neil Macleod, by David Lyall, ....
With Kitchener to Khartoum, by G. W. Stevens,
Doctor Theme, by H. Rider Haggard,
The King's Rival,  by E. X. Barrow,
The Forest ofBourg Marie, by S. Francis Harrison,   -
Linnett, by Grant Allan,	
Windybaugh, by Graham Travers,     -
Aylwin. bv Watt Dunton,	
All   of   the    above  NEW   BOOKS are  included   in
Circulating Library.
Wessex Poems, by Thomas Hardy, Cloth gilt,       -     $2.25
Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll, Cloth gilt - 2.50
Government Inspector of Agencies VV J Goepel
Hold Commissioner        - John A. Turner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col -        RFTelmie
Collector nf Custom*      - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Cotu-t Judge ���           JAFurii"
Registrar            ��� ETHfllnipkins
Inspector of .Schools         - William Hums
lllll.   llllll:   for  closing of nails
AT  VOST   111 III i:.
Mail  T Spokane;  Victoria;  Rossland 1
for-:    Winnipeg".   Vancouver and    .-9 a.n
V all   k-.stern    I'oii-.U. J
( Nakusp: slocan  Lake.   s-vn- li
���'   -!     don;   Vancouver,    Winnl-    -3 p.n
1.       peg, Mum Line, O.P.R.       J
f Rowland
Trail. Hobson and
Points ou C. Si K. R"--.
Kaslo and L*Ke Points.
4 p.m.
Thomson Stationery Co. LTd,
B. C.
Steamship Lines.D.
From Rt. John
 Feb. 2ii
Labrador  FeblD
Gor. mnxo & Eahcr Sts.
From Portland
 Mar. 1
From New York
! White Star  Lino-Teutonic Feb. 22
Canadians are to enjoy    in   Alaska, i not much lor Mr. Hume, who hopes ifunard Uoe-Btrurla... F.b. is
\ ��� American Lir.e���M. Paul reb. u
Thus, by  depriving   Americans  of with Mr. Martin to  hold   on   to his  Anchor Une-Fumcssia Feb.2o
the right to  take up  placer  mines j portfolio   by  virtue   ot" the votes of jj "uomlnioii Line-Dominion .^".IS-
in Brilish Columbia, the Act at  the ! Mr. Prentice and Mr. Deane. whom \   passages arranged to and from all European
. ,      ������.���!,      ,       ���  , ,,   j t      i      .. ..     I points.   For me*, tickets and full informal ion
sam'    time    carries    with    it   the ; the Legislature enabled to cheat the ]appiytoC.P. R.depotagmt or c. E. Beasley.
c ��� n ,      I ,    ,.    , -    c    ��� .-   .      i City Ticket Agent. Nelson. B. C
consequence    ot    reciprocally    fle-| courts, and ol   this luting coadjutor william stttt.
member for  the ' '*'''   R'-n',^B, ABen' O.P.R. OffloMi, wHnnlpeg.
Kuskonook   nnd Creston
Monday und Friday ?:30a.m
okkich BOORS.
Ixiliby ojiened from 7 a.m. Lo 10 p.m.; General
Delivery. 8 a.m, lo 8 p.m.;  Registration. 8.30
u.ni. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and [savings Rank
'Ja.m. io 1 p.m.; .Sunday I hijurcioto 11 a.nil.r
J. A. GILKKR. I'ostuiastor,
CHURCH Dii'.wrroitY.
CiURCiior England���Matin 11a.m.; Even
Song, 7.>0 p.m. every Suudny. Holy Common
inn un 1st aim 3rd Sunday.-, in the month aftei
M.ilins; on 2nd and Uh Sundays, nt 8 a.m.
Sunday school at UO p.m. Rev H. S. Ake-
hur^t. Rector.   Cor Want and Silica streets.
son think that it is time to put an
end to this shameless prostitution of
Ministerial powet?
Havana Direct.
priving Canadians of the same priv-1 who goes up as
ilege in Alaska. What may be the
relative vaiue of the two privileges
thus taken away, we are not to consider. The fact that a privilege
is taken away from Canadians, in
Alaska, by the action of the British
Columbia Legislature stands out
boldly in relief. Here is an injury done
to Canadians as a whole by the action of one Province. The right of
the injured to look for redress to the
Ottawa Government is clear; and if
the exercise of that right should be
demanded, that Government would
feel the necessity of finding some j
means of giving relief. That it ���
would proceed to an exercise of the
veto at once is not probable, nor ���
desirable. But in case of inveterate
obstinacy on the part of the Province this reserved power might,
however reluctantly, have to be
used. The British Columbia exclusion law could easily be evaded bj
the use of Canadian names in the interest of American operators. That
it will be so evaded, if permitted to
remain on the statute book, experience in similar cases goes to prove.
The law will, in fact, in its direct action be a dead letter;   in   its
Return'uig-Officer of Northest Koo-1 TT_Tr._nT_|
tenay.    Do not the electors of Nel- Qg    \Jt    J,    CHKiIoll_i
Carload   of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all   its  branches
We have our own Hearse.
19 Hi
A shipment ot choice as
sorted Ci?ars.    They are
the  best  value   tor the
money in the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
Weather is Wet
��� money~to lo_n We Havejtiem.
