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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 22, 1901

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Daily Edition No 968
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Friday,   Frbiu-ary
22,   igoi.
Industries of the  Province
are In a Prosperous
Many Spectators Present. Including Volunteers���Last
Year's Accounts.
and there
object the
Victoria, Keb. 21,���Beautiful weather prevailed for the opening of th"
house. Tbe attendance was unusually
large, the greatest interest being
excited tn the khaki men. The Rev.
R. Ii. Blyth, a returned eorpnral of
the Royal Canadian artillery, acted as
chaplain. The governor's speech, after referring to thedealh of the Queen
and the accession of the King, continues:
"As a mark of their appreciation of
the valiant service rendered by the
volunteers from British Columbia who
went to South Africa to assist the
empire in the war with the Transvaal
and the Orange Free State, my government will introduce a measure authorizing the conveyance to them of
free grants of land.
"A   measure     will   be
amending   the  school  act,
will be submitted for your
tion a bill having  for   its
encouragement  of  the  wood pulp Industry.
"I am pleased to know that the
dairy industry continues to develop
in ���*. satisfactory manner,and that new
creameries aie being established. My
minister of agriculture has obtained a
promise of continued co-operation on
tbe part of tbe Dominion in rendering
expert assistance in tbeir construction
and subsequent operation and in giving instruction in the manufacture of
butter and cheese. Recognizing the
importance of encouraging preferential trade iu agricultural and other
natural products, and, In particular,
of promoting the markets for the pro-
dace of farmers in the mining dis-
tnctb.efforts have been made to secure
suoh a reduction of freight rates as
would naturally tend in that direction,
and am pleased to announce that this
will be brought about.
"For the purpose of promoting settlement,my government is considering
tbe advisability of introducing legislation having in view the extension
of small holdings.
"A measure will be introduced with
tbe view of aiding the construction
of a railway from Bound-ury creek
direct to the coast; of a railway tu
tbe northern end of Vancouver Island ;
and of a railway in Canadian territory
from the coast to tbe northern bound -
ary of the province.
"The industries of the province, I
am happy to state, are in a prdsperons
condition. It is to be deplored that
the recent explosion at Comox should
have resulted in such disaster, loss of
Ufa and property and the relatives of
tbe deceased miners are entitled to
onr deepest sympathy in their great
"During, recess commissions bave
been issned to inquire into the conduct
and general administration of the asylum for tbe insane, the rights of settlers in the E. tit N. railway belt, and
tbe adjustment of mining claims in
thu newly organized Porcupine district. The full reports of the commissioners in each case will be laid
before yon at an early date.
"Provision was made bv you at the
last session for the appointment of a
commission to inquire into the working of the mineral acts and much preliminary information has been obtained by the department of mines in anticipation of the commission being
issued, but it having been announced
that the Dominion government also
Intended issuing a commission with
respect to our mineral resources a
postponement was deemed desirable
in order to ascertain to what extent
those commissions might be able to
oo-operato to the advantage of the
province. Amendments will be introduced to perfect as far as possible the
existing mining laws.
"Tbe act regulating immigration,
proposed last session, has come into
effect and the necessary machinery
for its enforcement has been put Into
"/   delegation   consisting   of    the
prime minister and tlie attorney-gen
real recently proceeded to Ottawa to
lay before the Domlulon government
the claims of British Columbia to include recognition in the matter of railway development and to arrive at a
settlement of certain matters requiring adjustment between the two governments. Their reports will be laid
before you at an early date.
"The estimates, which have beon
prepared with due regard to economy
and the requirements of the province,
will be submitted   shortly.
"I leave you to your deliberations
and trust that you may by tho blessing of divine providence be instrumental in materially advancing tbe
interests of the province."
Victoria, Feb. 21.���The estimates
are promised in a few days. Turner
presented the public accounts for the
year ending June 30, 1!)00. The receipts are Jl,844,108, expenditures $1,-
(147,41*>. Of the expenditures $110,200
were devoted to the sinikng fund.
I Eberts introduced a bill for the relief of Phoenix, granting the eity increased borrowing power. Peters
moved the adjournment till Monday to
consider the speech. Murphy, West
Yale, will reply to the speech.
The lieutenant-governor was very
feeble and could scarcely read the
speech. Tbe South African volunteers
were banquetted tonight. Three
Kootenay members were absent,Curtis,
Green and Smith. The floor of the
chamber was packed with spectators
and tlie speaker's throne was draped
with the royal anna
(Special to  The Miner.)
Vancouver, Feb. 21.���The tight
between the C. P. R. and the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company,
in combination with the James
J. IIill and American Refinery
company interests, is now on in
earnest, the management of the
big home corporation having
brought the battle to an issue by
flatly refusing to lift cars from
the mines for Montana or other
American points until the coal
company has fulfilled its promise
to supply the exhausted British
Columbia market.
The C. P. R. has been buying
steam coal in Lethbrldge for
some time at an advanced figure
in order to relieve tne pressure,
but with a renewal of the American contracts by the coal company, the railway people decided to force the issue.
At the time of the strike,some
of the smelters were forced to
close down, and, of course, cut
off tbeir orders for coal and coke
temporarily. The coal company
then made three months' contracts with American plants to
the extent of about 800 tons of
coke a day, and these contracts
have since been renewed, although the blowing In of the
Canadian smelters would absorb
almost all the daily products of
the mine and ovens.
The company is bound by
agreement to sell coal to British
Columbia at certain fixed rates,
a maximum of $2 per ton���but
there is nohting to prevent them
from fixing their own prise on
coal shipped to the United
States and supplying that market first.
These difficulties will be more
or less present until British Columbia has her own refining
plants and can handle her mineral products from the mine to
the refined product without calling on or needing outside assistant. Meanwhile it remains to
be seen bow far the C. P. U.
will be able to enforce its demands that British Columbia
consumers shall.first be supplied
with products of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal company before
lifting cars for the American
Proposition Has  Been Laid
Before Dominion Government.
Woodstock, Ont., Feb. 21.���W. Has-
selfleld and   wife   of   Manitou, Man.
were married   yesterday at the   home
of the bride's   father in   East   Zorra,
and starting on their honeymoon, registered at an hotel here yesterday.   As
they had not been seen   when   dinner
time came today the proprietor knock-
iedatthe door,  and,   getting   no   answer,   broke   into   the   room.      Both
were asphyxiated, but   tbo  gas being
' only partially on they were   not   past
' recovery,and the physicians with hard
I work   succeeded   in   restoring     them
to life.
How It Goe** In HI. I.oiiIh.
During the present cold and grip
season one hundred and thirty-three
thousand seven hundred and twenty-
eight boxes of Laxative Biomo-Qui-
nine have been purchased by the following wholesale houses of St. Louis:
Meyer Bros., Drug Co.. Moilitt West
Drug Co. and J, 8. Men-ell Drug Co,
Ask for Five Dollars per Ton
For the Next Three
The only solution to what may now
be termed the lead dlfiiculty that
those who have studied the ""\tter
can foresee is the establlslnn nt
lead refinery in British Columbia to
make us entirely independent of
American railroads and American
smelters. A refinery has long been
talked of as one of the possibilities of
a rather remote future but all agree
that mining in this province will not
assume its proper standing unless
such an industry is started. The large
amount of flouting capital that is required to successfully operate a refinery in addition to the very heavy expenditure required for installing the
plant has been a difficulty that seemed
to stand in the way of the realization
of the hopes of those whose Interests are bound up In the prosperity
of the province. Government aid has
been looked upon as the only possible
solution and efforts are now being
made to impress upon the authorities
at Ottawa the necessity of granting it.
The Kootenaian is in a position to
state that a definite proposition is
now before the Dominion government
by the acceptance of which a refinery
will be secured for Canada and erected in the Kootenays. Influential capitalists have agreed to install a plant
and operate it if the government will
grant a bonus of five dollars per ton
on lead manufactured by the refinery
during the first three years of its
This is a large bonus but it Is for a
short time only and scarcely any price
is too large to pay for the placing of
tbe refining industry in British Columbia on a permanent footing.
Every board of trade and similar body
in the country should strongly endorse
the proposition and bring all possible
pressure to bear in urging the government to accept it. The importance of
securing a refinery can scarcely be
over-estimated as it would give the
country a jump forward that will be
realized in no other manner. It
would add greatly to the price of
ore, enabling many properties that
aie not rich enough to make shipping
to the states and paying duty profitable
and to open up and work on a large
scale. Hut the possibilities are limitless and so apparent that no effort
need be made to point them out. The
men behind the project promise to
erect a plant that will letine the entire output of tbe province.���Kaslo
Row II Goes la Dallnt.
During the present cold and grip
season thirty-two thousand seven hundred and sixty boxes of Laxative Bromo-Quinine have been purchased by
the following wholesale drug houseB of
Dallas: J. W, Crowdns & Co, Texas
Drug Co. and PattonWorsham Drug
Toronto, Feb. 21.���The feature of
Premier Ross' budget speech today
was the announcement that tbe government might undertake to build a
railway from North Bay to LakeTem-
lsca-ningue. The region was being
rapidly settled up yet had no railway.
No private company would build such
a railway without a subsidy,and there
was a rising feeling against subsidies
to railways. Under the cicrurastances
the government was disposed to undertake a survey to ascertain the cost
of the railway and then to take the
sense of the house on the propriety of
the construction of such a line. The
government would not be compelled to
run it.  It could be leased.
Winnipeg, FeO. 21.���After tbe formal reading of the speech from the
throne in the legislature today the
house adjourned until Monday next.
Premier Koblin gave notice that rail-
wa3* bills would be first read on Tuesday next. There was a very large attendance at the opening.
Interview With Ellas Rogers
of the Crow's Nest
Coal Co.
Says There Is No Shortage
of Coal for the B.C.
Laxative Bromo-Qulaine removes the cause.
The Vancouver World in its issue of
Monday last pnblisiied tbe following,
which The Miner reproduces for th.?
reason that it believes in giving all
the news all the time aud both sides
of every question:
Vancouver, Feb. 10, 1901.
Robert Jaffray, Toronto:
Report current here your company
unable to supply coal and coke for
interior mines and smelters. Is it
correct'.' Please answer, and make as
explicit as possible. Don't limit to
few words. TUB WOULD.
Tbe foregoing despatch was sent
by the Canadian Pacific telegraph,
and, as is always the case with business entrusted to that company, it wag
"rushed." On Saturday evening tbe
following was received in reply thereto over the Great North Western line,
less than^two hours after the first one
was sent from here:
Toronto, Feb. 10, 1001.
The World, Vancouver, B. C. :
The following interview is given by
Elias Rogers, managing director of
the Crow's Nest Coal company, in reply to questions asked by Mr. Jaffray:
'The first development work at
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company's
mines, near Fernie, B. C, was commenced something over two years ago.
In commencing operations there, difficulties were met with which are only
incident to mountainous country,
such as that where the geology is
largely unknown, and can only be
proved by actual drift work. The
Crow's Nest railway was only just being built. Supplies of all kinds had
to be brought long distances and there
were many
which are unknown in other coal
fields. Notwithstanding all this, and
other difficulties which might be named, the Crow's Nest Coal Co. have
brought the capacity of the Coal creek
mines up to over 1,200 tons per day,
and have now reached a point where
rapid increase in the output may he
expected. This record is not one to
be ashamed of. If we have not supplied everything that has beeen asked
for, there are reasons for it, and
which will satisfy every unprejudiced
mind. Lack of railway facilities have
not been the least of our difficulties,
although we are disposed to make
every allowance on this account for
the difficulties under which the railway was operating. Still, this has
been a matter of material consequence
to us. During the past summer there
were unusual delays in obtaining certain mining machinery, the delivery
of some of our supplies being four
and five months behind the contract
time. In consequence of this we were
obliged to work some of our machines
beyond tbeir capacity���a power engine more partieularly. In December
we had an unfortunate accident to
this machine, which delayed our operations for several weeks. Fortunately
a new power engine was on tbe way
at the time, and has since been installed. So that at the present moment this difficulty is
and we are now turning out more coal
and coke than the entire market of
British Columbia can take, as tbat
market only requires 300 tons of coke
and 500 tons of coal per day.
"A year ago, when the British Columbia smelters closed down, without
notice, we were left entirely without a
market for our coke product, and
would have been obliged to shut down
onr coke plant, but for the fact that
we were able to make a contract for
a limited quantity with Montana
smelters. It was necessary at the
time to make a contract with Montana people in order to get business,
and this was done with the knowledge
and approval of the Canadian Pacific
railway, and all parties concerned.
When loo late to arrange for lurther
coke oven construction,British Columbia mines and smelters  again started,
up,und not only called for the amount
of coke previously taken, but enormously Inereused theii demands.
Notwithstanding all tblo, however,
we have succeeded in supplying
with the exception of the times when
there was a shortage of cars, and other transportation difficulties, uml during the time when our power engine
was crippled. Of course, it is understood that coke ovens cannot bo built
in winter, and that mines cannot be
developed with unlimited speed. But
there is practically no limit to the
possible ultimate capacity whloh
may be developed both in mines and
coke plant.
"Oui company have already arranged plans and made provision for tho
expenditure of almost a million dol
lars during the next summer In the
further development of mines and coke
ovens construction if we succeed In
securing direct access to the American
market���which we hope to do. This,
instead of in any way limiting the
supply for British Columbia, will Increase our ability to meet the fluctuating demands of the trade. It is Unsettled policy of our company to make
first provision for British Colombia
trade, and to do everything in our
power to assist in promoting the industries of that country."
Associated Boards Meet In
Greenwood on 28th
List of Subjects Which Will
Come   Up for DIs-    .
