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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 2, 1900

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Provincial library ��31o^
Daily Edition No. ��45
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuksday Evening,   October 2,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier  Warns
the Liberals to Be
Tomorrow's Labor Convention   in   Nelson -Ralph
Smith at Home.
In a speech delivered at St. Il.va-
clnthe last week Sir Wilfid Laurier
stilled that tho elections were near
ami warned the Liberals to he ready
at once for the fray. It appears to be
taken for granted throughout the Dominion that tho elections will taki
place before November 15,
Rnlpli Smith, M, P, 1'., upon his arrival from the Last said to a correspondent of The Victoria Times: "I
have definitely decided to run. 1 re-
eeiroil the unantomus endorsation of
the Congress, BBking me to run, and 1
have finally decided. Some time ago
Mr. Sloan came to me iu Nanaimo
ami wanted my support, and I be-
Here now he has many names, of
friends of mine, on his requisition pa-
par, of course, they will desert him
when they find how they have been
deceived, Mr. Sloan is everything to
���verybody. If lie meets a Conservative
lie gives him a talk and the same
with a Liberal, lie was a little too
previous, Vou can say that I am in
the Held as an Independent Labor candidate, and of course 1 will resign my
position In the local Legislature bo-
fore I am officially nominated for the
House of Commons at Ottawa,''
Tlie Miller seems to be well posted
as I" what will be done by the Labor
men mi Wednesday. It says the majority of the delegates are pledged to
vote foi .lames Wilks.and that he will
be a candidate, Is The Miner preparing to Hop? Will it drop Candidate
MaeNeill and support Candidate
nllks? Stranger things have happened,   The Tribune.
(Indeed they have, That latest Hop
of Mr, Houston, for instance.)
Thu Greenwood Miner says: The
Unionist delegates to the Nelson convention should consider the question
carefully before placingucandidate in
'he field. It is an easy matter to select
a candidate.hut it is often much more
difficult to elect him. In the last Pro-
"inelal campaign the Martin candidates had in nearly every constitu-
'���ii'T the support of Unionists, the
exceptions being Nelson and Slocan
ridings, In only one constituency���
Kossland was a Martin candidate
successful, ami he by the narrow ma-
>"'>>��� of 34. Mr. Curtis polled 11(1 per
"��nt. of the labor vote of tho Boundary, ami in Greenwood 08 per cent, of
the Liberal vote, and yet he only poll-
'���'l 013 out of the 1,203 votes cast. Out
Of tho Oia voles which Mr. Curtis revived a labor candidate will do well
,f !"' get ISO votes, and from tbe
Mackintosh followers 15 votes. This
figure-IB' is the outside vote that a
J*j>w candidate can poll in the
Boundary. In North Vulo the Martin
candidate received, In the Provincial
pwpnlgn, 85 votes out of 1,000 polled;
'" MSt Vale, inn out of 1,000; In West
������'���i "") out of 600. Tho results were
*""11'" in East Kootenay and Revel -
""he divisions, Tbe Unionist leaders
'���her have not seriously considered
,e question or they are' acting upon
1,0 advice of politicians, who expect
"defeat lho opposing candidate by
rln6"   _0 Unionist into the   contest.
lh" Silvcrtoiihin says:    It   has been
en for granted by nearly all parties
'"'"'''���'led that the   elections    will   be
1,".    ,','IT 1"'f'"" ""' nii'ldloof Novcm-
"'''���   ThlB being so   there is a feeling
^"'i-msity among local electors for a
">* Inspection of  the candidates
li"""K    wl I    they     will   have    to
"oue.   i,'eW |���   suverlou   or Indeed
in the whole Sloean, know anything
whatever of either Galllher or Mac-
Neill. Whether this is an advantage
to them or not, we don't know. Any
one of the half dozen or more of the
labor leaders is known throughout the
Riding much more widely than either
of the old line candidates, ami where
parly lines are felt SO little as they
are in the mining districts, a man's
personality and range of acquaintance
does more to elect him than his party
New York, Oot, 3,���Tho Iierlin correspondent of The London Standard
learns that England's reply to the
German circular in reference to China
is shaped In a very friendly and
affirmative tone. The Tribune's London correspondent cables: "Iierlin,
Oct. 2.��� The Berliner Tngeblatt in the
course of a reference to I'nited States
Ambassador White's letter to the German-American republicans of New
York City, says: The Germans will
not regard President McKinley's answer to Count Von Buclow's note as a
proof of friendship. We undertake
to advise President McKinloy that he
cannot have the German-American
vote unless he changes his Chinese
policy.' "
Father Drummond's Lecture
at the Opera House Last
Recalls  Incidents   Showing
the Bravery of the Irish
Lord Roberts Pays a Splendid
One to Departing Canadian Troops.
Under data of Pretoria, Sept. 2r>, a
special to the Toronto Mail and Empire says:
"General Roberts, iu the presence
of Lady Huberts, and   bis   daughters,
inspected six companies of the Canadian regiment, who were about to
take train for Cape Town ou their
way home after a year's service in
South Africa.
"Crowds were present,ami the men,
who are in excellent health, making
a splendid appearance, the scene was
a brilliant one.
"After the march past,General Roberts addressed the troops,    lie said:
'I cannot allow- you to depart
without expressing my thanks for the
appreciation of your loyal services and
excellent work, especially at Paardc-
berg, on February 27. 1 am sure thc\
people of Canada will be pleased to
hear how gallantly and how splendidly you have all behaved in action.
Deeply 1 regret the losses you have
Buffered. I should have been happier
if you had returned in your full
Btrength. The regiment lias bad Kid
killed or wounded; but no one could
expect you to pass through so arduous
a campaign without losses. I am
sorry that some of you arc obliged to
return sooner than the rest of tbe regiment, but I recognise the urgency of
private affairs, I am confident that
tho Queon and liritisli people will
never forget your services. If it
should ever be iny good fortune to visit Canada, I hope to meet you all
"After the troops bad given cheers
for the Queen and Field Marshal, the
latter shook hands with the Canadian
illieers   and   presented   them   ono
me to Lady Roberts. "
Gov. Sayers Tells   of   Funds Received
For That Purpose.
Austin,   Tex.,   (let.    I.���-Regarding
the contributions   fur  the   Galveston
sufferers,   Governor Sayers  gave out
the following statement:
"The amount of money received by
mo up to noon, September :io, for the
benefit of the storm sufferers is 81172,-
170.30, This includes 88,830,30 that
remained iu my bauds of the fund
contributed for the Rrazos valley sulV-
erers last year. It also includes all
drafts and authorizations to draw
which arc in transit and arc yet Uncollected,
"This statement, it must bo home
In mind embraces only moneys and
remittances that have been made to
ine directly and also amounts for
which I have been authorized to draw.
"Daring   the   present, week    I   will
'   of the  Unltet1
submit  to   thu   peopl  	
States a   full   nnd   complete   itl'""z''''' i,.,,! ii not been   for parts of two li ish
A splendid audience greeted Father
Drummond at the Opera House last
evening. The lecturer was warmly
and frequently applauded as he dis-
OUSSed his theme, "The Irishman as a
Soldier" which was treated iu a style
that aroused his bearers to mingled
bursts of cheers and laughter. Father
Drummond was introduced by Mr.
W. A. Galllher, and the cheers which
arose at the end of the lecture were
followed by a rising vote of thanks
to tho lecturer. Father Drummond
said in part:
"Ladies and Gentlemen.���I wish to
draw attention to what the Irishman
has done iu the past and show his
brave    qualities.     Englishmen    are
not slow to note the superior bravery
of Krin's sons. Winston Churchill,
tho war correspondent pays a compliment to the Irish soldiers iu his despatch anent tbe escape of tbe armored train at Chievely. lie says that
when the tight was hottest and the
volunteers were called to try aud clear
the tracks,live of tho Dublin Fusiliers
came heroically into the open while
the Devon aud Natal carbineers kept
under shelter. Who has not heard of
the Tipperary boy, hardly fifteen
years old, who was given a silver
medal by the Queen and who bad been
wounded at the battle of Colenso and
though wounded rushed on and lost
his bugle on the way. The Irishman
naturally loves a light, but what he
wants to see is his antagonist downed,
not killed. If he must kill him ho
will, but he had much rather see him
get up to he knocked down once more.
Soldiers of other nations seem to
delight in mere butchery. No real
Irishman could take pleasure in mow
ing down savages with Maxim guns
or stilling liners with lyddite fumes.
He would think such overwhelming
odds cowardly. Nothing is more natural than to see a quiet peaceful farmer at tho fair, walking along with
a scythe on his shoulder and upon
coming upon two men having a Bght,
that is to say a fair light, lay down
his scythe, take off his coat roll up
his sleeves and then taking bis stick
and looking for a moment to see
which side was loosing, which was
the weaker side, to rush Into the fighl
and smash the lirst head that comes
in his way. lle feels no instinct to
take the winning side, thai Is not   an
Irishman's taste.   They tell an   anecdote as to a Bligoman  arrested  for
having killed another man in a row
at a fair. It was proved that he had
���truck him but once on the head and
that the dead man had an abnormally
thin skull. The judge asked the culprit if he had anything to say In his
defense. 'Well you honor,' said he,
I've only this to say. What business
had a man with a skull like that at a
fair.' You see he was sorry he killed
him. He never meant to do so. It
was all the fault of the thin skull."
