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Nelson Daily Miner Jul 9, 1900

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Daily Edition No.  773
Nelson, British Columbia, Monday, July  9,  1900.
Tenth Year
Prince Ghing   Sold  to
Protecting the Legations at Pekin.
London, July 9.���Admiral Brucellas
Bent a telegram to the Admiralty Department at Taku. under date of July
T, to the effect that there ure grounds
for hoping that Prince Ching with his
army is nl Pekin protecting the Legations agalllBt Prince Tumi's army and
tlie Boxers.
The more hopeful Feeling engendered by Saturday's news from Pekin was
further strengthened this morning by
Rear Admiral Brace's endorsement of
the previous rumors that Prince Chlng,
who is said to be heading a counter
revolution at Pekin, is fighting in be-
lmlf of the Legations against tho
usurper. Prince Tuan.
If tlie Admiral's hope turns out lo
be well founded, this turn of events
is of tlie utmost importance as it is felt
here that in some such division among
the Chinese themselves lies tlie best
hope of tin' safety of the foreigners.
If the Powers can Hud allies in China
itself, it will materially facilitate the
task of restoring order. Those best
acquainted with the country believe
tin,, if Die diplomatists ace able to induce such men as Li Dung Chang or
Chang Chi l'ueng to send forces lo
the assistance of Prince Chine-, tlie
hordes of revolutionaries will disperse
as quickly aa they have collected and
a way to l'ekin will he open
great delay.
With all due allowance for the uncertainty in regard to their reliabilities, the authorities here feel that the
latest messages from the Par Bast give
distinct hope, If. as suggested, the
native sympathisers are aide to keep
the besieged Legations reasonably
supplied with provisions, tin'   foreign
China. Tlie newspapers endorse this
action, point out that should the for
oignerS at l'ekin perish, Japan could
not lie a 1 iso 1 veil  from blame.
Kiel. July ll.���The German East
Asian Squadron sailed this morning
I'm- China. Emperor William and
Prince Henry of Prussia witnessed the
departure of the warships.
Report of tho 1). S. Consul at Pekin
to His Government.
Washington, D, C, July 9.���The
last China mail to reach the Slate
Department brought the report of
.Minister Conger, perhaps the last
that will ever coinc to hand. This
hears date of Pekin, May 81. It is
of the utmost importance disclosing
as it docs a full comprehension on tlie
part of foreign ministers in l'ekin of
thc character of the Boxer uprising,
even though Mr. Conger, optimistic
himself hy disposition, found some
reason to hope that the worst was
over at that dale. What Mr. Conger
has to say as to the attitude of
ihe Chinese        Government        to
ward Ihe Boxer movement, as revealed in tlie formal Interchange that
took place between himself and the
Tsung l.i Yanion, is not only of
peculiar interest now, but will have
strong hearing on the final reckoning
thai must he had between the civilised
mil ions and the Chinese Mr. Conger
makes it very clear through the publication of the French priests' letter
that at least one. am! probably all, of
the European nations having interests
in northern China were acquainted
Willi the dangers of the situation ut
least I wo or three weeks before the
without actual outbreak in Pekin. The correspondence referred to is as follows:
"Legation for the United States of
America, Pekin. May '.'1. 1000. To
the llou. John May, Secretary of
Slate. Washington :
"Sir. ��� In response to the  questldh
of   the   French    Minister,   tlie     Dean
culled  a  meeting of  the diplomatic
'corps yesterday, and.   upon    inforinu-
ent it is true, they seem to have no
capable leader, but should one arise
and the populace become really in-
lluined, the overthrow of the present
dynasty is most likely to follow and
possibly the destruction of the Empire.
"They replied that I did not under'
stand the ninny difficulties under
which they labored, but, that they had
succeeded in repressing the Boxers in
the Province of Sluing Tung and
would do   so here.
"1 told.them I saw no effective
measure whatever being put forth.
They replied that the movement had
not been looked upon itH serious, hut
now the Throne was fully aware of the
gravity of the situation and that a recent Confidential decree had been sent
to tbe Viceroy, the l'ekin and neighboring ollieials, whieli would surely
prove effective, suppress the Boxers
and restore order. 1 told them that
the most alarming telegrams were being sent to the newspapers of thc United States and Europe telling of the
existence of anarchy here, and that
the world would be forced to believe
thnt the .Government of China was
either abetting the murderous brigands or that it was too weak to suppress or control them and its good
name and credit must suffer irretrievably in consequence,
"After reading me the decree, which
was much like those heretofore published, they asked if I would not wire
my Government that they could and
were suppressing tlie Boxers. I replied that at present I would not. that
I had been for six months telegraphing the issuance of ineffective decrees,
but if they would show the fact by
actual and immediate repression,
which they could if they would Ini
three days, I would gladly and quiok-
ly wire it lo my Qovernment. They
assured me that Sufficient troops had
been sent to the disturbed districts to
restore order   and afford protection.'
cabled, suggesting that several of his
tried commanders should accompany
the division he was preparing, adding
thnt if au army corps was needed, he
would like to go himself, These re-
eonimeiidulions put Lord Landsdownc
in an awkward lix.