NeelancTs . . .
Shoe Emporium
General Broker.
Housp nnd Lot Victoria St.
" "    Silica St.
"     Mines Road
2 Lots Silica Rtt-fet
C ..l-iiPi" l^it Vernon Street
To Let-4-Rooined Cottage
Real  Estnte St  Insurance,
Aberdeen Hlock.
The Nelson
Hardware Co.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kind* of day and night BoaTODffOti-g'
Work promptly   done.      Chimney  -Weeping
Box 881   I>c.ive order* at M. DoeBrUay'p.
Newly Furnished Rooms
At the Carney Block, linker street.
Hath and electric light, Prices reasonable.
n     i    Having   purchased   the  stock and
business of the above company, we are
action it will operate with certainty, I|lDg ofl the 80(i(lfj M b_d ,, the
against Canadians. We should thus lowest piici-s to make room for our
have onlv the injury, which was not I complete spring itock of Shc-lf and
intended, while the restriction aimed Household Hardware.
ai would be only nominal." ; \Yoofl and Coal Cook Stoves
We quote this view of it as that of j q^ q^
a journal in   no   way influenced by I    ^   ^   n.imi.   wjl,   ^^    ym
political sympathies.    The exclusion ciliulj,ed.
law is wrong in principal,   wrong in I GEO. R. BEER,
policy, opposed io   British ideas of K- '������ SMYTH,
.       a    \  ��s��i��*i��n    -.���.i  Nelson, S-abrunry 9th, 1809.
government   and   legislation,  anu , _^	
is calculaU-d to   deprive   Canadian >
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice ami Lowei  Prices
Mail Orders receive I'arifiil attention,
NotliiiiK but fresh and wholesome meals ami supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelsou and Ymir,
All Kinds Of Smoke.
Time Oard in effect January  3rd,  189$
South b'ncl.
North I"   d
Kent! clown Head up
] take this opportunity ol thanking | B^t GtT(U����a-, K��8io   R.r/ip.iu. HoatAr
miners of any rights or privileges in I niy numerous friends for their past |   ",    ",   VS "^^S^iin  ���'���     ���"   ���
Hume   wus sponsor I paiwrnHge.   Ail outstanding accounts!   "    "   su " Bnifonr e.iio
Alaska.     Mr.   Hume   was
for the Bill in the Legislature,
toimt he paid to Mr. Robert Wilson at
I the office of tbe Nelson Haidware Co.
ls the   Minister   whom   the  people : wWjta t��� (,MyB_
must hold directly responsible for it. | \vIl.T IAM W, HOWE.
To re-slsut him would   ba   to pru-' .V��lsun, KeUruwy Uth, liN&,
Ar   it.M   " 6 Mile* l*t. 5.10
10.J0   "    NoUou
Connects with N. & K
4.30    "        "   Lv
Hallway train for
S|. iUi.i". h-ivli.tf Five Mtlii Point, ut In ni a.m.
so .uiiii- l.-civi" Kaslo oliy wharf at foot of 3rd
���IrMU   Snuject Jo* h��i*ffi- without nutlet.
nwuKi-n inviNU, M����i��*t
As we keep our Tcihaccos in tioth our Excise and Ctistoins Bonds we are
able to carry a huge and assorted stock.
l'KRKtiYTKKUN CHOROH��� Servicesftt U a.n\.
and 7.1W p.m. Snmiay fc^houl at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer minting Thur^lny oveninK -t 8 u.ni.;
Qbrutiao Kndciivor Society meets every Monti ��y evening al b o'clock. Hev. U. Krew,
M-TRODI8T CiiVKCn-Comer Silica and
Jonephlne Streets, Services at Hum. and 7.30
p. m. ; Ntbhalh School. 8,90 p ni.; Frayer meet*
inn un Friduy evening at 8 o'clock; Kpworth
League r. K., Tuesduy al 8 a.m. Hev. John
EtotMou, refltor.
Catholic OHUHOH-Maaa n\ Neleon, llrst
and third Sunday at Sai-d 10.00 a.m.; Benedic
'ionatT.M tu 8 p.m. Hev. K_thcr Ferland
BAPTIST OHUROH ��� Scr ices morning and
evening at U a.m. and 7.3" p.m.; Prayer meet
intf A'ednesdiiy evening at S p.m. tho B. Y
t\ V. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Stranger?
cordially welcomed,   Hev. G, W. Roee, Pastor
Salvation Aumy-S-tvIc - every evening
it 8 o'clock in u uth ekrfon Viotoria otreci
Adiutant Edgecombe in chariie.
A NKLSON I.OIH3 :, No. 23. A. F. &
%T jlT^. HIMU set'imcl Wcilne-nliiy in en
^^Xnioutli,   VisitinK tiMlinm Invited.
O. L. I.knnox. Secretary.
l. ii. 0   IP.    Kootenay Uxlxc
No. tit. nu-cU overy Moniliiy iitc/lit,
lit   ttu'ii   Mcitl.   Kociteimy sfoet
Siijntirnini; Odd Pellowil **circii illy invited.