In speaking of the resourceful initiative of the Irish, Father Druminond
said: "A thoroughly disciplined
soldier is good, but to he perfect, be
must occasionally tako the Initiative
himself, and then ho reveals the military resoures latent within him. In
January, 1708, Marshal VHleroy was
surprised   by   Prince   Eugene and the
Ocrmans in the town  of Cremona,
The surprise was   skillfully   managed
and would   no   doubt  have   suit led
""""'VS theatnhameIregiments then within the walls. The
f   DUllon's     regiment   were
statement   of   til
come to my hands,   ���.   .-���
and source' <>r each contribution ana goldierao
also the milliner in which the  mini to- |commailded by Major   O'.Mahoney and
tal has been expe
iidcil  and   distribut
ed.  Every portion of the Htorm-slriek-1 - ,,������,.,:0|ODel   Wunchop.    O'Mn
en dUtrlot is being provided for.        ' I Minima
if   Ihe   Altbonc     regiment    by
honey being a little  apprehensive  in
the evening, had   given orders for   an
early drill   aud    parade.   Fearing  to
sleep,  he   threw   himself   down   fully
dressed on   his   bed.    Towards   morning he heard   11   disturbance   and  on
rushing out of   his quarters found his
men all drawn   up   in   line   of   battle
and fully armed, but   dressed only   in
their night shirts.     He did   not   send
them back   to dress, hut placing himself at their head   led   them   as   they
were against the Germans.   The silent
entrance of the enemy through a long
unused   aqueduct     enabled   them   to
open the gates and   admit seven thousand Germans, O'Mahoney first swept
the ramparts of the enemy and recaptured     the   cannon.    Next,   in   their
night shirts, notwithstanding   the inclement weather, they   drove the tier-
man infantry before them from street
to street.      At   last   these half naked
Irishmen   had   to   face   the   Imperial
Cuirassiers, then accounted   the finest
steel clad horse   men in Europe.    The
bold dash   of   tbe   heavy  cavalry was
met by a steady and well directed   fire
by the Irish   aud   then   the   gleaming
sabre crosses with the   bayonet.    The
light was short, sharp and decisive in
favor of the Irish, tbe   German leader
is killed, the Cuirassirs retreat in hot
haste,    Cremona   is   saved,  France   is
jubilant ami all Europe is astonished
at Prince Eugene's defeat by so small
a force  of   exiled   Irish   soldiers.    To
appreciate what tbe resourceful   initiative of the Irish   overcame  at Fonte-
noy one   must remember what   heroes
they overcame.    Tlie Duke of Cumberland, the pitiless   duke, assembled all
the  best  soldiers   of  his  army,   and
formed   them   into   a   column   of  six
thousand   men,   with   six   cannon   in
front of them and six on   either   side,
they   like   Tennyson's     heroes   "had
cannon to   right   of   them,   eaunon to
left of them. "    Lord John   Hay   gave
them orders to   march   right   through
the village of Fontenoy,right through
the centre of   the   French,   until they
got to their rear.aud then to turn and
sweep   them   off the field.    Never   in
the annals of history   since the Macedonian   phalanx   was anything   more
glorious seen than   the march of these
six thousand   Englishmen   that   day.
The   French   closed   in around   them
battering tho   head   of   their   column
with cannon, but the column marched
on as if it were made  of triple Steele.
As the Englishmen   inarched through
the Fienc.i   lines,    men   fell  on every
side, but as soon as   one man fell   the
rest dressed up and closed the column.
On they marched like a  hngh   battering   ram of brass, in   vain the French
sharpshooters   harassed   their   flanks,
in vain the French   infantry  tried   to
withstand thcm,iu vain did the King's
Household Cavalry charge upon them,
they were   scattered   by   tho   Knglish
flro.  At length King Louis  turned his
rein to tly but   Marshal   Sax   stopped
him.      Wait my liege' he said, 'lot us
set   the   Irish   at   them.'    The     Irish
under Lord (Tare charged with a wild
Irish yell and swept tho  enemy   from
the hill and in   a   very   few   minutes
that Knglish phalanx was a disorganized   rabble.    Well   might George the
Second, exclaim:    'Cursed be the laws
that deprive me of such subjects.'    No
wonder witli such bravery,   such   discipline,   such     fertility   of   resource,
Irishmen should have been eagerly accepted in all the armies of Kuropc and
America.     From   tlie   final   surrender
of Limerick to the   era   of the French
Revolution three  quarters of n  million of Irishmen served   in the armies
and   navies of Europe  alone,    lu   the
American   Revolutionary   war, Wl   per
cent, of the   men    under   Washington
were Irish.    Al one    time almost half
Ihe soldiers in the Hritish navy hailed
from the Groen Isle.    These   aie facts
approximately known by the majority
of well infori I   persons, hut what is
mil so generally known Is the great
ability for organi/.llon manifested by
Irish commanders in both army and
navy. To begin with the latter, it
was John Harry, a native of tbe County ,,f Wexford, who organised the
American navy. lie was no doubt a
great sea tighter but was especially a
great organiser. It was thanks to
Jack Harry's training, that the American gunners were the lirst to uno
sights lo their guns thus making their
broadsides more deadly than ours in
the battle of 1818, and history will
tell how disastrously they poured
their fire into our frigates. Tbe Initial impulse thus given by an Irishman lias resulted In the present startling accuracy of the American naval
tire and it Is very doubtful If Hritish
gunners inn equal or surpass them iu
Oils  respect. "
Ten-Stamp Mill Will   Be In
Operation in a Few
Some Important Deals Pending In Regard to Nelson
The Chaplellu mine, situated on
Lemon Creek, will lie added to the
list of producers in less than three
weeks. The 10-stamp mill which is
being installed there will be completed by that lime as tlie work is being
carried on as rapidly as possible,
When Mr. J. M. Williams, manager
of the mine, was seen this morning.
be stated that everything would be in
operation by the 311th of this month.
ViftCOnnt dc' Grammont, chairman of
the company and..Marquis dc' Dusuict.
one of the directors, both of Paris,
were appointed by the directors to
come to this country to he present at
tbe opening of ,the mill. They left
Paris on the 22nd of last month. The
wagon road was completed last Saturday. I'p to date over 13,000 tons or
ore are 111 sight and 1,10(1 feet of tunneling and slnfliug has been completed. The assays of the ore which
has been taken from the mine show
0.02 ounces of gold and 30.1 of silver.
An amalgamation test showed that
4.22 ounces of gold and 13.33 of silver
would lie saved, representing 70 per
cent of the values of tbe ore.
Mr. Williams has promised the company Glut the property will he ready
to pay a dividend by the end of next
���   ���   ���
Greenwood, Oct, 8.���Now   thai   thu
shipping stage has really been arrived
at by many of the mines throughout
the Boundary district. Interest on the
outside is again pointing this way.
Hardly a day passes that a representative of capital is not out ill the several camps visiting and inspecting
properties with a view to negotiations. The reports from the big producing mines are all favorable.
Phoenix is   steadily forging ahead.
At     the     properties   of     the    Miner-
Graves syndicate   it.',  persons are employed, and this force   will shortly be
added to considerably.    The Hnowshoe
has a payroll of IT and tin- War Kaglc
nearly the   same   number,    W.  Yolen
Williams, superintendent of the Knob
Hill-old    Ironsides-Victoria    groups,
says that by the   lirst of  next    month
the ore shipments, now  averaging 300
tons daily to   the   Grand  Forks   sind
ter, will be  doubled.    By   that   time
the Knob Hill new 10-drlll   compress
or plant will lie in full   running opcr
at ion and more men   will be placed at
work in the   slopes already opened up,
on the tunnel level.     Al  Ihe old Ironsides sloping is iu progress on the m'i-
olid and third   levels.     On the ���!"" fool
level of tile Victoria   claim,   which is
connected     with   the     old    Ironsides
workings, prospecting   is   in progress
with diamond drills.
The win/.e from the ' railroad" tunnel on the Snowshoe, the properly of
Ihe Hritish Columbia I Rossland and
Slocan) syndicate, is down 30 feet in
a good grade of ore. The tunnel is in
38fi feet, and at. a point aboul 200 fed
in, the  winze   is   being   sunk.     It    is
of Spokane, is pushing work in the
development of the Evening Star.
The claim ami the Sclliy, adjoining,
he has under bond for 845,000, Th
shaft is down IT feet. Recent assays
of the ore taken out in tlie sinking
gave a value of '.I per [cent, copper. t?l
in gold and SI.'.'0 in silver. Figuring
copper at I.'1 cents, makes B total of
83 ,20 pci- Ion. The shaft will he continued down to the Ion-foot level,
when crosscutling of the big ore body
will be started.
In Deadwood camp shipments of ore
from tlie bins of tbe Motbei Lode
mine will lie commenced at once to
the (Ircenwood smelter. This i
merely to malic room for ore now be
ing taken out in development. Th
bins at tlie smelter have a capacity 0
2.ono tons and this will momentarily
relieve tlie pressure at the mine.
On the Greyhound, in the same
camp, after crosscutting the ore body
:is feet at Ihe mil-foot level, sinking
has again heen resumed.
Tbe shaft ou tho Marguerite having
reached a depth of 100 feet, crosscuts
east and west nave been started. The
shaft was sunk midway between parallel veins and it will not be many
days, it is believed, before, the workings on both sides will be in ore. The
tunnel on tlie Great Hopes, tho adjoining claim, is now in 210 feet nnd
is being continued.
At the Morrison mine, in the north
end of the camp, drifting is in progress on what is known as the number two ledge. The ore body lias been
opened up for Is feet and the showing is reported to he a good one. Development is also in progress on the
Sunset and lluckhorn mines in the
same camp.
At the II. C. mine in Summit camp
the ore shipments for the present
month will average 2.1100 tons. In
places the slopes opened up from wall
to wall show the ore body to be fully
no fei't in width. It is a splendid
grade of chalcopyrlte. The mine employs loo men. When sinking is resumed, after the opening up of further sloping ground, the force will be
added to.
From Camp MoKinuey encouraging
news is to hand. Since Managing Director (ieorge II. McAulay of the Cariboo Camp was in camp a partial idea
of the proposed additional develop
incut of the mine lias been made public, A new shaft is to be sunk to a
depth of :,i)(i feet on the Okanogan
claim. Ihe most easterly ground of
the seven contiguous claims owned by
the company. At the present time
the fourth level, at a depth of 355 feet
from tlie main working shaft, is already half across the Okanogan
ground, and it is bore that some of
the nest grade of ore has been found
in tbe mine. It is also proposed to
continue the levels west from tbe main
shaft, a considerable distance into
virgin ground.