Before he answered Lord Roberts'
suggestion, the latter heard from
private sources that none of his
lieutenants were to go, whereupon he
wired London that it was Impossible
t< send any troops at all out of South
Africa, his previous offer being based
o.i imperfect information,
There is no definite confirmation of
this, but it is told with  considerable
The resignation of Lord Weyiuiss,
thc honorary colonel and Colonel
Eustace Balfour, the commanding offloe. of tlie crack London Scottisli
Volunteers, as a result of their desire
to protest against the Government's
treatment of the volunteers in the
service, has created a sensation. Colonel Balfour is a brother of the
cabinet minister of that naine, and
Lord Weyiuiss has done more for this
brunch of Great Britain's defence than
any other man. The trouble arose
over the War Office refusing to give a
grant to the London Scottish Volunteers because they were unable, owing
to having 138 men at the front, to put
fifty   per cent   of   their   strength   ill
camp for the maneuvers.
colony may yet escape destruction.
The latest news   fiom   Tien Tsin  i
contained in a news agency message, I
dated July 6th,   reporting a   renewed
Chinese   attack    that    morning   with !
twelve guns.    The allied  force replied|
with the guns lauded from the liritisli
flrst-clasS   cruiser     Terrible,    and    a
mixed   force   of   one    thousand    men
made   a   sortie   under   cover   of   the
Foreign  Naval Brigade and  attacked
the Chinese, who  retired   after   seven
hours   lighting.       Earlier   despatches
record severe lighting, notably  July 2
nnd a when the Chinese developed   unexpected strength   and   did   considerable damage with artillery.
At the bridge near the French settlement there was hard fighting ai
close quarters, the Russians with a
Catling gun eventually compelling
the Chinese to retire, though  the llus-
Blana suffered heavily. The operations,
however, were in no wuy decisive,
later messages showing the Chinese
were still full of fight.
Washington, July 9.���The following
message was received last night, by
Minister Wu. from Sluing. Director
General of the Imperial Telegraphs al
Shanghai, dnted yesterday:
"July .1.���Two Legations in Pekin
are still preserved. All Ministers are
safe. Rebellious troops and rioters
make attacks but Buffer many losses.
Imperial troops nre protecting bill
meet with dilllulty in doing so. II is
feared thut food anil ammunition are
exhausted. "
Berlin, Jim,. 0.���The German Consul
at Che Foo cables under today's   dale.
that the American Mission at Tung
'ai and the Catholic Mission al Chlng
thu   Fu   huve   been   looted.     He adds
that the Boxers continue their endeavors to incite the population of
Che Foo to revolt.
Yokohama. July b.���The Government has definitely decided to de-
faUih 23,000 men aud 5,000 horses   to
tion furnished in a letter from the
Catholic bishop in l'ekin and verbal
reports by other ministers, tlie situation was considered so grave that the
corps unanimously instructed tlie Dean
to present it to the Tsung Li Yanicn,
aud demand immediate and effective
measures, which he did today by the
nole. a copy of whieli is enclosed.
"I alBO enclose copies of the Bishop's
letters and one from Rev. .Mr. Kcllle,
an American missionary, who lives in
l'ekin, but travels a circuit to the
north and cast. On Ihe lsth insl.,
during au extended personal interview with the Tsung Li Yanicn, 1
called their attention to the fact that,
notwithstanding constant warnings
from this and other Legal ions, the
Boxers had continually increased until now .they are boldly organising
inside the wall of Pekin, Christian
converts are being pei'BOCUtcd and
threatened everywhere, many forced
to recant their religious professions
and some have been compel led to
abandon their chapels and come to
l'ekin for safety.
"I told thcin that at a London mission
near Chon Chow, forty miles west of
l'ekin. two native Christians had been
killed aud the chapel destroyed. Near
Piloting- Fu, a native village has been
. destroyed and sixty-one Christians
murdered, some of them being burned alive.   The   foreign  Governments
can no longer sit idly by and witness
this persecution and murder. I can
only speak for my own Government,
but it is becoming very impatient over
China's Continued treaty violation. It
always has been and still is the good
friend of ('111tin, and only wishes it
prosperity, but it is now more than
ever determined to sustain tlie treaty
rights of all American citizens and of
thc Christian converts and it will hold
the Chinese Government responsible
for every treaty Infraction in this regard.