K G Arthur, N.O.   John Vnnstoue, V. Q,
Fred J Squire *. Seoy
Nht.SdNS   QUEEN    NO,   211
sons   iik   em;t.and.   meet*
KtTOiiil unit  fourth vYeiliiodny of
i'iu-li month at K. of P, hall, Muc-
liomilcl ttlock, cor.   Vernon   and
Jojepbtna ilreota.   Visiting Iin'th-
reii oordlally Invlled
I'li.iw. H. ffARROW, Secretary.
1st and 3rd Wednesday in riu-lc month In the
K of I' Hall K \V Swunell, O. U. S. 5 11.; J K
Qrean.CR.: J. r*nrklaa,3eoy.
NKLSONLODQK.no. 10 A.O.l'.W.. meeU
"very Tlitlrsduy in the LO.O.F. hull, ll C
Willimns. M.W.i W 3Smith, Her. Sec.: J. J-
Iin-roll. r'lniineier; 1*". J Suuire. Receiver, and
NKI.SON L.O.L. No. lflWmeeUln the Mac
lliiiield hlcick every Thursday tvcnliig ��t 8
oelotk. Visiting members oordlally Invltod.
Johu 'I'nvo, w. a,i F. J. Bradloy, It. s.
NKLSON   LODOK   No. 2.*, K. of   P.
J\mi-eU In Cattle hull. McDonald block
every   Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
All vlwtiiiK kuiulits cordially invited.
11. O. Joy, 0, CI.
Iltiiil Qko. Itiiso K. of It. and S.
Improved  Property
gouwand IM on BUIoa street WJW
HOUK tied two lots on Vernon street.. ... WW
Hou*e and Lot on Victoria utivet  JJw
HonM and Lot on Viotoria street��� ��� '���**'
Houm and Lot on Victoria street  |gj0
Honfm and two lot* on Carbonate street isw
Dairy Hunch near olty  ^00U
LEX. STEWART,  m,n,b1uokbu
nmr��l��i<U MMk, KoUoK. ��. NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1899.
THEIR   NEW   YEAE/ probably be no more skating on the
*." I    ���*' "" lake this winter.
Today    is    nomination   day.     Mr.
CHINAMEN ARE  O1.LEBRATING IN  Farwell nnd Mr.   Hume  will be  tin*
: nominees m.d it will be all over iu a
j minute. The nominations will be
jr reived nt the court house between 12
They are at Home to Their Friends, Who and 1 o'clock.
are Very Well Treated When At the O ystnl rink
They Gall-
Nelson's Chinese colony is by no
means a small one and when one
undertook to visit all the Mongolians at their homes yesterday he
had a few hours work on hand.
The Chinamen were at home to
their friends���whether white or yellow���yesterday as it was the first
day of their New Year celebration.
The ordinary mortals who are born
on American soil are quite satisfied
with a mild observance of one day
as New Years but it is not so with
the almond-eyed natives of the Celestial empire who are content with
not less than a week's festivities.
They keep open house and not onl)
exchange the compliments of the
season with one another but take
pleasure in receiving and entertaining their white friends.
Yesterday afternoon and evening
a large number of citizens found
their way to "China Town" and
visited the different establishments.
In these the Mongolians were assembled resplendent in the gorgeous
hues of their native dress. Some
gambled while others dispensed refreshments in a lavish manner. Natives drinks and sweetmeats were
abundant and the more favored of
the guests not only received all
they could comfortably drink or eat
at the time but were presented with
parcels of nuts and candies to take
home with them. The houses were
decorated in the most tasty Oiiental
In the evening the festivities confined themselves pretty well to
gambling, in which every self-re
specting Chinaman indulges when
he celebrates his new year, but firecrackers kept up a fusilade until a
late hour. The more prosperous
Celestials will keep up the celebration for at least a week, the laundry
men will knock off work for a couple of days and those who arc servants in private houses will celebrating just as long as their masters or mistresses will allow   them.
Editor of The Miner:
Sir���Several people aie cutting ice
along the forohore both oant und wtBt oi
the towu wlnirf. One party is at work
not very fur from thn otitlull ot the main
sewer, nml in the immediate vieiuity of
others, these are partially putrid cm cusses ot dead dogs and nil other impurities
whioh congregate ulong the edge of tin-
water near towns. A quantity of ltlili if
also discharged by the many steamers
constantly uiriiig the wharf, More tln.u
one doctor bus expressed to me the danger ot ice fiom tlie��e locnlilies bfiug
used for human consiimpuon. Looking
to the epidemics of typhoid fever whin'*
are uow almost an annual reonrrei o'e, is
it too much to iisk Ihe Oity Council to
protect the citizens ot Nelson in this
matter. Possibly ice merchants might
be supplied with certificates signed by
the City Officer of Health showing where
the ice Offered for Bale comes from.
Yours etc.,
Owing to the weather, polilios ami
other Onuses the lecture delivered by Mr.
A. H. Holtlieii iu ill s fcinglisll clinch
mission loi-in was not so Wtl attend'd
u* both the snbj ct nnd li otU rdesc r.ed.