To date mining operations on what
is   known   as   the   Cariboo     lode,   of
which   Iiu pany   owns 4,TOO   feet
ill length, has been mostly within the
limits of tbe Cariboo. Amelia and
okanoan claims and the Saw Tooth
fraction. Tlie main shaft is down :i7i>
feet wilh levels, running cast and
wesi at To. it:,, :.'.',:, and 3S8 feet respectively, There is said to be sutli-
eiellt ore blocked out to keep the pros-
lit mill of '.'ii Stamp capacity, running
Continuously    for    the next  two years.
While no announcement has been
made, it is beltoved ihe company has
in view an early increase in the number of sunups at the mill. This,
however, is hardly likely lo lie done
until next spring, The mine is producing around (31,000 in bullion per
In Ihe Myers Creek district the latest news is the resumption of develop*
incut on Ihe King Solomon mine,
near Roister. A Spokane company
owns the property, which has considerable development,
���   *   1
The I'iineess   claim, situated on tbe
Hall Mines road, owned   by Hamilton
1,. N, elands and A. J. Gerrard of Nelson, has he,11 sold to Minnapolis capi-
Four More  Nominations In
Three Eastern Provinces.
Well Known Member of Royal
Grenadiers Dies in
Montreal, Oct. 2.- The following
nominations took place yesterday:
Nova Scotia. Finnan McClure, Liberal,
present sitting member; Quebec,
Montreal, L. E. Dugas, Conservative:
Ontario, South Essex, M. Cowan,
Liberal; West Elgin, A. il. Ingram,
M.  I'.. Conservative.
Halifax, N. S.. Oct. 2.���Jos. W.
Conrad, three years of age, fell from a
fence in bis parent's yard yesterday
afternoon and broke his neck. When
picked up life was extinct.
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 2.��� The
body of Private Ilown.of Halifax garrison, and a   native   of   Ottawa,   was
found lloating in the harbor last even
ing.     lie   had   been   missing     lively,,
Toronto, Oct. 2.���Color Sergeant
Richard Maogne, of "I!" Company,
Royal Grenadiers, and one of the besl
shots in the regiment of which he' has
been a mciubei for the past twelve
years, died yesterday from the results
of an operation for appendicitis.
Toronto, Oct. 2. ���Rev. James Cameron, a retired minister of the I'res-
hytcriiin Church, died here last night,
aged M years, lle was a native of
Glengary County.
Ottawa, Oct. 2.��� Lord Strathcona
cables from London this morning that
tho papers there state that from
three to four hundred men of the lirst
contingent sailed on Sunday front
Capetown on the transport Idaho, direct for Montreal, calling at St. Ilel-
proposed to   equip   the   win,e   wUl. ��� I tallsts for $30,000.    It is expected that
hoist, so as to facilitate sinking. Win-1""1'1' ���*���>��� '"' resumed  on   this  claim
shortly and
'iilil  all winter.
Heaver line steamer Lake
arrived at Liverpool at s u.i
., yester-
sinking. Win
ter quarters arc being buill and llu
machinery plant housed   in.    Tim now
bunk house will ae nmodato 30 men. I    An   Important   mining suit   is  tin
J.  W. Askey, tl (insulting engll r   '���'' M;| ''    ���'���  ''ell of Slocan   City
for the c pany.said today thai there "*���  I'woy Dickinson, Senator   Warner
was  no  truth   in   the report thai his Miller, W. K, Hlper, the   slocan Kilo
compiiny had const railed   1,,   send out Mining Company,   R.    Wilson   Smith,
1,000 tons   of ore to   any   smeller.    A trustee for F,   L.  Illque; lion. Andrew
few carloads wlll.hOWOVer,  I"' shipped G.   Blnlr.Mlnlster of  Hallways for the
for testing purposes. Dominion, and  William  Btachan.    it
In Wellington  camp  the   Brandon appears   thai   Mr. Kelt was an equal
and   Golden   Crown,    Winnipeg  nml partner with   Mr,   Dickinson, but tho
Athelstan are all making regular   or,- former's  name did not appear In any
shipments, 11 ansaction.   They nave   now dissolved
Laid law
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 3.���The Allan
liner Cai'thcgeiiian. with four hundred sailors and marines for Hritish
Warships here and 011 the I'aeilie
Coast, arrived from Liverpool this
Ottawa. Oct. 2.���Supreme court
opened this morning,the Chief Justice
being the only judge absent. Tho
cases on the Quebec list were the lirst
taken up and occupied tic attention
of tho court all morning.,*
Toronto,Oct. .'. Meyer Shapero and
fanny Helpert, charged with having
administered poison to Maurice Gold*
���ten, a second-hand dealer on August.
I, were this morning discharged on
account of Insufficient evidence lo
Ouchcc.'Ocl. '.'. Ill the presence of a.
large Dumber of persons the first
Stone of the anchor pier on the north
side of the St. Lawrence, of the new
Quebec bridge, was laid this afternoon.
Montreal, Oct. .'.-Work on tbe elevator of the Connors, (Buffalo, N. V.)
Syndicate, ou Windmill point, which
has for some time been hanging lire,
much to the dissatisfaction of Buffalo
and New York people, who fear that.
Its completion will injure thnlrexport
grain trade considerably, was com*
tnonced this morning,
In (be same camp AndrOVt
roiitliiucil uii  hum Hi Huge.
H. 11. Campbell,  Enlisted   al   Nelson,
Secures (li f Ti" m,
Ottawa, del,   .',     A cable ",'is received today staling thai   Lieutenant   A.
E,   D.   I.iiyliorlie. of Ihe first   Hussars,
had received a commission   in tne  .'1st.
Lancers,    Lieutenant H. It. Campbell,
who enlisted al Nelson. B.C., has also
got a commission in the Dukeof Corn-
I wall's Light Infantry. Nelson   Daily  Miner,   Tuesday   Evening,   October 2,  1900.
The Kelson Miner
Published Kerry  Afierniijii   _ropt Sunday
115 Floot Street, lv ('.
Proas. Agoncy,  Ltd., Sue
8 7 mi
Sl a
.    2 IIU
.   :i 00
In Ihe
per yen-	
I'er ye ir, foreign	
ptloug liiviu lably in ndvan
All Chi
n'.l. ���    Ol
1 l.Ml I'EO.
vk'   should   bo  le.eie pay
Nklson    I'riii.isiuxii
I'l.lOKS AND    KA1I.W
Now South  Wales has    followed    the
example  set   by   Now   Zealand,   and
passe,I an '���Advance to Settlors Act."
lu these two colonics the Government
have loaned to farmers and others
witli tangible security sums aggregating over 820,000,000. Hritish Columbia has tried something of a similar
sort here, but little has heen heard of
Ihe good intentions of the Legislature,
lu this Province every man thinks
he is able to "paddle his own canoe,"
anil il is worth a good deal to he able
to fed that way.
Books You May Need
In The Miner of yesterday we pub-
11 il the impri ���inns of a gentleman
hail just returned from a visit to
the Lardeau country. The interview
began: "Business at present is very
quiet iii tlie l.in'iicaii district.owing to
the stopping of construction on the
railroads. Prospectors ami business
men who have been there for live or
six years are becoming disheartened
on account of the fact thai a great
many ol them have reached their last
hy keeping up assessment, etc. When
Ihe railroad started many did extra
development work- mi their property,
hut now as construction has stopped
soin.- are disgusted and feci like
throwing up their claims.'* It is na
tural that there should lie disappointment under the circumstances. The
people of tlie Lardeau district were
olatcd with the prospect of a railway,
anil made plans which liny persuaded
themselves would soon he realised.
Il is not pleasant to see them go toppling over, one alter the other.
I tut. before venting all the anger
of their disappointment on the railway
people they shouhl consider whether
these arc Ihe only persons who are
to blame. The conditions of the
Kootenay are not unlike those of
Manitoba twelve or fifteen years ago,
only instead of settlers rushing in to
got a homestead here they are hunting lor prospects, or for some business
chance that arises out of mining development. In the early days of .Manitoba there were settlers who could
not content themselves witli a quarter-section near the main line of railway, hut must needs go away ten.
fifteen, or twenty miles into an unsettled region, ami they had no sooner
begun to produce more than they
could consume than they Cried for a
railway. This happened all around,
and in tlie course of a very few years
the railway people were dismayed
with demands for railways in every
direction, These demands were so
loud and so frequent, and so readily
encouraged by politicians and agitators, that a single settler whose fancy
took him into an Isolated region conceived   himself   entitled    to    a     line
OUgh his back yard.
The din was so great that the   railway   people   became   convinced   they
must have heen guilty of some atrocious neglect,   anil   branches   here   and
there wen- hastily constructed.    They
were built before   their   time   and of
course did not pay.    Some of them are
uoi   paying yet,   ami   merchants   and
other business men   in   Manitoba,    in
the Ten-it.,tics, nml in Hritish Columbia ar,- to   this   day mnUing up   those
1- in  heavy freight   rates.   That
is 1 in- penalty Imposed   upon them for
rashness   or   imprudence  of  men
��� rushed oil' iu advance Of the rail
ways. Men who do Ibis, whether iu
carch of 0 homestead or a prospect,
take their chance. The prospector,
, j course, must go where ihe mineral
is; inn   it the locality should   happen
lo he   without     Hie    leach    of    railway
communication, he should he reasonable enough t isider that  until his
in can produc  sutllelonl   iraflic to
warrant a railway il can hardly I \-
I ���. ,-,l tha' one " ii1 In- built, This
ma;, not ; 11,111 \ to the l.aedcaii district al tin- id ��� 111 ' me, and if it
does not ihe people there may rest
'I  thai    I In'  railway   people will
(tcr ,1 pnj Ing 1 raflle with till the
hast,- thelr means will admit.