"It will do Ibis nol only for the
benefit of our own citizens, but in the
interest of China herself, whose Government Is now sadly threatened   by
l-.nbury-Tracoy Ropulsod Them With Losses
al RustenDeru.
London. July tl.���The following
despatch from Lord Roberts has been
received at the War Office! "Pretoria.
Sunday, July 8th.���As the enemy for
some days had been threatening our
line of railway by trying to get round
our right Hank, 1 despatched Button
on July 5th, witli mounted infantry,
to reinforce Million, und with orders
to drive the Boers to the east of
"These orders were effectually carried out during Friday and Saturday
by Mahon. who was attacked by some
8,000 men with six guns and two .Maxims. Our casualties were; Wounded,
two olllcers. Including Captain Nelles
of the Canadian Mounted Hides, und
twenty-six men.
"Steyn left Bethlehem on the night
of.Inly    I   for   Bourtesburg,   between
Bethlehem and Ficksburg, accompanied   by   Christian    Dewet    and   other
Free Slate commanders with troops
numbering 3,000,
"llanbury-Truccy, who is commund-
ing  at  Ruatenberg,    reports that u
party of Hoers under Liuimcr called
on hi in yesterday to surrender the
town and garrison.
"Ilanbury-Traeey replied that he
held Rustenburg for Her Majesty's
Government and intended to continue
to occupy it. Tlie enemy then tired
with artillery and tried to take the
heights commanding the town, hut
did   not succeed,   owing   to   the  good
arrangements    made    by   Banbury-
Truccy und his officers.
"Eventually these were driven off
witli the assistance of llildsworth and
liis Hussars, who made a rapid march
of four mileB from   the   lieighborh I
of /.cerust, with the Bushmen under
Colonel Airee, on hearing Kiistciibcrg
was likely to be threatened. The enemy suffered heavily and live men Were
captured. Our casualties were two
men killed and one ollicer and three
men wounded."
Why He Declined to Allow Ills Troops
to go to China.
London. July II. ��� Lord Roberts' declination to allow troops to be withdrawn from South Africa for service
in China is said to have come about
in this way:
The  Secretary  of  Btate  for   War.
Lord Landsdownc, Cabled Lord
Roberts asking if be could spare n
division and Roberta replied "yes."
Lord Landsdowiic then selected a number of favorite olllcers, who have been
cooling their heels In the drawing
! rooms   at   home   for  billets   with the
Ih.osc lawless organizations.   At pres-  force.       In   the   meantime   HoberlsJ
War Ships at Vancouver Lose Mon Who Want
to Go to China.
Vancouver. B.C., July ii.���All unusually large number of men have deserted from ller Majesty's ships while
ill the harbor during the celebration
just over. The Arethusa expected to
ltjavc port early this morning, but
waited several hours Inter in the dny
before she pulled out uml left for Es-
qulroalt. It is figured that altogether
.".(I men are missing from the five boats
in port. About 25 were reported from
the Arethusa lust night, some of these
baling since returned, while about a
dozen are missing from the Icarus.
Other vessels in port make up the balance. Last night Police Court Clerk
J. W. Mcintosh took four men on
board, two of whom had been supplied by sonic person in the city witb
plain clothes, and were trying to ship
as A. II. son the Empress of Japan.
They made no secret of the fact that
they did not intend to stay with the
service of tlie merchant marine, however, but simply meant to ship on the
white liner for the trip to China, and
would deSeri again upon their arrival
there, They are at present loo fur
away from the scene of warlike operations, and wanted to get out to
China so that they might hnve ll little
chance to get in the scrap that is to
Scott Brought Down Melnnes'
Letters ln the Senate  Saturday.
Ottawa, July !
���In   the Senate Sat-
Word to This Effect Made Public Here This
Captain Glfford Receives Ills Appointment as
The Silver King mine will resume
operations in a few days, and it is expected that shortly afterward the
smelter will again be in operation.
The news iu regard to the mine wus
made public this morning upon the
arrival in Nelson   of   (.'apt. J. H. (lif-
nrclay Mr. Scott brought down the
Melnnes papers, lb' thought every
one knew that .Melnnes aud himself
had been friendly. Soon after tlie latter became Governor he began writing
him (Scott) private letters und n correspondence was opened up. His letters were not written on his own responsibility,
The correspondence wus sought by
.Melnnes. The only letter Scott had
ever written voluntarily hud reference
to Air. Martin's endeavors to force
the hand of the Government by securing an immediate session. In the letter he advised against repeating' the
dashing method of getting rid of Ministers pursued in the case of the Turner Government. The next letter wus
before the formation of the Martin
Government, after the dismissal of the
Semlin Government, when  he advised
giving them time. There were several other letters which Mr. Scott had
not answered.