Stories  of a Deal  are Incorrect���Sunday Mining
P. Mourgues. engineer for the Chapleau Mining company, has requested
The Miner to give publicity to a statement In regard to the company's
affairs. "Ail tbe statements published legardlng a proposal to amalgamate the Kilo group of claims on
Lemon creek with the Chapleau property are incorrect and it is annoying
to see the matter reiterated when the
facts are quite at variance with the
truth," says M. Mourgues. "Beyond
the faot that a certain proposUion
was made to the Chapleau people by
the owners of the Kilo, no statement
is justified. The first step in the direction of a deal would naturally be
an exhaustive examination of tbe
property, and when I tell you that I
have never set foot on Kilo ground
you will understand how far the negotiations have progressed."
���   ���   *
Within the next month or two, or
as soon as weather permits, the Sunday Mining company will commence
operations on their liritish Columbia properties, principally in the Erie
district. J. K. Tartc managing director, informs The Miner that this
has been decided upon and as tlie company's holdings are said to be among
the most promising prospects in the
district, their development is likely
to be extensive.
The company is a Quebec corporation with headquarters at Waterloo.
Quebec. It holds ten claims, two of
which, the Sunday and Yvonne, are
located on Uttertail creek, East Kootenay a��d the bafance on the north fork
of Salmon river near Erie. Considerable work has been done on tho S.in-
day claim and a quantity of ore carrying silver, copper and lead has been
mined. A trial shipment to the Trail
smelter in October last netted (50.46
per ton. The Erie claims are the
Golden Bod, Nana G., J. B. Trate, O.
K., Fraction No. 1, Pleasure Box,
Flora Belle and Yvonne, all of whicli
have been acquired recently. Some 1,-
000 feet of work has already been done
and the showings excellent. Cabins
are located on the claims, the north
fork wagon road crosses the group and
splendid water power is available. It
is asserted that assays from the O. K.
indicate an average value of SI I.
Ottawa, Feb. 21.���A cublegram
from the high commissioner's office,
London, gives the names of eight invalided Canadians from South Africa
as having sailed for Halifax on the
steamer Lucania. Among them is
Corporal Hart McHarg of the Hossland Rifle company, Bossland.
How It Gock lu  Ban lYnnrlarn.
During the present cold and grip
season forty-eight thousand seven
hundred and twenty boxes of Iliomo-
Quinlne have been purchased by the
following wholesale drug houses of
San Francisco: Kedington tit Co.,
Langley ifc Michael Co.. Mack tit Co.,
add Richards & Co,
Tl��������� V'sociated Boards of Trade of
S,..i...,.n liritish Columbia hold their
[nrinu.il meeting in Greenwood on the
J8th Instant, when the following subjects will he discussed:
First���All matters acted upon by
the association and not yet disposed
of hy legislation. These include
su'-i* points as the iccoguition of the
��� Boundary" country on the maps of
the district, mine bulletins, wagon
roads and the funds to raise the same
for the opening up of mining dis-
tiicis. the necessity of a resident supreme cuuit judge in the Kootenays,
Inadequate provision for public
schools, maps showing the occupied
government lands, the saddling of
municipalities with the construction
of mining loads In their townshlpH,
the royalty on timber and the undefined nature of the right of mine owners to purchase the surface rights of
their claims.
Second.--All matters acted on at the
special meeting of December \2, 1H00,
or referred at that meeting to the annual convention. This includes the
approving of the appointment by the
provincial government of a mining
Commission to enquire into the relations of the public policy of the Dominion to the mining in.lustry, the
presentation of data to such a commission by the Associated Boards,
the appointment of one or more mem-
b''rs, nominated by the boards, to the
mining commission, the suggestion of
the names of G. O. Buchanan, of
Kaslo I'. Ross of Greenwood, and R.
F. 1 n'tnie of Trail, us members of
flu* toinmisslon, the creation of a
���separate department of mines, the application of thu coast hoards to be admitted to tlie Associated boards, and
tlie coast to Kootenay   railway.
Third���By tho Greenwood board.
The coul question as affecting the
smelting interests of the mining sections.
Fourth���By the Grand Forks
board. Renewed efforts toward the
appointment of a minister of mines
iu tlie Dominion cabinet. Open railway policy in Southern British Columbia. Cheaper freight rates into
the Boundary country. Increased
parliamentary representation in both
Dominion uud Provincial houses. In
view ol the fact that commissions
have been appointed by our government and the United States to settle
the boundary line in the Mount Baker district, whether or not it is advisable that such commission should
extend its operations and investigations through the whole of Southern
British Columbia.
Fifth���By the Nelson board. Tbe
delegates of the Nelson bourd will
presiut a motion asking the Associated boards to recommend the passing of
legislation which will improve the existing laws ou bankruptcy.
Sixth���Hy the Trail and Nelson
hoards. Whereas there is at flic present time no lead refining works in the
Dominion of Canada and the initial
cost of establishing such a plant is
very great, it is tlie opinion of this
association that tlie Dominion government should encourage the establishment of such a plant by a grant foi a
term of years of a bounty of to per
ton upon all lead of Canadian origin
smelted and refined in Canada.
Seventh. ���By the Kamloops board.
Whereas, the B. C. Inland Board of
Trade of Kamloops has initiated a
movement having in view the establishment in the neighborhood of
Kamloops or ut some other point in
the dry belt of British Columbia, of a
sanitarium for the treatment of persons suffering from pulmonnty tuberculosis: and intends to petition both
the federal and provincial governments for assistance in establishing
and maintaining such sanitarium; be
it resolved, thut this meeting of the
Associated Boards of Trade of Eastern
British Columbia hereby endorses the
action of the said It. C. Inland Board
of Trade of Kamloops in this respect,
and hopes tbat its endeavors to obtain assistance from the federal and
provincial governments for the establishing of such an institution as aforesaid will meet with success.
Eighth���By the Kaslo board. The
delegates of the Kaslo Board of
Trade will present a resolution defining the pjwers of the executive
council of tlie association and providing that at any meeting regularly
called the executive council may in its
own name memorialize the Dominion
or Provincial governments or any of
the departments or ministers of cither,upon any question; provided that a
copy of any memorial so forwarded
Shall be Immediately transmitted to
each of the boards of trade within
the association. And that it sholl be
competent for any local hoard to
adopt and present a memorial upou
the same subject.
Ninth���By the   Moylo board.    Be it
Continued on Third Page. ��� ���    ���-*.
Nelson Daily Minrr,  Fripav,   Fubmjrav at, 1900
The Nelson Miner
published   Every
a I uiwn,'   Except   Monday
���HY THK���
Limitki) Liability.
145 Fleet Street, K. C.
Central   1'rows AKcnny,  Ltd., Sp, -id Agont-
Dtdly, pnr month, by riu-rlor     ��u��;
Dally, per month, by tnail     SQa
Dally*, per year, by carrier s 7 00
Daily, por year, by mali   6 00
Daily, pur ynur, furcik-ii    tl Oil
Weekly, i��-r half year '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.  2 o"
Weekly.per j���*-- ,
Weekly, nor year, fnrelgn
Bubaorlptloua Invarlauiy
II IlllVUllCO.
All Cheekw should  hi) nimli, payable tfl thi
oritur   of    NBLBON    I'uiil.lslllNO    Company,
Ish Columbia would get  along  bette'
if abler men were elected to the legi
la'ure to look after her affairs.      _
Signs are not wanting that the
South African war is rapidly drawing
to an end. The more sensible of the
Boer leaders are now advising wholesale surrender and no doubt this view
will prevail with the rank and file,
who are tired ot the   unequal contest.
Congiatnlations to Chief Thompson
of the tire department and the other
Nelson boys who were successful In
their applications for enlistment in
the Baden-Powell constabulary. May
they meet with success In their m'li-
tary expedition and return to Nelson
with honors thick upon tbcm.
A number of people have been kind
enough during the past few days to
say that a decided improvement is noticeable iu The Miner Bincc its staff
underwent a process of reconstruction. The Miner is pleased at tbis
and refers to it for the purpose of
pointing out to its readers and patrons bow important it is that efforts
to establish in Nelsona thoroughly up-
to-date newspaper���ono representative
of this most important commercial
centre and the Kootenays���should be
backed up by adequate support from
the public. If the Miner is a good paper, please say so; subscribe for it and
try to induce your friends to do like
wise; advertise in it, and lend it a
helping hand in every way possible.
The Miner will always be found laboring in the true interests of Nelson and
the Kootenays. It will work unceasingly for their advancement. It conceives that to ho its true mission ; and
it desires that that shall be properly
understood by the public. Accorded
the degree of support whicli it merits, there is no reason why The Minei
should not flourish as Nelson flourishes, and grow into a newspaper
worthy in every respect of the important district in wbich it   is published.
The uncertainty which exists as to
whetherjlls Royal Highness the Duke
of York will visit Western Canada has
led to the suggestion being put forward that the western cities should
communicate with him at once and
formally invite him to extend his visit
westward. The suggestion is a good
one and no time should be lost in
putting it into .effect. __
mlnlstratlve experience ought to qualify him in an exceptional way for the
work to be done in the Yukon country. Mr. Rosn is a Liberal in polities
���Vlctoiia Colonist,
The tragedy that has transformed
pretty and prosperous Cumberland into a village of mourning, is one that
touches tho heart uf all British Columbia; it will not, however,be with-
ot Its blessing if it show the way for
legislation that will effectually protect against a recurrence of such
grave catastrophe and open the eyes of
the imperial authorities to tbe truth
of bow great a menace the untu'ored
coolie is to the lives, as the prosperity, of a white community --Vuiicou-
ver Province.
Before tlie accident happened at the
Union mines a petition had been prepared by the coal miners of Vancouver Island, ready to be laid befoie the
legislators at the session which is
about to meet, asking that certain restrictions which tbey consider necessary for their protection should bo
made law There is nothing to indicate that any of the precautions they
ask should be made obligatory bad
been neglected by the managers of tbe
mine at which the catastrophe occurred ; but force has been lent to their demands by the accident and public
opinion has been aroused in a way
that will make it exceedingly difficult
for our legislators to deny their request.���Victoria Times.
^^^^^^'^^���^^^^���^^���^^^^^^^Mi^^ '  '?b
\     GAS
the thing
once used
always used.
Ottawa's medical health officer
wants a Dominion law enacted requiring all meat sold for human consumption to be stamped by a government
inspector as fit for human food. This
seems a rather unique suggestion;
but no one will be inclined to scoff at
it, when it is remembered how necessary it is that all possible precautions be taken for the protection of
the public health.
"Everything comes to those who
know how to wait." At last work is
to be started on the new postofflce and
custom house building, lt is a matter for regret that the coutract was
not given to a local tenderer; but we
suppose it is vain to hope that liritish
Columbia men will be "in it" in the
matter of government contracts until
Quebec's capacious maw has been
thoroughly stuffed with pap.
Much important legislation is   forecasted in the speech   from   the thron<
at the opening of the provincial legislature   yesterday.    Bills   to aid three
railway   projects will   be   introduced,
one being a line from Boundary Creek
to the coast.    This annoucement   will
be hailed witb pleasure  by the people
of   the   interior.    Tbe bill to aid   tht
extension of the E. tit  N.   railway   to
the north   end   of   Vancouver   island
will no doubt   receive   hearty support
from   members   on   both sides of   the
house, as it is a project   essentially in
the interests of   the   whole   province.
General support also will no doubt be
lent to the scheme to build an all-Canadian   line   to tap the   Yukon.    This
is a road which is much needed. Some
necessary amendments   to the mining
laws are   promised.    It is to be hoped
that the fullest consideration   will be
given   to legislation of this character.
Tbe measure aiming at the   establishment oi the wood pulp industry in thf
province is wisely conceived in its intent   and   will   be   welcomed   on   all
sides.    It is satisfactory to know that
a reduction iu freight   rates affecting
interior   points   has   been   obtained.
On tbe   whole, the  legislation   promised in   the   speech   is   calculated   to
elicit general approval.
In another column we print a dispatch from Vancouver containing the
very important announcement that
the C. P. R. will refuse to handle
Crow's Nest coal for United States
points until the coal company has fulfilled its promises to supply the British Columbia market. This is a move
which will speedily bring matters to
a crisis and the C. P. R. is to be commended for its pluck in thus forcing
the issue. We shall refer to the situation thus created at greater length in
to-morrow's issue.
on  cost  of any
line  connected  with   the
cheerfully  furnished.
Gas  business
New Goods
We  have just
reived and op��^n-
ei up two cars
of. ... .
i     Nelson Coke & Gas
I Co., Ltd.
As The Miner believes it is the duty
of a newspaper to print all the news
and give both sides of a controversy
it reproduces in another column the
report ��>f an interview with EliaB Rogers, managing director of the Crow's
Nest Coal company, on tbe matter of
smelters and the coke supply. Mr.
Rogers makes the statement that his
company is "now turning out more
coal and coke than tbe entire market
of British Columbia can take, as that
market only requires 300 tons of uoke
and 500 tons of coal per day." This
seems at variance with the facts as
we have been led to understand them,
and we shall feel obliged if some
one conversant with the situation will
take up Mr. Rogers' interview and
reply to it through The Miner.
In Plain and
Fancy flus-
lins.   .   .   .
Mr. Joseph Martin is sick of politics
in British Columbia and wants to retire to private life. Let him go. Let
no man raise a hand to stop him. Bis
going will bo a matter for rejoicing
rather than for regret. It may seem
somewhat heartless to say this, but it
is true. What is tlie use of bandying
words about the matter'.' The people
huve no use for Mr. Martin in public-
life and might us well say so. It is
but the bald truth tn say that since he
-ami' to British Columbia from Manitoba he did the province a great deal
of harm. lie, and be uloue, was responsible for the passage of much pernicious legislation���legislation which
did the province an incalculable
amount of injury, from the effects of
which it will not recover fo< many-
years to come. That is the truth about
Mr. Martin; so we say let bim go.