Across its title page Tlie Toronto
Globe prints in targe letters and figures the deficits of the last four
years of Conservative administration
and the surplus of tin' font Liberal
years. It says nothing of the difference in business conditions, for that
would spoil the point, (ltd Globe
readers, however, will fail to he Impressed, for they remember that when
the Conservatives had surpluses The
Globe and (he leaders of its party
shouted what a shame and a crime it
was to sweat the taxpayers for more
money than was required to carry
the Government.
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy,. $
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting
Stretch's   Prospecting,  Locating"
and Valuing   Mines	
Lang's  Matte  Smelting    I
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis
Kemp's Handbook of   Hocks..
Thautwlne's   Engineer's Handbook    :
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine     ��
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Boiler Room     S
Hawkins' New Catechism of
Electricity     2
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for  Engineers     2
Machinists' ami Engineers'
Pocket Manual     1
Stevenson's Practical Test     1
Canada's   Metals	
1 7.1
1 78
The Victoria Colonist quotes Mr.
Mcllride as saying that within twelve
months the Government would see
that a railway through the Cliilli-
wack Valley would be under construction. The Colonist understands the
statement to moan that it is "the intention of the liovernmcnt to form
and carry out a plan of railway construction that would lead to the beginning of work within a year of a
lino from the Coast to Kootenay."
It is such enterprises as this that the
(lovernment, whether of the Province or tho Dominion, should encourage wiili substantial assistance. Private effort should not be expected to
engage in undertakings that may be
of immediate public .advantage, hut
which do not present any immediate
prospect of dividends. Private companies, like private individuals, are
excused if they devote themselves to
their own interests: the opening up of
districts or Provinces is the work of
Governments, It is conceived to be
in the interest of a large portion of
Hritish Columbia to open up direct
communication between the Coast and
Kootenay. and the Victoria Government appear to be alive to their responsibility in the premises, It is a
pity something additional could not
he done to insure the early development of the Lardeau region, which is
rich in possibilities.
gl I    int.
��� I f w
live years   ago
example of  M i
power,"   said Sir
when  campaigning
wc  n in   follow-   the
'!." eoii/.ic ;  and  I  say
that, although we may nol be able to
bring the expenditures to what they
were under him, we 'aii reduce the
amount   two    yes,   three  millions of
dollars     per    year."    They    -ol    into
power.    The expenditure he i plain
ed of. that ol  IHOfi 0(1, wni   -II   r0U,3H ; :
i he last expendil ore  of  hi - ovt n I lov
erninct    was   153,713,810,     Rather    a
1 ullar    way    of     reducing    tbem
'two, yes.  three  millions   of   dollars
The  elector rallllol    do   belli i   than !,- keep   this    fact  fast  in his
rhlli moiling up his mind
w hether tic will vote for the Government or ftgalnt the QovernmonL
A Prospector Who Argues in Favor
Editor Nelson Miner:
Sir. ��� In a recent edition of your paper a paragraph appeared stating
thai the mining recorder's olliee for
the float River district was going to
he removed from Kuskonook to ('res-
ton, as the hitter place was the more
favorably suited. I bee; to contradict
this statement of "Crestou being the
proper place for the olliee'' and to
point out thai il. is not by any means
as well situated as Kuskonook for the
following reasons: First, Crcston is
situated live miles from the extreme
south boundary line of the district,
and l.'i miles from the north boundary
line, whilst Kuskonook is nearly the
geographical centre of the district and
easy of access cither by boat. rail, or
trail, it being the terminus of tic
(row's Nest Pass Hailway and the
Kootenay Valley Hailway, and the
head of navigation on the Kootenay
Lake: second. .Should the department
take the trouble to examine the records they will find that over 75 per
cent, of the mineral claims are situated lo the north of Kuskonook whilst
a larger percentage of the claim owners live also lo the north of Kuskonook.
Iu the face of such arguments is it
fair or just thai the deputy Minister
of lands and Works. Mr. Turner,
without consulting anyone iu the dis-
trlcl (with tin- possible exception of a
I, w ol the ranchers living iii ihe vicinity of i reston i Bhon'il lake upon
himself tho responsibility of removing
tl nice without   Investigating  the
merits of  th,-  dlrTivenl   ph s.   As a
prospector who knows tho dlstrlol I
havo no hesitation whatever In saying
thai this is simply an attempt to
please one or two   Liberals    iu CrCSton
at tho expense ami Inconvenience of
the great majo.'lty of the active miners.
On heari ng
hoi i\% ohangci
lately drnftci
Mines, and ov
era   nol      i anchors   nttai bed
names lo the sa    protesting
uncertain language against   lh
I ice of Mr,    Turner's   action.
Ing thai you will find  space   in  your
valuable sie-ci for the  above   remarks
pi. HO,   1000.
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Ihe   report uf    (he ofllci
ii   pel i i i,,n was ii ed
io     the     .Minister    of
r a hundred claim own-
in   no
��� injus-
Soo Line
(imperial    Liriiited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootknay Landing
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same curs
pass Bevelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:35
15:S0 Lv Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line nnd Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
line and Paoiflo Const, and daily
(except Suuday) for and from Boundary points.
:���'��> Lv I  w���i���_  ( Ar 19:30
(Ex Sun) } Nelson |        (Bx Bun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke. main line and Pacific
Kootenay Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)      Sic Kokanee      (Ex Sun)
1(1:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
���Saturday to Argents, and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay- Rivkr Houte.
Dully    Stis Moyie and Nelson     Daily
'���::)() Lv Nelson Ar 2:,'*)
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line traiiiH.
For rates, tickets and full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B, C, or
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Placers  NaVi)  CUfc
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   IMIil-tip,      ���     .     .      $l,!>X.t,l>70.00   I    Kest, *!,7<KM��m).0
Ronril or IHrrrtoTHt   ThOtOU K.Kenny,   President;   ThotnuH Kilchlo. Vico-Proflldoul.
Wiley Smith, 11. Q. Hauld, lion. II. H. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. Uftvid MacKeea.
Head Office. MnlH 11 \:
Goneral Manager, Edhon L. Peaae. Montreal.
Superintendent of HruncheH. and Secretary, W. B. Torrauco, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F. H roc It, Halifax.
In b pee tor I). M. Stewart, Montroal.
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Grccno Avenue and St. Catharines  Street.   Ontario���Ottawa.   Nrwfounillnnd���St. John's
Cuba, Went Id die*���Havana. United hIhIch��� Now York (lti Kxchange 1Jlaco) He public, Waah
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
l'orr4'H|���,,i,lcn(H :
Canada���Merchant* Bunk of Cnnada. BoHlon���National Shawmut Bn.ik. Chicago���America
National Hank- San Fr.ncl.ni���First National Hank. Lomlou, Euic.-Bank of Scotland.
I'nrlH. Fraucc���Credit LyoiiiiniH.   Bermuda��� Bank of Bermuda,   t'bluu nnd Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai thinking Corporation.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Corner Baker and Stanley Street.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
Lawrence. Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
Trav. I '�����'.. Ajront
A   G. P.  Agi'i.i..
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Gamble & O'Reilly
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting: at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls with
stage daily for Republic,   and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. Abwvk.
K) ,85 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:05 p. m Rossland.....5:30p.m.
9:30 a, in Nelson 8i00 p.m.
. Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 am:
11:00 p.m Rossland 0:30 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Want
Agent, Nelson, B.O
A. R. BARROW, a m. i. o.e
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootonay Sta.
Telephone No. 9r,
J^ooijis ai)d Offices to \e.vjb��
Apply    lo    tin
P. O   Rox find.
>f Writing Piper won't, taut
Imig. V ou'il better tilaco another "hurry up' outer with
INlelsoi) Electric TraijiWai) Co.
Corner Josephine ��n���� Vernon Streets.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allnn Lino Tunisian  QctU
Dominion Una Oanibroraan goto
Bouvur l.ino l.uko Ontario ,'*',j
Beaver l.ino  i.u nmi  oci ��
Krom New \orlj
White Star li���0 Oooanlo ,,(:1,;
White Star Uno Teutonio "|,u!
Qunaid Lino Campania -O"'.'
Onnard Uno Etrurla <_���!
Alnurioan Lino Ht. Louis  :'"'1'
American Lino Now York  Urt '!
Anchor Lino   Klhlopla (lc,!,'
Anchor Lino City of Komo _.'?
N. u. L. Lino Kaiser Wilbelni dor Uo*w. ..go ��
N.O. L. Lino Lahn l c '
Broach Line u, (i,_okiio ,Pfti
t ranch Lino Iji Touralno  _,4
Allan Stato Lino Coliforniaii ������ ' CJ,B
Prom Boston.
Cunard Lino Ivornia OOfK
Dominion lane NowKnKloi.d I"'11"
PiiHHaKBH arranged to ami from all European
poinla. For niton, llckcn and full Inforniftli""
apply lo 0. P. H. dopol aKcnt or II. L, Brown
City PaHHoniror Agent, Nelson, H. C,
W. p. F.OUM_tNG8|
Oonoral A mint. c.P.U. otllco��. Winnipeg
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immediate  delivery   i"   Nclam
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P. O. Ilnx
, Nelson.
F. O. GKEKN        F. 8. OriEMKNTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
0, Box Ui Malm, & u
__.'!__ Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Tuesday  Evening,  October 2, 1900
How War Has  Transformed "Tommy
Atkins"���Resourceful ReservlBtB.
(Krom The London Mall.)
Bronzed, and hh a rule boarded,
hard aa nails, and, in the visual acceptation ol the word, unsoldierly
such is the appearanee ol tho Hritish
soldier at present Bervlng In tho
Transvaal and Orange Rivor Colony.