MacKenzic Howell said Seott was
justified in the course be bail pursued.
Forty-one bills were assented to by
Justice Tascliereau in the absence of
Lord Minto.
Senator Cox gave a Hat contradiction to the statement of ex-I.ieuten-
ant-liovcrnoi' Melnnes of British
Columbia, that he had asked him not
to call on Martin. Neither as an individual <>r on behalf of the Govern-
ment did lie do any such a thing, nor
had he ally talk whatsoever with Melnnes on   the matter.
of a friend of liis named Seott, a
factory hand living on Founder
Street. Be had been sick for four
days and was visited by \a number of
liis friends, some of whom are factory
hands, but only yesterday a doctor
was called in. The disease was st
once pronounced smallpox anil he was
removed to the Civic Hospital where
he died today. The Civic Board of
Health is taking every precaution to
prevent a spread of the disease, and
has vaccinated every hand in the
factory where Scott was employed.
As a further precautionary measure
Dr. Syrian, a graduate of Laval, has
been appointed medical Inspecting
officer to visit all Italian, Chinese
and foreign quarters in the city, with
a view to detecting any cases thut
muy lurk there.
In tlio afternoon tho time of tin*
Commons was taken up with supply
uml canal estimates and the IIuuhc adjourned at ti p. m, A provision which
iu to ho Included in Unlock's fair
wage resolution, which prof Ides that
the current rate of tV&gQfl luuHt be
paid on all public works, is that ull
workmen on public works muHt   reside
in Canada.
Market Clerk of Montreal Convicted of
Tnert of city Money.
Montreal. July 9.���Judge Desnoyers
on Saturday  found   ticrmain   TeBSter,
ex-clerk   of   the   BonseeourS   market,
guilty of theft, lu his judgment
Judge Desnoyers found that while
Tessier had taken money it was for
the benefit of certain aldermen and
that Tessier knew that the money
would never reach the city but waa
afraid to refuse to Collect it through
fear of losing his position, Tessier
collected certain sums from stallkeep-
ers who desired to change their positions or enlarge their stalls, as bonuses for the privilege of doing so. This.
bonus was usually about Sr.ti. Th it-
money should have been paid to the
City treasurer but the evidence given
during the trial tunded to nUow that
it went to Aldermen Larue aud Jacques and ex-Alderman Marsotllas and
-Alderman Nolan, now deceased.
Sentence will be pronounced tomorrow.
Laurier and His Cabinet Give a Banquet
to the Liberals at Ottawa.
Ottawa, July '.).��� The largest nnd
most successful banquet ever given
within the precintsof the Parliamentary linihllngH at Ottawa, nnd there
have been many of them, was that
Which took place Saturday evening
when   Sir   Wilfred     l.uuricr   and   his
colleagues in tin- Cabinet entertained
the Libera] members of the House of
Commons and Senate, and the Liberal
representatives of the press gallery.
The dining room of the Senate restaurant wash lied,  aud an   overflow   tali!
ford, wlio   has been   appointed super-   had to he provided in a   room  adjoin
inlciidentof the mine, ('apt. Hi fiord was
connected with the mines last winter
and under his able direction the
operative work will be carried on.
The fact, that this mine will startup
in a few days will be good news to
those interested in the city's welfare
and that of the general mining situation iu the Kootenay.
London.   .Inly   ll.���The   recent failures     nmong     attorney       linns      of
high    standing.       involving      heavy
embezzlement   of   trust    funds,   have
greatly shaken confidence in the legal
This week the failure is announced,
with liabilities of 81,(100,000, of benjamin Green Luke, one of tlie most
respected members of the profession
in England,
Lake wus president of the Incorporated  Law   Society uml  chairman of
its   Discipline   Committee,     intrusted
with the duty of keeping tlie profession clean by taking proceedings to
remove from its rolls unworthy
member*. The slackness of the Discipline Committee Is now explained.
ing thereto. Barrett's band was In
attendance  and    supplied    excellent
music. There were three regular
toasts, the Ouccn, the Governor-
Genoral and the Liberal members of
the House of Commons and Senate.
Senator (iilinour, .lolin Cburlton. John
Costignn, JameS Mc.M alien and 11.
Lemi.'U.v replied for the Semite und
When Premier Laurier rose to reply
to the toast of bis health, he   received
a great ovation.   The   Premier made
an excellent speech which wus again
and again cheered, There were cries
of Fielding, Sifton, DavioS and other
Ministers, but as the hour was getting
lute, it was decided that Sir Richard
Cartwrlght should reply for the
whole Government,
Boiler  Makers yo  Out on a Demand
For Increased Wages.