To say that the lecture was a suuoeso ii
superfluous to tbuse who kuov, Mr. Hob
dich. The lecturer treated an interesting
subject iu a most interesting manner ami
the attention of his tmdieuOfi wuh kept up
to concert pitch throughout. Mr. Hub
dich illustrated by a series of successful
experiments and showed no small nrnouui
of ingenuity in making tiie required instruments from the limited re.-ourseH at
hand. Altogether the audience wenl
away feeling that they had spent jan enjoyable aud proflltnble evening, tt is to
ho hoped ttiit Mr. llolilioh will BOOB give
another lecture uuder more tavorable
circumstances which is sure Lo be well
A. G. Simpson, formerly of Sandon, has come to reside in the  city.
Mr. Marshall Hodgson, formerly
of the Sandon branch of the Bank
of British Columbia, has been transferred to the Nelson branch.
A big Farwell meeting will be held
next Monday in the Salvation Army
Barracks. Mr. Hume and his supporters have bf-en asked to be present.
Yesterday a gold brick from the
Athabasca mine, valued at $4500
was exported by the Bank of Montreal to Helena, Montana, for
Skaters have been very fortunate
during the past  week   in enjoying
st evening tin
i ier sting curling match wa3 played
resulting n- fo lows: 0 D. Blaokwood,
D. J. Beaton, T. Lil ie, M. L. Gritnmet
Sriip, 0; J Thump on, T. Richardson,
11. (jioodi-ve,   F. A. T.ciuhlyii, snip, 10.
Several of the gentlemen who will
take part in the married versus
single hockey match at the Crystal
Rink tomorrow afternoon were deeded practising on the lake yesterday. The struggle will be a mighty
The attention of the Supreme
Court yesterday was devoted to
Seattle vs. Clark case. A
large number of witnesses were
examined. Tbe Merchant's Bank
vs. Houston will probable be
reached today.
In the police court yesterday a
Nelson bartender wis fined $10 and
costs for assaulting a .woman. The
woman's presence in the saloon had
became objectionable and the dispenser of wine had used his lists to
strenthen his arguments why sbe
should depart.
The bankers of the city have
imperilled their reputations as hockey players by accepting The
Miner's challenge to a match. Two
teams will immediately be made up
and the public may look for a lear-
1 nl and wonderful exposition of the
great winter game.
Louis Ranzerat, the Frenchman who
is supposed to be insane and who bus
been kept in Ne'smi for the six months
by some of his country men, was today
given passage to Marseills, France,
where he hss relatives, Mr, Paul Ninon, Chief of Police McKinnon and
others succeeded iu raising ihe money
by subscription.
The pound man is regretting the
fact that there is no law compelling i
owners of dogs to attach tags to
their canine friends. As it is now
he cannot tell which dogs have had
their licenses paid and be is apt to
gather up the wrong ones in bis
efforts to get after delinquents. To
a\oid trouble owners might attach
theii dogs to the tags secured when
they enrich the
$j tax.
The rifles with which the  Nelson
Company   of the Kootenay   Rifles,
will be armed arrived   in
yesterday.    They   are
number.     Ihe
officers will commence drill next
week and announcements will be
made later as to the dales of drill
lor tbe company. The uniforms
decided upon will be of dark . en
and it is expected that they v-il arrive here shortly. Sic it. '1 hats with
red puggaries will be worn.
A correspondent writing to The
Miner from Rossland says: Never
before in the political history of the
Dominion was the antomony of a
Province more flagrantly violated
than it has been in British Columbia
by Thorn is R. Mclnnes. All the
infamous legislation of the present
usut pery government of the Province
is due to his arbitrary and unwarranted act. Success then to the
candidate for Ne son whom tin.
electors virtually chose last summer.
He will now get his fights, and the
Province hers, for I have no doubt
whatever that Nelson electors are
true to Provincial rights and enemies of usurpers and "carpetbag'
1 if
GENTLEMEN-The sent for this
Riding being again vacant, by the resignation of thu Hon. J. Fred Hume,
at the earnest request of a large number of tho electors of this constituency,
I offer myself ns a candidate to represent you in thu Legislative Assembly.
I advocated iu my last, candidature,
unci still propose to support, the building of useful roads, trails, and bridges,
in the District, and was pleased to see
last year tho con nicucemeut of some
public works of that nature. I rogret
to find that practically all such improvements in this Riding were
stopped upon the acceptance of office
by the Hon. Mr.Hume. With regard to
public, buildings, appropriations were
made last session tor additional School
accommodation, and a Land Registry
Office in Nelson. As to tho former
the sum votoil has been expended in
a dilatory manner,greatly inconveniencing the Trustees, teaching staff: and pupils. As to the latter no attempt has
been made to supply the grave want.
It may he remarked that when in Opposition the Hon. Mr. Hume strenously
pointed out the inconvenience of having to register nil documents affecting land in Victoria, and advocated
the building of the office iu Nelson.
I submit that the legislation already
passed during the present sitting ol
tho Provincial House of Assembly is
against the interest of our mining industry. ��The Alien Bill prohibiting
aliens from working iu the lilacer
mines of the Province is even now having a retarding uffect on the development of our metalliferous mines. It is
interpreted as tho introduction of the
thin fillge of the wedge, towards, prob-
bly next session, introducing legisla-
ty treasury by the | tion to prohibit aliens from prospecting and developing the mineral resources of Kootenay. I may add that
tho   miners   of Kootenay   view   with
If You Want
To Buy Shoes
tore is no
er place to go than to a
Store, where .shoes and shoes only are
We devote our entire attention lo selling Footwear and are certain that we can please you.