But in saying this we are referring to
him in his public capacity. As a private citizen we wish him success and
prosperity. Ue is an able man and a
bard worker, and deserving of success.
Who will be his successor as leader
of the opposition'.' That is a hard
question to answer. Thero is a singular paucity of able men in public life
in British Columbia and there is not a
man in the legislature today who possesses the true qualities of successful
leadership. Why this should be so is
difficult to undertsand, for there are
many able men in the province. But
they do not come forward and seek
election. They are content to attend
to their private business affairs. This,
from their own personal etajdpoint,
js perhaj'o an act of wisdom, but Brit-
The days' news is like milk. Unless it is used when it is fresh it
spoils. Also it is like milk, in that
it takes a lot of it to make a good
churning.���Toronto Star.
Suggestion for a Carrie Nation raed
al: Amazon rampant, bartender
couchant, crossed hatchets, with a
background of broken bottles. Motto:   "Ich Swat."���Chicago   Tribune.
Scientists have decreed that women
are in danger of knuspedanaietor
neurosis in the muscles of the left
hand if they don't give up the un
graceful habit of clutchlngitheir trailing skirts in the streets. That ought
to settle it.���Hamilton Post.
These are the Newest Out,
and are really beautiful and
artistic in pattern and makeup, and represeni shades and
styles to suit every complexion, figure and taste.
An inspection is respectfully invited-
The . .
Is   as
in our
much  interested
Flour: -
as the bread-winner.    There is sat-
sfaclion and economy in using it.
Notwithstanding- others are advertising these goods, we, and none
others in this city, have the right
from Ganong Bros, to sell. All
others in this city have bv both
the Factory and its General
Agents been absolutely refused
such right to sell. We desire
the public to understand that we
are the sole and exclusive agents in
Nelson for these famous chocolates;
and we therefore call the attention
of all to our contract with Ganong
Made of the best Manitoba wheat
and by the best workmen, insure
its quality and by the latest improved methods which, insures its
Klrkoatrif.K &  Wilson
A. McDonald
6 Co-
Oorner Baker and Stanley BtreeU
Greenwood is to celebrate on tbe 1st
of March, the blowing in of the new
local smelters. A resolution in support of the .lim Hill scheme for a railway to haul the Canadian coke past
these smelters to those of the combine
on the American s.de, will not be a
feature of the proceedings. Times
change. A year ago the Oorbin scheme
would have carried Greenwood by a
large majority, and if that charter
had been granted Hill's triumph
would now be complete.���New Westminster Columbian.
It is stated that Mr. Ogilvie has resigned, or is about to resign the position of commissioner for the Yukon,
or the governorship, as it is commonly
called. Rumor connects the name of
Mr. J. II. Ross, of Moosejaw, with
the probable vacancy. Mr. Boss is a
member of the Northwest council.
Ho entered public life during the time
when Mr. Dewdncy was Lieutenant-
Governor at Regina, and has occupied
a position in the council ever Bince���
that is. for eleven years, Mr. Dewd-
ney lays that he is a thoroughly reliable and competent man,   whose  ad-
Owners   having   claims  for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values Gold or Sliver
are requested lo forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities, names of locations, etc., to
P.O. BOX, 505, NES0N.
B. 0-
-stabliahed 1895.   Here to Stay.
Our Celebrated Bread
delivered daily to any
part of the town. , . .
Try Our Scotch Short Bread,
Scones and Oat Cakes-
Telephone 210. P. O. Box 99.
Some Home Made llreud
Is as beavy as lead,
But mine is as light as a feather;
if you buy it and eat it,
You will always greet it,
For yon can stand nil kinds of weather
Has removed to the Turner-Boeckh
Block, corner Ward and Baker
Streets. ,
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows:
Java and Arabian Mooha, per pound f  40
Java and Mocha Blend, 8 pounds  1 00
Flno Santos, 4 pounds.  J 00
SanlOH Blend, J pounds.....  1 00
Our  SpootalBlend, 6 pounds  1 OO
Our Wo Roast, (i poundH  1 00
A t_ia_ o_nr._ teucrriD.
NELSON -<        B- C.
Glassware   or  Crockery    I
you want, come and see    *
us.  Our stock is the largest in Nelson, and prices
Groceries,  Crockery.
Nelson, B. C.
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.  P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. C.
���.  ... gpj-MJ   MR    ��� J__R
Julia Arthur bas abandoned her Inten-
_��n of playing Iiamlet this season.
Tki Bostuulana will shortly produce
Herbert aad Smith's "The Viceroy."
���Ir Usury Irvlng'i present stage uiau-
lg*r kia ...u with him nearly 40 years.
r��r Irvlat'i first night In New York
th* sUkata w*r* sold by speculators aa
kif t> ai fill.
William Gillette will later take "Sln-r-
leck Helwas" to London, just as he took
"Hecret ���ervlce."
��� taart Roksua has enlisted Jeffreys
Lewis for his new season la Que Thomas' "Uliver Uoldsmith."
Cequella has revived an old play writ-
tea from one uf Dumaa' novels, lu ibis
play he appears us Chicot, the jester of
Mem-j 111.
���ix new world cities now bave pcrma-
aent opera couipaules, New York, Montreal, St. Louie, New Orleans, Chicago
aa4 Haa Francisco.
Milt. Lara le the latest Frou-Frou at
tke Cemedle Francaise. A forthcoming
���ew play there le M. Devore'a "Uon-
auieuua de I'lilufuut."
_a attempt Is to be made early next
year te ���atablisb a German theater ia
Leudea. Tk* first play to be presented
_ "!��� Wtlsou ttoezi," the leading part
a wkick will be played by lien- August
Ia 1800 th* Theatre Francali will de-
-**nd 01 a production of Sardou'a "Pa-
trie," which has had two hearings ia
America. Sardou himself considers the
heroine the enly really naughty woman
h* ever put in th* center of a drama.
"La Belle Helen*" is to be revived next
���amuier in Pari* with an elaboration never known la previou* productions. Offenbach'* heire put at tb* disposal of the
Manger* th* original ���cor* of tbe opera,
and that was found to contain numbers
that had never been sung in former representation*.
All dampness ahould be kept away
Uroin tbe bees during the fall and winter.
Tarred paper make* a good lining for
th* bottom* to prevent mice from entering.
Each hire should have a good bottom
board, which should be planed smoothly
and painted.
Hires ahould be set about two Inches
abort th* ground, with an embankment
l*v*l la front.
New comb* that are pure wax and
bar* not been used are not liable to be
Infected with worm*.
Worm* will infeat empty combs and
atterly destroy them if away from th*
*tr*t*etloa *f tha bee*.
Ban abhor being molested at night
N* work can be don* with them at that
time with any satisfaction.
If there I* lea* than 25 pound* of honey
In th* hire at the end of the honey Beaton, feeding will b* necessary.
A* much a* possible avoid working
With bees sn cold, cloudy day*. At tbat
(im* th*y ar* mar* apt t* b* irritable.
Honey that ha* been well ripened In
the hlv* before being taken out la much
better this takea out a* soon a* capped.
If at any time a hire of beea ia examined and there I* not brood in all of ita
stage*, it Is a alga that the queen la dead.
A good fall flow of honey alwats places
the bees In the best possible condition for
wintering. Without it it Is hard to keep
the bed in condition.���St Louis Republic. 	
Dewey's name reversed 1* "yo wed,"
and he did.���St. Louis Star.
Probably th* Hon. Cecil Rhodes does
���et aaed any alarm clock to wake him in
the morning thes* day*.���Chicago Tribune.
John Quartci-dollar and Nancy Nichol
Were married at Providence the other
iay. Hew Ilk* SO cent* they must feell
������Denver Poet
Tom Reed managed congress all right,
but w* expect to ae* a high old time
whei k* attempts to call tbe janitor of
fct* flat t* order.���Washington Post.
Congressman Roberts announces that
k* ha* a* intention of resigning. The
successful husband of three wives is not
going t* b�� acared before he is hurt���
Minneapolis Time*.
In view *f th* excessive demands made
by th* lnvantor of wireless telegraphy,
th* war department authoritiea are not
ready t* ��ay, "W* want vou, Marconi���
r��, w* do."
Incidentally th* navy Is discovering
ism* hidden reef* about Luzon to h*
Marked an future navigation charts.���
rittaburg Dispatch.
At tb* present stage of our naval development the loss of a modern warship
st th* Charleston's quality cannot be
Measured la dollar* and cents.���Syracuse
Th* lass *f th* (hip Is to b* regretted,
encauae th* American navy is not of such
Imperial dimensions that it can spare so
la* a erulser.���Springfield (Mass.) Rape, blleaa.
But after *ur Teasels hav* gone unscathed through such experiences aa
tkeae at Manila and Santiago it doe*
Mem Incougruou* that losses should oc-
���ir through treacheroua explosion and
through wreck.���Boston Poet
An American grave for Paul Jones,
the Inspiration of the American youth.���
K��t York World.
Arlington Heights I* the site for a
tomb to John Paul JoneB tbat will be a
shrine for every lover of liberty. To
this opinion there doesn't appear to be
any dissent���Philadelphia Times.
If it la true that th* place of his sepulture has been accurately Identified, congress should take measures;, during tha
coming season to provide foi- the reburial
of tbe remains in the United States and
for 4lio erection of a handsome monument���Pittsburg Post
The first trade union in the United
States was tbat of the tailors, formed in
The Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiner* ha* 00,000 members, being one-
tenth of the whole number of men in thi*
Up to 1881 there had been only 1,491
strikes in the United State*. Several single years since then have shown a* great
b number. _. . _   __
AdvcrllHOmunt*! insertod umlur I niu head al
the nil.,, of ono oeul a word nor tiiHortion. No
advorLisonienl taken for lew* Mian '26 ronK
SMliuuion W'iiii:ni advortiKunnnlH Inserted
three tin.en free of oharKo.
FOR    BENT ���Cellar.
Il.'inli of Camilla.
Apply     Royal
FOR SALp.���180 acres of first-Class
agricultural and garden land, 12
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will sell In 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts.
Prioe and terms reasonable. Apply
or address, A. 1*'. Rosenberger, Room
1, K.-W.-C. Hlock, Nlesou.	
FOR SALK.���Second   hand    piano   in
(food   older.    Will be   tuned   before
delivery.   Apply R. W.  Day,   Turner-
lloeek block.
FOB SALE,���Lot  on   Vernon   street,
bringing   in   ground   rent   of (29 a
month. 92000,    Apply R.  VV. Day.
Randolph Stewart's new map, showing all surveyed mineral claims. itl.Till
each. R. VV. Hay, Turner-liocck
ROOMS   TO   LET .���Clement-llillyer
block.    Apply  Tramway   company's
FOB   SALE.���Two    Smith-Premiers,
one Densmore, one Remington, good
condition.     Apply   W. L. T.,   C. r*.R.
Telegraph office.
POR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and  Carbonate   Street.
FOR SALE. ���House and lot on   Silica
street, $2,000.    All modern improvements.    Leased for two years   at  $25
per month.  Address A-l, Miner Office.
FOR SALE���Second hand safe. Cheap.
Apply J. J, Walkei, jeweler.
TO    RENT.���0-roomed    house,   bath,
etc., SHI; modern cabin, $0; barn on
Silica    street,      810     Apply   S.     M.
Hrydges, K.  \V.-C. block, llaker street.
FOR SALE.���Lady wishes to dispose
of some good clothing. Oood material. Apply Mrs. Howell, Victoria
street, second door west of Phair hotel.
FOR BENT���Building formerly used
as cottage hospital. Seven medium
sized rooms, two exceptionally large
rooms. Modern conveniences. Apply
A. R, Sherwood.
FOR SALE.���A snap, 7-roomed house,
bath, pantry, at corner of Silica and
Cedar Btreet, 81.786.    For full particulars apply at office.
FOR SALE.���Two lots and li-roomed
house, bathroom, cellar, etc. Large
kitchen range in place, cost 98,600,
House piped for gas all sanitary improvements. Full particulars applv
office, R. W. Day.    $3000.
FOR SALE. ���Lot 8, block 4,   sub-div.
182, 50x120. $250.
Office.���Male and female help of all
kinds furnished free of charge. Specialty of hoti Is, restaurants and private families. Victoria street, next
door to Public Library. 'Phone 270,
P. O. Box 711.
WANTED.���A stenographer of experi
ence���Address K-2, Miner Office.
WANTED. ���Hy young man   81   years
of   age   position   of any kind.    Address, 11.-2, Miner office.
WANTED���liy man and wife, situation as porter and chambermaid.
Can furnish good references. Two
years experience. Can care for horses;
also milk. No objection to leaving
city.    Address E, Miner office.
WANTED���A foreman for aerial tramway. MuBt be a good wire rope
splicer, (loud position for good man.
None need apply unless fully competent.    Apply M.  H.. Minor olllce.
WANTED.���Position   as cook in hotel
or restuurunt by   a   woman.    Apply
II.-1, Miner office.
WANTED.���Situation    by   man   aud
wife,    to   cook for a camp,  (experienced) apply F. W., Miner office
WANTED.���Employment by   business
man with 20 years'experience.    Address Joseph Jones, Miner Office.
FIRST-CLASS    Room and   Board,   in
private   family,    leasnnable   terms.
Applv on Silica street, two doois west
of Ward.
have  authentic     edition.    Buy   of
home house.    Outfit free.    S. 0,    Miller tit Co., Portland, Oregon.