Montreal! July B.���The movement of
the boiler makers ill this   city for   un
advance in wages bus culminated in a
general strike. Altogether upwards
of 500 men have given up their positions and of  these   about   0.1   were iu
the employ of the Canadian Paoiflo
company at their works on Dclori-
mler Avenue, nnd fifty at the Grand
Trunk works nt Point St. Charles.
The local branch of the International
Boiler   Makers'   Union   decided  more
thun  u fortnight  ugo to demand an
Increase of ten per cent In the rate of
wages and to adopt a minimum wage.
Employees were notified of the fact
by circular two weeks ugo. and the
date fixed in which these demands
were to be complied with wns the
lirst of July. A few days agon
second circular was issued hut their
requests were  refused.
Hamilton, Out., July B.���Charles K.
McDonald, late United States Consul
in this city, died this morning. He
was in bis seventy-second year and
left a widow but no other family. The
deceased! who immediately preceded
ihe present  United  States Consul in
Hamilton, was In feeble health before
being relieved from otlice by thu McKinley Administration, since then
he bus been un invalid und has lived
u very retired life.
Smallpox  Seems on   the   Increase In
Montreal. July 8,���There were   two
deaths   from   smallpox    here     today. I mud
London, July 9.���The Prince of
Wales bus experienced u severe snub
from the Royal Yacht Squndron. of
which be Is commodore.
The squadron is extremely exclusive
und the Prince's nominees hnve faffed
no better in the   bullotiug   than   have.
other unwelcome oandidates.
The Prince hnd a s]>ccial meeting
called to alter the rules, so that the
next election would )t_ by ., club committee Instead of by the whole club
membership, but   the  club  not only
negatived  the    I'lince's   proposal    but
the conditions of  election   more
The Hist wns Higgins, the bnrtetlder stringent than ever by decreeing that
of the London House, who had been In future one blackbull In five shall
sick for some days, and the other that  exclude instead of one in ten, NELSON DAILY MINER, MONDAY, JULY 9, 190A,
Roappeoranco of Mile. Trebelli Dolores
Next Monday Evening.
Nelson music lovers have a treat In
store for them in the reappearance
next Monday night of Mile, Trebelli-
Dolores, who so delighted those who
were present at the Opera House when
she sang here several weeks ago. To
those who have already heard this
charming artiste no pralsoof her voice
Is necessary, but for tho benefit of
those who were not present lit her lust
Concert it may be said that if Ihey allow thin opportunity to puss thoy will
miss a performance thai
anything of a similar
lieen offered to the pi
theatre this season. Mile, Dolores
votoe Is a superb one and hor render
iug of classical numbers is faultless
In the singing of ballads that
to the instincts of all that
���he excels to the point of perfection.
Her voice is a pure soprano with u
wonderful range and quality and yet
has the tender note so often missing
lu the voices of trained singers who
possess thc same technique as Mile.
Dolores. She is now winning golden
opinions on the Coast, where everywhere large audiences have greeted
her, and on her appearance here next
Monday evening she Bhould he greeted
by a bunner house.
Trebelli at Opera House noit Mouday-
Plana opes Friday.
A football game for the benefit of
the (leneral Hospital will he played at
Ull this evening between the Kelson
eleven nnd an eleven chosen from the
men following a professional occupation.
Wednesday evening Miss Lottie
Tillotson. of St, Paul, Minnesota,
a graduate Of the Boston School of
Oratory und teacher of Elocution and
Del stir to will give a recital in the
Methodist Church under the auspices
of the Ladies Aid Society.
Headed by the City Hand the Nelson
Orangemen marched last night to the
is far ubovi
suit that has
lions   of   the
hear her
Breaks a Boom or Logs and Scatters
the Timber Broadcast.
Knslo. July B.���Sudden winds nre
great dangers on Kootenay Luke, but
fortunately there is seldom one so
severe as that whieli came whistling
down the gulch yestcrdny about :i p.
in. So furious was it that it dashed
up the the waters in great clouds.
There wus keen anxiety In town as to
the fate of several parties who were
out in lsmts but fortunately they
were ull able to land, being near the
shore when the storm struck. The
biggest injury so far known was the
breaking of the boom at the Kootenay
Lake sawmill. This boom wus only
brought down from Lardo a shori
time ago. The force of the w ind was
so great that a few minutes sufficed
to Bend the logs adrift and they were
soon    swirling   around    the    inter-
ationtil.    Fortunately th> ijority of
the logs Honied against the shore and
there will be little loss beyond the
cost of collecting them again.
nil bus
Mr. Halifax   Hull   went
City this morning on profess
There  will  be  n  regular   meeting
of  the   City Council this evening ut
Captain Troup will leave this aftei
noon for ihe Boundary country on
business trip.