A call will convince you.
LILLIE BROS. Aberdeen Block
fc FOR   RENT            =3
gj^ 6-Roomed Stono Eoaso      -    $20 00  ^*
��..��� --��
g��� l-llooinuil Plastered House   ���  112 00   :^
�� FOR SALE             ^
tm~ i-Roomeu Cottago nenr Stanley -^
��r��� street, $760,                                        ^J
g��� G-Roonied Stone Cottage fl800,        "^
j��: Large Double Home $5000.              ^
�����: OK BAM TBUU.                 ^
.-* i alarm any radical changes in the ruin-
. forty-one m ;
non-commissioned | m�� liiws as <-'��1('��ll>t'-,<1   to P��*<��nt the
introduction of capital,    thereby   con
traoting the field of labor.
The privilege formerly existing of a
free miner who had inadvertently al
lowed his license to lapse, being reinstated in his rights upon the payment of a small fee, was heartily endorsed by me; and the withdrawal of
this privilege by tho Minister of Alines
wns an arbitrary act which has al
ready resulted in loss to miners, pros
peotots and others, and is calculated
in the future to operate disastrously
to those interested in mining.
I am opposed to the hasty passage of
mining legislation without giving tin
mining communities the opportunity
nf considering snch measures. Such
hasty procedure is unusual in this Province and detrimental to the best tutor-
ests of our great mining industries.
[ consider the parsimonious admin
istrntion of publio affairs inaugurated
by the present govern,mint is calculated to seriously endanger lhe efficene\
of the civil service and hamper tin
transaction of public business.
I advocate a ohauge in the mineral
act. to compel all partners in a mining
claim to hear their share of the. assessment   work, or forfeit their inter-
Tampa, Florida, fell. g.���The
National Military Convention was
organized ibis morning and election
of officers took place. Major .Thompson in command ot the Toronto Cadets, was made un honorary member of the Congress. Dr. Mc-
Cracken, Chancellor of New York
University, was introduced by Governor Bloxham and delivered an address on military action in public
schools. The convention then adjourned until tomorrow afternoon.
Victoria, Feb. 9.--Arthur I.ely, a
brother of one of the owners of the
Badminton hotel ih Vancftver, attempted to commit   suicide   in  the
I hotel Victoria last night by shooting himself in   the   head.     He  will
1 probably die. Scarcity of funds is
the supposed cause of the act.
Vancouver, Feb. 9.���The Empress of China arrived at noon yes-
icrday. Prince Henry of Prussia
was conducted through the Empress
of Hong Kong by the Captain, and
complimented him on the line appearance and equipment of the ves*
sel. Several English officers who
excellent ice on the lake but last have been the service in India were
night's snow Settled it nnd there will aboard euroute to England,
I am in favor of further extending
the Public School system, and placing
greater powers in tho hands of lhe
School Trustees in organized localities,
tliereby increasing the efficiency of the
While opposed to a urge portion of
the legislation introducd hy the pros
cut Government, I am Independanl
and intend if elected to support in lhe
Legislative Assembly measures, no
matter by whom introduced,which arc
for the benefit of the Province!,and will
especially give my support to whatever may assist iu developing and tend
towards the prosperity of the Koote-
nav District. I wish to deal fairly
and openly hy the electors nnd think il
right for me to add that T am a Conservative and if iu the future party
lines should he drawn, t will be found
allied with tho supporters of that
Yours Faithfully,
I    Ntlson, -Jau. ��H, 18UH.
If Your Grocer's 1
^VWiVSir'i-i     lMcW��W*MWv:*J
Account has been
Why Not
r        SEE ANNABLE       3
the past month   than   you ^opmcbtictobia8T.,ohi dbimeS
Make an effort to cut it   down,
on   us  for pointers. ....
Yon can do it   by  calling
New Laid Eggs Always on  Hand.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer mni Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
Removal Sale.
The Bank of Montreal has ordered us out of our present
premises by March 1. Everything must go to make
I'uoiii for New Stock in New Premises.
BOYS* CLOTHING must be cleared out entirely, if at a
sacrifice. .......
Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear, Hats. Caps, Underwear,
Men's Clothing, Suspenders, Mitts, tiluvos, Hosiery,
etc. . . . . . . .    ���
This is a   Genuine Sale.
IB. C.
Now finallv known as
Fisher Station, O.N.P. R'y.
West Kootenai Valley, B. C, on line
of 0 N. P- Ry., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
const ruction.
Informal ion regarding Oreston may
lie had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
Emory & Walley
Great West  Life
Assurance Co.
The Brackman &��� Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail,   ({rain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write tor Quotations on Car Lot*,        -        Nelson, B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1S69.
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, ��1,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
\ntigontsh, N S.
���iiuhiirst, N. h.
tridgowa1 er, X. ti.
Iiiirliiin-lown. P. K. I.
I lorchofttor, N. B.
;-']'*clc*rinton. N. B.
'i'llslloro. N. ti.
��� irt.tici Forks, H, c.
Halifax. N K.
Kingston, N. n.
t.cmclcmdtiiTy. N. S.
Uinetaberg, N. ti.
MaUland, NT. B.
Moncton, X. B.
Montreal, P.��.
Montreal, Wost End
Montreal, West mount,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Nolson, B. (J.
