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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 24, 1901

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Newspaper in the Kootenays. Established
eleven years ago....
WVSAW**Vt\**W\*VW*t*��A* I
A Miner want ad. will
make it known to all
I    Nelson and Kootenay.
Daily Edition No 943
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,  January 24,  1901.
Eleventh  Year
Edward VII Takes the Formal Oath Binding Him to Govern the
Kingdom kcJss^uiYiJt" sIftwsand Customs.
Cheered by the People.
On the other hand the Duke of York
becomes at once Duke of Cornwall and
the Duchess of Fife, (Princess Louise
of Wales), becomes a princess royal
and this capacity is treated by the
law In much the same way as the
mother of a Queen consort.
His First Speech Applauded by the London Press.-The Day at
Cowes Another One of Sorrow.���A Touching Incident.
Date of Funeral Not Fixed.
the entire
Jan.     23.���Dense   crowds
at St. James   street   lined
route to   Victoria   Btation
from an early hour.    The hull and the
front of Buckingham l'nlace   were especially thronged.   All along the former from the   palace to   Marlborough
house carriages filled with ladies stood
SB for a dritwing room, excepting that
the footmen and occupants were dressed in mourning.    The   police   precautions were unuBual.    Men on foot and
mounted   guards, were   almost   every
yard of the way.    All waited patiently   for   hours   to greet   their   King.
Eventually, preoeded by half   n dozen
mounted policemen, a plain brougham
driven very rapidly, with   the  coachman and footmen in their   usual  grey
liveries, wearing mourning bands  on
their   arms,   brought   into view   the
Elng with an  equerry   seated   beside
him.   De was   dressed in the  deepest
and most simple mourning and   carefully raise his   hut   in   acknowledgement   of   the   silent     uncovering   of
heads.    The   King   looked   tired   nnd
very sad.    Following   him   came   the
Duke ot York, the Duke of Connaught
and others.    Both the King and Duke
of  York   lookoa   pathetically   up   at
Buckingham Palace us they passed and
acknowledged the salute of the   guard
of honor   drawn up inside the   palace
grounds.   All   the   officers had   crnpe
on their left sleeves.    The King drove
to St.   James   Palace   from   Marlborough house   to   preside   at   the   first
privy   council.    He was attended   by
Lord Suffolk who has been lord of-tbe
red chamber to the   Prince   of   Wales
since  1872 and was escorted by a captain's escort of the   Horsegunrds.    By
the   time   the   King   arrived a   great
gathering of privy councillei-s in lovee
dress  with crape   on their left  arms
had taken up a position lu the throne
room.   Members  of   the   royal   family, cabinet ministers, peers, commoners, bishops,   judges, the lord   mayor,
etc., including the Duke of York, the
Duke of Connaught  and   lesser  members of the   royal family, Lord Salisbury, Lord Rosebery,   Mr. A. J. Balfour, the Duke   of   Devonshire,   Lord
Stratlit'onn   and   Mount   Royal and a
host of the   most   prominent   personages in the land were  there to receive
the King's formal   outh   binding him
to govern   tin kingdom   according   to
Its laws and customs   and for him  to
assume   the   title   of    King   Edward
VII.   of   Great  Britain,   Ireland and
Emperor of India.   The ceremony was
Interesting and accordiug   to   precedent.   The King wus in separate upart-
ament from the privy councillors.   To
the latter tho Duke of Devonshire formally  communicated   the   death    of
Queen Victoria and   the succession of
her Bon   the   Prince   of Wales to  the
throne.   The royal   dukes and certain
lords of the council wore   then directed to repair to the King's presence  to
acquaint  him   with   the terms of the \
lord   president's   statement.    Shortly
afterwards   his   majesty  entered   the
room In which   the   councillors   wore
assembled  and   addressed thorn In   a
brief   s'peeoh.    The   lord   ohancello:-,
(Lord Salisbury),   then   administered
the oath to the King  and  afterwards
to the various members of  tho   councils.   Commenting   with   the lords In
council   he took their respective oaths
of allegiance and then passed in   turn
before his majesty ns at levee,   excopt
the   King,"   whereupon   the    crowd
cheered with redoubled vigor.
The morning papers publish a long
tribute from the poet laureate, Mr.
Alfred Austin to the dead queen. Orders have been issued for 6,.100 troops
to line the streets of London today for
the proclamation ceremony. The
Gazette orders the court to go into
mourning until July 24th, and into
half mourning until January 14, 1902.
Lord Roberts has ordered the army to
adopt mourning until March .1th.
Memorial services will be held in St.
Paul's cathedral morning and evening
daily until the interment. At the first
of those held after the regular evening service yesterday, some 5000 persons were present. Bishop Barry read
the burial service and the dead march
in Saul aud other funeral music was
The morning papers record with the
greatest satisfaction that tbe King
inis taken the title of Edward VII.
They are filled from end to end with
descriptions of the ceremonies and accounts of the reception of the news
and accession to the throne, from all
parts of the world. King Edward's
ili-st speech is also applauded The
Daily Telegraph says: "It was ud-
nn ruble, resolute,touching and breathing deep sincerity. It does equal honor to the monarch und the man and
will carry u fresh sense of hope and
confidence to the country in its trouble."
King Edward will ivturn to Osborne
Immediately after the proclamation
ceremony today. Regarding the causes
of death, the Lancet says. "Death
was due to cerebral failure. Transient and the recurring symptoms of
apathy and torpor, with a phasic indication gave great uneasiness to the
physkluns a few days before the final
illness. From Saturday these symptoms grew steadily graver but the
hart's uction was maintained throughout and tho temperature wus normal."
years ago and ��500,000 in 1852. The
Queen was a clear headed business
woman, and of course, had tho best
financial advice. In IsmI she bought
property for ��78,000. the market value
of which is now ieckoned to be ��170,
ono. She had estates in several German principalities and inherited a
beautiful villa at ridden from Princo
Hohenlohe. The Queen's laces are
worth an enormous sum. There are
private jewels, gold and plate and
pictures estimated to value more than
a million pounds sterling.
Cowes, Jan. 23���The departure of
Emperor William depends upon the
date of the funeral. Everything Ib
unsettled. Ten days or a fortnight
may elapse before the burial. The
n.edioal report is not complete. It is
expected tomorrow.
Cowes, Jan. 23.���Nothing has been
decided at OBborne house regarding
the furnera! arrangements or the removal of the body and nothing will
be until after the arrival of the King.
The palace is painfully .quiet this
afternoon. There have been no arrivals or departures since the King left
The family dinner party like that of
last evening was brief. Hcrr Fuchs,
the German sculptor, has arrived to
take a caste of the dead Queen's face.
It is reported that Emperor William
will remain in the Isle of Wight until
the removal of the body, even if this
should be postponed for a fortnight.
Victoria, has plunged me and my
house into deepest mourning. I know
my army sincerely shares in the greiv-
ious loss I have sustained, anil 1 hereby decree that all officers of my army
shall wear mourning for fourteen
days. Tho First Drngoon Guard regiment of the Queen shall go Into
mourning for three weekB. Flags
on all military anil public buildings
shall be half-masted.     (Sgd.)
Stockholm, Jan. 23.���In the first
chamber of tho Reichstag the president in notifying the members of the
death of the Queen expressed the sympathy of the Swedish people with the
Wholesale District in Montreal Devoured
by Flames.-Three Million Dollars
is the Loss.
London, Jan. 23.���By a strange
coincidence exactly 82 years ago today
the Gazette printed tho Prince Regent's speech from the throne to parliament nnd the principal subjects
were the death of the queen and the
London, Jan. 23.���The following is
the full text of Ills Majesty's accession speech :
"Your Royal Highnesses, My Lords
and Gentlemen,���This is the most
painful occasion on which I shall ever
be called upon to address you. My
first melancholy duty is to announoe
in you the death of my beloved moth
er, the Queen, aud I know how deeply
you and tho whole nation, and I think
I may say, the whole world, sympa
thi/.es with me in the Irreparable loss
wo have ull sustained. I need hardly
say that my constant endeavor will be
always to walk In her footsteps. In
undertaking the heavy load which
now devolves upon me, I am fully determined to be a constitutional mvir-
elgn in the strictest sense of the word
und so long as there is breath in my
body to work for the good and amelioration of my people. I havo resolved
to be known by the name of Edward,
whloh has been borne by six of my
unccstors. In doing so I do not undervalue the name of Albeit which I inherit from my ever to be lamented
great and wise father, who, by universal consent Is, I think, deservedly
known by the name of Albert the
Good,   and   I   desire that   his   name
that each passed and kissed his bunds | should stand   alone.   In conclusion  1
before passing out of the chamber.
This brought ihe ceremony to a close.
By 3:30 p. m., when hia majesty returned to Mm I borough house, the
ofbwd-iB the neighborhood wus of immense proportions. The King's prioi
journey was accomplished in almost
complete silence but on this occasion
he was loudly cheered all along the
line of route. Immediately opposite
Marlborough house gates a tal 1 gen ���
tlcman in the front of the crowd wavail hia bauds and shouted,"Long Live
trust to parliament and the nation to
support me in the arduous duties
which now devolve upon me by inheritance and to which I am determined
to devote my whole strength during
the remainder of my life."
London, Jan. 23.���The Queens' private wealth yielded an Income of
about ��200,000 yearly. This.Is exclusive of ��385,000 annually from parliament. She Inherited nearly all the
Prince Consort's estate, ��11110,000,forty
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Jan. 23.���
Events shifted toduy from Cowes to
London. Osborne was a house of
mourning and Cowes probably the
quietest place in the world today.
The King departed early. After him
followed the army of officials and
newspaper correspondents who ��� had
given life to the town and prosperity
to tho hotels, Zand merchants. The"
King's departure was as unostenta<-
tious as that of an American president. He and his suite in civilian
attire left the castle without military
escort and with no si<rns of pomp.