A lurge force of men and teams wer
put to work excavating for tlicC. 1'. II
roundhouse this morning,
Tiverton, Ontario, is now the horn
of Mr. Hugh McVeiin. who
several years a resident of .Nelson.
J Two dollars has been received
the Bank of Halifax from "Anony
muus" for tlie India Famine Fund.
Mr. John _ trachan, who has beei
111 of typhoid fever at the Crlckmaj
Hospital,  has recovered   and   left    till
hospital this morning.
Marriage licenses were issued today
to the following parties: Joseph Zlm-
merman and Miss Ella Clark, both ol
Nelson; Samuel Bradley and .Mis^
Nancy Plat Lees, both of Sandon.
At the Opera House tonight the
Clara Mathes' Company will present
"Ingoinar, tlie Barbarian." This is
one of the best plays of Ihe company
and will undoubtedly he well attended.
The Whitewater concentrator is doing big work recently turning out .
carload of concentrates daily. For
the Inst week in June the shipments
were His tons und for the lirst week
In July 134 tons of ..re.
The shipments from Sandon over
the K. St s. for the month of June
were:  Ituth 153 Ions.   Payne loo ions,
Last chance 880 tons, star 300, American Hoy to, The c. P. H. shipments
for the month were: Payne 150 tons.
Star ISO nnd Argenta 20,
The case of Region vs. Spencer of
Slocan Junction for assault was to
have been heard before Magistrate
Crease this morning but was adjourned until July IT. because the
defendant had not been served witli
proper notice.
The performance of the Clara Mathes
Company at the Opera House tomorrow
evening will be for the benefit of the
Ladles Hospital Aid. They win present the Interesting uml dramatic
play "Legion of Honor" and should
be greeted by a full house,
rangeiueii march,"
Opera House where they attended the
Congregational Church service. The
Rov. (Ieorge Munroe preached an ap-
Doolittle   brought   to
night   a   second gold
ropriatr sermon nnd special mush
wus used for the oceusioll.
Mr.  Ilnnnlngton, of Taylor Ss Han-
n.   will   leave   shortly   for   St.
N.  11..   where   he   will spend a
,o month's vacation.    Mr. llanning-
n will be married during his absence and upon his return will be
accompanied by the future Mrs. Bennington.
The mill at the Venus mine has
been shut down for about, a week owing to sonic trouble with the balls
upon whieli the mill rotates. A new
set of balls has been ordered und as
soon as they arrive the mill will start
up again. Dr.
town Saturday
brick from the mine. '
The Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 1698,
upon returning to*their lodge-room
last night after the services at the
Congregational Church, passed the
following resolution: "It is moved
ami seconded that a vote of thanks be
extended to Hev. (Ieorge Munroe for
the able address to thu members nnd
friends of this lodge on Sunday evening, July Sth, 1000."
The members of the Sunday School
of the Baptist Church and the mission
of Hume Addition will hold their
annual picnic at li mile point, Wednesday afternoon. The steamer International hns been chartered and will
leave Nelson at 10:30 that morning,
Theaftornoon will be spent in games
with prizes fer the children. It is
thought over 150 pcrsoiiB will attend
the outing.
Annie Rooney, probably not the
same Annie whose name figures in
a well known popular song, waa released from jail Saturday ufternoon
und celebrated her newly regained
freedom by gelling uproariously full.
As u consequence she is again iu
durance vile, having beeu brought
before Magistrate Crease today in the
Police Court on a charge of drunkenness and remanded until tomorrow.
At the Mining Recorder's office the
following transactions were recorded
today: Certificates of Work: On Arizona, to Willy Blnis; on Idaho, to
Nelson I'hisholui; on l'orcnpine, Franklin, to ll. II. Parker; Lake View, to
Joseph Harrison. Locations: Silverho,
on Wild Horse Creek, hy D. E. Grobe;
Diamond, on Ymir Mountain, by Dan
McMillan: l'owell aud liaden, on I)o-
wason Mountain, by M. II. Gilliam;
Lucy, on Porcupine Creek, by John
The local brick Industry is progressing exceedingly well and is now
ready to supply all local demands. The
large amount of pressed brick and
terra eotla. which is to Is1 used for
the construction of thc Kirkpatrick-
VVllson-Clements block, will be furnished by the Ernest Mansfield Brick
Co.    This is tlie  first   large   contract
that has been filled by a local company
so there is now one more Industry
added lo Nelson to make it a self-sustaining city, In former years the
brick used here came from Spokane
and Seattle.