WANTED.���The   reader to know that
if lie   reads   this,   other people will
read his ad, in this column.
PRIVATE rooms and   board,    Heated
throughout.    Use of  bath.   Apply
Mrs. Heilly, one door above Postoffloe
DRESSMAKING and plain sewing by
the day.    Address  Miss Ilanex, liox
507, Nelson.
TRAINED NURSE   open   to   engage
nients.    Mrs.  Seton, Silica Street.
Is there anything you want?
If there is, make that want
known through The Miner's
Want Page and you will get
it. A Miner want ad. always
brings results.
$100,000 00.-1 want a GOLD mine
netting $100,000.00 annually. Free
milling gold properties wanted. Send
price, terms, full report, etc., to Andrew F. Rosenberger. Nelson, B.
C, Room 4, K.-W.-C. Hlock. Phone
and masquerade costumes made and
rented.    Green's    tenement   in   alley
between Josephine and Hall.
WANTED.���Darning     and   mending.
Apply Mies Outram,   Mill street. _ _^
THE ANGLE LAMP���No smoke, no
j smell, no trouble, light that never
fails. Address Charles Burt, agent,
WANTED.���A piactical miner wants
place in or around a mine where
wife could cook for crew up to 20
men. No encumbrance. References if
required. Address, J. A., Box ilill,
Kaslo, B. C.
MAiVUULliN.��� VIOLIN.���French Language.    Lessons by C. Leblanc.   Silica   street,     opposite    St.    Saviour's
SITUATION wanted by cooks,   waitresses,chambermaids,girls for housework, nurses,   blacksmiths,   laborers,
WANTED���Nurse girl.
BOILER for sale. Five horse power,
upright sectional tubular. All fittings. Equal to new. Nelson Employment Agency, Baker street. J,
H. Love.
FOUND.���A key, near Thorpe's Soda-
water   factory   on    Vernon   street.
Owner may have same by   applying at
Miner office.
i  h44__^*M__^*r4__^4t__kaH__^>'H^b>>t4__M4k_k4e__k4ts_���-4**__M*_I
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   $8,000,000;    Reserve   Fund,   $2,000,000;
Aggregate Resources Over $05,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New Vork Office; id Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and the United States, including:
Atlin Greenwood Nelson Sandon
('kanhrook Kami.ours New Westminster   Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
YUKON DISTKICT-Dawson and White Horse.
UNI'l'Kl) STATUS���New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.   Present Bate 3 Per Cent
, Nelson Branch.
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a*aat aromot attention.
We  must  have room  for  our  Spring  Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Josephine   Street.       -       -       Opposite   Clarke   Hotel.
the only place in liritish Colombia
where prospectors can exhibit samples
of their ore to the mining public. No
charges made for exhibiting your ore,
and listing vour propeity. Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, 15. C. Phone
WANTED.-Old rags,
Apply Miner oflice.
must be   clean.
'|iH01tl*K _ CO. Llmitod-Corpor Vornon
JL and Cedar direct*, Nolson ���Alonufaotur
era uf aud wholesale (ieulci'H in tienilcu water*
and fruil tiyruutJ. Solo ugenU for Halcyon lie!
S'.riiiKH mineral w-Uer.   Telephone UU.
_.l N. At, i uu .nn I,.. Losaoe���Kvory known
variety uf nofi drink*, l* o liox ��s. ieleptiunt
No, ill. Uuuver Slruel, Nelson, liolllei-n ol Un
famous .St. Loon HoLSpiinuH Mineral Water.
" Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing Don-
more Junction daili for Bt. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal nnd Boilon, Mondays iiiul Wedneadoya   tor Toronto.
Si me cars  pass   Revelstoke  one  day
fnr   your   gflStein   trip  in to   seta
C1ANJ- & MACDONALD (H, Oano, Jama
/ A. Mucdoiiu.ll) Aiviiih-rt-. unci Hipi'i il
iciidtuiLti, liruKcu mil liiut'K, .urnur utUui "i"*
WurdsireoLH, -.Nelson.
HJ. J.VANS fit OO.���linker btreet, Nel
���  sou��� V\ buleeale detUers lu liquors, el-
Kuio, c-uinuiil, tire brick und lire chty, water
I'lpn and i-u-ul ralle, und k-j_i_tu1 cuiiiiiiinbiui.
in o I'd urn tn.
BKAU__A1AjN-K__K A11__L1NU CO., LTD.-
WhoiUriule uud rut-.il duulun-i iu giuin,
hay, flour, (ood. Milln ut Victoim, New Wot-t
luiut-aer; Edmonton, Aitu. i_luviiiuiH uu v ,.;
gury uud Kdniontuu Kailwuy. Manufacture.'
of i hu uulubrutod li. He K. bmud ueruaLs.
A MACUONaLU __ Co.���Corner Fron
��� and Hull atreela���W huluuuiu grocere
uud jobburd in blankutd, gluvun, mu i s, buuu,
rubburtt, muckinawn uud uiinur-V .-iuidrio_.
\TJ_l_aON HAW AND  ^LAMNU Ml..,,
J31    Ottlcu  corner  Hull und   fcront fctU'cete,
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, lluoving, und ever)
thing in woud for building nurpuncu. Out out
priuud.   Corruripunduucu holicilud.
rBUKNti _c Co.���Buker Btreet, NeUou-
���   Wholoeulo deulcru in frurih uud cured
iueutfi.   Cold btorago,
Bukcr atreot, Nelnou��� Wholesale dealer, in fret-th uud uured inuutH.
sired. Nelson ��� Wholreale daalais in
hurdwaru, uiinurH' supplies, tiporling good^.
M'LACHLAN BHOti. (auuuuKHuiK to Vancouver Hardware Co. Ltd./ Baker Street,
Nelson��� v\ holesale dealers tn hardware and
mining supplies^ plumbers' uud i in.-mii.hs' supplies, (j j
\T KLbOiN HAltDv, AKL CO.- Wholesale
_Ll pamts, oils und gli>ss; mechut.irs' touts.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; _yn unite
rilUHNKlt, BEETON *& Co.-Cornor Vernon
_L and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealors iu liquors, oigurH, und dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Browing Co. uf Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
UUSON'S BAY Co.���Wholcaale grociTle-
and liquors vie, Bakur Slruul., NcIkoii.
C1ALIFOKNIA WINK UO., JUmitttd���Corner
/   Front nnd Hall Streets, Nelson���VVhols.
sule doalers    n   wines  (curie  and   bulk), ..nu
domeutio and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN _ CO.���Corner Vernon and
. Jouephine Streets, Nelaon ��� Wholesale
dealers in jiiov<iuo-'u nred ,,o ts, but tor anil
Do you want some fine stationery���
letter paper and envelopes���with the
name of your home or "Nelson, If.
C," printed thereon? The Miner can
supply you.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Capital  Authorized,
Incorporated 1869.
,     .    $:t,ooi>,����a.(N�� I Capital Paid-up.     .    .    .     #,,000,eoo.ee
Rest,      ......    $l,7-U-o,uu-0.QO
Roard of Director*,     rhomae B. Kenny,  President;  Thomafl Ritchlo. Vice-President.
Wiley -Smith.  H. G. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeen.
Head Olttcc, Halifax:
General Manager. Edson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Branches I
Nova   Scotia-Halifax   Branch,   Antlgonish,
Bridgewater, uuyeboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg. Muitlund (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port
Huwkosbury, Sydney. Shubenaoadie. Truro,
New     Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Fredericton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Mono-
ton, Newcastle, Sackville, St, John.Woodstock*
r. E, Inland���Charlottetown, Sumuierside.
Quebec���Montreal (City O(flce), Montreal
West Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Wostmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines  Street.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba. West ladles���Havana.
United states���New York (lf> hixchango Place
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents I
ranada-Morohantu Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut'Dunk.   I'IiIchro-III nois
Trust and Su\ inifs Bank.   San Fraaclac.���First National Bank.   Lonilon,  Knit.- Hank  of
-Scotland.   I*nrl��, Frnlirr   Credit LyonnaiH.   Bermuda-Bank of Remind-   I'lilnn iiimI .ln<
p��_���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Spokane-Old National Bank.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on specinl
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
will   be changed to
uZhe TRo^al Sank of Canaba"
from and after
the  Second  day  of  January,   1901.
Halifax, 1st November, 1900.
General Manager.
ymir ln*ki*t  ti'iuIh via ('utiniluui Paglflo
Trii.iiM iukI Steamers Depart.
B -(X)   / Steamer for Kootenay Land
Daily    l.",'*  ?.D_ 81a_tM-? l,0*"t8
'     ) (row s Went Hi mil'.
H:(i(i ) Train for Bossland, Grand
Kx Hun j P01 ks,Greenwood,Midway,��tc
i):iio I Train for Slocan Oity, hlocan
Kx Hun j (niiutH, ami Haudoii.
ltl.00 1 Steamer for Knslo aud iuter-
\ix Run ) mediate pniuts.
18:40 ) ^"l"* *-or Bossland, Naknsp,
Dniiv 11{(,v'-'lst"ll('. main line and
'     ) i'neitiic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full Information call on or address nearest Lo-
cul ARont, or,
M. W. Drew, Depot Agent. \ Nolson, B.O.
H. ���, Brown, City Agent. /
K. J. COYL-.
A  H. P. Agent,
Vanortiv. r
���Spokane  Falls <S_
Northern R'v.
���."".'son  &  Fori
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson vith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lenve DAY TRAIN Arrive
8:0(1 n.m Spoknne 0:40 p.m.
11:50 n.m..... .Rosslnnd 8:10 p.m.
7:00 u.m Nelson  7:16 p.m.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:00 am.
11.00 p. in RoBSland 7:00 a.m.
II. _. JACKSON, G. P. &T.A.
Spokane   Wasn
>Went  Nelson. P.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mo.
Dominion Lino Vancouver March 9
l Mminiiuii   Line Dominion March __���
.Mini l.ino  Nurniiiirtii Man-li III
All.tn Una Corinthian March 1+5
Allan Unut-iciiiiui  March 27
From at, John, N. B.
Beavor LinoMontfort March 8
Beavor i.im: J_tij_u Ohaniplaln. IViarch 15
Ueuvcr Line dieamerH call at Iialifix ono
day laLcr.
From New Yorlr
Ounnrd  Line Ktrurii  March 2
CunaiJ Line Lucan a  March   !)
Ounard Line UnibHa March 16
White Star line Teutonic March (J
\Vh in star Line Germanic March 13
White Slar Lino Majestic   .March 20
American Line Vaueriand March 6
American Line HI LoulB March 13
American Line New York March 20
N. G. L  Kaiser Wilhelni der GrosMo. .March A
N. _.. L. Lahn March _ti
Froui Boston
Cunard Line Ivornia March!)
Dominion Lino Commonwealth...    .March 13
PauKaKCH arranged to and tium all Kuropcan
points. For rates, lickotH and full information
apply to C. P. H. depot agent or H. L, Brown
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, li. C.
Gonnral *co��it.. C.P.R OflW, Wi"nipcflr,
Notice is hereby given that James
Oil] of the City of Nelson, lumber
merchant, did on tlie IllKt day of December, 1000, retire from the "Fair-
view Lumber Company" (carrying1 on
business at Nelson J, as a partner
therein, and tbat he will not be responsible for any debts incurred by
said company since said dissolution.
Dated at Nelson, it. 0., this lHth
dav of Februarv, A. D., 1901,
Per Elliot A Lennie bis solicitors.
BrewcrR of Fine Loner
Beer and Poi ler,
alelann. B. 0.
Cnvents, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Ouniida
and all foreign countries.
Konin li, Bunk of British North
America, Hustings Street, Vancouver.
nnd try a bottle, a down, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER ������'������ It I" U���� b��Ht and
oheapest on ibc market, Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Tnlpphon    DS. ta��l,���r s^   Nnlmn. B  H
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tbrn Canada Mortgage
head  offiob toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to U. I. LENNOX, taker Ot,
Nelaon. (J     ,"���
ii 'iwiiaeeriiJAiwaiMiNaw,.
imi^Atf FRBlWaitY aa, 1901
. ��� " �����������.<
_T .ft ii f *-'Sm^ ���_*��.__-.   *- >.; 1 ... 1^ M \ t
TTOE,WtfAT?i . J_H_j��f^_ftfd_ want pure, whql,J��|f;^P^CTS^
-.n.^Qme.-aiicI .ecoaoiiiidal-iteai either green-or'-totofck, use oijiry
...jii '-i"T iii   ���-���-,     ��� 11 ./ 1 in  - fu
ti.1*  eno  ���! '.i'"' iv< '���:   Bijii'i  ���"���'   '"       iJAillj-J/ J_*ij.a_ll
Cetllori and India
ftSfiao! -BorSale, $2000��ss6
i   ...,'.    ��� ...    'I       "������ kill .11. .Of"
tt��*l����.*e>*-     M lull   I109J Jr.  ...IU.,..
In  I'*|ar-
Tlie Avido Die of tlie Noae
])����� _)<_>__ WWbyAJBOSWA
^.JKMfe M'la ,triU3:/hat,s,orfq nipple ll'la-wesi
twr'jit(rr��"a��T,, , ���
to get riil or them���witnese..,��yfUJ|p >l.i
-Hereerae���It te-filito-trtie-rlmt there aroi
��(��ifciiilrtr*��'il*'Hli tptAil-aiW**' n*lfl"i|iai-iim-
I i if ill** w<il li till- ttlflMl* r.irilr A'riii DtfJW0|Jo6T '
111.V. lilstxivy tniliim iM't'lf il lust in 1 i,in.-, 6t'
thiB fart. ;      ',,,.,-,,' '"'
���'W��iln,,8rWrat,es1 w'flVcjillell'a- ftfton at*."