Queen Victoria's body was embalmed yesterday afternoon and occupies
the center of the dining room which
is hung with trappings of mourning.
Outside two officers are on guard.
Within, two Indian attendants remain
in company with the ladies-in-waiting who are constantly present. The
body is attired in blaok. The face is
perfectly peaceful and tbe remains
plaoed with the arms folded. On the
breast rests a beautiful gold cross.
The features are very calm. The head
is inclined iillghtly to the right.
All about are mantities of beautiful
flowers. The honor of first seeing the
body of the Queen was conferred on
her personal retinue and such a simple, pathetic scene as marked this afternoon could hardly have occurred in
any other monarchy. Tbe footmen,
housemaids, coachmen, the stable
lads, policemen dressed in their Sunday clothes, filled the room for four
hours. There were no formalities. It
might have been tho body of any
country lady whose tenants were bidding her a last farewell. Bent old
men, children nnd families who hud
grown up on the estute who regarded
Queen Victoria as a friend and patron
rather than a sovereign, took tbeir
turn, Their grief was the sorrow of
those who had lost a friend. Many
residents of Cowes and neigborlng
towns and some prominent people applied at the porter's lodge for admission, but they were told to come tomorrow. There Is no mistaking the
reality of the sorrow of Cowes.
"The Queen waB always so good to
us," they say. She knew personally
many of the townspeople and took
real Interest in their families, their
troubles and their joys. She could
mill many of them by name and often
stopped in her drives to talk to thorn.
Almost ever house has a half-masted
flag and the store windows are draped
with blaok and white.
Emperor William and Princess
Louise walked to Appingham elm rub
this afternoon. It is learned that the
King aisuincd the title of Edward
VII. at the express wish of his mother. The Duke of York does'not at
once become Prince of Wales, through
the nceesion of his father. The title
of Prince of Wales becomes merged
in tbe sovereignty, but the King will
exercise his prerogative and confer
the principality of Wales on the heir
The new King was born, November
nth, 1841, and was created Prince of
Wales on the following December 4.
There   have   been   six  royal  princes
Paris, Jan. 23.���The delegation
which will represent France at Queen
Victoria's funeral will be composed of
Vice Admiral De Lajaille, Gen. Dubois, secretary-general of the presidency, Major Shabaul, an officer of
President Loubet's military household, and a representative of the foreign office. The tri-color over the
ElyBee was furled and bound with
crepe this morning. Tho president
has countermanded a dinner which
had been fixed for January 31 and several other functions.
London, Jai. j 24.���The King who
remains in the train over night was
driven to Buckingham Palace after
taking the oath before the privy council and dined there with the Duchess
of Albany. Subsequently he went to
Marlborough house to sleep. It is
understood that be will return to Osborne this morning (Thursday) to direct the funeral arrangements. These
were discussed at a meeting of the au-
thorltles/of tbo royal household at
Rockingham-Palace last evening. At
the college of arms It is said that the
date of the funeral could not be settled until it was known-when the European royalties or-their- representatives could arrive, but that the function would be held at the earliest
possible date for the convenience of
Emperor William, whose stay In England might be unavoidably limited.
Buckingham Palace is being made
ready for the royal persons who are
arriving in London. Representatives
of all the royal families in Europe
will probably be present at .the funeral, including the Kings of Italy,Belgium and Greece, the crown princes of
Germany and Sweden and Archduke
Francis Ferdinand of Austria. All tbe
European courts will go Into mourto-
lng tor various periods.
Washington, Jan.23.��� Secretary Hay
this morning received from the house
of representatives, the resolution
adopted by that body yesterduy, expressing its sentiment upon Queen
Victoria's death. The secretary
caused this to be cabled immediately
to Ambassador Choate with instructions to submit it to the British government. The same treatment will
be accorded the senate resolution on
this subject when it is received.
Berlin, Jan. 23.���It is understood
that the crown prince of Germany
will attend the Queen's funeral.
Big Board of Trade Building, Valued at
$600,000, Among the Burned
Dublin, Jan,23.���The following was
the text of the resolution proposed by
Lord Mayor Pile: "We beg, respeot-
fully.to tender to members of the royal family our Blncore sympathy with
thetu and feelings of deep regret of
the great uflliction that has befallen
them in the death of Uer Majesty,
Queen Victoria." The amendment
proposed by Mr. Hnrrlngton, who is
the Lord Mayor elect, was as follows
"Without in any way detracting
from the high peisonal qualities of
the deceased, and guarding against
any expression of feelings wblob
might seem ungracious or unworthy
of the traditions of our nation, this
council must decline in the present
political condition of Ireland 10 take
any part iu any demonstration of loyalty to the English throne." The introduction of the amendment led to an
angry scene.
London, Jan. 24.���An extraordinary issue of the Gazette this morning appears with black borders, and
announces the death of Queen Victoria
"The event has caused one universal feeling of regret and Horrow to her
lote majesty's faithful subjects, to
whom Bhe was endeared by the deep
Interest in their welfare which she
invariably manifested, as well as bv
many signal virtues which marked
and adorned her character.,"
Then followed the proclamation of
Edward VII., the acknowledgement
of allegiance by the privy council and
the King's speech at bis accession.
After giving a list of those who attended the council, the Gazette announces thut the King subscribed the
oath relating to the security of the
church of Scotland. It concludes with
the King's formal proclamation ordering all officers and persons in 1111
thority throughout bis dominions to
Continue to exercise their offices during the royal pleasure und exhorting
bis subjects to uid und assist such officers in the performance and execution
of theirs.
who ware   nevor
Cape Town, Jan. 23.���The presiding
judgo of the supreme court today
said: "In no part of the empire will
the death of Queen Viotorla be felt
more than in Cape Colony by the British and Dutch, white and colored, all
cluBses and creeds. A sentence which
I think with all due reverence will bo
presented at the throne of the most
high: 'God Suve the Qiieoa.' "
Rome, Jan. 23.���Count Ciuottl, in
behalf of the queen, the Marquis
Oulccloll in behalf of the Dowager
queen, and Viscount Iventes, In the
name of the government, called ut the
British embassy today to convey
their condolences. All the press comments are sympathetic.
Berlin, Jan. 23.���The official gazette
contains tbe following Imperial de
���patch: "Osborne, Jan.23.��� The death
of my beloved,   highly  honored   and
Hill Said to Be the   Owner   of the V.
V. A E. By,
(SPECIAL. TO I'll 111  111 N lilt.J
Vancouver, Jnn. 23.���It is stated on
indisputable, authority here today
that the Great Northern gave MoKcu-
zie and Mann 8813.1,000 to buy nut the
Interests of the Vancouver, Victoria
A Eastern railway for them, and that
virtually they own the V., V. A. 13,
Princes  of   Wales, j never to be  forgotten  grandmother,
Ore   Being   Shipped���Strike 00
Phoenix u Rich One.
York and Cornelius Murphy,
known mining men of Sloean
City, wcro 1(0 tho oity yesterday on
huHlnesH. Mr. York with W. Shat-
ford of Vernon, now control the Two
Friends mine on Springer creek, having acquired tho interests held by tho
other owners. Thupropcity is a pro
ducer having shipped 84,0,000 worth of
ore since being opened up. Another
car of oro Is being taken out for shipment at an curly date.
Mr. Murphy is Interested In valuable Slocan properties und also has
holdings in the copper fields of Simll-
kameen country.
Both gentlemen agree that the
strike on the Phoenix group is rich
and that tho discovery is of much
more than ordinary Importance to the
town. Situated us thu Phoenix hill Is,
only about a mile from Slocan City,
the And of a rich gold deposit cannot
fall to stimulate interest in the mining Industry of the section.
Montreal, Que., Jan. 24.��� A fire
which started in the wholesale district at five minutes past eight o'clock
last night at one o'clock this morning had destroyed property valued at
between 82,500,000 and 83,000,000, and
was Btill burning, though the appearances are that the firemen have at
lust got it under control. Included in
the property burned is the splendid
board of trade building which cost
half a million dollars with over a
hundred tenants, and half a dozen
large firms and two score of smaller
concerns. The weather is cold but
not particularly soft und the firemen
were not greatly hampered in this respect. Outside of the board of trade
building there was not a modern
structure in those burned. The narrow streets, antiquated buildings and
the lnlliimmuble iiutn.-e of the stocks
they contained made a combination before which the firemen were powerless. The fire practically burned until it came to opon spaces which guve
tho firemen a fresh opportunity. For
a time it looked as if the Humes would
spread along Commissioner street to
the Grand Trunk oilices in course of
erection, but good work happily
cut it off at St. Peter street. Immense crowds   of people   jammed   the
narrow streets greatly   impeding   tho
work of the firemen.   The police could
not control the crowds. Women fainted und clothes   wore torn ss those   in
the front ranks scenting danger   from
falling wulls mude a rush   for   safety.
The   following   are estimates of principal   losses:    Board   of Tittde, 81100,-
000; insurance,   8400,000; tenants loss,
8100,0110:   M.   Sttxe   A Co.,   wholesale
clothiers, 875,000) II.  A.    Nelson   and
Sons Co.,wholesale funcy goods, 81.10,-
000; Heard morn A Co., tanners,   8100,-
000; Silverman, Boulter   A   Co., hats,
cups, etc., 812,1,000; Corlstine   A   Co.,
farriers, 8300,0001 0, Bey hold's Sons A
Co.,   880,000;   Redmund   Greenlees   A
Co., huts and   furs, 8110,000; II. Levy,
woolens,    etc, 800,000; 0. A. Chouillou
A C'le., commission   merchants,   82.1, ���
nd; 11.    Levin   A Co.    wholesale   furs,
8.10,000;   Ollmour   Bros.,   & Co., commission merchants,   810,000; Laporte,
Murtln A. Co., 8.10.000; J.Cohen A Co.,
wholesale clothiers. 8.10,000
The lire stttrtod nt 8:0.1 in the prem
ises   of   M.    Snxu    A Son,    wholesale I mid ut lucked
clothiers on   the   crrner   of   Lcniolm*
and St. Peter stieets.    The streets   In
the locality were deserted ut the time
and the  fire   apparently   hud   a   good
headway   before   the   first alarm   was
sent     in.    Tho   firemen     on   arrival
found the building,u three story stone
structure, 1 solid mass  of   Humes, the
fire having   appurenty sturted   In   the
basement und rushed up   the   elevator
shaft, in the rear of the store.    Second
and third alarms were   pul'eil Immediately  on the arrival of the division
sub-clilof, but before the nearest reinforcements   rciiched     the    scene   the
flames had leaped   across  narrow   St.