The semiannual convention of the
Sixth District Association of the
Western Federal ion of Miners closed
in Nelson on Saturday, the session
having been held in Miners' Cnion
Hall. The following were elected officers for the ensuing six months;
James Wilks,  of   Nelson.   President;
���la s   llevine,    of     Rossland,      Vice
President; Alfred Parr, of Ymir, Secretary-Treasurer, The three above
named uml C. E, Fraser, of Rossland,
M. Knne. ,.f (Ireenwood, William Davidson, of Sandon. and 11. Dininiock.of
Movie, wcra elected  members   of   the
executive committee.
Judge Forln held Chambers this I
morning at tbe Court House and
several cases were disposed of. In
the ease. Kwong-Wlng-Chong vs. La-
point,��� ami Crofts, there wns a motion
to continue an interim injunction,
which had been grunted on June -fi
and which expired today. The motion
was dismissed without cost to each
party on the defendant undertaking
to discontinue the manufacture of
brick and forthwith remove all build-
ings and obstructions on the property,
s. s. Taylor, Q, c, appeared for
the motion and W. A. Oalliher per
contrn. In tl,,. ease of 1'awcett vs.
the C. 1*. K.. there wns an application for particulars and an order
given for tlie particulars to be
in   II   days     Elliott   and   l.eimie a|
Are Your Feet Right?
Are ihey dressed in the Litest i
style ?    If not, call and sec out-
footwear    at    popular
Ladies'   Patent Leather
Shoes are just right.
Monday, July   16
A Line or Two From a Nolson Man with
Strathcona's Horse.
Mr. Vi. A. Galliher has received a
letter from A. U. Crafter.with Slruth-
cona's Horse,dated (been Point Camp,
Cape Town, Mny 81, 'in, in which the
writer snys:
'' 1 suppose you hnve heard of Ihe
desperate tight we were not iu. Perhaps you will be surprised lo learn
that 1 am the senior non-com. of Ihe
regiment, i. e., Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant. Hardly a plum,
whips of works, responsibility and no
thanks, We had orders to leave for
the front today, Inter they were cancelled, Expect to leave Wednesday
next, 38rd Inst, We are now 542
strong and expect .1(1 more. Have dun
horses, 293 mules, 39 wagons and Sl
native drivers. Arc also getting raid
pack mules and saddles. A nice total
of live stock, eh !���about 1,400, Cape
Townttes say we are the most completely equipped corps in South Africa and I agree with thclll. We huve
enough stores, ammunition am! live
stock for an army corps. All Nelson
nnd Kossland Men are well nud lit.
Ilirsh is lovely, evades work or duty
in an astonishingly skilful manner
and Hies every minute. Bullough is
rosy. Percy Routh tit. nnd Cronyn and
other Hosslaud boys arc enjoying
themselves. All are dissatisfied at
not getting to the front sooner.  Rath
er think we will 1
16 in it yet at the lin-
Trebelli at Opera House next Monday.
Plana open Friday.
The woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, bill oue who would be attract
ive must keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous and Irritable. If she
has constipation or kidney trouble, her
impure blood will cruise pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions und a wretched complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in the world fo regulate
stoinnch, liver and kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion, It will make a
good looking, charming woman of a
run-down invalid. Only ",') cents, at
Camulu Drug & Hook Store.
Luke Park Pavilion���Sooisl Dance
every Wednesday evening. Hest lloor
iu town.
Aitvertlsomout^ hwortod under thlH hew! at
tho rain of ono cent a word por hinorLlon. No
lulvortlKoiuunl taken forlorn Ihau '2b oouU.
TO   LKT���A    nicely    furnished    bed
room.    Apbly  Mrs.   Bradford,   Silion
WANTED.���Stenographer and  Typewriter   operator   wanted.      Address
advertiser, P. O. Box 198, Nelson.
TO   LKT. - House   to   let   aernss   the
lake, stove, etc.   Apply O. Newling,
Bnker street.
FOR RUNT.-, rooms iu West Blook
Apply nt otlice of 0. W. West Ss Oo.
ALL KINDS-Of  plain   sewing   doue.
BloiiBes nud children's olotbes a spec-
inlty.    Mrs,    Hogen,   Opposite Opers
ten go.
, at Ivu
carpenters; wanted at once, at Ivun
line concentrator, at Snndon. Apply
V. J. Hickey, Bandon, B, 0.
Ask   your    Tobacconist   for
Positively the finest Tobacco
for Pipe Smoking in the
Spring chicken and nil the delinani <
of the season served to you when yon
visit Florence Pnrk Hotel at RobertB'
Ranch, two nnd u half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
peered for r'awcett while J. II. Howes
appeared for the C. V. R. |n the case
of llegina vs. Hiilllek. the latter surrendered himself to the jailer and
T   .   ������    ,  r, ��� .,    ,        "I'l'lied    for a   new   bond.     He    was
Tr.bsll. at Opera House neit Monday,  granted a new  bond of |ff00 snd two
71*01 OjH)0 rrid��y. securities of I'JaU oiicll,
Became the eyes tire easily,
Jome folks say they are not well.
