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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 15, 1899

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 Dail) Edition No. 264.
^ Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday, March  15,   1899.
MB     ���   B  ������   Jw.'Uji'w��WM!:L'i..j--*��.��')iix't'a.JA'.'i.
Ninth Yta
Hospital Officers for the Ensuing Year.
Judge Foriu is the New  Presidenl��� Enlargement is Probable This
As a result of tho election at tilt
annual meeting of the subscribers to
tlio Kootenay Luke General Hospital
hold in the court house yesterday afternoon, five Indies and gentlemen who
have not previously had the honor will
hereafter be directors. The board will
now be constituted as follows: Judge
Forin, W, A. Jowett, A. G. Shaw,
E. A. Crease, D. McArthur, W. \V.
Boor, 0. E. Miller, F. W, Swannell,
A. Ferland, John Hamilton, Mrs. J,
Roderick Robertson and Mrs. J. I.
At the mooting yesterday thore were
T. Mndsou, 0. Wilson, .7. Lang-
ridge, G. A. Hunter, C. Hillyer, \V.
Irvine, AG. Shaw, E. 0. Traves. M.
DesBrisny, A. Ferland, Rev. 0. \V.
Hose, Kev. R. Frew, Mrs. 0. E. Miller, Mrs. J. Roderick Kobertson, John
A. Turner, W. A. Jowett, E. A.
Orease, Kov. Mr. Robson, Mm. J. L.
Stocks. S. M. Brydges, T. Parkinson,
E. Cordingly, W. W. Beer, 0. E. Miller, T. B. Hall. D. McArthur, J. 13.
Tuttle, F. W, Swannell.
The  President Mr. John A.   Turner
oocnpied the chair.    Socretary   Swannell road Hie minutes of tho Hot incut-
iug ami also tin* following reports:
I 'ash on liaml from lust yoar 	
...��   DM 81)
(lovernnu'iit grant 	
...   3.C0OOO
1'aylng patients	
...    I,8i0 18
c. i'. R.(steamboats.)	
.    1,835 15
Whitewater mine	
l'.IS ,*|II
lioii.il ionK	
188 75
Mont hi v sabsorlptions	
85 00
Annual subsorlutlo **< 	
t'-'.'i On
.Seiiii-iuinu.il mibsoriptlons	
Ii* On
Hex collection!*	
l:i li"
Building subsoriptions 	
I'll nn
.... ��7,-)tl till
Sundry oxpenso	
1 *'0
112 ai*
.... 1,0*1 08
Medical oHleel***	
831 18
Stationer; and advdi ti-.ii k. .......
38 50
675 xti
7G*.i 88
Salaries..   .
...    2,lttfl Kl
ust; 05
888 7fi
180 IKI
Unshon linnd	
s:i; 31
40   HH
..    28
51 HI
..    67
Statement   of   number   of   patients
treated and cost:
I'r.tw's Nest litlieiitalrailwn* |      4 lio
r.I'.lt. (steamboat) li I uitlents. .48
" *'        onl.      "
Paying patients	
Charity patients 	
Total  177 3,008
Average oostof treat ment. por weok Slo 13
F. W. SWANNELL, Beoretary.
The President aud Directors of the
Kooteuay Lake General Hospital:
Gentlemen���I take great pleasure in
submitting for perusal the annual report tor the above hospital for the fiscal year ending Maroh 81, 1699. Wi
have treated a larger number of patients this yoar than iu any other
previous year, and have hud a greater
mortality rate than previous years.
This iB due to the larire number of
typhoid lever patients coming in from
the outside, many of them in a dying
condition -wnen leaching the hospital.
Our death rate, however, compares
very favorably with othor hospitals
both in and out of this Province. We
have hud exceptionally good success
this year with pneumonia, having
treated seven cases without a death.
I regret that our accommodation was
so limited. Throe times the present
number of patients would have been
treated last yoar if there had been
room. There is a great need of a female ward and a few private rooms,
which 1 siucorely hope the hoard will
be able to erect this year. Before
closing I wish to thank the matrons
and nurses for the careful attention
they have giveu tho different cases in
their charge during the vear. It is
owing to the good nursing and careful
attention given the patients that our
success is largely due. I also wish to
thank tho directors for the courtesy
mid assistance which they rendered
me on overy occasion ; and last but uot
least, I wish to heartily thank the
Ladies' Hospital Aid for the many
ways in which they added to the comfort of the patients and convenience
of those in attendance. Appended you
Will hud a report of the cases treated
mid thoir nature. I have the honor
to be your obedient servant,
Typhoid  fever,   48;   pneumonia, 71
aoute rheumatism, r>; pleurisy, 2;
heart disease,2 ; appendicitis, a ; i'n'test-
mni indigestion, 10; peritonitis, 1;
dropsy, 1 ; lectured arm, 1 ; fractured
iee, H; fractured jaw, 1- fractured
ribs,,8 j fractured finger, 1; fractured
patella (compound), I; sprains, 2;
iritis and corneal ulcers, 2; dislocated
Shoulder, 8; infected wounds,  10; bul-
, let wounds, 1 i ulcer on legs. 8 ; aboess
in side, 1 ; aboess in leg, 1 ; ervsipelns.
I;    erysipelas,   (phlegmonous), 1; lu
I grippe, ll; quinsey, 8.
The     balance     wero   minor   cases.
| there were 111 operations during the
year,    with   no   deaths.    There    were
UI in and 40 out patients treated,nuk-
i ing n total of IHI treated during* the
year, with death rate ns follows ;
Peritonitis, 1 ; alcbolism, 1 ; dropsy,
1 ; typhoid, 2 ; hemmorrage from typhoid, 3.    Total,   8.
Tho election of new dir<S0iors wis
then proceeded -with. There were
1(1 nominations an I on tho llrst ballot
four of the six wero elected as follows:
W. W, Beer, Judge Foriu. A. Ferlitud
aud E. A. Ci'Ruso. while Mrs. Robert-
sou uud R. S. Kinghorn and O. E.
Milller had an equal number of voles.
The second ballot elected Mrs. Robertson and again there was another tio.
The third ballot elected Mrs. Stocks.
Tho election ot two directors to serve
for one year was thou proceeded with
and resulted in tho return of F. W.
Swanell aud 0. E. Miller.
Oil motion of Aid. Hillyer, seconded
by Rev. Mr. Frew, a vote of thanks
was tendered the retiring directors und
tho retiring President, Mr. Turner,
who, bofore the election, stilted his in-
toution to retire and refused nomination to again liecomo a member of the
Ou motion of W, Irvine und Mr.
Traves a vote of thanks was tendered
the Ladies Hospital Aid Society for
the exoellent and helpful work they
havo done in improving tho hospital.
Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Shaw presented a vote of thanks, und confidence
in the matron and nurses, for the
faithful manner in which they havo at
tendod to their work. This was carried unanimously.
The meeting then adjourned.
All tho directors, with the exception
of Judge Foriu aud Jobu Hamilton,
wero pressnt at the meeting whioh
convened after the subscribers had dispersed. Mr. Jowett, vice president,
occupied the chair. Tho following
officers were elected -without opposition.
President���Judge Forin.
Vice President��� W. A. Jowett.
Seoretary���Jy, W. Swannell.
Treasurer���W. W. Beer.
Mrs. 0. B. Miller, Pre-idont, aud
Mrs. Robertson und Mrs. Stocks of the
Ladies Hospital Aid had attended the
subscribers' meeting as a delegation
from tho society uud tho olootioii ol the
latter two to tho board ot directors
came as a surprise to theiii. In their
dual capacity they had to present a report from the Liuties Aid society and
after consider it as directors. Mrs
stocks explained the objeots of the deputation which was to suggest, to the
Hoard thut the hospital building should
he enlarged, private wards erected
and a house surgeon appointed. The
Aid would cheerfully furnish any ud-
dition made, This would provide for
the present inconvenient accommodation and would not interfere w-i'h the
emotion of a new* building at any time
A discussion followed during which
Mr. Jowett stutcu that* the board ex-
piotetl that the Government would
hive, before this, given the hospital
the property in lhe Oity sot aside for
hospital porpo-.es, and euOnth
mouey   to coramenoo  a now builtlin'g.
A committee composed of Mrs. Koh
ertsuu, Mrs. Stocks, Mr. Miller, Mr.
Beer, and thSProsideut, was appointed
to look into rhe question, suggest
needed improvements and r port upou
u scheme of ways and means to carry
out their recoimiiondutions The
hoard w-Hl moot to consider the report
as soon as the committee prepares it.
Messrs. Jowett and Swannell were
appointed a oommittee to interview (he
men of the 0 P. R. steamers wilh a
view to readjusting the agreement
whereby the men receive treatment
from the medical superintendent of the
hospital, either at the hospital or at
their homes, for a fee of 50 cents per
month each. Dr. Hull, the nodical
superintendent, pointed out that the
hospital lost mouey by this arrangement.
A conimittc was also appointed to
make arrangements for the calling of
tenders for the year's supply of provisions aftor which the meeting ad
jourued. Under the charter the Pro
vincial Government can appoint three
members of tho board of directors and
Mr J. A. Turner and perhaps a couple of members of the Oity Council
will prohablv be the appointees.
London, March 14 ���Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the
Colonies, introduced a bill in the
House of Commons, empowering local
authorities to advance mouey to small
occupiers to aoquire ownership of small
houses ou the principle of the Irish
Land und Small Holdings Act. He
said he believed such a measure would
make hotter citizens and provide a
popular form of thrift. The bill proposes that ��420 may be advanced ou
houses of the value of ��800.