Peter street and attacked the big  five
story stone building occupied by II. A.
Nelson A Sons Co., fancy   goods,   etc.
Here It spread as rapidly as it had   in
the   Saxe   building.    In    almost    an
instant   it ^seemed   as  if   the  entire
bulding   was a roaring furnace.    The
warehouse of Beardmoro   A   Co., tanners, adjoining Nelson's to   the south
was next attacked und from   there the
flames communicated to the establishment   of   Silverman,    Boulter   A Co.,
wholesale hutters and   furriers.    Here
another   inflamable   stock added   zest
to the flames.    In   the   meantime   the
tlaines had continued   down   St. Peter
street, licking up   the   premises of J.
Binirili'uti A Co.,   huts, caps, etc.    St.
Peter street for an   entire block was a
mass of flames on  either side.    In the
meantime a great fight wus being made
to save the big   bourd   of truile building, erected eight years ago at a   cost
of 8000,000 and adjoining  tho   Nelson
building on the north side.  For along
time   the   efforts of the brigade were
successful, a plentiful supply of water
keeping   the   exposed   portions   cool.
But the flames had extended along the
north aide   of St.   Paul   street,   going
west from Silverman. Boulter A Co. 's,
licking   up  half n dozen concerns  in
its way un'll it readied the big whole
sale fur establishment of James CoriS-
tine   A Co.    This   building   extended
all the way from Ht.;l'aul to the board
of trade building   and the flames  appeared to go through it   like  a tinder
box.    When   the   rear   wall   of   this
building went   it   was seen   that  the
board of trade would huve   to  go too.
A solid sheet of flume sprang   out and
.seized   hold of   the big   building In a
dozon different   places,   driving    the
firemen back.    The newer   und   more
modern structure burned more   slowly
than those which already   hud   fallen
prey to   the   flumes, but   the   flicmen
were uppurcntly paralyzed  and   could
not stay the   march   of the devouring
element.    By   this   time  cveiy   piece
of fire lighting apparatufl thu city possessed was in use.    Two water towers
which   hud   failed to keep   the   blaze
from the bourd of trade building were
shifted around to   St. Paul   street anil
hero again   they were   too   lute.    The
fire dashed   across   the   narrow street
the   pieiuises  of   Thos.
Davidson   Co anufacturlng     tinsmiths, spreading eaHt anil   west,   Including II. Levi, drygoods, and half a
dozon   other   smaller    concerns.     Ou
Lemolnc street the big wholesale grocery firm of l.uporte,    Murtln   A   Co,,
wus attacked.    After the Bremen   hud
abandoned   all   hope   of    suvlng   tho
bourd of trail"   building  they concentrated   their   efforts   inulnly on   this
building, for thu spread of the   flames
in   this   direction   meant the   loss   of
the cntlru wholesale ilrygiiuds section.
At 12-30 it looked   us  'if the building
might be saved, but the stock will
heiivily dumnged by water.
Two     men   were   bally hurt   In   a I down the pedestrians
enlisting acildent at the foot of Stan-1 ooursa of  the ilelgl
lev sticet   lust   night,    .lames Russell
Is lying ut the hospital with a broken
leg and a compound fracture of the
thigh, while lien (l'l)ell Is also at
that Institution with a broken leg,
Oliver Simmons und Hurry Smith also
figured 111 tho accident but came
through with whole limbs although
one of them wus knocked senseless
and remained in an unconscious condition for some time. The latter two
were cut and shaken up but are otherwise unhurt. Thu accident occurred
in a manner which is likely to recur
at any tltno. The bobBlelgh currying
the four men come down Stanley
street in safoty und would undoubtedly have crossed the street without
trouble had not two men been on the
crossing.   It   was   necessary   to   run
ir to divert tho
und the latter
course wns taken. The sleigh wns
moving at a high rate of spued, however,und It proved impossible to bilng
it back to tlie ordinary course. Before the coasters hud time to roll off
they were tlnshed Into the sidewuk on
the north side of Veruon street,
Russell wus steering the bob and
sustained the brunt of the crash. Ono
of his logs was broken in two places
ns stated, ami his injuries are of an
unusually severe nature. 0'Dcll wns
behind and hml a leg broken. The
third man wns unconscious for some
time while the fourth was practically
uninjured. Russell nnd O'Doll wero
driven to the general hospital in a
hnok. Dr. lioherty, house physician,
reduced the fractures, and at last re,
ports bolh were rusting easily, Nelsow Daily Miner, Thursday;  January 14, 1900
The NBlsonl Miner
Published   Every Morning Except  Monday
���BT THI���
149 Fleet Street. E. C.
Central Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Dally, per month, by carrier	
Daily, per month, by mall	
Dally, per year, by carrier .'
Daily, per year, by mail..
. 65c
. 6O0
.8 7 00
Dally, per year, foreign.    9 00
Weekly, per half year  81 2*
Weekly, per year    2 00
Weekly, por yeas, foreign    3 00
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
All Chocks should Be made payable to the
order of Nklbon Publishing Ooiumny,
The death of Her Majesty, Queen
Victoria, does not, as many suppose,
dissolve parliament. Prior to the
reign of Queen Ann the death of a
sovereign wonld effect dissolution,
but this was later modified fixing the
time of dissolution six months after a
sovereign's death. Still later, - in
1867, this act was also abolished so
tbat now parliament is not effected
in any way by such demise.' In the
present case, King Edward could, of
course, dissolve parliament* at any
time he wished.
Nelson that the government is to keep
up tbe record It has made In other
British Columbia towns, and award
the contract for the Nelson building
to eastern people. In any event, contractors here say tbat tbe figures submitted to the department at Ottawa
shonld be published.
The new council ia acting wisely In
its efforts to place the city in a better
sanitary condition. The resolution of
Aldermen . Paterson and Madden,
that an Isolation hospital Is needed,
will be seconded by every resident of
the city. Dr. LaBau'B recommendations in reference to the indiscriminate bringing of corpses into tbe city,
and the registration : of births and
deaths, are worthy of adoption and
will undoubtedly meet with .general
approval. Wo are living in a healthy
climate here, but unless assisted nature cannot keep - us always in good
It looks as If the contract for the
building of Nelson's new postoffloe,
customs honse, etc., was to go to eastern people. The only, .tender submitted from Nelson was said not to be low
enough and was.laid-aside. It is too
bad we could not have had it built by
a Nelson m��n, but, although some of
us may kick about the contiuct going
east, we will promise to be food to
whoever the government sends,, pro
vlded be will hurry and give us tho
Ube of the new quarters.
With no desire whatever to, appear
in the role of. one "fishing" for a
compliment in return, The Miner
takes occasion to compliment its
morning contemporary, The Tribune
upon the appearance of-its drst page
yesterday morning. ' No more-appro
priate or tasteful first page was printed anywhere in Canada, not even In
The Miner office on Ward street.
The Nelson Miner, which since last
summer has been published as- as afternoon paper, has resolved to go back
to the morning edition, commencing
on the 19th Inst. A change, is like
wise to take place in tbe management
of The Miner, Mr. Beaton, senior, retiring therefrom. While not able to
shout amen to everything which has
appeared in that journal, we must - in
all candor give it credit for being a
sprightly, up-to-date newspaper, and,
everything considered, a credit to Nelson and those connected with its publication.���Vancouver World.
Moyie has a hockey club - and every
week something appears-In The Moyie
Leader about the club, but It never
says anything about .the members of
the club playing hockey. Tbey are
spending all of their time arranging
for a grand ball to be given-February
14.���Nelson Miner.
The Moyie boys are playing hockey,
and nre doing some good work, too.
And It Is their intention to take a
whirl out of the Nelson team before
long, providing a "dicker" can be
made.���Moyie Leader.
Viotorla, B. C, Jan. 23.���Dawson
advices to January 14: Geo. Curtis
who committed suicide, at Eagle, was
formerly in tho county clerk's office,
Seattle. Advices from Circle City report nine Inindredu men working
creeks near there.
Contract For the Building of the New
Nelson 1'oat olllce.
The only Nelson man who submitted a tender for the construction of tbe
Nelson post office and customs bouse,
has received the following letter from
Ottawa, dated Jan. IIS: "Sir���I am
directed by the bon. the minister of
public works to return to you herewith enclosed tho cheque for 87,.M0
which aocompaaled your tender, dated 27th ultimo., for tho construction
of postoffloe, customs house, etc., at
Nelson, B. C.. the tender not being
tbe lowest. J B. Boy, acting secretary."
Jt is  believed by building  men of
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rate of ono cent a word per Insertion, No
Advertisement taken for less than 26 cent*.
FINE  RUBE   for   sale,    apply   Palm
Fruit Confectionery store, K. W.-C.
block, Ward st.
WANT TO BUY.���Five   or   six   room
house   iu   good   residence    part   of
town.    Address H. J. Moore, Box His,
Nelson, B. C.