Newcautlo, X. II.
ric-icni, X. ti.
I'oi-t Hum-!, stiury, X. S.
Kir land, II. C.
Baokvllla, X. B.
Sbabennoadto, X.s.
Summei'sldo, P. K. I.
Sydney X. s.
St .Intnl. Nfld.
Truro. N. S,
Vancouver, fl. C,
Vancouver, Kcisi Knd
Viotoria, H. C.
Weymouth, X. S.
Woodstook, N. B.
Vinii", h. o.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
|H,   R,   Cameron,
We bave purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at lhe hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 85.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought j
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts- received outhern    1 favorable terms,   tut crest allowed un special!
deposit 1   nd on Saving Hank accounts.
���Jansimo, Nelson, i ossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East Eud,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A ^vintf-; Hank domrftuont lm> been eni uLii-iini in connection with tin1 NYl-on branoh nf
hid ba> k. DepOKlis of one dnllur and upwards received, and current rate of interest allowed.
i preheiitit per cent, per annum.
G-eo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
g= Real Estate and Insurance Agent. a
| The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
E and Savings Co. 1
X^    advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and   ^8
5r 8 years by monthly instalments.
Nelson   Opera   House.
Elevated When Full.
The well bucket is like some men
in this particular. But all our goods
are elevated. The quality is away
up. Take for example our Lamps,
which we are now offering at greatly reduced prices. And also our
Tea Trays, etc., etc.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Import<th of
shelf ami Heavy Hardware.
English Specialty Co|
115 People
The Greatest Aggregation of Star   Specialty  Artists
Monday, Feb. 13.
Poes Yolir
Clock l(eep
Good   Tiijie? . .
Then send us a post card
or call and we will do the
Pateaaude   Brothers. NELSON DAILY MINER FRIDAY, FEBRUARY io, 1899.
\        KOOTENAY.
Mining Stock Quotations.
r~~*JlT__D POLITICS      Do
omptlecl bv H. O. McCulloch. mining brok
Nisl.on. ti. 0., P. O. box 4��6.|
Name of Company V.ilue.
Nelson. Slocan and Ainsworlh
Athabasca 100
Arlington Con 1 00
Dundee 100
Dardanelles 100
Exchequer 100
Fein G. M. Co    25
Hall Milieu  ��1
NelBon-Poorman    25
Kaslo Montezuma        100
Noble Five 100
Rambler Con loo
Keco 100
Slooan Star   50
Two Friend*  30
Wonderful  100
Washington 100
Trail Creek
Butte 100
Caledonia Con  1 00
< oi   *" under  1 00
ic     Park 100
J n   ppriee 1 00
Eureka Cons . .latocl 1 00
Evening Stnr I 00
Georgia 100
Good Hopo 100
Grand Prize  100
Giant 100
High Ore 100
Iron Mask 1 00
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo 100
Lily May 600
Mayflower 1 00
Monila 100
Monte Crista 100
Mugwump 100
Novolty 100
Phoenix 100
Poorman 100
Red Mountain View 100
Ho--limit   Homeatake 1 00
Rossland Red Mountain 1 00
Silverine 100
Silver Bell 100
St. Elmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 100
War Eagle Con 100
WestLe Roi Josie 100
White Bear 100
Alpha Bell 100
Cariboo (Camp McKl 100
Waterloo (Camp McKl 1 00
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channe      25
Golden Cache 1 00
Tin Horn    25
1 25
I 5d
3 20
1 50
New York, Feb. 9���Bar silver
59 5-8. Mexican dollars, 47 1-8,
Copper strong, brokers 18 to 181^,
exchange r-7^ to '8. Lead dull,
brokers $4.30. Exchange S4.57 1-2
to S4.62 1-2. Tin easier,Stra its
$13.85 to $14.    Plates steady.
Ymir, B. C. Feb. 9.���The following
list of new locations were made last
week:��� Combination, on Tamarac
mouutain, Charles Nortbridge and J
M. Gill; Big Two, one half mile-
south of Big fatch. William Foote.
This town had very cold weather last
week, the thermometer being 3U below
zero. T io Salmon river was frozen
np and there has been good skating all
the week.
S. DesBrisay & Co., of Ymir, aie
ihippiu^ about seven aud a half tons
of groceries to the Second Relief mine
at Erie.
V. Carson,   formerly   proprietor   of
the Ymir Miner, left for   Kelson   yes
Mr. Smith of the Cosmopolitan hotel
left Ymir for Nelson \esrerday.
An Index as to the Affairs in the
The following business changes have
recently occurred in the Kootenays:
Stege and Avison, of New Denver,
hotel keepers, have dissolved partner
ship, Henry Stege eontinning; Seyler
and Crahan. hotel keepers of Cascade
C ti have dissolved, firm name now
Seyler aud i*.oy: Archie McLeod is
opening a hotel at Fort Steelo; Martin
A. Schwig has gone into the tailoring
business at Cascade City; Frank Lo
Casto, barber, cigars and fruit has
closed out at New Denver and gone to
Boundary; Norman McLellan and
company have opened a wholesale
grain and feed house at- Cascade City ;
William Roberts has applied for au
hotel license for an hotel situated
three miles east of Nelson; George
Bassett, hotel keeper of Moyie City,
has closed out and is now tending bar
at Port Hill; McCrae Brothers and
Fallon are opening an hotel in the vicinity of Port Hill; Daniel Cosgriff,
Kaslo, B. C., has sold his stock of
cigars to T. Pogne; W, S. Logan will
go into the dry goods business in Rossland ; James Bullough, hotel keeper of
Rossland, is applying for a liceusi;
the Grand Forks Mercantile Co. has
sold out to Hunter, Kendricka company, limited ; Grant McAlpiu, hardware merchant of Wardner, has beeu
burned out.