Washington, March 14.���An order
has been issued by the War Department increasing the ago limit for enlistment from 80 to 85 years. The
youngest age at which a man cun
bo enlisted is 18 years of age. The results so far for the enlistment of troops
ii very encouraging.
An Ontario   Court's   Idea
About it.
Judges Were Not Adverse to Treating, But One Maintained it Was a
Breaoh of the Law-
J Toronto, March 14.���The appeal in
tlm case of elect ion trial for North
Wuterloo wbb dismissed this morning
with oosts by the court of appeals.
The appeal was on behalf of Dr. Luck-
uer, Conservative, who was deolared
elooted by 60 majority but was unseated for bribery and treating by agents
on his behalf. It is argued that the
treating proved was not illegal and
the offences proven and admitted came
within the saving clause of the aot
aud were uot sufficient to upset the
election. The majority of the court
admitted that treating by agents wr
not a broaoh of the election aot bill
considered the bribery charges proven
sufficiently to show that the election
had not Decn conducted on honest
lines. Judge McLennan dissented
from the first part of the conclusions,
maintaining the view that treating
on an extensive scale as proven was a
beach of the law. The seat is therefore opened and a new election ordered.
Willi un of   Germany  Will   Hereafter
Head  His Navy.
B-.vltii, M->e..h U ��� Th*-* <,m��iiil
uuval Ga/-He published an Imperial
order today re-organizing the higher
administration of the navy. Henceforth the Kntpeior holds supreme command and Ihe office of Commander-in-
Ohiof therefore lapses and the existing
taff of the commander in chief becomes independent, under the titlo of
admiral's Btaff. The chief of the navy
becomes directly subordinate to the
Emperor, und the. admiral's staff, besides its ordinary duties, will occupy
ilsolf with the politioal aspects of the
presence of German warships abroad.
Tho order also announces the ap
pointmeut of a general inspector of
the nayv aud settles certain questions
regarding competence.
The Show is Much Too De 'p For
Hasty Relief.
Cheyenne, Wyoming. Maroh 14.���
The Cheyenne und Northern passenger
train which has been for three weeks
blockaded by the snow near Iron
Mountain, is apparently little nearer
being released than it was 10 days ago.
The rescuing w rk train is still more
than 10 miles from it. The snow in
many planes is 10 feet deep and hard
frozen. During the past 24 hours 8ii
meu with picks and shovels did not
make more than 160 yards. It will
require several days to get to the train.
There are uow plenty of supplies for
tho passengers.
Hamilton, Out., March 14.���The
Court of Triers, which investigated the
charge of immorality preferred hy Miss
Hore against Rev. Geoghau, rector of
St. Peters' church, today formally
presented the evidence against the uc-
uused pastor and the verdict of the
court to Bishop Dumoulin. Mhs Hore
charged the St. Peter's rector with
having been on very intimate relations
with her for yours and accused him of
being the lather of the child born to
her in tho City of Buffalo and uow deceased, The court found the Rev. Geoghau guilty and the Bishop sentenced
him to suspension from the ministry
for  a term of seven years.
London, March 14.���In the House of
Commons today the Goverment leader,
Mr. A. J. Balfour, First Lord of tbo
Treasury, was questioned on the subject of the reports in circulation regarding the successor of the lato Baron
Herscii 11, on the American Commission, of which be was a member.
Mr. Balfour said no steps had yet been
taken to appoiut a successor of Baron
Balfour Herschell.
Toronto, Out., March 14.���J. F.
Wood, tj. C., AI. P., and controller in
tho late Government, was found dead
in bis bed tins morning at the Queen's
Hotel. Heart disease was the trouble.
He was quite well when ho retired
last oveuing. When the porter visited
bis room tbis morning he had been
doad for some hours,
Statement  Regarding   the
San Mun Incident.
The   Eagerly   Anticipated British Blue
Book on Chinese Question   Has
Made  Its Appearance
Rome, Maroh 14.���lu the Chamber of Deputies today Admiral Can-
evaro, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
made a comprehensive statement regarding Italy's action in China He
oonflrmed the reported rno 11 of Siguor
Martino.Italian Minister at Pekin, and
announced that Italy had obtained the
approval of Great Britain nnd Japan
before demanding the concession at
San Mun. Great. Britain, however,
hud requeued, he suid. that, force
Should not be en-ployed and hud promised in return to givo her diplomatic
snnport to Italy at the Court of Pe-
l.in Other friendly powers, the Minister continued, were then notified
und indicated their acquiescence.
Admiral Canevaro thou covered
events already known, explaining
tbat. Siguor Miirtino's action had
been disavowed because his ultimatum
contravened an agreement with Eng
land tbat only in the event of Sir
Clai.de Maodonald, Birtifh Minister
it Pekin. being unable to induce the
Tsung Li Yamen to take back Siguor Miirtino's first noto should Italy
resume liberty of action in order to
obtain reparation. He expressed oon-
nflsmce in ibu ultimata snooesi of
Italy's policy and reminded the Chamber that Italy's duty was to refrain
from foroe so far as possible since she
had gone to China without any previous provocative incident or violated
rights to justify a resort to violence,
which, if adopted, would ditsurb
the international equilibrium in the
far East and exercise a fatal reflex
action iu Europe, besides injuring
Great Britain who had proved herself
Italy's cordial friend, and exposing
to conflict other powers that had shown
themselves the  well   wishers of Italy.
London, March 14.���The eagerly anticipated China blue book was issued
this evening but. all the main points
in despatches, filling 3(10 pages and
covering the period from February
1888 to February 1K99, were already
known to the public The blue book
deals at length with all the territorial,
railway and mining concessions to all
countries, commencing with tbe ces
siou of Port Arthur, and closing with
the opening of Nan Ning as a treaty
port. Much space is devoted to the
question of the foreign concession at
Shanghai, the exhibits including the
protests of American Ministers aud
Consuls agaiust the placing of American property under the jurisdiction of
France or any other single power, the
readiness of British warships to sup
port the Viceroy in resisting the
Frenoh demands is also displayed and
iho blue book gives the Americau-
Oliiua Development Company's con-
truct for the Hankow Canton Railway
signed in Washington, April 14, 1898.
The whole fonor of the British despatches shows a desire to meet the
views of Germany aud the United
States in all matters in which they
wore concerned.
London, March 15.���Tho Shanghai
correspondent of the Tunes 6uys : The
Britioh and American Association havo
convened a joint meeting for Thursday
to advocate united action by the two
Governments in settling the question
of extending the cosmopolitan settlement.
London. March 15.���The Times says
this morning it learns that Sii Claude
Macdonald. British Minister at Pekin,
owing to his stato of health, will take
a short, leave of absence from Pokin
ind como to London.
General Gomez Has a Small Opinion of
the Military Assembly.
Hava ia, March 14. ���General Gomez
snys he recognizes only one power ia
Cuba���that of the United States. All
that the Cubans can do, he declares, is
by permission of the American authorities and therefore the military assembly can only talk. In his opinion the
ussembly is acting as it does because it
wants to get more monoy out of the
Uuited Stutes. In this connection,
he points out, that the assembly first
[imposed to ask $80,000,000. As for
himself ho says that he iB not a beggar.
The United Statos Government offered
the 13,00,0000 and be has never asked
an inorease in the gift. Indeed, he
lays, to ask more would b�� undignified
and improper. Tn all callers 14on
speaks lightly of the assemblv
daring thut it wus bis creation us h<
did not wish to appear as dictator und
that tho real military members who
took no part in the vote to depose him
will now resign aud he culls the us-
senibly, "A collection of lilnok clouds
with much thunder but little rain. "
Says   He   is   Just the   Kiud  of   Man
That Germany Wants.
Berlin, Mareh 14.���Both Emperor
William and es-Empress Augusta Yictoria, besides Huron Vim Buelow,
tho Foreign Minister and other Minis
tors, wilh their wives,attended the bail-
qnet given by Sir Frank [jaseelles, the
B-itish Ambassador, to Mr. Cecil
Rhodes who appears to have personally impressed everybody from the
Emperor downward. With the excep
tion of the extreme Agrarian and Conservative papers, the whole press
prai-tos him. The Emperor is said to
regard him as "just the srit of man
that Germany wants.-!'
It is announced that the Rhodesian
schemes anticipated that Gemany
will ultimutely possess Walfisoh Bay
on the coast of Damara Land, South
United States is After Reciprocity.
General Wheaton's Column Has Been
Busy of Lute.
Manila, March 14.���8 a. m.���Late
yesterdav Gen. Wheaton's column en
countered the enemy in such force between Pateros and Tsguig as to necessitate a change in tho original plans
The cavulry attacked a rebel strong
hold iu the juuglo driving the enemy
into Pateros. Tho Americans had one
killed and three wounded. Scott's battery shelled the town and woods offee-
tivelv. Later the enemy crossed the
river from Pasig. Two companies of
the 2nd Oregon Infantry cleared the
right bank after a shatp engagement,
and then retired with three wounded.
In the meantime the Washington volunteers closed in, driving small bodies
of the rebels back upon Pateros. One
man was killed. During the night
the euemy i-.*,rnad tbe town   of Pasig.
FIRE   .  D   THE   DUNDEE    M'H-'b.
Much Damage  Done Yesterday Morn
ing to the Machinery.