���*Mlfit"fcf1-uls"uo��rj' _a��WHlno#M|ed I lie
language"'**!'-''_ li'Jifc ���ftttlfl-k'H'oM'iii-f'
flcTOT. 8po��o uOtWi'en fliO
ymi '
'll     r-
;!   m
'.Hin'.t.l Ml ������ a l*-��-*-�� ��� *
flyi ,,rn.ilerii
fromi N>elsohf:',;'oj1 '::l_bbi_nayu.Rivep^-f'T- ^
^"���l-nllti'irtiver xftprif_Jf6'| '8 -teres .l_l_ar.e<J.*ii'g��o_
jj','[|p|^ jtr��cS>:.tearing- (1 o); ��� slfawfberne^and
y-o(,h��i:.,'*;|niiJil,ilriiiLt; ... 6, buildings; good house,-'stable,
',ibarhy|,lro'0|l;hotige; 'tegs hertnery aM'xuaifr-yLr JJble
., $}W<r\hTvXV}&L?{���<. Vim'--eft" creek;; "Jigbt'.iWa^-^^oS
tiraughi-i'tMiwbetv' h-A'1b��**I ousehold effects���cook '_'fJ6ve>
bedding, carfl-liifi '_fp., 'and<-.ai,,q,uantity. ��ficaPpftttt'er's
"���ffifftJis).1? ���iLrtj'ge.'ifl'p.a't',;jiniwJben.��� iiv.ipiaceist9amers-��wijl
\#.i.,   ,.���".   t-O-  . . ,       ,.       .,,t,.    j:;    :,..���   OUSOlOflW       V_
.staBi'tiiuiFDiit ot house.    _-lear..titlei'   ....... .-mm,_*u_,vfl
;.       '.   ,*Vj    A I ���     -  ''       ���    '���'"���      -J' ���' * -  ,'i',,.l";'!l'.'t   J'lUJtuiliU
. t-,.-'    UOJUUtfU*- '""' <"'"*
lillll'lfj ,/l V,  11 i.'W/.iuui'.o DIM 10
�� "'���ft w>ma_^_
B      i. ���     ������. I1     .. i'.i'...i- -i..iiii.t nn ��� jjj-iii-.ui-i ,wiiiM__i__**_*_fc
w.-; 2 .r>.'- 1 .:_  ���������   -���       ^7*
,v m tasqd-riiB
 1  u/W.   w_b W'-aji->i
i,;_;  li.ill   TJII'IUO   IJUlilO      r_
/7 .1 s       .lull   i,'i.i li'i't   "I'Jll'luo  eiuniu     r-X.
aawlad/Aliio/fliii.   Un     it n ail i /     i^ /
r;i  rliuoB  bnjy laa-��   ,l?.ns alnioq H^ ^  BTA-tl   I.?'. '.iy/'._ll<-l'l*l
.j.:tiji;cl/^n'jil)io/. jfij'fl''
chfll'ttcrw." SllOCe -between lh�� eyes, wliieta.
���li'tilled'llV'tjie"hpl)fir"rii('iiiil A-ti-(*itflly,: ih-
Mlcat&l'fnc -ft-Jtm 'of flH'nJ;;ilt''pulvyrl of
lwi*rerti'*f''i��Ai_iiik'irvc'ii'riiistiiliyoc itt_.dotoi
llilioiiH. .   It.;was.- i-MiidiM.-iilily ' 'ividr  ib
WHHl-attouV. IieadiI UtuviuuoiiT'iMiiiiis,-
one of the must impressive loloctilio'liisrs
of trnr itETOltittonin'y. ,ern, "and, u .tir.mrif-'
**��*( a*dd *_*fV_iii��rvtrTniriciv 'fPliWH* -Mirvt.." U'
WnttoWmplrlslr-to _��**VoidB.,'l-II
I'niiiUlin'H nose,
gists to illustruto 1
'i^ts:- for';$a%e:&n:: MAsy'-TE^kig^;^ A , v,
Latfle-HHmtipr pt: Choice Butldlh'g-'_1otsil adjacerit'to tne line ot'"thjei
,111 iTrhfhvvay.'i: FJori^firice andttefrjusl of sale .app^yM tfujrfjffifft^of^hjie Cojrnn
.111 Jpk-hy, MaiJ'lrtnalU1 Block' 'cornerof Joserhine and Vernon greets. ' tj-I _6se\-^r? a
,    ./���''"   "���    . SWlWa__^
" ""'"   ftl" *" ' '   . 1 ' ts__SSS__i_______ '"_-L_, noBe''LJs^.
0   il:
i:T if
81 a
TS il
.a ,1
K ll
0 A
��! li
II. il
11 ���!������
l;i it
_A tjelpfyl Catalogua.
,*)*'j,'f*(i'ge'!lt Cannulas sped cata,-
jjogtfe' "it,, l��i.1.tu,|l . oil informa-1
Mlojb'.'-tuV.'.ibfl ' Gauadinn grower.:
Wnneets liis needs exactly, lti
!Mp-WB'^(m^'jo*rtaSliftei3 to this,
!��l)m��te..l.tfltily. Tiiiovs-s and only
ijirices 'See<lHT! ***Viieli huve boeh
'tt-styil-1- '-not'1 ���brVI^-,1"for. '(jro-nj'th
��� bnt;-,f*fi- quality. Foi- 10c." we
Cwill.eend it -with a LptsSpk*ffe'��8f
She* ��� Mteele-itri-ggft-'Eitf)^ Wpriptr
i'Ctililiage,' 'Tliift is. iiij ciipe.cially;
ifine earlv" cnblw|fe, of fine ila-i
iW:- ���Bot5h!"f!b-r'-il*<^.'"".!l':""       L_
.. ..     'iTKiS-i'KELKilMlitJHi^Rn.QO.itjJ.!
(_ ill     i'rQrontn,U��i����il.V>"t-ii��'Hii^iwi'Hu**)e
]! have"*_!<
ete.^stock ibii 1
Character as Uenleled I15  the t'aefal
llruun  III   Ihr tiitnlrr nf llie truer,
I'ersunittve    Mnniier    Adda    tu
I'iirs<i_W8|lTi*\ft AANn"""***
la AnooTillbB'to itkeiinrlllHlllBt'tttim <>f IB-
ll��tiM(��i��/la "i-ueeii'yitWHtnlU la"polil 0^.
lo*il>WW'Jmthi 'WI* eiljWI "fhe 'Wervlnej
���Tl!e"^iilWs"Mi)llfn'ti".,is"M *tcVfh(*u - be-
,\!'iYuKoJMLs''^'cJoliikii7ioo' fi-pnj I'-Wej'-uiling,..
:i;J.!V"...V.tf..'a-illn rfj;.llair-iL..*.'uuefiira
i )'
tint ii*l*l,
Mti,..W6W ,:D)-i;nu; ^ammtHrrii
cliSl'/'siipiile o'AuiYf. Wrtiii Wafia}g
(Aid .W-WSklkJ rtri-sliit>siw 'tvwiu'iw- jAl-
wnys in uniform rititi,lttl(ltW'liiov*cs,','M|i
iw*-'til)ii)ii hi* liimil fiii.MuitUii r.ntiilim*
nilly iiii.fMicliiij.ii, :he pln.vnn usisf'iiii|mi"
liurtlipiii-l Iii' the' uilnij'l .nvwenr-nf' his
c^l-ll-fi ^I'ft'rlfipl!'!' ���I't-rJri'l*. ^Wli'Vh.'
nnil.,.^ii.,��,>Jv>,'l��-'iW-ii1'fl*--'Vieiafji'llWiI1" ����
vmm uf���'<iiu|e^,'|i(ii,(,l'fl|-*;a��K,>*r, ill :the
poorer qunrtora of tne town where he �����
��t��tiim��il.   The-fnrorirestnmiiiiiKiM-oiijiills
and in Trafalgar squaro, on thMldM
.'runted by the National giillery wpliSL
Martin's church, **! i>.
Tliuse who take the shilling th^��i we,
Initiated Into the service of her i_j_ii)��ty"
nt  the  recruit ing depot  of Bt,  tSSerteJe
barracks, just behind the Nation!* sat-
lery.    This is the largest in QreoP-TOf
uin, nml probably one-quarter of "III thtt
liritish recruits are there enrulled��>-C tiler large depots are found at  WqJH* eji<
Iloiinslow anil elsewhere.    In factytlieeei
I conslilors it "an abutment of    ���- ��� uBewlting de|iot  in every  tdfch o��
and, llteaift m\\ BW^tlll^if.'^aflHlreat Britain. __!   M
I'niiiUlin'H nose, was said. 4>y. pllJitnolo-.
gia'ta'to illustrato the ecnupipical iustuiet
me temper of Henry
Clay was evident in his none. So wus
that of Alexander Hamilton. Tom
I'alue's grossness us well us mental vigor
wns symbolized iu this feature, and so
wero the strong but unrefined proclivities of Gilbert Stuart. Voltaire's nose
Would Bcem to be turned up at ull creation and sniilling n parudox.
Luvater calls the nose the "seat of derision."     He   says   a   beautiful   one   is
never found In a countenance otherwise
ugly, and he considers It
the brain'
buildings, tho essentlnl feature,    He declares: Jnr.w   Jj-ri)   o;-!''rn
"I hare never seen a nose with a broad
'M back that did not'.beloug/rto id ptBfWjr.
'_, dlnnrv man, sucfi ns SwMft, Cttsllr Tlol*-
gia, Titian, etc.   Suiull |Uostrils nre an indubitable sign of JH-hKiitWiVrlsWy (inittlft'.T*,
the open, breathing nostrils, of sensibility." 8VBWl_ .Li.i j'Mi;-r/ 1
A later and more analytic writer finds
CI Infinite shades of meaning in the shapes-
and size of the nose. The first ridge, just
above the top, for instance, according to
his observation, Is the sign of self defense and is large in controversial men.
By the length of the nose, from the root
143downward at a right angle, he estimates
the tendency to suspicion.
Whether one acquiesces in such details
of nasal language, there is no doubt that
general force of character is associated
with a certain strength In this feature of
the face. The Komiin aquiline nose is
Identified commonly with high birth or jn-
?*| trre-'llrfnrdlph'- with * grUflshess,' Hie Te
trousse with fnn; the Itwtlbld nostril-with
;in��i,V��M<t'WMh.if*sn4tiWifl!)S,,i,,, n,i��� wx
,. Ancinj]j��r,ijp,i<ll'f eyie*s*ia;*ut liptusoitilai
p#rlwHWi '
.The repruUuig sergeants whb v
QhtS&f&fm JAd  near  (he  Horse 'feulrils,
have a fur easier task to perfomjuilor.-
!*f_t Ufltwrtknit who do duty clsi*hei-i>.
Under   the   splendid   stimulus   tu-Ksheu
)bfpf|e ameKUvalry's appearance Be rtfl
eru'its  rarely  huve  to  be lubjecmMlfi
DHMk uersuiision and often iifferflhiim_
w'llfe Anisullclted. itecruits nreSaiV*
obtained also in many places onCtitcagt
-bits- uiflpstiiit Ipnraili's. Iiut ill nlSRlury
cii-cHinsliiiu-i's securing recruits fix.' ler
majesty's :-"i-viee is not u tusk 5��o Be'
lightly iiiui.rtakon, &~   '['
fortunately crimping  and   thaaataii
gang are no longer necessary in onBi tb*
keep the army ranks fairly wellSUIi-d,
but  it  Is  true  that  the  recrultlngli eft
gi'iints  for the  militia  and  the oiwii tU|
foot regiments nre sometimes obliged to
resort lo miller devious eXDedlentajl lft
also true tbul a very largo pere_)liigt
of the recruits are picked up in thaVdi
�� raernlUny aorjennt nrn fur more likfily
tnan, any tiling else In prouuee the desifud
LorliUii}s"l(rti t.HMilliy-'i'MftigWeH^utrof
 ibe_watchword to frnpBi-tlnei;\ji
iio����o��i*,-'Hidit(i.lieil''led-byithV nose'l!is a
ti^ByjMmjfi��L-,ror*> ii*piJbe��iUtT-'-' "NoW'But 'oi..
foist?. is.tb�� appM*(��ii->i)hrahe'fttt iHSsdunji-ti
fiture.   When a man is too plr4lt'lRII'rAr#i
 est of .threats.- _Ta_turn' up'tne nose at-
���fiwIi-riiliirti.-ilifiBl ta ilrtff >ri��c 'flll��cT V*n the-
mint*. \> lieu a iiiiiu is iwo |<ir.
������Aullengeiind tpcrlnsTgnlficaiif
'��it <li?''coriinS'oii'nletliud;of'i
���ft'l6rf_ffirRfeish'os��i,:���';', :;������,
ti .1    |     r.ii feeiumigtBiii-nm ta nay>inqe'jinger wn nre*-
oil hand oil.-fioso-. abdii*hruuco; all ifdtir'witb' rtii"I'hdfnft-i
ni *'_-I:''I'ioMfo^iRitnj*i-qtiiiiren*��ilg-lrt tMinlt*i**gl*i('-iVr!s,
HQUllb ____ DCflflDOd   "*   ' .*i-i.����d.iUi*jintliki:ftMilimilo*lt_<>ilmmtirli!T.* cc
,,_'   ___ ,,  "I ,*   atonw', bjftuniseiisal'iH)n.se*atti+��)ilbt��''��siio:
i I.I) ��� ���_�����-_**l n _���> ��� ,      ���      ,     -   ,      i, ,      r i , . ��� r     i -. '   - i . /.. '. .'....-...  i r\        ��� IJ '.If*
B_ d-M
������ i-m
I! il;>t.Rl^
Gl d-yiti
l__igj..   lfC
���KR9W_����6iaalP -rafh-vay
no sai'c-i-iao) "���>.ii-;'i<G;ener_li*|/vgerii.
l�����$-i$$��tiii?iLi) bun ',n9|��i"idT
ll^_*��llfl    Ull   ul  If-.':    q -. I   ,,;
-1 iwo /doors i.iwest
i   be
7_ji'j Hiiifee'
>l-ij-_i i
CROOKERW- ��� .oaa
* -i
dor West of jUMfeOfflcd:
French   Corsets    iiinniitn.rt.ured   irdm
l-iiiimn-jJe^Bi Pii|'is
     ,     .. J Fiencw goods natld.