Hamilton, Ont.. Feb. 9,���Benjamin
F. Parroti, a week minded carter, who
lived with his mother, an nged woman,
got the worse of liquor yesterday and
then quarreled with his mother and
beat her with au axe until she was unconscious. Bhe will not not recover.
The son is 35 years of t>gc and has bieu
in an asylum, he was arrested.
Hanover, Feb. 9.���The Hanover
Courier prints a remarkable article in
which it says Emperor Francis Joseph
had planned a conp d'etat against the
Austrian Germans which was prevented by tbe death of the Empress,
but the Emperor still intends to extirpate or slavify the eight million Ger-
maus residing iu Austria.
(Continued from Pnge 1.)
payment 1 f fl sm* 11 fee. The withdraw-
il of this privilege h id worked, many
hardships to the miners ot Wes Koolenay. He referred to the manner in
in which the Semlin government had
reduced salaries, cuttii g down the
wages of workingmen Crow 050 11 di.y
0 {2.00. tie called attention to some
Government work being done at Revel-
stoke where the men hud petitioned
the Government to pay them $2 50 if
day instead of $2.1*0. Mr. S.mliu hud
replied to the effect thnt after due cmi-
siieratinii the Government had decided
oi pay ��2.01) a day. Tbe speaker believed in payii g workingmen living
S. S. Taylor followed Mr. Farwell and
was in time followed by Mr. Frank
Fletcher, James Wilkes, of Rosslaud,
*��as next introduced as Vice-President
form Britit*bC. dointiiii of the Trades and
Labor Unions of Canada. He ie the
man who attempted to swing tne
labor vote of Hossland to candidate
Wallace who was defeated in the recent municipal contest at Rossland.
He was brought to Nelsou by Mr.
Hume's supporters in the hope that he
would be able to counteract the effect
of the poor mining legislation among
the mines of this district. He grew
eloquent as he declared "this is tbe
first time mine eyes have rested upon
Mr. Hume aud the City of Nelson"
aud promised iu conclusion that Nelson electors would have another opportunity of hearing him before the close
of the campaign.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald was then introduced. He attacked the preset^
Government and declared th it it was
a one man Government and that one
man was Mr. Joseph Martin, who had
heen turned down in the Province from
which he came aud tbat by his own
party. He paid his respects also to
Mr. S. S. Taylor. He did not know,
he said, until he attended the meeting just where Mr. Taylor stood in
the present contest. He was a man
whose political coat was of many colors. He was very changeable���at one
time he was a Conservative, then a
Liberal and '.iien a supporter of the
Turner Government.
At this juncture Mr. Taylor denied
that he had ever been a supporter oi
the Turner Government.
"You deny it?" asked Mr. Macdonald.
"Yes I do," replied Mr. Taylor.
"You deny that you were never a
supporter of the Turner government
and would uot have heen a candidate
in its interests? Now be careful Mr.
Taylor," said tho speaker.
Mr, Tailor wm aligutly eniluiui-sid
but iikiaiu entered 11 denial.
���'Then I'll provi that   what  I  say  is
rue," said Mr,  M ccdoiii.lil as  he   dr w
fnun bis pocket a letter and held it up 10
Mr. Taylor.
" Is that your signatnte?" he asked.
"Yr-s" w-.s the reply.
Thi-n   turning to  the  audience Mr.
Macdouald rend the letter.   It was wri.-
teu by Mr. Taylor to some one in Nelso .
In it the writer declared that  it he hi,d
beeu a resident ot Nelson   fur   a   lougtr
period he would engage actively iu   politics, but in   ny event, if tue boys would
rally arrouud him hejwould   be   willing
to become a candidate in the interests of
the Turner government
Mr. Taylor was completely undone
and made no effort nt nu explanation.
Mr. Bodwell followed Mr. Macdonald
in defense of the Semlin Government
and Mr. Hume concluded the meeting
with a few words.
You   Want
Dress   Suit?
If so we can supply you with the best on  the
market. .... .... ��� ��� ��� ���
No need of sending to your old chums or relations any more. A Tailoring House at home
can supply you with anything you want. Largest and best stock of Woolens in Kootenay.
Call and be convinced that our goods and prices
are right.        .... .... ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
H.   M.   VINCENT, Baker St.
Merchant Tailor.
[Dedicated to the Provincial Rights Associa
tion in temporary and subsequent organora*
A despot's heel is on thy soil,
Connubial Columbia I
Be nils and scourges tears and loil
Columbia! Columbia!
Degraded men thy rights de-foil.
The serpent wrilhes deadly coll,
Columbia I Columbia!
His deadly aim we'll surely foil;
His polsonOUS fangs we shall recoil.
And drive this traitor from thy soil.