Between fl   and 7  o'clock yesterday
morning a fire occurred at tho Dundee
mine which caused the destruction  of
the shaft house,   with all  the engines
and   several   other    buildings.    It   is
thought   that   there   is no   insurance
W.    A.    Galliher,     Vice-President   of
the company, left  yesterday  morning
for the soene of the fire nnd is expected
back today.
Albany, N. Y., Mnroh 14.���Mr.
Coggespnll introduced in the Senate
today a bill providing for the incorporated body the right to estabisb
homes, hospitals, shelters, colonies,
etc. The bill also exempts all th*
property now held or to be acquired bv
the army from taxation. The bill
provides that the Government of the
incorporated body shall be a board ol
trustees comprising the commander,
the chief secretary aud treasurer of
the Salvation Army in tho United
States, and the two officers of the
army or two laymen, members selected
by the throe first mentioned officers
or a majority of them.
Up-to-date beer.
St. Louis, Mo., Maroh 14.���A company with a capital of $800,000 has
been organized iu this city to operate a new brewery on the co-operative plan. The c-smpauy will have a
unmher of elootric refrigerator cars
constructed which will bo the first over
used on any street railway in any city
in the world and dispensing with
heavy hauling wagons.
Washington, March 14.���Arrangements are now being perfected at the
Treasury Department to restore the
patrol of Behring Sea by four ships of
the revenue cutter servioo. The vessels to be assigned to this duty are the
Rush, the Corwin, tho Perry and tho
Grant, all of which are now on the Pa-
oifio coast. The fleot will sail north
about May 1, and remain ou duty until Sept. 16.
Londou, March 14.���According to a
special despatch from Shanghai,
Prince Henry of Prussia, commander
of the German squadron in Chineso
waters, while witnessing the launching of a trading vessel today, was
struck on the head by a plank which
fell from the ruftcrs of a shod under
which he was standing. The wound
blod profusely but the skull was not
Detroit, Mich., March 14.���A spoo
ial to the News from St. Iguace,
Mich., says: No trains have arrived
or departed on the Duluth South Shore
and Atlantic Railway since last Saturday. Eighty m los of the track i-i
covered with solid ice, west of Sage
station. Large gangs are at work
today picking lot from thi rails.
CominiBB:oaer is   Already Treatiug With
Germany aud Fiance, and Will
Also   With    England.
Washington, March 14.���Negotiations for reciprocity treaties with Germany nnd France havo beon resumed
nnd there is still a prospect that a
treaty may bo negotiated with Great
Britain covering the British West Indies. Theso several treaty negotiations
were interrupted some months ago oy
tho service Mr. Kosson, the Uuited
States reciprocity commissioner, was
obliged to givo to the Canadian Commission. Ah this work is closed,
Mr.Kassiou is free to resume the negotiations with the other countries and
ho has written to inform them that he
is at liberty to proceed. On the part
of France it is proposod to givo to the
United Slates thoir minimum tariff
list. The French tariff has two rates
a maximum ami a minimum. The
differences average about SB per cent.
Countries special1}- favored by F'rauce
get the minimum rate while those having no arrangements pay tho maximum rate of 'lb per cent, higher. The
effect of this is to place higher prices
on American goods than on those of
England, Germany. Russia aud some
31 conutries with which Franoe has
made ooinmerpl****'   arrangements     The
���etiyc *ol   ClJO   ' ll. Keit.,!! tlullS     witii     I'CI
many is shown in the fact that Seoretary Hay is himself carrying it forward. Tlie detailed work on schedules
not having been taken up as yet by
Mr. Kasaon, The British negotiations reached an advanced stage and
then collapsed entirely. They were
managed bv Sir Julian Pauncefote and
Mr. Kasson, who together outlined the
articles to be covered by the proposed
treaty. The document wns about ready
to sign lust summer when the London
authorities made a statement that they
were considering the advisability of
granting countervailing duties to tbe
sugar producers ot the British West
Indies after the American practise.
This put off the reciprocity treaty, for
if the Imperial Government gave
countervailing dutiss there wai not
the same need of reciprocity arrangement. But, except for this statement, the imperial Government has
uot done anything on countervailing
duties and the West Indian colonies
havo received neither the benefit of the
duties nor of tbe reciprocity treaty. It
has suffered, however, to let the negotiations lapse and no progress on the
subject has beeu attempted of late. If
Sir Julian goes to the Disarmament
Congress at Tbe Hague in May he is
not likely to conclude tbe reciprocity
negotiations bofore he goes and after
that the two years tor the period of the
negotiation of reciprocity treaties under the Dingley bill will have expired.
Cleveland, Ohio, March 4.���The closing act in the Barues-Macgown affair
occurred here today when John A.
Barnei was grau.ed a divorce from
Mrs. Frank Macgown by Judge Logue.
Barnes sued for a divorce ou the
ground of wilful absence. Mrs. Mac-
gown in answer statod that she had
beon divorced from Bnrues by the Ok-
lnhama courts uud that BarneB' petitions should have no standing further
than this; however, she made uo contest. Barnes alleged thnt the decree
wns void becauso Mrs. Macgown had
married two days after the Oklabama
divorce was granted, oontrary to the
law of the territory. Judge Logue
In grain ing Barnes a divorce gave him
tne custody of the child Edith, whioh
Mrs. Barues-Macgown kidnapped
some time ago and still retains possession of.
Paris, March 14.���M. Urbaiu Gohier
author of "L'Armee Contra Le Nation.". "The Army against the Na-
tiou," who was placed on trial yesterday, on a charge of having insulted
the army was acquitted today on all
counts. The acquittal was followed by
a lively scene iu the court, the spectators raising cries of "Vive La Lib.
erte" and "Vive La Republique."
Bombay. India, March 14.���Advices
received here from Ligma, on the
Persian gulf, say that a Persian foroe
under Derica Bey has defeated a baud
of rebel Arabs near that place, each
side having 20 men killed iu the
eiieouiiiei. A British warship at Ligma has lauded marines to protect
English interests, >
Nelson Daib Miner
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por year    2 00
per year, fori 'nn    ** 00
-tulHci'lpiiou. Invariably in advance
Notice*; of Births,   lliaths, and MarriiiKes
inserted for :'*tl eenls cieh.
AdvertlHl g n tea niudt Known on application
Mclson Mlnerl'r n.: ig& PubllshlngCo
made by Ibe Goldfields  Gazette  is a
reasonable one.    We   are  old   enough
! now to know better.    There is a  lmge
amount of British oapital invested  in
! the mines of   the   Province,   and   wo
must expect the British public will be
interested   in   knowing what is   being
dono.    It   should cost little trouble  or
expense to provide for complote uud tie- ,
ourate   returns   at   the   end   of  each
month, and the prompt publication  of I
these would he us welcome at home as
abroad.    Now that Mr. Hume has beeu
given a Department  of MineB  all to ]
himself, the least   that we   oan expect \
is that he will employ his grout Inventive  and   administrative    talents  to
devise a system 'of   mining   statistics
that   will   meet the  popular  requirements.
Tenders tor removing a house on cornier of
Lake and Park itreeta will t>o received until
Saturdiiy noon, 18 th of Mnrch. Particulars al
this otllce.
Kl All* III ll--l.lt*-.
<*.i|iy r��r Change* er  lilYertlwuienl
lie lu llio OHIO*'   lij   I   o'clmk
IliMiire cbaiiue.
p.m.   lo
Yesterday we published a portion
of an article which recently appeared
in The Toronto (llobe, in which that
vory unoertain if not erratic organ
confesses conversion to the principle of
inter-imperial preference. Uo not let
any reader run uwuy with the notion,
howover, that it will oonfess il is a
confession. It will ruther Bay that
it has always been of that belief. But
thero is nu record the fact that for several months it labored most earnestly
to defend Sir Wilfrid Laurier for telling tho British people, when he went
over to the Jubilee, that Onnada wanted nothing for tho trade preference she
had just voted tbo Mother Country ;
that Canada wns generous, uud grateful, and loyal,and oppulent withal,and
could utford such gifts, aud that Britain hud better stick to her ^discriminating fiscal policy. Thnt is on record:
hut uow The Globe is willing to accept u preference in return for our preference.
Tho change has been easily wrought.
Owing to heavy army and navy climates the British budget tbis year will
be remarkable ohiefly for its deficit.
The London Times suggests that It bo
met by an import duty of u shilling a
quarter on wheut, equivalent to three
cents a bushel. Here is an opportunity to
press for a different!!! in*favor of colonial wheut. As a measure of Imperial policy, lut Groat Britain admit our
wheut free. This is a "desirable
end", The Globe says. Notwithstanding all that has been said to the contrary, Canada had au opportunity to
get this differential in 1HH7. when a
wave of Imperialism swept the Empire, wheu such men as the Duke of
Devonshire und Mr. Chamberlain were
outspoken in lavor of it, uud Lord
Salisbury and Mr. Balfour were visibly in sympathy. It wus rejected then
by the Canadian Premier, iu a spirit
of magnificent sacrifice which no one
ever bus or over will be able to understand. There is far loss chance ot getting it now. Grout Britain would
hnve done much from sentiment; but
she will scurcely be moved from her
old fiscal moorings by a sordid consideration of deficits.