________ J_ffl__5_kii_ H___C_4_*
titi j.-
_iU__J)erf"w, l"J"' '"''������ "''   .! 9n.flhjtedu __Hn<t_-^it--g-iis.Uaiitf - ��*o|n.b
'iDf?-S2i2fi;��� r       ',-H|'iq ''���"'���''''���       phases nnd forms of life.   Why is.1MbV.*
wla-plmlgJsByl   "'_"'.   tooiit_n.|  ----r^Ttly^ecnnHiT-5rai|Tj-1h&1th_ceiitM!of
JM' ''���MrtllHltl'frqJ fffliK',��Oftnrci1'T<i''*' ���p*yteBgno_V>flr'63figI lM mist
IVTOUlJingS.   t-aSnclWOOTS.   promincnt Pomtt1fei-,pin:?ts! Toast'Ifttfitruir -
���In_j_fl 'f ijHS_t) Ity b���������- up tha harmony et the wb
>Mi��"h��-!PILOT BA.���_
jHrtUi B .euiurnirl .U ,*W ,*ruu
  -'"  ������������-���__
r--_yfillrT9MI-fl-4�� fiffitS
���VKtU of :��M^blW^^ne^B'?���>lrV'e���*^(t���Ve',
O a suf-e ciupjj^b^b^n Je, $&$
j i^svlth i^.wHIWTit/itlWilkno.WilP'teel.li
pifffly becauseitTs fhe hibst passive
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.r,   n     |   a ,_3Wi,USlt'.��_>'V,'e^ji^'''llW,*'sV!l41'
'Gl** form���wilhour*iolnTit.v, like the mon
QdHi bsjeioiasiil'njiangos 0f tint and size, like thee.
���Nffi'L'flON" ���'��*��>*��'��������< certain   H*w(*f.:��filT!Hli:iM4!<*��'n
���provokes atflilHion.   Hence they are f<
Jn!ll;l-._��T't      Hi        "
     'r:Mmm#im;m<>��� *��"��
;.pf tbe nose, oue will find somewhat of
(> i��9i^eRi��fitt_fyjtaitot%tt_Sfi a��rtfe
HiHl   no  special   mom   whereby   they  em
of the PatienlJ?J,BMfP*Tiir,-*p^r��e-''1
��� ��
AdcliLsa   Di...W.-IIv
& Co., CD
inilttc-tv iiiivot-S 'o*; ltiB^elrlfy*:   Hf-mB nob
���or ���ftfS-iiiiWfH'iScrtf roY- v'l|^'R;'i)|;^e dtp
fflflr/otf t0S,��hr:l*^fn-elit'iriAif��W 'VrlW*}1
tlie.i aniipaJsi' MflraOBirja :Our,h��in)eniit':
���whidi'mityt. iDr-*il��togreBi ��tt*Wlffl"ti)*<'l
le-ajit!-��a).iift<X3.>i-H;*> distinction of huinnji
iU.I%9vw*0*JO??l*?,nu'-1 affinities of till
sense are far nearer to the mind and fa{
rne'r remoyed from, the mere, animal fae
4ii��c��naD ;,tti.','0h��i_Jie9|",hB_re JUnnteuBn*!
���* ��'aoiitin��9reh��y'';rdpM*>ea'-'��ri''"��(ff lftfrto
'tT-nAOTligteai-il-ffiaU 1>_U_a___l titfWU!*
ioi_-ita<puliCJ>!tiA' buses, the better to fir
JftS i��j8pT*W$ejj IS
lot to be believpd
iLodoruUng to me."
���B!MEh.����fc'V]��*J .��e-*_��?��
t^t'eTTnTe r-StosT
iai-Hl_-J_yUI 1V>"U1L*   Ha-UBtja,
-ifArtof^SS-HWi'   T's n
how^lLpnrti tif.oilnra-i'lj
ull   sign
canee of nceirt.-eren���those -btessed wi
if of sensitive  tempei
ai'iiC       ^i in this sense n prompter
gore    instant    than    sight   |nr
I touch.    Sandalwood can take one to t
eiituti lavender to the rural househol Is
as    sx"   An/taeft a ������   HO ' ���' eld England; frankincense ,te the te n-
< H�� s-a.>CRlOA_*_)/AII_.l_i ��ftVaj*J  .-,lu,...-ii,i    ,.llr^  ���.,i--.,,,  (0  tie
l^S|��^ffi-e_lw^^^'^W Lhasmore work (njcaceful times thnn the
��>,<!   sbrroiy   .-nm.  wftb TO jgQ^t ��^ ^o|aOBlWm��I__^^______��'
P. O. Box 626.   Cablo Address: "Croasdalle,*1
Nelson.   Code -Moraine & Neal.
tempestuous voyages  with  the smel
la rrenai'fd to neoQllatedifc.aalejof ._Ss?*_!^e_i.'-.a _t*ArsVij��-?nsllt!tn
<l-Xropla4,<ine��.   TO tfi%Sm^Ot 8W^e_KMg3��f -ttW*** and a
dCTllTrir-rir'ShhfPs ob tile l.ohdih  and
Montreal   Stock   Exchanges.      Shai'iea
I u-ht iinil snId in   LonfWnl*Wrtil*��|ij-ny.
Will take charge of  the interesta of
������-'c:o-,Wce i'i,1*^ ��-0i fcW?*^L"
absentee investors,
<%#WWfcfc tO����#( re - t^MWopea^iffix*��e:
By the weejt. fijoip $gto -J|6.
__yjtt_w   Mow" Vei'k PresBr
J(j     ii.'V/ 0n* Dn**' ��' titfe.
Tf, invisible ourselves, we could follolw
single human being through  a single
seer >t
prayers' una tt'urs aitm good' TOolves, bis1
passionate delights and struggles again it
have    poet y
pusBiopate i
tWAlfitiition,    we    should
The sausage la said to have been lb-
Tented ic Germany in the year 897. It
was first made of a goat's stomach stuff -
-n *d witb blood and little pieces of por i.
rrOp- Cl*oW**-tw* -1ra��- not /uitil; '
test- ceDturg,    _..
How   He  Olitnlna   tlio  now   MHterlnl
li'nr llui llrl'1**1* *-"��r -���"' WMH ��"���
lUioanT-'binlsl aonti'soii't. ft l
Vtif sWatah-' rMfruftlor ie<l*Mit-4w
l^(Tl"V)liy 'ki-r.^' trW' l(<ilimt;lr--l��-' *frihk<i*tillXi
win.    ,   ,,i;.    .... ���  ji-   . j ;..si   .'.-i/i..'....-��� ���.��:;....   ��._
jlwefl ot
|,-ij:4'i*iiiii-,.. ,;i   .'i ./, ,m .'ii,lu ���
;        -.i-ioaelid ,*)ftioia .'.)-.Vi'-.H
ii   j   ii   Iniiiuij-   ul   ^ni-jiili'i
I'l   .//    .11    V.lll|/'       .'I'lll-li   .liJllUIII
I'/.in) YliAH/'i.lll '$&
.ifitiu v'ou S'liBWetH ili|l.i
lllll'l'.l'l   !l,-|-,ll i.ll   I1'.I7/IV1IM
iiumuT     ,/ji'l     . N     .11
I    in.,11 1' (UU ul uumi'u vi-ui alii 'io
.  , , , ,     siill ul   .al-jyou
,.,...��� ut!i-.aj���a flou l01s,l0twa j
f/glW     II I il,,.;    Hull     l.i'ill Ull )ll,|ll
'���Q'iii!'.'i.,ii/l nn iiutil'iV. moil --iiini .
.��,,���. u w os ,oi  ni lies lira WflrK7 y _
,���_? .aldai.o,-u.-i  .���������-.���.i   I nn  wh'I rSSSr?1'?.!?
to uo~.%mn'i. J
���syoKhiijuesjaB ill ot ��� ;i,
ill i^Tlff?n'narfrT*tI> a BriUl*.
iuJii-jung ad ol tub) is lit ail
nuu. 5|iiibL'il ed�� ".IssijH aosi
*'����wir_iri,iu *#**,J'.'.:
'"'lil    I -eb lli-w sls-.iiai'il eila?dT aiil
Im ,.iii| mt,l���  iiU0|)1tH i0 BoUtWDOiq
��btta ���J^fcb^^Jy ^^>^E^^^>^Ve����^|_^ d-,>%^^
^P^^id^^t^il^ "W_aa_B^��,oai.On",eiVo'i ��nj ��T* ��_ g
���T ���       1    1 lOOtfto. ^Ixen Inviv-n sd ol si "envljll vlhli s.I"     g]
go nallyt ,    	
_..*TSgl)  lm��ks W''J_ffl_r *P Are ���'���b'oclrs,
\v*tf'WreInlo4e��lttiig4#(���S-*e��a<itl*'lo'f tkkur
��� superior marksinauship than clthfr-Hjiiiq
%os'I'*b?,lMhW-'ib'll*R'e_��.-'*-���*Vb4Mnt'e'e of
'Fk-c rttWlt-k _B��S- _>oflfl Sfrimk is |rt
^uifHa 7��1��nsTWfy. -'UUV  tWOJegWH'B
_re_WigioRy lb nWW-Ws.laii-c'as-'hW-l'tlje,
contingency of rejection 'UiidH <hV'Tn*orali
���**���!*iof.-)h*?,r3s,Wri;w wii'-i*^"!*/^- ���
aoXmfflMMtim "
......_, aasa-issi?v% W. n, 8*
into fheMnilinn, wTilch Is about us .imlil^e
the nntiouul guqrd here as cm, easily Ihe
imagined and1H*r)S'e1'ni7*Tn*bci%l^ai-e7 rer
'/.^���goedeii-.cwfitbvleiis _*jMr*i(_yflflel lttJHille
Iei_- piiiiillftt.nti loDT'tlron-t HiritniB' thun
���IhoKi^il/miv.-rrrhi'i- _Tadc���'���)_ tinxgeinticej
Iti'lmS.ibeMi'leiili.ui'fialirMUippliseib bulh in
and out of lOuglntid thut "Mini lnUitia
could not be ordered to do foreign serv-
ict?-,' but - this is an  error. - The mifitia"
siun arise, and, furt.tu'rmoj'e, if i
This hns uot been resortcd.,$ptjUjJJ0,,yparf3t!
but the law auUiarizing,it_s stjli .iui-tlpi
statute bool;*WSlWJiM(J-i'r,efftW**'mfyl
year in which the customer,?, iMiWu balV
iot suspension act was not piisScp ____C
liamen|/)QO.000,88 .f.uii'l oxataSl ;0t
Iteeruiting 8crgeOiDtE)iAve-.:paii}'iQ0i CWts,
f'*i-ji*y^tv��/?)ririflrt��yir,*mf!4-.i ^Vr w?��'u't
suitable to cuter the Scots guards, tho
cavalry, the enginebrs' ot'-'-'ttIS i��r*IHery,'
whose Qualifications,, n^j,"^W.'oWg
order than'tno'se of'a recrjuj'tj ifor->nys��
regiments p'^oot soldiers^jfoe* aay is
$1.25,;[VS5C#)*1>,'^o^e-.-lfr^f��*j*v>ifiowi'd for
a man tit.itu biv 11 Life guordmnflnl The
equivalent of $15 is not uwpru'dcdcntiM,
antf"fif��5re .SBMsett? ���BrnW:<regii��efitsHi'b'
emits for which bring fancy piij. to tki
The nickname ..Tqimny A���l^ons,', whlcl
outside ot'He*'Bi,lri!lnaenViifPe Is -genMlly
supposed lo,jipply. Vj (Ml Hsiiisli, sqliLii-r
iiilt*j5jlHty_Mtiii��>il��*fy *o Uil* in'MiMy-'
the line. _Ta coll Jiijirtill
tff*__!____H__!___I' -
���JJiu SS8IT83 -etu-airyuian  won
not  recognize jn*tjitle save  "tr*j|rjp��r,"
and the enginsTeraiR nV-s'i �����,*���"     .^nj  I ..-J^
Should tbi
ginflefas A"t
uitjsKislbnt n_yntayA
be bought off within a certain definite
period, and British mothers, who hate re-
.eruitingf sergeaitr inleusel;
those of the American soldier, a much
greater degree of atJ_u'_suIl-ftjr4.JrJWv*:!'
ed upon the condition of arms and ac-
couterments, trimncss of jimfonii -etc,,
thun here. On the whole, (_Tt>TfSvairymtra
hasjuore work Ipjica.ceful.tjui'js thap the
The normal pay is a shilling a day, or
aneiT sometimes to suit conditions, is a
4iunnduf Ine���d aml-tha'i'-^uarti'rs of "a-
irJQ- .  , 	
fJ-'-JflS! tfLWtyklcfflfi  *f'��l1)e��-jPP��!vbi��nI
nolliujK, but.be has to pay,for'his,wosly
IU     (II,   llll-UA, \Jl     VIHll.'-t'.      11IC     llflllll
fureHdf fte'faffilsh^liilleKlinslmVn-e'Va
riety  than  this  won
hns to pay for the
ing, lmt.be has to pay ....  ���,.,.���,.���.���
ing.   m 3*ill_i}rB^ilbyJ.lJieC''n#tlHoHtr^
��� J-rt"K 'M-t'+'-t'.'rlsJjU'i.'fi.liliigi.Jfcia axorajM
British   ryeltwtTjrtfi *�����!'>* gn|J*trid-)-i*ft-itH��pi(,;
of poor maintenance, but complaia
insufficient aneVbad fooa\ haveibeaai
of late year^ fl_J paftjf solpi|g|,	
X��s* Bvealng Ibis
-'III   '|i|l,.!|i    tl." 1 '-'I.      11..1 .' -:..! 1 '   >J
id 1... 1 * ..��� .1 'nee ni- i" -J*''- il't'
...:      ���    ;.'    li>*I   u-li.iij    II   ��� ,  .- .      ���   1 J   j
11 jiii'i-'ii'i'.vlui   IiiiuiV.'   noljiuJi*-!