850 REWARD. Lost,   a   Valise.���A
Brown Leather Dress Suit Case,taken from the Pbair Hotel, NMson,British Columbia, to the Canadian Pacific
Railway depot on tbe morning of tbe
2Hth November, 1000; may, however
have been deposited on the Great
Northern train or steamers at Nelson
Contents���A Bruuston compass and
other surveying instruments, steel
lapses, and clothing marked "E. C,
H."���notebooks, etc. The above re
ward Will be paid for the recovery of
valise and contents. Communications
to lie addressed to, The Ymir Gold
Mines, Ltd., Nelson, British Columbia.    P. O. Box 505.
FOR   RENT.���Cellar.
Bank of Canada.
Apply    Royal
TRAINED NURSE  open   to   engage
ments.    Mrs.  Seton, Silica Street.
FOR SALE.���120   acres   of   first-class
agricultural and garden land,
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will sell In 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts,
Price and terms reasonable. Apply or
address, A. F. Rosenberger, Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson.
WANTED,���A   10-roomed  -furnished
bouse.   Apply at Room   4, K.-W. C.
PROSPECTORS having promising
mineral claims for sale are requested
to call at The Prospectors' Exchange.
Phone No. 104, Room No. 4, K.-W.-0.
Block, Nelson, B. C.
WANTED���Free Milling Gold Proper
ties in British Columbia. Phone No.
104, K.-W.-C. Block.   Andrew F. Bos
enherger, Nelson, B. C.
FOR RENT.���A    warm,   comfortable
house, seven rooms, water and bath.
Apply. "D," Miner Office.
FOB SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient, with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
DR. MORRISON, Dentist, has re
moved to his new offices in the
K.-W.-C. Block.
One of These
Whittaker's Almanac.
The   N. Y.  Wot  Almanac
Canadian Almanac.
New  \ork Clipper Annual.
Office Diaries, iqoi.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Corian Ddyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Owners   having   claims   for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values (told or Silver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities^ names of locations, etc., to
B. a
Is it Commoii'Sense
to pay from $50 to $65 for a
when half that amount Will get one?
Great Slaughter Sale for the
Next 30 Days.   -----
If you have any idea bf= buying a machine
it will be dollars saved? you to investigate the
merits of the
��� ������
3  THE __ fe
______ !|
f ronflO to 25 Per Cent |
3* t N order to make room for Spring  Goods  I  have"
9m I    decided to sell for the next 30 days, all goods in
���?"        stock at   greatly   reduced   prices.    A.I  heavy
3. goods away down,   cost not considered.    And  in
2'  Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and  Caps and
3   Boots and Shoes, 1 will give from 10% to  25% dis-
3   count and all Rubber Goods at cost.
3        "��� Now is the chance to partake of the  best bar-:
_?"'tr-tas in above mentioned goods ever offered  in  the"
3   Koolenays.    My stock is all  new and up-to-date,
W  arid the sale is genuine.    So now avail  yourself of
jgH the best opportunity to get good  goods] at less than
"3   wholesale prices.
High arm, Vibrating  Shuttle, JUoek Stitch,"
Light Running, fitted -vvlfth Complete Set of |
Attachments,; and eariries the Hudsohts Bay
Company's Guarantee for Five Years,
Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak, $30
Drop Head,      .      .      .      .      .      .    $32
��� WW W^ ������������
Pat Us On     3
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superiority of groceries, promptness* of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your wants perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck ft  Wilson
Mining Companies need In? tin services of a millwright to ereot stamp
mills, concentrators, oyanlde plants,
or any other mining machinery can
secure a competent man at address below. W. Pi LEMON,
Constructor and Supervisor,
(irniiil Central Hotel, Nelson.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    - I $10.76
No order can be accepted unlesi
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Street*.
notice of assignment:
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acts.
N Notice is hereby given that John
Leask and Francis C. Rank 1 n, carrying on busmoss iu the town oi Cranbrook lu tbe Province of British Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
-under the firm and style of Leask <fe
Rankin, by deed" of assignment for the
benefit oil creditors, bearing .data the
7th day of January, 1801, made in
pursuance of the '���Creditors'' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts, have
granted and assigned unto Oreigbton
Boss Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, olerk, all the personal estate, credits and effects ' of tbe said
John Leask uud Francis O." Uankin,
and of eaoh of them-(both partnership
and-private)   which   may   be-seized
real estate and of each of them in
trust to pay thecrertltors'of the said
Leash & Rankin, ratably a jd proportionately their just cJ__!B- without
f.reference or priority
The said deed of assignment was executed hy the Said John Leask and
Francis C. Uaakin, oa-the .7th .day of
January, 11)01,-and by. the said Creigh-
toh Bobs Palmer oa the 9th day of
January, 1901.
' All parsons having claims against
the.said Leask & Rankin are required
to file with tho trustee on or before
the Mtli day of January, 19U1, full
particulars of their clnims duly verified, and tbe natures of the seourltien,
if any, held by them.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe.said 26th day of January, 1901,
the trustee -will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate, among
the parties entitled tbeieto, having
regard to the claims only of-which he
then shall have had notice and that
he will not be responsible' for the sn
sets or any part thereof so dlstrlbut
ed to. any person oi\ persons of whoso
claim he shall not then have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors Will be
held on Saturday the 24th day ot January, 1901, at two o'clock ifl'the'after-"
noon, at tho offices of W. V. Gurd,'
Bolloltor, Baker Street, Cranbrook,
11.   0.
Dated at Cranbrook, this nth day
of January, 1901.
Solloltor for the Trustee.
fiottoge corner of Hall arltf *8IHoa
t Streets., * 116*00
Fourteen rooms, n> bloe, or one-
half nuimber ���  Hall Street	
Store, Ha�� Street, per month.... 825 00
7-roomed hausr, modern conveniences ., j.. 15 oQ
5-roomed house, modem conveniences       s j0 0O
Victoria (stteet���7-roomed house,
modern oenvenlenoes  80 00
u Lot 2��xlS0 arid 8-roomed house with'
bathroom, pantry, snd electric lHrhli
JK___*g Carbonate and StanlaySta!
*���*���"-*' *o_s,' *H00': cash, 81000; baj-
and sold under execution and all tbeir -ancep 8*00.   Equal   payments,   three
'and six months!
Lot 8, Block 23v 30x120 Nelson Avr
enue, Bogustown, 8200.00 t
'Lot 12, "Hlbck 24,   30x120, Davies St;
according   fo Bogustown, 822H.00
. *^t ��Xand-8��, Block 3,��0*120, Hume
100 00 w,th-'-b8ol*'-0**-<-��-'��. ��8--
Lota 21 asi-t S3, Block 81 j honse on
each >lot r i all- 'modern conveniences;
bringing in ��25-per month each j Car^-
Donate Street; 84,000.
<        Brewers' of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Belenn. B. 0.
11111*'**'*""***""""""���"*""** * *l^lTtttlt1/tfUV
Mining) Engineer
and Manager.
P. O. Box jot Nelson, B. C
Bedford-McNeil & Cloughs
milk Address: i,
Parker, Nelson, B. 0.
.Charles-Parker 6 Go'y.
Members Rossland Stock Exchange.
Slooan, nelson. Mast kootenay, Rossland, and Boundary.
���  Working Mines for Bale.   Developed Pronpeofai to Bond.   Reports by Own Hngnieoisr
Ladles' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.;
Suits Made to Order, Gleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired. ���
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel. ,
Mall Orders Solicited. p. o. Box 631
Wholesale Houses
THOHPK _ CO. Limited���Corner Vernon
and Cedar dueotu, Nelson���Aluiiulaoiur-
ets Ot and wholesale dealere lu uuiuuid watenl
and fruit, ���yrupa. ttoleaauoui (or aaloyoa Hot
BprinSB uiiueml water.  Telephone oo.
_^l M. M. CuiiuuiliB, _i8neo���Kvory knowi
Variety ultottdriukn. 1* u llox !s��. Telupuum
No. 31. Hoover btreet, Nelnou. bottlura ut Uiif
fauioiiM Ut, iAsouHot apimgH Mluoral Water
j Crow 8 Morris:
Flora de Vlneda
Vallens 6 Co.
Two choice cigarB, well'known
all over the world. :
Will   give  most   enjoyment  to
people who know a good
CANS _ MACDONALD (H. Cane, James
A. Maodooaldl���ArohiUmUi ami uuperin-
tundeuu*. llronutt UiU JJiook, oorner liaker and
Wall-"��� ���-���   -
HJ. -VANS & (JO.-tiaker Btreet, Nel-
��� sou���Whole&ule dealun* in liquors, oi-
Kan, eoiiienu lire brick nml lire oluy, wutor
pipe ��� ami hUiul raiia, uuU geuui-ul coiumiHuloa
Wholesale aud retail dealere in Kralu,
hay, flour, (end. Mllleat Viotorla, New Went-
unuaieri JwliiiunUm. Aito. UJuvulora ou Ual-
K��ry and iwlmontoii Hallwuy. Mahutavtururs
ut the oulobittUxl 11. ic li. bnuid oerealii.
AMAUDONALU (c Uc-Goruer D'ron
�� and-'Hall atreotH-wlioluHuiu grocers
and joetwm lu biaukeu, gloveu, inltu, boole,
ruUbum, luaoklnuwu aud minora' euudriea.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
ii     -.   , , ''Fro-i^wSianil, Ma.
������Line Tunlalan Jan U
Allan Lino Nllmldlan ...FehO
liimiliiloiiUneliiimbromaii.... ....JooM
Dominion IJno Vanconvor y^.KebJ
Beaver iino Lake ChEu-ttTT!........... .J.n M
Beaver Line Late t$a*npla_.. _��* ��
Dominion Line New' Rrartitnri.... ff^ jfflo
Cunard Lino Umbria....;i Jan IS
Onnard Line Cainpi-nla ....'.iJaHW
WhlUiBt.rLlno_i0o.tlo JmS
WhitoWar LliioOoeania     Jan
Aiw-Iosb Lino Krlosland .���
N. O. L. Allcr
. O. L. AUor JaaS
Pamosa arranged to and from all Bin���ean
point-  ForrmtMlUolte-andrull InformaUon
L'JC^L*?! P* ���^���-^jMJS, *S H- L. Bnma
-.n       B^E-B KINO'MIKE
Will par tbe highest oash price for all
kinds of seoond band goods.   Will.,boy
S_J��i '���flKSl* flf0m1 8n -noh<" t0 -
neeoie.    Komitnre,   stoves,   oar ports.
qnantitles.     Also  oast off  clothing.
and see me or write.   Address
Sllrer King Mike,
Street, Helaao. R a
Bo>   800.     Hall
Boy   Oaly   Union .Made   Shoes,
FactoryN? oQ\
This > stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PHERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,'
the only Union Vaotory in Canada.