Tho Colonial Goldfields Gazette is
not. pleased with the negotiations at
Washington. "When the Commission commenced its sittings," it says,
"we were accustomed to hour a great
doul about the cordial entente which
was said to exist between the two
great blanches of the Anglo-Saxon
race; but as fur ns the negotiations at
Washington are concerned, it bus to
be admitted with regret thut, the supposed rapproachement exists in words
but not in deeds." This is hardly a
fair way of putting it. The negotiations nre not off, as far as is known,
and until they are we are not'justified
in acousing our neighbors of a selfishness to which thev would sacrifice a
friendly understanding. In the meantime the mutter is purely a business
one, and we do not know that friendship is ever allowed to stand in the
way of a good bargain, The American professions to which our contemporary alludes tuny be hollow, but the
time bus not come to say so with certainly.
The Editor of The Miner:
Sir��� IJwonld indorse Mr, Holdich. or
Dr. Arthur for the appointment to rep-
resent B, O, at the Exposition al
Paris, They are well versed ill min-
eul knowledge nnd are British subjects,
and if there is only the Kronen language to keep them from getting the
position I would he willing to go with
one of them and help him, if he is
willing to pay nnrt nf my expanses,
WeBt Kootenaj Valley, B. 0., on line
of O. N. P. Ry.. and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Creston maybe had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent
* Nelson, or from
i Oreston Townsite Co.,
i J
The Editor of The Miuer I
Sir���Somo tune ago I rend with
mingled feelings of surprise ��u6\j
amusement, correspondence it) i-enard i Bt
to hospitals and hospital work in your ; Q
paper nml though 1 do not I xiu-Uv fol- \'rry.
low either correspondent, perhaps as u > fe^
new comer I mny be permi'ted to state ; <Q
Unit in all my travels 1 have not yell SB
come across any hospital, either HijSj
England, or abroad, where more gum- Ijra
ine kindness nnd good treatment i-M'/-4^
shown tc patients than in the"Cottage [gK
Hospital" where I was laid up for 14 O
days suffering from a severe nttuck
of sciatica. The common belief apparently is that one doctor is us good as
another, but my doctor happened to j
bo Dr. Forin und I must say be is well ;
up iu his work nnd treats his cases i
well, while as to its lady superintend-1
cut nnd the nurse with whom I came
immediately into contact, their equals
cannot be readily found. I beg to
upoligr/.e for troubling yen but us my
family nre intimately connected with
the profession nnd ns my cousin. Surgeon Major Lloyd, obtained his "V.
O." for conspicuous bravery on the
field of battle. I my he pardoned for
taking up your time.
Nelson, March 14.
Heterologies! iit'iiun,
(OtiKcrvulioni* taken by A. II. Holdich
The yrnr is well on into its third
month, yet no one connected with uny
of tbe Goverumeut Departments at
Victoria is able to say what the mineral output of tlie Province was in
1898, Nearly two months after the
close of the year the Financial Minister ventured ou whal he culled an estimate of the yield, but that is the nearest approach, the only approaob, to
exnet Information on a mutter of more
general public interest than any other
affecting     British     Columbia.      This
items so extraordinary to The Colonial
Goldfields Gazette that 11 has made it
the subject of n lending article. The
(in/etta cannot understand why the
Government authorities hero aro so
much behind tho times. In the Australian colonics mining returns are published monthly; it does not see why ns
much cannot he done here, or, if thut
is too much energy to display at once,
why at least there should not bo quarterly returns.
There is probably Home excuse for us.
Cauuda has uot been u mining country
iu the sense thnt Australia has been
ever since its first settlement. Our
thoughts ran to agriculture and lumbering, and it is only in recent yours
we have begun to realise the extent of
our mineral wealth, due result of
this is that nowhere in the Dominion
is there a perfect system of mineral
statistics.    This   excuse applies less to
British Columbia,however, than to the
other Provinces, for here milling has
been ono of tho chief   Industries of the
people for a good third of a  oentory,
We have probably neglected to provide
for returns of output mainly for the
renSOU that the rest of the country did
DOt encourage us by example,  But this
Mar 8 Wed'day
Mm- 'J Thursdaj
Mm* in Friday
Mai* il Saturday
Maris Bunday
Mnr 13   Monday
Mm* l Tuesday
II ll
0.1 ll
Boarding School
For Girls	
Qyppeswyk,      Moss    street.,
Victoria, B.C. Senior, Primary ('hisses   uud Kiiiilergnit,-
I'ti, conducted by
Miss   Green   and
Miss   Dawson.   .   .
Boarding and Domestic nr-
iiingcinciits under the management of Mrs. Green,
Ladies or girls wishing to attend   any   school    received.
Highest references.    Terms
on application
FIrst-Olass board iiiiii loom, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward nnd Carbonate, in rear of English church, heated
bv steam. Table board *l: room ami
board |8 and 16.150,
A collection of line Belgium Oa erics
fl r sale
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'y.
N e I so n Jk^ Fort���.s
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without chang
of cars between Nelson and Rossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9*40 a.m. NELSOU Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "   R&SSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Train  Unit  leuves  Nelson nt 0:40 un.
innkes  close  connections nt Spokane fol
���ill Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers [or Ketil* liner and Bound
ary Creek, conned at Vlnrinu* with Stmy
O, G. DIXON, (i. P, ATA.
Spokane  Wash
Agent.Neb-on, B  C,
Havana Direct
A shipment of choice assorted Cigars. They are
the best value ror the
money In the city.
J. V. O'LAUGHLINPrices 2 for 25c.
. and 3 for 50c.
Humphreys & Pittock.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE   Mal10rdeArssPeciauty.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
LOTS   14 & 15.   BLOCK  26
Sewing Machine Sale.
As we are short of floor space, we are selling the
balance of onr New Williams' Sewing Machines at
the following prices: 3-Drawer Improved, $28; 5-
Drawer Improved, $30; 5-Drawer Improved, Drop
Head, $35. There are only a few machines left.
Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.
Few Pianos are  sweet in   tone,  responsive
in touch and chaste in design.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
Play upon a Mason & Risen Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason & Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites of
a perfect instrument.
1ijspecMoi) lijVifcecl.    Correspondence Solicited.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, "K
Bird Cages  Bird Cages
We have just received a con=
signment of Brass and Japan=
ned Cages, which we are sell=
ing At Exceptionally Low
Tinware and   ��� Jsraniteware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelsotu B C
���"ilia     W <hJ>> <$$!��
*rf7h>     .r#S> -^T*N> } Wo
pi                       Real Estate and Insurance Agent. ^
|i The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ^
and Savings Co. 3
:    advance money on Improved Rial Estate.    Repayable in 5 and ^
y-                                 8 years by monthly instalments. ^*
Pacific. Ky.
Tourist Oars puss Uevelstoko dully
to St. Paul; Mondays for Toronto;
Thursdays for Montreal and Bosti 11.
To Kossland, Trail, ltobson,
(U0p.m.-Leavo*i-NKLSON-.A.rrlves-10.3Up 111
UuiiIi-iiii.v Ijike���KmIo Route.
Stk. Khkank*.*.
Except Sunday. F.xr*t**t,t Sui-.d iv
1   p.m.���Leaves��� NKLSON���Ai-rivea���ll   tt.iv
KiMilriul.l   ltlv<*r ICouli*.
8th. Moyie.
Mon.. Wral., Fri. Tuei*. Tlnire. Snt.
8 a.m.���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrivan--6.au  pn*..
MnkiiH oonneotlon nt Pilot Hay wilh Str. Ki ���
knnui) in both directions.
Steamers on their reRpeotlve routea ont nt
pHnolpa] Landings in both dtrootlons an 1
othor points when Blgnallod.
ll-iln   I.Im- nml   Im. 11111 *llni��  Poini*  vin
Shiran til}-, Hull*..
li.30 a. m.-LeaveB���NE1.SON���Arrlves-8 3U p. m,
Abokhtain Kates
and full informal inn    Ity   atidrPPHlng nonre t
Incnl ngimt, c. K. 11 11 1 y. Hi)  Ti. 1-.1** Ak'i, *.r
11. W. DKKW, AKLiit. Snl*.
A. I'. ANI'KKSuN, I*.. .1.1 OYI ll.
I'l'llV. Puss. Artful., 111*1. PlItiB, A;t'l.:
Ni-li.n V���i .... ,   .
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Oitinpu supplied on shortest notice and Lnwee  Prlcua
Mail Orders receive 1'arcful attention,
Nothing but fresb and wholesome meats aud supplies
kept in stock.
Markets nl. NelHon nnd Ymir.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. PLUG
Fresh Fruits, Candies, and all  kinds
of Soft Drinks.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Ab wc keep nur Tobaccos in both our Excise and Customs Bonds ��i* n-e
able to carry a large and assorted stuck.
Time Curd in ellVi-t January  3rd, lfiflf-'
South b'nd. North t   n
Read down Head up
llont Lvs. 6.80tun. KiihIo    8.30p.m. UontAt
"    7.3n  " Ainsworth 7.in   "       '-   *
"   sou  ������ Pilot, Buy ��.:w   "       "    ���
"     "   8 lo  -   Balfour   li.un	
������    Ar   9.45   '* SMIloPt. 5.11	
"   10.30   "    Nol��on    4..-I0    ���'        -   l.v
Connects with N. tc F. S. Railway train for
Spokane. leaving Five Mile Point at 10:05 a.m.
Steamer** leave KiihIo cily wharf at foot of :ird
Htreot.   Subject to change without notice.