Not even his most ardent admirers
could oall him smart; liis clothes
patched with anything that oame
handy at the time, his kit put up in a
rough-and-ready manner,
However, our men themselves are
a splendid lot, Btrong and well made,
giving little or no trouble to their
officers! cheerful undei the most
discouraging oircumstnnccB, often
singing when it ruins, marching, and
as a rule, fighting in stolid silence,
A tramp of some 500 miles, often on
half rations, under a hot sun byday
and frequently drenched by rain or
chilled By frost at night, a blanket
and a waterproof sheet being1 their
onlv covering, has made them what
tiiey live, thorough soldiers; no pipe
clav or polish about them, but eminently serviceable and In condition to
bear the hardships of war,
At the commencement of the campaign the Hritish soldier began by
losing his kit, leaving behind him
what was useless and cumbersome; at
this stage of the war, however, very
little is considered (is useless. The
men have, In fact, learned to shift for
themselves, though largely owing to
the Jdlfference In training of the two
service, they arc not so expert at the
business as the bluejacket, who is a
worthy rival of the Frenchman In this
respect. Nevertheless, tbe Improvement since the beginning of the war
is very marked, and the time within
which, after arriving in camp, the
cooking pots arc on the Bres has heen
reduced by at least ono-half within
the last six months,
At a halt on the line of march In a
country where wood was scarce, the
men would collect all they possibly
could and carry it witli them for
miles, not heeding the extra weight;
then, on reaching the camping
ground,they would anticipate the regulation tea by cooking In their canteens, ineiilic meal or any other "luxuries" they had heen able to obtain,
and often nic.'ilic meal was a luxury.
Latterly Hour has been issued in
lieu (it liulf biscuit ration, the men
having to cook it as best they could.
Dae wonders what they Would have
done with  it a few months ago.
It is remarkable what care and attention they pay to their rifles, having learned to know the value of a
bolt which works smoothly, and a
magazine spring which acts when required.
(in the march the men would go on
mechanically, more liko trek oxen
than anything else, smoking when
they had the means, scarcely ever
Bpeaklng except in the early morning,
each one looking at the ground a few
paces to bis fi out seeing nothing of
the country, and caring less. The
Orange Kiver Colony is certainly not
an Interesting country for a walking
In aclt'on, though he may be dull,
or even stupid, yet be goes straight,
and is. in the strict sense of the Word
a "perfect lighting machine."
It is curous fact that, on the infantryman, shells have a greater moral
effect than ritie bullets, though the
latter are by far the more effective,
While the gunner, on the other hand,
would rather be under shell than rifle
tire. Neither loves the merry pompom, which, though the least dangerous, has an effect on the nerves which
no one can help experiencing.
At tbe commencement of the campaign the man serving with the colors
was a decidedly better soldier than
the reservist. The latter came fiom
ciivl life, anil, naturally he did not
tnlie kindly to the hardships of war.
lie had, to a great extent, lost touch
with the regiment, and did not experience that keen sense of delight at
the prospect of seeing active service
which his confrere with the colors
felt, lie had home ties; active service, therefore, meant more to him.
He wished to get hack, to have done
with the war and the country.and the
Sooner the better   for him.
This was only to he expected. Probably any Continental nation, in u
great war beyond the. seas, will find
this desire still more marked among
the reservists of its Held army. In action the reservist probably realizes
the danger more than the younger
men, though he docs his dutv equally
well���all the greater erdlt to him.
Many were too old for the long
marches and hardships, and had to he
left behind. After two or three
months, however, the reservist was.as
a rule, the better man of the two.
being more reliable when alone,especially on outpost duty at night, and
having more resource and self-reliance when in a difficult .situation.
One word with regard to our soldiers' qvalltios as marksmen, (liven
equal advantages, they are undoubtedly us good and probably better shots
than the Hoers; they arc hampered by
having as a rule, to attack, over open
ground, a straight-shooting, concealed enemy, and by the difficulty of
judging distance In this country. The
tire steadily, (nearly always Independent firing,) adjust their sights
carefully, and are always iu hand ami
ready to change the direction of, their
lire on to the objects pointed out to
them. In fact, the shooting now
leaves little to he desired.
Millinery Opening I
October 3rd, 1900. I
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a Herman by birth and I am an American, and we are both poine; to vote
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about, young man."
Removes everything in si^ht; ho do
drnetie l'linernl pills, but both nrn
niKhty 'longerons. Don't dynamite
rtie delicate machinery of yonr body
with calomel, eroton oil or aloes pills,
when Dr. Kind's New Life Pills,
which are gentle as a summer breeze,
do the wotk perfectly. Cures Headache,Constipation. Only 25o at Canada
Drug & Hook Store.
Advertisements Inserted under thin head at
the ruto of ono cent a word uor in-.it! inn. No
lulverlisetnent tuken for U"". 1 him '.>.*) e���nlh.
Kill! KKNT.��� I'nfuinished six-roomed
cottage,   water, electric   light, and
BBwerage.' Apply to Mrs.   Croasdaile,
Observatory Street.
FOR RENT. ���Furnished rooms. Apply Ills Haker Street.    Quiet part of
FOR    BENT.��� Cellar. ~ Apply
(���hunts' Bank of Halifax.
I'DK KKNT-Furnished rooms.   Good
attendance,   Second   door  east  of
Olty Hull.
FIRST   CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, 15.60 and $0.   Table
board  84.   Carlioniife  Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
Return engagement of the
���ON    THE���
For   tonus   and   particulars   enquire
Art Music Co.. or at 988 Silica Street,
Instruments Supplied,   1'hone 13-.
S. Saviouk'h [SnqIiXBBJ Chukcu��� Corner
\Vtint und Silica, btw. Hundiiyn: Holy Communion 8 a. in.: anil on tho 1st, nnd 3rd Sundays
In lho month utter Muttins; Muttin- at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2.30 p.m ; Evenaotlg 7��80, Daily:
Mnttinmit 9.30 a. m. Thursdays and SaintV
Dsysi Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
Bvensopg 7.80 u. in., followed by choir practice. H. S. Alcehursti Koctor. Fred Irvine,
Geo. Johnston**, Wardens.
Catholic  Chukch���Cornor'Ward and Mill
��trents Motw evory Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mann ovory week day
at 7.K>a.m.   Hov.   Father Forland Reel or.
I'hkhhytkuian Chukgh���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 ji.in.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every .Tuesday evening b*> Jt o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
MktihmUST Cuuhcii���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets.   Services at 11a.m. aud 7.30
fi. ni. ; Sabbath School, 2,30 p.m.; Prayer meet-
ngon Friday evening at 8 o'clock: Kpwortb
League C, K., Tuesday at8a.ni. Rev. John
Rnbson. I'astor.
BAPTIST Chuhch ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer meet,
ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m. the B. Y
P.U. Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially wefec-ned. Rev. G. J. Coulter White,
Salvation Akmy���Servlo a every evening
at 8 o'cloch In barracks on V ctori Htroet
Adiudant Kdgcomhn in charan.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Qilliort HUnlc;
Thomson Stationery
Ciuuuln DniK Scllook Co
For 2 Nights Only
Holol Hume Nowh Stand
Hotel Phair Nowh Stand
jt. Campbell
C. K. Nelson
J. F. Delanoy
H. A. Bradshaw
Slocan Nowh Co.
Thomson Bros.
LuinoiiL& Young
II. A. King fe Co.
Now Denver
Rose berry
Slocan City
Wednesday, Oct. 3 iand  News   Agents   on  boats  and
1 trains out of Nelson
"You have, a good deal of assurance
to come to me for charity," wild the
man of the house, "with your face all
bunged up from tight! ntf. You're
nothing but a bruiser!"
"No Hir,'' replied the seedy vagrant,
who wiik not wanting in spirit.  "The
other fellow wiu.   the bruiser, I'm the
���   *   ���
"In your judgment," lho reporter
Kald to the principal man of Ihe great
business house, "how will the (ier-
maa-American vote bo divided this
"Not at all, so far as I know," replied the merchant.    "My partner   is
The Greal Christian Play
Thursday,  Oct 4
"The Cheerful Liar."
Prices 50 and 75c.
Close eonneetion East and Westbound at Spokane with Irains of the
trains of the Spokane Fulls and Northern Railway.
Direct, connection at Sl. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokano daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct conj
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, und all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
hound trains connect at Duhith with
themagnilici'iit steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Hailway.
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails Ac Northern Ity., Kaslo & Slocan
By., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
(ieul. I'iikh. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'ol Agt.
St. I'ii ii I, Min       Spokane. Wash
Wholesale  Houses
rruioitl'K & CO. Limited���UorHor Vornon
Jl und Cedar dtreute, Noluou���Mannfuctui*'
L'lr* of und wholusttlu dealora in norutod watora
und fruit kjtuub. Sole agouti for Ualoyon liut
Springs minorttl water.   Telephone <iu.
__*(    N. M. Cummins, Lobboo���Kvory known
variety of soft drinks.   P '> Hox 8& Telephone
No. 81. Hoovur Street, Nelson,   bottlers of the
f-iinouH St. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water.
C1ANK & MAODONALD ill. Cane, James
j A. Maodonald) - Architects und superintendents, Broken Hill BlOOk, OOrnor linker und
Ward Street*, Nelson.
XV CO.���Manufacturers of the Hoyui Se;il
urni  Kootenay   Beliu   Cigars.   Factory and
oillce, Baker street, Nelson.
nj. KVAN'S Sc CO.���Baker street, Nel-
��� son���VVholufiilu dealers in liquors, <i
Kui'm, cement, lire brick nnd lire clay, Wulcr
pipe und tteel rails, und gOnerol commission
J    A. M'DONALJ) -Madden Hlock. Nelson
���   Fruits, ico cruaiu,  "U. il." onocolatex
tdgh olass oonfeetlonery.   ico Croam Parlors
NKLSON LODQB, No. 83, A. K. & A
M. moots Booond Wodnosday in ouch
month.   Visiting brethorn welcome.
thereby   give   notice   Unit   at  the
next meeting of the   LicetlM C ommWj
Blotters for the  Nelson  dJitriot will
apply for a license to sc I mtoxlei.1 m.
li.norsat the liossland Hotel'Vernon
Street,  Lot  111.  Hlock (HI. H'    WO   C"J
of Nelson, It. 0. ,,,������. t��
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Lid.