Oilloe oonior -all aud front Bti-ueU,
.*.ol��ou���Lumber, oolllug, lloorlug, uud every
liilug lo wood tor building puriiiMUB. Get our
prlouH.   Corroiipoudeuoo Boliolted.
.i.TT , . rr'T*"���*���** ��w"ei, rteiioii������
��� . Wliolenalo doulura iu fruHh aud ourod
���eat*.   Cold atorage.	
Baker Btreot, Nolaon-Wholusulo doal-
er�� In fronh and ourud ineatn.
Baker StHebt.
Deliveried to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock oil hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Ooast Flooring* and
Finished Lumber*
P  "���__.�� C_T*���er Btreet, Nelson-  Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOM
��� ' Wbolsaale dealem n, trtmU ,in,i ^,,.-...1  a ��� . ~rS:��� "i���im.-vw
JU Btreet, NoIbou - Wholenulo iI.-iiIihh In
nardwarej uilnom' aupplies, Hportluf goodn.
and LAR] .0,
J. A."
M'LAOHLAN BROS. (Sttooesmri! to Van-
Oouyor Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
>n-\v holeiialo Sealeni la hardware and
juluing euppliiw, plU-bera' and tinamlths' eup-
HX\S?V ��-RDUaRB CO.-Wholonale
. i|)*id,ft ���u"'. ���W ������������! nioohanlo��' IooIh.
Agenttiroi Ontario Vowder WorkH; ajniiulte
rpWHNKR, B-Kl-DN _ Co.-Oorner Vornoa
JL atutJowphlna.-BtnleUi, Nolson-Whcle
���ale dooJcrs In liqupn, olgars, aud dry goods.
"77,  . *"!   r��u��w'���rowing uo. or  m
aud-Ualgary Browltg Oo o7 Oalgary.
HUDBON* BAY,Oo.uJWholeeale grooerlo"
and liquors eta, Baker Btreot, Nelson
CALIFORNIA WIN��00,,���inltod-Coruor
rront and HallBtrooH,Nol��on-Whole.
iIoiiiohUo and Impound ulgiire. '
liS��Sti!SSJL2?'~S0fnn v*-rllo** -">d
la proviM*-**  nna) st ti, butter and
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B.O.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box Mo, T-lepbOT&NoJ'M
F. O. OREEM        V. B. OLBMENT8
Civil Enij-lnoers and PrdVinMaf-_kd
' surwyvn.
| ~.'Oi Bon Ml ' taUtoi'^A
y> Nelson Daily Miner, I-whwday, JatTbarv 14,' 1901
What an English Newspaperman Saya
of British Columbia.
' Mr. L. M. Byles, an English journalist who is in this country on behalf of a number of old country papers, is in Nelson. Mr. Byles left Liverpool last October and has since been
traveling through western Canada.
"It is a funny thing," said Mr.
Byles to a Miner man, "how little
Canada, and especially Rritish Columbia, are known across tbe water. II
is not so long ago since a prominent
public man asked in all seriousness
what state of the union British Columbia was in. This ignorance is
chiefly due to lack of proper advertising. New Zealand has a wideawake
agent-general who besides keeping a
central bureau of information running
in London, spends a large percentage
of his time lecturing' on his colony.
The result is that men and capital
are Steadily migrating to the Antipodes. At first it surprised me to find
tbat in the Immense mineral resources
of this country British capital was
rarely employed. Rut now I feel sure
tbat tbe cause lies at home. Little
or no organized attempt seems to be
made to get hold of the right men or
money. The best properties are
passing into the hands of Americans
who pay less although they pay easier, and this although money can be
got in London as low as \li per cent.
It Is not my business exactly, but
we have in London a little weekly
paper called the British Columbia Review which is doing it's best for British Columiba. If British Columbia
would do more for it its power would
Increase. A paper must receive support II it is to be run in the best possible manner. Already the Review
stands high in the estimation of financial men in the old country and
with more assistance from this side
there is no reason why it should not
take its place with the great organs
of Australia and South Alrica kept
going in London."
" Mr. Byles goes to Kaslo from Nelson
this afternoon and thence  to Sandon.
"Yod don't send me any more vio
lets Or American Besuties, or boxes
at oandy," she marmured.
"No," answered Mr. Blyklns.
"But that Is no sign I am not as at
tentlve as ever. If you would rather
bave violets and roses and boxes of
oandy than the cabbages and potatoes
and sirloin steaks that I send round,
Bay the word. Your slightest wish
shall be gratified even if I have to
eat at a dairy lunch room. "--Washington Star.
1   nm   ���[ "1   hi
' Take Laxative Brouio (hdlane -Taolets. -Ail
druggist* refund the money ii It (alia to oure.
tlar_�� W. Grove * HUtual.i.re la on  oaoh box.
China Hall
��� A man is known by ihe company he
keeps, a woman is known by the loom
she keeps for company.
The Quest Room
Toilet Set |
Is an'important part of the furnishing;
If rightly selected it may be iib ornamental ss aay piece of furniture in the
room. Do you entertain guests this
weekV See our Toilet Sets in tbe window today.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
Besides doing high class portrait
woric we take special core in developing and printing kodak films or
plates. If you fall in making good
negatives bring your camera to us and
we will looate the trouble and set you
right free of charge. Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Baker Street.
relatives afflicted with the Dls-
euse of Drunkenness? We have
a sure' cure which can bo given
with or without the knowledge
ol the patient. Send for partic-'
���ularsj enclosing 3 cent stamp
���lor reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders & Co., Chicago, 111.
Baker Street, Nelson,
B. C.
: Lot 12 in Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having a frontage of 50 feet on Baker
Street and a frontage of 120  feet on Jose
phine Street, with i6.foot lane at  rear, will
be Sold by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the nth Day ol
February A. D. 1901, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts.,
Nelson, B. C.
Terms: $5,000 cash at time of sale,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date of sale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will be received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further' terms
and conditions will be' made known. at time
of sale or upon application to
Nelson, B. C.
For wood or hard er soft coal.
The  largest   line  carried   by
any firm in Canada.
i Miners, Attention!
" Good  Cheer"  Ranges  and
Cook Stoves.   A complete line,
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges at  the  right  prices  is  the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   arid   5alted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   TRAYES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
The little things that
make your housework
easier are the things
you are best pleased
with buying. We have
the odd things that will
give pleasure and rest
to the housekeeper.
Everyday Necessities, at>d
The Price iB Bight for Each.
4+A\*WV��9<%*xAJ*V**iAr\*A,^xt^**WAW ���'
Gold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties Wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to tho EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to near from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE tholr headquarters when in Nelson.
All Bamples should he sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence Solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.  P. 0. Box 700. NELSON, B. 0.
Hockey   Match   Tonight
Stanley Street Rink
By the week from $5 to 96.
By the day ��1.00.
J, V. O'MUG-0-N, Prop;
Entrance Fee 50 Cents.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straiuht Mortgage.
Apply to Q. Ti. JUBSNOX. Paker 6t
7-8 inch ilium. $18.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery In Nelsoi
Provincial Secretary's Office,
17th January, 1901.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
In Council, under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Aot" has been
pleased to establish at tbe City of
Nelson, in the County of Kootenay, a
District Offloe for the Reoording of
Instruments and Registration of
Tlties affeoting real estate, situate
within the County of Kootenay.
The name of the said registration
district shall be the Kootenay Land
Registration District.
Henry Fry McLeod, of the City of
Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed
to perform the duties of the said District Office, whloh shall be open for
the transaction of business on and after the second day of March, 1901.
By Command,
Provincial Seoretary,
5��    TRADE
MARK   g
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been ��j
j�� proved and not found wanting.
��       No miss-holes.  No running.
co. i
We  carry a most complete stock of everything- required in an Assay
Office and Laboratory.
Morgan  Crucible  Co., Manufacturers  of Battersea Crucibles, etc.
F. W. Braun & Co.'s "Cary" Combination Furnaces and Burners!
Vancouver,   B   C.
P. O. Box 626.  Cable Address: "Groasdaile,
conmssioN aoent.
' Nelson.   Code-Morelnc -j Nasi.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchanges. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
Bank of Commerce
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,, m        - - $8,000,000
Reserve Fund,   Jm        -        ��� 2,000,000
aqoreoate resources over $65,000,000.
London iwice: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
Cnhioron Alexander, Manager.
8. CS
New York Olllce: 16 Bxchuge Place.
Alex, Laird and Win. Uray, Agents.
���?..-. ONTARIO
Hamilton, London, Toronto (8 offices), Ottawa ami 34 othoi-places
Montbkal Winnipeg Dawson, white Honsi
Atun Greenwood Nelson Sandon
Cranbrook        Kamloops New Westminster   Vancouver
Fkrnie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
New York, N. Y.
San Francisco, Cal.
Portland, Ore.       Skaowav, Alaska
Seattle, Wash.
Bankers In London.���The Bank of Scotland: Messrs. Smith, Payne i, Smiths.
"     " Now York.���The American Exchango National Bonk.
Agents In Chicago.���The Northern Trust Company.
"       " New Orleans.���The Commercial National Bank.
Savings Bank Department.