         ROHKRTIRVINH. Manaurer
Steamship Lines
From St. John
Allan Line-l.aurcr.tian March  1!'
nonunion Line- VnneoiiviT March 12
From Portland
Allan Line-Mongolian Kar.ll
From New York
White Star Lino���Qovmanio March 15
Ounard Line���Luoania  March 11
American Lino- si.Paul...  March 15
Anchor Line���Ethiopia March 11
From Boston
Dominion Line -Canada March 15
Passages arranged to and from all Kuropean
points, For tales, tickets and full Information
apply too. P. R, dopot agent or o. K. lleasley,
Oity Ticket Agent, Nelnon, ti, O.
5451   General Agent. O.l'.It. Offices Winnipeg.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8c;.
and American
ways oti Sale.
Papers al-
should uo longer serve. The ooinplaint*  Nt'Xt to Nt'lsoil Hotel,
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
PRINCIPALS  S.pwocr��mlsebbyrob0S-,
CAM!!.  ENG.
Boarding and Day School.       Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class'
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principals,        -        1171 Georgia St., Vancouver ��� I
Improved  Property
Houkc and lot on Victoria street,  near
Presbyterian church 1800
Hoiwe and Lot on Victoria utrnet  2ttiti
House and Lot. on Viotoria streot  v*r*)
House and l.ot, on Victoria street  190"
Houso and two lots on Carbonate stroet., 180*1
llusiness Coniei* on Verton street    WOO
Dairy Ranch near city-Oirors wanted.
House to lot on Stanley stroot.
Money   lo  Loan -Real   Estate   and   Chattel
Mortgages. .
Wanted- MininK Shares, Nelson, Ymir and
������*��� T-or-wBs-Mkh Mick, weH����i B> NELSON DAILY MINER* WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1899
Land ami Improvement  Oo.,   nt   vie-
I torio. with   reference   to  the dispute
lin  rcKiinl io property ���ffeoted by  the
I water works  svatem.   Hn   found   tbo
gentlemen    In    question    apparently
Ming nml anxious tn aid in reaching
gettlemeut.    Aid.   Hillyer therefore
; innvi il,   gednnded   by Aid. Beer,   tbat
__  I Iho  tiit.y   Engineer    and    Board  of
I Works Committee take up   the  matter
1    rT      )    ut    a    -f at onoe aiid report at as early a date os
Saloon and  Hotel   west 01 possible to the oounoii.
ii on tie mm *
Stanley Street.
Sabbath Observance  Sooiety Wants tlis
Saloons Closed on Sunday���
Au 'itor Pock's Report;
The Oity Ootiiioil held a vory peaceful sessiou Inst, night, There were
present nt the meeting, Aid. Fletoher,
in tbo oli'iit I ��nd Aid. Be**)-, Kirkpat-
rick, Hillyer, McKillnp and Thomson.
Tbo minutes of tbe Inst reunlnr meeting of the Council and of the several
speoial meetings subsequently held,
were rend nnd nppi'OTfid.
Tho report of tbe Finance Committee was then presented. The Committee recommended two slight ohnnges
in the report of February 21 fixing tbe
ilnties Of the City Solicitor; reoom-
menileil that the claim of Gamble &
O'Kielly for |80, the ohalrge of F. C.
Gamble for n report ns to drainage of
tho City sewerage into Kootenay
Lake, be pnid, and recommended nlso
the payment of several bills. The report   was   adopted.
Oity Solicitor Gnllilicr wrote transmitting n letter from tho Attorney-
General stnting that the Government
could tnke no action in regard to the
burial of paupers. The letter wua received nnd filed.
A letter from Macdonald & Johnson
onlled attention to legislation grnutinK
certain rights to tho West Kooteuay
Power and Light Co. On motion of
Aid. Thomson, seconded by Aid. Hillyer, the Mayor was instructed to appoint a committee to investigate nnd
report in regard to Ibe water rights
granted the West Kooteuay Power and
Light Co,, the report, to be made as
soon us possible so that notion could be
taken prior to tho ratification of Ihe
bill by the Lteulennnt-Goveruor in
Letters were read from If. B. Bens-
ley and A. 15. Hodgins with regard to
the very poor condition of the sidewalk
on Baker street to tbe 0. P. R. depot.
The letters were relerrnl fcf* lhe
Board of Works Committee.
A letter from Mr. Harold Scions
complaining because thero is no crossing at the corner of Stanley nnd Vin-
toiiu streets from the Customs House
to the Hotel Phair wns road. Mr. Se-
lous also complained that the water
rom Stanley street was being drained
into his garden nnd asked for relief.
Tbe communication was referred io
tbe Board of Works Commit toe,
The Sabbath Observance Sooiety
presented a petition asking that tlie
Provincial Law. relating to tbe closing
of suloons on Sunday, bo  enforced in
Nelson. Tbe petition was signed by
t'linrles A. MjKny, President; S. M.
Brydges, Secretary; W. J. Hatch,
Thomas Parkinson, committee. Mr.
McKay was present nnd spoke in behalf of tho petition. On motion of
Aid. Hillyer the matter was referred
to a committee of the Council for consideration.
Aid. Hillyer presented nn amendment to the trades license by-law providing for one additional hotel license
for points west of Stanley street.
Aid. Beer suggested tbat tbe amendment be laid over to be considered iu
committee of the whole
Aid. Thomson was not in favor,
generally speaking, of increasing saloon and hotel licenses. There was,
however, a feeling that the West Ward
bad not boon treated on an equal basis
with the East, Ward, aud he therefore
seconded Aid. Hillyer's motion to
Aid. MoKillop, moved in amendment that tbe matter be referred to
the Council in committee of the whole.
The amendment was defeated, Aid.
MoKillop, Beer and Kirkpatrick voting aye, and Aid. Fletcher, Hillyer
and Thomson in tho negative.
Tho original motion of Aid. Hillyer providing for an increase iu licenses, was then voted upon and car-
ired, Aid. Fletcher, Hillyer aud Thorn-
sou in the affirmative, and Aid. Beer
and MoKillop in tho negative, Aid.
Kirkpatrick declining to vote.
A. W. Pock, who bad been engaged
to audit tbo City accounts, presented
his leport, the consideration nf which
was left to tho noxt meeting of the
Council. The report was a very extensive oue and there woro many suggestions of ways in which the City's
financial affairs could be better run
thau at present. The statement of receipts and disbursements for tne year
ending Doc. 81, 18IIS, showed an overdraft, on the last day of the year of
$686.95, instead of a balance as reported in Auditor Hamilton's Statement,
There are also unpaid accounts for the
year 181)8 to bo paid by the present, Counoil, aggregating $8,8711 85,
against whloh there is a credit of arrears in electric light and water rates
of 11,019.08, showing a total loss for
the year of .$3,861.53.
Aid. Hillyer presented a motion, seconded by Aid. Kirkpatrick, designed
to put tho Council   on record as fovor-
Practices are   Progressing Very Satisfactory For Next Months' Concert
The most largely attended   rehearsal
of the Nolson Musical Society was held
at, Mr.  Brougham's residence ou   Monday evening,   Tlie full orchestra   was
present,   in   addition   to   the singers,
making a total of over sixty.    The society is progessing with die  music iu
a most sat'sfaotory manner and   when
tbo concert lakes   place    Oil   April   5,
three weeks   from    today,   it, will undoubtedly  be   the    greatest   innsioal
treat, that was ever given in Ihe Kootenays.    Only   first   class    music    will
be sung and   under   Mr.   Brougham's
capable dirontlon it, will be sung   in   a
first class manner     A recital of sacred
music will be   given   by   Iho   luusieal
society   in   ihe Church  of    England
with a   special   service   on   Thinsday
March 28.    There will be practices for
this recital in the church  on Saturday
the 18th and   Monday   the  30th    Tbe
members of the orchestra aro requested
to attend  ouly  the   Monday   evening
practice. Members will note that those
practices will   be   at   tho   church and
not at Mr.  Brougham's   bouse.    There
will be no charge for admission to the
recital oil the 38rd, but there will bo a
collection   for   the   building   tuiid   of
Iho church.
forms have   already   been  applied   for
and will probably be bare by April I").
ill timo for the dedieation of the   nt'.v
Knights of Pythias hall,
Mr George Larson, second engineer
of Urn Hall Mines   Smellei leaves   this
morning for Denmark to visit his parents whom bo bus not seen in I" years.
A large number of skaters were attracted to tbo Crystal rink by tbe Hall
Mines Smelter Band last night. The
ice was in splendid condition for skill -
ing and the music "of the band wns
greatly enjoyed.
. Now That the Fish-   X
LingSeasonisOpen. I
���������������������������������������^ *������������������������������������������������������
Winter is dying ; dying hard though,
and leaving the trace of his iron hand
with us in the shape of frosty nights
nnd snow-capped bills. That inveterate liar, tho oldest inhabitant, prophesied thnt we should have an early
spring; we are still waiting for the
fulfilment of that promise. Today, ao-
cording to Mr. Bullock-Webster* (the
legal angler dissenting) wo enter upon
the last angling season of this century.