.����� rti-o In ���) nl ail .I-1   ' J
,��ii;'jX .����� tl.ii-iii mid ililw mssl ..J itjs
iliuY  ���*���>/.  ui Jilxlu iS'.O ���'__:�� 11   i*1|
aa /1'i -_. 1:��� 1 v. 1..  v,d  blws .wtt  sjoiijlct a_t
.tl| as -_i_
��� MM-*.-*-*) i*ial Hi-' .It.lil! 1 malum
i.."l nd nn J.'.ul, .iiotiLio.l o) "������<_iull i_tl
".a-jlY.og laT.����"
a*('.-iTI'il   b'jtillue   sad   aosdufl   j-iawiPt
uiuill' ��uU ul uusi.'k vein aid -.il ���    ..I
IU" ta
hllff ml)
tail ul   .uluvou 'uuuiutl lo .uu no_ eat
\o  -l.iM-il. ���Jill   ,1071.10   ��U   H,.i.r;.   .m   \all(
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on aotlto bheTt *���?'. il'i
���,/. ,e*��luliu,fdu.> aiSQO Ti.oji
uifiiu'i    .iiiiii'iIiO    ii;'A    ,i-Iii>i,1    .18    .1 ...
.o-iil.iiin'l asM aaa
ta u-j-i''l-uin'i Ib-,tul ud) al sia.l .allU
����� 'ajs-ajiM
liilii'jB'iig -ul ot tub] ia.it ���..      ...-j :���.���-. I
1-ia.i lulbsel ed�� ",_S0��� a��ai>V/ asl" ai   =,
ti ..*--r * {.-
a'l" a'uobiaK lo aolhtvboiej a ae tarns [���.-.
lj*uitljru_ll   Olio .'i'ioiii-;ii i11  ono
,.'1' ,,l   .tl    viinjA      .uiiiiiliiiu)
.���i-jlflo ilqirix'il'j li
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Lbnin lln (l'i'*'.lii-ii..v.'iti.7 'ii-;
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Hlllli lllll'l I-*  -
;-ij,  .I'lill.i//   ,t,
U0.S8  (IS'J.JH
ikh'iJ!    ,aJo__
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un djllf silt, ni i i:":i:na
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���_t to Laeoqslb adl ia tuq iii-jd I'dusg
.a-riqo Bill 1t> a-lli'is Imi'ji ih sill ht������ss_i
i>i')aara)ia)i>iiliiiiiu-> ot tinsel saw ltd*! mu
-qui 1901101 ui a.niu nuod 1975a hri Hit
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teira   Iqoif   od   blnods   sa^nqmsb   1IA
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uniiiit tioox a ."linn Ti.iS'i I'ti-is'L'
-tjIii'j moil I'jiui tu-jv'j-iii ot smclieil ��dl :
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1. '��� ii"-i I
IjIpf^SQftlffl- Brr. Certd Miiods i-iln* aO��_
1.1'juiiluiidui-j ua uJi'rY ,buuoia __ avoils
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mini 111 In
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.amioir illiw dal-nlel
fiffif llrtmiu>=ixl(|me Js'ilni   lllw  aon��7'
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.. i-'il id! >��� *elt->*tal(
I.i'i   it   fiMtiloos  gniasl  lerfds  saaT-f
j ���m la iii-i:Il dliw 'inch ae* art itoir .VX
.aollistailas i..is rfl.'w ainU
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lllj'lll'r-   lill  HI  'j
fort ni;tltea,-U.(Mi��rh_ppy.��nd->syht��ytifi.iil t*\
HU.U-.*������fKlA,Vi, kiita-ait-'V^��g�� al Ine n^Jal guild ainled
  .1, ...1  .
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 '������ *" "'lit
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ladies' and Gents' M(f^^faJ^0^��J>d1)^8,
,   hprse as well aa.hiinself to keep in cpudi- I   .     ' r^~'~��,��,"��-,���~��p��,"~"J
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19 lata
es. Towns, ���_% aittfeiw^H^eW-iJ^B-lWiri'd'*
Pells, Telephont s, Annunciators, etc. *D-M*
Itll-.I tlno noid bud ei-'i
���nis I111979H   .zi.laja 1
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^\ Of^ ^ A;\^ OQ
.TJll.illltt  *
�� Nelson Dailv Miner, Friday, Februarv 22,  1901
Facts In Marino v. Alexander.
Briggs v. Newswander
The notion of Marino  vs. Alexander
was I'liiiini.'iii'iiil at yesterday's session
of the supreme court, Mr. Justice Irv
inn: presiding, and the indications arc
that the hearing will not be concluded
until   tomorrow, in   which event   the
sittings   will extend   Into next week.
The   action    now     being   heard      Ih
brought by O. J. Marino of Now Denver, against Oeoige Alexander of Kaslo, Alexander   Sproat  nnd Angus Melnnes of New Denver.    Marino claims
tp have advanced about   83,00(1 for the
development   of   the Marlon   mine   in
the New Denver camp to the three defendants,   holding   himself   responsible for a   quaiter of tlio expenditure.
At tbe time   all   the  parties were interested equally in  the   Marion.    The
development work In question is alleged to have been done   by the plaintiff
nnder his own exclusive direction and
control.   The    defendant    Alcxnnder
says be never authorized the  expenditure or wns   party in any way to  the
outlay.    The   defendants   Sprout  and
Melnnes  state   that  the   moneys ex-
ponded weie disbursements  -under  at
agreement   in   writing  dated December 17, 1HIIH, between   them  and Marino.    This document exists.    The contention is that   Marino   expended the
money and conducted the mining operations on the understanding   that   he
should be   remunerated   for his   laboi
and be reimbursed for his    outlay out
of such ore as he might take out of the
mine and tbat in   no  event   were the
defendants   to   be    responsildc.    Tbe
further   contention     Is   set   up   that
through Improper   methods uf mining
Marino got only   one car  of  ore, and
that he has no remedy against the defendants   under   the agreement.    Defendant Sproat also puts   in a counter
claim for 81,000, loans and commission
on tbe sale of tbe California   group.
Plaintiff Mi.riii.) was on the stand
all day yesterday. The action has
brought out a formidable array of
legal talent, the counsel engaged being: John Elliot and R. S. Lennie
for Marino, W. A Macdonald, K. C,
and A. M. Johnson for Defendant
Alexander, S. S. Taylor, K. 0., for
Defendant Sproat, C. \V. McAnn
F. L. Christie for Defendant
whnt they had not made up their
minds about themselves.' Mr. Justice
Fry said, 'I think it cannot be enforced either directly or indirectly.' Then
in re Vince there was a partnership
under a written agreement appending
a statement of the assets and liabilities of the business. The agreement
provided that in the event of the borrower being unable to pay any interest by reason of the deficiency of the
profits a 'duo allowance should bo
made by W. Baxter to John Vinee In
rospeet of thu si.me in a fair and reasonable manner.' The borrower became bankrupt. The uouit came tu tbe
conclusion that there might bo nn
allowance. However it came up before the court of appeal nnd the decision was reversed.
' 1 know of no standard by which
the court can say what Is a reasonable
minium, of shares to be given. Under
the circumstances 1 think I shall have
to dismiss this action ; but as I do not
think the defendants behaved properly 1 shall do su'withuut costs."
Continued from First Page.
Laxative Hroino-Qiiinlno romovon the ciiuhu.
Text  of   Judgment���Defendants
Not Behave Properly.
Mr. Justice Irving has handed
down his judgment in Briggs vs.
Newswander. The award is for defendant, dismissing the action without costs, and is couched in the following terms:
"I bave looked at the enses that
have been handed to'me by Mr. Taylor by nie this morning aud I turned
up some cases last night. Now, the
matter about the time the contract
was entered into stood this way:
The plaintiff's claims were about to
rnn out, and the time fur adversing
the defendant's claims was about to
run out���the parties met together and
had one agreement drawn up, Bl.
By that agreement it was altogether
optional, in express terms, whether
the defendants should give the plaintiffs anything or nothing. A conversation took place in which different
Bums were mentioned. No definite
agreement seems to have been reacbed.
The parties then put into writing
the second agreement, B 2, then the
documents were both signed and exchanged, the one for the other. Both
parties looked upon these documents
as of equal force and I assume tbat
they are of equal force and the second
oontract is binding.
"The second point then is���is the
plaintiff entitled to any interest in tbe
claims or is he entitled to demand In
a court of law any shares in a company about to be incorporated? About
illusory contracts, at page 13? of 0,
Ruling Cases, I find the following
with reference to tbe making of a contract. " Then follow several cases
quoted at some length.
"Now there have been a number of
contracts in which apparent contracts
have been made���the drat I cite is
Davies vs. Davies. It was first heard
by Kekewick, J., and then on appeal,
the case turning on a covenant contained in a dissolution of partnership.
The retiring partner, who received a
large sum of money, covenanted to
retire from the partnership and,so far
aa the. law allows, from the business,
and not to trade to in any way, directly or indirectly, in the business of
the continuing partners. In an action
b> the surviving partners to restrain
a similar business being carried on in
Middlesex, Mr. Justice Kekewich
thought that that covenant to retire
from the business 'so far as the law al-
lowb' was not too vague for the court
to deal with. I don't know anything
tbat expresses thiB case neater than
tbat���'tbey ask tbe law to do for tbem
East Kootenay Dissatisfied With the
Tax on Output of Mines.
Edwin C. Smith, M. P. .P, arrived
In last evening on his way to the capital. The member from Fort Steele
expressed great regret at being unable
to reach Victoria in time for yesterday's khaki opening of the legislature
but has been detained by nn attack of
la grippe. Ten days ago he was
undertaking a general visitation of
his constituency when the epidemic
laid him up and although after a couple of days he continued his travel it
was at great personal Inconvenience,
and even yet he is far from looking
himself. Mr. Smith was quite surprised to hear the report that Joseph
Martin had resigned the leadership of
the opposition, but considered that
should the leader take that step the
mantle would fall upon Smith Curtis,
who had done all the fighting during
the session of last summer.
In south East Kootenay he reports
that tho greatest dissatisfaction exists over the heavy tax on the output
of ihe mines. In comparison with
many other parts tbe taxes on personal and real property in this province
are exceptionally light which makes
the high rate imposed upon the miner
all the more noticeably oppressive.
East of Kootenay lake the country
at present is In quite a nourishing
condition. The coal and silver-lead
mines are producing both largoly and
steadily while the other industries
and business of that district are progressing with rapid strides. Mr.
Smith leaves for the coast this evening.
Under the  caption "Farewell," the
Rossland Miner publishes the  following verses   on the occasion   of  losing
the championship hockey cup:
(Adapted to   Suit the Occasion.)
Good-bye, old cup I We   thought,   you
We'd keep you here a few more seasons;
And now we've lost our grip on   you,
Por   plain    and    likewise   painful
But   well   we've   fought to have  you
We find it hard to give yon up;
We've made them fight your cause for
And now you go. Good-bye,old cup!
Good-bye,   old   cupl We've   done  our
To keep you in our fuir collection ;
We've slashed and played the game for
As thousands have the recollection.
Yea, often have opposing teams
Assailed us, failed, and given up,
Yet now you go to Nelson !
We did oor best. Good-bye, old cup.
resolved that it is expedient and ne-
eeSBnry that the existing Fort Steele
mining division be divided, and tbat
tbis association recommend the following sub-division: A southwestern
division beginning ut a point on the
western boundary of the present mining division, thence east along the
watershed between St. Mary's river
and Moyie nver, passing north of
Cranbrook and terminating at a point
on the west side of Kootenay river;
thencu following such river so as to
Include Wiirilner, south to boundary
line; thence west along said boundary
line to boun.laiy between East and
West Kooten.iy; thence north along
si.1.1 last mentioned boundary to place
of commencementt and u northeastern
division  embiacing thu remainder of
the present Fort Steele mining division not Included in the above boundaries.
Tenth���By the Rossland board,
The necessity of legislation icgulatliig
tbe platting of additions to townsites.
Favoring the creation for a new
county to be known us Suuth Kootenay, to Include thu Trail creek mln
ing division and the whole drainage
area of the Kettle river. To impress
upon tho provincial government the
necessity of not disturbing the existing laws affecting the mining Industry, as the continual tampering with
them acts as n deterrent on the further investment of capital in this
country. To request the Provincial
government to support with u monetary grant a chamber of mines for
.Southern British Columbia with headquarters at some central point in Kootenay or Yale.
Yes,August Flower still bus the largest sale of any medicine in the civilized World, Your mothers and ginn.l-
motheri never thought of using any
thing else for Indigestion or Hilioiis-
ness. Doctors were searee, and they
Seldom beard of Appendicitis, Nervous
Prostration or Heart failure, etc.