Interest Allowed on Deposits.  Present Kate 3 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager,
^[���^'������"���^���"���''���''���"���''���"���"���"^"���"���"���"���"���"���"��'i>'l��ll��l����li��lM I
Protect Your
Best   Faculty
and Save
Your   Sight.
W. J. HARVEY. F. O. M. C. /.. Professor of AphtholmoloBF. Doctor of Outlet
and Scientific Optician, of Toronto, has given Right to thousands tbat wero Buffering from
almost total blindnc-s. People afflicted with Weak Eyes, Headaches, 1-iiiH in the Hoau, Eyes
Crossed or Diverged, Double or Indistinct Viriion, Loss of Muscular Power, or any Error of
Refraction of the Byes, will bo given a free consultation.
Glasses fitted to nny sight under a positive guarantee of satisfaction. .
AT M'LEAN'S DRUG STORE until Saturday, January -litrf.
Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5. .....   ...
Complete  Electric Equipments  for  Electric  Power   Transmission  and
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block.
- Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun-
more Junction Daily "for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreul and Boston, Moo-
days and Wednesdays for Toronto.
Hume cars pass Revelstoke one day
for  your  eastern  trip is to see
Spokane Falls <_
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R>.
Red Mountain R'v.
Your eyes need attention, and it
is a most imperative duty that you
should have them attended to at
once. Do not waif. Do not wear
half fitted glasses. Do not buy
glasses from a passing peddler.
Go where you can receive careful
attention now or at any time that
there is anything wrong with your
Watchmakers arid Opticians.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, T_��ee Porks, New Denver and Slocan Oity.
orders by mall to any branch will have careful m-* ��romnt attention.
Large number, of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway.    For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, MaHonald Block corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
v   ' A. V. MASON. Secretary.
your ticket reads via Canadian Pacific,
Trams and Steamers Depart.
5 -00 ) ���^eBmer f��r Kootenay Lacd-
n���:i��� t i"K and eastern points via
ually    ) Crow's Nest Route.
8:00 (Train for Rossliint*. Grand
Ex 8un j Forks,Greenwood,Midway,eto
0:00 i Train for Slocan City, Slocan
Ex Sun j points, and Saudon.
10-00 I Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Sun | mediate points.
18*40 ) 1'ra'n f��r Rosslnnd, Nakusp,
n .;* >��� Revelstoke, main line aud
UttlJy     ) Fnciflic Const Points.
For Time Tables, Rates and full information call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drew, Dopot Agent 1 Nelson, B.C.
H. I*. lirown, City Agent. /
-. J, COYLK,
A   U. P. Agor.1
"A Warning Voice"
Im the title ef an Intercut tug little book
that hIiowh how
nt LOST and how tt may bo
It Ih nont securely hohUhI In plain on-
volopc Free, ou receipt of Uo stump for
Wo aro tho leading: specialist* In
curing all ciihoh of Kidney and liltuldor
Trouble, Soxual W uaknoMH and lmpo-
tency, Syphilis, U on or r lima, Night
Losses, Gleet und Stricture, quickly
and permanently. Wo have cured
thousands ut their own homes. All
lotlerri kept Htdctly prlvute und an*
Hwerud in plain Healed envelope. Consultation by mall free. Write today.
Sta. 0, Ohicago, 111.
Could wo roml t ho liriut s of wouion, wlial n
viikI amount of FUlforliiK would be oxpofod,
Ki MAi.i'i VVkaknksh Iiiin produood moro Invalid* among women than any olhor catiHO.
Have you any of tno following Hyinutotni* I
NervoUHiieii), WoakncH, llackacliu. Headache,
"All Uono" FeelliiK. Hot Flushes Variable
Appetite, HeHl.loKHnoMH. No Ambition. Kindly
Kxcltod, Painful 1'erioan, Heartou-down PalliH,
l.i'ut'hoi rlii:(tu, t*1tnploH on tho Face. Pains In
ilm I.itiiiM, KyeMtiunkcn, No Vital KnerKy, elc.
Wk Can Cuuk You. It matter* not wlio liau
treated and failed In ctirliiKyoii. ConmiltAtion
y Mull Ik Ab-uhilrly Free, aud If curable wo
will tell you no. llon't lot Htiru;ootiH oporate on
you. Wo can cure you without cutting. Oi'H
Nkw Mkthoii Tkkatmknt in mild and pint-
ant. Family Doctor* have treated you for
yearn, and yot you aro not ourou���they only
help you from time to time. Lot u* cure you
at youh Cwn Home by our Now Method
Troatinont. Hundred* aro being curod. Why
not you 1 We will matt you our Hymptom
111 ink nlmply for tho aaklng, and wo will tell
you free of chftrgo what we think of your
caae. Heiuonibsr. your letter* are kept strictly
privalo and conllilen'lal and aro annworod in
plain Homlod envelope. W rile at once, cncloi
Ing stamp for reply. Address nn, IV. H.
HAliMir.HH * ��<>., ���!���> ��! I'klrsgo, 111.
Mention this ptper.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
For Kaslo and all Kootenay ' lake
Connects at Meyer's' Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave DAY TRAIN AnlT��
8:00 a.m Spokane 8:40 p.m.
11:60 a.m Rossland 3:10 p. _.
7:00 a.m Nelson 7:11 p.m.
9:45 p.ni Spokane 7:00a.��.
11 .00 p. in Rosslnnd 7 :()0 s.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. - T.A.
Spokane Waaft
A pent Nelflnn. P.f1
the: BEST
St. LoUis
To be liad wholesale at Nelsoi.
H_   P.   Ri-he.   A
CO.j Ltd.
A. B. GRAY, a-* st- Nelso"
Rootenay Agent.
1). J. DEWAE, J. P.
Hotary Publio, OonTojanoer.
Cottage, 7-rooms on Mines Road,
near Stanley St., $l,0SO easy terms.
Furniture for 10-roanis for J450 and
the rooms can be rented at $30 per
month. There are three rooms let at
810 per month each.
House and two lotB, Vernon Street,
82,500. Thla property is paying 840
per month.
Seven-Room House, Good location,
8'Jfi with water.
Ilousc In Hume Addition, lis
rooms, 820.
Houses from 88 to 850 per month.
Loans on Improved property(
���traight or monthly paymwtf, %wm
Nelson Daily Miner,  Thursday, January 24, 1901
Of all sad words of tongue or
the saddest are ihese, "Orippe'g
A Nelson & Fort Sheppard car
went through a trestle on the lake
front Tuesday night. The car was
hauled out yesterday and the trestle
George Reefer and William Barbour
have disposed of their Slocan Junction iron property, the Iron Duke.
The property wag transferred yesterday, the consideration being 8450.
While in Nelson yesterday Andrew
Laidlaw, manager of the Standard
Pyritic smelter at Greenwood, placed
an order with the Crow's Nest Coal
company for 800,000 worth of coal and
ooke to supply the new smelter during
the first six months of Its operations.
W. A. Galliher. M. P., left yester-
��� day morning for the east. He remained over last night at Cranbrook where
his supporters tendered him a banquet. Today Mr. Galliher is at Revelstoke and in the course of his journey
will also visit in Regina and Winnipeg.
The Winnipeg Tribune says: Mr.
A. C. Smith, C. P. R. ticket agent at
Brandon, arrived yesterday to take
charge of the C. P. R. ticket office
here in place of Mr. McLeod, who replaces Mr. Jos. Carter at the depot.
Mr. Smith, who is well known in
this city, was (Welcomed back by a
large number of friends.
Tbis is how the typo, of Winnipeg
worded their invitations to a recent
smoker: Winnipeg Typo Union No.
lBL'requests you to "light up" with
its members at its First Twentieth
Century and Third Annual Smoker, to
be held in Unity Hall, corner Main
and Lombard streets, Saturday evening, January, nineteenth, nineteen
hundred and one. There will be cigars
and matches. Very likely something
to eat. Water from the new pumping
station will be furnished���with antidotes. Perhaps some fellow will
Sing a song or play something; or,
worse still, tell a funny story. Cards
will be provided for the wicked. P.
S.���"Jeff shooters" are expected to
supply tbeir own quads.
The local militia officers were notified yesterday by Lieut.-Colonel Benson, district officer commanding, that
the request of the Nelson militia
men for permission to parade with
reveined arms and muffied drums had
been granted. The parade will therefore take place and it is probable that
tne turnout will be made the foundation for the civic observance of the
royal funeral. Mayor Fletcher's idea
as to this event is that all the local
fraternities and trades' unions should
join in the procession which will
proceed to tbe recreation grounds
where a ten-minute service will be
held, local ministers participating.
Such an affair would be held on the
day of the funeral in England and as
tbis is still several days ahead the
details can be altered or amended
should it be deemed advisable,
The ball to have been given In the
near future by tbe Maccabees of Nelson has been indefinitely postponed.
The Miner calls attentlcn to the ad.
appearing in this issue addressed to
prospectors and others .having claims
containing dry  ores for sale.
Miss Katie Bartlett, who was injured while coasting Tuesday evening,
was not riding on MisB Harvey's bob,
as stated yesterday. She was coasting on a small sleigh alone.
H. Richardson of Rossland, secretary of the London Consolidated and
Richelieu Mining companies, which
own the Silver Hill and other properties in the Crawford areuk country, is
in the city today.
The following books have been
added to the Nelson Public Library:
The Isle of Unrest, The Palace of the
King, Eben Holden, Quisante, Richard Yea and Nay, Suspense, Hope the
Hermit, The Trespasser.
R. B. Dougan, one of the old timers
on Forty-Nine creek, is in the city
today. Mr. Dougan owns the Home-
stake and Crown Point claims which
are notable among free milling properties for their great ore bodies.
A meeting of the executive officers of
the board of trade, local fraternities
and trades' unions has been called for
this afternoon in Fraternity hall. The
purpose of the meeting is to discuss
arrangements for the general observance on the day of the late Queen's
Mr. W. A. Galliher, the new Liberal member for Yale-Cariboo, says
the Winnipeg Tribune, is expected to
be in the city before the end of the
week en route to Ottawa, to attend
the session. Mr. Galliher is an old
Winnipegger, and will remain here
some days renewing acquaintances.