Soon the picturesque stretch of water
which forms one of the boundaries of
this cily will be dolled with numberless bonts nnd canoes and the angler���
the dangerous rival in mendacity of
the aforesaid oldest inhabitant���will
be adding to tho somewhat limited
topic of conversation. What a blessing lo ns that stretch of water is! We
are walled in by sleep precipitous
mountains. Walks beoome monotonous
and driving is confined to the physician and the expressman. There lire
times when business is none too plen-
liiul nnd every man .luy* a ..cert .in
amount (if leisure hern Wb have
but tbe healing wuteis of Koptrmiy
Lake and Hiver to cure Ihe tedium of
nndetirod reSt or tbe worn brain or
limbs as toe case may be. Angling
has heen written of as "ihe g.'irle
art," the "contemplative man's ro-
creation," lhe "peaceful sport,*" and
the true joy of angling lies in the
charm Of nature scenery, and quiet
rest that, to ibe well ordered mind.
Should aooompauy it. Mr Weller s
"swarry," of a boiled leg of mutton
were a thing of naught without tl e
'"usual aoeorapaniments" and angling
obeys the law of the founder of that
immortal banquet.
It has heen recorded that the apostles
of the Christian Church wero fishermen and il cannot be irreverant. to
suggest that there may be times win*u
tbe peaoetul waters of Kootenay Lake
may bring thoughts to the mind, not
unlike those inspired by tho Galileen
Sea, in the minds of St. Peter and his
Possibly it, is for such reasons that
angling offers the same inducement to
ho tyro ns to the expert. To us ��� li
somewhat homely expression, we nil
need something that will "tnke us out
ot ourselves;" something to lessen tie
task of lhe struggle for existence, the
race for gold and all the sordid and
petty slrife that follows in its train.
When the fish show a disinclination
to feed on your fur and feather monstrosities, lay aside your rod and look
around yon. There are portions of
the Kootenay Lake which for scenery
are incomparable. What associations
will nol tiiis scenery bring to mind?
IJnys long i ast, spent���or perhapslmis-
silent,for none of us are without blame
���in far distant lands with loved ones
or friends long syne parted from, or
who have passed the bourn from
which no traveler reluins, leaving but
the memory of form and voice. Look
to tbe batiks I Thnt Mower, ho it ill
the gorgeous garb or faint perfume,
will reoall to us somo happy scene or
somo dear form.
Tho song of birds, the drone of tho
bee complete the charm of nature's
kcleidescopo. (lo to, thou Philistine,
thou scoffer with your ironies of a
"worm ut one end of the line and a
fool at the other" and let him that is
able to receive the gospel according lo
Isaac Walton (peaoe to his ashes) ponder these things in his heart. And
may our baskets for 18'JU be heavy
while our hearts are light.
Cliff Loudin was in Nelson yesterday
from Coffee Creek.
Mrs. W. F. Brougham is one of the
latest victims to the all powerful
| grippe.
Mr. O. P. Mouney, purchasing
i agent of Maun, Foley Bros., and Lar-
I sen, is iu Nelson at the Hume.
Capt. T. J. Duncan, of the Duncan
1 Mines,  Limited,   is   back   in   Nelson
Tho Colonial (loldiields Gazette of
February ar>, which by tho way h"8
experienced the usual postal delay in
reaching its   destination, publishes un
exoelloilt opt of the Hull   Mines   Smelter und surroundings,
Baseball players und baseball fans of
Nelson uro asked to attend a meeting
to bo bold at tbe Hume Hotel this
evening at 8 o'olock. Plans for the
season will bo discussed uud arrangements mndo for a meeting at which
tho  club  will  be   reorganized    and
officers elected.
The Acetylene gus plant iu the hardware store of Ilelidcn und Hebdi'U exploded shortly after noon yesterday and
was completely destroyed, besides
doing some dninugo to other property.
It is not known just bow the explosion occurred. Alfred T. Hebdeu,
oue of the members of tbo firm, was
knocked unconscious. He was on his
way down stnirs at the time of the nc-
oldent, He recovered in a few moments none the worse for bis experience.
The Nolson pout office is undergoing
extensive repairs. Last, Sunday 300
new boxes were put in ami utitrot
the older ones withdrawn. Yesterday
tho front of the office was altered, the
door being plaoed on a lino with the
sidewalk, tbis milking considerable
more floor space inside. This was made
necessary because of the additional
space occupied by the now boxes.
It is said tbat tbe 0. P. K. has completed ntrrnngeinent in regard to connecting Windermere with railway communication, and that a brancb line
will leave the main line at a point
near Fort Steele Junction, following
the meandering of tho Kootenay River
to Fort Steele, thence by the direct
route to Windermere, making oonnto-
tions with the proposed line from Ar
row Lake to Windermere.���Golden
If You Never Had the Grippe
Don't cultivate it. Better pay $io.oo a pair
lor your Shoes than go through it���its cheaper. But you can't pay so much as that here.
If you Grip on to a pair ot" our $3.50, $4.50 or
$5.50 Slater Shoes you'll not have the Grippe.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions. . .
Wc hive lii'rii appointed so^o aKcnt*
for Kootonay for BYV1BT & 00.,
-outh Omul in, and will oarry n Cull
slock of incuts of their manufacture
nl Nelson	
Mail orders will be filled at -price*
ruling on day order is received.
Head - Offices - Winnipeg.
Branvhks Vancouver, Victoria
Nelson, Rosalind, Aijjn Lakh
Tag tan Lake,1 GREENWOOD) B.C.,
and Dawson city, n. \v. T.    .
If Your Watch
Is out of order bring it to me. First-
class work guaranteed iN years' experience in the business.    Engraving Iree.
Jeweler, Baker St.
P.  J.  RUSSELL, Hanager.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   other   Union
Made  Cigars   of  the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Capital $50,000.00,   divided   into  50,000
shares  of $1.00 each.
At the Crystal riuk inst evening tv.n
rinks had un oxoiting onrling mutch
Frank Tamblyn lost but has lodged a
protest, with the sporting editor nf Tlie
Minor on the ground that his opponents imported a man from Pt*. Paul lo
defeat him. The sporting editor will
investigate today. The s-ore was : IT.
Hume, Mr. Mathesnii. of St. Paul. .1
H. Wallace, W. H. Grant, skip. 1-1,
vs. H. Goodove. A. V. Wlllloy. A. (': v
rie, P. A. Tnniblyn, skip. ' 10 The
iee was good nml the playing tiisl
DIRECTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
U.VNKERS���the Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.  C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,   B. C.
OFFICE���Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and  see   us.
B. C.
For Sale
Straight as a Die
To achieve the "neatest success
one must use the best means and
materials athis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builders
cannot expect to do good work unless they have good tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31st, 1N99. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
House    and    Lot
on Stanley Street,
Between  Mill and
Latimer    Streets
It is a Snap.  :  :  :
Just Received!
The Largest Assortment of Boker's and Wos-
tenholm's Cutlery in Pocket Knives, Razors
and Scissors that ever  came   into   Kootenay.
Baker Street.
General Teamsters.
Ml G. Oil CO.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Goal.
Out of Sight
Are You ?
We   will    fit    you   with
Patenaude Bros.
,��� I
Ing 'tb'-Toandidaoy rf"o?M!URl^daie115*tep"'aii   almence ot three months in
in thu  matter   nf  tlm   Puriu  Mineral  London.
Exhibit.    The Oouiidil was uot inclined to take any   notion,   however,   and
the morion   was   laid   over until   thu
next meeting,   upon   motion  of   Alii.
Thomson, seconded hy Aid. Beer. i , ,._ ���vt���i���������
Aid. Thomson reported   the result of      Within a mon I, or six ndnSdn
avi.it   paid   by him on  bibalf of the will have a   Knights   of Pythias Un
Oitv  to   the  offio-Hi   of   the   Nelson  lormed Ra k.   The  charter  and ianl-
The Crystal rink will he tho scene of {
a   fancy   dress  oarnival    on Tuesday
evening. Tho Hall Mines Smelter Rand
has been engaged for the occasion.
Modern ll-Uooin House.   Oan bo bou
for 11200, $7��U oasll dnwi
Several good I  and 0 Room CottaffOfl    m
Houses and Lots in nil parts of the city.
,1. L. VANSTONE, Mining Broker.
li. II, WILLIAMS, fosto-is Broker.
Ileal Estate Agents,
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Nelson Hardware Co.
In the lead again this spring.   Their  Stock of  Groceries  is complete,  both
Staple and Fancy.
Their shelves are heavily laden with ull the delloaolea in Canned and
Bottled (ioods. They are noted not only for carrying the Fancy Stock of
Ne'son, 1ml also for carrying the Stock Suitable to Supply the Wants of any
Kitchen or Camp. They carry by far the Largest Stock in Nelson, sud defy
competition, Their prices are uniform, taking no advantage on any one
iii-ticle above another.
Don't forget to try our Tea, also the New Iirand of Flour. Tbe price of
this Hour will lie very low, and quality guaranteed.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Nelson  Opera MoUse,
ONE rtlGliTOtfLY.
A. E- Markhaiji's NeW
York   Theaire   Co.
li) ihe Greai Swede pialect Coijiedy
MaVoUrijeeij&SWai) SWaijsoi)
TtflJRSpAY, MARCk 16th-
Prices��p<35f    50f     ai)d    75    cents. d0D,^m u���eotitttl%u.i>n*u*r*
Capital Paid  up $2,000,000
Rent -      - 1,200,000
II. S. Howland, Pre*.   T. It.Merritt, VicoIVou.
Wm. Ramsay,      Hugh Hyan,      Itobt.J&fiYur,
Ti Hut lu-t kuHI sin) ut-r.       Klin* Hogon.
Hoad Otllce, Toronto.
I). H. WILKIB, (ieneral Manager.