Schedule of Time,       I'ucldn Standard Time.
EfrooUve Febroory ift, looo
PftHHenger train for Sandon and wayntJillonH
leavoH   IvuhIo   ut 8 a, m.. dully.    HeturninK.
loavortrtaiMlun iv   1.15 p.m., urrfvitiK ut Kuhio
Ut 3.55 11.1 n.
Operating on Kootcimy Lake and Kiver.
Sir. "Inicrnnt i'h.itl leaveH Kaslo for Nelson
at 0 u. in. daily oxcopt Sunday. Keturnintf.
leuvos NeiHon at (��J0 p.m., eallin�� at Itnlfour,
i Pilot Buy, AltiKWCth und all way pninlri. Connects with S. F. Sc N. train lo und from Spo-
I knne at Klvo Mile Point.
j    Stoumer Argonla leaver Kaslo Tuesdays and
i Fridays at *> u, m. for the head of naviK'il Ion on
the   Upper Duncan Liver;   relurniiiK leaves
, Hull'n LindliiK WedncHdnys ami Saturdays.
1    Steamers call at principal lauding In hoth
illroctlonH, and at other points when Hlgni'llnd
TlckctXHold to all points in Canada and the
United StatoR.
Toascortaln ratos aud full Information address I
Uanaiier, s|ft,.vn�� 0,
I.   O.  O.   F.      Kootenay  1xx1k��'
No. hi, meets every Monduy nlKht.
at   their   Mall,   Kootenay  street
SojourniiiH* Odd Fellows cordially invited.
John a. MoRao. S.ti.  I). W. Rutherford, v.G.
Frod J. Squire, Por, Sec,
Wholesulo and retuil dealers in Kiuin,
bay, flour, feed. Mills ut Victoria, New West'
min :i :. KdiiioiiUin, "������iii. Klcvuturs on Gal-
(fury and Kdmonton Ituihvuy. Manu/aoturers
of the uelehruled li. Sc K. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co. Corner Front
��� and Hall Streets���Wholesale groeors
and jobbers in blankets, {{loves, mitts, bouU,
rubbers, nluekinnws und miners' sundries.
LI .MU.i:
Oitlec  corner   Hall and   Front   Streets,
Nelson���Lurutier, ceilniK. tluoriuKi ami  over)
thing in wood for building purposes,  Gel our
prieus. OoiToipondenoe solicited.
1)  BURNS & (o.   Baker Street, Nelwn
���   \\'lii,l,-^iil,! itunlci-H iii lrut.li mill ourod
llii-:il".     Colli rtlOI'llKI!.
liukur Street, NslMn   wbolonle deal
CHI ill frCrtll Hll'l CIIII'll IIH'illH.
NKLSON I.OIHIK No. ' '!!,, K. ofl'
. ��� iiioulx in K. of I', hull, OddfellewH hlock
���_overv 'I'lifsduj- ovoniiiK ul 8 o'clock
riMAII Visiting knights cordially  Invited
rt I'. .1.  IIHAIII.KV, C. O.
J. A. I'A1J( K.TTK, K. of It. und H.
NKI.son I,. O, h. No. linn nicuiK in Fraternity Hull on fiwt and third Friday evenlngi
of ench inolith at. U o'clock. ViKitlnK niuiiltM!rn
oordlally invited, li. ltolilnnoii, W.M.; Win.
Crawford. K.^ ___^
COUIIT KOOTKNAY,  I. O.  F., No.   Slat'
McctlnKH 111' TlmrHfluy cf iniiiitli. Kriilcrnal
hall, .1 A Irving 0, It.   P, II. KIcnihiK. It.H,
die Hist  Wednesday evonug of
OaOh   inonth   at   Fialornlly  hull,
oorner of Baker und Kooumuy
Htroclw. ViHitliiK hrclhurn cord-
lull) Invited
.Ions' Wathon. Hocrctury,
NKWON AKItIK  No. Tl,  \f.  O.   K��� mootH
evory second and fourth Wfldnesdafs Of onoh 11, .   tfu,u,, ���   .���....- -..-.,...,..
in onl.li.   ViHlilnic   iiu-niborH cordially   liivlt-   dculora In provision., curi"'iia'sli, bulU-r
i I,., i li-   Pronor, Sfcrotnry, ' UKgh.
IAU'ltKNCK   HAIlllWAItK   CO     lluki-r
J  Street,   Nelson ��� Wholesale  d��alnu   In
hardware, miners' HuppiicM, HportiiiK goods,
M'1.ACIU.AN BROS, (HucceHHorB to Van-
couvor Hardware Co, Ltd.l Baker Streot.
Nelson���Wholesale dealors in hardware and
iniinr.K mipphuH, j.lnii,h. i and tinsmiths' sup
"^"KLSON 1IAHDWAHK CO.- Wholesale
_H jMilntH. oils und kI"si; moehantos' tools,
aki'ih  fix Oniario Powder Works; dynamite
rpUUNKK, BKKTON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
X and Josephine Htreetw, Nelson Win le
���aii' deuletx in liquors, olgars, and dry goods,
Agent* for I'uiHl BroWlngCo. Of Milwaukee
and CalKury Brewing l'o of Calvary.
II UIIHON'H HAY Co.    Wlioluxilu Kim   i i, ������
1   and llinioi-H el.:., Haker Streot, Nelson.
ClAI.IKoltNlA WINK CO.. Limited Corner
J Front und Hall Street*. Nolaon Whole
sale dealers in winei lease and bulk), and
domestic und Imported cigars,
JY. OKIKKIN k CO    Corner Vernon and
.   Josephine  Ktri'i'l
NoIaOli -   Whole-ale
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO,  MEXICO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a��d oromot attention.
H. & M. BIRD A Tempting Table
Agents lor Bureka rttneral Wool un,i
Asbestos Co.
Insurance 00* of. North America, Mutual l.ifo
Insurance Co., of Now York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
:,n ft. on Mill   Street 8   500
:,ii ft. mi   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms *.  500
:.'.", ft. on Victoria Street, easy
terms   350
50 n. corner on Stanley Street  .     050
25 ft. Victoria Street, west      050
50 ft. Vernon Street,   west  Lam
s-liuiimeil  lh.use  tin   Carbonate
Slreel J25  00
T-lIniiineil   House,    l';nk    Street,
close to (Inker Street  30 00
7-Roomcd llouw  Mill Street    26 00  from day today
s-licioiiieil House,Hume Addition 20 00
furnished LJouse on Observatory
St reel '.   35  INI
���\ 5       '��� ' - -
If  vow have  difficulty in i.inUiiiR- n
pleasing variety in  your   Mil of  furu
Come to Our Grocery
and learn how easily and economically
it e.in be done.
Here are a few thing* that will help
_ ���      , Breakfast Cereals of all de-
Dehvered to any point     scriptions
on Kootenay Lake.      | x
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
I have ;i complete stock on liniul ol  rii    ���      n   l j ti
i Choice Butter and Eggs
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finishi
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
nml I.AKIKI.
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrlck _   Wilson
By the week from $5 to $0,
By the: iliiy 81.00.
��� J. V. O'LAUQHLIN.  Prop-
Coal ancL Wood.   iCrhAQl
Agentn Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd. _.xl ,,,,.,��� oommeneM 8rd
n x. c     \     __ <_ September.    Por partlcu-
Crows   Nest   Loal,   $6.15 | Ian apply to the
Anthracite,    -    -    $9.65 sr. superior.
No order can he accepted unless
accoinpanli d by cash.
Office Corner Hull and linker Street*.
Brewers nf Fine Lager
Heel and I'm 1(1.
DROP IN .\M) SEE is.
Hell li. C.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
d and Dawson City, Yukon
___E Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Tuesday  Evening,  October  2,  1900.
Full Cast of the Opera Nelsor
Citizens Will  Soon
A splendid rehearsal of "The Mikado" was held last evening. There w s
a full attendance and the opera went
with a swing that gives promise of an
excellent production. The Nelson
amateurs jumped from the easiest to
the hardest of Gilbert and Sullivan's
operas when they followed "Pinafore" with "The Mikado" but the
success achieved in the first production "ill be surpassed in   the   second.
The cas'e will be as follows: The
Mikado of Japan, Mr. W. J. Caldwell;
Nanki-Poo, Mr. John Lochore; Ko-
Ki,. Mr. George Williamson; Pooh-
Bah, Mr. C. H. Winter; l'isli-Tusli,
Mr. Edward (Jriz/.elle; Yum-Yum,
Mrs. Melville Parry; Pittl-Slng, .Miss
Bensusan; Peep-Bo, Miss Ida John-
Bton; Katisha. Mrs, M. S.  Davys,
The following compose the chorus;
Sopranos, Mrs. E. McLeod, Miss II.
Sutcllfle, Miss E. M. Little, Mrs. ,1.
E. Annable. Miss L. E.Tamblyn, Mrs.
L. s. (itis, Mrs. ,7. A. Armstrong,
Mrs Wm. Rutherford, Miss Lennox.
Mrs. W. .1. Caldwell. Mrs. P. 11. 0,
lleei. Contraltos. Mrs. R. IL Williams. Mrs. VV. J, Astley, Mrs. E. ('.
Arthur. Mrs. W. A. Thurman, Mrs.
Wambold, Miss Clarke, Miss Chambers.
Tenors. Messrs. Onslow Ne'.vling,
Stanley M. Johnson, II. R. .lorand,
E. .1. Crick-may. C. W. Dill. John
Hue, J. C. Nelson, 1'. R. C. Beer.
Hasscs. Messrs. L. II. Bodge, A. R.
Sherwood, (,. S. Ivellaway. Fred
Smith, W. F. Ross. Charles Hurt,
Ronald Brown, E. I'arkes. W. L.
There will be another full rehearsal
in the opera House tonight. The orchestra practices tomorrow evening
in the school room of St. saviour's
Mrs. llodder of Kaslo, who was
operated upon yesterday, is doing well
L. S. Otis left this afternoon on a
trip to Ainsworth, Kuslo and points
in the Slocan.