Nelson Aerie, Fraternal Ordor of
Eagles, had an important meeting
last night, the occasion being the installation of officers for the ensuing
term. The new officials were established in office as follows: George
Bartlett, worthy president; W. Gos-
iidII, past president; Frank Simpson,
vice-president; H. Aitkins. chaplain;
John V. Morrison, secretary; L. The-
lan, treasurer,; S. Boyd, conductor;
Abe Lang, inside guard; Gus Brick-
Bon, outside guard; J. Morice, Frank
Simpson and L. Hyde, trustees. J.
J. Malone officiated as installing officer. During the meeting the members decided to join the fraternal
procSBsion on the occasion of the observance of the late  Queen's   funeral.
examine them.   (Sgd.), H. A. Mellon,
Examiner of Masters and Mates.
"Vancouver, Jnn. 17, 1001."     **���~**
Qnit Ooffee and dot Well.
"My breakfast never seemed complete without coffee, but the stomach
became gradually weakened, although
I had no idea of the oause. An hour
or so after eating, a dull aching pain
would come in my stomach and sick
headache set up. The misery would
continue two or three hours, increasing to an intense burning pain, until
relieved by vomiting, then I would
quickly recover.
"These attacks grew more frequent
and the pain more intense, until it
began to affect my general health, I
tried many remedies for strengthening my stomach, until finally I
noticed that the much loved coffee appeared to have a wooden taste, and I
concluded to see what effect leaving it
off,   would have.
"In a short time, the sick, aching
attacks ceased entirely, gradually my
stomnch regained its ylgor. I began
drinking Postum Food Coffee and I
discovered by experiment that it has
a delicious crisp coffee taste, und yet
I could drink all I wanted of it, without any oppression ; on the contrary,
it gave me a well fed nourished and
lightened feeling, instead of the old
"My general health has been greatly improved and I am able to eat,
without fear, many things I dared
nut attempt before. I am grateful
that someone has found so satisfactory
a beverage. It is already a boon to
thousands who have been troubled
with coffee drinking, and there are
yet thousands who, If they knew the
cause of their trouble, would get well
by leaving off coffee and using Postum Food Coffee. Please omit
name" Name and address furnished
by Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Rattle
Creek, Mich,
Hume���W. E. Smyth, Acton, Ont.;
J. A. Harvey, Fort Steele; A. G. Mac
kenzie, Toronto; W, C. Perry, Winnipeg ; F. Batchelor, New York; V.
Hyde Baker, Cranbrook; A.W. McVit-
tie, Cranbrook; W. E. Boie, Slocan
City;\V. Upton Runnalls, Victoria;
P. B. Wallace, Toronto; J. A. Tepoor-
ten, Vancouver.
Queens.���P. W. Clarkson, Hamilton ;
R. Ilelstrop. Toronto; Thomas Kane,
Northport; E. W. Stopford, Ymir.
Phair.���J. A. Thomson, Vancouver;
Frank Watson, Spokane; Max O'Neill,
Quebec; T. P. Melntyre, Winnipeg;
J. R. Huston, Torouto; R. Bradshaw
and wife, Toronto; A. York, Slocan;
Henry Roy, Rossland; H. W. D. Arms-
Btrong, Toronto.
Some More Interesting Games in Rink
Yesterday was a busy day among
the curlers at the skating rink. In
the afternoon two scratch games'were
played and at night two more matches
in the rink tournament cams off.
Further interest has been added to
this conteBt by the fact that the tramway company has offered four prizes
to go to the members of the rink winning the consolation contest.
The most recent games in this series
Bought a Typewriter and Paid for
Without Costing Him a Cent.
"Do you see that young man over
there'.'" said a man reading a paper
in the seat opposite. "He's one of
the greatest financial geniuses in the
country, if little things are any indication of a man's ability and character. He'll be a millionaire before
long, or I'm no judge of people,'
The young mans' apppearance did
not seem to indicate that there was
anything out of tbe ordinary about
him, aud his admirer's companion
said so.
"Well, I'll tell you how I came to
discover his genius," said the man
who had spoken first. "When I tell
you what he did I think you'll agree
with me. He secured a typewriter
without paying a eentfor it,and with
ouj doing a stroke of work for it, and
he did it in a perfectly honest legitimate way, too. In fact, he actually
made money on the transaction. I
only discovered how he did it by accident, and I've been wondering at the
genius and simplicity of tbe scheme
ever since. He was formerly employed in the same office with me, and we
both bad a good deal of writing. One
day he caine up to me and proposed
that we should hire a typewriter together. " 'We can hire a tpyewriter
for $4 a month,' he said, 'and if we
split it between us it will cost us only
50 cents a week each. We can do
that all right, because we wouldn't
be using it at the same time, anyway.
If you give me 82 now I'll go up to
the office of one of the typewriter companies and have them send down a
typewr-iter. I'll arrange the whole
thing so as to save   you  any trouble.'
���'1 agreed to this, and' tbe young
man went off with the 82. Every
month I paid bim 82 and we both
used the typewriter with perfect satisfaction. About a week after the first
payment 1 learned that my friend was
not paying anything for the type-
writer,but was actually making a little on it. He was hiring it out to a
man who only used it occasionally,
and whom he persuaded to pay him 50
cents a week for the use of it. I
thought that this was ruther clevei,
but I didn't realise the full measure
of my friend's ability until a year had
expired. Then I learned from a man
who had called to collect a payment
on it that he had agreed to buy the
typewriter on the installment plan,
paying 84 a month for it. The man
was calling for the last monthly payment at this time, and the typewriter
i6 now the property of my friend. It
took him a year to pay it off at 82 a
month, and he was reoeiving 50 cents
a week for it all the time. I never
took the trouble to figure it out, but I
can see that he must have been making a little on it while he waB paying
for it.
Some Desirable Changes to
Occur as Result of Deliberations.
Will Erect an Isolation Hospital Near the General
E. G. Smythe,
C. E. Miller,
J. F. Weir,
J. II. Wallace, a.
S. P. Shaw,
II. Bird,
W. M. Irving,
Principal Soady,
J. Bunyau,
Dr. Arthur,
W.W. Heer, s. 11, J. II. Wallace, 8. 18.
O. Newllng,
Dr. Stoddard,
Dr. Hawkey,
W.Mackenzie s. 13 F.A. Tamblyn,s. 15
F. C. Green, S. G. Campbell.
A. Jeffs,                   J. O. Buuyan,
J.  F. Thompson,    C. O. Mills.
G. McLaughlin,s.S .I.Rao, s. 11.
A. Perrier, R. M. Bird,
I). R. Murray,        J. E.   Annable,
P. E. Wilson. Capt. McMorris,
H. Goodeve, 8. 33   H. R.Cameron, s. 7
Today's games will be Richardson
v��. Grant, and Fletcher vs. Forin.
Both matches take place in the evening.
H. A. Mellon Writes In Regard to
Those Who Wish Examination.
The Miner has received the following letter: "I note an item of Nelson news published by the News-Advertiser here, that tbe steamboat men at
the port of Nelson   are   agitating for
an examiner for masters and mates. , leU me. jJefore j got my glasses j
If there arc a number qualified by ser- could not read, sew, or thread a nee-
vice to pass.and if they will commun- !<"e ""er lamp light; now I can see to
icate witb me,I will endeavor to make j_?^X iJL*^ JPfeS' ? "m*
... ,. ���   deal wth my head,   and  that  trouble
arrangements  to vl��lt your city and j,M also left me,
The late diaries Keene, the artist
of Punch, used to describe, with a
great delight, the method of a certain man whom hi called "a pothouse Buskin." This person was sitting with a friend in an inn parlor,
and was haranguing the other man on
matters in general. Finally the friend
ventured mildly to interpose an ob
jection. The speaker drew himself
up with much dignity. "I ain't a-ar-
guing with you," he said,"I'm a-tell-
ing you!"
In his volume on Ellen Terry, Clement Scott tells of a somewhat self-
satisfied', vain-glorious, and grumpy
actor who complained that the noted
English actress continually laughed
in one of his most important scenes.
He had not the courage to tell ber of
his objections,so he wrote hei a letter
of heart-broken complaint in which
he said: "I am extremely sorry to tell
you that it is impossible for me to
make any effect in such and such a
scene if you persist in laughing at me
on the stage, and so spoiling the situation. May I ask you to change
your attitude as the scene is a most
trying one?" Miss Terry's answer
was very direct and to the point, for
she wrote: "You are quite mistaken.
I never laugh at you on the
I wait till I get home!"
The Westminster Gazette gives
some interesting information concerning the use of tobaccco by the olergy
in different religious bodies. "John
Wesley," it says,"forbade Mb preachers to smoke or chew tobacco, or take
snuff." This rule still obtains In
the Wesleyan ministry. Thackery
hoped the day would come when be
would see a bishop lolling out the
Athenaeum with a .cigar in his
mouth, or at least a pipe stuck in his
shovel-hat. He did not live to see
this, but the bishop of Manchester
has publicly proclaimed the virtues
of tobacco as a bond of sympathy between man and man. 'At your idol
again, Mr Hall,' exclaimed a lady
once on discovering Mr. Robert Hall
the celebrated divine, with a pipe in
his mouth. 'Yes,' said the preacher,
'burning it, ma'am.' "
Representative Clayton, of Alabama, recently told this Btory on himself, says the Baltimore News: "I
was government revenue official dowa
in my state, and when I started in I
wanted to make a record. I hauled
an old fellow into court for selling
moonshine whiskey. When I got him
on the stand   I asked him plump out.
" 'Did you ever muko any moonshine whiskey?'
"The old man looked at me with
tears in his eves. 'Henry,' he said,
'I knowed your father, and he never
would have asked me no such question
as that.'