E. HAY, Inapeotor.
KruiH'lH'M in nil |>rlm-l|��Hl rlllri and mwun
In    Ontario   and   Qnebt-r
KrumbcM    lu      Manitoba,     Nai-lhwent
TrrrllorlfM and KrllUh -Colombia.
WlNMl'KU,    l'OUTAOK  LA   1 'It A IHI K. HltAN ho.N,
Man. Calgary, Prince Albert. Kumonton,
South EDMONTON, N. W. T. Vancouver,
NkijhoN. KEVBUTOKBi 8. C.
AgentH in Great liritain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street, London, with whom money
nmy be deposited for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Lettera of Credit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. miyahlu at St, Michael's, Alaska, and
Dawson City.
Drafts Sold, availahlo at all polnU in Can-
da, United State-Hand Kurope.
Letters of credit innuoa, available in any
part of the world.
SavinKH bank Department���Doponltti of |l
���ind upward! received and intercut allowed.
Debei.turoH���Municipal and other debeu-
tutes purchased,
Money Orders Issued payable at any Bank
KateH-L'ndcr $10, 8c; $10 to $20, lOo;
$20 to $30, 12c: $30 to $50, lie.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and nighl McavonRorint*:'
Work promptly dono. Chimney Sweeping
II ���*tt���M���iW
Meeti 'With tha Unqualified Approval of
the   DiTBotora���Dividend
read  the  notice
Gentlemen, the
The Financier of February 10 laBt
contained tbe following report of tbe
ordinary general meeting of tbe Bank
of British Columbia, which will bo of
general interest.
Tbe ordinary general meeting of tbe
proprietor! ot this banlc was held :*es-
Iciday nt the City Terminus Hotel,
Cannon Street j Sir linbort Gillespie
(the chairman*  presiding.
Mr. S.   Cameron   Alexander (seoretary and manager)
palling the meeting.
Th�� chairman said
directors   have   invited  you   to   meet
tlipm today to submit to ynu tbe report
and statement of accounts for the half-
year ended on Ihe Dlst December last.
These bave beeu in your bauds for
the last few days, and 1 bave no doubt
rccoived your attentive consideration
aud 1 also hope your approval. (Applause). The result of the half-year's
busiuess has linrdlv readied the expectations of your direotors, especially
whon the revival ond prioress of tbe
commercial interests of the Colony of
British Columbia are considered, bul
this may be accounted for in (treat
measure by the keen competition we
bave had to encounter from tbe Eastern Canadian banks that have so recently been established in that country, and tbe consequent reduced rates
of interest aud other attractions offered
to secure business. Of course, gentlemen, this is A condition of things
we must he prepared to meet,and up to
the present time, I am glad to say,
wo hold our own in tho trading community. (Applause.) The account wc
now submit to you, made up to the
Hist December last, of liabilities and
assets, indicates, I think, linancial
strength, showing, as it docs, a large
percentage of available assets to meet
any immediate liability ; this will, I
am sure, be considered a satisfactory
feature. (Applause.) The profit and
loss account gives for the half-year
the sum of ��18,786 Ils. 4d. at credit, after providing f(r all ascertained lossoi.
and which is, 1 am happy to say,
somewhat in excess of the previo s
three half-years. Your directors ret ���
OUimend that a division at tho rate (f
5 per cent, per annum bo made for
the half-yeir ended 81st December,
1W18- tbis will absorb tbe sum of
��15,000 leaving a balance of ��8,785 lis
4d. to be carried forward to next
half-year, lu connection with the accounts I may mention that we have
reduced the charges account by
��4.541) since June, 1H97. Before sitting
dowu I will move a resolution an to
the dividend I have already briefly alluded to the revival that has taken
place during the past vear in the trade
of British Columbia, and I may add
that there is strong evidenoe of further
aud increasing activity and progress
this season in tbo commercial, the agricultural, and the mining interests of
that, country. Tbe only interest that
suffered last year was the salmon fisheries, from the fact of a very short run
of fish, aud thus tbe canneries have
beon loft with a large proportion of
their supplies on hand, but which will
be available. I hope profitably, I his
coming season. I am glad to lie able
to include the State of California in
the improvement I have just referred
to; heavy rains havo at last fallen, and
business is resuming its native career
there. The Into war hIbo restricted
business both of an export and import
character. Tbe mining outlook all
ovur British Columbia is satisfactory
and encouraging, aud tbe development
ill the mines has brought to view, in
many instances, large bodies of ore of
various minerals that promise a con-
tiuuance of increasing output, aud the
completion of the railways under construction, and those projeoted, will enable many valuable properties to
swell later returns The prospecting
work done in divisions not traversed
by railways is also going on, and satisfies those best acquainted with the
country that mining in British Columbia is, ns yet, ouly in its initial stage.
Agriculture in British Columbia
never appeared more favorable for success than at the present time. The increased demand of tbe past two years,
aud tbo good crops, have done much
toward re-establishing the oonfid*:nco
of the farmer. The harvest of 1HP8
was gQod, and this, following the
previous year's largo crop lias materially
Improved tho agricultural interests of
the country. On a review, therefore,
of the whole position of things in British Columbia and in California, I
think I mny fairly hope for the present
year an improving and more encouraging future than we have lately ex-
perieilO id, and I truflt 1 may see these
anticipations fully 'realised. I beg to
,nove���"That tho report and statement
of nccounts. as now snbmitled, be received and adopted. "    ( Applause. )
Mr. Henry J. Gardiner seconded the
resolution, which was put to the
meeting and carried unanimously.
The chairman: 1 bave next lo
move���"Tbat a dividend be paid on tbe
paid-up capital of the bunk ut tho rate
of B per cent, per annum, free oti noome-
tax, for tbe half-year ended 81st
camber last, payable ou and after
18th instant."
Mr.   T. G.   Gillespie  seconded
resolution, which was also agreed
The cbariman : 1 bave great pleasure
in proposing the re-election of my
friend Mr. Henry .1 Gardiner, bn a director, and I have no doubt it will receive your support. He is a most
valuable and attentive colleaBiie, and
iu evory way I think wc could not
have a hotter man to help us. (Hear.
Hoar. )
Mr. Guy Oswald Smith seconded the
motion, which was put aud carried.
Tho * chaii man ; I have also to
move.���"That Mr. T G. Gillespie,
who retires by rotation in accordance
with the deed of settlement, be reelected. " You will at on- c sec the
delicacy I have ben*; 1 cannot ��ay
more for my dear old cousin than that
ha ii a good fellow and an attentive
collsngue and director.    '" i
He ii  always
ready to help, and he has a good head
on bis shoulders     I Hear, Hoar.)
Mr. \V. C. Ward seconded the resolution, which was put and enrriud unanimously,
Mr. Walker next propr.sed���"That
Mr. Wyndbam Qibbel and Mr. It.
Cunniiing bo re-elected audi tins for the
ensuing year, at a remuneration of ��75
Mr. Cballis seconded the motion,
which was also agreed to.
Drydouking Had a Very Serious Effect
on tho Craft.
Tbo steamer Angerona has juat been
through an exciting experience but is
ones more running as usual. She was
run ashore at Kokaneo Crook nbout a
month ago nnd painted, cleaned and
otherwise fixed up.* Being high und
dry for three weeks loosened hor seams
so when tbe Kokanee towed her off
sbore last week the results were disastrous, Sho no sooner struck the water
than she oommenoed to sink and within half an hour wus at the bottom of
the lake. Tho captain and the crow
bad barely time to scruniblo ashore before the boat went r'.owu beneath them.
The tug Hayls, Capt. West, went
to the scene of the wreck and after
threo dayB of hard work, managed to
get tho Angerona ouco more above
water. She was towed to Kaslo and
resenmed and is now aB fit as  a fiddle.
Wreck Will  Probably   Be Sold ua
Is And Raised.
The conipuny owning the steamer
Ainsworth, which now lies in 124 feet
of water in Crawford Bay, will probably sell tho wreck as it stands nnd
lhe purchaser will raise it as a spoou-
Intion. Two different meu bave made
otters to the oompany to raise the boat
for 9600 and $700 respectively but the
offers have not beeu entertained, evidently with n view to seeing if a better arrangement regarding soiling the
wreck cannot be   made.
Capt. Wost, of the teg Hayls, states
that he offered to laise the Ainsworth
nnd that lu* thinks sbe is but little
damaged. Siie Bland8 on her wheel
nnd the bow can still be seen on a fn-
vorable day. From ibe manner in
which sbe went down Oapt Wost
thinks th.it the freight has slipped
back to tbe engine loom and is still of
somo value. Tbe $500 worth of
whiskey would certainly not bo at a|l
injured by its long imersion in cold
water.The chances are, too, that the bodies of Purser John Guru and the Chinese oook are still in ibe wreck
Neither had time to get ont as the
boat, went over. These are probably the
only bodies that went down with the
wreck as the others were drowned bv
ihe capsizing   of a life boat.
Hume��� (i. W. Griinmett, Bnudon;
A. G. Fraser, Kuskonook; N. W
Webster. KuskMionk; P, 10. Sbei-bii.
H. .1. McDonald, Kuskonook; O. P.
Money, Creston; Guv* McDonald,
Sandon; Henry Louglirey. Kuskonook;
Thomas O. Gray, Nakusp; F. LeFebre
and wife' Montreal; A. Hoyt. Kuskonook;.!. H.  Inkster, Kossland.