Mrs. .1 C. (lore and children who
have heen spending a few weeks at
Portland returned to Nelson last
'The football game which was scheduled for next Saturday between .Sllverton and Nelson teams at Sllverton
has been declared off.
The staff at the General Hospital
has been increased. Miss Macdouald
of the Jubilee Hospital of Victoria.
and Miss Men/.ie of Kaslo, both went
on duty yesterday.
There will be'a social held ut Mrs.
Bellamy's on linker Street tomorrow
afternoon and evening" under the auspices of the Ladies Aid of the Congregational Church. There will be a
musical programme rendered during
the evening.
Captain Alex McLennan, formerly
mate of the steamer Kokanee. has
been appointed captain of the steamer
Kelson, captain Seaman of the steamer Sloean. has gone cast on a vacation. Captlan Tyson will take charge
of his duties during the former's absence.
Mr. s, L. Lester, of Detroit, who
has just arrived in Nelson,will open a
grocery store iu the new building on
Kront Street that is being erected by
E. R, Melicrmid. The store will be
ready   for   occupancy   in     less   than
two weeks.    Mr.   Lester   was   ac n-
panlcd to Nelson by bis family.
The attractions to bo presented al
the Nelson Opera House during the
month uf October arc as follows:
Wednesday, Oct. 8, "Quo Vadis,"
Thursday, Oct, i "A Cheerful l.inr. "
Wednesday Oct I". Alba Hoy wood;
l.'ih ami 13th, Gorton's Minstrels:
15th, Iflth 17th, "Mikado"; 18th and
r.Mb. "Coontown i'1"" i 30th and 30th,
Breezy Time I lo.
The auction  sale  of  contributions
which took place lasl evening at the
Salvation Army llarraeks wus a deCld
ed       success.      The     receipts    exceeded
all  expectations, thu  proceeds of tho
sule alone amounting to seventy-live
dollars. Tbe sale was opened by llov,
Mr. White, who gave a pleasant introductory speech. The gifts were
eagerly sought after and bought so
that nol a single one remained, Lust
night's tickets will be good for this
evening also, when the auction sale of
children and the coffee und cake social will  be belli.
The Rossland Miner says: Mr. M,
I). Shea lias the prettiest full-blooded
St. Bernard pup thai there is in the
Kootenays.     His duin in  Linl.v   Kaslo,
owned by Mr, E. N. Murphy,   mining
recorder lit   Kuskonook. nnd    bis sire
is Yankee, owned by Mr. Bhea. Both
sire and dam are registered iu the
American kennel  club stud   iu   New
York. The pup is beautifully marked. The neck, from the shoulders to
the cars Is perfeclty white. Eaoh ear
is tan colored and a white streak runs
through the forehead as accurately as
if made by the barber for n favorite
customer. Each eye is marked with a
dark spot which makes him look as
though be bad on a pair of black goggles. All four legs are white, while
the body is tan colored. Although
the pup is only  about  three  months
old he weighs    II)   pounds,     lle   is   as
good a specimen of st. Bernard as can
be found anywhere.
Rowland Machln, with headquarters at Victoria, a traveler for William Bennett A Co., fuse manufacturers of London. England, arrived in
Nelson today alter making a months
tour through Montana ami Idaho,
At Butte he found that the mining
Industry was exceedingly brisk, but
was somewhat dull in tho Couer d'
Alcne district,
William Jones Taken There and
terwards Released.
William Jones who escaped from
the Provincial jail here lust Thursday
forenoon, was arrested at Vinir two
days afterwards but was released and
is now probably forever beyond the
reach of the police utUcials, Word
reached Nelson last evening to this
effect, The man. who was arrested
and who now it is believed was Jones,
came Into Ymir on Saturday worn
out. and apparently half starved, lie
was acting in a suspicious manner,
und was arrested by the constable
there. The constable stated that the
description which he had received
from Captain Fitzstubbs was so vague
that he could not tell whether he hud
the man that was wanted or not. so
the prisoner was released after being
hebl several hours.
The continuation of the macadamizing of linker Street was the only Important question brought before the
City Council last evning. The finance
eommlttee reported that the work
could be advanced one or two blocks.
It -was also thought that if further expense was to be incurred, it would be
advisable to go on with the work
now. us it might be difficult to get
proper men to do the work next
A request Hint the sidewalk on Water Street he raised to the street grade
and the load repaired was referred to
the Hoard of Public Works. A sidewalk was ordered laid on the east side
of Hoover Street.
The bylaw, referring to the weight
of bread manufactured by the city
bakers, was passed.
Chief Thompson presented his <ju:ir-
terly report in which be stated tbeie
had been IV ulurins with an aggregate
loss of (4,800 during the quarter.
The chief asked that the number of
men of the department be increased
to is.    'The report was adopted.
Phair.���C. II. Ilutchins. Toronto;
John Rudolph, Brantford; 1). c. Mao-
Gregor, Kaslo; Mrs. E, Nelson Fell.
F. Van Agucw. Athabasca; o. W.
Ileywood. Ann Arbor, Mien. ; Mrs.
Williams. New Denver; Frank Watson. Spokane ; (i.  W.    Hughes, Alamo.
Hume. ���-c. E, ciaime. Ainsworth;
.1. II. Brack, Toronto; Charles Sawyer
and wife. Midway; II. S. Sawyer,
and wife. Midway; Robert Hipper.
Belle I'lainc. Iowa: Mark Mauley.
Slocan; W. II. Langridgc. Montreal:
.1. Fyfe. Montreal; I!. MeOulre, Molly
Gibson (nine; o. c. McKay. Vancouver; II. K. Molleson. Toronto; It.
Man-hen.  Victoria.
Continued From Kirsi Pago,
partnership, and the defendant will
not recognise the plaintiff as having
ally interests in any of the deals. Mr.
Fell is suing for the amount due   him
from each transaction,
��� ���   ���
IL R, Line,, states that s.s. Fowler,
M. E., win, exported the Paradise
group a couple of weeks ago is well
pleased with the property nnd says be
has already increased Hie number "I
men employed al    the mine,   says   the
Canterbury, li C, Outcrop, Also thai
Captain Armstrong has signed s  con
11 act to deliver Ihe ore at Golden, bul
he refused |., 'tale the price. He further  siaies  thai   ' aptaln  Armstrong
has a contract t"   build a  sleigh I I
from the Toby ( reek road, which the
Oovernmenl ore now building, up
Springer Creek to ihe  Paradise group
and intends putting 0 gang of men i,,
work today. T. II Taylor. I', L. S..
left on Monday for I'.ir.nlie Alley to
survey the Parldlse, Royal sing. Para-
disc Fraction and Shamrock mineral
claims for i rown iIranis.
��� ���   ���
Yesterday Mine Inspector McOrcgor
visited ibe Contra Slur mine, says Ihe
Kossland Miner, and paid particular
attention to the safety "i ihe clutches
of tbe   cagCS,   Which    lire    supposed    I"
net in case of a break in Ihe cable
The wire, cable was removed and the
cage suspendod by a hempen ropo with
about 50 feci   of slack upon the drum
of the hoisting engine. The rope
was   suddenly   cm,    nitli^the   result
Hint the released cage did not, drop
more than an inch. The management
repeated the experiment, as is the
practice, ut the War Eagle, with similar results.
��� ��   ���
It has been learned on good authority that, several Important mining
deals iii connection witli propertieson
Toad and Morning Mountain are
now pending, und will  be   announced
* *   *
Today the mining records are:
Transfers���Prom -lames llcarn to A.
(i. K. Brown, entire interest in Toad
Lake  mineral  claim, on Wild   Horse
Creek, for u nominal consideration.
Certificate of Work���To British
American Cold Mining Co.. on lllue
Jay , Thomas James.on Touch-mc-Not:
W. ,v, Foster, on Miners' Right and
Pup; A, (i. Brown, on Tood Lake;
silver Crown Consolidated Mining
Co.. on Royal; Wm.Bennett, on North
Star;    A. G. Shaw, on II. (,'. N.
Locations Eric, near Waterloo, by
Thomas .lames and Lewis Will; Kabul and Kopen, on Cayuso Creek, by
W. K. Beamish; Copper Model, on Barrett Creek, by E. M, Peters; Arcade,
on Barrett Creek, by C   .1.   Hitter.
Young Man   Pleads  Guilty to Killing
of Joseph Sifton.
London, Out., (lei. :.'.���-A sensation
was caused in Ihe Assize Court here
when Walter Herbert, charged with
being an accomplice of Herald Sifton
in the murder of Joseph Sifton. the
hitter's father, pleaded guilty of the
actual killing.
Both prisoners had been brought before His Lordship for trial, and Herbert was to be defended by Mr. Meredith, who was as greatly surprised us
wus the court ut the young mun's admission of guilt.
Gerald Sifton in a clear, strong
voice, declared that he wus innocent n
few minutes before Herbert gave his
unswer to the court clerk.
His Lordship asked if Herbert's
counsel was in the room, und upon
Mr. Meredith arising, the court stated that he did not, think the young
man wus aware of thu seriousness of
bis position. His counsel replied Hint
as his client hud once before mndc u
confession, und now seemed determined to stick to It, he (the counsel) hud
nothing more to sny.
The court then turned to the Crown
Prosecutor, and asked if be wus pre
pared to move for sentence. Mr.
Lount replied that he was not.