In most such cases there is eyestrain.
Neglected.eyestrain is sure to
was produce sickness.
made I Be wise.
Have your eyes examined.
Know their exact condition from
in expert.
Consultation free.
Patenaude Bros.
Watohmakeni, Jewelers nnd Opticians,
Onr Fresh Roasted Coffee Rest of
Quality, us follows :
Java and AruMaii Mocha, pur pound S   li,
Java and Mocha Bleed, Stionndi      1 uu
Une Santos, 4 pounds...   i JK
Santos Blend, . pounds  , .,.,
Our  SpoclalHlond, 1! pounds.: '.'.  i uo
Our ltlo Roast, (i pounds "" _ go
A Till A1. OU Hilt sOIK I !��:]>.
IMELSON,        _, B. C.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Monlrenl
July 11
liniaii Line apply'iKis fir Str n nic j'ufy u
Allan Uno Corinthian
Allan Line Parisian
Diiiiiinitiii Line ain.lv
Heaver Line DotSSmZZ ".*." """"'jiu'v''.!
Beaver Line l.iko Mugnmic ,,,. .'.___, ,���
Heaver Lino I-iko Superior July 20
From New York
 July 11
Cnnarij Line Campania.
Cunard Line Sorvia ...
White Slur Line ToutOnUo
White Star Lino Germanic
American Lino St Paul....
Ited Sim Line Kiiosland .
Anchor l.lno Astoria....
Anchor Line KLhlopia
July 21
July IS
July IS
July 18
July ll
July 21
North (l.L. Lint Kaiser Marin thori'sa..Ji1iy 17
Allan State Lias (State) Laurantlan . Juiyii
���        . . .     _        , From ll.,,inn. Mass
Ounard LineSaxoaia j_iv JJ
Pskssgea arranged to and from all Kuropcan
Pol'JlJ*.   JprraUsi.tlcko.s and full Information
apply to Q F. H. dopot ��Kont or W. Y. Anderson, City Passenger Annul, Nelson. B. C.
General i .nut, C'.P.K. UBU��s, Winnipeg.
i TS_eW pri) Goods Store
At Half Price.
Ladies'  Blouses--1^'1'1-'11' $.i-���� ;uul $3-75; your
choice at $i.75-
Our regular $1.50;   choice 75c.
Bakes Street, Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   G.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful nnd prompt attention
<y,nts &l<a/ /.il44~ id
at   reasonable
Storage space to rent; good, clean and cool;
rates.    Apply to
Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway CO., Lid.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
Lines West of Lake Superior
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains  and   Steamers.
Depart from                            Arrive  at
Nelson                             Nolson
bteamer    arrives   nt  Nelson
from the east, Crow's Most
brunch     mid   intermediate
points 28()
7.1(1 Train leaves Nelson for Roes,
land and intermediate
points, nnd via Rohson fur
north, Revelstoke,the main
line and Paoiflo coast points.
(.110 Train leaves Nelson for Sandon and intermediate points
aud via Slooan Lake ronto
lor north, Kevelstoke, the
main line and Paoiflo coast
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland  and intermediate
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south 10
Kossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects al Meyer's Falls wilh
Stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Porks and Greenwood.
I" ::;,
Steamer    arrives  at   Nelson
from Kaslo and intermediate points  , 1 ,,���
16.80 Trains leaves Nelson" for
Rossland, Greenwood and
intermediate points.
lfi.OO Steamer leaves Nelson for
Kanlo aud way points
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland aud Greenwood
and intermediate points
���nd from Revelstoke, the
main line, and Paoiflo coast
points  ]H4f)
Train artives in Nelson'from
bandon and intermediate
points,and from Rovelstoke
the main line and the Pud-
tie coast points..,, to on
2.80 Steamer   leaves  Nelson" fur"
trows Nest branoh aud all
points east.
Trav. Put,. A_m
A O. PAge.,,,
I.kave. nBj. Train.
"J-Mn.ni Bpokirae..,
'*_JB p. ni Rosslniiil.,
8:80 b, 111 Nelsou....
Ninlit. Trnin.
'yv> P-'n Spokane. .
U��X> l>-m ltnssliuid...
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. *; T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Aeent, Nelson. P..0
..7:1(1 p.ih.
. n :80 p.m,
. ,8:00 p.m.
. .7:05 11 in:
,,6:80 a.m.
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
t Agency
Plasterers,    waitress,    waiter,
Girl wants housoworU.
H. LOVE, Agt., Baker St,


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