Tbey used August Flower to clean out
the system and stop fermentation of
Undigested food, regulate the action
of the system, and that is all they
took when feeling dull and bud with
headache! nnd other aches. You only
need a few doses of Green's August
Flower, in liquid form, to make you
satisfied there Is nothing serious the
mutter with yon. For sale bv W, F.
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Laxative Bromo-Quinine T**1''--1**
the remedy thut cures- fi co*US 4_ one .lay
Laxative Hrotno -Quinine romovos tho cause,
How It aoes la New Turk.
During the present cold and grip
season sixty-eight thousand eight
hundred and eighty boxes of Laxative Bromo Quinine bave been purchased by the following houses uf
New York: McKesson St Bobbins,
Max Zeller, Charles N. Crittenton St
Co., 0. H. .Tadwin, Henry Kline tit
and Bruen, Richey tit Co.
4 lively curling gume took place
last night between rinks representative of the professions and the clothiers.    The latter won as follows:
Professions. Clothiers.
Dr. Stoddart C. E. Miller,
Dr. Hawkey, W. M.  Irving,
Dr. Arthur, J. F. Weir,
Dr. Forin, s. 4.      J. II.Wallace, s. 10.
On the other   ice,   rinks   us follows
engaged in a match:
C. D. Christie,        Harry Wright,
J. A. Kirkpatrick, D. J.  Dewar,
W. Mackenzie,        J. H. Fox,
II.R. Cameron,s.fl. F.   Tamblyn, s. 12.
It is a mystery why women endure
Backache, Headache, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness, Melancholy, Fainting
and Dizzy Spells when thousands have
proved that Electric Hitters will
quickly cure such troubles." writes
Mrs. Phebe Cherley, of Peterson, Ia.
"and a lame back pained me so I
could not dress myself, but Electric
Bitters wholly cured me, and although
73 years old, I now am able to do all
my house work." It overcomes Constipation, improves Appetite, gives
perfect health. Only 50c. at Canada
Drug & Book Co.
Inspector of Mines' Visit���New Superintendent Standard Pyritic Smelter.
Greenwood, Feb. 20.���Arch. Dick,
inspector of mines, Is at Greenwood,
on un utlicial visit to the neighboring
mines. After inspecting the Old Ironsides nnd Knob Hill group, Brooklyn
and Stemwinder group and Snowshoe,
all in the vicinity of Phoenix, he
came down to Greenwood yesterday
morning. Later he was taken by Mr.
F. Kepper, E. M..general mannger for
the British Columbia Copper company, to see that company's Mother
Lode mine, near Greenwood. Tomorrow he will visit the B. C. mine near
Mr. E J. Wilson, recently in charge
of the blast furnace at the Huston and
Montana smelter, Great Falls. Montana, has been appointed superintendent of the Standard Pyritic company's smelter, near Greenwood. He
is expected to commence his new duties this week, although the smelter
will not be blown in for two or three
weeks yet. Mr. Wilson has hud lfi
years' practical smelter experience in
Mexico, Colorado and other parts.
Messrs. R. Marpole, H. E. Beasley,
F. P. Gutelius, J. S. Lawrence and
other C. P. R. officials came in on
yesterday's train, first paying Phoenix a short visit and driving thence
to Greenwood. This morniug they
looked over the B. C. Copper company's smelter nnd later went out en
route to the coast.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka  rilm-rul Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
lnsiir-iii.-.ii Co. of North America, Mutual Ufa
liiMiriiiir.il Co., or Now Ymli, Quebec
l-'lro Assuranco Gu.
Two good, level lotH on Nelson
avenue,   Bogustown 837.1 00
.Mrs. Hnowden's residence on
Robson street
'ill-foot corner on Latimer St.. ,  535 00
Two 25-foot lots in Block 4(1
Latimer   Btreet  MO 00
Cottuge on  Stanley   street $)r> 00
4-Rootned cottage   on   corner of
Ward and Gore Streets   12 00
Now house on Water Street     lfi 00
Laxative Bromo-Quinine romoveH the cause.
Mr. D. J. Beaton left this morning
for Winnipeg.
P. Burns of Calgary, was in the city
yesterday on a flying business trip.
Judge Crease, who has been ill for
some days, is convalescent and will
be ut his office today.
H.Richardson of Rossland, secretary
of the London Consolidated and Rich
elen Mining companies, is in the city
Messrs. McEwen and Simpson.corner
of Josephine and Silica streets have
had their store connected by telephone.
W. R. Ramsdall left last night for
Rossland en route to Bossburg, when
he will inspect the work on the First
Thought group.
H. E. Beasley leaves next week, after the arrival of Mr. Downie, for
Montreal, where he will urrauge to
take up his permanent residence ul
the coast.
Dr. Kennedy of Macleod, who is to
assist Lieutenant Beer in recruiting
for the Baden-Powell constabulary,
arrived here last night. He is accompanied by Mrs. Kennedy.
Science and art
are the forces which
combine to make
our Photographs
the admiiation of
all impartial critics.
Baker Street,.
The Palm
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Try The Palm.
Our address
Ward Street.
K.-W.-C, lllock,
Our Plume No. is 254.
-   -   Proprietor.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    -    $6.75
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -     -    $10.75
No order can bo accepted unleBi
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
Baker Street.
k ol Estate and insurance Agents.
Three lots and bungalow, 5 rooms
and bathroom, with all modern improvements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover street, near Josephine.    Easy terms.
Lot 6, Block 5, Bogustown, with 5-
roome.l house, new, $950.
Mill Street���Lot and (i-rooraed house
with bathroom, modern conveniences,
plumbing complete, $1000: or rent for
$-.'5 per month.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B. C.
7-8 inoh diam. $13.50per 100 feet. Foi
immediate delivery in Neu_��
|M*i:< l��I. TO THE MINER.)
Peterboro, Feb. 21.���Word has been
received here jf the muider of William Hull at Stoney Lake lust night.
He was shot and instantly killed by
a fellon* named Sharpe.
"One night my brother's baby was
taken with Croup," writes Mrs J. C.
Snider, of Crittenden, Ky.,"it seemcil
it would strangle before we could get
a doctor, so we gave it Dr. King's
New Discovery, which gave quick relief and permanently cured it. We always keep it in the house to protect
our children from Croup and Whooping Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relieve." infallible for
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung troubles. riOe. and 81.00 Trial bottles
free at Canada Drug tit Book Co.
We have in stock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japnn. We
blend them to your taste. All prices
and qualities.    Kootenay Coffee Co.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.E
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 560. Telephone No. 95
B*. O. GBEKN        V. S. OliEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
��   O.  Bm Ut liaison   B. O
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will buy
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needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperta,
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Street. N��l��nn.  P. O.
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DR.   MORRISON,     Dentist,   has   re-|J
moved   to  his  new   olliecs   in   the
K.-W.-C Bloc*. I
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Just to remind you
that we still
and are now opening up  our
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Sewing Machines
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& Book
G. N. Moore has leased the store adjoining H. R. Cameron's office on
Haker   street   and will utilize it aa a
tailoring establish incut.
In view of the fact thnt he has been
accepted for the   Baden-Powell  police
W. J. Thompson has signified his intention of tendering his resignation
as chief of the tire brigade at the
next council meeting.
Cbarles McDowell and James Gillies
arere charged at the police court yesterday with the theft of a roll of
blankets from Reynold's stable on
Hull street. Moth were convicted and
sentenced to a month's imprisonment
with baid labor.
Rossland is advertising for applications for tne position of chief of police. They will be received up to
March -'Oth next. The salary is 8125
per month. Applicants are requeated
to state age, experience, height and
weight, and to furnish testimonials.
President Holt of the board of trade
has decided co call the special meeting
of the board, as requested by the requisition presented to bim on Monday
night. Invitations to be present have
been sent to officials of the C P. R.,
Great Northern and Crow's Nest Coal
The Are, water and light committee meet this week to prepare a report
for Monday night's council meeting.
One of the points to be discussed ia
the question of the proposed reorganization ol the fire department. Matters are now in such shape that the
changes outlined iu a previous report
submitted by the committee can be
proceeded with.
The placing of the points in position at the Procter slip was accomplished on Wednesday and the Balfour extension is now in regular use).
The first train of west_bo_nd cars waa
brought in yeBterda,/, and all the
cars, east and west bound, will be
handled via Procter until the pressure
at Kootenay Landing ia relieved.
Tbe eity council of Grand Forks at
its last meeting made a change in the
city Holicitorsliip, L. P. Eckstein, tbe
former solicitor, retiring and E. Miller being appointed to tbe position.
The displacing of Mr. Eckstein is understood to be a forerunner of further
changes in the personnel of the minor
city officials.
For several weeks the flow of Cot-
'onwood creek has been so meagre
hat it has been impossible to run the
dynamo that furnishes current for tbe
���ity's arc lamps. To remedy the con
lition of darkness arising, clusters of
four 32 o. p. incandescent lamps are
being placed at the principal points
where light is required. Ten of these
dusters mill be thus distributed.
The season's work under the direction of F. P. Gutelius, resident C. P.
li. engineer for the Kootenay and
Boundary, will be started as soon as
the weather conditions are favorable
for construction work. Tlie program-
ne of improvements on the Robson-
tfelson section includes two extensive
rock cuts and considerable ditching
.ml ballasting. Bids for this work
.vill probably be invited next week.
Mr. F. M. Chadbourn   yesterday af-
eriioon received a cable message apprising him of the sudden death of
lis brother, Mr. A. Chadbourn, in
London.   Deceased was  a  member of
he well-known firm of Richardson &
Chadbourn,which engaged extensively
n the business of mining promoting
in this province and elsewhere in the
.vest a few years ago. This was the
Irm   which  bought out the Drunilnm-
non mine of Montana.
Lieutenant Beer was advised by
wire from the militia department yesterday that a special order bad been
issued by the British war office to the
effect that all men enlisted for service
o the Baden-Powell constabulary
nust be successfully vaccinated before
heir departure from the point of enlistment. The order is doubtless
orompted by a desire on the part of
the authorities to prevent the police
from becoming infected while passing
through the southern portion of Cape
Colony which is now plague  stricken.
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'xmmx-00-00  00- **��� 00" 00" 00-_�������� 00- 00- ASH' 0a*-00^- xm*^^^1\\\1^1^^^^1^1^1^\^^'!t\.'^}-&'*
A special meeting of the city council
will be held, this morning at \2
Born���On Monday, Feb. 18th to the
wife of David Wadds, a daughter.
Born���To the wife of A. W. McFee,
Fairview, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Holt wish to
thank all their friends for the sympathy and kindness extended to them
in tbeir hour of bereavement.
The Nelson St Fort Sheppard line is
still blocked, though it is expected
that the mail will get through today.
The coast train was several hours
late but the Crow's Nest boat was in
almost on time.
W. S. Keith, formerly part owner of
tbe Greenwood Miner, and who last
month was appointed a preventive
officer in the customs department,
leaves Greenwood today en route for
South Africa, having been accepted
for Colonel Baden-Powell"s police
William W. Chapman, father of
Mrs. U. C. Riblet, died yesterday at
the general hospital after a lingering
illness. The deceased, who was born
at Oscaloosa, loos, in 1862, has been
associated with Mr, Riblet for several
years past. The funeral takes place
this afternoon at St. Saviour's cburch
at 3 o'clock.
Tbe mass meeting of the Lord's Day
Alliance at the Baptist church last
night was attended by about 100 people. George Gurd, president of the
Nelson branch,presided and the speakers included Revs. Wright and Morgan and Messrs. Kee and Curie. A
resolution reciting the necessity for
the preservation of Sunday as a national rest day was carried.
The directors of the public library
promise that their concert on Thursday next will be one of the most interesting of the seaeon. A dcided novelty is to be introduced in the shape of
a feature, "An bour in wonderland,"
by W. H. Dowsing of Spokane, who
is admittedly the cleverest exponent
of sleight of hand in the district. In
addition an excellent literary and musical programme is being prepared.
Laxative Bromo Uu inino rcmovos the cause.
Japan teas���"Spider Leg, "Panfir-
ed," "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
D. J. DEWAE, J. P.
Notary Publio.  Conveyancer.
83,3.10 buys   house  that rents for 8900
per annum.
81,050 takes  bouse  and   two   lots,   A
81,050 buys   house     and    lot,     stone
foundation. *���
81,050 buys  cottage    and   lot,   Minea
road, easy terms.
81,550 takes 8-roomcd   house with lot,
75x75, corner Latimer and Cedar
���_       streets.
List   your   property   with   me  for
quick sales.
Loans on   improved   property,   low
Houses to let, collections made.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAVES.  Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
* m m ___-_.   _-__.___     ��
To those who have not already visited our new store we desire to again extend an invitation. We have been visited during the past week by a large
number of the citizens of Nelson and desire to thank them for the liberal patronage bestowed upon us.
We are not cutting prices on any particular line of goods but we are selling every article in the store at prices that will accommodate the purses of
everyone.    Our prices are always low.
We have more articles in our store suitable for gifts than can be found in
any other jewelry store in the Kootenays. Come and see us and we will suggest something that will be sure to please.
j Fine Watch Repairing |
Wholesale and Retail.
�������������-������.���.���0^CO*0*0*0*04O40*0*      *-�����-
I    EYES   TESTED   | f
2 Free of charge. 9    V1*"
�����>*0*0*04_*0*_0*_>��_40^040*0��)_$     *�����!�����*
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. J
J. J. WALKER, Jeweler ��
Cor. Stanley and Baker Sts. ^
The Finest Jewelry Store in the    %
* Kootenays. {
...:....-..- .-J'",


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