Sifton's counsel moved for nn adjournment of the trial, which wus
granted, liis Lordship, before remanding the prisoner, added that he
believed that an adequate defence
should be provided for Herbert. Until
prisoners were then taken buck to
Shenandoah.I'a..(let.:.1. Superintendent Scinlicr. of the Lehigh Coal and
Navigation Company's collieries at
Lansford. today Informed the Associated Press correspondent that no
trouble wus anticipated in the I'unth
it Creek Valley. "We have ten collieries   there, employing   j.uin men,"
said Mr. Beinher,   "and  they are all
working with full forces. No attempt
was made this morning to interfere
with our workmen and we do not
think this strike will affect our collieries. "
The superintendent suid that he
understood mat a few- mine workers
who bail joined the union at a meeting last  night ut   Lunsford   were   nl-
ruady members, having enrolled them
selves   ut     Couldale.    (lenerul    Cobin
said today that he expected  to send
Ibe majority of his troops home this
week. He might decide to keep the
small detachment hen' to protect the
pump runiers and other men  kept   at
Work So   that    till IlielieS night     le
iii readiness for prompt operations
when the the strike was,,ver. General
Coliin said he bud    learned that   some
of these men hail ben threatened  by
itrlkers and il might be necessary to
hold a few of tn,- soldiers here to insure order
tcrly opposed to the match us her
futlicr-in-luw the luto Duke.
The young Duke is now of age and
his own muster. He bus been buck
from Africa several months, and it
bus excited no little comment that
whereas when ho came to England
for a tew weeks Immediately after
his grandfather's death, he spent his
whole time with the Wests,|ni'glecting
his own family, he bus not been near
them since his return, nnd bus been
seen nowhere with a beautiful girl to
whom he was believed to be affianced.
The Grosvcnors, meanwhile, arc
going about everywhere denying the
existence of any engagement and ridiculing the report Hint anything of the
kind exists, and it is generally believed that the match is broken off.
Some people here arc even wicked
enough to suggest that the widow of
Lord Randolph Churchill has not been
altogether a stranger to the rupture
of this engagement, to which she was
glad to contribute by way of getting
even with Miss West's mother���that
is to say, her own mother-in-law���for
all the abuse t) which Mrs. Corn-
wullis West had subjected in her connection with her own marriage
with Cornwallis  West.
Had the marriage between Miss
Sbelagh West and the Duke of Westminster taken place the latter would
have become the brother-in-law of
Lord     Kundolph   Churchill's    widow.
the Story Goel in Hie Society
London. Oct. I. Rumors current for
two ot three weeks pasl iu society
here to the effect thai Lady (l|osvenor
has sin-, e'ilcil in breaking oil'the engagement of her son, the   young Huke
of Westminster, to Miss Sholagh West
would  appear  to   be  confirmed    by
broad bints in the latest  issues of sev
Oral    of   the   society    papers,    notably
Vanity Pair,
The entire Grosvonor family shared
ihe objections of the lute Duke of
Westminster to the present Dukes
project of marrying the younger sis
tor of the lovely Princess Henry of
I'less. Lady (Irosvcnor. a most I,HI
Hunt and clever   woman, now married
to Gorge Wyndhnin. Under  Beoretary
"f State for Wur.   being  quite us bit-
"l'u," said William Jennings Bryan. Jr., balancing himself on the
window sill and making a wild grab
nt a passing sparrow, "haven't you
got down off your paramount issue of
"I suppose so. my son," replied Hie
elder Bryan, hurriedly grasping the
boy by the collar und yanking him
buck in tbe room,
"I don't think you ought to have
got off, pa," said William Jennings.
Jr., mnking a desperute effort to turn
a handspring over n chair, "l'u, remount I"
Then it was that Mr. Bryan tbe elder placed Hint boy across bis knee und
���but the rest does not concern us.
���   *   ���
'���Do you really love me. John'.1"
'���Awfully.  Katie!"
'How nice that i;il Hut don't tel
anybody, for the world!"
Pause of a few moments.
"Do vou really und truly love me,
"To distraction, Katie!"
"Well,    don't     tell    anybody���but
"For mercy's Bake Mildred!' exclaimed Mrs. llighmore. shocked at
the neglige attire of her youngest
daughter, who hud gone to the front
door to look at u lire on the other side
of the street, "don't you know you
never ought to appear in public with
your collar unbuttoned and your
sleeves rolled up except when   you ure
playing golf?"
��� ��   ���
"One of the old slang' phrases of the
stage." said Muggles. who used to be
u good actor, to a New York Sun
reporter, "was to 'pong.' This
means, or used to menu, using; your
own language ��� that is. playing a
part without cues of the proper lines,
relying only upon the knowledge of
the play to carry you through. Years
ago on the road there used to be some
highly ludicrous situations iu consequence of il new play being' produced
in a hurry. The stngc manager, bow-
ever.had a wonderful genius for patch
ing up a hitch. When circumstances
were necessary he would lower a front
scene nnd tell the low comedian nnd
chambermaid to go on and 'keep it
up.' and while they did so he would
arrange bow the play had lo be continued.
"Of Course, actors arc supposed to
help one another out of a difficulty,
but at times   old   grudges   were   paid
oil'.   For   instance,   I    remember on
one occasion a letter hud to be rend iu
one seelle. 11 nfort llliately. this letter
could not lie found, so u 'dummy'���
that is,a blank sheet���wus sent on the
" 'Sny dud.' suid the actor who hud
to read the letter, und seeing it
blank, 'here's n letter for you. Von
hud belter read it yourself, as I am
sure it contains good news.'
"Bul dud' tumbled to the occasion
and replied; No. Tom. you read it.
Here.   Nelly, y 'end it.'
"The iinsuspeting   Nelly   takes   the
letter,   and. seeing   it   blank,   says:
No. father    bad  better    read   it. ' lie
will be able   to   make It   out   better.
I'll go and    letch   your   spectacles.     1
know  whore  they ore.' And off she
The old man Is again cijiiiil to the
 Bslon anil calls out to her: 'Never  mind  bringing   tin-in.  Nelly  I'll
come und get them.' Then he'walks
off und Ihe stage manager bus to rearrange the scene.
" Yes, sir. there's n lot in the thcut
rieiil    business    you   outsiders   never
(learn of. "
��� *   ���
"Of course. I ex| t pay for them,"
said the funny man; "you don't lap-
pose I write these things for fun, do
"Well," replied tbe editor, banding
back   the   batch  ,,f paragraphs,   "if
you did you failed   most dismally, "���
Philadelphia Press.
ii" Mm think that eonslanty wearing a bat has a tendency to make a
man bald?"
So; bul when   n   man is bald I've
notl I Hint, il has u tendency to make
him constantly wear a lint. "
TO 41 UK  A  <OI.lt  l\  om   i, 11
lull,! Laxative Hniinu Quinine Tshloin.   All
(IpikkInn rofnml the money If ii mi, t0 euro,
HO,   K, Vt, Uruvu'n  'iKiiiitiiic l�� en inch uo��.
, ^���^���fc^fc^fc___L-___La,^fe^&^<S;fit;^SLfiL;aL-_L-_r
Millinery Opens*.'
Extend to the Ladies of Nelson and vicinity a cordial (j)
invitation to our GRAND DISPLAY of 9
Pattern Hats and Bonnets |
i(i Including the very latest Parisian and American styles /|��
and all the newest effects in trimmings
ill And following days. Will display DRESS GOODS. SILKS, 9
The NEW Dry Goods and Millinery Store
^R^-^^v^ --S'-Ss '4ft'45 '-JaV^S 2| _t4B*_'^ '-2'4�� *4&-J_' _2 ^S ^S��� _: -_ _t^
Hong Kong, Oct. '-'.���The Hritish
gunboat Robin has shelled the village
of Luk Lac on the West Kiver. In retaliation for the Inhabitants firing ou
ii Hritish stcumer. The ringleaders
were afterwards captured and Dogged.
Hugh R.Cameron J. e. annable
Fire and Life
���'I saw a funny thing in   corsets on
the streets yesterday."
"What wits It?'
"A shirt waist man, "
Are Brand, bnt Skin Eruptions rob
life, of joy. Bnolden's Arnica Salve,
corns them; also Old RnnuinH and
Ftiver Sores, Ulcers, Bolls, Felons,
Oorns, Warts, Unts, Bruises. Burns,
Scnldg, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives ont
Pains and AcheH. Only 2fi nts. a box.
Cure guaranteed, Sold by Canada
Drug & Book Store.
Spring chicken nud nil tho deliosoias
of Hie season served to yoo when you
visit Florence Park Hotel st Roberts'
Ranch, two and a half miles up tho
river.    \V. M. Roberts, propiietor.
f ^
\v   < ''V \    t    J
Properties for Bent and Sale on Easy Terra8
Olliee over Nelson Wine Stor^!.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Javu and Arabian Mochii. por pound $  40
Java and Mocliu Blend, 11 pounds      1 iio
Kino Santos, i pounds    l 00
Santos Blend, fi pounds  i oo
Our  s'i'i...i.illl]..iiil, H pounds  1 oo
Our Klo Hoasi, 0 pounds  i oo
Nelson,      -      n. c.
Houses and lots for sale in all
of the City,
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Madden Dlock
Ward Streot
nnd Iry a boltle. a dozen, or u barrel of
CALGARY BEER its il Is the nest oiul
phaapeat on too unirkui. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
Telephone iw. Haker Ht,, Nelson. II. it.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Struiiiht Mortgage.
Apply to G. U LENNOX, Baker
Are You Right?
Vou enn lie sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with one
of   our  accurate,   ami   reliable
Don't run���got it jruod wntch to
run for you.
m iiinlii. i hi iiu- Jeweler.1*.
A general meeting of the supporters
of the Conservative candidate for
member of the House of Commons for
Yalc-Carilii iiKlituency will lie held
mi Thursday evening in the rooms
over   Neeland's  shoe   store  on Baker
sii t.   It  Is  Important   that   there
should lie ii large attendance, as the
best method   of organising for the
i:nii|i:ii|'ii  will be discussed.
Chairman Conservative   Association,
Nelson, Octobi"' 1st, Jlinu.
its.- Jackets
We are now ready to show you the latest ideas in
They are cut in the very latest modes and the
prices cannot fail  to satisfy.
JACKETS range from gg
SKIRTS ''""ye from  $2.75
SUITS are to be had from a Homespun at
to $30
to $15
$8.50 to a fine Serge at
Wc ask you to look at them. Their worth will
convince you.
Houston Block


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