Phair��� Ed Mallandaino, Jr., Creston, B, C. ; W, Y. Gurd, Cranbook ;
B\ W. Monagban, Spokane; A... Reynold, Sioux Falls; J, F. Beatty, Winnipeg; A. S. Farwell, Nelson;.!. H.
Poll', Vancouver; Frank B. Patterson,
Portland ; Arthur Sailtou, Revelstoke ;
K. Nell, Vancouver.
New York. March 14.���Bar Silver.
oQM ; Mexican dollars, 47J-.J.
Copper, quiet; brokers SI"*'1,,* exchange, $17.08^ tn 817.75. Lead,
quiet and firm; brokers, $4.20; ex-
uhnnge', sSLiliiJi to $4.46.
Tin, firm, Straits, $8.35 to $8.88^,
plates firm.
Slocan ore shipments for week ending 10th were: Payne, K. St. ti.. Hill
tons; Payne, C. P. R. 120 tous;
Last Chance.120 ; Ivanhoa, 80 ; Whitewater, nn; Jackson, 80; Queen Bess,
The Blaney brothers have struck n
pretty good proposition of copper on
Hume creek, in close vicinity to Nelson, nnd nre going to start development
work on the property right away.
*   *  *
Tbe old   saying, '��� it is   an  ill-wind
that blows no body   good," is   as true
iu mining us it  is of anything else,
says the Sandon Mining Review.
Tbo     public     understand   that   somo
differences  nruBi   between Mr.   Scott
McDonald and some of the rest nf the
company, wben tbe former look an
interest in the Lust Ohnuco without
letting bis colleagues of the Payne into the secret As n consequence Mr.
McDonald's stock in the Payne was
placed on the market with the published report of the Payne's workings.
This publication lias brought up Payne
stock with a bound, and is creating
muoh enquiry about Slocan properties. In short, nothing of lute (lays
has done so much to advance the interests of tho Slooan as the differences
referred to and the consequent publication of the profits of the Payne.
Does the Eastern
Tailor spend his money in Nelson ? No. , Then buy
your clothes from a Nelson Tailor who does. We beg
lo announce that we have cut our prices so close this
season lhat you will find no dilference between them
and any reputable house in the Bast, Then all things
being equal, surely you will favor home industry. Our
clothing is made in Nelson.    All we ask is a trial.
H. fl. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
P. S.���We bave no agents.
k j   Y. GRIFFIN  & CO."
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "OR1FPIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Kggs
 Write us for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���3t-'^2^���, ������������������ ������"'���5r,<5'
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write tor Quotations on Car Lot",       -       Nelson, B. C.
ring Stock
of Footwear^
Has Arrived.    The'Very   Latest  in
^^   everything,   for    both    Ladies    and
Gentlemen.       .
Neelands' Shoe Emporium.
Nelson   Teijk   ai)d    AWijing   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tei��ts, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
Is now prepared tu Iiii orders j
for Luncheons, Dinners or ���
Evening Parties.      ...        |
Melton     Mowberry   Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, and Pork Pics,   All orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St.,   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.:
General Broker.
Umi Ea'nte i*i ul1 P.ifts of lh��
Dealer in   BOOTS &
SHOES.      Repairing!
work a Specialty. The)
Cheapest     Place      to j    NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT.
Deal in Town.
Fire, Lipe, Accident
and Sickness  Assurance.
Aberili*. n Block.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker
London, Maroh l-l ��� Tho Government will oppose tlie petroleum bill introduced in the House by Mi Rcckctt,
Liberal member for Bring, Lincoln- ;
miire. on the ground thai u measure
dealing with the whole subject of the
storage and sale of petroleum will I
shortly be introduced by the Govern- i
ment, based upon the theory tbat regulation is most needed in improvement
in the oonstruotion of lumps.
MUSIC LK8S0NB. - On piano uru-nti or
guitar, by Mr*. W. J, Antloy, llobaon atreut
two doors wost nf Stanley.   P. O. Hox I'M.
IMON'KI-'.lt BAKING POWDER, this only
strictly Pure Cream Tartar Baking Powder
made in iho Provl co Ask your groo r foi' it,
Bnoournge B 0 produotion, "11 nthor things
being equal. NTKMJjKit 8c KAlll.K, Manufacturers, Victoria.
Vienna, March 14,��� Prinoess Louise
of Oobonrg, daughter of tba King of
Belgium, who. in January last year,
left her husband. Prince Philip of
Baxe-Oobourg-Gotba nnd eloped with
an Austrian hussar officer, Lieutenant
Mattiachioh Keglewitoh, has been do-
livered of a son at a santiariinn near
Ptierblcersdurf, about 10 miles west of
i MUSIC LKHSONS -Singing and Piano, by
Mrs. Syilm-y Oliver, Observatory street, two
doors west of Stanley,
j WANTKll-A woman cook; uiii-so kviil. Apply Mrs. F. Fletolnjr, Silicn streot.
  **"       -~
* violin and FRENCH Lee ons liy Mr. O.
l-ubliinc, sillwi stroot, opposite KnglUh church,
KOR BALE-On 2nd street, In tlie town of
Creston. B C . u house 28x82 and lot measuring
80X120. for Bale at n moderate price. Kor further particulars apply to H. Dealers, Creston,
n. c,
WANTED���To rout, u four or live room cot-
Inge liy tliol.-t of April. Apply A. ti. C. .Minor
FOB 9ALK CHEAP���Two nlco rosidontal
lots in Hums addition.  W. It. MaoLean.
I'm mi.i nl lo tin < ridllor*. Trust Dri-il Ail*
nml   Am.*ii,s, il Acls.
NOTICE IS h* rohy Kiven that B*muel .1.
Mlghton, of Kelson, II. 0��� heretofore carrying
on uusineBs us Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, li
Chas by deort dated the 10th iIaj- of March,
A. 1)., 1811, assigned all his personal est.ito,
credit** end effect-*, whioh may be seized and
sold under execution, and all his real estate, to
Hugh R. Cameron, of Nelson, H. O., Agent, in
trust fortlie benefit nf his creditors. The mid
deed wns exei-uted bv tne suiil Samuel .1.
Mlghtonand by the mid Hugh K. Cameron, on
the imii day of Maroh, A. I)., 18119, uud iiii persons having claims atrottiBt tne said Samuel J.
MUliloti ure ieqlliroa,On ur before tho Pith dny
uf April, A. I> ISM), lo semi to the Trustee full
particulars of the same, duly veritied, together
with tho-particulate of the security tif any)
held by llio u.
Not iee is heroin further given thut after the
suid loth da; of April. A. D . 1890, the trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets of tho
trust estate amongst i hose creditors who are
entitled thereto, mid whose claims have then
been lodged "With bini, having regard only to
the el *ims of which bo then lias not ioo, and
that be will not bo responsible after said date
fon the assets of tbe said trust estate, or any
part theteof, *-o distributed to any larson or
persons, linn or corporation of whose olalm ho
nnd not notice ut the tune of distribution,
Notioe is hereby given that, a meeting of the
orodltors of the said Samuel .1. Mlghton will be
lie d at the law olliee of Maedonalil K Johnson
on linker sheet, in the Cily ot' Nolson, on Monday I he 20th day of Maroh, A. II., 18119, al the
hour or two o'olook in the afternoon.
Diitnl at Nelson, U. C, this loth day of
March, A. 1).. 1899,
Solicitors for the taid Trustee.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Soil
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,  of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from   the  Factory.      Prices 25  per
cent,   cheaper  than   in   the  past.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
Gamble & O'Reilly,
S /^t^^^.sU.I^. As,        A'Dr^llir v
b Civil Engineers & Provincial Land Surveyors
b (Mineral Claims Surveyed and Grown Giants applied fur)
h Real Estate, Insurance and General AgentB, Notary Pub-
K Uo, etc	
h e'udes an Aooldent and Fever Policy, which gives you
���, $151)11 per week while laid up or I15IKI iu case of death for
b the small premium of $8.00 per yew,
K GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents, Baker Street, v
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���������v-w* *%^*%%^%^.'%%-V,v%^.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining' Engineer
$675   PER   TON,   DELIVERED:
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
(ieneral Agent Cor. Koolenay & Bilker
A Lucky Strike
Pot* Bre. d nnd Pmm-y milker-1.   Tho p* opli* of Nel on and stvouidlngi In ve
inig l.e-11 ti-yiiu to Induce  s me sensible merchant   to  put in   a stock   of
tlie celebrated
.So  we 1  known   to all  ^u d   dr. nd  makers  its      ,      .     ,
We fi*el satiHliel l.ln.t nl* i teve-led nlong this line will feel highly pleased
11 know Unit M, DeaBrisny & Co.. lhe leading me chants .*f tbis oity, have been
up: ointeds.lie agents fur Nels n T**c pt* ce or this flour is much lower thau
ati> utliei* 1 nil quality gua-auti i-d.   Ask fur 8 Btm* at
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized  -   -
Capital Paid U|>, $1,500,000,
Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
$ 1,1X111,1 UK)
200.1 HM)
* ypo.ooo
1,250 000
I) 900,000
Oouipiu-atlvfl Statement,  nhowlng   the  progress m*ide by this Bank iu the
past ten yeow: lsfts isou
Oupitsl Pnid   I'm	
Rent ;,.,-;;
Liabilities to Public...
Tolnl  Ass t  ..
Oeneral Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Litters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in   t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit)   nil on Saving Punk nccounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vanconver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Seo, Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
G. A. BIGELOW, - Manager.


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