"I let him go."   :
Mrs. A. F. Williamson of Revelstoke, B. C, who had suffered intensely from visional defects for many
years, writes the following letter to
Prof. W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C. I. :
Having had your glasses a little over
a month I feel it my duty to let you
know how they suit me. I am more
than Biitisfied with them, that burning and dazed feeling, 1 had has all
left me.    Before I
Nelson's new city council took the
initiative yesterday in what promises
to be an active campaign in tbe direction of securing local health conditions as near perfect as are obtainable. The mayor and aldermen met
as a board of health, his worship presiding. The meeting lasted for an
hour and.a half, in the course of
which a number of important matters
came up and the preliminary steps
are taken on a couple of points whloh
were regarded as pressing.
Dr. LaBau, medical health officer,
presented a long report dealing at
length with the questions of an isolation hospital, pure water supply, and
the inspection of milk and food. Tbe
report was taken by sections and discussed with interest, Dr. LaBau being
present during most of the session.
The isolation hospital was considered first. It developed that the buildings erected last winter on the oity
park were practically useless, save,
perhaps, in another smallpox emergency, and even then their location
at Buch a distance from all water and
sewer connections made it advisable to
abandon the buildings. Mayor Fletcher's solution of the problem was to
burn the old premises and erect a proper building at a point where all conveniences were available. Such an
institution could be put up and used
for contagious d'seases of every description thus doing away with the
serious and growing expense which
the corporation was now put to in
maintaining a quarantine on affected
houses. The interior could be arranged so that it might be thoroughly
disinfected after the removal of a patient and the building would then be
available for other cases as they might
arise. The question of a site came up
and it was concluded that, provided
no danger ot infection was to be feared, tbe closer the isolation building
could be placed to the -general hospital, the,better it would be for the parties interested. Dr. LaBau assured
the members that the building, if
properly designed, could be safey
erected within 100 feet of a hospital,
and as tbe site suggested is over 500
feet from the general hospital and
more than that distance from any residence it was decided that a better
location could not be secured. Messrs.
Paterson and Madden moved, and it
was carried,that in the opinion of the
board an isolation hospital was necessary in the interests of the city. On
tbe strength of the resolution Mayor
Fletcher undertook to enter into correspondence with the lands and
works department of the legislature
for the purpose of securing a title to
the suggested site.
The medical health officer's report
touched on the need of checking the
indiscriminate bringing of corpses
iuto the city on the ground that in
some cases death might have occurred
from an infectious disease and grave
danger would exist of an epidemic
from this source. He also recommended the adoption of a system of registering all deaths within the municipality and, of issuing burial permits.
A resolution was carried providing
for an amendment to the existing
health bylaw covering both points and
this will come up at the city counoi).
In regard to sanitary inspection of
the oity the members agreed that tbe
work was not being done properly at
the present time for the reason that
the inspector was also expeoted to
perform half a dozen or so other duties with the result that he had adequate time for none. At a forthcoming council meeting another amendment will be made to the health by
law providing for a change in this
Under the head of the water supply
Dr. LaBau drew attention to the necessity of maintaining the supply undented, also suggesting a new pipe
line to Cottonwood lake on the
ground that it would be easier tn p-��
serve a body of water than to preserve
four to six miles of oreek. He also
recommended an extention of the
Cottonwood creek in-take to a point
where there could be no danger of infection from the Princess property.
These points were gone into and will
doubtless come- up again. Tbe members agreed, however, that a pipe line
to the lake was beyond tbis year's
Compulsory vaccination was discussed, and it was resolved to request
other councils and boards of trade to
join in petitioning the li.--.-tenant-
governor in council to put tbe compulsory vaccination regulations into
The Victoria street wash houses
were brought up again, and at the
next council meeting it is likely action will be taken to compel the celestials to move their quarters to anoth-
ers section of the city.
Consult Prof. W. G. Harvey, F. 0.
M. C. I., about all defects of vision,
oross eyes, or the fitting of spectacles
at McLean's drug store. Hours 10
to 12, and 2 to 5.
C. B. Bowman Talks Enthusiastically
of His Home Town.
C. B. Bowman, a well known resident of Lethbrldge, was in the city
yesterday. He states that the prospects for a lively year in Lethbrldge
have never been brighter than, at the
piesent time. A year ago half the
houses in the town were vacant while
today not a building is available and
this is certain to stimulate building.
The prime factor in the prosperity of
the town is the completion of the big
irrigation canal which will reclaim
half a million acres of arid land and
render it available for crops. Experiments conducted on an extensive scale
demonstrate tbat the land with water
brought to it will produce 35 bushels
of wheat to the acre, oats on a similar
ratio, alfalfa in immense quantities
and sugar beet on a liberal scale. Already a big block of land has been
taken up and a rush of settlers is anticipated in the spring. The irrigation company, which Is practically the
same syndicate which controls the
Gait Coal company bas invested 8500, -
000 in the canal, and are figuring on
getting their money back by selling
the laad at 88 per acre and disposing
of the water at tbe rate of 81 per acre
for tbe ground under cultivation.
Lethbrldge has a lateral from the
main canal which delivers 3,500,000
gallons daily in tbe city.
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell BOOtS* SflOGS
and  Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Incorporated i86p.
capital Paid-up,   ',   .   .    ��.i,��K5,tno.oo I Real, ��l,jeo,eo��.e
Iwrd at Dlnetora    Thomas K. Kenny.   President;   Thomas Ritchie, Vice-President.
Wiley Smith. H. Q. Bauld, Hun. David Maofceen.
Head oilier, Halifax ���
General Manager, Edson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. fi. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F, Brook, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montrea .
���for*   Scotia���Halifax    Branch,   Antlgonlnh,
Brldgewater, (4u>sboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg. Malt land (Hunts Co.), l'ie.lmi, Port
Hawkoslmry, .Sydney. Shubonaoadle, Truro,
Hew    BruimwlcU ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Frederieum, Kingston (Kent Co.),   Mono-
ton, Newcastle,Baokvllie, Woodstock.
P. B. Island���Chariottetown, Sommersiile.
"One night by brothers' baby was
taken with croup ," writes Mrs. J. 0.
Snider, of Crittenden, Ky., "It seemed it would strangle before we could
get a doctor, bo we gave it Dr. King's
New Discovery, which gave quick relief and permanently cured It. We
always keep it in the house to protect
our children from Croup and Whooping Cough. It cured me of a chronic
bronchial trouble that no other remedy would relieve." Infallible for
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung troubles. 60 vents and Si. Trial bottles
free at Canada Drug &  Book Co.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, ,Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
the Moutb, Coming up of Food After
Eating, Low Spirits, etc. Oo to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel.	
If 70a don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
because you've never tasted it.
Thla signature U 00 every box of tb
Laxative Brtrnio*-Quii__e
the genuine
������IHl MRJMf ���
Pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that George
Bremner, carrying on business on
Baker street in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner & Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of the 10th day of January, 1901, made
iu pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts has
granted and assigned unto Robert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbrldge, Alberta,
North West Tetrltories, merchant, all
his personal estate.credlts and effects,
wbioh may be seized and sold under
execution and all his real estate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner & Son, ratably and
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was
executed by the said George Bremner
and' the said Robert Edward Sherlock on the loth day of January, 1901.
All persons having claims against
the said George Bremner & Son are
required to file with the assignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
28th day of January,   A.  D. 1901.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 28th day of Jamimy, 1901,
t.hn mmlgnee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
to the claims only of which the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not be responsible for tbe assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim he shall not then
have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28tb day of Jan-
uay, A. D. 1901, in the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C, at tbe hour of two
o'olook In the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 1901.
Solictor (Or the Assigne.    I
Quebec���Montreal. (City Office), Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Westnionnt. (Cor. Greene
Avenue and at. Catharines Btreot.
On tarlo���Ottawa.
Newfoundland���St. John's,
culm, Weil ladles���Havana.
United siiiien- New York (18 ifixchango Place)
Republic Wash.
Atlln, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Correapondrn&ii 1
Canada���Morohantti Rank of Canada.   Boston���National Shawmut (Bank.  Chicago���Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.   San Francisco���First National Bank.   "London,  Eng.-Bank  of
Scotland.   Farm, France���Credit Lyonnals.   Iieriiiiiilii- Hank of Borniudv   China and Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on speoia)
deposits and ou Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.O.
taddy & CO.
���.TA.U.H.D 180 YEARS LOttd-Oll,   Etlg.
Otijil I       Brand and
"KfcMIfclK. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
AatsNTS for Can*d�� ��� JAME8 TURNER A OO.. Hamilton. Ont.
OROW &  MORRIS,  Sole Agents, Nelson. B. C.
receive 3
Neelands   Shoe
Company      -
We must have room  for our Spring   Stock of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing; and Room Moulding: in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Josephine   Street,       -       -       Opposite   Clarke
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always in
We carry a complete stock of Coast Flooriiiir
CoiltiiK. Insldo Finish, Turned Work. Sash and
Doors. Special order work will receive prompt
attention*   Mall orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co,,
Head Oflloe���Hundrvx and Vernon St.
and try a bottle, a dozen,  or a barrol ot
QALQARY BEER as It Ib the best, and
oheapost   on    the    market.    Also   try  our,
PRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M.        I
During the cold weather do
not worry about baking your
own bread, when you can
have Fresh Home - Made
Bread delivered daily by the
Star Baksry. It is also to
be had at the following stores:
T. J.  SCANLON,  Stanley Street.
Josephine and Lake Streets.
Tolophone 9J,
"*k��rSt  Nelwn,B.oJ
.ley Cometh in the morning,
And In the evening too;
If you eat hit) home-made bread
You'll be Joyful too,
In  the   expression   of 3 y
the one that wears the
shoe that fits.
We   have   provided
shoes for every type of 3
feet. S3
Mail  orders
prompt attention,


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