Columbia! Columbia!
H. F. K.
Hossland. Jan. 2(i. 1S9J.
: Columbia!
Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 0���The thermometers iu this city registered 12 below zero
todny. Tbe weather office predicts
much lower temperature for tonight aud
tomorrow. Joseph Vogel, 51 years old,
was found frozeu to dentil on the sidewalk near his home early this inoiuiug.
The police say he bad been drinking.
Montreal, Feb. 9 -Dr. E.Pelletier,
Secretary of tbe Provincial Board,
has issued a bulletin to the Board of
Health regarding the present statutes of small pox in the Province.
There have been eleven cases in all
since the outbreak, all in Soulanges
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astley, Hobson streot
two doors west of Stanley.   I'. O. Box ISO.
Capital Paid  up      -      -      -      ���     JiOOO.OOO
Rest  1,200,000
H. S. Howlnnd, Pres.   T. R.Mcrritt, Vice Pre*
Wm. Ramsay,     Hugh Ryan,     Root Jam-ay,
T. Sutherland Slayner       Ellas Rogers.
Head Offleo, Toronto.
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Iti une-lu�� In all |irlni>i|iiil eltles anil town*
In    Ontario   and Qaeliec
Brnnclirs    In      Multiloba.    Northwest
Territories nnd Krlllsli Columbia.
Winnipeg, Man. Portagk La Prairie, Man.
Brandon, Man. Calgary,  Alta. Prince Albert,        Sask. Edmonton,        JAlta.
Vancouver. B.      C.   South     Edmonton,
Nelson. B. C.   Kevelstoke, B. C.
AgenU in Great. Britain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street. London, with whom money
may be deposited for transfer by letter or oable
to any part of Canada.
Letters of Credit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael's, Alaska, and
Dawson City.
Drafts Sold, available at all points in Can-
da, United States and Europe.
Letters of credit issued, available in any
part of the world.
Savings bank Department���Deposits of $1
��\nd upwards received and interest allowed.
Debei tures���Municipal and other debentures purchased,
Money Orders issued payable at any Bank
"Rates-Under ��10, 8c; $10 to $20. 10c;
$20 to $30, 12c; $30 to $50, He.
J.   M-   LAY.   MANAGER.
General Teamsters.
ma for b; c. oh n
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt of
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohatig
of cars between Nelson and Rosslaad au*
Spokane and Hossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELB0N Arrive 5-30 p-ir
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8-3U a-m. SPOKANE   "   6-30 p-m
Train that leaves  Nelson nt 9:10 a 11
makes close connections at Spokane fin
till Pnciitic Const Points.
Pasueuffera for Kettle Hiveraiul Bout d
ivy Creek.connect nl Mnreuu withstiu
C. G. DIXON, G. P. &T.A.
Spokane   YVasl
G. K. TACK Arm Y,
Agent,Nelson. B. 0.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
S. J. Mighton,
Uho a first class line in traveling betwee
Minneapolis, St. Fwit and Chicago, an-
tbs  principal towns in Central VVisconM
Pullman Palace Sloeping and Chair Care
Service .....
The Dining Cars are operated in the interest of
its patron**, lhe most elegant service ever
inaugurated.   Meals are nerved a la Cart*.
To obtain first class service your ticket sboul*
read via        .....
Offices, Aberdeen
Block, Nelson.
Direct connections at Chicago and Milwaukee
for all Kastern points.
For full Information call on your nearest ticks'
agent, or write .
Jab. A. Clock,        or       Jas. C. Pond,
General Agent, General Pass. Agent
246 Stark Streot. Milwaukee.
Portland   Ore.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   <p. o. box su nelson, b. c,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
QX-X- ������������������������-_^9
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
THE services of a practical boiler maker
and steam titter can be had by utdiuxiug
Oretu Locklmrt, Ymir, tt. tf
CRESTON, B. C. oRow-iVsrW
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
G. A. BIGELOW, - Manager.
m��**����U Royal Seal,
Kootenay Belle,
Little Jem,
Blue Buds,
Bonnie Fives.
Union   | Kootenay
Mfg. Co.
ft  See  that   Union   Label   is on
Every Box.
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at Bottom Prices. ... .... ....
J. A. 0ILKER, - P. 0. Store
Before taking stock in our Crockery and
Glassware Department we are making a
clearing sale of Oddments, making Room
for  New  Goods. .....
Special Discount Given on
Tea Sets;
also Toilet Sets.
K1rkpati_1ck & WlLSOW
Groceries and Crockery
fc Civil Engineers & Provincial Land Surveyors. ���.
��j                (Mineral Claims Surveyed and Crown Grants applied fur) v
���S               Real Estate, Insurance and General Agents, Notary Pub- ���
K               lie, etc.     .       .      .      ,  J
h                eludes an Accident and Fever Policy,  "which  gives  you .
R                $15 00 per week while laid up or 11500 in case of death for J
J^               the small premium of $3 00 per year. >
k GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents, Baker Street, i
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or bv mail to the office of
General Agent. Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Successor  to    C.   E.    Mallette  &   Co.,
Wholesale     and    Retail     Dealers      in
Quotations given on car load lots  to all
Kootenay points  .... ...
BAKER STREET,      '���       NELSON, B. C


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